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Air Date: Nov. 30, 2007
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
This question is for Ron Paul.
I've met a lot of your supporters online, but I've noticed that a good number of them seem to buy into this conspiracy theory regarding the Council of Foreign Relations and some plan to make a North American Union by merging the United States with Canada and Mexico.
These supporters of yours seem to think that you also believe in this theory.
So my question to you is,
Do you really believe in all this?
Or are people just putting words in your mouth?
Well, it all depends on what you mean by all of this.
The CFR exists, the Trilateral Commission exists, and it's a, quote, conspiracy of ideas.
This is an ideological battle.
Some people believe in globalism, others of us believe in national sovereignty.
And there is a move on toward a North American Union, just like early on there was a move on for a European Union and it eventually ended up.
So we had NAFTA and moving toward a NAFTA highway.
These are real things.
It's not somebody made these up.
It's not a conspiracy.
They don't talk about it and they might not have been about it, but there's been money spent on it.
There was legislation passed
We're good to go.
Our national sovereignty, our constitution, or are we going to further move in the direction of international government?
More UN.
You know, this country goes to war under UN resolutions.
I don't like big government in Washington.
So I don't like this trend.
I don't think that applies to me.
Washington did not change me.
We're going to play more Ron Paul clips from the debate coming up later today.
It is Friday already, hard to believe.
The last day of November 2007, the 30th of November.
Today is the mini Ron Paul bomb.
About $400,000 has been raised so far today, going above $10 million.
They're shooting for another $2 million.
My only concern is if now we've set something that really wasn't pushed that much and so the media will spin it as a failure if we don't raise two million more today.
But the big one's coming up the 15th and 16th to try to raise millions on each day on the 15th and 16th Bill of Rights Day and of course the Boston Tea Party anniversary.
But we're going to talk more about this in the second segment today, replay that clip and analyze it.
The young fool, the young ignoramus up in Arlington, Texas, up by Dallas, who probably can't even find the U.S.
on a map like most Americans, saying conspiracies about an imaginary CFR and Trilateral Commission.
Now, that's kind of 10-year-old Limbaugh propaganda.
Ten years ago, they would say they don't exist.
Now they're on C-SPAN, CNN, Fox, pushing world government, but then still, if you say you don't like it, they say, but you're nuts, it doesn't exist.
And Ron Paul just says, well, they do exist.
And, I mean, for ten years it's been in Texas newspapers and on television.
They're building the Napa Highway.
They're building the connectors to it.
TexDOT documents, Texas Department of Transportation, the Federal Department of Transportation have all written about it and stated they're doing it.
From the Pacific side of southern Mexico and ports up to Canada.
I mean, that's publicly announced and then we say we don't like it and they treat us like we're idiots and say it doesn't exist.
But see, once this young idiot attacks Ron Paul and says it doesn't exist, he'll never want to admit he's wrong.
And so, as it's proven to him, he'll still just say it doesn't exist.
It's more important to be a slave who is, quote, right, than actually be an informed person of liberty.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress for the world.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
It is November 30, 2007.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll be here for the next two hours and 58 minutes live.
Wide open phones today.
All right.
This is a big deal.
And we are definitely in an info war across the board.
But on this subject, it's more important than really many other facets of the lies and propaganda put out by the New World Order.
And they're allied crime syndicate that needs to be countered.
And you can even read public psychological warfare manuals from the 60s, the 40s, the 30s, the best-selling books, textbook manuals written by Edward Bernays and many others about how to do this.
But this is a basic tactic, one of the favorites of the British.
And I read this in a psychological journal back in, what, 1999 that I just happened to come across.
What they do is, they know that most people are going to find out that they're lying, that there is no North American Union, no plan to set one up, that we're not already being deeply merged and integrated into one community right now.
But it stalls everyone.
I mean, they have been saying
There were public documents, public government statements, congressional hearings, European Union documents in the 60s and 70s, and it was debated and discussed here, and they talked about how so-called trade deals were really meant, just like with the EU, to merge our nations, as far back as the 70 best-selling books, like None Dare Call It Conspiracy,
We're good to go.
And you read it, and boy, the proof's in the pudding, not just that he had the documentation, but that it all came true.
I mean, you'd think this guy had a literal crystal ball, like he was Gandalf or Uther Pendragon or something, looking into the future.
You would think that he literally had a time machine.
But no, he was just going off the official plans then.
But back then, there wasn't really a big alternative media.
You had to get out self-published books, and very few of them got big, like None Dare Call a Conspiracy, because it was so concisely and well-written.
The John Birch Society got behind putting that out, and I commend them for that.
They really are the foundations of much of what we build on today, despite their timid stance today that isn't as strong as we'd like.
But let he without sin cast the first stone, as they said.
So we have the establishment, well in Europe, 50 years ago, statesmen, parliamentarians, people from inside the conspiracy would go public and say, here's the Treaty of Rome, here's the Treaty of London, here they are saying it's going to grow into a union and get rid of our currencies.
And the establishment on papers would say, it does not exist, you are a conspiracy terrorist, you are a delusional liar.
Knowing that the general public would then not be able to go out and go to the library at the time, and actually find the very documents that were available at major institutions, and in government document stacks, and in major university libraries.
I mean, it was a tiny percentage of people that knew then.
So they could just say, it doesn't exist, you're insane, there's no plan for an EU.
Now, we have one.
It was very telling in January of 2007, now 10 months ago, very, very telling that when they had the 50th anniversary of the European Union, that they had big multi-million dollar finance parades in London, in Brussels, in Stockholm, everywhere.
In Rome, in all of the EU members.
And literally, I would watch clips online from foreign newscasts that would show jugglers and floats and fireworks and millions and millions of dollars spent.
Hundreds of millions in the aggregate.
I mean, it was just huge.
And literally, they would have all the police out, and they would have the barricades up, and there was no one there.
You have thousands of people hired to march, and Prime Ministers and Presidents marching at the heads of it, but there was literally maybe 10, 15 people in knots at the barricades.
You'd see them in protest signs.
There was no one out for it.
But see, that's just one little facet of thousands of pieces of info.
It's hidden in plain view.
50th anniversary?
I thought the EU didn't exist 50 years ago.
But if you read the Treaty of Rome, which I have, hundreds of pages, if you read the Treaty of Rome, just type the Treaty of Rome into Google, there's several over the thousands of years, but it's the Treaty of Rome, 1957, it says we're going to set up a union, this is the first major step, integrating it.
And then, a lot of those documents were secret, the corollary agreements between the different diplomatic corps and corporate diplomatic corps, and they talk about a strategy of stealth.
A strategy of secrecy and how it was essential to call it economic integration and to claim it was for the economy, really it was about control over those nations and their currencies and their populations to then remove any type of due process or representative democracy from the people into the hands of the bureaucrats and the board members in Brussels, which has now happened.
They were never allowed to vote on any of it until last year, and they finally got to vote on ending all their sovereignty, and 70-plus percent in every nation it went down.
In France and many other countries, 70-plus percent voted against it.
Now they're rushing in with touchscreen electronic computers with no record, no way to verify vote.
Magically, they will now vote for it.
Won't matter if the polls show 80, 90% in some cases, generally about 75% against.
Magically, it will start winning.
Same thing we're now seeing here in 35% of the country that's integrated these systems.
So, there it is.
They're saying they were around in 1957.
They had the one year anniversary on the date of the signing of the treaty in Rome, in Europe, and no one showed up.
A. B. It was 50 years old.
Now, if they win, and everything's accelerating now, it won't take 50 years, it'll just take a few more, they will announce the American Union, and then they'll say they never lied, and that they never said they weren't doing one, they'll call us conspiracy theorists again, and then they will tell you that the date of the North American Union is NAFTA, back in 1994.
And you will live to see it.
You will witness it all happen, unless we stop them.
And then you'll be called conspiracy theorist if you pull out old news articles where they said it didn't exist.
Now the same thing is still happening in Europe right now.
The same deception, the strategy of stealth that also showed up in NAU Security and Prosperity Partnership documents this year, last year, and the year before.
All available at judicialwatcherandprisonplanet.com and many other sites that have got them.
They continue, they have had, attempted to have eight referendums
Since 1996.
Eight referendums, and then they bring it right up to vote in England, and then the polls show between 75 and 80 plus percent against it, and so Tony Blair would then pull back and not have the referendum.
And then he would change the name of the treaty.
It would then be Law Enforcement Treaty, Safety Treaty, Economic Prosperity, and all these different names.
And then they would say, the treaty's secret because you people keep
We're good to go.
So they keep telling England, this does not exist, we're not going to get rid of the pound, we're not going to let our courts be under the EU, it's total lies, total conspiracies, and then each time we actually get the treaty and it says even worse than what we thought.
It's always worse than what we think.
Same thing with the amnesty deal.
That's what they're doing here, is that it's stalling everybody, so the debate isn't about, hey, do we want to be under an American Union, where we don't have all these due process and freedoms, and where the borders are wide open to Canada and Mexico and vice versa, and do we want to allow these third world populations in and all the other hundreds of serious issues?
Instead of having a real debate, where the people only have a fraction of the info, and Lou Dobbs and others have done polls, some scientific, some not, but they're all about 85% against it.
See, they can't have that debate, so they instead make the debate about does it exist or not, and we all pile in and keep trying to prove it.
But also, there's a lot of establishment types who make $100,000, $200,000, $1,000,000 a year, or they're toadies at universities or wherever, and they've committed 10 years ago, 20 years ago, to saying we were conspiracy theorists, and so they're not now going to admit they were wrong.
I mean, they'll be announcing we're under an American Union and they'll be saying it isn't true five years from now.
I mean, they'll have parades in D.C.
and in Mexico City and in Ottawa.
They'll say it doesn't exist.
I mean, Limbaugh, until two years ago, was still saying the CFR didn't exist.
I remember Limbaugh, 15 years ago, saying it didn't exist.
I've heard Neil Bortz a month ago say that the Federal Reserve is not private, and it's all a conspiracy theory.
They tell you they're private on their own website!
It's just like when Dick Cheney says he was a secret member of the CFR and its director, and then people say the video's fake, but you can go to cfr.org and read that he was the director in the mid-1990s.
I mean, this is the level of willful ignorance.
And then you also have those that just do whatever's popular.
They know it's real, but they've been told by the media and by the culture that it's not kosher.
That it's not acceptable.
That you, that, well, just because you're called a kook, they don't want to be called a kook, so they'll just, yeah, it's real, but you're not supposed to talk about it.
And then you've got just this poor fool, raised probably in public school,
I mean, just listen to the first part of the question to Paul, and we'll come back and play the rest.
Here is the idiot question to Ron Paul.
This question is for Ron Paul.
I've met a lot of your supporters online, but I've noticed that a good number of them seem to buy into this conspiracy theory regarding the Council of Foreign Relations and some plan to make a North American Union by merging the United States with Canada and Mexico.
These supporters of yours seem to think that you also believe in this theory, so my question to you is,
Do you really believe in all this?
Or are people just putting words in your mouth?
Well, it all depends on what you mean by all of this.
The CFR exists.
The Trilateral Commission exists.
And it's a, quote, conspiracy of ideas.
This is an idea.
Let's stop right there.
When we get back, we'll play the rest of it.
This young man, he probably is a Republican, young Republican, young Republican group.
In fact, the question sounds like it was written by somebody else.
Meant to be hoaxy and folksy for the population.
These people make me sick.
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Well, it's now coming out that a bunch of the questions were different politico groups through fronts, that General and a bunch of others, they were staged questions.
This one has the feel of it.
I mean, the young guy's just another little moron who thinks it's cute to not check into things and deny their existence.
But I bet he's just, bottom line assessment, probably, you know, a college student, young Republican, likes Limbaugh, listens to it, believes that the sky doesn't exist, the moon doesn't exist, George Washington didn't exist.
They just deny reality that he probably thinks that the amnesty bill wasn't an amnesty bill, even though it was released.
I mean, how obvious is that?
We're keeping it secret.
You're not allowed to see it.
But we promise it's not an amnesty.
