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Air Date: Jan. 13, 2008
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He stands for truth.
He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
It is already the 13th day of January 2008.
It's still taking some getting used to.
Big broadcast lined up for you today.
Coming up for most of the second hour, joining us from Tokyo, Japan, will be Forbes writer Benjamin Colford.
He left Forbes voluntarily about a year ago, and they wouldn't let him publish different reports about a global group of Asian mafia, or basically the Triads.
Reportedly at war with Western Mafia, the highest levels of our governments.
And so I interviewed him Friday for about 30 minutes.
We had so much news going on that I said I wanted to bring him back.
And undoubtedly later this week I'm going to have him back during the weekday show for a part three.
Because there are some guests where they just have so much information that coincides, though, with a lot of news we're covering.
So we have to partition them off and break the interviews into several pieces.
I had Dennis Kucinich on Friday.
In fact, these people wanted him to be back on the day.
They were flattered.
They got a big response.
But we're going to have him on later this week.
He wanted to talk more about the recount he's launched in New Hampshire.
We'll give you the details of that, questioning the vote there.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
We're good to go.
Put out a statement on that.
It's at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
It's obviously at the presidential website, ronpaul2008.com.
He's saying they can't prove that there was election fraud in New Hampshire, though he said Friday in a statement that he wouldn't put it past people to do it.
Folks in Ohio just went to prison for stealing the votes for Bush in 2004.
Not that I was for Kerry either.
That's just the facts.
We're just reporting that they went to prison.
They pled guilty.
They were caught doing it.
Of course, Bush didn't really win, but it wouldn't have mattered.
His cousin, Kerry, wouldn't have taken the position anyways, plus Skull and Bones, our roommate there.
So what a web they weave.
I'm going to comment in this next segment as concisely as I can my position on Congressman Ron Paul on several issues.
I'm fully supporting the Congressman.
I am fully behind the Congressman, and he is the best man for the job.
Does that mean I agree with everything the Congressman does?
In fact, I disagree with some things I do two or three weeks later.
And so none of us are perfect, and I certainly see the Congressman's strategy, and I don't have to read into the things that I've seen the Congressman do, because he stated why he's done them.
But when I was reading into what he was doing earlier in the week, it turned out in his own statements that that is indeed the case.
So we'll talk about this situation coming up.
The bottom of the hour in about 20 minutes, Nelson Linder, the head of the Austin branch of the NAACP, has been kind enough to come on the show.
I called him just a few hours ago, and he agreed to come on the broadcast.
I know he knows Ron Paul.
And has been friends with Ron Paul and been interviewing himself and talked to by Ron Paul going back over 20 years.
And so I thought Mr. Linder would be an ideal individual.
He's an African-American himself, a black man, to come on and talk about Ron Paul with the exaggeration, the out of context, the twisting.
And, yeah, there are also some unsavory things in these conversations.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, Eddie Bear.
Let's see Eddie Bear rub it.
I mean, you know, who knows what fictitious creature at the Prison Planet Forum.
But I've still been harangued and threatened and phone called and you better do something about this comment in your message board.
It's racist or it's this or that.
I can't even read all the posts.
There's hundreds of posts at Prison Planet Forum every minute or so.
You've got thousands of people posting, and the site's only a week old at ronpaulwarroom.com.
I can't keep track of all this, and I cannot... Besides, it's free speech.
That's what it's all about.
I'm already digressing, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to give you my take after the break on Ron Paul.
You can give us your take on the racism, controversy...
Which the media's also twisted.
You know, they'll say things like, Ron Paul called Martin Luther King a homosexual pedophile.
And then you go actually read the newsletter that somebody else wrote, and it says he was a womanizer.
So see, the media, dominant media is also, that's quite a twisting, isn't it?
That's quite a puffing up or exaggeration, isn't it?
Or there'd be a line about, yeah, some of the political parties are scared of David Duke because of his states' rights platform.
It wasn't endorsing David Duke.
It was saying that the establishment was scared of him.
Pretty amazing, the standard they'll hold people to.
Or there was a comment there about gays.
And this was written by Paul, by the way.
He said, oh yeah, I did write that in one of the newsletters, saying that homosexuals, some of them wanted to catch HIV.
Well, just two years ago, the cover of the Rolling Stone, hardly an anti-gay magazine, came out in a whole thing, a cover story called Bug Chasers.
Because I'd heard this before and I didn't believe it.
And I read the article and it was like, oh yes, I want AIDS.
Oh, I can't wait to get it.
So see, Ron Paul was a medical doctor and he said he was experiencing that talking to other doctors that he worked with in the newsletter.
So see, a lot of it is true in things he wrote but taken out of context.
I'm sorry he was ahead of his time in 88 and knew what the Rolling Stone knew in, what was it, 2005?
I don't know.
Google bug chasers.
I can't Google.
I can't.
Walk and chew gum, or talk and chew gum, or like Rowdy Roddy Piper says in They Live, I can't, you know what, kick butt and chew gum.
I think he says it a little bit more serious than that.
But you know what?
We'll post Bug Chasers on PrisonPlanet.com, a link to it, and then we're going to call for Rolling Stone to apologize for their hatred of homosexuals.
See, this is the type of distortion.
See, I said I was going to get to this in the next segment, and I'm already doing it now, aren't I?
Here is the other news that I will cover today.
Thousands of UK prisoners to be chipped like dogs.
That's the quote from the London Independent.
You can't make this type of stuff up.
Homeschooling to be a crime in Germany.
Hopes of custom-built organs as scientists create beating heart.
Times of London.
Anti-war Soros funded Iraq study claiming 650,000 dead.
It was only 150,000 dead.
Bush again blames Iran over terror.
Bush says U.S.
and allies must confront Iran.
FBI finds Blackwater covering up their trucks that supposedly got shot up.
CIA confirms Ventura meeting occurred, how they really run state government.
Member of Japanese Diet, that's their Congress, doubts official 9-11 fairy tale.
California toll agency wants power to seize cars.
As goes California, so goes the rest of the nation.
That's just some of what's coming up after this quick break.
But first, the Ron Paul controversy.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Builder Earth.
Would their objective be world domination?
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Again, coming up in the next segment after the news, we're going to be talking to Nelson Linder.
He is the head of the NAACP here in Austin, Texas, with his take and view on Congresswoman Ron Paul and the entire racism controversy.
Right now, let me get into the issue that threatens to split the Ron Paul revolution down the middle.
You don't think the establishment was just going to leave Ron Paul alone.
You don't think that the media wasn't going to dredge things up and exaggerate things and outright lie about Ron Paul, did you?
No, they're going to try to create wedge issues.
They're going to try to make controversies.
And, you know, at the same time, we have to have thick skins who are supporters of Ron Paul.
Or people who are supporters of the First Amendment, for that matter, or our electoral process.
And Ron Paul did come out with a statement on Friday saying, look, our enemies, enemies of liberty, are not above election fraud.
And expanding on that, we just had a bunch of people who ran the Ohio election.
Which we knew was stolen from Kerry, go to prison.
Now, I want to be clear with so-called mainline conservatives out there.
I don't like Kerry.
I'm not choosing to say the election was stolen because I like Kerry.
Any more than I'm choosing to say there's a lot of suspicious things happening with Barack Obama in New Hampshire.
I don't just because I don't like Hillary then decide to come out and say, okay, it looks like she stole from Barack Obama.
I'm just going where the facts lead me.
Magically, he's ten points ahead of Hillary, but he didn't just lose to Hillary.
