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I think so.
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Here is the news I have in front of me today.
This is in the Associated Press.
AFP is also reporting on it.
And I thought, if this is on Drudge, he's linked to it, I better go ahead and discuss it.
I've talked about this a lot in the past, but I've done even more research the last few months.
I mean, probably more than 20 hours on it, because I wanted to get to the real bottom of it.
And I've done irreparable harm to myself.
My wife's done it to herself.
We've all done it.
Most of us have.
And it's time to stop.
It's time to get controlled.
Israeli study says regular mobile use increases tumor risk massively.
This is a fact.
But I have habitualized the use of a cell phone.
Putting it up to my head, I have created a habit to where I get a hands-free and I lose it in a month or I don't like it and
Bottom line, you need to do that, because that's just a little radio wave link from the hands-free or through the cord to the cell phone.
But holding that cell phone up close to your head, it's got about a two-foot corona of high-powered radiation, microwave radiation, blasting out of it.
And it massively, depending on which study you look at, it can increase it several hundred times.
Some studies just say a tenfold increase.
What does it matter?
Tenfold or two hundredfold?
And you get a brain tumor right through the skull, on the side of the head you use the phone, right on the side of your brain, and let me tell you, it's not comfortable.
So, I'm really worried about this, and now that it's becoming more mainstream, I will cover it, because I talked to scientists, doctors, covered this a decade ago, but now it's not debatable.
You know, ten years ago we were like, well, there's a study here, a study there, is it true?
Now there's no debating.
And it's scary.
And 10 years is when most of the studies have looked at it, and after 10 years you're just... But please don't say, like, you smoked two packs of cigarettes today.
It's, you know, I'm just going to go ahead and smoke because who cares?
I've already been smoking.
It's always good to quit.
And we've somehow got to get to the point where we don't do this.
But again, I just mentioned that.
I want to get to that a little bit later.
Also, it turns out Congress knew about waterboarding and torture in 2002 and the Democrats knew.
They're always posing politically like one party isn't involved and the other party's bad.
No, it's both parties.
They're all in this together.
We will also get to a report that came out this week.
Ex-Battalion President
Intelligence agencies know 9-11 was an inside job.
We'll get more into that, some of the aftermath of that report coming out.
But first off today, what I want to discuss, and again you can call in about any subject you wish at 877-590-5525, but I would like to hear your take on the mall shooting earlier this week in Omaha, Nebraska, and now the aftermath of that.
I remember right after 9-11, and then in each subsequent mall shooting,
And there are four or five a year.
Lately, there have been, on average, one every month.
I was looking it up.
The last five months in a row, there have been mall shootings.
This was the highest death count in the last few years.
Nine people dead, including the shooter.
He killed eight people, reportedly.
And the feds came out and said, well, just like airports, we want to have lines, security checkpoints.
They want to search you before you come into the mall.
Well, then the crazy shooter is just going to go to a Sunday picnic at the park and shoot people.
Or they're going to go to a Little League baseball game.
Or they're going to go in an entrance ramp to the mall.
Or they're going to walk up and shoot the unarmed security guards.
That happened last year up in Minnesota on the Indian Reservation, at the public school on the Indian Reservation.
Thousands of students.
And he just, they had security guards.
He just walked up and started shooting them.
Until we arm the security guards, this is all a complete joke!
And so I already don't like shopping malls.
I might go to one once a year.
I'm not going to these things anymore.
That's it.
I'm not putting up with it anymore.
And I'm not worried about the shooters.
I'm worried about all the police state training that does absolutely nothing and the feds know it.
So we're going to be breaking this down.
And by the way, let's go ahead and roll this little ABC News clip, also the CBS News clip.
Did you know that Homeland Security done a drill at the mall?
That morning?
Did you know that it was going on right up to the time this happened?
Did you know Bush was in town giving a speech at a mental health institution about the need for compulsory mental health, that is, government brainwashing and everybody being screened?
Now this is getting a little weird.
Because every time one of these things happens, 9-11, the government was running drills at the exact same time, exact same locations, of the exact same planes flying to the exact same buildings.
That's ABC News.
That's Baltimore Sun.
That's the USA Today.
On the 7-7 bombings in London.
The exact bus and the exact trains, the government was running drills of attacking them at the exact same time.
We've had actuaries done on it by an insurance company, and it was one out of what, 23?
Tracted gillion?
That's billions of times more than all the grains of sand in the world.
The chance of that happening?
You start adding all these other drills together, imagine the odds of that happening.
I don't know what's going on here.
But it's very, very strange.
Here's a clip.
This is again the news talking about Bush being mayor in town.
Chris Bure reporting tonight from Omaha, Nebraska.
President Bush extended his sympathy to the families of those murdered.
He coincidentally had been in Omaha just hours before the shootings began.
In the city of Omaha today there was what everyone said was shock.
ABC's Eric Hong is there.
We learned today that shortly before the shooting, a Homeland Security employee visited the West Roads Mall to talk with officials about the mall's security.
Airports and sports arenas have tightened security considerably since 9-11, but malls have been reluctant to do so.
There you go.
Those evil, evil malls have been reluctant to increase security.
Well, you can have 50 guys in their little white shirts and black pants
With walkie-talkies walking around.
Well, that's a big threat to somebody with a high-powered rifle who has hopped out of their mind on serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
They won't say which type, but it's the Prozac class.
And the double whammy, which they're always... I've never seen one of these mass shooter cases.
Not Harrison Clybold and Columbine.
Not Kip Kinkle.
Not the reservation shooting.
Buford-Furrow shooting up the Jewish school in Los Angeles.
Not Larry Ashbrook shooting up the Baptist youth meeting and killing 20-plus people in Fort Worth.
I have never seen one of these cases where they were not on a serotonin reuptake inhibitor.
Turns out this guy was on it.
His friend's family reported he'd been in psychiatric care.
But generally, they're on both the amphetamine Ritalin-type class, there's a whole group of these, a whole family of them, and the Prozac-type drugs.
I think?
We're good to go.
But now they want metal detectors in these.
We'll break this down and a lot more on the other side of this quick break.
And then we'll also be taking your phone calls.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
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You wired me awake and hit me with a hand that broke a nail.
We're back live on this December 9, 2007 edition up on TruthNews.us.
Ministry of Homeland Security visited Omaha Mall before its scare for a security check and some type of little drill.
It was a coincidence, no doubt.
Not only did Bush visit Omaha prior to the massacre on mental health issues, but so did the Ministry of Homeland Security.
We learned today that shortly before the shooting, Homeland Security visited the West Roads Mall to talk with officials about the mall's security, reports Charles Gibson for ABC News.
And it goes on that it's always the same.
Bush in town, this magically happens.
Now in many other shootings they have reported that there have been other shooters that then evacuate.
We reported this years ago with the Beslan massacre in Russia.
Then it turned out it had been Russian special forces staging as if they were terrorists.
Then they went out the back door, the military opened fire on the school, killing most of the people.
The Russian government also staged the Moscow theater siege event.
This has all now come out.
They've killed a bunch of reporters by the way that have reported on it over in Russia.
