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Air Date: Jan. 30, 2008
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is Wednesday, the 30th day of January 2008.
We'll be live here for the next three hours.
We have the chairman of the Gold Antitrust Committee coming up in the third hour to talk about how the central banks are manipulating gold prices and suppressing them and engaging in insider trading.
We'll also track the latest developments in the
Something is terribly, terribly wrong, and we have been led very far astray.
It took me six months to get the legs to recover from the ulcers.
And if you see photos from then to now, you wouldn't know I was the same person.
I looked sick.
A real sickie.
You might get ulceration.
You might get just a rash.
Or you may get breathing problems.
Stomach upsets, skin rashes, headaches.
It amazes me, absolutely amazes me, how has something which is basically like a very big scientific and medical mistake been carried out.
Aside from chlorination, for the past 50 years our health authorities have been adding the chemical fluoride as the first public line of attack on tooth decay, with some experts claiming that fluoride is poisoning us and the research is being overlooked.
The safety standards for water fluoridation in this country are based on fraudulent science.
The claim of fraudulent science was boosted when a Harvard professor in the US came under investigation for bearing the results when one of his students made a profound and terrifying discovery.
There's the possibility that is now being looked at in the United States that
Fluoride might have increased the prevalence of a rare type of bone cancer in young men or boys.
This bombshell raises questions here about the safety of mandatory water fluoridation and whether there's more at stake than just fighting tooth decay.
I believe it would, Kelvin.
Geelong grandmother Elaine Valentine says she couldn't understand why she was able to lead a normal, healthy life in her hometown, but whenever she headed to Melbourne and drank the water, she'd come home a very sick woman.
I feel lousy.
I get very lethargic.
Couldn't tell us about anything.
Very, very tired and very, very wheezy and just feel plain ill.
Dr. Philip Robertson says up to 200,000 Australians may be suffering from an intolerance to fluoride and not realise it, with symptoms ranging from headaches or indigestion to chronic arthritis.
If somebody's taking fluoride and they suspect...
There's a link between their symptoms.
It's a matter of getting them off the fluoride and watching to see if there's an improvement.
In some people it could be fatal.
If I'd continued, it could have killed me.
She's had to fork out hundreds of dollars for a reverse osmosis water filter, the only way to remove fluoride in the home, but says it's restored her health.
The symptoms went almost immediately.
Fluoridation in most water supplies involves putting an industrial waste, a waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry, into drinking water.
And not only does it contain fluoride, but it contains traces of arsenic and heavy metals.
So, that in itself is pretty worrying.
Professor Mark Dissendorf from the Institute of Environmental Studies at the Uni of New South Wales says there's enough science to prove the case against fluoride, and we deserve the right to choose whether we have it in our water or not.
Even more frightening thing is that the health departments are not telling the truth about it.
They are so committed to fluoridation that they are suppressing evidence of harm.
Everyone has a right to be free from such exposures from what is essentially mass medication.
We're good to go.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Build-A-Bear is making great progress toward a world of government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's their aptitude.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Thank you for joining us today.
The 30th of January, 2008.
We're going to have open phones in the first and second hour.
End of the third hour, we do have the chairman of the organization that has been exposing the criminal activities of the Federal Reserve and its other sister central banks across the world.
The Gold Antitrust Action Committee Chairman again will be joining us coming up in the third hour today.
The toll-free number to join us to talk about what happened in Florida last night, where you see the Ron Paul campaign going in the future towards Super Tuesday, the possibility of a third-party run, which he's opening the door more to now.
I pretty much guarantee you it's going to happen.
Also, Ahmed Dinejad has said that world government is an imperative, just showing that it's wickedness in high places everywhere.
All of these control freaks want to rule the world.
They're all pushing for it.
There's just different factions struggling for control of the reins of the control panel that runs this system that has been built.
That's why you could have an angel in the seat of power running the New World Order
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
A facet of the control grid that we've talked quite a bit about but haven't detailed properly here, and I know Paul Watson today or tomorrow is going to be doing a big report on it.
Again, there's so many facets to it.
But let me just right now scan through the stack to give you an idea of some of the news we have in front of us, and then I'm going to get into this important facet of control, the different ways they're angling to bring this control into society, where your every movement, your every action, everything you do is controlled by bureaucrats.
Florida wind propels McCain towards Super Tuesday.
Hey, Ron Paul folks.
Ru Giuliani pays tribute to your guy.
That's the LA Times.
We have our own story about Giuliani admits Ron Paul won all the debates.
As he prepares, they're saying to drop out there tomorrow and endorse John McCain.
John McCain again wins Florida primary.
Ron Paul gets dissed.
McCain emerges as a Republican frontrunner after Florida victory.
Giuliani to drop out.
The potential impact of a Ron Paul or Michael Bloomberg independent or third-party campaign run.
Third-party watch reporting on that.
Fox & Friends completely snubs Ron Paul in Florida coverage.
MSNBC did a piece on New Hampshire election fraud.
So that's finally breaking out into the mainstream media.
Multiple voting machine, quote, problems reported in Florida.
Infowars.net by Steve Watson.
Media reports switching of machines, non-functioning machines, quote, as glitches.
If they didn't, quote, have the special glitches, there'd be a problem.
They're designed for this.
They keep calling it malfunctions.
It's not malfunctions.
And again, that integrates with the key article posted yesterday.
Harris calls for resignations in New Hampshire.
Recount fiasco.
Vote fraud expert.
Convinced chain of custody is corrupt.
Says criminal enterprise is at work.
One publication is saying that Ron Paul wins big in Florida because if Giuliani drops out, he'll gain his few percentage points.
I don't know about that.
USA Today censors Ron Paul along with Fox.
Dollar drops further.
They call it eases.
Talk about doublespeak.
Oh, it's easing.
Like when somebody's dying on a gurney.
Oh, they're easing.
Or you get hit by a truck.
Oh, he's easing.
Ahead of another Fed decision reportedly to cut interest rates again today, Fox host highlights affectionate embrace between Bush and openly gay congressman.
This is from Raw Story.
At least he's not kissing on him like he was Jeff Gannon, the gay porn star, at the White House press conference room.
There's no end to it.
He could French kiss one of them and they'd call it Christian of the Lord on...
The 700 Club.
Greenspan warns of recession, says it's a 50-50 chance.
What a joke.
We've been in a recession for years.
home foreclosures surge.
More than 1 million people could lose their homes in London alone.
There's only 10 million people in there.
Did the central banks make off with the gold?
Kurt Nimmo, TruthNews.us.
Secret bank rescues to be allowed, BBC.
Quite a few U.S.
banks have completely gone under the last month, and they're just quietly taken over by the feds, and there's tiny little press releases about it, but now they're saying over in England they'll just keep it entirely secret.
Bush's State of the Union is a mandate for Iran attack, where he pushes it.
DOD wants another $70 billion on top of the trillion they're getting in 2009 budget that they're now starting to lobby for.
economic growth skids to five-year low, CNBC.
House passes economic stimulus package.
If you think $600 per person is going to do anything, I got a bridge I want to sell you.
Most of that will go to pay off debt and I guess to buy a couple dinners and go to the movies.
We need a dollar that has value.
We need jobs.
You take 60% of the dollar's value, it doesn't matter if people have even gotten raises, which they haven't, by the way, on average the last couple of years, you just can't buy what you need.
That's why everything's starting to shut down.
IMFC's slowing world economy in 2008.
Former spy chief confirms U.S.
waterboarding, U.S.
used waterboarding,
Oh, like we need the federal government to tell us they did that.
We have the Army's own report where they tortured children in front of their parents sexually.
That is the Army's own report.
And they just continue to deny it when the reports are out.
This is the sick evil, the darkness, the mingler-like activity that we were sold was good.
Two lanes to remain in ambitious I-35 plan.
They're going to cut in the major cities down from four to five lanes.
And in the open areas out in the country down to one lane.
This is mainstream news out of Texas, out of the Tribune-Herald.
They told you they weren't going to put toll roads on existing roads, but their official map said they were.
Now, after vetoing the legislature's move to bar this, Perry said that, well, he's vetoing the bill, but the toll roads don't exist, as he now announces they go forward with them.
And right here in Austin, they've been swearing for five years, no toll roads on Mopac.
Now they're announcing they're doing that as well.
And they'll say there's no toll roads while you're going through them.
And the yuppies will probably say they don't exist.
It's funny.
It's funny sometimes.
Military making plans in case a dead satellite hits populated area.
It's going to be coming down out of orbit.
Global government.
Mankind's greatest need.
Total piece of filth.
It's out of official government news agency in Iran.
White House trying to eliminate...
Leahy and Cornyn.
Foyer office.
Of course they want to get rid of freedom of information.
He already did that when he first got in.
Now they're just getting rid of the office itself.
We will also get into... This is just a giant stack of news here in front of me.
And I'm going to try to go through all that, but also take your calls.
I don't know.
Every time I put the question out, should I just stop taking calls?
Or should I just cover news?
Or should I do a mix?
Most emails I get say, stop taking calls.
But I like the different directions callers take us in, and I like talking to you.
If I had my druthers, I would just sit here and take calls.
But the general listenership does not want to hear your calls.
That is the consensus.
I'd say about 65% of the feedback I've gotten.
But that's why I've cut back.
Taking calls 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there.
Some days I'll take two hours straight of calls.
We have cut back on calls because you, the listeners, do not like them.
Perhaps I should go quicker to the calls.
Perhaps I should hold the callers a shorter period of time.
I don't know, but I enjoy hearing your calls.
So we're going to keep taking them at 1-800-259-9231.
We've compromised.
We've cut back on the number of calls we take, but we are still taking them.
So I do want to hear from you at 1-800-259-9231.
Okay, what is the news I have here that deals with one of the major offensives, the way they're sneaking tyranny in at every level of society?
You know they've used the whole anti-terror industry as the military-industrial complexes of Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa, all financed by the big central banks, spend hundreds of billions in the last six years on paying college students to get degrees in snooping and spying and policing and controlling.
And you know that they're putting up all the different military-designed grids, the cameras, the face scanners, the systems that control and track us, the integration of the National ID card.
That's a big area.
The free speech zones, the rest of it.
But an area just as large and overall just as dangerous, in fact, it's kind of the second rail of control down which this juggernaut of tyranny...
We're going to break it down when we get back after this short break.
Right here on the GCN Radio Network, the websites are truthnews.us, prisonplanet.tv, prisonplanet.com, jonesreport.com.
Did I mention truthnews.us?
Frankly, I can't even keep track of all the websites anymore.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
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A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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I think?
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Now, every day in my stack of news, there are four, five, six, seven, eight stories exactly along these lines.
Now, the Russian psychologist, one of the preeminent minds, even really made more important discoveries than Sigmund Freud, was Pavlov.
And they basically found with reward or punishment...
By acclimating individuals, by repeating it, by gradualism, that you can program and train humans just like you do a dog.
And this is all self-censorship dog training.
I wanted to just go over some of the facets of the grid.
Here are some of the stories I have today.
Now, this is every day.
There are stories like this.
European Union set to ban patio heaters to help save the planet.
Here's another one.
Don't say mother or father.
Teachers told not to assume pupils have heterosexual parents.
Remember the story yesterday out of the London Telegraph.
Where it had the different government officials, the different heads of the bioethicist boards in England, saying if you smoke, are overweight, or are old.