And then we get it.
It's a total amnesty.
It was worse than amnesty.
It was a pardon for aggravated felons.
I mean, it just never ended.
They lie, lie, lie.
So we're all busy debating whether it exists or not.
That's why the story Paul wrote two days ago in the News and Focus section of PrisonPlanet.com, it's on the right hand side, get it, email your whole email list, put it on MySpace, put it on Facebook, get it out everywhere.
We need your help, because that planted question, and I'd say 90% chance it was planted.
Or regardless, he was regurgitating the exact talking points we hear from the neocons.
So it's propaganda through osmosis.
That was meant to try to fool the general public into thinking that it doesn't exist or that kooks talk about it, but you notice that he gets about, I'd say, 80% of the crowd cheers for Paul at the end of his answer, and the other candidates look like he's letting the cat out of the bag, and they all look very nervous and upset, and then the moderator
Anderson Cooper looks at the crowd with shock as they cheer and then looks upset and looks back at everybody.
They all know that you're not supposed to let this out.
Public, if you'll just, you look up sports scores, you can go look up SPP documents.
Just spend a few minutes reading them.
Go watch in-game.
I mean, we show all the documents, we blow them up, we circle them, we hear it, we show you the President saying it, Merkel of Germany saying it, Berlusconi, the head of the EU saying it.
Please just look into what we're saying, and then admit you've been lied to.
A lot of you go look into it, and you go, okay, so what?
They're saying that, it's not gonna happen.
That's the next answer.
Not gonna happen.
Yeah, just like Amnesty hadn't already happened with 30-plus mil running all over the place.
Let's get back into the question.
Listen to this guy's question very carefully, then listen to Paul's response.
And then listen to the cheering at the end.
This question is for Ron Paul.
Now, I've met a lot of your supporters online, but I've noticed that a good number of them seem to buy into this conspiracy theory regarding the Council of Foreign Relations and some plan to make a North American Union by merging the United States with Canada and Mexico.
These supporters of yours seem to think that you also believe in this theory.
So my question to you is,
Do you really believe in all this?
Or are people just putting words in your mouth?
Well, it all depends on what you mean by all of this.
The CFR exists, the Trilateral Commission exists, and it's a, quote, conspiracy of ideas.
This is an ideological battle.
Some people believe in globalism, others of us believe in national sovereignty.
And there is a move on toward a North American Union, just like early on there was a move on for a European Union, and it eventually ended up.
So we had NAFTA, and moving toward a NAFTA highway.
These are real things.
It's not somebody made these up.
It's not a conspiracy.
They don't talk about it, and they might not admit about it, but there's been money spent on it.
There was legislation passed in the Texas Legislature unanimously to put a halt on it.
They're planning on millions of acres taken by eminent domain for an international highway from Mexico to Canada, which is going to make the immigration problem that much worse.
So it's not so much a secretive conspiracy, it's a contest between ideologies, whether we believe in our institutions here,
I don't like big government in Washington, so I don't like this trend.
I was wondering why you don't hear the cheers at the end, because I sent John so many clips.
This is out of a 10-minute compilation clip.
That's why you don't hear the cheering.
John, I'm sorry.
It's the other, shorter clip of just Paul's answer, not the question.
And at the end of that, can you cue it up for the last 10 seconds of that?
I want people to hear the cheer when he finishes his question.
That's why I didn't hear that big cheer.
When we come back, we'll play that for you.
I was wondering where that was.
And I was just thinking about all the neocons and all the former Republicans that were in that audience who remember Ronald Reagan saying all these things when he ran against Bush, before he made him his VP, about the CFR for Lateral Commission, a plan to set all this up.
I know that little guy, Gordon Bloyer, was there.
And they just have amnesia.
They won't admit what they've turned into.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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1-800-259-9231 What should we do?
What should our tactics be to deal with an establishment that knows that half the public is completely brain dead and doesn't even know the basics of the geopolitical system our own governments make up?
You've got all these so-called Republicans who forget that in the 80s
Republicans knew about the Law of the Sea Treaty, and knew about plans for trade unions, merging our countries, and knew about the New World Order.
I mean, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, openly called for a One World Government, Time Magazine writes editorials with their editors, Thoreau, Talbot, and then they go work at the State Department for Clinton, saying we need to get rid of our sovereignty, and soon we won't have sovereignty, and we're going to implement an incremental approach
A stealth approach?
We're going to deceive the people?
I mean, they just throw it in our face in thousands of books, thousands of documents, hundreds of C-SPAN programs.
They just say they're doing it.
And then Republicans email me and say, Dick Cheney isn't a member of the CFR and I'm a liar and I've made it up.
Because, see, they're still in the pattern of 10 years ago when Limbaugh said it didn't exist.
So even though Limbaugh is now saying it does exist, but it's good, they'll just tell me it doesn't exist or Cheney isn't part of it.
I mean, how do you deal with just, and they think it's cute, I've talked to them, they'll laugh and giggle and go, sure, crazy man, and I'm going to listen.
You know, through the National Association of Counties, Cities, Governors, City Managers, these organizations with the big bond packages and foreign banks openly are signing on to the same templates in every city and county.
They're taking private property.
They're taking our freedoms.
The Second Amendment's under attack.
The NRA's for gun control.
And they go, no, it's not conspiracy.
Well, Bush is for the assault weapons ban.
He's trying to bring it back.
No, he's not.
And I'm like, please, just defend America.
And then Pat Robertson comes out and says, well, abortion isn't the issue now, and gay marriage isn't the issue.
This is for so-called conservatives.
No, the issue is terrorism, so I'm voting for Giuliani.
And the Christian organizations and groups say, absolutely!
Forget the babies!
And Hagee says Jesus isn't the Messiah, and all these big Christian groups say, that's right!
I've seen their websites and announcements where they're saying, absolutely!
Hagee says it!
I mean, how did... I used to think liberals were dumb when Bill Clinton was committing all these crimes, and Chinese generals, and coke dealers in the White House, and all these murders, and bed-rigging, and scams, and bombing Serbia, and fake concentration camp photo ops of Hillary, and... I mean, and liberals wouldn't wake up.
Now liberals have woken up to the Democratic Party.
Liberals are awake to it, by and large.
And a lot of conservatives have woken up, but there's still a hardcore 15% or so of the public, and there's hundreds of polls that show this, who Bush could literally say, I love Stalin, and they would start telling us that Stalin was conservative.
I'm not joking when I say that.
I mean, to them, it's the party.
They don't care about amnesty.
They don't care about open borders.
They don't care about endless wars.
They don't care about Butcher and the Bill of Rights.
They don't care about the government setting up secret police.
All they care about is groveling and worshipping tyranny.
Because they feel like they're going to be on the winning side, and I have no doubt.
Some of them are going along because of peer pressure.
Some of them are going along because it's like a frat boy syndrome of thinking they're with the winning team.
But a lot of others are scared.
A lot of others know what's going on, and they're just deciding to go along with it.
And, you know, they say that a coward dies a thousand deaths.
And really, at the end of the day, in the final equation, that's what this comes down to.
That's what this comes down to at the end of the day, is that George Orwell talks about the psychological system of double-think.
And then, of course, later wrote in essays that he was putting in a fictional account of things he actually witnessed in all the different professions he was in.
Secret policing in India, communist fighter in
Yes, we are.
And then he went to work with the BBC as a propagandist and found out that basically British Intel had set up Hitler and everything else and controlled the whole paradigm.
But he talks about doublethink and how the smartest people engage in doublethink.
They make a kind of scared, you know, subconscious decision right at the edge of consciousness.
Man, this stuff's scary.
I can't believe the government staged the attacks.
You know, there's all these declassified admissions of where they've done other ones.
And man, I can't believe they're actually destroying the country and the sovereignty.
I'm just going to willfully decide, in an inkling, in a split second, to double-think.
To admit to myself that this is going on, but then to decide to just say everything's alright and it's going to be okay.
It's called denial, and as the old cliche goes, it's not a river in Egypt.
But double-think is that split-second
Move into denial.
There's also another term, Crime Stop.
That when they catch themselves about to believe something, or about to think something, or about to check into something, they just won't even look at it.
They just won't even look at it.
It's like when I first commissioned that fair poll and put the actual poll questions out, so it's just the results for Ron Paul showing he won in every demographic except one against the other Republican candidates and even against Hillary.
That first on the message boards and Gig and Free Republic, they just said I lied.
They just said it wasn't real.
They didn't go check.
They didn't go look into it.
They just said it's not real, it's a lie.
And then Zogby put out a press release and said, no, it's real.
And they said, well, and then they spun it along with what Zogby had said and then came back and said, well, you know, Ron Paul's a loser and bad.
See, losers I've found in life, one of their biggest tenants,
Is it just jealousy and envy to the point that they can't even operate in their life?
Or not just a cheating spirit of never wanting to even pay people what they're owed?
Or not even being able to do real business deals with people?
Not just because it's the right thing to do, but also it's good business to have a good name.
They just got to screw people.
They've got to do it.
But there's other little things they do, and that's denial.
Growing up and working in different businesses and working different places, I always saw when a business was getting their butt kicked by another business, they would make denials.
They would say, oh, that business is going under.
Or, oh, did you hear the owner of the business had a car wreck?
They're going under.
Or, oh, no, they're not doing good.
Instead of making a better product, putting out, you know, better info, making a better widget, whatever, they just deny and just say it doesn't exist.
And so a loser thinks that denying something, and I saw this when I was even like 10 years old.
I learned when I was like three.
I mean, I remember this experience of realizing back on the back porch playing at the house watching the sprinkler.
I'll never forget it, you know, in the sunshine.
And I had this moment where I realized the world wasn't me.
I wasn't the universe.
What I thought and said and did isn't where the world ended.
That I was a tiny piece of it.
It was like this big epiphany.
Or like this download of info.
Much more complex than what I'm even talking about here on air.
But I just remember realizing that other people have their own lives and see their own life around them and have their own perspective.
And go down their own unique paths and
I know a lot of adults, in fact most adults in this decadent society, who literally think the world is them.
No man is an island, no woman is an island.
Well, they believe that.
And you have to get into the mindset of the zombie public, who have been basically induced into this.
There were always people like this in history.
But studying history, it was a minority.
We're good to go.
In fact, that's how I kind of had that thought.
I read psychology that most three-year-olds, most 20-year-olds don't have.
I don't know why I had that strong epiphany, and I had it many times after that, even stronger, that I was out there playing imaginary play.
I guess none of the other kids were over in the neighborhood, and I didn't have a sister until I was like 15, 14 or 15.
So I was an only child pretty much growing up, and so I'd play along sometimes, and I remember being about three years old, and then I was play acting, like I was Buck Rogers or something, running around with a toy gun in the backyard, and I remember just, you know, that's what started it all.
Wait a minute.
I'm play acting.
This isn't real.
I'm not really running around battling space aliens, and I'm not the whole world.
I'm not the whole universe.
I'm not everything.
And it was just an amazing experience, and I realize most adults haven't even had that experience yet.
But they don't play act like they're Buck Rogers, or the Lone Ranger, or Luke Skywalker, or Will Smith.
They play like they are the... I mean, a guy at McDonald's over... I never worked at McDonald's, but I worked at a fast food place.
They're on a huge power trip because there are over three people they can yell at.
And they enjoy it.
I've never seen people getting off on dominating people for no reason.
I like dominating bullies or people that try to screw me.
Then it's an instinct.
I don't particularly enjoy it, but used to I did.
I'm kind of getting past that.
But now I just more coldly crush people.
Just because I have to protect myself and my mission and people that work with me and what I do.
But I'm just babbling here about philosophy and there's a lot of news and a lot of calls I want to get to today.
It's just that they play act.
I'm not saying it's bad to have dreadlocks, or it's bad to have a short haircut, or it's bad to wear polo shirts, or it's bad to wear hand-woven Indian silk.
I don't care.
I'm saying, if that costume, if that play acting is your entire identity, that that then leads into all these cliques and all these little niche groups and this niche marketing
And not being a true individual, just kind of committing yourself to some false template.
