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Air Date: Nov. 27, 2007
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is the 27th day of November 2007.
We're going to be here live for the next three hours.
I'm your host Alex Jones live Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time back live from 9 to midnight.
We have best-selling author Naomi Wolf joining us to talk about the 10 steps towards
Total Tyranny, The Ten Steps Towards Fascism, being implemented here in the United States.
She is coming up in the second hour to talk about her new book, The End of America.
In the meantime, let me give you a rundown of some of the news we'll be going over today.
Official 9-11 statement has now been released by the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Director,
And he's coming out and backpedaling on how he mixed in 9-11 truth groups in his PowerPoint presentation to the Senate investigating homegrown terror groups.
He's now backpedaling on that, so we'll be going over that report for you today.
Also, gun grabbers crank up anti-Second Amendment propaganda in the lead-up toward the Supreme Court ruling, historical ruling, coming up early next year on the Second Amendment.
The NRA is backing the California gun law of micro-stamping bullet casings.
Another story here by Kurt Nemo responding to the story Sunday out of the Boston Globe saying there is no plan for a North American Union via the SPP denying the North American Union.
I thought we would go back and go over some of the evidence of this including Vicente Fox
on both CNN's Larry King Live and other TV programs saying they're trying to set up a North American Union and many other quotes and documents.
Plus, this morning I am sitting there at my home office with a stack of bills and documents and filings and the Texas Workforce Commission sent me this big memorandum asking for all me to answer all these questions.
Every business gets it in the state.
Saying, we have to have this for your new North American ID number.
Now, of course, Jerome Corsi broke that over a year ago, that they're telling Texas businesses and other businesses across the country to sign into the North American Community Database.
Your business is registered under that.
I won't be registering it, by the way, with it.
And it didn't really get much traction, but here it is in my own life.
Just dealing with the North American Union bureaucracy about two hours ago.
I mean, I'm living it!
I'm living it, because I have seven employees here, I'm under the Texas Workforce Commission, all the unemployment laws, and the rest of it, and they're telling me that I'm under the authority of the North American Union database.
I mean, this isn't just in the newspaper, or in a Human Events, or WorldNet Daily report, it's physically in my hands, mailed to my house.
So we'll be going over the mass hoax the media is carrying out, saying there is no plan for North American Union, even as we're being integrated
into it right now.
Also, a story here from World Net Daily.
General would deploy troops on U.S.
NORTHCOM commander ready to obey any presidential order to intervene in domestic emergencies.
So that is just some of what we're going to be going over today.
The Second Amendment and a lot more.
First off though, when we get out of break,
The first break, I want to spend some time on the Ron Paul campaign and my ideas, take them for what it's worth, on what will be the most successful and most effective for the campaign because there has developed, I wouldn't call it a controversy, but somewhat of a debate on whether we should have a big fundraising drive now or a big one or two day event coming up.
December 16th and 17th.
So I'll be walking through this and you can decide for yourselves.
We'll be doing a story in the next few days for PrisonPlanet.com.
On it, I'm Alex Jones.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Stay with us.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights makes great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
This morning I did about 15 minutes of recap research and found probably 20 links, statements, video clips of Vicente Fox, Condoleezza Rice,
The Council on Foreign Relations statements, Robert Pasteur's statements, governmental documents where they state that they plan to first set up a North American community, just like the European Union was called, the European Economic Community, and then the European Community, and then the European Union.
That was just literally in 15 minutes of recap research.
By that, I knew that I'd seen all these past articles and quotes, so I just refreshed my memory and printed off a few of the stories so that I could go back to this Boston Globe story today and show how they claim we're wild-eyed liars, we're nuts, we're making it up, there's no such thing, there's no move, there's no push, none of this is happening.
And so that is coming up, but then as I'm literally sitting there at our home computer, our home office, my wife walks over with a stack of bills to pay, checks to sign, things to look at, and she says, oh yeah, we've got this letter from the Texas Workforce Commission.
It says it's voluntary for us to answer this, but it's asking all these snooping questions, and I said, okay, let me read it.
And I started reading it, and can you guess what it said?
Can you perhaps imagine what it said?
Says the information will be used to ensure that we assign the correct North American Industry Classification System.
We're good to go.
It is the integration.
But this doesn't exist.
So as I'm researching this this morning, of course I am then presented with documents filled with it.
I mean, that's how marinated, how drowned we are in all of this.
So, I'm going to spend some time going over that coming up at the bottom of the hour, and then I'm going to have Naomi Wolf coming up.
We're also going to have open phones in the first half of the next hour and in the third hour.
Wolf's just joining us for 30 minutes on this live 27th day of November 2007.
By the way, I haven't really promoted this like I should.
Seven minutes of new footage, behind-the-scenes interviews, Jim Tucker, Daniel Esselen, Dr. Michael Kaufman, integrated in with different clips of Globalist admitting what they're up to, and different think tanks and organizations covering it, and more footage in Istanbul, Turkey for this year's Bilderberg Group meeting.
That is going to be posted later this evening.
The official release date, of course, is tomorrow, for PrisonPlanet.tv members, in-game 1.5.
So total that means in game is with extras more than three hours long and now we're adding an hour and 47 minutes so that is what four hours and 47
Minutes of powerful information.
Anybody who's doubting that they're setting up a North American Union, they need only see Endgame.
And if there's any other questions, then there's Endgame 1.5.
Endgame 1.5 going up tonight.
We ended up just adding even more material, an extra 20 minutes or so to it, so at least an hour and seven minutes is already up and ready.
It's going to be going up this evening.
We're uploading another...
40 minutes right now that we just decided to give you and more documentation and behind-the-scenes info that didn't make it into Endgame and so that should be up by tomorrow.
It may even be up tonight, but I didn't tell Aaron to do this, but I kind of just had this idea a couple days ago to add even more and he didn't sleep.
I pulled into the office this morning and he'd stayed all night.
I'm looking at him out there right now, busily working, doing a great job.
So it is certainly a madhouse in here, let me tell you.
Endgame 1.5.
And a big story concerning Endgame 1.5 will be up by the end of the transmission today.
Okay, let me be very delicate with what I'm going to say here.
We need big, bold actions.
And when Mr. Lyman, who we've interviewed, picked up on the idea that had been put out by a few listeners of this show,
We've talked to them as well, and I'm just very proud that every time it's activists out there, 99% of the time it's our listeners.
I just absolutely am in love with the work you're all doing, every man, woman, and child of you out there.
There are children out there on the front lines of the InfoWar now as well.
To come up with the idea to try to raise $5 million on the 5th of November, 4.23 million
We're good to go.
Jay Leno, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox, hundreds of local TV stations, hundreds of news articles, multiple articles in AP and Reuters and AFP, UPI, I mean it was one of the biggest news stories that week.
I think so.
And they're now accelerating them to, what, nine and a half million for the quarter right now.
They're going to easily make their goal in this quarter of the 12 million.
And it captured people's imagination.
It broke him through the electronic Berlin Wall.
It was, again, one of the major stories, if not the major story, for at least seven days in the news cycle.
And the shockwaves have caused a huge buzz and fully activated the zeitgeist.
When I was interviewing Jesse Benton about a week and a half ago, two weeks ago, right after the 5th of November, he was saying...
Yeah, this is great that happened, but now we're at pre-donation levels, the same levels they were before the 5th.
We want to continue the acceleration because they need to get the money in in the next few weeks to be able to get out and buy the TV ads, buy the radio ads in the key battleground states to get the name recognition to hopefully win or come in second place or so and have a very strong showing to catapult into the next primaries.
The other string of primaries.
These primaries are starting on January 5th, 6th, 9th, so we've got about a month and a half there right now.
Now, some of his statements on and off air, and I agree with him, money needs to come in now, have been kind of taken to say, oh no, let's not give on the 16th and 17th, let's give now.
No, we need to continue to give now.
As much as you can, and we need to continue.
Again, the huge base of people that woke up because of the November 5th money bomb are new donors.
We need to reach out to more people, tell friends and family that haven't given, that they should at least give $20, $30, $50.
The average donation is about $40 before the November 5th money bomb.
Then the average has now been about $90, according to the RonPaul2008.com website.
But imagine
Just being 15 days or so out of the primaries on December 16th and December 17th, having a money bomb where 5 million dollars or close to it, it could go more, is raised each day.
Imagine then all the free advertising, if 4.2 million got us at least 20 million in free advertising and hype and name recognition and every major TV program and Jay Leno, imagine what
Ten million will do.
Or imagine what three or four million each day, imagine what six, seven million in two days, let's be conservative, will do.
We need that.
Because a big, stunning victory, a big, stunning blow, just a week and a half, two weeks, outside of the primaries will dwarf any TV ads or radio ads that can be bought in New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada,
Iowa, places like that.
So, common sense with my brain that's pretty good at analyzing politics, that it is a no-brainer that we need to continue to buy advertising time.
The Ron Paul campaign needs to continue to do that.
It needs to continue to get money in to do that, but that if they raise $10 million or $8 million on the 16th and 17th, they're still going to be able to rush out and buy radio and TV ads in those states.
And they're going to have all the money that they already have coming in to be able to do that.
And then we'll get the quadrupling or more in massive buzz and name recognition, showing that he's a contender.
That's what people need to see.
A lot of people are saying, Republicans and Libertarians, well, I don't want to throw my vote away.
So this is the daring stroke.
This is the stunning, heroic victory that we see from the grassroots, showing the grassroots power.
Generating the massive media coverage, the massive info bomb.
It's really simple.
And so I'm going to continue to walk through this and get into this report.
Ron Paul will make over $6 million in a single day, December 16th.
That's what Vegas oddmakers are saying.
One of the biggest bets going in the West right now isn't who's going to win the Super Bowl.
Or who's going to win, you know, the Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers.
It's who's, how much money Paul's going to raise.
We'll be right back.
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Look out your window, baby, I've seen you like the catch.
Man, he's playing Dixie.
Man, that is how that fits.
Could be the Fuhrer, could be the local priest.
Well, there's sometimes, sometimes, you know, we come as a man
Oh, sometimes.
We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
So last Wednesday, Steve, responding to a Ron Paul 2008 campaign email that was sent to us and others by their Director of Finance, Director Jonathan
Bedlink explained, during the first few days of October, we announced our fundraising goal for the fourth quarter of $12 million, raised by December 31st.
But there's more.
We need to have Spinnett by then, too.
If we were to raise the entire $12 million in the last week of December, we've already raised $9.5 million before that, we would meet our fundraising goal for the quarter.
But Ron Paul would stand little chance of winning the Republican nomination.
What about the power of Greenwich Roots?
Is it all just about TV and radio ads?
Because that money would have come in too late.
But it hasn't.
You've already got nine and a half million.
Time is of the essence.
You see, we need to raise money well before we plan to spend it.
That's because most of the expenditures that we make need to be paid for weeks in advance.
For example, we need to buy crucial airtime for the December, end of December, right now.
Thank you.
From now to donate, your money will only be spent after the Iowa caucus goers and the New Hampshire primary voters have made up their minds.
We are rapidly running out of time.
The Iowa caucus is just 44 days away.
New Hampshire is 49 days away.
With so much ground to make up, we can't afford to waste a single day.
Well, let me just say this.
Money's continuing to pour in.
They've spent a little more than half of the money that has come in.
They're making the media buys now.
More money again is pouring in.
This Friday, we're telling everybody to try to donate some more.
