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Air Date: Nov. 15, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are 25 seconds into this first hour of worldwide transmission against tyranny.
I'm Alex Jones.
It is the 15th day of November 2007.
There are hundreds and hundreds of private mints and collector coin companies in the United States.
And many years ago, they started the Liberty Dollar.
Kind of an offshoot of the idea of Norfed.
And they would simply affix different seals to silver and gold and copper money.
And the Feds went after him a few years ago.
They sued him.
Federal courts and the Federal Reserve issued statements saying that, of course, you can have a Mint, and of course, if people wish to keep their silver or gold in receipts, which hundreds of other companies and brokerage firms do, they can.
But when they started stamping Ron Paul 2008 for President on these, it made the Feds very angry.
Now, I know the owner of the Mint.
And we have talked to him on air years ago, and this email came directly to my personal email, and it is his email.
This could be some elaborate hoax.
We haven't been able to talk to him yet.
We haven't been able to talk to their office, though they do have links on this email to their site with a posting about it.
And it's all over the web, all over hundreds of sites.
Literally, we're getting tons of phone calls and emails, so we have to cover it and go with the fact that it is accurate.
This is the Gold Antitrust Action Committee, who sues the Federal Reserve and others over how they try to suppress gold prices, a very scholarly organization backed up by some of the biggest gold mining companies in the world.
And so they're extremely credible, and they're saying, Feds raid Liberty Dollar and seize and freeze everything.
Dear friends at GATT and Gold,
The Liberty Dollar organization announced this morning, this is about an hour and a half ago, via the letter appended here, that federal agents today razed its offices in Evansville, Indiana and confiscated all its property and equipment.
This move seems extraordinarily bold considering that Liberty Dollar's right to operate already was being litigated in federal court.
Let's hope that the Liberty Dollar soon can force the government to answer in federal court for today's action.
And we've got in a similar court case earlier last year, and of course in Federal Reserve statements that they have posted on the site, that yes of course you can have a private mint.
They have tried to go after them in the past for trying to create an alternative currency.
But there's even quite a few U.S.
cities that issue city currencies.
And there are private corporations that issue currencies.
This is the same thing if you go to an amusement park and you buy a debit card with money you put on it.
This is the same thing as going to a bookstore like Barnes and Nobles and buying a gift card you put money on.
That's all it is.
In fact, until 1913, there were hundreds and hundreds of private bank scripts in the United States.
There still are gold receipts, silver receipts, copper receipts, palladium receipts, platinum receipts, but 90 plus percent of their business was actual physical asset metals where people were buying them.
And boy, these are really going to be collector coins now, if you happen to have gotten some of them.
Especially the ones with Ron Paul on the face.
And they waited, by the way, because they got a big shipment of the coins they just stamped to grab those, according to what he's put out here.
This is the government's tactic when they do things that are criminal.
They just try to destroy you so that you can't defend yourself.
Absolutely amazing.
So we're going to be going over this today.
We have got calls out.
I have the cell phone.
We're getting back to 1933, folks.
That's what they did in 1933.
This is a bad sign for gold confiscation.
These people are complete, absolute wolves.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burrett is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, things are getting really, really serious.
Glenn Beck,
Came out yesterday and said that Ron Paul basically is aiding terrorists, that Ron Paul is helping destroy America, that Ron Paul is a domestic insurgency.
This is showing you they're now scared of him and now very freaked out over the money bomb of a few weeks ago coming up on December 16th and 17th.
In two days, we're going to try to break the record of 4.2 million each day.
We're shooting for 10, but if we hit 8.4, this will be absolutely historical.
It can be done.
And it needs to be done.
But to see Glenn Beck have the unbelievable goal
To twist and turn and do the things he's done absolutely staggers even me.
I am just, they are revealing themselves for exactly what they are.
And I'm going to try to contain my rage at this, because this means they plan to go the whole nine yards.
Also, remember about a month ago in Vancouver, a Polish immigrant was immigrating to Poland.
I mean, immigrating to Canada.
His mother had lived there for many years.
He hadn't seen her in many years.
They kept him for upwards of 14 hours held, just like they did me for 15 hours.
When I tried to go to Canada.
He started throwing a fit.
And he's hyperventilating.
And they had no one there who could talk to him for 14 hours in Polish.
He didn't know where his mother was.
And he clearly was having an anxiety attack.
Looked completely scared.
And we now have the video.
They walked up to him.
And he started jabbering at them in a language they couldn't understand.
And waving his arms around, throwing a fit.
And frankly, I mean, I haven't done it this bad, but I think all of us have once or twice in a store or something, and when we're getting bad service, throwing a fit and going, come on, I'm sick of this!
That's basically what he does.
They taser him once, he screams and yells and falls.
Within 20 seconds, they're telling him to stop moving, but he's flopping around.
So three large men jump on him.
It appears from the video shot by a passer-by's cell phone outside the security gate.
The pair is sitting on his head.
They're restraining him.
They say, hit him again.
They hit him again.
It appears he's tasered at least three times.
He may be tasered four times.
You can tell they taser him again about ten seconds after another taser.
I mean, he can't control himself.
He's involuntary.
And then he just stops moving.
He died.
And then they come up with some newfangled, all these people that are dying.
People die literally every couple days from tasers.
They always claim that they were on drugs.
They tested this guy's blood.
No drugs.
Then they bring up, you know, some new complex medical term that they just had a heart attack because they were so upset.
And the guy looks like he's about 40 years of age.
It's actually got his age here in the article.
Let me pull it up.
And he died.
Well, I mean, when you taser somebody three times in a minute,
Or less.
And you're sitting on their head.
It's like that other woman going to the Phoenix airport and she throws a fit.
There's video of her whining and screaming.
She'd just gone off drugs.
She'd been in rehab.
And had obvious mental problems.
The wife of the prominent New York City official.
The whole family's prominent.
Very wealthy.
And she just is throwing a fit.
And, uh, they take her into custody and then they say she was shackled behind her back and that she choked herself.
We don't know what happened behind those closed doors, but when big men start jumping on people's heads, I mean, in this video, big cops, look like one of them weighs about 220 pounds, jumps full force on the guy's head.
It probably wasn't even the tasers that killed him.
That's what happens when you actually jump on people.
That's what happens when you stomp on people.
Also, it looks like he is retracting his metal baton, but from the video, it looks like it's about an inch from his head or on his head.
When you watch this video that's up on PrisonPlanet.com, it appears that he is, I don't know if this is the case, but it looks like he's stabbing him in the head, and that's right where his head's at, but there's a cop in the way, and you see him, why he wouldn't retract it away from his head, regardless, it was reckless endangerment,
Because he is retracting it at best an inch from his head, and at worst, on his head.
I mean, the cop is grunting with force, driving his staff, and it doesn't retract at first, and he does it again, and then it retracts.
I don't know what this is.
But three big guys, there's four of them there, jump on him.
And they're telling him, stop moving, while they're tasering him.
You don't control your body.
These are soft kill weapons.
These are less lethal weapons, as their proper term.
And these are training aids to get everybody accustomed to the image of people being tasered, hit, rubber-bulleted, you name it.
Like the young lady came out of the Red Sox bar in Boston, and they shotgunned her with rubber bullets at 10 feet away, and it blew her eye back into her brain.
The skull is very thin, where the optic nerve goes back into the brain, and it just shot her eye back into her head, and she hemorrhaged out and died.
He emerged out and died on the spot.
It happens all the time.
I mean, I've seen a couple cases in the last few years where homeless people are drunk and won't get up, so the cops now pain-compliance them with rubber bullets at five feet, and the bullets just shoot right into your stomach.
I mean, you could shoot somebody with blanks at an inch away, and it's gonna shoot a piece of their skull into their brain, or blow a big air pressure hole into their body.
I mean, I remember when I'd have a BB gun, I'd be running around in the woods as a kid, and, uh,
My dad, to illustrate how dangerous a BB gun was, even when it didn't have BBs in it, said, watch this, pumped it twice, put it up to a grasshopper and splattered it with the air.
That's a BB gun!
How did so many famous people die on the sets of theaters or movie sets?
I mean, it's got to be 10, 15 people I know that are famous, including Bruce Lee's son.
Where they take a gun with blanks and don't know that and stick it up to their head and pull the trigger and it shoots a big chunk of skull and flesh and high-powered gas and literally scrambles your brain.
In fact, people think the mob, one of their favorite tools, is a .22 to the head.
Well, it's not just a .22 to the head.
It's a .22 to the head repeatedly with blanks.
And you just shoot somebody six times in the head with that, you make sure you get purchase and total pressure, and it will go right into the skull and inject all that gas into your brain, and there's no rifling, no evidence, no nothing.
So, you start jumping on people's heads, you start tasering them repeatedly, they're gonna die!
And, I mean, we looked it up a few weeks ago, it's over 300 people that have died
In the last year and a half that they say died from tasers in the U.S.
And they're dying in Canada.
They're dying in New Zealand.
They're dying in Germany.
They're dying everywhere from these.
That's just in the U.S.
And there's no end to it.
There's no stopping it.
They just are killing us.
So I'm going to get more into this in the incredible report where they're now attacking Ron Paul.
This is really starting to freak me out.
I mean, it's getting so over the top, so obvious.
If there was any doubts in my mind of how evil the government and the mainstream media are, if there were any doubts in your mind about how far they're willing to go, if there were any doubts about this, this situation with Ron Paul is stunning.
It is staggering.
It is bone-crushing.
And I have to tell you, I'm more freaked out this morning than I think I've ever been.
The urgency really hits me with all these other factors, thousands of factors integrated in.
Just everything they're doing, I just wish they'd stop or just at least release some of the pressure and stop pushing us.
And while they taser people all the time to death for arguing with them, and taser pregnant women and 95-year-old blind women because they don't respond,
Coast to coast, 800 plus cities are saying they're going to accept illegal aliens with no ID and give them driver's licenses and with that they can get social security, welfare, housing loans, car loans.
It's totally lawless.
When they want to be lawless, they're lawless.
When Blackwater wants to be lawless, they're lawless.
And the Pentagon wants to steal over $4 trillion.
That's admitted.
Congressional reports.
They just say, we're not telling you where and when.
They're lawless.
And I've talked to so many special forces and regular Army and Marines that I know personally.
He said, oh yeah, all those mainstream news articles about hundreds of billions and giant pallets of cash, they give it to us to corrupt us and to get us into black ops and then to be able to frame us later.
And they don't search us when we come back in.
And regular grunts get, on average, about $30,000 a year in cash.
But even low-level officers are getting $100,000.
The generals are getting tens of millions.
They have turned our military into a merc army.
And then now there's many Mercs, or more than there are troops, and they're just integrating them together and now saying they're going to operate domestically.
You want to know who's coming after your guns?
You want to know who's going to put you in FEMA camps?
You want to know who's going to be kicking down your door?
Folks, it's going to be Merc military.
Right out of the textbook, Jeremy.
And on top of that, they're admittedly hiring aggravated felons out of prison to join the military, and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, and now talking about hiring illegal aliens to be police, Associated Press.
It's all happening!
They're doing it!
They're doing it!
And they're now saying Ron Paul... Let me find the actual article here.
I just don't even know what to think or what to say or what to do anymore.
Glenn Beck means Ron Paul, domestic threat, and says he's helping the terrorists.
I mean, and then they have the big Marxist-Leninist on, and then they have the grandson of Churchill to make Churchill faces and talk about how we're facing Hitler.
It's the criminals running our government that are destroying the Republic, that are destroying our dollar, that are destroying our borders, that are destroying our families, that are putting poisons in our water, in our food, in our vaccines.
I'm so sick of you traitorous enemies of this country posing as saviors, and I want the people to see through your fraud now.
And they are seeing through your fraud.
And I say, just keep showing us just how sick you really are.
Ted Edders for Midas.
November 15, 2007.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, Sean Kranish is on with us right now.
And he talked to the owner of the Liberty Dollar Company, Bernard Von Nuckas.
