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Air Date: Nov. 8, 2007
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'm delighted to present my latest book, In Defense of Israel.
This book will expose the sins of the fathers and the vicious abuse of the Jewish people.
In Defense of Israel will shape Christian theology.
It scripturally proves that the Jewish people as a whole did not project Jesus as Messiah.
It will also prove that Jesus did not come to earth to be the Messiah.
It will prove that there was a Calvary conspiracy between Rome, the high priest, and Herod to execute Jesus as an insurrectionist too dangerous to live.
Since Jesus refused by word and deed to claim to be the Messiah, how can the Jews be blamed for rejecting what was never offered?
Read it in this shocking expose in defense of Israel.
This latest book by Pastor John Hagee is destined to generate lively discussions among Christians the world over.
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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
It is the eighth day of November 2007.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll be live here for the next three hours.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the father of economics, the head of the Treasury Department, and of course, Wall Street Journal former editor, syndicated columnist, bestselling author, will be joining us to talk about his article, The American Empire is Falling with the Dollar.
Sarkozy says dollar drop risks triggering world trade war.
Stocks plunge another 360 points on bad news on the dollar.
Experts say Fed is stealing half of seniors' paychecks.
Contends government manipulating data to keep cost of living index low.
Yeah, most old folks I know living on Social Security are having to actually secretly work extra jobs.
I'm talking about 75, 80-year-olds, or get money from family.
And it's only going to get worse, ladies and gentlemen.
California gas prices reach $5 a gallon as oil goes right up to $100 a barrel.
Ladies and gentlemen,
The complete collapse and slide has started.
It has started.
We are in red-level crisis.
A little prelude that you just heard, or a little taste of what's coming later at the start of the next hour, I twisted my uncle's arm, who's one of the most knowledgeable people I know about the Bible,
to just pop in a little bit in the second hour with us before we get into the whole drug war police state with Kevin Booth and then, of course, a gentleman who's been talking about the plunge of the dollar for years and the whole new order strategy, Steve Quayle, in the third hour today.
So, big broadcast lined up for you on this Thursday.
We just heard Pastor Hagee from Cornerstone Church saying that Jesus is not the Messiah, that he did not come,
to be the Messiah.
And again, even if you're an atheist or you're an agnostic, it's important when mainline, the third biggest evangelical preacher, hands down, in the U.S., extremely powerful, comes out and says this, and I ended up last night and this morning watching literally an hour or so of clips of him, Pastor Hagee is an abomination.
I had a nice lady who was from his church Monday night.
He's in San Antonio here in Austin to see Endgame.
And she asked what I thought of him.
And I said, well, you know, I remember seeing him on TV 10, 15 years ago, and I agree with quite a bit of what he says, but a lot of it I don't.
It's kind of like Glenn Beck.
He was talking about the ACLU, founded by communists, and reading their own quotes about how they wanted to put us in concentration camps.
And how oppression is good if it's done for the Soviet model.
I mean, I agree with Glenn Beck, and that's the truth, and the facts are the facts, but then he'll say, let's have World War III, and Alex Jones is evil and dangerous, and then he kind of calls for the same thing they're calling for.
But this Hagee is an absolute demon, and this is right out of the pit of hell.
I mean, if you're a Christian, this is the whole basis of Christianity, is that Jesus was the Messiah and was rejected and will come again.
Hagee is an antichrist.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we have a man who's been listed by many major financial publications as one of the top, most influential economists in the last 50 years, the father of Reaganomics, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
I know he's criticized the evangelicals in this country.
We're good to go.
Just wait until he apologizes for America.
He apologizes that Christians have been evil.
It is just totally insane.
Now listen to him say Jesus was not the Messiah.
Jesus did not come to be the Messiah.
We're going to be reading some actual Bible scriptures next hour.
Now this is a secular radio show.
It's a news program.
But when the third biggest preacher, and he's rated as that in the country, the biggest TV shows, money, 11,000 plus people at any one time filling his church, over 30,000 members of the church, this is a guy who won World War III, the rest of it.
Here is Pastor Hagee.
This is just one of the clips coming up today.
Listen carefully.
Jesus was an insurrectionist.
Jesus was not the Messiah.
Here it is.
I'm delighted to present my latest book, In Defense of Israel.
This book will expose the sins of the fathers and the vicious abuse of the Jewish people.
In Defense of Israel will shape Christian theology.
It scripturally proves that the Jewish people as a whole did not reject Jesus as Messiah.
It will also prove that Jesus did not come to earth to be the Messiah.
It will prove that there was a Calvary conspiracy between Rome, the high priest, and Herod to execute Jesus as an insurrectionist too dangerous to live.
Since Jesus refused by word and deed to claim to be the Messiah, how can the Jews be blamed for rejecting what was never offered?
Read it in the shocking expose in defense of Israel.
This latest book by Pastor... Now, now, obviously, folks, when he's in the temple, and the high priest are around him, and they say, are you the Messiah?
He says, yes.
They rip their cloaks off.
They seize him.
They beat the daylights out of him, and it starts.
Hundreds of passages.
Hundreds of verses.
And we're here to talk about the dollar.
And we've got other clips.
It gets even worse.
But, Dr. Roberts, what do you think of that clip?
Well, that sounds unbelievable to me.
I guess the guy's gone completely insane.
Maybe he's simply been, maybe he gets larger donations from the Zionists than he does from his congregation.
Well, I mean, it's becoming... Or maybe there's no difference.
What do you think of...
Pat Roberts endorsing Giuliani, and he actually said, I have the quotes, he said, the abortion and the gay issues aren't as important.
And regardless of where you are on this debate, it's staples of Christian, you know, conservatism, Christianity, to now endorse him and say that doesn't matter.
All that matters is fighting Islamofascism.
I mean, it says, I thought I'm living in the twilight zone, doctor.
Yeah, I agree.
I mean, what is Islamofascism?
It's a term coined by neoconservative Jews.
It's a propaganda term.
It has no meaning.
It's a stupid term.
There's no such thing as Islamofascism.
And as far as I'm concerned, the entire world of terror is a hoax.
There's the only terrorists are the ones we created with our invasions.
And the Pentagon said in the P-2-O-G plan that that was their exact plan to create insurrection and division and spread warfare to the region.
The dollar, sir, it is truly sad to see it implode.
As an expert on the dollar, as the head policy man at the Treasury there under Reagan and under that huge unprecedented boom, please give us your expert analysis on what we're facing.
Well, you're facing a very rapid loss in value of the dollar.
Coming so rapid, I think it's alarming.
Why is it happening?
It's because we've got unmanageable trade deficits, budget deficits.
The economy is set for recession, so that budget deficit will go up.
The wars show no end.
The generals have been saying for some time that we would be in Iraq for 10 years, and the other day the former American commander in Iraq said 50 years.
Well, there's no prospect of the Chinese or the Japanese financing an American war for a half a century.
So there's simply no way to pay for it.
There's no way to pay for the 737 foreign U.S.
Tremendous drain on the trade deficit.
Or I should say they balloon the trade deficit because the money that we pay over there is into the hands of foreigners.
It's like buying foreign goods, importing them.
So the situation is dire, I think, given the hubris and stupidity of Washington.
And I might add, of the economics profession, nothing will be done.
The crisis will just hit.
Dr. Roberts, I want to talk about when you think it's going to either continue to slide or how deep it'll slide, but I'm sure you know that yesterday the Chinese Central Bank and Mr. Ching announced that they are going to now accelerate the move out of their $1.43 trillion that they hold in federal securities, and obviously that's accelerated the slide.
I mean, at this point,
How bad is it going to get?
It can get awfully bad.
The trouble is, where can they go?
You see, they've driven up the Euro.
It's now $1.47.
Just the other day it was $1.43, it seems.
And it's causing tremendous problems for Europe because their goods are now priced so high.
You know, they're having to freeze wages, and the profit margins are hurt.
So, their exports are hurt.
So, when you try to escape from the enormous supply of dollars that have been created in the last 20 years, where can you go?
Well, into the euro, and now so it's wrecking Europe.
It's gone into Canada, but it's not a very big economy.
Currency, you know, it doesn't really have enough
Canadian dollars to absorb the flight from the dollar.
It's gone into the British pound and driven it way up, but it's also not large enough to absorb these dollars.
So where can they go?
If the Chinese were to abandon the peg, then the excess dollars would drive up the Chinese currency.
Is that the attempt?
Because the White House has been asking them to remove the peg, haven't they?
Yes, I've been asking them to do it.
If China removes the peg and all the surplus dollars drive up the value of the Chinese currency, then it's going to, given our dependence on China for manufactured goods and advanced technology products, it's going to drive the prices up here a tremendous amount.
When you go to Walmart, you'll think you're in Neiman Marcus.
And Americans don't have any discretionary income left.
Let me just stop you there, because we've hit the wall.
We're hitting the wall, a greater private debt than in the depths of the Depression.
And it seems like we have all these different conflicting tidal storms running into each other.
Fox News is saying, this is good, haha, we're getting Europe.
But if we don't have any industrial base to make goods with the dollar down, then we aren't even really selling more goods.
It's a tiny increase.
And so it's just wrecking everything.
I mean, it seems like that they can't be that stupid, doctor.
They have to know that they're doing everything they can by the book, dotting every I, crossing every T, to just wreck everything.
Or is it just insanity?
No, they're just stupid.
It's hubris.
You know, look, think about Hitler.
We may have talked about this before.
Hitler would still be there if he hadn't marched off into Russia.
There was no reason for him to march off into Russia.
He just thought he was the great guy and could do anything.
So that's what we have in Washington.
These stupid Bush people.
These neocons.
They believe America is exceptional.
And it's hegemony can be put over the whole world.
It's just a matter of will, they say.
They're not clued in to any reality.
In fact, they've said that themselves, don't you know?
They said that, you know, you can study the reality we create.
We're not reality bound.
So, it is an insane regime, and the people who support it, in my opinion, are insane, because they're supporting war crimes, they're supporting the demise of their country's power and influence, the demise of their currency and their living standards, and they think that's great!
They think that's patriotic!
So, you know, what did you do?
With people like that, they've no future.
They've got the wits to justify their existence.
No one has a crystal ball, but as you said, there's been a slide of two cents of value, and there's only a hundred cents and one dollar, just in the last week and a half, from 43 and out of 47, over... Look, let's put it this way, Alex.
Since 19...since 2001,
The dollar has lost more than 60% of its value against the euro.
More than 60%!
But now it's accelerating!
What's going to happen?
I don't know.
You know, at some point the euro gets driven up so high it endangers that economy.
So you can be endangered by too high a price as well as
Too low a price.
And so if the flight of the dollar drives the euro so high that people say, wow, we've wrecked the European economy.
They can't sell anything.
But that only hurts us!
No, but Alex, then they stop flying to the euro.
They say, hell, we can't go there anymore because it's got problems.
And so they may have to stop just because everywhere they flee, it causes
I think so.
We're good to go.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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No matter how hard...
We're back live with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
Dr. Roberts, again, thank you for the time today.
Just in closing, in the four or five minutes we've got left, we're talking here in the break about Brazilian supermodels.
As you said, the cliché of the dumb blonde knows not to take dollars.
I mean, the basics.
We've already seen a massive 60-plus percent reduction.
How low do you think it'll go?
What is this most likely to precipitate?
All right, Alex.
Those are good questions.
I think that there's a limit to how far the dollar can go simply because there's so many dollars
There's not enough room in other currencies to absorb them.
At some point, the flight of investors from the dollar to the euro will cause amazing troubles in Europe.
They won't be able to export anything because the prices are driven up so high in euros.
So investors will see, oh my God, Europe's in trouble now.
And so they'll no longer see the euro as a safe haven for the dollar.
The same thing will happen with the British pound.
They drive up the pound so much that it just stops Britain's ability to sell anything.
And people say, well, we've brought Britain into a crisis.
So that's not a safe haven.
The same thing with the Canadian dollar.
So there is a limit, I think, as to where the
To how long the flight for the dollar can go on.
Where is that floor?
I don't know, but it could be getting close just because if you look at already the dislocations, the 60% rise in the euro has caused for Europe.
