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Air Date: Jan. 8, 2008
2594 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I am rarely this fired up.
I am absolutely outraged and boiling with fury today.
And of course, it's New Hampshire primary day, one of the fairer states, so there's a lot of evidence of the capability to steal the election from Ron Paul there as well.
Fox News has been caught, not in one, not in two, not in three, not in four, but now five separate focus groups with actors, and now it's not just one actor, it's multiple actors.
They have fake focus groups.
They have fake polls.
That's what they do.
This is a military operation!
I'm not just saying that.
CNN is literally run by the Pentagon.
That's come out in mainstream news.
They don't play games.
They rule us for a reason.
They're hardcore.
And we've got a nation of children that can't figure that out yet.
Now, obviously, two days ago, Tucker Carlson, who brings hookers to Ron Paul events and then acts like he's Ron's friend, had a...
Writer on for the New Republic, with no evidence and no backing it up, just rumors that Ron Paul called Martin Luther King a, you know, a, quote, queer pervert and all this other stuff.
It's totally made up when Ron Paul is a complete gentleman.
You know it's a lie.
They keep claiming he wrote some racist newsletter.
For three months it's been admitted he didn't write that newsletter, and it wasn't even racist, the newsletter they're talking about.
And then I heard Neil Bortz just lying like the big government pimp, the wolf in sheep's clothing he is today.
And I heard another national show driving to work this morning.
They are all started their shows attacking Ron Paul.
And I'm sick of them.
Now, I thought that had me mad.
I walk in at about 10 a.m., about an hour before show time.
I get ready at home.
CNN's on.
We've got several TVs with propaganda on them to track the enemy.
And I turned the audio up because it says autism, and it's got the info babe stuttering over her teleprompter saying, conclusive proof that autism is not caused by vaccines because they took all the mercury out in 2001 and autism's exploded since then.
Ladies and gentlemen, they have increased the mercury in the vaccines.
I have AP.
I have Reuters.
I have the medical reports.
It is an absolute fact.
In fact, I'm demanding.
I don't have the staff.
But I don't care.
I don't have the writers.
Somebody today is going to go dig those articles out and counter this.
In fact, just send me money and I'll hire more writers and more people to do this.
Because, I mean, I cannot, I don't have enough funds to counter all the lies and propaganda.
Buy my books.
Buy the videos.
We're hiring more people.
Buy them all.
Problem is finding people that got their heads screwed on straight that know how to analyze this and been in the fight long enough.
That's another problem in all of this.
There's too much for me to handle, too much for me to cover these days.
Here's an example.
There's all this chemtrail news coming out in mainstream media.
I'm going to cover chemtrails coming up later today.
I forgot that three months ago a caller called in and gave me some three-word complex term.
For some type of high altitude spraying or testing.
I typed it into Google.
Tens of thousands of hits.
Hundreds of universities.
Governments admitting they're spraying us.
I gave the name out on air.
Told Paul to do a story.
I forgot.
He forgot.
And then I can't remember the name of it.
You remember that it's a keyword search.
And then it's all admitted.
It's all admitted when you have that keyword search.
And I spent two hours this morning trying to find it.
Literally pulling my hair out.
Can somebody who heard that show, the listener called in and gave that key term?
It's like a three-word term.
It's driving me crazy that I couldn't think of it this morning.
Because I wanted to do a show on chemtrails, and I wanted to bring that back in.
The problem is, see, I should have been studying that for three months.
But I can't cover it at all anymore.
And you know what it's like to see that liar on CNN?
Sit there and say they took the mercury out?
They're liars!
I've got those articles.
I've got gold exploding to all-time highs.
I've got Iran situation, Bush going to the Middle East.
I've got election fraud evidence in Iowa and New Hampshire.
We've got Bev Harris coming up.
Turns out we are changes on the scene throwing snowballs at Hannity.
I knew it when I heard it.
We'll be right back.
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All right, sounds good.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Luke Radowski from We Are Change, now called Whack by the national media, was out of pocket the last three days.
I couldn't get a hold of him.
And we set him.
Here at the office, I bet he's in New Hampshire.
And sure enough, Luke Radowski... See, there's no orders from headquarters here.
People seem to think that Luke and We Are Change is like taking my orders or something.
Separate groups, grassroots organization.
What's going on, Aaron?
Aaron just ran up to the window like the...
What's going on?
I got you.
Oh, okay.
Thanks for telling me.
Yeah, John, you just had our audio up during the break.
I was sitting there acting stupid.
No big deal.
I was wondering why Aaron ran in there and was telling me something.
Finishing up what I'm saying.
Going back to the issue that I was just discussing about Luke Radowski, I had this feeling it was We Are Change that was out there doing all of this.
And sure enough, it was.
Sure enough, they were there with the snowballing of Sean Hannity, at least witnessing it and some of the We Are Change folks involved in it.
You know what?
Our founding fathers went into Boston Harbor and they dumped a bunch of tea off of the ships, what would be the equivalent of millions of dollars worth today, and they did things like grab government officials and tar and feather them.
I mean, when you have a corrupt media, when you have a corrupt government, when you have a corrupt system, when you have all of this going on, you're going to end up having people that get more and more angry.
That is just going to happen.
And then I hear all the crying and the whining and the gnashing of teeth on national news about how aggressive Ron Paul supporters are and how they come and stand outside studios with their signs and how they go to protest and how they yell and scream at politicians and how un-American it is.
No, it doesn't get any more Americana than that.
And I think it's a nice juxtaposed...
To have Ron Paul, who's this mild-mannered, friendly, older gentleman who's scholarly, with the slongs of young people, millions of young people now out there on the streets nationwide, saying they don't want to live in a statist, government-controlled police state.
So what's coming up today?
We've got Luke Radowski popping in in about 20 minutes.
We've got Bev Harris coming up in the middle of the next hour about evidence of election fraud in Ohio and what's coming up in New Hampshire.
Big story up on prisonplanet.com.
Vote fraud expert warns of New Hampshire chicanery.
Key vulnerabilities of Diebold machine identified.
Within 10 minutes, my programmer will be talking about that.
Also, I don't watch a lot of national television because I can read the synopses of their reports a lot faster than watching 10 hours of news.
I can just read an hour of the boil-downs or watch little clips of YouTube to kind of get it all agritized or boiled down by the population out there.
By you.
But just watching CNN, just watching MSNBC, just listening to talk radio, the new talking point of the week
The New Republic...
No evidence.
Neocon publication just comes on air and just says, total slander, total libel, total defamation.
You go, wait a minute, it was slander because he said it on television, he didn't write it.
Yeah, then it gets put in print, it's libel too, and overall it's defamation.
Just totally made up.
Some of the white supremacist groups show their colors, too, coming out and claiming, oh, yeah, everybody knows Ron Paul.
Staffers, you know, have come to some of our meetings.
Then they give the wrong name of the wrong Chinese food restaurant.
And the witnesses that are there and media that came and covered it go back and look at their cameras and their videotape and say, no, there was no Ron Paul people there.
It's just all made up.
So we'll be talking about that.
The media is saying that autism continues to explode.
But that it's not the mercury in the vaccines.
And they say because there's no more mercury in the vaccines, and that is a bald-faced lie.
We have SWAT teams attacking homeschoolers.
We have gold prices exploding to a record of $8.76 and rising right now as we speak.
But first, I want to play the last four minutes.
Because if I don't get to these clips early, we never will.
The last three, four minutes of...
Ron Paul, last night on Jay Leno.
Flew all the way out to California from New Hampshire Sunday night.
Went on Jay Leno Monday night.
Flew back to New Hampshire last night.
What a trooper.
And really, you know, he was pretty subdued and just friendly because he's a gentleman.
When he's on somebody else's show and it's not adversarial, Ron Paul is pretty halcyon.
Now, if you start attacking him, he will get...
A little more energized, where if you interrogate him, like I do here on air, which he likes, he'll give you quick, fast answers.
When he's on The View or when he's on these other national shows, he just is too friendly, I think, and doesn't really go on the attack.
But he finally got a few points out in the last four minutes.
Do you have that ready, John?
Here it is.
Jay Leno last night.
No, no, no, not really.
Our policies have a lot to do with it.
The people who are to blame are the thugs.
But you're not talking about 9-11.
Yeah, I'm talking about 9-11.
The thugs that killed us are people that came over here, they're 100% to blame.
But that's sort of like saying if somebody gets murdered, the murderer is 100% responsible.
But people always look for motives.
You know, if you're looking for the murderer, you have to know motives.
So we have to look for the motives of these people who go insane to try to kill us.
And the motives are related to the fact that we occupy their countries.
You know, even before 9-11, we were plenty much, a lot involved in the Middle East.
That is very significant.
I do not believe for a minute that they come here only because we're free and prosperous.
That isn't the case.
There may be a few, but you can't motivate people to do that.
So you and I are an American people.
They're not responsible.
But some of our bad policies...
In the Middle East now for 50, 60 years, we used our CIA to install the Shah in Iran.
You know, if somebody did that to us, we'd be pretty annoyed.
Or if the Chinese had military bases on our land or said that they came here to protect their oil, American people would be pretty outraged.
Republicans and Democrats would be joining together.
You know, they would be really very annoyed.
Well, we have their toys, at least.
We have the Chinese toys.
That's better than... You don't support the surge?
No, I didn't vote for the surge.
Hopefully the surge had something to do with it.
There's less violence, but I'm afraid what happened is that we lost the south.
The south now is all controlled by the Shiites and they're aligned with the Iranians and the British left.
So we more or less lost the south and there's more peace there and less killing.
But there's more killing over there.
It's still very, very disruptive.
I'm scared to death that we're going to be in Pakistan before it's over and we still haven't taken off the table
I mean, do you find it weird that people are more concerned about the economy now than they are about the war?
The economy seems to beat out the war.
The economy has become a big issue just in this last year since I've been running, but it should have been expected.
But it is connected to the war.
The other night when they asked the question, well, if we can afford a trillion dollars fighting this war in Iraq, we can afford a trillion dollars for medical care for the people.
Yes, that's where our money, a trillion dollars went to the war.
It should be here, taking care of our people here at home.
And you say also we need to stop printing dollars.
What was that all about?
Well, it's very clear.
You know, they make fun of the fact that I refer to the Constitution that only gold and silver should be legal tender.
The founders understood what runaway inflation was all about.
Well, it used to be, right?
Yeah, sure, up until 1971.
But the founders had runaway inflation with the continental dollar, and they say no more bills of credit, which is paper money.
And people make fun of what I say about have something solidly behind the currency so governments can't print it.
I think the silly notion is that when government, the politicians, trust them when they need a little bit of money, let them print it.
You know, they tend to do that.
But then they wonder, why does the value of the dollar go down?
They don't talk about printing money.
They talk about, we have to do something about the value of the dollar.
The Canadian dollar now is worth more than the American dollar.
It's related in the fact that we allow the politicians to print money when they want it.
So, we have to deal with monetary policy.
We can't escape it.
It's coming.
Do you think Americans really want change?
Because everybody says, oh, every candidate's got change.
I've heard the word change more than anything else.
Yet, we still seem to keep doing the same
You know, I think it's a mixed bag.
I think the American people want change.
And they hear the...
And the politicians know that, so everybody gets up and says, I'm for change, I'm for change.
But the whole thing is, what kind of change?
You know, right now, whether you elect Republicans or Democrats, does foreign policy change?
Does monetary policy change?
No, they don't even talk about it.
Does fiscal policy change?
We elect the conservative Republicans and they make the deficit worse than the rest.
Yeah, the American people are tired of that.
They want real change.
And to me, that means the only significant change we ought to have is get enough people in Washington that read the Constitution, obey the Constitution, do only the things that we're allowed to do.
Let me ask you, let's figure that out.
And then he goes on to say that he doesn't support Dennis Kucinich, but he asked him, who would you support if you had to support one of the Democrats?
And he said, well, Dennis Kucinich, because he's against the war and that they're friends and vote together on some issues.
You notice that Art Bell has even endorsed Ron Paul.
You notice that Jay Leno likes him.
You notice that everybody's talking about him.
Weldon Henson was visiting family out in West Texas, and he was coming back into town from New Year's, and he said every town he drove through, there were Ron Paul signs.
Out in the middle of nowhere, there were Ron Paul signs.
Just everywhere you go, there are Ron Paul signs.
I mean, I've been all over the country the last year, and I've seen nothing but Ron Paul signs.
No one else's.
Still, I'm here in Austin.
I don't see Hillary signs.
I see Ron Paul signs.
I'm in the liberal part of Austin over here in South Austin.
Ron Paul signs everywhere.
Not a Hillary, not an Obama, not a... None of it.
So we're going to be talking about election fraud coming up in about an hour.
I'm going to get into the attack saying Ron Paul is a racist.
These people need to be sued, man.
They're a bunch of lying pieces of trash.
We're good to go.
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Yeah, this song is all the black folks and everybody else.
