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Air Date: Jan. 17, 2008
2112 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Wednesday, the fifth month of this year, already busted wide open, the second day of May 2007.
We'll be here live for the next three hours.
We'll be welcoming St.
John Hunt, the son of former CIA agent, Black Ops Commander, and Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt, to discuss his father's recent deathbed confession of his involvement in the JFK assassination operation.
That's in the third hour.
In the second hour, we're going to be joined by former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan and former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal, Paul Craig Roberts.
Dr. Roberts, the former... He'll be discussing the former CIA Director George Tenet and other neocon rats who are now rapidly leaving the sinking ship.
And Rupert Murdoch's $5 billion rebuff, but that doesn't mean it's over, bid to buy Dow Jones, the owner of the Wall Street Journal and, of course, the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
The Pentagon really wants full control of that.
Now, the Pentagon manipulates it through its private shareholders in the defense contractors, Big Oil and Central Banking.
But to actually have a CIA company
...physically holding it.
That's what News Corp is, of course.
I see CIA.
It's really British intel.
A lot of evidence shows Rupert Murdoch, like everybody else, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, was brought into British intelligence, and then that's the same thing as the CIA when he was there at Oxford.
And then it went on from there.
But I'm already digressing.
We'll be going over all of this coming up with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
A real...
Conservative in the next hour.
He'll just be with us for 30 minutes.
And then we'll be taking your calls in the second half of that hour.
We'll also have open phones.
I want to do it again today.
Because I meant to take a lot of calls yesterday.
I did take 10 or 15, but not as many as I wanted to because I was so busy covering news.
I do want to have first-time calls on geopolitical news, the ongoing slide of the dollar.
It's really gone little noticed.
The BBC reporting that three days ago they had the gigantic...
Summit, European, EU, American Union Summit in D.C.
and agreed to fully integrate the nation's huge news.
We should have a report out on that in the next few days at prisonplanet.com and fowars.com.
I'd love to hear from you on that subject.
The Kennedy assassination now admitted to be a government operation.
The toll-free number to join us, 1-800-
And we will get you up and on the air.
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It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Wouldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, it wasn't a surprise to anyone.
President Bush and that smoke and mirrors carnival scam...
That he runs with the shysters in Congress, vetoed the troop pull-down.
The troops are never going to leave Iraq.
We're talking 200 years, probably, ladies and gentlemen.
The official Pentagon and Israeli plans were troops for at least 30 years, permanent bases, deindustrialization, and then the armored bases will just protect the pipelines pumping out the oil while they play the different sectarian groups off against each other.
It's cold-blooded, it's wicked, but it's pure genius.
It's the order-out-of-chaos paradigm that our enemies operate on, and the general public believes they're propaganda.
The war has been executed beautifully by President Bush's controllers.
That's why they're in power.
That's why they're carrying the ball.
Those that tell you they've dropped the ball, that they're a bunch of buffoons.
Bush was chosen for his bumbling so that they can have that convenient illusion.
It's being carried out with the same scientific precision that can shoot a cruise missile down your chimney.
With the same precision that brings you an IRS audit.
With the same precision of that red light camera that gives you a ticket.
It's done with focus.
Yes, government is bumbling and like jello and tar to get through at the low level with red tape.
That's designed to immobilize you and burn up your extra energies.
At the top of the pyramid, it is a white bright light burning through humanity completely and totally focused with precision as they play out these thespian theatrical events for the general public who buys it hook, line, and sinker.
Though more and more that's starting to change.
So in Battled Bush, Vito's Iraq withdrawal plan.
We'll be going over that.
Also, key U.S.
Army ranks begin to thin.
That's all part of the plan.
They will accelerate the level of illegal alien felons, aggravated felons, that make up the ranks.
And you just almost ran off the road.
You're laughing at me.
You're not aware.
20% plus of the ground force is illegal alien legalized in Iraq in the Army.
20% of the Army force.
That was a year ago.
That was in the paper.
Many of them are aggravated felons.
And this is all part of the plan.
They have expanded giant recruiting stations in Mexico City.
In Manila, in the Philippines, in the former Eastern Bloc, from Poland into many other areas of Georgia.
And I'm not talking about Georgia peaches.
I mean up against the former Soviet Union, now the Soviet Republic, the Russian Republic.
I'm having a Conley's of Rice slip up there.
CFR warns of false flag terror.
...attack to ignite Iran war.
Yes, you just heard me right.
Council on Foreign Relations warns of false flag attack to ignite war.
Paul Watson has this bombshell report for you at PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Echoing Brzezinski's veiled threat, but absurdly pins potential blame on Al-Siyada...
Also, fertilizer terrorists, fingered intelligence agencies, ISI implicated, 7-7 links exposed, terror network controlled by intel beyond doubt.
And that's from the cautious Steve Watson, so you can put it in the bank.
That's up on InfoWars.net right now, headline.
We'll be going over that.
And again, we have St.
John Hunt, the son of the Black Hawk commander, E. Howard Hunt, with the deathbed confession of the assassination of JFK.
43 years ago, joining us on air in the third hour with new powerful revelations, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the attempted buyout of the Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal, the Dow Jones Company, which holdings the Wall Street Journal, the second biggest paper in the country, many other publications and internet systems and technology indexes, as well as the Dow Jones Industrial Index.
...system itself, that entire scale, exactly what Rupert wants as a British intel officer, working for the Pentagon publicly, but, and of course they're behind Hillary, Roger Ailes and Rupert are behind Hillary, and conservatives are just now learning this to their absolute horror.
You think Fox News is conservative?
Oh my goodness.
Oh, sometimes it just gets too rich.
A JFK murder plot deathbed confession aired on national radio.
We'll be going over that in the Murdoch situation.
But you know what I always say?
I'll go to calls in the second segment from eight minutes in to 21 after in that long segment I never do.
Let's just keep a promise this time and actually go to them.
Gary in Ohio, first-time caller, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex, this is Gary in Columbus, Ohio, first-time caller.
What's on your mind?
I'm doing okay.
Hey, I just wanted to encourage your listeners to start using dig.com more because I think we're getting some real... It's actually starting to work.
Well, let's be clear for those that don't know.
Dig is a user...
Content-based, synergy with news, where alternative mainstream news, video clips, you name it, get posted as news or as posts, and then people comment on it and vote it up or down to the main page.
It's hundreds of times better than the Drudge Report that's 550-something, and digs like 50-something last time I checked.
Ultra-massive, tens of millions of visitors.
Really, I haven't looked at the index lately there on Alexa, but I would imagine tens of millions an hour, not tens of millions a day.
It's hundreds of times better than Drudge.
And we have been banned on there officially by Digg.
They even put out a release five months ago.
But then we countered that.
They unbanned Prison Planet.
They first claimed we were fake news like The Onion.
No, we're the real news.
We make the news.
And they're ferreting it out.
And we're newsmakers.
And then they saw our popularity.
They thought that was fake.
And so they have the Dig Brigade, a lot of them who work for Dig, who would purposely bury us.
But as the experience rate of our diggers, our patriot diggers, our truth diggers, our info warriors, goes up, our voting power increases.
That's how it works.
It has a precedent.
And we are exploding and now finally defeating the censors, and they're screaming and howling.
And we have Dig revolts.
Okay, well, I just wanted to say we actually got a couple Jones Report sites on FrontPage.
We've made them popular, like the Nine Inch Nails thing that was covered, and Luke Building 7 with the police.
And I just wanted to tell people that are using Digg to use the Add Friend feature.
When you see someone that's spreading 9-11 truth, to add them as a friend, and then what you can see
When they're digging other stories, because it's hard to spot all the truth stories that come out.
Then we can vector in and swarm in on enemy capital ships and with combined firepower, shank them.
And one other thing I just want to add.
There was a big victory for hackers yesterday.
They were trying to ban this one story, but they just got so many people.
They got it up on President Planet.
It was a key code hack for HD.
I'm all about getting the info out.
It's great.
That's total freedom.
It's what we need against these enemies.
Tell folks what happened.
It's on the BBC now, actually.
They might be even sued over this because some big interest group doesn't want that code to come out.
But they officially decided, because of mass opinion, to allow it on the site, and I think the same thing can happen.
Well, they tried to ban it.
I just read this last night, but they tried to ban it, and then they got swarmed.
It was dubbed a Digg revolt, and then Digg just basically capitulated.
Yeah, every single story on the front page was that DVD key thing.
So I just wanted to share that.
Alex, you're doing a great job.
Hey, I appreciate you.
Keep it up.
And listen, folks.
I put myself right out on the edge.
I put myself right out there as a target.
I literally am on the front lines of this fight.
And it's a catch-22.
I know the more popular, the bigger I get, the more danger I'm in.
But then if I don't do that, I'm also in danger.
Because having that Oda ride, it gives you some level of protection.
But believe me, it isn't about Alex Jones.
We need your help.
To get our censored stories on the main page of Digg, where they can then go supernova and infect the rest of the Internet.
It is a viral port.
It is a main zone for us to breach the wall, which we routinely do, but I mean breach it in a big way.
And yes, it infuriated people.
In fact, I've told Steve Watson, I've told Paul Watson, I want a story about this Digg breach.
Now, we should have done that last night, but I don't have enough writers.
I don't have enough personnel.
You, the listeners, when you see this, write an article, and we'll scan it if it's good material, which most of the stuff you send us is better than what we write.
We have a lot of genius listeners.
You know, I'm a blithering idiot compared to many of you, and believe me, I read the stuff you write.
And then you give it to us.
We'll magnify it and jump it to the next level.
You understand?
I mean, we can take the smallest thing that 10 people read on your MySpace, and if it's well-written and has documentation, then hundreds of thousands, conservatively, will see it.
That will then basically jump it, hyper-warp it to the next level, and then we can blast through the enemy defenses.
And, folks, when I talk like that, I really mean it, okay?
I picture it all as a battlefield.
And we are literally fighting for our lives here.
And I'm telling you, we have to blow out their defenses, take their machine gun nests, move on to the higher ground, and then exploit that high ground to take the next hill so that we can engage them from high ground.
And that's what we're doing.
Okay, I literally climbed on my belly up out of the slimy swamps all the way up to a mountain, and now I'm firing howitzers at the next highest mountain.
But believe me, we're under bombardment.
We are under attack.
If you will simply join us in the fight, we will take the next mountain and move on for the main citadel of the New World Order.
This is not a joke.
This is not a game.
This is life and death.
And they know it.
They're debating, pulling the plug on the whole web.
