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Air Date: Dec. 2, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Thank you for joining us on this live Sunday edition of Duke Conradia Live.
Six days a week, Monday through Friday, and come back in for an abbreviated two-hour transmission.
Sunday evenings, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, and of course Eastern, 5 to 7, Mountain, 3 to 5, and so forth and so on.
Big broadcast lined up for you today.
I have the Austin American statesman, my local paper here today, saying that it is a delusional conspiracy theory to talk about the North American Union.
Kind of like you were a conspiracy theorist if you said Iraq didn't have WMDs, according to the UN's own report and their own inspectors, and inspectors that spoke out were either imprisoned or murdered.
I don't
Literally more than a hundred mainstream newspapers the last three weeks.
This is their talking point from the New World Order.
Tell us that it doesn't exist, you're delusional, if you say it does.
Including a big story out of the Boston Globe last Sunday.
This is a continued, concerted, mainline media hoax to lie to you and say this isn't happening.
And on Friday, the LA Times said Paul believes in the threat of North American superhighway and said he's delusional about that as well.
So we'll be talking about how we're crazy and how we just made all of this up today.
Of course, I'm being sarcastic.
Official Federal Highway Department, Federal Department of Transportation documents, 10 years ago so they were planning this, TxDOT, the Texas Department of Transportation, just type TxDOT Documents NAFTA Superhighway into Google.
You'll be on TxDOT's own website.
You'll be looking at the maps, the official plan, how they're building it.
Before the mainstream media decided to start lying, two years ago, Time Magazine did a cover story about the Napa Superhighway and had all the documents and said people didn't want it.
But then as heat against it built, they just said, hey, doesn't exist.
Doesn't exist.
This is the same government controlled media that tells you that the fires have been put out and only a hundred houses have been destroyed, but it was thousands.
Remember a month ago the fake FEMA press conference with over a hundred fake reporters asking fake questions, even with big expensive cameras posing and dressed up like reporters with pads of paper?
The head of the INS just got caught giving a fake news conference last week.
We have Hillary planting fake questions, Mitt Romney planting fake questions at these different debates.
I mean, the people are becoming aware of this.
And we got the actual bill on the amnesty bill, and it was true, it wasn't amnesty, it was worse, it was complete, total pardons for aggravated felons on top of amnesty.
And a few months ago, when this was all happening, we read the bill on air and the subsections.
And now it was admitted it was amnesty, but this tactic of lying to you... I mean, sometimes I have to double-check what I'm saying just to make sure I'm not wrong, because you can't believe they're lying.
I heard a talk show host today saying there's no longer mercury in vaccines, but I have AP and Reuters and Bush last month vetoing a bill that would ban mercury in vaccines.
I mean, I've got all the actual news reports, but I hear talk show hosts and others saying it isn't true.
Now I want to be clear, most news is accurate or trying to be accurate or trying to tell the truth, but it isn't the big spin you see.
There are certain key people in every major paper in the country and on national television, this came out in Senate hearings back in 1977, who were on government payroll and it came out three years ago that
1.8 billion was bought by the Bush White House.
Clinton, of course, had done it.
We pioneered exposing that.
People couldn't believe us in the late 90s when we reported on it.
Now it's mainstream news.
Bush spent 1.8 billion just on buying reporters and buying fake newscasts for his Medicare-Medicaid prescription drug plan.
Now whether you're for that plan or not, fake news, fake reports, paying on average a reporter 200 plus grand just to come out and say they're for it is fraud.
And is evil.
And then you know about them paying for Head Start propaganda, and paying for war propaganda.
I mean, it's in the tens of billions.
Congress has said it's illegal.
The general public needs to wake up to this, and they are waking up to it.
So, we'll be getting into this story out of the Statesman.
The NAU doesn't exist.
You're delusional and insane if you say it does.
That's kind of like the Chronicle for people around the country listening, from as far away as San Diego right now, and KCAA to
Wyoming, and we're right here in Austin, Texas, out to upstate New York, Tennessee, Kansas City, Florida.
By the way, I learned this week we've got like 15 more affiliates than I even knew.
Folks, I can't keep track of all this anymore.
Oh, by the way, we had a big affiliate that covers multiple states up in the Northwest that made news.
It's in the local news there.
Illegal aliens got mad at me criticizing the open borders this week.
I guess enough was enough.
Uh, and, uh, they scaled the 500-foot AM tower, but they only went halfway up, covered with ice, and they flew a giant Mexican flag.
Of course, they tore down the American flag, flying on a pole, on a flagpole in front of the station.
I talked to the station on a Friday, and I was trying to line him up.
I don't know if he's going to be on today, but they carry me during the week, and they carry this show.
I didn't even know that, and the station called me about it, and I said, oh, I'll have you on Sunday.
Oh, we carry that show.
That's good.
But the point is, is that now I've outraged the illegal aliens to the point, and all part of the Reconquista, reconquering of the U.S., that what we heard about U.S.
post offices, businesses, public schools having American flags torn down.
There's video of this all over the web.
It's been all over the news, if you haven't heard about it.
Just type in American flag torn down, Mexican flag raved in hundreds of cases, literally.
And now it's happened to me, to a radio station.
I'm broadcasting out of KLBJ 590 right now here in Austin.
That's how we syndicate out of with MS and Genesis.
I wonder if they had an American flag flying out front if it would be torn down and a Mexican flag flown in.
And if I say I'm against it, because I saw the message board comments, if I'm against the American flag being torn down, I'm bad.
I'm bad.
So I'm beginning to realize just how bad I am.
So I apologize to everyone.
On the area of immigration, they just had a big federal study come out, and the National Association of La Raza, which literally translates to mean the race, has been trumpeting this and crowing this from the highest rooftops.
37.9 million people in the last seven years
They say more than half illegal, the other 40-something percent legal have come here.
And remember, the census goes on to admit, these are census numbers that just came out, that they only polled about half
Oh, and I have another report out of the Washington Times!
Immigrants, illegals use welfare more often.
So this myth that they're contributing to the economy is a fraud.
I'd already seen these numbers, but now they're newer.
New numbers have come out, and it turns out that both immigrants and illegal aliens are more likely to be poor and to use welfare programs than Native American, native-born Americans because they come to the country with lower levels of education, according to a new study looking at U.S.
Census Bureau data.
Yeah, it's bankrupting the hospitals, bankrupting the schools, bankrupting everything, but if you talk about it, I guess they'll come assault your radio station and jerk Old Glory down and run a Mexican flag up the... By the way, the station owner's just worried about safety.
He's got to pay, like, a thousand dollars to have an engineer go up and take it down.
It's expensive to get tower work done.
Whoever did this scaled it while it was covered with ice.
By the way, that story is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll be telling you about that later.
But also, this isn't Alex Jones saying it.
It is the St.
Petersburg Times.
It says Mitt Romney cheated and stole the Florida Straw Poll from Ron Paul and got second place.
And the Richmond Times Dispatch reports Paul won the Virginia Straw Poll hands down.
So more cheating by Mitt Romney and others trying to block our Dark Horse Angel.
His Excellency, Ron Prowl.
From right here in Texas, the rebellion continues in defense of the Republic!
Long live America!
Straight ahead!
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Bill Burgess makes great progress for the world government.
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Yeah, this is up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
Easiest place to find us, InfoWars.
Top story up there.
Mexican flag hung over U.S.
flag after perpetrators scale huge radio tower.
Outrage in Montana after oldest radio station in America received death threats from Reconquista supporters over my show and the owners of the radio show.
He does one in the morning.
There is a growing sense of outrage in Kalispell, Montana after a Mexican flag was erected in front of a U.S.
flag halfway up the 500-foot tower that belongs to the oldest radio station in America, KGEZ, going since the 1920s.
