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Air Date: Dec. 16, 2007
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He stands for truth.
He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
Here's Alex Jones!
In 1773, colonial patriots who were tired of the corruption and taxation without representation of the British crown left the Green Dragon Tavern and went aboard British ships that were bringing in tea
And dumped the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars of it today into Boston Harbor.
It is now December 16th, 2007.
The money bomb, organized by grassroots supporters of Congressman Ron Paul for President 2008, raised a record pre-primary
We're good to go.
As of now, well let's do the math.
Last night at midnight eastern, it was at $11,450,000.
Today it is at $15,329,198.72.
And every time I hit refresh at PrisonPlanet.com, where we have the live graph showing the money directly from the Ron Paul 2008.com website,
Tens of thousands of dollars more flood in.
In fact, I just clicked on it after refreshing it about two minutes ago and another $10,000 had come in in a matter of minutes.
So right now we are talking about close to $4 million.
In the next 30 minutes, it will be more than $4 million that's been raised since midnight last night.
And of course, more people are on their computer in the evening.
We're probably going to see accelerated giving going on.
You can watch it all, again, at PrisonPlanet.com and TruthNews.us.
I have my webmasters and writers working around the clock right now in shifts.
So you're going to have 24-hour-a-day coverage, and you're going to have the complete analysis here today in the next two hours.
On the Sunday transmission, the Sunday live version of my weekday syndicated broadcast, and we come to you out of the studios of NewsRadio 590 KLBJ, now with more than 20 affiliates, so just in the last 8 months of the show being syndicated.
Across the country.
AM and FM, of course.
Tens of thousands listening there every hour.
And on Global Shortwave, WWCR, and three different satellite systems.
So, thank you for joining us.
We'll be taking your calls early in this hour at 877-590-5525, 877-590-5525, or locally in Texas at 836-0590.
And we will get you up and on the air today.
We're not just going to talk about Ron Paul today, though.
As you know, Friday the U.S.
agreed to sign on to a global carbon tax.
The U.N.
even calls it a global carbon tax.
And I have a stack of mainstream articles here calling it a global carbon tax for a global government.
And we have the official United Nations transcripts.
We're good to go.
report on Iran may spark war.
I thought it would de-escalate things.
That's out of the Associated Press.
That is coming up in the second hour.
Also, I don't want to talk about myself today, but I told my wife about this this morning, and she said, you've got to go on air.
You've got to talk about it.
And it really did hit me last night just how serious things are in this nation.
It was absolutely amazing what I witnessed last night.
And coming up, later in the shower, I'm going to spend about 10 minutes on it, because it is so important, and it affects each and every one of us, and I'm so close to all this, the movement against tyranny worldwide, that a lot of times, when you're in the room with the elephant, two inches away from it, with your nose up to its belly, you smell it, it stinks, it's big, but you can't tell exactly what it is, but pulling back, and what I witnessed,
Let's do it!
Let me just go ahead and go over the latest Ron Paul numbers.
Again, you do the math.
$11,450,000 last night at midnight Eastern, when the scheduled grassroots money bomb initiated.
I was doing an interview on KCLA, big talk station out in LA, watching the numbers move, and within 30 minutes,
Within the first 30 minutes, $500,000 was raised and another $200,000 or so in the next hour.
Then it slowed because it was in the middle of the night.
I got up this morning and $2.5 million had been raised.
Now we are approaching, in fact, what is $12 million to $15 million, $3 million plus $300,000
60,000 plus another 400,000.
We're there.
We're right at $4 million.
Now, the previous pre-primary record was broken by Ron Paul supporters on November 5th.
Just restating this, I know most of the audience is well-versed, but a lot of people listening don't know, so I'm filling them in on the back side of the story, the history.
4.3 million raised a record in one day.
Now, post-primary, Kerry raised 6.1 million in 2004 for that election.
This is set to break the all-time record.
If another $2,200,000 comes in by midnight Eastern, in the next 6-7 hours, my friends, we are looking.
At an all-time record.
And these aren't, you know, big PACs giving millions.
These aren't big defense contractors and central banks giving money.
This is, on average, $95 donations to the Ron Paul campaign.
The maximum, of course, is $2,300 for an individual.
So if you want to be part of the Boston Tea Party in 2007, you better get on over to PrisonPlanet.com and link through over to the RonPaul2008.com website and see all those numbers and track that as it develops.
We've seen some spin.
Ron Paul won the California Straw Poll, so they shut it down and openly said, this is in the San Francisco Chronicle, they even shot video of it a week and a half ago, they just said, sorry, Ron Paul's won, we're not going to issue the straw poll, we're shutting it down.
He won in Virginia, he's won almost every poll, he was winning according to multiple papers who even shot video of this.
The St.
Petersburg Times, chiefly, they put it on YouTube, papers now do that, trying to be competitive, that's great.
And they showed, Citizens also shot video and showed the same thing, that they told Ron Paul supporters only one ticket, but the Republican Party of Florida said it's a private group, we can do whatever we want, and publicly gave literal bags of tickets to Mitt Romney supporters, the establishment individual, and they were allowed to vote on video, one person, fifteen times.
Children who were a few years of age, five years old, were allowed to vote.
The rules said eighteen and older, and you had to have a Florida license.
That was not the case
For Mitt Romney.
Everybody else can only vote once.
Ron Paul was winning.
Double-digit numbers.
They come in and say, sorry, no one but Romney can vote more than once.
This was in the papers.
This is on video.
If you don't think there's not cheating and chicanery and manipulation going on, you're crazy.
Of the hundreds of polls where they say Ron Paul doesn't show up, there's a wrinkle.
Go look the polls up.
They don't ask you about Ron Paul.
He's not included.
Of course he's not winning those polls.
Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly on Fox just had a poll Friday.
No Ron Paul in it.
Of course he's not showing up in the polls.
These are polls where he isn't allowed to be in the race.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
There's also talk from intel sources of the establishment discussing assassinating Congressman Ron Pauls.
Details at PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Theory.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
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Bill of Rights is making great progress for the world.
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They're not after money.
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They're after power.
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Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
Ted Anders for Midas, December 14, 2007.
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That's $814.67, $401.55, and $278.
For years, Ron Paul has taken the position to uphold constitutional rights.
He's been branded by special interest groups as doctrinal, refusing to bend his values.
I can only imagine the pressure applied by Congress as he stands alone for these principles.
He has given up a medical career for this.
Ron Paul is running for president.
The ideas of strong currency, ending the war, defending the Constitution and protecting civil liberties are catching on.
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He's Alex Jones.
Your call is coming up in a moment.
Ron Paul set the smash fundraising record for PrisonPlanet.com.
Congressman set to raise at least $6 million, possibly $7 plus million today by Paul Watson.
Presidential candidate Ron Paul is on course to smash the record for fundraising in one day and is likely to make anything up to $7 million by midnight as donors flood the campaign coffers at Tea Party Day.
The campaign is set to make at least 6 million today, which would eclipse John Kerry's 5.7 million.
You can find that number.
Some numbers say 6.1.
Let's beat that.
In one day record, the Ron Paul campaign confirmed that 3 million, this is Paul wrote this an hour and a half ago, had been raised after the first 14 hours of the campaign, and that most people set to donate in the evening, the figure is likely to be at least double that, with some estimating he could rake in as much as 7 million and more than 20 million dollars total
I think?
No, this is not a November 5th group or a Boston Tea Party group.
We pick those dates.
While the congressman is set to break new ground again, it will be impossible to ignore this time around and should fully expect to see hit pieces come rolling in tomorrow.
Actually, Paul, they're rolling in right now.
Ron Paul raises millions in one day.
Boston Tea Party event on November 5th.
Supporters of Ron Paul raked in more than 4.2 million in donations in 24 hours.
Most of them collected over the internet.
So today they're at it again.
Okay, so that's what's happening.
Also, last time the media reported, the next day, the numbers from earlier during the campaign day to say, oh, he raised 1.5 mil.
And then they never reported he raised 4.3.
They play all sorts of games, ladies and gentlemen.
They are publicly cheating him.
