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Air Date: Nov. 21, 2007
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, it's the day before Thanksgiving, the 21st day of November 2007.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours, and we're going to be joined in 30 minutes by Tex Mars to talk about his analysis of endgame blueprint for global enslavement.
He, of course, was a colonel in the Air Force, a space and aeronautics professor at the University of Texas at Austin.
And he's also a best-selling author on futurist topics before he even got into fighting the New World Order 20 years ago.
And he's the only person to have ever written both of the textbooks that were accepted that the government issues for people to study for the military exams.
I could go on and on, but Tex is very, very interesting and very, very intelligent.
He'll be joining us to talk about Endgame, because I was on his show yesterday and he taught me a lot of things I didn't even know.
Tex really is an endless well of knowledge.
So that's coming up in 30 minutes.
Then Ron Paul will be joining us in the smack dab middle of this transmission straight back from Nevada on a whirlwind tour there and tour throughout the country, ending in Nevada yesterday.
He came back to South Texas and will be joining us via the telephone from his home during a few days of family time he has.
We're very, very thankful for the congressman agreeing to join us.
On account of all the interviews I've had with him, it's got to be
I don't know, probably 10 a year for at least 12 years, probably 120 interviews, so something like that.
And we really appreciate the Congressman, despite national attacks, not forsaking this radio show and still coming on, but he also knows we're a large percentage of his support bases, so we're very honored to have the Congressman coming up on this broadcast today.
In the meantime, we have very, very serious news for you.
Very, very serious news.
Supremes to decide if Second Amendment means what it says.
Yes, you heard me right.
Supremes to decide if Second Amendment means what it says.
And the problem is, if I have analyzed their past rulings, I'm betting you my bottom dollar I know what the Supreme Court is going to do.
And so, we'll be breaking that down coming up in the next segment.
We'll also get Ron Paul's take on that.
The head of the Defense Department, Secretary of Defense Gates, says Iran military options still wide open.
economic gloom brings new dollar low.
We have a story from Infoworks.net yesterday.
Economic expert says global crash imminent.
Echoes former World Bank leader with prediction of global recession or worse.
And really positive news here.
Zogby analyst says Ron Paul, strongest contender,
To beat Hillary, Texas Congresswoman's popularity amongst Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, outskirts Giuliani, Romney, Thompson.
Paul is the only chance of smashing Bush-Clinton power monopoly in this dynasty that we've been facing.
Another similar story by Aaron Dykes at JonesReport.com.
Zogby analyst Ron Paul, timing almost perfect.
Pollsters suggest Paul could have the momentum for a big move
From the back to the front, he's already moving into the first tier, ladies and gentlemen.
And he's been in first tier for several months when it comes to fundraising, but now first tier in numbers, as high as 15% in some polls.
As low now as 8%, it was 2% in New Hampshire.
The trajectory has him in the next month and a half on the primary start with big win after big win.
Also New York Fire Chief Giuliani, not a hero.
He ran that day with playing that audio as well.
This is just some of what's coming up today, right here on the GCN Radio Network.
Also, Student Group wants more guns on campus in a suburb of Austin.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, I'm going to get into the dollar now resuming its plunge, and so oil resumed its rise, along with gold, of course.
We're going to see some very interesting things in the next few weeks, months, maybe even days.
Oil surging to 99 plus, may break the magic $100 mark.
That is coming up.
We also have a bunch of
Other news concerning the war today, which they're still trying to beat the drums for.
We'd be in Tehran right now, probably, if it wasn't for the American people and people of the world saying no to this.
So that is coming up.
Ron Paul will be with us in an hour and a half, of course, and we have Tex Marsh joining us in 25 minutes.
For listeners that just joined us, stations that just joined us,
Okay, this is such a big deal that I would tend to get very upset and start yelling and hyperventilating and screaming.
I'm not going to do that.
I'm just going to give you the basic facts, okay?
We're going to be having Professor Lott on.
We're going to be having many others, Larry Pratt on, in the next few weeks leading up to this.
Uh, court case and, uh, covering it in the next year.
It does not look good.
I will just tell you that right now.
Supremes should decide if Second Amendment means what it says.
This is a story, uh, by Kurt Nemo at TruthNews.us.
In a decision that could affect gun control laws across the nation, the Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether the Second Amendment protects an individual right to carry a gun, reports ABC News.
It has been 70 years since the High Court has focused on the meaning of the words, right to keep and bear arms, in the Second Amendment, and the case is sure to ignite cultural battles across the country.
That puts it lightly.
A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms,
Shall not be infringed.
Seems pretty straightforward to me.
The Supreme Court agreed to step in because the issue has caused a deep split in the lower courts.
While a majority of courts have said that the right to bear arms refers to the connection to service in a state militia, two federal courts have said the amendment protects an individual right to keep a gun.
So that's ABC's amazing deception and spin there, setting the table for a decapitation of the Second Amendment.
A deep split, Nemo, goes on to write.
Apparently, members sitting in the lower courts have a difficult time reading plain English.
The Second Amendment states unambiguously that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed and that it's an individual right.
The people.
It's like saying the First Amendment belongs to a group or the government, not to individuals.
Or the Fourth Amendment doesn't deal with the right to privacy for individuals.
They're already saying that now.
But there are people like District of Criminals Mayor
Thank you.
Fenty thinks that he can ban guns and he will not stand by the Second Amendment.
The District Court of Criminals has the highest crime rate in the country, surpassing Los Angeles and New York.
Is it possible because guns are banned there and criminals realize they can victimize anybody they want without consequences?
It seems Fenty is standing by while people die.
But this is not the responsibility of the police to protect the people.
It is the duty of the people to protect themselves.
We'll see if the Supremes agree or if they will strip the
We're safe because of that.
But if you actually analyze the rulings, they have been anything but conservative or constitutional or libertarian or even classical liberal.
They have been authoritarian to their core.
Remember two years ago, the New London Key Load decision from New London, Connecticut?
Over 500 homes, some of them are appraised at over $500,000 plus.
The average was over $300,000.
And these were, in some cases, three-story Victorian homes on the beautiful river and lake.
The people did not want to sell, but a big pharma company wanted to move its headquarters, administrative headquarters, there.
And so the city argued that, well, since they're going to pay more taxes, we say that we should be able to take these people's homes and basically transfer it over to the pharmaceuticals company.
And they did it!
And then the media said, oh, don't worry, they're not going to do this around the country.
And then from New York...
We're good to go!
Hundreds and hundreds of seafood packers fishing out of the Gulf.
Okay, so, and again, that's one case of literally hundreds I've seen in the news.
They are snatching property with wanton abandon with both hands, saying that, and the Supreme Court even ruled in their ruling, in their finding, and said, oh yes, if private interests are allowed, they even stated graft was legal, and said they're allowed to lobby and give campaign contributions to cities to then take property.
From private individuals and then what didn't get really focused on the national media, but was in the local media in Connecticut and surrounding areas Was that they were not even
We're good to go.
It was in the local news, and they gave them $61,000 for it, and bulldozed it, saying the city had condemned it.
Not physically condemned, because of structural problems, or being a danger, but just said, you didn't submit to us, you get $61,000.
So, that's another little caveat to all of this, a man's home is his castle, a woman's home is her palace.
That has gone out the door.
And you're saying, what does this have to do with the Second Amendment ruling?
One of the Federal District Courts just ruled, the one under the Supreme Court, out of the District covering the District of Criminals, ruled, two of them ruled that it's an individual right and struck down the 31-year gun ban, handgun ban, in Washington, D.C., total ban.
But one-third of the justices on that court said, there were three on the panel, one said no, one-third said no.
It is not an individual right.
The Ninth Circuit and others have ruled similarly.
In fact, analyzing it and talking to gun lobbyist experts, Second Amendment experts, about half the court rulings have said it's not an individual right now.
And so we're moving into very serious waters here.
Now, I predict what's going to happen in March, coming up in about four months, about three and a half months, this is what you're going to hear.
You're going to hear
Because I know what the VATF spin and policy and what the White House, Clinton, Bush, it doesn't matter, it's the same policy.
I know what the attack pattern is.
It is not to come out and say you don't have these rights anymore.
It's to say, oh, it's what Bush has said in speeches, it's what Schumer said in speeches, it's what the Handgun Control Incorporated has said, the Brady campaign.
They said, you have a limited right, but that we can place restrictions, counties, cities, states, and the federal government can restrict, which is a major encumbrance.
But the Supreme Court, the last time they ruled, back in the 1930s, said, no, it is an individual right.
It is an individual right of the citizenry, but that because a shotgun that is sawed off
I don't
I bet my bottom dollar, I pray I'm wrong, that they're going to say, oh yes, you've got somewhat of a right, but that can be administered by the governors, by the Congress, by the state legislatures, and we can restrict your ownership or even ban it if we wish, because that's what the BATF says.
They say, oh yeah, you've got a right, unless prescribed by law.
Well, your little laws are under the Second Amendment.
Just like they're trying to pass laws saying there's no Fourth Amendment now.
And the head of domestic spying, the intelligence czar, comes out last week and says, hey, there's no more privacy, okay?
We're going to listen to everything you do and watch everything you do.
You see, they're doing that on every front.
Or, yeah, you can still get a First Amendment, but we're not going to let you march or demonstrate or even wear a shirt that says peace on Earth.
We're going to go ahead and arrest you.
And yeah, and if you ask a politician a question, we're going to tase you and beat you to a pulp.
See, this is how they are basically setting the table.
Now, if you read U.S.
Code in Title 10, what is it, Section 18, it clearly says that it is an individual right to own firearms for your home's defense, your country's defense, and depending on which state constitution you look at, it's men 18 to 45, some states it's 17 to 64, but then retired militia still, of course, owns guns.
But the point is,
The First Amendment, Second Amendment, Third Amendment, Fourth Amendment, these are all about individual rights.
The Tenth Amendment says all powers not expressly delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states and the people.
So it's all about individual rights.
The First Amendment is about your personal religious rights, your right to march, demonstrate, your right to the press, your right to publish what you want, your right to say what you want.
It's all about individuals.
Second Amendment says a well-regulated militia, this is a separate thought,
Okay, and by regulated that means, and you can read the Federalist Papers on this, that means organized, ready to fight.
Being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people, see now it's a comma, to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
The people, the people, the people, the people.
And they argue, but we'll give you the key when we get back.
But we better be talking about what we're going to do when the Supreme Court rules they can ban our guns.
Get ready.
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So this is how the spin doctors work.
They're incrementally doing it, and they say, oh yeah!
Even the so-called conservative courts.
Oh yeah, you got a second amendment, unless subscribed by law or changed by law.
So, you got a right, but we can take it away from you, if we want.
And that's how the Supreme Court's going to rule.
I'd say 95% chance.
I will be absolutely dumbfounded.
But things have gotten so lawless that they may just say you have the right, but then just continue the covert operation as they've been doing, destroying the right.
I mean, the Supreme Court ruled 70 years ago you had the right, and D.C.
banned it.
And many other cities and sectors have banned it.
And when you read the Federalist Papers, and I've done this four or five times in the years I've been on, I mean I've done whole shows in the Second Amendment, I'm going to do some of these coming up in the next few months where we spend whole hours, have multiple guests on, to read the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers, the Founding Fathers would publish articles with their speeches,
In the papers, they had debates daily like that, because the population read more than they do today.
And they all stated, I mean, thousands of quotes, not hundreds, about the government will come for your guns.
When they do that, you know it's the last resort.
If they ever try to bar the average people from owning firearms in defense of their liberty from government and
Criminals in the streets.
You know, tyranny has come to our shores.
It is all an individual right.
Anyone ever tries to restrict the use of arms by the citizenry is a tyrant.
I mean, the quotes are just legion.
Literally thousands of them.
And it was the only thing... I mean, they were debating for weeks off and on during the couple years it took to ratify the Constitution.
I mean, the debates went on and on.
They got shut down in Annapolis, and they came back years later.
But the one thing they never debated was the Second Amendment.
There were debates about the Tenth Amendment.
There were debates about everything.
In fact, there were debates in the Constitution, and they came back with the Bill of Rights.
And that was what was unanimous, was that Second Amendment.
Now, here's the key.
They didn't set up the National Guard in the states until 1914.
And most states didn't even adopt it until the 20s.
