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Air Date: Nov. 6, 2007
2303 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, this is your day, the People's Day, Liberty's Day.
It is November 6th, 2007.
As we hurdle towards the 2008 elections, Ron Paul, in 24 hours, raised $4.2 million, and it wasn't even an official campaign operation.
Literally, a young man who we're having on later in the broadcast came up with the excellent idea.
Put it out there.
People took action.
You, the listeners, ran with the ball.
And Ron Paul raised $4.2 million.
Now, folks started giving a little bit early before it became midnight.
Yesterday and a couple hundred thousand was given before then we see a race up to that so really it's about 4.4 million if you really want to get down to brass tacks but going to be technical 4.2 million in 24 hours
Great article up on PrisonPlanet.com and TruthsNews.us.
Spambot, don't send imaginary cash for $4.2 million in 24 hours.
How will the establishment be forced to admit that Ron Paul is the real deal?
A quick analysis of this, and I'll be walking through it all today, and of course discussing it with guests and a lot more, and you the callers, the listeners, but this is bigger than just Ron Paul.
This is another indicator of the explosive nature of the Patriot-slash-Truth Movement, Liberty Movement, people that are sick of the New World Order, sick of the Federal Reserve, sick of the United Nations.
I mean, don't forget, this is an anti-New World Order candidate.
This is somebody for three decades talking about the New World Order.
This is somebody that talks about the Federal Reserve and the Bilderberg Group, and then an international conspiracy for one world government.
And they don't dare attack him for that, or his voting record against it, because he's voting against real things in Congress.
The real private Federal Reserve, the real Bilderberg Group, the real United Nations, their real plan for North American Union.
He is our champion.
He is an illustration of what we can do.
It doesn't have to stop here.
Once you realize that it's an illusion, a little box you put yourself in, that you can't affect change, that you can't take the reins of power, that you can't revolt against tyranny, once you break out of that mindset that you can't resist it, and realize that you can, and that you have unbelievable power, and that ideas, like liberty, have incredible power,
Then you can change things, and people are starting to get the attitude that they matter, that they can affect change, and that you can beat City Hall, and that you can get involved.
Will we win this battle?
Will Ron Paul be president?
I pray that is the case, and we'll go over that today and break down the facts, the cold hard facts.
But regardless, we're injecting real issues.
People are getting hope, and hope for America.
Is Ron Paul the last hope?
We coined that term.
Certainly not, but he is the last hope in this presidential election, in this field, in this sector of the fight.
The other big news is, and there's hundreds of points, but the other big one is that I did a Ron Paul raises millions search, and over 240 articles popped up from the New York Times, to the Boston Globe, to the LA Times, to USA Today.
ABC News, CBS News, 240 plus major news outlets, television, separate, but just 200 print media, reporting that he is a first tier candidate and that he is money, that he is the money bomb.
Headlines like that admitting that he is coming on strong and that they're worried.
So not only did your focused attack in the Info War with 4.2 million cash in 24 hours, breaking any record of over a million, breaking the last record.
Not only is that 4.2 million in the war chest in this fight, it's tens of millions in free advertising.
A major coup.
Well done.
We'll be back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
This will be a day long remembered.
We've seen Ron Paul and his supporters, liberty lovers, freedom fighters, raise $4.2 million.
Previous record was $3.1 million in the pre-primary phase.
Kerry one day raised $6.2 million, but that was during the general election.
This is an all-time record.
He has raised more money than Huckabee and the rest of them, three or four of them in the pack, have done all together in the last six months.
He is very close to being number one for the Republicans in raising money if he continues on the course he's on right now through the end of this year and the next month and three weeks.
Congressman Ron Paul is no doubt broken out of the pack and is preparing to go into the poll position to win in key battleground states like New Hampshire and other areas.
Now, I'm going to walk through all the things that have happened.
There's other big news, of course, today.
Gold surges to 28-year high as the dollar continues to tumble.
Gold is trading right now at $822.50.
Its previous record is just about $15 or so above that from 1980.
Remember, gold is undervalued.
It should be over $2,000 an ounce for the loss of buying power of the dollar just since the last high in 1980 as a benchmark.
So, we'll be walking through Citigroup's serious problems, the largest customer bank in the world.
And we'll be going through Ron Paul today, his once-a-month visit with us, Mike Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com, will be joining us for analysis of Ron Paul revolution and a lot more, the war rumblings, what's happening with the economy.
In the second hour, we'll also open phones.
The gentleman that started the grassroots movement, just as an idea, and again ideas are alive, they have meaning, especially if they're good ideas.
And that's Trevor Layman.
He'll be joining us coming up in about 25 minutes as well.
So we've got a power-packed broadcast for you today, no doubt.
But let me just break down the facts and the trajectory
The Ron Paul 2008 campaign.
I know most of you have analyzed this yourselves and gone over the different analysis from different angles, and I'm sure you have points that you would like to add.
Today, I do want to tell the listeners that I really only want three major subjects discussed on air.
I want to try to keep the discussion focused on the Ron Paul revolution and the 2008 campaign.
The war rumblings with Iran and what's happening to the economy, the dollar, gold.
Those are three very wide areas.
But we are not going to get into any other subjects, and quite frankly, if you call in about something else, don't be surprised if you get cut off pretty quick.
I'm not going to censor people, but I'm going to try to telescope your call down, because if I do go to calls, they have to be quick, period.
Because we've got two guests joining us and a lot of information to cover today.
All right, let me break down what's happening.
I have done a lot of research into internet trends, television trends, newspaper trends, media overall, and I have read what the best and brightest from industry and from the grassroots have had to say about it.
And it's a unanimous view
There are slight debates on exactly how all this is unfolding and will unfold in the future, but old line media is in crisis.
Newspapers this year alone, the numbers are now coming out, that means from last year's numbers, they come out a year late, or about 10-11 months late on average, have had over a 7% drop, 7.6,
The New York Times actually hit the average.
They've had a huge drop in their support, in their readership, in their advertising, in their circulation.
Scores of large papers have been caught fudging their numbers and puffing up how many subscribers that they actually have.
And the fraud, the illusion,
That they are a good place to spend your advertising money is rapidly imploding.
An example of this is, we can put an ad in Craigslist for somebody, say in the shipping department, or in customer service, and we can get a hundred responses in two or three days.
We can put a $300 ad, a tiny ad, in the Austin American Statesman for
I think so.
Or you get three responses for $300, $400.
I forget the exact amount.
I know it was over $300.
I was shocked by it.
And literally almost no response.
And that's the local paper here in Austin, Texas, which can still bring in hundreds of millions of dollars a year and arrogant reporters staggering around filled with false aplomb on power trips.
But now they're not as arrogant as they once were, as the little princelings of the anointed people in the media.
The establishment knows this.
Cable ratings are way down.
Broadcast TV ratings are down by over half in the last decade.
The entire system is completely falling apart.
Unless you look at Hollywood and movies and they're making more money than ever because it's high production value and people want that.
And they have basically embraced change and new mediums of delivery.
But not for the online media system.
But it's not just the internet giving people more choices.
The mainstream media has been caught twisting, lying, spinning millions and millions of times.
They've been caught on presidential payrolls, billions of dollars under Clinton, under Bush, Operation Mockingbird, propaganda.
People now know.
They don't know the specifics, they don't know the details, but they know you can't trust the mainstream media.
Now, the pollsters, the so-called scientific polls, they call old lists, and they call for certain demographics in certain areas of the country, depending on who they're trying to poll.
And those individuals have landlines, those individuals will answer the phone, they will talk to people, and I've read the different analyses of pollsters.
They admit that it's generally a woman above the age of 60 that will actually take a pollster's phone call and actually answer the questions.
And those older women, and secondarily older men, tend to not be on the Internet, or if they do, it's to check the weather, or email their daughter, or things like that.
They're not out there getting news.
They don't understand the Internet, and they tend to be Republicans or Democrats.
And so, we have people going out and polling in New Hampshire, and polling in Iowa, and polling in Michigan, and key battleground states,
Coming up in 70 days now, and the first primaries, and they go out there and they talk to them, and of course in New Hampshire, now he's risen, but he's got 9% there from the last poll.
I've seen one as high as 10, quote, scientific polls of old ladies in New Hampshire.
Not knocking old ladies, that's just who they're polling predominantly.
They also poll poor inner-city people that tend to answer questions.
That's the third group.
And they normally don't even have cable these days.
And so again, the mainstream media has been ignoring Paul.
So in this small minority of the old non-computer users, and in inner-city poor blacks and whites, yes, Mitt Romney is ahead of Ron Paul.
But Ron Paul is still even in that controlled
Old paradigm, rising and winning there.
And then the media acts like the internet isn't real people, or it doesn't exist.
No, you've got upwards now, I keep saying 70, that was last year's numbers.
New numbers came out today, 80% of adults surf the internet and are now getting at least half their news from it.
That could be mainstream, alternative, whatever.
But internet.
So it's now 80% are online of adults.
And so you look at that, and you realize then that is the majority, that is true America, and that the pollsters are deliberately, because that's their guarded system, going out and
Polling groups that they know are going to give them old world, old line responses.
People who are still in the horse and buggy days.
There were people still using horse and buggies in the 1920s in New York, but just a few years later, they basically wouldn't let them on the street anymore.
There were still old men that wanted to get out and take their goods, you know, across town in a horse and buggy in 1920.
But a few years later, you couldn't do it anymore.
Just because there were too many cars.
And so we're like the people out driving around in Model Ts,
Uh, and, uh, that Henry Ford made affordable, and they're looking at us calling us the minority when there's 10 to 1 Model Ts driving around versus horse and buggies, and people with coach whips.
So, that's what's happening here, and they're desperately clinging.
Now, what does this mean?
They may be able to cheat Ron Paul with their electronic voting machines in 35% of the country.
They may be able to even, God forbid, assassinate him and he's set on air and he knows that's a great danger if he gets in a poll position and starts winning and now he's entering into that phase.
And we know that
That he isn't a guaranteed shoo-in.
He's still a long shot, but gaining in his trajectory to where if he continues to grow at this level, he will win.
If the race was fair, if things weren't involved in chicanery.
But what we know is, this trend shows, that's accelerating, just in the next few years, that in mid-term elections, and that in periods after that, in the future, that the New World Order is completely cooked, if this paradigm continues to expand the way it is.
And that's why they're racing with Internet, too, to shut down the old web and have restriction and control.
That's why they're creating the
Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act to regulate books and media.
That's why they want to launch wars and get us into bigger crises.
They want to try to herd people back into control.
But this, the revolution you're seeing, is only the beginning.
This is key.
We'll continue to walk through this today, and we'll talk about the amazing 4.2 million raised by you yesterday, breaking all previous records.
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2.4 million in 24 hours.
Now will the establishment be forced to admit that Ron Paul is the real deal?
More Ron Paul analysis in the next segment.
Trevor Layman who came up with the idea, the brainchild, to launch the 5th of November.
And more of you can come up with similar ideas and put them into action.
Will every idea take off and go to the moon like this one?
But it's the action of engaging the enemy in the info war repeatedly, like the Founding Fathers did, losing almost every battle, but always showing up to 5 to 1, 6 to 1, 10 to 1 odds, and then turning the tide.
It's the willingness to continue to fight.
It is the dedication.
I mean, I've seen videos of
I'll tell the story later.
In financial news, gold surges 28-year high as dollar tumbles, continuing to tumble.
And you wait till the public.
The public still doesn't know what it means to have a weak dollar, ladies and gentlemen.
You better move into gold and silver right now.
Silver hasn't moved yet.
It's starting to move.
Gold is only at half the value.
Now analysts are saying that it should be $2,500 to be at parity to what it was in 1980 for actual purchasing power.
If it goes above 840, it's over.
It's at 822.80 right now, this second.
It is just absolutely going up like a rocket.
Gold futures rallied Tuesday to trade near their 28-year high.
Propelled by the dollars, tumbled to get another record low against the euro and by surging crude oil prices.
But those dollars haven't been devalued domestically yet fully.
And you're starting to see inflation, but when it finally hits, it accelerates real fast.
Gold for December delivery rose $14.20 at $8.25 an ounce on the Newark Mercantile Exchange earlier in the contract breach, an intraday high of $8.26.
