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Air Date: Dec. 10, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have a huge broadcast lined up for you today.
We got Dan Holman joining us coming up in the second hour.
On video, he's standing on a sidewalk with a pro-life sign with two other people and a gentleman runs over with a club and hits him with it.
The police show up and are obviously friends with the guy and the guy's screaming, I'll beat you in the head with it.
And the police then threaten to arrest Dan Holman and others and say they have no free speech.
Hillary Clinton's coming into town and going to drive down that street.
Now, when an anti-war activist gets arrested for having an anti-war sign on a street corner, we have them on.
Or when some pro-immigration group has their rights violated, we have them on.
I happen to agree with Dan Holman, I'm against abortion, but regardless, I'm also for the First Amendment.
These police are outrageous, and they all need to be reprimanded bare minimum or fired.
These guys are total anti-American goons.
Now, we can't really play the audio.
The video's up on PrisonPlanet.com because of all the yelling and cussing.
Imagine a guy with a huge club screaming over the police's shoulders, waving a club.
He's allowed with a deadly weapon to run around screaming, threatening people.
He hits Mr. Holman with it, who stoically takes it.
He's screaming, I'll beat your head in, and the cops are saying, you got the problem.
You can't stand here on the sidewalk.
It's absolutely, absolutely amazing.
Speaking of the devil, guys, I hear you playing that clip in the background.
You must be watching it yourself.
I can hear it in my headset, sorry.
So that's going to be coming up later.
We're able to cut the cuss words out of it.
We're going to be playing that.
Also, I got a call yesterday on my Sunday show.
By a listener in Tallahassee, Florida, saying this big national gun show that comes to his town quarterly, said no Ron Paul tables allowed, but the other Republican tables were, and that no one was allowed to wear Ron Paul shirts inside the building or to talk about Ron Paul, and that they wouldn't even let you buy a ticket and have the police threaten to arrest you.
This just shows, and they can say, well, it's not a public space, it's a private event.
But see, everything's becoming a private space now.
You know, the malls are going to have metal detectors and checkpoints.
It's the same everywhere.
Well, sure enough, we Googled the guy's name.
I mean, I believe the caller.
But I Googled the owner's name, and it turns out he's in the news, and this is on record that this is the case.
And it's just another illustration of these people.
How they're afraid of other individuals' ideas.
So that is coming up today as well.
We're going to be discussing that.
In the meantime, top story, de facto one-child policy urged in Australia.
We told you that they were going to push for a one-child policy and a huge yearly fine for life for anyone that has a child.
How do we know?
It is the World Health Organization slash U.N.
presidential directives.
It is the policy of the U.S.
It is State Department Memorandum 200.
So we'll be walking through that.
It's coming here as well.
Bush authorizes full access to the U.S.
roads for even more Mexican-based NAFTA trucks.
Also, Chretien, former Prime Minister of
Canada has been confronted what four different times politely about the North American Union, about endgame, about loose change final cut, and he physically assaulted.
He pushed.
He pushed.
The guys are standing there, not even in his space.
Chrétien leads out of his space into his and pushes him away when he asked about his public statement calling for a new world order.
Which by the way is on record.
He did it a bunch.
That's just some of what is coming up.
Today, right here on the GCN Radio Network.
But first, we're going to play Ron Paul on the eve of the Gulf War.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by our government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Don't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
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Bill Burgess makes great progress in order world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
More and more mysterious shootings happening.
Around the country.
It has been confirmed that not only was one member of Homeland Security at the mall, but there were multiple members checking their security parameters and basically testing them in their reaction to terrorist attacks.
Specifically, they're warning them about mass shootings.
In Omaha last week,
Now in Colorado there have been other mass shootings and two different attacks at the same church that had that weirdo preacher Haggard with the gay porno stars.
I mean it just gets weirder and weirder and weirder and I'm telling you they use these strange slash Christian missionary firms as government fronts.
Just like World Vision has been connected to, well, both John Hinckley Jr.
and the other individual, both the man that shot Reagan and the individual that shot Lennon were from there.
And of course, the head of World Vision was having dinner with the Bushes the night before that even transpired in 1981.
I mean, you can't make this type of stuff up.
You just have to go look at the evidence, and I still don't even know what to make of it.
So, later on in the broadcast, I'm going to talk some about that.
If you tuned in yesterday to the two-hour Sunday show we do, I talked some about this, but I do want to bring it back up later in the show today and pull up some other studies that came out this week as well.
Major Israeli scientific study says regular mobile phone use massively increases tumor risk.
So that is some of what we'll be going over as well.
I mentioned this in the first segment.
We're also going to spend some time on it today.
Thompson gets access to Florida gun shows.
Fred Thompson, presidential candidate, has set a conservative bullseye, the exclusive rights to advertise at some of Florida's largest gun shows.
Pasco County Republican Chairman Bill Bunting said he has engineered the deal for the former Tennessee Senator and Law and Order star because he's the best person to trust when it comes to the right to buy, sell, and own guns.
And it goes on to say he's the only table they're allowing to be sold at any of the Florida gun shows.
There's also National Gun Show and that's the individual that owns these.
And we got a bunch of emails yesterday about this after a listener called in and said he was even banned from having a Ron Paul shirt on inside the huge Tallahassee gun show put on by the same group.
So it just shows how they're pulling out the stops to block Ron Paul.
That's just some of what we're going to be covering.
Is Israel saying forget US intel?
Iran has nukes at full speed and we'll be going over that propaganda.
Now they're still beating the war drums right now.
That's just some of what we'll be discussing today.
But first, after I play this Ron Paul clip, I want to get into de facto one-child policy urged in Australia.
Couples who have more than two children should be charged a lifelong tax
It's a yearly tax and a one-time big fee up front to offset their extra offspring carbon dioxide emissions, a medical expert says.
Paul Watson is doing an article on this today, with his great research, and I'm going to be discussing that, giving you the details, in just one moment.
But first, here's Ron Paul in 2002, in March, when they thought they were on the eve of the attack.
Remember the news said, definite attack, turned out the publishers of
Mr. Graham, the owner of the Washington Post, was at Bilderberg, and that they had made the internal decision to not attack until March of 2003.
That was announced here one year before, showing our intel is accurate with Jim Tucker, and just how powerful these people are, how they really do steer things.
But here's Ron Paul eloquently laying out the case against going into Iraq a year before the invasion.
I thank the gentleman for yielding and I ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks.
Without objection.
Madam Speaker, I rise in opposition to this resolution.
The wisdom of the war is one issue, but the process and the philosophy behind our foreign policy are other issues as well.
But I've come to the conclusion that I see no threat to our national security
There's no convincing evidence that Iraq is capable of threatening the security of this country, and therefore, very little reason, if any, to pursue a war.
But I'm very interested also in the process that we're pursuing.
This is not a resolution to declare war.
We know that.
This is a resolution that does something much different.
This resolution transfers the responsibility and the authority and the power of the Congress to the President so that he can declare war when, if he wants to.
He has not even indicated that he wants to go to war or that he has to go to war, but he will make the full decision, not the Congress, not the people through the Congress of this country in that manner.
It does something else, though.
One half of the resolution delivers his power to the President, but it also instructs him to enforce UN resolutions.
I happen to think I enjoy more listening to the President when he talks about unilateralism and national security interests than accepting this responsibility to follow all the rules and the dictates of the United Nations.
And that's what this resolution does.
It instructs him to follow all the resolutions.
But an important aspect of the philosophy and the policy that we're endorsing here is the preemption.
This should not be passed off lightly.
It has been done to some degrees in the past, but not so explicitly, not so much put into law, that we will preemptively strike another nation that has not attacked us.
No matter what the arguments may be, this policy is new, and it will have ramifications for our future, and it will have ramifications for the future of the world, because other countries will adopt this same philosophy.
I also want to mention, very briefly, something that has essentially never been brought up.
That is, for more than a thousand years, there has been a doctrine and a definition of what the Christian definition of a just war is all about.
And I think this effort and this plan to go to war comes up short of that doctrine.
First, it says that there has to be an act of aggression.
And there has not been an act of aggression against the United States.
We're 6,000 miles from our shore.
Also, it says that all efforts at negotiations must be exhausted.
I don't believe that is the case.
It seems to me like the opposition, the enemy right now is begging for more negotiations.
And also it says that the Christian doctrine says that the proper authority must be responsible for initiating the war.
And I do not believe that proper authority can be transferred to the President nor to the United Nations.
But there's a very practical reason that I come up with a great deal of reservations about what we're doing.
And that has to do with the issue of no-win wars that we have been involved in for so long.
Once we take and once we give up our responsibilities from here in the House and the Senate to make these decisions, it seems that we depend on the United Nations for our instructions.
And that's why, essentially, somebody indicated we're already at war.
And that's correct.
We're still in the Persian Gulf War I. We've been bombing for 12 years.
And the reason our President Bush Senior didn't go all the way was he said the UN didn't give him permission to.
So my argument is that when you go to war through the back door, you're more likely to have the wars last longer and not have a completion of the war such as we had in Korea and Vietnam.
So we ought to consider this very seriously.
Also, it is said that no, you are wrong about the act of aggression.
There has been an act of aggression against us because Saddam Hussein has shot at our airplanes.
The fact that he has missed every single airplane for twelve years and tens of thousands of sorties have been flown indicates the strength of our enemy.
An impoverished third world nation that doesn't have an air force, anti-aircraft weapons, or has a navy.
But the indication is that because he shot at us, therefore it's an act of aggression.
But you know what is cited as the reason for us
Let's stop right there.
You see, when you see the White House memo from January of 2003, Bush is telling Blair, we need to paint a US plane up like a UN aircraft, fly it low, order our soldiers, our airmen, to fly low and get it shot down.
Because Saddam couldn't shoot the airplanes down.
Now that's declassified.
That's public.
The White House admits that was leaked.
They're very upset about it.
That's a false flag right there.
And here we are almost five years later.
That's right.
We are only three months away from the fifth anniversary.
Can you believe that?
Three months away from the fifth anniversary.
December, January, February, March.
Three months!
In fact, it'll be exactly three months on the... Well, they started bombing, really, on the 16th, went in on the 20th.
So, in ten days, it'll be three months to the fifth anniversary!
Ron Paul was talking, five years ago, about the 12th.
Twelve plus years of bombing.
Twelve and five.
Seventeen years.
It'll be a hundred years.
The bombing will never end.
The genocide will never stop until we stop it.
We'll be right back.
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While you were sleeping They came and took it all away
Just finishing up my comments on Ron Paul.
There he is, a year before the war, on the false eve of the war, saying he rises in opposition to the idea of pre-emptive war, starting wars, and signing over blank check authority to the President and his designates.
And now we have even more White House memos have come out where they say the President is the law, the President is above the law, all law flows from the President, the Fuhrer precept.
Literally what Hitler argued.
It's happening.
And that means he'll pass it on to Hillary, he'll pass it on to Giuliani, he'll pass it on because this is a global elite that want these powers basically handed down to their minions, to their political puppets, to their marionettes.
But hearing Paul's speech reminded me, they kept saying, we got to attack Iraq!
He's shooting at our planes!
