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Air Date: Nov. 11, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, welcome.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We are live.
It is the 11th day of November, 2007.
We'll be here for the next two hours, syndicated transmission coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, across the country on wonderful Aminem affiliates.
I'm very, very thankful to... You can also listen via the web at InfoWars.com and TruthNews.us, one of our news sites, excellent site, TruthNews.us.
As well as JonesReport.com.
A lot of really important news and information that is of vital import, not just to the planet, but to this country, our constitutional republic.
Here's some of the news coming up.
High Court to look at ban on handguns.
There has not been a Supreme Court case in decades on banning guns, whether that can be done or not.
That's been done in Chicago, District of Criminals, District of Columbia.
It's been done in select cities around the nation.
And they are leaning towards banning them, saying, yes, you can ban handguns.
Folks, it doesn't matter if the Second Amendment says it is an individual right and shall not be infringed.
It doesn't matter what the Federalist Papers say.
It doesn't matter if nine of the eleven justices in many of the state appellate courts or the majority at the Supreme Court, seven of the nine, are appointed by Republicans.
This is the new age of tyranny, just like
The White House said we'll spy on American citizens without warrants, without even the blank check warrant of the FISA court.
That's just a blank check.
Spy all you want for months.
Here, here it is on whoever you want.
They don't even do that now.
They're codifying that into law.
That was an AP article here, Intel official.
Say goodbye to privacy and he just says that we're changing the definition.
See, that's what they do with torture.
They say, well, beating someone to death or electrocuting them to death or drowning them to death isn't torture.
And they changed in the White House memorandums to the Pentagon.
They said, well, we're not calling it torture.
Even if you kill someone under enhanced interrogation.
See, it's all word games, like Bill Clinton saying, depends on what the word is, is.
Your definition of is, is.
It's not torture.
Well, yes, torturing someone to death certainly is torture.
But they say, no, it's not.
We've changed the definition.
Well, not having a Fourth Amendment, they say, is not a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
And now,
They're saying, well, you don't really probably have a Second Amendment.
And we're going to go ahead and probably go ahead and get rid of that.
How's that sound?
That's conservative.
Of course, you'll never hear any conservative fake talk shows, because they're fakes.
Most of the big ones ever even broach this.
Really, really serious news.
You can find out all the details at GunOwners.org.
We have links over to the McClatchy Tribune, over to the Houston Chronicle reporting on this at PrisonPlanet.com as well.
Also, there is a new treaty that they're trying to ratify in the Senate.
It's passed committee.
The Law of the Sea Treaty.
It will give UN regulation over guns.
And that's actually in the bill, in the treaty ratification, and we have a link to that up on the website.
You can actually go read the subsection for yourself.
Again, it's all happening right now.
You let them take the Fourth Amendment, they're going to take the Second.
You let them take any of it, it all falls.
You let them regulate churches.
I heard some big huge debates on the station we're broadcasting out of that we syndicate out of, KLBJ 590.
It was a Jeff Ward show, a local show.
Folks in Texas will know what that is.
It's a very popular program.
And I didn't even try to call in.
I didn't even attempt to.
But I heard these people calling in going, yeah, investigate these bad preachers.
You know, they're tax exempt.
They're supposed to be charities, and they're rich thugs and criminals, and you know, these are callers, and they deserve to be regulated in the IRS.
They need to shut them down.
Of course, a lot of those big preachers are sick jokes with $45,000 marble toilets.
But that's for the citizens to decide for themselves.
Because the greater evil is letting the government come in and regulate religion.
Because they're not going to regulate Benny Hinn.
They're not going to regulate people like that.
They're not going to regulate the people that have ten jet airplanes and a billion dollar ministry.
They're not going to regulate people who are on the big government, pro-government, pro-war bandwagon.
It's going to be small churches.
And by the way, all over this nation, small Baptist churches.
Small Catholic churches.
I've even seen a bunch of articles in Denver and other areas where they won't let rabbis have teachings at their own home with more than five people.
They say, oh, you have to have, you have to be signed up with the IRS.
The First Amendment, these are the big ones, the ten.
Nothing can overthrow these.
Nothing can override these.
Not some policy or rule or something a governor says or a president says.
It says, Congress shall make no law.
Respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
And I just burned for 30 minutes of driving listening to it.
Now, the host was saying, leave him alone, you know, it's free speech.
He kind of got it right, but the callers were, ban him, get him, get him, get him, get him.
Okay, see, that's how it works.
Road to hell is paved with good intentions.
You say, oh, let's get rid of the Fourth Amendment to stop Al Qaeda.
And then they're admittedly using it for every type of activity you can imagine, and just randomly listening to people's phones.
They've been doing it for 20 years, but now they're admitting it.
Or you say, yeah, ban that Benny Hinn, because, you know, he's a fake faith healer.
Well, you know, that's people's problem.
You don't ban casinos just because idiots go in them and dump half their life savings on it.
That's freedom!
You see, because they're never going to ban the really bad things.
It's always going to be, you know, the government deciding what to go after, and it's always been the greatest evil in history.
Watch the watchers.
Who's going to control the government?
Who's going to restrain them?
So we don't have a First Amendment when it comes to the first clause of the four clauses in it, four churches in this country.
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, the prohibition of exercise thereof.
No law.
No control.
No nothing.
It's not your jurisdiction.
That'd be like somebody in your county, say it's in Ohio, traveling to a California county, your local sheriff, and arresting people at checkpoints.
That's not his jurisdiction.
He can't do it.
Any more than somebody from California can go to that Midwestern or Eastern county, another part of the country, and do that.
This is all just logic, ladies and gentlemen.
I already got off into just reading one headline, high court to look at ban on handguns.
Oh, heaven help us, please.
Please, God, don't let them do this.
Man, if the government gets our guns, folks, they have been lining up for tyranny like I've never seen.
We're already under amazing tyranny.
They get the guns.
Just get ready.
Also, another top bio-weapons slash chemical weapons scientist has said she's been threatened to be killed by the U.S.
and British government.
Top Brussels diplomat.
I've been given special protection by the Belgian government.
And of course, Dr. David Kelly, the head of the bio-weapons lab in England, and the head UN inspector, told everybody, yeah, I was told if I don't shove about no WMDs, they're gonna kill me.
And then the police came up, and they're in London at the park, and there were five guys in black uniforms that ran away.
They'd slid his wrist, no blood, he'd already been dead.
They'd put three pills in him, they hadn't dissolved.
I mean, that means I could be killed out in the field with black ops people around me, who just killed me.
And the police, they're told to say it isn't murder, well, but now it's come out in the British News and now they admit he was murdered.
Now they're asking who murdered him.
He told all his friends and colleagues.
We have the emails.
He told his wife and children.
I've been told, shut up or I'm dead.
He knew there were no WMDs.
By the way, he hated Iraq.
He was a conservative.
He wanted the war, but he went over there and said, there are no WMDs.
So they said, shut up.
He said, no.
They said, die!
See, these are not nice people running our governments.
They used to be classified last week, BBC.
Tony Blair knew there were no WMDs.
It wasn't they screwed up and thought there were and, you know, a pixie told them it was under a toadstool.
This... Folks, that's not even the big news today, though.
That's not, I mean, that is not the big news.
And that's not what I'm mainly going to cover, at least in this first hour.
More on the Second Amendment and a bunch of other important issues in the second.
But in the first hour, gloom envelops world markets.
Financial Times of London.
Here's another one.
Seven countries considering abandoning the U.S.
Wall Street Journal, falling dollar adds to investor woes.
And I've got a bunch of other ones here in front of me.
By the way, there's a delayed reaction to currency plunges and inflation, hyper-superinflation, in the country.
It's happening.
Six months to a year before we fully feel it.
They are reeling in Europe, but when it hits here, it hits a lot harder.
Let me tell you what it's going to mean for you.
The father of economics told me what it means when I interviewed him earlier this week.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
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The Preacher Man says it's the end of time.
The Cruiser man says it's the end of time, and the Mississippi River, she's a gold drine.
You tell them, Junior.
