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Air Date: Jan. 16, 2008
2295 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have a very important broadcast lined up for you today.
Tracking what happened in Michigan with the ongoing Republican-Democratic primaries.
More evidence of election fraud, cheating, vote stealing by our good old buddies over at Diebold, who've now of course changed their names, kind of like Dyncor when they got caught kidnapping children changed their name.
Just gave the stolen car a new coat of paint and a new
License plate, but it's still the same car.
Jesse Benton, the communications director for Ron Paul 2008, a presidential campaign.
They're scheduled to be joining us in the next segment.
Then we have Linda Honeycutt, the granny warrior, who paid for the recount thanks to all of your contributions.
They got the $50,000-plus needed.
And then as they were trying to transfer the money to the Secretary of State's office, PayPal froze it and is saying that they're not going to say if and when they'll ever get it.
So that is going on there.
No doubt neocons complained.
I bet you my bottom dollar.
It wouldn't matter, neocons.
You could have still just had the same people count the votes and run it through the same fraudulent system you did last time.
But it was going to draw attention to you, wasn't it?
Dennis Kucinich recount goes ahead.
Now we have to ask, how many extra ballots did the company being run by a convicted cocaine trafficker?
That's right.
They run the votes in four states, including that state.
And he runs it and runs the data machines, runs the data cards.
He was told what he was doing two years ago.
In Connecticut was, quote, illegal, but it doesn't matter to these people.
Again, they know how the system works.
The cowardly sheep population doesn't, and they're going to feed on us.
That's how it works.
But again, the public doesn't believe criminals can be in government or corporations.
Only people that look like gang members can be criminals.
Remember that.
Only teenagers can be thrown in prison.
Only people with tattoos can be thrown in prison.
No one in suits and ties is bad.
Trust them.
Alright, I'm getting sarcastic already.
And then we're going to have our third interview with Benjamin Fulford for a full hour coming up, the third hour today from Japan as we further vet out his interesting story.
About the Asians learning about the globalist plan to exterminate them, which is a public plan.
That plan doesn't need to be verified by Fulford, but it's a particular angle from which he covers it.
There is official plans to kill 80% of the world population, and they're in official government documents, and so that's now being discussed.
And that will all be tracked and covered.
Coming up in the third hour today, we will chronicle and track all of their latest criminal activities inside the New World Order and try to get down into how big this split between the Asian and European New World Order class is, or if it even exists at all.
We will be debating that.
But first, Jesse Benson on the other side.
Then I have a lot of other important news here in front of me.
Paul Watson put up a detailed report, really the best article I've seen.
It's detailed, but it's also still only about six pages long, so somewhat brief.
That's encyclopedic for the average American who only reads maybe one book a year.
Well, actually, a minority reads one book a year.
Most people don't read at all.
Alex Jones Show!
I think?
We're good to go.
And so, the reason we're covering it now is it's now hit mainstream news.
For some reason.
So now the sheep might listen.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
He is in the field.
Jesse Benton, the communications director, press secretary for the Ron Paul 2008 campaign.
Coming up, we've got Linda Honeycutt, Granny Warrior.
They got the money, and PayPal seized it.
But we looked at the state law in New Hampshire.
It is arbitrary.
They just have to have a signed notice of the guarantee of payment.
They've already gotten thousands into them, and they can clearly see there on the Chipion mainline charity website that over 50,000 have been raised, more than enough.
But the Secretary of State said no.
So things are getting more and more rotten in the state of Denmark.
Ron Paul was the second biggest winner in Michigan.
Trouncing, of course, former frontrunners like Rudolph Giuliani and Fred Thompson.
He got a strong fourth place in Michigan with 10 percentage points.
We have reports coming in of Diebold machines rejecting Ron Paul votes.
That's all up on ronpaulwarroom.com.
We're calling these people.
We're confirming it.
But the reports are, and they checked out in New Hampshire last time, the people all over Michigan went in to vote for Ron Paul.
The machines would not accept him.
That's the same thing Diebold always does.
Joining us to talk about the campaign is Jesse Benton.
Jesse, thanks for coming on with us.
Hey Alex, how are you?
Greetings from the campaign trail.
Thank you for joining us.
Just out of the gates, what did you think or did you see, I didn't do a pre-interview with you, about the head of the Austin NAACP coming out and saying he knows Ron Paul, has studied his work, his writings, and that Ron Paul is not a racist, and that that stuff is taken out of context because the establishment is afraid of Ron Paul.
Oh, completely classy.
Just outstanding to hear.
Everybody knows that Ron Paul stands for freedom and for individual rights for everyone, and it's just so great to hear a strong African-American leader like that can start on what everybody already knows how.
At least people who actually know Ron Paul.
The media has been taking it out of context.
They've been exaggerating.
They've been spinning.
And I think it's had a small effect, but not as big as they would like.
Can you speak to how old these allegations were and how long these have been in the grave and how many times they've been discredited?
I mean, you're talking about stuff that's over a decade old and is a tiny, tiny subchapter in a great novel of Ron Paul's career.
And Ron didn't write this stuff.
Everybody knows that these are not his thoughts.
He's taken public responsibility for it in five congressional elections.
Five congressional elections, people have tried to use this as a smear tactic against Ron because...
And there's nothing else to attack the guy on.
He's so unimpeachable on every other front.
And five different congressional elections, he's pushed his back.
It hasn't had any effect.
Everybody knows that these are just politicized charges.
It is what it is.
They're cleverly timed political attacks, but they're not going to work.
Now, the Republicans rewrote his district and put him into a predominantly Democratic minority district, especially in Galveston.
One of the most populated areas in his district here in Texas, which is more than half African American, and he won by one of his biggest margins, what, 64, was it 66% in his last congressional run?
Yeah, he did.
That's what's so impressive, Alex, is he keeps upping his margins of victory every time.
And, you know, that just speaks to the power of the message and his personal integrity.
And, you know, having your district changed on you is difficult.
You have to meet a whole new set of people and introduce yourself to a whole new set of voters.
And, you know, Ron's done that successfully.
And he's even changed the demographics.
You're right, from an urban environment...
I'm sorry, from originally a very rural farm community environment to now an urban environment in Galveston.
And Ron's proved more than up to the challenge.
Well, the bigger point is, and I totally agree with Jesse Benton, the communications director for the Ron Paul 2008 campaign.
I mean, the point is that I know the folks down in Galveston.
I have family down in Galveston.
And in the local papers, they tried to use the newsletters, and the black folks down there saw right through it.
Yeah, they do.
And that just goes to show that when people meet Ron Paul, when they get to know Ron Paul and they hear his message, then they turn on to it.
It's infectious.
It's powerful.
It's so positive.
And it's a combination of the man and the message.
And it just really speaks to how great things are.
Wow, there are...
Hey, that's okay.
It adds to the atmosphere, Jesse Benton.
Jesse, I'm just trying to go through the controversies right now.
We appreciate you joining us.
Then we'll briefly talk about strategy.
I mean, obviously, a ten-point showing in Michigan when the big Republicans dumped everything into it is really strong.
But I wanted to talk about some of the other issues.
Dennis Kucinich going for a recount.
Granny Warriors, another Republican candidate trying to get one, PayPal freezing the account, the state interpreting a law in a way that leans against us being able to have the recount.
I mean, can you give us your statement?
I mean, I know the congressman gave us one statement saying he knows that our enemies are not above us,
Cheating in elections and stealing votes.
But then on the other side, he says, well, we can't prove there was any fraud there.
I mean, bottom line, is it that the campaign's trying to look forward and knows that the same people will be over the recount process that were over the original process, or regardless of what happened, let's just look forward?
Yeah, Alex, that's exactly what it is.
You know, the campaign and Dr. Paul himself personally take any allegations of voter disenfranchisement gravely seriously.
You know, it's just so crucial to our system that this not be allowed to happen.
We put some of our top people and a top consultant on really closely examining all the allegations of vote fraud in New Hampshire, and it was...
It was muddy enough to us that there wasn't really any clear instances of it.
And the waters were muddied enough that we decided that it would behoove everybody to just go ahead and move on and focus our energy on the positive things that we can accomplish here.
You know, spreading the message, getting people out to vote for Dr. Paul, and trying to win this nomination.
And that's really what it comes down to.
You know, it's just let's get focused on the positive things.
And, you know, if there were legitimate things, then they will come to life.
Well, I have to agree with you.
I mean, the electoral process, the voting process is so important, and by Kucinich and others, going and having the recount at least draw attention to what's being questioned.
But if you do have this murky water, you're not saying there aren't snakes in the water.
You're just saying you can't guarantee you can jump in and find them.
Yeah, in fact, well put, Alex.
That's much more eloquent than I'm capable of being.
Vote fraud happens all the time.
Whether it's, well, vote, I'm sorry, I shouldn't say vote fraud, but vote fraud happens more than we'd like to admit.
Election fraud.
Yeah, election fraud.
And, you know, there's human error.
There are mistakes.
Obviously, the Diebold machines are fundamentally flawed.
And, you know, we need to look to reform this whole process because even if there's a hint of impropriety, then that kind of scars and mars the whole process that is really so critical to what America is all about.
Well, I mean, I certainly understand the campaign's position.
I also understand the position six one way, half a dozen another of Dennis Kucinich and others.
That's why I've supported a recount.
What do you think about PayPal freezing the Granny Warrior account that people gave more than $50,000 to?
And we've read the New Hampshire Code.
It doesn't say that yesterday was the deadline.
It's a deadline for a guarantee, a promise to pay.
And there they are, and then right as they're trying to pay, PayPal freezes it.
We don't have complete information on that situation, so I can't comment too deeply.
But I will say that we've seen in this campaign such amazing outpouring of spontaneous grassroots support, and we've got to raise eyebrows any time that you've got the government or bureaucrats
Well, I agree with you.
Jesse Benton,
On a larger battlefront, getting 10%, 8%, 10%, growing, the message getting out.
Some people expect big wins immediately, and we've already invested so much in this process.
As Ron said over and over again, Dr. Paul,
We are waking people up in this process.
That is the victory in and of itself.
And then, yeah, the brass ring is Ron Paul getting elected president.
But now is the time to pull out all the stops and to not get pessimistic.
You know, just because Ron Paul's getting 10% in Michigan, I see that as a big win.
Well, I do too.
If you want to put a little positive spin, a little more positive spin on this, Ron Paul right now has received...
Twice as many raw votes as Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani, the two media-appointed frontrunners that just a couple months ago combined.
So that just speaks to what we've accomplished here and what we can continue to build on and grow.
Twice as many people have gone to the polls and pulled the lever for Ron Paul as Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson combined.
That is powerful.
It's also a powerful headline that I would expect to see in the national media, but they're still giving Fred Thompson and Giuliani four, five, ten times.
I mean, I just watch television, and you'll watch three hours of news, and there's nothing about Ron Paul, and it's constantly Giuliani.
Yeah, that is a little frustrating.
That is a little frustrating.
You know, let's see what happens after this weekend.
We think we're going to be pretty strong in South Carolina, Michigan-esque, maybe even stronger.
And, you know, Nevada is going to be really interesting.
You know, estimates are that there will be as few as 30,000 people participating in the Nevada caucus this Saturday coming up.
And if we can turn out 10,000 people, Ron Paul wins.
Jesse Benton, I need to talk to you during the break here for a moment.
We may be able to hold you over, but if you've got somewhere to go, I'm not going to hold you over.
I want to look forward and talk about positive things we can do, readjust, reset, move forward, and continue to engage the establishment in a fight.
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We're good to go.
Don't want no shackles Don't want no shackles on me
All right, I'm only going to keep Jesse Benton a few more minutes.
He's in the field.
In fact, I didn't ask you, Jesse.
Where are you right now?