And most people, you know, they live in the fancy house, or they've got the fancy truck, or they've got the gold rims, and that's their identity, or they've got the iPhone or the iPod, and that's their identity, or they're a Republican supporter, and everybody else is just crazy kooks, and they giggle and snicker and all have the same little childlike affectations.
It's a nation of children!
And I've studied third world nations and third world slave populations, serf populations,
Whereas they can be very loving, dynamic, courage-filled people, to a point, they still have the minds, the intellect, the culture of children.
And they don't have... They're not Spartan, you could say that.
And this person asking this question, this stage question, is a child, and will probably be frozen in a child-like mindset for their entire life.
Believing delusions.
So let's just hear his weak, tremulous voice one more time.
Good evening, candidates.
This is Seekster from Arlington, Texas, and this question is for Ron Paul.
Now, I've met a lot of your supporters online, but I've noticed that a good number of them seem to buy into this conspiracy theory regarding the Council of Foreign Relations and some plan to make a North American Union by merging the United States with Canada and Mexico.
These supporters of yours seem to think that you also believe in this theory.
So my question to you is,
Do you really believe in all this?
Or are you just putting words in your mouth?
And so see, he's asking do you believe in it, not have you documented it, not do you know it?
And the culture and the media is all pared down now to soundbites and group names and buzzwords.
And by design, they dumb the television down more and more and more.
They dumb the language down.
They reduce the number of words that are used.
They change the popular semantical meaning of words.
They're just ripping them and shredding them now at a hyper-warp level.
To where those of us, I mean, somebody like me talking to a founding father, I'm not just saying this, you know, in some imaginary way, imagining him as Superman.
I mean, on average, they could speak four languages.
They were obsessed with science and creativity and inventions and inventiveness and with being strong men and being fearless.
They were into the animating contest.
They were seething with literally electrical power.
I mean, you read their debates, and they weren't trying to show off.
I mean, no one talks like this.
No one is like this.
They were the ultimate expression of a 200-plus year renaissance that had kicked off in 1500.
Again, instead of spending all their time acting cool, being petty, not looking at themselves, not thinking about who they really were, not studying history, watching football, baseball, satiating themselves, partying all the time.
No, no, no.
I mean, they were just ravenously into history.
They were ravenously into debates.
But they weren't just little brookworm wimps.
They would go out in the street and pull out swords and just start hacking each other into blobs of flesh and pulling pistols and killing each other and, you know, just ravenously riding over troops with horses and just crazed looks on their faces.
I mean, these were real men.
These were real individuals.
They were really alive.
To a level we couldn't even communicate with them.
If I was talking to one of them, I would barely even be able to understand what they were saying.
I would barely be able to interface with the incredible, complex, intellectual systems they had developed.
And then now, me, compared to the general public, it's that same separation.
I sit here and look at the general public.
I mean, you could be over at somebody's house who's worth $10 million and a top local broker
Or the owner of a huge clothing line, or somebody who owns all these stocks and bonds and knows how to work that one area of their life.
But you try to talk to them about basic history and everything else, they just don't know!
I mean, your folks, they have sucked your life force out.
They have sucked your destiny.
They have totally screwed up your future.
They're poisoning you.
They're dulling you with drugs and chemicals through the water, through the air, through the drugs, through the food.
They know what they're doing, and there are intelligent people, but they're on the dark side, and they're working against you.
They're cold-bloodedly dumbing you down so you're more easily controlled.
I mean, look at old black-and-white pictures of any farmers, any ranchers, any factory workers.
I mean, the lowliest construction worker, even in 1910, building a skyscraper in New York.
It's not just black-and-white photography.
You can look at other skip-the-bleach, black-and-white photography, and the eyes are not piercing in most people.
Literally, window to the soul, as the ancients knew.
You look at people's eyes now, ladies and gentlemen, they're dull.
Most of them are dull.
They're like foggy windows.
You look at people's eyes just 80 years ago, they are pulsing with power.
They are pulsing with life force!
Go type into Google old black and white photos, or black and white photos of settlers, or black and white photos of farm workers.
Do it!
I mean, it could be a black slave with no education, and you look into those eyes, you just like, you step back, and you see that we are literally a creation of God.
Those eyes are piercing.
Go look at photos of Andrew Jackson's eyes.
Those eyes are pulsing with life force and power.
We are having our very souls sucked out by this scum.
And it's done in layers, it's done from birth, it's done in the womb, with what's in the environment, and it's interfaced with the television, the culture, then the general public picks it up, and then through peer pressure interlays it into the real world and the three-dimensional system.
Alright, we'll come back in the morning.
Just take your calls.
But the soul is strong.
You can activate the fires.
You can activate the life force.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by the power of God.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after usually.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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By the way, I just want to put out a little health alert to everybody listening.
We hear a lot about cancer cures out there in the media and alternative media.
Oh, there are alternative treatments that can get rid of individual tumors, but it isn't always a cure because it could have metastasized.
So that's a little health alert.
And, uh, there is no shielding unless you're talking about a large, lead-lined bag, and then the phone wouldn't transmit, that will block the radiation from a cell phone to your head.
And I have to just say that, as a health thing, because people need to know that there is no little device you can just hook on a cell phone that's gonna block the cell phone radiation from your head.
I just, I just cannot sit here and not tell you that, okay?
Ugh, I can't handle it anymore.
I just try to get the word out.
I just try to sit here and be a moral person and do the right thing.
Joe, Rasheen, Steve, Chris, Mike, a lot of other people that are listening, we're going to get to you coming up as soon as I start the second hour.
Don't want to hear what you think of that Ron Paul clip.
Also, Nubin Laden confession tape, fake like the rest.
Deluded McCain thinks Americans believe 9-11 is a hoax, believe the 9-11 hoax.
Bernanke clears way for another Fed rate cut, and strangely the dollar went up about a half a cent or so whenever that happened.
Still down in the doldrums, and I hope it doesn't, I hope it stops falling, I hope it goes back up.
But how does a rate cut do that?
That'll mean foreigners will buy even less of the dollar.
That, again, the laws of economics now seem to be being suspended.
And again, if you cut rate cuts, then people aren't going to want to, institutional investors, private individuals, governments, aren't going to want to buy dollar investments.
What would help the dollar would be other countries like England and France and Germany cutting their interest rates.
And then that would make the dollar more attractive.
But talk of cutting rates?
But see, that shot the stock market up, and people said, oh, that means the dollar's stronger.
We're definitely living in a twilight zone here, economically, so we'll get into that a little bit more.
The money bomb is today, the mini money bomb, trying to raise $2,400,000-something thousand raised so far, so just in a day, they're shooting for $2,000,000 a month early.
Get the $12 million.
That'll get a lot of press and I'd say double, not quadruple, like the last Money Bomb.
The amount of attention Ron Paul gets, and then the 15th and 16th are the two big days to try to raise tens of millions.
I think we could raise $5 million each day and that'll be a record.
By the way, Paul's now beating Giuliani this quarter so far in fundraising.
So we'll be going over that as well, plus a lot of corruption on Giuliani's part starting to come to light.
But they're really going after the little stuff, not the big stuff.
So we'll talk about some of that.
The FBI investigates after officer uses taser on pregnant woman.
The FBI investigates after officer uses taser on pregnant woman.
Thousands illegally rendered by Bush administration.
That's grabbing you and putting a bag over your head.
They have a nice word, rendition, and the sub-term rendered by the Bush administration for interrogation, torture.
We already knew that, but now it's mainstream news.
Curtin Emo, great article, popular mechanics, details New York's high-tech police state.
We'll be going over that.
Banks US near deal to freeze subprime rates report.
That will actually
But it's price fixing, really.
It's the price of money fixing.
And these banks had bet on being able to raise the rate later on the people who, in some cases, didn't even have jobs, had bad credit.
And so that, down the line, is going to hurt them and cause even more small banks to go bankrupt.
But short term, it'll help.
But again, economics is so complex, you can't even know all the factors that are into it.
It's just more craziness.
Uh, sounds good on the surface, but it'll have serious, dire effects even greater down the road.
It's a kind of a, for stalling.
But, if I was a dead man, you know, about to be marched out to the gallows, I'd like a stay of a day or two.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we've got a ton of really important news, audio clips, analysis coming up on MX2 Hours.
In the first hour, I played the Ron Paul clip where they go, why do you talk about the imaginary North American Union conspiracy and the CFR Interlateral Commission?
He answered, well, they do exist.
Why are you saying they don't?
We're discussing that.
We're taking calls all across the map.
Any issue you want to discuss, but I hope you'll chime in on it.
Joe in Pennsylvania, then Rasheen, Steve, Chris, Stewart, and others.
You're on the air, Joe.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
I've been waiting forever, and I got to tell you,
I want your listeners to understand something that's very important, that they do their homework.
My world changed about a month ago when a woman came into my house and my wife does taxes.
She mentioned what was going on and she said, just look up the word Amaro.
Now, I'm a quadriplegic and I have the luxury of time so I went right away and I looked up Amaro and I found out what it was.
Slowly, I called it going down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland.
And it's all officially announced, but they don't tell the public it doesn't exist.
Well, it's not only that.
What happened was, it led me down to you.
I went to Aaron Russo, and I bought the tape, Freedom to Fascism.
And then I went and I looked up your videos, and I watched the Bohemian Grove.
And I gotta tell you, and again, I want your listeners out there, I'm not a plant, I'm not anything.
I ordered every one of your videos yesterday.
And I'm educating my wife and my father.
They live with me in my house.
And they don't believe.
They don't want to hear any of this.
But there's people out there that do want to hear it.
And what I'm trying to say is, this is documented stuff.
Do your homework.
To the people that are cynical listening to me, do your homework.
Don't believe Alex.
Don't believe all these crazies.
Go out there and look at these documents.
They're on the government websites.
There are news clips, video news clips of the well-established broadcasters saying this.
And the thing is... Well, see, that's the psychological warfare.
They announce it, then deny it.
Announce it, then deny it.
And it gets us more and more mad.
Well, you know what it is, Alex?
We live in... You know, somebody coined this phrase.
We live in a drive-thru society.
We go, we pay our... We pay our $5, we get our hamburger, and that's what we want, and that's how we get it.
And, you know, we just don't want to have time to do any research and we believe like sheep.
Yep, they said it.
It's true.
And the whole thing is, like 20 years ago, I said to my broker, I have some money in the bank, and I said to my broker, I said, you think someday there's going to be... Now, I'm a Christian and I believed in the Mark of the Beast and I, you know, tried to talk to people about it and they look at you like you've got six heads.
But anyway, I said, you think there's going to be a casual society?
This is
The head of Visa, the head of MasterCard, they've all said in the last two years that by 2011 we will be cashless.
There'll still be cash, but they've already studied it, they've already done tests, they've already announced it, and people deny that too.
They put RFID in the money, and not all of it, but they do plan to have all of it soon, and then that way it is cashlessly tracked.
If the people will go and look this up, it's applied digital, it's Digital Angel,
I don't
I haven't looked at their financial filings since 2001, but last time I looked at it, IBM owned the majority.
Well, Digital Angel, Applied Digital, was going to go under.
But they had to meet some, Digital Angel had to meet some debts before IBM sucked them up.
But right now, there's stocks rolling in.
I hear you.
Good to have you on board, sir.
I've got to jump.
Racine, Steve, Chris, Stewart, many others.
We'll be right back with your calls, right here on the GCN Radio Network.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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I don't think so.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
This just in, John Ashcroft was confronted by We Are Change.
We're going to be playing the audio of that video coming up in about 30 minutes right here.
On the Alex Jones Show, and I will be getting into the Ron Paul Revolution, the latest developments there, the latest war drums, and what's happening with the economy.
I know we have loaded phone lines, and we're going to get to everybody here in just a moment.
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And I didn't plug this last hour, so I'll plug it now.
Endgame is the most important film I've ever made.
And I've got to say, and I've seen them all.
Most of them, at least.
I'm sure there's some I haven't seen.
But all the big patriots slash truth films.
That Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement is the most comprehensive, most highly produced, most professionally produced film dealing with the New World Order, with the North American Union, the European Union, the globalists, who runs it, what their basic plans are.
All documented.
And that's only the first half.
It's two hours twenty minutes long with forty minutes of extras.
The second half is their eugenics, their history, what makes them tick, what their philosophy is.
First, who they are, what they're doing, what they're physically setting up for control, and then what they plan to do, what they've already done.
There's more than 20 examples in the film of thousands.
People think this is shocking.
This is nothing.
But it is still, as people say, one of the most frightening films I've ever seen.
You should be upset.
You should be concerned.
That fear is meant to get you out of fear to take action.
Where they would take children, put them in radiation tanks, and fry them to death.
Right here in the U.S.
Hundreds of thousands globally.
Over 100,000 in Israel.
Taking our troops, nerve gassing them, murdering them, sterilizing 40 plus percent of men of American women, grabbing women in this country if they had under a B plus average, sterilizing them from the 20s through the 80s, and it's still going on under other guises.
Murdering foster children with pesticides and chemical biological tests, murdering people on the New York subways, just hardcore slaughter!
Why don't they kill you then if they're hardcore slaughter?
They do this in certain divisions, certain tests,
To create cadres of killers who will do the test, that's the main reason, and test their weapons on us.
They don't want to kill me as I walk the razor's edge, putting everything in God's hands, because if they kill me, it will make me a martyr.
I'm a little too young for them to give me fake cancer to kill me, like they did many other people.
They still might do that.
Though it doesn't run in my family until people hit 70, 80.
We have pretty good genes.
And they might kill me in a car wreck.
They might just cap me.
The point is, there's too many of us.
The idea is out there.
They tried to contain it 20, 30 years ago.
If you were one of these investigators, they'd kill you dead in a hammer quick.
They don't now because there's too many of us and our numbers are spreading.
That makes it safer for everybody, not just me, but you.
I'm already belaboring.
I want to go to your calls.
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The globalists are completely nuts.
But, uh, in-game blueprint for global enslavement, 888-253-3139.
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Okay, I'm done plugging.
That's last hour's plugs and this hour's plugs together.
Uh, I'm gonna try to move quick now, callers.
Rasheen in New York, go ahead.
Hey, hello?
Hi, go ahead.
Hey, okay, Mr. Jones, I'm so excited about an article, two articles that I have in my hand right now.
This is pertaining to the debate.
Remember that, um, remember the gentleman that talked about Ron Paul running as an independent?
Um, okay, I've actually watched him on the after, I guess it was the post-debate coverage, they actually interviewed the guy?
And he rammed and raved about how he was so upset about Ron Paul, yadda yadda yadda.
But I kind of got a little suspicious about him, and I'm sure some other viewers did also.
So you Googled his name and found out he was an operative?
Well, I don't know if he's an operative, but I did run into an article that the WQAD wrote on July 27th of this year.
I guess that's the day after the Democratic debate.
Can I read a little excerpt of this article?
Yes, sir.
A Quad City voter is making a national headlines tonight.
Mark Strauss of Davenport was one of 3,000 voters to submit a question through YouTube Monday for Monday's Democratic Presidential Debate.
And CNN has already contacted him about editing a different question for the Republican Presidential Debate in September.
What do you make of that?
Again, read that slowly again.
Okay, it says, a Quad City voter is making national headlines tonight.
Again, this is from July 27th of this year.
Uh, his name is Mark Strauss of Davenport, was one of 3,000 voters to submit a question through YouTube for Monday's Democratic presidential debate.
Then it says, and CNN has already contacted him about editing a different question for the Republican presidential debate in September.
Yeah, that shows how CNN stages most of this.
They had a bunch of Republican Party operatives there, who I know of personally.
They had just a bunch of Democratic operatives there.
And I will tell you that I'll eat my hat, as they say,
All my instincts say it.
That that questioner for Ron Paul about the NAU not existing and all that, that that individual was fed that question as well.
Because it's phrased to sound like it's campy and from the population, but I just have learned to see the signature.
In fact, I know.
I can just tell you I know.
But I don't like to go off that.
I've just learned to call these things.
And so there you have it.
Also, there's also another article the same day from the Huntington Post
I guess they have a blog or something else that's called the off the bus and in there if you scroll through there's another line that says CNN didn't just pick the questions they identified contributors and in some cases work with them to shape the question or the video.
Mark Strauss name is in that same paragraph.
I found that to be very suspicious.
Yeah, what's the name of the article again that sounds like something my limited staff might try to do?
Just Google the term Mark Strauss W Quad and also Google Mark Strauss Huntington Post.
I guess the blog is off the bus.
Well, well done Machine.
I appreciate your call.
We're going to come back.
See, I just said I'd go quickly call.
We spent four minutes with him.
He's such a great caller.
You're all great callers.
Stephen, Denver, Chris, Stuart, Glenn, many others.
1-800-259-9231 is the toll free number to join us.
And again, I have a huge stack of important news.
Five more audio clips I want to play.
John Ashcroft being confronted.
First time you'll hear this on air.
Great folks at We Are Change.
This is coming up in the next 20 minutes or so, but I want to finish up with the older callers, the ones that have been on there longer.
And, uh, yeah.
They stage all this stuff, folks.
Just like they stage most of these press conferences.
It's fake.
It's fake.
It's staged.
People make fun of me for always saying, it's staged, it's staged.
Nine times out of ten it's staged.
It's as fake as a three dollar bill.
We'll be right back after this quick break, right here on the GCN Radio Network, PrisonPlanet.com.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, let's go to Steve in Denver, Colorado.
You're on the air, Steve.
Great job, excellent.
Thank you, sir.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, great job on Endgame.
I saw it just last week, and I thought it was excellent.
Really good.
You know, we talked a little about, I guess it was about a month ago, about writing letters to Congress.
And, you know, Congress has been completely derelict.
So what we did was we kind of put together a website.
Our goal is to try to get four to five hundred thousand letters going off every week on these issues.
And, you know, Ron Paul,
He's got his bill up there, House Resolution 3835, the American Freedom Agenda Act.
That needs support.
We really need to build the coattails for Ron Paul right now in Congress.
And we need to find out who our friends are and who our enemies are.
And there's a whole lot of things that are going on.
I think we really need to try to stop this Senate Resolution 1959 before Christmas.
Because you know what happened with the Federal Reserve Act back in 1913, Alex?
They passed that right before Christmas when everybody had gone home.
Well, they passed hundreds of horrible bills right before Christmas.
I got the feeling they're going to try to do it this year, too.
So, you know, our goal is to try to get people mobilized.
I know a lot of folks are dumbed down, but your listeners are on the ball.
They're listening.
We can take this government back.
We can take that building, the Capitol,
We need to get in there and hold these guys accountable.
Hundreds, in other cases, are coming out to events, physically manifesting after interfacing with each other in cyberspace.
We need to now take that and put that into other movements because, again, Ron Paul is a focal point, a rallying point, which you're absolutely right.
We need to get other candidates that are running right now to run on the Ron Paul candidacy, to affiliate with Ron Paul, you know, to create more of a Ron Paul movement around that name recognition.
And I agree, letters to Congress do help, phone calls do help.
First of all, I just want to thank you for everything that you do.
Thank you.
Sorry, I was taking notes on the last caller.
I wanted to say that it's my understanding there was only a 3% public approval rating for the Revolutionary War, and yet here we find ourselves in the Great American Experiment.
Yeah, 3% started the war, 5% won the war.
And so I just want to say thank you, and God's Word says that the overcomers will be rewarded, so God bless you and your family, and may you guys persevere and overcome.
The best way that I can describe what's happening and the way that you tied it all together is great, but it reminds me of the pyramid, you know, the power structure, and between the capstone that's raised and the base of the pyramid, there's an arc, kind of, that is a convex dome, basically, that the God of this world has created to
I'm good.
And so they create this faction and infighting under that bubble.
Yeah, so people never even talk about dealing with the New World Order system, actually tearing down what they've built.
We end up ninnying and fighting over, you know, is it Count Bibblebopper or Lord Snoopy, you know, that are actually controlling the final penultimate levers.
We know.
It's all these major organizations.
They're all controlled by the globalists.
Just fight them.
Expose them.
Instead of spending half our energies ninnying about.
But a lot of that's by design.
A lot of that's put out by COINTELPRO.
And then kind of idiots and dummies and well-meaning fools kind of pile on.
But then even addressing it becomes somewhat of a distraction.
I appreciate your call.
I mean, I've cried with the crowd that viciously has threatened me, called for my death, all kinds of stuff.
Because I'm a Jewish agent and I won't say that Jews are a devil's seed and that all our problems are Jews.
If we didn't have Jews around, everything would be okay.
No, of course Israel's got corrupt people running it.
So does our government.
So does Germany.
So does Italy.
So does China, Russia.
That's the nature of history in the world.
That's what Jesus talked about, wickedness in high places.
We know that.
Now let's fight the system.
Let's wake the people up.
I thought that was one of the more vicious groups.
It is one of the more vicious, but a lot of them are just sick and unhappy, really weird people.
Then there's the other different crowds, and some of them think they're so pious, and you try to talk to them,
I've talked to people off air many times, and then they just won't listen.
Like you, like as a human being, you're trying to explain, listen, listen to me.
What you're saying's not true about me or somebody else, and they just go, no, it's not, no, no.
Again, they're like these Republicans that say there's no NAU.
They just won't wake up and admit they were wrong.
We've got to ignore them and move forward.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think that a parasitic dream will never come back That painted my hands and face blue And suddenly I saw it all over my life
We're good.
I'm Alex Jones!
And you found the tip of the spear, the front lines in the info war.
I am your wartime broadcaster in the defense of this fine republic.
The globalists have almost completely taken over.
He uses an engine of global domination.
While at the same time destroying our name in history and demonizing liberty and freedom.
By the way, I was just thinking about divide and conquer.
We have to be very clear with balkanization.
Given the Balkans, they were using Muslims or Croats to attack the Serbs, or Serbs to attack another group, that doesn't mean that one of those individual groups shouldn't defend themselves.
That means that while they're being overrun, that means they should be conscious, though, of how the Balkanization is being used, and that the fact that, you know, the British tacticians and others bragged about the fact of how they Balkanized it, and how they did it, and how the Austrian-Hungarian Empire was broken up using it.
Now, it's the same thing with Latin America.
Our government, under Smedley Butler and other Marine Corps generals, and Smedley Butler wrote books about this, went in and overthrew dozens and dozens of nations.
You're like, well wait a minute, there's only like ten countries down there.
Well, exactly.
They overthrew them time and time again.
I mean, I haven't even counted it up.
Probably 50 invasions, or probably 30 or 40 invasions, and another 30, 40, 50, I don't know, 100 financed coups down there.
I mean, imagine if foreign governments were constantly overthrowing the U.S.
Well, now that's happened.
That's what globalism is.
Big global corporations have just come in and done it.
They called it gunboat diplomacy.
They'd give them loans, tell their politicians not to pay them back.
When they didn't pay them back, they'd retire to the U.S.
or Spain or Switzerland.
And then we'd send in the Marines to fully take over the nation and the land and kick everybody off their property and put dictators in or corrupt governments.
So these people are mad at us, and they've all been taught this in school.
Well, what does our government do?
They know that, so they actually go finance in the teaching and school in Latin America and in Mexico, that the U.S.
belongs to Mexico, and Mexico's bad.
They even teach it in public school.
When I was in public school, I was taught that.
So now the globalists can conquer the U.S.
They go down there and enslave them, do all these horrible things to them, and then they bring them up here and sick them on America.
And even if they're not politically wanting to destroy the U.S., and I would say the majority of these illegal aliens do, and they openly say it and state it and it's in all their writings, they still drive down the wages, blow out the social welfare net at the state level, at the hospitals, and on welfare and the prison systems, and that's all admitted.
And then the Feds get to come in there.
Again, it's pressure from below, pressure from above.
So I don't dislike Latin Americans.
In fact, I think they're really neat, diverse, interesting people.
And I don't dislike Mexicans from Mexico.