National Guard, State Guard did not exist under federal charters for over a hundred years.
Let me see, 1798 got the Constitution, and so 1798 until the early 19... until the teens.
Let me see, that's like 14 years, and then a hundred years, and another 11 years.
So we're talking about a hundred and twenty plus years of no official militia that's people in green uniforms running around commanded by the feds.
The militia grew into what you know as civil defense, or the posse.
It was under the Bill of Rights, it was under the Constitution, that you had elected the sheriff, more important than the mayor, more important than the county commissioners and the judges, the sheriff!
You have elected he or she, and under the Bill of Rights, under the Constitution, the sheriff could call out a posse.
And where did that power come from?
That if it is the domestic country or county under attack by criminals, by gangs, by rustlers, by Mexican troops, by French troops, by British troops, the sheriff would come out
By the way, Andrew Jackson was a county and then a state judge, and that's what he would do.
As a judge, as an auxiliary, he would go jump on his horse and literally ride around blowing on a horn saying, get behind me.
Men would just boil out of their houses and get on their horses.
They didn't have to be signed up.
They didn't have to be registered.
Let me tell you something.
If you didn't come boiling out of your front door, you'd get tarred and feathered.
They'd pour hot tar all over you that'd peel your skin off.
And if you did it a second time, they'd take you before a jury of your peers and they'd convict you of treason and they'd march your butt out and hang you.
You understand that?
And the Founding Fathers said over and over again, everybody's got to own guns.
Everybody's got to have guns.
And they said the main reason was against tyranny of government.
That was the main reason.
Our country was founded and forged in this.
Now, five years ago, University of Chicago, hoax was put out.
He's now been kicked out and lost his tenure.
And he's gotten in a lot of trouble.
Last time I heard, they were talking about criminal charges.
And he went and made up all these fake federal documents from 200 years ago, claiming the Founding Fathers were against the Second Amendment and that 5% of the country owned guns.
It turned out it was over 95%.
And he's been totally exposed.
But that's the type of hoaxes that they engage in.
The Second Amendment is an individual right just like the First, the Third, the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth, the Seventh, the Eighth, the Ninth, the Tenth.
They're all about individual rights.
It clearly says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
And we're gonna see what the Supreme Court does.
Don't hold your breath, folks.
Because, uh...
I've analyzed what they're doing.
I've seen what they've done in the past.
I know what their statements are.
And they're coming after our guns right now.
Be aware of that.
I've been telling you.
The main attack on the Second Amendment's happening now.
The NRA is supporting new gun control legislation.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Congressman Ron Paul coming up the middle of the next hour.
In a moment we'll be talking to Tex Mars, professor, Air Force officer, best-selling author.
Zogby Analyst says Ron Paul's strongest contender to beat Hillary.
This was borne out in the poll that I commissioned by Zogby International, nationwide scientific poll last week.
It was borne out by all the other major polls.
It doesn't take a political whiz or rocket scientist to know that the Republicans are running dead horses.
That they're just collecting campaign money that none of the other ones, Huckabee, Giuliani, Romney, have a snowball's chance.
The policies they're supporting of pro-war, pro-open borders, all of this, are a death knell.
Now, Hillary's the same, but Democrats will still vote for her, unless they're given a chance to vote for Ron Paul.
And he beats Hillary in polls, he beats Republicans in polls, because he's anti-war, but he's also conservative with pro-sovereignty, his economic policies on strong money.
And I've been telling you this for a year.
I've been telling you this for six months.
We've written a bunch of articles about it.
Here was the head analyst, head of communications at Zogby International, Mr. Wenzel, on the show yesterday saying, yes, Ron Paul is the strongest contender by double digits against Hillary.
He will beat her if he was in a fair election up against her.
We've got to reach out to conservatives and show them this fact.
This story is so important up on prisonplanet.com.
Zogby Analyst says Ron Paul, strongest contender to beat Hillary.
Another report, Jones Report.
Zogby Analyst, Ron Paul, timing almost perfect.
These stories need to get out.
Also that Giuliani's hated by the police and firemen in New York, over 80% in polls.
New York Fire Chief says Giuliani not a hero, he ran that day.
We have that audio, we'll play it later in the third hour.
This is just some of the news we have in front of us right now.
But regardless, Ron Paul is energizing the base of libertarians, conservatives, Christians in this country.
He is bringing real issues to the fore, and we need to get behind him and throw caution to the wind 110%.
I know you're doing that, but redouble your efforts.
Now, I was on with Tex Mars on his radio show, the taping of it, that airs this Sunday, and
Again, Tex was being too kind saying, Alex has discovered incredible things, an in-game blueprint for global enslavement.
He's discovered the global elite, planned to exterminate 80% of us.
And I was like, come on Tex, you've written books about this 10 years ago.
And I said, give us some of your knowledge on it.
He brought up a bunch of stuff I knew, a bunch of things I didn't know, a bunch of things I couldn't even put in the film.
And you know, you see a film like Endgame with a global leader on record wanting to set up world government as a means to an end to exterminate 80% of us or more.
But the official UN Biological Diversity Assessments and State Department documents, they're saying 80%.
The public statements by these people, the Heads of the World Wildlife Fund, the Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, 80% is the main number.
The Georgia Guidestones say that.
That's the number that pops up the most.
Some say 95%.
Some say half.
Very few say half in their elite.
Some are saying 99%.
Down to just a few hundred thousand.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
These are official, you know, State Department official university plans.
Chairs of biological, of biology departments at major, you know, Princeton University.
It goes on and on.
UT professor Pianca.
But he walked through the poetry of Marx and the statements of Lenin, V.I.
Lenin, and of other globalists, and to understand why they do what they do.
We're not saying it's a communist conspiracy, that's only one little finger of it.
And so I wanted to get Tex Marx up on the show today.
And again, Tex, before he started writing articles and best-selling books about the New World Order,
Was a multi-time, I mean super best-selling author of the major textbooks that people take for military entrance exams and books on robotics and on future, futurist developments.
I mean he's really a preeminent mind and I'm just so honored that he's my personal friend, he and his wife Wanda.
And his great staff at Power Prophecy right here in Austin, Texas.
Very strange, yeah, but that's, I guess, how it works that we're here in the same town.
And that's a long intro, but I'm very, very honored to have Tex Mars on with us today to talk about the mindset and what guides the globalists, and that Bible passage, I paraphrase, of those that hate me love death.
All those that hate me love death.
And that is exactly what these people believe.
Tex, thanks for coming on.
Alex, it's great to be on.
First of all, you give me way too many compliments.
When I said yesterday on my own program that you were kind enough to be guests, when I said that you have made this incredible discovery,
I want to say right now, of course I've written about many of these things in bits and pieces for a number of years, but Endgame puts it all together.
What you have done is a masterful job, and there are some revelations that are nowhere else but your video, too.
But you have taken this together, and they would have to read all 40 of my books to get just a piece of it.
But it is the essence.
You mentioned before I began to write about the New World Order and some of the things I've been writing on Codex Magicka, the secret hand signs and symbols of the Illuminati, the elite.
Many years before that, you know, I had best-selling books.
Where I really began was looking at the history
I think?
But where I was really urged to go in my heart was all the way back and look at the history of the occult religions and the secret societies over the centuries leading to today.
And by the way, you have a huge library at your office and your home.
You just went off what they say and what they believe.
Oh, absolutely.
You've gotten books such as my Codex Magica, which is 700 pages almost, and it quotes, it even has entire pages from various masonic and occultic textbooks and so forth.
Now here's the interesting thing about this.
Albert Pike and Manly P. Hall, both 33rd degree masons, both confessed.
Actually, they bragged
That the Masonic ritual, the ritual of the secret societies, such as the Order of Skull and Bones and a number of others, the Order of Gold and Dome, that they are identical with the ceremonial rites and rituals of the ancient mystery religions.
Now the ancient mystery religions, and here we have Mystery Babylon,
Egypt, Rome, Greece, and so forth.
They were based on human sacrifice.
They were based on a doctrine of blood, of death.
And this is the darkest of secrets.
Now remember, Albert Pike, who was the premier scholar
of Freemasonry in the 19th century, Manly P. Hall, in Scottish Rite Journal, C. Fred Kleinbeck, the Sovereign Grand Commander, said of Manly P. Hall, who died only a decade ago, that Hall was the greatest Masonic scholar of the 20th century.
Both of these men say, our rituals, our rites, our 33 degrees, are identical
Now you mentioned yesterday on my program how in the ancient mysteries of Mithra they would slay a bull and the person would be in a pit below and have the blood drain down on them and this gave them supernatural power.
By the way, when Caesar was inaugurated, they killed a bunch of, well, the king of the Gauls and a bunch of Germans in front of him, and they don't even really, it's in there, but they don't make it publicly stated that the Greeks also engaged in human sacrifice, though I turned PBS on last night and they were finally admitting it on there, so even Western, more modern ancient religions also did this.
Oh, absolutely.
Let's just take the Freemasonry in Washington, D.C.
Not only is the city laid out, Washington, D.C., in the form of a satanic pentagram, but exactly 13 blocks, that supernatural number, from the White House, Alex, there is the House of the Temple, which is the international headquarters of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.
But listen to this.
It is designed to, within 1 eighth of an inch, as an exact replica,
of one of the ancient seven wonders of the world, which is the Heliocarnassus.
Now, what is the Heliocarnassus?
It was the tomb of King Mousa.
Now, you can read about this, go to Google, look at any encyclopedia.
This is where the word mausoleum came from, the tomb of King Mousa.
Now, here's interesting.
Think about it.
An ancient tomb
They recreated it, 13 blocks from the White House, and listen to this, inside, in fact, is the tomb of Albert Pike, in this building, 13 blocks from the White House.
But of course, you and I have done research on the tomb, where the Order of Skull and Bones has its initiations, wherein they lay inside a coffin.
There is also, by the way, and you can go back, you can read David Oberson's book on White House and the occult architecture of Washington, D.C., you will find that there is a crypt built in the basement of the U.S.
So, and let me go a little bit further and talk about just current times.
If you would really like to see the intentions of the Illuminati, the elite,
One of their secret orders, the Knights of Malta, which is based in the Vatican, but has offices in over a hundred countries around the world, the Knights of Malta, they have actually built, or recreated, an ancient pyramid of the Mayans.
Remember now, that's where they sacrificed human beings to the sun god, cut out their hearts.
We know all of this down in the Yucatan, you know, the Aztecs, the Mayas, and so forth, the Incas,
But they actually built one, and the ribbon-cutting for it was in 1992, to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Columbus discovering America.
Now, I want to tell people about this pyramid.
It's in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
They actually did not allow local workers to build it.
It's a gigantic Mayan pyramid, flat on top,
It's believed that it has a great projector for holographic images to be cast up into space.
That is for something to come in the future.
It has no windows.
This gigantic pyramid, there are Knights of Malta crosses out on the patio, you see, in this huge complex.
It was built by the Dominican, remember now, Santo Domingo,
That's named after the Dominican Order.
They're the ones who carried out the Inquisition.
You know, the torture of Torquemada and so forth.
So here we have a building of an ancient Mayan pyramid.
Now, Pope John Paul II was there for the ribbon-cutting to celebrate.
Now, on the walls around this horrible, hideous pyramid are the flags of every nation on Earth.
Painted as a mural all around, but there are no windows.
I do not know how many stories high this is, probably at least 27, 28, maybe even 40 stories high.
I believe this is a pyramid of sacrifice.
Now, one end of the pyramid, they're huge from what I've been told.
They will not allow visitors to go, but only the small little museum inside.
But I understand there are actually dungeons, there are torture centers inside.
Now, at the far end of it, it enters, it exits the ocean.
So you could literally, through rendition, you could fly tens of thousands of people in there to be tortured in this ancient Mayan temple rebuild, or pyramid, I call it the Temple of Blood, their bodies then would be disposed of
I think so.
Well, what I discovered making Endgame, I already knew they planned to exterminate the majority of the population and are engaging in all sorts of population reduction operations right now, and that most of our modern sciences were founded by these people, and that they funded the Nazis the whole nine yards, but what I discovered at the end of it was that this is their over-driving.
This is what they're obsessed with.
They do come to kill, steal, and destroy, and you went through some amazing quotes of Marx, of Lenin,
Remember this.
Karl Marx was not just a communist.
