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Air Date: Dec. 28, 2007
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I am fired up.
I am 90% back from a really bad cold and ear infections.
And so I am fired up and very happy to be back among the living today and to have my little noodle working a little bit better, my little brain firing off a little bit better than it was in the last few days.
Thank you for bearing with me.
Last Friday, we had Daniel Esterlin, investigative journalist, best-selling author, Bilderberg sleuth, joining us from Spain.
And out of the blue, I asked, what do you think of Ron Paul?
And he said, well, I'm very worried.
My intelligence sources say the establishment is considering killing him.
They're looking at what will happen if they do that.
Since then, they've flashed Ron Paul is dead, or Paul is dead, Paul is dead, Paul is dead, under him on television.
Then they claim that had to do with the Beatles.
The point is, why'd you flash it under Paul?
And it turns out that Karl Rove is concerned about him, and the establishment is worried, and even there's a score of mainstream articles in the last two days, including today, saying that he could start winning and be a big Republican spoiler.
He's the only real Republican candidate.
All the others are there just collecting campaign contributions.
They know Hillary is the anointed one.
That's why all the big campaign money goes to her from the traditional Republican
Uh, donors as well.
So, uh, he's got some new developments on that.
Any new intel he's got for us, he'll share on the Ron Paul situation.
Daniel Estill, who joined us seven days ago, will be joining us today in the third hour.
Mike Rivera with big breaking Ron Paul news.
WhatReallyHappened.com will be with us in about 30 minutes.
We know that they found a bunch of Jewish groups that have been caught red-handed spraying swastikas on synagogues, burning down black churches, even attacking other Jews.
Israel pioneered this against themselves in North Africa, in, of course, Baghdad and surrounding areas of Iraq, and in Spain, trying to get Jews to move out of those countries to Israel so they could be used and controlled by the government there.
They would bomb them, or shoot them, or threaten them, and that's all declassified.
That's mainstream Israeli news.
Governments do this.
Israel's no exception.
In fact, they specialize in it quite like the British, who really are the big pioneers in the modern era of these type activities.
And, you know, you hear about the dorm kids spray-painting swastikas on their own dorm, or black kids doing it.
Or they track back the Aryan Nation's P.O.
Box when it's owned by a rabbi.
That's come out in the news.
Well, it turns out that this is directly tracked back to a group that's gotten a lot of attention.
The folks out putting out reports that Ron Paul is a secret white supremacist.
Turns out the people circulating that around and where that is originating from is the Israeli lobby.
Now I know you guys are upset that Paul doesn't want to give you a bunch of money to continue the war over there, but he doesn't want to give any nation foreign aid.
This country is already bankrupt.
And so we're seeing the dirty tricks being played out here.
Mike Rivera is the one that picked up on this and he'll go over that.
Coming up in about 28 minutes from now.
Paul, racist propaganda exposed up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Establishment finds no skeletons in Congressman's closet.
Resorts to crass guilt by Association SMIRB.
Peddlers of American Nazi Party leader Bill White's ridiculous claim that Ron Paul is a white supremacist have fittingly exposed themselves as Israeli propagandists.
Now, for the keen-eyed Mike Rivero,
Over to what really happened.
Spot of the icon for Megaphone, the Israeli government support PR front, on one of the screenshots.
We're going to break all this down when we get back on the other side.
You know, four states, the Native Americans are claiming they're seceding and breaking out of the treaty.
Putin is backing them.
We'll be right back to discuss this and a lot more.
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What happened?
I think so.
I think so.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
We're not just covering Ron Paul today with Daniel Esselstyn coming up, but more info on folks in sound intelligence,
It's not just about Ron Paul.
It's an illustration of how politics, how the geopolitical strata and system operates and interacts at the national, multinational, and even local and regional level.
We're seeing the big white supremacist spin go into absolute turbo overdrive.
First, they're trying to focus on Don Black of Stormfront, who gave $500 to Ron Paul.
And Ron Paul said, hey, it's number one people's free speech right to give politically to who they wish, but I don't agree with Mr. Black's views.
I don't believe in collectivism.
He said, and racism is collectivism.
I even heard a clip of Black online admitting, well, yeah, I guess
It is collectivist.
So Paul is diametrically opposed to what he's doing right there, but Black supports not having the war, not having the police state.
Black is this former Grand Dragon, and he couldn't be any different, more different, than Ron Paul.
But that broke months ago.
They haven't shut up about it.
They never shut up about it.
And so now they are hundreds of articles.
I mean, yesterday it was 170 something.
I Googled it last night.
It was 500 and something hits on news alone.
Tens of thousands on the web.
If you search the web, not just the news section of the web.
And it's now metastasizing, and I guess the word would be mutating, into Ron Paul is a Nazi, he is the son of Hitler, he is in league with Satan himself, he is receiving demonic messages from beyond the veil.
And then meanwhile, they have caught Israeli organizations setting fire to black churches all over the country.
It's come out in the news, it's in the back of the paper.
They've got Israeli groups going around spray-painting swastikas all over synagogues, freaking out the Jews that go to them.
It's all part of managing and controlling that group that then gives donations to the kingpins that run the system.
It's the same in every society.
It's the corrupt, organized crime, just like the Italian Mafia going around to other Italian businesses and saying, pay me 10% of protection money, or somebody's going to burn down your grocery store, or your laundry mat, or your doctor's office.
We're not saying Italian Americans are bad.
What we're saying is that this is how the hierarchy of the Israeli operatives in this country work.
And I mean, they've been caught.
The facts are the facts.
The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.
And there's hundreds of cases of this.
I told Paul to put some of these in this article, but I think he just kept it down to the basics of what they've been caught doing this time.
But I really think it's important to see it in the context.
Remember last year?
Or was it January of this year?
I guess it was about 11 months ago.
In Orlando, they had a big Nazi rally.
Nazi march.
And I remember looking at the video of it, and I said, those guys don't even look like they're, quote, Aryan.
I said, quite frankly, I mean, if you were in New York City, you'd think most of those guys were Jewish.
And I've been to some of these events in Austin protesting them, and it's come out that, well, they had the American Hitler for two decades, turned out he was Jewish, it was all a staged ADL front.
Southern Poverty Law Center, remember that?
It came out in declassified documents that the FBI released, that the Southern Poverty Law Center basically founded and ran and was commanding
The extreme white supremacist group at Elohim City that supposedly was involved with McVeigh and the attack on the World Trade Center.
I mean, it really never ends when you get to the end of the day.
It's just continual.
And that's how the ADL gets to go around and advise all the police departments and get the files and everybody and be the boss, because they're fighting extremism.
Well, frankly, there aren't normal people that want to dress up in Nazi outfits and run around Sieg Heiling.
And so nine times out of ten, and I just say nine times out of ten, I've actually never seen it where it wasn't a Fed group or an ADL group or a Southern Poverty Law Center front group.
But by the way, in Orlando it did come out that the whole thing was run by the FBI and the leader is an FBI informant.
And remember, it came out in The Guardian and a few other papers in Germany and England, that it isn't just that the heads of the white supremacist groups in Germany, who by the way are left alone, but then if you criticize the EU, you get arrested.
They say it's xenophobic.
Or if you say, hey, there's too many foreigners here, you get arrested.
Or you can't say you're against gay marriage, you get arrested.
But you can run around screaming, Heil Hitler, all you want, because they need to show the news cameras that.
And it's the same thing there.
In Germany.
And it turned out that not only were they the heads of the major three groups, that the German government, founded in the 60s, literally created the Nazi groups, and has them go out and every time the Germans are about to pass a law to not have unlimited illegal and legal immigration, you know, there's people just pouring in, oh, Turks get firebombed with precision
And if the local police happen to catch the skinheads, then they always accidentally escape.
Al-Qaeda, every time they get caught up at CIA, just happened two days ago, they accidentally escape out of maximum security prisons.
Sure they do.
And then, oh look, the poor Turks, they got firebombs so they get to take over Germany now.
It's disgusting, and this is the reality of what's happening.
And the American Nazi Party has been so infiltrated and run by the government for the last 50 years that it's indistinguishable from the government, and Mike Rivero picked up on this.
Well, it's like the Israeli lobby's been caught to their servers uploading the Bin Laden videos, and then the grandson of the head of the ADL is the American Al Qaeda, Adam Gadahn, who runs around, you know, in English saying, I'm gonna kill you pig Americans.
It's ADL!
I mean, it's on, it's in your face!
Rod Paul, racist propaganda exposed, establishment finds no skeletons in a congressman's closet.
Resorts to crass guilt by association, smear.
Peddlers of American Nazi Party leader Bill White's ridiculous claim that Ron Paul is a white supremacist have unwittingly exposed themselves as Israeli propagandists.
After the keen-eyed Mike Rivera over at liberallyhappen.com spotted the icon for Megaphone, an Israeli government support PR front,
One of their screenshots, remember the Israeli government two years ago said, if you love Jews and love Israel and want to fight the evil people that hate us, go propagandize on the web.
By the way, most of the people on Dig that bury us and most of the people that block us, we've actually tracked them back, and you end up finding out they're with Megaphone.
Real cute, real funny.
They get real mad when we talk about Schwarzenegger as a big Nazi and how the ADL gives him awards.
Because you protect real Nazis, don't you?
Yeah, the Zionists worked with Hitler.
The Zionists actually helped put Hitler into power.
Now top Jewish historians and professors have written best-selling books on it.
We already knew it, but now it's mainstream news.
Oh, you were with him!
You don't like that, do you?
I'm going to say more now.
Oh, you don't want to hear this, do you?
But you need the Nazis, don't you?
To keep your people in line under your control.
The image appeared on a screen capture which was posted on several message boards by one of White's bloggers who was attempting to prove the validity of White's claim by showing that it originated directly from his neo-Nazi Stormfront website.
In his zeal to push white lies, and the person was going on and posing as a Nazi, the blogger unwittingly exposed himself as a member of an Israeli government-backed propaganda network.
Screenshots are showing Megaphone's icon on user's desktop panel.
Click for enlargement.
According to Wikipedia, the Megaphone desktop tool is a Microsoft Windows application distributed by the World Union of Jewish Students
And, i.e., Mossad and other pro-Israel organizations through the GIS.org group website, G-I-Y-U-S.
Released on July 19, 2006, it delivers real-time alerts about key articles, videos, blogs, and surveys of subscribers so that they can voice their opinions and work together to support Israel on the public domain front.
banning us off of MySpace, blocking us off Digg, snickering, having great vitriolic discussions.
It's really sick.
The Israeli government itself has urged users to become cyberspace soldiers in the new battlefront for Israel's image by using the megaphone tool.
UK technology website The Register has described use of the software as highly organized mass manipulation technologies which are supposed to be democratizing
And Slam Megaphone is effectively a high-tech exercise in ballot stuffing.
White's claim about Ron Paul's extensive involvement in white nationalism is patently ridiculous in itself.
And it's always the classic stuff like they try on Larry Pratt.
Larry Pratt of Governors of America.
I mean, he's spoken to thousands of groups.
Gun groups.
You name it.
He'll go speak at a gun show and the ADL will be there and say, an inattendant was a white supremist.
A local paper tried that on me once.
They had these two cops walk up in Nazi outfits.
And I just said, that's it.
Follow them to their cop car.
And then the paper was there writing it up.
And I said, listen, I'm going to come after you legally if you try to say those Nazis are with me.
These tricks don't work.
And Mike Rivera's coming up.
Speaking of ballot stuffing, it's going on right here in Texas on video.
State legislature engages in fraud right in front of everyone and just says, what you gonna do about it?
We'll be right back with that.
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We're good.
We're going to get back into Ron Paul and the ADL crowd and everybody else trying to set him up.
But right now, here's a local newscast.
Great investigative report in Austin.
By the way, this goes on all over the country.
It goes on federally in the Congress.
It's illegal.
But they just do it.
They'll vote 5, 6, 7, 8 times.
They'll vote themselves repeatedly.
They just steal votes right in front of everybody.
Or vote for their friends.
And then they've got all these other rules, though, to regulate and control us.
And the point is, if you don't think the government and people in positions of power won't push you around, they're more likely to.
That's their nature.
If you don't know there's all sorts of corruption and scams going on, and that it's all exponentially getting worse, you're living in la-la land.
And anybody that tells you, don't investigate, trust the government,
Anybody who says don't trust the government, they're a conspiracy terrorist.
That's somebody who's either a complete idiot, or more often than not, someone who has an interest in the corrupt system.
