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Air Date: Nov. 22, 2007
2320 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now already into hour number three in this worldwide Friday transmission.
The 16th day of November, 2007.
We've got, as he did last Friday, Steve Quayle joining us coming up in the next segment.
We'll have open phones continually through the interview and a ton of news I haven't gotten to yet.
John in Amsterdam was talking about it.
Even if you love Big Brother, please continue.
Yes, even if you are pro-Big Brother or pro-New World Order, you have to realize that in the future they can create illegal laws that they do already and they make you a criminal even that you're not knowing about it.
So let's say that you're doing everything as well as nothing to hide.
You know this mantra that people use as an argument?
It's a silly statement by the way.
But if people really think that they love Big Brother, it's okay, it's for our protection.
I think it's for protecting the elite for the future, because if we are going to rebel and being angry about and upset, they want to have Big Brother to protect them, it's not to protect us.
But yes, they can change the laws in the future and make criminals, so-called criminals, or criminalized criminals.
Yeah, who controls the criminals in government?
See, that's the whole point.
Indeed, yeah.
So if people are realizing this, that we live in a high-tech society that can, you know, change around.
And I think that Orwellian state, fascist New World Order is going to happen in the States.
And you have to be really stupid if you don't see it.
Are people waking up in your country?
Oh, for sure, yes.
You know, more and more people in the Netherlands are totally fed up with the Big Brother scenario.
Even the voting machines, court cases, we have won, you know, we have fought the battle against the voting machines and we've won the battle.
We have to change, they have to change everything.
Now, the next elections will be only with pencil.
God bless you.
And see, that's what we're doing here too.
We're beginning to fight.
They're upset.
They're mad.
They can be defeated.
Just like Hitler.
Just like Ceausescu.
Just like Mussolini.
Just like so many before them.
Just like the British Empire was beaten in the U.S.
We are going to beat them!
By the way, Google Laptop Brigade and Ron Paul, door to door, and people showing video of Ron Paul, that is an excellent tip, because this is the power to show the people how they can have a change of heart.
Because if you show something on a laptop, door to door, people are waking up.
They are.
God bless you, my friend.
We'll take more calls when we get back with Steve Quayle.
Good to hear from you.
Last night I was on CFRB, Big Toronto Station, going across Eastern Canada.
I've been on there two or three times before, and they took about ten calls while I was on, and I think seven of the ten said, oh, we like you, Alex, and we like the work you do, and we know about the New Old Order, but shouldn't we get rid of 80%?
Don't we need to get rid?
Don't we need to kill people?
I mean, this is a mainstream view.
People don't know why they've been inculcated, kind of in the Moonraker scenario.
Uh, but you've been inculcated, you have been brainwashed, you have been, uh, this has been put into your mind?
I mean, who's gonna die?
Are you gonna look at these African children, these Latin American children, the children here, uh, being implanted with the viruses, being poisoned, all the death, all the sterilization?
Are you gonna, I mean, are you gonna go do it?
You gonna go put a .45 in a little black kid's head and blow it off?
I mean, if there's so many of us, I don't want you to commit suicide, but before you say kill somebody else, I suggest you go find
I mean, before you go kill children or call for global extermination, if it's so bad, I suggest you find a tall building and make sure nobody's beneath you and throw yourself off.
Now I'm not, that's a figure of speech, I don't mean that, but that's, that's the comparison here.
I mean, uh, you know, nobody's stopping you from that big ol' bottle of sleeping pills you got, uh, uh, in the cabinet there.
Just stop it!
Don't you understand, you fools, who think like that?
This is for you!
Don't you understand that?
Can't you get that through your noggin?
Collar after collar.
Oh, I like you.
I don't like the New World Order.
I know this is all true.
Oh, endgame.
But, I mean, don't we need to... It's a horrible thing to say, but don't we need to kill 80%?
I mean, isn't it hurting the Earth?
Don't we need global taxes?
I mean, don't we... I mean, you were brainwashed.
You were brainwashed.
I mean, think about what you're saying.
That's what Hitler wanted.
He wanted a global Germania, and so then he could go around killing the lesser races.
Don't you understand?
You're in the crosshairs, you fools!
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Isn't their objective to be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress in order world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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Ask for George.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, I want to jam a lot of colds into the shower with Steve Quayle.
We have links to his sign-up on Infowars.com.
SteveQuayle.com in the cue files.
I've been interviewed by Steve many times over the years.
I've interviewed him many times over the years.
I guess we've been talking to each other on air for about, off and on, for about 10 years.
He's been on air about 15, 16 years.
I've been on air about 13 years.
Yeah, maybe he's been on longer.
I used to hear Steve 10 years ago talking about global eugenics and extermination plans and all.
I thought he meant well, but I didn't think it was that bad.
And now, so much of the books he wrote, the things he talked about, really are true.
It's another visionary who we enjoy having here on the show with us.
Steve, I don't know if you heard me earlier, right at the end of the last segment, but last time I was on CFRB Big Station,
I don't think so.
Oh, I agree with you about the New World Order, and I like you, and I've seen your videos, but we do need to kill 80% of people, and, you know, we do need to reduce the population, and the public, this is like, quote, common sense to people, and when Dr. Bianca gives a speech to the Texas Academy of Scientists and says we need 90% to be killed sooner rather than later, as fast as possible, he gets a standing ovation.
The news is, not that he said it, the news is he got the standing ovation.
I mean, can you just
Talk about where these ideas came from, where they're pushing, why they love death, and then try to explain to the people that have bought into this elite mindset, they're not part of the elite.
They're going to be killed or be diseased or be implanted with the cancer or the poisons themselves.
And even if they were members of the elite, or those that would be spared in this ongoing project that's intensifying, they need to look into the eyes of these children and women and men that are dying, and they need to humanize that.
This is great wickedness, Steve.
Well, Alex, first of all, you've nailed it so many of your broadcasts.
It's about population reduction, and I'm appalled.
Now, what I would say is that, with due respect to the Canadian listeners, they have bought the lie.
When you disassociate the uniqueness of man's creation from the Creator God, when you take the literal
I think so.
Between he who died to redeem mankind and those who seek to destroy mankind.
You know, it's fascinating.
When we deal with eugenics, when we deal with every form of genetic manipulation, what you've got is you ultimately get the starting point that they, the Luciferians, the Elitists, want to absolutely destroy all memory of the living God.
They want to take, obviously, the Bible out.
They want to recreate the
The children that are being born in their new world globe speak and their new world idolatry.
So when you dehumanize and, if you will, deculturize any of the roots of America's founding and those who honored us, that gave us a system, listen, they acknowledge God.
All you have to read is Peter Marshall's book, The Light and the Glory, and most people, I think, Alex, have forgotten that.
But going to the basis of your question,
It's a war between God and the Devil, and the Luciferians openly worship Lucifer, openly sacrifice to Lucifer, and they're using all of their, what I coined a word a number of years ago, almost a decade ago, called technecadence, okay?
And that's technological decadence.
That technecadence to absolutely
Go after and destroy the last vestiges of every human being.
By the way, a top transhumanist that's in Endgame talks about, we are suicidal nihilists, we love death.
It's the ultimate expression of power for us to destroy the whole planet.
And he says we're lusting after just killing.
And I guess it is the final phase of decadence.
We saw it with Roman emperors and others.
You know, it's a mental sickness, a spiritual sickness, but for listeners who are secular, listeners who are atheists that are listening, even if you don't believe in God, and Steve and I don't believe, we know, and even if you don't believe in good and evil, you know, you don't believe in the devil, but the devil believes in you, the thing I want to point out to people and get your take on here is that just take Dr. Piyanka.
I was on his own website, YouTube, biology department,
Uh, and I was, he's one of the top biologists there, I was reading it, and he says, it's him dressed up as a druid, priest, and he, he, he talks about Lucifer, and he says, and I also, he has his buffalo bull named Lucifer, and it's all this weird occult stuff on there.
And every time you look into a Peter Singer, every time you look into a Prince Philip, a Ted Turner, every time a Maury Strong, every, not, not part of the time, not 80% of the time, not 90%, they're always pushing agnostic atheism, humanism, but when you actually look at them and the UN Chapel and the rest of it, they are, and I know I'm
You're laying it out well, Alex.
First of all, you can't separate, you know, atheists and agnostics.
You know, the idea that we're a secular society is total bull manure.
It's crap.
The bottom line is men have a spiritual nature to them.
They're either going to manifest that nature and acknowledging the God of Heaven, or they're going to worship Lucifer.
And isn't it fascinating that even when you look at the opponents of Christianity, like the gentleman that you're talking about, who's a Druidic priest.
Now let's talk about the Druids.
They worship the God of forces.
Right out of the book of Daniel.
They obviously practice human sacrifice, so when someone's willing to slay a child, and Alex, if you and I or the listeners could even get a glimpse from the God's viewpoint of all the blood that's shed in their sacrifices, then they can understand that the people, even who don't believe in God, aren't
By the way, we've seen all these weird Clinton and Bush cryptic speeches after a war, and Bush will get a creamy-eyed look and talk about dark forces of evil.
That Pentagon speech is some road to tyranny.
Dark forces of evil that feed on human suffering, and he literally begins to almost glow like a little green demon.
And then, you know, he talks about the great sacrifice and starts licking his lips.
Absolutely, and you know, let me just share this.
Multi-starred active duty generals have talked at length and spoken at length about what goes on in the secret labyrinths below notable, very, very prominent architectural places around the world.
Now, here's the thing.
The blood sacrifice, the Bible, look, I'm not going to preach, but I'm just saying,
A lot, okay?
You know, these guys are vampires.
They truly are vampires.
Because, well, have you noticed, Alex, that while everything is a total war against Christians, man, if you are anything other than a Christian, it's Katy, bar the door, welcome to the world of global religion.
And see, we're being set up for the Antichrist.
Obviously, the Bible teaches that the Antichrist is going to make war on the saints.
And when you see, you have just defined something that I think very few people can even realize.
When they're talking about sacrifice, let me tell you what a top Luciferian told me.
Big time CIA devil worshiper.
He says, when we talk about God, Steve,
We talk about Lucifer.
He said, when you see the politicians, and he named them all off, and they're the ones everybody sees on their television, he says, when they talk about God, or the Lord, they're not talking about God and Jesus.
Now, as a good example of that, remember Alex Bush, in his first term, he used to talk about Jesus, and something happened.
And everything else became more irrelevant, whether he was going into a Shinto shrine in Japan, whether he's going into a mosque, whether he's going in any place.
Now what do we have?
We have basically people in this country that are confused because the pastors and the pulpits, as you and I have talked about, have not sounded a clearer sound.
And the problem is now, is everything is acceptable except Jesus.
And this is the war that not only is taking place in heaven, that's on earth.
And when you devalue human life,
What's the difference?
These people are so demonically driven that they literally salivate over the great sacrifice that's coming.
What most people don't understand, the warnings that you were giving, the warning that you gave last night on my radio program about you're at a nine level, they don't look at this as just, quote, a preparation for war.
They look at this as the sacrifice
to Lucifer that brings him literally on the planet to rule.
And they believe that with the absence of all Christians and any relationship to the God of the Bible, His mandate, His laws, or His precepts, that they will have basically a technological bliss in which they'll live forever, download their memories, they'll never die, they'll never have to face the judgment, and boy, from there on out, people should really start to realize that all transhumanists, all of them that are talking about spiritual machines,
Listen, we've been experiencing through science fiction, we've been prepped through all the years of whether it was starting out, you know... Well, what does Revelation talk about that they bring into the temple is that it's a living machine that does wonders.
Actually, it's a... and this is something that I think everyone should realize, that on my website, and I know on your website too, but on my website Prime Features,
Stories about robotics.
Right now the big deal is, and you probably are aware of this, but they're now talking about creating robots that are so lifelike that what will be the legal standing of the robot, especially if she's female and you're a male and you're having sex with it?
I'm not kidding you.
I'm not making this stuff up, folks.
The bottom line is, is that now it's going to this, Alex.
These people have a death wish.
Well even mainstream news is talking about how they're already cloning humans and cloning other primates and they're keeping it somewhat, but they say that now they're going to clone literal replicants for people and claim it's a machine because man made it, but really it's just a human.
Well, right, and this is something that I think that most people... By the way, will those clones, those aren't going to have souls, are they?
Or what do you think?
Well, that's the question.
A soul, let me define a soul.
