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Air Date: Jan. 20, 2008
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He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
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Now live from Austin, Texas,
Here's Alex Jones.
Yes, my friends, we are live.
It is Sunday, the 20th day of January 2008.
We'll be here live for the next two hours.
We're going to have wide open phones.
No guests today.
A lot of your calls at 877-590-5525.
On stations from San Diego to northern California.
New York, down to Florida, to right here in Austin, Texas, on NewsRadio 590 KLBJ, the studios we come to you from locally in Texas, in the area, it's 836-0590.
Here is the news I have in front of me.
Seeking tools to calm the market, the New York Times, the establishment media is finally getting around to admitting that we're in a deep, deep recession that could gyrate into a massive currency collapse and total depression.
We're good to go.
I think?
Also, overseas investors are aggressively buying up the infrastructure and companies in the United States.
The fire sale, we are now a third world nation, in case no one got around to telling you about it.
Also, directly from the Council on Foreign Relations website, the organization sworn to destroy U.S.
sovereignty, CFR, the historical anomaly of the dollar.
They go in to talk about a world currency directly from them.
So we'll be breaking that down.
Also, Mexico is already interfering in the politics and internal workings.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
1,400 strong.
They're blonde-haired, blue-eyed.
And it says, watch all white people.
See, first they create the false pretext of terrorism, Al-Ciada.
Then they get you looking under every rock and under your bed at night and in the closet for Al-Qaeda.
You slip and fall.
Al-Qaeda did it.
Kind of like Jack Frost is secretly frosting the grass and the trees in the morning.
It's mythological.
But for a dumbed-down public, it works like a charm.
The new Al-Qaeda, quote, blonde-haired, blue-eyed.
They're everywhere under Al-Qaeda's
So we'll be going over that.
And talking about politics, decision 2008, I have a nice screenshot up on prisonplanet.com.
We omit, you decide by the ultra-liberal, neocon, fake conservative Judas Goat, Judas Iscariot.
It's there to neutralize conservatives, fool them until it's too late, and bring in the New World Order.
Ron Paul won second place in Nevada.
What did Fox News, CNN, and a bunch of others do?
We actually watched some of the coverage this weekend when I was up in Dallas on a shoot working on a new film on the JFK assassination.
I was up there, and so at night we'd watch, and I'd read the papers, and I nowhere heard, except if you actually went to the returns, that Ron Paul had even gotten second place.
It was all Mitt Romney,
First place, John McCain.
Second place, Mike Huckabee.
Third place.
Now, it's true that Ron Paul tied McCain for second place, but they just omitted him.
They just didn't even show him.
They just showed Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee side by side, and they did that everywhere else.
But you better believe when he had a week's showing in South Carolina of four points, still better than Giuliani, who they keep cramming down your throat, Giuliani,
Just, oh my gosh, Paul on a dropout.
He's not doing well, only four percentage points.
I mean, if they give Ron Paul one-tenth the coverage, they give Giuliani.
He was still getting more coverage than anybody but Hillary, because he is the establishment candidate.
And they're telling us that John McCain is the Republican for the job, the only electable Republican.
Oh, he's so great.
Did you know that he's mafia-connected and his wife is?
And that's even been in major papers.
Did you know that he was part of the Keating Five in Savings and Loans swindles?
They all went to prison.
He was the Keating Six, the sixth man.
He didn't.
So they call him anti-corruption Mr. Clean McCain, knowing that the public is ignorant.
Knowing that the public is unaware of his history.
It doesn't matter if I've interviewed people who were in the Hanoi Hilton for a few days with him.
He agreed to turn over all the secrets on the fleet and the jets and the rest of it.
So they took him to a lavish facility.
I mean, McCain is anti-gun.
He's called for gun bans.
He's for total blanket open borders and total North American Union merger amnesty.
I mean, he couldn't be more unconservative, un-libertarian, anti-freedom.
But does it matter?
Hillary, McCain, none of them.
They're all bought and paid for by the same globalist interest.
If you don't vote for Paul, vote for none of them.
How about you just focus locally where you could actually have an effect?
And we focus, we have over 50% turnout for national and presidential races, the big horse races.
But then we have 8% at the county and city level on average in the country.
I know that's about 8.2 here in Austin where I live.
That's where the real power is.
That's where the real action, that's where the feds come in and federalize you, is happening.
That's where we need to focus most of our energies.
By the way, some people are saying, well, Ron Paul's out of it.
Well, I mean, why is Giuliani still out?
He keeps beating Giuliani in every primary.
Bottom line, we've already won in the Ron Paul Revolution.
Masses of people, tens of millions, are talking about the private Federal Reserve, the New World Order, the North American Union, the inflation tax on our money.
Either way, we're standing up, we're fighting.
More people are awake to the globalists and the international financial interests that control our country.
Like a puppeteer controls his marionette.
And that's the good news.
This is a process.
This isn't going to be won overnight.
And I'm glad Ron Paul's still in the race.
And who knows?
He might run for a third party.
You know, he isn't ruling that out now.
And so we'll see what happens there.
At least real ideas will be injected into this debate.
When we get back from break, we're going to open up the phones.
Again, the toll-free number, 877-590-5525.
And then after we take some calls at the bottom of the hour after news, I'm going to get into the economy and talk about the supposed fixes that the Republicans and Democrats in a bipartisan package...
According to Chuckie Schumer, Mr. Ban All Guns in the Senate, and George Bush, his good buddy, we're going to break down the fact that it is not a solution, and they're not even discussing the real root cause of the problem.
And then we'll get into Mexico interfering in the internal operations of the United States.
This is called espionage.
This is called getting involved in the internal affairs of another country.
This is what the United States has done to other third world nations.
That's how pathetic we've gotten.
And again, I love this country, but we're not going to save it.
We're not going to save the country unless we start admitting just how serious and just how deep the real problems are.
So I would also ask the listeners, what do you think of Mexico saying that they're going to run TV ads during the election this year?
In 2008, they're going to run non-stop TV ads, radio ads, print ads, all over the United States saying, legalize the illegals, let hundreds of millions of Latin Americans, foreign and unabated, of course, then get all the free health care, have their births all paid for, further bankrupt the nation.
But, you know, I think the country's going to completely financially collapse long before they get all this done, and the pressures will be so great,
That the illegal aliens are going to have to go home, a lot of them.
That's why the establishment's rushing to get amnesty now to flood the nation with as many as they can before the New World Order destroys the United States once and for all.
And believe me, we're in the crosshairs.
It's happening now.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A New World Order in the near future.
Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
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Bill Vargas is making great progress for the world.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what I have to use.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
Ted Enners from Midas.
January 18, 2008.
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Ron Paul is running for president.
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All right, my friends, we are back live again.
It's the 20th day of January 2008.
I'm told for everyone to join us, 877-590-5525.
Let's go ahead and go to some of your phone calls and all the financial news coming up in the next segment.
Let's talk to Matt listening in Boston.
Matt, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Nice to talk to you again.
Good to talk to you.
I just want to point out this article that AP put out on January 7th about how they're using RFID chips on students' backpacks in Rhode Island.
And they're also going to use GPS on the buses there to kind of track everyone.
And so the ACLU ripped the plan, but it looks like it's going to go through.
Yeah, the ACLU has a lot of well-meaning members in it, but it's a loyal opposition.
Predominantly, it goes and creates a bad case law.
It goes and loses the cases.
It attacks things that are rights and then doesn't properly defend things that are rights as well.