$8.26 in gold futures right now at $8.22.70 in spot gold.
Ladies and gentlemen, if the futures are trading at $8.26, you can be assured that's going to be the new floor.
At least that's what's happened in the past.
Ted Anderson, you've been in this almost 25 years.
Is that a correct analysis?
Well, it's certainly correct that it's closer to 30, but I can tell you right now that the gold market is not stopping.
Silver just blew through another buck.
It's at $15 now.
It's going to easily, easily reach
$25 an ounce.
It's a quarter value, analysts are saying, for true inflation.
Yeah, exactly.
Move quickly.
Right now, the dollars dropped.
1980 levels, silver was at $50 an ounce.
Right now, it's at $15.40.
Obviously, that's a bargain.
Gold, right now, at $2,500.
Exactly the same thing.
The dollars lost so much value since 1980.
It has to correct to a level that's higher and represent what the dollar is really worth.
Ted, we've only got a few minutes.
I think people, if they haven't figured it out yet, they never are.
You've got three great deals that are at last week's prices, but they're going to go up.
They've gone up from what they were three weeks ago already.
Do not wait on this.
It's an Alex Jones special for listeners.
I know what Ted is getting these British sovereigns for.
He literally is just paying the guys to take the order.
We're good to go.
Yeah, they're $227.
We also have the $10 Olympic coin, which is in very short supply now.
They're $615.
It's a collector coin that was issued by the U.S.
Mint, private, exempt from the 60-45 ruling and all the tax information.
We have silver dollars right now.
Again, silver dollars are a fabulous buy at this time.
They are at $400 per roll of $20.
If you haven't had a chance to get into the market, do it now.
I mean, I gotta say, even do it now.
I mean, take a look at what you have in your portfolio.
If you haven't diversified at least 25% of your portfolio, minimum, you're crazy.
You should not be in paper at this time.
Everybody knows it.
You know, if you want to do something for the world, campaign for Ron Paul, for God's sakes, but protect yourself with gold and silver.
There's no way around it.
And folks, I want to tell you this, and you know,
I don't say something unless I really mean it.
I'm upset.
I'm scared about the economy.
I'm waking up in the middle of the night every night now.
Everybody can feel it, folks.
When the general dumbed-down public finds out what they've done to the dollar, when that finally hits, I mean, we're possibly looking at 1929.
And now with the mainstream media,
Uh, is talking about 1929.
Ted, I'm freaked.
We're both freaked out.
We talk privately.
Well, it's like there's a replay here, but it's not even a replay.
We're just further down the road.
The erosion of the Federal Reserve note.
I mean, that's just about gone.
We're in a much worse position than we were in the late 1970s with stagflation.
We are leveraged.
I'm freaked out.
I mean, and by the way, I know a lot of powerful lawyers here in Austin and in New York.
Their clients are all leaving to New Zealand and everywhere else and in Switzerland.
Stay there, Ted.
We got a big guest coming up.
The fellow that launched the 5th of November operation.
I want to come back and give him the number.
But here it is real fast.
Call the brokers right now.
Tell them you want the British Sovereign.
Tell them you want those silvers.
I'm telling you, folks.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
You know, when I say this, I'm not bragging.
As John Williams would say, no brag, just fact.
It is that I am so proud of you, the listeners.
I'm not proud of myself.
We got Trevor
Layman on the line, who's a music promoter, runs and owns musicsubmit.com, 35,000 subscribers, and they serve out all those music radio stations, you name it, and I hadn't talked to him, my producer set him up last night, and I should have got him on earlier, and I said, hey, are you listening to the network?
He goes, oh yeah, I'm a listener to your show, I'm a subscriber to the Genesis Screens,
And that's what Ron Paul said months ago on this show, three, four, five months ago.
He said, I go everywhere and more than half the people that come up say they're listeners of this show, that they came because of this show.
And that blows me away, the responsibility I have.
But again, I'm just one guy who got sick of the corruption and found out about it a little bit earlier than some people.
There are a lot of folks who came before me.
And then I've also just got to think of how thankful I am to the GCN Radio Network, Ted Anderson, who literally
I don't know if Ted wants this known, but Ted, is it okay if I tell folks you mortgaged your house one time to keep the network going because it was very expensive with all the satellites and the rest of it, and now you're doing well, but four or five years ago it was really tough.
We didn't know if we were going to make it or not, but God pulled us through, the supporters pulled us through, and now it's gone supernova.
Uh, with hundreds and hundreds of Eminem affiliates for all the shows here on the network, and the biggest internet numbers for this show on the web, period.
All of it, and to know that we're just interfacing with wonderful people like Trevor.
I know I'm digressing here to another subject, Ted, but I want to salute you, Ted, for being a bulldog and a stalwart, and sticking in there stubbornly, and never backing down.
Well, thanks for the credit, Alex.
I really appreciate that, but I can tell you right now it is the listeners, and you certainly have plenty to be proud of, too, because you've carried this message further than anybody could possibly even dream of.
We're just talking about the precious metals, and at this time, I mean, again, I'm going to say it again, you want to do something for this world, start campaigning for Ron Paul.
You want to do something for the United States.
You want to protect yourself, go to gold and silver, but if you need to buy a sign for your front yard, first do that.
By the way, Ted, you've been flying to his campaign events and donating.
He flew down to Austin from Minnesota.
Actually, I drove down to Austin.
That's right, your motorcycle.
That's right.
That was a fun trip, and I can tell you right now, it was so refreshing to see a thousand people to show up for Ron Paul and raise him about $100,000.
It's $1,200, you know.
Yeah, I feel like I'm actually involved with all this work that you and I have laid out for it.
We've definitely broken through the enemy's propaganda defenses.
Ron Paul has broken through.
And again, we're all brothers in arms, regardless of race, color, creed, man, woman, child, Hispanic, Asian, doesn't matter.
We're all together in the fight for liberty.
Real fast, Ted, tell them those offers again.
I'm going to go to our guests.
Okay, real quick here.
We have the British Sovereign.
It's a great coin to be getting into.
It's at $227.
We also have the $10 Olympic coin.
Very private way to have gold and silver.
The $400 for the silver.
Again, a very private way to own silver.
Don't get caught in the trap of junk silver where you have to give up your social security numbers, that kind of stuff.
The Silver Dollar is a much better way to get involved.
You can catch us at 1-800-686-2237.
That's 1-800-686-2237.
And I cannot say thank you enough to the listeners that have stood behind me so I can carry this message.
And they do it as well.
I don't want to take credit because they're the ones who've done it.
Ted Anderson, God bless you.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Trevor Layman, again, I'm not normally here on the air, I salute you, I salute you, I thank you, but I mean it.
Thank you for taking action with your promotion skills and everybody else that got on the bandwagon.
This is historical and I just, I mean,
Right now, how are you feeling after just coming up with this idea, this simple idea, but really breaking all previous records in pre-primary campaigns?
And it's not some big dog doing it, Hillary or Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.
This is the average donation, $41.
This is breaking multiple records, my friend.
It's great.
It's great.
I do have to say one thing.
It wasn't actually my idea.
I wish I could take credit for it, but I found a video on YouTube that spelled out the idea.
I dropped that into Ron Paul Forums and people responded so well to it.
That's how it works.
So again, it's a chain reaction.
Instead of patriots out there ninnying about different groups and things, people put out ideas, they took action.
Tell us about the different websites.
There's the RonPaulGraphs.com covering the fact that $4,250,000 has been raised in about the last 30 hours.
But right now, just tell us about yourself.
Tell us about the 5th of November website.
Like you said, I do music promotion.
The company is musicsubmit.com.
That's what I do for my work.
When people responded so well on the forums, they asked for the website.
I started one.
What I had initially didn't look that great.
Somebody sent in the graphics that were up, as well as the graphics that are there today.
I sort of changed it.
It's a team effort.
It's everybody.
Many hands make light works.
I mean, that's how you build a nation, build a movement, build an idea.
It's just not some socialist model directing everyone, but everyone just coming in with their skills.
Go ahead.
And then to follow up, someone sent in the Flash Countdown Clock, another great addition.
And then
Really, the huge team part, you know, the final two stages are that the website received about a quarter million visitors since October 18th.
I didn't do any promoting, you know, except to just manage emails and things that came in.
But that was all from the people.
You just gave the people an attack point.
And they took it and they ran with it.
And then, of course, the real, you know, final evidence of all that was the donation day when we raised $4.2 million together.
That's where everybody put their money, where their mouth was, and made it happen.
And another 50,000's come in this morning.
It's great.
It's incredible.
You know, even no matter how the media wants to spin it, we've given Ron Paul the chance to put his message into the media through the ads and to repeat his message over and over, which is what it takes.
Now, I will say this, and I have to, and I'm going to call the campaign.
They do listen to me.
Their TV ads are lacking, and I'm going to produce one.
I'm dropping everything.
I'm doing loose chain promotion.
It comes out in a week.
I haven't even promoted that yet, but I'm going to drop everything.
Not that I'm some wizard, but we're going to make an ad here and put it out on the web, and I hope everybody goes absolutely nuts with it.
And I want everybody else to make campaign ads for Ron Paul.
I started to see some pop up.
Right, right.
Some are just jokes, but some are pretty good.
Well, I'm talking about something the campaigner put out.
But again, they're getting millions of calls and letters and responses.
They're overwhelmed.
That's why this money is so needed for them to hire more people.
And again, I'm not there critiquing anything.
I'm just saying we have to help the congressman also there.
We shouldn't wait for orders from headquarters.
Just do it.
I know there's media people with a thousand times the skills I've got making ads right now and try to do it from real footage so that you can send it to the campaign and they can use it.
But I'm digressing.
Trevor, what was it like yesterday morning?
Have you just been watching?
Have you gotten any sleep?
Go through the feelings you were having as you saw all this develop.
The signs and indicators were there before the day.
Somebody's knocking on my door.
Sorry, I was really hopeful that we were going to have some great progress.
So I can't say it was a total surprise, but when it's actually confirmed, it's just such a great feeling.
To know that we're out there, and there are a lot of us, and we're growing.
Well, you have won, with the listeners, with the activists out there, the literal Super Bowl of campaign finance, and it wasn't some big establishment system winning the Super Bowl, it was grassroots winning the Super Bowl in a single day.
I mean, again, do you understand, sir?
You took action and you made history in a big way.
Well, I appreciate that.
I really do.
I mean, I really do, though, think that, you know, of course, the reality is it's just a group effort.
You know, I mean, I appreciate that.
It's great, but... Well, I want the listeners to know.
I want the activists to know.
But literally, folks, Infowarriors, you are the core of this, and the enemy knows that.
That's why they've been trying to drive a wedge.
The congressman has not forsaken us and the core here, and it's just exploding.
I mean, the bigger issue here is... And can you speak to this, Trevor?
Now I mean what is 240 plus and growing every minute every time I click it it's more like 270 now with just certain keyword Ron Paul searches just about this 4.2 million I mean to have 240 plus major papers it's on every TV station now I mean that's got to be 10 million dollars plus in free promotion because of this right and it shows that there's a
It's the kind of promotion that isn't only about him and his ideas but it's about proof that he is a frontrunner and they're going to have to treat him that way now.
I think that's what's amazing.
I hope that they do.
Who knows?
They're going to try not to the best they can.
That they do start taking him a lot more seriously, and they start calling him that, a top-tier candidate.
That's what he is.
Now, you're an internet entrepreneur, a pioneer in your own right.
I don't know if you heard earlier, when you were very busy, my analysis earlier in the hour of how there's two worlds.
There's the internet world, which is now the majority, and then the folks that aren't on the internet that are now a dwindling minority, but the media keeps acting like they
On average, 65 years old, older, and there's a lot of folks on the internet who are 80 years old, I'm not knocking them, I'm just stating facts here, that they're the minority, but the media keeps acting like the polls from the minority are really the majority, but then Hillary doesn't have a tenth of the meet-up groups that Ron Paul has, or MySpace, I mean, on every benchmark, or Alexa numbers,
He's, you know, totally blowing her away.
I mean, was it Indy 500?
He's 20 laps ahead of her.
I mean, on every indicator of real grassroots, from money, to groups, to organization, to rallies, to crowds, Ron Paul is the winner!
He should be our Republican nominee!