He got nine points less than her, a 19-point swing, and 81% of the state has the Diebold touchscreen magic machines, which have just been totally proven to be scams.
And that's where he lost by the whopping 19 points.
He lost by nine, but he was ten points ahead.
That's a 19-point swing.
And then he won, as the polls said he should have, on the paper ballot.
See, I remember that.
I don't like Howard Dean.
I don't like the Democratic Party.
I don't like big government.
I'm a libertarian-style Republican in the past, until I realized both parties were bought off, and so I said, hey, I'm not in any party.
A Ron Paul comes along, I get behind him.
I don't have a dog in this fight.
I'm simply giving you the facts.
So, New Hampshire pops up, the same guy, Silvesto,
Silvesto that runs this company with Diebold machines that tabulates 80 plus percent of the votes in five states, including 80 plus percent, 81 percent in New Hampshire.
Then we learn from people that have been involved in corruption fights against him that his number two guy at the company was a convicted narcotics trafficker.
By the way, that's got to be like the 20th time we've caught, it's more than that, Diebold officials, vice presidents being cocaine dealers.
It seems like you've got to be one to be in the club.
People administering Diebold machines.
Or they're hackers, top hackers who spent five, ten years for hardcore computer crime.
Some of the best hackers in the world work for Diebold.
You can't look under the hood.
They won't.
Federal courts have ruled 300 million Americans' votes don't count against them saying you can't look under the hood.
Then we have different companies and Diebold officials quitting, going public, saying, I was hired for fraud.
You've got the chairman of Diebold's plane blowing up last week, very suspiciously.
I mean, this is, these are nice people.
We'll just, and then the other companies are run by former CIA directors or deputy directors or NSA directors.
I mean, look into it.
You can't make this stuff up.
And so all that's going on, and then first in one township, and then in two townships, and then in three townships, where he got zero, it turns out he got a bunch of votes.
31, 67, 100, and something.
Then there's all these thousands of votes, 501 county, 50 in another county, they're called townships in New Hampshire, it'll say other.
They won't say who it was, it'll say other.
And so we start saying, wait a minute.
The polls don't count.
Barack Obama's 16 points ahead of her.
13 in polls and loses by three.
That's 16.
16-point swing.
And then the media says with no evidence, oh, all the people being polled must have lied.
No evidence is a conspiracy theory.
They say everyone being questioned by the media must have lied.
They must have lied to the pollsters.
Suddenly polls don't work when these machines go in.
Suddenly they're not good anymore.
Oh, they're accurate the rest of the time, but not when this happens.
You can't just trust one poll, but 10, 20, 30, 50, 100.
There were hundreds of polls.
They kept showing between 15 and 20% for Barack Obama.
The minority of the polls were showing 10, 12%.
We're going with a low number when we say he was winning by 13%.
He was winning early in the night and suddenly got beat.
That's another sign of fraud.
We have a rundown list of this.
So you have other votes that just say other, that they're not voting by the thousands.
We have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of votes in places that said zero, then we find out he had votes.
They all say in the towns it was an accident to put zero when they were hand counting them.
Those are in towns that have paper ballots.
We'll never know with the machines.
And so...
We have Arthur Howard, who's a Republican candidate who's gone and is doing a recall.
And local grassroots organizations are funding.
They raised like $40,000 last time I've checked on their chip-in button on the GrannyWarriors.com website.
Ladies that drive around.
These old ladies that drive around in this big bus with Ron Paul all over it.
So they're funding that.
We've got Dennis Kucinich, who I interviewed Friday.
That's up on PrisonPlanet.com.
He's funding it because he says it does look suspicious.
It does look like Barack Obama could have been cheated.
Here's a story from PrisonPlanet.com.
By the way, our interview with him got picked up by AP, the Epoch Times, and a bunch of other news sites did pick it up.
So there we are, newsmaking again.
Good job, Trey, getting Dennis Kucinich Friday, by the way.
Kucinich, surprise Hillary victory, a mystery that needs to be solved.
You can read that up on prisonplanet.com.
So, we even have a clip from HBO Friday night.
We're going to play later in the show, just a few minutes of it, of the head of the show coming out and saying that he questions this and it looks suspicious.
And he doesn't trust these machines.
So, we're not kooks, we're not weirdos.
We're not bad.
Bill Maher, many others are saying this.
Republicans and Democrats are saying this.
Something's very suspicious here with Ron Paul and Barack Obama.
Now, Ron Paul put out a statement Friday saying they're not above election fraud.
We're looking at it.
Then today he comes out and says, you know what?
I think he went too far saying I don't think there's election fraud after looking at it.
And he doesn't really give any evidence for that.
It's clear.
He goes on to say, though, we need to look forward to other states.
We need to not lose our momentum on this.
He knows he'll look like a sore loser if he does that.
He knows it's, this is the key, that you can't probably get a real recount.
We found out the guy running the recount, it's all done behind closed doors.
If you can pay the 60-something grand, that's what they quoted Nader a few years ago when he pulled out of it, then just the same people just recount them.
And so I'll finish up with my comments on Ron Paul and where I think this revolution should go.
You know, we need to just continue to support.
Because the establishment wants to drive a wedge.
They want to shut down this campaign, which, if it's anything, is an educational process for the country.
All right, here's the quick news and important messages and then your calls on the other side.
I want to thank all our MNFM affiliates and all of our listeners for tuning in on this Sunday.
Thank you for spending your time with us.
We'll be right back.
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In New Hampshire.
One day before, and at the exit polls, a lot of them say that people still voted for him as the winner.
I'm not saying something was funny going on there, but it does bother me that a private company...
...runs the polling machines, and that only they certainly seem to know what went on in that... And isn't it interesting that they changed their name from Diebold to, what is it, Precision Election... No, they changed it to KFC.
That is... What I'm glad about is that, in fact, this controversy has come up, and that they're going to go back and take a look, and it's going to elevate the whole voting machine issue in the minds of the American people again before the election.
You know, we...
Yeah, I mean, we have so much debate, and there's so much interest in this election, and there's so much debate, and there's so much mishegoss.
But it all comes to naught if we can't trust what the result is.
Does that mean you ought to have voter ID?
Well, that's a different issue.
No, Richard, tell them there's vote fraud.
I mean, if it was so bad.
Yeah, but if they don't vote for it, you can't capture the vote.
It doesn't matter.
And if you don't know what the company's doing... By the way, that is...
Yeah, all right.
Bill Maher Friday.
We're going to play a little bit more of it coming up later.
You know, Tony Snow, the fake conservative, the wolf in sheep's clothing, he pops in, you know, and says, oh yeah, does that mean we need voter ID?
Which, by the way, at certain levels of my mind, I'm for, but then it gets into other problems, the government knowing how you vote and creating records.
They've done major studies, universities have, and most of the fraud in elections is done by the machines, by the counties, by the cities, historically.
I mean, you know, going back to LBJ and the famous theft when he got into Congress and Kennedy in Chicago.
I mean, these are documented.
Folks just went to prison in Ohio for stealing votes in the 2004 election for Bush.
I mean, they went to jail.
They just pled guilty.
They just went to jail.
And us conspiracy theorists, Bev Harris and others, who I've been interviewing ever since she got on their trail in the HBO documentary Hacking Democracy, and we were called conspiracy theorists until they pled guilty.
I mean, I've been covering this for 12 years, and if you don't think it isn't going on, you've got another thing coming.
All right, shifting gears, I'm going to get more into the Ron Paul situation from the angle of why he's not calling for a recount now.
He's trying to look forward, and it's really made the Ron Paul supporters mad.
That's coming up.
