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Air Date: Nov. 29, 2007
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is the 29th day of November 2007.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
Let me just run through some of the news that is coming up today.
30% of Florida's immigrants are illegal, report says, out of the Winston-Salem Journal.
Here's another report out of the Austin American Statesman.
Half of immigrants in Texas are there illegally, study finds.
It's a national study, state by state.
State has one of the fastest growing illegal alien populations.
Study finds U.S.
immigration at record level.
That's another angle on this from the Boston Globe.
So three different angles from the same study.
Now, you hear the politicians saying they fixed the immigration problem in lots of puff pieces.
I mean, every time I'm scanning television or looking at YouTube clips of CNN or Fox, it's poor, crying immigrants.
Everyone's being mean to them.
They can't be with their families.
They're all leaving.
It is another giant lying hoax by the controlled New World Order.
Corporate press, so we'll be going over that for you today.
Also in economic news, housing prices fall at the fastest rate in 12 years.
The dollar went to 1.50 against the euro last week, and now has shot back up the charts, gaining back 0.7%.
And they're hyping that the dollar is very bullish now.
It's only 1.49 against the euro.
And that's how they're trying to spin this.
But I hope it stops there.
It's devastating if it stops here.
Even worse if it continues to sink.
But talk about putting perfume on a pig.
Dollar rises as U.S.
rape cut talk cheers sentiment.
And then some of the PrisonPlanet.com truth news, Infowars.net exclusives.
Naomi Wolf, America's fascist coup.
I don't know.
You know, overdone, overkill, no.
She said that from all the evidence that they're trying to set up the dictatorship and want to arrest all the dissidents and literally take over.
And that's what all the evidence shows.
Anybody who actually looks at it from any point in the political spectrum and is fair in their analysis comes to the conclusion.
So it's not just author of 10 Steps speaks publicly for the first time about origins of modern day tyranny.
She speaks about how they're trying to set it up here again.
But good job, Paul, on that article.
Another great story from Steve Watson at Infowars.net.
World elects Ron Paul.
The vast majority of worldwide online polls say they would elect Ron Paul as the next president of the United States.
And a big story.
Very important article.
The most hard-hitting I've seen yet.
Paul spent days on this, recollecting all the research we've done and many others have done, and all the globalist admissions.
Well, it's a fraction of them, but it's dozens.
Media hoax attempts to hide advance of North American Union.
Establishment engages in mass public deception in desperate effort to hoodwink Americans into believing march towards global government is a conspiracy theory.
Now, I know that our general audience is more informed on many subjects than even I am, but your neighbors, your friends, your pastor, your boss, your employees aren't.
You need to email them this article.
It's in the News and Focus section on the right hand side of PrisonPlanet.com.
It is a big idea
A New World Order!
In the near future, Earth is dominated by the Dark Order.
It's known as the Builder Bird.
Isn't their objective to be world domination?
For thousands of years, their Dark Order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress in order world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, isn't it?
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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I think so.
Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, Pat Buchanan defended Ron Paul on Glenn Beck.
We're thankful for that.
Got a clip of that coming up later.
Also, we are changed.
Confronted Hillary Clinton again.
That's coming up as well today.
We're going to have wide open phones in the second half of this hour and in the second and third hour today.
On any subject, the economy, the ongoing war, the expanded war as they want, anything you'd like to discuss, the debate last night on YouTube sponsored with CNN, 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
And coming up in a little while, I'm going to get into this immigration report, this big study on how it's at all-time record levels as the establishment pulls out all the stops trying to break down the sovereignty of the United States.
But before I do that, I want to get into two key reports, both from PrisonPlanet.com and both from the great work of Paul Watson.
Naomi Wolf, America's fascist coup owes legacy to Bush's Nazi grandfather.
Now, I realize that our audience knows this.
We've been talking about it for more than a decade.
I made a film about it three years ago.
We've had a lot of guests on the subject, and you already know about this.
Naomi Wolf has won a bunch of top awards.
Every book she writes is an international super bestseller.
She is loved by the left and progressives, and we're seeing more and more mainline people
That have extreme gravitas with the traditional left coming out and being honest.
And you heard her yesterday, she said both parties are involved in this and that we are in a crisis level.
They are clearly and openly stating that they want to set up open dictatorship, bans on free speech, mass arrest, FEMA camps, all of it.
Everything I've warned you about because I had federal documents and legislation and congressional hearings and congressmen and women on had witnessed it and been to the urban warfare drills.
It wasn't hard in 99 to go to Urban Warrior and get footage from Hebron, Maryland in 98, and Swansboro, North Carolina, and everywhere else, and Belton, Texas, with troops training to take our guns and put Americans in camps.
I mean, they were saying it on video!
And I'm that wild, crazy, you know, who warned people.
I mean, what do you expect me to do?
And I learned about all this in the mid-1990s.
Just sit there on my thumbs?
Not gonna do it.
And frankly, it's dangerous for me, folks.
I'm a bigwig on this.
I'm way out front.
I'm doing this because they have to be met.
They have to be faced.
They have to be dealt with.
Because if they win, it's bad for everybody, including me.
So, you're a small fry, folks.
You have much greater danger if they come into power than if you stand up and resist them.
And the good news is, they have a lot of momentum, but they're now starting, first we stopped them, and now they're starting to slide backwards.
Naomi Wolf, America's fascist coup owes legacy to Bush's Nazi grandfather.
Author of Ten Steps, speaks publicly for the first time about origins of modern-day tyranny.
Now, let's be clear.
His father was doing it pragmatically to make a lot of money, tens of millions of dollars, and that was an equivalent of hundreds of millions today.
And as people say, well, what, are they Nazis?
Does it have anything to do with Nazis today?
It's the political system of control
And even the very same nomenclature and statements in Blueprint, they're using it.
And it's not just Nazi tactics.
I mean, they hired the former head of the Stasi, Marcus Wolf, and brought him over four years ago.
And they hired the former head of the KGB, Primakov.
I mean, they did all this.
They're borrowing from every tyranny ever known and trying to create this witch's brew.
And they're just throwing the kitchen sink at us.
They're throwing everything at us.
They're going for broke right now.
But it is just absolutely bizarro world, the fact that he was the head Nazi agent in the U.S., tried to overthrow the U.S.
before, and then now his grandson is doing it.
Again, stranger than fiction.
Truth is way weirder than fiction.
Author of 10 Steps speaks publicly for the first time about the origins of modern day tyranny.
This story needs to go out everywhere.
And it needs to go out everywhere now.
Author Naomi Wolf, who made headlines earlier this year after she identified the 10 steps of fascism that were being followed to a tee by the Bush administration, spoke publicly for the first time yesterday about the origins of what we see unfold today.
Prescott Bush's attempt to launch a Nazi coup in the 1930s America.
Speaking on the Alex Jones Show, Wolf said that she was first alerted to begin researching America's slide into fascism when her friend, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, warned her that the same events that laid the foundations for the rise of the Third Reich in the 1930s Germany, when it was still a parliamentary democracy, were being mirrored in a modern-day America.
A small group of people began, very systematically, to use the law and dismantle the Constitution, and put pressure on citizens to subvert law, and that opened the door for everything that followed, said Wolf.
When I started reading, not only are tactics and strategy being reproduced exactly right, now by the Bush administration, but actual soundbites and language and images and scenarios are being reproduced, she said.
And they are, to the word, but in English.
Walsh Essay, Fascist America at Hennessey Steps, has received applaudence, praise, for how it succinctly describes the ways in which dictatorships that would over... that would over... the world over throughout the 20th century have evolved by following the exact same blueprint for tyranny that we see unfolding in America today.
And this transcends all of the mainline chicken-neck liberals and all the fake little conservatives.
This isn't like cheering for Cowboys versus the Green Bay Packers this weekend.
This isn't like Pepsi versus Coke, Ford to Chevrolet.
This isn't your brand name.
This is serious.
This is real.
This is happening.
His grandfather was the head Nazi in the U.S.
They did try to overthrow the U.S.
This has to be a drift.
I mean, the Free Republic groups, and the neocons on Digg, and the people at Daily Kos, the liberals, all of you.
And Air America, all of you.
It's time to stop mincing words.
It's time to stop playing games.
It's time to lay down our differences and be honest.
Especially Neocon followers out there.
I know you just don't believe anything I say.
But if you'll just look into it, you'll find out it's in the Congressional Record.
You'll find out it's at the National Archives, the Library of Congress.
You'll find out this was in the New York Times and other papers back in the 40s and early 50s.
This is real!
This is real!
This is happening!
I'm sorry it's happening!
And don't you foolish Republicans who think Bush is doing all this to keep you safe from Al-Cieda, don't you understand that if you just see it in the left-right paradigm, it's still bad?
Hillary is a-comin'.
Giuliani's a-comin'.
Either one of these people want big-time police state.
The cameras in schools, the gun control, all of it.
I mean, do you really want this?
It isn't a joke or a game when little neocons get up on TV and radio and their minions get up and say, arrest Alex Jones, arrest all these libertarians, arrest Ron Paul supporters, arrest Alex Jones for treason, Alex Jones is dangerous.
They're doing this because I'm a threat to them and because you the listeners are a threat to them.
They're doing this because they mean business!
Everyone that wants to close down a democracy does the exact same ten things.
The same classic steps, unfortunately, we're starting to see these ten steps being put into place in the United States, said Wolf.
Wolf's essay, The Fascist America in Ten Easy Steps, has received plaudits for how it succinctly describes the ways in which dictatorships the world over throughout the 20th century have evolved by following the exact same blueprint for tyranny that we see unfolding in America today.
He needs to realize this.
For the first time, publicly, Wolf traced the origins of contemporary developments back to President Bush's Nazi grandfather, Prescott Bush, and his plan to launch a fascist coup in the 1930s.
There was a scheme in the 1930s and Prescott Bush was one of the leaders of this scheme as an industrialist who admired fascism and thought that it was a good idea.
To have a coup in the United States, along the lines of a coup they saw taking place in Italy and Germany, said Wolf, referring to the testimony of Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler, who was approached by a wealthy and secretive group of industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush, the current President's grandfather, who asked him to command a 500,000 strong rogue army of veterans, now it's the mercenaries, that would help stage a coup to topple them, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
A recent BBC radio report confirmed that there was an attempted coup led by Prescott Bush.
Smedley Butler had been involved with violent regime change throughout his career, but he was approached by these conspirators, including Prescott Bush, and he outed them, and he testified to Congress that they were planning a coup in the United States.
It's in the congressional records, said Wolf, adding that the coup was being bankrolled by German industrialists and one of Hitler's chief financiers, Fritz Thiessen.
And I think we need to add to this all the BBC reports and things that it did after we reported on Leningrad and they covered it.
What is amazing to me and resonant to me is that
When the Nuremberg Trials were finally put in place, these Nazi industrialists, some of whom had colluded with Americans, including IBM, were about to be brought to trial and sent to prison.
There was a moment at which they were going to look into turning the spotlight on to the American partners, said Wolf.
And then it ended.
The author added that such laws, as the Military Commissions Act of 2006, were
Consciously designed to protect current President Bush and his co-conspirators from being indicted for war crimes, hearkening back to Prescott Bush's history.
The family history is that you can make so much money uniting corporate interest with a fascist state that violently represses people.
That's what we saw the recycling of so much Nazi language, Nazi tactics, Nazi strategies, Nazi imagery in the Bush White House, and finally, belatedly, people
Brought to me the story of Prescott Bush's attempted coup and Smedley Butler's revelations.
It gives me absolute chills, said Wolf.
There's more to the story.
Read the rest of it at PrisonPlanet.com top story.
When we get back, media hoax.
Attempts to hide advance of North American Union.
Achieved debunking of the media hoax.
Lying to the public.
You've got to get this out to everybody now.
This is the best piece I've seen.
You've got to get it.
Ted Ennis for Midas November 29, 2007.
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We're good to go.
To all the FBI agents, to all the military men and women, I know that most of you are good people.
I know that most of our police are good men and women, but I know the system
And the changeover, the switch that's happening, is totally wicked, totally anti-American, anti-liberty, anti-freedom.
And you've got some serious decisions to be making, too.
I mean, it'd be one thing if you went along and got your paycheck and your pension with some boss hog corruption, with just bed-rigging and stealing money out of the Pentagon and every federal agency and politicians doing that.
That's bad enough, because it leads to what we're going into now.