The Bible teaches mind, will, intellect, and emotion.
The soul is what the Spirit of God, when it's regenerated, in the body relates to.
So they'll have a soul.
It's like when people ask me about the Giants.
When the Giants died, those spirits of the Giants, which were not human and not all angels, those are what became demons on the earth.
Well, yeah, that's what it talks about in incredible stuff in Genesis and Ezekiel.
We'll be right back.
This is wild stuff.
We're talking about what the globalists believe, folks.
Whether you believe it or not, they do believe this.
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Steve, I want to come back and take calls in the next longer segment and talk more about them saying the American people are terrorists and they're against the war, 9-11 truth, and your take on them shifting gears into this, but I mean, I remember reading the United Nations Biological Diversity Assessment, it's actually the end road to tyranny, and this is an official UN government-sponsored document.
And they say in there, oh, we need to bring back human sacrifice and wars to reduce population.
This is what Mother Earth needs.
They don't even hide their religion, but then we're not supposed to talk about the fact that they're religious.
Like, they tell us religion doesn't exist, and that our beliefs don't exist, and that we're bad, but then they're so upset about us and no other group.
But then they're totally, totally religious.
Well, absolutely, and it's kind of like Dylan's song, you gotta serve somebody, okay?
And see, the deal is, Alex, is that this is what I think people have got to understand, the war.
Now, I want to talk about what Glenn Beck did.
What he did is a form of terrorism.
And let me say this, to intentionally put fear into a group of people,
He's calling everybody that's talking about the Constitution.
Isn't that amazing?
He goes on and talks about the Constitution, and then he absolutely does probably one of the most provocative things that's ever been done.
Look, if this would have been done by somebody on the left, we would have been screaming, and we're screaming now.
But for what he has done, he is vilifying people, so that means now it's okay to basically dismiss, quote, the Ron Paul supporters, I don't think it's going to go this way, but this is what he's saying, and then ultimately destroy them.
And if people argue with my little formula, identify, vilify, nullify, destroy, he did say, Alex, as you are aware, it's on your website.
That the bottom line is the U.S.
military may be called out to have to do something about these people.
That infuriates me, that he's calling for the death of people that are standing up for the Constitution, that believe in this country, and how dare he?
He is a... and then Horowitz?
Come on!
That guy's like, you know, coming from a Marxist background.
He should know better.
Shame on him!
And I think, Alex, the thing is, is that these people are religious.
They're very much spiritual.
They believe that Gaia is Mother Earth, and that she is a goddess.
The goddess Gaia must be appeased, and the only way you appease the goddess is with human sacrifice.
Well, I noticed this, and then I looked into it.
I kept noticing in England or D.C.
or Austin, everywhere they have war memorials, they put a big goddess up on a capitol or on a pedestal looking down, and then I went and looked it up, and sure enough, that's a sacrifice to the goddess, putting the war-dead monument in front of her.
Absolutely, and goddess worship is coming back big time.
And ladies and gentlemen, you're seeing now, and look Alex, just take it like you said earlier.
You can take it out of the religious realm, but these people are dead set.
They have their ceremonies, they have their books they read, you know, the Book of the Dead.
God in his infinite mercy gives us the Book of Life.
They, and seriously I'm not kidding you, they get the Book of Dead.
The point that I think that people have got to understand, this is a war.
And if everybody, I know that you linked to it on your website, I was just on your website, the CNN, everyone should send CNN their comments on how incredibly, I don't even know the word, terrorizing the statements that Glenn Beck has said.
Well they're openly following White House memos, they're all doing it now in unison, saying they want to turn the huge apparatus they've built to fight foreign terrorists against the American people
And they even start talking bad about, oh, Americans have this history of rebelling, oh, the Founding Fathers, it's bad!
And he's actually got a Brit on there talking about how they actually badmouth the Founding Fathers and mix them in with Al-Qaeda.
I mean, this is crazy!
I mean, how arrogant are they, Steve, to think that they can sell this to people?
Well, they're not only arrogant, in my opinion, they're demon-possessed, okay?
And when I say possessed, I want to make this clear.
That's not a liberty or a metaphor I'm taking with the English language.
There are other entities controlling their speech, their thoughts, and their deeds.
But isn't it amazing that these entities that, remember this, the Antichrist is going to make war by supposedly being a man of peace, okay?
And isn't that what we're seeing right now, you know?
This quote, isn't it fascinating that as supposedly the peace movement's out there, more people are dying, more men, more women, more children, and I gotta tell you, Alex, I have been told by high-ranking military officials that the guys that are controlling everything are into
Luciferian worship.
This is for men who have been tortured under the current plans that are in the White House, you know?
It's amazing.
If you settle for torture, you yourself are going to be on the end of the torturer's hand.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back.
Thank you for joining us on this important Friday edition.
Jim, Mike, Robert, Art, Pat,
We're going to get to all of you with Steve Quayle.
Be sure and visit his website, SteveQuayle.com.
We have links to his website up on Infowars.com right now.
And also, he is a prolific author.
We'll tell you about some of his books.
Well, I noticed that my Infowars.com does not have him posted up there.
So I'll make sure that Steve Quayle's link gets put up there.
And we'll also give you the spelling.
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I learned a lot.
This is good sound info.
And I hope that you will check in to The Debtor's Secret Weapon.
It comes with three CDs with text and audio.
That's the book.
One of them has like 60-something hours of presentations of audio.
The book, Debtor's Secret Weapon, and it's very interesting too, it's not boring, three audio CDs, outn90.com, outn90.com, the website is outn90, that's just O-U-T-I-N-90.com, or 877-327-0365, 877-327-0365,
And how to stop getting harassed in phone calls.
Understand how creditors will try to seize your assets and how to keep them from doing it.
How to keep your assets but lose your debts.
Learn how to obtain good credit regardless of your past credit history.
877-327-0365 or out in 90.com.
There's a banner also up on prisonplanet.com if you miss that phone number or if you miss that web address out in 90.com.
You can just go to prisonplanet.com and find the banner on the right hand side right there.
I got a bunch of callers here, and we've got Steve Quayle on with us, who we could have on for 10 hours.
I want to start having him on more often.
And we've got Luke Rudowsky waiting in the wings.
They confronted, this video's up on prisonplanet.com, Larry Silverstein, the owner, who said that they gave the order to pull the building down.
We have firefighters and police and emergency workers.
We've interviewed not just the video of them that day saying, get back, they're going to blow the building up, get back, they're going to blow the building up.
We now have those actual interviews.
Some of those are in loose change, final cut that just came out.
Shifting gears into government-sponsored terror in 9-11, having BBC report 25 minutes before it fell exactly how it would fall with the exact official story shows false start scripting, and now with the vast majority of Americans in major polls believing it's an inside job, and with the credibility of the establishment imploding, and now they're desperately saying we're all terrorists because we don't believe them anymore, where do you see all this going, Steve?
Well, again, I see a very, very dangerous future, and I'm talking in the next year.
I'm not talking beyond that.
I've got to tell you, Alex, you're on a 9.
I'm on a 9+.
I don't see this thing going past October of next year.
I'm not saying it's the end of the world, but I am telling you this.
The bottom line is that, remember, one of the famous news
Magnus made the statement.
The news is what we say it is.
That's why you have your website.
Others have all the wonderful websites out there that are trying to tell people the real news.
I have my website.
But the bottom line is I think that the Luciferians are going to make their move really quick.
Now the question is do they do it through a financial collapse first?
Do they do it through a
I've got to tell you, Alex, there are men that live in your area, a lot of retired special operations people and stuff that know what's going on, but you know what?
The people in this country have got to wake up and vote the scum out, and I can tell you, I think that, quite candidly, as I said last night, that
Ron Paul is a mirror to what this country used to be.
And for anybody that calls, someone who believes in the Constitution of Terrorists, then those same people will be there.
They'll call for your execution, you see?
And that's what I don't think people understand.
This thing is escalating.
It's no longer
In the realm of just, you know, they don't consider the people that want the truth or tell the truth as pains in the butt.
Now they see them as a target of opportunity to be exterminated.
And I don't make that claim lightly.
I've been told by too many people for too many years, having absolutely hundreds and hundreds of contacts all around the world, the only way I can validate or verify is the same way you do it, Alex.
You've got to get two or three witnesses unknown to each other that tell you the same thing.
And if you see it happening,
I don't know.
I agree.
Steve Watson is doing a big report that really boils it all down.
Paul's done an excellent report on it.
We need to email these out to everybody now.
We have the links up on prisonplanet.com and truthnews.us.
Kurt Nemo's done some good stories on this.
We need to let people know they're now saying the American people
Anti-war, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters are working with Al-Qaeda, that the military needs to be used against us.
I'm glad you're freaking out over this because that's a normal response.
I'm about to go to Luke Radowsky here for a quick report on confronting Larry Silverstein, but here's an example.
I don't want to say you're right.
I don't want to think I'm right with what I see, or all these confluence of things coming together, but here's an example.
My dad's good friend is a prominent lawyer.
Here in town, you know, top 10 Texas Monthly Best Lawyers.
And he's done some legal work for me.
And I was over at his office and I was setting up some corporations and things a few weeks ago.
And you know, he's dealing with some business tax issues.
And so I was at this other big prominent office with him, all these big tax experts.
And I didn't even know all these.
These are top lawyers in Austin.
And it's one of the wealthiest cities in Texas.
I'm a small little nothing client.
And it turned out, you know, one of the owners of this big firm was a big fan, and this lady was a big fan, and these lawyers, they're all coming in and telling me, they're going, man, we used to think you were nuts, but they said, they said, we can't tell you who our clients are, but billionaires are moving to the Cook Islands, they're moving to New Zealand, they believe, and this is their words, the U.S.
will not exist by the middle of next year.
I haven't told that story yet, and they're all scared, the lawyers are freaked out,
I mean, Mike, what are they planning?
Well, they're planning, and I want to say this, they're planning a sacrifice.
Can I tell you what an active duty four-star general told me?
He specifically said, Steve, they are planning to take out 200 million Americans.
Now I said that, can that be?
A friend of mine, Alex, a totally different realm of the service, Admiral, same story told.
The bottom line is that, the only way to do that, by the way, you can't do it effectively with nuclear weapons, you can add, but the best way they're going to do it
This is the stuff I've been screaming about genetically altered viruses that have become cocktails where you're combining Ebola and you're combining smallpox, Ebola pox or variations and then you electromagnetically supercharge them and obviously if they're worried about electromagnetic fields attacking the human immune system
Well, I better not say that word.
Well, if you do, you know, subject these lethal pathogens to a certain pulsed frequency, I mean, it's just like, it's just like, Alex, all they gotta do is just add something to the spray they've already attacked us with for all these years.
And you know what makes me craziest?
Is that the chemtrail thing is still so poo-pooed, yet, as you said, you said it yesterday, all the cancers, all the respiratory diseases, all the early deaths, all the senility, all the Parkinson's, everything that's gone on, and man, if you just look at that chart, it starts at the same time the spring starts.
And, you know, the bottom line is I've had them laugh at me.
I've actually had conversations with the devils that are doing this, and they've said, you know, go ahead, quail.
Scream at your lungs.
They laugh at me.
They said, go ahead, Christian.
Try and get their attention.
But you know what he said, Alex, that really did get to me?
He said, you don't get it.
You just don't get it.
They don't care.
And we're killing them, and they don't care.
That is a conversation I had with a high-ranking Luciferian.
Well, they're mesmerized.
The public is literally at lower brainwaves because the average American watches four and a half hours of TV, the average child over five.
They admit it puts you into a sleep state.
Video games put you into a low oxygen narcosis.
This is all major studies.
And they're literally zombies.
Let's go to Luke Rodowski.
I wanted to get him just to pop in, and I promise I'll get to our loaded phones here at the end.
So be ready, folks.
Luke, great job.
Silverstein being confronted.
He was clearly there to give a big speech.
You ran him off the stage.
I want to salute those that made the video, all of you.
I mean, this is incredible.
Luke Rodowski.
Yeah, we all do what we can, and Silverstein had it coming for quite a while, and it actually came at an awkward moment because we really weren't prepared for having Silverstein there.
We never knew he was even going to be there talking.
It was just a public event, and he just showed up right in front of his building, and we had great guys like Alex and Brian, you know, seize the opportunity and take advantage of his talk.
And as you can see in the video, he's going to give a long talk, and as soon as he heard
You know, I was questioning him about 9-11.