But if $10 million or $8 million, being conservative, comes in on the 16th and 17th, I know how media buying works, I've looked into it, in local and national elections, they will have about a week and a half to two weeks to get those orders in to run right when you want to run them, and that's during those primary dates that start on, what, the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, there's a bunch of them.
And so that's when you're going to have those very ads running when you really want to go for bear and expend everything.
So give money now, but let's not take this, because I've talked to the campaign internally, I've talked to Ron Paul off air.
It's all good.
Ron Paul agrees that these money bombs are very effective.
But let's continue to have a stream going in.
The exponential excitement that's caused by everyone seeing the ticker on a one or two day event going up causes everybody to throw caution to the wind, including everybody in my office without me telling them I was giving, and to push it over the edge.
And so give some now, folks, but remember, remember the 16th and 17th of December.
Remember the Bill of Rights Day.
Remember the Boston Tea Party.
Tying $10 million raise to those dates.
They will get at least four times the media coverage that they couldn't buy.
People ignore TV and radio ads.
They tune out.
It's the stuff that's the news.
It's the news articles.
It's the TV reports.
It's the interviews that will be generated
The media will be reporting on it the 16th and 17th.
It will then go for at least a week after, up until about the 23rd, 25th, into the holiday.
Everyone will hear Ron Paul.
And look what happened.
We're going to write an article about this.
It was the money bomb that made his New Hampshire numbers go from 4 to 8 and then 15 percent, depending on the poll.
We can then double that again up to 30 percent, which in a, what, nine-way race in New Hampshire, Ron Paul will win.
This is it.
This is the key.
And every political instinct, every Infowar instinct I've got tells me that's the fact.
So when we get back, I will get to this report here about Las Vegas saying that Ron Paul is going to raise $6 million alone.
That's what the bookies are saying.
On the 16th alone, they could raise another $6 million the next day.
$12 million is within grasp.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think?
I think so.
Ron Paul continues to say the grassroots knows best that the internet discovered him, that that's the power pushing his meteoric rise to popularity and name recognition.
And they're playing everything he says on the radio and on the TV.
And his face in Endgame is up on the silver screen.
Official, Ron Paul will make over $6 million in a single December day.
And some of the biggest oddsmakers out there have spoken and they've been right 99% of the time.
They have to be.
The oddsmakers have spoken, and so have the gamblers.
In 2008, U.S.
presidential hopeful Ron Paul's supporters, the Texas Republican congressman, is destined to take in more than $6 million during an upcoming money bomb scheduled for December 16th.
Now again, they're shooting for $12 million.
They've already raised $9 plus million, and December isn't even here yet.
And we're talking about six million, according to an index of the top bookies.
The bets, this is one of the biggest bets going in Vegas, in London.
You can go read the news reports, is on Ron Paul.
They're betting on how much is going to be raised for Ron Paul.
And if the odds makers don't get it right, even a couple times, they're out of business, folks.
They use all sorts of different polls and scientific indexes and experts that they interview.
They're also saying he's the only Republican that has a snowball's chance in Hades of beating Hillary.
Same thing I said when Paul announced nine months ago in January.
This is all political common sense.
And it is so important that $5 million be raised on
December 16th, then that will create massive buzz and hysteria that day, and it won't just end at midnight.
Then people will have time, as the zeitgeist builds, power and momentum to go wild on the 17th.
And if we on the web, and on talk radio, and if you out there on the streets of America get the buzz going for this, as it's already there.
24,000 people have signed up at the Tea Party 2008.
We're good to go.
It could be 20 million.
You hit the zeitgeist right.
You break through the electronic Berlin Wall.
They'll be forced to report on the 16th.
It will go wild and we'll have 24 hours more to pile on.
And then if there's any politicos out there who are advising the campaign, ignorantly I believe, in the overall picture, they will certainly see where it comes from.
The people.
The power of the people and it will make the 5th of November pale in significance.
So start your engines ladies and gentlemen.
Get lined up.
Get up to the plate and get ready for the 16th.
When midnight comes around and we enter the 16th, start hammering because it's important by the time people get up in the morning and look at it that a million be raised and then it's off to the races.
If by 9 a.m.
Nine hours in, in that overnight period where there won't be as much giving, if people see a million raised, everything will go insane.
And it is going to absolutely explode.
And I look for New World Order Dirty Tricks.
I hate to give them ideas, but I'm sure they've already got them.
Hacks on the websites.
You name it.
We all need to have double backups.
The Ron Paul campaign.
I'm going to call them, by the way.
I've just got to get my hands in this.
I have to do it.
This is destiny.
This is history.
We've got to help them.
They need to have a backup.
2008 on separate backup.
Denial of service attack proof systems that are on.
Uh, content distribution networks, they need to have the site backed up on at least a thousand servers right now.
We can give them those contacts if they don't know how to do it.
Uh, we need to have everybody lined up, and they're not going to be able to stop this, okay?
Ladies and gentlemen, barring the New World Order launching some terror attack that distracts everybody on the 15th or the 14th, and barring a war being started, barring really anything, uh, with God's aid and providence here, we're talking about six million on December 16th.
And if that happens, ladies and gentlemen, we will easily get 6 million the next day.
12 million!
More than was raised in the entire quarter in 48 hours!
This is your mission if you choose to accept it.
Now again, the campaign's saying they love the 16th and 17th, and please do it, but they're saying, oh, but please give now.
Fine, give now.
Have the cake and eat it too.
The point is, the key date
Is the 16th and the 17th.
And we're going to write an article about this in the next few days.
Get it up on PrisonPlanet.com.
I'm asking the other sites, the Tea Party and others that have taken our advice.
We appreciate that.
Now to please put this out on your own or adapt it however you wish.
We've got the Sign Bomb coming up on the 16th and 17th.
The Rally Bomb coming up.
The Info Surge.
Call it whatever you want.
Media doesn't like the term bomb.
The public does.
Okay, then the Sign Surge.
The rally surge.
The donation surge.
But it is.
It's an explosion.
It's an evidence of info war.
Of people rising.
Of the giant rising.
We need to see 6 million raised on the 16th.
The odds makers have spoken and so have the gamblers.
And 2,000 negative presidential hopeful Ron Paul supporters.
The Texas Republican Congressman is destined
to take in more than six million during an upcoming money bomb scheduled for December 16th.
The folks at online gambling website Sportsbook, they're the biggest, have now made Ron Paul's chances of raising more than six million a five to nine favorite.
In other words, you would have to bet nine dollars to win five and get your initial five back if the amount comes in at over six million.
For gamblers who are also Ron Paul supporters, it might be nice to have him raise $5.9 million.
That bet, and anything under that, pays $7 for every $5 bet.
The Vietnam veteran, who was the only Republican running for president who voted against going to war in Iraq, previously raised a remarkable $4.2 million plus during a 24-hour period on November 11.
The Ron Paul campaign as a goal to raise $12 million during the fourth quarter of 2007.
However, it now appears they will exceed this goal with December 16th planned money bomb, assuming gamblers in the bookies sports book are correct.
Other books are saying the same thing.
The congressman's campaign has already raised just over $9.2 million this quarter.
The folks at Sportbooks informed gambling911.com that the Ron Paul over-under bet was witnessing tremendous action, enough to push the line from $5 million to $6 million.
Again, I'm not a gambler.
I don't gamble, but I've looked at gambling.
I know how it works.
I know that these big books are 90-plus percent of the time accurate, because they have to be.
Or they're out of business.
And they're betting on this.
Ron Paul continued to hold from the 6-1 odds of becoming the next president of the sportsbook.com.
Paul is also pro-online gaming because he doesn't want federal regulation in control.
So, there you have it.
And there's other books saying the same thing or even better numbers.
So, let me ask you.
Would it be good if you raised $12 million on that day, on those two days, and doubled
The amount raised in this quarter.
Is that a good idea?
I don't know.
Is it a good idea to get the at least four times as much free publicity in the media and name recognition that all of his money can buy with a scoundrel TV and radio stations?
That are a bunch of neocon lovers in New Hampshire and other areas or some good mom and pops.
People should sponsor them.
This is the big question, ladies and gentlemen.
This is what we need to happen.
And this needs to happen not yesterday, not today.
This needs to happen last week.
We need to all reaffirm and commit and get the buzz going ten times what it is now.
And again, six million comes in, everything goes insane, and even more money could be raved the next day.
That's just the way this works.
Alright, I've got other issues I've got to get into, and I'm ranting on this subject.
And again, the Paul campaign is for this.
They love the money bomb, the money surge, the sign bomb.
But I'm going to state it one more time.
This is the key.
The four times name recognition and publicity, it could be even bigger this time, it will raise.
The massive amounts of money it will raise, they will be able to spend a lot of it in purchases running right up into the new year at the key time those advertisements need to be placed.
And it will just absolutely enrage enemies of liberty and freedom.
That said, ladies and gentlemen, we do want to have a strong showing this Friday as well.
And we have links to that up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
And we also are offering $2,600 in prize money, first place $2,000, second place $500, third place $100, for the best 60-second Ron Paul 2008 television ad for YouTube or Google.
You upload it there, you email us the link, it has a little tag at the end saying it's the Truth News Ad Contest.
That's it.
And I've backed it up to December 10th.
So we have more time to get more entries in because I had done a good job last week going into vacation, going into an off time of promoting this show.
The 10th will be the last, you know, at midnight the next day I will judge the videos.
It will be announced December 11th.
And why is that important?
Because each video that gets made will be seen by tens of thousands on YouTube and Google.
Some will be seen by hundreds of thousands.
A few will be seen by millions.
And so literally we spend $2,600.
A few of you make some money.
You can give it to Ron Paul campaign if you want, whatever.
Keep it yourself.
Do whatever.
It doesn't matter.
You get the ads out there.
Millions see them.
We create all these new ads with a big surge going into the primaries.
It's just a win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win,
And then, of course, a lot of radio and TV stations are taking the audio of these and playing them in their shows.
A lot of radio and TV stations then take the internet ads and play them, talk about them, discuss them during news programs.
Other talk show hosts play them, so millions more will see it.
Again, we can spend $3,100 and hit millions and millions more.
I'm just doing my part.
And with you helping me, and I'm helping you, we can do this together.
Alright, I'm just total non-Paul-mania now.
I need to control myself.
Just get aggressive.
This is the big push.
And regardless, even if they steal the election or cheat and Ron Paul doesn't win, which he's got a shot at doing now, he's injecting in all these debates and all these discussions the inflation tax, the war, the fraud, war provocations, the open borders.
He's pro-life, he's injecting and popularizing and bringing the controlled left over into becoming patriots, libertarians, truthers, whatever you want to call it.
We're breaking the mold of the left-right paradigm.
This is setting the model for future campaigns in future grassroots movements and setting the destiny of what's going to happen in the future.
This is a key critical time in history.
Every major sociologist,
A person that studies trends.
Futurists are saying the same thing.
This is so central right now, what we do in this key time.
Don't sit on the sidelines.
Get on the field.
Get in the arena.
Be part of history, ladies and gentlemen.
And know, be able to tell your grandchildren, you fought in the Info War.
You stood up.
You did the right thing.
I mean, call RonPaul2008.com.
Give them $20 right now.
Tell them Alex Jones sent you.
And tell them they need to get out there and push the money bomb, because you notice they're kind of standoffish on November 5th, just waiting to see what happens.
