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Air Date: Dec. 30, 2007
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Prepare yourself for a talk radio experience.
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He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
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Once a year I take off a full week of broadcast and I did that last week and I have literally been like a piranha chomping at the bit or pit bull at the end of its chain
Wanting to get back on air the last three or four days.
Well, I'm here.
And I'm glad that you've joined us.
I notice the phones are already loading up before the broadcast even began, so obviously you're chomping at the bit as well.
We're going to be live here for the next two hours.
Let me just give you a brief rundown of some of the news we'll be covering.
Mexican government to use biochips to curb immigration.
That's right.
Mexican government to use biochips to curb
Immigration and plannable microchips.
And that is just the top of the police state stack.
And because of the limitations of time, we won't cover, but just the surface of these 15 or so different reports, all out of control.
Houston, again, talking about putting cameras in your homes.
The police from Chicago to areas of Canada wanting to make businesses all put cameras in them with the police watch.
I mean, this is 1984, but the border will stay wide open and the illegal aliens, when they're stopped at checkpoints, will be allowed to not have driver's license or insurance.
As any police will tell you, they're told to let them go.
Just to point out again, this is not to do with security.
We are the fat hogs, the American people, here to be bled and fed on.
And I'm already digressing.
Mexican government to use biochips to curb immigration.
It's now begun.
This just out.
Oh, and by the way, that's from Associated Press, CNN, and the Mexican government.
I have all of the reports on that subject right here.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com and TruthNews.us and Infowars.com if you want to check that out.
Obviously, we'll be talking about the assassination of the former Pakistani ambassador.
When this first happened, Thursday, people were calling me and emailing me saying, what did I think?
I said, in a few days, we'll get a clear picture, and we did get a clear picture of who's behind that, who has the motive for that, who has the means to carry that out.
So we'll give you the inside scoop from our years of analysis and study of the Central Asian zone in Pakistan, the little rook that the establishment uses to menace India.
So we'll be breaking that down today as well.
The latest on the Ron Paul campaign, big developments on that front, the economy, home prices post record annual drop, and crisis may make a 1929 crash look like a walk in the park.
That's the London Telegraph, the largest paper in England and Europe, very respected, saying we may have a massive global depression.
I hope that's not the case.
Because we're all tied into this fiat system one way or the other.
But there is the report.
Oh, and there's one other big report here that is in my stack.
And that deals with the United Nations teaming up with Marvel Comics to send free Marvel Comics to every child in the United States, telling them to accept global government.
I'm not kidding.
This is in UPI, Wall Street Journal.
But don't believe them.
Just type in Marvel Comics United Nations into Google.
You will be on the United Nations website.
It's much worse than what the Wall Street Journal and UPI are saying.
They're saying it's wonderful.
People say, well Alex, you say mainstream media lies, but then you always cover mainstream media.
Well no, they don't always just lie.
A lot of times they'll say, isn't it wonderful?
The Mexican police are all going to get microchips.
Isn't it wonderful?
This new cancer virus attacks your brain and makes you never want to use drugs again.
Well, no, that's not good, because it actually hurts your brain.
The cure is worse than the disease.
So many times it's just right there in your face.
And then we take what they are pushing as wonderful, and we're saying, no, it's not wonderful.
That Kurt Nemo at TruthNews.us is taking the Wall Street Journal report, the UPI report, the UN's own statements, their own press release, and put it together there.
I'll give you the big picture at TruthNews.us right now.
But first, let's go ahead and we'll just start off, because you're probably not believing me right now.
Here is CNN, Friday evening, a short excerpt of a report about implantable biochips.
Here it is.
As you can tell, it's a very exciting clip.
That's going to come up later.
The clip you can go to PrisonPlanet.com and watch is Mexican government to use biochips to curb immigration.
Uh, yes.
Remember, I'm that weirdo that told you ten years ago that there's the digital photos for your driver's license goes into a Pentagon database.
The Pentagon has designed the cameras on the street corners, the grids that track everything you do.
I told you over a decade ago they track your cell phone in real time.
Now it's all being announced.
The police just type in to the computer and your location pops up.
Police right now are saying, I haven't heard of that.
Well, you will soon.
It's only been integrated in about 15 cities in the last three years so far.
But it's been in place for over a decade, and now they're just letting you know about it.
But here is the clip.
Mexican government used biochips to curb immigration.
Here it is.
The government of Mexico is highly critical of U.S.
immigration policy, but it's taking extraordinary measures when it comes to its own immigration crisis.
Mexico is taking drastic measures to control illegal immigration across its southern border.
Now, Mexico will reportedly use an electronic chip to curb illegal immigration from Guatemala and Belize.
The biochip implant will replace the so-called local path currently being used to enter the country.
In 2006, Mexico arrested 200,000 people trying to enter their country illegally.
Okay, so just in case you're saying it doesn't exist,
Now, six months ago, they announced, oh, we're going to make everybody carry IDs with a trackership in it.
By the way, that's now happening in the U.S.
under the federal standardization for the National ID Card.
And by the way, I saw in 2000, from a U.N.
press release from a summit they had in Australia, where they globally standardized.
So by the time they start telling you about National ID Cards, you're already under a Global ID Card.
And by the time they start openly pushing that, then they want to make
Well, four years ago, Reuters reported that Applied Digital Solutions did a deal in California to implant all their state prisoners with it.
There was a big outrage, so they backed off.
Now they want to make retarded children, people with Alzheimer's take it.
It's always prisoner groups, controlled groups, groups that can't protect themselves.
Same thing in Soviet Russia, same thing in Nazi Germany or Communist China.
They set the precedent with them first.
And here's Mexico, where they take their illegal immigrants and literally make them work in slave camps for six months.
That's been on the news.
I've even seen footage of it on PBS, to work off their, quote, invasion of the country.
Then they tell the U.S.
we've got to have silver platters and red carpets and bow down and worship the illegal aliens.
But I'm still against doing this to Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chilean, Brazilian, Ecuador, all these scores of millions of people coming up through Mexico to the U.S.
You still don't put chips in them.
And chips aren't the solution to that.
But how did you think they would announce chips?
I always said it'd be for illegal aliens, it'd be for the old, it'd be for Ku Klux Klan members.
Well, you're not for the Klan, are you?
But then once you allow them to be chipped, it's over.
It happens to everybody.
So, I still get emails every week, calls, going, you nut, you believe they want to put chips on us.
I read the 76 U.S.
government document, put it in a book I wrote.
I read the 2000 Pentagon official document, where they said, they're going to force you to take a brain chip.
I'm sorry, I didn't say that.
The National Federation of Scientists reported on it.
I'm not the one saying the Pentagon wants to force you to take rain chips.
They've said it!
We'll explain how they're planning to roll that out when we get back.
All I'm doing is reporting the truth.
Nothing else.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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In case you didn't know, more than four states are pulling out of the Union.
That is, Native American tribes control North Dakota, South Dakota, and several other major states, and they have authorization under the treaty signed over 150 years ago to pull out, and they are executing that internationally.
Even Vladimir Putin has said he's going to aid them.
Why is that?
Well, the U.S.
is helping Kosovo secede out of Serbia.
Which is all part of, you know, the greater Slavic conglomerate over there.
So he says, turn about a spare plate.
This is serious business, and they're going to be popping in for about 20 minutes with us.
The head of one of the largest tribes, who is spearheading this, will be popping in, coming up at the start of the next hour.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
Here's the problem, though.
I've got all this economic news.
I've got Ron Paul news.