See, first it's, we're going to deny health care if you smoke or are old, and it admitted that about 10% of the hospitals openly deny you health care, even the most basic procedures.
This has been going on for more than a decade in England.
You've got cancer, but you are a smoker?
And again, it starts where it sounds reasonable, like, well, you've been drinking, you've been a drinker, and so you can't have that liver transplant.
And the people who are in line saying, hey, my 10-year-old needs that, you know, I agree, you shouldn't.
See, it sounds reasonable.
They say, I agree, you know, that drunk doesn't need a new liver.
And then it's okay, you're overweight.
Okay, you ate too much fast food.
All those questionnaires you answered, the insurance, the blood test, all of it's being filed.
And then, oh, or if you're old.
See, now it's not even your activities.
It's that you're old.
Total control.
These are eugenicists running our society.
The dominant forces over England and over the U.S.
that became the world hegemonic superpower, the British Empire merging with the United States.
It's called the Anglo-American Establishment in the basic political science classrooms.
That's the ruling elite.
They teach you on the national news.
That's for the low-grade morons.
None of that exists.
But in all mainline political science, even four-year level courses, even entry-level courses, that is taught.
It's just a fact.
The public's told it doesn't exist.
The eugenicist of 150 years ago
Got total dominant power by the 1930s.
It was all the craze.
And the sons and daughters of the families that funded the eugenicist movement are now in control of society.
They're carrying out active...
Eugenics against you.
They're poisoning your water, poisoning your food, poisoning the vaccines.
They're waging open Nazi-type warfare.
The Nazis were just a more extreme version that moved too quickly.
They openly hailed the United States and England's thinkers.
Hitler was a product of Rockefeller Foundation funding.
Now again, that's not just me.
Michael Crichton has even written a best-selling book
With a non-fiction section in it documenting all that, okay?
Now, I just wanted to preface all this with that.
I know most of you understand this, but I wanted to mark down the grid so you can have a bigger picture and a larger understanding of it.
And all these hundreds of different attack patterns they have feed into the same thing.
Now, it sounds reasonable to say, well, if we've got a light bulb that'll last six, eight years, why shouldn't we make it the law to make you use that light bulb?
Does it matter if it's filled with mercury and other toxins?
Does it matter if they say it's incredibly poisonous?
If one even breaks your house, call poison control.
You have to have a hazmat team come remove it.
Does it matter that they have fluorescent?
Bulbs that aren't as toxic that last four or five years, or phosphorescent bulbs that give you the nice white-yellow light that is gentle to the eye and doesn't cause depression and even seizures in some people, and that's a fact.
It doesn't matter that with planned obsolescence they can make pantyhose last a hundred times instead of five, that they can make the light bulb last, a phosphorescent nice bulb, five, six years for a lower cost.
They decide with law to make you take the poison bulb.
And it's all about setting precedence.
We'll continue with this on the other side.
Then I'll go to your calls and into all the election news.
Very important information coming up there is to get the wide-spectrum view of what's happening.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
On September 11, 2001, the New World Order hijacked our government and began the process of trying to destroy the United States of America.
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I think.
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We're good to go.
Well, you were sleeping
They came and took it all away The lanes and the levels The places where you used to play It was an inside job by the well-connected
Have faith, my friends.
The New World Order will consume itself.
But can we short-circuit it and bring it down before it collapses on the people?
They'll take your right to own your own ideas.
That's what it's all about.
Yeah, your faithful servants have left you unprotected.
You give the government unlimited power, unlimited funding.
You let them do everything in secret.
And you're surprised that you've been robbed out of house and home.
You're surprised that the police have been militarized.
You're surprised that society is unraveling and breaking down around you.
There's still time to stop the New World Order's momentum.
There's still time to reverse it.
So, they come out and they say, hey, we're going to ban full-gallon or multi-gallon toilets.
And then, oh, we're going to ban certain types of washing machines.
And, oh, we're going to ban certain types of paint.
And, oh, we're going to ban Freon, but then let the third world still use it.
And every time one of the big companies' patents run out, they just go lobby the government.
They claim it's for the Earth.
It never has anything to do with the planet.
And then you're forced to buy the new product they've come out with.
But that's only one facet of it.
They set the precedent with things that sound reasonable at the beginning.
And now they start fining and even arresting people who they catch reselling old toilets or who they catch putting old toilets in new houses.
And now, oh, California's on the verge of passing a law, so is different sections of Europe, where little radio-controlled systems that we told you about years ago, industry, is first approached to integrate it.
In a lot of cases, they won't even pass a law.
It's just it'll be some regulation, and then all the thermostats have a radio transmitter in them
And they will remote control your heater, your air conditioning.
See, they started out sounding reasonable to set the precedent that they have that power and that control.
Meanwhile, as I've mentioned, engaging in wild, open-air genetic engineering, open planting of plants that are mutating each generation, spreading into the plants around them, causing all sorts of new health problems.
They openly put the poison in the water and the food.
They openly integrate these poisons publicly in the name of the public good.
Doesn't matter if 10,000 studies come out saying nothing good is done.
It only hurts you.
They just accelerate it.
European Union set to ban patio heaters to help save the planet.
Now, what does this do?
It sets the precedent that the European Union is over its 20 member states.
See, now the European Union itself, which won't let its people have referendums, who won't let its people decide, over 80% in every nation didn't want to get rid of their currency.
They weren't allowed to vote on getting into the European Union.
We're good to go.
I think?
And now England goes under European Union control, and the arrests have already started this week.
Multiple arrests of grocery store and store owners where they are caught not removing the old pound scale, not going on to the metric system.
The arrests have begun.
TV and radio reporters who use the word homosexual are arrested.
Because that term is considered hateful.
These people could, quote, care less about being loving and sweet to the gays.
It's about setting that precedent to be able to do that.
Outdoor heaters that keep smokers warm outside pubs.
See, they tied into smokers, the hated minority.
Nothing to do with them.
And clubs could be banned as part of a battle against climate change costing the hospitality industry 250 billion pounds, million pounds, in lost trade.
That's over 500 million.
Euro member of parliament have expressed
See, that's another psychological tactic.
Instead of
Here's the best way.
I should create a dictionary of these terms.
We should make terms for all of it, but here's an example.
Seven years ago in Tampa, they put face-scanning cameras in.
They started arresting all these innocent people, flagging people having lunch outside, flagging workers, street workers.
They even came up and tried to arrest an off-duty cop in Tampa.
Hundreds of people this happened to.
Some got arrested because the face-scanning camera would say that they were a wanted felon.
Then the debate began about not should we have face-scanning cameras, but how long until they're 100% accurate.
And now the Pentagon, now the industry, last week, a bunch of press releases, a bunch of news articles in the U.S.
today, in the Washington Post, in the BBC, oh, face recognition's now 100%, the bugs are worked out, it's okay!
See, they didn't have a debate about
About do we want face-scanning cameras?
Or cameras that scan and categorize down to 100% our walk or our speech?
Or do we want cameras and microphones?
Do we want them in our neighborhoods?
The debate was, oh goodness, Tampa still never pulled their cameras for seven years and still keeps arresting innocent people.
But now, don't worry, they're upgrading to the good system.
We're good to go.
The fireplace, got a little fire pit outside, that's not warm enough.
If I got five, six, seven, eight people on over, I can stick one of those heaters up above them and they can all enjoy themselves and we can be outside.
Living outside.
But the debate isn't about that, see.
The debate here is now about, well, do they have a big effect on climate change?
Now they've gotten past...
The argument of, is climate change natural?
Of course it is.
Is it caused by humans?
Is it caused by flatulence from cows?
Now they're already going to have extra taxes on cows.
Regulators to watch it to make sure you're paying the taxes.
To then spend more money setting up more taxes and regulations.
They don't have a debate about methane gas.
They don't have a debate about plants breathe carbon dioxide.
Carbon dioxide increases after the earth heats up from the sun because there's more life.
All the studies, all the ice cords, all the science shows it.
Now it's just a foregone conclusion, so we have debates about what should be banned.
See, when you study enemy propaganda, you learn all the facets where each sentence, each paragraph is a feast of information.
And a lot of these people aren't even propagandists who work at these papers.
Their editors are, and they choose people who know how to regurgitate the type of spin that is needed.
But a lot of them are operatives.
I don't know if the writer that wrote this is in the Daily Mail.
Plasma televisions produce more carbon dioxide than patio heaters when normal use patterns are compared.
Instead, Dr. Eric Johnson, National Expert Reviewer for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Managing Director of Atlantic Consulting.
So see, he now sounds reasonable.
Oh, the UN says, go after the plasma TVs.
Don't go after...
The space heaters?
And then, oh, then they get you into the argument and the debate about what should be banned and what is really hurting the Earth.
That evil carbon dioxide that is the main driving life-giving gas.
The overall impact of outdoor heaters on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions is very minimal.
And once you look at the domestic models used in homes, the impact is almost non-existent, he said.
And they go on.
It's the houses we've got to regulate.
It's the people.
It's the home size.
It's the windows.
It's the cars.
Oh, he's our advocate.
He only wants to ban and control and have regulators and bureaucrats that micromanage us over reasonable things.
Once comparisons start with well-known offenders such as airplanes, outdoor heaters dwarf in comparison.
In actual fact, plasma TVs produce far more CO2 than patio heaters when you compare normal usage patterns for each appliance.
What constitutes a waste of energy is always going to open the debate, but it's important that the public is properly educated about environmental impacts in order to make informed decisions on their everyday activities.
Then they throw in that you're making informed decisions as they force you to do this.
This person probably is an operative.
This is so well written.
It doesn't even say who wrote it.
Just World News Section Daily Mail.
And I could go on through the propaganda.
So they're setting that precedent.
Here's another one.
Don't say mother...
Or father, teachers told not to assume pupils have heterosexual parents.
See, where it's not even teaching anymore.
It's just running around as political police with, here's the new words you can't say, mom and dad, that's bad.
See, first we'll arrest you if you say the word homosexual, because gays, they've decided, they're the new special class, they are the political gods who will decide what hurts their feelings, and if they say it hurts their feelings, you'll be arrested.
We're good to go.
Oh, they care so much about you.
They pat you on the head as they give you the soft kill bioweapon.
Just be sweet to me and pat me on the head.
Kill me.
And call Ron Paul evil because he pointed out what Rolling Stone pointed out, that we've got bug chasers, as it's called, gift givers and gift receivers giving the gift of the HIV.
I'm not hateful of you people.
I'm not against you.
You're killing yourselves.
Oh, but if I was in England, I'd be arrested.
And they have thousands of officers from London to Sheffield, this is mainstream news for now five years, who sit in restaurants listening to people use the word, a list of words that you're not supposed to use, and they arrest you on the spot.
BBC headline, hundreds arrested in hate speech raids.
Massive tyranny in your face.
Teachers should not assume that their pupils have a mother and father under guidance aimed at tracking anti-gay bullying in schools.
Oh, see, stop the bullying.
It will hurt them to hear that someone has a mother and father.
See, we're bad because we have a mother and father.
Not a child taken by CPS to be given to those that aren't reproducing.
How about... And then you're like, oh, how dare you attack us.
Hey, how about you go find out that a lot of these kids they take for CPS are given preference.
They're given preference to the, quote, gay and lesbian families.
How about you stop being involved in an industry stealing our kids?
How about you leave us alone?
See how that works?