They love seeing it being a grassroots movement, but we need to understand this money bomb is a thousand times more important than the last.
Each step is exponential in the growth.
This is the true zeitgeist.
You've seen a shadow of the zeitgeist now, and it's been massive.
If he raises six million in that first day, it will explode into the next day.
Alright, I've already said that.
It's as clear as a nose on your face!
It's destiny!
Take hold of it now!
RonPaul2008.com or 1-800-RON-PAUL.
I'm absolutely out of control today.
I, uh... I'm now going to set this aside.
I am now going to set this aside and try to calm myself.
I'm going to play this minute and a half trailer for Endgame 1.5 that's coming out while I compose myself and get my nose together on the NAU and then we'll come back and cover that in great detail and counter all these disinfo pieces in literally hundreds of papers the last month saying it doesn't exist.
Here is Endgame 1.5.
In 1973, the Club of Rome actually published a diagram showing that they wanted to divide the world up into ten different regions, financial regions.
They called them actually financial kingdoms.
In which each kingdom would have its own separate economic integrity.
So that they would be able to carry forth the types of supervision, the types of economic flow and so forth that is necessary to stabilize what is going on in the world and provide the mechanism, the structure, architectural structure to begin the population reduction that they've always been wanting to promote.
Tending before the U.N.
for at least three years now is legislation to impose a direct tax on all the people on Earth.
Their favorite being a ten cent tax on old heads.
Establish the principle of the U.N.
directly taxing individuals throughout the world.
The United States and Canada are more or less a one nation now because, you know, you have the military culture and so the United States and Canadian military basically are working on the same wavelength.
Our entire infrastructure is being seized by criminals, but the people of Texas and the United States are rising to resist it!
Endgame 1.5.
At about 7, 8 o'clock tonight, you'll be able to watch the first two 35-minute-a-piece parts, and then another 40 minutes will be going up tomorrow.
That's more than an hour and 40-plus minutes, an hour and 47 minutes total, will be up on the web.
The first two parts, or an hour and seven minutes of it, will be up by this evening for PrisonPlanet.tv members.
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Take action!
Expose the globalists!
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful group of governments.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Both their objective being world domination.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
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We're good to go.
We're good.
Alright, we're back live.
I'm going to get into the North American Union now, a little bit into the next hour, then we're going to open the phones up to 1-800-259-9231.
That's 1-800-259-9231.
Ron Paul will make over six million in a single day, December 16th.
Talk about capturing the hearts and minds of the people.
Alright, getting back into the North American Union.
Someday, as a lot of you know, the Boston Globe wrote a story with the headline, NAU Conspiracy Theories.
And then it goes on for five pages of tiny type to say none of it exists, it's insane, it's no big deal, it's just the three governments working with each other, and no one ever proposed it or talked about it, and it's just evil, wicked folks that are afraid of the future, who are lying to the public, and why we've convinced the public.
Now, the establishment
Has done this before.
We've gotten the Club of Rome documents.
We've gotten the first Bilderberg Group documents.
They started it by saying it was a steel agreement, tariffs and trades in Europe.
But from day one it was to be at a European Union.
Then they called it a European Community.
Which is what the CFR and Robert Pasteur's own big treatise put out a few years ago says.
So they're already calling it an economic community.
And then the next step is calling it a union.
And they denied it there too.
People said, oh, this is to get rid of our currencies and get rid of our union.
And for more than a decade they said, oh no, no, that's a conspiracy theory.
You can go pull the articles in the 80s.
None of that exists!
What are you talking about?
These people are nuts!
Is there an EU?
They said it was a conspiracy theory that was a plan to set up an African Union.
Is there an African Union now?
Is APEC setting up in Asia an Asian Union now?
They've now announced it.
By next year, they want to have it set up.
And when they set up the new system, it then removes the checks and balances, the old systems of due process, of common law that exist in some nations.
That's why they want to do it.
It transfers the authority.
Now, I know you as an audience know this.
You research it yourself.
But the bigger issue here is how does the media get away?
The dominant, controlled corporate press.
I mean, I've seen stories in the Bakersfield paper, in the LA Times, in the New York Times, in the Washington Post, in the Boston Globe, in the Miami Herald.
I mean, they're everywhere.
I've probably seen over a hundred the last couple of months just saying the same thing.
It's crazy.
It doesn't exist.
They're liars.
And they count on you, they count on the public, not going and looking at SPP documents on the SPP's own website.
They'll even deny it exists on their own website and then right under it have links to the documents that actually say they're doing it.
It's kind of like a contract that says you've got all these rights and freedoms, but then in the fine print you need a huge magnifying glass to read it, it says you have no rights.
It's like the UN has 31 charters, 31 articles in its United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but in 29 and 30 it says you have no rights.
It gives you 28 great rights and in the last two it says you have no rights.
Or is it 30 and 31?
So it's the same trick they do over and over again.
I mean, they've got a Tobin Tax they're on the verge of passing, Wellhead Oil Taxes, Law of the Sea Treaty Taxes, literally hundreds of carbon taxes they're pushing that all give a piece to the UN to make it autonomous right on the verge of global government.
It's all happening, you can read the treaty, the general public's still not aware of it.
It's all happening now.
So when we get back, I'm going to play Vicente Fox talking about how this is meant to grow into a North American Union.
It's in their own documents, but he can say it on CNN.
He can say it on other national venues.
But still, we don't exist.
I demand that the Boston Globe and others report on what he's saying.
I demand they report on what the SPP says.
They're knowingly lying to their readers.
You are listening to GCN.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The national media says it's the law you have to take vaccines?
From CNN to MSNBC to Fox, and then they lie.
And people under intimidation believe they're forced, so they really were forced, it's false coercion, it's fraudulent, to go take the shots.
John McCain got questioned a few days ago, we're going to play that audio.
By 9-11 Truth, and they asked him about the fact that the White House has hired five different known Al-Qaeda groups, one of them headed up by the number three in Al-Qaeda, to attack Iran.
That's a White House press release they put out a few months ago, and John McCain says he knows nothing about it, and it's basically made up.
That's what they do!
They treat you like you're morons,
They tell you I ran as Al-Qaeda when I ran as Shiite, the opposite of the Sunnis from which Al-Qaeda springs.
I mean, even in the official narrative, that is a fraud.
It's really an intelligence agency.
That's back in the mainstream news today, by the way, in multiple publications.
You know, what does this have to do with the North American Union?
It's the same thing with this!
I mean, we can have all the declassified documents, their own statements, David Rockefeller, Condoleezza Rice, hundreds of others, Strobe Talbot, the Deputy Secretary of State, Time Magazine editors saying they're going to get rid of the U.S.
and have a North American Union.
We can have them on video.
We can have Dick Cheney saying it.
And still, the newspapers will just write that, and people all across the country, every day, open up their newspapers and read, oh, it's kooky, it's lies!
And then they don't go check out what we've said, but a lot of people are checking out.
And they are remembering all the times they were lied to, and they are going and looking and going, whoa!
I've been lied to!
I've been lied to big time!
And that's why the system's losing all its credibility, but they can't learn new tricks.
In fact, they're just intensifying lying now.
So here's Vicente Fox on two different programs, Larry King Live and Comedy Central, talking about new orders in North American unions and the Amaro and all of it.
So, I mean, here he is!
We are going forward with the idea of a multicultural state.
A multinational state.
Trying to live in unity at the same time respecting our diversity.
Working together as a team.
Would you like to see a North American?
So what's your team?
Mexico, US, Canada have some sort of South American Union like the EU.
Integrating and working together to build a better future.
Mr. Fox, I'd like to know how you feel about the possibility of having a Latin America united with one currency.
Long term, very long term.
What we proposed together, President Bush and myself, is ALCA, which is a trade union for all of the Americas.
And everything was running fluently until Hugo Chavez came.
And he decided to isolate himself.
He decided to combat the idea and destroy the idea.
And very importantly... You mean like the Eurodollar, you mean?
Well, that would be long, long term.
I think the process is to go first step into a trading agreement.
And then further on, a new vision like we're trying to do with NAFTA.
Now, in the next few days, because I'm commissioning this from Paul Watson, it's going to take a few days to put it together.
There's so many quotes.
We're going to have dozens and dozens of quotes by globalists saying they want a North American Union, about how they stealthily, and that's in their own documents, want to set it up, how it's going to have a carbon tax, how we're already in it, how they secretly set up the Euro via the same stealth systems.
They said they want to use that here.
All these clips of Vicente Fox and others saying it.
And then we're going to post it, and I'm asking you to email it hundreds of times to the Boston Globe, not just the writer, to all their editors, the LA Times, the Bakersfield paper, all of them.
And just say, man, what's your problem?
You heard him.
A trade union that leads into a total union.
The Amaro.
Did you hear him?
I mean, stop treating us like we're complete idiots.
Ya prumps!
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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It's not just my analysis, or countless other scholarly,
Dissertations on what's happening.
When we say that the exact same attack pattern that was used from 1957 until 2000, but now everything's accelerated in much shorter frames of time, to set up the European Union by stealth.
They say in their own documents, it's all an endgame, but it's all been in many newspapers, that they are going to set up a North American Union by stealth.
Stealth integration.
North American Union.
But Vicente Fox and Condoleezza Rice and many others don't care.
They'll come right out and say they're integrating and setting up at NAU.
In fact, they're already, according to the Trilateral Commission's own reports and press conferences Bush has had with Barroso and Merkel, the head of the EU and of course the German Chancellor, I mean, that's an endgame.
That was only four months ago.
They came out and said, we're already integrating the North American community with the European community.
I mean, that's a quote from Bush and Merkel.
I mean, they're already merging the two blocks!
They all said it!
That's what they do.
They set up the sub-blocks and they start merging them while they continue the integration of the sub-blocks.
And they state it all!
But the general public, who can't find the U.S.
on a map, on a globe, the general public doesn't know who their governor is or who their congressman or woman is,
Can you imagine them telling them to go to judicialwatch.org and read the four-year lawsuit documents?
They had to sue to get them.
Can you imagine them actually getting an endgame and actually sitting down for two hours and watching it?
They won't do it, folks!
There's too many ballgames, too many cocktail parties to act cool at to literally save their future.
Do you know what it means if these people win and we're already way down the hole on this?
It means third world serfdom, that's their stated goal.
It means no due process, total police state, huge prisons.
It means the death of our currency, which they're already doing.
They have to kill the currency to then bring in their stinking Amaro.
Which in the first step, it could be as soon as two or three years from now, you'll still have a dollar, you'll still have a peso, you'll still have a loonie in Canada, but they're going to be pegged to a set currency.
They're going to peg it to a new monetary unit in the banking structure and the dollar's dead.
Just like we already have national ID cards since 1993 with Clinton's executive order and people are arguing about it coming in next year.
Or, oh, the NSA may start listening to us.
They've been doing it for 30 years.
Long after it's in place, they tell you.
It's the same thing.
They're already integrating everything right now!
Just like Europe!
And they've got hundreds of newspapers saying it doesn't exist and it's not happening.
And you know, when they finally announce all this in the next 5-10 years, however long it takes, I want these reporters held accountable.
Most of them are CFR members.
I mean, I want it known that they are taking their public trust and they are lying.
Some of them may be idiots and may be getting it wrong, but some of them spin as to on.
It's direct CFR spin.
You can't talk out both sides of your mouth.
I mean, when we first played this video link last year,
Right off C-SPAN, we got a bunch of emails and on the blog post saying it was fake.