They are publicly engaging in mass manipulation.
Now, in polls where Congressman Paul has been included,
He was showing up 4-5% three months ago, then 8% a month ago, now as high as 15% in New Hampshire and other key battleground states.
And I wanted to remind everyone with some numbers.
In early 1975, Jimmy Carter was polling at only 1%.
He went on to win the presidency.
In early 1987, Michael Dukakis was polling at 1% and he went on to win the Democratic nomination.
In early 1991, Bill Clinton was at 2% as he went in to win the presidency.
Remember that.
He was at 2% in the first primaries.
Rob Paul is at 15% in many polls.
The other is at 9-10%.
He has doubled his numbers and then doubled them again.
From 2 to 4 to 8 to 10 to 12 to 14 to 15.
And all the strategists have admitted that he is the strongest candidate against Hillary because he's anti-war.
And he also brings Republicans and Libertarians.
All the other Republicans are going to lose, ladies and gentlemen.
The establishment Republicans are writing speeches for Hillary.
The White House is already appointing former Clinton people to the State Department, to the Pentagon.
They're advising Hillary.
That's been in the Dallas Morning News.
That's been in the Associated Press.
People can't believe it.
Just Google it.
Just Google it, Bush advising Hillary, Republicans advising Hillary.
You will find the mainstream articles.
She's gotten more money from Republican donors than all the Republicans combined.
Republican donors are giving to her.
In fact, Michael Reagan has put out a report saying that Hillary would be better than Ron Paul.
This is insane!
They say he's crazy and the NAU doesn't exist.
They say global taxes don't exist, though the U.S.
just signed on to it Friday.
Ron Paul is the only real candidate.
He is the people's candidate.
He has... Look at his Alexa web ratings.
He's rated now 3,000 on the web.
Hillary's like 40,000.
I mean, Ron Paul's website's almost as big as the Drugs Report now.
It isn't working, ladies and gentlemen.
Their propaganda isn't working.
Their fake man-made global warming, global tax propaganda isn't working.
It's the same establishment that brought you fake WMD, Niger, Yellow Cake, uranium documents.
Both parties work for the same people.
The population is finally starting to find this out.
Okay, let's go ahead and take your calls.
I've got a lot of other analysis on Ron Paul coming up as well.
But right now, let's go to John in Michigan.
You're on the air, sir.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, thank you for the great work you're doing.
Look, I've been a Ron Paul supporter.
I've donated $1,100 to his campaign.
I've researched him.
I've bought and read his last book on foreign policy.
I just have one question that has turned me cold against Ron Paul.
Why does he flat out deny against the mounting evidence that 9-11 was an inside job?
Well, look, he's playing politics.
I saw Ron Paul on The View.
A few weeks ago, kind of sidestepping abortion and giving political answers.
He's trying to win.
I've never seen him do this before, but he's listening to his advisors.
And he was a perfect 100 before that.
He's about a 98 right now.
He's founding Father Material.
He's going on The View trying to get votes.
And I mean, I've watched it with horror.
He was kind of sidestepping it and it didn't look good.
And I'm going to be honest here.
It's all about I have to be
You know, somebody who has integrity and just is honest with you.
He'll come on my show and talk about government staging events.
They could stage a provocation to go into Iran, Gulf of Tonkin.
He talks about government staged events.
But on 9-11, he's going with the orthodoxy, and I suppose that he really believes that, but then he spins it and says, they attacked us because we're over there.
Look, he's not going to be perfect, and he's trying to get the mainline base.
I, for one, am not going to ever compromise.
And I'm here supporting Ron Paul.
But at the same time, I disagree with him on net neutrality.
I believe we need net neutrality.
He's for it, but he says, but we can't have the government making laws over this.
And so, you know, he comes back and says, I'm not for it.
Well, that would shut the web down today.
I mean, if Ron Paul had his way with net neutrality, and I understand his pure constitutional stance, this wouldn't be happening.
You know, the powerful global forces are trying to shut down the web right now.
People don't know Google Internet 2.
Total control, total regulation.
You wouldn't be able to get your own website.
I mean, the end of the Internet, they're setting it all up right now.
Kind of like they take an existing road, put toll roads on it, and make you pay to use it.
That's just one facet to what's happening.
So I disagree with him there.
I agree with him on about 97-98% of the issues.
He will control our borders.
He's pro-Second Amendment.
You know, they keep saying that Huckabee's pro-gun.
He's got 22 votes out of 34 against the Second Amendment.
They say Thompson's pro-gun.
He's got 22 out of 30 plus.
He's anti-gun.
Ron Paul will get us out of the war when the other candidates will not do it on either side of the aisle.
I mean, Ron Paul.
We've got to just throw everything behind Ron Paul and not expect him to agree with us on every facet.
The establishment is attacking him, they're cheating him, they're blocking him, they're censoring him, they're spinning everything he does and so we just need to be aware of that and understand that
That he is the best thing out there.
It's not a lesser of two evils.
He's allowed to have his opinions on a couple issues that, frankly, the majority of the grassroots disagree with him on.
Alright, we'll be right back with more calls.
Franklin, Casey, and many others.
I'm Alex Jones.
It is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party from 1773.
Continual coverage of this and a lot more.
We'll also get into the global tax, now passed, now being implemented.
Stay with us.
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Let's ask the question that the Bush regime hopes you will never ask.
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As the world's biggest debtor nation, we are borrowing in excess of 80% of the world's net savings.
That's $2 billion per day to finance the biggest deficit in history.
Our creditors are becoming increasingly concerned that the debt can never be repaid.
Japan and China, two of the largest holders of U.S.
debt, are looking to greatly reduce their exposure to dollars.
In fact, China has privately hinted that a U.S.
attack on Iran could result in China's dumping massive amounts of U.S.
Treasury bonds.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
The money bomb for Congressman Ron Paul to coincide with the 1773 Boston Tea Party, a rebellion against the British Crown, has raised more than four million dollars so far, with about six hours left in the money bomb.
This is a key giving time.
Right now, if you're listening to us on AM or FM station, from KCAA out in San Diego, going into LA, KCXL in Kansas City, or Memphis, Tennessee, Upstate New York, News Radio 590K LBJ right here in Austin,
Call your friends.
Call your family.
Tell them to tune in.
Tell them to learn about Ron Paul.
Tell them to find out about the money bomb.
Tell them to find out about how the Constitution and the country, the nation, the United States is in great crisis and going in to world government right now.
The world government was officially born Friday.
The United States has signed on and agreed to aggressive carbon taxes on your homes, your cars, all your energy, everything.
Now, even if you believe in man-made global warming, taxing the United States and Europe, and not taxing 160 plus third world nations, will only force what industries left here, over seas.
And those countries have no controls, and in the Treaty Agreement, they don't have to make any cuts.
This will further de-industrialize, and force development to these second world nations, not third world, they're blocking them from developing as well.
And this gets into their entire geopolitical economic structure, neo-mercantilism.
We need to stand up against the New World Order now.
It is happening.
The Security and Prosperity Partnership for the North American Union.
We sued.
We got their documents.
It's public.
It's in my film, Endgame, where they say North American merger, integration, buy stealth, get the carbon tax.
The states, the feds, the regions,
The European Union, the American Union, then take those trillions of dollars, send half of it to the U.N., they keep the rest, and use it to set up their bureaucracies.
And the U.N., the U.N.
Secretary General literally broke down and cried, his designate over the climate treaty broke down and cried, that's mainstream news.
It's up on drugs right now.
They are crying, they are so happy.
This is global taxation, this has happened.
signed on to this.
The U.S.
George Bush signed on to this.
Now they've got to ratify it.
We've got to block this with everything in our body.
You've seen the corporate media, even the NFL, liberal, conservative, all pushing this.
This is the global government tax.
It is now happening.
Now I've got a key announcement coming up dealing with the police state and the New World Order.
Hey Alex, big fan, how are you?
Hey, I hate to change the subject.
I'm a big Ron Paul fan.
We donated to his campaign and even campaigned out for him today.
Good job.
Thank you.