And, you know, to say something about the polls, I think there was a recent one that said that 52% of likely voters support a strike in Iran.
You know, they support military action, and yet we're bribing Mexican citizens with U.S.
citizenship in order to fill our ranks.
We have huge $40,000, you know, sign-on bonuses just to get people to join.
Well, that poll's a fraud.
What focusers do when they really, you know, internally campaigns want to know the truth, externally they put out lies when it's a Republican or Democrat.
That's the difference, too, with Ron Paul.
He's been going on pure truth and openness.
I just bring that up because they do the same with the presidential race.
There's no difference.
It's all a lie.
They just want what they want.
Have you seen the story that we've got up on PrisonPlanet.com?
I'm trying to find the actual headline here.
It says,
Uh, like 80 reasons, and places where they've been caught on video, snatching down his banners, Fox News saying censoring, being caught on tape, them claiming he's cheating.
I mean, when you actually read all these end-to-end, there is an organized attack campaign on him.
Absolutely there is.
I mean, you know, he's the only one who talks about the Constitution, you know, and actually stands for it with his record.
And yet he's ignored.
And that's our founding document.
And yet he's ignored.
These ideas, you know, we've had to struggle to get them out there.
I think that says so much.
But now they're moving away from just ignoring him to attacking him.
But then we're seeing a mixed bag now where even the New York Times says he's a powerful contender and a surgeon.
I think they realize they're starting to lose.
The more they go with this attack plan,
They're losing audience, you know, they're losing credibility because there are a growing number of people who realize that that's an outright lie.
You know, so maybe that's why we're seeing some softening, I hope.
We certainly are forcing them to cover him, even though they don't want to.
And I think that shows a lot.
Well, I'd just throw out the number $10 million.
Really, if a candidate tried to get this type of positive coverage, it might cost $15, $20 million the more I think about it.
I mean, I'm trying to monitor everything that's on, but it's one of the top stories today in newspapers and on television that Ron Paul has broken all the records.
Yeah, it's great.
And you know, what was our cost?
Our labor, but you know, how much does it cost us the website?
I think it, you know, paid $10.
So that's pretty good leverage right there.
Well, it's absolutely amazing, my friend.
Where do you see this going?
What are you going to do next?
I mean, I would imagine with this type of success, you're not going to rest on your laurels, Trevor Lehman.
There's been some talk in the forums of, you know, there's some good dates coming up.
There's December 15th and 16th.
December 15th is Bill of Rights Day, and then the 16th is the Boston Tea Party.
I say then that we should try to raise, since you got $4 million, let's shoot for $10 million in that two-day period.
That is perfect.
And someone else, even to maybe even throw in that weekend, someone else has put an idea out there for like a sign bomb, where we just
Blanket the country on it.
A cascade.
Let's do handmade sign bombs or buy the signs from the campaign.
They're selling them at cost.
I agree.
Let's do a sign bomb on those dates and then on the 15th and 16th, oh, it's perfect.
Make it just a big, huge Liberty Weekend.
I mean, now that people have seen this success, we've got to do that.
In fact, I'm going to have my guys on PrisonPlanet.com and the rest of it just put out that this is the plan.
Let's just go ahead and launch it, and then we can coordinate and aim at your site, any other sites that come up with a similar idea.
And that's pure genius.
So it's Bill of Rights Day and the Boston Tea Party back-to-back.
That's right.
Yeah, I don't exactly know how to package that yet, but I know that we'll be able to do it.
So that's just the next step to come up with the domain for it and, you know, solidify the theme.
Trevor, has the campaign thanked you?
I mean, have you talked to the folks over there?
I got an email to call Jesse.
I did call.
I haven't heard back yet, but, you know, they do it through.
It's just great.
You know, I've got all his back lines.
Why don't I do this?
Why don't I do this?
Why don't I get Benton on in the next segment if we can, just so you guys can talk on air.
That'd be great.
In fact, let me just tell the guys.
Now, you've got the floor.
Any other points you want to make?
Man, I don't know.
I just, you know, I've got to keep pushing.
And Ron Paul is, like you guys mentioned earlier, and I think we all know
He is the way to go, the hope for the country and the return of the Constitution.
And it's about educating.
We have to get the ideals of the Constitution and the principles out to the people again so that they understand what is going on.
The Federal Reserve is a huge one.
And that's why I like the Boston Tea Party idea because with that, you know, the Boston Tea Party was a protest against an illegal and oppressive tax.
And if we dump our fiat money into the Ron Paul campaign on that date, we can mirror that and
As well, we'll be protesting the invisible inflation tax.
Let's try to raise $10 million in those two days and that'll give it two days to build exponential frenzy that we saw yesterday and last night.
And then let's even have it then where on that sign bomb day on the weekend that everybody go to their state capitals or federal buildings and like it's Halloween dress up in founding father outfits.
That'd be cool.
And then physically get people to hit the street.
And folks, I don't care if it's ten people in one city and a thousand in another or a hundred in another.
All call the media.
Tell them to come cover your event.
I mean, this is the exponential idea.
And again, you can turn the power of liberty loose if you decide that the New World Order can be defeated.
If you put it into action.
Trevor Layman is our guest.
Unbelievable Info Warrior.
I am honored to have him with us.
We'll see if we can get Jesse Benton on with him in the next segment.
Stay with us.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Builder Earth.
Isn't their objective being world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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I don't know.
We're good to go.
Alright, I just got word from John Harmon up at the network in Minnesota.
He just talked to Jesse Benton, the media man, the head media press secretary for RonPaul2008.com.
He wants to tell you, thank you Trevor Lehman.
He's going into a press conference right now about this.
It's starting right now.
And so, he's unable to come on right now, but I'm definitely going to get you two guys on together just to talk about the grassroots and everything that's happening.
But, folks, it's not just the 4.2 million, the record's shattered.
It's that it's grassroots, and it's another example of what you can do when you take action.
People tell me you can't beat anything, they've got cynical attitudes, and then I have to march down and beat gun bills here in Texas.
I have to march down, many times just me, or a few hundred people that come with me, or a few thousand.
And again, if you activate, if you take action, small things, yard signs, or educating people about the New World Order, or about any of it, it's really that simple.
It's magic.
Trevor, I'm almost speechless here.
This is so wonderful what's happening.
Yeah, it's amazing.
It really is.
And I agree with you about that apathetic attitude.
It has no place in our society.
I don't think so.
You know, take responsibility for our lives and our country.
So, the apathy thing, that just drives me crazy when people think that way.
Well, we're supposed to be Americans, and that used to mean something.
The liberty, the freedom, the midnight marches in Sub-Zero, you know, Ticonderoga.
Why do they have ships named that in the military?
Because that's when the Patriots drug, over 60 miles, giant cannons from a fort they took.
You know, huge cannons that weighed thousands and thousands of pounds apiece.
They drug them, and literally,
There were French observers there that their shoes had gotten wet and broken open and literally they were marching, dragging with blood in the snow.
I mean, you talk about dedication, pulling huge cannons, men, because they didn't have enough horses and the horses couldn't do it, men dragging huge cannons literally with bloody feet in the snow with their toes rotting off.
With Frostbite.
I mean, that's what Americans were made out of and now look at us today.
So we're rediscovering that spirit of liberty, aren't we Trevor?
And I think Ron Paul and shows like yours are all helping us to do that.
Trevor, when did you wake up to the Federal Reserve being private and the New World Order and the UN?
When did you find this show?
Probably two years ago.
I think that's pretty accurate.
You know, yeah, especially, you know, there's so much out there, there's so much information.
The thing is, you can find all of the sources and you can see for yourself, so it just, you can't deny that there's a lot wrong.
What was the day you woke up?
I mean, what was the final, I mean, when did you tune into Patriot Radio?
Well, you know, I did see some of the videos out there.
I saw some of your videos, Loose Change, things like that.
I just, you know, when I look at all that, and I see how the media responds to it, and I look at the validity of the questions, I, you know, whether or not, no matter what people decide they want to take on the issues, um, the questions are unanswered, and that's wrong, because we deserve answers.
We deserve the truth.
They're acting very suspicious, aren't they?
Yeah, I mean, if you can't get answers about things, if things that are unconstitutional, you know, are in place, such as the Federal Reserve System, such as NAFTA, all these things, and you realize that these leaders were elected and they swore oaths to defend the Constitution and uphold it, you have to realize that that is a direct contrast.
There's no mistaking that that is absolutely 100% wrong and has to be changed.
Trevor Layman, my friend, stay with us for a final segment to plug the websites for those that are hiding under rocks and haven't seen them.
RonPaulGraphs.com and November 5th.
Ladies and gentlemen, November5th.com.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Trevor Lyman is our guest.
Mr. Lyman is the gentleman who I remember months and months ago seeing a blurb on YouTube saying 5th of November with V-Clips give
I don't know.
The holidays that are coming up, the Liberty holidays, perfectly in December on the 15th and the 16th.
And right now, what plans are being codified?
Just out there in the internet, kind of high brain ether.
Let's recap that for folks that just joined us again.
Trevor Lyman is the gentleman who ran with the bulb and really caused the brush fire and put up the websites and others gave him different pieces of it to help build it at thisnovember5th.com.
Let's see, I guess people are talking about the 15th and the 16th of December.
December 15th because that is the Bill of Rights Day.
Which is obviously essential for us to claim back all of our rights.
And then December 16th, because of the Boston Tea Party, the protest against an illegal and oppressive tax.
And we as well can protest the Federal Reserve inflation tax.
And then as well, on that weekend, it would be great if, as you said, if people basically got their meetups together.
And then the Capitol buildings are great.
Calling the media to meet there.
Hold a big event.
And also to do the Ron Paul sign bomb where we put yard signs especially in all the homes so that we can get them in and just signs everywhere for that day and that weekend and all those things together.
You know, lots of local media coverage of all the meet-up groups.
The signs everywhere to reinforce what the people are hearing in the media and then they see it again.
And the money that we'll raise to prove positive that we mean business and that we're a force to be reckoned with.
Do you agree we should shoot for 10 mil?
That would be great.
I think that we could do it.
I think that people, after seeing this success, will be even more likely to donate next time.
Plus it's two days, and that will create the fever, that will create the crazed attitude of liberty, that spirit of freedom, and then people will see the huge amount raised the first day, and then it will juggernaut into the second.
I predict the second day will dwarf the first.
Quite possibly.
And you know, another thing that people could do is have a yard sale that weekend, a Ron Paul yard sale.
You know, just if you're short on cash and you need to get some money to go into the campaign.
Get out in the front yard.
People used to meet in the town square.
They used to talk in the front yard all day.
They used to know their neighbors.
I mean, just look.
At noon, do the sign bomb everywhere.
Get out and put signs everywhere.
Your yard, the road, signs everywhere.
Then at 2 o'clock, whatever your time zone is, if you're in a capital, that means the main focus, New York, major cities, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, Texas, a big power base for Liberty and Ron Paul, one of the biggest meet-up groups.
It could be awesome.
So I think we're going to make it happen.
And thank you.
I want to thank everybody as well, especially for donating and for pushing the site.
I mean, it was pretty incredible.
It really just took off.
Well, again, this is just a prototype of things to come on the 15th and 16th and then into that weekend with the sign bomb.
And I love that term because it is a war.
It's an info war.
I call it info bombs and info bullets.
And literally realize we're in a war.
There's a war on for your mind.
And realizing there's a war on, it's half the battle.
Then fighting is the second half.
We cannot lose with God's help.
And Trevor Lyman, I salute you, my friend, from the website thisnovemberfifth.com.
We'll talk to you very soon with updates.
Alright, thank you very much for having me on.
Thanks for the time, my friend.
There he goes, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely incredible.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future.
Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Builder Bird.
Doesn't their objective mean world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what happens here.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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I think so.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The solution is in the air!
The sleeping giant that is America is rising!
The New World Order has fear in their eyes!
Commit to their defeat!
Pray before the creator of the universe to give us divine providence in this fight.
We have a candidate who's anti-New World Order, who's introduced legislation to abolish the bankers around this country, the fellow reserve, those destroying our currency, to end these murderous wars, to reclaim our good name worldwide, instead of us being vassals of the globalist 4.2 million, shattering all pre-primary records by over 1 million.