I've got a police state stack of news that will make your head spin.
I've got the U.N., domestically brainwashing U.S.
children, along with the FBI.
I mean, I'm living in the Twilight Zone here, and I want to give it all ample time here.
Benazir Bhutto.
She was Prime Minister twice.
She was, of course, European, Oxford-trained in England, big buddies with the CIA and Mossad, definitely an establishment type.
But a few months ago, they tried to kill her with a suicide bomb and machine gun fire.
She came out of the time.
You can go to PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com.
We have links to all the Daily Mail, Yahoo News, AP.
I mean, I've just got stacks of this news here in front of me where she said that it's going to be Perez Musharraf.
He's the number one suspect if I get killed.
And she said that on the Frost television program.
She said that on Al Jazeera.
She said that everywhere.
Now, I was aware of this on Thursday when she was killed, and I almost came in and did a radio show, but I just said, I've got to draw the line somewhere and take off every once in a while for my family.
It was great spending time with my family, but kind of a catch-22, but here I am.
The point is that I, at night, did a lot of research on this, but I held my tongue.
We didn't write any articles about what we thought had happened for a few days.
But privately, I said to my different researchers and writers that if they come out and say Al Qaeda did it, then we're 90% there that it's an inside job.
We know that she said that they were going to kill her, and that it was going to be Perez Musharraf, and she talked about how he controlled the Wahhabis, going back, of course, to when the CIA openly founded them in the 70s, and that he uses them around the country to kill his opposition.
And, of course, it was his head of Pakistani intelligence, the current dictator of Pakistan, Perez Musharraf, who wired $100,000, Mahmoud Ahmed, to the supposed lead hijacker, Mohammed Adam.
That's even in the New York Times.
So this is complex stuff.
It's not simple that, hey, there's a country somewhere over there with brown people and Al-Qaeda blew up a nice lady.
If you're going to sit around going, it's Al-Qaeda, you better actually know the players and how the game is played.
That's all I'm saying.
There's a whole elite out there who spend all their time knowing how the world works, caring about how it works, caring what makes people tick, and then they've convinced you that there isn't even a study of how people tick and how countries operate.
When there's the whole real world of geopolitical Machiavellian jostling going on, and the general public just says there is no government, there is no corruption, there is no assassination, there's a large part of the public,
That just literally can't find Pakistan on a map, doesn't know it's basic history or how intriguing it is, or the Kashmir wars that have gone on with India.
But you've sure got an opinion about how Al-Qaeda did it.
Well, again, Al-Qaeda is the name of a CIA file in a computer created in 79.
Zbigniew Brzezinski, who founded Al-Qaeda, has now written a best-selling book bragging about it.
Former National Security Advisor.
And they set them up to attack the Russians, just like they used the same Wahhabis brought in from Pakistan and other countries to attack the Serbs in the late 90s.
When the Serbs fought back, the media announced the Serbs were murdering people, and went in and took over about a third of Serbia.
Again, using Al-Qaeda forces, just like they're using Al-Qaeda forces right now to attack Iran, while telling the U.S.
public that Iran is Al-Qaeda.
They talk to you like you've got 70 IQs.
I mean, if you knew anything about the geopolitical structure, if you knew anything about the players... I'm talking about new listeners out there, not our mainline listeners who are smarter than I am and more informed in many cases.
Again, instead of even getting into all the evidence of how they killed her and why they killed her and how they had the motive, what's even the point?
It's admitted that Pakistani intelligence and Mahmood Ahmed and Perez Musharraf, the dictator, you'll even debate that he's not a dictator, are running Al-Qaeda and protecting Al-Qaeda.
Now, the press reports were that troops shot her up and then threw a hand grenade out there.
But the time, a few days later, they go, no, she hit her head on the car roof, and the bomb killed her, and there was no gunshot.
Doesn't matter, there's hundreds of press and doctors and reporters, and the government now is shooting anyone out after dark, and that's Associated Press, BBC, mowing everyone down.
He announced he was a dictator two months ago, there were riots all over the country, so he said, okay, I'm not dictator, there'll be an election in three months,
And then two months later, they blow up the opposition candidate who in polls was going to beat him handily.
And then say Al-Qaeda did it when they run Al-Qaeda.
Gee, you've got motive, you've got the history, you've got the facts, you've got her saying it in speeches, and in emails, and in press releases.
You've got all of this.
And by the way, that isn't just Alex Jones saying that.
In fact, I'm kind of getting passe.
The Times of London was saying that Friday.
A day after it happened.
I mean, you ought to read this Times of London report here.
It sounds like, it sounds like I wrote it.
Just absolutely amazing.
I mean, just look at these headlines I've got here in front of me.
Benazir Bhutto killed in blast.
Pakistan troops ordered to shoot protesters on sight as Bhutto lies buried next to her father.
World media says Pakistan now in nightmare scenario.
That's the plan.
Strategy of tension.
Read the Pentagon plan.
Don't know what that is?
Pentagon says they go into nations.
Google it.
Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
Break them in three parts.
It's about bringing them down.
Not letting them become secular in first world.
Find out how the British 80 years ago went out and took tiny Wahhabi sects out of Saudi Arabia that they created.
The British created Saudi Arabia and used them to overthrow secular governments.
They don't want jet airplanes and airplane ports and factories and people in suits and ties.
They want guys running around with giant beards screaming Allah Akbar.
Times Online, Times of London, did Pakistan ISI kill Benazir Bhutto, the main suspects in Bhutto's assassination?
Are the Inner Service Intelligence, the agency had close ties to the Islamists since the 1970s and has been used by successive Pakistani leaders to suppress political opposition.
It's real simple.
You got a bunch of peaceful people in suits and ties.
That's the tens of thousands he arrested two months ago.
The dictator, mainline people, most of them aren't even religious.
That's who had showed them kicking and shooting on street corners and throwing into ditches.
Every time they stick their head up and want freedom, every time a woman wants to vote, they just turn loose a bunch of people in giant beards and turbans to run machine gun everybody, while you sit around like a bunch of idiots going, BLOW THEM ALL UP!
While our government gives Pakistan nukes when they really are Al-Qaeda!
And then calls Iran Al-Qaeda when they're Shiite, the opposite organization!
Give me the right book.
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Benazir Bhutto, what really happened?
I want to be clear about this.
This is not my opinion.
BBC, Reuters, Scholarly Reports, Clinton, Bush 43, from the mid-90s on, AQCon Laboratories, Pakistan, the U.S.
and England shipped them the nuclear weapons, fissile material, the components, the designs, the machinery.
They didn't even have to refine what they built.
They were given the hydrogen bomb by the U.S.
and British government.
Did you know that Britain has been in Pakistan for over 160 years?
Did you know they used Pakistan as a base to launch attacks against India?
Did you know they used Pakistan to take over India?
Do you know about that?
Do you know about British intel?
Do you understand?
Folks, you need to learn real fast, okay?
You need to find out about this real quick.
Or you're like lambs to the slaughter who don't understand why these things are happening.
So, we got Iran at least eight years away from having a nuke, not even having a delivery system for a nuke when they get it.
We're being told we have to attack them any day, any minute.
We've got to go in now.
And we're told that they are Al-Qaeda.
We're told they run Al-Qaeda attacks worldwide.
Now let me explain.
Shiite is the opposite of Al-Qaeda.
The Wahhabist Sunni derivation, it's only a sub-sect, kind of like Calvinists would be a sub-sect of Protestants.
The Wahhabists come out of Saudi Arabia.