Before the incident, station owner John Stokes said that he was getting calls from angry supporters of the extremist La Reconquista movement, a separatist group that advocates for violent overthrow of the Southern and Western United States.
I guess they think Montana's that too.
It had also received death threats.
Two Mexican males entered the premises of KGEZ and demanded that another U.S.
flag was on a flagpole be taken down because it was, quote, disrespectful.
That's right, and that's what they've said when they've gone into post offices, it's been on the news, public schools, it's jerked down, it's stomped on, cops will arrest anyone trying to stop them, saying it would cause a riot.
On Wednesday morning, the station's ice-covered radio tower was scaled and a Mexican flag was hung.
I mean, I could care less if you're black, white, hispanic, purple, blue, green, polka-dotted.
But, I mean, with all these radio stations named the Invader, La Raza, all these groups saying that the U.S.
belongs to Mexico, I mean, that's being reported on.
I went to a Mexican Independence Day rally two years ago in Austin, and they were wearing green shirts that said, in Spanish, the plan of San Diego.
And then somebody told me, you better look up what that means.
I didn't believe what they said it meant, but it was a Mexican plan with the German government during World War I to attack the U.S.
and kill every white person above the age of 16.
I went and Googled it, and it was on University of Texas, University of Mexico, Mexico City.
And then I have the Texas Civil Rights Review magazine newspaper come out and say, yeah, well, there's a plan to kill all whites.
But what's wrong?
Whites are bad.
I mean, I was just like, what?
And now I'm bad to report on this?
Again, 70 or even higher, depending on the poll, Hispanic Americans love America, the most patriotic people.
Predominantly, they get higher levels of, you know, Congressional Medal of Honor and other valiant awards and combat for this country.
But the media, the establishment, the New World Order that wants the North American Union, wants to balkanize, divide and conquer, break this country up, and get us all fighting with each other.
And we cannot put up with this.
We cannot go along with this.
So, I've basically had my say on that subject.
I do want to take some calls.
When we get back, I'm going to get into a federal study being reported on in the New York Times, immigration at record level.
The government says 37.9 million since 2000, in about to be eight years.
But then they go on to admit that the census has only gotten about half the illegals, so instead of 15 million illegals being more than half of the 37.9 million, they're now doubling that number, so we're talking 47,200,000.
47,200,000 in less than 8 years.
There's six billion people want to come here, folks, and they live in squalor.
There's literal human excrement up and down the streets.
The people are poor, pathetic slaves.
I feel sorry for them.
But we cannot take the whole world here.
They will drive down your wages.
They will bankrupt the welfare system.
It'd be one thing if we didn't have this big socialist system, all this welfare and the rest of it, but we just can't do it.
And I've got another federal report right here about how it's bankrupting everything.
I mean, does the country have to go into complete depression before we finally do something about this?
I mean, is that what has to happen?
And meanwhile, illegal aliens are running around flying American flags upside down with Mexican flags above them.
That got big news last month.
Or they're running around pulling down American flags, stomping on them, burning them, and running up Mexican flags during these illegal alien marches for amnesty.
And you've seen that in the news.
It's been everywhere.
Hundreds of cases.
I'm sick of it!
You know what would happen if you went to Mexico and tried to go haul down their flag and stomp on it and run up?
The stars and bars?
You'd be killed.
You'd be torn limb from limb.
I said I'd go to your phone calls here.
I want to hear what you think about this.
But not just the illegal alien invasion.
Remember three months ago they said the amnesty didn't exist but you couldn't see the bill.
The Senate said, well you can't see the bill
But just trust us, it's not amnesty.
And then we got the bill and it said anyone who gets here for 11 years is instantly legalized or 12 years is instantly legalized.
They can bring upwards of 11 family members.
And it said that aggravated felons are instantly legalized and are instantly given social security cards and allowed to get on welfare.
So that was worse than the other amnesty bills.
It was actually a pardon for aggravated felons.
That means violent felons, armed robbers, assaulters, arsonists.
It was all in the news.
This is the media, and the same dominant media that told you, and the same Congress that tells you, it's a secret bill, just trust us, it is an amnesty, are the same ones, and the Austin American-Statesman, this is coming up next hour in detail, saying there's no such thing as a North American Union.
Let's go ahead and jam in a call before I've got a break, and I'm going to come back and take more of your calls.
Let's talk to Nathan, calling from Washington.
Is that D.C., Nathan, or is that Washington State?
No, Alex, that's Washington State.
It's really a privilege to talk to you.
Privileged to talk to you.
What's on your mind?
Well, I am a former service member.
I signed my enlistment papers in the Air Force 12 days before the false flag terror of 9-11.
And ever since then, it's really driven a wedge between my grandfather and me.
You know, he doesn't care about the NSA wiretaps.
He doesn't care about Iraq.
He's made it clear that he would be more proud of me if I died over there.
But, with this candidacy involving Ron Paul, he's a big Second Amendment guy.
I said, Grandpa, go take a look.
Nobody adds up.
But Ron Paul for the Second Amendment.
You know, Julie, honey, I just thought... And there's a raft of anti-Second Amendment bills in Congress, states all over are going after it right now.
Second Amendment has never been in more trouble.
And, you know, I'm really distressed, though, to hear about Kalispell, Montana.
My dad lives there.
He runs the Petco there, and, you know, that's really terrible news for me.
Yeah, American flag torn down, Mexican flag put up on the tower.
Yep, but needless to say, I didn't realize... But I mean, if they say it's conservative, it'll probably be supported.
Oh, tear up American flags, it's conservative.
That's probably the next thing.
I know, it's very distressing.
Well, I just wanted you to know that I didn't renew my enlistment in the Air Force.
I'm a free American again, and I'm now a foot soldier against the NWO.
Well, that's the key.
That's the key, sir, and God bless you.
The key here is you've got foreign global corporations, bigger than any one government, teamed up together.
They're coming in and taking over the Argentine government, the U.S.
government, all these governments, and they're looting our infrastructure.
They're debasing our currencies.
Later, I'll explain why.
They're destroying our sovereignty, and then they always wrap themselves in the flag and sell people a good public relations campaign of why they should accept it.
And it's time for Americans to realize we are being propagandized, there is public relations going on out there, and the new world order is destroying the sovereignty of this country.
You know, I did some more research this weekend on the whole debt bubble and what's happening with the subprime mortgages and what's happening with debt insolvency and the crises in the banks.
What I'm going to do is, I'm going to come back in this next segment and take calls.
Then in the last segment of this hour, I'm going to focus on the half quadrillion debt.
Just derivatives have 1,500 plus trillion.
Now our whole federal budget is $1.8 trillion.
$1,500 plus trillion just in bank derivatives.
If you don't know what derivatives are, you better find out.
We'll be right back.
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It's Alex Jones.
Okay, your calls are coming up.
I'm gonna get into this.
We're good to go.
I don't think so.
Yeah, I think so.
John Stokes has a radio show that talks about national sovereignty and part of it's about the illegal alien invasion and the rest of what's happening.
The 47 million immigrants in the last eight years, more than half illegal aliens, that's the Fed's own census numbers that just came out after less than eight years.
And he's gotten death threats, calls to the station.
They're mad about my show, his show.
Some folks showed up and said, we don't like that flag.
It's disrespectful, the American flag.
Then it got torn down.
Then somebody scaled in the ice because it's frozen up there right now.
We're good to go!
And whoever did this risked their life in a big way to go up there and fly this gigantic Mexican flag.
John Stokes, thank you so much for coming on with us, sir.
Good afternoon, Alex.
How are you doing, sir?
What is it like to have your show getting threats, my show getting threats, these people were mad and now they scale the tower to fly a Mexican flag?
Why are they doing this?