That was just a euthanism or a name.
But communism was part and parcel.
Even Sir Winston Churchill said, since the days of Adam Weishaupt, who was called secretly, he had a code name Spartacus,
He said the Communist Revolution, this is the 1920s speech by Winston Churchill, a very famous speech, he said this has been a pattern, this has been a succession, it can be traced back to the Order of the Illuminati, but it continues through Communism, through the French Revolution, through Communism.
Nazism was a part of it.
Because, you know, they have this dialectic.
So you have to have the right wing and the left wing, and so forth.
So you have to have the Nazis along with the communists.
I think the endgame is really fascism, which is a common combination, a dialectical material combination.
It's sort of, let's just call it, communoxism.
But you're right.
Now, Marx, of course, was a paid disciple of this group, of the Illuminati, the elite of the occult secret societies.
Uh, maybe I could just quote from his poem, O-U-L-A-N-E-M.
And if folks want to read this, they can go on the internet and just Google up O-U-L-A-N-E-M, that's O-U-L-A-N-E-M.
And by the way, you said that only about 20% has been released by the Kremlin, but this is what they've released.
This is admittedly his writings.
Only 20% of the writings of Karl Marx have been released.
This is one that was released.
Imagine the 80% that we know nothing about that they've locked up in the archives of the so-called KGB, which has simply changed the name.
Here's what he said, and it comes from Marquis de Sade or something, but this was Karl Marx.
Now remember, he's the one that even Gorbachev says today his real goal was simply to unite the workers, to help the poor people and the oppressed,
Well, let's just see what he wants to do.
He says, and I'm quoting him, this is his goal, he says, I abhor nature.
I would like to split its planet, hinder its process, stop the circles of stars, overthrow the globes that float in space, destroy what serves nature, protect what harms it.
Perhaps we will be able to attack the sun, deprive the universe of it, or use it to set the world on fire.
These would be real crimes.
And then he said, I would like to see the earth and all of its people sink down to utter nothingness.
The world will dumbly pass away, perished with no existence.
That would be really living.
Now, Tex, tell them.
I mean, that is the heart.
See, folks, this is what I've run into.
And I read all these top futurists.
I mean, so many people are billionaires.
It's an endgame with things like, we are suicidal nihilists.
We want to go unwilling.
We just want to slaughter everyone, including ourselves.
It's so much fun.
It's that same idea
And it's just like you said, Abu Ghraib, while they were torturing somebody, and this is one of the few videos that's been released, and the guys, they're translating, what's he saying, and the guy being tortured says, please God help me, and they laugh and say, we are God here!
That's right, that was one of the Abu Ghraib tapes that was on the web for a very short time, I saw it, when the Iraqi being tortured was screaming in the Iraqi language,
One of the sergeants asked the other guy, what is he saying?
And he said, he's begging God to come and help him.
And he left.
The sergeant left.
The U.S.
sergeant left and said, tell him, answer him and tell him, we are God here.
That's what it's all about.
It's like when O'Brien's torturing Winston in 1984, he goes, look, it's we're priests of power.
Okay, we're going to rip ourselves to pieces.
This is what this is about.
It's literally tapping in to the gates of hell.
It is literally tapping in to just a dark destructive force.
When we get back, tell folks about Lenin and how he loved to slaughter little animals.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by power.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Isn't their objective being world domination?
For thousands of years their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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We're good to go!
Every time I research official UN documents, like biological diversity assessments, every time I research different leaders of the New World Order, they're always, Tony Blair doesn't matter, going to weird Mayan temples and doing rebirthing rituals,
Mainstream news, he flops around on the ground every morning when the spirit of the light enters him.
I mean, it's every time they're into this.
Again, even if they're agnostic and don't believe in God, or believe in the devil, whatever.
The point is, they believe in this.
This is what guides them.
And everything Tex is giving you is admitted on the record.
Tell about Lennon, and then, of course, how he, quote, wanted more and more blood, but what his wife said, what was written about, tell folks about that.
Well, you know, Lennon, of course, was part of the same Illuminati system.
Uh, and he was, he called himself an internationalist.
Although he was Jewish and the Lennon Museum now admits that he was actually an internationalist.
He hated all races as such.
But the horrible thing about him, his own wife, Irina Skapskaya, says that Lennon, she told her friends that he, and she was a pretty brutal woman, that he even frightened her.
Uh, because before he gained great power, one of the things he did for entertainment or the greatest joy in his life, there was a small island out not too far from their home where there were just like thousands of rabbits, you know, like swamp rabbits, like we have that in East Texas, where I come from.
Uh, and he would take his boat across over there with a baseball, not really a baseball bat, but a huge club.
Uh, and he would spend hours clubbing rabbits to death.
There were just thousands over there.
He would come back with his boat just full of, uh, dead rabbits, just like three feet high.
And, uh, his wife, uh, Ms.
Skia, if I'm pronouncing that right in Russian, told friends, she says, when he comes back with that devilish look in his eyes, it even frightens me.
So here's a man who later would get reports from his deputies of the horrors and atrocities of the camps, and the murders, and the tortures, would scream out, more blood!
We need more blood!
Now, the reason for this is a scientific, occult reason.
Now, let me just add something before you get into this text, because this is key.
Even the Russian histories, this is not debatable what the text is telling you, and there's whole stories behind it.
They would have quotas for big cities, small towns,
And they would go and get their quota, in some cases 20% of a town, and kill them or take them to slave camps, and they'd come back and say, everybody's submitting, there's no one resisting you.
And he would just scream, more, more!
Go ahead.
That's right, because blood is very important to them.
The more blood is shed, the more people are sacrificed, and the more pain and agony are experienced by human beings, or even animals, this great energy force is released.
You know, long ago I read this in Anton LaVey's The Satanic Bible.
The meaning is not simply just to kill, but they believe that there is a cosmic force.
We are part of a pantheistic energy force of the universe, and every living thing has a certain amount of energy.
When you kill that, if you kill, and especially if you make that thing, that person, or animal, suffer, the energy then is released.
And it comes into you.
Remember, John Hinckley had read many occult books and Rosicrucian books.
When he killed Lennon, who he heroized, I mean, you know, he lionized and believed Lennon was a great man.
Why would he kill a person of whom he was a fan?
He said himself, Hinckley said, I believe that in killing him, his energy force would come into me.
And so this is the reason for killing.
It's to release the energy, to unleash the energy forces, and thus gain great supernatural superhuman power.
Well, that's why primitive cannibals from the British Isles of all beyond thousands of years ago to New Guinea today, they believe by eating them they get their force.
That's right.
This is what guides the elite, ladies and gentlemen.
We have to understand our enemy to be able to deal with them.
This is what, in-game, scientifically shows as their plan.
Now we're showing you why they're obsessed with it.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Ron Paul coming up in about 30 minutes, ladies and gentlemen.
We are live the day before Thanksgiving, 21st day of November, 2007.
Professor Tex Mars, Pastor Tex Mars, best-selling author Tex Mars, former Air Force officer, Space and Aeronautics Professor, University of Texas, is our guest.
We're getting into the Communists, the Fascists, the Socialists, the Fabian Socialists, official UN documents.
It's in my film, Road to Tyranny.
You couldn't make this stuff up where they say in the Biological Diversity Assessment,
They repeated it year after year.
75, 76, 85, 97.
That, oh, the old cultures had it right.
We've got to reduce the human numbers.
They had wars and famine and human sacrifice.
And it says, we want to bring that back.
We want to bring that back.
And then you'd understand why they'd put mercury in your vaccines and cancer viruses and why they'd sterilize people and all the official government documents where they've engaged in these bioweapon attacks and why they could take 4,000 CPS-grabbed children in the U.S.
and radiate them to death or pay Israel to radiate 110,000 children with the ringworm children.
Why they could do this, why they could march our troops into chambers and nerve gas them and tell their families they doubted the flu and dissect their bodies, that was also about creating cadres.
You have to understand, when they create 30 plus black sites in Iraq and over 100 through Eastern Europe, and they admittedly take people in there and torture them and call it laboratories to learn more, it's also about creating cadres of doctors and CIA doctors and scientists, and that's who's doing this.
These are doctors.
I think so.
I'm owned by some of the richest people in France and they found all these dead women and some still alive in cages and it was very, it was in the news but then shut down.
Tex, I've seen hundreds of such reports.
I mean, this is going on.
Oh, absolutely.
You know, there's the Order of the Solar Star cult that was in France and Brussels, Belgium and Canada.
And a number of those people, a couple hundred in fact, committed suicide like the Jim Jones thing.
But before that, they put their children, their own children, through incredible tortures and so forth.
I know about what you mentioned in France and Brussels, Belgium.
The little McCann girl.
A lot of cover-up is going on there.
Because in Portugal and other European countries, there's incredible rings of torture and snuff.
Take Kinsey!
He killed his own son, kept him in a box for years, and killed him, and he's a hero!
Well, there was recently a movie, you know, really lionizing Kinsey.
The University of Indiana, of course, still has the big Kinsey Institute.
But here's a man who basically encouraged child abuse on a horrible scale.
I am convinced right now, there's more and more evidence coming, and I know that you have exposed a lot of this.
There is a closed circuit television network of torture and snuff films, and I believe they're using underground centers, dark castles,
I have found under Zedekiah's cave in Jerusalem, there is a Masonic lodge that meets secretly in a room there.
Under the White House in the basement, underground the Denver International Airport, the Ozarks area, Eureka Springs is a huge occult capital.
And all of these places, they have closed circuit TV.
Now I want to tell people something.
This should not surprise them.
The Waco Massacre, you and I know this, Alex, was telecast.
It was going out on closed circuit television.
They had microphones inside.
I'm sure the screaming of the kids, the burning of the flames... Alex admitted that they recorded it.
They admitted in the news that they had video cameras and microphones, but they won't release it.
That, you know, taking the broadcast on the building in New Jersey of what happened at 9-11.
Where is that film?
And who were they broadcasting that to at the time?
Remember, Bush said he saw it on television.
He said he saw the first plane hit.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, on the other side.
By the way, the White House admits they reviewed the Abu Ghraib stuff.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future.
For thousands of years their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
The Vargas makes big progress for the world.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I did a taped interview with Tex, and it's posted on Fridays at PowerProphecy.com, TexMars.com, ConspiracyWorld.com.
We have links up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com to it.
And it'll also be airing Saturday and Sunday.
When does your program air on WWCR, Tex?
Well, it's 8 or 9 o'clock.
I don't know, of course, depending on what time they're at on the WWCR.
But it's also on PowerPolicy.com, you know, on audio streaming.
It'll be on 24-7 over the whole next week.
Beginning Friday.
Beginning Friday.
Now for those that haven't gotten your incredible free newsletter or haven't gotten your book like Codex Magicka, how do they call and order Codex Magicka?
They can obviously get it online at ConspiracyWorld.com or TextMars.com or PowerProphecy.com, but what about the phone numbers?
Sure, just call us 1-800-234-9673.
I want to mention, our next 1 December, we're going to have on our internet site, powerpolicy.com, we'll be sending out a newsletter to our tens of thousands of folks, and we are featuring your video in the game, and my feature article will be on that.
Because I've just been moved to do that.
This is such, we have to understand the depth of horror
You know, we all love America.
We're patriotic.
We don't want to see our country go down the spoil.
But if you look at more than that, this is not just power and control.
This is not even freedom.
This is literally life and death.
And that's what your video, your new DVD is all about, Endgame.
And that's why I'm going to be
Pushing it very heavily on our website, even beyond.
I'm going to put your video above my own books, Codex Magic and the others, because it's so important that people understand this concept, which, believe me, I have researched all the way back, you know, thousands of years, and it's the same thing.
And you know, it makes sense.
I'm a Christian.
I believe there were devils 6,000 years ago.
There are devils today.
In fact, the same devils exist
The same ones who led Lemon and Marx now can be in the heart of a bush!
You see?
So we have this horrible conspiracy of evil.
Now, some people out there, Alex, may say, well, I don't really go with the religious bit.
You know, I understand the political.
And I'm not trying to convince anybody of my religion.
If I could, I would, of course.
But it's interesting that the Bible, in Proverbs 8, verse 36,
Here's what God said.
And you know Alex, there are a lot of people who are sinners, and again, I'm not trying to save people's souls today, but there's very few people who actually hate God.