But what we're now going into is HARDCORE scientific dictatorship.
HARDCORE scientific tyranny.
Of the very worst type.
And it's gonna hurt you too.
They're setting this whole thing up, ladies and gentlemen, because they're going to take everything we've got, and they've said they're going to do it.
This is going to be a hellish system we're entering into, and again, I'm putting the call out to everybody who's disagreed with me or who has, you know, spun what I say or what I put out.
I've done the research, and I wish that what I was saying wasn't true.
I wish every day that the analysis wasn't 100% crystal clear.
Unfortunately, it is.
And every other sociologist, psychologist, political scientist who has looked at this is totally freaking out.
The good news is they're finally waking up.
I mean, it's hard to believe that the head bag man, the chairman of the board for the main Nazi company in the U.S.
that tried to overthrow America, that his grandson is in power and then would do the very same thing.
You go, wait a minute, these aren't Nazis today.
No, it's big foreign banks, the defense contractors, Israel, AIPAC, but it doesn't matter.
All humans do the same thing.
All elites do the same thing.
This is the norm 99 plus percent of the time.
Hundreds and hundreds of countries in history, thousands and thousands of governments, 99 percent of the time they're a tyranny.
Now, a lot of the time, they are not hardcore tyrannies, though they're very oppressive and abusive, but then you get the really virulent ones where there's tens of millions killed, and total enslavement, and this is the crew that does that.
This is the signature, this is the blueprint, this is the worst I've ever seen, and I am somewhat of a historian on police states and tyranny, studying it now for more than 20 years, and on air for 13.
Most people got into science fiction, or got into reading Louis L'Amour books when they were 12, 13, 14, or reading the Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew, and sure, I read all that too, but I picked up history books.
When I was about 13, I read The Mind of Adolf Hitler, Secret British Wartime Report, declassified in 1968.
When I was 16, I read Machiavelli's The Prince, and I read his other book, I forget the name, when I was about 18.
I read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by Schur.
I read Gibbons' Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.
I've read Carol Quigley's Tragedy and Hope.
Folks, I've read hundreds of these now.
Let me tell you, I know what I'm talking about.
And if I was a wimp, if I was a cut-and-run coward, I would be on the fastest boat out of this country.
Because you can carry all your stuff on a boat.
I've even looked into it.
I would be getting out of here so fast it'd make your head spin, but I've decided to stay on board the ship in the battle and I'm not evacuating.
Let me tell you though, the money is leaving so fast, they are... I've given the analogy of people evacuating on helicopters when Saigon fell in the mid-seventies and people were hanging off the helicopter skids
That's how fast they're getting out of here.
That's how fast they're escaping.
That's what all the different estate lawyers, because I've talked to several now since I first got word a few years ago on this, it is an exodus of wild tumult.
The word is, and I'm not saying this is the case, but what the rich people are saying is, America may not even be here.
I don't know what that means.
And then all the slack-jawed liberal and conservative little cornball groups you're in won't matter anymore, will they?
All right, we'll come back into the NAU to take your call.
Stay with me.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I read the news today, oh boy About a lucky man who made the grade And though the news was rather sad Well, I just had to laugh I saw the photograph
He blew his mind out in a car.
He didn't notice that the lights had changed.
A crowd of people stood and stared.
They'd seen his face before.
Nobody was really sure if he was from the house.
The British Army.
The entire West is falling to classical tyranny.
Open tyranny.
Open declarations in England of dictatorial power by the Prime Minister.
And the agencies over the Parliament and the House of Lords.
Open declarations of supreme dictatorship by President Bush and declarations of executive branch total supremacy.
John Warner Defense Authorization Act, Military Commissions Act, Presidential Decision Directive 51.
I hope police and military listening to me aren't just out of hand
Saying this is a lie.
I demand that you at least investigate the claims I'm making.
If there was one chance out of a hundred that I'm telling the truth, you should investigate it all feverishly this evening when you get home.
Unfortunately, there is no chance I'm wrong.
Unfortunately, the die is cast.
Unfortunately, we're facing a hellish system.
As if all the crimes of the government and the criminals that run it already aren't legion and horrible, we have not even begun to submerge into its black waters.
Tristan, Ken, Joe, KCJ, from Montreal to Hawaii, your calls are coming up, but let me get into
Key report on the North American Union.
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It is the history of the global elite, their master plan, how they're operating, their current operations, NAU, EU, Asian Union, African Union, and then why they want world government, what their aim is, and that's the public, official UN law, official policy of the US government, and the British government, and the German government,
Forced population in Chinese government.
Forced population reduction of at least 80%.
Yes, this is real.
This is not 28 Days Later.
This is not Children of Men.
This is not I Am Legend.
This is real.
And I've counted the cost.
I, man,
I don't know what I'd have done 13 years ago when I really woke up to all this and really got involved if I'd have known just how evil they are.
I mean, it has taken me over a decade of constant research to even begin to realize how wicked they are.
How cunning, how genius they are.
How burning with wicked mischief they are.
They are burning.
They are volcanic.
In their eruptions of death and destruction.
I just want to warn you.
And I just want you to get Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement and give it to everybody in your family.
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Buy the DVD for yourself, then email your whole email list with the free... By the way, that's a whole other story.
See, with tyranny, you just get to where you accept it, even if you don't like it, because you're under it all the time.
Google Video last year admittedly erased at least three times tens of millions of views of Terror Storm.
They would just erase it, wouldn't say why, or they'd disable it.
They did that with Martial Law when it went viral and had a couple hundred thousand views in one day and had gone supernova.
That would mean we'd get millions.
It was in number one for a couple days on Google Video, where everybody sees it.
And, um, they, um, they, you know, they would erase it.
Just last Wednesday, my uncle was in town, and I was saying, look at this, look at how Endgame's at 1.3 million here, a million here, 500,000 here, 400,000 here, 300,000 there, all these different versions people have uploaded of Endgame to Google, and they went into every one of the high hit count ones, and they just erased them, they're just gone.
Didn't say why, normally they'll say why, they're just gone.
And then they reset the other counters.
And I'm so conditioned, I was so busy trying to write other articles and trying to give research to Paul and Steve and Ryan and Aaron and trying to confer with them on a hundred other issues, Ron, Paul, everything else, that I didn't even tell them to get screenshots or do a story on it.
I'm just conditioned.
Kind of like it used to be a big deal when they said they wanted to make us take microchips and now they're doing it to Alzheimer's patients.
Now some jails are pushing it.
Now some police chiefs are trying to make their employees take it.
And companies are making their employees take it.
And the Mexican Attorney General is making them do it.
And in Latin America they're making politicians take it and their assistants.
And now I'm just kind of, yeah, I covered that a thousand times, literally.
Okay, I'm conditioned.
I'm just acclimated.
I hate it, but it's kind of like I live with it.
See, now I just live with, oh, they're censoring, and next it'll be just erase the videos entirely.
Well, I can't even give them to you for free.
Kind of like, you know, first camera's on street corners, it's for traffic, and then the cameras are to spy on you, and then they're in the schools, and then they're in your house, and then they're everywhere.
See, it's a process.
And to see myself even being destroyed by it, and myself psychologically not even being... I consciously know what they're doing to me, but I still can't get control.
And by get control, I mean I'm being acclimated.
I'm becoming accepting.
That's what the tasers are all about.
The image of people being shot.
The rubber bullets.
The red blast out of the muzzle.
The image of people in black uniforms shooting crowds.
The government admits that's to get you ready for them actually shooting you.
And they get the cops trained to do it.
It's like you first train an attack dog on dummies and then the real thing.
Giving them a taste of blood.
So, don't let Google and others censor this.
In my space, everybody else, and dig.
And Reddit and the rest of them, the viral ports where we were able to get the word out to people, they're blocking those off.
That just means you get the DVD at InfoWars.com or by calling 888-253-3139.
888-253-3139 or InfoWars.com.
And it just means you buy a DVD burner, dual layer disc, and it just means you make a copy every day and you give it to somebody every day.
And a year will pass by, the twinkling of an eye, before you can even, you know, look up
And you would have given out 300 plus.
What if the millions of listeners did that?
What if you did that?
What would happen?
We've seen the power of viral grassroots marketing.
What happens if you really turn your power loose?
We will sweep these people aside so easily.
And they know that, and they're scared.
They're trying to accelerate their tyranny.
And that's only making them that much more transparent.
They have revealed themselves to us.
The enemy has revealed themselves.
They only reveal themselves when they're planning to move.
And they are moving.
And as bad as it is now, they are only beginning their acceleration.
And to accelerate a great mass takes a lot of energy, time, and power, but once you get it moving, and once it starts moving, it begins accelerating at frightening speeds.
Now is the time to get aggressive in the info war.
Alright, let me get to the story, then I promise I'll get to all your calls.
Or how about I just take calls and I get into the NAU next hour?
Let's just take calls now, then I'll get into NAU next hour.
All these new developments.
Tristan in Montreal, Canada.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, God bless you and your team.
Thank you for what you do, man.
We're trying our best.
Yeah, I was watching one of your documentaries called America Destroyed by Design here.
Yeah, hardly recognized me 60 pounds lighter.
Everybody puts on a couple, right?
Anyhow, as I was saying, I was watching the doc, and it's funny how the people, when you were there exposing the UND plates, the plaques there, on the parks, they were actually laughing.
There was a woman who even came back and said, oh, you're a conspiracy theorist or something to that extent.
She said, you're like Mel Gibson, that movie Conspiracy Theory that was out in theaters then, yeah.
It's unreal, because you even point out in so many documentaries you've done about these things, and they're in public view.
Maybe not, you know, not.
Maybe it's not the simplest thing.
Well, what about at the Grand Canyon?
I walk in and I say, hey, the news said that this was out front and they come out and they threaten to arrest me for acting about it politely.
And was I not gentile and polite?
You're very calm in it.
Very, very calm.
And they just, some people, they come toward you and it's like, they're like, yeah, okay, we're going to have to get you out.
Or they bring you in that room there where your cameraman's filming through.
It's like as if you're a public threat.
You're not armed.
You don't have an intention on wounding anybody.
You're just getting some questions back.
See, that's the tyranny.
They know they're doing bad.
But like you said, the way it's down to each level, not everybody will see it.
They won't be able to view everything.
I walk in and I say, hi, I'd like to see the United Nations plaque, which designates it through Congress and through treaty.
And by the way, Reagan pulled out of it, but they still did it, and Bush signed back on.
It's like the Law of the Sea Treaty.
And they'd run out and call me back and say, look, we'll have you arrested.
It's unreal, man.
If people don't open their eyes and, you know, at least ask a few questions or even think critically, then you know what, they're... I don't even know why they're living.
If people cannot think critically or, you know, ask questions or... Well, take police officers out there listening right now.
If you walk up to somebody and you politely ask them a question and they freak out and start yelling at you and acting suspicious, doesn't that... you know, that's probable cause.
I walk up and say, hi, may I please see the United Nations signs?
And they totally freak out.
I mean, again, I just... and I have the treaty, I have the legislation, I have it all, it's real!
Well, once again, thank you for what you do, and you're actually exposing them.
There's no questions about that.
Well, people are starting to listen, because no matter what the media says, the economy's in the toilet, and people are starting to listen.
Thanks for the call, Preston.
Ken in Ohio, you're on the air worldwide.
Afternoon, God bless you.
I hope you're feeling fine.
I am, sir.
Okay, may I give you a quote that I think has much wisdom?
By the way, I'm 90 years old.
Quote, the force that rules the world is culture, whether it be moral or immoral.
End of quote.
And my conclusion is, if a nation is moral, it will rise to the top like cream.
If a nation is immoral, it will go down the tube.
In history, that is an absolute law of human development, of human sociology, and anthropology.
It is an absolute law of human activity.
Another quote I have, an immoral nation cannot long exist.
Bottom line, our main problem in the U.S.
is not political, it is our immorality.
I mean, I'll tell you what's immoral, I mean, in business.
When I'm in business with somebody, I do what I say, I do the best job I can, and it's literally in life, I've learned that more than half the people you work with will actively try to cheat you.
Americans wouldn't do that 100 years ago, 200 years ago, because, you know, you'd be high noon.
See, that's immoral.
And that's why we had so much good business and such an incredible society, was because, you know, you could do things on a handshake.
I say this.
The biggest mistake the U.S.
ever made is when it accepted a decision by the U.S.
Supreme Court on Roe v. Wade, which legalized a U.S.
