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Air Date: Jan. 14, 2008
2491 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
I'm working on a new film about the 9-11 Truth Movement with us.
Luke Radowski popping in, coming up in the third hour of WeAreChange.org.
The folks that got death-threaded were demonstrating out front Larry Silverstein's New Building 7.
The people who had goons try to claim they had bombs and call in fake bomb reports on them.
The group headed up by Luke Radowski founded just 14 months ago.
That refused to go along with the intimidation and intensified their actions, and it spread nationwide and then worldwide with more than 50 chapters and growing.
He'll be popping in.
It is Monday, the 14th day of January 2008, already well into the first month of this year.
We're going to have open phones throughout the three hours at 1-800-259-9231.
We're good to go.
We're not going to call for a recount.
We're going to look forward and move forward.
Some of you agree with that.
Some of you disagree with that.
I have my own take on it.
I tried to get into yesterday on the Sunday transmission, but just ran out of time.
So I'll be going over some of that today.
Also, the head of the NAACP here in Austin...
Came out and said he's known Ron Paul for 20 years and that it's disinformation, propaganda, a smear campaign against Ron Paul.
You'd think that'd be national news, but it was censored on Digg, censored on MySpace.
MySpace will not let that bulletin go through, by the way.
Digg openly has now banned us.
We can post on it, but we're banned from the front page.
It's not the Digg-Berry Brigade.
We've discovered that it's the names PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.com, TruthNews.us, JonesReport.com.
You'd think that'd be news, the president of the NAACP in a major city saying he knows Ron Paul and it's all a fraud.
Martin Luther King can rise from the grave and say it, and it wouldn't be news.
Unless we make it news, and that's why the mainstream media continues to die, to atrophy, to fall apart.
Coming up, real ID from no-fly-to-no-drive list.
NAACP president Ron Paul is not a racist.
Ron Paul revolution needs to reunite, article by Paul Watson.
That I conferred with him on, just so you know that's really my views there and his views.
UAW members for Ron Paul, save your jobs, vote Ron Paul.
Why does the establishment hate Ron Paul by Chuck Baldwin.
Ron Paul in for the long haul of the Martin Luther King Day money bomb plan.
Ron Paul would end the government's most racist policy.
This is just some of the news coming up.
Statement from Ron Paul on New Hampshire recount.
McCain leads Romney in Michigan.
Fire union assails Giuliani.
Iraq eases curb for former officials of Hussein's party.
Scottsdale, Arizona straw poll.
80% for Ron Paul.
Votes were almost stolen.
China blogger beaten to death.
Waterboarding would be torture, BBC.
Secret government plan would see offenders given shorter sentences for wearing tags.
That's out of the Daily Mail.
Kurt Nemo, member of Japanese Diet, doubts official 9-11 fairy tale.
We have more details now in a transcript translation of what they said.
It is hardcore.
Bin Laden's son, if someone Bin Laden's son, applies to move to UK with wife, Daily Mail reports.
Girls age 3 hitting puberty.
Organs to be taken without consent.
Hopes of custom-built organs as scientists create beating heart.
Thousands of UK prisoners to be chipped like dogs.
Homeschooling a crime in Germany.
More on the CIA involving domestic government.
You got the idea.
Completely jam-packed.
Stay with us.
Transmission continues straight ahead.
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So their objective being world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to another live transmission.
Let me give you some of the financial news that we're looking down the barrel of right now.
Gold passed $900 an ounce today.
That key psychological barrier has never been broken.
Gold is now $51 plus above its 1980 high of $850.
But the dollar has been more than halved in its value since 1980.
So, we're looking at 22 to 24, depending which big bank or brokerage house's numbers you go off of, or which mercantile, they all argue about it, but it's definitely above 2,000.
It is conservative to say that if these trends continue, and unfortunately, I wish gold would drop down to 500 bucks an ounce.
I wish, because let me tell you, this is not good news, ladies and gentlemen.
Not good news.
So before we all have big, giant Cheshire cat smiles on our faces and slap each other on the back and say, Oh, look, we were right.
All the delionaires and the know-it-alls in the stock market were wrong.
Just know this means that the ship is on its side.
The boilers have exploded and it's going to the bottom of the North Atlantic.
And so everybody, I guess, for themselves, I would say women and children first, but I know that the yuppies aren't going to do that once they find out what happens.
It's going to be the women and children down in steerage that never even get out to the decks.
Gold passes $900 an ounce on dollar weakness.
And again, gold is not really $900 an ounce.
The dollar is in toilet paper free falls.
And I saw the Austin American Statesman Sunday edition cover story about doom and gloom and destruction of the housing market and how we're in deep trouble.
And when you start seeing that, the establishments decided to go ahead and fully drop the hammer.
Notice until the day before they were telling you everything's wonderful, everything's fine, it's a conspiracy theory to say the dollar's going to be devalued, it's a conspiracy theory to say that the stock market's devalued, everything is wonderful.
Talk of emergency rate cut hits dollar further.
The dollar dropped within touching distance of its record low against the euro and fell across the board on Monday.
A speculation of an inter-meeting cut of U.S.
interest rates swept the market.
They're going to fully sacrifice the dollar for that stupid stock market.
Oh, man.
That is the worst of the two choices, according to Dr. Roberts and anyone else with half an economic brain.
But it's what the yuppies want, and this is what you want, this is what you get.
This is what you want, this is what you get.
You want an illusion.
The market's tanking.
But because it's inflated, and it's purchased with inflated dollars, you see it as maintaining value.
Oh, is there nothing you people won't buy?
Markets moved to price fully at 50 basis points cut in the U.S.
interest rates, and it's meeting on January 30th after a speech last week from Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, signaling that they would cut interest rates.
Mr. Bernanke said the central banks stood ready to use substantive additional action to support growth.
In the last six years of supposed non-recession, we...
Lost millions of high-paying jobs and the medium income dropped by more than $1,000 a year.
So we've been in recession.
We've been in recession really since the 70s, but you can't tell the public that.
You see, you're working more hours, your dollar's worth less, housing, automobiles, energy all cost more.
You just work more jobs and then they provide you with Chinese slave goods which are the baubles, the signets, the logos of success.
But if you gauge true success by savings and by true earnings and by real wealth and by amount of vacation time and things of that nature, we have been in deep trouble since the late 70s.
But don't tell that to a yuppie.
They see a house that was worth $100,000, worth $500,000.
A house in 1990 worth $100,000 is worth $500,000 in 2006.
And they're saying, hey, I'm rich.
Yeah, kind of like somebody with a million marks trying to buy a loaf of bread was rich.
Hey, I'm a millionaire.
Yeah, but you can't buy a loaf of bread with that jack.
And see, that's where this leads.
I've got stories here where the New York Times is reporting...
And CNBC is also reporting, oh, tourist boom.
There's a big boom going on right now.
A gold rush of tourism in New York City because the Europeans are coming here because we're like Mexico now.
Remember I explained that, remember 20 years ago or 10 years ago, whenever you were in college, 30 years ago, you'd go down to college if you lived in the Southwest or Texas or Los Angeles.
You go down there with $100 and stay four or five days and eat three meals a day and drink all the whiskey you could and go to the dance clubs and wake up drunk on the beach.
I mean, I know most of you were Puritans and didn't do that.
For those of us that weren't, remember, $100, four or five days, party time.
You'll blow $100 in a couple hours in Mexico now.
You can go to poor towns where they don't jack up prices for the tourists, and you'll blow it today.
Because the peso's up, baby, and the dollar's down.
Now, it hadn't reached dollar parity yet, but it's on its way.
Kind of like the loonie.
What, it's worth six cents more than the dollar?
It was 63 cents on the dollar just five, six years ago?
63 cents on the dollar, and now it's six cents over the dollar.
Last time I checked.
I'm told it's up even more, but
I'm not trying to give you bad news here.
I wanted you to get prepared.
I wanted you to know also who was doing this to you, who was raping the living daylights financially.
And this is kind of like, you ever been to a water park where they got those speed slides where you, you know, they're 100 yards up in the air, and you climb up the big stairs to the top,
And the slide's 100 yards long.
It isn't 100 yards up.
And you get up there, and it's that speed slide, and right when you first go over the edge, you're not going too fast, but just in a second or two, you're at light speed, flying down, about to hit the water.
And we're literally just going over the slide now, and the yuppies are giggling and snickering and running around acting cool and talking about how they support Mitt Romney and Giuliani and Barack Obama and Hillary, and they're all feeling powerful and giggling at us still on the message boards and sending laughing emails, snickering.
And believe me, I'm going to take no pleasure in you completely bankrupt, you in a line, a soup kitchen line, if it gets that bad, and there's a chance it will.
I'm going to take no pleasure on you working two, three jobs just trying to drive the fancy car and stay in the bungalow.
Just please don't snicker and laugh at us and then cozy up to the bankers and act like you're part of the establishment because you play golf once a week, okay?
You could have joined us in the fight against the New World Order.
You could have exposed the true banking system and what the New World Order was up to, but you decided to say it didn't exist.
1-800-259-9231 Should I get into scientific news first?
Should I get into the political news with Ron Paul and the rest of it?
You know, I'm going to save that for the next hour.
I'm going to cover some technology news, some police state news, and then I'm going to take some calls in this hour, and then I'm going to get into Ron Paul later and more on the economy in the next hour.
I say we're not going to have any guests today, but who knows?
I might have a quick pop-in from Bev Harris on the recount.
Because really, when you look at it, I mean, I'm saying we should have a recount, but then you realize they're just going to stage the recount
And then you go, oh, maybe Ron Paul's right.
And people say, well, then why is he even running?
Well, it isn't fraudulent everywhere, and it's growing a movement of liberty and freedom that we could never imagine just a year ago.
And so let's stop having such bad attitudes about this.
I mean, we're in this position regardless.
The New World Order is coming down on us regardless, and so we might as well stick together and not have bad attitudes and not backbite and fight with each other.
I was listening to Patriot Radio this weekend.
Multiple networks.
This network, other networks.
And I'll tell you, it was shameful, the attacks on Ron Paul I was hearing.
And I understand why they're doing it.
I'm not even saying they're bad people.
But... Well, I'm going to talk about that later.
It's so important.
I want to try to form my thoughts and not just go off on a tangent early.
But call everybody you know if you want to get my take on it for what it's worth.
But I've been really watching this and looking at it from every angle for 12 years and studying Ron Paul.
And, you know, I try to help the campaign however I can.
I mean, I discovered locally that we've got a really nice head of the NAACP here in Austin.
A lot of places are little political prostitutes.
But we've got a pretty good guy here in Austin.
He's somewhat of a libertarian.
And so I called him up and got him on the show yesterday and had him come out and talk about how Ron Paul isn't a racist, how he likes him, how he helps black people, how he is against black folks being in prison with unfair drug laws that are target blacks, and how it's all a smear campaign.
And that story's pretty big on the web.
Millions are reading it.
So, you know, I kind of do that kind of stuff every day.
We're good to go.
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Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, the tyranny is getting so routine that no one in my office got around to telling me until just a minute ago.
I'm not knocking them.
I'm the same way now.
That UK change had the police come up and punch him in the face and drag him off to jail.
And I mean, you pull a camera out anywhere and start talking to the public.
More than three people start talking.
The police walk up and say, it's illegal in England.
No one is allowed to talk.
And that's actual law.
It's called martial law.
They just don't call it that.
Four million cameras in London alone.
Police everywhere.
I was in England three days before those laws went into effect.
They were already putting my name in a database.
And that's the intimidation.
That's why they videotape you at rallies here in the U.S.
They're moving against the nation now.
They know you're going to get angry when you find out you're bankrupt.
Now, the average cop doesn't know.
