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Air Date: Nov. 4, 2007
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He stands for truth.
He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
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Our country is on its knees.
John from San Marcos was on in the last hour.
And I shouldn't call people like you punks.
You probably are a bleeding heart who means well.
And if you can get back in, it's 836-0590-836-0590 or 877-590-5525.
Just hit redial.
I see we got a line open.
Try to keep one open for him until he calls in.
He hung up.
And I want to have a real discussion with you.
Now, you need to apologize, too.
Because you implied that he said, oh, people that don't want to open borders, they just don't like Mexicans.
And that's what made me mad.
And my answer to you is, why do 87 to 71 percent of Hispanics in scientific Gallup polls and Scripps Howard news polls, every one they have are between 67 and 71.
I haven't seen them lower, haven't seen them higher.
Go look it up for yourself right now.
Just Google Scripps Howard's news service on Hispanic Americans on immigration issues.
So, they don't like Mexicans?
They don't like Hispanics?
They don't like Nicaraguans, Guatemalans, Chileans, Argentines?
They know that 30 million illegal aliens driving down the wages, but it's more than that.
Look at the Fed and state's own numbers.
In Texas, illegal aliens take out of the economy and welfare and medical costs, with having their children, everything, more than twice what they ever end up paying in taxes.
In California, it's almost three times.
More than 70% of those in Los Angeles, in the county jails, are illegal aliens.
These are all just numbers.
We have 30 million illegal aliens, conservatively, in this country.
We have the Republicans and Democrats who want a global government, who want a North American Union, in their own SPP, Security Prosperity Document, saying that they want to bring in a large enough foreign mass to be able to play it off against the American people, like what they have in French Canada and the separatists there.
It's divide and conquer.
So, you can try your establishment media line, but I guess then 67-71% of Hispanics don't like Hispanics.
67-71% of Hispanics have got their heads screwed on straight and know this is bad for our sovereignty and our economy.
And then you come out of the gates and you say, hey, it used to be their country anyways.
Finishing my argument, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, I wanted to ask you, did you know what that was?
Do you know what that is, John?
Don't be shy.
You kind of clammed up, though, when I said the Germans attacked us through Mexico twice.
I bet you don't believe that, do you?
Why don't you type, The Plan of San Diego.
The Plan of San Diego into Google.
And why don't you... University of Texas is the first link that pops up.
The second link that pops up is the University of Mexico at the city, Mexico City.
How do I know?
The 17-minute extra mini-film, Battle for the Republic, that is the extra on Endgame, shows the globalist plan, and we go into the plan of San Diego.
By the way, why do you think the Germans did this?
Well, do you know who the first major ruler of Mexico after Santa Ana was?
It was Maximilian.
Frederick Maximilian.
The whatever he was.
I forget the number.
It was like the 9th or something.
He was the crown prince of Austrian Hungarian Empire.
That was the Germanic larger hegemon that stretched from the Balkans into Alsace-La France there in northern France.
The Alsatians.
Every time I talk about Germany, people say, why are you bashing Germans?
Folks, my mother is Alsatian.
The point is, and that's out of the family, the point here is Germany ruled.
What is known as Germany today ruled Mexico.
It ruled Mexico through several different princes for more than 40 years.
And they had power down there.
And so the railroads were built by the Germans.
It was all built by them.
And it was German troops that fought the Marine Corps and the Army when General Grant, Ulysses S. Grant, before the Civil War, went down there when Mexico attacked the U.S.
and went all the way into Oklahoma, slaughtering our troops.
In some cases, it was 100 to 1.
You'd have tens of thousands of troops attacking small patrols, wiping out our troops.
They wouldn't stop attacking, so we went all the way down there.
And then we said, you know what?
Well, we'd already then done the major treaties, and we just said, you're going to hand this over.
There were less than 5,000 Mexicans in the Southwest.
They couldn't hold it from the Native Americans.
Why is it six flags of Texas when you go to Six Flags?
You live here in the big amusement park, and they have a couple of them in the state.
The French flag, the Spanish flag, the Mexican flag, the Texas flag, the Confederate flag, the American flag.
Mexico did have parts of the U.S.
for a little while, and they couldn't hold on to it, so they went to the Tennesseans and the South Carolinians, and they went to the Alabamans, and they said, please come in, we're going to give you Spanish land grants, which my dad's side of the family got.
We even paid for it.
A few cents an acre.