Just curious.
I appreciate the way you question almost everything.
I've always been real curious as to
Why didn't you maybe question religion more?
Well, I mean, that's because it's a giant tar baby, this is a news show, and there's a million different, you know, subgroups of Christians all fighting with each other.
I'm just here fighting the New World Order.
I do talk about how the big establishment religions across the board are controlled by international groups, and the UN funds them, funds their different denominations to steer and control what they're doing.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Franklin in New York.
You're on the air, Franklin.
I have a poem about Ron Paul.
Go ahead.
All right.
It goes, Constitutionalist from Texas, on high wire, Dr. No.
Surrounded by his fans, shaking hands, freezes as a photograph is taken.
Country music moans down homely roads, past wide paddocks of grazing longhorns.
Up north to the Iowa corn grid, he travels in a white minivan, past horizontal landscapes disappearing in the gray of flat, sleeping clouds, crickets and prairie dogs sprint around.
Campaigning next to a station wagon, freedom is still popular, he says, gesturing his hands for government, narrowing them closer, closer, closer, turning far right and far left,
Into a circle, the sun setting, then rises over plastic neon lights.
After Airplane Slammed the Twin Towers, Falling Like Honeycombs Downtown New York, he spoke of Just War Theory of Christianity, and how we should listen to our enemy, and how we'll be safe when democracy spreads, but only through our good example.
Libertarian, and quotes Founding Fathers, draws support from peaceniks, gun owners,
Punk rockers, intellects, net browsers, and U.S.
troops blustered in Iraq every side of the politics spectrum.
Formerly as an obstetrician, he ran for office skeptical of winning, but families whose children he delivered elected him ten terms in Southern Prairies, the simple gold and silver man.
And that's it.
Well, that's beautiful, my friend.
I appreciate your call.
By the way, right here in Austin, Texas, it's going for another 30 minutes.
They should reach, going down Congress, the Congress Street Bridge right now.
I'm told it's more than 500 people, as of a few hours ago, had already masked to simulate the Boston Tea Party right here in Austin, Texas, where I broadcast to you from across the country and the world, from deep in the heart of Texas.
All over the nation, not just in Boston, but hundreds of cities, people are out on the streets in mass.
This is a true revolution that is taking place.
Now let's go ahead and talk to Peter in California.
Peter, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, remember I followed January 1st this year about David Rockefeller?
When I heard him on the radio that he'd actually shot his brother in the head with a handgun?
Well I went hiking up in the Santa Monica Mountains and when I came back down there was a man in black by my car and he was not intimidated by me at all and it kind of freaked me out a little bit and I've had a black helicopter do a little flyby
Well, it's all part of the intimidation state, and if we let them win with their intimidation, it's over.
We have to stand up in a bold fashion and say no.
The New World Order carried out the 9-11 attacks.
They have set up the police state.
They're trying to get us to acquiesce to torture, open borders, and corruption and evil of every type.
We have the head of the Christian Coalition telling us Giuliani's good because he's for abortion and open borders.
This is a sick, sick joke.
We have major talk show hosts who are supposedly conservative saying, vote for Hillary before Ron Paul.
This is treason.
They tried to take this country down.
They tried to set up their new world order.
Their angry resistance is forming against it.
What do they expect us to do?
What do they expect good Americans to do?
We're not drinking the fake left or fake right Kool-Aid anymore.
We're freedom lovers.
We're constitutionalists.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to a patriot calling from the USA.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Mr. Jones.
Yes, you're on the air.
Thank you very much.
I believe that your listeners, and especially me and my son, were ready to drop the Ron Paul money bomb.
And we'd like you to be the bombardier.
Could you do that, sir?
We'd like to give the people 20 minutes to get to their computers, to get to their
Do it right now!
Tell them if you're listening on AM or FM station or the internet to go to InfoWars.com, to go to PrisonPlanet.com to tune in right now.
And yes, we'll do it at 8 after in the next hour.
I will say, Pilot to Bombardier, we are approaching the target.
And then we can have another mini-bomb within the super-bomb.
No, sir.
We're going to call the atomic bomb.
We're going to call them out to put their money where their mouth is.
This is where the patriots have to stand, sir.
I agree.
I want to see 10 million.
I want to see 10 million, not 7 million raids today.
Okay, well, let's get started.
Everybody, call everybody you know, anybody who calls themselves a conservative, and just say, how dare you be behind Mitt Romney?
How dare you be behind Giuliani?
How dare you be... I mean, I've looked at their voting records.
They're anti-gun.
They're pro-open border.
Huckabee's an open border promoter who wants to give tuition to illegal aliens!
The establishment's pushing him to suck votes from Ron Paul!
Revolution's in the air.
The resistance is on.
It's up to you.
Take action right now, ladies and gentlemen.
Call everybody you know, and you tell them, tune in.
And I'm saying a mini-bomb within the giant hydrogen info-bomb we're dropping today, a mini-bomb, coming up at 8 after in the next hour.
Alright, your calls are loaded, the phone's here, we're going to go to them, but I want to tell you about some very serious issues with the police state that concern me personally on the other side.
TruthNews.us, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, stay with us!
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The nation is taking a Christmas break.
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The ethanol plants will continue to create food shortages by turning our food into fuel.
Huge percentages of our food will continue to be imported from China, Mexico, and other countries, shipping us dangerous food.
We can't stop from entering the third year of a worldwide famine.
How long until genetically poisoned food is all that's left?
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You're listening to GCN.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network.
The American people have spoken.
Ron Paul has won in double-digit numbers, national caucuses, national polls.
He's the only person that can beat Hillary Clinton.
And they put an open borders gun control advocate like Huckabee up there in front of you to fool you.
But it's not fooling anybody.
By every yardstick, he is winning.
He is in line to win big time.
Ron Paul gets
More contributions from the military than all Republican candidates combined.
Or any other candidate in the other party.
According to polls, Ron Paul has won almost every Republican debate.
Ron Paul is easily the most popular candidate on the internet.
And again, in 75, Jimmy Carter was polling at only 1%, and he went on to win the presidency.
In 87, Michael Dukakis was polling at only 1%, and he went on to win the Democratic nomination.
Ron Paul's polling, in some polls, as high as 15, most of them 8 to 9%.
And his trajectory shows he's doubling every two months.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to get into the police state situation.
We're going to begin with Ron Paul coverage and calls from New York, Missouri, Oregon, Florida, England, you name it, the toll-free number is 877-590-5525 or locally in Texas, 836-0590.
Trevor Lyman,
Well, as a listener to my radio program, I'm very honored that so many of the actors we've talked to, Ron Paul a few months ago on my show, said that half the people he sees at his events come up and say, I heard about you from Alex Jones.
I'm so honored to be such a big part of this revolution.
And that's why I have people threatening to kill me right now, and I'll tell you about that later.
But just like Churchill said, we will go on to the end, whatever the cost may be.
I'm committed to die as cast.
There's no stopping my trajectory as well.
Trevor Lyman, I'm very honored, woke up to the new world order, woke up to what was happening a few years ago, and he owns a big internet music company, pretty good size, and is an entrepreneur.
And so he picked up on ideas of the November 5th money bomb that others had put out on the web, but hadn't got a lot of traction, raised 4.3 mil.
Today it's already raised over 4 mil.
It's set to raise at least 7 mil.
Las Vegas says 2 to 1 odds that he would have gotten 6 mil.
They've got the blimp airborne on the Eastern Seaboard going into Northeaster.
We also are going to launch airplanes nationwide all over the country.
Ted Anderson is doing that next week.
Are you in the blimp right now, Trevor Lyman?
No, not right now.
Today was extremely windy.
This thing is really temperamental with the weather.
I understand.
Tell us about the money bomb.
I mean, this is exceeding our expectations.
What's our trajectory?
Well, it looks like we're absolutely, of course, like you just said, we're going to break that record of 4.3 that we had previously.
And, you know, we're on into the 5, 6 million, but then possibly even 7 million as things get closer to the end.
I think it's going to pick up.
And we're just, we're doing it, you know?