You know, wages are being frozen, profit margins are shrinking, exports are down, so it's starting to impact on
I don't
Uh, the foreigners are going to stop financing our budget and trade deficits.
Then we're going to have a massive crisis, the likes of which we've not experienced.
The bubble will implode?
The whole thing, see, if you can't pay, if you're totally dependent on imports of manufactured goods and you can't pay for them, what do you do?
You implode.
If you can't balance your budget, what do you do?
You print money.
To pay your bills.
So hyperinflation.
So that pushes the dollar down more, you see.
And then it's what happens if you don't have a reserve currency.
If the euro can't sustain the roll, the Chinese don't accept it, the pound's too little, the Canadian dollar's too little, if the dollar is destroyed... Global financial armageddon.
You couldn't trade except with BARDA.
There wouldn't be any international trade, at least... Where's the reserve currency?
How do you pay?
Dr. Roberts, you're talking about global financial Armageddon.
Listen, look at the mess these fools have already produced in the Middle East.
They've got two wars they can't win.
Cakewalks, allegedly.
They've gone on now five, six years.
They have destabilized Pakistan.
Their puppet in Pakistan is having to resort
To all sorts of dictator methods to hold on to power.
Trouble is brewing in Egypt.
I mean, if people can make these kinds of miscalculations, if they say, oh, the war in Iraq will be over in six weeks, and it'll pay for itself out of oil revenues, that's an amazing miscalculation.
Anybody can make that miscalculation.
Any number of miscalculations, and that's all that Washington has done.
And now Bush is saying that Saddam killed Mandela, and saying that kids hijacked planes and killed 3,000 students.
I've been watching him.
Every time he's on TV, sir, he looks... I saw him on the street.
I would say that man is insane.
I think he is insane, yeah.
I mean, you know, he's talking about World War III.
I mean, look.
There's insanity everywhere, as you point out.
These Christian evangelicals who want to be raptured up to heaven.
The Christian Zionists who want to fight and die for Israel.
Where does this insanity come from?
It's not a plot.
It's some kind of just utter sweep of insanity.
Dr. Roberts, thank you so much for spending time with us.
God bless you.
God bless you, Alex.
Take care.
Alright, there's Dr. Roberts.
We'll be back with my thoughts.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's a fact.
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You just heard the father of Reganomics, Wall Street Journal editor.
Listed by scores of institutions,
And economic schools, as in the top 10 economists in the last 50 years, tell you that yes, worldwide financial depression, literal financial Armageddon.
That is what we are on the brink of.
That is what we may be entering.
Bottom line, worldwide catastrophe economically.
The question is, will it be, you heard him, total global financial implosion.
Now I disagree with Dr. Roberts, because I read a lot of their own documents.
And I'm, you know, you heard him two years ago, not sure the government carried out the attacks.
Now he is sure, you know, he's been brought along too.
He has a lot of knowledge.
We don't have, we have some knowledge.
We bring you all these experts and the calls and myself and we try to integrate it all in.
He doesn't have it.
But I am shaken.
I will tell you that.
And it's not even because I love the little bit of money I've got, it's because I realize the crises
Societally, this is going to cause, and I see the establishment getting in place for all this decades ago.
I think it's hard for Dr. Roberts, who was a true public servant, and back when we were not completely controlled by the globalists, he'll admit there's a global elite.
He just can't bring himself to believe now that they are actually doing this.
They are.
But regardless of whether it's by design or they're just totally insane, they're doing it.
It's happening.
Regardless, that's their policy.
So it really becomes an academic discussion from that point on.
The only question is, then, could we politically force the issue and educate the public in these intricacies?
And frankly, a public who can't find the U.S.
on a map, a public who can't find Persia on a map and they think it's in the Middle East,
I mean, these people, literally, you talk to them, they don't know their head from a hole in the ground.
I study this constantly.
I'm obsessed with it because it's so interesting.
And it's life and death.
And all I can say is, the New World Order is completely nuts.
They think they're running things.
They think there's a method to their madness.
But, you know, the eugenicists that run our entire society, they founded all the modern systems, and they do run it today.
Slash, transhumanist.
We're wrong over and over again in the past.
They just never stop.
They just continue and they control the central banks.
They control the issuance of money and credit.
We are literally like a ship piloted in frozen straits by complete psychopaths who are having convulsions at the wheel.
I mean, that's really the only way to describe it.
And let me tell you, you want to be entertained, folks.
Some Americans are bored.
In fact, I've seen a poll record.
People are bored.
How could you be bored?
I mean, we're certainly, there's nothing boring, folks.
I can hardly sleep now.
I mean, I'm somebody who'll sleep 12 hours if I'm allowed to.
And I love my sleep.
If I could.
And I can't hardly sleep 5 hours now.
I mean, I literally jump out of bed now.
I used to get out of bed like a zombie.
I used to be a morning person, now I am.
I mean, my physiology is changing because of this.
I am in total crisis mode, battle formation in the Info War, and at least the good news is a lot of people are starting to wake up, but I'm just gibbering.
I can't believe we're in the middle of this.
Do you know what this means?
Do you know what is upon us?
I'm going to break down the facts here in just a minute.
I'm going to get into these preachers.
They may start saying Anton LaVey is God or something, and suddenly Christians nationwide will start dressing in devil outfits.
I mean, it's reaching... things I never thought I'd see are now happening.
I mean, hey!
Again, if you're an atheist out there, you're going, I don't want to hear about religion.
The point is, we're analyzing it.
And I am a Christian.
But the point is to have the third biggest preacher in the country, who's rising in eminence, to supplant even Pat Robertson, to say Jesus isn't the Messiah.
I mean, this is, this is unspeakably wicked.
And I just can't hold my tongue anymore.
I'm just going to have to go after these people.
Complete, total, absolute frothing mania.
Okay, before I get into the financial analysis here,
A couple sponsors.
Number one, Freedom Law School.
Great folks.
Unbelievable events they put on.
I've been told by those that have gone to it.
The Lewis Chainz crew told me it's one of the best conferences next to the one we had in L.A.
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It's coming up.
The Freedom Law School 2007 Texas Justice, Peace, and Freedom Conference.
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Very nice.
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The 16th, 17th, and 18th.
Call and get your tickets now.
They've had many of these that have sold out.
Or livefreenow.org.
All right, let me now go ahead and get into one more program note.
I apologize to people.
The Alamo Drafts House asked me to have more showings because we'd had nine before in a row that had all sold out.
They said, why just do five or six?
Why don't you do some more?
So I said, OK, we'll do some more.
They said, you'll be able to have the biggest theater.
It seats 230 people.
And then they miscalculated and had some other premieres going and so last night they had a premiere with 30 people in it next to us in the big theater and only put us in the 80-person theater and turned away 50 people at the door that we saw and hundreds of people to try to buy tickets.
Well, we're in the 80-person theater again tonight and I think it's already sold out.
You might check on InfoWars.com.
They hold a few tickets back then at the door and you might be able to get in that way and then that's it.
And so it really is frustrating to have something that people want to come.
People came in from Dallas, Georgetown.
One lady, I was crying that she couldn't get in to see it.
We gave her an endgame.
I am sorry for those that came and were turned away.
But it really holds about 90.
They say it's an 80-person theater.
And I'll be there tonight for a speech and question and answer at the end.
They were almost sold out last night on online tickets for that.
Yeah, I don't know.
I might try to twist their arm and get us in the 120 theater, but I don't know.
It's just... Well, we have a premiere, so we can't do that, and you go in and there's 25, 30 people in it.
But 200 open seats.
And, oh, okay.
Well, that's good.
I'm not mad at them.
I'm just... I don't like crying women.
Uh, show... Look, if you want to see the film, get the DVD at InfoWars.com.
Go get it right now.
Get it and make copies so people know they're behind the cancer viruses, they're behind the eugenics, they're behind it all.
It's the world government.
It's the most important subject out there, frankly, and most people aren't aware of it.
Get In Game Blueprint for Global Enslavement at InfoWars.com or call 888-253-3139.
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By the way, there's going to be close to two hours of powerful extras that got cut from Endgame, posting the 28th.
Basically, Endgame 1.5 will be out the 28th.
Not on DVD, not available anywhere else, for presentplanet.tv members in super high quality.
I got two guys out there right now, culling through just 20, 30 hours of the condensed stuff.
We shot like 600 hours of stuff for this film.
They're going through the boil down at 30, 40 hours.
I don't know what it is.
I know it's 5 terabytes or something, you know, the thousand gig or whatever.
That's incredible.
Just, uh, prisonplanet.tv.
I'm sorry if I'm kind of flustered, folks.
To be here at the moment of truth.
I mean, you heard Dr. Roberts.
He's never talked like that.
Do you know what this is going to do?
Guaranteed, massive, deep recession.
We've been in recession for over a year.
They won't even admit that.
And it could easily bring us into, not just depression, but breakdown of society.
Did you hear one of the top ten living economists just tell you that?
Total financial meltdown globally.
And I'm going to tell you right now, that's what the New World Order is planning.
They said the Trilateral Commission documents that they would cause global financial crises in currencies by 2000.
They're seven years behind.
And they said they would then offer a globalization of currency to a global peg, where all the currencies are pegged to a certain amount to stop instability.
That's what they did in 1913, engineering crises.
That's all been declassified in public.
Didn't say, oh, we'll end all financial crises in the future and stabilize with this Federal Reserve System.
That's what they'll do.
And they took over in England that way.
They took over in Germany that way.
They always say they have these private central banks owning and running everything to stop crises.
They made the decision to loan money out to people with no jobs and no credit.
They made the decision to then cut off the credit.
They could have kept the balloon going.
They made the decision to pile on three months ago and have Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker and all these other Federal Reserve Board members and Treasury Secretaries and Treasurer of the Exchequer and the head of the
The Bank of England, the head of the Bank of Germany, the French Bank, the Swiss Banks, all come out and say the dollar's dead, and that it would keep trying, that it was so strong, just because it was the world reserve currency, they would literally just jump on it and stab it, and then a week later go, oh, look, it's going down, too bad!
It could go to zero!
I mean, they had the head of the IMF come out three weeks ago and say, it could go to zero!
I mean, they know exactly what that's going to do!
And then it's going to wreck all the other currencies!
As it's now doing, it's destroying investment.
It's destroying savings.
Let me explain what's happened.
Let's say you had a safety deposit box with $100,000 in it.
$100,000 in gold.
And they just walked in and took 67% of it.
Oh yeah, it's now to that.
And you're not mad.
You're not upset.
The yuppies don't care.
They're snickering and talking about the stupid stock market that's high because of inflation!
The stock market didn't go up!
The dollar went down.
Oil didn't go up.
It's trading for cheaper in England and Europe than it was a year ago.
The dollar went down, you numbskulls!
And I'm not talking about my general listeners.
I'm talking about the people that laugh at me and email me and make snickering jokes and post YouTube videos and the talk show host.
I mean, now I'm hearing the talk show host again this morning claiming the Islamofascists are driving down the dollar and claiming that Iran dumping the dollar did this.
If it's death by a thousand cuts, yeah, two or three of the little cuts are from Iran, but the deep
We're good to go.
They are bringing in the equivalent of World War III financially to lay waste to everything and they're going to reorganize it all.
And now as they plunge everything, I'll have to hear the yuppies talk about how they saved us.
With cashless society and tracking and control and work brigades and wars and everything else.
And I just, I don't even know if I can keep myself from not slapping you upside the head.
They drove down the dollar with their declarative statements.
They did it!
Now, coming up later, experts says feds stealing half of seniors' paychecks.
It's all coming up.
You're seeing the death of the country, folks, right now, with the open borders, all of it.
Ted Anderson.
I'm getting you on here for a few minutes.
I mean, I remember you 10 years ago telling everybody this.
I mean, if we'd have had this design plunge 10 years ago, it would have meant curtains.
Now we're so leveraged, so deep.
I mean, it makes the 70s crisis literally look like a heavenly pastoral scene.
Ted, gold is now over.
840 an ounce, breaking through that psychological barrier, about to break its all-time high of, what, 845?