The interest is up.
The interest is up, and the stock market's down, and you're only getting mugged if you go downtown.
Man, that sounds good.
It's hard to cut Junior off.
Let him roll a little bit.
Yeah, depression hits.
Because you can't starve us out.
Can't make us run.
I can plow a field all day long.
I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn.
Don't you guys call this the anthem?
We make our own whiskey and our own smoke too.
Ain't too many things these old boys can't do.
We grow good old tomatoes and homemade wine and country boy can survive.
Why is that?
We got those guns, ladies and gentlemen.
We say grace and we say amen.
And good luck Supreme Court with a handgun ban.
Show everybody who you are.
Alright, let's get back into the news here.
Let's get into the serious information.
I hope that we just have a hardcore recession.
That's on the good side.
I mean, I don't like this fiat bubble system, the big central private-owned banks.
You know, there's a Federal Reserve here in the U.S.
I don't like the fiat system they've built, where they can just issue currency and credit, and then repossess homes, get real assets, buy up companies with it.
It's a rigged game for them.
It's a centrifugal black hole system that mimics free market, but isn't.
It's a rigged game.
But I don't want the fiat system to collapse, because we're all tied into it, like Siamese twins.
Got this wicked twin over here that's a fellow deserved in the New World Order, and we're all tied into it financially.
Even if you're out of debt, and got millions of dollars in the bank.
We're in for a rough ride, and for the average American, at a higher level than personal debt than at any time in the last 230 plus years of this nation's history.
We have a higher debt ratio starting in January of this year, going back 10 months ago, than the previous record in the depths of the Depression in late 1933.
Let me explain what's happening.
The private central banks have been issuing credit and issuing ones and zeros on their ballot sheets to the lower level
Kind of broker banks that the public thinks of as banks, the little small fish that then go out and loan it to you.
Three months ago they deliberately, as they did with the Great Depression with margin calls and banking, the big central banks announced they'd do this, by the way, two years ago.
I've been warning you.
They actually brag how
I interviewed the Nobel Prize winner, chief economist at World Bank, Joseph Stiklitz about it, IMF, World Bank documents got released, leaked, where they were planning to do this, and I've been freaking out over it.
They have to, to get wealth, because they issued the currency and the credit out of nothing, they have to then blow out economies and have contractions that are consolidation phases.
And that's what they're doing right now.
This is all by design, even the Financial Times of London.
You think the Wall Street Journal is the financial paper of record.
Most papers lie and spin and twist.
Wall Street Journal a little less.
They'll spin it, but at least a lot of times tell you the truth.
But the Financial Times of London said two years ago they were going to do this.
I interviewed all the experts.
They agreed.
And then two months ago they admitted that the banking collapse was being engineered by the big top dogs.
It's now happening.
It's now developing.
And literally, I'm saying brace for impact here.
So, we have Citigroup with over 36 trillion dollars in derivatives and leverage.
That's what we publicly know of.
We have Chase Manhattan and Citibank with over 80 trillion leveraged.
We have Bank of America with over 30 trillion leveraged.
I can just keep going on all day.
I don't think so.
And so they're engineering this contraction, but the father of Reaganomics, he's listed by Barron's and by Money and many others as one of the top ten living economists in the world.
He's the father of Reaganomics, ran the treasury for Ronald Reagan, engineered that boom.
He, of course, is a former Wall Street Journal editor, and he writes for syndicated columns of several different syndicates around the country.
I interviewed him, and he said things were worse than... He corrected me Thursday when I interviewed him.
Trey, sitting in there, produces the show during the week as well.
He set him up, and I've had him on probably 30, 40 times over the years.
I forget, probably more than 40.
And I said, well, is this going to cause a worldwide super recession?
He said, well, he says, worse than that, worldwide depression.
I said, how bad?
He said, it could create a barter economy for a time and completely destroy the world financial system.
But the problem is, I then found other top economists and Nobel Prize winners and people saying the same thing, including Joseph Stiglitz, when I interviewed him back in February of this year when he was
In February, he was here for the Texas Book Fair at the Governor's wife puts on whatever.
I don't know.
We interviewed him on camera and on radio.
And that's what Judge Joseph Stiklitz.
Oh, I keep forgetting.
I'm about to put out all the extras on PrisonPlanet.tv for the members of Endgame.
I keep forgetting.
Rob keeps forgetting.
I want to put those Stiklitz interviews out.
No one's ever even seen those.
I put them in Endgame and I didn't.
I keep forgetting.
Yeah, Amanda, give him that.
Also, Amanda back there doing an excellent job.
Thank you.
You can go up to PresidentPlanet.com and you can read this.
Ex-Wall Street Journal editor, dollar collapse will cripple European economy.
Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury says world economy could return to barter system.
Because you see, when they cut the value of the dollar by 67 percent, that was 65 last week, we're at meteoric plunge right now.
If you look at that,
You see, then, there are too many dollars, over 80 trillion of them floating around that we know of, in the world, and most of them overseas, so when the Chinese, and the Saudis, and the French, and everybody else, and the British, and the Japanese start dumping them, because they're forced to, they're holding them, and our government has a public policy.
They don't brag about it, but it's their public policy.
I saw Treasury Secretary Snowe, before Paulson admitted, and almost fell out of my chair in 2003, I'll never forget that,
They said a very weak dollar, losing 60% was their policy.
They've certainly overdone that now.
Then there's not enough places to sink all of those dollars.
And so then it wrecks the European economies as, well let me just give you what
Dr. Roberts said, when we get back, the father of Reaganomics and former Wall Street Journal editor, Paul Craig Roberts has warned the collapsing dollar will eventually cripple the European economy and may even return the world economy to a barter system as financial chaos ensues.
Roberts served as the Secretary of Treasury in the Reagan administration as a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal Businessweek and Scripps Hours News Service.
We're going to come back and go over this for you and then take calls.
And callers, I really want to talk about this with you.
At 877-590-5525.
Locally in Central Texas.
Stay with us.
This information couldn't be more important.
We'll be right back.
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Brian won't help you.
You're no good.
The old song goes...
We're in deep trouble, ladies and gentlemen.
Ex-Wall Street Journal editor, dollar collapse will cripple European economy.
Also father of Reaganomics.
Roberts went on to say, speaking on the Alex Jones Show, Roberts cautioned that the loss in value of the dollar is becoming so rapid it's alarming.
We've got unimaginable trade deficits, budget deficits, the economy is set in recession, the wars show no end.
And he continued to ask how bad the dollar crisis could get.
Roberts responded.
I can get, it can get awfully bad.
The trouble is, where can they go?
Where can investors go?
If China removes the peg, and all the surplus dollars drive up the value of the Chinese currency, then given our independence and dependence on China, it's going to drive the prices up here a tremendous amount, and Americans don't have any discretionary income left, said Roberts.
Yeah, he added that people at Walmart would think that they were in Neiman Marcus.
At some point, the foreigners will stop financing our budget and trade deficits.
Then we're going to have a massive crisis, the likes of which we've not experienced.
If you're totally dependent on imports of manufactured goods and you can't pay for them, what do you do?
Asked Roberts, explaining that only recourse would be to print more money, pushing the dollar down even further.
Citing the fact of the dollar,
...had lost more than 60% of its value against the Euro since 2001.
Most of that in the last two years is accelerating.
Boebert said that the flight from the dollar could eventually wreck the European economy because it would cripple their exports.
And it goes on to ask how low the dollar could go.
Robert said there was a limit because there's simply so many dollars, there's not enough room in other currencies to absorb them.
At some point, the flight of investors from the dollar into the euro will cause amazing trouble in Europe.
They won't be able to export anything because the prices are driven up so high.
Robert said investors will eventually desert the euro as a safe haven from the dollar, and the same process will cause the crisis in Britain as the pound is devalued due to exports being hit.
If you don't want to search around on prisonplanet.com to find it, and there's footnotes and links to everything that he says there to back it up,
Just type in ex-Wall Street Journal editor, dollar collapse will cripple European economy.