So you get a mixed bag with them.
But that aside, the Pentagon officially said more than a decade ago that they were going to have RFID in all products, that they were going to demand that all manufacturers have that in place by 2004.
They're a few years behind.
It was the Pentagon that enforced the acceptance of the Universal Product Code, the bar code, by the mid-'80s.
It was also Walmart.
But Walmart and the Pentagon in 2000 had a public partnership to demand that all of their products
Suppliers, from everything from shavers to cans of soup, all have tiny little tags on them.
And then when you pay, even with cash in the future, with the new national sales tax they're pushing as a replacement for the income tax, they're actually going to keep both, they will scan that and then that will go on the record of what you purchased.
Also, face scanning cameras were nationwide five years ago.
I think we're good to go.
And then the government selectively enforces, you can be a convicted coke dealer and run the elections in New Hampshire and that's okay.
They then just selectively enforce that.
Once they have your fingerprints too, they can easily fake them and then go and frame you in the government, federal and state, have been caught literally tons of thousands of times.
Doing that, and the Department of Education, the Pentagon, and others admit that the schools are the training grounds of the future.
Thousands of school districts have cameras all over the schools, in the classrooms, in the bathrooms, even over the urinals and toilets.
It's just total 1984.
RFID going in everywhere, tracking everything we do.
Just six months ago, they were still denying that they were listening to our phones.
It was just for Al-Qaeda.
Now they admit, okay, we're going to read all your emails, track everything you do, have a whole history of all your web searches.
By the time they're telling you about something, it's already in place.
We have private corporate owners who are doing everything they can to make a cynical, dumbed-down, unengaged in this process decision.
They control most of the states with electronic fraud-driven machines.
They've been caught in every state doing it.
I mean, it really is a hellish future with this technocracy that we have in place running things.
And it's our job to get the people to realize just how serious and how bad this is because these are some very bad people.
They want this control grid in place so they can completely destroy our standard of living and bring us back to a feudalist state.
We're going to be covering that after the break.
Let's go ahead now and take another call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ed in LA.
Says that he disagrees.
Ed, you're on the air.
Yeah, Alex, I'm a real big fan, but the way you interview, you're like a big fat pumpkin head.
You don't let anybody talk.
The grandfather of Reaganomics told you to shut up sometimes.
Why don't you shut up when somebody's talking and when you're interviewing somebody, listen to them so everybody can listen to them.
And the best part of your show, which I do agree, is when you digress and when you go in ran and raving.
Big fan, Alex.
All right.
You know, I re-aired that Dr. Paul Craig Roberts interview from a few months ago where he told me, shut up and let him finish.
See, I don't care what you think of me.
I don't care how it sounds.
Why am I, quote, the king of conspiracy?
Why am I the most listened to in this whole genre?
Why do I have the biggest websites at prisonplanet.com and truthnews.us?
It's because I do the show the way I want to.
And if I want to make a point, and if I want to stop a guest, and I want to add something, I'm going to do it.
Actually, if you watch the shows on CNN or Fox, they all talk about 20 seconds and then interrupt the other one.
I sit there and I let people talk one, two, three minutes at a time sometimes before I jump in.
So you really...
Are just a little bit confused there, sir.
But I know you're a big fan and all, but if you don't like the way I do the show, just don't listen.
Because that's another thing about me.
I don't care if you listen to my show.
Really, I'm not doing this for fun or for kicks.
This is about the information.
And I'm strongly considered, because I have so much news and information, sometimes not even taking calls.
I enjoy your calls.
I enjoy the directions they take us in.
I have people that disagree go to the head of the line, by the way.
But at the same time, I have a lot of really serious issues that need to be covered here.
Okay, let's go ahead now, and let's talk to Mark in Atlanta.
Let's talk about the recount in New Hampshire.
Go ahead, sir.
Well, brother, you're ever in our prayers, and I hope you're going to keep me in your prayers, because to be honest, right now I'm as sound as a dollar, and we all know how bad that is.
Hopefully I'm going to be getting a real job before too long, because the New World Order has not been kind to me.
Yeah, I've been trying to find out, because I saw one little blurb that said there were some discrepancies with the recount, but I haven't heard any actual results yet.
Are they not finished folding, spindling, and mutilating the ballots to their desired ends, or what's going on?
Well, you know, that's the situation, and it's a good point you bring up.
In New Hampshire, then it's the central Democratic side.
And of course, then one of the lower-level Republican candidates on the Republican side went for a recount.
We supported that, but then you have the same people.
The Bev Harris election fraud expert who, of course, produced Hacking Democracy, was their expert for HBO's special, went out there and just said, it's the same people that did this that are recounting it.
And see, for the first time, suddenly the polls in the past were always accurate, especially when it showed big spreads, big differences.
And we had...
Barack Obama in the lowest polls, 13 points ahead, then he loses by almost four points.
So that's a 16-point-plus difference between Obama and Clinton.
The truth is, Hillary Clinton's unpopular.
The people know she's established, but they don't want her.
It doesn't matter.
Rob Paul was double what he got in the polls in New Hampshire, but magically didn't, and then all these discrepancies came up, and zero ballots counted for him in townships where he got votes.
So, no, I haven't gotten the latest word on that.
It takes a while to do that recount.
And we're just in a pickle, sir.
We're in a very, very serious situation.
Let's jam in one more call before we go to break.
Let's talk to Jay in Tennessee.
You're on the air, Jay.
Alex, how you doing?
Hey, I noticed on Truth News you posted a really good article about Bertrand Russell and his discussions about the social changes that...
Stay there.
I'm going to let you finish up on the other side, Jay, okay?
We'll be right back and talk about the scientific dictatorship because that leads perfectly into the economic news.
This is a process of shackling you, a process of hurting you, controlling you, dumbing you down.
And until you become aware of that process, we have no hope of stopping and then reversing this trend towards absolute despotism.
We'll be right back.
I ain't gonna take none of your fooling around.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live.
Taking your phone calls at 877-590-5525.
Listen to us in Texas, 836-0590.
I'm going to finish up with this call and get into some of the economic news.
And coming up, Mexico ready to interfere in U.S.
I've got news for you.
It's already happening, but that's from CNN.
Going back to Jay in Tennessee talking about the scientific dictatorship.
For folks that don't know...
Hundreds of textbooks, thousands of documents, hundreds and hundreds of books by top sociologists, top PR masters, the father of modern advertising, Edward Bernays.
I mean, literally, it's all they talk about is how to control people, how people operate, how to manipulate them.
They even taught you to not believe that even exists.
Believe me, it does exist, and my job is not even to convince you of anything.
It's to get you to realize that things are happening around you, that people are trying to influence you.
And I'm very honest that I'm trying to influence you, but they're more subtle in the different types of propaganda, this propaganda net web that they put over you.
But they said in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s,
I think?
What are we doing today, Pinky?
The same thing we do every day.
Trying to take over the world.
You know, the old rock and roll song, everybody wants to rule the world.
Well, that's what they certainly in the elite want.
Jay in Tennessee.
Go ahead, sir, and finish up your statement.
I've had upper-level social theory classes, and just like you said, you don't have to go very far in the...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Bring about sort of a hive mind.
Yeah, Thomas Jefferson, 230, 240 years ago, wrote that we had to stay agrarian, but also stay the educated yeoman farmer, because centralization in cities would allow the elites of Europe, as they'd always done, to get total control.
And that's precisely what Russell commented, or what was saying in an article he posted on Truth News.