But I understand that they are a weapon, and I understand our country's already had a lowering of standards, and our standard of living, and our quality of life.
And I know this is just the beginning.
It's kind of like when you're going over a water slide, right?
When you first start sliding, you're going slow.
Now we're starting to speed up.
And you slide down 90% of the slide faster than it took you to go down the first 10%.
Well, we've just hit the part where we're accelerating right now.
37 million immigrants here in the last 10 years.
That's the new big census that just came out with federal data that we covered yesterday.
37 million.
Now, more than half of those, it says, are illegal aliens.
Now remember, the Feds admit that their census probably only picked up half the illegals, so the media keeps using this 14 million number, that by the way is already three years old, so even their number now is about 16 mil.
Well double 16 mil, that's 32 mil illegal, and another 15 plus mil legal.
Now folks, what's 32 mil and 15 mil?
30 million and 15 million is
A massive number.
Forty-five million.
Add two more, that's forty-seven million people.
Two-thirds of them illegal aliens.
Eighty percent of those from Mexico.
More than thirty percent of the Mexican population living here on average.
Taught in their schools from birth that America stole their land and hates them.
And this ADL puts out a report
Saying that racists lie and say that La Raza and other people call for Libertad Reconquista.
All you gotta do is tune in a few days a week to Spanish radio.
You don't even have to speak Spanish to know the words.
La Reconquista, Raza, Race.
I mean, you listen for an hour, you're gonna hear it.
You listen to P.O.E.N.
right here in Austin, Texas, now the number one station.
right here in Austin, Texas.
And it is just wall-to-wall race politics.
Ra-za, ra-za, ra-za, ra-za, ra-za.
And I'm just supposed to sit here like an idiot and not wake up to that.
I am not against these people.
I wish I could speak Spanish well.
I wish I had the money to put out everything in Spanish.
I wish you'd translate our articles.
I wish people that speak Spanish out there that know what's happening would take the ideas, the info we put out here, check it out for yourselves, and then warn these people.
Because let me tell you something, the Mexican leaders don't tell them not to take the vaccines.
They tell them to do it.
They don't tell them don't go to Planned Parenthood and kill their little Mexican babies.
I don't want you to kill your Mexican babies.
I don't want babies dying.
See, I care about you, as you're a human being, a lot more than your New World Order bosses do, who want you dead.
Who actually want to hurt your Raza.
But I'll tell you right now, when the plan of San Diego comes out,
And I found out about it two years ago because they were wearing Plan of San Diego shirts at an event and a historian, a Hispanic gentleman walked over who works at UT, a professor, said, you know what that means?
Another fellow walked over and told me what it meant.
And he said, they're wearing the Plan of San Diego, a plan to kill all whites 16 and older.
And I said, I don't believe it.
And the guy seemed real credible.
And you know, you get a sense somebody's telling the truth that you've got to trust but verify.
And I went and Googled it, University of Texas, University of Mexico City, the mass military attacks on Texas.
I mean, I didn't even know that!
And I mean, I am white!
And so, I know everybody's been told that I'm not allowed to have my Raza, that if I say that I have any fealty to my Raza, or to my culture, and that I don't want you to kill my children, and in the Texas Civil Rights publication, Texas Civil Rights Journal,
I'll never forget it came out and said, well, Mr. Jones, you're a racist, and you came out and protested the Mexican Independence Day, which was really a big Hispanic Klan meeting.
I mean, they were saying things more radical than the Klan says, which I find very distasteful.
I've gone out and bullhorned the Klan.
Why is it acceptable for them to say all this?
And I went out there, and I heard all this, and then
Texas Civil Rights Commission said, well, I mean, the Texas Civil Rights Journal said, well, they've been oppressed.
So, yeah, they did kill a bunch of people in the plan of San Diego.
And it was basically like, yeah, there's a plan to kill you and just lay down and die.
Man, I can't sit there while 30 plus million people are running around saying they want to kill me.
What do you expect me to do?
What do you want me to do?
I'm gonna fight back!
But see, the globalists know that, and then they get to get everybody fighting with each other, and then they get to play us off against each other, and it's bull.
You don't hear Jesse Jackson telling New York to stop taking black foster children and testing drugs and chemicals and pesticide on them and killing them.
That's in the news.
You don't hear Al Sharpton doing it.
They're on payroll, folks.
Just like your RAZA and your MECHA members are, financed by this pimp government.
Alright, I've already digressed.
So, we have to fight the New World Order tool of destroying our sovereignty, overrunning us with third world invasion.
It's already unsustainable.
30 plus million illegals, 15 illegals in the 10 years.
I mean, it's already, probably.
Kind of like they've chopped both our arms off and we're bleeding to death.
Now they want to chop both legs off and slit our throat and we're just flopping around in a pool of blood and the media is saying we're delusional for even talking about it.
None of it exists and there's no amnesty and there's no problem.
There's not Mexican flags everywhere and rise of this, rise of that.
La Reconquista of this or La Reconquista of that.
I said I'd go to calls and the Ashcroft thing's coming up.
Who's next here?
You said I skipped a caller?
And then Stewart, then back to Stewart, Glenn was before him.
Okay, Glenn in Texas, you're on the air, go ahead.
Alex, you there?
Yes sir.
Alex, it's ironic.
First off, thank you for the opportunity to speak to you and to fellow listeners.
It's ironic.
This dovetails back to another caller that called earlier.
I think God gives people the same, not just one person, but numerous people the same time.
The show seems to have themes on subjects I don't even talk about or that I don't raise that day.
The idea came to me a few days ago.
If, I should say, let's be positive, when Dr. Paul wins, we've only won a battle.
We haven't won the war.
What we're facing is they'll redouble and retriple their efforts in the media and in Congress against the American people.
What came to me was the idea of a contract for a constitutional America.
The idea being that
I will try to send out letters to individual congressmen and senators if they would make a commitment, sign a pledge, to not vote for anything that is blatantly unconstitutional in violation of the Constitution.
And if they won't sign the pledge, I know it's getting late for us here in the year, but
Try to run candidates, be they Democrats or Republicans, that would sign that pledge.
I understand, but that's something that a $50 million organization would have trouble setting up in this much time.
It's a great idea.
We should do it in the next election cycle.
You should start the organization now and start trying to move it down the field.
Then you're going to have arguments with your own board about what's constitutional and what's not.
Congress will then claim different things.
There are a pack of lawyers up there.
The first thing that crossed my mind is you'd have to run this as a pack of political action committee.
But it's a thought, and I want to give people a plug for another one of your websites, which is Prison Planet Forum.
Yes, sir.
If you're solidly behind us in what we believe in, get on Prison Planet and let's talk to each other.
Alex, it's been a pleasure.
God bless you.
I'm glad about your family and thank you very much.
Thank you, sir.
I really appreciate you calling us, Glenn.
Stuart and Mass, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yeah, I'm on speakerphone here because I risked my freaking job doing this stuff.
But anyway, I was just thinking, man, I'm nervous all the way down here, so I know you must be nervous up there.
Yeah, you're on air.
Go ahead.
Oh, okay.
I know you must be nervous, but I just want to speak this to you.
We're going to win against these people.
We're going to crush them down.
We're going to win.
Well, I'll say this.
They've lost the initiative, and they've been exposed.
All their fake newscasts, all their staged questions.
I mean, it's the unraveling of their system.
They don't have that haughty arrogance like they did before.
Or when they try to put that face on, they look scared.
So yes, sir, we have a chance with God's help.
And I just wanted to say this.
You know, all those people out there who are under their spell, or their minds are dulled from all the poisons, I'm going to rebuke that.
I'm going to rebuke that.
And also, now that we've dragged the serpent out into the light, I'm going to smite it.
I'm going to smite him with the sword of the spirit.
And I'm just praying to dispatch mighty angels to people like your side and all you who are up there on the front lines.
And like I said, we're going to win this.
God bless you, my friend.
God bless you.
Thanks for the call.
There's no doubt, I've got some angels in my life, folks, or I wouldn't be here breathing.
Before I ever got involved in this stuff, the things I witnessed growing up, the things I saw, the things I ran into, already would have filled up an interesting life.
Most people would never have seen the things I saw, folks.
Police dealing drugs, devil worshipping, corruption, street fighting.
Yes, I do.
And it was just all preparation.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Scott in Idaho, or Ohio, excuse me.
Different side of the country.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
First time caller here, and I'd like to make a comment about the YouTube debate question, because this one really set me off.
I think this ties in a bit with what you're saying about balkanization.
There's also an effort to polarize, or the polarization of all the citizens in this country, and they do that by repeatedly bombarding us with this propaganda.
Yeah, that's a loaded term meant to bring in UFOs and chupacabras.
How do we hide this from the public and the media at large?
Yeah, that's right.
We got the document where they talk about deceiving people in the talking points.
Then we see the talking points used in the public.
But again, a general public doesn't know what the SPP is.
Sure, they don't even know where Canada is.
See, that's our problem, is the media is just trying to keep that stable of idiots where they're at, keeping them from waking up.
That's true, but everybody does know that free societies are not governed in secret, and if we can at least turn them on to that idea, that these things are being done in secret, and by definition, they're being done by conspiracy.
Well, I bring this up again.
Remember earlier this year?
Oh, this isn't an amnesty bill, but it's secret!
We can't let you see the bill, and then it gets leaked by Senator Sessions, and it's total amnesty.
I mean, they just, folks, they lie, lie, lie, lie, lie!
Anderson Cooper, before he became a CNN... CIA operative, yeah, that's a better mention.
He was admitted to the CIA, and that has to be highly suspect in and of itself.
Well, he's also the heir to the Astor fortune.
And the parting comment I'd like to make is, if you don't believe in quote-unquote conspiracy theory, then you're believing this is all happening by coincidence.
Just like throwing up a deck of cards and having it land in perfect order in a pile on the ground.
Now, we know that this stuff is happening in secret, and we know that it's being done to undermine the sovereignty of this country, and it is not by coincidence.
I agree, and I appreciate your call.
Look, for people out there who bought into the neocon talk and the liberal talk that none of this exists, okay, it doesn't exist, we're dumb.
Go read the SPP documents.
And then when you actually read how they talk about how to lie to you, maybe then,
I mean, will you believe Judicial Watch?
They're the ones that got the impeachment started on Clinton.
They're conservative.
They sued.
Another thing, they look at Prison Planet and they say the documents are fake.
And once you realize they're lying to you, will you please then admit you were wrong and help us save the country?
We're in desperate straits!
We need you!
We need you to join us!
We need you to look at the evidence!
They've got so many other tactics that they use.
I mean, I hear every day in the media, don't believe what you see on the internet.
It's all lies.
Oh, I don't believe that.
That's an internet.
I'm like, no, no, it's a bill.
Put it off thomas.loc.gov.
Thomas, mamas, mamas.
It's fake.
And I'm like, no, no, no, no.
Every mainstream news thing is on the internet too.
Sure it is.
Sure it is.
You're just a liar.
I like booze.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
That's what they have to lose.
They're after power.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
Alright, the Ashcroft Confrontation with VR Change Colorado is coming up.
Breaking news in New Hampshire.
Hostage taken at Clinton campaign office.
It'll probably end up being a nut or some guy's husband or boyfriend.
But it may just be, it's probably a crazy...
An armed man took people hostage Friday at Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign office in New Hampshire.
Police said the incident happened about 1 p.m.
today at 28 North Main Street in Rochester.
Officials said that a man is holding people hostage at the office, but it's unclear how many people are being held.
There are several police officers positioned across the street from the office, crouched down behind, cruisers with guns, according to the report at the scene.
Nice thing to feel sorry for Hillary.
Hope nobody gets hurt.
I have personally dealt with the Al-Qaeda gun owners.
We're good to go.
I don't feel no way tired.
I've come too far from where I started from.
Nobody told me that the road would be easy.
I could have listened all afternoon.
That pulse that you found so faint, you have brought back to life.
And the chair of all the mayors in the country, Mayor Palmer from Trenton, New Jersey.
But it wouldn't, it'd be funny if it wasn't so serious.