Here it is.
Some lawmakers are pushing for measures such as requiring voters to show a photo ID before being allowed to cast a ballot.
Another bill would criminalize anyone who delivers a ballot for someone unable to drive to the polls.
With so much emphasis on one vote for one person, you'd think lawmakers would make sure they follow the rules too.
In tonight's CBS 42 Investigates, Nancy Wilson found out many don't.
It's a record vote.
Clerk, please ring the bell.
This is State Representative Debbie Riddles.
She authored the bill that would require voters to show a photo ID.
It's a record vote.
Clerk, ring the bell.
It's all about integrity.
Record vote.
But the integrity of one person, one vote doesn't apply at the legislature.
We found many lawmakers vote more than once.
Take a look.
Little votes, turns around, votes again for State Rep.
And watch the men on the screen.
Elkins goes to vote for Merritt, but Hancock is faster.
Elkins heads back to his desk, but before he can vote, Joe Krab turns around and beats him to it.
There is so much going on during the vote on the HPV vaccine mandate, you really have to pay attention.
Start with State Rep Hamilton at his desk.
He leans over to vote a second time for his deskmate Dan Branch.
Then reaches back to vote for Charlie Howard and casts a fourth vote for Wayne Smith.
He's not the only one scrambling to vote.
Rewind the video and take a look at the top of the screen.
State Reps West and Phillips both lean over to vote for themselves and their death mate.
Phillips votes a third time for Christian.
On the left, Donna Howard votes for State Rep Vaux.
State Representative Dunham didn't have to leave his chair to cast four votes.
One for himself, then for Coleman, Martina Fisher, and then Veazey.
Sometimes the voting is a cross-party line.
Hartman, a Republican, reaches back to vote for Democrat Olivetta.
Democrat Matt Reynolds votes for Republican Inglis.
And Republican John Davis votes for Democrat Noriega.
Most voters have no way of knowing if their lawmakers are actually casting their own vote.
Even though the legislature is broadcast on cable TV, the cameras change from this to this when it's time to vote.
But if you're sitting on the third floor gallery... I certainly noticed that there appeared to be far more votes on the tick board than there were people in the room.
Arnie and Laurel Weiss were baffled when they came to see the legislature in action.
She's very inappropriate.
She doesn't want to do something about it.
State Rep.
Debbie Reynolds says voting for other members is done out of necessity.
We have a lot of votes.
We have a lot of amendments.
And there's times when we don't break for lunch and we don't break for dinner.
We don't have bathroom breaks.
Necessity or not, one thing is clear.
They aren't supposed to be doing it.
According to the official House rules, written, voted, and approved by lawmakers at the beginning of the session, any member found guilty by the House of knowingly voting for another member on the voting machine shall be subject to discipline deemed appropriate by the House.
Clerk, ring the bell directly.
So, should lawmakers do it?
There's no precedent-based value, it seems, of late in the day.
It is against their own rules, but the issue is with enforcement.
Now, it's the Speaker's job to make sure the rules are followed.
He declined to talk to us on camera, but a spokesperson sent us a statement that basically says they leave it up to the House members.
Although the practice is widespread, we couldn't find any instances of lawmakers being disciplined for voting more than once.
Nancy Wilson, CBS 42 Investigates.
If you'd like to read the full statement from Speaker Craddock's spokesperson, you'll find it on our website, KITV.com.
All right.
Now, the bigger issue is we've looked into federal and state law.
It's illegal.
And if you expand out from there, a couple days ago, they passed the biggest gun control law in the last 40 years, since 68.
And they did it in secret.
No record of how the vote was cast.
We've also had a lot of instances now, federally, where votes go the opposite of what members say they actually cast.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Roughly four states.
Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota.
Pieces of others.
Around the Lakotas, the Siouxs, the Blackfeet.
They've always been screwed.
They've always had their land stolen.
And I was actually reading the things that were put out by the different Native tribes about why they're pulling out of the U.S.
And the globalists are going to try to block them.
I actually hail what they're doing, and I hope they take all of those states with them.
And if it turns out to be a free society, I'll move there.
All I want is freedom.
But they're doing it, they said, because they're tired of having their children stolen.
That is the main point.
They're tired of CPS, because, boy, I mean, in the 70s, they sterilized 40-plus percent of the Native women.
I mean, you think CPS are bad with black folks and Hispanics and whites?
They just have their way with the Indians.
They've been having their way with them for a long time.
In the name of Americans.
So, Putin, by the way, the U.S.
is saying that they're going to the U.N.
saying Kosovo gets to secede from Serbia, which is just ridiculous.
That'd be like Wales seceding from the U.K.
That's actually ancestral land.
And so Putin says, OK, I'm going to support at the UN the handover of these states to the natives.
I mean, this country isn't America anymore anyways.
It's totally globalist.
And more power to them.
But that's a side issue that's coming up.
We've got Daniel Esselstyn with Part 2 on the threats to Ron Paul.
Coming up the third hour.
Right now is Mike Rivero.
Mike is really good at ferreting out things.
He's one of the first people to expose the Vince Foster killing, not suicide, murder.
And he's just ferreted out and broken a lot of other big stories.
We know the media is trying to tie Ron Paul to white supremacy through donations, through now the supposed head of the American Nazi Party claims, oh yeah, Ron Paul.
Well, thank you for having me, Alex.
Break this down.
I mean, we've got our own story on prisonplanet.com based on your report, and I think we're going to add to ours, you know, how they've taught the different groups staging these events in the past, but walk through this.
Okay, well, first of all, as much as I'd like to take credit for this, I actually had this pointed out to me by several of the What Really Happened readers, and it started breaking last night, and I did a little bit of digging, and I put it up there real quick just to get the story out there.
But as you said, what backs it up is the fact that so many of these so-called racist neo-Nazi groups turn out to be run by either Israeli agents or FBI undercover informants.
There was another story we put up last night how one of these neo-Nazi rallies got a lot of press and was used by ADL and JDL to go around doing fundraising saying, we've got to protect against these guys.
I don't
And another one that one of my readers pointed out, of course, going back to the Oklahoma City bombing, is, you remember, Elohim City, which was supposed to be this white supremacist hotbed of radicalism, and it turned out the guy who founded and was running it, Robert Miller, was also a paid FBI informant.
So the Southern Poverty Law Center operation.
Yeah, very much so.
There's a lot of that going on.
And basically, again, looking back from an age where we have the wisdom to know we were lied to about Saddam's nuclear bombs, we just found out Bush was trying to lie us into a new war in Iran, and we look at all of these deceptions that are going on and we come to realize that the only real enemies we have are being manufactured by various governments to trick us into going along with political agendas, turning over our money, turning over our freedom to them,
And more and more information is beginning to surface about this Bill White.
Apparently that's not his real name.
Apparently the location where he operates his so-called hate site out of is very suspicious.
There's a lot of reason to basically say that he and his whole group are an intelligence operation by Israel, by the United States, to create these villains that we're all supposed to be afraid of and trust the government to protect us from.
Please continue.
Well, basically, again, you know, for those of us who are old enough to remember Vietnam era, the FBI's COINTELPROGRAM was doing exactly these sort of games, and one that I personally got caught up in was like the staged riot at Disneyland by the Peaceniks.
And this made newspaper headlines across the country.
Those darn hippies beat up on Mickey Mouse.
Totally derailed the anti-war movement in Vietnam against the Vietnam War for two years, which allowed like another 40,000 Americans to get killed over there.
And then in the 1970s, somebody leaked the files that proved that it was all a staged event by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Uh, to, for that exact purpose.
In Montebello, outside Ottawa, we shot video of how it was cops dressed up like anarchists attacking other cops with the news cameras, but this time we caught them and they had to admit it was cops staging the event!
Absolutely, and another big one from back in the 60s, if you remember the Simbanese Liberation Army and they kidnapped Patty Hearst, which guaranteed non-stop news coverage of what they were doing, and then they had this big house fire in LA where supposedly the SLA all
I think so.
Dangerous radicals.
And we need more police power to go after them.
Well, it's the same thing with the First World Trade Center attack, where the FBI gives them the detonators, the bomb-making materials, trains them, sets them up.
And of course, it's now been declassified that Nixon wanted to bomb his own Republican National Convention.
That's now on PBS.
So, this is all coming out, Mike.
What is the system going to do?
Well, the system, I think, right now is in panic mode because, frankly, I think it was very reckless of them to have attempted this Ron Paul smear in the first place.
It's an act of utter desperation.
They're just absolutely scared to death of him.
Not of him, but of all the Americans who are backing Ron Paul, because we all understand what's been going on.
We're seeing the hoaxes.
We're seeing the lies and the deceptions.
We want our country back, and they are just terrified.
And this thing with trying to link Ron Paul with white supremacists is an absolute panic, act of desperation.
I don't know what they're going to do.
I'm not even sure they know what they're going to do.
But, you know, it's just going to be a very chaotic 2008 election season.
And, you know, we're already seeing signs of massive vote fraud in California.
The E-Proms with the voting machine software went missing.
Who knows what's going to happen to those EPROMs or how they might find their way back to you.
That's right.
On a FedEx truck, what is it, 1,500 of the actual computer chips that operate these systems have just magically disappeared underneath the toadstool.
Yeah, absolutely, and they're going to be replaced, but now we have all of these chips out there that have got the correct markings from the State of California, Secretary of State, and the Elections Commission.
They look exactly like the proper chips that they should, because they are.
But the EEPROMs can be erased and reprogrammed over and over and over again.
So unless California is going to confidence test the software after the election, these things can get reprogrammed and put into the key precincts all across the state to swing the election a certain way, and nobody's going to be able to tell.
Now for people that aren't tech savvy, tell them what an EEPROM is.
Okay, EEPROM is an acronym that stands for Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, and it is a memory chip that is loaded with software that is supposed to be there permanently, like the operating system of your computer, the BIOS, the low-level BIOS on the main board, is usually stored in EEPROM, and basically the idea is that these particular chips, you can program them with code, but then you can expose them to an ultraviolet light,
The memory will clear itself and then you can reload new software on them.
So when you plug them into the voting machines, the voting machines will now behave differently.
And unless you pull that EEPROM out after the election and check it against the original source code and see that there's a change, there's no way to tell that you've got the wrong software in there.
Because the chips have all the correct labeling.
And magically, magically thousands came up missing.
We're going to have more elections where more votes are cast than the votes voters were living in the district.
We're going to have negative results turning up again.
All these things going on and you know I mean Ohio just decertified all five of their voting systems in use because they were not secure.
Now I understand just because of errors in manufacturing maybe one in the five systems not being reliable but when all five are not reliable all five can be rigged
That is clearly by design, and obviously the powers that be, the powers behind the wars, the power behind globalism and the march toward dictatorship, they're going to be trying to steal this next election, and the only thing that's going to stop them is a bunch of Americans at the polling places glaring at them and watching every single move they make.
Well, Ron Paul's son, Dr. Rand Paul, here last week said that we need to get all the Ron Paul supporters and people who want fair and just, accurate elections, period, to become poll watchers, to get involved.
Just having eyes and ears there at the different election centers, at the central election centers, at the precincts.
Just get out there and start observing, ladies and gentlemen, because you will see chicanery.
Yeah, absolutely.
We need to take a stand here.
We need to be doing our own exit polling.
We need to just talk among our friends and say, who did you vote for?
And if what is being reported for your district doesn't match what you're seeing among your friends, then somebody's playing fast and loose with the election yet again.
And I gotta tell you, we gotta get these electronic machines out of the system and go back to something that is absolutely reliable.
And of course, the worst thing, and most people still don't believe this,
The elections are tallied up by a privately-owned company, owned by the TV networks and newspapers, with no citizen oversight, no government oversight.
They were caught stealing the Iowa caucuses away from Pat Buchanan back in 19-whatever-I-forget-which-year-that-election-was.
Yeah, they shaved 13% of Pat Buchanan's totals off.
All across the state, they're probably going to try and do it again for the coming Iowa caucuses to get Ron Paul out of the race as quick as they can.
But if Ron Paul really has the support that he seems to from the internet, he may win in enough of a landslide where even all the vote rigging is not going to be able to reverse that.
And that would really send a very clear message.
And that's because, again, they don't have their fraudulent systems in place, but in about 40% of the country, then it's different criminal blocs that are over those different systems around the nation.
There's five big companies that are more aligned with the neocons and Hillary now than they are, of course, with Ron Paul.