I'm actually in Galveston, Texas.
We needed to make a swing through Ron's district to take care of some stuff for his congressional race, and we're heading off to South Carolina tonight.
Yeah, let's be clear about that.
The Congressman, you know, was in New Hampshire more than 50 times.
People are saying, well, McCain was there more than 100.
McCain doesn't go do his senatorial votes.
Ron Paul goes and does his congressional votes, does his duties there.
He's also running for Congress.
I mean, he is just doing an incredible job.
Yeah, he absolutely is.
He is the hardest working guy I know.
It's absolutely amazing to see the personal energy that he has.
Because you're right, he makes his votes and he campaigns hard.
It's two more than full-time jobs.
Jesse Benton, only two final questions.
What's the strategy?
What can we do right now in these battleground states?
For folks that don't know, give them the dates of the next few key primaries.
The next two big ones are coming up this Saturday.
South Carolina primary and the Nevada caucus.
You know, Nevada is...
Really, really exciting.
In turn, estimates are that turnout is going to be pretty low, as low as perhaps 30,000 people going to this caucus.
That means that if we can deliver 7, 8, 10,000 people to the Nevada caucuses, boom, Ron Paul wins Nevada.
That would be our first win in a state, a major state, putting delegates in the Ron Paul pocket.
It would be an incredible victory, and it's there for the plucking.
There have got to be
10, 20, 30, 40,000 people in Nevada that would be willing to go to the caucus for Ron Paul.
Probably even more than that.
And we can do it.
We can accomplish it.
Jesse, thanks for the time.
Money is still needed, isn't it?
A, and then B, how is the money right now?
People want to know, being spent, how much is left.
Well, gosh, I don't have an exact number on what's left.
I believe that the SEC report's coming out today.
It's going to say that at the beginning of the quarter we had about $8 million in the bank, and we've raised about a million so far this quarter.
But we do have another money bomb coming up on the 21st on MLK's birthday.
We sure could use more money because it is amazing how it just flies out the door.
But you're buying TV, radio in a lot of battleground states, aren't you?
Opening offices and...
We just opened three offices in Maine.
They have a caucus on February 2nd that we think we can win.
Opened an office in Louisiana, another caucus we think we can win.
We're buying paid media right now in California and Florida.
Two real key states with lots of delegates that we think we can pick some of those delegates up.
But gosh, is it expensive.
You know, huge, some of the most expensive media markets in the country to buy, and it does suck you dry.
But time and time again, the Ron Paul Grassroots Network has come through and delivered money for Dr. Paul and his message.
So we're hoping that that's going to continue to happen.
One last thing I just thought of, and we're going to let you go, Jesse, because I know you're busy.
We've got, in Michigan, Florida, it's set up for Florida, Nevada, but over Michigan, over New Hampshire, over Iowa, the RonPaulAirCorp.com, Ted Anderson, the owner of this network, put the first money in.
The listeners gave more than $40,000.
We have a new chip in up there, so it only says like $15,000.
What do you think about that spontaneous action there, and have you seen the planes towing the banners?
Yeah, we absolutely have seen those planes many times.
It's just so incredible to see this creative, grassroots, spontaneous support.
And no one else, Alex, beyond just the value of people seeing it and wanting to check out Ron Paul, we get tons of earned media out of it.
We have to pay $20,000 to run a commercial, a 30-second commercial.
Well, if we get a newscaster to talk about it for 30 seconds on the air, that's $30,000 worth of free publicity right there.
We're getting tons of it because of efforts like the Ron Paul Air Corps.
And just bravo, hats off to those guys.
Well, for the listeners out there, we actually did an analysis of this, and when I first saw the blimp, I thought that's a great idea because it's so novel.
It'll get a lot of attention, and we've supported that.
But the planes, you're only talking a couple thousand dollars with a banner, a thousand bucks for two tanks of gas, four, five, six hours.
I think it's a great idea, and I'm glad you agree with that.
Jesse Benton, tell Ron Paul, tell Ken Snyder, everybody, keep up the great job, and we're right behind you.
Thanks, Doc.
I appreciate it.
Take care.
There goes Jesse Benton, ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah, I did some research on aerial advertising and found if it's overpopulated areas during rush hour or even over sporting events, it is one of the best.
Arguably, it's in the top three.
I think it's number one.
So we'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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You just go sign up under any name you want.
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The whole Facebook type thing.
Photo albums if you want that.
Just everything.
Coming out within less than a month.
And that's going to be on Infowars.com.
Then about two months after that, PrisonPlanet.com.
So a lot of big developments there as we move forward in the fight against the New World Order.
In this fight, we're going to have setbacks.
We're going to have problems.
But by them clearly engaging in fraud in New Hampshire, and I'm not even going to say what the Ron Paul campaign said to me off the record.
I mean, they know what the media is going to do, ladies and gentlemen.
They know the media is going to make it look like they're sore losers to the dumbed-down public that doesn't know the truth yet.
They know that the same crooks are going to recount it as ran it.
And they understand that.
Now, I disagree then on the idea of just moving forward.
It doesn't matter.
You go fight.
You go expose it.
You show how the recount's a scam.
And you add into that barrel of snakes and that muddy water the number two guy at the company who's a convicted cocaine dealer.
And that that pattern keeps popping up, and then he got in trouble in Connecticut doing something that he was told by the state was, quote, illegal, running around with a bunch of data cards during live elections.
I mean, come on.
I mean, do we have to have written, hand-signed confessions from these people?
And I've already gone over all of it.
Barack Obama on the lowest poll, 13 points ahead of Hillary.
He loses by almost four.
That's a 16-plus point swing.
The polls aren't that wrong when you've got a list of 100 scientific polls.
Same thing with Paul getting half the votes he should have.
It stinks.
The campaign strategy, though, is to continue to try to spread the word.
They went from 0 to 2 to 4 to 6 to 8 to 10 to 15 points in polls exponentially, and so they're trying to have some wins, trying to get some attention.
It is big that he beat Fred Thompson and Giuliani in Michigan.
Now, they can get a third or second place in one of these other states, and it's not fraud-controlled everywhere.
Or we can expose fraud in other states, and Diebold machines all over the state, the evidence is coming in, were saying zero for Paul.
And then their buddies would vote and say zero for Paul.
And then they'd shut the machines down.
And say, oh, it's a mistake, sorry.
But it is enraging.
Imagine the Granny Warriors.
They took action.
Linda Honeycutt took action.
You heard it all that day.
She was here.
On air, we were covering it.
We got Mr. Howard to fly out there, one of the other Republican candidates.
They put the money down, and then they interpreted the state law, and I've got it in front of me.
It just says that they have to, by that date in writing, commit to paying for the recount.
And they decided to interpret that as saying, okay, it's too late, and PayPal froze the chip in account yesterday right as they were trying to pay it.
Now, you could ask yourself another question.
Why does the recount have to be paid for within just a week?
I mean, from Tuesday to Tuesday.
Why don't you have two weeks?
I mean, this is all tailored to try to block it.
But the Democratic recount is going forward, but the same people are going to run that.
Linda Honeycutt, Granny Warrior, where are you right now?
Downtown Atlanta trying to find a Kinko's to fax PayPal some information.
Now, is the state saying that they are going to rethink and let you have the recount, or are they saying no?
Yes, if we can get the money to them today, they will accept it.
Well, they need to let you get them the money tomorrow or next week.
I mean, I've seen recounts happen a month after.
We've got the money on the way.
It's not our money.
Somebody else is paying it, and we're going to have to pay them back.
So we just have to play by their rules because you can't win.
So we have a single donor who is, how much is it, 50-something-thousand?
It's $55,600. $55,600.
Okay, and then someday you'll get everybody else's money who lovingly and courageously gave.
You'll be able to get that.
Well, then I'll have to pay him back.
I understand.
I was going to say pay him back.
Well, this is fabulous news.
Did this just develop?
Yeah, just this morning.
We've been working on it all night.
We've been up all night trying to get this thing resolved with PayPal.
And what happened, somebody sent us a $1,000 donation.
And it's a name, like an Arabic name, you know, Muslim name.
And they flagged it.
And the minute we had sent the money to the State Department in New Hampshire, the money had left our account.
And about five minutes after that, this man delivers us a donation for $1,000, and that gets flagged, and they take the money, put it back in our account, and freeze it.
Yeah, that's what they do.
It's just this new grid.
There's no laws.
There's no innocent until proven guilty.
It's just there's terrorists everywhere, and they're under every toadstool or under bed.
When you're at night, be sure and have your feet under the covers, or they'll come and bite your feet and suck blood out of them, like Nosferatu.
I mean, they're just everywhere.
In fact, I mean, have you been doing okay?
There's so many Al-Qaeda, Mrs. Honeycutt.
I mean, are you okay because all the Al-Qaeda, you know, fighting through them to get to New Hampshire?
I guess I can fight the Al-Qaeda.
I'm not afraid of them.
I don't know.
Hell, I'm more afraid of our government than I am afraid of Al-Qaeda.
Well, that's our government, you know, so you're... And another interesting development, Mitt Romney's... Oh, wait a minute.
I've got... Hold on just a minute, Alex.
Our door just flew open for my...
Mitt Romney's financial chairman is Meg Whitman, who is the CEO for eBay, who owns PayPal.
Well, I mean, there's not much that Mitt Romney himself doesn't own.
He owns a controlling interest in the company that bought Clear Channel.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, he's a real live kingpin.
What do you think about Ron Paul's beating Giuliani and Fred Thompson last night?
I didn't know he did, really.
We were so busy with this PayPal thing, we weren't even paying attention.
Okay, do calls need to keep going into the Secretary of State to keep pressure on them in New Hampshire?
I don't think so.
I think we've got it pretty well.
He's already agreed to let us pay the bills.
Now that brings us on to the next level.
Bev Harris has said we have to make them answer how many extra ballots the company printed, who's counting them, where they're counting the paper ballots, because all they're going to do is supposedly run subtallies again, take some five minutes, and then they'll charge you 50-something grand.
What type of assurances have you gotten specifically, Mrs. Honeycutt?
We haven't gotten any assurances like that.
In fact, Bev Harris...
Was at the meeting with the Secretary of State, with Albert and them, and they were so belligerent that they really pushed the Secretary of State into a corner to where he was the one.
That was the reason he gave us that limited time.
Yeah, I tried to get her on today, and she said she was in the field fighting with them right now.
But you know what?
She said try her, because she said if she wasn't in the meeting, she would do it.
Go ahead and try to call Bev Harris.
John, do you have her number?
Okay, go ahead and call her.
Albert tried to smooth the Secretary of State's feelings over by, he said he hugged him and asked him to please not hold any grudges.
He didn't know that, you know, that was coming up.
So Bev did fly out from California.
She's out there in New Hampshire.
Specifically, try to give us a recount, no pun intended, restate what they told you happened with Bev Harris and Mr. Howard in there with the Secretary of State.
Well, she was just so belligerent that she used no tact.
There were four people there with her.
And they just bombarded the Secretary of State, like, attacked him.
Instead of using some tact, you know.
Well, he's doing the right thing now.
He's doing the right thing.
I mean, Bev's gotten a lot of stuff done.
That had nothing to do with Bev.
That had to do with us sucking up to him.
I mean, we've done everything in the world to kiss his butt, you know, to please.
You know, we didn't have anything to do with this.
We just want a recount.
Let's go forward with this.
Well, I mean, Bev, I think Bev probably got mad because he was not doing the right thing at the time.
But, I mean, I don't want to... No, she went in there with this letter attached to Albert's name, which he hadn't seen at the time.
And demanded this and demanded that, and that was not what Albert was there for.
Albert was there for... But you see, Bev... Here's the problem.
