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Air Date: Jan. 6, 2008
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He stands for truth.
He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
Yes, Alex Jones.
Alright folks, we're live.
It is January 6, 2008.
That's going to take some getting used to.
My first live Sunday show since the new year.
I interviewed Congressman Ron Paul.
For the 50-and-something time over the years this Friday, and we're going to be playing some excerpts of that this evening.
Of course, the big news is he got more than double the amount of votes that the supposed GOP frontrunner got, Rudolph Giuliani in Iowa, on Thursday in the first big primary.
And that's how they operate, because Ron Paul...
I think.
I think.
$20 million and some change.
It's a little bit over $20 million.
In fact, he is neck and neck with Hillary, who was the biggest earner, period, in the last quarter of 2007, and he's set to continue that record.
In fact, he's trying to dwarf that.
Instead of just raising the goal with $12 million, they raised $20 million.
Now their goal is $24 million in this next quarter.
We're good to go.
I think?
His trajectory shows continual growth, and he would no doubt win the Republican nomination and win most of the primaries if he had just a few more months to continue to grow.
The problem is there's also a lot of evidence now of fraud in Iowa coming out, despite the fact that he did get 10.5% of the vote.
Giuliani got 4%.
The evidence and exit polls are looking like he came in second place.
And if you don't believe there isn't cheating in these caucuses when it's wide open to it and witnesses even saw some things going on, I got a bridge I'm happy to show you on the moon or some oceanfront property in Michigan.
Now, we've got the spokesman for the campaign, the head of their media operations, their press secretary, Jesse Benton, joining us coming up at the bottom of the hour in about 20 minutes.
Boy, that Friday show was amazing.
We had Ron Paul on.
We had his son, Dr. Rand Paul, on.
We had Big Daddy Don Garlitz, the undefeated king of drag racing history, big supporter of Ron Paul.
We had the head of the campaign, Mr. Snyder, head of the Ron Paul 2008 campaign.
And we had Trevor Lyman, the guy behind all the big money bombs and the blimp and the rest of it.
And we launched and raised $25,000 in one day.
It's been a couple thousand each day since then.
They haven't updated it.
That's RonPaulAirCorp.com or link through at RonPaulWarRoom.com.
I also launched RonPaulWarRoom.com last Thursday.
We're good to go.
And the alternative media is rising, and the establishment knows that.
So they can steal this election from Ron Paul.
They can kick him out of debates.
They can cheat him.
They can lie about him.
But the idea, and that's what Ron Paul and I talked about Friday, the idea of liberty is growing and gaining ground every day, and we're winning the war.
They may even stage events and Benedict Arnold and cheat and win some battles, but they can see where everything's going, and that's the establishment losing big time.
I know we've got quite a few callers already holding.
The toll-free number is 877-590-5525, 877-590-5525.
Or locally in Texas, if you're listening to the Mothership, the station we bring you the syndicated transmission from, News Radio 590 KLBJ, it's 836-0590.
And we've got two more affiliates last week to the show.
It's 22 stations carrying the transmission now, from San Diego to Niagara Falls.
To Tampa, Florida, to Austin, Texas, to Kansas City, to Wyoming, Montana.
It is very exciting that we're this show, the Sunday show, now syndicated for about nine, ten months.
We've been here for more than a year developing the show.
It's just, I want to thank all those AM and FM affiliates, the listeners, everybody.
Speaking of Ron Paul, ronpaulwarroom.com.
Some people say, well, why is it called a war room?
He's against war.
Well, why is a campaign's money collections and contributions called a war chest?
Why is an advertising campaign called a campaign?
Why do they imply that football is war?
Everything in life is war.
If you don't know that, you've got your head screwed on crooked.
The Japanese openly say business is war.
If you go to the Oxford Dictionary or the dictionary here in the U.S., Black's Dictionary, it will tell you that a war room...
Is a term for a command center or conference room in a war or in a political campaign.
Okay, that's why we called it ronpaulwarroom.com.
And this is a place where we now have thousands and thousands of members that have signed up.
It takes about two seconds to sign up.
It's really a live action blog post, articles in whole or in part, whatever you like.
Your own comments, stories you write, links to stories, videos, audios.
I mean, there's been as much as 500 people posting at one time in there.
I think there's just a few dozen in there right now.
If you want to go to ronpaulwarren.com, I will.
Also from the prisonplanet.com forum.
We'll also take questions from there today and comments or point out any points that you make.
This has become an amazing resource for us.
Because it's so easy to sign up.
Anybody can be involved.
You can even go in there and attack me.
There's no censorship unless you put porn up or death threats and stuff like that.
Then we take you down.
We haven't had to do that yet.
Because there's no control.
It's just so many angles, so many thoughts, so many tips, so many ideas that we then put on prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, prisonplanet.tv.
Truthnews.us, just amazing.
Kurt Nemo got Ron Paul War Room up in about a week, so it's there for you, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, I know we've got a lot of callers here, and we're going to come back and take some of those.
Just get right into Ron Paul, the debate, the censorship in the first hour.
Second hour, we'll have some Ron Paul discussions and open phones or who you're supporting for Election 2008.
We're good to go.
And Ron Paul got in the top five, so ABC included him yesterday.
Not Fox.
They said they'd take the top five.
Giuliani is not in the top five.
He is falling apart everywhere because he's a gun-grabbing, open-border-promoting ghoul.
Son of a mob boss.
Oh, you didn't know that?
Check it out.
Mainstream News.
They don't care.
They don't want you to know about a real conservative.
They don't want a real conservative to make their fake conservatives look bad because you might wake up and say, America, we'll be right back.
Stay with me.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
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Silverberg is making great progress in order world government.
Most people have no idea.
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They're not after money.
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Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
Dr. Ron Paul joins us from New Hampshire.
He is just absolutely amazing.
Double digits, more than double what Giuliani got in Iowa.
Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, thank you, sir, for spending time with us today.
Good to be with you.
I know we don't have long.
We're about five minutes down, about five minutes after the break, so you've got the floor.
What does this mean, what we've just witnessed?
Well, I think it indicates that we're doing quite well, and we keep moving up.
I was looking at a chart this morning, which, you know, in May they showed it at zero.
Then the next time they measured the supportive was at four, and then it was six, and then eight, and now it's ten.
And I looked at the chart for, say, Thompson as well as Giuliani, and their curves are straight down.
So I would say there's every reason to be encouraged, especially with us going into a state like New Hampshire.
The one category that we won, which is not a surprise, and that is the independent type of people, the people who think of themselves as not being locked into a strong party position.
And we won that category.
Alright, before the show ends today, I'm going to air about half of the about 15 minute interview I did with the congressman live from his car from the airport to a television interview Friday.
Hey, Ron Paul is just great.
So busy and he still makes time for this transmission.
Let me tell you about some of the news coming up in the next hour.
We've got the head of the campaign, the head spokesman for the campaign, popping in in the next segment.
We'll continue with your calls and talk about the situation of total censorship.
And for those that are denying their censorship, that's what the head of the Republican Party in New Hampshire is calling it.
That's what John Sununu is calling it.
That's what a lot of different CEOs of companies that advertise on Fox are calling it.
It's really bad.
I mean, no one can deny that Ron Paul is rising.
No one can deny that he's an amazing phenomenon.
And then Fox said, well, he's not a top-tier candidate.
And then he beat Giuliani in double numbers.
I mean, he got more than double what Giuliani got.
And they don't care.
And so the debate's going on right now without him.
And it's key on this night before because...
It's really about 24, 36 hours out.
The voting starts Tuesday morning there in New Hampshire.
It's really key that they be able to see Congressman Ron Paul.