They're trying to figure out how to do it right now with the Internet, too, because of what we're doing to them.
USA Today has some, you know, the big ten benchmarks of the web.
They don't mention the people getting their own voice and exposing and overthrowing the oligarchs.
We are on the edge of a Ceausescu-type victory.
We are on the edge of a Romanian-type overthrow of these people.
They know it.
You need to realize it, and then we can take victory.
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Wouldn't their objective be world domination?
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Yeah, I'd like to see your submissions, and we take about 90% of them, on Digg's censorship, on their history, how they've now been crushed, and how this can be used as a precedent to continue to crush their censorship and their conniving behavior.
Because it's one thing to block people posting codes or ways to crack an HD system with encoding and encryption.
It's another thing entirely just to say no 9-11 stuff is allowed on the main page.
Or no real criticism of, say, DynCorp and child kidnapping rings.
They won't let you post the Chicago Tribune articles or others that came out about kidnapping children.
I guess the people that run it think hostile type, you know, behavior.
Hostiles are real, folks.
That's not just a movie.
I guess they think that's no big deal.
You see, we need to, if somebody's going to advertise themselves as a free speech zone, and you get to vote, and what you want goes to the main page, and then they engage in fraud, and lie, and stuff the ballot box, and block out, and elect what they want, and cheat.
Who wants to see a boxing match where it's rigged?
Who wants to go to the Derby to see a rigged horse race?
Who wants to go to a football game that's rigged?
Or a baseball game that's rigged?
Or a hockey game that's rigged?
Well, dig is rigged, okay?
And we need to write a bunch of articles about this, post them on Prison Planet, post them on InfoWars, really take the best one out there.
You guys and gals can collectively choose which one you think is the best.
We'll post them all.
And you can dig it.
To really get the full story of Digg and what they do.
All right, I don't want to spend all day on Digg.
If you want to send stories to us, send them to Aaron at Infowars.com and Watson at PrisonPlanet.com or Ryan at Infowars.com.
Send them to all three and make sure one of them gets it posted.
I mean, we have cracks in the facade, big ones, big holes to exploit and send our running backs through.
We've had victory after victory.
Believe me, we're just getting started.
And again, I want you right beside me and in front of me and behind me.
I am just one gunboat commander in a little bitty gunboat with a crew of maybe 10 people, you know, firing torpedoes, firing depth charges, firing a 50-cal machine gun.
I mean, I'm right up there, ladies and gentlemen, on deck just firing that 50-cal.
And there's thousands of us swarming around.
Each one of their capital ships, each one of their missile cruisers, each one of their battleships, they cannot stop us all.
And if we just stop whining and stop talking about how big the battleship is and stop talking about how there's no way to defeat it and stop talking about how bad they are and how they're going to get us, if we just open fire and target the enemy and put the truth out and do not stop, never stop,
You're going to start seeing those ships explode.
You're going to see their magazines erupt.
And we've already seen that.
We have seen their lie about the Iraq War blown wide open.
Their lie about 9-11 blown wide open.
Their lie about CPS being good guys blown wide open.
Their lies about depleted uranium blown wide open.
I mean, think about JFK completely and totally blown wide open.
But it doesn't take 40 years anymore.
It takes a few months now.
They're totally losing credibility, so they're racing out of the soft power paradigm of oppressing us through different veils and different propaganda arms and velvet gloves.
They've taken the velvet off the fist, and now the iron fist is coming down on us.
And I say, good.
It's just like a fight in the real world, just like a fist fight when you were a teenager.
You're scared until the person hits you.
And as soon as they make a swing or as soon as they knock you upside the head, you know, you just energize.
And I say let them act like tyrants and let them bring it on.
You know, George Bush wants to shoot his mouth off about bringing it on.
Listen to me, you little blue blood British intel piece of trash.
You think this country belongs to you and the scumbags that run you out of Europe and Israel and the rest of it.
You do not run this country.
You do not run the American people.
And you have tried and you have tried to go too far in that whore Hillary Clinton.
You know, there are some of us who aren't afraid of you and Rupert Murdoch and your whole gaggle of crooks.
And you've pushed too far, and you've tried to kill this country, you've tried to accelerate the illegal aliens pouring in, trying to sink us as fast as you can, and I'm telling you it's a race you've lost.
We've got to start believing in ourselves and believing in the power of God to stand up against evil.
I'm telling you, the number one problem is these churches that tell you, sit there in your church, don't ever get involved in any politics, don't get involved in anything, don't get involved fighting abortion or any of the issues, just feel good, and the worst things get, that means Jesus is that much closer to coming and pulling you out of it.
Well, let me tell you something, folks.
Duty is ours.
Consequence belongs to God.
Let's say God's coming next week, which isn't the case, by the way.
You'll see next week.
Let's just say that's the case.
Is it okay for you to sit there and let evil go on all around you?
You see, that's why we've been pacified when the government, 75 years ago, through the World Council of Churches, started taking over our churches.
And now they're a bunch of feel-good social clubs.
They're a bunch of whorehouses.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Oh, oh.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to St.
John High.
The son of former CIA agent and Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt to discuss his father's recent deathbed confession of his involvement in the JFK black operation.
Also the former head of the Treasury.
He was the chief economist at the Treasury.
Editor of the Wall Street Journal to join us talking about the neocons leaving the sinking ship.
But that's only the globalists putting all the bad they've done, the whole agenda that they've taken major steps in, on the group they're now replacing so they can put in fresh ones to fool the public yet again and move forward.
And we'll talk about Rupert Murdoch's attempt to buy the Wall Street Journal from the former editor of the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
So that's coming up for 30 minutes in the next hour.
All right, I want to get into all the new terrorism news, some really important stuff.
Plus, the LAPD was extremely restrained against a bunch of illegal aliens and their supporters running around in Los Angeles.
Now, let me be clear.
I don't like how the LAPD treated them.
The LAPD violated their rights and acted like a bunch of thugs.
But compared to what the LAPD does to other protests and other demonstrations, it's about 10% of the regular response.
Because the news is trying to spin all this, but we did find actual videos of what was going on.
We wish we had the stats of an article on this, too.
Maybe you can go look it up yourself and do one.
But the illegal aliens started throwing rocks and signs and screaming at the police about a quarter mile away from the main demonstration.
Kind of the Mexican mafia type folks did.
And the cops in their Darth Vader outfits didn't like it, so they opened fire on those guys and chased them into the main mass and then started attacking the news reporters and everybody else.
And by attacking, they would just scream at them and shove them down on the ground and aim a shotgun at their face with a rubber bullet that would kill you at that range.
Whereas normally, if it had been any other group, liberal, conservative, pro-sovereignty group, Second Amendment group, the police, the people would have died.
I mean, people would have had their heads beat in.
I mean, hell, a young girl walking out of a Red Sox game bar at 2 a.m., no criminal record, cop just walks right up and blows her head off.
I mean, you know, if you're in Boston, I mean, I've seen it, I've experienced it.
You talk back, they open fire.
And I remember last year when Rob Allen & Co.
Well, I said I'd get to this later, didn't I?
The point is the President and Vicente Fox and Rob Allen & Co.
that ran both their campaigns staged at tens of millions protesting over a month.
What backfired was they had trucks there with RNC funding handing out American flags.
They didn't want those.
They waved Mexican.
So it kind of backfired.
But this latest staged event...
In L.A., folks started throwing rocks this time, and by the way, that happened last time, and the cops just aren't going to put up with it.
So they finally didn't follow orders to stand down and did take action.
Remember in Seattle, we have footage of this in the Police State 2, the takeover, now available on DVD, I would add, in the Trilogy DVD that just came out.
I never really plugged that.
All three are on three DVDs in one box set, 45% off.
Hope you get them.
But why not just cover this now?
I've just got all these audio clips and a whole bunch I want to say.
Yeah, in Seattle you had 60,000 peaceful demonstrators, and so for a day the government had hired anarchists that they housed in a government building that were trained by the Ford Foundation in Oregon, bussed in.
And publicly working for the government, and they broke Nike Town's windows and burned trash cans and hit cops in the head with bottles, and the cops would cry like little cowards because they were so mad they'd throw fits.
But they'd follow orders to let them hit them in the head with bottles.
It's just pathetic.
While the government agents hit them and the provocateurs, so the news could show that and say, look, the police aren't doing anything.
Delta Force was commanding and all.
That was in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Weekly, and Seattle Times, all three papers reported it.
Again, it's all in the takeover.
We have video of it and police admitting it.
Because they had to set the national precedent to then attack demonstrators for no reason.
They issued the federal Darth Vader outfits that you see police wearing everywhere now, and that was a sea change catalyzing event.
That was a huge blackout.
But you see, when they're told still, they stand down.
When they're being hit with rocks and cussed at.
I don't recommend any other group but the illegal aliens try that.
And of course, they didn't follow orders in L.A., and they went ahead and opened fire on you with rubber bullets, and then they did run down a bunch of innocent people and families.
Welcome to our world here.
Now, let's get honest.
In southern Mexico, when people resisted six months ago, they opened fire on them with real machine guns and killed some Americans and press and others, and it wasn't even really in our news.
But we'll be living like that soon enough here if the Chalchescu-type people that run our government have their way.
All right, I'm blitzing.
I've got to go through your calls quickly because I've got all this news, and then Dr. Roberts joining us, and then...
John Hunt.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Los Angeles.
Go ahead, Chris.
How's it going?
Hey, Alex.
Good, sir.
I was going to comment on the events in Los Angeles yesterday, but you pretty much covered it off.
No one gets your take.
Go ahead.
It did start with a few people throwing rocks and bottles and that kind of stuff.
Which the media wouldn't show.
By the way, I've got the Loree Conquista reporter, and you see her really trying to start fights with the cops.
She's got a lot of chutzpah, as they say.
I mean, I understand she's mad, but normally that would result in her being killed with rubber bullets at point-blank range in the face.
I mean, lesser things result in death routinely at the hands of the Ringwraith, Darth Vader forces, federally issued uniforms.
Sorry, go ahead.
I must admit, I was surprised to see the amount of news coverage it got last night.
That was because it was a preferred, protected group that's being used as a battering ram to destroy the Republic.
But they even showed one of the clips of a 15, 16-year-old boy being attacked by the police as well, and they're really laying into him with their batons and stuff like that.
The other thing I wanted to talk about...
I've noticed a lot of references both in 24 and the new movie Next about a nuclear bomb attack in Los Angeles.
Do you think that this is some kind of pre-
Pre-warning like they used in the Lone Gunman episode?