He looked at us, and then he said, okay, I gotta go, and bye.
And he just left, and he ran away, and he knew what we were about.
Well, you're literally, you guys are 10 feet from him and one of the fellows got right in his face with a sign, that's not too clear on the video, but they talk about it on the video.
I mean, he looks like a deer in the headlights.
Last weekend, Sean Hannity got confronted by some of our listeners.
They did a fabulous job and he was laughing at them until they said InfoWars.com and then he looked scared.
Why do you think they're so scared, Luke?
Because we're winning.
Because we're winning this informational warfare.
Because we're doing the job that the mainstream media is not doing.
Tom and Matt from We Are Changed Upstate New York, they did an excellent job confronting Sean Hannity.
I mean, he just looked petrified.
He looked scared.
And I think it was a beautiful moment when Matt handed him the Constitution and said, you should read this.
And he just looked ashamed.
I mean, it's just amazing what everybody's doing.
And we're just seizing the opportunity and making the best out of it.
WeAreChange.org raised over $11,000, gave it directly to first responder groups, the Feel Good Foundation and others.
And again, Luke, I just commend you and WeAreChange New York, a great example to everybody.
Steve Quayle, how important is it that young people and others across the nation are confronting these evildoers, these New World Order people everywhere, and why do they, when we even confront them politely, why do they look so scared?
Because, basically, they know the threats that hang over their heads.
Listen, they're either bought off or threatened off, Alex, and I gotta commend the young people.
God bless them, and I mean that.
These are the young men that are taking up, and the young women, and, you know, I'm 56, okay?
So, obviously, anybody younger than that is young to me, but the point is that they are absolutely terrified, because, see, everything you've said, they're programmed.
Ladies and gentlemen, the word television programming
It doesn't exist because for entertainment, it's the program.
And the thing that I think people are recognizing now, especially young people, I know 17, 18, 19-year-old kids that get it, and I know basically PhDs that don't.
So, you know, I think, Alex, what's wonderful is young people are grabbing their future, okay?
Rather than let these bunch of devils destroy everything.
They're starting to rise up, and I salute those that do that, because again, Silverstein, whether he sees the deer in the headlights, or Sean Hannity, or any of these guys, look, do you really think Glenn Beck's going to give up his $50 million a year contract, or $50 million over three year contract?
Heck, no!
And isn't it interesting?
Right after the contract... Listen, I want everyone to realize this.
Right after the announcement of that new contract was on the front page of Grudge, then all this happens?
Cause and effect?
Alex, the big money... Listen, what they don't buy... Here's another statement.
Steve, who they don't buy, they kill.
Who they don't kill immediately, they will launch the biggest character assassination ever.
And the bottom line is, Alex, these young people, and again,
You know, I'm just so amazed in a great way that they're taking up that cause because, see, this is the thing you and I talked about last night.
The Luciferians, we call them Lucys, cannot stand the truth because everything that they base their entire existence on is based on a lie.
And you know what it basically is?
They shall be as gods, and that's why they use
The power of their money!
Well, I get embarrassed when I go to an event and everybody's praising me, and I feel weird, but I always notice the globalists love award ceremonies, they actually enjoy being given baubles and awards, they love being little demigods.
Luke, I want to get you on, coming up this weekend or next week, to talk about this incredible information.
Good job, and I salute all of you, my friend.
We're never going to stop, and it's our future that we're fighting for.
Absolutely, Luke.
Thank you for coming on with that quick report.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, Steve Quayle dot com.
And spell that out for him, Steve.
Sure, just S-T-E-V-E-Q-U-A-Y-L-E dot com.
Or just Google Steve Quayle and then his Q-Files website will pop up.
Let's take a few calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jim in New York.
Jim, thanks for holding.
Hello Alex, I'm here from New York and there's a couple of things I wanted to say.
I'm very angry at this thing with the Liberty Pit there, you know, and Beck, you know, the whole McGillicold ties in anyway.
But my problem here is I'm listening to this and I've been following this for 30 years and I'm saying to myself, you know,
Yes, we're making progress.
But, you know, I think it's Solzhenitsyn.
I don't have to go into it.
I haven't got a lot of time here, so I'm not going to go into a lot of it.
See, I don't know.
I'm not totally convinced.
I know what you say, you know, and part of me agrees with that.
Now, I'm not saying I have any smart, right answers, but I think there's a point where you wait too long and that's it.
You know, you can buy all the, with the way they invade your computers, your phones, your this, your that, you buy all the gold you want, and then they just come to your house like gangsters and take it from you.
You know, so what are you going to do?
Well, look, none of us are, I mean, we get on the road every day and we get run over and die.
It doesn't mean we're 100% going to win the fight.
It doesn't mean we're not.
You do what you can to protect yourself and you're never perfectly safe.
We're not trying to be safe.
We're trying to position ourselves to be independent, Steve.
Well, first of all, the bottom line is that, you know, we've got to do what we can to protect our families and protect our brethren.
And I mean brethren, the people that you care about, Alex, that I care about, our listeners, our supporters for all these years, you know, those are the people that I feel absolutely motivated to do everything I can to help in any way, shape,
I don't think people understand what I said.
Wonderful, wonderful military people that are fighting to keep the Luciferians who control other aspects of the military at bay.
But there comes a point when you cannot fight the judgment of God.
And this is one thing that I think is lacking in most discussions.
Look, I'm not ashamed to say it.
I've been saying it for 15 years.
If this country doesn't turn around and repent,
We're going to get judged, and I believe we've crossed the red line, Alex.
That's my own personal opinion.
And I believe that's what makes all your warnings before different than the ones now, because you know something's changed.
Everybody I talk to, Alex, and I'm talking about people that have been in the fight for longer than I have,
And I want to make this clear.
This is not hopeless.
This is prophecy being fulfilled.
But you've got to realize that your hope has to be in someone greater than you.
And that's why I'm not ashamed of Jesus.
You know, the second psalm says this.
Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?
And the kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against His anointing.
Let us break their bands of thunder and cast away their cords from us.
That's the attack on Christians.
That's why it's happening.
I agree with you, but in the churches themselves, the world looks at churches and thinks that's Pastor Hagee saying Jesus is the Messiah.
It's pretty amazing.
We're going to have to move quick for Mike, Robert, Art, and Pat.
We'll try to get you all in.
30, 40 seconds apiece of comment from Steve on each one.
But I want to hear from you.
We're just trying to jam it up.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Don't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, isn't it?
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
Steve Quayle.com's the website.
I want your key analysis in the first hour of this whole police state move declaring basically 80 plus percent of America terrorists and saying the military should be used against us.
A major escalation.
It's been done all over by these people.
So the show restarts in about five minutes at Infowars.com with the screens if you missed it.
Very serious.
Robert is hung up, so let's go to Mike in Canada, and then Art and Pat.
Mike, you're on the air with Steve Quayle.
Go ahead.
Alex, how you doing?
Keep up the good work, buddy.
A couple things I just wanted to talk about here.
Up in Canada, they've been running a lot of commercials recently about preparing for 72 hours, urging residents.
Yeah, that way the government can say, see, we told you to get ready.
They're doing the same thing here.
It's, you know, get ready now.
Get set, get ready.
Well, I mean, a 72-hour kit's ridiculous.
I'm telling people they better prepare for the duration.
My definition of the duration is absolutely the worst-case scenario for a minimum of one year.
I can tell you the powers that be believe that they'll starve everyone in the United States into submission in under six months, especially when they cut the power.
That's been told to me, Alex.
By the way, the IMF documents that Stiklis brought out, they call it the IMF riot, it's at the end of my book, this is mainstream news, where they do, in Argentina and other places, once they crash an economy, they turn the power and water off to cause total cratering.
So, you know, when I hear this from
All of the powers that, and I say powerful men who still love this country, you know, they call me and I'm sure they do the same thing to you, and they say, warn the people, warn the people, warn the people.
These are people that have children, these are people that have grandchildren, and they're scared to death.
Now when I go back on something else, Alex, because of the business I'm in and how long I've been in it, and I know a lot of people around the world, I can tell you unequivocally that the billionaires and the guys with the hundreds of millions are fleeing right now.
No, I know they are.
Art, anything else?
I mean, Mike, anything else?
He's gone.
Art in Kansas.
You're up next.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
That bumper music you just played, The Fools on the Hill, that's the only song the Beatles ever wrote about Congress.
I wish you would get in touch with Tex Mars and do a show on the Noahide Laws, because I think that's where all these execution laws are leading to.
That would be the ultimate sacrifice.
Any comments on that, Steve?
Well, I think absolutely.
I mean, under the Noahide laws, as the caller has identified, anybody who confesses Jesus as Lord is a heretic and they intend to cut their heads off.
Am I not correct, caller?
Madeleine Albright, a while ago,
Her father was the head of the Communist Party in Czechoslovakia, and they had to get out because the people were catching on to them.
So she just shows up here as our Secretary of State.
No, I know.
You couldn't make this stuff up.
Thank you, Art.
Pat in New York.
Last caller.
Go ahead.
Thank you for taking my phone call and thank you also for standing side by side with us all fighting the New World Order.
I appreciate that.
Yeah, Steve, this is a slam dunk.
I hope you have him back on again, Alex.
This is great.
I want to make a comment also.
Not only do we need to know what these Luciferians think, I am a born-again Christian, I'm a believer in Christ, but these Christians today, I'll give you for instance, Hosea 8.4 says, they have set up kings, but not by me.
They have made princes, and I knew it not.
Now that flies right in the face of Romans 13, but yet none of the Christian brothers that I know will even get into that verse.
I hear you.
We're out of time.
Steve Quayle?
Well, I agree with the caller.
The bottom line is Christians say God says his people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
Thank you, Alex, for what you do to inform the people of this country what awaits them if they don't stand up.
Thank you for coming on, Steve.
You're more than welcome.
All right, the transmission restarts at InfoWars.com right now, ladies and gentlemen.
I'll be back live this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
and Ron Paul's on the show next week.
Now get out there and take on the new old order and get in-game out to everybody.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, Jones Productions, TruthNews.us.
...financed a $4,300 scientific phone poll, which, again, leans against Ron Paul.
But I said, I'm gonna finance the mainline, old-fashioned poll, ask fair questions.
Ron Paul won by double-digit leads across the board, except with very conservative voters, and he's still, you know, in some cases 20-22% with the second place, first place being 30-31% Giuliani.
Because, again, these aren't really Christian conservative voters.
They love Mr. Abortion and the rest of it, but I guess Pat Robertson said he worships him, so, you know, that's good enough for them.
But the illustration here is we went and paid for a fair poll, and when they issue the results, they say at the last paragraph, by the way, Ron Paul won the whole major poll, but in one little demographic, he came in the last place.
And then that's your news, and that's what the media and the news will run with.
And that's what we're illustrating.
So, Aaron, continue what you were saying.
Yeah, what we're saying here, for Ron Paul supporters, the big question is the name recognition.
That is the one hurdle.
We've already demonstrated that these issues, the so-called message, resonates with these people.
If we can overcome the name recognition issue, Ron Paul wins in a landslide.
He's conservative, even amongst the most hardcore conservative and very conservative sub-demographics, which
Do not match up against the religious question and the GOP in this race.
We have these people backing Giuliani, but the other leaders are not necessarily willing to go along with this.
They've decided to split that vote and let people go where they're going to go, and they have decided against going with Giuliani because he has no integrity on social issues.
And then go for those religious demographics, for people that haven't heard them.
I mean, he won every religious group, even non-Christian.
He won it all.
And by the time they're done, they tell you Giuliani's the winner.
Yeah, so let's take a look at these religious questions.
They divide it into Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Other, which is all-inclusive and not necessarily a voting plot.
Then Born Again and Protestant, Protestants half.
Yeah, they split the Protestant, which is 50% of the vote, between Born Again and Not Born Again, which, you know, the definition of that's questionable, but splits right into an exact 25% and 25.2%.
So Ron Paul has 30.4% of the Catholic vote, well ahead of the Catholic Julianne in 18.4%.
He has the Protestant vote, 33% of that huge 50% voting bloc.
Julianni only has 19%, and there's another 14.2% outstanding still in question.
In the Jewish vote, Ron Paul is a strong 17%.
Julianni is ahead there with 20%, but there is a very huge... That's the only one he lost.
Very huge, 43.5%, still unsure, hasn't decided on anyone.