And, of course, until about 10 years ago, exit polls were always very accurate.
Now, magically, the exit polls don't matter anymore.
Yeah, well, you know, it's kind of funny because we saw this double standard when we saw the elections over in Russia, where the exit polls didn't match the official results, and the U.S.
was the first to scream, there must be vote fraud over there.
But in our own 2000-2004 elections, when Bush was magically winning in these states he wasn't expected to win in, and the pre-election polls and the exit polls all said it should have gone to Kerry, now we're being told, well, people voted for Bush but they were ashamed to admit it.
And other silly excuses like this to explain why the exit polls weren't matching the official results.
But it's important to remember something about vote fraud.
It's really only good to swing an election for a few percentage points one way or the other.
It can't reverse a landslide or it becomes too obvious and nobody will believe the official results.
And going into 2008, we have voters who know
This government is lying to them at every turn of the road, and they are not going to trust the official results unless it can be proven that these elections are honest and fair.
And remember, the burden of proof is on the government.
It's not on we the people.
We don't have to prove a thing.
That government has to prove that the election by which they claim authority is fair or accurate, or we the people are not obligated to listen to their dictates or pay their bills.
Well, I remember just five, six years ago, it was kooky to talk about election fraud.
Now, it's been on HBO, it's mainstream news.
People say, oh yeah, we know they cheat.
And so the sleeping giant is now starting to pay attention to the process and that is the beginning of the solution.
Shifting gears back to the smears on Ron Paul, they are really pulling out all the stops right now.
And notice that this latest Israel-backed attack on him
Happened within 24 hours of hundreds of mainstream news articles about Don Black of Stormfront giving $500 to Ron Paul.
That's a two-month-old story.
Notice how it's all getting dredged back up now with this added story of, does Ron Paul go to Nazi meetings?
And you notice there's not one shred of proof.
They don't even list any particulars.
It's all just vague.
Oh yeah, it's just all innuendo and smear, but it's rather interesting because I just got an email at my website from the guy who organized some of the dinners at those two restaurants, and he's saying Ron Paul was never there, they were not racist meetings of any kind, this entire story is a complete fiction from top to bottom, and he knows because he runs the places involved.
So it's coming apart real fast.
Uh, there is no proof.
Meanwhile, of course, we've got photos of Hillary Clinton posed with a known cocaine smuggler.
Jorge Cabrera.
Jorge Cabrera in front of the White House Christmas tree.
Now, that's not an open political meeting where anybody can walk in.
That is by invitation only.
And we don't see these people grabbing this picture and saying, here's hard proof of drug money corruption in the Clinton political history.
You know, they're absolutely, totally ignoring that.
But, you know, they're out to try and smear Ron Paul.
And I think the good news is,
The reaction I'm getting via email is universally, unanimously, everybody thinks it's just this huge funny joke that they would even try to do something like this in this day and age.
Mike, ten years ago people would have bought it.
What is the system going to do as everybody begins to get wise to all their tricks?
Well, I think the reason the system is in such trouble is they have never really been able to grasp
Just how the society has changed around them because of the internet and alternative media.
And a lot of them are, even the smear with Ron Paul proves, they're still trying to play the game by the tricks that worked back in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s.
And it isn't working.
It's falling flat on its face and they don't know what to do.
And I figure one of two things, they're going to keep on trying to play the same games over and over again until they trigger that crisis of confidence that brings it all down the way the USSR collapsed.
My worst fear, and a lot of people have expressed this to me as well, is that if Ron Paul starts doing really good in the early primaries, there may be an attempt to assassinate him.
Well, Daniel Estelin is... I mean, the stuff he's brought forward in the past is all panned out.
He's a real journalist.
He says he's got sources inside intelligence, high-level, but there's an open war-game discussion about killing Congressman Ron Paul.
Mike Rivero, stay there for one more segment.
I want to get your take on that.
And I also want to get your view on four states breaking away.
If it's a treaty, the Native Americans should be able to break it.
What's Big Brother Uncle Sam gonna do?
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful group of governments.
It's known as the Builder Bird Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
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Jimmy Mon, no shackles on me!
No, I'm no shackles!
Don't want no shackles on me.
Don't want no shackles.
Don't want no shackles on me.
This is one of the extras on Endgame.
It's got about 40 minutes of extras.
And it's his live performance at the Texas Independence Day Rally against the North American Union.
You can also watch it on YouTube.
It's out there.
Let's go ahead and go back to Mike Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com.
Mike, obviously when I say you broke this, your website did.
But it's important that you noted that it's your readers that did this.
And it's the same thing here.
I've got to say probably 60% of the time
It is emails, ideas, snippets, things that are pointed out by listeners.
And of the 60% of the time that it's my readers and listeners that point things out to us, 95% of the time what they are pointing out is accurate.
So it's that brain trust out there working together that is exposing this.
And in the past, we didn't have the capability to pool our mental resources together, but I see it accelerating, and I see
The crises for the elite are deepening very quickly.
You know, it's rather interesting, if you look all throughout history, there's always been an effort by the rulers to control the amount of information and the flow of information in their society, and then every once in a while, some technological breakthrough all of a sudden makes information more easily and cheaply available for the masses.
Whether it's cheap paper, writing, movable type printing, radio, telegraph, and now, of course, the Internet.
And each time we see the existing social institutions that were built on that foundation of controlling the flow of information, eventually they all collapse.
And I think we're starting to see that happen.
We saw it happen in the USSR.
It was brought down, literally, by fax machines.
And now we're seeing the USA, all of their lying to the American people is being exposed on the internet.
Of course, that's been the whole reason for what really happened going back almost 15 years now.
And we're seeing these old methods of rulership and control are no longer able to operate.
And you ask, what are the elites trying to do?
Well, they're trying to figure out how they can keep going.
And what they don't understand is the old methods are never going to work again.
And it's time for a new evolution of a new society that is based on more openness.
Mainstream publications like the Register have said that they're a menace, but it's more than just a menace.
I mean, they're out there really blocking, in a mob way, the democratization of information.
I mean, I'm not out there trying to block their crap.
Well, you know, but they do it so heavy-handedly, they're calling attention to it.
And if you remember, again, going back to the historical precedent of movable type, I mean, the Church worked very hard to try and suppress Gutenberg's Bible,
And, you know, I mean, the very first English translator of the Bible was burned at the stake.
But it didn't work.
Ultimately, they had to re-evaluate what was going on.
They made the Bible public.
They came out with the King James Version.
And all these changes that reduced the church's power had to happen eventually.
I know what Megaphone is trying to do.
The historical precedent is, all they'll do is call attention to what they're doing, and that will flash back on them.
And it's just going to accelerate what's happening.
I just want listeners to know, though, they do succeed individually in blocking what really happened in Prison Planet.
So, and I don't know if you knew this, Mike, if you probably don't pay attention, but you know they basically banned us from Digg.
Did you know that?
You knew that.
Yeah, I saw when the Digg links on my thing stopped working, I knew that I'd been banned.
But, you know, who cares?
I tell you what, stay there.
Stay there one more minute, because I want to come back and talk about going after Ron Paul.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The eight-pack connected propaganda arm of Israel that seeks to get American and Israeli and, well, Zionist globally to go around censoring anyone that doesn't agree with them.
And CENTCOM helps them out.
They've been censoring whatreallyhappened.com, prisonpanda.com, namely those sites and many others.
But it's not working like Mike was saying.
Finishing up with that, Mike Rivero, then we're going to let you go because I know you're busy.
It's early out in Hawaii right now.
Now I want to talk about, yeah, you said you're worried they're going to go after Ron Paul.
I wanted to get your take on the Daniel Estillin info.
It's not surprising, but I'm glad he got it out there because it's going to give people an opportunity to think what their reaction might be if something were to happen to Ron Paul.
And, you know, obviously, you know, I wish him good continued health, so forth and so on.
And it's a very troubling idea that the political establishment might remove him.
But then, again, going back to that horrible period of the 1960s when you saw John Kennedy get assassinated, Robert Kennedy got assassinated, Martin Luther King got assassinated, George Wallace was almost assassinated and wound up in a wheelchair.
There was an attempt to assassinate Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick, and you begin to realize that we have this incredible lawlessness at the upper levels of our government, so we can't discount the possibility that Ron Paul, being such a serious threat to the pro-war clique, that somebody might try and arrange for something to happen to him.
I mean, look at all the airplane accidents we were seeing happen just in the 1990s, just ten years ago.
You know, John Kennedy Jr., for example.
These things happen.
Commerce Secretary Ron Brown.
Ron Brown did that whole thing.
If something were to happen to Ron Paul, it might actually be the flashpoint where the American people just say, enough is enough.
We know the government is lying to us to trick us out of our money and our freedoms, and they're killing the candidates that we're trying to put in power, just so that they can keep it all for themselves.
And I think at that point,
You might see the American public lose all trust and faith in the government.
And once that happens, you know, you're on to the inevitability of a major social upset.
Well, some are saying the establishment may kill Paul, because they're debating it right now.
To cause some type of violent rebellion.
And I just want to caution both the establishment and the population.
I think it's going to be bigger than the establishment thinks.
And I want to tell the population, try to peacefully, in the Info War, get even more aggressive.
I mean, I really think violence is the last thing we need right now.
And Ron Paul said it.
He's 72 years old.
He knows what he's doing.
He said it on the show.
He knows he's in danger.
And I think the Tree of Liberty's water with the blood of patriots and tyrants, I don't want it to happen, but I think if they strike him down and then we just kind of give it a few weeks, you know, kind of like in Force 10 from Navarone where they blow up the dam, Mike, and it doesn't fall at once.
I mean, you see the analogy I'm saying?
Yeah, I hear what you're saying.
I think the damage would definitely be there and would be spreading.
And again, I don't like the idea of violence.
It's rough on the landscaping and bad for tourism, but
I keep thinking back to a saying that both Robert and John Kennedy used to say all the time, which is, when peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable.
And, you know, we're seeing a government that is openly violent with our people.
I mean, the police are treating Americans the way the Army treats Iraqis.
A lady at the Florida Best Buy got tasered because Best Buy made a mistake with her credit card.
Mike, I know you've got to go, but do you want to stay five minutes over and tell the Best Buy story?
Okay, good.
Because at Best Buy, if you pay with $2 bills, you can show it to the manager, five other employees, the cops come, they're so dumb like the idiot employees.
They don't know a $2 bill is real, a collector's item.
They arrest you.
They always want to search your stuff when you come and go.
It's happened to Mike.
We'll talk about this lady.
They accused her of having a stolen credit card.
She just argued.
She just mildly said, it's my card, buddy!
It's on video.
Get out of my face!
And the cop just deployed taser.
And the bigger issue is the police are saying, hey, this is okay.
This is okay.
We got a lot of other news coming up too, folks.
Native Americans seceding, Putin going wild.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Isn't their objective being world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
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Every day there's two, three, four, five, ten some days.
New squad car videos.
Or somebody talks back for maybe two, three seconds.
Or somebody's walking away to get their driver's license.
Or somebody even raises their voice.
Or somebody's on the ground, not resisting, saying, don't tase me, bro.
And they tase you.
Now, less lethal weapons, they call them non-lethal, I read the federal documents ten years ago on this, are actually meant to train the public to see the image of the police shooting us.
They're meant to train the police to start engaging us more.
The head of the Air Force said that for us to be able to use the microwave guns for crowd control in Iraq, they had to first use it on civilians here in the U.S.
We're also guinea pigs, and it's an us-against-them mentality.
But you see the reports now of people demonstrating peacefully, getting beat up, arrested, tasered.
A woman just
Waves her hands and says, it's my card.
And the cop walks up behind her and tasers her.
See, now you're not allowed to raise your voice.
Or from Chicago to New York, they're saying no more video cameras, no more photos, you'll be arrested as Al Qaeda terrorists.
Mainstream news today, but they're going to have face scanning cameras everywhere watching us.
Mike, it's almost like the system is trying
To act out of control.
I mean, we know that they want to scare us, make us all feel like we're in a police state, but I think it's going to have the opposite effect.
Oh, absolutely.
I agree.
And you know what's kind of amazing is back when the Romanian Revolution happened and it took only two weeks from the first breakout of protests to Ceaușescu being machine gunned on national TV.
And one of the reasons given
To justify support for the Romanian Revolution is that Ceaușescu had TV cameras in every street corner watching his people, and that proved that it was a dictatorship.
Well, now we've got the same thing here.