I think?
Answer phone line polls only show he's 9%.
Well, he was 3% in their mainline polls a month ago in New Hampshire.
But Ron Paul has the grassroots support.
He is exploding.
Open lines this hour with Mike Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com.
I want to talk gold.
Approaching 830.
Even higher in gold futures.
I want to discuss how they want to cook a war.
How they could stage a terror attack any time to try to dampen this revolution.
In the mid-1990s, there was a huge patriot movement against the Federal Reserve and the New World Order.
State houses were passing laws against the UN taking over private property.
The international codified zoning laws.
They blew up Oklahoma City to try to demonize the movement.
They will not get away with it.
We've got all the neocons up saying 9-11 troopers are violent and evil and Al-Qaeda with no evidence of it because they're scared.
They're desperate.
We are joining them in battle, toe-to-toe Mortal Kombat with the New World Order and we can only win if we ask God for His guidance and we could be given a reprieve just like Nineveh.
If your phony preachers tell you any other thing, they are a fraud.
They are paid off by the government or by their central
Diocese or by the Southern Baptists, all these groups saying lay down all this and hail World War III and the rest of it.
They want a huge world war, a huge depression to smoke screen the factors of global revolution, not just in the US, but a global revolution against them.
They need to overturn the chessboard, throw a fit, and impose as the emergency reorganizers as a way to maintain control.
And I tell you now that we've got to massively increase our numbers now to try to
I absolutely agree.
We're seeing more and more signs of panic in the reactions of the government to the growing truth movement, to the growing Ron Paul revolution.
And I agree.
They may go ahead and try a new false flag anyway, but I don't think they can pull it off.
I don't think they'll be believed.
I think too many people are already aware that the government has lied about too many things.
And, you know, we're in for some interesting times in the coming months here.
But getting back here to Ron Paul, you know, this fundraising success that he had in the last 24 hours absolutely establishes that this is not some kind of an internet
Hallucination or manufactured illusion by a bunch of hackers and spam bots.
It's very real, the money is very real, and the mainstream media is trying to scramble now.
And as I've commented before, what's at stake here is not just the White House, but from the mainstream media's point of view, their power and prestige... Their whole order, exactly!
They've got to be against Ron Paul and freeze him out because it shows that their whole order is coming to an end.
Absolutely, they can no longer hang on to their role of choosing who candidates will be and who we will get to vote for before we get to vote.
And Ron Paul is proving that they have lost that ability and that power to the internet.
The people are choosing their own candidates.
And by the way, somebody's got to write this down in an article, what you just eloquently said.
That's a whole other caveat that I was thinking about last night, but haven't articulated.
This is about upsetting their whole order.
This is about showing their illusion that they are the magicians, that they are engaged in the fraud, and we're engaged in substantive, deliberative information.
Well, absolutely.
It's something I've written about before.
I will write about it again.
But, you know, when you realize that Voters News Service, that counts the national elections, is owned by key mainstream media corporations, you begin to realize that the mainstream media has been choosing our leaders for us for a long, long time.
And Ron Paul's ascendancy is bringing that to an end.
And this is why the mainstream media hates him.
They don't even care about his politics or the war issue.
He is a threat to their continued domination of the American electoral process.
Let's get down to meat and potatoes.
Ron Paul said this three months ago on this show in an hour-long interview.
I said, sir, I see your trajectory.
I told him this a year ago privately before he even announced that I thought he could really upset things and be a Ross Perot at least that would inject major issues but that he could win.
But I also told him on air, I said, what about the danger of assassination or attempted, you know, something like that?
And he said, he said, look, we know that's a threat, but he goes, you know, I'm 70-something years old.
I'm a veteran.
He said, I'm committed to this.
But he said, we know they kill people.
He said that on air.
And so, we all seem to pray for the Congressman.
Everybody's working with him.
They're going to pull dirty tricks.
They're going to put people in his campaign.
That's why they're having to deliberately keep it small, so that they can't get infiltrated in their core group.
But we've seen all sorts of dirty tricks.
But I think the establishment's beginning to realize that all the dirty tricks they've already tried have blown up in their face.
Yeah, because they're dealing with a much wiser, more skeptical electorate, and I think one of the things we have working for our side in this is that the people in charge of the government's agenda are a bunch of Cold War fossils who are still thinking that the tricks that worked back in the 1950s and 1960s are going to work today, and they have failed to grasp the very profound change
And let's just call it like it is.
We have people in all their organizations, people we don't even know, because it's an idea.
And we have put out the truth, put out the evidence, and a lot of people in intelligence, in the FBI, in the system, aren't openly joining us, but a lot of them actually are, but they are passively sabotaging by not internally supporting all the things they're trying to do by leaking things.
And I see that unraveling exponentially unfolding.
I agree with you, and I think probably one of the reasons we have not seen a false flag attack yet to try and kick off the war in Iran is probably Bush is having a great deal of trouble getting the internal support to go ahead with such a plan.
Probably everybody around him is saying, look, we've already taken it in the teeth for 9-11.
If we try it again, they're going to know we're behind it.
Hey, did you hear the big Dallas Cowboy, five-time Pro Bowler, two-time Super Bowler, by the way, is coming on the show.
Have you heard that
He has gone public.
Robert Baer, top CIA officer, has now gone public and said all the evidence points towards inside job.
We had Martin Sheen last week, another big actor.
We had, you know, the famous comedian going public.
I mean, this is exponential.
Yeah, it is.
It's really starting to grow.
They're beginning to realize.
And one of the things that allows these celebrities to go forward is when the public backs them up.
Because if you remember right after, for example, TWA 800,
Comedians made jokes about sparking the tank and missiles.
They were losing their jobs.
They were being fired off a Saturday Night Live.
What makes the difference is when the public stands up and says, I support Martin Sheen's right to freedom of speech.
Don't you dare try and trash his career, or I will basically not buy your product anymore.
I won't turn on your TV shows.
I won't watch your movies.
And we support freedom of speech by these actors to make these comments.
There is a domino effect.
There is a snowballing happening right now.
Absolutely, and I've been saying for a long time...
You have people write in and call me and say, what can I do?
What can I do to help?
And I say, the best thing you can do is speak out about what you know, because when you speak out, you give everybody around you the courage to speak out.
And then suddenly you say at work, hey, I think 9-11 is an inside job and we should investigate.
And your boss goes, you know, I agree with you.
And the lady down the hall says, yeah, I agree with you.
And then it's okay to talk now.
And now that chilling effect has been broken and Americans are talking again.
It is now perfectly acceptable to say, I think the government was behind 9-11.
And the people who still don't want to believe it, they'll shrug and they'll say, well, okay, but they realize they're now a minority.
What do you think about We Are Change and the Infowarriors now every day confronting politicians, media people, that also, you know, that aggressive going and getting in their face and bringing up issues in a focused way?
I mean, that's got them rattled.
Absolutely, because, you know, all these leaders at the very top of Congress and the administration and everything, they've got a lot of underlings who are basically, they got their jobs by being yes-men.
And I'm sure a lot of them are saying, oh yes, we've got it under control, we've got the lid on, the cover-up is in place, don't worry about it.
So when ordinary citizens get in their face and challenge them on this stuff over and over and over again, whether they're in the media, they're in the Congress,
It's sending a message.
No, the cover-up didn't work.
We do know that we have been messed around with, and that's a polite way of putting it, with 9-11, with the war in Iraq, the war in Iran, and we need to continue to rattle their confidence, because if we shake their confidence, that's one more reason for them not to try the next big
Well, how big was it two weeks ago when FEMA got caught having a fake press conference and having a hundred employees dressed up like reporters with notepads?
I mean, folks!
Come on!
The shadow government can't even put that on!
I'm telling the globalists, don't do it!
Don't nuke the city!
Don't release the bioweapon!
It's going to blow up in your face!
Absolutely it will, and again, this gets back to what I was saying before.
Back in the 1950s and 60s, these kind of stunts worked, because the media went along with it, there was nobody to basically game-say it and say, look, this is a crock, okay?
But now, with the age of the alternative media and the internet, when these things get exposed, it's all over the place, and they can't
Stop it.
And it's like this story is just breaking now.
They had a hidden camera at the George Washington University to try and find who was painting swastikas on these doors, and it turned out to be a Jewish student.
Well, normally, years past, that would have never seen the light of day.
Now it's all over the Internet.
Stay there, Mike Rivero.
Your call's coming up right here on the one and only GCN Radio Network.
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Erosion accelerates.
Mainline talk show hosts are trying to hold on to their support of the conservative movement, keeping focus on the Republican agenda and playing into the hand of the globalists.
Dr. Corsi interviewed Robert Pastor of the American University.
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Day after day Alone on a hill The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still But nobody wants to know him They can see that he's just a fool
I want to go into in-depth Ron Paul analysis in the next hour.
I've got a lot of notes here and I'll even keep Rivera over if he can.
He has a very busy schedule on television.
But if you can, that's fine.
And open phones all throughout the rest of the show, starting at the bottom of the hour coming up.
We've got war news, financial news, all this we have to cover.
Now we get all happy, we get giddy, there's a major revolution going on.
But understand, people are also moving because they know the time is short.
They know the new order is moving against us.
They know things are serious.
Mike, most mainline analysts say super recession.
We've already been in one for about a year, but super recession, by the middle of next year, it could even go depressionary.
I pray that isn't the case, but I have a responsibility to get on air and tell people the truth.
Do you concur with my analysis that we are in a deep recession and that we already see upwards of 20% inflation?
You know, publicly the big firms say 13.6.
The Federal Reserve says 2% or less, which is ridiculous.
Can you speak to that, or what do you see happening in the economy?
Well, I absolutely agree with you.
The economy is in very, very bad shape right now.
I know this is the time of the cycle when the incumbent administration tries to patch things up and make it look good going into a major election year.
But especially as we head into the Christmas shopping season, the warning indicators are out there.
Everyone's talking, of course, about the credit crisis.
I don't think there's a credit crisis.
We can all borrow money.
I'm getting, like, you know, five or six offers for new credit cards in the mail every single day.
The problem is a repayment crisis, because the high-paying jobs that would allow Americans to meet the payments on their mortgages, meet their credit card payments, all those jobs have gone overseas, encouraged, in some cases tax-subsidized, by the current administration.
So, really the issue is that the ordinary, average American working class family is really caught in this terrible vice between rising taxes
And cost of living on one side and on the other, the decline in the American workers' average wages and salaries, and they're caught in the middle, and a lot of people are really feeling the pinch.
We're seeing an epidemic of foreclosures running across the country right now.
And at the same time, you know, these commercials we're seeing on TV about getting ready for the Christmas shopping season, it's almost a joke to see those on the air right now.
You know, I think one of the reasons why the Federal Reserve is dumping these billions and billions into the credit market right now is an attempt to get people to go ahead and borrow just a little bit more money for that retail season.
Because, as you know, the holiday shopping season, basically one-third of the annual profits of all the retail corporations comes from that holiday shopping season.
You know, they're trying to kick that off and get people to go into debt just a little bit more to buy a few more little... I heard Paul Gooding two weeks ago, Treasury Secretary, say, told the banks to give triple mortgages to people who have no jobs and can't pay.
And at the same time, two months ago, two and a half months ago, as you know, they cut off the big, you know, the big super lenders, the central banks cut off buying corporate paper, the loans and jumbo loans and subprimes.
They cut all those off.
Let it stack up!
Yeah, it is, and it really goes back for quite a long time with reckless borrowing, not by ordinary citizens, by the government, which has really created such a huge debt crisis for itself.
That inevitably, you know, they take tax money in, they give less back.
This forces the states to borrow, and as the states borrow more and are unable to give less back to their people, eventually that indebtedness trickles down because more and more people are being forced to borrow just to live.
We've got people out here who are putting their mortgage payments on their credit cards, trying to last until hopeful better times a couple of months off.
Of course, we all know that those better times are a little bit further off than that.
And this is one of the reasons we're seeing so many people go into foreclosure.
They've just kept borrowing and borrowing to keep things going along, just as the government does.
But unlike the government, we can't print up our own money to pay off our debtors.
We have to go out and try and find jobs which aren't there.
Uh, to try and earn real money and real worth to pay our indebtedness.