Ted Anderson, are you there?
Yes, I'm right here with you, Alex.
I just, listening to what you have to say, you say it so eloquently.
You know what really scares me is to have a central bank that's not a U.S.
bank like the Federal Reserve Bank is, but something that's on foreign soil, and we have to answer to them to have our economic conditions good.
You realize what that does?
I mean, they can take over our country, and we, you know, China owns 20% of it, the others own the rest of it, and people say they could
Yeah, that's exactly what's going on, and when we have to answer to a Merrill and a bank that's not even located in our own country to have economics, you know, to have anything good for our society, we might as well just shred the Constitution and give up the fact that we're the United States of America, because we can vote for our puppets, but they have to answer to that.
They have 11% approval rating.
Bush has the lowest approval rating of any U.S.
president ever.
Lower than Nixon.
We are in just total crises and they've all circled the wagons, both parties together, on every issue against the people.
I mean, this is the conflagration.
They want to go into martial law.
They've engineered the whole thing.
Ted, tell them about the gold specials.
And people don't now, finally.
Okay, here's the deal, Alex.
I don't have time to even adjust for the $20 increase we just had in gold.
Right now, I still have the same thing that I offered on the 6th.
I have the British Sovereign Gold coin right now.
They're $227 per coin.
You can't beat that, especially with today's prices.
Let me stop you, Ted.
This is the price from a week ago, and the price from a week ago went up from the price of two weeks ago, and when these sell out, you just got delivery of them, then it's going to go way up.
This is your only chance, and don't worry, you'll be buying next week.
But I'm worried about not even, you know, the economy may just completely in the next few months go belly up.
Get the gold in your hands now.
I mean, Mainline News is talking about $2,200 of gold.
I don't care if it goes down.
At least it can't be completely debased.
But it's not going to go down.
Hey, a little silver dollars too, Alex.
$400 per roll.
Again, I mean, you're watching the dollar just melt.
I mean, in front of our eyes, the United States economy is unfolding.
I can't say it enough.
Get yourself out of the stock market.
Get out of those IRAs.
Get yourself into something real intangible.
And if you want to do something productive with your time, Congresswoman Ron Paul is about our only chance.
Okay, it's 1-800-686-2237.
Again, that's 1-800-686-2237.
Just ask for the $10 Olympic or the British Sovereign or the Rolls of Silver dollars.
You're helping Alex's show.
All I can say is you better move now because now is the time.
Again, quarter-ounce British Sovereigns with collector value on top near melt.
$2.27 a piece.
Ladies and gentlemen, that is a smoking deal.
Thanks a lot for having me up, Alex.
I just can't say enough at this particular time that the economy is there.
You can see it happening.
It's unfolding in front of us.
The economist that you had on just earlier just laid it out in black and white, and this guy would be more inclined to try to get people back into the bank.
I was just talking about a worldwide depression.
He said no.
He said barter.
Complete collapse.
Yeah, that's frightening when you think about that.
But, you know, this is what you need for BARDA.
This is the stuff.
This is the things that'll hold value.
Folks, you cannot overemphasize how grave it is.
You are insane if you don't move into metals right now.
They've got the silver.
They've got it at low prices right now.
They've got the gold.
Protect yourselves right now!
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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We're good to go.
Big John.
Big John.
Every morning at the mine you could see him arrive.
He stood six foot six and weighed 245.
Kind of broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip.
And everybody knew he didn't give no lift to Big John.
You know, about six months ago we played a clip of Dick Cheney video off C-SPAN.
I even ordered the original video from C-SPAN after we found the clip online of him saying, yeah, I was the head of the CFR, but I kept that secret from my members in my congressional district in Wyoming.
People emailed, they called, they said it was fake.
They said he fought the CFR.
Well, you go to the CFR's own website, it lists him as a director back in the mid-1990s.
That's CFR.org.
Well, we're getting emails saying the Hagee clip's fake.
It's Hagee on video.
We found multiple speeches.
It's his new best-selling book.
In defense of Israel!
And that fake voice he does.
See, now you're going to have to choose.
By the way, I guess Pat Robertson, when I announced that he was on CNN and played the clips seven years ago, that abortion in China was good and, quote, they're doing what they have to do, and then his clarification said, yeah, they got a lot of people they got to.
You called me and said I was of the devil and several Christian stations that carry us dumped us.
Because I reported him on CNN and played the clip!
Now you're for an abortion!
And now he has endorsed Rudolph Giuliani, the pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage.
Now, non-political.
No matter where you are on that issue, that's not a Christian evangelical position.
That's not a born-again position.
That's the opposite.
It's the opposite.
Here is Hagee.
Here he is.
I'm delighted to present my latest book, In Defense of Israel.
This book will expose the sins of the fathers and the vicious abuse of the Jewish people.
In Defense of Israel will shape Christian theology.
It scripturally proves that the Jewish people as a whole did not reject Jesus as Messiah.
It will also prove that Jesus did not come to earth to be the Messiah.
It will prove that there was a Calvary conspiracy between Rome, the high priest, and Herod to execute Jesus as an insurrectionist too dangerous to live.
Since Jesus refused by word and deed to claim to be the Messiah, how can the Jews be blamed for rejecting what was never offered?
Read it in this shocking expose in defense of Israel.
This latest book by Pastor John Hagee is destined to generate lively discussion.
Yeah, destined to generate lively discussion.
There's a denial.
Ted, shifting gears, I wanted to keep you in studio and then I... You're in the Genesis Studios up in Studio A, I guess, of Minnesota.
But just the denial that's going on about the dollar, about Hagee, about all of this.
I wanted to bring up this World Net Daily article, a point I've tried to make.
That's right.
Yeah, sure.
They use the Consumer Price Index, just like you said.
And the Consumer Price Index is adjusted every year when something moves radically.
They pull it out and they put something in there that works in their favor.
Right now, the housing cost is going down because, you know, housing sales are low because of the margins in there and all this debacle going on with the mortgage companies.
So then they move that item in and they take out something else like fuel and oil, that kind of thing.
That's going down.
That adjusts the Consumer Price Index.
It obviously is a farce, and exactly right.
The Social Security is getting robbed by this.
Bottom line, they can't debase the gold.
Take advantage of the silver dollars and the British Sovereign folks.
Thanks a lot Alex.
Thanks Ted.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Pat Robertson, who endorsed abortion and the one-child policy of China seven years ago, on CNN Live, has now endorsed pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, candidate, pro-gun control candidate, Rudolph Giuliani.
There are, of course, denials about that, but he's on video doing it.
Later, we have time, we'll play that.
We also have Pastor Hagee in his new book and in speeches he's given saying Jesus was not the Messiah.
And then it goes on to imply that he was just some type of insurrectionist talking about the Messiah, which is what is the official view of the rabbis who say blasphemous things.
Now, even if you're not a Christian, the Christian main tenet is that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and the Messiah, who was rejected, who will then return again.
And there's literally hundreds of passages in the Old and New Testament on this in Revelation.
Now, the main tenet of Antichrist is to come and say he is not the Son of God.
We are getting people freaking out right now.
They're trying to defend Hagee.
You know, we're of the devil.
Remember, when Pat Robertson said abortion was good in China, we were of the devil.
Look, I am not going to sit here and be for abortion.
I'm sorry.
No matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter what you push.
Now, I pushed his arm to come on because he literally reads the Bible hours a day.
He's a great American.
He's my mother's, of course, brother.
Highly decorated Vietnam vet helicopter pilot.
And when he moved back from Guatemala doing work down there in the 80s, they moved to San Antonio.
My aunt actually knows the Hagees.
When he left his wife, she came to their home and cried.
Yeah, we've got some information for you.
And he's doing this even though it's dangerous, because it has to be known.
But biblically first,
From the Word of God, and again, even if you're not a Christian, this is the Word of God to Christians, and Hagee is speaking as an Antichrist.
There's no debate.
And William Hammond, thank you for coming on with us.
Hello, Alex.
We're going to break here in three minutes, as you know, but you've got the floor.
Well, thank you so much.
Yes, that's the only first-hand knowledge I have of John Hagee is that his wife did come to our house in 1986 and sobbed on the couch in front of my wife that
He was leaving her for another woman in the church, and it sort of makes you wonder, since the Bible says that a bishop must be the husband of one wife, him not being true to his own wife, how can he be true to the Word of God?
And being the bride to Christ!
Yes, that's right.
Pastor Hagee, the plump pulpiteer, is actually in the pay of the Sabbatean Frankist Ashkenazi,
Now, people are going to have to look that up on the net because we don't have time to go into that.
These people rule Israel and the United States through the money power, but they are not Jews.
So, there's no attacking of Jews in this broadcast.
True Jews are Yehudites of the tribe of Judah, the sons of Jacob.
True Jews today, like all the other lost eleven tribes of Israel, exist.
But they can't prove their identity because the temple records were burned in 70 A.D.
So the rulers of Israel today are not biblical Israelites, they are impostors.
Hagee is working to lay the groundwork for the rise of the anti-Messiah, so naturally he must say that the true Messiah, who's already come and is soon to return, is not the Messiah, Alex.
How could it be any more plainer?
We've got Robertson endorsing abortion.
We've got Hagee saying Jesus is the Messiah.
I mean, it's so obvious!
Yes, it is obvious.
And there's nothing new under the sun.
History doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme.
Stalin, in attacking the Orthodox Church and Communist Russia, knew he could not
We're good.
...has infiltrated the seminaries and is producing preachers and teachers who are in the pay and in the purpose of the New World Order.
It's pretty simple.
William Hammond, stay there.
This guy knew about the New World Order back in the 80s, ladies and gentlemen.
One of the people that woke me up.
He is my uncle.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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We're good.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
That's right, we're here in occupied United States of America, North America, under New World Order financial, economic, spiritual, biochemical attack.
We are trying to rally the forces.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, top ten economist living
Father of economics, Wall Street Journal, former editor, telling you that we could have absolute global meltdown and literal collapse of financial systems to barter level.
Worse than I even thought.
He's never talked like that.
The dollar continuing its 67% plunge against the euro.
And we have Pat Robertson who came out seven years ago and said that China is doing what it has to do with its Planned Parenthood and abortion.
Then he defended it again on CNN and said, yeah, they've got too many people.
And folks got mad at me.
Look, do you love Pat Robertson more or do you love those children more?
I mean, just please.
And now Pat Robertson has endorsed the corrupt son of a crime boss
We're good to go.
Just the basics.
And my uncle's here, just constantly, a real Bible scholar, literally reads it hours a day at night, and knew all about the New World Order.
I remember being in this house in the mid-80s when I was a teenager, and I was telling him how I liked Rush Limbaugh.
Robin Limbaugh had come out, and he was saying, well, Limbaugh's really a phony conservative, and he knows more than most people you'll ever hear on air, folks.
He probably knows more than I do.
And, uh, you've never heard him on air, ladies and gentlemen.
I think he's called him three or four times in the last twelve years, just to mention little news items, is Bud from Texas, but he's William Hammond, and he's just the best guy I could think of to get on air about him, make him do a radio show.
But, uh, Uncle Bev, get into, uh, the, well, let's play this clip of Hagee one more time for those that didn't hear it.
You can go watch the video.
Okay, here it is.
I'm delighted to present my latest book, In Defense of Israel.
This book will expose the sins of the fathers and the vicious abuse of the Jewish people.
In Defense of Israel will shape Christian theology.
It scripturally proves that the Jewish people as a whole did not reject Jesus as Messiah.
It will also prove that Jesus did not come to earth to be the Messiah.
It will prove that there was a Calvary conspiracy between Rome, the high priest, and Herod to execute Jesus as an insurrectionist too dangerous to live.
Since Jesus refused by word and deed to claim to be the Messiah, how can the Jews be blamed for rejecting what was never offered?
That is unedited, that is the ad on their website, taken from their website.
And of course people are in denial.
And notice he mixes truth with lies.
Many of the Jews and others did follow Jesus and accept him.
And then right before they started beating him and took him into their hands, they said, are you the Messiah?
And he said, yes.
And then they ripped their clothes off.