I've seen her in Texas.
You shouldn't get up there and go.
We ought to do a piece with that.
Go find all the pieces.
I've seen them separate.
I saw this years ago with Hillary.
She'd go, good to be here with you.
Just like Bush does.
And he'll be up north and he'll shift into the East Atlantic accent.
How about that?
How about that?
He'll literally shift into his real accent.
I don't care if you talk like that.
That's fine.
But the fact that she'll go to L.A.
and go, it's good to be here, I'd like to talk to you, you know, doing a... I mean, she'll even do it for the local dialect.
She's got experts that tell her.
And it's so manipulative.
Again, it's all staged.
She's an Academy Award winning actress.
She should be.
The whole world is a stage and each of us a player upon it.
I just let it all hang out.
Well, not me.
I'm just myself.
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Their main line.
I'm out of time for this hour.
We're going to come back and take a few calls in that first little segment.
Then I'm going to come out and get into the Ashcroft thing and a bunch of other audio clips I've got and news blitzes coming up in the third hour.
Which is, obviously, 70 seconds away.
I am you, doll man!
You are listening to GCN.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Ah, yes, um... This is Chairman Keen of the 9-11 Commission.
I'm meeting with George Bush.
George Bush, thank you for joining me here for this meeting.
Chairman T, thank you for having me.
Yes, it's very good to be here with you.
Oh wait, I'm talking like my father.
Let me shift over into my home.
Hey, all right, Texas accent.
Getting real tough with people strutting around in my cowboy boots.
But I'm afraid of horses, and I go out and cut brush, though, in front of the TV cameras, and Limbaugh talks about what a John Wayne I am.
Let me put on a fake voice.
Again, it's all stage, John, to even their voices.
One more time.
I just gotta hear it one more time.
Remember, this is Hillary.
And I just remembered that when she fakes acting like a local dialect to black folks, and when she does Texas accents, we ought to dig all those up and do a story about that.
Just the chameleon-like behavior of this criminal, Hillary Clinton.
Here it is.
I don't feel no way tired.
I've come too far from where I started from.
Nobody told me that the road would be easy.
I could have listened all afternoon.
That pulse that you found so faint, you have brought back to life.
And the chair of all the mayors in the country, Mayor Palmer from Trenton, New Jersey.
Mayor Palmer!
The mayor of all the mayors in the country, Clinton Palmer.
Man, when you hear a Kentucky, strong Kentucky accent, that is dead on.
Dead on precision, dead on hatred for you and your family, dead on manipulation, because their psychological warfare studies, going back to even British shops 80 years ago and colonial nations, found that if their operatives could even talk, not just in the language, not just in the tongue, but with the dialect and with the same inflections, it was more effective.
Now, in the 21st century, with the Internet, so we can comparatively show people this, it's very insulting.
But Hillary, when she's in Illinois, does her Illinois accent perfectly, Midwestern.
But it's even the Chicago accent.
When she's in another part of Illinois, it'll even be for that area.
I mean, this woman's got operatives.
I mean, she's got, it's admitted, top linguists there just to help her.
Remember, staged FEMA conferences with fake reporters, staged things with, uh, staged reports with the INS, and now ICE.
I mean, it's staged, folks.
And with a high-level operative like Hillary, she is just an absolute master, just like Clinton.
Bush can't even hardly talk from all the cocaine and Jack Daniels and partying hard, and all the, uh, late-night mail escort visitors to the White House, but, uh, it's all part of the Christian conservatism, of course.
But you can't see that or hear that at Wikipedia anymore, because they've decided that Republican sex scandals isn't newsworthy to have a huge page with thousands of them posted.
So you won't see it anymore on Wikipedia, and they are deleting in-game ones of millions of views off of Google Video.
They're just trying to stop us every way they can.
And let me tell you, Digg has blocked us for more than a month.
The Berry Brigade has totally destroyed us.
We haven't broken through in over a month.
It's hurt people we're getting to, but you seem to redouble your effort on MySpace, your email addresses, calling the talk shows.
Let's take it back at them and get PrisonPlanet.com and TruthNews out.
One other thing, I'm going to do a YouTube blurb a day, a one-minute thing, because we've only gotten like six entries.
In two weeks to the TruthNews.us, Ron Paul, $2,000 first prize, 500 second place, 100 third place, 60 second TV ad.
You upload it to Google or YouTube.
They're not going to go viral.
I don't know why the submissions we've got are in like quick times.
Don't send us the file.
You need to upload them to YouTube or Google and then submit them to us that way.
Um, and uh, you need to get out there and make them.
The whole point where you're gonna spend this money, so a whole bunch of Ron Paul ads get made.
And then that has a viral effect.
Now you got 11 days to get this done, and uh... So please help us with this.
And don't forget, they're trying to race 2 mil.
They've raced 500,000 now, is it?
In one day so far.
They're trying to race 2 mil today to break his quarterly goal a month early to get a lot of press attention.
And then the big push is the 15th and 16th.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by our government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Theory.
Both their objective being world domination.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world economy.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the REAL ID Act.
We're good to go.
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That's 1-888-211-1715.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, we are changed Colorado to confront Ashcroft.
Cameras weren't allowed.
So they had the camera lens on, just getting audio in the first part of the video.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
And at WeAreChange.org.
And Aaron's in there doing a report on it on JonesReport.com.
But, uh...
Then security people run over there literally in 20 seconds and start going, okay, let's go, come on.
And I wish activists, when the audio's not that good, I'm not griping at them, would kind of cut back on the music, because it kind of makes it even harder to understand what they're saying when you're not watching the video.
But hey, you did a great job going in there.
And they bring up real issues for Ashcroft, and they start telling him, get out, leave now.
This was during a question and answer.
So, it's like, you don't ask questions about 9-11 prior knowledge, you don't ask questions about admitted things.
This is the new America where you keep your mouth shut as Fox News says, you deserve to be tased and beaten to a pulp for asking questions.
So, here it is.
Why don't you talk about Sabelle Edmonds?
Why don't you talk about how you gagged Sabelle Edmonds?
Sabelle Edmonds told the public that she was an FBI translator, and she said, you, and they said, we can identify the specific target, but the date,
You gagged our reception, everybody in here alive!
Don't ask to speak to you, Tony!
You're a jerk!
Mr. Axe, Mr. Edmunds, you know it's the FBI, you're ready to testify.
How did you know about 9-11 before it happened, and you gagged us?
I'm out of here, man.
But we are changed already.
I'm part of the change!
And that is, I'm not going to be silent, I'm not going to be nice, and if I'm rude because my heart and soul needs me to say something, when a man who has stomped all over the United States Constitution is going to stand there and smile that he did us a favor while he took away all our rights, I am not going to be silent and I will yell and scream.
And that's what everyone in America should be doing today.
Sabel Edmunds came to the FBI.
She was an FBI translator.
She has specific data, specific FBI investigation files, specific managers in charge of the FBI.
She can prove that the FBI specifically investigated the specific attacks of 9-11, four of the hijackers, and he gagged her before she could tell the public.
And it's this man who ruined her life, and she tried to talk about liberty.
I've been going up and down this country trying to get someone to listen to me about what's going on in the White House.
I can't listen anymore to that music in the background, but good job, great job, and that's all the victims of 9-11 and other people that are there with We Are Change outside just spontaneously saying, you're with We Are Change, we are too, we hate them!
By the way, during the last break I was watching, we keep a couple television news channels on in the background, and we were watching Fox and CNN on two different screens,
And just watching it the last few months, you notice how they could broadcast, CNN could broadcast off satellite trucks, they could broadcast, believe me, satellite trucks in the background.
They choose not to.
They choose to run it over the internet to give it the flickering internet look, and to give it the kind of mottled, bad transmission, compressed look.
And they're trying to act like they're the Internet now.
They know people have begun to be enamored and just automatically, psychologically, with branding, trust stuff they see on the Internet more.
That doesn't mean it's all accurate or true either, but they have.
And then now they're trying to, again, get all the questioners and YouTube people to become their kind of underlings and minions to try to control and dominate the viral power of the Internet and how it can spread information.
So be aware of it.
That's why I've got this contest.
And I've seen CNN contests that aren't much more money.
I mean, total, it'll be $3,100 in prizes for the radio ad and the TV ad that we're doing for truthnews.us.
So tell folks about that.
And we're doing that because it'll be true viral information, and millions of people will be able to see these videos if there's a couple dozen.
And there should be.
Last contest was like 60, 70.
I think we clicked.
It was incredible.
So many entries.
Yes, we are.
Brian in Canada, you're on the air.
Oh, hi Alex.
I'd like to thank you for all your efforts.
We appreciate it here in Canada as well.
Would you appreciate it more if I was like Hillary and I tried to copy your particular Canadian accent?
It's probably almost the same as a New Yorker's.
But I'm being sarcastic.
I mean, isn't that disgusting?
It is, but everything most of the parties stand for is disgusting, so it's just part of everything.
I'd like to just
It's really appreciative that Dr. Ron Paul is now a bona fide frontrunner, despite all the enormous efforts of the mainstream media to block him out.
Well, did you hear how he was getting cheered and they were getting booed?
Oh yeah, I watched it in its entirety and I remember one of the previous debates was hosted by Wolf Blitzer.
He asked all eight
Yeah, I saw him trying.
I timed it.
He was trying to intercede around 24 seconds and then at 27 seconds he says,
So you didn't get his full question?
Actually, I timed one of them.
It was 20 seconds, but you missed me talking about another question.
It definitely wasn't 30 seconds, that's for sure.
I guess as a Canadian, we can't get involved in donating to the Ron Paul campaign.
Is that true?
No, but you can get involved with viral marketing and getting his name out and his info out.
Right, right.
Yeah, I discuss it with a lot of people that have never heard of him.
But see, what Ron Paul is doing is not just energizing the Liberty Movement, interjecting real issues about the UN, the fiat currency, the Federal Reserve, the open borders, all of it.
He is also, globally now, that he's had a big global poll, he won by 70 plus percent against all Republican and Democratic candidates.
He is now becoming a fulcrum for the truth to come out everywhere and an example of what our leaders should be.
That's true, that's true.
And hopefully in Canada we get on the bandwagon.
I guess we have, the closest thing we have is Connie Fogel of the Canadian
Action Party?
Yeah, great lady.
You haven't had her on the program yet?
Yeah, we've had her three times.
Oh, okay, okay, okay.
I pretty well listen to you every day.
You never on.
I'll try to get involved in that party.
I'll investigate that party a bit more.
Good job.
Got a jump.
Good to hear from you.
Let's go ahead and talk to Gene in Georgia.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Alex, how you doing?
I think my response is to join up with Eric Williams' program to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank.
I think it's the best one working because what it does is it eliminates all taxation, federal, state, and local.
And the way he does that is we work through the state legislatures to gain control by the state.
We're good to go.
Well, yeah, that was originally put forward by Walter Burien and the former comptroller of the Air Force found out about it and he's got a website with Kafferman, a comprehensive annual financial report man, where he breaks all that down.
Yes, folks, they've taken our wealth, only told us about the budget, a tiny part of the real money they brought in, and then now they put it in offshore corporations.
The problem would be, even if we did that, ever getting all that money back from these crooks.
Instead, they're just now going for the very infrastructure itself.
Thank you for the call.
Up next is Dan in Georgia.
Dan, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex, good to talk to you.
Good to talk to you.
Hey, the Ron Paul media smear campaign, it's not working.
And honest to God, I want them to keep it up, because they look like such idiots.
I mean, they're still acting like they fooled the public.
Well, that's it.
Ten years ago, they had most of the public fooled.
It isn't working anymore.
Yeah, it's not working.
Listen, Alex, after the debate, my 65-year-old mom called me and had watched the debate, and she said,
The Ron Paul video at the end was her favorite, because it was made by a volunteer, and she is not part of any political affiliation.
I mean, so it's reaching people.
Well, Congress has an 11% approval rating.
Ron Paul, on his issues, has got above 70 in every demographic.
Ron Paul is a winner.
The people want freedom.