Well, I mean, they had Mayor Ray Nagin in the FX oil storm program five months before Katrina actually really hit and did the exact thing.
They, on Lone Gunman, had the government hijacking a jet by remote control to blame it on the Afghans as a pretext for weapon sales using government drills to smoke screen it for the rest of the government.
And we know the CIA did approach the X-Files with many of the plots.
I've had X-Files star, Lone Gunman star Dean Hagelin in studio and at my home in two different video interviews.
So that's on record, yes.
The globalists have said L.A., Denver, Dallas, and Cleveland will be nuked.
Now, the CFR normally keeps their promises, and so don't think that they've done computer models.
They know we're going to resist them.
They know we're going to resist going into the North American Union, merger with the EU, and they are fully prepared and ready to set off atomic or thermonuclear hydrogen weapons in the United States to blame it on al-Qaeda, and of course the real target will be the American people.
The other thing I noticed is they've been running a lot of training exercises up at Universal City recently as well, which seems to be preparing for some kind of event in Los Angeles.
Well, don't worry.
They'll take good care of you.
They care about us.
I'm sure they will.
Keep up the good work, mate.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Thank you.
I appreciate your call.
We had two choices here.
It was let them have it their way, let them be on a faster timetable, stage devastating terror attacks and win, or fight them tooth and nail and they'll still carry out attacks, but at least it'll be on our terms.
We've chosen the latter.
We're engaging them.
A lot of us are going to be killed, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, I frankly... It'll be a miracle if I make it through this.
But miracles do happen.
And I am committed.
Okay, this is not a drill.
This is not a game.
This is not a joke.
These people don't play games, okay?
But we don't play games either.
You see, we're on the radio, and we've got AM and FM affiliates all over the place, and we've got one of the biggest Internet shows, frankly, the biggest Internet show for just free streams out there, and we're putting the word out, and our listeners are taking action as leaders, and we don't care.
Real simple.
It's when you get committed and you're in the fight and that's the spirit that's going to win this fight against the New World Order.
You've got to gut up and you've got to commit, America.
The world's got to commit.
Are we going to let them have their way with us in the ditch on our knees or are we going to go down swinging?
And I'm telling you, you just start swinging, folks, and you stop worrying and
And you stop thinking, you're going to win this fight.
And by thinking, I mean you start thinking about how it's going to hurt to get hit.
You start thinking about how it's scary.
You start thinking about what will they do.
You just ignore what they're throwing and what they're doing, and you just use that to only make you matter.
And you just get the job done.
And in about five seconds flat in the scheme of human history, the enemy's going to be on the ground with their heads split open.
And when they hit the ground, don't stop then.
Give them a couple stomps to the neck.
In the Infowar.
That's what it's going to take here.
This isn't a joke.
We didn't attack them.
They drew first blood.
They've done a bunch of bad stuff.
50 million abortions.
Tens of millions autistic from the mercury.
Millions of children and women kidnapped for sex slave rings, folks.
These people are evil.
They must be resisted.
Tell your preachers...
Just stop going to these scumbag churches where they tell you how to have a limp wrist and lay around.
Stop going to your liberal tea parties and your little hangouts where you sit around and braid each other's hair and feel good.
Take action!
Jim in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I am a first-time caller.
It would probably come to no surprise that your Chinese astrological sign is a tiger because you have been an absolute tiger in this fight.
Keep it up.
We're all behind you.
I know it's frustrating.
The news gets a little negative and stuff, but you're doing an awesome job.
Well, listen, we're in the good time right now.
This isn't a hot war yet.
We're trying to avert that and stall the New World Order so we can just kind of slowly dismantle it.
Like Mike Rivero says, like the Soviet Union, we don't want this thing to go red hot.
And I'm just going to make a couple quick points and move on and let you get some other callers in.
Sean David Morton was on Coast to Coast.
He said some good things about you.
He may make a good guest on your program.
I need to get him on, yeah.
Yeah, he knows a lot about the forex, what's really going on with the dollar, and he sees the big picture like you.
And I have two quotes from Einstein.
The first one is, the world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
And in the second quote, he mentioned something about when the honeybees all disappear, mankind has got about four or five years left.
So that is definitely going on now.
And another...
One other point, I saw Dana Rohrabacher, 45th District on C-SPAN last night, talked about an hour, gave the whole story about Kofi Ann and Ramos and how the borders are wide open.
He just exposed the whole thing.
Wait a minute, he admitted it was a UN op?
He got into details.
He got into how the district attorney was... He was like Lou Dobbs on steroids.
I mean, he was exposing the whole thing.
Where was he?
He was on C-SPAN last night.
I watched about 10.30 Eastern Time last night.
He talked about for an hour.
Yeah, I didn't make a copy of it or anything, but I'm sure you could find it on the archives or something.
Dana Rowe, I don't know if I'm pronouncing his name right.
And what else do I have to say?
I think that's it.
Yeah, try to watch that if you can.
Oh, and at the end, it was funny, how the speaker said,
After it was all done and everything, the House Speaker said, oh, by the way, you're not allowed to criticize the President, or something.
He made a comment after he said all that, so at least he let him finish.
But, you know, he was definitely, he gave a great... By the way, all they did was criticize the President 200 years ago.
They just passed some rule by, I mean, again, what you have is those committee chairmen as dictators frustrating the will of the people in the Republic.
I appreciate your call.
Good to hear from you.
Well, I need to get that cheese pan then, Dana Rohrabacher.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Alan.
And Alan's calling from Cleveland, Ohio.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
You made my day about the nuclear hit maybe on Cleveland.
I really enjoyed that.
But I don't doubt it.
Well, that's the Council on Foreign Relations.
And they like to brag.
They like to publicly call it and then do it.
I know that.
But there's a couple of things I want to comment on, because you're almost like reading my mind on the phone.
One of them is, you talk about being in a gunboat.
I was on a gunboat.
Now, five guys, it wasn't ten.
I understand it well, and again, I smell ambushes when they're coming.
It's the sixth sense you get.
That's not related to the nuclear issue.
But my suggestion is...
That, you know, as you're talking about all these issues, for instance, about even the Kennedy assassination, let's get to Jim Garrison there.
One of the things he was concerned about and he was warned about is his life for getting the news out there, for being somebody like you that puts it out there and was worried about himself and was worried about his family.
Now, I don't know who exactly told him, but it's been a long time ago, but I remember the advice he got was, get on your pedestal and rattle the cage and make as much noise as you can, because that way, if you so much as slip on a bar of soap and like accidentally commit suicide by shooting yourself in the head five times,
Well, that's in the movie.
He says he's got to stay as loud, and that's a true story.
You know, they've got to stay as loud as possible.
Light gives us all safety.
The government goes after the widow.
It goes after the single-parent mom with three kids.
The CPS grabs them, and the neighbors won't help her.
I mean, they go after the little fish.
I was subject to personal harassment by the feds myself when I work for them, rather than I get into that.
I understand that game and how they do it.
It's a very psychological, clever game, the way they participate in it.
But my bigger suggestion is, is that
There was a call right after what I call Operation VTEC on the 17th, talking to you about, first of all, Kathy O'Brien and then about a base, if you remember that.
Yeah, Alshad Blacksburg.
And then a few days later, good old Alex comes up with a name and a place.
It gets validated.
That very night...
On Sea to Sea, on Coast to Coast, with George Nury, very first two callers.
One was a woman who asked about Nury, about if he knew anything about Kathy Bryant.
He says no, he didn't.
The second caller was a male who asked about that base in Blacksburg, Virginia, which showed me that it quoted your show.
And what we have here is we're starting to get a bleeding of listeners.
Between one another.
Good to hear from you.
It's called Synergy.
More calls straight ahead.
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We're good to go.
The son of E. Howard Hunt has now released a tape of his father.
Talking about Kaplan Kennedy here being one of the head guys.
He'll be joining us in the third hour.
At the bottom of the next, I'm going to re-air that five-minute tape.
He's got 20 minutes, but this is what he's released.
Talking about the planning with LBJ.
Coming up in about six, seven minutes, we're going to get Paul Craig Roberts on.
We'll continue with your calls, Roger, Al, Susan, many others that are patiently holding.
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All right, we'll be right back with the second hour.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up, in the next hour, we have the son of E. Howard Hunt, the Black Op Commander.
When he thought he was going to die three years ago, he did die a few months ago, he recorded a tape admitting the hit on Kennedy.
By the way, we have Mr. Hunt photographed
With other top CIA operators, these are high-level commanders, there by the Dallas Times Herald and Dallas Morning News.
I've already talked to LBJ's lawyer, his mistress.
By the way, right when Hunt died, Harrelson died in prison, one of the shooters.
He was photographed and picked up by police.
He was already in prison for killing a federal judge at 400 yards with a .243 little white Texas deer rifle.
Side issue, that's coming up in the next hour.
For the next 30 minutes, I am joined by the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan and former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal.
Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, about former CIA Director George Tenet and other neocon rats who are now rapidly leaving the sinking ship, and Rupert Murdoch's $5 billion now failed, but it's not the end of the story, offered to buy Dow Jones Company that also owns the Wall Street Journal.
We'll talk about Tenet speaking out, and we'll talk about why all this is happening.
Dr. Roberts, thank you for coming on, sir.
You're welcome.
What do you want to tackle first?
So much has happened.
Your columns are always riveting and informative.
What do you think is most important right now other than what I mentioned?
Well, it's your show, Alex, so I'll let you call the turn.
Well, what's going on with Tenet?
I mean, obviously it's pretty pathetic now because he did say slam dunk.
He did cheerlead and help frame the intelligence back to Cheney's office.
Why do you think now you see Tenet doing this?
Well, I couldn't.
Say for sure, but I think in part we have to give him the benefit of the doubt because I don't think ever before we had a situation in the government in which the President and the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense were creating a separate intelligence.
...operation independent of the CIA, and I don't think we've ever before had a situation in which the decision had already been made to attack Iraq, and it was made independently of any CIA assessments or intelligent input.
So, Tenet was probably...
Trapped in a situation that no one had ever before experienced.
I doubt that he was able to comprehend that they were creating a new form of operating that no one had ever before experienced.
I think that left him at a loss.
I don't know that
The CIA did actually participate in the orchestration.
I think they were doing their best they could to fight it.
Tenet himself may not have been doing much to fight it, but as I say, I think he was just kind of... Well, we know that Cheney went over there, what, like 14 times ordering them to fix the intelligence, and they finally got something.
That's right.
It wasn't... I think Tenet just did not ever...
No CIA director would ever have experienced that type of behavior from an administration.
