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Air Date: Dec. 31, 2007
2344 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
This video seems to show pictures of what appears to be the shooting of the former Pakistan Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto.
Seems to contradict the official version in Pakistan of Benazir Bhutto's death.
Officials insist the opposition leader was not shot.
The video shows the alleged gunman apparently firing at Benazir Bhutto as she waved to supporters after the campaign rally in Rawalpindi.
Her hair and shawl seem to be raised up by the impact of the bullets and she does quite clearly seem to fall forward into the car before the bomb is set off.
We're live, ladies and gentlemen.
It is the last day of 2007.
It is really hard to believe that 2007 went by so fast.
It is the quickest year in my memory, and everyone else I talk to says that it seemed like it was half of what 2006 was.
I'm back live.
I'm very honored and blessed to be your talk show host.
I'm humbled.
And I'm very excited that we have three hours laying out before us with no guests today because I've got a lot of news and information I'll be covering.
I also want to take your phone calls.
We'll be taking a lot of those today on the Benazir Budo story, the Mexican government to forcibly implant over 200,000 people, what's happening with the economy, the
Primaries coming up, both Republican and Democrat, kicking off in Iowa, Michigan, of course New Hampshire, Wyoming, 1-800-259-9231.
I was also very reflective in the last week and wrote a bunch of notes about basic topics and points and areas that I wanted to get into, and we'll be going over some of those today as well.
And I'm going to attempt to go to the PrisonPlanet.com message board and also take some of the comments or questions out of there and comment on those on air as well.
Again, the toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231 and it is the last day of 2007.
You're also welcome to call in and give me your prediction for what's going to happen in the new year.
Will the neocons launch an attack on Iran, an aerial bombardment with the Saudis?
Will Iran respond?
Will that then launch what could be the beginning of World War III?
What do you think is going to happen to the economy in 2008?
Finally, top economists and others are signaling that
We've been in one for over a year.
They're now signaling that we are probably going to have one.
That means a deepening recession.
In 2008, got a lot of financial news on that front.
That is just some of what we have before us today.
Also on the Big Brother Police State front, the news that came out in the last week, and this is just a small slice of what I have, is all very, very revealing information
To see the shape of things as they now firm up and fully materialize.
The electronic cage, the dehumanization, and finally extermination grid.
That is being put into place around us right now.
That architecture is exactly as we stated how it was constructed, but now it's being publicly displayed and end-capped and beta-tested by the New World Order.
So a lot of what you're going to hear me talk about on the police state front I talked about again a decade ago, because I was going off Pentagon documents and MIT documents and
Think tank statements.
But now it's just all mainstream news.
The total tattletale society, the total CPF society, the total social worker society, the total control grid.
A reign of terror by murderous control freaks, forced drugging.
Hell is being released.
And we haven't even hit the storm up front yet.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
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It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
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Bill Vargas is making great progress toward a world government.
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They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's their app of leisure.
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You have been warned.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right.
We're first going to cover the Benazir Budo story.
Then I'm going to get into the latest Ron Paul developments, then the police state, and, of course, the economy.
Gold right now is at 844, pushing its all-time record.
The dollar is basically stagnated with a 60-plus cent reduction in purchase power.
I actually heard mainline financial news this morning on the radio.
They had this financial analyst on, and they were literally saying, oh, we might have a recession, oh, but it's good to have a weak dollar, and we don't have a lot of inflation, and the currency's great.
And I think the public, some of them still believe that.
And I'm not saying lying to people is good, but I kind of understand how these financial analysts lie to the public.
They want to keep the dog and pony show going while they get their money out of the country or transfer it into hard assets.
But if you just have any grasp of finance or any grasp on politics or any grasp on the geopolitical makeup regionally, economically, spiritually,
You just know that so much of what is pushed by the media and put out is total lies or propaganda or spin.
And a lot of times they actually tell the truth about what's happening, but they then just tell you it means something else than what it actually does.
And then some people say, well, that's your opinion, Baba.
That's kind of a religious dogma now in this country.
Well, everybody's got an opinion, and there really isn't any set reality.
It's what you think it is.
No, I assure you that jumping off a 500-foot cliff on a bunch of spikes at the bottom with no parachute or no glider of any type, that you're going to get hurt real bad, and 98% of the time you're going to die.
You make that 1,000-foot cliff with spikes at the bottom, you're going to die every time.
Now, see, that's a guarantee.
Or it's a guarantee that if you went to a steel mill and climbed up on top above the slag heap and jumped into a molten pool of steel that was 4,000 degrees, that you're going to die.
That you're going to flash into a gust of hot vapor and steam.
In about two seconds, you're going to be completely burned to a crisp.
There'll be nothing left of you.
But a handful of ash in the steel.
I guess doubling is coke to heat it.
It is not my opinion about the global government.
So many people I've talked to, they think that they choose politically what they want to believe.
Oh, I choose to believe Bush is good.
Oh, I choose to believe Hillary is good.
Oh, you can have your opinion, but I choose this.
And some people email me and say it's a popular refrain that I'm a fear monger.
But I told the story when I was on a Genesis show Sunday night with George Butler and Charlotte Littlefield that that morning my uncle was visiting town and we went over to a local Austin park in the hill country.
We went for about a five mile walk.
And we came to a cliff a couple hundred feet high, and we were leaning out over it, and I was like, man, feel that cliff, feel that fear.
My uncle's like, yeah, yeah, feel that cliff.
And people are like, what does it mean, feel that cliff?
Your brain literally gets dizzy.
It almost forces you.
You can't even control yourself to lean back, to move away.
You're pushed away from the edge of the cliff.
Now, is that fear-mongering by your instincts, by your brain?
Your body is saying, that's a couple hundred foot cliff.
You're probably going to die, or it's going to hurt real bad.
You're going to have compound fractures and break your hips and break your shoulders and break your arms, probably break 20, 30 bones, if you're lucky.
That's if you lean into the wall and kind of drag your arms across it until there are bloody pulps as you fall down.
You may just break your back.
But nine times out of ten, you're going to die in that 200 foot drop.
So see, I come on air with the analysis, with the information, with the facts, and then if people want to say that that is fear-mongering, they're welcome to.
In fact, many times I come on air and say, you know, I can't think of words in the English language to describe how perilous and how serious things are, militarily, economically, spiritually,
How serious the crisis in this society is and how many different problems we have.
Our problem is the public doesn't have enough fear.
The public isn't concerned enough.
The public has not even one one-hundredth of a grasp of just how dire the situation is and just how criminal the elites are that are running our society.
That is the problem.
That is the major issue here.
And when you study elites, and when you study what they've done throughout history, the fact that the elite have a grasp on how to control people, how to torture people, how to kill people, how to dumb people down, how to intimidate, how to balkanize, how to play groups off against each other, divide and conquer...
But at the same time, they have blind spots and do self-destructive, crazy things.
In fact, I've read several mainline Roman histories of it.
You really ought to go out.
It's semi-pornographic, so don't show it to any young'uns.
But why don't you go out?
I've never seen the film, but then I watched it this weekend and it was quite accurate.
In fact, it was actually a whitewash.
But still so shocking you'll have trouble believing it.
Why don't you go rent the movie Caligula?
Why don't you go rent that?
And why don't you sit down and watch that and then realize the elite running things today make Julius Caesar look like an angel and they make Caligula
I think?
I think?
And to watch this elite cold-bloodedly, I mean, they're not just having mass exterminations for entertainment or huge execution machines grinding children up in front of them for entertainment or running around at parties slitting throats and drinking blood and murdering children.
I mean, and they do that at their parties too.
But they're putting viruses in your vaccines, poisoning us, spraying us.
Thousands of companies, open air, genetics splicing hundreds of different combinations per chimera.
Open air with it already spreading and new super viruses and bacteria everywhere and all sorts of new diseases and everything from cholera to leprosy to drug-resistant TB exploding across the western world and imploding markets and families falling apart and the public unable to hold conversations stumbling around stupidly everywhere.
And this is only the beginning.
It's going to get worse and worse and worse as society unravels.
And that's just one little facet of it.
We need to let the people see the full horror.
I mean, you can study this 24 hours a day.
You can literally focus on this and try to find the truth.
And you'll just... It's a bottomless pit.
You'll never get to the end of their crimes.
You'll never get to the end of the evils they're doing.
I mean, I'm constantly amazed.
Just when I think I can't be amazed anymore by these people's crimes...
And they're just scientific abandon, scientific evil.
I mean, they desperately go about engaging in wickedness.
I never knew what that meant when I read it in the Bible when I was a teenager, desperately committing wickedness, desperately wicked.
By desperate, it's like somebody just grabbing and snatching and fighting for their lives.
I mean, they're putting every ounce of...
Their muscles are knotted up and bulging, and their eyes are bloodshot if you had to put it into a human analogy of exertion.
It's like some power lifter trying to squat 2,000 pounds.
I mean, every sinew, every brain cell is focused on driving the weight upward.
Total commitment.
To evil.
To scientific prosecution of death and destruction against you and your family.
I think that really boils it down.
And frankly, I don't know of many other people that even out there in the Patriot or Truth Movement that even begin to grasp the full width and breadth of what is on the record.
I mean, I had one of the heads of the Lakota tribes on yesterday, a pretty famous fellow.
He, of course, was in Wounded Knee in the 70s.
I had him on, and the stuff he was talking about the U.S.
government doing to the Native Americans was mild.
And he was apologizing on the show for having to say it.
He was...
He was, I'm sorry, I have to say that the government's broken its treaties with us and done really bad things to us.
He was apologizing.
I mean, I was going, well, wait a minute.
It was mild.
In your area, it was over half, but 40-plus percent of your women were sterilized in the 70s, forcibly.
He's like, yeah, that's true.
And I'm like, well, this is all part of the global government.
He goes, yes, I know about the New World Order.
That's true.
I said, well, why don't you just come right out and say really what's been done to you?
See, even a guy who's been in shootouts with the feds and been attacked and one of their chiefs, it's all watered down.
I mean, we've been trained to be timid.
We've been trained to not present just how serious it is.
I'm done candy-coating stuff, okay?
All right, your calls are straight ahead, then I'm going to get into a bunch of news.
A lot more.
Right here on the GCN Radio Network.
PrisonPlanet.com, TruthNews.us, the websites.
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He has given up a medical career for this.
Ron Paul is running for president.
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Again, that's 800-686-2237.
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That's 800-686-2237.
Thanks again for supporting Ron Paul.
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I read the news today, oh boy About a lucky man who made the grave
And though the news was rather sad Well, I just had to laugh I saw the photograph He blew his mind out in a car He didn't notice that the lights had changed
We're back live.
Let's go to your calls.
Mike in Tennessee.
You're on the air.
I'd like to make a fast prediction.
My cell phone's about to die.
I'd like to make a fast prediction about 2008.
They tried to start World War I the same way.
Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
I think that's what they tried to do with killing Butoh.
Yeah, I'm going to comment on that after we take a few rounds of calls, but I certainly had that same thought.
They started a bunch of wars, not just World War I with assassinations.
Yes, of course.
I mean, they're calling it an international crisis, and
Blaming Al-Qaeda again.
I mean, you know every time they blame Al-Qaeda, something's up.
Every time they do it, they say Al-Qaeda.
I mean, it was planted by CIA, Al-Qaeda.
I mean, Bin Laden lived near CIA headquarters.
By the way, I went and saw Charlie Wilson's war last night.
Absolute bull.
From start to finish, total bull.
I saw the commercials.
I thought what I saw was bull.
I mean, any movies depicting wars are usually propagandist.