You can do whatever you want, run around, spread AIDS everywhere, talk about how it's a gift, go give blood.
Oh yeah, they've caught them doing that.
It's sick!
It says primary pupils as young as four should be familiarized with the idea of same-sex couples.
Children aren't thinking about sex.
They aren't thinking about that until puberty.
Instead, you're a bunch of sick perverts that run the New World Order, but they use perverts to push it.
The main thing is it's a pervert.
You need sexual information to a four-year-old, a six-year-old.
But it's to attack the family, the eugenicist.
Openly wrote books about how they were going to encourage it to stop breeding.
Teachers should attempt to avoid assumptions that pupils have a conventional family background, it is urged.
They say that talking about same-sex couples is homophobic.
It goes on to suggest that the word parents may be more appropriate than mom and dad, particularly in letters and emails to the child's home.
When discussing marriage with secondary pupils, teachers should also educate pupils about civil partnerships and gay adoption rights.
See that right there?
You see that right there?
And by the way...
Again, we're not here to be fed on like Planet of the Apes where we're just running around and you throw your nets on us and then drag our kids off just because you want to have a child.
But you want a healthy, blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby.
That's the one CPS targets.
Why don't you go do what the Christians are doing and why don't you go adopt the brown babies?
Instead of stealing people's babies.
I'm just telling people how it works, what's going on, the type of hell we are already in.
Don't say mother or father!
It's bad.
See, we're bad.
Heterosexuals are bad.
We're the bad ones.
We're the people that have to be dealt with.
You know, I've tried to be politically correct.
But I'm not going to be politically correct.
I'm going to finish up with a control grid.
God help us.
Psychopathic eugenics.
Being carried out on a mass planetary scale.
As free humanity is outlawed.
Our beloved Republic is on her knees.
The forces of globalism are destroying national sovereignty worldwide.
But in Liberty's darkest hour, there is hope.
For the first time in modern history, the people are beginning to wake up.
It is essential that patriots worldwide accelerate their fellow man's understanding of the New World Order master plan.
We have a short time frame to fully awaken and energize the people to meet this threat.
In the Info War, PrisonPlanet.tv is a powerful weapon in the battle to regain our freedom.
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And remember, let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be... I was a highwayman Along the coach roads I did ride
We're good to go.
And I'll just say this, too.
This anti-family eugenicist movement that is using the homosexual movement as its enforcers, stop waging war on us.
And I'm not saying that all the gay people out there are involved in this.
I don't know the percentage.
But just being at parties over the years, not even that many of them, being at events, being at other company things, I have had repeatedly, you know, people that are, quote, gay, who want to let you know about it, and they'll walk over and say, oh, you're married, oh, you've got kids, and, oh, man, why are you breeding?
Ah, kids are bad.
Ah, diapers.
You know, it's just anti-family.
How about us?
How about you let us live our lives, huh?
Live and let live.
I'm not getting in the way of your happiness and success, but again, don't say mom and dad.
You see, that's where all this is going.
Thermostats that the government controls in our house.
Oh, 30 children die a year on average in the U.S.
being left in cars.
We told this a few years ago, now it's coming out.
Sensors in the car with an infrared camera that if the car goes over 95 degrees and people are in the seats, it dials the police department and gives them a video image of you.
Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?
But now they can just dial in and actually watch you over that camera.
Biometrics on the luxury cars.
Thumbprint to get in.
Then they can just turn that system off.
Are you starting to get the picture of control?
And how they use all these groups who mean well in many cases as their fronts?
And then you're not allowed politically to criticize?
I'll remind you about the London Telegraph, and the same stuff's happening here in the U.S.
The Wall Street Journal's done more than a ten-part series, I know he does one every few months, Wesley Smith, about them killing old people who were openly begging for water and food.
And it said, oh, people that smoke, people that eat unhealthy, people that are overweight, and the old, we're not going to give you health care.
We're going to decide.
The state's going to decide.
And it went on to say that a large percentage of hospitals are already doing it.
And see, once you're on socialized health care, then they argue, well, you're unhealthy.
That's causing other people money.
And so we're going to do this.
It's the total control.
Then you get into the National Animal ID, the Premises ID, all over the country.
People show up with their championship hog, their championship cow, their championship turkey.
And they're told, oh, well, you didn't sign up for the National Animal Identification and Premises Identification, and they have security guards lead them off the property.
Like they're criminals.
When there's no law, you have to have it, but the schools at the state level have signed on to get federal money, and they say you've got to have it.
And so thousands of farms and ranches every month are signing on, and I've read the documents.
We've got a farm and a ranch.
In fact, I gave that to Aaron.
We got the new one a few weeks ago, and I haven't covered that on air yet.
That's a whole story in and of itself.
Hundreds of questions basically says that you're signing an easement over to the government to regulate and control your property, and it's not even mandatory.
But it reads like it's mandatory.
Just like they lie and say you've got to take vaccines.
Just like they do everything they can to make sure that fluoride's put in your water.
And I don't care if you're black, white...
What your sexual preference is, none of that, all that stuff is out there to control you and put you in groups and label.
And you have to know how you're being used and how all this is going on.
There is a total grid going into place to shut all independents down.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up, after we take a bunch of your calls, I'm going to get into what happened in Florida last night, where I see this election going for Ron Paul, the other candidates.
A bunch of economic news as well, but let's go to Will in Colorado.
Thanks for holding, Will.
You're on the air worldwide.
Thank you, Alex.
Well, it's a first-time caller, a long-time listener, so I just want to thank you for all your work, your courage, and you're definitely one of the most important people in the fight right now, and I
I think the movement's growing, though.
I think the media's looking more and more pathetic every day.
Me and my friends, we've just been file-sharing and handing out DVD copies of your whole library of works, as well as others.
The truth of it is, I think there's actually a lot of good people out there right now that believe in bipartisan politics and crap like that, and that candidates with...
Well, I'll tell you this.
Instead of the media who's been caught lying and spinning, cleaning up their act, they're accelerating and pulling out all the stops.
That's only going to blow up in their face.
Well, I think so.
And I think some of these people that think, you know, Barack Obama are going to save the world, you know, I think they're going to wake up because they're starting to realize that they...
They believe in things that these people aren't going to promise any of these things to them.
I just thank God every day for people like you to help make this happen.
I think you're making a big difference.
Thank you, Will.
Good to have you on board and keep up your work.
I just want to thank all the people on YouTube and Google that are making all these dynamic videos, promoting the radio show and the films.
There's just no way to thank you all, but this is a thank you to everybody out there.
I'm going to break down the candidates and give you my analysis on them and where I see things going coming up.
Pat, in Michigan, you're on the air.
Yeah, Alex, I was just wondering if you could refresh my memory on the voting with Diebold voting machines.
Well, I mean, Diebold's only one of the big five companies, and it's been caught engaging fraud coast to coast and criminals running their systems, and people running their systems have gone to prison, and it's designed for fraud, and they tell you there's no paper trail, and you're not allowed to look under the hood.
Yeah, I mean, how they got it implemented.
You know, what do I tell them?
Well, they had the Voter Assistance Act, and they had several other laws that they passed with over $6 billion, one of them, after the, quote, problems in 2000, their fraud.
Then they pay the states to put in the systems they mandate.
So that's basically how that was put into place.
Yeah, I remember you talking about that.
I'm going to work on getting... The Help America Vote Act.
And then at several state levels, they called it the voter assistance.
Well, they told me the state made them put them in, so... I'm going to work on... Yeah, the feds come in with all this money and go, it's free money!
No, it's money they took from us.
Again, about 34 cents on the dollar comes back from every dollar we pay in taxes, and then most of the, quote, services they give us.
Who even wants it?
Yep, I'm going to work on...
Going back to paper over here.
This is a small little township.
Well, it's happening.
Again, in just five years, we've totally discredited these machines.
Again, major polls, 80-plus percent know it's a fraud.
Just a few years ago, the public didn't know that.
They thought you were a three-headed alien if you talked about it.
Now people know.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Come back and talk to Mark, Mike, Mike, and many others.
Take a lot of your calls.
We give each caller about two minutes.
And then I'm going to break down what happened in Florida last night.
Where I see all this going, a look at Hillary, a look at McCain, at Romney, and some of the things that Rudolph Giuliani has now said that are kind towards Ron Paul, why I think the ghoul is doing that, and a lot more.
This transmission worldwide against dehumanization and slavery will continue.
If you've been looking, you've found it.
The tip of the spear.
The front lines in the fight for humanity.
I'm Alex Jones.
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We're good to go.
I think?
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
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until 2 p.m.
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We're live from 12 noon to 3 p.m.
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Again, coming up, full election analysis.
I've really been thinking the last few weeks deeply about this.
I haven't really commented on it.
I'm going to break down the candidates.
Also get into the economy, but right now, let's go back to your calls.
Mark in Atlanta, you're on the air.
Blessings to you, brother.
How you doing?
Ah, yes, and as I always tell you, we're reverent in our prayers, and we mean it, because you are a blessing to us.
Let's see, Arlo Guthrie, I just saw on MySpace that Arlo Guthrie has gone on record to support Ron Paul, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in interviewing with him, because I gave your man his phone number.
And he's available for interviews about this.
And for those that don't know, he's an extremely famous guy.
Tell folks about him.
Let's see, was it called A Train Called the City of New Orleans?
Was that the song called The City of New Orleans?
Yeah, they say he put New Orleans on the map.
And he also wrote, he did this, there was an entire album site called Alex's Restaurant that was about
When did you give me Arlo Guthrie's number?
I gave it to the man.
I called once and lost connection, and I called a second time.
I said, hold on.
Let me give you his number.
It's 703... Hold on.
We don't give it out on number.
Sir, we can't give his number out on air.
Listen, I know who Arlo Guthrie is, like the music.
I saw in several newspapers today that he endorsed Ron Paul.
I'm going to have I.M.
Trey his number right now.
Let's try to set him up...
John, go ahead and give that number to Trey Kincaid, and we'll go ahead and maybe even get Guthrie on today or tomorrow, okay?
So you know Mr. Guthrie, Mark?
I remember in high school, a high school teacher played that album half about this really wild story about where the draft board took this charge of littering as though he'd done all this horrendous crime because
Listen, we're going to take care of that.
Thank you so much.
And that's why I love taking calls, because those tips are perfect.
Give that to Trey.
I want to move on getting him on now.
I think I saw that this morning and thought for a minute to get him on as a guest and then was so obsessed with tracking some political numbers I was looking at, I moved on from there.
But we will get on that right now.
In fact, hold on.
Yeah, have Eddie Bear do it right now.
Let's try his nickname around here.
His girlfriend gave him that nickname.
Should we call him that?
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Texas.
Mike, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
I'm calling from my hospital room.
I haven't forgot about you, guy.
How you been doing?
Good, sir.
I'm recovering from blood clots.
I should be released hopefully in the next day or so.
I never dreamed how much pain that would be.
Both legs, buddy.
I basically have to be on blood thinners the rest of my life.
But other things than that, I was trying to watch a little of the primary last night.
I cannot find anything on Ron Paul.
These mainstream media people look so pathetic.
Yeah, when he became a real threat about a month ago, the coverage of him just went down to almost nothing.
And even when he went in second place, they just lie in Nevada and say he got, don't even show his placing because he won second.
So by not showing him in second, they don't even show him.
He won.
Now the evidence is clear.
Louisiana, but they only gave him second place there, and then it got absolutely no coverage.