The public may be dumbed down, but they're starting to wake up.
And they know what they want.
And we're not going away, and it shows up.
Well, that's why we're at the highest level.
Like Ron Paul said last week when he was on the show with us, he said he's worried about them staging something or using something that happens and provocateuring something.
They need a terror attack.
They need a war to get us back under their wing.
But it isn't going to work.
No, and enough people are waking up, and more every day.
It's going viral.
Well, I don't say this as hype.
I mean it.
I mean, and I'm almost scared by what's happening, because I know they're going to counter-strike in a big way, because we've got them in a corner.
I mean, this is viral.
This is the zeitgeist.
This is exploding.
This is exponential, geometric.
I mean, there is massive change happening, and it's for the good.
And what's the enemy doing?
They're just intensifying their line.
And we're intensifying our efforts, too.
Absolutely, thank you for the call.
Steve in Colorado, you're on the air.
Yeah, hi there Alex.
Hey, I wanted to mention the big deal about the spying, the NSA spying.
I don't see how that's such an issue when Echelon is just listening to everybody anyway.
See, they make an issue, and people think it coming out in the news as the media exposing it.
Well, I know.
They're only giving you one little, tiny, limited part to just introduce it to you.
See, first, there is no NSA, there is no Echelon.
We're like, well, here's all the Congressional record from the 90s admitting they've been spying for 20 years.
Oh, shut up.
Congress doesn't exist.
Okay, and then now they announce, yeah, it's just Al Qaeda calls and everybody else, and we're fighting all, quote, crime, and we're spying on everyone, and we're putting cameras up in your schools.
You see how they're doing it?
Yeah, I got two more things if I could hold on.
Stay there, Steve.
We'll come right back to you on the other side.
I'm gonna take two or three more calls on the other side.
Then I'm gonna do a bunch of news and maybe take a few more calls.
But I got a bunch of audio clips as well.
Key info, straight ahead, right here.
On the one and only GCN Radio Network.
Don't forget the new website, truthnews.us.
It is a looker, but it's the info that matters.
The United States seems to be celebrating over its triumph of reducing government debt.
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The U.S.
economy receives its currency by taking on debt through a private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
It's bad enough that the U.S.
citizens is bound by debt in order to have commerce.
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We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, everybody wants to know about it.
We're getting dozens and dozens of calls at the network saying, I hope they don't claim it's a Ron Paul supporter.
Got a bunch of calls on that.
I hope they don't claim it's a Ron Paul supporter that's taking her hostage.
That has not been reported.
No one is saying that, but that's what listeners immediately think, because who knows?
There's maybe a 5% chance they'd probably say that.
And then it would be a mental patient who had just been released, who would be under the tutelage of some famous government psychiatrist, and then you'd know it was staged.
In every other case, the highway snipers, Buford Furrow shooting up the Jewish school in Southern California,
Of course, McVeigh with Jolly and West, the former head of MKUltra, was his doctor throughout the Denver trial, and then in Terre Haute, Indiana when they executed him, and he died right after.
The former head, public head of MKUltra Mind Control.
Oh, the governor goes, here is your doctor we're assigning.
You a famous mind control doctor?
Then you tell the public and they go, mind control doesn't exist.
But, you know, it's probably some guy with a girlfriend or something like that.
I'm hoping it's not a nut.
Hostage situation at Clinton L.A.
An armed man, believed to be carrying a bomb, walked into the presidential campaign office of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.
See, now it's believed to be carrying a bomb.
New Hampshire today, and took two hostages, according to police.
Now, Hillary's people did bomb Oklahoma City.
They did bomb the World Trade Center the first time, cooked the bomb, trained the driver.
But nuts can do these things, too.
But when you've got people that have staged terror before, and Putin's pulled stuff like this,
The Israelis, the British and the U.S.
have been caught bombing their own embassies with small bombs to get attention.
And of course this is a bunch of hysterical news with the media reporting the same thing.
He may have released two, he may not have released two.
And they're just going to go on and on repeating the same thing.
And now Hillary will get all this attention, the poor sweet thing.
Oh my gosh, there are terrorists that are after her.
Heaven forbid it's not a Muslim.
And again, the government doesn't even have to ask.
They can finance a terrorist group who then gets well-meaning idiot fools.
We've seen a lot of terror ops in the Middle East.
Israel got caught, of course, creating fake Al-Qaeda groups.
And this is in Herat and Jerusalem Post as the source.
And then even the suicide bombers don't know that.
They're recruited and believe in the cause.
They're idiots.
And they are terrorists.
But police are at Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign office in New Hampshire to address what CNN affiliates are reporting as a hostage situation.
The affiliates said that the incident began about 1 p.m.
Eastern at the headquarters in Rochester.
WCVB TV in Boston said it was unclear how many people were being held.
WMUR in New Hampshire said the hostage taker was an armed man.
The WMUR site said that the witness, Liddy Tzik,
told the station people, spoke to a woman shortly after she was released from the office by the hostage taker.
A young woman with a six-month-old and an eighth-month-old infant came rushing into the store just in tears, and she said, need to call 9-1-1, a man has just walked into Clinton office, opened his coat, and shown us a bomb strapped to his chest with duct tape.
The website reported Clinton was in Washington area at the time of the incident.
She'll probably fly there to grandstand like Clinton on top of a rubble pile.
I told you folks, they're gonna pull stuff, and I mean, there's so many different ways from the provocateur of this.
It's just too perfect, isn't it?
This has Clinton written all over it.
I'd have to say 75% chance, though.
There are nuts, there are crazies.
It could be a Muslim.
It could be an abortion protester, a right-to-life protester.
Um, but if it's a black op, it will either be a Muslim affiliated, this will come out in a few weeks, it always does, affiliated with FBI or Mossad handlers who live with them or gave them money and they would have been in a mental institution and they'll have like a 75 IQ.
They'll be told it's for Allah.
Or if it's an abortion individual, uh, they may, they just may be doing it on their own.
But if it's a non-Arab, non-Muslim doing it, and if it is a black op, it will be a 35, 45-year-old white male or black male who would have been in the Army or Air Force Marines
They would have, of course, told family about mind control, the Baptist shooting up in Fort Worth, again, the Jewish shooting with furrow.
I mean, I've seen this literally, it's got to be a hundred times.
And then they're always in psychiatric care right before they're released.
And they always do something right at the perfect political time.
And you get into Kip Kinkle, same deal, you get into
Kleibold, Harrison Kleibold in Columbine, under government mind control, parents both in secret black op projects, FBI son setting up the Trenchcoat Mafia, Harrison Kleibold running the school internet, making videos about killing everyone, over 100, 124 bombs, some of them weighing over 100 pounds inside, half the school not there that day, the police pulling out that day before it happened,
We've seen this over and over again, and the public just isn't well enough aware of how these black ops work.
The latest just came out, when we get back we'll cover it.
Police hostage taken at Clinton campaign office in Alabama.
Two people are being held hostage by an armed man at Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign in Rochester, New Hampshire today.
So, uh, more on this.
The nearby campaign office of Senator Barack Obama, her running mate, it's all staged.
Democratic candidate for president was shut down as a progression.
We'll be right back with this staged event.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Okay, now they've got a line here in the different CNN and Fox reports, nothing really new.
Hostage taker is demanding to speak to Hillary.
So maybe some mental patient that loves her, or it could be some member of the military who's mad, or it could be some religious nut, some schizophrenic, but that's always the cover.
They get schizophrenics, they get weak-minded people, then they torture them, then they drug them, and they do this.
By the way, that came out in Senate hearings in 77 and 76.
I mean, this is real, but it's kind of like the general public doesn't know that the Union even exists.
Some people don't think it even exists.
Some people, because the news has implied it, don't think there's even a Council on Foreign Relations.
Well, it's the same thing.
You start getting into mind control, and a lot of that's our fault.
The Patriot Movement, the Alternative Movement, just because the mainstream lies and spins and obfuscates doesn't mean everything the alternative media is saying.
There's a lot of quackery and baloney and bull out there.
You know, remote viewers, remote-viewing alien species, or stopping people's hearts, or all the rest of this.
But they do have old-fashioned electroshock and drugging and the rest of it, and that's mainstream news.
They can make you a complete mind-control slave.
And the reason I say it could be this is, about 80% of the time, if it's a big political event, this type of thing happens.
I mean, remember Bobby Kennedy?
Wins the nomination, shoo-in to win the presidency, and the Los Angeles coroner.
I mean, people call it a conspiracy.
The Los Angeles coroner said no, he was shot three times in the back with powder burns so close, point-blank range, that it blew his huge holes in the back of his suit and shirt.
You shoot somebody up close with a .357 or any type of high-powered handgun, it just blows the fabric back, burns it.
A lot of times it'll catch on fire.
I mean, a big old blast of red-hot, white-hot flame shoots out of there.
Now Sirhan Sirhan had been a mental patient, been in mental institutions.
Witnesses all saw him drinking coffee with a woman in a polka dot dress.
They give him the amnesic.
He walks up and just starts shooting it at the ceiling, shooting it at the air.
All the witnesses said he wasn't even shooting at Bobby.
And then you can see right on the film footage, guy steps right up behind him, holds him, and BOOM!
Bobby falls over.
Huge bullet holes right in his back.
The police come and start reporting.
Yeah, he was shot in the back, shot in the back.
Sirhan shooting from the front.
And then you look at the person that shot Reagan.
His dad was the head of World Vision, known CIA front.
They've always used people in National Geographic because they were overseas and in remote areas as fronts.
They've always used missionaries.
They've always used other groups to do that, international businessmen.
And, you know, that's just another case.
World Vision is admittedly
We're good to go.
We're both World Vision employees and both in mind-control facilities, and one of them, of course, was the son of the head of World Vision, some of the biggest campaign contributors to the Bushes, who had dinner with the Bush family the night before, and George Herbert Walker was supposed to be there, but couldn't be.
I mean, you've got them having dinner with the shooters.
And then now, congressional reports.
I was in New York for
Not this year's 9-11, but last year's 9-11, when the U.S.
vs. John Lennon movie came out.
I never went and saw it in theaters.
It was here in Austin.
I never went and saw it, but I did see clips of it, and I did see on New York 1, that's ABC, it's 24 hours a day news in New York.
I was in my hotel room at 7 a.m., eating eggs and drinking coffee, and I watched about an hour of it.
They just point-blank had Strom Thurmond's letter about how we gotta kill John Lennon, we gotta do it now, a few months before they did it, and how he's gonna stop our wars in Latin America.
He's gotta be taken out now, and that was in the Armed Services Committee, and that went on to the White House.
And of course, Reagan wasn't going along with a bunch of stuff, and you saw what happened to him.
He was the president at first, but after he got shot and got given that cold blood, which can really mess you up, he suddenly started having all those health problems.
They were drugging him, doing a lot of different stuff to him.
I mean, this happens, folks.
I just hope some nut with some of these government-connected things doesn't blow me away and then people say, oh, that's no big deal.
Or Dr. David Kelly says, I've been told they're going to kill me, I'll be found dead in the woods, and the police come running up and four guys in black military uniforms run away from his body.
They say there's no foul play when there's no blood at the scene and three undigested Capulets in his stomach.
Diana said they're going to kill me.
They told me Charles is going to kill me in a fake auto accident.
Two months later, they kill her.
You look at all the evidence.
They do this, it happens.
And usually, mind control just consists in... Well, it's just like that movie, The Shooter.
With Mark Wahlberg, very accurate how they operate.
They just got some military black operator thinking he's running security, all of a sudden they just walk up and shoot him a couple times in the back, throw the rifle down, seconds after they try to shoot the president, or shoot somebody who's with the president.
That was done as a PR stunt in that film, but that's based on the real type of thing.
So a lot of times mind control is just drugging somebody up,
He's swerving back and forth in both lanes.
The state police pull him over in a big yellow bomber car with no license plates, with a gun on the thing.
He stumbles out, crawling on the grueling.
But Daily Oklahoma reported this, and the state police said he appeared to be drugged.
He's grueling, saying, it hurts, it hurts, get it out of me.