Well, you know, it seems that the amount of work we're in, it's almost like another day at the beach.
I mean, this goes on constantly and you can't get any recourse from it.
They use anonymous cell phone numbers, untraceable numbers, you know, notes in the doorway, bricks through the windows.
It's just, when you're a patriot, you know, you've got to take the arrows.
Well, I know that smaller states, states that have less than a million population, are getting hurt worse because the illegals have now, in some areas, become the majority and they're really letting everybody know they're the boss.
Yeah, and we've been dependent upon the construction industry for the last seven, eight years up here and that went flat everywhere across America.
So now you've got the Montanans out of work, but you have the illegals coming up here even working cheaper than that.
Now, this has been going on for months.
What did you think?
Was it Thursday morning when you discovered the flag or when did they scale?
Yeah, Thursday morning driving in.
Obviously there were towers to be seen for miles and miles and miles.
When we got close to it, I thought, gee, that's a huge bird or somebody's climbing the towers.
And the closer we got, it was not a bird or a person.
I said, gee, somebody climbed the damn tower and put a flag up there.
And I mean, it's extremely, extremely dangerous.
You can't have more than 90 seconds exposure to these towers.
I mean, there's a great deal of radiation.
I mean, we turn them off and they have to power down just to go change light bulbs.
Oh, I forgot that part.
Special engineers have to go in with special harnesses.
That's right.
I know it's thousands.
I mean, years ago, it was thousands.
How much is it now to get somebody to scale a tower?
Well, here in Montana, it isn't quite so high, but it's about 400 bucks a pop.
And then, of course, the engineer time, they were actually doing work up there, replacing lights or messing with the antenna coil.
But, yeah, I mean, I forgot about the RF radiation.
They always turn towers off.
In fact, I mean, take the station we're broadcasting out of.
Once or twice a year, they do maintenance.
I know they turn it down, like, in the middle of the night.
The guy's got to go up at night.
But I forgot about that.
The radiation alone!
Oh yeah, and obviously there's a couple of them doing it.
Nobody does this stuff by themselves.
They kicked in the security safety fence and obviously one or two of their buddies are standing at the bottom watching them, so they got just as much exposure too.
But it's quite dangerous.
I mean, they could have died.
There's no ladder going up the tower.
It's just all metal superstructures.
You've got to go hand over hand and foot over foot.
It's without a safety harness on, with ice and snow all over the towers.
I mean, it's the most stupidest thing somebody could have done.
Probably, probably.
It's hard to say.
If they're calling to give you death threats, I've been around organized crime and bad people.
Bad people don't really give you a warning, they just do it.
I mean the professionals.
So it might be different folks.
Why would whoever did this do this?
Just to be in your face.
We're very patriotic.
We've raised a quarter of all the money in Montana from Ron Paul through our station.
I've seen that in the press.
It's just a phenomenal thing.
By the way, Z600.com, you know the website, on the front of the building you have a huge American flag painted, American flag out front that's been destroyed.
So you're very patriotic, and again, this illustrates the Big Dirty Secret.
These illegal alien groups lost two wars with this country, they were taught about it in Mexico, and they hate this nation.
And the average yuppie out there has no idea how serious this is.
Well, I know it.
We have a huge colonial flag symbolizing the 13 colonies.
Yeah, I think so.
Well, you've got a unique lineup.
Folks can listen over the web at z600.com.
And I want to thank you, sir.
I knew for the last, what, two, three years you've been carrying the weekday show, but I just learned talking to you Friday, and I apologize, that was hard to get a hold of, that you've been carrying the Sunday show.
How long have you been doing that?
About a month now.
Well, we're very, very thankful to you, John Stokes, owner of this fine affiliate out there.
How long have you been the owner?
About seven years.
I just saw the need that somebody could get out here and tell the truth, and I was in a position, fortunately enough, to buy a radio station that was for sale, and we completely changed the format.
It's cost us financially.
I mean, we get boycotted, and we're not politically correct, so it hurts us revenue-wise, but we're going to do it as long as we can continue to do it.
Well, folks, we need to support you, and we really, really do appreciate you.
The good news is Liberty is becoming more popular again.
Evidence by Ron Paul and the poll numbers and everything else we see show it.
But in the beginning, as Mark Twain said, a patriot is a scarce man, hated and feared, but in time when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
You are no sunshine patriot.
You are a winter patriot, John Stokes.
And I think this is going to backfire on them.
And I know you haven't screamed bloody murder in the news, but you need to call the news up and point out how dangerous this was and point out just how America-hating this is.
You know, I can't thank you enough, Alex, because you've paved a lot of paths for a lot of people and you've got a lot of courage to stand tall.
And in spite of all the criticism and the pressure to keep you off the air, I'm glad that the message of truth, just like Ron Paul's message, is contagious.
It is getting out there.
And people are starting to ask the questions they need to ask.
John Stokes, folks can check out more at your fine station at z600.com.
Thanks for talking to us.
Thank you, sir.
Take care.
There you go it, ladies and gentlemen.
There you go it.
There you go.
Normally this gets huge news attention.
There have literally been hundreds of these cases, but I'd say 20 or 30 or so, I haven't counted them up, have been national news, at least on talk radio.
I mean, you've heard about the banks having American flags torn down and Mexican flags run up.
You've heard about the public schools from San Diego to Phoenix.
I don't know.
And they just, in their lust and hatred of this country, they jerk American flags down.
Well, now they've broken into a fence behind the radio station, climbed a hot tower.
I didn't even think about that.
I mean, this is not good for you.
You've got 5,000 watts going up this thing.
Climbed up the tower, gone out there and done this.
Could have been electrocuted, could have killed themselves.
And I'm glad they didn't.
I'm glad they didn't get killed.
Okay, I said I'd go to your calls.
In the next segment, I will go to Dan.
We're good to go.
We'll discuss that and a lot more.
One of my new websites is Web 2.0.
Beautiful site.
Really powerful info.
And there's the staples.
Prisonplanet.com and Infowars.com.
I'm also a filmmaker.
My new film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, is now out.
We'll be right back.
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You asked us to develop a filter that was made in the USA.
We listened.
You asked us to include an emergency light for camping and during power outages.
We listened.
After 9-11, you asked us to develop a filter that was more powerful in removing chemical agents.
Again, we listened.
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I think so.
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What do you think, listeners, of people tearing down American flags, coast to coast, and running Mexican flags up?
I guess we're bad if we say we don't like it.
See, Americans have been taught to not be nationalistic, to not be truly patriotic, or to be falsely patriotic and think going overseas and killing a bunch of brown people's good.
Real patriotism is defending the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, our dollar, our sovereignty.
And that's what's under attack by the very same people running these wars.
Okay, let's go ahead and take some of your calls.
Tony, in Austin, Texas.
You're on the air, Tony.
Hey, Alex.
I was going to challenge all your listeners out there who are for Ron Paul.
I work as a, I guess, a delivery service during the daytime, and so I'm all over town, and I pick up Ron Paul stuff over at their headquarters and at the Brave New Books and pass it out to pretty much everybody.
That's a good question.
You know, he's got a lot of the... He's the best thing on TV.
Yeah, and he's actually for the American middle class, it seems to be.
But he was on about two weeks ago with Larry King, and Larry King cried out after him earlier in the interview, what do you think about the race for president?
Who do you, if anybody, support?
And he said, cried out, nobody.
That they're all for it.
And I thought that was kind of, you know... Well, nobody's perfect, and he's trying to stay out of the whole political debate.
I appreciate your call.
Keep it up for Ron Paul, 2008.com.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Dane in North Carolina.
Dane, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, I wanted to talk about the REAL ID.
Yes, the supposed federal ID that starts next year.
It really started more than a decade ago.
The driver's license were standardized under Bill Clinton.
