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Air Date: Nov. 18, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
I'm not hanging up, but I'm telling you right now, I don't like this kind of stuff, Dan.
This is ridiculous.
Yes, sir, it is.
It's broad daylight.
I don't know if they're armed or not.
I know they've got a crowbar, because that's what they work in the windows with.
Mr. Horne.
They just stole something.
I'm going out the window.
I ain't going to let them get away with this.
I'm sorry.
They stole something.
They've got a bag of something.
Mr. Horne, do not go out without a noun.
I'm sorry.
This ain't right, buddy.
You're gonna get yourself shot if you go outside that house with a gun.
You wanna make a bet?
Okay, stay in the house.
They're getting away!
That's alright.
Property's not worth killing someone over.
Don't go out the house.
Don't be shooting nobody.
I know you're frustrated, but don't do it.
They got a bag of loot.
How big is the bag?
They're carrying about a handful.
They're walking out about a handful.
Which way are they going?
I can't.
I'm going outside.
I'll find out.
I don't want you going outside, Mr. Horne.
Well, here it goes, buddy.
You hear the shotgun clicking and I'm going.
Don't go outside.
I'm going to get on your radio, Jack Turner.
No, you're good.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of liberty and freedom.
In cities across this country where they have gun bans, or where they prosecute people that defend themselves, they have hundreds and hundreds of times higher levels.
Go look at the Fed Zone numbers.
Inviolent crime and home invasions.
New York City, people will have ten, sometimes more, padlocks.
And they are raped and killed before police ever arrive.
Not in Texas, Arizona, Vermont, and a few other states where we have castle laws, meaning you come in somebody's house or on their property, you can kill them.
It's simple.
Don't go in a bear's den.
Don't go in a wolf's den.
Don't stick your hand down a badger hole.
This isn't about property, ladies and gentlemen.
There are tens of thousands of murders a year that are committed by people who broke into houses to rob stereos, computers, jewelry.
Art Firearms!
That's the whole point.
And frankly, again, I'm not at home all the time.
My wife is a good shot.
We've got an instant access gun safe.
But I appreciate what Mr. Horn did because that's what scares the criminals off from our state of Texas and sends them up to the big urban city cesspools where they get to feed on poor defenseless people.
And I'm sorry they're being slaughtered in these victim disarmament zones, but not right here in Texas.
Now, you just heard part of the 9-1-1 call where Joe Horn of Pasadena, Texas, just two days ago, on Friday, in broad daylight, saw people breaking in.
He'd been on the phone for more than 16 minutes.
There's six minutes of the phone call that's out there.
And the police hadn't arrived.
And of course, they can't always arrive.
It's impossible.
We're not blaming them.
And Mr. Horn just couldn't stand seeing what he was witnessing, and he went out there.
Now, Horn then, when he came back after, and got back on the phone with 911, he just dropped his phone, he explained that they ran up to him, and they were carrying crowbars, in his yard.
Where he's going to have a problem is the fact that he premeditatedly talked about how he was going to kill him.
But if I was his lawyer, I'd bring up the fact that the 911 operator said, oh, well you'll get killed, you'll get shot, and he responded, no.
And he was obviously jazzed up, but I think he'll get no billed by the grand jury, and I hope that the police don't go ahead with the attempted indictment against him.
But we will be talking about this today because it's a national, international issue, and it happened right here in Texas, and we'll be walking through the details of that and playing some more of the 911 call.
Also, coming up in the second hour,
Up in Maryland, in a county of over 800,000 people, I interviewed the state's attorney for this county that borders Washington, D.C., and he admitted there is, quote, no law in the county they live in or in the state of Maryland or anywhere in the U.S.
that you have to take vaccines.
That does not stop the national news and local news
For years, as long as I can remember, constantly saying every few days that it's the law, you've got to take shots.
And I have been at the hospital covering this locally when CPS takes people's children because they refuse.
I have gone to family court where they grab people's children because they refuse.
And this is an absolute crime being committed en masse.
And I have an MSNBC News piece.
I have a CNN piece.
I have a Fox 5 piece.
I'm not going to play them all.
I'm going to play little clips of them.
You can go watch them on PrisonPlanet.com.
We have links for TruthNews.us.
Curt Nemo has the most links up to them, our webmaster over there.
Where they just say it's the law, you'll be arrested if you don't take these injections.
But then I have the very state attorney who's on Fox 5 with them mixing in his words with the newscast saying it's the law, admitting it is not the law.
And I can't believe people still don't believe me about this.
Don't believe me!
Just type, Vaccine Waiver Form Texas.
Vaccine Waiver Form Maryland.
And by the way, that's a fraud in and of itself.
Why do you need a waiver for something that isn't even a law?
It is a policy of the State Health Department that it's on the list of recommended vaccines, then the schools make it their
We're good to go.
Coming up during my weekday show this week, I'm going to get some of the locals on video cameras, some of the local medical groups that went to cover this.
In fact, a big national organization, second largest association of physicians in the country, Association of American Physicians, Surgeons, are opposing the vaccine roundup.
They put out a press release on this today.
Uh, warning people about it.
And, uh, we also have a story here from PrisonPlanet.com.
Uh, the first one's from Yahoo!
This is from PrisonPlanet.com by Paul Watson.
A state attorney admits no law makes vaccines mandatory.
That is coming up in the next hour.
But in this first hour, I want to give you a chance to call in from England, Germany, where you have been disarmed, where you've been made total victims, or from Canada, where they have stricter slave laws, victim disarmament, government predatory laws.
And from right here in Texas, wherever you'd like to call in from, 877-590-5525, 877-590-5525, or if you're listening to the station that we originate this transmission from, to our AM and FM affiliates across the country, it is simply 836-0590.
And darn it, I meant to bring a list of four new affiliates in today, because I can't keep track of all their call letters and names.
One of them I know, because they've been carrying my show
For three or four years.
It covers San Diego and part of LA.
And that is KCAA.
And we are very, very thankful to KCAA for picking up this show.
I wanted to thank another one in California, in Needles, but I can't remember the name, and two others.
One other in Tennessee, in Memphis, and another in New York.
But again, thank you to all the stations, ladies and gentlemen.
We're very, very thankful to you out there for carrying this transmission that's certainly growing.
So we have the huge fraud that there is no law yet to take these shots, but the Alliance says it is, to say that that is the case, coming up in the second hour.
And right now, in this hour, we're going to get into the Second Amendment and your right to defend yourself and your property or your neighbor's property.
But before we get into that, I also want to mention that in the latter part of the second hour,
I'm going to cover the most important subject of the broadcast, and that is that hidden in plain view, major universities, law professors that are known as being conservative and liberal, the Defense Authorization Act itself, executive orders signed this year by the President, and public declarations
Clearly state that the federal government is preparing to use the military against the American people for open martial law like you're seeing in Pakistan.
And by the way, the crooks running our government, it's now come out, we already knew this, are behind the entire Pakistan situation.
Well, of course they are.
They put Musharraf in in 1999.
But they are openly set up to do that here.
The question is, will they
I'm not kidding, there's a detailed 13-page report up on InfoWars.net and InfoWars.com right now.
Special report, turning the police state apparatus against the sinners.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
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Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
It is Sunday, the 18th day of November 2007.
Hell, this year has flown past us.
Now look, I'm looking over here at what the callers are calling in about.
Iran announcement on Fox.
Disagree about Bertrand Russell, the Philosopher King.
Liberty Dollar rated.
And a lot more.
Okay, that's fine.
I'll take your calls on any subject.
But I want to discuss the fact that they arrested Joe Horn because he went into his own yard and he says that the people of the crowbar who just broke into his neighbor's house came into his yard.
We're going to play that clip, that 9-1-1 clip coming up here in a few minutes, and he shot and killed them.