Bev knows that if it isn't done right, they're just going to throw it back in our face, basically take the money, and then do whatever they want behind closed doors.
That's true, Alex.
But the thing of it is, you have to use some tact.
You can't just forcefully make somebody think that you think they're the crook.
You know, and that's what happened.
Whether she meant to or not...
That's what basically happened.
She was, like, throwing accusations at the Secretary of State himself.
Well, we'll see how all this breaks down.
So I guess Albert Howard, Republican candidate for president, he's still there in New Hampshire.
He's up there.
He's in the Secretary of State's office right now waiting for the money, and he will present it to the Secretary of State in just a few moments, I'm hoping.
Well, Linda Honeycutt, if it wasn't for people like you, the little people, just like me, taking action, and you didn't wait, you took action, I commend you for the recount, I commend everybody that gave.
I know yourself, you're in big debt right now.
And you know, Alex, because PayPal's holding this money, they can hold it for six months.
We can't even buy gas on our credit card because it was a PayPal credit card.
So we're in deep doo-doo here, you know?
Well, I mean, do you want us to give out another contact point for somebody to mail you a check or something?
I don't know how they'd mail it to us.
We're on the road.
Somebody could Western Union you some money.
Well, that would help if we could get that.
We're in Atlanta right now.
I mean, do you want to give your contact info out?
Go ahead.
Give your number out.
Folks, only call her if...
You want to... Right, because our cell phone is on overtime right now anyway.
No, I know.
So you need to pick a Western Union and then have maybe four or five donors agree to give you enough money to keep operating.
I mean, we got our people in the field, folks.
They're not waiting for orders from headquarters.
They're out there fighting, run out of gas, credit cards shut down on the side of the road.
I mean, this is the type of stuff we deal with.
We're on the front lines, out of ammo.
They need your help.
Somebody stepped up.
Did I ever give you the name of that one donor we had?
No, you didn't.
But luckily, somebody else stepped up and helped you.
So the recount, whatever it's worth, at least we're trying.
At least we're not on our knees.
No, I'm not going to give up.
This is baloney, you know.
Okay, well, give folks your phone number.
Give that number again.
Okay, we'll talk to you as this develops, maybe even get you to pop in near the end of the show.
We've got Dennis DeSinich coming up in about 15 minutes to give us his take on everything that's happening with the recount on the Democratic side going on in New Hampshire.
I've got a bunch of other news we're going to be covering as well after he joins us, and your phone calls, your chance to chime in on everything that's happened.
Thank you so much, Linda Honeycutt.
Thank you, Alex.
Take care.
Take care.
Take care.
Morning quarterback or Monday morning quarterback or backseat driver or whatever the case may be.
We're in the field.
We're taking action.
We get the NAACP hat on to say Ron Paul isn't a racist, which had a good effect.
We get the airplanes in the air, thanks to the listeners.
When I say we, that means all of us.
We get the big guest on here.
We make the news.
We take action.
We fight.
Does it mean we're perfect?
Does it mean we execute everything perfectly?
Frankly, I'm stumbling around for the analogy in a prize fight, leaning on the other fighter.
And you're just pounding the living daylights out of us.
But every time we get back up off the mat, and people send me cynical emails every time I compare what the Ron Paul campaign is doing to George Washington.
Politically, it is.
Yes, we're losing, but we're gaining ground every time we get back up and fight.
So I'm not saying Ron Paul is George Washington or we're the Continental Army.
The point is, I'm using their example for us to live by.
That they lost more than 20 major battles.
Every single one of them.
But it was the attrition.
It was the willingness.
They weren't losing.
It is the commitment to keep...
Thank you.
And sit around and nitpick and say, you do this, you do that.
How about you get up off your hind end and how about you do something then?
How about you get on the field, you get in the arena for a change?
How about you do something?
And that's not a mean challenge.
I mean, I want you to do something.
This is life and death, ladies and gentlemen.
I want you to get involved.
I want you to have a good attitude and move forward.
And I'm saying that to myself.
Just because I'm preaching doesn't mean I'm perfect.
I get bad attitudes all the time.
I say mean things.
I do things I shouldn't.
I start fights with people I shouldn't.
The point is that I'm trying, and I know what works.
Does that mean I always put into action?
It's time for patriots to bury the hatchet.
It's time for people to stop nitpicking.
It's time for people to use any venue.
And the biggest vehicle we've got to educate the public about the New World Order and the real political and economic system is Ron Paul right now.
Okay, we've already won by the people we've already woken up.
Huge amounts of people learning about the Liberty Movement, the Freedom Movement, the Truth Movement right now.
Huge amounts.
Every week.
Bigger harvest of minds being unlocked than we've ever had.
The only way we lose now and let them grab victory from the jaws of defeat is by letting us get mad, get discouraged, throw fits, and then badmouth Ron Paul because he went out on the field and, you know, didn't block every punch and didn't make all the right moves.
He's an old man who is running for Congress and President and doing his congressional duties with a wife that had a heart attack.
I mean, I have trouble literally balancing my books and paying my employees and forgetting to pay the light bill around here and running my little operations.
Organizations are hard.
Think about your own life.
Stick in your own eye before you look at the speck in somebody else's.
Don't let them steal what we've already accomplished.
Don't let them take away the victories we've already gotten.
I've always said in such a big topic conversation on the web, when is the New World Order going to kill me?
Why haven't they killed me?
I get sick of hearing about it.
But again, don't cry at my funeral.
Life's beautiful, folks.
I win either way.
Understand that?
I chose to do the right thing.
Big news coming up.
Big news.
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Now we're good!
We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us on this Wednesday edition.
I know some things that you don't.
I've done things that you won't.
There's nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home.
I was waiting for my horse, looking up with so much rust.
It took a funeral to make me feel alright.
All right, here's the big news.
How could anybody be bored?
We're on a giant rock with a molten core flying through deep space with a huge star that we orbit.
There's incredible life forms all around us.
I mean, I'll be sitting there in my house with my wife and children, the chihuahua running under the table, this weird creature with big pink ears.
I mean, there's automobiles flying down the highway, huge mix masters, smokestacks, the clouds, life, the people you meet, the things that happen.
I mean, I'm getting more and more positive.
I still have a lot of negative things.
I still do a lot of bad things.
But I'm realizing it's even fun now when people try to cheat me or screw me.
It's almost like a game.
I'm just realizing that life is beautiful.
And as long as you do the right thing and fight corruption and stand up and stay strong and fight for decency and honor and beauty, you win.
It's real simple.
Regardless of what everybody else does.
Just be virtuous.
As virtuous as you can.
And that really is the secret to happiness, ladies and gentlemen.
Paul Watson's done just an absolutely amazing story.
Scientific study finds fluoride horror stories factual.
Industrial byproduct consumed by millions of Americans lowers IQ, causes cancer.
Now, I know this is old news for you, the audience, but the fact that Scientific American took all the studies we already knew about and took U.S.
government studies
And admits that it literally eats holes in your brain and literally was a Nazi chemical weapon.
And Russian.
They got it from the Russians.
This is big news.
This is an absolute fact.
Now, again, your neighbor won't listen to PrisonPlanet.com or TruthNews.us.
But you can go print off this Prison Planet story that's got links all through it and tell them, go check it out for yourself.
I mean, I just feel like I should just repeat this over and over again because I want to save people.
I mean, I want to hurt the enemy.
And we hurt them by not letting them hurt us.
And the real big news I haven't even gotten to yet is gun control.
This is just off the charts bad.
A whole new level.
We knew it was coming.
Brace for this after the break.
Unfortunately, most gun owners believe the NRA is pro-gun and not a gun control group, and so we're wide open, shields are down.
I don't know if this alarm will get to enough people in time.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're back live.
Dennis Kosinich is scheduled to call in any time now.
That can fluctuate in the next ten minutes, so stand by for that.
Then your phone calls are coming up for the balance of the broadcast.
I have this big fluoride story I'm going to read one way or the other today on air.
I have...
The economic news is very, very serious.
But I know their policy.
I know their think tank statements.
I know what the federal government's planning.
And I watched the Justice Department's statements in absolute horror in the last seven years as they tripled the funding for the BATF, built them the biggest office building that the federal government owns.
The BATF is a criminal organization.
They were founded.
To go after people not paying whiskey taxes.
And they became very corrupt very fast.
The older an agency, the more corrupt it gets historically.
And they were called regulators.
And they'd rape your wife, steal you, shoot you.
They were basically armed federal gangs.
And they would shake people down.
They would blow up your stills.
They'd send you to prison.
And by the way, you could make more money than anything making moonshine or other types of spirits.
Then you could grow in corn or anything else.
A lot of people are at subsistence level.
A lot of people that weren't even big drinkers made it.
I've even had ancestors.
I'm pure hillbilly, folks.
There's even old rotten stills out on our family property.
I wonder who put them there.
They're 80 years old, 100 years old, just pieces of them.
But the point here is that...
I mean, the crimes they committed.
They did whatever they wanted.
And that's the BATF, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
And now they added explosives.
Kind of like DynCorp changed its name.
We now have Diebold changing their name because that name got bad.
We still call them Diebold.
They changed it a year ago.
It's very, very effective what they do.
And they burned down churches and they murdered men, women, and children.
I mean, these are hardcore crooks.
I mean, there's no federal agency with a higher percentage of just gang member scum in it because it's a hundred years of filth.
And that's who they are and what they are.
So they have been raiding gun shops, harassing people, going after gun collectors.
It's been a reign of terror we've never seen before.
And we're going to talk about that later and get into the new legislation and what the Supreme Court ruling is going to mean.
We are about to break here in just a moment.
And I don't want to shortstop Dennis Kucinich on the issue of the recount that they successfully funded.
And I'm sure in no small part thanks to this audience and others around the country.
And so we're going to talk to him about the process of the recount.
That's going on out in New Hampshire on the Democratic side, which had the biggest discrepancies with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, with Congressman Dennis Kucinich on the other side of this break that we're approaching in about a minute.
Let's just go ahead and go to Dennis Kucinich now.
Congressman, where are you right now?
I'm in Washington, D.C.
We have some votes today, so I'm back here in the Capitol.
But in...
New Hampshire right now.
There is a recount that's underway of Hillsborough County, which is the largest county in the state.
We want to see if we can find a way to reconcile the disparities between one candidate seeming to win the votes that are hand-counted and another candidate seeming to win the votes that are machine-counted.
And, you know, this is part of ensuring the people of the United States that they have
Real integrity in the election process.
Stay there, Congressman.
We appreciate you joining us in your busy schedule.
Dennis Kucinich is in his district.
While on important votes, while most of the candidates are out running around the countryside.
We'll be right back.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
It is the 16th day of January, already halfway into the first month.
Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who's running for re-election right now as a Democrat, joins us.
If you want to find out more about him, just link through at truthnews.us or infowars.com.
We've got him up on the guest section area right there.
And there's also Dennis4President.com.
Going from memory on that, correct me, Congressman, if that's not the site.
But he's here to talk about the Democratic side of the recount going on in New Hampshire right now.
They're paying as they go, depending on how many townships, counties they have.
And he's also going to talk about, I thought he was going to be included, and the next thing I hear, he wasn't included in the debates last night.
So we'll talk about that process of squelching the free speech and the people's right to choose as well with the congressman.
Congressman, thanks for taking time out.
You've got the floor.
Please cover the process and what's happening in New Hampshire right now.
Well, sure.
We've got people working with the Secretary of State, the Count,
The recount is in process.
We're starting in Hillsborough County, which is the largest county in the state, and after that we'll do the second largest, which is Rockingham.
The thing that we're looking at is trying to be able to determine why the discrepancies between the hand-counted votes, which seem to go pretty strong for Barack Obama, and the machine-counted votes, which seem to
Go pretty strong for Senator Clinton.