Don't you remember how every few weeks they would bomb the Iraqis and claim they had weapon systems in the no-fly zone, or they'd move Scuds down, or they weren't allowed to do this, or they'd claim somebody shot at them here or there.
It would turn out that our planes were just over there bombing them.
And then in the weeks that led up to the war in March of 2003,
Now, almost five years ago, they had hundreds of Saudis, hundreds of different flights of aircraft bombing all over the nation, bombing the airfields, getting ready for the invasion, while claiming that we wanted peace.
Can you imagine if some foreign government, after 13 years, it was 13 years when the bombardment started, it had been going off and on ever since then, the incredible sanctions, all of it,
And they keep saying Petraeus has done a great job over there.
Remember what I predicted.
I said they'd go in in 2003, they'd build permanent bases, they'd break the country in three parts, the three different security zones, and that they would then stop financing as many of the warlords, and this has come out in our news, that the criminals that run our government, and this is what the death squad commander from Latin America
Yeah, I think.
Things have stabilized somewhat.
It's still very dangerous, and some people are dying of cholera, and there's no medicine, and major cities don't have power but about one hour a day.
The extermination of, the genocide, the siege, total war is going well.
You know, there's only hundreds dying every week, not thousands.
And we're only having five troops die every, you know, two days instead of ten troops every two days.
Things have gotten much better.
Hail Petraeus, and now it's going to be a U.N.
operation and hand it over to the international community.
Now, you know, I have been resistant to interns because I didn't really know what I'd have them do, but maybe we should put the call out for interns.
That doesn't mean show up at my office, folks.
That's the one way to not become an intern.
I have a tendency to pay people.
I don't have the money to pay an intern right now, but we need interns who will just go back and listen to me on the eve of the war.
I mean, I literally don't have the staff to go back, I know what I said, and pull all those clips.
Get interns in here.
That's it.
We have all the archives.
I want them to go listen.
In the weeks leading up, every day, I said exactly this would happen.
Exactly this!
To a tee!
Because I know how black ops work.
They do the same thing in Vietnam.
Our government helped ship the weapons up to North Vietnam.
Helped build up their military.
Helped give the weapons systems to Russia and China to give to them.
Blocked the troops from actually beating them.
Built them up.
Then engineered the overrun.
All by design and that now has been declassified and come out.
They do the same thing over and over and over and over and over again.
They have a different type of logic than we do.
I call it dark logic or black logic.
It's a nuance.
It's a system.
It's a art form.
That they carry out that is just destructive.
They create messes.
They wreck societies.
They destroy systems.
And then always pose as the saviors with the next phase of solution that always makes it worse.
Now the Iraqis will be forced to take their injections.
Now they'll be sterilized.
Now they'll be poisoned.
The extermination op will now accelerate through the UN and US coalition controlled health service.
Now they're gonna get African-style, black-off, slow-kill, soft-kill, bio-attack.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I was a highwayman Along the coach roads I did ride With sword and pistol by my side Many a young maid lost her bubbles to my trade Many a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade The bastards hung me in the spring of twenty-five
But I am still alive.
I was a sailor.
I was born upon the tide.
With the sea I did abide.
I sailed a schooner around the Horn of Mexico.
I went along the world and made so little flow.
And when the yards broke off they said that I got killed.
But I'm living still.
I was a dam builder.
Across a river deep and wide.
Where steel and water didn't collide.
A place called Boulder.
A place called Boulder on the wild Colorado.
You're not gonna murder millions of Iraqis in our name anymore.
You're not gonna carry out your black ops in our name anymore, murderers.
It's over.
And you know it.
The sleeping giant that is free humanity is rising against you.
I'll fly a starship across the universe divine And when I reach the other side I'll find a place to rest my spirit if I can
Perhaps I may become a highwayman again.
Or I may simply be a single drop of rain.
But I will remain.
I'll be back this shot when again.
Next story dovetails in an integral way with our next guest.
Which then dovetails in with the attacks on free speech, not just in the United States, but going on a planetary scale right now.
Now, before I get into this story, let me just set the table.
I study about five hours a day on average.
And then it is frustrating to then try to come on the air and try to condense all of that, and then I get emails and letters and
USA Today attacking me last week and a big Canadian paper attacking me over the weekend saying I just make this stuff up.
I do not make this stuff up.
I do not make any of this up.
Believe me, I wish it wasn't true every day, every night when I go to sleep.
It isn't even fear I feel, it is
It is a sense of urgency to warn people.
All I want to do is warn people.
All I want to do is be a good, moral person.
Because I have seen the dark side, ladies and gentlemen, and I want no part of it.
We're sold the dark side as slick and elegant and stylish and powerful and aggressive.
No, the dark side is starving children with swollen bellies from malnutrition.
The dark side is garbage blowing around the street and crackheads living lives of complete and total misery.
The dark side is year-old babies pulled from their mothers screaming and drugged out of their minds when they cry for their parents.
And having drugs and chemicals and pesticides tested on them.
The dark side, if you want to know what the dark side is, ladies and gentlemen, go out in the field and find a dead cow or horse.
I guess for those of you that haven't worked in agriculture, you haven't had to, uh, when one of these things dies too near the barn, I guess you haven't had to tie a big chain to a cow or horse's leg and drag it off when it's covered with maggots and stench.
And when its bowels bust open and drag behind it and a big fat possum comes out of its innards who'd climbed up in there to have a meal.
And I'm sorry to talk like that and be so gross, but I'm trying to get an image to you.
Evil isn't cool.
Skulls and death aren't cool.
Darkness isn't fun.
It's not good.
It's ugly.
It stinks.
And I don't like it.
And I worship life.
I worship the Creator that creates it.
I love beauty and everything decent and clean and strong.
When I see straight and strong and beautiful people, or when I see what society would call ugly people create beautiful things, I admire them.
But the world hates beauty.
They hate art.
They hate strength.
They hate everything good.
That's why they try to cloak themselves in it to fool you into following them.
And it's time for you to wake up and realize that this life is a test and it's so incredibly short and life is so amazingly fragile and transient.
I have no doubt we have listeners, millions of you listening today,
Some of you are going to have your husband or wife go to work this week, statistically, and they're going to die in a car wreck.
Or they're going to be paralyzed.
Or they're going to have their teeth knocked out and their pretty face is going to be a matrix of scars.
There are people listening today who, within the month, are going to have a family member, or maybe even themselves,
I'm not doing some Robert Tilton predicting or Bob's out there and he's got kidney stones.
I'm saying statistically, people listening today, you're going to have a child diagnosed with cancer in the next year.
Statistically, many of you listening are going to be diagnosed with terminal cancer this month, this year.
Many of you are going to die in car wrecks.
Many of you are going to have loved ones die.
Many of you are going to have your mothers and fathers and brothers die.
And I'm not trying to be negative here.
I'm pointing out this life is short.
It is transient.
None of us are bulletproof.
It is precious.
And you're going to find the fancy houses, the baubles, the cool cars, at the end of your life are going to mean nothing.
What you're going to value
Is the good things you did, the things you built, the things you contributed to society and to the species and to your fellow man.
And I want to be clear, I'm not saying cars are bad, or nice houses are bad, or security is bad.
That's good!
But it's lower down on the hierarchy of needs.
Number one in your life has to be trying to be a moral, upright, good person.
And to be a moral and upright person, you just can't rationalize to yourself and say you're a good person.
You have to research the world and make sure that you are doing the right thing in your life.
Or at least trying to do the right thing.
We all do bad things.
We all make mistakes.
We all do things we shouldn't have, but it's the fact that you can then recognize it before you do it, as you do it, or after you do it, it doesn't matter, and then try to rectify it.
Try to change it.
That's how your brain and soul is designed.
And you're going to be fulfilled.
You are going to be alive.
You are going to not have that missing vacuum and feel unfulfilled and feel like you're looking for something.
Man, I remember being a teenager, a young man, feeling like I was looking for something.
And going out on dates three, four nights a week and lifting weights and running six miles every day and having a great looking body.
That didn't fulfill me.
And having people know who I am and think I'm cool doesn't fulfill me.
In fact, it's irritating.
But I'll tell you what does fulfill me.
I'm so fulfilled.
I am so fulfilled.
My life is so fulfilled and my cup floweth over so much because I have put myself where I'm supposed to be as a man and as a warrior.
I have become a defender.
I have become someone who is committed to sacrificing myself if need be in defense of the weak.
I have done what I was designed to do, and I am fulfilled.
The only area in my life where I have frustration is that I can't do more.
I burn.
When you read in Ezekiel, where he talks about, they told me they're going to kill me, they're coming to get me if I don't shut up, but I can't help it.
It's burning in my bones.
I want to do more.
And when I read that,
I absolutely resonated with it because I burn, and sometimes I gyrate out of control, and I go wild, and I am rude, and I get mad, and it's because there is crime and evil going on all around us.
Our enemies have stated what they plan to do to us, and I'm sick of them having their way with us!
I'm sick of them raping the hell out of us!
Excuse me.
I'm sick of them getting away with it, and I hate their worldliness.
I hate their arrogance!
I hate how they revel in trappings and titles and absolute garbage!
I just can't stand them!
I don't like looking at them!
Because they're out there sowing the seeds of our destruction, they're out there sowing the seeds of death, they go and they target the weak, they have their way with the weak, and I'm tired of it!
I'm not a wolf, ladies and gentlemen, but I'm not a sheep.
As Mark Kornsey always said, and I think he attributed to somebody else, I forget who he attributed to, but... You can't be a wolf, ladies and gentlemen.
And you can't be a sheep.
You gotta be a sheepdog.
And I'm basically like a sheepdog who's chained to a tree as I watch a pack of a hundred wolves rip a thousand sheep limb from limb, just having fun with them.
And it's even worse to watch the sheep braying and baaing and doing everything they do mindlessly, feebly.
I want you to wake up and stop being sheep.
I want you to realize what's happening.
That said, in one little facet, in one little area, many of you have been part of this learning experience with me.
You've heard scores of guests in the last decade plus here on air talking about eugenics and the new world order and mass extermination plans and I have read many books and seen many documents and read many university white papers and you in biological diversities and interviewed again countless experts but
As I get deeper into the research, as I learn even more, I realize that it isn't just one plan or one idea or one area of the New World Order.
It is the central cord.
It is the core.
It is the prime mover.
It is the engine.
It is the propulsion system.
It is the desire.
It is the dream.
It is the grail.
It is the great goal.
The great work, as the New World Order calls it, is killing people, enslaving, dumbing down, diseasing, salting the earth with genetic-engineered abominations, rending.
And in these very people, these lovers of death, they have the nerve to then run around and claim they are guardians of the earth and guardians of God's creation.
Do you know where the one-child policy came from?
It came from the Royal Commission on Population, 1949.
Which then grew out of that State Department Memorandum 200, which is horrible!
Talks about 50% forced reductions.
And all their other statements and biological diversity assessments saying 80-plus percent.
And Ted Turner calling us useless feeders.
They went to China.
They said, we're going to build your factories up, make you the elite.
We'll sign agreements with you.
We've been making deals with you since World War II.
But you've got to get rid of most your people.
You've got to sterilize.
You've got to do this through your vaccines.
You've got to carry out the one-child policy.
And don't worry.
You've got control of your society.