Or it's on the right hand side of prisonplanet.com and news on focus.
That's been out for three days now.
This was out Friday.
Alright, that's two and a half days.
Let me just put it in layman's terms and boil it down real simple.
You've got big private banks owned by a handful of European banking families.
This is mainstream info, just the public doesn't know it.
And they learned about 300 years ago that they could
Own local pawn shops.
They were called banks.
Mainly in Germany.
And let's say they had a ton of gold coins that people had deposited there to keep in their vaults.
Because you want to keep it at your house.
They could then loan out script, because people wanted like checks or paper money.
That they could then go redeem at that bank.
And the goldsmiths, as they were called, learned how to loan out.
Let's say they had a ton of gold coins.
One ton.
They would loan out ten.
Tons of gold coins.
That began to be about the number they didn't want to go above.
Was at ten times leveraging.
And they wouldn't tell anyone they were doing that.
It was against the law, but they would do it.
Well, these guys just took over England because if you're allowed to
This issue script on real gold assets you don't have, and buy real things with that money, and buy real assets, it gives you a cheating competitive edge.
That'd be like somebody in the Tour de France, not being on a 10-speed bike, but being on a... I don't know, what's the biggest Japanese motorcycle they make?
Those ones that go like 250 miles an hour.
Yeah, the Habusa or something.
I mean, oh, can the Federal Reserve and the private banking families buy everything up?
You know, they're in the Tour de France racing a motorcycle that goes 240 miles an hour.
I mean, who's going to win this race?
And then they buy up the newspapers, they buy up the defense contractors, they buy up Big Pharma.
And literally, they're waging war against free market.
These are monopoly men.
They love to control markets, have monopoly over diamonds, have monopoly over oil.
Even if there's different interests that own it, they form cartels to create global monopolies.
It's simple.
Not only do they get to buy up real assets and buy up real property during the phase when they have all this money, they get to issue in credit, they get to issue to themselves, not just to others.
But then when you don't pay, then they get to come consolidate what you've got.
So for them, the only people getting hurt is the general population.
Doesn't matter if you're worth a hundred million bucks or debt and a hundred thousand dollars in credit cards.
When they blow out economies, things get even worse.
We have this in the IMF documents.
They talk about their formulae for doing it.
Then they get to come in and buy up the infrastructure, the roads, the water, the houses, the private, public property, all of it, for pennies on the dollar.
And then all they've got to do is manage the crisis, blame it on other people, blame it on some little side issue in the economy, have their media put that out, and as long as the public buys it, they're able to do it.
That's why Joseph Stiklitz, former chief economist of the World Bank, Nobel Prize winner, went public in 2002, and several thousand classified secret documents out of the World Bank and IMF got leaked to the BBC.
And there's what we always already knew, what had come out of the Congressional record from 1913, what came out of the Congressional record from 1929, what came out in other records that they'd engineered this.
So they are engineering this right now.
You need to understand that a cow didn't kick over a lantern and burn down St.
This isn't some accident or some thing of nature.
This isn't a cow kicking over a lantern and causing this, though they'll come up with some reason like that that's going to do this.
Now, they said two years ago in the Financial Times of London, when I started screaming Mayday on air, that the global elite have had debates and discussions at Davos and other places, some of them public, that they've overdone this.
That they've so leveraged, because they, literally, they own the money machines and the issuance of credit.
They go wild using it as a weapon to buy everything up they can, and they're getting everybody else into debt.
But the question was, have they overdone it?
Will it totally blow out the world economy in this consolidation or shearing phase as they suck your blood?
So, that is the point that everyone needs to know here.
And, you know, I had the Dr. Roberts on Thursday.
I noticed the big comments, the big message board that we linked to on our MySpace and a bunch of other places that people were emailing me going, you idiot!
He's a crazy kook!
No wonder he's a former editor at the Wall Street Journal.
By the way, he retired.
He wasn't fired.
He's crazy!
Dr. Roberts is just saying what all the other financial publications are saying now.
I mean, again, the people in this nation, you are in such denial.
Or you email me and say, it's good to have devalued currency.
That means I can accelerate paying off my debts with a deflated dollar.
It just means you have to pay more for everything you buy.
It means you have less money.
It doesn't mean you don't have to pay those debts.
And they go, well that means our manufacturing will be boosted.
Because now we're going to be like China or Mexico and be totally poor.
No, we've already sent our main factories overseas and the vast majority of, quote, U.S.
companies aren't trading with the U.S.
They've moved to China and are producing it there.
They're no longer U.S.
And every major U.S.
company under the sun has left the U.S.
or is in the process of leaving the U.S.
The analogy is, if the CEOs were escaping,
From the country, they're hanging from the helicopter skids.
You know, the helicopters are taking off, kind of like at the fall of Saigon in Vietnam in the mid-seventies, when they're hanging off the helicopter skids.
The public's walking around, you know, telling me how great the horns did last night.
I'm going, okay, yeah, I watched the horns, too.
Yes, I did, with my family.
Back there on the back porch, got a TV out, actually watched it, just to satisfy my mother, and ate Mexican food when we watched it, and I enjoyed it.
But I still felt like I should have been on air warning people.
And again, I'm not attacking sports, but there was an article here in Italy where a bunch of people got killed yesterday.
I'm trying to find it.
I had it here.
Where a bunch of people got killed over two rival soccer teams, and they had to call the riot police out.
You know, the people won't riot over the world economy on the edge of destruction.
They don't riot over police state and losing freedom and corrupt wars.
You see, they use sports as a vehicle to secrete all of our energies, tribal energies, that should be put out for preserving our liberty.
You understand what I'm saying?
That's why sports feel so good.
It is a facsimile or simulation of warfare.
Here it is.
Rival football fans clash in Italy, Reuters.
Says a football fan was killed during clashes between supporters of rival clubs in Italy on Sunday.
Police said the clashes erupted on a motorway restaurant near the Tuscan city of Arezzo.
And it went on to say hundreds were injured and police called out and things were burning, police cars burning.
Oh yeah, let's go burn police cars and attack police and kill people for no reason.
Meanwhile, the New World Order is raping the living daylights out of you.
But you care about sports, you don't care about freedom.
That's why you'll be slaves.
We'll be right back with your calls.
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We would intend not to be standing in a bread line with the ignorant and the foolish who pretend the facts of food disappearance are untrue.
If the experience of the Katrina disaster is evidence, the bread line may have no bread.
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White lightning flashing across the sky.
We're only young, but we're gonna die.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is The Real World.
I'm Alexander Jones, your host.
Thank you for joining us.
Alright, we've got loaded phone lines.
I'm going to go to your calls.
Next hour, I'm going to get into a little clip of Congressman Ron Paul confronting the Fed Chair, Mr. Bernanke, a few days ago.
And we're going to talk about not just what the global banks and elites are doing to you and the dollar, but what it's going to mean at the bare minimum.
So, if you have friends and family who don't know what it means to have a debased currency, because Americans have taken it for granted since the Bretton Woods Agreement that we have the world's currency, we're going to explain what it means to lose that.
Coming up in the next hour.
Now, I got all these calls here.
I got folks in New Jersey, Virginia, Chicago.
I got folks calling from South Carolina, Texas, all over.
And I want to go to all of you, but the person I'm going to go to first, even though there's all these calls about the economy, and I will get to Kyle and David and others.
I get these all the time, literally 50 of them a week or so, and the nightmares only get worse.
It says, Corporal Julie, Virginia, Child Protective Services Nightmare.
I want to say something.
During watching TV, I don't watch a lot of television, so watching them was weird last night.
I was watching News 8, local Tom Warner.
We have a local CNN here, local.
And they were, every time I see an Amber Alert for kids, I mean, like 90% of the time I say, oh, Amber Alert coming up, Dad, I should watch.
This will be, they'll tell you they're evil kidnappers for five minutes, and then mention, by the way, it's their parents.
And it'll be CPS.
Yeah, it was like an 11-year-old, 15-year-old kid.
They couldn't list anything she'd done bad to them.
CPS wanted them.