And here's what God said about them in Proverbs 8.36.
He said, All they that hate me love death.
They love death.
Now I believe, and this is one of the few times I've mentioned this on the air, not only is there an order of skull and bones in New Haven, Connecticut, and not only did the 15 initiates, and George W. Bush was one of them and so was his father years before, and so was John Kerry and many others, not only did they lay in a coffin in a windowless building called the Tomb, which is basically a mausoleum adjacent to the cemetery, but I want to reveal something
That probably people have never heard.
If you get the very first street layout, the city layout, back in the late 1700s...
Of New Haven, Connecticut, the entire city was laid out as a skull and bones.
Oh, absolutely.
In fact, my film's called The Order of Death.
That's the name they give it.
It's publicly known as The Tomb, Skull and Bones.
But they call it The Order of Death.
And in what was Hitler's Waffen-SS, they were called Order of the Deathshead.
Him were actually called the Deathhead.
You know, they were.
And I know in one of my books, I have a picture of one of the German officers
And he had an actual human skull in his Busby, you know, the fur-ish cap that they used to wear.
Here is something interesting.
That's right, the field marshals would wear skulls on their hats.
We even have images of that in martial law.
And that was back in World War I. But I mean, that's the whole issue here is that they just love death.
And I guess that's the ultimate expression of a control freak, the ultimate expression of a hyper-predator.
I mean, it's the same thing with psychopaths.
Well, you know, the human brain.
Unfortunately, I was an Air Force officer.
And even, you know, at the time, of course, we didn't think we were in the
You know, the profession of causing death, but that's what we were.
I remember there was a huge water tower at the airbase where I was stationed.
It was a strategic air command base.
And they had the motto of SAC.
And it sounded good.
It said, Peace is our profession.
And as I was driving to work one day, you know, with my fellow officer next to me, he'd laugh real big.
He said, have you ever thought of that, peace is our profession, motto, text?
He said, peace is our profession, but
Death is our business.
Death is our business.
When I was at the University of Texas, the Air Force officer I worked with was a missile control officer.
A missile launch officer, actually.
We had a Marine there.
He was a real Marine.
This guy had a new Camaro and he camouflaged it.
He actually had it painted camouflage color, you know.
And he broke the Guinness Book of World Records for pull-ups there at the University of Texas gymnasium.
We're good to go.
That was the motto of the Marines, and it was a big plaque over his wall.
This was the Marine Corps ROTC and the Starkey University of Texas.
Now, he was telling my friend there, you know, you Air Force guys are a bunch of wussies.
You know, we Marines are, you know, we're the real killers.
But they were actually carrying on this conversation, you know, over lunch one day, there at the Student Union Hall, me and my missile launcher officer friend and his Marine officer.
Uh, and he was bragging about, you know, hey, I can kill a man with my bare hands.
I've been taught to do this.
My missile launch friend, uh, uh, his name was Mark, looked at him and laughed and said, you know what?
With one key, with a turn of one key, I killed two million people.
With a ton of one key, I can kill two million people at once!
I mean, obviously, these are nice guys, nice family men, they mean well, they go bass fishing, hunting, whatever.
But it shows how, it's that spirit, and how that argument of who has the most power has kind of just creeped into everything.
Oh yeah, when I went to Squadron Officer School, which is sort of an elite school for Air Force Captains, you know, they would get up and brag about it, they would show Vietnam
I don't know.
You know, was it Major General Smedley Butler that wrote that book, War is a Racket?
The Major General, Marine Corps, yeah.
Yeah, well, I'm afraid to say that as much as I love America, if we followed what Congressman Ron Paul recommends, which is to bring all of our troops home from 150 countries around the world, quit poking our fingers in people's eyes, and protect our own borders, we would be a lot safer, believe me,
And if we could actually have a much more slim and better military if we simply defended ourselves.
And you know, one of the early presidents warned in a speech that we should not go seeking after monsters overseas.
I mean, we have enough monsters in our own country, rather than going over there, fermenting trouble, and causing it.
We've only got a few minutes left.
Getting down to the basis, the reason I had you today, and I appreciate you joining us, is, you know, the words you were saying yesterday, and you said them here today, and I want you to elaborate on that in the time we have left, that in all your research, you came to the same conclusions that I found, that you weren't looking for this.
I wasn't, I didn't set out to go, oh, I want to prove they want to kill everybody.
It's that you,
When you finally get to the last level, you always run smack dab into this and...
It's just so bizarre, but then you actually do read the Bible, and it says, no, no, this is what they're into.
This is what they do.
They come to kill, steal, and destroy.
And I just think the general public has to wrap their mind around this, because you're right, you know, we're all sinners, and all do bad things, and we all, I mean, try to love God, you know, I try to be a good person.
I can't imagine hating God, and wanting to kill, and wanting to kill children, and wanting to... I mean, but that... Well, Alex, what you cannot understand, the British consul to Turkey,
We're good to go.
So this was a masonic, horrible, satanic attack on Christians.
The same people giving us the New World Order.
The British Consul sent back a report to his government.
He said the massacre was so horrible, he said on one huge stretch of road, he said they had cut off so many hands of people, if you put the severed hands, and just put them side by side, you could build an entire highway across this country.
Now how can the human mind fathom the horror
Of the masons, these horrible secret society monsters who did this crime.
Now, I was reading a book, Alex, and I know we've only got a few moments, From Sphinx to Christ, an occult history written by an occultist, Eduard Schur.
He says there has always existed a minority, misunderstood but powerful, whose ceaseless effort and aim has been to reconcile the Christian current with the Luciferian current.
He said they want to unite Christ with Lucifer.
This is part of this end game.
Lucifer is the father of death, the Bible says.
So what we have is this death current.
This is why a Baptist evangelist
In his newsletter recently, said he likes it when he sees Palestinians killed.
He said he saw a 14-year-old Palestinian boy shot by Israeli troops.
He said, that made me happy.
And he said, it made me want to say to all the Palestinian youth, hey, just lay down and take a bullet in the head.
It'd be good.
See, this is horrible!
I'll tell you what, Tech, stay there.
Let me... Stay there.
Tech, stay there, because I want to come back and finish this.
Yeah, that's Pastor Hagee who says Jesus is not the Messiah.
And people are defending him, saying, yes, he's not the Messiah, and killing Palestinian children's good.
I mean, this is the mass warping, evil coming out of the closet.
Pat Robertson endorsing Giuliani, the pro-abortion guy.
This is hell released.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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I'm begging you to check out the information that Tex Mars has been covering.
I'm begging you to get Codex Magica to get a screen newsletter.
He's one of the greatest minds out there, if not... I can't say who the... Anybody that knows more than Tex, really, if I really grasp it and think about it.
So many times I learn so much and I talk about it on air with him or on his show and he suddenly knows the answer to it or the information I just learned and more.
And I'm telling you right now, they're killing us, they're softfield weaponing us right now.
They plan to do it in a mass scale once they get their world government set up.
And this is the truth.
It's the horrible truth, you know.
Some people, we're going to go back to Tex right now, accuse me of exaggerating or trying to be shocking.
No, no, no.
I can't articulate how shocking all this is.
It is shocking.
You know, in my book, Mystery Mark of the New Age, I quote Christopher Hyatt.
That's H-Y-A-T-T.
He is the current head of the Order of the Golden Dawn.
This is the same group that Aleister Crowley,
Remember Aleister Crowley was not only a 33rd degree Mason, but he called himself the Great Beast 666.
Uh, headed.
He was also a member of British Intelligence and paid by British Intelligence.
Hyatt says this, he said, and I quote him in my book now, he said, it's going to take a heck of a lot more blood to bring in the new order.
A heck of a lot more blood.
So they need blood.
They want more blood.
They don't want world peace.
That would be ridiculous because the energy force, the cosmic force, even the book of Daniel in the Bible says in the last days they will worship the God of forces.
Anton LaVey, Michael Aquino, the Church of Satan, they don't even believe in a personal Satan.
They believe in a cosmic force principle.
And this is where the death of
I don't think so.
And so, you know, when you say that quote, I remember all these other quotes, they just, they, you could read some 3,000 year old text or something written a month ago, some new text, and it's always the same!
It is the same, and it is the end game.
Because remember, the biblical principle will always rule and triumph over everything.
All they that hate me, says God, love death.
Now back to Hagee.
Imagine a minister of the gospel, a pastor of a church of 10,000, Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, amplified by being on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, run by the homosexual Paul Crouch.
Uh, over in California.
And here is Hagee, who says we need to use nuclear bombs to destroy Iran!
Is this what Jesus would do?
Well, of course not!
How is he getting away with saying Jesus didn't come as the Messiah?
Because there has been an indoctrination for 100 years of the evangelical community.
This is Pentecostals, Baptists, and others.
Only a few have been able to escape this ideology, which teaches wrongly that the Jews are a superior race.
They're destined to be kings on earth, rulers of all, and we must bless them by killing all of their enemies and destroying all who oppose them.
Tex, we're going to have to have you back for a part two on this.
Fire out the toll-free number for the newsletter.
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Hey Alex, it's been great to be with you.
Tex, give that number out again.
All right, it's toll free, 1-800-234-9673.
And when somebody answers a friendly receptionist, just say, hey, I'd like that free newsletter.
Of course, be looking now on our webpage this weekend for the program Alex, you and I did, because you did a lot better at explaining these things than I did.
Oh, no, you did a great job.
Tex, thank you so much.
We'll talk soon.
Have a great Thanksgiving.
Hey, God bless you, Alex.
Take care, my friend.
All right, we're scheduled to have
Congressman Ron Paul up next, and up on PrisonPlanet.com right now, Zogby Analyst says Ron Paul's strongest contender to beat Hillary.
We interviewed their head statistician and the head of communications yesterday, Fritz Wenzel at Zogby, and Ron Paul won in every demographic, and he said clearly that in all the major polls that they've conducted and others have conducted, that Ron Paul, in double-digit leads,
He's the only guy who can beat Hillary Clinton.
He is the strongest candidate.
So I'm telling all conservatives, all libertarians, you do not need to support any other Republicans.
Huckabee, any of them.
Giuliani, Mr. Open Borders, any of them.
Mitt Romney.
If you want Hillary in, and she's getting double defense contractor money of anybody else, they're switching sides and going with them.
If you want Hillary Clinton in, don't vote for Ron Paul, don't become a delegate, don't donate money.
If you want Hillary Clinton in office, it's very simple, don't support Ron Paul.
Ron Paul or Hillary Clinton, you decide.
It's simple.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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Is it getting better?
Or do you feel the same?
Will it make it easier on you now?
You've got someone to blame You said one love
Well, Ron Paul, literal founding father material, a very humble man, military veteran, Air Force veteran,
Obstetrician, delivered over 4,000 babies, 72 years old, family man, most conservative, constitutionally based voting record in modern history.
And I am just blown away and so honored that I've been able to interview this man for the last 13 years, that he's always been gracious and come on the show, despite attacks and other things.
And just to see the meteoric rise, and when I say the buzz, the zeitgeist has been hit.
I was saying that six months ago.
Well, it's definitely gone supernova now, and he's with us to the end of this hour, though he's only got a few days with his family.
We're very honored to have him.
I have a list of questions here.
All I can say is all caution must be thrown to the wind.
Revolution, restoration is in the air.
Everyone, redouble, retriple your efforts.
This is so amazing.
Congressman, what is it like growing up in Pittsburgh, five, six years old, getting up at 5 a.m.
to go milk the cows, to become a veteran, a father, a congressman, and now literally, sir, the entire free world, the entire planet
You are now an icon, and I'm telling you, you are now an icon, regardless of what happens in this election.
What is it like in your life to have seen this happen?
Well, I think you might be overstating a bit.
I don't quite see myself like that.
I see our message as valuable and important, but I think there are so many others who have contributed.
I see things in terms of intellectual climate.
Ideas have consequences.
I do promote ideas and they're important, but a lot of other people have been doing that.
There's been a lot of activity, whether it's documentaries, radio talk shows, teachers, but it's all coming together.
It just happens to be focused around me, but I don't think of myself as the individual that did all this.
I just happen to be in the spotlight right now, but it takes a whole generation to tell you the truth.
I think that's what we're seeing and it's really very exciting and very important.