We're raising the funds, we're showing that he is the candidate, the only viable candidate that is from the people.
More people donate to make this happen than any other candidate.
It doesn't come from special interests.
It comes from us.
Well, it's key to add, as you've done many times, that these are on average around $100 donations.
These are not, you know, defense contractors in foreign banks or Chinese generals like they are with Bush and the Clintons.
That's right.
It's us.
The common man whose country this really is.
And we're taking it back and this movement is growing.
In only a month we're going to raise close to, who knows exactly where we'll land, but we're going to beat that record.
Let's say $7 million raised today.
That pushes it up to about $19 million.
And then you've got a few weeks left in the quarter.
The original goal was $12 million in one quarter.
I think we're going to hit $20 million pretty easy.
Yeah, I think so as well.
I think it looks very good.
Now again, Trevor, recap for listeners all across the country, from San Diego to Rochester, New York, from Tennessee to Texas, who are not aware of what's happening.
In a nutshell, what is happening with the money bomb and the Ron Paul revolution?
Well, so far we've raised over $4 million today.
You know, we basically, this is a grassroots effort that people have been pushing on the internet.
This is the power of the people and the power of the internet and new technology that's allowing us to communicate and to get at the truth.
And, you know, we're bringing the money in and he's winning straw polls.
He's now double digits in South Carolina, which was a state he was, I think, at 2% during the last poll.
So, I mean, talk about growth.
Um, so we're just, we're just keeping on.
You know, it's spreading the message that he has more meetups than anybody else, more people actively involved, and it's just going to continue to grow.
Well, he just doesn't have more than undergrips.
He dwarfs them all combined.
First they tried to say it was spy bots, hackers, spam.
Didn't exist.
What about thousands in Boston at the rally?
What about hundreds in every other major city?
I'm told it's well over 500 here in Austin right now dumping tea into Lady Bird Lake and the Colorado River.
I mean, this is incredible, and this is only the beginning.
Ron Paul is only, as he said, one focal point of this freedom, liberty is popular, tyranny, the ancient wickedness is not popular.
This is only the beginning.
We've only begun to fight against the New World Order, and Ron Paul and this movement is only one manifestation.
Trevor Lyman, father of the money bomb, what do you say?
Well, I agree with that completely.
We're just going to keep going on and taking back Congress.
And, you know, go after seat after seat there.
We need people to run right now as Ron Paul candidates on the Ron Paul bandwagon.
That's right, and the meet-up groups are probably great places to start looking.
And we're creating energized cadres and corps of people that are constitutionalists, liberals, conservatives, almost all the liberals I know are out buying guns, learning how to shoot, they're becoming libertarians, they're hating fake conservatives.
We can never wake liberals up, folks, because mainline conservatives are dirty whores.
They're totally fake.
They're establishment hacks that only say they're conservative.
Real conservatism, real liberty, sells.
Trevor Lyman.
It's like Ron Paul says, it brings people together.
This is a movement that brings all socioeconomic groups, all races, everyone together.
We're all realizing, hey, they've been making us lose our way, the American way, and we want it back.
In fact, we haven't had it for quite a while now, and we want to re-experience what
The Founding Fathers gave to us and what generations had experienced and what made this country great.
And so we want it back and we're absolutely doing that.
Like you said, there's so many people at the Tea Party.
In fact, there was a Tea Party in Strasbourg, France and this time it wasn't just, boy, you know, it'd be nice if the United States had a great president.
It was, we want those ideals here.
We want what America has.
Well, they're having tea parties in the Netherlands as well.
What's going on right now in Boston with Dr. Rand Paul, his son out there.
How's that going?
Very well.
There was a live feed.
I think it's still going on.
I have a link to it on TeaParty07.com so people can find it.
You can click through to there and see a live feed of some of the speeches going on.
VJ from Operation Live for Your Diet was there.
Rand Paul was there.
Lots of people in the audience.
This is really waking people up.
Absolutely, my friend.
Well, as this develops, I want to check in with you on the syndicated weekday show I do tomorrow.
Anything else that you'd like to add, Trevor Lyman?
Just, you know, we're going to have that blimp flying around, probably in the southern part of the country, maybe even keeping it in Florida and South Carolina, Georgia.
We're shooting for to go up northeast this week.
And then coming back down, weather really controls a lot of the, you know, the ability to fly on this blimp, so.
But the good thing about Florida, and then possibly going west as well, is, well anyway, the great thing about Florida is that people come to Florida, so, you know, we'll see about being there and reaching people from all over the country as they
Trevor Lyman, of course, is the individual who really took the ball and ran with it and was behind.
The people, of course, are behind it, but he was the zeitgeist in all of this that got the main zeitgeist fired up with the November 5th money bomb breaking a previous record.
If we raise over 6.1 mil, we will shatter the all-time one-day record.
Trevor, I think it's going to happen.
I do too.
Very, very, very positive.
I think especially as we get closer to it and people know to push for it, you know, they're just going to reach in one more time and say, here's a little bit more.
Trevor Lyman, thank you so much and God bless you.
We'll talk to you soon.
I'm going to put you on hold so Trey can set you up for a time tomorrow, okay?
Okay, great.
Thank you, sir.
Alright, now I said I was going to, we meant to have Trevor on earlier, but he was late getting on with us, so I said I was going to get into the personal police state
Propaganda and situations that I'm dealing with that is a real indicator of where the New World Order would like to take this country.
We're going to break and start the next hour and then at 8 after, the caller had the idea, we will initiate a mini-bomb within the huge money bomb and a lot of people out there simultaneously, 8 after.
Uh, coming up in about 12 minutes or so, we will simultaneously engage in a money bomb.
I don't think my wife is completely maxed out yet.
I know she's got another 500 she can give.
She may have already done that, but I'm going to call her during the break and tell her,
Go ahead, if you want, honey, and give another $500.
Go ahead and max out.
I thought I'd maxed out, but I haven't completely maxed out.
And I don't want to make a huge political event out of it, as it was in a bunch of newspapers, when I give money to Ron Paul, because I'm so wicked and evil.
And I read declassified public documents off of ABC News, like Operation Northwoods, where the U.S.
government planned a stage 9-11 style attacks.
I'm very wicked.
I got declassified documents that our government staged the Gulf of Tonkin to get us into Vietnam.
I'm very evil.
Uh, and, uh, you know, I talk about imaginary North American Union with the official documents, and I talk about imaginary carbon taxes globally, which have now been officially passed, and I talk about all these real things that are happening that the media, the controlled media, tries to tell you doesn't exist.
Alright, when we get back, I promise, we'll drop another money bomb, and then we'll, uh, get into the attacks I'm under.
It's amazing.
Second hour, straight ahead after news.
Stay with us.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
And it can pass the spin, the political fronts, and the things the politicians say, and actually getting into what they do and who pays for their campaigns, who runs this nation.
The Fortune 100, ladies and gentlemen, are bigger than the governments.
They dwarf any one government.
They are setting up world government to extract your wealth through the governments they control.
They're setting up a global empire, a financial empire, and liberty has no say in it.
Congressman Ron Paul has really helped ignite, with the help of the grassroots, a global awakening and global resistance.
It is happening everywhere.
Now, I know we have loaded phone lines here, and we're going to be going to your calls.
TJ, Rob, Tom, Jim, Patriot, many others that are patiently holding up.
Here's a line, 877-590-5525.
One just hung up.
Your calls are coming up.
Also, Estalin, a war-winning investigative journalist who's been very accurate in the past, says that elitists are considering assassinating Congressman Ron Paul.
I set him up Friday for the show.
Best-selling author, national talk show host in Spain.
He's been nothing but accurate in the past and now he has come out with this info.
We couldn't ignore it.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com is the easiest place to find it.
It's right up at the top of the page on InfoWars.com.
That is coming up.
Yes, we are.
Since midnight last night, easily online, people give to break that record, but people wanted me to basically lead in with this, so I will.
Pilot to Bombardier, we are approaching the target.
Target sighted.
Target one mile away.
Target one half mile away.
Target one quarter mile away.
Bombardier to Pilot, permission to discharge munitions.