And another reason I think that the CIA is not really responsible for the war is this new attack on them by the... State Department.
The neocon, Laurie Millery, the AEI, the American Enterprise Institute woman.
She's just now...
It's sad that the CIA was trying to stop the war on terror.
Stay there.
We're talking to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, syndicated columnist.
Just type his name into Google.
He is prolific.
We're honored to have him.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We see the State Department.
We see the different neocon organs calling a tenant a traitor.
The CIA wanted us to lose the war.
We now see President Bush vetoing a Democratic plan that would slowly bring back some of the troops and basically just stall it off into the election.
More smoke and mirrors.
Much of the Democrats are as pro-war, more than Bush, Hillary and Schumer and Lieberman and all the rest of these people.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts joins us.
What do you see happening as more people go public against the neocons?
Do you see them just running the clock out and then putting a Hillary in and then the whole thing starts over and suddenly Democrats will be for the war because it's just about partisan politics?
Or do you see the Gonzalez situation or something else that's clearly criminal
Yeah, I couldn't predict, Alex.
What I think is happening is information is coming out, starting to reach the public more.
The public is already fed up with the war and with Bush and
They have very low approval ratings.
But information is coming out.
Tenet has done a positive thing because he's brought out more information that the powerful CIA director is essentially helpless given the way the current criminals are running the government.
I don't think that the CIA was part of the problem.
Maybe they should have all resigned.
But when you look at the attacks on the agency coming from neocons like Laurie Millery's new book, it's called Bush vs. the Beltway, and the subtitle is How the CIA and the State Department Tried to Stop the War on Terror.
And among her crazy kinds of accusations, she says the CIA covered up evidence that Saddam Hussein orchestrated the 9-11 attacks and outfitted the front for Iraqi intelligence.
I mean, this is mindless stuff to be coming out at this point.
So I think when they attack the CIA, they're attacking it for not being part of their
...plot to deceive the people and launch the war.
Well, let's break that down.
We know the most powerful lobby, and there's a lot of them vying for control, of course, but currently the most powerful lobby is the Israeli lobby.
I mean, there's really no debating that they run this administration more than any other special interest group.
They've got the tentacles.
They know where the bodies are buried.
That's right.
This was their war...
Well, you know, a lot of the CIA people did resign.
A lot of the analysts.
I don't think it's correct to say that Israel wanted the war.
The right-wing minority in Israel, which controls that government, wanted the war.
And they wanted the war because they don't have any diplomacy.
They rely on coercion and force.
They don't...
Diplomacy is not something... But again, sir, even terms like right-wing, and obviously I don't mean everybody in Israel over half or against the war, I mean that particular virulent, lacudnic, whatever you want to call it, is like a weird merger with the Straussian bizarro Bushites in like a marriage made in hell.
I mean, that's my point.
Yeah, the connection is the American neoconservatives.
That's right.
That's the connection between the two.
They were well connected to the war government in Israel, and of course they staffed the Bush administration, and essentially still do.
So I think that's the story, that they simply bypassed
The State Department had bypassed the CIA.
Now, when I was in the government, the State Department was extremely powerful.
The Treasury couldn't do anything, partly without the State Department agreeing.
And the notion of bypassing the CIA would have been unheard of.
So there have been huge changes.
And this particular administration, you know, Colin Powell said it was a separate government.
They created a separate government.
So in that sense, it has been totally unaccountable.
So I don't know that Tenet really ever had any power because they made the decision to go to war.
Before they ever ask him anything.
Well, we know that there's a global power structure where we have these interlocking interests and that there is a lot of collusion at the highest levels of finance for the overall globalist program.
But over the last five years and the build-up to the war, we saw the reports in the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal of a split.
Between these elites, and now I think it's clear that split really was real, and now widening, and it seems like a lot more people in policymaking positions in the Western world and globally are now defecting to, I guess, more of the soft power Fabian type elites.
I mean, your take on that?
Is Bush becoming totally isolated?
Yes, I think he is isolated.
He's isolated among the public and among foreign leaders.
We really don't have any allies to speak of, but we still buy people.
We purchase a corporation with vast sums of taxpayer money.
That's how we basically still wield influence.
Dr. Roberts, what's your analysis or your take on Hillary and Schumer
Well, I think that
Given the power of AIPAC, it's very difficult for any politician to go against the Israel lobby.
That's for sure.
I don't know that the Democrats are as infiltrated with the neocons at this time as the Bush people.
And I think their agenda is somewhat different.
But we are faced with the fact that America today is ruled by very powerful, organized interest groups.
It's not just the Israel lobby.
It's the military security complex.
It's oil.
It's the transnational corporations that want to offshore all the American jobs.
And these are very powerful.
Interest groups because they have vast sums of money to allocate to politics.
And they're not going to stop.
And they're not going to stop.
But when the consequences of Bush's policy are proved to be detrimental for America's standing and influence and so on, then that is not in their interest.
It's not in their interest to be isolated and despised.
That can all turn, too, you see, Alex.
I think the whole thing, had it not been for 9-11, none of this could have happened.
And that's why, you know, that's part of the reason you think and argue that 9-11 was an inside job, because that set the whole thing in motion.
That's always been the excuse.
And it's made opposition difficult, because if you opposed it, it meant that somehow you were...
I'm willing to take the attack from the terrorists and not do anything about it.
So that's played into the hands totally.
Whether or not they could do that again, I don't know.
You know, it's probably better than I do.
Bush has set up things for martial law.
They've got these concentration camps being built by Howard Burton.
Herman knows what he might try to do, but I don't know if you can really do that in America yet without support.
It just doesn't seem to... I think if he would have followed 9-11 up with an even bigger attack a few months later, they could have done it, but they didn't have their apparatchik in place yet.
And I think they're so discredited now, and false flag is now in the consciousness of...
And in the nomenclature, and it's now a meme, that, yeah, if they do go ahead with that, I think it's going to be the end of these individuals completely.
But, hell, Hitler turned east against the Soviets.
So, I mean, I think their hubris may actually have them just out of desperation.
You know, they say, we've got nowhere to go but up or down.
Might as well go up, even if it means we're going to fall back down five minutes later in the scheme of time.
I think what really is hurting him now is this unwillingness to end the war because everybody can see it's pointless and going nowhere.
And that the reasons given for it were all wrong, false.
So the determination to persist on a course that's generally recognized as a failure
I think it's really undermining the administration.
Well, there aren't even enough troops.
I mean, there's massive... Well, even if there were enough, it's not going to do the job.
You just simply can't occupy a country that resists like that.
And that really is the moral of the story.
You cannot occupy people that are willing to resist to the end.
It didn't work in 1776 or 1812.
It didn't work in Vietnam.
And it didn't go too well for the Nazis in Russia or in France or in North Africa.
We'll be right back with a final segment with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, syndicated columnist, former editor at the Wall Street Journal.
And we'll be right back to talk about Rupert Murdoch.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
So their objective being world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burr has made great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
The Wall Street Journal is the most respected publication in this country.
There's no debating that.
It's like the Financial Times of London is highly respected.
And it's certainly been doing some more politicizing the last few years and losing some of that credibility.
But compared to Fox News and Viet Dinh on the board of directors and all the spook connections of News Corp and Rupert Murdoch, it is night and day.
And, of course, he was one of the editors over there, associate editor at the Wall Street Journal.
And so he could give us a little bit of insight into how the Wall Street Journal operated, and not really this new deal, which looks like it's failing as of now.
But, see, Murdoch can also start a bidding war over this, and he's not out of the game yet.
He's got over $80 billion in assets right now with his TV and movie and news holdings and newspaper holdings.
He's starting a new financial channel.
He obviously wants the credibility of it being the Wall Street Journal business news channel.
And that would really be sad for that to happen, the Wall Street Journal, that still has some credibility.
But again, joining us is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who was once an editor over there.
Dr. Roberts, can you give us, A, your take on Fox and the neocons and Roger Ailes and Murdoch, now we learn, being a little bit behind Hillary, and then, B, what you think of this attempt by Murdoch to buy the Wall Street Journal and why that fell through?
Well, I don't think that Murdoch is a journalist.
He's some sort of a political power player.
I don't think his empire is a journalistic empire.
Fox News obviously is not a media outlet.
I think he failed to...
To buy the journal, despite the extraordinarily high price he offered, because Al Jones is still owned by the Bancroft family, and they own two-thirds of the voting stock, so there's no way he can force a sale, because other shareholders don't have the ability to
Vote the sale.
He sure just made the Bancrofts a lot of money with his stock up 40-something percent.
Yeah, but they may or may not need it.
And I think the reason they rejected the offer is they don't regard Murdoch as a journalist.
You see, it used to be in the United States, newspapers were owned by families that had commitments.
And they were run by journalists.
Families may own them, but they had real journalists run them.
And the families' names were tied into them, so they wanted them to be credible and prominent.
That's right.
They weren't run by advertising executives, and their value didn't consist in government broadcast licenses that could be taken away from them if they said too much against the government.
All that changed in the 90s with the media concentration, but the Wall Street Journal is still independently owned.
And I don't think they regard Murdoch as a person of journalistic integrity, and so they don't want to sell to him.
Also, Murdoch was talking about gutting it and merging it with the New York Post.
Can you imagine that?
You know, I don't know whether the inheritance tax will eventually force the Bancrofts to sell this thing or not.
If so, they would probably want to sell it to another family on paper.
And there are not many left.
And certainly not big enough to buy.
You were trying to say something, though, when I interrupted.
Well, I forget what I was trying to say, but the Bancrofts are not yet prepared to sell their soul for more money.
I don't know of any reason that it would be forcing them to sell.
And unless in the later time it has something to do with inheritance tax or being able to keep control of a company because of death duties, it might eventually force them to turn loose of it.
Can't they do what Murdoch's done and he's put his 30% shares in News Corp into a family trust?
Well, they probably could.
I just don't think they're going to give it to Murdoch because they don't respect him.
And the paper has two parts, the editorial page and the news side.
And they've never been on the same song sheet.
When I was there, they weren't on the same song sheet.
And today, even less so because the editorial page has been completely taken over by the neocons.
And in that sense, would be a perfect fit for Fox News.
There's not really much difference between the editorial page of the Journal today and Fox News.
But the paper itself is more than editorial page, and I don't think the family will sell it to Murdoch.
Well, thank you for your insight to joining us every few months, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
Your great columns are all over the web, and we thank you for joining us.
Well, thank you, Alex.
It's a pleasure to talk to you.