I know we have a load of phone lines we're going to get to as well.
But I really appreciate Nelson E. Linder, president of the Austin NAACP.
And you can just type Austin NAACP into Google, and I'll take you to their organization website here in Austin.
I know that Mr. Linder has met and knows Ron Paul going back over 20 years, so I just thought I would call him up and get him on the show, not just because we're on the air in Austin, but we're on the air in Kansas City and San Diego and upstate New York and Florida, Tennessee, a lot of other places.
So, Mr. Linder, thank you for coming on.
Thank you, and I appreciate the opportunity to talk to your listeners.
And side issue, I mean, it's really the Ron Paul.
You bet.
I also want to get your take on the rash of black men being shot in the back here in Austin that's really becoming almost a weekly occurrence, unfortunately.
But before we get there, you know Ron Paul.
You've got the floor.
You've been watching him, reading his work for years.
This controversy has come up.
Please give us your educated take on this as the president of the NAACP here in one of the largest cities in the country.
I think, Alex, basically the Libertarian Party in itself, because they focus on state rights, a lot of people, I think, misunderstand their intent.
I met Ron Paul over 20 years ago, and I looked at his old platform.
Clearly the guy, he's got some very good ideas.
But I think the problem is, from an African-American standpoint, when you talk about state versus federal power,
You see, from our history, we've had it bad from both, actually.
So we're not really that sympathetic to either.
But when you talk about state rights and the Confederacy and those kind of things sometimes, it gets taken out of context.
Now, I like some of his policies.
I think he's a very honorable guy.
But I think when you talk about state rights, you attract people sometimes who are still fighting the Civil War.
And I've told people close to the party that I think they ought to talk more about social injustice and about the pro-industrial conflict.
That way, you're going to have a much more valid conversation.
But I think a lot of times, that whole platform...
For the most part, it confuses a lot of people.
Well, it's federal sentencing, mandatory sentencing, that if a black man, and that's usually who it was, got caught with less than a gram of cocaine, he gets 25 years in prison.
But then if you're caught with five or six bags of cocaine, the type that the white lawyers snort, you get a year at the Fed Hilton.
And Ron Paul has spoken out about that, and he's talked about Martin Luther King being his hero, Rosa Parks being his hero, in video speeches I've seen that are 30 years old.
And so the problem is, just like you said you've been following him for 20 years, this isn't some new Ron Paul that likes Martin Luther King.
So please speak to that, sir, directly to what you think about some of these newsletters and these statements and things.
Well, I think obviously there's a tank of Ron Paul for the major political parties in this country.
I mean, for example...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We prevent some of the state police power and have a better country, but in reality, the big boys, the top corporations, the folks around this country, they're afraid of us beginning to empower ourselves.
I think they're wrong power for the most part.
It's probably getting an unfair deal, but at the same time, like I told them before, talk more about social issues.
Talk more about what you would do to address racism in this country.
It still exists.
So I think if he spent his whole concept, he probably covered himself a lot better from these kind of national attacks.
Well, absolutely.
I heard you earlier today speak about this.
You were discussing out of context, and really that's what they've done, or they've gone and found things that, you know, he just said, yeah, go ahead and sell that newsletter for some gold company under my name, and he spoke out against those 20 years ago.
I pulled the news articles, and he keeps saying, how many times does he have to say he's sorry that a few of these things slipped through out of thousands of issues?
Well, once again, I think...
That's all intentional.
My whole thing is, basically, locally, I hope that more libertarians will get more involved and address more black issues because, in reality, I think they're misunderstood.
I think right now, for example, from my standpoint, I like what Barack Obama is doing.
I'm more of an independent thinker overall.
We need more independence in this country.
We need more political involvement, not less.
We don't need a two-party system in this country.
But, once again, when you threaten the powers that be, primarily the Democratic and Republican Party with what he's doing, you're making people think differently.
He's going to be attacked from every angle.
That's unfortunate because I think really all of us know the Constitution.
It's an important document.
If you know it, you really understand it.
You can empower yourself, but let's face it.
Folks are afraid of the American people empowering themselves and scrutinizing all political parties, not just two major front parties.
Mr. Linder, head of the NAACP here in Austin, is it not suspicious to you that they released this big report that had already been rehashed and discredited 20 years ago on the day, the night before the New Hampshire primary?
I think it's very suspicious.
I also think it's very suspicious that Hillary Clinton all of a sudden won at that primary, given the fact she was way behind in the polls.
I think the whole process needs to be looked at very carefully.
I would definitely call for a recount, not just for Ron Paul, but in general, because to me it's very fishy.
The attacks there, the interests of Bill Clinton, who unfortunately has not stood up to a lot of black people in this country.
I think the whole Clinton process and what they stand for.
What about all these weird statements about how Bill Clinton is more black than Barack Obama?
Have you seen those?
Yeah, I've seen those.
And once again, I think a lot of folks don't really study the trend of history, the record.
Bill Clinton is from Arkansas, and he's had a pretty good record overall.
He's also done some very bad things and poor things in terms of racism.
But once again, when you talk a certain language in this country,
Some of us are going to vote for you.
Well, he supported the mandatory sentences that put 17-year-old black kids away for having 1-100 the amount of cocaine a white has.
And that needs to be addressed.
But once again, Alex, those issues are not being covered in this country in the media.
And unfortunately, a lot of our people, meaning black people, we're not reading those fights.
Take, for example, Travis County.
Right now, we're 10% of the population in Travis County, but we're 32% in a county jail.
That's not being treated as either.
The DA's office here has a lot of power.
So I think overall...
If we look at the Constitution and the fact that our rights are being taken away from us, that would change this whole debate.
But there is a national attempt right now to make folks focus on a few key issues.
We have Nelson E. Linder, the president of the NAACP here in Austin, Texas.
Sir, can you stay with us for a quick three-minute break?
Because I want to come back and let you finish up on the topic that you really want to address today, which ties into what Ron Paul has been saying.
Oh, yeah, the Democrats will talk a good game, but they won't get rid of that mandatory sentencing.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
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All right, I promise we're going to get your calls before we go to Benjamin Bolford coming up in the next hour.
Bolford, remember to join us, 877-590-5525, 877-590-5525, or 836-0590 if you're listening in Texas.
We've got Andy in Montana, Tony in San Francisco, Patriot in Pennsylvania, Andrew in Wisconsin, Lawrence in Canada, E.B.
in England.
Coming up, CIA confirms Jesse Ventura meeting occurred.
Member of Japanese government doubts official 9-11 fairy tale.
That is coming up right now.
We're finishing up with Nelson Linder, president of the Austin chapter of the NAACP.
And just finishing up with the Ron Paul angle on all this.
Look, I agree with Tony Brown, who I've interviewed many times over the years.
Of course, talk show host, columnist, author from Chicago.
I think?
I'm saying basically knowing Ron Paul's intent.
I think he's really trying to improve this country, but I think also, Alex, when you talk about a constitution, a constantly criticized federal government versus a state, I think a lot of folks are going to misconstrue that, especially folks who still believe real big in state rights.
Some of the folks are still fighting the Civil War.
So I think it's very easy for folks who want to to take his position out of context, and that's what I'm hearing.
I think it's a very fair guy.
I just think that a lot of folks do not understand the libertarian platform, so I'm calling for more dialogue, more education, more involvement in the black community, because in reality, look at the prison system.
If we just address that one issue based on what he's talking about, that would really change our whole community, because right now, let's face it, we have a prison of the actual public in this country, and it's affecting black folks and poor folks more than anybody.