And we just want to see if there was any problems with the machines, and when you take it in the context of how the polls on Election Day showed Obama winning by 13 points with Senator Clinton winning by 3, that's a 16-point spread in a period of about 12 hours, which means either the science of polling is in trouble or
There's something wrong with the machine.
Here's the $64 million question.
This is what everybody's asking me, so I'm not trying to be contrarian.
I appreciate you stepping up to the plate and going for the recount, because as you've said, it's not about you.
It's about the electoral voting process, which is absolutely at the very bedrock of this republic thing.
But everybody's saying, okay, fine.
And Bev Harris, the black box voting expert with the HBO special, she's saying, that's great, she's there.
She's saying that it's the same people running the chicanery that are going to be in charge of that.
So you've done the first step.
How do we know that the... I mean, we have the machines doing it again.
I mean, I know... State law requires that the Secretary of State supervise it.
Now, he has various vendors.
What's been explained to me so far
Is that if, in fact, since they're doing a hand count and a recount here, and they're looking at each single ballot, that's what I've been told by the Secretary of State himself, that if it doesn't match up with the totals that they were given, then they'll know immediately there was a problem with the machines.
But having said that, look, I'm looking for help.
There are people who have a lot more expertise than I do,
On the question of the potential for elections to be stolen by this technology.
So we're actually being very careful in regarding the concerns that have been expressed by everyone.
And I'm not...
You know, we're proceeding cautiously.
This recount could take a while.
Well, you know what?
I think that's really smart.
From studying election fraud in the past, the neocons try to focus this on voter fraud.
That's actually quite rare overall and is...
You know, negligible because you can't really organize it.
I shouldn't even say rare.
It's very small.
But whereas institutionalized fraud and people just want to jail in Ohio, I think it's very smart to do it piece by piece because if they are fixing or cheating, they're going to have a lot more trouble covering it up.
Well, you know, exactly.
Now, one of the things we're looking at right now, just to give you a little bit more of an inside discussion because the people in your audience have shown a real interest in this, which I'm very appreciative for,
But we're looking at the question of securing memory cards.
And we're trying to see how... You know, we've been told that town clerks have been advised to do so.
There's rumors going around that some of them have been secured.
So we're trying to track that down.
And we're sending a letter to the Secretary of State today that would essentially indicate our concern about some of the mechanisms here.
We want to make sure that there's a...
...procedure in place for securing those memory cards and that the clerks are familiar with.
We do have some concerns with that.
It might be very valuable if disparities show up on the recount.
Again, we're recounting Hillsboro and then Rockingham.
For all those who are listening, we gave a check for...
$25,000 yesterday to the Secretary of State that would secure Hillsboro and Rockingham, and we're still, you know, your audience has been so generous on this project, and I want to thank everyone, but we're
If we're going to do the whole state, we're going to need some more help.
Now, they've told the Republicans it's $55,000 for the whole state.
What have you been told it is for the Democratic region?
About $67,500.
And they said it's roughly, the figure I was given, it was about $0.24.
A vote.
Yeah, that was the original number we were given for Republican recounts, and now they're saying 55.
I wonder why there's a discrepancy there.
I mean, it's worth looking at.
I don't know.
You know, it's very expensive, and you've got to remember that our campaign isn't getting money from corporate interests, so we're not in a position of being able to shell out a lot of money out of our pockets.
So if people...
...have an interest in providing some more help.
And again, I just want to say, Alex, your audience has been so generous.
But if people can provide help, we'd like to count the whole state.
I think we'll learn a lot.
And, you know, that's the thing about New Hampshire.
If we count the whole state, we're going to learn enough, I think, that will protect us down the road and will give us an ability to be able to withstand the efforts at...
Well, let me rephrase this.
It'll protect the vote because we'll know, not only we'll learn about the system from the recount,
And we'll use that knowledge in further... Yeah, regardless, we win.
I mean, if we lay down and don't get involved, they win, and we know there's been fraud all over the country, people have gone to prison, and so we just need to keep engaging them.
We don't have a lot of time left with you, Congressman.
I wanted to talk about free speech in this nation and how you were first going to be allowed in, you were invited, and then they went to the Supreme Court and blocked you in the Nevada Democratic debate.
Yeah, I was invited by NBC, then...
They said I met their criteria of being in the top four in a national poll.
Then after I met the criteria, they withdrew their invitation.
We took them to court.
The judge ruled in our favor.
Then they came back and went to the Supreme Court.
It was an extraordinary thing.
Fifty minutes before the debate started, the Supreme Court said, you can't go on.
They said they agreed with NBC that it was essentially a private matter.
Well, they're scared of you just like they are Ron Paul because you're going to show that they're all a bunch of warmongers and you're the only person that even follows the party's platform.
Well, you know, as a lot of people saying that, and I appreciate you saying it, and, you know, GE, by the way, which owns NBC.
Cluster bomb maker.
Well, hello.
Raytheon is their big subsidiary.
And I just think that, you know, this process belongs to the American people.
This is we.
This is our government.
This is our presidential race.
We have a right to get a fair vote, and we have a right to hear from all the candidates who are bona fide candidates, and it's really unfortunate when the media want to take it upon themselves to say, well, we're going to determine who the next president is.
Why do you think suddenly we have Ron Paul and yourself being excluded from debates?
That's clearly orders from on high that the establishment doesn't want to have a debate about the war.
Well, I think that's true.
I mean, as you know, Ron's a good friend of mine, and he has shown a lot of courage.
And, you know, many times on the floor of the House, he and I were often the only two people raising questions about our international policies, saying, why are we trying to intervene here and there?
And he's been absolutely right, and I've been proud to stand with him.
Well, NBC, and we appreciate that, Congressman, NBC is holding out that they're involved in the process, and they're guarding the process, and they're involved in the public service, and then they take political money, they give political money.
I mean, this is a conflict of interest blocking you.
I mean, what do we need to do now that they've done this?
You know what would be great to have a chance to do on a future show?
I'd be happy to discuss with you to tell you how much money GE has given to presidential candidates who they lent it to the debate, and that NBC has given to presidential candidates, that Raytheon, which is owned by GE, has given to presidential candidates.
When you look at these numbers, they're pretty staggering, but it takes a while to do it.
If you've got a chance, if you're interested, I'd be happy to share it with you.
Oh, sir, we'd love to have you on.
Sure, any time.
We'd love to give your...
This is a civics lesson.
We're all learning about this, and my role is to be a teacher and to show people this is what's happening, and I'll sort of stand in there.
Right, and I'll sort of stand in there and say, hey, we really require that people have control of this process, that it can't just be hijacked by interest groups that are going to take care of their
40 years in politics.
And they exclude you...
I mean, how are we ever going to hear about alternative candidates if they have the self-fulfilling process of only... I mean, look, they're two anointed candidates.
Giuliani and Thompson were beaten by Paul in Michigan last night.
I mean, that's showing that they're...
That shows that their anointed ones are failing, and the people want the alternative candidates, who, by the way, happen to be lined up with the polls and the Constitution, you and Ron Paul.
Fire out your presidential website for listeners that want to contribute to the recount.
Yeah, we need help on that recount, if you can.
It's Dennis4President.com, and I'm sure you indicate that it's for the recount.
I'd like to recount the whole state, and
And Alex, what a patriot you are.
You've got a great show that really... We need to come together to save our country.
We do, absolutely.
Come together for our electoral and voting process.
Thank you, Congressman Kucinich, for spending time with us.
Thanks again.
All right, we'll be right back with your calls and a lot more.
Stay with me.
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Hi, Ken.
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We've already done that with Truth News, partially, and with Ron Paul Warren, but we're all vetting, testing, expanding, looking at different things.
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Your own pages, your own sub-sites, whatever you'd like.
It'll be there.
We do have Benjamin Fulford coming up in the next hour.
I've forgotten he's on right now.
We're trying to move him.
So I want you to be able to talk about the Ron Paul situation, the campaign, the news.
I've got this gun control news where just the long and short of it is it's up on truthnews.us.
Nemo put so much news in there that he's written that it's already moved into the more articles section.
And it's what we knew they'd do.
But it doesn't make it any more devastating.
And that is, the Republicans are saying, oh, we're not for gun control, but Congress can make laws and states can make laws and cities can make laws and get rid of it if they want.
So see, they're saying, yeah, you've got a Second Amendment, but we can get rid of it.
And that's what they always do.
They're saying in the new Supreme Court case that's going there next month, next month,
I told you.
You've got seven of the nine members appointed by our Republicans, and you're sitting there sucking your thumb.
They're going to call it pro-gun when they say that, oh, well, you can have the Second Amendment, but we can ban it if we want.
See, they're saying that the government is above the Constitution and that they can make restrictions.
The Supreme Court has never ruled in favor of gun control.
They ruled in favor of felons...
And they ruled in favor.
I mean, that's how they started.
But never that the government can restrict.
They said, oh, well, only certain people.
Or that you couldn't saw one off because it wasn't military.
This is the big one.
They've never ruled to come right out and say, we can just take all your guns.
And folks, I know the cops, a lot of them are pro-Second Amendment because they know about guns.
They're not scared of them, and they at least know that.
Doesn't matter.
They will take your guns like in New Orleans or anywhere else, or Chicago or New York.
And they want to fill the prisons.
The system does with all the good old boys, and they're going to say everybody's Al-Qaeda.
Cowboy boots, Stetson, you're Al-Qaeda.
Watch Fox News.
I'm not kidding.
We're all Al-Qaeda folks.
They're not, again, taking 10% of the college graduates now to be in security and homely insecurity, data mining, spying.
They're not putting face-scanning cameras and purchase scans for everything you buy and sell, every email, everything you do.
They're just openly announcing what I always told you now.
They're not doing this because they want to, you know, have a cup of tea and cookies with you.
They're doing this because they want your property, your houses, everything you got.
They want your minerals.
They want whatever you got on your land.
Then they're going to take it.
And they got people that wear black uniforms who will follow orders.
I mean, they'll grab babies away from mothers without a warrant or out of charge as the mother screams in pain and tasers her if she fights back.
They'll have police dogs.
In Maryland, when there's no law, saying it is the law with the dogs barking at the kids as 1,500 parents line up to be forcibly injected when there is no law.
And they'll shoot their own kids up with it.
They'll shoot themselves up with it.
They're just like the general public.
I'm not even saying the cops are any worse than anybody else.
The public's just mindless fools everywhere.
And it's all here.
You can't deny this government's criminal.
They're approving cloning, open-air genetic engineering of every type, total crises, real threats, while setting up a global tax and domestic regional taxes on your carbon.
New hordes of bureaucrats.
The left hand is the hordes of bureaucrats and socialism and regulators and one-child policies, and the right hand is anti-terror and police state.
I already said I'd take your calls.
Melina in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Melina, you're on the air.
Hello, yes, I would like to thank you, Mr. Kucinich.
I also want to tell you in your native, Mr. Kucinich, four, three, one, two, three, three, four, two, two, three... Ma'am, Mr. Kucinich is gone, but I appreciate your call.
And I believe he's your congressman, isn't he?
All right, Steve, John, Paul...
A lot of other people.
Your calls are straight ahead.
We're on the march.
Stay with us.
The Empire's on the run.
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John, I forgot to ask you, is the illustrious Benjamin Fulford move to the third hour?
Thank you so much.
You ought to see it in here.
It's like five people in here every break, so I never even have a chance to talk to John.
He's up in Minneapolis-St.
Paul in the frozen north.
He comes from the land of the ice and snow.
And we've got loaded phone lines here, and I do want to get into the Florida news and the Second Amendment news, but right now let's go to Steve in Florida.
You're on the air, sir.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
I haven't spoken to you in a few months.
Good to hear from you.
What's on your mind?
We have...