And we came into Texas, because the Mexicans couldn't beat the Indians.
This is just basic history.
See, you don't know basic history.
I've made a film about this.
That's my whole point, is that you don't know.
And then the Germans, at the end of World War II, were losing, so they financed Mexican rebels to attack four states simultaneously, and in one night, killed 23 U.S.
By the way, they went into these towns and they just killed the whole families.
Because the plan of San Diego said kill every gringo, every white person, 16 years of age and older.
But they got out of control.
It didn't matter if it was a two-year-old, they went ahead and blew their heads off.
Now, they don't want you knowing about that, do they?
No, Mexico doesn't want you to know.
Then they were about to launch an attack during World War II, and all that got stopped, because they put the Texas... What do you think the Texas Rangers are for?
How do you think the Texas Rangers got founded?
I mean, what do you think this is all about?
This is about empire.
There's always people trying to take this country over.
By the way, Mexico, until the 1850s, was a lot smaller.
It didn't even have large areas of Yucatan and other areas that belonged to Guatemala.
There were two other little countries down there.
Mexico doesn't let illegal aliens into their country.
Mexican cops beat up U.S.
citizens all the time and suck all the money out of them.
I mean, listen, my wife speaks Spanish.
She lived four years in Madrid, Spain.
My wife, just in marvelment, will listen to Mexican radio and we'll drive along and look at the signs that are up all over the Southwest.
I mean, it is all xenophobic, it is all La Raza, it is all... You know what Raza means?
Race this, race that.
And I'm just sitting here going, look, this is serious business.
And I'm not going to go along with it, I'm not going to play along with it anymore, I'm not going to play your political correct games here.
If we've got 30 million illegal aliens that are going to be legalized under these amnesty plans, and they're allowed to bring 12 family members in over the next six years, and the first visit, if they do this, they are instantly given a green card and a social security number and allowed to apply for all the welfare.
The country's already basically bankrupt.
We can't afford this anymore, and that's why upwards of 71% of Hispanics stand with me.
Frankly, I could care less what color you are, as long as you're pro-America.
In fact, it's very painful to me.
I've talked to these racist Mexicans that have had their racist rallies and stuff.
The news all says it's great.
And I'll be on the phone beforehand telling them I'm coming down to demonstrate, and they go, you wouldn't dare.
And I go, look, it really hurts my feelings.
I've got a lot of Hispanic friends.
Oh, sure you do, gringo.
And I'm like, you know, that's really painful that you're racist like that.
And, you know, see, political correctness says that this large portion, a large minority of these illegal aliens hate this country, write about it, talk about it.
Their radio stations are called The Rebel, The Invader.
It's all, ha, ha, ha, we're taking over, we're going to get you.
They teach this all over Mexico in textbooks for hundreds of years.
And our government wants to get rid of the U.S.
They want to set up a North American Union.
Vicente Fox comes up here.
The president before him said that they're taking over the U.S.
That is a process of re-colonizing.
I mean, this is Mexican presidents are saying they want to take over the U.S.
The mayor of L.A.
says that Mexico has conquered L.A.
They attacked us with the Germans.
I've had enough!
I'm sick of it!
I'm done!
I'm through!
I'm not playing games anymore!
Folks, if you would just discover history.
The plan of San Diego.
The plan of San Diego.
Google that and Google Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
We'll come right back with more of your calls.
Stay with us.
Oh, John's back!
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I think so.
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Yeah, we're under the New World Order's thumb.
The change has come.
I want to change that.
You see, I'm not an expert on which team is the best in the big eight.
I'm an expert on the most powerful engine to have in my truck.
I'm not an expert on combing my hair, or acting tough, or having the biggest house, or trying to make people happy around me, trying to play along.
Not a follower, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm addicted to history.
And to history, when you have history, you have the key to the present and the future, as many philosophers, scientists, historians have stated.
And unfortunately, I know how what a dirty,
Wicked, corrupt government Mexico has had.
I mean, before that, it was the Aztecs sacrificing 10,000 people on one holiday every year, totally enslaving and a human sacrifice of children and cannibalism.
People say, well, that's a culture.
You can't knock a culture.
You can't make a value judgment on a culture.
And every time I get one of those bleeding hearts calling in, I go, oh really?
Well, the Nazis had a culture of killing people.
That's what the Aztecs did.
They would go enslave and capture all the tribes and literally human sacrifice them.
I mean, you see Apocalypto by Mel Gibson.