They've got TV cameras watching us, automated computer vision systems are tracking our license plates so they know where we go, they're listening on our cell phones and reading our email without any warrants.
I mean, you know, if this isn't a surveillance dictatorship, I don't know what is.
And by the way, by the way, notice how
It went in the space of two years from, we don't listen to anything without warrants, to it's only Bin Laden's calls, to it's only Al Qaeda calls, to it's everyone, everybody, it goes through NSA first, every email, every call, you're darn right, we're listening to everything you do, shut up and watch what you say, and taking a photograph of your child's school will get you arrested, and this, I mean, they now are just in our face.
Yeah, it's repression.
It's psychological repression because the bottom line is, even with all their computers and all their people, they really can't read and listen and analyze every single piece of email and every phone call in the country.
But it's designed to make you afraid to speak out.
It's designed to make you afraid to talk to your friends about what's going on.
And they used the same tactics in Nazi Germany.
They convinced the German people that the Gestapo was hearing everything, so that the German people would just stay quiet.
And no matter what they were thinking, they wouldn't dare speak to their neighbor, because who knows, it might be an informant who'd run off to the Gestapo about what was going on.
Yeah, that's the 300-year-old French model of penitentiaries, the panopticon, where it was a circular prison with like a tower that the jailers stayed in, and the people had the feeling of always being watched.
Go ahead.
Yeah, that's exactly it.
And it's all about scaring people into not speaking out and not talking about what's going on with their friends and neighbors.
And it isn't working, because anybody who's smart enough to use a computer realizes that with 300 million Americans approaching the boiling point, the government just doesn't have enough people or computers to be really listening to everything we're saying.
So they're continuing to communicate their concerns with pretty much a feeling of impunity.
And yeah, sooner or later the government's going to start grabbing a few individuals to make examples of because that is the repressive pattern.
Mike, what do you think of the fact that myself particularly, I've had Neil Bortz, Sean Hannity,
Michael Medved, all call for my arrest saying I'm Tim McVeigh.
No evidence, no proof.
Charlie Manson, I'm dangerous.
I need to be arrested.
I mean, that kind of keeps you up at night knowing that this is a White House talking point.
Why do you think they're doing that?
I think it's a panic reaction.
They don't know what else to do.
They can't discredit you.
They can't discredit the blogs.
They've been trying to for, you know, for ages to get back control of the discussion on the Internet.
They're spending billions of dollars with public relations firms trying to seed the discussions on the internet.
You've got Megaphone out there.
It's falling flat on its face.
They don't know what to do, so all they can do is scream, arrest our enemies, arrest the enemies, and throw them in jail.
It's all they can do.
In a way, it's an admission of surrender.
They've run out of ideas.
Well, I hate to talk about myself, but I mean, I kind of want to get your take.
It's always good to get counsel when I respect your opinion.
Do you think I'm in danger?
More danger?
Or is this just... Or when callers call in about me, they also tell the caller, you should be fired from your job.
You could be arrested.
You better not talk like this.
I mean, they're clearly trying to create the fear, which shows what fascist pigs they are.
But I mean, have myself now kind of be like the tagline.
It kind of gets creepy, Mike.
Well, you know, like I said, I would almost take it as a compliment, because it proves you're having an effect, you're having an influence, you're helping to steer the future course of the country in a direction they don't want it to go.
And, you know, as to whether we're going to reach a point where they're really going to start arresting radio hosts and bloggers, I can't say whether that's going to happen or not.
I don't think so.
Right now, my reaction to these kind of things is basically laughter.
You know, they're really making themselves look pathetic to say these kind of things.
Well, I know you've been attacked nationally as well.
It's just to know that there's a concerted talking point out.
They're trying to intimidate my listeners.
I mean, I agree.
They're trying to scare everybody.
And if I've got to take one for the team and if they do something to me, that's the way it is.
I mean, I know I've already cast the die.
I've already passed the point of return.
It's just that I can't believe they're being so obvious.
And really so honest about how evil they are.
I mean, I wonder why Glenn Beck and all these guys just think they can... I mean, they really are scum.
Yeah, they really are.
But you know, we have a saying on a coffee cup over here that says the fastest way to end a dictatorship is to force them to act like one where everybody can see it.
And that's the stage we're at right now.
I agree.
I hope they don't kill Ron Paul.
We'll be discussing that coming up in the next hour.
Mike, in closing, what do you think of the Native Americans pulling out of the U.S.?
Well, I think they have the right to do it.
I mean, why should they abide by the treaties when the U.S.
government has never abided by them?
The U.S.
is still trying to weasel its way out of all that missing Indian Trust Fund money, and I think the Indian Nation should declare their independence, and while they're at it, they should send back all those used Army blankets.
No, the nice, friendly bio-attack weapons.
You know what?
I wish him luck.
I really do.
You know what?
government was nice to the natives, and how dare you make up lies?
The U.S.
That's another conspiracy theory from Mike Rivero, WhatReallyHappened.com.
Mike, thank you.
I'm proud of it.
Yeah, no, the government's good, never did anything wrong, and that's a conspiracy if you say they're bad.
Thanks for joining us, my friend.
Happy holidays.
Have a great Christmas.
You too.
Oh boy.
Okay, speak of the devil, here's the news that I've got in front of me.
I've got a bunch of Ron Paul news I haven't gotten to, but we've already covered a lot of Ron Paul news, so let me just shift gears into some of what I've got that we haven't covered that I want to get into in the next 45 minutes.
Then Daniel Esselin's going to join us.
We're hoping the phone's up for you to talk to him.
That's why he's scheduled to come on and also more on Ron Paul.
We'll find out together if he's learned any more from his intelligence sources about the elite discussions to kill Ron Paul.
Gun Owners of America summary of gun control.
Very important story.
Up on gunowners.org.
It's also on truthnews.us.
You can't make this stuff up.
Carlisle Group buys the Magna Carta for $21 million.
It's owned by the Queen of England, the Bin Ladens, and the Bushes.
Those are the majority stockholders in the private stock issuance, the private company.
In fact, I shouldn't call it stock.
It's shareholders.
The company doesn't make anything.
They just have sweetheart deals with influence peddling, handing over defense contracts.
I couldn't make this up.
You've got this wicked, wicked criminal group buying the Magna Carta for 21 million.
By the way, that's 21 million pounds.
I guess that's 40-something million dollars.
Oh, man.
Heaven help us.
If you don't know what the Magna Carta is, folks, you might want to learn.
It's very important.
Remember Tony Blair when he first got in in 97 said, Big BBC article said, the Magna Carta is dead, I'm replacing it.
No more juries, checkpoints, we're gonna fight terror.
And man did they do it.
Jolly old England turned into Big Brother on steroids.
Surveillance Society, new to high tech cameras are watching you.
This is from Popular Mechanics, of all people, and they say how wonderful it is.
And they just admit that IBM has put in a system all over the country that isn't just reading your license plates in real time.
They put them on squad cars too.
Of course, it's a matter of federal and state law, says they're supposed to have probable cause.
When they run your plates, they just do it.
Kind of like state legislatures in Texas aren't supposed to vote for other people or vote more than once.
They just do it right on camera.
Ha ha!
I'll vote as many times as I want!
If you don't like it, we'll send guys by with machine guns!
We've got IQs about 75 points!
They like to kill people!
Do you want me to pick the phone up?
I run things.
To understand population, I'm the government.
Shut up!
Sit down and take your shots.
Mercury's good for you.
I mean, that's really what it's come down to.
Just sit down and shut up or I'll shove a gun in your mouth.
And it says, the ferry arrived, the gangway went down, and seven-year-old Emma Powell rushed towards the Statue of Liberty.
She climbed on the grass around the star-shaped foundation.
She put on a green foam crown with seven protruding rays, turning so that her body was oriented just like Little Liberty's.
Emma extended her right arm skyward with an imaginary torch.
I snapped a picture, and I took my niece's hand and went off to buy some pretzels.
Other people were taking pictures, too.
And not just the other tourists.
Liberty Island, name notwithstanding, is one of the most heavily surveilled places in America.
Dozens of cameras record hundreds of hours of video daily.
They go through your skin, your face.
It's been put in nationwide, as I told you.
They're now just telling you about it.
Ted Andrews for Midas December 28, 2007 Gold 833 60 ounce gold coins could be purchased for $8.5843, $4.23 per half, $2.1150 per quarter.
That's $8.5843, $4.23 and $2.1150.
Hedge funds caught in the malaise of mortgage bankruptcies.
The bond market continues to slump.
Morgan gets caught in a $10 billion bad deal for Chrysler.
Housing sales fell 6.6%.
Mortgage giant Countrywide showed mortgage payment woes spreading to the middle and upper class.
Investors cast doubt on investment banks.
Credit protection insurance for mortgage lenders are skyrocketing due to the increased risk.
dollar is free-falling against foreign currencies and countries that previously financed the U.S.
The U.S.
are now seeking safer alternatives.
Economist Rory Boyd published the report, Bubble Leaking.
Call for the report today, 800-686-2237.
The value of your hard-earned money is being lost in a global game of chess.
That's 800-686-2237.
Call 800-686-2237.
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I think so.
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Or go to drying123.com.
That's drying123.com.
You know, I talked about it with Mike Rivero earlier.
But you notice how just a few months ago they were, don't worry, we're just not using warrants for Al-Qaeda overseas.
And Al-Qaeda here domestically.
And then, yeah, we don't get warrants anymore for wiretaps in all crimes.
Yeah, we just do whatever we want, and FBI agents who don't like it get fired.
And yeah,
The NSA's got all the keys, the computer keys.
All your email goes through them first.
They actually own most of the email serving companies.
It's not enough for them to have the pipeline control.
And yeah, they got big offices and all the telephone.
Yeah, we're listening to everything you do.
Yeah, we're scaring your face.
Yeah, if your child brings a plastic steak knife to school to cut up their meat, we're gonna arrest them.
Yeah, we're gonna try to inject you full of all these drugs.
And I'll tell the cops and people that work for this system, they try to shoot your kids up with this.
I bet we got FBI agents listening right now who had an 18-month-old child, and I bet you took them for a third round of shots, and I bet they had a big ol' seizure on you, didn't they?
And I bet they sit in the corner right now, biting themselves.
I bet they're in, I mean, I bet that poor child's had their life ruined by your loving, filth government.
By the scum of hell!
That literally runs this country, heaven help us.
We have to admit to ourselves how evil this system is if we're going to turn anything around.
And every time I turn something over, every time I turn over a new rock, it's IBM underneath it, slithering around.
They're behind all these face scanning systems, these control systems.
Here's another story.
The end of the light bulb as we know it, they've just passed a law that in the next couple of years they're going to ban all fluorescent light bulbs.
That nice yellow, that nice soft white you like.
Doesn't matter, they've got extended life and last two years.
By the way, they're non-toxic and that can't be allowed.
You've got to have the white light or the green colored light, which they admit is made out of mercury and very poisonous and very bad for the earth.
It doesn't matter.
It's about training you about what you can build, what you can design, everything being regulated.
And it sounds reasonable, and then it moves on from there.
The incandescent light bulb, one of the most venerable institutions, inventions of its era, but deemed too inefficient for our own,
We're good to go.
By the way, it'll be really bad for the Earth, but that doesn't matter.
It's also harder to make these.
It'll cut down on the amount of companies that can make them.
Jack up prices.
Kind of like when the patent was up on Freon Air Conditioners.
They just banned them to make you adopt their new patent.
Well, there's no rape you won't take.
You'll get a lot more before they're done, don't worry.
This is just the beginning.
DHS finalizing spy satellite program to watch Americans without congressional oversight.
Let's just stop right there.
About nine years ago, I saw mainline government reports, not in the news, but in government reports, about how they were already using spy satellites to look for marijuana fields.
They were already using them to watch farmers and ranchers.
They've been doing it in Europe, Australia, the U.S.
for at least a decade.
I learned about it six, seven, eight years ago.
I forget now.
But notice, that's what NORTHCOM is all about.
This entire army of military systems is just being turned against us.
It happened in Rome.
The military just says, why don't we just take over?
We're good to go.
Botany, but we're increasing them.
We've got thousands of new ones a year for homeland security and data mining and spying.
So see, that's how they institutionalize what they do.
You're going to have, already do, millions of people that have been hatched out of these universities the last four or five years who've got degrees in the new science of Jack Buddhism.
And they love it.
They love the power.
They love the money.
And they're going to enjoy running our lives.