They're told this is to keep order and keep everyone safe and put them in a database.
But if we give in to this fear now, it's over.
You know, I have a news piece from the corporation, which goes back a few years ago.
With former Fox News reporters admitting how they weren't allowed to report on human growth hormone.
It's bovine hormone.
A bovine growth hormone, but it's the same as the type that humans have.
And that's one of the big reasons that girls at 8 look like they're 15.
And that's also one of the big reasons women are getting all this breast cancer.
They've been giving it to cows for 30 years and breast cancer has gone up many thousands of fold.
I mean, it's totally killing our women.
And are they going to stop that?
Oh, they're going to have lots of galas and lots of money raised to, quote, treat it once you get it and lots of fake government studies about how the bovine hormone's good.
But their internal studies, their internal reports are that it's killing you.
And it isn't going to stop.
None of it's going to stop.
They're going to keep putting mercury in vaccines.
Oh my gosh, here he is all bloody.
Holy mackerel, they just brought this in.
Wow, they beat the living... I know Brian, huh?
He's in Terror Storm.
They beat him up.
They're really getting mean, boy.
They're not going to play games.
They're arresting people now for no reason.
Wow, they love evil, don't they?
Hey, that's fine.
The system you love is going to hurt you bad.
Just go ahead and get underneath those black wings of that black dragon and cozy up to its cold scales and kiss on its toes.
It's going to stomp your guts out.
I know you love evil.
Go ahead and snicker.
It's all funny, isn't it?
Oh, boy.
But here it is.
This is out of the sun in England.
Girls age three hitting puberty.
Girls are starting to hit puberty at age three.
Don't worry.
The doctors are giving them suppression hormones.
That's the answer.
We're going to put it in your cheese and yogurt and everything else, not to mention all the antibiotics.
Girls are starting to hit puberty at age three.
Shock doctors blame hormones in food and water.
Yeah, because all the female hormones from birth control.
Every major water system in Europe and the U.S.
is filled with serotonin reuptake inhibitors, female hormones, thousands of different types of pesticides, herbicides, oil, mercury, lead, arsenic.
Go to the EPA and click on allowable levels.
I mean, you might as well...
Be drinking toxic waste.
Then they add the sodium and stannous fluoride, admitted chemical weapon that causes you to be sedate.
But that's alright.
Don't believe us.
Just keep drinking it.
Just enjoy.
You know, they just put out a study saying, I'm getting all these emails and calls, that, well, I used to believe you, Alex, that there was mercury in the vaccines that causes autism, but
Why this new report came out and all my neighbors and family are telling me I'm a liar.
Because they say there's no more mercury in the vaccines, but autism's going up.
They didn't take the mercury out.
And so next time you're at the hospital or you're at the school, just say, yeah, I'll take the shots.
Or go in and say you want to take a flu shot.
And then just go in and say, by the way, I want to see, first say, is there mercury?
And they'll always say no.
And then say, well, let me see the insert, the box.
And you open up a little paper, look at ingredients, and it'll say thimerosal.
And then you can know for yourself, don't believe me.
And they did make lots available.
I mean, I've seen the numbers where they'll make like 5 million of an MMR shot at one company.
And then they'll make 3,000 available of the other type.
And then the elite and other people do order those for themselves, and the rich do order in special vaccines.
And that are somewhat safer.
And they order in those special run vaccines that cost two, three, four, five times sometimes.
And see, they did a study in California on those.
Did you go read the study?
So they say, oh, well, these kids we did a study on haven't had it, but still autism's going up.
But then they included the kids who hadn't had mercury.
But then looked at the general numbers in California going up.
Remember, this is the same media and government that tells you it's the law to take shots.
You can verify in five minutes there's no law.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Thank you.
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See how the system works?
And children grow up when they're born lacking fat, lacking milk products, because that's what they're used to.
Or being given milk substitutes.
And so everybody who has children knows they want macaroni and cheese three times a day.
They beg for cheese on everything.
They love milk.
And even if you get them organic milk that doesn't have the hormones, there's a lot of evidence showing a lot of those companies are cheating, but it's in the cheese, it's in the products, it's in the yogurts.
They take the milk derivatives and put it in thousands of products.
So even if you try to avoid milk products, you're getting it.
This is just one little area.
Girls age 3 hitting puberty.
And it says the answer is doctors are giving the girls hormone shots.
By the way, I don't claim to be a scientist or a doctor.
But I read the medical reports.
I go in and I look at what the studies show.
Multiple studies.
I interview the experts here.
I mean, on the economy, we bring you chief economists, heads of the World Bank, father of Reaganomics, Treasury Department former directors, people who run the biggest financial newsletters.
So that's why I know what's going on.
And because I didn't just believe these guys 12 years ago when I got on the radio, or 15 years ago when I woke up.
I've been watching with a track record who's right.
Who knows what they're talking about.
You know, somebody put a clip up on YouTube of about three minutes of me last week, a message to the future.
And I appreciate them doing that, but I wish they would have added the end of it where I said this is a possible future in 20 or 30 years.
This is what the elite want.
And also, I kind of simplified what the vaccines do that, quote, gets you off of drugs.
When I first learned about these new class of vaccines five, six years ago, the active live virus vaccines, I read multiple British and U.S.
studies that were pro.
And let me tell you, they were nightmarish.
They'll take nightmarish stuff and put a nice spin on it.
Kind of like aspartame.
All the monkeys they gave it to in the study died.
And then somehow Monsanto spun that and got approval with it, saying it was good.
I mean, that's the kind of stuff they do.
I mean, they'll give the media a study saying it's guaranteed to kill you, but then they'll interpret it saying it's good, and the media will just go off that, because they know who buys half their advertising.
I mean, have you watched the nightly news?
Have you watched the soap operas?
Have you flipped through the channels?
I mean, sometimes it's more than half.
It's usually about 25% of all the ads.
In magazines, it's 30-40%.
I mean, flip through them.
I saw these comments in there going, well, Jones gets it wrong.
He says there's vaccines that when you take them, destroy your endorphin receptors.
And he's wrong.
The brain creates the endorphins.
Yes, I know that.
We're good to go.
He's saying that it blocks the absorption of these, but the brain makes them.
Yeah, the brain issues some of them, and then they get blocked.
And then you went and found other vaccines, there's literally hundreds of these, that block the molecule of cocaine and nicotine, and that bind with it and attack it, which, by the way, is causing, if you read the studies, allergic reactions.
I mean, there's just thousands of different spin-off things I can do.
It'll be random in each person.
The point is you're introducing live viruses.
But see, you're not looking at the one major vaccine that was going to cure you of cocaine, heroin, all opiates in that class, in the poppy flower class.
Nicotine, because it hits the similar range, and that was in the news three years ago in the Independent, the BBC, a bunch of papers, and they were being positive, by the way, saying one shot, they want to make it mandatory in all the schools in England, and the U.S.
is looking at it, and it said it creates plaques in the receptor sites.
The viruses create plaques blocking absorption.
Of the entire class of molecules.
Now, then I went and clicked on the British study, and it did have a little line on the bottom of that.
Well, they're worried that it might affect other endorphins that are naturally occurring associated with opiates, narcotics, like cocaine and nicotine.
So, see, you went and you found separate vaccines that affect other areas, and by the way, are equally as dangerous in other ways.
I mean, I actually sit around at night reading these studies.
Live viruses aren't good.
I told you two years ago they were going to push the HPV shot.
They were giving money to the governor here in Texas because as soon as he made it, quote, mandatory, which really only meant he told the health department to make it recommended, then they lie to you in the media and say it's the law.
Go prove it for yourself.
They're a bunch of liars.
Find out they're liars.
Don't believe me.
Get in the habit of going and checking.
I'm talking to cops out there.
I'm talking to you who believe in this system so much.
Don't you tell me it's the law.
You go find out it's a lie and isn't the law, and the next time you hear them on the news saying it's the law, you ask yourself what this system is.
Because the lies don't stop there.
I make this point a lot, because you've been in the Houston Chronicle and Houston TV and Denver Television, and they've been called all over the country.
The recruiters come in and tell 16, 17-year-olds, it's the law, I'm going to arrest you if you don't sign this.
And the kids are smart enough now with their cell phones, a lot of them that have recorders, to record them.
The government's gone, folks!
We're in crisis level!
I know you're not bad, average cop.
I'm telling you, though, if you don't admit up to how bad the system is, and you keep going through with all this stuff, you're going to destroy us and yourselves in the process.
Please, I'm your friend.
I want you to live a good life.
I want you and your family to do well.
I'm not against you.
But I know you're ignorant and brainwashed like the general public, and I know Terry's going to come to our door in a uniform, as Jack McClam has always said, and I'm begging you to listen to me.
I know I said I'd go to your calls, but I'm going to go to them in a minute.
The point here is,
That the reason Perry did that was Merck already had all these vaccine recalls because the bioweapons were too deadly and it was too obvious.
And people bleeding out of their eyes and flopping around in pools of blood.
Literally, that's what a lot of these vaccines do.
They call it, oh, he had an autoimmune response.
Blood coming out your eye, Dan.
Out your ears, out your nose, out your eyeballs.
Out of your eyes.
And they had all their trouble with their arthritis pill that made everybody have heart attacks.
And of course, they had this new live cancer virus.
It's a live virus that they're going to inject you.
All the new classes are this.
They're going to inject you with this.
And then you go read it and it says it covers six of 350 plus new strains with new strains discovered each year.
But 350 plus they say they think might be associated with inflammation that leads to cancer.
Kind of like smoke causes DNA breakdown and inflammation that leads to lung cancer.
So if you actually read the literature on its own insert, I mean, go to their website, read what they say, it's inflammation, irritation,
Which is then associated with cancer.
And it covers you for six of 350 plus strains of the wart-causing virus.
It's a wart.
It's a virus colony that creates warts.
By the way, over half the population is infected with it.
And that's just from people that have been tested.
It would be much higher if they tested everybody.
You've had more than three partners, you probably got it.
And that's the statistics on that.
You can go pull it.
They then come out with a live virus that they know.
Back in trials two years ago, I mean, they had trials of just a few hundred people, and a couple of them died.
And I mean the same deal.
Blood coming out of every orifice.
Then they approved it.
A whole bunch of people died.
Thousands had autoimmune responses.
I mean, big rot holes with pus squirting out, black rot all over you, seizures.
And then you find out that their own studies showed that actually taking the shot gives you a 45% increase in actually getting that very cancer and that it boosts it.
It actually will give it to you.
The magnitude of that.
I don't care if you're macho and on the police force and think the public are all dumb and that it's you against us.
And maybe you're on the take a little bit.
You've got a tough job.
And so what?
You deserve it.
And so everything I say is a lie because I know you're a crook, and I'm exposing you, so I must, you know... If you love your daughter, don't give her that shot.
Or you're a good cop, or you're a good fireman, or you're a good teacher, or you're a good doctor, or you're a good... You know, you owe it to yourselves to look into this.
I don't care if you're a criminal out there, you're a bad person.
I still don't want your children hurt.
But to make it even crazier, they're testing all this on the public.
Not just the drugs, not just the vaccines, not just the biological live organisms, but they're testing craziness on us.
Like claiming they killed one Al-Qaeda chief 14 times, and then never retracting the last kill.
Or coming out and saying, yeah, we want to give this cervical vaccine to boys now, when the study shows it does nothing.
Their own studies.
I mean, you can't, as I say, make this stuff up.
If you wrote this in a fiction book, no one would believe you.
I have articles, by the way.
I knew this wouldn't be the only story.
I didn't know this.
See, I learn stuff all the time.
I knew girls as young as six were going into puberty.
I mean, they're having menstrual cycles.