There's a chip in my hip.
Get it out.
Get it out.
And then they appoint the head of MKUltra as his doctor within days of his arrest.
Who shadows him and lives in whatever city he's incarcerated in, in Denver and then in Indiana for, what, eight years?
Until McVeigh is executed.
I mean, how dumb do they think we are?
Aaron, you've got new developments.
Come in here with any new developments.
Give us your take on what's happening.
Aaron, I know you're in there watching these clips, reading.
Can you, uh, somebody take the chair out of here.
Why don't you just give people a synopsis of your take on all this?
I mean, there's a good chance he's just some lunatic who says he worships Hillary and thinks it's his mommy, or he's an alien king and needs to let her know that the transmitters are controlling him.
I mean, he may just be a nut, but the fact that it's Hillary, the whole M.O., the fact that we've seen her run so many black ops with mind control involved,
I don't have a whole lot more details than anyone else at this point.
In a preliminary sense, I'd say, depending on how big the story gets, the more likely the chance of it's provocation.
Perfect timing!
I mean, already Carl Carlson or whatever his name is on Fox is in the car, ready to go with a little ready grin on.
And of course, he's a Bush operative.
It's admitted his wife's a high-level Bush operative.
He's admittedly a Bush operative.
There's video of him admitting he's a Bush operative.
Yeah, so it looks like they may be gearing up for a big story, but... Now remember, the White House is behind the Clintons.
They're all part of the same intelligence apparatus.
Yeah, I agree.
The fact that it's Hillary is pretty suspicious, but we don't know what's going on yet.
Well, they're saying that Hostage Taker demands to speak to Hillary, but it doesn't say there's no video.
It just says police say that.
Oh my gosh, she'll end it.
She'll go in and probably bow and she'll say, I heal you.
I mean, it'll probably be like her, like an angel.
I've always said Schwarzenegger to catapult him into the presidency.
There'll be some bombing or some hostage deal and he'll go in and deal with it.
And you know, really, they'll have the guy on a cell phone with keywords and his doctor will get on and say the falcon flies over time or, you know, whatever little code word.
I think so.
I think so.
It's always something real weird and esoteric so they don't have a chance to hear it or something like it to trigger.
They could even use television and radio to trigger.
That's why they were, you know, people kept wondering why they would get up during the shooting and say, the goose is rung, the goose's neck is rung.
Do you understand?
The goose's neck is rung!
Now that's the trigger.
And that guy was under armed mind control.
That later came out.
And people just can't understand this.
You torture somebody for months.
Then keywords take the pain away, or keywords put you into a catatonic state.
Like they crawling around going, get it out, it's hurting.
Because now it's the psychosomatic from so much torture that's triggered.
It's a Pavlovian response where you ding the bell.
When you feed the dog 50 times, then you start dinging the bell, it'll start salivating and producing more stomach acids just with the sound of the bell.
Now that's with the stimuli, the positive stimuli of food and water.
Imagine the stimuli of torture with special pain drugs, Aaron.
Yeah, that's very nice.
On a different front... How would you like to be tortured for years by them?
Wouldn't that be nice?
Yeah, I'd love to be tortured.
That'd be great.
And they just admit that Jolly and West and Dr. Ewing Cameron, head of one of the CIA programs, it just said they would take foster children by the thousands and also wealthy people's children who would be assigned to them, and it just said they would torture them for several years with electroshock and drugs and program them, and then they would have them as total mind control, just total orders, and just, it's on History Channel, but it still doesn't exist.
Well, uh, we certainly know that politicians have inaugural bombings.
Gordon Brown just had one.
Uh, why not have some kind of incident to, uh, make sure Hillary wins that nomination?
She was destined to do so.
They're already appointing all her people at the White House, and... Yeah, pretty frightening.
Well, Aaron, thank you for talking to us.
Just, will you try to go track down what they're talking about with, uh, that she wants to talk to Hillary?
Carl Carlson saying, is that his name?
He's saying that they don't talk to hostages and that whole line.
They don't talk to terrorists, you mean.
Yeah, yeah.
We get tough on them unless we're financing them.
Well, if it turns out he comes from some mental institution, then it's just an absolute guarantee.
It's always, again, special military doctors are dropping by.
A lot of times the most famous in history.
It'd be like if Mingala
You know, showed up at one of our bases for torture.
I mean, that's who does it.
You couldn't... It'd be like Bonnie and Clyde showing up after a bank robbery, and nobody thinks they might have been involved.
Now, I'm leaving the phones up, and we've got callers about a hundred different subjects, but I know everyone wants to talk about Hillary and the hostage.
We've got to focus on her.
We've got to talk about her.
We've got to, you know, look at our dear leader.
John, out of all those callers, does anybody want to talk about this?
You say you're getting masses of calls about it, but...
John in Nevada, you want to comment, go ahead.
Yes, good morning, Alex.
Red Flag immediately hit me when I heard this, and with Glenn Beck's statement, I think it's very possible that they could be trying something, especially after Ron Paul's performance the other night.
Yeah, I forgot he took the CNN.
Polls, I mean I voted on the poll and he was getting 56, 58 percent in almost every category.
The lowest one he had was 49 percent.
I think they're very scared about what's going on.
I think the perfect situation here is that they have some kind of a man-cheering candidate and they wind up
Well, I'll say this.
If it is a Ron Paul supporter, or a We Are Change, or even an anti-war activist, it is a guarantee.
That it's staged.
Because you're right.
The White House talking point came out months ago.
Suddenly, O'Reilly aborts Beck are suddenly saying they're gonna get violent.
These people are violent.
We've got to use the military against the American people.
And yes, if we start seeing American terrorists coming out who aren't Muslim, then it's clearly staged.
I was saying this morning they've got to say something.
You're right about that, but what I think is key is if he's unable to speak, i.e.
they take him out,
Then I think that gives them the perfect opportunity to use whatever they want and say whatever they want about that particular individual.
And another thing is Israelis, I agree, we've seen the Israelis, the British, the Russians, and the U.S.
do this.
They will send in a special forces SEAL, or they'll send in one of their people and they think it's a live drill, and they think that the campaign's been told there's going to be a drill, and then they go in and gun them down or kill them.
The Russians love that, and that's another way they set their people up, just like the shooter.
Alex, every bone in my body is shaking.
I can feel it, and I never get this way.
I just feel something happening.
Well, I mean, they keep saying that patriots are going to stage all these attacks, and last time they did that, they pulled off OKC.
No, we're not going to do anything.
By the way, the federal documents came out for police listening.
Go check.
Don't believe me.
I'm going to listen.
I'm telling the police who are good out there, who are compartmentalized.
It has now come out the Southern Poverty Law Center was running the Elohim City Op.
And it's now come out in federal documents that McVeigh was tied to special ops, secretly.
Now, we told you that ten years ago.
And the state police told you that, and police that worked the case, and some of them got murdered.
Oh yeah, they took officers and tortured them and then killed them to find out who else knew.
Cops have died to bring you the information you're getting right now, so don't you dare sit there and laugh at us.
Final point is, if it turns out to be that way, everybody in your audience needs to do massive research on the guy and do what they can to do whatever it is.
We need to immediately expose this in a full bore info battle with the truth.
Now, I interrupted you five times.
You made four or five key points.
You make them again.
Okay, number one is that if he's killed, if they take him out, I think that's the perfect thing.
To blame it on a so-called Patriot Ron Paul supporter.
Number two, Glenn Beck and the other Talking Point people that have come out and stated that it's already priming the wheel so that everybody's got that in their minds.
And then number three is that with Ron Paul's debate performance and what happened on the Internet,
Thank you, man.
Really good point from that listener.
Anybody else there on the line want to talk about this, John?
Alright, it's just filled up with people wanting to talk about other stuff, and I'm sorry to make you hold, folks, but people want to talk about this, and it's obviously important.
Last hour when we first reported it, I kind of hoped it would fizzle out and it was just some fight with his wife or something, but now he wants to talk to Hillary we're hearing, and now it just has all the hallmarks.
We hope this is not the case.
It may not be the case.
But it usually is, and it's just absolutely disgusting to see this happening.
Man, and I've just got stacks of these reports here, all just blurting out the media now for all days and repeating the same thing over and over again.
A man of the New Hampshire campaign almost, Hillary Clinton, went in with a bomb strapped to himself.
Witnesses that he released said the two witnesses were women with children, one with a baby, one with a smaller child.
He wants to talk to Hillary Clinton, but the police should not negotiate with terrorists who have hostages.
Carl Cameron, White House operative, is on the way to save the day.
Stay with us.
It is a big idea.
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It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Regents makes great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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Look, I hope this isn't much to do about nothing and some family squabble.
Pray for everybody involved that the hostage taker doesn't kill anybody or hurt himself.
By the time I'm back live Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., we'll be able to report to you on the surge today for Ron Paul and a lot more.
We're about to talk to Trevor Lyman, who's spearheading this and the big 15th and 16th event that's coming up.
Before we do that, nosickholidays.com, nosickholidays.com,
It's got the elderberry and a bunch of the other berries that have been clinically proven in major medical studies to be antiviral and huge overall immune system blockers with all the stress of the holiday season and being indoors with all the sick people boosts you and your family's immune system now with this delicious and nutritious
Yeah, I think so.
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Do your Christmas holiday shopping now at infowars.com.
Get the word out.
Wake your family up and support us and we continue to fight the New World Order.
Trevor Lyman, we've just got a few minutes with him and I appreciate him jumping in.
He's the guy that picked up just a little idea on the web that somebody else put out.
We appreciate them.
On the 5th of November, he put it into websites.
We raised four point plus two mil for Ron Paul on the 5th of November.
Now, before this quarter ends in a month, we want to get the 12 million early.
We're trying today.
Regardless, already a lot of money's been raised today.
They've gone over 10 million and rising.
And then the 15th and 16th, Trevor, I don't know if you heard it,
I had Jesse Benton on the other day, and I just cold-asked him on air without knowing what he'd say.
I said, knowing what you know, knowing what the campaign knows, do you like the idea of the 15th and 16th for it to build exponentially?
And he said, I cannot say, and he said this off-air too to me, he said, I cannot say strongly enough that all of our instincts and history show the 15th and 16th, not just the 16th, would be that much better.
But we'll get your take on that in a moment.
In the few minutes we've got, how is the big money bomb going today?
It's going pretty well.
I think we're about to hit 300,000 raised.
Obviously, we need to do a lot more than that to reach the goal.
I guess I was looking at it yesterday, because it looks like almost 450,000 since yesterday, but I guess 300,000 a day continue.
I just really hope that people will go ahead and dig in a little bit today, because if we do well today, we'll get a lot of positive press.
We were already today, we were in the Miami Herald about this fundraising drive.
We were in USA Today.
You can go online and see those articles, so that's big coverage.
And, you know, the media is watching, and if we do well, we'll get a lot more.
But if we don't, if we don't, they're going to spin it against us, and we've got to have an extra push for the 15th and 16th.
I mean, well, you know, we're used to them spinning things against us, so I'm personally, I'm not too worried about that, because I know we're going to blow that out of the water.
Well, Chris, you listened to the call from the campaign to get money now, Trevor, so you've done a great job.
It was a tight spot and they're asking for money.
They've done it two or three times.
I don't think it was a mistake.
I don't think anybody should continue to have the idea that that's not true.
Because it wasn't just one email.
So that to me is what we need to do.
And we can use this media attention.
Bring in more money for the Tea Party.
We can start it now.
We can have attention all month long.
Trevor, you have done an amazing job.
I'm going to make sure people I know give again today.
I've already given my max.
Give again, ladies and gentlemen, today.
Absolutely need this money to buy the ads for early January and the big 15th and 16th coming up as well.
Trevor, did you hear Jesse on the show agreeing with your original idea of the 15th and 16th?
That sounds great, yes.
Fire off the websites to learn more about the Money Bomb today.
Oh, sorry.
Rudy'sReadingList.com and then the other one is TeaParty07.com and that will soon have a link to the whole weekend.
God bless you all.
Stay there, Trevor.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.