Don't listen.
To the lies of the mainstream media.
You know they're afraid of Dr. Paul.
And this song is to everybody out there.
Thank you.
People of the world, join hands!
I mean, first off, just listen.
We've got the audio of this coming up in the next segment.
But just listen to what was said by the New Republic's Jamie Kerchick on MSNBC.
He said that Ron Paul called Martin Luther King a gay pedophile.
Can you imagine that coming out of Ron Paul's mouth?
I mean, I've had dinner with Ron Paul.
I've met Ron Paul many times.
I know Ron Paul.
The guy is...
As gentlemanly as anybody I've ever met, he doesn't cuss, he doesn't say hell or damn anything.
Can you imagine Ron Paul going, that gay pedophile?
I mean, that's just totally made up.
And stopped 20 years ago, that's a quote.
And then he went on, though, in question by Carlson, to admit he had no proof.
They just make this stuff up.
They just literally... Then they took some newsletter after the L.A.
That had been put out by a group that Ron Paul also published his newsletter through, saying that black-on-white crime was many times more plentiful in that area of California.
And then they claimed that was racist, which particularly the article I read, it wasn't.
And then they said Dr. Paul wrote it, but then it turned out that Dr. Paul went back and had that pulled out of the larger newsletter and then did a retraction the next month.
And that was back in the early 1990s.
What was it, back in 1990-91?
And the news all covered that, and the New York Times had to do a retraction on that, a retraction, when they claimed that Ron Paul sent members of his campaign to white supremacist meetings.
It's all made up.
You know, they'll also do stuff to Larry Pratt, like, he's given thousands of speeches, but back when he was supporting Pat Buchanan in the mid-1990s, Larry Pratt spoke at a gun show, and they said, at the gun show, there was a white supremacist.
We're good to go.
They've had all these different Southern Poverty Law Center groups been caught running the Elohim City white supremacist compound in Oklahoma City with McVeigh.
That came out in federal documents.
That's now mainstream news.
I'm sick of this!
By the way, Jesse Jackson doesn't talk about Albert Pike, founder of the Klan statue, just right outside, right beside the Supreme Court.
They don't talk about CPS taking black kids and testing pesticides and drugs on them.
They're a bunch of Uncle Toms, ladies and gentlemen, working for the New World Order.
All the liberals, the rest of it, they all work for the system.
They all work for the man.
And they can sit there and dangle out that I heard somebody said maybe a little bird told them Ron Paul festoons himself in Klansman robes.
But you know the good news?
Ten years ago, black folks and white folks would have bought into this and run around politically correct ninnying.
Every black person I hear on radio, everybody I hear says it's a bunch of bull, unless you're talking about Royal on Neil Bortz.
And Royal, who's a black guy, took a shot at Ron Paul this morning, and I'm sick of it!
I'm tired of it!
Man, there's nothing these... But Royal knows where his bread is buttered with that monster Neil Bortz, that wolf in sheep's clothing.
You're not going to respect a David Rockefeller who's public about his plan to destroy America.
I don't like him.
He's evil, but at least he's honest.
But not somebody like a Neil Bortz or a Sean Hannity or a Rush Limbaugh or a Glenn Beck.
You know, they say a lot of things that are true and then mix a bunch of lies into it.
So when we get back, I'll finish up with that.
We'll talk to Luke Radowski about what happened in New Hampshire.
He just got back to New York today.
Late last night.
I mean, I haven't even begun to talk about Neil Bortz this morning.
The twisting, the doublespeak, the spin, the lies, the manipulation by that pig lawyer.
He is, he's a pig.
He's a disgusting pig.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
That is not true!
See, Carlson brings hookers to Paul's events and then acts like he's Paul's friend.
You ever heard of the enemy acting like they're with you?
You ever heard of treachery?
He brings hookers to make Paul look bad, then giggles and laughs about it.
By the way, he's one of the heirs, one of the largest fortunes in the country.
So is the guy on CNN, Anderson Cooper, the Aster heir, multi-billionaire.
These people, and I'm not saying you're bad if you have billions, but the point is they're establishment hacks.
By the way, Cooper admits he was CIA.
Yeah, it's admitted.
Oh, you didn't know that?
Just Google it.
Most of these guys.
So they're being very slick about it.
And just because Carlson can call up, he claims, didn't give a name, and then say that the campaign apologized?
What, did you call one of the campaigns in 30 states?
Did you get some teenager on the phone to say, hey, what do you say to this?
And they said, oh, I apologize?
Ron Paul on this show, Ron Paul on record, has said none of that was ever in his newsletters.
They had one about black crime against white being a lot higher back in the early 1990s, and the next month they retracted that.
They retracted the part that made people angry back in the early 1990s.
But the stuff you're about to hear from this neocon New Republic is unbelievable.
Here it is.
Stop right there.
Notice, they're not even saying what the specifics are.
It's all vague.
Are you picking up on that?
By the way, the only thing in a newsletter has been retracted.
Go ahead.
These passages.
Do you buy that?
Well, when I first asked Ron Paul's spokesman about this, Jesse Benton, he said that he had actually written parts of the newsletter.
And then he changed his story somewhat after I read him, for example, passages where Ron Paul called Martin Luther King a gay pedophile.
And after that, he said, well, he... Total lie!
Total lie.
I mean, where is this coming from?
It just made up.
Back to it.
Ghost written, and the offensive parts weren't written by Ron Paul.
So no, I don't believe it.
And you have, you know, you have 20 years of a newsletter here, which are going to be available on our website starting tomorrow, actually, at TNR.com.
20 years of a newsletter that is filled with racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic invective.
And it's called the Ron Paul...
So I really find that defense to be just utterly unbelievable.
Yeah, I mean, there's no doubt he was at very least negligent.
I agree it's not much of an explanation.
Here's the one thing, though, that troubles me about the allegation of racism.
Ron Paul seems to be the kind of guy who will say exactly what he thinks.
If he was a racist, why wouldn't he just say so?
Well, let's keep in mind that the actual racist portions of this newsletter were published when he was not in Congress.
It was in between 1984 and 1996, for the most part.
Sorry, 1988, 1996, when he was not actually in Congress.
So when you're not in Congress, there's less scrutiny, there's less attention paid to what you're saying.
And look, let's just see what happened, you know, last weekend.
We have Barack Obama, who's on the verge of becoming the first black Democratic presidential nominee.
Serious presidential contender.
So, you know, racism of this sort, as readers will see, racism of this sort just doesn't get you votes anymore.
Okay, but I mean, some of the stuff, I agree, is offensive and weird.
Some of it, though, criticizing Barbara Jordan as the archetypal half-educated victimologist...
I don't know, I mean, it's not racist not to respect Barbara Jordan, is it?
No, it's not, but what about saying that New York City should be called Zooville, as opposed to naming it after Martin Luther King, which is what he said, or Welfaria.
You know, he called black people animals, and said that his readers of his newsletter should move out to the country, buy guns, because the animals are coming.
This was a couple years before the Los Angeles riots.
And again, these aren't isolated incidents.
We should know that back in 1996, about two or three of these newsletters were revealed at the time.
And Paul said that they had been taken out of context.
Then five years later, he said that he didn't write them.
But he took moral responsibility for them.
So what we thought were just isolated examples back in 1996, now we're going to see are actually part of a two-decade-long career just full of this stuff.
Do you have any evidence that he's ever said anything like this?
You mean said it out loud or in person?
Yeah, said it like him himself, Ron Paul, get out there and say something racist or sexual.
I haven't seen that.
No, I did.
I haven't seen that.
We do know, however, I have found out that he spoke at a pro-secession conference in 1995.
This was a neo-Confederate organization putting this on, and he spoke along with many other writers who advocate for secession.
Actually, it was last week, I don't know.
Alright, that's enough.
By the way, I have gone through the claims they're making.
This was said days ago.
I've gone to their website.
It's not there.
It's not there.
And again, Ron Paul has been to literally thousands of conferences and when they even claimed he was at the secessionist thing, you can't even find that.
It's completely and totally made up.
We're good to go.
But in the year it happened, back in the early 1990s, they retracted it the next month.
But that doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter that Barack Obama isn't trying to stop the CPS from literally destroying black families and kidnapping all these children and doing all the experiments on them.
That's okay.
Just so long as you at least pay lip service to all of this.
So it shows how desperate they are.
Now, do we have Luke Radowski waiting in the wings?
I'm going to go to Luke in just a moment because I want to get what happened in New Hampshire and get a report from him as we track what's going to happen in New Hampshire today.
And as we take your phone calls coming into the next hour and cover a bunch of other news.
But remember, this is the same media that will tell you Mercury A is good for you so there's no link to autism in the vaccines.
And now they'll come out and tell you that there's no mercury in the vaccines, which isn't true.
Again, just to realize the magnitude.
This is the same media that will tell you that they have...
This is the same media that claims he has space-based magnetic weapons that can knock out all the power in the U.S.
Oh, yeah, they've done that, too.
This is the same media that tells you that inflation is at 2%.
Have your prices gone up last year 2% or do they go up 15% as the banks actually say and as the brokerage houses actually state?
15% inflation, Mac, conservatively.
It's set to be 20% in 2008.
They're still telling you we're not in a recession.
Do you think you're in a recession?
These people are liars.
And the New York Times has had to retract.
Other major publications have had to retract their bull on Ron Paul.
I mean, they just unsubstantiated two weeks ago said that he has white supremacist meetings at a Chinese food restaurant in Virginia.
Turned out national news had been at that meeting.
No one from Ron Paul had been there.
Though the white supremacist had invited Ron Paul's staff, and it was a setup.
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
Thank God they didn't rope him in and say, hey, it's some conservative meeting.
Why don't you drop on by for free food?
You know, with his big congressional staff.
Thank God that he didn't send somebody, or it'd be over, folks, because the public would hear that and it'd be over.
They try to lure people to these meetings all the time.
I've had people try to lure me to them.
In fact, I've even shown up at rallies before, and it's been something else.
I get out of my car, and I get back in and drive off before the media, waiting.
I see them, there he is, there he is, turn your cameras, and I'm driving off.
I never told anybody about that, but they almost caught me about eight years ago.
Major, major setup.
That's what these people do, ladies and gentlemen, because they indoctrinated us with this psychological guilt and all this bull about race.
And then they, the media, use race to control us.
It's unbelievable.
And then the Texas Civil Rights Review can come out and attack me and say, well, Alex Jones doesn't like the La Reconquista movement.
And it is true, they say they want to kill all whites, 16 and older, but, you know, Mexicans have been downtrodden, and Alex is racist for saying he doesn't want to die.
Remember that report?
It actually said, well, yeah, Hispanics have been downtrodden, and so, of course they're going to want to kill all whites.
And then on the other side, the other groups can do whatever they want.
And say whatever they want, and we're not supposed to speak out against it.
This is such a distractionary issue.
All right, real fast.
Neil Bortz this morning.
I'm driving into work.
He's live on KLBJ 590.
Station I'm on here locally.
We're also on 1330 AM.
And 90.1.
I think we're on 96.3 or sometimes.
I don't know anymore.
I'm driving in, and Neil Bortz comes on the air, and he starts his weaving the lies.
And I almost ran off the road trying to write notes, so I just quit and didn't do it.
So I'm not going to be able to cover every facet, and I had to get out of the car at 10.15 and missed it all.
A lot of you probably heard it.
They were still going.
But Neil, who attacks me every week for years, that's fine.
Send them to us, Neil.
Our websites make yours look like an ant on the back end of an elephant.
So to send your tiny audience to us, that's fine.
You're a legend in your own mind, a mouse that roars, all you guys are.
You're stemming dinosaurs in your own right.
But I hear him come on and go, you know, we had Alan Combs on.
I like Alan Combs.
Blah, blah, blah.
Now, by the way, I've never had him.
He's had me on many times, but the point is I disagree with most of the things he says.
But Alan Combs had been on the show earlier, I guess, and he said Alan Combs was talking about how Ron Paul wrote this newsletter about
Back in the early 1990s after the Los Angeles riots, and how it said that blacks had a higher level of crime per capita against white than white on black.
And Bortz goes, I actually agree with that.
That is the numbers.
And then Royal comes in, who's black, and says, well, actually, he said a lot more than that.
It was a thick newsletter.
Well, let's get this straight.
Ron Paul didn't write but one of the 10 or 15 articles in it each month.
And he retracted it and said he didn't agree with some of the statements the next month.
Royal didn't say that.
So Royal was implying he was racist.
And then he reads an email from a Ron Paul listener, Ron Paul supporter that was a listener, saying, you know what, Alan Combs was saying Ron Paul's racist and that's just wrong.
And he used lawyer speak to say, he's not saying he's racist.
Well, yeah, that's what he was implying.
And then he goes on to say, you Ron Paul people are all a bunch of nuts.
We're good to go.
And getting in my face.
And it's all on video.
And so, Neil Bortz runs over to people and starts cussing at them.