And that's 3% of the religious vote.
The other is a larger voting bloc, 20% of the other category, the all-inclusive.
And Ron Paul dominates with 38.6%, his largest religious lead amongst many.
And then he has the coveted blank vote.
Go to those numbers.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, this is amazing that we did a fair poll and he's dominating everywhere.
Yeah, so they separate this into wages, gender, do you shop at Walmart, do you have a passport, every conceivable demographic.
They divide race into five blocks, white, hispanic, african-american, asian and other.
Ron Paul has more than a 30% lead in each of these categories.
He wins all the minorities, ladies and gentlemen, and he won white.
Yeah, that's true.
That's another huge headline right there, folks!
We need to use this ammo immediately!
Okay, so the all-inclusive 2% other race group, Ron Paul is 45%, Giuliani only has 6.2%, and the Asian category has 40.2%, Giuliani has 30% there, and the African-American black vote is 40.5%, Giuliani only has 9%,
Only 9% of that vote.
In Hispanics, Ron Paul has 34%.
Giuliani only has 17%.
In the white demographic, he has 31.5%.
Giuliani only has 20%.
I mean, dominating, dominating.
Black voters, white voters, Hispanic voters.
On and on and on.
We'll give you women and more on the other side.
But what did Zogby decide to report on?
The tiny demographic that Giuliani won in.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Both their objectives being world domination.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got the head analyst over at Joppa.
He's also the director of communications coming up in 20 minutes.
I've got a couple of other news items I want to cover.
Aaron, you're going to be back in here with him.
By the way, I can't find my copy of the numbers.
I think I took it home.
We make another copy.
I know these are marked, the ones you've got.
But scan in your marked ones so people can focus in on the data, too, later.
We are talking about the fact that there is massive spin going on in the media against Ron Paul, evidenced by, we pay for his Ivy poll, we make it fair, we publish the actual poll, you know, the questions that were asked.
The people who were run through this huge gauntlet of questions answered all the questions and Ron Paul won.
Women, blacks, Hispanics, whites, Christian, conservatives, born again, Protestant, Catholic, just on and on and on.
Just unbelievable win after win after win and Zogby decides to write a headline focused in on the one area where Giuliani won.
Uh, one little demographic of the poll.
Uh, but at the end, they say, oh yeah, by the way, Ron Paul won the general poll across the board.
And, uh, surging.
Uh, but, you know, that's no big deal.
Uh, so, uh, there's a story there.
We haven't even got a report out yet ourselves, how he won in blacks, women, Hispanics, whites.
This is the great unifier.
We need to do a story on that.
Uh, you do a story on it.
We can't do it all, folks.
Uh, Aaron, um, continue with women.
What happened with women?
Women, some have suggested Ron Paul doesn't have the support of women, but in this National Scientific Poll, he has 34.7% of women as compared with 30.8% of male.
It's close, but he has more percentage support from women
We're good to go.
No, instead they're just saying, first the poll didn't exist, and then Zogby was forced to put out an early report and says, ah, Giuliani, hail him!
But that's why these elections continue to be controlled.
It's still name recognition.
They won't acknowledge Ron Paul.
But what I'm saying is, if Giuliani gets the nomination, third parties may split off from the religious factions in other places.
And his numbers and mainline is in the analysis of this.
Hillary will win if it's Giuliani or any other Republican.
Only Ron Paul can get the Liberals and Libertarians and the Blacks and Hispanics.
He will win.
If he gets the nomination, folks, it's over.
If we have a fair election, he's your president.
Well, absolutely.
The religious leaders have said they're going to stay home on Election Day if Giuliani's the nominee, or they'll run third party, which will always split in favor of the larger party, the Democrats.
It's a no-win for Giuliani.
It's real simple.
He would be a ringer.
Here's the facts.
If Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination, the Democrats win.
And they will continue the war, they will continue with all the same policies.
That's why Ron Paul is so popular when his issues are put out.
That's why every time they have a poll where he's on TV, he wins by 80%, 50%.
It's always a huge domination.
People go, I like that guy.
Okay, so we do this poll, show the issues.
Ron Paul wins in every demographic but conservatives.
And again, but then when they ask conservatives, there's a disparency here because then they ask the same conservatives who are religious and they go for Ron Paul.
This is the point Ron Paul's been making the whole election cycle.
All the moderates have abandoned the party over the war issue and now the last vestige of GOP strength, the large religious bloc, is splitting or staying home.
And big money has looked at this.
That's why Hillary has gotten more military contributions than all the Republicans and Democrats combined.
I know it's more than Republicans combined.
Why are the defense contractors going with her?
Why are big Republican donors, this has been in the news, giving to Hillary?
Why is Fox News behind her?
Why did Fox News get mad at her getting heckled by anti-war protesters and they're calling for violent attacks on them?
Because they're guarding their precious.
In fact, they have on the screen, Hillary haters.
Clinton gets chided in L.A.
and they call for violence against them, which is one of the steps towards setting up a dictatorship.
So let me boil it down.
Only Ron Paul can beat Hillary or any other Democrat and this proves it.
A. If you're a conservative or a libertarian or a liberal who doesn't want the war and doesn't like Hillary, then you better vote for Ron Paul.
The other Republicans are all in line.
Nothing's gonna happen.
B. So number one, Hillary can be defeated by him.
Okay, he's got the Democratic women voters, minority voters.
He dominates.
That's A. B. Then more information needs to be put out.
It's a separate story.
Because all this is big news.
This is important for Ron Paul.
Important for the country.
Ron Paul wins amongst every religious demographic except Jews, and they're 44% undecided, and he came in a close second place against Giuliani on that subject.
So, he wins in every religious demographic, non-Christian, Catholic, Protestant, born again.
He wins in every demographic but one.
He totally dominates.
He dominates with every racial group, male and female.
He takes the entire field.
That's total unification.
This is unbelievable!
This is what we need!
So we've got that happening, and then we have...
Ron Paul winning with conservatives nationwide when they ask him about his bio separate from name.
Okay, so there's also showing the schizophrenia of these so-called conservatives that when it's Giuliani's name they win, but when it... Folks, this is incredible.
Look, it's simple.
If the mainstream media gave Ron Paul the name recognition coverage that it gives to the other main candidates, he would be a landslide winner.
End of story.
And now it's up to you, ladies and gentlemen.
I went and spent $4,300 of my meager savings to do this, because I knew, I had a gut instinct, and frankly, my instinct's never been wrong.
It's starting to scare me.
I knew that if I did a scientific poll that was fair, and I knew they'd spend it, it actually leans towards the other guys, because I'd read the other polls.
Again, they're asking about Mitt Romney, about Giuliani, about other people.
Paul Watson, you need to integrate this, too.
I know I'm flogging the horses here, but this is a key fight.
Listen to me carefully.
I kept looking at the other polls.
And if somebody said Mitt Romney or Giuliani or something else, they would just ask a few reasonable questions and then that would be sampled.
Because if you hang up, they don't.
But if you said Ron Paul in that Zogby poll that was reported and the poll was released,
They would then ask about sexual positions and how you cook rice.
And a bunch of other questions that are designed to make you think it's stupid or intrusive and hang the phone up.
Then Ron Paul's taken out of the sample.
And they all do this, they all do basically what they're paid by the big politicos to do, or that big political money doesn't come there.
So I stepped up and said, here, I'll pay for a fair poll.
I won't even spin it for Paul.
I won't even do that.
I'll do a fair poll, and we'll... Remember last week when I threw a fit on there and said I was gonna do it?
I did it.
And Aaron did the work.
A lot of it.
I commend you, Aaron.
And so we went through all this.
We got the poll out.
I got on the telephone, haggled with these people.
Aaron did.
We got it out.
Ron Paul dominates in 90 plus percent of the areas, wins the overall poll, as Zogby says, and they bury it.
That is a big deal.
So it's up to you to get the poll results and all the articles we're writing, Kurt Nemo, Steve Watson, Paul Watson, Aaron, and to get them out to the four wins.
Yeah, the final point I would make is that Ron Paul is the only true candidate in this election, and our listeners know it.
The people in this country are tired of being used, they're not going to be force-fed, these candidates, especially Giuliani, on the GOP scope, and that now includes religious right.
They didn't wake up for six years, they're now awake, they're tired of being used.
And so, in the final summation, what should people do, Aaron?
We had to get Ron Paul's name recognition out there, you know, to the key states.
He's doubled his numbers in New Hampshire and Nevada, and so that's happening right now.
Oh, it's happening.
I'm sure it has to do with the donations and everything.
I wish I knew the answer.
The point is, this poll demonstrates that if you can get the awareness out there of Ron Paul, he's a winner.
The value vote is there, as they say with that conservative poll.
He dominates every demographic.
He's a winner.
He really is a unifier.
I mean, this is like going into the horse stalls before a race and there's ten horses and nine of them have broken legs and snot running out their noses and flies all over them and can hardly walk.
And there's this huge, you know, giant black stallion with, you know, streamlined muscles just snorting.
I mean, you know who's going to win.
We pay for this poll, it's fair.
The Scallion wins, and they still trot out a snot-nosed loser, covered with flies and horse manure, and tell us that's the winner.
Well, sometimes the mean ones do their bidding.
Well, we've got this pollster coming on, so we appreciate him coming on.
Aaron, take a ten-minute break, do some more research, and we're going to have you in here
We'll find out what happens.
This individual coming up.
Thank you, sir.
Let me read this to you.
This shift gears into the how.
They got talking points to say, Ron Paul, supporters are terrorists, liberals are terrorists, anti-war are terrorists, beat them, kill them, taser them, attack them, ban them, get them, stop them, they're treasonous, they've got to be grabbed.
Use the military on them.
The talking point continues.
Fox host says dissenters should be tased.
Kilmeade laments that people who confront politicians aren't beaten to a pulp.
So just standing up as your First Amendment, saying, hey, I disagree with you!
They do that in the House of Commons.
That's a sign of Anglo-Saxon common law.
And it goes back to Mount Sinai and Moses, where anybody can stand up and argue and have debates.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
They say, tase them and beat them to a pulp.
Killman laments that people who confront politicians aren't beaten to a pulp.
That's a quote.
As the establishment continues to sell war on anyone who disagrees with their tyranny.
During a discussion about the Cub Pink member heckling Hillary Clinton at a recent event, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade said that people who confront politicians are threatening, see, speech is threatening, and should be tased or quote beaten to a pulp as the establishment media continues to sell the idea that anyone who disagrees with authority should be brutally punished.
A segment on the Fox and Friends Morning Show yesterday turned into an opportunity for Kilmeade to share his dictatorial fetish that dissenters be dealt with in a proper manner, as footage aired on Clinton's Heckler began removed from the event by security.
They should tase this guy.
See, it's about your behavior.
It's punishing you.
They should tase this guy.
Quote, Kilmeade says, at one point, when security's so high and tension's on edge,
See, because I'm a terrorist.
We've got to use... See, we're the terrorists.
They've even said it now.
Don't you think they're going to get the very least tasered or beaten to a pulp by somebody?
These people look... And he goes on.
Somehow the printer cut that off.
Oh, these people look threatening, he said.
See, oh, you look threatening.
I better beat you to a pulp.
I mean, this is amazing!
They're making their move because they know we see them!
We know who they are now, and they want to get violent with us!
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Alright, it gets even worse in this Fox piece.
And then the story Paul wrote, Dershowitz comes out and says, don't tell me torture doesn't work.
The Nazis did it.
It works quite well.
Let me actually read you the actual quote here.
If that was not good enough for the Nazis to torture their political foes, then it's good enough for us.
As Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz made clear in the Wall Street Journal last week, there are some, this is a quote, there are some who claim that torture is a nonsense because it never works.
It only produces false information, wrote Dershowitz in the Wall Street Journal.
This is simply not true, as evidenced by the many decent members of the French Resistance who, under the Nazi torture, disclosed the locations of their closest friends and relatives.
Forget about the antiquated Geneva Conventions.
Let's use what the Nazis did as a role model for how to conduct ourselves and see where it gets us.
Because that's what they're calling for.
They're calling for arrest, violence, and this is one of the key things.
Our government has an official blueprint that they teach several countries how to set up tyranny.
By the way, our story has now made it in Reuters, and there's massive spin.
Oh no, this is the other story.
Okay, yeah.
I'm going to be covering that later coming up.
Let's just play the Fox Show where they talk about beating people to pulp and how they need to be tatered because they look threatening.