You ever see Warrants of Arabia, the movie?
That's a true story.
The British went in, picked the House of Shod, just a group of Bedouins, said, here are machine guns and hand grenades, go take over these towns, we're going to make you the petty dictators, and they literally drew the lines of the country.
There was no country.
Only a few city-states, like Mecca.
This is mainline history.
And some of the first people, some of the first guides hired to help them go hire a few of the other little royal families, who were literally just desert chiefs, was the Bin Laden family.
Absolute British intel for over 80 plus years.
This is mainstream history, if you care to learn.
And they're the Al-Qaeda strike force that hit Serbia.
They're the Al-Qaeda strike force that hit the Soviets.
They're the Al-Qaeda strike force that's hitting Iran right now.
They're the Al-Qaeda strike force that hit us on 9-11.
They're the Al-Qaeda strike force that blew up the former Prime Minister Thursday.
This is so sick.
And then they sit there and tell you Iran is Al-Qaeda.
They are treating you like you are a complete and total moron.
That reminds me of the Texas governor and the CAMPO board saying Centra of Spain isn't Spanish owned when it's publicly a Spanish company and saying we're not going to put toll roads on existing roads as they now do it in San Antonio and Austin and as they now announced.
They said there was no European Union for 30 years, as it was already set up.
Is there one today?
A lot of you will say there isn't.
If the media tells you to say it doesn't exist, you'll get in line and say, yes sir!
Bottom line, Musharraf had all of, that's the dictator of Pakistan, Central Asia.
He's not a Muslim.
I've heard all these people on talk radio this week going, just go ahead and nuke them Arabs.
Listen, you ignorant fool.
Listen, you phony conservative.
You're the type that support Bush, gun control, and open borders.
The phony type conservative.
Shut up!
Just shut your mouth until you know a thimble of information.
I frankly don't have time for you anymore.
You're not conservatives.
You are un-American fake trash who go around feeling good about yourselves.
You make me sick!
That goes for you too, you Hillary-supporting liberals.
I remember all the so-called liberals supporting Clinton with all the murders and corruption and evil and Chinese generals and just all in the White House and sellouts of everything and the Panama Canal.
And you'd still say, Bill Clinton's good, you're just a right-winger.
And it's just like these idiot fake conservatives.
I'll explain everything to them, give them the facts, and they go, you're just a liberal.
Get past your liberal conservative paradigm.
It means nothing.
There's a global elite that use psychology and sociology.
They've written thousands of white papers publicly about how they're controlling you and dumbing you down and how they manipulate you.
How did I know?
I don't care how crazy it sounds anymore.
In fact, get that clip ready again of the
CNN admitting implantable microchips for the Mexicans.
Are people coming into Mexico?
It's in the 2000 Official Army Report.
In fact, it was in the 2007 Official Ministry of Defense Report put out by the British.
And they say that they're going to, in increments, set up a global police state, that they're going to first put chips under your skin, and they talk about how it took us 80 years from being an agrarian that is a rural farmer society to become a 90 plus percent
City Society now, and they talk about how technology doubles every two years, and they say that by 2020, and that was in 2000, we're a lot closer to 2020 now, aren't we?
That everyone will accept that the military will run everything, and now you go to NORTHCOM documents, you read SPP documents, they do!
And they in turn work for Wall Street, as the head of the Naval War College gave a press conference and said.
The New World Order.
And they said that everyone will go in and be given their implanted chip.
And they say, and at first people won't accept this, but you won't be able to have a job unless you have it.
They're going to say, well everybody's got the upgrade.
Everybody's got the chip.
Hell, you want to be able to play World of Warcraft, don't you?
You want to be able to fly an airplane.
You want to be able to... They're already talking about within two years implanting the fighter pilots with this stuff.
Or they'll say, sorry Jack, you can't fly.
It's all drones.
You see, I'm not the one saying this.
Do you know what it's like to read all these documents, to write books about them, to put links up to them, and then still be laughed at?
So maybe you can't believe that the Pentagon actually runs everything, and I mean even globally.
Maybe you can't even understand what we're under, that a scientific dictatorship has taken over.
Maybe you can't, and they don't have total control yet, but they will soon.
Maybe you can't get that.
But maybe you can get the fact that Mexico is making their people take chips.
Here it is.
It's unbelievable.
The government of Mexico is highly critical of U.S.
immigration policy.
But it's taking extraordinary measures when it comes to its own immigration crisis.
Mexico is taking drastic measures to control illegal immigration across its southern border.
Now Mexico will reportedly use an electronic chip to curb illegal immigration from Guatemala and Belize.
The biochip implant will replace the so-called local path currently being used to enter the country.
In 2006, Mexico arrested 200,000 people trying to enter their country illegally.
Okay, if you want to read the Wall Street Journal AP, the best articles got them all condensed together at truthnews.us by Curt Nemo, our webmaster and writer over on that site.
But you can go and read all of that for yourself.
You know, I know we've got loaded phone lines here.
And if we take some calls, you can get in on air if you want at 877-595-525.
That's 877-595-525.
It'd be nice if you wanted some of you to talk about how they're just rolling all this out.
I mean, look at my police state stack here.
Let me just go ahead and go to the police state stack and, you know, just mention what I've got.
Because there's no way to ever get into all this and how it all ties together.
Mexico to microchip Central American migrants.
Mexico to use biochip to control illegal immigration.
Mexico to track migrants with electronic chip.
Two workers have tracking chips implanted in them to work in the U.S.
Ministry of Homeland Security program indoctrinates the 9-11 generation.
That's USA Today saying
Literal brainwashing in all the public schools.
New super cameras mean no hiding for drivers who smoke, eat, or use mobile phones.
You'll be arrested in cities where they're implementing this.
See, they're AI computers.
They recognize the activity, flag the cops.
That stuff was in 10 years ago.
All MIT Pentagon designed, now public.
See, remember I was the guy warning you about all that?
Telling you?
And it's not to keep you safe, Bubba.
FBI to put criminals, security issues up in digital billboards like the Running Man.
Huge billboards everywhere.
Alex Jones, running from forces, refused to take security check.
Involved in terror again.
FBI to put criminals, security issues up in digital billboard lights.
There he is, Mad Dog Ben Richards.
A brutal slayer of 50 men, women, and children.
Ready to go for broke on the Running Man.
Who loves you and who do you love?
We are literally entering the space.
Come back, go to your calls, get into more police state.
The four states seceding with the Native Americans.
The economy, total battle on your phone calls anyway.
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Hi, neighbor.
The nation is taking a Christmas break.
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The ethanol plants will continue to create food shortages by turning our food into fuel.
Huge percentages of our food will continue to be imported from China, Mexico, and other countries, shipping us dangerous food.
We can't stop from entering the third year of a worldwide famine.
How long until genetically poisoned food is all that's left?
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This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
Let's ask the question that the Bush regime hopes you will never ask.
That is, is the USA already bankrupt?
As the world's biggest debtor nation, we are borrowing in excess of 80% of the world's net savings.
That's $2 billion per day to finance the biggest deficit in history.
Our creditors are becoming increasingly concerned that the debt can never be repaid.
Japan and China, two of the largest holders of U.S.
debt, are looking to greatly reduce their exposure to dollars.
In fact, China has privately hinted that a U.S.
attack on Iran could result in China's dumping massive amounts of U.S.
Treasury bonds.
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Welcome back.
I'm gonna go to your calls here in a moment.
Mark, Blazer, Rachel, Mitchell, many others.
They're patiently holding.