Permission granted.
And the bombardier drops the bombs, the info bombs, in the info war.
And there you go.
I'm sure hundreds of thousands of people right now are giving.
In a few minutes, I'll hit refresh up on PrisonPlanet.com where we have a big link to a live graph that's in real time, and we will see how much is being given.
Now, by the way, this is all Internet.
It's not counting the tens of thousands calling by phone and giving, and then they do that in bunches and then put that in.
That's why you see it surge at times.
It's always moving up.
A couple thousand dollars every minute or so.
Uh, but, or sometimes more.
I click it and after 30 seconds and it goes up 10 grand sometimes.
When you click it and it goes up 50 grand, that's when they come in with all the phone calls and the phone number of people that have called and enter all their data for them, and then it surges even further.
Target hit!
I'll guarantee it!
So a little bit of fun.
Okay, that aside, let me be very, very serious about this, because frankly, when I'm off air, I'm much more, um,
Thoughtful, my brain works even in more sharp contrast to what's happening, and I get really reflective at night.
My wife and family and children had gone to sleep last night, and I had done one radio interview.
I was waiting up to go on KCLA, the biggest talk station out in Los Angeles, and I was hungry, so I went to the store to get junk food.
I'm driving the five minutes to the local gas station, and I tune into KLBJ, 590, the station we transmit out of, our flagship affiliate here in Austin, and I listen to Neil Bortz.
He's on.
This is Turnabout as Fair Play.
My show... I mean, I get attacked by Michael Medved.
I get attacked by Michael Reagan.
I get attacked by Michael Savage.
I get even... Five or six times we've gotten it on tape.
We've heard about it other times by Rush Limbaugh.
I've been attacked by people in the federal government.
I have been... I mean, hundreds of hosts have done this.
And they have called for my arrest.
Michael Medved has done that.
My investigation.
They have done all of this.
But I don't... I listen to talk radio when I'm stuck in traffic, and I don't listen to a lot of it.
I mean, every day I get calls about Neil Bortz attacking me.
I mean, every day.
And people send me audio clips every few weeks, and half the time I don't even click on it and listen to it.
I don't care.
And they tell me, man, this guy's saying you're a traitor, this guy's saying you're evil, this guy's saying you're dangerous, this guy's saying you're a liar.
And this is just one example.
And I'm driving in the car, and first he attacks Ron Paul.
This is the best dub they run across the country.
These are things they decide to put back on, and then next he talks about me, and he says,
Alex Jones, he compared me to Timothy McVeigh, he then, and that's a government op by the way, that was done by the government there, and that's been now documented and come out in mainstream news, that they were involved in it, and he then compared me to Charles Manson, and he said that I'm a manipulative moonbat, but he said something that I've heard probably ten other times, and again, I've only listened to a fraction of these people, YouTube them and send me clips, and John Gibson said similar things,
Then there was another clip where a caller calls in and plugs me, and he says, you know, you shouldn't talk about Alex Jones.
If I was your employer, I'd fire you.
You ought to shut up.
You shouldn't speak out.
And see, the U.S.
government got from the Nazis, and this has now been declassified, a ten-step plan for fascism.
And one of the final steps is to intimidate speech.
The Nazis would fire you from your job, make sure you got fired, board up your business, call for your arrest, have thugs beat you up, call for people to beat you up, call for your investigation.
You know, from 1933 to about 38, 39, then Hitler got really serious, started killing people.
And I know that Medved and all those other guys, who have been in the New York Times, went to the White House, openly get talking points, openly have signed up politically to the fake conservative team to suppress the conservative population, the only group that would fight their North American Union and open borders and gun control.
They're there to neutralize you.
And I realized that the last year, they have been all... I heard Medved say that.
And I've heard Reagan say that.
And I've heard a bunch of these guys say the same thing.
They've been saying it for a year.
Oh, you're going to get fired.
You ought to get arrested.
You shouldn't be allowed to talk like that.
That's to scare the sheeple.
That's for listeners to go, ooh, I think like that.
See, they're in a desperate mode right now to suppress.
Ooh, you ought to get fired.
Ooh, you might get arrested.
Ooh, you might get investigated.
Medved says that every week.
And I also hear about it from guests who come on the show, congressmen and Naomi Wolfe and others.
They say when they go on, he says this to them about me.
I mean, imagine having national talk show hosts and newspapers and magazines call for your arrest.
Imagine them say you're Timothy McVeigh.
Do you know what that's like?
But I'll say what Churchill said.
We shall go on to the end, whatever the cost may be.
And I'm committed.
I'm not going to turn back.
And understand, they can't demonize, they can't get everybody, they can't investigate everybody, they can't arrest everybody, they can't go after everybody.
They're doing that to intimidate you.
People like me have got to worry.
People like Ron Paul have got to worry.
Because they've said Ron Paul's supporters are terrorists.
Glenn Beck has said it.
We played it, what, two weeks ago here.
He just out of the blue, he said the military should be used against domestic enemies.
These Ron Paul supporters are trying to undermine and destroy America.
And then his guest went on to say that we are, quote, in bed with Islamic fascists.
We're the people trying to fight for the borders.
We're the people trying to fight for the Second Amendment.
We're the people fighting the carbon tax, the North American Union, the funding mechanism for this.
I wish every day that what I was telling you wasn't true.
There's over 200 examples of where our government has staged terror attacks.
They admit it.
Kermit Roosevelt, who ran terror attacks in foreign nations to blame it on groups they wanted to go after, went on NPR and admitted it.
Former CIA Section Chief.
The Italian President just went public and admitted the U.S.
government staged terror attacks there, in the 80s.
He was the head of intelligence at the time, to blame it on their political enemies.
And 9-11 was an inside job.
The former head of the German Parliament and former head of intelligence, Andres von B├╝low, just went public a few years ago.
Robert Baer, former CIA field commander, has gone public saying all the evidence points towards an inside job.
Bill Christensen, former CIA section chief of Europe, has said all evidence shows it's an inside job.
Bill Doyle, the head of the biggest 9-11 victim family group, who lost his son Joey, says it's an inside job.
All I'm doing is telling the truth.
All I'm doing is standing firm and putting my life on the line.
And I am a target of these people, and I get death threats almost every single day.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm doing this for you and your children.
This isn't entertainment.
This isn't a game.
I'm not a sell-out whore to the New World Order.
I will defend until the end.
The die is cast.
I'll tell you more when we get back.
Then we'll get into your calls.
And Ron Paul, stay with us.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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If we do not control our food, food will be used to control us.
Food control has been the plan historically in every enslaved population and is the plan for America.
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Live, ladies and gentlemen.
Five days a week isn't enough.
You know, I was a big Republican in college.
I'm a conservative gun owner.
I'm a constitutionalist.
I discovered, more than a decade ago, the Republican Party was bought and paid for by the same people that own the Democratic Party, and most Americans now know that, and understand that.
And to hear these mainline talk show hosts sit up there and say there's no North American Union, say the Federal Reserve isn't private,
And they never give any facts.
We give you facts.
We post the documentation.
We have the facts.
We have the information.
By the way, I just hit refresh after 10 minutes.
Over $150,000 went in.
I guess our listeners just donated $150,000.
It wasn't going up that fast.
And then the caller had that focused attack with our listeners.
And who knows?
Maybe it's the Easter Bunny that gave the money.
But over $150,000 just surged in there.
Since the last time I hit refresh at RonPaul2008.com, big link to it, at PrisonPlanet.com.
So, put yourself in my shoes.
Imagine having all these heavyweights that literally, publicly, go to the White House and are given marching orders.
And they admit they have White House memos, and these have now been in the news, where they say, we need another 9-11, it really helped us.
Before 9-11, Dick Cheney wrote in PENAC that a big, huge terror attack would help get their agenda through.
Just like Hitler firebombed his own Reichstag in 1933, a few months after being elected to set up a police state.
And now they're behind Hillary Clinton.
And now, just a few months ago, people couldn't believe me.
Now that's mainstream talk.
About how, why are the Republicans giving more money to Hillary?