The Pharisees did.
The high priest ripped open his cloak.
And there's so many other cases.
So to have, this is a direct assault at the very pillar of the Christian faith.
Yeah, my uncle, William Hammond, here with us on air.
You've got the floor.
Break it down.
Okay, Alex.
First of all, let's define our terms.
The word Messiah is the Hebrew word.
It stands for Savior, Son of God, Christ, Anointed One.
That's what we're talking about.
The Messiah.
Another thing to mention is that, right off the bat, John Hagee, according to the Bible, is not a Christian.
He's a Christianoid.
He has all the trappings of Christianity.
And if you compare what he says and does to the Word of God, it doesn't square.
Now, I think we could go through it like this.
He, Pastor Hagee, refuses to acknowledge that Christ Jesus is the Messiah.
Let's find out who did acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God.
Let's start out with Hagee's boss.
Let's start out with the devil.
Let's go to Matthew chapter 4, verse 5 and 6.
Then the devil takes Jesus up to the holy city and sets him on the pinnacle of the temple and says to him, if you are the son of God.
Right then and there, Satan was acknowledging Jesus as the son of God.
If it weren't so, he wouldn't have wasted his time with him and offering him all the kingdoms of the world.
So right then and there, the devil acknowledges Jesus as the Messiah, the son of God.
Well, let's move on.
What about someone else?
How about the demons?
The guys that work for Satan?
Let's see in Matthew 8, 29, what happened there.
Matthew 8, 28, and 29.
And when Jesus was come to the other side, into the country of the Gergesenes, there met him two possessed with devils, coming out of the tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way.
And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God?
So right there, even the demons acknowledge Jesus as Messiah, Son of God.
Let's move on to some more friendly folks, the disciples.
What did they say about Jesus?
And in Matthew 16, verse 13, Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea
And asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?
And they said, Well, some say that you're John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah, or one of the prophets.
Jesus said unto them, But whom say you that I am?
And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.
And then some more enemies acknowledged Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God.
What about the high priests?
In Matthew 26.
Let's go to Matthew 26, and it'll be verse 63.
This was at Jesus' trial before His crucifixion.
But Jesus held His peace, and the high priest answered and said unto Him, I adjure Thee by the living God that You tell us whether You be the Christ, the Son of God.
Jesus said unto them, You have said.
So Jesus knew that they were acknowledging Him right there and then.
We're good to go.
And Jesus said, I am.
So they acknowledged him right there as being the Messiah.
How stupid does Hagee think we are?
Well, the New World Order thinks they've dumbed us down to the point in the educational system, the government, the economy, and the churches that we're just about at the imbecile level.
And so that's how they treat us.
Because like you're always saying, 95% of the people won't take the effort to check it out.
Let's go to John.
Chapter 4, verses 25-26.
Now this is one of the few places in the New Testament that the actual word Messiah is used.
And this is the woman at the well that he spoke to, the Samaritan woman.
And the woman said unto him, I know that Messiah comes, which is called Christ.
When he is come, he will tell us all things.
Jesus said unto her, I that speak unto you am he.
So the Samaritan woman acknowledged him.
As the Son of God.
And finally, I've got one here, the blind man.
Remember when he healed the blind man in John chapter 9 verses 35?
And Jesus heard that they had cast him out.
And when he had found him, he said unto him, Do you believe on the Son of God?
The blind man answered and said, Who is he, Lord, that I might believe on him?
And Jesus said unto him,
You have both seen Him, and it is He that talks with you.
So, in conclusion, all these people, friends, enemies, strangers, those that loved Him, God Himself, all acknowledged Him as the Son of God.
So why can't the pimp, pulpit parrot, John Hagee, acknowledge Him as the Messiah?
That's the question.
Again, we're talking to our true Bible scholar, my uncle William Hammond, joining us from Texas.
But I'm remembering hundreds of other points.
What about with the baptism and whenever John the Baptist looks up and Jesus is there?
I mean, he falls down right there.
Alex, we could sit here all day, all night, and all next week bringing up scriptures that prove from every corner
That Jesus is the Messiah.
And doesn't it come up from over and over again that they keep saying that the devil and his servants will always attack and say, Christ is a prophet, Christ is this or that, but he's not the Son of God.
Yes, they're denying him.
And God in the Bible says, come out of her, my beloved.
That's referring to the Christianoid churches, which are 501c3 IRS controlled organizations.
They're really not churches.
They're infiltrated creatures of the government, and no one who really wants to follow the Messiah, follow the Savior, can, in good conscience, remain in those organizations.
Now that's a hard saying, but we're down to the wire, and it's the truth.
What about Pat Robertson saying that China's abortion is good, and endorsing Giuliani?
Apparently Pat Robertson was a tool and a creature of the New World Order from the get-go,
And he wormed himself up into the world of evangelical broadcasting and TV, and is only now manifesting himself as what he truly is, because out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks.
So they can hide it for years, but sooner or later, they're going to reveal who their masters are, and they're going to speak it to the world.
This is a very dark time.
I see everything moving financially, spiritually, physically.
Do you feel in your spirit that we are entering a vortex?
Yes, we're definitely.
And not just the last days, but the last hours.
Satan is pulling out all the stops.
He knows his time is short.
We say that people are insane and that they're unbalanced, but really, they're simply servants of a wicked, self-anointed God called Lucifer and Satan, and they seem to do things that are irrational.
But if you look in the Bible and see what Satan's purpose is to kill, steal, destroy, and dethrone the soon-coming Messiah, then it all makes sense what's going on in all these different realms of economics, military, and so forth.
The world leaders are setting the table for a bloody orgy.
Wolves feeding on the blood of the innocent.
And in the midst of it, demons like Hagin have the nerve to come out and vomit out all this.
And millions will follow.
Millions will now say that Jesus is not the Messiah.
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Your own personal Jesus.
I guess that's Pastor Hagy now.
And don't attack me that I'm attacking Pat Robertson and the rest of them.
I mean, call yourself something else.
Call yourselves Christianoids, is my uncle coined.
Okay, uh, William Hammond, my uncle.
Study the Bible hours daily.
Look, more on the fact... I called you this morning and said, you know, I could get all these other preachers on, but I know you know more than all of them put together, and he literally does.
I said, why don't you come on and go over all the scriptures where they say he's the Messiah, the Christ, the Son of God, all that.
And then you went, oh, by the way, you told me that.
And he said, okay.
I remember hearing that before, years ago, when you said how wicked he was in private over coffee.
But again, he had that little church out on the loop.
Recap that and add any other facets of his first wife sobbing and crying on the couch at your house with Aunt Lil because that's key just to show who this man is.
In 1986 my wife was associated with the first Mrs. Hagee and some kindergarten efforts something like that and she came to our house and sobbed on our couch before my wife that her husband John Hagee was leaving her for another woman in the church and my comment on it was
That, as the Bible says, a bishop or a leader must be the husband of one wife.
So if a man is not true to his wife, how can he be true to the Word of God?
And clearly we see this coming out right now, that he is not.
And in the 80s, he had a dinky little chintzy church on Loop 410 in Northwest San Antonio.
And not too much later, he was the leader of a gigantic complex with huge buildings.
And you've seen it on TV.
And you wonder, how did he get there?
Did he sell out for money to take up this trumpet against the truth?
And talking about, we must war for Israel?
Or what?
I can't prove anything, but it is odd.
He also says you can't ever criticize Israel, you can't ever say anything bad about Israel, that Israel is supreme.
But Christ was speaking out against the leadership, and the Pharisees and Sadducees, and everything he did, and the prophets were all killed for speaking out and telling Israel to repent.
I mean, how do they create this?
I can't say, because I wasn't there, but we know it's happening, and we know it's part and parcel of a giant plan to use
The Church as a sedative.
Lenin said religion is the opiate of the people.
Well, a relationship with Jesus Christ, personally, according to the Word of God, is not religion.
That's a relationship.
But all of this false religion, which we see around us being utilized by the New World Order, isn't OK.
Well, Revelation, he says, there's Christ with wounds in his hand coming back.
I mean, they're even identifying it right there, that he ignores that.
And on top of that, I mean, this is a direct, again, assault right at the bedrock.
That's right.
Let me conclude with one scripture, one more scripture here.
And it's Matthew chapter 17, verse 5.
And this is the Mount of Transfiguration when Jesus and the three disciples were up on the mountain and he was transfigured and became a glittering figure.
Verse 5 of 17 of Matthew.
While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them.
And behold, a voice out of the cloud which said,
This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.
Hear ye him.
So that's God himself acknowledging Jesus as the Messiah, as his own son.
And we would do well to do the same, to pull out of these Christianoid organizations and dedicate ourselves to the Word of God, because that's where the truth is, and that is what is going to bring us through the times ahead.
We've got to do a part two, maybe even tomorrow or Monday or something, on this, because
All of Revelation says the Antichrist will come and say he's Jesus, and then now that's what Hagee's saying.
He's saying Jesus was the Messiah, the Messiah's coming, and when he comes, that is Jesus' coming, or that is the Messiah.
He's agreeing with what the Orthodox Jews are saying.
Yeah, like I said, it's a vast subject, and to deal with it in the moment is inadequate.
So we all need to return to the Word, the listeners, myself, you, and dig in, and let's get the truth so we won't be deceived by these Christianoid deceivers.
You know, this is a further fulfillment of prophecy, though, because it says they would do this.
History is on rails.
God wrote the book.
And it's going to come down just like he said.
So we need to get on the right train and stay on the rails and follow the truth.
Do you think they've over calculated or how much of his tens of thousands of members and supporters, millions of supporters, do you think they'll be falling away from him or do you think they'll just love it?
I think in the main they will love it because since they're not true believers and followers of the true word, they're going to be deceived by the strong delusion of religion.
They've been given strong delusion.
Well, my uncle, William Hammond, I salute you for your great research.
God bless you.
Bless you.
All right, stay there.
I want to talk to you during the break.
All right, Kevin Booth on his four-year drug war film.
It's amazing.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You can also subscribe to the free podcast.
I met Kevin Booth on AXS TV in the mid-1990s, and he, of course, was the first producer for Bill Hicks, legendary comedian, who spoke out against the Iraq War, the New World Order, you name it.
Kevin was there driving, you know, skipping school and stuff down in Houston and driving Bill Hicks around to different gigs and events.
And, of course, I was at Simon & Schuster, found a best-selling book a couple years ago about Bill Hicks and Kevin Booth.
But that aside, Kevin's a filmmaker in his own right.
Not just making Ninja Bachelor Party a comedy classic, he has spent over four years, and he did this because of his brother who was a substance abuser, and watching all that happen.
Kevin's a great guy.
He's the type of guy who goes down and feeds the homeless on Christmas.
He's just a really good guy.
He'd never tell you about that, but he's just a real sweetheart, and so is his wife, Trey.
Good friends of mine.
I didn't like it when they moved to L.A., but they're out there with the fires and the mudslides.
I'm joking.
He's going to have a free showing.
At a big venue.
He's giving away 200 tickets.
Other people are paying, by the way.
200 free tickets to our listeners.
Because it holds like a thousand or something.
For this big event, the premiere.
And he already released it once.
This is expanded.
It's scheduled, as they say, to be on Showtime.
Coming up next year.
Of American Drug War.
And he spent four years making it, ladies and gentlemen, four years.
I mean, he went and showed, you know, back alley homeless people injecting heroin and LAPD, you know, tasering people on PCP.
I mean, it's incredible stuff.
I mean, just, it is amazing showing
How this whole thing is a war against the American people.
The more they up the war, the more drugs on the street.
By making it illegal, it jacks up the prices.
He interviewed governors.
It just goes on and on.
And he's got a showing coming up tomorrow night there in LA.
But to tell us about the film and how you can get 200 free tickets, folks, this is for our audience.
You can go to AmericanDrugWar.com, by the way.
We've got a link up on InfoWars.com.
And get those tickets.
Kevin, good to have you on with us.
How's it going there, Alex?
Yeah, if you want the free tickets, email me at Kevin at SacredCow.com.