The spin machine is in overdrive.
Oh, my God.
How did he well do in Florida, according to the Paul campaign?
He only got three percentage points.
Oh, my God.
There's definitely something going on there with the machines, because he's a lot more popular than that.
Listen, last night I was driving home,
And by the time I started counting I'd forgotten how many I saw before that.
I probably saw 20 Ron Paul bumper stickers just driving five miles home.
I mean, there were cars side by side in front of me, cars in back of me that drove past me.
Just Ron Paul signs, Ron Paul stickers everywhere.
I talk to people all over the country.
They say that's all they see.
And he's got ten times the MySpace members than anybody.
And 20, 30 times, I forget the number of meet-up groups.
And just grassroots and the biggest rallies.
And, oh, but he doesn't exist.
And these corporate media people are looking so pathetic.
You can just look at them.
You know?
It's just sick.
Well, it is.
But that's only going to discredit the mainstream media more.
And as they engage in election fraud, and we're now proving it in New Hampshire, that further proves it's a fraud.
Just because they have a fraud, we don't just give up.
We go prove it's a fraud.
That's exactly what you're going to do, partner.
Well, listen, I appreciate you taking my call, and I'm hoping to get out of here tomorrow, partner.
You guys keep up the good work.
All right.
Thank you so much.
I really do appreciate your call, Mike.
Let's talk to Mike in Canada.
Mike, you're on the air.
Alex, this is Mike from British Columbia.
I'm calling.
I have a problem.
My granddaughter, when she's been 14 months old, she's been the happiest girl in the world, running, singing, talking, 14 months old.
Then she have vaccine and now she's seven years old and the moment when she have vaccine she is very sick.
They go... She have mercury in the brain and I just called to inform everybody to do something to stop these idiots what they doing.
Second, I'm calling five, six days ago city of Nanaimo Nanaimo, where I lived
I call and I ask what we have in this drinking water.
And from phone to phone some lady explain to me we have a small amount of fluoride.
I explain to her everything and I give her your side too.
Then I start to calling some company who's selling the water in the battle in Victoria.
And very interesting man over there who is manager, salesman, he say that
We, to keep water to be more fresh, we put more fluoride.
And cost us lots of money, you know.
And Mr. Alex, this is very crazy.
Oh, it's so good for you.
We give it to you because it tastes so delicious.
We love you.
It doesn't matter if thousands of studies say it rots holes in your brains, reduces IQ.
I think, Mr. Alex, these people have no mercy, no soul, because when you look at social workers, they've never been married.
I don't want to squeeze these people, you know?
Then Mayor City, then you understand, and people who got no children, they don't understand.
And they wage war against us.
That's correct.
And I'm calling again, I have to repeat, my life is destroyed.
If listeners of your site, which I listened for years, if somebody don't,
Some medication.
I can give you right now my telephone number.
On the air.
I'm not afraid from nobody.
No, no.
We don't need to get your number, sir.
I understand and I appreciate your call.
Speaking of mercury, we had one of the EPA's former top scientists, toxicologists, checking into poisoning.
And we put in that newscast...
About how they were saying Mercury is good for your brain and he just couldn't believe it.
And then I had this other individual, the same one that said all I talk about is space aliens on air and that social workers didn't say the family was bad and they're waging war against it.
You know, made some little video where he gives these sources and claims that the Marisol isn't Mercury.
It is Mercury.
They've manipulated it, but it is still Mercury.
And that's the term for the treated mercury, and then his own data shows what I'm saying, but then he just says, no, this shows you're wrong.
It's a straw man.
That is mercury in the vaccines.
It's still in there.
Hey, hey, how about this, Jack?
How about you go defend the media that says it's the law, you've got to take these shots when there is no law?
How about you try to disprove that?
Or how about you try to disprove that sodium and stannous fluoride is deadly poison when all the studies say it reduces IQ?
What, is American scientist?
Is Reuters lying?
They don't trust you.
They don't believe you anymore.
Now, there are armies of the general public who believe anything they're told still, believe in the system, and they're going to defend it.
They're going to make stuff up in their own minds.
They're going to... I listen to neocon radio.
One day I was driving along with Charlie Sheen in Los Angeles.
And I was out there visiting him.
And he was asking me questions.
We were talking.
And I said, Charlie, they still say the WMDs were found.
He was saying, I can't believe it.
They lied about the WMDs and forged the NIDRA documents and the mobile labs were really for pumping up hot air balloons or hydrogen balloons.
He said, I can't believe they haven't been impeached for that.
And I said, Charlie, they're still on talk radio.
Every day, because at that time it was a talking point.
They still do it some.
Saying that they did find atomic weapons material and that they did find WMDs.
And he said, no, they're not.
And I said, you got XM in this car.
Flip through the channels.
I'm not exaggerating.
He flipped through three talk radio channels.
It went to G. Gordon Liddy.
And G. Gordon Liddy was saying that they found the WMDs in Iraq.
And his mouth just hung open.
They're not going to stop, folks.
They're going to continue to stonewall, and their minions believe it.
People out there listening to talk radio, the average neocon, they believe it.
They believe what they're told.
So, A, they are still putting mercury in the vaccines.
They say they don't.
Or they then, on the other side, say mercury's good for you.
It is not.
And the Marisol is mercury.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Silverberg is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
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I hurt myself today To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain The only thing that's real The needle tears a hole The old familiar sting Try to kill it
All the way But I remember everything What have I become?
My sweetest friend Everyone I know goes away
Zach in Winnipeg, and Erica and others.
Zach, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead, Zach.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
Hey, Kennedy here.
And no coverage on Ron Paul at all, or the voter-slash-election fraud.
Nothing on that up here either.
I found that pretty pathetic.
And also, the NAFTA superhighway up here, it looks like they're calling it the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative.
And they're, like, pumping billions into our railways.
Right across Canada.
Yeah, well, let's be clear.
Let's be clear.
There's 84 of them, and more than 20 go up into your nation.
There's the Canamex by the time it hits you.
Yeah, they call it the Asian Pacific.
It's all official maps, all official, openly in the documents, openly building it.
As they put the toll roads on I-35, they say they don't exist here.
I mean, it's just classic psychological warfare.
I can't believe that people don't notice this.
It's the equivalent of World War I, where they'd have the first tanks rolling over the trenches, saying, this is not an attack, stand down, we're your friends, while they were bayonetting people.
And it's going all the way up to Churchill.
Apparently, since the global warming, that Churchill, our port up north, has been opening up, and we're working on some big deal with Russia, them shipping in stuff, so it looks like we're happening.
The other end of it here is up in Churchill.
Well, Russia claims they own the North Pole now, yeah.
And also, hearing about people getting sick and stuff, I've discovered, well, I've stumbled onto this fellow named Bob Beck, and he uses a few protocols using microelectricity to cleanse your blood out of the parasites and stuff in there, and using back EMF to get the little critters in your tissues, and drinking colloidal silver takes care of all the
Infectious diseases.
Well, listen, I appreciate your call, sir.
Since you bring that up, I don't know the guy you mentioned.
I don't know what he's doing.
I don't know.
Might work, might not.
Me personally, just because the mainstream media lies and the mainstream media spins doesn't then mean the entire alternative media is telling the truth either.
So if you don't hear me endorsing a sponsor and saying I believe in it, I just...
It's not like I'm high and mighty in the Grand Poobah and I say what's real and I say what isn't.
I'm just saying I'm not associated with anything you don't hear me endorsing.
I want that on record.
I don't believe in these magic machines that project things into you to supposedly heal you, all these things.
I don't believe in magic creams that... I've heard people on air like, you put this in your eyes and the cataracts fall off and it's $100 a bottle.
I mean, what's Interfood?
They don't make any super claims.
They just say it's 20 powerful things that are known to be superfoods.
And by superfoods, they're super packed with nutrients per gram.
These are things that are known to have trace minerals and things you need.
And it'll make you a lot healthier and feel better, and there's no secret about that.
Nutrition's well documented.
Linus Pauling with just what natural vitamin C will do.
But they want to take all that away from you, and they want to make you go pay 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 times.
I mean, they have one company went and got its fish oil approved by the government, and that's like 200 bucks a bottle, and the same stuff's 20 bucks a bottle.
But doctors can now prescribe that, which is FDA approved.
And so they use all the quacks and kooks and the rest of them out there
You know, I don't want to be mean, but the New Age nut types, you know what we're talking about.
I mean, some of them are just out of their gourds.
They use that to discredit all the serious stuff and all the real things.
They'll be our downfall.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The disciples asked Jesus in Matthew 24, What shall be the signs of thy coming and the end of the world?
You shall hear of wars and rumors of wars.
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
And there shall be famines, disease, and earthquakes in many places.
We are living in this time of earth's history.
Many people are trying to understand the climactic world events in light of human wisdom.
But without the wisdom of God, this is impossible.
2 Peter says,
The Bible says we'd like you to receive this new offer, Packet B, the Unholy Alliance.
These materials document the global leaders, political and religious, behind the scenes.
You will receive information regarding America in prophecy, tyrants and wars, the New World Order, and much more.
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Please call 1-888-211-1715.
That's 1-888-211-1715.
And ask for Packet B.
We're good to go.
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Once again, that's 866-885-6625 for BioSolutions.
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Again, that number, 1-800-340-7091, 5starsoap.com, for all your cleaning needs.
Federal agents, we are armed!
We haven't played this Paris in a while.
Let this roll a little bit, and I'll go to Erica, Todd, Robert, Cal, and Andrew, and then I'm going to do the Ron Paul news, the analysis, where I think it's all going, breaking down the candidates.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
We're good.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So now you askin' why my records always come the same?
Keep it real, ain't no phillazone, keep it slingin'.
Might not have seen the glory of the coming of the beast.
So every story, every word, I'm sayin' peace.
See, you could witness the Illuminati body count.
Don't be surprised, these is devils that I'm talkin' bout.
You think a couple thousand lies mean nothing to killers?
Nigga, I swear to God, we the ones.
Ain't no villains or any other world that keep the demon out of the country.
Ain't no terror threat unless approval rate and something.
So I'ma say it for the record, we the ones that planned it.
Ain't no other country to
We're good to go.
I hope you understand the time, brothers, because it's major.
Don't be surprised.
These are devils that I'm talking about.
You think a couple thousand lives mean anything to killers?
He says it all in that three and a half minutes.
Absolutely amazing artist.
By the way, that's just off YouTube.
We, of course, edited out some of the things he was saying there for radio.
The audio is much better when you get it on iTunes or somewhere else like that.
That's just off YouTube.
That's our little remix version of Paris.
What an amazing artist.
I didn't even know who he was.
Right in early 2002, he emailed me, showed me his website.
He said, I really appreciate the work you're doing.
Here's my song.
Road to Tyranny inspired me.
He also posted that on his website.
And then later, I can't get a hold of him.
I can't get a hold of him to the record company.
If somebody knows Paris, I'd like to have him on as a guest sometime.
Because I really admire, he's got a lot of other great music as well.
A lot of power, a lot of soul.
You can really just feel the energy and the strength.
And I can tell you, I'm a kindred spirit with that man.
I said I'd take some more calls and get into the Ron Paul election news.
We've got to move quick here.
Erica in Arizona.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air worldwide.
Hey, should I just call you the bulldog?
If you like.