Why are they behind her?
It's establishment power.
They're passing the baton.
Only Ron Paul is a real candidate.
You know, I've never wavered.
I have never, um...
I've always told callers, don't call in and thank me, I'm just doing my job.
I don't cover one one-hundredth of the attacks I'm under.
It isn't about the cult of personality.
Ron Paul has said that as well with himself, but I have to tell you that I do need people to rally behind me and to support me and to get my information out even more and to counter these national talk show hosts with tens of millions of listeners apiece because
I'm under attack, and I've had things happen to me I don't talk about on air.
The threats, the death threats.
Trey, you're my producer.
You see just the emails.
What about the phone calls?
I mean, turn your mic on.
I didn't talk to you about this during break.
He's having to swing his mic around.
But the people calling up threatening to kill us.
I mean, all of it.
Because of what we're doing.
And we're non-violent, peaceful people who just want to save this country.
It comes in a lot and it's discouraging.
I think they think we have a lot of alternative motives than what we really do.
But we're really just out there doing what we say we're doing.
I think people think... Most of that's intimidation.
Yeah, you know.
It's just bad people doing it.
But the point is here that regardless if you like Alex Jones or hate Alex Jones or hate Ron Paul or love Ron Paul
The point is, there is a concerted effort to say, arrest people that protest, don't allow demonstrations, because demonstrators are stopping a war that's to beat the terrorist, and therefore if you stop the war, you're with the terrorist.
I mean, that's Democrats.
That was the Deputy Attorney General back in 2003.
He said no protest allowed anywhere in the state of California.
The state was banning demonstrations.
That was in the... He was quoted on television, and it was also in the Oakland Tribune.
Oakland Herald.
People being arrested for anti-war shirts on a parade route where Bush is driving, saying, well, that's a demonstration.
You can be here for Bush, but you can't be here against Bush.
Bill Clinton did similar things like that, but it's now accelerating.
This is about freedom.
I'm an American citizen.
I have a right to say I'm against this war.
I have a right to say I don't want to attack Iran.
I have a right to go out and demonstrate.
I have a right to talk about government-sponsored terrorism.
I have a right to talk about how the Federal Reserve is private.
I have a right to read North American Union SPP documents on air, and to read official United Nations calls 30 years ago, and they've now passed it, the U.S.
just signed on Friday, for a global carbon tax.
I'm telling you the truth.
And I beg all the people listening across the nation who are driving along in their cars, or tuning around the AM dial or FM dial, hearing me for the first time, I'm telling the truth.
I've done the research, and I've put my life on the line.
And I've done this so you can wake up, and so we can save this country and this world.
America has been seized by the New World Order.
People go, oh, what's that?
I was on Big L.A.
Station last night, and a guy said, why do you talk about imaginary New World Order?
Your film Endgame is good, I saw it, but why do you talk about the New World Order?
I go, well, George Herbert Walker talked about it.
Hitler talked about it.
All these government documents talk about it.
It's a world government!
I mean, I've got mainstream news, CNN right here, where they say, and they have the quotes, by the head of the UN saying, we have finally gotten a world tax.
Just type in, to Google, World Carbon Tax.
World Tax.
World tax for greenhouses.
Hundreds of mainstream articles.
You'll be on the UN website reading the text of what they said Friday!
I mean, I got CNN on video last week saying that the North American Union didn't exist, but also that the Trans-Texas Corridor doesn't exist.
I mean, Giuliani is on the law firm that's doing that whole deal, handing over our existing roads.
With a bunch of Mexican and Spanish and German lobbyists.
Just taking our roads and handing them over.
This is about power.
Big money comes in, they buy off the government, they have the government hand everything over to them.
It's like third world nations being looted.
Joseph Stiklitz, quit the World Bank, chief economist, 2002.
Thousands of pages were released.
Just type World Bank documents consume Argentina into Google, you'll get the actual documents.
And the news articles about it.
And they said they wanted to come into the U.S.
and the third world, but do like what they've done in the third world and the U.S.
and jack up inflation, destroy the dollar, blow out the economy, get you in debt, so they can come in and buy up the infrastructure.
When they make the dollar as worthless as toilet paper, they can come in here with their foreign currencies that they just print up out of nowhere, too, and buy up all the ports, buy up all the water, buy up all the infrastructure, buy up all the roads.
For pennies on the dollar, the government is engaged in crime handing them over, and I look at these well-oiled, quaffed hair, guys in suits, these neocon talk show hosts, these liberal talk show hosts, their establishment hacks, working both sides like carnival barkers, from both ends, conning you, manipulating you.
I don't think you have any idea what it's like.
And again, I've never said this, I've never come out, I've said pray for me before, but I've always had a good instinct for things.
Pray for Ron Paul.
But even people in our own movement, most of them are, not the grassroots, but most people that are, quote, prominent, are just driven with insane jealousy of me.
Because I worked till 2 in the morning last night?
Because I have a passion to fight this tyranny?
No, I deserve support.
I deserve people to support me after everything I've done.
After 13 years of total commitment.
Nine years ago now, walking outside the TV station after I've been told to shut up over and over again.
After guys had pulled up in high and tight haircuts and gotten out of their car and with government plates and said, yeah, we're special forces, yeah, we're with the local martial law crew, when it all comes down, now that's all public, and you better shut your mouth.
I told them, go to you know where.
They got in their car and a few weeks later, four guys with hoods over their heads tried to beat the living hell out of me and I looked like something out of Cape Fear.
I got good old boy guts.
And as soon as they got my blood flying, as soon as they hurt me, I turned it on and I rammed their heads in the concrete.
And I kicked them and I stomped them.
That freaked them out as my blood ran all over them!
I'm committed to the United States!
I'm committed to defending this Republic!
I'm committed 110%!
I do this for the right reasons!
And how dare Neil Borch and Rush Limbaugh and Nedved and others like Nedved calling for my arrest!
That's hot treason against the Republic!
He's the one engaged in treason!
How dare them!
We shall go on to the end, no matter what the cost is!
We shall go on to the end, we shall never surrender!
We'll be back when you're called!
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It's Alex Jones.
This isn't a game we're playing.
This is world government.
This is ancient tyranny.
The Norman society.
Liberty, the precious.
The rare jewel.
I'm gonna go to your calls now and get to a bunch of other important news.
But before I do that, just finishing up the last topic I raised.
It's a very personal topic, but it affects us all, this darkness we face.
All these neocon and fake conservatives and liberals that support the establishment, these are smart people.
They've made conscious decisions, I've seen their shows change over the years, to sell out to the establishment.
To sell out and backpedal and whitewash what the system's doing and what Republicans and Democrats are doing.
And they're going to be beaten.
I can see what's happened in history, I can see what's happening currently, and I can see what's going to happen in the future.
Resistance is mounting exponentially.
All the resistance and the 11% approval ratings for Congress that we see now, and 10% approval ratings for Cheney, and 20% approval ratings for Hillary, that is only the beginning.
And they can get individuals, but ideas are bulletproof.
Ideas are eternal.
And first they ignore the truth, then they laugh at it, then they attack the truth, and who bears it, and then you win.
As Mahatma Gandhi said.
I don't want you to feel sorry for me and the choices I've made.
I want you to come in for the big win.
I want you to take action.
Frankly, I've heard all the other talk shows.
I've heard all the patriots.
I've heard all the libertarians.
Most of them only get 10, 20, 30 percent of it right.
Most of them don't really assault the system.
They don't know how to energize people.
They don't understand the intricacies.
They haven't studied it as much.
Or they just don't want to tell the truth.
And unfortunately, I'm the best thing there is out there.
And that's why the New World Order
Is so afraid of me.
And that's why they are engaged in so many attacks and so many preparations to legitimize attacks or false charges or my death.
And they want to set the precedent to do this to all of us, like this was the Soviet Union, or like this was East Germany, or China today.
We're going to win this fight.
And the people that have gone along with this and have betted on evil, and have gone along with evil, they need, and it's been in the news that a lot of them are on government payroll openly.
It's come out.
Quote, government purchases fake news.
