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Air Date: Jan. 3, 2008
2698 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we have a mega-massive broadcast and transmission for you today.
Ron Paul is always a man of his word.
And he comes on, on average, about every four and a half weeks here on the show.
But about 20% of the time in the 12 years I've been interviewing him on air... I interviewed him when I first got on radio back in 1996.
About 20% of the time, even when he's in Congress, he has to reschedule.
Now, the word out of the campaign is...
He may be popping in on the show today.
They're going to try, but they got behind with some rallies and TV interviews.
But regardless, he's going to be on in the aftermath of the Iowa caucus, the Iowa primary, tomorrow.
He's definitely, barring something else, but only about 20% of the time is he'll have to reschedule, on tomorrow for a full 20-30 minutes.
He may pop in today.
So we'll see what happens there.
We had Rand Paul, his son, who is himself a medical doctor and basically operates as Congressman Ron Paul's doppelganger.
The same brain, talks the same, whole nine yards, same ideology, filled in at the big Boston Tea Party money bomb event that raised 6.8 mil.
That was the final number.
We're good to go.
I think?
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
I'll give you my predictions on what I think is going to happen.
I've got a bunch of other news that's non-Ron Paul related that we're also going to be covering today.
And we can have line-up and phones on any issue that you wish to discuss or bring forward or any news item you wish to point out.
Let me tell you who else is going to be on the show today.
Ted Anderson's going to be on the show today.
Ted Anderson is in Iowa right now.
Fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters.
I just saw this for the first time.
Now they have helicopters because they can legally even fly lower.
And it's wild.
He's got helicopters, too.
And by the way, he's shooting video of it right now.
He's on the ground.
The helicopters are there.
They're trying to... The last time he checked, he was seeing both the big banners have been delivered.
They had overnighted.
When I heard Ted had like a $3,000 banner, I was like, the banners I looked into were $500 to $2,000.
And he said, you haven't seen this banner.
Well, now I have.
It's bigger than the Geico banners I've seen.
This is the biggest thing I've ever seen pulled by a helicopter or by a Cessna.
I mean, this thing is mega huge.
In fact, link through at prisonplanet.com or at truthandnews.us.
We've got links over to a huge high-res photo of this thing in the hangar.
We're good to go.
Ted asked me, he asked Nemo, we just don't know how to create a counter like Ron Paul's website has where as your money comes in, it goes up in-house.
So they have to, a couple times a day, go in and hand update what's coming on PayPal.
It's like $7,000-something on PayPal.
So I said, well, add a ClickIt.
That's that big donation website.
Add their system because that's got a live graph.
So there's two ways to give.
That just went up.
Go to RonPaulAirCorp.com and give money right now.
And yes, I'm going to give a thousand right now.
I'm going to walk in there, and I'm going to give a thousand right now.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by our government.
It's known as the Builder Bird.
Would their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Don't worry, it's making great progress toward the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, here's how it's tracking right now.
Rand Paul, son of Dr. Paul, on this key primary day in Iowa, will be joining us in the next hour.
Maybe Dr. Paul even canceled some patients.
Who knows?
But he'll be popping in.
His father, the congressman, may be popping in for a quick five-minute...
Quickie today, but he'll definitely be on for a segment or two tomorrow.
That has been confirmed.
They're having to jockey that move, but they want to rally the troops on this broadcast today.
Ron Paul Air Force aircraft are hitting the skies in Iowa and in New Hampshire next week.
We're good to go.
Radar Magazine, National Magazine, hit me with a big hit piece.
But at the same time, the big paper out of Minnesota, Minneapolis St.
Paul, gave me Artist of the Year Award.
Their editor did.
And said, Endgame's an incredible... Thank you.
Thank you.
That was... I mean, that just shows the progress that's happening.
That's up on prisonplanet.com.
Kurt Nemo is joining us with a gigantic announcement in 40 minutes.
In 40 minutes, Kurt Nemo is joining us in the final segment of this hour with a huge, huge, huge, huge announcement.
So that is coming up.
So we've got hit pieces, we've got glowing pieces, love fest pieces.
We got Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Kurt Nemo.
It's all coming up today.
I'm also going to give you my take on what's happening with the election, what's going to happen with Ron Paul.
Of course, that really is up to you, but I can tell you where I think it's going and give you my dead reckoning guesstimation.
As they say, another huge issue.
Oil prices blast past $100 a barrel.
Gold last night hit its all-time high of $857.
In gold futures, it's trading as high as $870-plus.
And this morning, it blasted past $860-plus.
This is the gutting of the republic.
You are seeing it right now.
But as the evil rises, liberty and freedom is rising.
Speak of the devil, speak of gold.
I had Ted Anderson on because he's in Iowa.
I was on the phone with him until midnight as we were battle commanding back and forth, trying to organize, trying to run things.
We're small organizations, small groups of people.
I was trying to help him with his website, talking to his webmaster, Kristen, and
He's doing a great job in talking to Nemo and conferring on all this stuff.
And there was Ted driving with his college-age daughter so he could sleep through the night.
We're good to go.
But it was a little skinny thing with black or red letters, you know, on a, the traditional.
And then it was a couple thousand for a bigger.
Well, then I was like, Ted, why are you paying $3,000-something for the banner?
And he goes, well, you fly it around everywhere, you mail it around, and then you just give different companies or different planes to do it.
And I thought Ted had gone off the reservation, and then I looked into it.
He's got some mega huge thing, new technology with these strong, thin plastics.
This thing is ginormous.
It's bigger than the Geico when I saw it.
Then I went online after I heard about this and looked into helicopters towing and aerial advertising, and I found out and saw some videos of it last night.
That is the newest thing.
So Ted's got a helicopter in Iowa, Des Moines, and surrounding areas launching in about an hour.
It's going to fly until dusk, key traffic times.
It's got a land and refuel.
It's a ginormous...
And so, go to prisonplanet.com's easiest way.
Top story.
Ron Paul Air Corps set to soar over American cities.
Funding sought for 50 flights, dragging huge revolution banner.
Now, I'll say this.
I have helped the blimp.
I have helped all the other sites.
We have linked to the Daily Paul.
We have promoted all of you.
Ron Paul has said on this show that the seed that literally drove the genesis, no pun intended, of what's happening,
Is this radio show in this network?
Now, we're doing this for Ron Paul.
We're doing this for the country.
But a lot of people, because they see me as so big, think they're in competition with me.
I'm asking all the 9-11 sites, all the Patriot sites, all the Ron Paul sites, deliberately my name is not involved with this, even though I hatched it and did it and Ted took the ball.
You're not.
Deliberately I'm not sending out press releases saying I'm involved in it.
I'm staying out of it, but here with the audience, I'm being honest with you so you know.
But people know it's me.
The point is, shame on anybody who doesn't put this link up.
Shame on anyone.
I don't care if you don't give to it.
But Ted put this out last Friday.
We've sent links out to some of the other sites, and they're just not putting links up to it.
And that's a little strange when all we've done is said, give money to these groups, go support this, do this, get behind this.
And so I expect...
Ron Paul, because frankly, bang for your buck, it's going to get attention in every city in the news.
That's where the real dividend comes in.
And aerial advertising versus what it costs versus numbers seen is one of the top three most effective things.
Billboards, radio, and then aerial.
And you can debate which is the best.
But it's novel, it gets attention, and I'm telling you, more important than even giving money, because by people posting it everywhere, then it will get the money.
Ted has already put a bunch of money in.
I'm going to donate money.
I've already put a bunch of time in.
Kurt Nemo donated his time to build the site.
Kristen's running it.
We are blowing money on this thing.
And a couple flights around the country will do something, but not much.
This needs to have that exponential viral effect.
So I'm asking listeners, go to prisonplanet.com, not five minutes from now, not an hour from now, now.
Now, Ted's already putting up some stuff for New Hampshire and other areas, but he's not made out of money.
We need your help to get a bunch of planes up over everywhere in New Hampshire now.
He can get them launched this weekend if the money comes in.
And in Michigan and all over the country.
And we're putting instructions up there.
If you want to call companies and try to get them to do it, do it.
Look, don't wait for orders from headquarters.
If you want to call plane companies and you want to have them drag the thing, like I looked up for $500 a flight and $200 to $500 for the banner, where they just put black letters up, and it's okay.
Go ahead and do that.
But I thought, why should I just sit here and pay for a few planes in Austin?
I think?
I think?
At prisonplanet.com or ronpaulaircorps.com or ronpaulairforce.com will take you there, too.
There's some DNS issue with that, though.
It hasn't propagated everywhere because they changed servers.
Get in there.
Give money on the chip in because everybody can see that going up and there's the excitement of it.
In fact, I keep forgetting.
Go there right now.
Hey, Aaron, before I forget, will you please come in here, my friend?
Mike's got my credit card.
Mike's got my debit card.
Will you have him go to the Ron Paul Air Corps and give $1,000 and the chip in, please?
Give him the chip in, though.
I want people to see that $1,000 go up.
Just telling.
Thank you.
I'm going to keep forgetting during the breaks.
Okay, Ted's holding on a cell phone.
He's out there at the airfield in a hangar.
Ted Anderson in Iowa, thank you for driving through the night to make sure this happened as quickly as possible, sir.
Hey, what an exciting place to be right now.
I mean, there are six camps of students, 300 of them out there canvassing.
They're taking phone calls.
I mean, it is just blowing wide open here in Iowa.
And this banner that's going to be pulled, there's no way you're going to miss it.
The thing is huge.
It's going to be behind a helicopter.
When you hear a helicopter going over it,
Everybody takes a look.
You know, they want to see what's going on.
It's a little different than an airplane.
Now, explain this.
How does a helicopter, and most of the stuff is going to be fixed because that's cheaper, but the only thing you can get in Iowa is they're all bought up in time as a helicopter.
But then I looked at it.
I thought you were nuts, and I looked it up.
That's the newest thing.
How does this helicopter pull such a gigantic banner?
Well, you know, I mean, it's going up at 2 o'clock, so Alex, I'm not the expert at it, but I can tell you right now that I'm sure they have a point on that helicopter on the back where they can put the line onto it.
It'll tow.
The banner will hang a little bit lower and behind the helicopter, and it'll always have to travel forward because otherwise the banner will stick straight down in the air.
And then, of course, it'll be buzzing over the highways and the city's
We're in the state of Iowa.
Over here in Cedar Rapids, and we'll be firing the communities around here.
Can't you just have the helicopter later fly over to Des Moines?
Well, I'll have to ask the pilot, because I don't know how much time it would take to get down the highway.
Obviously, going down the highway is very expensive.
I'll pay for the fuel.
It's only an hour away, right?
I mean, what is it?
Yeah, that's right.
No, I want it over Des Moines.
Look, get it up at 2, fly around for an hour or two, and then during rush hour traffic, fly over to Des Moines.
That's where the action is.
Oh, yes.
Attack both cities.
Yeah, I agree with you, Alex.
And I'm sure that the pilot would be happy to do it.
It's going to be ineffective after dark, so we want to make sure we get it up there.
Get it up at 2, fly around the town you're in, and then go to Des Moines.
Yep, that's a great idea.
I think we'll just guarantee that that's going to happen.
People are very supportive.
It is.
Last time we got on air, we had over 100 people that made donations.
Some people can only afford $10, $25.
Other people can afford to buy an entire hour, which is $400.
And if you can put more than that in... I'm buying two and a half hours, $1,000 right now, going into the Chetpen account.
Now, to be clear...
People get confused.
They go to the chip end and it just went up.
There's a few hundred bucks in there.
It's about to go up.
And then it's at $7,000.
That's the PayPal.
Go give on both.
Go crazy.
Go wild.
Ted, stay there.
We'll be right back.
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That's 1-888-211-1715.
All right, Jed, I want to get your take, because you're an expert in those 20-plus years in precious metals, brokering, you name it.
What, about 12 years on radio himself talking about Ron Paul?
They're going to be in two cities.
He's in Iowa.
That's been confirmed now during the break.
They're going to take off in one, fly around, and then go to Des Moines about an hour away by helicopter.
This gigantic banner down the big highway as they go.
Let the media know in both those cities to look for the helicopter.
It's all a grassroots effort.
Ted, I also want to spend some time on what's happening with gold.
I mean, we have entered the Valhalla here.
It has...
It is bittersweet.
We told you it would go up, but this signals down with the dollar, and this means the economy's curtains, and it may correct back down again, but the trend's only straight up in the long-run aggregate, even the short-term now.
Ted, ronpaulaircore.com, ronpaulaircore.com, course spelled C-O-R-P-S.
Go there right now, ladies and gentlemen, and donate in the chip-in area or on the PayPal.
Again, I know they're in there donating right now my $1,000.
And I'm, of course, a little bit more money-wise behind the scenes.
But if you're maxed out on giving to Ron Paul, this is the way to do it.
Ted, finishing up with the fixed-wing aircraft, the helicopters, you're booking them right now in New Hampshire.
In fact, we've got somebody handling that.
We believe that's already done right now.
What are some of the other states?
I mean, we can get, the goal is 50 flights in 50 states.
That's a paltry goal.
It's good.
I mean, hundreds of thousands over these big cities will see these.
It causes buzz.
This is not some little spindly banner.
This is down low, and the helicopters go even lower.