See, now you need to be punished for free speech.
Here it is.
Saturday night, Hilary Clinton was heckled by a Code Pink anti-war demonstrator.
You know, what's up with these people?
I thought that they favored the demonstrators.
You sounded a little like Seinfeld when you said that.
What's with these people?
Oh, uh, it wouldn't be because I watched any of the shows recently, unfortunately, because you're not on the air anymore.
But, anyway, um, this anti-protester
I don't understand why they go up against the Democrats.
Shout out to Hillary.
Didn't this happen to President Clinton recently as well?
Yeah, it did.
It happened to a lot of them.
And she was one of the three candidates who responded to the invitation to go out to Los Angeles and give their policy on global warming.
Here's the heckle as it happened.
Get done through the Senate.
Were you invited to speak here this afternoon?
Anyway, as I was saying, we need to elect more Democrats.
Because our obstacle to getting anything through the Congress is the filibuster rule in the Senate.
She should just have stopped talking, because nobody's listening at this point.
They're all watching as that particular, that man surrounds this guy.
Why would they tase him?
He's not resisting arrest.
Then he was put in a car.
It is not, however, clear if arrested.
What I find interesting about the Code Pink people is, for instance, at these Senate and House committee hearings when somebody's going to talk in front of a group of people, and the people who are wearing the shirts that say Code Pink on them,
You can pretty much count on them, at some point, standing up and acting.
I mean, look at Connie Rice a couple of years ago.
Bill Clinton too, and John Kerry.
They're going after everybody.
And here's the thing.
I mean, where do they get off doing this, and why do they think they're going to continue to be politely escorted out?
At one point, with security so high and tensions on edge, don't you think they're going to get, at the very least, tased or beaten to a pulp by somebody who goes, these people look threatening.
They don't look threatening.
Now, you hear the news.
Remember, Homeland Security's had parties on C-SPAN 424 saying it's getting everybody ready for torture and the rest of it.
This is all admitted.
And see, now Fox, CNN, Glenn Beck, let's use the Army against Ron Paul supporters.
They're terrorists.
Let's arrest people.
Let's go get Lew Rockwell.
The public doesn't trust us anymore.
It's their fault.
They're in bed with Islamic fascists.
Um, the anti-war people are terrorists.
And see, you just heard it, let's beat them to a pulp.
Pretty soon, some, they're not gonna, do they just think they can continue to do this?
They're gonna get tased and beaten to a pulp.
It's an, A, it's a threat saying, you're gonna get beaten to a pulp, you're gonna get tased if you go do this, which is total Americana.
You can't get any more American than people disrupting, getting in faces, standing up, speaking out.
Now, they can be escorted, but they have all these town hall meetings that have come out that are fake for Democrats and Republicans, where they take your driver's license number and make you sign a form saying that you're for the President and aren't going to heckle.
Then they have a TV, the town hall!
Let's hear what the public say!
And then they have demonstrations of support when Bush comes into town and anyone with a No Blood for Oil sign or a shirt that says Peace is arrested.
Unpermitted marches are allowed, but not if you're against the war, but we're 80% of the public!
We're the majority, and Fox News gets up there that's supporting Hillary, by the way, and giving her money, and the big money and the big Republican donors are giving 2 to 1 to Hillary, big defense contractors are.
Do you understand if there's any mainline conservatives that still support Bush and Fox?
Don't you understand they're gonna put Hillary in?
They're already appointing people from the Clinton White House and the Pentagon and the White House?
They're already putting them in at the State Department, saying they're getting ready for transition.
As far as the White House and Republicans see, there's no election!
Hillary's in!
Do you understand me?
Do you read me?
I want you to get this through your heads!
You have been suckered!
You have been scammed!
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Networks.
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We're good to go.
Wenzel, and he is the head of communications at Zogby International, and he's also one of their chief analysts there, the statisticians are people that go through the poll numbers, and we appreciate him coming on the broadcast today.
It's a great honor to have you.
Glad to be here.
Reading this Zogby Poll, Giuliani leads among Republicans in latest Blind Bio Survey, but in other polls you've done and others have done, here's one, Romney wins straw poll at Values Voter Summit.
CNN thought it was enough to be in the next paragraph, I mean right in the front of the story, that Ron Paul got 15% or third place.
Well among
People that call themselves evangelicals, people that call themselves, well let me use a technical term, born again, or Protestant.
I mean, he got whopping numbers here.
Isn't that more newsworthy?
I mean, why did you guys stick Giuliani up on the top?
Well, because the bottom line number shows that Giuliani leads among nationwide likely Republican primary voters.
I mean, he's in the lead.
Yeah, I think so.
And he is a force to be reckoned with now.
I think that's why you've seen Romney's numbers stalled, and Thompson's numbers stalled, because he is taking a big bite out of that conservative wing, that conservative group of voters who are going to decide who the next Republican nominee is going to be.
I have looked at his trend, and we've got the congressman on tomorrow, and I've interviewed him probably a hundred times over the years.
He's saying that if their trajectory continues the next month and a half towards Nevada and, of course, New Hampshire and other places, that he could win.
And your boss, Mr. Zogby, on Fox last week said that Ron Paul could win.
Can you give us your take on that?
Well, I think my boss is exactly right.
We talk about these things.
We come to very much the same conclusion.
Ron Paul is on a very positive trajectory, and what we see happening behind the scenes here is that you've got this pool, and everyone knows who pays attention, that we have this group of Republicans who are just not satisfied with any of the frontrunners, and they're looking around, and you've got 16 or 17 percent undecided in most
Can't we say that Ron Paul and GQ and a lot of others are saying that Ron Paul is now a first year candidate?
Well, you can draw the tier lines anywhere you want, but he's certainly moving into the top tier if he isn't there already.
I mean, he's long since passed John McCain, and I still hear people referring to McCain as a top-tier candidate.
So, by those standards, sure.
But I'm not the one to really make that call.
Well, as more Republicans drop out, I think we're only going to see Paul's numbers go up.
Well, look at the others who are left.
You've got Brownback out now, but you've got Ken Credo, who is saying a lot of the same things that Ron Paul's talking about.
You've got Duncan Hunter saying much the same things, particularly on immigration.
I don't know.
Well, I can't... I don't see that yet.
I think you gotta see him move a little bit higher before you start
Start using those terms, but here's why his timing is almost perfect.
He's moving up, he's getting this media attention that you're talking about, but it's not so early that he's going to get a big backlash of negative attention before people actually have to start voting.
Six weeks, eight weeks out before an election is about the time, if you're going to make a big move from the back to the front, that's when you want to make it.
And he's right on schedule.
Is this shaping up to possibly be a perfect storm for Ron Paul?
It could be.
He's making all the right moves.
He's moving in the right direction at about the right time, so the poll numbers are indicating he's moving into the top tier.
He's not quite there yet, I wouldn't say, but he's certainly moving in the right direction at a time when other candidates are not moving.
We're talking to the head spokesman for Zobby International.
We're good to go.
Not that I'm a polling scientist, but I read what all these scientists and experts say, and that clearly, and I think the questions you ask about some of the major websites that some of these people don't even use or rarely use, that phone polling does target
Predominantly less technological people who are older, people who get their news mainly from the old line dinosaur media, and then obviously the internet, and that's now the majority of people, skews towards Ron Paul.
So we're sampling in a crowd that historically wouldn't know about Ron Paul.
Can you talk about that, or are you denying that?
No, I don't deny that at all, that there is that element, but that's only part of the story.
The true story is we're still able to get a complete, full sample that is representative of the American adult and the American likely voter, and that includes all age groups.
Now, is it harder today than it was five years ago?
Is it harder?
Will it be harder in five years than it is today?
Yes, because... So you claim you're increasing it.
I mean, I believe you're doing it, because I've seen the numbers, that you're trying to increase your sample to make it be more representative, but then how do you explain where you have IP computer polls, where it is one vote per computer, or you have text message voting, where it's one person, and they hear his message and, you know, in some cases he's winning by 80 percent, on average he's getting 35 percent, the next guy's getting 28,
I mean, he's been winning every poll but one Fox poll, and then the old line polling industry says, oh no, you don't want to use one of them newfangled automobiles, stay with the horse and buggy.
And I understand you guys are adapting, you do internet polls, I'm not saying that, but what I'm stating is, is that this claim, there's nothing scientific, I mean, there may be a higher level of error, let's say 10%.
Still, Ron Paul keeps winning when it's the Internet, and they claimed it was people with spy bots out spamming.
I mean, did these bots put a four point plus two million?
Well, that's a good point, but we have been pulling on the Internet for nine years now.
And what we've done over those years is we've been able to develop a methodology that very closely approximates what actual voters do in actual voting booths.
And the proof in the pudding was last year when we pulled 19 U.S.
Senate races, state-by-state races, using the Internet.
We got every one of those 19 within the margin of error.
We identified 18 of the 19.
Oh, I know polling works very well.
So that said,
You need to understand that the internet polling methodology has to closely identify and properly represent whatever voting universe you're going to be trying to poll.
And I don't know what other internet polls are doing or saying about Ron Paul.
I can tell you that ours is as accurate as anybody's because that's our experience.
Why did Mr. Zobby say that Ron Paul could win New Hampshire?
Because he's got the momentum.
He's moving in the right direction now.
He's got a lot of money in his pocket.
And those two things, momentum and money, are very important.
And he's moving up.
People are getting to know him.
They're getting to know his positions.
And he's doing all the right things right now.
Talking to Fritz Wenzel, and he is the Director of Communications for Zobby International, one of their top analysts.
I was talking to you off air, we were talking about, hey look, he's won the women, he's won the men, he's won the blacks, Hispanics, he's won all the religious groups, but Jews came in a healthy second there.
My point is, I'm not saying that he would win with Democrats, but clearly he'll get a bigger piece of Democrats than these other Republicans that are very unpalatable to Democrats.
I know all these liberal homes
Out here where my office is have got Ron Paul signs in them.
So my point is, Ron Paul is anti-war.
What they sent the Democrats to Congress for, they haven't done.
Their approval rating at 11%, as you know, in Gallup.
We have all this happening.
I mean, as a statistician, you're saying... I mean, give us your take.
Wouldn't Ron Paul be a stronger candidate than the other Republicans with just these numbers we have against Hillary?
Well, among Democrats, yes, he would be a much stronger candidate than any of the other three.
Why that is, it's hard to say.
You've identified some of the reasons.
He is anti-war, and the majority of Democrats are anti-war.
He has some other ideas and policies and stances on issues that are more attractive to Democrats, particularly conservative Democrats.
Even among independents, he's far and away a more attractive candidate, but you have to remember
We're comparing Ron Paul with Romney, Giuliani, and Thompson.
And when Democrats make that choice of those four candidates, Ron Paul is, far and away, the best possible option.
And so, out of Republican horses in the race, Ron Paul would be the best horse to put up against Hillary?
We don't know that because... You know that's a no-brainer?
No, we didn't measure that.
I can't say that because... That's it, I'm buying another one.
I'm going to buy another poll.
Okay, now this is addictive.
Now, let me expand on this though.
In this election, isn't it really just people are sick of people waffling and changing positions?
Isn't that what's most attractive?
I mean, that's what I hear from the people, just talking to the public and going on hundreds of other shows myself, that a lot of Democrats say, fine, he's against abortion, fine, he's conservative.
I don't care!
The guy at least doesn't change what he says!
Well, that's always been an attractive thing.
Look back to the era of Reagan.
That's one of his
I think so.
I think so.
Very important quality for a politician, especially today, when so few people have confidence in their government to do what they say they're going to do.
Well, all the scientific polls show this, because I read them every day, that we've never since the last realignment, since polling began the last hundred years, seen such a bipartisan disenfranchisement
With the system, with Congress, again, depending on which poll you look at, between a 10 and 12 percent approval rating.
Can you give us your take on this unprecedented situation?
And it appears that it's accelerating downward, and I even see pundits in the media panicking.
I don't know what the pundits are doing, but I can tell you that you're exactly right when you talk about the disenfranchisement in terms of the feelings of Americans.
They do not believe that Congress is, A, able to listen to them, or willing to listen to them, and B, able to fix the major problems facing America.
They see a problem, a major problem, in our health care system.
They tell us that's one of the biggest issues.
They tell us they see a major problem with the immigration of illegals to America, and the war.