That's only the tip of the iceberg.
It was much worse than that.
Very accurate.
And I've interviewed the anthropologists and others that worked on the film.
That's in one of my other little areas of novice study.
Amazingly interesting.
And then you go, oh no, the Nazi culture, that was an evil culture.
Oh wait, I just thought you said cultures can't be evil.
The Soviet Russian culture was evil.
Not the Russian people, the government culture.
The Aztec culture was evil.
The Nazi culture is evil.
The corrupt Chinese culture is evil today.
I remember back when all the Chinese spies were in the White House under Clinton, and all the sellouts going on in the late 90s, and callers would call me and go, because it was on CNN and stuff, they'd go, people that bash the Chinese spies don't like Chinese.
I could care less, folks!
What group you are?
By the way, I don't like playing this card, folks.
I really don't.
But my parents, you know, I'm born to my parents.
But my mother, when I was 14, we adopted a little Korean baby.
My sister's Korean.
She's just as much blood as she was my blood.
I don't like to play that card on you, you dumb fool.
But I don't like you calling and spouting your baloney at me!
My sister's being raised middle class.
My sister's going to college.
My sister is trying to have the American dream.
She's not here illegally to have a bunch of children and $12,000 a pop on average and have it paid for and get three welfare checks.
You better find out the illegal aliens are on more welfare per capita than inner city blacks.
But all you ever hear people talk about is the inner city blacks.
I've had enough of it!
You don't know what you're talking about!
The New World Order that wants this country to fall, who's openly sworn to do it, says immigration is the key to bringing down this nation.
They want to roll it up, and with the new political system, they get to rewrite all the rules.
No Bill of Rights, no Constitution.
Have you figured that out yet?
It just absolutely blows my mind.
Let's talk to David in Round Rock, Texas.
I guess he's listening on News Radio 590-KLVJ.
Let's go ahead and talk to David.
You're on the air, brother.
Hey, what's going on, Alex?
Worldwide transmission.
Yes, uh, I saw Endgame, man.
And, uh, I thought it made your, uh, martial- martial law and rise of the police state look very domestic.
You know, it's a pretty amazing film.
I especially like the whole part talking about the Romans building and maintaining roads and using the funds to oppress the people that funded it.
Yes, the toll roads, absolutely, which is the official plan.
I thought that was just really cool.
They're going to use the toll road money, official federal documents and bills, to fund building infrastructure in Mexico to bring more slave goods in faster.
Right, exactly.
Hey, I had a question for you real quick.
A friend of mine was asking me this, because he has kids and stuff.
I was wondering, what do you tell your kids about all this stuff?
I understand you have very young kids, and I was wondering, what do you say to them?
Well, basically, I read them all the old parables, and people say, you know, sit your kid in front of the television, let him watch all this violence and stuff, but don't read them old parables, don't read them the Bible.
A lot of scary stuff in the Bible, but they learn from the Good Samaritan, not just how to help people.
But also that people want to mug you.
Or they also learn about Titus sacking Rome when I read to them, I mean, Titus sacking Jerusalem in 70 AD.
They also learn about corrupt governments and good governments.
They've learned about the Republic.
And my son knows that the President is a would-be dictator, attempting dictatorship.
And he's five, he understands that.
My daughter's three, I haven't gotten her into all that yet.
But my son at five already knows much than most adults.
Excellent, excellent.
Yeah, that's what I was telling them, pretty much, just teach your child history.
And if you have history on your side, like you were saying before, everything's a circle in this.
Well, I don't let them watch a lot of TV, but I've let them just recently watch Pinocchio, because that was back when we had quality programs.
It showed how the kids go break windows, drink beer, they hang out with the bad kids, and they get turned into jackass slaves and go off on a slave ship.
You see, and I explained that it isn't cool to use drugs, and it isn't cool to run with bad people, and crime isn't cool, but it's designed to get you in the system.
Right on.
Being wise and smart is cool.
Absolutely, and again, it's really that simple.
Listen, I appreciate your call, and let me tell you, I've learned how bad processed sugar is.
You give processed sugar to your children, they'll go from good little children to little devils.
I mean, it's just amazing.
Before I go any further, there's a few program notes.
First off, I want to thank Amanda, who comes in here and she's interning from one of the local universities here, doing a senior, a fabulous job.
And I want to thank Trey Kincaid for the wonderful job that he is doing as well.
And I also want to do a program note.
