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Air Date: Nov. 25, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, welcome my friends.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Sunday evening, the 25th day of November 2007.
We'll be here live for the next two hours.
We're going to have wide open phones in both hours.
I'm going to re-air an excerpt of a very important interview I did with Congressman Ron Paul Wednesday.
Coming up in the third hour, the Dark Horse racing up the poll charts and breaking fundraiser records.
We'll be talking to him about the police state move here in the United States to, we have White House memos, and now we can see the talking points being put into operation by CNN, Fox, and others, that those that question the war are actually working for Al-Qaeda.
I think?
In this first hour, here's just some of the news I have in front of me.
The dollar drops to record lows again against the euro.
Dollar drops a record low against the euro amid speculation of another Federal Reserve rate cut.
Also, cell phone tracking powers on request.
Secret warrants ground up without probable cause.
That's the Washington Post.
End of the Fourth Amendment.
The feds are also not just recruiting the police to be little secret federal agents and setting up CIA offices in major cities across the country to fight not just terror, but also crime.
They are also, in the name of fighting crime, of course, keeping us all safe, just like the Fuhrer did, they're also recruiting firefighters to spy on you.
And I love firefighters, firefighting men and women, and the great job they do, and it's sad to see them being brought into this system.
Also, riot police arrest 150, a new anti-Putin demonstration.
Demonstrations aren't allowed in Russia if you're against the government's policies, just like in many areas of the U.S.
they're not allowed now.
So I thought I'd illustrate that police state development over there, and how it mirrors with this nation.
And the Houston Chronicle, as well as Houston television stations, KPRC, reported that they have, quote, secret drones surveilling the city, and the police department got very upset when the population learned
of the secret drone operation.
Vanity Fair has been sued in the U.S.
by a German organization saying that they're not allowed to interview white supremacists, that that violates European laws.
They're trying to bring U.S.
Now, the article was against the white supremacists.
laws under it.
I'm against them as well.
But I have to say that this is a Hitlerian tactic to try to restrict free speech, but this is international law spilling over here.
France is trying to use their laws against the Internet here in the U.S.
and try to restrict the Internet.
Because it is global, that may happen.
This is all very serious attacks on the First Amendment.
You know, toothless Klan members have a right to say whatever they want, as long as they don't hurt anybody, and I have a right to say they're toothless.
But again, ladies and gentlemen, this is all part of restricting free speech.
It has nothing to do with keeping you safe from all of the evil, wicked extremists that are out there.
Also, the United Nations this week came out and said, the ocean is dying.
Only a global government can save you from that.
I thought we'd look at their fear-mongering and integrate it in with another story here, desperate measures.
Women getting sterilized to save the earth.
This is all part of the larger global population reduction push, being taught in schools around the world, being pushed by governments, and of course my film, Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement, covers that.
How does it tie in with the Sky News story?
Manson accused of buying skeleton.
This is not a publicity stunt, ladies and gentlemen.
He has bought the skeleton of a young child that died, and some other disgusting things.
And I thought I'd get into this whole mindset, this love of death and destruction, that permeates not just Marilyn Manson, but the elite themselves.
So we'll tell you what, women having themselves sterilized, the UN pushing for global government, the name of the earth, and Marilyn Manson with a child, skeletons, and more, how that all ties in together.
Also, Hillary Clinton's getting a lot of heat, as Democrats learned that Fox News' Roger Ailes has been strategizing for her for five years, and that there have been a string of secretly arranged and publicly arranged huge fundraisers by Rupert Murdoch, who's given two-to-one to Hillary, as well as defense contractors and the Republican elite.
That's right, they don't intend on any other Republican actually winning.
I think?
Passing of the baton to Herr Hitleri.
And I will be called a liberal.
In fact, it's already starting.
Because I'm against Hillary.
I'm against gun control.
I'm now liberal.
I'm against open borders.
I'm now liberal.
This is the full taking over of the Republican Party
I really want to talk just straight to you the listeners.
I know we have
Millions of listeners that tune in on a weekly basis to the six days a week that I do, Monday through Friday and then of course Sundays, with this condensed two-hour transmission on Sundays, that I'm begging you as listeners out there to take a challenge, and I'm giving you a challenge, to not believe the claims I make and to not believe the things I say.
And to actually go research the claims I make for yourself.
It's quite easy to do with the advent of search engines and, well, even your public library is the kind of old-school Google-type system.
Or for reporters out there with an even better system, the LexisNexis database out of Dallas.
I know a lot of you have checked out what I have to say over the years, or you didn't check it out, but you saw everything I predicted come to pass, unfortunately.
I wish I wasn't right.
But for those of you, which are a sizable minority, but nonetheless millions, who have heard what I have to say and are out-of-hand discounted, out-of-hand say, oh, he exaggerates, or he lies, or he makes this stuff up.
When I get up on air and I say that Bayer Pharmaceutical knowingly allowed AIDS virus for over ten years in their factor eight for hemophiliacs, knowing it would kill them,
I've been saying that for four years.
It's been in mainstream news, by the way.
Do you think they wouldn't sue me if it wasn't true?
Or, when I say that Prince Philip wrote a book about how he wants 80% of us to die, or UT professor Eric Pianka talked about how he wants 90% of us to die, or if I talk about the United Nations' own documents saying they want to exterminate 80% of us, and I report on those documents, I mean, I would be discredited.
I would be debunked.
The only thing the system can do to me is build straw men.
They don't attack the man, they don't attack the ideas.
They simply report things I didn't say, build straw men that are not me, that are not my ideas, or others' ideas, along similar lines, and then they attack those straw men.
And that is the type of rigged game they play.
But I do want you to listen to me very, very carefully.
I cannot even articulate, I cannot in words express just how systemic and deep and deepening and accelerating this fall into hardcore corruption is right now.
I'm begging you to look into it because if you stand up against corruption and get involved, even in small ways, it will reverse.
It will first stop the trend, it attracts
And then it will begin eroding it, and pushing it back the other way towards more liberty, more transparency, more freedom.
And when we get back, I want to just briefly paint the picture for you of where our country's come from and where it's going, and some of the key trends in the development of something far more serious than just the term police state.
My friends.
So we will break that down when we get back.
We'll take phone calls.
Then I will blast through all the news, the extinctionists, the anti-humanists, all of it.
They call themselves the humanists.
They're really the anti-humanists.
It is all coming up in the next hour and 45 minutes.
So whether you're listening to us in Los Angeles or Austin, Texas or Knoxville, Tennessee or upstate New York, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
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Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked into the Alex Jones Show!
We're back live.
Thank you again for joining us.
Hope you had a great holiday.
Extended weekend.
We did Thanksgiving.
Hope you're driving safely out there across much of the nation.
And your flights are going well for you.
Thanks to our gracious emperor that opened up a lot of controlled airspace for our aircraft to maneuver through.
All right.
Really, most people
...have been robbed of history.
It's not really taught in schools anymore.
But throughout history, tyrants and despots and corrupt establishments have come into power, and they've had lots of different sales policies and propaganda packages to sell the public on giving up their liberties and freedoms so the elite can expand their power and control.
And can, more often than not, mobilize those captured populations to go out and wage wars across the planet, or against their neighbors for them.
And throughout history, when corrupt governments start hiring mercenaries, even in foreign wars, it's bad enough.
But the big no-no, even inside the corrupt Roman Empire, you were not allowed to use the mercenaries inside Rome, or inside Italy.
Hitler didn't dare bring in foreign mercenaries or domestic mercenaries against his domestic population, but now in the U.S.
we do.
And there's so many thousands of examples of how we're going down this road, how first they claim that they're not going to have warrants to listen to Al-Qaeda, and then, oh, by the way, we're going to use it for all crimes against all citizens, no more Fourth Amendment.