Again, it's a Catch-22.
I want to go to your calls.
And there's all this amazing news.
In closing, on the microchips, I remember in 2000, interviewing the head of Applied Digital Solutions.
They put out the Digital Angel.
It's really an IBM front company.
And, you know, you get the CEO, you get the head scientist on, and they go, oh, you will submit to us.
We are global domination.
These interviews are posted on presentplanet.com and InfoWars.
Or I'd get one of their European distributors on, and he would say, you will submit, the chip will prevail, and start laughing.
Or I'd get the head of Bergen County Police Chief on, there in New Jersey, and he would say, yes, I want to make everyone take the chip, we're going to make everyone I've taken and I'm making my deputies take it.
I mean, you've got to hear these people to believe them.
Meanwhile, the sheep-like public has no idea this is even going on.
Meanwhile, three years ago they made the Mexican Attorney General take it.
His staff in his building had to take it.
Now they want to make all the immigrants take it.
This is happening!
And they just announce it and announce it.
And it's all psychological.
First they announce it and say only kooks believe in it.
So then they condition you to be cool yuppies and say it doesn't exist.
Then they start announcing it's coming, and it's cool, and it's great, and it's stylish, and it's fun, and it keeps you safe, and it's radical, and it's neat, and, oh, you thumbscan to get in your Mercedes, and you thumbscan to get your school lunch, and you thumbscan to get into work, and, well, you know, it's a private business.
They're allowed to.
I don't have to buy this car if I don't want to.
But then pretty soon, you have to use it.
You say, well, I have nothing to hide.
So what?
The point is, it's, in history, the governments are criminal.
There's bad people that want to use it to control you.
Don't you understand that?
It isn't that we don't have anything to hide.
It isn't that, you know, that we're bad.
It's that they're bad, you dummies!
Oh, heaven help us.
Heaven help us.
And then they can have
Pakistani intelligence killed the former Prime Minister that was about to beat the dictator in the election in a month, and now there's probably not going to be an election, and they've got shoot-to-kill orders, anybody on the streets, and the cities are burning.
And no election, he gets to stay in power, and he's the U.S.
front dummy.
And when I say U.S., folks, I mean the interests that own this nation and run this nation.
And they'd like to keep the velvet glove on, the illusion of liberty and freedom.
But more and more, that is being replaced with tyranny.
I mean, look at this USA Today story.
Ministry of Homeland Security program indoctrinates the 9-11 generation.
Call it vocalization education for the 9-11 generation, the nation's first comprehensive high school homeland security program, a three-year course to help kids.
Oh, three-year course!
Three years of school to help kids land jobs.
You don't get three years of U.S.
You don't get three years of liberty or freedom or three years of how to actually... No, I have the federal documents, how education's been to dumb you down.
I have the Dewey Decimal System, and John Dewey sang in books he published that we had to be dumbed down and our children shouldn't be allowed to learn how to read because it makes us too smart.
But then you think that the Dewey System we adopted 80 years ago was meant to help us.
No, it was by design to dumb you down, and it worked good.
We went from 80% reading to 4% reading now, reading books.
The program started at Maryland's
High school with 61 sophomores provide an opportunity for kids to see relevance in being in school.
Students have toured the Coast Guard Command Center, visited a county detention center, so that's on my security, practiced emergency response in a fictional town called Joppaville, and heard an Iraq-born speaker explain cultural differences between Americans and Middle Easterners.
And it goes on to say that it's preparing them to enter the Homeland Security workforce because of the expanded opportunities of Homeland Security.
Let me explain what's happened, not just in Austin, Texas, with UT, biggest university in the world, or A&M up the road, or Harvard, or any of the other major schools in the world, not just in the U.S.
They don't give as many scholarships for electrical engineering, or for literature.
They give the scholarships now in Homeland Security, and it's number-crunching, it's databases, it's spying, it's surveillance.
They want to ensure a New World Order takeover?
They just say, hey, there's no scholarships for electrical engineering.
We got Indians for that in India.
And that's what they say.
They're moving that all offshore.
But you can be a spy, you can be a tattletale, you can be a... And by the way, this isn't new in the U.S.A.
Before 9-11,
The Philadelphia Daily News reported, and we finally got video of this, where they were taking the juniors, seniors, sophomores, those three grades, and training them for gun confiscation, and checkpoints, and fugitive apprehension, and of course, the public thought we shouldn't own guns, but they were training them with M16s how to take on the American people.
This is just the military, owned by the big banks.
It's a hostile corporate takeover.
And they're just coming in and training new cadres how to be the new Storm Troopers!
And all the yuppies and good ol' boys and know-it-alls that are members of the elite because they play golf with some guy who's worth a billion bucks who isn't even part of the elite himself.
You don't understand.
This whole system isn't for Alex Jones.
It isn't for even the dissenters.
It's for you that have got a few million in the bank or a few hundred thou in the bank or have a company.
This tyranny is designed for you, you buffoons.
That's just one story here.
The whole economy is shifting over into the control grid.
See, I'd read this 10 years ago in Pentagon white papers and come on air and give you the source and freak out.
See, but now it's in USA Today because it's so widespread now.
They've already beta tested it.
Now it's going in everywhere.
They have to have you ready for it.
You know, I went to Anderson High School here in Austin, and two years after I got out, I had already started my TV show.
And somebody walked up to me, and then I got told this by several others later, that they announced to the loudspeaker last day of school, this is the New World Order, you must prepare for the New World Order.
And of course they had model UN brainwashing, the UN was in the school.
Oh, by the way, I have that in the Wall Street Journal today.
Every American child is being contacted by the United Nations.
Do you understand?
It's happening now!
They've got unlimited funding!
It's a global corporate takeover through the global government apparatus of the United Nations and the treaties.
Here's another one.
New super cameras mean no hiding for drivers who smoke, either use phones, UK Daily Mail also happening here, digital speed cameras which capture drivers smoking or eating at the wheel are being introduced nationwide to move to hammer motorists.
You see, first it's to stop terrorists.
First, cameras that were trafficked.
Then, oh, we can use it to watch crime.
Oh, now they read your lips at 200 yards.
Oh, now we're tracking your face.
Oh, now it's in an FBI database.
In fact, get the FBI clip ready.
I don't have time to play all this, because I want to go to your calls, and I apologize I haven't gone to you.
But the Zoom phone has to be covered.
Here is a little CNN clip dealing with the FBI's next generation of biometrics.
See, this has already been put in a decade ago.
It's all Pentagon run.
Now they're just announcing it's coming.
Here it is.
Oh my gosh.
It all ties into the same databases globally.
It's all globally standardized.
Our project to gather fingerprints, palm patterns, even digital pictures of faces.
Eventually, it could expand to include iris patterns, face shape patterns, scars, even information about how you walk and talk.
It's called biometrics, and it could change the face of law enforcement, but it's also causing a lot of controversy.
American Morning's legal contributor, Sunny Hopkins, joins us now.
So we're talking about some incredible stuff like
Tracking the shape of your earlobes.
What is the FBI's goal in doing all of this?
Well, the goal is to have a comprehensive database to track terror suspects, criminals, that sort of thing.
And I think it's a wonderful goal.
And they go on and say how wonderful, and again, now notice the key word.
Al Qaeda suspects and crime.
But when you read the Homeland Security definitions in H.R.
3162, the USA Patriot Act, passed October 27, 2001,
I think?
And in Canada, FBI to put criminal security issues up in digital billboards.
Again, huge billboards announcing, look for this criminal, look for that criminal.
