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Air Date: Jan. 28, 2008
2316 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us today.
It is Monday, the 28th day of January.
Hard to believe the first month of 2008 is almost collapsed.
It is coming to its end here in the next three days.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We have Bev Harris, who has been for the last two weeks in New Hampshire tracking unbelievable evidence of organized industrial-level fraud stealing the election.
She'll be joining us from New Hampshire coming up for about a 20-30 minute report in the third hour today.
There's also a medical doctor who's a state legislator in Tennessee who is valiantly fighting to have fluoride removed from the water supply.
He's going to be popping in for about 20-30 minutes in the second hour today.
In the meantime, just masses of important news, audio clips, analysis, completely and totally jam-packed.
Let me just... I've never been successful at this, but let me just try to just read headlines...
And then we're going to go back and go through as much of it as we can.
It's a catch-22.
Either just read the headlines or of 100-plus stories I have in front of me, 100-plus.
Or I could pick 5 or 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and maybe go into some detail on those.
Straight talk from Senator McCain.
More wars to come.
We'll be in Iraq over 100 years.
Ron Paul can win Maine.
Paul says U.S.
economy has run out of money.
recession will dwarf dot-com crash.
IMF head in shock fiscal warning.
Economy woes batter global equity markets.
Housing prices fall 5.5.
Shares fall on more economy fears.
The world melts for gold as gold fever explodes.
The anti-gold trust group is buying a $300,000 ad in the Wall Street Journal.
We're going to give you a first look at it here, exposing how they manipulate and suppress the price of gold.
History Channel admits anthrax attacks are an inside job.
I'm going to play again that clip from the show that's going wild on the web.
I can feel the freedom.
Google Wife targets world DNA donation data bank.
Live leak headline.
New World War Vampires wanting DNA at the World Economic Forum is a spitting success.
Kindergarten students slapped in handcuffs, terrorized over acting out in class.
Gold and platinum end week with record highs continuing today.
That is just some of the news.
That's a small stack.
Here's another stack.
Unfinished business for Bush in the final State of the Union address coming up tonight.
diplomat dies in Pakistan.
Suicide suspected.
Iran receives last nuclear fuel shipment.
Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors.
Paul contests delegate contract.
Credentials in Louisiana, now challenging fraud there.
Finally doing the right thing.
Hale Suwarto as historic figure.
He was a guy that staged terror attacks in Indonesia.
Tip-off thwarted nuclear spy ring probe, Times of London.
Pakistan shuns CIA build-up sought by U.S.
North Korea calls for peace treaty with the U.S.
to ease tension.
North Korean Union.
North American Union becomes litmus test for political hypocrisy among U.S.
Democratic presidential candidates.
CCTV camera microphones to be axed.
Coercion plan to force ID cards on first-time drivers.
Britain's top black police officer.
We're struggling to cope with immigrant crime wave.
China's mobile network, a big brother surveillance tool.
Bush orders NSA to snoop on U.S.
Leaked memos revealing confused ID card plans.
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It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Builder Bird Group.
So their objective being world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Silverberg is making great progress toward a world of government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they have to do.
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You have been warned.
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I literally burn with passion and desire.
I can literally taste it as my teeth clench and lock together.
I can feel my ancestors' victories against tyranny.
And the great battles they fought.
The struggles of the species.
Everything it is to the human.
I can feel it coursing through my very bones.
My heart.
My guts.
The sinews in my forearms.
My fists that are cracked and arthritic.
Burn with power!
All of you have that same human spark.
Your destiny is to build.
Your destiny is to create.
Your destiny is to be free.
Free of bondage.
Free of lesser man's control.
And I want you to stand up.
And I want you to get focused.
And I want you to stop being afraid of turning your own personal destiny and the power that God has put in each of us.
We are literally made in the image of the creator of the universe.
Do you realize that's why the New World Order hates you?
That's why the devil hates you?
And that's why they're so afraid of us?
We are literally not even at embryonic form of what humanity is going to become.
We have not even become larva yet, ladies and gentlemen.
And every ounce of my being only wants to see the species do well and to grow and to turn into what we are to become.
All of our trials, all of our tribulations, everything we are.
And you look at who our heroes are today, basketball players, football players, things that mean nothing today and will mean even less tomorrow or next year.
No longer is it the people that stand up against tyranny to the heroes.
No longer is it the people that save burning children from a building.
No longer is it individuals who invent incredible new technologies.
No longer!
They know how to take your heroes and give you false heroes.
They know how to punch your buttons and manipulate you.
And it's time that you literally break out of that cage.
It's time for you to bust out and break out like the Incredible Hulk.
It's time to get wild!
There's nothing that can stop us if we just cut it all loose!
I can feel the freedom!
You can break through the New World Order right now!
You can stop being a slave right now!
Just a kiss away.
All these people that hate beauty, all these people that hate strength, all these people who want to turn you into a pile of stupid, dull-eyed weakness, they make me sick!
Everything in me wants life and green fields and happiness running over.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, yeah.
Yeah, I'm fired up.
That was a few weeks ago, and somebody grabs my better rants and puts them up on YouTube.
A lot of you do out there, and I really appreciate it.
Then I got all these emails about that piece saying, did you write that?
You're a great writer.
No, ladies and gentlemen, I don't write that.
We tape the Sunday show every week, sometimes the weekday show.
We put it on prisonplanet.tv.
You can see there, I'm not reading off a teleprompter,
I'm not reading from a script.
That comes from the heart, from my soul to you.
I can feel the freedom is the name of that.
That's the name that was put to it by the listener that posted it.
It's up on truthnews.us and infowars.com right now.
Coming up, again, let me just tell you about the guest that we have coming on the show today.
I think?
And now you see towns and cities pulling it out.
Now you see the establishment's program to try to force us onto this, failing.
And you see major newscasts talking about chemtrails.
You see major newscasts talking about the New World Order and the North American Union.
You see major newscasts across the country talking about fluoride being a poison.
This is a major TV station in Tennessee.
Here it is.
We have been fluoridating our water in Tennessee for more than 50 years, but never before has there been more talk that fluoridating our water might be a bad idea and a health risk.
My dentist barrier has the latest developments on a story that impacts all of us.
Joey Hensley is a respected physician.
He's also a Tennessee state lawmaker.
He is now combining those two professions to make a very strong point.
We've been doing it 50 years, but just because we've been doing something 50 years doesn't necessarily mean that it's right.
Hensley's talking about something most of us don't even think about.
Fluoridating water.
After much research, the doctor has sent out a letter to every water district in Tennessee asking them to stop fluoridating water.
The evidence, he says, fluoride works better when you rub it on your teeth, not when you drink it.
The fluoridation is medication added to water without your permission, and that's wrong.
We're good to go.
Because of fear of dental fluorosis.
And that's big news, and that really hasn't been publicized very much.
Health researcher Dan Stockin believes that this ADA warning about baby formula and fluoride is just the beginning.
The ramifications of this are so huge, I'm sure that the state health department hasn't quite figured it out yet.
Because, see, once the door cracks, and it is now for what it does to teeth,
The next group, one of the next groups that's going to start raising their hands and saying, what about us, is people who are on dialysis and people who have borderline kidney damage and impairment.
Then there's all the people that have hypothyroidism.
Scientists like Nobel Prize winner Arvid Carlsson and a large group of EPA scientists have called for the banning of fluoride because we don't know how much we're ingesting, so we don't know if we're being poisoned.
There are so many potential legal things about to happen that as a taxpayer, I think it would be really, really smart for the water districts and the metro Nashville.
Look, if people want fluoride, let them use fluoridated toothpaste and spit it out.
But don't go poisoning everyone.
Don't continue this after everyone knows all this information now just because it's not convenient.
Dr. Hensley has already had one response.
Spring City in Ray County is going to stop fluoridating its water.
And it is a bit simple.
I mean, there's no law.
It's all voluntary, Dan.
So anyone can turn on the fluoride or turn it off.
Dennis, let's make sure we're clear on this.
Fluoride is in tea, it's in coffee, it's in water, it's in bread, it's in toothpaste.
But it's actually a poison, right?
It sure is, and here's the quickest evidence.
Go to your bathroom and pick up your toothpaste, and you'll see a warning that if a child swallows more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, call poison control.
Dennis Farrier.
Now, the bigger story here is not just that people are waking up across the globe to this.
The bigger story here is, why did they put it in the water to begin with?
Well, then you find the studies from the 20s and 30s and 40s.
You find out the Nazis put it in the death camp water.
You find out the Soviets.
This is admitted.
This is declassified.
This came out during the Nuremberg trials.
And then they brought it over here and put it in our water.
And why?
You heard that a child on average gets about four times.
Four times the effect an adult has, because they ingest almost as much water as an adult, but they weigh a lot less.
And the foods and everything else it's in.
It brain damages them.
Depending on what you study, between 10 and 20 point IQ reduction.
So a lot of you out there would have had 100 IQ.
You wonder why you're a moron?
It's because of the fluoride.
They did this to you.
It actually eats holes in your brains.
I'm a moron.
I mean, can you imagine how smart I would be?
How smart a lot of us that are still somewhat intelligent would be if this hadn't happened?
A lot of you have been so brain damaged by this, you can't even understand this show.
We're good to go.
I think?
It also lowers IQ, it toxifies all the major tissues, and it of course also attacks sperm counts and infertility in men and women.
Just so happens that the feds mandated that be put in all of the fuel, and then, of course, it runs off.
It precipitates out through your tailpipe in gaseous form, and you breathe it.
Another little present, another little goody from the eugenicists.
And see, imagine the tens of billions of people that thought we were kooks here 12, 13 years ago, and people before us 30, 40, 50 years ago warning people.
About what was happening, and they all laughed at us, and now it's in New Scientist and Scientific American and Reuters and in Nashville, Tennessee, the major TV station there, with doctors and state reps and medical experts coming out and saying it's poison.
It attacks your pituitary, it attacks your pineal, it attacks food oils.
Unfortunately, the damage is already done to where a large portion of the public are basically zombie automatons.
Do you know the truth about cancer treatments?
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www.LASEMEDINC.com Call 702-953-0267 It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Builder Earth.
Both their objectives being world domination.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas is making great progress toward the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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We're good to go.
The global architects of mind control literally have the population spellbound.
A spell of people being worldly, materialistic, only focused on themselves, feeling petty, feeling powerless, not believing that they could affect change, telling us that we can't beat the New World Order, we can't even stand up against the New World Order.
I'm here to tell you history shows one thing.
Motivated, intelligent, focused individuals and groups cannot be stopped.
And that's why the New World Order is so afraid of all of us.
They know that if we simply activate our powerful intellect and are guided by God's shining light we can tear down the New World Order.
We can defeat them.
We can wage war against them.
All over the street, people are talking about fluoride being a deadly poison.
They're learning how the eugenicists put it into the water supply.
They're learning about the plan to exterminate 80 plus percent of the population.
They're learning about the North American Union.
They're learning about the cancer viruses and mercury in the vaccines.
They're learning about the foreign troops.
They're learning about the private federal reserve.
They're learning that we told them the truth.
There is a worldwide earthquake.
A new renaissance is being born against their tyranny.
And the enemy foresaw resistance, but they never imagined it would be this great and this fast-moving, this explosive.
So the enemy is moving to block us.
The enemy is moving to wage war upon humanity.
And their acceleration of their attack is only spurring the awakening to be that much more explosive and fast moving.
They know that their time is short.
They know their world government is destined to fail.
Destined to fall.
Since the foundations of the earth
They know that liberty is growing and that the spirit of freedom is becoming stronger each second, each minute, each day, each week, each year.