They're having the rages that teenagers have.
It's all here in the article.
By the way, the doctors admit in England that teenagers have rages, have hormonal spikes, act bad, go through that.
You act like a normal teenager.
Now you're going to prison.
You're going on Prozac.
Its own insert says, massively increases suicide, violent actions, and depression.
Let's give you something that makes you depressed.
Oh, you're depressed?
And all they've got to do is drug enough of the public, and get enough of the public to be a bunch of nuts, and then they're going to use that army of scum against us.
And by scum, I mean they've just been turned into monsters.
Girls are starting to be hit by puberty at age three.
Shock doctors blame hormones and food and water for British toddlers showing signs of breast growth.
Other preschool youngsters are experiencing periods that normally start in their teens and have temper tantrums just like adolescents.
The phenomenon is feared to have become more common since the 1990s, with doctors having to give increasing numbers of jabs to give tots injections to keep puberty at bay.
Hormone shots.
The mother of one girl, who at three was found to have the body of a nine-year-old, told how she was stunned when her daughter began acting like a ratty teen.
Hayley Holden said she used to slam doors and try to hit me,
We'd go to supermarkets, and she'd lie on the floor screaming.
And see, we have arrested development.
Parents aren't supposed to yell and scream and act like they're kids.
You've got to be in control now, so when your kids grow up, you don't act like that.
Let me tell you, the neighbors will call.
It's normal for mammals to get in fights and run around and scream and throw things.
They're going to throw you in the system, inject you up with deadly poison, and put you on Prozac.
Doesn't matter.
This is all scientifically engineered.
Do you understand?
They know how we operate.
They know what makes humans tick.
It's all they do is study it.
It's all the Defense Department does is study it.
They have armies of psychiatrists and psychologists who are compartmentalized, don't even know what they're doing.
This is hell being released.
And you get your daughters, and now again, you put boys on all these female hormones, super estrogens, and they start acting like girls.
In fact, all over the West, I don't want to get technical here, but the testicles are not dropping.
I mean, there's 15, 20-year-old males, and they're not men.
There you go, ladies and gentlemen.
They are basically women.
And your women are super women.
They're just gushing with estrogen, and then their breasts literally rot off of them.
And all of the evidence correlates right to those hormones as one of the big factors.
I mean, this stuff's killing us.
Female cops out there, you love and believe in the system.
Totally trust them.
You know you went into puberty when you were 8 years old.
That isn't normal.
Should have gone in when you were 12, 13.
And when you're dying in that hospital bed, God forbid, I wish you weren't going to die, but women are getting breast cancer like you get the cold now.
I can't stand it.
It's horrible.
But having these luncheons and wearing yellow ribbons and giving money to the very... It isn't going to work.
And then I look at the radar magazine making fun of me going, Alex Jones believes all cancer researchers really work to give you cancer.
I never said that.
I said that when they develop real cures, they're shelled for the elite and they're not given to the general population.
We have documents on that.
They suppress them.
They've just gotten a five-year study on a separate drug that had nothing to do with Alzheimer's that cures Alzheimer's in England, but they're not letting anybody have it.
Every week I've seen one of those articles.
That's in my stack at home.
Will somebody in the office print me that?
They know what they're doing.
The low-level doctors and nurses don't.
They just follow their guidelines.
The pharmacists don't know.
But you can back-engineer all of this.
And you can find out it's killing our people in mass.
Women aren't meant to be hopped up on a bunch of cow and chicken and pig hormones.
We just, all of us got to get healthy.
As much as I like meat, we got to stop eating it.
But now they're trying to spray crops all over the U.S.
with fluoride.
It goes right through the membranes and right through the cell walls.
Right through the cell walls.
Right into the core of those plants.
You're basically eating a big, eating a bunch of green beans.
You're basically just eating a bunch of fluoride.
There's never any end to it.
They just hit us at every level.
They spray us.
They do everything they want.
And you've got all these idiots that work for the system who think they're part of it.
You're not part of the system.
I want you to get that through your head.
Whether you like it or not, you're with us.
All right, I'm done talking about it.
I've got hundreds of articles.
I've got organs to be taken without consent.
I mean, it's all happening.
I've got national ID cards, won't be able to drive a car, get on a bus, have a bank account, that illegal aliens are being given waivers.
Just total federalization, total control.
Ron Paul news coming up, economy news coming up.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Look, here's the moral to the story.
This is how this Sun article out of England ends.
Well, halfway down.
She was stunned, the mother was, when medics told her that Ellie Mae now needed hormone injections to stave off puberty.
Harvey Ted, now 10, also had the painful jabs.
Her mother, Bernie, said at 5 years old, Harley was shaving her armpits and legs.
When 3-year-olds are having a menstrual cycle, there's a problem.
And you don't go put them on more hormones to counteract it.
You go, gee, what is she ingesting?
But see, the doctors will not tell you that because the system...
Would make no money telling you it was nutritional and to get them off milk products.
Or to only have certified whole milk that didn't have hormones added.
But they're not going to stop, ladies and gentlemen.
They're not going to stop.
They're then going to inject her where she's still getting all the other hormones and they give her a counteracting hormone.
And hormones are serious business.
And so our women die.
And it's very painful to watch our women die of breast cancer.
Our grandmothers, our wives, our daughters.
It tears my guts out.
I just love women above all things except God.
They're just beautiful, wonderful, sweet, fit-throwing creatures.
I'm joking.
The point is that I just love women and their dear, sweet, wonderful, magical creatures.
And another reason I hate the New World Order, they knew 50 years ago, we've got the studies, what all this would do.
They suppressed it all because they hate you.
The New World Order is all about killing you and hurting you and ripping you apart.
It is a religion of playing God.
It is a religion of hurting us.
You study the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Prince Phillips, the Ted Turners.
Prince Philip lives in a giant 40-something square mile palace area.
They have their own organic beef, their own organic everything.
That's all he eats.
He has it shipped around wherever he goes.
I mean, literally has a plane following him, or a train or a boat, depends on where he's going, with all the food prepared already, all the raw foods ready.
I've seen a documentary on him produced by one of his sons.
They own a big production company.
They put out their own propaganda, and there it all is.
They're obsessed with it.
All they drink is purified or filtered water.
Distilled water.
Go read about them.
Go read their own autobiographies.
They're obsessed with it because they know ladies and gentlemen.
Now, I have gotten to where I never use my cell phone anymore.
So bad, I lost it for two weeks and then just found it again and then lost it again.
But that's good.
I'm only using them in emergencies or to check messages or to have on 10 feet away from me in case my wife calls when I'm out.
I am really eating more and more organic food.
I am drinking less and less fluoride water because I'll still drink iced tea when I'm out and stuff.
You've just got to quit.
You've got to take control of your life.
We're under attack.
And they know that we're waking up.
Organic was just, what, 5%, 6% 10 years ago.
Now it's like 30% of the U.S.
food market and growing.
So they're now having last year, the Fed, now 2006, a year plus ago.
They said, okay, well, you can certify stuff as organic even though it's 75% not organic.
And they've said they're going to try to engineer vaccines.
They've successfully done it, but put it in our foods.
And they say they're going to, just like we're wild coyotes, you know, where they fly over and spray the anti-rabies stuff on them.
They do that to us.
They see us as animals.
They're the scientific dictatorship.
They study things.
They're the grand architects.
They're the grand planners.
They'll decide who lives and dies.
And I just see all of humanity like a sinking ship with screaming and wailing.
And my soul can literally just hear the screaming and the wailing and the pain and the horror and the degradation of the ignorant masses being destroyed because they have not the knowledge.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm getting to your calls, then all the Ron Paul analysis, election analysis, all of it coming up.
Eric in California, then Stu, Marcus, Lance, Robert and others.
Eric, you're on the air, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
I had one heck of an interesting weekend this weekend.
Let me just run it down for you.
Friday, the Dish Network guy showed up to hook us up with a Dish TV thing and all, you know, the Internet cable and stuff like that.
And while he was here hooking it up, my wife and I had a pretty heated argument about my participation in the freedom movement and whatnot.
She's not fully on board with me.
So, you know,
I made a decision to just tell the guy as he was bolting down the satellite dish to cancel the whole thing.
I totally eliminated my television.
For one, I kept my internet.
But that's one thing.
My family's kind of struggling with that right now, but I think...
I'll be successful in weaning them off the television.
Well, explain to them it's designed to literally brainwash them that the Defense Department spent billions at thousands of universities to develop the perfect flicker rates.
Yes, I will get to that.
And then Saturday morning I woke up with just the gnarliest head cold that I've ever had, and I was smart about it, and I laid on my back the whole weekend, and I actually watched a documentary that I've been postponing watching called Evidence of Revision.
And it deals with JFK, Robert Kennedy, and then at the end, Jonestown.
And it answered so many questions, and the Jonestown portion of it just welled up in me such righteous anger, and I'm going to be totally tapping into that.
Yeah, big CIA mind control program.
Yeah, it was just incredible, because I grew up at the time, and yeah, it answered a lot of questions.
Then I also found out that John Connor is a relatively close neighbor of mine.
He lives in San Diego.
And I can't wait to get together with him and work on some projects together with him.
And let's see.
And then also, I picked up the new edition of Scientific American.
And one of the interesting things that I made a note of was that it says in here that most water suppliers eventually switch to the cheaper option of fluoridation
Yeah, well, let me explain.
This is why the head dentist, big government official, 15 years ago, 16 years ago, did a national deal saying we've got to fluoridate the water.
Only cooks say it's bad.
Basic Dr. Strangelove line.
And that only insane right-wingers believe this.
And then he apologized three years ago, went public, we had him on, saying, I thought it was...
I think.
The fluoride in.
It's toxic waste.
It's such a joke to them.
But what, was Scientific American saying it was good?
No, they were actually saying that new studies are shedding light on the adverse effects of it.
Well, send me a copy of that.
I've got to jump, to be fair, to others.
We know it's too late now.
Go ahead and finish up.
They also give a rundown of different foods and beverages and the parts per million that each one has.
Let me just run down to you.
If you were to wake up in the morning and have a cup of coffee and a glass of ice water to swill down some Prozac or whatever, have some chicken soup and a Diet Coke for lunch and a hot dog and a beer at a football game, use some chocolate ice cream at night before you go to bed, you will consume 3.99 parts per million.
I know, it's incredible.
Yeah, did you know Mandrake plans the Florida Children's Ice Cream?
Ice Cream, Mandrake.
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We're good to go.
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Hi, Ken.
I just wanted to call you back and let you know how thankful Mike and I are for your working with us.
You know the sun oven we ordered from you on KenSolar.com?
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Plus, we just sold the old gas barbecue.
Also, the solar power generator reduced our electric bill just like you said it would, and it's powering my whole studio right now.
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Well, Ken, I'll cut this one short for now, and thanks again.
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The turn of the 20th century, from the 19th century, is when they learned that they could feed hormones to animals.
They learned that they could give hormones to the population to make the men more docile.
It has the side effect of killing the women, giving them all sorts of hormonal meltdowns, because it's a doubling or more of their natural hormones.
They wrote big studies, again from German universities, University of Texas, about how the fluorides were really great as toxic sedatives.
We're good to go.
Of course, they said, because it's so important you get this vitamin.
The government cares so much about you.
And then, of course, last time I checked, more than 95% of the fluoridation in the country is the heavy metal witch's brew.
And that's a fact, by the way.
It's legal.
It's lawful.
The feds will spend any amount of money, so will the corporations, to make sure it goes near water.
They spent tens of millions in a multi-year campaign to get LA to do it, and they've done it now.
They'll be behaving themselves better now, don't worry.
And they're there now.
You're feeling better now.