He has confirmed that this Mainline Mint, and he formerly ran the Big Mint in Hawaii, that you saw over television with ads for collector coins.
There's hundreds of companies doing this, but they don't like the fact that Ron Paul was on these coins.
The FBI's raided them.
And I guess they're saying it's counterfeiting.
They've said that before.
You're not allowed to issue gold coins if they say so.
And remember last year they arrested a man in Best Buy because they had a school contest at the private school and teaching kids about money and he had about $100 left over from the school that was his money of $2 bills.
And he went into a Best Buy, and not just the clerk thought it was counterfeit, the managers all thought it was counterfeit.
Total idiots!
That's the public's completely idiotic now, on average.
Completely mindless, have no idea about anything.
Don't even know what states are versus federal.
I mean, literally, they know nothing!
You can't underestimate how dumb they are by design.
And they arrested him, and I've seen a bunch of stories about people using U.S.
silver dollars
I mean, I'm talking about stuff from the 60s and 70s that are still U.S.
dollars, you know, that aren't even pure silver.
That I remember buying stuff with when I was a kid.
Their collectors are really worth more than that, but on face value, it's silver dollars.
They arrest you for that now, U.S.
silver dollars, because, again, $2 bills they think are Al-Qaeda, silver dollars they think are Al-Qaeda.
My friend Chris Afanas, no criminal record, owned a major computer company.
I think so.
Uh, and charged him with a bunch of crime.
Folks, they're not polite!
Just like they'll arrest you for not taking shots!
And I can have the state attorney on from Maryland to say there's no law, but he will still arrest you.
I've seen them CPS kids for not taking it!
I mean, again, it's lawlessness!
Because the public are completely mindless!
And, uh, this man was arrested.
Sean Kranish was arrested.
It was all over national news for trying to buy something with Liberty Dollars, which they're just silver.
He did talk to the owner of the Liberty Dollar Company this morning.
Sir, first off, tell us about how you got arrested for your evil activities, and then what the Liberty Dollar folks told you.
Well, I live in northern Illinois, about 10 miles from the border, and my family has a place up in Wisconsin, right across the border, a little cottage.
And I go up there every summer.
So, I was up there and I went to an outdoor ice cream place that I've been going to since probably I was a baby.
And I offered them a Liberty Dollar, and the lady, you know, she didn't really know what it was, and I told her it was real silver.
She took it, she looked it up, she came back,
And she said she won't take it.
And I said, are you sure?
Because it's real silver.
And so she took it again.
I thought, OK, great.
She's accepting it now.
Well, then the cops come.
The cops show up.
I have the Liberty Dollar on the counter.
I have Federal Reserve notes, because I also offered them paper money, on the counter.
And the cops even testified.
I don't think so.
Well, by the way, it's barter.
That's what Chris O'Thennis and everybody did.
You go around and explain, hey, this is real silver.
I'll give you something worth $10 for that hamburger.
Would you rather have $7 in cash or would you like this pretty silver coin?
And they think that's the... They arrest you for U.S.
silver now!
Have you seen those cases?
They arrest people for $2 bills!
Yeah, I don't disbelieve it, because people are stupid today, and that's the real sad thing.
So is she real proud?
I mean, again, in this whole Al-Qaeda anti-terror atmosphere, there's no real terrorists, so it's just this tattletale society now.
But I'm sorry, go ahead.
So what happened?
I mean, were you convicted?
Oh, no, no.
Okay, what happened was they took us to jail.
First, they searched my locked car, my private automobile, which was like 50 feet away.
They searched it.
I'm a gun owner.
I had a gun in the car, which was unloaded, zipped up in a case.
They took that.
They charged me with carrying a concealed weapon, which is illegal in Wisconsin, for having a gun in the car in a case.
Exactly how the law says to do it.
Again, breaking the law, destroying America is what it's all about.
Savaging the Bill of Rights for their bank or owners.
Stay there.
Oh yeah, right here in Texas they say you can carry a gun unloaded in a case.
They'll put you in prison so fast it'll make your head spin.
Just like they'll put you in prison for not taking shots.
There's no law, but they do it.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Man, I think all these rules that us, we can't do with it everything.
Before we go back to Sean Kranish...
We need to fight these people with the Infowar.
They're losing right now in every poll, every indicator.
We're winning the Infowar.
They want to make it physical.
We need to reach out to good police, good military.
There are good men and women out there.
But just like the public is filled with dumbed-down idiots, it's the same thing with police.
Same thing with that ice cream lady.
And it is so amazing to witness all this.
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Okay, Sean Kradish, I know that Bernard is your friend.
You're able to get in touch with him.
He hasn't been answering when we call.
We've called, talked to him a few times in the past, but I don't know if he recognizes our number.
I want to let you go soon so you can try to get him the studio line so he can call into the show.
But finish up with what happened to you.
For trying to barter and saying, hey, would you like to accept this silver coin?
I mean, that's your right.
You can come in there, into that store and say, I'll give you this gold ring for dinner.
But the point is, is that people, for police listening, if you're ignorant on this, you're now arresting us for U.S.
silver dollars.
You're now arresting us for actual Federal Reserve notes that are in weird denominations that has the Declaration of Independence on it.
I mean, if you haven't seen a $2 bill,
I thought everybody knew that.
My dad gave me some when I was a little kid.
I visited the U.S.
Mint, the Treasury, in D.C.
when I was about 10.
I bought a roll of them, uncut.
I ought to frame them.
It's like a parchment.
It's in a red tube I've still got.
That's the U.S.
money, like a $100 bill.
It is counterfeit.
It's Federal Reserve.
It's just incredible.
The Federal Reserve money is really what is counterfeit.
Sean, finish up, because that makes me so angry.
I remember seeing that in the news, that they didn't charge you for your locked up, you know, gun that wasn't loaded, not violating state law.
How did all this play out?
I mean, did you talk to the cops and go, man, it's silver?
Yeah, no, I tried to explain it.
When cops are called out to arrest someone, they arrest them no matter what.
Really quick, I've got a web ad.
Because this woman said you should be arrested, so you were.
The link to the Liberty Dollar Class Action Lawsuit has been posted on there too, so you can not only read the whole story of what happened to my wife and I in Wisconsin, but you can also sign up for the Class Action Lawsuit if you hold any paper Liberty Dollars, if you have an order pending, or maybe under other circumstances.
So they charged us both with felonies.
They extorted over $5,000 from us in bond to get our car out of impound.
Uh, held us for, for about 24 hours.
Did they charge you for the coin or the gun?
Did they charge you for the coin or the gun?
Yeah, that was one of them.
Three, three felony counts.
Now the interesting thing is I've never received the felony charges on paper, so I don't think they actually brought felony charges against me.
I think they just used that in court to extort thousands of dollars from me in bond money.
And then later on, they dropped him down to misdemeanors.
Three counts of, or four counts of theft, false representation, or something like that.
And then the one count of carrying a concealed weapon.
Well, take Williamson County, Texas.
They've got different police forces there, but I've seen news articles where they arrest people for overdue videotapes, you know, to Hollywood Video or Blockbuster, but then all these counties won't arrest illegal aliens for driving without licenses.
Again, it's all selectively enforced.
Now, you talked to the head guy, Bernard, over at the Liberty Dollar.
Tell us exactly what happened, what he told you.
Well, you know, he was pretty upset and pretty busy trying to clean up this mess.
So he only had a minute, but I did confirm that, yes, they did raid his, I guess it's his main office in Evanston, Indiana today.
Stole just about everything.
So the email he sent out was a legitimate, genuine email from Bernard, and it really did happen.
Yeah, so, you know, they don't arrest people anymore for breaking the law.
They arrest you for your behavior.
If you behave in a way that doesn't go along with the New World Order agenda, you will get arrested, and then you'll get, I think they call it pencil whippings.
Is that right, Alex?
Yeah, you can beat the rap, you can't beat the ride.
Well, anybody that pencil whips me, let me just say something, and I have sued people, I've sent people to prison that messed with me and tried to violate my rights, and that's on record.
But the point is, is anybody pistol whips me, or pencil whips me, they are going to get pencil whipped right back.
They'll beat the rat, but they won't beat the ride.
Oh yeah, I've sued people before, too.
I've got an ongoing lawsuit.
But, yeah, I mean, they tried to charge me with driving drunk.
I was completely sober.
They made me take a blood test, which came back absolutely negative, not a trace of alcohol.
Because I had one beer like two hours before they arrested me.
And stupidly I admitted it.
So they charged me with driving.
They didn't even see me driving.
Did you ask them, why are you doing all this to me?
Yeah, yeah.
And they just laugh, or smile, and act like they're doing the right thing.
I bet they're not going to laugh when the government implanted cancer in them activates.
They're a loving government that hates them.
They don't realize it.
Oh, they're stupid.
So exactly what did Barnard say to you?
Okay, well, he was pissed off, so he was pretty upset.
But he told me, yeah, that is what happened.
He asked me if I got the email.
I said yes.
He said he did send it out.
And other than that, he told me he was really busy and I said I understand.
I told him to take care and hope it goes well.
I think he would be willing to get on the radio if you're able to get a hold of him, you know, maybe like for tomorrow's show or something, he'd probably be able to go on.
Well, I've got a member of Parliament coming up, a member of Parliament coming up in the next hour, but if he can get on in the third hour, that'd be good too.
Yeah, I just want to give that link out, libertydollararrest.com, and also on that blog is the link to the class action lawsuit.
So if you have Liberty Dollars, the paper certificates, or you have an order pending, jump on this class action lawsuit, because it could help.
So, LibertyDollarRest.com and that'll give you all the information.
Well, it's always been legal for banks and institutions and organizations to issue certificates, basically like a gift certificate, and this had actually been through the courts and the Federal Reserve and the Feds had even said years ago that what Bernard was doing was legal.
It's got so much precedent it makes the head spin, but I mean, we had precedent to be able to demonstrate without permits, and now they say we don't and they charge you with felonies.
So we're in a very, very dark time, and I just hope the police and people enforcing all these unjust
I think?
I should have spent the whole hour on this subject.
This is so huge but we've been focusing on this activity that we just concluded covering.
It is so unspeakable that I'll spend most of the third hour on it.
There is a talking point that started approximately three weeks and six days ago.
It'll be four weeks tomorrow.
The talking point started simultaneously on Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly's radio shows, and on O'Reilly and Glenn Beck's TV shows.
The exact sentences that we are terrorists, McVeigh types, that we're violent, that we're dangerous, that we're anarchists, that we're communists,
That 9-11 truthers are dangerous, undermining America, and dividing us, that we are domestic insurrection.
And this is the basic thing that Savage has been putting out for three years, saying anyone that disagrees with the war is aiding terrorists and should be put in a camp, and that we shouldn't have to pay for people in camps, so they should be forced to labor camps.
And then he laughs and says, as soon as we're attacked again, that we're all going to be put in camps.
Now, Savage, of course, is a former Top 60's beatnik,
Who is right in line with the politics of Horowitz, who was on Glenn Beck's show yesterday.
The video's up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
He was a top Marxist-Leninist, just like all of the founders of the neocons were.
If you don't believe that, it's mainstream news.
Trotskyite neocon into Google, click news, I mean, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Toronto Star.
It was the fourth communist international and they came here through Mexico to overthrow the US.
And then by the 60s, William Crystal's father decided and openly said, we will take over the Republican Party.
Again, you can't make stuff up this weird.
And every time we check, it's a, quote, former Marxist-Leninist telling us how good camps are, and how good banning free speech is, and how Ron Paul's evil, and I just can't handle it anymore, folks.
I just can't handle these people.
And they're putting all the sons and grandsons of top commissars from Poland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, in every power position, Homeland Security, Justice Department.
I mean, these people are
And they're preparing to release merc armies on us.
Again, foreigners that have joined the military are now becoming police.
This is worse than any science fiction movie I could even imagine or even discuss or even ever... I just... it's too insane.