And so, I mean, as a response to the guy who called in a few weeks ago trying to argue that Bertrand Russell was a good guy, I mean, there's nothing good about Bertrand Russell.
Bertrand Russell said that blacks were basically not human.
But, oh, we're not supposed to read his books that say that, because he's a Nobel Prize winner and the liberals say he's great.
I mean, Margaret Sanger gave awards to Hitler, got awards from him.
We have all her letters calling blacks weeds.
But then, again, folks, all these poor black people out there, just like everybody else who believes the system cares about them, and the liberals love you.
Oh, yeah, they really love you.
They really love you.
Let me tell you, they want to totally dominate you.
All right, we're going to go back to your calls, Greg and Andrew and others coming up.
But let me get into the economy.
If you've been listening to me for the last ten years or even the last year or six months, you know I've been saying that
The globalists stated in the 70s with the Trilateral Commission public statements that they would create a euro, as they've done, they would then create a union in North America, then larger, that they would destroy the dollar, that they would then have a currency crisis that went on for several years or longer, as long as a decade, between the dollar and the euro and other competing currencies, and then have a global benchmark
On a new global cashless society, currency that they can fully control and manipulate, and if you weren't a good little globalist, they'd turn your national ID card off.
If you're not a good little globalist, they're going to have debtor prisons again.
You walk outside your house, or even if you're homeless, the camera face scans you, police come and pick you up and put you in a labor camp.
They're now proposing this, talking about it.
So everything they said decades ago, they're now implementing.
This is a report from the New York Times today.
And it says, Seeking tools to calm a market.
And, of course, they put this, they couch this as the government's trying to help you.
But listen carefully.
They go on to report that we had a 59.91 fall just this last week in the Dow at 12,099.30.
And they say that Friday the Dow in the next year could sink, this is the New York Times, to 6,000 by the end of the year as the country slides into deep recession.
And it goes on from there.
But see, even that is just the surface.
If you have the dollar at less than half the value it was in 2000, this is very simple 2 plus 2 equals 4 stuff.
If you look at that,
You're good to go.
And, you know, this is going to... Look, I'm not the one that set up this fiat system.
You know, we got the IMF World Bank documents when their chief economist, Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiklitz, quit in 2002.
And there was the IMF saying, we've bankrupted all these third world countries.
And then once they're imploded, they like that, once they totally fall apart and have a depression, the big central banks that still issue the currencies and have the foreign strong currencies they control can come in and literally fire sale everything and buy it up.
That's why they've done this to third world country after third world country after third world country.
And that's why now it is starting to come home to roost here.
And they're doing it by design.
Now the very same global interests.
These are not capitalists.
These are not free markets.
They're robber barons.
They're monopoly men who control the issuance of currency and credit.
And that's why they run everything and own everything.
I mean, everything in the free market, all the supposed wealth that they don't control is only about 20%.
They have 80% of everything.
Now they want it all.
And to do that, they have to have a global slide into deep recession and then depression.
They're going to call it depression or recession.
We have not been out of a recession for decades.
The debt goes up, corporate, government, private.
The amount of hours you have to work, your standard of living and reality goes down.
Just because your house that was $200,000 is now $500,000, that's devalued currency.
Everybody's leveraged out on their credit cards.
This was all done and precipitated, and this is in their own documents.
This is what's so incredible.
By design to get you into this position.
Now, they suddenly announce.
Remember on a conspiracy theory a month ago, a year ago, two years ago, talking about the exact issues you can now read in the news.
But they spin it and say, don't worry, we'll freeze interest rates.
Well, if they freeze interest rates at 5%, 5.5%, then the world that's already running away from the dollar isn't going to continue to buy securities in the dollar, and the dollar's going to drop even more.
And they've now made the decision to have another rate cut, and of course the dollar went down in the last few weeks, and gold went up to over $910 an ounce.
That's because gold didn't really go up,
What have I been saying for three years?
Since we learned in 2005, 2006, I went to the Bilderberg Group, where the 125 richest people in the world, the royalty, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, they're all there.
We had people inside.
We got the data out, and we told you what was going to happen.
We said they're going to kill the housing market.
They want to bring the market down by design to start the unraveling of the economy so they can come in after they've blown it out and loot.
Those shows are all on the Internet.
The articles we wrote are all at PrisonPlanet.com.
I'm on record.
Always right.
Always on target.
Because I read what they say they're going to do to us.
It isn't hard!
And I'm tired of it!
It's time for you to find out who our real enemy is and get mad!
Because if you don't get mad and take action, they're going to go ahead and decide to take us down to zero!
I don't want to be a slave!
Stand up to them!
Don't you want to be free?
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It's true.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, we're back live, and then we've got LaVon, Eric, Greg, Andrew, many others, patiently holding at 877-590-5525.
All right.
I challenge new listeners, listening around the country on AM, FM dials, shortwave internet, satellite, to go back and just look at the financial reports we've put out at prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, and some of them in the last six, seven, eight years have
Documenting what was going to happen, exactly what was going to happen.
Imagine you're the private banks.
You've somehow brought control of the governments in the last 200 years, the U.S.
in the last 90.
You are able to issue all the credit you want.
You issue it in a predatory way like a loan shark to fully bankrupt and to create an economic system where no one could pay it off so you could consolidate.
Under the guise of growing the economy, where really what you were doing was getting everybody in a position where you could pull a rug fully out from under them.
Now, there are hundreds and hundreds of things that they're able to do once they implode an economy, but I keep explaining that when the dollar loses 60% of its value against the euro in the last seven years, I keep saying seven, since 2000 it's been eight years,
So in the last eight years, that they're able to then come in and buy up everything.
But they don't just come in and buy up companies and sections of the stock market and the media and Hollywood.
They don't just come in and buy the gold mines and the mineral deposits.
They come in and buy off your politicians criminally, corruptly.
They come in and buy them off publicly and they hand them over the roads for nothing.
Just for campaign contributions.
They hand over the reservoirs.
They hand over the power plants.
They hand them all over.
I mean, this is full-scale looting that is going on.
Here's the New York Times today.
Overseas investors buy aggressively in U.S.
Last May, a Saudi Arabian conglomerate bought a Massachusetts plastic maker.
In November, a French company established a new factory in Adrian, Michigan.
And then it goes on to make it look positive and just mention just a few.
And I guess in the sick way it's true.
As we become more and more third world, we'll start competing with China and India in places, but we'll live like they do.
For much of the world, the United States is now on sale at discount prices, this is the New York Times, with credit tight, unemployment growing, and worries mounting about a potential recession.
A potential recession.
They supposedly have said since 2001 to 2007, the economic numbers, that we have this big boom.
But the median income lost $1,000 in this nation.
In six plus years, we lost $1,000 per worker.
That was per worker, not just household.
It was more per household.
Go pull these numbers up.
I was reading them just last week.
Speaking of former Treasury head, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, I was talking to him about it live just a few weeks ago.
And this is what they're doing to our economy.
And you think of a
We're good to go.
Imagine if you had a money and credit machine, how long would it take you to take over society?
Not very long.
And that's what these individuals have done.
And now the Council on Foreign Relations comes right out in the open on their own website.
We have this posted for posterity on truthnews.us.
CFR, the historical anomaly of the dollar.
And they go on to say we need a global currency.
But then you talk about this, and the mainstream media, see the mainstream media will spin, water down, lie, predominantly, but then in the actual publications put out by these different organizations, this is really the shadow government, people that operate our nation, they're very open about it, knowing that the average American is too busy watching reality TV and into Britney Spears and her new English accent, or OJ being brought in and arraigned in court.