Meanwhile, of course, the government and the Federal Reserve just print up whatever they need to make their books valid.
And it's really got, uh, America caught in a vice grip.
Stay there, the Ron Paul revolution goes into hyper-warb.
On the other side, your phone calls.
1-800-259-9231, truthnews.us We're on the march.
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This will be a day you won't remember.
Ron Paul, 4.2 million yesterday, and now you have the new attack pattern.
You've been given your orders from headquarters.
Go to the sound of the guns, ladies and gentlemen.
December 15th, Bill of Rights Day.
December 16th, the Boston Tea Party.
Ten million dollars will be raised for Congressman Ron Paul.
We're going to more than double the feat that was accomplished.
The all-time record in free primary one-day giving.
And it came from donations an average of $41.
You did it, America!
One more strike at the heart of the globalists.
And now you realize, many of you who didn't have any faith, that we can stand up against this evil.
That we stop listening to those that tell us a fairy tale that we can't fight evil.
That we can't resist the new world order!
We are living history!
And this is only the beginning!
A lot of people, I love football, I love baseball, but it's tribalism.
It's stylized tribalism.
That's why you get so excited and yell and scream.
And then you hear somebody yell and scream about liberty and freedom and ending evil wars and shaving our currency and saving our children's future.
And you hear me yell and scream and get fired up.
That's what those instincts are really for!
That's what it's really all about!
Can't you feel the spirit of liberty literally rising?
I'm excited!
Your calls, loaded phones, coming up in just a few minutes with Mike Rivera from WhatReallyHappened.com.
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And so we can reach more people, and every time we are effectively attacked, we create a new website.
We're always expanding what we do here.
I believe in multiplying, increasing our attack profile with our incredible weapon, the truth.
Ladies and gentlemen, the enemy has its little secret weapon, lies, but we have exposed them for the liars they are, liars from the beginning.
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So I hope you'll bring your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, your pastor, your rabbi, whatever, your imam, people who have a voice in the community.
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It is really in your hands, ladies and gentlemen, just like with this Ron Paul revolution.
I mean, I'm not tootin' my horn, but look at how I woke up, Luke Rudowsky, and look what he's done, and who he's woken up, and now what you've done.
I'm just one person.
This is an example.
I was the first to talk about 9-11.
Mike Rivera was right there.
How do you say first?
Like, ten guys invented radio the same week.
He simultaneously was reporting it.
But we were there at the first, and now look at it.
It's kosher to talk about.
It's mainline.
It's the majority know we were lied to.
And it's the same thing with all of this.
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What if you took action?
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Now, I'm overly excited today.
It's because we should be excited.
I am excited.
By the way, big show tomorrow.
Big show tomorrow.
A lot of surprises.
I'm just going to tell you that right now.
I want to get to calls, and we're going to do that here in just a moment.
And then, Mike, I forgot to ask you during the break.
Can you stay 15 minutes to the next hour?
Yes, I can.
Okay, great, because I know I belabor things.
I don't want to have time to take calls.
Analysis of Ron Paul and the phenomenon.
Any other angles we haven't covered before we go to Bart and Buzz and John and others?
Well, again, I think the idea of what you said before, we all need to sort of back up Ron Paul, not just financially, but looking forward to a time when he might actually win the White House.
He's going to be facing a Congress which is still going to have a great many people who oppose him, who's going to oppose his policies.
And so, getting Ron Paul the nomination and getting him elected is really only the first part of our commitment.
We're going to have to stand with him and glare at the Congress along with him and say, you do what this guy that we put in the White House says, or your jobs are gone the next election.
Now, we did prove that in November of 2006.
Sadly, we proved it with the Democratic Congress, who did not live up to our expectations, who basically betrayed us.
Because we put them into Congress.
Yeah, now the Democrats aren't even talking about leaving Iraq.
I mean, think of these traitors and liberals out there.
How dare you continue to support that dirtbag Hillary and the dirtbag Obama and Richardson and all those dirtbags.
Mike, talk about it.
Well, Nancy Pelosi, first and foremost, the instant she became Speaker of the House, the first thing she said was impeachment is off the table.
By the way, her daughter was paid to the Republicans to produce that documentary about him and she's always lovey-dovey on Bush.
It's disgusting.
It absolutely is, because, you know, it really made it very clear that no matter what we, the people, want, once they get into Congress, they're listening to other interests, they're listening to the lobbies, certainly they're listening to the Israeli lobby, which even today is cheering on the Iran war, and saying that the IAEA inspectors are working for Iran when they say that there is no nuclear weapon program.
It's the same stuff that we saw in the run-up to the war in Iraq when... You just changed the last letter!
It's the exact same propaganda!
It absolutely is, and it's almost a sign of their arrogance that they think the same thing is going to work a second time.
And this goes back to what I said earlier about these Cold War fossils, thinking this is what worked before, we'll just do it again and keep on going.
And yet, certainly this time, you know, yes, the mainstream media is continuing to parrot the official line on Iran, with a few notable exceptions, but as far as the American people are concerned, we're not buying this.
We know it's a crock this time around.
And it's almost insulting that they think that we're going to go for this a second time.
It really is insulting and arrogant on their part.
And for the Democrats to have won
Control of Congress on an anti-war platform, and then the instant they get in the door, they do an about-face and say, well, yes, Iraq is necessary, and even more than Iraq, we've got to go into Iran.
Now we're beginning to hear the first little whispers of propaganda against Saudi Arabia and other countries.
It really is a global war.
This is the start of World War III, and this time, we're the Nazis.
We're starting it, because Bush and his buddies, and hey, look at President Bush's grandfather's good buddy, Adolf Hitler.
You know, it's just all, hey, we think this is a good way to do it, we're going to try it here.
And that's what they're doing right now.
Meanwhile, Cheney gave a speech last week and literally looked like he was dead.
He looked like a reanimated corpse.
I mean, he looks like somebody, I've seen dead people in a hospital bed and they die, and he looked like a dead person.
Yeah, well, I imagine it's probably very rough on that heart of his to be wrecking the country and have to live with that.
Or maybe not.
But, yeah, I think the strain is showing on all of them.
They know they have not achieved what they set out to achieve.
And they like fooling us and people loving them.
They know people know they're murderers, 9-11.
They know we see them for what they are now.
They hate it.
Yeah, absolutely.
They're very angry that we weren't as easy to fool as they thought they were going to be.
And more than that, they realize that if there's a major social upheaval in this country, they're all going to be standing trial for war crimes.
You know, at the court of the people, they'll be sent to the Hague, or maybe they won't even get out of the country to the Hague.
We'll just take care of it ourselves.
But they're looking back at history, and they're looking at how Mussolini fell.
They're looking at how Charles I got into trouble.
Yeah, Ceausescu, Louis XVI, they're realizing that an angry population can and will remove the government by force, if necessary, and that the regime... Well, that's why they funded the John Warner Defense Authorization Act for Martial Law, and it says, for the American people, that's a declaration of war against us!
Absolutely, and this new one about the radicalism and extreme terrorism, that's... Yeah, Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.
Radicalization Prevention Act.
Now we have pre-crime.
Yeah, absolutely.
This is absolutely prosecuting people for merely thinking that the government is not doing a wonderful job.
Let's take some calls.
Martin, California, you're first up.
This is just amazing.
Go ahead.
Two very, very quick points and I'll get off.
Thank you.
Point number one, I'd like to emphasize the importance of people to remember that during the days that this presidential election is actually occurring,
It's going to become paramount, premier importance, to find some way to ensure that the vote count is accurate.
That will be the number one most important issue for all of us.
Well, I agree.
We need to really get, if people aren't informed on those subjects, they need to do a crash course.
There's major election fraud going on.
But again, if they cheat Paul, that'll be another big learning experience.
See, either way we win, right Mike?
Yeah, absolutely.
You see, vote fraud is only going to work for a few percentage points shift.
If there is an overwhelming landslide for Ron Paul, and that gets reversed inside those electronic voting machines, nobody's going to believe the election results.
And that's, I think, when you'll start to really see a real revolution start to take hold in the country.
Now, you're absolutely right, we need to hold their feet to the fire on the vote fraud.
These people who have got the power, they're going to do anything to hang on to it.
Like Alex, I'm very concerned about Ron Paul being assassinated or
Uh, crippled somehow to prevent him from running, but they're going to do anything that they need to do to keep him out.
Now, we've all been wondering about these weird polls in the mainstream media where the favored candidates have 20-30% and Ron Paul has 2 or 3 or maybe 9.
We finally found out why that's been happening.
The polls being conducted by the mainstream media don't even list Ron Paul.
So that 2-3% they're getting are respondents saying, well, I'm going to vote for Ron Paul and I don't care if he's on your list.
And that's why they're reporting such low numbers.
Yeah, they're basically riding him and letting him in the running.
What was your second point, sir?
Yes, most Americans have forgotten what it looks like when the voices of dissent in an entire nation are shut down overnight by force.
This is why it's very important to observe Pakistan right now because anybody that thinks this cannot happen in America, have a good look.
I believe that there's a very good chance that a blanket nationwide gun turn-in order may occur at some point in the near future.
When this happens, the only appropriate response for all Americans is a certain specific type of hand gesture.
That is my point.
Thank you very much, and God bless both of you for all you do.
Here's the difference.
Pakistan has a history of continual military dictatorships for over 2,000 years.
If they try that, and they certainly put the whole system, the whole mechanism in place, but it is, again, they can't even put on a fake news conference, right?
I mean, they can strategically, in their strategia, carry out, in their stratagem, an 9-11, but again, that was years of planning, and they screwed that up.
People say, well, we would find out.
It would come out.
They'd mess up.
We did find out.
And so, I don't want them to pull all this, but, Mike,
I see them losing on every front.
They are losing.
They are.
We're seeing the signs of panic and desperation.
Of course, cornered animals are the most dangerous.
And, you know, there's always the possibility of somebody just saying, well, I'm going to try anyway, and it's a long shot, but history is made on these desperate moves, and they could try something really, really stupid.
But I don't think the American people are going to fall for a new 9-11.
I don't think they're going to fall for another fake terror attack.
I think if somebody tries it, it's going to produce an actual backlash.
Where even those American people who just don't want to be involved in this, they're gonna say, I have to do something about this because now it's my children's lives that are going to be affected by this.
I've got to buzz John, Mark, Dick, everybody, we're going to get to you, but I've got to ask you this question.
I want your take on it.
We know CENTCOM, and they've paid billions also for fake bloggers and people, and this has come out in the news, to go out and bury stories and cover stuff up and spam this info and lie, but it's so obvious now, and then they have copycatters that kind of repeat it and regurgitate little mental patients.
For the average propagandist, or the military propaganda people, or the PR propaganda people, I mean, they really lost the moral initiative, and they know they're the bad guys, and they've got to be scared too, and I... I mean, it's almost like the propaganda they put out is like they want to be caught.
What would you say the mindset is of the average propagandist out there, mid-level, and then what would you say to them about what they're doing?
Well, I think the thing to remember is, if you think about, like, a magician who does magic tricks, once the audience gets a sense that something has happened, they don't even need to know exactly what.
The whole illusion is lost.
And what the problem the propagandists are facing is now, is that the public knows they're there.
They're really only effective if the public doesn't know that they're there.
If they think that people writing this opinion is just another ordinary citizen.
But now that the public knows that the government does pay public relations firms to put these fake bloggers out there, they're going to be more critical about what they're reading online, they're going to be more critical about what they're hearing and seeing, and I for one, and I know you do too, I trust the American people to sort out for themselves what's true and what are lies,
I don't need to stand up and say, this is what you must think, and this is what you must do, which is what you will see as almost the hallmark of everything that the propagandists are putting out, is attempting to continue to decide for the reader or listener what they're going to think and what they're going to say, and to browbeat them into conformity with the agenda.
And now that people recognize these as the signs of a propagandist, it really isn't working anymore.
I don't
That person doing the shouting has to be working for the competition.
So when you see that happening online in the various blogs, where people come in to cause trouble and argue and shout insults, you're dealing usually with a paid propagandist.
But that individual, they must feel like a pile of... slime.
I mean, ugh!
Imagine taking... They think they're James Bond.
This music is very appropriate.
They dream that they're James Bond.