So they put the hormones in you to make you docile.
They put the fluorides in you to make you docile.
Very toxic.
They give you the mercury to reduce your IQ on average by about 20 points.
When it overcooks, you know, you'll be in the corner in diapers the rest of your life.
But, hey, it's the government.
We care about you.
You know, we put kids in radiation chambers and murder them.
We kill our troops.
We're loving.
Trust us.
Ha, ha, ha.
It's the law.
Take the shots.
Well, there's no law, but ha, ha, ha.
We wear a black mask.
You know, it's just, okay, fine.
You want it, you got it.
I'm not radical.
I'm not crazy.
I know what I'm talking about.
And the people running things are nuts.
They are sadistic, cold-blooded killers.
And with all these movies and all this sick culture, they're making the psychological and spiritual atmosphere like theirs.
They're turning this into hell.
And I don't think it's funny, and I'm sick of it.
All right, let's go to your calls.
I'm moving quick now.
Stu in Virginia, you're on the air.
Welcome worldwide.
If that's what they're giving us up front and over the counter, I think what they're giving us...
We're good to go.
I think?
I'd like to see it brought up.
We got a bunch of Chemtrail guests lined up.
I was told we had one on today, but the day I was told that we didn't have any guests, which is fine.
We're going to be doing more on that, Stu.
If I could just touch on one of the subjects real quick, Alex, I'll tell you.
I know you don't like to go too far here, and I understand.
Let me just stop you right there for whatever it is you're about to say.
I don't censor shows.
Were you screened when you called into the show?
No, sir.
They got to ask for my name and where I was calling from.
Yeah, I know, but let's just stop right there.
People lie all over the web and say we screen calls.
Anybody can call in and confirm we don't do that.
They also... Everybody has to preface.
I'm not Neil Bortz or Rush Limbaugh.
We didn't screen your call, sir.
I let you talk about whatever you want, so why would you say I don't like to go too far on something?
I go all the way.
No, no, no.
On the next subject, I was giving you a quick intro on remote viewing, and I understand...
You can't get off too far because that's really kind of off mainstream, but I just wanted to mention briefly regarding in-game.
I keep fairly informed with the remote viewing community, and there's some legitimate concern about the issues that you bring up in in-game.
You also mentioned about possible futures, and it seems to me from what I've
Glean in the remote viewing community a definite possible future, the issues you bring up in Endgame.
But there's also always the possibility to change the future based on awareness of the future, and I hope that's what we're doing.
Sure, I hear you, and I appreciate your call.
Robert was next, but he just hung up.
Look, here's the deal.
I take the globalists' own documents and own plans, and they'll say straight out,
I don't need to look into a crystal ball.
I don't need to do that.
A lot of people who think they're doing that are just taking their brain, all the data they already have, and they're integrating it together.
And they're so shocked by things coming through that they predicted that they didn't think that they're doing all this.
I'm not going to get into a discussion about that.
I think there's something to it, but I don't think you can control it, and I think most people out there pushing it are con artists.
I mean, I have seen, I've had dreams where the exact, I mean, dreams where I tell people about it and I'm upset about it, and then I forget about it and six months later it happens exactly as I saw.
You always know, I've only had maybe 10, 15 of those dreams, and man, you wake up in a sweat, you're really upset, it's generally something bad, a few times it's something innocuous, and then the exact same thing happens.
So I've had that happen to me, but look, I'm just not going to go there, okay?
What I'm able to do is go to what they say they're going to do and then talk about it.
I mean, they said in the 60s they were going to get us all on drugs and put hormones in the food and dumb us down.
And then they said, maybe we'll just kill everybody.
And then they said that in 2000 in Wired Magazine.
Bill Joy had gone to a meeting.
He's worth $4 billion at the time.
And, you know, they told him about it.
And he came back and said, my God, the leader having discussions about whether everybody will be killed.
I mean, this is in the news.
Michael Crichton writes books about it.
Puts it in fiction.
I mean, you know, Dick Cheney writes about it.
And PNAC's saying we need to legitimize the use of race-specific bioweapons.
Listen, people always tell me, I got a neighbor who knows a lady whose brother saw a truck dump over and had martial law signs.
Always the same urban legend.
It could be Tennessee, Texas, New York, California.
Always the same urban legend, just different.
Hey, how about the Houston Chronicle?
How about John Warner Defense Authorization Act?
How about PDD 51?
How about Military Commissions Act?
How about H.R.
3162, USA Patriot Act?
I mean, you want to talk about the Civilian Inmate Labor Camp Program, just type that into Google.
You'll be on army.mil.
Look, I tell you, they're putting toxic waste in the water.
It's documented, okay?
They're killing us.
I'm freaked out.
I can't believe I live on a planet run by psychopathic killers.
Well, if they're such psychopathic killers, how come they hadn't just come and killed you?
Because I didn't do what I do in the dark.
I did it in the light.
And they know that so many millions of people, hundreds of millions, none of whom I am, millions listen every day, they know they kill me is to make people pay attention.
It's because what I'm saying is so dead on, so accurate, that they haven't killed me.
There's also a lot of people in government who were compartmentalized.
They've now reverse engineered.
They've looked at what I've put out.
They've gone even further.
A lot of them are a lot smarter than I am.
And they've gone, holy mackerel!
All right, let's go to calls.
I've got Marcus here in Georgia.
You're on the air.
Marcus just dropped.
Let's talk to Lance and KC.
You're on the air, Lance.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks a lot for being such an inspiration for me and the rest of us regular Americans.
I wanted to call and ask you to ask the audience to go to the Ron Paul Campaign official website and register as a volunteer.
I think it's important that we all take that time to go to the campaign website, register, give our official information, let the campaign know just how many of us there are, where we're all at.
Give that intelligence information directly to the campaign.
That may come in very helpful or very handy to them.
They are just unleashing the voters.ronpaul2008.com website where you can go and log in and become a precinct captain.
And that's what everybody needs to do is to go take control of your own neighborhood.
A voting precinct is the smallest unit in electoral politics.
My precinct, I've got about 20 square blocks.
And so I've signed up to be the precinct captain of my precinct.
By the way, Ted Anderson, who owns this network, I call him up on the weekend and say, hey, get the new numbers up on the RonPaulAirCorp.com, or hey, help me with this.
He goes, I'm sorry, I'm walking door to door every Saturday because he's the precinct head.
Right, right.
And the Paul campaign, I think, has done a genius move in giving these tools to us.
But it's really the only way we're going to win this fight.
Yeah, they've given us the ball.
We've got to carry it.
So I just want to encourage you and all the listeners out there to register for, at least register as a volunteer with the campaign.
If you have a little extra time, become your precinct captain.
I want to encourage everybody to become the precinct captain.
And then even if you don't have the time to do it, get the ball rolling and find somebody else in your precinct who does have the time, who didn't maybe know about the site and know about the tools.
But basically, no matter what happens with Paul's campaign, this is setting up our networks for the future.
We're going to find other people in our neighborhoods that are like-minded, that are aware of what's going on.
I've run into very few people talking to them that are not easily persuaded to accept Ron Paul's ideologies or
There are very few people that won't support him when they really learn about him.
Hey, isn't it big news that the head of the Austin NAACP has known Congressman for 20 years and says it's all a big smear job and a total lie?
Oh, yeah, that's huge.
I saw that about 1 o'clock this morning.
There were about 800 digs on that, and still it wasn't on the main page of DIG.
No, Digg banned us in January of 07.
Then they got protested and they got written up in the news.
And so they took it off for a while.
But now we're unofficially banned.
We've got code people that have looked at it.
And it's not the Berry Brigade that's doing it.
We are banned.
But tell everybody still Digg because we get like 500 comments.
Everybody gets to see it.
We just continue to hurt them and show everyone how they're censors.
Well, thanks for your hard work, Alex.
Keep up the fight.
Yeah, just because somebody tries to fix the game, we don't stop.
You bet.
We just keep pounding them.
We pound Dig, we pound MySpace, we pound them all.
And believe me, we are the commodity that is trying to be blocked by the enemy.
What does that tell you?
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
It is a big idea.
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Bill Vargas is making great progress toward the world.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
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You're living in a science fiction horror movie.
I'm sorry to inform you, our enemies project a nice facade, but you tear through that projection screen, and there are literal devils writhing.
I woke up last night from a nightmare.
And in my dream,
There were thousands of ships in a frozen sea, rolling over, splitting, breaking open, sinking, with the voices of screaming children, unbelievable terror and pain and horror, reaching out for someone to save them, someone to protect them.
And let me tell you, they're killing people all over the world.
They never even know who killed them.
Through the bioweapons, the sprays, the soft-kill weapons they put in the food.
They just do it with wanton abandon.
And they love it.
And then we've got this bloated, decadent, know-it-all American public.
You know, liberty and freedom and all the great things we have came at great expenses.
And it was because our forebearers would fight to the death for liberty.
And that's why such milk and honey was created.
And now you're shuffling off the very last vestiges of it.
Now the New World Order is coming to gut us and butcher us.
It's a horrible thing we're going to have to go through.
And I'm here to tell you, we are going to go through it.
There's no turning that back now, I will assure you.
But we can fight back and make it not be as bad, and we can come through it.
Oh, God.
Last night, I really had, like I never had in my life, a quickening where I really was brought face to face with
It was after I woke up, I laid in bed for about two hours.
I got home from work about 12.15, went to bed.
About 4 a.m.
I woke up.
And I looked out the blinds at the cold hills in the distance and the radio towers flashing.
And I just really felt evil.
But it wasn't a bad thing.
The evil was very bad and very cold and I
And I really had a mind's eye into human suffering.
And it was like I was experiencing thousands and thousands of people suffering in pain and torture and horror and children screaming and not knowing why they were being tortured, why they were being killed, why they were dying, why they were vomiting their guts up, why they were starving to death.
And I was just envisioning it all.
But I could literally feel God right there in the midst of it.
I can feel the life force of humanity right there in the midst of it saying, this is evil, this is what you fight.
And it was a comfort.
Because then I meant nothing.
When I stacked my own fears, my own concerns, the chill that comes in the night against all their pain, all their suffering, it's a great liberation to just give yourself up and just turn yourself loose and commit.
And just say, my God, this is the literal Satan.
This is literal pits of hell.
I mean, to knowingly poison the public, to knowingly give the women things that they know are going to rot their breasts off, to knowingly do all this to us, to knowingly release hell.
And I just thought about the cowardly people asking Ron Paul questions, the little effeminate Fox News people in their suits, gibbering and the weakness, and I could just see them for what they are.
They are literal little nothing wraiths.
They feed on dark matter, though.
They love the pettiness and the frat boy, you know, putting their thumb down on people and snickering, and they all talk trash about everybody behind their backs, and they all hate themselves, and they all...
They will all be defeated in the end.
I know I'm preaching and I said I'd get your calls.
Maybe I just won't take calls anymore on the show.
How would that be?
A lot of national shows don't do it, like Coast to Coast AM and others, because I have a lot to say.
You know, they'll take calls in the third hour, fourth hour.
I have a lot of things I want to talk about.
And it's not because I want to sit here and hear myself talk.
I cannot warn you enough.
I cannot tell you.
But I promise we're going to get to...
We'll just go to Marcus right now and we'll keep him over.
There's Marcus in Georgia.
You're on the air.
What's going on, Alex?
Just freaking out, man.
I'll tell you.
My name is Marcus.
I'm coming from Atlanta, Georgia.
I've been following you for about 10 years now, Alex, and I'm a black and I'm a first-time registered voter because I got motivated by a round poll I've been following for a long time now because of your show.
But I wanted to ask you for your opinion on this whole thing about the voter fraud incident up in New Hampshire.