You see, who watches the Watchers?
If you're going to have a free society, you've got to have law and order.
You've got to have due process of law.
You've got to be innocent until proven guilty.
And all of those basic canons are being removed.
They're being dismantled.
But here's one example of literally thousands of just textbook examples of not just our Bill of Rights and Constitution, one of the strongest, if not the strongest,
systems of government that was pro-liberty and pro-freedom and pro-individual and pro-justice.
But even in Pinochet's Chile or Hitler's Germany or Mao Zedong's China we did not see these classical expressions of hardcore tyranny.
Let me give you just one.
Pocket Army.
Smedley Butler, Brigadier Marine Corps General, in line to be the Commandant of the Marine Corps.
And then Prescott Bush, grandfather of the President and others, this was in the McCormick-Dickstein Committee hearings back in the 40s.
They approached them and said, listen, we don't want to go to war with Germany.
We're going to overthrow the government and set up a fascist dictatorship.
And we want the Marine Corps to be the front of the spear.
Butler had overthrown more than 15 countries.
for the US, Guatemala, and countless others.
And they came to him and said, we want you to overthrow America now.
And the Marine Corps Commandant has now retired.
You're next in line for that on the list.
And we want you to become a Commandant.
And we're going to have the Marine Corps leading 500,000 veterans that we're going to pay mercenary funds to lead a coup d'etat in the United States.
And then we're going to dominate the world.
And we're going to work with Adolf Hitler and take over the planet.
With England.
By the way, England then, of course, had the King of England at the time was a pro-Nazi and had to advocate because that happened and that came out.
Edward VIII, King of England.
And that's all in the encyclopedia if you'd like to go look into it.
So, that happened and Butler said, listen, I might overthrow all these other countries, but I'm not going to do that here.
I thought I would just bring up again one little example of that.
Now, there are 180,000 contractors in Iraq, but there are over 150,000 subcontractors.
So that's 300 plus thousand mercenaries.
On average, paid about $150,000 apiece.
When the average military man or woman over there is getting paid about $30,000 apiece and gets about one month off a year and is forced to serve, on average, more than three tours.
Halliburton also has some of these forces, but they're mainly just in the technical realm.
They're the largest group of contractors, but the largest group of armed contingent is, of course, Blackwater.
And so you have 320,000 plus contractors over there, and we have, of course, from the start, warned you about Rand Corporation documents and public statements that they wanted to later, and they did use them in New Orleans, use Blackwater, Halliburton, and others.
Now, by the way, Halliburton is in Basin, Dubai, no longer a U.S.
corporation, but I guess that's okay with people.
to run domestic operations, and they've said now, oh, Blackwater's going to fight the drug war in your cities and on the border, just like they watered down the 1878 law barring the military from domestic operations, the Posse Comitatus Act, which they haven't fully overturned, but in the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, they've basically cut it back to near nothing.
So there's a shadow left of it, and on paper they act like it's still there.
So it's bad enough to have the military operating domestically in the country against the people.
Hitler did do that.
But what Hitler didn't do was hire foreigners to come in.
Now 20% plus of the army is war illegal aliens from Czech Republic, Mexico is the biggest group, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua.
They, of course, have hired former death squad commanders to be part of this in Iraq, and now they're coming home.
And of course, I told you this eight years ago, now it's mainstream news, and we told you it wasn't in the news, we had this from good sources, that they were actually hiring aggravated felons, also, who were illegal aliens on top of it, out of the federal and state prisons to join the military, and Hitler did take prisoners out of the prisons to be his SA and then his SS, so he did do that, but they weren't foreigner felons, they were domestic, that is, nationals.
who were from Germany or Austria, or what was left of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
So as long as you'd formally been in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire would have been... but I'm getting a little too technical here.
The point is, let's see how this process works.
In the 80s, in the name of fighting the drug war, the military starts, illegally, they hadn't overturned the law yet, working with police secretly, running drones, busting into gun dealers, raiding drug dealers,
In my film, Road to Tyranny, I interview a Marine Corps commander who has then gotten out and started a computer company in Austin.
I went to his mansion to interview him.
He showed me all the documents and things, but I'd already seen congressional reports on it, but here he was.
He got stopped and kiled at an Army checkpoint, and he said, my God, this is true what you said.
I was in a secret operation in the late 80s.
We were robbing gun shops and other people's.
We would dress in police uniforms.
And aid them, and I knew it was illegal then, but I thought it was okay.
Now it's happened to me.
Now I'm older and more successful.
I realize that this is a major problem.
But if that's bad enough to have secret military operations all over the country that they're now announcing more and more of after they've been in place for decades, now they're saying Blackwater is going to be involved domestically here in the U.S., and then even when the Army
General says they committed 14 murders in that shootout and should be charged.
And when the FBI said they should be charged, the White House and State Department said, no, they have total immunity.
And now they're going to have immunity, a domestic force.
See, they're coming home now, folks.
Here in the United States.
Caesar took over Rome with just a few thousand cohorts from the 13th.
Can you imagine with hundreds of thousands of mercs, what they'll do here domestically?
So see, you get rid of habeas corpus, you get rid of the process, you get rid of posse commentatus, you get rid of all these things, then they're just incrementally phasing in martial law.
This is all happening right now.
And it's not to target Al Qaeda.
It's to target you, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back.
Your calls are coming up here in just a moment on this 25th day of November, 2007.
Hillary Clinton is nothing but a pawn, a puppet, and nobody.
So was the president.
The Fortune 100 are bigger.
...than most countries on earth, their GDPs, and together they are many times greater than the United States.
Who lobbies for you?
Who speaks for you?
Who stands up for you?
The establishment for at least 100 years has knowingly used psychological warfare programs, this is published, against you.
Over a hundred years ago, the American Banking Association said you were too smart.
But Americans were too educated.
The smartest, most educated people in the world.
They said they were going to buy up and control education and change it.
And dumb you down.
Dumb us down.
And they did that.
All so they could more easily control our population.
We were the big prize.
The big, rich nation.
4% of the world with more than half the wealth.
And when your military is already 20% foreigner,
And many of them aggravated felons.
That's textbook tyranny.
When they're now saying mercenaries are going to domestically operate against the American people.
When they openly shipped in more than forty billion dollars in one shipment, there have been many others since, in hundred and thousand dollar bills on pallets.
Remember, three years ago I told you, in fact before the war, four years ago I told you, they were going to pay off the troops and train them and prepare them to transfer over into the new mercenary armies.
And I told you that a private, on average,
One year into the war, it was being given more than $30,000 in cash to corrupt them.
Then they would go to the different green zones, there's not just one, there's one official one in Baghdad, and spend their money on the prostitutes brought in by the big companies, the liquor, the drugs, the gambling, and then that money just goes right back to them.
And that was meant to corrupt the troops and prepare them to later transfer over and be mercenaries.
And that's what's happening.
They're getting out and they're joining the different mercenary groups.
And there are more than 30 of them.
Blackwater being the biggest armed group, Halliburton having armed subsidiaries.
And that's what they've done.
They primed the pump and gave them a taste and prepared them
And are now openly saying no more Bill of Rights or Constitution in the U.S.
and going, yeah, we are going to use the Patriot Act against the American people in non-terror related cases.
Yeah, we're going to use no more warrants for wiretaps and spying on you and tracking your cell phones.
I told you that in 96.
I saw the federal plan.
This isn't about Bush.
This isn't about Hillary.
They're just puppets.
This system moves forward against us all.
And it's happening all over the planet.
I mean, I read here today
You can have a protest with 20 people, a protest with 500 people.
They send police out in the same black uniforms, the same black armor, the same billy clubs to beat the demonstrations, and they say no demonstrations allowed.