Absolute total bull.
Wait till I break that down.
Like Pearl Harbor.
Things like that.
They forget to mention what really caused it.
It's propagandist.
Yeah, well, it looks like they're starting a Cold War up again with this sucker.
Anything else, sir?
Well, I'd just like to thank you for putting your show on about every day.
I've been listening to you for quite a few months by a friend.
And I'd like to tell everybody, you are an idiot if you think that he's a six-foot reptile.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
Again, it isn't about Alex Jones.
People all the time want me to address things.
And I got an email.
This morning, some guy named Alex Jones, I think in Illinois or something, killed somebody, and now they're on the web saying I'm killing people.
I mean, you know, again, it isn't about me.
You know the information.
You know what's going on.
You're awake.
It's all in your hands, listeners.
It's up to you.
Want to know who's going to turn the New World Order around?
Look in the mirror.
This is a big deal.
I think I'm going to speak to that later in the show.
Joe in Pittsburgh, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing, man?
I wanted to ask you something about the so-called family courts.
Well, I'm not sure how universal it is across the United States, the pseudo-court systems for family that they have.
But I'm in a fight here to win custody of my 8-year-old daughter.
And it's just the hoops that they're making me jump through.
And now they're telling me it's just part of the normal process.
Yeah, you're guilty until proven innocent.
You've got to have CPS at your house investigate you, social workers.
The state has to certify you.
It doesn't matter if they're five times more likely than any other group to abuse children.
The worst group out there is the one that certifies everything.
And, I mean, just run around ninnying and talking a sappy voice, and they'll probably throw gold at your feet.
I mean, it's all completely staged.
It's all political correctness.
And then you go before a judge, and they sit around and they decide, because we can't have juries deciding.
Again, this is Roman civil law that is trade law that goes back to around the same time that we got our common law, and they've just set up these civil systems, but now they're giving them force of law, force du jour or force majeure, just in your face.
It's just all tyranny.
Well, I'm at the second to last step before I actually get to go in front of a judge, I guess.
Yeah, first you're thrown to the social workers, and now you get to go before the Lordship?
But they're going to make me go through a mandatory psychiatric evaluation, and everybody in my household and the other households... And let me guess, you have to pay for that, right?
It's all part of the new freedom.
Stay there, sir.
It's all part of the new hell.
And it's only beginning.
Everyone will have multiple social workers visiting you on a weekly basis when they're done.
They are coming.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Everybody knows The fight was fixed The poor stay poor The rich get rich That's how it goes Everybody knows
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking Everybody knows that Captain Mac Everybody got this broken feeling Like their father or their doctor's dad
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You've been faithful Give or take a night or two Everybody knows You've been discreet But there were so many people You just had to meet Without your clothes And everybody knows Everybody knows
All right, we're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Joe and Pittsburgh.
Now, they're announcing we're going to have social workers over our houses, over the environments, over all our children.
We're good to go.
And, yeah, with the state in the middle of people's marriages, and the whole marriage license started, blacks had to get a license to even be able to marry other blacks, much less whites.
Gun law started for blacks.
And people said, oh, well, it's just for them.
Now it's for everybody else.
Then they bring you into their whole corporate law structure.
And the whole time they're there looking for dirt on you.
A lot of times they'll just make it up.
And this is what happens when a divorce takes place.
What, did your wife or ex-wife file a restraining order on you?
No, I have a very strange situation.
My grandmother, my maternal grandmother, has custody of my eight-year-old, and the biological mother is totally disinterested with anything to do with our child, and they sort of banded together against me.
And they also have to stay on their side because my grandmother's receiving the subsidies, the welfare, the cash assistance that I have to pay for.
So, I mean... Well, look, just don't make it nasty.
I think the better thing to do is just bury your pride.
And I know these women get wicked.
Lord knows they do.
Everybody does.
Men do as well.
And, you know, it's better to just turn the other cheek on the service and say, look, you know, you can keep the money.
Just let me take care of the child.
Because these fights, and I'm not saying in every case, I'm not saying what you should do in your case, it's just better to bury the hatchet.
And then a lot of times, once the fighting's over, these people won't even want the child anymore.
But listen, you're in a good position at being your grandmother.
So, I mean, that's better than it being child raping services, child drugging services, child kidnapping services, child MKUltra services, and that's where they got most of the kids for MKUltra, was through the government.
But, I mean, you know, these cases are all so varied and wide that, believe me, you're in a lot better position than some people.
Well, see, they've put my daughter on Zoloft now.
Well, that's the reason to get rid of them, yeah.
Listen, I hear you and I appreciate your call, and these type of calls just tear my guts out.
I didn't know that.
Yeah, they teach them that if a child throws fits or a child gets upset, that they're mentally ill.
Well, all children throw fits, all children get upset.
That's normal.
And instead of getting them off ten popsicles a day and five hours of television, and instead of just spending time with them, Grandma wants to watch soap operas and go to church and vote for George Bush or whatever she does, or vote for Hillary.
And so they want to hop them up on drugs that will literally eat holes in your daughter's brain, as you know, and screw up her heart.
I mean, it physically is deadly poison, and that's all admitted, and causes massive increases in suicide.
We're good to go.
I mean, this has even been admitted in psychological studies of them.
I went to college with some of these people.
They would openly say, my mother beat me.
I'm going to make her pay by getting other bad parents.
You know, they're just total fruitcakes.
They shouldn't even be allowed to wipe their own nose, as much less go out and seize children.
And the best thing to do is act like you like them.
Make yourself act friendly towards them.
Make yourself charm them.
Don't sit there and tell them stories about how bad your wife is either.
Just say, I'm the biological.
The mother wants to park the daughter, my daughter, with my grandmother.
Now, they've got an incentive to drug kids.
On the surface, just act like you're for the drugs.
And then you can secretly...
Titrate the dose down and give your daughter, because she'll tattle, of course, on you.
She's already been conditioned to do that, I'm sure.
Again, this is how the state destroys families.
Divide and conquer.
You'll have to slowly replace the medication.
You'll have to have full custody first.
You'll have to slowly replace the medication.
Then the problem is that when she's with them, then they're going to be inspecting and checking all of that, and then they'll try to, it's a horrible system they've devised.
We're already 40 minutes into this broadcast.
I literally have 10 different stacks.
No exaggeration, more than 10.
We'll see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 stacks of news here.
Then again, everything I just said about this system, it's 10 times worse, 20 times worse.
We're being basted, incrementally marinated in this evil.
And the society's falling apart.
It's designed in their own textbooks from 100 years ago, 80 years ago, 50 years ago.
They said that they would do this.
They said it was designed to do that.
It's prima facie.
It's on its face.
They admit it was to wreck the family.
They admit it was to teach you how to be an idiot and to not be able to read and not be able to learn how exciting it is to be informed.
It's all stated here.
John Dewey, the head of modern education, said it is a travesty and a crime to teach Americans how to read.
They're too educated.
We can't have socialism until they've all been dumbed down.
It is by design.
You are convicted.
But it's compartmentalized.
The average social worker, the average teacher, the average person, the average cop thinks they're helping.
And they do help.
But within the crisis they created, within the crisis that the architects created.
I mean, every cop I talk to knows the government's been caught hundreds of times shipping in heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, you name it.
They introduced all that here.
And every week there's a new government truck or jet landing being caught with drugs or crashing full of heroin or cocaine.
Now they're putting out exotic drugs.
And every cop you talk to goes, yeah, I know they ship it in, but still, you know, we're doing our job, raiding people's houses and taking zip-faced teenagers to jail when they got the drugs, which puts them in with more drug contacts, and all the studies show they get on more drugs.
But you still pull me over when I don't use your trash and ask to search my car.
I want to literally throw up on you.
I don't use your filthy, stinking drugs, both prescription or illegal.
In fact, I'm almost off coffee.
I'm down to one cup a day instead of five, six cups a day because I know that's a stinking system you've got a bunch of control over that you're regulating and starting to tax.
I'm even going to get off your stinking coffee, scum.
How do you like that?
Oh, I hate you.
And I'm telling every young person out there, don't you ever use their filthy, stinking drugs so these hired mercenaries can get you in their private prisons owned by the drug cartels.
Don't you ever use them!
Beat them!
Don't use their drugs!
Hate them!
Hate them!
Your hatred of them can overpower your addiction to their stinking drugs!
You got all the drugs you need in your brain right now when you get fired up and stop being a slave.
You got everything you need.
I'm telling every one of you young people out there, I'm so mad that they've got you on their stinking marijuana and their stinking heroin and their stinking cocaine and all their stinking pills.
Get off it right now!
Stop using their trash!
You go, well, wait a minute.
You're for drug decriminalization.
That's right I am.
But don't expect me to be part of your drug head culture and think it's cool.
It isn't cool!
And everybody should quit drinking, too.
Because you'll forget and get in the car, and they'll get you in their clutches.
See, they want to put the drugs in the water and the food, and they're now starting to do that.
They want you on their trash.
Get off of it.
I said I'd take calls.
I'm getting really mad, folks.
When I'm on air, I get really fired up and angry.
When I'm off air, I'm really reflective.
I just turned a chair this week for like two, three hours late at night just thinking.
And all these things I wanted to come here and talk to you about.
All these ideas and all these systems of thought and understanding.
A lot of it pretty simple, but at the same time, the simple ideas are very deep.
And we miss them.
Because we're so busy with all the minutia.
And then I just get on air and I just start thinking about them.
I mean, they ship the trash in and then they take us to jail when they catch us with it.
There's one solution and one solution only.
Do not use their filth.
In every movie I go see, it promotes and glamorizes cocaine, alcohol, drugs, even in the anti-drug shows on TV.
It's advertising it.
All the studies show that, too.
In Europe, for the last 10 years, they put up all these billboards of people on respirators.
They did it in Canada.
Don't smoke, it'll kill you.
Smoking doubled.
Just like the Fed started in 1990, death education in public schools across the country with grants doubled.
Since 1991, guess how much suicide has gone up in the school system?
More than 5,000%.
Well, of course, you start advertising it.
You start advertising it.
No, these people knew that!
They knew!
They're evil!
Haven't you gotten that through your noggins yet?
You put your children in public schools to be taught how to go on Ritalin and Prozac and how to commit suicide?
Or they're teaching you not to, right?
But they're talking about it.
I remember sitting there in like 7th grade during sex education and I never really thought about sex or wanting to have sex and I'm sitting there hearing about it and I'm looking at the girl next to me.
They know exactly what they're doing.
Destroying innocence, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what it's all about.
It isn't because I'm backwards and square that I don't want sex education.
The sex education they're given is meant to get them into it.
And as fun as it is, it causes a lot of heartache and problems very quick.
Disease, you name it.
And it produces a bunch of abortions as well.
So I don't think it's cute.
So you're also taught all this evil is cool.
It's not cool.
All right, I said I'd go to your calls.
It's just, I think about how they're wrecking society.
Blacks had 90-plus percent legitimacy.
That is, they were married.
Blacks were into wearing suits and ties and being well-spoken and owning laundromats and their own doctors and their own libraries and their own... all across the South, all across the North, all across the West.
And the establishment freaked out and they came in and said, we got something for you.
We're going to pay you not to have men in the house.
We're going to give you government health and all this assistance.
And now you got 90 plus percent, what, 92 percent in legitimacy.
And black communities look like
War zones with crack zombies, literally look like zombies, running around everywhere.
Great job, New World Order.
People say, oh, the government really screwed up.
When the government does something, they mess up.
No, they don't.
They meant to do that.
They said they were going to do that.