Prepare for the battle to be joined.
Prepare for the ultimate conflict between good and evil.
Prepare for the clash of dark and light
Prepare to have your medal tested for all the tumultuous activities, for all the crises you see unfolding now.
It is truly the calm before the real storm.
Here in my stack, I have medical doctors calling for not treating anyone who smokes, anyone who's unhealthy.
This is how, through socialism, through socialized medicine, through eugenics medicine, they want state control so they can force things on you.
They want to control your life, control your activities, monitor your activities.
How are they going to know if you smoke or have had an unhealthy lifestyle?
They're going to monitor you.
They're going to track you.
They're going to trace you.
They're going to control you.
Started out more than a decade ago with major police departments firing officers caught smoking cigars at parties with other officers spying on them.
Sounds reasonable.
The taxpayers are paying for their insurance.
Why shouldn't they be made to be healthy?
But then, what does it lead to?
A mafia-type control of social workers like you see in the film Cat's Eyes.
Well, James Woods, don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors, smokers, heavy drinkers, the obese and the elderly.
Oh, they just add, and the elderly.
Ah, see, first it's for your activity.
Doesn't matter that they've done studies showing that people were having the same amount of calories in the 60s and 70s as they are now.
But we didn't have as much diabetes.
In fact, it's gone up several thousand percentage points.
And we didn't have as many cases of cancer.
People ate huge meals, but they weren't as fat.
And now they find out that the fluoride and other things shuts down the thyroid, makes you lethargic and sluggish.
And so people that are eating the same amount that folks the same age ate in the 60s and 70s are turning into Jabba the Hutt.
It's because you've been hit and hit hard.
But see how they just slipped that in?
Oh, and the elderly should be barred from receiving some operations according to doctors.
First they give you government-controlled, corporate-controlled health care, and then they start denying it to you.
We'll cover this, the economy, government-sponsored anthrax attacks, and a lot more.
I'm Alexander Emmerich Jones.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's a fact.
Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all banks in these United States create money out of thin air for every single loan they issue.
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We're good to go.
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Is it getting better?
Or do you feel the same?
Will it make it easier on you now?
You've got someone to blame You said one love
One life when it's one need in the night.
One love we get to share it.
It leaves you baby if you don't care for it.
Did I disappoint you?
Or leave a bad taste in your mouth?
You act like you never had love And you want me to go without Well, it's too late tonight To drag the past out into the light
We're one, but we're not the same.
We get to carry each other, carry each other.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us, the immortal Johnny Cash.
Have you come here for forgiveness?
Have you come to raise the dead?
Have you come here to play Jesus?
To the lepers in your head?
Oh, did I ask too much?
More than a lot.
More than a lot.
You gave me nothing now.
It's all I got.
We're one, but we're not the same.
Well, we've hurt each other, and we're doing it again.
You say love is a temple, love the higher law.
Love is a temple, love the higher law.
You ask me to matter, then you make me crawl.
And I can't be holding on to what you've got.
Oh, that's beautiful.
It says it all.
I've noticed that all the users, abusers, backstabbers, midnight riders, they'll dish out the abuse, they'll dish out all the evil, and they're shocked.
When you stand up to them.
They're shocked when you shun them.
They're shocked when you tell them, get out of my life.
And I want all the scum out of my life.
I want all the double dealers and backstabbers.
That means the government people I've known personally.
Good people have to learn to stop being so soft and so nice to people that try to use you.
That's another big part of the solution.
Don't fight with the scum.
Just tell them to get out of your way and don't associate with them.
And if you know somebody who's pro-New World Order and pro-war and pro-corruption, try to wake them up.
But after that, if they laugh at you, just stop associating with them.
Stop talking to them.
And if they walk up to you at work and say, why don't you talk to me anymore?
Why don't you go out to the bar with me anymore?
Just say, because I don't like the type of person you are.
That's why.
And don't ever talk to me again.
We've got to start treating these people like what they are.
And that's trash.
That's scum.
That's a bunch of psychic vampires.
The strong and the good are the people that always hold society together and we pull the wagon while the lazy people in the back sit there and complain at us and lash us with whips and tell us we hadn't done enough for them.
You know, I think about how I've never compromised.
How I went on air day one on 9-11 and said it was an inside job and
I don't know, lost 15, 20 affiliates in the next week.
The stations called up and they said, you better stop talking about that or we're going to drop your show.
And I said, well, I'm sorry, you know, but here's the facts and you just have to go ahead and do it.
And Ted Anderson stood by me when that happened.
You know what, though?
We got even more stations after that by telling the truth.
I remember when I had one radio station.
They already started the syndicated show separately.
I had one station, 98.9 FM.
And the new station manager called me in.
He said, you're not going to talk about the troops trading for gun confiscation anymore.
You're not going to talk about Bill Clinton being bad anymore.
You're not going to talk about George Bush, the governor, anymore.
You're fired.
And he laughed at me and said, is that clear?
And I said, I'm sorry.
I can't keep covering the news.
I can't shut up.
And they got such a power trip when they fired me, and they laughed at me as I walked out of the building weeks later.
And you know what?
I've tracked the lives of all those people, and their lives went to hell after that, all of them.
Nothing but bad things happen to them.
I don't take any pleasure in that.
I'm actually sad about that.
But people that mess with me, they have to climb over the bodies, ladies and gentlemen.
I don't know why it's been like that my whole life.
You want a piece of me?
You want to try to bring Alex Jones down?
Get in line.
It's a long line.
I'm committed.
And I know I'm a good person.
And I know I do this for the right reasons.
It's so important.
It's so key.
And every day, I wish I could research more and do a better job and bring you more information.
But I'm only human.
I'm not perfect.
But together, we can bring down this new world order.
Together, the good men and women, old, young, black, white, north, south, east, west, I don't care if you're from China, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, it's time to get our heads screwed on straight.
It's time to count the cost.
It's time to realize what we're facing as a society.
I understand the New World Order program.
I understand their operations.
I understand their goals.
I understand what they're doing.
And I'm desperately here trying to get you to take action and realize what we face and to count the cost.
And to get your head screwed on.
And I read a story like this, I see these stories every week.
Every week in Canada, every week in the U.S., every week in England, every week in Germany, every week in Australia, every week in Russia, every week in Africa.
As the eugenicists, calling themselves bioethicists, sell their idea that's 150 years old, and it goes back before that to the Greeks.
Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors.
Should lifestyle play a role in deciding who gets national health care system treatment?
This is out of the London Telegraph today.
Read a story about this from the Watsons or from Nemo or from Aaron, somebody.
Smokers, heavy drinkers, the obese, and the elderly.
See, they tack that on.
Not because of their actions, just because they're old.
Be barred from receiving some operations according to doctors, with most saying the health service cannot afford to provide free care to everyone.
It isn't free.
You suck the money off everybody and then say, oh, since it's socialized, we have to govern how you live.
And then, oh, by the way, who lives and who dies?
We shouldn't pay for smokers.
And they sell.
And then it's next week, man, we should just go ahead and kill the old people.
Fertility treatment and social abortions are also on the list of procedures that many doctors say should not be funded by the state.
And they even put that in for social conservatives.
This was all crafted by Laura Donnelly to sell you this so conservatives read that and go, oh, maybe I am for eugenics.
Oh, it's not going to fund abortion.
You better believe they'll keep funding that.
The findings of the survey conducted by Dr. Magazine sparked a fierce fight last night with the British Medical Association and campaign groups describing the recommendations from family and hospital doctors as outrageous and disgraceful.
By the way, the bioethicist boards in England, the U.S., Canada are already doing this.
I mean, I remember a decade ago having Wesley Smith, best-selling author, Wall Street Journal columnist, on where he would list the names.
He'd been there in Florida, in California.
And all over the country, when people who could talk were strapped down to gurneys, their families, they'd sign their rights over to their family, their family signed it over to the state, and they'd be begging, please don't kill me.
But David Winland, others, many famous cases, not just Terry Shivo, who could mumble and follow a balloon and was clearly conscious.
Who, for more than a decade, they wouldn't let them brush her teeth, wouldn't put her head up.
So the fluid stacked up in her head, absolute, absolute torture, setting that precedent, murdering her right in front of everyone.
She was nothing as bad as it was compared to the hundreds and hundreds of names that Smith has tracked of tens of thousands a year.
And every time he was on, nurses, people that...
Folks at nursing homes will call in and say, oh yeah, they murder people here all the time.
They will beg for the food.
They will beg for the water.
It's already going on, all you yuppie snicker and giggle.
Thinking it'll never happen to you.
You warehouse your parents for them to die.
You let them die in their own urine and all those bed sores and you think that isn't going to happen to you?
You think you're not going to reap what you sow?
You're not going to have to wait to die, you atheists who don't think there's a hell.
You're going to be punished in life.
That's the little secret that they don't want you to know.
But I know the laws of the universe.
I know they're as rigid and guaranteed as the pole star.
They're as sure as the sunrise.
They are as real as the wind and fire.
They are absolute laws of the universe.
You have put yourself in the way of God's fist.
I do not fear man.
I fear he who can kill the soul.
And if you don't know that you have a soul, you are truly led astray.
You truly are living in darkness.
About one in ten hospitals already deny some surgery to obese patients and smokers with restrictions most common in hospitals battling debt.
See, there's a reason.
There's always a reason.
Managers defend the policies because of the higher risk of complications on operating table for unfit patients.
But critics believe that patients are being denied care simply to save money.
And they play a class warfare off of, you've been healthy your whole life.
You deserve it.
And now the government's in the business of controlling how you live your life.
And California announces they're on the verge of passing a bill by law to make you retrofit and pay to have new thermostats that are radio-controlled by the government.
They'll decide how hot and cold your house is, how much heat, how much air conditioning you get.
They'll decide what light bulbs you have.
They'll decide what toilets you have.
They'll decide what type of windows you have.
They'll decide with a social worker, environmental worker, they send by if you can add on to your house or remodel.
They'll decide how many children you can have.
They'll decide when to penalize you.
They'll decide how to run your life.
And they do it all for the earth.
They'll pass a law in San Francisco banning plastic bags, and then Whole Foods will do it voluntarily.
And it sounds reasonable.
The dioxin from plastics manufactured is poisonous.
The plastic bags choke and are not very biodegradable in the landfills, but compared to nerve gas and toxic waste of every type by the billions of gallons being dumped into the rivers and seas and lakes, and the water table being polluted, compared to thousands of companies racing randomly across species, hybrids giving rise to super viruses and bacterium,
For already pulsing throughout the biosphere system, wrecking new creations, new amino acids, new life forms, new crosses between microbacteria and viruses that have never existed, massive health problems already exploding, racing towards doomsday.
Nothing to stop human cloning.
Nothing to stop cross-human chimera humanoid cloning.
Nothing to stop any of that.
GMO foods that kill all the rats that eat it, approved on your table.
Unstable genetic codes randomly mutating each generation, jumping into all the different plants around them, jumping into the naturally indigenous plants.
You think invasive species are a problem.
It is even the same universe as the genetic wreckage, the genetic frothing that's going on.
It's nothing.
I've described it like a berserker with a battle axe in a China shop, just going absolutely insane, throwing themselves into China cabinets, crashing and bashing the display cases.
Biting plates savagely, throwing themselves, rolling in it.
Just madhouse, wild bull mania crashing through, knocking holes in the walls.
Dragon China broken into a thousand pieces out into the street.
That's what we're talking about.
And while that's going on, they're showing you a chipped teacup and making a big deal out of a tiny chip on it, going, oh, look, it's a chipped teacup.