This is up on TruthNews.us.
Hired propagandist and corporate media show Glenn Beck had Jonathan Sandys, great-grandson of Winston Churchill and neocon and former Marxist David Horowitz on his show to attack Ron Paul, or more accurately, the fringe elements that support Paul.
Horowitz, typically mired in 1960s, completely mischaracterized the underlying dynamic of the movement, drawing
False comparisons between anti-war radicals of the so-called New Left, back in the day with Muslims, and the diversified anti-war movement of the day.
Yeah, integrated Muslims and terrorists and with the Paulers.
Horowitz, with his Marxist conditioning, insisted on lumping these two elements together, and for obvious reasons, demonizing Paul supporters becomes an easier, albeit intellectually lazy and disingenuous effort.
And Beck comes in and says, I know the borders are open, I know the government's corrupt.
He throws that tidbit saying, I'm a patriot, I'm a patriot, and then attacks Paul.
Beck fine-tuned Horowitz's mischaracterization.
Let me take it down the other way, David, he averted.
It's not just the left this time, it's also the right.
Ron Paul supporters are also on the right.
Horowitz agreed and specifically attacked Lew Rockwell, declaring libertarians as indistinguishable from the anti-American left these days.
They're the ones that don't want to get rid of our sovereignty and our borders and want real currency.
I mean, how do you think you're going to call Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul anti-American?
You fools!
Don't you know they're wildly popular across the political spectrum?
I say keep it up.
Show everybody who you are, and insisting they are totally in bed with the Islamofascists.
That's a quote.
In other words, they are terrorists.
Totally in bed!
I thought the Islamofascists were taking credit for staging the attacks and all of this.
But see, the bigger issue here is this is the new talking point.
And they just had meetings in Congress last week trying to pass, and they passed it out of the House.
It's in the Senate, 404 of the 435 in the House.
It's about to pass committee for the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act, which says they're going to decide what is illegal.
You don't have to call for violence or anything.
They decide that 9-11, and we said they'd say this, and now they have in the first meeting.
They put up Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth and other 9-11 websites, and they put it in between Al-Qaeda training videos on PowerPoint presentations.
And they're saying this aids Al-Qaeda!
And they're setting up a body to restrict speech!
I mean, for anyone that doubted us before, I mean, can you not see who they are?
Because Ron Paul's got bills to abolish the UN, to get rid of the Federal Reserve, to end the war, to do all these things, and they have the nerve
They're now saying if you're against the war, you're with Al-Qaeda, ladies and gentlemen.
Doesn't matter if 80% of Americans, 70 plus percent of the troops and major poles are against the war.
We're all Al-Qaeda now, because we don't want to attack Iran that had nothing to do with 9-11, even if you believe the official story.
Iran is Shiite, not Wahhabi.
It's Saudi Arabia, if you believe the official story that 14 of the 19 hijackers came from.
And it goes on and on and on.
Beck actually said the U.S.
military may have to be used against the growing threat of domestic terrorism.
Ron Paul donors.
They're calling to use the military, made up of mercenaries and foreigners, against us in the final effort to butcher this country's sovereignty.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a red-level alert.
This is an indicator that they are planning to move.
We have to intensify the info war 110% now!
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Isn't their objective to be world dominated?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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Before you slip into unconsciousness, I'd like to have another kiss.
I'm unflashing
Ron Paul needs to respond to Glenn Beck and the neocons right now.
And tell them how dare you claim we're aiding terrorists.
How dare you claim the military needs to be used on the American people.
Paul Watson has an article up.
Neolibs and neocons gang up on Ron Paul supporters.
Liberal wonkit website teams up with right wing red state to declare war on Paul turds.
Again, that's their word.
This is the establishment realizing there's a real threat in Ron Paul.
They've got multiple defenses.
They're electronic voting fraud machines with no record.
Black boxes you can't look into.
Their own engineers going public saying it's all designed for fraud.
I've got a member of parliament coming on.
Let's get him on right when the hour starts.
He's only going to be on 30 minutes.
The murder of Dr. David Kelly.
This gets into the WMDs.
All of it.
But then when I get into the second half of the show, coming up in 35 minutes, I'm doing nothing but this Ron Paul situation.
Call everybody you know.
Tell them to tune in right now.
It's simple.
They've said they want martial law.
They've said they're ready for martial law.
They've said they've built FEMA camps for the American people.
The John Warner Defense Authorization Act says they'll use troops against the American people during revolts or insurrection or riots.
What is it they're planning that's so bad that they think this is going to happen?
And now they come out and say Ron Paul is destroying America, and Ron Paul's supporters hate America.
No, we love this country!
Unlike you and your gaggle of Marxist scum.
They literally are Marxist, and they call us Marxist.
Yeah, Ron Paul's a Marxist.
He's the complete polar opposite, and everybody with two brain cells to rub together knows that.
This audio's coming up.
But these headlines Paul and Nemo are writing aren't strong enough.
We get accused of writing shocking headlines.
This is nothing.
The headline ought to be, Glenn Beck calls for using military against American people.
This is them testing the waters for martial law, ladies and gentlemen.
Trying to sell everybody on arresting people that support Ron Paul.
They want their North American Union, and they want it yesterday.
They want the destruction of the dollar, and they want it yesterday.
They're behind.
They want to legalize all the illegals and give them driver's licenses yesterday.
And they're mad that the American people, 80 plus percent in every poll, from the war, to the dollar, to the borders, to the sovereignty, both parties have 11 percent approval ratings.
Mainstream media's ratings are plunging like a lead brick.
And they are in red-level crisis now, openly trying to set the groundwork, which they've already set up in Congress and through law and continuity of government, to totally set up a Pinochet-type dictatorship.
Red alert globally!
Red alert globally!
Red alert globally!
They are in Congress, passing
On the verge of passing a law saying that what speech they can ban.
And having commissariat, that's political police, that literally bans speech.
You're not going to stop us exposing the fact you carried out the attacks, you murderers.
And you're not going to stop us exposing the fact that you're carrying out eugenics against us.
And you're not going to stop us from exposing there's no law we have to take your poison vaccines.
And you're not going to stop us from defending the borders, and defending the Second Amendment, and defending land rights, and desperately trying to stop your Kyoto Protocol taxes, your global taxes, and your law, the Sea Treaty, on the verge of taking over our oceans that Ronald Reagan defeated.
You are the traitors.
You are the enemies of this country.
You are the ones attacking the First Amendment.
You are the ones that have destroyed America's name worldwide.
You are enemies of the Republic and every free-born man, woman, and child on the face of this globe.
You are enemies of the American people.
You are traitorous leches who will be exposed and who will be brought to justice.
And I know you're scared now because you know the giant is rising!
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCM Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Some of the biggest fake liberal and fake conservative establishment hack websites have, quote, declared war on Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters.
In the last four weeks, every major neocon transmission has called for the arrest, saying that Paul supporters are dangerous, evil.
Now they're saying the military needs to be used against us.
They realize the American people are getting past the left-right paradigm and waking up to their illegal wars.
We're good to go.
Dr. Corsi has covered that for conservatives that can't wake up.
He woke up.
He's the guy that shot down Kerry with the swift boats.
He can read the documents.
It's time for liberals, conservatives, libertarians, everybody to come together.
You have been coming together under Ron Paul, who, by the way, is scheduled to come on the day before Thanksgiving next Wednesday.
I was going to take that day off, not now.
And I just want to see my family.
I see my children like 30 minutes a day now in the morning because I work until late at night.
The point is, is that all of this stuff is happening.
The people don't want war anymore.
The establishment knows that the people now don't trust them.
Both parties, again, have 11% approval ratings.
And the establishment is angry.
The establishment is panicking.
The establishment is doing everything they can to say it's treason to say you're against the war.
No, it is treason against the First Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.
...of 1776 and the Bill of Rights of 1789 to come out and say we don't have the right to say we're against the war, and that we don't have a right to talk about 4 trillion plus missing from the Pentagon coffers, and that we don't have a right to say we don't want private blackwater mercenaries operating domestically with total immunity inside the United States, or that we don't want our military made up now of a large portion, 20% plus, of foreigners.
Every key point of dictatorship, from camps to foreign troops, it's all happening in plain view.
The Republic has never been in more trouble, ladies and gentlemen.
And I am just stricken with grief to see it go this far.
The New World Order is not backing off.
The globalists are not backing off.
They know people are aware of them now.
They know people are waking up at an accelerated rate against them now.
They've seen the tea leaves, and they are moving with tyranny.
When they start laying the groundwork for banning free speech, and arresting people for free speech, and sending the military against the American people, and equating Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters with Al Qaeda, as they've done in words on national television,
This is absolutely off-the-charts outrageous.
This is so incredible.
To have Glenn Beck call me dangerous because of my 9-11 truth information.
To have him call all of us dangerous.
To call Ron Paul dangerous.
This lets us know we're not just some fledgling movement.
We're not some little group of people.
We have incredible power.
And that's why they're so scared.
Of liberals, conservatives, libertarians, whatever term you want to use.
Freedom lovers.
They are so deathly afraid of the American people saying no to their global empire.
And it is so outrageous to see them setting up a congressional committee to decide what could stimulate homegrown terrorism to quote prevent it
And claiming that 9-11 and Ron Paul and any group that questioned the war are aiding Al Qaeda, literally, in congressional testimony.
While trying to pass this bill is absolutely off the charts.
This is a clear talking point of the highest order.
This is a prime directive from the White House and their foreign handlers to move against the American people and attempt to set up an open dictatorship of the elite.
Passing the baton, of course, on to Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Red-level attack on the Republic is taking place.
We must speak out and resist it.
So there's no phone number?
It's a W?
It's a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Builder-Birds.
Isn't their objective being world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights makes great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The federal government has passed out of the House the first official thought crime law, saying that a board in Congress will decide what speech could lead someone to become a terrorist.
And then they had hearings last week, enlisted 9-11 truth groups, anti-war groups, and said that they aid Al-Qaeda.
Now in unison, Fox News, CNN have attacked Congressman Ron Paul, who on every issue is above 80% in the polls.
He supports every issue the American people support.
Anti-war, pro-sovereignty.
Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be covering this coming up in 30 minutes.
This is all off the charts.
This is just mind-blowing.
Also, speaking of the war and what has led us to the edge of what the neocons call World War IV with Iran, this American, Pax America, Anglo-American global empire, is Norman Baker.
And he's written a powerful book, The Strange Death of Dr. David Kelly.
We have links to that up on InfoWars.com.
He is a member of Parliament.
He's a British Parliamentarian and a Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament from Lewes.
He is currently in a Liberal Democrat Spokesman for the Cabinet Office of the Chancellor to the Duchy of Lancaster.
He was a Liberal Democratic Shadow Environment and Rural Affairs Secretary.
And it goes on, you can read his bio up on infowars.com or truthnews.us.
And I remember the police reports about how they were seeing men in black uniforms running away from Kelly's body and his wrists were slit but no blood really there at the scene, undigested pills.
He told friends and families and in emails to colleagues, I'll be found dead in the woods if I don't shut up.
And so now Norman Baker,
I'm very pleased to be here.
I know you're here to talk about Dr. David Kelly, but we're having really scary developments here in the U.S.
where, I don't know if you're aware of this, Bush in the defense funding for this year has stated that they're prepared for domestic insurrection, and martial law term is used, and they now have talking points on television about using the military against the American people.
Do you have any comments on that?
Well, I mean, it's your country rather than mine, but what I would say is that many people in the world have
Well, I thought the terrorists attacked us because they hated our liberty!
Well, quite so.
And if that's the case, and the answer is to remove liberties, then that's what I mean by the terrorist winning.
So, even if you are benign in your interpretation of the activities of the President, then you have to conclude that he's helping the terrorists by taking away liberties.
Now, the death of Dr. David Kelly is so important, obviously, for listeners just to fill them in.
He'd been the head of the Porton Down Bio-Weapons Lab and all its strange going-ons.