I have that on tape.
In fact, I forgot.
Aaron, will you Google that and see if you can find the Neil Bortz talk to Alex Jones?
Google the Neil Bortz.
Or you can try it too, John.
But the point is, well, you know you've got a lot going on.
I'm not even sure I ever put that on the web, but
This is the type of stuff we're dealing with.
And then he went on to say, yeah, these nuts, too, they were chasing Sean Hannity and cussing at him.
Well, you're the one doing that.
And then, yeah, they were throwing snowballs at him.
And how bad that is and how evil that is.
Hey, you know something, Bortz?
It's your government that sends SWAT teams to grab homeschoolers.
It's your government that's destroying our sovereignty.
It's your government that tasers us.
When the cop says jump, we don't say yes or boss how high.
It's the spirit of America to do things like that.
That scumbag Sean Hannity has said all militia members should be arrested.
He said every child in America needs to be forced to take a chip.
I've got it all on video.
He is a slimebag.
And, of course, it turned out it was We Are Change out there chasing him down.
And here is Luke Radowski to report on that.
Luke, thanks for holding.
I really appreciate all you're doing at WeAreChange.org.
Couldn't get a hold of you the last few days because I know you're coming down to Austin.
And we figured you were in New Hampshire, and sure enough, there you were.
Yeah, I definitely was in New Hampshire.
Me and a lot of guys up here from New York City came up there, and we had an amazing trip.
And while being in New Hampshire, we were able to confront Tim Rusher, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, Bill Quinn, high members of the Giuliani staff.
And why don't you bring those videos down to Austin when you come this week, and then we can just get them on the web immediately?
I know you like to make them all fancy, but we need to get those out now.
Yeah, I'm going to get in contact with all the guys there, because we had a lot of people up there, a lot of cameras up there.
I'm going to try to collect all the footage I can before I come there.
But we also were able to get Carol Cameron from Fox 5 and Charles Gibson from Fox 5, who actually assaulted Matt Lepasik and almost broke the viewfinder off the camera here in New Hampshire.
Oh, tell us about that.
I mean, Matt Lepasik told me the story where he confronted Charles Gibson on Not 11 Truth and also Ron Paul being... And what did the Albano vampire do?
No, he basically assaulted Matt Lipacek.
He swung at the camera, almost broke the viewfinder off, and he was basically running away from the question.
That video should be provided soon.
It was Matt Lipacek who actually confronted him.
Well, I know that Gibson listens to the show every day.
He's admitted it, so I'm sure they'll play this this afternoon.
But it's okay to assault camera people.
It's now been reported that one of Barack Obama's on video, one of his top staffers was assaulted by O'Reilly, who likes to bully and sexually harass women, is a pervert, but then also obsessed with sex on a show, as all perverts are, claiming he's very moral.
I guess that's okay, but throwing snowballs at Sean Hannity, the liberal, that's evil.
Yeah, our guys were there, Vin, Mike, and Mira, and it was really just confronting them, just talking to them, until he started running away, ignoring us.
And I don't know if some people chose to do that, but it's not always correct to throw snowballs at people.
Now, Luke, I've heard it was We Are Change that made AP and Reuters, with Clinton saying they're nuts, thinking 9-11's an inside job.
We haven't confirmed that yet, because change has gotten so big.
But you have talked to the crew.
They were the ones that initiated the rout of the cowardly little chicken neck, Sean Hannity.
Yes, that was our members.
I just talked to my friends, and it is our members, Vin, Mike, and Amir, who were able to confront Bill Clinton.
So there you go.
We Are Change got Clinton and was called crazy by Clinton and they are the ones that routed the enemy of the republic.
Sean, every child needs a microchip.
Yeah, it was an amazing weekend, and it's a great time to be alive.
I want to break and come back and talk about what We Are Change is doing these days and all the chapters across the planet, but what do you think about them now just making up that Ron Paul calls Martin Luther King a pedophile?
Just totally made up.
The exact quote is, gay pedophile.
I mean, that's what they do.
They're liars.
They're not going to talk about the truth.
They're not talking about Ron Paul.
They're not talking about how there's more supporters of Ron Paul out there more than anybody.
I mean, we got the Ron Paul Air Corps plane flying over the place.
We have Ron Paul supporters more than anybody out there.
And they're not going to talk about him because he's really the people's candidate, people's choice.
When you were in New Hampshire, did you see our aircraft flying above?
Oh, yeah.
It was right up there.
It was a beautiful sight, man.
And I'm telling you, the supporters of Ron Paul outnumbered any other supporters out there.
Yeah, but they're all secretly and, you know, getting orders from Hitler in a bunker at the center of the Earth from Pluto.
We'll be right back.
Luke Radowski is our guest.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Also, they're now saying that autism is not connected to vaccines and lying and saying because they took the mercury out, but that autism should continue to rise.
In five minutes, you can go to the actual medical journals and find out they didn't just leave it in, they increased it.
So we'll break that down as well.
Don't forget I'm a documentary filmmaker.
I have made...
18 films.
The newest is Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
It gets into who the globalists are, how they're setting up North American Union, how they're taking over the infrastructure, and how they're setting up a police state and what they plan to do once they have it all in place.
And that is the orderly eugenics against the people.
Also, next hour, we'll play three newscasts on chemtrails.
It's now breaking into mainstream news.
We have some new discoveries there.
Totally jam-packed transmission today.
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So take advantage of that.
I do want to thank all the members of prisonplanet.tv.
Luke, you know, I saw that hit piece in Radar Magazine.
I don't want to give it too much attention.
I reread it last night.
It is a hit piece.
There's no doubting it.
I noticed in confidence, you know, there was some private stuff you told them, and of course they put that in there and then pointed out that it wasn't confidence and that they violated that confidence, though what they violated in confidence isn't a big deal, but it just shows how they operate and the things they did.
And the guy emailed me saying it's not a hit piece.
That shows just how deluded these individuals have gotten out there, but that's fine and dandy.
They also made it look like you guys just want attention.
You don't care if We Are Change gets the attention.
You want other groups to form.
And they say, oh, We Are Change is having all this big effect and shaking the foundations of the establishment, but they don't get their name mentioned, and they're very upset about that.
No, you are making history.
You know, I really pioneered what you call guerrilla, not even gonzo, but guerrilla in-your-face information, you know, take over the live newscast, things like that.
Frankly, I got the idea from a running man, so you can say that that novel pioneered it.
You guys have carried the ball, 50-plus chapters, lots of 9-11 truth groups doing it, too.
And it isn't about your group getting attention.
In fact, that's scary.
I'm kind of worried about you being followed and the rest of it.
I mean, you're under big surveillance in New York, obviously, for confronting Bloomberg and the rest of them and Giuliani.
Now everybody's coming out in the streets and confronting these people, and it's contagious.
And it isn't about a name or a group.
It's about an idea of liberty and confronting the scum.
And how dare Radar Magazine try to take that from you?
They're trying to steal your very soul.
The fact that you're doing this to save this country, not for attention.
By claiming it's about your group, that really makes me mad, Luke.
I want you to come back and talk about that, okay?
Alright, brother.
Again, if they imprison me or kill me, I win.
I don't want that to happen, but I win.
Don't think I lost later.
I did it my way.
I stood up to evil.
Same thing with Luke.
And this isn't about us getting attention.
This isn't about us getting our names out there.
This is about getting you to move, causing a domino effect.
We want to beat the New World Order.
That's the goal.
You are listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, the media is in high gear with the talking point that Ron Paul is a racist.
I guess it didn't work to say that he aids Al-Qaeda and that we're all terrorists.
We need to have the military used against us.
That was the last talking point from all the national talk show hosts, literally all of them, all the big ones.
The political ones.
We've got them lying, saying autism isn't caused by vaccines.
Big lies there.
A bunch of other Gulf of Tonkin news with the Iran situation.
I want to take your calls.
Bev Harris coming up.
But Luke Radowski, I keep running over you.
I'm so fired up today.
That Radar piece, what did you think of that magazine piece?
It was a total hit piece, and I was very surprised because Jeb, the author of that piece, promised up and down that it's not going to be a hit piece.
And he also promised us that he's going to put in family members and rescue workers into that piece.
We introduced him to many 9-11 victims' family members.
We introduced him to many 9-11 first responders.
And again, he failed to mention how this 9-11 treatment was founded on the family members.
He failed to mention how we... Oh, oh, oh, oh, he went further, though.
He didn't just fail to mention.
He then claimed that they're fake 9-11 family members and claimed that Sabrina was a liar.
Yeah, well, when that's a total bunch of crock, and people don't, he never even put in the fact that, you know, we were able to give a total amount of $14,200 to the 9-11 first responders this year, and that we're a goodwill organization that is just about being the change you want to see in this world.
And he covered the two things which he promised he wouldn't even talk about or cover in the piece.
And it's amazing to see how blatant people could just lie to your face straight up and down.
Well, then he seemed shocked, saying, it's not a hit piece, and then I kind of, I'd only read about half of it then, Aaron had said it was a hit piece, I re-read it, and then I read it again, and I was like, man, this is really bad, because they had me in there saying, you know, that Building 7 wasn't damaged, and that I was wrong.
No, I said Building 7 didn't have one of the towers fall into it like they claimed, it had light damage.
I mean, there was just all sorts of... Exactly, and also, he also stated that NIST answered all of our questions, but yes,
Well, also...
I mean, there was so much when I read it.
I just thought about it again.
There were so many points and so many things.
Also, he implies that I'm this paranoid, scared person hiding out in my office.
I go everywhere without bodyguards.
I go on the streets.
I go to events.
You know, they talked about because our windows are blacked out in the front office because we want privacy.
But, you know, we have computer screens in here.
When you're video editing, you don't want blasting light off the street.
You know, it implies that we're, like, bunkered down, paranoid, and also that all cancer researchers want to give us cancer.
I didn't say that.
It's just incredible.
It really is.
And he also talked about crazy outlandish theories like space beams.
And all this other crazy stuff.
We don't even entertain the fact of theories.
We're an organization which represents family members.
No, it's a total frothing hit piece.
But look, people have got to make a living.
He came to do a story about me like eight, nine months ago, and it never got published.
And I guess they said, no, this isn't going to happen.
And so then he came back and...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yeah, it definitely is.
But it's not about an individual.
It's not about one person, one leader.
Change is just about everybody being the change they want to see in this world.
And it doesn't matter if you're an info warrior.
It doesn't matter if you're a weird changer.
It matters if you do something right.
I want to hear more about what happened there briefly on the other side.
Then I'm going to get into all the other news and more New Hampshire news.
But Luke just got back last night from New Hampshire.
He's going to give you a report.
And I want to hear specifically what it looked like to see our Ron Paul Air Corps flying around with that humongous banner.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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It's known as the Bilderberg.
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For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, Luke Radowski, give us your report on what you saw and witnessed in New Hampshire.
I mean, it was amazing in New Hampshire.
We had the Ron Paul Air Corps plane flying overhead, and there was a lot of spontaneous street actions.
I mean, two people would just come on the corner, two more people would come in a couple minutes, and then sooner or later, you know, there's 50 people there.
And it was like the spirit was with us there.
And then you have people like, you know, Bill Clinton, Sean Hannity, just coming out of nowhere and just walking by exactly where We Are Change was, where the Ron Paul supporters were, and they were being confronted left and right.
It was a beautiful day, beautiful time to be alive, and it was just amazing.
Seeing real political action taking place.
Well, it is, Luke.
It's very, very exciting to see all of this unfolding and all of this happening.
Now, you weren't there when they were snowballing and chasing the cowardly Hannity, but you talked to the We Are Change crew that originally engaged him.
Break down what they told you.
Sean Hannity was just walking down the street, and then one guy just pointed out that he was coming there, and just everybody just joined up.
And he was just running as fast as he could into the building, into the debates, and people were just chasing him down.
And then some people chose to throw snowballs at him, but some people just chose to verbally confront him.
Let's be clear, though.
Did We R Change throw snowballs at his lordship?
No, we don't throw no snowballs at anybody.
We don't like... But was it Change that initiated going up and first talking to him before he ran?
I believe so, yeah.
Okay, that's what you originally told me.
I wanted to make sure I was right on that.
I mean, how low was the plane flying?
I mean, how good did it look?
It looked really good.
From a distance, you could definitely see it.
From a couple miles, you could somewhat picture it up, but it was just amazing seeing, you know, something that big, you know, all over New Hampshire.
What was the, I mean, what were the crowd saying?
Did they say, hey, there's the Ron Paul plane, or what was happening?
People were always looking up and it was flying over.
And again, the supporters were all cheering when they saw it.
And it was just amazing, you know, seeing just Ron Paul revolution.
Having Ron Paul's face is just huge up there, up in the sky.
It was just a beautiful sight.
No, that's why I'm trying to get your image of it because I wish I could be there to see it.
We're good to go.
With the smaller banners, they tow it right behind the plane.