We've had all these sellout showings.
I've never had a showing that wasn't a sellout at the Alamo Draft House.
And we've had like five or six, seven, eight showings every year with each new film that comes out, South Lamar.
And of course, the downtown one is about to reopen at the Reds.
But I had a showing Tuesday that was on a sellout.
And that was because I wasn't there.
Folks, you need to come see the film!
You know, I mean, I try to show them where I'm not there, and it only fills up 80%.
I will be at all three showings, the fifth... What are the dates?
The 5th, 7th, and 8th this week at the Alamo Draft Table, South Lamar.
5, 7, and 8.
And fine, you want it, you got it.
I'll be at all of them.
And then what, on the 13th, the national release of Endgame in stores?
It's already out.
You can get it from InfoWars and Prison Planet or PrisonPlanet.tv.
You can watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
But the national release on Amazon and in stores, Barnes & Noble, all those.
I'll be at Waterloo Ice House.
Is it 5 or 7?
I'm telling them it should be 7.
I don't know, 5 or 7.
It'll be posted on the site there as well, coming up the 13th for a speech and DVD signing.
But coming up, you can get tickets right now on InfoWars.com for the show and coming up in a week, the three showings.
Bring your skeptical, skeptical, skeptical friends and family.
Do I have time to go to another call?
Hope to see everybody there.
Who is up next here?
Let's talk to Scott in Idaho.
And you're on the air, sir, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, I've been hammering everybody around here about all your movies and everything, and they're beginning to come through, but they're slow.
I wanted to put in a pic for Ron Paul.
If people like me don't have a lot of money, at least we can do is download his material, print it, put it up on every billboard around Idaho.
We've got to change the way it is now because they're killing it.
Absolutely, but we've got to do it all over the country.
Anything else?
That's right.
Okay, that's about it, Alex.
Good to hear from you.
God bless you.
Alright, here's the news coming up and important messages.
We'll be right back.
See Endgame right now.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I call for global taxes on two deadly pollutants.
So deadly, ladies and gentlemen, that I don't even want to discuss
What they'll do to your children.
One is hydrogen oxide.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is so evil.
It is literally, unspeakably evil.
And the other one is sodium chloride.
Even more devilish.
We've got to ban them.
We've got to tax them.
We've got to arrest anyone caught dumping them.
Of course, the hydrogen oxide is water.
Seventy-four percent of the Earth's surface is covered with it.
Seventy-plus percent of your body is made of it.
It is the water of life.
And, of course, then sodium chloride is the devil's salt that you put on your eggs in the morning and that without, you would die.
The devil's salt.
And that doesn't matter, though.
If they actually, if they said, put a tax on it, it was deadly and killing the air, the general public would fall down hailing it, as long as they had some beautiful Hollywood scarlet pushing it.
And that's why you're becoming slaves.
You're going to be big-time slaves.
Power plant rejected over
Carbon dioxide for the first time.
Now, I happened to do hours of research on this just when I saw this Friday, but I'd already done a lot of research before and interviewed top energy experts, and again, Nobel Prize winners in economics, and Joseph Stiglitz, Chief Economist, World Bank, and others about the scandal that was being worked here on the specific subject of power plants.
You see, we got the oil company documents in 2000, AP did, Associated Press.
Let me get to the meat of this, okay?
Let me give you some background here.
I don't want to just say something.
I want to give you the facts around it.
Just a small portion of them.
Believe me, you're only getting one one-thousandth of it.
It's much worse.
This is what makes me so mad.
How they're scamming you and scamming me.
But it's almost worse.
I have to know about it.
And then watch you get fooled by it.
There were hundreds and hundreds of refineries right here in Texas.
In fact, I got family out in East Texas.
Down the road was a refinery.
People had jobs at it.
The oil companies in the mid-1990s, and the documents came out in 2000 in a suit, we got them, Exxon, Mobil, all of them, they met around big commission table, just like in the Godfather, and said, we're too much oil, we've discovered too much oil all over the planet, we've got to keep the price up, artificial scarcity, as a cartel, again, a group coming together to create a monopoly, an oligopoly, it's all in there, black and white, they're on prisonplanet.com, you want to go read the actual documents.
We don't just have links to the AP article, we have links to the actual documents.
Save it on our site for posterity as well.
And they said that we'll go in and buy up all of these refineries.
We'll pay two or three times what they're worth if they won't sell.