And even a lot of big websites and news sites and newspapers, people who don't support Paul are saying, this is really bad.
Coming up in the second hour, now this is just the news from the last two days.
I'm not scratching around trying to find police state news.
Breathalyzer test, now the law at New Jersey High School.
Everyone must be breathalyzer.
Now, the story here isn't the police state or the breathalyzer.
Ian justifies the means bull.
Training them how to be slaves, no Fourth Amendment.
They're basically prisons now, these public schools.
It's the last line that the principal says school officials avoid running into any privacy issues by making students sign contracts
Which states they may submit to breathalyzer.
See, I've got articles here saying it's the law, you've got to take shots.
But then it says they make you sign a form.
How is it a law that you make me, with no law, sign a form?
This is fraud, ladies and gentlemen.
And so even if you're four breathalyzers and face-scanning cameras and you have the attitude of, I have nothing to hide, let them stick a magnifying glass down my throat.
What about bad people running government?
What about history?
What about what the founding fathers said?
What about common sense?
Well, it doesn't matter.
You've all got to experience real tyranny first, don't you?
But later you're going to remember these shows.
Later, when you find out the ultimate aim of all this.
Oh, but that's just one of the stories.
Big Brother to scan license plates of people at trash dumps while they're dumping their trash.
Cameras read number plates to check if families are flouting waste rules.
See, first, it's just to stop car thieves.
No, it's to micromanage your entire life.
Here's another one.
Who will control the thermostat?
California is bracing to pass a law that by law, all thermostats in your home will be controlled by the government.
This is the Sacramento Bee.
It's up on truthnews.us.
It's also an American thinker that did a great analysis on it.
And a lot of you are so brainwashed, you think that's good.
Oh, yeah, have the government control my thermostat.
Should you be on a government watch list?
It's now gone over a million.
I was saying 900,000 last week.
I'm sorry, it's gone up.
Over a million Americans on the watch list.
No flying, no nothing anymore.
No freedom.
No judge, no jury, no conviction.
Over a million of you.
You think there's a million Al Qaeda in America?
Nothing to do with Al Qaeda.
It's you, buddy.
It's you, lady.
The parasites that run the government are making sure their milk cows behave.
You're being chained down right now.
And believe me, the real fun is going to start once they've got the shackles on you.
Then they're not even going to say it's for your own good.
They're going to smile at you and let the little red eyes glow and say, you be a slave now.
Get ready for some raping.
But it's not too late.
Once the raping starts, the tyranny of your liberty and your freedom starts getting raped, gang raped by the government.
You can just remember this show that I warned you.
The government can ignore the law.
But it doesn't matter.
McClatchy newspapers.
Bush ignores law on Mexican trucks.
And I have another report here where police chiefs admit they're told do not enforce against illegal aliens.
You're going to have cameras scanning you.
Your liberty.
Your Fourth Amendment right.
Your freedoms controlled.
Everything manipulated.
Everything tracked.
Your cell phones tracked.
Everything listened to.
It's all admitted now.
Illegal aliens are above the law.
And I'm not even picking on them.
The point is, the government is run by corporations and parasites.
It's not free market.
It's there to protect monopoly capitalism.
It's not real capitalism.
And then I have another one.
The year of First Amendment rights, Internet censorship.
This is from the First Amendment organization.
We're going to go over that today.
So that is coming up.
That's just a small portion of what we have.
Let's go ahead and take some calls.
Mike in Pennsylvania calling in about Ron Paul.
You're on the air, my friend.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, great show Saturday or Friday.
Great job.
And I just want to let you know that Ron did great on the Bill Moyers interview on PBS.
I watched it.
It's up on ronpaulwarren.com.
Go ahead.
That was great.
And today with Wolf Blitzer, he did great.
Mainstream media appears to be
And that's why Fox News has turned up the attack while censoring him, because they are supporting Hillary Clinton.
And by the way, for conservatives, you may have almost ran off the road right there laughing.
Anybody wants to call in and make bets with me right now?
I mean, I'm being sarcastic because we can't do that legally.
I'll take 100 conservatives who want to call in.
Give me your name, number.
I'll make $1,000 bets with each one of you that the White House is helping write her speeches, that Fox for five years has been funding her secretly, and now it's public.
I have dozens of mainstream articles.
Well, like I said, I wanted to get that in there.
Let's get to some other calls.
And one real thing you brought up about the garbage issue.
I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't going to mention anything about this, but I was actually, for being $86 behind in a rural township here in Pennsylvania, was issued a warrant of arrest because I was $86 behind on my garbage bill.
That's what we've come down to.
It has come down to that.
I don't pay a private corporation...
I was behind on a bill.
They sent a constable after me for $86.
Which, by the way, I've seen the court cases.
It's illegal, but the cops don't even know that.
That's a civil matter.
Now, let me explain when we get back since you raised this.
Waste management.
Openly, there's even been mainstream reports on this.
It's basically mafia run now.
We're going to explain to you what's going to happen.
You're going to be paying hundreds of dollars for a trash can by the time they're done.
And if you don't like it, men will drop by with machine guns.
It'll take you to a camp.
This is all... I know, you're laughing out there.
You're laughing about the government controlling your thermostats, aren't you?
Just wait.
Don't worry.
You're going to be raped by the New World Order.
You want to be slaves?
You want to be bug-eyed, little pathetic chicken necks?
We'll be right back with the Peddler on Paul campaign.
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They starve your body for all its nutrients.
They won't let you grow industrial hemp.
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You're listening to the GCN Radio Network.
We are back live and Ron Paul's got a huge rally going on in about an hour of time all over New Hampshire and surrounding areas.
So that's going on right now and Jesse Benton
Communications director for RonPaul2008.com campaign is scheduled to be calling in or popping in.
He might be on in the next hour.
You never know.
I think Ron Paul was on a different hour than he was supposed to be Friday.
That's what happens with these campaigns as they are fluid.
I want to talk about the situation with Fox censoring him from the final debate just less than two days out, less than 48 hours out from the New Hampshire primary, that key battleground state.
The third state to have its primary.
First Iowa, where Ron Paul got more than double the numbers of Rudolph Giuliani, and then now, of course, out in Wyoming.
This is just absolutely amazing.
And did you just give me the thumbs up that we got, Jesse?
Let's go ahead and go to Jesse Benton.
He is the media director, the press secretary for RonPaul2008.com out there on the front lines in New Hampshire.
Jesse, I know you're a very busy man.
We won't keep you long.
Tell us where you are right now in New Hampshire.
Hey, Alex.
Greetings from Manchester.
I am here at our own town hall debate that we're throwing tonight.
We've got about 200 undecided New Hampshire voters.
We're at the local studio in Manchester.
We're having a great town hall with Ron Paul, Barry Goldwater Jr., and again, undecided voters in New Hampshire.
This seems to have backfired Fox News, not letting the congressman who got double-digit lead, I mean, more than double the votes Giuliani got with the Republican Party, Republican senator from New Hampshire, pulling out, saying this is censorship and outrageous.
CEOs of major companies saying they're boycotting, they're pulling out, saying they're outraged.
I mean, Fox is really pig-headed.
Fox is looking, they back themselves into a real corner, Alex, because the right thing is they include Dr. Paul in this forum.
You know, we're at 14% in the latest Rasmussen poll.
We just won 10% in Iowa, more than double what Rudy Giuliani polled.
We're routinely out-polling Fred Thompson, who's included, 3-1.
And we've out-fundraised all Republican candidates in the fourth quarter.
By any metric, Dr. Paul belongs in any kind of candidate form being held in New Hampshire.
And I think it's a real affront to the citizens of New Hampshire who have a real sense of fair play and who want to hear from all the candidates.