Instead of being concerned about how the world really works or who runs things and what do they have planned for the economy that we all live in.
They can't get away with this unless you're ignorant and unengaged.
So, again, I am lecturing.
Please, please, you're smart.
You know all about the football plays and all about the Cowboys and the Giants and all about the Pats and everything about how much each player weighs and what kind of car they drive.
You're an expert on that, but you don't understand fiat currencies.
Now, before I go back to your calls, and then I've got a bunch of other election news, and also some really serious environmental news and economic news I'm going to be going over, I wanted to play just a minute or so, and this too is up on truthnews.us, from a YouTube clip of CNN Friday.
And this is Lou Dobbs, and I'd already reported on this, and I'm not bragging, I'm just saying this has been going on a long time.
But now it's finally getting attention.
Remember I told you two years ago that those big Mexican rallies all over the country calling for open borders, calling for the end of the U.S., saying this is Mexico, that those were funded by the Mexican government and the White House.
It was even in the Dallas Morning News that nobody gave it any attention.
Even BELO got it right.
They said, oh yeah, millions of dollars by this big PR firm, the Mexican government, the U.S.
government are funding in Dallas to run it out of Mexico and into the U.S.
with the media all saying how great it is.
But citizens go out and protest the war, the riot cops will come beat your head in.
But the illegal aliens can run out and block highways.
And we'll tell you why that's so important.
They're not even against the illegal aliens.
I mean, you've all been brainwashed at the general public, just your own form of brainwashing, your own flavors.
This is big picture, but first, because you don't believe me, some of you out there, here it is, Lou Dobbs.
The battle over illegal immigration is about to become the subject of a multi-million dollar advertising campaign in this country, and guess who may be paying for a large part of that?
You'll never guess.
The government of Mexico.
A U.S.
advertising executive says he's close to a deal with the Mexican government to help fund a hundred million dollar ad campaign that would be pushing, you guessed it,
Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.
Casey Wyan has our report.
Lobbying groups for the U.S.
construction, agriculture, and other industries with large illegal alien workforces are funding this series of pro-amnesty TV ads scheduled to air after this year's presidential convention.
And then it goes in to admit that the Mexican government is footing millions and millions of this.
Now, what did I tell you two years ago?
Now, I didn't learn about this under a toadstool or in a cabbage patch.
It was in the Dallas Morning News.
I took the keywords in it, Googled it, and found stuff literally hundreds of times worse.
Because the Dallas Morning News was acting like it was good.
Oh, how cute, how wonderful.
The Mexican and U.S.
government are funding this big PR firm to put tens of millions of dollars of PR and to contact media and to run a big PR campaign.
And the meatpackers groups who'd fired all the American workers and hired the illegal aliens, they paid them with the days off for week after week to run around and do this in the streets.
Big corporations, the media that's financed and owned by them, the government of the U.S., the government of Mexico, for those same corporate interests.
But here's the problem.
We subsidize that.
The average illegal alien is on triple the welfare of even an inner-city black.
Did you know that?
Because they can have multiple identities and it's not enforced.
Did you know that illegal aliens in almost every major city don't have to have a driver's license?
The police have been told to let them go.
I've had Austin cops admit it to my face, but it's been in the paper.
And when they do arrest them, the judges and the courts and the prosecutors say, let them go.
They're above the law.
They don't have to have insurance, nothing.
Citizens do.
We're good to go.
And the illegal aliens are all going in right in front of me, not even checking anything.
But as a citizen, I had full insurance, and I had to yell at them after 30 minutes because I didn't want to lose my finger.
It was dangling by a piece of meat to go put my finger on.
I mean, just experience it for yourself.
Kind of like I tell you, Mercury's still on the vaccines.
Go to your doctor and say, I want a vaccine.
When he walks out, say, I want the insert.
Open up the ingredients and read it.
And go, Alex Jones is right.
The mainstream media is lying.
Find out the truth, ladies and gentlemen.
The government's got thousands of unfunded mandates on the states.
The feds do.
They want to bankrupt the states.
Every state in the union's going bankrupt.
And they pile more and more on.
But there's always more money for cops to go out and write tickets and run checkpoints on citizens.
We have got 100 million people in Mexico, 30 million of those living here in the United States, conservatively.
We have got hundreds of millions of Latin Americans living
50-plus million new births in Latin America in a year.
That's not even all the other foreigners coming in, who come in and literally get first-come, first-served, whatever they want on welfare, which then subsidize them working for five, six bucks an hour.
I'm not against these people individually, but that's why they have Angus and Reid polls, that's why they have Gallup polls showing 67 to upwards of 75 percent, go pull them up for yourself, of Hispanic Americans who are Americans, and then even naturalized Hispanics,
Who say, shut the border down.
Why when we have an anti-open border rally, we have a lot of Hispanics there?
Because they know their truck driving job went down from $25 an hour to $12 an hour, and it's going down even further.
They know that the company they own is going bankrupt.
They know it's killing the country because they're in the same boat as every other citizen.
But the media tries to act like it's racist and claims that all Hispanics are for open borders when they're not, so other Hispanics feel weird and say they're for it so everybody else goes along with it.
We'll be right back with a power-packed, info-packed show.
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He stands for truth.
He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Call Alex now at hole 3 at 877-590-5525.
Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Alright, we just released another Info Bomb as we come into the second hour, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, your host here every Sunday with this syndicated late edition.
The final word at the end of one week, the start of another.
Coming up, we told you day one, all the evidence showed it was going to be staged.
It's now come out in mainstream news, but back of the paper.
That situation a few weeks ago with the Iranian patrol boats and the audio of we're going to blow you up in one minute was absolute bull.
We're going to also get into some of the election news that is developing, but right now, let's get to your phone calls.
This will be a grab bag, people bringing up all these different subjects that hopefully get our neurons firing in different directions, getting your thinking as to what this broadcast is all about.
Let's talk to Greg, listening north of Austin.
I guess a 590 listener here deep in the heart of Texas.
You're on the air, sir.
Go ahead.
Yes, thank you, Mr. Jones.
This is Dr. Gregory Lopriato in Austin, Texas.
We have met, sir.
I was Dave and Laura's best man, and your children play with their children.
We met at the draft house yesterday.
It was memorable for me.
It may not have been memorable for you.
Anyways, Mr. Jones, I would like to talk very briefly about why the elitist will ultimately fail and why I think Ron Paul may well win Texas.
Sir, I am a student of the physical, biological, and sociological sciences.
Sir Isaac Newton gave us the equation force equals mass times acceleration.
Now in the physical sciences, the mass is held constant in many experiments and the conjugate variables such as temperature, pressure, and entropy are varied
So that we can see how various masses behave under different conditions.
Now the elitists, although they may not be conscious of it, they are using that same equation and the complementary laws of thermodynamics.
In my view, the elitists substitute for force
Mass, rather than physical masses, are the people who the elitists are trying to gain control of, and they are doing that by the acceleration component of the equation, using such things as political correctness.
They are attempting to standardize the masses, Mr. Jones, by... That's exactly, and going back to the Prussians 200 years ago, whose design was imported here and throughout the rest of Europe and the world, that's what they want.
They talk about us being cogs, automatons, kind of like Metropolis, or the Brave New World, so they can standardize everything to control everyone.
Yes, sir, but ultimately they will fail because of the second law of thermodynamics dealing with entropy.