And by the way, we had 90 plus percent white legitimacy.
Guess where it is now?
Less than half.
We're good to go.
And they taught the women how to fight with their men and how to hate their men and how to be at each other's throats in the society instead of the family together against the outside system, which is what everybody knew before 1950.
And we were the smartest, most educated, most informed, with the most patents, the most wealth.
We were 4% of the world population.
We had more than half the wealth.
Now we're 6% of the world's population.
We got about 25% of the wealth, and it's running down the drain fast.
And we're a bunch of, myself included, fat, stumbling, decadent, drugged out, and by that, drugged out on T-bone steaks.
Stumbling around, grasping at baubles like a nation of magpie birds collecting shiny goodies.
People buy so many Christmas presents for their kids even when they're broke that it takes hours just to open them all or cram all the wrapping and all the packaging into the trash.
The first thing we have to do is educate the public that there's something going on outside of their sphere of understanding.
That's how they then discover what's going on outside the sphere of understanding.
That there is alternative agendas, that there are global elites, that the elite is obsessed with how humans interact, how humans operate, how societies interact, sociology, psychology, advertising.
And that there are thousands of textbooks written openly on how to brainwash you and control you.
And they say in there that first you have to be conditioned that it doesn't exist so you're defenseless against it.
I have to first get you to realize you're under attack.
That doesn't mean believe anything I say.
But I'm begging you, realize you're being influenced, you're being lied to, you're being spun.
More and more I realize that's the key.
Just getting people to look around them.
Just getting people outside the box.
Just getting people to get past ideologies and names and labels and just to start looking around them.
And then to start getting involved.
Getting outside your houses.
The New World Order will fall when you stop fighting with your husband.
The New World Order will fall when you stop fighting with your wife.
When you start knocking on your neighbor's door and having barbecue with them.
The New World Order falls when you stop snorting cocaine.
It is a big idea.
A New World Order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Both their objectives being world domination...
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
They'll make great progress in the world.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what I have to do.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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Or go to drying123.com.
That's drying123.com.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Benazir Budo, total analysis coming up early in the next hour.
Also the latest Ron Paul developments.
It was reported last week, last Friday, that he was barred from the final Republican debate at the, quote, forum.
Hey, man.
So I was looking at some articles on the Internet, and I apologize because I don't have them, but I'm sure you can find them.
It was an article out of like a Vanity Fair-type magazine from London, and it said that he was interviewing your buddy David Shaler, and he said that no planes, man.
He says no planes.
No, I know, and that's why I've ignored it.
Well, I'm not trying to like, you know,
I don't want to point fingers at you or anything, but I know you guys edit video all day long.
And so if you just go and look at all the live shots from the day of that were aired, you can get them from the archives.
Just take ten minutes to look at them.
They've all been manipulated.
Now, I'm not saying no planes, but the shots that they aired that were live were definitely doctored.
There's no doubt about it.
I appreciate your call, sir.
All right.
Look, David Shaler, I mean, I've interviewed 15, 20 people for Terror Storm.
There's going to be one or two that are in the film that end up saying some strange things.
David Shaler's also come out and said that he is Jesus.
And the crowd that aggressively pushes no planes.
You didn't do that, sir.
But the main crowd that does it viciously attacks me, lies about me, and act like government operatives.
Now, I'm not saying David Shaler's a government operative.
You know, he's just former MI5.
The point is he's not doing that.
And I think David seriously has got under too much stress.
But some of the other people out there, I mean, we've really got to get ourselves together.
I have friends, I have family who were in New York who saw the aircraft.
And so you're going to have the establishment do this.
As we expose the fact that 9-11 is an inside job, with the hijackers being trained at U.S.
military bases, admit it, and U.S.
embassy heads being ordered to let them back into the country, being told they were CIA.
And Bush mashing the armies to attack Afghanistan in the months before, and having the launch orders for the day after 9-11 on his desk two days before.
See, it was all prepared beforehand.
And thousands of other points like that.
The media never wants to focus on those issues.
They always want to focus on people saying space beams shot out of an ostrich's nose did it, or Pluto aliens did it, or reptoids did it.
And that's done by design.
We don't do that here.
And so I would just ask the listeners to really try to have a clue.
But in this movement of alternative media, just because the mainstream media lies and spins, doesn't then mean that the whole alternative media is telling the truth.
I mean, I don't agree with a lot of the things that are said on this Genesis network.
I don't agree with a lot of the things said on other patriot networks.
And if people on those other networks get mad at me, it's pretty stupid.
I mean, I criticize my own network.
I'm just saying that I'm trying to get more and more real here.
And not play games.
Not hold back anything.
And I've always said I didn't hold back anything, but I think I self-censor at certain points.
Not anymore, folks.
I'm just going to say the way it is.
Our movement is filled with quacks pitching magical cures that are frauds.
Magical beams.
All sorts of ridiculous stuff that holds us back.
And a lot of that is by design.
Okay, so I've always said, trust but verify, as Ronald Reagan said.
I'm telling you, you have power.
You can affect change.
You can get out there and do big things.
I'm trying to get you to turn your power loose.
You have unbelievable power.
In fact, I'm going to take more calls in to get into some of these issues when we get back.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNLive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're trying to blast through your phone calls.
I'm going to get into great detail coming up in the next few minutes on the Menezar-Budo situation, Ron Paul, the economy, a lot more.
But right now, let's go ahead and go to Brendan in Georgia.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
Happy New Year to you and your family.
I hope you'll have a great New Year as well, my friend.
Thank you, sir.
I wanted to switch gears a little bit if I could.
I was looking at something on the Internet here over the weekend about Isaiah Berlin, the positive-negative liberty concept.
And I was wondering if you've seen a BBC documentary called The Trap?
No, but I've read about it.
Tell us more.
Okay, well, doing some research here, I came across a three-part series on YouTube.
It was called The Trap.
And it basically goes into... It starts out with the concept of positive and negative liberty based on the writings of Isaiah Berlin.
And then it kind of goes into the more modern day with what happened in Russia with their economy and how the economy crashed and everything.
And I was wondering, I know you spoke to Ron Paul quite a bit, and I know he talks a lot about free market and...
I was wondering how all that would tie into a possible change if Ron Paul were to be elected and there was more of a free-ranging market for people to participate in.
It seemed like when they supposedly gave that they extended that opportunity to the Russians that they weren't able to do it.
So of course they said the oligarchs came in and
Snatched up everything for, you know...
Yeah, but see, comparing the United States to Russia is different.
The wealth never got in the people's hands.
It was already in giant chunks controlled by the Soviet, the Supreme Soviet.
So, of course, it was transferred to their buddies and to themselves.
Quote, when the free market reforms were made, it's never been truly free market.
And so the problem is that people take these false definitions the media give us, and they place those over the context of a true free market.
Well, it just seemed like, you know, at least, of course, this is a BBC-backed documentary, and of course we know where they stand.
Yeah, the total command and control.
Right, but they tried to explain it as if it were to say, okay, well, communism didn't work, so we, you know, when Yeltsin came in, we went ahead and
Turned over the economy to the people and made it as free of a market as possible.
Yeah, but they didn't turn it over to the people.
I appreciate your call.
So just repeating the lies of the BBC does nothing.
And again, the biggest problem we face is the general public, not you, sir, not most of our listeners, doesn't know where the U.S.
is on a map, on a globe.
So how are we even going to try to describe to them what Russia is?
You see, first they give you false terms.
A hundred years ago, it was liberty versus tyranny.
Private property rights versus state-controlled or elite-controlled, oligarch-controlled.
You know, there's a hundred different brands and flavors of tyranny.
And then there's that unknown country, that unknown jewel, that unfound quotient of liberty, which we only got close to here in the experiment in the United States.
We're good to go.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Couldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burr is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They have all the money they need.
They're not after money.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We had a caller call in about a BBC documentary, and my memory now kicked back into gear.
I did watch it.
It came out about a year ago.
It's called The Trap, and I've seen a front-line special about it, total propaganda, about how Russia was communist, but then it became free market, and then free market was corrupt and bad, and then six oligarchs owned and ran it all.
No, Russia was never communist to begin with.
Communism is just some term that bank robbers and thugs throw around for well-meaning academics and bleeding hearts to go join them to take over societies.
It always ends in huge death camps and gulags and elitists flying around in luxury jets and helicopters with huge villas on the Black Sea.
Because humans are not honeybees.
Humans are not fire ants or army ants.
We do not operate purely off of pheromones and purely off of, you know, in a system of following the commands of our queen.
We are what the anthropologists would call the killer ape.
And I'm not saying I believe we're apes.
But, you know, the term, the killer ape, that really rings true in our behavior and our activities.
And we are individuals.
We are troop.
Creatures, similar to dolphins or wolves, and up past that level, it's who can fish the best, who can fight the best, who has the best instincts for where to go, who knows when a storm's coming, who has the best instincts.
And then, human society about 6,000 years ago started shifting out of that into who could con people.
Who could generationally know when lunar and solar eclipses were coming to claim that goblins were eating them and then tell the people to submit to them and make them the ruling caste and class or the goblin wouldn't spit on the snake or the titan, depending on the culture, wouldn't spit up the moon or the sun.
And every generation, people would forget about it and then they'd have a big ceremony and sure enough, the goblin on the appointed day would eat the sun
When people would scream, yell, tell the priest class and their cousins, the king class, that we'll do whatever you say, just bring the sun back, and they'd say, I mean, I just made that up, folks.
They would ooga-booga, and then the titan would spit the sun back out or the moon back out, and then they'd go, oh, yes, oh, oh, my gosh.
So the con artist, the carnival barker, took over about 6,000 years ago.
And everything we've developed and built since has been despite them.
And they are the enemy of all free thinkers.
They are the enemy of creators.
They are the enemy of inventors.
They are the enemy of artists.
They're just a pack of surly, inbred con artists out bamboozling everyone else and changing terms around and confusing you and misdirecting you.
But if you just boil it down to liberty versus tyranny, if you just tear out command and control systems, if you're fiercely independent and fiercely defend your liberty, they're not going to be able to ever impose tyranny upon you.
But we have already gone down the road of a Pentagon-designed financial surveillance control grid that they've now announced.
Just as I told you, exactly as I told you it would operate, they have now announced it.
The face scanning, the thumb scanning to track and control you, total micromanagement, files on every movement and action you make, and every purchase you make, all AI run, automated, federalization of police, FEMA camps, it's all being announced.
Exactly as I told you.
Was it fear-mongering?
I guess so.
Maybe it's good.
I'm bad.
Take your Prozac.
No, let them take your children and take them for pesticide studies.
I mean, maybe that's good.
Maybe it's good they sterilize the Native Americans.
Maybe it's good they did all this to the blacks.
Maybe it's good they're doing it to everybody now.
It's much easier just to go watch the Patriots and run over the New York Giants.
I mean, that's a lot more fun and easy to do.
But you will be a slave.
And time is up.
You see, all the warnings and all the rest of it, we're now coming down to the wire, coming down to the very dark times.
Which themselves are just another level of this.
Oh, as we plunge towards the center of the black hole, it's going to get more and more enjoyable for you, I assure you.
And that's all they do today.
Al-Qaeda, it doesn't matter if five minutes of real investigation show you historically admitted fact that Al-Qaeda's CIA-controlled, CIA-fluent.
It doesn't matter if the facts show one thing.
The public just kind of halfway hears while they're busy looking in the mirror at themselves and combing their hair and flexing their muscles or thinking about how they want to be vain or thinking about who they want to romp around with.
Thinking about who they want to roll in the hay with.