Now, in Texas and many other states, like Florida and Arizona and Vermont, you have the Castle Law, as it's known.
Now, most states have it where if somebody comes in your house and is robbing you, you can shoot and kill them, and you should be able to.
I mean, the areas that don't have the Second Amendment in force, and where the government claims you don't have a right to defend yourself,
They literally live in fear, and the criminals have their way with the population.
I've seen hundreds of articles from England and Germany in just the last few years.
There was a famous case where Harrison, the beetle who just died of cancer, right before he died, the guy climbs a big security fence, gets past their German Shepherd, comes in, is beating him and his wife up, some crazy person trying to kill him.
Harrison hits him over the head with a lamp, and the cops talked about arresting him.
Or the famous case
I don't think so.
We don't want to become like this here in the U.S.
And frankly, if I saw people robbing my neighbor's house, I would have to go over because I wouldn't know if they were home or not.
I wouldn't know if they had them tied up.
I wouldn't be able to control my instinct to defend against them.
And that's exactly what I would go for.
I'd hit the, you know, my safe takes three seconds to hit the five-digit code, the door booms open, I'd reach right in and grab my semi-auto shotgun, and I would deal with them.
Because they could have been in there with a child tied up, they could have been in there, they could have beaten the brains out of the individual.
They're there robbing.
They're there breaking and entering, committing a serious felony.
When the cops showed up, I guarantee you they'd have had their guns drawn.
Now, if I saw their hands out, and they weren't reaching for anything, I'd have said, get on the ground, because I wouldn't want all the trouble from shooting and killing somebody, and I'm not just looking to kill somebody.
But if they ran at me and ran up to me with crowbars, and that's what is reportedly what happened, I would gun them down.
And you hear him fire three shots, which sounds pretty reserved, though most shotguns, that is if they're, quote, legal, they're not supposed to hold what, about more than seven rounds, even the larger, quote, semi-automatic riot shotguns.
But that's what you want to go with, is a shotgun with a 4 or 5 shot, is what I would use.
Buckshot's better, but it could go through walls, through cars, and kill people who are innocent.
You go with a heavy bird load right before it gets into Buck, and it's not going to kill people through their doors, through their house.
That's what my shotgun's loaded with.
Let me tell you, if you're just running around the back of my yard, I'm going to call the police and wait for you to try to come in.
I'm not going to go out there and face you, that is dangerous.
Just like cops will wait for backup.
But there's a time when you just can't wait for backup, like they did in Blacksburg, Virginia, where the guy was in there for three hours, we now learn, shooting people.
An hour in, the cops are told to stand down and wait for the feds to arrive.
Two hours later, the feds show up, and cops are still stumbling around putting body armor on, waiting to go in and get this guy.
Police didn't do that in the past with the tower shooting right here in Austin, where I'm broadcasting from.
And I've interviewed the Austin police officer, Mr. Martinez, who of course is now a Texas Ranger.
He's the head of the Texas Ranger Organization, retired.
And he went up there with a quote, civilian as they call us, a citizen, and another cop, and they went in there and they took that guy out before he could kill more people.
By the way, back then, citizens pulled up with their deer rifles, their .30-06 and .308, started shooting, and their .243s and the rest of it,
And they started shooting and pinned him down.
The police, the state police, said that their pinning him down reduced the number of deaths by at least half.
He could have just sat up there continually, a champion Marine Corps sniper, shooting people all day.
But citizens pulled up, got out, pulled their rifles out, started shooting.
Can you imagine today, God forbid, if there was a shooting from the UT Tower?
That citizens, number one, don't carry guns anymore.
We've been gelded and disarmed and neutered.
But can you imagine if we pulled up, jumped out of our trucks, and started shooting?
The cops would probably pull up and shoot you!
See how the culture's changed?
And back then we didn't have a lot of shootings.
We didn't have a lot of robberies.
We didn't have a lot of breaking and entering, because almost everybody was armed, and if you came in their house, they were going to kill you!
Now, I want to hear from listeners about this.
Do you think Mr. Horn should have been arrested?
By the way, he left the gun in the house, told he was going out to wait for him, the cops show up, they jump on him, you know, scream at him, take him to jail.
I think that was wrong, but again, it's this different culture now.
And nowadays we get more cops killed, we have more crime, more problems, because we haven't gotten back to a liberty culture.
We're starting to.
And so this is very, very, very important subject.
Man kills suspected intruders while protecting neighbor's property.
Texans are debating of a man who said he was defending his neighbor's property when he shot and killed two suspect burglars was within his rights.
Texas law allows people, allows, no it's our right, to use deadly force in order to protect their property.
And so far, Pasadena, Texas residents
Joe Horn has not been charged in the shooting deaths of Manuel DeJesus, 38, and Diego Ortiz, 30, earlier this week.
Now, when I first heard he blasted two burglars, I said, great, I'm glad.
I heard about it Friday night.
And then, sure enough, people started saying, oh, this is racism, and I went and looked and found out who he'd killed.
That's ridiculous.
I don't care if they're white.
I don't care if they're Hispanic.
I don't care if three purple guys or two green guys are doing this.
Now, again, personally, I don't know what I've done.
I mean, he's probably been robbed before.
The neighbors may have been robbed before.
All I know is when my car got stolen in Austin about 13 years ago, I called the police and they just laughed and said, we don't come out for that.
And I had bad enough luck.
I was visiting a girlfriend after that up in
Dallas in a decent area and my car got stolen and the cops wouldn't help me I was on phone for 20 minutes on 9-1-1 and when I hung up then they drove over and griped at me and demanded to come in and search her apartment saying that I hung up on 9-1-1 how dare me because there is that law so
I mean, I'm sick of it.
It used to, if something got stolen, the police really got on it.
Then they went to just general enforcement against the public and revenue generation and writing tickets, and crime rates have been going up ever since then in the 1960s, and those are just the numbers.
So, I do want to hear from you at 877-598-5525 on this subject.
Yes, I'll get to everybody else.
Meantime, let me just go ahead and play that clip again before we go to break.
Here is the first part of that 911 call.
When we come back, I'm going to play the second part of the clip after he has gunned these two individuals down.
Here it is.
I'm not hanging up, but I'm telling you right now, I don't like this kind of stuff, Dan.
This is ridiculous.
Yes, sir, it is.
Broad daylight.
I don't know if they're armed or not.
I know they've got a crowbar because that's what they broke in the windows with.
They just stole something.
I'm going out the window.
I ain't letting them get away with this.
I'm sorry.
They stole something.
They got a bag of something.
I'm a gun.
I'm sorry.
This ain't right, buddy.
You're going to get yourself shot if you go outside that house with a gun.
You want to make a bet?
I'm going to kill them.
They're getting away.
That's alright.
Property's not worth killing someone over.
God damn it.
Don't go out the house.
Don't be shooting nobody.
I know you're frustrated, but don't do it.
They got a bag of loot.
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You're listening to GCN.
It's real simple.
I don't like predators.
And the fact that Texas
And Arizona, Nevada, Vermont, and a few others have the lowest crime rates.
Kennesaw, Georgia, in the mid-1980s, had some of the highest crime rates, a suburb of Atlanta.
They passed a law that said you had to own a gun in your house.
I don't think that's constitutional.
Can't make people do stuff that they did.
Crime rate drop, fed zone numbers, 97%.
Just go look that up.
Crime Statistics, Kennesaw, Georgia, Justice Department.
Criminals go where they know that people are disarmed and they can have their way with them.
And what this man did undoubtedly will scare thousands of predatory crooks out of the state of Texas, hundreds out of Pasadena.
And it will save lives.
What about all the people that get murdered and raped and killed or pistol whipped or stabbed in their own homes?
And look, I've had my house robbed many years ago growing up in Dallas.
Our house got robbed two or three times.