Remember I told you the Amber Alert System, again, 8 years ago when it started, wasn't for kidnapped children?
They didn't put up all those big billboards and systems, but they knew, oh it's for a child, it's for Amber!
No, now it's report terrorists, report environmental violators, watch your neighbors.
This road's shut down.
It's all martial law.
By the way, that's in the... Bush has... and it goes into Hillary.
They're just puppets.
They openly say in the defense funding packages for 2007-2008 that it's for martial law.
See, they're now not even joking about it.
They're not even hiding it anymore.
And it's all about taking your pension funds.
Go ahead and giggle.
I know a lot of you are going, good, it's for you Alex.
I believe in the government.
That's a little bit of pleasure I get and it's kind of sick and dark.
But I know that, see, you like the evil.
You're kind of like a moth to a flame.
But see, it's going to consume you.
I've got a lot of other ones here.
Police now demanding that cameras and businesses and homes be fed to them.
Oh my gosh, it just gets worse and worse.
I promise I'm going to get to all your calls.
We've got some big guests coming up after the news.
Stay with us.
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There have always been elites.
There have always been empires.
There have always been different groups of peoples usurping and overrunning their neighbors.
No different with, of course,
Mesoamerican populations and Native populations of Southern, Central, and North America.
And then of course, the Northern Europeans, who had made some forays in the last thousand years to the North American continent, came en masse in the last 400 years, launched biological weapons programs, you name it, against the Native population.
Oh, but the Establishment doesn't do that today.
The endgame eugenics program is running against everyone
Of course, in my film, Endgame, we show the official U.S.
government documents of 42% of Native American women in the 70s under a George Bush-run program by Nixon were sterilized from going in for medical care.
That's just some of what we cover here.
And, you know, the folks out of Latin America and Mexico say that the Southwest belongs to them because Spain had it.
And that's really a fraudulent claim.
If anybody's got a claim, it is certainly the tribes that were here in Central and Northern North America.
And that would be, you know, the dozens and dozens of tribes that were here known as Indians because of the people that came here believing they'd found India.
Really, they're Native Americans.
The folks came across the Ice Age bearing straight out of Asia.
And in case you didn't hear, it hasn't gotten a lot of attention, but here's AP.
Lakota Indians withdrawal treaties signed with U.S.
150 years ago.
Now, do they have a right to do that?
Well, they certainly do.
The Declaration of Independence says that we as Americans in this Republic have a right to pull out if the government becomes destructive or abusive.
Have you read the Declaration of Independence and compared it to what this criminal government's doing?
But let me be clear, this isn't the U.S.
Foreign corporate interests
They did exactly what we did to the Native Americans.
They've come in here, bought off our politicians, bought off our leaders, played us off against each other on race and religion and creed, and they're dominating us and bringing us into the North American Union, shutting up new systems where we have no liberties or freedoms.
Now, they've gone to the United Nations, it's being recognized.
Of course, I think that's really a problem for them.
They don't need to go to the global government to get them to say it's okay.
Putin is mad about Kosovo being handed over, seceding.
So he's saying he's going to back this, the Russian president, and a lot is happening.
So joining us to discuss this, in case you didn't know, this is the most of four states and some pieces of others.
One of the leaders of this is Dwayne Martin Sr., and I would give you his native name, but I would butcher that.
Hey, thank you for having us.
In a nutshell, you've got the floor.
Tell us what you've done and the process.
Because if you've got liberty and freedom, if you guys succeed in this, hell, I'll cut up my national ID card and move up there with you.
Go ahead.
Well, we wouldn't really anticipate all of you coming up there to do the same thing we did.
But first of all, the reason why we've done that, you know, when we withdrew from the treaties, you know, unilaterally, is because the federal government has never lived up to three quarters of its provisions.
Only a quarter of the provisions on the treaty, you know, which is a contract made with certain tribes.
They're in violation of the contract.
So that's, you know, one of the reasons why we did this.
I mean, when you have the highest epidemic rate of alcohol abuse on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, the adult male death mortality rate from age 44 on down, and then, you know, when you have the highest incarceration rate,
of crimes against humanity through this colonial practice.
I mean, what's wrong with that picture?
Well, the simple, you know, solution is that they should be living up to what they agreed upon with these treaties.
Therefore, instead of illustrating an IRA institution, which is the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, things have gone rapidly chaotic on every reservation within the Midwest.
And Pine Ridge is a death trap to that, because right now, as you and I speak, we have an illegal outlaw government running rapidly on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, spending millions upon millions of dollars of taxpayers' money that's supposed to be designated for the well-being of what the treaty has been expelled to by protecting, you know, the means of our Lakota people in particular.
That has never ever been a plausible entity, you know, on part of the federal government.
Now, go through the process here, and what the federal occupation government is publicly responding to, and how you think they'll respond in the future.
How you think this is going to play out?
Well, needless to say, over the years while we've done this, I mean, especially when we went into Wounded Knee in 1973,
You know, we stood up arms against them because it was the same tactic.
You were constantly violating the rights of treaties, the provisions.
And so, you know, when only a minimum was upheld, we had a lot of misunderstanding.
And so, as of now, as we speak,
You know, the whole process was, we're sick and tired of them not investigating their oath of office.
You know, when you have the illegal form of government running rapidly on our reservation, now get this, we had a current tribal council member that's just been arrested for trying to bring in 21 pounds of marijuana.
Now what's wrong with that picture?
But yet you still keep him on the Travel Council payroll.
He's still not qualified to sit there and negotiate terms in good faith.
Now if you and I had did something like that, bam, we're gone!
Well, I mean, not to mention, I'm sure you know about the public eugenics program, the extermination program, going right back to the blankets and mowing people down with Gatling guns.
The point is, the people running the federal government are not the friends of Native Americans, and I think it's fabulous if large sections of the country secede instead of going to the New World Order as we're going under international control.
You know, going back
Well, first of all, you know what's going to happen.
They're going to try to assassinate the original guys that went down to D.C.
on a trip down there to withdraw unilaterally.
Now, that's going to be an insult to them, but because of what we were initiating,
I don't know.
They're never going to fix it.
The government is completely shot.
It's not even a federal government.
It's an international government.
It's under international control.
But I'm expanding on that then.
What is your process then?
What happened when you went to D.C.?
Well, the first thing is, we took our portfolio and presented it to Daniel Turner, one of the assistant staff members of the States Department.
And he took the information down but I did advise him to read it and I also got his signature back on that.
Then we took the remaining bodies of our portfolio and we took them to the Bolivian Embassy and the greatest response we got from them was that
On a Richter scale from 1 to 100, they were 75% sure that they would recognize us as a free, independent nation.
Now that was a blessing.
So on our way to depart, when we denounced our, you know, our unilateral withdrawal, and then we cut up our driver's license, now the Richter scale went even higher.
They were 82%!
And you know, Bolivia has the first indigenous, you know, president, Evo Morales.
And that's a blessing in disguise.
And you can look for the state of South Dakota's five tri-state areas in the future being recognized as a free and independent nation that will be recognized in the international community.
Well, again, this isn't even the federal government anymore.
And that's what the average American doesn't understand.
This is a usurpation happening right now.
And I want to hear more about this, sir.
Stay with us for one more segment.
Then I promise we're going to get to everybody's calls.
Michael, Kyle, Mark, Blazer, Rachel, and many, many others.
And I've got other news on the economy.
PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com are the websites.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Won't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
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Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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These questions and more can be answered by reading G. Edward Griffin's book, The Creature from Jekyll Island.