I mean, that's the type of denial.
Hey, don't you dare say this is fake.
You go to CFR.org.
You're driving around in your car laughing at me right now in Kansas City or Austin, Texas listening to 1330 AM or let's say you're driving around in upstate New York or KCAA and going to San Diego and LA and you're laughing at me.
When you get to your computer at work or home, you go to CFR.org.
And you go into their search box and you type Board of Directors.
And it'll go into their history of directors and you look at who was the director in the mid-1990s.
Dick Cheney.
Richard Cheney.
Don't you dare email me.
Of course, most of you are sitcom bloggers.
You know it's true.
You go on the blogs and say it's all a lie when we have the video of him.
But is the CFR.org a lie too?
I'm sick of you!
I'm sick of you lying so our countrymen don't wake up!
If they did wake up, we could defeat it!
We could save this country!
Go ahead and play Dick Cheney to remind them of how arrogant they are!
It's good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations.
As Pete mentioned, I've been a member for a long time and was actually a director for some period of time.
I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming.
Very, very funny.
Play it again for people.
It's good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations.
As Pete mentioned, I've been a member for a long time and was actually a director for some period of time.
I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming.
You know, the global system is real simple.
Anybody who's ever been in the corporate world or been a mid-level or even high-level executive
No, there's always other bigger corporations trying to do hostile takeovers, trying to buy your stock, flying your board members off to all-expense-paid trips with prostitutes.
I mean, that's just trying to take over your company.
It may even be as small as a $10 million company.
And big fortune 100s play all sorts of dirty tricks because they're bigger than most governments.
Private intelligence agencies, private mercenary armies, armies of PIs, battalions of lawyers,
I mean, they've come in and bought our cities, bought our counties, bought our school districts.
You know, they fly your school district heads, no matter how small, to New York four or five times a year to eat $300 steak dinners and stay in $2,000 a night hotel rooms and little baglets of cash are handed out.
That's been caught thousands of times.
I mean, you better grow up and figure out that this is global corporations doing a hostile takeover, not just of the U.S., but every other sovereign nation in the world.
They mean bloody business!
And he knows that only intellectuals and politicos watch C-SPAN, and so he can sit up there and make a big sick joke and then go on TV and... I mean, I got emails like, Dick Cheney fights the CFR!
He's a conservative!
How dare you put out a fake video!
You're a liar!
How dare you say he was the director!
Again, here's Vicente Fox on Larry King Live and Comedy Central.
He did other programs, too.
Listen to this again carefully.
Listen carefully!
We are going forward with the idea of a multicultural state.
A multinational state.
Trying to live in unity at the same time respecting our diversity.
Working together as a team.
Would you like to see a North American?
So what's your team?
Mexico, U.S., Canada have some sort of South American Union like the EU.
Integrating and working together to build a better future.
Mr. Fox, I'd like to know how you feel about the possibility of having a Latin America united with one currency.
Long term, very long term.
What we propose together, President Bush and myself, is ALCA, which is a trade union for all of the Americas.
And everything was running fluently until Hugo Chavez came.
And he decided to isolate himself.
He decided to combat the idea and destroy the idea.
And very importantly... You mean like the Eurodollar, you mean?
Well, that would be long, long term.
I think the process is to go first step into a trading agreement.
And then further on, a new vision like we're trying to do with NAFTA.
And he's given speeches in Spanish where he says, North American Union, we're going to pull all those quotes and put it in a story, and then it's up to you to carry the ball.
I'm literally frothing in every different direction, trying to beat the law of the sea, trying to get Ron Paul in, trying to fight for our borders, trying to fight for the Second Amendment, while the NRA is supporting a whole raft of state and federal gun control laws.
I mean, we're under red-level attack at every point.
And the public's starting to find out they've been lied to, but they don't have any idea how serious it is.
Now, to bring this home,
I'm going to talk about this this morning, so I did some research to grab some of the research I've done in the past and print a bunch of news articles and find video clips and right as I'm doing it, just to show you how this is hitting my life, my wife walks over and says, Hey, there's a letter from the Texas Workforce Commission.
What should I do with this?
And I said, let me read it.
Texas Workforce Commission, member of the Texas Workforce Network.
Dear employer, every few years the Texas Workforce Commission and the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics request that you verify general business information about your firm.
If all the information on the enclosed industry verification form is correct, please call the toll-free number
Shown in item 6, answer a few questions and keep the form for your records.
The system is available 24 hours a day and it goes on to show that they need to register this under the survey authorized by 29 U.S.
Section 2 to make it all look like law.
Later in the back it says in small print that it's voluntary but that's how they operate.
Just like vaccines are voluntary but they'll tell you it's the law.
And, uh, it says on the back, you can find out the details of why this is needed.
It says, like everyone else in business, the Texas Workforce Commission wants to save time and money.
Oh, you're in business!
Both yours and ours.
We've deployed, developed a quick and easy touchstone response system
And it says purpose and use.
The purpose of this report is to update information on your products and services.
The information will be used to ensure that we assign the correct North American Industry Classification System.
North American Industry Classification System or NAICS code.
Remember we talked about this last year?
People said we were liars in newspapers.
To the business location and that our records contain the correct name and address.
This information collected on this form by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the state agencies cooperating in the statistical program will be used for the Statistical Unemployment Insurance Program based because and the purposes in accordance with law.
And then it goes on with all these millions of questions they want answered.
Now, and it says they want to assign me a correct North American Industry Classification under NAICS.
Now, this isn't even a law.
They met three years ago, well, in March of 2005, so two and a half years ago, less than two years ago.
They met and they set up the NAU, the SBP documents, signed that in secret, that agreement's still secret.
Oh, that's always a good sign.
Like they said, amnesty wasn't an amnesty, and when the bill leaked, it was worse than amnesty.
It was pardons for all these aggravated felons, and total legalization for 11 members of their family.
They could bring her instantly, and instant social security cards.
Just total lies!
When we get back, I'll get more into this.
Under the NAICS, we got this from the Foyer suit.
It says this is for the North American Union integration.
And put your business under that designation in their banks.
This was the bureaucracy's meeting and it's doing this by executive fiat.
And then you talk about it and the general public doesn't even know what a workforce commission form is.
It's like nothing else on Earth.
From the Romans through the Renaissance, from the Industrial Age to the Space Age, gold has weathered the test of time.
For 6,000 years, gold has remained the ultimate store of wealth.
According to the World Gold Council and the U.S.
We're good to go.
We're good.
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Yeah, I think.
We're good to go.
By the way folks, you know, I tell you I don't make a lot of mistakes, but when I do it's usually with dates and numbers.
Yes, the, uh, Bill of Rights Day is December 15th, and Boston Tea Party Day is the 16th.
So I've been saying the 16th and 17th off one day.
Thank you to BL in Texas for emailing me that.
He always keeps me honest here.
Okay, getting back into the news that I was covering.
They are integrating all of this by stealth.
I remember in 1999, I was brought down to the AXS TV studio, video shot by a department of
transportation employee who was doing their programming and they weren't supposed to tell anybody about this.
By the way, he was under surveillance and they went and tracked back after the show and he was fired over it, but he said he knew that was going to happen.
It was the public's right to know and he showed the field, just the field form, that they were going to be integrating in the next two years at DPS offices and at state workers offices, but the public was not to be told
That their driver's license number and social security were entered in two fields as two alternate national ID card numbers.
Now, we did an article on InfoWars.
Last time I searched, I found it.
I didn't have time during the break remembering that to go find it.
Somebody can post it in the PrisonPlanet.com forum if they'd like, and I can go in there and do it because I can't search on the web while I'm on air.
I can't kick a butt and shoot bubblegum at the same time.
As they say.
And I'm all done with bubblegum.
I'm all out of bubblegum, as Rowdy Piper says, and they live.
But we have screenshots and video of that.
I think the server's crashed, or the video's somewhere out in the hinterland.
We've got a videotape laying around or something, but the article and screenshots of it, I know, are on Infowars.com from 1999.
But my point is, they integrate this stuff, and then they keep it secret till later, and just now they're telling you, oh, December of 2008, you'll have the Real ID Act, and some states are saying no.
So same thing with the Amaro.
They're already preparing publicly, and it's been on MSNBC and CNBC and been in major financial publications, to peg the dollar as a way to quote, fix it, as Rockefeller said they do in the 70s.
They would devalue the dollar, then there'd be a crisis, and they would peg it to regional currencies, and then you have a, kind of like there's 10 different or 12 different brands of sports illustrated for your region.
Or just like there's 50 different driver's licenses, but they're all federally standardized and go through federal networks and are federal cards?
I mean, how many state police know the feds in the 30s set up all the state police outfits?
They're really federal.
Federally chartered.
Federally directed under emergency reorganization.
Under the War Powers Act.
So it's the same thing.
They build it, they put it in place, they beta test it, they get the kinks out of it, and then they announce it to you later.
Just like the NAU, just like the EU, it's the same thing on every front.
And I was telling you, it's really a national ID card, federal integration, here's the executive order, I was arrested in 97 protesting it, inside the DPS.
They're deceptive, they're liars!
And that doesn't mean the average DPS officer or the average person that text died.
But we've gotten to the point as Americans where TxDOT workers are out there programming the computers and it's a national ID card and they're told, don't tell anybody we're doing a national ID card.
They're not supposed to know!
We have a rogue government owned and run by foreign corporations.
They're destroying your dollar and your savings and your pensions and any future you've got.
Your pensions value has been eroded by 65% in the last seven years alone.
And when they finally get around to telling you, they know you're going to riot in the streets, so they've trained the police to deal with you.
And I'm begging the cops out there.
I'm your friend, okay?
I get mad at some of the bad things and the training you're giving, but I know there's a lot of good cops out there.
You're ignorant just like the general public, but you don't have an excuse anymore.
You know how to research.
You know how to check into things.
You know how to verify.
Pull out a pad and paper when you're off duty.
Listen to the rebroadcast at InfoWars.com.
Go research what I'm saying!
Go to InfoWars.com.
Dig out the thing where we got the video of the national ID card.
Ask a state trooper.
Ask somebody who worked in TxDOT.
About it.
I know it says it right now on their computer screens, and we knew this almost nine years ago.
To know all this, and to see it happening, and to see it come into fruition, and then...
Jerome Corsi breaks it in Human Events from World Net Daily last year and it broke out of Texas, but he found out a bunch of other states are doing it, where they send us these forms saying, yeah, we're part of the NAU.
This is for North American ID number.
You need to fill this out so we can assign you a North American business ID.
And then they came out and said Corsi was a liar.
This was mailed to my house by the Texas Workforce Commission.
We're not just reporting on it, it's being mailed to my house!
I'm livin' it!
I'm livin' it!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It was an inside job,
You really said that, didn't you?
While you were dreaming This little island disappeared
Trevor Lyman.
We're going to have him on just for about 5-10 minutes.
Got the Ron Paul campaign popping in tomorrow on the 28th.
It is the 27th.
We were scheduled to have Naomi Wolf on.
We have their email and we talked to them.
They just got their wires crossed.
She's on tomorrow in the middle of the show at 12.30 Central Standard Time.
Naomi Wolf on Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps.
So that will be tomorrow on the show.
But going to Trevor Lyman, look.
The Ron Paul campaign since the 5th of November has been raising on average the same amount of money, which was great, they were raising before.