Always a pleasure.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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And now, Johnny Cash.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
The spirit of adventure, the spirit of exploration lives on in the human spirit forever.
No, we only live once, but our progeny, our children go forward, and it's all about making the world a better place for them.
That's the spirit that builds civilizations, and that's the spirit that will make you truly happy as a human being, because you're designed to care about others.
You're designed to care about your people.
Always remember who your people are.
All right, let's go ahead, because all the tea and shine, all the gold in the hills...
It means nothing compared to family, and that's your people.
And that's why they waged war against your family.
That's what has value.
That's what means something.
Don't ever forget that.
And don't ever let them take that away from you.
And don't you ever forget what comes first.
That's your family.
You never rat out your family.
You never turn your back on your family.
If you've got to handle something, you handle it in your family.
Because this government doesn't care about you, and it works for a couple of families that know that families are where the power comes from, and they're waging war on our families.
And I'm sick of it!
So it's time for all of us as a human community and as a family to get together against the house of the New World Order.
All right.
I'm not going to have time to play this once he's on with us.
So I'm going to play it now, and then maybe we'll play some clips later once he is on.
This is E. Howard Hunt.
I played this a few days ago.
This is huge.
Played it on Monday.
This has just been aired in the last couple days.
This is brand new.
There's 20-plus minutes.
He's busy uploading it today.
We'll probably have it for you tomorrow.
The other 15 minutes.
This is when he thought he was going to die three years ago on his deathbed in really bad shape with cancer, and he made this recording.
And then he lived another three years, and then he told St.
James he could release it when he died.
Now, again, we don't need St.
James Hunt, who, by the way, is a great guy, and I turned out knows about the New World Order and the rest of it.
We had a chance to talk to him.
I believe his father.
I believe him.
But I don't need to believe him or his father.
Ian Howard Hunt was clearly photographed there with Frank Sturgis and other high-level CIA well-known operatives.
These weren't just mid-level or low-level hitmen.
These were guys who'd run huge black ops overthrowing whole countries.
I mean, and Bay of Pigs that they failed in.
I mean, these are the admitted guys.
And, you know, they like to call them bumbling plumbers.
They'd done hundreds of ops and never been caught.
And they finally got caught in the U.S.
because they got sloppy.
Because that's what happens.
Because they were depending on some local boobies.
Please don't send me an email saying I'm using profanity.
That's the name of a Southeast Asian pirate.
Since the term boobies, and it has a connotation of bumbling idiocy.
But the people running this certainly weren't boobies.
Look at the headshots they pulled off in Dealey Plaza.
But Hunt, of course, wasn't the person there pulling the trigger.
He was involved in the command and control.
He tries to protect his family because they were made aware of this by just saying he was a bench warmer, and by that he was a manager.
But here is that five-minute tape.
Then we'll cover some other news, take your calls, and then we'll get St.
John's on for a full hour.
We appreciate him coming on.
Here it is.
We're going to sort through this a couple of times, so let's just go ahead and roll it now so that people can hear it.
And thank you, St.
John Hunt, for all of that background so far.
Here you go, the first airing, the first national airing of the testimony of E. Howard Hunt from January of 2004.
Assassination on Coast to Coast Live.
I heard from Frank that LBJ had designated Cord Meyer Jr.
to undertake a larger organization while keeping it totally secret.
Cord Meyer himself was a rather favored member of the Eastern aristocracy.
I was a graduate of Yale University and had joined the Marine Corps during the war and lost an eye in the Pacific fighting.
I think that LBJ settled on Meyer as an opportunist, a parent like himself, a parent, and a man who had very little left to him in life ever since
JFK had taken Cord's wife as one of his mistresses.
I would suggest that Cord Meyer welcomed the approach from LBJ, who was, after all, only the vice president at that time.
Of course, could not number Cord Meyer among JFK's admirers.
Quite the contrary.
As for Dave Phillips, I knew him pretty well at one time.
He worked for me during the Guatemala project.
He had made himself useful to the agency in Santiago, Chile, where he was an American businessman.
In any case, his actions, whatever they were, came to the attention of the Santiago station chief.
And when his...
Resume became known to people in the Western Hemisphere Division.
He was brought in to work on the Guatemalan operations.
Spurs and Morales and people of that ilk stayed in...
Apartment houses, during preparations for the big event, their addresses were very subject to change, so that where a fellow like Morales had been one day, you're not necessarily associated with that same address the following day.
In short, it was a very mobile experience.
Let me point out at this point that if I had wanted to fictionalize what went on in Miami and elsewhere during the run-up for the big event, I would have done so.
But I don't want any unreality to tinge this particular story or the information, I should say.
I was a benchwarmer on it
And I had a reputation for honesty.
I think it's essential to refocus on what this information that I've been providing you, and you alone, by the way, consists of.
What is important in the story is that we've backtracked the chain of command up through...
Of the Chordmire at laying the doings at the doorstep of LBJ.
He, in my opinion, had an almost maniacal urge to become president.
He regarded JFK as he was, in fact, an obstacle to achieving that.
He could have waited for JFK to finish out his term and then undoubtedly a second term.
So that would have put LBJ at the head of a long list of people who were waiting for some change in the executive branch.
Now, I learned of this tape a few weeks ago, but by then I heard it was going to go on Ian Punn and then George Norris, so I just held off.
Because I don't want to scoop those guys.
They had him scheduled first, but we appreciate Mr. Hunt letting us play that clip that you just heard.
And again, he said in the next few days, maybe even today, up on his website that we have links to up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com in the guest section today, he will be releasing the other 15 minutes of the tape.
But understand, we have the photos of E. Howard Hunt there, side by side with other known top FBI, excuse me, CIA operatives.
There were also a bunch of top FBI guys running around, and then they've been photographed.
I mean, spitting images.
We then have the mistress of LBJ, LBJ's lawyer, and all the other evidence.
But this isn't where you can't get three shots off with that type of rifle through a tree, or hundreds of witnesses saw plumes of smoke and tramps back there shooting guns, or the guy in the railway saw this and they killed him, or on and on and on.
I mean, it's the actual lawyer of LBJ.
It's the mistress of LBJ, the admitted lawyer, the admitted mistress, the admitted high-level CIA operative who ran the operation with Ardennes in Guatemala and that overthrow and many other overthrows.
I mean, this was a CIA black-op commander, folks.
He was picked up by the police behind the railway station, but then the higher-ups, of course, were in on it.
With Jack Ruby and others and said, wink, wink, release them.
It's just off the charts.
Absolutely off the charts to have this.
And does it get media attention?
It's the cover of the Rolling Stone, yes, but still, a few million people might read that.
It gets picked up on Coast to Coast AM, which is mainstream but really alternative in its format.
It's on this show.
We write an article about it.
And it gets 500 digs on dig.
Millions will have seen it, but they didn't because they have the censor brigade admitting anything we put out is censored.
I mean, we had New York police walking up and saying, we know you don't have bombs, but we're going to put you in a hole saying you do unless you stop your free speech.
Huge news, but it got up on the main page and then people got on there and digged it down and laughed and said, we're censoring you.
They're celebrating that they get to censor all our stories.
And again, the problem is DIG, which is hundreds of times bigger than Drudge, advertises that it's free speech and that what people want gets put on the main page.
It's not true.
They have an internal DIG brigade who have higher experience rates and precedent than anybody else, and one of them can dig down a thousand DIGs, basically.
It's shameful, it's disgusting, and it's false advertising by DIG.
And I suggest everybody get mad about this and get up there and ram down their doors and take our stories and dig them right to the top.
That way the truth gets out.
I mean, why did Digg dig down the JFK story we posted?
No one else had done an article since... No one had done an article about the new Hunt tape.
They wrote a story in the Rolling Stone about the previous stuff a month ago, but this... We wrote an article Sunday.
It was out Monday.
It went up on Digg, and it was blocked within minutes.
Blocked within minutes, never to be seen by the people on there.
And it's the same thing with all these other big websites.
They advertise that it's free speech.
It is not.
So let's go in there and let's take over and let's stop them.
Go get the JFK story.
It's on the right-hand side of prisonplanet.com and the news in focus.
Go get the other articles we put out.
I mean, look at these articles we've got today.
I mean, listen to this article, okay?
Everybody needs to see this.
We wrote an article about Zbigniew Brzezinski by February 6th.
It was February 1st, Senate Armed Services Committee, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor, founder of the bilateral commission, the guy that wrote up the plans that were put into PNAC, saying that the government may stage a terror attack to be blamed on Iran to start a war.
I mean, he said that.
And it goes up on DIG, and it gets blocked and censored, and no one sees it.
Almost no one.
I mean, just like this one won't.
We have an avenue where if their advertising was true, the people would see this, but it won't be.
Today, prisonplanet.com.
Are you going to go get it?
Are you going to go aggressively take action?
Are you guys and gals going to join each other and add each other to your friends list so you can all see who you're swarming?
Will you put the energy in to take action to get this news out and stop a terror attack?
CFR warns of false flag attack to ignite Iran war.
Echoing Brzezinski's veiled threat, but absurdly pins potential blame on Al-Qaeda, the CFR has echoed the warning of Zbigniew Brzezinski in claiming that a possible false flag terror attack blamed on Iran could be used to ignite a war, but absurdly pins the potential blame on Al-Qaeda and not...
The most likely perpetrator is the military-industrial complex that owns and controls the United States government.
The CFR, along with the Trilateral Commission, told the real strings of power in the United States and act on policy directed upon by the Big Brother, multinational, semi-secret steering societies, the Bilderberg Group, and others.
The commissions.
In an article for the May-June issue of Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Affairs,
Periodical entitled, Al-Qaeda Strikes Back.
CFR member, 29-page CIA operative Bruce Riddell writes, 29-year CIA operative Bruce Riddell writes, you better be afraid, very afraid, folks.
Last time they did this, we got hit.
The biggest danger is that Al-Qaeda will deliberately provoke a war with a false flag operation.
That's, I mean, come on.
That's the CFR using that term.
Shut up, punks.
The biggest danger is that the Al-Qaeda will deliberately provoke a war with false flag operation, say a terrorist attack carried out in a way that would make it appear as though it were Iran doing it.
The United States would be extremely wary of such a deception in the event of an attack accurately assisting and assigning blame.
Will require very careful intelligence work.
It may require months, even years, of patient investigating to identify the plotters behind well-placed and well-executed operations.
So, there you go.
The CFR says Al-Qaeda's going to stage attacks to go into Iran.
Which, in a way, is true.
Our government, Zbigniew Brzezinski, founded Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda is CIA.