And Putin was also caught when he was Vice President trying to get re-elected, trying to get elected President, staging a bunch of bombings in and around Moscow.
Moscow police caught FSB, the Federal Security Bureau, planting bombs in a fourth building.
That's why it came out in the news and they got caught.
I'm not saying that this was some type of government black op and this guy was mind control, though that's patented and admitted and governments actually are engaged in that.
I'm not saying that's the case, but in some of these cases we know it was.
We know the shooter, Ronald Reagan, was involved in the government mind control program.
We know the shooting of John Lennon was involved in the same government mind control program.
That's even come out.
And if people aren't aware of this, it's just because you haven't done the research.
But I'm sure it's a coincidence that Bush was in town talking about mental health screening and that Homeland Security visited the mall right before all this happened.
Again, that's them trying to take good care of us.
We're going to take some calls on this subject, but the bigger issue here is Homeland Security, when it was founded, now five years ago, said that they were going to have checkpoints on the streets, on the highways, at the malls,
We're good to go.
To put checkpoints and airport-style security in the malls.
So they're saying, OK, well, we're proposing that, but how about face scanners that scan your face?
Well, those have already been put up at least five years ago nationwide by the Feds.
They're just now getting around to telling you this.
But the only place they won't put cameras or fences is on our southern and northern borders, and they also allow illegal aliens
Yes, I think so.
We're good to go.
Now, the mall security runs, walkie-talkies the police, everybody else on their cell phones calls the police, the police show up ten minutes later and the gunman's killed eight people and then blown his own head off.
And it's always the same MO.
This will not stop anything.
This will do nothing.
The answer is more citizens with concealed carry.
The answer is if you want to arm security guards, fine.
But sometimes they're going to go crazy and start shooting people.
This is what happens when you've got 30 million people.
And you've got a large percentage of them pushing 20% on psychotropic drugs.
Type in the name of any psychotropic.
Luvox, Prozac, any of the hundreds now.
There's hundreds of them.
And go to the insert online.
It'll say warnings.
And the first thing it says is, well, this antidepressant causes a massive increase in suicide and suicidal thoughts.
It's kind of an oxymoron.
Antidepressant causes suicide.
And under that we'll say it will cause violent outbursts and violent actions.
Oh good, let's put 20% of the population on these.
That's what Bush was in Omaha pushing.
He passed the New Freedom Initiative two years ago that calls for compulsory, federally funded health screening.
For mental health.
It turns out the drug companies wrote this up, and their own internal memos have now been in the news where they say, hey we got 15% of the kids, that was a few years ago it was 15, now it's 20.
On these drugs, we want to go for 50%, we'll make tens of billions more a year by having our funded programs in the schools.
Let's go ahead and talk to Seth in Nebraska, the scene of the latest shootings, wants to talk about the mall shootings.
Seth, you're on the air.
Yeah, hi Alex, how you doing?
Thank you, sir.
And then, there was a shooting at Westroads, and now I hear that ABC News piece about how Homeland Security was running that drill at Westroads, but I'm sure it's just a coincidence, you know, because the government loves us and only thinks about how to take the best care of us.
Well, the Russians have been caught.
It's simple.
You've got special ops go in wearing masks.
They injustify the means.
They're doing this for greater security.
We'll kill a few kids, and now we can get the security to save everyone.
And then they run out the back, and then the troops outside open fire and kill over a hundred kids.
Yep, and exactly.
They were caught, though.
They were caught.
Despite the fact that eight reporters that tried to break it were all killed.
Poisoned, shot, you name it.
I read that on InfoWars when it broke earlier in the year, or last year, whatever it was.
Actually, here in Nebraska, we do, like Texas, we have concealed carry permits.
But everywhere you go, every business, they have stickers on the doors.
Concealed carry handguns are not permitted on these premises.
And that means that this is a victim disarmament zone.
This is a place where killers can come and enjoy themselves.
Again, I'm going to say it.
These security guards are worthless for anything but stopping shoplifting.
And, you know, I mean, look, they'll have a cop at a movie theater
Uh, you know, on Saturday and Sunday nights and Friday nights, and it cost them a couple hundred bucks.
And if they want more security to stop these Needle in a Haystack events, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice, literally, than, you know, being shot in some mall shooting, then fine!
Have armed cops in there!
But searching everyone, this is to train us how to be slaves.
Thank you so much for the call, sir.
More calls, straight ahead on the other side, 877-590-5525, 877-590-5525, or 8360-590, if you're a Central Texas listener, is the local number.
We're going to get more into this and talk about, where will it end?
Checkpoints in the malls?
Checkpoints on the streets?
Will it keep us safe?
Will the loving government keep us safe?
Well, who's going to keep us safe from the government?
Be right back.
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We're back live.
As you know, there was a shooting earlier in the week.
I've seen the NRA and others put out these numbers, and I've looked into them myself.
Almost every year, some year, two or three more children die in school shootings than die in football accidents.
That's right.
It's in the 20s most years.
Children that die get their necks broken or get subdermal hematomas, concussions, and die playing football.
There's also other deaths in other sports.
But that's all kept very quiet.
They don't fear monger.
You basically politicize that, but they do the school shootings.
Now they've turned those into prisons, metal detectors, students being searched, drug dogs, and the schools, by the way, are less safe.
But the children are being trained how to be good little prisoners.
This is what the system does.
We have the Department of Education documents where they admit that they want to habitualize and train the public through the schools how to be good little serfs and how to submit to this system.
And there's been another shooting today, on this Sunday.
Four shot outside Colorado Springs Church.
Associated Press says a government opened fire in the parking lot of a Colorado Springs Church on Sunday, striking four people, the church pastor said.
The conditions of the people shot outside the New Life Church were not known.
El Paso County Sheriff's Lieutenant Larry Savine said.
And it just says that a gunman came in and shot people.
It was not immediately known whether the shootings were related to an earlier shooting about 70 miles away in the Denver suburb of Arvada.
There, two people died and two were wounded early Sunday when a gunman opened fire in a dormitory at a missionary training center on the campus of Faith Bible Chapel.
Well, we better put metal detectors at all the churches and at all the seminary schools and all the Bible colleges
And if there's ever a shooting at the Baseball Diamond, or if there's ever a shooting on a four-way stop, just put checkpoints everywhere.
No, let's just ban the Second Amendment, and then let the criminals have their way, like they've done in New York and Chicago and other places that have gun bans, where you all have much higher crime rates.
Now, we're going to go ahead and go to your phone calls on this subject.
Hi Alex, I wanted to call and tell all the supporters that are wanting to support our Second Amendment.
That the Bill of Rights Day is actually Saturday and I think, I agree with you, I've heard you mention this over the last couple of weeks of trying to donate money to Ron Paul Saturday and Sunday, not just the Sunday.
For those that don't know, a lot of listeners are driving along across the country
Congressman Ron Paul is now winning in some of the polls.
He has the most money raised by over $500,000.
Right now he's raised $10.5 million, almost $11 million in the last quarter, with another three weeks to go.
Or two and a half weeks to go.