The earth can deal with toxic waste, ladies and gentlemen.
The earth can deal with trees being cut down, which is bad enough.
We have to drink it and breathe it, and it's bad.
But compared to the GMO, compared to the cross species, it is nothing.
Compared to the atom bombs, the hydrogen bombs.
The neutron bombs, the antimatter weapons, all now being admitted.
Compared to the superconducting supercolliders, worldwide, randomly accelerating antimatter particles, slamming them into different metals.
Top physicists, top quantum mechanics experts, top...
Experts working with the deep blue systems saying there is a probability that is very high that one of these days you're not even going to feel it as the entire solar system explodes.
It could even create a black hole.
It'll just take a few minutes for its shockwave to reach the sun, to reach the gas giants.
A few minutes more for it to go out even further.
And within a few hours to hit Pluto.
And the Typer Belt.
Psychopathic New World Order.
Literally with their hands in the machinery of creation.
And having no idea what they're doing.
You hear about different plastics being invented, different drugs being invented, where they accidentally poured this into that.
How dangerous that was.
Explosions in laboratories 100 years ago.
150 years ago.
Now they're doing things trillions of times more complex with huge assembly lines randomly splicing DNA of plant and animal and insect.
Randomly, open air planting it.
Just total insanity.
And the environmentalists running around with their hippie haircuts and their little hippie costumes.
And I'm not knocking how you dress, I could care less.
The point is, drinking your tea, acting trendy, riding your bicycles to save Earth.
It's all about you controlling what you do.
Training you to be a slave.
I'm not saying riding a bike's bad.
I'm saying they give you false solutions to the greater mass crisis.
They're habitualizing rituals to train you for the new religion.
They openly wrote textbooks on it.
Training you that when the government says jump and the regulators say jump, you say how high?
Baby, baby.
Baby, baby, baby, baby, I'm gonna leave you.
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Loose Change Final Cut hopes to be a catalyst for a new independent investigation in which family members receive answers to their questions.
We're good to go.
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You shall hear of wars and rumors of wars.
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
And there shall be famines, disease, and earthquakes in many places.
We are living in this time of Earth's history.
Many people are trying to understand the climactic world events in light of human wisdom.
But without the wisdom of God, this is impossible.
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We're back live.
There's a great news outfit called Frequency Claire on YouTube.
And he really breaks down...
The exact same ideas, analysis that I have.
This is what the governments, the Defense Department, the Ministry of Defense in England are saying as well.
This is what they're planning for.
Their enemy is the people.
They have announced it.
That's what the entire infrastructure is about now.
They're shifting over to it.
I'm going to play about four minutes of this, come back and play a few more minutes of it.
Then we're going to get into mainstream news, now admitting Florida's deadly poison.
Then, of course, more of your phone calls, a bunch of economic news as well.
The website's at prisonplanet.com, truthnews.us, ronpolwarroom.com.
Here is the intro, a little bit of Frequency Clear.
The channel on YouTube is Frequency Clear.
The guy's doing a great job.
Here it is.
We're good to go.
That's what I believe I read like a few people do, that you can believe what he says.
Well, I've never read that.
Our country is strong.
I want to be the one.
I don't know if you're important to defend me.
Remember what all this is.
It just means the world.
We have faith in our fears.
We're optimistic as to what becomes of it all.
It really boils down to our ability to accept.
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boat standing on a human face.
It is a frightening picture.
The more information I discover, the worse I come to understand our situation really is.
Whether you want to talk about the unparalleled concentration of power, whether you want to talk about the absolute genocide and murder that is being carried out across the world, or you want to talk about the trajectory of technology in itself and just how unprepared human society and Western society is to deal with that technology.
So, let's start by talking about this report.
I'm sorry, guys.
It's really hard for me to go over this information and not get upset and have to talk about it over again.
It's much more difficult than it seems.
Before I get into the article, to most succinctly explain it to you,
Our culture and the world in totality is moving towards a neo-apocalyptic cyberpunk type future where science fiction is going to, I mean, the reality of what we're dealing with is going to eclipse some of your most radical ideas and understanding of science fiction.
We are living in amazing times.
And one of the most powerful tools the elites and the powerful and the controllers and the masters of reality have over human society is the illusion of normalcy.
It's the illusion of permanence.
And if you walk outside today, if you walk down any city street where you interact with the general public, you will see
That the majority in the Western world are completely locked into a 1985, or even I would argue a 1955, version of reality where nothing changes.
This is key information.
We will continue with frequency clear transmission in 70 seconds.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
People are doing the same things today they were doing 50 years ago, 25 years ago.
They're interacting, they're working in the same jobs.
We read about all of these magnificent, you know, exponential drives and leaps in technology, but other than the internet and your iPods, in fact, the majority of
Human society as it interacts in the Western developed first world countries is the exact same today that it was 50 years ago.
But if you go and look at 50 years before that, then you start to see radical shifts and radical changes.
And even though the technology in our movement towards all this is accelerating,
The society is actually slowing down.
The society in general is still completely wrapped in this reality bubble, unable to understand just how quickly their world is already changed around them.
Look at genetically modified foods.
Look at the true impact of these technologies.
And even though we're living the same way, that's the complete break apart.
That's the dichotomy in it.
As though we're living basically the same way, these technologies all around us are accelerating.
And unless we can come to grips with that, unless we can come to understand the dangers of these technologies and understand just how we are being outflanked in that realm, in that understanding and the application of those technologies, then you start to understand just how much danger we're in.
I mean, what am I talking about?
The future
It is just exploding.
Directed energy weapons, robotics, cybernetics, the ability to control populations with chemicals,
And radio waves.
I mean, again, that goes to directed energy weapons.
These are here now, all right?
If you wanted to resist the government, okay, let's say that you share the opinions that I do, all right?
The United States is one step away from falling into totalitarian dictatorship.
And you're stocking up on food, you're stocking up on guns, and you're like, okay, we have to do it.
You know, I'm going to resist.
How are you going to resist when some invisible robot that's 40 stories high
With an energy field around it that makes it invisible and impenetrable to modern projectile weapons is shooting directed energy weapons on a radius of like half a mile.
The beam just hits over half a mile and everybody just falls over in an epileptic seizure.
So what are you going to do with your father's hunting rifle or your little M16 that you've bought when you're going to be confronted with something like that?
And that's what I'm talking about.
You know, the idea that we are an armed population and the idea that the founders put into that the people should be armed and have the ability to resist government.
How do you resist that kind of technology?
When the disparity between what you have as an individual person to resist tyranny and what the powers that be have to bring against you if they so decide, if they decide to do so.
So, and when I get up there and I talk about, oh Bart, you know, that's science fiction, you're totally off base, it's this fantasy world that you're living in.
Well, here's the reality, and I'll start reading this to you.
There are reports at the highest level of thinking, at the highest level of understanding, are governments, military, intelligence, security,
They themselves are predicting the cyberpunk, Orwellian, brave new world, 1984 future.
That's what they're planning for now.
That's what their technology drive is being adapted for now.
I mean, I read you on air about a month ago, the Ministry of Defense report that came out of Britain, where they literally detailed that the future is going to be
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Daniel G. Stockin, MPH.
The Lilly Center is a health researcher.
Master's in public health.
We're also lining up state representative from Tennessee, Dr. Hensley, the only practicing doctor in the legislature at this time, who's getting some of the water districts to pull it.
I just talked to Mr. Stockin during the break, and I just said, hey, are you aware the Nuremberg reports about how the Nazis used it to control people in the work camps?
And he said, yes, but I like to focus on all the current stuff.
The point is, the Pulitzer Prize winning book, a lot of other publications, this came out
And I've read the UT study again from 33.
There's thousands of these studies.
China, Ireland, England, the U.S.
The head dentist who got it, it was in the government 15 years ago, got it forced on Canadians.
The last five years, he's gone public.
We've interviewed him, saying he didn't know that it was the stuff from byproducts of aluminum and also the production of fertilizers with a bunch of other heavy metals and poisons mixed in.
Our guest is an expert on that, and at the first of the show, we played a clip from the local Nashville TV station, Mainstream, reporting it's a poison.
Thank you for having me.
Let's go back to who you are, your research, what you do, and I do want to cover some of the history first and then get into the current mainline medical studies.
Sure, sure.
Well, my background is in toxics assessment and hazardous materials management.
I'm the former manager of the EPA Western Regional Lead Training Center, and I was a manager of the Environmental Training Center at University of California San Diego Extension.
And so my background has been toxics and hazardous materials.
I used to put on the white suit and dive into spills of radioactive materials and biologic agents, that kind of thing.
And so I got pulled into this.
I bring that sort of perspective to the whole full ride story, which happened sort of sideways for me when my boss, who's a 70-year-old plus lady...
had a skin rash that the doctors couldn't get rid of and she asked me, she's very intuitive by nature and had just moved to the Nashville area, was it possible that the fluoride she was drinking and showering in, could that be causing the skin condition?
So that's what kind of pulled me into this whole issue and it began, that was a three and a half year ago thing, a saga that has increased to where now an awful lot of developments have occurred and so we're actively working to end water fluoridation
And we're actively, directly going after the Centers for Disease Control, some very specific people in CDC, by name, who have the authority and ability to be against fluoridation and choose not to.
But you're right that there's a long history to this, and I'd be glad to talk to you about it, however you'd like to proceed.
Let's start.
I mean, we know that lead, mercury, and fluoride, because of the Industrial Revolution, these were some of the earliest things studied going back 200, 300 years ago.
So early on, the elites knew what it did.
The Germans knew.
The Russians knew.
So out of the gates, it was used as a cumulative agent on people.
I mean, let's just go back to the history from your perspective as someone trained to track poisons.
But, I mean, in your research, where you discovered this idea came from?
Well, there's quite an assorted history actually to it.
But for me, what was the most fascinating at the beginning was to learn that the American Dental Association...
Actually was in favor, I'm sorry, against the idea of adding fluoride to the water back in the 30s and the 40s.
And they actually editorialized against it in their own journal against this crazy idea of adding a known cumulative poison to the public water supply.
And they said, and we have copies of the actual ADA journal where they said it's going to cause thyroid and bone disorders.
So people knew there was enough information back then
To know that this was something that you didn't want to put into the water, and they actually editorialized against it.
There's an interesting story about in Tennessee, of course, as to why, how this thing developed, because Oak Ridge being there, which is where the bomb, a lot of the work for the A-bomb was happening, and I'm sure you probably are aware of this whole story as to how they needed to be able, because the lawsuits were being filed against the federal government by the farmers around Oak Ridge, they had to make this thing go away.
That's right.
The asporide was a big byproduct of bomb production.
Uranium enrichment.
And they got in the rivers and killed a bunch of people.
And so they said, you know what, we'll say it's a nutrient.
We'll say it's a wonderful mineral for everybody.
Just like the HPV live cancer virus injection vaccine.
Merck and the same folks that brought you Vioxx knew it was a bad drug causing problems and trials, deaths, so they just had the governor say you had to take it, then federal liability protection kicked in, but side issue, the same tactic.
Well, it's a very interesting thing how it has evolved, and at the beginning, you know, I'm a public health guy, and I just sort of went into this sort of green thinking that my colleagues in public health
Would be looking at this objectively the way I did because I don't have a financial dog in this race.
I have no dog in this race.
I just was looking at it.
We looked at, you know, when I've had to analyze chemicals, I always look at the target organs in the body and how your body metabolizes it, just sort of back away from the chemical.