And do you think that strategically that it would have been a good move for Ron Paul if he would have held a press conference maybe with the people of Sutton whose votes weren't counted and demanded a recount?
Do you think that would have affected his campaign positively or negatively?
I personally think it would have energized the campaign.
Stay there.
You know, should I get into Ron Paul this hour?
I backed it up to the next because I'm behind.
But let me try to give it to you in a nutshell on the other side, Marcus.
Then Lisa, Jason, Mark, I've got some financial news I want to cover, too.
I haven't even gotten into the CIA running local governments.
I told you this a long time ago.
Now it's mainstream news.
God help us.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
And let's take America back.
Marcus, if you want to know where I stand on the Ron Paul situation, the best place to go is prisonplanet.com, infowars.com.
There's a big article up there today about all of us coming together where you see my points, Ron Paul's points.
But number one, people are upset.
In fact, as Cassandra just said, it's one of the biggest issues next to the war about the voting integrity.
In major polls, 80 plus percent know that it's a fraud in many areas of the nation.
And they want people to challenge it when things are suspicious.
And no doubt,
We're good to go.
And then you had Barack Obama, 13 points.
People keep saying that was the lowest poll.
Some polls had him 20 points ahead, but let's just say 13.
Then he loses by three, almost four.
So that's a 16-point swing.
And they go, oh, the polls just aren't right.
Well, they used to be right.
Why aren't they now?
See, so you've got all that, and even Bill Maher is saying it looks like fraud.
In fact, by the way, if I didn't give you that, John, just type Bill Maher on election fraud in.
It's on Prison Planet.
I want to play that next hour, part of it.
But that's all going on.
And look, Ron Paul comes out and says, Gulf of Tonkin was staged.
Government staged events.
I'm worried about them staging events.
Every time he comes on the show, he just says that first without even being prompted.
And I mean, can you put two and two together?
That's a message of, yeah, I know they staged things.
In fact, he's saying they staged things.
Then on 9-11, he goes to the official story and says, okay, we're over there, so they're over here.
And, uh,
You know, Ron Paul then comes out and says, you know, he's not for a recount because he wants to look forward.
And then the constituency, a large part of it, gets mad and says, no, we want this challenge.
We want you to, you know, not do like Kerry or all these other people did or, you know, the head of the Democratic Party right now, what Dean did back when he was a candidate or what Al Gore did.
And the Paul people, A, think that it'll be spun against them as sore losers, and B, they know that it's going to be recounted by the same people that did it to begin with.
Well, what I say is, we point out it's being recounted by the same people.
We have Ron Paul people watching them.
We make a big deal out of it.
But at the same time, Ron Paul's the best horse we've got in the race.
He is great on all the big issues.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Like we lost and then get all mad at him as soon as he doesn't win a football game.
We can't be summertime patriots.
We've got to be wintertime patriots.
That means rain, sun, or shine, we've got to be there.
I mean, Ron Paul saying abolish the IRS, get us out of the U.N.
He's doing all the right things.
He's a great candidate, a once-in-a-lifetime candidate.
He's a little exhausted, but he still has some fire in the debates and things, and there are people analyzing and nitpicking that.
You try working 15, 16, 18 hours a day.
And he's still going and voting in Congress, doing his duties there.
You know, that's why he was only in New Hampshire 57 times instead of 120 like McCain.
McCain doesn't do his senatorial duties.
You know, I just see a lot of armchair quarterbacking.
I see a lot of... I know a lot of you gave $100 so you think you can be in the driver's seat.
You know, I've got some problems with things the campaign's done, but nobody's perfect.
And I've noticed that when you get big in this movement, that's when you do get attacked.
And so people think Ron Paul is like some movie star and there's a little bit of envy and jealousy within our own movement because we're kind of an anti-big shot deal.
A lot of the flair of our movement is it is kind of an anti-establishment deal.
Part of that is, as the establishment has said, closet aristocrat wannabism.
I'm not in that for that, but a lot of people are.
And so the minute it looks like he's weak, they're going to all jump on him and tear him into 50 million globulets of flesh.
I'm not going to do that.
And so I think one part of me, and I think it's my gut tells me to be the right move, would be to go in, make a huge deal out of it.
Who do you think made a big deal out of the election?
Where do you think it all started, folks, if you looked around?
Who do you think responded out that the NAACP had supporting Ron Paul?
You know, we're actually trying to help this campaign out.
But, you know, that said...
Marcus, does that answer your question from Atlanta, Georgia?
Yeah, Alex?
Yes, sir.
Yeah, you answered my question.
I just think that I've never voted before, and I got motivated to register to vote, even donating money to Ron Paul because of his message, and I really thought that I still think that he has a legit opportunity to win the election, but I really think that he really dropped the ball on this whole New Hampshire recount thing.
I think if he would have held a press conference with the people of Sutton and those other counties where the votes weren't counted and didn't even challenge Barack Obama...
I agree.
That's exactly what I think.
I understand.
I appreciate your call, Marcus.
I'm mad about it, too.
But you have to understand that Ron Paul isn't getting all the information we're getting.
He's getting other info we're not getting.
And he's surrounded by a pretty good crew of guys and gals
But, you know, they've got their... Look, they know, the main thing is they know that the fix will be in again in New Hampshire.
They know that.
There's no doubt the fix is in.
And they have to decide.
I think it's a miscalculation.
You know, first, you know, Ron Paul backs off from 9-11 Truth.
That makes people mad.
You can't morally do that if you really believe it's an inside job.
I've seen a lot of folks that know it's an inside job.
Who said it's an inside job, now even back off because Ron Paul did that.
Now, that's bad.
It's one thing to say, well, I don't think this one was an inside job, but there have been other ones, like Ron Paul does, and that'll always be your stance.
It is another thing entirely to be big 9-11 truthers and then run around saying we need to shut up about it.
That's really bad.
And I've seen a lot of people do that, and a lot of other patriots saw that, and that was the moral slide there.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The establishment is censoring him and blocking him and going after him.
They're scared of him.
Ron Paul is a vanguard.
He is a missile that we're launching with cluster bombs into the beach before we land.
Ron Paul is a weapon.
He's a vehicle.
He's an idea now.
Don't let them destroy the idea.
Maintain the idea.
He's not perfect.
He's not a god.
He makes mistakes.
Maybe he hasn't made a mistake.
Maybe he knows things we don't know.
You can't expect it all to be perfect.
It's that simple.
The Founding Fathers fought with each other.
The Continental Army fought with each other.
They had big walkouts of troops after a year of not getting paid.
George Washington lost battle after battle.
They were thinking about removing him.
We need to stop having this loser mentality.
And realize by defending Ron Paul...
By saying we won, no matter what happens, we win.
By the way, even if you don't know we're winning, even if he loses, still there'll be a big victory.
But if you don't buy their propaganda, and a lot of you get a bad attitude, and we tried with Ron Paul, I'm done with everything.
I'm buying guns and food.
You should have done that anyways.
Got to have multiple plans here.
But we're going to engage the system and show the fraud state to state.
There's going to be more examples of it.
This is a process.
And we're carrying out a process here.
People who've never been politically involved, that's most of Paul's support, are now involved.
We need to get the message to them that win, lose, or draw.
What did Ron Paul say Friday?
He put out a message, basically, a complete carbon copy of what I've written for Prison Planet and Truth News, or the ideas I've given to my writers to put out, that they concur with and add their own info to.
It's kind of like a college of ideas.
A war room.
A brainstorm session.
We've won.
Start having, A, realize you can win.
Realize there's a hundred ways to win.
B, realize that we're many steps down the board.
We've taken many more pieces.
We're starting to actually take pieces in this chess game.
We're learning how to play chess.
There's many battles in this larger game.
There's thousands of games of chess we're going to play.
This is a big one.
You've got to study history.
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.
You don't make a film without flying all over the country, all over the world, watching hundreds and hundreds of hours of footage, researching, hours of work, but finally it's done and it's on the shelf.
It's the same thing with a fight.
I mean, in a fight in your life, in a physical fight, if you just laid in the ditch, you're never going to win one.
I don't know if I'm going to win, but I'm going to bite you, I'm going to do whatever, I mean, you get me down, you know.
You're choking me.
You're stomping my head.
I'm going to do whatever I have to.
You know, four guys are sitting on top of me.
They've tackled me.
They've got me down.
They're hitting me.
I'm just going to absolutely just turn loose the energy that old ladies can pick up cars with, and I'm just going to go, and I'm just going to bust out of there.
And I've done it and had the soles of my boots rip off, ladies and gentlemen.
It's that same spirit that you can have in the info war of never giving in.
Of getting mean.
Of getting vicious.
Of committing.
Ron Paul is only one instrument in our war.
He's only one weapon.
It's like, I'm only one weapon.
We need to build more weapons.
That's you getting activated, getting aggressive, getting focused.
Alright, I'm going to say more about it in the next hour in your calls.
Ted's been holding for 15 minutes.
I wanted to get Ted up about...
What the Ron Paul Air Force is doing.
A quick synopsis on that.
Ted, tell us about it.
Yeah, right now what's going on.
We flew Grand Rapids, Michigan here on Saturday.
Really a great flight.
Lots of people seeing the banner.
It was photographs all over the place.
We're collaborating with the people with the blimp out in South Carolina so we can cover parts of the state that they're not covering.
Las Vegas will happen this Saturday as well.
We're probably going to make it into Reno.
We're trying to find a flight for that.
So we're covering a tremendous amount of ground with the Ron Paul thing.
There's going to be two primaries going on on Saturday.
And then, of course, Michigan is tomorrow.
We're covering two places tomorrow.
We're going to hit Lansing and we're going to hit Detroit.
So covering the air as much as we can.
I know that the people out there in the meetup groups are working really hard in the ground getting the flyers out.
We're good to go.
Presidential candidate that's willing to take on that monetary issue.
That is the fuel.
That's the fuel that fuels the New World Order.
You want to end the New World Order, you end that banking system, that central bank that's sucking us dry from all the taxes and the money that we have to pay.
I mean, there's another campaign.
That's right.
You better let everybody you know...
Understand, it's the New World Order central banks that are doing all this to the economy and the dollar right now.
It's where the money comes from.
That's their financial infrastructure.
You take that away from them, and they're dying.
They will not be able to afford to pull off a 9-11 event because they don't have the control and they don't have the finances to do it.
I mean, if people could just open up their eyes for a minute and take a look.
I mean, we have a presidential candidate that not only wants to attack the New World Order, he wants to cut them off at their knees.
Yeah, and he's not going to agree with everything.
We have to let them carry the ball, and that means put our input in, but I'm just saying, abandoning Paul and running around throwing fits.
Isn't going to do anything or armchair quarterbacking.
Ted, gold went way above $900 an ounce today.
The futures are trading even higher.
It looks like it has begun its ascent.
Oh, there's no question about it.
The dollar has just fallen like a stone in a lake.
I mean, it is just crashing.
Even the Wall Street people are talking about it, and they're advising the same thing.
You've got to do something to get away from the dollar.
You know, right now, it's just time to...
You've got an in-house, in-store right now.
These are fabulous deals.
Well, I can tell you right now, Alex, silver is up a dollar.
I'm offering the same silver dollar roll as I was almost a month ago, $400 per roll of 20.
You can't beat that.
They're the real silver dollars used here at the turn of the century.
They're the ones that represent real true money here in the United States.
We're good to go.
You know, at this particular time, the market is hot.
It's going to continue to go.
It isn't so much that gold is going up.
It's that the dollar is falling, and the dollar is going to continue to fall.
Again, that silver deal, silver has not moved up as it should yet.
You can still get it before the big rush starting to go up, though.