We're going to have another money bomb, all-time record, pre-primary, 4.2 plus million raised by Ron Paul on the November 5th money bomb.
And we're going to try to get $6 million on December 16th on the Boston Tea Party Day.
When I came up with this idea with Leland, who came up with the idea, Mr. Lyman who came up with this idea,
I thought two days this way to have even more momentum, but everybody seems to want to have it just on the 16th, so that's what we're shooting for.
They've also raised separately the money for a three-state tour of one of the biggest blimps.
It's as big as the Goodyear blimp here in the United States over New York, New Hampshire, and other areas.
So the blimp takes off in the middle of this week.
Is it possible to change the subject slightly for a second?
Sure, it's open phones.
Okay, you had the gentleman from the Stevens Group on talking about food and irradiating it in the near future.
Well, they're already irradiating a large portion of our food, yes.
Okay, what I was curious on, I had read this in the past that I believe it was Monsanto had a little control on this.
When we're shipping food over to try and help people in other countries,
That they have it so that the food is only good for the one year.
They can't, you know... Well, it's called Terminator Seeds and there's a whole line of them where the plants don't produce seeds anymore.
Now, are they trying to incorporate that onto us?
Oh yes, they say it's for a monopoly and they're buying up all the heirloom seed companies and that's their open business plan is to have a monopoly over food production with a couple of other big agri-companies.
And as just like a home farmer
How can we know when buying seeds?
There are still quite a few heirloom seed companies out there where you can buy seeds that will produce more plants.
Wow, what a novel idea that you can actually take your seeds and replant them.
This is all about monopolies and that's what they're creating.
Let's go ahead now and take a call from Jay
Calling from Tennessee with another report on a shooting in Colorado that we were just mentioning.
Jay, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, just looking at the Reuters that just came out.
They're talking about, I thought it was really interesting, it's Pastor Ted Haggard's church was the site of the first shooting.
As you know, he was recently busted for
Try to get a gay porn star that was in the White House to, you know, try to get meth and meet up with him.
Well, that's another one.
I mean, there's a whole bunch of gay porn stars that go to the White House.
For those that don't know, that's true.
Hundreds of past midnight visits.
No, under Clinton it was mainly women, but that's not the Republican choice it seems.
Whatever, that's their business.
The point here is that you're saying this is Ted Haggart's church?
I mean, he got in trouble with another porn star.
Yeah, it just says, this is Reuters right now, New Life Church, which is about 14,000 members,
Was founded by Pastor Ted Haggard, who had to resign in 2006 after moral conduct.
Now, they just said that the shooter, the eyewitnesses said, came in with, you know, all black, is similar to the Bill and Clyde Bold and the Colorado, other Colorado shootings.
So, I wouldn't be surprised.
As you said, we can bet money that he's on SSRI, reuptake inhibitors.
I don't know about the other one.
It doesn't say.
They still don't know if the two shootings are linked.
The four people were shot about midnight somewhere.
Well, we better ban the Second Amendment.
That way the guys in black trench coats can just tell all of us.
Right, because the government would never hurt anyone.
The government never has done anything like this.
It doesn't matter that they have an official U.S.
government plan called Operation Northwoods where it says they're going to shoot people at crowded markets in D.C.
They didn't have malls then back in the 60s.
Well, I guess they did.
Well, you know that the governments did not kill 160 million people this century.
Well, you're absolutely right.
They did, and that's what Endgame covers.
In fact, that's a conservative number.
Government is the number one cause of unnatural death.
It's not automobile accident.
It's not drowning.
It's not electrocution.
It's not false.
Those are some of the top things that kill you.
Guns are way down the list, usually about 15th in the thing.
It moves, and they have the World Almanac every year that shows the deaths.
Guns are sometimes 20, sometimes 12, sometimes 15.
It changes every year.
But it's car accidents and all that is number one.
Until you're 55 and it's heart attacks and cancer are the number one thing that kill you.
But that's natural causes, as they say.
But here,
Look, if I got into Columbine, it would take two hours to even scratch the surface.
The school was half empty that day.
That's mainstream news.
I mean, I spent months on air about this.
I interviewed the Denver Post writers and the Rocky Mountain News writers.
This was all from them.
I interviewed locals.
I interviewed students.
I interviewed parents.
I had the CNN tapes.
I played them on the radio.
I analyzed what happened.
The CNN was the first to get there in Littleton, Colorado, just south of Denver.
When we get back, I'll break this down.
It is an inside job.
Columbine was an inside job.
The school was more than half empty that day.
The security guards didn't show up.
The police stood down.
The principal and the police chief were at a local restaurant at the time.
Didn't respond.
Harrison Kleibold brought in over 124 bombs.
The students reported a bunch of other shooters.
And the government founded the Trenchcoat Mafia.
We'll tell you about it when we get back.
Oh, yeah.
Chemical attacks, dirty bombs, fallout, biological attack, anthrax, and to top it all off, duct tape and plastic!
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That's $2 billion per day to finance the biggest deficit in history.
Our creditors are becoming increasingly concerned that the debt can never be repaid.
Japan and China, two of the largest holders of U.S.
debt, are looking to greatly reduce their exposure to dollars.
In fact, China has privately hinted that a U.S.
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We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Next hour, Israeli studies says regular mobile phone use increases tumor risk.
We're going to be getting into that.
And I've talked about this before, but finally it's being picked up in the news.
I just went and read some of the international studies by those that actually studied them.
And I know a little bit about polar bears.
I've watched a few television programs about them.
Polar bears can swim 200 miles.
They don't like to swim more than 100.
But they are the strongest swimming land animal.
There is no other animal, this is in the encyclopedia about them, that can do this.
It can swim 200 miles, 200 plus miles it's been recorded, but they routinely swim 100 miles.
They also, during the summer, when the ice packs always melt, always break up, when glaciers always slough, and are always being built up by the rainfall that comes down during the winter, they will float on those for hundreds of miles.
And then swim back to land because that's where they can hunt.
I've seen video of a polar bear reach into the water and drag up a multi-thousand pound with one arm beluga whale.
OK, that's how just incredibly strong a polar bear is much bigger, much meaner than a grizzly.
Well, remember two years ago they kept showing this image of a polar bear family on an iceberg and saying, oh, look at them, they can't swim.
I have the reports right here.
Oh, the poor things, it's all melting because it would pull on your heart strings.
Well, finally it's made into the news that it is a complete fraud.
They've interviewed a bunch of polar bear experts who just say how ridiculous this is.
Look, they got stuck on the ice that melted.
They're all going to die.
They're going to starve to death.
Actually, polar bear numbers have exploded.
Exploded to more than 25,000 just in North America, and they're all over Northern Europe as well.
Because as more humans come in, they're actually going in and eating people's garbage and the rest of it.
And they found that during other warming periods, polar bear numbers actually expand.
But that doesn't matter there.
Again, I've already got into that story.
I'm going to cover that a little bit in the next hour.
What's the point?
I can't help it.
I just covered it.
I mentioned something.
I start covering it.
Getting back to Columbine.
The school that day was more than half empty.
Hundreds of students and teachers admitted that they were told, don't go to school today, something bad's going to happen.