And anyone that does that without any biases at all, the information is so overwhelmingly obvious that we shouldn't be ingesting unknown amounts of this in the water.
It's just mind-boggling that it continues
But the process of how it began to grow, utilizing the public health system, meaning you get some very well-meaning people at the beginning who just didn't bother to really look at the tox data, the toxicology information, and they just wanted to help.
And so it spread like rapid fire, rapidly, wildfire all over the place.
But the whole body studies and what it did to your thyroid and kidneys and things, they just didn't do them.
And in 2006, the National Research Council had a 500-page report.
You may have heard of it.
We just lost him.
Let's get him back on.
Now, you notice that he's saying that they meant well.
I think that's because he can't imagine that people would do evil things like this, but he admits that back in the 40s and 50s, the American Dental Association, American Medical Association said, it's going to attack the thyroid, it's going to attack the kidneys, it's going to
We have studies in the 30s it's going to attack IQ.
Sir, I was just making the statement.
You're saying well-meaning people, maybe at the mid-level.
But you just said the American Medical Association, American Dental Association, others, the studies back in the 20s and 30s knew it would attack thyroid, kidney, knew that it...
Well, I mean, there's certainly neurologic effects that happen from fluoride ingestion.
There's no doubt about it.
And as to the...
Well, yeah, when the Atomic Energy Agency...
Would take foster children and radiate them to death.
They said the end justified the means to find out what a nuke attack would do, but it shows this Malthusian slash eugenicist angle, but go ahead.
I mean, today, if you fast forward to today, there are people within the Centers for Disease Control, which I call the root of the fluoridation tree,
There are people within the CDC that physically will not, they will refuse to answer certain questions about fluoridation because if they put certain things in writing or if they speak certain things under oath, fluoridation would roll up and go away almost overnight.
And what we're working to do right now is a number of attorneys are starting to look at this whole issue because you have to put people under oath, essentially, to get them to not be able to dance and to do this wiggle dance that they do to not answer certain questions.
So we're working very hard using the kidney angle, for instance, as one thing.
But also there are some specific people in CDC that absolutely refuse to show pictures of dental fluorosis, which I'm sure you've seen, to the general populace.
And we just think that that's something that needs to be improved.
And that's the yellow teeth?
The children even have their teeth coming in all yellow with rod holes in them.
They become yellow-brown or white stains.
And some of them actually have like golf divots, like pits in them.
And it's very serious because, according to CDC's own data, about 3.4% of African Americans, around 4% of Mexican Americans, and about a little less than 2% of Caucasians have this moderate and severe forms of that.
And you're basically told, if you have it, take a hit for the team, suck it up, just, you know, this is one of the side things that happens.
And the feds will spend millions in L.A., millions in San Antonio, in 10-year programs to force it on the public that,
It's because they love us and want to take good care of us, right?
I mean, because they want our teeth to be good.
I mean, I know you just go off the science, but this is a chemical attack, just like the Germans and Russians used it.
Let's get into the kidneys, because, yeah, a lot of evidence and big studies are coming out on that.
Yes, the kidney issue, in 2006, the National Research Council said that kidney patients were a, quote, susceptible subpopulation that's particularly vulnerable to the harm from fluoride.
And that was a mind-boggling thing.
They actually said that diabetics and the people listening today, if you're a diabetic or have kidney stones, any sort of kidney disorder at all, dialysis, chronic kidney disease, you name it, I bet most of the folks listening are kind of stunned to know that they weren't told by the National Kidney Foundation or the CDC actively that kidneys are particularly susceptible and people who have diabetes, you know, often have kidney disorders.
Well, they're filters, and they fill up and calcify, of course, as you know, sir.
But for the public, it also calcifies out in key glands.
I mean, it deposits in your pineal gland, and it's very disturbing what it does to certain things like your thyroid and kidney.
And these are glands that, like your thyroid, that control so many functions in your body.
But what's disturbing to me is that there are specific people in CDC.
We actually...
Ah, the bioethicists!
Yeah, I can tell you more about that.
Yeah, they're in the news today saying don't give old people health care.
The eugenicist.
We'll be right back with our guest.
Masters in Public Health.
We'll be right back.
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The interest is up and the stock market's down and you only get mugged if you go downtown.
I live back in the woods, you see A woman and the kids and the dogs and me I got a shotgun, a rifle and a four-wheel drive And a country boy can survive Country folks can survive
I really appreciate our guest, Daniel G. Stockin, Masters in Public Health.
And he's part of this local news report in Tennessee.
Let's hear this last little bit.
See, they want us to be dependent under their control.
Take your medicine.
And he'll be staying with us in the next segment.
All right, Mr. Stockton, again, thank you for holding while we listen to Junior.
The kidneys.
You're just, again, going off the cold, hard, scientific facts.
Please continue with what it does to the kidneys.
The kidneys concentrate fluoride about 50 to 1 compared to the blood serum.
And so what's happened is that a lot of kidney stone patients, for instance, you're told to drink a lot of water to dilute the stones, not have kidney stones.
So that means if you drink, say, one and a half gallons of water a day, you just got six milligrams of fluoride.
Well, the problem is that the very thing that dilutes the stones harms the kidney tissue around the stones.
And so the National Kidney Foundation has actually recently withdrawn their position paper on water fluoridation.
Most folks don't know that.
And they're frantically looking at this issue right now because they're feeling kind of like, wow, they didn't tell people about it.
And that's why I'm so concerned because kidney disease sneaks up on you and suddenly all of a sudden you have it and you might have severe damage to your kidneys.
This whole issue about not telling actively that kidney patients and diabetics are particularly susceptible
Is one of the things why that ethics complaint at CDC was so like a big A-bomb going off at CDC.
Well, they can't because if they start admitting it's hurting people, they're going to have to move it out of the water.
Well, your listeners may want to do a Google search or an online search for FluorideGate.
This is a new scandal that's happening now.
It's got a name.
It's FluorideGate.
And it's about what's happening inside the Centers for Disease Control.
And about two weeks ago, the Juneau newspaper published our piece on fluoride gate.
And now water agencies and all kinds of people, kidney patients, you name it, are contacting us.
And they're getting very, very angry at the Centers for Disease Control for not doing a simple thing like just saying, well, we already know that kidney patients are being harmed by it.
And so there's going to be some people who are really, they're named by name in that article.
And we want to hold some people actually accountable.
It's not just a faceless agency.
There are actually names of people in CDC who I believe should lose their jobs over this issue.
And so you just do a search under the Juneau newspaper and you can see information on FluorideGate.
Very interesting story.
How it's evolving.
Now, again, I've read the study from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, where they knew it attacked the kidneys, as you said, before they even approved it here in the U.S.
Medical Association was saying don't do it.
So they knew.
Why do you think they put it in the water then?
Because they love us?
Well, I think there's definitely some people that didn't have the best motives, but overall...
The vast majority probably just didn't bother looking into the thing.
Yeah, useful idiots.
They just believe whatever the government told them.
Well, the thing about it's really disturbing.
I mean, you're aware that sodium fluoride, which was originally what they were talking about using, was the active ingredient in rat and roach poison in the 20s, 30s, and 40s.
And it's active, one of the key segments to the molecule of Prozac.
Fluoride is, yes.
And nerve gas.
Right, there's...
Fluorides, of course, have a lot of very interesting effects on people.
But the fact that, you know, sometimes what's so disingenuous to me is we tell people that it was, we actually collect the containers of the rat and roach poison from the early, in the antique stores and things, and it says right on there, sodium fluoride.
And what they try to do is they actually are trying to say that, a very interesting nuance, what they say is,
They ask a question.
Is rat and roach poison, does it use fluoride?
And is fluoride an active ingredient?
Well, no, it's not used today.
But it was.
And see, by the way they phrase their question in their frequently asked questions, they dismiss that.
To me, that's very disingenuous.
Oh, the same thing on the SPP website about the NAU.
They play all the same semantic lawyer games with the public.
We'll be right back with our guest.
It's the same thing with the mercury in the vaccines.
They say it's out of the vaccines.
It's not.
They made small lots available under federal regulations without mercury.
You see?
And then they can extend the line from there.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I know a lot of you know fluoride, sodium, stannous fluoride, different types they put in the water.
It's in the foods.
Even if you aren't in the area, 70% of the country or more, you'd be saying 65% has it.
It's in the processed foods.
It's in everything.
It's really hard to get rid of.
It's blowing around in the air.
Now they say spills of it aren't a problem because it's nutritious for you.
We have a newscast saying mercury now is supposedly good for you.
In fact, I bet the toxicologist expert, Masters in Public Health, probably doesn't believe what I just said.
John, pull the Mercury's Nutritious clip, please.
This aired nationwide.
CBS had all its local affiliates a few years ago air this.
You've heard it 50-something times here, but our guest hasn't.
Let's just play that.
Here it is.
Mercury is good for you.
Mercury-containing vaccines may have on kids.
A life-saving device wins over-the-counter approval by the FDA.
And sick of your glasses and contact lenses, a new corrective eye surgery is approved today.
Here's tonight's medical headlines with medical watch reporter, Seema Mathur.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.
What do you think of them apples, sir?
I tell you what, I mean, there's just...
You can twist studies any way you please these days.
Anybody that thinks that heavy metals like that can actually help people... I mean, I used to be the manager of the EPA Western Regional Lead Training Center, and I have a particular interest in metals.
And this very idea that you can bring mercury in and it's going to help people is just the most far-fetched thing I've ever heard in my life.
Well, a couple years ago, Big Canadian University... We've got the clip.
I forget the exact university.
I know it's in Montreal.
They showed under an electron microscope pig neurons similar to ours, brain cells, and in the report, and it's a lab, it's on YouTube.
And they showed how lead, other things, they build up plaques, they kill wherever they precipitate, they kill the cells around it, but that mercury has an electrochemical response and keeps going, like burning through, just zapping in the electrochemical response in the receptors, and just it's the gift that keeps on giving.
Is that what you found, sir?
Well, yes.
Mercury is something I used to clean up.
I was involved in a lot of spill cleanups, and I can tell you that
I did a lot of research myself on this whole mercury issue, especially when they were trying to, in Tennessee, they were trying to come up with a bill to get it out of the vaccines and things.
And, you know, there's an awful lot of pseudoscience that goes on out there to try to justify the idea of using mercury.
You're familiar with that phrase, mad as a hatter, I guess you are, right?
That that was what they used in the felt-making process back in the years ago, and
And, you know, so we've known for hundreds of years that mercury has these neurologic effects, so the very idea that someone is trying to push this, that flies in, that goes in with that sort of concept that that defense is a good option.
Did you know that we have these books, usually university graduate level, where they have the quotes by top eugenicists saying that they wanted to feed the population mercury to make them basically be retarded?
Well, I've not read that myself, but, you know,
Anyone that tries to tell me that even small doses of mercury are useful for the human body, I would be highly suspect that's a very nice way of me saying it, I guess.
Well, maybe we're crazy.
I mean, maybe they should start selling mercury at the stores as a vitamin.
Well, you know, these metals, we have this body burden of metals inside.
And, you know, a lot of it is stored in your fatty tissues and your bones.
Your bones are kind of like the garbage dump of your body.
And when your body doesn't know what to do with something, a lot of times it sticks it in your bones.
And this idea that these things don't accumulate and that they don't show up one day, it just makes no sense whatsoever to me.
And, you know, that's why on the fluoride side of the house,
When they made statements back in the early days that fluoride was in the same category of toxicity as arsenic and lead, what's changed about that since then?
Nothing has.
But yet now we get it, like you say, in all these different things.