And like I say when I go to my rallies, I thank the people for inviting me to the revolution because it's our revolution not mine.
More than 5,000 in Philadelphia, more than 1,000 in Nevada yesterday.
And again, you are a humble man.
Obviously, you are the focal point, but it is your research, your scholarly stance, being a stalwart, staying the course, the things you've talked about being borne out.
But that's my point.
At this moment in time, this couldn't have happened until now.
It couldn't have happened without the right man.
Because I haven't heard you speak about this.
I mean, it's got... What does it feel like?
Because I don't... Maybe you don't realize, just like when I challenged you to run for president, you didn't think you'd even get one-tenth of this.
I mean, believe me, sir, it's just begun.
Well, I still look at it in terms of, you know, I'm very impressed how far along we've gone, how deep the frustration was, and how much anger there is correctly directed toward the abuse that we receive from our government.
This is very, very encouraging and very exciting, so I'm just, you know, very pleased that I can be a part of it and to keep it going and whatever I can do, I'm going to continue to do it.
I'm going to be honest with you.
It just has the feel, the genuine, bona fide feel of destiny.
And as you said, it's what we're all doing together on this journey.
I've only got four or five questions.
It's on the economy, but I want to give you time to go over it.
It's on the drumbeat for war, what's happening with the borders, and then of course your campaign.
But the first issue, this is a minute and a half clip,
I'm talking to the Congressman.
He'd heard about this, but hasn't actually heard it, so I want him to hear it.
This is CNN, Glenn Beck, and there's 20 more of these, but we can't play them all.
And then it's Fox News yesterday saying, anyone that asks questions of a politician who asks Hillary about the war, needs to be tasered, beaten to a pulp.
Then Glenn Beck says, you're going to be hearing Glenn Beck, sir, because I want you to hear it and then give us your response and analysis.
Glenn Beck saying we need to use the troops domestically against threats.
On the screen it says Ron Paul supporters domestic threat.
He then implies we're going to do something violent when there's no evidence of that.
He then goes on to have David Horowitz say that mainline libertarian groups and peace groups are quote in bed with Islamofascist.
I want you to hear this short compilation and then give us your take, Congressman.
There's a strain of isolationism and anarchy in the American tradition, which Ron Paul is tapping into.
Here it is.
When you enlist in the military, you have to take an oath that says you're going to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Foreign enemies are the obvious ones.
The physical threat may be developing domestically as well.
America, here's what you need to know tonight.
Ron Paul's supporters are tapping in to something that's very real.
It's something I've talked about on this program for a very long time.
The rising tide of disenfranchisement in this country.
And it's coming from all sides of the political spectrum.
If fringe elements take that disenfranchisement and turn it into violence, we endanger the freedoms we're supposedly all fighting for.
In bed with the Islamofascists and in turn against this country.
We have a lot of people in this country who think that we're the enemy.
To them has been added a whole new constituency of Muslim radicals and have denigrated the mission of this war and fueled the fires.
They're going after everybody, and here's the thing.
At one point, with security so high and tensions on edge, don't you think they're going to get, at the very least, tased or beaten to a pulp by somebody who goes, these people look threatening?
They don't look threatening?
The Ron Paul revolution.
I think it's meant to be a catchy slogan, but I fear some of his fringe supporters are taking the word revolution too literally.
Now, we had to cut it down.
Actually, the key part wasn't in that compilation we just cut together.
When he says, in bed with a bomb of fascists, he lists, says, libertarians, anti-war activists, lewrockwell.com.
That's the quote, Congressman.
What do you say to that?
Well, they're getting awfully frightened.
I think we now are a threat to the establishment, and they represent the establishment.
I thought Beck was trying, at least in the first major part of what he said, he was trying to be cautious, and you could interpret it in a different way.
We could almost say that about them, but he was really thrown at us, and I guess Horowitz
It sounds like the real radical.
But, you know, I think they represent a philosophic position which is diametrically opposed to us and our interpretation of the Constitution.
But I think it's serious business.
But when people strike out like that and start using names like Islamic fascism, I mean, they're working on fear.
And I see these people
They're very insecure people.
They don't understand what freedom is about and they have to resort to this threatening situation, but turning around and calling us the violent people.
I think they're very insecure with their ideas and they probably deep down in their heart think they're being good Americans, but I don't think their understanding is clear enough
Where they feel secure and confident, so they strike out at us and start calling us names.
I agree.
The Gallup poll, of course, has reported 10% approval rating for Cheney, 11% for Congress.
That's the all-time low.
Bush has even broken Nixon's record for unpopularity.
Both parties, for the first time, are unpopular.
And they even said that in the Glenn Beck newscast, that the people don't believe us anymore.
What are we going to do?
And they're publicly starting to panic.
Yeah, I think that was the only part of that statement.
He was recognizing exactly what we recognize, but he's dumbfounded that they're coming toward us and looking to us, and they want to offer this more authoritarian approach, you know, more of a government approach.
You know, it's up for grabs, and this is what this is all about, the American people.
I guess we, both sides, agree that the American people have a lot of confidence in the government.
It's what we're going to replace it with.
And, of course, my argument is that we replace it with the American tradition and our Constitution.
This whole idea that we're calling for violence is absolutely preposterous.
You know, I have been an advocate of civil disobedience as long as it's, you know, peaceful.
And, you know, one of my heroes in the way he acted was actually Martin Luther King.
I mean, he was attacking some very stupid, vicious laws, but he never preached violence.
He was willing to go to prison, and Gandhi as well.
I looked at Gandhi as a leader, and for them to turn that around and start throwing the word fascist away at us.
You know, they're trying to kill us by just calling us names, but not dealing with us in terms of philosophic differences.
Well, you mentioned Gandhi.
To paraphrase, he said, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.
We're now entering the attack phase, and as an Air Force man, you know the old World War II saying, when you're up at the target, you get the flak.
I think this is a really good sign, isn't it?
Well, it's a good sign, but sometimes it's a little bit scary about, you know, what will come.
But I think they feel very much on the defensive, and I think
They were willing to ignore us, and unfortunately in this country, the only thing that talks is money.
Our ideas were not accepted in the conventional media, but now the money is talking, the organization is talking, because we've been able to raise this money.
We do get attention of the media, so in spite of their plans to exclude us and do damage to us, you know, if you have an organization that is now newsworthy,
We can't just say that they may be out sometimes to undermine us, but we've been getting some honest interviews in the conventional media.
We shouldn't condemn everybody who calls us and puts us on the radio and television as out there only to destroy us.
But I think we've earned our stripes, and that's why we're getting this attention.
But we have to continue to do this.
We're good.
With a lot of noise and a lot of money and no votes, then we've lost a chance for victory.
Zogby polls and the head of Zogby last week on Fox, Mr. Zogby, said though that you could win and I had the head analyst from Zogby on yesterday, Fritz Wenzel, and he said that you are on trajectory to win the primary and he added from a poll, I commissioned, but other polls that they've shown,
I haven't analyzed that closely because I'm concentrating on my day-to-day activities and presenting the case for why we should and should and can do well in the primary.
But I haven't paid that much attention in detail, but of course she represents something quite opposite of what I do, so I would think that if the time comes, I will continue to do exactly what I'm doing, but I just think our views are that much more popular and offer so much more than just more government.
It's a tragic problem with medical care, but it has come from government.
What does she want to do?
She wants to turn over the government.
She wants to totally socialize it.
I want to free up the system.
So there's obviously dramatic differences between her approach and mine.
Dr. Paul, a quick take on the 5th of November and this new grassroots campaign that got announced about two weeks ago on the 16th and 17th, Bill of Rights Day and Boston Tea Party Day.
They'll have trouble spinning that, like they did the other day.
$10 million they're shooting for.
What do you think of that?
Well, I was pretty skeptical before, and they did pretty darn well, so I don't know.
I guess I just have to wait and see what happens.
So they surprised me.
So, and you know, what is utterly amazing about that is, you know, we don't have to go out and hire paid people to raise money.
These other campaigns either have to use their own money or they have to get paid people to go out and get money from the special interest.
Then they pay 20 and 30 percent fees, you know, for raising this money.
We didn't have to pay any money, you know, to raise this.
This is probably a historic event to raise that much money in one day and not costing us one cent.
Without giving away too much strategy, the New York Times asked the question yesterday that you've only spent 43 cents per dollar what you raised.
Are you planning on spending most of the war chest running up to these primaries?
Yeah, and I couldn't even defend or explain or know what they're talking about from what date to what date because
You know, obviously the money is sent to us for one purpose, to enhance the campaign.
We certainly are.
We're very much involved in buying television now and doing a lot of direct mail and doing the things that we're supposed to be doing.
So I think we would be irresponsible if we didn't spend the money to do our best job to win these primaries.
Shifting gears back to the first subject, there was a Fox News clip we played there where a lady stood up and said, please stop the war, Hillary.
We sent you guys to Congress to do that.
And they grab her and a man and drag them out.
And then the Fox News commentators say, man, we need to tase them.
We need to beat them to a pulp.
They go on to say we shouldn't allow people to question our politicians in this new anti-terror climate.
And we see them swinging around.
We even have a White House memo from last year, by the way, sir.
That came out in September, where the White House said that this was going to be a strategy to paint their detractors as aiders of terrorists.
Does that concern you to hear national television, and this is a talking point we've discovered, calling for violence against peaceful protesters?
Well, if they are, of course, nobody should be calling for violence.
I don't know all the details of what went on there or what was happening, but
I think if that is happening, if that is true, I think that just is a reflection once again that they're sort of panicking and they're insecure about what they believe in and how to present their case and they're afraid they're losing control.
Couldn't that backfire on them to tase somebody when they ask Kerry a question or try to tase somebody when they ask Clinton a question?
I mean, that's getting pretty bold.
Yeah, if they actually do that, it's still a little bit hard for me to believe that we've gotten that far.
Usually they'll find another excuse.
They won't say they've actually done this for what they said.
They'll probably come up and say he was creating a disturbance and disrupting the meeting.
Depending on the locality and what the situation is.
I don't want to make a blanket judgment on what they're doing.
The Supreme Court is, in March, going to hear the argument for the Second Amendment.
The press is saying that it's not an individual right, and some are reporting that the Supreme Court may give a mixed verdict, but claiming, OK, you have a Second Amendment, but we can restrict it by law.
Your take on that?
Well, that's interesting.
That's the D.C.
gun bill, the gun law.
The first time I went into Congress in a special election in 1976, within a month or two after I was elected, that law was passed, and Congress has jurisdiction over the city, and we have a process where we can overrule anything that they do.
So I brought that to the floor under special privilege.
And nobody wanted to deal with it, and I argued up and down that this was unconstitutional and it would lead to strict gun laws around the country.
It was ruled out of order for technical reasons just because leadership didn't want to hear it.
And you were right!
They're now saying that if they rule in favor of the D.C.
gun ban, it's going to be used nationwide.
So I find it rather ironic it took this many years that it finally made it to the Supreme Court, but it is going to be a dangerous ruling because
That's right.
We could get really hurt, but it would be pretty hard for me to understand how they could argue that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with our right to own a weapon.
It was so clear in the minds of the founders that you had a right to own guns for self-defense, defense against your government, and they would have never thought that people wouldn't have guns to go hunting.
We got a break.
Stay there!
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future.
Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Both their objective being world domination.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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Ron Paul is our guest.
Final segment with him.
Be part of history.
Don't wait on the sidelines and wish you wouldn't have gotten involved in Nevada or New Hampshire or Michigan or Iowa and other areas.
Get involved now, ladies and gentlemen.
I want to talk about the economy with Congressman Paul, but finishing up,
Well, the only tool the Congress has is to eliminate the jurisdiction of lower courts.
uh... whatever state have certain laws to protect individuals you can restrict uh... that from going into a federal court if they're going to uh... you know undermine it but uh... of course the ultimate test would have to be getting new supreme court justices.
What about impeaching them?
Hauling them in before congress?
Well you can do that but that doesn't change the law you know, oh you mean impeach?
Did you say impeach?
Yes sir.
Oh yeah you can uh... that of course is not uh... done very often and
I think they do this for other reasons than because there's a disagreement in the interpretation, although that is available and all.
In a practical sense, I don't see that happening, to tell you the truth, although the tool is there.
Is an attack of this level on the Second Amendment, though, an attack right on the direct heart of the country?