They think it's real cute, and it's not funny, and you're working for murderers, and we're gonna beat you.
You understand?
And you know what you're scared, you chicken necks.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Isn't their objective to be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress in the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they have to lose.
Order In Game on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
In Game, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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Hey Alex, good to be on with you.
Thanks for calling.
I wanted to make a point that I'm very excited about what's happening with Ron Paul.
I think it's phenomenal.
But we need to make sure that we're doing more than simply donating money to his campaign.
Because we need to approach this from different directions.
I'm concerned that the more excitement that he generates,
And the more popular that he becomes, we're going to be backing them into a corner, the neocons, into a corner, and I could see another false flag, which would allow them to suspend elections.
Justice must be done, or the heavens fall.
Well, absolutely.
But we need to look at it from multiple directions.
So one thing that we should look at, and people should be aware of, is the danger of having their money in some of these big banks, like Bank of America.
They have derivatives exposure that
Could easily bring down those banks.
So what we need to be doing is pulling our money out of those banks.
Sticking it into local banks.
Ideally putting it into junk silver or into silver or other things.
But we need to get our money out of that system because that money is a tool for them.
And we need to get it away from them, even though they're a rogue.
But it's kind of like Siamese twins.
We're totally bound in and wired into them.
I mean, I agree people should diversify.
And nobody thought that Citigroup, the biggest bank in the world, would be in trouble.
And they are.
Mike Rivero comments.
Well, I tend to agree.
It is by design that we're sort of hooked into this debt, fiat currency system.
On the other hand, I think right now it's definitely very prudent to take as much money as you can afford to out of your bank accounts, put them into gold, put them into euros even, put them into any kind of an alternative wealth preservation mechanism where you're not going to get dragged down.
See, here's the problem.
When government sets the worth of the dollar, which is the system we have now, not the system we started with,
But the system we have now, the government can arbitrarily set the worth of the dollar, and as the dollar gets driven down, your worth gets driven down by the actions of the government and the Federal Reserve.
So right now, as we see the dollar going into decline, yes, it makes very common sense to take any surplus cash that you have right now out of the bank, put it into gold, put it into silver, even swap it for euros, and just hang on to it.
Because already we're seeing, you know, gold is at 822.50 right now.
And this can happen overnight.
We're already seeing a plunge of the dollar, about a half a cent each week now.
That is a plunge, folks.
And we're already seeing gold just in oil, everything go up, anything that's a real item.
And again, the general public still hasn't quite figured this out.
The minute they do, it's curtains.
And it's kind of a catch-22.
I mean, I know this is a powerful broadcast.
I want to tell you the truth, but I almost feel like I'm slitting all our throats by even admitting that we're on the edge of a depression.
But it's not.
We didn't engineer it.
They did it.
So what do you do, Mike?
You need to take care of yourself.
The government made this mess.
The government's going to have to deal with it without our support and without our faith.
Uh, and we have to do what is good for us.
I agree.
Thank you, Mark, from Virginia.
Dick in Denver, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call and thank you for doing what you're doing here, Alex.
I really appreciate it.
You know, I've already watched the local newscast here.
The new newscast will start in our time.
Uh, in the country here in a couple of minutes.
And what I would suggest is what I've already done is call into your local news stations and tell them you want coverage.
How come there's no coverage on Ron Paul's success and on his campaign?
Yeah, each one of those calls in campaign generation is worth thousands of dollars.
It's key to call media and let them know what you want covered.
That is very effective.
Stay there.
Stay there, Dick from Denver, and we're going to go to many, many others who are patiently holding at 1-800-259-9231.
Mike Rivera will be with us until about 20 after in the next hour, taking calls.
We're going to rocket through your calls.
On the other side, we're now getting to them at 1-800-259-9231.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7600.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we're celebrating.
We're back at 4.2 million, breaking all previous pre-primary numbers by any candidate, any party.
Thanks to Internet activists taking action.
The first hour, we interviewed Mr. Lyman who really got it all going.
Mike Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com is our guest right now.
We're taking calls from Dick and Frank and Larry and many others that are holding.
Dick, you were bringing up the fact of calling local media and saying, hey, I want you to cover Ron Paul.
I want you to cover the fact that this happened.
And if they do, that's tens of thousands more that'll wake up.
Now, any other comments you've got, and then Mike Rivera, bring him up for any comments he's got.
Well, if your listeners have grabbed a pencil, I'm going to give a couple of Pelosi's phone number and the White House phone number real quick.
But yeah, make those phone calls, get on the computer, send out those emails.
Reuters has a story about Ron Paul's success.
You know, email that to all your local news people and get out there and get the word out to everyone else because if we really put pressure on them, they're going to have to make some kind of a comment.
And real quickly, if I may,
The office of the Speaker of the House, her phone number is area code 202-225-0100 and the White House comment line is area code 202-456-1111.
Call those people and tell them what you think about the new world order.
I'm looking for a new, improved world order, and you're bringing it to us, Alex.
I appreciate what you and your people are doing.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Richard.
Mike, comments on that?
Well, I would add one thing to that, and that is that right now is a good time to start writing letters to your local newspapers again, because I've noticed just in the last couple of weeks, even as reports of decline in circulation continue, more newspapers seem willing to publish letters from people who are espousing
Well, that's because the head of the AP at a big international media conference, all the execs got up and said, look, we have to embrace other ideas.
He said, quote, we have to stop being gatekeepers or we will be destroyed.
By the way, that's a quote.
I never even covered that last week.
He came out and said we're gatekeepers and that's killing us.
They're admitting it!
Well, we're seeing it.
I'm already seeing it in the newspapers.
So, your listeners out there, get out that word processor, send letters to your local newspapers saying, I support Ron Paul, I'm opposed to the war, I want our returning soldiers taken care of.
Whatever's on your mind, get it out there because the newspapers are starting to publish those letters now.
Mike, what does that mean?
I mean, I've got my own view, but what does it mean when they... That was about two weeks ago.
I didn't even cover it.
I saw the article and read his quotes, and a bunch of other execs saying the same thing.
That sounds like capitulation when they say, okay, we'll stop quote being gatekeepers because everyone hates us now.
I mean, that's incredible!
Well, I don't think it's a case of whether or not they're being gatekeepers.
They're just being profit-minded.
No, no, no.
They said gatekeepers.
I mean, the head of the AP said, we've been gatekeepers.
They don't trust us.
We've got to stop being gatekeepers.
That's a quote.
Well, it is a capitulation.
It's a recognition that the Internet and alternative media is now driving the news cycle inside the United States, and the longer they pretend otherwise, it's only going to hurt them.
By the way, he even said that!
He went on and said, the longer we deny this and wish for the past, the worse it's going to be.
Mike, man, that's exactly what he said!
Well, I missed that, and I'm sorry I did, because I would have thrown a party if I'd heard that, but yeah, absolutely, that's what's happening, and we're seeing it, and we're probably going to see it happening with the TV shows, and with the radio programs as well on the mainstream.
They're recognizing that they're not in control of the news anymore, and they have to cover what is on the internet, or it's obvious they're not covering it, and people are just tuning them out.
You know, I have stories every day like that that I never get to that are so huge.
We should have done articles on it at Prison Planet and Truth News and the rest of it, but maybe we shouldn't now.
But I mean, that's cause for celebration right there, my friend.
I absolutely agree.
It means we're basically winning.
We're winning the war for the minds of America.
The high ground is on the Internet and on the alternative media.
It is no longer over on the regular TV network.
It's here, we're at the peak of it, and we're winning.
We're winning the war for the minds of America.
I agree, but we're at the peak of this peak.
We're at the jump point to the next level.
Prepare for a warp, ladies and gentlemen.
Strap yourselves in.
We're going to the next level.
Toe-to-toe combat with the New World Order.
It is a big idea.
A New World Order.
In the near future.
Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights makes great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order In Game on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
In Game, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, let's try to run through your calls quickly.
I did find the article, AP, the News Gatekeeper.
The CEO of the Associated Press, Tom Curley, gave a speech to a group of news executives, calling on them to drop their antiquated ways, learn to embrace the new opportunities of the internet, and you can find the quotes.
And most notably, ditch the mindset of being a gatekeeper of the news.
I'm trying to find the original AP article, all the quotes.
I've found blogs and places with quotes out of it.
For some reason I typed AP head gatekeeper and it didn't come up in the news, it came up on the web.
Let's go ahead and talk to Frank in Connecticut.
Frank, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, guys, how you doing?
I just wanted to call and send a phone call out to the Marios and the Troys who always talk about things that you talk about that will never happen.
I go on to check my mail today.
Mainstream, right on Yahoo!
home page, and there's an article, RFID chips in school uniforms tracking students this week.
This is in a UK school.
And it talks about, uh, add the RFID chips to increase video surveillance and fingerprinting of kids.
And this is a heavily tracked generation for safety's sake, it says.
I just feel like this is, like you talk about the conditioning, if you just keep putting it out in front of the public, like torture in 24, that it's just going to get to the point where everybody's just going to give in.
I remember reading 10 years ago, the Pentagon designed it all, everybody with tracker chips in our clothes, our products, it's a military design grid, and we just read what they say and we're called conspiracy nuts.
Mike Rivera.
Yeah, absolutely.
This is definitely habituating the population to constant surveillance and tracking.
Which, of course, will never be applied to the elites.
It's just for us cattle down here in the pens.
Anything else, caller?
Yeah, yeah.
One more quick point.
It says how small they can make them.
Literally the size of a speck of dust.
And there is a sentence in here that says, does this mean we should be watching what we eat in case of some James Bond-style pepper shaker swap?
And I know you've talked about RFID chips in food and possibly being in those.
Well, that's because the Pentagon said they were going to do it.
Look, the Pentagon's owned by foreign banks.
They see us as a conquered population.
We're here to be used as human resources, Mike.
Yeah, agreeable.
I mean, all governments have the same objective, which is to extract the maximum amount of workforce or work product out of their population for the least amount of upkeep.
And as the government starts pushing its people more and more, they get scared of revolt, of rebellion.
And this is where this desire to track everybody and monitor everybody and watch everybody is coming from, because they know we're getting close to the point of a stampede out here.
And they're trying to figure out ways to prevent it from happening.
You're absolutely right.
Alright, thank you so much for the call, Frank in Connecticut.
Great call.
Send me that article.
Larry in Louisiana.
You're on the air with Mike Rivero.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, this is pretty funny.
I was listening to you on your frequency there and I just happened to switch over to 12-160, which is another live frequency happening at the same time you're broadcasting.
There's a fella called Larry Bates and I hear Ron Paul, he's playing soundbite to Ron Paul saying I don't think we need a constitutional amendment about marriage.
And so then Larry Bates says, well Ron Paul is not for a constitutional amendment so he might be for gay marriage.
Well, that guy's an admitted Republican Party operative.
The jig's already up.
Why even tune into it?
I'm fully aware.
I heard that guy years ago say that I was making up Bohemian Grove.
I mean, look, there's all these fake conservatives who were there to keep conservatives neutralized.
Ron Paul has said the feds have no business in what states do, and a constitutional amendment
Would bring federal control into what people do in their personal lives.
Ron Paul believes marriage should be marriage between a man and a woman, but he says the government shouldn't even be in people's business.
And so they try to twist everything he does, like on abortion.
He's got a perfect score, he's against abortion, but he says it's a state matter.
If the states had their way, it would be restricted.
It would be banned.
So I mean, again, it's all spin.
They would have us believe George Bush
Open border, crippling the size of government, gun control, all of that is conservative.
It just doesn't work anymore.
So let them continue to commit political suicide.
You know, the media, the fake conservatives, National Review, all of them.
Let them continue to crash and burn.
They just can't shut up.
They're so arrogant, they keep thinking they can shovel this baloney.
And the jig's up.
So I appreciate your call, Mike Rivera.
Well, absolutely.
The thing to keep in mind is that Ron Paul is going to make the 2008 election about one issue, and that is ending the war.
And, of course, for all those other candidates who want the war to go on, they're desperate to find any other issue that they can divert and distract people onto.
And so you're going to hear all about gay marriage, you're going to hear about immigration, you're going to hear about global warming, you're going to hear about all these other issues that they're going to try and drag people onto
Because the one issue they know they're going to lose on is the continuation of the war in Iraq and the beginning of a war in Iran.