If you want to have one, you can have one at the edge of town at a soccer field.
It's a free-speak zone.
Same term.
In fact, here is the Associated Press today.
25th of November, riot police arrest 150 in new anti-Putin demonstration.
Russian riot police Sunday detained opposition leaders and more than 150 other protesters in St.
Petersburg as they broke up a segment demonstration against President Vladimir Putin in the last two days.
It says the demonstrations were protesting against the police state, the destruction of liberties, the fact that Putin's refusing to stand down.
It goes on and on.
And it goes on to say that they had refused, the fouries had refused to authorize a march, giving permission only for a stationary demonstration in a different square on the edge of town.
See, the same thing they do in Russia, but it's universally decried as total police state.
They're now doing here.
Same black uniforms, same outfits.
This is a global government, global corporations, that are not free market.
Powerful men, dominant men, who get together and say, hey, we're bigger than countries, let's set up a new global system that doesn't have the checks and balances in it, and let's take over the planet, and let's not allow anyone to demonstrate against us.
The British Ministry of Defense 10-year prospectus put out four months ago,
In its entirety, openly talked about how the government's here to suppress and dominate the public for the global corporations.
The head of the Naval War College, Thomas Barnett, gets up on C-SPAN and admits our military works for the big central banks.
I mean, it's out in the open, but normal people don't watch C-SPAN.
You're watching 15 college bowl games.
And yeah, they're fun, they're neat to watch, it's great.
To slurp beer and eat pizza and stumble around.
But you can't do that when this stuff is going on.
You're an expert on male soap operas that are football.
You know, who's getting fired, what coach is getting fired, who's being hired, who's getting drafted.
It's male soap operas.
And I'm not saying I'm not into it.
But the point is, I don't have time to be into that because so many serious things are happening.
Let's go ahead and take some phone calls.
Let me see who's been holding here.
There's a North American Union article I see, according to Matt in Boston, who's first up.
You're on the air worldwide, sir.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
Good, sir.
Yeah, there was just this article in the Boston Will today, entitled, The Amaro Conspiracy, and it was basically a hip piece about the
People who believe in the North American Union just call us all conspiracy theorists.
Yeah, I've seen it.
There's been a flotilla, literally hundreds the last couple months, and they always say we're nuts, it doesn't exist, though Judicial Watch sued and got the North American Union documents from September last year, and then Bush made a bunch public from the meeting two months ago in Ottawa, and it says North American Union, it says carbon taxes, it says merging our militaries, it says it all!
Yeah, well, it was an interesting article because
It mentioned that there is an SDP, that the Council on Foreign Relations published a report called Building a North American Community, but it says people who actually put the connected dots are conspiracy theorists for some reason.
It was just...
And they're counting on you to just read headlines.
They're counting on you to just, you know, just basically believe what they're saying.
I'm not.
I'm counting on you to go to PrisonPlanet.com.
We have links to the CFR's own prospectus.
We have links to the SPP documents that Judicial Watch had to sue to get.
They're the folks that almost brought Clinton down, by the way.
They're not some liberals.
And it's all there.
My film, Endgame, shows all these documents.
Yeah, well, I just thought it was a pretty interesting article, and I just want to say thank you for all you do, Alex.
Thank you, my friend.
Yeah, I would tell people in 96 that I'd read in industry publications that all cell phones were to be GPS-tracked off of triangulation with the cell towers, and that they were going to do all this because I had official government documents.
And then now it's common news.
Or I told you, hey, they're going to claim there's no Fourth Amendment to track Al-Qaeda, but then they're going to say, by the way, it's for all crime.
That's in the Washington Post today.
It says in just regular cases they're not getting warrants now citing the Patriot Act and other federal rulings.
Just no Fourth Amendment.
Again, we're just going over the facts here.
Now let us go ahead and speak to Jason in Columbus, Ohio.
You're on the air.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Words can't express what an honor it is to actually speak with you.
It's an honor to speak to you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
We went and saw the quote-unquote patriot Glenn Beck last night.
The fake conservative there to neutralize the American people?
Who says that Ron Paul supporters are terrorists and that the Army should be used against us on CNN?
What did he say?
Well, I went up and had a person behind me with a camera ask him why he hadn't had Ron Paul on the show.
He said he would absolutely love to have Ron Paul on the show and extend the entire hour
And we caught that on video, him saying that he would give Ron Paul the... Stay there!
I want to hear what else happened, okay?
Don't hang up.
We're going to come back to you right after this break, Jason in Columbus, Ohio.
Then we'll go to John, Rasheen, Jedi, Martin, and many others.
I'm Alex Jones, dedicated to defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
The websites are TruthNews.us, Infowars.com, and PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll be back after these quick messages.
The second hour has got an interview with Ron Paul, I did, and a lot more.
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Yeah, next hour we'll be interviewing Ron Paul.
Ask him about
Glenn Beck and others, it's a White House talking point that's now come out in the news, to say that those that are anti-war, those who support Ron Paul, who are Libertarians, are working with the, quote, Islamic fascists.
Just unbelievable.
We warned you they would do this.
They're now doing it.
And we were just now talking to Jason in Columbus, Ohio, who went to one of these Glenn Beck book tours, I guess, and talked to him.
Go ahead and finish up what you were saying, Jason.
Two really big important points.
The first one is that we caught him on video inviting Ron Paul on his show at Ron Paul's convenience and said that he would give him the entire hour.
He almost made it seem like Ron Paul was dodging him.
Well, we all know that's not the case.
And we were actually able to catch that on video.
I think he said it because he did not know that he was being videotaped.
That's really about all that he said, as we got ushered out, of course, really quickly.
What else did he say?
The other real important point is, is all of the people that look like they were secret service all over the place.
I got there at 8 o'clock in the morning, about 12 hours before the actual book signing.
Black SUV in the parking lot.
Didn't really pay any much attention.
We actually got there about an hour early.
I was approached by two different people outside asking me if I had ever seen V for Vendetta.
Then I was approached by two different people inside while we were waiting in line.
One asking me what I thought about Ron Paul, and the other one asking me what I thought about Ron Paul's fundraising on November 5th.
It was really strange.
They all looked like they were former military people.
Well, it's been admitted that even the show that they do on HBO,
That's been attacking patriots, has gotten different mercenary groups to protect them.
And again, this is the new system.
The whole apparatus of anti-terror is for the American people.
We don't want their North American Union, their open borders, their gun control.
The Supreme Court about to hear that.
That's what this is all about.
So I need you, sir, to go ahead and upload that video to YouTube as soon as possible.
It has been up.
I'm sorry.
Okay, what's the name of the video?
Um, the name of the video, it's, um, my actual, I sent it to you, uh, late last night, uh, to your email address at, uh, Prison Planet.
That's fine, but it's up on YouTube.
Just give me the, uh, the, the, the tag.
The tag is, um, I'm, I'm sorry, I'm gonna sound like an idiot.
What's the tag?
Glenn Beck wants Ron Paul for the full hour.
Okay, Glenn Beck wants Ron Paul for the full hour.
Guys, put that in YouTube.
Was it YouTube or Google?
Oh, absolutely.
My full name is Jason Hick, H-I-C-K.
Okay, we are going to do a story on this then once we see your video.
And that is just amazing.
So they definitely had security there watching out.
Oh no!
Because Glenn Beck, the little precious propagandist, is out on tour and we've got to watch the American people.
Not the 30 million illegal aliens calling for the end of the U.S.
running around.
Not for the fact that our dollars are plunging by design with the Federal Reserve's policies.
Not the fact that we're hated worldwide because of all these illegal wars.
It's the American people we've got to watch.
What did you say to these guys?