...says that this empire will eventually pop like... Also chaos theory.
Well, that is related to entropy.
Chaos is a subset of Sir Isaac's Second Law.
Sir, may I turn to a second subject?
I am the Williamson County Coordinator for the RonPaulVoteCount.com...
And that's trying to document the election.
I mean, he's clearly been cheated everywhere but Nevada.
A lot of the polls, the internal polls, show he should be getting second place everywhere.
But Nevada's the only place where we didn't see the major signs of fraud.
And I mean, it's coming out that they're giving him zero votes where he got votes.
It's coming out that they're engaged in all forms of chicanery and have all these felons.
Running things.
I mean, we just sent a bunch of people in Ohio, election officials, to prison.
We said that was a fraud in 2004.
Not that I like to carry.
We're just reporting the fact.
They went to prison.
This is real.
You're on point, sir.
And this effort is an attempt to deal with the chicanery that you speak of.
We're offering the voters a chance to have their votes notarized.
We need more boots on the ground.
You need volunteers.
Fire them out, my friend.
Fire them out quick.
Sir, we need your help.
We need men and women at the polling stations.
Please have them go to www.ronpaulvotecount.com.
All right, sir.
That's fantastic.
And, folks, you can say, well, they're going to engage in election fraud.
We can't win.
What's the point in watching the fraud?
And we know there's big fraud right here in Travis and Williamson and Hayes County with the same system running it.
In over 80% of the precincts.
We've caught them.
Well, just five years ago in major polls, about 10-12%, depending on the poll, go look these up, believe it was election fraud engineered at the highest levels.
Not voter fraud, election fraud.
Now in major polls, go pull this, upwards of 85% believe there is systemic, endemic, system-wide, pandemic would be the word, across-the-board fraud.
So see, now people are angry, they're upset.
So that's the first step.
All right?
Get people convinced it's happening.
Show them the evidence.
You have to let them know there's a problem before you can set about fixing it.
And if we just give up and say, oh, there's all this corruption, there's nothing we can do, let's give up, then they're certainly going to win.
And people are waking up to the corrupt New Old Order system.
That is the good news, as you said, sir.
Let me see who else has been holding the longest.
Let's talk to Eric in San Marcos, Texas, under 590-KLBJ, Lester.
And he wants to talk about Planned Parenthood for eugenics.
You're on the air, sir.
How's it going, Alex?
I went to go see you at Waterloo.
Great, great presentation.
I'd like to go on and tell you I was watching the Trinity Broadcast Network.
And there's a link off their website where this group, these two individuals called Planned Parenthood, and they asked, and they recorded the entire conversation.
You should be able to find it on the Trinity Broadcast Network website somewhere.
Email it to, like, Aaron at Infowars.com or Trey at Infowars.com so I get it.
What happened was they asked to donate a large sum of money for a specific reason for only an abortion for an African American woman so she could have an abortion and they were all for it.
And he even made it clear saying, oh yes, I want it because I'm afraid of affirmative action.
And they were down for it.
And what makes me sick to my stomach is the fact that when they go back and they want answers of why they were accepting this donation for this reason, they try to stick them with an illegal wiretapping.
You know, it's wrong.
It's out wrong, man.
Well, I hear you.
Let me just say this.
There's only a few states that have that law.
So if it wasn't in Connecticut or New York or a few other places, that's fraud.
That's not illegal wiretapping, but let me just explain something here.
It's not my opinion.
My whole film, Endgame, is covering this.
It's what you've got to get it, folks, at InfoWars.com.
Get the DVD.
Make copies.
Get it out to people.
You want the high-quality DVD.
If you can't afford it, Google Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, and watch it for free on Google Video.
It's all over the web.
Please, spend the two hours, 20 minutes watching it.
I mean, I made a film that cost me $150,000 to make, and I'm just saying, here, it's free.
Please, find out who these people are.
Eugenics had the minds of over 90%, I think it's more than that, of those scientific minds.
They believe in it.
And that was just a few generations ago.
That's what they're carrying out under new names.
Margaret Singer was a eugenicist.
And then she's one of the top, what, 20 women in Time Magazine or whatever.
They cover up who these people are.
I don't think I have time to go to another call.
We're going to come back, and I'm going to get to LaVon, Derek, Andrew, and others that are patiently holding, 877-590-5525.
Before we end this break, I keep forgetting to plug this.
If you're a Texas listener, or even if you're in Oklahoma or New Mexico or Louisiana, I mean, it's worth it to come to this because it's really great.
I've never even been an official participant in it,
I'm just always invited.
George Norrie called me a few weeks ago, hosted the second biggest radio show in the country, that next Friday night, this is coming up Friday, I'll be live with him three hours in the studio here at NewsRadio, 590 KLBJ, nationwide.
He invited me to spend an hour or so of time with him up on stage.
Just a real gentleman, so I'll be at that event.
A lot of other people are going to be there from the station, some national hosts as well.
That's at the Austin Convention Center this Saturday.
It's absolutely free, and I hope to see you there.
You can also go to 590kobj.com to get maps, details to the Austin Convention Center.
That's coming up in six days here in Austin.
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Build-A-Bear is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
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The Federal Debt Relief System has created a successful attorney-backed program to legally eliminate credit card debt, personal loans, lines of credit, and other unsecure debts which have been fraudulently created by the banks.
We're good to go.
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Are you tired of searching for great talk radio?
Well, search no more.
We are the GCN Radio Network.
It is quite a circus in here today.
They got me under the hot lights, Independent Film Channel, documentary filmmakers, the guys that won the South by Southwest Award for Darkon.
Are here with us in studio.
They've been following me around off and on for, what, six months or so.
We also have, coming up in the next three or four months, a Discovery Channel piece, a full hour on the wicked Alex Jones.
And I am holding my breath to see what happens there.
It doesn't matter what people say or do, though.
I think these guys are good here.
Because it just makes folks check out what I'm actually saying, what I'm actually doing, what we're actually discussing, and then they wake up.
Some words about Ron Paul and election fraud.
Coming up on the 29th, you're going to have the Florida primary.
What is it, the third largest state?
It goes to the most delegates.
California, and of course Texas, and Florida, then New York.
And I think you're going to see more election fraud there against Ron Paul.
I mean, if he gets half the votes at the poll show he's getting, it's a fraud.
Again, he got second place, second place Friday in Nevada.
And guess what happened?
I watched Fox.
I watched CNN.
No one reported on it.
They just said McCain got second place.
Absolutely amazing.
Look into it for yourself.
You're asking, how can that be?
He tied with McCain.
I think he got 15 point something, actually, above McCain.
And McCain got a few percentage points under him.
Where is that here?
I've got an article, 15 point something, and Paul got 15 point something.
I know Paul won.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter if you win in this rigged game.
It doesn't matter if you beat that little creature, that gun-grabbing, open-bordered, loving, New World Order piece of trash.
Have you noticed how both parties are circling the wagons against the people, talking about how they're working together to save the economy and help you and take good care of you because they love you so much?
I want everyone to understand, they just want you to think they're doing something about the economy.
Exactly what the establishment wanted to happen from the IMF, the World Bank documents that we have, the banking documents we have, was now unfolding.
And it's going to get very, very, very bad.
The people that got gold, you could be looking at $2,000 gold in the next year.
It's already gone up from $300 to $900 plus, as we told you it would.
But don't listen to us.
There's paid liars that I'm sure will be glad to give you a bunch of bulls.