With his unique identifiers under international treaty, it's already a world ID.
By the time they announce something to you, it's already in place.
Yeah, because in North Carolina, on the back of our license... It says North American Union, yeah.
Yeah, and I had figured out a way to deactivate it.
Oh yeah, you can fry the strip or fry the chip in it, but the point is they're doing it.
Yeah, just five seconds in the microwave.
And I figured this out and put it on a website that was a North Carolina website, forum, where everybody can chat and everything.
And they deleted my account because I informed the people of how to deactivate it.
Well, that's all part of the self-censorship in a tearing.
That's what happened in Russia or East Germany or Nazi Germany or China today.
It's all about censorship.
But I'm totally against it and I'm going to go to the news and everything and see if they'll report it to the people and just let them know that there is a chip in their license.
There certainly is, my friend.
Good job.
Keep it up.
Let's talk to Dan in New Hampshire with a big battle.
It's going to heat up.
Second key primary.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Good morning, Alex.
Great to see you again.
I really appreciate your work, man.
I'll tell you, you're one of the few loud voices out there that brings us the news.
The other thing is, you know, it's despicable what they did with that and stupid and everything.
How about the radio tower of one of our affiliates putting a Mexican flag on it?
Oh my God, you know, come on.
You know, why do they want to come up here?
Do they want to bring Mexico with them?
That's it!
Well, they say Mexico is poor because the Southwest was taken from them.
Mexico was a corrupt dictatorship and they couldn't hold the West from the Natives, so they called the Eastern settlers in.
Spain did.
I mean, it's a fraud!
I know the history.
It goes back to the 1500s and Spain was despicable.
I guess there were millions that died mostly from
Some diseases that the Europeans brought over.
The bottom line is this.
Under political correctness, people who speak English won't say things that are politically incorrect or hold their tongue.
If you imagine, though, a mass of illegal aliens and immigrants, 40 plus million, the federal census just down in the last eight years, less than eight years, it's perfect.
They get to say it all in their own language.
Nobody knows about it.
And then if you talk about the big dirty secret, oh, you're bad.
Well, listen, I've got a bit of an alternative approach to this.
I mean, I don't think our problems are with, you know, the poor hardworking... some of these are poor hardworking people that just come up here for work.
But they're filled by their government in their school textbooks.
The average person from Mexico has a sixth grade education.
They are taught that America's bad and the Southwest belongs to them.
Well, you know, but, you know,
But still, they come up for us.
Sure, what's your solution?
I say overthrow the corrupt government of Mexico that has crippled the resources of the U.S.
My solution is simple, and Ron Paul will implement it for us.
And basically, it's to, you know, just cut out all support.
I mean, you know, if we don't support them, you know, they can come up here all they want, and if they can, you know, learn English, and, you know, make a buck, and get by in this... The thing is, is that the federal government is a problem.
The federal government is bankrolling all this.
Oh, you're right.
And I'm tired of this urban legend that illegal aliens only want jobs people won't take.
Illegal aliens come in, they live ten people to a house, they go do in L.A.
a custodial, janitorial job that used to pay $20 an hour and now pays about $6, $7 an hour.
But they don't stop there.
Then they go get on welfare.
To supplement what they're doing, and the government doesn't even check, so middle class is actually financing, through welfare, their jobs.
So they're not really working for six, seven bucks an hour.
They are coming in and getting welfare.
Here's a federal study, Washington Times reports on it.
Immigrants and illegals use welfare more often.
Both immigrants and illegal aliens are more likely to be poor and use welfare programs than native-born Americans because they come to the country with lower levels of education, according to a new study looking at U.S.
Census Bureau data.
The problem here is not work or lack of willingness to work.
It's not legal status.
It's educational level and arrival, said Stephen A. Camorta, Research Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which is releasing the report today.
The public burden is a major issue and it's one of the disputes, along with border security and increased enforcement, that helped kill the Senate Immigration Bill earlier this year.
This is from an immigrants' rights group, Mr. Camorta.
And it goes on to say that President Bush and some Senate Republicans have wanted to scrap the family-based immigration system that has dominated for 50 years and replace it with a system that awards points for those with needed job skills.
It doesn't really do that.
They just say that.
This is really a disinfo piece.
High education levels and English proficiency.
The Democrats objected, arguing that family reunification should still be the guiding principle, meaning one illegal can bring in 11 members of their family.
And look at the numbers in Los Angeles, depending on the year.
Upwards of 70% of people in LA County are illegal aliens in their prisons.
More than 70% of the welfare is paid to illegal aliens.
Go look the numbers up.
It's the same thing in Texas.
It's over half.
Now, understand, ladies and gentlemen, they come here and they work, but then their wives go and pull welfare.
And then we pay for it.
And I'm not just bashing the illegal aliens, okay?
The fact is, Americans say, put those prisoners in jail for marijuana.
Make them work while they're in jail.
Then they work on average for 20 cents an hour, displacing more American jobs.
We can't compete with illegal aliens working for 3, 4, 5 dollars an hour.
We can't compete.
And by the way, they've had federal studies that have shown this too.
And in Colorado, they did a state study.
In a matter of a day, state workers who they sent to test this were able to sign up under four identities in one day for four different welfare checks.
See, the illegals come here with no ID.
They get to go make up whoever they are.
Banks give them IDs that are used to get housing loans and car loans.
They give them social security cards.
They can come back and get multiple social security cards under multiple IDs.
The Mexican consulates force this fraud by giving them, for the cost of $25 apiece, consular matriculas.
They have an office in Austin, Chicago, LA.
There's hundreds of these offices.
And they'll give them at the same meeting.
Colorado did this five years ago.
They sent people to the consular matricula and they would give them in the same meeting as many
We're good to go.
I mean, can you imagine?
Of course there's been 47 plus million illegals and legals come up here in the last seven and a half years.
Federal Census.
New York Times.
Of course you get to come here.
You get to get jobs.
You get to have plumbing and sewage and everything else paid for by our system.
Then you get to have multiple welfare checks.
Media won't talk about that.
They'll talk about some poor black woman on welfare and her one check.
I mean, come on!
I just can't handle it anymore.
When we get back, we'll take more calls and we'll get into the economy.
The biggest secret, I'm not going to break this down for you, what this means, just how deeply in debt you are, even if you don't think you're in debt.
Then we'll get into the North American Union, which the media says doesn't exist either, when we have the wrong official documents.
I'm Alex Jones, and look, I don't care what color you are, I love liberty and freedom, and I want you to have a future of freedom, and the big global corporations have taken control of this nation, and they're using illegal immigration to bankrupt the country, and to bring in all these foreigners and destroy our wages.
We'll be right back with a second hour.
It's a fact.
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The Federal Debt Relief System has created a successful, attorney-backed program to legally eliminate credit card debt, personal loans, lines of credit, and other unsecured debts which have been fraudulently created by the banks.
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Hi Ken!
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This is the Alex Jones Show.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Alright, in this hour we're going to give you some campaign 2008 news.
I'm going to get into the huge mainline media, controlled media putsch or propaganda offensive, a hoax saying there's no plan for a North American Union or even a Napa Superhighway.
They're treating you like you're complete idiots.
In Ron Paul news,
He won the St.
Petersburg Strop Fold, according to the St.
Petersburg Times, but he was winning 2-1.
And then Mitt Romney's people showed up with multiple bags of the $20 tickets.
And, uh, the St.
Petersburg Times reported that the Florida Straw Poll held there that they watched some Mitt Romney supporters vote 15 times in a row, and that GOP officials allowed it, but didn't allow other people to vote.
They told everybody that you could only vote once, but then said, well, this is the St.
Petersburg Times!
Headline, St.
Petersburg Straw Poll votes were
Cast in cash.