Well, speaking of YouTube, I met you at Webster Hall in New York, and I have that John DeCamp interview posted on YouTube.
I recommend everybody watch that.
It is a blockbuster.
You can just search John DeCamp.
You asked a couple days ago for listeners to brainstorm about what you think the next great event will be by the New World Order.
I want to warn people.
The technology is already in place.
It is a possibility.
Who knows if it'll happen, when it would happen.
I think they're perfectly capable of pulling... A fake alien?
No, a god hoax.
You've already talked about the holograms being in place.
Up on Prison Planet, they talk about the technology for intercranial communication, so they can speak, so you hear the voice in your head without there being any sound externally.
And there are transmitters, you know, circling the globe already.
And I also have personal witness, not hearsay, but personal witness of a famous director who's been contracted to do some media work
Well, let me just stop you.
Are you talking about Jerry Bruckheimer?
Are you talking about James Cameron?
So what, you work at the hologram studio?
Because I know a producer that's been in there and seen it, too.
Well, I saw the production.
I asked for a copy, and he couldn't release it to me, but it was at one of the military industrial sites.
Well, everything you said, even if it sounds wild to people, I can independently back up.
The government admits they have these big hologram projectors.
They admit that they have planned fake UFO invasions, that 900-foot-long thing that has been up in North Texas for hundreds of witnesses and being photographed, and they say, oh, it's a weather balloon or it's F-16s, and they have fake press conferences where they show dummies about Roswell and then act suspicious on purpose.
Again, I don't get into UFOs, but I do get into it when Larry King's doing show after show on it, when it's on every major TV news program.
They certainly have that in the pike.
And when you talk about a God hoax, they admitted that the Pentagon 20 years ago started working on, and they now have it, to project 500-foot, 800-foot alas, Jesus, aliens, Cable or Elf if they wanted to.
So, yes, they could certainly do that as well.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And they set it up in a hallway at a business and in malls, so when people are walking down the hallways, it aims it right at your head, and it shoots from behind the plastic where you can't even see the projector, and it tells you to drink soft drinks, aren't you thirsty?
But it freaked out so many people, they pulled a bunch of them.
They had the patent in 54 for the cranial system, cranial audio system, where it didn't even have to touch you in 54 to broadcast directly to the middle ear, so yes.
I didn't know that it's been around that long.
But if you look at it in historical context, and you look at back in Jim Marr's book, he talks about back in Marco Polo days when this man named Hassan wanted a bunch of men who were willing to fight and even die for him.
He came up with this great hoax that centuries later is so infallibly stamped into their culture that that's where the assassins came from.
Go ahead, sorry.
Well, they would find someone, a goat herder, and they would drug him, and he would wake up, come conscious in this earthly paradise with all these women to serve his every need and all these exotic animals.
And then they would get him addicted to OPM.
They did the same thing with the ninja in Japan.
Yes, and so they put him back in his goat herder existence, and they say, well, if you are willing to martyr yourself for me, this is your permanent paradise.
And that's what martyrs are doing today, to achieve... Because you take a goat herder who's been up in the mountains, and his village has 30 people in it, and you take him, you drug him, you take him to a palace, he wakes up with literally 100 incredibly beautiful women.
Drugs, food, they've never seen the blue tiled porcelain.
Turquoise, that's where the word turquoise comes from.
That's all mainline history.
But they're going to have the public soon saying nothing existed before television.
They'll have the public soon believing the sky doesn't exist.
They'll have the public believing toll roads aren't happening as they're put on the roads.
But let me go back here.
I'm aware of Bruckheimer and Cameron in Black Ops.
That's why I mentioned those two.
People would think Spielberg, but not really.
He's more into propaganda.
But both those men I know are in secret projects.
I know some people through Hollywood have been given closed-door tours.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
Through these facilities.
And then some of them have even been public about it.
I would call it restricted, not even classified.
But, I mean, why are you afraid to tell us if you have specifics you see firsthand?
I mean, you know James Cameron.
What did you see?
Well, it was someone who worked directly with him for some time, and what it was, he was asked to anthropomorphize some robotic equipment so that all the people on Earth would at once turn their gaze and wonder in awe and emotionally involved with these robots.
And it was on the moon, and I don't really know any more than that because that particular project was put on hold.
Well, I don't know about that.
I appreciate your call.
Take care.
I've got to move quicker.
I've got a guest coming up.
I want to get into all this financial stuff.
You know, I'm going to have to hold off now.
Todd, Robert, Cal, Andrew, I'm going to get to you, but I have to get into this news now.
You can hang up or you can stay on hold and I'll get to you.
I do want to hear from you, but I have to cover this.
I'll get my news stacks here together in front of me.
All right, let's shift gears into what happened in Florida last night.
As you know, John McCain came in
First, Mitt Romney came in second.
Ron Paul was way down the line with 3% of the vote or coming in fifth.
And the media is basically saying that John McCain is now the man with headlines like, Florida win propels McCain towards Super Tuesday.
McCain wins Florida primary.
Ron Paul gets dissed.
Talks about the media just basically ignored him.
Also, McCain emerges as a Republican frontrunner after Florida victory at Giuliani to drop out, and reportedly AP reports to endorse John McCain.
That may have already happened.
Like I said, we're going to have another Fed rate cut.
I'll have to check into that.
That may have already happened.
But as of showtime, I haven't had time to go look those numbers back up.
What's happening here?
Ron Paul is definitely, and hundreds of factors go into this, but Ron Paul is definitely
Being cheated.
We have evidence in Iowa.
We have evidence in New Hampshire.
We have evidence in absolute sterling evidence where the campaign actually came out and said that was fraud.
In Louisiana, open public fraud where he got second place and they just didn't even show him placing.
They gave it to McCain in Nevada.
When he did get second place, even when they cheated, he really got first.
In Louisiana, they didn't give it any national press coverage.
Zero that I saw.
And I scanned hundreds of reports and
Transcripts of TV programs.
Did keyword searches on that.
But there was very little, if none, I could find no reporting.
That's the accurate way to say it.
And so that's one level to all of this.
Then we look at who we've got.
We've got Mitt Romney, who people attack because of his Mormon faith.
I'm not getting into that.
I don't get into sectarian groups and all the infighting and the rest of it.
And if something like that's on my message board, that's free speech.
You're welcome all to it.
But, again, I don't get into bashing Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, any of these groups.
It's up to you to make your own decision.
Read the Bible.
But really, it's been helping him to attack him on the Mormon faith instead of attacking him on his actual issues and his flip-flopping and his lying and his corruption.
I have to say, Mitt Romney, though, does not have the baggage of a Giuliani.
I couldn't imagine how... And again, they use these elections to test the water.
They use these primaries.
They've got three or four horses they own.
Mr. C.F.R.
Huckabee, fake conservative Christian.
They've got Thompson, who they tried to push.
At first, it was Thompson and Giuliani were the anointed ones.
The people did not buy into them, because Thompson was literally like he was dying on stage and hands shaking, and I don't blame him.
He should be in bed.
He's probably not going to make it out of his cancer, they're reporting.
And he knew that, so this is some big payoff or something.
They tried to force him down our throats.
That didn't work.
They tried to force Huckabee down.
That started falling apart when his open border promotion and other things started coming out.
So now they've got McCain.
Part of the Keating Five.
Mafia connected.
Not as mafia connected.
I mean, his dad wasn't a capo and didn't spend time in prison for it.
And his uncle, his father's brother.
But he is involved in the Keating Five.
So they call him Mr. Anti-Corruption because he's so corrupt.
He is totally anti-gun.
He is totally open border.
He is totally pro-war.
That's not popular in either party, being anti-gun.
It's not popular with Republicans.
It's not even popular now with most Democrats.
That's a losing issue.
Now over 70% of the country is against gun control.
We've won that fight with the people but not with the voting machines.
So McCain is this horrible person who vacations and hangs out with the Clintons.
The Clintons are on record saying that it's going to be a sweetheart election and you watch, they're going to end up making McCain part of the cabinet.
This is all positioning Hillary Clinton for the big win.
They're putting McCain up there because he's got so much dirt and any time they can destroy him.
Same thing with Barack Obama.
They're calling him anti-corruption.
This guy's got so many
Corruption probes and dirt and skeletons in the closet.
I mean, it just makes my head spin.
And so they're positioning these two disgusting, the two worst candidates.
I can tell you that now that Giuliani's dropping out, he was the worst next to Hillary.
But McCain is so bad, he's even worse in a way because he at least looks credible, talks credible, acts conservative, uses the cut and run terms.
I just couldn't think
Of a worse person to be on the Republican ticket.
So let me get this straight.
91% of Americans want to control the borders and don't want to legalize the illegals.
Upwards of 80%, depending on the poll, 75-80% are against the war.
70-plus percent are against gun control.
90-plus percent are against the Real ID, National ID cards.
On every issue, John McCain is unpopular in the polls, but he's magically winning.
That's fraud.
Ron Paul's been cheated.
Barack Obama's being cheated.
Hillary and John McCain are being positioned.
We'll come back, get more into this, what I think Ron Paul should do.
Then we've got some economic news for about 20-30 minutes with the chairman of the Gold Antitrust Committee.
More of your calls.
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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
I'm glad that you have joined us.
Boiling this down, Ron Paul had incredible success in two major states.
Louisiana, Nevada.
He was openly defrauded in front of everyone.
The campaign, and I'm not trying to start another firestorm here.
We're going to put an article out.
Really, well, they are challenging Louisiana.
And so, they need to point out Nevada.
Because he beat McCain by a point.
Didn't matter.
They gave McCain second place.
Going into Super Tuesday, Ron Paul might get second or third place in some of these states.
They just won't report it.
We could talk about a brokered election, and I could get some guests on about that.
A brokered convention.
Try to get the delegates together for a revolt and try to demand that Paul be brought forward.
But the party machinery pretty much controls that.
So I see that as not a dead end.
We should try every avenue.
I've been saying it for months.
We've talked to the Paul campaign on air.
We've talked to his son, Rand Paul, here on air.
And I said, look, he has a responsibility with all this money and this time and the name he's built up to run as a third-party candidate because they'll have to put him in the debates, the national debates.
And then he will continue to get attention, and then his actual policies will go across the board.
He's just as popular with Democrats, or even more so than Republicans.
So if you break those numbers down with independents and liberals and conservatives, Ron Paul, in a poll I conducted with Zogby, a pretty big poll, cost us almost $5,000, showed that he won in every category.
Except, across political lines, except Jewish, and he got second place there because the majority said they were undecided.
So, he does better in an independent run.
Here's the problem, though.
The party machinery, again, getting him on the ballot, but with a Pat Buchanan that didn't have at least an active grassroots, he had a big grassroots, but not active, the Ron Paul movement
Focal Point is organized.
And they've got big money, and they've shown the power to break any fundraising record ever seen.
That's not with big contributors.
That's with small, on average, $95 contributors.
It was $45, but his numbers went up.
So Ron Paul needs to go ahead and get the publicity he can, go ahead and run through Super Tuesday.
And I'm not saying don't canvass and don't lobby and don't expose fraud.
We've got to continue to engage the enemy to show the election fraud.
But then immediately after Super Tuesday, he needs to announce that he's running as a third party.
He needs to go to the Libertarians and have them throw their current candidate, who doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hades, overboard.
And I'm sure he'll go along with it.
They can give him some position in the campaign.
Or go with the Constitution Party.
I've been analyzing both party structures.