To kill another U.S.
citizen before our birth.
And our nation has been on an accelerated moral decline ever since.
And the result?
The U.S.
is on a slippery slope to oblivion.
I agree, sir.
How long have you been listening?
Oh, I try to listen to you every day when I'm at home by the radio.
No, I mean, you say you're 90 years old.
How long have you been tuning in?
Oh, gee, I don't know.
I've been doing so many things that I can't keep up with them.
I never thought I'd be this busy at 90 years old.
I didn't even expect to get this old.
What is it like to see the grandson of the head Nazi agent being the president and bringing the country into tyranny?
Well, now, and also what you said there a little bit ago, the entire West is falling.
And fortunately, we have you and others to clue us in with the truth.
Well put.
And they say a nation is a reflection of the people in it.
And as individuals and as a nation, we need to say yes to God and no to the devil.
And I have a three-letter word that is our problem and a three-letter word that's our solution.
Can you guess what they are?
Tell me.
S-I-N is the problem.
G-O-D is the solution.
I appreciate you, my friend, and I agree with you.
And again, to all the liberals out there, they taught you that abortion was a precious right, a precious sacrament.
That it was some goody that someone wanted to take from you.
Not to mention the health problems and the psychology and what it does to women.
But once you accept that, then you accept the euthanasia of the old, the infirm, the sick, the blind, the deaf, those in wheelchairs, the mentally retarded.
And then from there it's genetic engineering and race laws and all of it.
And we have killed 50 million children.
Wonderful children that would have had amazing lives.
And every time I talk to one of these establishment eugenicist liberals, who call themselves a liberal, they'll say, who's gonna keep all these brown babies?
Are you gonna adopt them?
Nobody wants them!
I've seen the numbers.
Year in, year out, they come out.
The Fed's own numbers on numbers of adoptions.
There are more people, it's just a little bit above it, wanting to adopt.
Then there are actual abortions.
And I know Christian families and others that have three, four, you know, black children.
Some of them retarded.
Because they have loving souls like Mother Teresa and want to take care of them.
And then I see Jesse Jackson come out and say whites shouldn't be able to adopt blacks and things like that.
It's just absolute evil.
It's absolute evil.
If you don't want the baby, give it up for adoption.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Isn't their objective being world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They have all the money they need.
They're not after money.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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Alright, let's try to move quicker for these great calls.
Joe in New York, you're on the air, go ahead.
Can you hear me fine?
Yes sir, welcome.
Yeah, I was, um, I've been listening to your show for a couple years now.
I belong to We Are Changed, too, over there in New York.
I met you, and I tell you, someone who referred me to you actually was a guy I worked with, because I used to talk about all this stuff that you're talking about.
Everybody thought I was nuts in the place.
And the guy says, you know, there's another nut job, Alex Jones.
And I started listening to you then, and I never stopped.
There's an app in that job.
He actually reads legislation.
He's crazy.
I know, right?
You know, when you know something they don't know.
I says, well, you gotta wake up.
I used to tell everybody, you know.
Anyway, I wanted to talk about the debate last night.
How McGann was trying to rewrite history about World War II.
Well, I actually have an audio clip of that.
And I saw that.
I'll tell you what, let's play that now, and then I want you to comment after.
Go ahead and play, uh, this is, and clearly, we see the video, McCain's being booed, and when he speaks up again, he gets booed again, trying to claim that Ron Paul is against the troops, and the troops love the war, when in a poll a year ago, 71% were against it.
Here it is.
Congressman Paul, I've heard him now in many debates, talking about bringing our troops home, and about the war in Iraq, and how it's failed.
And, uh, I want to tell you that that kind of isolationism, sir, is what caused World War II.
We allowed, we allowed... Allow him to answer, please.
We allowed Hitler to come to power with that kind of attitude of isolationism and appeasement.
And I want to tell you something, sir.
I just finished having Thanksgiving with the troops.
And their message to you is, the message of these brave men and women who are serving over there is, let us win.
Let us win.
We will... Please.
We will get to Iraq... Alright.
Let me just arrive...
Let me just remind everyone that these people did take a lot of time to ask these questions, and so we do want direct questions to be answered.
We will get to Iraq later, but I do have to allow Congressman Paul 30 seconds to respond.
The real question you have to ask is, why do I get the most money from active duty officers, military personnel?
So what John is saying is just totally distorted.
He doesn't even understand the difference between non-intervention and isolationism.
I'm not an isolationist.
I want to trade with people, talk with people, travel, but I don't want to stand... Stop right there.
Back it up.
By the way, I have my atomic clock here.
Guess how long
When he actually went to Paul, he gave him 20 seconds.
He says 30 seconds.
The other guys will give him 30.
They'll go two minutes.
And we've done analysis of other ones.
He'll get four and a half minutes out of a two-hour debate.
He'll get eight minutes out of a two-hour debate.
And others are getting 15, 16, 20, in some cases, minutes.
So it's all a rigged deck against Paul.
And McCain pops back in, and they boo him.
And the camera cuts to him turning red.
I'm going to hold you over.
Don't worry, Joe.
I'm going to go to him.
We start the next hour, but I want to finish this point.
I wrote some notes here.
McCain hung out with the generals with this propaganda line we've been hearing for four years plus about let them win.
The plan is to be there permanently, break the country up in three parts, and sow sectarian violence.
And that's exactly what I was thinking watching this clip this morning before I saw Paul say it, was how come Paul's gotten more than 70% of the military donations, that's mainstream news, and more than 70% of the troops are against the war?
It's total froth.
By the way, the people running this war are the ones that financed Hitler.
That's what they always do.
They're going to stage more wars and then say, oh look, you isolationist did it, or you didn't let us have the Patriot Act II, you let the terrorists hit us again.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Jay in Hawaii, KC in Minnesota, Stewart in Mass, Steve in PA.
Everybody, we're getting your calls throughout this hour.
I'm also going to get into an analysis of the North American Union and the mass media hoax claiming it doesn't exist.
Key article on prisonplanet.com titled Media Hoax Attempts to Hide Advance of North American Union.
But back that clip up about 15 seconds to Paul says, he's about to say you're a liar, but he says you've totally distorted it.
He's too much of a gentleman.
I would have called McCain a liar and he knows it.
He knows, everybody knows, that a bunch of polls between 71% and 80% of the troops, depending on the poll, as well as the American people, want the war to end.
No, it's a fraud.
No, it's a guerrilla action meant to just dump money into it and destabilize the region.
And for him to say the troops, give them a chance to win, like Paul's holding them back and keeping them, you know, like the two and a half trillion they've already spent, the trillions they're going to have to spend, that's not enough, and Bush said we'd be back in six months, we've been there four and a half years, on and on and on and on.
And the feds have lied about the numbers of brain damage, they said it was 5,000, now their own numbers say 150,000 brain damaged troops.
We're good to go.
And then to have him sit there and try to claim that Ron Paul won't let the troops win.
He speaks for the troops and let them win.
That's their message to you, Paul.
And it wasn't even a question about that.
It was a question about, what are you going to do about the Iraq War?
And McCain turns it into, you're a bad traitor, Paul.
So here it is.
Finish the clip.
The real question you have to ask is why do I get the most money from active duty officers, military personnel?
So what John is saying is just totally distorted.
He doesn't even understand the difference between non-intervention and isolationism.
I'm not an isolationist.
I want to trade with people, talk with people, travel, but I don't want to send our troops overseas using force to tell them how to live.
We would object to it here, and they're going to object to us over there.
See, really good medical doctors are all about precision, and they train clocks in their own minds, how long an artery's open.
And that's why, you notice, Paul cut at exactly 30 seconds.
Total precision!
I love it!
I've been doing radio so long, I've learned what 30 seconds in a minute is in my mind.
I can do it right down to the second in my own brain when I'm on.
But just to see that, and that shniveling little CIA operative, he's admittedly formerly CIA, by the way, currently,
You know, asking the questions.
It's just... Alright, I'm going to shut up.
I'll go back to the caller.
Joe, go ahead and make your point.
Yeah, like, he tried to distort history.
Basically, um, have you ever heard of, um, Benjamin Friedman?
Supposedly an ex-scientist.
And, uh, he says that there was a backdoor deal during World War I to get the United States into the war.
At that time, before the United States came in, they were ready to have peace in Europe.
And World War I, every major historian says, generated World War II.
So it wasn't isolationism, it was a previous war that generated that, and then U.S.
and British barons, money barons, financing Hitler.
That's true too, but what I was saying is, there was some sort of backdoor agreement, supposedly from
I know people don't like hearing this word, but Zionists.
To get U.S.
into the war, so this way England wouldn't have to surrender to Germany.
Well, I certainly know that right around that time, the Zionists became very active, and that they'd gone to the Germans, who'd said no to giving them a state in Israel, so they'd gone to England, so they were allied in all of that.
Alright, appreciate your call.
Very interesting information, Joe.
KC, Jay, Stuart, Steve, everybody, your calls are straight ahead after this quick break, and we're getting into the NAU.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, they've got a new major national study showing record levels of illegal immigration.
We're going to be breaking down these incredible numbers.
We're going to be getting into more of the economic news with housing prices and the drop in housing prices at a 12-year record low just from the last quarter.
And a lot more, I'm going to get into the North American Union.
Right now we're taking calls from as far away as Israel and Hawaii.
In fact, I'm going to go to Ariel, then Jay in Hawaii, then KC and others.
Ariel in Israel, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yeah, I just wanted to ask you if you saw the Benjamin Fulford interviewing David Rockefeller?
Benjamin Fulford interviewing David Rockefeller.
Fulford, of course, is a former Forbes writer who says he met with the Asian Mafia about how they know about the plan to exterminate 80% of the population with race-based weapons, which has even been, and the fact that the weapons exist has been in Jane's Weapons Quarterly, and Dick Cheney's talked about how great they are.
But I can't confirm some of what Fulford's saying, so I'm neutral on it, but it sounds very interesting, a lot of it plausible.
But you're saying he interviewed David Rockefeller?
In Japan, when supposedly David Rockefeller was supposed to be meeting with the Emperor, which is very ponderous.
Is there a video of this or text?
There's a video of it, and it's 30 minutes.
You can go to freedomvideo.org slash blog slash question mark P equals 521.
Do me a favor.
Go to the PrisonPlanet.com forum.
That's a good place.
It'll show the latest post.
Post it in there, or can I put you on hold and can John give you his email so you can send that exact link?
Well, when did Fulford supposedly do this?
This was actually just a few days ago, I think on the 14th of November.
Well, I mean, if he got an interview with David Rockefeller, this really adds a lot of credibility.
What does Rockefeller say?
It's just a very, very mysterious interview.
He asks him questions about world government, and Rockefeller kind of beats around the bush a bit, but it's a very damning interview, to say the least, and just the fact that it was in Japan, and supposedly Rockefeller was going to meet with the Emperor, it just makes it all the more mysterious, and that's all I can really say.
Well, listen, um... You just have to see this.
Can you go to PresidentPlanet.com, there's also a link there, it says email webmaster, and send him that link?
Yeah, absolutely.
I'll tell you what, what's the headline?
Benjamin Fulford interviews David Rockefeller?
Fulford and Rockefeller, the Japan interview.
Fulford and Rockefeller, the Japan interview.
Okay, I'm going to Google that as soon as possible.
We'll get right on that, sir.
And that's freedomvideo.org slash blog slash question mark.
We'll just get it, instead of giving a long address out, we'll just get it posted up on prisonplanet.com in the next ten minutes, okay?
What are you doing over in Israel?
Are you an Israeli citizen?
How long have you been listening to the show?
What do you think of the New World Order?
What do you think is going on?
It's horrible.
I'm very against it.
I'm against my government as well.
But thank you for your time.
I just wanted to tell you about the Fulford and Rockefeller interview.
I think you'll find it very interesting and thank you for your time.
I'm going to put you on hold and I just want to make sure we get this link and so John's going to get that right now.
John, please get that.
In fact, times of the essence on something like this.
I'm not going to wait.
I'm going to call Watson.
Okay, I just dialed him and I do this as things break.
This is huge.
You know, I tried to get Fulford on the show, but he says he's not doing any radio interviews right now.
But, uh... Hey, Watson, it's called the Fulford and Rockefeller interview in Japan.
Fulford and Rockefeller interview in Japan.
Google that, or I'm going to have it emailed to you or posted in the Prison Planet forum right now, and we'll see.