All they've said is, money that comes in earlier can be more easily put into the key battleground states for TV and radio ads.
But if you look at the amount of money they could spend there with a 15th and 16th, Bill O'Reilly today, the Boston Tea Party on the 16th,
One day we'll build massive hype and attention and fervor, and the odds makers are saying they'll raise six million.
Then getting into that second day, it could be potentially even bigger.
And imagine, let's be conservative, let's say he raises six, seven million in two days, instead of 4.2 and one.
That'll be another huge media blast.
It'll get him, the campaign agrees, about four times as much free press as they would have had to buy.
And then that's also massive name recognition leading into the primaries in early January.
And that still gives us like 15 days.
It gives them another 5-10 days to buy TV ads to run the week before in those key battleground states.
And I know just from studying campaigns that that's when they really put the money in is the week before and even up until the day before.
And I understand the campaign wants money in now and they said they fully support and think it's wonderful the grassroots.
They thank everybody for the 5th of November and say it's wonderful.
And they thank you for the 15th and 16th that's coming up.
But it would be nice this Friday to get some big numbers in to try to get his 12 million raised before the end of December.
In fact, if we raise it before December even began, we're up to like 9.2, 9.3.
Right now I know it was almost 9.3 yesterday.
I haven't looked.
And then if we can raise a couple million more in the next few days leading up to Friday, we've got four days to do that, and that's pretty easy compared to what we've done in the past.
But then save up after that, folks, because it's that money bomb that really captures the hearts and minds of people everywhere.
And again, Trevor Lyman picked up the idea when somebody put out a 5th of November idea on the web.
I'm like, I mean to get him on.
I know he's contacted us.
Like, I'm telling my producer again, I want to get him on.
I forgot to remind him.
Well, I was thinking that Friday I have a site called rudysreadinglist.com, which would be a donation day.
And if we can get it up to $12 million or very close, I've looked at the press and just about every single time that they mention any money that Ron Paul's raised, they always then compare it to his goal.
They say, you know, it was $4.3 million on that day, which brings him much closer to the $12 million.
And there are article after article that say this.
So I know that if we can hit $12 million, we'll get it to the press again.
And then, the great thing about that is every single dollar donated throughout the month of December will just be running up the score.
But of course, it's best to focus, like you said, on the 16th.
The way we have it set is that the 16th would be the donation day and the 15th would be like an action day, the day to go out into the streets and to spread awareness about the Bill of Rights and what's happening.
Now, Trevor, again, I'm not sitting here trying to, it's not even my place to try to boss you guys around, but I was going off what we decided, what we brainstormed on air to do.
Do you see the beauty of the 15th running up huge donations, then the hysteria kind of ended, keeping the hysteria going?
So now we're not going to do 15th and 16th?
Well, you know what, I know that there are some Christians that might not want to donate on Sunday, and they should definitely go with Saturday.
Really, I think... Yeah, but we've got to get our ox out of the road.
We're in an emergency.
Okay, so who had the idea to not do it?
Well, we go back and forth on the forums, and you know, I sort of get a consensus of how people feel.
Oh, I got you.
You're saying give on the 15th, because the 16th is a Sunday.
I was saying, everybody wanted to give on the 16th, but I think that the people who do not feel comfortable doing that should give on the 15th.
But ultimately, Alex, I agree with you.
The whole weekend will be looked at.
If we raise, just donate on the weekend.
Either way, the whole thing will be counted.
They'll say they raised this much over the weekend.
And that's just the same as saying they raised this much on a certain day.
I saw what happened right up until midnight.
There was just absolute zeitgeist, wild giving, and then folks were like, okay, the ball game's over.
I'm saying we go into overtime, and that's what I thought we were doing, but again, you and I brainstormed on air when this was all being proposed a few weeks ago.
If people start giving on the 15th, that will give it more time to go viral on the web as people see huge amounts of money being given, and then it will spill into the final day, the 16th, and I think we could raise double the money.
I think that, you're right, I think that sounds great.
Everybody just do what you want.
The point is, I'm going to aim at your websites and the different websites.
Now there's a bunch of them out there.
There's the 5th of November that then links over to the Boston Tea Party that then links over to Rudy's reading list.
These are all grassroots.
Tell folks about them.
That's right.
Well, so Rudy's Reading List was in response to the request, you know, that there's just the notion that, you know, funds now are good.
And then we sort of saw that, you know, if we do hit the goal, we don't need to raise quite as much and we can still get in the press.
And, you know, repetition in the press is key.
So that's, you know, so it's just one more time we're mentioned.
And that's how you market things, your repetition.
And again, it will be mentioned in the press toward the end of December, naturally, just because they're going to announce how much Ron Paul beat his estimates.
But not just mention, imagine the super bomb of twice, in two days, going exponential at that perfect time, the 16th, leading into the primaries 15 days later.
Which will be exactly on a historic day of the Boston Tea Party, where they protested attacks.
Look, it's a match made in heaven.
Well, I'm not telling you to change that.
I haven't even really been paying attention.
I've been doing my own deal.
But I thought we decided to go 15th and 16th, but then we were also discussing which day was going to be the sign bomb or the rally surge.
So, I mean, I guess, you know, your instincts are good.
I mean, you're really one of the prime movers, not the real fulcrum of all of this.
But I mean, seriously, do you see what I'm saying about the two-day buildup?
I absolutely do.
I think that's a great idea, to be honest.
You know, in the end, it's the will of the people.
You know, they're the ones who are going to decide.
And that's so we can put it out there.
And I will definitely put that out there.
I'm going to go back to the forums.
And I think what you're saying is absolutely right.
But you know, as long as the money gets through one way or another, we're going to.
And I think that is the ultimate goal.
And that will be the ultimate result.
And by the way, I don't know if you've heard, we've got a blimp.
We just well, we're trying to get a blimp up in the air as well.
And we've been speaking with lawyers about it, and where the hopes are and the plans are, and it looks like it's going to happen, and it looks like we're going to possibly have that blimp in the air above Boston for the 15th and the 16th.
I did see that.
Absolutely exciting.
And don't wait for orders from headquarters, folks.
In every major city, there are companies, it's literally like $300 to $500 over all these bowl games that are coming up.
Don't even wait!
We're good to go.
I think it's great, and you're right, that's the way to get around the $2,300 limit.
You go to the FEC website, file an independent expenditure claim, and then you're good to go.
And with things like that, you don't have to worry about putting the name on the banner because it's been practically used for that.
So that's a great idea that people who are maxed out can do that as well.
And if they want to help with a blimp, that's at ronpaulblimp.com.
They want to go there and help out with that.
Trevor I'm just thinking any other ideas any other any other brainstorms that you've got?
Well just that we want to push everybody to take to the streets and I'm looking to get some materials made that we can you know have for PDF and people can print or have you know print it out of printers and
Basically, we need a comparison of the Bill of Rights as it should be, and as it exists in our minds, and the Bill of Rights as the government would like it to be, and as they've passed their laws to damage it, and we need a side-by-side comparison.
We need to put that in front of people's faces.
They need to understand that, you know, those that aren't paying attention, that we're not, this is a scary state of affairs that we're approaching, and that our American way is under attack.
I mean, you know, they've got these things going on in Boston now where policemen are
I'm sure you've covered it on the show already.
It's crazy.
Yeah, they're going to come to people's houses and intimidate their way in to search for guns.
Right, well why can't somebody, why can't a parent just call the police and ask them to come and search if they want to?
Why do people need to show up at their house?
Look, it's federally funded knock and talk.
It's really gun searches.
Even Fox News finally got something right and said that.
Right, and they want to, you know, why can't the parents search themselves?
Why don't they know their home well enough to search it?
You know, where does this need for the police come in, you know, for them to come and just destroy, basically, our rights of, you know, to not be searched?
You know, these people are going to be intimidated at the door.
There could even be some violence that happens from somebody who doesn't want to let them in.
Maybe the police will, you know, get used to having their way.
You know, and nobody wants that.
Who knows?
That's what it's all about.
It's about conditioning people.
There is no Fourth Amendment.
Well, imagine the image of millions of people hitting the streets on the 15th and 16th with flyers, make your own, print them off, get them out there to people.
Imagine hundreds in each city hitting the streets.
Imagine aircraft pulling Ron Paul 2008.
Right, and I think Boston is a meet-up group there for Ron Paul's planning a re-enactment.
So it'll be a media spectacle and we'll keep it going all month.
And that's the plan.
Again, tell us about the re-enactment that's being planned.
I don't know much about it yet, but I know that they have sent me some info, and I'm going to look into it further, and I'll push it out to the list.
I think they'll basically just have a rally in Boston, and they do do re-enactments where they dump the tea overboard.
Again, to protest the tax, which ties in wonderfully with Ron Paul's stance on the inflation tax.
Fire out the different forums, the different places, the different sites, there's other groups that are working with us.
Fire those out for everybody, Trevor.
Oh, the other groups and sites?
Let's see, off the top of my head, wow.
I know the Bill of Rights organizations, we're going to be in touch with them.
There's several constitutional protection organizations, the meetup groups.
Well, you talked about forums.
Yeah, the meetup groups, but also, I mean, plug the several sites you've got.
Oh, well, the site that I have for drives at Rudy's Reading List, Wrights Rally 07, which is still under construction, Tea Party 07, which is fully going, and that's where people can sign up to pledge the $100.
Of course, please give anything you can, and even if you can't commit to $100, just give the $5, give the $25, whatever it is.
And at Tea Party, at the Tea Party website, give them the exact website address.
Sure, TeaParty07.com.
At TeaParty07.com, by the way, you've got 20,000 plus people that have pledged to give on the 16th.
That's right.
So that's more than we had for November 5th by 2000, and we still have almost the same amount of time as we had to promote this November 5th again.
We're very close.
It was just a little over two weeks, and we have just a little over two weeks left.
So if you've got more, I mean, what do you think of Las Vegas saying that you're going to raise at least six million?
I think that sounds very reasonable, and I think we could even outdo it.
You know, you never know.
Based on the pledges that we had before, I certainly couldn't have predicted the 4.2, 4.3.
Um, and we did.
So, you know, 18,000 pledges was 1.8 million and we, we more than doubled that, so.
What's the exact number of pledges right now? 21,000?
I think so, I have to update it again, but that was as of a few hours ago.
Everybody go to TeaParty07.com, pledge now to give, and Trevor, again, you've got the instincts on this, you're taking the ball, I just want to thank you and praise you for all you've done, but I really instinctively know that if you start on the 15th,
I think so.
And I just absolutely, every fiber of me knows what you originally said here on the show, what we brainstormed, the 15th, starting it.
But you know, maybe having a $2 million goal then and then a six the next or whatever.
The point is, those two days, Bill of Rights Day and then Boston Tea Party, the real rebellion against tyranny begins.
And I'm going to put a blurb out along with your blimp blurb that I think everybody should call now.
Maybe have aircraft in the air that say Tea Party 07.com and somebody else can have Ron Paul 2008.com.
In fact, that's it.
I've called before and looked into it, but I never did it for something else.
I think I'm going to try to get myself some aircraft out.
Again, folks, we can't just sit here and tell you to do it.
We've got to do it too.
Trevor, this is getting more and more exciting, isn't it?
Yeah, it's getting great and we're just going to run up a score all December long.
You know, they're just going to be stunned and people are going to absolutely, Ron Paul will without a question, be a frontrunner if not the frontrunner after this month.