Well, we really do, and we've gone from 1 million in the prison to 2.4, 7 million in the system.
The public schools have turned into induction centers directly into the prisons or into the military.
It's all about one way or the other, getting people into the system.
But finishing up, sir, on Ron Paul.
I just think, basically, he needs to do a better job talking more to the black community and making sure he's involved more, where his positions are properly understood outside of the civil versus...
Did you hear him 20 years ago?
Because I pulled up videos of him.
They're on YouTube.
Him 20, 30 years ago talking about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King being his heroes.
I mean, you've known him a long time.
I mean...
Do you think Ron Paul is a racist?
No, I don't.
And, I mean, did you hear him speak out about blacks being in prison and the laws being unfairly bending towards blacks?
No, I don't.
I've heard him do that plenty of times, Alex.
I mean, also, by the way, I like Tony Brown as well.
You know, I've read...
See, I've read Ron Paul's whole philosophy.
I also understand what he's saying from a political standpoint and why people are attacking him.
And you've known him for 20 years.
So, I mean, that's my point is that I've known Ron Paul for 14 years.
I've been interviewing him for 12.
I know that he's a gentleman, I mean, almost to the point of being wimpy.
And he didn't make these statements that they've been saying he made.
And they've even taken the statements that were made and expanded and twisted them.
Well, I mean, that's obviously intentional, Alex, but once again... Like you said, though, he's talking about the Constitution, the establishment's scared of that, because, as you said, I mean, the Constitution's in trouble, isn't it?
Oh, certainly.
Civil rights, civil liberties, that should be the real dialogue in this country right now, but nobody's talking about that.
People don't seem to care.
So, yeah, what he's saying really, really is that the power's at be.
This is a country based on fear right now, and so if you scare the folks that got money, they're going to thank you.
And that's what it is.
They're going to take it out of context.
Well, look at how he's not going with the popular thing of saying the Arabs want to drink your blood.
I mean, look at how, even though that's unpopular with some people, he's still saying that they're not all terrorists and they're not devils and they don't have, you know, tails they hide underneath, you know, with forked, you know, devil teeth and things.
I mean, certainly, Ron Paul has never done anything that would put him in that light.
He's also called it the Iraq War.
Well, he hasn't.
Well, you're right.
We don't hear Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney or the other front runners talking about the issues that we do hear Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich talking about.
In closing, sir,
I mean, there have been so many shootings, so many deaths in the jails of blacks predominantly, and then a few times I've even tried to believe the police when they put out a fake story, and then I end up looking like a fool because it turns out they're lying.
How many black men, how many retarded black men, and that seems to be their favorite, homeless retarded black men, how many black men have to get shot in the back before these cops get in trouble?
Well, I think to their credit, Alex, they've had a pretty decent police chief right now.
But I think it's bigger than that.
And he did finally fire one time.
I think the problem is the DA's office.
You see, in reality, there has been no accountability to local police people here in this town.
So until the DA begins to prosecute bad cops, this is going to continue.
But I think he is not necessarily the police.
It's going to be the district attorney's office because...
That's where the problem really comes from.
If they don't prosecute bad cops, this is going to continue.
Why do you think they keep shooting black men in the back?
I mean, are the police just, even if consciously they're not racist, are they deep down subconsciously afraid of black men?
I think from a historical standpoint, yes.
I think also, let's face it, people in this country know that black life is worth less, so you can do it and get away with it.
And once again, nobody's been to jail for doing that.
And two folks who've been to jail for doing that, it's going to continue.
But it's always in the back.
Well, that's true.
That's true.
But once again, this is a white, racist society.
Why would you shoot somebody in the back for no reason?
Well, maybe you have internal issues.
Maybe you know you can get away with it.
Well, I'll say this.
This was back when I was in high school here in Austin.
I was driving my mom some yogurt from TBCY's or whatever it's called.
I'll never forget it.
And I had a weight belt in the front seat, and a white cop pulled me over.
It was in Northwest Hills.
And he pulls me over for speeding, and he felt so bad afterwards, he let me go.
And he freaks out, pulls a gun out, sticks it to my head.
He almost pulled the trigger.
I almost was gone.
And then he said, oh, sorry, you know, you don't get a ticket, but, you know, darn it.
He said something else.
You know, that weight belt looked like a gun.
I think a lot of it, and I think they're even more scary around blacks because, as you said, racism.
I mean, I almost got blown away by an Austin cop.
So I just think they're just so afraid.
Well, they work in a bad environment.
Training also teaches that.
But I think, once again, if you look at the fact that nobody's prosecuting bad cops in this country, the DA's office for the most part has done absolutely nothing.
I mean, who holds them accountable?
There is no accountability system in this county, in this country, when it comes to police issues.
And that's going to be the solution.
Well, I agree with you, and I think the solution is going to be local.
I mean, I know you pushed for the review board, and it turned into a puppet front group.
I mean, take Austin as a microcosm.
More than a million people really growing now, and we're having more and more of this.
I mean, what is it going to take?
I mean, A, having a police chief that doesn't put up with it.
B, having police not go after a police chief that does the right thing, realizing that if they do the right thing, cops won't be hated.
Civilian, as they call us, review boards.
I mean, what do we do?
I think A and C, Alex.
Number one, you've got to have a police chief who holds his office accountable and starts there.
And we need to have a civilian review that makes sure that civilians have power to invoke certain decisions.
I think you need both a good police chief who's accessible, but also folks who are properly educated in the community who know what their rights are.
Those two things work in a combination of factors.
Nelson E. Linder.
Folks can go to the Austin NAACP, austinnaacp.org.
A lot of important information there.
Bottom line, would you say that Ron Paul is getting a raw deal?
I think he's getting a raw deal.
I think we can read this whole platform, what he's trying to do in this country.
Yeah, but that's politics, Alex.
The guy's threatening us.
He's focused on his viewpoints.
That's the way the game works.
Let's face it.
Well, a very honest and down-to-earth real person, President of the Austin NAACP.
Mr. Linder, thanks for spending time with us.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate it.
We have time to play a minute or two of this clip, don't we?
Take care.
This is, well, there's so many of these clips, but here's Ron Paul on blacks in prison and what's happening there.
Now, are black leaders going to be honest like Mr. Linder was?
Are they going to play politics for the establishment, Hillary Clinton, who just loves putting black men in prison under racist drug laws?
If you want to look for discrimination, this is the judicial system.
14% of the inner city blacks commit drug crime.
67% of blacks are in prison.
That's discrimination.
That's the judicial code that I am attacking.
And that is not racism.
What I defend is the principle of libertarianism, where we never see people who belong to a group, and every individual is defended and protected because they're important in the individual, not because of their color of skin, but of their character.
So I am the anti-racist because I am the only candidate, Republican or Democrat, who would protect the minority against these vicious drug laws.
Now, Ron Paul has always said that.
Now, let's be accurate about the statistics.
Statistically and historically, this ties into poverty.
People in poverty commit more crime.
When the economy gets bad, there's more crime overall.
Statistically, there's two groups, blacks and illegal aliens, that commit the most amount of crime.
You can look at the pie charts.
But there is a higher prosecution and a higher concentration of police in those areas, and the book is thrown at them.
So you have to basically split the numbers.
You have to split the numbers.
Because, you know, you get 14% of blacks using drugs, but 67% of the prison population is black.
See, there's an over-prosecution.
It's clearly there.
Is that saying poor areas don't have more crime?
CIA shipped in crack.
Crack zombies running around killing each other.
Everybody else, absolutely.
Second hour after the news from stations across the country, and I promise we're going right to your calls.