We're talking 300, 400 feet.
This is unbelievable, Ted.
Well, I mean, and there may not be a helicopter available in every market, so we'll be flying airplanes and helicopters, but the point is, the banner's as large as it can be.
To get it out there in front of the people, it's going to catch the eye, not only of the people, but the media, too.
It's going to be like the blimp.
I mean, you get this thing up there that you just simply cannot ignore, and the media reports on it.
We've already got reports going out on it, and...
And so it'll be a big impact.
And by the way, this banner is almost as big as a few feet shorter than what was on the side of the blimp.
And they did a great job.
That took them a few weeks to get that made.
Ted, you did this in a week.
I called you up the day after Christmas.
That's the acceleration of this whole campaign.
I mean, you just can't sit on your hands.
I mean, that's about when we got this thing launched and started.
How much money did you get last night?
Well, I mean, I suppose I've got two or three hours in, but, you know, I'm just so pumped right now.
I'm not feeling tired.
I'm just ready to go here and get it.
You know, like you said, we're going to be, you know, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines.
We'll be covering this area.
That's where Ron Paul is now.
The next thing we're going to be doing is going to New Hampshire.
I mean, I want Ron Paul to feel like, you know, like we're really behind him, not just by a little bit, but we're 150%, 200% committed.
And by the way, again...
The money is well worth it just for the buzz on the ground and people seeing Ron Paul Revolution.
It's a gorgeous picture of Ron Paul.
It's huge.
You can see it at 1,000 feet up.
I mean, clear.
It's unbelievable.
It's not just that.
It's the media coverage it's already starting to get.
And listeners, you need to call the media, not just us.
Call AP in Des Moines.
Call them and see what happens.
Say, hey, are you going to cover the helicopter and the banner?
Are you going to cover the RonPaulAirCorp.com?
Yeah, that's exactly right.
I mean, that's what they need to do because as soon as you get CNN, ABC, CBS, you know, those people start putting that in.
The local newspaper gets it on.
I mean, Ron Paul may not be the number one candidate in Iowa, but he gets delegates even if he's number three.
And there's no way he's going to get out of the gate for less than that.
And you're right about that, Alex, man.
I've been pushing for Ron Paul.
I remember when you were over at, what was it, KLBJ?
That was one of the first ads that I ever ran was to get rid of the Federal Reserve System using Ron Paul's quotes about it.
I mean, it's about the only thing that we've ever had that has any kind of significance as far as the Constitution and liberty in this country.
I mean, all the rest of the politicians are bought and paid for.
I mean, I'm just so excited today.
By the way, Ted, we had to have the live graph.
Again, now over $9,000 has been given via PayPal as of this morning.
$3,272 just since I announced it 20 minutes ago.
$1,000 of that, of course, from me.
So that's $2,270-something bucks from the listeners.
Get in there to the chip end, folks.
Give, give, give, give, give.
And you've heard Ted...
Alex, the banner's already purchased, okay?
And I need to buy more of them, obviously.
I'd like to have ten banners that can just blanket the United States.
That's the problem.
You're having to rush it around now and rush it to New Hampshire.
So you've got one more being made, but you need even more money to get, as you said, eight more banners made.
As soon as we detach this thing from this airplane, we're going to have to load it up on Federal Express and have it shipped right out to the location that we'll be flying it in in New Hampshire.
Personally, I think we should have two or three of these things flying in the air.
I mean, we can keep this thing in the air for about $1,800 for three, four hours, you know, and move it to another location and fly it again.
You know, that's what we need to do.
Yeah, I believe it's $400 for every two hours, Ted, so that's even longer.
I think that's what it says here.
$1,500 would be basically all five or six, seven hours.
Yeah, most of the quotes, I'd say the average quote is coming in at about $465 per hour.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Stay with us, Ted.
Somebody can honor us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Thank you.
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Oh, here we come now, baby.
Like a hurricane straight at ya.
The Ron Paul Revolution.
And we've only begun to fight.
We've already won.
We've already spread the word.
Tens of millions more have found out about the private Federal Reserve, the New World Order, the private nature of this global government beast.
They've now found out about the tyranny, the secret police, the FEMA camps you've built.
And you know what we're doing?
We're coming in with our Air Force in the Info War.
Coming in from the radio transmitters.
AM, FM, shortwave, internet, satellite.
Blasting out on the broadband, hitting the iPhones, the iPods.
Paul Watson, for Christmas, his girlfriend, gave him an iPhone.
And when he fired it up and went to online radio, he said a third of it was this radio show.
Without even looking, he fires it up.
And this radio show with people out there blasting it out, slicing, dicing it, editing it however they wish, that's good.
You have fun.
Spread the word.
Ram it down their throat.
Just feel like... Feels good.
Feels real good to take action.
Feels good to take action.
Feels good to not lay on my belly and have the enemy stomp on me with their black boots.
No, there's not going to be any licking boots or groveling.
They may even cut me down.
They may kill this body, but they're not killing these ideas of liberty.
Ted Anderson, a general in the field in the fight for liberty, is there in Iowa, Cedar Rapids right now.
He'll be going to Des Moines and Cedar Rapids in about a couple hours with the helicopter towing a gigantic Ron Paul banner.
Go to ronpaulaircorps.com or link through at prisonplanet.com or truthnews.com.
Huge announcement, by the way, coming up in ten minutes.
And a bunch of news coming up.
And Rand Paul, Ron Paul, it's all coming up.
Ted, I mean, this is just so exciting.
Regardless if he wins, regardless if they steal it, people say, well, what's the point?
It's energizing.
He's on CNN.
He's on Jay Leno.
They're learning about it.
Our movement has gone light years with him at the tip of the spear in the last year since he announced.
He announced what, on January 8th of last year?
I mean, this is incredible, Ted!
Alex, to have a candidate talking about the Federal Reserve System and the monetary system here in the United States...
This was beyond people's dreams, but it wasn't on mine.
And I'm not saying I'm special.
I'm saying learn to believe.
Learn that faith...
Well, that's it.
And Alex, how long have we been fighting for this cause?
And finally, finally it submerges it.
It was like building underground and it blasts like a volcano and enters into the surface.
And now all of a sudden, everybody in the entire United States are going to have to make a decision in their own mind as to whether or not we want to have real money or we want to have this Federal Reserve funny money.
And whether or not, you know, all these, you know, the Patriot Act was, you know, Bush put that thing through and people thought it was good for him.
Now they're going, oh my God, what happened to a posse comitatus and habeas corpus and all these, you know, this country was heading into a tyrannic society and all of a sudden it's like somebody put it, jammed it in reverse and the gears are grinding and you can just hear the thing just gnarling.
And I'm going to say this.
They spray-painted a beautiful Ron Paul mural.
Whoever did it had to hang off by ropes over the giant railroad trestle over the Colorado River right in downtown Austin.
There's Ron Paul signs everywhere.
I talk to family and people all over the country I know.
They say you'll see a hundred Ron Paul signs and bumper stickers for every one Romney or Hillary.
It's on fire.
Everybody's talking about him.
He's broken all fundraising records.
And folks, they're going to try to steal it.
All over the nation, suddenly corrupt officials who've been caught stealing elections before magically are losing thousands of computer chips that go in the machines.
So they can, I mean, folks, they're going to move.
They're moving hard.
Be prepared.
Notice, why do they keep saying he could win New Hampshire or come in second place?
We're good to go.
Now, in Des Moines, they can steal it.
I've analyzed their system.
They're going to steal it.
They're going to claim he's fourth or fifth place.
I'm going to talk about this later.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
Let them cheat.
Let them show us who they are.
This is all part of our victory.
Don't you understand?
This is history, you're living, ladies and gentlemen.
Go to RonPaulAirCore.com and give money right now to get more aircraft in the air.
You're not just waking people up to vote.
They're going to go look into Ron Paul.
They're going to go find out about the New World Order.
They're going to find this radio show and all the other radio shows.
You see, I realize it's all part of a greater awakening.
Another show wakes somebody up, they come here.
I wake somebody up, they go there.
We're all in this together.
That's the key.
And another thing, I demand the listeners, I beg you, go to all these other Ron Paul sites and tell them, hey, we've got links to you, Mac, on Prison Planet and Infowars and all these other sites.
We need you to link to the Ron Paul Air Force and get it up and off the ground.
And, you know, I'm sorry I energized the movement.
I'm sorry my listeners took action.
You, the listeners of this show, are the seed for much of what Ron Paul has admitted on air, without me prompting, is now happening.
And I'm sorry that for some of the mainline Republicans coming into the movement now, I'm a little scary for you.
On the surface, I'm not even involved in this Ron Paul Air Corps deal.
And I'm literally on the outside giving money to it.
So the point is, I've even left myself out of this.
Get in there.
Get it out to everybody right now.
You have no excuse.
Ted just drove through the night from Minnesota out there to get this aircraft up.
Ted, listen, I got a huge announcement with Kurt Nemo coming up here in five minutes.
I wanted to get you on about financial news, and I would be lacking, and we also didn't give the listeners an opportunity on this.
I remember when gold was $320 back in 2000 or whatever, 2001.
I remember all the lawsuits where the big banks were selling gold to each other at reduced prices to drive it down.
That's all documented.
We told you folks that gold is at half its value right now to its 1980 of 850.
The all-time high that was broken yesterday.
Okay, it'll have to go up to 22 to 2500 depending on which index you look at.
That's mainstream news.
That's not me.
That's CNBC.
For it to get parity with 1980, the psychological ceiling was 850.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is in the futures now at 875.
It's at 864 right now, only going up.
It'll probably, it might, it may just keep racing up.
Well, let's ask the expert.
Ted, from what you've seen, do you think it'll correct in people having to sell who had positions in gold and had it leveraged, thinking it would go down?
Are they going to have to dump?
I mean, do you think it's going to correct, or is it just going to keep rocketing up?
Because it's just surging right now, Ted.
Oh, yeah, it's surging.
One of the points that you made is that the people that are selling short right now are getting margin calls, and they're getting stopped out of the marketplace, which forces them to go back and repurchase their positions that they've sold, and that pushes it even further.
When we've crossed this $850... Are you saying we may have hit flashpoint?
Critical mass.
That's exactly what's going on right now, Alex.
We have to look forward to $1,500 gold.
I'm not saying that there won't be corrections.
There's always times when people sell off.
But folks, don't go look at a one-month or a two-month or even a year graph.
That's going straight up, too.
Look at a five, six, seven-year.
If you look at it, there's little valleys, but it's like you're still marching up towards Mount Everest.
You're still going to the top of the world.
It's just going up.
Well, you know, and just recently here, of course, there was a lot of push to support the dollar.
It was free-falling.
There was a lot of push by countries to try to bring it back together again to make some sort of assemblage.
And it looks like I'm scared, by the way.
This is not a happy day.
I mean, being right is a painful thing when you're in this business.
Ted, it looks like they're now abandoning it.
It looks like they're giving up.
It looks like they may stop trying to dump money into the markets.
I mean, are we looking at fiscal Armageddon here?
Well, I mean, adjusted numbers.
Fiscal Armageddon, when you start to see gold $2,500, $3,000, which is very realistic, going back to 1980 dollar value, that's where gold should be right now.
Then, yes, indeed, we're looking at financial Armageddon right here in this country.
And we probably will be somewhere to the liking of Mexico and Argentina or Brazil, some of those countries that have done the same thing we've done, which is deficit spend and try to spend our way into prosperity.
And then borrow the money from foreign resources.
Which the global engineers, so they can have forced consolidations.
Look, I'm going to tell people right now, I wish I was in a position, with this little $1,000 thing I did, I'm not, but I wish I was in a position to move into gold right now.
Silver still has not corrected anywhere like gold has, and that by me by correcting up.
You know, sure, it was $6 five years ago, and now it's $15.
But, I mean, silver should be what?
For dollar devaluation, like $15?
Well, I mean, if you just took it and multiplied it by two, you'd have $100 silver, because we did have $50 silver back in 1980.
Now, considering the fact that gold just reached its peak and surpassed it, silver could very well do the same, because if you reflect on what the dollar is doing today in comparison to what it was doing then,
The same amount of dollars should be paying about $50 per ounce for silver.
I recommend, folks, you can do whatever you want, but I would move heavily into silver, heavily into gold right now.
The thing about it is, Alex, if you're sitting in the stock market, you have the money in the bank, and all these different assets, you're watching the real estate market melt down.
This is the safest haven that you can have.
You should, without a question, have 25% to 50% of your assets in the gold and silver.
It's just now is the time to do it.
Bar none.
In a safe market, it's 10%, but now, you know, if you're in these other places, I'd be scared, too.
I just would.
Do you want me to put up a special?
Because there are a couple of things we can talk about.
Yeah, Ted, what do you have in stock?
Well, right now, the best thing I think to get into are these 20 francs.
They are currently right now at $186 per coin.
By the way, that is last week's price, folks.
Ted already has these.
I was just about to say, I priced these before the market moved up here just recently, so they're not going to be at that price for very long.
And then we also have the silver dollar rolls right now.
Same thing I offered here before gold went through the roof like it did and silver went up.
Ted bought this gold, what, a week or two ago?
Let's be clear.
Let's be clear.
Well, I secured this position, I think it was about a week and a half ago.