Well, of course, but look at how many other things that they've attacked.
You know, where there's the First Amendment now already, you know, on all the laws that they pass on campaign financing, and what have they done on property rights, and the way they collect our taxes, what have they done to our money, what do they do, how do they go to war?
You know, it's endless, but we don't really... If we went to the impeachment process, I guess every president, every member of Congress nearly, and probably every member of the courts should have been impeached one time or another.
So we have to change people's attitude and have a consensus and go forward.
Congressman, two final questions.
The economy.
economic gloom brings new dollar low, gold surges.
Again, it seems like every perfect storm, everything you've warned about for 30 years, now happening.
Your take on the economy.
Top, you know, bankers are saying we could have a global recession or depression.
Your analysis.
And A, what do you think is going to happen?
B, what should we do now to pull out of this?
Well, it's not going to be easy to pull out of it.
I think we're in bad, bad shape.
Worse shape than we were in the 70s when, you know, the dollar nearly collapsed and it was rescued with 21% interest rates.
I think our productivity in this country is way down.
Our savings is way down.
The dollar is more vulnerable than ever.
I think we're in for a weaker dollar, more inflation, higher interest rates and a much weaker economy.
And we're going to have to pay for living beyond our means.
And a lot of people's standard of living is going down.
75% of the American people say now they're having economic problems.
Are you worried about this triggering a credit crisis in credit cards and then even in derivatives?
And as you said, this is the key time.
Will we go into greater liberty or greater tyranny?
That's why the fight is so important now.
How do we, the individuals listening, help the campaign?
The most important thing is to support the campaign by joining it, sending money, and then doing things that you can do in the most creative manner possible, and that is finding friends and allies in the special states that are early.
They have to get registered, they have to be available, they have to go to these caucuses and make sure they vote, because the showings in the early primaries will make or break the whole campaign.
Congressman, we're all praying for you.
We're all behind you.
You have hit the zeitgeist.
Have a great Thanksgiving with your family.
Thank you very much.
God bless.
There goes Congressman Ron Paul, the Dark Horse Champion of Liberty.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, it is the day before Thanksgiving.
It is the 21st day of November 2007.
I have masses of economic news, police state news, Second Amendment right to self-defense news, Hillary news, all of this stuff coming up in this hour.
But I'm going to open the phones up, and I'm telling you folks, I want to hear from you, but I want it short and sweet, and your take on Ron Paul, the war drums, any issue of the dollar you want to discuss,
But I want to just get to the point and get on with it because I want to take a lot of calls at 1-800-259-9231.
What did you think of that Ron Paul interview we just had?
I'd like to get your take on the things that he talked about.
What a great guy.
Still coming on the show despite all the attacks he's gone through.
Uh, Gates is saying Iran military options still open.
Zogby analyst says Ron Paul's strongest contender to beat Hillary.
Zogby analyst, Ron Paul, timing almost perfect.
We'll be going over that.
New York City Fire Chief, Giuliani, not a hero.
He ran that day.
We'll be playing that coming up next.
Uh, this is just some
of what we're going to be discussing.
More on U.S.
economic gloom brings new dollar low.
An economic expert says global crash imminent.
But I'm telling you, we need to get the message out to conservatives and libertarians that if they do not vote for Ron Paul in the primaries, if Democrats don't come over, you're going to get your warmonger Hillary.
Stop being idiots!
You know, for conservatives, stop voting for people like Bush and Romney and Giuliani and this gaggle of New World Order minions.
Democrats, Republicans, you all better vote for Ron Paul, or do you want this dynasty of Bush-Clinton?
30-something years of it?
I mean, how long does this have to go?
I mean, how much do we have to have?
We've already got from 88 until 2008.
That's, what, 20 years?
We've already got 20 years, and of course Bush was really running things from 81 onwards, and the Reagan administration after Reagan got shot, so that's another 8 years.
That's 28 years.
I mean, let's stack another 8 years of the Clintons on top of that.
Total New World Order, total.
I mean, they're going to implode the economy and then bring even more socialism in to get control of our lives.
Eugenics through, quote, government health care sounds great.
If angels ran the government, they're not angels.
So this story we've put out about, uh,
Ron Paul being the strongest Republican contender against Hillary.
That's just a fact.
Now borne out by all the polls.
And I want that story dug.
I want it put out everywhere.
I want that story to the four corners of this planet.
This is absolute battle command in the New World Order fight here, ladies and gentlemen.
We are going head-to-head against these people.
This is the battle for the Republican.
If you don't know, an all-out war to bring this country down, and with it the rest of the planet, is in full swing.
At the height of combat in the InfoWars, you aren't watching, you aren't paying attention.
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It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Don't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They have all the money they need.
They're not after money.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Wide open phones in this third and final hour of the 21st day of November 2007.
If you just now tuned in, we had Ron Paul on for a full 30 minutes of the last hour.
And when this broadcast ends, a lot of M&M stations carrying it, shortwave internet, all that, we're going to start re-streaming it at InfoWars.com.
You can just go there and click on the screen, and hear the Ron Paul broadcast re-air.
It's coming up in 55 minutes, or about 52 minutes, actually.
If folks missed any of that, we'll also be posting it on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.
It's just so historical and so amazing what's happening right now.
I wanted to play this clip and then we're going to go to some of your phone calls and then get into more news.
This is up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
New York City Fire Chief Giuliani, not a hero, he ran that day.
Now, they've had polls in New York, a whole bunch of them.
Giuliani's been booed for more than three years at events.
The police and firemen, most of them now.
Just four years ago I'd go there and they'd be mad at us.
Now they shake our hands, try to buy us dinner, pat us on the back.
The majority of them.
Some still hate us.
I'd say 25-30%.
We still drink the Neocon Kool-Aid.
But I talk to cops.
Yeah, we heard the countdown.
Yeah, we heard the countdown.
No, I'm not going to say it on video when they blew up seven, but we have gotten some to speak out and we have video that day.
Cops saying, get back, they're going to blow seven up.
But the point is that they know he's a piece of garbage and covered up the dust.
They knew day one.
And they know he's a liar.
And here's a quote.
Rudy is now trumpeting his leadership in the wake of 9-11 and the campaign mailings to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, despite claiming all along that he wasn't running on a 9-11 record.
Dan Abrams has on FDNY Deputy Fire Chief Jim Richards, whose group, 9-11 Firefighters and Families, vows not to let Giuliani get away with it.
And he goes on with a quote, but they've been all over the place saying this, buying ads.
They've even bought newspaper ads and TV ads in New York saying, and they're talking about more.
And then last night, my wife's cooking dinner and we're sitting there, I'm helping her setting the table.
I'm listening to NPR.
And it just made me mad.
They were going, oh, people are saying he's not a hero in 9-11, but Americans remember that day and that week, and it's just not working.
They know Giuliani's a hero.
He's such a hero.
Just everywhere, Giuliani, the system cramming Giuliani.
He looks like Nosferatu, acts like Nosferatu, son of a mob boss.
All these mob connections, all the corruption, all the evil, running the tripod to drill that day of the towers being attacked out of the building, told the towers were going to collapse.
I mean, it's incredible.
So here's a clip of that.
We'll have that coming up.
But first, today, Rudy Giuliani made his most blatant effort to make himself decandidate of September 11th.
His campaign sending direct mailings to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire which read, quote, after the worst attacks on US soil, Rudy Giuliani went to work rebuilding New York City and faith in America.
And now for the first time even in TV ads, trying to play on that experience.
It's having held those positions in time of crisis.
I've been tested in a way in which the American people can look to me.
They're not going to find perfection, but they're going to find somebody who's dealt with crisis almost on a regular basis and has had results.
Alright, in a moment we are going to talk to a senior New York City firefighter about how he and a group of 9-11 families are challenging Giuliani's September 11th cred.
Up to now, there's been some confusion about whether this issue would define the Giuliani candidacy, as evidenced by this piece put together by the folks over at Talking Points Memo.
I'm not talking about September 11th.
Not just September 11th.
Not September 11th.
Nothing to do with September 11th.
Nothing to do with September 11th.
September 11th.
We'd be putting our head in his hand if we took September 11th out of the debate.
But in the 90s there was an excuse for that.
We didn't have September 11th happening to us.
He didn't have the knowledge of September 11th.
He didn't know September 11th was coming.
We don't mention September 11th nearly as much as people think.
Alright, so the schizophrenia seems to be over.
Now Giuliani seems to be out of the closet on 9-11.
It looks like he will be the target of a group ready to do battle.
Bottom line, the risks for Giuliani in running as the 9-11 candidate are already clear.
And my guest is ready to lead the crusade to stop Giuliani from adopting 9-11 as his great achievement.
New York Fire Department Deputy Chief Jim Riches is with us.
So is Rachel Maddow of Air America and MSNBC political analyst Pat Buchanan.
Thanks to all of you.
Appreciate it.
All right, Jim, let me start with you.
How aggressively are you ready to go after Giuliani on this issue?
Well, we're going to follow him around, tell the true story of what happened on 9-11, because he seems to, uh, he just wants to be Mr. 9-11, and he's declared himself Mr. 9-11, and I disagree with him for many reasons, but we will follow around and get the message out to all of America and every state to let them know
That Rudy Giuliani is not Mr. 9-11.
He's not a hero.
He ran that day.
Chief, look, you are still with the New York City Fire Department, so I gotta ask you this.
Do you think your views reflect that of, you can't reflect everyone's views, but do you think your views reflect the majority of New York City firefighters?
Well, I can tell you, I'm an active chief, and I work in the firehouse, and you'll hear a four-letter word after his name, and it's mostly, uh, it's not hero.
You can be sure of that.
I mean, he failed us on many counts.
He didn't have radios at work that day.
We had no unified command.
We had no interagency drills.
We didn't have, uh, OEM was incompetent and useless that day.
We had self-evacuation.
People were being told to stay in place right up until the second tower fell.
I mean, the same way that some people would say he has no right
And is that his fault?
To claim ownership of 9-11.
I would ask you the reverse of that.
Is he to blame for all of that?
He had all these commissioners in there who were incompetent, unqualified.
He made a fireman the fire commissioner, a police officer the police commissioner, and he made an OEM director who was a fire dispatcher.
And they made decisions that day that were fatal.
They took off and they ran before either Tower fell.
Rudy Giuliani and all his future millionaires ran from the site and left.
And they got that dust on them, and they made millions and millions of dollars talking about it, and yet we have all the firemen who got improper respirators for two months, and now everybody's sick, and 70% of them are dying because of him.
Let me play a little piece of sound, and this is part of an anti-Giuliani ad, and I think if Chief Richards keeps this up, I think there's gonna be more to come of this kind of ad.
Let's listen.
If you were not with him 100%,
And didn't support him 100%.
They would basically cut your throat.
It cost the lives of first responders that day because the command center was located at the World Trade Center.
There were 60 firefighters killed in the Marriott.
There's 121 killed in the North Tower.
And the rest were killed in the South Tower.
What would have been different on that command center had it been operational?
The death toll for firefighters would probably have been cut in half.
Chief, you ready to put together a political organization like the Swift Boat Group did and go after Giuliani on this?
Well, we are considering, we're talking around, we're considering on options.
You can watch the whole clip at PrisonPlanet.com.
The point here, the reason we're playing this to analyze it is that notice that when I made Marshall Law in 2005, we have a whole segment in the film in his speech
Where he says more than 25 times, I remember counting it up, it was like 26 times, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11,
Notice, we were there first.
I'm not bragging.
I'm saying we've got the strategy.
We're smart.
We go with the truth.
It's the sword.
It's got the power.
It's easy.
I don't have to think about what I'm going to say.
I just say the truth.
That's why we can't be beat if we just take action.
I said a year ago, Giuliani's running.
We gotta point out the dust.
I had firefighter groups on.
In fact, I had the gentleman you just heard on, and I said, go after him on the dust.
Not the radio's not working.
Okay, that's one issue.
And I said, go after him on saying, we knew the towers were going to fall, we got out of Building 7.
Then Giuliani said, he never said that.
He said it on CBS, and he said it on ABC twice, including with Peter Jennings.
Then he gets confronted by Luke Rudowsky and Samantha and others of We Are Change.
What is it, like five, six times now?
Bringing that up, he says, I never said that.