Every time you get a loaf of bread or canned corn from the grocery store, very often, because it's made with fluoridated water, you get a dose of fluoride.
Is it the good news, though, sir, that now we're not called kooks?
And American Scientist magazine, Reuters last week, TV newscast coming right out and saying it's poison, admitting our children get many, many times levels per body weight that adults get.
I mean, the good news is, though, that it shows that the worm is starting to turn.
It definitely is.
Did you know the Department of Agriculture...
Thank you.
We're really putting a lot of effort on focusing on the National Kidney Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control because these are the organizations that need to act on behalf of their constituents.
We've got a huge activist audience, sir.
How do they contact you?
How do they go to a website?
How do they fight back?
Well, I'll give you my email first.
It's stockin2 at yahoo.com.
That's S-T-O-C-K-I-N and the number 2, stockin2 at yahoo.com.
And what we're doing right now, what could really help us, is if folks will call the National Kidney Foundation and put pressure on them, if you know anyone who has kidney stones, kidney disease, anything, or if you yourself have it, to call them and say, come out against fluoridation.
They are in a rock and a hard place.
They know they have to do the right thing, and they just need to get more and more pressure.
And let's be clear.
Other agencies and the American Medical Association and others have said this is really bad, fluoridated water and other products and other foods, when you already have kidney problems, and it's causing it.
So give them that specific document again so they can really press them.
Well, the National Research Council report did admit that kidney patients were a vulnerable, susceptible population.
And what you do is you dial the 800 number for the Kidney Foundation.
It's 800-622-9010.
And you ask to speak to their chief medical officer.
And you just say, hey, I know somebody.
I have kidney disease.
I'm on dialysis.
Or I know someone who is.
And tell them you need to come out against fluoridation.
When the Kidney Foundation comes out, the whole thing is going to start collapsing.
And the other thing is at the Centers for Disease Control, there's a lady named Stephanie Bailey.
Stephanie Bailey is the chief of public health practice.
It's her job to address cross-cutting issues, and she needs to come out against fluoride.
And you can send an email to her.
People can contact her.
It's Bailey, B-A-I-L-E-Y.
And she needs to hear from people.
She's not asking me to do this, but I think since she works for all of us, us taxpayers, she needs to hear it.
It's Stephanie.Bailey, and it's S-T-E-P-H-A-N-I-E, Stephanie.Bailey at HHS.CDC.gov.
What are some of the best places for fluoride poisoning research?
FluorideAlert.org is a site that I think has one of the most comprehensive and best information.
That's FluorideAlert.org.
And they have just a wealth of information for people who want to learn more.
We're talking to Masters in Public Health, Daniel G. Stockin.
Look, to me, the big story here is that their House of Cards is starting to collapse.
I get so many emails and calls every day saying, I thought you were a kook a decade ago.
Now I know it's true.
I read it in American Scientist or I read it in Reuters.
I saw it here.
My doctor told me about it.
The American Medical Association, American Dental Association admits children shouldn't have it.
The House of Cards is starting to collapse.
And I want to point out, it's not like the...
Nashville local news channel was New World Order.
It's not like... These people all believed in the system.
It's not like New Scientist or American Scientist or Reuters.
The actual writers were New World Order or globalist controlled.
They were ignorant.
This whole house of cards, not just on the floor, but on everything, stands on people believing the system, stands on people not questioning, and now...
That trust is gone.
We shouldn't trust these people.
That's a good thing.
And folks are starting to now poke around.
And it's not just going to be fluoride.
It's going to accelerate through a thousand different issues.
Absolutely, Alex.
What's happening is that the fluoride thing is uncovering other things that should have been brought to light before.
And I can't emphasize enough that fluoride gate, you know, we've had water gate, we've had contra gate, now we've got fluoride gate.
It's got a whole bunch of people looking over their shoulder right now.
And there's a whole series, the whole system, meaning the system of nonprofit organizations like the kidney organization and the diabetes organization, the government agencies, state and federal, et cetera, that whole system is predicated on our trust in it.
And when this gets exposed, and it is being exposed right now,
It's just really starting to... Let me tell you a story.
I grew up in Dallas, Texas.
Really heavy fluoridation.
And I remember as a child, my parents ate pretty healthy.
I ate pretty healthy.
I was in athletics.
And I remember every morning brushing my teeth.
And I'd feel great.
And then I'd get a horrible headache after.
I'd feel exhausted.
And I instinctively...
I started using just a tiny bit of toothpaste, then no toothpaste.
My dad is a dentist, oral surgeon.
He'd say, you know, and by the way, I've never, well, I've had one cavity, but I have basically perfect teeth.
And I stopped using fluoride when I was about 18, just when I started learning about it.
And my dad thought I was a kook.
Now he knows the truth and admits he was wrong and they were giving propaganda.
But, I mean, physically, it wasn't Pavlovian.
It wasn't a placebo effect.
It wasn't psychosomatic because I didn't know what fluoride was when I was 10.
I just knew I'd get sick every time I brushed my teeth or when I drank tap water.
Well, you can't argue against that kind of a situation when you proved it to yourself.
I get calls from people around the country, all over the place, all over North America, who had similar situations where they stopped drinking fluoridated water and the most amazing changes, or they stopped using toothpaste, fluoridated toothpaste.
We get large numbers.
You know, for me, kidney dialysis patients, for instance, they're about four days away from dying on any given day if they didn't have dialysis again.
And, you know, I had another lady I know die recently who was on dialysis, relatively young lady, and something snapped in me.
Because you can't tell me that fluoride helps your kidneys.
Oh, yeah.
And the research is it's the biggest causative factor, isn't it?
Well, I wouldn't know that it's necessarily the bigot.
It's one of the big ones.
And the issue is that we're not being told it, and that kidney patients, they don't know when they're eating bread they're getting a dose of fluoride, or raisin bran they're getting a dose of fluoride.
And, you know, people have kidney stones, and so they're drinking a lot of water, per their doctor's suggestion, and they're accumulating 3 to 4 to 5, 6 milligrams per day of fluoride, and, you know, about half of it stays in your body, a little bit less than if your kidneys work well.
And if your kidneys don't work well... Think about how this piles up, all the bone fractures.
They knew that again in the 20s.
Yes, they did.
A lot of the information was known from early manufacturing processes
But now we know, the Chinese have figured this out.
They have a whole bunch of studies to show that the intellect is affected.
They call one part per million, the level that we fluoridate at, they call that high fluoride.
And so, I mean, so many countries other than the U.S.
And they discovered it because of their industrial process of what it did to the population.
Well, actually, they have some well water over there that has an awful lot of naturally occurring fluoride.
And you end up with 20% of the children being retarded, you know.
Well, they've got brain issues.
They've got brain issues.
They've got something called skeletal fluorosis.
And, you know, if any of your listeners are seniors and they have joint pain, I don't know if you know that the first early painful stages, something called skeletal fluorosis, mimic that of both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.
So if you went to your doctor and your doctor said you got joint pain or stiffness and the doctor said to you, oh, you must have arthritis,
If they didn't check your blood or your urine for fluoride, which isn't necessarily completely indicative, but if they didn't even look into it, you may have been misdiagnosed.
Instead of having, you know, arthritis, you might have skeletal fluorosis.
Well, we're talking about grams and grams of this a day.
I mean, building up over time, I mean, just massive, massive levels.
It's just incredible, and that's why we had you on.
I'd like to have you back up for a full hour, part two, with more solutions on this front.
But God bless you, Mr. Stockin, for the work you're doing.
And we, again, just really want to thank you and others for the awakening that you're causing.
Well, you're sure welcome, and thanks for having me.
Appreciate it.
You bet.
Take care.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to get some medical doctors on.
We're going to get a Nobel Prize winner on.
We had him on about seven years ago.
We're going to get him back on.
We're going to continue because this is somewhere where we can take control of our lives.
Now, there is no doubt the same people that will take foster children, over 4,000 of them, and radiate them to death are the same ones putting this in your water.
They know exactly what it does.
The Nazis used it.
The Soviets used it.
That's mainstream information.
That's everywhere.
Totally documented.
Now, does that, for police officers listening, do you understand who runs things?
I know you think the system's good because you're part of it, so it must be good.
You're compartmentalized.
We know most of you are good.
I care about you.
Police officers, this is happening to your children.
I'm begging you to tell your mothers and fathers.
I'm begging you to tell your children.
I'm begging you to do whatever you can.
Because if we make them take the fluoride out of the water in the big cities and small towns, it'll stop being in our food.
Make a market for it.
Demand that it say fluoride free on the bread.
Fluoride free on the juice.
I'm begging you, ladies and gentlemen.
This is just one way they're hitting us and hitting us hard.
Now, this is 100-year chemical attack science.
I got stuff from 1905 on it.
This is 100-year chemical attack.
The Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment, all of them.
They went and they funded tens of millions of their own money.
Do you think the Rockefellers did it?
The funders of Hitler and the top, and the manugenesis organization over in Germany, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute?
Do you think they spent millions of their own money because they love you and wanted you to have nice teeth?
Are you that stupid?
These people are cold-blooded control freaks.
They have robbed me of much of my intellect.
They caused me to be sick every day as a child with a headache after I brushed my teeth.
I didn't know what it was.
I just knew that five minutes after I brushed my teeth, I would feel horrible.
And God, I wanted to be a good boy and do what my dad told me.
I would brush my teeth so good.
I would scrub them.
And God, I'd get sick every day.
I'd be sick on the school bus.
We don't have to live like this anymore.
They've robbed us of so much.
They've hurt us so bad.
They've hurt me.
They've hurt you.
This is not our government.
These are murdering killers.
And they've built this technocracy up, and the Ministry of Defense and the Pentagon documents and all of it say that the enemy is the people now.
They say they put up the cameras.
They develop the tracking grid.
The cashless society.
They're the ones litigating and financing to push through mercury and everything else and the vaccines.
They're the ones that keep the regulations open so they can engage in all this pell-mell genetic engineering.
With the potatoes and the corn and thousands of different varieties of staple foods, beans, green peas.
They put insect, other animal, other plant DNA.
It randomly shifts.
It gives new amino acids above the 54 natural known.
This is just one of thousands of things it does.
Absolute poison in the body, amino acids that never existed, protein makeup blocks, ring structures.
Intermediate form proteins, fats, that never existed in the development of the planetary skin.
That's what the planet is just covered with life.
It's a dead rock with a molten center with life living all over the surface of it and in the 75% water that covers it.
And they are literally waging systematic war against life.
These people, call them what you want, hell spawned
Demon seed.
I mean, I'm not a science fiction guy.
This is not a religious show, but I mean, it's like something out of a horror movie where there's just this dark force that has inhabited the minds of men that is releasing hell.
And this is what reality is.
We're all in it together, whether you're a fireman, a schoolteacher, a cop, an FBI agent.
You're under attack with us.
You're with us.
We need your help getting this word out.
We'll be right back.
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To everybody listening out there, you have to discipline yourselves.
I still got a tea, a hot tea across the street this morning that's made out of fluorinated Austin water.
I'm an idiot.
I've cut back on my cell phone use, which admittedly, in every major study, is causing massive brain tumors.
I've cut back about 95%.
That's not enough.
I only use it to check messages two or three times a day, or when I have emergencies, I've got to call somebody, I'm late, or something like that.
Start, you know, get a reverse osmosis, get a big berkey with the added PF2 filters.
There's only a few systems that do it.
You can do a few other things.
With water, but your standard filter won't do it.
Get them distilled.
Get a distiller.
That doesn't even cut it all out, but about 95% reduction, 98% reduction, depending on the system.