Why is Fox doing this in the last highly publicized debate, excluding Dr. Paul when he beat the pants off Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Gould?
Well, that's the head-scratcher, Alex, is that they won't even give a reason why.
They have not returned at least half a dozen phone calls from our campaign to their offices, and they also won't answer to the media either.
You know, outlets like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, their very own nationwide affiliates in Houston.
Time Magazine called them and said they wouldn't call them back.
I think that's fairly arrogant right there to not return phone calls to Time Magazine.
It's a real head scratch to me.
I'm just not sure where they're coming from.
Well, the good news is CNN is responding by simultaneously re-airing last night's debate that didn't get as much coverage, that turned into real fireworks, and was the best debate yet where they were really getting at each other's throats.
It really was the best debate.
I commend ABC for their really fine debate, really high quality.
Charles Gibson was a great moderator, and this forum really allowed candidates to get into it.
They are re-airing it, and CNN is actually doing a live shot, I believe, as we speak, from our town hall that we're having as an answer to Fox.
So, see, this has backfired.
You've got all the other networks that I was just watching during the break tuning in to what Dr. Paul is doing, tuning in to what you're doing there at the campaign with the grassroots forces, our horde of liberty lovers who just want to legalize freedom again and want to defeat the New World Order.
You're all there, and it's backfired on Fox, and the networks are cutting and covering you guys.
This is fantastic.
I think it has backfired on Fox.
More people are paying attention to Dr. Paul's exclusion and wondering why and getting a little angry about it rather than tuning into this Fox forum, which I predict will have very poor ratings.
Another thing, too, Alex, is we've got a special invite to be the lead guest for a full 15-minute segment on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tomorrow night.
So Dr. Paul is going to be flying out there late night tonight to do that show.
His son and Rand Paul and Barry Goldwater Jr.
are going to handle the retail politics on the ground in Manchester and New Hampshire tomorrow.
And Ron's going to get to go before 12 million viewers on tonight's show specifically to address the topic, why is Fox excluding him?
Now, I've got to say this, because I want to know personally from you what we're doing about it.
He is starting to look a little more tired than he was a month ago.
I mean, as a young man, it would be grueling and exhausting.
I mean, I've gone to one hotel event and shook 500 hands and done five, six radio interviews and been totally exhausted.
How is he keeping up?
I mean, you guys told me he's doing 15 hours a day or so, I mean, continually shaking hands in interviews.
I mean, I know he's a top-flight stock car we got, but I don't want to blow his engine.
I agree.
I agree.
We're always trying to be conscientious of that.
It means we have to say no to a lot of great things.
Believe it or not, Alex, we're starting to get better and better treatment by a lot of people in the mainstream media.
A lot of folks at MSNBC and CNN have been real good to us, and they're always extending more generous offers than we can accept.
We always try to be real conscious to get Ron a break and make sure that he gets meals and things.
That sounds like a radical concept, making sure he eats.
No, we have to really be very conscious of that.
We are going to have to give him a little break here for a couple of days after New Hampshire.
But then it's right back on the campaign trail because we've got Michigan, South Carolina, and Nevada.
And particularly in South Carolina and Nevada, we think we're playing extremely strong.
And we also think that his message resonates well in Michigan.
I think we're good to go.
Three months ago, about 4% in the polls.
And then in the last month, 8%.
And then he goes from 8% to 14% to 15% and some polls even higher.
And so not only is it exponential, now he's accelerating how fast he gains steam, while the other candidates are up and down, mainly down, showing that he's the only candidate I see who is steadily going up.
And that is exciting.
I mean, he really could win this thing.
Yeah, you know, it really... New Hampshire is critical on Tuesday, and we need every single voter to turn out on Tuesday.
You know, Tuesday is Election Day.
You've got to know where you're voting, where your poll center is, and find some time in your day to go out and vote for Dr. Paul if you care about freedom, if you care about the Constitution and what makes America great.
Turnout is going to be the key here, and that's going to be what separates second from third and third from fourth and first from... I mean, it could be a first to fourth, first to fifth swing based on turnout, so...
Everybody's got to turn out and vote.
If we can continue to build on the momentum that we've got, a greater percentage of the vote, the rise in the placing, and continue to show momentum, we're going to be looking great moving into Michigan and South Carolina and Nevada.
Now, Jesse, you've only got time for two more questions.
I'm going to let you get back to the important work you're doing inside that live televised rally that CNN and others are carrying large sections of, the backfiring on Fox.
Congressman Paul, going into these states, I just want to restate to everybody out there, and get your take on this, regardless of whether he wins or loses, we win because the movement of liberty... I mean, who would have thought we'd be talking about the Federal Reserve six months ago on a national level about it being private?
Who would have ever thought we'd be talking about the Bilderberg Group and the New World Order and the North American Union?
The media has gone from denying it exists and now having to admit it exists...
I mean, this is liberty itself is winning, period.
That's why everybody's got to throw all caution to the wind and pile on to this campaign.
I agree.
You make a great point.
This campaign has two purposes.
One is to elect Dr. Paul President, and the other is to make sure that these ideas are alive and strong.
Obviously, the prize, the goal that everyone needs to be focused on is winning this election.
Right now, we might never have this opportunity again, but then the secondary prize, the little QP doll, is, of course, and it's a big QP doll, and it's
It's a great thing.
We are spreading these ideas.
We're spreading the idea of constitution and of sovereignty and of sound money.
Jesse Benton, everybody get out there Tuesday.
Everybody vote for Ron Paul.
Everybody spread the word.
Jesse Benton, thanks for the time.
Appreciate it.
Thanks, Alex.
All right.
We'll be right back with your calls.
A lot more on Campaign Tuesday.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
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We listened.
You asked for an elevated base so the system could be used in places beside on the edge of the counter.
We listened.
We're good to go.
I think?
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We're back live.
I was busy reading RonPaulWarren.com, all the questions and posts.
Statements and blogs that are being put up there on our new site, ronpaulwarroom.com.
If you've got any specific questions for me, go in there and post them right now or over at prisonplanet.com, link through, and you can post there on the message board.
We're also going to have open phones into the next hour at 877-590-5525, 877-590-5525, or locally in Texas, 836-0590.
Calling directly into the mothership here.
For listeners out there,
I mean, I'm asking you this question.
Do you see this as I see it, as a capitulation by Fox?
By capitulation, I mean they realize that Ron Paul makes all the phony conservative Republicans look liberal, look like establishment, look like phonies, look like fakes.
Do you think that this is the fact that when they thought he was in, you know, one, two, three percentage points in these stage polls that, ah, so what, we can let him be in the debates, but now that he's exploding in the poll numbers and this huge buzz is everywhere, I mean, Jay Leno's not having him on three times for nothing.
Fifteen minutes coming up in a few nights on the eve of the election, I guess tomorrow night.
They're doing this desperately right now when they know he's got a chance of winning.
And imagine, this is somebody who will get rid of the Federal Reserve.
Somebody who will get us out of all these wars and a hundred and something nations with our troops.
This is a big deal.
And I noticed that a rare occurrence, Trey Kincaid actually has grabbed the microphone through the glass.
I see him, and he wants to say something.
I just know you don't like me to chime in through your headset there.
We're going to have Trevor Lyman joining us here at the top of the hour, I think, just so you know there.
Okay, good, to give us a report on the blimp and what it's doing.
And we've also launched our RonPaulAirCore.com.
Thank you for that info.
Hey, Trey, what do you think about the fact that Fox...
I think it's one of the most disgusting displays of journalism I've ever seen in my life.
I don't think any presidential candidate who's running for president should be barred from any debate whatsoever.
That's not how media works.