A Ron Paul decorated limousine, the biggest limousine in the world.
It is now on its way to Houston, Texas.
It should be there within six hours.
Marvin Olson, one of the key players, has coordinated all of this.
I have his email.
He emailed you about 11.30 this morning.
I have the limousine driver's phone number for you personally if you wish to call him.
To coordinate anything, to let people know on your audience where he'll be in Houston.
Okay, I'm ignorant.
What does this limousine do?
It is decorated with Ron Paul up and down.
It carries 40 people.
It must be a big limousine.
It is the biggest limousine in the world.
It was in Pensacola for the past couple days, driving all around, letting everybody know who Dr. Paul is.
Well, that's huge.
I mean, that's the type of gimmick that really will get attention in Houston.
And people should call the press.
Where is this Leviathan going to be cruising?
He's right now on the freeway heading toward Houston, and I've got the limousine driver's number.
I've been given permission to give it to you if you wish, and I've got Marvin Olson's email.
Well, I don't mind talking to him, but, I mean, there's blimps, helicopters, aircraft, now Leviathan limousines.
I mean, if the limousine driver wants to call in for a few minutes and tell folks where he's going to be, but I think it'll do for itself.
They need to call local Houston TV and newsprint.
That's the kind of stunt they like.
Yeah, Marvin's listening now.
I'm sure he just heard you.
His email's MarvinOlson at Cox.net if you wish to email him on your break.
Hey, if it's the biggest limousine in the world, what type of car is it?
I'm not sure what type.
I failed to ask that, but it holds 40 people because they were...
Riding around in it the other night and just having a ball.
That's wonderful.
Hey, Steve, I don't know if you've called me in a couple years.
I recognize your voice.
What do you think of the gun control, everything unfolding right now?
Well, I've been following for a long time, and I've been following 2640, where they're going to take away gun rights of veterans, but it's just typical of the
Police state in which we live, is it not?
But this is even worse.
They're going to call it pro-gun, and you watch, they're going to say the Supreme Court's going to rule next month, or they may announce the month after that, that it's a pro-gun ruling, this is the new trick, a whole new level of deception, and then actually it is saying that cities, counties, states, the feds can restrict at will.
To total gun ban.
The federal government, the Justice Department, is arguing.
I have the case here.
I have it.
I spent an hour reading it last night, and now I can't even get to the details here.
Exactly what we said they'd do, they are going to argue for total gun ban.
I just pray that people in Florida that call themselves patriots, especially some pastors that I know that talk about gun rights and constitutional rights, I hope they have the...
The Giulianis, shall we say, the Cajunis, to stand up and do what's right at the proper time.
Well, now understand, they're going to rule that you don't have a Second Amendment.
They're going to say they ruled for it.
It's going to say, well, you've got a Second Amendment, but we can restrict it up until the point of total bans.
That's what they state.
And then it's going to be advertised, great victory.
The fools will run around with their NRA cards, reading their American Rifleman magazine, not knowing it's the fount of gun control.
They won't even look into that, as Governors of America has warned them.
And then they will start moving ahead with the piece-by-piece gun bans.
You know, the NRA doesn't give us our rights, nor does the government.
God gives us our rights.
Well, that's right.
These criminals running our government can claim that we don't have free speech, or claim we can all be spied on and don't have privacy, and they can claim we don't have Second Amendment, and they can claim they're God and that torture's good.
But, bottom line, torture's evil.
Raping children in front of their parents, as the Army's own report admits, is evil.
And I don't care what they say.
It's evil.
I concur with everything you're saying on the...
The limo's going to be in Houston probably within six hours.
After that, it's going to be making its way to Las Vegas, and a lot of people are going to see it along the way.
Well done.
Thank you.
And if everybody does similar things to this, or whatever you can, it can be a sign in your yard.
I mean, we know pilots are making their own, ordering their own banners.
People are doing it on their own.
Other groups are flying banners.
Don't, don't, just don't wait for us.
Don't think we've got to direct you.
Just attack the enemy in the info war.
John in Georgia, you're on the air.
Welcome, John.
Okay, John, thank you.
Paul in Canada, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I'd just like to say I'm so glad to hear your voice every day because it still means that we have a shred of freedom left.
And I'm just grateful to hear your voice, not because it's you, but because of the message that you're
Well, you're not going to hear it soon, because they're openly doing what they said they'd do six years ago when I learned of Internet 2.
They're openly not updating the hubs, they're letting it already shut down, and they're doing more and more peer-to-peer blocking, just to where in the future it'll be very hard to get to the streams, very hard to pass videos around online, and then you'll have to pay to get on Internet 2, and then they're going to restrict you and be able to censor it well.
And it's all Chinese model firewall stuff, and they admit that our government designed it with Google and Yahoo and the rest of them, and they're now testing it and Comcast is implementing.
And it's now happening, and they're going to phase it in over the next three years so people better spread the word about the streams, about the videos.
I mean, don't take this stuff for granted.
Keep virally spreading it now while we have this window, because they are shutting it down.
That's no good to hear, but I just want to make it really quick here.
I just wanted to point out one thing, and I had an idea for the Paul campaign.
Yes, sir.
Did you hear about Mel Gibson moving down to Costa Rica?
I know that Mel Gibson got a place in Costa Rica.
I've seen that, yeah.
Yeah, well, he bought it in May, apparently, a big ranch there, but apparently he's moving his family down there, and he started a production company there or whatever.
He's basically moved down there already, I believe.
But I just thought that was interesting.
I know Hutton moved out of first West Virginia, and then he moved to Pennsylvania, and I knew he moved in with them.
Yeah, via Candios.
I need to call Pastor Butch.
You know, Hutton called me and said, I need to give you my new number.
I'll call you with it.
And, well, he called up and said he wanted me to help some other group that was under attack for free speech.
And then he, I guess, forgot to leave the number.
He said, I'm going to give you this number, here's this number, and then that was a couple of months ago.
And I've got some numbers in Los Angeles to some of the folks in the family.
I'll just leave it at that.
But, yeah, I do know that they are going down to Costa Rica.
Yeah, I mean, you can't blame them with what's going on in the States right now.
I wish I had a billion bucks, but even if I had a billion bucks, I probably wouldn't get out of here.
I just am going to go down with the ship.
Well, that's pretty commendable then.
About the Paul campaign, I had an idea.
What if Dr. Paul were to set up a, say, town hall meeting, which was completely online,
Totally cut out the mainstream media, stream your own cameras, make it cam-to-cam almost, you know what I'm saying?
And people could line up to ask... And then took questions from webcams.
It's very easy to do.
It'd be a great idea for the campaign to do that, say, maybe two hours a week.
Appreciate the call.
Just in between going to Congress, running for Congress, running for President...
There's a lot of great ideas, and that is a great idea, sir.
David in Texas, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing, sir?
Bear with me, sir.
I've got some allergies today.
Hey, listen, I watched your extras on your endgame, the Battle for the Republic.
Yes, sir.
Do we have the names of those officers involved and the young man that was the victim in that situation?
Or any of the information of those police officers?
Oh, you're talking about if you protest illegal aliens, that you are assaulted by police and arrested openly, touching no one, all on video?
And I can't remember being that pissed off on anything after I was done watching that film.
I mean, I was mad.
You don't have those officers' names, and we could send an email to the Seattle Police Department or the young man's name.
You know, I interviewed the folks that shot the video, and we never found out the name of the guy they beat up.
I mean, and, you know, the illegal aliens block traffic for like 30 minutes, and this guy sticks his hand out and starts flipping them off, and they're flipping him off, screaming at him.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Go to prisonplanet.tv.
It's five months free right now.
You can watch the extras.
That's an extra from the DVD.
There's an hour and a half plus in-game 1.5 extras just for prisonplanet.tv members at prisonplanet.tv.
And, again, it's in super high quality.
You can burn it to disk, give it to people, or buy the quality DVD with all the extras at infowars.com.
I appreciate your call, David.
Let's go ahead.
Was that David we were just talking to?
Thomas in Tennessee.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
How's it going, Alex?
Hey, we have a great Patriot movement going on here in Knoxville.
We've got Harry Grosso over at WBCR doing a great job.
We've got a lot of Ron Paul supporters around here.
We're getting signs up everywhere.
One of the things I've noticed about the War Room website is I believe there might be some fake Ron Paul supporters trying to infiltrate in there because they're ready to quit at the drop of a hat when they don't really understand the whole, you know, just because we lose a battle here and there.
I'll say this.
All of them aren't infiltrators.
It only takes a few infiltrators to go, I don't like...
Ron Paul, because he doesn't say Catholics are evil and run everything, which would be political suicide, even if it were true or not.
I'm not debating that.
Ron Paul won't attack Israel.
He won't say it's the Zionists, so I hate him.
And then those are agents, but then other people pick it up and parrot it.
You see, that's why we've got to virally swarm them even more in the info war to make sure the message of taking action gets out.
And to make sure that those particular people don't discourage the ones who are really supporting him.
Because if that starts to spread a little bit and the discouragement and the infighting that goes on is ridiculous.
You know, he cannot mention things like, even if he does believe 9-11 was an inside doubt,
He can't get up there in a national platform.
But look, look, look, look, look, look.
Look, it's come out from the ADL.
I mean, this has come out.
This has been in the news.
And it's come out from these other organizations and groups that they want, okay, different organizations, not just the ADL but others, have groups out there to radicalize other groups to get people to come out and say things that they know will then get them ostracized.
They don't want us to sound reasonable and expose the New World Order and wake people up and bring people together.
It's about balkanizing and there's a lot of people who are just filled with hate and are upset about what's happening and some of what they're saying is reasonable and they don't understand, they're not sophisticated enough to get what's going on.
They're not even part of it.
No, no, most of them aren't.
The feds go out, and they prod, and they push.
I mean, we have COINTELPRO documents on the FBI doing it, and I appreciate your call.
I mean, this is declassified.
In the 60s and 70s, they go into different peace groups, Black Panthers, you name it.
And they'd start criticizing the leaders.
If you've got effective leaders in a group, they go in, they say, this group's bad, you should be the leader.
Then they split it up.
Then they say, we need to go out, and then they trick people to come out to some swamp north of San Francisco and detonate half a stick of dynamite, and then the feds all run out and arrest everybody, and then arrest all the rest of the group.
Or they go out and try to get groups to be really radical.
I mean, I remember 10, 15 years ago, I mean, even before I got on air, I'd be at events, and it'd be a cop.
It's always a cop, always in good shape, big guys.
They'd always say, we ought to blow stuff up.
We ought to kill people.
We ought to, you know, I like the Nazis.
And then we'd follow them to their car, and it'd be an unmarked cop car.
It'd be parked around the street, and, hey, man, I want to go home.
Why are you following me?
I mean, just crazy stuff.
And we tried to build a veteran, a new house.
And it would turn out people would come in and they wanted their help, and we'd find out it was somebody who owned property nearby who had already tried to buy it.
And they'd come in and act friendly, and they'd start trying to start fights and threatening to attack people.
Now, we were trying to build the Branch Davidians, a memorial church.
You know, for those that died, and we had people show up, and after weeks of not being able to, you know, bad talking, we shouldn't build, Alex is bad, he's stealing money.
By the way, I knew they'd say that, so we said, here's a Home Depot, here's a Lowe's, here's a McCoy's, only give to these, you pay for the truck to even deliver it, and we'd announce every day on the radio what was needed on a website we'd post.
And so...
So we said, okay, here's the company, and send them the money for the trusses.
We even got bids and posted those.
And then finally that woman just blew up, grabbed a butcher knife in front of witnesses, came at me, and she said, you're right, I'm a fed, and we're going to kill you, Jones!
Come on, come on!