Mitt Romney bought himself a victory in the straw poll for Republicans at a rain-shortened barbecue in Vennery Park.
And it said that Romney got 893.
Second place, Ron Paul, 534.
Ron Paul people only voted once.
They were only allowed to buy one ticket.
They've been told that.
There's video, by the way, on the web at presentplanet.com.
A bunch of YouTube videos of this happening.
The officials saying, nope, you're allowed to vote once.
Romney, as much as he wants.
I mean, just in front of the newspapers they do it now.
There's been, I don't know, 30 plus other major straw polls.
They haven't had all the states do straw polls yet, but I know it's over 30.
And Ron Paul has won the vast majority of those.
There's only one or two he's lost.
There was also fraud in Ohio.
He did come in second place there again to Romney doing the same thing.
That again was in the news, but it's just, oh, well, it's fraud.
No big deal.
This is out of the Richmond Times Dispatch.
Ron Paul wins GOP straw poll.
Texas Republican Ron Paul easily won presidential poll.
Republican Party of Virginia conference here yesterday.
But there, you were only allowed to buy tickets once.
You had to be 18 and have a Virginia driver's license.
See, those were the rules in Florida unless you were Mitt Romney.
And it says a 5-year-old was allowed to vote repeatedly.
For Mitt Romney.
I mean, again, you cannot make this type of stuff up.
It's just... It's the same type of corruption and delusional behavior that says there's no NAFTA Superhighway they're building when TxDOT ten years ago announced it, three years ago announced it.
It's been all over the news.
We have official TxDOT maps calling it the NAFTA Superhighway.
They've now changed the name to
Trans-Texas Corridor because of protests and demonstrations.
But it doesn't matter.
The name was this before.
See, it's all semantical games they play.
It's like David Rockefeller saying on C-SPAN and in his autobiography, I'm not for global government.
I'm for global governance.
Well, boys and girls, here's the study homework for you this evening.
Go to Google or Dogpile or Yahoo, whatever your favorite search engine is,
And type in governance and go to the dictionary, online dictionary, or look at governance in your dictionary that you've got on the shelf.
Governance means government!
There's no difference!
Oh, it's no longer called the Napa Superhighway.
It's now called the Trans-Texas Corridor.
And in Oklahoma, it's called the Oklahoma Trans Corridor.
The Trans-Oklahoma Corridor.
And in Kansas, it's called the Kansas Trans Corridor.
And it's the same thing in Florida.
They're building 83 of them.
But they play games and change the name on you.
And so the Statesman or the Boston Globe or the LA Times, got them all right here today, they can just come out and say that it's no longer that because, oh, well, we did call it the NAU merger, now we call it Security and Prosperity Partnership merger.
But it is a merger, but we've changed the name.
So what you're talking about a year ago or two years ago doesn't exist anymore.
We've changed the name.
Totally treating you like you're morons.
But they play all sorts of tricks like this.
It's like they tell you we've only got a 3% unemployment rate, but after you've been off the rolls for six months unemployed, they take you completely off and add you as employed.
Or they say that 4,000-something troops have died, but if you die being flown out of the country to Rammstein in Germany, it doesn't count, so the real number is almost 20,000.
Or they say, uh, well, we have to certify you in-country as brain damage, so there's only 15,000 brain damage, but then once you leave the country of your certified brain damage, it's 200,000.
I mean, even if you're for the war, I mean, do you like being lied to?
Alright, I said I'd get into the economy, and I've got loaded phones, and I've also got to get into the NAU, and...
I've got a bunch of audio clips breaking that down and one from the debate with Ron Paul.
But the economy.
Listen, I'm no economist.
But I have interviewed the former head of the World Bank.
I have interviewed the former chief economist of the World Bank.
I have interviewed one of the economists from the IMF, International Monetary Fund.
I have read the official reports on air of the International Bank of Settlements that really runs the whole show.
I have interviewed Joseph Stiklitz.
I have talked to the father of Reaganomics, former Wall Street Journal editor, Paul Craig Roberts.
I mean, I've probably interviewed, let's be conservative, probably 50 of them this year so far in the last 11 months, a couple hundred in the last 12 years.
Ron Paul also is an expert in economics and been to some of the best schools on that, but I've interviewed him, I don't know, six times this year so far.
Last week I interviewed him, as you know.
We heard part of it here.
So I know a little bit about this, and let me just tell you this up front.
You need to forget everything you know, everything you've ever been told about economics.
Now, everything you've been told is accurate.
You go, well, what do you mean?
Well, let's say you know the inside of your house, and you know where the toilet bowl is, and where the sink is, and where your reading glasses are, and where your stereo, and computer, and TV are, and where your knickers are.
But outside of that house, you've never left that house, you've got, I guess, agoraphobia, here's the analogy, you've never left.
So now you leave your house, there's a whole other world.
What you've been told about the economy is accurate in a very limited, small spectrum, and they've got lots of self-help and financial shows, and they all stay within that narrow band, that narrow little bitty spectrum.
I have been doing some basic numbers crunching.
Some basic numbers crunching, and all off official government numbers.
And in the United States, this is public wealth, most real wealth is secret.
Let me just give you a newsflash, Bill Gates is not the richest man in the world.
Inside the United States, U.S.
have about four trillion dollars in wealth.
And we're supposedly the richest nation in the world.
We've supposedly got about thirty five percent of the world's wealth.
Four trillion.
Do you know what Citibank and Bank of America and Chase Manhattan and the rest of them
Do you know how much just the main banks, mainline banks, the top banks in the world, do you know roughly, because it could be much larger, but this is what we know about, do you know what their derivatives leverage and exposure is?
Do you know what they've inflated their loans and so-called profits to?
1,500 plus trillion.
Now, I was using numbers from two years ago and saying it was 90-something trillion, but see now, once it starts ballooning, the bubble starts going up and this inflation starts happening, it just starts doubling every few years.
1,500 trillion.
Now, the American people have 4 trillion,
But just the top banks have 1,500 trillion.
And that's only one piece of this.
I'm going to explain fractional reserve banking and then the new system they went on in 1993 when we get back.
Just very simply, and you can go verify all this for yourself, explain why they've done this.
Okay, you're not getting any of this.
You're living in a little speck on a map.
A potion stamp on a hundred-yard football field.
That's your... It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burdick is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
As many people know, ever since President Nixon took us off the gold standard, the U.S.
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What people don't know, however, is how this directly affects your personal finances.
Is there a way to prevent your portfolios from losing value?
The answer to all of this is gold and silver.
They've both maintained their purchasing power for 6,000 years.
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The answer to protecting your assets is simple.
Call me, John Ballman, today at 1-800-686-2237, extension 169.
Get all your questions answered before your money is worth zero.
This is Steve Shank for the Fearless Task Force.
We can never have our freedom as long as we are in any way dependent on anything or those who would control us.
You will either be ready for emergencies, have safe supplies of enough food, become free of debt, or give your life to those who will control those dependencies to own you.
Choose you this day whom you will serve, your God and your loved ones, or those who will feed you to own you and send you to prison as collateral for your loans.
We're also here to help you fight the battle against crooks and scam artists who want to get rich selling you useless food supplies and criminally dangerous debt plans.
Food supplies and the debt-free program can be contacted at 800-409-5633, on the web, efoodsdirect.com, or phone, 800-409-5633.
Just remember, if it is to be, it's up to me, but freedom is never free.
It's a fact.
Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all banks in these United States create money out of thin air for every single loan they issue.
With never-ending late fees, over-the-limit fees, and higher and higher interest rates, it has become mathematically impossible to repay all debt, making all of us slaves to our creditors.
The Federal Debt Relief System has created a successful, attorney-backed program to legally eliminate credit card debt, personal loans, lines of credit, and other unsecured debts which have been fraudulently created by the banks.