It is their envelope group, their cloaking device.
And so, in a way, that's true.
Al-Qaeda did attack us because they hate our freedoms.
Just Al Qaeda's not Muslims like you were told, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, it's the Muslim front people.
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Yeah, a huge report like this that counts on farm relations that shouldn't be big care attached to you and won't take all your rights.
And the attack comes and they go, see, we pulled you.
Well, they're saying Al-Qaeda could stage a black ops, so we attack Iran.
Which is actually true, in a way.
Pretty big news up on PrisonPlanet.com.
I want to get to all your calls here, but we've got this guest coming up as well.
And at the same time, the biggest, most successful thing we do in the fight against the New World Order is my films.
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Riddles in Stone, the secret architecture of Washington, D.C.
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We only carry the best stuff.
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Doesn't sound like a lot.
It is together.
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It's all available at infowars.com.
We're by calling toll-free, and they can answer your questions and tell you about the different specials we've got and take your order.
1-888-253-3139, 888-253-3139.
Let's jam a call in here now.
Who's up next here?
Roger in Missouri.
Thanks for holding it on the air.
I'm a first-time caller, and...
Hello, Alex.
I'm a disabled Marine from the Vietnam era.
Yes, sir.
Also an ex-police officer.
I would like to congratulate you for everything you have done and let you know we're winning.
I've been woke up since 9-11.
Since the day of 9-11 when Building 7 fell, I knew something was up.
All the people that
I've been ostracized from VFW and Marine Corps League for speaking my mind, and I'd like to challenge all veterans out there to speak up.
The people that used to argue with me now just put their head down and walk off.
So we are winning.
And I'd like to thank you for that.
Well, I'd like to thank you, sir.
I'd like to thank you for our service.
I mean, there's so many good people like you that think they're serving the country and end up getting used.
But it's painful to admit you've been conned.
But I've been conned and used before.
It's better, though, to be man enough or woman enough to admit to it.
I don't dislike any of our military or our police.
I know they're salt of the earth people.
They've just been brainwashed, just like the public.
And look at the people launching this new war.
And they're the ones getting rid of our country.
I mean, it's really simple.
Yes, it is.
And the police just went completely nuts.
I've been harassed because I did a lot of writing to the editor.
I live in the middle of Rush Limbaugh country.
Tell you what, stay there.
I'm going to let you finish up, then let's get St.
John on.
It's about the three after.
Go ahead and get him on the line in the next few minutes.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up, the end of the next segment, we're going to have St.
John Hunt, the son of the CIA Black Ops commander, E. Howard Hunt, about the assassination of JFK.
Forty-something years later, you want an eyewitness?
You want somebody commanding the trigger op?
You're going to get it.
I mean, this is just off the charts.
We've already proven it.
Ninety-plus percent of the public now know, but the mainstream media still calls us grassy and old nuts.
Okay, I guess we're nuts because the world's round and we say water's wet and birds fly, but the facts are the facts, New World Order, and your black ops have been exposed.
We appreciate St.
John joining us.
He's coming up.
Roger in Missouri is a former Marine Corps veteran, well, he is a Marine Corps veteran, a former police officer, and he was saying that he'd written letters to the editor about what's happening in our society and that he got harassed.
Tell us about that, Roger.
Oh, the...
I live in a small community close to where Rush Limbaugh is from, and the local newspaper is owned by friends of the Limbaugh's.
Actually, the editor in my local newspaper, I think, left because he was printing my articles.
They will not print them anymore.
I've sent in probably ten, and they just throw them away.
But I've had about four or five brushes with the law.
And since I was a former police officer, I know the law.
Anybody that didn't know the law would have probably went to jail.
But I didn't.
So they started on my youngest son.
What was happening to you?
I mean, when they'd pull you over, how would they get in your business?
For instance, I bought my wife a new car, and they put some temporary tags on the back windshield.
And we just came into town, and they pulled my wife over.
And said that they couldn't see this.
And, of course, they checked everything out and everything was just fine.
And he started giving my wife her license back and he looked over at me and he said, sir, do you have an ID?
And I said, yes.
And he said, could I see it?
I went through the thing about probable cause and was I acting suspicious and all that.
And before I knew it, there was four police cars there.
And I wasn't acting intimidated or anything.
I just told them I knew my rights, that I hadn't done anything.
And I said, I will tell you my name, but I'm not going to show you anything.
I don't have to carry papers yet in this country.
And he said, oh, yeah, you're the one who writes all those articles to the newspaper.
He said, you're a troublemaker.
I said, well, you know, whatever, and they let us go.
And two or three different times they pulled me over just supposedly to check my insurance or my driver's license or whatever, and they know perfectly well who I am.
I went to school with
The chief of police, and I know the sheriff real well.
And aren't these guys ashamed of themselves?
I mean, this is how pathetic.
This is not how America operates.
And I've noticed that I have your bumper stickers on all my vehicles.
It says 9-11 was inside job, and I've had four people say, ain't you afraid of getting shot?
I ran with that on there.
And I can't believe that people are as afraid.
As they are now.
They're actually afraid.
I've talked to a lot of people, and they agree with everything I say, but they are afraid to speak up.
You know, I don't understand it.
Whenever something scares me, I fight it, and then I get over the fear.
I couldn't imagine giving in to fear.
That's me.
I've sort of been a rebel all my life, and I was involved with the mix of White House a little bit when I was in the Marine Corps.
I was there when the POWs come home.
I seen McCain get off the plane.
I hauled Mrs. Nixon's secretary and such because Mr. Nixon's Western White House was right out the back gate of Camp Pendleton.
And I seen quite a few things going on.
I talked to a lot of the POWs.
I hauled them and their families around and knew things.
It wasn't kosher with Senator McCain.
You know, I'd like to have you on as a guest.
Is it all right if I get your name and number?
Maybe have you on as a guest?
You can send us those letters to the editor, and we'll post them, my friend.
You know what?
I'm going to put you on hold, get your name and number.
Very interesting fella.
And we'll be right back with St.
John Hunt, who we're honored to have as a guest.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
John Hunt is the eldest son of super spy E. Howard Hunt, a 27-year career CIA covert agent and foreign station chief, most well-known as the leader-director of the White House Plumbers, Black Bag Team, whose botched burglary and arrest led to the impeachment and resignation of the President Richard Milhous Nixon.
And E. Howard Hunt, who passed away in January at the age of 88, was also involved in many of the CIA's most nefarious operations in Cuba and throughout Central and South America, including but not limited to the assassination of Che Guevara, assassination, and it just goes on and on, of people in Chile, the coup in Guatemala, the orchestration of the Bay of Pigs, and the plots to assassinate Fidel Castro.
So he was a black ops master, would be my term,
We're good to go.
You want somebody who was there, somebody who was, quote, on the bench as a commander.
That's E. Howard Hunt.
And that's the info we've gotten from Jim Mars and other experts.
That's the info we've gotten from photographs.
That's the info I got from the mistress, Madeline Duncan Brown, and the lawyer, Barr McClellan.
I mean, we have it now in triplicate.
We have a commander of the op.
I think so.
It's absolutely off the charts, ladies and gentlemen.
And so, without further ado, I wanted to welcome to the airwaves St.
John Hunt.
The website is stjohnhunt, one word, dot com.
We have links up on infowars.com to his website right now.
And we are honored to have him.
Thank you for coming on, sir.
Well, thank you, Alex, for having me.
I'm looking forward to this.
I certainly hope you get a publisher for the book you've written, because let me tell you, this is already dynamite and incendiary material, but isn't it surprising that you haven't found one quite yet?
Well, you know, I don't know if it's surprising or not.
The media is still probably reeling from the backlash as a result of the Oliver Stone JFK movie.
I think that stung and certainly opened up a lot of people's eyes.
But then, of course, the...
The pendulum swings both ways, and so I think we're still probably in the very tail end of a backlash against that.
Of course, all of the great researchers, the people who have devoted their lives to researching this terrible tragedy, this national tragedy, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, have been blackballed.
They've been labeled as kooks, as nuts, as psychos.
You know, by the right-wing media.
And, you know, I think our day is come.
And I think this is as close to a smoking gun as we're ever going to get.
Again, we're talking to St.
I agree.
John Hunt, the eldest son of E. Howard Hunt, with what he believed was a deathbed confession.
He thought he was going to die three years ago and then gave this tape to his son, but then did die in January with a ripe old age of 88.
He obviously believed he was a patriot for this country.
There's so much to talk about.
Your mother's there demanding more money from Nixon so you guys can defend yourselves.
Her plane blows up.
You've got just all these things that went on.
Where do you start?
I mean, where should we start?
Well, where it started for me was when I was 16 years old, my mother and my father sat me down
And very calmly told me that my father in fact was not a State Department employee, that the certificates of commendation that he carried on his office wall at our home were in fact forgeries supplied to him by his true employer, which was a central intelligence agency.
And for me, that's when it really all began.
Prior to that, I was just a very confused child, living a gypsy-like existence, being dragged from one country to another.
By the time I was nine or ten, I had already lived in Tokyo, Japan.
I spoke rudimentary Japanese.
Then I moved to Latin America, to Montevideo, Uruguay, for four years.
I attended a French school down there, so I was pretty confused by the time I was 16.
I lived in Mexico City, Madrid, Spain, Paris, France, and finally in this country, so I was kind of the oddball at school.
Never had any friends, never integrated into a social pattern.
So when they told me, well, this is why your life is like this, it was with some
You began talking to your father years ago about the Kennedy situation.
Can you just kind of put that in short form for the listeners and then get into the actual confession and the tape and what we haven't heard, what's on the five minutes and what he's talking about and the 15 minutes we haven't heard?
Well, my first inclination about any speculation or any allegation that my father was involved in the John F. Kennedy assassination came when my father was in prison for Watergate.
Making a phone call from a phone booth, and lo and behold, on a telephone pole right next to the phone booth was a large black and white poster saying, CIA killed JFK.
And right below that bold lettering were three photos, two of my father and one of someone that looked very much like my father, although he had a frumpled hat on and was somewhat dirty in the face.
And this was one of these three tramps that have been photographed in Dallas on November 22, 1963.
I tore that poster off and I just stared at it in a state of shock and stunned disbelief.
So that was really the beginning of my quest for the truth about that.
Of course, my father was released from prison, moved to Guadalajara, Mexico where he was out of this country and out of
Out of reach from me.
Anyways, I did visit him several times over the years.
But we never really got down to the nitty-gritty until he summoned me down.
He had been in the hospital for 19 months.