Well, I acted like I didn't know what they were talking about because I didn't want to get thrown out.
So I just really played stupid and acted like I didn't know.
So now they've gotten to the point of having to question everyone at these events.
I know that we were not the only people that approached.
One other quick point.
Cody Deeds was there with We Are Change Ohio.
He made a great video of him actually confronting Glenn Becker.
Oh good!
Tell me the name of that video.
That is on WeAreChange.org.
Oh good.
The We Are Change guys are doing such a great job.
I can't even keep track of everything they're doing.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, in a clip coming up, you're going to hear Fox News saying a Code Pink lady stood up last week to Hillary.
As well as a Code Pink mail member, and said, hey, you said you were against the war.
We sent Democrats to Congress, but the war continues.
And they drug them out and Fox News said, you know, these people can't keep doing this.
They can't think they can do this without being tasered or beaten to a pulp.
They need to be tasered in our new higher security with terrorism.
We need to taser them and beat them.
Just like Russia.
Oh, the American people are getting active.
They're confronting Republicans and Democrats.
They're saying they don't want a new world order.
They're saying they don't want more wars.
They're saying they don't want a North American Union.
Oh, they're bad!
The problem is, 80 plus percent don't want the war.
91 percent in Gallup polls don't want open borders.
70 plus percent are pro-Second Amendment.
So, this whole system is about going after the American people.
Folks, I want to see this video.
To Amanda and to Trey in there, go to wearechange.org right now.
Let's see that video.
Let's track exactly what's happening.
We may even air it, because I'm authorized to air all that stuff.
I'm in affiliation with them.
I don't give them orders from headquarters.
They just do whatever they want.
We're all just out there fighting for freedom.
And Glenn Beck being confronted.
And people are saying because he said all Ron Paul supporters need to have the military used against them.
He said we need to use the military against the Ron Paul supporters.
He says I think they're going to do something violent.
I think they're terrorists.
I mean, we've done nothing violent.
We've done nothing.
We're just here exposing the New World Order.
But see, now they're using that whole anti-terrorist system they built up because they're losing the debate.
They're losing the fight.
In fact, on the Fox News pieces we've seen with O'Reilly and the others and Glenn Beck and others, they keep saying, no one believes us.
Congress only has an 11% approval rating.
The people don't trust us anymore.
And it's these Ron Paul people that are trying to destroy America!
They're trying!
No, no, we're the ones trying to save what's left of it!
We're not the Republican and Democratic parties going after the Second Amendment, going after the borders, going after the dollar, going after everything!
So I'm just absolutely blown away right now.
Let's talk to Rasheem in New York City.
You're on the air.
Welcome, Rasheem.
Yes, good afternoon, Mr. Jones.
You know, it's a pleasure meeting you out here back on September 9th.
I got a chance to see Endgame.
Great movie, man.
Thank you.
All right, listen, you know, I have some good news for everybody.
I've been working on it on Wall Street now for the last four years, and people are starting to wake up to the money system.
People, you know, I have a lot of friends that are traders.
Myself, personally, I'm an IT person, so again... Now they have the Federal Reserve as private, devaluing the dollar by design, or what do they know?
They're starting to understand that the Fed is very bad for open markets, which is a start.
I mean, you couldn't convince the average trader that that was the case.
But now they're starting to see that inflating the dollar... Well, see, that's the thing.
When they implode America, they know everybody's going to wake up.
That's why they set up the oppressive police state apparatus first.
And living here in Police State New York, I can tell you first hand that, you know, this is, this is going to be... Wireless wiretaps, random searches on the streets, nothing to do with terrorism.
But I just had to say that to start off with.
Second off, second off,
I don't think people understand how much Ron Paul has affected the GEO political spectrum.
No one has talked about monetary policy running for president.
No one has talked about the North American Union.
No one has ever talked about the New World Order.
Finally, and he's hit the zeitgeist, folks.
It's exploding globally.
People are looking.
There's a mass awakening.
What does Glenn Beck do?
He says, we're all terrorists and we're going to do something violent.
Meanwhile, they have goons running around at events.
And to Jason's defense, I don't think Ron Paul should go on Glenn Beck because it'll just be another O'Reilly type interview where he doesn't get to talk and it'll just be a waste of his time.
Don't give Glenn Beck any type of publicity.
He's a scumbag.
We all know it.
Just move on.
He's nobody.
Well, he'll say he's against the NAU, North American Union, but then promote people that are for it.
And then say we're terrorists.
I mean, how dare them?
We could be attacked by crazies on the streets.
I mean, on Fox they say we ought to start beating people that stand up and ask politicians questions.
We ought to taser them.
This is a threat.
They're afraid of us taking America back peacefully.
Absolutely, absolutely.
Again, it was a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Jones, and keep doing what you're doing, my friend.
God bless you, too, my friend.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Jedi in Bastrop, Texas.
And Jedi, you're on the air.
Alex, great to talk to you again, ma'am.
Yes, sir.
You're on the air.
I wanted to talk about the drones and the remotely piloted vehicles.
Go ahead.
That's right.
The feds are federalizing every major city and they've had drones out for years and now Houston tried to keep it secret and set up roadblocks and told the media they weren't supposed to report on it.
The fact that they have drones flying around.
I've been involved with remotely piloted vehicles for the last three years.
The vehicles that we use are very small.
Four foot wingspan.
I wish they'd put them on the border.
Well, so do I.
But no, we've got to watch those terrorist Americans!
That's right.
But the ones we use are very small, very low-end, extremely effective for firefighting, for search and rescue, search and recovery.
But no, the government's got to keep them secret!
No, they have to keep them out of the air.
What we do is, the FAA says that, I'm sorry, the FAA controls the air from one foot off the ground up.
I fly model airplanes and they're not, the FAA says that's okay, but if I put a camera... Oh, is that why you're saying that they're keeping it secret in Houston and Illinois?
I'll get to that in a second, but if you put a camera in an airplane, in a model airplane, then it becomes a commercial airplane and they control it and they won't let you fly.
You have to get what's called a certificate of authorization.
So what's your main line point?
Well, the main point is what the Houston Police Department did is lie about establishing a temporary flight restriction to keep the news helicopters away from the drone area.
And they used the name of the federal government to keep them away when they had no authority to do so.
That's a good point.
In fact, I know a little bit about that.
Do you want to add more?
Do you want to add more, sir?
Okay, he's gone.
We'll put him on hold.
If he's still there when we come back in the next hour, we will.
The Ron Paul interview.
Tons of news.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
Next hour.
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He stands for what's right.
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Last year the White House gave talking points to the State Department and said domestically they wanted the propaganda put out, we have links to this on PrisonPlanet.com, to demonize anti-war libertarians as terrorists.
Now Bill O'Reilly
Other minions of the establishment, like Sean Hannity, of course, Glenn Beck, are running around pushing this.
I was just watching video of him in Ohio.
There's like 10 people at the bookstore to see him.
That's pathetic.
And 9-11 truthers and others go up and start asking about calling Ron Paul's supporters terrorists and the police start shouting on them and kick them out of there because this is terror!
This is evil terror!
It's like in Russia.
We've got to stop people from asking questions and stop people politely from, you know, buying a book and going up and trying to get somebody to sign it and asking them a question.
It's just, it's just they might get us.
These American citizens are everywhere.
Finishing up with a caller from Bastrop, Texas about
Police engaging in secrecy.
Local 2 investigates police secrecy behind unmanned aircraft tests.
And he points out that this does not have FAA approval.
The news admits this.
And so I guess that's the whole point that U.S.
Homeland Security was out there with police, it says, from multiple agencies testing the drones over Houston.
Go ahead and finish up your point.
I'm going to get into some other issues here.
Jedi from Bastrop.