With these huge ones, it's a long cable, and the plane gets going from way back and then launches it.
There's video of the plane at ronpaulaircorps.com being launched in Minnesota with a helicopter and then with a Cessna in Concord.
It was definitely an amazing thing.
It's a beautiful idea.
And it just shows you how great this grassroots movement is and how spontaneous action is taking place.
And we're really...
You know, making a difference, really causing a revolution or an evolution.
Now, Luke, again, I always find out days or weeks after the new exploits, we are changing new work alone, not to mention the chapters all over the world.
What are some of the newest chapters, A, and B, what are some videos that none of us know about that we're going to be seeing sometime in the future on the web?
We got actually Senator Joe Biden.
Who we confronted on a meeting with Mohamed Ahmed, the finance of the 9-11 hijackers.
We actually confronted him a while back, and he actually told me his meetings with Mohamed Ahmed, one of the finances of the hijackers, told me that his meeting was top secret, and he couldn't talk about it.
And this is amazing because it goes hand-in-hand with the news from Sybil Edmonds, who has just come out and has talked about Muhammad Ahmed being used by our government.
And we also got Bill Richardson again on Bohemian Grove.
And when me and Matt Lepagek started talking about the Bohemian Grove, he just started sweating.
And I talked to him as a gentleman, and as soon as I brought up Bohemian Grove, the man just did a total 180 turn away from me.
And when he turned, he turned right into Matt Lepagek, who started talking about mock child sacrifices.
He turned again.
I got him on the mail, processed through Star, shipped in.
That was reported by the New York Times.
And the man is literally pouring.
Like, sweat is pouring down his face.
And he escapes.
He runs away as soon as he can.
As soon as he could from our confrontation that we did with him.
Now, you talk about there being more Ron Paul supporters than anybody else.
Give me the percentage.
Let's say 1 to 100 is the entire field.
Was it 20% Hillary, 30% Paul, 20% Obama, 20% McCain?
I mean, what was the breakdown?
Well, there was about 400 to 500 Ron Paul supporters at the base.
And there was a lot of small numbers from other presidential candidates that were reaching about 100 or 200.
But Ron Paul definitely did have more supporters than anybody else.
But talking to the campaign, though, they never concentrated all their people together.
They would have them all over the state, though.
They were busy knocking on doors, making phone calls.
And I heard that just street after street would have 50, 100, 200 Paul supporters.
How many total, of all the different groups you saw, would you guesstimate were there?
It would be very hard to estimate, but there were a lot of people there.
It was great.
What was the energy like?
It was a beautiful spirit, beautiful energy, great people, smart, intelligent people.
And I think the spirit was with us because we had these people, these...
Mainstream media people just walking right by us and we were able to confront them left and right.
Well, I salute you, Luke Rudowsky.
You're coming down to visit the Infowar Command Bunker in the next few days.
So happy and safe trails, and we'll see you when you come into the heart of Texas.
I can't wait to be there.
Thank you.
We also made C-SPAN today with the confrontation we did with Huckabee.
It's on the website.
People can check it out.
In fact, if there's good audio, go grab that, John.
I'd like to play that.
Tell us about the Huckabee confrontation.
Well, we confronted Huckabee on his CFR connection.
He said to Wolf Blitzer on CNN recently that he gets his foreign policy from Richard Haass.
Richard Haass is the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, and he's a treasonous member of...
Now, see, Luke, all the time, I mean, you'll probably tell me, oh, by the way, I confronted the Queen of England.
I mean, tell me everybody you've confronted.
See, you just threw out Huckabee.
I mean...
How many?
Or, I mean, I guess there's so many We Are Changers, you're not even sure yourself.
To be honest with you, I'm not even sure myself, but we did a lot of great work, and I named some in the beginning, but Huckabee was definitely a great one.
How did that go down?
Tell us about that.
How did that go down?
First, Matt Lepasik interrupted his talk when he was talking about freedom, and he started talking about Richard Haas.
He got dragged out.
And then Dan Burke, one of our members, was able to ask him about Richard Haas,
And he basically walked around the question, and he said, well, I'll get my policies from other people, and then he made Dan walk away.
But it still doesn't make any sense.
And this was going on over C-SPAN?
Yeah, this was going on after C-SPAN.
Then we have Sabrina Rivera asking about Not 11 Truth and the victim's family members' unanswered questions, which he said he would look into.
Then we have one of our members being followed up on that, and he got pushed away.
He got dragged away.
Yeah, see, in America, if you ask a question they don't like, you get dragged away.
Yeah, basically.
But everything was great.
The short video is on C-SPAN.
The other videos of us talking to him is going to be put up later.
I'm collecting all the DVDs from everybody, and hopefully I'll be able to get all the footage.
All right.
We'll see you soon, Luke.
Good job.
Can't wait to see you.
All right, brother.
Take care.
That's just amazing.
And that's what you can do by taking action.
And then his example has ignited thousands of others.
They're igniting millions right now.
This is the domino effect that we're talking about.
Absolutely amazing.
Okay, let me get into a bunch of news right now, okay?
And then we've got Bev Harris coming up, and then we'll take your phone calls.
At 1-800-259-9231, autism rate is still rising despite vaccine change.
That's the Wall Street Journal with lies and propaganda.
Here is the New York Times today.
Study finds vaccine preservative is not linked to risk of autism.
And that is out of the New York Times.
And then here is U.S.
News & World Report.
Study casts doubt on vaccine autism link.
Researchers adds the growing body of evidence that finds no connection between the two.
Now, this is a slanted, deceptive article, but it's nothing compared to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.
But let's just read this slanted article.
Now, this is a bald-faced lie.
In five minutes, you can find out either they're lying or they're idiots.
Kind of like the AP the other day said that gold's all-time high was $8.76.
Its all-time high was $8.50.
And I noticed it was a bunch of articles saying a new all-time high.
Maybe they'll say the all-time high is $1,000 next week if it goes to $1,000.
This is all part of the new deception.
I mean, they are just pulling out the stops on spinning, lying, twisting.
I just can't even respond anymore.
It's making my head literally swim.
Listen to this.
Study cast down on vaccine autism link.
Researchers add to the growing body of evidence that finds no connection between the two.
Adding to a growing body of evidence.
They don't mention what that growing body is.
They just say growing body.
Oh, there's a growing body.
That rejects the idea of immunizations boost autism rates.
A new study finds no proof that indicates of the disorder dropped after makers of most.
See that?
Makers of most.
Childhood vaccines stop using a mercury-based preservative in their products.
In 2001, the FDA made a recommendation for liability to vaccine makers that they make available small runs of non-thimerosal-based vaccines.
But the others, for some reason, had a four- to five-time increase.
Just type into Google, vaccine adds four- to five-times level of mercury, or mercury still in vaccines.
You'll get AP Reuters reports.
But I didn't just believe them when they were telling the truth, because now they're lying.
I went and I asked local doctors.
I said, let me look at the vaccine.
Let me look at the vaccine insert.
Let me go online for the vaccine they just put out and read it.
And it'll say it's a Marisol.
You see?
It's in there still.
They lie.
It's like they say, there's a law, you've got to take vaccines.
There's no law.
Or they say, there's a law, you've got to have breathalyzers at school.
There's no law.
They just lie, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll finish up with this when we get back.
You'll know the truth, won't you?
Now, from the makers of Loose Change, the most downloaded film in Internet history, comes the long-awaited release of Loose Change Final Cut, an entirely new two-hour film that completely destroys the official fable forever.
Loose Change Final Cut hopes to be a catalyst for a new independent investigation in which family members receive answers to their questions.
We're good to go.
We're in a no-holds-barred information war.
Truth is our weapon, and prisonplanet.com has the tools you need to take the fight back to Big Brother.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So, 20 years ago, 1 in 25,000 children had autism.
Now it's 1 in 75.
Two years ago it was 1 in 168.
The media then tries to spin and say, well, it's over-diagnosis.
Oh, really?
When I went to public school, there was maybe one autistic child in my 5A school.
I have been invited to speak at high schools and middle schools, and I've got family that goes to school, people I know.
They have whole classrooms full of autistic, not just special ed.
I take my children to a movie, Ratatouille.
They have row after row of the autistic children.
They're just everywhere.
You see them everywhere.
You see them on the hike and bike trail.
You see them at the shopping mall.
You see them at the gym.
You see them being wheeled around, these poor children.
You go on vacation, and you'll be with a woman in a hot tub with two of her children who both have it, and I say, when did your child become autistic?
Oh, well, Jimmy was just fine until 18 months, and then he just suddenly, and I said, after the shots, yeah, he had a seizure.
They think it might be the shots.
Oh, gee, I wonder.
I mean, that's kind of like you punch somebody in the nose, and their nose breaks and blood pours out.
Gee, was it the fist smashing into the nose?
Now, of course, a lot of times they CPS your kids, too.
Unless you're blessed enough for the seizure to happen, and it does a lot of times in the doctor's office.
Sometimes they have the seizure within minutes, and then they all admit that it was the shot.
And there's thousands of those a year, they admit.
But if the seizure happens in the car or on the way home, a lot of times they're going to hit you and hit you hard with the SWAT team.
And I've got that in the news, by the way, today.
That's just how the scum operates.
See, they commit the crime, and then they tailor it into an expansion of their force.
And, of course, the cops don't know.
They believe you've shaken the baby.
And they put bumper stickers all over their cars.
Don't shake the baby.
Sudden death infant.
All that.
A lot of times, the first shots they get, they drop dead.
Yeah, baby gets that bioweapon injection full of chemicals.
Bye-bye, baby.
And they've also done the correlation in the studies with the baby gets the shot, baby goes home, baby takes a nap, baby don't ever wake up.
Police come, and you're going to jail.
It's not enough we murdered your child.
Now you're going to prison.
But here it is.
Adding to the growing body of evidence that rejects the idea that immunizations boost autism rates, a new study finds no proof that
Indicates of the disorder dropped, that incidences of the disorder dropped after makers of most childhood vaccines stopped using mercury-based preservatives in their products.
I want an article, and I've done them before, but I want an article and I want one now.
We've got to get this out while this is big news today to hopefully save some more children.
I have a burning desire.
I sit around and try to sound dark and wicked about this to try to wake you up to the dark satire, somehow reach you.
I can tell you how many emails I've gotten from people going, I didn't believe you about the shots until we gave it to our 18-month-old, and he's gone.
He's in the corner now drooling.
He was running around laughing, playing, talking.
Now he's gone.
Yeah, I know.
It's called eugenics, and they hit your child hard.
Because, boys, it has an over-effect.
It's meant to give you an IQ reduction.
That's in the government documents and in the reports.
But, again, with boys, sometimes it overdoes it, and it's just junior ain't coming back.
Heaven help us.
That's a blood-brain barrier issue with males.
Researchers found that autism rates in California continue to rise over the past several years, even though the preservative, known as the Marisol, had vanished from almost all vaccines by 2001.
No evidence, no links, no facts.
See, when we write our article refuting this, it'll all be backed up with links.
By the way, they had that report three years ago.
The Feds commissioned two studies saying mercury's good for your brain.
Remember that?
And they got newscasts saying lead in toys is good.
Oh, I know I've played it probably 40 times.
Get the clip where Mercury's good for you, please.
I'm sorry.
This aired nationwide on every channel, every show.
We got it locally.
We heard it was airing everywhere and went and caught it again on the rebroadcast.
And they said that Mercury is good for your brain.
Now, folks, that's not true.
Mercury's one of the most studied heavy metals out there.
It is the most deadly to brain tissue.
Because unlike other heavy metals that just kill the cells they come in contact with, mercury causes an electrochemical shock wave that continues like acid to just keep burning through.
It's the heavy metal gift that keeps on giving.
Do you have the nutritious mercury clip?
It's corrupt again.
That's weird.
That particular clip keeps crying.
We can find it on YouTube.
Just grab it again, John.
You're the best.
And it goes on to say, the study makes clear that thimerosal cannot be the major cause of autism in California, said its lead author, Dr. Robert Schechter, medical officer of the immunization branch of the California Department of Health.
Oh, the same California Department of Health that used to euthanize and that carries out eugenics and sterilizations?
I mean, the government tells you that it's safe and that there's not mercury in it when there is.
Another expert called the study limited and said it did not prove the vaccines had no connection to autism.
By the way, I pulled the study.
It was only in children taking non-thimerosal shots.
That's a minority.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Have a cold cup of coffee and a long hot, hot tea Is the price you pay to be out on the highway?
Well, 18 wells roll slow through the city Look out, I got my hammer down, I'm gonna see my baby
Welcome back.
Glad that you decided to join us today.
By the way, you probably never heard this on the radio.
That's because it's brand new.
Just came out in the last month.
That's track six, Truckin' Home, from Weldon Henson, trying to get by.
Weldon Henson is a great Air Force veteran, works there in the office, does a fabulous job, friends with Trey.
Weldon's been a fan of this show for years, and they gave me their CD.