My parents.
It's a violating, raped feeling.
You don't care the TV and Grandma's silver's gone.
That's bad.
But what's bad is that your home has been raided.
Your home has been violated.
And so all the sissies out there that are upset at these hardcore crooks, and they had all the loot and goods on them,
Our dead have got a major malfunction.
Let's take some calls on this subject, then we'll get to a bunch of other important subjects.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Elgin, Texas.
You're on the air, Steve.
Hey, how you doing?
I just wanted to call in.
I was listening to KLBJ this morning, and Ed and Sam were talking about this on the radio, and one of the callers called in and said that he didn't feel like anything materialistic was worth protecting, you know.
And that just goes against everything I believe in.
I'm going to protect my home.
It has a deterrent of the death sentence for breaking into it or hurting my family.
Once they're in your house taking your television, let's say when your small daughter is in there.
Let me just add this.
They've already shown they're willing to break in and come in your house with crowbars.
There's no telling what they could do.
Listen, it's simple.
I mean, coral snakes are not mean snakes, but they're in the cobra family.
It's the most venomous snake in the world.
Lives right here in Texas.
I found one in my backyard, and I took a hoe, and I killed it.
And I didn't like having to kill the snake.
It was pretty.
But the point is, it's not going to kill my children.
And somebody... It's just like a black... Let's get to the point where we don't want to defend our own homes, or defend our own country.
We might as well run a flag up the flagpole that says, I surrender.
Go ahead and finish your point.
I'm just not going to...
I'm going to protect my home.
I'm going to protect my family.
I'm going to protect my state and my country.
I'm not going to learn how to speak Spanish to appease other people.
Well, I appreciate your call and I understand your frustrations.
Ladies and gentlemen, there are tens of thousands of murders a year in this country.
And a large percentage of them are committed inside people's homes that have been broken into.
You know, I know so many of these single women.
Every day I read about them being raped and murdered all over this country.
And it's usually in Chicago or New York or
Some other place, or even in places where people have the Second Amendment still, women are scared of guns.
We need to get women out, train them how to shoot, train them how to defend themselves, because I also read every week about guys that break in some place, wanting to rape and kill some woman, and they kill them!
I mean, it's time to stop being victims!
The national average is twelve and a half minutes, last time I checked it may have changed, twelve and a half minutes for police to respond.
12 and a half minutes and I'm not blaming the police.
They can't be everywhere at all times.
But I do blame the system when they arrest people for things like this because it's the government trying to say we have the monopoly on force on who can defend themselves.
We're going to defend ourselves.
Let's go ahead and make another call.
Let's talk to Mario in Georgia.
You're on the air sir.
Hey Alex, I just wanted to talk to you about the horn situation.
Honestly, I think that
When I first started listening to you, I was, you know, I was against guns.
I didn't think anybody should have guns.
But now, I'm looking forward to giving a gun myself.
But I think that, I mean, when those guys were coming out the house, I don't know if they were injuring anybody or anything, but I think that he should have just let them go.
Well, I personally can't say what I would do at this time.
If somebody busts in my house, or I catch them in my house, or I catch somebody trying to break in, because I don't know if they've got a gun, if I say, get back from my door, they may pull their gun, so I come first, my family comes first, it's their fault,
For breaking in that house doing what they did.
It's the fact that they violated someone's castle.
They did something which they knew could have led to violence and that's why he killed them.
He got all jacked up.
He got angry.
We weren't in his place.
I probably wouldn't have gone out and done it either.
I would have just crouched and waited.
But we don't know if Mr. Horn knew that his neighbors were home.
I mean, don't get me wrong, he was right in what he did, but I think that, I mean, it was, it was property.
He, he got mad that they were taking the property out of the house.
And, um, he just, he, when he went out of there, he went out of there with the intention of killing them.
I understand you and I hear you.
I probably would have done the same thing.
But you don't know what's going to happen in a heat of passion.
Maybe he's been robbed before.
Maybe there's been a crime spree in the area.
The point is, the fault is not on him, even though what he did might have crossed the line.
He needs to be forgiven for that, and frankly given a medal, because they're the ones breaking in.
They're the ones engaging in the crime.
They're the ones doing something that can lead to people dying.
And it's their fault that they died.
Mary in Austin, Texas, I'm sure, a NewsRadio 590KLBJ listener.
Go ahead.
They can lead to people dying.
Hello, Alex.
Thank you, and KLBJ, I like that you're taking on the controversial issues.
I've never done that before.
Monday night, we're having a Dave on Quiet Show film on 9-11 at the School for the Deaf here in Austin.
We invite everyone to come out.
And everyone, keep your eye on VoteRescue.org.
We're watching our ballots, making sure they're being counted.
And thank you for your time.
I appreciate the call.
Thank you.
Okay, now let's get into some other issues.
We've got somebody who disagrees with me.
Now we're going to shift gears completely.
Yes, I was calling to
I disagree about Bertrand Russell.
Yes, I saw that on the screen.
What's up?
My argument is that he was acting against the New World Order, even according to your own terms and definitions.
How many of his books have you read?
About three.
We read, I think, 3-2 for this book, I mean for this film, and he called for eugenics.
He wrote about things like they were going to happen, but he was one of their top planners.
He was also, I'll tell you who even worked for him, is the neocon today, David Horowitz.
Well, my argument was based on your theory of problem-reaction-solution.
Well, this is pretty complex stuff for folks that are out there listening.
I mean, just go ahead and boil down where I'm wrong.
Well, how about if I just try and do a simple argument?
Bertrand Russell was an anti-war activist, and therefore he was working against the New World Order because they
They create wars in order to set up control, and he's working against the war, therefore he's... No, he was a very wicked salesman for them, because he could sell the mid-grade, you know, mainline intelligentsia and intellectuals.
He wanted a preemptive nuclear war with the Soviets.
And to set up a forceful world government to stop any future wars.
That's the globalist argument, sir.
Is calling for a world government to stop any future wars in the future.
A monopoly of power.
Well, I don't... I have other sources that say that he's against the nuclear bombs.
And he's saying that... Yes, he wanted... I'm going to put you on hold.
We're going to go to break.
I'll come back to you briefly, sir.
And this is a very academic discussion we're having, but you're flat wrong.
People defending Margaret Sanger saying she wasn't a eugenicist.
She got a ward from Hitler, for heaven's sakes.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
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We're good.
We're good to go!
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Home to hard-hitting talk radio.
Alright, we're back live.
I'm gonna go back to Franklin in New York who disagrees with me about a globalist and part of the strategies and stratagem that they came up with against people of the planet and many others that are patiently holding.
You want to talk about
Second Amendment!
And the people have the right, or is it wrong, that Joe Horn of Pasadena, Texas, saw people in broad daylight robbing his neighbor.
He went out on his front lawn and says that they came at him.
And this is what happened.
I'm sorry.
This ain't right, buddy.
You're gonna get yourself shot if you go outside that house with a gun.
You wanna make a bet?
Okay, stay in the house.
They're getting away.
That's alright.
Property's not worth killing someone over.
God dammit.
Don't go out the house.
Don't be shooting nobody.
I know you're frustrated, but don't do it.
They got a bag of loot.
How big is the bag?
They're carrying a bag of hoofs.
They're walking out about a hand's hoof.
Which way are they going?
I can't.
I'm going outside.
I'll find out.
I don't want you going outside, Mr. Horn.
Well, here it goes, buddy.
You hear the shotgun clicking and I'm going.
Don't go outside.
You can tell that's a pump shotgun and that is the spirit that went up Iwo Jima Hill.
That is the spirit of 1776.
That is the spirit of freedom!
Eradicating scum thieves engaged in looting and robbing someone's house.
Again, I love my family, and the message that that sends to criminals in my state of Texas is, go here and rob people and die.