He'd had two leg amputations.
He'd had cancer of the jaw.
He had prostate cancer.
He had lupus and pleurisy, pneumonia.
The list went on and on.
He was very, very sick.
We're talking Darth Vader level here.
He's done quite a bit of work.
Yeah, quite a bit of work.
He summoned me down, and for all intents and purposes, it was my last visit to him, and he told me that he had information...
That was very important to him to give to me and that I should do with it as I see fit.
Once he was moved from the hospital bed at the hospital to his home in Miami, we had a number of occasions when there was no one else in the house where he wrote out four or five pages of extensive memos detailing the
So he gave me those memos.
I returned back home to California.
We're good to go.
Now, this literally is the Holy Grail.
This is the sword in the stone.
I mean, this is...
The croup de grace of the conspiracy culture of JFK.
JFK is the zeitgeist.
It is the core.
It is what finally started killing the innocence of the American people so they could wake up to how they were being lied to.
And now you have this tape.
You have the handwritten notes.
By the way, I know you've got copies everywhere.
Oh yeah, they're disseminated everywhere.
That's smart.
And I'm glad you're starting to dole this stuff out and get it out.
That's a smart way to get as much attention as possible for your safety.
This is key to what you're doing.
Obviously, you know that better than I.
And for people to understand how big this is, Kevin Costner offered millions for this.
Kevin Costner, who you've spoken with, physically visited your father in Florida and tried to get this information from him.
Can you briefly tell folks that story?
Well, that's kind of a very interesting story.
My father and Kevin Costner have a mutual friend, though Costner and my father had never spoken and never met.
But this gentleman was a close friend of Kevin Costner's.
I won't mention his name on the air in case he doesn't want to be linked to this.
But anyways, he brought Kevin Costner down.
There was some deceit going on.
It wasn't...
The deceit on Kevin Costner's part, Kevin Costner wanted to very much offer my dad a lot of money to come out with any information he might have known about JFK.
At the time, nobody really knew what my dad knew because he hadn't told anybody yet.
But anyways, Kevin Costner flies down and is introduced to my father by this mutual friend and Kevin just blurts out, so who killed JFK?
My father was in his, you know, just his jaw dropped and he just, he turned around and looked at his wife and said, what did he say?
Yeah, that was, I mean, Kevin probably would have got it if he stayed in Miami two weeks and got to know him, but yeah, you can't just blurt it out.
Yeah, and my father was under the impression at the time, very innocently, that Kevin Costner was coming down to talk about doing a movie script about my father's life.
So what my father's impression of Kevin Costner was didn't match what Kevin Costner was down there for.
So the whole thing just kind of blew up in its face.
And that was the end of that.
Although we did contact Mr. Costner on the phone, and we did try to negotiate some kind of arrangement.
Tell you what, stay there.
Let's talk about that when we get back.
Maybe he'll still do the movie now.
This is so exciting.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
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www.stjohnhunt.com Excellent website, filled with important information.
This is a short segment, long segment coming up, and then one more.
Plenty of time to talk about this important story with our guests, but I want to have him back up for another hour of the braces.
To discuss the longer tape he's going to be releasing and maybe even take some of your phone calls.
John Hunt continuing.
You said you were talking to Kevin Costner over the phone later, still trying to work something out with him.
Talk about being vindicated.
Kevin Costner, what, making a documentary, a movie?
I mean, what was he wanting to do at the time?
What was he looking for?
Well, what he was looking for, he wanted to, you know, he's kind of in his own personal life, after he did the JFK movie for Oliver Stone, I guess he became somewhat of a conspiracy enthusiast.
And so when he was approached by the mutual friend that, yeah, I know E. Howard Hunt.
Maybe he has some information.
It's long been speculated that he may have done this or done that.
So let's try to see if we can get him to disclose some information.
Kevin was very enthusiastic about it.
What he wanted to do was he wanted to film a documentary.
He wanted to have my father disclose whatever information... Well, first he wanted to find out if my father had any information.
So what my father devised was a code key, a code and a key to give Mr. Costner the relevant information without naming the names.
So my father, being a pretty smart and intellectually...
Man, he developed this code that talked about the big event, which was the Kennedy assassination.
That was what it was referred to during the planning stages of it in Miami, he told me.
But he listed out a chain of command and a timeline series of events and things that took place along with all the most important players in the plot.
Well, we provided this information to Kevin Costner and he said, well, this is dynamite stuff.
We have to go with this.
But you have to understand at the same time that as my father was recovering...
From his illnesses, he's handled by what I call his own sort of Miami Mafia.
And these are family members and attorneys whose job, at least they feel, is to what they would, in their opinion, is protect my father.
But from my point of view, it's to repress and suppress my father.
Of course, my father still is under a secrecy agreement with the Central Intelligence Agency.
And so now that his book has come out, American Spy, that had to go through all kinds of scrutiny levels within the agency in order to be published.
So by the time it was realized by my father's second family, by his wife and by the attorneys,
That there was going to be some serious disclosure going on, some new relevant information about JFK.
They just put the lid on and they clamped it down tight.
So that project never got off the ground.
You know, I hate to bring up your mother, but you talk about it in the Rolling Stone interview and if you could elaborate, that would be very informative.
Because the way it's described in the article is, you know, you guys needed money to live.
You've been hung out to dry.
She's going back to get more money from Nixon.
And on her way back, the plane mysteriously has a problem.
Can you tell us about that?
Yeah, I can.
From what I know, well, it's documented that my father was in jail at the time.
And, you know, my mother had just returned from a summer vacation in Europe with the other children.
So, she was in a position, and of her own free will, I might add, she was the sort of quote-unquote bag lady for the Watergate.
Now, her responsibility was...
To make demands of the Nixon White House to press for more funds for the Cuban families.
There was the families of the four Cubans, the McCord family and the Liddy family and our family.
So there was a lot of mouths to feed.
There was a lot of attorney bills to pay.
And she also was in charge of giving funds, what you call them, bribes to people to keep quiet.
So she was traveling around the country a lot.
She was meeting with people from the Nixon White House in dark garages late at night, picking up keys that were placed underneath park benches and then going to Greyhound bus depots in the middle of the night, dark parking lots, parked cars, picking up...
Um, money, undeclared slush fund money from the community of re-elected president and traveling around and paying people off for their silence as well as the attorneys to continue the defending of all the Cubans and the other members who have been arrested.
So she got on a plane to take some money to Chicago.
There's several theories about what she was doing with that money.
John, stay there.
Tell you what, St.
Let's come back and talk about that and talk about the book you're working on and what your father told you and maybe some elaboration on the tape that has been released.
We really appreciate your time.
Ladies and gentlemen, this incredible interview will continue.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, they should be the good guys.
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We really are making history here today.
And I know he's going further than he has in some previous interviews, and I want to get into the central area of the assassination here in a moment.
But St.
John Hunt is our guest.
We're going to have him back up again in the near future.
We just can't do this in an hour with 44 minutes of airtime.
John, please continue where we left off with your mother flying to Chicago and what happened.
Well, okay, she was on a flight to Chicago from Washington, D.C., and she was carrying a substantial amount of cash, between $10,000 and $100,000.
It's never been accurately determined.
Also, she was carrying with her information that would cause...
The Nixon White House to be pressured into continuing paying what they considered was the hush money.
And that information was canceled checks from a Mexican bank in the account of Bernard Barker that came directly from the committee to re-elect the president, or what's been called creep.
Anyway, this information was to serve to blow the Nixon White House out of the water if they didn't continue paying off the hush money.
So the plane flies into Chicago, is rerouted and diverted to a different airport, and within moments of the crash,
There was 50 FBI and DIA agents on the ground, courting the crash off, telling the police and fire department to stand down until they were finished sorting through the wreckage.
They were probably looking for that suitcase, or at least making sure it had been destroyed.
Illegally came into the tower control room and confiscated all the tapes that had been recorded between that airplane and the tower.
The very next day, December 9, 1972, Nixon's top White House aide, Eagle Bud Crowe, Jr.,
...was appointed Under Secretary of Transportation, which supervised the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration, the two agencies that investigate the plane crash.
On December 19th, a White House deputy assistant to Nixon and undersecretary to the cabinet, Alexander Butterfield, was appointed as a new head of the FAA.
Later on, Dwight L. Chapin was appointed a top executive of United Airlines.
So there was a huge...
I've seen the sums that were being paid to the dutiful servants of Nixon.
They weren't that big.
People needed this for attorneys and to live, and the men were going to prison and keeping their mouths shut.
Why didn't those bastards take care of their people?
No, because those bastards were of a very thin makeup.
They didn't want to follow through.
My father told me that in the covert ops world, if you're taken prisoner, if you die in the service of your country, your family is well taken care of.
That's just an unwritten rule that everybody understands, and he just assumed...
Naively, I guess, that these people would follow the same line of reasoning.
But Nixon was really willing to pay.
You can hear him on the transcript saying, you know, what is it going to take to keep Hunt quiet?
We could come up with that, he says.
A million dollars?
You know, we can get that kind of money.
We can get more, yeah.
We can get more, yeah.
I mean, he had a huge war chest.
Yeah, he had Texas oil money unlimited.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, so, but, you know, he was advised by, you know, by his staff that we've got to cut loose of this.
You know, we can't just keep paying these people off.
Which a lot of evidence now shows that Kissinger the whole time was really setting Nixon up.
It seems that way, doesn't it?
Yeah, let's just blow her out of the air and let's just not do, I mean, unbelievable.
Yeah, yeah.
He would have never gone down without just taking care of everybody.
Right, well, that's, yeah, I can't speculate on what would have happened, but we certainly know what did happen.
Unbelievable treachery.
Now, there's so many facets to this.
Can you just recap, basically, what's on the tape?
You have 15 minutes more.
Maybe give us a hint of what's on that.
And then, any other areas that are safe for you to talk about?
Anything that hasn't been revealed?
Is there anything else in those pages people need to know about?
Well, there's a lot of information on those pages, and there's additional information on the rest of the table.
What we have up on my website, stjohnhunt.com, is a four-and-a-half-minute edited version, and most of the editing revolves around the fact that my father was fairly...
Yeah, he's got that death rattle in his voice, and he's fumbling with the record button, and
But, yeah, the tape is interesting in its entirety, and we're going to try to get that up as soon as we can.
The memos that have never been seen before that he wrote me outline...