He had also been one of the head UN inspectors.
I mean, Dr. Kelly was the weapons inspector above all.
Well, okay.
He was regarded as the most efficient weapons inspector in the world by both, not just British people, but by US and Australians and others as well.
He probably did more to reduce the threat from weapons of mass destruction than anybody else on the planet.
He discovered the illegal Soviet activities for biological weapons and he also, of course, largely disarmed Saddam Hussein through his discovery in the 1990s.
He's a very, very powerful figure of integrity.
He just took intelligence as he saw it, and he would then work on that basis.
So when he saw intelligence that suggested there might be weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that was all he was worried about.
And what concerned him, I think, was the British government in particular, but also, I think, the U.S.
and Australian governments then sought to use what was neutrally provided intelligence from the intelligence services and twist it for political means.
As Hans Blix, the UN weapons inspector, said, the British government took question marks and turned them into exclamation marks.
And it was that distortion of intelligence, I think, that Dr. Kelly found profoundly unacceptable.
Now, he was speaking out privately, and you can fill us in on the details that you cover in your book,
He was speaking out privately, and I guess somebody got scared he was going to speak out publicly, because on the eve of the war, the most respected arms inspector in the world, and a scientist and an expert on these systems, said that if they didn't have WMDs, that would have shot down the war to begin with.
I mean, can you talk about the chain of events that led to his murder?
Yes, I don't think he was going to say there were no WMDs.
He thought there was a 30% chance that there were chemical weapons, for example.
What he didn't, wasn't prepared to accept, was that
Britain could be hit within 45 minutes, which is the spin that had come out from the UK government based on one source only.
Saddam could barely even hit, before the 90s destruction, he could barely even hit Israel with Scuds!
Well, exactly.
I mean, there was a question mark as to what he could do at all, but the intelligence coming out suggesting that he had this massive capability, of course, came from Iraqi elements who wanted the UK and US to involve themselves in Iraq in order to rid the country of Saddam Hussein
And replace Saddam Hussein with themselves.
And he wasn't prepared to go along with that.
Now, he had license to talk to the press.
There's nothing new about that.
And in one off-the-record conversation with a BBC reporter, Andrew Gilligan, he discredited the government's claim in respect of the 45-minute threat to the UK.
And then that started to bubble out and magically the problem died.
That's right.
And that's right.
That came out.
There was a huge hullabaloo about it.
Dr. Kelly was then exposed.
Let's talk specifically about how he died.
I mean, it's murder, clearly.
And now in the major polls, the majority of Brits believe that as well, and why he decided to boldly come public.
Let's talk about the evidence of it being murder, and also some of the things he told people.
Well, I mean, as far as he told people, he told David Broucher, a diplomat, he'd be found dead in the woods.
And that was some months before he was found dead in the woods.
And David Broucher... He also told a fellow weapons inspector then?
Well, he also, yes, he explained his concerns to Dick Spurts, a US weapons inspector.
He also told Mike Pedersen, a US spy, it was just what her husband called her, a US Army person, of his fear from the Iraqi elements.
Now what happened of course in the woods is that he was found in the morning by two paramedics, two volunteers initially then paramedics, who came on the scene.
There was so little blood that the paramedics who had years and years of experience
Didn't even realize at first he'd actually had an incision.
That's how limited the blood was.
And how does the devil know?
If you die by slitting your wrist, there's going to be quarts and quarts and quarts, in some cases a gallon or more.
Well, it's like a slaughterhouse.
I mean, the reality is that it's quite difficult to die by slitting your wrist.
There was a study actually carried out in the U.S.
I've forgotten which state it was, but they examined attempted suicides by prisoners in the late 1990s, and they found that of 275 attempts to die by cutting your wrists,
Only one succeeded.
That's when the body closes down through limited shock, the arteries and veins in the area.
That's right, and that in fact was of course cutting the radial artery, which is the widest artery in the wrist.
Dr. Kelly is amazed to have cut the ulnar artery, which is a tiny artery of matchstick thickness, hidden in the wrist deep beneath nerves and tendons.
The idea that Dr. Kelly, or anyone else for that matter,
Want to kill themselves by cutting an obscure artery which causes pain to get to?
It is frankly simply absurd.
It's impossible clinically to die from cutting the ulnar artery the way Dr. Kelly did.
So that's the first point.
The second point is that he's supposed to have had these tablets taken.
Well I mean, 29 tablets were missing from the blister packs found in his pocket.
One was left there conveniently for the police to determine it was a clue.
Of those 29 tablets, those wouldn't be enough to kill him in any case.
And even if they were, they would cause slow, lingering death over a period of days.
And they were also undigested.
Yes, as liver failure kicked in.
And what they found was, in his stomach there was only a fifth of a tablet.
And in his bloodstream, even according to the official toxicologist at the inquiry, his bloodstream contained at most only a third of the dose necessary to constitute a lethal dose.
Now, witnesses also saw guys running away from the body.
Well, they saw three men in dark clothing close to the body, not running away from it, close to the body.
I'm going from memory.
I remember reading in the papers that when they saw them, they said, hey, and then they did leave quickly, didn't they?
Well, they were spotted.
No one knew who they were.
And subsequently, the police said they were police officers.
But if they were police officers, they were never identified.
No one quite knew.
Amazing, I mean it's clear they murdered him, but who would have the motive?
Who generally would do this?
Would it be an MI6 shop or would they bring in contractors?
No, well I mean, obviously it was quite easy in my mind to, well I say easy, after years of investigation I was in no doubt that Dr. Kelly had been murdered.
Well how did they kill him if it wasn't the pills and wasn't the risk?
That's absolutely beyond doubt.
Yeah, well I think the key to unraveling the mystery is to ask why he died in that way, or why he had those particular marks on his arm and the pills were there and so on.
Nobody would commit suicide in that way, let alone someone who experienced a microbiology of Dr. Kelly.
But equally, nobody would murder someone in such a clumsy way.
And therefore, you have to conclude he wasn't murdered in that way.
He was murdered in a different way, and I believe he was, I've been told this in fact, he was murdered by a shot of a lethal substance in his bum.
Uh, which was sufficient to kill him.
There are plenty of substances, unfortunately, which, uh, are lethal and unvirtually testable.
So what?
Friends drop by the house, they tell him, take a ride, they, uh, they, uh, put a gun to his head and say, bend over, and that's it?
Well, I think, I think he, uh, if you ask me what I think happened, I think he went for his normal walk.
He was then kidnapped en route by people who doubtless staked out, uh, his normal movements.
Uh, he was then, at some point in the, in, in the next few hours, given this lethal injection, and he was then dumped.
And what I think then happened, and I think he was murdered by Iraqi elements in the UK, for reasons I'll go into if you want.
Then after that, I think what happened was, this decision was taken at quite a high level to cover up the death, and it was therefore made to look like a suicide.
Would you say Ahmed Jalabi should be a suspect?
The libel laws in the UK are rather tighter than the US, so I'd better not answer that question.
Yeah, okay, we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen, stay with us.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We are living in this time of Earth's history.
We're good to go.
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Central with The Divided Kingdom.
Welcome back, Norman Baker, prominent member of the British Parliament, very respected as our guest.
The Strange Death of Dr. David Shelley is his book, selling quite nicely in England.
You can also get it via Amazon.com here in the United States.
Yeah, I mean, Shalabi's a convicted bank robber and involved in all sorts of black ops in Iraq and
We're not even saying it's him.
There's dozens of groups that are little clients for England and the U.S.
producing the fake intelligence.
Those documents have come out.
I don't know if I essentially agree with Mr. Baker that it's probably some Iraqi group of five or six different ones.
It could be the Iraqi National Congress, anybody, but certainly we know they carry out dirty work and we know they use them as clients.
I mean, it could be British intelligence, American intelligence.
I mean, I know Mr. Becker, during the break, you were telling me that, well, you talk to people in intelligence and they don't think so.
I mean, I just, I mean, I wouldn't take it from intelligence just because they say it.
Well, neither would I, which is why I've attempted to get different sources, and as far as, say, the US is concerned, I mean, you have to identify a motive, but I don't really find one for the US to bump off a nuclear weapons inspector.
They were doing the US no harm.
Bush didn't care what people thought he was going in anyway, and is staying there.
And my US contacts, whether they're in intelligence or indeed in organisations which might be regarded as left-wing,
They all say that, yes, he was murdered, but no, it wasn't the US.
Hey, who do you think killed the former Russian spy with the radioactive isotope?
The polonium?
Well, who I think didn't kill him is Putin.
Because, and it's very easy to say that Putin did, because he may have a motive.
But, you know, if you're going to kill someone, you don't autograph it.
And that's such an obvious link that it's almost like it's been deliberately created in order to blame Putin.
I tend to agree with you.
Shifting gears back into the, what has this done politically in England that it's now well known, I've seen major polls, 80 plus percent believe that quote, someone killed him, and a lot of them do tend to think it's the government.
I mean, what has this done politically now, and what made you have the incredible courage to go public?
Well, I just don't think, I'm very old-fashioned, I don't think we should be around bumping off people.
Murdering people in the country.
And I don't think that the government behaved in any way acceptably in the Iraq War.
The British government completely misled the British people.
They said they were trying for peace when they were trying for war.
They told Parliament a pack of lies.
And I'm rather old-fashioned.
I don't think that should be allowed.
And I intend to expose it and to bring those to book.
Where does it go from here?
Now they want to go into Iran!
Well, I mean, part of the book, I hope, will be to try and open the eyes of the British people
And say, you know, we've only had one foreign policy catastrophe, which is Iraq.
For goodness sake, stop there, because Bush and his neocon friends clearly want to deal with Iran before he's out of office.
Well, they want to escalate us into a third world war, and then get to be the heroes, you know, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, or kind of failing forward.
But even if the British government didn't kill Kelly,
And use some minions to do it, or step aside.
The fact that you believe and the evidence shows they covered it up, make them accomplices after the fact, sir.
Well, I think that's right.
I'm not saying the whole British government, I think probably there were very few people... Oh yeah, criminal element, criminal element.
...need to be involved.
Those people need to be brought to book.
And what we need to do is, as well as dealing with Dr. Kelly's death, we need to examine the whole attitude and response of the British government in that key period.
And frankly, it stinks.
It stinks like a load of rotting fish.
And those people who are responsible for lying to the British people need to be brought to book.
Why would the government cover it up that he was murdered?
Well, I think because the idea of when they ramped up the threat from Iraq,
I don't
Slightly unstable.
Dr. Kelly is proving rather a difficult issue for them and if he can be made to look suicidal then his values and his quotes somehow become diminished.
But seeing that you said there wasn't a motive for the British to kill him, there it is right there.
Claiming he committed suicide.
Well I don't think, well I mean I haven't been, you know, in a way you don't entirely rule that out but I don't think the motive was strong enough because the political ramifications of Dr. Kelly's death were so enormous and so difficult for the British government, it looked at one point as if they might collapse.
And they wouldn't have taken that risk, I don't think.
It's much easier to... You know, the British way of dealing with these things is not to bump people off.
The British way of dealing with it is to... is to threaten their pension, or to... or to place stories about them in the newspapers.
There's a way of dealing with people who don't... Or claim he's cheating on his wife, or claim he's on drugs, or claim he's mentally ill.
Yeah, you don't have to kill someone to discredit them.
But see, Blair bemoaned right before he left office to Reuters at a conference that the people don't believe the government and the media anymore when they try demonization and that they've lost that tool, so... Well, nobody believes the government because the government can consistently be shown to be lying to people over some of the most important issues in the world, so...
That's what we've got, I'm afraid.
The strange death of Dr. David Kelly.
Member of Parliament, Norman Baker, we really are honoured to have had you today.
As things develop, I'd like to maybe have you back up again, sir.
Yes, by all means.
Thanks for asking me on.
Thank you.
Take care.
Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back with the big news.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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It's so easy to deal with big problems.
It's so easy to clear your breakdown.
It's so easy to drive through a window.