If you send a direct email to that link and just put in the subject, free tickets with your name and email address and phone number if you want to give it, and I'll make sure that you have free tickets waiting at the gate.
It's at the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, built in the 1920s.
It's a huge, beautiful venue.
That's where they premiere all the big movies.
This is the big red carpet, yeah.
Yeah, it's right across the street from the Chinese Theater, just almost a catty corner from it.
They premiered, I believe, the Ten Commandments there in 1920.
It's a very huge, beautiful gold ceiling.
And they can also go to americandrugwar.com.
That's an easy place to remember and link over to that email.
And again, for all of our Southern California listeners, americandrugwar.com.
Links up on infowars.com.
Kevin, get into the film.
Well, um, you know, it's been a long journey.
You mentioned my brother.
Really, to start off with, my best friend Bill died of cancer at age 32, and a lot of people have had, you know, conspiracy theories about whether the government played a role in it, because, you know, Bill and I, you know, Bill exposed what went on in Waco.
He was talking about the New World Order.
He was there live while it was happening?
Yep, yep.
You guys snuck around.
Tell people that story.
Well, it was the seventh day of the speech, and Bill and I were able to sneak past all the DPS checkpoints, and we went through all these country roads, and we were able to get into where the press corps was, and we sat there and we filmed a little, you know, we made a small film that was put on the internet.
And, you know, it was just, it was, back then, we didn't know how it was going to end.
Okay, you know, of course, back then, it was like, boy, this David Koresh, what a nut, and all that.
But you never had any idea how it was going to end, and when it ended it was just so obvious what had happened.
And when that footage came out on AXS TV that showed the tank shooting the flames into the compound, that really changed Bill's agenda.
Bill went from being a comedian almost to just a social commentator at that point.
He actually used to show that footage at some of his shows.
And then he died very soon thereafter.
Yeah, he even tried to talk about it on NBC on Letterman and it got censored.
And that was a big controversy, and Letterman later apologized after he died.
So that's how the saga begins to continue.
Right, well, okay, so Bill died from cigarettes and alcohol, my mom died from alcohol, my dad died from alcohol and cigarettes, and my brother died from taking legal prescription drugs, actually to control his schizophrenia that caused him to have a seizure.
So, you know, I look at this as, I've been through four personal deaths from personal, from what I call the illegal drugs of alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and these companies are allowed to kill, you know, a million people a year easily, while all the illegal drugs combined, although they're bad, no one's saying they're good, only kill 11,000 people a year, marijuana almost zero, it's hard to find any facts really about that, and yet we've got over a million
Non-violent drug offenders living behind bars right now.
Over 1 million non-violent drug offenders.
And we have government documents where they admit it's because they're good workers.
Displacing people out in the workforce against 20 cents an hour.
Slavery never ended.
It just changed.
You know?
It just changed.
Now, you've had several versions of the film.
This is reportedly the last one, but you went to... I mean, you went to... No, I'm not knocking it.
That's how I do films.
No, no, no.
It's fine.
You went to Tulia, Texas.
I mean, what is in this final version people are going to see next year on Showtime?
What is in this... I mean, does it have Tulia and setting up the black people?
Oh, yeah.
I mean, you know, basically, I don't really feel like I'm telling any story for the first time.
I'm not the first person to tell the Tulia story, where they came in and they rounded up 10% of the entire black population.
Threw him in prison on fraudulent drug charges, all based on the testimony of one known racist cop.
I'm not the first person to tell that story.
I'm not the first person to document Tommy Chong going to prison for... Because you're the only one to get in and get the prison video interview.
Yeah, I got that.
I'm not the first person to tell the Ricky Ross story.
Of course, Gary Webb, who told the Ricky Ross story, he accidentally shot himself twice in the head somehow.
And he told the Ricky Ross story, and so I'm not the first person to tell any of these stories.
But I'm trying to put them all together and connect the dots and say, look, these are all drug war stories.
This is all part of one agenda that all falls under the drug war.
People right now are very focused on the war on terror, and they're finally waking up to the fact that the oil complex and the oil cartels are fueling this war on terror, but the pharmaceutical complex has been long fueling this war on drugs.
Well, look, we got the numbers.
In 1990,
They have now since then more than tripled the funding for the drug war and the numbers have actually risen.
I keep saying triple the heroin, double the cocaine.
It's even higher than that.
We've gone from less than 1 million behind bars to 4 million behind bars, 7 million plus in the system.
So the more drugs they, and of course the government's been caught over and over again shipping drugs in.
I know you've got Seneca Stillo, the head federal investigator down in Latin America with the Drug Enforcement Agency watching them load the cocaine on the planes.
I mean, run the gamut of the film.
There's so much, Kevin.
Yeah, I mean, the film kind of follows a personal narrative of me growing up in the 70s and Nixon starting the drug war and it not having any effect on me all the way to... It starts really there with Nixon announcing the drug war in 71, and the film basically ends now with the sixth anniversary of 9-11, where it was announced that Blackwater would be getting $15 billion to help with the drug war.
Everything in between.
We go deep into Iran-Contra and Oliver North, you know, the entire Ricky Ross story, and Ricky is in the film.
There's been many documentaries made about Ricky, but I believe this is the first one that Ricky's actually in.
Now, Freeway Ricky Ross is accused by many people for starting the crack epidemic of the late 80s, and the crack had spread all across America, and basically he was making millions of dollars a day
And this was from selling cocaine that was found out to be coming from the CIA, and the money was going back to finance Reagan's Contra War.
And even the CIA Solicitor General admitted that, so for people out there listening, that's now an admitted... The head of the DEA admitted it, Bob Bonner, who's a personal friend of Judge Gray, who's in the film, and by the way, Judge Gray, Superior Court Judge,
We'll be speaking at my event Friday night.
Very special guest.
Again, AmericanDrugWar.com.
Find the email link right there to go over and get a free ticket.
Only 200 being offered, folks.
It's a huge theater.
But for our listeners, he's offering you 200 free tickets.
I appreciate it.
And this is part of the Artivist Film Festival.
It's the big yearly film festival.
It's always the activists.
It's the top activist films of the year.
Last year, they premiered Fast Food Nation.
The year before that, they premiered Supersize Me.
And there's a lot of other good films there this year.
And, you know, everybody can go to Artivist.org or just Google Artivist.
Kind of a weird spelling.
Go to that website and you can see this whole entire film festival that I'm a part of.
And there's going to be a lot of coverage there on the awards ceremony.
We're going to have Ted Danson and Alyssa Milano.
Wow, Kevin, I want to be clear here.
When I said it's taken you four plus years, that's not a criticism.
It took you years to get into Ross.
It took you almost a year to get in to see Tommy Chung.
I mean, it's taken a long time because you have literally been on a quest and it's a saga.
Yeah, I enjoy working on it.
I mean, Trey keeps telling me to stop it already, my wife Trey, you know.
And I'm going to sit there and just keep adding things until they pull the master out of my hand and play it on Showtime.
When it plays on Showtime, that's it.
That's going to be the film.
I can't change it anymore once it's broadcast, right?
Well, congratulations, congratulations.
I know there's a couple different cuts.
What to leave in, what to leave out.
How long is the film right now?
Two hours.
Is the part on there with the drug czar at the time being questioned about narcotics trafficking by his chief officer in Latin America, did that stay in?
No, I'm saving that for another one.
But I do have McCaffrey in there.
You know, I visited McCaffrey on my own.
I mean, I filmed like a whole thing of Alex to start with this thing, and that's going to be a second spinoff of this film because
The footage I filmed with you is almost like a narrative piece, and I'm going to do several spin-offs, and one of them is going to be the hardcore New World Order conspiracy theories, and I want you to be the host of that one for sure.
But one of the things I wanted to do on this show is I know there's got to be some really hardcore Alex Jones fans here in Southern California.
I used to work with Alex.
I'm from Austin.
I've been out here in L.A.
now for two years.
I would love to meet you guys.
So you guys want to get into this thing for free?
Uh, you know, contact me, Kevin, at SacredCow.com, or go to this Artivist website, and, you know, let me meet all the Alex Jones fans here in L.A.
Let's all unite.
There's going to be a lot of Ron Paul followers there.
And also, I'm going to be in Austin on December 20th.
I'm looking at Antones right now and hopefully Alex will be there too.
I'll definitely come to that, my friend, because I kind of, by the middle of December, I go into retrograde.
I'm kind of relaxed, but I do want to see you.
I miss you, man.
I haven't been to LA three or four times last year, and I've just been all business driving to this meeting, driving to that meeting, and enjoying all the traffic and smog.
And also, just real quick, the film will also be playing in Vermont somewhere, at the Marthouse, and it's also playing in Seattle tonight, so we're in three cities right now.
Can you dig up during the next break exactly where?
We'll plug that?
You know what?
I'm going to have to post it on my website.
Okay, americandrugwar.com.
Kevin, let's talk more about what's in the film.
I mean, there's so much!
Oh my gosh!
Uh, you know, I mean, pick a topic.
You know, we go into what's going with Afghanistan post 9-11.
In five minutes, run the gamut, start to finish.
I mean, just hitting some of the high points.
Well, um...
For one thing, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a big part of it.
I mean, you got footage of him, and he looks like a complete psychopath.
I mean, he looks mentally ill.
Talk about that.
I guess one of my tricks as a filmmaker I try to do is I try to disarm people with humor a little bit.
I think by laughing at all of his jokes, I kind of got him to act a little sillier in front of the camera.
I got him to admit some pretty funny things, and so that's in the film.
I was able to sneak into a luncheon that former drug czar Barry McCaffrey was having in Austin, and that was pretty fun.
But getting in to see Tommy Chong, it's a long string.
You kind of have to see how it's strung together, but the film does have a timeline.
Um, you know, and we take you through, you know, Ricky Roskett, the resentencing hearing in the film.
We take you to Amsterdam.
There's a moment in the film where Sheriff Joe Arpaio is talking about Amsterdam, and the reason we're talking about Amsterdam is because they've not so much legalized drugs there, but they've decriminalized drugs there.
And drug use actually plummeted.
Absolutely, and they've also succeeded in making pot boring.
You know, it's not glamorized like it is here.
It's not like the cool thing to do.
You see, I tried drugs a few times when I was in high school, and I thought, you know, oh, this, you know, feeling all freaked out, and then feeling like crud the next day, this is horrible, I don't like it, and I didn't fall into the thing of, oh, it's counterculture, it's cool, so thank God I never got into drugs, but I, and that's why I feel so sorry for people who think, just because I'm attacking the drug war, and you do the same thing, doesn't mean that we think the whole drug culture is cool.
No, no, that's what we hate.
Kevin, do you agree?
Yeah, I totally agree, and here in, um, in, uh,
In Hollywood, one of the really big things that's going on with the drug war right now is the deal over medical marijuana.
We have all these medical marijuana dispensaries here, and everybody locally wants it.
Even the LAPD want it.
And yet, at the same time, we have the DEA coming in and just basically performing random busts.
So here we've got a perfect example of the state law.
You know, we have these state laws where everybody's agreed they want it.
I mean, it's polled like 80%.
of everybody wants medical marijuana to be legal.
Isn't there like 25 states where the feds say no?
There's only like 11 officially right now, but the, yeah, but the feds, and it's just this weird thing, so it's like this random thing.
There's 400 marijuana dispensaries around my home here.
Well, here's an example.
I know old folks right here in Austin who have glaucoma, and none of the drugs work, so they got, you know, they were given marijuana pills.
Yeah, Maranol.
And it works.
I mean, these are 80-year-old women and stuff.
They're not wanting to get high.
This is a miracle drug, and that's why George Washington grew it and smoked it.
Well, I mean, perhaps, you know, when God left certain plants growing upon this earth, maybe it was for a reason.
Now, I'm not saying that, you know, people should be able to take poppy plants and make heroin out of it.
I'm not saying people should be able to take coca leaves and make cocaine out of it.
I mean, that's different.
That's chemistry.
But when you talk about naturally occurring drugs, herbs, things that come out of the ground, and then you've got some guy with a badge and a gun telling you that it's wrong...
It's just, I have a hard time buying it.