And then NBC New York goes back and gets the clips and says, well, yeah, he did say, why were you told the towers were going to collapse when nothing like that had ever happened?
And when they say in that piece, Giuliani's accomplishments 9-11, that's kind of a Freudian slip.
Or what do they call it?
Double entendre?
I'm not sure.
A pun?
I mean, he did!
I mean, there's no doubt this guy's deeply involved in the whole thing.
Certainly knew what was going to go on.
And he's an absolute dangerous gangster mobster.
In a way, he's even worse than Hillary.
That's not possible.
I mean, she'll definitely win if that's who she's running against.
Because he's perfect.
That's why the system's pushing him.
They'll put him in, and he's got more skeletons in his closet than the biggest mausoleum of the catacombs of Rome.
And it's just over.
Ron Paul is it.
If you, the Zogby polls, the Reuters polls, the polls commissioned by Reuters with Gallup all show, Ron Paul is popular with Democrats way more.
Double-digit leads over other Republicans, and he'll get the Republicans voting for him too, and the Libertarians, and now the majority of Americans don't call themselves Republican or Democrat for the first time.
They're now calling themselves Independent.
They will go with Paul.
It's an absolute no-brainer.
And the Ron Paul campaign needs to focus on the fact that all the polls show only he can beat Hillary.
I've been saying that for almost a year now.
Writing articles about it.
Only Ron Paul can beat Hillary.
A. Giuliani is a complete dead horse in this race.
He's a shill, a ringer.
They're running a dead horse against Hillary.
Okay, they're trying to fix this thing.
Right now, you're witnessing history.
And I don't always say presidential elections are a diversion, because we never got real candidates.
They'd have a controlled field on both sides.
They'd run that corpse Bob Dole against Bill Clinton.
They'd run Bush's cousin on multiple sides of his family, and his skull and bones buddy, and fraternity buddy, Terry, who laid down when he really won, and who cares if he would have won?
You can't just stage the election and cheat the election.
You've also got to have a ringer who'll lay down once you've stolen it.
I mean, it's time to get honest.
We had that ringer-gore.
It's time, if you don't want this dynasty of Bush-Clinton, Bush-Clinton, over and over again, I know I keep saying this, and I know you know this, but we better get this message out to everybody right now.
It's simple.
If you want Hillary Clinton, don't vote for Ron Paul.
And I know you're going to say, well Alex, you said there's election fraud in 35% of the country with these machines.
Yeah, we've got to have exit polls.
We've got to illustrate that.
They're going to have big trouble covering that up.
It doesn't mean we can't take the field to battle.
And we're getting counties and cities right here in Austin, a suburb of it, Westlake, the mayor's moving to go back to paper ballots.
It's in the news just where I live.
It's happening all over.
Yeah, it's a tough road to go.
It's a tough road.
But we've got to do it.
We don't have a choice.
Okay, the new old order's coming down on us.
And get involved in local elections, too.
Ron Paul is just energizing the alternative media, alternative candidates.
This is a revolution that doesn't stop or begin with Ron Paul.
We'll be right back with your calls.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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The creature man says it's the end of time In the Mississippi River, she's a ghost drive I live back in the woods, you see The interest is up and the stock market's down And you're only getting mugged if you go downtown
I live back in the woods, you see A woman and the kids and the dogs and me I got a shotgun, a rifle and a four-wheel drive And a country boy can survive Country folks can survive
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And why is that?
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This is why.
Because you can't starve us out and you can't make us run, cause when you move on
Alex, how you doing?
I tell you what, it's a great show here the last few days, especially about the Zogby Pole stuff.
That's really great stuff.
You've been exposing them, how they operate.
We did it, Dale.
A lot of thanks.
Let's hear it.
Well, it sure has.
I'm looking forward to hearing some more on that.
Hey, listen, I know you're one of the originators of the Info Bomb, and we saw the viral effect and the way it took off with the Money Bomb, and so now, here in Austin, we've launched the Primary Bomb.
And the Primary Bomb is what we need to do in conjunction with this Ron Paul campaign, is we need to work really hard at unelecting every incumbent possible, all the way from dog catcher
The City Council, to the State Rep, to U.S.
Reps, and to the U.S.
We need to send Ron Paul all the help he can get by sending
A hundred or two hundred freshmen into that House of Representatives next week.
Vote out incumbents unless you know their record, and they're good.
I agree.
There aren't many.
And just froth, basically.
Get involved in election watch groups, like Vote Rescue in Austin and other groups around the country.
Go to Black Box Voting and find out different groups.
Just start going in different directions.
Just start frenzying.
I mean, if we just start running in all directions and snapping and biting and getting a word out, we can't be stopped.
Get moving, folks!
You don't have to be perfect.
You don't have to have all the answers.
Absolutely, and you know, we're sitting here in a world of soundbites, so I figured if we could call this the Primary Bomb, and that way we've got a one-word expression that encompasses that effort to unelect every incumbent.
Or Primary Surge!
Primary Bomb, Primary Surge, whatever, but just go to primarybomb.com
And it just simply states, hey, let's unelect all these incumbents.
So hopefully we can just put that on the ground.
Who launched that shot?
Is that you, Richard?
Yeah, I set it up.
I set it up.
And it's just all it is.
It's just a blog.
It's got one paragraph on there.
Real simple.
No ads or nothing like that.
No, that's a good idea.
Thank you, Alex.
Hey, thanks, Richard.
Oh, by the way, Richard, give me a call.
Richard did camera work for us in New York.
I just gave him a little camera.
We watch the video.
He's quite a savant with the camera.
Charles in Michigan.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, how's it going?
I want to thank you for taking my call.
This is the only way I get a chance to actually listen to your program here in Michigan because we don't have any affiliates here and I don't have internet access.
Okay, go ahead, sir.
You're on air.
I wanted to say that Kerry and Gore, of course, they won.
Thanks a lot.
Uh, but you know, they put in who they wanted to put in, and Clinton, now they're, they're, uh, they're spending this to where, oh, she have all this experience, she have experience, she has experience.
Experience of being a witch and a criminal.
Um, and now they have Giuliani, uh, now he's Mr. 9-11, Mr. 9-11, Mr. 9-11.
Um, you know, it, it gets to be so, so ridiculous, it's, it's comical, but it's not comical.
I mean, you want to cry.
Um, you want to see what it is that you can do, and I'm trying to get a radio station here in Detroit, Michigan.
I'm trying to put your information out there, and I'm going to try to do everything I can.
And I'm voting for Ron Paul.
And that's all I had to say.
Well, God bless you.
You know the problem.
We've got quite a few AM and FM stations for a stand-alone, independent, small network.
I mean, there's like 300-something affiliates of different shows on Genesis.
And I've got like 50-something stations in growing that carry us live, a few dozen more that carry us on the weekend.
Uh, but, you know, the big companies have bought up everything and then they put their talk show host on syndicated, because they then get all the ads.
And, uh, but there are mom and pops, I guarantee you, going into Detroit.
That's how we've gotten all the stations we've got.
There's people like you, Charles, getting on the phone and telling them to go to GCMLive.com or CareerCenters.us.
And they can get the satellite coordinates, they can get us anytime they want.
We'll come right back to Don, Cliff, Kyle, others.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good.
In my own personal life, the experiences I've had, the quest I unknowingly put myself on, the path
I look back at the last 13 years and all the exploits, all the things we've been able to do, all the campaigns against the enemy, all the defeats we've had, all the victories we've had, all the stalemates we've witnessed, that tells me one thing, you have got unbelievable potential.
Every man, woman, and child, I don't care if you're Hispanic, black, white, Asian, old, young, northern or southerner, all that doesn't matter.
What matters is, we have blood in our veins, the same red blood.
We have the same desires and the same dreams.
And we have been taught that we don't have power, that we can't affect change, there's nothing we can do, we can't fight City Hall, death and taxes.
It's a lie, ladies and gentlemen.
Death is inescapable, but corruption and City Hall and the rest of it isn't.
We've got a society of criminals and deadbeats and slobs and bullies and criminals and thugs and parasites that have taken control of the main centers of society and set up all sorts of double books and scams and theft and now they're just going wild.
And they see us waking up to them and trying to throw off at least a few million of the leeches hanging off of us.
We're like a dog dragging a tick around.
The dog weighs 100 pounds.
The tick weighs 200 pounds.
The ticks even got ticks.
It's a disgusting mess!
And the tick's trying to grab on us with its mandibles, trying to hold us close.
It's whispering to us, going, I love you.
I keep you safe.
I'm the government and the corporate media all love me.
I'm good.
And we're like, oh, your breath's horrible.
You stink.
You're disgusting.
And it's like, no, that's a conspiracy.
I'm beautiful.
You love me.
That's basically what it is, spiritually, if we could boil it down to that.
And I just want this sinking thing off of me.
And, you know, a little bit of wisdom I've garnered in life.
I used to put up with bull a lot more than I do, just even in my personal life.
People around me, I know me.
I mean, why should I personally, in my own life, people I know have leeches hanging off of me?
Because they hate me while they leech.
I used to just let them sit there and attach themselves, and then they would hate me while they leech.
It's the same thing with the criminals that run our society and our government.
I'm done with them!
And I just put it all in God's hands, and I'm going to do the right thing.
I'm going to do my duty.
I'm going to stand up and take action.
I'm going to try to be part of history on the side of good.
I've thrown caution to the wind.
I'm fully committed.
And it's a great feeling to be fully committed, ladies and gentlemen.
The only torment in my life is that I am not articulate enough and cannot put out my ideas as I actually see them in my mind's eye properly, that I do have shortcomings, that I do have problems.
I'm just a man and I've never claimed to be your leader or be smarter than anybody or anything.
I just got focused on issues that mattered and have now made it a discipline to research and learn more and I know quite a bit.
And I know enough to know that I don't even know that much, but compared to the general public who can't even, again, find the U.S.
on a globe, or the basic geography of the planet, or the branches of government, or anything basic, we're in a crisis!
And if you would just turn yourselves loose out there and take action in the info war.
Pick an issue.
Pick a group.
Get involved.
Go to city council meetings having no idea what you're even going to do once you get there.
Start researching.
Get involved in exposing the phony environmental group stealing property and setting up feudalism.
Defend the Second Amendment.
Join Gun Owners of America!
Get involved with them!
The Second Amendment, I'm seeing massive attacks at every angle.
Never seen anything like it.
But because the enemy's gotten smart and doesn't try to sell it anymore, they're going with the covert instead of the overt.
People aren't aware.
I mean, I don't even know what to say to people anymore.
It's just they're hitting us at every angle.
And the good news is, when we're able to articulate the truth, even through the alternative media, the people are now resonating with it.
Okay, Don in Texas and Cliff, Kyle and others.
Don, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I really appreciate what you've done with Endgame.
I've seen it three times.
And I would just like to comment that I have a concern for the battle for the Republic, which is the part that you added at the end.
Yeah, the 17-minute mini-film.
Yes, first of all, I really respect you, and I'm right in line with you on everything, but what I'd like to say is that I feel like the history of Texas Park is kind of a whitewash, and I would like to say that I feel like that that part of Texas history, it really is the essence of the beginning of eugenics, and of course the root of the CFR with Colonel House,
And so I just wondered if you could comment on your knowledge of the deeper history of Texas in the sense of three factions of masons fighting amongst each other.
Yeah, let me get something straight here, okay?
Number one, history is so complex, multivariate, multifaceted, interwoven, that
To even try, I mean, you could write a thousand books, make a thousand films, and never even cover the history of Texas, because these are millions of lives, millions of people, billions of interactions.
We are given a totally false, spun history by the corporate media that is the most radical history out of Mexico that isn't based in any reality, and so
Were there imperialist nature?
Was there corruption?
Were there people wanting to be land speculators and get land?
What were the Spanish doing here?
It belonged to the natives!
And so, the school children in the U.S.
are taught that all this belongs to Mexico, and America's evil, and our own corporations want to break the U.S.
up, so I'm fighting the globalists, and the history I presented is factual.
Now, you can say, well, by omission, it's deceptive, but that's the very nature of history.
All the different angles, it's like a kaleidoscope.
I can't even grasp all of Texas history.
We're good to go.