Two-thirds of the kids they grabbed, they put on psychotropic drugs.
They're five times more likely, Fed Zone numbers, to abuse children.
Oh, go look that up.
My point is, is that this is this federally put in Amber Alert system, and in the future, if this person's got guns, look for them.
You know, flashing billboards, catch the terrorist.
They've already done that.
And it's just so incredible.
I mean, I'm all for catching some bad person, but see, now it's the Amber Alert, and they're going to break in, and All Points Bulletin, and the CPS has got to have them.
I have to know what the CPS was set up for.
It was set up by Eugenicist.
My new film, Endgame, covers that.
By the way, I'll be at, was it 5 o'clock or 7 o'clock?
I have to pull up the banner.
When am I at Waterloo Rice House for two hours giving a speech?
7 o'clock.
Coming up this, I'll look it up on the web in a minute.
These darn computers in here.
They make you every five minutes put your passcode in to surf.
I can't.
It drives me up the wall, man.
My wife does that to our computers, too.
It just drives me crazy, but I guess it's good.
I can't even get into these computers.
I'll find out when that is Tuesday evening and tell you about that for Endgame signing my new film.
But enough said.
I've got to get to the calls.
I'll never get to them.
Let's talk to Corporal Julie from Virginia dealing with the child kidnapping services.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Oh, hi.
Real fast, tell me what's happening.
Well, my husband is an Orange County, California school teacher.
I was stationed in Germany.
I told him I wanted a divorce.
He had kidnapped my children from Germany.
And then when I returned to California, he had filed... I returned for court because he had ran to the court trying to dog me for child support and full custody.
When I returned to California from Germany, the judge ruled in my favor that I shall have the children and return back to Europe since I have raised them from the time at birth.
Instead of giving the children back to me, my husband, who is an Orange County school teacher, Danny E. Whittleson... Ma'am?
Listen, ma'am, we are not going to give people's names out.
I'm not trying to be mean to you.
I didn't lay her out, I rarely use that.
There was some guy cussing years ago on the show, and then I kicked him off for him cussing, and then people put it on the internet, and they said, Alex says he was cussing, he isn't!
Alex is lying!
Because the tape you've got of it is me delaying it out, you buffoons!
Side issue.
Side issue, I don't even mean to get into that.
The point is, is that it is, I'm not saying you're a liar, ma'am.
But I don't know who you are, I don't know who this ex-husband that you're saying mean things about, I can't prove if those are true or not, and I can get sued up one side and down the other.
So as crazy as this stuff sounds on the show, everything I talk about is backed up from two or three sources.
That's why they let me on national TV, national radio shows, just to go for two or three hours and say what I want, because after years they've checked into what I say and found out it's all documented.
Now you can argue all day with my interpretations, but I don't want to jump on you, ma'am.
I have thousands of cases I've seen in the years.
Here in Austin, dozens.
I've been to the court cases to cover it when I used to be a local guy.
Just a local guy ten plus years ago.
I have seen them take them from poor families who've done nothing and falsify the reports and admit it.
I have helped send CPS workers to prison in Florida and Texas and it's been in the news.
Okay, so I'm talking about those really bad, abusive situations when the state's lying out of control and not in due process.
But husbands and wives tabling on each other, using the systems to jerk each other around.
Even if you hate each other, you really should try to stay together so this type of splitting up and things don't happen.
People say, well, who are you to judge?
You know, families sometimes have to be split up, and that is the case.
But, historically, and with the statistics, a child is three times more likely in a single-parent home or a divorced home
And in some cases even higher.
To end up on drugs, to end up committing suicide, to end up in prison.
And so if you're going to get together and you're going to have children, the culture tells you it's okay to split up and break up.
People 50 years ago didn't do that and we were a strong nation.
100 years ago it was unheard of.
Even if you hate each other, you need to make it work out.
Even if it has to be a marriage of convenience.
I mean, even if, you know, who knows what goes on.
The point is, is that you don't do that.
And I'm not trying to scold you, man, but that's what comes out of this.
That's what happens through this.
And I don't want to get off into family counseling here.
I've just read a lot of books, talked to a lot of experts, but also just studied history.
They had 10% illegitimacy in the 1940s and 50s.
Take black folks.
They now have 92% national average.
That's the Fed Zone numbers.
92% illegitimacy.
Well, the Feds knew what they were doing.
They came in with family planning in the fifties and sixties and said, we'll give you money, black women, to not have a man in the home and you'll get all these paychecks and welfare if you won't.
Well, I know that was eugenics and social welfare.
I know welfare system was set up in England over a hundred years ago to carry out Malthusian eugenics.
I have their own documents.
It isn't my opinion.
I know it was meant to break up black families as a beta test.
I have the government documents.
I've interviewed the former head of the Department of Education, Charlotte Isderby, head of policy number two there.
They wanted, look, they wanted, number one, they financed Ms.
Magazine, the CIA did, even Gloria Steinem admits it, to get women all working, not because they care about women, but so that the state can raise the kids more of the day, so mama isn't home, so both people have to pay taxes, so they can have double taxation systems.
And control everybody.
Well, with black Americans, they just went in and busted up their incredibly successful communities.
There were colleges everywhere, with blacks becoming doctors and scientists, and black folks were really doing well, on average.
Now they have 90 plus percent illegitimacy from 10 percent illegitimacy.
But by the way, they don't stop there.
White families are now split up.
Now it's, what, half illegitimacy in whites?
Hispanics haven't totally caved into the evil.
They're only at, what, about 20% of legitimacy.
Same thing with Asians.
I just salute you.
I salute the Asians and Hispanics.
I salute you.
They have not destroyed your family, your familia.
It's too strong.
You are defeating the New World Order's programming.
That's why your communities are becoming so strong.
Good job!
Don't you ever break that family up for those children.
I mean, the only way you do it is if the guy's a complete drug addict criminal.
But you better have family who then takes care of you.
I'm sick of people warehousing their old folks in these nursing homes, and you're going to put your family in a nursing home because they have to have the care, and I understand that sometimes.
You better visit them at least every two days.
You better live near them.
You better bring them lunch.
You better sit there and watch TV with them.
You better sit there and rub their feet and love on your parents that wiped your butt, that took care of you, you scumbag yuppies!
You better do that, because you're going to end up in a nursing home getting euthanized, and your bed sores, urinating all over yourself, begging for people.
And let me tell you, because all these scum yuppies and people that don't visit their parents, it's up to people out there who, if you don't have parents, to go visit these old people in these nursing homes, and go visit these people that are disabled in these homes, so that you can see how everybody else is living, instead of being degenerate yuppies that only care about yourselves.
Now you're seeing where I stand socially, and this Christmas I'm going to be out of two different soup kitchens, and we're going to give more money, I gave it last year, I kind of remember to do that, to Meals on Wheels.
And I'm going to, not because I'm a goody two-shoes, but because it is what I'm meant to do.
I am meant to nurture the community, we are meant to help widows and orphans, we are meant to help people.
But we stop doing it and let the state do it.
The state is a bunch of predatory criminals!
Now there may be good social workers out there, and there aren't.
But, the system and the way it's designed is to abuse and break up families and control people.
And it's to get you on welfare, get you in the criminal justice system, get you drugged up.
I mean, I have the new Freedom Initiative that Bush passed three years ago.
One of the heads of the board out of Ohio, was it Iowa?
I interviewed him, went public to mainstream news and said, I've been in the meetings, here are the documents, it is a pure drug company scam to go from 15% of the kids on drugs to over 50%.
They know it causes more suicide, they actually like that because then they make more money.
See, they're not your friends.
They're not here to help you.
Do you understand that?
Now, I apologize for not getting your calls.
David, Kyle, John, Conchita.
And others.
We are going... They're laughing at me.
That's a cool Lincoln cheat.
Why are they laughing at the controller?
That's the way I said it.
We're going to come back, take your calls on the economy, play this Ron Paul clip, tell you what it really means to the economy that all this is happening.
I'm goofy.
I love liberty.
I love freedom.
I've studied history.