Yeah, Alex.
The drone, they had a, they did get a certificate of authorization to fly the drone.
But a COA does not restrict the airspace for anyone else.
However, the police were lying to people and telling the news media that they could not fly over that area with their news helicopters.
So it's going to be interesting to see what the FAA does and if the FAA takes action against the police department for making a false claim like that.
But there are two different tiers of remotely piloted vehicles.
You have the small, the very small ones that we use.
Uh, for search and rescue for local missions.
Then you have the expensive stuff that Boeing and other major contractors make.
It's no secret that they don't want the small guys like us out of the business.
They want to monopolize the whole thing.
They're even trying to get rid of general aviation right now.
Well, it's very difficult in this country to fly a drone anywhere.
The kind that they do.
Our stuff is all below 500 feet.
Their stuff can do just about anything.
Their aircraft are basically pilotless aircraft.
Well, you're talking about the Predator and other crafts.
So, the issue is going to be a big fight regarding airspace in this country, but the crux of the problem is that the major manufacturers, the major contractors, want to have a monopoly on the drone business, and they're squeezing the small guys out.
Well, what we do is extremely effective.
It's very inexpensive for counties.
Hey, I know who this is now.
It took me a while to figure it out.
This is former Bastrop County Commissioner.
I don't know if you currently are.
I just know you were formerly.
And I've been out flying around with you over the local FEMA camps, and you flew Aardvarks on the missions Bombing Qaddafi?
This is Don Loucks, isn't it?
That's right.
Hey, Don.
How you doing today?
I'm doing real good, Alex.
What do you think of them calling Ron Paul supporters terrorists now?
Well, they're trying to marginalize him from the public.
I served on his staff and I know Ron Paul.
And I will say, I will say that some of the Ron Paul supporters have made spectacles of themselves.
But that's not terrorism.
But that is not terrorism.
That's free speech.
It shocks me about what's going on, what happened, what your previous caller said about what happened at the Glenn Beck concert in Cincinnati.
I think that's very chilling.
I mean, I listen to these guys and they sound great on the radio, but then their actions belie what they do.
So it concerns me to a very large extent.
I think this is going to be a very interesting election.
I think the 2008 election
It may well be a statistical repeat of 2004.
We had a very large turnout as a result of the presidential election, and then that waterfall down the ticket to the local election.
We're forewarned on that, so we're going to have to look very closely at that and guard against things hurting good conservatives down ticket.
You know, I commissioned a Zogby poll last week, but it showed what all the other Zogby and Gallup polls have showed.
Ron Paul has double-digit leads.
When it comes to running against Democrats, the Republicans are going to lose unless we get a Ron Paul in there against Hillary.
But now Bush is appointing all these former Clinton people into the State Department and Defense Department and admitting that they're just preparing for her to come into office.
And the average conservative out there is not aware of this.
I don't think they realize that if they go for a Giuliani or if they go for a Mitt Romney or somebody, that they're going to get Hillary.
Only Ron Paul can beat Hillary.
Alex, I think you're right.
Many, many, many times you refer to party A and party B. I think that's the case.
There are good people who think they're conservatives who are supporting the Republican Party when they really should reconsider that.
We have it all the way down the county level.
You know, people who gain support by claiming to be conservative but who really are just a different party than the Democrats.
And it hurts.
It really hurts.
And what's happening with Ron Paul
Is that people are not getting the word on him.
They're deliberately suppressing the news with regard to Ron Paul.
Or they're spinning it.
Or they're spinning it.
That's correct.
And they're ridiculing him.
But one of the best articles I read was from Box Day where he started out with a saying from Gandhi.
Mahatma Gandhi.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.
That's right.
Don, good to hear from you.
I appreciate your call.
This is the type of spin they're using against Ron Paul right now.
I have an internet shopping cart.
Some days there's hundreds of orders, usually there's less.
But every day there's two or three fake orders on there.
And you can always tell by the address, and we don't run the cards.
They go into our Yahoo shopping cart, and then they put it in there, and we see that it has the same address or looks fake, and we always expunge them.
We don't run the cards.
And this happens to everybody.
You can have a shopping cart selling baby bottles, or documentary films, or video games, or sprockets.
I mean, it doesn't matter.
People come in from Indonesia, Africa, the U.S., everywhere.
It's usually Indonesia or Africa or China.
And they come in and they test cards on there.
Every day we've got four or five of those.
We've got to delete them.
Well, AP, CBF News, they spun it this week.
The Ron Paul campaign saw a few of these fraudulent donations, and they just called up the banks and said, hey, these are fraudulent.
We're deleting these.
We're returning these.
And the news went, Ron Paul gives back fraud donations, national news.
And it was like, Bank Heist was the headline, because it was a bank credit card.
I mean, that's how they operate.
So the average person just reading headlines here is, oh my gosh!
And then, there is a concerted campaign to do this, or some white supremacist gives $500 to his campaign.
And then they, oh my gosh, there's a white supremacist involved in the campaign!
They're pulling out all the stops because they're desperately afraid right now.
And speaking of Hillary Clinton, this is the New York Times today.
In Iowa, Clinton is pressed on Murdoch.
And it goes on, the curious relationship between Hillary Rodham Clinton, presidential candidate for Murdoch, media baron, flashed before the eyes of Iowans on Saturday night during a Clinton campaign event.
And it goes on to say a lady got up during the question and answer and said, why are you in bed with Murdoch?
Why is he running campaigns for you?
Why is he giving you more money than anybody else?
Why are you in bed with him?
And Hillary basically just started stumbling around, it says here.
Again, she's gotten more defense contractor money than all the Republicans combined.
That's never happened.
All the big Republican donors are giving her money.
Bush is sad.
Two weeks ago, they're preparing for a Clinton transfer of power.
Clinton billed vacations with the Bushes, and Barbara called him a surrogate son.
They recruited him in 1968 into the CIA.
That's now been declassified.
It's totally staged, ladies and gentlemen.
It is totally and completely staged.
This is not real.
Okay, the Republican candidates are just running to get campaign contributions, except for Ron Paul.
If you want Hillary Clinton as conservatives, or Democrats who love war, because she's going to be pro-war, and everything else, she's an establishment candidate, we're going to have a dynasty 20, 30 years of the Clintons?
I mean, how long, Clinton-Bush, Clinton-Bush, Bush-Clinton, Bush-Clinton?
I mean, how long is this going to go on?
We're going to come back and play part of the Ron Paul interview.
Then we're going to take more of your calls and get into the extinctionists.
Get into those that say humans need to die.
Women need to be sterilized.
Big news.
Stay with us.
It is a big idea.
A new world order in the near future.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
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You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress in the New World Order.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Alright, we're back live.
Here's an excerpt from an interview I did Wednesday afternoon with Congressman Ron Bald.
You can hear the whole interview at PrisonPlanet.com in the media section.
Here is the Congressman when I posed the situation with the neo-cons trying to swing around the whole apparatus of anti-terror, which we knew they'd do, against the American people.
It's a minute and a half clip.
I'm talking to the Congressman.
He'd heard about this, but hasn't actually heard it, so I want him to hear it.
This is CNN, Glenn Beck, and there's 20 more of these, but we can't play them all.
And then it's Fox News yesterday saying, anyone that asks questions of a politician who asks Hillary about the war, he should be tasered, beaten to a pulp.
Then Glenn Beck says, you're going to be hearing Glenn Beck, sir, because I want you to hear it and give us your response and analysis.
Glenn Beck saying we need to use the troops domestically against threats.
On the screen it says Ron Paul supporters domestic threat.
He then implies we're going to do something violent when there's no evidence of that.
He then goes on to have David Horowitz say that mainline libertarian groups and peace groups are quote in bed with Islamofascist.