Gold, you can get it at the price it was a few weeks ago.
Ted, give them the number.
It's 1-800-686-2237.
Again, it's 1-800-686-2237.
Silver did move up from $15 an ounce to $16 an ounce.
That's a tremendous increase.
But, again, the experts are saying go to $50 an ounce.
I mean, it was like $6 a few years ago.
Alex, with the dollar dropping as it is, and if it continues to fall, you're going to see over $2,000 gold.
You're going to see over $50 silver.
And that is going to come very fast.
People are very prepared.
A lot of you say you don't know how to buy gold and silver.
Here it is.
You call them up, you get it.
This is where I buy some silver and gold from, and stick it in the safety deposit box or wherever you put it.
Again, you normally wouldn't get this as an investment.
You get it as a store of wealth, but now it is a great investment.
Those British sovereigns are a fabulous deal.
If you want a coin right next to Melt or the collector coins, great collector value on top of it and non-confiscatability, very reasonable price.
And the silver is an insane deal.
Thanks, Ted.
A lot of news in your call.
Straight ahead.
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We're good to go.
We're in a no-holds-barred information war.
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We're good to go.
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Man, they're putting some wild music on the show.
All right, we're back live.
Let's go ahead and go to your calls.
Let's talk to Lisa in Pennsylvania.
Lisa, go ahead.
This is Melina from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
And I'm from the hometown of Dr. Ron Paul.
Oh, great.
I would like to, first of all, thank you so much, Alex Jones, for what you are doing, and I want to thank your father.
And I'm a JBS member, and I also am Constitution Party, so I will definitely be a
What did you experience?
Tell us.
They committed a tyranny on me on a St.
Anselm College property.
Where all the Ron Paul supporters were holding their signs in the air.
We were supporting Ron Paul and the cameras were manipulating us.
It was about almost like over 200 Brown Pulse supporters.
And they would just show the end of the corner to make it look like a few people.
Yes, and you can see like maybe five signs.
Yeah, they always do those tricks.
They'll go to our gun rallies.
We'll have like 1,000 people, 500 people depending on the rally.
And they'll just show one little group of like five people and say that was the rally.
Right, exactly.
So they all have a scumbag agenda.
Then, you know, what happened is I was trying to find the cameras that were avoiding Ram Paul people.
So I was passing by.
I was interviewed by some lady.
She was from the Christian organization, and I was telling her Bible scriptures, and I was telling her, by their fruits you shall know them, to explain to them who Ram Paul is as a true Christian and a good man as well.
So that went well, and I don't know where that's going to be, but there was one gentleman who...
A young black fella, he jumped and interrupted my interview and was trying to fight about Obama, supporting Obama and telling me, like, who you want to elect.
You want to elect a preacher or president?
And I was just shocked, first of all.
Well, that's what happens.
That's what happens at political events, but it's good to hear from you.
I appreciate your call.
Sorry I got your name wrong.
I was told you were Lisa.
Let's jam another one in.
Jason in North Carolina, you're on the air.
Hey, first off, I'd like to say thank you, Alex Jones, for everything you do and for providing Prison Planet and Infowars and all that good stuff.
Second off, I am similar to your first caller, Marcus, or the other caller, in that I'm a first-time voter.
I'm 31, but I haven't voted because, not because of advocacy, but because I believe that in the wickedness of the system,
And the evilness of polychicks.
But Ron Paul is the guy to support.
I hear you and I appreciate your call, sir.
Nice little pun words.
Okay, we're going to come back after the quick break and take more of your calls.
Talk more to the people out there.
Remember, don't drink the fluoride, ladies and gentlemen.
And yeah, it's true.
I've got a big article here out of Reuters and another story out of Scientific American.
Saying that the fluoride is absolute deadly poison.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Look, let's get a bunch of your calls out of the way.
I got my analysis on Ron Paul I want to go through.
I mentioned some of it last hour.
I got a bunch of police state news that we are going to cover with domestic CIA ops.
All of it coming up.
Scott in Arizona, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, I'm the guy that called about three months ago and gave you some information on the chemtrail thing, the real deal that's going on in the sky with the ARM program.
Yeah, tell folks the name of that term again.
I even had a bunch of printouts on that.
It's called the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program.
That's what it stands for.
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program.
Yeah, but then you have the aerosol release.
I actually have it here in my stack.
Let me find it.
Indirect, semi-direct.
And direct an aerosol campaign.
That's right.
And I spent a day or two looking at that, gave it to Watson, gave it to everybody, put it out, asked for an article.
Everybody's busy and didn't do it.
But I spent hours at a time on that.
And they just admit all this atmospheric spraying, German TV admitting they're doing it.
And they really are.
I mean, it wasn't there until 1996.
Suddenly they've added something to the jet fuel or something, but jets will fly right next to other jets that don't, and leave these trails that are at 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 feet, even in the summer, and then they admit there's huge atmospheric manipulation going on.
Yeah, and the name of the company that they subcontract to, because they subcontract a lot of their work out, and they work with the universities, one of the companies they work with is called Battelle.
And Battelle works with a lab called Pacific Northwest National Lab,
And they cook all this stuff up at these labs, right?
And I got, you know, I went on to even talk to some of these, you know, lab technicians there, you know, that are, some of them are doctors and stuff in this and they basically, you know, they do all this, they put the chemicals in there and they're the ones that do that and then they, it's just the process they work with
Well, I'll tell you what.
You should write an article with footnotes, names, and numbers.
And I'll call and vet to make sure it's accurate.
Because you've called and I've found out a lot of what you're saying is true.
I'm not saying you're lying.
I haven't been able to prove it all.
And we will publish it at prisonplanet.com.
Okay, and you've got the AR program.
Remember, you went on last time and saw that on there, right?
The ARM program, yes, the ARM.
The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program.
If people just type that in there, Google that, they'll see everything.
It'll lead them to the next thing, to the next thing.
They can type in Battelle.
That'll tell them everything.
I mean, those are the companies that are doing it.
I mean, actually, that's part of the DOE, the ARM program, which is tied into the universities.
If you look at some of those news clips that you have,
They interviewed a professor there, if you remember that.
And you notice he goes, well, what's wrong with spraying the atmosphere to keep us safe?
He goes, he laughs and says, we're not doing it now, but we soon will be.
And then you go in there, and it turns out they're doing it everywhere.
They're doing it right now, and this is the proof.
And I want people to call these people up or, you know, let's put them on the spot.
This is the real thing right here.
But we know they're compartmentalized.
From your study of this, what do you think the master plan is?
I think they're going to keep doing this thing.
They're going to blame it on global warming.
Of course, that's their cover-up on it.
They might be doing something with that for climate change, but I know they're putting that stuff in the atmosphere to also harm us.
I think it's going to continue, and it's continued before this time.
Back in the 60s, they had stuff going back in those days.
I also gave you another researcher named Jim Phelps.
Actually, this guy worked for the DOE, and this guy would... Yeah, what's his website?
I'll get him on.
I actually... What's his website?
DOE Watch.
DOE Watch.
I'm not going to wait anymore.
Last time I didn't tell my producer to get him.
Hey, Aaron?
Come on in, buddy.
He's in there editing video, and I've got to run Aaron in there.
I've got to get a PA system in here.
In fact, I'm setting that up this week.
Hey, will you go tell Trey to come on in here, because I'm going to say this now before I forget.
I'll say it during the break now.
See, my brain moves on to the next thing.
Don't worry about it.
I'll do it.
Thank you so much for your research and much of what you told me about.
Scott did check out.
We do have a Tim Trill lady coming on Wednesday.
I keep canceling her because I've been so busy.
And maybe you'll call in during that, okay?
Why don't you create a data page of like 20, 30 links and a few paragraphs of basic comments.
Email it to Aaron at Infowars.com.
We'll post it.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I want to get into how the mainstream national media is starting to announce, starting to push the national ID card to tell you how great it is.
So we're going to be breaking that down too.
More on Ron Paul.
More on the election fraud in New Hampshire as that unfolds.
Right now, let's go ahead and move quickly to some of your phone calls.
Let's talk to Toby in Indiana.
Toby, you're on the air.
Thanks for taking my call.
Just wanted to see what your opinion was of Benjamin Fulford and some of the information that he's come out with.
Well, we had Benjamin Fulford on Friday and Sunday, and he's on tomorrow again.
I've been having him on for many interviews.
I didn't hear him on Sunday.
I heard him briefly on Friday, and that's what got me interested in him, and I started doing my own research, and I was actually pretty impressed with what I found so far.
I mean, I know the stuff he talks about is real.
As far as the fact, I believe he believes he's been approached by the Asian mafia or secret society slash government.
I mean, he gets interviews with David Rockefeller, you know, all this stuff.
But, I mean, it doesn't matter.
Everything he's saying, or 99% of it, is already, we can confirm in ourselves from government documents.
Well, I mean, about how he's kind of laying out an ultimatum for them to kind of back off.
Yeah, that's the part that I don't know.
I mean, I think he believes what he's saying, but these are pretty deceptive groups.
Government's deceptive.
The Asian mafia tying into its government is very deceptive.
And we're going to have a further discussion about that tomorrow.
Well, listen, thank you.
Thank you so much, Toby.
Justin in California, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello there.
This is Justin F. Case here.
I just wanted to let you know I started listening to your show about a year ago.
No, I'm sorry, three years ago.
And I've worked in radio broadcasting.
Then I became a monk.
The whole point of this is I want everybody out there to know I'm sitting here taking care of my mother.
I'm not leaving my room.
But I jumped on YouTube and started cutting up videos following what you had taught me.
And one year later, I've had over half a million people look at the material that you're talking about, including the movies Hacking Democracy, Zit Guys, World Banking System.
I mean, I'm sitting in my room, not going outside because I'm taking care of my mother full-time, and yet I was able to reach a half a million people.
And I just want everybody in America and in the world
So listen to that.
If we all work together, we'll win.
And then people will say, yeah, but that's the web.
That's not the real world.
75% of the country is now on the web.
Internet television is now bigger than mainstream television.
Now, you've got 10,000 flavors, so individually it's not as big.
You've still got big guns in mainstream media that have bigger individual audiences, but overall their audience is now smaller.
And absolutely, I mean, because of listeners taking clips of my show, videos we've done,
I mean, we have had hundreds of millions of views on Google and YouTube altogether.
Literally hundreds of millions.
You know, tens of millions per video, some of the big ones.
And that's just me.
Tell folks your YouTube channel or your handle.
My handle is JustinFKCASE.
And honestly, I work in radio broadcasting.
We've talked before.
I think we've even talked off air before.
No, I know.
What's your YouTube channel?
The YouTube channel name, they just need to look up Justin F. Case.
And put that in, type that in, and my webpage will come up.
All right, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Take care.
That's what it's all about, just doing something.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Tom in Alaska, going north to Alaska.
Hey, what's up, Alex?
First-time caller.
I've been following all you guys for about six years now, and I think the most relevant thing I've got right now is this missing nuclear weapon thing out of the Minot, North Dakota Air Force Base.
Minot, Minot, yeah.
You have to Barksdale?
Well, it's not missing anymore.
It was gone for about a day.
Well, they said there were six of them gone for a day, but yet the chain of command was broken, and they only reported...
We're good to go.
I think?
Why would they not use this for a false flag attack?
Do you think that's possible?
Well, they don't need to lose the nuke themselves so then they get blamed.
They can just say the Russians lost one.
They can say Al Qaeda cooked one up in their oven at home.
The public would believe that.
They believe that weapons of great anthrax can be made in a bucket.
I'm on a well.
I'm off their system.
I'm on a well and I'm...
I see what these people are.
They're a bunch of savage animals.