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You know they're turning food into fuel with corn ethanol plants.
If we do not control our food, food will be used to control us.
Food control has been the plan historically in every enslaved population and is the plan for America.
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You know, I support these native tribes pulling out of this union.
A, because it's not even a union anymore.
B, the crimes committed against them.
I mean, notice how they're mild.
The gentleman we have on is mild in his accusations.
It's literally thousands of times worse than even he says from my prescient study of it.
And we're going under international control.
They're putting in face scanning cameras, biometric control grids.
We're going deeper into bondage.
We need pockets of liberty.
We need rebellion against this.
We need people saying, I'm coming out of Babylon.
I'm pulling out.
I'm not going to be part of this.
You know, that's what the settlers did that came here from Europe, and of course they set up their very own tyranny yet again.
And there, of course, were tyrannies of the natives against each other.
The natives were defeated because they could always be divided against the next group and divide and conquer strategies.
And, of course, I know you guys are aware of that.
But when I read stuff like, the new country would issue its own passports and driver's licenses and living there would be tax-free provided residents renounce their U.S.
citizenship, Mr. Means said.
That'd be great Wild West, I tell you.
It's a great country up there, too.
The treaty signed by the U.S.
were merely worthless words on worthless paper.
Absolutely, and we're talking to one of the main organizers and one of the people that went down to renounce the treaties that have never been upheld, were done under duress by the way, put a gun to their head, and they take them out for extermination at the reservations.
The few that lived, what?
Native populations were run down by 98% by 1890, forced to go to white schools, forced to be brainwashed.
Same thing's happening to everybody today, but now it's the globalist system.
Well, you know, anything's plausible in their eyes, but first of all,
I urge other nations, man, to rise up and do the same.
It's a protocol that needs to be, you know, accounted for.
And so when, you know, even, you know, the Carcadian citizens living in my country, if you want to be free, welcome aboard to the Lakota Nation.
Well, that's what it's all about, is it's the spirit of liberty and freedom is what we need.
We need to recognize... Are you aware of the whole global government?
New World Order, sir?
Exactly, exactly.
We are well aware of it.
That's why we're trying to hang on to what little liberties we have.
And so the only way to do that is unilaterally withdraw from the treaty.
Then and only then can we preserve our history.
Our history is dying in this country.
I know.
And two-thirds of our native populated language is actually extinct, man!
It's gone!
But we, the Lakota people, if I may say this in concluding... Lakota k'ile n'awana s'hate'o g'na g'i k'tapo.
D'ohawash ak'ile achipiki tshokata ilawanaha.
Wop k'ile txhokit'a aki'i ya'at'u n'an'i t'yoojhika.
Txhokashi l'awakha txhoka.
Oni j'inxte n'aha l'uwaxte l'chus e'i n'aji.
Hoka e.
Well, it's very painful for me to see a culture and cultures exterminated, and there's no doubt that genocide has been performed and executed against the native peoples of North America.
The problem is that it's going on globally, and now it's the same system, just under new names against everyone.
And, you know, you say in closing, we've got a few minutes left,
What's the process?
What are we going to see unfold here?
How do people support this movement?
Because you have every right, I've read the treaties, to get out of this fraud.
Every time you try to get out, they come with violence.
They have no right to do that.
The Declaration of Independence says that we as U.S.
citizens can abolish our deal with the government if it becomes destructive of our liberties.
Who could deny it's not destructive of our liberties?
Well, let me say this, man.
I have lived in so much denial with this colonial oppressor from day one.
But the fact of the matter is, we've tried everything in our power to give them the responsibility to act accordingly.
Every time we went against them, they constantly lied to my people.
Now we're going to take the issue a little further and start living on our tooth.
The only way this can be ever toppled, everyone in this country and throughout the whole global continent, known as this world,
They have to start regaining their identity within themselves in order for us to continue to assert our traditional life ways.
That's right, because the corporate system... Well, I mean, I agree.
The corporate system knows that culture, ancestors, is everything, so they come in and replace it with cheeseburgers, and garbage, and I'm not knocking it, but NFL, all this fake stuff to get rid of it, so we don't even know who we are.
And once you don't know who you are, they can do anything with you.
Exactly right.
You know, I've always said this.
British policies make the world England.
Now, the taxpayers need to understand out, you know, they gotta understand that little concept truthfully because when your money and your taxpayer, you know, dollars are being spent for the wrong thing, think about what this country constantly does.
It kills and attacks nothing but poor people for their livelihood resources that is bestowed upon them through the great mysteries teaching.
And so, if we don't take a look at this seriously, then you watch, within the next 7 to 13 years, your own children's rights are going to get taken from them.
And you take that to the World Bank.
And now the American people have become informed about what was done to Native Americans.
It doesn't look good for the New World Order if you have the will to take action, and you've done that.
What is the spirit of the people, the Lakota people, right now?
My people were once living in fear.
Well, now this new birthing process that returns is their call of duty to regain their identity and their rightful place upon Mother Earth.
This was told to us through our traditional prophecy.
And so this is a new beginning of how we're going to continue to work rapidly as an independent nation with people of color.
And believe me, sir, I will come back.
You give me a call when you come back on the show, I'll be willing to go a whole full hour with you.
And I really thank you for giving us this opportunity to be on your show, The Lost is Truth, because now the red man has the power to get back what is rightfully his.
And that's the five tri-state areas within the Midwest.
Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota.
Absolutely, and now there's a few websites here I've got in front of me.
Which one should we fire out in closing?
Well, you can go to
www.LakotaFreedom.com and then you can also go to the Republic Lakota, but you gotta understand that one.
To me, I wouldn't really want to support that one because again we're putting a European name before something that already had one.
And so I choose to go by the first one.
And we are going to be coming out with another web page here in the next week, in a few days.
Oh, I do, and I know the key to the New World Order's operation of dehumanization is to destroy all of our cultures.
Alright, thank you for having us.
You have a great evening.
Take care.
You bet.
All right, folks, I promise we'll go directly to Mark, Whatser, Rachel, Michael, Kyle, everybody on the other side.
I've got a bunch of economic news, really important stuff, as well, in the next 30 minutes.
So be sure and stay with us.
I'll also recap some of our top stories after we take those calls.
Stay with me.
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All right, let's start going to your phone calls, and I'm going to get into Home Crisis Post-Record Annual Drop.
Crisis may make 1929 look like a walk in the park.
United Nations propaganda comic book designed to brainwash U.S.
It's all coming up.
Right now, let's go to Mark.
Mark's been holding patiently, and I'm not sure where Mark's calling from.
So caller, just tell me where you're calling from.
Mark, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Well, I've moved out to my dad's place out in the country, a bit out from Atlanta, because... Okay, you're calling from Georgia.
Welcome, sir.
Go ahead.
Yes, yes.
I believe we need a prayer bomb, and I want to point out that fasting is like turbocharged prayer, and we don't want to pray
We need to pray for Dr. Paul, of course, and people like you, and you're ever in our prayers.
But we also need to remember the admonition of Christ, that love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.
Remember the biblical namesake of the good Dr.
Paul, the church was praying for Saul of Tarsus, and look what happened to him.
Could you imagine if, say, Nick Rockefeller or Henry Kissinger were to be convicted of their sin and completely spilled the beans?
Well, that could happen with a lot of these people, I doubt that.
The David Rockefeller, I think he's too far gone.
But then, like I said, look at Saul of Tarsus.
He was murdering the saints of the first century church.