So you're going to be out there manufacturing any other issue they can in the hopes of pulling you off what is really important.
This is a one-issue election, people.
The issue is the war, and right now Ron Paul is the only main running candidate who is going to try and shut that war down.
I've heard these fake conservatives, there's a whole gaggle of them, and it's just so disgusting, the sicky sweet good ol' boy act.
And it's just disgusting.
I mean, sometimes you just want to vomit on these people.
I'm so sick of them.
Hillary disgusts me with all the fake liberals supporting her.
What is wrong with the grassroots?
But I guess a lot of them are waking up too, but not fast enough.
Well, I don't know how much real grassroots there is.
I mean, we're already seeing in Hillary's campaign a lot of donations coming in that look like they're from grassroots, but then you try and track them back and they get to dead-end addresses and all these other issues.
Chinese generals, it's all illegal, you know.
There's a lot of very questionable money.
Yeah, yeah.
You go back and you look at her husband's campaign and how four key fundraisers all died sudden after he won the election.
Uh, to make sure that there could never be an investigation of just where a lot of that money came from.
We're seeing the same thing with Hillary's campaign.
You're an evil liberal bashing Bill Clinton.
It's conservative to support him now.
But the word's also out now that the Fox News has been behind Hillary consulting for giving her money.
And so they're in deep trouble there.
Well, yeah, it is, but they're going to keep on pushing until it's really obvious that the American people are just not listening to them anymore, which is we're beginning to start to see that recognition in the media.
They're desperate to find some way to win the viewers back, and when you combine that with the double whammy of the writer's strike going on right now, all the TV networks are looking at a huge loss of viewership over the coming months.
Glenn in Kansas, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, I've just experienced some police state activity.
Now what happened?
Well at about, right around 11 o'clock I had stopped in at this business that does audio and I wanted to see if I could get some magnets, some old magnets out of some speakers to make my own home wind generator since I powered my amateur radio station off of that.
And I just checked the dumpster and I'm out talking with the guy about his scooter and out of the corner of my eye I see black uniforms coming at me with fully automatic weapons and they immediately started screaming to get down on the ground so I complied and I kind of I was expecting some of this to happen at some time in my life.
And here I find myself face down.
What was it all about?
I guess they were doing a drug bust.
And this was their drug task force in Junction City, Kansas.
Which is what they ship in to begin with.
Again, they introduce the crises and then they offer the solution.
Well, you know, I made the point years ago, and I forgot to make the point really in a few years, and I heard Mark Cornyn yesterday on the radio making the point very well.
Remember in Red October, just 15 years ago or so, when they're about to defect and the first mate of the captain's going, when I get to America, will I be able to have a car, live in Montana where I'd like to live?
I will travel to different states.
They let you travel without internal papers, right?
But see, they can't show stuff like that anymore because people go, wait a minute, that's starting to happen here.
Or the old 50s and 60s and 70s movies where
The secret police steal your furniture, steal your money, and then they take it for themselves in forfeiture seizure, and guys in black uniforms that come in the middle of the night.
I mean, that's all right down the checklist of hardcore tyranny, but it's all for our safety, and spies, and tattletales, and cameras, and snitches.
I mean, they're really trying to turn us into the state, aren't they, Mike?
Yeah, they absolutely are.
There was this declaration made in Pakistan, the emergency suspension of civil rights, and going down the list of all the rights that have been suspended, and it just hit me.
We've got the same thing happening here.
It's slower, it's more subtle, nobody's paying attention to it because it wasn't an overnight thing.
But yeah, we've lost much of our right to freedom of speech because of hate legislation.
We've lost our right to peaceably assemble if we're protesting the government.
Now we have free speech zones.
Anything else you'd like to add, Glenn, about what happened to you?
How did all this end?
Well, the way it went, they took my name, and of course, I'm a city employee, I'm a firefighter, matter of fact, I'm the one that sent you the FEMA tapes.
Oh, the Founding Fathers are terrorists, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
And of course, they keep you handcuffed, they question you, they search you, they bring the dog out, go around your vehicle, and then, oh, you're free to go.
And I asked them twice.
You're not going to shoot me.
And I didn't get a single answer from any of them.
The SWAT teams are in roving bands, just like in the Soviet Union.
Well, they have now.
Just frothing and feeding on people.
Meanwhile, the illegals pour across drugs everywhere.
Dribble the heroin, double the cocaine.
Bigger the war gets, more drugs, more prisons.
Corrupt cops dealing schmack and flake everywhere.
Mike, let me keep you five more minutes on the other side so we have time to talk to
A few final callers for you.
I'm going to recap Ron Paul's analysis of record-breaking information and then some financial news and other information.
Stay with us.
It's like nothing else on earth.
From the Romans through the Renaissance, from the Industrial Age to the Space Age, gold has weathered the test of time.
For 6,000 years, gold has remained the ultimate store of wealth.
According to the World Gold Council and the U.S.
We're good to go.
We're good.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know there's a secret group that wants the government to spend itself in the bankruptcy?
Did you know that current President Bush has the largest percentage of increase in spending than any Democrat has ever had?
38% higher than Bill Clinton's highest budget.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
We've routed empires before!
We can do it again!
In 1814 we took a little trip along with Colonel Jackson down to mighty Mississippi.
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans.
We fired our guns and the British kept a-comin'.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they began to run it on down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.
Down a river and we see the British come And there must have been a hundred of them beatin' on the drum They stepped so high and they made their bugles ring We stood beside our cotton fields and didn't say a thing We fired our guns and the British kept a-comin' There wasn't as many as there was a while ago We fired once more and they began to runnin' On down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico
And we're now in the Info War, trying to avert the physical war.
And these parasites won't stop.
We're not your slaves.
Let's go to New Zealand, talk to Dan, then John in Amsterdam and others.
Dan from New Zealand, you're on the air with Mike Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com.
Go ahead.
Greetings to you both and your listeners around your nation and around the world.
I'm just calling to confirm my active participation in both supporting and financially contributing to Ron Paul's campaign if I am legally entitled to do so.
I think it's so important for both the survival of your nation and the spreading of liberty and democracy around the world.
What would have happened worldwide if people would have gotten involved from outside the country to stop Hitler before he took full power?
Well, that's definitely a question that is worthy of debate.
You know, on the other hand, I'm a little hesitant.
I appreciate the sentiment, but I think one of the reasons that our country's in the mess that it's in is we've had another country sending money in to elect certain candidates
Uh, to our government, and that's one of the big reasons we're in a little bit of a mess.
But sometimes the cure is more of the poison.
I'm just, you know, spreading the word, blogs, emails, I mean, it's certainly helping.
Yeah, absolutely, definitely spreading the word, and if you want to participate that way, uh, and I think the world has a right as grassroots individuals to try to get the word out about liberty, because our country's been grabbed by the bad guys, and they're using it now as a weapon against them.
I would agree with that part, definitely.
Anything else from New Zealand, my friend?
Yes, at first I found it overwhelming, and now I'm just fully inspired by the events that have taken place in your nation, and to fight against what is this war against the New World Order, and I've seen it just starting to spread into this nation, and I am now committed
Well, that's another point.
Torture and war and government suppressing has spread because they say, hey, America does it.
This is the opposite.
If we take this country back, this is spurring people worldwide to try the same thing in their country.
I do think this is going global.
It all starts from the United States.
That's where the core of liberty and democracy is.
God bless you, sir.
Call back again.
Mike, you wanted to comment?
Just, I would agree.
This is a global revolution, and America is taking the lead.
You're right.
A lot of America's allies in the so-called War on Terror have been following the same tactics, the same methods, the same political repressions, and absolutely in agreement that if we can reverse the situation here in the United States, we're going to see the same trend continue around the world.
John in Amsterdam.
Last caller with Mike Rivero.
Go ahead.
Yes, thank you for allowing me to speak.
I have some excellent tips for the one poll
If you're going to use Google and search for Laptop Brigade and then Ron Paul, you will be amazed what they did.
It's an excellent tip.
And the other tip is Google your own city and where you live in America and combine that with the name Ron Paul and go meet people.
What do folks think about Ron Paul over in Europe?
Most people are pro Ron Paul and if you go to whatwouldtheworldelect.com you can see that the Dutch and the Belgium are very pro Ron Paul.
I even created europeansforronpaul.blogspot.com so I'm actually helping Ron Paul to
For all the Americans living in Europe, that they actually vote for one poll two.
God bless you, my friend.
You know, that really shows the popularity.
I've seen hundreds of websites, nice ones, overseas supporting him.
It's exciting, Mike.
It absolutely is.
It really is a revolution.
And, you know, for the longest time, I've tried to maintain an objective position at my website.
Uh, you know, show both parties and both sides and everything, but I gotta tell you, Ron Paul makes that so impossible, uh, because he's the only one out there saying the same thing that we've been saying for all these years, and that is to restore the Constitution, get us back to the country that we used to have.
Restoring us back to a republic.
Uh, is there more you wanted to, uh, add, John?
Mike Rivero, I want to thank you so much for spending an hour and a half with us.
God bless you.
Thank you very much.
Look forward to doing it again.
All right, there goes Mike Rivera.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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Ira Hayes Ira Hayes Call him Truckin' Ira Hayes He won't answer anymore Not the whiskey drinkin' Indians Nor the Marine that went to war
Gather round me people, there's a story I want to tell.
About a brave young Indian, you should remember well.
From the land of the Pima Indians, a proud and noble band, who farmed the Phoenix Valley in Arizona land.
Down the ditches a thousand years, the waters grew out of the people's crops, till the white man stole their water rights and the sparkling water stopped.
Now, Ira's folks were hungry, and their land grew crops of weeds.
When war came, Ira volunteered, and forgot white man's greed.
Call him Drunken Ira Hayes, he won't answer anymore.
Not the whiskey-drinking Indian, nor the Marine that went to war.
There they battled up Iwo Jima Hill, 250 men, but only 27 lived to walk back down again.
And when the fight was over, and old glory raised, among the men who held it high was the Indian, Ira Hayes.
Call him Drunken Lara Hayes He won't answer anymore Not the whiskey-drinkin' mention Or the marine that went to war Lara Hayes returned a hero Celebrated through the land He was wined and speached in honor Everybody shook his hand But he was just a Pima Indian
No water, no home, no chance.
At home, nobody cared what I would have done.
And when did the Indians dance?
Alright my friends, we're back live here.
He died drunk early one morning.
We're going to take a few of your calls, recap some top Ron Paul news, get into the other stack of news I've got here.
We'll do that just in a moment.
Tomorrow night and Thursday night are the last two showings of in-game blueprint for global enslavement.
I hope that everybody will bring their friends, family, neighbors, co-workers tomorrow night.
You can still get tickets at Infowars.com or buy them at the door tomorrow evening.
You shouldn't have too bad a problem getting in.
It did sell out last night.
I hope to see you tomorrow night and of course the next night and that's it.
I hope you get the film at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Download it in super high quality.
Or go to Infowars.com and order the DVD, and your purchase makes this broadcast and everything we do here possible.
This is the most powerful film I've ever made.
Who the Globalists are, their history, how they operate.
We go to two Bilderberg groups just in Turkey and Canada, cover them, and we get into their whole eugenics operation and what drives them, what makes them tick, and their plan to exterminate 80% of the world's population in their own documents.
We're good to go.
It's the Freedom Law School's 2007 Texas Justice, Peace, and Freedom Conference, November 16th, 17th, and 18th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in North Dallas.
And there's going to be William Rodriguez, Tommy Cryer, Larry Breedcraft, April Gallup, Davon Clise, Jason Bernmuth, Ted Gunderson, Mark Anderson, G. Edward Griffin, Cherry Jackson, Robert Lawrence,
And so many others, and Paimon's a great guy that hosts the event, and President of Freedom Law School will be there as well.
Again, get your tickets right now by calling 760-868-4271, or livefreenow.org.
That's 760-68, that's 868-4271, 760-868-4271, or livefreenow.org.
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The food has been debased.
I think so.
Yes, we are.
In the first hour, I really got into detail about what this Ron Paul revolution means, why this is such a big deal, and so the show restarts in about 20 minutes.
You can go to Infowars.com at your AM or FM station.
We appreciate that.