I'm an expert on it, not on acting cool at ball games and painting my face up purple or green.
I am here telling you there's a real war on, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
Call everybody you know and tell them to tune in right now!
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Here's Alex Jones.
All right, we're burning rubber into the second hour.
Jason Bermas, one of the producers of Loose Change, the most downloaded video in internet history.
Even Vanity Fair and Time Magazine have said that for free.
Over 100 million downloads just on Google and YouTube alone in the last two years.
Well, the final cut, complete new film, is out.
On DVD today, and you can download it as well at PrisonPlanet.com because I am the executive producer of the film.
Burmas will be joining us from a premiere they're having in Minnesota right now.
They're also having a premiere in New York City this evening.
So, Jason Burmas will be joining us coming up in 30 minutes.
Right now, let's get to the calls, and we've got Ron Paul and the plunging dollar confronting the Federal Reserve Chief.
Nothing federal about it.
And we'll also tell you what this means with them purposely devaluing the dollar today.
Right now, let's try to shotgun through all these great callers who've been holding patiently while I've been babbling.
Let us now go ahead and speak to David in South Carolina, then Kyle, John, Conchita, and others.
You are on the air, David.
Thank you for holding.
Or wait, is that David or Conchita?
My calls have been changing around here.
Oh, here's David.
He's on line six.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, General Alexander.
Alright, that's a great name by the way.
I just wanted to say in the first place we really love your show.
We thank you very much for everything you do and we pray for you every day and night because we understand you're really putting yourself on the line for everything you do.
Well, I'm greedy for those prayers.
Keep them coming.
Yes, sir.
Don't worry about that, Avery Patriot.
I really appreciate what you were talking about the family earlier.
I was thinking about something else, but when you started talking about that, that really brought up something with me.
My wife and I, we just moved just about a kilometer and a half up the road from her mother and father.
It's very important.
People just need to really understand.
It's very important to be close to people you know, you trust, and you can rely on.
And it turned out that that's what the case was.
Both of their vehicles happened to have a bad time at about the same time.
And we're letting them use our vehicle right now.
All we've got is blood.
That's all there is.
Not the fancy cars, not the big houses.
That's all fine.
But what comes first, first priority is family.
God, yes.
It is, definitely.
And also, I wanted to mention that it is not only an honor to speak with you, but it is a right and not a privilege.
No, it is, yeah.
First Amendment.
Let's see, I wanted to make sure that... You wanted to talk about the economy and I want to hear from that.
Yeah, well what I was worried about was, the main concern was, let's see, I think, okay, I was worried about, my wife and I are both on social security, you know, and
We worked long years.
We both experienced problems in the past and we had to pretty much get on this.
It's funny you raised Social Security.
The next caller is also commenting about that.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I was just curious about what your take is on it because I haven't really heard it brought up a whole lot except the fact that it's going bankrupt of course because they're robbing it to pay for killing people overseas.
Let me comment on that as quickly as possible.
It's a very good point.
I covered this actually Thursday on the air.
Okay, the Federal Reserve says we have 2% or lower inflation.
They give you about 3% or 3.3% last time I checked for people on Social Security yearly.
Now, the big banks, financial institutions, they debate it between 13% on the low and 20% on the high.
You can get different numbers, but it's about 13%.
Real inflation is 13.6%.
That's the average and the mainline group saying that.
They play games with the CPI and the rest of it.
Ron Paul is going to talk about that here on air in a minute.
But, so really, you're seeing at least a 10% cut in your Social Security that you paid into, that you paid for.
And if they were to let you take all that money, on the average person, that you put into Social Security, you would be getting over a million dollars.
People know about this, it's been all over the news for years.
When you retire, you get over a million dollars.
But they said, no, we can't trust you with that, we're going to do this.
And so, with the inflation we have compounded,
In three years you get about six to six and a half maybe seven percent depending on they change it each year in increases in Social Security money But then in but then in a three-year period we're looking at over a 30% or a 39% Devaluation what is three times 13?
39% Devaluation in your buying purchasing spending power
And there are finally some mainstream news articles about this Thursday's while I was covering and I've kind of forgotten about that point.
What about people who are disabled?
What about people on fixed incomes?
What about people living on social security?
Inflation hurts them.
It doesn't hurt the big central banks that inflated the money and bought all the infrastructure up and then bankrupted what was left to get it.
It hurts the common person.
Let's say you've worked hard all your life and you got a million dollars in mutual funds and in other things and you've betted conservative with six, seven percent increases a year.
This inflation is stealing all that from you right now.
If you've got a million dollars in the bank in 2000, when it's purchasing power is $400,000.
Real simple way.
It's like somebody walked into your house and took hundreds of thousands of dollars from you.
Excuse me, I just did that math wrong.
There's a 67% reduction
In the dollar's value since 2001.
Excuse me.
It'd be like if you had a million dollars, you went into your vault at the bank and suddenly there was only $330,000 in there.
And the dollar's not stopping its plunge.
See, that's why gold was $300 five years ago.
That's why silver was $7 five years ago.
Silver's now almost $16.
Gold is over $830 and rising.
Gold and silver didn't go up.
Why are they paying $5 a gallon in California and New York for gas right now?
Why are we paying $3 in Texas?
Because not that oil went up, it's still the same amount, or less in Euros and the British Pound and other currencies that have many value.
But it is more for us.
That's why all this is happening.
So now, I guess, inadvertently, we're getting into what this will do to you, what this means.
I've got time for one more right before I've got a break here.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Kyle in Bastrop, comment on the economy.
Go ahead, Kyle.
Hey Alex, I actually work for a bank here locally in Austin, and seeing this going on and everything, it might get bad, because I've looked at the 1930s and everything, and the runs on the banks.
It could get bad, it's already bad, but with global inflation, the internal country that's been devalued has hit last, but hit worse.
I also work in real estate, I have my real estate license here in Texas.
Well, you're in the best place in the country.
Even in a bad market, you're going to do better than others.
Yeah, well, I don't sell anymore.
I moved here from Houston about a year ago.
That's when I started waking up to all this stuff.
But I was taking a mortgage class, you know, learning how to sell loans and everything.
And they kept on telling us, you know, inflation is natural and everything.
And they were telling us about all the loans... We had no inflation from 1776 till the 1880s.
In fact, we had 2% deflation.
Currency, yeah, that's actually your dollar getting stronger because of supply and demand for, you know, capital.
Yes, sir.
But, um... Because you only have a money supply and ratio to goods produced.
Right, right.
It's, uh... Prosperity is based on real prosperity, not private bankerhood winkering.
It's a fraud.
I mean, I figured the dollar had no value about, what is it, two years ago.
I was in high school.
Just about to graduate from high school.
I was working for a bank then.
And, you know, I started getting interested in money and everything.
And I started investigating.
I'm like, well, what gives this thing its value?
And after a while, I said, there's nothing giving it its value.
And I told my friends.
And they told me I was a kook.
And I'm like, no.
Look, I hear you, my friend.
Look, they'll laugh as Rome burns.
Like they laughed at Noah, you know.
I mean, this is just how it works.
We're going to go to break, come back.
I'm going to get to Conchita, Ryan, and others that have been holding, but the other callers were on topic, so they went first.
PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv are my websites.
It's 5 o'clock this Tuesday.
If you're an Austin, Texas listener to NewsRadio 590K LBJ, 5 to 7, I'll give about an hour-long speech and sign in-game my new incredible film, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
From 5 to 7 downtown right there off 5th and 6th Street right by the Whole Foods there at the Water Lube Wreckers right by the Water Lube Ice House.
5 to 7.
She out there this Tuesday.
We'll come back with Ron Paul and a lot more.
Stay with us.
It is a big idea.
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You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
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economy receives its currency by taking on debt through a private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
The U.S.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
It's bad enough that the U.S.
citizens is bound by debt in order to have commerce.
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Good to go!
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I'm glad that you decided to join us this Sunday in defense of the Republic.
Welcome back.
I thought I would get in a little bit about what this plunging dollar will mean to all of us.
A little bit of savings I did for my family.