And if they won't, we'll use local environmental rules and lobbies to shut them down.
And you go look at Greenpeace, you go look at all these other big environmental groups, most of them are sub-directorates of the World Wildlife Fund,
With a little panda bear set up by the SS officer, Prince Bernard, who just died.
His daughter, Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands, the cousin of Queen Elizabeth, runs... Well, she owns a controlling share, not just in Dutch Rochelle, but also British Petroleum.
It's mainly Dutch.
By the way, her assets are secret.
It's a Dutch government secret.
You better find out who these people are, because they're sworn to take you and your family down.
I don't mean just slavery.
That is enough for them.
It's stated.
The Waffen-SS started it, and you're going to understand it now.
If you don't know what that is, find out.
It means the armed SS.
Now, that's only one small group in all of this.
They're monopoly men.
And they came in and they bought off 200 plus of the refineries.
Quite a few others, they shut down by greasing the skids locally with the environmental mafia.
That's all it is, is the mafia.
The mob in old Italy would come and say, you gotta pay me 10% to have a business.
Well here, we wouldn't put up with that, so they say, it's for the earth!
We decide who can have a business and who can't.
Oh, you wanna have a shrimp farm outside Austin?
You're not allowed to!
No, they gotta be grown on the equator with all the toxic waste fed to them and brought back here.
I was just, a fellow was telling me about the other day, so I did some research, and sure enough it was true.
But, side issue.
It's always for the Earth.
Oh, it's for the Earth.
It's the same thing with these power plants.
Coal is all over the place.
Four states.
There's only two places in the world.
An area in Mongolia of China, and the four states where they come together up around Utah and Colorado and Wyoming.
And they have more clean burning.
I mean, it's totally clean.
No mercury.
Not even trace amounts.
No lead.
It is clean coal.
Most coal is filthy dirty.
And when you burn it, even with good scrubbers and good filters, a lot of mercury and lead comes down and we breathe it.
And we've got a lot of coal power plants.
We're supplying five or six states around us right here in Texas.
We're the biggest energy producer in the country.
And we're breathing it.
My family's breathing lead and mercury.
I don't like it.
Do you hear a word out of the phony environmental groups about that?
Oh no, absolutely not!
In fact, it was the federal government and Bill Clinton at the behest of the oil companies and the gas companies, because most of that property was held in state and private hands in Utah and other areas, most of it in Utah, to not let them mine the near-the-surface, clean-burning coal.
So they come right down here to Texas and Georgia and other areas and dig up the surface, dirty coal, filled with mercury and every other poison you can imagine, and they just
Affluent, right out into the atmosphere.
And that's all for the oil companies, because they don't want coal competing with them in those power plants.
And if there was free market, your energy would be a lot cheaper, but they're using the environmental goons that they bankrolled, and I'm not just saying this, I've done the research, to run around and spew all this propaganda.
The only liberal that's ever admitted this is Greg Palast of the BBC,
And he found all the Dutch Royal Shell documents, too, where they created all the fake peak oil crowd that claims there's no oil left and all this.
And, boy, he almost got ostracized by the left wing for that, so he kind of shut up.
Then you got the phony idiot right wing who thinks they're right wing and they're not, running around believing that it's a bunch of hippies stopping drilling in Alaska.
I have the congressional hearings, the documents, I've interviewed Atlantic Richfield executives, I've interviewed the chaplains that were in the meetings.
All of it!
It's even been in mainstream news, but here and there.
That they have enough oil to run this country for 500 years in Alaska, in one field alone, for more than 100.
But they won't let them put in the pipelines, because the oil companies don't want it, because it would drive oil down, even with a depreciated dollar, to 50 cents a gallon!
For your gasoline, after it was refined.
It comes out of the ground a lot harder than it does out of Saudi Arabia.
It's all about monopolies.
So, now I will tell you what it means when you read, Power plant rejected over carbon dioxide for first time.
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment yesterday became the first government agency in the United States.
...to cite carbon dioxide emissions as the reason for rejecting an air permit for a proposed coal-fired electricity-generated plant, saying that the greenhouse gas threatens public health and the environment.
Now, there you go.
First, the government, at the behest of big corporations, using environmentalists as fronts, comes in and shuts off clean-burning coal so we really do have an environmental problem.
Lead and mercury in the air.
Which none of us want to breathe.
I'm a real environmentalist, a real conservationist.
But the movement was founded by the Rockefellers over a hundred years ago, by the way, that's in the encyclopedia, to grab property and land.