Meanwhile, you have the lead up there who are
Studying how society operates?
We've got to hone down to an exact science?
Just punch in your buttons.
Punch in your buttons to the point if you've got all this cognitive dissonance and pre-programmed responses where you hear me saying this right now and you're programmed to giggle and smirk and laugh about it.
Of course, you're giggling and smirking and laughing because deep down you know it's true and you know you're in deep trouble.
I'm going to try to move a little bit quicker through your calls here because I do want to get into the economics, the Budo situation.
Oh, my goodness.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Chicago.
Steve, you're on the air.
Yes, Alex, the khaki-paki hunter.
They've got a story there.
I'd like to know if you believe this is true.
It says Lyndon Lewis said that two MI6 agents by the names of Mervyn Patterson and Michael Semple
Left Afghanistan on December 27th after just relieving themselves of $150,000 with the implication that there was a payoff, maybe as a contract hit, for the Bhutto situation.
And he's saying that it's part of the Operation Chaos.
The Anglo-Dutch global financialists destabilized that.
What's your opinion?
I don't specifically know about those MI6 officers, but I know the history of Pakistan.
It is literally a hand puppet of MI6.
Well, it's on their website right now.
The other thing I'd like to bring up is that the husband, Zidari of Bhutto, you know he was involved in banking the BCCI.
I don't know what it is.
It's a rival or whatever.
He commissioned murders.
To kill off his business, right?
Oh, there's no doubt Budo was a big maggot.
And, of course, that involves the arms trafficking, the drugs, and the prostitution.
Yeah, well, that's where the market is, is in Central Asia for our girls, they take.
And that even comes out in the mainstream news, but nobody's going to stop that.
I appreciate your call, because DynCorp is making too much money off that.
Yeah, it's about smack.
It's about human trafficking.
It's about weapons sales.
Those are just good black holes over there for our boys to have fun.
And don't worry.
You don't have to wait now to live like they do in Pakistan.
It's all coming here.
You want to be dirtbag slaves, folks.
You're going to get to have a big, long ride.
Enjoy yourselves.
Let's go ahead.
And who's up next here?
Tony in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Happy New Year, Alex.
Happy New Year to you.
Hey, man.
I've been listening the last couple of weeks, and I hear a lot of talk about, you know, maybe you getting hurt or Ron Paul getting hurt and all this stuff.
Well, I want you to know, man, you know, I go out in public.
You know who I am.
I think we met when you were at the in-store at Endgame there at Waterloo.
I took a picture of you and my wife and my baby.
Oh, sure.
You're a fellow who plays the guitar.
Well, I carry a pistol most times when I'm out in public.
And I just want you to know, if anybody tries to do anything to you, or... I mean, I remember you when I first got to town getting arrested over your driver's license because you wouldn't give a thumbprint.
And at that moment, I'm like, that was my hero.
I know this isn't about Alex Jones, but I tell you, if everybody stood up like that, we wouldn't have no national ID card.
You know what I'm saying?
I just want everybody out there to know any MKUltra mind control subjects that might think they want to do harm to anybody that's telling the truth.
I'm sure if I am armed, there are other people.
So you have a de facto security force out there better than any Secret Service could ever do.
And I'm going to leave it at that, and let's get on with the show.
Happy New Year, brother.
Hey, it's good to hear from you, Tony.
What a nice fella.
He's got a really nice wife and child.
I met him a few times at events.
I have turned loose.
I want to explain that.
I have turned loose.
By that, I put my trust in God.
And I've just turned loose.
It's not even giving up, because I'm fighting harder than ever.
But it's giving up worrying about myself.
I have just turned loose.
It's a very peaceful feeling.
Now, I say I've turned loose.
About 90% of me has turned loose.
I've turned loose of fear for myself.
And it's really kind of a bad thing because then I don't even look over my shoulder or watch what I'm doing.
I really should.
But I just want to do more work.
I've got films I want to make, books I want to write, ideas I want to put out.
I want to grow more.
I'm still pretty immature.
We all are.
We all grow.
Life's so short.
But we're either growing or we're getting worse.
We either get better or we get worse.
And so I do get death threats.
Things like that do happen.
I have national talk show hosts talking about how I need to be arrested, how I'm a criminal, how I'm a terrorist.
And it's a White House talking point.
So that is...
I wouldn't call it chilling because it only makes me work harder, but it is bracing.
It's kind of like a cold wind when you're walking down a path that kind of makes you even more frisky.
It's like, ooh, man, I'm getting into some real territory here.
They have all these bigwigs attacking me.
And the Ron Paul thing, you know, coming from Daniel Esselin and others, there was a big blog, big Philadelphia news report saying they hope he gets killed.
I mean, they're openly talking about it.
These people kill people.
And, uh...
So, I just want you to know that they can kill me, they can kill Ron Paul, but they cannot kill ideas.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Baby, baby, I'm gonna leave you.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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That's how it goes.
Everybody knows.
Welcome back.
I'm going to jam in a few more of your calls, and I'm going to get into the Budo, Minister Budo, and give you my take on it, which I haven't done in detail yet, then Ron Paul, then the economy, and more of your calls continuing here.
Let's talk to Jason in Michigan, then Jason in North Dakota.
Jason, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How's it going?
Good, sir.
Hey, I've got a real quick question for you.
I'm preparing to burn a bunch of DVDs,
I've got Endgame.
I've got Loose Change.
I've got Terror Storm.
I purchased Aaron Russo's Freedom to Fascism.
I noticed his has copyright protection on it.
I'm wondering is there a way to get permission to make copies of those to pass out to people as well.
Well, I mean, that's because most manufacturers slap that on.
I've even had a run or two of different DVDs have that slapped on.
One time I had a manufacturer on one run of Terror Storms where it says, FBI warning, don't copy this, because they just thought we'd forgotten that the manufacturer, because everybody else does it, and slapped that on.
And I told them, hey, redo that next time.
I'd have them reauthor it.
Don't do that.
You know, we sell American Freedom to Fascism, the high-quality original from them.
There's a lot of dubs and copies out there floating around.
I know the family's been back and forth on that because, you know, they need funds.
But I'm really not in their business.
I talk to Heidi, you know, rarely his ex-wife.
Well, not his ex-wife, his widow, you would call it.
So I really just can't comment on that.
But yeah, there's all sorts of ways.
You can have a DVD recorder hooked up to a DVD player and then just stream it over via a cable like a TV signal.
See, it has copy protect to not let it be burned or duplicated in a side-by-side.
But you can take a cable and string it over and run it into another machine.
Well, if I pass out massive amounts of this, they're not going to use something like that to
Shut me down, are they?
I don't know.
You probably got a better chance of a meteorite hitting you and killing you.
I think that's one in 50-something, Dr. Gillian.
I think there has been one person on record who was injured by a meteorite.
A stony came in, I think it was in Colorado about 30 years ago, and went through the roof and hit the lady in the thigh.
Didn't kill her, though.
So, I mean, I don't know.
I can't speak for them.
I mean, you know, the whole society is going to hell in a handbasket, and I think it's time to throw caution to the wind.
But you do what you want.
Okay, well, I've got something else that I've been planning on doing.
I'm going to do... I've been working on it.
I'm going to show your movies and freedom fascism at town halls all through Michigan here.
I'm going to...
God bless you.
Good to hear from you.
Jason in North Dakota, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
I'm on my crappy cell phone here, so I'm afraid it's going to not sound good.
It sounds loud and clear.
Go ahead.
I want to rant for a minute and then listen to your comments.
I'm absolutely fed up with how many people are asleep at the wheel here.
This whole football thing and kind of burying your head in the sand and watching the national Fox News is about driving me crazy.
Even my own family members who believe me and who have witnessed this 9-11 atrocity
Yeah, that's the bigger problem, is that we've got the majority of people in every major poll, and we're talking 80 plus percent, know they've been lied to about the borders, about 9-11, don't trust the government, Congress has close to a 10% approval rating, but they don't go any deeper.
They know they're being lied to, they know crooks are running things, but then they do nothing.
Folks, that's even worse.
I wanted to mention, too, I live here in North Dakota, and this Lakota deal, this getting away from the United States, fascinates me.
My question to you about that, though, is I heard if North Dakota seceded from the Union, we'd be the third largest, most powerful nuclear state.
How would that affect any sovereignty that this nation would have?
The feds aren't going to give up their reservations.
That's what they're called, federal reservations.
They're not going to give up their nukes.
Look, they're going to go after these Native American groups.
There's going to be a clash.
But they have every right to secede.
They have every right to kick the feds out of there.
But this isn't even America anymore.
It's not even the U.S.
So, you know, talk about treaties.
It's all a fraud.
We are now in the global union.
We're already here.
Global taxation is now in effect.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You only live once.
Make it count.
The man who dies with the biggest pile of junk is not the person that wins.
Make no mistake.
You want to know the solution to the fight against the New World Order?
You only need look in the mirror.
And I can't stress that enough that you have amazing power.
And that if you take action and put one foot in front of the other, the corruption will lessen.
But it's intensifying because it's been growing for a long time.
People are starting to wake up, and the establishment sees that, and so they're trying to race towards the finish line right now.
Got a bunch of news I'm going to cover now, and then we will get to Lou, Mike, Steve, Carrie, Mark, and many others that are patiently holding continuing open phones in the next hour.
Let me just read you a smattering of headlines here before I get into the Benazir Budo and give you my take on it.
BBC censored Benazir Budo's reports that bin Laden had been killed.
Benazir Budo said Osama bin Laden was dead.
Did Pakistan ISI kill Benazir Budo?
That's the Times of London.
Did Pakistani government kill him?
Kill her.
Said in speeches, hold Musharraf responsible for her assassination.
Budo emailed named killers weeks before assassination.
Daily Mail.
Former Prime Minister, says Perez Musharraf, the dictator, number one suspect in her murder.
Al-Ciada claims responsibility for murder of Benazar Budo.
Convenient assassination, op-ed news.
That is just some of the headlines there.
World Media says Pakistan now in nightmare scenario.
Then, of course, right on cue, bin Laden.
They never certify where it came from.
They never even confirm it's bin Laden, but they say it's confirmed in the headlines and later say it's not.
A new statement about how they're going to blow Israel off the map and how they've got to kill all these other Arab and Central Asian leaders.
You know, Thursday this happened and everybody was calling me and emailing me and saying, well, what do you think happened?
And frankly, the listeners and the people on the prisonplanet.com forum, you all had it right.
It's not like I've got some monopoly on accuracy or analysis here.
But I held back.
I said, I'm not going to say what I think.
Time, just a few days will tell.
They come out and say Al-Qaeda did this, and if Al-Qaeda releases tapes saying they did, and even better yet, they'll grab some unknown patsy and throw him in prison, and then in a year he'll escape.
They always accidentally escape.
That happens every day.
And then it comes out later in the back of the paper that they were MI5 or MI6 or CIA or ISI, and that they've been arrested in a staged arrest to protect the fact that they were an informant.
Always when that comes out, because other agents blow the whistle, that's how they spin that.
It never ends with these murderers.
I mean, it's simple.
Military science for 300 years, really before that, but codified in textbooks for 300 years in France and Germany and England, have said that they would sacrifice 20, 30, 40,000 troops as a diversion or a distraction just to draw an enemy in.
If a government will kill tens of thousands of its own troops literally in a chess game,
So let me see.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Kind of like hacking through, like in The Shining, with a fire axe, and the faces peering in saying, here's Johnny, and you're looking up to me and saying, there's my mommy.
And I'm saying, no, that's not your mommy.
We need to bar that door.
We need to do something.