But the screens refeed 24 hours a day.
21 hours until the live show comes back at 11 a.m.
Then, of course, Sundays 4 to 6 p.m., and then that airs until the next morning at 11 when I go live.
I do want to go to Mike and Mike and Jeff and others that are patiently holding
You know, the media, people are acting like they want to convince the media that Ron Paul's real.
The mainline, establishment, dinosaur, disinfo, government-run, government-manipulated media knows that.
Make no mistake, they're trying to create the illusion that spybots, you know, are the reason he's got 65,000 people in his meetup group, or close to 100,000 MySpace pages, or huge crowds everywhere.
Activity on the web is a translation of 80% of the population of adults that are on the internet.
80% of those 18 and older are on the internet.
That's a translation of the public.
That's the future.
But there's an important article.
Spambots didn't send imaginary cash.
4.2 million in 24 hours.
Now will the establishment media be forced to admit Ron Paul is the real deal?
And that is a very, very important
Question, and I just say, ignore them.
Move forward.
Call the media, try to demand they cover it.
Letters to the editor, as Mike Rivero mentioned.
But at the same time, realize we are the alternative media.
Grow the alternative media.
Support the alternative media.
Here's an AP headline.
Ron Paul raises $4.2 million, breaks records.
Here's another one, ABC News.
Ron Paul is money.
And it gets into his record.
So, you can also see a story here on the Boston Globe.
Paul sets one day fundraising mark.
There's another one yesterday.
Ron Paul raises lots of money in one day.
There's a disgusting national review story saying, raining on Ron Paul's fundraising parade, saying that we're not real conservatives.
That's the Republican talking point.
That conservatives love the war.
Support for the war among conservatives in most major polls is below 40% now.
People that call themselves conservatives.
So again, they're just telling you this war is popular, like they tell you open borders are popular.
When the polls show 91% of Americans are against it.
So just shame on the disgusting National Review.
An incredible story from Roman's website.
That's the name of the website.
We post it up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Censoring Paul.
Why the revolution will not be televised.
And it just goes through.
Here's just one picked out of 80-something.
Fox News producers caught conspiring to exclude Paul supporters.
A bogus Ron Paul Blackwater connection published in the Washington Post.
And it goes on.
Florida man forced to remove Ron Paul's sign from his private property, but other yard signs for other candidates allowed.
Uh, it goes on and on and on.
Uh, YouTube censoring him.
Admittedly, the great breakdown shows how Ron Paul received the least amount of time coverage on the October 9th debate.
I mean, just example after example.
Fox, Hannity denies the obvious.
The people who watched chose Ron Paul, but he says it's a scam.
He said that three times.
Wired article says Ron Paul supporters are internet viruses.
The man raises $10 million and an average contributor of $40.
Salon echoes the ridiculous accusation.
Once something is reported, the propaganda machine can report the reporting.
Very, very strange Defense Department interruption with the Defense Department seal.
It's over government satellites of Ron Paul's C-SPAN interview.
Paul not invited to MSNBC Presidential Candidate Forum.
New York Republicans snub Ron Paul.
Ron Paul wins Scrawl Poll in New Hampshire, and therefore, GOP Scrawl Poll removes him from their online poll.
Hannity lies to discredit Ron Paul after the Congressman wins the Fox News poll following September 5th debate.
During the debate, Fox News moderator Chris Wallace said, So Congressman, and I'd like to take 30 seconds to answer this, you're basically saying that we should take our marching orders from Al Qaeda.
I mean, this is kind of stunts.
They fight.
Don't you understand you have an 11% approval rating, Congress, and that goes to the media?
Don't you understand you're hated?
So when you're attacking people loving you fools, we know you're evil!
And it just goes on and on and on.
On ABC's talk show, Mark Levin declares war on Ron Paul.
He asks his listeners to harass Paul's campaign headquarters.
Ron Paul supporters teach Levin something about blowback.
Ahead of the interview, Strawpoll, the Iowa GOP, seems neither reassured of a fair election or willing to let the vote be easily verified.
After the debate, ABC News tinkered with their online poll, admittedly got caught.
The Ron Paul censors continue to har- It just goes on and on.
CNN attempts to slander Ron Paul.
GOP tries and fails to bar Ron Paul from debates.
I mean, there's like 80 plus of them.
I just read like 20.
And this isn't all of them reading this list.
But good job.
Very good job.
Meanwhile, let me go back here and see what gold is at right now.
I mean, it's just we're seeing incredible things happen right now in this society that just absolutely blow me away.
You know what?
Let's go ahead and take a few calls now, as I promised to do, give you a chance to interact.
I guess Mike in St.
Louis is up first.
You're on the air, Mike, go ahead.
Right on.
Salon, that's by Ford Foundation, isn't it?
Or Pacifica?
I know, it's a big establishment, liberal system.
Yeah that's messed up because they try and like posit themselves like they're like that third voice or like some kind of alternative to the mainstream but they're not giving like none of those people anything on Pacifica that gets money from Ford Foundation.
They're not giving any coverage to Ron Paul and he's like the most major like I mean he's a mainstream candidate but you know he's kind of like you know I don't know I'm not trying to anyway.
I wanted to talk about Blackwater at the border.
Like, oh, I just heard about that recently.
That's kind of weird.
Have you heard anything else about that?
Yeah, they're building a big training camp in San Diego.
It'll have nothing to do with border.
It'll be about controlling and not letting U.S.
in or out citizens, so they can just militarize the whole thing and then control it.
I also looked into Clear Channel back in 2000.
They're total members of the whole Republican New World Order.
Uh, system.
And so, Bush is rubbing borders, the Democrats are rubbing borders, it... I mean, I just don't trust them.
Go ahead.
Um, I was also, like, after I saw that battle for the Republic, I looked into, uh, Clear Channel, and I guess back in 2003, they bought up, like, Hispanic Broadcasting, and stuff like that, and they're built, they own the billboards, they were putting those billboards up, or the, uh, the, this isn't, you know, America, it's Mexico and, uh, L.A.
Right on.
and stuff like that.
Like, you know, I see the connection you were making, though, about, like, the big media firms that are, like, kind of pushing for this Open Borders thing, and that are normally considered, like, conservative radio and stuff like that.
And then all the Open Borders people act like they're liberal rebels and stuff.
The establishment wants this!
Yeah, that's... this is... this is weird!
Oh, man, um, I guess just the only other thing I wanted to say is that, I don't know, it kind of looks like it's, like, the fall of the modern surcios, you know?
Like, these really ambitious, like, social climbers like Cheney and stuff like that.
I don't know.
It just seems like a lot of this stuff is coming to an end and it's a good thing.
Well, it's dangerous for everybody, but we're definitely in trying times.
That's why every involved person that cares needs to be involved now like never before.
Let's go ahead now and take another call here.
Who is up next?
Mike in Tennessee, you're on the air.
How are you doing, Alex?
Go ahead.
You talked about Ron Paul.
I found his first smear campaign.
It's actually on one of the biggest gun sites, like eBay.
I was trying to look at some guns, and there's a forum, Wanads, and I pushed on it, and there's a politics, so I was confused, so I put on it, and I came across this thing that says, Ron Paul takes neo-Nazi money, and then it has a picture of him, a big, huge picture of him, standing in front of a Nazi flag, wearing a Nazi uniform, and underneath it, it has, actually,
A link to a site that you go to, it's the Texan News that talks about how he takes neo-Nazi money and actually has your name listed in there that you donated a bunch of money for, you're a well-known conspiracy theorist.
Another fake conservative site!
And that thing about that is that they put that on the site, which he stands for, supposedly, for the Second Amendment so much, and the gun buyers are going to have to... Well, they call themselves conservatives, they call themselves pro-gun.
I've had people in gunshots tell me Bush wasn't for the Assassin's Band when he was.
They just aren't living in reality.
Well, see, I actually, I'm ex-Special Forces, and I do a lot of stuff, and I was actually going to go to Blackwater until I found out what they were, but I've been doing, I do a lot of gun shows, and the problem they're having now is besides trying to ban the guns, they're making the ammunition impossible to get, so they won't have to ban the guns.
To find certain ammunition now for like ARs and stuff like that is impossible.
I know, everybody keeps talking about it, I mean, there's a, the government, Homeland Security has been buying it all up,
And they're harassing the other gun manufacturers.
Republican governors and Democrat governors are suing them everywhere.
That's why I say join GunOwners.org.
We've never been under greater attack.
GunOwners.org, ladies and gentlemen, get in the fight!
Not just with Ron Paul, not just with Endgame, not just with We Are Change, but in the Second Amendment.
I mean, Schwarzenegger, they're gonna make all gun manufacturers stamp
On the bullets, the gun stamps your serial number onto it when it fires.
That creates new databases.
It makes the gun manufacturers do that.
It makes them develop the new technology.
It bankrupts them.
Then it makes them liable.
I mean, they're hitting us from every angle you can imagine.
But the good news is, we're counter-striking against them and forcing them to act like the thugs, scumbag, New World Order people they are.
They own the both parties.
We're exposing that.
They're in panic mode right now.
Key articles up on Infowars.net.
Media infers Ron Paul's a terrorist at Infowars.net.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Don't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bilderberg is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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It's time for a change.
We'll make a brand new start of it.
Run, Paul!
Run, Paul!
It's your right to choose.
It's the American way.
The constitutional heart of it.
Ron Paul, Ron Paul.
I want to wake up in a country that doesn't sleep.
Alright, tomorrow we'll air that whole song.
You can give credit where it's due.
We're almost out of time here.
We're going to get that posted up on JonesReport.com in the next hour for you.
In closing, gold surged 28-year highs.
The dollar tumbled even more today.
Gold is up over $820 an ounce.
The futures are close to $830.
It's been a very active day for trading.
There's no question about it.
If you want to be getting into the precious metals market, all the indicators are saying do it.
We can talk again.
I do have more of those British Sovereigns available at $227.
The Silver Dollars are at $400.
The Olympic Coins at $615.
I wouldn't doubt it a bit if we break through that $830 and that $840 level and then all of a sudden now the sky's the limit because we have tested the last high and again most people are saying that we're going to have $1,500.
There are resistance points and we just passed $800 last week.
825 today, up and down.
I mean, folks, move into Shelburne.
This is a very good deal.
Those British Auburns are an excellent deal.
Give them the number, Ted.
It's 1-800-686-2237.
Again, 1-800-686-2237.
Again, I want to thank everybody for the support that they have given us.
It does help carry this message and this show.
Well, that's a good deal, too, Ted, on the Silver and on those British Sovereigns.
Again, 1-800-686-2237.
They've got folks there that'll be there until, what, 10-11 o'clock tonight if you're listening to this as a rebroadcast on a station.
Ted Anderson, thank you so much for coming on.
Thanks for being up there.
Hey, it's great.
Ladies and gentlemen, I also support our A.M.
and F.M.
If you're listening, support their local sponsors or become a sponsor of our local A.M.
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We're getting a lot of new A.M.
and F.M.
affiliates as the message of freedom and liberty becomes more and more mainstream.
See, a lot of patriots were never ready to win, never ready to move forward.
I'm not ready to roll over and just die.
And look at what this one show has done.
How many talk show hosts we've spawned.
How many people we've woken up.
You know, we're talking to him during the first hour.
Coming up again for rebroadcast here in just a few minutes.
Trevor Lyman.
Talking about how I woke him up off air.
He said even more.
And that's just an example of what you can do as an individual.
I'm just an average guy.
You can do that too out there.
So, I hope you'll keep spreading the word about Congressman Ron Paul, and also the GCN Radio Network, because Ted has been there so long, working so hard, and that's why I'm loyal to him and appreciate the fine work he's done.
Back tonight on the network, 9 to Midnight Live.
Again, the retransmission starts right now at InfoWars.com, or download the free podcast.
And I wanted an in-depth analysis of Ron Paul.
If you missed it in the first hour, that starts in 70 seconds at TheInfoWars.com streams.
So be sure and go over and pick those up if you're at work, or on lunch, or taking a break right now and tuning in, or if you're listening on your iPod, happy jogging, or woodwork, or gardening, or whatever you're doing.
Again, I love you all.
We're to live in history here, and all the glory goes to our Savior Jesus Christ.
God bless you.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.