I mean, the callers sound incredible, but I haven't confirmed it yet.
This just happened.
And if it is the case, and we need an analysis on this as quickly as possible, can you post the video up on the site so folks over at the show can watch it?
Okay, well, I mean, do you have that text I just gave you?
Fulford and Rockefeller interview?
Did you find it?
Okay, I'll check into it.
Thank you.
Call you in a break.
Let's go ahead and, uh... Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Jay in Hawaii.
Jay, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, it was ridiculous.
I had to sit there and watch the post-debate commentators push all of the propaganda.
One of them said that the North American Superhighway is a figment of Ron Paul's imagination.
They all say that, that's a talking point.
I know, it's like saying Jimmy Carter doesn't exist.
And the questions that Ron Paul got, my jaw was dropped during the entire debate.
One of the questions actually contained the phrases, crazy, no chance to win, and let the country down in a single sentence.
And McCain says that... Yeah, we need listeners to write up all these comments and everything so we can get them posted.
Again, we don't have the staff to analyze all this, but I did watch some of it last night and it was just, it's just off the chart.
Everybody should vote for him just because of that.
I saw some guy in the post office this morning going, it's crazy, I like him, but it's crazy he can't win.
You know, just repeating it.
Yeah, every Ron Paul supporter needs to get off their couches and vote for him in the primaries.
If you don't get off your couch and vote for Ron Paul, the blood of every life slain by the New World Order is on your hands.
I agree, but give us some more of your comments from Hawaii, Jay, on what you thought of the debate.
Yeah, McCain says that the insurgents in Iraq are equal to Nazi Germany, and McCain says that if we pull out of Iraq, then that's equal to ignoring Hitler and letting Hitler conquer all of Europe.
I mean, that's ridiculous.
Ron Paul isn't giving enough time into debates to say this, but I would point out that there are 200,000 Americans, including contractors, in combat in Iraq.
And there's, what, 20 million Iraqis?
Why should 200,000 Americans sacrifice their lives for the freedom of 20 million Iraqis?
It makes no sense, right?
No, it doesn't make sense, especially when the actual Pentagon plans are to spread turmoil and pump, have a black hole you can money launder trillions of dollars into, and then spread the violence.
And, um, I mean, I don't believe in karma, but I believe in what goes around comes around.
Um, divine retribution.
That's the one true law in the universe.
I believe that God is a creature of divine retribution, and people need to go and vote for Ron Paul.
Because, I mean, if you're lazy and you sit on your couch and then you do nothing... I'm not a Christian, but my message to the New World Order is to listen.
Stop yourselves and listen.
I know that they, uh, you know, they're trying to rig this election, but I want them to look at the real numbers of how many people support Ron Paul.
I'm sure they'll see 70 to 80% supporting Ron Paul.
Or maybe, you know, 65%.
The patriots who support Ron Paul are not going to stop fighting after the election is stolen.
The New World Order, I don't want them to activate Apocalypse, because they certainly could.
They got their hand on the button.
I don't want them to do it.
I don't want to see violence.
I care for everyone, including the New World Order.
I don't want to see any violence.
So I'm just please asking them to look at the real numbers before they do anything, because
God is a creature of divine retribution, and if you go too far, your power is going to be taken away from you.
Thank you, Alex.
That's pretty much all I've got to say.
All right, I really do appreciate that information, and I agree with you.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
KC in Minnesota, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, I just want to know if you're aware if you knew that Tom Cryer is a 32nd degree Freemason?
Somebody emailed me that the lawyer that beat the IRS down in, um, was it Mississippi or Louisiana?
We've had him on a few times.
Shreveport, Louisiana.
Yeah, Shreveport, Louisiana.
He's a 32nd degree Mason.
Look, all I can say is this, and I've tried to make this clear.
There are evil Protestants in the New World Order.
I think?
They are secret, well let me just, since you brought this up, they are secret construction guilds, secret mystery schools that go back to, you know, guarding mathematical technology that was very valuable in construction.
Do they use the Masonic secret systems to run their New World Order?
Are Masons at the highest levels of the New World Order?
Yes, but not until they're 33rd degree or above.
There are a lot of other degrees.
Would I be a Mason?
Have I been invited to join?
You're supposed to ask, but I never did.
I have been invited to join.
I've said no.
But did I have great-grandfathers and great-uncles and people that were?
Did they tell my dad not to join?
Do I think it's bad at the top?
But regardless, Cryer won that.
There's other people winning cases who weren't Mason.
So, I mean, I really just think it kind of becomes a distraction at a certain point.
Well, I'm just concerned with Masonic modes of recognition in court.
We'll see how this works, though.
I'm already saying he's a Mason, and all I got was an email.
I don't even know if that's true.
Well, I mean, I've got his biographic summary, which is located at wethepeoplefoundation.org, and also a mainstream email.
Okay, so he says that.
That's fine.
Yeah, no, they do have Mason in distress hand signals, and that is a really good point, because if they give that, the judge will let him off every time.
And I could ask Cryer about that next time he's on.
And one other thing, if you would, if you get a chance, if you've got a higher level and a lower level, let's say you've got a Mason defender and also a Mason prosecutor, who scratches whose back?
You know what I'm saying?
Well, I've found that with federal cases, and I'm no expert on this, but I've seen some cases of it, that, you know, the government's the big dog, and it's full of Masons too, and they will side against a fellow Mason if that's what the feds want.
So it was the jury, it was the jury that found him not guilty.
You can't say that for sure.
No, no, we have the ruling.
I mean, it was a jury trial, sir.
No, I mean, I know it was a jury trial, but what I'm saying is, we're talking, I mean, he's championing the tax honesty movement right now.
He's rallying us together, giving us a kind of sense of hope.
But whether you win or lose, a failure to file it really does nothing for the movement because it doesn't address the source of the issue, which is the actual fact that there's no law.
Look, I mean, we're having a lot of victories against the private run-for-profit IRS.
There's a bunch of people winning, a bunch of people losing.
So, I mean, I just think it becomes a big red herring that, oh my God, Cryer's going to get us.
I mean, I'll get him on.
In fact, the next time he's on, I'll bring it up, okay?
Okay, thanks so much.
Thank you.
I mean, my whole deal is,
It just becomes a distraction.
And that's why I say this.
About half the Patriot movement spends about half their time just talking about issues like this.
So I'll say it on the record.
I'm a non-denominational.
I'm not a Baptist.
I'm not a Catholic.
I'm a Christian.
I'm not a NPR reporter.
I'm not a Scientologist.
I'm none of it.
On the average, Americans work between 45 to 50 years, hoping to build up enough wealth to retire and live out their golden years.
Unfortunately, with taxation, the rising cost of food, energy, housing, and medical, many retirees are forced to live below the poverty line.
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These questions and more can be answered by reading G. Edward Griffin's book, The Creature from Jekyll Island.
Congressman Ron Paul states it's what every American needs to know about central bank power.
A gripping adventure into the secret world of international banking cartel.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
I will give a silver dollar from the early 1900s to anyone who purchases this book.
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Yeah, I did find that Fulford interview.
We're going to play some clips of it coming up in the next hour.
And Paul's doing a story.
He's going to get it posted right now, but there's a synopsis on YouTube, and we're going to get it up on PrisonPlanet.com in the next few minutes.
I'm going to take a few more calls now, then I'm going to get into the NAU, the new developments there, and then I'm going to take more calls, then I'm going to get into the open borders and big new study they did.
Let's try to hurry here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Yes, I'm wondering, I just don't quite understand something.
I don't understand about the difference between the United States and the United States of America, because the U.S.
Code clearly
He says that there's two separate governments, two separate constitutions, one for the United States of America that ended with the 13th Amendment, the original 13th Amendment, and then the Constitution for the United States... First off, turn your radio off, because we can't continue.
Okay, is your radio off now?
Did he just hang up?
Yes, sir!
The difference is, President Lincoln came into the presidency as the President of the United States of America, but he left the presidency as the President of the United States.
And how I understand it, he is the president that took the offer from the international bankers.
The offer was made to several other presidents, but they rejected it.
That is when the United States of America ended.
And since then, we've been the U.S.
Everything's been the U.S.
Well, if my memory serves, and I've actually gone over all the actual documents on this, you've got it backwards.
It was the United States, and then afterwards it became the United States of America under the 14th Amendment, and we went under Admiralty Law and
Roman Civil Law, but the Common Law and the Anglo-Saxon Law had been in place so long that it took them over a hundred years to fully transfer it over, and they're still not completely done.
But yes, and then they set up the District of Columbia, and just, it's lawyers, and he was a lawyer, and translated it over, and this really happened after they killed him.
Translated it over and started then signing the treaties and the deals under that new corporation that is known as Washington, D.C.
And it is a fact.
And so instead of having God-given rights that, you know, that the government couldn't violate, you now became wards of the state.
And they sold this.
People in Congress saying, well, we can't have blacks with full rights.
We'll make them wards of the state.
But then really it was for everybody else and then the marriage licenses started and the gun licenses started and then they did that because you're a ward.
And so a license is to do something that would be illegal.
So you're under martial law, so you're not allowed to drive without your pass.
The state police, then when they fully expanded in 1933, were set up by the feds.
And the general public doesn't know this.
And now they've gone one further in the mid-fifties with the comprehensive annual financial reports to fully now transfer those corporate holdings of the states that have now become corporate with the United States of America Corporation and District of Columbia incorporated in Puerto Rico and Guam.
You are correct and we were the U.S.
And now we're the U.S.A.
How come they want everybody to sign the agreement that they are a U.S.
citizen under penalty of perjury?
Well, just remember, just remember, now our listeners are smart and informed.
There's probably hundreds of thousands of people listening who are listening for the first week or so or may just tune in.
Remember, they don't know where the U.S.
is on the globe.
They don't know who the president four presidents ago was.
They don't know where their state capitol is.
They just know that Britney Spears dances around and shaves her head.
And so for those listening, you need to understand, it's all a bait and switch.
It'd be kind of like if somebody came to your door and said, sign this form.
I'm from the government.
It's for your homestead.
And you didn't read the 10-page contract that took a magnifying glass and it said that you were signing your house over to them.
It was basic fraud.
And now we operate under military jurisdiction for a long time, now they're just going to the final stage of having it open and physical on the street.
How I understand the situation is that you have the constitutional forces are the Army, the Navy, I believe the Marines,
No, the Marines are outside.
When the Marines were attached to the Navy, they were constitutional, but since they now brought them into the United States, they claim that they're outside of it, and now they are trying to attach the Coast Guard to that as well.
Well, the story is, on the other side, the U.S., the U.S.A.
is the Constitutional Forces, then the U.S.
forces, they're all these alphabet agencies that started up in, what is it, March 6th, 1933 or whatever, the CIA.
Yes, the U.S.A., well, it had already been set up, but they do it in phases.
Thanks for the call, sir.
And that perfectly goes into the NAU.
I'm going to cover that next, then take your calls.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Everybody knows.
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking.
Everybody knows the captain lied.
Everybody got this broken feeling.
Like their father or their dog just died.
Everybody talking to their pockets.
Everybody wants a box of chocolates at the Boston Roads.
Everybody knows.
We're good to go.
Everybody knows you've been discreet but there were so many people you just had to beat without your clothes.
And everybody knows.
Everybody knows.
Everybody knows.
That last caller was a perfect lead-in because he was talking about the United States versus the United States of America, the District of Columbia.
They did this in phases.
And I'm not defending Lincoln.
Most times with governments, both sides are bad.
The South and the North.
The people running the U.S.
The people running Israel are bad.
are bad.
The people running Iran are bad.
It isn't black and white when you get down to this, but I've only read, and I don't mean this sarcastically, it's not a lot, maybe 10 books on the Civil War, watched 15, 20 PBS documentaries, 10 or 15 History Channel things, a lot of it disinfo, read a lot of alternative history reports, gone and checked them, found a lot of it's accurate.
And basically, Lincoln got put in.
The war starts up.
The British were financing the South.
They put troops in Canada and Toronto.
Threatened to invade with 20,000.
The Tsar had to send his navy to the east and west coast, threatening war on them.
They got them back just 40-something years later with the Tsars.
And so, without spending too much time on that, Lincoln issued his own money, which is what the Lincoln Greenback, which is not what the bankers wanted.
And he did not go with the bankers.
But he did in trying to keep the union together for northern business interests that were not completely controlled by the bankers, that were different elites than it was and as concentrated.