No, no, I agree with you, but my point is, well, it's a dominance thing.
It's like, we're dominant, we're going to poison you, we've got the power, they enjoy evil.
But my point is, for the listeners out there, see, I just desperately want to warn them about vaccines.
I want to desperately warn them about the water.
I want to warn them about the air.
I want to warn them about GMO.
This is the big deal.
The enemy is masters of soft kill.
That's where they're really hitting us hard.
Soft, quiet way to slowly kill you with a debilitating disease.
They'll have big flash events where Newt goes off and blows up 20 city blocks.
And then, you know, big police state comes.
But it's the everyday, the lying, the stealing, the corruption, the imprisonment, the shipping the drugs in, the pushing the legal drugs.
That's why I just constantly throw that out.
I know it's annoying to some listeners, but we've got new listeners every minute who I've got to warn.
Sybil Edmonds, we need to go into that a little bit more about what she's coming out about the nuclear secrets being sold also, do you think?
Well, I mean, it did come out to Clinton and Bush.
Everybody but us.
It's around the whole world.
It's bouncing off every satellite except ours.
I hear you, sir, and I appreciate your call.
Sybil Edmonds, we've had her on, and...
I mean, what do you say about her?
She said money laundering, nuclear secrets.
She said that two years ago on this show.
And now supposedly she's gone more public.
And she talks about nuclear blackmail.
And she talks about how the government's basically run by a bunch of narcotics traffickers.
And that's true.
At a certain level.
And my whole thing is tell me something I didn't know.
I mean, reverse engineered, it was in the BBC in 1999.
By reverse engineered, I mean it was hidden in plain view, that nuclear weapons secrets and components were given by the British and the U.S.
to Pakistan.
AQ Khan Laboratories.
And the FBI was blocked from stopping those transfers.
That happened under Clinton and under Bush.
So Sabell Edmonds is now talking about it.
Tell me something I don't know, sister.
I mean, we could have her on here.
Number one, she's real careful on this show.
And she's very high and mighty, and that's fine and dandy.
But, again, tell me something I didn't know.
Everybody's like freaking out that Jesse Ventura blew the whistle about 23 CIA agents waiting for him on his first day at work in the basement of the Capitol, basically telling him that they ran things.
And the media tried to call him a liar, and they called the CIA up and they admitted it.
And the locals, it's in the newspaper in Minneapolis this week.
It was also on NPR.
I mean, tell me something I didn't know, Jesse.
And I'm not saying, oh, I know, oh, I know.
People keep going, Alex, how did you know 10 years ago that the NSA had whole floors of every phone company grid?
Because I read it in the bill.
Telecommunications Act of 96.
Gave originally $6 billion, turned out to be $9 billion to wire.
The NSA is the phone company.
You don't have to tap your phone.
People go, I hear clicking.
I hear there's probably water in your lines or a squirrel chewing to the line.
You don't hear clicking, folks.
They are the phone company, okay?
But yes, sir, you brought up some really good points.
Really good points.
Good to have you on board, Tom from Alaska.
James from...
James, where are you calling from?
I'm in Niagara Falls, Matt.
Niagara Falls, New York.
What's on your mind?
Actually, Niagara Falls, Canada, just a hot skip and jump.
How are you listening to us?
Oh, okay.
Through the Internet, sir.
I know we've got a couple of affiliates that actually go into Niagara Falls, but anyways, go ahead.
I'm trying to find them.
I'm having a hard time to get them, so I just plug into the Internet every day.
Sure, sure.
But a couple quick things.
Canada's got our own Ron Paul.
It's Connie Fogle.
I'm sure you've talked to her already.
We've interviewed her, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
But what I really wanted to talk about is tomorrow's primary in Michigan and how the Democrats really don't have anybody to vote for because they're off the slate.
That's right.
So if we could get the Kucinich or any Democrats that think, you know, Ron Paul might be the next best answer, get them out there on our side.
Get them out there to vote for us.
Well, Ron Paul's supporters are trying to get Michigan folks to support Ron Paul, but I think Michiganders, by and large, will do what Texans do and everybody else.
They're going to go ahead and go for Romney, and that's why they're going to lose everything they've got.
They just want to be abused.
They want to lose everything they've got.
And don't worry.
This is what you want.
This is what you get.
That's so sad if that's the answer.
No, we've got to get them on the right path.
You've got to wake up, people.
You've got to wake up.
But, I mean, I agree with you, and I'm being sarcastic there.
You know, you approach a lot of these voters and kiss up to them.
They'll go, I'm a voter.
You're approaching me like you're a woman and you're hitting on them.
And, no, the answer is, hey, listen, dummy.
You know, you're in this position because you don't know what you're doing.
You better wake up.
I mean, frankly, people say to creep around these issues.
I've been effective because I don't creep around.
But go ahead and make your point.
I won't interrupt.
Yeah, well, that's exactly it.
I mean, if we take the Democratic, and we could get the Kucinich votes, and then, because Mitt Romney, they're putting in the paper, you know, that, oh, he's going to drop out if he doesn't get Michigan.
He's ahead in the delegates, so, I mean, they're making a big facade out of nothing.
They're saying, oh, he'll drop out.
He's not going to drop out.
He'll take a commanding lead.
Yeah, Mitt Romney, owner of Clear Channel Communications, is a real piece of work.
Oh, yeah.
That's sarcastic in itself right there, I'm sure.
But you have a great day.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you.
I appreciate all you're doing, my friend.
That's a great idea.
And people are out there pushing that.
By the way, we have a new website.
It's ronpaulwarroom.com.
I've gotten so many tips, so many ideas, so many news stories from you.
That's where the story broke out about the Sutton fraud, votes not being counted, and so much more in New Hampshire.
That's why it's important to post all your tips, not just Ron Paul news, but all New World Order related, SPP, NAU, you name it, all at warroom, ronpaulwarroom.com.
I'm gonna leave you.
It is a big idea.
A New World Order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by powerful world powers.
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You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Build-A-Bear is making big progress for the world government.
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The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act,
Which goes into effect May 11, 2008.
Many people believe that this will be the mark of the beast because of the restrictive measures included, which seems to parallel the no buying and selling of Revelations 13, 17.
In Revelations 14, 9, speaking of the mark of the beast, it says, If any man worship the beast, take notice.
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Oh, yeah!
I'm stuck in Folsom Prison and time keeps dragging on.
On down to San Antone.
You know, I can never sing along to this one because they put the live version in.
It's a different cadence than the studio one I like.
Oh, hang my head!
I bet there's rich folks eatin' in a fancy diamond car.
They're probably drinkin' coffee and smokin' big cigars.
But I knew I had it comin'.
All right, let's go ahead and cut that off, because I've got clips coming up.
I want to play part of the... Several of them coming up in the next segment.
Right now, let's go ahead and get into the Real ID.
Now, look.
Most states already had federal standardized by the mid-90s.
Texas was the first in 93.
Digital photo for face scan, thumbprint, all of that.
The swipe on the back.
In 2000, they globally standardized it under UN numbers.
It's already a global ID card.
Now in 2008, they're getting around to telling you about it.
Because now it becomes the real ID card.
You already had it in your wallet.
It was already in place.
Because you're going to have to have it to live, to work, to travel.
Now, the illegal aliens are all selectively enforced.
They're all going to be legalized, so this isn't going to matter.
And you're going to have it to get on a plane, anything.
Total federalization, total control.
And with this database, they then add everything to track you.
And then this goes with the checkpoints and being stopped and being searched.
So here it is.
You want a national ID card?
You're going to get one.
The major security initiative that is designed to make it even harder for both terrorists and illegal immigrants to obtain false identification papers.
It involves a government-issued ID card that may cause enormous headaches for ordinary Americans and is already being criticized by privacy advocates.
It's always about, oh, it's so hard, it costs more money.
Never, hey, we have a national ID card, and the feds are saying, if you don't have this, you can't go to a national park or get on an airplane or a train.
Back to it.
Here to discuss the details of the program, our senior justice correspondent, Pierre Thomas.
Pierre, this is something that's going to affect all of us, I gather.
What is the program?
Charlie, as you said, for millions of Americans, it's going to be a lot more stressful to get your driver's license renewed.
And we're talking about that the states are going to have to approve, you know, your Social Security information.
They're going to have to prove that you are who you say you are.
And also, the states are going to have to verify this information by checking various databases.
I'll stop right there.
The state isn't going to verify.
The feds verify.
There's a million people on the no-fly list.
This is all about control.
Here it is.
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff today, and he was pretty adamant that this is a matter of national security.
We are now over six years from 9-11.
We live every day with the problems of false identifications.
Simply kicking this problem down the road year after year after year for further discussion and further debate and further analysis is a time-tested Washington way of smothering any proposal with process.
I think the time has come to bite the bullet and get the kind of secure identification I am convinced the American public wants to have.
Charlie, Secretary Chernoff said he knows there are a lot of complaints.
Stop right there.
In major polls, 80-plus percent, again, on every issue, but go pull them up for yourself, and we're going to play the rest of the clip after the break.
They are coming in and saying, we love it when no one wants it.
And then they're also saying it's to keep you safe from terrorists.
They selectively enforce.
The IRS won't pick up illegal aliens when local police arrest them.
That's been in hundreds of newspapers.
They built 20 miles of a supposed 1,000-mile fence.
They tried to give the illegals total legalization under the last amnesty plan that would give them these cards.
They're building nothing.
So, yeah, it'll deal with illegal aliens because they're just going to give them to them.
In the SPP, North American Union, September 2006 documents, they say this is the North American Union ID system.
Again, it's already been integrated in globally.
And Chertoff...
Then expands how you're going to have to have this to get on a plane, to drive down the road, to have a driver's license, and how you're not going to be able to.
The bigger issue is, you're going to have no work list.
Homeland Security officially said this on C-SPAN when Governor Ridge was there.
Remember years ago, I said, you're going to have to have this ID to have a job.
If you haven't paid taxes, they're not going to let you have a job.
Everywhere is going to have to have it, even mowing yards.
But it's all selectively enforced.
They're already getting ready to set up the bureaucracies where the cops, if you're black or white, are going to come over and if you're mowing a yard and ask for your ID, now if you're an illegal alien, they're going to leave you alone.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
or call 866-779-8455.
That's 866-779-8455.
Visit spyville.com today.
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The end of an age.
The birth of something entirely different.
And we are truly forging the future.
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All right, I know we've got a load of phone lines.
I've got a news blitz here, and I want to finish up with a national ID card situation.
Fabled, it is now upon us.
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So when this show ends, come up in about 25 minutes, or I guess sooner than that now, about 20 minutes, if you missed any of the first hour, you are absolutely welcome to tune in there.
Okay, let's finish up with the last minute or so as they announce to the slaves their national ID card.
And as Son of the Devil lets them, you know,
Jones means son of Jonas.
He called me son of Jonas.
As some of the devil, Michael Chertoff, tells us about what slaves we are.
Charlie, Secretary Chertoff said he knows there are a lot of complaints, but he says he's going forward no matter what.
Is this going to be a separate identity card that we're going to have to carry, or will your driver's license, if you drive, serve as this identity card?
That's exactly right, Charlie.
The driver's license that you get at your local DMV is going to serve as the identity card.
But again, that card is going to have to have some security features in it, and it's also going to have to be the job of the state to prove that you are a U.S.
citizen or have legal status.
Now, Pierre, there's already ample evidence that people who shouldn't have them can get American passports.
So is this more about homeland security, or is it more about immigration?
I think it's a combination of both.
They don't want terrorists to be able to get on board planes.
They kept pointing today to the fact that the 9-11 hijackers all had multiple state driver's licenses.