Stay with us.
Big second hour.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Joining us coming up in the next segment from Japan is Forbes writer, I've seen a lot of other big publications, Benjamin Fulford, to talk about one of the leaders of Japan's second largest party in their Congress called the
Member of Japanese Diet, Dallas official 9-11 fairy tale.
That's coming up, and he's inside the Japanese elite.
This guy talks to some of the head honchos, including some people inside the emperor's family.
And he's got national attention here in the U.S.
He'll be popping in.
Right now, let's go to your phone calls.
You've been holding long enough.
Let's talk to Andy in Montana.
You're on the air, Andy.
Thanks for holding.
How's it going, Alex?
Good, sir.
Hey, I got a question.
I just want a little update on the bill that was just passed to the House with the overwhelming numbers of the Homegrown Care Act.
It was H.R.
1955, I believe.
That's got to pass the Senate, too, now.
When is that going to the Senate?
Is there a date?
Well, generally, if something failed in the last Congress, it'll have to be brought back out this time, but they've... It openly has thought crimes.
It's basically book-burning, 21st century style.
They're going to decide... You know, in the past, they could arrest you if you said, go kill ABC.
Because that's not free speech.
It's a terroristic threat.
It's firing a theater.
They're saying that if you say ideas, the government's going to have kind of a Supreme Soviet board, and it's going to decide what you can and can't say.
And they said, you're not going to be allowed to say the government stages terror.
It doesn't matter if it's declassified in public.
You're not going to be able, mainline groups, you're not going to be able to say the elections are fraud, or if there's any voting machine fraud, you'll be arrested.
And it's all stated.
They've talked about the things that they'll ban in some of the public meetings about the federal board they want to set up, and it's just absolute Soviet Union.
Oh, it's sickening.
I mean, this is... They're doing it all.
They're pulling out the stops, man.
Yeah, it's so ambiguous, you know.
Well, but see, that's just the bill.
If you go look at the...
If you go look at the meetings they had a few months ago in conjunction about what homegrown terrorists are in Congress, they were on C-SPAN, they showed architects and engineers from 9-11 Truth, hundreds of top architects and engineers, saying these buildings have controlled demolitions.
Of course, there's hundreds of firefighters and police saying, yeah, we were told to get back, they were going to blow it up.
The firemen saw what they called lava in the basements, which takes 3,000 plus degrees, not 1,800 degree jet fuel.
And they just told them all, shut up.
That's just the end of it.
And that was a Z600 listener, I'm told.
We've got to plug the station.
I never do.
I love all our affiliates.
Thank you.
Lawrence in Canada.
You're on the air, Lawrence.
How are you doing, Alex?
I'm going to read a scripture for you.
Go ahead.
It says, Isaiah 30, 28.
In his breath, an overflowing stream shall reach to the midst of the neck to sift,
The nation's with the sieve of vanity, and there shall be a bridle in the jaws of the people causing them to err.
I have one of those in my jaw.
I have an antenna through the tip of my nose, which is the exact same thing that's been exposed on MKUltra forums.
And I truly believe that a lot more people on this planet than myself just have these things in our bodies.
Well, I know a lot of people think that they have microchips implanted in them.
I know they've had national mainstream television shows where they have dug these out of people.
More often than not, though...
People show up at my office, beat on the door.
We come to it, and they say, you know, look at it.
It's firing beams at me.
And I look up, and it's the sun.
And I'm like, no, man, that's the sun.
No, no, that's a fake sun.
It follows me and shoots beams at me.
Look, you need to be on medication.
And, you know, that's the problem with all of this.
I don't mean the colonies be on medication.
I mean people who...
Can't deal with all this stuff.
Because there are a lot of real things going on.
There were tens of thousands of chemical, biological, radiological tests, including a lot of them, killing Americans and U.S.
sailors and soldiers.
That's all declassified.
They take foster children all over the country and the world and experiment on them and sometimes kill them.
That's New York Daily News.
Taking little black kids and giving them pesticides until they die.
Pharmaceutical companies knowingly having HIV in their blood products and killing hundreds of thousands of people.
That's all mainstream news.
And I've had serious people talk about, yeah, when I was a kid, I was in a NASA school in Houston, and here's my NASA card, and here's how it happened to me, and they did a lot of weird things and drugged us.
And then I can go look up the program and find out it went on.
Things like that went on.
But then there's people who tell me that the satellites are shooting beams at their head, and
And then I say, okay, I don't have time to talk to you.
And they say, oh, are you involved?
And I'm like, no.
So you definitely have schizophrenia.
Normal, just paranoid delusionals out there.
And then the general public sees them and thinks, oh, anybody who talks about there even being a trans-Texas corridor is schizophrenic, even though they have the billboards up.
So you've got to be careful in all of that.
And just because the mainstream media spins, lies, gets it wrong, doesn't mean that the alternative media is right.
I mean, so much stuff I see in the alternative media is ten times worse than even the mainstream media.
That's why I tell you, don't believe anything I'm saying.
If I tell you the CIA is running most local governments in the country, I have documentation.
Or if I tell you the CIA was running drills of flying hijacked jets in the World Trade Center and Pentagon at the exact same time, exact same targets on 9-11, I told you that two years before it was in the USA Today.
You go, well, what does that mean?
Well, they carry out drills so that people in other agencies in the NSA, when they pick up the terror chatter, think it's part of the drill.
It also confused NORAD, where they had 24 blips superimposed on their screens during the drill so they couldn't track down the real aircraft and send the fighter jets to the right place.
And we told you that years before it came out and the tape didn't release.
Let's not admit it.
I had Pentagon sources.
Or I tell you that the hijackers, we don't know what happened exactly on the planes.
We just know they were U.S.
government agents from the embassy heads who ordered to let them back into the country and told they were CIA, to the FBI agents that have said this, to the dean of the defense language school who said he was forced to train the terrorists.
That's the head of the school, what public told the AP that.
Then it got under the rug.
All we know is these guys work for our government.
Boy, that's suspicious.
We need to have a discussion of that.
Or firefighters said they were told to get back.
The government was going to blow up Building 7.
We have them on tape.
They've been interviewed.
See, and the stuff I talk about is hard for people to deal with enough.
But then you have the Mexican Attorney General three years ago making his employees take implantable chips.
companies making people take chips.
You have U.S.
I have police chiefs on who say they want to make the public take chips.
The police chief of Bergen County, they have police chiefs for the county there in New Jersey, a million two in that county.
I've got articles where they want to chip U.K.
They're trying to chip people in Mexico, the immigrants that come in with implantable chips.
So, look, here's the story right here.
I said I'd go to your calls.
CIA confirms Ventura meeting occurred.
Now, this is how they did it.
Fifteen years ago, they said we're going to build threat matrix systems.
Threat integration, emergency management centers in four county areas and rural areas, pooling resources, and in big cities like Austin or Dallas or even mega cities like New York.
We're going to build these centers.
And first it's to track traffic with the cameras.
Then they go, oh, we're upgrading you.
Of course, it was built to begin with.
I've read government documents on this.
Then they go, oh, now we're going to use the cameras for crime.
Oh, now there's a software package that scans their faces and their driver's license and measures their ears and knows the shape of their face and tracks them.
We can type in a code and track anybody off their cell phone, even if it's turned off, and track them down to 15 feet.
Remember I was telling you this on radio 12 years ago?
A lot of you have been listening for over a decade.
Now it's all being introduced to you.
Now it's being admitted.
And I knew 10 years ago they had...
Special forces, troops in every major city with the police working covertly.