Why don't you go somewhere else and do it?
And that's the bottom line.
I wonder what the fellow that disagrees with me about one of the New World Order minions has to say.
Hey, do you disagree with me, Franklin, about what Mr. Horn did?
I think that he did the right thing.
I think that it was good for him to protect his neighbors.
I think that people should have a right to defend themselves.
Well then I'm surprised that you like Bertrand Russell.
Listen, Bertrand Russell was a weird cat.
He wrote a lot of things that sounded good, a lot of things that sounded bad.
But in some of his writings he did write, and he did lecture, that we needed to have a preemptive nuclear war with the Soviets.
Well, I don't believe in world government.
I was just reading a lot of Bertrand Russell, I mean, just free books.
I mean, I haven't seen everything.
There's probably maybe something that I didn't see, but I always got the impression that he was against war, and I never
I think the only war that he was for was World War II because of Hitler and Stalin, but all the other wars, he even went to jail twice against war.
Do this.
Why don't you write an article in defense of Bertrand Russell and send it to me in email and we'll post it and we'll let people counter what you've said.
But to be honest with you, Franklin, we had a debate internally in my office with one of the people working on Endgame that was a big fan of Russell and we ended up proving to him with books, with quotes, with things he did and we woke that.
It was a big month-long argument.
I think I remember reading one quote where he was speaking against eugenics.
He was for birth control, but he did not like killing people.
And I remember reading a quote like that.
Well, I know this.
He was a top globalist, and he called for global government, and there's no debating that, but I appreciate your call.
That's a very academic discussion here on air.
We're going to go back to your calls here in just a minute, but when we start the next hour, all over the country, and all over the West for that matter, we have very similar laws from England to Australia to right here in the US and Canada,
Saying that there's a law that you have to take vaccines.
There is no law.
We're going to prove that.
And we're going to go over to the media and engage in a disinformation campaign to try to sell the public on this.
Even if you're for vaccines and think they're mother's milk and think they're good for you and haven't actually seen all the federal and international statistics.
Uh, that, uh, will take Australia.
They, in the 60s, stopped giving the Scarlet Fever vaccine, and Scarlet Fever suddenly disappeared.
See, vaccines actually spread it.
In fact, type into Google, smallpox vaccine causes smallpox.
They started it back in 2003, and then it spread from the shots and killed a bunch of people.
Again, folks, you're being sold a scam.
The same people that brought you Vioxx,
Merck are the ones that bring you the live cancer virus HPV for supposed cervical cancer in women that's causing so many deaths and problems.
So we're going to go over that coming up and also how the federal government is setting up the apparatus for martial law in this nation.
Right now let's talk to Andy in Chicago.
Andy, thanks for holding.
Hey, what's up Alex?
Honored to be talking to you finally.
Honored to talk to you.
What's on your mind?
Um, Iran.
I caught a report on Fox News that I don't normally watch, Fox, but occasionally I'll tune in to get a laugh because it's very biased, but they said that Iran's president is going forward with their nuclear program regardless of what the United States says, and I know that the Bush regime has been dropping hints for a long time that Iran's next target
We're good to go.
You know, we're just going to go in.
I mean, I was just wondering what your thoughts are on that.
Well, former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, and been a big pro-war hawk, February 7th of this year testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee and said, you can go watch the clip on YouTube, said that the White House may stage a provocation like the Gulf of Tonkin that got us into Vietnam.
That's now been declassified.
As a pretext to go in, Robert Baer, one of the most senior field officers in CIA history, the movie Siriana is about him, the scene where he's being tortured, played by George Clooney, very respected, has said that all evidence points towards 9-11 being an inside job.
We've now had that interview.
And so there's a lot, and Bill Christensen, former CIA Section Chief for Europe, has gone public on my show, on this show, last year saying 9-11 is a total inside job.
And that's just a few of thousands of prominent people that have spoken out on that.
So yes, they could stage a pretext.
Also, they've got three carrier task forces in the Gulf now for six months.
They can't stay there forever.
And the White House has said they've got the trigger lock off to go to war, and that they intend to, and the New Yorker, Cy Hirsch, very accurate in the past, has said they are planning that, maybe even a nuclear bombardment.
The problem is, is that Iran already let the UN in, so they're already under global control, and the UN just said last week there are no weapons, they're eight years from a weapon, they can produce no weapons.
Meanwhile, Pakistan, that our government helped put in power,
I think so.
So we have a country with the Taliban running all over it, that our government set up in the 80s to fight the Russians, running around everywhere.
We've got a government with at least 50 nukes and missiles to hit Europe, and that's not a problem.
Iran's the problem, at least 8 years away from having a nuke.
No, Iran is a pushover as to why they want to go in compared to North Korea or Pakistan.
And so this is all just part of picking on Iran.
Again, I'm no fan of the mullahs.
By the way, in major polls, 60 plus percent of the Iranians don't like their government.
Most governments are corrupt.
I mean, listen to the founding fathers on that, including ours.
By the way, they had moderates four years ago who did everything we said, and then the government ganged up on them, so they put Ahmadinejad in, and he would be very unpopular, but all these threats against Iran have now made him more popular than he would have been.
So, the people running our government have a policy of spreading conflict for more weapon sales and destabilizing the Middle East and Central Asia, and that's what's happening right now.
And then meanwhile, setting up this whole anti-terror police state mechanism, and then now admitting it's actually for the American people and to suppress us.
Okay, that's the real game here.
Let's go ahead and take one more call.
Jonathan, in Greensboro, North Carolina, you are on the air.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
For some reason that phone system won't work.
Okay, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's try Jonathan again.
Jonathan, you there?
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Good, go ahead.
Okay, I just called to say, you know, I've seen all the media reports about the Liberty Dollar, and it looks to me they're trying to spin this kind of cleverly, saying, oh, Liberty Dollar, rated by the Feds, Ron Paul, trying to build this... Okay, some people may not know what you're talking about.
Tell them.
Okay, a few days ago the Liberty Dollar, which is an alternative currency, was raided by the FBI.
No charges filed.
They won't talk about why there is a raid.
But we actually got the shield because it got on the web and the FBI admits that it's real and says they want it covered up.
We actually have the search warrant and all the material, but go ahead.
Oh, okay, because I called the U.S.
Attorney's Office in North Carolina, where apparently this was cooked out of, and they refused to discuss any of it.
Sir, if you go to the LibertyDollar.org's website, you can read the whole thing, including the cards of the FBI agents.
Tell you what, I'm going to come back, and I'm going to start the next hour with what happened with this, and how the media is spinning that it's Ron Paul.
By the way, there are several hundred alternative currencies.
You see ads on TV for commemorative coins every day.
Hundreds of mints.
And they did this because of Ron Paul.
There's no doubt.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
Absolutely jam-packed with vital info and your phone calls.
Stay with us.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Coming to you from the studios of News Radio 590K LBJ, syndicated across the country.
Got three or four new affiliates just this week alone.
I am honored to be your host.
All right, we're going to take some calls this hour, but also a lot of news I want to go through.
The media and the government, state governments, the federal government, continue to misrepresent the facts.
And claim that it is the law that you have to take vaccines and that public school children have to take them.
It's a complete fraud.
I interviewed the state attorney from a place up in Maryland where they're trying to make everybody take vaccines and he admitted the truth.
That is coming up here in just a few minutes.
But before we do that, Ron Paul raised 4.2 million dollars on the 5th of November and I'm spearheading an effort
On the 16th and 17th.
The 16th is Bill of Rights Day.
The 17th of December is the Boston Tea Party date.
So try to raise $5 million each day.
I will be interviewing the Congressman.
I've been interviewing him for 12 plus years, but I'll be interviewing him coming up this Saturday.
And next Sunday I'll play some excerpts.
So let's not forget that, Trey.