Then a police car comes rolling by, waiting for me to make a move with a woman thrusting a butcher knife at me.
And then she said, we're out of here, we're going to get you!
And we found out they were informants.
I mean, literally, they go nuts with butcher knives.
So, see, the average person out there hasn't dealt with this.
I mean, I've had feds come in with butcher knives, and I just jumped out of the way.
I mean, these are crazed people, ladies and gentlemen.
They wanted me to make a move on that woman.
And right when it happens, the cop car drives by.
They were waiting.
It would have been on the news that I attacked a woman with a butcher knife.
Didn't matter there were five witnesses.
She tried to come and see...
They have this little museum, this little one-room museum.
She was in there, and she called me over there.
I was just like, look, let's all be friends.
And then nobody was around.
And then she pulls the butcher knife, and I get out of the building.
But in her craziness, she comes out, and there's five witnesses, and they all see it, thank God.
Their plan was to... She had the mail officer, well, their informants with her, and I think he was maybe going to cap me.
I'm not sure.
I mean, they don't play games, folks.
They don't play games.
And they do that with the Black Panthers.
They'd come in and they would, you know, they were soup kitchens, mainline, but also aggressive, you know, in their freedom.
And so they'd radicalize them.
We need to start shooting people.
We need to start burning things.
They'd even trick a few to go and be involved in that.
Then they'd blow the whole organization across the country.
They know how to control populations.
But again, this is all part of a
This is all part of a learning process.
And all these bad things that happen to us only make us stronger.
I think?
I think?
You know, dealing with these people, it scares them that we're not scared.
We're committed.
That's hard for them to deal with.
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Yeah, it's not just Mel Gibson running down to Costa Rica.
He's still in Los Angeles, too, and everywhere else.
They're all moving down there.
And the big money's moving out of the country.
Cook Islands, New Zealand, you name it.
All over the Pacific.
And they're getting big barbed wire, electrical fences, helicopters, security.
Because they know, folks, there's a very good chance that it's going to be a depression.
And don't worry, a lot of corrupt people in the system, you want to crack heads and be thugs?
You're going to get lots of stuff to do.
You're going to get more of it than you ever wanted.
It's kind of like somebody who likes hot dogs.
But after a hot dog eating contest, they never like hot dogs again.
Oh, you like torturing and killing people.
You like FEMA camps.
You like being a boss.
Well, you're going to get to eat 100 hot dogs, pal.
100 hot dogs.
You want 100 hot dogs?
You're going to get it.
You like evil?
Here, how about, you know, it's kind of like, oh, you like wine.
Here, let's force ten bottles down you.
Scientific study finds fluoride horror, industrial byproduct consumed by millions of Americans, lowers IQ, causes cancer.
I hope you'll get this story from prisonplanet.com.
And get it out to everyone in your family, your neighbors.
Again, I have a burning desire to warn you and warn others.
I know you know all about this.
Your neighbors, your friends, your family, they don't.
And stop thinking they do.
This is the best one article I've seen anywhere.
It's in the news in focus on presentplanet.com.
Industrial byproduct consumed by millions of Americans lowers IQ causes cancer.
The establishment media will have to find a new tactic with which to ridicule those who oppose the fluoridation of water after a new New Scientific American report concluded that the scientific attitudes towards fluoridation may be starting to shift.
Yeah, that's as people actually see the research.
As new evidence emerges of the poisons linked to disorders affecting teeth, bones, the brain, and the thyroid gland, as well as lowering IQ.
Today, almost 60%.
It's more than that.
By the way, they're wrong.
The U.S.
population drinks fluoridated water, including residents of 46 of the nation's 50 largest cities.
That's the key.
Reports scientific America's Dane Fagan.
Fagan is an award-winning environmental reporter and director of New York's University Science Health and Environmental Reporting Program.
Outside the U.S., fluoridation has been spread to Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and a few other countries.
Critics of the practice have generally been dismissed as gadflies or zealots by mainstream researchers and public health agencies in those countries, as well as the U.S.
In other nations, however, water fluoridation is rare and controversial.
It's only controversial because the establishment says it's good.
They've known since the 20s and 30s what it does.
We have links to those studies, by the way.
They said, my God, this stuff makes you become brain damaged and stupid and servile.
Well, put it in the water, baby!
And the U.S.
worked with the Russians and the Nazis after they captured the Russians and the Nazis.
Excuse me, the Nazis.
And of course, the Germans had captured their info.
And it's all in the report.
That's what I meant to say.
And they said, my goodness, let's just give this to everybody.
And they did.
And that's why you can't talk to your neighbor.
They're on... They got literal rotholes in their brain.
Go read the report.
Lobotomies, folks.
Indeed, the zeitgeist for scoffing at those who spoke of the dangers...
Mass medicating the public against their will with fluoride was the degraded and paranoid character of General Ripper in the hit 1964 Peter Sellers movie, Dr. Strangelove.
But the stereotype is quickly fading as serious scientific research uncovers proof that all the horror stories about sodium fluoride told down the decades are essentially true.
The Scientific American study concluded that fluoride can subtly alter endocrine function
Especially in the thyroid, the gland that produces hormones, regulating growth and your metabolic system.
I'm going to come back and read the rest of this and get Benjamin Fulford on with us for the third interview to really get into where he thinks all this is coming down to.
Very important info if you haven't heard it.
Dealing with the race-specific bioweapon plan and the New World Order's plan to go hot with it.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
We are now...
And in the third and final hour, Benjamin Fulford is coming up in the next segment for the balance of the hour from Tokyo, Japan.
The report also notes, continuing on fluoride, that a series of epidemiological studies in China have associated high fluoride exposure with lower IQs.
So did the Irish studies, German studies.
The U.S.
and England discovered this in the 20s.
Again, I'm going to explain that to you.
Epidemiological studies and tests on lab animals suggest that high fluoride exposures increase the risk of bone fracture, especially in vulnerable populations such as the elderly and diabetics, writes Fagan.
Fagan interviewed Steve Levy, director of the Iowa Fluoride Study, which tracked about 700 Iowa children for 16 years.
Nine-year-old Iowa children who lived in communities where the water was fluoridated were 50% more likely to have myofluorosis than nine-year-old children living in non-fluoridated areas of the state, writes Fagan.
Again, this scientific American thing is a total whitewash, as bad as it sounds.
The study adds to a growing literature of shocking scientific studies proving fluoride link with all manner of health defects, even as governments in the West, including recently the UK, make plans to mass-medicate the population against their will with the deadly toxin.
And again, they put it in all the foods that are processed, folks.
So you can't get away from it, even just drinking clean water.
In 2005, a study conducted by Harvard School of Dental Health found that fluoride in tap water directly contributes to cancer, to causing bone cancer in young boys.
Massive increase.
New American research suggests that boys exposed to fluoride between the ages of 5 and 10 will suffer an increased rate of
Osteosarcoma, bone cancer, between the ages of 10 and 19, according to a London Observer article about the study.
You know, that's why there's so many... I know a lot of people losing their boys and girls.
It's just, oh, dying of cancer.
Well, you're three, you're four, you're ten.
You're supposed to, you know.
Massive onset of childhood cancers.
A lot of money being made.
You know.
It's all part of the love.
Government wouldn't hurt you.
No, they just didn't know what it did.
They care about you.
They want to keep you safe from all the blonde-haired, blue-eyed al-Qaeda they say are everywhere.
Based on the findings of the study, the respected environmental working group lobbied that fluoride and tap water be added to the U.S.
government classified list of substances known or anticipated to cause cancer in humans.
Cancer rates in the U.S.
have skyrocketed, with one in three people now contracting the disease, and some staging their life from one in 33.
The link to bone cancer has also been discovered by other scientists, but a controversy ensued after it emerged that Harvard professor Checker Dorglis, who downplayed the contention in his final report, was in fact editor-in-chief of the Colgate Oral Health Program, a quarterly newsletter funded by Colgate-Palmolive Co.,
Which, by the way, funded eugenics in the 30s, which makes fluoridated toothpaste.
And an August 2006 Chinese study found that fluoride in drinking water damages children's liver and kidney function.
Fluoride is a waste byproduct.
This is a fact page with links.
It's a waste byproduct of fertilizer and aluminum industry and is also part of Part 2 Poison under the UK Poisons Act of 1972.
Now, again, the Stannis and sodium fluoride they take from industry has hundreds of heavy metals, Grignard reagents, toxins in it.
Go read for yourself.
That was in the article, too, but it's much worse than they even say.
They take actual toxic waste.
It's not just the fluoride.
Hitting you and hitting you hard.
It's hitting all of us.
People didn't used to be this dumb.
Again, until I was 18, it was eating holes in my brain.
I used to drink tap water and feel sick after.
It wasn't placebo.
I didn't know about fluoride.
I remember brushing my teeth every morning and getting real sick and feeling real bad.
But it doesn't matter to us.
It's just going to continue.
And the nurseries around the country get insurance breaks and they force it on the children.
Just guzzling it, guzzling the death down.
Again, the government loves you.
Don't listen to conspiracies.
Drink more of it.
We'll be right back.
I didn't even scratch the tip of the iceberg.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
Loose change, final cut.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We've had him on twice in the last week.
We're very honored that he's joined us again from Japan.
I've been very gracious with his time.
BenjaminFulford.com is the website.
I'll properly introduce our guest in just one minute.
Before I do that, I want to finish up this fluoride story because it ties into the eugenics in the same operation.
Fluoride is a waste byproduct of the fertilizer and aluminum industry.
The other heavy metals and toxins are mixed equally with it and added to the water supply.
According to Part 2, Poison under the UK Poisonous Act of 1972, fluoride is one of the basic ingredients in Prozac, fluoroxyene,
Hydrochlorine and sarin nerve gas, and we give the breakdown of that.
Isopropyl, methyl, phosphoryl, fluoride.
The U.S.
Air Force major...
George R. Jordan testified before the Un-American Activities Committee of Congress in 1950 that in his post as the U.S.
Soviet liaison officer, the Soviets openly admitted to using fluoride in the water supplies in their concentration camps to make their prisoners stupid, docile, and subservient.
And then you can go to the congressional record.
He entered the documents in.
See, it wasn't a wild conspiracy theory.
We developed it and learned it because they had fluoride spills here and in Europe.
And the Chinese had fluoride spills.
That's why all their studies showed it, and they can't believe we put it in our water.
Because they did the same studies we did in the 20s and 30s and the 80s and 90s and found that when they accidentally had spills of it, massive brain damage, huge cancer increases, even in a few parts per million.
I mean, there's literally tens of thousands of studies on this because it's been studied so much.
Let me just finish up.
The first organized occurrence of fluoridation drinking water on Earth was found in Nazi Germany's prison camps.
The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride's supposed effect on children's teeth.
Their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in the concentration camps into calm submission.
Reference book, The Crime and Punishment of I.G.
Farben by Joseph Borkin.
There's also a bunch of other famous World War II books.
One of them got a...
Pulitzer Prize covers that.
And 97% of Western Europe had rejected fluoridation water due to the known health risk.
However, 10% of Britons drink it, and the UK government is trying to fast-track fluoridation in the entire country's water supply.
Because they care about your teeth.
Of course, all the studies actually show it destroys your teeth.
It actually says it rots holes and it makes them fall apart.
In Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg fluoridation of water was rejected because it was classified as compulsive medication against the subject's will and therefore violated fundamental human rights.
These are all sourced.
In November 2006, the American Dental Association, ADA, advised that parents should avoid giving babies fluoridated water because of brain damage.
But you go to the baby's store, or go to the grocery store, it says, extra fluoride for your baby.
Then their teeth come in all yellow with rot holes in them and they're brain damaged.
And you go, oh, more water.
Oh, I love the government.
Look, yuppies, you better stop trusting them.