Yeah, but then they're going to argue that, well, then some crazy person who goes and signs up for president.
I mean, what would be the benchmark criteria?
If the crazy person is getting 1% to 2% on the polls, I think he should be allowed.
Okay, okay, so that's your criteria.
Well, that wouldn't be a crazy person, sure.
I mean, their argument is, well, if some bum goes and signs up for president, or if Alex Jones does, should we have him up there?
And I think, obviously, no.
But if it's a congressman, a senator, somebody serious, they're raising money, exactly.
I agree with you.
Certainly, why'd they let him in the polls earlier, or in the debates earlier?
Now, when he's big in the polls, why would they exclude him?
That shows the fear.
You know, I don't even know what to make of it.
If it's fear or as if they feel like that.
They don't have a duty to present all sides.
You think it's arrogance.
Yeah, I agree with you.
Let us go ahead and just go to your calls.
They're all over the map today.
Who's been holding the longest here?
Let's go ahead and talk to Ronnie in Missouri.
He wants to talk about execution trucks, whatever that means.
Go ahead, Ronnie.
You're on the air.
First, Alex, I just want to tell you I'm so happy for you and the success that we're having in this movement.
And here you are kind of jacked up.
I am jacked up.
I am excited.
I know you are, man.
I'm so excited I can't hardly stand it.
Are you calling in about the mobile execution vans that they have?
That was the question, but I just wanted to mention that.
This daggum thing that they did with Ron Paul on Fox News, man, I wrote him a scathing letter, how I felt about him.
I hope everybody does and let them know how I am.
Wait until people find out that they're really behind Hillary, which has now come out in major newspapers, but still people don't believe it.
No doubt, you know.
But yeah, you know, I've been wanting to call you for a long time.
I just haven't been able to connect.
Well, you called in about mobile execution vans.
What's your question?
This lady has put out these websites on where this truck driver got stopped and they found some guillotines in there.
And then there's this place in Portland, Oregon, supposed to be making these cars that have...
Shackles in them?
Yes, I've been out and actually photographed those, but not in Portland, Oregon.
It was going on out at the federal prison in Bastrop in 1998.
Now, I've been on air 13 years, but for about 15 years I've been hearing about the story of the truck driver, and it's always a lady they know whose cousin saw it, and the truck tumps over and there's martial law signs, or the truck tumps over and there's guillotines or there's shackles.
And that is an urban legend.
Now, a lot of times those have roots in the truth, but no one ever wants to go to the actual documents.
They want to just cover the rumors.
And I'm glad you called in with it.
I'm not poo-pooing that.
I'm just saying, Houston Chronicle, Mainstream News reports FEMA camps.
I told you a year before it came out, but gave you the FEMA documents that they recruited 13,000 and 26,000 preachers to train their flocks, to turn in their guns, go to FEMA camps, take force inoculations.
Now it's been in the Mainstream News.
I've written articles about it, linked to the stories, linked to the mainstream TV reports, as they say how good it is to go to camps and have your guns taken.
See, that's the difference, is they're now announcing all this.
Torture is good.
You know, I was talking about torture ten years ago, because our government was training the world how to do it.
Now they admit they're doing it.
But on the subject of mobile execution vans, the Scotsman, the BBC, Associated Press, Reuters...
I've got a film I made in 2002 with photos of the mobile execution vans in mainstream media, mainstream news covering it.
China bought 14 mobile execution vans per major city, and they go around killing hundreds of people a day per city and taking their organs and openly selling them to Americans and Indians and rich Japanese and others, rich Chinese.
That's now mainstream news.
It finally hit U.S.
news this year.
Well, not this year.
Now 2007 seems like this year, but it was last year.
USA Today just typed mobile execution vans to China.
And now the U.S.
got some and is using them in Iraq, and they are taking the Iraqis.
And they do admit on NBC that if you don't have your ID in order, they kill you on the spot and then harvest your organs.
Now, I know that's hard to believe.
I'm not kidding.
It's mainstream news.
But kind of back of the paper, and yeah, they've got mobile execution vans going around just like China.
And if you don't have your ID and order, they kill you in Iraq.
And that was first in the Ithaca Journal in 2002.
They had Private Gruckheimer was in there, and he came home to a big parade, and he said, What did you do in Afghanistan?
He said, Well, we went into whole villages and killed all women and children, including babies.
We're good to go.
You know, people, the government on purpose through CBS that's now come out, released the naked pyramids and the people on top, milk boxes with wires and dogs biting people and dead bodies, and you thought that was just having fun, a joke, blowing off some steam, as national talk show hosts said.
Well, Congress saw thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of people.
Go read the general report put out by the Army.
This is the Army's admitted report where it's things out of the movies saw that I can't mention.
Let's just say acid is used with giant objects.
I'm going to leave it there.
Children are raped in front of their parents.
Acid is involved.
And the Army's own report
Said 97% of those taken to Abu Ghraib and 30-plus other camps didn't have their papers in order at checkpoints.
Folks, they hired former federal and state prison guards who had records, who'd been fired, who'd been in trouble.
That's who they got into the army to go over there and do this.
Remember out in Bastrop, one of the prisons two years ago, they had to shut the women's prison down because they were having mass rapes and videotaping it and selling it?
Remember the Texas Youth Commission where all the big facilities had rape nights?
That came out in the news?
This is who runs our country!
Armies of criminals!
Armies of hardcore sickos!
I don't care what you say.
Battery acid is not good.
You don't use it on children.
I took my wife to a movie last night, The Kite Runner.
Excellent film.
About the horrors of Afghanistan and the Taliban, who were horrible.
Our government put them in power.
Of course they're evil.
And I'm coming out in the parking lot and I see this yellow bumper sticker and it said, Torture is wrong.
And it said, Report it, investigate it, prosecute it.
And I thought, my God, we have to have stickers on our cars saying torture is bad now.
That's the debate we're having.
And a lot of you feel like you're members of the establishment, so you think that you're part of this system and it's funny and cute.
You're soft, decadent scum who's living the lap of luxury and who's now going into tyranny.
The new website is RonPaulWarren.com.
I'll take some of your questions and comments out of the site.
When we get back, go write your calls.
Stay with me.
Hi, Dr. Deagle here from the NutraMedical Report, 2 to 4 p.m.
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This is the Alex Jones Show.
Call Alex now, toll free.
It was more than a decade ago that I told you that the government would control the thermostats in your car, in your home, be able to turn your car on or off, open the doors on your home.
It's now in the news, mainstream news, coming up with a bunch of other police state news.
The crooks that run this society, though, aren't going to spring all this on you, aren't going to announce all this until they're getting ready to move against us.
And the bad news is they're starting to announce what's been in place for a decade.
Yeah, it doesn't look good.
The fact that they're announcing that they're tracking you all by cell phone lifetime, face scanning you, about to make you put new thermostats in your houses, tracking your gun purchases.
It means, when they announce it, it means they're getting ready to start using it and putting it in place.
Look, I know we've got David in Palm Springs and David in Maryland and Peter in Minnesota and many others that are holding.
That's coming up.
We're going to get to your calls.
I promise.
And I've also, and I never talk about fiction, but I've got a Michael Crichton book.
People kept calling my show saying, Endgame, Endgame, Endgame.
Your film is similar to a Michael Crichton book.
And I'd never read a Michael Crichton book, I'll be honest with you.
That's not true.
I did read Eaters of the Dead, which is based on a true story in a manuscript.
He writes a lot of non-fiction stuff.
But that was fiction itself.
But then I was with my wife at Half Price Books last week, and she picked up a Michael Crichton book, and I said, I think that's the one people keep telling me about, State of Fear.