I've been to base, been in stocks, and of course in dollars.
Oh, you're like, oh, but the stock market's up at $13,000.
That's with deflated dollars.
The stock market is really now below $7,000.
A few weeks ago, it was at the $7,000 plus.
That's in actual purchasing power.
See, the dollar's devalued.
Foreigners can come in with their under-based currencies, and those stocks are much less when you calculate it.
The Dow Jones, by the way, is only the top 30 winners.
See, they manipulate you and treat you like you're idiots.
Here's Congressman Ron Paul jumping on Bernanke.
It starts out slow.
This is live from earlier last week.
Now, when he confronted the private Federal Reserve head about how they were destroying our economy.
This is powerful info.
We'll play it and comment on it.
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, this is from the House Banking Committee that the Congressman's been on for more than 15 years.
Congressman Paul.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
The best way I could describe the problems that we face here in this country, as well as the problem
The Federal Reserve faces is that we're indeed between the rock and the hard place because we have a serious problem.
We don't talk about much how we got here.
We talk about how we're going to patch it up.
The bubble has been burst.
We saw what happened after the Nasdaq bubble burst.
We don't ask how it was created.
And then we have a housing bubble and it's deflating and it's spreading.
And yet nobody says, where does it come from?
And what is the advice that you generally get?
And that is, inflate the currency.
They don't say inflate the currency.
They don't say debase the currency.
They don't say devalue the currency.
They don't say cheat the people who are saved.
They say, lower the interest rates.
But they never ask you, and I don't hear you say too often, the only way I can lower interest rates is I have to create more money.
I have to lower the discount rate.
I have to make it generous.
I have to increase reserves.
I have to lower the interest rates and fix the interest rates, overnight rates.
And the only way you can do this is by increasing the money supply.
And I see this as the problem that we don't want to talk about.
Currently, of course, we can't follow the money supply with M3, but we can follow one of your statistics, which is the MZM, the rate of cash available, and we see that inflation is alive and well.
That money supply figure is going up about 20% per annualized, and this just means that
The dollar gets weaker.
Everybody says, well the dollar, that's great.
Dollar weaker, we're going to have export.
And that is a fallacy, maybe for a month or two, but it just invites inflation.
And unless we get down to the bottom of it and define what inflation is, and not look at only prices.
This was taught by the free market economists all through the 20th century.
They said, beware, they will increase the money supply, but they will make you concentrate on prices.
And they will give you CPIs and PPIs and they'll fudge those figures and they'll talk about wage and price controls to solve our problems.
And we ignore the fundamental flaw and that is that not only have we had a subprime market in housing, the whole economic system is subprime in that we have artificially low interest rates.
And it wasn't under your tenure in office.
It's been going on for 10 years or longer, and now we're bearing the fruits of that policy.
I mean, a 1% interest rate, overnight rates, and that's not a distortion.
Instead of looking at the consumer prices, which nobody in this country really believes,
We need to talk about the distortion, the malinvestment, the misdirection, the bad information that is gotten from artificially low interest rates.
In many ways, some people refer to you as a price fixer, because you fix interest rates.
The market is powerful and usually overwhelms and does come into play, but when the Fed fixes an interest rate at 1%, that is price fixing.
At the end of your testimony you suggested that we should address this housing crisis and we should have rules that would address deceptive lending practices.
And I just think that is not the answer at all.
The real deception is when we distort the value of money.
When we create money out of thin air, we have no savings, yet there's so-called capital, there's money available, but it comes from what you have to do and the pressures put on you.
So I think we have to get back to the very fundamentals of where this problem comes from.
And the bubbles occur when we have this malinvestment and the creation of new money.
So my question boils down to this.
How in the world can we expect to solve the problems of inflation, that is, the increase in the supply of money, with more inflation?
Congressman, first just a small technical point on the growth in money.
Money growth has been pretty moderate over the last few years.
The increase in MZM is probably related to the financial turmoil.
People have been taking their savings out of risky assets, putting them into the bank, and that makes the money data show faster growth.
So I'm not sure that's indicative of policy necessarily.
What we're trying to do is follow the mandate that Congress gave us, and the mandate that Congress gave us is to look at employment and inflation as measured by domestic price growth.
And as I talked about today, and I think you would agree that we do see risk to inflation, and we are taking those into account, and we want to make sure that prices remain as stable as possible in the United States.
But how can you do this and pursue this
The policy you have without further weakening the dollar.
There's a dollar crisis out there, and people's money is being stolen.
People who have saved, they're being robbed.
I mean, if you have a devaluation of the dollar 10%, people have been robbed of 10%.
But how can you pursue this policy without addressing the subject that somebody's losing their wealth because of a weaker dollar?
And it's going to lead to higher interest rates and a weaker economy.
If somebody has their wealth in dollars and they're going to buy consumer goods in dollars, it's a typical American, then the decline in the dollar, the only effect it has on their buying power is it makes imported goods more expensive.
Yeah, but not if you're retired and elderly and you have CDs and their cost of living is going up no matter what your CPI says.
Their cost of living is going up and they're hurting and that's why the people in this country are very upset.
Alright, and then it was real funny for people to laugh about.
Again, they cooked the CPI, they cooked the employment numbers, that's all been known for decades to be a total fraud.
I mean, they claim that as soon as fuel went up and more than doubled the last four years, they took it out of the CPI.
As soon as you've been off
Unemployment roles, but you don't have a job.
You're just destitute.
You're taken off of the employment.
So they claim we have, you know, 94% employment or whatever.
I mean, Bernanke a few months ago was in the banking committee, and we played this here on the show, and he said that inflation was below 2%.
He is a liar!
And Ron Paul is too nice to him.
You know, I helped raise people around the country, but we spearheaded it.
$4.2 million record for one day a few weeks ago.
We're trying to raise him $10 million on the Bill of Rights Day and Boston Tea Party Day coming up in December 16th, 17th.
We should probably do that.
The point is, I like Ron Paul, but Ron Paul's being nice to Bernanke.
Bernanke was on the Fed board when all this happened, and he's called,
Bernanke, because he has accelerated the issuance of currency and credit in the last years that he took over from Greenspan.
So, I gotta say, Paul's being a little too nice there.
We'll be right back, jamming a few ear calls and get to Jason Berman's loose change final cut is out, available right now at PrisonPlanet.com.
Stay with me!
We're good.
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We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for tuning in.
I know we've got quite a few callers that are holding.
I will get to you before the show ends.
I'm sorry about having to hold over covering all this vital, important news.
Just again, program note, this Tuesday, 5 to 7 o'clock, Waterloo Records, and there's a restaurant, Waterloo Ice House, right downtown, right by Whole Foods.
What is it?
5th and Colorado.
What is that down there?
5th and Lamar?
6th and Lamar.
I'm just imagining imaginary streets there.
6th and Lamar coming up.
Tuesday I'll be there for folks listening here locally in Texas.
We had 10 showings at the Alamo Draft House.
Nine of them sold out.
That was great.
And there's another film out.
Loose Change, the most downloaded film in history.
That's Vanity Fair Time Magazine's analysis.
That was back when it was 30 million downloads a year ago.
It's over 100 million globally for free.
They put it out there, but they... This film, you know, and I was involved as executive producer.
Going out all over the country, all over the world, getting the footage.
Going out, getting the footage.
I mean, it's professionally done.
It's a whole new film, and to tell us about it is Jason Berman, who's had a premiere out in Minnesota.
Before we do that,
He's a producer of the film.
I'm just an executive producer.
Before we do that, let's play a few minutes, like a five minute trailer, up on PrisonPlanet.com.
That's where you get the download.
That's where you can go buy the DVDs.
It starts shipping Friday.
I wouldn't even call it pre-order.
We started selling them Friday.
It's just the orders are coming in.
We've got the DVDs.
They ship out Friday.
Uh, so that's up on PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com or LooseChangeTheFinalCut.com.
You can watch a bunch of high-res trailers and see the type of quality you'll be able to download or flash stream it to your computer.
Great site.
Uh, but right now, here is the trailer.