And I'm telling you, I know good country music.
Every track on here is good.
This is better than most of the junk I hear on Case and K-Vet here locally in Austin.
And if anybody deserves to make it big in country music, it's Weldon.
Because he is certainly a talent, and Trey plays bass on here.
And they do have some shows here in Austin coming up.
We'll tell you about that as those near.
But we're going to be playing some more of these throughout the show today and tomorrow.
You can go to WeldonHenson.com.
Henson spelled H-E-N-S-O-N.
Weldon, W-E-L-D-O-N, Henson.com.
Great CD, struggling young artist, and for a first CD, believe me, that is good country.
Kind of sounds like Dwight Yoakam, but even better.
I mean, to tell you, every one of these songs is great.
They're not paying me to say that, though they now owe me, but it is good country music.
I think Weldon Henson is going to make it big if he just keeps working at it.
He's very talented.
He's a good-looking guy on top of it.
And he's hardworking.
And, Weldon, when you've got big ranches and helicopters, you owe me, okay?
All right, that's enough of that.
That's coming up.
Let's get into some more serious issues here.
Beth Harris, of course, helped put together the HBO special that aired last year on election fraud.
Beth Harris, we've been interviewing her for years.
We've had executives go public and say they're stealing elections.
We've caught them red-handed hundreds of times.
This is real.
People just went to jail in Ohio for stealing the 2004 vote.
This is happening.
Both parties are doing it.
A lot of discrepancies in Iowa.
And they can also manipulate things in New Hampshire.
Don't forget that Frank Luntz
The Fox News pollster has been caught with fake focus group people and actors staging events for Romney and Giuliani and McCain against Ron Paul.
I mean, they do stage events.
They are manipulating things.
And so you better know that's in the cards.
And so joining us is Bev Harris.
Big story up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Vote fraud expert warns of new Hampshire chicanery.
And it goes on from there.
Key vulnerabilities of Diebold machine identified within 10 minutes by programmer.
Beth Harris, I know you're very busy right now.
Thank you for joining us.
Well, hello there.
Always a pleasure to be here, Alex.
Plug the website that people should visit for all the details and the backup for the info you're putting out here.
Blackboxvoting.org and we've also got links there to a bunch of video on YouTube that will
You know, because I'm getting more and more convinced that we have to get video because people just don't necessarily believe you if you just tell them.
And seeing is believing.
We actually pulled apart one of the voting machines that is used in New Hampshire and kind of are doing a guided tour.
It's kind of live time.
It's interesting because programmers and electronic experts are coming in now on the blackboxvoting.org forums.
And weighing in with what they're seeing on that motherboard and on those chips and so forth.
Break down what happened in Iowa, then let's get into New Hampshire.
Yeah, Iowa is interesting.
The Democrats actually pulled off a pretty transparent caucus there because they had an open source, the live reporting of precincts going on.
It was pretty good.
It missed a couple of things, but pretty good.
The Republicans...
It was basically, we called it a magic show and not even a good magic show.
It was a bad magic show.
I mean, they basically said, it looked real good on the front end.
You know, everybody goes and they vote and it's all very transparent.
And then where the information went from there is anybody's guess.
Because basically, the Republicans did not release even the county level results until hours after the caucuses had finished.
I got several different stories for why they didn't release that, but none of them held water.
As of a couple days ago, I haven't checked lately, they still had not released the precinct results.
So, basically, you had a situation where everyone could say, well, this is what happened at my precinct.
By the way, Bev, as of last night, they still haven't released the precinct results.
And a lot of people are saying, well, if they were going to steal it, Ron Paul would have got nothing.
No, no, no, no, no.
The methodology, because they've been convicted and caught.
This goes on.
This is real, folks.
Okay, it didn't just happen in the Soviet Union.
LBJ did it.
People just went to jail in Iowa, in Ohio, for this in the last big election.
Understand, ladies and gentlemen, A, this goes on.
B, there's all the telltale signs in Iowa.
They're heating up for it.
All the telltale signs again in New Hampshire.
And, of course, the key point to all of this...
Is that they don't steal it in an obvious way.
They do it in a very manipulative way so they get away with it.
Explain that, Beth.
Well, yeah, and they also will work on positions 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 sometimes as well and putting things from one bin to another and stuff.
The whole point here is if you cannot check that what you saw at your precinct is what they counted, it's a magic show.
I don't think we need to get any more complicated than that.
It's the same thing as saying, I tell you what, I know that these votes here were for Joe Blow, and then everybody sends them somewhere, we don't know where, to a man behind the curtain, and then he steps forward and announces, well, you know, Suzy Q won.
Trust me, I counted your Joe Blow votes.
Well, we don't know that because he never published all the votes, so we can't see that they add up or that he even correctly reported ours.
And because they're so secretive, Bev, we don't know, but we know we have hundreds of Ron Paul supporters who said they were in those precincts and that Paul was winning, and they're on record, but then magically Ron Paul loses.
This is getting really suspicious.
Yeah, yeah, I mean...
It is rocket science.
And when I was talking to the Republican Party, I said, why didn't you even release any results?
I mean, you released nothing.
And he said, well, it was Google.
We had a Google map.
It was ridiculous.
And I said, you know what?
How did you get the results?
And we went around and around the mulberry bush on that.
Now explain, Bev.
Explain that there's always a pattern.
They always claim it's going to be transparent.
Then suddenly it's late.
They can't get it to you.
But rarely do they never release it.
I mean, there's a pattern because they need time to check all the numbers to make sure their fraud matches.
And then you saw that exact same signature of fraud, didn't you?
Well, yeah.
I mean, we don't have any of the information.
And it's like...
Are the results being claimed in detail by the Republican Party, and do they match what we saw at the precinct?
And remember, they didn't publicly release the precinct stuff
By posting it at the precinct.
And instead they just say, we're not going to tell you what precinct said.
We're not going to tell you what we say.
Here's the winners.
Trust us.
If you don't like it, we'll send some guys by with machine guns.
And then if you question it, they'll go all into, well, whoa, when we go to the precinct and we count this way and everybody raises their hand and it's like, that has nothing to do with the central question of what you did with the data afterwards.
And we're going to see the same thing in New Hampshire where they'll say,
We're good to go.
I think?
Get his hands on controlling 81% of the votes in New Hampshire, and he's private, so he's not even subject to public records.
And then the public's fooled, going, well, New Hampshire's got paper ballots.
No, they don't.
You fill out bubbles, scantrons, and feed them into computers.
Now, New Hampshire's very interesting, and there's something interesting I think we might be able to do.
Yeah, and 81%.
Yeah, Ron Paul's going to win the 20%.
He's going to win the 21%.
He's going to lose all the others.
Well, remember, in New Hampshire, it's not counties that have the election, it's townships.
So they have about 240 townships.
Of those, 45% of them hand count paper ballots in public.
They can't do much to gain those, okay?
So they've got 45% of the area.
And he's going to get second and first place there, and he's going to lose all the others, just like what happened to Dean.
Dean won all the non-Diebold machines, lost all the other Diebold machines, what, by 10 points?
Yes, but we were slow out of the gate then.
We can be quick out of the gate because then we couldn't even find out which places had which system.
I have that listed on Black Box Voting.
It's in the New Hampshire Forum.
You can find every township in New Hampshire.
So, folks, you're hearing it here first.
You're hearing it here first thanks to Bev Harris' analysis.
We've got to watch versus the hand-counted versus the die-bold.
Are they going to steal it like with Howard Dean again?
Go ahead, Bev.
So one of the things we need to do is watch which townships have which results
And then go to the New Hampshire section of the blackboxvoting.org forum and find out how that matches up to which ones were hand count and which ones were counted by Diebold and this guy, John Sylvester, and his private company.
It should be very interesting to compare whether the hand count locations differ.
Now, people will tell you, oh, but the demographics may differ, blah, blah, blah.
Well, you know what?
If you've been cheating for 15 or 20 years,
The demographics will have been cheated all those years, too.
This system has been used in New Hampshire since the early 1990s.
So I don't think demographics are worth a cup of warm spit at this point.
Because we don't even know whether the demographics from 10 years ago were correct in these Diebold voting machine count places.
But what we can find out is, are the results different there or not?
They will either be different from the hand count locations or they won't.
Well, we need to all watch blackboxvoting.org.
And by the way, we need to have this instantly out.
I don't have the personnel.
I don't have the capital.
I don't have the staff.
Neither does Bev.
We can check your numbers.
Go get her list now.
There's a lot of statisticians, a lot of teachers, a lot of mathematicians, a lot of people that are good at numbers, a lot of accountants.
Get in there tonight.
Be watching in live time as it happens versus the townships that have the hand-counted ballots versus the ones that have Diebold.
Go to ronpaulwarroom.com.
You can post in live time.
Post your findings.
Post your numbers.
The minute you see fraud happening, start calling the local talk shows.
Start calling national talk shows.
Start calling the news.
We can't wait until tomorrow or the next day
To expose this fraud, because then they'll spin it.
And I'm going to tell you, when fraud comes out, and you know what's going to happen.
These are criminals.
I mean, they run this country.
They're not going to turn loose easy.
I mean, they've already been caught having fake polls, fake focus groups, red-handed, okay?
When this happens, I'm telling Ron Paul's campaign, they better come out and start contesting now.
Because, you know, this is our electoral process.
This is our election process.
Bev, what do you say to that?
Well, yeah.
And hey, there's another thing people should do.
Get a recording of both the C-SPAN and the CNN stuff tonight because they caught a very interesting anomaly with that last time where they were carefully, you know, they played back the recording and they were able to see that in Linn County, Iowa...
One of the candidates had his votes dropped by 2,000 votes when more votes came in.
And then you bring it up and they say, oh, we're not going to discuss that.
Oh, I got an explanation for it, and the explanation for it did make sense.
But it's important to catch those things because a lot of times the explanations won't make sense.
But it doesn't do any good if you just saw it flash by on the screen.
I really regretted that I had not recorded the C-SPAN coverage, and fortunately somebody had.
So I definitely think this now is the time, and record it from start to finish.
The moral of this story is, Bev Harris out running around the country, exhausting herself, Alex Jones doing it, Ron Paul doing it.
We can't do this alone.
We need you.
And the exciting thing is, Bev, you were talking about this five years ago.
A lot of folks weren't listening.
Now we've gone from it being kooky to say there's election fraud to everybody knowing that there's scams going on.
I know, and you were one of the first ones there with me.
I remember you were one of the first national radio talk show hosts to take this seriously.
And, I mean, it's been now three states have now said there's not a single voting machine that can be trusted.
You know, Ohio, I mean, it's just imploding on itself.
But what we're also seeing is when it implodes, the officials sort of don't know what to do because they don't want to go back to hand counting.
Or they go back to Scantrons that are still fed into computers.
Right, right.
And I even said to the folks in New Hampshire, I said, can't we even just see what went into the scanner?
Like, show us all the ballots and let us get on our videotape what all the ballots are and then put them in the scanner.
Or even take them out afterwards and show them so we can compare input to output.
And they're like, oh, I don't think so.
In 1996, when Pat Buchanan was running, I was here in Austin.
There were Pat Buchanan signs everywhere.
I was working with the campaign.
I went down to volunteer, but they demanded I be paid like three bucks an hour or something.
It's below minimum wage.
And I just walked around stacking ballots, asking everybody.
Pat Buchanan had half the votes.
At the end of the night, he had like 7-8%.
I mean, I saw them.
It wasn't just that precinct.
I was seeing them from all over the city.
I was at the Central Tabulation Center sticking them in the computer machines, and I saw Pat Buchanan robbed in Texas.
I have seen it with my eyeballs.
Oh, another code speak people should be aware of.
When it gets caught or when people see something wrong, here's the next stage.
Watch the politicians and their people that some people think are the good guys, quote, and they'll say, we're going to be forward-looking from now on.
Yes, we've identified a problem, but what we're going to look at is some future.
If you had that approach to bank robbery, you'd be saying, we're going to be forward-looking.
You know what?
Anyone can have a bank robbery and they can keep their money and we're never going to investigate them because we're going to be forward-looking.
Unless we consecrate this stuff, unless we actually investigate it.
Well, Bev, that's all corporate Delphi technique.
They teach that in corporate seminars, you know, to say, oh, you're a stakeholder, oh, we're forward-looking, oh, I've heard what you want, now we're going to do what you want, and then you say what you really want.
They treat you like children, folks.
It's an absolutely amazing thing.
Well, I have to tell you, New Hampshire is very interesting because it's a combination of the best and the worst.
We've got these 45% locations, which are only 19% of the vote, which are hand-counted in public, which is how it should be done.
And then you've got 55% of the locations, which is 81% of the vote,
And then basically, you know, the Don, the Godfather, has got this little company, and he, like, controls all the memory cards.
What is that, you know?
Bev, I want to do five more minutes with you.
Stay there until after the break.