That's right, he was a police state operator.
But you can't even convince some of the population today that there's such a thing as a police state.
To them, it was good that Saul was killing Christians.
Well, yeah.
Oh, he's wearing a black uniform.
Taser them!
He must be good.
Well, yeah.
Well, like I say, I... The state is only to be trusted!
The state is only good!
The state only does good!
Worship them!
Well, he did write Roman 13-1, but like I say, that word, suce, gets left out of most translations.
The thing is, I, you know, it's like, uh... No, listen, I agree with you.
We need to pray for the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Well, I saw the latest Harry Potter movie after it came out in the dollar theaters.
And there was this one scene where, you know, they said to Harry, you've got a power he doesn't have.
And when Harry was faced with the evil, the embodiment of evil, the evil that murdered his parents, you know, he said, I feel sorry for, you know, you, you have, you will never know love or friendship.
I feel sorry for you.
And the evil that stood before him that was getting ready to murder him,
Because that took the fun out of it, absolutely.
Let's go ahead and talk to Blazer1.
And Blazer, tell me where you're calling from.
How you doing, Mr. Jones?
Good sir, where you calling from?
I'm calling from Memphis.
How you doing?
I just want to commend you on what you're doing on trying to awaken the people consciousness politically and let you know that I'm an avid supporter of you and I listen to your radio show and I spread the word about what you're trying to do and it's like people just don't believe that their government would do that to them and I'm like
The government has committed treason.
The government has been taken over by foreign private interest and it gets more and more corrupt.
Yeah, the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and the UN equals World Dictatorship One Government.
And I think the power, that's a power of evil that is, you know, organized.
And we as a people, as a nation,
We naturally are loving, but we can't come together because like you said, we got the divide and conquer method.
You got the black against the brown, the black against the white, white against the brown, red... Man against the woman, woman against the man, northern against southerner.
Right, right.
So, my thing is...
The power to fight their power is collective consciousness.
There's so much power in collective consciousness when people can come together, whether it be white, brown, Indian, Mexican.
I'm talking about unifying, unity, love.
You know what I'm saying?
Sir, I agree with you and I love your call.
I really appreciate it and I'm sorry I've had callers hold so long.
There's just so much news being gone.
Over a week, and I'm about to go to more calls here in a moment, and the number is 877-590-5525, 877-590-5525, or locally in Texas, 8360-590.
I mean, there's so many things I want to warn you about, so many things I want to point out.
But you've got the general public thinking that they are members of the elite, because they're wealthy or they're well-to-do.
You are not members of the elite.
You're under the same system that everybody else is under.
And again, the elite are studying how humans operate, studying how societies operate, studying our interactions, how to manipulate us, how to brainwash us, how to program us, how to compartmentalize the brainwashing and propaganda, where many of those putting it out aren't even aware they're doing it.
This is complex stuff.
And what I want listeners to understand is, don't believe anything I'm saying.
A. Check it out for yourself.
Just start realizing that there is alternative agendas going on.
There are powerful elites.
They are doing a lot of things in secret and quasi-secret.
They are controlling the infrastructure of our society.
Who do you think designs the roads and designs the global area codes?
Who puts all that together?
That's only one small layer of all this.
Here's an example.
For 30 years they said there is no global government, there is no move for global government, there is no Council on Foreign Relations, there is no Bilderberg Group, there is no plan to toll existing roads, there is no plan for an American Union.
They precondition you, and then they come out and do it later!
And then you're still saying it doesn't exist, even as they announce it on the news, because you might look cookie to your neighbors!
Do you like being manipulated?
Do you like being conned?
Do you like being lied to?
Do you like being manipulated and brainwashed?
I mean, I know what I'm talking about.
It's so ridiculous.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Rachel.
Rachel, where are you calling me from?
Hello, I'm calling from the Louisville area, Louisville, Kentucky.
I actually had somebody on YouTube ask me to call into your show because of what I'm dealing with.
I know that you've talked with Ted Gunderson in the past?
Yeah, former FBI agent section chief.
He ran the L.A.
District, yeah.
My dad was actually killed along with Fred Alvarez in Rancho Mirage and that had to do with the Cabazon reservation.
I'm not sure if you're aware of that entire story.
It rings a bell.
Yes, I'm a little bit familiar.
The Inslaw Affair, the Iran-Contra Affair, October Surprise and trafficking.
I just found out recently about all this stuff.
For years I've been kind of, you know, I was told that there was somebody in the Witness Protection Program and if I didn't shut up they would die and so I just found out about this about four months ago about what's going on and right now I'm actually doing, I have a website where I'm doing videos showing what's happening to me
As I'm uncovering this, we recently just got the case unsuspended just a couple of weeks ago.
Well listen, my producer is sitting in there right now.
Why don't you give your website out on air so folks can check it out and we'll look into it.
Okay, my website is www.desertfae.com
And like I said, I have videos up there.
There's videos from me talking to Michael Ricconeciuto, Ted Gunderson... So this is dealing with all sorts of government drug trafficking and... Correct.
Like the Octopus.
I'm not sure if you know who Danny Casolaro is.
Basically, I'm on the same path as Danny.
And I've had Blackhawk helicopters... Oh, I know, yeah.
Listen, what we'll do is we'll check out your website and get in touch with my producer and I'll look at it.
I mean, they just had a CIA aircraft crash with 3.3 tons of pure cocaine in Mexico, trying to come into the U.S.
when it got in a storm and crashed.
That was in the back of the paper.
And then they'll SWAT team your house looking for drugs.
I mean, it's a sick joke.
I mean, in the mid-70s, they fired over two-thirds of the New York detective squads.
They were all dealing in drugs.
Again, we're not saying cops are bad, but the system always goes bad, and when it goes bad, it goes worse there than anywhere else, because it's got government power behind it.
We have a very scientific corrupt system running things today, and they're shutting up global government and getting rid of all your rights, all your liberties, all your freedoms.
There's thousands of different propaganda campaigns going on.
When we get back, I'll tell you about the economy, tell you about what's happening.
With the United Nations Brainwashing for Children, your call.
Stay with us.
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What should I do?
How long can I afford food or till there's no food?
How long before it's all poisoned?
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I'll get the rest later.
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Dismantling the false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
Alright, Mitchell, Robert, others, we're going to get your calls here in just a moment.
Yeah, I'm very close to just coming in and doing each show on one topic.
Because then I can really go through things, explain them, document.
And I do that sometimes with guests.
At the same time, there's just so much news and so many different things I want to hit on.
Like this.
Home prices post record annual drop.
Prices of existing U.S.
single-family homes recorded their biggest annual drop in October, suggesting the housing slump is far from over.
Again, we get these a few months later.
A national home price gauge released on Wednesday showed the Sharon and Poors
Here's a London Telegraph.
Central banks continue to splash their cash over the system.
So far, little effect.
Ambrose Evans Pritchard argues things are rapidly spiraling out of control.
$20 million here, $20 million there.
A lush of half trillion from the European Central Bank to give away rates for Christmas.
Buckets of liquidity are being splashed over the North American, North Atlantic banking system so far with merger or meager fleeting effects.
And it goes on.
The derivatives, just leverage, junk paper, AAA rated.
They AAA rate things they can't even, in court when there's been lawsuits, they can't even tell investors what it is.
It's just total made-up money.
$1,500 trillion.
It's hard to get your mind around.
That's $1,500 trillion stacked in the end.
$1,500 trillion.
See, I could talk for 10 hours about this.
I shouldn't even have gotten into it because
The fiat system has done this.