Yeah, because I remember we talked a week, I think it was right before Christmas, wasn't it?
Well, yeah, that's true.
We went through the holidays.
It's probably closer to two weeks now.
Yeah, so this is when gold had corrected, folks.
Ted, this is barn burner prices on silver and gold, and gold is like a rocket.
Give them the number, Ted.
Yeah, it's 1-800-686-2237.
It's 1-800-686-2237.
And tell them it's the Alex Jones Show special on rolls of silver dollars, which even have a collector value.
They're gorgeous and a great way to educate your friends and family about real money.
And these beautiful Franks.
Now, the Franks I bought from you were always a mix of, like, Swiss...
There's a lot of European countries that made this particular coin because it was a unit of wealth that was understood.
It's like 100 years old, 110 years old.
It's also got collector value, but you're getting it.
Literally, it melts.
Ted, give them the number again.
It's 1-800-686-2237.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Again, 1-800-686-2237.
We're good to go.
What does it go to?
What happens when I get money?
I throw it at Ron Paul.
So this is all a good deal.
Protect yourselves.
I hate the bankers.
I hate the New World Order.
I love it when you buy guns.
I love it when you stop drinking fluoride water.
I love it when you get gold.
I love it when your kids stop using drugs so the CIA doesn't make money.
Just beat them everywhere you can.
Dress nice.
Be healthy.
Kiss your wife.
Be happy.
Have a great time.
Laugh at the New World Order.
That's how you beat them.
You beat them when you buy gold.
You beat them when you buy silver.
You literally stomp their little peanut heads in.
Excuse me, Ted.
I'm getting a little angry here.
I'm actually mad about what's happening.
This is insane.
Ted, are you freaked out like I am?
I mean, my God.
The dollar is in free fall.
Gold is exploding.
Oil is going absolutely nuts.
The yuppies are still running around thinking the stock market's really at $13,000.
I mean, it's an elementary two-year-old equation that when you devalue the currency by more than half, of course the stock market's going to go up, but that's inflationary.
Yeah, well, Alex, I've been studying economics since 1980.
That's why I jumped on the Ron Paul bandwagon so early on.
He followed von Mises and the Austrian School of Economics, just like I do.
I mean, I've been schooled by the likes of Hard Rough and
And Doug Casey and Mark Skousen and the Adrian Sisters.
I mean, I've been reading newsletters and doing studies and taking economics courses and I've had Series 7 license.
I've been Series 63, Series 6.
I mean, I've been a stockbroker.
I know what's going on in the world.
And I can tell you right now there's been a lot of talk about what's going on now, but we've been able to put off what we're experiencing today for almost 30 years by borrowing money from countries
And becoming further and further in debt.
And folks, as bad as it is now, 40% inflation compounded in the last four years, and now it's ballooning at the end of 15, 20% this year conservatively, and then they tell the Social Security people, oh, it's 2%, and that's what they add on your check.
The reason why they do that, Alex, is because if they allow the CPI index to go up without trading the... No, it'll be bankrupt.
Social Security will bankrupt that much faster.
Yep, it does.
It bankrupts a lot faster.
It's not just Social Security.
It's all the pensions that the government owes.
It's all the people that are... Let me just... This is fiscal Armageddon.
This is the chain reaction.
Look at these headlines.
Tokyo stocks set to rise on gold.
Oil stays hot.
They're saying it's just going to keep going up.
Gold futures extended gains to trade at fresh highs.
So gold right now, it keeps going up.
It's at 860-something, and the futures are in the 870s.
My gosh, Ted.
That means it's just going to go up, or...
Well, that's exactly what's occurring.
Actually, what you're seeing is the dollar falling in value.
The value of the currency is going down.
The people are sitting on all this currency that's located in Japan.
It's located in China.
It's located in the Middle Eastern countries, the whole group of them that have been selling oil.
They've got just piles and piles of this currency backed up.
And the reason why they do is because they've been trading their goods for it.
And they know that they've got a problem here.
They're trying to find liquidity.
They don't want to all dump it once because they lose their purchasing power when they do that.
But they're trying to dump it quietly and get rid of it as quickly as they can.
Let me give people gold numbers.
USD, that's the U.S., 865.35 and rising.
My gosh, Ted, it opened at $8.58.85 this morning.
It's at $8.65.35.
And in futures, it's as high as $8.75.
Ted, what does that mean?
Well, I just said the futures contract means that you're going to have to deliver it later on.
You're purchasing it for delivery later on.
And it costs time.
The time value is
All right, Ted, good job.
Check in with us again when that helicopter lifts off.
We'll be right back with a big announcement.
Hello, folks.
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Housing prices, complete with over 3 gigabytes of detailed information on the 3,000-plus counties in the U.S.
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You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after usually.
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They won't let you grow industrial hemp.
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Go to hempusa.org.
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Folks that bring you the GCN Radio Network.
Get gold today.
Today, at the price it was two weeks ago, I don't know, $20 or something, 800-686-2237.
Okay, Rand Paul is coming up.
Ron Paul is on definitely tomorrow.
They had some scheduling conflicts.
That happens occasionally.
He may even pop in today.
But I've just got to say something.
It is so exciting to have Curt Nimmo on the team for the last two, three months.
He created TruthNews.us.
He, of course...
RonPaulWarRoom.com We're asking you to get the word out on this.
You can come there.
And you can get it out to everybody.
And again, this will be nothing if you don't turn it loose.
This will be nothing.
This is up to you.
We're good to go.
I think?
And on top of all his other great duties, many nights at 1 o'clock in the morning I'm talking to him on IM or on the phone, and we're going to hold him over to the next segment.
Kurt Nemo, it is really great to have you on, my friend.
Well, thanks, Alex.
Tell folks about what this site's meant to do, how it's going to be expanded, and how they are the key to it.
Well, you pretty much encapsulated it.
It's pretty much just a clearinghouse, an info war bunker for the Ron Paul revolution.
People can go there, like you said.
They can post the articles.
We're going to eventually have where they can have their own blogs.
Right now, that's just a kind of a general blog where users can go in and create stories and post stories on there, and they can add comments to stories and articles and videos, and it's just a central area to put all information related to Ron Paul.
Well, that it is, my friend.
Go through some of the features and how easy it is for somebody to create their own account.
Well, they just basically go to ronpaulwarroom.com, go to the top of the screen on the right.
There's a button up there that says you can register or create an account and log in, and they basically just walk through a couple screens, and you're in.
You can start posting.
You can start adding to the discussions, and you're there.
And ladies and gentlemen, unless you talk about killing people or post-porn or a few things like that, there's no censorship.
That's right.
It's totally open.
You can claim that I'm a reptoid shape-shifting Zionist from planet... My God, people sent me this clip last night because I just can't stop watching and laughing at these videos.
And one of the guys saying I'm a Catholic agent when I'm not even Catholic believes the sun orbits the earth and believes in like this 3,000 year old deal where it goes up and down on a pinwheel and believes in white separate nations and all this stuff.
I didn't even know that the progenitor of all the attacks on me in that area, Kurt, was just absolutely...
Because I hadn't really watched a lot of it, and I was like, my God, this guy is from the absolute Fruit Loop Brigade, and that magic beams from the sun detonate nuclear weapons with cabbage patches.
I mean, I'm digressing.
It was too funny.
I had to talk about it.
Stay there, Kurt.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, the campaign is always very honest with us, and they say Congressman Paul may be popping in for five minutes today.
Regardless, he'll be on for at least 20 minutes tomorrow.
A lot of scheduling conflicts, obviously, with the first Republican primary in Iowa.
Ted Anderson of Genesis Communications is right now taking to the air with a huge helicopter telling a banner, the latest thing, gigantic banner.
Go to ronpaulaircourse.com or ronpaulairforce.com to check out the banner, the info.
We are now launching ronpaulwarroom.com, ronpaulwarroom.com, press releases at truthnews.us, going up on prisonplanet.com.
It's up to you.
You got the ball.
What are you going to do?
We've created the holes for you.
Are you going to run through their linebackers and get us that touchdown?
We are only five yards from the goal line.
This is all just, whether we lose or win, we build our muscles, we get better.
And, Kurt, I'm just very excited about the work you've done.
It's great to work with somebody who's got a great attitude.
And you're just fabulous.
And I just want you to intensify your operations.
But, again, I only stress...
This is a site where you have your own blog.
Post on the main page.
Go have a great time, ladies and gentlemen.
You could even say the sun orbits the earth and that I'm a reptoid, but go ahead.
Well, hopefully they'll be talking about Ron Paul strictly and not talking about shape-shifting reptiles.
But the point is, right now it's kind of skeletal and it's up to the folks out there to go to the site and post.
There's only like five or six stories up there.
But, you know, it's all up to the people.
Once they get in there and start posting, this will be a dynamic information center for people to talk about Ron Paul.
And you were in the middle of updating when I drug you on air.
You're going to add the maps, the battleground states, the links to all the other Ron Paul sites.
People will notice we've got links to all the other big sites, what the Blimp site, the Daily Paul, all that.
We just want to have a portal for everything, Paul.
And, you know, we spent weeks and weeks building the technology, the base, the backbone.
Now we're going to put all the meat on it, and you can be part of founding RonPaulWarroom.com.
Spill into there.
Become members.
I want to see hundreds of posting members by the end of the day.
Again, ronpaulwarren.com.
Kurt Nemo also has done a beautiful job over at truthnews.us.
All my crew works hard without me even having to buggy whip them.
Nemo, I've got to tell you to go to sleep sometimes.
I love your passion.
Well, thanks, Alex.
Tell us a little bit more about the site, some of the stories you've got up there today.
Well, right now we've got some stories up there.
Obviously, we have a story about what you were just talking about, Ted Anderson's, you know, the Ron Paul Air Corps in Iowa right now.
And the other stories are, actually there's another story about that very same subject from Paul Joseph Watson.
There's a story about how Ron Paul will finish the top three in Iowa.
There's a video up there.
Ron Paul appeared on Wolf Blitzer's CNN Situation Room yesterday, so that's up there, too.
So you can post video as well.
And there's just a bunch of smaller articles, but like I said, it's up to the people to go there and post the articles.
And what we need to do is use this as a central clearing area for articles that go on other websites as well.
Just plug in and put articles up.
And InfoWars.com, InfoWars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv, PrisonPlanet.com, JonesReport.com.
It's all of these strategic info weapon lasers all shooting together and combining, I hate to use the analogy, kind of like the Death Star, into one big beam just to blast the enemy.
We need everybody to target right now, Ron Paul War Room.
We need viral explosion now.
In fact, Nemo, would you like to...
I'm going to say it.
Pilot to Bombardier.
And Nemo is the Bombardier.
Pilot to Bombardier.
Are we approaching the target?
We are over the target.
Right now the target's in Iowa.
All right.
Would you like to then release this hydrogen info weapon?
Bombay doors are open, Captain.
Fire at will, Bombardier.
I know, the cheesiness is out of control.
That's why people like me.
I'm a little kid, Nemo.
You know that, don't you?
Of course.
Aren't we all?
All right, my friend.
Well done, Nemo.
We will talk to you soon, my friend.
I know you'll go right back to updating ronpaulwarren.com.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with Dr. Rand Paul as we track election 2008 on the front lines of the Ron Paul revolution.
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It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Builder Bird.
Doesn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burr is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They have all the money they need.
They're not after money.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
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We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, the owner of this radio network, Ted Anderson, I called him about a week and a half ago, and I said, Ted, I'm too busy.
I'm about to rent a few airplanes here locally to tow some banners.
Why don't you take the ball with your bigger staff and your companies and put planes up all over the country, put up the first few yourself, make the big banners, which cost thousands apiece, and get them up.
And aircraft we're taking off today, the latest thing is a big helicopter pulling a gigantic banner.
Go look at video photos of it at the website right now.
Which is ronpaulaircorps.com or ronpaulairforce.com.
Both will take you there.
What's a Ron Paul Air Corps?
Go there.
We've got them set for New Hampshire.
It's going up in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids today.
We've also launched ronpaulwarren.com, as you just heard me discuss.
Now, Ron Paul does this about 20% of the time.
Busy congressman, the rest of it.
He reschedules.
He's been on probably, I don't know, 50, 60, 70 times over the years.
So we totally understand.
He may be popping in for five minutes next hour.
I tend to doubt that.
They said maybe 20 minutes tomorrow.
He'll be here tomorrow.
He had to reschedule.
But graciously, his son, Dr. Ron Paul in his own right, Rand Paul, who's a doctor in his own right,
An ophthalmologist, an eye surgeon doctor, joins us, and he himself is very well versed in the free market system, the systems of liberty, and a constitutionalist, literally a chip off the old block, a doppelganger of his father.
I hope he doesn't take that badly.
I'm sure he doesn't.
And so he joins us for this segment and the next.
He's very busy right now, obviously, with his practice and the rest of it.
Rand, thank you for filling in for your papa.
Glad to be here.
Glad to hear about the airplanes and the banners.
That's exciting.
Well, we're just trying to do everything we can.
We're throwing the catcher in the sink at it.
Well, what we really need is if this energy can be transmitted and we can get enough votes today, I think they won't be able to ignore us.
I mean, if we could get as high as third place, it would be tremendous.