And instead of having a debate with me about what we should do, we have a debate whether that's a bad man hacking down the door.
And I'm telling you, that's a bad man hacking down the door, and you're saying, no, you shouldn't fearmonger.
Well, the solution, ladies and gentlemen, people keep saying, well, what's the solution?
The solution is activating your brain.
The solution is looking around you.
The solution is not trusting the government anymore and realizing it's totally corrupt.
Because you may be awake.
But see, that's idiosyncratic.
You're only looking at yourself.
Your neighbors aren't awake yet.
The key is supporting alternative radio networks.
I don't care who they are or where they are.
Supporting alternative information.
Starting up your own group.
I don't care if it's ten people in a newsletter in your neighborhood.
I don't care if you have people over for parties and give them free sirloin steaks and baked potatoes while they watch Endgame.
It starts small.
Alright, I'm already digressing on the Budo thing.
Man, I've got a lot of news to cover and I'm already halfway through the show.
Okay, let me stop.
Thursday, and I'm not going through all this so I can talk about what I did or my thought processes.
It's good just to image it so perhaps you can get an idea for the formulae I use in gauging the cause of something.
Now, we are not 100%.
I would say we're about 98% sure now that Perez Musharraf...
...ordered the hit of Benazar Budo.
We're 90% sure that the U.S.
and British backed this and probably ran the attack.
Again, there's about a 10% chance that the dictator of Pakistan did this on his own.
And there's a lot of factors going to that, and I went into all of them, we never...
Get done here, but let me just cover a few.
She is Mossad.
She is MI6.
She is CIA.
She is Oxford trained.
She is a Rhodes Scholar type, just like her son, who was basically a dictator who did kill a bunch of people, but she was soft velvet glove.
She did run off of billions of dollars.
But she was coming in at the time.
For whatever reason, it looks like the West may actually be mad at Musharraf and may have been playing a double game.
They do that.
So it's clear that he killed her.
Then you throw into that, though, the reason I think it's probably the West working with Musharraf is because they're saying it's al-Qaeda.
And that's the official story.
Also, they had all the shoot-to-kill orders to kill anybody on the streets after dark or anybody demonstrating, and our government and our media has been saying that's okay, that's a good thing, because they're fighting Al-Qaeda.
They've been saying that for two months.
Musharraf has the motive.
He was going to lose the election if it was in any way fair.
They do it the old-fashioned way like LBJ would steal elections.
They just go in and everybody knows that if you don't say Musharraf wins, you get killed next week.
So all the election officials have been told to basically put her in.
And then even when these dictators lose elections, they still just announce on the television and on the radio that they won.
That's what Voter News Services has been doing since 1963.
They don't like Al Gore winning, they just say Bush won.
Same thing.
And again, that's not even saying Al Gore or George Bush, they're two peas in a pod, but it's what do the different factions want.
It's like she's bad and so is Musharraf's bad.
The point is, then to add to the fact that it's the government that killed her, and then you can debate which factions of the global hegemon backed that, but Musharraf, it appears, and he was installed by the U.S.
and England, is in locksteps for the last nine years with them, since 99 in the coup d'etat, the Western-backed coup.
She also started to shoot her mouth off about bin Laden being dead and the war on terror being staged.
So it looked like she was starting to get off the reservation.
Then you've got all these witnesses, hundreds of them, doctors, police, saying that multiple gunmen shot her.
And now there's video of her flying back against the car with her clothes moving.
I mean, they pumped her full of holes.
The doctors first reported she'd been pumped head to toe with machine gun bullets.
Not 7.6239, you know, even a Western gun, Western NATO ammo.
And then they just came out and said, nope, nope, she hit her head on the sunroof, on the crank that opens the sunroof, hurt her head, she died of a concussion.
Kind of like Kennedy had holes all over.
I mean, he'd been shot more than six times, and they said he'd been shot once by a magic bullet.
Remember that part?
He's going through Conley, going through his head, going through his neck, going through wrists, going through arms, going through... That thing's, you know, like Scooby-Doo on steroids, flying around.
Or Elroy and the Jetsons and his little hovercraft flying around.
That thing's like spaghetti going in all directions.
And now, but again, the average, dim-witted, dull-minded American...
And Westerner and people overseas as well, they just hear Al-Qaeda did it.
And again, most Americans, they've had polls, think that Pakistan and Afghanistan is in the Middle East.
Totally different part of the world.
They don't even know that.
So they just hear, oh, Al-Qaeda did it.
Good enough for them, and they just put out a new tape saying, with bin Laden saying he's going to get us.
And then there's a whole other facet to this, of course, and that is that AQCon Laboratories under Clinton and then under Bush, 43, George W. Bush, George Walker Bush, the current El Presidente, Caligula,
They just give them a bunch of nukes, give them delivery systems, medium-range missiles that can hit their precious Israel.
Israel's giving them weapons constantly, going back to the 80s.
And that's not a problem.
We have the West deliberately in there.
Musharraf has come out and staged bombings against himself to have crackdowns, to act tough.
They openly run al-Qaeda.
Thousands of Al-Qaeda commanders were flown out to safety in the airlift of evil when we invented Afghanistan.
Special forces would capture number two Al-Qaeda.
They'd be ordered to release them.
They would even come out in newspapers.
That's been in the news.
It's all totally staged.
They're running around with nuclear weapons, menacing peaceful India who's done nothing.
And that's what this is really all about.
It's about India.
Being able to start a war with them whenever the globalists want.
We got the surrogate pit bull attack dog Pakistan in there.
They created the Muslim extremists with the Wahhabists out of Saudi Arabia.
Again, Saudi Arabia set up by Britain.
Literally created by Britain.
The Bin Ladens, the first family hired by the British in Lawrence of Arabia.
The Bin Ladens were even at the League of Nations summit in 1919.
They send them in there to set it up.
They send them over to Pakistan.
By the way, I saw Charlie Wilson's war.
This gets into that.
They imply that this alcoholic poltroon, that this drug-snorting but patriotic vagabond, in 1986...
1986, mind you, in this film.
That he went and started the Mujahideen and that he gave them the Stinger missiles and the anti-tank missiles and the anti-aircraft rock guns and all of this.
Charlie Wilson's War.
I went and saw it last night.
And whereas it was entertaining and certainly filled with lovely ladies, like a beauty contest movie with all the women in it,
You know, because he had all these secretaries and the rest of it.
That was the only thing that made it watchable.
And I'm sitting there watching it, and so they would tell you that until 85, 86, you know, the war had been going for four years, that there was no U.S.
influence, nothing going on over there, and then Charlie Wilson, who sat on the committee for black ops, for black ops funding, got them a billion dollars in funding and got the Saudis to match it for a billion bucks, and that this one guy did it all.
See, because now the public's learned that the U.S.
created Al-Qaeda, created all this, bin Laden ran the op.
They've now learned about this, so they've got to have a movie out now about, oh, that was that one guy, Charlie Wilson, he was a great patriot.
There's a problem, of course.
The real criminals that ran all this like to brag.
One of them's name is Zbigniew Brzezinski, founder of Trilateral Commission, National Security Advisor.
In 1979...
We're good to go.
I mean, you would believe that the Russians, and I'm not saying they weren't barbarous.
Actually, once they started losing, they really got bad.
That's when the wiping out of the villages started.
Now, the Russians rolled in in the early 80s with puppet governments, didn't even kill that many people.
Then when the resistance intensified and they started losing in the late 80s, that's when they started mowing down whole villages and spraying poison and everything else.
Now, the truth is, just like with the Serbs,
In the late 1990s.
Well, in 1979, tens of millions was spent in black ops, now declassified, for Operation Cyclone.
They had the Muslims, the Wahhabis out of Saudi Arabia, attack southern Russia, southern territories of Russia.
This is all mainline history, by the way.
We already knew this, but now it's declassified.
And they went in and attacked the Soviets, and then the Soviets came in,
And took over Afghanistan.
That was the opposite response of what Brzezinski wanted.
Brzezinski wanted to have the Muslims overthrow those southern holdings that were north of Afghanistan.
There's also some of the east.
It's like 20 stands over there.
And they meant to have wars and guerrilla wars there, but instead the Russians came in, then they spun it to say, oh, well, we engineered the new Vietnam for the Russians.
Then they brought in all these weapons.
Well, no, Russia was really just trying to get control of more than half of the world's poppy opium production.
So you had a drug war over the goodies that our loving government wanted to bring directly to your children's veins.
And so the stupid SWAT teams in your house looking for the drugs their bosses brought in.
I mean, it's such a joke.
And the lies went on and on.
Yeah, Charlie Wilson, a complete drunk who drinks three bottles of whiskey a day, and some right-wing church lady from Texas did all this.
Pure bull.
The movie is a fraud and a lie.
And actually glorifies the Mujahideen.
And Al-Qaeda is the New World Order's attack dog.
They attack the Serbs the same way the Serbs responded.
It is a big idea.
You know what happened.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by our government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Doesn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire new world order agenda.
Bill Burr is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's their after news.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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Man thinks cause he rules the earth, he can do with it everything.
And if things don't change soon, he will.
Oh, a man is invented, he's doomed.
First step was touching the moon.
Now there's a woman on my block.
She'll just sit there as the night grows dim.
She'll say, who's gonna take away his lifetime's ticket?
Now they take him and they teach him and they groom him for life and they set him on a path where his bounty
Bottom line, Pakistan was getting a lot of criticism for open martial law, openly mowing people down the street, openly shooting men, women, and children, mass slaughter with the dictator, the criminals that run our country and put in power.
And so, like sharks, several foreign prime ministers, and they really are foreign, they've been living in England their whole lives, came careening back into the country, and Musharraf didn't like it, and bottom line, had them killed.
Now, is the U.S.
Well, now they're sending the FBI and the CIA to investigate, and our media says Al-Qaeda did it.
backing that?
Yeah, that's complicit right there.
Even if they weren't involved in it, which I believe they were, we know Musharraf did it.
That's guaranteed.
I'm going to make this clear.
But even if our establishment wasn't involved earlier in Budo's killing, now they're complicit going along with the Al-Qaeda parable, fable, story, script, line, propaganda, fraud.
And so, they're complicit.
They're guilty.
They're accomplices after the fact.
But they wouldn't kill someone.
The government doesn't kill people.
They just drop A-bombs on Japan after they'd already surrendered.
By the way, that was meant to scare the Russians.
I'm no fan of the Imperial Japanese.
Let's not get off into a debate about that.
The point is they'd unconditionally surrendered weeks before.
My point is, these people will kill whoever they want, whenever they want, but to do it, they've got to fool enough of you to go along with them.
And most nations in Africa, most nations in Asia, most nations even in Eastern Europe, Russia, could never be civilized enough.
They were very intelligent people, but they were never restrained enough to get along with each other and not kill each other.
And so no one ever really develops any wealth.
You have a tiny elite that has all the wealth, and people live in little shacks and little shantytowns, and people die of disease, and there's no education, and it's squalor.
And leaders are always killing each other.
Now here we've had freedom, some freedom, up until about 1913.
Now we have the soft tyranny come in.
Now it's taken the glove off, the velvet glove off the fist, the iron fist, and they're really showing us who they are.
They're showing us exactly who they are.
In a big way.
And the elite has made the decision to go ahead and put in a high-tech control grid designed specifically for the population.
And then you go from A to B, and they, of course, you can surmise this just with common sense and logic, but then when you do read the documents, it says exactly what you think it's for, and they say, the people are going to riot and resist us, and we've got to get ready to imprison them, kill them, and maybe even use neutron bombs on them.