It's so easy to clean up in the sun.
Really huge news coming up in a few minutes.
I'm going to analyze this as calmly as I can into the next hour, because I see not just a pattern, but an open declaration of war against not just Ron Paul, our beloved champion, but also against the American people and free humanity of the globe.
This information is of the most import you can possibly imagine.
By the way, go find that synopsis you did two weeks ago, that little condensed deal with O'Reilly and Beck saying we're terrorists, McVeigh, we're dangerous, we're anarchists.
Remember that blurb you did?
Instead of playing all those different newscasts?
I know that's a small portion, but get that ready in the queue as well when we play this Enemy of Liberty newscast.
My gosh, this is off the charts, ladies and gentlemen.
I can't believe people haven't seen this clearly for what it is.
I'm glad that Nemo caught it and did a good analysis of it, and I'm glad Paul did as well and a few others, but it's even worse than what they're saying if you add in the different ingredients.
It gives a picture that I've been predicting is the last piece before jump point into World War III, or as the neocons call it, World War IV, and so much more.
I am literally
Staggering around right now, okay?
Alright, folks, I mean, every day I say I'm getting more and more anxious, more and more upset, more and more... Let me just tell you, just right before 9-11, I went on air and I said, this is Operation Expose the Government Terrorist.
I saw their pre-programming, their pre-positioning, and I had a feeling it wasn't even this intense then, but I knew.
Now, I don't know if they're going to activate, but I know they're considering.
Their finger is on the trigger.
They've got their keys turned, they've got the red buttons out, they've got their index fingers on them, and they're saying, stand by.
And all the new World Order Chiefs have to say is, you may file in ready.
And they will implement.
And I think they're hesitating, kind of like when you're up on a railroad trestle jumping down 300 feet into a river.
I've done that.
Or 400 feet, 200 feet off a cliff.
And when I was young and dumb, and it's that little bit of hesitation, you finally just, ah, leap!
And they are right now on the edge of the cliff about to jump in and take us with them.
Heaven help us.
I just wanted to live my life.
I just wanted to live in peace.
I just wanted to defend the country.
I am really upset right now, folks.
I'm going to try to not be upset.
Let me just go ahead and tell you about some great sponsors.
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I don't think so.
We're good to go.
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Get involved now.
I think it's just better to start with this clip from three weeks ago, and this is a micron of what's out there.
This is a small portion.
The new clip is five or six times worse.
I mean, literally, I count it up all the times.
Now it's the most overt ever.
Here's O'Reilly and Beck going back and forth on their shows about dangerous people that McVeigh's come from and everything else.
So we'll play you this first, then get into the new news, the attack on Ron Paul.
Anarchist group.
These truthers are exactly the kind of people who want to rock this nation's foundation, tear us apart, and plant the seeds of dissatisfaction in all of us.
So why is he coming out of there?
I think he's got a bomb in his bed.
If I go to government and they use it out, you'll be in a hole for 30 days.
Which is why I believe these guys are dangerous.
I believe these guys are anarchists that are looking to tear us apart.
I mean, this is the kind of group that a Timothy McVeigh would come from.
This kind of propaganda is hurtful to those who lost loved ones on 9-11, and damaging to America's image abroad.
But the more serious matter is the rise of dangerous radicals roaming the country unchallenged, infringing on freedom of speech, disrupting worship, and insulting decent people.
Stop providing comfort, comfort, to terrorists and others who would harm Americans, including our own family!
Okay, now I'm just going to play this.
You can take your own notes.
We'll open the phones up in the last 30 minutes today to get your take on all this.
I'm going to be analyzing this for the next 50 minutes here on air, okay?
That's how much I've got to cover.
Please take notes, okay?
Please take notes, and we're going to get articles out on Prison Planet and Truth News according to these notes and their other analysis they had.
So you get big picture, okay?
It's literally, it doesn't have me shaking.
I'm not afraid.
It has me mourning.
It has me literally with a cold, painful feeling in my gut.
Because I don't even hate these new order people anymore.
They're sick, pathetic, cowardly scum.
And they hate this country so much.
I'm just so tired of their crimes and them getting away with what they do over and over again.
Now, here's Glenn Beck.
He tries to prep his shit with talking about, I know the border's open, I know the government's bad, I know they do bad things and lie, but this hurts the troops, and they're aiding, you know, bad people, and these Ron Paul people are tearing this country apart, and American people are mad at the government, and these groups are using it.
Both parties have 11%
And that's in multiple polls.
Gallup, you name it, keeps showing 11 and 12 percent and now some are showing 10.
Cheney's got a 9.
Bush has a 23 now, the lowest ever lower than Nixon in plunging.
And I've read how the polls are asked to get high numbers for him.
Congress has probably got more like a 5.
Cheney's probably got more like a 2.
And they're moving with gun control, U.N.
treaties, again, mercenary armies, foreign troops, it's all mainstream news now.
That's what's so incredible.
It's just all being done out in the open.
So he prefaces it with all this talk about, hey, I'm a patriot.
And Beck tries, he tries to mix in constitutionalist type stuff in with what he does, and he always adds the rat poison, the dagger.
He thrusts the dagger out while he opens up open arms, oh, I'm your friend, give me a hug, and when you hug him he goes, urgh!
Beck, we don't have a choice.
They're destroying our dollars.
They're destroying our borders.
They're destroying our freedoms.
We have to fight it.
We don't like having to fight you.
Give us quarter.
Stop it.
Leave us alone.
I know you're scared.
By the way, when Hannity got confronted in a gentlemanly way this weekend by 9-11 truthers with documents, not even 9-11 truthers, they were Ron Paulers.
They weren't even talking about 9-11.
They were getting into
Fox News and Rupert Murdoch are behind Hillary fundraising and supplying her.
And he was laughing until they said Infowars.com and he snapped and looked at the guy with fear and then nodded to the bodyguard.
Why is Hannity so afraid of me?
Why did he attack me?
He attacked me first four or five years ago.
Because he tries to pose as a real conservative, as a true constitutionalist.
He's a smart guy.
He knows exactly what he's doing.
He is a mercenary.
We're good to go.
Because you weren't completely cold.
You looked scared when they said my website.
He suddenly turned like he was a vampire that had been shown a huge crucifix and then doused in a torrential downpouring of holy water.
They're scared, folks.
They're scared of me.
And they're scared of me because they're scared of you.
And they know we're good people.
That's why all their disinfo agents and all their pimps and all their pumps are out there attacking me 90 to nothing right now, and I take that as a blessing because it shows I'm having a big effect.
And I'm committed to whatever dark end I have, if that's God's will, for that to be the case.
I don't want that, but I have set my sails.
I have set my course.
And they're doing this now because they're desperate.
Now listen to this manifest wickedness with David Horowitz and Glenn Beck and some other little minion.
Here it is.
You know, I was thinking this morning, when you enlist in the military, you have to take an oath that says you're going to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
On this program, we talk a lot about the foreign threats.
Maybe tonight we should spend some time on the growing domestic ones.
It's easy to sit back and watch television and complain that our politicians aren't listening to us, that they're lying to us about the border, about out-of-control spending, or their apparent relentless quest to hand our country over to special interests.
It feels, at least to me, like our leaders reflect an America that most of us don't even recognize.
Well, here's the point tonight.
While our foreign enemies are the obvious ones, the physical threat
Maybe developing domestically as well.
And here's how I got there.
As I told you last week, Ron Paul raised over four million dollars in one day.
That's huge news.
His supporters raised the cash on November the 5th to commemorate Guy Fawkes.
This guy was a British terrorist who tried to overthrow the government by blowing up Parliament and killing everybody in it.
Paul's supporters called the donations, and I'm quoting, a money bomb.
Fox was caught the very last minute, some say with a hand on a torch about to light the gunpowder under Parliament.
Now the vast majority of Paul supporters take this little metaphor the way it's intended, as a rallying cry to create a dramatic political shift.
It's really not the way I would go, you know, tying my movement in with a historical terrorist attack, especially in post-9-11 America, but hey, you know, I'm a libertarian at heart, I get it.
You raise money however you want, as long as you're not blowing other people up.
But America, here's what you need to know tonight.
Ron Paul supporters are tapping into something that's very real.
It's something I've talked about on this program for a very long time.
The rising tide of disenfranchisement in this country.
And it's coming from all sides of the political spectrum.
If that feeling of disenfranchisement leads to political discussion, then our system works perfectly.
But, if fringe elements take that disenfranchisement and turn it into violence, we endanger the freedoms we're supposedly all fighting for.
David Horowitz is the author of Indoctrination View, The Last War Against Academic Freedom, and Jonathan Sands.
He is a writer and founder of Churchill's Britain.
He's also the great-grandson of Sir
Sir Winston Churchill.
Jonathan and David, it's good to have you here.
Jonathan, let me start with you.
Guy Hawks, or Fox, as I understand it, he is basically an old, tiny Timothy McVeigh.
Sorry, say that again.
That he is England's version in the 1600s of Timothy McVeigh, except his bomb didn't work.
He's a terrorist, is he not?
Yes, he was a terrorist.
Very much so.
He had a very clear set of views.
He was a Catholic and wanted to return Britain to a Catholic realm.
And he was backed by the Pope in Rome to blow up Parliament, blow up James I and his government, and overthrow and then have a Catholic
The Catholic King reinstated.
Alright, now one of his big things, and I think this is where it ties into today, one of his big things was he felt that nobody was listening to him.
That the government wouldn't respond.
We felt that way, and that's why we disbanded from Great Britain in the 1700s as well, because we felt like the King wasn't listening to us.
Do you sense at all that this is the same kind of thing that is going on in Great Britain and in America right now?
Yes, this is a problem we are facing at the moment in Great Britain.
Okay, let's stop right there.
Well, let me go through all the notes I just wrote, then we'll come back and play the rest of it.
It only gets worse if we talk about using the military against us.
A. They used November 5th because of the popular movie V for Vendetta about a corrupt government that stages terror attacks and the people wake up to it and find out they were the ones that did it.
And that was just a date.
Just like we've now picked Bill of Rights Day and Boston Tea Party Day for the 16th and 17th of December to try to give 10 million.
You heard that idea launched right here on this show last week.
The grassroots are out there going wild with it.
Good job.
They know that.
They know it's the popularization because of that date.
Not because of Guy Fawkes.
Then, they move it to McVeigh, and then they move it to 1776 and go, that's what we did with 1776.
What do we do?
Is this the same problem?
So now they move to 1776, and those are bad guys.
George Washington.
Thomas Jefferson.
I mean, do you see how slick and deceptive that little move was?
And what do we have?
I'm going to put this in the article we're doing.
FEMA, from Road to Tyranny in Kansas City, teaching a huge room of police, firemen, and sheriff's deputies that the Founding Fathers are terrorists and enemies, and that patriots in America are terrorists, and that George Washington was bad.
Then we have state police pulling a woman over and arresting her for a pocket constitution and saying they think it's illegal.
A constitution.
You cannot
Make this type stuff up.
It's so off the charts.
Now, who are the terrorists?
The people that are saying the Founding Fathers are bad, or the Founding Fathers?
And they are afraid of this now, okay?
And then they try to equate
What do we do about the violence?
The violence!
The violence!
What do we do about all the violence?
There is no violence!
It's called a money bomb!
We're showing our anger in the Info War!
Who's always pushed that term?
We're Info Warriors!
Info Bombs!
Money Bombs!
Sign Bombs!
It's Info War against you!
We're going to beat you, and you're not going to stop us.
And thank you for doing this.
Thank you for being so obvious.
Thank you for thinking you could just tell the sheeple out there that it's terroristic to talk about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
Now, what are they going to do?
I bet when 10 million gets raised, I think it's going to happen, or at least close to it.
I think when 10 million gets raised on the 16th and 17th of December, I think they're going to go, this was a terrorist action!
They ruined millions of pounds of dollars of tea!
They threw tens of tons out of all these ships into it!
They were vigilante!