We're going to get control of ours.
We're going to do it too.
And they signed agreements, and those agreements are available.
Portions of them.
Much of it is still classified.
And then I come on air in the last five months, and I tell you, listen, the one-child policy was signed by Bush, Sr., and Kissinger during the Nixon administration with China.
They started out in the mid-70s in China as a fine at birth.
And then a yearly fine for having more than one child.
And then in 1981 it became law.
And they'll come and take your baby and ground it.
This has been admitted in a bucket right in front of you.
Then they found out there was money involved.
Now they just take the children and do macabre experiments with them and sell their body parts.
But we know they take them living.
I mean, you couldn't... Again, this is a horror movie.
This is admitted!
This is happening!
You dirtbag yuppies that all you care about is polishing your Mercedes!
All you care about is your stupid waistline?
All you care about is acting cool at cocktail parties and preening like a bunch of peacocks on parade?
That stuff doesn't matter!
None of us are free!
None of us are safe!
While anywhere in the world they've got mass-engineered exterminations and taking people's babies.
And then our own stinking government's behind it, financing them to do it!
They made a deal with the Chinese with neo-mercantile finance and trade to come in here and de-industrialize this nation!
We've lost the war!
The economic war!
We're a basket case!
And I told you at Endgame, which has been out now for two and a half months, I told, I guess two months, October, November, December, yeah, about two and a half, yeah, two months,
I told you in that film, and I showed you the documents, that they were going to come out with a one-child policy, from England to the U.S.
And I showed you where the government's talking about it.
First they have PR firms come out and say how great it was, and hundreds of newscasts, and then sure enough now they got the medical associations coming out and proposing it.
De facto one-child policy urged in Australia, this is out of the News of Australia,
Couples who have more than two children should be charged a lifelong tax to offset their extra offspring's carbon dioxide emissions, a medical expert says.
The report, an Australian medical journal, that's as prestigious as it gets, calls for parents to be charged $5,000 a head for every child after their second and an annual tax of up to $800.
Or 800 kangaroos or whatever they are.
And that's how it starts.
$800 a year to start.
That's exactly what they did in China.
Now, you can debate all day whether they're going to be able to do this.
The point is they're trying.
People send me emails about Endgame saying I'm making it up.
They're pushing a one-child policy.
I'm not making any of this up.
When I get back, I'm going to tell you how they're going to roll this out.
I'm going to tell you exactly what they're going to do.
Because they've got their own documents!
They're playing games.
It isn't a joke.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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I think so.
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All the way.
But I remember everything.
What have I become?
My sweetest friend.
Everyone I know goes away in the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down
Welcome back, my friends.
All right, let me get into the one-child policy.
Why do you think the United Nations, 40 years ago, began putting out propaganda that carbon dioxide emissions from factories, human activity, and human respiration, breathing, is bad?
Because by taxing it, they tax life itself.
And I've been saying that for years.
Even the New York Times earlier this year had a headline, taxing the air we breathe.
Now I can go over the facts and the science that you can give trees more than 10 times the level of carbon dioxide and they only grow taller, healthier, bigger fruits, live longer.
They then boost oxygen.
And guess what?
And they've got ice cores going back 20,000 years and further.
We have had, just in the last 20,000 years, more than, and they've also studied the trees, 10 times the carbon dioxide we now have.
The earth is actually in an oxygen and carbon dioxide starved mode.
I've interviewed all these scientists, the reports are out there.
It's a life gas.
But what they do is they bring in a tax on that, and a tax on all human activity.
And under these carbon taxes, as the Security and Prosperity Partnership's own documents say,
It states that they aren't going to tax all human activity.
And you're going to have inspectors in your house, and how big it can be, and taxes on how big your house is, and taxes if you use too much energy, and they'll ratchet that up to everybody.
And taxes on your children.
And they don't have to call it taxes on your children.
Here in the U.S.
they're proposing just taxes on big households.
And if you've got four or five kids, two or three kids, or you use a lot of power, or your business, oh, well we're just going to tax that.
So it is a consumption tax on human activity.
And then 160 plus third world nations, China, India, Mexico, the list goes on and on.
Even Singapore is listed as not being part of it, and it's first world, more first world than we are.
They get to have what's left of factories and industry moved there with no restrictions, even if you believe this carbon is deadly and evil and wicked and killing everyone, then the official UN plan doesn't even address that.
For the sake of debate, let's say it's all true, we're all dead, carbon dioxide's a deadly bio-weapon that kills everyone, and it's just cyanide gas, basically.
The point is, well, okay, the U.N.
is pushing something that expands that.
This is the one-child policy.
Everyone having social workers assigned to them for life.
We're going to break it down when we get back.
It's here.
You think you're micromanaged?
You think the government's in your business now?
They're going to use all the technology, all of it, to just run over the top of us.
Get Endgame.
It documents it.
Get Endgame out to everybody.
Order Endgame today.
Get Endgame.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, the Australian Medical Association, the Australian Medical Journal,
It's calling for parents to be charged $5,000, I guess that's about $8,000 Australian, or US, a head for every child after their second, and an annual tax of up to $800, which they can then jack up.
This is exactly what they did in 75 in China, under international agreements with the UN and the US in treaties.
That's global government right there, saying how many children you can have.
Our trade's already regulated by the World Trade Organization.
And they're just pushing in here, now, as carbon taxes on your household, where they assess the carbon output of your home.
And people with more than three people in the house are going to go above that level and be charged.
But once that's in place, they can just start ratcheting it up.
It's here.
It's happening.
It's being proposed.
Just like we told you it would.
First, they have hundreds of articles and TV programs in the last six months with independent eugenics groups, population reduction groups, coming on, telling us we've got to cut back to only one child, and how it will save the earth for carbon footprint.
And now we have a bunch of different medical journals, it's not just this one, from Canada to New Zealand to England, pushing this.
And every time I see one of these articles, it just reminds me of what we're facing.
Now, there's a whole other area to this, and that's that Europe, on average, has a 1.5 childbirth rate.
That doesn't even replace.
That means 25% of people, each generation, die.
Die out.
That means in one generation, in a European country that, say, has 100 million people, in one generation, there'll be 75 million.
And then in another generation, there'll even be less than that.
You'll be down to close to 50 million.
And so on and so forth.
Italy has a 1.3.
Germany has a 1.4.
England has a 1.8, but that's counting the massive immigrant influx.
There are now more foreigners in England than there are people that were born there.
The Brits are all leaving en masse.
So let's add that.
Where are all these programs being pushed and implemented?
They're being pushed in the first world, where you have a death of the West.
Now folks, I don't want the UN carrying out bio-weapons operations with AIDS in Africa.
And I tell the Hispanic population when they're building Planned Parenthoods all over Mexico, don't let them kill your brown babies.
At the same time, I don't want them killing and reducing the numbers of white people either.
Especially when 1 in 10 people on the globe is white.
1 in 10 is white.
I mean, we're talking about in a few generations there being basically no white people.
And I know it's a crime to say I care about my heritage.
I know it's a crime to say, you know, that I am from Northern European and derivation, as most white Americans are, English and German and Alsatian and Scottish and Irish and Dutch and Swiss
And I have to sit there and watch the death.
That's what the New World Order is all about.
And that's where they're going to push all this stuff now, is England, the US, Canada, Australia, Germany.
Russia is even worse.
You know how many children Russians have?
1.1, lowest in the world.
That means that every 25 years, that's a generation, on average people have children at 25.
Every 25 years,
They're losing almost half their population.
Oh yeah, Russia was 280 million?
They're 240 million now?
40 million Russians!
Gone forever!
Not replaced!
And I was only going to have two children until we had that eugenicist on.
Not a year ago, she said we should only be allowed to have one.
So we're just going to have a whole bunch more.
How's that sound?
Again, they're killing all of us!
We're all under attack by these people!
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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I like the chips one.
Well those aren't chocolate chips.
Those are little tracking devices the government wants to put under our skin someday to track us.
You mean the government's not the good guy?
Well, they should be the good guys.
They're supposed to do what we the people say they should do.
But these days, the people are too busy watching their favorite TV shows to keep an eye on the government.
You mean like SpongeBob?
Yeah, that's right.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're gonna go to Don Holman.
Who's had his First Amendment rights violated in a big way, coming up in just a few minutes.
Finishing up on my point about the United Nations Biological Diversity Assessments, their official U.S.
government policy, that is pro-abortion, pro-infanticide, and enforced abortion, as well as sterilization, that's in State Department Memorandum 200, de facto one-child policy urged in Australia,
And it says that families who agree to be sterilized will be given a bonus.
A baby levy in the form of a carbon tax in line with the polluter pays principle.
This is in the Medical Journal of Australia.
For every family choosing to have more than a defined number of children should be charged a carbon tax that would fund the planting of enough trees to offset the carbon cost.
What does that mean?
How dumb do you think we are?
Plants breathe carbon dioxide.
Generated by a new human being, Professor Walters, an obstetrician at King Edward Memorial Hospital.
See, he's not a scientist, he's just some Dr. Kook, just making things up.
Sustainable Population Australia suggested, let's get them on, a maximum of two, he said.
By the same reasoning, contraceptives like diaphragms and condoms, as well as sterilization procedures, would attract carbon credits.
Would subtract carbon credits, the specialist said.
So total social engineering.
Now, Australia's got a 1.6 population.
That means they're dying.
For every two people, they have 1.6 children, on average.
Please don't send me an email saying, how do you have 1.6?
It's an average.
Again, Japan is, what, 1.2?
Russia's 1.1.
Europe's average is 1.5.
And it's even worse than that, because that's counting third-world immigrant populations.
Once they're citizens, their children are counted.
It's not the indigenous original population.
So, the whole West is dying.
Russia, every 25 years, is losing close to half its population.
I mean, it's 40 million just the last decade or so.
It's off the charts bad.
Their average life expectancy now is, what, 52 for a male, 56 for a female.
Boy, that communist system really did wonders for you, didn't it?
Russians used to live on average to above 70, just like Americans.
By the way, did you know our life expectancy is dropping?
That's right!
Because, you see, used to they said, well, the average age somebody lived in 1779 or 1820, I've seen the numbers, you know, the average person lived to be 42.
Well, we live on average to be 76.
Female 76, men 74.
Go look the numbers up.
But wait a minute.
Close to half the children died by the age of two, and a large portion of those during childbirth.
So if you could make it past being a baby, and make it up to being a teenager... You ever been to an old, uh, cemetery?
I mean, more than half the people there are babies and children.
See, so they're averaging those numbers in.
That was life expectancy then.
But if you lived past that, you lived to 89 years old!
Most people did!
Most of the founding fathers did!
Most of their wives did!
You see, so we're not living as long as somebody 200 years ago.
They play with the numbers.
So, we're here and we gotta die.
There's too many people.
Once a country industrializes, in every case, they have negative childbirth growth.
That means people have less children than there were originally people.
Just to keep the numbers the same, you have to have, for every two people, 2.0 children.
There is no country in the West that is above 2.0.
They are all below it.
The U.S.
has, again, about a 2.1 last time I checked, but that's counting the massive immigrant influx.
That's counted.
You actually look at it, the U.S.
is close to 1.5, just like Europe.