They're going to enjoy taking your businesses, taking your wife when they want them.
This is what it's all about to be slaves.
You want to have a commissar telling you what to eat, how to sleep, where to work, what to do?
You want to be slaves?
You're going to get to be!
You wanted to be a punk?
You're going to get to be a punk!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
Every bond you break.
And every word you say.
You watch us.
We watch right back.
All right, we're halfway into this transmission.
And I know we've got Adam, Kevin, Richard, Dan, Tony, many others.
Daniel Estelin on this 21st day of December 2007 will be joining us.
We accelerate towards that crossroads with him joining us in the next 26 minutes.
I feel a lot better today.
I've been kind of out of it the last three days.
An amazing head, colon, ear aches.
And normally I would feel like hammered horse putty right now, but this, as bad as I feel, this feels like seven heaven compared to yesterday and the day before that.
I'm just letting you know that because occasionally I still kind of hack and squeeze here on air.
And it's incandescents that are being banned, not fluorescents.
They're making you go to fluorescent.
With all of its toxicity.
Dim green light everywhere.
Gone is the beautiful yellow glow.
Government says so.
We say, yes sir, boss.
When they say jump, we say, ha-ha, boss man.
All right, let me get to some more of this news, then we'll go to your phone calls.
Oh, man.
First off, we do happen to have Club Bilderberg with hundreds of photos, documents.
Very quick, easy read, but it's a thick, thick book.
But it's a very easy read.
It's the kind of book I like.
You know, jam-packed pages, documents, diagrams, but photos every other page.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
More than that.
We happen to have it.
It's still sold out everywhere else.
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We've got 200 of these bad boys left.
Right now, the Bilderberg Group, the true story of the Bilderberg Group,
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And you can also get $5 off in-game when you get Club Bilderberg, the true story of the Bilderberg Group, at infowars.com or by calling 888-253-3139.
Again, 888-253-3139.
You can also write to me, I'm Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And then of course there's also PrisonPlanet.tv.
And just for the month of December, we are offering five months free.
When you sign up for a year, you pay for 6.7 months and you get 5.3 months free.
Or just get a trial monthly membership for $5.95 at InfoWars.com and download endgame in super high quality or stream download it, burn it to disk, burn it to DVD.
It is an armory in the InfoWar.
Please use the weapon system.
We are hurting the globalist bad.
They are counter-striking.
They are calling for my arrest and violence against me all over radio.
It's got the hairs on the back of my neck standing up, but I'm not gonna pay attention to that.
I'm just gonna keep firing my weapon in the info war at the enemy structure.
I'm right up against it at point-blank range, as they say.
So there's no missing.
All I gotta do is pull the trigger.
We've got the info.
We've got the truth.
And I suggest that you take to the air on the info war and bomb the enemy back into the stone age.
They're attacking us through the air, the water, the food, the vaccines, the culture, the brainwashing.
We're all under attack.
All of us are in this together.
You could even work for the New World Order and you think you're with them against us.
Ninety-nine percent of the servants of the New World Order are really in the same boat as us.
They just don't know it.
Wait till they figure it out, though.
It'll be too late for most of them.
I'll laugh because this is really sick.
Sometimes I just get really... It's so sick.
It's so disgusting.
I just start cackling because there's a sick side of me that's just... You know, if I'm not laughing, I'd be crying.
In fact, I just actually had tears going to my eyes just then.
That's actually a sick form of sorrow.
Oh, God, they hurt so many people.
They've done so much bad.
You know, I was on San Antonio talk station.
I think his name's Chris Duell.
I grew up listening to him and his father co-host a show together, but now they're, I think, on two different talk stations.
I don't remember.
There's another guy on there who's real nice.
He's a fan, so he has me on all the time.
But the Duel, I think it's the Duel Brothers, I forget.
I'm kind of out of it with this cold.
But I was in this church, outside courtyard.
Hold on a moment, I'm having a painful moment here.
Hey John, what audio clips you got?
I need to take a little bit of a break.
Yeah, play that first ten amendment.
But well, what else you got there?
Yeah, play the short Matrix one.
Okay, go ahead.
Like everyone else, you were born into bondage.
Born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch.
A prison for your mind.
This is your last chance.
After this, there is no turning back.
You take the blue pill.
The story ends.
You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
You take the red pill.
You stay in Wonderland.
And I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
All I'm offering is the truth.
Nothing more.
We're back live here.
An extended cough button moment there.
Anyways, I'm on this radio show.
And I'm laying out the facts of 9-11, how the hijackers were trained at U.S.
military bases, admitted, how our government's done this in the past, how they had the motive about the drills.
And there were two talk show hosts on at the time, and one of them said, well, Alex, you know, I think you believe what you're saying.
I mean, he was being real.
You could tell by the tone of his voice and, you know, the spirit of it came across.
It wasn't just total fakeness like most of the talk show hosts.
And he said, but you're going to have to answer to God someday for what you're saying, whether it's true or not.
You know, for good or for bad, you just better hope that you're right.
Because you're making some pretty amazing statements and claims here.
And I said, absolutely, I know that.
And I can stand before my Creator knowing that I told the truth.
And really, he just put into a statement what I feel every day when I go to bed at night.
No matter how tired I am, is that people who attack me, people who say I'm making stuff up, people who... A, they haven't checked out what I'm saying, or they've gone and looked at strawman arguments that have been built, where people claim I said something I didn't, and then they dissect that.
I mean, do you think it's fun?
To know that the government is a bunch of murdering killers?
Who can kill me at any time?
You think it's fun to know that our society is run by real live monsters?
You think it's fun to know this stuff's happening?
You think it's fun to have a lot of people hate me?
Or it's fun to go on radio shows and say that the government carried out 9-11 and have people say, well, you better hope you're right.
You better hope you're not wrong, mister.
Because he was saying, yeah, I hear you, yeah, there's some evidence that shows this, but you just better hope you're right, buddy, because this is a big thing to be saying.
This is big medicine, as the old Indian would say.
I know it's big medicine.
I don't feel worthy to even bring you this information half the time.
And I do hard research every morning, every night.
I couldn't sleep last night because I felt like someone was sticking an ice pick in my ear.
So for, I guess from about 9 at night till about 4 in the morning I did research.
There's no way to even come on air and then regurgitate all that information on you.
At you.
Most of the time I just get up here and then grasp all the data I've got and I'm just absolutely dumbfounded by what they're doing.
I am stunned.
I mean, I keep using this analogy every day because there's thousands I could use, but it takes will to take a two-year-old baby, three-year-old baby, what's their average age, and to take them and put them in a chamber and send high radiation for them until they die.
Or to give them a lower dose and watch them die over two weeks or a month.
I mean, it takes will to go fry a little baby and then watch them bleed out and
Watch their fast-growing cells die, and their intestines melt in them, and their teeth all fall out, and blisters all over their faces.
It takes a lot of will to do that, and I want you to know that's the type of demon creatures that are just an inch away from you and your family.
As soon as they get their world government, as soon as they get their police state in the name of fighting the made-up Islamo-fascists they created,
The minute they can have their way with us, they are.
And I just want to kick their hind ends.
I don't want to let them have their way.
I'm tired of them laughing at you, calling you stupid, calling me stupid, getting away with all the things they do.
I mean, the United Nations, everywhere they go, run giant kidnapping rings, giant killing operations.
In Rwanda, it's now come out in mainstream news, but for years it wasn't known.
Remember Rwanda?
says 840-something thousand died.
The U.N.
It's more like 1.3 million.
The U.N.
went in, took the Tutsis, who have known most of the land.
They were the Christian minority.
They took them.
Took them into refugee camps.
Said they had to leave the country.
Then they sent the Hutus in to kill them.
And if the kids got out, the U.N.
would be there with guns, mowing them down.
They also supplied the machetes to them.
was running that.
The U.N.
It wasn't the U.N.
didn't do enough to stop it.
They ran the thing.
Then they'd take whatever black kids they wanted and go have their way with them.
That's where real pedophiles go.
They go join the U.N.
I mean, that's who we're talking about.
That's who we're dealing with.
And the minute they think they can get away with that with you, I don't care if you live in a $10 million house, and drive a $120,000 Mercedes, and got a $100,000 Corvette in the garage, and your wife looks like, you know, was the last, was Penthouse Pet of the Month, and you think you've got it all figured out.
And you got a big jet boat on a lake, and you're real cool, and you've got a nose job.
Let me tell you something.
The New World Order will chew you up and spit you out.
You are nothing to them, boy.
None of us are.
These people are cold-blooded.
But they've got hot-blooded killers that like to kill.
Let me tell you the news I've got.
Let me just go through some of this.
We're going to get to your calls.
It might be with Estlin.
Who knows?
Might be before.
The Department of Homeland Security is now announcing that spy satellites are going to be watching us all in real time.
That's already been going on forever, folks.
They're just now telling you about it.
Doesn't mean it's any better, it means it's worse!
Remember all the news articles calling me a crazy man saying that ten years ago?
Because I could read congressional reports?
Here's another one.
The Register.
wireless wiretapping.
Free dates.
See, first they claim, oh, it's just for 9-11.
Well, first they claim the NSA didn't exist.
Remember that?
Kind of like the NAU doesn't... I mean, you gotta laugh!
Well, I think about how ridiculous it is how they lie to us!
Yeah, Mercury's good for you too, right?
Turn off the tax bill of rights.
Corporate media ignores the story.
Curt Nemo did a great article on this.
By the way, I got writers and webmasters pouring their hearts out.
Paul Watts and Steve Watts and Aaron Dykes, Curt Nemo.
They deserve to have their articles spread around.
Don't count on others to do it, folks.
Help us get these out to people.
They need to know that spy satellites are spying on us.
The National Applications Office.
What a nice name for the NSA watching us with Northcom.
Another one by Kurt Nemo.
Look at this story.
And he just links to mainstream news.
Chicago terrorist and photographer is now considered al-Qaeda.
And Chicago terrorist consulting maps.
Remember three years ago they announced if somebody's got a map in their car,
A map and they send in a world almanac or a cell phone.
They're a terrorist.
Go ahead and take them in.
So they make it as broad as possible.
And then these cops that follow things by the book, you know, they never got demerits in the military.
They just, alright, he's got a map in his car.
Get out.
Get out.
I got one.
I got one.
Holy mackerel.
Because they gotta make the terror definition as wide as possible, and then there's never any terrorists, so they say, oh, and we fight crime.
Oh, there's no more warrants to fight Al-Qaeda and all crime!
In Chicago, terrorist consulting maps and those with cameras are now to be considered to be with Al-Qaeda.
Chicago's Bureau of Strategic Deployment, the whole thing is run by the well-known Mob Boss, has issued an awareness bulletin advising snitches to turn in people using monoculars, cameras, and maps
To the Deployment Operations Center, apparently part of a parcel of Ministry of Homeland Security.
See something, say something, called 911, posters demanding the citizenry.
They got the same things in England, but pictures of big eyes, all seeing eyes watching you.
And they've got the truck drivers, you know, 400 and something thou.
First it was look for terrorists two years ago, and then I told you that then they switched and said, well, now look for crime.
And sure enough,
Look for drunk drivers.
Oh, that sounds reasonable.
And the next it's, do you see a parent spank their child in the car?
Write down the plate, send in CPS.
I was listening to the local radio this morning, and it was like, CPS needs to take all the children, and it just went on and on.
As well, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, workplaces, business establishments, or key facilities, you'll be considered a homegrown terrorist.
We caught the cops again in New Orleans.
People didn't want to get their houses bulldozed.
Cops wanted to shut down their demonstration.
They sent in cop provocateurs, caught on video again.
There's crime everywhere, having their way with us.
Street photography now illegal in the United Kingdom, we'll tell you about that.
Putin wants to help Native Americans take over the U.S.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Doesn't their objection mean world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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We're good to go.
This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
Let's ask the question that the Bush regime hopes you will never ask.
That is, is the USA already bankrupt?
As the world's biggest debtor nation, we are borrowing in excess of 80% of the world's net savings.
That's $2 billion per day to finance the biggest deficit in history.
Our creditors are becoming increasingly concerned that the debt can never be repaid.
Japan and China, two of the largest holders of U.S.
debt, are looking to greatly reduce their exposure to dollars.
In fact, China has privately hinted that a U.S.
attack on Iran could result in China's dumping massive amounts of U.S.
Treasury bonds.
To find out more about this, call for a free report on the coming dollar collapse.
Call Whitehurst International at 1-888-892-6238.