Yeah, they just do not see government as an agent of positive change, and when we ask them, so what do you want in a president, the number one quality they name is a competent manager.
Okay, let's go to Aaron Dykes.
He's in the studio here with us.
He's got some comments and questions for you, sir.
Go ahead.
Mr. Wendell, I have a question along the lines of disenfranchisement.
It's clear that the mainstream media reinforces the candidates it sort of selects.
I mean, we've known Giuliani and Hillary for over four years.
My question is, as those TV numbers go down and people drop out of the mainstream media, are they reinforcing themselves on the internet?
And is there any projection of some sort of raw numbers of voting blocs on the internet who may not be picked up by telephone polls?
And how does the pollster reconcile that idea?
Well, there are certain demographics that are harder to get on telephone polling.
But listen, remember, our pool involves millions and millions and millions of people, so it's much more difficult today for us to get a valid, accurate representation of the voting public on the telephone, but we can still do it, and it's still relatively easy.
It's going to get harder and harder.
That's why we've developed this interactive polling technology that is almost exactly opposite
Because you have a lot more users that are younger on the internet and a lot older users on the telephone.
So in some cases we even use hybrid polling where we do some on the phone, some on the internet and connect.
Clearly, the way communication with likely voters is changing, you've got to change with the times.
Well, what about this?
I mean, I've seen scientific national university polls, a whole bunch of them, where people who aren't on the web can't find the U.S.
on a map, people above 64, the vast majority didn't know what year 9-11 happened.
We have higher incomes, we have higher test scores, higher IQs on the internet, so we almost see a splitting of people.
Well, that may be true, and it may also have an impact in certain congressional races, for instance.
But we're talking about a race for president here, where you're getting turnouts at 70-75% of the registered voters, and that means you're going to get people to the polls who couldn't tell what state's right next to them.
Mr. Wenzel, stay there.
Final segment with you.
We're very appreciative of you spending time with us today.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objection be world domination?
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Bill of Rights makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Fritz Winslow is our guest.
He's the head of communications.
The director of that is Zogby International.
And we're very thankful we're going to be spending time with this today.
Talking about the Poll Light Commission.
There last week it's gotten quite a few headlines.
You can now read their take on it at Zogby.com.
Look, in closing here, I wanted to ask you because you're an expert on this.
Exit polls.
Until about 10 years ago, and I've studied the history of this, and I've seen studies on it,
Generally, they were pretty accurate down to 4 or 5 percent.
Now, magically, with these electronic voting machines with no record and their own executives going public and people saying they were hired to rig it and all the cases of it being caught in HBO specials, now, magically, in these key races, in some areas, it's not matching up.
And so you say your numbers in the Senate races were matching up,
Well, exit polls are increasingly problematic, and it's a function
of the changing way that we do vote.
Some of that has to do with machines, but more of it really has to do with the early voting that is now a widespread practice across the country.
So the people you're capturing voting on election day at the polls is a certain demographic, but you're missing all those people, the 30, 35, sometimes 40 or 50 percent
We're good to go.
I think from this interview, the one thing we really do wholeheartedly agree on, and tell me if I'm wrong, Mr. Wenzel, and that's that there is revolution, change, realignment happening, record numbers of people not trusting the media, the government, the whole system, and because we see the system ignoring the will and the Constitution.
You get 80 plus percent against a war, 91 percent against open borders, they don't care, both parties circle the wagons against us.
Do you agree with that?
Well, and the other thing you see is record low confidence in the Congress of the United States to be able to effectively address these problems.
It's a tremendous vote of no confidence in the Congress of the United States, and to a lesser degree, for the President.
I mean, you have about a quarter of Americans saying the President is doing a good job in office.
That's not what you want to get as a President.
We've got 60 seconds.
Aaron, any final comments to our guest?
I'm just personally curious to see what the projection of internet realignment may mean in the future, not so much this upcoming presidential race.
There's no doubt, is there, sir, that we're seeing an acceleration of internet realignment?
I think you're seeing a lot more people go to the web.
Oh, absolutely.
You're seeing, obviously, what you had with Ron Paul.
The fundraising, the campaigning in total is going to the web, and it's going to have a dramatic effect.
We don't know exactly how much of an effect, but it's going to be big.
It's definitely accelerating.
Yes, absolutely.
Okay, this has been a very interesting interview.
Fritz Wenzel, I appreciate you coming on from Zogby International, and you can collate the data how you wish.
We're looking at it the way we see it, and thank you for coming on.
You bet.
Take care, guys.
All right, bye-bye.
Ed Asner's coming up next, a bunch of police state news as well.
This is Vital Transmission against Aaron.
He's standing by.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, Winslow came on the show, but we have executives from the voting companies coming out and saying they were hired to engage in election theft.
We have Ohio caught red-handed.
We have it in New Mexico.
We have it in Florida.
We know there's a rebellion against their system.
You heard him agree to that.
But, I mean, the spin was in overdrive and all the little answers for all the questions, which they've answered a million times, were there.
Aaron, I wanted to give you a chance to respond to what you heard.
Well, for me, I'm still thinking about this poll in general.
I understand that Giuliani is probably
Solidified, given that the system is rigged, the mainstream media is a self-reinforcing cycle that reinforces the establishment and selected candidates are put forward.
I think we all understand that.
But I think these numbers, by demographics especially, show that Ron Paul has the vox populi, that is the voice of the people.
Whether or not that could be turned into strategic votes remains to be seen.
I think the number one key here is name recognition.
Ron Paul has demonstrated
He's an incredible ability to raise money.
He's shown that even in the rigged polls he could make a dent that will at least affect issues and may affect election itself, certainly in key states like New Hampshire.
And his trajectory is growing, but expanding on that line.
Regardless, we're forming meet-up groups where we can continue organizations together.
We're injecting real debate into the issue.
We're showing how there's no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.
We're showing that only Ron Paul can beat Hillary.
And you heard him admitting, yeah, no, he's the strongest against Hillary as a Republican.
I mean, that's the news right there.
There's the head analyst at Zogby admitting that.
Well, we all understand that on the internet, Ron Paul is the name that's bouncing off the walls, echoing down the streets of the hall.
Has that solidified into a voting bloc?
Not in past elections.
Will it happen this election?
These kind of pollsters really can't predict that.
Although, there's a good chance they may reinforce it.
That's right.
And it's also a message that by the next election or the next, which the establishment already foresaw, they got smart people.
That's why they're heading it off with the machines.
And then suddenly, the exit polls aren't working.
And he had a nice little reason for that.
There's a lot of factors.
What do you think in closing shifting gears to the Fox News saying we need to start assaulting, start beating, start attacking you, you Code Pink people, you 9-11 truthers shouldn't be allowed to go demonstrate and shouldn't be able to ask questions of Clinton or
Republicans, Fox News defending Hillary, and they openly call for violence against people, and now we have Glenn Beck saying we're all terrorists, liberals, conservatives, anti-war, Lou Rockwell, we're just all... Use the military against us!
That's okay, what's wrong with holding the Constitution in contempt?
I mean...
But I mean, to have them, to know that they've got 11% approval, that everybody's waking up and hating them, and they're on CNN and Fox saying, let's use the military against the American people, admitting they built this whole apparatus for anti-terror to use against the people!
We've always said that!
We always knew that!
The establishment support is shrinking, but for a certain period of time, I think they can hold that inner circle.
There will be a breaking point.
Long term, they can't do it without more false flags.
I agree.
And just as a side note, the other day I saw the filings for the Rupert Murdoch donation to Hillary.
I'm not sure if that's been covered or not.
He's given maximum donation and donated to her in primaries before.
He holds constant fundraising parties for her.
The defense contractors have given her more money than all Republicans combined.
She's it, man.
They're putting her in as their war maiden.
We're good to go.
The supposed left-right paradigm is totally false.
Well, when you've got defense contractors 2 to 1 given to Hillary, we've got a problem.
Yeah, I mean, what we're really talking about here is reinforcing the establishment.
That's the mainstream media's job.
That's why it's that third column.
Oh no, the mainstream media is not suspending or trying to keep the establishment in line.
In power?
They're loving Aaron.
Aaron Dykes, thank you for the great reporting.
Folks, we've got continual coverage at truthnews.us, prisonplanet.com, and jonesreport.com.
Ron Paul wins in minorities, women, liberals, libertarians.
He wins in every demographic, but conservatives.
But he's gaining there as well.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea, a new world order in the near future.
For thousands of years their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress in the New World Order.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, he serves his community and his fellow man endlessly.
The media is demonizing, spunning.
I mean, he was anti-vaccine decades ago.
He knows about the whole system that's been set up.
It's amazing that once you get to know these people, you find out the stereotypes are not the case.
Ed Asner, he was the head of the Screen Actors Guild for an unprecedented period.
Of course, as an American actor known for his Emmy-winning roles as Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and of course his own program, he has been in all sorts of award-winning movies.
I tried to go over the bio and personal life and political views and ideas and all the roles that he has played.
It would take just, you know, way too long to go over the Lou Grant Show and all of it today, but he joins us and he's here to talk about 9-11 truth, but not just that.
He's really focused on the School of Americas, which trains the world how to torture and kill and how to put dictatorships in, and that's what they're now doing here in America.
Naomi Wolfe's finally talking about it with the End of America book.
We're going to get her on soon.
All of this is happening, and I thought just
We're good.
Now, that's on PrisonPlanet.com, and then they had David Horowitz on saying, let's go ahead, and that they're, quote, he said, anti-war, libertarians like Lou Rockwell, Ron Paul supporters are, quote, in bed with Islamofascist, that we need to, I mean, this is happening, and now they're calling for violence against all these 9-11 truth hecklers, Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, the people are getting mad, they're getting out in the streets, they're confronting
As part of our First Amendment right to speak out against these people.
I'm going to get Ed Asner's take on this.
But this is just this morning.
Get done through the Senate.
Here it is.
Were you invited to speak here this afternoon?
Anyway, as I was saying, we need to elect more Democrats.
She should just stop talking because nobody's listening at this point.
They're all watching as that particular, that man surrounds this guy.
Why would they tase him?
He's not resisting arrest.
And he was put in a car.
It is not, however, clear if arrested.
What I find interesting about the Code Pink people is... What do you find interesting about them?
Well, yeah.
At these, you know, the Senate and House Committee hearings when they have... Somebody's going to talk in front of a group of people.
And the people who are wearing the shirts that say Code Pink on them...
You can pretty much count on them, at some point, standing up and acting.
I mean, look at Connie Rice a couple of weeks ago.
Bill Clinton too, and John Kerry.
They're going after everybody.
And here's the thing.
I mean, where do they get off doing this, and why do they think they're going to continue to be politely escorted out?
At one point, with security so high and tensions on edge, don't you think they're going to get, at the very least, tased or beaten to a pulp by somebody who goes,
These people look threatening.
They don't look threatening.
You were in favor of the tase for this, but when you talked about the Florida guy, you were not in favor of him.
He's much more unruly than this guy.
But he told him not to tase him.
Can we hear that again?
Alright, let's stop right there.
Ed, I have the transcript here.
They say they look threatening.
They need to be tased.
How long do you think you can keep doing this?
Your security is so high.
And we got the White House memo.
They're saying they want to now declare anyone that disagrees with their policies as aiding terrorists.
They're swinging that whole apparatus around against us, sir.
Well, they've been doing it.
I mean, look at the people wearing anti-Bush t-shirts.
Look what they did to Sidney Sheen.
It goes back as far as that.
They've been doing it for far too long, and I also think it's a sign of desperation that they're trying to create incidents so that their people look good, the cops look good, and the occasional demonstrator will get freakish and make the Code Pink and whoever else they turn to arrest look bad.
A very astute.
I agree with you.
And they're trying to send the chilling message.
He says, hey, you're not going to be able to continue doing this without getting tased and beat to a pulp.
They're also putting out the message trying to chill this type of First Amendment protected action.
Well, I think a lot of this is a result that the people don't know how to march in the streets anymore.
They just can't, uh, they don't have the generals.
They don't have the, uh, the promulgators to, uh,
When, when, you know, and we've been inundated, Alex, by the acts of this government.
You'd be out on the street 24 hours a day protesting with the way that this government has passed, has created, not passed.
They skip Congress.
And then when Congress tries to catch up with them, they stroke them on the back a few times and give them a few sugar treats.
They passed a law that allows the president to do whatever the hell he wants.
What would your response be?