We're talking about life here, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what this is all about.
In some African countries, over 45% of the population has HIV.
Their numbers are going down.
The only place numbers are going up is in India and Mexico and 100 plus of the third world nations.
And once they industrialized, they would then stop having so many children.
And they're coming out with cleaner technologies.
The real threat to the environment is the genetic chimera engineering.
Open air planning of this stuff.
All the crises it's already causing.
Toxic waste dumping.
Cutting down rainforests.
That's all bad.
But the media gives you the fake carbon tax, when that's what plants breathe.
It's a tax on humans.
A control mechanism.
I keep trying to explain that to people.
Now the UN's own numbers were that we would peak at about 8 billion.
Now they're saying 7.5 billion.
And then from there, it slopes down to about four billion without all their extermination ops they're running.
So we have to admit this is happening.
Okay, I appreciate our guest holding for the last four minutes.
I want to just introduce what happened to him, okay?
If you go up to InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, you can read the story.
You can also link through on InfoWars.com to Dan Holman's own website.
Hillary Clinton
was coming to Fort Madison, Iowa.
And they're out on the side of a major thoroughfare, standing right off the edge of the road, right on the easement.
It's a major highway.
They're standing about five feet off the side.
And a guy pulls up with a club, a huge club, and runs up and starts swinging it.
And then the fellow starts saying, don't hit me with that, that's assault.
And then all of a sudden, a bunch of cops run over him.
It looks like 4 or 5 on the video.
This is obviously their buddy.
And they say, we're going to arrest you if you don't leave.
This is a busy thoroughfare.
You're not allowed to stand here.
You always were.
It's free speech.
Everybody's always done it.
They just say, nope.
The city officials, they're not going to allow it.
Now remember, anti-war people have been arrested for wearing a Peace on Earth shirt or a No Blood for Oil shirt at a spontaneous Bush rally for $500.
I have them on.
I defend their right.
Free speech across the board is under attack, but in my film, Martial Law, and I'm just setting this up, so we're going to go to you.
We then show LAPD and others with nunchucks wrapping them around pro-lifers who are just sitting on the sidewalk and breaking their arms.
Why was that torture allowed?
And I have multiple cases of them torturing, breaking people's arms, all on video.
By the way, it was put on YouTube and YouTube banned it.
Said it was too graphic.
Somebody ought to re-upload that.
To YouTube.
In fact, I think they have.
I ought to put a link to that back up in this story.
And this is in the 80s and 90s.
They've all... See, first it was them.
First it was okay to violate their rights.
It's kind of like it's always okay to first violate black people's rights, like Tony Brown says, but then later it's going to be in your community.
And the incredible part about... And we had to cut out a bunch of cussing.
Not by the pro-liberal, but by the demon that came over.
The guy's already busted into him, hit him, he's got a huge club, he's threatening to beat their camera, beat him in the head, and he says to the officers, okay, we'll leave, but you're gonna get sued, First Amendment, but that guy hit me.
And the cops just kind of laugh and go, huh, well you gotta take that up with the city.
Since when is somebody waving a club, he's there behind him, and the guy says, I'll beat your head in with it!
He's with the cops, with a club, saying I'll beat your bleepin' head in with this!
Swingin' it!
Folks, obviously he eats breakfast with the cops and drinks coffee, probably the brother-in-law.
I mean, I bet a million dollars.
You got four cops, a guy behind him, I'll beat your brains, and he says, hey, that guy hit me!
That's right, I'll beat your brains in the cop shirt!
Get outta here, boy!
I mean, it's not enough that
They violated his First Amendment.
This guy gets to assault people, carry out terroristic threats, and the cops all stand there and let it go on.
I mean, folks, don't any of you try waving a club around cops.
They'll pull their revolvers.
They'll pull their SIGs.
They'll pull their Glocks.
They'll pull their Tasers.
You'll be dead in seconds!
But if you're a pro-lifer, you're fair game.
I've got just one minor correction on your story.
As Hillary Clinton wasn't coming to Fort Madison, she was in Washington, the city of Washington at the time.
Let me be clear, let me be clear.
We found you and watched the video from Operation Rescue.
They say pro-lifers with graphic signs were attacked by a man wielding a club during a protest at a Hillary Clinton campaign stop.
It wasn't a Hillary Clinton protest.
She wasn't there.
Okay, it doesn't matter.
The article said that.
Side issue.
Let's go.
Anyway, we've picketed Hillary 32 times herself.
I mean, at different places she's been at.
And this last month before the Iowa caucuses, we're just trying to get our ratings down by going from city to city with a banner that says Hillary's Holocaust and it has two aborted baby pictures sandwiched in between.
And as you know, Hillary's ratings are tanking here in Iowa while they're going up nationally.
She's about in the 40 percentile range nationally.
I guess about 45 percent nationally.
But here in Iowa, she's trailing Barack Obama.
And we believe that we've had influence on that by associating her with abortion.
Every time she had a rally in the past, we would try and be there and show the aborted baby pictures and a Hillary Holocaust banner that we have.
And so Fort Madison is
It's a double stronghold here in Iowa.
It's got Hillary Clinton signs all over the place.
I think that was the main thing.
We've been attacked at this town before.
There's a Planned Parenthood that's located right across the street.
We've always had altercations at this city.
It's only 20 miles from where we live.
And, uh, we've been there a number of times.
So, um, that was the only minor, uh, you know, correction.
Otherwise, your story is right on.
Well, it doesn't matter.
We have the video.
The point is, is Operation Rescue got that wrong, so you better tell them.
Uh, but they probably did because you've been following her all over the country doing this.
You got video of it, so that's probably how it all mixed together.
Okay, when we come back, sir, you've got the floor.
I want to blow by blow go through this.
There's so much profanity, we've had to edit a lot of it out.
But, uh, you heard my description.
I mean, who is this nut waving a huge club?
Why did cops stand there and let this happen?
You know, that's the issue.
Even if you love abortion, love eugenics, think it's a wonderful thing, uh, and it's a special treat, special right you have, uh, you know, that's your opinion.
Even if you disagree with this gentleman, and I don't, by the way, you should agree with his right.
We'll be right back.
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So they're standing across the street on the sidewalk in Madison, Iowa on Friday
Police were parked across the street from where Dan Holman of Missionaries to the Preborn was standing on a public sidewalk on December 7th when a man in a pickup truck got out, it's all on video, of his vehicle and approached Holman with a club shouting at him to get off his property.
But of course it wasn't his property.
Holman was attacked and struck with a club.
And the cops get out and say, yeah, yeah, this is a sidewalk, yeah, but you can't be on this road.
You can't be off the side of this road now.
And you're going to be arrested if you don't go.
Well, the guy's screaming, I'll beat you in the head!
And he goes, that guy hit me.
And the cops are just, whatever.
Holman was attacked and struck with the club.
The man continued to try to assault me in the presence of three Fort Madison police officers home until Operation Rescue.
Rather than arresting the attacker, the police threatened to arrest me.
The police acknowledged that I was on a public right-of-way, but said our presence posed a traffic hazard.
It's all for our safety.
Everything's safety now.
Arresting Ron Paul supporters for signs now all over the country in their own yards.
They just say you're not allowed to have it.
You're not allowed to have an American flag upside down for distress.
Going back to you, Mr. Holman, please continue.
I mean, we've got the video, but I hope you sue these cops.
I hope they get fired.
I mean, this is a big issue.
It's the second time that I have to file a notice to claim with them.
Last time was in 2002 when they ran us out of basically the same area.
Under the same pretenses.
But it's a different chief of police at that time, so I'm going to file another notice to claim and let them know that if they continue to violate my First Amendment rights, they're going to be held liable.
Why do you think they... I mean, you're about, I'd say, 50, 60 feet.
You're across a big street.
You're not anywhere near their property.
Why do the police think it's so important to annihilate the First Amendment?
What happens is that when we're out there, their switchboard gets flooded with complaints.
And rather than act righteously on it, just say, hey, he's got a right to be there.
Like most police departments do, we've done this in over 500 cities, you know, across America.
And most of the time, the police will just say, you know, they got a right to be there, you know, just, you know, put up with it, you know, you don't have to look at it.
But no,
You know, the intolerant liberals want to silence you.
They're tolerant to sodomy, they're nice to eagles and they're nice to snail darters, but they're mean to babies and they don't like God.
They don't like His sovereignty over them.
And they don't like a biblical message which says, thou shalt not murder.
Well, the bigger issue here is the fact that this maniac, exactly how did he assault you?
You say to the cops, hey, he hit me, and he screams, I'll beat your head in.
We're going to play that audio coming up from the video in the next segment.
I mean, who is this nutball?
I think he's a businessman.
I've never seen him before.
Really don't know anything about him.
Let me just say something.
If he'd have hit me,
And I think you did the right thing.
But you need to press charges against him.
But I'm going to just tell everybody something.
Don't hit me with a club.
Because I can't hold back.
Well, I had a 5 by 3 foot sign in one hand and I was holding a 19 inch banner with the other.
I tried to video him.
I didn't have a lot of... I had to drop something.
And fortunately his granddaughter got in the way long enough for the cops to get there and then one of the cops held him back.
So people are just allowed to run around running into people with clubs and waving them and saying I'll beat your head in and then the cops tell you you're bad.
Yeah well you see Fort Madison is a town of 11,000 people and it's a good old boy town.
I'm sure this guy is well known.
They call each other by their first name.
I'm from a town 20 miles away.
They look out for their own.
I'm a foreigner.
This isn't the first time this has happened.
We did a Hillary Clinton
Pickett in Vinton, Iowa a couple of weeks ago and a very similar situation happened, only that time it was four thugs that blocked our van and ripped the pitchers off of it.
We have a tooth van that we drive around with a board of baby pitchers on it.
And, uh, so they threatened to do that, you know, while I was there, and then they went ahead and did it.
I had video of it, and they didn't press charges against the ringleader of it.
Yeah, they don't like seeing pictures of what they've been involved in, and it really upsets them, because they know what they did.
Instead of repenting, uh, they're just going to get deeper into their evil.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think so.
I think so.
Yeah, I'm against abortion.
So is Ron Paul.
The good news is, we're turning the tide.
Just 15 years ago, national polls showed about 65 to 67 percent, depending on the poll, were for abortion.
Now it's 60-40 the other way, 60 plus percent against abortion.
And those numbers are even higher in young people.
Over 75 percent in big polls that came out last year.
of young people are against abortion.
And listen, young people, you shouldn't be out having sex before, you know, you're out of high school and married or whatever or engaged to somebody.
You can get diseases.
It ruins it.
It can really hurt you.
If you get pregnant, have that baby.
But you know what?
It's going to be a blessing.
It's a lot better than cars and junk and baubles and iPods and video games.
You're going to love that child.
And, you know, I know all these yuppies tell their kids to go out and have abortions just because they don't want to take care of them.
And those parents are scum.
Children are a blessing you cannot imagine.
They're a blessing that is the most wonderful thing in this world.
And I am against abortion.
I make no bones about that.
But regardless, even if you are for abortion,
Or in some limited cases.
Well, it doesn't count, because if it's in the life of the mother, it isn't called abortion.
It's called a medical emergency.