I want to hear about this Godfather, who's the only person that gets to vote in New Hampshire.
I mean, he controls it, and you can't look under the hood.
They just say, trust us, and if you try to protest, again, we'll send men that wear black ski masks, who flunked out of special forces, who want to wage war against you.
We have weapons.
Shut up.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Builder Bird.
Would their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Don't forget to make great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
We're good to go.
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That's 866-885-6625.
We at The Bible Says want to alert the world to the topic of the Mark of the Beast.
Soon it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act,
This issue is about worship, not economics.
All right, I got tons of financial news, tons of military news.
We'll even get to some of your calls.
There's just so much happening.
Bev Harris, quickly, I know you're busy.
I want to get a report from you tomorrow in the aftermath.
If my producer hasn't set you up, let me set you up for the show right now.
Bev, tell us about this kingpin in New Hampshire who, well, magically, the anti-establishment candidate always loses when he's got his hand at the switch.
Well, you know, and I'm not saying he's good or bad.
I'm saying the system is ridiculous to put it in the hands of one guy who's not even working for any... I mean, it's just like nobody knows anything about him.
He actually also, he has a small company called LHS Associates with just a handful of guys, and they have total control over programming the memory cards and the chips
And doing all the service, maintenance, and repair on the machines themselves.
And then no one's allowed to inspect the chips.
We have thousands of chips missing.
Everything's fine.
Yeah, so everything goes through one guy.
Anytime you're talking about a criminal enterprise, if it goes through just one hand or a series of two or three people, that's a pretty narrow pipeline.
And he not only controls every loading machine machine,
Chip, a memory card in New Hampshire, but in Vermont, every single thing in Connecticut, which is coming up on Super Tuesday on February 5th, and almost everything in Massachusetts, which again is coming up on February 5th.
See, notice, why don't they have a company per 20 polling places?
No, they've got to have it for multi-states, always the trusted die bold, always the friend helping.
Yeah, and it's crazy.
And I got video of him.
And frankly, you know, one of the things we're doing right now in live time is I put the video of the innards of the machine up and the techs are sort of looking at that because he made statements as to what is and isn't in there.
And I want to see if what he said is true or not.
Because if he is misrepresenting things to the state of New Hampshire, that would be very helpful, at least in terms of dislodging this... Well, Ben, I'll say it again.
I'll say it again.
Some weird stuff's happened in New Hampshire.
And the good news is to all these people...
We were kooks five years ago, ten years ago when I talk about it, twelve years ago when I'd have to call your brothers on talking about it, now both dead.
And now, everybody you talk to knows there's fraud going on.
So your days are numbered, and I just want the enemies of the republic to know their days are numbered.
BevHarrisBlackBoxVoting.com.org Do you have your book in front of you?
When can I get you one tomorrow for a report in the aftermath of New Hampshire?
Go ahead and just have your producer shoot me an email and I'll commit by email.
I'm actually...
Because I've been keeping it pretty free.
I haven't given a lot of commitments out.
So I'll go ahead and do that.
We'll do it by email.
I'll be happy to be on.
Well, let me just have you on at like 1108 Central, you know, right when we go on the show for a report on what you've seen happen in New Hampshire.
Okay, now you're Central time.
Okay, that'd be great.
Will do.
Where are you right now?
Pacific Coast.
Okay, so that'd be about 908 your time?
Oh, by the way, I have just gotten a report in from someone who's on the scene in New Hampshire saying that some of the campaigns, we can guess which one, I'm not allowed to say because I'm a non-profit, some of the campaigns are kicking out the poll watchers.
Of course they are.
Oh, there's a lot of special things that are going to happen.
Yeah, the poll watchers can tell how many people showed up versus how many they have in the report.
Let me guess, Hillary's kicking people out.
I'm not allowed to say, but I think people can Google it.
You mean as a non-profit, you're not even allowed to say what campaigns are doing?
During a live campaign, we're not supposed to say anything that could help or hurt a candidate.
Well, they claim that.
I mean, they can claim that there's no Second Amendment, or they can claim churches don't have free speech.
I know, Bev, you're trying to, you know, stay... Yeah, well, I mean, because I don't think it's necessary anyway, because people will figure it out.
Well, is my guess right that it's Hillary?
I'll Google it.
However, after the campaign is over, or after this particular contest is over, I can say anything I want, because it's just reporting facts.
Well, Bev, you've done a super job, and we appreciate you.
And we'll talk to you at the start of the live transmission tomorrow in the aftermath of New Hampshire.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, the establishment's got fake news.
Actors in focus groups on Fox, they've got fake polls.
They've all been caught stealing coast to coast.
People have gone to jail from Ohio.
They're not about to let Ron Paul win tomorrow.
This is all part of the process.
All part of waking people up.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, gold is at 878, and it's high today.
It's going up and down right now.
I've got them saying that there's no mercury in the vaccines anymore.
Total lies.
I've got a bunch of other news.
Just a giant plethora of it.
I will get to your calls.
You can be assured, the last 40 minutes of this show, it's going to be all your phone calls at 1-800-
I've got a bunch of chemtrail clips I've got to play, a bunch of financial.
It's just all insane.
How do you cover it all?
I don't know.
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And if you haven't gotten prepared and gotten ready...
I don't know what to say to you.
Shifting gears out of the election fraud we were just covering, let me just finish up with a Ron Paul statement.
People take my clips of me saying, you know, there's election fraud, and then they say, well, why are you saying vote for Ron Paul?
Why are you saying even get involved?
We're going to show everybody.
And plus it grows the liberty movement, and Ron Paul's out there educating, and people are talking about the Federal Reserve, and about how the Republicans aren't really conservative, and
And they're learning about the New World Order and the North American Union.
I mean, it's now becoming household discussion.
We win there.
And we prove there's fraud.
In the last six, seven years, we've gone from no one knowing about it to literally in major polls, 80... What was it, a few months ago I saw a couple national polls, 80 plus percent believe that the voting machines are frauds and they're stealing the elections.
Game over, punks!
First, you've got to expose the criminals, okay?
That's first!
Got to do that first.
And we're going to do it.
And they're scared now.
They're trying to set up a police state, take 10% of the college graduates and put them into domestic homeland security to run our lives.
It ain't going to work, okay?
You want to announce that you're going to control our thermostats and face scan us and run our lives and watch us and have kill switches in all our cars?
Go ahead and try.
You can't get us all on welfare.
You can't get us all on CPS.
You can't get us all in prison.
You can't get us all on Prozac and Ritalin or the illegal drugs you ship in or the liquor you push everywhere.
You're not getting all of us under your thumb.
You beat them by being clean cut, by being winners.
The French say it.
The best revenge is living well.
Live well.
Beat the government scum and the corporate masters that own and run them.
Beat them.
Don't fight with your wife.
Don't fight with your husband.
Beat them.
Take care of your children.
Spend time with them.
Love them.
Beat the New World Order.
Don't drink their fluoride water.
Beat them.
Beat them!
Beat them!
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Bill Burr is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Mercury-containing vaccines may have on kids.
A life-saving device wins over-the-counter approval by the FDA.
And sick of your glasses and contact lenses?
A new corrective eye surgery is approved today.
It's the next medical headlines with medical watch reporters from the map.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.
Okay, I went and read those two federally funded studies, and A, they didn't even say that.
B, it claimed that test scores were going up nationwide, and so therefore mercury must be good.
And by the way, they admit the feds have been cooking the education numbers.
Do you think Americans are getting more educated, more intelligent, more informed?
No, that we're being turned into a bunch of drooling animals.
I mean, I'm not even that smart, and I can't have conversations with the general public.
I mean, even professionals, even neighbors I've got are low-grade mornons.
I try not to be sardonic.
I just can't handle it anymore.
I can't handle it anymore.
They call us kooks when we say buy gold when it's 300 bucks an ounce.
It's 870-something now.
They tell you that sodium fluoride is good for your brain when the Nazis used it in slave camps and Pulitzer Prize-winning books covered it.
They're attacking us!
I've got clips where they say poison food and poison toys is good for America.
Suddenly they're now saying the all-time high of gold is higher than it is now.
They're just lying.
We've entered hyper-warp.
They're running around lying about Ron Paul, saying he called Martin Luther King a gay pedophile, and then saying they just heard someone claim he said that.
Like Ron Paul talks like that.
They just mix stuff up and I'm sick of it!
And I'm freaked out, too.
You think I'm happy that we've been right about gold, how it was going to explode?
No, I said when it goes up, that means they're gutting the country.
That means we're going down the tubes.
You know what happens when economies go down?
Crime explodes.
By the way, the crime numbers are already going up since the first time since the early 1990s.
We peaked in the mid-1980s.
We had bad economy in the early 80s.
I remember hearing some days there would be like eight murders a day in Dallas growing up.
You better start locking your doors, folks.
You better start watching at red lights and not get carjacked.
Cops better start watching their hind ends.
The crime is already exploding.
And you wait until we have a hardcore recession.
Just, man, I tell you, we're in deep trouble.
And we've got 30 million illegal aliens who think they're God's gift to America here.
And they're the dregs of Latin America.
Most of them have hardcore criminal records.
They come up here so they can get away from prison and the law.
This country is falling apart.
It's falling apart.
The dollar went down again!
And I got bad news.
While the dollar's dropping in purchasing power, now the pound is dropping for the first time.
Oh, remember I told you a few months ago?
It's not just going to be the dollar dropping.
Everything's going to start dropping.
Global inflation.
Global inflation.
I mean, I'm freaked out every day.
You understand?
People say, Alex is a fear monger.
You bet I am.
There's scary stuff going on.
You have to... Absolutely.
I get the willies every night when I go to sleep.
And I thank God for every day I've got above ground.
And I thank God for all the good things we've got.
There's so much beauty.
There's so much good.
There's so much that I want to protect.
Look at this.
Gold prices...
Strikes record high of $8.76 and rising, by the way.
This was hours ago.
In fact, look up Kitco, John.
Tell me what it is right now.
Gold hits record high above $8.75.
That's Reuters.
BBC, recession in the U.S.
has arrived.
Merrill Lynch has announced it arrived a year and a half ago.
Boy, when they announce it, that's when they're going to hammer us bad.
They're trying to start a Gulf of... Remember Ron Paul?
Remember Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, father of Reaganomics?
Remember Zbigniew Brzezinski testifying that they would stage some Gulf of Tonkin garbage?
They're now doing it on the Eva Bush going over there.
Every time a president goes over to the Middle East, they start a war right after.
Hostile Iranian ships hyped by war-hungry neocons on Eva Bush trip.
I got Ted Anderson in here, and then your calls are coming out.
I got a bunch of chemtrail clips, too.
Ted, I hate to say I told you so, but what do you see happening with this economy, A, and are you as freaked out as I am?
Because this may go into full-bore depression.
That's what Roberts and others are saying.
Alex, there's no question about it we're heading into depression.
There is no way we can escape that.
The value of the United States dollar is dumping so fast it's falling into the toilet.
You know, I'm in the same position.
I don't need to say I told you so.
I'm just saying buckle down the hatches.
If you have, right now, look at your portfolios.
If you have stocks, if you have bonds, if you have CDs in the bank, you know, your IRAs.
I mean, there isn't anything that I can think of that isn't going to be affected by this.
Even real estate, because of the fact that you have all this subprime loan problem and all this stuff that's going on.
Anything that's all leveraged like that, you've got to be careful with that.
It's all going to be melting down right now.
When the economy gets tough, people can't afford to buy homes.
And by the way, it's not just the subprime mortgage.
I was talking to a realtor visiting Austin from Minnesota.
He started some of the biggest remixes up there.
They're out of business.
And he was telling me about how it started getting bad five years ago, and then they kept hoping, hoping.
He says the market's about 2% of what it was five years ago now.
Yeah, that's what's going on.
I mean, everything that was the foundation for the economy of the United States of America is melting right in front of us.
But now we've got more than ten states coming and saying, hey, you sold us AAA bonds, AAA rated paper, and it's actually junk.
Explain to people, because you've been in the stock market, you've been a trader, explain to them what rating junk as AAA means.
Well, what that would mean is a AAA bond is a bond that is rated by either Moody's or one of those institutions like that, Standards and Pores does it, and they rate the bonds that are most likely able to be paid with the best collateral as AAA.
And then they also have what's called a debenture, and a debenture is a bond that's rated very low, very risky, tend to pay a higher interest rate,
And those are lower ratings.
Now, those ratings can change on a bond.
They don't always stay the same.
If an institution that sold the bond or took the loan becomes less credible, their rating goes down, and therefore the value of the bond loses purchase.
The point is, they took junk and piled it into AAA and mixed them with AAA, and now states are saying, give us our pension fund money, and they're being told, sorry, we can't.
Yep, that's exactly what's going on.
Pensions are being lost.
It's happening in construction.
It's also happening in government pensions.
Obviously, Social Security is not funded at all.
It's been used, all that money's been used to be... Gold right now is at $877.50.