Can you imagine the explosive hype it's going to cause when he raises more than $6 million on the 16th?
Absolutely, and even breaking the 12 million is going to cause explosive hype.
And then at the end of the month, when they have to announce the final number, how much did he beat it by?
While all the other candidates are, I would, you know, if they're following the trend, are most likely losing money, you know, coming up short.
Well, he's got money coming in above and beyond what he can even spend in time.
So, I mean, what does that say?
It's going to be amazing.
Trevor Lyman, we'll check in with you in the next few days.
We salute you.
God bless you, my friend.
Well, Ben, thank you, and thank you to everybody out there who makes this possible.
Well, Trevor, you just emailed Trey in my office.
You just tell us what to do.
You send us press releases.
They're going up on presentplanet.com and infowars.com.
Stay there, Trevor.
I want to talk to you during the break.
It is a big idea.
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Isn't their objective being world domination?
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, isn't it?
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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Alright, next hour, wide open telephones at 1-800-259-9231.
Let's listen to Chris Christopherson for just a second.
We're good to go.
You tell him Waylon!
I don't know about you, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm not going to live my life on the sidelines.
I'm not going to just let a bunch of criminals and scum run over me.
I'm going to stand up.
I'm going to take them on head on.
And the great part about living my life, about having my job, is that I get to talk to people like Trevor Lyman, who are taking action, who are destiny, who are legend.
I get to stand up with great patriots and men and women of every race, color, and creed who have liberty and justice and love and honor beating in their breast and who want better futures for their children.
You know, the bad thing about tyranny is that once it gets in force, it just gets worse and worse.
It's its very nature.
They enjoy abuse and stealing and killing.
And it's like a huge train, a huge gaggle, a huge army, a flotilla, a thousand legions of cockroaches, of petty scum and bureaucrats and corrupt police that will rise up and that will man this system.
And they'll all, through their authority, set up their own little Mordedo kickback payoff schemes in your area.
And then that always leads to massive poverty because the government sucks off everybody and why should you work?
Why should you build a business?
If somebody's just going to come steal it from you, if you could even get the money to begin with to start it, and the big corporations will have their regulators there to shut you down so you can't have competition against them, a bunch of goons coming in your business, sucking off you.
It's already happening.
You don't know what bondage is like.
You haven't studied history, many of you.
Believe me, ladies and gentlemen, I've studied history and it's horrible.
But not one-tenth as horrible as it must be to actually live under it.
I'm telling you it's destiny coming up on the 15th and 16th.
It is destiny coming up.
I want you to give on both days.
Because that will cause the media hype, and then it will build into the second day, and it may go supernova.
It will go supernova.
The question is, how big will it get?
But again, that's only one issue.
It's an example of, it gives us hope.
It shows us what we can do together.
It shows us that our ideas are winning in the marketplace of ideas.
Before I end this hour and come back and go directly to your calls and a bunch of other news I haven't even scratched the surface on yet,
That Endgame 1.5 comes out tonight, and then Endgame 1.5 Part 2 comes out tomorrow.
An hour and seven minutes tonight of extras, powerful info, mini-documentaries from Endgame.
And then tomorrow, another additional 40 minutes in three different chunks.
Two chunks today, another big chunk tomorrow.
Endgame 1.5 launches at PrisonPlanet.tv today!
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up later in the hour, I'm going to read this report in full on air.
Hollywood goes big on Endgame's zeitgeist.
A rash of recent movies about humanity's imminent eradication.
A warning, a promise, or just a reflection of our own fears.
Also, we've got John McCain being confronted by 9-11 Truth doing an excellent job.
We also have
With some other key clips here with the NRA supporting more gun control.
It's all coming up by hook or by crook this hour.
Don't forget I'm your host Alex Jones live Monday through Friday 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
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Open phones in this hour with the news I just mentioned.
Let's talk to John in Michigan.
John, thank you for holding.
You're on the air worldwide.
Well, thank you, Alex, and God bless you and your family.
God bless you.
Thank you for blessing me and my family.
Go ahead.
I talked to Michael Moore this weekend face-to-face about a four-part, and I asked him if he'd do an interview on your show, and he says he's not doing any more interviews.
I also asked him about the 9-11 truth people that he met in New York, and he said,
Yes, he says I think something should be investigated there, so... Well, you know, I was down on Moore and Marshall Law for his bodyguards when I was just videotaping him, shoving on me and then, you know, doing other things, and him backing off in his film and saying it was all just an idiot government that accidentally let it happen, maybe let it happen on purpose, he kind of left that open.
But no, he now has given interviews to We Are Change New York, where he says that it could be an inside job and reports of bombs, and so his stock went way up with me when he finally did that.
Well, I also found out why I can give him DVDs, because I was dropping them off at his house.
I live a few miles away, and the security people just dump everything in the trash.
So, I'm going to get Endgames.
We're trying to get it into a DVD format, which we almost have it to where we can take tape from the Windows Media, and I'm going to give him that very soon.
Well, listen, if you're giving him stuff, give me your address during the break.
I'll actually send you the high-quality film on DVD if you're giving it to Moore.
Well, thank you, Alex.
No, anything that you have, I'll give him right personally.
I honestly will.
Because I'll make copies of it and pass it around myself, but I'd like to get him originals if I could.
But I can't afford it.
Another thing, I know that Ted Nugent lives in Austin, and I feel in my heart that we shouldn't have any of his bumper music on your show until he comes on your show and you get to interview him again and ask him why he isn't getting behind all this.
I've had Nugent on twice.
Well, that was a while ago.
I don't know how much on board he is with
I don't think so.
Uh, somewhere in Westlake.
But, uh, I mean, I could get Nugent on.
Again, I bet we could get him on.
In fact, you know what?
I'll put the call in to get Nugent on.
One more thing then, too.
My brother lives up here in northern Michigan with me, and he's a big promoter of Ron Paul.
He got Ron Paul on the Mackinac Island, was on the boat with him.
And he's got a number that he created called 877-RON-PAUL.
That he's given to the Ron Paul campaign, and he brought up a point to Trevor about this new campaign for getting money that a lot of old people don't know how to work the internet.
So if they're going to limit it just to the internet, they might be missing out on a whole group of people.
They need to post the phone numbers.
No, I agree.
We need to give them out.
Great point.
I thought it was 1-800-RON-PAUL.
No, this is 1-877-RON-PAUL.
My brother gave it to them, and it's on all their new stuff.
Okay, good job, my friend.
Thank you.
God bless you, John.
All right, Rinaldo, Bruce, Dave, many others.
Your calls are straight ahead.
Many hands make light work.
This is only the beginning of the revolution.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by power.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Wasn't their objective to beat world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Elderberry is making great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Big article, Hollywood goes big on in-game zeitgeist, a rash of recent movies about humanity's imminent eradication, a warning, a promise, or just a reflection of our own fears.
We're also going to air some clips of John McCain being confronted while he was there with a member of the 9-11 whitewash commission, pushing propaganda.
That is coming up.
And another clip about the NRA pushing more gun control and exactly what's behind that.
But right now, Rinaldo in New York, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Thank you.
Good morning, good afternoon, Alex Jones, and God bless you.
Thank you, sir.
Okay, look, I've been studying about the new order, and I noticed you like a year ago, and I purchased your TerraStorm, Police State, Total Enslavement, and your latest one, Angans.
God bless you.
So I have two questions, very important questions that have been bothering me, because
I'm a writer, I write books, and I'm also an artist.
I'm a Catholic, a Roman Catholic, and I've been studying the U.S.
government and the Hollywood people in California.
Now, in the movie, I don't know if you noticed, in the movie, the 1976 movie, Longest Run, with Michael York, I don't know if you've seen that movie.
Yeah, my mother's actually in that, yeah.
Gosh, since your mother's in that movie?
Yeah, I'm not going to tell you who she is, but just go ahead.
Okay, now, remember the movie, The Demolition Man, with Celeste Stallone and Whitney Snipes?
Yes, good movie, yeah.
Okay, now, the third movie that just recently came out, 2007-2004, was Minority Report with Tom Cruise.
Excellent Philip K. Dick film, yeah.
Okay, now, in those three movies, they mention that everybody's required to have a microchip implant.
For the future.
It's all part of mass conditioning.
Okay, now, I understand something else that, um, did you ever hear about the, um, the Virochip Corporation and YouTube?
Now, they have a video clip of, you know, I don't know if it's in one of your movies, I don't see it, but I have it in the Virochip Corporation, that you see the movie Minority Report, and you see Tom Cruise walking,
With a couple of people in a building and they have the microchip implant somewhere in there.
Or an iris scanner, or... They're retina scanning, you know.
Yeah, and then they're going in, and then you're gonna see it in the top of the building.
You're gonna see like the big brother, the machine with the light.
It goes deep, you know, and it's tracking everybody that goes in, and it reads their... Yes.
You know, okay, now... It's personalized advertising everywhere, yes.
Now, I understand something, that, um, that these movie stars, right,
Uh, I have just two questions.
I have like two short questions for you.
Go ahead.
These movie stars, they're knowing about this because they are the government's project.
The U.S.
government is using these stars.
This is my philosophy.
They're using these stars on my beliefs.
They're using these movie stars
Well, they don't have to infiltrate the stars.
They mainly focus on the writers.
But Philip K. Dick was a visionary.
He was against them.
And a couple of the films you mentioned were Philip K. Dick, and of course they got movies about the elite wanting to kill the old, the infirm, and like Logan's Run, because that is a main line of science fiction, because the big eugenicists coined a lot of this, H.G.
Wells, and then other science fiction writers kind of mimicked it with future, you know, dystopic-type films, but, uh, so I mean, specifically, what are you saying?
Okay, what I'm saying to Alex Jones is that, um,
The movie stars have been involved with the government secret society.
Now, to me, I believe that maybe not all movie stars, but like 80 maybe percent or 70 percent have that microchip and technology with them.
Well, no, no, no, no.
Now, five years ago, some stars did get microchip teeth put in their children out of fear.
And there's certainly Hollywood people that are globalist, but
Uh, in my experience with Hollywood people is they're totally freaked out and know what's going on.
Okay, now, uh, okay, we might, you know, know that, but, but we don't really know if they, uh, because, right now, the second question's about the real ID cards.
Now, I've been calling Washington, but since they're such liars, and I don't believe them, and I believe, I believe everything you say, because, um, according to your statistics, and, and your, um,
Number one, the New World Order is not all-powerful.
And they don't have spies everywhere.
They're trying to set up automated spying systems to just collate data, but they can't get us all.
We're the majority.
The majority doesn't want the war.
The majority doesn't want open borders.
The majority doesn't want any of these unconstitutional things.
We're starting to turn the tide.
So don't be in so much fear.
Be afraid of not taking action and then winning.
And the point of the earlier caller saying I should get Ted Nugent on, I don't even know if I want to get Ted Nugent on.
Because then people, when I have, I have lots of guests on I don't totally agree with.
And then people will spin it and then try to say that I support everything that Ted Nugent says.
And that's not the case.
Just like Ron Paul goes on Fox News and he doesn't agree with much of what they say, just like they don't agree with much of what he says, they still have him on.
Not as much as they should.
It's the same thing with, I mean, I had Mayor Rothschild on.
Uh, his grandson, um, and it was, I was against him.
I was going after him.
And we called up and he didn't know who I was and he was doing a blitz of radio interviews for Live Earth.