That's something that grows out of the earth, is evil.
Well look, they know it's something people want to use, so by making it illegal, they get to create a war.
The British wrote textbooks on how to make certain tees, or certain cloths, or certain things restricted for license, to do something that would be illegal, so they could go around and legally pirate off the merchant ships.
And say, oh, you didn't follow all these regulations right.
That's all this is.
And I hope in the next film you make, and part two, because this is documented.
It's not a conspiracy theory.
In the 20s, new companies were bringing in opium, coca, dozens of other plants, and so the big cartels that had a monopoly went and got it criminalized so they could cut off their competition, then they could bring it in black market and make a thousand times what they would have.
It's the same thing over and over again.
I don't know if you've seen that new movie, Idiocracy, that's supposed to show what it's going to be in America 500 years from now.
It's pretty classic, but in the movie they've outlawed water.
Well, it's got the electrolytes plants crave!
Hold on money!
That could basically help solve fuel needs.
And they outlawed 15 other varieties that have no THC, but are better than cotton, better than everything.
Yeah, and meanwhile, they're forcing people to take pharmaceuticals, practically.
Which are even more deadly than heroin and cocaine.
The molecules are absolute toxic waste.
We'll be right back with Kevin Booth, AmericanDrugWar.com.
You can see the new film tomorrow night at LA Free.
It is a big idea.
A New World Order!
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
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Bill of Rights is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
There certainly is.
I'm going to keep telling five minutes in the next hour that Steve Quayle talked about the plunge of the dollar, the Iran war they're still trying to push, and a lot more.
Tons of vital news coming up in the next hour.
I'm also going to hear Pat Robertson endorsing pro-abortion Giuliani, and Hagee saying Jesus is the Messiah.
I mean, this is getting crazy.
We're living in total fruitcake land here.
Uh, before I go any further...
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I think it's sold out.
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This is the last showing.
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The big eugenics program.
How they're exterminating us.
How they're running their ops under the guise of cancer research and the rest of it.
Endgame blueprint for global enslavement.
Yeah, Blackwater.
Tens of billions of dollars to run the border and fight drugs.
Yeah, right, fight drugs.
That is control who ships them in.
I've talked to some people in the military who were there, you know, let this shipment through, don't let that shipment through.
The government running the Los Zetas, the U.S.
government running the Los Zetas, Mexican troops that are running hits for them.
The U.S.
government is waging war on cartels that don't pay their cut.
That's the only war on drugs, Kevin.
Yeah, no, exactly.
I mean, what's going on?
I mean, that's something we, you know, didn't really even have time in this film to go into what's going on in the Mexican borders.
That in itself was an entire film.
That's, you know, when I started one phase of doing this film was I actually got offered by some people to turn this into an 11 part series because the drug war is so huge and confusing that it's just, it's just, I mean, it's just unbelievable.
But going back to Iran, we were talking a little bit, one of the points that the film also makes, um,
Is talking about, you know, it's important to go back and to study the Iran-Contra incident.
It's very important to go back and study that right now, because that was, you know, a preeminent blueprint for what's going on right now, and we have all these convicted guys back in the White House.
You know, Negroponte and Gates and, you know, all these, this whole same cast of, you know, this whole crew of people.
from that administration are back in the White House while Ricky Ross, the only single black perpetrator of this thing, is sitting in prison.
And so many CIA people and others, so many times DEA's caught plane loads of drugs with U.S.
government agents flying in.
I mean, everybody knows.
It is public knowledge the government deals the drugs and ships in and controls them.
Back in the 80's, Tony Montana knew that.
They're the ones, the banks, they've been doing it a thousand years!
Look at him!
Fly, Pelican!
Oh, Pelican!
Fly, Pelican!
Oh, little Pelican!
How many times have we watched Scarface together, Kevin?
Uh, about ten.
Stay there, man!
We'll be right back!
There's only one thing in this world that gives orders.
That's right.
Fly, Pelican!
Look at the Pelican!
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we're now already into hour number three.
Steve Quayle has been on the list for a couple of years.
Very interesting mind on the political front and what's happening with the dollar.
Joining us, Kevin Booth, my good friend of many years since the, I guess, the 93, 94 or so, is joining us and he's going to have a free show and everybody else is paying big bucks to go to it at one of the biggest premier theaters there on the Hollywood Strip.
But 200 of my listeners is doing this here.
You go to AmericanDrugWar.com, you email Kevin, and he will get your name, and you will have tickets waiting for you there at this event.
Kevin, real fast again, fire out exactly what they're going to be able to see at this event.
Right around 9 o'clock, I'll get up and do a brief intro.
We'll roll the entire film.
It'll be about exactly 2 hours long.
At the end of the film, I'll get up and speak for a few minutes.
I'm going to introduce our featured guest speaker.
He'll speak for about 10 minutes.
This is the Honorable
Superior Court Judge James Gray is an incredible guy.
He wants to end the drug war.
This is a man that sits in judgment of drug offenders all day in a major court, and he is really fighting to end the drug war.
He's an incredible person.
He's a member of LEAP.
He's one of the guys of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.
We're going to also be in the
But let me get sidetracked here to finish this.
Also, speaking that night will be T. Rogers, one of the co-founders of the Blood Street Gang, and there'll be some former drug smugglers, doctors, it'll be quite a wide variety.
There's actually several people that are in the film that have passed away.
We're going to have people that represent some of the deceased that are in the film, family members there to represent them.
And we're going to dedicate the evening to Claudia Jensen, a medical marijuana doctor who fought on Capitol Hill to try to legalize medical marijuana.
She just passed away from breast cancer.
And that's about it.
I think it's going to be pretty interesting.
We're going to have a Superior Court judge sitting next to the co-founder of the Blood Street Gang on a panel.
So that conversation will go until about midnight there, and then we'll move the entire audience out into an area with hopefully bar service and catering.
And it'll be like a little after party in this
Open air thing at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard there.
It's a gorgeous location.
And I believe we did win Best International Human Rights Film of the Year for this thing.
They already told me that.
They've already told you you won, but you can't say it because you're this good.
Good job, Kevin!
Hey, I salute your, what, four and a half, five year saga now?
Yeah, and this is our fourth film festival win, too.
So it's been fun, you know, doing the film festival circuit.
It's a lot of fun.
You have done well, my apprentice.
I want to tell everybody, too, the drugpolicy.org, a big anti-drug war group, is having a yearly convention this year in New Orleans.
In the French Quarter, and we'll be screening Drug War there on the Thursday night of the big drug policy conference in New Orleans.
Alright, AmericanDrugWar.com, right?
Yep, or you can just email me direct at Kevin at SacredCow.com.
And I just now got the 200 free tickets that I announced literally five minutes before I went on the air here, so I don't even know if it's posted on the front of American Drug War.
I'll get my guy around there.
Get it posted, folks.
You can frost to get it, and the first 200 get it, and that is it.
I've already had quite a bunch of emails pour in just in the last couple minutes, so if you want tickets, you better get them.
Well, we got about two million people listening, Bubba.
Well, Kevin, good to have you on board with us, and I can't wait to see you when you're here in Austin, my friend.
Me too, and I want to meet the Alex Jones fans here in Southern California.
Come on, you guys, come in and introduce yourselves to me.
Don't worry, you'll be meeting them tomorrow.
Hey, Kev, take care.
You too.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back with more serious news.
The drug war is very important to fight and expose.
The economy, the plunging dollar, war, the new world order, but he's also somebody for over 15 years has been talking about eugenics and the extermination plan.
That's why Steve Quayle is scheduled to join us right after this quick break.
I'm Alex Jones.
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In the near future, Earth is dominated.
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For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
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To much of our audience,
He needs no introduction, but for some of you out there, Steve Quayle's been on the air, I don't know, 15 plus years, longer than that.
And he's been talking about genetic engineering and the elite thing, and they're going to split species and bio-weapons and race-specific systems.
Writing books on it 10 years ago, longer.
And I did my own research and looked into all of it and made in-game blueprints for global enslavement.
But I sent him up to the show to talk about that.
He has his own syndicated show that you can hear weeknights, what, 6 to 8?
Mondays through Friday Central.
And I've been a guest on his show the last few weeks.
But I also want to talk about the plunging dollar with him.
He's been talking about that for years, saying all the things were in position for that to happen.
We didn't know when they would execute it.
It's now taking place.
But also, I know he's a Christian.
And I've been no enemy of Pastor Hagee.
I've agreed with a lot of them.
Good preacher on TV on most issues.
Or Pat Robertson.
But Pat Robertson is saying China has to do what it does with abortion now.
On CNN, that that's okay in China.
Endorsing Giuliani, who's pro-abortion and gay marriage.
And even if you're not a Christian or conservative and are for gay marriage, the point is, isn't that weird to have Giuliani doing that?
I mean, to have him... And we have those clips.
And now Pastor Hagee coming out and saying that Jesus wasn't the Messiah.
I don't even know if Steve's aware.
This has broken the last few days and is really big news.
Steve, I'm shaken by this.
I mean, this is the third biggest church in the country and Robertson endorsing Giuliani at the same time.
Things are very, very strange.
Well, Alex, I think this is the great falling away, the great seduction, the great deception that Jesus spoke of.
And I gotta tell you something, for Pat Robertson to endorse Giuliani, especially with Giuliani's pro-abortion stance, if it weren't even enough that Giuliani, remember when he got hit with a lightning bolt or the place he was speaking got hit with a lightning bolt as he was defending abortion?
He got hit twice!
Yeah, and he made the statement, if you remember, he said, I'm a Catholic and we take these things seriously.
Well, my suggestion is that Pat Robertson begin to take things seriously.
I'm so disappointed in Pat Robertson, to be blunt with you, Alex, because again, this is an absolute abrogation of life.
We're going to talk a little bit about transhumanism and the elite.
You've built the case in all of your
Videos and all your airtime that the elite want the average man dead.
And I think that's what we need to just keep driving home.
That they want, basically, the human race destroyed.
They want us annihilated.
Of course they want to be around and they want to be modified, genetically engineered, genetically altered.
They basically want to live forever and be able to go on perpetrating their egalitarian
And what I would say, almost Luciferian desire to destroy the last vestiges of the descendants of Adam and Eve.
And I gotta tell you, Pastor Eggie, making the statements, and by the way, I follow that really closely, and I gotta tell you something, he's teaching something that's so contrary to the basics of Jesus'
Well, the Bible actually says that's what Antichrist will say.
He will say, I'm not the Messiah.
Absolutely, and I've got to tell you something.
You see, it shouldn't surprise any of us that this is coming out, and for again, someone that basically has been the strongest proponent for the United States to bomb Iran and bring about Armageddon.
Let me make something clear, and I think this is where some Christians really don't get the picture.
In order for you to have the Antichrist, that means the he that will take the place of Jesus Christ.
Jesus said, I came and you received me, not but another will come, claiming to be me, and him you will receive.
So now we've got Pastor Hagee and others preparing the world for Armageddon, which it isn't really Armageddon.
Armageddon is the last battle at the end of the Tribulation.
But if you notice, Pastor Hagee and all the other rapture teachers, they want everyone to believe that the Christians are going to be out of here, so that when this false Armageddon comes, then Jesus comes back.
But what he's doing, Alex, in my opinion, is preparing people for the Antichrist.
And that's why we've seen this situation you've talked about.
You mentioned it on my show.
I'm totally opposed to pastors.
Lining up, syncing up with the Department of Homeland Security, anything else.
Because they are by that statement saying that the state, if you will, is God.
And they admit that in 2006 they recruited 13,000 preachers, prominent preachers.
They doubled that number this year.
In fact, pull that newscast up.
It's only a minute long.
I want to play that later, John.
Running things there.
And so there's no doubt, Hagee was the third largest church in the country.
There's no doubt he's been recruited.
Absolutely, and I want to share this.
I believe that, just as we use the word in common vernacular, Judas Goat, I believe that these guys are leading their flock to the slaughter.
Isn't it interesting, Alex, that when you take into account now that Giuliani's got all his
We're good to go.
I've never attacked Pat Robertson.