I think so.
That's 877-943-8600.
Or visit FDRS.org.
Find out how you can break the cycle of debt slavery.
Visit FDRS.org today.
You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
What we've got here is failure to communicate.
Some men you just can't reach.
So he did what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it.
Well, he is.
I don't like it anymore.
We're back live here, my friends.
So, I remember about five years ago, the Dallas Corning News reporting that the true U.S.
debt was $44 trillion, federal debt.
But set debt aside and imagine you're the big central bankers.
This is the mainline history of central banking.
I'm not talking about consumer banking, I'm not talking about institutional banking, though that's part of the larger international banking structure.
The central banks, the last 200 years, were able to gain control of western governments and set the regulatory control of all the other banks beneath them and under them.
And what do the central banks grow out of?
In Europe, in England, they already learned this in the Middle East, they learned how to, people would put their gold on deposits in an armored fortress they would call a bank.
And they would go to the goldsmiths, and they would put their hundred ounces or twenty ounces of gold or silver or whatever it was, and the goldsmiths learned they could loan out script.
People would write script or checks on that gold, and then people could go redeem it.
You didn't want to walk around on the street with a bunch of gold and get knocked on the head.
And the goldsmiths learned that they could loan out, on average was the rule in Europe, about nine times.
Or if they had an ounce of gold, they could loan out ten ounces of gold.
But then the banks in the last hundred years started doing things like creating subsidiary banks and then giving them, say, 10% and then letting those banks loan out and then creating new banks and then loaning out more from them to where you could end up with one ounce of gold, as the analogy, being up to a billion ounces of gold loaned out.
Now imagine the incredible political power this gives the big central banks and the banks they own, the smaller mid-level banks.
To be able to buy governments, buy politicians, buy defense contractors, buy infrastructure, buy water, buy roads, and fund educational institutions, buy media.
But as this balloon expanded, we have gone from five hundred and something trillion in derivatives just six, seven years ago, to just two years ago, a hundred plus trillion dollars.
Excuse me, a thousand.
These numbers are incredible.
A thousand trillion dollars to one thousand five hundred trillion.
And then you look at the actual holdings of the average citizens, the average people around the world, it is a tiny percentage of what these banks have even created.
You ask, why did they do this?
It creates this dangerous bubble.
It devalues currencies.
They have done this because they couldn't say no.
What would the elite do?
They set it up to do this.
A tsunami of money, backed up by military power, that people will fight and die.
People will kill their brothers and sisters over inheritances.
People will rob you for $100.
They will rob you for your car.
And meanwhile, you've got these big central banks just creating thousands of trillions of dollars out of nothing.
I mean, ask your banker.
You go to your bank, you want a housing loan.
They go, that's fine.
You've just got to have your loan with us, and you've got to quote, pay back to us.
Well, they even take that debt, and then they call that, say, $500,000 loan on your house, or that $50,000 loan on your car, and they then call that capital, and call that something in their account, and then they loan out ten times that.
On and on to affinity.
It's a hall of mirrors.
It never ends.
And so, now the global elite have thousands and thousands and thousands of trillions.
I mean, I was just talking about derivatives.
Folks, when you even try to grasp this, it is so amazing.
So we're squabbling and fighting and talking about federal budgets of 1.8 trillion.
We're talking about two and a half trillion dollar Iraq war.
Trillions are already just, remember a few years ago it was billions, now we're talking about trillions.
That seems astronomical, but compared to thousands of trillions, it's nothing.
And so the global elite, and they write about this, they discuss this, even the Financial Times of London discusses it, says, what do we even have industry for?
What do we even have governments for?
What do we even have any of this for now?
We have created a system, they say, that totally dominates and owns everything.
I mean, they could right now, if you'd shell, buy everything up thousands and thousands of times again.
But again, it's fiat created out of nothing.
First, the central banks got control of the Federal Reserve Act.
Before that, the Bank of England, hundreds of years before.
They were able to get control of the issuance of currency and credit.
And then they just said, well, why don't we just say we have unlimited bank?
And it's like the Monopoly game.
If you're the bank, you'd always win.
Imagine if you played Monopoly by yourself and you were the bank.
You could buy every piece on the table.
That's what they've done.
And so when you hear discussions about taxes and welfare and money, everything we do, everything we own, isn't even a fly on the butt of an elephant to these people.
It literally isn't in size.
It's like a postage stamp on a football field.
And so you have a public that's totally even unaware of this.
Imagine these global elites.
A handful.
It's less than 20 families own these central banks.
They own the issuance of currency.
They own the issuance of credit.
They literally control through national security apparatus all of these secret organizations and black ops and secret national security government.
They're engaged in all forms of secret biological warfare against the population.
They're openly saying they want to call us.
They're openly writing essays, why the future doesn't need us.
Again, Bill Joy goes to a big globalist meeting in 2000.
Owner of Sun Microsystem.
He's worth about $8 billion now.
And he goes to it and he said 200 major owners of technology companies were there and they were all talking about how the elite have said they want to exterminate the majority of the population.
I mean, because they don't need us anymore.
They don't need us for wealth anymore.
People say, the government wouldn't reduce our numbers, the government wouldn't destroy our economy, the government wouldn't do anything like that because they make too much money off of the tax paying we do and the labor we produce.
The elite have stated in official United Nations
Biological diversity assessments, and official Club of Rome statements, and official Council on Farm Relations statements.
I mean, I've got them all right here!
Can you imagine being informed about this, and I just am begging you to get informed?
I'm not that smart!
I just know how to read their official statements!
We're in a lot of trouble here, folks!
They have thousands of times all our wealth combined.
They just created it out of nothing.
They've gotten us to accept their symbols of wealth, and they're buying everything up right now.
But here's the problem.
As you have the subprime problem, as this stuff begins to unravel, because they issued debt to everyone, because they get to count that again as new money.
They count that loan to you of $500,000 as a new $500,000 in there.
And they get to loan that out again at 9 to 10 to 20 times.
And in the early 90s, they changed the rules there.
Under international agreements, the Bank of International Settlements,
And they came out and said, we're just taking all restrictions off.
We're just going to loan to whoever we want, however we want, this fiat system.
And it's by design.
They're going to buy up all the tiny banks that go bankrupt, all the medium-sized, all the gargantuan banks.
They're going to further consolidate.
And they said in the IMF documents, 2002, that when you riot and get angry, when they tell you you're worth nothing, and your currency's worth nothing, and the dollar's worth nothing, that they'll then call out the military and police on you, themselves bankrupt.
You understand they won't carry this out unless they think you'll go along with it, unless they think you'll get into it.
Alright, I've talked about this.
I'm going to have more guests on and get into it more in the weeks to come.
We're going to come back and get into the North American Union and how they're trying to deny its existence and take your calls.
Stay with us.
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The globalists are going to be able to use this tsunami of endless capital they generate out of nothing to first extend credit globally, which they've done, which they then cut off and restrict, as they did in 1929, causing a worldwide depression.
We got the IMF World Bank documents when Sticklitz, the chief economist there, quit over it in 2002.
He released a secret plan called the Global IMF Riot.
That's where they restrict, they get you totally extended on credit, they get the whole world leveraged out, then they have to blow the world economy out to be able to then consolidate everything for pennies on the dollar that's real assets.
They create a tsunami pyramid scheme of endless capital, which they issue.
Which is then backed up by the credit and faith of Western countries, namely the US.
Then they tell us it's all our fault because, you know, we're a bunch of overspending buffoons, which by the way we are on average.
But they engineered it.
Then they come in and consolidate.
But they can't do this if you're aware of it.
They can't pull this off and pop the bubble.