Same thing with osmosis.
The only thing I know out there that cuts it all out is the PF2 on top of the Berkey.
But it's the massive reduction that matters.
And then when you go to the store...
Start calling manufacturers of the food, and that's what they are, manufacturers, the producers of it, it's a manufacturing process, and say, hey, I'm not going to buy your cereal anymore, your bread, unless it says fluoride-free, made from filtered water with the fluoride removed.
This is a lifestyle change.
You have to demand this.
I mean, do you care about your children?
There, you know, I remember 12, 15 years ago, about 15 years ago, I guess longer than that, I guess about 16, 17 years ago, when I quit drinking Florida water, I still would use toothpaste, and I moved to Austin when I got out of high school, right when my last year in high school, and I'd have to go to Whole Foods, and they'd have like 20 different types of toothpaste, and only one sub-brand of Tom's from Maine
Would have fluoride-free.
Now, most of them say fluoride-free.
You can go to the mainline Walgreens or Savon or whatever, and you can combine two or three that are fluoride-free there.
A lot of times you go and it's sold out.
Don't let your children brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste.
It says deadly poison on the back.
If they'd swallow more than a pea-sized amount, and they do every day, they'd absorb it right into the glands of the mouth, right into the taste buds, right into the saliva glands under the tongue.
One of the best absorption places in the body.
I mean, you can cut that out, you can cut the water out, but go further for your family.
Go all the way for your family.
And I'm talking about this here today, even though most of our audience knows, bear with us, a lot of the new people don't, and I want to save lives.
I want to hurt the new world order.
And I hurt them when I get you to stop using their narcotics.
I hurt them when I get you to stop using their prescription psychotropics.
We hurt them when I get you to stop drinking and driving so they can't put you in their system.
We hurt them when you are straight and strong and win.
The best revenge is living well, and I want you to live well.
I get off on it.
I love it.
I love life force.
I love doing good.
I can feel it coming right back to me.
I haven't even plugged my films today, and I'm not going to.
Just if you want them, they're on Infowars.com.
Endgame's absolutely essential.
They're the best out there.
You need to get prepared, too.
Speaking of food without fluoride, they've got it.
With the dollar plunging, gold exploding, all the talk of recession, depression, you need a 10-year food that lasts more than 10 years.
Get a year's supply for each member of your family.
It's very inexpensive.
It stores in very small areas.
It's freeze-dried.
Or efoodsdirect.com.
Give them a call right now.
Stop procrastinating.
First step starts.
Take action.
You will finish that journey of a thousand miles.
You see, it's not just common sense in their sick logic.
We have their own statements from Monsanto and others how they said in 99 we're going to infect the entire food chain and then have the courts they own claim that you'd violated their patents when it took over your crops, even if you hadn't bought their seed.
You see, they plan to wreck everything, make everybody sick, and then they've got all the treatments...
We are here to wage war on them.
We are here throwing our weight against the machine.
We will never surrender!
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
At the highest levels of academia, in every power position in the global military-industrial-financial combine, governments are openly saying that the public has discovered their world government, their tyrannical plan.
And that massive global police states must be accelerated.
The completion of their system must be put in place.
The democratic process must be blocked so that the establishment can secure the live extension technologies and other advanced systems for themselves to secure their hegemonic centralized world government monopoly of power, thought, and yes, even life.
Earlier we played Frequency Clear Analysis from YouTube.
Great info.
He was bringing up the power of these new nanotech robotic weapon systems.
Everything the enemy is deploying against us.
But we are 6 billion, 300 million biomechanical creatures who are, again, developed from organically on this planet.
We're good to go.
I think?
And we are getting people within the system who've been compartmentalized, who have been given false templates of data, false maps they're following, believing they were carrying out certain operations for a good reason, for a good end, when in truth it nexused in and plugged in to a larger matrix of dehumanization and absolute despotism.
The GMO, the nanotech, the genetic engineering.
All of it.
I think?
We're good to go.
The elite openly talk about this.
Again, Bill Joy, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us, owner of some microsystems, going to an elite meeting in 99 where the elite openly talk about how they plan to exterminate us and why they no longer need us as biomechanical androids, as they call us, to carry out their functions.
They wish to call us en masse, and then they will go forward in the future.
It is the ultimate greed, the ultimate selfishness.
They are not happy that we've read their founding documents and that we reverse-engineered many of their other operations and you're giving a full spectrum, full analysis of the bases of their allied attacks on free humanity.
We are very deep into this.
We're only now as a general public discovering poison operations they've launched against us in the 40s and 50s.
More and more we're discovering current operations that are much more sophisticated.
They've openly announced they've developed, quote, vaccines that attack the structure of the brain and literally rewrite neural pathways.
The evidence is, and we now know for at least 12 years, that they have developed vaccines that are inherent in the foods.
These shouldn't be called vaccines.
These are programmed, genetically altered creations of the crime axis that are then, evidence shows, already being put into many of the foods.
This is accelerating.
They're only testing these right now in third world sectors where there's no media that can challenge them and the people are completely uneducated, but they instinctively know to run from the UN vans when they show up with the local military who are paid to forcibly inject them.
All sorts of bioweapon, chemical weapon tests are going on globally.
Singapore is testing in different sectors of the city.
We've had this confirmed from inside sources.
Different high-tech chemicals and biologicals in the water supply.
This is an absolute worldwide emergency transmission to humanity.
I have reverse engineered the enemy operation.
Many others have reverse engineered it as well.
Much of it is openly stated.
We are in red level crisis.
We are under attack by the people that funded the Soviets and the Nazis.
They killed over 200 million last century.
I'm begging you to listen to me.
I'm begging you to check into the claims I'm making.
This is an absolute emergency transmission to the species to awaken and resist.
Start looking around you.
Our beloved republic.
Patrick is on her knees.
The forces of globalism are destroying national sovereignty worldwide.
But in Liberty's darkest hour, there is hope.
The first time in modern history, the people are beginning to wake up.
It is essential that patriots worldwide accelerate their fellow man's understanding of the New World Order master plan.
We have a short time frame to fully awaken and energize the people to meet this threat.
In the Info War, PrisonPlanet.tv is a powerful weapon in the battle to regain our freedom.
PrisonPlanet.tv is a vault of forbidden information.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm going to get back into the scientific dictatorship.
Basically, the top scientists in the world, because of government support, were in France and England for the last 300 years.
For over 170 years, they decided to set up a scientific dictatorship.
They honed their skills in propaganda, sociology, chemicals, biologicals.
And they believe it's their right to engineer us, control us, do as they will with us.
We'll be getting more into that coming up.
We're also going to open the phones up in the last half hour.
Ron Paul has now said he believes he's been cheated in Louisiana where people are saying he won first place but then magically he got second place.
We got second place in Nirvana.
They, just on national news, didn't show it and said McCain won second place.
Just mass fraud in your face.
All documented stories at prisonplanet.com.
Then out in New Hampshire, where this all started, where a recount was funded by you, the listeners, predominantly of this show, supporting the Granny Warriors and others, with a Republican candidate who did go for it.
Ron Paul got really attacked by his supporters for not doing this.
Now he is stepping up in Louisiana.
So much is happening, and Bev Harris, who of course has written the book on black box voting, consulted and helped make the film, Hacking Democracy for HBO, critically acclaimed.
People then, when the Democrats got in in 2000,
And six thought that magically everything was okay with the machine.
She pointed out, no, both parties are working for the same people.
It was evidence of fraud there.
Folks she fingered in Ohio for being in fraud in 2004 have gone to prison.
She's been in New Hampshire for the last couple weeks.
She's been there documenting all this.
We got some audio from some video of them not securing ballots.
We're going to play in a moment.
Hi again, Alex.
You know, what we wanted to see...
It was shocking.
And, you know, after I found that Albert Howard, the candidate that you guys largely funded his, well, completely, I think, funded his recount, I knew that somebody needed to get to New Hampshire and protect or find out what they're doing with chain of custody of the ballots.
Because, remember, New Hampshire had...
The memory cards for 81% of its votes counted by this one company.
We found the guy was a convicted felon who was involved in that.
And so if there was any funny business with those voting machines, and they're bringing all the ballots in to recount them by hand for this candidate, Albert Howard, then...
I was very concerned that there would be ballot substitution on the way in.
That's why I wanted to see what the chain of custody was all about.
In fact, you fingered exactly the weak point where the pipe narrowed.
And I tell you, this was the Friday, a couple weeks ago Friday, and I...
I literally, I don't like to travel very much, and I kept, I just knew it was haunting me.
It's like I've got to get there.
I literally hopped on a red-eye, flew overnight, forgot my coat for New Hampshire in the winter, which wasn't a great idea, and I didn't know what I was going to do.
I'm sitting there thinking, what am I thinking?
I'm charging off to New Hampshire in the middle of the night by myself without a coat.
What do I expect to find?
How the heck am I going to find anything?
But I started...
I got on the ground on Saturday morning and I contacted some of the best and most innovative citizens who've really sprung up in the last four years to start to investigate elections in their own areas.
One of them is in the film, Hacking Democracy, Susan Pinchon.
She's the woman that cries at the end of the film.
She's a great investigator.
I also brought in Patty Schaefer, who helped to uncover the Ohio recount sham.
And I brought in Melissa Erda, who's from the West Chicago area.
Now, I have to say...
Some of the Ron Paul folks who are great people but weren't sophisticated in this manner, don't understand the technical ways they steal, they got mad and said, Bev's being aggressive, Bev's getting in their face, she's got this group of attack dogs with her.
No, it's because you're a dog that will hunt, you know what you're doing, and unfortunately some of the other folks don't understand that these smiling devils will smile at you, and I heard you got pretty mad at some people.
Well, you know, I really didn't get mad.
What they sometimes see as aggressive is follow-up questions.
What it is is you'll ask them a question and they'll completely answer something different and give you some long-winded, non-responsive answer.
And you have to keep coming back with some of these public officials to the same question, the same question, the same question, in order to show that they're either going to answer it or not answer it.
You know, that we have this culture of we should always be deferential and we should always bow to authority.
But the fact is... Well, they don't roll over on a SWAT team bus in your house at 3 a.m.
If you ask a public official a question and they don't answer it,
Very experienced in this kind of thing.
Who sent people to prison.
Well, that was Kathleen Winsley.
There's a few people on the ground here.
But she has done some amazing work in Ohio, and she questioned the Secretary of State of New Hampshire and said, where are your memory cards, which are the cards that hold the votes, which are what was programmed by this company.
And, you know, he hemmed and hawed, and she had to keep asking him over and over.
Ultimately, he admitted he didn't know where they were.
Now, I'm talking, this is days after the election.
Just days after the election.
And the number two guy in the company has already been caught in Connecticut in what the state called criminal, running around during an election with a trunk full of memory cards, the convicted narcotics trafficker.
So, you know, what happened next was a lawyer for a citizen's voting rights group called Voter Action, John Bonifaz, came in, and he cross-examined both the Secretary of State
And the Attorney General, who claimed then that they didn't need to secure the memory card.
So, yeah, people got, and also there were some people who planted some stuff that never happened, where they would say, well, Beth Harris, you know, put Albert Howard's phone number on the Internet.
That never happened.
I would never do that in a million years, you know.
So there was a little bit of disinformation out there.
But we did do follow-up questions.
Thank you.
Well, she got back there, and she noticed there were slits in the boxes.
Now, these are boxes of votes that have not been counted yet.
And so she noticed that most of them had slits in the end.
The slits are open.
By law, they're supposed to be sealed.