Congress rules it illegal.
Type that into Google.
Mainstream news.
Congressional reports.
They need to be held accountable for their treason, and for their colluding, and for the individuals that have come in and been part of this influence peddling, and have been part of being the paid-off corporate whore media.
Now, the mere fact that I'm on so many A&M and FM stations and growing, and that smaller corporations and family-owned stations put me on, and that my websites together are bigger than the Drudge Report, is an illustration of the fact that we are rising, and we are taking action.
The only reason the Newell Order hadn't killed me yet, though I see them trying to prep everybody for it, the only reason they haven't done that is because they don't want to make me a martyr.
So again, I put my life in the hands of God, I put my life in the hands of Providence, and I ask all of you to pray for everyone who's fighting tyranny worldwide.
Well, good men rot in filthy jails across the world for fighting evil and simply trying to defend the weak and the meek.
Alright, your calls are coming up in a moment, I promise.
But first, I want to get to this.
By the way, you can hear the whole audio interview at PrisonPlanet.com.
It's embedded in this story.
Estherlyn, a lead is considered assassinating Ron Paul.
Best-selling author and investigative journalist.
And Bilderberg sleuth says intelligence sources told him highest levels of U.S.
government are discussing what result would be if Congressman Ron Paul was killed.
Now again, we've got them openly talking about how torture is good, how they should arrest people that disagree with the government, how it's treason.
I know you've heard that on Neocon Radio.
How it shouldn't be allowed.
Got the liberals talking about trying to control free speech.
It's all happening, folks.
Best-selling author.
Again, Estalin, whose information has unfortunately proven very accurate in the past, went public on the bombshell news during an appearance on the Alex Jones Show Friday.
I'm getting information from my sources, this is a quote, that there are people... Oh, this is driving me crazy.
I thought the printer printed it.
Let me just find it online here.
I go to PrisonPlanet.com and go find the story because this just... I thought I had both pages.
I had a page behind it.
And it's at the top of Prison Info Wars.
I'm going to Info Wars so I can pull it up.
The printer shot out a couple pages under it that weren't the same story.
And so I was unable to cover it all.
Let me just read it off the screen to you here as best I can.
I'm getting information from my sources that there are people involved from a higher level of the American establishment who are seriously considering
This has not been confirmed.
By not being confirmed, they're going to do it.
But assassination is definitely on the agenda, and I pray to God that this is not the case, said Estlin.
Estlin, an award-winning investigative journalist, said that he was given the information from a source that has been reliable over the decade, providing accurate projections on future events based on what the elite were discussing in their own circles, and that the assassination was a serious option should the Ron Paul revolution continue to pick up steam.
The author of the Global Bestseller, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, described the concept as a trial balloon from the inner circle core within the inner core.
It hasn't gone beyond that, but it's obviously on the table because I think, needless to say, they are very, very much concerned about Paul, he added.
Ron Paul himself has stated on previous occasions on my show, we have an audio link right there, that he is aware of the dangers of being such a bold icon for freedom and understands that political assassinations have occurred in the past.
In June appearance on the Alex Jones Show, Congressman Paul acknowledged that such a threat is real.
Quoting Congressman Paul.
Agreeing with a number of historical examples where leaders were killed or attacked for successfully standing up the system.
Quote, that's right!
He said to Alex Jones, they'll do it.
Paul said, making reference to Alex Jones, to the upstarts like Andrew Jackson, the Kingfish, Huey Long, Bobby Kennedy, George Washington, even George Wallace.
Esalen pointed out that his past predictions about global events were very accurate because of the solid information provided to him from within Bilderberg and the elite.
Over 18 months ago, Estlin correctly made the call that the Iran War had been delayed and was probably off the table, which is looking to be exactly the case.
After the release of the recent National Intelligence Estimate, Estlin is featured again in length in my film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
The story goes down and concludes.
You can read it at Infowars.com, top of the page, one of the top four stories we have up there.
Two items here.
Number one, Esterlin's the guy that continues to learn exactly where the Bilderberg Group meetings are going to be.
Remember, five years ago, the media said it didn't exist.
Now they admit it in the Dallas Morning News and New York Times.
Remember joking the O'Connor saying it didn't exist?
Remember that?
Okay, we'll delete.
He said that they would not attack Iran.
It was off the table 18 months ago when nobody else was saying that.
He said, along with Jim Tucker, they weren't going to attack Iraq in 2002.
It was going to be 2003 in March.
Exactly what he said happened when all the news was saying it was going to happen.
Because they get spies inside.
They have spies inside.
They find out where the hotel is on the Four Star Resort.
They go in before it happens.
They tell the workers, you're not going to want to help us now, but when you hear their evil plans when you're serving them caviar and champagne, or when you're caddying for them on the golf course, you'll want to tell me.
And then after they leave town, they bring them documents, bring them the info, and they double, triple check it.
That's A. That's why we went with this when Estelyn talked about it on my Friday show.
Now, now, here's the other issue.
We put this story out, Estelyn, and we just consider assassinating Ron Paul.
Ron Paul on my show a few months ago said it was a real danger to him and that the system does this.
Okay, that's Ron Paul, your icon.
A bunch of big Ron Paul sites who have moderators who posted this story, I noticed by Googling it, erased it.
You erased the audio file of Ron Paul.
You erased the text of what Esterlin said, which puts him in danger.
By exposing the possibility of this, that will make him take it off the table.
That's what history and the analysis shows.
But see, a lot of people in the Ron Paul camp are mainline Republicans, and it's also full of moles.
That happens at any campaign, and that's come out over and over again.
And there's people trying to make him water down his message, while at the same time, Huckabee and Hillary and all of them are now sounding like Ron Paul.
So there's the political analysis there for you.
Daniel Esselstyn of Impeccable Credentials comes out and says this.
Ron Paul agrees that he knows there's a danger months ago.
There's audio and text of him saying it to me and to you.
And I found a bunch of Ron Paul sites yesterday and today that pulled it.
People out there, oh, I don't know about that.
That's a conspiracy theory!
So now Ron Paul's own audio, Ron Paul's own text, what Ron Paul says, it doesn't matter now.
And we cannot compromise this movement.
We cannot allow neocons to take control of it.
Rob Paul's going to win by being bold, as he has been.
He's going to win by speaking out when they said, hey, you want to say there isn't a North American Union?
He said, no, it does exist.
We need to take action.
Be strong.
Be bold.
Absolute total phone blitz.
From Tom, Jim, Eric, Bob, TJ, Bill, and many others on the other side of this quick break.
And some news on the global carbon tax signed by the United States.
You're on the front line of the info war.
The tip of the spear.
I'm Alex Jones.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
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Well, in five hours,
Midnight, Eastern Standard Time.
We'll find out how much the Boston Tea Party, RonPaul2008.com Money Bomb brought in.
We'll have continual reports at PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com on all of it, by the way, when this show ends.
All my syndicated stations and shortwave internet is out there.
You'll be able to go to InfoWars.com and hear the two hours re-aired anytime you want.
It'll be sent out to you on the podcast.
We cover a lot in the last two hours.
I want to go to your phone calls, but if you just type into Google, global carbon tax,
And click web or click news.
Hundreds of articles, mainstream, with headlines like UN considering global carbon tax, calling for global carbon tax.
They just got the US to sign on to this, and you'll hear what life under this will be like.
You can read the actual quotes and the documents by the United Nations.
From mainstream news and proponents, people supporting it.
Remember, none of this existed.
They deny it exists until they launch it.
Here's CNN.
In a U-turn, US agrees to global warming deal.
In a dramatic reversal Saturday, the United States rejected, then accepted, a compromise to set the stage for intense negotiations in the next two years aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions worldwide.
No, they agreed to an agreement to set up the taxes.
This gives me a stomachache.
I actually just got a horrible stomachache.
It makes me sick to see this happening.
Alright, let's go to your calls.
You've been holding long enough.
Tom in Florida.
You're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead, Tom.
Yeah, I'm calling back to say thanks for having me on your show Wednesday about Victor Bean and the gun shows here.