Harrison Kleibold of the Shooters, reportedly, ran the school's internet.
They had made a school film for drama where they went to the halls killing everyone.
The son of the local FBI chief had founded the Trenchcoat Mafia two years before.
They were in 2020, in 2000, in 1991, excuse me.
In 1991, they had a 2020 special about death education, federal death education.
Y'all know what it is?
Just Google, death education 2020.
It's a text of the reports up online from now, how many years ago was that?
16 years ago, almost 17 years ago.
And that's where they have the kids get in coffins, they tell them, think about death, prepare for death.
It caused a bunch of suicides at the school.
See, advertising death, advertising suicide, since they've had suicide education, more kids kill themselves.
Now they're thinking about it.
What 12, 13, 14 year old thought about it before?
These are federal numbers.
Just like, now you do have some school shootings that aren't government ops or staged events or provocateur.
There are nuts on Prozac and these other drugs.
They're always on them.
And it's copycats.
They hear about it, then they go out and commit it.
But each of these last five mall shootings have happened to the day, always one month later, or 30 days later.
But the whole point here is that the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News reported that the SWAT teams shot at least
Two of the students, that's in my film Road to Tyranny, and that came out, but they were told to shut up about it.
The SWAT team stayed outside for 4 hours 15 minutes.
There were all this weird federal activity right before it happened, and then you find out that Harris and Kleibold, both their parents were involved in black-off work for NASA and the Pentagon, and it just gets weirder and weirder and weirder and weirder from there on out.
And the reason we talk about mind control, in 1977,
They had congressional hearings on MKUltra, MKNaomi, and a bunch of others.
And now that it's even been on Discovery Channel, History Channel, a lot of them probably saw it.
I remember a two-hour special about eight years ago that blew me away, because I'd read all this, but to see it on television, Dr. Ewing Cameron was the head of the testing program.
The head of the field program was Jolly and West.
Dr. John Lee and Wes, but Dr. Ewing Cameron took several thousand children and teenagers out of institutions.
He took them to a CIA research facility in Toronto.
This is all declassified.
This is in the 60s and 70s.
We don't have anything declassified after that.
And they would put them on LSD, PCP, peyote, mescaline.
They would do shock treatments.
They would do sensory deprivation.
All the Manchurian-type candidate things the Russians had invented, and Pavlov had first started developing.
And they were able to take someone and completely erase their memory, compartmentalize their mind, and give them keywords.
It would take years.
But if you gave them a keyword to... It was pretty elementary at first.
Use the bathroom.
Jump on the floor.
Bang your head in the wall.
Go to sleep.
uh... you could literally program them with words and so that's where you hear quote about mind control.
Remember Sirhan Sirhan right when Bobby Kennedy got nominated for president he won the nomination he goes to announce it and the L.A.
coroner this is official L.A.
coroner this is not a conspiracy theory said he'd been shot three times was it four times you can go read the coroner report online in the back Sirhan Sirhan pulled out a revolver and fired wildly at the ceiling
And then someone from in front of Bobby Kennedy, and folks had seen him, with this woman in a polka dot dress, certainly had been a mental patient, she gave him a coffee, he went into some type of amnesic state, he'd been drugged, and then he wildly fires from in front, from more than a dozen feet away, and then somebody behind Bobby shoots him multiple times in the back, and the powder burns blew huge holes in his jacket and caught him on fire.
But again, you've got to have the patsy out, totally drugged out of his mind, mental patient, just saying he remembers nothing, just firing wildly.
They have to use those drugged out mental patients because in the case of CIA operative that's now been declassified, Lee Harvey, oh you didn't know that's been declassified, that he was a CIA officer?
Yeah, his case number's been released now, that's been declassified.
Uh, and, uh, he'd been a fake defector to the Soviets and the rest of it.
He'd been at a super-secret YouTube base in, uh, in, uh, Japan and sent to the Russians, then allowed to come back into the U.S.
with his bride.
Uh, remember, he comes in and says, I'm a patsy, I'm a patsy, I've been set up.
Well, then they had to send in Jack Ruby, the mob boss.
The cops hold him up, they're ready for him to shoot him, and he shoots him multiple times in the chest.
See, it's the same thing.
Now, I mentioned Jolion West was the head of field operations for the CIA, and he classified MKUlker hearings in 1977.
This is all declassified!
Go read it online!
Go to the Library of Congress.
Or thomas.loc.gov.
It's on the congressional record.
This is all admitted.
Jolion West ran field operations.
And they did all sorts of tests.
In the public, on the military, you name it.
Guess who McVeigh... Guess who Timothy McVeigh's
Doctor was, from the time he was arrested, always by his side, always living wherever he was at, during the Denver trial, and during the four or five years he was at Terre Haute awaiting execution.
Guess who was there the day he was executed?
Dr. John Lee and West.
In front of everyone, they have one of the twin kings of modern U.S.
mind control, the admitted director of field operations, M.K.
Naomi, the king
Alter, M.K.
of mind control and Manchurian candidates is the government-appointed psychiatrist for Timothy McVeigh.
Go check that out for yourself right now.
Then Governor Keating's brother, a year before the 1995 bombing of the Albuquerque Memorial Building, writes a book.
This is all in my film, Road to Tyranny.
And in the book, a Tom McVeigh bombs the Federal Building.
I mean, you couldn't make this type of stuff up.
And you say, well, how do we know McVeigh was mind-controlled?
He had a mind-controlled doctor.
So what?
The state police reported he was driving erratically down the road, an hour after, in this big, yellow, old, you know, late-modeled car with no license plates.
He pulls over.
There's a handgun on the dash.
He stumbles out on the ground.
He's foaming at the mouth and he's screaming, it hurts, it hurts.
Get the chip out of my rear end.
This was in the Daily Oklahoman.
Get it out.
Get it out.
The chip hurts.
Now, I don't believe he actually had a chip.
He may have.
The point is that
That's exactly the type of psychological torture, where they electro-shock you, torture you, give you drugs, cause painful hallucinations, combine, and then they give you another drug to make the pain go away within seconds, and they'll have a keyword that makes you have the pain, then they'll have a keyword that makes the pain go away.
And he did have a cell phone in the car.
So the point is, he gets the call,
He's given the code words, that puts him into the mode.
Now again, why is he stumbling around, literally drooling, saying, the chip, it hurts, help me officer, help me?
Why is McVeigh doing this?
I mean, this happened, okay?
I'm asking police out there, what do you think?
And then they appoint the top mind control scientist, who by the way just died last year, Jolly and West, to shadow him as government appointed.
See, I mean, that's why we get into things like this that seem absurd, but when you actually do the research, it's documented that something's going on.
Tom, Darren, many others, your call straight ahead after the quick news break.
A bunch of your calls on the other side.
Then I'm going to get into cell phone radiation.
Give me your brain tumors.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
The federal government since 2001 has been proposing checkpoints on the highways, on crowded city streets, at shopping malls, metal detectors, and in the wake of the shooting earlier last week in Omaha, Nebraska that left nine dead, including the shooter, they're proposing it again.