Well, she read it.
She reads about a book a day.
And she said, my God, this is like what you talk about in Endgame.
I'm glad other people know.
So many researchers and writers get mad.
No, I discovered it first.
I wish you all knew about it.
No, no, no.
But, you know, he is a scientist by training, and he is one of the top three best-selling writers alive today.
But it turns out he knows all about it.
Like, I want to read some of that if we have time, but we probably won't.
But it's a smart way to do it, to put it in fiction so people can handle it.
Yes, the elite really are evil, and yes, they are planning to kill 80% of us.
I'm sorry to have to give you that little news flash.
Sorry I'm having to tell you that.
I mean, I don't know if they're going to get away with it, but this is the plan.
But the Crichton gets into eugenics in here and how it ties into the environmental movement, so I thought I'd mention that.
Trevor Lyman joins us.
I'm not going to keep him long.
He's very busy.
He's joined us from the blimp, out of the blimp, you name it.
He's the guy behind the first money bomb, 4.3 mil.
Then the second money bomb.
Well, you're behind it, the listeners, but he's the guy that helped run with the ball and a general in the fight, a captain in the fight against the New World Order, one of our captains.
And the 6.8 mil, $20 million raised in the last quarter, beating all Republicans and tying with Hillary.
And he's got the blimp up there flying around in the battleground states.
He's launched the Ron Paul Air Force.
We've launched simultaneously the Ron Paul Air Corps.
I don't care which group you support, RonPaulAirCorps.com or RonPaulAirForce.com.
Just give money to get these planes in the air.
But to give us his take just quickly on what's happening with the campaign.
Trevor, things are just getting more and more crazy.
Hey, how's it going?
Yeah, these are great.
I'm at a rally right now on Elm Street and Merrimack Street in Manchester, New Hampshire.
Maybe you might be able to hear some of it.
Yeah, let me hear some of that.
Hold your phone up.
All right.
Now, are you guys protesting Fox or are you at his... I don't know if you can hear that.
I don't know if you can hear anything or not, but... Are you guys protesting Fox because that's going on, excluding him from the debate, or are you over at Ron Paul's big rally now getting more attention than Fox?
Kind of in between, I think, or we're near.
We're on the Everly Traffic Street.
They're in a town hall that's sort of just a street off, so all the supporters came out to where traffic's going by and waving signs and making noise and lots of honks.
Let me hear some more of them.
The battle cry of liberty.
Let me hear some more.
How many people are out there, Trevor Lyman?
I don't know how well you can hear that, but... We can hear it well, my friend.
Great, great.
Yeah, it's a lot of fun.
Sounds like you're inside a car, and that's just what we're hearing through the window.
No, I don't have my phone.
It might not be so great for picking it up, but yeah, I'm right here on the corner.
Everybody's screaming and yelling.
Yeah, let me hear them.
Let me hear them.
Okay, hold on.
The streets of New Hampshire.
It goes up and down.
Oh, I can hear it.
How many people are out there, Trevor?
Not everybody's yelling at all times, but they were just a minute ago.
How many people are out there, Trevor?
Probably at least over 100 or so, maybe 150.
But there's also groups all over the state right now canvassing.
So there's, I mean, while you're in New Hampshire... I'm at one corner.
I'm at one corner.
There are people all up and down the street.
I don't know.
There are hundreds of people, definitely.
And they're all over the state, I'm told.
The media has admitted that Ron Paul's got more boots on the ground than anybody else.
Oh, yeah.
What are you hearing in coffee shops or on the street about Ron Paul?
Are the people starting to get it?
Well, I really think he's going to do well in New Hampshire because he won 29-30% of the independent vote up in Iowa.
And if he can do that here, well, 50% of the state is independent.
And he's also 14% in the polls.
So we're looking at 40% right there.
And, you know, I think the things that are going... And we know that the polls might even be a little bit off, so... Well, that's the point I keep trying to make, and I've been making it for a year since he announced or writing articles about it.
Just type, only Ron Paul can beat Hillary into Google, and you'll see a series of articles going back a year for listeners out there.
Because, and now all the polls show it, now the political pundits admit it, now Las Vegas says it, and they're never wrong on these issues, I mean, 99% right.
They're saying only Ron Paul can beat Hillary.
Only Ron Paul, because he's going to get independents and liberals.
Every one of these other Republicans, I mean, people are giving to Democrats two to one compared, I mean, but then the military supports Ron Paul two to one.
We've got to get behind Ron Paul, Trevor.
That's right.
He's running his newest commercial.
I saw it on television during the debate.
He's running that one.
He's talking about how, you know, who does the military support?
Ron Paul.
More donors than any other candidate.
And it cites, I think, the Washington Post or something.
It totally cites the papers which claim it.
So it's totally credible.
And I think it's a great ad to run.
Because if people want to support the troops, then they need to listen to the troops.
Well, you support the troops by not listening to them and sending them back for their fourth or fifth tour when their contract only said three years in, you keep them in five.
That's how you support them, is by ignoring them and injecting them full of deadly vaccines and then taking their Second Amendment rights away when they get back, with the new Bill Bush just passed.
A lot of respect.
That's the way to support them.
Trevor, tell us about the Ron Paul Air Force.
Well, I think we're going to...
Well, one thing that we're doing is that Ron Paul's Air Corps...
It's flying planes right now all around here, but they didn't have the money for tomorrow.
We were racing a little bit of fun, but they're more on the ball than we are with that right now.
And so we're going to give money to help make sure that a plane, to Air Corps tomorrow, and make sure that a plane's flying.
I think we're going to, I'm not sure if we're going to go forward with the Air Force one.
We'll see what happens with that.
But at any rate, we're going to go with, I don't know if you guys hear all that,
No, Trevor, Trevor, that's exciting.
I didn't know you teamed up with me and Ted Anderson because I gave the ball to Ted on the Ron Paul Air Corps.
You guys launched Ron Paul Air Force.
You've raised, what, 400-something thou for the blimp flying all over.
So that's going well.
So people should give to the blimp then and then go to RonPaulAirCorps.com and give to the aircraft.
That's right.
That's right.
Because, you know, we really have enough to do with the blimp.
We're going to launch – we're going to start selling mini blimps from the site.
And if people go to the blog, you'll see that there have been two people who have taken the initiative to get a blimp for themselves.
And every time they do it, there's a story, a news story.
They get on the local news.
We want to have little mini blimps, little 12-foot blimps, all over the nation if possible.
Trevor, I want to check in with you tomorrow on the weekday show.
I appreciate all your great work.
Okay, thank you.
There he goes from New Hampshire.
Your call's straight ahead, I promise.
Straight ahead.
Ladies and gentlemen, the continual Ron Paul Revolution coverage.
I got the police state news coming up, the Michael Crichton news, and I got a tag for the National Magazine.
We'll tell you about that.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.com.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Would their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
We're good to go.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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In order to accomplish this project, we need your help.
Come to RonPaulAirCorps.com and make a contribution.
It costs approximately $400 per hour to fly, so we need your generous support.
Please consider donating to the ronpaulaircorps.com.
As the ground troops canvass the neighborhoods, we plan to provide air support drawing as much media as possible.
Come to ronpaulaircorps.com and make a contribution.
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I've got commenters at ronpaulwarren.com saying, let's continue to storm Fox News with complaints.
Let's continue to call them, email them.
You know, their defense contractor owned, like most of the big dominant national media, and it's just better to boycott the sponsors and to not watch it, but to also realize that most of your big national media is controlled at one level or another, and when they do the right thing, like ABC not censoring, or CNN re-airing the ABC debate from last night, or showing Ron Paul's rally right now, then you should support them.
So really, vote with your money.