They found when they'd send Pinkerton out to machine gun a bunch of people with their mines, that they're famous for that, that it would make them look real bad, so they would claim it was for the earth when they'd kick squatters off land.
Oh yeah, the Rockefellers would send in guys with machine guns, just mow down whole crowds of people.
These robber barons are real friendly people.
And they're smart, by the way.
They come with a lot of scams for you and your family, and you seem to buy into it.
So, power plant rejected.
So now they're saying that what we exhale, what plants breathe, is a toxic waste.
And so, by the way, this is Sunflower Electric Power, a smaller company.
They have power plants, but they're small compared to the big giants.
Of course, it's them being shut down.
So now we're in this socialist country where the big corporations control the government, and they tell the government, don't give permits to them, don't give them to them, only us.
See how that works?
And they're declaring what we ex-sale as toxic waste, and the U.N.
says they're going to tax us individually and have a tax on more than one child, which is how the one-child policy started in China, which the U.N.
funded and set up to begin with.
If you want to be a feudal slave, this is it.
We're going to come back.
I promise we're going to go to your phone calls, Dave and others that are holding.
Stay with me.
Chemical attacks, dirty bombs, fallout, biological attack, anthrax, and to top it all off, duct tape and plastic.
Alarming words for our time.
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Anyone can follow the simple instructions.
It's presented by a housewife as they walk you step-by-step through the process of preparing your home as a shelter.
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They're already announcing in England by fiat
That they're going to make the population pay huge fines and fees and get home inspections before they can add anything on to any home under the new human footprint initiatives.
The evil gases we put off.
Oh, we can't feed cows certain fees.
Their flatulence is causing greenhouse gas.
There's always been huge bovine herds from Africa to the Americas.
In larger numbers than they are now.
It's just all made up.
It's all made up, and then you've got real environmental problems like genetic engineering, open-air testing, chimeras, cross-species, all the things that are happening.
Oh, there's no debate on that.
No problem with that.
They only use it to shut down any competition.
It is selectively enforced.
Here's another example.
This happens all over the country.
You heard about New London Kilo, and we're going to go to your calls.
Well, was it two years ago now up in Connecticut, where these people didn't want to sell their $300,000 plus houses.
My point is, people always say, I'll take the poor people's houses, but these are middle class folks.
$300,000, $400,000, $500,000, two, three story Victorian houses right there on the lake.
And the city just said, we're just going to take it.
The Supreme Court said, yeah.
By the way, they're not even giving just compensation.
I forgot that part.
People were given, in one case, $60,000, $61,000 for a $500 and something thousand dollar house.
Down in South Texas, in Freeport, they are taking Western Seafood, and it's a company that makes a profit of $15 million a year.
Last time I saw it in the Dallas Morning News, I interviewed the head of it, Mr. Gore.
And just because a big company wants it to build a place for yachts, they're just taking where they've had a seafood company since the 40s.
I mean, it's literal like the Old Lords in England a thousand years ago or something, or 500 years ago.
It's totally pre-Magna Carta.
It's medieval.
Remember Austinites?
There was going to be a 15,000 acre park outside Austin?
I read their official plans.
Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, SOS, local group in Austin.
They were going to build million-dollar houses and golf courses and stuff on it.
And hotel spas.
And they have.
First they told the ranchers and farmers they couldn't sell it, couldn't build on it, couldn't use it.
That depressed the price for five years.
Then they forced a sale through the city for pennies on the dollar.
Then the city pimps that did it now move up to be state senators.
They get to control how it's divvied up.
And they do it right out in front of everybody.
Right out, and I remember going and seeing the crying old guys in their cowboy hats, and the old ladies, please don't take it!
And they would just laugh and go, but it's for the Earth!
They'd have all these hippies in their sandals and long hair, and I don't care how you dress, the point is you, it's your little costume, all in there, we save our springs, it's for the Earth!
And I was like, no it's not!
No, it says right here they're gonna build on it, it's a scam, they're the biggest landowners in the country!
Shut up, you right wing devil!
I'm like, no, it's the documents!
It's the documents!
And I had some of the people from those different groups point-blank get me in the parking lots and at restaurants, you know, and at events where I debated them and on radio shows, just in the hall go, you can't stop us, the public's teaked up!
I'll never forget one of them sitting there saying that to me, and I was just like, I could say his name on air, but I'm just going to leave Sleeping Dog's line because he could deny it.