This is a day remembering those wicked gunning fathers!
And then they bring on some Marxists like David Horowitz to talk about how we're a bunch of leftists.
Folks, I haven't even begun to get into this.
This is Red Level.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They have all the money they need.
They're not after money.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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The globalists think they're going to defeat the U.S.
They think they can pose and wrap themselves in a flag and tell us how they're patriotic all day.
They're a bunch of un-American, traitorous trash.
We may be a shadow of what we once were, but there's still red blooded Americans left that see right through you.
And we're rising.
And you're not going to be able to contain this revolution of info war, even though you're craving violence.
Let me tell you what's happening.
They're preparing
And that's why this is so important.
They're preparing for staged events.
This is a key indicator of that.
Next hour, we're going to get into that.
Let's continue to analyze this enemy transmission against the Republic.
Here it is.
Yes, this is a problem we are facing at the moment in Great Britain, certainly, and also in America.
We have governments that are promising an awful lot of things for the voters, but they aren't delivering on them.
But nobody is actually asking the people, what do you actually want?
What is it in education that you want?
What is it in life that you actually want?
Stop it!
Stop it!
Listen to him!
What is it you want?
You want more cakes?
You want more vaccines?
You want more CPS workers?
You want to be searched more at the airports and on the streets?
We're asking you pathetic peasants what you... What is it you want, you pathetic little worms?
Yes, it's a big problem!
This was 1776's!
I mean, Black Beck actually says, 1776, what do we do about these people?
It's a great problem, Lord Beck!
I assure you!
I mean, listen to these enemies!
Back to them!
Nobody cares.
David, let me go to you.
Because you were a Marxist in the 60's.
You were a guy that was exactly the opposite of where you are now.
Stop right there.
He is not the exact opposite.
Tripling the size of government, going after the guns, trying to dissolve the borders.
All Marxist ideology.
He's the same as he always was, a little dirtbag.
Back to him.
When you grow up, you need to get some common sense.
Is this the same kind of thing, or is this worse than what it was in the 60s with the radicals then?
Oh, I think it's much worse.
First of all, my parents were communists.
Stop him.
Oh, it's much worse.
Oh, yes.
Oh, we know about the New World Order.
We've shattered the left-right paradigm and now they're puppets.
Oh, it's so bad.
Back to him.
They were part of a vast
No, no, no, no, no.
Back him up.
Back him up.
We don't think we're the enemy.
We know people that want to destroy the First Amendment and launch wars and destroy our borders and take our liberties are the enemy of the Republic.
Okay, boy?
Don't you try that little slick move right there.
See what he keeps doing?
He keeps saying, we hate America.
No, Ron Paul loves America, and you don't, you little neocon.
Back to him.
Country, who think that we're the enemy.
And a lot of them are drawn from the ranks of the old left and the new left, the secular left.
Uh, but the left has been a heretic.
Stop him again!
The left?
No, the left has woken up.
They were controlled by big foundations, and they're out arming themselves to defend their families, and they're out arming themselves with real currency, and they're out educating themselves and arming themselves with information, and they hate you now, and they hate Hillary, and they see right through you.
Back to him.
Uh, the secular left.
But to them has been added a whole new constituency of Muslim radicals, of which there are many in this country.
There you go, Muslim radicals.
Folks, Muslims are scared to death.
Never go to any events.
You never see them anywhere at anything.
They're totally wanting to be left alone and run their businesses.
They're totally scared.
A lot of them are leaving the country.
He just mixed in Muslims.
And then next he goes into Al Qaeda terrorists.
Folks, when we come back, we're going to keep playing it.
I mean, just all of it.
Pure bull.
All of it.
Pure baloney.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now into our number three very serious developments.
About four weeks ago, we picked up increased enemy chatter.
We confirmed within three weeks ago that it was a White House-Pentagon talking point in domestic ops illegally against the American people.
Continued detailed analysis of all of this.
We're breaking down the PSYOP launched by the fake conservative slash libertarian Glenn Beck, equating the Founding Fathers with terrorists, and Ron Paul with terrorists and violence.
Here is David Horowitz spewing his propaganda, claiming that the left runs the whole Ron Paul thing, basically, and the angry American population under the control of the Muslims.
Here it is.
I'm good.
Okay, there you go again.
So then he links up the Founding Fathers with the Muslim extremists, and now the Democrats, who were lock, stock, and barrel except for Kucinich and Revelle for the war, but all the big ones totally frothing for it.
Now he puts out more disinfo.
Here we go.
And have denigrated the mission of this war and fueled the, you know, the fires.
Okay, stop there.
Denigrated the mission.
We were told we'd be there six months, it would take six weeks to complete the operations, and all the troops would come home, and it was going to be milk and honey and rose petals, but the actual Pentagon plan said break it in three parts, show sectarian violence, and move into Iran and Syria.
So, uh, denigrated the mission of this war.
Operation Destroy America's Name Globally and Seize the Oil.
Here it is.
It's called disenfranchisement.
Let me go, let me take it back the other way though, David.
It's not just the left this time, it's also the right.
I mean, Ron Paul supporters are also the right.
And that's from people saying, you know what?
Bush has really not told us the truth, not told the American people the truth on government spending, on the border, and even when it comes to the war, you didn't tell us that we are in the fight of our life.
You told us to go shopping.
Well, but he did say it's going to be a long war.
You're right.
There's a strain of isolationism and anarchy in the American tradition, which Ron Paul is tapping into.
I think it's very significant that he chose Guy Fawkes as an... Alright, let's stop right there.
You see, again, 1776, the Founding Fathers mixed in with Muslims and terrorists and all these groups.
And then now, he says, Ron Paul's tapping into protectionism, isolationism.
He's tapping into anarchy screen.
Ooh, that's bad in America.
And then he says, I find it significant that Ron Paul chose the 5th of November.
Ron Paul didn't even know this was going on until a week before it was asked and said, I don't know what's going to happen.
They know nothing!
Okay, I had to call their campaign and say, do you want to talk to Mr. Lyman and others?
But see, it's all Ron Paul, see?
And it was about V for Vendetta, about that movie.
Not about Guy Fawkes.
Just like the new dates we've picked are about 1776, ladies and gentlemen.
Here it is.
There are plenty of, unfortunately, libertarian websites which are indistinguishable from the anti-American left these days.
LewRockwell.com and others like that.
Okay, stop it!
Anti-American websites.
Who is dismantling our borders?
Who is destroying our currency?
Who is destroying the deficit?
I mean, who is building it up to unbelievable, gargantuan, colossal proportions?
Who is going after the Bill of Rights and Constitution that is America?
I mean, they have the head of intelligence czar saying there's no more Fourth Amendment publicly and get used to it.
And you're appointing all these commissars in positions of power?
And all these dual-agent foreigners?
I mean, and mercenaries?
I mean, this is sick!
Back to him!
Totally in bed with the Islamofascists.
Back that up!
Back that up!
So he just said the left-wing blogs and the libertarians are totally in bed with the Islamofascists.
Back it up!
For people to hear that!
You see?
You say you don't want a war?
You say you don't want trillions missing from the Pentagon?
You say you don't want to give robbers licenses to illegal aliens?
You say that you don't want to triple the size of the BATF?
You say you want to live your life in peace?
You say you don't want them overprinting money?
You're totally in bed with the Islamofascists!
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future.
It's known as the Builder Birth.
Could their objective be world domination?
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They have all the money they need.
They're not after money.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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We're good to go!
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
In other news, we've got a big story up on PresidentPlanet.com.
State attorney admits no law makes vaccines mandatory.
This is important, and we have all the state laws linked on there, but there is no law, to show your friends and family how there's a hoax!
A group will lie to you and say it's the law, and then be cornered to admit that it isn't the law.
Are you going to trust them to put in your body what they're saying you've got to take when there's no law you do?
Now let's go back, uh, here in just a few minutes.
You can go ahead and turn the computer off for a minute.
We're going to go back to my whole discussion of Horowitz and the rest of this and why this is such a big deal here in just a few minutes.
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Now, I want to back up the Horowitz thing about a minute from Lynn Beck, because I've been breaking in so much, and then I'm just going to play it all the way through, and then comment at the end of it.
But now they get into saying that the Ron Paul supporters and the left in this country, that they are aiding Al-Qaeda, that they are working with the Islamofascist.
This is incredible.
Slander, libel, whatever you want to call it.
And we've always known they wanted to use their Terra Apparatchia.
My uncle keeps telling me that's not a word.
I'm inventing it.
This whole giant mechanism against the American people.
And now they're creeping that in.
Now it's a talking point on all these shows.
That's why this is so serious and I'm going to break down the bigger picture after we're done playing this.
We'll be right back after we get done playing this.
Here it is.
I don't think so.
Well, let me take it back the other way though, David.
It's not just the left this time, it's also the right.
I mean, Ron Paul supporters are also the right, and that's from people saying, you know what?
Bush has really not told us the truth, not told the American people the truth, on government spending, on the border, and even when it comes to the war, you didn't tell us that we are in the fight of our life.
You told us to go shopping.
Well, but he did say it's going to be a long war.
You're right.
There's a strain of isolationism and anarchy in the American tradition, which Ron Paul is tapping into.
I think it's very significant that he chose Guy Fawkes as an image.
There are plenty of, unfortunately, libertarian websites which are indistinguishable from the anti-American left these days.
LewRockwell.com and others like that.
They are totally in bed with the Islamofascists and have turned against this country.
Jonathan, I met you, what, I think a couple of weeks ago, and we had a conversation.
You are as concerned about your country as we are here in America.
On ours, you're seeing that it's being sold out as well.
It's there's something beneath the surface that is just washing everything away.
Glenn, we have had an agreement in this country for many years now that if our allies in America go to war, that we will join you in that battle.
I believe David is completely right in what he is saying, that when George Bush stood up and actually said that we were going to go to war against terrorists, and when Tony Blair stood up and said the same thing, both our countries, both our peoples and our governments were behind those two leaders.
In this country at the moment, we are now looking at a backlash, where everybody is saying, oh, we've got to get out of Iraq now, and we can't look at Iran, and everything like that.
There's a total loss of traditional values in this country for continuing and finishing what we started.
Once you've done something, you've got to stop it.
Jonathan, thank you very much.
David, I'd love to have you on the radio program and talk about your history with your family and what that was.
So maybe we'll line that up.
Okay, where am I wrong?
The Ron Paul revolution.
I mean, it's meant to be a catchy slogan, but I fear some of his fringe supporters are taking the word revolution too literally.
Agree or disagree, you can go to CNN.com slash Glenn right now and cast your vote.
Okay, Ron Paul didn't invent the term Ron Paul, a new hope, an only hope.
We did, on this show.
Actually, Paul Watson did.
Put it out, it got picked up.
Ron Paul didn't invent the Guy Fawkes thing, folks on the internet did.
Ron Paul did not invent Ron Paul Revolution.
I don't even know who did that.
That just showed up on the web and got picked up.
Because the good ideas here, that's what liberty in the free market's about, the free market of ideas, whatever is the best, the catchiest, goes to the top.
Like info bombs.
Or money bombs.
Who you heard talk about that?
We're trying to avert this.
Now, let me just go through this.
He said that the Libertarians and the Ron Paul on the left are totally in bed with Islamofascist.
We are totally in bed.
Then they go in to say, we have a tradition of fighting terrorists together.
But now you see the terrorists are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and the American people, if they question.
See now, that keeps saying, I'm afraid, I'm afraid they're going to do something violent.
I'm afraid they're going to take this too literally.
And he didn't check Horowitz, and Horowitz is very smart.
Horowitz knows Ron Paul didn't come up with the V for Vendetta thing.
You see, so they're clearly, and I've seen this with O'Reilly, I've seen this with Hannity, all of them have been saying for almost four weeks, that's when I noticed it, that it was a talking point.
Remember, four weeks ago, almost four weeks ago, I heard it on two talk shows driving to work in the morning.