I don't want to set the expectations too high, because there's always the chance you don't make it, and we don't want to lose the enthusiasm.
Well, Dr. Paul, I don't do pre-interviews, so we didn't talk beforehand.
I was about to say, what do you think is most important right now?
You've got the floor.
Well, we've got to get votes, and we've got to translate the energy of all the people on the Internet, the $20 million that was raised last quarter, we've got to translate that into votes.
Some of it, that energy, once that energy spills over into some of the mainstream media coverage, you know,
Yesterday was pretty exciting.
We just were flipping through the channels.
We saw my dad twice on CNN.
We saw a great interview.
It was one of the first times I've seen on national television where a third party was endorsing and basically doing a justification of my father's policy.
That was Nick Gillespie from Reason Magazine.
He did an interview with Bill O'Reilly.
Bill O'Reilly can be tough because Bill O'Reilly is so much in favor of the Iraq War.
We're good to go.
And then all of a sudden it's leading the pack.
So I think you can come from 4% in national polls and go to 30% in polls.
Well, actually, I hate to interrupt you, but you brought up two key points there.
If you look at Carter, 1% going into New Hampshire.
If you look at Clinton, 1% going into New Hampshire.
More often than not, and I actually did some of the math, it's a little over 70% of the time, it is people from the back of the pack.
And Dean almost did that back in 2004.
That's where most of the time they come from the back of the pack.
Well, I wish the media would somehow figure out that the initial polls that they base their coverage on don't always play out, and the fact that the polls are fluid once you give coverage.
Because, say, nine months ago, no one had heard of Ron Paul other than people like yourself and your viewership and people like myself and the free market kind of people.
Very few people.
You know, 100,000 people might have known who Ron Paul is.
Now, probably 30 or 40 million people know his name.
I mean, let's be accurate.
I would say 10 million knew who your dad was and thought they were all alone.
Now 200 million do.
I mean, the name recognition is enormous.
Yeah, you're right.
I mean, just in my medical practice here, I have people who aren't coming in for political reasons to see me, but every one of them knows about his campaign now.
I mean, the name recognition, just going into a restaurant with a pin on now,
Most of the people in my town, everywhere I go, and they don't have to know me in particular, will recognize the name and say, oh, my cousin's a fan of his, or I'm thinking about him.
I mean, the name recognition is going through the roof, and we really have only hit the tip of the iceberg.
When people thought, oh, let's try to raise $12 million in the third quarter, I have always been, not openly, but I'm always somewhat pessimistic.
I'm like, surely there can't be enough of us out there who believe that
You know, in small constitutional government, want to take our government back.
And then we raised $20 million without one PAC money, one bit of PAC money, one lobbyist,
It is just, I think, mind-boggling.
That's right, Rand Paul.
That's right, son of Ron Paul, Dr. Rand Paul.
You're absolutely right.
It's not just the $6.8 million in one day or the $4.3 million in one day.
It's the exponential curve that shows total victory if he had more time in just another month or two.
But unfortunately, they've moved him up.
Here we are.
And they're pulling out every dirty trick.
You say you wish the media would figure it out.
They know exactly what they're doing, trying to suppress and pulling every trick they can, but backfiring on them.
You're being kind.
But you're there talking about making history with the money.
It is the fact, even bigger than the six-plus mil, is that it was small donations.
That dwarfs the six million.
It would have been a million in small donations.
That would have been history.
This breaks all records and it's small donations.
Right, and I think that is such a huge story because, you know, when Kerry raised $5.7 million, probably over half of that was from political action committees, special interests, people who want contracts from government, people who want jobs with government.
You know, you don't find... When I was in Boston for the Tea Party recently, I said, look, not one dime came from a lobbyist.
Not one dime came from somebody with their hand out wanting something from government.
They're all the leave-me-alone coalitions.
You know, from all different walks of life, the people who want to be just left alone.
Again, we're talking to Rand Paul.
I mean, we have to talk about dirty tricks.
We have to prepare people for this.
I've analyzed Iowa.
Some people are smarter than I am in elections.
It's very easy to manipulate, steal, abscond.
We know governments do this.
We know parties do this.
We've seen open sheeting from Florida to California in different caucuses, different straw polls, where they've publicly said Romney people can vote 15 times, Ron Paul people can only vote once, or Ron Paul won, we're not going to release the results.
We're good to go.
I think?
But, I mean, how do we respond when even Russert's saying he may win or come in second place in New Hampshire?
How do we respond today, barring a miracle, when they say fourth or fifth place in Iowa?
And I'm saying go out and vote.
Do it.
Make it hard for him to cheat.
A landslide's hard to beat.
I know he's going to win Iowa.
I know the grassroots is real, Rand.
What do we do with these cheaters?
Well, I think the hard part about things like Iowa, where I agree, I think things are more secure in New Hampshire probably than Iowa.
However, all elections, I think, are open to theft and stealing.
What I would say, though, is that, and it's kind of the way our society works in a sense that most laws are obeyed voluntarily.
We obey them, one, either because we're good people or because we fear the consequences of breaking the law.
And in Iowa, if someone cheats and gets caught, and it's not out of the world that you don't get caught, people do get caught, you can go to jail.
So there is some threat of deterrence.
Now, does that stop people from cheating?
Maybe not.
But I have to believe that there is at least some vestige of honesty in the electoral system, and not at all levels.
But I really think it's going to be a little bit different than a straw poll in the sense where I think it's easier for people to justify cheating because they don't go to jail.
And you can go to jail for election fraud.
We've had people go to jail and
Kentucky, Texas, different places.
So if they're going to try to steal the election, they've got to be aware that we're watching, and you can go to jail for election fraud.
You just stole my thunder.
There you go.
What I was interjecting is that this isn't like past elections.
We've had HBO specials, Lou Dobbs talking about it.
Now everybody knows there's election fraud going on here and there, and you're right.
It's not everywhere.
It's about 35% is infected.
They admit that's where they've got these special machines with no records.
And then there's other problems.
So you're right.
They don't have air superiority to steal everywhere.
And so we have to make them steal in public.
And there's Ron Paul eyeballs everywhere, aren't there?
Yeah, and I think there's 1,800 precincts in Iowa.
So it's impossible probably to have somebody everywhere.
But I think the campaign does have a way of having things reported.
I'm not intimately familiar with all the details of how it's working.
But I have seen that there have been efforts...
To have the phones and have all the different caucus leaders for Ron Paul call in the results.
So I think there will be some separate accountability on this.
And the other thing about the caucus and cheating within it, I don't think the cheating is going to go on if the local level called in, because the voting is done pretty publicly.
You're voting actually, it's not secret ballot, you're actually voting in front of people.
And the danger, I guess, is in the transmission or the tallying of all the different precincts.
But, you know, as far as I know, there will be people at the headquarters where the phone calls are being called in and at the state party.
So I think there are some checks and balances.
And I don't know exactly where we'll turn out.
I mean, I think if we're fourth or fifth, we have to not get discouraged to move on.
If we're third, it's huge.
But we're within the margin of being third.
You know, their polls that they're doing have us at 9% and have McCain at 13%.
But most of them show a margin of error of five percentage points, and so it's not out of this world that we could beat McCain and come in third in Iowa.
Dr. Paul, we've got a quick break, and then I want to come back for a final five-minute segment with you and talk about censorship.
Fox News, News Corp is a private company, and they can do what they want until they claim they're being fair and balanced.
That's false advertising.
Until they claim that they're going to engage in an electoral service campaign
To the public to choose, and then they take the all-time record money raiser who's showing up 10, 12 points in New Hampshire, and they put people in the studio ahead of him with this debate, this forum coming up this weekend, who are lower than him in polls.
They could put him in earlier because they thought he was going to lose and thought they could ignore him and give him less time.
Now he's rising.
They're scared.
I want to get your take on what we should do, what you think Fox News is up to, how we counter this.
From Dr. Paul's son, Rand Paul.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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Thank you.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Strange days have called us
I think.
Dr. Rand Paul says he can stay with us until about 45 after.
Instead of me just sitting here being a blowhard in the next segment, I'll go directly to your calls.
If you have questions or comments for Dr. Rand Paul, a chip off the old block, son of Dr. Ron Paul, 1-800-259-9231.
Only Ron Paul election questions, okay?
We normally have open phones on any issue.
This is about the campaign right now.
We're focusing on that.
I've got to say that on air because we don't screen calls and they can do whatever they want, but I'm just asking for some self-control and discretion.
That's what the Ron Paul Revolution is all about, controlling ourselves instead of having to be controlled.
Ron Paul, the Fox situation.
I don't think I know.
This is desperation.
And now ABC's saying they may block him out as well.
I guess it was okay when they thought he was in the doldrums and in the basement, but this, I think, is a major sign.
They see his trend, his trajectory.
Here's one interesting take on this, though.
Yesterday, he was on Sean Hannity's radio program, and everybody knows Sean Hannity's no fan of my father's.
He really, I think, has been unfair in his interviews in the past, talks over top of him, will not even ask him a question and hear a polite answer.
During the Fox debates in the past when my father wins the online texting poll,
Sean says he's cheating.
He's virtually apoplectic, going crazy, saying, it's wrong, it's wrong, he didn't win the debate.
And it's his own poll from his own station that my dad is winning.
See, Rand, you're being too nice.
He says people are cheating when those are IP and phone number calls where you can only vote once.
But here's the point.
Yesterday, when he was on the radio with him, he was much softer, much more apologetic, and here's what he kept saying.
Everywhere I go across the country, because he's been doing this book tour, the Ron Paul people come to me at every venue.
Your people are everywhere, and they want to know why I hate Ron Paul.
And so he was much friendlier, because you know what he sees?
He sees that the conservative movement that has been supporting his book sales and other Fox book sales of their people, it includes a significant chunk of people who like Ron Paul.
Dr. Paul, I've got to jump in here.
This is incredible.
I was going to bring this up earlier, but I didn't want to cut you off.
What Rand just said is exactly what's in my mind.
Well, they also, not only did Sean Hannity seem to be a little friendlier to him yesterday, Bill O'Reilly didn't have him on, but had this editor, Nick Gillespie, from Reason, and why would he have him on to sort of justify this exclusion unless they're getting a lot of flack from our people?
And I advise people, yes, send them polite emails, but saying how can you exclude the guy who's going to raise more money in the fourth quarter than any other Republican candidate?
In fact, he's going to be right up there with the top of the Democrat candidates for the fourth quarter.
He's going to be right up there with Hillary Clinton for fourth quarter fundraising.
And the fact that they're responding, though, that Fox has two people, Sean Hannity and then Bill O'Reilly, and Bill O'Reilly wasn't as mean-spirited as he can sometimes be.
He was somewhat conciliatory and actually allowed someone who was in support of Ron Paul to give their premise as to why he should be considered.
So I think that's a change.
I think that they also realize that our audience...
We're good to go.
Well, Doctor, we all know that the connected internet, net-savvy audience that have even done studies is also much more wealthy on average, upper middle class.
And, of course, he goes right down into blue collar and everything else.
But the point is, Ron Paul has that middle class like nobody's business.
He has both the groups that both parties have traditionally gotten people from.
And so what you're saying about money...
And boycotts and mental acumen and not forgetting what people have done and boycotting.
Absolutely right.
But expanding on that, they also, I mean, they keep saying it's the Internet.
Well, in a good way, the Internet was the vector that brought the, quote, liberty infection with Ron Paul just being the, you know, the name of the disease.
That's what the establishment sees it as.
We see it as the white blood cell cure.
And so what they're doing is trying to now say it's just the Internet.
No, I don't see Ron Paul, I mean Hillary Clinton signs now when I'm in New York.
I see Ron Paul signs.
I see Ron Paul signs everywhere.
I hear Ron Paul being, Ron Paul is manifesting in the streets.
Rand Paul, I want to get your take on that when we get back and take calls.
Final segment with Dr. Rand Paul on the other side, continual coverage of the Iowa caucus.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Well, it's just a real honor to be able to talk to a fabulous person like Dr. Rand Paul, son of Dr. Ron Paul.
Practicing position in Kentucky, active in the different liberty organizations.
Heads up one there in the state.
And that's why I love this job.
I get to associate with the best people, the people of the highest moral standards, the people...
Who I don't just agree with, the people that have the honor and the research and the integrity.
I mean, it's just great to be associated with you, the listeners, and all of the station owners and people that carry the show and our sponsors and the crew I work with here in my office, Kurt Nimmo, Paul Watson, Aaron Dykes, Trey Kincaid.
I can't list all the people in my office.
There's now 12 of them, but it's just so good.
And we're about to go to Harold, Dave, Eric, Dave, and a few others.
But before we do that, anything else you want to add about the Fox situation?
And then give us, not your prediction, but your dead reckoning, Doctor.
And we know, again, nobody's had a crystal ball, but in your gut, well, first I'll finish up with Fox, but then in your gut, how do you see Iowa playing out?
And then how do you see New Hampshire playing out?
Where do you see this going?
One of the things about the Fox is the other thing is that the state chairman of the GOP party in New Hampshire has come out and told Fox that he does not want to participate, basically, with Ron Paul being excluded.
He's also said, and several of them have said, that they're cutting off their nose to spite their face because my dad's bringing new people to the party, disaffected Republicans, Democrats switching party, independents, libertarians, and if they're going to basically shut the door...