That's what it's all about.
Our AM and FM affiliates across the country, even if they have my show on and a lot of other shows you disagree with, just because they're carrying this show, you should support their sponsors.
Or you should call in and let them know you're supporting them.
Or if you have a business, sponsor them.
Let's say you're listening to KCXL in Kansas City, or WBCR right now in Knoxville, Tennessee, or KCAA going into San Diego, or 590 KLBJ covering most of Texas right now, or
I can't remember all the other affiliate names.
That's my problem.
Only long-time affiliates can I remember.
All you great affiliates out there, support them.
I know we've got a lot of calls here, and I am going to go ahead and go to them, or I'll get to you.
Let's go ahead and go to Peter Holding for Eons.
I'm trying to hurry up now.
Peter Calling from Minnesota.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Is it true that the word mafia is an acronym for Mancini, Autoriza, Ferti, Incendi, Avalimenti,
Two, what did Manzini have to do with Albert Pike?
Three, does the star on the Israeli flag actually represent the Red Shield, aka Rothschilds?
And four, are the Zionists true Jews, or imposters posing as Jews to further expand the New World Order agenda by using the land as a battleground for a future war, the war to end all wars, which will then be used to force a one-world government on the world?
And five, I have a statement to Ron Paul.
When you go on shows and shake people's hands, be careful the way you shake their hand because... All right, sir.
All right, I appreciate your phone call.
He was talking about Manzini.
That was the head of the Illuminati.
And the Illuminati is real.
I mean, it's in the history books.
It's in the encyclopedia.
It's a real group.
They discovered it 200-something years ago in Germany.
They were trying to take over governments.
And then he was getting into the definition of the mafia.
I don't know the definition of the mafia.
I know what La Cosa Nostra means.
It means our thing or our club.
And I know there's the P2 Lodges and the Masons and all of it mixed together.
And there's a lot of shadowy stuff going on.
And the average person goes, oh, there's no secret societies.
Secret societies 200, 300, 400, 1,000 years ago were just intelligence agencies.
They didn't have, quote, government espionage intelligence agencies until the French invented them about 400 years ago.
I guess you could say the Jesuits really invented them in Spain 400 years ago.
But then it got really big and perfected in France.
It was called secret societies.
You had secret groups, generally of men, in societies.
They were called secret societies.
People would say, that doesn't exist, that doesn't exist.
That's intelligence agency, or a private intelligence network.
It's a good old boy thing taken to the next level.
Kind of like, let's say you get a group of car dealers that get together in a state, and a lot of them do, and have meetings, you know, at hotels and conferences, about, hey, let's fix prices, or let's try to not compete too much, or let's compete but not pass this level.
The oil companies have been caught doing that.
It's not even, quote, what you think of as a conspiracy theory.
It's just the way dealings are done.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go ahead and take a call from David in Palm Springs.
Welcome, sir.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
Well, it's sober now.
I've been in court for three years.
I live in three acres above in Palm Springs in a rural area.
We're good to go.
He picked me up, came to my house.
They saw two Mercedes Benz cars there, which is a little unusual.
There's some varying degrees of people up here.
And he said, oh, I don't like the looks of this.
I couldn't believe it.
I'm in the back of the car, and he goes, I don't like the looks of this.
Yeah, my 53-year-old man.
Well, get ready for it.
Everyone with illegal aliens is scum and trash and to be searched and controlled.
The government's going to ship the narcotics in.
Then they're going to claim you've got them.
This is just the way America operates, sir.
This guy arrested me on terrorist threats, $7,000 bail, didn't even file charges.
But you beat it.
Yep, beat it.
Well, you need to sue him civilly.
Listen, they came and watched me for three months.
And then they were in my property in camouflage with drop-down leg holsters.
Well, that's what they always do because they're mad.
They want to intimidate you.
Look, just get more aggressive.
Take their jet ski, take their bass boats, sue them.
They're good cops, but there's nests of bad ones everywhere.
And this is what they do.
And, folks, here's the news I've got.
Breathalyzer test, now the law at New Jersey High School.
Then you read later there is no law.
We're good to go.
I understand.
It's bad.
And I'm sure your story's horrible.
Write up the story.
Send it to us.
We'll post it.
Go post it right now on ronpaulwarren.com.
That site's not just for Ron Paul News.
It's about the New World Order, the police state, everything that's happening in our society.
It's a news site.
Let's go ahead and talk to Todd in Corpus Christi, Texas.
You're on the air, Todd.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, I've been meaning to call you on this for a long time.
I've done a research paper, actually my master's degree, my master's paper, Research in the UN and Education.
I called you before on that.
And I had found a book.
I'm sure you've heard the quotes from these many times.
One of the quotes from this UN book says, The kindergarten or infant school has a significant part to play in the child's education.
Not only can it correct many of the errors of home training, but it can also prepare the child for membership, basically, in the world society.
And one of the other quotes from this says,
Yeah, by the way, those are unofficial U.N.
meetings, statements, unofficial U.N.
That's nothing.
I have the National Education Association two separate times saying the family must be eliminated.
The family is a disease.
And for listeners not believing this, University of Texas...
Their social workers have a textbook that I've had on my local TV show and opened up and shown this, where it says, we must end the disease of the family.
And they've already eradicated half the family.
So I guess they're doing well against the disease.
Yeah, it says, as we have pointed out, it's frequently the family that infects the child with extreme naturalism.
But these are the original publications from the 1940s.
Look, look, look, do it.
I've seen them, but that was years ago.
Put them all together in an article.
Post them on RonPaulWarRoom.com.
We'll put them everywhere.
That's a place where you can post them.
We'll put them on Prison Planet, InfoWall.
We need your help.
Okay, I know all those quotes.
I actually own the books.
I don't have time to go scan them and do stories.
I did a story a year ago.
I know.
Don't you want to warn people?
Doesn't it upset you how they call us slaves?
Hey, Michael Crichton knows about them.
There's more of us, you know, and we're now starting to figure out that we're together and we know what's going on.
Anything else, sir?
God bless you.
We're doing it.
Hey, listen.
You've done your master's thesis.
Your professor will probably burn it and run around worshiping the UN.
Why not take the research you did, put it in an article, and post it on ronpaulwarroom.com right now.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with more of your calls, Ron Paul interview, and the police state.
Stay with us!
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
It comes to keeping our teenagers safe and sober.
One New Jersey school district is now taking the lead.
Officials there are using breathalyzer tests.
And as CBS News Jade Al reports, it's become such a successful deterrent, students are passing with flying colors.
Keeping high school students sober.
In some situations, it can be a full-time job.
Getting breathalyzed is now routine at dances and other social events.
I'm all for it, because if your child's not doing anything wrong, they have nothing to hide.
It actually came to a head when last year at the graduation senior trip.
But we had students that actually couldn't graduate as a result of their drinking.
Pequonic also has an active breatharizer test, similar to what would be used during a police traffic stop.
It's more intrusive, but administrators believe it sends a clear message about their zero-tolerance policy on alcohol abuse.
It worked, and now other districts are following Paquannock's lead.
In fact, Southington High School in Connecticut expanded the program for daily use when a student is suspected of drinking.
In the world of high school students, any alcohol
Any alcohol reading is a reading that's inappropriate.
Pequodic school officials say because their limited breathalyzer use has been so effective, they are not willing to take the program that far just yet.
We'll leave that for somebody else to decide.
We're not really going into that area.
However frequently it's used... I don't think anybody would drink any more.
It seems the breathalyzer has at least cleared the air about who is and who is not welcome at school.
In Pequodic, Jay Dow, CBS 2 News.
Piquantic school officials say they avoided privacy issues by making students sign a contract.