Even most cops don't know it's compartmentalized.
Need to know basis.
I knew they had CIA at every Capitol.
I've said this hundreds of times.
I even read government documents on air.
Then they started mentioning after 9-11, oh yeah, the CIA is going to be every city with the FBI and local cops liaisoning.
Well, it's illegal for them to operate domestically but not advise people.
Well, it came out in Minnesota Public Radio, covered it also, the Pioneer Press, their big paper covered it.
When Ventura first went to work in 99, there were 23 CIA agents waiting for him, and they just basically said, this is the shadow government, we're here to liaison with you, we're the real government.
And the CIA jokingly says, well, I didn't know we had that going on, but even if I did, I'm not supposed to tell you.
Mainly, they're there to run the smack and the coke.
Make sure, you know, that the wrong people don't get busted and the right people do.
I want to say hi to all the guys that run Austin out there.
You really ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
I'll be right back with Benjamin Crawford from Japan.
Stay with me.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
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I participated in a survey.
I participated in a survey of a woman.
That's a member of the Japanese Diet official questioning the 9-11 story, and he held up big color cards of different video clips, audio clips, government diagrams, design diagrams, stills of video of the collapse of Building 7.
One of the clips he holds up,
Down below you can see molten steel.
Molten steel running down the channel rails.
Like you're in a foundry.
Like lava.
Like lava.
And they also played the clips of firefighters after firefighters after police.
That is the stills of them.
And they gave the web addresses on television going, bombs going off.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
They told us, get back.
You got cops doing a countdown.
All right, it's coming down in 20 seconds.
Then we even got the witnesses who were in the video with the cops doing the countdown.
Everybody start running.
They blow Building 7 up.
Okay, joining us to talk about this, joining us to talk about just an amazing story.
I'll have to have him back for a third time.
He joins us from Japan.
He, of course, went to college for Asian Studies, speaks Japanese, Chinese, been a writer for Forbes many years, financial writer, until they wouldn't let him write the big stories.
He quit, wasn't fired, and he talks to people in the emperor's family, you name it.
Benjamin Fulford.
And Mr. Fulford, you're on the inside over there.
What does it mean to have one of the leaders of the second largest party in Japan openly asking the president about this and going for 30 minutes through all this evidence on national Japanese television?
Well, you know, I think that what's happening here is really...
We're witnessing the end of what's called the 1955 order.
That's the government imposed by the CIA and right-wing militarists on Japan after World War II.
And I think that Japan is going to try to become independent again.
Now, this does not mean that the opposition party will really make the public know about all this stuff.
And opinion polls show that they're very likely to take power this year.
In fact, it's very unlikely for the ruling party to be able to stay in power any longer because they are extremely unpopular.
It's not just because of their participation in the so-called war on terror, but also because of a series of scandals, including a big military procurement scandal
Which could involve lots of senior U.S.
government officials as well.
Bribes related to the purchase of U.S.
military equipment by the Japanese Armed Forces.
The Japanese public, of course, 80-plus percent in major polls, correct me if I'm wrong, people who have lived there for many years, want our military out.
I don't blame them.
But expanding on that, it's not just the Japanese government now questioning high-level people.
It is the former and one of the most popular.
He served seven years.
That's a long time in Italy, their former head of intelligence.
He went public a month ago to their biggest paper and said, yes, 9-11 was carried out by the U.S.
government completely publicly.
From start to finish, we all knew that from the beginning.
And then he went on to say, by the way, the U.S.
government staged the attacks here in the 80s to blame it on the communists.
By the way, he was an anti-communist himself.
This is not some leftist saying this.
Now, we've had the head of the German parliament, Andres von Bulow, also the former head of their intelligence agency, going public.
Then another previous head of German intelligence.
This is the head of German intelligence.
Thank you.
Well, you know, I do think we're in a situation somewhat like in East Germany just before the Berlin Wall collapsed.
I think we're looking at an end to a secret government that has ruled the West for 300 years.
It's really an amazing historical time we're headed for.
I'm sure of it.
It's also very dangerous.
Now, you independently, I've looked you up, and you've been covered by the national news with your claims.
I mean, you've written some of the biggest scandal articles, huge corruption stories, in finance, in technology, in Japan.
You've got the biggest interviews with prime ministers, presidents, corporate heads, the royal family.
You're the real deal, and you make these unbelievable claims.
You get David Rockefeller interviews like that even after you leave Forbes.
We're good to go.
Start just in a nutshell, like you're talking to five-year-olds.
I mean, let's say I've never heard of this before.
Explain to me what you discovered, what the Asian mafia... I say that, I know they're a secret society, but the public doesn't believe those exist.
Explain what the Asian mafia told you.
Break it down.
Well, I mean, I was for a long time a believer in the sort of mainstream corporate propaganda and their whole worldview.
And I got into this stuff...
Not through the internet, but directly, you know, through interviews and stuff.
So I ran into it firsthand, and then I started reading up, you know, about the history of all this stuff.
But, I mean, in a nutshell, what happened was, I started studying, well, I was a financial journalist, and then I got involved in the bad debt issues.
And then I found out that most of the bad debt was held by gangsters, which just didn't make sense, right?
So I started to find gangsters to interview, the Yakuza mobsters, and they explained to me that they were middlemen.
They just took all these bad loans, and they took a percentage, and then their money was disappearing into the hands of politicians.
So I started uncovering also a systematic series of murders where they would make it look like a suicide, but it was actually a murder of senior government officials.
And he was thinking, well, you know, and I was just really appalled.
I thought the Japanese government was horrible.
And I was going to write a book in English that was going to completely blow these people up, name names, name people, even prime ministers involved in murders here.
I was going to do all that, and then I would have to either be killed or get the hell out of Japan.
I sent two chapters to my agent.
I want to talk about this on the other side.
Stay there.
And for the loaded phones, we'll jam you in.
Okay, it all ties into the same thing.
Everybody patiently holding.
We're going to get to you.
Our guest is Benjamin Fulford.
BenjaminFulford.com is the website.
We've got links up on PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.com.
Remember to get the new site, RonPaulWarroom.com.
It's all coming up after this quick break with the news and a lot more.
Stay with us.
Honey, I'll be right back.
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For all of our wonderful listeners out there across the country and the world, if you're sick of the Ron Paul is a racist smear going on, we have the president of the NAACP here in Austin.
Very prominent member of the national organization.
Mr. Linder, Nelson E. Linder.
Top story, prisonplanet.com.
Get this story out to everybody you know.
He has known Ron Paul for more than 20 years, and they are making this stuff up.
Hillary can openly make racist statements, and that's okay to get votes.
And then Ron Paul fights it, and he gets to be called one, and they lie and twist things that he has said and others have written.
This is up on prisonplanet.com right now.
It's also going to be posted at ronpaulwarroom.com.
Top story.
And your calls, again, are coming up.
But we're going to do a part three with Mr. Fulford later this week or next week if he'll do it.
Probably have him on for two hours.
He just has too much information.
Benjamin Fulford, again, is our guest.
BenjaminFulford.com is the website.
Again, Forbes writer, a lot of other big publications, big investigative journalist.
I mean, type his name in.
Look at this stuff for years.
How long?
I mean, you studied Asian studies, so you speak Japanese, Chinese, a lot of other languages.
I guess that's why you moved to Japan.
How long did you live in Japan before you learned all this?
Well, I mean, my first job when I came here in 1980 was in a bar as a bartender from 9 p.m.
to 5 a.m., and the bar was owned and run by a gangster.