But now there's been a shooting at a Christian Bible school leaving two dead and another four shot at another one of these mega churches.
Are we going to have checkpoints and metal detectors there?
We're going to have a culture of liberty and more people with guns to defend ourselves from the nuts that in every case I've seen, and I've never seen one where they're not, on either one of the Prozac type drugs and generally mixing that with the Ritalin
Class of drugs, the amphetamine type drugs.
But we'll see what happens with this latest one and see if that is the case.
I want to get through some more of your phone calls at 877-590-5525 or 836-0590.
We're listening live in Central Texas.
Israeli study says regular mobile phone use increases tumor risk.
This is out of the AFP.
It's also in the AP today.
There are literally hundreds of studies I've seen.
There's got to be thousands.
And I'm not even looking for this stuff anymore, and you just see it everywhere.
But I have actually gone and read scores of official U.S.
government studies, university studies from China to India to the United States, Canada, the U.K., Germany, and there's no doubt about it, we'll give you the facts coming up.
Right now, let's go ahead and take some of your phone calls.
Let's talk to Tom, listening in Florida.
Tom, you're on the air, thanks for holding.
Yeah, this is Tom Hossett.
We had a gun show here yesterday.
I'm a Ron Paul supporter.
Yes, sir.
And we had booked a table at the September gun show here for him.
And yesterday, we tried to book one for this show this weekend and was told that they weren't going to take any more political tables for this show unless it was for Fred Thompson, who apparently the promoter Victor Bean with Florida Gun Shows is supporting now.
So anyway, when I went in there just as a customer yesterday with my Rod Paul t-shirt on, I was the deputy at the door for the Leon County Sheriff's Department said that you need to go stand over there for a minute.
At which point, after a minute or so, Victor Bean came over and said, you need to leave the premises now.
And I said, no, I'm here to attend the gun show.
I'm going to pay my money.
He says, no, you need to leave now.
And I said to him, why?
I said, is it the shirt?
You want me to take the shirt off?
He said, I'm not telling you again.
And I said, well, I think you can tell me why.
He says, no, you need to leave the building.
And at that point, he turned to the officer, and the officer informed me that I need to leave the premises pronto.
Well, this is a big deal.
You need to get a hold of those people.
You need to write this up in an email and send it to Cray at InfoWars.com, Aaron at InfoWars.com to make sure that both the guys I've got working on the show weekdays get this.
I believe you, sir, because of some of the other things we've seen happen in Florida.
You had to contact the newspaper.
This is a serious attack on basic free speech with the shirt that you were wearing.
This is all part of the new police state, America, that we see this system pushing.
So basically, you had to leave.
I'll tell you what you do.
You don't get on their property.
You go out on the side of the road, on the sidewalk.
And you bring, uh, go, get involved with the local Ron Paul meetup group.
I guarantee you there's hundreds of members in Tallahassee.
They're at your capital.
And you get them all out there the next time they have that gun show.
What is it, once a month?
No, well, actually they do it like quarterly.
This is the last one for this year before the Port of Progress.
So they would not allow a Ron Paul table, A, and then B, wouldn't allow you to have a Ron Paul shirt?
No, see, like I said, I had a table for him at the September gun show here.
Well, that's because the party is very very upset.
Do you want to give us your full name, sir?
Well, I mean, I say that because I'm going to put you on hold.
I want to get his phone number, and I want to flesh this out.
I believe you, but I want to see the facts, and I want to get an article out on this.
Again, specifically, the name of the gun show, when and where this happened.
Well, the gun show promoter is Victor Bean with Florida Gun Shows in Tallahassee, Florida.
Well, we will call Mr. Bean.
In fact, my weekly producer is in there.
I've got his number and email address.
Okay, we're going to put you on hold.
Give that to us, okay?
Thank you.
Let me say a few words about this now.
This isn't Alex Jones telling you this.
The Florida newspapers reported, including the St.
Petersburg newspaper, reported last week that Ron Paul was winning the Florida Straw Poll.
Very, very important.
He was winning by 2-1.
And the Republican Party had said the rules were one ticket per person, had to have a Florida driver's license, you could only buy one ticket for $20, and you had to be 18 years of age or older.
Now, when Ron Paul was winning by 2-1, as he won in Virginia this week, this last week, as he has been winning everywhere.
He's won almost every state where they've had a straw poll.
He was winning.
He just won in Virginia again last week.
The Romney campaign had buses pulled up, they had bags of tickets, and in front of the papers, in fact the papers now, a lot of them, like the St.
Petersburg newspaper, the St.
Petersburg Times, I forget, it's up on PrisonPlanet.com, we covered it this week, shot video of this, they didn't even hide it, of Romney supporters, one supporter voting 15 times, unlimited tickets, Ron Paul supporters ran up and said, we want to buy more, and they said, no!
And they said, this is a party event, we can change the rules if we want.
Then in San Francisco, they had the California straw poll last week.
This was in the local papers.
In fact, this made the San Francisco Chronicle.
And there's video of that.
That's the great part, is these papers now all have their own camera people.
The citizens all shot video from other angles.
It's on YouTube.
And they said, look, there's too many Ron Paul people, we are stopping the voting.
And they said, but wait a minute.
That's the whole point.
We came and bought tickets.
And they said, no.
We are canceling the California straw poll for Republicans.
Now, that all happened last week.
This is what they're doing to keep Ron Paul from you.
He went from 4% in New Hampshire to 8%, now 15% in polls.
His trajectory is, he could win New Hampshire, he could win Iowa.
And he's popular with Democrats, not just Republicans.
Major booking houses, the bookies, there's more betting on him now than some NFL games.
From England to Las Vegas, we're saying he's the only candidate that can beat Hillary Clinton.
Republicans need to understand that.
So there's massive cheating that's going on.
So I have no doubt, sir, that what you said happened, happened.
But I need to get more proof before we can do a report on it.
We need to call the individual.
Did we get his number, Trey?
And the other fellas, name and number.
I want to call him and just say, hey, this is Alex Jones from Connecticut Radio.
We want to know if indeed you're not allowing tables, or we'd like to get a comment from you on this.
They are very afraid is why they're doing this.
First, they banned people wearing no-blood-for-oil shirts at Bush rallies, at supposed public rallies outdoors at Barks.
Now they're banning other things.
Again, once you start with one group restricting their free speech, then you start restricting everybody's.
People getting arrested at malls for peace on earth shirts.
Remember three years ago, there was a city attorney in a major city in New York.
We interviewed him.
I forget the city.
I forget who it was.
But he was the attorney, city attorney.
And he was wearing a peace on earth shirt.
They thought it was an anti-war shirt.
And they said, that's not allowed in the mall.
And he said, look, I'm just walking around the mall and they arrested the city attorney.
And then later he won some big suit.
I forget.
It's so long ago.
But this is the type of thing that is happening.
Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air.
He is the perfect candidate, the perfect voting record.
And he is not anti-gun.
Bush is for the assault of his man.
So is Fred Thompson.
But Ron Paul isn't.
Ron Paul would repeal the gun laws.
But he's got the Republican Party machine against him in a big way.