Remember three years ago I started saying, hey, we're getting globalist documents, we're getting CFR statements, we're getting Bilderberg documents.
They plan to pop the real estate bubble in the US and Europe.
Because even though they've inflated the currencies and inflated
I don't think so.
Now they've pumped that, the cascade's beginning and they're going, oh dear me my, and they've pumped 600 plus billion in the last three months into Northern Rock and into Countrywide, into a half dozen other banks around the world, major French banks, German banks, Japanese banks.
They're only controlling the slide, as the Financial Times of London stated, and big central banks are behind it to consolidate.
That's not me, that's Financial Times of London.
One of the few places that actually tells the truth most of the time, but they'll put their spin on it.
And they said the elite have overdone it and that this could even destroy them.
And it could.
This bubble is so big, so dangerous, so huge, that I literally walk around with a pucker factor at about 1,000% most of the time.
I mean, we could be in total depression next week, next year, I don't know.
Or maybe it'll just be a bad recession.
On the good end, it's a bad recession.
I'm praying for that.
And on the bad end, it's global financial meltdown, financial Armageddon.
Now, I know we've got Rick and Casey and Jimmy and many others that are patiently holding.
I'm going to get to you, but I want to spend some time on this tonight.
I've got three clips.
Now, we've got a key article up on PrisonPlanet.com.
If you go to PrisonPlanet.com, on the right-hand side, it says, News and Focus.
And the headline is, Media Hoax Attempts to Hide Advance of North American Union.
In this eight-page article, we have links to official government documents.
We have links to video from MSNBC to CNN, where they're admitting the North American Union.
We have all their quotes about how Time Magazine, ten years ago, they wanted to set up a North American Union.
We have the official Bilderberg Group documents, the BBC reported on, about how they set up the European Union by stealth, and then in the SPPNAU meeting from last September, the Judicial Watch sued to get, they say the same thing.
Just as we set up the European Union by stealth, we've got to set up the American Union by stealth and claim it's just more trade deals.
I mean, go read them
The first item on the U.S.
government, Canadian government, and Mexican government agenda last year, and then again this year in Montebello, Canada, outside Ottawa.
The first agenda, and we got this declassified!
We got it!
They had to release it!
Same folks at Impeach Bill Clinton were able to get it.
And it said we gotta keep it secret.
It's in my film, Endgame.
And that's what makes me so mad, is I know they're lying!
I know they're lying, and I know the public's going to buy into it!
Just like FEMA has fake newscasts, the INS has fake newscasts, they have fake questions at the YouTube debate.
I mean, I'm sick of it, folks.
But the first clip is from the debate this week, where this clearly can-stage question is asked.
Oh, you believe in these imaginary conspiracy theories, Ron Paul?
You're crazy!
Let's play that debate clip first.
Here's Ron Paul responding to it at the debate earlier this week.
Good evening, candidates.
This is Seekster from Arlington, Texas, and this question is for Ron Paul.
I've met a lot of your supporters online, but I've noticed that a good number of them seem to buy into this conspiracy theory regarding the Council of Foreign Relations and some plan to make a North American Union by merging the United States with Canada and Mexico.
These supporters of yours seem to think that you also believe in this theory.
So my question to you is, do you really believe in all this, or are people just putting words in your mouth?
Well, it all depends on what you mean by all of this.
The CFR exists, the Trilateral Commission exists, and it's a, quote, conspiracy of ideas.
This is an ideological battle.
Some people believe in globalism, others of us believe in national sovereignty.
And there is a move on toward a North American Union just like early on there was a move on for a European Union and it eventually ended up.
So we had NAFTA and moving forward a NAFTA highway.
These are real things.
It's not somebody made these up.
It's not a conspiracy.
They don't talk about it and they might not have been about it but there's been money spent on it.
There was legislation passed in the Texas legislature unanimously to put a halt on it.
They're planning on millions of acres taken by eminent domain for an international highway from Mexico to Canada, which is going to make the immigration problem that much worse.
So it's not so much a secretive conspiracy, it's a contest between ideologies, whether we believe in our institutions here,
I don't like big government in Washington, so I don't like this trend.
And then a huge applause went on and on.
By the way, he won the debate poll and of course won that.
Then I pick up the Boston Globe, the L.A.
I mean, I've got them all here in front of me.
Paul believes in threat of North American superhighway.
It says he's delusional and completely insane and it doesn't exist.
Here's another one.
New World Order for the ages.
Growing paranoia about North American Union might be reflection of nation's deepest fears.
Austin American Statesman today.
And I could talk for hours about this, but it says that it is the biggest conspiracy theory now.
As fears of the mythical union grow, they appear to be subtly shaping more mainstream debates about immigration and trade representative Virgil Goode, a congressman in Virginia, introduced a controversial resolution this year to block the creation of the union and the Napa superhighway system.
What they don't tell you is it was to block a bill they introduced to fund it.
Introduce the bill and the statesman says he's delusional.
The legislature's delusional?
Two years ago it was called the Napa Superhighway.
Now they've changed the name to the Trans-Texas Corridor, the Florida, the Trans-Florida Corridor.
They just changed the name two years ago!
They just changed names on you!
It's a highway still from down at the Pacific ports of Mexico up to Canada.
Call it what you want, it's an international trade corridor.
Taxing us with transponders in our cars?
The Union may be the quintessential conspiracy theory of our time.
It weaves old fears.
And it goes on to say we're making it up.
Listen, don't believe me, don't believe the statesman.
You go Google SPP documents.
Just say SPP documents.
Go to Judicial Watch, go to the Library of Congress, they're all out now, and it says North American Union, integration of our military, our standards, everything.
Mexican and Canadian trucks, it's already happening, it's all happening!
I've got time to play this next clip.
Now here's Fox on CNN with Larry
Here's Fox, Vicente Fox on Larry King Live a month ago, admitting that it's, well, listen to it.
Here's Fox.
Email from Mrs. Gonzalez in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Mr. Fox, I'd like to know how you feel about the possibility of having a Latin America united with one currency.
Long term, very long term.
What we proposed together, President Bush and myself, is ALCA, which is a trade union for all of the Americas.
And everything was running fluently until Hugo Chavez came.
And he decided to isolate himself.
He decided to combat the idea and destroy the idea.
And very unfortunately... Is it going to be like the Eurodollar, you mean?
Well, that would be long, long term.
I think the process is to go first step into a trading agreement and then further on a new vision like we're trying to do with NAFTA.
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Exploding corruption.
Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
Research your history.
We've got links in the PrisonPlanet.com article I was just quoting from.
Media hoax attempts to hide advance of North American Union.
Link through to all these mainstream articles in Europe where they said the EU didn't exist.
And now they're trying to get England to join the last seven years, and they keep bringing in referendums under different names and saying, oh, the treaty doesn't say we're signing over our currency in our country, and that it always does.
Now the Brits are mad.
These are liars.
They use the same game plan, the same people on these central banks that want to set up their new governmental systems that we're not involved in.
World Trade Organization, set up in 1995, has more authority over our trade, over how we run our own nation, than Congress does.
World Trade Organization, they said, didn't exist when they were setting it up.
They treat you like idiots.
Now, here's Vicente Fox again, and I've got Bush Sr.
saying, and I've got Clinton saying, and I've got the Prime Minister of England, Gordon Brown, saying, and we've got all these here.
We can't play them all.
There's hundreds of them.
And they've all written books, and they all state they're doing it, but they know most of you don't read books.
Here he is on Comedy Central, admitting he wants to set up this Amaro, admitting they want this union.
Here it is.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
A little bit of a human attitude of working together as a team.
Would you like to see a North American?
So what's your team?
You'd go with Mexico?
You want Canada in there?
Why doesn't South America do that?
Why doesn't South America have some sort of South American Union, like the EU, to consolidate their power?