You still should be for their First Amendment right, because if they lose their right, we all lose it.
We're going to go back to our guest here in one moment.
Folks, in-game blueprint for global enslavement shows you who the New World Order are, shows you how they want to reduce our numbers, how they want to have forced sterilization, forced abortion, infanticide,
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3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78704.
Alright, going back to our guest who
His story got picked up by Operation Rescue, but the proof's in the pudding.
Watch the video.
He's Dan Holman.
And especially if you're in Iowa, around all this wickedness that's going on everywhere, join him.
Go out with him.
I've gone out to the picket lines, folks.
I've gone out and protested years ago when I had the time.
I should make the time now, but I can do more on radio.
But if you're not on the radio or on TV, go get an access show.
Speak out against abortion.
But number one, speak out for free speech.
His website,
I just clicked on the link at InfoWars and it goes to the wrong link so I'll have Ryan fix that.
Give us your website, sir.
If you type that in, you'll come right up to it.
Okay, I want to play this audio, and we had to cut out a lot of the cussing.
There's five minutes of it total online, but here's the audio, and then I want you to comment on it.
Here's the audio of him being polite to the police, them telling him to leave, and he says, hey, that guy just hit me, and he screams, I'll beat your head in.
Here it is.
Yeah, we're not on private property.
We're on public property.
I guess so.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
Let's get him up.
You're on that clock.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
You're on that clock.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
Let's get him up.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
Let's get him up.
You're on that clock.
You're on that clock.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
Let's get him up.
Let's get him up.
You're on that clock.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
You're on that clock.
You're on that clock.
Let's get him up.
I just got off the phone with the City of Congress.
We're going to arrest you if I don't get off the phone.
This is a public street!
Public street for sidewalks and public right-of-ways.
We're covering for the motoring public.
I don't know about anybody as scared as this old guy right over here at the club that's trying to do this.
Pack yourself up and go or I'm going to cite you for encumbering the right-of-way.
You're on public right-of-way.
You can't be here with something like this because it's causing a distraction with the traffic.
It's that simple.
If you want the ticket, I'll write the ticket.
If you don't leave, then we'll go to jail.
All right.
Pack yourself up and go.
Officer Morgan.
Officer Morgan.
We're going to pack it up, but you're looking at a lawsuit.
All right.
All right.
Merry Christmas to me, too.
Well, the guy that tried to assault me, and did assault me, did hit me with the club.
What about him?
He hit me with the club.
If you want to come to the station, give me a statement.
I'll send it to the city attorney and let him decide whether or not he wants to complete charges.
Okay, I certainly do.
Oh, so the police, when somebody's already hit somebody with a club, is waving it above his head, three times saying, I'll hit you in the head with it.
He points at him and says, that guy hitting with a club, he says, I'll bust you in the head with it.
So next time somebody's out in your neighborhood waving a club, hitting people, threatening to bust people in the head, you ever seen cops just stand around like it's no big deal?
While a guy's waving a club, already hitting, threatening to hit him?
Those police seem to be arrested for allowing
A felony assault to take place, then witnessing the person wielding the deadly weapon, endangering the officers, I know we don't count, and the second-class citizens, and the cops are smart-mouthing, having a Merry Christmas, oh sure, you're gonna do something about me.
Hey, we were ordered to come out here and do this.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
He's already hit him with a club, he's over there saying, hey, that guy hit me, and the guy's saying, I'll bust you in the head with it.
Waving a huge, a deadly weapon,
Listen, um, Dan Holman, you need to call for criminal charges on this guy.
And those police, serious dereliction of duty, they became accessories to the fact of someone engaging in terroristic threats, brandishing a deadly weapon.
I mean, there's all sorts of charges for them.
Most of the people that go to the abortion clinic don't have video cameras to record these types of things, so most of it gets swept under the carpet.
If I didn't have video, that's what would have happened.
I would have got swept under the carpet.
No, you probably would have been tasered.
I mean, have you ever seen the videos of them breaking pro-lifers' arms and laughing?
Oh yeah, I've been there.
Tell us about that.
We've been, I was part Operation Rescue, you know, from 1988 on, and so we've, we see at the abortion clinic, if we're involved in an assault, if that were to happen,
We'd be doing time for 10 years, 20 years, you know, for something that was similar.
They would treat it entirely different.
But you can be shot at, people can attack you, and you're hard pressed to get the police to do anything about it because of the fact that they see you as the problem.
They say, you don't belong here, you're not invited.
So we're treated differently.
We're not given equal protection under the law.
And that way we identify with the babies that are being murdered, because they're afforded no protection under the law either.
Well, we see this with the illegal aliens in 860 plus sanctuary cities where no ID is demanded.
They don't have to have a driver's license.
Now the majority of states, but we as citizens, have got to jump through hundreds of hoops and answer questions and be groveling slaves.
It's an example of how the system does whatever it wants and makes the rules up as it goes along.
But for those that haven't seen the video, this guy's swinging a club around, right by cops,
He's just allowed to do it.
I mean, listen, I'm not kidding.
It's criminal that those police allowed him to assault you.
They were coming across the street when this happened.
They allowed him to continue to threaten you with bodily harm of busting your head in, which is lethal force.
And then, oh, they've got to have the city attorney charge or call for somebody getting in trouble.
No, that's a cop-out.
I want you to file criminal charges on those cops.
You know, I'm not so concerned with that as I am with the larger issue of the fact that they're killing babies.
Well, listen, if those cops get fired and those cops get in trouble, it'll be a message to people to stop violating our First Amendment.
I mean, how many... I mean, I've got video of pro-lifers sitting in the street with cops laughing with nunchucks across the country and breaking the arm of compound fractures.
Purple bones sticking out.
And that happens, and some cops are better or worse than others, you know?
No, I understand that!
I'm not saying all the police, I'm saying bad ones!
And I'm sick of it!
They inevitably did arrest him.
It was three hours later, I guess, from what I, you know, from what somebody told me, uh, who called into the police station.
That's because they knew it was criminal.
Uh, they probably lied.
I bet they didn't.
Yeah, maybe not.
Did you see in the paper he was arrested?
No, and there's no... but the paper hasn't come out yet, you know, where I can see it.
It just happened last Friday.
Over the weekend, nothing happens, you know, in these towns because, you know, everything's closed.
And it's not a daily paper.
It's not on a weekend.
Do you happen to have the number to Fort Madison Police Department and City Council?
I've got the number for the county attorney and it hasn't reached his desk yet.
It's 319-372-5673.
I called the... And the city attorney, Robert Johnson, is the one that supposedly threatened to arrest me for encumbering the right-of-way.
And his number is 319-372-5673.
Give both those numbers.
People, be polite when you call, but let them know that you have witnessed the video.
Tell them it's on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com.
You tell them National Radio is covering this.
The people are shocked and afraid to get near their town because vigilantes working with police run around assaulting people with clubs, screaming.
They'll beat people's heads in, and then those being threatened.
This is a major civil rights issue.
I mean, this is like
I mean, do they have lynchings in that town?
Well, not that I'm aware of.
Just the babies?
They just cut them up?
They kill babies.
You know, the police officers told me that they were against what I was doing.
They were for... I mean, they agreed with the message, but they were against the way I did it.
I said, well, do you agree with the way that the guy did it with the club?
Do you agree with the way Planned Parenthood does it?
You know, I mean, I'm tired of hearing people tell me that the way that I tell people that abortion is murder is somehow more offensive than the murder itself.
Well, it's unbelievable, again, abortion aside, folks, that this is happening everywhere in the country.
Gun shows, you're not allowed to wear Ron Paul shirts, that's in the news.
I mean, this is just getting more and more insane.
You know, my wife had a Ron Paul sign confiscated from her by the campus police and by the city of Ames police at an Iowa straw poll.
At the Iowa straw poll, they took our abort a baby sign while she was holding a Ron Paul sign and an abort a baby sign.
I don't
Well, I guess black folks first and then pro-lifers as much as I can tell from studying this.
I've just seen literally scores of videos where they call it pain compliance and they break your arms.
It's Abu Ghraib style torture.
You say you've witnessed this.
Tell us one of those stories.
I bet it's emboldened and blazoned on your brain about the arm breaking.
Well, I was a missionary to the pre-born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Yeah, and we were at Summit Abortion Clinic, which was located in downtown Iowa.
That's one of the videos I've got, yeah.
And there was a woman that was just, you know, she was just a petite little woman, that were a cop was using pain compliance on her, bending her wrist, I mean, to the point of breaking.
I'm not sure whether he broke it or not.
And all the police at that time were using pain
Compliance to try and get us to move.
By the way, that's called torture.
It is.
And we were... When you're doing a rescue, you're doing passive resistance.
You're blocking the door of abortion clinics.
Yeah, they know.
I mean, they don't come in riot gear.
They know you're peaceful.
But rather than carry us off the scene, they use pain compliance and
Oftentimes they injure people, you know, in doing that.
And, you know, try and get them to move so that they can kill the babies.
And, you know, the soldiers that crucified Jesus, they weren't all just bad people.
You know, some of them didn't have a bone to pick with Jesus.
It wasn't anything personal.
But they were just doing their job.
And we heard that from the Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials.
You know, they were just doing their jobs.
It wasn't that they hated the Jews or the Gypsies or the Poles.
You know, they just had a job to do and they did it.
Thought they'd have a little fun while they did it.
But this is the type of mentality that's going on today among most Americans.
They're okay with baby murders so long as they don't have to look at it, so long as they're not confronted with it, so long as the walls are high enough to hide the carnage and thick enough to muffle the screams.
They don't care, you know, that babies are being murdered.
Final segment, I want to talk about some of the people that have survived abortion, and then I want to give out your number for folks that want to support you or join you.
And we're going to get into a bunch of other issues, stay with me.
It is a big idea
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They have all the money they need.
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First you said abortion was okay.
And then it was euthanasia of the old.
Then it was eugenics.
It's all eugenics.
And now it's upon us.
A lot of you have had abortions.
Or you've paid for them.
Or you know somebody that had them.
You've supported it.
So you can't admit to yourself you're wrong.
And I hate these fake establishment liberals.
When they go, nobody wants brown babies.
I've had them get in my face before.
I don't know, maybe 10 times I did it.
And they have an RV there, Council on the Women.
They save so many babies.
It's a wonderful thing when it happens.
One of my other friends does it now with an RV.
And I haven't done it since he's been out doing it.
And they hold up the signs.
They try to get them to stop.
They try to get them to go away.
They try to get them to wake up.
These young women aren't told by the Planned Parenthood, set up by the eugenicist Margaret Sanger, the confidante of Adolf Hitler, that there are groups that will pay you to have the baby.
That will put it with a Christian family.
Not in the system.
That there are foundations that will pay you sometimes $20,000 just to put you in a nice apartment or house, get you a car, give you money afterwards so you don't have to work six months after you have the baby.
But see, they won't tell you that.
And did you know there are more people wanting to adopt each year than there are actual abortions?
And I've had them walk over.
It's always the same line.
You don't want the brown babies.
Are you going to adopt the brown babies?
Well, absolutely.
My parents did adopt a brown baby.
You want to know the truth, okay?
My mother couldn't have children after she had me.
And we did adopt a brown baby.