Yes, last Sunday we talked about it too.
It was confirmed that they're basically censoring Ron Paul supporters from them.
I just would like, if I can, to give out the contact numbers for Victor Bean so people can call him.
Listen, I really think it's a waste of time, brother, and I'm not mad at you.
I just got to move quick.
You know, some gun show, it's a private property.
If he wants to restrict people and keep them from getting tables and doing all that, I'm sorry they did it to you.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I just want to say you made a great difference in my life.
You know, one thing I was able to tell my family and friends before the war that there wasn't any weapons of mass destruction.
And they weren't going to leave and they were going to break it in three parts because it was all in official Pentagon plans.
And then when it all came out that there weren't any weapons, they had to finally admit it.
I mean, it just gave me so much credibility.
But I was able... So I want to thank you for that.
I was also calm because there was another caller that was concerned about 9-11 and Ron Paul and his stance.
I mean, he's already said that he is in favor of a new investigation if the American people want it.
And, uh, you know, if we get a new investigation, and, you know, it comes out like we believe that 9-11's an inside job, I mean, hands are gonna roll.
People are gonna be held accountable.
Well, it's come out that hundreds of other stage attacks, for listeners that don't know, it's available.
It's public.
Thank you so much, sir, for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to T.J.
in New York.
T.J., you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
I just gave you a call to give you congratulations on Endgame.
It's an awesome film.
Thank you.
And to also say, every time the elections come up, all I hear from people is that we need change and we have to have change, and even though it's preaching to the choir on the radio station, Ron Paul is that change that we need.
Well, it is, and there's hundreds of thousands listening right now who've heard the show for the first time, sir.
So, you're not preaching to the choir, A. B, all the other candidates, you know, people try to pick candidates on who they think is going to win.
Like, you know, people are fans of a football team when they're winning.
Folks, you need to be fans of people who have the right stance and who are constitutionalists.
Everybody needs to get behind Ron Paul, not only to support him now, but make sure they get out there, come vote time, and place your vote for Ron Paul.
Not only are the neocons and fake liberals all attacking Ron Paul, showing you he's the man right now.
They are saying his supporters are terrorists.
Just out of the blue, they're just saying it on CNN and Fox.
Off of talking points.
That's the thing.
They're saying the exact same thing.
You realize how dangerous that is?
When the media teams up with the government and says, arrest people, torture's good, no free speech.
You're going to have trouble though.
Americans know they've at least got that.
You're not going to be able to tell them that never existed.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jim in Oregon.
Jim, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Yeah, we're on the run rate of about $350,000 an hour on your Ron Paul.
That gives about 6.2 million, so we need to ramp it up just a little bit to break the fundraising record.
What would be neat on the Ron Paul site if you could put how much money was raised in the last hour, because that velocity counts for a lot.
Well I know this and I'm not saying we did it, but it was moving about
I don't know, you know, 20 grand or so every 10 minutes, and then we did, the caller had the idea to have everybody launch at one point, and it was over 150 grand in 10 minutes.
I wonder what did that?
Yeah, the last one I measured was in 15 minutes the run rate was $380,000 for the full hour.
If you could raise $1,000,000 in one hour, that would make history.
Yeah, in the first hour last night he raised $500,000, but then you have the overnight hours.
When Lyman and I brainstormed on air, when he had first come up with this idea, I was saying two days.
Try to raise $10 million in two days with a big ramp-up.
And the campaign agreed with me.
And on air, Ron Paul offered air.
On air, Jesse Benton, the communications man, agreed that he thought that was better.
But hey, we're not going to tell the graduates what to do.
Fine, just do it now.
If you've already maxed out, got friends and family believing Ron Paul, they forgot about him, call him.
If you want somebody to articulate this message to them, tell them to go to Infowars.com and listen to the repeat of this show coming up.
I'll explain it all to them.
That's just in a few minutes.
Let us now go ahead and talk to Eric in Michigan.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding, Eric.
Alex, it's great to be with you.
I've been listening for quite a while, and I've been a Prison Planet TV member for about six months, and it's been odd to be with you fighting on the front line on Tea Party.
So I just want to say real quick, I'm the webmaster for a new project, which is actually Ron Paul 2008 calendar, and I wanted to plug that real quick.
What else?
Yeah, it's called Hotties for Ron Paul.
Hotties for Ron, number four, hottiesforronpaul.com.
Check it out.
If you Google Ron Paul calendar, it's number two.
If you want to see some attractive women supporting Ron Paul, it's a 13 month calendar.
I hear you, bro.
It's $11.99 for the calendar.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead now and take another call.
Let's talk to Keith in Kentucky.
Keith, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, how you doing?
I'm a first-time caller, but I listen to your show on occasion, and I agree with about 85% of what you say, but what I wanted to know is,
I, uh, listen, and everybody is talking, you know, support Ron Paul, support this.
Well, when they kill Ron Paul, and that is a strong possibility that they will go ahead and do something stupid.
By the way, he has said that, but some of the biggest Ron Paul sites out there will not allow it to be discussed and basically say it isn't true.
Well, I'm a Dan Carozza conspiracy theorist, and I guarantee you that if they don't kill him, they will definitely do whatever it takes to end his ability to run a strong campaign.
Well, look, I'll say this, sir.
I brought that up three months ago to Ron Paul.
You can go to the story about Daniel Esterlin.
The leaders consider assassinating Ron Paul.
And you can go hear Esterlin.
You can also go hear Ron Paul three months ago.
And I brought this up to him and he said, yeah, they kill people all the time.
And yeah, we get big enough, they'll try.
But the tree of liberty is water with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
And sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.
Now, if we talk about how they could kill him, and if we talk about how we've got intel that they're discussing it, and they're trying to decide, would this hurt them, what would happen if they did, then they won't do it.
But if we say, oh, that's a conspiracy, even though Ron Paul says it's a possibility, and keep ourselves in that box, then we're in deep trouble.
It's that simple.
Let's race through calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dave in Ohio.
You're on the air, Dave.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Isn't this really about the sovereignty of the United States of America?
I mean, when were we no longer a sovereign nation?
When did the WTO have more authority over our trade than Congress?
That's global government!
We're in it!
And now the WTO gets the U.S.
to sign on to a global carbon tax, to fund the U.N.
You think the U.N.'
's bad now, folks?
It's getting teeth.
And all the regulatory control, all of it, I hear you and I appreciate your call.
Steve in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Steve.
Yes, Alex.
On November 5th I heard your show and you were talking about how important it was to donate to the Ron Paul campaign.
I've never donated to a presidential campaign.
This is the first campaign I've donated to.
I haven't even voted in five years.
I donated $100 and this time I've donated maximum allow.
I gave in $2,000 and now I'm at the maximum.
I would actually give $200 more, but good job.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I gave $200 on the... Okay, go ahead.
And I gave $2,000 today, and I want to personally thank you for doing it, for encouraging people to donate, because you, you put me over the edge.
I was thinking about it, but it was what you had said that had inspired me to get out and, you know, and donate.
God bless you, sir.
Call me back tomorrow, and I'm live 11 to 2.
Let me just say this in the last minute we've got.
Even if Ron Paul doesn't win, he injects real ideas.
He wakes up other people to the freedom movement, the liberty movement.
It's growing.
Who would have ever thought we'd come this far this fast?
We're going to win.
We have to first realize we're going to win, whether it's with Ron Paul or down the road.
The collision of tyranny versus liberty has happened.
That's why they've tried to put the cameras, the face scanners, the police state grid in place.
But most cops are good.
The majority of the military are good.
They're good Americans.
People worldwide are good.
They don't want this tyranny.
And so, it isn't...
Win or lose, it's do the right thing.
Justice be done.
May the heavens fall.
Duty is ours.
Consequence belongs to God.
Take action now.
Get involved in history.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, get fired up.
Say you're mad as hell.
You're not going to take it anymore.
All right, if you missed seeing the show, it's about to restart at InfoWars.com.
To all of our affiliates, God bless you all.
Thank you for everything you're doing.
We'll see you back here next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Now get out there and take on the new world.
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