It's an awful, awful time in our country's history.
I think it's the worst.
I agree with you, and getting worse by the minute.
Well, you've got a lot of wisdom when it comes to these type of things.
Give us your take on how should we respond to clear talking points calling for violence and saying Ron Paul supporters are aiding terrorists and are domestic threats.
I mean, what should the response be when they say anti-war activists shouldn't be allowed to do this?
I mean, this is getting serious.
Well, it's... I mean, they're reading from the Nazi Bible.
That's all they're doing.
They're creating incidents.
I think they already had their Reichstag fire with 9-11.
Now they're trying to build off of that.
They are, you know, creating the enemy.
They seem to have stumbled in making the immigrant the enemy.
They don't know how to proceed on that.
So now they have to turn to people like wonderful, sweet, progressive Ron Paul.
They're striking out.
They're like a... What is it that strikes itself?
I guess a snake can do that as well.
They're doing it like snakes.
That's a good way to put it, though, that Ron Paul is sweet.
I think his gravitas and how kind he is and how humble he is, and I know him in person, he's extremely humble.
It's kind of like when I met Willie Nelson, it was kind of the same vibe.
Is that what you pick up from him, Mr. Asner?
Of course.
I certainly have not witnessed it.
Call me, yes, not this Mr. Asner bit.
And by the way, I'm not against vaccines.
I want to correct you on that.
I'm against thimerosal in vaccines.
That's what I meant, yes.
And I'm also against, from what I've been reading, the Pertussin is a highly problematical vaccine that I think should be checked into.
But anyway, back to Ron Paul.
I think he's a phenomenal
Uh, tribute, an asset to the Republican slate.
He's the only one on that slate that doesn't look like a jerk, uh, who doesn't waffle.
And, uh, he's ridiculed, of course, for some of the positions he takes for being a so-called Republican.
But if they could feed from him, they'd be a lot smarter-looking people.
Well, what about the Democrats?
I mean, did you see the reports that the defense contractors are giving her more money, double what they've given to the Republicans?
I mean, this is off the charts, that the other Republican candidates, they're not even really giving to them, but they're lavishing Hillary.
Oh yeah, well, they're switching sides now.
They've always done this, and they're doing it now.
Jane Harman thrived with defense contract money.
And just the other day, what the hell?
She was... I mean, I get so inundated that I... No, no, that's the problem is, as you said, we're getting hit from a thousand sides, but I agree with you.
This is desperation when they start talking about restrictions on free speech and using the military against the American people.
But will the people do anything about it?
I mean, did they do anything about the Patriot Act?
Congress legitimized the Patriot Act with a few excisions, but in the main it still exists.
It's there.
When you get an attorney general who says if they pass a law outlawing waterboarding, well, I'll uphold it.
And you don't have to pass a law.
The Constitution talks about torture.
Torture is already illegal.
Of course.
Cruel and unusual punishment.
Uh, so, we see the quality of candidates and media that we have governing our lives.
And it's a piece of my earth.
Isn't it not heartening though, Mr. Edward?
I mean, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, you were speaking out and most people weren't awake then.
It's pretty heartening when Congress has an 11 percent approval rating.
They've never had one that low.
I know.
They don't seem to know how to reverse it.
Giving the money back to defense contractors doesn't seem to be a means of their returning to their former glory or stature.
Our government is rotten.
It is rotten.
It needs an intensive overhaul, but there is no oversight.
There is no overseer who can bring our government into order.
Dad, here's my question.
How much more rotten do you think it can get?
Well, not as long as they keep taking the money.
Not as long as our voting system exists the way it does.
Not as long as the electoral college is there.
Not as long as lobbyists rule the roost in Washington.
Not as long as there is no campaign financing, public financing of campaigns.
But if the dollar goes belly up, what's going to happen?
Well, I guess you could say that it would be...
I don't know, would you call it cheaper or more expensive to run a campaign now?
Maybe we ought to get people to contribute in Euros.
Or Canadian dollars.
Yeah, the loonie.
Ed Asner is our guest.
Star of stage, screen, television.
Former head of the Screen Actors Guild.
And of course, Mary Tyler Moore, Lou Grant, you name it.
He's our guest.
We're very appreciative of his time.
We'll be right back.
As many people know, ever since President Nixon took us off the gold standard, the U.S.
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The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the REAL ID Act.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This is Elizabeth Border, author of the two books set, America Attacked and Chaos and Chemtrails.
I wrote these books because I believe that every American should have the vital chemtrails research info.
I was much heartened and encouraged when a radio listener recently wrote me, quote, you are truly a great writer, so clear and powerful and thorough in your communication.
You have the strength to forge ahead in the midst of darkness.
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I hope you listeners will order these crucial books.
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We're good to go.
Ed Asner is our guest this segment into the next.
Very appreciative for Ed coming on the show today.
Trying to give us his perspective and view on what's happening.
Ed, major publications, Mainline News is, as you know, reporting that Bush signed PDD 51, stating that he's over continuity of government, not the Congress.
And then, of course, last year they passed the John Warren Defense Authorization Act, and we've got those links up on PrisonPlanet.com, folks, where it says that for insurrection, for rebellion of the American people,
A. I mean, just in your gut, do you think Bush is so shot politically that he won't try it?
Or do you think that their backs against the wall they will?
I mean, A. Do you think they'll try it?
And B. What do you think our action should be if there's some staged event or real event, whatever the case may be, and Bush announces civil emergency?
If Bush announces civil emergency and the people accept it, then there is no hope.
I do not trust or believe in this man and the government that he is running.
The people cannot wait for an investigation or for Congress to investigate and then turn around and support him.
The people must take to the streets.
I'm crying no, no, no.
We will not do this.
We will not invade.
We will not bomb.
We will not take action.
We will calmly sit down and investigate very calmly without martial law and with the most intensive of investigation by all forms of government.
I agree, and what you're doing here now, preemptively discussing this fact, I mean, it's now come out, we said this two weeks ago when it started, because we already knew the history, but now it's admitted that elements of the Bush administration helped put Musharraf in, and Pakistan are now helping him with martial law, and who are they arresting?
Not the mullahs, but tens of thousands of men and women in suits and ties, who are lawyers and journalists.
We can see that that's the last thing that a democracy could perform.
Well, my point is, it could happen here and they are setting up the apparatus for this tyranny.
And if we don't resist it, if we don't fight it, you know, frankly, we need a couple of burning Buddhist monks
To let our people know how bad it is.
Did you know that actually happened in Chicago and one other city last year?
And the media put a blurb in the Chicago Tribune, and it was not even in the news.
Somebody did that?
Two people.
One of them was a Buddhist, and police folks don't, because the media doesn't even cover it.
Please don't kill yourselves, but I know what you're saying, Ed.
It's that symbol of that Vietnam icon symbol, and yeah, I think that's another symptom.
The media ignored it.
Well, the media are admittedly... How can you deny it?
They are the slaves.
New York Times got us into Iraq.
They provided the news stories that legitimized it.
Then they apologized for it.
Now let's see what they do with the next incident.
I hope they've learned their lesson.
I hope they've truly become a...
I am not that attuned to the inner workings of the 9-11 group.
I only know that we just have to keep believing in the legitimacy, reject the idea that we're a bunch of loonies, talk to as many people as we can and watch them look like we just passed gas, and just continue preaching.
And it probably will be years, you know, years before
Uh, any cogent, worthwhile investigation takes place, but only if it eats into the hearts and conscience of our people.
And if, of course, we continue to lose our democratic way of life, it'll never happen.
Well, how obvious is it?
Not just the evidence, as you said, of it being a Reichstag staged event, but at the same time, the fact that how they've used it, and how we have all these memos and talking points, and Republican writers in the paper saying, we need another 9-11.
Did you hear about that in the Philadelphia?
Did they actually say that?
The Philadelphia News, and we also have the Republican memos, came out, what, three months ago, a big neocon writer, and said, 9-11 helped us unite, we need another one.
Jesus Christ.
Well, George Bush certainly does.
He's a biggie.
But Alex, the seeds of this
...of this disease were planted a long time ago.
You know Schmedley Butler's speech, don't you?
War is a racket.
Stay there.
When we come back in the final segment with Ed Asner, let's talk about Schmedley Darlington Butler.
He's in my new film, Endgame, when he uncovered the Nazi plot to overthrow the U.S.
with Prescott Bush and helped unravel that.
We'll be right back with Ed Asner.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Big John.
Big John.
Every morning at the mine you could see him arrive.
He stood six foot six and weighed 245.
Kind of broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip.
And everybody knew you didn't give no lip to Big John.
Big John.
Big John.
Big Bad John.
Ed Asner is our guest.
This is our final segment with him and I hope to get him back up in the near future.
We were just talking during the break about icons, how we need those symbols.
Cindy Sheehan was first interviewed on this radio network, first interviewed on this show and other shows on this network, when nobody knew who she was.
And I'm really proud of the fact that she got traction here.
And single-handedly, with the support of the American people, she really shot down the support for the war.
When she started, it had like 50% support.
Now it's got about 20% support.
And you were talking during the break about watching them eat her away, and how the Democrats basically slit her throat.
Can you comment on that?
Well, naturally she didn't name any names, but when she retired from the field of battle, I think the implications were quite clear that the Democrats, the Liberals, the Progressives, whoever you want to call them, used her to their extent, tried to steer her and control her.
And finally, that exercise just became too strenuous upon her and she retired from the field of battle.
So this is what happens.
The good guy... Much smaller, except I found when I was president of the Screen Actors Guild that I knew who my enemies were.
I knew how I could speak out on them.
Where it became taxatious is where my friends defied me, opposed me, tried to ridicule me.
And they were my friends and people that I had supported and who supported me into the presidency.
And one of the reasons they supported me was they thought they could exert control over me 100% of the time.
When it wasn't 100% of the time, then they would turn against me.
So that's who you have to deal with.
That's what makes it difficult when you're in a seat of power.
Totally different issue, but you've got expertise on this.
What do you think of the Ryder strike?
I'm 100% for it.
It's long overdue.
Writers are the greatest intellects in the business of showbiz.
I think every time that they have gone out on strike, they have done it for legitimate and moral reasons.
For them to do it now?
And bear in mind that when the writers go out on strike, they're signaling what is necessary for the other unions to receive remuneration for.
So that's what industry, even management, fears the most.
Because if the writers get anything, then the others will expect it as well.
Well, I agree with you.
I mean, couldn't you say riders of the skeleton?
I mean, they're literally the form that everything's built around.
On the subject of you saying Bush needs... The icebreaker.
The icebreaker.
Before the break, you got into Bush needing a biggie.
Every intellectual mind, the left-right center, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, father of economics, has come on this show and said they clearly are moving for martial law.
He thinks they're going to stage something.
Everybody I talk to from the entire spectrum says that Bush has got to do that or he's sunk.
I hope that's not the case.
Where do you see this going?
Well, what do you mean, what do they mean when he's sunk?
He's only got a year left in office.
What does that mean, he's sunk?
His whole agenda to go into Iran, to, you know, all this stuff.
Well, I mean, he's not sunk.
He's a multi-millionaire now.
He will be the darling of fascists throughout the world.
What does he mean then by he needs a biggie?
What does he need?
Well, if he wants to go so far as to proclaim himself emperor forever, then he'd have to do something like that to be legitimized in creating martial law.
He would have to create the bombing, we would have to react in some form or another, and we would... But I suppose before he goes into Iran, he'll try to create an incident here, which can be
Like he laid Al-Qaeda at Iraq's doorstep.
I'm sure he'll create an incident here and try to create some Iranian terrorists.
I know it's amazing to me that you have Iran that is Shiite, and the news keeps saying Al-Qaeda is coming out of Iran, then the White House four months ago puts out what Sy Hershar reported, that for three years they've had real Wahhabist Sunni Al-Qaeda groups attacking the Iranian frontier, and then the media says Iran is Al-Qaeda.
That's how ignorant we are.
We, the people, are ignorant.
About the fine points and departments and sections of the Arab world.
We know nothing about the Arab world.
It's over a billion people.
And I guess we're as ignorant about the Arabs as we are about the Chinese.
It's amazing.
In closing, I'd like to get you back up, or if you've got the time.
You know, it's like one of the guys that was stationed with me in France, where fortunately I was during the Korean War.
The meals are so intelligent over here, they even understand French.
Oh, man.
Yeah, there was a professional football player, a star from the Dolphins, who was hiring an interpreter for his week-long stay in England.