The chain of command, starting with LBJ, he drew a box around LBJ's name and then linked that to Cord Meyer, and then to the right he linked that to David Phillips, and then below Phillips was a line going to William Harvey, and then from Harvey there was a spidering out to Antonio Vecchiana, Frank Sturgis, David Morales, and Lucien Sarti.
The second page of the handwritten memos is a full document, you know, handwritten all the way from the top to the bottom, outlining information about each of those individuals.
And over the period of a week, he wrote about four pages.
We're good to go.
Absolutely, and then the media was balking at your memos, but on top of that, you've got the tape, which is clearly E.L.
Yes, absolutely, there's no doubt.
Now, expanding on this, it's not just that there's the Dallas Morning News and Dallas Time Herald photos of all these tramps being picked up, being released from the police station, all of this.
There's also the fact that you do have Frank Sturgis right next to what's clearly your father.
There's three different photos.
And then another known CIA guy.
I mean, when you've got them lined up together and you do side-by-sides, I mean, the Sturgis thing, this is a dead ringer.
I mean, there's no debating.
And then that's what the police and others said and eyewitnesses said.
No, I agree.
As my father's son, every time I look at that comparison photo between the Tramps and my father, it looks like my father to me.
Of course, I can't say definitively if it is him or not.
But then you add that with Sturgis, who's closer in the photos.
I mean, it's Sturgis.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, he's a pretty handsome, swashbuckling-looking guy, and it's Frank Sturgis.
He looks like somebody out of a movie, you know, of the 50s, of what a CIA commando would look like.
Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, that certainly does look like Frank.
I've met Frank before, and, you know, I can say that my gut feeling is that that certainly looks like Frank, too.
Of course, you know, in more recent times, people have come forward to say that they were the tramps, but I think we have at least two people for every tramp now that are claiming to be the tramps.
You've got a lot of... I mean, any time there's a murder, you're going to have four or five people show up saying they did it or complete moonbags.
But expanding on that line, now, what I'd always gotten from all the experts and people I'd interviewed living here in Texas and talking to people who've even been out to shooting ranges and things and mistresses and all the rest of it, and his lawyer, and some things that haven't even been on air, by the way, folks, that I'm not allowed to talk about.
I don't even like to say it.
But the point is, this is all dangerous stuff.
The point is, is that the info I got is your dad was not pulling triggers.
He was there kind of in a command function.
Yeah, I would agree with that.
If he was directly involved like that, he was definitely not one of the shooters, because that's just not the kind of job that they would have given to a man like my father.
My father had one foot in the front lines, and he had the other foot firmly in place in the back.
In the suit and tie world.
They would have brought in someone like a Corsican gunman, a Cuban gunman, or something like that.
And of course, my father did always believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was firing from the rear.
Now, Oswald, we've now got his CIA control number.
We know he was in Black Ops.
Do you think they just hung him out to dry as the patsy as they do so many times?
Yeah, I think so.
I think Oswald's
They also did that with McVeigh.
Now, of course, it's come out in sealed affidavits that I've seen because I saw it before it was sealed.
And with other eyewitnesses, and we have the names, it fits with everything else we knew.
They took him out of special ops.
He did not wash out folks.
And then they had him and they set him up big time, too.
Yeah, well, I think that's probably correct, yeah.
Yeah, I don't know much about that story, though.
Well, I mean, it's the classic thing of the general sacrificing the troops to lure in the enemy.
I mean, this is 101 military operations.
Yeah, it is.
And as far as my dad's history with the agency goes, I think he was sadly hung out to dry by the agency and by the government that he sold.
Now, did he tell you why he went along with the killing of JFK?
I mean, did you ever ask Dad why?
I mean, did he say, oh, because we thought he was a communist, or what did he say?
Well, he told me that within the intelligence circles,
It was felt that it was an imperative situation that President Kennedy not be allowed to serve in that office for any longer because there was a lot of crucial things coming down.
There was the Vietnam War.
It was probably one of the main reasons.
There was also the anger and the threats that Kennedy had made to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces.
My father, prior to Kennedy's administration, was really looking to become eventually the director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
He had been a 27-year career person.
He had been in the original OSS, which was the predecessor to the CIA.
And because of Kennedy's lack of testicular fortitude, he withheld the air cover at the Bay of Pigs and that whole thing just brought...
What about the photos?
Sure, sure.
We have the control documents he classified with a George H.W.
Bush being in the CIA.
We know he went into the CIA before he became the director in the mid-70s, claiming that was his first time ever being there.
We know that there are very clear, two different photographs that are clearly...
I mean, if they're not, it's his twin brother, George Herbert Walker Bush, in Dallas, outside the Book Suppository, a depository building.
You know, we have all that right there.
Did your father ever say anything about George H.W.
No, he never discussed George H.W.
Bush to me.
I mean, you know about his support in the Bay of Pigs and with the oil company and the drilling rigs and it named after his wife?
No, I'm not aware of those things.
I don't know about that.
I'd like to look into it.
It's interesting, though.
Well, in the article we wrote that's up on Infowars.com today, in the guest section, it was written on Monday, you can go in there and look at all... I'm sure you've seen the famous photos of what looks like your father with some of the other operatives, but then, yeah, we've got the photos there of George Herbert Walker Bush...
And that's the intel I've always gotten.
Now, are you aware that some prominent individuals talked about your father, E. Howard Hunt, being at that meeting the night before at the big oilman's house in Dallas?
No, I'm not aware of that.
That's interesting.
Who are these individuals?
Well, that has come out with Madeleine Duncan Brown and with Jim Mars and many others.
But Madeleine Duncan Brown, of course, was his mistress.
Yeah, I heard that she has a book out.
I haven't read it yet, but she supports the Lyndon Baines Johnson theory of...
No, thank you.
Thank you so much, sir.
Yeah, I'll definitely look into it.
Any other facets, any other areas, tidbits, pieces of information do you think we should know?
Again, we're talking to the son, the firstborn son of E. Howard Hunt, the legendary black op commander for the CIA.
Boy, it's such a huge story.
But I think, you know, overall, my father left a lot of
Unanswered questions with me.
Our relationship was cut short by the powers that surrounded my father in the last few years of his life.
And at the very end, he had to...
He had to submit to the wishes of those people that were immediately around him.
He was very worried and concerned.
He knew that his disclosures in Watergate and his infamy had led to the splintering of his first family, the death of his wife.
And so he was also very concerned that any new revelations that would come out, since he was still going to be alive for a few more years, would have had a dramatic negative effect on his second family, which he did not want to put them through.
Did he get angry when your mother was killed, when your mother died?
Was he angry?
I mean, did he instantly know who was behind it?
Well, you know, he was in prison at the time, and so he was let out to go and identify the body.
He was in jail actually before he was sentenced.
He had never discussed it with me.
The only time he said anything to me about it was that he thought it was just pilot error.
Of course, later on in his life at one of these bedside confessions, I was talking to him about trying to
You know, bring my sisters into the fold again and have them forgive my father because they held a lot of things against him.
They blamed him for the death of our mother.
And I said, you know, I've been talking to my sisters and trying to get them to come down and see you.
And tears started welling up in his eyes.
And he said, you know, I was so worried.
I was so deeply concerned that what happened to your mother, that what they did to your mother, they could have done to you children.
And that caused the hair on my neck to stand up.
That was the first disclosure from my father that he thought there was something else going on besides just the sheer pilot error.
Serve the dark lords and they strike down your wife.
We'll be back with a final segment with St.
John Hunt.
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I'm going to have him back up next week for a full hour to take your calls.
You cannot do this in one hour interview.
Maybe we'll even have him up for an hour and a half.
But again, I appreciate your courage, sir.
Everything you've said meshes with the information I've gotten over a decade plus of research and interviewing others who've researched it for 30, 40 years.
And it's just...
You know, I think your father reprieves himself by going public at the end.
And people who always want some type of deathbed confession or for one of the actual people involved to go public, here it is with everything else.
This has got to really discredit the mainstream media and the official line in the Warren Commission.
Can you comment on that?
Well, I think it really does.
And I just think my father was very brave for...
You know, for coming out with this, I think he felt an obligation, even though it went against his grain to implicate his own government.
I think he felt the greater need to disclose the truth, and I'm happy that he disclosed that truth to me.
Well, that was the question I was going to ask you.
I mean, why do you think they never tried to take him out?
They thought they had him under their control?
Well, I think they did, and he sat quietly...
You know, he did his time in prison and then the rest of his life he became just kind of a regular guy.
He wrote his novels one or two a year and lived quietly, raised a new family and basically just...
You know, stayed out of the limelight.
The last thing he wanted was to create a huge storm of controversy around his new life.
I think he'd been shown quite severely what the government is willing to do to control aspects.
And so his wife had been killed and his family had been splintered to the far ends of the country.
And he just, he knew, you know, this was a hard ball game situation.
And I think he just was, you know, very intimidated by that.
But I think the fact that he did finally go public at the end does show a lot of courage.
It does show a lot of courage.
And I think a novel just about how they, I hate to say this to his son, but how they took your father, who I think genuinely was a pro-American person, and to watch how they twisted him.
Well, he was definitely handled and manipulated by people of...
Of self-serving interests, Nixon and his cronies.
You know, this was a man that they knew was operating on a patriotic stand, and they just took that and they just, you know, manipulated my father.
And in your research, there's no doubt that, I mean, I know there's no doubt here that clearly Nixon and LBJ, it's two birds of a feather.
They're just two operatives for even bigger powers.
Yes, I would assume so, because the president is kind of like an empty office.
You also told me during the break, and we're about to enter, that's why I'm hurrying, that 60 Minutes was going to do this, but passed.
It took four weeks longer for the LA Times to do a whitewash on this.
I mean, they're still scared, aren't they?
Yeah, I think they are.
I think they are.
So I'm really thankful for your show, sir, to allow me to bring this information out, and thank God for the Internet as well.
Well, I'm thankful for you, and we talked during the break.
You said that you have said more here than you said anywhere else.
I'm honored that that happened, and I'm also honored to find out that you were aware of my work, and I look forward to...
Talking to you next week, and as soon as that book comes out, we want to carry it, and we want to support the work you're doing, and again, we appreciate your courage.
StJohnHunt.com is the website.
John, God bless you.
We'll be praying for you.
Thank you, Alex.
Folks, don't forget, we have the online video and bookstore at InfoWars.com if you want to support the work we're doing here as we try to stop this country from turning into a fascist dictatorship, because if you think
LBJ and Nixon were bad.
The people running things now make them look like choir boys.
So infowars.com, be sure and visit the site, or get a membership at prisonplanet.tv for all that JFK coverage.
God bless you all.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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