And say we don't want new people in our party, they're going down to defeat.
They have no chance of winning without bringing new people in.
They also realize, or they think they realize, that if they anger my father, he'll be more likely to run as an independent.
I don't think anger is going to factor into his decision, but I would say that they are smart to try to bring new people in and to keep him in the debate.
Rand, are you reading my mind?
Because I wanted to go to calls and I wanted to bring forward the issue of running in the third party.
I think your father has a responsibility if they shut him out and he only comes second, third place in a few of the other primaries in the next two months.
Just to educate and to build a liberty party, or to expand it and to keep the ball rolling, because he'll guarantee to get 20-30% of the vote, or 40%, even if they try to cheat in polls, that's where he opens up.
Even though there's not the machinery to win because of the corrupt party system, he will be forced into the national debates.
We're good to go.
Yeah, I think that's something only he can answer, really.
But I would say that
Nobody predicted a year ago, or at least nobody really, really thought it would get as huge as it is now.
I did.
I said it would.
All right.
You're one of the few who understood how big the movement was.
But the thing is, is that it has gotten so huge now that I think times do change, and I think that's why he hasn't absolutely shut the door on this.
But I can tell you from participating in 1988 myself and seeing the drain is that
We've gotten a million times more attention right now, and we also are fighting to win.
We're not already thinking about defeat.
We're thinking about winning the primary in New Hampshire.
You've got to play this ball game and then decide what you're going to do after this game.
No, I agree.
Until January 8th, I go to New Hampshire on Saturday, and I go there fully with the intention of trying to convert a few more hundred people to vote for my dad in the last few days because that few hundred could make the difference.
And it's a very small primary up there, and 40,000 votes could win the New Hampshire primary.
30 or 40,000 votes might win the Iowa primary.
Folks, go to ronpaulwarren.com, ronpaul2008.com.
We have big fat links on all those sites where you can go see where you're needed in the primaries, what you can do.
If you haven't jumped off the fence yet or you support Ron Paul but you're waiting to see what happens, don't be a spectator.
Get in the game.
Let's jam some calls in right now.
Harold in Texas, you're on the air with Dr. Ron Paul.
Yes, thanks for taking my call.
And it's an honor to be on the air with two patriots like yourselves.
We're taking action down here in Austin, Texas.
Thank you.
Let me tell you about what we've done.
About November...
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
In New Hampshire on Elm Street that's going to be launched tomorrow, and we are working and raising money for South Carolina billboards and Massachusetts billboards, and we're taking this nationwide.
We're having a big effect, so I just want to tell everybody to go to our website, ronpaulbillboards.com, and join us in this effort.
Yeah, you guys need to listen up.
That Austin-Ron Paul group's a big group.
I understand y'all had 2,000 or 3,000 people for your tea party there in December.
Yeah, Austin is the command base.
I wonder why.
But there certainly is a large group of people awake here.
We've been doing our work.
I've been interviewing your dad right here just back when I was on one station, 98.9 FM, I remember, 12 years ago.
And he helped bring the message.
In fact, his district, before they rewrote it, came right into...
Yes, south of Austin.
And so it is, again, back to your father helping build what's happening right here in Texas with the great people.
Give out the Ron Paul Billboard website.
Another example of the grassroots exploding.
It is ronpaulbillboards.com, and we are on MySpace also, slash ronpaulbillboards.
And come join us.
We're having a big effect.
We're already...
We've already raised enough money for a billboard in South Carolina, and we're moving forward.
Harold, I would just ask this, because we put links up to your site and written stories about it.
We do it all.
We're trying to get all the Ron Paul.
It's the synergy that has the power.
Could you guys put a link to the Ron Paul Air Force?
Yes, I will.
Because we need the activists to do that.
This is an open space for everybody, but we need to have that interchange, kind of like plants and animals.
One puts out carbon dioxide, the other...
Well, I think that's the whole thing and the remarkable thing.
I liken the Internet to sort of Adam Smith's invisible hand.
Because it has a purpose, and the purpose is working its way through, but it sort of is somewhat invisible, but somewhat multiplies the efforts of all of our people.
And the invisible hand in Adam Smith was a profit motive, but the interesting thing about the profit motive was that people worked for their own self-interest, but in doing so, they helped the common interest much more so than socialism.
We're the first thing that they thought about with the common interest and not the self-interest.
Well, it's all in our individual interest to have liberty, and we work for that, then everybody else gets liberty.
Exactly, and the common interest ends up, you end up getting the greatest liberty for the most people when you have people each striving for their own liberty.
But the cool thing about the Internet is just the viral capacity of things to multiply out there, to find new people.
I mean, people we never knew were our allies are finding us now through the Internet and through this information campaign.
Well, a rising tide raises all ships.
And this is it, folks.
Dave in Philly.
I've just got to go in just a few minutes.
Got to move quickly.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Thanks for having me.
I want to thank both you guys for everything you've done.
And I want to ask Dr. Rand Paul, I'm worried about election fraud.
You've seen John Kerry sort of just...
Let his election get stolen.
Yeah, but he took a dive.
Ron Paul won't do that.
See, you can't just rig an election.
You've got to rig the candidate, too.
Well, I think we're right to be worried about it.
All I can say is, from your local angle, the best thing to do is participate in your local election, become a poll watcher, go down to wherever they're counting the votes and stand there and watch them.
And you're allowed to do that.
In most states, you can stand there and watch.
And we did have a congressional election stolen from us in the 1970s
But you know what we did?
We had 3,000 poll watchers the next time around, and we stood in every precinct, and instead of losing 2,000 to nothing in a precinct that was a precinct that wasn't going to vote for us anyway, we'd lose 1,000 to nothing because they weren't able to steal the extra 1,000 people who didn't show up.
Dave, thanks for the call.
Yeah, they really hated it when Dr. Paul did what he did in his first deal in Congress, so they came back and tried to hammer him down.
It didn't work because he just came back again.
And I don't agree with a lot of what Nietzsche had to say.
I read three of his books, but...
Starting in high school, but the one thing he did say was that that does not kill you only makes you stronger.
And the Founding Fathers repeatedly said in different ways that all that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men and women do nothing.
So yeah, there's fraud going on.
The answer is swarm it.
I mean, what does the body do when it gets invaded by strep?
White blood cells go in, don't they, Doctor?
That's right.
You've got to keep fighting.
And, you know, I think that's when people talk about the dangers of campaigning, potential violence, things like that.
What you have to do is, you have to believe that a cause is worth fighting for, and you just move forward.
It's called commitment, and you and your father and everybody are committed, and that's what's beautiful, and we're committed.
Eric in Connecticut, gotta move fast, he's gotta go in a minute or two.
Hey guys, I pray for God to put the armor of his protection around you both, and Happy New Year to you too.
Thank you, sir.
I wanted to mention that Ron Paul is an awesome man, I think he's doing a great job, and I also am a long-time member of the National Rifle Association.
I look in the
First Freedom, and I don't see any support for Ron Paul.
And gun owners out there, you have to get wise.
You have to do your research.
Understand that the NRA is a backstabbing organization.
That's a good point.
I've really been disappointed with the NRA, not even inviting them to their forums.
That's just ridiculous.
But you know what it's all about?
My father has voted against every federal restriction of firearms ever introduced in Congress in his 20 years, and you know that he has continued to vote this way
Even when the NRA is in support of things like trigger locks and different things like that, my father has the guts to vote against these bills.
But you know why the NRA hates him?
They don't understand anything about states' rights, and the NRA wants the U.S.
Congress to restrict lawsuits in state courts against gun manufacturers.
Now, my father and myself and all of us think it's absurd that,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, you're right.
And the NRA, not only do they not allow my dad to come to their forums...
They actually endorsed his Democrat opponent in his congressional race last time around.
Who was anti-gun.
We actually, some little pig lobbyist.
Final call.
Dave in New York.
Quickly, I've got to let the doctor go.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I'm a firm supporter of Dr. Paul, and I believe that this movement we are seeing is not about Alex Jones or Dr. Paul.
It's about freedom, education, and divine justice.
I say this as a preface to a concern of mine.
I do not wish to say anything that will take away from the movement.
However, since this is an info war about seeking truth, I cannot have prejudice to any of the facts and where they might lead.
I found a video on RonPaul2008.com
In this video, Dr. Paul flashes the devil horn hand sign that I've seen Bush, Clinton, and so many other of the world elites using in public forums.
I do not think this is a coincidence.
However, I will continue to stand behind Dr. Paul.
Finish your written statement, sir.
That's about it.
Hey, thank you for the call.
And it's only because the doctor has to go.
This is his lunch hour.
But if he wants to miss that sandwich that's sitting there, that's fine.
I've got mine here, too.
I'm guessing.
The only thing I'd say about the last call is, one, I don't know anything about what that hand signal means or anything.
I can assure you my dad's not in some sort of evil cabal or anything.
But, you know, if he made some kind of gesture with his hand, I can assure you it's purely an accident.
Well, I know your dad's really healthy, but...
I saw the video, and when he's waving, you see the two middle fingers go halfway down, and I've even caught myself, no one else has caught it, on my TV show, accidentally make that, and people think it's like Bush, but by accidentally, like my fingers don't fold all the way down, I don't put my finger there, you know, to make it like Bush and all these others do, and it is weird how they do it.
You know, I mean, it's, frankly, I don't want to get into this, I've been in a lot of fist fights growing up,
I've got early onset arthritis in this hand because it's been broken about 15 times, and it's hard for me to even stretch my fingers out.
I try to stretch them and stay in shape.
Oh, come on, Alex.
It's hard for me to believe that you are a pugnacious youth.
That's just hard for me to believe.
Well, my point is I've looked at your father's hands exactly in photos, and I know he's healthy.
I don't know if he ever got in fights, but it does look like there's some arthritis there.
Does your dad have arthritis in that hand?
Yeah, and all I can say is whatever it was, it was unintentional.
And he would probably, if you told him this, he would have no idea what you were talking about as far as any kind of special sign.
Well, I just know that what I had in my hand, even though I've been to the doctor about it, pulls my middle fingers down.
Because I broke the knuckles in and the tendons.
Well, you're a doctor, but I don't have a doctor of eyes, but you have the general residency.
You know, the tendons are down in between the fingers.
You know how that happens?
But I looked at your dad's hands.
They look a little knobbly.
Did something ever happen to them?
Yeah, he's had surgery for trigger fingers and things like that where your fingers are sort of bent down and they don't work as well.
See, I'm not playing to be a doctor.
I just recognize my hand versus his.
It looks the same.
So he has had surgery.
I didn't know that.
Well, that's what it looked like to me.
There you go.
Well, Rand, I'm sorry to end the interview on something as ridiculous as that.
But RonPaul2008.com.
In closing, anything else we can do to help the campaign?
Get out the vote.
Do your best.
I'm really excited.
I think we're going to surprise some people.
My dad says we'll do better than expectations, and I think we will surprise some people.
All right, Dr. Paul, thank you so much.
And I'm told you're happy to pop in for about ten minutes tomorrow to give us your analysis of developments.
Will do.
God bless you, sir.
All right.
Take care.
There it goes.
Dr. Rand Paul ended up keeping it about five minutes long.
I heard some nurse or something in the background talking to him.
My brain works pretty good sometimes.
And I saw the devil horn thing.
He doesn't bring the fingers down and touch him.
He doesn't bring his thumb over to hold him.
And people say, well, that doesn't matter.
You can have the finger out the side.
There's a photo of a devil horse for doing that.
Folks, you look at his hands.
They look like hell.
I can't imagine if I lived to be 72 with mine, and I guarantee you he played baseball, folks, sports.
He did boxing.
And I guarantee you, if you really ask, Ron Paul's been in fist fights.
I bet you my bottom dollar.
You break your hand a couple times, you have problems.
You try having broken fingers every few weeks when I really got into street fighting.
Almost like a sport.
I mean, I have smashed hands.
My right hand is completely smashed.
And I'm probably going to end up having to have surgery.
And I also had a finger cut off.
I almost cut off dangling, helping some people when I fell off a boat once.
And I know what it looks like, and my middle finger is pulled down.
And so I'm just, if you really look at my hands when I'm waving them, my right hand kind of looks like a claw.
Well, Ron Paul's hand.
I hate having to talk to Rand like that and say, Hey, your dad had problems with his hands?
Your dad had those broken, hadn't he?
Your dad had surgery on those hands.
And there you heard Dr. Paul tell you, yeah, he's got his hands hammered to hell.
Whatever did it, his hands are hammered to hell.
And so because an old man waves his hand and his middle fingers go down halfway, you say he's a devil worshiper.
You guys don't have any discernment.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
You asked us to make the water level visible to eliminate the guesswork when refilling the water.
We listened.
You asked for an elevated base so the system could be used in places beside on the edge of a counter.
We listened.
You asked us to develop a filter that was made in the USA.
We listened.
You asked us to include an emergency light for camping and during power outages.
We listened.
After 9-11, you asked us to develop a filter that was more powerful in removing chemical agents.
Again, we listened.
Introducing the Berkey Light, the gravity filter requested by America, designed by Americans, and made in America.
Get the Berkey Lighted, the American water purifier.
Only $279.
Call New Millennium, 888-803-4438.
That's 888-803-4438.