Libertarian has better name recognition.
It looks like the Constitution Party may even have a bigger infrastructure.
Or perhaps have a party merger for the campaign and get both party infrastructures behind Paul.
I think that would happen.
Now, Paul now in debates has been asked about third party.
Now he's saying, well, I hadn't thought about it, but now I am because...
Both parties are bad.
So see, he's gone from I'm not going to do it to maybe I might to well, hmm, kind of looks like I should.
You're going to see Ron Paul to the third party run.
So we need to start planning for that.
They don't want to announce that yet because they don't want to stall what's happening going into Super Tuesday.
That's not going to do it.
That's one battle front.
We'll continue on the second front as well.
And then once the first front shuts down, the final front will be the main front.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Bill Murphy
The chairman of the Gold Antitrust Action Committee will be with us for about 15-20 minutes coming up in the next segment.
I know I had Grim Corsi on tracking this yesterday.
It's a big deal.
We're going to have part two of that discussion with the chairman of the organization we interviewed many years ago, joining us to see how their saga has gone.
It's a very important area in the underbelly of the New World Order because some big oil, some big gold mine owners and shareholders have been involved in this suit now for quite a while now.
And it really isn't the juggler of the globalists, so that's coming up in the next segment.
Now, we've got callers holding.
We're going to get to you as well.
Just finishing up, and then when we take calls, I'd like you to comment on this if you feel like it.
Ron Paul's got to run third party.
Now, again, they want to continue to raise money with the Republican Party infrastructure.
They want to continue to get the attention, and he's got the schedule set.
He's got a good schedule here set for him.
Ron Paul's at a state capital rally over the weekend, Atlanta.
Ron Paul's coming to Seattle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
Ron Paul planning North Dakota trip.
It just goes on and on.
And strangely enough, Giuliani then came out.
Well, here, just hear from Giuliani what he said about Ron Paul.
I need to give you a heads up, John.
You ready with that Giuliani clip?
I want to congratulate each of my opponents on a hard-fought campaign here in Florida.
I want to congratulate Senator McCain, who I believe has been declared the winner.
I spoke to Mitt Romney and told him my regards to him as well.
These are honorable people.
They're accomplished public servants, and they're good men.
And we should, as well as Mike Huckabee.
So let's applaud them all.
They're our opponents.
And Ron Paul!
Who... Who won all the debates.
On that thing where you call in all the time.
I used to watch it afterwards at night when I'd go back to my room and Ron Paul would win all the debates.
But they are truly all honorable people, honorable men, who are fighting for what they believe in.
They have different strengths.
They have different things to contribute, like I do.
And I believe that our party will be stronger as a result of the competition that we're going through.
But win or lose, our work is not done.
Now, why did Giuliani do this?
This is a singularly evil individual behind the nap to superhighway corridors.
His law firm runs it all.
He's involved in every form of wickedness you can imagine and government chicanery and corruption.
Son of a mob boss.
What do you expect?
But why is he doing this?
Because he knows Ron Paul supporters destroyed him.
He knows back when the establishment was trying to make him the anointed one that we tore him to shreds.
And he knows it's Ron Paul supporters that are exposing him now for the NAFTA highway behavior, for all of it.
And so he's trying there to basically say, just leave me alone.
He knows Ron Paul's the real winner.
He knows Ron Paul's winning these states.
And he doesn't want the people to continue to attack him on the web and expose him for who he is.
So this is him desperately begging for quarter.
Well, have you left your law firm?
Bracewell Giuliani, that runs all this, if you spoke out against the New World Order, you know, even the thief on the cross was given forgiveness, would be with Christ in paradise, but I don't think you're going to do that, Giuliani.
And so, nice cry, acting like a good sport.
And you lied again when you said that Huckabee and Romney are good.
This is all play acting.
This is all theater.
And he wants Ron Paul's supporters off his back.
We're probably going to get off your back, Giuliani, but only because we've got to get busy now attacking McCain, Hillary, and Romney.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Half of the gold in central banks gone.
We want to expose and stop the manipulation.
Gold should be above $2,300.
If you look at it by the 1980 previous high of $850 a troy ounce, I remember six, seven, eight years ago interviewing Mr. Murphy, Bill Murphy.
He is the chairman of the Gold Antitrust Action Committee.
And even if you don't own gold, even if you're not in the stock market, even if you don't understand markets and market manipulation...
You need to understand that this affects you.
And I have a story here out of the BBC today about secret bank activities with the central banks.
So there's a whole world going on out there that even people that go to college for banking aren't taught.
Once you've been in these big banks for years in select areas, you're sent to special private training.
But this gets into our central banks, into the currency reserves, into the treasury.
Bill Murphy, thank you for coming on, sir.
Well, great to be here, Alex, and you certainly know your stuff.
That's impressive.
Well, I've been following your work for quite a long time.
Before we get into your $267,000 ad in the Wall Street Journal, reportedly coming out tomorrow, before we go through the basics of this for people, tell us how your organization was founded, who's involved in the Gold Antitrust Action Committee.
Well, I'm the chairman, and my colleague, Chris Powell, is the editor of a daily newspaper in the Journal-Enquirer in Manchester, Connecticut, and
We found the Gold Antitrust Action Committee January 1999 to expose the manipulation of the gold market by a gold cartel and artificially suppressing the price.
We've been at it a long time.
Somehow we got on CNBC in February of 1999, and once they heard what we had to say, we've been blackballed from the U.S.
financial market media for nine years.
We're fed up with it.
We spent $265,000 to come up with a full-page color ad in the Wall Street Journal tomorrow to get our message out there.
Well, obviously it's going to make a big splash.
As simply as you can, then we'll go through more details, sir.
What are we looking at here?
Go through the evidence.
Why this affects everybody?
Well, it's like a murder trial in the sense of the evidence.
It's got nine years' worth of evidence that
All fits together.
What we're saying, by the way, is public record.
The Bank for International Settlements has admitted that the central banks manipulate the gold price at certain times.
There have been many reports on this, and everybody can learn more about it by going to www.goldrush21.com and seeing the highlight film, 24 Minutes, that's all, of our conference we had in Dawson City, in which
About two years ago, when the price was $4.36, President Putin's economic advisor, Andrei Bykov, was there.
And soon after, the gold price exploded, once they realized what we were talking about.
So it's cumulative, and it affects everybody, because the rigging of the gold price, the price suppression, put the free market system in the United States off kilter.
And it was like the linchpin, which has led to the moral hazard in the markets today, and the government
The punch protection team rescuing the stock market and doing all kinds of things, and it just got out of hand.
And it started with the rigging of the gold price, which was the essence of Robert Rubin's strong dollar policy.
And one facet is they've been using leases on our gold to then infuse money into the markets and infuse it into their buddies in select places.
So this brings it to a whole new level of insider trading and rigging of things.
Now, again, there's only a few cartels globally that have escaped gold
The irony is that most of the bigger ones belong to the World Gold Council, which is part of the problem with it.
Oh, yeah.
Barrick Gold and so on.
Even Newmont's been of no help whatsoever because they're so much a part of the establishment.
But yes, we've had some very important... We've had some very big support.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.
I'm on phone from Austin, Texas for the next few minutes.
Bill Murphy, the GATC, is on with us.
This only happens if I have some expert on about two or three times a year on financial corruption or if I have Charlie Sheen or somebody like that on that our ISDN line, we have two of them, a backup, and they're not able to reconnect to that right now.
I'm sure this is just an accident.
This only happens two or three times a year.
I'm going to go back to ISDN now.
Again, they're in Minnesota.
I'm in Austin, Texas.
Sorry, sir.
I had one of those little problems that only happens at special times.
Go ahead.
No problem at all.
Please continue, sir.
Well, I don't remember where we left off, but where would you like me to go back to, Alex?
Getting into the gold mining companies that are angry about the suppression of gold.
Well, you know, some of them have supported us.
A lot of them are.
But some of the major ones, like Aberic Gold, has been part of the problem.
And the members of the World Gold Council, I mean, it's a joke.
I mean, all these years they've been promoting gold jewelry instead of gold as money or an investment and so on.
And so the establishment is part of the problem.
And what our ads are going to do tomorrow, we hope, is wake people up and introduce them to all the nine years worth of facts that we have.
And when people...
Actually take the time and look at everything we've come up with.
They're going to go good grief.
And again, the suppression of the gold price is now affecting everybody because it led to this, what they call this moral hazard where people feel you could invest in everything and there was never any risk.
And it gets a little complicated, but had the gold price been trading freely, and as you said earlier, it should be already about $2,300 an ounce, interest rates would have been higher.
Not so many people have taken out reckless mortgages, and it goes on and on.
It's a very subtle thing, but you can follow it from A to Z. Hello?
Please continue.
Again, this sounds unprofessional, but our listeners know this only happens a couple times a year, and it's happening now.
Mr. Murphy, please continue.
It's perfect for the conspiracy people to have something like this.
That's pretty much it.
This is all going to unfold, and we're so used to people giving us catcalls and stuff like this, but they've never done their homework.
The people that spoke at this conference
Smartest people I ever met in my life.
I mean, Harvard Law, Harvard Law, Wharton, Stanford, Oxford.
Brilliant men.
Hugo Salinas Price, one of the richest men in Mexico, one of the nicest people I've ever met.
John Embry, spot asset management, one of the top gold people in Canada.
And it's all laid out.
And when we had this conference, gold was $4.36.
We said, what was going to happen and why?
And now it's more than double the price, and people are still not aware of what's going on.
And the price of gold is headed to $3,000 to $5,000.
And we hope that this ad is going to wake people up and people that think they might have missed the move, that there's a long way for the move to go.
In your expert opinion, sir, what is going to happen as gold prices continue to go up?
We know it's already happened.
And different institutions, different private individuals, sovereign wealth, the whole gamut has been involved in puts, been involved in leveraging gold.
They don't even really hold it.
There's lots of different instruments they've been using.
What happens as the price is driven up because of a predominantly dollar devaluation?
And, of course, you guys exposing gold as a great investment.
Won't that show all the leveraging and all the derivatives?
What is going to happen?
Won't that make that rise like a cold sword?
Well, you could have an absolute explosion.
You're right on again.
And it gets, again, a little complicated.
But some of these firms, like, for example, South Africa right now,
They're having a real problem because of electricity.
They had to shut down a lot of their mining and it's still in a very precarious state and some of these companies like Angle Gold have hedged gold and they can't even get out of the ground.
That's right.
In fact, one of their biggest platinum mines is shutting down.
That's right.
In addition to that, you've got other problems in other countries like Ecuador where the government is going to seize some of the gold properties and there's problems with Barrick's property in Chile.
They can't get the mining permits.
A lot of these people are your heads, so they've written derivatives.
You say the derivatives in the gold arena have gone way up while the hedgers have taken their positions down.
Again, it's complicated, but the answer simply to your question, yes, there could be a melt-up as this thing just blows up because the shorts just don't have the gold.
This is the key to what God is saying.
Is that as part of the price suppression scheme, the central banks have used up more than half the gold in their vaults.
In other words, it's half what people think it is.
And that gold, this leased gold, as you mentioned, was used to suppress the price.
And they can't get it back.
And when people know what we know, which is what we've been telling everybody in our conferences, the price is going to go bananas.
So $1,000 today in gold, nothing.
Compared to where it's going.