Sources of fluoride include fluoride dental products
That's one of the biggest ones.
That's why it says if you swallow a dot size of it called poison control, fluoride pesticides, fluoridated pharmaceuticals, that's most of the Prozacs, processed foods made with fluoridated water and tea.
It's toothpaste.
You drink your tea.
Click here to find out if your water supply is poisoned with deadly fluoride.
That's up on prisonplanet.com.
Mr. Fulford, thank you for graciously joining us.
You've got the floor.
I know you've talked about the Asians now learning about this, too.
This ties right into the whole global eugenics program, doesn't it?
I mean, we witnessed these people really
Trying to, you know, enslave humanity by murdering and traumatizing a large majority of live people on the planet.
There can be no doubt about this now.
These people are criminally insane.
That's the only way you can describe them.
I mean, how do you get the average Westerner?
I mean, I know the Asians, and I believe your story fits in with the info we have, and your highly respected former Forbes writer who quit over being censored, for those that don't know, and got interviews with David Rockefeller when he comes to Japan because of your record.
I mean, a lot of your story checks out.
Some of it, I'm not saying doesn't check out.
I just haven't been able to myself vet all of it because I haven't had time.
How do you get the average Westerner or even Asian out there to believe?
I mean, who would want to get control and then put stuff in the water to make everybody docile that also takes dozens of years off their life?
You know, the conclusion I reached, and it kind of hurts me to say this, but the conclusion I reached is that any change that happens is going to have to be talked down.
In other words,
You're going to have to convince the elite, the smart people, the aware people, the ones who have figured out, you know, the ones who are not totally enslaved, that the situation is really wrong, and get them to act.
And my belief is that at the end of the day, the people who, you know, only get their information from the television screen are just going to have to change when suddenly everything that's on the television screen changes.
So we have to deal with the people who decide what's on the TV screen first.
I mean, that's the conclusion I reached.
I mean, I think the Irish Westerners is too far deeply brainwashed now to be helped without changing the content of the brainwash they're being fed.
So it's really a media war, like you say, Infowars, as you say.
Well, Benjamin, if you go to Asia, they arrest you if you talk bad about the king and queen of Thailand.
A lot of Asians know about corruption, know about big government, but they're also under corrupt systems themselves.
Well, I mean, it really varies, of course.
And, you know, there are some deep cultural changes.
For example, in Thailand, what I found with the king and queen there is that the people...
Really do have some kind of deep respect because they think of it as a symbol of themselves as a whole, right?
And the Queen and the King there keep their respect by basically staring out of day-to-day stuff and only, you know, getting involved when it's clear that they need to.
But if they try to constantly stay in power, then that respect vanishes.
I mean, that's the situation at least in Thailand.
So it really varies from place to place.
Now, I know some folks from Thailand, and they absolutely worship the king and queen.
Well, let's continue where we left off.
Just kind of in a nutshell, or a thumbnail, kind of recap what we covered in the last two interviews, the basics of how you were approached.
And then we got to the point of, you're interviewing David Rockefeller, you know, the secret society, the Asian mafia, the lower level that intersects with it, says...
To you, go give them this message that the Asian elite is going to start killing members of the New World Order and Illuminati if they continue or if they release a race-specific bioweapon as they believe SARS was.
Now, again, you talk about population reduction.
You talk about secret societies in Asia.
I know all that's real.
I mean, I know you're a real reporter, but, I mean, you have to know this is, you know, at that point is where, I'm not saying you lose me.
But I also get concerned because I'm not calling for violence.
I think the elite have a right to use bioweapons to kill all of us because they are the supreme rulers.
I'm being sarcastic.
But at the same time, I mean, I understand what you're saying, what this mafia is saying.
They're saying, don't kill us or we'll fight back.
I mean, that's a normal response.
But we are in the age where Iran's been told if they fight back, they'll be called terrorists and nuked.
So it's kind of a new system we live in, and I kind of think of it as dangerous.
But, I mean, I have to let you report on it because this is reportedly what they told you.
So go ahead.
Well, again, what happened was that, you know, I was completely believing their propaganda and promoting it, you know, for years, right?
Everything, I mean, like Forbes magazine is basically like a kind of
Pornography for the rich elite, you know?
It's like, you know, leave everything to the rich people to decide, and that will be for the best.
And this is the sort of propaganda we've all been sort of inundated with.
And what happened was, by actually, you know, being involved in reporting and meeting the elite, and starting to realize that
You know, there was something fundamentally wrong with what they were saying.
And when I discovered that they really were trying to kill people, and billions of people, I wrote about this in Japanese in magazines and books, and they approached me and said, yes, we realize the same thing, that...
You know, they are trying to kill us with bioweapons and stuff, and, you know, is there some way we can help you?
And, uh, I was the one who gave them the idea.
I sort of thought about this when they first approached me, you know, and remember, I studied in the university, Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, so I knew that there were these secret societies in Asia.
I mean, they had influenced their history many times in the past.
That's in the history books.
A matter of historical record, right?
So it was not something that was, you know, totally new to me.
But what surprised me was that these people were still around.
But when they came to me, the first thing I thought was, hmm, well maybe they could, you know, play 911 videos in Chinatown movie theaters and stuff, right?
But then I realized, wait a minute.
These societies have, you know,
Six million members.
And they're everywhere.
And the people in the West are ruled by an elite of about 10,000 people.
And I started to think, wait a minute, that's six million against 10,000.
So I was the guy who... I remember the movie Kill Bill, where they had this scene where these two women were fighting.
It looked like it was going to be a long and nasty fight, but one of the women had only one eye, right?
And suddenly, the other woman grabbed the last eye and pulled it out.
I said, oh my God!
That's what you've got to do.
You've got to target the eye on the top of the pyramid in the $1 bill.
Stay there, stay there, Benjamin Fulver.
Let's come back and hear more about these meetings, what they said when you gave them this idea, right here on the GCN Radio Network.
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Couldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they have to do.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know the syndicated columnist Charlie Reese once wrote a stinging indictment against the internationalists who have captured our federal government for their own purposes?
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We're good to go.
All right, let's go back to Benjamin Fulford, investigative journalist living in Japan.
This is intriguing.
I mean, specifically, what was your, you know, first you get called by the emperor's granddaughter, then you talk to Japanese intelligence people.
When did you start actually meeting with the secret society slash mafia groups, and how many meetings did you have?
I mean, at first they were just bringing up, hey, your elite wants to kill everybody, and then you thought about it and told them this plan, and then they said, oh, yeah, that's a good idea?
Well, I mean, what happened was, I first, I wrote, I put out a book called
In Japanese, which had a lot of the basic, you know, conspiracy stuff that's going on in the West.
You know, that they created these diseases to kill people, and that they were, you know, trying to enslave humanity.
And what happened was, they approached me and said, well, yeah, we found out the same thing.
Can we help you?
And I thought about it.
I said, yes.
You know, target the elite.
And then what happened was, I...
I ended up flying to Taiwan and meeting the senior members of the society.
And they were very, very powerful people in the Chinese government, the top gangsters of all the, you know, the heads of all the Asian gangs.
Describe that.
I mean, you don't have to say the place, but was it in a big building at a lodge in the country?
Where was it?
It was a... We met...
In a Chinese restaurant, a moderate Chinese restaurant on the second floor of a small building.
I mean, the society did not go for luxury or decorance.
It was a modest place where we... Yeah, no conspicuous consumption.
No conspicuous... I mean, again, you know, the difference between this society and the one that runs the West is that
You know, they cannot, they have a rule.
They cannot use this for personal profit.
It can only be activated when everybody is at threat.
And that's what makes it different and powerful.
But, um, I mean, the people I met were extraordinarily famous and powerful people, some of them.
Some of them were not.
I'd never heard of them before, but I mean, there could be no doubt about the membership of the people I met.
And, uh, you know, they're basically saying, you know,
Because they're trying to kill us, we have to activate ourselves again.
So, their original stance, which still stands, is that they will not make the first move.
In other words, now that they've woken up, they gave one warning.
If you try one more move, that's it.
And so far, you know, the Western elite
Did not try.
And, you know, remember, the finance minister of Japan, Heizo Takenaka, okay, who was a disciple of Henry Kissinger, who, again, as you know, works for Dave Rockefeller, sent a self-described assassin to threaten me and offer me a bribe at the same time.
And after the Chinese society, the Asian society approached me, I turned around and said, wait a minute.
I don't have to listen to you people.
I can have you all killed with just one email.
Is that what the Asian society told you?
Well, I mean, they asked me what they could do.
I said, well, look, you know, there's 6 million of you and there's 10,000 of them.
And they said, yeah, okay.
I mean, think about it.
And they're ready to kill like 200 people simultaneously.
And I said, wait a minute.
And they first give them a chance.
And they came back to me, and they told me this crazy story, how, you know, they said that, look, you know, what's happening is that the Bush regime is part of a 50-year plan by Bush Sr., George Bush Sr., to turn America into a Nazi-style fascist republic.
And that this scheme is failing.
That because 9-1-1 was too obvious and too many people understood that they had decided two years ago that the New World Order was not going to work.
And so they were going to forget about that and shift to a new plan which involves a world government based on the EU, the European Union.
I have to tell you, Benjamin, that I've been saying this for ten years, and I have U.N.
They've always planned to discredit America while America built the New World Order, then claim we were like the old Soviet Union, and then it all shifts over to the, quote, liberal side, the European Union.
I just want you to know that's all staged, but I'm sure you know that.
Stay there.
Amazing story, and so much of it checks out.
We're going to talk to Benjamin Fulford.
Long segment, not a quick break.
When we get back, we'll talk to Benjamin Fulford.
This is quite a story he's telling, and that's why we're bringing it here to you, because so much of it checks out.
Now we have members of the Japanese Parliament on national TV saying 9-11's an inside job.
This guy interviews David Rockefeller.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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World Net Daily today.
Seven-year plan aligns U.S.
with Europe's economy.
Rules regs to be integrated without congressional review.
This very meeting is in endgame and we document it all.
Now you see it in the news.
They're merging the EU with the U.S.
right now.
The incredible bravada, the chutzpah, to do this right in front of everyone.
We looked, she was a dancer, but none of us could dance her, because she was a samurai.
She made it late to Seattle, we all thought we could dip, but none of us could breathe.
It's not the kill.
Benjamin Fulford is our guest.
BenjaminFulford.com I hope you'll visit PrisonPlanet.com and get a copy of In Game, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
Six U.S.
Senators and 49 House members are advisors for a group working toward the transatlantic common market between the U.S.
and the European Union, fully integrated by 2015.
The Transatlantic Policy Network is already merging the bureaucracies through a non-governmental organization headquartered in Washington and Brussels.
It is advised by the bipartisan Congressional TPN Policy Group, chaired by Senator Robert Bennett, Republican of Utah.
And that's all covered in more detail in Endgame.
And that brings me back to Benjamin Fulford.
Benjamin, again, I believe you were approached by these groups.
And I believe that even a lot of them believe what they're being told.
But I know the key to black ops and cloak and dagger is that there's a lot of times other wheels within wheels, other agendas.
And I've seen the Asians in China and in Japan, though I know they were dominated and captured, but going back from the U.S.
working with Mao when they were fighting the Japanese, the Flying Tigers, the whole nine yards.
And I really just see too much lockstep with the New World Order there.
I know these factions compete with each other from time to time, but there's the overall rule of feeding on the people.
My statement on this is that I have you on, and I'm not endorsing one way or the other the things that you're saying.
I don't want to see elitists start getting killed because that will escalate things rather quickly.
A lot of times there's even worse people behind them.
Any more than I want to see what Dick Cheney called for to legitimize race-specific bioweapons and to kill certain races.
As he said in PNAC, September 20, 2000, Rebuilding America's Defenses.