So I always knew there was a kind of a hidden part of Japan, but it took about 20 years of reporting at the highest level before I started finally to figure out
Well, I mean, for a long time Japan was corrupt and that their democracy was a facade, but... Well, I mean, we know ever since MacArthur when it was staged in a front.
Yeah, but I did not... And I'd heard little things like about, you know, they're all on premises being Freemasons, and I had little bits of evidence...
Well, as simply as you can.
I mean, bring us up to, you've gotten to the point where the emperor's granddaughter comes to you, gives you a 9-11 film, says, look, there's something a lot bigger going on here, and then you learn it's about eugenics, and that the Asians don't want to be killed by the New World Order.
And I'm telling you, folks, normal people who have half a brain will see the info I've discovered in Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, my new film.
And I learned Michael Crichton's written about it now.
I'm learning everybody seems to know about it but me.
That this is something that in circles of scientists and doctors and important people, that this is the big issue.
And Benjamin Fulford ran into this because he was, again, going to publish a book on the mob.
And they came to him and said, look, we're just front men.
Yeah, and when they gave me this 911 video, my state of mind was that, oh, my God, you know, I'm not even going to look at this thing, you know.
I thought it was some kind of anti-Semitic rant or something, right?
And I was shocked, but she kept calling and saying... So you're still a mainstream guy, you don't believe in any conspiracies?
I didn't believe any of this stuff, right?
And I wasn't even going to watch it or listen to it, you know?
That was my state of mind.
I mean, I had been investigating Japan, but I just assumed that everything in the West was as reported by the New York Times, etc., you know?
And, but...
When I finally started to watch it, I mean, I know real information when I see it.
And the problem that happens to a lot of mainstream journalists and guys is they see the evidence about 9-1-1, but then they say, but no, wait a minute, why didn't the New York Times write about it?
Why didn't the Washington Post write about it?
Well, no, no, that's just too big.
I mean, that's too...
Two months to be possible, and they shut down their minds.
But now it's declassified.
One example I use of hundreds, because a lot of people have heard of this, it's been in Time and Newsweek, 40 years after, in the 90s, 40 years after the 50s, they admitted that the government took 4,000 plus foster children and put them in radiation tanks and murdered them, quote, to test radiation.
So that's 4,000 little kids.
That's admitted.
And people who can't believe 9-11, well, that's admitted.
Yeah, yeah.
Once you start seeing through all that, it's just...
You know, it really is like that movie, The Matrix, where you take the red pill or the blue pill.
You have to completely change your world view, and then when you do, you get really angry.
Well, I mean, in 68, the army with the CIA was declassified, released a bacteria in the New York subway, dozens died, the details remain classified.
They just, people randomly go into work, just kill them, you know.
Sorry, go ahead and continue.
Yeah, well, I mean, out here in Asia, I mean, they murdered about 5 million people in Korea before the Korean War even started.
And, you know, they covered Vietnam with poison, chemical warfare.
They used germ warfare out here.
There was a Japanese experimental unit called Unit 731 that carried out all sorts of plagues.
And the U.S.
pardoned all of them to come to the U.S.
and teach them.
Yeah, and then they've been developing ever since, and they've been using it.
And, look,
What they say, what they say in their, you know, nice talk when they want to sound reasonable, they say, look, you know, this planet is only big enough to support people, about one or two billion people with a European lifestyle, right?
But what's really going on is they're totally terrified of losing control.
And they realize that they don't have control over a lot of the people of the planet.
And these people are getting powerful.
And so they're scared.
And they say, well, we have to kill them in order to maintain our control of the planet.
Now, Mr. Falford, you got all this directly from...
The emperor's family, the government, I mean, now the Japanese government's talking about 9-11 being an inside job on national TV, prime time for 30 minutes.
So for those in the U.S.
listening, in Canada, England, Europe, this is really happening.
I want to explain to people.
You can go to the Royal Population Commission paid for by His Highness in England.
It's public.
It's declassified.
Declassified in the 70s.
Conducted from 1944 to 1949.
And it says we've got to use war, famine, bioweapons to kill off the majority of the third world.
We can't let them develop or they're going to threaten us.
Then we have the 1973 Henry Kissinger State Department Memorandum 200 U.S.
policy to reduce the world's population by at least half.
Yeah, well, I mean, out here, like, they had a secret, you know, plan to reduce the Japanese population.
They've been...
Putting substances in the food supply and stuff that make them impotent, you know?
By the way, that came out in all the major Australian papers.
England was using Australia in 1956 to do that, and the Japanese tested the food and found out that is Sydney Morning Herald and all the major papers.
Again, for the public who doesn't know, absolutely true.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I mean, you know, it's just... By impotent, it sterilized them, but go ahead.
Yeah, I mean, but the real kicker, right, was the SARS bacteria, because that was germ warfare.
It was an artificially created virus.
And it's come out, by the way, since you've been saying this, that scientists do believe it's engineered.
Yeah, and not only that, it's engineered to only kill Asians.
And with all these soft-kill weapons, it can still kill whites or Africans if it's engineered for another group because we're so similar, but it'll kill 10, 20 times as many.
You've got like a 100% chance of your Asian to die and like a 5% chance of your white.
Yeah, that's about right.
Just like AIDS is a bioweapon, we even have the patent.
Go ahead.
Yeah, well, what happened, though, is when people caught on about SARS, right?
This is when the Asians decided it was time to fight back.
Because, you know, I mean, they don't like mass murder.
And by the way, that was just a test weapon.
They always do that.
That was just how it would spread, how the Asians would deal with it.
Well, I think it was more of a failed experiment.
I mean, they were hoping it would kill a lot more people than it did.
The intel I've got is it was a soft-kill test.
Well, that could well be.
But, you know, and the thing to remember, too, and I know you're aware of this, is that the plan for a new project for New American Century, the people, you know, Cheney and... Yeah, Dick Cheney openly wrote and said we need to use these.
This is a public document, so we need to raise specific weapons.
We need to legitimize their use.
Yeah, so they said... So the Asians... All weapons that can target a particular ethnic group or, you know, genotype would be a useful political tool.
I mean, you know, murdering certain groups of people is a useful tool.
That's their attitude.
That's their mindset.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
Final segment.
We've got to... My producer's in there right now.
We've got to sit in the sky for two hours.
But I know my daytime show in the week is in the middle of the night for Benjamin.
But final segment with you, sir.
And I'm only throwing stuff in over him because everything he's saying, I've documented in triplicate.
He's getting it directly from people that are under the gun.
By the way, they plan to kill most whites, too.
Just wanted to let you know that.
But we come last.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Well, we're going to have to have Benjamin Fulper back on for at least two hours.
We've got calls I want to get to here in just a moment.
Benjamin Colford, in the next interview, we'll vet out all the details so much.
But bottom line, this is real.
The Asians are upset about it.
I believe your story.
The establishment over here is just used to always winning, and it's really gotten decadent.
From your intel, what's now happening as the West finds out that the Asians are aware of their operations?
Yeah, and what really is an Asian secret society, really it has 6 million members of them, 1.8 million are all the Asian gangsters are in there, and they extend to the highest levels of government in Japan, China, Vietnam, throughout Asia.
This is a really powerful organization, and it only moves
For the greater good.
It's not like some sort of money-making criminal society, although all the crime gangs are involved.
And they have a list of 10,000 names, all the Bilderbergers, Council of Foreign Relations, all these people, these so-called Illuminati, or whatever you want to call them, and they can have them killed if it really comes to it.
So, you know, the idea I gave them was target the eye on the top of the pyramid.
Don't bother with their hired thugs.