You can just listen to them.
Don't listen to people that have incredible track records of accuracy.
Let's talk to LaVon.
LaVon in San Francisco Bay Area.
And it says LaVon is 16 years old.
We don't screen your calls, but if you volunteer what you're calling about, they'll put it on the computer screen here for me.
By the way, if you disagree with me, 877-590-5525.
LaVon, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
I've been doing this for about three years, and I've been doing this until like 12 or 13.
You mean doing this, finding out about the New World Order?
Finding out about the New World Order, eugenics, and I was amazed to see when your movie came out.
I've seen all your movies.
A lot of the things I saw before your movies, and then when you came out with the movies, I was amazed.
It's in my community.
Things like they have this UN youth organization in my school and the kids are just dumbed down.
They don't know what's going on.
They're literally... We are Homo sapiens sapiens.
We're primates, and the elite openly say that.
And they treat us like animals.
It's humans that are into how humans operate, but they use it for evil.
And then they've trained us to be gibbering monkeys.
The general public, I watch them, who aren't aware, are literally gibbering monkeys.
And I bring them the evidence.
I show them that, okay, this is what it's about.
This is what's going to happen.
The dollar's going down.
My history teachers aren't even aware of this.
They don't know what the dollar... They don't understand currency.
They don't understand value.
I know, the basic things that our grandfathers and great-grandfathers and mothers knew.
Basic knowledge.
Look, one-fifth of Americans, and they have these surveys every year of university students, but also of adults.
One-fifth of Americans can't find the U.S.
on a map.
Eighty-plus percent of, what, sophomore college students, they had a survey two years ago, didn't know who the vice president was.
But they know how to act cool.
They know how to look at them wrong and start a fight with you.
They know how to snicker and call.
If you say the government's corrupt, they just snicker and go, that doesn't exist.
But you're out there, my friend.
But listen, people are waking up.
Positive things are happening.
People are starting to see the big picture.
And we're planting seeds.
And as things get worse and worse, as more and more of what we've said comes true, people are going to remember that.
They're going to see films I made 10, 11 years ago.
They're going to see TV shows I did 13 years ago.
They're going to see what a lot of other patriots and truth-tellers and alternative media said and did.
And our stock's going to continue to rise.
And there's a lot of people in the system who aren't evil, a lot of powerful, wealthy people who aren't corrupt, who aren't in the controlling corridors but are also in those circles, and they're very upset.
I talk to them.
I mean, I've talked to billionaires.
I've talked to retired four-star generals.
I've talked to people you wouldn't believe off record because they know I know how to keep my mouth shut.
People say stuff's off the record.
They're completely freaked out.
I mean, listen.
Tons of the Hollywood elite are building emergency relocation places for their families in Singapore and the Cook Islands, in New Zealand, in Costa Rica.
I mean, Schwarzenegger, Gibson, they're all fleeing there.
Gibson's got my films and watches them.
They're all, you know, they've got jets fueled, ready for their families to get out.
The analogy is the U.S.
was a great palace, and now the elite is out on the front lawn grabbing onto helicopter skids as they take off.
You ever seen the fall of Saigon?
In the early 70s when we were leaving, mid-70s, and there's the images of the troops and the people literally hanging off helicopter skids.
And the elite is just, they set up the system, they suck this dry, and the billionaires, how many people worth a billion bucks, six billion bucks, people I know,
People I know who represent wealthy people.
I mean, I mean real wealth.
I mean, they are totally freaked.
They've got bodyguards.
They've got weapons caches offshore.
They've got barbed wire fences.
They've got people with machine guns ready to protect them.
They know.
And they're begging the elite.
There's people throughout the strata, throughout the World Bank, IMF, British, U.S.
government, intelligence agencies, FBI, saying don't do it.
Don't set off nukes in the U.S.
Don't blame it on Al-Qaeda.
Don't bring in the New World Order.
Don't do it.
Well, I'm not a billionaire.
I'm not a millionaire.
I don't have anywhere to go.
This is all I've got to this country.
I'm going down with a ship.
And the ship's literally on its side.
It's smoking.
It's on fire.
And you've got all these pansy, mainline, arrogant, self-centered people going, We love it.
There's no corruption.
I mean, I watched television last night for about an hour.
In Dallas, we were doing shoots there for JFK film I'm making with the fellow that wrote the screenplay for JFK, their main consultant, Jim Mars, and also E. Howard Hunt's firstborn son, St.
John Hunt, cover Rolling Stone magazine about what we always knew, him confessing to being part of the killing Kennedy, the government.
And after the shoot, after three days of shooting, I went in and collapsed.
We're in a room eating ice cream.
I'm watching television, and I was flipping through every channel, and it was more and more insane and mentally ill and just mindless and decadent and stupid.
I mean, we're babes to the slaughter here.
Do I have time to jam in one more call before we go to break?
Can't even see my producer in there, do I?
That's strange.
Do we have time to go to another call?
I guess he doesn't hear me in there.
We do?
Let's go ahead and... See, I've got a different clock here and I forget the clock.
Let's go ahead and talk to Andrew in Wisconsin.
Andrew, you're on the air.
Hey, Mr. Jones?
Yes, sir.
I've been trying to get on for a couple times, but I know... You know, I actually shouldn't have gone to your call.
I'm going to come right back to you, okay?
Stay there, Andrew.
Stay there, Derek.
Everybody else, stay right there.
We'll come back to you after this quick break.
Get into them staging the Iran situation, trying to start World War III a few weeks ago.
That's now admitted to have been staged.
And a lot more.
The website's for truthnews.us, prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com.
We'll be back.
We're good to go.
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We're back live.
Sorry about that, caller.
Let's go back to Andrew in Wisconsin.
Let him finish up what he was saying.
You're on the air, sir.
Yeah, Alex, you know, I just... I don't know if it's the dumbing down, if that's a correct phrase, of society, or if it starts in high school.
It's the distracting.
It's the destruction of the language, the shrinking of the language.
It's the sodium and stannous fluoride in the water.
Go ahead.
It seems like it starts, you know, with the brainwashing in high school with...
Not giving you the truth.
You know what I'm saying?
And then it goes on to college, and then it goes into the yuppies where they sit in their cubicles.
And it just seems like, and I don't know if it's the baby boomers.
I don't want to go negative and say it's the Vietnam vets when it came back.
It's the entire society who's had it so good so long.
They stopped being involved in society, and everything fell apart.
It's true.
My father is similar to your viewpoint.
When I was young, he would talk about
When I was 6 or something, 26, when I was 6, he would say, watch when the government comes to your house to wipe your butt.
You know what I'm saying?
Crazy stuff like that.
You know what I mean?
Yeah, to help you.
To come wipe your butt.
You know what I mean?
That's how it's going to be.
You know what I mean?
It's overtaking.
I work 50 hours, like you were saying.
When I was younger, you're supposed to work 50 hours and have a house.
It isn't happening anymore.
You know what I mean?
No, you're absolutely right.
Look, the elite doesn't care about you.
In fact, they're disgusted with the population, but they've helped turn the population into what it is, by and large, as a generalization.
And people better know it's a very serious world.
The veneer of civilization is very, very thin.
Hey, thanks for having me on.
In regards to the immigration problem that you guys are having down in the United States,
I think it's important to note that it's not something that's just inherent to the ads.
All of Europe, by design, in official government policies, including Canada and North America, is being overrun by design by the third world to drive down wages and destroy the middle class, the historical enemy of the ruling elite.