By the way, look it up, ladies and gentlemen.
So, I mean, are you worried about yourself and them coming after you?
I mean, are you worried about, I mean, you're out here talking about how, you know, the Asian Secret Society will kill 200 people.
I mean, the globalists, if that starts happening, will launch nuclear attacks on China and places like that.
They will release the bioweapons.
I mean, I don't want to just say it's so one-sided that it's only a few thousand versus six million in the society because the globalists have their compartmentalized minions.
I mean, they have their whole continuity of government.
I'm afraid the globalists could use a mass hit as a way to bring in even more tyranny.
I mean, this is serious stuff you're talking about.
Well, one thing you have to realize is that militarily now, they don't have that ability anymore, okay?
The Chinese, the Russians, the Indians, especially the Chinese and Russians, they have been dealing with these people for a long time.
And basically in the 1960s, when the Soviet Union and China nearly went to nuclear war, the Chinese...
Build a huge system of underground cities where they can put their entire population deep underground.
So the Chinese have a policy of being able to survive and win a nuclear war.
And they are saying quite clearly to the elite, look, if it comes down to that, we can put everybody underground and we can destroy 300 American cities.
And the Americans cannot put their people underground.
Now they even have a Communist Party chief, I forget his name, you're an expert on this,
In the late 60s, you said, let's go ahead and have a nuclear war.
We're going to win it because we don't mind losing half our population.
Yeah, and the situation is still the same.
I mean, I think Chairman Mao used to talk about the Chinese-Finnish border, okay?
You know, talking about taking all of Siberia back for the Asians, right?
Now, they don't say that stuff now, but the point is that they're
The U.S.
government, the Western elite, has lost the ability to militarily win, okay?
The Pentagon apparently had nine different war games, you know, with China as a possible enemy.
What about all the South China Sea stuff where their subs are shadowing the fleet?
I mean, you had the U.S.
7th Fleet in the middle of a military exercise, right?
Involving Taiwan, okay?
And a Chinese sub surfaced right behind the aircraft carrier, okay?
Now, if that was real war, that was it.
I mean, what they've shown is that American aircraft carriers are obsolete.
They are no longer...
A viable military instrument.
They're shooting ducks, basically.
They've got missiles that can stink them.
They've got subs that can stink them.
Now, they are good for bullying third world countries and exterminating people.
Well, but again, what's happened is a turning point has been reached, okay?
The elite that ruled the West used to have the superior sort of world views.
And the people in the rest of the world said, okay, at the end of the day, these are the people who brought us the Industrial Revolution.
They have this overwhelming military power.
They know how to develop the world.
And so they agreed to go along with them.
But that has changed.
There's been a fundamental realization that... Yeah, they're calling this century... ...similarly insane.
Exactly, but they're calling this... Looks like Nero.
They're calling this century the Chinese century...
And we know that they've developed all these race-specific bioweapons.
And it is true that the elite, to a lot of sociologists, top experts, professors who know the elite, they all say the elite isn't as smart or cunning or hardworking and the old guard, the David Rockefellers, the Kissingers, are getting old now and that their functionaries don't even follow what their think tanks and experts tell them.
But that makes it even more scary.
I mean, you've got a lot of elitists who basically
Well, I mean, that's the trick, isn't it?
How do you have a peaceful transition?
And again...
You know, what the elite said, I mean, they actually approached me and said, look, we understand that this attempt by Mr. Bush Sr.
to turn America into a fascist republic is ending, and we realize that we cannot rule the planet anymore, but we do not want to end our rule in such a nasty and unpleasant way.
We would like to show the world, you know,
The good stuff we can do before we, you know, resign.
I mean, that's the story they gave me.
And I believe this is the global warring faction that was approaching me.
So they said, okay, we understand this war on terrorism thing, you know, was a failure, and it exposed us, and it makes us look very bad, and we don't want to end things like that.
We would like to show the good stuff we can do before we, you know,
Well, I know this, you never see any Chinese, you do see Arabs, at Bilderberg Group meetings, Club of Rome meetings, where eugenics is the main plate of the day, and, you know, getting rid of those horrible yellow people as the main drive, why the Arabs are involved, because the British shut it up.
But here's the problem.
The globalists, the Translateral Commission, the CFR, made the decision to give the Chinese our bases, to give them the Panama Canal, to set up policies...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I just, I mean, I'm not even saying the group you're talking to may even believe this.
They may think they're the penultimate power structure in Asia.
I just, in the physical manifestation of governments and industry and capital flow, I still see that they're in bed together.
Well, I mean, you know, if there is a mutual interest, right, you've got to remember that the globalist thing is not a kind of a monolith, okay?
You have, within the elite, you have people of all sorts.
Most of them, nobody really wants to believe they're doing evil.
They think they are doing what's best for the planet.
No, it's a college of aristocrats, as you said.
That's exactly who it is.
And they believe that killing 80% is a wonderful, beautiful thing, and they've been working for it for 100 years.
Stated, yeah.
But what you have to understand is that the West is in a...
Unique situation.
I mean, you know, if you look at the rest of the world, outside of the West, they have a very different worldview.
And it took me a long time to understand this.
I thought these Asians were superstitious until I realized they were right.
You know, we Westerners have been brainwashed.
And the story is that it's not the same thing among the Asian elite.
They understand what's going on.
And, you know,
Just to give an example, I was at the annual meeting, the general meeting of the main Japanese opposition party yesterday, the Democratic Party of Japan.
We had the leader of this party, the man that's going to be Prime Minister of Japan, his opinion polls stayed the way they are, he'll be Prime Minister of Japan within a year.
And he's saying stuff like, hey, we're no longer going to just obey the United States.
By the way, that's the same party that one of their senior members got up at 30 minutes and asked the current president in the Diet about 9-11 being staged and held up blow-ups of the famous videos of the firefighters saying bombs were going off, there was molten lava.
I mean, folks, it's really happening.
And in Fulford, you were saying six months ago that they knew about 9-11, this was all going to start coming out.
What scares me is everything you're saying is manifesting.
Well, I mean, it's still, you know, it's just at the beginning.
I'm afraid to say this, Alex, but my view is that the people in the United States are too far gone.
They're not going to be able to help themselves.
The rest of the world is going to have to come and help them.
But by having the main opposition party of Japan talk about 9-1-1 on national television broadcasts throughout the country, okay?
That sent a strong message, and that is having ripple effects.
I mean, governments all over the world... It had a ripple effect when one of the most respected living seven years former head of intelligence goes public and says, the U.S.
staged terror attacks here.
When I was intelligence chief, they staged 9-11 with Israel.
I mean, having that announced, I mean, it is, it's starting to unravel.
Yeah, it really is.
We're like, I keep saying this, we're like East Germans just before the Berlin Wall fell.
These people, they thought they could somehow, you know, once they realized that they blew the cover with 9-1-1, and the people like you and me suddenly became aware of the existence of this manipulative elite, uh,
They thought they could somehow, you know, put the genie back in the bottle, but it's not going to happen.
Well, Benjamin, I'll say this.
When you talk about the American people, and I love what's left of us, but we really have been destroyed.
I mean, it's the old thing of you have parents and grandparents and great-grandparents that built a nation.
Now we're just a bunch of spoiled brats, arrogant, stupid, don't know how to plant a plant, don't know how to, I mean, you know, in the Depression, which isn't going to be half as bad as what we're about to have, unfortunately.
Oh, yeah, I know.
I mean, you've got to remember, the Americans have spent 60 years borrowing money from the rest of the world to maintain their lifestyles.
It was like the old imperial Rome, where the Romans were sitting around
But let me expand on this.
Think about it.
5% of the world's population, 20% of the world's GDP, and 50% of the world's military expenditures.
And that's all based on debt.
You had to borrow $850 billion last year alone just to keep going.
Now, Benjamin Fulford, let me just expand on this.
What I've always said for 12 years, what the deepest analysis is from the real people that aren't coops, that are experts, and then it even came out later in UN documents and...
Is that they were going to give us a fake left-right paradigm choice of world government, that they were going to, again, let the U.S.
build up, collapse, make it look like we lived outside our means, which we certainly did.
We took the bait.
And then bring us into even greater tyranny, and under that pressure, the people would then accept total draft, total reindustrialization, and then a radical global expansion into 66, quote, rogue nations.
And so, I don't just see a collapse happening.
I think you're going to see a collapse, a rebuilding, and then, I mean, Dr. Roberts thinks that too, that actually they're going to use the collapse because the yuppies will do whatever they're told.
They'll kill their neighbors.
They'll murder children.
And it means they still get to act tough and act rich.
I mean, do you see what I'm saying?
Yeah, but what I'm saying is that at the end of the day, the mistake these people made, okay, is that
They somehow assumed that they would be able to control the whole thing.
And what we're seeing is... Now, they've lost control.
They do not control South America anymore, okay?
And you can tell that by the fact that they never really did.
I mean, nobody from Mexico down south participated in World War I or World War II.
They've never really controlled South America.
And now, they've lost Russia...
Because Putin kicked them out.
He kicked out Berezovsky, Neslev, Khodorkovsky, all the... The six oligarchs.
Yeah, the six oligarchs who were basically working for, you know, the former Standard Oil, the oil monopoly, okay?
So, what we're talking about is a group of families that controls oil.
So, the royal families of the Arab countries and...
The Western oil elite and their military buddies.
Benjamin Fulford, stay there, my friend.
I want to come back and get some final comments.
It's clear we'll have to do another interview in the next few weeks if you're up for that.
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We don't have a prayer if you don't wake people up.
Okay, I know a lot of people are waking up, but when they're proving cloning, everything else, Benjamin Fulford, it's as if the elite...
And they're doing this in China, too.
It's everywhere.
It's like humanity has gone crazy.
I mean, when I know that they approve genetically engineered food all the time that knowingly kills all the rats that eat it, and I mean, you know, one in three has cancer for one in 33, and everybody's getting sick, and I mean, it's just... I mean, I know Europe and other areas aren't accepting, and some of the Asians aren't accepting, but we are here.
What happened to us?
You know, what happened was you were basically...
Taken over by robber barons.
You know, when I read history, I read about how the Standard Oral Monopoly was broken up and how the robber barons were defeated, but the reality was that they won.
So what you had was, you had a few very, very powerful and very, very decadent billionaires and now trillionaires who...
Had so much money, they could hire all the brains they wanted, right?
They could hire every shrink and... And eugenics was the craze when they got their total power, and so they've been on the... And it's literally the sons who were alive then that still run it, and so that's what they're doing.
Yeah, they're saying, hey, you know, we can enslave these people.
I mean, we are chosen by evolution.
We are special, we are smart, we are superior, and therefore...
We should direct the planet according to our wishes.
And what happened, though, is that they got arrogant and they got decadent.
So what you're seeing is you're seeing a generation, a group of people who controlled things since, well, for 300 years, but especially in the U.S.
since 1913, and they are about to lose power.
That's what's happening.
It's, you know, I'm much more optimistic than you are because I'm in Asia.
I can see that the end game is for them, not for everything else.
All I know is for those of us here in the U.S., they're getting ready just to clobber us, I guess, and just throw fits and just beat the daylights out of us.
Well, the American people are going to be helped.
I mean, everybody's going to come to their rescue because what's happened is they were borrowing from the entire planet.
You know, the American people cannot maintain this huge army of theirs without borrowing from the rest of the world.
Well, we can't even pay anything back, and it's all fiat.
It's just... Yeah, it's going to be like the Asian crisis.
Remember, the Asian crisis, they were going like crazy, and suddenly these foreigners... We're out of time.
I'm going to have to have you back on.
Will you do it?
Do what they said.
We're out of time.
God bless you all.
Retransmission starts now.
You are listening to GPM.
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