They're supposed to be sealed.
So I went in the next day, and today I'll be uploading a video on YouTube, and you can just go to Black Box Voting and see all our videos on YouTube.
But I'll be uploading something there today that shows this very clearly.
I then, the next day, came in and asked the Assistant Secretary of State, David Scanlon, who's really running the show there, by the way,
Because you get things, you know, what about that slit in the end of the box?
And he does this kind of O.J.
tries on the glove demonstration where he's like, oh, he tries to barely slide a pin into it and show that, well, then Susan Pynchon from the Florida Fair Elections Coalition sticks her whole hand in.
It was really quite humorous, and you'll see that clip on YouTube later this afternoon, where you have the Secretary of State saying, you can't get into the side slit, you know, and making it look really hard, and then Susan Pynchon just sticking her hand in.
So we knew that this slit wasn't secure.
Well, then they said, you don't need to worry about the slits on the side, because we have this tape that seals the top of the box.
And they point that out.
And it's a special kind of sticker that goes on and comes right off without tearing.
And I know about bumper stickers.
It's a post-it note.
Yeah, it's a post-it note, basically.
And, yeah, but they point to this.
They don't tell us that, and they won't let anyone touch the box.
And I say, this is what really steals it, this white label.
It's our special Secretary of State tape.
So, on videotape again, and you see this in the video I'll upload this afternoon, I actually kind of quietly, hoping they wouldn't notice, just peeled some up, and you can see that it comes right off the box.
It comes off a cardboard box, doesn't leave any mark.
You put it on and off over and over again.
It's the type of design.
Well, actually, there was a couple of demonstrations.
First, I just took one from a real ballot box that had been sealed by the town clerk and just gently peeled it up about two inches.
And then they told me quickly to stop touching the box, and I did.
Well, then I asked these various officials, what about this tape?
Would you let us see a new piece?
Would you show us this, whether it adheres?
Of course, none of them would.
And then we actually did put a piece of tape on a box, rip it off repeatedly.
It's a post-it note.
You can put it on and off, on and off, on and off.
And by the way, they all were acting like cats who'd been caught in the cartoon with a canary feather sticking out of their mouths.
Oh, yeah.
And then he got even... What we did next is I wanted to see, okay, in the vault they have these splits.
They've got this removable post-it stuff on the top claiming it's a seal.
It's a sham.
So what is the condition?
Now, you've got this supposedly the state police driving all over the state, picking up the ballots from the town to bring them into the Secretary of State.
Well, I wanted to see.
Well, it wasn't the state police, it turns out.
It was two guys named Butch and Hoppy.
And Butch and Hoppy pick up all the ballots in New Hampshire.
I'm surprised they weren't named Sharky or something.
And, of course, again, they told the public it was state police.
Yes, they did tell the public, and the town clerk told us it was.
Well, there was one state policeman following them, a fairly surly guy, you know, at least in the initial stages of this.
So I wanted to see what the ballots looked like when Butch and Hoppy take them off the truck.
Well, sure enough, they not only had seals in them, some of them weren't even closed.
They had the box top open.
And, you know, big gashes and tears in them.
That's also going to be in the videotape on YouTube this afternoon.
And, you know, this stuff, you just can't make this up.
And then they wouldn't store it in the locked vault where by law they're supposed to.
Well, let me explain.
Well, stand there.
We've got a break, Bev Harris.
We're going to come back and play a minute or two of the audio of that video that's up on prisonplanet.com and blackboxvoting.org and continue talking to Bev Harris, our bulldog in there going at the throat of the New World Order, exposing the fact that these elections are an absolute fraud.
We're bringing you down, New World Order.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Wouldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yeah, I got a smile for you as long as you don't try dropping a bomb on my street.
That's what they do, stealing our votes, putting poison in our water.
Starting World War III.
It's the New World Order Crime Syndicate.
We're fighting them.
Beth Harris, so bring it down to the line.
Tell us what happened.
This video, we're going to play some audio of it.
We're here out there.
And, I mean, break down the fact that they wouldn't even put it in the vault.
Go ahead.
Yeah, let me set that up for you.
Basically, we decided after seeing this decrepit condition of the boxes, stick your hand in, removable labels, that we wanted to see them coming out of the van when they delivered them.
They came out of the van, you know, opened up.
So then we decided let's follow the van and see what condition they're in when they are actually at the town being picked up.
Well, that's when things got very squirrely.
Because when we went to the towns, they were in pristine condition.
They were in excellent condition.
They were taped up.
They were sealed.
So we videotaped these guys, Butch and Hoppy, picking up these lovely boxes.
They knew we had video that the boxes were not cut open.
And then when they get there, they're cut open and ripped open.
No, no, no, no.
They knew they couldn't.
That's right.
So we waited and waited for them to deliver the boxes.
Let me be clear, though.
Let me stop you, though.
But you did see them before they knew that, with them cut open, busted open.
Then once you're watching them, that stops happening.
So that's exactly right.
We watch them.
They see us videotaping the boxes.
Well, they can't very well deliver them with slips in them.
And sure enough, they deliver them.
They were the great delay.
They waited for everyone to go home.
They waited until after dark.
We wouldn't leave.
So we videotape them.
They come out of the truck.
They're sealed up still.
They're in good condition.
That's the night they decided, well, we're not going to put these lovely, pristine, excellent boxes in the vault tonight.
You see, I think the reason they didn't put them in the vault that night was because they couldn't get at them before they delivered them.
Now, I want to be clear, because we're going to write an article about this, Beth.
How many towns had they already picked up before, and then the boxes are all ripped open, slits in them, torn open, and then how many towns after were you able to follow them when the boxes were pristine?
Well, the towns before were the big population centers.
Nashua was particularly ripped up.
Nashua had the lids open, the boxes cast open.
It's a big town.
Manchester, some of them were ripped open, and Manchester had some other anomalies, so I won't get into all the details.
But the bigger population centers were the first ones they picked up, and those were the ones that had the rips in that we saw.
Give us the other anomalies.
No, no, no.
Oh, well, Manchester, they pick up all the boxes, and then we got the dispatch sheets.
Of course, they don't like when you do that.
So we were comparing their route.
Well, Manchester Ward 11, they have these different wards.
It's like precincts.
And Ward 11, they delivered part of it in the morning, but then they delivered part of it
About eight hours later, the back door, now this is what's so strange, is they have this, obviously it was in the van, because the van shows up, the dispatch sheet shows them delivering all the boxes in public at the front door, signed off by like three officials, except for one, Manchester Ward 11, which was taken to the back of the building and signed off by a different lady.
And why is that?
I don't know.
So the big towns have been ripped open and slits in them, and then once you start watching where the other town pickups, they're pristine and the locals have done their job.
Right, exactly.
Which is the way it always works.
Okay, go ahead.
Yeah, so, you know, it says, yeah, the locals are good.
I mean, and I'm waiting.
I'm telling you, we're putting these pictures and these videos on the web.
I'm waiting for a local to go, hey, wait a minute, that's not the box I sent.
I can hardly wait for that to happen because I think it will happen.
And we need them to contact you at blackboxvoting.org when that happens.
This is a team effort.
Actually, I think they should go directly to the FBI as well.
Now again, let me hold you over because I've got to ask a few more questions.
But I just want to point out here, my listeners predominantly help raise the money.
Mr. Howard takes action.
You take action.
There's people on the ground watching.
This is a team effort together.
People say, well, why do you still vote if there's fraud?
Because we're going to prove the fraud.
We have to continue to engage the enemy to learn their operations.
Bev, go ahead.
And, you know, it's so interesting.
You mentioned about the Republican recount.
There were two recounts.
One was for the Democrat for candidate Dennis Kucinich.
One was for the Republican.
And I can resume this at the end of the commercial if you need me to.
Yeah, just do like five more minutes on the other side, Bev.
I know you've got to go and you're still there in New Hampshire battling with these people.
And there will be huge reports up on PrisonPlanet.com and BlackBoxVoting.com this evening.
This is a 10-alarm fire.
Call all the riders.
Batten down the hatches.
InfoWars listeners, get ready to go crazy with this report.
Ram it through the sensors.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Where's McGarrett when you need him?
You know, he'd get in there and stop all this fraud.
Yeah, I'm pretty excited right now because Bev doesn't play games.
They help send people to jail in Ohio.
Here in the breaks, you just told me it's red-handed.
Tell us, Bev, you're saying now we can officially say the money should all be refunded to the Democrat and Republicans that paid for this, that the recount was not a good one, and you're saying that something's rotten in the state of Denmark, and I'll tell you right now, it's red-handed fraud.
Bev, break it down, give us the final analysis.
Yeah, the money should be refunded by the Secretary of State.
He should resign, so should David Scanlon.
I mean, it's that bad there.
Dennis Kucinich aborted his recount halfway through because he said there was, you know, the chain of custody was a mess, there were anomalies all over the place, and he kind of basically said, what's the point?
I'm glad that Albert Howard...
We're good to go.
Anybody can get to New Hampshire and follow them from start to finish.
Yeah, they're trying to wait until the heat's off them.
Now, finish up with what happened.
You're there with the Secretary of State, all of them in the night, going, hey, we want you to put these in the vault.
They just go, trust us, we'll leave them right here in the office.
Everything's fine.
Well, they put a post-it note on the door, you know, across the two doors, so, you know, nobody could possibly take the post-it note off and go in and put it back on again, right?
Yeah, it's simply every way that it could break down, it seemed to be broken down.
And even to the extent of just not following procedure.
Procedures for chain of custody are all she wrote.
They're all the marvels.
If you don't follow chain of custody procedures, you might as well just say, let's not even do a recount.
They also were opening the Republican ballot boxes with no Republican person there or even notified that they were going to open them.
They brought him into the Democratic recount and started opening them up and putting him in new boxes and sticking him back in the warehouse.
And I was just like, how can you do this?
You haven't even told a Republican candidate that you're taking his ballots and toting them around the state and opening them up and doing stuff nobody's even here to witness for him.
You know, it was this, what's your procedure?
Oh, we don't have a procedure.
Well, come on now.
How can you say that you can open someone's ballot boxes without them present?
What is that?
And it was pretty much this way all along the route.
I mean, you have what's really needed now that I think could really put the nail in their coffin.
Albert Howard, the Republican candidate, is requesting that he be able to select the towns that they go to next.
Secretary of State said, no, no, no, we'd like to select the towns.
Well, we can figure that one out.
He's saying, no, no, no, I want to select the towns that you get next.
And then if people follow that van the whole way, all the way until they drop it off, and then the next thing Albert Howard's folks are saying is, and we'd like you to count those.
Before you take them anywhere, put them in the vault or anything else, just bring them into the room and count them on the spot.
Now, that would be very interesting.
What are they saying about that?
Oh, they don't want to do that.
Beth, you were a corporate fraud investigator before you got into all this.
I mean, watching the videos of those guys' faces, they look guilty as Hades.
Their body language is pretty revealing.
And I'm sorry to say it, but the guy in that video...
He's clearly kind of not used to lying as much as some of them.
The video that I'll put up today has one of their professional liars on it, and he got really ticked off and called security when I asked follow-up questions to him because he didn't want to answer anything.
Bev, bottom line, I want to get your clear statement on this.
You're saying who should resign, specifically that the recount was a sham and that the money needs to be refunded?
I think Assistant Secretary of State David Scanlon, who's actually their operations guy, should be dismissed from his position.
The Secretary of State should resign.
I say that sadly because I wanted to believe in him, but it's unspinable.