Glenn Beck saying I'm dangerous and other syndicated shows saying Ron Paul people are terrorists aiding Al Qaeda.
They're making their move and they wouldn't be
Given these talking points, unless some federal squads, some Israeli squads, some British squads, same folks that killed Dr. David Kelly, the same folks that carried out the 9-11 attacks, we're not thinking about staging a bombing, blaming it on Ron Paul.
Staging a bombing, bombing a federal building, and then grabbing some drugged out patsy.
Doesn't matter if it later comes out in federal documents that are being handled by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
At Elohim City, it won't matter if it comes out he was a special operator, sheep dipped.
That's all ignored in hindsight.
There were state houses passing laws against the UN, huge revolts in 93, 94, 95.
Boom, the feds bombed OKC.
You see, they're making their move here, ladies and gentlemen, saying we're terrorists, saying Ron Paul's a terrorist.
That's their counter.
You're either with us or against us.
If you don't do whatever they say, and give up all your rights and all your freedoms, and let them suck the pension funds in the war chest that have been built up over 50 years out of the Department of War and then the Pentagon, all gone the last, uh, now 10 years.
Just over half a trillion every year coming up missing.
Just mass stealing.
Mass no-bid contracts.
Mass mercenaries unfolding on us.
Mass drug war.
Police state.
Cameras everywhere.
National ID cards.
Open martial law funding.
I want this all in an article we're putting together.
I want to go through all of it.
I'm going to walk through it now when we get back.
I mean, you just heard libertarians, conservatives, liberals, we're all in bed with the Islamo-fascists.
But I thought the CIA created Al-Qaeda.
I thought Saudi Arabia was our ally.
I thought they were being protected, the FBI agent said, and the embassy head said.
See, you're the guys actually in bed with them.
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We're good to go.
We're good.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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I think so.
I think so.
The Czarists, and then the Soviets that picked up all their tactics, and were formed by a core of the Czarists that worked with them, loved to stage bombings, loved to stage events, and then they'd arrest hundreds or thousands of political dissidents, and quietly work them to death in death camps, in gulags, gulags.
And that's why these Soviets, and they're not even communists, they're just opportunist control freaks, that run the neocon apparatus, that's why they are obsessing.
They're violent, they're terrorists, they're with the Islamofascists, they're bad, they're dangerous, they're out there, they're going to do something violent any minute.
Then we have all the Republican memos.
I'm going to put all this in one article.
Where they say, oh, we really need a terror attack.
One needs to happen soon.
It really helps us.
And then they start publicly saying, you just wait.
There'll be an attack next year.
It's now next year.
There's going to be one.
You'll see.
And then you're going to love us.
And we're going to say, you didn't let us protect you from the terrorists.
Remember, I said that years ago before they even said that.
I know their mind.
And then you look at the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, funding, it says, for insurrection or rebellion by the American people, funded martial law, and then Bush taking continuity of government away from Congress, endgame covers that, giving it to the United Nations, publicly announcing it, now trying to pass the law, the Sea Treaty, which gives you and control of our seaports and our waters, all these foreign companies buying everything up, all the dollars low, all of our main companies leaving the country.
Then you add to that 180,000 mercenaries, large contingent being Blackwater, and that's just the full-time contractors, not subcontractors.
There's another 100-plus thousand of them.
Now they say they're going to be coming home, many of them, and that they're going to be fighting the drug war and aiding police and doing all of this and recruiting more out of the military with merc armies domestically.
And then you find out the military's been recruiting heavily.
We told you this seven, eight years ago.
Now it's mainstream news, out of aggravated felons.
And illegal aliens, and talk of illegal aliens being made police, Associated Press.
This stuff is all so textbook bad.
I mean, I've never seen any dictator or any corrupt system that did it all.
They're following down a checklist of the Soviets, the Chinese Communists, the Nazis, the Stasi.
I've never seen anything like this in my life.
And cameras on every street corner, and microphones.
And doubling the police and now they're trying to double them again?
From three hundred thousand twelve years ago, now to a million and a half, trying to go to three million.
Billboards everywhere hiring cops, checkpoints, telling kids to tattle on their parents, telling people you gotta show up and take shots when there's no law.
Just wild corruption and announcing they're going to pass all these carbon taxes and regulate how big your house is or have social workers come by for the environment when you want to add on to your home in England and the US.
I mean, they're making every move
Supreme Court to hear on a handgun ban case, and it looks like they'll rule against Second Amendment.
The Feds, 20 plus states, passed laws legalizing decriminalizing marijuana.
The Feds say states can't do that.
Total federal control.
Attack on the Tenth Amendment.
And we have Horowitz and Beck and all of them lying about Ron Paul.
And saying that we are in bed with the Islamo-fascist.
Meanwhile, all these big liberal blogs, it's up on PrisonPlanet.com, have announced in the last week that they, quote, have declared war on Ron Paul and are teaming up with RedState.
The Republicans call their big site RedState, but that was a Soviet commissariat term.
See, it's all real sick jokes with these people.
You judge a tree by its fruits.
Look at what the Republicans have done.
Look at how they work hand-in-glove with the Democrats.
Look at all the things they're doing right now.
There's a great story up on TruthNews.us about all this by Kurt Nemo.
And this is just part one.
I'm going to ask him to do more stories on this today and tomorrow.
And to please go over my analysis, add all his info in.
Paul Watson at Prison Planet.
Aaron's out there.
I mean, I guess the new term will be Liberty Fascist.
They'll probably come up with that.
But most insidious was how they continued... Did you hear them?
They continued to link the Founding Fathers four separate times in 1776 as a problem, and then linking them to Islamofascist and terrorism.
That is the standard FEMA training manual for police.
It's been published.
It's been in the news.
Gun owners, land rights activists, all listed as terrorists.
This has all come out in mainstream news.
See, they tell us it's a war against terror, then they put the terrorist definition on everything.
On liberty, on freedom, on free speech, on political activism, on our presidential race.
It's our right to say who we want for president.
It's our right to support Dr. Paul.
Paul's office needs to respond to this immediately.
This is a huge, huge deal.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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In closing, the neocons are scripting in unison to equate liberty and freedom of the Founding Fathers with Islamo-fascism and terrorism.
They are openly using the terror card that their masters implemented to now claim it's terrorism to disagree with them and to engage in the First Amendment.
They're also implying that we are violent and are going to stage terror attacks and need to be dealt with.
It is absolutely incredible.
They are now trying to censor and ban Ron Paul bulletins on MySpace, on RedState, on
Wonk it on all these liberal sites.
That's why you've got to go to PrisonPlanet.com.
They can't stop you emailing your whole email list.
They can't stop you at least posting on your main page of MySpace.
They can't stop you from going all over Digg and posting this stuff.
They can't stop you from calling in to talk radio.
They can't stop you from calling in to Beck and sneaking in on there and exposing him as a minion.
They can't.
I mean, that Martin Levin guy has openly got on there and said,
Ron Paul's office and JAMA's phones.
They've openly gotten on air and said, stop these people.
They're the ones saying that we're dangerous terrorists.
That could lead somebody to do something violent to us!
We're winning the fight in the Info War for the hearts and minds of the American people against these people who want to overthrow the Republic and set up their North American Union.
People know they're lying now that the North American Union does exist.
They know they're lying now about all their treason.
Again, they've never had approval ratings anywhere near this low.
Both parties, they're bemoaning that people don't trust them and don't like them.
So what do they do?
They burrow deeper into their activities.
I'm telling them, I'm telling the globalists, I'm telling their bosses, do not dare stage terror attacks in patriots' names.
People are wise to you.
Stop it!
How dare Glenn Beckett on the radio and say I, by name, am dangerous.
That I could do something dangerous.
I'm here trying to stop violence.
You're the ones in Republican memos that crave it.
Do you understand, folks, from PNAC to new documents, they keep saying they need it in their own internal documents.
Then they spout off
You know, that writer for the Philadelphia News came out, big neocon, and said, oh, 9-11 was great.
We another one?
You got Santorum saying, just wait, an attack's coming, and then you'll see.
Yeah, we see the motive!
We see how sick you are!
You expect us just to sit here and take it?
Is the toll-free number to call in to the show.
Now, I'm going to move quickly through your calls, and I've got a bunch of the news I haven't hit.
But listen, I mean, I want to warn people that the vaccines are not the law, and that it's all a fraud.
Now, here is the state's attorney pushing all this, admitting he doesn't vaccinate his own children for what they're trying to force on these people, and that there is no law.
We've got a fella who's going down there with a camera.
We need more people to go down there this Saturday, where they're going to have 1,600 children, and over 1,000 of their parents, so thousands of them, I don't know.
Two parents, two children, 1,600 times two.
That's 3,200.
They're at this thing, and that judge better say, there's no law, you have to take this.
We apologize, we kicked you out of school.
They trigger the event to kick you out.
They falsely expel you for no reason, lie to you and say you've got to take it, which all these schools do, and say it's the law, and then don't tell you there's a waiver.
You've got to be there.
You've got to make sure that happens.
We've got a story.
State Attorney admits no law makes vaccines mandatory.
It's on PrisonPlanet.com.
It's the second story down in the breaking news section.
Above that, neolibs and neocons gang up on Ron Paul supporters.
Republicans and Democrats circling the war against the American people on blanket amnesty and total capitulation, on the war, on gun control, circling the wagons against us.
You've only got 11% of the people fooled still.
And now they circle the wagons, the big liberal sites and the big Republican sites, circle the wagons and declare war.
That's their quote on Ron Paul.
And that's war on grassroots and populism and the Constitution and us.
Get that story out to people.
Go nuts.
E-mail it to everyone.
Get aggressive.
Print copies out.
Give them to your workers in your office.
Point this out.
Point out that there's no law.
I'm so sick of my listeners going, Alex, is there really not a law?
I gotta take it because they tell me my daughter's got to.
But they tell me my son's got it.
Is there really not a law?
We have a link in this story to all 50 states waivers.
And that's a waiver to a law that doesn't even exist.
That creates a process of the illusion of it being a law.
There is no law!
They're trying to set the precedent.
They've got camps ready and forced inoculation centers ready.
They've recruited 26,000 preachers.
First it was 13,000.
Now they've doubled it.
That's been on the news for forced inoculations and forced roundups.
In fact, people don't believe me.
Pull that newscast up one year after we broke it here with the internal FEMA documents.
They even came and threatened the preacher that released them.
Dig that up.
I want people to hear this before the show ends.
This is an emergency!
This is a military, pharmaceutical, industrial complex that literally treats us like lab rats and is telling us they can put in us what they want, when they want.
And if you think they'll lie to you about vaccines and the rest of it, what about the water?
It's up to put in the water.
It's all of it, ladies and gentlemen.
Elizabeth in California, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi Alex, I run a couple of fan sites for Ron Paul, one of which accused me of being a spam website, but that's another story.
The reason I'm calling is because the powers that be are obviously planning to use H.R.
1955 to criminalize Ron Paul supporters.
That's the big point, I didn't add my whole rant, go ahead.
Okay, almost every patriot I've encountered has acted as if H.R.
1955 has been signed into law.
I want to get the message out that it has not been passed in the Senate, where it is called S-1959.
That's right.
It's only passed the House.
It has not been signed into law, and we can still defeat it.
And every Patriot Encounters Act is if it's already been signed into law.
And I'm trying to tell people, call the Senate.
Look, I don't have enough riders.
I've been telling Paul and them to do another story on this one.
I'll be riding for you.
You send it to erinatinfowars.com.
You ride it.
Two A's.
He'll get it up on Jones Report.
We'll put it everywhere else up.
Thank you.
But listen, let me just add something.
See, there's so many points, I didn't even add that.
They are actually passed out of the House in the Senate to create a board that decides what speech isn't, quote, violent or terroristic, but what could lead to anger someone to do it.
And we said, oh, watch, it'll be 9-11 Truth.