Well, I can understand that.
I think he was a very intelligent fellow.
Ed, I'm going to have to get you back up on all the environmental crises, but briefly, can you speak to that?
I wanted you to talk about Smedley Butler, since you raised that.
What I want to say is that this is all a culmination of what the military industrial complex has done to this country.
And it has existed for probably a hundred years.
I don't know for how long.
But when Smedley Butler testified about the Nazi plot to replace Roosevelt,
And who was behind it, etc.
He also gave a wonderful speech that people should look up.
How he took Nicaragua for the Brown Brothers, which was a big banking firm.
How he took Honduras for United Fruit.
How he took this place.
I mean, we have invaded, invaded, invaded.
We have used our small pocket armies everywhere.
We are now in 150 countries in the world.
I think our army has stations there.
So we have been seeking, we call ourselves this great democracy, but we seek world domination in our own way and have not.
Well now they're converting the military to mercenaries and saying they're going to use Halliburton domestically in the drug war and quote for the border.
I mean now with immunity we're going to have Halliburton here.
I mean not Halliburton, I'm losing my mind here, Blackwater.
Well, I mean, they're all tied in together, for God's sake.
And when you get such an austere organization such as the State Department using Blackwater, that's like Jesus dealing with the barbarians.
And these guys are thugs and killers.
I mean, they're Hessians.
They're paid to shoot and to kill, and God knows what their mentality must be like.
So I fear them greatly.
And when we can't get our citizen army, if that's what you want to call it, to do what we want, we know we can always count on our Blackwater boys.
Our Blackwater boys now domestically operate.
I mean, it's like they're going down a checklist, like Naomi Wolf says, a checklist of every, you know, point of tyranny that Mussolini and Hitler and others developed.
They're just doing it.
I know.
So, what is Congress going to do about Blackwater?
I haven't heard any legislation that's been passed.
I guess they did say now they're subject to army rules.
Is that what they say?
Well, even the FBI and the Army said they murdered those 14 people.
It was more than that and should be charged with murder.
Even our own FBI, our own Army in Bush says no.
Yeah, yeah.
But you're right, it's not just Bush, the Democrats, Hillary keeps claiming they need more Democrats to change things, they've got it!
They could be saying no to the war right now!
What do you think is going to happen to the Democrats if they've totally deserted their base?
If they totally, what do you mean?
Well, I mean, they totally deserted their base, they were sent there to end the war, and then they're not.
Oh, well, they've totally deserted their base for a long time, my friend.
They know that so far... We need a third party is what we need.
We truly need a peace and freedom party.
But they know that so far they're the only game in town for anybody who's progressive, for anybody who loves peace, for anybody who wants to not engage in foreign expeditions.
Ed Asner, we've got to get you back up in the near future.
God bless you and I appreciate you spending time with us, sir.
You're a delight to be with.
Thank you.
What a gentleman, Ed Asner, ladies and gentlemen.
Boy, they painted him up like the devil, and that's certainly not the case.
You know, you can even disagree with him on some things, but people agree with his spirit, his kindness, his honesty, his gravitas.
There's a lot of liberals who don't agree with him on everything, but they're voting for him.
Just like Ron Paul.
And I'll just tell the Democrats this right now.
If you don't go switch Republican,
Or you don't go vote split party, vote for whoever you want, but for President, and in these primaries, if you're in Nevada, if you're in Michigan, if you're in New Hampshire, if you're in Iowa, you better get in there and vote for Ron Paul.
And I don't want to hear, oh, there's election fraud, Alex, you said there's fraud!
More of a reason to vote.
More of a reason to get in there and do exit polls.
More of a reason to illustrate what's happening.
They don't have these machines in nationwide, and they're under heat, and they're getting sued, and states are throwing them out, and a lot of other things are happening.
By the way,
Headline, PrisonPlanet.com, here's your attack orders in the InfoWar.
If you choose to take this mission, InfoWarriors, alert, alert, alert.
Zogby spins poll results to marginalize Ron Paul, ignored Texas Congressman's domination of nearly every category to focus on single Giuliani success.
Good job, Paul Watson.
In their press release about the results of the new telephone poll, Zogby chose to marginalize Ron Paul by highlighting a demographic that was won by Rudolph Giuliani, while largely ignoring the fact that the Texas Congressman completely dominated almost every other aspect of the poll.
Under the headline, Giuliani leads among Republicans in the latest blind bio-survey, the Zogby press release reads, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
Wrong the favorite in nationwide samples of likely Republican voters in 2008's race for the party's presidential nomination as the strongest resume of the top four contenders a new Zogby International survey shows.
He does not have.
In the survey bio poll, Ron Paul won almost everything.
It's gotta be like 50 questions, he won like 48 of them.
I know of two he lost.
The telephone survey, known as the Blind Bio Poll, because likely voters are given details of the candidates' resumes without their names attached, shows Giuliani wins 34% support, compared to 22% each for Thompson and Romney.
Ron Paul, who has surged recently in polls, and has a significant online following, came in last with 13% support, while 9% said they were undecided on the question.
Only at the end of the article, the Zogby Statement admit, quote, the blind bio question was also poised, uh, posed to a larger poll of 1,009 likely voters nationwide, including Democrats and Independents.
And Paul was the big winner among the universe of voters.
We're good.
Ron Paul dominated categories where the sample was both traditionally Republican and Democratic votes.
Voters were asked which platform they favored.
Candidates A and D were Ron Paul and Rudolph Giuliani, respectively, but they were not directly named.
And it goes on, amongst born-again Christians, Ron Paul polled 29.6%, with Giuliani garnering 22.5%.
Amongst people with the military and their families, 33.3% support Paul's platform, while 18% supported Giuliani.
Amongst NASCAR fans, Ron Paul pulled 32.5%, beating Giuliani's 28%.
Amongst women, 34.7% favored Ron Paul's platform over Giuliani's 17%.
Amongst African Americans, Paul trounced Giuliani, 45.5%.
Giuliani's 9.1%.
40.5% support Paul, 9.1% support Giuliani.
Ron Paul's sweep in all these categories and many more was clearly the biggest story to come out of the poll, yet Zogby chose to highlight Giuliani's rare success.
There is no doubt that Giuliani beats Paul on name recognition alone, but the fact that the congressman is surging ahead and getting momentum while capturing the sentiment of the nation was the biggest story to come out of this poll, but Zogby chose to stifle it.
Proving once again that the self-fulfilling media obsession with relentlessly focusing on establishment-approved candidates while marginalizing others only upholds the status quo and hurts the democratic process.
And we're going to do other articles, folks.
There's so much here.
And, you know, Zogby, yeah, they could say he won that part of the poll, and that's fine.
Ron Paul did win 90 plus percent of the other sections.
And so, you know, Spinn, whatever you want to call it, you heard their director of media and one of their chief analysts, chief analyst.
He said, I am the chief analyst, but I don't want to brag.
You know, there's an inner circle of analysts, but I'm, you know, the head guy around here.
Basically, that's what he told me off air.
But the point is, he's ahead of media relations, and he's the director of that.
And he said, oh no, we've never had the government more disliked, more distrusted, more disenfranchised.
We've never had people more awake to this.
And the Internet's taking over and the question is, when will it dominate?
This election or in the future?
And so he was pretty fair on air.
So we'll probably do a story and maybe add to this that that's their perspective to look at Giuliani and say, oh, but he won with Republicans.
Well, the point is, Ron Paul surged, even compared to past polls, getting 15%, and I forgot to ask him why they put out in their press release 13.
That's a point we need to point out.
It was 15, not 13, against Giuliani for conservative voters.
Likely conservative voters.
So this is a big deal, and...
People need to get the Zogby Spins poll results to marginalize Ron Paul, and it'll be censored by Digg and the entire other universe of mainstream websites.
So it's up to you, ladies and gentlemen, to take the ball and run with it, because Ron Paul is doing extremely well here.
And the big news is, you just heard one of the head guys at Zogby on this show.
You heard the head of Zogby, Mr. Zogby, last week say Ron Paul could win and is now up to 15 points in some polls in New Hampshire.
That's big news, but now, you heard him say that yes, out of all the Republicans, Ron Paul does better against Hillary, and would be better to run against Hillary.
Now, I'm gonna ask Republicans a question.
I know you don't care about, most of you, about actual issues, or actual conservatism, or actual constitutional issues, which Ron Paul is not just a great candidate, he is founding father material.
But on a silver platter, you're being given Ron Paul, the only person that can beat Hillary Rodham Clinton, that nightmare witch!
So listen to me good.
We just heard the preeminent polling out there.
You could say it was Zogby or Gallup.
Zogby's becoming preeminent.
You could say it's number two, but most people say it's number one.
So the number one polling group in the world, Zogby International.
Of New York, New York tells you that Ron Paul, for every demographic in this poll and all the others, is the man that can beat Hillary.
The Republicans are absolutely unpopular in spades.
Hillary is going to win, as I told you six months ago, when Ron Paul announced.
Unless we get behind Ron Paul.
He has to win this nomination.
We have to pull out all the stops, throw caution to the wind, and get aggressive and do experimental things like I did with this poll.
We have got to throw caution to the wind.
We have got to be part of this Ron Paul revolution.
This is a revolution of the people.
He is only a focal point, a standard, a signet.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Won't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what I have to do.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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You know, one of the most horrible things about living in a police state is they're able to set it up, which they're trying to.
They're accelerating it out of our lives to them.
They said all their minions and pomps and pimps and servants, like a huge
We're good to go.
And to have Fox and CNN and all of them going, oh, let's taser, let's beat people to pulp for their free speech!
Let's get them!
You people aren't going to be able to continue to confront our people!
There's a threat!
There's a terror threat!
See, they're saying the terror threat is us!
Ron Paul, let's use the military against his supporters!
These libertarians and anti-war people!
It's that small government group and their supporters, the established corporations that own their pimps, own their prostitutes,
And they literally are declaring war on us because they know we're alike.
Liberal, conservative, all of us have to come together now, as I keep preaching for years, and see the new world order as the threat and the enemy.
They declared us their enemy.
And this is the facts, this is the reality, this is what we face as a society.
I'm begging you, come to this Republic's aid when it needs you.
I mean, we got articles on PrisonPlanet.com.
Frankly, nobody else is doing this.
You know, and Amy Wolf will write about it, get a bunch of attention, but... And she says it's all bullish.
Oh, it's a lot bigger than that, sister.
Host says dissenters should be tased and beaten to a pulp.
That's a headline.
He says it.
That's a big deal.
Calling for violence.
Trying to normalize this.
I told you that's what 24 is for.
We have Zogby spinning results to marginalize Ron Paul.
We need to counter that so people see this and understand.
This is an education.
That's why I did it.
We need these stories to get out to everybody.
They won't unless you email them.
Unless you send them out on your blog.
And look, don't give me credit.
I even called it Jones Productions without a link to InfoWars.
I said no.
They offered that.
Jones Productions.
So that the other patriots and people that are, you know, the leadership who are jealous of me all freak out because I put my life on the line and I work 18 hours a day.
Don't give me attention!
Say you did the poll!
I don't care!
That's why I called it Jones Productions.
Don't cut it out.
Just say in a poll by Zogby.
Just report that Ron Paul's winning.
I mean, let me tell you the backside stuff.
I know how people are out there.
Not you, the good people listening all over the world, but, you know, this nature of power and whatever, and it's nature to be a number one in some movement.
I know what it is, the danger of being point man, the danger of being a major leader.
I'm freaked out about it.
It's incredible weight on me.
Other people don't see that or understand that.
Just please, I want to hear every talk show host on this network, on other networks, I want to hear you all talking about this poll.
Okay, I want to hear you all exposing this.
We went and did a fair poll in Ron Paul 1.
Across the board, from NASCAR, to blacks, to Hispanics, to women, to libertarian, to liberal, and the head of Zogby, their head analyst, and the head of public relations said, yeah, he's the best against Hillary.
That is big news.
So take our data, write your own articles for your websites, don't give us credit.
I don't care about credit!
Frankly, I don't want credit anymore!
It's dangerous doing what I do, you twits!
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Get in game.
Make copies.
No, we're bringing the enemy to their knees.
And they can kill individuals, but they cannot kill ideas, ladies and gentlemen.
They cannot kill the truth, and it's rising.
The sleeping giant is rising worldwide against the New World Order.
I think so.