When we're in here live, back on Sunday, but I'll be interviewing the Congressman on Wednesday.
And yeah, anything Ron Paul the media tries to throw dirt at, because now he's broken through Zogby and even Gallup are saying he could win New Hampshire.
Las Vegas has now got him at 3-1 and then saying he is 2-1 against Hillary.
He will beat Hillary.
No other Republican can beat Hillary, and that's why Bush has now been appointing former Clinton people to the Defense Department and the State Department, and they've said they believe it's going to be Hillary.
Defense contractors have given more money to Hillary than all Democratic and Republican candidates combined.
So the establishment doesn't even see this as a presidential election.
And then Ron Paul is kind of messing up their punch bowl, you could say, and really upsetting them.
So they're pulling out all the stops.
Now, I know about the Liberty Dollar and Norfed,
Been around for 12 years.
The fellow that used to run the big Hawaiian Mint.
I remember growing up as a child watching, you know, Darren Gunsmoke reruns or whatever they would have.
The Hawaiian Mint and different commemorative coins and there's all these companies that find shipwrecks of gold bars and they re-stamp them and issue them.
And I talked about this Friday on air, but over the weekend even the Washington Post wrote a story going, wait a minute, there are hundreds of commemorative mints.
And people putting out alternative currencies, dozens and dozens.
Pat Boone's got one of them.
I mean, when you go into a Barnes & Noble's and buy a $100 card to give somebody as a Christmas present or a $20 gift card, that's an alternative currency.
The problem was, the U.S.
Mint, because Liberty Dollar got really popular, $20 million of these were out there, and they started bad-mouthing them a year ago, so Von Nuthaus, the guy that owns it, and I've interviewed him and talked to him many times, sued them!
And he was winning the suit!
So the FBI raided them.
And that's what happened to Liberty Mint.
And since he put Ron Paul on the silver and gold and copper coins,
That really made them mad, and then now, yeah, the media, and I wasn't going to say this, that they were raiding it just to somehow demonize Ron Paul's name when he's not even involved, but now even mainstream news, there's a bunch of editorials about it, mainstream papers are saying it's a way to demonize Paul, and even Fox News of all people said that it was wrong, so the feds have really done something stupid yet again.
Okay, we've got to move quick here.
I think the way to start this is to play a minute or so of this Fox 5 news piece.
And this Fox 5 news piece, this aired Wednesday.
Thursday, we wrote articles about it at PrisonPlanet.com.
And by Thursday, I was also able to get an interview with State Attorney Glenn Ivey, who used to also be a senatorial aide and an aide to Bill Clinton.
So he's a pretty prominent guy.
And he admitted that there is no law you can take these shots.
But you wouldn't know that watching the newscast.
So let's go ahead and play a little bit of this Fox 5 piece so we can analyze it and comment on it.
But this is part of the course.
We have MSNBC, CNN saying the same thing about this case.
It's just not true.
Here it is.
First at five tonight, 800 local families forced to come to court for something they have not given their children.
Hello everyone, I'm Shawn Yancey.
And I'm Laura Evans.
More than 2,000 Prince George's County students have not gotten their state-mandated shot.
Tonight, an ultimatum to some of those parents, come to court, get the shots, or else.
Plus, I have Sherry Lee Lime in Forestville to explain this one.
Laura, some students here in Prince George's County Schools have missed up to a month and a half of school because they have not gotten their vaccinations for chickenpox and hepatitis B. Now the school system says it's time to get tough and take those parents to court.
Free clinics, free shops, door-to-door visits, and countless letters.
Still, more than 2,300 Prince George's County students don't have their required immunizations.
We need those students immunized.
We need them in schools.
We need them safe.
This Saturday, more than 1,600 students and their parents have been ordered to appear in circuit court for the children to be immunized.
Health workers will be on hand to give the shot immediately.
We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way.
And it goes on and on.
You can go to PrisonPlanet.com.
We have a link to the Fox site where they have it.
You can watch it.
It's a lot longer than that.
And a bunch of other clips.
National news.
Then I went and I interviewed Mr. Ivey, the state attorney who's in the news piece talking about this.
Now, again, even if you're for inoculation and don't know about the mercury that's, by the way, still in there, or the health problems, it's like Governor Rick Perry this year said, I'm mandating all girls must take the HPV human papilloma shot.
I'm making a list of must-takes.
Well, really, if you read the executive order, he told the state health department, put it on the list of recommended.
There's no law.
Now, by law, they're supposed to give you a waiver, but I've talked to the parents all over the country, from Austin to New York.
They don't tell you this, then they expel you, don't tell you that you don't have to do it, they fraudulently expel you, then criminal charges accrue, but wait, they expelled you.
And here is Mr. Ivey, when I talked to him, was this Thursday or Friday we talked to Ivey?
It's Thursday.
This is when I talk to the state attorney that's in all these news pieces.
Here it is.
Glenn Ivey.
Mr. Ivey, thanks for coming on.
Thanks for having me on.
Tell us in a nutshell what's happening.
Well, we've had, as you pointed out, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 kids who have not gotten all of their shots taken care of, and so they're not able to go to school.
We've tried to do it the easy way with free vaccinations and vaccination days we've done around the county, the school system, the health department, but, you know, we still have a lot of parents that haven't complied, so they asked the court system to help out, and I was willing to step in.
Mr. Ivey, you're a lawyer, and you've also worked as a federal prosecutor, and now you're the state's attorney for Prince George County, a very large populated county.
How many people are in your county?
Somewhere in the neighborhood of 875,000.
That's a big county.
We are.
It covers the east side of Washington, D.C.
Now, if you watch this Fox 5 newscast, have you seen that?
I have not.
Well, I mean, they talk about how, for not taking the shots, they're going to be arrested, but isn't it really that there's no law?
You have to take the vaccines, but then if you're truant, that's when criminal penalties kick in?
Yeah, there's a statute here in Maryland called Child in Need of Supervision, and I have used it for chronic truancy cases to pressure the parents to get their kids back in school.
We would use that same theory on the vaccinations case.
Well, the reason I got you on, and I appreciate you coming on in a timely fashion, is that you, out of the principals, the teachers, the parents, are not ignorant of the law.
You're obviously very intelligent and successful.
You know this is coercion because there is no law you have to take the shots.
By state and federal law they're supposed to present them with the waiver form for religious, medical, or other objections.
And the schools then kick them out wrongly, claiming they can't be there without the shots because they're mandated by the governor and the state.
As recommended, and then once the truancy kicks in that was caused by the school falsely expelling them, then you attempt to use the criminal code against them.
Um, no, I think the way it would work is if there's a failure to use the exemption process for religious objections or other objections, say for example, parents that are concerned about us.
But, by the way, he later comes back and says, oh, you can go listen to it on PrisonPlanet.com, he says, I don't vaccinate my children, I'm not giving them this shot, this hepatitis B shot.
Ha, but those parents aren't being told that.
We'll be right back, we've got some calls on this subject.
Stay with us.
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I'm Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I get on the radio all the time.
I read the federal and state laws stating that they are not allowed to tell you that you have to vaccinate.
In fact, two sessions ago in Texas, they had to actually pass a law
Saying that Child Protective Services and hospitals couldn't take people's children for not inoculating.
You see, they just do whatever they want!
It's like the FBI shouldn't have been able to raid the Liberty Dock.
There's hundreds of competing currencies and coin dealers and people that mint their own coins.
They just get it.
It's lawlessness.
Now we got a bunch of callers calling from Maryland and D.C.
I have listeners all over the place and
And we used to have an affiliate in D.C.
for a while, so we have a lot of listeners there listening over the internet at truthnews.us and prisonplanet.com.
We have a couple of them here.
One of them says they were on CNN there covering all this, and we also have some listeners who were going to go and hand out vaccine waivers to the parents.