Ted, before we run out of time here...
I just wish I had more capital to get into more metals and go put them in a safe deposit box or bury them at the farm or whatever.
I've tried to move into silver because it hasn't moved yet.
Briefly explain that silver, gold's still only at half.
I know in dollars it's at its all-time record, but it's really only at half its value to 1980 purchasing power.
Silver, gold hasn't even moved yet, but comparatively, it's moved a lot more than silver.
First explain that, then explain gold.
Tell them about the offer.
Sure, okay, well let's talk about that just for a second.
Gold at $8.77 right now is really, if you take the value of inflation that has come in, how much the dollar's lost, $800 gold in 1980 equals about $2,400 gold today.
So right now it's about half of what it was in 1980.
Silver right now is at a great buy because that was at $50 in 1980, and right now you can buy it at $15 in today's dollars.
It's really worth about $100.
So if you take a look at that, in general, the silver is a really wonderful buy.
It has a lot of room to move forward, and obviously in very short supply, because if you take a look at the above-ground supplies against what the industry is demanding, there is certainly a very big shortage out there for that.
We're good to go.
In the gold market, it already has taken a move today.
I picked up some British Sovereigns here just a short while ago, and I've got them at $233.79.
Now, mind you, it's a quarter-ounce gold piece, and gold right now is almost $900 per ounce.
So that coin has just practically melted, and that's it.
Yet, it's still a coin that was manufactured back in the early part of the 1900s.
And falls in line of a lot of privacy rules that are out there.
And so it's a nice way to get into a small piece of gold and actually have something that you can trade.
They're excellent.
I've bought them.
I've given them as a gift to family.
Again, smaller pieces of gold always have higher value per their size.
And this is last week's prices, isn't it, Ted?
Oh, yeah.
As a matter of fact, I just, I mean, gold went up.
See, you don't even make the key point.
Ted has got last week's prices on gold he's holding in his vault.
Right now, it's going to run out quick.
How much gold do you have?
How much silver?
Well, in the British Sovereigns, I'm sure I can handle somewhere between about 400 coins I've committed to and what I've got in my safe.
So when they're gone, the prices are gone up.
And the silver dollar rolls right now, you know, maybe I could get three, four bags of them.
Which our bags are 1,000 coins of face value at this price, then their prices are going up.
And I'll just tell you right now, folks, Ted is just doing this to introduce you to metals.
That's nothing.
He literally is making, what, three, four bucks a coin off of this, just enough to do the transaction.
You are insane if you don't give him a call.
Give him the number.
Yeah, you can call it 1-800-686-2237.
Again, it's 1-800-686-2237.
Keep in mind right now, gold is about ready to hit $1,000 an ounce.
After that, it's $1,500.
You know, we're just heading that direction.
And we talk privately, Ted.
You're not happy about this, are you?
Well, it's not a representation of gold going up.
It's a representation of the value of the currency going down.
Yeah, we're happy we got lifeboats.
But the ship going down is so huge, it'll probably suck us under it with it, even if you have a lipo.
This is just happy we got a plank to hang on to in the North Atlantic.
Well, anybody that has children in the United States of America right now have got to be concerned about their future.
And that's where I am.
I've got three kids.
The point is, when the yuppies figure out the dollar's been trashed, when they figure out this happens, the Chinese are all running to buy gold.
That's in Financial Times of London right now.
That's the big reason it's going up.
When they... By the time the dumbed-down public figures this out, you won't be able to get your hands on the yellow metal or the silver.
Ted Fast, stay there.
I want you to finish up with your economic outlook on the other side.
I am completely depressed right now and mad.
And I just, it's disgusting.
It's a fact.
Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all banks in these United States create money out of thin air for every single loan they issue.
With never-ending late fees, over-the-limit fees, and higher and higher interest rates, it has become mathematically impossible to repay all debt, making all of us slaves to our creditors.
The Federal Debt Relief System has created a successful attorney-backed program to legally eliminate credit card debt, personal loans, lines of credit, and other unsecure debts which have been fraudulently created by the banks.
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Hi, neighbor.
The world famine is in its third year.
Our harvest is too small to get through the year.
Genetically poisoned food, dangerous food imports, and constantly recalled disease contaminated foods are mixed in with our safe food.
Farm food production is turned into ethanol fuel.
What should I do?
How long can I afford food or till there's no food?
How long before it's all poisoned?
Will three years worth of food supply be enough?
Or will it only postpone my trip to the population control bread line?
Will it be okay to wait till after the holidays?
I'll use what I didn't spend on Christmas for a something is better than nothing supply.
I'll get the rest later.
How long do I dare wait?
I know I'll regret not starting sooner and not getting enough food.
I have to decide while I still have a choice.
Tell me what to do.
Now take your own advice and call 800-409-5633 or on the web efoodsdirect.com.
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Too much confusion.
When economies start to implode, that's when governments like to blow up trade towers and blame it on their business partners.
That's when they attack Iraq.
That's when they attack Afghanistan.
That's when they attack Iran.
We told you it'd probably start with Gulf of Tonkin events right there on the Strait of Hormuz.
Or is it starting?
See, we know what we're talking about.
This is what we do.
This is all we do.
You don't sit around talking about flying saucers and chupacabras or how Hillary's a good liberal.
All that's imaginary.
We talk about reality.
We talk about the FEMA cams.
We talk about the face-scanning cameras.
We talk about the bioweapon attacks against you and your family through the vaccines and drugs.
I'm going to tell the police and military and everybody in government something again.
You may think it's you against us or us against them, whatever.
You're with us whether you like it or not.
You're under attack whether you want to admit it or not.
So when you do bad things to us and you follow through on this evil and your compartmentalized evil, just remember you're only hurting yourself.
I think a lot of you are figuring that out.
That's why the New World Order is getting so scared right now.
God, there's all these articles, Sybil Edmonds saying the government knew about it.
It is their cultural directive.
It is their New World Order directive.
They like it.
I know you're not like that, so you can't understand it.
Believe me.
Believe me, they don't play games.
It's about survival.
And what is the ultimate form of survival?
It's genociding your enemies, knocking out everyone else, dominating.
It's like one species coming in and knocking out another.
Well, we have a subspecies of Homo sapiens sapiens literally feeding on us, and they're openly saying they want to just call us off to have a global dictatorship that can never be defeated.
Stated openly.
All right, I'm already ranting.
I said I'd take calls.
I got all this chemtrail news.
Ted Anderson, what do you see?
I've been saying this.
As soon as they announce that we do have a recession, as soon as they announce we're in deep trouble, that's when the yuppies will find out.
That will then destroy confidence, and that's them signaling that they're ready to have us go down the roller coaster.
How bad do you think this is going to get?
Alex, it's really very bad.
Problem, like I said, 1971 we got away from the gold standard.
We lived on a legacy of countries lending us our prosperity.
It just grew and grew and got so gargantuously big that now the entire world is sitting on so much U.S.
dollar that they want to get out of that if any one single country dumps their reserves into the marketplace, it's just going to tumble everything.
That's the problem.
Right now, we could watch the dollar.
If China decided to get out, we might be able to get 10 cents on the dollar for what we're buying right now.
That's how bad it is, Alex.
Anybody that has savings, anybody that has investments that are related in U.S.
dollar, I mean, you've got to realize this wipes out companies, too.
And the companies that you're invested in, they're all, everything is a house of cards right now.
It is incredibly, incredibly bad.
Give them the number on those sovereigns and those silver dollars.
It's 1-800-686-
If you want to get into the gold and silver, do that.
It is going to be one of the few things that you can sit on that's going to be valuable.
Alex, people have been doing it for years with us.
Obviously, they're laughing their way to the bank while everybody else is watching their value, their assets just disappear.
It's very sad.
And by the way, gold, again, if you watch the graph, it goes down a little, then doubles for whatever it loses.
And it just keeps going straight up, and $800, $686, $2237.
I can't imagine a better deal.
Last week or two weeks ago, prices today with gold at $877 and rising an ounce.
Ted, thanks for spending time with us.
Hey, it's always a pleasure.
I'm sorry to bring the bad news, though.
Well, yeah, but the ship's sinking.
We're having to try to get life rafts.
The idiots are still...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, you notice they're rushing towards a bigger welfare state.
The government controlling your thermostats, face-scanning cameras, running your whole life, FEMA controlling everything, spies everywhere, more and more government, more and more welfare.
They're going to implode the economy, bring in total government, and just rule over us, black uniforms, having to kiss their boots.
Just... I just hope my daughters never bring home some guy in the future in a black uniform, you know, here and now.
It's just so horrible.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's drawings123.com.
If you go to jonesreport.com, Aaron's got three recent newscasts.
One out of Germany where it's the National Weather Station saying, yeah, American jets are spraying things all in the sky.
Here you can see the cloud banks are laying down.
We've got other newscasts out of California, out of Arkansas.
I'm not saying every trail in the sky is being sprayed, but the government admits, and by the way, the term that you need to look up concerning this is indirect and semi-direct aerosol campaign.
You type that into Google, and you get literally tens of thousands of hits where they admit aerosol spraying, how they're controlling the weather with it,
I think?
I think?
All I know is we can't do it all.
I don't have time to go dig out all the other reports we did and posted where they admitted that they, I know there's reports where, mainline reports where they increased four to five times the mercury in the flu shots and all the other main shots.
Where they didn't take the mercury out, they actually increased it, but then they made small runs available of the shots that don't have mercury.
And then they say, oh look, autism's still going up even though mercury's been out for eight years or seven years.
Oh look, it's not bad for you.
See how they lie?
It's incredible lying!
Go get it, put it together, post it on ronpaulwarren.com.
Anybody can post there.
We'll vet it, we'll look at it.
The point is, I can't even fight them anymore.
They're hitting me from too many angles.
There's too much.
They're just complete scum!
I know we've got a load of phones.
Let's just go to your calls fast.
Mark in Atlanta, thanks for holding.
What's on your mind?
God bless you, bro.
You're ever in our prayers.
I've got a number of things.
I'll try to be concise, okay?
Okay, first, back in 96, I was there the night that Dr. Alan Keyes was detained, which is a euphemism, and Bob Dole didn't even bother to show up like he had a mentality that the nod has already been given.
Yeah, Alan Keyes was kidnapped.
Alan Keyes was kidnapped, Jim.
And I was there the night, and shortly thereafter, Pat Buchanan addressed
The supporters of Dr. Keyes, of which I was there, and he basically said that he felt that Dr. Keyes should have been included in the debate.
More recently, Stachowiak was leading the anti-New World Order rally on November 9th, and he reported that on that morning, and I believe he has the police report, that a 9mm round punched through his car about 7 feet from his head,
The morning that he was preparing to go for that rally.
And to me it's like somebody's trying to intimidate him.
I got his number if you want it.
Whose number?
His name is Stachowiak.
He was one of the leaders for the anti-New World Order rally.
And basically we started out at the Capitol, had a series of speeches, we marched over
To the Many Truth Front called Communist News Network.
Okay, yeah, okay, I understand.
Sure, maybe off air, give me a number of some information.
There's just a lot of stuff out there like Henry Paulson got killed and stuff like that, so I've got to be real careful about some of the info.
I mean, I'm not saying that this didn't happen to this person, but I need to see it to believe it.
What else is going on?
Well, I had, you know, and of course you may have heard Bort spun it some time ago when
I really didn't plan on saying anything to Newt Gingrich, but I just... When I was standing there seeing this traitor being exalted, I just... The fire in the bones, by the way, is in Jeremiah, not Ezekiel.
An honest mistake.
Yeah, yeah.
Total scum.
Total CFR.
Destroyed the Republican Revolution.
Calling for world government.
Total trash.
Well, I wasn't intending an insult.
I was intending to stir up what's left of his conscience when I asked, Hey, Newt, how much you get for your soul?
And I said a few other things.
I noticed some people headed towards me rather quickly, so I turned on my heel and moved out a bit faster than they were approaching.
I got to jump.
I appreciate your call, Mark.
Call me back.
I mean, these are long stories you're telling.
They're all very interesting.
But let's talk to Stacy in Idaho.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
I live paycheck to paycheck with two little kids.
What can I do?
Well, I mean, you can tell people about InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
I think they're the best sources of info.
You can just tell people about the New World Order.
There's nothing better.
Well, would I be able to prepare myself for it?
Sure, sure.
You're saying get prepared.
I mean, do you live in a rural area?
Yeah, we live in Boise, in the capital.
Well, I mean, what you need is family.
And I don't know how bad it's going to get or how serious things will get, but we were 90% rural 70, 80 years ago.
Now we're 90% urban.
And so there's really, I don't know what you can do.
I mean, try to get a few months of basic food stored up as inexpensively as you can in case we go into a depression.
A lot of folks went hungry during the depression.
I mean, do you have a husband?
Yes, and we just struggle every day living paycheck to paycheck.
Well, there's a lot of tricks you can do.
Do you ever eat out?