That's 1-8888-XANADU or 1-8888-XANADU and ask for George.
We've got this massive snitch society.
Everybody tattling on each other.
Our local talk show host, who I guarantee you were out drinking when they were teenagers, talking about it's even bad if seniors go out to a ranch so they don't drink and drive and drink.
They need to all be arrested and the parents need to be arrested and the people have small children and they need to have them taken away.
But CPS is five times more likely to abuse kids and they're going to put the kids on hardcore drugs.
It's this institutionalization of society, and you think, oh, Hillary's coming, she'll give us health care, my health care will be free.
Nothing's free.
They're going to make you go through procedures.
They're going to make you take shots.
And I heard this on the radio two days ago, I forgot to Google it, but they're doing it right now.
Hillary now is proposing, and I heard it on national news, it wasn't just a talk show host, mandatory pre-K.
See, first it's you gotta come when you're five, now it's you gotta come when you're one.
And you gotta have the mercury, cause it's good.
Now, two years ago, I was in England, filming, um, Terror Storm, and I'd be politely just shooting video of a fruit stand, wouldn't matter, and cops would walk over and go, you're not allowed to tell you, but I'd say, what's the law?
And they'd just say, I said so.
And it's everybody over there now.
If you even stop and start talking to somebody, they come over now.
It's all about dominating and ruling over everyone.
I wrote this story.
Street photography now illegally in the United Kingdom.
In merry old England, it is now illegal to take photographs.
If you do so in public, the cops will consider you an active member of Al-Qaeda.
And they have the stop and search record.
I was given one of these.
We actually have one of these.
I was put in the terror database.
And they say, uh, there's now a million people in the terror database in the U.S.
and it grows by a couple hundred thou a year.
Again, there's no real terrorists, but they're gonna go around with these numbers.
We got ten million terrorists in America!
This lady was once seen birdwatching!
But the border's wide open and we accept the illegal aliens' fake IDs.
But it's for your safety.
The police have seized films from an amateur photographer accusing him of obtaining photographs of possibly sensitive material in Hull City Center.
Reports amateur photographer photojournalist Steve Carroll said the officers objected to him photographing sensitive buildings.
One later added that people have been anxious about the use of his camera.
We're at the shopping mall!
Someone has a camera!
Save me!
It's like gun control supporters.
They love it when cops in black ski masks and Darth Vader outfits walk by.
They feel real safe.
But they see a citizen.
It happens all the time.
They're always shutting down different roads in Austin, different sectors.
And it always comes out in the news later.
Some guy will walk out with his gear rifle, stick it in his truck, and neighbors see it.
And they'll call.
SWAT teams will come and lock down the whole apartment complex.
And they'll creep up to his door.
And he'll come out and say, what's going on?
And they'll say, get down on the ground.
Then it's, oh, he got his deer rifle out of his truck.
And everybody's like, oh gosh, it was deadly!
He had a weapon!
And it's the same thing with face scanning cameras.
Millions, four million of them in London.
Cameras that now shout orders at you.
Checkpoints everywhere.
Hover drones flying around.
Secret police everywhere.
Foreigners everywhere.
Crawling all over everyone.
Doing whatever they want.
If citizens fight back, they're arrested.
They have secret police that sit in restaurants to see if citizens make even slight slings under their breath about foreigners.
Oh yeah, England has thousands of officers that just listen for unsocial private discussions.
You've gotta love it.
Because see, you're the mainline cattle.
You're there to be sucked off of.
You're the ones that put up to this parasite class.
There it is.
Hillary Clinton wants a pre-kindergarten program for four-year-olds, and she wants it mandatory.
That's right.
Enemy of the Republic.
I got so much more, it'll make your head spin.
We'll be right back.
You are listening to GCN.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is Friday, the 21st day of December 2007.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Third hour, wide open phones in this hour for Daniel Estelin.
So any question you raise to me, you can raise to him.
He's an expert on the New World Order.
He'll give us any new info he's learned since last week.
Last Friday, we dropped the bombshell on us.
We're good to go.
They're reporting that he's stolen $40 billion from the Russian Treasury.
I've got some news on that today.
Also, how they're now rolling out the big police statement, admitting the NSA's watching everyone.
Why does Daniel think that that's happening?
Well, the main reasons he's here is to take your calls.
And he's also the author, of course, of the best-selling book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, available at InfoWars.com.
We still have it in stock for a limited time.
Daniel, thanks for coming on.
Great to be with you, Alex, again.
Thanks for having me.
Vladimir Putin, they're really going after him in the press.
The London Guardian's claiming that he ran off with $40 billion and he's bad.
I'm not saying he's good or bad, but now four states are seceding that the Indians really do own, the Native Americans here in the U.S.
Putin's saying he's going to back that secession because the U.S.
is backing the Kosovo secession from Serbia.
What do you think about that?
If anyone stole anything, I think it's the...
The men behind the curtains, the Bilderbergers in the 1990s, when they tried to destroy Russia by using their men, which was, of course, Yeltsin.
They basically took away anything that wasn't tied down or nailed down to the floor.
And based upon the information, I think a lot of it has come out in the press, the Russian economy was bled of $500 billion.
That's in hard-earned cash.
So when somebody says that this man stole $40 billion, of course there's no proof.
Of that just mere speculation.
You have to laugh at the Bilderberger-led plans.
So basically, they tried to destroy Russia in the 1990s.
They weren't able to do this.
And now they're going back at Putin.
And again, it's an orchestrated, organized attack.
Now, the documentary on Litvinenko is out in Spain.
His wife was all over the press in my country, talking about how Putin is the bad guy, the evil doer, as they call him here.
But needless to say, again, there's not one iota of proof that Putin, the president of Russia, had anything to do with Litvinenko.
All prove that I have been able to gather, and again, I talk about it in my new book, which was just released in Spain, points to figure Adverisovsky and his cohorts in this particular affair.
Continue, Daniel.
I think there's just so much stuff going on, Alex, at the same time, simultaneously.
I think, again, what before took us six months to actually process, now is actually going in about one week or ten days.
Won't you agree?
Everything is accelerating, and I mean, that isn't just perception.
Everything is accelerating.
Right now, to paraphrase Lennon, you know, he said there were times in history when more happens in a month or a week than happened in the previous hundred years on the geopolitical scene.
I mean, Len is not exactly my favorite character, but you do have to agree that there's just so much stuff going on.
Well, exactly.
You're just talking about the Indians succeeding.
The whole Kosovo thing is a can of worms in Europe, and again, in Spain you have nationalists, Basque nationalists in the North and Kabbalah nationalists.
Now, a lot of people are asking me, well, how does this work if the Bilderbergers are anti-nationalism?
Why would they be supporting these movements?
Because, again, if you think about it, it takes hundreds of millions of dollars to actually have an organized nationalist movement, being even in a small area of about 10 million people in northern Spain.
Where are these people getting that money from?
Explain that when we get back.
Daniel Eskildon is our guest.
The establishment discussing what would happen if they killed Ron Paul and any developments there as well.
We'll be right back with the author of the Bilderberg Group.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful group of government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Both their objective being world domination.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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I don't know.
I think so.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I promise we're going to get to Alan, Adam, Kevin, Gordon, Chris, Lucas, all your calls coming up early in this hour.
That's why Daniel agreed to come back on even during the holidays from Spain.
He's a best-selling author, investigative journalist, hosts a national radio show in Spain as well.
Good friend of mine.
He's one of the big contributors to the film.
Wouldn't call him a star.
None of us are stars.
We're in an info war.
One of the big contributors to my new film, Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You were just now speaking, Daniel, about how the internationalists, why they will also fund and support and be behind a subgroup breakaway nationalist within a nation, how that actually hurts national sovereignty.
Well, again, Alex, let's talk about the North American Free Trade Agreement.
To put the whole thing in perspective, and I'll go back to Europe, I think people will be able to understand it much better.
Now, think of Canada as the attic, the warehouse where the raw materials are based.
Mexico is the boiler room where all the dirty work is done.
And the United States is a spacious living room with breathtaking views, a dining room and a balcony.
Oh, of course, and the water supply.
Now, it won't do if a million-dollar home has clogged pipes.
Basically, that's the plan.
See, it's a stepping stone towards building a New World Order.
Now, the whole thing about free trade, again, is to make sure that nobody can strike out on their own.
See, before, Germany was able to build their own cars, as were the United States.
Now you have the engine built in Detroit, the doors are built in Canada, and then the tires and the hubcaps are put together in Mexico.
This way you can assure that nobody can strike out on their own.
And if they do... And that's neo-mercantilism.
Only the globalists control the different sectors, so that gives them monopoly of the power of construction.
Exactly, and if you try to strike out on your own, it's the international community which will be coming and calling on your doorstep actually to get these rights back.
And this is exactly what they've done in Europe and what a lot of people thought before that the whole thing of the European Union was for everybody's benefit.
Now a lot of them are realizing, especially in poorer countries such as Spain, Portugal,
Uh, as well as wealthy nations such as France and Germany, that they're not actually getting such a good deal after all.
And now the European Union is beginning to realize people within it.
Uh, now that they've woken up, they're not allowed to vote their way out of it.
They were never even allowed to vote themselves into it.
And expanding on that, they admit in their own documents, Daniel, speak to your expertise on this, because I know you've done even more research than I have, but I run into it time and time again.
They admit the global carbon tax is to shut down small manufacturers, it will totally make whatever's left in Europe and the U.S.
leave the third world, where there's no emissions controls, where it'll actually boost emissions overall, globally.
I mean, on its face, even if you
Believe the man-made global warming story, their solution will actually increase carbon emissions and is a global tax.
Well, you know, it's amazing that you actually bring this up, because a few days ago, I received a document from last year's Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland, 2007, where one of the characters, I can't remember his name because I have it in my other home, he was actually talking about the attempt at quote-unquote, slowing down the rate of economic and scientific progress, especially economic progress,
And again, these are the words of the people at the Davos Economic Forum in 2007.
Now, most of Davos is public.
Is this a secret document?
Well, not all of it is public.
Again, for you actually to be able to get into it, you really have to jump through quite a few holes.
Of course, it's an elitist forum.
A lot of the press obviously get in.
Not all of the discussions are public.
Some of them are closed-door discussions.
But again, you have the Davos in the end of January.
You have the Trilaterals and the CFR.
Specifically, get into that document, because I interrupted, and really scan your brain, Daniel, and think of the name.
I can't remember the name because I got it a few days ago with Christmas around the corner and shopping.
I just can't remember the name, but next time I come on your show, if I'm invited back, I will bring the document with me and I can read some of the things, some of the extracts from it.
Of course you'll be invited, but give us the basic flavor of the document.
Basic Flavor was basically the need to slow the economy, the economic development down now, as soon as possible.
Again, you're talking about the creation of the slave society, and one of the ways to do this is to destroy the idea, as we talk so often on your show, the idea and the ideal of what the nation states represent, making sure that people are poor, not wealthier, because wealthy people, people who have power, people who have
Empowerment, they can actually put together things that the world government, new world order can't have, such as freedom, such as thinking people, and obviously the whole idea of dumbing down societies and bringing it down to the level of slaves, has a lot to do with destroying the progress and economic progress and scientific development.
And that keeps any new competition politically, economically, technologically from rising.
They openly say this.
They're obsessed with this, to have a corner on the market, a corner on the future.
Do they feel like they're losing control right now, or are they happy?
Well, let me give you an idea.
We talked about Putin a little bit earlier on.
We also talked about Kosovo and the whole idea behind all of these nations.
And again, going back to Russia in the 1990s, it's incredible that the Bilderberg-led organizations and the corporate media are actually so upset at the Russian president.
Now, again, I'm no fan of the Russian president.
Just because I was born in the Soviet Union, I'm not a fan of Putin, but you have to give him his due.
He was able to pull by the bootstraps the country out of utter misery, what at the time of Yeltsin's so-called reforms, led by such people as Jeffrey Sachs and Andrus Avland, who needless to say are Bilderbergers, 40% of the population was starving to death and penniless.
Now what he was able to do was actually bring the country out of that quagmire and put it back on the playing field.
And if you think about it, that's one of the key reasons why the New World Order, why the Bilderbergers are so upset.
Because again, what you had in Russia, such thing as called the market reforms.
Now, market reforms in an unconsolidated and sluggishly developing proto-democracy, inevitably created the collapse of the entire Russian economy.
Its population, as I said before, rendered desperate.