There's different blocks.
There's one in Central America.
They're already there.
There's one on the South, in Mercosur.
Are you a fan of, like, Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez and those guys?
We had Evo on the show.
He seemed very nice.
He just talked a little bit about redistributing.
The point is, we need a European Union in America.
We need to do it.
Yes, that's what we want.
It's in all the documents.
We have the minutes of the last three meetings!
And they say we've got to keep it secret.
I've read them repeatedly, the actual minutes are on air.
And the Statesman comes out.
Remember the Chronicle?
Here locally, for local listeners.
For people around the country, that's the Austin Chronicle here in Austin, local paper, and it said, it's a conspiracy theory!
Cintra, taking over the roads, is not Spanish!
I mean, of course it's Spanish!
I mean, I can't handle it anymore!
The level of lying is off the charts!
Or maybe they just didn't know.
Maybe they're ignorant.
Now, there's a lot of that, where the big national media lies, and I guess maybe the Chronicle believed it.
I don't know.
But I cannot believe the statesman.
I mean, it's just that it says we're delusional and none of it exists.
It drives me crazy!
Look, I'm telling you, go to PrisonPlanet.com, news and focus section, media hoaxes, tips to hide, advance, and North American Union, and it's all links to them saying it.
It's all links to the documents.
It's all links to them saying they're doing it.
And then the public doesn't know!
I just can't handle it!
They were calling it the NAFTA superhighway until two years ago, and everybody got mad, and Perry calls it the Trans-Texas Corridor!
But he says it's international, hooked up with Mexico!
They're gonna tax us to build roads in Mexico!
Virgil Goode passes a law against it in Congress, and the statesman says he's delusional, passing imaginary laws!
You think Congress is passing imaginary laws, statesman?
They're crazy too?
Lou Dobbs is crazy?
Pat Buchanan's crazy?
Ron Paul's crazy?
I'm crazy?
The Texas Legislature?
The Florida Legislature?
Passing laws against this?
It's imaginary?
You're going to lose this battle because we've got the info and the public's finally starting to look into this.
And it's not the old days where you could just tell, we're controlled media, you could tell people whatever they wanted and the people would believe it.
That day's over.
Congress has an 11% approval rating.
The people are aware of your propaganda now.
And they're finding out the truth.
Literally, folks, I mean, I must have seen a hundred the last two, three weeks, articles.
The last couple days, just statesmen, L.A.
Times, you name it, saying it doesn't exist and we're all insane.
And of course, they never give any facts in these articles.
They just say we're delusional nuts.
These global banks want to get rid of our sovereignty because of the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
When they set up a new system, they get to set it up according to their goals.
All right, let's take some calls, as promised.
Who's been holding the longest?
Jimmy in Michigan.
Go ahead, Jimmy.
You're on the air.
Yeah, Alex.
How's it going?
I was going to talk about something that one of your listeners said, but this is right up my alley, because that's what I do for the lady that I work for.
Good, sir.
I do the North American Union thing.
This is working.
It's unbelievable.
We're good to go.
Yes, none moving.
Good job, fight them, fight them over!
And she's injecting it, she's injecting that into the debates that she's involved in.
They can't hide it anymore, it's unbelievable.
And then when they do, when the other side tries to shoot it down, the people in the crowd are asking.
I will remind the listeners three months ago, they said, you can't see the Senate bill, it's secret for the first time in U.S.
history, but don't worry, it's not amnesty, and Senator Sessions leaked it and it was total amnesty.
And we defeated it!
And we defeated it!
Grassroots can do!
People are waking up!
But the enemy tells you there's not a war!
Well, that's because they're losing!
There's a war on, folks!
They're moving into guerrilla tactics!
And guerrillas are cowards, they're going to lose!
Absolutely, I hear you and I appreciate your call, sir.
Send me info on what you're doing in your county.
I forgot this.
Monday morning, I'm sitting there working on taxes at like 9 a.m.
in the morning, drinking coffee at the home office before I drove over to the radio studio.
My wife walks over and goes, we got a Texas Workforce Commission.
We got like eight employees here in Austin.
We got a Texas Workforce Commission.
By the way, this is in the article.
You can go to the article Paul wrote and read about it.
We have a copy of it, the letter we got.
And of course, he reported on this a year ago.
Every business owner, I tell BJ where I'm sitting, got one.
Emma's got one.
Anybody who's got more than a couple of employees and pays unemployment and was in the system, and it said, we need you to sign up for the North American Union ID number.
But, I mean, by the way, I was researching on the computer at the time, the NAU, with the Boston Globe denying it Monday morning, to get a few documents I'd already had before to, you know, go cover it in a few hours on radio.
And as I'm researching the NAU, my wife walks over and goes, hey, hon, read this and see if I'm supposed to answer this questionnaire for the Texas Workforce Commission, because she does our bookkeeping part of it.
And I turn it over to the fine print that says, uh, you're required to answer this for the North American Union, uh, database.
We're no longer on the United States, uh, uh, Department of Labor statistics.
We're now under this new body.
Now, we already knew that from the SPP documents.
I'm physically receiving it!
Physically at my house!
For my employees that work in Austin, Texas!
Oh my gosh, I can't handle it anymore.
Let's talk to Casey in Oklahoma.
I've got to move really fast now.
Casey, you're on the air, and then I want to go to Salado.
Rick and Salado, go ahead.
Yeah, hey Alex, this is Casey.
I'm just wanting to ask you, I'm a federal employee and I just got an email on Friday talking about how we can't make political contributions and all this kind of stuff, and then I was doing some research and read up on the Hatch Act, and the Hatch Act says you can.
It's all lies!
Government's all lies now, sir, yes.
Yeah, I mean, I just couldn't believe it, but I just wanted to pass that out and let all the other people out there, you know, that you can contribute and... Oh, there's all sorts of political... Look, they know that federal workers are going to go Democrat or Libertarian or Ron Paul, and I did see a report where they're telling you you're not allowed to give once a total line.
Yep, I know.
Anyways, God bless you, Alex, and I just appreciate you wanting to pass that along.
Send me that letter you got.
Hey, do me a favor.
Send it to Trey at InfoWars.com.
Trey with an A, because I already am aware of that.
I saw a news article, but it's good to have the actual government letter.
Okay, I'll do that.
Again, telling citizens they can't be politically active because they work for the government.
One last call here.
Rick in Salado.
You're on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
I just wanted to encourage you a little bit.
A friend of mine that I jam with, we played the guitar for years, he's known I've listened to you, and he always said that, well, he's a radical, Rick, you shouldn't mess around with that.
Here, out of the blue, he gave me multiple copies of Endgame, and I have, and he says I can get as many as I want, and that just blew me away.
Good job, good job.
See, we're waking people up!
Thank you again, Alex.
Well, thank you, sir.
God bless you.
Imagine how many listeners there are who own businesses.
Five employees, ten employees, maybe twenty, thirty.
They're listening today, and they read the Boston Globe, the LA Times, the Austin American-Statesman, Dallas Morning News, everybody else saying there's no NAU, and they're going to get letters saying, you've got to sign up, no longer with the Department of Labor,
But you've got to sign up with the North American Union!
That's going to wake everybody up!
God bless you.
See you back next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Be sure and tell all your friends about the show when you're listening in San Diego, Montana, or Austin, Texas.
God bless you all.
Hi, Ted Anderson here.
I'm happy to announce that the audience has increased over 200% this year and our advertisers have sent testimonials complimenting the responsiveness.
Sponsorship is critical at both local and national levels.
If you have a business product or message that could benefit from this broadcast locally, call the station you're listening to.
For national exposure, call 877-996-4327.
Become a part of the Genesis team by calling your local station or call the national line at 877-996-4327.
Yes, there is.