It states they must submit to a breathalyzer if they want to attend a school social event.
All right.
For more than a decade, they've said if you want to play football, if you're on the band, you've got to take breathalyzers and sign a pledge not to drink or use drugs.
Then they start saying, well, coming to school or parking in the parking lot or, you know, everything's extracurricular.
You can't even graduate.
That's extracurricular to come to the ceremony unless you sign away your rights.
And, again, it sounds reasonable.
Oh, let's stop drinking.
Well, when they stopped drinking in the 20s, alcoholism tripled.
When Europe, more than a decade ago, put up signs all over Europe saying that cigarettes were bad, cigarette smoking doubled.
We're good to go.
They'll just increase the training and then the dying will increase.
You know, two plus two is too hard for people to figure out out there.
Young people, don't drink because the system wants to put you in prison and suck money out of your parents.
Don't use drugs because they ship the garbage in to get you hooked on it.
Don't use their Prozac and Ritalin.
We have the drug companies on documents, federal law they passed trying to force half the kids on these drugs.
Their own internal documents for the drug companies out three years ago said it was about making money.
These are drug companies that will knowingly have HIV in their factor VIII blood product that will kill you.
They don't care about you.
They're eugenicists.
You better find that out.
And they've got all these do-gooder idiots under them that don't see the bigger picture.
But look, even if you're for prison barbed wire, drug dogs biting the children, grabbing their bags, ripping them open like Goose Creek, face scanning cameras, cameras in the bathrooms, shakedowns, I mean, you might as well just go stick them in San Quentin.
And then it becomes a criminal culture, and you know, you like pervert jail guards at the schools, five times more often to be abusive.
Where do you think abusers go?
They go where they can be around kids and have authority.
Read your criminology.
Again, who watches the government?
You know, this mother's like, well, if they have nothing to hide, they should go ahead and do it.
What does the government have to hide?
What's most dangerous throughout history?
What has the power to get away with corruption?
What killed 200 million people last century and tens of millions already in the last eight years?
This century.
Blueprint for Global Enslavement documents it.
But the key here is, even if you're for all this police state, notice the headline is, Breathalyzer Test, Now the Law at New Jersey High School.
You can go to the news website and you can read it.
Breathalyzer Test, Now the Law.
That's not the law.
That's not the law.
There is no law.
There's no law you've got to take shots.
It's color of law.
They say, you've got to sign this form.
And there's no law even behind that.
That's why the feds have been caught funding.
Oh, you didn't know this?
A lot of these court shows the last 20 years, 25 years, where it shows a judge telling everybody what to do.
No jury.
No questions.
They're training you how to be slaves.
This is operant conditioning.
They have textbooks on it.
They have brainwashed you.
We've got loaded phones.
We've got tons of news.
I've got audio clips I want to play.
Ron Paul interview.
Folks, I've got to talk about Michael Crichton.
And I'll do more of this on my weekday show tomorrow.
My wife read this.
I've only scanned through it now.
She's like, oh my God, this is everything you talk about.
And she's like, he knew all about it.
How did he know about it?
You just now started talking about this last year.
I said, honey, I just discovered it.
It doesn't mean it's kind of like you go on a cruise for the first time and you discover how fun cruises are.
It doesn't mean you're the first person to ever go out on the ocean.
People always email me and call me and go, hey, this person discovered this before you.
Ha ha!
I hope they did!
I hope all of you discovered stuff I haven't discovered!
This is about survival, folks!
Anyways, it doesn't matter.
The point is, I'm very excited to tell you that Michael Crichton is just unbelievable.
And he's actually got scientific facts, documents.
He wrote it in a fiction form, but then with a bunch of appendixes.
An author's message section breaks down actual documents, and he is a trained, agreed scientist.
What is that, a biologist?
You know, he's the guy that wrote Jurassic Park and the Andromeda Strain and Rising Sun, everything else you can imagine.
He created ER, the TV show.
If I told you about him, he's bigger than Stephen King.
And people kept calling me on the show a couple times going, have you read State of Fear?
I'm like, no.
Well, they go, it's Endgame.
Are you sure you haven't read it?
And that's what proves this stuff so real.
Crichton went out and read all the documents, went and did the research, and he puts it in the book.
I've only read, again, the scientific non-fiction part at the back.
He hooks you with the fiction because you don't want reality, and then goes, oh, by the way, this is reality.
That's why I'm thinking about a fiction film.
And at the end go, oh, by the way, this is all true, just the names were changed.
Here's all the documents.
I don't get them.
Anything to get you to find out what's happening.
But he says, why politicize science is so dangerous?
Imagine that there is a new scientific theory that warns of an impending crisis and points to a way out.
This theory quickly draws support from leading researchers, scientists, politicians, and celebrities around the world.
Research and funding by distinguished philanthropists.
Like eugenicists.
And carried out at prestigious universities.
The crises are reported frequently in the media.
The science is taught in college and high school classrooms.
I don't mean global warming.
I'm talking about another theory which rose in prominence a century ago.
Its supporters included Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Winston Churchill.
It was approved by the Supreme Court justices, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Louis Brandeis, who ruled in its favor.
The famous names who supported it included Alexander Graham Bell,
Inventor of the telephone, activist Margaret Sanger, botanist Luther Burbank, Leland Stanford, founder of Stanford University, and novelist H.G.
Wells, the playwright George Bertrand Shaw, and hundreds of others.
Nobel Prize winners gave support.
Research was backed by the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations.
This is all in-game.
The Cold Springs Harbor Institute was built to carry out its research, but important work was also, turn the page, done at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, John Hopkins University,
And then it just goes on.
And then he goes on to how the environmental movement was founded by these people and how it's all run by them and what they're doing.
And how they get you fooled.
It has nothing to do with the earth.
Nothing to do... They run the system.
And Michael Crichton knew all about it.
Michael Crichton.
And I guess that's why he's made a billion plus bucks writing books.
He's a smart guy.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement, by the way, is not based in a fiction.
It's a front.
It's based in reality.
It's available at infowars.com and storage nationwide.
Right now, final segment.
We'll jam in three or four phone calls, hit some more police state news, and play about five minutes of the Ron Paul interview.
I did Friday.
RonPaulWarRoom.com is the website.
I know the New World Order is coming against us.
I'm sworn to stand against them.
I hope you'll join me in this fight.
Hi, neighbor.
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This is the GCN Radio Network, home to hard-hitting talk radio.
Coming to you from the capital of Texas, we're talking the truth coast-to-coast and worldwide.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm sure.
The one category that we won, which is not a surprise, and that is the independent type of people, the people who, you know, think of themselves as not being locked into a strong party position.
And we won that category.
And when you think about that in New Hampshire, about half of the people in New Hampshire consider themselves independent.
So I think we have a nice opportunity moving into the New Hampshire primary.
Well, you know, you've been coming on this show, covering the campaign since the day it started, and I remember men, you know, weren't even showing up in the polls.
They still exclude you from a lot of polls, but you kept talking about trajectory, trajectory.
This trajectory is better than it was even six months ago, and Jimmy Carter got, what, 1% in New Hampshire.
Even mainline pundits are saying you're probably going to get second or third place, might even
How are they going to ignore you when you walk away with New Hampshire or get second or third place?
Well, it's going to be more difficult.
I hope the embarrassment is more on them than on us because, you know, it looks like I won't be in that Fox debate on Sunday.
But the people are going to be outraged, and a lot of people are coming to our defense, including the Republican Party up there.
We haven't heard the last word about that yet.
Congressman, in fact, that was my next question.
That's key.
Fox had said they were having the top half of the candidates, the top five.
You came in fifth place, hands down.