And its ability to support a world-class military establishment smashed.
Which then made it as inevitable that colonial behavior would occur.
And this is very interesting.
The whole idea behind the colonial behavior is what George Ball in 1968, George Ball was the Undersecretary for Economic Affairs,
We're good to go.
Far more powerful than 90% of governments on the planet.
Now, they weren't able to do this in Russia, because of so many different conditions, such as oil... Really?
Aren't they just a 21st century model of the British Decennial Company?
Well, they are, but we can go even further back.
Again, the base of all of that is the Venetian oligarchy.
Now, the idea is, again,
If you are able to do what the Russians have done, and one of the reasons, again I think one of the reasons that there's just so many personal attacks on Putin and so much hatred towards the Russian state,
Is that what they have done is they have shown the way to get out of the slavery.
Because again, if they are able to do this, it would signify the death of oligarchism, the whole idea of nation-states.
Nations which foster this creative mental development of their populations produce a people which will not tolerate oligarchical forms of rule indefinitely.
Which is why illiterate, technologically backward populations, they will tolerate it.
And this is why technological backwardness is contributing cause for the emergence of oligarchical rule.
Now, the very existence of the young United States, long, long time ago, as a federal republic, is a demonstration of this point, Alex.
And again, I always come back to the idea of the American Republic and the Revolution and what it did for the entire world.
The average American then was culturally and economically far more superior to the average Briton of the 18th century.
Now over 90%, and I looked all of this up, over 90% of the US citizens were literate as contrasted with the poor 40% of the Britons.
Moreover, since nations which did not compete technologically would be strategically inferior, even the states committed to oligarchism, such as 18th century Britain, were compelled to adapt these new measures of the then period and actually to be able to keep up in the economic development.
Which only goes to show you that what Russians have done in the past 10 years, literally get back on their feet, is showing away to so many other countries of what they should do to be able to get rid once and for all of the yoke of the New World Order.
When we get back, I want to get into new threats to Ron Paul, any new information you've learned.
We talked during the break, you've just got one little tidbit, but I'd also like you to elaborate on your sourcing, which you have impeccable sourcing and have really been accurate in the past because there were some questions out there on the web about that and I wanted you to answer those because the story was one of the biggest on the internet this last week, literally on tens of thousands
I don't know.
And when you see the media now coming out against him, you've then got to say, well, he's certainly not playing ball with them.
I mean, any more than I like Ahmadinejad, but when the media attacks him, he must be doing something they don't like.
And it is true that the Bilderberg Group was running policies in Russia from 1991 until the late 90s, where the Russian population
Went down below 200 million, or 40 million less than had been there.
Average man living to 45, 50 years of age.
They were a dying culture.
I know that the world has criticized Putin for paying women to have children.
That's the opposite of the culture of death we have instituted here.
Russia did institute the policy of death, and it did kill close to a third of their population.
Now they're trying to reverse that.
We'll be right back and hear from Daniel Estlin on the other side.
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Well, they should be the good guys.
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You mean like SpongeBob?
Yeah, that's right.
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Your call is coming up in the next segment.
Daniel Estelin, author of The Bilderberg Group, best-selling author, just published in the U.S.
The second printing already sold out.
We've got some, though, at InfoWars.com.
Daniel, you know, you get contacted by these sources.
Last week we talked about how accurate you've been in the past with your predictions.
Jim, similarly, has been very accurate with these sources.
Maybe we can talk about how you vet sources, the types of sources you have, without getting too specific.
And then, squeezing out any other info you didn't cover from your last discussion, and then you do have one more little tidbit, just from the angle of the secret service, but that's not from one of these vetted sources.
Go ahead and break it down for us.
Well, first of all, I'm not really all that surprised by the amount of publicity, at least, that the story has received on the Internet.
I've seen some, again, I don't have a television set, I've never had a TV set in my life.
So, I'm not sure if any of this has been covered in the mainstream press.
But, in any case, it is tremendous, the amount of people who actually responded and asked me if any of this was true.
I doubt it.
Now, there's also a lot of talk I see on the internet where people are calling Ron Paul, what are they calling him?
They're calling him Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Have you seen that?
Yes, I have.
Well, you know, this is just a message to all these folks out there who I'm sure mean well.
First of all, I didn't realize that Obi-Wan Kenobi was an American citizen and could actually run in the presidential elections.
If you can, my mistake.
Second of all, we've got to stick to the facts.
If we actually go into the parallel universe of Disneyland, then before Obi-Wan Kenobi, we're going to have Paddington Bear and Winnie the Pooh running in the presidential election.
We can't do that because the mainstream press... I think the analogy is that they struck Obi-Wan Kenobi down, he became more powerful.
Well, I think we should just, you know, stick to Ron Paul and stick to the facts, because again, if we give these people and the mainstream press too much slack, they will hang us, because they'll make us look foolish, and we can't afford to do that.
One of the reasons that they have never, ever been able to do anything with me and sue me, and my book has been published, again, in 49 countries, there has not been one lawsuit, not one negative commentary from anybody of interest or value, is because everything I say are facts.
Easily verifiable fact.
And again, I don't think we should be talking about Obi-Wan.
We should be talking about facts.
Ron Paul is a presidential candidate.
He's a legitimate candidate.
I'm not sure if he can win.
I hope he can.
But again, as far as what my sources are basically telling me and how I vet my sources, I've been doing this for a long time.
And again, Alex, as you well know, a lot of the people who join the Secret Service community, they're out, you know, these are your real patriots.
They love your country.
Be it the United States, Canada, or Spain, and they want to do whatever they can to actually be on the right side of the law.
Once they're in, a lot of them realize what actually goes on, and they're the first ones who are actually looking on the outside for anybody who can get this information out.
Now, I know they can't do it themselves, so when they can actually find people they can trust, and I've been very fortunate to actually have so many of these people around the world, not only in the United States and Canada,
All this information gets out, but again, I don't take anybody's word at face value.
I don't care how trusted the source is, because you know a lot of things can happen over the years.
I always try to at least get two and possibly three and even four verifications from other sources.
If I can't, I'm very, very careful in revealing this information.
Now what I said about Rob Paul last week came from two different people who don't know each other, but these individuals
Well, I'd like to say it was a slip of the tongue.
It wasn't.
It was within the neocon camp.
Uh, there are people... Specifically now, intelligence sources, well, the neocon camp is pretty big, so that's safe to say, that now it's coming from neocons.
It is coming from Neocard.
Now, this is a message from one of my sources.
He says, now, he says, Daniel, emblazoned across the cover of Time Magazine, he's talking about the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, a polka dot cartoon face of Senator Robert Kennedy two weeks before he was assassinated.
Was Kennedy's polka dotted face a subliminal trigger image to the zombie shooter Saran Saran and or a signal to his handler, the mysterious woman in the polka dotted dress?
Was Kennedy's polka-dotted face a subliminal trigger image telling Saran to follow and obey the woman in the dress?
Now, click, he sends me two images.
He says, click on the second link below, scroll 80% down the page, and you will see a photo from television news footage never released before of that woman in a polka-dotted dress standing alongside Saran Saran.
And he talks about, again, I haven't seen this on CNN because I don't have a television, but he says that there was a Paul is dead, Paul is dead, Paul is dead television banner.
Yeah, yeah, stay there, that's what I wanted to bring up to you next.
They scrolled under him, Paul is dead, Paul is dead, Paul is dead.
Stay there, Daniel Estelan.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You shall hear of wars, and rumors of wars.
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
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We are living in this time of earth's history.
Many people are trying to understand the climactic world events in light of human wisdom.
But without the wisdom of God, this is impossible.
2 Peter says, We have a more sure word of prophecy, and you do well if you take heed.
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That's 1-888-211-1715, and ask for Packet B.
Let's go right back to Daniel Esterlin, then to your calls.
When Ron Paul was live on Glenn Beck for a full hour, they scrolled underneath him.
Mike Huckabee says, Paul is dead, Paul is dead, Paul is dead.
And earlier in the day he'd been on there and they'd been talking about how Huckabee had subliminal images behind him with the cross on the TV ad, which it clearly was there.
So what?
Most advertising does that.
The point is, in a discussion about subliminal, now they scroll that under Paul, clearly meaning to tie it to Paul.
Right, well this is what this man is saying.
He's saying that the CNN's Paul is dead, Paul is dead, Paul is dead television banner, calculatedly placed right below the head of Canada, Ron Paul, is likewise a possible cue to Manchurian candidates.
And we had better start blowing the whistle right now by publicizing this highly cued
assassination of Robert F. Kennedy and by publicizing the countless other assassinations of political spoilers of the power elite's machinery of totalitarianism.
I don't know what to think.
I don't have any proof other than what I just said.
But you're thinking and you're saying and this particular Secret Service source
Now, did they send you an image of the woman in the polka dot dress that had never been seen before?
That's right.
Well, you're welcome to erase the text he sent you, if you'd like to email that over.
I will do that.
Send it to Aaron at InfoWars.com, two A's, now if you can, and in the article
Paul Watson's going to do about this interview this evening.
We'll get it posted up there with full accreditation for you giving it to us, Daniel.
Now, expanding on that, you always cover science, you cover facts, you cover sources.
You talk about, hey, they're not going to war in 2002.
They're going in March of 2003.
The Bilderberg has given the order.
You were right when the news all set up in 2002.
You were right about them not going into Iran, at least not yet.
You've been right about so many other things with these sources.
Not this time around.
I need to ask permission to actually give any kind of an answer.
So I'll get my position.
And you haven't been contacted back yet by them?
I have not.
So as soon as I do, because again, trust is very, very important with these people.
So anything I do, especially this type of information, has to be cleared with them first, because a lot of that stuff can easily be traced back to them if I'm not very, very careful.
No, I understand.
That's very important for your sources.
But now we've got a bigger piece of the puzzle with the neocons, the ones that are discussing this.
Surprise, surprise.
But expanding out to Manchurian candidates, this is declassified.
This came out in the 77 hearings in Congress.
Uh, Jolian West was McVeigh's doctor, who just died last year by the way.
McVeigh's doctor.
He was the head of MKUltra.
From the time they picked McVeigh up, stumbling around the side of the street saying, I got a chip in my hind end, foaming at the mouth, saying, help me, help me, to the time they executed him, Jolian West was by his side.
And we do see these candidates, Sirhan Sirhan,
Was out of his mind on drugs.
His gun didn't even shoot in the direction of Bobby Kennedy.
The L.A.
coroner, and this is on record, said that he was shot repeatedly in the back at point-blank range with huge powder burns when Sirhan Sirhan was shooting from the front.
So, I don't think, I mean, now with the Bourne ultimatum and things, people now are figuring out there really is mind control, but can you comment on that?
Well, I think again, Alex, it comes down to television.
We've been led to believe for so long that this magic tube everybody has in their living room, this oblong thing called a television set,
You know, it's the great hypnotist.
It's also, you know, it tells us what to think, how to live, how to smell, how to walk.
And again, when someone like you or someone like me tell people what we think and what actually is the truth based on so many hard-earned and confirmed facts, these people laugh in your face because 62% of Americans know whatever it is that they know, they get it from their television set.
And the TV has become your traveling circus and the Bible all wrapped in one.
Well, unfortunately, I have to agree with you.
You know, I heard you on Coast to Coast about a month ago when I was on with you.
Before I came on, you read a Lord Milner quote from 1901.
I had dug that quote up my shelf, and I just thought of it.
I don't have it in front of me.
Daniel, do you have the quote that you read about?
I'm looking for it right now.
If you just wait one second.
I think I can actually dig it up.
Uh, as I say in the book, the Bilbo Group actually is the natural extrapolation of Britain's Coefficient Club founded in 1902.
Now, Lord Alfred Milner, he was of course the man behind the round table, spoke of his vision for the future during a 1903 meeting
That's over half a century before the Bilderbergers were actually founded.
That's one of the key members, one of the key secret societies of the late 19th century, early 20th century.
Now that's what he said.
Now if we don't believe him, which is again, in a court of law, if we're building a criminal case,
You know, this will be first source evidence.
This is what he said.
We must have an aristocracy, not of privilege, but of understanding and purpose, or mankind will fail.
And here, my peculiar difficulty with democracy comes in.
If humanity at large is capable of that high education and those creative freedoms our hope demands, much more must its better and more vigorous types be so capable.