So don't you tell me, you scumbag lovers of death, that we don't want the brown babies.
That's another big fraud.
That's another big, fat, stinking lie.
And we've had enough of it!
And we're not putting up with it anymore.
And then you get into the fact that they're doing this.
I mean, that didn't make you mad.
Obviously it makes you mad, Dan Holman.
Even if the babies were unwanted, which is not true, like you mentioned, but even if they weren't unwanted, it doesn't mean that we can go around killing them.
You know, they're entitled to equal protection under the law, and just because the Supreme Court says it's okay, doesn't mean that it is okay.
Have you ever had them, said the brown baby, saying to you?
Oh yeah, you hear that stuff all the time.
How many babies have you adopted?
I'll say, well, how many have you killed?
Where did they get that, though?
I mean, where did they get this thing about, because it's a line?
Because it's a what?
It's a line they use.
They're always trying to get the moral high ground.
You know, when we're out there showing what abortion is, they say that we're offending some hypothetical little child.
Yeah, but the fact is that most of the little kids understand it on their own level anyway, and most of them look at it and they don't even know what it is, and they just, you know, they don't soak it in, you know, like adults do.
But even for those that do, they're more concerned about the sensibilities of a little child than the life of another child, you know, that is being killed.
You know, what's more offensive, you know, offending the sensibilities of one child, or killing them.
Well, they're also using baby parts in industrial medicine.
It's just totally sick.
The good news is, I'm sure you've seen all the polls, that abortion is now becoming more and more unpopular.
And I think people like ourselves are responsible for it.
We go out on the street, we show what it is,
And like it or not, it brings a reproach to what abortion is and what it does to little children.
They used to say, before we showed the pictures of the aborted babies, they used to say it's a blob of tissue.
We never hear that anymore.
But they still try and deny the humanity of the pre-born child, or they still try and justify killing the child, like what you said, with overpopulation.
They're giving carbon credits to those that kill their children.
They won't suffer the... They won't share the plentiful air of the planet with... Stay there one minute.
We'll be back in one minute.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Don Holman is our guest.
We're going to let him go here in just a minute because I've got a ton of other important news to cover.
But nothing's more important than what he's doing.
And nothing's more important than defending the First Amendment right that men and women have fought and died and given everything they've got for.
And I'm not going to let a gaggle of snot-nosed criminals keep people from having that.
And I'm almost afraid to go out to these events because somebody comes up with a club and starts trying to hit me with a deadly weapon.
I'm going to take it away from them and cram it down their throat.
And I'm not saying that because I'm a tough guy, folks.
I can't handle people trying to assault me.
And I'm sick of it!
I'm sick of them thinking that we're here to take all their bull!
But again, they're getting mad and violently angry because they've paid for abortions, they've been involved with abortions, they've supported it, and they don't like seeing what it is.
Folks, none of us have any future or any value if we allow the elite to continue doing this, if we continue to go along with it.
Human life
He is dirt cheap to the New World Order.
And I'm very excited to hear that these great folks are up there fighting and are Ron Paul supporters.
I mean, this has been all over the news.
This government has gone to hell in a literal hand basket.
You know, I don't think listeners realize there's a bunch of living people, beautiful, smart, intelligent folks.
One young lady was dug out of a trash can by a rescue group even before they had Operation Rescue.
I forget her name, the blonde.
She's all over the place.
I've interviewed her like six, seven years ago.
And, uh, they're also, uh, all the time, uh, they tried to kill one twin, but they tried three abortions and couldn't.
That was just in the news.
And the baby lived.
Uh, I mean, it's just, we don't want two babies.
Kill one of them.
I mean, it goes on and on and on and on and on and on.
All these people I've talked to who've been for abortion, when they finally have a child, they're like, I can't believe I killed one!
I can't believe I did this!
I mean, now, they'll do anything to protect that child.
Their instincts have kicked in.
Going back to our guest, do you want to comment on people that are living who survived abortions?
A, and then B, give us your phone number, contact info.
Well, anybody after 1973 is an abortion survivor.
One out of every three children are killed in America.
And it's probably higher than that because they just count the surgical abortions, they don't count the chemical abortions.
Are you 46 the morning after pill?
And even Depropavirin, IUD, and a number of human pesticides that they inject into people that are abortifacients.
You can reach me at Missionaries to the Pre-Born Iowa, P.O.
Box 135, Keokuk, Iowa, 52632.
And if you've got email, you can email me at truthvan, that's one word,
T-R-U-T-H-B-A-N at Yahoo.com.
Well, if the government will let us kill 50 million people in 33 years or 34 years, they'll do anything.
And I'm sure you know about the chemical biological testing killing Americans.
They did covertly, now declassified.
This is all part of the larger picture, folks.
And if you don't value somebody else's life, your life isn't worth a plug nickel.
How do folks get involved with you?
How do they help you?
Well, you can contact me at those two places, TruthFan at Yahoo.com, and we do take people out with us when we go out on the street.
So if you're in the Iowa area, actually, we're right on the border of Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa.
If you're in our area, we'll be glad to take you out with us, and you can stand with us on behalf of the babies.
How wicked you are, trying to save those blobs of tissue!
Oh, how evil!
We don't always get beat up while we're out there.
I mean, it does happen once in a while, but we don't take it.
You know, we're not pacifists.
We fight back.
Well, I know you're busy, and I've been around a lot of, you know, right-to-life and rescuers, and, well, we're too busy going to the events to sue them and stop them.
It's going to continue to happen until you press criminal charges on those cops and on that scumbag.
And pursue it against the city, too.
We don't let it go.
And, uh, we don't, we don't fight every fight that's out there.
I mean, my goodness, we never get anything done.
But, uh, we can't allow them to, uh, to suppress us.
Thank you, Dan.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful force.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Put their objective being world domination.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burr is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
In this third and final hour, I'm going to open the phones up, talk about the mass shootings in Colorado and Nebraska and all the suspicious things happening there.
We can get into Israel saying, no, Iran still needs to be attacked.
Talk about the push for a global one-child policy, as we told you they would.
We can discuss the video of Yassin or the pro-lifers attack with a club and the cops sitting around laughing about it.
It just gets crazier and crazier.
Cretchien, the former Prime Minister, gets confronted about 9-11 inside job, loose change final cut, end game, and actually shoves the guy who politely asked him about it.
Pretty amazing.
Well, I guess we could play some of the audio.
I sent you a few clips of that, but the video's really got it all.
It's a story up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Cretchien loses patience with questions on NAU.
Truth NAU.
Also, 73% of Britons want to vote on the EU treaty, which brings them into it, just like
We're good to go.
Before I get into the rest of the news and take your phone calls at 1-800-259-9231, I want to encourage you to get self-sufficient.
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Okay, let's go ahead now and get into some of the news that we have not covered yet.
My stack just fell on the floor, let me get it.
There's just huge piles in here of things that are happening.
Piles of New World Order activity, pun intended.
Again, trucking magazines five years ago reported that Mexican trucks were going from Texas to New York, from California to British Columbia.
They're already all here.
They're already all here.
So by the time you heard about limited 100 trucking companies, with thousands of trucks per company in some cases,
I've been on airplanes with an exec.
I was watching him on his laptop and watching him make phone calls before we took off.
He was running hundreds of trucks.
He said more than half his trucks are Mexicans from Mexico, but driving here in the U.S.
and some of their trucks are in Mexico.
And he goes, we drive everywhere and laughed about it.
Just like we already have a national ID card under federal standardization in 1993, and now, what, 12, 13, 14 years later?
They're finally starting to talk about it in the news.
Public Citizen's got an article about this today.
Bush authorizes full access to U.S.
roads for even more Mexico-based NAFTA trucks.
This is a statement of Joan Claybrook, president of Public Citizen.
In a stealthy maneuver, the Bush administration has boosted the threat for the public by increasing the number of Mexico-based trucking firms allowing access to all U.S.
As part of a reckless North American Free Trade Agreement.
But see, that doesn't exist either, they say.
Trucking pilot program.
The Department of Transportation recently revealed an increase in the number of NAFTA trucks permitted to U.S.
Now, 10 carriers sending as many as 55 trucks throughout the country.
See, I mean, what are they researching?
What are they on?
They started a pilot deal with 100 companies earlier this year, and it was going on before that under another name.
Man, I just can't put it all out here.
I mean, I don't know how people don't know about this stuff.
This is far... People think they've got some... I'm not knocking them, but this is 50 times worse than this.
But I guess it's definitions is how they play tricks.
Oh, we're not having North American merger, it's North American integration.
Integration means merger!
Well, it's not global government, it's global governance.
The last time the Bush Administration made a public announcement about the number of Mexico-based carriers allowed to penetrate into the NAFTA Trucks Pilot Program, there were only three carriers.
It has long been a tradition of the Administration to bury bad news like this by sending out press releases on Friday afternoon.
But in this case, the Department of Transportation reached a new low, not sending any press release out at all, but simply updating the website.
Both House and Congress have passed versions of the DOT spending bill that includes provisions to shut down this dangerous folly.
Unfortunately, for all members of the public who must travel every day on the nation's roads, the White House has threatened to veto the final bill.
It's high time for President Bush to get out of the way and let the Senate vote on the final bill before any more lives are put at stake.
I live in Texas.
I have been seeing gigantic Mexican trucks
And by the way, it's really a misnomer on average that they're pieces of junk.
They're nicer than most the rigs I see that are U.S.
Huge rigs with Mexican plates with three guys in it going 24 hours a day.
Now let me explain how this works.
People in Mexico, truck drivers, they're highly paid for folks in Mexico, are getting an average of $10 an hour.
So they can run three guys in there
But the way I've read they set it up is one of them is always sleeping so they agree to contracts that you couldn't get in the U.S.
where they're not getting paid.
The full time.
And they just run the truck 24 hours a day.
Then you get a husband and wife team in the U.S.
You used to get paid $30 an hour.
With all their expenses it's more like $15.
Now they're getting paid $16, $17, $12 an hour.
It's getting lower and lower.
All the major trucking businesses I know that were family owned are out of business.
That could be...
Uh, hauling materials, the asphalt aggregate around.
I mean, they're just all shutting down.
It's all over.
They're all getting bought up by bigger conglomerates.
They bring in the Mexican crews.
Just like Ford in, uh, North Carolina.
I remember an article where they laid off almost all their American workers and then flew over under permits.
And they keep them, like, in big warehouses living in squalor.
Poor Poles.
Not against the Poles.
I'm not against the Mexicans.
I mean, they brought them over from all the old Soviet tank factories.
And they have buses that drive them to work.
They're like slaves.
And they get paid a fraction at the Ford plant.
I remember seeing that article a few years ago.
And so they come in here.
Now, I said most of the trucks look super fancy and nice.
Some of them, though, look like they're out of Road Warrior.
I mean, bold tires.
You see them having blowouts.
You can see where they put spares on.
They're rolling down the road.
They're swerving all over the place.
They've got Mexican flags on their cars, Mexican plates doing whatever they want.
So when you hear they're really dangerous, it's true.
They get certified down there, and then under NAFTA agreement they're allowed, and I've even talked to state police, they're being told leave them alone because they're part of a federal program.
But citizens, they get pulled over to those way stations, they're meaner than you know what to them, on average, not all of them.