The 9-11 truth movement is something to be applauded.
The reason that it's so necessary is that there are so many unanswered questions.
Those questions are unanswered because this administration won't answer them.
I mean, it's that simple, okay?
A country that hides something is a country that is afraid of getting caught.
We found the identities of four of the 9-11 hijackers prior to 9-11.
Where's the beef?
Where is it?
Where's the substance?
Throw them all out, John.
These are all the trucks.
Spread them out.
As hard as this is to believe that two of the alleged terrorists involved in what happened on Tuesday may have attended schools run by the U.S.
How is it that on four separate occasions on one day that a trillion dollar military and intelligence infrastructure could fail?
Nobody in our government, at least, and I don't think the prior government could envision flying airplanes into buildings on such a massive scale.
That turns out not to be true.
military planners did envision and practice those very scenarios.
I'd like to ask a question.
General Myers, the
I'm sorry.
I would ask, please, people in the audience to be quiet if you want to stay here.
During the time that the airplane coming in to the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President, the plane is 50 miles out, the plane is 30 miles out.
And when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the Vice President, do the orders still stand?
Five light poles are knocked out of the ground.
I'm very curious, and as time goes by, it makes you more curious.
I can't drive my car well, but I can't imagine somebody just climbing behind the wheel of an airplane and doing what they did and doing it so well.
Opinions differ at this point.
People that believe a 757 hit the Pentagon, and people that don't.
Why I'm involved is simply because I want the truth.
The firefighters who walked into those buildings that day did so in order to help other people, same as they do every day.
They didn't deserve what happened.
I want the truth of what actually happened on the day.
We came down, it looked like a bomb went off in the lobby.
There was no fire, it looked like a bomb went off.
Folks, that's just part of the trailer.
Right now you can watch it at PrisonPlanet.com or go over to TruthinNews.us and link over to it.
Just incredible information has come out since the first loose change was made three years ago.
This is the third and final cut.
It's totally new.
And joining us from up here in Minnesota is one of the producers, my good friend, Jason Burmiss.
Jason, good to have you on with us.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
We've got a packed house of over 500 here.
It's really heartening to see so many people taking an interest.
That's right.
You're joining us via cell phone.
What are you up in the lobby having a toddy?
Actually, the lobby is so loud that I actually had to come out into the streets because I didn't want everybody to hear the movie over my voice.
I thought I heard a car zooming by.
Jason, just run the gamut.
Why is the new film different?
Why is it so important?
Break it down for folks.
Well, we literally traveled around the country interviewing eyewitnesses, former government officials, former CIA analysts.
And the likes.
We went through hundreds of hours of internet archived footage of 9-11 commission hearings, of other hearings where the war games were brought out.
I mean, this is a completely new film.
We delve into the hijackers.
Where were they trained?
How were they protected?
We get into the war games.
Amalgam Virgo in June of 2001, where we're practicing hijacking airliners and crashing them into the Capitol.
The actual war games that took place on that day.
You know, Building 7 is all new and explosive.
Of course, we have the BBC info in that.
We have two eyewitnesses... Reporting that the building had fallen exactly as it did indeed do, 25 minutes before, with the exact same script.
Everyone was handed.
Firemen saying, get back.
20-second countdown.
The government's going to blow it up.
On video.
Actual firemen, police.
As it happens, and interviewing them later, it just goes on and on.
And we have those two eyewitnesses that were actually blown up on the 8th floor prior to either building collapsing.
And you know, how does that happen?
How does an explosion happen in World Trade Center 7, the house of the largest CIA station outside of Washington D.C., the Department of Defense, the IRS, the largest field office for the Secret Service, and of course, the Office of Emergency Management, where all local government was supposed to go.
Yeah, it was a giant spook building and they were also running a drill of those buildings being attacked that morning.
So Giuliani had moved his command base in the secret Operation Tripod 2 out to the end of the dock in their mobile command centers.
And then he slipped up and said he was told to get out of the buildings, they were going to blow up before they collapsed, said they were going to collapse.
Then he said he never said it.
Then he got caught admitting that he actually was there and was told.
Then we have, of course, Mr. Kennedy, the head of FEMA at the time, there.
They got there the night before, before the attack.
They were told to be there the night before.
Then he said, OK, I was wrong.
Then it came out in documents that they indeed were there for a drill of, and they were also running drills of hijacked jets flying over the World Trade Center, Pentagon, Sears Tower, Capitol.
Ladies and gentlemen, at the beginning, you hear the former CIA section chief, former CIA top analyst to Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., who gave them their morning briefings, saying there's a cover-up.
Robert Baer, by the way, the guy that Siriana's about, one of the highest-ranking ever field commanders,
coming public saying all the evidence points towards 9-11 being an inside job.
I mean, what are they going to do, Jason, as all this starts coming?
We had a Dallas Cowboy on, Mark Stepnoski, this last Monday, talking about it being an inside job.
We've had all these other big Hollywood people going public, George Carlin coming out.
I mean, it's a domino effect.
They can't stop us.
Absolutely, and obviously the goal is to win and get a new, real, independent investigation
And hopefully this movie will be the catalyst for the true criminals being brought to justice, and really being prosecuted and punished for their crimes, because we need to know what happened on that day.
Our entire foreign and domestic policy has been based on what the government and media has told us about 9-11, and it just doesn't add up, Alex.
Well, let's stop you right there, and let's talk about the fact... When we come back, final segment, we'll discuss it.
Uh, some of the real key smoking guns that you do cover in this that aren't covered in other films, the things that can't be debated like the hijackers trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, the, uh, the Penn State Language School of Monterey, California,
All of this being covered in the film.
Let's talk about that and a few other key areas of the jam and a few final phone calls.
Go to PrisonPlanet.com right now, ladies and gentlemen, and see Loose Change, the masterpiece, the final cut right now.
You can download it and stream it or get the DVD.
We'll be right back as we transmit against tyranny and government-sponsored terror worldwide.
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Yeah, we're fighting the real empire, ladies and gentlemen.
Make no mistake about that.
I'll just have time for two final calls.
Conchita, holding patiently, and Ryan.
Coming up here in just a few minutes, a few little news items I want to comment on.
Going back to Jason Bermas.
Jason, I talked on the phone to Colonel Butler, the head of the Defense Language School, and he wouldn't go on air.
That's when they were threatening to court-martial him unless he shut up for violating national security.
That was in the AP and of course the San Jose Mercury News that he went public and said the government did it in the headline and said we trained him at the base with ADA and others.
Then it came out in Newsweek and other places, Pensacola News Journal, they were secretly trained at that base.
Then I interviewed two different embassy heads, one of them, Mr. Springman, in the Saudi Arabian U.S.
Embassy in Riyadh, ordered to let the hijackers back in.
The computer showed they were, quote, Al-Qaeda, and they were told, oh, that's their CIA cover, these are officers.
You guys get into that in the film, and that's why this is so important.
I cover it some in Terror Storm, but it's about a bunch of different government-sponsored terror ops.
This is all 9-11.
I mean, this is just one of the couple hundred things that the, quote, debunkers will never touch.
They'll build straw men and claim they debunk us.
They don't.
They'll never touch these, or Operation North was the official U.S.
government plan to stage 9-11 attacks.
This is serious.
Tell us about that and some of the other things in the film.
Well, absolutely, and you know, we know through a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by Kevin Ryan that A. Muhammad Atta did indeed train at Maxwell Air Force Base.
We know that two of these hijackers actually lived and rented from an FBI informant.
We have Robert Wright in this picture, one of the FBI terrorism experts who tried to go after these guys continuously.
And was threatened with arrest if he did, and then he said, all I can tell you is the Bush's vacation with the Bin Ladens in front of the National Press Club.
Go ahead.
Yeah, that was actually Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch.
No, with him there, with him.
They were up there on the boat fighting him.
Yes, yes, discussing.
But yeah, he broke down in tears at the end because he knew that the American people were being lied to.
We also cover Able Danger, which was a black ops program to keep tabs on some of these guys.