And they need to refund the money for both candidates and go ahead and count all those ballots in public anyway, even though... And they should probably make a much more public chain of custody when they transfer those ballots.
I think the idea of having Butch and Hoppy driving around the state in a van... And by the way, they speed like crazy.
They were going 90 miles an hour in a 65-mile-an-hour zone.
State employees in a state vehicle.
We need to find out about their records, don't we?
Yeah, their real names are Armand Dubois and Peter Falzoni.
You know, we don't know about their drivers.
We don't know anything about them.
But we know they're good guys.
Well, you know.
Yeah, how can you have a bad guy with a name like Hoppy?
Yeah, you know, he's a good guy.
Does some things for us sometimes.
Yeah, it's an interesting situation.
What offended me the most in New Hampshire was that these are really good people.
This little local town system is really a nice system.
They've got these hand counts in public in a lot of places, and they're exploiting the best...
The best characteristics of these wonderful people.
But then we get some.
And put it back in their face.
But then we get some, Bev, and that's what matters.
But, I mean, going back here, you talked the whole time about how they always print unnamed secret amounts of extra ballots.
You've been wanting to know where those are the whole time.
What's going on in the van before you could catch them when these things are being opened up?
What type of goodies were in there?
I'm sure nothing.
I'm sure everything's fine.
Well, we actually did.
They didn't have room in the van for the goodies.
We can document that.
But they have liaisons along the way.
And we caught them meeting up with a green Jeep right in the middle of nowhere on their route.
No explanation.
We're right behind them.
And so they just run across the road, say something to him, and then they take off in different directions.
This isn't suspicious at all.
Tell me about the green Jeep.
Yeah, well, you know.
And that's the thing.
And they did try very aggressively to lose us.
They do these whole bunch of different maneuvers.
Okay, so they're racing at 90-plus miles an hour away from you.
I guess they thought they'd lost you.
I mean, specifically, meeting the green Jeep.
Tell me about that.
Oh, well, yeah, that's exactly it.
Fortunately, Susan Pinchon from Florida Fair Elections Coalition used to live in Maine, and she's an awesome driver.
And, you know, she really had, it was really dangerous what they were doing.
By the way, they were endangering other cars.
Oh, we're having to engage in our own, you know, counterintelligence ops racing around.
That's what it's going to take, citizens.
I've always told you.
Yeah, well, what we did, then we got, I got out of the car, and I said to Butcher Hoppy, I said, you know, I got you guys going 48 miles an hour through a school zone that was 20 miles an hour with the lights flashing on an icy road.
You were endangering people.
And then I said to the cops,
Do you think it might be a good idea to tell them to slow down since we're following them because you are endangering citizens?
And he goes, well, I could do that.
So it was much nicer for the rest of that day.
They drove the speed limit, but then they used other evasive maneuvers, like they would go round and round in circles turning left and pretty soon the traffic would get more and more cars in between you and them.
So obviously they weren't able to get all their important work done, so then when you get them to the main state facility, oh, we can't lock these up even though we have room, oh...
We can't put them in the vault.
Go on and leave now.
Sorry, Bev.
We've got some important work to do.
And you know, I've got to tell you, because being there, they delayed bringing the van back so long.
It was like everybody had gone home but us and a few state officials.
And then the state officials are all standing around in the room with the ballots.
For like an hour, just standing there.
And I'm like, I'm not leaving.
You guys are in the room with the ballots.
I'm not leaving.
You know?
So that's when we got into the, well, the ballot vault.
We can't put them in there.
It's not full, but we can't put them in there.
And everybody go home now, you know.
Let me play two minutes, and then I want you to finish up.
Here is Bev Harris talking to the head of the state attorney general.
No, secretary of state.
Here it is.
If the building's secure and they put them in the vault last night and brought the news in and said they're in the vault, why aren't they in the vault tonight?
Or why didn't they stay in here last night?
It's a different procedure is what I'm asking about.
And the reason for the different procedure in securing the ballast is?
Because the ballasts are secure where they are.
They're secure here.
They're secure where they were last night.
Well, they were in a vault last night behind a keycarded door which has electronic entry records, and here they're not behind a keycarded door.
Okay, where's the keycard?
The east door.
But this room doesn't have a keycard.
And the janitor, I watched the janitor come in there, so it's a little less secure.
It seems like here.
I just, I'm not understanding.
Is the vault full?
So the ballots, you have made a decision not to put the ballots in the vault tonight because it's a deviation that's pretty significant.
A vault versus leaving them in a room where the janitor has not got to get a key card to get in.
He has to have a key card to get in.
Not this room.
In order to get into this building, he has left the building.
We have the last people in the building.
I saw the janitor open the building with his keys.
Was there a security problem that caused you to change from the vault?
You've already asked that question twice.
We've answered the question.
You haven't answered the question, which is why I've asked it.
Just make sure you're here in the morning, and you will see the door that's sealed now.
The building's secure.
Those valves are secure, and they're not going to be open until... No, no, the question was why did you change it?
Why the change in procedure?
Why did one day you do one thing, and today you're doing something else?
That was the question.
And you're putting a piece of paper over the door?
I think we're just going to... I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know
Who would like to do the honors of putting this on a box and peeling it off?
And now they don't like the fact that she's showing that the stickers are designed to be affixed and removed, unlike true seals.
I mean, racing at 90 miles an hour, meeting in the middle of the country with green Jeeps, they find out you've caught up, they run off suspiciously.
I mean, this, slits in them, they get picked up nice, the slits torn open.
These guys running around, lying to the public and saying the state police were following all of them, and they weren't.
The fact that Paul kept getting zero in town, it turned out he got votes.
The polls showed they were going to get many more votes than they actually got.
Obama and Paul...
I mean, how obvious does this have to get here?
Do you think people at the end of the day are going to end up going to jail in New Hampshire like they did in Ohio?
Well, not from the New Hampshire Attorney General.
But one of the things I think we need to do when we deal with law enforcement is give it to multiple levels.
IRS, FBI, everybody we can find.
Maybe we'll get one honest agent somewhere.
Yeah, fire 20 torpedoes, one's going to hit.
Yeah, maybe.
We hope.
And I do think that we need to stay on the case here.
I can't spend the whole month in New Hampshire because I can't, but I can say that this is something any citizen can do.
They can follow that silly van, and when those guys know they're being followed, they try to evade you, but then you just basically stay on them,
And they can't, it really cuts into their being able to do stuff.
And now they're saying they need more time.
Yeah, and then I think it's so great.
I mean, Albert Howard nailed it because, of course, they could go pick all the towns that they're not worried about to go pick up and count for delay, delay, delay, right?
So if he can pick which places to count and tell them he wants to count it immediately upon their arrival and people follow the van, I think you pretty much box them in.
And if they say no, that's even more suspicious.
And you want to videotape that.
One reason to take a video is even if they say no or you can't video, you want to get that on video.
So who are the people, folks, because you've now left New Hampshire, been there for weeks.
Who do they need to contact?
We need forces.
We need the Free State Project.
All these other people.
I know running around waving Ron Paul signs, shouting over and over again is fun, but we already had the election there.
It was obviously stolen.
There's no doubt about that.
So we need all those Ron Paul people immediately to go follow orders from the people you recommend and to take action as cadre battalions against the enemy to cover this, to track them, to follow them everywhere they go, to stake out the facility at night where they're holding the ballots, to show the shysters sniveling in.
Give us contact info as attack data points.
I'd like him to email my email, and I will forward it to the two or three people that are dealing with this.
And then we also have instructions now for what to do.
And remember, you always want to give them no ammunition.
You want to always be very polite and follow the law.
You just want to be very firm.
And that's what, as you said, people were criticizing what we've done going into this.
That's what people don't understand is,
What they're doing there is a criminal enterprise.
I'm sorry, you said a criminal enterprise.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
I mean, what they're doing there is a criminal enterprise.
It has all the earmarks of it.
And they're not going to just say, well, let's hand you some handcuffs and tell you that, you know, whoops, we didn't do this right.
You're going to have to actually, we got several of the bricks to build a foundation for that case.
And the best way is to get video.
Well, bottom line, there's your headline.
Bev Harris, New Hampshire recount of criminal enterprise.
We're going to go through all these points and more reports from blackboxvoting.org.
Let me just say this.
Access TV was born in Austin, Texas.
I'm not the big corporate corruption and government corruption fighter you are at the grassroots level.
I just try to expose and have guests like your experts, your respected real people like you on there actually proving cases and sending folks to prison.
But I got the board meeting minutes.
I found out...
Between the city, the cable company, and others, they were going to shut access down.
And I learned from police procedures and things I took in criminology, because I did take a few years of that, just the basics.
That's what you do with crooks.
You throw out, I know about the crime.
And they freaked out and got all scared.
Then I hired PIs, sued them, got the data, and sent one guy to prison.
And the others are very close to going to Huntsville.
One guy got 30-something years for stealing almost half a mil.
And right before all this happened, before I brought him down, he came up to me in the parking lot and he said, I'm going to kill you.
Well, my camera guy wasn't there, and I said, listen to me, buddy.
Don't you ever threaten me, and I'm going to bring you down now.
So I want folks to know, they don't play games.
This is serious, isn't it, Bev?
It's dead serious.
I mean, on the other hand, I don't think citizens should go in there expecting to be really scared and all that stuff.
You know, understand that if you go in there with video...
And you have another person there.
And we actually went in there with multiple videos rolling so that if they got one, they wouldn't get the other.
And then get the video online as quick as you can.
Then you're not really going to be in danger.
It's if you're sitting on something that no one else has.
Bev Harris, great job.
I want to have my producer call you and get some of the names of the other great ladies that were there that helped you.
I want to have them on tomorrow.
God bless you.
You're a trooper.
I don't know what we'd do without you, Bev Harris.
Thank you.
We'll be right back.
Final segment.
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It's at the top.
And it's always convicted narcotics traffickers or CIA officers or dope runners that are doing all the voting recounts, all of it.
It's always the same.
And I have no doubt that it's going to all come out here in New Hampshire.
It already has come out.
Narcotics traffickers, others at the highest levels are running it all.
That's who runs America, the crooks.
They're the enforcers for the high-level technocracy, the scientific dictatorship.
I wanted to get your calls.
I wanted to cover other news.
In the first hour, I got into the technocracy, the police state, the latest developments, really key info.
I hope you'll tune back in in five minutes at InfoWars.com at the restream of the first hour and second.
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I'll get some of my writers at one of those sites, look at all of them, to take the quotes of Bev Harris.
She said the election, the recount process in New Hampshire is a criminal enterprise.
This lady's very conservative.
She produced and made the Hacking Democracy for HBO.
She's neurotic about playing things down.
And she said criminal enterprise.
Cars racing at 90 miles an hour, meeting green Jeeps in the middle of nowhere.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I need your help, Bev Harris.
You're listening in New Hampshire, surrounding areas.
Do not wait.
You email her.
You contact her.
She'll hand you over to the really good people who she knows are good.
I know she's good.
She's got the good people.
We need boots on the ground to stop these people now.
Now, this story's going up in the next few hours.
Erin's in there right now.
He's going to get all the quotes together.
Paul Watson's going to do one.
Steve Watson, all of them.
We need five articles.
We need the whole top banner headlines on all the sites.
This is huge, and I need you to go absolutely ape.
With this information, I'm going to try to call George Norris, see if I can get Bev Harris or myself.
I don't care if it's me or her.
On Coast to Coast tonight, this is red-handed.
We need to get this out anywhere and everywhere we can now.
Get that audio file, that last 50-minute interview we did with Bev Harris, her 45-minute interview.
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