You had the big elite out of Europe, but there were still smaller elites.
And some of the royalty fighting with each other.
There were more factions then.
It hadn't all fleshed out yet to total centralization like we have now with a handful of, quote, rogue nations.
And that's anything not controlled by the central banks.
The globalists.
But clearly that was orchestrated by the British.
Andrew Jackson, who fought the British in the Revolutionary War, and then again in the Battle of 1812, the War of 1812, he saw right through it in the 30s, 1830s, when the British were openly there.
They were openly in North Carolina, South Carolina, they were openly even down in Florida, they were everywhere trying to foment
Because of northern taxes on tobacco farmers, cotton farmers, and others.
And I am an expert on that.
I've got obsessed with it and probably read 20 books on Jackson.
But that old, and we've had, you know, UT professors on about it and things, but he saw through that and he was literally toothless by the time he was president.
He'd been in so many battles, shot so many times, stabbed, he could hardly talk.
But he was at this dinner party with all the big rich people from the South.
He was from the South and he said, don't you know the British are doing this?
And began screaming at them really loud in this big powerful voice.
He didn't even have any teeth left.
You need teeth really for pronunciation.
And said, I will lead an army of a million men from the North.
I will lead them from the head and we will crush you.
I will not let the British split up the Union.
So, of course his family died in British concentration camps.
Yeah, they invented it.
He was a message runner and he wouldn't literally clean the boots of the British colonel.
So they slashed him across the face.
You just think they ought to make a movie about this guy.
I mean, you talk about you see some movie like Conan where he has all these exploits and it's made up.
It's fake and it's unbelievable.
Or you see movies like Rambo where it's all stupid.
I mean, Andrew Jackson makes George Washington look like a wimp.
By the way, they don't teach you who George Washington was.
It's, oh, he didn't chop down a cherry tree, and they kind of make him boring.
There's a reason George Washington was loved.
I mean, just the incredible battles, everything he did, it's just unbelievable.
It's unbelievable.
These men were unbelievable.
And the troops, the Americans that fought with them, the colonists, were unbelievable.
And I'm already digressing.
I look at what we have.
And it just really gives me a headache to really get down to the bottom line here.
Okay, I said I'd get into NAU and then we're going to get to John, Carl, Mike, Mark, Dave, and a lot of other people that are patiently holding today.
That's why the elite lie to us and tell us that things that are public don't exist.
Because it's worked in the past, and they have nothing but disdain and arrogant hatred for all of us.
They know the public doesn't know basic geography, or basic branches of government, or basic Bill of Rights, and so they do it.
I mean, what state police officers do you know that know that they're federally chartered from 1933 to 1937?
When they declared the War Powers Act, and we've been under total federal control since then.
The North lost control during Reconstruction and really did a lot of abusive things, and so there were rebellions.
Rebellion right here in Austin, unseating a gunpoint, two different governors.
That isn't taught!
But they really got control in 1933 after they engineered that.
Then there was a power struggle between the Fabian British-backed Socialists with Roosevelt and the Hitler-backed Fascists.
So again, either side wasn't good.
It was two different
We're good to go.
There's so many thousands of points and so many things.
You can study one little period of history in Macedonia and never know all there was to know about it.
These were the lives of millions of people, billions that have passed, and empires, and nations, and wars, and all the historians that wrote about it.
It's absolutely exhilarating to research it and learn how the world works, but then it's equally horrifying once you see the depths that we have already sunk to.
You try to explain the concept of dual corporations.
Basically, the globalists created doppelganger government.
A clone.
But they didn't have any of the due process or rights and put us on to an older form of imperial law.
And then they took from it British admiralty and integrated it into Roman civil that had always been operating in Europe and England because it was a law of merchants.
It was the ancient Roman civil law that grew directly out of Greece.
See, again, trying to even get into this, because I can explain it to everybody, we have the time, or I could lay it all out for you and you would see exactly how all this operates.
To simplify it, the globalists have total arrogant disdain for us because they know we're totally dumbed down by design.
And so, years of scholarly research and interviewing every top expert you can imagine, and I, with a decent intellect, literally have to summon all of my mental prowess to even grasp this world system.
It's complex!
It's big!
And a bunch of football heads and a bunch of
A bunch of beauty queens, you know, a bunch of Sally Soccer Mom and everybody else are just thinking about the next bauble they want to buy.
Can you imagine them listening to this right now?
I mean, I might as well be talking Martian to them.
I mean, I might as well just be jabbering.
Because... Just please investigate what I'm saying and find out the truth for yourself.
So, the globalists have this arrogant disdain for us, and they know it's very complex and the general public can't grasp
Corporate Law, Admiralty Law, Administrative Law Courts, that's the modern name for it.
And this parallel system they built of tyranny and no due process or checks and balances that they have been slowly integrating our old system of liberty onto.
And then now they're busy actually pulling up the tracks of the old system.
First they transferred everything over to the train on the rail running right beside it, and now they're busy tearing up the original track.
Just a few years ago there were still liberty trains and freedom and different systems of common law and Anglo-Saxon law running down the rail.
Now there's really nothing rolling down it and they've pulled up large sections of it.
There's the obnoxious analogy.
You ever seen one of those track splitters?
It's a big train they drive and the back has a big beak hanging down that just rips up the middle ties.
Kind of a scorched earth policy and I watch them shredding the beloved Republic.
Right in front of me, and it's not pleasing.
And the incredible intricacies and craftsmanship of the new mechanism they've built is staggering.
In fact, right now I'm just trying to integrate and grasp all my knowledge, and I'm actually staggered right now and at a loss for words.
You know, you marvel at the beast, ladies and gentlemen, if you could see it like I see it in the system from my study.
And I know that I only see it from a glancing edge.
I don't even see the entirety of it, but I see more than most.
More than... but just a very few, I would imagine.
It's hard for the globalists to even grasp what they've wrought.
It's a self-fulfilling system.
A self-oiling, expanding system of mercantile devilish genius.
But... So to them, they've had the United States for at least
80 years, since 1933.
They've had it fully in their grasp, just destroying any remnants of liberty or freedom or due process.
Brainwashing, dumbing down the public, legitimizing all of it, setting up new courts that aren't under the common law system where there's no due process, the family courts, all of it.
Read the Bill of Rights, then walk in and watch a family court.
It's just, it's dictatorial.
It's an admiralty court.
A tyranny court.
A Roman civil court.
But with criminal power.
Criminal enforcement.
We're good to go.
And now they're just transferring out of the corporate shell.
They created a private corporate shell to transfer the government into, under the operating system of the United States of America, from the United States, which was the government convened for and of and by the people in the three branches of government, interlocking with several states.
Now that they have fully transferred, I'd say they're 95% complete, into the United States of America shell, and the corporate shells, and the city shells, under international law and treaty, they are now removing the last links to it, and bringing us fully into a global corporate dictatorship, and look at who chairs, and who mans the World Trade Organization, or the IMF, or the World Bank, or the XM Bank, or the International Bank of Settlements, or the United Nations,
Uh, or these other organizations and these global treaties that then whole governments grow up around and enforcement arms and taxing authorities and regulatory systems and propaganda divisions and intelligence agencies and all of it.
And so now they've transferred us
They're accelerating the transfer.
Everything with technology allows them to accelerate it, and they're now in their endgame accelerating all of the assets out of England, out of the United States, out of Russia, out of China.
First they build a strong central tyranny government to suck everything out of the people into the private corporate holding, and then it's fully transferred into private corporations
That operate as governments with government power and who chair and run the regulatory organizations that nations have irrevocably signed away their authority to.
And that's the transfer, that's what's happened.
And so they just pat us on the head like children and say, there's no monsters, you know, there's no NAU, it's made up!
Last night in the debate, this loony Ron Paul makes up NAFTA highways.
Does it matter if TxDOT and the Federal Department of Transportation, international bodies, thousands of documents, public statements, news articles, building the hubs, laws passed by Congress, all happening.
Building the hubs, building the roads, and they just say it doesn't exist.
The public doesn't know how roads work, or where they go, or even the names of most roads.
They just accept that.
Okay, it doesn't exist.
And they tell them, yeah, we're not sending out company codes to all the businesses in the 50 states, telling them to sign on a North American Union designation under NAFTA and GATT regulatory systems.
And now they call the American, North American Economic Community, they're now calling it, Robert Pasture and the CFR, and they make little jokes, oh, we're not wanting global government, we want global governance!
Governance is government.
It's the same word.
It's like saying, oh, a bird.
No, no, no, that's not a bird.
That is a fowl.
Oh, I don't study birds.
I'm an ornithologist.
Well, ornithologist means studier of birds.
Scientist that studies birds.
See, I mean, it's all little games.
Little giggly games.
Again, just total arrogance and hatred of us.
And the public's not laughing enough anymore.
That's why they're starting to panic.
But even if they know they're being lied to, how do they grasp this complexity?
And so that's how they've set up the North American Union.
That's how they've brought this to bear.
That's how they've set this up.
And so now they have instructed the Mexican, Canadian, and U.S.
corporations who literally go to the SPP meetings, they've got hundreds of them, but three major ones, one each year.
I just had one a few months ago in Canada.
They instruct them to
We got the minutes of the September meeting, and it was the Fortune 100 was there, literally telling the government ministers what to do according to guidelines, and how to tax, how to apportion, how to integrate standards from barcodes, to radio beacons, to aircraft, to military, to drug war, everything!
They're just merging the government seamlessly, hooking their computer systems in, standardizing everything, telling the businesses to sign into it, with color of law threats.
I've gotten the letters.
And these hacks paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
You know these mainline newspaper hacks?
My writers don't even make that much money and they write two, three articles a day.
It's not that I don't even just have the money to hire more writers.
I can't find enough people who actually are as smart as Curt Nemo or Paul Watson or Steve Watson or Aaron Dykes.
Who can actually get it right.
There's so much happening, I can't even report on it all to you.
And I burn with a desire to warn you.
So, if you want to understand what's happening, they're just taking what's theirs publicly into their accounts.
Unless you struggle during the formative stages of this, they just tell you, like a child, and we are a nation of children, doesn't exist baby, go back to sleepy sleep.
There's no bad men in the world.
Everything's alright, okay?
Never mind this black mass.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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Waging war on corruption, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Here's an example of how they lie to us, and lie to the police, the military, everybody else.
Remember about a month ago, the fire's raging.
They're raging again out in Malibu in Southern California, into San Diego.
And they just have a fake press conference with over 100 FEMA people dressed up like reporters with pads out.
They even have expensive, you know, $60,000 cameras rolled out to make it look like a set.
And then they can have softball questions asked.
And it just turned out that one of the heads of the INS, this is in the San Antonio papers,
Had press conferences and had fake reporters in there and only went to them.
I mean, this is what they do.
Just like the Pentagon, in their own documents, said they were going to be in Iraq for at least 50 years.
We're never going to leave.
Build permanent bases.
Break the country up.
And they told us, oh, we'll be there six months.
Again, they just lie to us.
And it's just like New York.
You know, the seal of New York is a chest of beads being handed to a Native American
In Manhattan, might have been worth five dollars in, uh, well, five pounds, and not even that in British money then, a bucket of beads.
And the Indians didn't even speak English.
They just said, hey, we'll give you this bucket of beads.
And the Indians thought that meant they could hunt there, because that's how the Indians thought of using the land, the Native Americans.
And, uh, they just took it from them.
Because the Native Americans were intelligent and smart, but they were like children when it came to contract law.
And the corporate settlers, that's what they were, corporations coming in and incorporating, you know, funded as expeditions for profit, they just said, make your mark right here, chief, and you get this whole bucket of beads and nails and combs and mirrors, booty, junk, baubles.
And they can do the same thing.
Americans will fight and die and work themselves to the bone and spend no time with their children so they can have the iPhone.
And I'm not saying having all that's bad, but if that's your God, then that comes first.
And if that's what matters to you, all this junk that will be broken in a year, it means nothing.
Or some football players, some basketball players, your hero, they've replaced your real heroes with that.
You're just like a Native American.
Who would, A, not know what they were doing, and B, shell out their birthright for a little chest of reeds and mirrors and combs and nails.
See how that works?
And the American people are like the Native Americans.
It's the same thing.
The same elite just usurping, usurping, usurping.
And Natives would usurp each other and kill each other too.
I'm not saying they're angel cakes.