All right, we're going to come back, talk to Darren in Miami, Brian in Nebraska, and a few others.
Then I'm going to get to Israeli study.
It says regular mobile phone use increases brain tumor risk.
It's all coming up.
This is key information.
Call your friends and family.
Tell them to tune in because we need to tell people how dangerous these cell phones are.
This is a public service announcement coming up.
We'll be right back.
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What should I do?
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Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
We're live.
It is December 9, 2007.
We'll take a few more phone calls when we get into this cell phone radiation, this, to the microwave radiation, cooking the brain, unfortunately, and all of us, most of us have been doing some cooking, haven't we?
But it's not too late to stop now.
Alex, how are you brother?
It's a pleasure to be on your show.
First time calling.
I've been listening to your show for a little bit over a year now.
Thank you, sir.
Welcome, sir.
I appreciate everything that you're doing and I just want to give everybody a quick tip.
A great way to get the word out about what is going on is just passing out.
Add traffic lights.
If you've got a motorcycle, it's awesome.
But you take a strip of paper, or an 8.5 by 11, and print out strips, and then cut them up, and then you can just pass them off.
You don't have to hand out 8.5 by 11.
And what do you put on those strips?
You can put on the titles to, I've got Aaron Russo.
I've got Kay Griggs, I've got your film, Infowars.com, RonPaul2008.com, and We The People Radio Network, WTPRN.com, because once you get them to a main website, then from there they can just feed themselves with all the information.
I really think that's important.
We can hand them the movies, but if they can't network, that's the problem.
So, I'm real good about We the People.
Rudy Giuliani and the Republicans are on, and Ron Paul, he was here today and he spoke at Versailles Restaurant, which is the neocon restaurant for the Cubans in Miami.
This is all going on.
They're having a debate for Univision, I think it is, for University of Miami tonight.
And so,
I'm hoping maybe after the debate, you know, I've got my interview with Ron Paul and so I'm happy with that footage.
But it's time to go and ask Rudy, or should we call him Julie, I'd like to ask Julie a question.
So to remind him that no matter where he goes, he can never leave
I think so.
The establishment is scared of, instead of the people just being on the internet and spreading the word, and it's a great place to do that, manifesting their political activity physically in the streets, or going to live television programs where you're supposedly allowed to heckle, clap, boo, whatever, and to heckle Bill Maher.
On his real-time show about 9-11 man inside job.
Tens of millions see that.
Or to go confront Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton over and over again.
Or Giuliani over and over again.
About government-sponsored terrorism.
The Clintons, of course, were over the White House when the government staged the Oklahoma City bombing.
And by the way, if you haven't researched that, folks, the bill's in.
It's a fact.
Just like the JFK assassinations and the CIA section chief that we always knew ran the op.
E. Howard Hunt gave a deathbed confession, cover story, Rolling Stone.
I mean, it's solved!
Yeah, 44 years later, we know!
As we always did, but now it's admitted.
Kind of like they just declassified three years ago the Gulf of Tonkin.
What stage?
It gets us into Vietnam.
I mean, all this stuff's now coming out!
Oh boy, it's incredible, but...
We are changed about a year ago, sort of going to events he was at and saying, Hey Rudy!
You were in Building 7, the New York City Command Bunker, in the Ground Zero area on that day, and you told ABC News with Peter Jennings that you were told to get out of the building.
That you knew that Building 1 and 2 were going to fall.
Nobody knew that.
How did you know that?
And he says, I never said that.
Well then the news, NBC First Local, went and looked and said, No, he did indeed say that, and here's the video.
And then he got caught lying again.
And then again and again.
And so they keep confronting him about that and he keeps lying and saying, I never said that.
Though he actually did it on three different programs.
ABC with Peter Jennings being the most prominent.
So, it's really getting to him.
Or the fact that he's the son of a mob boss.
Did time for armed robbery.
I mean, you just can't have a president who's the son of a mob boss.
I mean, I'm sorry.
Just, I'm sorry.
But we're not supposed to talk about that.
Or that this guy is for open borders.
Or abortion.
He's not a Republican.
Just end of story.
Let's go ahead and jam another call in here.
Let's talk to Brian in Nebraska.
Brian, you're on the air.
I bet you're calling in about the mall shooting.
Yeah, I was actually in Omaha that morning.
Me and a bunch of my friends were there as a part of it.
We are Change Chapter.
We started here in Lincoln.
We are ChangeNE.org.
We were protesting Bush, actually, that morning.
And we were basically
Yelling out a bunch of facts about the North American Union.
And I was kind of surprised that there was no footage of that on the news because of the shooting.
Well, we could have... Oh, you're surprised that the news didn't point out.
It was hardly in the news.
AP and others had it up and then suddenly pulled it.
And usually if AP and others pull something, they say why they did.
It suddenly was expunged everywhere that Bush was there.
Yeah, I mean, we...
The news cameras interviewed us, and we talked about the North American Union.
Oh, you're surprised that they didn't cover you guys.
Listen, we had 2,000 people in New York last year for the 5th anniversary.
We only had about 1,000 this year.
And all around the pit where they were having their event, and we had family members there saying it was an inside job, and the news didn't even cover it.
Didn't even cover it.
Didn't even discuss it.
Didn't even show us.
Didn't even say that we were there.
Now, the foreign press all did.
And so, that's just another example of how they're censoring, how they're controlling.
Alright, I want to shift gears now.
You can call in about other issues if you want, but I'd like to discuss this now.
When we come back, we'll get into more detail.
This is up on Drugs Today.
It's also up on PrisonPlanet.com and TruthsNews.us.
Israeli study says regular mobile use increases tumor risk.
Regular use of mobile telephones increase the risk of developing tumors.
A new scientific study by Israeli researchers and published in the prestigious American Journal of Epidemiology revealed on Friday.
An extract of the report, seen by Israel's Yidot Ardanot newspaper, put the risk of developing a
Pituitary gland tumor nearly 50 percent higher for frequent mobile phone users more than 22 hours a month.
The risk was still high if users clamped the phone to the same ear, did not use hands-free devices, or were in rural areas.
Analysts restricted to regular users or conditions that may yield higher levels of exposure
Heavy use in rural areas showed consistently elevated risks.
Folks in rural areas use them like walkie-talkies.
This is the tip of the iceberg.
I'm going to get into a lot more on the other side.
Don't forget my new film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement is out.
You can order it at m4warners.com and get it shipped to you in time for Christmas if you order in the next week or so.
Get Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, today.
We'll be right back.
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Well, search no more.
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By the way, you've heard some really nice classical music and country steel guitar and other stuff here on the broadcast today.
That's actually the soundtrack from my film Terror Storm and Endgame.
We had all this great music that local composer Graham Reynolds, who's also done some big Hollywood films,
We're good to go.
I think so.
I know you're actually playing those off CD today.
That's not on the computer.
Play track one.
I want people to hear just part of track one.
Kind of just scan through the tracks to give them an idea of the incredible eclectic scale of the Golden Arm Trio.
That's his band.
For some of these he actually had orchestras.
And everybody did it basically at cost because our films were not very high budget and because they wanted to get the info out and that's why the proceeds of the CD actually go to the artist.