Or order on the web at berkeywater.com.
Not yet available in Iowa.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Builder.
Wouldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's why I have to use you.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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But they're not cheating.
We're good to go.
Yeah, for those of you that don't have your tendons off your knuckles because your knuckles have been bashed off on people's faces, then you just don't know what it's like.
Or who haven't slid into first base hundreds of times, breaking your fingers, that's probably why his hands look like claws.
I've never wanted to talk like that.
Have you looked at his hands?
They look like a buzzard's hands.
I mean, let's just start talking for real.
I wondered why he did that, and I analyzed it.
When he sits down on shows and lays his hands, I watch those middle fingers and that pinky curl back.
And I go, ooh, that hurts.
You know why?
Because every day and every time it gets cold, my right hand aches like absolute, just like it's in frozen water.
And every day I try to stretch my fingers back.
And I knew it.
I looked at his hand, and it just looks like absolute hell.
And that's the word.
That's what it looks like.
I'm just so sick of it.
Can't you go tell people they're putting poisons in vaccines?
Can't you tell them they're getting rid of our borders?
Can't you warn them about the Federal Reserve and cover some real issues?
Or does it have to be in our patriot movement that the sun orbits the earth?
Or that aliens run things?
Or all of this bull?
I mean, can you just fight for the republic?
Can you just... I mean, I never wanted to cover Bohemian Grove.
I didn't believe it was real until people told me it was in the media, and I snuck in and it was true, so I reported it.
So yeah, that stuff's going on, but it's not Ron Paul!
You think the New World Order is going to have somebody bear fruit like he's done?
The New World Order cannot do consistently good.
It's always evil.
And let me tell you who fits the MO of evil.
Not you, caller.
You're just parroting what was said.
I heard you're real self-righteous and voice-shaking and, you know, wanting an answer, and you sounded reasonable.
It's just so stupid.
If you had the grasp.
But I used to not be dumb about this stuff, too.
I get smarter every day.
I'm still not that smart.
There's still that cute animal that's going on.
It's a process.
But the people that put it out know absolutely what they're doing.
Because you notice all they do is attack others in the movement and bring up stupid, spurious stuff.
Now, either they're feds, and that's the minority, but they start it.
Or they're nuts.
I mean, I've... I'm so busy now that I won't allow myself 20, 30 minutes of entertainment a day to watch people who attack me and stuff.
I have to admit, I find myself scouring the internet trying to find it.
I laugh, but I realize that's sick.
It's not funny.
Last night, I couldn't help it to a man.
I was sent this clip by somebody, and then I found a bunch of others.
And, I mean, plus one of my children was sick, so I was up until about 2 in the morning.
And, uh...
I was watching this one guy, and I mean, it was the craziest stuff I've ever seen.
White supremacy.
I mean, of course, you wouldn't call it those white whites or this, and we shouldn't race mix, we need to stay in our own area, whatever, just so weird to mix.
And then the sun orbits the earth, and it goes up and down on this bobble, and just nutty, you know,
Chibble-chobble energy or something energizes nuclear weapons and it's Jesuit magic.
I mean, dude, these people are just... And then the Jew-hater crowd.
I mean, it's not... Now, that's the feds.
Because you can legitimately talk bad about Israel and talk about all the horrible things they do and the corruption and the mafia that runs it and how it's bad.
Then that crowd that says Jews literally drink blood and are actually like some demon species, which is ridiculous, they will then attack you for legitimately criticizing Israel in an effective way.
See, they don't want you effective.
They want you running around going, The earth is the center of the universe!
Which is, by the way, what the Catholic Church said wrongly.
And, uh... And, uh...
You know, Jews drink blood and just, you know.
And then Ron Paul, that devil sign.
All I see is an arthritic hand with fingers pointing different directions.
His fingers are crooked, man.
They go one direction and turn another.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're going to have wide open phones in rapid succession in this third and final hour of transmission today.
It is the third day of January 2007.
It is caucus day.
It is primary day in good old Iowa.
Recapping, Ted Anderson, in the next 30 minutes, the helicopter is scheduled to launch.
The latest way they do this, because you go down to 300 feet instead of like 600, is helicopters with huge, gigantic banner.
Go to ronpaulairforce.com or ronpaulaircorps.com, ronpaulaircorps.com, and you can go there, and you can see the gigantic banner before it was hooked onto the helicopter.
They've got fixed-wing aircraft signed up for New Hampshire.
Ted put in his own five, six grand that wasn't shown in the donation bar.
I was thinking that was his money that showed up the other day.
He goes, no, no, that's people.
Guess what's been given since I started plugging it this morning?
11,000 more.
In fact, I'm told it's gone up.
We're talking at least $18,000 separate from Ted's.
I think he put in six.
One of those thousands is mine because I gave a thousand earlier.
$18,000 on top of what Ted gave, so I guess that's about $23,000, $24,000.
$18,000 has come in today!
That's a whole bunch of aircraft.
And people, you know, we had a PayPal in there, and folks wanted to see a number go up.
They wanted to see a gauge, so we added a chip in.
On there, that big site that does all that for donations.
And so you can link through there.
And they can put a chip-in comment section, I think, on there, too.
It would be good for the site.
We'll tell Kristen to do that.
She's doing a great job.
And she can give it the chip-in and actually see it go up.
Or right above that, give it to the PayPal.
And what she's doing is she's going and adding the numbers and putting it together.
We don't have the tech stuff to have live graphs like other people do.
People think we're like a giant glistening building.
There's a big hit piece on me in Radar.
Magazine right now.
Ah, the guy emailed me and said, that's not a hit piece.
I guess for the way the magazine is, kind of a shock jock, maxim deal, I guess it really is in a way kind of positive.
Does a few little nasty things.
Claims it's two-sided.
And it is really two-sided.
But it's just, our side's right, so to be two-sided, they've got to be unfair.
You have to go out and make false arguments.
But the point is, it talks about the magazine, how I am in a...
Basically a garage.
What does he call it?
A dark bunker?
Hey, Aaron, come on in here real fast.
He's listening on a two-minute delay.
The Internet delays it.
He doesn't know what I'm talking about.
But he wrote the article last night.
I haven't read the whole thing yet.
I read it part of it this morning.
He heard about it and went and got a magazine because Luke Radowski called him about it.
It's got a huge picture of Luke in the cover.
Hey, Aaron, come on in here.
Yeah, bring me the magazine.
I forgot to get into that.
I'll talk about it after we take calls.
You read the thing.
I read an article about it at jonesreport.com.
We're being nice and not scanning and putting it in on the web.
They say it hits the web next week.
Aaron, what do they call the office?
A dirty hovel or something?
Yeah, they pretty much characterize it as a bunker with dim and dank windows and no light.
Oh, no wonder there's no audio coming to that mic.
I have it in the other room for voiceovers.
Come over here by my mic and tell folks how they describe it.
Well, I don't remember the exact wording, but there's something along the lines of being a dank, dark hole.
A dank, dark hole.
There's something along those lines.
I guess that's true.
In fact, if somebody wants to give us some money so we can get better digs, that's fine.
But people, when they call me, they're like, help me, help me, let me come down to your facility.
Like, we've got glistening buildings 50 stories high, and I'm walking around with cigars and three-piece suits with a, you know, locket watch in it going, helicopter launch pads.
I mean, I guess I got a decent house, but I got quite a pack of children.
I better have one, you know.
Well, I didn't find it to be all that accurate.
You didn't find it to be that accurate?
Well, you know what?
I'm going to have you on at the bottom of the hour because this microphone thing isn't working.
Get Robin here to re-hook this up.
It's absolute for it to take a land in here.
This is insane.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
I was doing voiceovers.
It was working last night or the night before.
Someone's absconded with my microphone.
Your calls are straight ahead.
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It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Builder Bird.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas makes a big progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's their affirmation.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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During nuclear disasters, great amounts of radioactive iodine are released into the atmosphere, which are then readily absorbed into the body.
Medical Corps' potassium iodate gives you virtually complete protection from the most feared consequence of a nuclear accident.
We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, if we can figure out how to plug a microphone in, we'll have that here later.
We plugged it all in and it's not working.
Rob's been digging around in here.
He does a great job.
I'm just teasing.
My fruitcake land.
I said, get on the microphone.
I'm the fruitcake.
Just so people know I wasn't making fun of my staff.
I go, get on the microphone.
And he comes in and he holds up the cord because there's nothing plugged into the mic stand.
I went, oh, that's what I meant by that.
Man, I got a bunch of news, and we're just going to take your calls, and I'll throw in a few tidbits here and there on other issues.
I'm just really excited to see money pouring in.
Be part of this at the ronpaulaircorps.com or ronpaulairforce.com.
Link through at prisonplanet.com, infowars.com.
Over $20,000 now in there, $20,000-plus if you count the money Ted put in.
And that's just today, really getting going.
I think there have been a couple thousand donated and been up a few days, and now it picked up as I started plugging it, and you took action.
So pile in there, $5, $10, $50, $100.
It's going to go to tell big Ron Paul banners around.
Imagine 50-plus cities.
Dun-da-dun, dun-da-dun, dun-da-dun, dun-da-dun, dun-da-dun.
In fact, I've got Flight of the Valkyries somewhere in the computer.
Can you dig that up?
Do you know that song?
In fact, that's in our music lineup, and I haven't heard that probably in six months' play.
Because that computer collects things and loses them.
Supposedly plays my bumper music randomly, but it chooses what it wishes to play over and over again.
Not the hundreds of other songs of old.
The computer seems to like rock and roll more than classical.
Very suspicious.
Okay, I'm in a good mood.
I can't help it.
Because I just realized we've already won.
Number one, God's on our side.
We're the good guys.
Number two, Ron Paul loses, gets cheated, whatever, he wins.
You heard Ron Paul say, hey, people talk about security, you can get killed.
He just says, sometimes you just got to do the right thing.
And that's a nice gentlemanly way of saying, we don't care.
Strike me down and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
We don't want that.
But the point is, is that we're relearning that we can work together, that we can take action, that we can do things.
I mean, just a year ago, people still had such bad attitudes.
It was getting better and better.
It was building.
And it's going to build more.
But, oh, there's nothing you can do.
Look at the size of that thing.
It's all over.
There's nothing we can do.
We might as well just roll over and die.
And, yeah, it's bad.
Odds are stacked against us.
Half the public's literally in zombie mode.
Zombies don't count.
It's the people that are awake that we can try to get active against the new world order.
It's a very small group of people on the other side, much smaller than us, who are wicked and know what they're doing.
Heaven help them.
How do they do the stuff they do?
I like what the late, great Aaron Russo said here.
He likes feeling good about himself.
He liked doing good things.
He liked being a nice person.
He liked being a good guy.
He didn't like bullies.
It felt good.
It feels good to be a man and try to help people and be a good guy.
That's what you're meant to do.
I'm not some covetous manipulator because the public's dumb.
You go con them.
You go suck off of them.
That's no fun.
But forget just sucking off of them.
You kill them.
You murder them.
You poison them.
Oh, man.
All right, I said I'd go to your calls.
Rico in Connecticut.
That's a cool name, Rico.
Like the Starship Troopers.
What's up, Rico?
It's Rocco, actually.
Rocco's even cooler!
There you go.
Bam, bam!
What's up?
Not much.
I'm a 32nd degree Mason.
I wanted to start by bringing that out.
I notice you use a lot of Masonic symbolism on your website.
The one in particular, the Eye of Providence.
And the Eye of Providence is always associated floating in the air above the back of a dollar bill with the New World Order written on it, Novus Ordo Seclorum.
The Eye of Providence?
The Eye of Providence is what it's called.
No, I know what the Eye of Providence is.
Where is there an Eye of Providence on Infowars.com?
Well, you have them listed on your main page.
Oh, yeah, there's a link there about the Illuminati.
Of course we got it there, yeah.
The Illuminati and everything else.
There's a Mason, you know, we take symbolism pretty seriously in terms of what we do.
And the other thing that we do is that we study a lot of the ancient texts that are out there.
I don't know if you're familiar with how Masonry works, but basically we have a lot of
Well, the Sumerian text really is the first-hand account of where a lot of the information that the Bible has in it actually originated from.
And the Sumerians are absolutely a phenomenal culture in terms of what they knew, in terms of the original concept of the New World Order.
Because the New World Order is not really new.
It's been around for a long time.
I mean, even if we go back to early American history, just about every single person who signed the Declaration of Independence... Look at what the New World Order has done to the Sumerians.
Sir, let me just stop you.
Let me just stop you.
Number one...
You're a porch mason, and I'm not being mean to you.
Do you know that there are degrees above the 33rd degree?
Nowhere near in terms of what we'll call Blue Lodge, which is really more like a bunch of old men in a lodge that kind of just go around and sell hot dogs and drink beer.
But I kind of study it more seriously than what the other people do.
So have you discovered more degrees?
There's only 33 that I'm aware of.
You see, that's why I want to be clear here.
People call in and say all Masons are worshipping Satan, festering with goats, doing all these evil things, and it's not true.
99% plus aren't.
And so people hear that, masons hear that, and they think we're a bunch of liars.
No, it isn't to the higher degrees, close to 100, that it's open worship of Lucifer, blood drinking, dragon worshipping, pedophilia, everything else you can imagine, and that's all come out, even big masons have even written about the higher degrees, but won't go any further.