That's the official British military report put out in 2007.
Ministry of Defense, what they say they believe will be done.
I mean, they've got race-specific weapons for us.
They'll kill certain races.
They've got neutron bombs ready in hangars to drop on us.
I'm not saying they're going to do it.
They say they are.
The government's not your friend.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
An election was coming up in a month.
And good old Perez Bichar was going to get thrown out.
And so what do you do when you don't have the fancy electronic voting machines until elections?
And you've lost control of large sections of the country?
You just blow up your opposition.
That causes people to go even more crazy in the streets.
Now, there is a, and you have the excuse to crack down, order out of chaos, problem, reaction, solution.
But there is another, and I'd say it's a 5% chance.
You know, I said it's a 90% chance our government's involved.
It's a 98% chance that Musharraf was involved.
And you go, well, where's the math?
Now you say 5% chance that something else happened.
Give or take a few numbers.
These are just generalizations of my research, common sense, geopolitical history of the area, which I know more than 99% of people about, and I'm a low-grade moron when it comes to this.
I mean, just to study one region of one country could take up 100 scholars' entire life.
I just have general knowledge of this.
Which, again, is white years more than the general public, who cannot find it on a map.
And I keep saying that because it's a big deal.
They form opinions about this stuff, and they don't even know what the terms are, who the groups are, who the players are, but they'll sure get in your face.
Or when you're at a restaurant, I was at a restaurant last night, and some guy just kept staring at me with hate with his family.
And it was the perfect establishment time.
One was wearing a football shirt, the other a Harley Davidson shirt.
You know, America's good, we're the good guys.
No, we're not, dummy.
You need to figure that out.
You need to get that through your stupid little skull.
The world's run by a bunch of hardcore criminals.
The U.S.
is no different, and they're getting ready to take us deeper into the deep end.
So you better get up off your little hind end and wake up to that and stop being such a sap.
I don't know how you can be 50 years old and not know how anything in the world works or how anything operates, and you just think reality's whatever you want to make it.
That isn't how reality works, buh-buh.
The reality is you don't have wings.
You can't jump off a cliff and fly down to the bottom, a thousand feet down.
Reality is reality.
Now, there is a chance that they're mad at Perez Mishara and that they want to accelerate the breakdown and the falling apart of the country and that by killing her when she was being positioned by the West, and she certainly thought she had the West's support, but they keep everybody on the hook,
He's certainly been one of their horses in the race.
That Benazar Budo was killed by Western intelligence agencies to blame it on the person who everybody thinks in the country did it and who's rioting.
And they're crazy enough to want to make him fall with the 50-something nukes they've got and the 10 or 15 they change it around all the time delivery systems.
And that this is the start of World War III, and they want the whole thing to fall as a political distraction.
I don't think that's the case.
But you know what?
They've done crazier things.
It could be.
Time will tell, and we'll get a clearer and clearer picture over time as more indicators come out.
But right now, all the money is on Perez Musharraf doing this.
And he's helped carry out 9-11, at least on the back side with the funding and the cover story, with the West, and he is very high-powered.
He meets with Western heads, meets with the Pope, constantly in bed with the intelligence agencies.
He's certainly a front man for the New World Order.
But they're always double-crossing, triple-crossing, quadruple-crossing, quintuplet-crossing.
We're good to go.
Then a bomb goes off.
They always have secondary devices to confuse things.
They'll have a naked person run by, a guy in a weird blue suit everybody notices.
It's always fog of war confusion.
Rabbit trails.
Back channels.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Theory.
So their objective being world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas makes some big progress toward the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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Now, I will jam some calls in this hour.
I do want to hear from you at 1-800-259-9231.
I just spent 30 minutes on Benazir Budo.
The background on that.
I've got some economic news.
I want to get to a big stack of police state news.
And some Ron Paul news as well.
By the way, Ron Paul's on Thursday.
For 30 minutes, and we're going to have other folks from the Ron Paul 2008 campaign on with us throughout this week.
We're going to have a lot of coverage in the next few days on the primaries coming up in Iowa, in New Hampshire, in Michigan, in Wyoming, and other states.
Continual coverage at truthnews.us.
I've got to tell you, without prompting, Kurt Nemo worked even on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve,
Kurt Nemo, and I told my other folks to take off some.
Paul Watson was kind of at half power doing basic updates.
So was his brother.
So was Slick Eyes and Aaron's been out of town.
I told him to go.
He did some updates, too.
But to Kurt Nemo at truthnews.us.
I mean, the guy's working at 8 in the morning, and I'm working at 1 o'clock in the morning, and I see Nemo posting stuff.
So we talk back and forth on IM.
Really proud of the job Kurt Nemo's doing.
Later this week, we're launching a new Total Ron Paul coverage Web 2.0 user-friendly, user-driven content website.
We're launching that later this week.
He's redesigning InfoWars.
That'll be done in about a month.
It'll be Web 2.0.
Finally, it's all happening because Curt Nemo is a go-getter.
So I wanted to thank Curt Nemo for the great job he's done.
And tell you, truthnews.us is an amazing website.
And you can also comment in real time on all the stories now.
We're adding a lot of other features.
Truthnews.us, really proud of what he's doing.
I've done two hours and ten minutes of broadcasting.
I haven't even plugged my videos.
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It's the place to get it.
Yes, you can.
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Well, I think the hardest-hitting film on general New World Order knowledge, on who the globalists are, what their history is, how they control things, the regions they're setting up, their main game plan, the tyranny they're developing, how they're overthrowing our system of government, and what their master plan is, why they want to get all this power.
It's in their own words, their own documents, their own statements.
It's really three films in one.
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You want solutions?
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PrisonPlanet.tv, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, that said, let me get into some economic news here.
Okay, this is just four or five of the stories I have in a huge stack.
This is today, Financial Times of London.
Gold within striking distance of record.
Link to this up on PrisonPlanet.com.
We're good to go.
I think?
Gold reached a session high of $843.20 a troy ounce Monday in British trading, the highest level since January 1980 when billion reached a record $850 during a period of intense geopolitical tensions, including the U.S.
hostage crisis in Iran, the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan.
Now, gold is only at about 45% right now of what it was at $1980 levels.
That is, it may say $843 today.
But that's not 850 levels from 1980.
Because the dollar had twice the purchasing power it does today.
It's real simple math.
They try to make economics real confusing and all these terms, all these federal numbers that are cooked up.
We could go through each one of those federal indicators and show you how it's literally Papa Smurf, Moon made of cheese.
Well, I mean, fairy tales have more reality in them.
I mean, it's just complete...
They just throw it against the wall and see what will stick.
And the public just says, hey, that sounded fancy.
So that's happening.
Home prices post record drop a 21% drop this year.
And that's only by the first 10 months up until October.
21% drop, baby.
And there were even bigger drops in between then.
Man, I've got to go remortgage my house.
If I remortgage it, go get a lower interest rate.
I'm just too busy to do it.
I got a mortgage years ago back when they were like 7%.
Now it's down to 5% and I don't have time to go do it.
Plus, banking is so dangerous now.
Lord knows where my mortgage would be sold.
I'm kind of talking about myself now.
Yeah, I'm concerned.
I'm concerned about a lot of things that are going on.
About 90% of the wealth I've got is just in bank accounts to try to pay employees and run this operation.
We've got about four months of operating capital.
If things go to hell in a handbasket...
And no more funds came in.
I got about four months to operate.
And that's with inflation at 15%.
They're telling you it's 2%.
Okay, I laugh because it's so sick.
And I'm talking about me personally, where I'm at.
Top economist says America could plunge into recession.
Times of London...
And we're going to talk more about this coming up in a few minutes.
We are joined by Ted Anderson for the next five.
Ted's been a gold broker and metals broker for 20-plus years.
Had Midas for, what, 11 years?
Or is it longer, Ted?
And gold, we've always said it's going to be next year.
Well, next year is tomorrow.
And now, finally, the mainstream media is saying recession, depression.
So they're pulling the plug.
That signals they're getting people ready for that.
They only wanted to slow the global meltdown and protect big banks and not the public.
I guess kind of like giving you morphine before you give them the lethal injection.
Ted, what do you think is going to happen?
Well, we're going to see the dollar continue to fall.
Foreign nations are trying to find liquidity to get out of their currency.
The Chinese right now are looking for liquidity.
They've got $1.3 trillion worth of U.S.
dollars, Federal Reserve notes and Treasury bonds and bills.
It's also happening in the Mideast right now.
They've already said that they're no longer going to accept exchange for their oil in U.S.
That means that foreigners now have to buy the euro and sell their dollars in order to get into their oil reserves, which it's energy.
That's what everybody needs right now.
The dollar is going to continue to fall.
There's no question about it.
Commodities will continue to rise.
And you made a good point.
I mean, back in 1980, we had 840 gold.
Well, the dollar's lost probably well more than, you know, it's more than half of its value because of the fact that you look at that CPI and they keep on doping it up by taking this out and putting that in to make things look better for the U.S.
economy, low inflation.
We all know that we're not
You know, we're not sitting on 2% inflation right now.
That's just ridiculous.
They do that because of all the pensions that have to be paid and Social Security based upon what the interest or the inflation rate's at.
And they want to keep those numbers low so they don't have to increase that because they're already broke and they're just trying to put off the problem.
And let's make this real simple.
The stock market's really at $6,000 versus $2,000 values.
They're adding 2% a year.
In some cases, 3% for inflation to Social Security checks, when it's considerably at 15%.
So you've had more than 10% of your Social Security checks stolen, and that's compounding each year.
That's exactly what's going on, Alex.
And the government, like you said, there's more truth to the fairy tale than there is what they're publishing.
And that's just what it is.
It's cheating the people that are the elderly that have saved all their lives and are living on pensions.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They're bringing in a world police state to take the final 20%.
And right now, I mean, we the people here, we create the currency through the Bureau of Engraving, but we have to turn it over to the Federal Reserve System, and then they have the audacity to lend it back to us and charge interest on that debt, and they get it for free to start with.
Chad, the reason I've got you on today is you're launching a big Ron Paul initiative, and I want to hold you over to the next segment so you can make that announcement.
It's crazy.
Again, Ted Anderson putting his money where his mouth is and we hope all of you join him in this fight with the Ron Paul Air Force.
So that's coming up after the break.
But briefly after the break too, Ted, I want you to tell the listeners when you think...
I know you study this constantly, and I've got my own take on it.
I'm sure they're similar, but I want your angle on when you think it's going to further step down or continue to correct and unravel and how deep you think it's going to go from the different experts you've been conferring with, the different research reports you've been looking at, and also your own gut feeling.
Before we go to break, how long do you think until it implodes?
Oh, well, Alex, right now we're already watching it implode.
You know, it doesn't come all in one big dose.
But it is not going to be surprising to me that to see next year, the year 2008, the United States dollar be devaluated by even 50%.
And it's gone down a tremendous amount this last year.
It's almost 40%.
So, yeah, we're looking at some big problems here economically next year.
By the way, at 44%, that's straight up when the Euro gained parity in 2002.
If you look at it from where the Euro started, it's a 60-plus percent drop against the Euro from 2000 at its opening mark.
We'll be back.
Ted Anderson, December 31st, 2007, Happy New Year Gold, 83838 ounce gold coins can be purchased for $862.92, $425.20 for half, $212.60 per quarter, that's $862.92, $425.20, and $212.60.
For years, Ron Paul has taken the position to uphold constitutional rights.
He's been branded by special interest groups as Dr. No, refusing to bend his values.
I can only imagine the pressure applied by Congress as he stands alone for these principles.