Here it is.
This is track one.
This thing is really scary right here.
This is an orchestra.
I just got decided to do this.
We're going to get into the cell phone towers.
The cell phone's here in a minute.
This music's fitting.
Israeli studies show regular mobile phone use increases tumor risk.
Regular use of mobile phone, telephones, increases the risk of developing tumors.
A new scientific study by the Israeli researchers and published in the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed on Friday.
But this is only looking at one type of tumors, and that's tumors in your lymph nodes, in and around the head and neck.
When you look at studies about particular types of rare brain tumors that, by the way, now magically are not rare, right on the side of the brain where you most often use the phone.
I've even had cases where people tend to pass it back and forth so they'll get tumors on both sides.
It's shooting out the radiation.
Now, there's a few... I'm gonna get more to this in your calls in a minute, but since we're doing this, let's just play it.
There's some spoken word on here for me as well.
Let's skip to track two.
Here is track two.
Never know what you'll hear next year, ladies and gentlemen.
We will defeat your world government.
You will and you are failing now.
Your new world order will fall.
Humanity will defeat you.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Now that is an excerpt of myself bull-warning the Bilderberg Group, 125 of the world's richest people, meeting in secret in Canada last year.
We also sent cameras to Istanbul, Turkey this year and covered Rick Perry violating the Logan Act going to that event.
And here's the theme of music.
Crank it up from the film.
You've probably heard that in a commercial we run.
Nice, isn't it?
I got addicted to this.
I'm hearing it thousands of times making the film.
Pretty nice, huh?
The Bull Roar.
It's one of those instruments they play.
The Aborigines in Australia.
You know, they swing it around their head.
Bringing first-rate films.
Let's go to the next track.
Alright, I'm going to get to the news and your calls in a minute.
I've got serious stuff here.
This is nice.
Nice little break.
She's very collected.
There's ten tracks from each film.
One from Terror Storm.
There's that steel guitar.
Let's go to the next one.
I'm going to stop in a minute.
Oh, here's some nice violin.
Tell you what, just play about 30-40 seconds from each one, and I'll just cover the news here for people.
What do you do about this?
You get habitualized, you get trained, you get a habit to using a cell phone.
I see people giving their 5-year-olds, their 10-year-olds, their 12-year-olds.
When the child's playing in the front yard, they have a cell phone.
I see them in public school with them, radiating their tiny little brains.
It's a high-powered microwave.
That little phone is transmitting all the way to a tower.
They have equally serious studies about being around one of those cell phone towers.
Because it's actually broadcasting out to the phones and it's broadcasting out to tens of thousands of phones per tower.
So imagine the power it's got.
And don't believe me, just type studies on cell phone radiation.
Studies on cell phones cancer.
Studies on cell phones and blood disease.
And, I mean, in some cases it's several hundred percent increases.
And then they put cell phones on continually in rat cages.
And they've got a bunch of studies on that from Belgium to the U.S.
And the rats live about half as long and all get tumors.
I mean, this isn't good!
And I'm not here on Iowa telling you you're bad.
I mean, I've got a cell phone right here.
I hardly ever use it, though.
I think?
Uh, they know that it's causing it.
And even when your cell phone's not being used, every few seconds the cell tower's checking it under federal law for GPS tracking.
They also track you with it.
And the big question is, do the feds know this?
And yes.
In the 60s, in the 70s, in the 80s, in the 90s, go read them.
Sit around four or five hours, go read the federal reports.
They knew, the federal government knew it caused cancer, and the question is why did they allow its development and the deployment of it to where now
What, 60-something percent of Americans have a cell phone?
I think that number is growing, because everything is being integrated into them.
So, don't say that I didn't warn you.
Notice we have callers on other subjects here.
We don't screen your calls, but if you want to tell us what you're calling about, you can.
They put it on the screen here, like your calls about why does the government declassify things if they're so evil, questions about all sorts of other things, mall shootings, that's fine.
I'd like you to comment.
Do you think I'm making this up?
Do you think I'm making up this report here?
I mean, I see these every day now.
This is just one type of cancer in one rural community using cell phones that was looked at.
The study included 402 benign and 58 malignant incident cases of gland tumors diagnosed in Israel at age 18 years or more in 2001-2008.
And they found that you have a much higher rate, 50% higher, for these tumors if you're a mobile phone user.
This is just today's.
This actually came out Friday.
But this is just the one I saw today.
I mean, just type mobile phones, cell phones, cancer into Google, click news, or click web, and there's tens of thousands of stories.
I mean, I couldn't read them all if I wanted to.
I couldn't read all the studies.
What I wanted to know was, did they know about this?
And they absolutely knew.
They absolutely knew back in the 40s, within just a few years of the advent of radar in World War II, that they had to stick it to shielded, armored rooms and keep people back.
Because everybody that they stuck in the radar rooms, right next to the radar transmitters, died within a few years.
I mean, it literally cooked their insides.
Well now, this is microwave radiation.
You've been listening to little excerpts from my music CD from the films of Endgame and Terror Storm.
Let's get a call in here from James in Colorado Springs.
Well, in the final segment we'll come back and take calls from James and others that are patiently holding in the final segment.
I'll get more into the mobile phone danger and just kind of have some radio graffiti where we all take your phone calls, what a lot of you get in here at the end.
We'll be right back.
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I think so.
Thank you for listening to GCS.
We're good to go.
Seven days a week, 365 days a year at PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.
We update the sites multiple times daily with the latest news and information, mainstream news, alternative news, government documents, video, audio.
It's all there.
And every Sunday, there's so much news.
I have my own weekday three-hour show over the last 11 years.
I guess it's 10 years.
Isn't enough.
I come back in with this new syndicated show on
Sunday's from 4 to 6 p.m.
We've got a lot of new affiliates and I'm thankful for all of those new affiliates.
We've now syndicated this show for almost a year.
Hard to believe that it's been about a year and a half that I've been in here.
We've developed the show for four or five months before we started syndicating it.
And I'm very thankful.
But I know the number's over 20 stations right now that are carrying this show.
Someday we might get up to the 60 or 70.
It's always fluctuating in theory.
The weekday show, that's AM and FM, and of course satellite, shortwave, and the internet on those sites.
Seriously, I did a whole hour a few weeks ago on the radio, on the weekday show, about the cell phone situation.
You better check into it.
And realize that wherever you have that phone by your body, it's literally radiating you with microwave radiation.
I saw a study six, seven years ago, a federal study here, where they admitted that after about 20 minutes with the average cell phone, some are more powerful, some are weaker, that it heats the brain tissue by more than a degree.
Heating the brain!
Then there was a hoax on the web where Russian scientists supposedly put cell phones on the sides of an egg and after a day, no, it didn't cook the egg.
Heating it up a few degrees didn't cook it.
But see, that's a hoax info.
The real federal study admits over a degree.
By the way, the eggs, people tend to duplicate it, it does heat the egg.
It heats the egg!
It's heating you!
You know, the sun's radiation.
And I guarantee you, you lay out in it four hours a day, you're gonna be in bad shape.