He said, we need constructive imagination working within the vast complex of powerful people, clever people, enterprising people, influential people, amongst whom power is diffused today, to produce that self-conscious, highly selective, open-minded, devoted, aristocratic culture, which seems to be the next necessary phase
I see human progress, he said, not as the spontaneous product of crowds of raw minds, basically the great unwashed Alex, swayed by the elementary needs, but as a natural but elaborate result of intricate human interdependencies of human energy and curiosity liberated and acting at leisure of human passions and motives modified and redirected by literature and art.
Meaning that we, the great unwashed, are in no way should be trusted with the reins of power and democracy, which again goes back to everything you and I have been talking about for so, so long.
Every member of, be it the Republicans, the Democrats, the Independents, all of them belong to one of the three secret societies, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission.
Some of them are also members of the Skull and Bones.
Democracy doesn't exist.
It's an illusion.
We are made to believe that we're actually voting liberally and free, where in fact we are being made to vote for one of the two candidates pre-selected by the men behind the curtain who run things from behind the curtain in our name.
Well, amen to that.
We're about to go to calls for those that have been patiently holding, but Daniel,
When you read the books written by these people, the Georgetown professors, the heads of the Roundtable group, the people who literally have guided the formation of our planet today, and then you hear them say they want to reduce our numbers forcibly and have horrible forced abortion and the rest of it, and then, like you said, the general public still snickering and laughing mindlessly,
It's very frustrating.
What would you say to somebody driving along in their car right now, who says there's no elite, there's no power, they think they run their own life, they think that there's never any tyranny in history, everything's wonderful.
I mean, what would you say to them, or would you just move on?
Alex, I wouldn't waste my time.
Think of this as a Titanic.
Now, we're in the Titanic, and you and I know what's going to happen.
We know that this big boat is going to hit an iceberg, and it's going to sink, and a lot of people are going to die.
Now, are we going to waste our time trying to convince all these people, or most of these people, who will just take you for a fool, or are we going to concentrate our energies on the few souls out there who are willing to listen and willing to take the appropriate actions?
If we waste our energies on all these other fools out there, we're going to sink with them.
We can't do this.
There's just not enough time.
Well, I agree with you, Daniel, but here's the deal.
I mean, I'm not that smart.
I don't think of myself as some grand intellect.
I mean, I think you're a pretty smart guy, but I don't understand how everybody can't see this.
I mean, this is obvious.
Well, it took me a long time also to understand this Alex, because again, I think it's actually much simpler than that.
If you believe that what we're saying is true, then your entire life has been a lie.
You've been living a lie all your life, and the older you are, the more difficult it is for people to admit that what they've actually lived through their entire life, be it the First World War,
It takes a lot of intelligence and a lot of wisdom from an individual to actually admit that they might have been wrong
And when they do this, I think they will open themselves up to another opportunity to actually live out their fantasies of freedom.
But the only way we can do this, if we actually open our eyes and realize that the world does not run the way it is, and that there is another reality behind the reality which we have been led to believe is real.
Well, amen to that.
You know, in closing, before we do go to the calls,
You know, there's two ways to see this.
I mean, they clearly put the Paul is dead, Paul is dead, Paul is dead under him.
They can try to spin it and say, well, Huckabee was talking about the Beatles.
It doesn't matter.
Separately, these guys are in a big battle together right now that when Paul is on, when he's on screen, they show it.
It's clearly put up there for some reason.
Could it also be the neocons?
Hubeck is chief among them, in one of their top minions.
Could this also be a threat to Paul, and a kind of veiled threat to everyone else?
It might very well be, again.
I have to caution the people out there.
There's no physical proof that there are plans being put together by these people.
There's just some idle talk for now, and a trial balloon being sent by some small group within a small group within the neocons.
Sure, they're just discussing what would happen.
But again, there's no physical evidence or proof.
So again, they are playing mind games, needless to say.
They are worried that Ron Paul is gaining momentum.
Again, you have to realize that the Guglielmi, the goon of this world, he's not going anywhere because again,
The way the financial situation in the United States is, the bankers need their own man.
And that man, I said it two months ago, is a guy by the name of Bloomberg.
And I think last week, a Forbes magazine, and you guys picked it up, talked about, you know, Bloomberg being an independent candidate.
Yeah, that's right.
In fact, he was saying that for a year, that it's Bloomberg.
And I was kind of, not laughing at you, but I said, well, I don't, and now it looks like he's getting ready, positioning himself to spend a billion bucks and run for president.
Not only is he positioning himself, but for example, Richard Cohen, he's a columnist for the Washington Post, in the Washington Post, of course, is Bill Oberg.
In a November 13th article, he said, what animates the hope of Bloomberg candidacies is the utter failure of the current political establishment to deal with the immense problems facing us.
Of course, he's talking about the Wall Street and, of course, Giuliani.
Well, there's also another report out there now that Bloomberg's gearing up to go after Paul.
Go ahead.
Um, I don't have any information on that.
What I do have is that, again, the Giuliani simply doesn't have the financial smarts to deliver what the financiers, the bankers who run the world, hope presidential candidate Bloomberg can give them, which is, again, the financial smarts.
It's all about money, Alex, and money makes its own rules.
And the first rule of money is get the right guy in who can make things happen the way you want them to.
So, wait a minute, let's get this straight.
You're hearing from Bilderberg sources that they are positioning Bloomberg?
No, I'm not hearing from the sources, but again, it's just a personal hunch that Michael Bloomberg, again, from all the things that I've seen and the small idle chatter that I've heard from people, bits and pieces here and there, it would be too difficult to put it together in a succinct way in 30 seconds.
But again, it's a hunch I've had for a long time.
It's not Guglielmi, you know, as the shoe-in candidate, as they call him, to challenge, you know, and beat Hillary Clinton.
It's all part of this, you know, orchestrated big thing, because sooner or later they will discredit Guglielmi because he has so... And again, they can do the same thing.
He's a son of a mob boss.
Let's jam some calls in.
Adam in Canada, then Kevin, Gordon, Chris, and Lucas.
We're going to get to all of you.
Adam, you're on the air with Daniel Esselstyn.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Yes, October 27th of this year, I was abducted at gunpoint, threatened with extradition after an attack that took place in the United States, which basically had eight guns pointed at my head.
I was put into a 12-hour interrogation, no food, no water.
This is in Winnipeg, Canada.
And I was threatened with basically extradition to the U.S.
over a website that I put up exposing judicial corruption and tyranny after having men attack them aboard a U.S.
I remember, sir, we've actually interviewed you.
Do you have a question or comment for Daniel?
A question or comment from Daniel?
Yeah, or I can probably have you on as a mini-guest again sometime.
Listen, Adam, I appreciate your call, but we've covered it on the show and we're taking calls for Daniel right now.
Kevin in New York, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yes, Kevin, go ahead.
Hi, my name is Kevin Kale, I'm 15 years old.
I was just wondering, what would happen if, what should we do if Ron Paul doesn't get elected?
Well, number one, he is just a manifestation of the disgust with the controlled left-right system, and we're going to use all those meet-up groups and the organizations that have been built to continue on with other aspects of liberty.
I mean, he's only a symptom, a good symptom, of the disgust and the awakening that's happening, so we're not betting everything on him.
It isn't just about a presidential candidate.
He's only one dog we've got in this fight.
Daniel Estelin?
Oh, absolutely, Alex.
You just said it.
That's it, Kevin.
Anything else?
Yeah, no, that's all.
Thank you.
I appreciate your call.
Thank you, Kevin.
I mean, do you want to elaborate on what this Ron Paul revolution means to you?
I mean, as an indicator of people waking up, Daniel?
Well, it's actually quite curious, Alex, that, you know, from a European perspective, again, I live in Spain, there's been not one news item in Spain, and again, you have two important media sources, one of them, of course, is the Bilderberg Group, source such as Grupo Prisa, there's not been one article on Ron Paul, there's been quite a few articles on Hillary Clinton, on Giuliani, on a few others as well, John Edwards, of course, he's a Bilderberg as well,
But there has not been one article or even one mention of Ron Paul's name in the Spanish press, which is quite remarkable, again, thinking of how much Ron Paul, the character himself, you know, the person has galvanized in the United States, this movement for the alternative candidate.
So again, I think it's indicative in many ways how
How, not only in the United States, but also in Europe, there's a lot of skepticism about outside sources.
Because people believe that the ones who actually are in front of us, the Hillary Clinton, the Guglielmis, are your best candidates, because we've been made to believe by the mainstream press.
If suddenly you realize that tomorrow everybody starts talking about Ron Paul, suddenly people's interests will awaken to Ron Paul.
And it's not happening.
Gordon in California, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yeah, I just read Kathy O'Brien's book in which she talks about being a Manchurian candidate and also she talks about being mutilated and you can see a video of her on YouTube where she actually confirms that she was mutilated.
I'm wondering is that a true story and if that's true since the Clintons are running against basically Ron Paul and Huckabee.
I don't see how they couldn't use some kind of dirty tricks to ensure their winning.
Well, sir, I know this.
Mind control is real.
I don't know about those two's particular story.
You're talking about the stuff that the Guerrilla News Network put out?
Yeah, and her book also.
Yeah, I mean, I'm not saying they're liars.
I just can't confirm their story.
Can I confirm stuff like that goes on?
Okay, thanks for the call.
Chris, Lucas, and others, straight ahead, final segment with Daniel Estelin.
Right here, on the GCN Radio Network.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
I'll be back live this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
I'm going to be live on New Year's Eve, too.
I'm taking off most of next week.
I've got some really good mess I've lined up for you.
Chris in Florida, you're on the air with best-selling author Daniel Espelin.
Go ahead.
Daniel, could you please comment on the division, the fractures that are taking place in Bilderberg and other globalist groups, and how we might take advantage of that by calling into talk shows and exposing that, and also based on the understanding that these evil leaders are here to kill
Well, I think first of all, good afternoon or good day.
First of all, I think
These people are more united than ever.
I think it's just wishful thinking on our part.
There was one time when there was actually a crack, a window of opportunity that was in 2002 as a result of the Iraqi war.
The European Bilderbergers wanted no part of it.
The Americans wanted immediacy of war.
I think they're more united than ever.
I think he means a split between the neocons and them saying, don't go into Iran.
Well, I think in this particular case, I think the neocons don't really have a lot of power within the Bilderberg Group.
Again, Bilderberg today, 500 years ago, was the Venetian Black Nobility, so the neocons were always secondary and tertiary characters and players within the group itself.
It's the European monarchy, such individuals as the Queen Beatrix and Etienne d'Avignon, the president of the group, and of course David Rockefeller, who have a lot more power than any neocon who has ever participated in one of the Bilderberg Conferences.
Again, it's a long-term plan.
This long-term is now, unfortunately, at the end.
We're at the end of the endgame.
And unless we do something very, very quickly, which means the awakening, people must realize what's taking place.
Because again, it's the business of taming the captive herd.
The forceful restraint, you know, is the obligation of these people that are doing it to us.
And they're very well organized, and we are not.
And we had better organize ourselves quickly, and we better stop paying attention to mass media entertainment, because again, the television, the news media, the corporate press, they're there to keep us entertained.
I agree.
We've got to move quick.
Lucas in South Carolina.
Last caller for Daniel Eskalon.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I suppose this question goes out to the both of you on the topic of depopulation again.
I've watched Endgame and everything, and I've done
What I can to study the topic and I just want to know a little bit more about how this story first broke and when this happened.
I've watched Endgame like I said and I just want to know how it came out and also I was wondering about Alex you keep coming back to all these publications that the Elite keeps writing about how we're cattle and how we need to die and everything and I just want to know if you have some suggestions on
Well, I mean, we know about it because they wrote books and bragged about it.
United Nations Biological Diversity Assessments, three separate ones, called for 80% reductions.
Older UN documents called for half.
Presidential Decision Directives, State Department memorandum 200 calls for 50% reduction.
Uh, Daniel, any ideas?
Well, that's it.
You just said it.
The National Security Council Memorandum in April 1974, they're talking about reducing between 74 and the year 2000 the world's population by 500 million people and towards the year 2050 by 3 billion people.
You talk about this in the Endgame.
Again, if you people out there want to understand what is being done to us, please get Alex's Endgame and please get my book, The True Story of the Builderberg Group.
With these two sources in hand, you will really understand how and what these people are doing to us and how to fight them.
Thank you for coming on, Lucas.
Thanks for the call.
Get Daniel Esselin's incredible new book at InfoWars.com.
Link through to his website at InfoWars.com and get Endgame.
God bless you all.
Have a great Christmas.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.