They've got Giuliani, who got less than half your votes, in that debate.
How can they justify that?
Can you speak directly to that outrage?
Well, they can't really justify it.
I know what they're probably thinking is they don't want somebody to say some of the things that I say, especially about the war.
They think this war is a wonderful thing and they support it and it's the strongest war station on television.
And I don't think they want a conservative, you know, somebody that is not seen coming from the far left, espousing these positions.
And, of course, that's our benefit by defending the Constitution, that we will have some appeal to some liberals as well as conservatives, and that's what's so great about our Constitution.
Congressman, so you don't have to hold, we're skipping this network break.
Stations, don't worry, we'll play your break at the bottom of the hour.
But we're going to skip this network break right now so that we can finish up with you, Congressman, here for the next... Let me warn you one thing.
I see that I'm on a phone, a remote phone, and I'm going in a tunnel, so let's hope we don't lose you.
Okay, you'll call right back if it cuts out, correct, sir?
Right, I'll do that if we lose you, but go ahead.
Okay, thank you.
We're good to go.
We're losing the battle to suppress the revolution.
I think there's no doubt about it because people do act in their own self-interest.
And even if they disapprove or dislike an individual or somebody's philosophy, if they realize it's eventually hurting them, they will shift gears.
And we've noticed that before because some of the people that want to interview me do it just because they think we've got a bigger audience.
So that's the marketplace working, and I think that's a benefit.
He gets into Fox News being, quote, beyond a joke, and a lot of other key issues are about it.
Ten more minutes left of that up on prisonplanet.com and truthnews.us if you want to listen to the rest of it.
There's big links up on the top of prisonplanet.com.
I want to jam in some final calls, give you some final police day news here.
You don't know how good it feels to find out that Michael Crichton knows all the stuff I know.
I mean, he's got the exact same view he knows.
It's their documents.
I'm starting to find out more and more people know what I discovered is the truth.
Because they discovered it before I did.
Again, that's such a key area in research, that somebody's in the exact same research and have the same findings, separate from you without you even knowing.
I mean, that's really vetting it out.
So I guess Michael Crichton's as nutty as I am, because he actually reads UN documents.
How dare him?
He talks about how they want to global tax off the greenhouse gases.
He says that's a total fraud.
He talks about how they're a bunch of eugenicists.
Wow, good job, Michael Crichton.
Side issue, but it's big.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kelly.
Well, Ed and Kelly, who disagrees about Ron Paul debates.
He goes ahead of the line.
Then we'll talk to Jason and Andrew.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, Ed.
Yeah, Alex.
Real big fan.
Welcome, sir.
Thanks for joining us.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Sometimes I can never figure out these callers.
They get on and they just hang up.
I heard you disagreed, sir.
I want to get you up front.
Let's go ahead.
If your cell phone cut out, call back, because I love disagreement.
Let's take a call from Jason in Cali.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I just wanted to make comments about the CFL bulbs.
I've been on to this one for a little while.
I just found out, you know, 80% of them are coming from China.
You know, they've got the mercury, lead, phosphorus.
Under federal law and now under state laws, California's passed a law, the feds have passed a law where you've got to take these fluorescent bulbs filled with mercury that are many dozens of times worse than regular phosphorescence, and California's now going to make you, they're on the verge of passing a bill to control your thermostat in your house.
Yeah, that's right.
How's that sound?
Yeah, and it's ludicrous because I already knew that they were a waste liability.
This lady in Maine had to pay $2,000 for cleanup for it.
And it's so absurd.
Because these kids on campus have been handing out these CFL light bulbs like mad.
They're a bunch of brainwashed idiots.
The eugenicists said in the 40s that Hitler embarrassed them.
And they had to take over all the environmental movements to sell eugenics as palatable.
The light bulb doesn't even matter.
It's about setting the precedent so they can tell you how big your toilet is, how big your washer is, what type of light bulb you have, then inspections of your house of how big it can be or when you remodel, all these new taxes, controlling your thermostat, running your life, taxing you if you have more than one child.
That's now being proposed.
Our government got China to pass the one child.
It's hell on earth.
You've all been taught eugenics and you didn't know it.
Yeah, and 90% of our water and energy is all being wasted by energy and polluting our water and everything.
And they're engaged in mass open-air genetic engineering.
That's a real crisis.
Michael Crichton says the same thing.
It's not about the environment.
It's about controlling your life.
Life in America and worldwide will be like a prison with many police social workers literally running your life, guilty until proven innocent.
What do you think about this Take Back the Nation thing?
Because I guess they have like 1,100 communities January 30th.
They're going to come together, and I mean, that's being pushed by what, the Rockefellers and Bilderberg and all that fun stuff.
Yeah, just like Michael Crichton says.
Again, now he's a cook, just like Alex Jones.
Yeah, I mean, all these energy solutions are ludicrous.
It's a non-crisis.
It doesn't make any sense.
I mean, these same solutions they're offering for these energy problems, if they say.
And I mean, I've been put on surveillance on campus for protesting the fascism in my school.
It says it's a green campus.
Look, look, they control the liberals, they control the conservatives.
That's how it works.
They control conservatives with fake anti-terror stuff, saying, got to take your rights, got to torture, got to videotape your face, got to face scan you, got to have giant billboards looking for, you know, broadcasting who the terrorists are, got to have surveillance society helicopters scanning you for your safety.
Then they tell the left, oh, we're going to have world socialism in the name of saving Earth.
Then they come in with world taxes with India, China, and 160 plus other third world nations make zero cuts ever in emissions.
Then they take the U.S.
back to 1990 greenhouse emission levels, and then the industry actually moves to China and India, and the UN's own studies say it will actually boost carbon output.
So even if you believe the fraud that carbon dioxide that plants breathe is deadly poison,
They believe.
They know it's a fraud.
We have U.N.
documents from the 60s saying it's a scam.
We have North American Union S.P.P.
documents from last year saying that it's a scam.
It's about taxes.
They're not going to come take your farm or ranch and say we're criminals.
They're going to say it's for the salamander.
It's for the earth.
It's for the cave bug.
They're not going to come in with all these new taxes and regulations and control saying it's for, you know, because, by the way, we're global corporations that set up global government and we're criminals.
They're going to say it's for the earth.
The earth is dying.
The deadly gas that plants breathe is deadly.
Meanwhile, open air, cross species, genetic engineering everywhere.
I mean, it's just amazing.
It's just amazing what's happening.
Scientists brazenly tinker with rodents' DNA, injecting the critters with human embryonic stem cells to see what happens.
This is just a magazine article about one thing they're doing.
They're doing thousands right now.
Embryonic stem cells will see what happens.
They might want to consider a possibility raised by Hank Greeley, director of Stanford University Center on Biomedical Ethics.
What happens if stem cells turn into human eggs and then into mice?
What happens if the mice start having human embryos in them?
They already do.
They've just legalized feeding you cloned meat.
They're unlimited.
They're going completely wild.
It's already given rise to super viruses, super bacteria.
You want something to whine about, you stupid phony environmentalist?
Go find out how the Rockefellers run all this as well.
Not me.
Michael Crichton just talked about them.
They run it all.
And they ran Hitler.
They funded Stalin.
They funded all of them.
It's their own documents.
We're under attack.
They built a scientific grid around us.
Cameras in our homes.
Houston police chief calls for it.
Government to control our thermostats.
Come on!
Get mad!
Get behind the Ron Paul revolution.
Go to... Oh, we're out of time.
I'm sorry to Andrew in Wisconsin and everybody else holding.
Back next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Back on the radio tomorrow, syndicated.
God bless you all.
We'll see you at ronpaulwarren.com.
God bless.
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