I want you to hear this short compilation and then give us your take, Congressman.
Here it is.
There's a strain of isolationism and anarchy in the American tradition, which Ron Paul is tapping into.
When you enlist in the military, you have to take an oath that says you're going to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Foreign enemies are the obvious ones.
The physical threat may be developing domestically as well.
America, here's what you need to know tonight.
Ron Paul's supporters are tapping into something that's very real.
It's something I've talked about on this program for a very long time.
The rising tide of disenfranchisement in this country.
And it's coming from all sides of the political spectrum.
If fringe elements take that disenfranchisement and turn it into violence, we endanger the freedoms we're supposedly all fighting for.
You know, the fires, they're going after everybody.
And here's the thing, at one point with security so high and tensions on edge, don't you think they're going to get at the very least tased or beaten to a pulp by somebody who goes, these people look threatening, but they don't look threatening?
The Ron Paul revolution.
I mean, it's meant to be a catchy slogan, but I fear some of his fringe supporters are taking the word revolution too literally.
Now, we had to cut it down.
Actually, the key part wasn't in that compilation we just cut together.
When he says, in bed with a homo-fascist, he lists, uh, says libertarians, anti-war activists, lewrockwell.com.
That's the quote, Congressman.
What do you say to that?
Well, they're getting awfully frightened.
I think we now are a threat to the establishment, and they represent the establishment.
I thought Beck was trying, at least in the first major part of what he said, he was trying to be cautious, and you could interpret it in a different way.
We could almost say that about them, but he was really thrown at us, and I guess Horowitz is like the real radical.
But, you know, I think they represent a philosophic position which is diametrically opposed to us and our interpretation of the Constitution.
But I think it's serious business.
But when people strike out like that and start using names, Islamic fascism, I mean, they're working on fear.
And I see these people
Very insecure people.
They don't understand what freedom is about, and they have to resort to this threatening situation, but turning around and calling us the violent people.
I think they're very insecure with their ideas, and they probably deep down in their heart think they're being good Americans, but I don't think their understanding is clear enough.
I agree.
The Gallup poll, of course, has reported 10% approval rating for Cheney, 11% for Congress.
That's the all-time low.
Bush has even broken Nixon's record for unpopularity.
Both parties, for the first time, are unpopular.
And they even said that in the Glenn Beck newscast, that the people don't believe us anymore.
What are we going to do?
And they're publicly starting to panic.
Yeah, I think that was the only part of that statement.
He was recognizing exactly what we recognize, but he's dumbfounded that they're coming toward us and looking to us, and they want to offer this more authoritarian approach, you know, more of a government approach.
You know, it's up for grabs and this is what this is all about.
The American people, I guess we both sides agree that the American people have lost confidence in the government.
It's what we're going to replace it with.
And of course, my argument is that we replace it with the American tradition and our Constitution.
This whole idea that we're calling for violence is absolutely preposterous.
You know, I have been an advocate of civil disobedience as long as it's, you know, peaceful.
And, you know, one of my heroes in the way he acted was actually Martin Luther King.
I mean, he was attacking some very stupid, vicious laws, but he never preached violence.
He was willing to go to prison, and Gandhi as well.
I looked at Gandhi as a leader, and for them to turn that around and start throwing the word fascist away at us,
You know, they're trying to kill us by just calling us names, but not dealing with us in terms of philosophic differences.
Well, you mentioned Gandhi.
To paraphrase, he said, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.
We're now entering the attack phase, and as an Air Force man, you know the old World War II saying, when you're over the target, you get the flak.
I think this is a really good sign, isn't it?
Well, it's a good sign, but sometimes it's a little bit scary about, you know, what will come.
But I think they feel very much on the defensive, and I think
They were willing to ignore us, and unfortunately in this country the only thing that talks is money.
Our ideas were not accepted in the conventional media, but now the money is talking, the organization is talking, because we've been able to raise this money.
We do get attention of the media.
In spite of their plans to exclude us and do damage to us, you know, if you have an organization that is now newsworthy, we can't just say that they may be out sometime to undermine us, but we've been getting some honest, you know, interviews in the conventional media, and we shouldn't condemn everybody who calls us and puts us on the radio and television.
It's out there only to destroy us, but I think we've earned our stripes and that's why we're getting this attention, but we have to continue to do this.
Not only is November 5th important, the next fundraising day could be very, very important, but ultimately the only thing that counts is what happens in our primaries.
With a lot of noise and a lot of money and no votes, then we've lost a chance for victory.
Zogby polls and the head of Zogby last week on Fox, Mr. Zogby, said though that you could win and I had the head analyst from Zogby on yesterday, Fritz Wenzel, and he said that you are on trajectory to win the primary and he added from a poll I commissioned and other polls that they've shown
That you are the strongest candidate in double digits against Hillary.
Can you speak to that?
Well, I haven't analyzed that closely because I'm concentrating on my day-to-day activities.
Presenting the case for why we should, you know, and should and can do well in the primary.
But I haven't paid that much attention in detail.
Of course, she represents something quite opposite of what I do, so I would think that if the time comes, I will continue to do exactly what I'm doing, but I just think our views are that much more popular and offer so much more than just more government.
I mean, we all know that it's
Tragic problem with medical care, but it has come from government.
What does she want to do?
She wants to turn it over to the government.
She wants to totally socialize it.
I want to free up the system.
So there is obviously dramatic differences between her approach and mine.
Do you know where the 78 potentially active volcanoes in the U.S.
are located?
And do you know the locations of the top 300 prime terrorist targets?
You can find these answers and more in the new interactive CD book, Prudent Places USA.
With the more than 50 interactive parameters, you can pinpoint natural and man-made disaster areas.
I think so.
I think so.
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I think so.
We're good.
We at The Bible Says want to alert the world to the topic of the Mark of the Beast.
Soon it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the REAL ID Act.
Which goes into effect May 11, 2008.
Many people believe that this will be the mark of the beast, because of the restrictive measures included, which seems to parallel the no buying and selling of Revelations 13-17.
In Revelations 14-9, speaking of the mark of the beast, it says, if any man worship the beast, take notice.
It says, worship the beast.
This issue is about worship, not economics.
For a better understanding of this very important topic and to receive your three free books and a free DVD, call 1-888-211-1715.
That's 1-888-211-1715.
Hi Ken, it's Judy again.
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We've got you covered.
You're listening to the GCN Radio Network.
Ron Paul is our guest.
Final segment with him.
Be part of history.
Don't wait on the sidelines and wish you wouldn't have gotten involved in Nevada or New Hampshire or Michigan or Iowa and other areas.
Get involved now, ladies and gentlemen.
I want to talk about the economy with Congressman Paul, but finishing up,
If the Supreme Court gives some mixed thing of, well, you've got a right but we can restrict it, that spin which we've seen before from the lower courts, will this cause a constitutional crisis?
Can't Congress do things to overturn that?
Where do you see this going?
Well, the only tool the Congress has is to eliminate the jurisdiction.
If lower courts or states have certain laws to protect individuals, you can restrict that from going into a federal court if they're going to undermine it.
But, of course, the ultimate test would have to be getting new Supreme Court justices.
What about impeaching them?
Hauling them in before Congress?
Well, you can do that, but that doesn't change the law.
Oh, you mean impeach?
Did you say impeach?
Yes, sir.
Oh, yeah, you can.
That, of course, is not done very often, and I think they do this for other reasons than because there's a disagreement in the interpretation, although that is available.
In a practical sense, I don't see that happening, to tell you the truth, although the tool is
Is an attack of this level on the Second Amendment, though, not an attack right on the direct heart of the country?
Well, of course, but look at how many other things that they've attacked.