That's right, and we have a similar problem up here.
However, the only fundamental difference is that in Canada, they're unbelievably overt about it.
Just for example, the Moncton City Council of New Brunswick at present is going over to South Korea and holding these massive seminars, spending millions of dollars of tax dollars, or money, to convince these people to migrate here so that they can fill jobs that they're not going to be able to fill because people are not having kids.
There's a massive exodus out west where people can find better jobs.
And the only...
Reasoning, I can see why they would want to do that, is to drive down the wages.
They don't want to pay a fair wage.
It's the elite waging war on the population.
Excellent point, because they're monopoly men.
In a free market, you want to protect your nation, build it up, but this is not a quote free market.
It's a monopoly market.
In a nationalistic free market, it is the opposite.
Let's talk to Tony in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air, Tony.
Good evening, Mr. Jones.
Just a reminder, if you could remind your listeners to leave the NRA and go with the GOA.
The NRA is a pro-gun control group.
That's right.
They have sponsored every major gun control bill that has passed, the 68 Gun Control Act, the Brady Bill in 1993.
They have supported the 2000 NICS expansion.
They have now supported the Veterans and Police Disarmament Act.
Yes, sir, they have.
I joined the GOA last week, and I intend to stick with them, but just as a side note, I'd like to let you know that you're freaking out all of my friends.
I've started making copies of Endgame and sending them to all my friends on DVD, and they keep coming to me going, well...
How did this all happen all of a sudden?
And it's like, it hasn't been all of a sudden.
It's been happening for decades.
We show the last 200 years of history, starting with Napoleon on.
The first of the film explains all of it.
Right, well, I understand that, but I've been referring them to your website, and when they start seeing Police State, and they start seeing your other videos, it just freaks them out.
But are they waking up, or are they going back on their turtle shell?
They're waking up, but slowly.
Well, good job.
Very slowly.
Well, it's shocking to learn that the NRA has great members, wonderful people, but that it was founded for gun control, is run by gun control.
Gunners of America, second largest Second Amendment group in the country, and really the only large Second Amendment group.
It's not the Judas Coat, not the Benedict Arnold, not the Wilson Sheeps clothing.
When they find out the NRA, the globalists weren't going to get our guns without controlling the so-called pro-gun group.
And that's what they've done, and that's how they fooled the population.
Let's go ahead now and talk to James in Los Angeles.
James, you're on the air.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
You know, I've just been turned on to your program in the last couple of weeks because a big Ron Paul supporter and a friend of mine here in L.A.
told me to listen, and I've been doing it.
I think you've been doing a heck of a job with that.
There's a couple of things I disagree with you on, but I completely agree with you, like I just mentioned, about Ron Paul and your economic assertions, and you had the Bob Chapman on recently.
He was excellent as well.
The only thing I wanted to get through to you, though, on 9-11, I don't know if you ever saw my exchange with Lee Hamilton of the 9-11 Commission.
If you go to representativepress.blogspot.com, you'll see a link there on the upper left.
It's a video.
Lee Hamilton of the 9-11 Whitewash Commission.
Yeah, but Alex, seriously, you've got somebody here who agrees with you in many areas.
It's not a hospital call, okay?
Hold on, let me just stop you.
A lot of listeners don't know who Lee Hamilton is.
I mean, I'm going to put you on hold for just a minute.
That's what they would do on any talk show or C-SPAN.
If a caller calls into C-SPAN and they've got a guest on and they say the name of a government official or someone on a commission, I just stated who he was.
So he was on the 9-11 Commission appointed by Bush.
They call independent.
Appointed by Bush.
So that's why I just put you on hold.
And I think he hung up after I put him on hold.
Sir, if you want to call back and get back in, you might have thought I hung up on you when I put you on hold.
You were talking over me.
I wanted to finish my point.
See, I'm not bad because I just said who that was.
A lot of people listening, driving down the road in Tennessee or Texas or New York or Southern California, they don't know who we were talking about.
Let's go ahead and talk to Paula.
We just lost Paula's call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Sam in Cedar Park.
That's basically Austin, Texas.
You're on the air, sir.
Yeah, Alex, I wondered if you'd ever heard of the term the dark side of the coin.
I met a man that said he kind of worked for the dark side of the coin, if you put it.
He said he actually didn't even work for an agency of the government, but he was over there in Europe in the 1950s, the mid-50s,
And he got a hold of this book called Greater Germany and World Events.
Are you familiar with that?
Okay, it's a... It rings a bell.
It was a leather-bound book with all sorts of photography from Heinrich Hoffman, Hitler's personal confidant, and...
The historians don't know about this book yet.
He said he got one from Germany and brought it back and he showed it to me.
It's just amazing.
It's got captions under each photo and a summary at the end of each month's photos of what was done.
But the basic title is Greater Germany and World Events.
It's all in German Gothic script.
And it's from the Ministry of Propaganda.
And I just thought I'd bounce that off of you because I think it's a fascinating... Well, what's its basic premise?
What's it say?
I don't know what it says.
It's German Gothic script, and I don't read German.
But I do know that we looked and we found another one in Germany that they sent to us.
And, you know, it's got weird photos in it.
Like, it's got a map of Europe, how Europe was going to be divided up when they got rid of Germany.
It had photos of maps that the Germans discovered how basically England had to –
I really can't comment on a book that I haven't read.
I know the historical fact is that
Lord Milner in England by the 20s wanted to set up a dictator in Germany, have Germany then destroy Europe, and then England could then come in and dominate Europe.
And by England, the Anglo-American establishment that did indeed do all of that.
Continuing with your very interesting phone calls, taking us in so many different directions.
On the other side of this quick break, again, the website's rtruthinus.us, and I'm going to be at TalkFest here in Austin, the Austin Convention Center, next Saturday.
Find out more at 590klbga.com.
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You're listening to the GCN Radio Network.
Coming to you live from deep in the heart of Texas, I'm Alex Jones, your host, blasting out across the nation and the Internet worldwide.
All right, let me hit one final news story, and then I'm going to go right to four or five final calls.
Jay and James and others from around the country, they're patiently holding.
Remember three weeks ago, the Iranian patrol boats supposedly came out in their tiny blue motorboats, their jet boats, and threatened the giant destroyer's task force that were going into the Persian Gulf.
And Bush said this could be war.
The media was saying this is unbelievable evil.
We've never seen such evil.
Except when our own government blew up two of their passenger liners and keeps bombing their ships over the years.
You didn't know about that?
Second biggest naval engagement since Midway in World War II was in, what, 1991 after the Gulf War.
They blew up a bunch of the Iranian ships, sunk some of their battleships.
I'm claiming something like this happened, too.
I think?
We're good to go.
And they said, okay, somebody was joking, and it wasn't the Iranians.
It's somebody all the ships know.
It's a radio pirate who likes to pop on and make jokes.
You know, the fake Persian accent.
We are going to blow you up in one minute.
And we told you day one it was fake, and now it's in the Asia Times.
It's now come out in several major U.S.
Steve Watson for Infowars.net wrote a really important report you should go read.
Remember what Ron Paul said, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts said, I said, so many others said they would try to stage a gulp of Tonkin there to get a war going, claiming some of our ships have been attacked, and then exactly that.
Garth Porter, a journalist who previously wrote a story regarding a secret Iranian peace overture to the Bush administration in 2006, writing for the Asia Times, states that the event was hyped up.
And a major incident after the original press release described the event as somewhat routine and did not refer to any threat to explode U.S.
ships or any similar confrontation.