But not at a more modern and sophisticated way.
And that's what's happening with the North American Union.
And now the globalists want to overrun.
They're doing everything they can with a thousand different tricks up their sleeve to destroy U.S.
sovereignty in one of their main assaults.
It isn't just getting everybody in debt, blowing up the economy, getting the nation in debt.
It's bringing in 30-plus million illegal aliens who are hyper-nationalistic, predominantly from Latin America and Mexico, bringing them in and public schools teach them, this is your country, America's evil, that's taught in the curriculum.
Then the ADL, I was reading on their site last night, says none of it exists and we're all crazy to say that, to claim that the immigrants want to take over America.
Well, they say they do.
Whereas an African, or a Polish, or a Japanese immigrant who came here 100 years ago, 50 years ago, no no, or the Vietnamese immigrants, they want to run shrimp boats and make money.
But Mexico's lost two wars with that.
Americans don't, again, know their head from a hole in the ground historically.
So they don't know the Mexicans have all been taught from birth how evil America is and how they're going to get theirs back and all this.
And then the ADL spins that to mean all Mexicans.
No, not Mexican-Americans.
Close to 70% of Mexican-Americans don't want to be called Mexican-Americans.
They want to be called Americans.
And they hate what's happening.
They see it's fair to drop down wages and break down the sovereignty and balkanize the country so the government can play us off against each other.
It's tribal race politics.
Bottom line.
Alright, we're going to come back, continue with your calls and a lot of other news.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas,
Alex Jones.
I still haven't had time, I spent 20 minutes last hour, I haven't had time to read this article on air.
Media hoax attempts to hide advanced North American Union.
It's up on presentplanet.com in the news and focus section.
It's very important.
Let's get out to everybody.
I got a whole smattering of other economic immigration news I will cover and go over right now.
Let's get through the callers that have been holding.
John from Chicago, you're on the air, go ahead.
Nice to talk to you, Alex.
Hello, welcome.
I have a suggestion.
I remember last summer when Matt LePacek got arrested for asking a question.
Yeah, see I was asking questions of the media and Giuliani and others.
Yeah, and I have a suggestion.
I was very proud that he was doing that and we are changed or have the guts to do that, but I was very disappointed when he, I guess, plea bargained.
Well, he was in another state, 200 miles away, and he was busy.
At least he stood up and did it.
He got in the arena.
It's like we're posting videos of We Are Change Ireland trying to confront Clinton, and they did yell at him.
Or We Are Change in another state confronting Hillary.
And it's not super spectacular, but they're trying.
They're attempting.
But I just have a suggestion.
As listeners, you have millions of listeners, and I'm just an average guy.
I just make an average living.
But I, I think we should set up a fund for, to support them.
If, when they get in, you know, charged with a crime, so they can, they won't have the, the problem of the cost, where we could, you know, everybody should, like, you know, you just, a small fraction of your supporters gave $25 or $50, we could raise the money real quickly to, to make it so we could, whatever their fees are, they could take a plane, hotel, so they won't have to worry about money as far as defending the minor little thing, and they should fight
You know, no matter how small it is, because they're attacking our free speech.
Listen, I hear you.
I'm going to let you go.
This is not a centralized deal.
I am in a three-room office, big room in the back, big room in the front, small broadcast area.
I have trouble balancing my checkbook.
I'm not superhuman.
There's kind of this idea, this is like CNN or something, we do reach millions of people, but it's not like big glistening buildings and shiny glass and human resource departments and people calling in with, we need to have funds for folks and do all this.
I also imagine collecting the money for that.
That would also really annoy the audience.
You only ask for so much, and then trying to collect it and decide who gets it, or then you think somebody did something wrong in an event, and then it's held out, you're going to pay for whatever they did, and then the money isn't there, and then the time and energy fighting those, it was a misdemeanor.
I just can't do anymore.
I'm going to be bottom line flat with you.
And so,
In fact, I'm supposed to be on a national radio show tonight.
I think I'm going to cancel it.
I'm making myself to the point of just not doing as much.
Because... And I'm not even whining.
I used to think I could just myself do it all, and I can't.
Like, I want to create a website at whatistheendgame.com.
It's there.
It's a nice site.
There's a lot of documentation on it.
But I wanted to do what we did with martiallaw911.info.
And go through every second of the film, every document, every article, everything, and put it up there as a bibliography, or as a kind of, you know, index in the back, all that.
But I mean, I don't have the money, the time, the energy.
A listener went and got every document and every article that I showed Martial Law, hundreds and hundreds of them, and he made MartialLaw911.info a wonderful person and gave it to us.
People still call me and go, you need that for in-game.
You're absolutely right!
I need to be able to have 50 writers.
I need to be able to find the people that can do it, and have the money to pay them, and have the websites.
We can't even get Web 2.0 designs on all our websites.
We've been through all sorts of stuff on that, where it never happens.
Kurt Nemo's finally done it with TruthNews.us.
He's going to redesign the other sites.
That takes money to pay him.
Then I get sponsors on to pay for it, and people get mad.
Even though I've turned down 9 out of 10 sponsors.
I only take the very best.
Look, man, I'm flesh and blood.
I'm just a man.
I'm just a man!
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Builderbergs.
Both their objective be world domination.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Yeah, I wasn't trying to whine during the last segment.
It's just that I can't do everything.
I think the listener's idea is a good idea, but somebody wanted to put that into place.
It's just that our straits are so dire.
It's hard to set up organizations.
It's easy to have a lot of plans.
It's hard to put plans into motion.
And the plans I've had, I've implemented every one of them.
It may take longer than I thought it would take, but I do it.
And that's the stick-to-it-ness that we need.
Uh, to beat this New World Order.
But I'll tell all the big IT people and all the big web designers, you want to design me big sites with the MySpace systems and the uploads and the video and all the things, just build it and give it to us.
We'll use it.
Uh, you want to donate to us, do it by buying the books and videos and things we sell at InfoWars.com.
I got so busy covering news last hour, I didn't even plug any of my films or any sponsors.
That's how we support ourselves.
Plus, it's great material.
And also support our local A.M.
and F.M.
Support their sponsors, or if you have a business, sponsor them.
I mean, it's all a team effort.
Support Ron Paul.
I mean, I also try to use this show to get you to organize and help other people that are fighting.
This is a team effort, a group effort, supporting the Patriot Liberty Freedom effort.
And make no mistake, this is legendary, this is history, that we are living right now.
And this is the most important issue, the geopolitical tyranny that's growing, the genetic and chemical and biological and radiological warfare that's being carried out against us.
I mean, again, it staggers me.
The more I learn, the more I find out, I'm learning and getting more informed at an exponential level.
And it's really serious.
We're in dire straits, ladies and gentlemen.
We're in very, very dire straits.
We have psychopathic killers running the society.
I mean, killing 3,000 on 9-11 is the tip of the iceberg.
There's all these thousands of admissions where our government killed troops, men, women, children, and all sorts of horrible, macabre, mingling-type experiments.
I'm going to go really fast through your calls because I've got a bunch of news I want to hit before Dr. Deagle comes on in the last 30 minutes.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in New York here on the air.
Go ahead, Mike.
Alex, I had a comment to make regarding this fascist military industrial bush coup going on, but I was listening to the video you were playing with the McCain thing.
I have a question for Johnny McCain.
Where did you learn your terms for the words, isolationism, non-intervention?
Was it from your daddy, Navy Admiral McCain?
Carried out Johnson's directive not to allow help to be sent to the boys on board the USS Liberty?
When they came under attack by the Israelis during the 1967 Israeli-Egyptian War?
Is that where you learned it?
McCain is a piece of trash, and I've interviewed men who were in the Hanoi Hilton with him.
He got taken out of there and got lavished.
He didn't go through anything.
No, no.
I just wanted to make the point that his daddy carried out that directive.
When those guys on USS Liberty were coming under attack and were crying out for help, Johnson would not allow the Admiral to send anybody in to help them.
And I guess it was his daddy, Navy Admiral McCain, that was running a theater of war over there that carried out that policy.
Well, for those who just joined us, we played it in the first hour.
McCain attacked Ron Paul last night.
McCain was asked about the Iraq War.
He totally shifted it over to say, the troops don't like you, Paul.
This is a message from them.
Let them win the war.
Like he's losing the war when the war's not designed to be won in the conventional sense.
It's a black hole for money laundering and this spread sectarian destabilization throughout the region, and that's their own stated goal.
Yes, Alex, I think you do everything that you can.
I think you always have and you'll continue to in everything that you endeavor.
What your caller, a few previous calls have brought up, was creating money from contributors who would be listeners to you and people that are aware of you on the internet to actually fund something he had in mind.
I can't remember specifically what it was.
As far as you having sufficient funds to do what you could do and would do if you did have the funds,
I think you'd be like the Incredible Hulk on steroids as far as throwing a much larger monkey wrench into the New World Order.
His time is of the essence because they have the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse hanging over all of our heads right down to
A false flag terrorist attack, which is, I believe, their ace up their sleeve, and it's probably their only one that could forestall any kind of... Yeah, we haven't talked about that enough lately.
With all of the globalist support literally imploding, with their own talking points and memos now publicly admitted that they need terror attacks, it could happen any time, and I think I've put that message out, and everybody knows that.
And instinctively, not just for me.
You know, ask for support.
People support us by buying Loose Change Final Cut, by getting in-game, because then you know you're getting something that you can use to wake other people up.
You know, if I had a bigger organization, if I had the platform and foundation to do other bigger things, I would certainly do that.
But kind of like Ron Paul said, money's important, but also the signs, the phone calls, the grassroots, the knocking on doors.
I'm getting the information out specifically about
What happened on the day of 9-11, who engineered it, conceived it, instigated it, when it goes right into the White House and parts of Congress and in high levels of the intelligent agencies, as well as the FBI, it really would throw the biggest monkey wrench into their machine as it sits in such a dangerous position to us all in our welfare.
If the progressive movement and the 9-11 truth movement were somehow melded, and I wanted to make one quick suggestion to you today, Alex,
As far as having a guest on, the Progressive Network, which I have followed for the last three years ever since it was incepted as far as their information went, basically 9-11 truth, that subject, what happened on that day, who was behind it is not mentioned except for really one exception and that's someone who has an emotional depth and passion such as yourself or
I think
You would please give him a call?
No, I've had him on three times.
Listen, I've got to jump.
I've got to jump.
I appreciate your points, sir.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dave in New York.
Dave, go ahead.
Hello, I just saw Endgame.
Outstanding from many vantage points.
You presented a lot of information which we could use in our arguments, but what I thought was really outstanding about it, Alex, is the way you exposed
We're good.
He didn't want to argue with you.
He was afraid of you.
He looked more like a punk with power than some kind of elite.
You know the part I'm talking about?
No, they're gangsters.
The Globalists are gangsters.
They have a lot of top professors and scientists and PR people that have developed sciences of control, but really it's a bunch of inbred, surly, murdering gangsters.
Right, but you've shown them to be that.
You know, you hear that Bill de Boer people conjure up some kind of Superman in their mind.
You showed these are just guys, and that one particular guy was afraid of you.
Because I'm a front-line activist, and some people will engage you face-to-face.
And some don't want to.
That guy did not want to argue with you when you were calling out and you were going in.
And I mean, to stand out there with a bullhorn and tell them, hey guys, we're not afraid of you.
I mean, in my opinion, that is a superb technique.
And I mean, the film was worth it just for that alone.
Just to see you out there with that bullhorn, letting them know, hey guys, we're not afraid of you.
And I think you showed everybody that if the American people ever decided that, you know, we've had enough, that it would be over fast.
Because these are not supermen.
They have to first realize who their enemies are, but the globalists are very good at putting Democrats, Republicans, Labor, Tory, Orange, Catholic, Hutu, Tootsie, different groups against each other while we think that's all the big fight, and then meanwhile they're ruling over us.
Right, they're causing us to be in conflict with each other.
You know, keep quarreling amongst yourself and you won't figure out who the real enemy is.
But you really exposed that very well.
It was outstanding when you were out there with that bullhorn.
I tell you, everybody should see it for that.
And just absorb these guys going in, because they are just ordinary people.
What else did you think of the two-hour, twenty-minute film, Endgame?
I thought it was excellent.
Like I said, you could look at, there's many arguments in there that you could use, a lot of information, a lot of historical things that you pointed out that we could use in any arguments.
It was good when you demonstrated that a lot of people really don't know what's going on.