Well, I mean, I see people on the cell phone constantly.
Even at work, and I'm not mocking my great staff, they've all got IP phones, they've all got their own phones and landlines,
And I catch all of them, including myself sometimes, but I'm weaning myself off.
I use it about 90 plus percent less.
I catch everybody using their cell phone.
Well, I'm just used to it.
I catch one of my sales guys doing it.
I go, use the IP phone!
Stop using the cell phone!
And people that give them to your children because you know where they always are at, or when they get out of school, or which corner of the school to pick them up, or what's going on, or for safety, blah, blah, blah.
These are much worse than cigarettes.
I've looked at their numbers even next to cigarettes.
I mean, cigarettes will get you for 20, 30, 40 years.
It'll get your lungs.
It'll get your esophagus and your lips and your mouth.
That's bad enough.
Don't smoke.
But the cell phone companies don't even deny that it's linked to cancer.
And by linked, I mean conclusively.
Alright, I'm done.
This is just every day I see a new report.
I'm done.
The research was led by Dr. Siegel Sadisky, a cancer and radiation expert at the Cham Shabia Medical Center in Israel.
It's part of the World Health Organization project.
No debating.
I mean, that's just one to add.
Cray, I keep forgetting.
Let's set up a bunch of doctors and scientists and groups that are exposing this.
I also forgot, we got contacted, did Aaron tell you, by the Russian chess champion, world champion?
And he was saying, hey, he likes the show.
Did he give you that to get him on?
I rarely think to talk to my producer about it.
Are you on there right now?
I'm so used to him.
Sometimes producers pop in on there, sometimes they don't.
That's fine if you want to be on there.
It's probably better if you just come on there and talk about it.
But, hey, in serious news, you see the Statesman today?
Here in Austin, they're going to have poop patrols out around town to find you if they catch you
Or, and also the Neighborhood Association.
That's important.
The illegal aliens are committing crimes everywhere and have fake IDs and are on welfare, but we're going to have people out on Poop Patrol.
Alright, some humor.
Let's go to James in Colorado Springs, and then we'll go to Mark and a few others.
Go ahead, James, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Yes, I've been listening to your show for the last few months and I've seen your films and I want to thank you for the important work that you're doing.
But I did have one question.
Why does the government declassify and release incriminating documents instead of shredding them?
Well, nine times out of ten, or even more, they do.
And they're always being caught shredding classified documents or they accidentally file them and then go in and try to steal them back out of the archives like Sandy Berger, former National Security Advisor, did.
Let me explain.
Because in 1947 with the National Security Act, Americans said, you're going to have a secret government?
That'll breed corruption.
That'll breed stealing money.
That'll create a shadow government.
That's how Nazi Germany got overthrown.
And they said, oh no, we've got to keep some things secret because of the Cold War, but every 20 years, by law, everything will be declassified.
Well then, back in the 80s, they said, oh no, now it'll be every 40 years.
And now they're saying with JFK stuff, oh, we've already declassified some, admitting Oswald was CIA.
That's not admitted.
Didn't get any press coverage.
And they go, oh, now it's just, it's declassified for 60 years until, you know, what is it?
That'll be 2024.
Or 2023.
So they did declassify Operation Northwoods.
Here's the problem.
They have huge warehouses
But it's hard to even get into.
You go in and it's giant stacks in huge boxes, literally the ceiling.
Different watchdog groups do go in and dig these things out.
Then they'll try to reclassify and stop you from getting them out.
They have people that look at them when you're leaving.
That's always happening.
So, they started it by saying, oh, you'll be able to know what your government did later, 20 years later.
And now they are phasing it out.
In fact, Bush, the first thing he did on entering office was block Bill Clinton being investigated by Congress, Dan Burton's committee.
And then the second thing he did was to say, no more declassifications.
And so, actually, and that's with the executive, but a bunch of other federal agencies show, you're asking why would they incriminate themselves?
They weren't completely criminal in 1947, and they had to sell the public on some checks and balances.
Now we are 60-something years into this, and the proof's in the pudding.
But I mean, regardless, they do declassify, and what does it show?
They stage terror attacks, they murder people, they put cancer viruses in vaccines, they created AIDS.
That's now been declassified.
We've done shows on it.
Just type that into Google.
You can go read government documents.
I mean, it's just incredible.
Look, if you'll just look, if you'll just start looking into things, don't even believe me, it's going to blow your mind.
Does that answer your question?
Yeah, it makes me think that there's probably even much more of this stuff in the warehouses and things are probably even a lot worse than we know.
That's right.
Different scientists were in the National Archives in the 90s and just found the congressionally funded race-specific autoimmune virus bioweapon program.
And we've got declassified documents now that Kissinger wrote in 73, was declassified in 93, about how they wanted to reduce the world's population forcibly and how they were going to do it.
I mean, that's my point.
They declassified the Royal Commission on Population in the 70s, that was written in 49.
It's all an endgame, sir.
Believe me, it's horrible.
I wish it wasn't true.
Freaks me out every day what our fellow men do to us, but these control freaks that run things are completely ruthless.
And I'm sorry that this is the case.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mark in North Carolina.
Mark, you're on the air.
Well, hey, Alex.
Go ahead.
This is the first I'm calling on this station, on this show.
I'm a minister in Raleigh, and I heard something, I read on the web, and I can't find it now, but I was thinking you might know about it, and if it's true, or whether or not it's true, I do want to issue a challenge.
I'm working on setting up a website for a worldwide challenge.
And, um, what I heard was that in the year 2000, I know you mentioned like, uh, Bush and Skull and Boners type people from the ruling elite are really sacred.
Yeah, I talked about Skull and Bones 13 years ago and was called a kook, and now it's all over television.
Robert De Niro makes movies about it.
Yeah, and aren't they, you said something like they're really Satan worshipers.
Well, Robert De Niro's film was hailed by the national media as being accurate and shows Satan worship in it.
What do you think Eyes Wide Shut's about?
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, I'm kind of an Alex Jones of the spiritual world.
You know, I kind of came up with that.
You know, I read... Well, what's your question?
We've got about a minute left.
OK, in the year 2000, I heard that they claimed they thought Satan was going to rise up and take over the throne of God.
And what I want to do is set up a worldwide challenge and, like, try to get me, like, to call out all the, you know, the witch-furs like that, the high priests, black magic high priests, and your demons, and Satan himself.
Well, I would just say this, sir.
I wouldn't go around trying to challenge people to coming after you and things, because nuts probably wouldn't come after you.
Most people that are into Satanism want power.
And they're into power.
And they feel weak, so they get into it.
That's kind of your low-level, kind of pot-bellied type, you know, running around.
Very weak, little ninnying types.
The really dark people that are really in power are very, very wicked, and they're very, very serious.
And I shouldn't call them devil worshippers.
They're Luciferians.
They believe it's all beautiful and wonderful, and that they're killing everybody for a greater good to save Gaia, and that Lucifer is really God.
In my film, Order of Death,
Documents that.
Check it out at Infowars.com.
We'll see you back here live next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, 5 to 7 p.m.
God bless you all.
Have a great week.
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