He wrote a book 18 years ago called The New World Order and it was all accurate and then suddenly they came and started trying to take us 501c3, started trying to take his TV networks and then he rolled over.
We clearly saw him roll over.
At that point, and then seven years ago, he said China's doing what it has to do with Planned Parenthood and aggressive population control.
And then he did a clarification and said, yeah, they got too many people.
And then I had Christians call me and say, how dare you?
I know Pat said it, but it's okay.
No, it's not okay.
It is not okay.
People have got to get their eyes off of John Hagee.
They've got to get their eyes off of every quote preacher and start getting back to the basis of the Bible.
You know, the Bible talks about the time when men would no longer endure sound doctrine.
And what's happening is just as the word human being is being redefined by the transhumanist, the scriptures are creating
The God they want to serve in their image, as opposed to allowing God to reveal who He is, and He has a certain set of criteria for us.
And I've got to tell you something.
Anybody that would endorse someone who endorses abortion, worships death.
And the basis of abortion, as you know, one of the strongest forces behind that was Margaret Sanger, the whole eugenics movement.
Well, Hitler was the first to legalize it.
Absolutely, but it's been going on for a long time.
Child sacrifice, if you go back to the time of the Canaanites, the Old Testament is probably the best example of eugenics in action.
And it all boils down to this, Alex.
Men don't want to serve the living God.
That's the biblical presentation at the end of the age.
The psalm says, we will not have God rule over us.
So they become gods, and this is a whole basis of everything that you've done in your works on the bohemian growth,
The Luciferians.
And you've seen, Alex, an escalation in their apparent non-concern now for transparency.
They don't care.
They think it's a done deal and they're working overtime to bring about, in my opinion, destruction of close to 5.5 billion people.
Well, that's in the United Nations Biological Diversity Assessments.
That's public.
It's in Endgame.
You can just type it into Google and pull up the UN website and read them all.
All these politicians and lords and kings and princes and queens saying it.
And my only question is, we know they're doing soft kill, cancer viruses in the vaccines, spraying us with things, the GMO foods, but that's all just testing.
The hundreds of millions they've killed is just testing.
Testing how to keep it quiet.
Testing how to false-diagnose it.
Testing how to get their people trained to carry it out and do it.
All the chemical, biological, radiological spraying and testing and killing troops and children and foster children and in Israel, U.S.
paying them to radiate 110,000 children.
I mean, you can't make this type of stuff up.
These diabolical people... I think the biggest problem is the general public, who still has a conscience, judges the New World Order by their own selves.
Oh, I wouldn't kill children.
I wouldn't do that.
I wouldn't poison people.
I wouldn't... I mean, remember when Bayer
That's what I think people have missed, Alex, is the design, the implementation.
When you look back at how many Gulf War veterans have died, it's absolutely astonishing, astronomical, and off the charts.
I remember when we were talking years ago at the start of Gulf War, you and I were both on the radio saying, man, there's something funny about Michigan Biologicals and the whole anthrax thing.
It just sounds too hokey, too phony, and something's wrong.
And then a lot of the people in the service
They said, we don't want that stuff.
Turned it down.
And the point is that the testing phase is over.
We're now, Alex, in the implementation phase of all the scientists that have been murdered.
But who's who?
Let's talk about that.
Let's explain that.
The beta testing is done and they're going green light.
And that's why they're so wild right now.
Man, I...
I mean, you know, you call it feel it in your spirit, sixth sense, in your gut, whatever.
Are you, have you ever felt this much unease?
No, I haven't.
Because the thing is, is that I'm convinced, you know, just like when we first talked about the, we'll jump around a lot, but when we first talked about the chemtrail issue, you know, people said, oh no, it's not chemtrail, it's contrail.
But as they began to see the correlation between more respiratory disease, obviously strange weather phenomenon.
You know, ladies and gentlemen, what Alex has been talking about, the plans of the elite.
Alex, you know, whether it's the Bohemian Grove crew, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, all of the different groups.
That's just, if you will, the covering.
Underneath, there is a contempt for the God of the Bible, there is a contempt for human beings, and the idea is to kill off all the humans and then insert something of their making that basically lives forever and will supposedly be the supermen
That's right.
That he could create a super race, and that's exactly what we're dealing with.
And now it's in the BBC.
I mean, you wrote books about this 10 years ago.
Now it's all admitted.
They want to do it.
Oh, heaven help us.
Well, and you know, we've done our homework.
This is something that probably, I don't know if it's your pet peeve, but it is mine, Alex.
You know, this stuff is all out there for people to see.
I would challenge anyone, just type in the word transhumanism on a Google search and start reading the articles from Wired or some of the transhumanist documents themselves, and they're going to find out these people are, if you would, they're the equivalent of Dr. Moreau on steroids.
Let's talk about how they wiped out all the microbiologists.
Let's get into their master plan, why they love death, and a lot more.
Well, he's Steve Quayle, ladies and gentlemen.
We're really honored to have him here with all of his intellect and expertise.
Stay with us.
On the average, Americans work between 45 to 50 years, hoping to build up enough wealth to retire and live out their golden years.
Unfortunately, with taxation, the rising cost of food, energy, housing, and medical, many retirees are forced to live below the poverty line.
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These questions and more can be answered by reading G. Edward Griffin's book, The Creature from Jekyll Island.
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We don't need no education.
We don't need no thought control.
Steve, as you say, let's move quick.
Get into microbiologists, and you were at the very forefront of noticing when it was just 20, 30 of them, to have now hundreds and hundreds.
Break that down for people on why that's such an important piece of the puzzle.
Well, first of all, if this were just a litany of microbiologists, someone could say, oh, well, in any given group of people, this is the criticism I used to get, not anymore.
Well, you're going to have so many deaths.
Well, let me just take you to one of the most interesting current deaths.
This was back in 2006.
It was Lee Jong Woo, okay?
Now here's the guy that basically is the guy that, one of the lead spearheading the organization against global threats from bird flu, AIDS, or other infectious diseases.
He was the World Health Organization director, and he obviously dies of a blood clot.
Or some guy that's basically named Leonid Strashinsky, okay?
He gets hit on the head with a champagne bottle,
Uh, in late 2005, and he's the specialist in creating microbes resistant to biological weapons.
As we would go through, Alex, the different hundreds of names.
Uh, who's who?
Some of these guys... People and major, uh, bioweapons experts, uh, down in Houston at the college.
The car, in a five mile an hour zone, runs over him and backs back over him.
People being shot in the back of the head.
Microbiologists, uh, being, being gutted.
And pentagrams carved in them.
I mean... Go ahead.
Washington Post.
Well, it just goes on and on, but one of the most amazing things is, again, the one thing that tied all these men together that people couldn't put together was a gentleman by the name of David Kelly.
David Kelly was the head of the Ministry of Defense, the British war machine, if you will.
Hortoned down by a weapon lab.
And, Alex, they changed the story of his death at least 10 to 12 times.
Even the, what was it called, the Hutton-Sue inquiry.
Absolutely whitewashed it and now there are books being written by former British MPs saying David, Dr. David Kelly was murdered.
Now why that's critical and what most people don't understand is between all of the major pharmaceutical companies and the major intelligence organizations there is a global
Designed to destroy and you know, I thought of a word Alex that I tried to come up with word make a word up But now the best one that I come up with is annihilation Because these men these women who are the who's who these were the pinnacles of their field
We're the ones that could have identified, tracked, and come up with something to combat these weapons that are ready to be loosed.
When I first started talking about Ebola pox, almost a decade ago, most people didn't even know that such a thing exists, the combination of Ebola and smallpox.
And then all of the derivatives of race-specific, genetic-specific weapons that were being designed, the entire world
In the background, what you and I both try and get people to understand that these are very sinister and wicked people that have the plan to annihilate.
I mean, they have not only produced the weapons that will bring this to pass, but they've basically exterminated, murdered those that could identify it and try and get a handle on it to prevent it.
You know, it's overwhelming, Alex.
And then you see the situation now, in what you've done with the videos, just the surveillance society, the genetic aspect of, you know, swabbing people's mouths for what their, you know, the DNA, the DNA database.
Let me say something about the Human Genome Project, too.
The Human Genome Project is way beyond what most people can even imagine.
It's just not cataloging the human genome.
These guys are looking for
They're doing the same thing that Hitler did under his Annenerbe, the very special group of the SS that went throughout the world.
They're looking for people that have what are called the Hercules Gene, or HGF, Human Growth Factor 8, or some of the different anomalies that are out there to basically identify them and incorporate them, and then basically to produce the Universal Soldier.
Remember that movie, Universal Soldier, I think with Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren?
The point is, is that billions, Alex, billions of dollars is being spent.
Not just billions.
And so you ask yourself, okay, if these guys are spending that much money to come up with someone that basically can fight forever, doesn't need to eat, can go without sleep, and basically has a strength of 20 men, that gets us right back into the biblical realm of the mighty men
They just did that with that mouse that lives twice as long, eats half as much, can run five times as far.
Of old.
Did you see that?
But can I tell you something?
It's beyond that.
It's like when we hear about Dolly the Sheep being cloned or, you know, actually, pun intended.
That's 50 years after they really did it.
Yeah, that's 50 years.
The bottom line is, is that they can clone human beings and download their entire collective subconscious.
People say, oh, they can't do that because it's not on Fox.
It's not on MSNBC.
You, you, you can't say that.
Well, I got news for you.
You know, people in positions of power know it, and they're the ones that absolutely are talking about it.
They're shooting for that.
Well, I know this.
They say that's their goal, and they certainly believe they can do it.
That's why they say that there's no room for us to be here.
We have to be exterminated so that they can enjoy all of this.
Let's talk more about this and what's happening with the dollar when we get back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The disciples asked Jesus in Matthew 24, What shall be the signs of thy coming, and the end of the world?
You shall hear of wars, and rumors of wars.
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
And there shall be famines, disease, and earthquakes in many places.
We are living in this time of earth's history.
We're good to go.
It is a big idea!
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Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
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Link through to stevequayle.com.
Quayle spelled Q-U-A-Y-L-E.
You can link through and he has written scores of books, incredible information on a wide range of topics, amazingly penetrating research and powerful reading.
And before he leaves us, I'll have him plug a few of the books he thinks are most important.
I've read several of them.
I wish I had time to read.
There's got to be more than ten books he's written.
I'm just going from memory.
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I'm asking you.
I'm begging you.
When you get the DVD to make copies for non-profit, not-for-sale educational purposes, make copies.
Get them out to people.
Steve, before we get into the economy and where you think this is all going, what are some of the most important books you've written that you recommend for listeners?
Well, I think the most important book that would set things into perspective, Genetic Armageddon, talks about the stuff you and I are talking about, about eugenics, what went on in the past, how it's going to be presented in the present.
The newest book I just came out with Alex, just got him a couple weeks ago, is Weather Wars and Unnatural Disasters.
I maintain that the economy of the world are under war from
The internationalists and also the weather that we're all seeing, whether it's the desert southwest, whether it's the southeastern coast of the United States, I can tell you point blank that you can directly relate all of the different treaties
All of different patents on weather control modification to the events now taking place.
It's an absolute compendium, my Weather Wars book.
Let's talk more about that before you leave, but right now, how do people get the Weather Wars book?
How do they get the Genetic Armageddon book?
Well, they can call 719-547-9100.
That's the number, or they can actually order it online off my website, just going to my website and clicking on the books on the main page.
Steve Quayle dot com.
And what you and I try and do, you with your video, me with my books, is to try and put the whole thing together for them because it paints a picture that's so in their face that there's no more denying it.
As long as they've just got a piece of the puzzle here and a piece of the puzzle there, they can dismiss you and I. But when they start to see the whole puzzles coming together,
And just because we, ladies and gentlemen, were talking about this stuff 10 to 15 years ago doesn't make us wrong.
It just means that it took longer to come into focus.
And now that it's here, there's no more, oh, it's going to be in the future.
You know, Alex, the never, you said it on my show and I'll say it on yours, never have I had the sense, the feeling,
The witness in my spirit, the concern I have for now, because it's all related.