You know, where there's the First Amendment now already, you know, on all the laws that they pass on campaign financing, and what have they done on property rights, and the way they collect our taxes, what have they done to our money, what do they do, how do they go to war?
You know, it's endless, but we don't really... If we went to the impeachment process, I guess every president, every member of Congress nearly, and probably every member of the courts should have been impeached one time or another.
So we have to change people's attitude and have a consensus and go forward.
Congressman, two final questions.
The economy, U.S.
economic gloom brings new dollar low, gold surges.
Again, it seems like every perfect storm, everything you've warned about for 30 years, now happening.
Your take on the economy?
Top, you know, the bankers are saying we could have a global recession or depression.
Your analysis?
And A, what do you think is going to happen?
B, what should we do now to pull out of this?
Well, it's not going to be easy to pull out of it.
I think we're in bad, bad shape.
Worse shape than we were in the 70s when, you know, the dollar nearly collapsed and it was rescued with 21% interest rates.
I think our productivity in this country is way down.
Our savings is way down.
The dollar is more vulnerable than ever.
I think we're in for a weaker dollar, more inflation, higher interest rates, and a much weaker economy.
And we're going to have to pay for living beyond our means.
And a lot of people's standard of living is going down.
75% of the American people say now they're having economic problems.
Are you worried about this triggering a credit crisis in credit cards and then even in derivatives?
And as you said, this is the key time.
Will we go into greater liberty or greater tyranny?
That's why the fight is so important now.
How do we, the individuals listening, help the campaign?
The most important thing is to support the campaign by joining it, sending money, and then doing things that you can do in the most creative manner possible, and that is finding friends and allies in the special states that are early.
They have to get registered, they have to be available, they have to go to these caucuses and make sure they vote because the showings in the early primaries will make or break the whole campaign.
Congressman, we're all praying for you.
We're all behind you.
You have hit the zeitgeist.
Have a great Thanksgiving with your family.
Thank you very much.
God bless.
There goes Congressman Ron Paul, the Dark Horse Champion of Liberty.
All right, and there's like 15 more minutes to that interview at presentplanet.com.
That's a few of the questions that we excised out of it from Wednesday.
A lot of you were on airplanes when I was in the show Wednesday.
You were driving around the country to visit with your family.
I know I had a great Thanksgiving.
Two or three days off was like heaven.
I am just rejuvenated.
I'm going to shift gears into some other subjects now, and we're going to take calls in the final segment from Carl and John.
John first, then Carl and others in the final segment.
The toll-free number to join us, always a good idea to give it out, first time on the show here, 877-590-5525.
877-590-5525, or if you're listening in Texas, 836-0590 out of the Mothership Station, KLBJ 590, this is Radio 590, KLBJ.
Okay, just on the Ron Paul situation, how dare
All these neocons, these fake conservatives, get up on the radio and TV and say, we're terrorists, we're dangerous, they're afraid we're going to do something violent, when we've done nothing violent.
How dare them do this?
And how dare them try to turn this country into a secret police system?
And then say, oh, we're planning something violent.
You know, the Tsarists in Russia, and then the Soviets themselves, and then Hitler, and Mao, and our own government's been caught doing it.
We'll stage events, and then blame it.
Putin got caught doing this.
And it's very suspicious that we have all these Republican talking points and memos saying, oh, 9-11 was so great, we sure need another one.
And they even write editorials saying that.
People get real mad and they retract their statements.
Former Senator Santorum saying, just wait, there'll be another attack and then you'll learn that we're the boss.
I mean, there's your motive right there, regardless of where this stuff's coming from.
They're dismantling our whole Bill of Rights and Constitution, and Glenn Beck's saying, I'm worried about Ron Paul, people, doing something violent.
Just out of the clear blue sky, he says this, and then taking our freedoms away.
What does that even mean?
I mean, that is spin on top of spin on top of spin.
People say the terrorists attacked us because they wanted to take our freedom.
Well, why then is the government going after our freedom 110 miles an hour?
Why are they doing everything they can to go after our liberty and freedom, and always saying it's for some foggy, cave-dwelling terrorists, like some snake in a hole, but, oh, no, we're going to use it and misdemeanors on you domestically in non-terror-related cases, or we're going to spy on you without warrants in non-terror-related cases.
I have stacks of articles today, I covered it last hour, where they're saying all this.
America is just more dirt, more land, if we don't have this Bill of Rights or Constitution.
And libertarians, true conservatives, I guess you'd call them paleo-conservatives, paleo-classical liberals, we're all together.
And that's why the system's so scared.
Before they had us divided up under terms and names and in different camps, not communicating with each other, and I keep making this point but it's so central, you'd have a Republican Party with a 60% approval and Democrats with 40, or Democrats with 55, Republicans with 45.
And one party would always be able to fool people and the other would be blamed.
Now people have found out, wait a minute,
The big banks and the big defense contractors are openly saying they want a police state.
They're openly buying both parties.
They're openly taking ranches and farms and land and regulating small businesses and corporations and companies out of existence.
And I mean by small, a billion dollar company is small compared to these guys.
They're predatory.
Read a history book.
Tyranny happens 99% of the time.
Liberty is that rare jewel.
And the people that tell us, give up your freedoms, we'll keep you safe from terrorists, then you go turn over a rock or two and you find out, my gosh, at the bare minimum they financed and trained and protected and ordered the FBI not to stop the terrorists, and then you find out that the passports at both crash sites in 9-11 went out of their suits, out of the fireball planes of the ground, unburned.
You find out, admitted in mainstream AP, that the hijackers were U.S.
CIA agents trained at bases?
I mean, you can't make this type of stuff up!
The public doesn't know it!
People say, well, something this big, being a government op, it'd be secret!
No one would be able to know about it!
It's not secret.
It is a public secret.
They say, you know, something this big, it would come out.
It has come out!
Bill Christianson, former CIA section chief under
Carter and Bush, under Carter and Reagan, said it's a total inside job.
Bob Bair, the guy the movie Siriana's about, has said it's a total inside job.
Alright, I'm going to briefly get into these extinctionists and the real environmentalists.
Again, I'm for the environmentalists, but the mainline environmental movement is an anti-human government control system.
And I'm going to tell you what they themselves say, and are pushing when we get back.
Truthnews.us, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
I was a highwayman.
Ah, Willie Nelson!
Along the coach roads I did ride.
I guess I met him a few weeks ago.
With sword and pistol by my side.
Oh, yeah.
Many a young man lost her father's life.
Very close to that interview.
Many a soldier shed his life.
I think he's afraid that once he got on he might say a little too much.
I bet listeners can imagine where Willie stands.
All right.
I want to jam in at least three final calls here at the end.
But I want this to be clear.
I am very, very sad that this stuff that we're talking about here is true.
I'm very, very upset.
I wouldn't even call it fear.
It's more of a shock every minute now.
I just think, my gosh, we've got murdering killers at stage 9-11 attacks running the military-industrial complex.
They're bringing the U.S.
into a global government.
They have tested chemical, biological, radiological, tens of thousands of times, killed tens of thousands of the American people, declassified and admitted.
The general public's not fully awake, they're starting to wake up.
The system knows people are waking up, so they're moving in with tyranny.
What you do now will change the course of human destiny and history.
The U.S.
is leading the world, either into hell or into liberty and freedom.
And my film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, that's now out,
Now, it gets into these people and their own documents, their own statements, their own declassified plans.
And they want a world tyranny so they can have a world one-child policy, so they can sterilize people, so they can control us, so they can dumb us down further, so they can engineer starvation and war.
It's all in official UN documents.
And they're openly pushing for a one-child policy.
The US, with IMF and World Bank money, got China to adopt that in the 70s.
In just the last two days, I saw these articles, and I saw countless others.