So you think the 33 and the exalted degree is as high as it goes.
So, yeah, let's say I had great-grandfathers here in Texas, one of the most Masonic states out there, Lone Star State, all the symbolism, you know, goddess worship, all that.
And these guys just came in here.
That was a fraternal deal, really big in Protestants.
Protestants founded what's modern Texas.
So it's big and sonic.
And they weren't bad guys.
They just knew that if they got in a gunfight with somebody and they were a Mason, they had a better chance of not getting lynched.
Or if they were like my great-uncle, and it was my dad's great-uncle, my great-great-uncle, Uncle Houston, who ran liquor in Houston for Al Capone.
And I even know the Germans he hooked up with here in Austin and worked with.
Because later I met their grandsons.
And some guy tried to rob him.
He killed two of them.
And he went in and flashed the mason in distress.
And the judge said, bye-bye, baby.
You're out of here.
That doesn't work.
That doesn't work.
You just don't know, my friend.
You just don't know.
You just don't know.
Because you take those allegiances that somehow people are going to owe you favors.
And I've never seen it work that way.
Let me finish.
This was during the 30s.
So maybe in your sector or the level you're at.
So you're not in the inner lodge, Bubba.
No, no, absolutely not.
But, you know, one thing that I do want to talk about, though, is what we call moral light and masonry.
And, of course, I'm always kind of studying it.
And I kind of made a connection recently, which seems to be rather interesting in terms of –
You know, what that actual symbol means, the Eye of Providence, and I was looking at something called, that NASA recently was working on, that they discovered with the IRIS satellite, which is the Infrared Astronomical Satellite, and they named it originally
Well, sir, what is your point?
My point is that this wasn't the doomsday planet, Nibiru, which is what, you know, was mentioned in the Sumerian Scrolls.
But, you know, something interesting did come out of it, and that is that the planet didn't look correct.
In terms of its lighting.
And somebody figured out that there was something bigger behind it.
And the Iris satellite was recently just shut down.
They said it ran out of helium or something.
And it couldn't be cooled.
And, you know, I kind of took that as your typical conspiracy theory and whatnot.
And I sort of, you know, dismissed it.
But then I read something over here from a retired CIA guy who was in charge of...
This project before he retired, and I'm trying to get his name for you here, but what he said was that the satellite didn't shut down, that they did in fact see something immensely large behind it that they can't explain.
Listen, I got to jump.
I appreciate your call.
Listen, I meant to go to a bunch of calls.
See, that's an interesting caller.
I got stuck with him for ten minutes.
Call me back on a day when we're not so crazy busy.
I want to talk about Ron Paul, but you can call him about whatever you want.
We're going to come back and go to Leo, Randy...
A bunch of other people that are patiently holding.
Okay, we're going to go to your calls when we get back.
Look, sir, it's all over the BBC, London Telegraph, British News.
You can't even become a barrister or a judge, basically, in England now if you're not a Mason.
They openly get away with all these crimes.
There, it's really bad.
And I'll tell you, sir, it is historically admitted.
There were presidential debates about it.
There were laws passed dealing with it.
If you're a real high-level mason and the judge is one, unless it's super embarrassing, and then they can't do it, they will let you off.
Now, they claim that if you claim you're in distress and you really aren't, and then they find out you're really guilty, they're supposed to ritualistically kill you.
And masons have been convicted for ritualistic murders.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I'm going to tell you right now, you do not know.
The Italian Mafia is Masonic.
The Italian Mafia worked with other Masonic groups in organized crime.
The Irish, the German, the, you know, Brit mobs.
That's what they had here.
I'm going to explain it to you.
It doesn't seem to get through to your head.
And you didn't want to seem to respond to the fact that you haven't reached the grand, exalted wonderment of the 33rd degree, and you think that that, or you don't know there are other degrees.
If you'd read Masonic works by some of your own masters, you'd learn there are more degrees.
Aleister Crowley would tell you, too.
We're good to go.
So what are you waiting for?
Get the facts and call Midas Resources toll-free at 888-292-2709.
That's 888-292-2709.
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Don't worry.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
We've got a big press release.
My wife wrote it up.
It's a good one.
It's got me in it.
I could care less.
The point is, just get it out to everybody.
Ron Paul Air Corps press release.
It's a great write-up.
And it's also... We need to add to this, though.
It's not just Cedar Rapids.
It's going to be in Des Moines, too.
So that needs to be added.
Oh, it says Cedar Rapids in Des Moines.
We need to get this up on PrisonPlanet.com, TruthNews.us, RonPaulWarRoom.com, the new blogging site where you can go have your own area and post it on the main page right now.
Get it out.
I'm asking all the Ron Paul sites.
We pushed from day one.
To help us get these off the ground, get money in, get aircraft up.
We put the infrastructure in.
And if you're not going to do it, go buy a plane yourself.
Go rent the plane, get the banner, get it up now.
Please, take action.
All right, I lost my call list.
Who's up first here?
Is it Leo and Mash?
Leo and Mash, you're on the air, Commander.
Yeah, I wanted to get into that just real quick before I get into the Ron Paul thing.
I was by the Shriners Burn's.
And I noticed the three flags together.
You know, the Mexican, the Canadian, and the American flag.
And there's another aspect that nobody talks about.
They're running around getting all the kids to get into digital databases that they give to the feds.
Anyway, back to the Ron Paul thing.
As far as keeping records of each caucus, I wanted to ask Rand how close they are to getting 100%.
And I don't know if that's going to happen.
Well, here's the problem.
They've done this in the last four or five elections, I remember.
They'll have it where it doesn't even match.
The media goes, there's a discrepancy, but it shows Pat Buchanan won in Arizona and this other state, but then he really only got 7% of the vote.
I'm speaking strictly to Iowa's situation.
No, I understand.
I'm just saying, Ram was trying to put a good face on it, and I'm not blaming him for that, but there's some dirty little creatures.
Oh yeah, I suggested on an email to one person that I think called in, I sent him an email saying, please go out in person and talk to people.
Have no telephone banking, because that way you can tell the people, look, we're not going to telephone bank because people can corrupt it.
They're going to have the CIA, NSA are all working overtime right now.
I hear you.
But they only have limited cores that will do it.
Most of the people in government are Ron Paul fans, as in getting the majority of military donation shows.
But you're right.
They're pulling out all the stops.
Who's up next here?
Isaiah in San Diego.
Welcome, sir.
How are you doing, Alex Jones?
Well, my question was, I'm only 15, you know.
I'm really excited to talk to you.
And my question is, I want to, you know, fight the new world order.
And I want to, you know, respect you guys and do the stuff.
So, what can I do?
You know?
Well, number one, I mean, respecting us is fine.
I respect you, too.
But it isn't about that.
I mean, it's more about you wanting to grow up in a free society and not a Pentagon-designed slave grid.
And so first educate yourself about the Bill of Rights, Constitutions.
It's very fun to learn.
Then compare that to what you see around you.
First off, be successful.
Work hard.
Don't get influenced by other young adults.
And remember, you are really an adult now.
They just try to extend childhood out so you never grow up.
Work hard.
Try to save.
Don't feel bad about peer pressure when scum laughs at you.
Never use their drugs.
Start young.
Never use their alcohol.
Never use anything they use to get you in their system.
And realize you are hurting them badly.
If you don't end up on Ritalin or Prozac or cocaine or marijuana or any of it,
You are hurting them.
Then also filter your water.
Don't drink the fluoride.
Defeat them there.
Don't let them into your life.
Be healthy.
Get into shape.
We're good to go.
I think?
I think.
That goes for all of us, you know.
And don't let people use you either.
I've always had a blind spot for letting sociopaths and users who act like they're your friends, the first signs of them trying to use you or guilt you or manipulate you, get those parasites off your back fast.
Try to hang around with quality people and take care of your parents.
Does that sound good?
Yeah, that's really good.
Anything else, sir?
And my teacher... Stay there.
Stay there.
We'll come back to you after this quick break and then go to...
Many, many others.
Aaron's going to pop in for five, ten minutes as well.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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In a bloody war.
For liberty.
For their descendants.
That's us, did you know that?
Yes, a long line.
We're free today.
Thank God for the renegades and the lives they lead far ahead of their time.
Without the renegades,
Lord knows where we'd be when it comes to heroes.
Renegades are mine.
I'm going to jam in four or five of your calls right now.
Then we'll get to this Radar hit piece.
I've also got a Lou Dobbs piece I want to play.
By the way, John, I forgot to ask.
Did you get that piece?
The Lou Dobbs one's very good.
Let me just say this.
You ought to read about Ticonderoga, how they climbed up the hills in the frozen middle of the winter below zero.
And for hundreds of miles, drug these giant cannons that weighed thousands of pounds apiece, didn't even have horses, did it by foot.
And of course, new shoes would break, you know, after pulling heavy stuff hundreds of miles.
But they had the old, that's literally where the, like the trails of blood.
Man, they were tough back then.
I mean, and this is just hype in the past.
Like, I used to walk to school in snow up to my ankles both ways.
You know, that's a joke.
Andrew Jackson, mother and brother, really did die from a concentration camp in the British.
He really did get swiped across the face with a sword because he wouldn't clean the British colonel's boots.
He really did shoot at redcoats when he was 12 and run messages through the woods.
He really did in dozens of duels and sword fights and stabbed in hundreds of huge battles against overwhelming odds of Native Americans.
You've got to respect both sides.
Just incredible courage on both sides.
Beating the British everywhere and outnumbered and just unbelievable.
And, you know, being 60-something years old, full of bullet holes, all this stuff, you know, riding a horse for hundreds of miles to meet the British.
I mean, it just goes on and on and on.
I mean, you ever tried to ride a horse 10 miles?
You know what it's like to ride like three or four days without sleep?
To be an old man just full of bullet holes and knife wounds and everything else?
I mean, these people were tough.
And all we're asking is you go to ronpaulaircorps.com or ronpaulairforce.com and give money so we can get planes up in the air.
Ted Anderson's doing it.
You get the press release and get it out.
Even though we have a nickel to rub together, two pennies to rub together.
Get and email it out.
Call in the talk shows.
Demand all the other Paul sites linked to it.
As we've linked to all them.
And tell everybody about ronpaulwarroom.com ronpaulwarroom.com Curt Nemo has busted his butt.
We'll probably link to those.
The point is, we'll probably link to...
Stinkpot radio networks that attack me.
The point is, we'll probably link to stinkpots who have their wives come and stick bumper stickers on our car on our surveillance cameras.
That was funny, man.
A little sneaky in telling the neighbors.
Anyways, I hope that's a friendly thing.
I hope it doesn't turn anything else.
We're thinking it's a friendly, funny thing.
Better be.
Did you know who the first suspect will be if anything else happens to our cars?
Maybe other stuff's happened.
Maybe we're wondering if it's that person now.
See, you don't think, do you?
Anyways, I'm already digressing off here.
I shouldn't have, Aaron, but there's just such enjoyment around here.
Well, we did get kicks out of it.
Yeah, we really do have heavy surveillance here now.
I guess back in the day we only had two cameras and people thought it was... I mean, now it's like Fort Knox or something.
You know, if you can't beat Big Brother, join him, I'm telling you, man.
Anyways, that one we got up on the roof, you can zoom in down the street.
Because we're on a hill right here on Mary Street, anyways.
And you can just zoom away.
And it wasn't, well, it doesn't matter.
And another thing.
When I have a radio show or events, please don't show up outside at the radio show when I'm coming out at night.
It's getting a little bit old, folks, talking to other people.
Really, I mean, it's just creepy.
And I know you mean well, but just stop it.
All right.
God, I just can't shut up.
I'm in such a good mood today.
I think it was that thing last night I saw on web where one of my detractors believes that the sun orbits the earth.
Did you hear about that?
Aaron, over there reading the magazine?
No, I didn't hear about it.
What happened?
That doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
I have to walk the line of giving them no attention, even though they're one of my favorites.
Hi, how you doing?
Hello, Mr. Jones.
So anyways, I was going to say my teacher in my school
He kind of woke me up.
I woke myself up and he gave me more info to it.
And he let me borrow three of your DVDs.
And gain one of them.
So, this is why, you know, I'm into these things now.
What do your parents think of this thought criminal that gave you videos?
Well, my dad is in Afghanistan right now since he's in the Navy.
So he's not really here to know it.
I haven't really told him.
But my mom, I found loose change in Japanese and she's Japanese.
So she could understand loose change in Japanese on Google.
Hey, will you say endgame, blueprint for global enslavement in Japanese?
Well, I could say endgame.
In a Japanese way, like endogame, you know?
Yeah, but don't anglophile it.
I mean, say it in the original Japanese.
Let's see.
So game is gamu.
So end is wadi.
So wadi gamu or gamawadi.
I don't know.
I just love other languages.
I really love Japanese.
It's such a neat-sounding language.
Thank you.
My wife says it's obnoxious and bad when I run around.
Never mind.
The point is, did you ever see James Belushi or Jim Belushi when he would run around and do the Saturday Night Live deal?
Anyways, it's funny.
Anyways, well, that's exciting, man.
You need to keep it up, bro.
Thanks, man.
I really watch your shows every day I can.