But they also admit that this will make it much more difficult, they believe, for illegal immigrants to move freely throughout society.
And I gather there are privacy concerns, a lot of privacy concerns on some people's parts.
In fact, a lot of people are saying that this might be another way that you can have your identity stolen.
We spoke to Michael Greenberger today, who is a University of Maryland professor.
A key question is that the states are going to have to create massive databases, use massive databases, and are these databases going to be secure?
The track record on the security of these databases is not good.
They are hacked into on a regular basis.
So, Charlie, expect a fight between the states, the feds, and also privacy activists.
All right, yes, the states will have to pay for this, I gather, to issue these cards.
All right, Pierre Thomas, thanks very much.
Something that will affect everyone, not for a few years, but will eventually affect everyone.
Yeah, all over the country, they're making school teachers do retina scans, thumbprints, background checks.
Not just a background check, though, get in the database.
Real estate workers and Homeland Security says everyone will get fingerprints every year.
There'll be random checkpoints on the highways, trains.
Life will be like shopping malls.
Everything will be like airports.
And they're shifting the economy over to just goons everywhere, all low-grade morons, running around ordering us about.
Yeah, they want to stop terrorists.
I mean, these people are sick.
They ordered the U.S.
Embassy heads in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Ottawa, Canada, the heads of the embassies, to let the hijackers into the U.S.
even though they were flagged as terrorists.
And when the embassy heads refused, they got State Department calls with high ups saying they're CIA officers.
Let them in.
That terror cover is a designation for a cover.
Then we had the head of the Defense Language School go public and say, we trained these men at our base.
They're U.S.
government agents.
I trained them.
Colonel Butler.
Then we had it come out.
They were trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station.
It all came out.
End of story.
Government inside job right there.
Did they nerve gas them on board?
Are they remote control?
That's the intel I've got.
But once they go on the planes, we don't know.
But let me see.
We've got U.S.
government agents with their houses, cars, credit cards, everything paid for by the government.
I mean, just... See, the media, whenever they come to town to interview me, they never want to talk about that.
It's like throwing holy water on a vampire.
You start talking about that and they just go, no, no, no, no, no.
We're not going to talk.
I go, what about Northwoods?
We're not talking about that.
I go, oh, this is a hit piece, isn't it?
They will never let any real stuff out.
Drills of the exact same targets, exact same times, being hit by hijacked jets that morning.
7-7 the same bull.
And they treat you like idiots.
Like idiots.
Oh, yeah.
They'll take our troops tens of thousands of times and put them in fields or put them in chambers and nerve gas them and then dissect their bodies.
They'll take happy young sergeants and put them in chambers and murder them so they can dissect their bodies.
That's all declassified.
That's public.
You suckers out there.
You neocon followers that tell me I'm lying about 9-11.
But you've all heard about how they killed our own troops.
I'd like to slap you around.
I really would.
I've had good old boys a few times in restaurants around here for giving me looks.
Hey, don't you understand?
I'll take you out in the street and literally break your neck, punk.
You just go ahead and take a swing so the cameras pick it up in there so I can have my way with you.
You pieces of filth!
Excuse me, I apologize for saying that.
I'm sorry.
Just a few times in the last few weeks of people bugging their eyes out at me.
After I stare back at them, they look away.
Listen, I'm not a cowardly piece of garbage like you.
You understand that?
I'm not scum!
And I'm not giving in to this evil without a fight!
So don't you look at me like I'm bad, you cowardly piece of filth!
Look, I am very threatened by all this.
Do you understand?
I'm mad.
Just like a water buffalo gets mad in that famous video on the web when the
Lion grabs it and is dragging it around and a crocodile comes out and grabs it and they're fighting over it in the water above the low sea and run in and rout all these lions.
I mean, if you reach in a hole and grab a badger's babies, it's going to come out and bite you.
A squirrel will bite you.
Since when did they take your instinct to fight back away?
And you know, I just have no stomach for you cowardly people that stick American flags all over your cars and wear Harley Davidson t-shirts.
Now, the good guys stick flags on their cars, too, and wear Harley Davidson t-shirts.
We were bad under Clinton when, you know, good old boys did that.
But I mean, now, it's always that same type that smarts off to me in a parking lot or says something.
You're punks.
You're going to have everything you've got taken by your precious government.
You've been pumped full of poisons they put in you.
They kill our troops all the time.
They CPS innocent children all the time.
I want no part of you or what you're doing.
And actually, I wouldn't get in a fight with anybody.
I've got to continue the info war.
I just at a primitive level...
I just, I mean, everybody wants to shoot their mouths off at wanting to go wild and get physical.
Believe me, folks, at a primitive level, I want to.
But I also understand we're having a bigger effect in the info war at this time, at this juncture, at this point.
I mean, in England, they beat up some We Are Change people.
Here's a video of them all bloodied.
Just literally beating the daylight.
You know, there aren't a lot of demonstrator protests anymore in London.
They just beat the living daylights out of you.
But see, all that got caught on video.
All that got caught.
See, that's going to hurt the enemy.
If they had fought back, they could have claimed something.
No, no, no, no.
It's the taking the slap to the face.
Listen to this.
Organs to be taken without consent.
Gordon Brown has thrown his weight behind a move to allow hospitals to take organs from dead patients without explicit consent.
By the way, they already do that in the U.S.,
In fact, my dad told me when I was getting my driver's license, don't sign the organ donor card.
They kill you in the hospitals for it in some hospitals.
I didn't believe him.
Then later it came out on 60 Minutes.
Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, the Prime Minister says that such a facility would save thousands of lives that hope such system could start this year.
See how it's all changing.
They stopped giving the Hippocratic Oath 10 years ago to not do harm.
Hospital of custom-built organs.
Hopes of custom-built organs that scientists create beating heart.
Scientists have created a beating heart in a laboratory.
A breakthrough that could allow doctors one day to make a range of organs for transplant almost from scratch.
They'll have a computerized pacemaker, too, that regulates and controls it.
It'll be grown out of your tissue.
You and I will never have access to that.
Just like they admit now they've got a cure for Alzheimer's.
You're not going to have access to that.
I'm not going to give you easy cures every week.
You're never going to have access to it.
Just remember that.
Thousands of UK prisoners to be chipped like dogs.
I don't even have time to cover that.
Homeschooling a crime in Germany.
World Net Daily reports homeschoolers need to be making plans to flee Germany en masse for government documents implied.
The advent of the coming crackdown that would target them, an advocate says.
The government letter addresses school administrators of state and private schools.
And his subject line specifies custody withdrawn for violation of mandatory school attendance.
The German court determined that the parents refused to send their children to either a state or state-approved private school as a misuse of parents' custodial rights, which violates the use of the well-being of the child.
The letter dated just a few weeks ago, which requires actions by the family court.
Germany has not banned homeschooling since the Nazis ruled.
Well, England's been trying.
So has California.
Look, I haven't really spent time on this.
We should do stories on it.
We should talk about it.
Let me give my writers some Nexus points if they choose to take this mission.
Or you, the listeners, can do it, too, and post it on ronpaulwarroom.com.
We'll post it everywhere.
You can post anything.
It'll be seen by a website now ranked like 20,000 on Alexa.
That's huge.
Or if it's really good or we see it, we'll post it on the other sites and magnify it.
Let me give you some nexus points.
They built these Federal Emergency Management Command Centers.
They call them traffic centers for the locals so they won't get scared.
Then within just a few years, they admit their threat integration centers, FEMA.
Then they put CIA over it.
CIA, starting in L.A.
in 1964 and New York at a similar time, took control physically with narcotics actions with the local police in the name of fighting Russians, who they told locals were dealing in narcotics crimes.
Really, it was the control, the flow of narcotics.
Since then, you notice they've been recruiting CIA everywhere.
They're roughly tripling the amount of field operatives they got.
They're going to inject them domestically, running the gamut from hit squads to surveillance, espionage, tracking, you name it.
But this was in 1999.
Jesse Ventura, Public Radio, and the local paper, the...
Pioneer Press reported in Minneapolis, St.
Paul, that he'd showed up and 23 CIA agents were waiting for him in his basement conference room.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
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And let's take America back.
The dogs of war are coming against free humanity.
Will you see who they are?
Or will you stay mesmerized like a zombie until it's too late?
Will you resist?
Again, the government's going completely criminal.
Everywhere they announce it's the law that you must take vaccines.
It's the law you must do this, you must do that.
And now,
From the Los Angeles Times today.
Farmers fear a barnyard big brother.
Now remember, we told you this three years ago.
The feds pushed the animal ID.
It's not the law anywhere.
In Texas, it's just a regulation that's recommended.
But the 4-H clubs, all the different organizations, they say it's our policy...
That you can't show an animal unless they're chipped and you've registered your parents' premises and the animal.
Now, big chicken producers, the poultry producers, the pork belly producers, the cow producers, the big packers, they openly lobbied this through.
It's federal recommendations or regulations, and they openly said it is to put out the small farmers.
Because, see, the big companies don't have to do all this.
It's just to shut you down.
And of course, it's to fight Al-Qaeda, they say, because Al-Qaeda wants to attack the cows.
Of course, the British launched the foot-and-mouth attacks, that's now been admitted, in Europe, in England.
And it's the same thing here.
There's no law, they're just saying you've got to do it.
And folks, once they get you to sign on to it, now you've signed a corporate contract with the government, and you basically don't own your property anymore if you read it.
But of course, no one knows this.
In fact, I'm not even going to the rodeo next year and fair.
I'm boycotting the Travis County one.
I'm not taking my children to see the cows and pigs.
And I may go by myself and hand out flyers to boycott it outside because those people are all submitting to it.
Stop it!
This is how they put the grids in!
Farmers fear barnyard big brother.
They made an example.
She was the champion, the winner.
They waited and said, Oh, sorry, you can't win the blue ribbon because you didn't ship the animal.
Federal database of animals to fight disease outbreaks is a threat to privacy and family operations, critics say.
Days after parading around her beefy black steer in the dung-scented August heat of Colorado State Fair, Brandi Calderwood, let's get her on, made the final competition.
Four months, the 16-year-old worked from dawn until dusk, fitting...
In the work around the school to feed, train, and clean her steer.
But just before the last round, when the animals were sold, fair officials disqualified her.
She'd won all these championships up to there.
They allegedly, that Brandy had not properly followed the new and controversial rule.
She had to rule with them and require children to register their farms.
Their farms.
The children have to register their farms.
See, it's about getting the parents in.
Because everybody refused, and they're going, okay, your kid can't even be in this then.
With a federal animal tracking system, after heated words, the Calderwoods were told to leave.
A security guard trailed Brandy and her mother even to the restroom.
See, it's all about humiliating, assaulting you with scum filth everywhere.
And again, you idiots that wear black ski masks out there, you're going to be paying $10 for a steak because of this.
$20, $30 just to buy one at Walmart.
You don't understand, though.
You love the enslavement.
So fine, just enjoy it.
Here's Scientific American admitting deadly poison fluoride in the water, admitting it's filled with hundreds of poisons.
I can't believe this is in the news.
We'll have to start the show with this tomorrow.
I'm going to make sure.
Maybe Aaron can do a blurb on this.
Jones Report, my crew, does a fabulous job.
Luke Radowski will be in studio tomorrow.
I just had too much today.
He's out there working on videos.
He's uploading to wearechange.org anyways.
I mean, they're just hitting us from every angle.
They're making their move right now.
You better wake up to the full-scale attack.
Get out of 4-H.
Get out of Future Farmers of America.
Get out of all of it.
Just say, you know what?
This is how they take you over, folks.
You better tell every... If you've got people living in the farming areas, call them.
Explain it to them.
We're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
Transmission restarts right now at InfoWars.com!
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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