They find
They wear white gloves and find any dirt on the back bumper.
They call it spillage on stuff, hauling materials, concrete and other things.
We've gone out and done TV shows on it years ago.
I mean, they call them the regulators.
I mean, the cities have got regulation police.
The counties have got them.
The states have got them.
The feds have got them.
And they pull them over to those weigh stations and I mean, they just write tickets like the cows are never coming home.
Just like the illegal aliens.
You can have them tend to a car.
None of the kids in car seats.
None of them belted.
Jumping around, hopping around in the car.
They drive 70 miles an hour, not I-35.
But the minute your sticker expires, that cop's gonna pull you over.
Mind if I do a search?
Well, no.
I don't want you to search.
What are you hiding?
Get out of the car.
I'm calling in backup.
And I've said to cops, I said, you guys, illegal aliens everywhere.
I don't want to talk to you anymore.
Sometimes they'll go, yeah, I know, it's horrible, but we're not encouraged to do it.
They just write them $50 tickets, and we do.
The judge just lets them off.
I've had Police Chief Sean, who they all arrest illegal aliens, and the feds won't come pick them up.
And the jail says, let them go!
And they don't have accurate IDs, and they have IDs at all.
Just whatever names they want.
All the criminals of Latin America come up here.
They commit murders, robberies, you name it, get to go right back across the border.
Ha ha ha!
It's so funny!
It's so funny!
It's so funny!
Meanwhile, Austin has announced they're going to have poop police out to write you tickets if they catch your dog going to the bathroom on the hike and bike trail.
We can't stop the illegal aliens, but we'll write you tickets for your dog going to the bathroom.
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Don't want no shackles.
Don't want no shackles on me.
Don't want no shackles.
Don't want no shackles on me.
I'd sit down with Big Brother.
Don't like those RFIs.
Alright, I got a bunch of other news I'm gonna get to, but right now let's blast through your phone calls.
Let's go to Eric in California.
You're on the air, sir.
Good morning, Alex.
This is Eric in California.
I really don't know what subject to get on, but how about survivors of abortion?
When I was younger, probably 19, I had to do some community service.
And the place I chose to do some community service at was a state-run facility for
No, mentally retarded and whatnot.
And one of the people that we used to deliver food to, we used to deliver the food carts to all the homes throughout this facility, one of the people in there was a chair-bound survivor of an abortion.
My brother-in-law, my mother-in-law tried to abort him and he survived and he became one of the most instrumental people in my life.
He's a very successful businessman, and he's put a lot of his family members and family friends through college, and he's just a beautiful human being.
And many others.
Yeah, I don't think people realize that quite a few folks, because the pro-lifers used to be able to do this, now they sell the body parts, it's too valuable, or they chop them up.
But quite a few people, this is mainstream news by the way, are dug out of the trash cans in the old days.
We're good to go.
I forget the exact numbers, but it's a good percentile that survive, even when they're hacking and burning and shooting the acid up in there.
Besides, women aren't meant to have a baby ripped out.
Your body will abort, if you need to, 9 times out of 10 or even more.
I'd say 99 times out of 100.
I mean, I don't have the science in front of me, but I know that women, the body will do that by design.
It really is a problem most of the time.
But I don't think people realize that women have massive increases in cancer.
When they've had abortions.
I mean, it messes the body up.
Go ahead.
Oh, and not to mention psychologically.
I mean, my wife had an abortion when she was probably 17.
And, you know, she looks at her nephew, who would have been the same age had her child lived.
And, you know, it's like the child that she aborted has haunted her, you know, all these years through her sisters.
Yeah, it's very haunting, isn't it?
Absolutely, and you know, also another survivor of an abortion that I've come in contact with personally was a pastor who came through a church that I was attending at the time, and he was probably the most God-blessed and alive.
It's just incredible how God uses people like that.
But Alex, I have a dire warning that I need to convey to you, whether it be through somebody in your office or something, that I can talk to somebody off-air about it.
I really need to get a message to you, so if I can get it off air, preferably.
Well, yeah, I'll talk to you in two minutes.
Stay there.
I'll find out exactly what it is you're talking about.
Eric, do I know you?
Have I talked to you before?
I've called in about three times when I met you at the L.A.
I'm down here in San Diego.
And is this a warning concerning us?
Somebody you might be associating with in the future.
That's just a friendly warning.
I ascribe to your disgust of infighting and stuff, so that's why I don't want to talk about it on there.
Oh, very, very good.
You sound credible.
I'll talk to you here in just a moment.
Yeah, that's something people don't know, but I just keep running across it in the news, and I tell people around me who are pretty smart, and they go, really?
There are a bunch of people who were dug out of trash cans.
No, they don't let that happen anymore because they kill them.
That's why after a partial birth, they don't just crush the skull, and I hate to get into this, folks, but it stops you from having an abortion, so be it.
They don't just suck the baby's brains out and crush their skull.
Generally, if you really get into it, the doctors admit what they do is they just keep the baby touching the mother, because legally they say that means it wasn't outside the womb, and they just suck its brains out on the outside of the womb.
And, look, I'm sorry if you've had abortions and this is upsetting.
We cannot continue this, okay?
Adopt a baby.
If you're gonna get in the hay with somebody and you're gonna do this, don't kill the baby.
And, you know, then they use these, well, what if, where scenarios.
We can debate that all day long.
99% of these abortions
Pull the rod back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We at The Bible Says want to alert the world to the topic of the Mark of the Beast.
Soon, it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the REAL ID Act.
We're good to go.
We're good.
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We're good to go.
Here for now, tomorrow forever gone.
Jesus don't fear the reaper, but do the wind, the sun, or the rain.
Come on baby, don't fear the reaper, baby take my hand.
We'll be able to fly.
Let's go back to your phone calls.
Let's go ahead and, uh, now you're all great callers.
I had that last gone for like four minutes, but I gotta move quicker to get to everybody.
Juan in California, you're on the air, Juan, welcome.
Yes, sir.
Yes, um, I'm a Mexican-American, you know, first generation here.
My parents immigrated here, and this is the first time I hear about, you know, the Amaro
I just recently got into it and I find myself trying to explain it to other people and they think I'm nuts.
I need a way to explain the global union to somebody without sounding crazy.
Here's the biggest problem.
Most people have just woken up.
And so they're not really at the level yet of trying to educate others.
But the problem is we don't have time to wait.
So you're doing the right thing.
I'm sorry you get laughed at.
You've got to give them in-game.
And you don't even have to go to Infowars.com if you don't have 1095 or whatever and buy in-game.
You can go to Google Video.
I don't expect your family to just buy the video out of hand.
They can watch the 2 hour 20 minute film free at Google Video.
They can research the claims.
Now, I could not afford, did not have the employees or the staff or the time to make a bibliography.
You know, that's the end of a book where you prove everything you say with footnotes.
But a listener heard that, and in two weeks, did two-thirds of Endgame, he or she, I forget who, Kurt Nemo told me they were, I want to thank them by the way, I'm so busy I don't have time to thank them, thanking them on air, to make the last third, they're doing the last third right now, excellent bibliography, everything is linked, every claim we make, and so you watch it for free on Google Video, or if you want, buy the DVD, so it's more watchable and high quality, so you can see all the documents and video crisply,
I don't know.
Watch this video, and then everything it says is documented in triplicate on this website.
Every second of the video, when we make a claim, they've got the time code, they made it.
And of course, we vetted it and checked it.
It's very accurate.
I want to salute who did that.
Really, I think if you're talking about North American Union, Amero, New World Order, end game is the key.
Go ahead, sir.
Thank you very much.
Anything else, sir?
No, I just want some help on how to explain it.
And I guess, with having the facts documented, that's a big push.
And like, see the video and then look and see for yourself that it's proven.
Absolutely, got you.
Anything else, sir?
No, just thank you very much for doing this and, you know, putting it out there as opposed to being told otherwise by everybody else.
God bless you, sir.
It's good to hear from you, Juan.
Absolutely, and an endgame is important whether somebody is from Canada, Mexico, Germany.
It's global.
And they're destroying all of our sovereignty right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Robert in Arizona.
Robert, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Hi, I'll be real brief.
I have a slight disagreement on the ethanol and corn debate.
I have taken the time to study in depth a book by David Bloom called Alcohol Can Be a Gas.
And he points out, he'd be a great guest for your show because he points out there's tons of disinformation out there like taxpayers for common sense blaming the rise in everything on ethanol subsidies.
And while there are some ethanol subsidies, it's a pittance, it's a drop in the bucket.
The bigger problems are inflation,
Which if you figure out what the dollars really worth, corn is really cheap.
Let me just break this down for a minute.
The United Nations, the federal government, and others
We're good.
Having to ship and deliver that by train, by truck.
The factory's operating.
So it is the devaluation of the dollar and higher shipping and energy costs across the board that is causing it.
Here's how we can beat them, Alex.
There's two other points.
I think there's still a program in place where corn is being shipped into Mexico and subsidized $1 a bushel to sell at under market costs to bankrupt small Mexican farmers.
Do they leave their corn growing and they go off and seek work in the states?
We need to put a stop to that.
The other thing that needs to happen is we need to encourage independent gas station owners across the country to start buying tanker loads of ethanol.
Pure ethanol you can buy wholesale for about $1.85, $1.90 a gallon right now.
It's possible to mix it 50-50 with gasoline and then the station owner if they mix it themselves
They can take that ethanol credit and put it in their pocket or pass it on to the people that buy the fuel.
There's no sense at all in having ethanol at under $2 a gallon and paying regular gasoline at just over $3 a gallon.
There's something wrong with the marketplace.
And I think it's the big oil distribution system.
I agree.
No, there's no... Think about it.
I agree.
You're right.
And what an intelligent caller.
See, here's an example.
They'll fill the Mexican immigrants full of Reconquista, Takeover of America stuff.
When the big foundations push that, the big money pushes that.
Meanwhile, it's the very big foundations, the very same big banks.
I remember being in Mexico 15 years ago, and they were stealing in Yucatan the property from the ancestral Mayan farmers.
And then they kick them out and send them to Mexico City as a staging ground to come to the U.S.
It was U.N.
Costa Maya, all those areas, millions of hectares, millions of acres, being taken, and you're right, all over Mexico, the U.S.
and the Mexican government allows this to happen, ships it in at a dollar a bushel, a fraction of what it's sold for here, to destroy their farmers.
Right here, and work for $4, $3 an hour.
And then where do they come?
It hurts us, the American people, no matter what color you are.
It hurts the Mexicans, but it's not just that.
Monsanto and a few of the other big pharma companies went down there with GMO corn, planted it all over the nation, and now every major Mexican farm strain, these are strains that are thousands of years old, are infected, and now it's screwing up all their crops.
And again, the head of Monsanto in 99 at a public meeting said, we are here to infect everything and take everything over.
They all need to be arrested.
It's cold-blooded!
And you see, your black leaders, your Larry Conquista leaders, your fake neocon white leaders and liberal leaders will tell you everything you want to hear, but they work for the same people.
So, you're out there trying to wake up your Mexican family to what's going on with the New World Order and their first-generation Americans.
And they're buying into the propaganda.