So to give us eyewitness reports to all this is Kelly and then
Donovan and others.
There is no law you have to take it.
You just heard the state attorney who's in these newscasts pushing all this saying you don't have to.
It's all sleight of hand.
We have an MSNBC piece I don't have time to play where it's even worse.
They have a doctor saying, look, it's the law, you gotta take it.
It is not the law and I'm sick of it!
I'm tired of it!
But these people who think you need to take these shots think it's so good for you that they're gonna
Go ahead and push all this.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kelly, calling from Washington, D.C.
Again, this particular county borders Washington, D.C.
Let's go ahead and go to Kelly.
Kelly, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
You totally rock, number one.
I just wanted to tell you that right off the bat.
You know what's really interesting is someone had sent me the link to you talking to the state attorney on Thursday.
I listened to your radio show and literally like five minutes later he called me because we had been our community I have a son with autism and I do advocacy work here in Washington DC and we our whole community had put calls into their office the day before I had contacted his office I was trying to find out what time the
Hearing was going to start, they wouldn't tell me the time.
They kept hanging up on me.
So I said, okay, I'm going to go to our community and I'm going to let them know that this is what you've done.
Now imagine the science fiction horror movie image of 2,300 kids, their parents, so that's got to be like 6,000 people, down there at the courthouse being lined up, being shot up full of things, thinking it's the law, or they'll quote, spend 10 days in jail, as the newscast said.
So anyways, long story short, he did call me and he knew we were going to be there Saturday.
So myself and another person went on Saturday and we went in the wrong door.
We went in a totally different way because we'd never been to that courthouse before.
So we get through the guards.
There's nobody there.
We're like, where is everybody?
This is really strange.
So we get through and we're walking down these halls.
Nobody around.
They said go through those double doors.
We go through these double doors and it was like surreal.
It was like one of those horror movies.
All of a sudden there was like 300 people in this room.
We're like, whoa!
So we were kind of scoping out the room.
And because no one noticed us because there were all these people milling around.
Well tell us what happened.
Well, we went, we started looking around, and it was almost like a rectangle, imagine it like a rectangle shape, and all the people who, all the parents who were coming in were kind of within this rectangle.
We had come in through doors.
You're on the outside of it looking in.
Exactly, on the outside of it coming in, so the parents weren't really where we were when we first walked in.
So we're sitting here, we're going, okay, let's figure out what's going on.
Now tell us real fast the basics.
Okay, well, the gentleman I was with grabbed one of the forms, the waiver exemption forms were on this back table by themselves over there.
So we asked the slate, okay, what's going on?
So she told us kind of what was going on.
She said that these packets that the nurses are going to help the parents fill out.
So I go up to the table and say, may I have one of those packets?
She said, are you a parent?
I said, yes, because I am a parent.
Okay, what happened?
So I took the packet.
We looked at it and we looked closely because we knew that on the bottom was where the religious and the medical exemption waiver is.
We looked at the packet that was paper clipped together.
There was like four sheets.
We looked at it carefully.
No exemptions.
This is huge.
Now listen, I need you to scan these in.
Trainings to get your number.
Did I see you on CNN?
I think I actually saw you on CNN.
And this is a big issue because that's illegal.
Listen, we went outside.
We immediately went outside.
All the news people were there.
We went in front of the camera, CNN, it's the clip, we're in that clip.
That's you, okay.
Yes, and I just sent Trey, your guy Trey, two YouTube videos that show the one-on-one, our discussions later with the state attorney, and then I'm also telling what happened.
I got escorted to the restroom with armed guards.
Okay, but we went out because we went out to CNN, they were filming, and me and Jim went out and we approached them.
And again, it's just like Pakistan, so because you talked to the media, you got escorted.
Oh, I was so mad, Alex.
They were literally... and I was just going into... Well, what did they say?
I mean, give us the basics.
What did they say to you?
They said, um, they were trying to backtrack.
I went in front of CNN and said, why isn't the exemption forms in this packet?
I said, State Attorney, you know, Alex, I'd like you to put them in there.
So he said, okay, we'll correct that.
So then later when I wanted to go to the bathroom, you know, of course we were interviewing parents when they came out.
None of them had heard about the exemptions.
No medical, no religion.
And we have him on tape saying he would present them to them.
They didn't.
They were not in the packets.
Trust me.
And so when I brought it up in front of CNN, I asked them, would you please put it in the packets?
I don't know if they ever got put in because they wouldn't let me go through.
Well, number one, why are people at court for something that isn't even the law?
It's all color of law.
And why are they kicking them out of school?
I don't want to hear it'll make the other kids sick.
Your kids have had the poison and supposedly they're not going to get sick.
You don't know that the vaccine will actually give you the disease.
So what's the long and short of it?
And I can have you on tomorrow for longer.
Oh yeah, okay, long and short is pretty basically, we fluked it out, found out that they were not informing parents that the form was not there.
We even interviewed parents, I've got parents' phone number.
We went to CNN, confronted them, they said they put it back in the packet.
Then after that point, they were, and I was going to the news people, they were trying to say that that wasn't true, that it was in the packet, and then they were also following me to the bathroom.
With escorted.
But you... With a dog!
But you got a copy, though, of it.
Yes, you know what, I gave it to Carol, well, I gave it to Fox News.
No, it'll never be seen.
Well, no, no, no, I mean, I have her business card and everything like that.
But, no, no, no, we checked it out, and besides, they could just say that they had it, but I'm telling you, we took it off the table, they didn't know who we were.
Now, did you go back in the courtroom, where, I mean, the judge should have been saying, by the way, you're here for no reason, we buffaloed you to come here, this is all color of law fraud, I mean, did they say that?
Um, the judge, I tried to confront the judge on it as well, but they were in the middle of an interview, but what's interesting is they never had a hearing.
You know that, right?
The judge was just lax, you know, just kind of walking around.
They really, ever since the story came out, they really backpedaled.
Well, they were supposed to have 2,300 children there, but you're saying you saw 300?
How many showed up?
About 300, yeah, I'd say about 300.
And I was interviewing parents when they came out, and I said, were you told about the religious or medical exemptions?
Well, here's the deal.
Here's the deal, Kelly.
What happens is,
People on CNN, people watching Fox, people watching MSNBC, there's all these newscasts.
They just say, it's the law, gotta take it, and that image nationwide.
I mean, look, local news in Austin, national news, everywhere we tune in, they tell you it's the law, and so people believe that.
I have people call me and email me going, Alex, are you lying?
The government says it's the law.
And I go, I swear to you, it's not the law.
Anything else you'd like to add, Kelly?
Well, I'm going to put you on hold.
We're going to talk to you during the break.
More calls on this subject coming up.
And in the big story of the day, the government's gearing up for martial law, ladies and gentlemen, in their own words.
This is very serious.
We'll be right back.
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He's Alex Jones.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
Waging war on corruption.
I want to interview you tomorrow, and we have seen you on the CNN clip.
Thank you, Kelly.
We appreciate your work there, exposing the fact that the government and the media, in unison with Big Pharma, because they're on their payroll, half the advertising literally now is from these people, that it's a law.
There is no law.
And if they set the president or the government to put in you what they want, when they want, we're certainly in a tyranny.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'll tell you right now, they're engaging in many cases.
That is, the government is not the useful idiots at the ground level.
I think so.
And he wants to talk about my interview with a state attorney in Maryland, admitting that his kids don't take the shots, the vaccines, and claiming that everybody knew that there was a waiver and they didn't have to take it, they were just going to criminally charge people for not being at school, even though the school had kicked them out.
The school kicks you out falsely, that's a case right there, and then charges you criminally, and then lies and says you just need to take your shots.
This is the system trying to buffalo us and by custom create new laws.
There's lots of stuff in the law they'll arrest you for.