There's no way to cover them all.
Desperate Measures.
And it says, Tony Verinelli, who, by the way, my wife knew in Europe.
My wife used to live in France.
I don't know.
They just, you know, for these people and the UN report came out this week saying the oceans are dying, only global government and global tax and the law of the sea treaty for the UN to own and run the 73% of the earth's surface and our major waterways.
We'll save us.
Even if you believe all this, the things they're saying or their solutions have nothing to do with the environment.
Even if you believe global warming's man-made and gonna kill us all, when in truth global warming 9,000 years ago caused civilization's development because you can grow bigger crops and that's when the Bronze Age started.
But that gets into science.
Don't confuse the public with that, or that ice cores show this is normal fluctuation, or NASA says it's the sun heating up.
Let's just ignore all that.
They've got to have a global government.
See, so they tell you, oh, we've got a global threat, and only a global government can save you.
But when you look at the heads of these organizations and these groups, Dr. Peter Singer,
At Princeton, who says, you know, we should exterminate masses of people, and Dr. Pianka at UT.
The point is, they get 95% standing ovations in front of international and US and local level organizations, like the Texas Academy of Scientists, 95% standing ovation, when Pianka says 90% need to start dying.
We need an airborne Ebola to do it!
And these guys have access, at these different universities, to weapons labs.
So, a lot of universities run these weapons labs.
And how does that tie in with Marilyn Manson?
Manson accused of buying Skeleton, Sky News, that's Fox in England.
Shock rock star Marilyn Manson has been accused of squandering his advance profits on a child's skeleton and mask made of human skin, as well as other children's toys covered with skin.
I'm going to tell you a brief story, and then I promise I'm going to get to John, Travis, and Carl, who have been holding the longest.
Sorry to the others.
I don't go to a lot of rock concerts.
Back when I was in college, hard to believe it was 14 years ago now, I'm getting old.
My cousin and I said, let's go see this band we like.
Well, opening for them was Marilyn Manson.
They had two bands opening, but the main opening band was Marilyn Manson.
Nobody knew who they were at the time.
Bill Viacom and MTV made them popular.
And we actually walked out of it, because we wouldn't wait to hear the band we were there to see, because it was so horrible.
Manson was cutting himself on stage, vomiting, screaming about how he wants to kill children.
And folks, this was real.
You couldn't fake this.
He was convulsing, he was all skinny, vomiting on stage, cutting himself.
They had little toddler shirts tacked up on the amplifiers, and he was retching and screaming for Satan to enter him, and I said, let's get out of here!
He was opening for a pretty mainline band.
I couldn't believe we were seeing this show.
Then I saw a Frontline special about how he wasn't popular, and Viacom forced him down people's throats.
This is what the system wants to push.
And he's just a degenerate, filthy scum.
And it's all part of this culture of death, this love of death, that's running our society.
And it all ties together.
And the average person can't interface with the fact that it's this spirit, this mindset, that is dominant in elites, and it's an idea, an anti-human idea they want to push so we have no human life value, so the government can do whatever they want to us!
You understand that?
And so many people don't know why, but they have this idea of, yeah, we got too many people.
Yeah, let's reduce numbers.
Yeah, let's have one-child policies.
Yeah, let's have a license to have kids.
Why were you implanted with those ideas?
Where did you get those ideas?
You better learn.
Endgame covers it and proves it.
This elite thinks we're scum.
Our own government took at least 4,000 toddlers and put them in radiation chambers and murdered them.
Oh, but they wouldn't do 9-11.
The 4,000 kids they murdered, that's only one program of thousands, is declassified.
Again, you better figure out, how do they do this?
It's a mindset.
I told this story, I'll tell it briefly, I got time to jam your calls in.
About two months ago, we were going to a ballet recital for my daughter, and I'm driving the car, my dad's in the front seat, my wife and mother in the back seat.
Kids behind them in the huge evil SUV, and we're driving, and my mom's going, come on, end game.
She goes, really?
It wasn't out yet.
There's an elite really wants to kill us?
I've read some of that.
I know about some of that, but I just don't believe it.
And my dad, who when he was a senior in high school, was part of that advanced placement thing, got taken to UT with 100 other kids.
And they took like the top five or six most intelligent after weeks of 15 hour a day testing and said, this was the head of the UT Botany Department and others, and said, listen, there's a global government we're setting up.
We plan to reduce the numbers.
You know, we plan to have eugenics, but we can't say that publicly.
Now this guy was a German.
People at UT know who he is.
He just died a few years ago.
And we're going to carry this out.
We want to recruit you to be the ruling elite people running this.
And we're recruiting people at every state.
So out of 125 kids in Texas, they took him aside, like six or seven, he said a small number, and told him, okay, this is the plan.
And my mom kind of went, oh, my dad had never told any of us that.
You know, my dad's an oral surgeon-dentist.
The point is, is that this is the stuff that's going on.
This is real, you better find out about it, okay?
You better find out about it!
Alright, let's jam these calls in here.
Let's go to John in Georgia.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, you mentioned at the top of the show that the establishment wants Hillary installed.
And what I want to know is, if we don't do our job and get Ron Paul in the White House, what is the Hillary Clinton presidency going to mean for America and our freedom?
Living hell!
I bet you can imagine.
I mean, talk about black ops, government-sponsored terror.
The Clintons wrote the book on that in modern times, with the World Trade Center attack, where they cooked the bomb, framed the driver, New York Times, getting the detonators.
Oklahoma City, totally documented.
That's not even come out in declassified documents, with the government handling them at the bare minimum.
All of this, just taxation, socialism, total control, a reign of terror.
So, bigger government?
Absolute, absolutely.
Well, I just want to tell people out there to get educated about the issues and not to rely on the mainstream media and their newspapers to always be telling them the truth and not to vote for another establishment candidate because it's a waste and it won't get us out of the war and it won't get our troops home.
Yeah, this whole cliche of don't vote for somebody because it'll be a wasted vote, lesser of two evils, there is no lesser of two evils.
Either vote for a real horse in the race or the controlled horses.
All the big money's on Hillary.
They're not even financing the other candidates, the other parties, okay?
You gonna let them fix this election, folks?
Final caller, Travis in Austin.
You're on the air.
Alex, thank you so much for exposing these neocons like Neil Bortz or Glenn Backwather.
I think they're very detrimental to the company, to the country, and I just want to, you know, as I'm sitting here listening to you about how dire the situation is, I'd like to call on your bosses at Emmett's, when they're spending time with their family this holiday season, to consider whether or not the 30 pieces of silver they're paying to air shows like Rush Limbaugh and Neil Bortz are worth it.
Well, let me be clear about this.
My bosses aren't MS.
This is a Genesis Communications show with MS.
It's on some MS stations.
It's on a lot of other stations.
MS are nice folks.
They offered me, well, they were asking if I was interested in a weekday show.
I can't do a syndicated show and another weekday show and syndicate two.
So I said, no, I'll come in Sunday, because they're nice folks.
Uh, and so it's a smaller company.
They put those shows on because this station, KLBJ, we broadcast out of to other stations around the country, he is number one.
And so, that's what got the audiences, you know, 20 years ago a LIMBAR somebody was anti-establishment compared to just mainline TV and stuff.
So it's a lot more sophisticated than that.
But the mere fact that I'm on air on marquee stations across the country now shows that the truth is coming out.
That Ron Paul is so incredibly popular and showing 15% now in some Zogby polls and Gallup polls in New Hampshire.
Again, it's rising.
It's a process.
It's a process of waking people up, getting people involved, and taking action.
So, the Sleeping Giant is just now rising.
It's going to get more and more intense as time goes on.
God bless you all.
We'll see you back here next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
Great job of the crew in there.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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