And you better believe that was the CIA or another unnamed intelligence agency coming up with that line saying we're going to blow you up.
And now the people on both the ships are saying, yeah, somebody pops in and says that all the time, and we've triangulated where it's coming from.
It's not coming out of Iran.
And the Iranians are smart enough now to have video cameras all over their boats, all over their shoreline, and it was even video of them on the walkie-talkies, I mean, on the radios, and then the U.S.
had to admit, okay, they didn't threaten us.
And the boats were like a half a mile away behind them.
I mean, tiny little five-man boats driving around with giant missile cruisers and jets and helicopters flying overhead.
Oh, they're going to get us!
This is just incredible.
Okay, James in L.A.
actually got disconnected.
He had a point he wanted to make about talking to one of the people on the 9-11 Commission.
James, go ahead.
Sorry about that.
Hi, Alex.
Listen, that was just one point I wanted to make.
I had it out with Lee Hamilton, but I want to get to the issue of Iran and the USS Liberty and McCain and talk about other issues that I'm sure we agree on as well.
Go ahead.
You've got the floor.
Sounds good.
With regard to...
What happened with what you just mentioned in the Strait of Hormuz?
Yeah, that's like a Gulf of Tonkin, too.
I mean, you've got the USS Liberty attack back in 67, and what I wanted to mention about that is here we have Israel basically treacherously attacking our ship.
You can go to ussliberty.com to check that out.
I'm a friend of Captain Ward in Boston, but you might want to have him on your program as well.
I have interviewed him three times.
Yeah, well, we should really nail McCain with this, because I was on C-STAN right before McCain.
And it was his father, the Admiral, that helped cover it up.
Well, yeah, Isaac Kidd, he worked for him, did three naval court of inquiries for him, and what happened is McCain's father, just like you mentioned, helped to cover it up.
And here we have McCain selling himself as a patriotic American when he's been selling out to the Israelis, not only with the USS Liberty attack, but also with the war in Iraq.
That was all for the pro-Israel lobby, Alex.
You can look at the Walton-Mersheimer book, you know, the U.S.
foreign policy.
That's Israel Lobby and U.S.
Foreign Policy.
Just go to IsraelLobbyBook.com to check that out.
And there's a media blackout on that, too.
I tried to get 60 Minutes to do it.
I got an email back from the executive office saying, no, we won't do it.
That was a month before the book came out.
Yet I was able to get it out on the BBC internationally.
The problem in our country, as you've been addressing as well, is the media blackout.
Look what we have to deal with regarding that with Ron Paul.
Another issue.
Let's get a campaign against McCain.
I mean, look what they did to Kerry.
I didn't like Kerry at all.
He was strumming, playing guitar with... Exactly.
I mean, they can't just stage the election.
They have to have a fall guy or a guy with a glass jaw to take a dive like Kerry.
Both parties are bought.
That's how they control it.
But look, on the situation of the USS Liberty, 1967, during the Six-Day War,
It is true that Israel, for more than two and a half hours, with patrol boats firing .50 caliber and larger cannons and torpedoes, and they saw Missouri bombers and Mirage fighter bombers did attack the ship.
And then the ship called for help.
It wasn't even in Israeli waters.
And now the Israeli pilots have gone public saying they were ordered to attack it.
They knew it was an American ship.
That's in Israeli papers.
And the Chicago Tribune reported the NSA is now releasing intercepts.
And it has been declassified.
The Israeli intercepts.
The U.S.
intercepted where they said attack the American ship.
Sink it.
And then you can debate all day why they did it.
But the more important fact is they've now released the transcripts.
And I've interviewed the admirals.
I've interviewed the captain before he died.
I've interviewed Ward Boston, the judge advocate general.
He was a captain at the time, then became a general and ran that investigation.
They were ordered to stand down, and that LBJ, when the admirals, 100 miles away, launched jets in the med, and they were ordered to turn those jets back, and the admirals said, no, I want to hear from the president.
They told McNamara over the phone.
I've talked to multiple people who heard this up in the conning towers.
I mean, admirals.
I talked to the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Admiral Moore went public about this.
I guess he's bad too, though.
Admiral Thomas Moore.
He just died a few years ago.
Great man.
And LBJ came on the phone and said, that ship, you know, I don't care if that GD ship goes to the bottom.
Recall the aircraft.
No help.
And people said that wasn't true.
Well, now the NSA intercept has been released.
And the evidence we've gotten, what the survivors believe, Congressional Medal of Honor winners, by the way, some of the most highly decorated ship in U.S.
You didn't know that, folks, was that
They were trying to sink the ship to blame it on Egypt as a false flag.
It looks like our government was involved because it was an intelligence ship and the executive branch had that ship parked out there and then was in collusion to do that.
And it's very, very horrible.
But my point is that all governments do this.
And so, you know, we get into an Israel bashing fest instead of just intellectually going, yes, Israel stages terror attacks.
It's been in Herat.
It's been in the Jerusalem Post.
They created fake al-Qaeda groups.
Just type that into Google.
Israel created fake al-Qaeda groups to bomb Israeli cities to get their people to go along with the police state.
Our government does it.
The British do it.
The Germans do it.
The Italians do it.
The Japanese do it.
The Chinese do it.
And this is a favorite tactic of government.
And you're absolutely right, sir.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jay.
Jay, you're on the air from New York.
Okay, he's got his radio up.
Go ahead.
I'm going to have to let him go, and I don't think we're going to take any more calls.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've only got about two minutes left.
I know we have listeners all over the country and the world, but if you're blessed to live in Texas, God bless Texas, George Norrie invited me to be in studio.
He's going to be here in town.
His station here that broadcasts in Austin is the station we transmit out of to syndicate around the country and the world.
It's NewsRadio 590 KLBJ.
And they've got TalkFest.
It's coming up that Saturday.
He'll be here in town Friday.
I'm going to be in studio with him on the nationwide broadcast for three hours.
I'm really honored to do that.
I'm always honored when the last three years in a row have invited me to that.
And then he invited me again to be at TalkFest.
So I'm not sure how much I'll be up on stage with him
Really could care less one way or the other.
It sounds like a lot of fun.
I like seeing the people out there at the event.
The big deal is I'll be in studio with him here at the station going out nationwide, coming out next Friday night into Saturday morning.
So you'll definitely want to tune in for that.
And you can meet George Norrie at TalkFest.
That's with the Austin Convention Center.
Really nice facility.
And there's going to be all the local hosts and some other national hosts.
John Dromgoole is really interesting.
Pat Robertson.
Cheryl McLaughlin.
Patrick Timponi.
Carl Stewart.
I bet Kenny Rohmeyer, Jeff Ward, there's a lot of people there.
It's a free event.
Find out more at 590klbj.com.
And in closing, my websites are prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv.
We now have ronpaulwarroom.com with live blogging on the main page.
And we're going to be expanding all of that at ronpaulwarroom.com, really the latest breaking news on that subject and all things Liberty.
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It is just a library, a treasure trove of information.
We'll be back next Sunday live, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, 5 to 7 p.m.
Eastern, 3 to 5 p.m.
And I guess that'll be 2 to 4 p.m.
And, of course, the weekday show, 11 to 2 Central Standard Time.
All of it available at prisonplanet.com, our flagship website.
Great job to Drake and Kate right on the show.
I want to say hi as well, and thanks for the great help in here with the Independent Film Channel, folks.
Take care.
I'm done.
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I think?