You didn't know that?
Folks look into it.
Now, let's go ahead and talk to Donovan in Maryland.
How are you doing, Mr. Jones?
Donovan, go ahead.
Mr. Jones, one of the things I wanted to bring your attention to... Are you on a speakerphone?
Yes, sir.
Really hard to understand you.
Why don't you pick it up?
Hold on a second.
Really, that's... Okay, is that better?
A little better.
Just go ahead and make a point.
Okay, um, welcome to the show.
I was about to take it on Saturday, and I was so compelled to get my camera.
Sir, your phone's got some problems.
I really tried to take your call, but it was just too messed up for me to be able to take it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kyle in North Carolina.
Shifting gears, has comments about Chiapas, Mexico.
You're on the air, sir.
Go ahead.
Actually, I'm calling from Northern California, but that's alright.
How you doing today, Alex?
Okay, it said North Carolina.
It doesn't matter.
Go ahead.
Well, I just wanted to ask you about the people in Chiapas that rose up against the Mexican government in arms back in 1994 when NAFTA was first passed.
And they did it again in 99 and 2000.
I was wondering what you think their response might be to this whole North American Union.
I'm sure they know about it.
They read the elite papers, they talk about World War 4 and global government and everything.
I was wondering if you had any comments on that?
Well, I don't agree with their Marxist-Leninist views, but overall, the people of Mexico across the board rioted just six months ago when they had that staged election, and it was even admitted in the news that the election had been stolen.
Uh, and, uh, hand it over to Mr. Calderon.
Uh, but it's the, uh, same thing now, and that's why we shouldn't allow all this illegal immigration.
If Mexico couldn't put 30 million people here and use the U.S.'
's money to prop themselves up, there'd be a real revolution in Mexico.
Uh, right now it's a corrupt, uh, kleptocracy.
Indeed, I agree completely.
These people, from what I've seen, they don't even really speak Spanish, it seems like.
No, they speak Mayan.
They are a part of Mexico that was not even a part of Mexico originally.
That's right.
People think that Mexico for a short time had part of the U.S., but their original landmass didn't even have the entire Yucatan Peninsula up through to the middle of Mexico.
I actually had one other issue I wanted to bring up with you, changing gears here a little bit, to 9-11.
You know, I'm at a university up here, and we're going to be trying to put on some type of talk.
We already have Stephen Jones coming this spring, and I was wondering if you could think of any type of good curriculum readings.
We want to put out kind of a list for people.
Sort of do a type of informal class, if you understand.
Well, that's a good question.
I mean, Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth, Robert Baer's comments about all the evidence showing it's an inside job, a lot of other issues.
Okay, I don't have time to take
Any more calls?
Even though I want to talk to Gordon from Baltimore talking about a new taser death.
Okay, one more.
What's happened?
What's going on, Alex?
We're on the air, sir.
Go ahead.
Alright, I just saw on the local news that the police were trying to break up a fight in Prince George's County where all this mess is going on with vaccinations and everything.
Wait a minute!
There was a fight dealing with the vaccinations?
No, not dealing with it, but around the same area.
All the witnesses are saying that the boy was on the ground.
The police kept telling him to put his hands down.
He was saying that his hands were down.
They tasered him, and now he's dead.
It's horrible.
There were 300 plus taser deaths in the last year alone.
That came out last week.
And they taser you three, four, five times.
They jump on your head.
You die.
The tasers are too strong.
They're using them way too fast.
This is all getting caught on video and the establishment is making the people hate them.
Okay, we're out of time for all of that, ladies and gentlemen.
I could have spent two hours on this next subject, but we don't have time to do that now, but I'm going to try as best I can.
One of the most important articles ever written that's been posted on any of my Family of News websites was written by Steve Watson, with myself and Paul Watson,
Adding research to it.
It is 13 pages long.
And it is titled, Special Report, Turning the Police State Apparatus Against the Sinners.
This came out Friday.
The easiest place to find it is on InfoWars.com.
At the top of the page, there's four top stories.
And you need to click on this.
You need to read this.
You need to follow the links.
You need to find out what's happening.
This 13-page document
Details the federal government's open, stated plan.
This has been going on for two decades, but now it's coming to fruition to have open martial law, no Bill of Rights, no Constitution, no nothing.
And this dovetails with the fact that four weeks ago, four weeks and a day ago, I saw a new talking point came out, and we'd seen this last year in a State Department document memorandum of the White House, saying that they were going to have a strategy of saying anyone who was anti-war was helping terrorists and was terrorists by extension.
That anyone who was libertarian was a terrorist.
That anyone who thought 9-11 was an inside job was a terrorist.
Then, two weeks ago the House passed, it's in the Senate, the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.
They're on the verge of passing it in the Senate that will literally set up a federal board that will decide what is illegal to say and literally what books to ban, what books to burn.
You could not make stuff up like this.
We have links to all of this and even mainstream news admitting what we're saying.
Thirteen pages and literally the whole thing is just links.
I mean, it is just absolutely incredible.
And then, last Friday, not this Friday, three days ago, but the Friday before that, they had a hearing on C-SPAN, and in the hearing on C-SPAN, the Homeland Security Department put 9-11 truth sites, mainline sites, in-between the Al-Qaeda training videos, and said that we are Al-Qaeda.
And that they want to ban people speaking, just like Yoshima Shariff rounding up the lawyers in opposition and beating them on the head with billy clubs and putting them in trucks.
This is exactly what they're trying.
Now, if you read the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, passed last year for funding in the 07-08.
This is the defense bill.
It says for the first time in history that they are preparing for domestic use of the military against the American people.
It says the American people for insurrection, for rebellion, for rioting.
What are they planning?
Well, they know they're destroying the dollar by design.
A lot of other things.
Then if you look at the May 9th
2007 Presidential Decision Directive 51.
We have a link to the WhiteHouse.gov.
It says Congress no longer has any authority.
The President is Supreme Dictator and controls Continuity of Government.
Then a month later in Montebello, Canada for the SPP North American Union meeting.
This was made public.
He said the UN is over the United States during emergencies for Continuity of Government.
The House has now passed a law, the treaty, going to the Senate to hand control of our waterways and oceans to the United Nations.
Again, red alert.
It's all happening right now.
Then, four weeks ago, I started seeing Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, all these major neocons who admittedly get White House talking points, and it was the exact State Department talking points, saying, quote, we need to use the military against Ron Paul supporters
You don't believe me?
You can go to PrisonPlanet.com.
We don't have time to play it.
They say, use the military against Ron Paul supporters, all libertarians are terrorists, all anti-war activists are terrorists, that we are quote, in bed with Islamofascists, and that we need to have a dictatorship.
Okay, this is unprecedented.
This is red alert.
When we come back, we will detail this.
You see, they built this whole anti-war apparatchik, this whole system, this whole apparatus, and they said it was for foreign terrorists.
But the whole thing was designed for the American people.
Now, dare them talk about using this system against us.
We have several detailed reports on PrisonPlanet.com and TruthNews.
Look at the News in Focus section on the right-hand side.
But get this story, special report, turning the police state apparatus against the sinners.
We'll be right back.
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What we've got here is...
Failure to communicate.
Some men you just can't reach.
So you can get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it.
Well, he is.
I don't like him anymore.
What is tyranny?
It happens nine times out of ten in any nation or any government.
And it always happens in every country given enough time.
We have tyranny coming into place.
We have more than four trillion dollars in the last ten years stolen from the Pentagon.
The Pentagon tells Congress they won't discuss it, where it went, who took it.
Four trillion plus.
We have
Sarkozy in the French News involved covering up giant UN-run child kidnapping rings.
You can't make stuff up like this.
We have a government trying to destroy our sovereignty, our dollar, our borders, doing all of this.