If I'm not out skating or hanging out with my friends,
I don't do drugs, you know, so... Straight edge all the way.
Absolutely defeat them.
Yeah, thank you for all the work, man.
Thank you, my friend.
And listen, I thankfully never got into drugs.
I appreciate your call.
You know, like illegal drugs, because a few times I'd try this or that, and I was like, my gosh, it feels like a mule kicked you in the head or the chest, and then you feel horrible for a day after.
This is not my idea of fun.
And this is like getting a concussion.
But the old-fashioned stuff
Whiskey, beer, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, giant pots of coffee.
I'll literally drink coffee until I turn black.
I mean, it's just the blacker the better, the hotter the better.
I mean, I hear Johnny Cash songs about big cups of coffee and hot cups of coffee and fat cigars, and I literally start salivating.
A lot of people quit smoking and stuff and they don't want it anymore.
Not me.
So I'm just telling you, don't ever start, folks.
Don't get into any of it.
I'm not up here where people say, well, you, I've seen you drink before.
You're saying don't drink.
You stupid twits.
I'm not claiming I'm some Puritan.
I've been around the block a few times, actually.
The point is, I'm warning people.
In fact, I've had local scumbags go, I might talk about it on the web.
I saw you drinking whiskey five years ago at an event.
Yeah, I love how I'll say something on the air and then it turns into a secret, too.
See, I'm going to get this straight with everybody.
I'm not perfect.
I'm not claiming to be perfect.
And I'm not claiming to be your preacher.
You understand that?
I'm really aggressive today because I've really been working out hard.
Finally, after years, I got the endorphins again and got addicted to working out seven days a week, and I am crazed.
There's a new sheriff in town, Aaron.
In fact, you've been around the office.
You've been noticing, haven't you?
No comment.
No comment?
Let's go ahead and jam in a few more.
Who's up next here?
Randy in Texas.
Go ahead, Randy.
Hey, Alex.
Today's the day, buddy.
Let me tell everybody out there, if you can afford $50 a month to give to Ron Paul, there's no better way to keep your dollar worth something.
I mean, this money means nothing.
I mean, it means money is nothing.
Who cares if your neighbors think you're cool?
People buy crap just to act cool.
Put it into things that matter.
I mean, money's good for security, to pay things off, to have a piece of property, to have a safe car.
Money's a good thing.
But it isn't to be worshipped.
And people have trouble parting with it.
I have to control myself just to not...
Yes, sir.
Hey, and I got a news break that you might be interested in.
You know your stories about the World Health Organization trying to kill people, right?
That you told me about over the radio.
I have a very dear friend who takes care of Indians in Venezuela and Colombia.
And she invented a mosquito net hammock that you sleep in.
And the World Health Organization got wind of her and tried to get her to make, they offered her many thousands of dollars to give them her patent and impregnate those hammocks with insecticide.
They told her they were going to impregnate the hammocks with insecticide and she won't do it.
And by the way, I wouldn't just say they were doing this.
From knowledge, I already know they do.
They're yelling her it's insecticide.
They're going to implant it with a hormone or other compound that will sterilize the people.
They've been caught doing that stuff.
That's exactly, and I told her that too.
I said, how many they've sterilized with vaccinations in Africa.
But we have a shot here at actually catching these guys.
No, actually, one of their, in the State Department Memorandum 200, they target Peru.
What was the other one you mentioned?
Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua.
Yeah, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela are all listed where they want half the population eliminated through just what you mentioned.
Okay, and we got 50s plans where they said we'll put sterilization compounds in the rice and give it to the Asians.
Why do you think Africans and Peruvians, when the U.N.
shows up or the local funded government with U.N.
funds, this is in the news all the time, every week, they run.
I mean, the families run like goblins had just landed by helicopter.
And they go, oh, look at the dumb savages.
No, they're not dumb yuppies is what's going on.
Well, she's just like, she's spent her whole life taking care of these people, and she's like, they're telling me to kill them now.
You know what she ought to do?
She ought to go, okay, send me some, and then she ought to have them analyzed.
And, of course, the UN's been caught many times.
That's what the World Health Organization is, for those who don't know.
It's a subdivision, a subdirector.
They'll go, oh, pro-90 and 12 female hormone with recombinant tetanus overlay or something like that.
And they'll go, oh, accidental.
It's always the same.
One more question.
On Glenn Beck the other day, that guy was trying to nail Ron Paul to the 9-11 Truthers.
Now, Ron can't really talk about that right now, can he?
I mean, what was the story on why he was... He had to sidestep it, I understand.
But that guy, you could tell Glenn Beck was trying, trying to turn him into an idiot on that show.
And I know that Ron Paul is for finding out the truth, and I hope, too, that he plans on going after this media when they get done, you know, when he becomes president.
Well, look, I'll say this, and I appreciate your call.
We've got to move really quick now here.
Let me just say this.
Every time Ron Paul comes on here, and he's on tomorrow, moved today from today, that's what he had his son on, Dr. Rand Paul.
Every time he's on this transmission, every time,
He brings up, I'm afraid they might stage something to go into Iran.
I'm afraid of a provocation like Gulf of Tonkin.
They've staged things before.
So to our audience, he tips his hat.
But yeah, he is playing politics on the other end of it.
And I'm not going to say anything more, okay?
I happen to know.
I'm just joking, actually.
I don't know anything.
The point is, is that, just don't worry about it, alright?
We're going to take your calls in the final segment.
Francisco, Danny, and Jason.
But let's go ahead and bring... I've been so hyped up today, I haven't even plugged my videos yet.
I made a bunch of good films.
If you want them, they're at Infowars.com.
This Radar Magazine deal.
He told us he was a fan, it wasn't a hit piece, then later it was, well, it's a fair piece, and I've always heard that.
Then he, basically, he satirically spun everything I said to make me sound wacky, wild.
But I agree with his email, the more I've read of it now, I've read most of it, that it's more of just a shock piece to sound wild and like Marvel comic than it even is a hit piece.
But it has elements of hit piece, but I'd have to call it,
It's a hype piece.
I mean, it's good at the end of the day for people knowing about us.
And I think, you know, he sent me an email saying, you guys call this a hit piece?
Anyway, we're putting it online next week.
I'll send you a link when it goes up.
If Alex really does believe it's unfair on a hit piece, I'd be happy to defend it on his show.
Okay, Jeb, we'll get you on next week or something or tomorrow with Aaron, and then we can have a full fleshing.
Aaron, just give us your points on it.
Well, I don't want to protest too much.
I mean, for one thing, Jeb is a really good writer.
He has lots of really descriptive adverbs.
He's the enemy of the republic.
He really, he kind of features you and Luke Rutkowski of We Are Change as sort of the central characters.
You've been doing this for a decade.
Luke just got started.
He was inspired by you.
And it really plays out kind of like a well-described Hollywood movie, which is interesting.
But in a way, it ends up taking focus away from the whole movement.
Because it's always these things like, and they believe these facts.
They believe no steel structures exist.
Could collapse.
Well, I notice they also go, and this one girl says she lost family, but it was really her fiancé's father.
Well, that is family.
And then they ignore all the family people, as we talked to Luke behind the scenes, that they brought them.
There's family, a bunch of them.
They just ignore that.
They even interview people and don't even mention their family, really.
Yeah, I mean, I know you can include everything in an article, but I know they interviewed a lot of people.
Well, if you're going to imply people are posing as family members, A, when they're not, and then B, ignore all the, yeah.
And then you can't be legitimate enough.
They don't, you know, there's no family members included.
And why does Luke care?
He wasn't involved.
He just lived in New York when it happened.
Well, they didn't publish the interviews with some of the really active family members.
We're good to go.
It is really exciting.
It does feel like this pit of... And they do admit that we are actually ramming down the enemy's gates.
Yeah, there were a lot of things that were fair about this.
I thought it was kind of sophisticated.
Why don't you go add that to the piece?
I know we're late at night reading it.
You were more on the megaliter level.
Well, maybe it's knee-jerk reaction.
They always tell us it's... No, no, no.
It's a surly, drippy, sneaky, fratty...
You know, flapjack piece.
But, I mean, overall, you know.
Pretty lovely.
It's good.
That's what these guys don't get that attack us.
It's accurate.
Bring it on, man.
Bring more of it on.
It's kind of smarmy, though.
He'll say things like, it's improbable to connect genetic engineering with the plot to exterminate us.
That sounds radical.
We're not saying genetic engineering.
It's like saying it's improbable to link a gun to murder.
Saying guns commit murders.
We're saying people use them.
We're not.
It could be misused.
Stay there.
That's one of the main things they do.
Is that they go, Jones thinks that all cancer researchers want to kill you.
No, they're compartmentalized.
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And the best part?
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We got a rider on the storm right now.
I want to try to jam your calls in.
I want Aaron to finish up on the radar mag piece.
By the way, the paper out of Minneapolis-St.
Paul, the editor gave me Artist of the Year.
So there's some good news in all of this, too.
Let me give you a little clue.
I don't like being the big fish.
That's dangerous.
You see, I want other people to do well.
I don't like seeing people that used to be my friends turn horribly jealous and go crazy around me, or people treat me like I'm a celebrity.
That now happens.
That's why I'm becoming more hermit-like.
But Ted Anderson's there.
The helicopter's idling, about to take off.
The press is showing up in Iowa.
Anderson, you have done well.
Yeah, we're really knocking them dead here.
I can tell you that's exactly what's going on.
The helicopter's idling out.
There's a little blue helicopter.
They're putting out this huge banner.
This is the first time I've actually had a chance to get my hands on it.
That thing is just gorgeous.
I mean, it takes up... The winds are blowing at about 20 miles an hour.
There's about four guys out there wrestling with this thing and getting it laid out.
And just like you said, the press is coming.
They're going to be taking pictures.
I've got the video camera on it.
My kids are taking shots at it.
I'll be doing some video footage as well.
This is quite an excitement.
Email Aaron at Infowars.com.
As soon as you can, we'll get it all up on Jones Report.
Two A's.
Email Nemo.
Have we gotten Nemo an Infowars address yet?
Make sure Mike gives him something like Kurt at InfoWars or something.
I keep forgetting.
I know I've got a lot of your emails, and I'll just pass the pictures up as fast as I can feed them to you, and you guys can get them up on the website.
Yeah, they'll be up at ronpaulwarroom.com.
We need to get that up on the GCN site everywhere.
And we're going to link to everybody's site, Ron Paul's site, on that, folks.
Anybody that gives us a link, we'll give them a link.
And even if you don't, fine, we'll give it to you.
Be fools.
But, Ted, good job.
Tomorrow, Ron Paul is scheduled, is confirmed.
He rarely cancels and moves it, so we believe he'll be here tomorrow.
I want to have you back on with the report tomorrow.
So much happening.
I salute you, Ted.
Hey, it's great to be involved and great to be a part of it.
I'm really just grateful to be here, that's all.
Folks, fund more aircraft to get in the skies of New Hampshire and places right now at ronpaulaircorps.com or ronpaulairforce.com.
Ted, it's over 20 grand now that's come in.
Yeah, that's just amazing.
It's great to see the support, and we need every last person.
We need to be in the field, and we need to be fighting this battle, and this is what we're doing, and the ground folks are doing it, and get the air support, and all the things that can happen.
It's just going to be a great event.
There's no question about it.
Well, good job, Ted Anderson.
We really appreciate you coming on.
Take care.
You bet.
All right, look, I'm sorry to the loaded phones.
Tomorrow I'll be live, 11 to 2.
I will attempt to take more calls.
Ron Paul, Rand Paul's coming back on, Jesse Benton, Kent Snyder.
They're all lined up tomorrow.
I'm sure having four of them come on, I'm sure one or two will make it.
Because it's crazy what's going on right now.
But Ron Paul is scheduled.
Aaron, we'll have to actually have this right or I'll have a debate about the article.
It's perfect.
Just any other final comments on it?
Well, it is kind of interesting to have someone obscure to the public like Brzezinski and someone who's low-level, these activists, a guy like Luke.
They do capture the gravitas of that obscure meeting, that battle, that showdown of words.
So they did have a lot of high points.
If it is a hit piece, it's a fun hit piece.
But I do think they were a little harsh on things like,
He also claims Silverstein said they intentionally blew a Building 7.
Silverstein did not say that.
Well, we know what Silverstein said.
He said pull it.
Yeah, and we've never said Silverstein admits he blew it up.
At a certain point, it's not about what anyone believes.
Well, the biggest thing is he called me up.
The guy called me up and he said...
There's never been an AIDS virus in corn, and I gave him like 50 articles, and he was still like arguing, well, they say that that's the AIDS virus protein shell.
That is the AIDS virus.
And then they radiate it.
Do what?
It's still the fun of conspiracy theories, but at a certain point we're dealing with physics, we're dealing with facts, systems of control.
Well, there is no elite.
We're all kings.
There is no control.
I'm out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
Aaron, thanks.
Good job.
Continual coverage of Ron Paul 2008 as we enter the key sector at jonesreport.com, ronpaulwarroom.com.
Go get your own blog.
Go get your own post.
Call me whatever you want on there.
Have fun.
Believe me, I enjoy it.
And everything else, ronpaulwarroom.com.
Oh, I love it.
Retransmission starts now at infowars.com!
We're good to go.