Now to explain that, that would be like if we learned there was half as much silver or half as much oil or half as much of any key commodity already with global inflation driving gold up, not just the dollar, but all of these different liquidity markets starting in the early 90s unleashing tens of trillions of dollars, the AAA rating junk.
We've got all the states coming back now wanting their investments, being told the money's not there.
I mean, we're talking about sitting on top of a volcano that's about to erupt.
That's right.
And I think the volcano's starting... I mean, it's been erupting because people... The big money knows what God has to say.
We know the Russians do.
I mean, they sent Andrei Baikov to our conference.
Said it was the finest conference he was ever at.
Two days later, the gold price was dead.
It exploded.
Bill Murphy, stay with us for one more segment.
I want to learn more about this big national ad in the Wall Street Journal tomorrow and what you hope comes out of this and how our listeners can gain from this because...
Anybody who isn't in medals is going to be hurt big time.
We'll be right back.
It's Judy again.
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Alright, the private federal reserve controlling our treasury in 1933 declared private ownership of gold illegal.
You only keep a small amount for your wedding ring.
My grandmother remembers her parents going and turning in all their gold for paper.
Then within one year, the central banks doubled the price of gold.
They transferred it all to Europe.
The Firestone family was indicted for setting up dummy corporations trying to buy gold.
But they at least said, okay, it's your gold in the vault.
Now, and the numbers I've got from Ron Paul and others is even more than half this organization's being conservative, has been used to play the markets, manipulate things, just every form of wickedness you can imagine.
Bill Murphy, this ad's coming out.
This is a big deal.
This is coming out right at the right time.
You were talking about the Russians being so impressed.
Tell us more about the organization, what you're doing, what you think this ad's going to do.
Well, you know, we started, you know, we didn't look to do this, and I just started, I realized I used to be a big trader, a limited position trader at the Comex one time, and I started writing about the gold market, and then I saw Goldman Sachs coming in and selling at certain times, and had to do with long-term capital management blowing up, and I won't get into that, but so my colleague on the website I have, a subscriber, said, let's stop talking about it, let's do something about it.
He had some antitrust experiences.
What they're doing is illegals.
And one thing led to another, and everything we learned in nine years has said that the United States government, along with certain banks like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, have been managing the gold price, suppressing it for their different agendas.
And as I said earlier, it was the essence of Robert Rubin's strong dollar policy.
I've gone around for years and said, would someone tell me, we have a strong dollar policy, so I said, would someone raise their hand and tell me, what does the United States do to affect the strong dollar policy?
No one ever raised their hand.
Not one time.
So I raised mine.
It's to suppress the price of gold.
That's it.
And everything we've come up with has supported our initial thesis.
We haven't found anything that detracts from that.
And that's when the price of gold was below $300.
People forget that.
Well, that's because the entire system, as you said, is built on fiat.
And the elites have been hoarding gold themselves while propagandizing the public that gold is evil and bad.
Well, you know, that's probably the case.
It's no different than, if I might suggest, what Goldman Sachs did by selling these subprime mortgages and then having another division short it and making a fortune while everyone else was selling this stuff and unsuspecting people that are now stuck with garbage.
Well, they also sold it to the different states for their investments.
Well, that's true, and this can get pretty complicated, but getting back to this ad, I mean, we hope to shake things up, wake people up, and get our message out there.
I mean, let's talk about nine years I've gone to Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Nell Henderson, Washington Post, Fortune, CNBC.
Nobody will even admit that we exist.
We don't exist in America.
Anybody who thinks we have a free press in America...
We're talking to the chairman, ladies and gentlemen, of the GATA, the Gold Antitrust Action Committee.
We have links to it up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
By the way, Alex?
Yes, sir.
I heard you talking about Congressman Ron Paul.
I've met Ron Paul, and he knows his stuff cold, and of course he's a gentleman, and of course he is telling the truth out there, and he's having as much trouble.
Look what Fox did.
They cut him out of a debate.
That's the kind of stuff that we run up against.
Are you kidding?
He won second place in Nevada, and they just didn't even... Didn't even mention it.
Well, they lied and put McCain there.
This is what we have dealt with, what Congressman Paul has been dealing with, except I've been doing this nine years.
I know, I know.
Nine years!
I don't think people realize how dangerous it is when there's just mass lying, mass corruption, and it seems to be getting worse.
Your organization has successfully predicted a lot of what's happened.
What do you see happening in the next year?
Unfortunately, whether it's the working group in financial markets, counterparty risk management group, gold cartel, exchange civilization fund, they're like heroin addicts.
They've been rigging, managing, deceiving, and it's a fix here, fix there, fix here, and now the patient has got so much heroin, they don't know what to do, because another big dose is liable to kill it, and yet they have nothing else.
And unfortunately...
I think things are going to get completely out of hand, and not only that for smarter people than I in terms of the other markets, but I think it's going to get very, very nasty.
But the gold price is going to go bananas because we know inflation is much greater than reporting.
We know that the financial markets are a mess.
They just cut the... Tell you what, I want you to be able to finish.
A three-minute break and five minutes on the other side.
Can you do that, sir?
Yes, sir.
Bill Murphy's our guest, and then I'll get into more political news and some science news and some war news as well.
Every expert, whether it's Joseph Stiglitz, former chief economist, World Bank, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, father of Reaganomics, Bob Chapman, Mr. Murphy, we're sitting on top of a powder keg here.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't want no shaggots!
Okay, Bill Murphy, I've been all over the map with you.
I've been studying this for 13, 14 years.
You've been honest with the organization for nine.
I remember interviewing you guys back at the time in 99 and 2000.
You had some big successes in court getting documents.
What you're saying has been proven.
That's why the Wall Street Journal...
Had to go with it.
Unfortunately, most people even reading the journal, they think they're getting high-grade financial news.
What they're getting is predominantly propaganda.
Your letter in there is important.
Everybody should get the magazine, get the newspaper tomorrow, make copies of it, give it to people they know, give it to investors.
For those who don't know, the dollar's been devalued by 60% from Euro Open, 52% from 2002.
And so the stock market's really at about $6,000.
That gets into that fraud.
They've got to keep you away from gold.
And again, this goes to the very heart of the fraud.
So you were talking about what you see happening in the economy in the future.
And as all these other investments start unraveling, and then just for the last few minutes, you've got the floor.
Any other points you haven't made, or how this huge audience can help you break through this Berlin Wall of disinfo?
Well, it's very exciting.
I hope everyone will get the Wall Street Journal tomorrow, again, the Section C full-page color ad.
But here's the most important thing.
Everyone should do their homework.
If you go to www.goldrush21.com, go to the YouTube 24-minute highlight film of our conference.
Look at what our guys said.
I think so.
Wait in commercial.
Gold has just jumped another $10 to a new high, $931.40.
Excuse me, excuse me.
They were thinking the 25 basis points would be reckless.
You're telling me, after a 75 basis point cut last Tuesday, you're telling me that eight days later, they just did a 50?
Oh, my.
And my sources tell me it's going down to 2%.
That's how bad things are.
That's how explosive gold is.
And when this ad hits, the timing couldn't be better.
By the way, the AP, the AP, sir, is saying that the Fed says it may push it to 3.
You're saying 2.
That's the word I have.
Now, the point is here, we're not, we're not, we've been trying to help and get people to understand the thing for years.
So, you know, we don't want to see, we're not doom and gloom, unfortunately.
It's what they've done to it.
America was built on dissent and people getting to the truth.
And all of a sudden, when you do that, you're persona non grata in this country.
And you're probably more aware of it than I am.
It's a joke!
And that's what we're trying to do in this ad.
And all we want your listeners to do is suggest, do your homework, spend 24 minutes and look at this highlight film, and you're going to want to buy a lot of these little gold stocks and gold items
And get yourself protected, and that's all we can do.
We're regular people just doing our thing and coming up with the truth.
Mr. Murphy, again, chairman of the GATA, the Gold Antitrust Action Committee.
Again, you say do your homework.
We wouldn't be an enslaved, bankrupt nation if people had done it.
We have a very intelligent audience.
We have hundreds of thousands of new listeners that tune in every day on our AM and FM affiliates, the internet, satellite shortwave, and they're going, you know, this is a bunch of technical gobbledygook.
It's not.
It's very simple.
The economic magicians, the sorcerers that control our economy, have flooded the world with liquidity because they control the assets they get when you go bankrupt.
It's just like they send a college kid, when you're broke, a credit card every two days in the mail, but now that I'm not broke, I get a credit card once a month.
They do not want you doing well.
They want to control you.
These are monopoly men.
They created this ocean, this tsunami of money,
And it's devalued.
They've robbed 60% of what you've got in other investments and in dollar value and any savings.
My college tuition for my children that I've tried to save the last six years is toilet paper.
I am hopping mad.
You just said they cut 50 basis points.
I just pulled it up here on CNBC.
That is correct.
I don't think people realize, or it hasn't hit home, that's why you make $20 an hour, but you can't pay your bills that you could five years ago.
They have destroyed your dollar, and they were able to do this by playing with the gold reserves.
That's right.
And that's part of our ad.
Anybody seen our gold?
There hasn't been an audit, independent audit, a fully independent audit since 1955.
And what got us, we're going to have a conference in Washington in April, and that's what this ad's about, is that we want to know if U.S.
gold is gone.
In other words, is it encumbered or part of it in any way, not a technical thing, but a swap for gold lending?
We don't know.
Nobody knows.
And so we've asked...
We did an FO, what do you call it, Freedom of Information Act request to the Fed and Treasury.
We demanded that they account for the U.S.
It wasn't covered.
By the way, did you know that the Feds just announced today they may completely get rid of four years completely?
I mean, that's dictatorship.
They're just going wild.
That's right.
That's what this ad's all about.
Well, you know, studying history, and yourself are very learned, and the folks in the organization are very learned, and I know you don't like tooting your own horn, but every other wise man we talk to says that we've never entered something financially this dangerous since 29, and they're saying that if it does implode, and it looks like it's doing that now, that this could be a total collapse of the financial system.
Well, I won't go quite that far, but anything can happen, and I think it's very dramatic, it's very serious.
And it's been caused by their constant interference with the free markets.
We go around the world and talk about freedom and free markets, but we don't have it here.
It's a joke.
Well, for anybody that doubts that, you know, doubts the censorship and the rest of it, look at how they're still not on television and radio and in print saying gold's the way to go.
What other investment has gone up from $600 to $935 in a year?
That's right, Alex, and this is how Bullets is.
The interest by the United States public is still at a minimum.
At a minimum.
I know this is what I do all day long, and it's just starting.
So all I'm going to suggest to your listeners, again, as I said, do your homework, look into it.
A lot of these little gold companies, because there's no interest, have gone no place.
They're going to explode in the months to come.
Well, a gold company owns this network.
And they're having trouble even getting supplies in.
They've got some now, and I'm told all over there's already shortages of gold.
It's going to get much more so.
Demand is, again, the average public in the United States, public investor doesn't get it yet, but the big money, the Arabs, the Russians, the Indians, they buy it as a public over there, but the Chinese, it's all disappearing.
They want supplies going in the tank.
And this thing is going to explode, and nobody understands it yet, and nobody can understand it, because as you say, most of what I call Planet Wall Street is telling everybody to move over.
Gold's going to average $8.25.
Why would you want to buy gold?
Right now it's $9.30.
But they don't get it.
It keeps going up and up and up, and then it's just going to explode.
You watch.