We were able to get him on.
People spun that and said, oh my gosh, you know, look, he's got Rothschild on.
He's poor Rothschild.
It wasn't.
He could go to the interview.
But at the same time, I have to do what Ron Paul's done.
I can't let people just because they say that and do that keep me from interviewing him.
I don't think he'll come back on.
He said no.
Heck, we've tried.
But at the same time, the way my uncle puts it, is that we're not the dominant media.
Why even spend time having these people on?
Well, I agree with that.
There's your own Second Amendment.
That's why I've had him on.
I disagree with him about the war, so maybe it'd make for interesting radio to have him on and realize why he says and thinks that.
It's like when Troy from West Virginia calls in, I let him on air.
Not anymore.
I don't know.
And he's tried to call in and we haven't, but anybody else who disagrees can call in and go to the front of the line.
You know, we're here to have a debate and have a real exchange of ideas.
We're not like Limbaugh or Hannity or these others who censor who can get on their shows and admit it.
They have a quote-quote detector.
You talk about the New World Order, talk about the CFR, talk about anything they don't want the public knowing about.
I mean, I've heard Neil Bortz say that the Federal Reserve is not private and he's not going to discuss that conspiracy theory.
But I'm already digressing.
It's just the argument of, I shouldn't have people on who I disagree with on some issues, I don't buy into.
But I do kind of buy into the argument of, why waste time with them?
But I think once you start isolating yourself and the ideas and things you say and do, it just causes a big problem.
That's why, I mean, I've had Charlton Heston on before he retired.
I don't agree with Charlton Heston on everything.
I had him on because it's interesting.
Or I don't agree with everything Pat Buchanan says, but I've had him on the show I think two or three times, maybe three times over the years, and his new book's powerful and it looks like we've got him for the show.
Talk about that, that's interesting.
I'm not going to go as far as some national talk show host to have just people who
I totally disagree with.
I totally disagree.
I probably wouldn't have him on.
But at the same time, should I have a Dr. Eric Pianca on who says he can't wait for 90% of us to die and the sooner we start dying the better?
We did try to get him on so you could hear it from him!
Not just off television or out of the newspaper.
So I guess I'm kind of debating with myself right now here on air.
I think the answer is we should have him on.
In fact, let's try to get Dr. Peter Singer on who pushes the same stuff Pianca pushes.
I think I've answered my own question, but that's the type of micromanaging I get from some of the listeners, and I don't know, I just can't get to the point of where I ban people who disagree.
I want to hear that.
We've brought on a lot of guests, like that state attorney, Glenn Ivey, who admitted there's no law you have to take vaccines, but that they were telling people they had to come in and take them.
I mean, he got to put out some of his propaganda, but at the same time, you got to hear him for yourself say he doesn't vaccinate his own children.
Bruce in Oregon, thanks for holding her on the air.
Good to hear your voice.
Listen, I got two things.
One's really quick.
Have you read a book called Crow Killer?
No, I haven't.
Okay, I'm going to send it to you.
It's an excellent book about the way men used to be compared to the way they are now.
It's about a mountain man.
He's a guy they based that Redford movie on.
But he's far more interesting.
And just the way they live, I'm so impressed with the way men carry on.
All the way from Thomas Paine, I'm listening to an audio book about him, through Mount Nen, etc.
It's just amazing when I look at history.
I see the way that men used to carry on their affairs, and for some reason have ceased to do that.
And I think so much of this battle is really within ourselves.
Yeah, we've been domesticated.
We've been gilded.
I'm going to send that to you.
I think you'll really enjoy it.
The second item is also, I was reading this in a magazine in someone's house.
It's a swimsuit magazine.
Yeah, exactly.
I was just horrified.
Some guy had an article in there about torture.
I saw that.
I saw the article on the web.
Stay there.
Tell us about it when we get back.
Yeah, they're turning us into animals.
And as we get more and more decadent, something that we never would have even thought about entertaining.
I mean, I have cable.
And I had seen HBO Real Sex, and it was pretty stupid.
I wouldn't watch it.
But I turned it on the other day, and I mean,
I don't even want to say what they were doing, and that was during hours that a lot of children are up.
It's just, what comes next?
10 N is for Midas.
November 27, 2007.
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Housing sales fell 6.6%.
Mortgage giant Countrywide showed mortgage payment woes spreading to the middle and upper class.
Investors cast doubt on investment banks.
Credit protection insurance for mortgage lenders are skyrocketing due to the increased risk.
dollar is free-falling against foreign currencies and countries that previously financed the U.S.
The U.S.
are now seeking safer alternatives.
Economist Rhodey Boyd published the report, Bubble Leaking.
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Call 800-686-2237.
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Alright, let's jump straight back into your calls.
Bruce in Oregon, finish up what you were saying.
Hey, yeah, um, thanks.
Um, so the thing is with this Maxim magazine, I was completely horrified, Alex, because here I am reading about this guy's collection, all graphically depicted of torture devices.
And they, the magazine, is presenting this as entertainment for young men.
Now, they didn't do this by accident.
And I just went through the roof because, my God, this is completely repulsive.
I'm not even going to describe these things.
They were so lovingly crafted by, I mean, intensely wicked people to cause excruciating pain in creative ways to innocent people.
I mean, and this guy... Yeah, I saw a write-up about the article with Cliff Southern.
It was how sexy it is to torture women to death.
Yes, yes, and some of that was very... I mean, I can't even mention it.
And, um, you see all these quotes, like, from the traveling shows and the whole, you know, I show it to women and they, some of them nearly faint, they squeal, they scream, and, well, women are such wussies.
Oh my God, that's not a bad idea.
Yeah, sexualizing really dark macabre things.
And see, if we can't even talk about on air what's being put in these mainline, one of the top magazines, or what's on HBO, imagine what comes next.
Now again, I have television, so when I want to, I can monitor it.
I very rarely watch TV.
I watched a lot of ball games this weekend.
My family was in town, and they had to have it on.
But a few weeks ago, I was flipping around on cable, and we have HBO, and it was like 11 o'clock at night, and I flip it on,
And it was just from a few years ago when I last flipped past HBO Real Sex, and it's always so goofy and nerdy, I can't even watch it.
I mean, not just that it's, you know, graphic.
And it was fisting.
And I mean, it was graphic.
They were, I mean, now it's gone from, they're not just showing triple X sex.
They were showing things that can kill you.
And the things that mess your body up and things that are damaging.
And I was thinking, my gosh, if this is on HBO, what is next?
And I'm, you know, if people don't know what that is, just be glad you don't know.
The point is, is I literally watched like 30 seconds and I was sitting with my mouth hanging open, then I flipped back like 10 minutes later and it was still going on.
And I'm just like, where does it go?
Where is the bottom after this?
And it's torture's good and evil's good and mass murder's good and
I think so.
Soap operas are always real big.
Torture's always big.
Constant war.
Police state's big.
There's no due process.
Just the most hardcore sexual practices are publicly practiced.
I mean, this is all the key things of a society plunging into the netherworld.
And folks, it's not that I can't deal with it, and I'm not trendy, and I'm all, you know, this square who's all scared of everything.
Look, I've been somewhat worldly.
And I realize it was destructive, and I don't like it.
But the point is, the stuff they're doing now on TV just goes so far.
Brutal stuff!
And, and, and... I just can't... I mean, where does it go from here is the question, Bruce.
The thing that I would like to point out here too, Alex,
You've got forces like that.
Folks, they're not there by accident.
You have something as big as Maxim Magazine.
It is programmed.
Come on!
This is coming down from the highest sources.
You know that CNN is programmed, folks.
You know that even PBS is.
I mean, my God, they do this thing on The Tower's Collapse.
It's a joke, and they kept repeating it.
Folks, this is all programmed.
Now, you can make a choice here, and you always make a choice.
And that is, you can step back and say,
What are my values?
What guides me?
I see this thing here, but for God's sake, let's turn it off for a second.
And if we do this each day and we return, if you need to spend a few minutes in prayer, if you need to just spend a few minutes in meditation, walk the dog!
Turn off the tube, put down the magazine.
Well, for those that didn't see the article, because I just scanned an article about it and it had clippings and it showed it.
It's like how beautiful raping women and blood and torturing them is.
Is that the same Maxim article that came out like a month ago?
Um, well, I get that thought.
I don't know, it was like a year ago, maybe they repeat these things, but it had devices shown that were just for excruciating pain, if not completely crushing people.
And it was about torturing women for pleasure, right?
I guess they did another one.
Now that's the story.
About a month ago, yeah.
Regular guy, I don't know, with MMA, maybe he's a big hit.
Listen, I gotta jump.
Thank you for the call.
I mean, take the sexual practice I saw on HBO.
I mean, I'm flipping through the channels, and Deadwood's on, and something else is on.
I'm thinking, I don't want to watch that.
I don't want to watch that.
Why am I watching TV?
And I flip, and they're doing something that I've read about in medical reports, where people's guts fall out their hind end.
I mean, you do this, you run a good chance of your guts coming.
I mean, I don't want to... This is like Hellraiser type stuff.
And I flip away and a few minutes later I go, is that still on?
I flip back and I'm just like, ah!
And I change the channel!
And how did this happen?
I mean, where does it go from here?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Federal agents!
We are armed!
I think so.
Alright, here's the deal.
I want to get to Dan, Dave, Peter, Mark, and Mike before the show ends.
I got two audio clips and a mini guest popping in here in just a moment.
So let's hurry as fast as we can.
Have your questions and comments ready.
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I think so.
Alex, this is Dave from Pennsylvania.
Yeah, I've been a licensed firearms dealer in this state for the past 18 years, and recently I've been under attack by the Skull and Bones through various groups like the Riot Shriners,
Uh, Freemasonry and others, and what they did was they set up a grid in my neighborhood, actually bought homes and moved these idiots in.
I've been fighting these people for over 20 years, by the way.
Uh, they actually moved these people in, set up a grid and accessed satellite and cell phone tower technology, and hammered me with laser and, uh, uh, what do you call it?
Holographic images through satellite technology.
I came and put my, uh, my video cameras out without seeing
Weird images in them.
I'll tell you what, send me some information, send me some of that video, sir, and I appreciate your call.
All I... I said I had to go quick here, all I can say is there's some real stuff going on, there's some things that are psychiatric, and the government admits they've done some of this stuff, but if you have to, just move out of the area, sir, that's all I can really say.
Sorry, Dave, to hear that.
Dan, in Georgia, you're on the air, go ahead.
Dan, come on.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Let him go.
Go ahead, Dan.
Yeah, I'm in Atlanta, Georgia.
I just want to say thanks for all that you do, man.
I just found you about a year ago, and I just recently started to believe what you're saying about 9-11.
It's hard to believe, but I do.
I just want to say thanks for putting the videos out there.
Loose Change, and I want to see the new video you came out with.
Well, Loose Change Final Cut just came out.
It's a totally new film.
Well, I can't wait to see it.
And I did want to ask you, I do totally support you.
I mean, I'm in a state of shock.
I cannot even believe this is happening.
Welcome to the club.
Welcome to the club.
I know, and that's where I'm at.
And I'm sharing it with my church and my pastor, and he's just recently believed it because
I'm the only one in my church that's stepped out.
I've even got people in my church that are looking down at me and will not even look at the information.
And I realize it because they'll have to make a stand, you know, if they choose to believe it.
Well, waking somebody up first, 9-11, sometimes isn't the best.