You know, people don't understand that obviously if there is a secret weather war going on, most people don't realize the Soviet Union and the United States have a treaty to melt the Arctic, okay?
To literally
Melt the Arctic.
That is a treaty that exists that's been ongoing.
So when you read about HAARP or any of the ionosphere teeters, it should come as no surprise.
Gee, the polar ice cap is melting.
You know, they're pouring literally massive amounts of energy into the ionosphere, bouncing it up.
I don't
Take the United States down!
Well, the official 1997 Beijing World Population Conference was all about how to use food as a weapon to starve the world.
We have presidential decision directives, we have State Department Memorandum 200 where they say they'll use food as a weapon, they'll start wars to kill... I mean, it's the official policy of the U.S.
government, and we're begging you
And then I see Lance Armstrong.
I don't know whether he's a tool or what, but he says he wants to be governor and then president, getting this cancer initiative passed.
Folks, they use the cancer research to develop new cancers, and then the new cures they find, they shell for the elites.
Can you talk about that, Steve?
Well, yeah.
Bottom line is that the forbidden medical findings, there's been so many astronomical breakthroughs, so many
Truly wonderful herbal and natural cures that have been absolutely sidetracked.
So you're right Alex, what they do and the same thing for the Center for Disease Control.
These people are the ones that control what ultimately gets disseminated.
Whether it's bird flu, whether it's SARS, whether it's anything that they've got out there, the point is that we are now experiencing a time in history unlike any other time in history.
And you know, Jesus made the statement.
He said, if God didn't shorten the days for the elect, you can argue over who the elect is all you want, but if God didn't shorten the days, there'd be no flesh left alive.
These guys are absolutely now not happy with a 60% kill ratio or lethal dose.
Not happy with 70 or 80.
They want 100% gene-specified, group-specified kill ratio.
In other words... By the way, let me just stop you there.
And I want you to elaborate.
This is so important.
And listen carefully.
National Geographic was a great organization founded over 150 years ago, but then eugenicists really moved into that.
They created conservation.
They created the environmental groups as a way to set up neo-feudalism, not to actually help the earth.
National Geographic pushes articles where they admit that shows in Burma, UN troops guarding rainforests, and says they shoot you if you come in.
Oh, that's good.
We know that the National Geographic has been used since the 40s in OSS and CIA as major fronts for operatives because they can claim that they're naturalists in these, and photographers and videographers in these rural areas.
So we know they're integrated into the military-industrial complex from their weddings with the Navy and the British and the rest of it going back over 150 years being founded, you know, over there.
But they now, with the Human Genome Project, where there's no doubt that started at Cold Springs Harbor, the eugenics records office, the guy that was running the genetics arm of it in World War II, became the head in, what, 47?
And in 63, got the Nobel Prize.
Mr. Watson, he just got in trouble for all this, saying blacks basically aren't people, and we shouldn't allow people to have children, we should have eugenics.
He just had to step down.
That very institution
Is the group running it and taking all the data that the National Geographic gives them, quote, tracing everyone's roots, come into these locations, we'll take your blood, we'll tell you exactly what your background and makeup is, because their problem is we've all intermixed so much, they're trying to decide what race-specific bioweapons might bleed over, and even James Weapons Corderly says that's the big study now, and as soon as they think they've got that cracked, you know they're going to launch it.
And so, folks, I mean, again, what do you think about the little detective statement I just made?
Well, it's absolutely accurate.
Wouter Besson, a very famous scientist in South Africa, was brought before the International Criminal Court for his race-specific bioweapons.
Do you remember that, Alex?
And then, all of a sudden, he basically gets off scot-free.
Or how about the gene printing of everyone in Iceland?
You see, again, what people have got to realize is that Hitler believed in a place called Hyperborea, or Thule, T-H-U-L-E.
And the point that's fascinating is that the Icelandic population, because of the closed nature of their society, has some of the most astonishing genetic strengths
In their immuno response to any type of pathogen.
But so do the reindeer and so do the polar bears.
It's the incredible isage developments, the pressures on isage man.
But the bottom line is, it's not even so much of that.
It's that the, I call them the powers that be, the devils that are, wanted to make sure that they could integrate that into their new, let's just call it,
Now there's a reason for that, okay?
And I think I've made it pretty clear why that is.
But the point is,
Is that they think that they can download, they can get their subconscious downloaded in a new body.
Most people don't understand the level of understanding of the ancients.
The Egyptians weren't just mummifying their kings, rulers, priests, and nobles, okay?
Let's just say their elite, because they thought that they wanted to take the great ride over into the netherworld.
The bottom line is the British Museum almost ten years ago said that they had viable DNA from Ramesses II, and at some point it would be decided whether to try and clone him.
So they inch it into our awareness, whether it's woolly mammoths are going to be brought back, the whole Jurassic Park, you know, I call it techno-feudalism, you call it neo-feudalism, same thing.
The technology now becomes the driving force.
And so that's where all the money goes.
That's where all the black budget goes.
But you know, isn't that amazing, Alex?
It isn't to help the common man.
It's to destroy the common man and keep the elite in their perpetual state of downloading forever.
And that's what they say, and so do the public, to the police listening.
The New World Order hates you.
To military listening.
They hate you.
You're not with them.
I mean, even if you want to serve them, you're still not with them.
You're with us.
No matter how you cut it, no matter how you dice it, how you slice it, you're with us whether you like it or not, brother, sister, and I'm begging you to realize what we're facing.
I want to shift gears out of this now and get your take on, I had Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, father of
We're good to go.
Well, I would have to ditto that, because again, the people that we're talking about in the previous subject, they want the global collapse of all national currencies.
They want to introduce a one world currency credit card, call it whatever you want, the ID, the mark of the beast.
And Alex, I've got to tell you this, this is what I've been screaming about for so long.
Before anybody ever even was talking about derivatives, I was bribing about that ten years ago.
And the bottom line is... And they say Citigroup has 37, Bank of America has 33, Chase Manhattan, uh, they're saying has 80... Yeah, but that's only what they disclose, okay?
Because of the lack of transparency or the openness of the numbers that should be out there, they have what are called the obvious reports they file, and then they have the reality world.
The reality world, I'm told, by very, very key individuals throughout the world, is that the
True derivative exposure of the world's banks, the 965 banks, Alex, is $450 trillion.
No, yes, absolutely.
That's guaranteed.
I mean, that's just yum.
Yeah, but what that means is when you see Citibank, you know, writing down $10-11 billion, you'll see the difference.
They're not even touching
You know, basically what they're doing is they're just leaking the bad news slowly.
What Craig Roberts is talking about is very, how should I say this, that's not the worry, that's the design, okay?
The same thing that's happening, look, these greedy guys sold debt to everybody in the world.
Yeah, what they do is they flood everything with fiat currency and credit to get everybody swamped in that false paradigm to then implode it and then have total consolidation.
Alex, can you imagine what I call Hour One after a global financial collapse when everyone's ATM machines don't, their cards don't work in ATM machines?
There will be riots within 12 hours.
It will then be bedlam.
And folks, understand, you almost apologized earlier for your prescience, for your research, for what you've done, Steve.
We could have had a total world financial depression in the 70s.
It was just a deep recession and stagflation.
I'm praying that happens now on the good side.
Now we are so many billions of times more leveraged, literally billions of times more leveraged conservatively, now that it's in an entirely different
Power of 10 level, and so we're looking at it in 95, 96, 97, 2000, saying anytime this could come loose.
It's like some guy who's had five heart attacks and his arteries are about to rupture, and you go, he could have a heart attack any day.
We don't know.
He's gone another seven, eight years, but now he's starting to have it.
Now one of the arteries has popped.
Blood's spraying out into the chest cavity.
Is the whole A-order going to pop off on the top?
Is he going to flop over dead?
It's spewing blood inside the chest cavity right now.
I hate to give a bad, you know, a gross analogy here, and I don't want this to be true, but we have a responsibility.
So you're apologizing that you saw this coming?
I mean, folks... No, I'm not apologizing.
I'm saying that basically, Alex, because you see it coming, look, first of all, you know how truth is met with usually contempt or ridicule.
Then it's gradual acceptance, and then it becomes a person that's been criticizing you, me, whoever's sounding the alarm, okay?
Not just us, but whoever and all who's been sounding the alarm.
And then they criticize us all those years, but then they come to the point of saying, gee, I now see what's going on.
What an original thought.
So I never make the apology.
What I'm trying to say is this.
Is that the idea of a global financial collapse ten years ago, before derivatives?
You know, Alex, all you have to ask is the question.
Structured investment vehicles, weapons of financial mass destruction, Warren Buffett, that's his statement.
You ask, who invented these things?
The Rockefellers!
The International Globalists!
You got it!
Basically, ladies and gentlemen, here's the deal.
We have all sold our birthrights, you know, and I've got to tell you, Alex, every day I get calls, every day I get emails, 24-7.
What's going to happen?
What's going to happen to my future, my 401k, my retirement, blah, blah, blah?
If you don't take control of it, ladies and gentlemen, it's vanishing.
It's gone, because the globalists want it to go away.
Well, on the good side, a global recession, horrible hyperinflation.
On the bad side, total fiscal Armageddon, complete global meltdown.
Uh, I mean, you heard Dr. Roberts' first hour, folks.
Or if you didn't, it's coming up here in a few minutes again on the rebroadcast.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Is it getting better?
Or do you feel the same?
Will it make it easier on you now?
You've got someone to blame.
You said one love
One life, when it's one need.
In the night, one love, we get to share it.
It leaves you, baby, if you don't care for it.
Well, one good thing, the silver lining in all of this is that this will get you off baseball and the football and the acting cool and the spending all your time strutting around and feeling inadequate about your body and all the worldly stuff they put in your heads and hard times bring out the best and worst in people.
A lot of these spoiled, wicked, decadent people have got some hard times ahead.
All of us do.
Regardless, we know that and we don't know how rough it's going to be, the waters, but we know we're going into serious storms here.
This is just the cutting edge, leading edge right now.
Steve Quayle, I've got to get you back sooner than once a year.
I've just really been honored to have you on today with us and even the Financial Times of London again admitted a few months ago that big central banks are actually engineering this and are consolidating and getting great power.
They said that though the elite may have overdone it and they're concerned it may cause too big an implosion, but I think that's them hedging their bets and trying to, you know, put out a little bit of disinfo there.
There's no doubt it's engineered.
What do you see happening in the next six months?
Well, first of all, I think the next 60 days are going to be very critical.
I'm not saying it's the end of the world in 60 days.
I'm saying in the next 60 days, you're going to see, in my opinion, the death of the dollar.
It's going to absolutely go.
I see the euro ultimately at two
It'll take two to one.
In other words, it'll take two U.S.
dollars to buy one euro.
Euro today is about close to $1.47.
The thing that I think is important for people to understand is that the entire system, Alex, is coming apart at the seams.
The system is built on sinking sand, and I would encourage people, even those that have never considered how bad it can get, to obviously take the proactive measures of making sure their families have food, water, the necessary clothing, the necessary self-defense, and quite candidly, prepare for the worst, because we're not just talking about a burp, an interruption, or even a 1933 Great Depression redo.
We are talking about, Jesus said that the times we're coming into, there have never been times like this that we're going to be facing, nor would be again.
So, the bottom line is, these guys, the globalists, the international Luciferian elite, they understand that they've got to go for the whole McGillic, which ultimately ends in the Battle of Armageddon, the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Well, regardless, regardless, and I agree with you, but regardless, for atheists out there, agnostics, whatever, you heard Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, top ten economist, currently living.
We're good to go.
Steve, amazing.
We've got to get you back up.
Let's get you back up next week.
And I just really want to thank you for coming on.
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And take care, my friend.
Thank you, Alex.
Good night.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
Retransmission starts now.
Warn somebody.
Tell them to tune in so they can hear the truth.
That's all I'm trying to do here is get the word out.
You know, this stuff has a way of making you not be so worldly, doesn't it?
Moment of truth.
This is a way of making you not be so arrogant.
Me included.
It has a way of crushing the ego, doesn't it?
That's right.
A lot of you psychopaths out there are going to feel pain too.
God bless you all.
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