Some do, some don't, you know what I mean?
But it was outstanding from
Like I said, there's many different vantage points I thought it was great for, but, you know, the in-your-face street activism, that gets a lot of attention.
That lets them know, because we could have this body of knowledge and we could be talking amongst ourselves.
But when you're out there like you were, you let them know, hey, we know, we know this stuff and we're gonna be out here, you know what I mean?
So I thought it was an excellent film.
I suggest that everybody get it and see it and watch it a few times, you know?
Well, I hope you've got the DVD.
I hope you'll make copies of it.
I do have the DVD.
I bought it from Amazon.
Boy, I just got it within the past few days from Amazon.
I do have the DVD.
No, I know.
I'm saying since you have it, make copies.
I will do that, sir.
And believe me, I'm an activist, so I will pass that on.
I will recommend it, and I know that a lot of my associates are going to appreciate that scene with you out there with the bullhorn.
I mean, that is just awesome.
Thank you, my friend.
God bless you.
If you want in-game, go to InfoWars.com to order the high-quality DVD.
You can get in-game discounted when you get up with Loose Change Final Cut.
Now available.
Totally new film.
Loose Change Final Cut.
At InfoWars.com or by calling 888-253-3139.
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Get a PrisonPlanet.tv membership.
And again, that's how you fund us.
That's how you help us.
But that's all a side issue.
It's about you getting the material and sharing it with others.
That's when things change.
Things are changing.
And the enemy knows it.
And the dragon's rising to face us.
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Man thinks, because he rules the earth, he can do it as he please.
And if things don't,
Change things, he will Oh, a man has invaded his doom First step was touching the moon Now there's a woman on my block She just sit there as the night grows dim She'll say who's gonna take away his license to kill?
Welcome back!
Now they take him, and they teach him, and they groom him for life, and they spin him on a path where he's bound to get ill.
Then they bury him with stars, and fill his body like they do a used car.
Half of immigrants in the U.S.
are there illegally, study finds.
This focuses on Texas, but it's national.
The state has one of the fastest-growing immigrant populations, the Austin American statesmen.
Half of the 3.5 million immigrants living in Texas, it's a lot more than that, are in the country illegally, the Center for Immigration Studies says in a report being released today.
Based on the latest Census Bureau data, and again, the illegals don't come in for that, so the Census Bureau admits it probably doubled.
That's why they said 14 million, we say 30 million.
The report said Texas is one of the fastest growing immigrant populations in any state.
It said that 50% of the state's foreign-born population, slightly more than 1.7 million people, are illegal immigrants.
There's a million illegal immigrants in Austin, folks.
Only Arizona at 65%, North Carolina at 58%,
In Georgia, 53% had a higher proportion of illegal immigrants in their immigrant populations.
Many people of the undocumented population are unskilled workers and tend to go to states where they can find those types of jobs.
So they go to the poor states and make the state even more poor.
Explained Lavia Jimenez, a senior policy analyst for the National Council of La Raza.
A non-partisan advocacy group, La Raza.
The race!
It was called David Duke's group.
I mean, let's be fair.
David Duke's group's just a non-partisan advocacy group.
What if Duke called his group the race?
A non-partisan advocacy group for Hispanic Americans, and many go there who are already family members.
The influx of immigrants into Texas reflects a national trend.
The report showed the nation's immigrant population, legal and illegal, reached a record 37.9 million in 2007.
And again, the illegals at least doubled that, so we're talking about 50 plus mil.
Nearly one in three of these newcomers is here illegally.
Half of the immigrants from Mexico and Central America are in the country illegally, and one-third of those from South America are illegal immigrants.
The report documents the surge of new arrivals and describes its impact.
The last seven years have been the highest period of immigration in American history, the report said.
Immigrants and their young children under 18.
Now remember, you've got 50-plus million immigrants, 30-plus million illegal aliens, and then they're going to have, on average, four-plus children here.
What is four times
50 plus million.
Well that's 200 mil.
And that's why by 2050 they're saying we're going to be 500 mil.
Have you been to Relatan?
Have you been to El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala?
You ever been to India?
I've been to some of those places, and let me tell you, there's crap all over, excuse me.
There's feces everywhere, open sewers, stanch, starving children everywhere, corrupt police with machine guns.
By the way, I can take you to East Austin and show you meat hanging up, where 10 years ago it was nice neighborhoods, meat hanging up outside, chickens in the road, busted sewer lines.
Go to Florida, it's even worse.
Government loves it.
Immigration accounts for nearly all the national increase in public school employment over the past two decades, the report said, and it goes on and on.
In Texas, 26.7% of school-age children, 5 to 17, had immigrant fathers, more than a quarter.
About half of these immigrant children, 13% of the state's total school-age population, were illegal immigrants.
And they already know that, but they're not going to go arrest them, kick them out, nothing!
And see, it's already terminal for the economy in the country.
Now, don't worry though, they've already busted the door open with the crowbar.
Now, as these reports say, we have another one here.
Study finds U.S.
immigration at record level.
Herald-Tribune immigration over the past seven years was the highest for any seven-year period in U.S.
history, bringing 10.3 million new immigrants, more than half of them without legal status, according to an analysis of census data released by the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington.
One in eight people living in the United States is an immigrant.
The survey found, for a total of 37.9 million, the highest levels since 1920.
And that number
He is completely cooked.
It's at least 15 million worse.
I was on the ADL's website last night and it was saying, racist lie and say immigrants bring disease.
What are you talking about?
They're opening leper colonies in Texas and giant TB facilities everywhere and keeping it real quiet.
I mean, German, Japanese immigrants coming into Ellis Island got checked for TB.
They don't check now.
And you say check them, they call you a Klan member.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Such an invention is dragon skin body armor.
In a discovery
Every channel program, Dragonskin was so superior to older types of body armor that it survived rounds which shredded the body armor now issued to our troops.
Why then have the Bush Regime's military bureaucrats refused to adopt Dragonskin for our troops?
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That's www.hearitonline.com.
Before you slip into unconsciousness,
I'd like to have another kiss, another flashing chance at bliss, another kiss, another kiss.
Steve James, him, Patrick George,
I'll be able to get to your five calls in the 30 minutes we've got left and I'm going to have to get him back up in the next month or so for another 30 minute interview.
I've just got so much news I didn't even get to today.
Dr. Deagle is our guest.
He's a medical doctor.
Works in the US and Canada.
Lives in Canada right now.
Talk shows right here on Genesis.
And Doc, I was just thinking about last night.
I was surfing around and saw a link to the ADL.
In a mainstream article about how it's racist to say immigrants have diseases, and they say, in this new report on their website, I've got it printed out here, they say it doesn't exist, it's racist evil, it's all lies, but out by Jewett, Texas, where we have some family property, in East Texas, there's a giant leper colony with thousands of people,
The Fed's own number said three cases of leprosy before 2005.
2005 alone, as you know, the statistics are two years apart on those diseases.
With 7,500 and something new cases, TB is spreading everywhere.
One immigrant or one individual with communicable TB will spread it, as you know, infect 42 in a classroom or factory setting.
That's the Fed's own number, CDC.
And there's all these new third-world diseases, and I can list a whole list.
You're a medical doctor, and then the ADO says it doesn't exist, and it actually says you're a white supremacist, and you say that we should... I mean, this is insane!
And the media keeps it real quiet.
Doc, what's going on there?
Well, what's going on, basically, is part of the manipulation.
They can't bring in the New World Order without nationalized health care.
Now, people might say that's a little shocking.
We have 50 million Americans, not because we shouldn't have everybody covered.
But we do not want nationalized health care.
It means the final step for the New World Order isn't just the RFID chip, it's your doctor.
Because in Canada and England, they make you do the procedures, they've got the control, then the government can say what the medical diagnoses are, what the treatment is, and carry out their eugenics.
Their eugenics, they're euthanizing senior citizens, they're killing the young.
My wife's involved with the Down Syndrome Association here, and we're trying to split off because of national downs.
Which is part of the Canadian ethos, believes in just eliminating these children.
It's part of the system.
They have, you know, angels of death going through the hospital.
By the way, the Wall Street Journal ten years ago wrote about this and gave the names.
They're murdering people every few minutes who can even speak, but who are paralyzed and they're begging for water and they kill them.
That's right.
Here's what you're going to face, okay?
American health care is the best in the world.
That's it.
What they want to do is they have to not make sure that everyone else is covered.
Back when I was practicing in Georgia in 1987-88, doctors could spend an extra half a day or a day and do free health care, and then with the insurance carriers and with the government complicity, they crushed us so much
By the way, Dr. Paul, that was part of being a doctor, was that you, at the emergency room, people didn't have the money, the doctor was still free market, you just did it free for the poor.
My dad, I don't want to say this, he's got a bunch more patients, he's already working too much, he only does dentistry three days a week though, he does, my whole life, free dental care.
That's what you're supposed to do.
That's what you're calling, like a minister, you do it because that's what you are.
Uh, the fact is what they want to do is they want to have total control so they can force us to vaccinate, force us to drug, make us follow treatment protocols, and also make sure that we don't speak out about issues like depleted uranium.
I got death threats when I suggested doing tests on our Gulf War I vets.
They don't want you to whistle-blow an industry that's doing damage to the environment or putting the public in danger.
And this issue about a disease from the ADL is you're precisely on.
The numbers may be even high, as high as 50-something of people infected with somebody with resistant TB.
We now have Chagas disease in the blood supply.
And by the way, there is no protection of the blood supply against Chagas parasites in the blood supply.
There's no protection of the blood supply against Hepatitis C.
And against mycoplasma fermentans incognita, which is purposely injected in the prisoners and in our veterans.
Up to 42% of the vaccine lots have been contaminated with mycoplasma fermentans.
And when they lie like this, it's devastating the health care system in all the border states of the United States and the Narco state of Mexico.
And it's done on purpose.
It's done on purpose because the next big black hole is to create a national health care system for total control.
I agree, but the federal numbers I saw last year was in a classroom situation, someone with TB will spread it and infect, that doesn't mean they'll all come down with it, 42 people, you're saying it could be as high as 50?
That's just one of hundreds of diseases.
They've got all these weird worm parasites and all this stuff now spreading?
Oh yeah, and the fact is that this is designed, and what would happen in the hospitals, and I worked in the hospitals in Colorado, is that the illegals get to the front of the line, not the back of the line.
And what it was doing is transferring those costs directly to people who could pay insurance.
Oh, it meant to bankrupt and then federalize the states.
And the whole idea is they want nationalized health care.
They want a system like Canada, the perfect model for the New World Order, which is a, you know, you want to call it socialist, it really is communist, okay?
The fact is the country does have a policy that completely suppresses free speech.
There was one woman just recently wrote on the internet two scriptures saying that homosexuality was bad.
She gets fined $3,000 and told by the judge if she put one more scripture up from the Bible quoted, cut and paste, she was going to prison for five to seven years.
I see those cases all the time, and even if you don't agree with our statements, listeners out there, some of you, you've got to agree with the free speech.
Oh yeah, the fact is, now here's the free speech issue in healthcare.
If you as a doctor say, like Dr. Graven was a NASA doctor dealing with global amnesia caused by statin drugs.
He found out first hand because he couldn't even recognize his wife.
And here's a NASA scientist, a medical doctor.
He's written in the last seven years tremendous tomes.
He's now a medical legal expert on statin drugs.
The state medical boards are now trying to change things in such a way... For those that don't know, that's the whole class on claiming the cholesterol's bad.
And here's the problem.
This is just one example of them trying to make doctors give deadly drugs, combinations of drugs, not use alternatives, not use lifestyle or other changes, but tell us that you can't use the art or the science of medicine.
You can't even tell people they're really in a sick building or they're exposed to the 9-11 toxins.
And we have Dr. William Ray who will be on the program tomorrow.
The state board in Texas is trying to go after his license and he found that the top clinic in the world, in Texas and Dallas,
This is an example of how they want total control, and the final step is to control your doctor.
Well, they're now trying to tell Ron Paul doesn't take government money, and they're trying to make people like him do it.
Well, I think, to be honest with you, that doctors need to get completely out of insurance.
I belong to the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons out of Tucson, Dr. Orant, and they have a firm stand against this vaccine issue.
We talked about it with Dr. Mayor Eisenstein.
We had Gary Null on the program last week, and then Horowitz.
This is pretty nasty, and people don't understand how evil this is.