You've got to use discernment.
Try an endgame.
Or try an America Freedom to Fascism.
Because those are going to be issues that they're already going to be knowledgeable, at least in some levels, about.
And it doesn't start with, by the way, a bunch of murdering killers run things.
Because if you come to the realization, you will be in shock.
My gosh, killers run the government.
They could do it again.
I mean, it is a big deal for people.
And I'm looking at a lot more of this stuff, and I never even knew, and I feel almost ashamed for not knowing this stuff.
I'm 40 years old, and I want to apologize.
I'm working right now.
I did step out of my truck, and I apologize for missing you there.
But I've been trying to get ahold of you for a long time.
It is an honor just to talk with you.
I did want to ask you, and maybe I should know from other information, are you a Christian?
We had Pastor Tex Martyrs on last week.
I mean, I make no secret about that, but I don't want to be associated with these mainline lying churches.
I mean, am I a cornerstone Pastor Hagee who says Jesus isn't the Messiah?
Am I one of these guys saying kill all the Palestinians and nuke everybody?
I'm not a Christian if that's what a Christian is.
Yes, sir, I understand that.
And I don't get your radio show.
I listen to your show on my cell phone.
It hangs up every so often.
But I'm trying to resolve that, but I've just been told about you.
Do you have a computer, sir?
I don't.
I'm not even tuning in on that, but I am.
Well, sir, you can go to Radio Shack and buy a shortwave radio.
Somebody told me about that, and that's what I want to do.
I wish we got you here in Atlanta, you know, on the radio.
And I'm pretty happy to listen to Neil Boyd, so I, you know.
And he does talk about you, but it's, you know, in a bad sense.
Your name is getting out there in the Atlanta area.
I want you to know that.
Well, God bless you.
I got a jump, sir.
Good to hear from you.
Yeah, that's why we have Shortwave.
Anywhere in the world, WWCR, you can listen.
And if you don't have a computer, go to the library and you can go to WWCR.com and see our frequencies and when we're on.
Or you can ask a neighbor who's got a computer to take you on there and you can listen.
We have a lot of really good Sanji and
Thank you for taking my call.
I've got a couple of things I'd like to talk to you about, but I know you're pressed for time.
I want to tell you that I participated in a phone poll last week.
Uh, they asked me if I was Republican or Democrat, and then when I answered Republican, they asked me if I was voting for Giuliani, Thompson, Romney, or McClain, or other.
And Ron Paul's name wasn't even in the list.
So... Yeah, I mean, they're doing things like, if you say Ron Paul, then the next question is, what's your favorite sexual position to make you hang up?
Yeah, I didn't get that, and I did say Ron Paul, and then after that they asked me, like, from one to a hundred, would you be more or less likely to vote for a candidate if, and it was,
And nothing of it was about Paul, and a lot of them were just kind of odd questions.
Not crazy like you were talking about, but just, they weren't really asking the right question, in my opinion.
They switch over to a bunch of questions to get you to hang up, because you chose Ron Paul, so it wouldn't be added into the survey.
Well, I did hear you say that before, so I did stick with it, and it wasn't too long, and I was just happy to get his name out there in the real polls, well, in the mainstream polls, rather.
Well, we commissioned one as a news organization here just to illustrate, even when you try to make it fair, they're able to spend it.
Yeah, I heard you talking about that last week.
The other thing I want to talk to you about, I've been investing in gold for like, I'd say it's probably been six months now, and last month I received a letter from the company that I've been doing business with, it's goldmoney.com, and I get this letter and they're saying in it,
Dear members, sir, we regret to inform you that we will no longer be prying for bank accounts in the United States after December 15th.
No processing of U.S.
dollar electric checks and accepting U.S.
gold wires.
And I did a little research thinking, you know, that was kind of weird.
And I find this Internet article saying that online
Payment systems like e-gold are becoming currency of choice for cyber crooks and terrorists.
It just seems to me that they're trying to make it more and more difficult for people to get out of the U.S.
Oh yeah, the feds are trying to shut everything down so you can't get out of the dollar.
Now is the time to move into gold.
Thank you so much, sir.
Got to jump.
In the last segment, I will get to Mark and Mike.
I'm sorry to all the other callers.
Let's play this NRA clip because it's short.
This is the NRA, National ABC News, about how one of the NRA members, board members, is the inventor of the technology, so he makes the money, that micro-scams the bullets.
Now, of course, puts a serial number on the back of the cap.
It's just on the hammer, on the firing pin.
All a thief will do is grind that off.
Or they'll steal it from your house, go kill somebody with it, or shoot somebody with it, and then you're going to get in trouble.
But what it does is it makes the gun manufacturers go out of business, it puts more regulatory control, first it starts with handguns, then it moves into rifles, they're talking about this nationwide, and the NRA, I looked it up, I got an article about it, is behind it and pushing it, just like they're pushing the new law to ban anybody who's got post-traumatic stress disorder, or ADHD, or anything else from owning a gun.
See, first it's felons, and then it's everybody.
Here it is.
In the U.S.
every year, nearly 40% of all homicides go unsolved.
But a new bill signed into law last month in California aims to make it easier... Stop right there!
See, they're implying that 40% of homicides, but a large portion of those are done with baseball bats or daggers or running people over or poisoning them.
See, it's all just manipulated numbers.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Aims to make it easier for police to link individual guns to individual crimes.
The law mandates that newly manufactured guns leave a unique stamp on every bullet fired.
With more now, here's ABC's Brian Rooney.
After any shooting, the police look for the bullets and shell casings with those scratches and markings that will match them to the gun.
But the cops have to find the gun too, and that's hard.
California's law will require new guns to create markings that tell officers immediately what gun to look for.
Killers will be brought to justice because of the leads that this new technology will provide.
The technology known as micro-stamping puts laser etchings in the mechanism of guns that strike every shell fired.
The firing pin, for instance, hits the brass shell, leaving a microscopic serial number that tells the make, model, and manufacturing date of the gun.
The law would not apply to rifles or to more traditional revolvers, only to semi-automatic handguns with a high rate of fire.
Gun rights advocates say this will only add to the cost of a new gun, while leading investigators to legal gun buyers, not criminals.
This will not help in any way, shape, or form.
So what are they going to do next?
Next step is another step toward banning or eliminating guns.
But interestingly, one of the co-inventors of the marking system is a conservative Republican member of the National Rifle Association who lives in New Hampshire.
He says he just wants to help the police.
Bring these guns and put them into trafficking and sell them to criminals.
Well, then they need to worry.
The retooled guns are not required until 2010.
But if they're made for sale in California, that might set the standard for the entire country.
Brian Rooney, ABC News, Los Angeles.
Absolutely, it's about 20% of the entire market in this nation.
It's the 7th largest economy in the world.
And it's a total complete nightmare, and it goes into tagaments and everything else, and it'll just make more smaller companies go out of business.
California is claiming they're going to go after the manufacturers of their guns, get scrawl purchased and brought in.
Well, hey, we're just here.
I've only got about three minutes with her.
We're in deep trouble.
Then we're going to come back and take a few final calls.
I wanted to get into McCain.
I'll make a call.
That's what I'm going to do.
But she's Debbie Morrow.
She hasn't been on in over a month.
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I'm going to drink the tap water, Debbie.
How dare you?
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Debbie, I'm glad to hear that you've got record orders coming in.
People are stopping to trust their loving government.
Yeah, I think that the more blatant, you know, our government to me has gotten to the point where they're not even trying to hide their deception anymore.
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A lot more people are waking up.
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Debbie, it's always great to have you on.
Thank you, Alex.
It's nice to talk to you.
See you soon.
What a great lady.
Give her a call.
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Final segment.
Your call.
Straight ahead.
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We're good to go.
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That's 1-888-211-1715.
We're back live!
Look, I'm sorry to Mark and Mike.
I'm just going to have to not be able to take your calls.
Call me back tomorrow.
Even if you call in behind others, tell us you got cut off and I'll put you in the front of the line and give you double time instead of being cut short.
Sorry to everybody else, because I want to play these clips of John McCain as promised.
You can watch the whole thing on PrisonPlanet.com.
Philly, 9-11 Truth did an excellent job.
They were very polite about it.
The first question, you know what, we don't have time to play both.
Go to the second question.
The first question is about why didn't the Commission look at how Sybil Edmonds and all these colonels and people said that we were infiltrated by Al-Qaeda and everybody was ordered to stand down basically.
Oh yeah, we're infiltrated.
It's like one FBI deputy director said, it's as if Al-Qaeda has moles.
Well, exactly!
The intelligence agencies want them!
That's out in the news today about the number one guy in Al-Qaeda right now being CIA.
That's in the major mainline papers.
Have you studied their history, folks?
They were trained at our bases.
So all this is coming out now.
Go to this question at 7.30.
And McCain lies.
McCain... Well, just listen to it.
Here it is.
government was funding basically Al-Qaeda-type groups in Iran.
The U.S.
The group actually, the former head of the group was actually Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind 9-11.
I wanted to know how we can tell the American people we're fighting a war on terror and then
We're funding these terrorists in Iran to create upheaval in Iran.
They're using terrorist, you know, tactics in Iran.
How can we, you know, be serious when we're saying we're fighting a war on terror when we're funding terrorists ourselves?
Because I have no information about us funding anybody in Iran who are associated with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
But I'd be glad to get that information from you and look at it.
But I will also tell you... Go ahead.
Should I send that to your email?
Email, but also make sure that we talk to you, okay?
And I guess I gave you the wrong time to play.
Right before that, he reads some headlines from newspapers.
In fact, try to cue that up to maybe 7.20 then.
Because I wanted to hear the name of the newspaper.
But it was all over the foreign press.
German, Dutch, Spanish, British.
And then the White House are the ones that made the announcement.
In the U.S., it was in a few newspapers.
But most notably, New Yorker magazine, Cy Hirsch.
Here it is.
Not included in the Commission, and then those who did testify before the Commission were excluded, which would have implicated that... Okay, that's the wrong question.
Just forget it, forget it, forget it.
I meant to, like, back to 720, not to the first clip.
It doesn't matter.
The point is, is he reads in the news article, he reads in the headline, the White House... Now, Sonny Hersh reported on this three years ago.
We reported on this four years ago.
This was in the foreign press big time a year ago.
And in the last few months, Bush announces, yes, five groups, and then he lists the five groups, and they're all admitted Wahhabist sects, they're the opposite of Shiite, they're Sunni, and one of them is headed up by the supposed number three of Al-Qaeda, and it says they're being funded on the eastern Iraqi border with the western border of Iran to carry out destabilization terror attacks!
This is a White House press release!
Years after we already knew it, saying that they are attacking the Iranians.
Then our media has the nerve, that's what I'm always talking about, to claim Iran is Al-Qaeda when they're the opposite group.
They're headed up by Shiite.
And McCain goes, I don't know anything about that, oh no, the commission, blah blah blah.
Just incredible line, but really good questions by the folks there.
I'll be back tonight on the network, on the shortwave, the satellite, AM and FM stations, 9 to midnight, Centraal, many other stations rebroadcasting this at different times.
I'm very thankful to all of them.
Be sure to support their local sponsors and or sponsor them.
All of our fine affiliates, 1330 AM, KCAA, stations like that, and all the others I never mentioned.
And if you missed the first hour, key stuff, it's right now at InfoWars.com.
We'll be right back at InfoWars.com.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.