He has given up a medical career for this.
Ron Paul is running for president.
The ideas of strong currency, ending the war, defending the Constitution, and protecting civil liberties are catching on.
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That's 800-686-2237.
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Before you slip into unconsciousness, I'd like to have a... I just want the listeners to know, we got the IMF and World Bank documents in 2002.
When Joseph Stiglitz quit, they magically were sent to the BBC.
We already knew this from other global documents we've gotten going back to the 50s, 60s, 70s.
They engineer all this by design.
They issue the credit out of nothing to third world nations and first world nations as well as second world nations like China.
Then they implode it by design.
It's all about consolidation.
It's about monopolies.
They're waging war against the free market.
And understand, all the things you're going to see happen this new year are by design.
That is a fact.
Ted Anderson?
It is, actually, Alex.
And right now, you can see it going on in the foreign markets right now.
There's a lot of money sitting out there.
I'm talking about U.S.
dollars that are looking for liquidity.
And each one of these countries are sitting with a hot potato and they're trying to keep it up in the air.
Mainly what they're doing with their dollars that are being devalued is coming in for the fire sale where they still have some value in the U.S.
buying everything up.
That's why the Supreme Court said, hey, we'll give things to foreigners, anybody that wants it.
We'll even take your land and give it to them.
That's because we're going into full bondage, folks.
Well, it is.
It's affecting the people of the United States of America.
It's we, the people, who are paying this burden.
By the way, Ted, I'm not just saying we're going into bondage.
And it's sad.
Folks, it's really happening.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, it's as apparent as the nose on my face.
I mean, watch this stuff go on.
I've got a lot of people that just don't understand, and it's like...
People wake up.
You've got powerful elites that are in positions of power because they're ruthless, and they're taking us down right now and feeding on us.
While you're busy watching the Cowboys, folks, your whole future is being shot.
I just want you to know that.
Ted, people can protect themselves, though.
They can still move dollars that are rapidly being devalued into gold.
Gold is rocketing up again.
We're good to go.
Yeah, great value, beautiful coin, $182 per coin, a great way to get involved with the gold.
And then, of course, one of the best buys in the silver market right now are silver dollars that were manufactured by the United States to be meant to be used as money back when money was real tender, not what we have today.
They're at $400 per roll of $20.
Both of those are a great buy to be getting into.
And the way the dollar's falling apart, it's like you said, Alex, right now paper's buying gold and silver.
That won't always happen.
Paper does not hold the value of gold and silver.
Right now it's like smoke and mirrors.
It's all fantasy world, but people are buying it.
So there's enough value to buy gold and silver with it.
Do it while you still can.
Ted, give them the toll-free number.
Yeah, it's 1-800-686-2237.
Again, just mention the Alex Jones Special.
That's 1-800-686-2237.
You can get the gold coin for $182 per coin and then the silver dollars for $400.
And Ted, that is right down near melt.
And you're getting a smaller coin that generally costs more per ounce than the big coins.
And you're getting it at a super discount.
I mean, literally, Ted has priced these to move them out the door.
An introductory offer to get you involved in the precious metals.
The silver has really not moved up yet.
I mean, sure, it was five, six bucks seven, eight years ago, but now it's 15 bucks an ounce.
Well, it's only going to go up, up, up.
Silver has not corrected anywhere near gold, and gold hasn't corrected properly yet either.
So silver is an insanely good deal.
I just bought some silver from Ted a few weeks ago, this very deal, this very offer.
Give him that number, Ted.
It's 1-800-686-2237.
Again, 1-800-686-2237.
Please mention that you heard it on the Alex Jones Show.
The proceeds do go to the Alex Jones Show and keep this network on air.
Yeah, with the $3 per coin or whatever.
$3 per gold coin.
But it does go to help the network and the satellites and everything Ted's done.
Ted's doing pretty well right now with the network and Midas, but there's been really lean times where we were hanging on by our toenails.
So, again, you're also supporting liberty and freedom.
But bottom line, New Year's resolution coming up here.
It's time to protect yourselves.
It's time, if you've never held precious metals or never held silver, never been in these, it's time to experience the empowerment that comes with not being just in paper.
And if you haven't moved into gold or silver yet, folks, it's really the only smart move.
I can't believe that most people I even know personally know the dollar's tanking but still don't buy gold because it's not something you're familiar with.
Give them a call.
1-800-686-2237 or go to minusresources.com.
And to get that discount, tell them it's the Alex Jones Special.
Okay, Ted, I've got a stack of news, loaded phone lines, but I went over again.
I want you to briefly on the other side tell folks about this new Ron Paul announcement.
It is big news.
We're going to ask for your help with this to get it out there to everybody.
We'll be right back on the other side.
We're going to get into the police state news, your calls, and a lot more right here on the one, the only GCN Radio Network.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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And ask for Packet B.
All right, we're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's go back to Ted Anderson.
This URL is not up yet.
Frankly, we went and set it up and handed it over to Ted.
But it's ronpaulairforce.us.
That's going to be up in the next few days.
But right now, this URL is up, and it's ronpaulaircorps.com.
Ron Paul Air, and then Corps, or Air Corps, is C-O-R-P-S.
We're going to put links up on prisonplanet.com, truthnews.us.
Buy this evening at truthnews.us.
Curt Nemo is going to have a press release out on this.
Please get it out to everybody.
I'm going to donate some money to this because I'm maxed out on Ron Paul.
Ted has already paid for a couple planes, paid for a couple banners.
I took my children to the zoo Friday in San Antonio.
And driving out of San Antonio at 3, 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Geico, and Geico are the masters of advertising.
They've got all the awards, most effective.
Here comes a Cessna with this big color banner that said Geico with the Lizard.
They were flying at about 500 feet.
And, I mean, the highways were jam-packed in America's 10th largest city.
Look, GEICO knows this is working.
You spend like $500 to $1,000 per banner, depending on how fancy it is.
You have the banners mailed around.
Ted's had a few banners made himself.
He's got one going up this week in Iowa and New Hampshire.
He's putting the seed money in.
There's already been a few donations.
This hasn't even really been announced yet.
It's just...
You need to go to ronpaulaircourse.com ronpaulair, c-o-r-p-s dot com and all of the proceeds will go towards running this and putting aircraft in the air.
Now, blimps are great.
They get a lot of attention and it's novel.
But airplanes, expense-wise...
For about $100,000, you can put 100 aircraft in the sky for two flights of two and a half hours apiece.
So about five hours.
100 flights, five hours.
It is one of the best bang for the buck advertising deals out there.
Now again,
I'm telling you, you need to go to RonPaulAirCorp.com.
And I'm glad Ted went with this because I'm just too busy launching the new Ron Paul site we're launching this week.
We're doing InfoWars.
I've got two new films in the works, a JFK film and a 9-11 truth film.
I'm making two.
Same time.
You like that?
And it'll be done by the end of the summer.
So I'm really, really busy right now.
And so Ted's running with this, and that's great.
And plus, I don't like to touch the money or deal with it, and this is all going to be public.
Ted's going to handle it.
So, Ted, just real fast, I know I've held you over too long.
I know you're busy.
Tell folks, this is a beautiful site.
Kurt Nimmo, by the way, built this.
Like I said, we built the ball, made the ball, and handed it over to Ted.
He's now running with it.
He's got the network to promote it.
Ted, where are we going with this?
You know, Alex, I want to fly airplanes in every city and make it count right where it needs to be.
I mean, right now the ground troops are out there canvassing, and we want to fly these airplanes above them all and show our support, plus also the people that are caught up in traffic.
You know, they've watched the airplanes fly overhead.
We're doing Iowa.
I've already paid for that one.
They just couldn't get it raised fast enough, you know.
We'll get into New Hampshire.
We're going to do Michigan.
We're going to do all those states.
I mean, Minnesota, Texas.
We've got them all.
We've got to hit all 50 of these states.
And like you said, I mean, the blimp costs about $400,000 to fly that thing, a little bit less than that in a month.
For one-fourth of that, we can fly all the states in the nation.
So, I mean, if we can double that number, we can get into the cities that count for each particular state.
And I'm glad you stepped up to the plate here, because I don't have time to do the legwork, call, get all the planes up.
You've got your staff.
You're willing to do it.
Folks, Ted's also building a section on the site giving you tips on doing it all yourself.
You want to call.
You want to get banners made.
You want to pay for planes to go up.
But by buying it in bulk with just a few companies, Ted's getting better deals, but he needs the money to come in.
He's already paid for the seed money for some banners and some of the first flights.
And I guess after server costs and a few dollars for paying people to do it, I guess what you see about 98% of the money is going to go directly into the aircraft.
And this is advertising, ladies and gentlemen, is what Ted's doing.
This is outside of all the tax rules and the election rules and all of that, just like the blimp's doing.
This is you basically paying to advertise the message of liberty.
It's your free speech.
Let's see some donations over there quick, Ted.
Yeah, that's what I'd like to see is I'd like to see a lot of support being drawn towards this because it's really all about Ron Paul.
I mean, by the time I'm done, we'll be putting more than 100% of the proceeds into flying airplanes because of my donation as well, if you want to count it that way.
And I'm going to be donating.
I don't expect to make money on this at all.
I want Ron Paul to get out there.
I don't want to.
Yeah, but I'm just throwing it out there, Ted.
I didn't even ask you.
I'm sure you're going to pay for the servers and stuff out of it.
You're not?
Well, I mean, I...
If it takes a little bit more, you know, that's such a small expense, it's no big deal.
I mean, he's my candidate.
I've been at this thing for a long time.
Oh, he flew down to Austin six months ago for his fundraiser.
Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, he's the only candidate for the United States of America, especially on this election.
I mean, God, when you look at what else is out there, it makes me shudder to think if we get one of those lunatics in the office, man.
It's just...
We've already had too much of this already.
Ron Paul can turn this thing around.
We need to support him.
Well, regardless, he's educating tens of millions about liberty and freedom and that philosophy, a cohort, a cadre of folks for liberty.
There's links up on GCNlive.com.
We'll get links up.
I forgot we were launching this today.
Up on InfoWars.com, TruthNews.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Press release is coming up later.
Even if you can't give a red cent.
Now, again, we're talking about
Ted, I've looked at studies online.
Over a major city, you're talking about 80,000 to 100,000 people in five hours of flight time that will see it.
I've found no advertising that's more inexpensive than this aerial advertising.
People should pile onto this if they want bang for buck.
Oh, there's no question about it.
And the candidates, I mean, Ron Paul 2008 has a lot of money, and they're trying to figure out ways to make commercials and this kind of thing.
This is a way that we, the people, can get together and do it from grassroots up, and you don't have to be limited to that $2,300.
It's perfect, and it's a Ron Paul revolution.
It gets people into thinking about, you know, what do we need to do for this nation?
Now, Ted, there's a lot of people who don't have computers.
30% of the public, and even more, of the 70-plus percent that are online, a lot of them don't like to do stuff online.
Are you going to put up a toll-free number and have one of your people be able to, I mean, take checks or take credit cards?
Oh, absolutely.
We'll put the toll-free number up there, and we'll have to obviously mention it on air so people know what to call.
For now, if you want to call 877-996-4327, go to Extension 101, which is my extension.
I'll call you back, and I'll take it for right now.
Like I said, we just launched this thing last Friday, and we're just pulling together the infrastructure.
It's been launched now, Ted.
Well, that's good.
And we're going to, of course, put press releases up everywhere.
It's up to you.
Again, the power lies with you, the people.
The power is in your hands.
Ted Anderson has launched RonPaulAirCore.com, and that's RonPaulAir, and then C-O-R-P-S.com.