The global banks did this.
They created a wall of money.
They bought everything up with it.
Then they leverage you out on debt by design to get control of you.
We have IMF documents.
I mean, it isn't my opinion.
I mean, it's obvious they're trying to get us, like a drug dealer, getting somebody leveraged out on heroin or cocaine.
But I mean, this now has become just, we've got their own documents saying they're doing it.
So when they take everything you've got, and then they're posing as your savior on top of it, just remember IMF World Bank documents.
Google that.
IMF World Bank documents.
Just Google that.
Holy mackerel.
I told you back in 2002 all this was going to happen by 2008.
I wish I was wrong.
Of course, that was Joseph Stickles, Chief Economist, World Bank, quitting and going public.
What kind of guest are we bringing?
I'm not bragging.
It's kind of like I'm coming to you and telling you your house is on fire and you're still going, yeah, Al-Qaeda's going to get me.
I better give up all my rights.
Because Al-Qaeda attacked us because they had our freedom, so the government's taking all my freedom as fast as they can.
And then I've got all this news.
I could have spent an hour on this.
This is from United Press International, or you can just go to the U.N.
and read it for themselves.
has announced they have now gotten the U.S.
By the way, the U.N.
to sign on to a global carbon tax.
And they call it the first world tax, but then you're called a conspiracy theorist if you read their press release!
See how that's basic psychology?
to team up with Marvel Comics.
It says they're going to start out with a million American children each month being sent Marvel Comics promoting the United Nations and global government.
It actually reports this, but it says that it just starts with that.
They plan to get every child in America repeated comics so they understand the global architecture in the international community and how it works.
Of course, the U.S.
government and the Ford Foundation have been giving Mexicans for 50 years 50 years comic books that say the U.S.
belongs to Mexico to break the U.S.
And of course, for 50 years, the U.S.
has been giving Wahhabist comic books, that's Al-Qaeda, to kids all over Central Asia and the Middle East.
Again, to radicalize them.
That's been in the mainstream news.
You see, this is brainwashing.
And used to, only the honor students were recruited into United Nations-controlled.
Every public school in the country, every major private school in the country, the best and brightest are recruited to model UN.
In fact, I had a couple of my cousins recruited into it.
I wasn't an A-plus student, so I wasn't, but I went and covered UN brainwashing sessions with the cream of Texas students at UT in my film America Destroyed by Design.
And I would tell people and they would say, I staged the UT shoot, it doesn't exist.
Hey, this ain't gonna work anymore!
Saying the plunge of the dollar didn't, doesn't exist, doesn't work anymore.
Saying we're not going into a high-tech police state doesn't work anymore.
Saying aspartame's good for ya, or mercury is good for ya, doesn't work anymore.
UN to team up with Marvel Comics, Marvel Comics United Nations are teaming up to create comic books.
To show superheroes working with the agency to rid the world of conflict and disease.
The UN runs the black op, extermination programs, their own documents.
They want to reduce our numbers by 80%.
They use that as the mask.
They save the poor, give them vaccinations to carry out their extermination.
They've been caught.
My film, Endgame, documents it.
Imagine, imagine being me, folks.
I know all this.
I've studied it.
And I have to sit there and watch him pose as good guys.
United Nations propaganda comic book designed to brainwash kids.
Go read Kurt Nemo's report.
This has got the Wall Street Journal, the U.N.
zone reports all condensed into it.
And it says that it's... Go to the U.N.
There's hundreds of pages.
I scan through it.
And it's talking about getting them ready for a global government, a global community.
This is brainwashing!
But we can't get the stinkin' know-it-all yuppies, because they live in a million-dollar house and drive a Mercedes, they think they're part of the elite.
You're nothing!
Do you understand?
The only chance you've got of saving this country, and saving the wealth you've got, and saving all of our wealth, you idiots, is waking up to the new world order and finding out the Republican and Democratic parties are bought and paid for.
And joining people that want to defend the Republic and defend sovereignty wherever we find it.
I don't care if it's an Indian reservation or this country.
We better have something that isn't controlled by this global government!
And we better get the UN out of all our public schools!
The average parent has no idea that the UN, literally under treaty, controls what goes in every textbook in the country!
What do you think UNESCO does?
Let Bush just sign back onto!
I'm sorry, I'm out of control now.
Go get this story at truthnews.us, please, and get it out to everybody!
I want to beat these people!
I want to stop these people!
Just start looking around you, start researching, realize there's a lot more going on than you know.
Don't believe me!
Just realize stuff's going on, start investigating, you're not going to believe what you find!
We're inches away from total depression, total martial law, and it's all engineered!
I'm jamming in two calls.
Mitchell and Austin, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, a common thread of all you've been bringing up today is how to combat it.
I want to appeal to your listeners to affidavit their votes for Ron Paul.
We've got a website at RonPaulVoteCount.com Massive election fraud everywhere.
We've got to stop them.
And we've got a very decentralized approach that's pretty easy to implement.
It's adaptable to whatever
I think so.
Send in their affidavit to a central person who we go... Yeah, well I would spot focus on areas in Austin, in New Hampshire, you know, key areas to have those affidavits to then show, hey, we got more affidavits.
You know, they've had cases and I appreciate your call.
Get the website out again.
RonPaulVoteCount.com Alright, my friend.
Good job.
Yeah, I've heard of it.
They've had all these cases where there'll be a guy running against the corrupt mayor, and then he and his wife can go vote, and he still doesn't get one vote.
You know, it's ways of proving the fraud.
Let's talk to Robert in Las Vegas.
You take us out of there, tail gunner.
Go ahead, you're on air.
Hey, first off, I want to thank you for all you do, Alex, but I wanted to talk about Benazir Bhutto, you know, so if you look into her history, she's a pretty crooked politician, so... No, she was total New World Order!
I understand that.
Controlled by the U.S., Israel, and England, and I said that in the last hour.
My point is, is that the motive, it helps Musharraf stay in power, the U.S.
is going to stage a new investigation for him, they help give him the nukes, they put him in power, and when I say U.S., the globalist that uses, but you got the floor, go ahead.
Yeah, you know, she embezzled literally billions of dollars from Pakistan.
That's why her and Nawaz Sharif were exiled in the first place.
Well, yeah, that's the report.
The point is, is that they shot her and then blew her up, and then that helps keep the martial law in place.
But essentially they were both U.S.
puppets, so why do you think the U.S.
is turning on Musharraf now?
Because that's the guy that they have put everything on and helped stage a coup with in 1999 to get out the last Prime Minister.
He's saying it's Musharraf.
The evidence shows it's Musharraf.
The witnesses said they shot her.
Now they're covering that up.
She said Musharraf.
It may kill me.
He may have been behind the last one.
I'm not saying that she's good.
I know Budo is corrupt.
But my point is, is that... Do you see how this helps continue the martial law and helps end the election because she was challenging him?
Regardless, Musharraf, the evidence shows, is behind it.
It could be something else, but most of it points there.
What do you think?
I think the same thing, you know.
They're trying to delay the elections as long as they can.
Robert, I appreciate your call.
We're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
TruthNews.us, PrisonPlanet.tv, InfoWars.com.
Don't forget, I'm a documentary filmmaker.
Films are available at InfoWars.com.
Get them.
Make copies.
Get them out to people.
Endgame is the most powerful film ever made when it comes to exposing the New World Order.
Google Endgame today.
God bless you all.
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Are your Federal Reserve notes looking for a safe haven?
Mine found it in precious metals.
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