And when they kept trying to report them to their higher-ups, they basically were told to shut up and move it along.
And then, you know, the government investigated themselves and then said that Anthony Schaefer and others were liars.
But student scholars just talked to Joseph Biden, one of the few people that actually went to those hearings, and Joseph Biden didn't seem to think they were liars.
In fact, he said there's going to be a lot more coming out about able danger and related programs.
Well, six years plus is too long, and all we're doing is covering issues that can't be disputed.
You don't just launch a war in Afghanistan in two days like Bush said he did.
In the two months before, they massed 44,000 U.S.
troops, 17,500 British troops, all those aircraft carriers, all those weapons, the munitions, the pilots for a year before training to attack it, and Bush signed the launch order two days before on his desk to launch it two weeks after, right before 9-11.
That is Newsweek, that is Associated Press.
All we do is take the things hidden in plain view and cover it.
Absolutely, and even Colin Powell said regarding the pipeline they wanted to build there, you can either have a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs, but it's going to come.
Yeah, Unicole, Mohammed Karzai, who they installed, and the rest of it.
But they're counting on it.
I mean, I was watching jaywalking.
I've been watching more TV these days.
I'm kind of falling back into it.
But I just turned on television, and it was jaywalking.
And he was talking to random people who didn't know who the founding father was, George Washington, who didn't know what the Second Amendment was, First Amendment.
And the general public out there, not all of you, but some of you, it's our jobs that are informed to go out there if you're a citizen who is informed to inform the neighbors.
I mean, you've got a public who can't find the U.S.
on a map, one-fifth of Americans.
Or 80% of high school graduates can't say who the... 83% can't say who the vice president is.
Or 80-plus percent of Americans can't tell you how many continents there are.
There's seven folks.
I mean, we've got a problem.
They don't know the basics.
So, of course, they can run all these scams.
They're really banking on an American idolized society that's literally hypnotized by what they're told on television and in the news media.
And we're kind of breaking through that, Alex.
A lot more people are taking a look at things like Loose Change, Final Cut, Endgame, Terror Storm, Martial Law, and they realize we're being lied to and we desperately need to take action now before it's too late.
I know you've got to get back in and give a speech.
Are you giving a speech after the showing or before?
After the showing.
Well, Jason, the film's about to end, so I want to let you get in there.
You're in Minneapolis, or where are you showing the film?
Yep, I'm in Minneapolis with the We Are Change group here, and actually Dylan is in New York City with Luke Radowski and others, and he's having a showing in about an hour.
And we're really happy to launch this thing and really get it out to as many people as possible, Alex.
Where is it in New York for... we've got a lot of Manhattan listeners, so they can skedaddle over and maybe get in.
You know, I'd say check the Loose Change blog or forum because I'm not quite sure.
We've got links to all that up at LooseChangeTheFinalCut.com and PrisonPlanet.com and LooseChange911.com.
Jason, I want to thank you for the fine work you've done.
In closing,
It kind of gets scary doing what we're doing and the threats and the rest of it and all the attention, but all I can say to the killers that did this and their minions that they're, you know, sending around after us and things, look, man, you killed 3,000 people.
We know there's all these hundreds of declassified examples where crooks in our government staged attacks before.
Anybody who wants to go research, it's in the National Archives, it's been in hundreds of news articles.
I mean, we're just tired of it, staging terror attacks, and set up a police state, and so we can't struggle too much when you implode our dollar and we go into depression and martial law.
If we're able to expose government-sponsored terror, not just another, some whitewash investigation, that's fine.
You know, at least that'll bring attention.
Like George Carlin said, he doesn't think that will work, because it'll be the same people that did it covering it up again.
They already tried to claim that Henry Kissinger was going to run the commission and would be independent.
But just, we've convicted them in the court of public opinion.
84% in an Angus and Reed Wall Street Journal poll last year believe they've been lied to.
68% believe inside job.
You hear the old poll from some Ohio research thing where they said 36% believe inside job.
It's a lot higher than that.
And by exposing government-sponsored terror, it will keep them from doing other attacks because people are now wise to the paradigm.
Jason, I'll be talking to you this week.
I appreciate you, sir.
All right.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
Be careful, my friend.
Take care.
All right.
I want to jam in two final calls.
As promised, if you want to download this in super high quality, the new film just released today, released at midnight, about 50, 60, 70 hours ago.
And it's available right now at PrisonPlanet.com for super high quality download.
And you can also go to InfoWars.com and get the DVD.
So I hope you'll go there.
I hope you'll get it.
I hope you'll show it to people at parties.
Show it to them.
Educate people, because believe me, folks, I wish this wasn't true.
And I wish this wasn't the case.
But it is true, and it is the case, and we're all in a lot of trouble.
And before I take these calls, I'll also say I'll see you coming up here in Austin, listening to your NewsRadio 590, Kelby J. Lesner, one of our great affiliates we broadcast out of here in Austin, 5 to 7 o'clock at the Waterloo Records and the Ice House restaurants right next door, 5 to 7 p.m.
in downtown Austin at
My name is Conchita and I'm a military veteran and I'm calling about the Child Protective Services issue.
Thank you.
And I've become aware since reading your website that you're absolutely correct about the predatory criminals.
However, these same predatory criminals are also pedophiles.
Well, according to a major federal study in 2000, Time Magazine have the shame of foster care on the cover.
They're five times more likely to be, just like truancy officers or, unfortunately, school teachers.
That's where these people gravitate to.
I mean, where does a shark go to eat seals?
It goes to an island where there's seals.
Where did Hitler go to kill people?
I mean, this is what they do.
Exactly, and they also took my children and gave some bogus reasons because my children are honor roll students and at the same time when they take these children they beat them and my daughter was sexually mutilated by the government and they covered it up and this has been done to so many children and I also recognize that on your website you put that 150,000 children their DNA is in a database
And there's a striking similarity to what happened with those Chad children from Africa.
Ma'am, just send me an email with your info.
Maybe I'll interview you.
3,000 CPS children taken in Florida.
Remember it was a big story about five years ago?
The government doesn't know where they are.
My point is, is that who watches the watchers?
Who watches government?
The worst crimes are committed by government because there isn't real oversight.
Take Texas.
They found out all the big youth commissions were raping and torturing and killing and then they can't even shut it down or stop it.
Because they're the ones that watch it.
Or fire them.
Remember right outside Austin for Austinites, that big private prison where they were raping the women and videotaping it?
I mean, my point is, government... There's bad people who aren't in the government.
But when government does it, they can do it in an organized fashion.
By the way, CPS was set up over a hundred years ago in England by the eugenicists, the social Darwinists.
I'm not debating whether you believe in Darwinism or not.
It's separate.
And they said they were going to do all this.
It's in-game documents, this, folks.
You've got to see it.
That's just a small part of the two-hour, twenty-minute film, but
And I know there's some social workers who aren't bad, I understand that, but you...
Basically, you can swing a stick in the dark inside a CPS office and hit five or six, you know, pedophiles.
I mean, you want to find where they're nesting.
You want to find where they're at.
And then they set up these family courts that aren't under the Constitutional Bill of Rights that are illegitimate.
You say, well, how do they do that?
It's just like churches.
They're not allowed to have 501c3 and claim the government controls them as a charity.
They're churches.
They're separate.
No government regulation control.
They just do it.
They just announce it.
We didn't have an income tax until 1913.
It didn't become popular and most people didn't have to pay it until 1955.
But people think we built the capital and built the roads and built the country with it.
None of that money goes to it.
It goes to the private banks.
All right.
Oh, I forgot to go to Ryan.
Ryan, you got 30 seconds.
Sacramento, hit us.
Uh, yeah.
Um, I actually am supposed to be, thanks for taking my call, um, I'm supposed to be receiving a structured settlement.
My interest is all of the dollar.
I'm on disability and everything.
I'm on Social Security.
And you're wondering if it'll be ratioed for the loss in value?
Yeah, and I don't know what to do with, you know, I'm gonna get the payout and everything.
I don't know whether or not... I don't know what to do either!
God bless you all!
God bless you all!
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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