Ted, thanks for picking up the ball here.
Yeah, thanks, and a special thanks for you and Kurt Nemo for helping out with getting that started.
No, absolutely, Ted.
Thank you.
The only reason I mentioned it is later I'm sure it will come out in the news and it will make a big conspiracy theory out of it.
So I might as well just throw it out there that I'm sneaking around behind the scenes here.
But I'm really not involved in any of it because I'm too busy.
You're welcome.
Thank you, Ted.
You bet.
I mean, I do whatever I can.
Trevor Lyman, my listener, he said he woke up because of this show.
I'm really flattered by that.
Look what he's done thanks to you carrying the ball.
Ron Paul, on air, without prompting, has said half the people that come up to him and more than half the support they get, they say, from the Alex Jones Show.
Now, that was three or four months ago, but I'm talking to their campaign today.
They say it's still about 30-40% when they ask them, where did you hear about us, Alex Jones?
Do you have any idea how big this show is, ladies and gentlemen?
Do you have any idea how powerful you are, what you are doing?
Do you have any idea the effect you have had
You have any idea?
I mean, I keep saying that, but it's true.
You only live one time.
The people are what matter.
All you have to do is move.
When you move, it's an irresistible force.
Nothing can stop it.
You have the power if you use it.
But you have to know that you first have it.
And by the way, don't expect to be perfect.
The people expect me to be perfect.
I love the standards I'm held to.
I always say it's not about Alex Jones, it's not about me being perfect either.
But it's about taking action, trying to do the right thing, trying to, you know, you see something good, something you know is pure, supporting it.
And I don't even get mad at people that attack me and say lies about me anymore.
Even though my integrity is my most prized possession.
But know this.
I attempt to be pure.
I attempt to do good.
I like doing good.
I like being a good person.
I like helping people.
I don't like bullies.
I don't like corruption.
I don't like darkness.
I don't like stench.
I like pretty things.
I like nice things.
I like happy things.
A lot of people say I'm maternal.
People who really know me.
I want to take care of people.
I have a lot of love.
And so that's why you hear a lot of anger.
Because that's only a shadow of the love I have.
And I know you have that love out there as well.
I can feel your love.
And I can also feel the New World Order's hate.
And it makes me hate them right back.
But the love I have for the good people is the reason I do what I do.
And so don't expect that you're going to go out and fix the world overnight or you're going to go out and fireworks are going to explode.
But you start going out with newsletters, websites, calling into talk shows, starting your own talk shows, access TV, making copies of films, starting your own Second Amendment groups.
Start real environmental groups.
We've got all these phony environmental groups stealing property and setting up global carbon taxes, nothing for the earth.
Meanwhile, genetic engineering across species is an absolute nightmare released, already causing mass crises.
Start real groups against that.
Just because there's all these fake groups and all these frauds
Doesn't mean that you can't go out and create real groups yourself.
You see, almost every group out there... Oh, my stories just fell off.
I know I got loaded phones and I got all this news.
I'm not going to make you hold anymore.
I might get to a few of you in the last five minutes.
I may not.
See, the problem is I come here with so much news and it's stacked up here on top of my computer and it just fell off for the second time.
Oh, no, I'll never...
Let me try to get it.
Hold on.
I never even got to all this.
This was a week of news I got that I wanted to cover.
And each little point, I got this notebook with hundreds of lines of points I wanted to make and things I wanted to go over.
But I will this week.
I talked about some of this yesterday on the Sunday edition we do from 4 to 6 p.m.
Let me just go ahead and get into some of the news here.
Oh, yeah, finishing up the statement I was making.
I don't even really get mad anymore when I personally get attacked.
In fact, if it's an enemy doing it, the establishment doing it, I like it.
That means I'm having an effect.
But I don't like the mass mental illness out there when people just attack everybody or anybody or nitpick this group, nitpick that group or bear false witness or make sweeping claims that aren't true.
Aren't backed up.
We back stuff up here.
We do the research.
For every hour of radio you hear here, there's probably two or three hours of research on it.
It's an insane amount of research and study.
To the point of where, actually, I'm good at research.
I'm not good at even presenting it, though you think I am.
Some of you.
But it makes me mad to think of just all these new minds that
We go out, we unlock, we wake up, and then they just get turned over to the peanut gallery of ne'er-do-wells and different kook groups and different niche groups that just run around fighting with each other.
And the sectarian ridiculousness.
That's what's so beautiful about Ron Paul is it's bringing people together.
You know, I've really been thinking a lot this weekend, and I realized last week that the illegal aliens...
Have been taught La Reconquista.
They've been taught to come against this country.
They've been taught to try to bring this country down.
That's in the comic books, the textbooks.
Our government's paid to have that done.
Just like the UN's paying to have every American child be given UN comic books now.
That's in the news.
But they're doing that because the majority of the U.S.
will be Latin American within just 25 years.
Already 50% we crossed that mark two months ago.
Of people under 15 are Hispanic.
And so the establishment gives them an ideology that will make Anglo and blacks and others fight against them.
Knowing that we'll then get in a fight with each other.
I mean, whites and blacks and Hispanics that love the U.S.
will, of course, come out against it, because how could you not?
And then that will cause the hordes of illegal aliens to further compact into their own group and not assimilate, and then believe they're being persecuted and further support the radical reconquering or reconquista of the Southwest.
I mean, you have to look at it from all angles.
And it just really came clear to me, and I've read it in white papers as well.
I mean, they admit they're doing it.
I mean, why would the Ford Foundation for 50 years go down, 50 plus years, since the mid-40s, excuse me, mid-50s, and pay for comic books and textbooks that said America belongs to Mexico, America's bad?
government do that?
Why would the U.S.
Why would the U.S.
government pay for comic books from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia?
Saying America's bad, jihad's good.
Because they don't want those kids wearing suits and ties and getting jobs and having great lives and becoming intellectual.
They want them running around screaming, you know, Allah Akbar and blowing themselves up under CIA handlers, and they don't even know it.
And by the way, the British Royal Population Study, the Royal Commission, 1549, says that.
I mean, they all state this.
This is not my opinion.
And I just thought about, instead of me just freaking out over the illegal aliens and getting mad at them all day, and I'm right, and again, good propaganda has a lot of truth in it.
That's what the system puts out.
I mean, I'm rightfully find out that there's big Treaty of San Diego groups in every major city saying they want to kill all whites and they're just waiting to do it.
I mean, I'm a white guy, man.
You bet I'm going to talk about that and be threatened by it.
But then, I realized that
That then when I get real mad and start screaming and yelling, that's meant to even drive more Hispanics who are trying to assimilate into the more radical groups.
We've got to get Spanish speakers out there who are educated on this.
I mean, Hispanics love their children, too.
Hispanics know about tyranny.
I found Mexicans will wake up to tyranny and know about the New World Order faster than some spoiled yuppie.
But they still are more primitive, like Americans used to be,
And more tribal, which is a good thing, by the way.
You're supposed to be tribal.
It's good.
It's healthy.
So when I use the term primitive, Americans used to be primitive, too.
We used to have families, and we used to take care of our children.
It's not modern.
Men used to be tough.
Men used to be macho.
Got a bunch of ninnies running around.
At least the Mexicans aren't a bunch of wimps.
I don't dislike you Mexicans.
But you better understand that I have a right to not want to be overrun and be ha-ha-ha, gringo, stupid poodle, or call blacks mayottas and blackbirds.
And we're not supposed to get upset about that.
So let's just have a frank, open discussion.
That's something I wanted to talk about.
I just want to beat the New World Order.
And another thing.
Stuff's moving so fast, all this race bomb stuff isn't going to even matter soon.
The technology convergence, the singularity that's approaching, all the things that are happening in the world.
Look at all the change we've had in the last hundred years.
Most of it's in the last decade.
Now you're going to see more change in the next three years than the last decade.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burkett's making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's their athleisure.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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We're good to go.
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Hi, Ken.
It's Judy again.
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You know the sun oven we ordered from you on KenSolar.com?
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Also, the solar power generator reduced our electric bill just like you said it would, and it's powering my whole studio right now.
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Order your solar power generator from Ken's website at KenSolar.com.
I mean, it feels good to beat your chest and talk about Barraza and race.
Feels good if you're Mexican.
Feels good if you're white.
But what feels really good is not getting that cancer virus injected in you.
How about we talk about real issues?
How about we talk about how your government plans to put microchips in your immigrants first and then you?
Yeah, here's Mexico.
Here's CNN reporting, and it's been confirmed, their attorney general's already taken it, a bunch of their police have already taken it, implantable chips.
Oh, but sure, I can talk about that.
It's how to get gringo.
Your enemy is the people running the planet.
It's not gringo.
And gringo, your enemy is not the Mexicans.
That doesn't mean there's not a fight being set up.
The fight's real.
Here it is.
The government of Mexico is highly critical of U.S.
immigration policy, but it's taking extraordinary measures when it comes to its own immigration crisis.
Mexico is taking drastic measures to control illegal immigration across its southern border.
Now, Mexico will reportedly use an electronic chip to curb illegal immigration from Guatemala and Belize.
Now, this will show you how conditioned I've gotten.
I barely mentioned today how the United Nations is going to start sending out every month a million
Pro-UN, pro-global government, it even says it on the UN's website, preparing them for the new international order, where there are these international SWAT teams going around killing the patriots, in conjunction with Marvel Comics.
You tell an adult that, they'll say it doesn't exist, even when it's in Wall Street Journal.
Are you telling that all the major A-plus students are recruited into the UN out of every major public school in the country?
Most of these people out there, if their kid is A+, don't even know that.
They're too busy watching the Cowboys.
Yeah, go ask your kid.
They were recruited by the UN.
You just don't know about it, you idiot.
That's what I mean.
You just need to know what idiots you are.
I'm talking to the good old boys out there or the liberals or the mainline people who think you know it all.
You don't know anything, okay?
If you didn't know what I just told you, you're stupid.
I'm not trying to be mean.
It's like your house is on fire and I don't have time to have an argument with you about it being on fire.
I don't have time to sit here while you pick your nose while you sit there sitting on your hands telling me I'm delusional.
You're delusional, fruitcake!
I mean, they're going to put up FBI billboards announcing where terrorists are and, quote, to fight crime nationwide.
They're now admitting they're face-scanning, retina-scanning, ear-scanning the shape of your ear.
Trackers are tracking if you're smoking in your car.
They're going to arrest you.
Total control.
CPS to visit everyone.
Total environmental... I've got stacks of news.
FBI to put criminals, security issues up in digital billboard lights.
Federal running man billboards.
I mean, Japanese government to censor Internet.
The U.S.
is passing laws...
Where all the internet has to be censored and regulated.
Australia is doing it in the name of fighting predators and crime.
But then it says, and violence and hate and... Go read the bill.
All internet to total censorship.
Middle Eastern governments censor and surveil the internet.
And they're now police from Chicago to Toronto.
All over the world.
They're making businesses wire their cameras into the police department so they can watch you and your businesses.
Now they want cameras.
I mean, this is all happening.
It's all the stuff I have here in front of me.
All right, Curt and Emma, I'm sure we'll have a great blurb out later today at truthnews.us on this flying billboard deal that Ted Anderson's launched at ronpaulaircourse.com.
And if you also believe what we're doing, get my films in-game, make copies, get TerraStorm, get it out to people, and your purchase also makes the broadcast of what we do here possible at infowars.com or get five months free right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Retransmission starts right now at InfoWars.com.
The show restarts at InfoWars.com.
God bless you all.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.