And it's real simple.
The media acts like there's no connection.
They cut interest rates again today by 50 basis points.
That's a point and a quarter in eight days, and it's shooting up like a rocket.
I'm looking at the gold graph right now.
It literally is going straight up.
In fact, I've been, I mean, this is incredible.
I know, I couldn't be more excited.
Because, especially with the ad coming out tomorrow, it's like a neutron bomb going off.
I'm telling you, because no one even knows we exist.
Where do people read this thing?
Well, folks, here at Air First, we had you on nine years ago, and obviously, sir, as this develops, I'm going to need you to pop back in with quick reports in the next few days, or anybody else in your office.
Fire out those websites again.
Well, www.goldrush21.com is where you can look at our highlight film.
The GATA website is www.gata.org, and my website is lementropolecafe.com, L-E-M-E-T-R-O.com.
P-O-L-E-C-I-F-E dot com, and people can sign up for a two-week free trial and see if they like it.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate you spending time with us.
Anytime, Alex.
I enjoyed it very much.
Take care.
I've got a bunch of news.
I've got plugs to do.
I wanted to take your calls.
John Harmon?
I tried to call Ted while all this was happening because I wanted to get his take on it.
He's not answering his cell phone.
Will you drag him in here, please?
Is he in the office?
I mean, I like shooting my mouth off and saying, look, we told you so, but I'm not even happy about this.
You heard the last guy say he was excited because it proves his point right, and they're obviously big and gold, but this is not good.
This is not good.
This is not good.
This is not good.
This is not good.
Going in restaurants that I've been going in to for more than a decade at 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock at night so I can eat something, skip dinner, got to eat something, going home, and there was literally in a restaurant that can hold, I don't know, 200 people,
There was 10 people.
It's usually a line at night because it's a 24-hour place.
This is still kind of a small town in ways.
Not a lot of 24-hour stuff.
I'm seeing this everywhere.
I mean, that's just another on-the-ground, boots-on-the-ground observation.
I'm watching gold right now.
It is going up.
I hit refresh a minute ago, and gold went up $1.50 in one minute.
And folks, it might correct back down because people have got to dump their gold because they've shorted it and other investments they've made.
But if you look at the graph on the weeks and the months and the years, it just keeps going straight up.
Okay, I've got some other news I want to hit on here.
Before we do that, I want to tell you about some wonderful people.
And that's eFoods Direct.
Until the 11th of February, that's 12 days,
You'll be able to get at insanely low prices.
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Each can is super heavy.
You just add water to it.
And it's going to go up on the 11th, on the 12th, but still it'll be a good deal.
They're running out of their supplies at the previous price.
They've had to buy at a much higher price.
They haven't seen this, he said, in nine years.
They haven't had a price go up in nine years at eFoods Direct.
eFoodsDirect.com, eFoodsDirect.com, J. Michael Stevens Group, or give them a call at 1-800-409-5633.
Every investment, everything I tell you, I told you buy guns 12 years ago, almost every gun out there has doubled or in some cases tripled in price.
I told you buy ammo over the last seven years, ammo has quadrupled in price.
I told you to buy gold.
Gold has gone from 200, I kept saying 300, it was 248 and it's low, up to $930.
And then that's a spot on the markets.
It's always added because of shipping and handling and the rest of it out there.
We've told you to have storable foods.
We've told you to stop drinking the tap water, get a real filter like a Berkey with a PF2 that does take out the fluoride.
Very few, you heard that in the first hour I aired,
The Australian newscast about how only reverse osmosis does it, that's not true.
And reverse osmosis only gets about 95% out.
The PF2s get 99.9999 out.
Now, do I have reverse osmosis?
We have a Berkey in the bathroom.
As the kids get up at night and want to go to the kitchen, we've got a Berkey in the kitchen.
But a lot of times, you know, my wife's got family over.
She's boiling two or three things.
We use reverse osmosis.
We use them both.
It's a great system.
You need to have it.
I haven't had the money in the past.
Now I'm trying to save some to put like a $15,000 system in my house so that my children don't breathe it.
Because even the filters you hook onto the shower only reduce it.
Fluoride is just perfect for going right through things.
I meant to plug food, and I'm plugging water filters.
888-803-4438, 888-803-4438.
I just tell you to buy what I buy, and then it's a great thing, because it's totally moral, and then the network operates, and I'm able to hire more people, and build more websites, and make more films.
That's the goal, is beat the New World Order.
But give the J. Michael Stevens Group a call at 1-800-409-5633.
Get a two-month supply, whatever you can.
It's just good to have it.
I'm not saying you'll need it, but it's an insurance policy you can eat, and I guarantee you that when you eat it regardless...
Food prices are only going to go up.
This is the beginning of inflation.
Why am I so freaked out?
As bad as you think it is now, as bad as I think it is now, this is the beginning.
This is going to go on according to every wise man we have on here.
These are real experts with real backgrounds of being spot on.
This is going to go for at least three to five years.
And it's going to get worse and worse and worse.
And $600 a person isn't going to do anything.
They've taken trillions of dollars in liquidity they've pumped out.
I don't even want to go over it anymore.
It's just insane.
eFoodsDirect.com, big banners at the top of InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And then, of course, there is the great folks at Interfood.
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Or call 866-762-9238, 866-762-9238.
Wonderful folks over at Interfood.
They've got a bunch of other product lines as well.
And again, I was sent some of this.
They've been trying to get me to be a pitch guy for like three, well now almost four years, and everybody else was, they'd already gone to everybody else, and they were all plugging them, and
I mean, I got vitamin companies pitching me all this stuff.
I have to take it.
I have to see it's good.
I have to research it.
We're about to be doing this new bank account program where you control it.
It's on your computer.
And then it actually shows you what you're spending on all this stuff.
And I had to spend days reading that, making sure it was good.
And so we're going to do that.
But there's a lot of other people, other networks, people on this network, too, who think, oh, look, we got a sponsor that Alex didn't have.
Yeah, I turned down like 9 out of 10 sponsors.
You didn't get anything from me.
I know that's like a big victory for people out there.
I mean, I'm proud of my sponsors is the point I'm making.
And be sure and support our AM and FM affiliates as well.
Spread the word about them.
Oh, I'm out of control.
I'm really upset about what's happening right now with the economy.
And I just want to fight the New World Order.
I want people to know that the New World Order is poisoning them.
I want people to see Endgame where they find out eugenicists run the planet, they're setting up world government as a means to an end, to carry out mass culling, mass sterilization, one-child policies, micromanaging our lives.
It's all in there.
It's all in Endgame.
I just want Endgame to get out to people.
I want you to get the DVD, I want you to make copies of it, and I want you to give it to everybody.
I want to be knee-deep in Endgames.
I want you to get TerrorStorm to find out that it's declassified, that the criminals running our government and other governments stage terror attacks all the time.
These are murderers!
This isn't a game, it's not a joke, it's none of that!
If we lose, we die.
I'm sorry that life is crazy.
I'm sorry the real world is nuts.
But I know that if you turn your power loose, if you take action, if you take the tools like America, Freedom to Fascism, Endgame,
We've changed Final Cut, available on InfoWars.com.
If you get them out to people, we will bring these criminals down.
We're discrediting them, we're exposing them on a thousand issues.
Look at all the victories we're having.
But it isn't good enough.
We're way down a hole, we've climbed out a lot of it, but they're throwing rocks at us from the top.
Go to InfoWars.com right now and order Endgame.
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We'll be back with some final news and info.
Maybe get to some calls.
Stay with me.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by powerful governments.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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Welcome back.
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They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's their after news.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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Thank you.
Thank you.
Here tomorrow, next week you're going to be gone.
You know what they say, the valiant taste of death but once.
A coward dies a thousand deaths.
Feels good to be committed.
Feels good for a caution of the wind.
Feels good to not fear the new world order.
I only fear not taking action.
I only fear not standing up against them.
I'm going head up against their tyranny.
Got some final news I want to hit.
Before we do that, just for about a minute and a half, I'd rub Ted in here.
Ted, you do have gold at last week's price.
It has gone up again.
You have great deals on gold at bullion prices that even has collector value.
You've got silver at a great price.
This 50 basis points cut is only going to drive gold up.
As the expert we had on last hour who's suing the gold, the central banks and others, the baseline is about $2,300.
It hasn't even really moved yet as much as it has moved, $600.
Tell folks the offer.
Right now we have, Alex, we have the same offer we had before the prices went up.
We're at British Sovereigns at $253.
We also have the Franks.
Currently right now they are at $203.
We have the $5 commemoratives.
They're at $3.27.
And we have the silver dollars still at $400 per roll.
That's $20 per coin.
Silver is at $16.75.
Gold is up $1.80 at $9.21.
It's up again.
The dollar obviously is going to take a hit, just like you said.
Now is the time to be moving into gold and silver.
There's no question.
Give them the number.
The number to call for the coins is 1-800-686-2237.
Again, that's 1-800-686-2237.
It's definitely time to get serious about your... Gold just went up $6 in the last five minutes, Ted.
See, that's what we're dealing with right now. $936.40.
See, that's what I mean.
I mean, the time to get into the gold market is now.
It's not, I mean, everybody's going, oh, it's too high.
It's not too high.
The dollar's falling like a stone.
Gold at $900 an ounce is going to be cheap a year from now.
It's going to be like the oil.
You know, once you get down to $250 right now, you think you've got a good buy on gas.
You know, we don't see that anymore.
A year ago, $250 was too high.
And three years ago, with our sources in Bilderberg, we said...
Oil would be $100 a barrel.
You'd be paying $3 at the pump.
It happened.
We told you the dollar would plunge.
It happened.
We told you gold would go up.
It happened.
When you know the market fundamentals, this is a no-brainer.
It is a no-brainer, Alex.
The dollar cannot fall without gold going up.
It's a worldwide commodity.
People want to have gold, and they want to get the heck out of the dollar.
Well, I mean, we've got Greenspan saying we might be in a recession.
Ted, this isn't looking like a recession to me on the street.
I was up in Dallas a few weekends ago.
90% of the billboards were empty.
The hotels were half empty.
The restaurants weren't full of people.
I mean, and it's getting bad.
Well, you know, I go canvassing for Ron Paul and you can't believe how many driveways are no longer being plowed.
The houses are sitting vacant and empty.
It's more than a recession.
We're heading into a depression.
The United States dollar is doomed.
And then look at this, BBC.
Secret bank rescue to be allowed.
Chancellor Alistair Darling is to give new powers to the Bank of England to mount secret rescue operations for banks requiring emergency funds.
We know that's happening here, folks.
Protect yourselves.
Ted, give them the number.
It's 1-800-686-2237.
1-800-686-2237, Alex.
You've got to tell them it's the Alex Jones Ted Anderson Special.
You're not going to be able to get it.
It's going to be a little bit more.
How long can you hold at this current price, Ted?
I know the $5 gold pieces have already jumped up $30 a coin.
I've just got a small supply of those left, and the silver dollars have as well.
I won't be able to offer those at $400 anymore at these prices.
Thanks, Ted.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Okay, back tonight, 9 to midnight on the Network Central at InfoWars.com.
Right now, we'll be right back at the streams.
Go right there to the streams if you'd like, or keep listening to the fine stations you're listening to.
You can go right there to InfoWars.com for the first and second hour with power-packed info.
Retransmission starts now at InfoWars.com.
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Marble up.