No, not really.
We really eat at home.
I understand, but just cut that out.
If you need money for storable food, not to say you can get it from us.
You can go buy it at the store or whatever.
Do you have firearms to protect yourselves?
No, we don't.
Well, I mean, how many jobs is your husband working?
He just paints cars, and I work for a bank.
I understand you're working, and you shouldn't have to work.
I'm not saying he's bad, but I mean, tell him to take five jobs.
Whatever it takes, tell him no more football, no more TV, no more rest.
That's what men are supposed to do.
He needs to work.
I think 18 hours a day, your financial problems will be over rather quickly.
I'm not putting him down.
That's what men have to do so their women don't have to work.
And it's not that women shouldn't be able to work or shouldn't be CEOs.
It's that the government wants to get your kids.
Are your children in a government training camp?
No, I don't even immunize my kids.
Good, good, good.
I'm not knocking you and your husband.
So what, your mother takes care of them or something?
No, they stay with a friend of mine in home daycare.
That's wonderful.
Great, great.
That's wonderful.
And we'll try to find a local homeschooling group where they have groups of homeschoolers together.
It sounds like you're doing 98%.
That's great.
By the way, I'm not preaching at you.
I've got a lot of stuff I need to do.
I'm saying what's a perfect scenario.
You're just saying how to get ready.
I mean, just a few months is better than nothing.
Instead of storing water, have a filtration system.
I mean, you know, just basic stuff.
Basic stuff.
And, you know, if you get a firearm, make sure you're trained on it.
Make sure it's secured properly.
Do I register it?
No, don't register it.
What I'm saying is I'm not going to tell you to go out and buy a gun and then blow your foot off.
No, I know.
Anything else?
No, but you pretty much answered my question.
Well, you're the best, and I'm not trying to preach at you.
You know that.
Thank you so much.
You bet.
It just feels weird telling people what they should do and everything.
I know she asked me, but I know this.
If I didn't have a year's supply of storable food, and I didn't have firearms in the safes ready to be gotten to, and I didn't have a family as a network, I would be working even more to get that money in.
Because that's what you've got to do.
And I'm sorry.
If you've got children and you're a man...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
And, I mean, stuff is so bad, I wouldn't head to the hills because I think it's over and the end of the world and we're all doomed.
It's just stuff so dangerous with terrorism, government-sponsored terror, corrupt government, the spraying over the cities, the poisoning of the water.
They concentrate their ops.
On the cities.
But they got bands of MJTF all over the hill country.
Raiding old people, grabbing ranches.
I've been out there and covered it.
I mean, it's bad in the country.
They got goon squads in most areas there.
I mean, hell has been released, folks.
And just, it's going to get worse and worse and worse and worse.
There's no doubt now we have started to descend into the new world order.
And just buckle up, like Ted Anderson said, because it's going to get crazier and crazier and crazier.
Oh, man.
World taxes, bureaucrats harassing you, auditors, state, county, city, federal, and your businesses all over you.
Just people magnifying glasses down your throats.
Illegals running wild above the law, no IDs.
Everybody just feeding on you.
New taxes, regulations, just...
John in Texas, you're on the air.
John, go ahead, sir, you're on the air.
I hope I can lighten your mood for a moment here.
I watched Jay Leno last night, and before Ron Paul came on, Jay Leno did this little feature called Headlines.
And one of the things was this teaching aids for kids, and it was a globe.
This kid was pointing at the globe and the idea is that you touch the globe and it lights up and tells you where you are.
Well, the thing said Boston, Massachusetts, but the only problem was the kid was pointing to somewhere in India.
And knowing that one of your pet peeves is Americans' lack of geographical knowledge, I thought that might humour you up for a moment.
I'm not trying to be negative.
I just am starting to really mourn that they're doing it to us, John.
I mean, what do you think about what's happening to the world?
Oh, have you got two weeks?
Well, I'm a refugee from the occupied territory of Scotland, and here I am in the police state of the USA.
The weather's nicer.
What more can I say?
Oh, I just remembered something while I was waiting to talk to you, Alex.
You ran that Cal Ben ad.
I feel embarrassed about using that stuff because I don't know when we're ever going to have to buy any more of that.
It just lasts forever.
It's awesome.
It is good stuff.
I use it in my house.
I'm not kidding.
Well, I think, you know, it's always dark as before the dawn, the cliche goes, and people are waking up.
I think we're going to make it through this.
It's just... Can you imagine what it would be like if Ron Paul got the presidency?
I think a lot about this, and I just think the potential, if all the right elements fell into place...
God, Alex, it would be a second revolution, and it would just be wonderful.
It would be, but you know he's going to win New Hampshire, and they're going to steal it from him, those little bastards.
If it ain't nailed down.
What do you think about the spin that Mercury's out of the vaccines, and so autism's still going up, so it can't be the shots, but then they admit it really is still in the shots.
I mean, they just lie so much.
Well, I just shudder, because I had one vaccination when I was a kid, and that was for polio.
But that was in the early 50s, you know, and that was a serious threat in those days.
But yeah, when I hear about the vaccinations that kids are expected to have here, and, you know, I do a fair bit of research, it's frightening.
And I remember being at a doctor's surgery there a while back down in South First Street, and it was one of these times, you know, it must have been the time of the school year, and there was all these parents bringing these kids in, and I was sitting there just
Diane, are you people mad?
It's incredible.
Hey, I enjoyed talking to you, John.
Thanks for holding.
Call back in again another day, and we can give you more time.
I just love that accent, don't I?
Picture a Scotty dog marching down the street.
Joe in Wisconsin, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I've got to move fast to play these chemtrails.
Alex, I'd like to talk to the new listeners about the Federal Reserve Bank.
And this was brought on because I was talking to a programmed Fox bot yesterday who said that the Fed makes money system more stable.
And I said, no, it makes it more unstable.
Basically, what happens is in December 1913, all the gold in Fort Knox actually represented money.
But in 1971, like you said, they stripped it all away.
What they do is if the Federal Reserve were a credit bank, they would have no money on deposit, and they're just making loans out of thin air and charging us what's called the prime lending rate.
And that's even what they charge the bank.
The bank turns around and charges us even more for that.
So if we were to collect up all the money in the system right now and give it right back, they'd say, oh, by the way, you owe us interest.
It's all a scam.
I appreciate your call.
I've got to go to Chemtrails now.
Big report up on JonesReport.com.
I meant to do a whole report on today.
We are doing one tomorrow.
We have a guest on about Chemtrails tomorrow.
Bev Harris is going to be on with us right at the front to see what kind of fraud took place in New Hampshire.
It's guaranteed.
They've done it before.
But right now, this is a newscast that just came out.
This is from Arkansas.
Here it is.
Could a strange substance found by a Southwest Arkansas man be part of a government test?
Well, that's the question at the heart of a phenomenon called chemtrails, now getting widespread attention.
Well, tonight, Bay Play News 12 investigation reporter Jeff Farrell shows us the results of testing we had done about what's in our skies.
It seemed like some mornings it was just crisscrossing the whole sky.
It was just like a giant checkerboard.
Bill Nichols snapped several photos of the strange clouds from his home in Stamps, Arkansas.
They begin as normal contrails from a jet engine, but do not fade away like a normal contrail.
Soon after, he saw particles in the air.
We'd see it drop to the ground in a haze.
Nichols then noticed the material collecting on the ground.
This is water and stuff that I collected in bowls.
I had it set out in my backyard on my dad's pickup truck.
KSLA News 12 had the sample tested at a lab.
The results?
A high level of barium.
6.8 parts per million.
More than three times the toxic level set by the EPA.
Armed with these lab results about the high levels of barium found in our sample, we decided to contact the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.
They told us that, yes, these levels are very unusual.
But at the same time, they added the caveat that proving the source is a whole other matter.
Barium is a hallmark of other chemtrail testing, which even attracted attention from a Los Angeles TV station.
There's already no shortage of unclassified weather modification programs by the government.
But those who fear chemtrails could be secret biological or chemical testing on the public
Point to the 1977 Senate hearings in particular, which confirmed 239 populated areas had been contaminated with biological agents between 1949 and 1969.
Later, the 1994 Rockefeller Report concluded hundreds of thousands of military personnel were also subjected to secret biological experiments over the last 60 years.
But could secret testing be underway yet again?
I'd rather it be something inert and benign or something that's... You can watch the second half of that.
I want to come back and play the other newscast on the other side and maybe jam in a call or two.
But the point here is that now in California, it shows that they're flying at like 2,000 feet in the summer and spring.
Huge clouds and people are falling down, flopping around, and everybody's getting super sick.
And remember in... This news report doesn't even remember.
In Oklahoma and in Arkansas in 2003, they sprayed bacteria over every city.
The Army did in, quote, tests.
Then they said it was subtilis coloburgi that causes abortions in all mammalian species, in all mammals.
Cats, dogs, cows, homo sapiens, sapiens, that's us.
Folks, they aren't hitting us hard everywhere.
I mean, I'm seeing chemtrails in Austin now at like 2,000 feet.
I mean, these things are flying right by.
It's just... It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Wouldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas makes great progress toward the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, isn't it?
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
Call now to speak to one of our specialists
I think?
We're good to go.
Call now.
That's 800-794-4313.
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A tool that helps relieve the pain and doesn't just treat the symptoms.
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Yes, that's right.
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Finally, something available that really relieves those stubborn aches and pains.
Well, you will see things...
It was an inside job.
Jeff from above.
A bunch of mad eugenicists running everything.
Playing God with everybody.
Just remember who did it to you.
The economy, everything.
Your loving New World Order.
They've just started.
We're in danger of them starting something with Iran right now.
That's clear with the situation with the ships, Bush going over there.
Because the economy's in trouble.
They want to smoke screen that by starting a war and then saying Iran caused the economy to go down.
They always kind of sandwich the two together.
You know, that report out of Arkansas then goes on to say, oh, yeah, the U.S.
government says it's allowed under U.S.
law to use chemical, biologicals, and radiologicals on us.
Of course, they didn't give you the law.
It's U.S.
Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1520A, Paragraph B. Now, you can rewind that on the Internet, and you can write all that down and Google it, and you'll find it.
Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1520A, Paragraph B.
Oh, no, they don't spray us with anything.
It says they're allowed to use lethal.
They're allowed to kill us.
No, you're criminals.
You're scum.
You're not allowed to kill me.
I'm a human being!
You filth!
You control freak scumbag New World Order trash!
I'm sick of you and all your idiots that support you and all your compartmentalized thumb-sucking morons that don't know what's going on here!
Now destroying our dollar totally.
That's all we've got left is that stupid dollar, you idiots.
I'm talking to the morons out there who love this system.
Play the newscast.
The community of the San Bernardino Mountains has a real mystery on its hands.
The official explanation here is that jet contrails are causing strange lines in the sky and that it's pollen making people sick on the ground.
But others are convinced it is something else.
And they ask, is the government experimenting with our weather?
There was a huge dust cloud.
Longtime Cedar Glen resident Gretchen Sherman says she has never seen anything like it.
Oh, it covered the entire Cedar Glen area.
A cloud of dust, leaving a sticky yellow slime all over her car.
It happened again last February, and calls began pouring into the local Alpenhorn newspaper.
And they had a tremendous upsurge of children that were not going to school at that time.
Pharmacist Ed Burroughs says it is the most mysterious illness he's seen in 22 years on the mountain.
A lot of eye infection problems, upper respiratory problems, nosebleeds.
The nearby March Air Force Base say it didn't come from them.
Others said it was a pollen cloud.
The Department of Health found a yellowish tint on a tissue submitted for testing.
But, quote, there was no sign of any biological form, such as cedar pollen, and the test was ruled inconclusive.
And it wasn't long before things ballooned into a sky-high mystery.
The story is not just here in Crestline in the alleged yellow cloud.
People say the government is up there in airplanes spraying all kinds of chemicals to change or manipulate the weather, leaving what you see there, and they call that a chemtrail.
So what I look at there, and I think are contrails,
You're telling me, or chemtrails?
Yes, that a contrail would be dissipated by now.
It would?
Yes, it would.
On the Internet, they are cited as proof of the government creating clouds to combat global warming.
In response, the Air Force says that, quote, there is no such thing as a chemtrail.
The actual contrails are a safe and natural phenomenon.
And that people are seeing more contrails simply because there are more jets forming large clouds depending on weather conditions.
As in this video of alleged chemtrails shot near San Francisco.
I think these are contrails.
Professor Gregory Benford of UC Irvine works with the Department of Energy on weather research.
That's very odd.
They could be very large contrails.
He says the DOE doesn't know of any jets spraying chemicals to affect the weather.
However, he says, we will probably see it in the near future.
You've got to, in a sense, engineer it.
All right, let's stop right there, and then you find out they're doing it everywhere, and it's declassified, and it's called Indirect and Semidirect Aerosol Campaign.
A small part of it is weather mod.
They're hitting us with bioweapons.
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