They have plans for vaccines to vaccinate way behavior, vaccines that literally can be in food, vaccines that will sterilize you, and they've been experimenting with these in Sub-Saharan Africans and people in India in the early 90s.
And I've got all the documents posted up.
If people say, I don't believe you, I've got the National Library of Medicine, hundreds of pages of documents cut and pasted, abstract, showing
That they're actually doing this.
Their plan is to kill, steal, and destroy, and that's the watchword of Satan.
And if his minions are out there, they're in corporations, they're in governments, and they're bureaucrats, and they're doing exactly what you say in Endgame.
Your movie is so earth-shaking, and the twin of that, of course, loose change, final cut.
People need to get these, and you need to get them now, because I don't believe we have years away.
I think we have months to catastrophe.
Well, I know they're certainly moving in that direction.
Lord knows they're going to fully drop the hammer, but they're already engaged in their operations.
Oh, yeah.
We're at a point now where if we don't step in and get behind President Ron Paul, if we don't stand up in other countries against the invasion of privacy and rights, and other countries are.
We're seeing people in places like China, as you mentioned in your reports, not tolerating all these cameras everywhere.
But they're planning on regionalizing currencies, they're planning on chipping the population, they're planning on complete and absolute control.
And they say it all in their own documents, but then the public won't go read those.
Yeah, they say somehow that we're conspiracy theorists.
No, we're researchers, and we call out documents that are actually published.
It's mind-boggling to have people tell you it's a lie.
I wish I didn't know this stuff.
I wish I didn't get death threats after exiting, examining the people from Oklahoma City, the Forensic Missions Team.
I wish I didn't know what I knew from my friends in, you know, the U.S.
Space Command or the NRO or these other agencies, but they did.
First-hand, face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball, and they'll tell you straight up because they just think it's a matter of fact.
I agree with you and I'm pretty low key today because I'm just so upset.
I mean, more and more I realize, it's hard to realize how wicked it is, consciously, to deal with these people, and then there's so many minions in the system.
Well, yeah, and you've got to pray a lot, to be honest with you.
As far as you go in this, and I know you've been in it many years, and I've been, each time you get more shocked, and you just can't believe that the dark majesty, the intellectual power, the evil, the absolute abject, liquid,
You know, devilishness is so all-encompassing and so vast that, you know, the big problem is society doesn't even believe it's there.
And they have no idea that this has been evolving for hundreds, if not thousands of years, coming down to this final moment of destruction.
I agree with you, and I told callers we'd go to them, so let's take a few here.
Steve and Matt, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I just wanted to make a few points.
First off, and you say this a lot, it's nothing personal, Alex Jones is not the head of this movement.
It's up to us and a lot of people call it, but that's the main point.
Because a lot of people predicted 9-11.
You were in the right place at the right time.
You had a radio show, but I predicted it in February of 2000.
I was talking to a Christian.
I was arguing with him, trying to convert him.
And I don't know, I just had a moment of discernment.
I pointed over across the bay to the World Trade Center complex in the Heta argument, and I said, those buildings are going to come down.
And so that's one thing I wanted to say.
Yeah, do you have anything else, sir?
Yeah, and that was from reading various books in the Bible and praying.
Also, I'm up here in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
We're like the last here about anything, but word is spreading up here.
I call WBRK.
I wrote you emails under the Freedom Kid.
Do you remember any of those?
No, I don't, sir.
Probably not, but I call WBRK.
I get Ron Paul out there.
I talk about Alex Jones, Infowars.
It's almost like somebody's got a headache and you're like, here, take an aspirin.
And they're like, no, no, no, I don't want to take an aspirin.
They'll call up and complain about their problems all day, but they can't get past the fact
Well, I'll tell you what, Stuart, and I appreciate your call, it's because people subconsciously, the subconscious mind is 90 plus percent of your intellect, but then the focus is through your cerebral cortex, which decides, you can only focus on about six things at one time, and that's people who train their mind to even be able to do that.
The general public can't even focus on one thing now most of the time.
They're in a zombie sleep state, and there's all the federal and university and institution studies on that.
But deep down people know there's foreboding, there's fear, and they don't want to admit that murdering criminals are running things because it's scary.
Dr. Diegel?
Yeah, what's happening right now is the psychopaths are literally at the point where they have technologies now to not only slay most of the populations of Earth,
We're good to go.
She worked for one of the big drug companies, and she got infected with a virus that was actually in a phage-carrying gene virus that actually jumped out of a mouse embryo into her body.
And when she started getting sick and dying, she went to court, and the drug company said they would only help her if she signed over her body fluids and tissues to the drug company.
Uh, she also said that the same drug company in New Jersey was playing around with fragments of the 1918 flu, building a pandemic world virus.
Well, that's been in the news that they're all doing that.
Let's talk to James in Canada.
You're on the air, James.
How are you today?
Hello, sir.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Um, first of all, I'd like to apologize for the way Canada treated you on your way into films.
For Endgame?
Oh, that's okay.
That's just government.
We just recently had an incident in Vancouver where that gentleman got tasered for no reason from Poland.
Murdered, yes.
Just a word to the Canadians, Endgame will be for sale at HMV, our record store up here, on December 11th as the release date.
Yeah, it's in stores across the U.S., but I guess it's going to be later in Canada.
I was just wondering if you had any information on where Bilderberg Group was going to meet in 2008 and how we can find that out and whatnot.
No, we don't know.
Probably Europe.
Somewhere in Europe?
Yeah, they meet three years in a row in Europe and once in North America.
Thanks for the call, my friend.
Let's talk to Jim in Florida.
You're on the air, Jim.
Yes, sir.
I just have a suggestion.
If everyone who listens to your show, while they're listening, if they take their wallet out, write on the back of every note of currency, Infowars.com, 9-11 was an inside job.
Something like that?
That's the type of exponential thing that's unstoppable.
Like the other day, I was in Dunkin' Donuts, and after I made my purchase, I heard a guy at the cash register say, my dollar says your democracy is on death row.
He was laughing, you know.
He won't last much longer, you know?
And I just thought the people that are confronting Bill and Hillary Clinton would start confronting them about Oklahoma City, too.
Absolutely, we need to confront her about that black op they ran.
Thank you for the call.
Let's talk to Patrick.
Patrick, where are you calling us from?
He just dropped?
Okay, George.
George, where are you calling us from?
Yes, is this me?
Yes, sir.
Is this George?
I'm calling from Indiana.
How you doing, Alex Jones?
Good, sir.
Go ahead.
You're on air.
I got a small bone to pick with you about Endgame.
You seem to have left something out that I felt is rather important.
Well, I didn't leave something out.
I left billions of things out.
Yeah, yeah, but this was a major, major piece here.
You kind of just touched on the topic of who created Bilderberg.
And you just mentioned, as if in passing, that it was Prince Bernhardt.
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, SS officer.
Okay, now there wasn't anybody above him that he was being told what to do?
A mastermind?
We talk about the Rothschilds and Rockefellers at the start of the film.
Well, no.
No, I'm not talking about them.
This is on your own website.
You have two sources on your own website that says that the mastermind behind the Bilderberg and the NAU and the EU is one Joseph Rettinger, a Jesuit hopeful.
But he couldn't, uh, stick to the vows of syllabus-y, so he became a Jesuit Coadjutor, known as His Grey Eminence.
The Grey Pope.
Well, uh, where are those two sources on my website?
You go to prisonplanet.com backslash secretsofthebuilderberg.html for one.
My whole thing to you, sir, is that you're implying, I kept that out of the film, but then you say it's on my website.
So can you have your take on it?
But you didn't write it, sir.
This is a few years ago, and you probably didn't even catch it.
And so what are you saying?
And also, I got your Bohemian Grove you left out, St.
John's people.
Tell you what, stay there.
I'm gonna hold you over.
God, I hear that self-righteousness, you know, accusing me.
It's exactly what the guy's doing.
Like, someone even sent me an audio file, I think, with this guy's voice on it.
And I just try to do the best job I can to expose the New World Order.
And God help you, man.
God help you.
It is a big idea.
A New World Order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by our government.
It's known as the Builderbergs.
Don't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They have all the money they need.
They're not after money.
They're after power.
That's what happens here.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
Are terrorist cells or prime terror targets located near you?
Where are military bases and hazardous waste sites located?
How do you find the best area for solar, average rainfall, fish contamination advisories, and major transportation routes?
In the new interactive CD book, Prudent Places USA, you will find the information you want with over 50 interactive parameters that you control.
Find everything from housing prices and taxes
We're good to go!
We're good to go.
Many people are trying to understand the climactic world events in light of human wisdom.
But without the wisdom of God, this is impossible.
2 Peter says, We have a more sure word of prophecy, and you do well if you take heed.
But first know this, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.
The Bible says, we'd like you to receive this new offer, Packet B, The Unholy Alliance.
These materials document the global leaders, political and religious, behind the scenes.
You will receive information regarding America in Prophecy, Tyrants and Wars, The New World Order, and much more.
As always, these materials are shipped to you at no charge.
That's 1-888-211-1715, and ask for Packet B.
Please call 1-888-211-1715.
William in North Carolina, you're on the air, sir.
Go ahead.
I can't hear you, William.
These phones must be really bad today.
Every phone's been like on an electric razor.
Go ahead.
This is William Dean, president of Alipac.
We're the group that was attacked by the ADL as being racist for our comments about the high tuberculosis rates.
Crossing our southern border and I appreciate you looking into that.
I mean, we're a group that involves people of all races and legal immigrants that are concerned about illegal aliens of all races.
And we're also concerned that some of these countries that are our largest illegal alien contributor have tuberculosis rates that are 11, 13, 27 times higher
I know, and you see a few news articles about it, but they keep it real quiet.
It's huge news.
I mean, I literally don't want somebody cooking my food to give me TB.
I don't want my kids getting it.
And I'm supposedly now literally in league with Adolf Hitler.
Well, that's the thing that amazed us, that they would attack us on this.
Their intent is to try to muddy the waters around us because we've had a very high media profile, being on CBS, NBC... You know, I meant to get you guys on, and I know who you are, sir.
Just give your name and number to John right now, and I'm going to get you on the show next week, okay?
Well, I appreciate your attention on that topic.
We'll do that.
Listen, I've got a lot of other callers, but I've decided not to go anymore because I don't want to shortchange Dr. Diegel.
And, Diegel, we'll have you back up again to talk about
Well, God bless you guys.
What's really going on here, and I want people to pick up the baton.
It's not a Ron Paul, President Ron Paul race.
It's not an Alex Jones race or Diggle or anyone else.
We just happen to be the first ones to hit the barbed wire.
And if everybody else doesn't pick up the baton here and pick up the
And realize how late the battle is right now.
We're done.
We're not just talking about the end of America.
We're talking about the end of the human race.
I know, and I've got to tell you, Dr. Diegel, it gets me really upset that we're all so factionalized.
I'm trying to bring everybody together.
I'm trying to put out information.
At the same time, I'm trying to not turn off all these groups.
Like, I didn't even like having to attack Pastor Hagee because I know he has so many supporters.
I think?
Because I know there's a lot of good people in Israel, but their government's totally wicked.
And then I do that and I get bashed by people as anti-Israel.
Or I say TB's bad and I get bashed as a Klan member.
I mean, let's stop factionalizing and let's get out of the NAU, let's get the dollar back valued, let's not have the Lost Treaty, Law of the Sea Treaty, let's do it now!
Yeah, and if we don't get behind President Ron Paul, we don't get this.
Not only to our neighbors and our friends, but our greatest danger isn't George Bush and the neocons and even the globalists.
It's the unprepared neighbor.
That's why Endgame and Lewis James' final cut, you better get it today, everyone, because I'll tell you, we don't have a lot of time left before people really grasp this.
Dr. Deagle, we're out of time.
Thank you so much for spending time with us, folks.
Thank you so much for coming on the transmission with us today.
Dr. Deagle is right here on the network as well.
You can find out more about him at GCNLive.com.
I hope that everybody will go back to the first hour of the show today.
I covered a lot of key news and info.
We're listing on the internet that restarts in just a few minutes at InfoWars.com, but it starts right now.
And you can also listen to us tonight, 9 to midnight, with a retransmission on M and FM stations, WWCR, and the internet as well.
Alright, God bless you all.
I will see you back live tomorrow.
Love and the Tube.
Thank you for listening to GPN.
Visit gpnlive.com today.