And then they had a presentation last Friday
At the Homeland Security Intelligence Information Sharing and Terrorism Risk Assessment, which is going into the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, and they did list architects and engineers from 9-11 Truth in between Al-Qaeda.
Again, this is the talking point that they're all putting out on radio and TV in Congress.
They're literally trying to set up a political police, like they had in Russia and Germany, that literally go after you for your speech.
Instead of being cowed by this, we've got to get ten times more aggressive and say, see?
See who these people are?
See what they're doing?
See what they're trying?
Look, this isn't Germany where Hitler was popular.
They are not popular.
People know who they are now.
The truth is out, and they're in a lot of trouble.
But their hubris is so great, they just moved forward, Elizabeth.
Go ahead, Elizabeth, what?
Oh, I said, God bless you, Alex.
Well, listen, again, I keep forgetting that bill number.
What's the Senate bill number that we should shoot down?
That's 1959.
Ah, okay, yeah, that's right, I've got it here.
Yes, 1959.
Listen, folks, we, we, but even if they pass that, it's criminal, it's unconstitutional.
But again, they're saying no more Fourth Amendment, no more, I mean, it's all happening.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
Yeah, I see people in the Dig comments that are eloquent, intelligent writers every day that are smarter than I am.
Why don't you write us articles and send them to us?
And if they're good, we'll scan them, we'll post them.
You know, we'll check them for accuracy.
We just can't do it all.
We're small.
We only have power because of you.
You have power because of us.
We are together in all of this.
Jeff in Detroit, Michigan.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Have you heard what happened to the Liberty Dollar this morning?
Yes, we covered it in the first hour and it is confirmed.
It is true.
I just got an email today.
Oh, that's terrible.
All the Ron Paul dollars, I mean, how can they do that?
It's not against the law.
They've been to court before, it's admitted, there's hundreds of mints that issue coins, and issue certificates, and they just hate Ron Paul!
I mean, think about this, illegal aliens are legal in all 50 states by fiat, they're giving them driver's licenses, they can commit all the murders they want, get any new fake ID they want, get on welfare, but then citizens are constantly getting in trouble.
They arrest you for using government-issued silver dollars, or $2 bills!
Yeah, that's what I mean.
You didn't hear about the case with the $2 bills at the Best Buy and they arrested him saying it was counterfeit?
Oh yeah, I tell people about that all the time when I pass my $2 bills.
You just can't help them.
They just have their minds destroyed.
They were set in front of television the last 40 years in their diapers to crap themselves, excuse me, that's just how it is, to sit there and watch TV and eat popsicles filled with, you know, all the poison and red dye and the high fructose corn syrup, and they just have no brains.
There's just a huge sea of mindless idiots serving the New World Order, and there's a huge sea of awake people, and they're telling the mindless idiots that we're terrorists now.
What does this raid mean?
I mean, is there...
I mean, are they stepping things up?
I mean, obviously they're stepping things up all over the place, but I mean, to raid the Liberty Dollar, that's got $20 million in circulation.
I mean, is it just about Ron Paul?
Well, they're getting scared of competition with other currencies, and you've always been allowed to issue your own currency that if people want to barter and exchange it amongst themselves.
Counterfeit would be to issue fake Federal Reserve notes that look like the money issued by the private Federal Reserve.
But you're allowed to have a Barnes and Nobles discount card or buy somebody a gift certificate.
That's all these are.
We all know this.
The FBI should know it too.
What's their problem?
They know it, sir!
Listen, I appreciate your call.
Why do you think in the 20s, DuPont and Dow Chemical got hemp banned?
There's dozens, there's like 25 or something different varieties of hemp.
Only one has THC in it.
It was better than cotton.
It made better oil.
It made better than polyester and different types of clothes.
It was popular.
You could grow it anywhere.
And so they just said, it's devil weed, it makes you high, and they banned it all.
It's the monopoly men.
They shut down shrimp farms outside Austin because they want to make it in the third world where it's cheaper.
So big corporations came in and had regulators come after the shrimp farms doing it environmentally here.
It's about shutting down our industry.
It's about shutting down things.
It's about control.
Daryl in Texas, you're on the air.
Hello, Daryl.
Daniel, go ahead.
Hey, I was calling in about the Liberty Dollar, too.
That is insane!
We got the story up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
And that's important, but the story about state attorney admits no law makes vaccines mandatory, that's what needs to go viral.
Man, it's sad.
Anything else, sir?
That'll be it.
God bless, and make sure everybody reads your Bible.
Folks, tyranny is about powerful men being able to have their way with your companies, your businesses, your families.
They want to dominate with monopolies.
They have to bring down our free market in our country for the New World Order to rise.
That's stated.
David Rockefeller, in his own best-selling autobiography published four years ago, says that he's proud of the fact he wants to destroy U.S.
And then they sit there and call us traitors because we're in a last-ditch effort to defend this nation!
Tim in Ohio, you're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I just want to encourage everyone to pick up the phone, call Fox News in New York, call CNN in New York, and demand to see the evidence.
Demand it.
Fox News, New York, 888-369-4762.
Once again, Fox News, New York, 888-369-4762.
CNN, New York.
This is not toll free.
Once again, 212-275-7800.
And you tell them, how dare you say that we are in, quote, bed with the Islamofascists, that Ron Paul liberals and, quote, conservatives are in bed with the Islamofascists.
How dare them on air endanger us, because there are a lot of kooks out there, and say we're with Al Qaeda.
How dare them say we're going to do something dangerous.
How dare them!
It's time to get serious, folks.
They're finally tipping their hand.
I think last time I talked to you I reminded you that Glenn Beck's going on a road.
He's going to do 10 cities in like 15 days starting the beginning of December.
You can find it information on his Weasley website.
We're not going to promote it here.
Well, they want to bully us.
They want to get in our faces.
They want to cow us to shut up so they can roll over what's left of this country and plow it and bring us into the NAU and legalize all the illegals.
They'll tell you they're against the illegals while pushing for the actual bills that do it.
Look, this is off the charts and we cannot put up with them equating the founding fathers, as they did, with terrorists.
Did you hear that part?
Yes, I did.
We are going to fight them.
With every drop of blood we have to our very last
Well, they're scared now.
They know we have the initiative.
They know they can't stop us.
They know if they kill me or set me up, it'll only make the message much more powerful.
Same thing with Ron Paul.
So they're just going to say we're Al-Qaeda.
You said that about the wrong people.
We're here exposing that the New World Order is behind Al-Qaeda.
Even Robert Baer, one of the most famous CIA field commanders, has now said all the evidence points towards inside job.
The former CIA section chief of Europe, the key station
Bill Christensen over a year ago on this show, and it's in Terror Storm Special Edition, went public and said it's a total inside job.
All these people, Dallas Cowboys are going public, George Carlin going public, Martin Sheen going public, all these other actors, all these other people, all these engineers, all these physicists.
Jigs up!
Jigs up!
It is up.
If you ever watch Cops, you'll see whenever they catch someone red-handed, oh, I didn't do it, or did you ever catch a kid with his hand in a cookie jar?
Are you just taking a cookie?
I mean, it's so obvious.
But they're so arrogant!
I appreciate your call!
They have official Republican memos, and then Republican governors and Republican party chairs come out and say, we need more terror attacks, they really help us, and boy, one's coming, and then you're all gonna shut up!
They're gearing up for martial law!
They're gonna try it!
And they need to know, they're not gonna get away with it!
Now, they can launch martial law, but that'll be their undoing.
These people are psychopaths, though.
They're so bored, they just love it.
Did you ever find the newscast about how they're recruiting the preachers to put us in FEMA camps?
How long is it?
We're going to come back and play it in the final segment and take a few other calls.
Because I don't want to just... I mean, the news says mercury is good for your brain now.
They say lead paint is good for the economy.
Lead toys are good.
They actually say poison is good.
You can't... But I've got to play those clips every time I say it because you won't believe it.
They're telling us poison's good.
They're telling us we've got to take shots when there's no law and they're saying it's the law.
They're just lying, lying, lying, lying, lying!
And the people running this are deadly dangerous folks.
They killed 3,000 of us just like that.
You don't think for a minute, I don't know, just how deadly serious this is.
Can you imagine being Alex Jones?
Can you imagine being at the tip of the spear?
Can you imagine the feelings I feel every day?
I'm on a battlefield, folks, and I realize that.
I realize I'm on the very front line of this thing.
I've committed to this for you.
You are not in danger.
You're only in danger of not taking action.
But the leaders of this are in danger.
I need your prayers, folks.
Pray for me.
Believe me, the enemy has openly said on national TV and radio that I am a ringleader, that I am an evil demon, that I am Al-Qaeda, because I've exposed their horrible attacks.
Somebody had to do it.
And I have committed to this.
I am tired of them killing us.
What do they expect me to do?
I have to fight them.
I have to expose these murderers.
It is a big idea
A new world order in the near future.
Earth is dominated by a powerful group of governments.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, isn't it?
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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That number again, 888-212-8871.
The most powerful natural antimicrobial available.
Will law ever become a reality in America?
Some fear any nuclear, biological, or chemical attack on U.S.
territory might trigger just that.
NSKFA News 12's Jeff Beryl discovered that clergy would help the government with potentially their biggest problem.
From my cold, dead hand!
Charlton Heston's famous declaration captures a truly American value.
The overarching desire to protect our freedoms.
But gun confiscation is exactly what happened during the state of emergency following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
troops also arrived.
Something far easier to do even now, thanks to last year's elimination of the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act.
That forbid U.S.
troops from policing on American soil.
If martial law were enacted here at home, like depicted in the movie The Siege, easing public fears and quelling dissent would be critical.
And that's exactly what the Clergy Response Team, as it's called, helped accomplish in New Orleans.
Jeff, the primary thing that we say to anybody is let's go out there and get this thing over with, and then we'll settle the differences once the crisis is over.
Such Clergy Response Teams would walk a tightrope between the needs of the government
Versus the wishes of the public.
In a lot of cases, these clergy would already be known in the neighborhoods in which they're helping to defuse that situation.
For the clergy, one of the biggest tools that they will have in helping calm the public down, or obey the law, is the Bible itself.
Specifically, Romans.
Romans 13.
Because the government's established out of order.
Civil rights advocates believe the amount of public cooperation may depend largely on how long they expect the suspension of their rights might last.
According to Tuberville, during Hurricane Katrina, the clergy response team provided 38 chaplains a day, around the clock, at eight different camps.
Alright, so it's us against them.
The needs of the government versus the needs of the people.
See, the government's separate now.
Our boss, our ruler, our master.
And Hitler said, Romans 13, follow me, I'm the government.
Totally distorted.
And there they are, getting you ready for martial law.
Now, they've got 26,000 preachers now in place telling you, accept martial law, it's coming, just submit during the emergency.
And we have the FEMA documents.
It's to break your family up, airlift men out to certain camps, take the women, take your children.
They do plan to take your children.
I've been to the drills.
And they do plan to take your firearms.
And of course, they say submit until it's over.
It won't ever be over.
And this is it.
This is commissars running around arresting whoever they want.
A literal reign of hell!
After the neocons nuke a city, or after Hillary does, or after they release some bioweapon.
Again, governments attacking themselves is the oldest trick in the book.
That's what Vendetta covers.
Where the government attacks itself with a bioweapon to set up martial law, and then never relinquishes control.
These are powerful people, and from their wicked perspective, they'd be crazy not to go for this.
I have risked my life and everything to warn you about this.
I have explained it.
I have documented it.
I have covered it.
I've had all the experts on.
And they've clearly got their attack pattern going to move with this.
We need to get the word out on this now.
This is one of the most important broadcasts I've ever done.
It's going to restart in just a few minutes.
If you're listening on the internet at InfoWars.com and you missed any of the first or second hour where I went through all this and a lot more on what happened to the Liberty Dollar,
You can simply tune in in just a few minutes when the show ends at Infowars.com at Restreams.
A lot of stations re-air the show.
We're very thankful for those AM and FM affiliates.
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The New World Order.
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