Just go straight for those people.
You have these groups telling you, because you're going to write this big expose, and this is where we've got to talk about in the next interview.
I have no doubt these are elite groups.
I have no doubt that the elite is doing this or the Asians are concerned.
That's even come out some.
My whole situation is the CIA came in in 1975.
This is public.
Endgame covers it.
George Bush Sr.
was the Chinese ambassador from the U.S.
He went and got him to sign on to the one-child policy that started his fines and fees and became law in 81.
They're now trying to do it here in Australia.
I think?
The general public doesn't know it exists, but they can't find the U.S.
It's admitted.
So, you know, they're having a hole in the ground.
on a map.
So, Benjamin Fulbert, I mean, how do you know that these groups aren't coming to you and at least giving you partial truth?
Because it looks like to me that the Asian groups at the top are bought and paid for by the New World Order.
Or are you saying now that maybe that's coming to an end?
Well, that's coming to an end.
I mean, there has been some business transactions at high levels of different sorts, but, you know, when they try to murder them with disease, that just blows the whole thing away.
I mean, that's a deal-breaker, you know?
And, sure, the Chinese have this birth control policy because, I mean, let's face it, there's 1.3 billion people, and for a long time, a lot of those people were starving to death.
No, I know, but, I mean, they signed on to that.
They're in the hip pocket of the West.
You know, they own our debt.
I'm just saying the communist Chinese were put in by our government.
That's mainstream news now.
Big, dirty secret, and we talked about that Friday, Benjamin.
My point is, and I understand it's a deal-breaker to want to get rid of all of them, so you're saying the Chinese early on said, oh, that sounds reasonable, but now they're finding out the full story?
Well, yeah, and also, I mean, the other thing you must remember is that although the colonial government was set up by the Americans and stuff, it's no longer under their control.
They kicked them out in the 1960s, and it's...
They have not had control since then.
You can tell Russia and China nearly went to war in the 1960s.
The Sino-Soviet split?
And that marks the point when they broke away from control.
I don't know.
I think when Mao died and they arrested his wife, that marked at least that they quit killing 10 million people a year and cut back to a million or so.
But I don't know.
Well, yeah, but anyway, this group is separate from the communist government.
They're being their enemies.
And they also, like I say, they extend to the government in Japan.
I mean, it transcends.
No, I know, it goes back to when they were invaded by the Mongols and they had to go underground.
I certainly concur with your analysis there.
Well, Benjamin Fulford, BenjaminFulford.com, I want to commend you for coming on.
Can you come back on with us in the next couple of weeks for longer?
Sure, absolutely.
Hopefully we can find a mutually comfortable time.
Yeah, well, I know it's, what time is it in Japan right now?
Well, here now it's fine.
It's 8 in the morning.
It's almost 9.
Yeah, and my daytime show I guess will be about 3 in the morning.
I hope you can stay up for us to do that.
Yeah, I can do that.
That's the mega audience right there.
This is like 20-something affiliates, and the other one's got almost 70 now.
It's growing again.
Shortwave Internet, satellite, all that.
Well, Benjamin Fulford, next time we'll talk about when this is all coming to a head.
Just in a nutshell, from your sources, do they believe we're coming towards a flashpoint or a crisis point, or is the West going to back off, or what's happening?
Well, I mean, that's up to them.
I think that underground...
The West has already lost.
It's a question of how to make it public.
I mean, they cannot really fight Asia.
They don't have the military ability, they don't have the economic ability.
It's no longer possible for them to put these people down.
I mean, a turning point has been reached.
So, in a way, you can say that 300 years of Western domination of the planet is coming to an end.
And that'll mean a permanent end to warfare, because it's the West that has always been fomenting war.
It's been their business, you know?
Well, that's been the specialty, absolutely.
Well, we'll talk to you again very, very soon, Mr. Fulford.
Thank you so much for spending time with us.
Well, thanks for calling.
We all want to change the world.
You bet.
And this system here at this studio drives me absolutely up the wall.
Thank you, Benjamin, for spending time with us.
My computer system just shut down.
Put him on hold and get him set up.
Thank you.
Every time I try to go to my calls, it locks up and makes me enter a bunch of codes to get in the stupid computer.
You just can't conduct business with a system like this.
Okay, let's go ahead now and go back and take your calls.
Here at the end, I cut off that huge guest.
Just so we can take your calls.
I apologize you had to hold so long.
We're going to have a show here coming up soon.
We're actually taking them.
A Patriot in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Okay, he's gone.
Let's talk to Tony in San Fran.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Happy Sunday to you, man.
Thank you.
Hey, a few days ago I quoted you on one of my mailing lists about how, you know, the whole autism, the shots and stuff like that, and, you know, how, you know, kids, what do we say, happens after 18 months and they have seizures and stuff.
And I posted that on one of my mailing lists, and then somebody countered it by posting this article titled, Removing Thimerosal from Vaccines Did Not Reduce Autism.
Total fraud.
You think so?
We have a big article that was financed by two big vaccine makers.
And, of course, you notice Merck that gave you the arthritis medicine that makes you have a heart attack, that sells you the HPV, that actually doubles your risk of getting that very cancer.
It doesn't even cover you for cancer.
It's a live cancer virus shot.
This is how it was done.
We just had a big vaccine recall, and let me try to answer it as succinctly as possible.
What they did was study, in the last seven years, since 2001, controlled lots of people, because what the Food and Drug Administration said in 2001 was, we want vaccine makers to make lots available of non-thimerosal.
So you can find and order, and they cost about three times as much, those.
And for anybody that doubts this, go to the doctor, say, I want a vaccine, and then when they trot out, say, I want to see the insert, and it's going to say thimerosal.
Just do that.
Don't believe me.
Just experience it for yourself or look at the latest vaccines.
Go online on their own websites and read what they have in them.
They had the mercury.
In fact, the flu shots went to four or five times, depending on the shot, more mercury than they had before.
So they say, oh, it's exploding, but we took the mercury out.
Oh, it must not be the shots when they never took the mercury out.
They made lots available.
This is the same government, sir, that says there's a law you have to take shots if you go to public school.
There is no law.
They have the army recruiters in the school saying it's the law that you've got to take military exams and sign up and join the military.
Have you heard about all the recruiters getting busted saying it's the law you've got to sign up?
Oh, yeah, I've heard that.
They lie, sir, and don't believe me, just check it out.
I appreciate everything you're doing, Alex.
I've listened to your show a lot, and I've been listening to the shows in the last two or three weeks with all the guests you've had, Michael Rivero and Daniel Estelin, and those last guests you just had on.
A lot of good information is being put out, and I really appreciate people like We Are Change going and chasing these people down and making them be accountable for what they're doing to us.
I hear you, my friend.
We've had so many great guests on today, but that's at the expense of not being able to take your calls.
And it just makes me so mad how they lie about these vaccines.
Go read the insert, the HPV shot.
Do not believe me.
Go to Google, type HPV Merck.
It will take you to their website.
Read it.
Go read the Prozac website where it increases suicide and violent actions and depression.
That's an oxymoron.
It doesn't make you happy.
I'm not lying to you.
And these companies and the media are.
And I'm sick of it.
And I'm sorry to Andrew, Franklin, Paula, Bill, Keebler, everybody.
Call me back tomorrow when I'm on there in the day.
Call me back next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
We'll have a show.
We'll start taking more of your calls.
Great transmission tonight, though.
RonPaulWarren.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and get my film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
Take care.
Thanks again to the listeners at GCNlive.com.
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The answer is at 1-800-686-2237.