And look, for all the problems of Texas and all the problems of what's happened here, it is a shining jewel compared to the manifest tyranny and slavery, the integration of the Mayan, Aztec culture with Spanish colonialism and imperialism, and the synthesis that that created is one of the most disgusting criminal elites in history.
Well, I'm by no means an apologist for Mexico.
Unquestionably believe that Texas has won with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
I just think that it's extremely important for people to see that these secret societies that Tex Mars was on talking about for an hour were absolutely active in
That's why it's called the Lone Star State.
Oh, and if their listeners just research that and go in there and look at how the players were playing, I mean, you know, it goes through Napoleon, Lateef, with Karl Marx, I mean, it's just insane, and I think it enhances, if you know that history, it enhances your understanding of NBA.
Yeah, but in 17 minutes, you can't present that.
No, you cannot, and so I just wanted to make sure that your listeners go look at that Texas history, and you'll see that endgame has been going on for a long time, and it's scary.
I appreciate your call, Don.
Hi, Harry.
Cliff in Illinois.
You're on the air.
Thank you for taking the call.
How fun is it for you, with everything that's known, and I'm an old John Birch Society guy, where I came into all this, the divine providence and joy
of seeing Ron Paul pushed along by the spirit, by the will of that which set us all here.
I mean, it's amazing.
And Alex, on a personal level, I would just like to say thank you both physically and in spirit for all the work you've done.
And always keep in mind, my friend,
Pick a beautiful tree.
Pick a giant tree.
Any tree you like that represents anything to you and you'll find its roots are in dirt.
We all come from somewhere.
And those who make it and make an impact often have the worst time getting there.
And it is my greatest pleasure to personally say, God bless you Alex.
May God keep you and yours safe.
Your crew, everyone else, and the same to each and every soul who hears these words.
God bless you.
Thank you for those kind words and very poignant words.
We're going to go to Kyle and Richard in a minute, but let me just speak to that.
The adventure of it all.
I mean, I'm not sitting there drooling, watching television, not knowing what's going on around me.
I am involved.
I'm just an average person, but I chose to be engaged in the world around me.
I chose to be in the arena.
See, I mean, I know that if I'm killed or imprisoned or framed or struck down by lightning or, you know, whatever, run over by a Mack truck,
That I won in the end because I stayed true to my morals.
I stayed true to God's plan.
I had courage.
I loved decency.
I loved honor.
I loved beauty.
I loved goodness.
And I was not envious or jealous or all the things that dominate our culture and society.
And by not, I mean very low level compared to many other people.
I was blind to jealousy and envy.
I didn't know that that was the fulcrum on which everything rode until really just the last five, six years.
I still thought my mind and my ideas and the way I thought was the way other people were.
And there are billions of people who love liberty and decency and who want to see others do well.
We have to understand that it's not just the New World Order.
It's our fellow men and women who have been diseased from birth by the television in Madison Avenue making them feel inadequate.
And so they're always on a quest for more, more, more.
And they hate the beautiful, they hate the strong, they hate the meek, they hate anything wholesome.
See, the New World Order is tied in to darkness and death and raw power and armies in black uniforms and torchlit processions and mechanized juggernauts careening and burning cities.
To them, that's beauty.
And that was Hitler's poetry and statements.
And Lenin, it's all the same.
And I'm the polar opposite.
I mean, growing up, we all had that in us.
I mean, I remember being young and immature and, you know, liking it when some big guy would start a fight with me and, you know, liking to get in a fight or liking to feel powerful or liking to become enraged or, you know, actually just having, I remember just basically having dark visions, feeling dark power course through me.
And that's something I have to deal with every day.
You know, it's in all of us.
We're imperfect.
But let me tell you something, love and beauty and the light and everything good is so much stronger and is so much more encompassing and is so much more natural and wholesome and good.
And so I want it on record.
They can kill me tomorrow and I hope they don't.
I want to continue my work and enjoy life.
I'm not looking forward to what I see down the road as serious possibilities.
I mean, I'm not stupid, folks.
But I want people to know that I made the choice.
I committed.
I didn't basically just be like a leaf on the wind being cast around to and fro like Flotsam and Jetsam.
I chose the path I was going to go on.
I chose my destiny.
You can choose your destiny and you shouldn't be robbed of that.
And you should put on the armor and get that sword of truth and ask God to guide you and step up to the plate and step up out there against the Goliaths of this world.
Because even if you're afraid for yourself, you should be more afraid of them being able to manifest their desires.
To go out and to kill, steal, and destroy.
They must be met head-on.
They must be defeated.
If you do not have the desire to grapple with them, if you do not have the desire to, out of purity of heart, stand up against these people, to defend the very life force of humanity and life on this planet against this death force, if you do not feel that tidal force pulling you towards resistance with these people,
And the great comfort that comes with being fully committed, and the great comfort that comes with, and just the explosive horizon of realizing that you're only alive once, and you're only here once, and this really is a test.
And it's the one test.
It's not a drill.
It's not an exercise.
It is the one life to live.
We're good to go.
We're good to go!
Basketball players and football players and baseball players and I'm not saying those are bad people, but those are not heroes.
Those are facsimiles or shadows of the warrior archetype that will defend the tribe.
And so because that becomes our warrior class, we don't ourselves become warriors.
Warriors who go out in suits and ties and go into battle with the corrupt bureaucrats that come in to literally set up political systems to feed on us and suck off of us.
Or, I mean, this Christmas, if you're worried about what fancy toy you've got to give your children or what new car you've got to get, I'm not saying toys or nice cars are bad.
The point is they shouldn't be at the top of your hierarchy of needs.
It shouldn't be what you idolize.
I mean, the joy, not in a do-gooder way, feeling good about yourself, but the joy of actually helping people.
The joy of actually getting the CPF to release someone's child they've grabbed because they were out at a 9-11 protest and they decided that was mentally ill and you weren't allowed to have children if you were a 9-11 person.
But then there's the great sorrow of the millions we can't help.
And of having limited power individually to be able to effect change and stop these evil hordes.
And they're minions.
See, so I'm here trying to get you to move, because if you can move, and you can get others to move, that's where we can win the battle, win the war.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kyle in Iowa.
Kyle, you're on the air.
Hello, Kyle.
Kind of in the spirit of everything we've been talking about, when I woke up, I kind of
Figured that I have absolutely nothing to lose because if I don't take action, I'll lose everything.
Now, I might have landed myself possibly in a spot of trouble because I am a massage therapist and I decided to use my practice to wake people up.
Now, I just got a client who told me that her daughter got that Gardasil shot and I was like, oh yeah, you might want to research that one a little bit because it's kind of dangerous.
So she kind of freaked out and went back and told her
Doctor about it and her doctor got a little upset because her client was upset with her and she had Threatened possible litigation another claiming that you're trying to practice medicine.
No as a citizen under free speech
And they attack us at every point on free speech.
You have a right.
And if they threaten you, just say, go ahead and do whatever you're going to do.
And if your boss is gripe, just say, look, here are the AP articles, here are the news saying people died from this, and now I'm not allowed to talk.
Look, these people don't want to hear.
They get anxiety stricken.
They blame the messenger.
Stay there.
I want to hear what else happened to you, Kyle.
And then we'll go to Richard and others.
Again, there's a horde of people, I'd say 35% of the public that want no free speech, don't want to hear anything.
They want to take their live cancer virus injections, that's what the Gardasil is.
And they just want to froth around like a pack of idiots.
And you know what?
If you get fired from your job, c'est la vie.
Go get another job somewhere as a massage therapist.
Again, they want to take your livelihood away for your speech.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful group of governments.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Verdi is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here introducing Prudent Places USA, an interactive CD book that is your premier resource for hard-to-find information.
Find out about everything from job migration to evacuation information, such as major bridges in disrepair and FEMA evacuation time studies for coastal cities.
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Find out everything from where to get water in an emergency, the geographic income levels, housing prices, complete with over 3 gigabytes of detailed information on the 3,000 plus counties in the U.S.
Full color photographs.
We're good.
It's a fact.
Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all banks in these United States create money out of thin air for every single loan they issue.
With never-ending late fees over the limit fees and higher and higher interest rates, it has become mathematically impossible to repay all debt.
I'm good.
We're good to go.
There is two incredible articles that just went up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Driver Tase, we're asking the officer why he was stopped.
It's unbelievable.
I just saw this during the break.
I don't even have time to play it.
You can go to the website, InfoWars.net, and see that actual story.
It's at the top of PrisonPlanet.com.
Then another big article, Paul Watson just put out, Endgame 1.5, PhD course in understanding the global elite.
That's going to be released.
Really, it's a whole new film.
It's like an hour and 30 minutes.
That's going to be a little card ball we throw for you there.
A little something extra for PrisonPlanet.tv members.
Endgame 1.5, PhD course in understanding the global elite.
Absolutely incredible production we've been working on the last month here, just from all the extras and things we didn't put on the extras for the DVD.
And Endgame 1.5, again, will be out next Wednesday.
I want to try to cram Cliff, Kyle, and Richard in.
That's all I have time for.
I mean, Kyle, Richard, and one other.
Kyle, finish up.
What happened?
They're just threatening you because you dare tell her to watch out about the HPV?
Well, more or less.
And I haven't actually directly talked to the doctor yet because I don't want to slam her on the information.
Do you have your own business?
I mean, what did they say?
Did they threaten you?
What happened?
Well, okay.
Here's the thing.
I work out of a salon and I'm self-employed.
So, technically, you know, I pay room rent, basically.
I don't think so.
You know how much litigation costs?
All these white trash people shoot their mouth off about litigation.
Very few actually do it.
So here's the deal.
It's your First Amendment.
That is a terroristic threat.
By the way, I don't know about your state, but I'm in Texas.
You're not allowed to threaten litigation against someone
And then demand some outcome.
You have to say we're considering it or we may do it.
Look, it's all pure bull.
You're allowed to tell... She calls her doctor up.
The doctor gets mad.
He shoots his mouth off.
It's all bull.
They call you into court and go, it's my First Amendment.
It's my right, First Amendment, to tell people this has been in the news.
It's been killing people.
Sure, okay.
I mean, it just shows these people aren't Americans.
It shows this woman and this doctor... Hey, you do one better.
You say, I refuse new business.
It's my right.
I don't want you as a client anymore.
Now, you call her up, you tell her, how dare her put a terroristic threat in, and you tell her she just better Google the side effects and bad reactions of this Gardasil, okay?
Okay, sure.
Thank you.
Don't even do that.
Just leave it lie and just tell her you don't want her business anymore.
Call her and say, I'm sorry that freaked you out.
It had just been on the news.
You know, I shouldn't say do mean things, but if they threaten you anymore, you tell them, how dare them try to violate your First Amendment?
Take care.
Look, these people are idiots.
Stop being so scared of some idiot threatening you, okay?
Even if they start suing you, once they start paying those big bills for it, they're going to drop it real fast, okay?
Because most of these people worship money.
See, I don't, so I'll buy a Zogby pole.
I don't.
I'll sue the city of Austin and send the director to prison.
You see?
You stop me, I'll sue your hind end to the ground.
That's the difference.
I don't play games.
And I'm not litigious.
You mess with me, though, I will come at you.
And that's the form of warfare is lawsuits.
Okay, these people... I'm not going to get into it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Richard New Jersey, Last Caller.
Go ahead.
We need some help in West Virginia for the Ron Paul campaign.
There's openings for probably hundreds of delegates still.
It's very simple.
Go to the RonPaul2008.com website.
Scroll on down to West Virginia.
If you're a West Virginia resident, if you're registered in the Republican Party, you can file right there to be a delegate to the state convention where Ron Paul will be speaking.
We're out of time.
We're out of time.
Yes, he needs delegates in all the key front-line states, ladies and gentlemen.
We're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
On the network, they'll retransmit me on the shortwave AM and FM dial satellite.
9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
But for internet listeners who want to hear the Ron Paul interview, that's coming up next when we start retransmission at Infowars.com.
So if you're listening on the web or AM and FM, you can just go to Infowars.com, click on the continual stream and listen in high quality or subscribe to the free podcast and get this Ron Paul interview and get it out to everybody.
We're going to clip it down to just the interview itself posted on PrisonPlanet.com in the next few hours.
Have a great Thanksgiving and thank God for
All the great blessings we have every day.
And be safe out on those roads with all the drunks and the rest of it.
And just thank God for everything because we are blessed.
God bless you all.
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