And one of the most important reports we've ever put out is on InfoWars.com.
The very top of the page is from InfoWars.net.
Steve Watson,
Turning the police state apparatus against dissenters, second major phase of the coordinated destruction of freedom of America, targets those who refuse to get along with it.
But once tyranny comes in, it's about taking your pension funds without you being able to riot.
It's about conscripting your children with drafts without you being able to say no to it.
The people running our nation could care less about our Bill of Rights and Constitution or our property rights.
They want to hold us as chattel slaves.
That's history.
And Glenn Beck last Thursday, it's made huge news, came out, and at the beginning of his program, you can go watch the video, it's posted in this story.
And he came out and he said, we need to use the military against domestic threats.
And he said, Ron Paul put on the screen, domestic threat.
And he said that these people are threatening to overthrow America.
No, we're trying to stop the end of our sovereignty.
We're trying to fight for the borders.
We're trying to end wars that are bankrupting us and destroying our name around the world.
Because a lot of Americans don't know what's happening, but the world does, though Americans are starting to wake up.
And Glenn Beck went on to admit that they know that both parties have an 11% approval rating, lowest it's ever been, that people don't trust the government and the media anymore.
And they had David Horowitz, this Marxist-Leninist posing as a conservative, up there, and Winston Churchill's grandson, and they even talked bad about the founding fathers.
I mean, you couldn't make this up.
And then you actually look at the FBI training manuals.
You actually look at the SLAT training.
We have video links here.
This is before 9-11.
A firefighter in early 2001 in Kansas City in a huge classroom full of police, firemen, and sheriff deputies.
And FEMA comes in and says, Christians are the enemy of the federal government.
You've got to watch this video.
The Founding Fathers were bad.
America's bad.
We've got to take their Bill of Rights.
And then I have state police on the road pulling over Abby Newman, naval veteran, one of my listeners, and they find pocket constitutions in the trunk and on video, this is squad car video, say, well, we better arrest her for this.
This may be illegal.
You have to see... We have the training going on on video from the police, and then we have the actual training taking effect on the street.
This has been a covert plan for a very long time.
And FEMA came to town in 2002 and talked about domestic threats and mentioned those that make frequent references to the U.S.
That's in the FEMA training.
I know this sounds crazy.
I can't believe it.
But they're doing it.
Look, if you were global corporations, 46 of them now, bigger than... 46 of the top 100 largest economies aren't governments.
They're corporations.
They have their own intelligence.
They have their own mercenaries.
They have it all.
And they want power, and they're setting up a world government with new rules that they control that destroy our sovereignty and our jurisprudence and our right to a jury trial and all of it, and our private property rights.
It's very simple.
Very powerful, dominant men have come to power and are literally stripping out our sovereignty and hundreds of other countries' sovereignty to set this up.
And one big way they're waging war on us is economically.
In the time I have left, I'm going to get back into martial law in a moment.
I wanted to read from the Daily Poll site.
These numbers are accurate.
In fact, they're even worse from what I've seen.
Look this up for yourself.
$19.50 worth only 12 cents today.
A dollar in 1950 would buy only 12 cents worth of goods today, or 88% less than before.
The depreciation that was accelerating the last few years.
Inflation in my adult years increased average prices more than 1,000 percent.
Example 1.
A postage stamp in 1950 cost 3 cents.
Today's cost is 41 cents.
A 1,266 percent inflation.
Example 2.
A gallon of 90 octane full-service gasoline cost 18 cents before.
In 1950.
Today it costs $3.05 for self-service, a 1,870% inflation.
Example 3, a house in 1959 cost $14,100, the average house.
Today's median price is $213,000, a 1,400% inflation.
Example 4, from 1950 inflation to 2007.
A dental crown used to cost $40.
Today it costs $1,100, a 2,750% inflation.
Example 5, an ice cream cone in 1950 cost 5 cents.
It's $2.50, a 4,900% inflation.
Example 6.
Monthly government Medicare insurance premiums paid by seniors was $5.30 in 1970.
Forget 1950, okay?
1970 it was $5.30.
Today it is $93.50 on average, a 1,664% inflation.
And up 70% in just the last five years.
See, it's telescoping.
It's getting worse faster.
See, that's how inflation works.
It grows slowly, but huge over time in the aggregate.
And then, by next year, folks, we already have 15% food price increases this year.
So we took it out of the CPI.
Now, they're talking about another 30% just by the middle of next year.
Example 7.
Several generations ago, a person worked 1.4 months per year to pay for government taxes.
You now work more than five months a year for taxes.
And under the current federal deficit, by 2012, if they plan on paying the deficit, or even keeping up with interest payments, you're looking at an 80 plus percent tax burden.
That's why toll roads are going in on existing roads.
That's why they're doubling every few years the number of police, exponentially.
That's why they're building prisons everywhere.
It's not for the violent offenders, it's for you folks.
We're going into a predatory, corrupt system.
They are setting up a tyranny.
And it's not just me saying this, Lew Rockwell, that was also listed on the show, they said Lew Rockwell, mainline Republican slash conservative libertarian site, I'd call it Barry Goldwater type, was listed and they said that they are quote, with the Islamofascist in bed Al Qaeda and that the military needs to be used.
This is incredible!
And they said, we've only got 11% approval ratings, we better use the military!
I got news for you,
One candidate has gotten more donations than all other Republicans combined.
Look this up.
It's even been in the Associated Press, New York Times, everywhere.
One candidate to raise more from the military.
You say you support the troops?
Well, what are the troops doing?
Ron Paul is the biggest candidate in the military.
He is loved.
He is a real conservative.
And he's got programs and ideas that have been well vetted that could save this nation.
And he's surging in the polls, and they're trying to demonize him, and they're pulling out all the stops, ladies and gentlemen, right now.
And they said, quote, Ron Paul supporters, anti-war activists, libertarians like Lou Rockwell.
They are with the terrorists.
We need to use the military against this domestic threat.
I've ran out of time.
We can't play the whole clip.
It's on YouTube.
Just go watch it.
And then O'Reilly said this.
He called us anarchists.
He said we're terrorists.
He said we'd be... A bunch of other talk shows, including Beck.
It's Talking Points.
See, I heard this four weeks ago.
And one day I heard two national hosts say the exact same line.
They admittedly have met at the White House several times and gotten talking points.
It's come out that there are talking points.
It came out in mainstream news a month ago, the White House gave Fox News and others talking points.
They're not conservatives!
I tell mainline conservatives, who haven't woken up yet, though most of you have, that, hey, here's the New York Observer.
It's conservative.
Here's these other publications that Fox News is behind Hillary and strategizing, and her biggest contributor, and that Republican donors are giving more to Hillary than all Republicans combined, and they just go, not true, not true.
And I go, the Republicans are appointing all these former Clinton people.
They admit they're getting ready for the transition.
The Republicans aren't even really running anybody.
Ron Paul is a dark horse.
And they go, not true, not true.
Kind of like when I was in an Austin gun shop about a year ago, and I walked in, really big, nice gun shop here in town, and it's a McBride's, and two guys come over and go behind the counter, you know, you lied Alex, Bush wasn't for the assault of his van.
And I said, yeah he was, yeah he was, and then the manager walked over and said, hey Alex, I'm a fan.
He said, yeah, it's true guys, you just don't know.
Of course he was for it!
He lobbied!
I mean, I don't, I don't lie to you!
I tell you vaccines aren't the law, I just played you the state attorney telling you that!
Alright, I'm interviewing Ron Paul coming up Wednesday.
We'll be airing part of that next Sunday here.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
Go get In Game Blueprint for Global Enslavement at Infowars.com or Amazon.com right now.
Get it out to people.
God bless you all.
Great job with Trey and Amanda in there running the show.
Until next time, Vaya con Dios!
Hi, Ted Anderson here.
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