You just explain to them, hey, why don't your Mexican leaders tell you, why don't your black leaders tell you that these are Margaret Sanger execution compounds?
That's what Planned Parenthood is.
That they called people of color weeds and said you had to be exterminated.
I mean, I have her actual letters.
But see, I'm anti-Mexican because I don't want you to die.
Just like I'm anti-semitic because Arnold's dad was a Nazi SS officer who sent people to their deaths.
Arnold publicly said he admires Hitler to Rolling Stone and on video.
But the ADL gives him awards.
See, if you're a real live Nazi, you're good.
But if you fight them, you're bad.
See, that's how scrambled all this is.
And if we don't get sophisticated now, it's over.
Let's go ahead and talk to Christine in Kansas City.
You're on the air.
I'm calling from KCXL Land.
This is Christina.
Hey, how you doing?
Pretty good.
I wanted to tell you about the United States of Kansas City.
As Dr. Jerome Corsi has been teaching us, the Kansas City will be a warehouse for cargo containers
Being made from the man-made island off of Shanghai.
You're familiar with that?
Well, yeah.
The largest railway connection system is in Kansas City.
And a year ago they announced that that's going to be the main inland port, sovereign territory of Mexico.
The city has announced it.
Official city website.
They're also building one in San Antonio.
They're taking over existing giant railway there, almost as big as KC.
And they call it the North American Transportation Hub.
And the Canadians call that base the Trans-Texas Corridor Rail Hub and the Napa Superhighway Rail Hub.
And then the National News, Free Republic, Michael Medved, Rush Limbaugh say we're all insane traitors and none of it exists.
Yes sir, I'd like to mention that Wolfgang
Anicon and Jason Littlejohn, you guys need to get back together and make that film on the SmartPort.
And I'd also like to say, Alex, that there is on kcadc.com, which is Kansas City Area Development Corporation, you can see in living color a picture of the billboard that actually says United States of Kansas City.
And on my website, which I am now developing, because of this, we have 18 different mayors of cities around here.
Who are in cohorts with every major corporation and we also have in Kansas City two-thirds of all animal pharmaceutical manufacturing coming out of this metropolitan area, which is why
1447 Liberty Street to take away our liberties is going to be the hub where they're planning to tear the heart out of this nation with the crossing of 85 different quarters thanks to George Blackwood, former mayor of Kent, former city councilman.
That's right, that's right.
It's all official, but then the news just says it doesn't exist.
Thank you, Alex.
Do you want to give out your website?
It's unclaimedwoman.com.
That's correct.
And I have much documentation there from a lot of Kansas City natives about the Kansas City SmartPort.
And thank you, KCXL, for airing Alex.
Yes, they've been carrying us for eight, nine years.
Or is it longer now?
What, since like 98, 99?
I just love them.
I think they fired up another radio station, too, there now.
Great folks.
That covers an entire city and more into Kansas, and we're very thankful for that affiliate, and everybody should support them and go to the KCXL bookstore.
By the way, I told my office I was going to donate, like, 100 endgames to them.
I wonder if we ever did that.
If we haven't, call me, KCXL.
I don't have time to, literally, I hardly have time to see my family now.
That's what I can't stand.
All these great stations, all these great affiliates.
I just forgot one of my listeners didn't ask for it, sent me a donation.
He's been calling to ask if I got it for a week and I haven't called him back.
I mean, that's what I mean.
I just can't keep track of anything.
I apologize for that.
And just all of our affiliates, all of them, all over the country, we're getting more and more of them.
And I feel bad because listeners send me emails, old friends send me emails.
I don't even respond.
I've got to ask myself sometimes, should I stay home and do four radio interviews this Sunday, or should I drive to Houston and go to a cousin's funeral?
And I just go, oh, well, no funeral, you know.
I mean, I just am bound to the wheel here, as they say.
Doing this, piloting this ship in the Infowar.
And so, I say that because I have
All these great people try to contact me and I just can't even respond anymore.
In fact, I'll probably forget by the break that I'm supposed to call that supporter.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tom.
Tom, where are you calling us from?
Hey Alex, Ann Arbor, Michigan area.
Hey, I've talked to you once before, but I was the tail gunner, as you put it, so we didn't have much time.
I know time's a little short today, too.
I was looking at the article on Infowars.com about Fox News rejecting the ad for the anti-Constitution thing there and Bill O'Reilly, the video.
And it says that the people that put the ad together, it's actually the actor Danny Glover that's, I guess, narrating the ad?
I think that's kind of ironic.
You've documented that.
Bohemian Grove, yeah.
Yeah, he's a member of the Bohemian Grove, so obviously he's closer connected to, you know, we don't need to go over the whole list.
Well, let me just stop you.
Let me just stop you.
The Bohemian Grove is very racist.
I was only inside four and a half, five hours.
And I heard him constantly talking, I don't know, like five or six times I heard him talk about blacks.
I heard, when a big black guy walked by, and it might have even been Danny Glover, it was getting dark, they were about to have the ritual out around the Molokal, it was right at dusk, thousands of men are going down by the little pond, little lake, and I saw a big black guy walk past me and I heard all these old men going, I can't believe they let them in here.
I mean, my whole life I've never heard talk like that, and I was actually hearing it and hissing, so he really is a token in there.
I mean, I guess Jews and whites are allowed in, but blacks, there's not many blacks in there.
And I'm not defending Danny Glover, but, you know, Clint Eastwood goes there, Schwarzenegger is a member.
There are 2,000 members, but not every member is even allowed to bring guests, only senior guests are.
Senior members are allowed to bring one guest.
There's about 3,000 people there each year.
And, uh, you know, again, it's done compartmentalized.
Not all of it's taken seriously.
I'm not saying Danny Glover's good.
I mean, he may, you know, be absolutely wicked, but my point is it's compartmentalization.
It's like, everybody at the 700 Club isn't evil.
Most of them are good.
Everybody in the Catholic Church isn't involved in the New World Order, but the Pope certainly is.
Everybody at the Bohemian Grove, I don't think, realizes how serious it is.
I'm trying to get Danny Glover on, and I will ask him, but go ahead.
That's true, and that's taken with a grain of salt and a fair thing to say.
You point out, I don't know if irony is the right word, it's kind of tragic that people outside protesting five years later are ultimately serving the same master as the people inside.
They just hate the rich white men, but then they're worshipping Satan by a different name.
It's all ironic, I guess.
You have to watch out for people, though, trying to portray themselves as
Thank you.
Well, at this point, I keep my organization small.
I do my thing.
If people wake up, they wake up.
But I would get Danny Glover on here, and by the way, I would bring up Bohemian Grove to him.
But see, I don't agree with everything Pat Buchanan says, but I have him on.
I don't agree with everything Bob Barrett says, but I get him on.
You know, I try to get big guests on because it's interesting and it makes news.
And then our websites, people come there because of that, and then they see everything else.
I mean, do you get what I'm saying, sir?
Yeah, I understand that.
And this one other thing real quick, and I mentioned this before, there's a big push on now to push the re-emergence of Led Zeppelin.
I know you're really serious about hidden symbols, you know, the movies that you make, the secret architecture of Washington, D.C., the ones that you help promote.
I've watched those.
And Jimmy Page is no darling little guitar player.
He worships Satan, it says in their music.
My sweet Satan, no escape.
And if you play this music on your show, regardless of... What song says that?
Every singer backwards if you play it.
If you play Stairway to Heaven backwards... Listen, I gotta go.
We got a break here in five seconds.
I'll come back and comment on that.
Thank you, sir.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by power.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Couldn't their objective be world domination?
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, isn't it?
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Chrétien, the former Prime Minister of Canada, got confronted on Endgame, Loose Change, and a lot more, and he actually shoved the guy.
The guy's very polite.
He says, hey, you called for a new order.
When he does that, Chrétien reaches over the table and pushes him on the arm and says, get him out of here!
You scum!
How dare you ask me questions!
Big article up on PrisonPlanet.com that Paul just posted.
Elite Depopulation Agenda Gains Ground.
And it gets into the one-child policy, all the things they're pushing, how it all ties together.
Actually, Steve Watson did this for InfoWars.net.
You can find it there, or at PrisonPlanet.com.
And very, very serious article.
I'm asking you to get this out to people.
We're in an info war.
I got loaded phones.
I can only talk to Tom, Patrick, and Lou, maybe.
I'm going to try to get to all three of you.
I'll give you about a minute apiece.
Briefly, on the music thing,
Look, I put on some music, the network puts on some, I'm putting on more bumper music, I don't know all those things you're saying.
People think I know everything.
Would I know about every group and know about or play this backwards?
There's people playing my voice backwards on the web.
There are.
You didn't know that?
Where I'm supposedly saying all these devilish things.
And, uh, boy, uh, I didn't know I was, if that's the case.
I have trouble talking forwards, much less controlling what I'm saying, uh, backwards.
But I actually have on some TV shows seen that Led Zeppelin thing, and it doesn't sound like that.
It's all like, nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyany
I'm against abortion!
I'm trying to fight that, but I'm not a preacher, and I'm not your preacher, and I'm not in any sect or group or organization.
I love life, I love goodness, but you probably got a point.
Also, endgame blueprint for global enslavement.
I need you to get it, folks.
I need you to give it to everybody this Christmas.
I need you to go get Endgame.
This is my best film.
I just want it to be seen.
Get the high quality DVD at InfoWars.com or see it at the super high quality at PrisonPlanet.tv and get 5 months free.
We got a 5 plus months free right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
So go check that out.
Um, Tim in Ohio, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Gotta move quick.
Go ahead.
I just had one quick comment about your guest today.
Did you ever notice that those that still think they have free speech have not yet tried to exercise it?
That's right.
I run into problems everywhere when I'm on the stage.
It's bad.
But you try to tell some people, it's like, oh, you still got free speech.
I say, well, when's the last time you tried to go out and do something like that?
I want a quick question about the missing nukes.
You know, at first I said I didn't know about that story because I know they fly them to wrong places before, but now it's very suspicious.
The deaths and all the rest of it.
Yeah, I was just, I know you don't like to speculate, but you know, when do you think they're going to use those and who do you think has them and going to use them on us?
The whole thing's very suspicious.
I don't know if they're trying to smuggle them out or claim they got lost.
The Israelis already watch all the nukes.
They wouldn't need to do that.
The government's got secret nukes.
They don't need to steal their own nukes to do it.
They might have been... Who knows what's going on?
I mean, you can speculate all day long.
Gotta jump.
Patrick in Washington.
Sorry to Lou.
Call back tomorrow.
Patrick, you got 35 seconds.
Go ahead, Patrick.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought you were telling me call back in 35 seconds.
Sorry about that.
Anyway, I wanted to call and let you know that we just got our own blimp up here in Washington State over I-5.
Like the one you saw in Martial Law Rising the Police State.
You've got a surveillance blimp, huh?
Yep, it's hovering over I-5 right now.
It was on the local news about a month ago.
Their excuse for it is that they're using it to catch road ragers.
Yeah, every major city, as martial law states, federal documents, is going to have your own surveillance blimp.
Thank you for the news tip.
If you missed any of the show, go to InfoWars.com.
The first hour is about to restream.
I covered a lot of key info.
God bless you all.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.