Let's just say he's got dark hair and a dark mustache.
And he's there,
I was debating him on Shannon Burke's radio show on the other station years ago.
And, uh, I go out there to get some coffee during the break and he's out there and he just snickers.
No one will believe you.
No one cares.
They don't know.
And I was like, but you're taking the land.
And he goes, of course we are!
I mean, it's just like, they're laughing at you!
I can't handle it anymore!
I mean, do you love being gamed and scammed and always took?
Is it fun to be idiots?
Alright, I'm going to shut up.
I said I'd take calls.
I've got so much news coming up in the next hour.
Let's just go to Dave right now.
I'll call him from New York.
Dave, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey Alex, how are you doing?
New York calling to tell you guys how you're doing.
I'm having trouble understanding you, go ahead.
Sorry, I mumble sometimes.
I watched the Bill Maher Show to basically monitor what's going on around with these people.
You know, I sounded mean when I started the show.
Bill Maher attacked 9-11 Truth the last 4 or 5 shows off and on calling us mental patients, idiots, liars.
And so, We Are Change LA went in there and confronted him Friday and took over for 5 minutes.
Go ahead.
It reminded me of, like, you know, you shine a light on evil, but, like, shining a light on Bill Maher, and he absolutely ran around like a cockroach.
You know, he was, like, he was completely, completely out of control, and he showed exactly what they are.
He showed exactly what they are.
You know, the false left
You know, he's totally contributed, and Matthews is there.
The guys at We Are Change do so much.
I was originally calling, sorry for going up there, I don't know if you saw this, John Mayer?
Uh, you know, it's on one of those stupid TMZ.com videos, you know, when they're coming outside of a bar.
And I think, like, with the Bill Maher thing, it's critical mass.
And, like, when John Mayer does that, that's exactly the type of thing that, you know, is happening with Ron Paul.
It's affecting other outlets.
That's right, I heard about him on TV screaming Ron Paul or something.
It's the Constitution?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm 26 years old, so I still go out to the bars and mingle with the socialites and everything, but that's the type of thing I encounter.
People are holding John Mayer back, like he's saying something so terrible.
I didn't see it, but everybody told me about him saying, I like Ron Paul and the Constitution, and people, like, grab him like he said Satan is king or something.
I know.
And I never would have seen something like that.
It's just a friend of mine.
That's because they're scared to death, my friend.
Well, you saw the video.
First off, tell folks who Mayer is, who may not know, and tell them what you saw.
Oh, John Mayer is a great musician.
He wrote that song called, uh, what was it called?
It's called, uh... It doesn't matter, go ahead.
...putting on the world to change, and it's a great political song, because there's so few.
And, um, so yeah, so he's a musician, he's also done, you know, people might know, like, some other songs, but, um, and he's talking to the kid from Accepted.
You know, the movie Accepted, and he's done some other movies.
Those stupid, uh, chewing gum movies.
And, you know, the guy's just, you know, they're obviously having some sort of debate about the presidential candidacy and everything.
And, you know, you can tell maybe the other kid that you don't really know who he's going to vote for.
Probably, you know, establishment Hillary or something is going to save us, you know.
Looking at Ron Paul like he's a Republican from Texas, just not being able to discern that there's a difference.
And there's all these people holding him back because they're probably out drinking and everything.
And all John Mayer is saying is, Ron Paul knows the Constitution.
I read the Constitution.
You should.
And, uh, you know, there's no other candidate that represents the Constitution.
We're all supposed to be for that.
And by the way, for those who just joined us, Ron Paul, the media keeps saying he raised $5 million.
He raised $5 million in a week and a half.
Okay, and he raised $5 million in the quarter before that, and he raised $3 million in the quarter before that, and now he's trying to raise, what is it, $18 million in this next quarter, and he's on track to do it.
He's raising more money than Mitt Romney right now.
Oh, is all that money?
Rupert Murdoch has had newspapers in New York, Australia, England, all over the world write big articles saying it's a myth, there's two guys eating Hot Pockets and excavating their noses with their pinkies, playing video games that have made Ron Paul this popular and made Ron Paul this huge success.
And they just keep trying to say that and say that, but finally this week,
CNN, Fox, people send me the clips.
I get it all advertised down to me.
It was every TV network.
I mean, it was everything.
Ron Paul is now first here.
Ron Paul is in the pole position to win the Republican nomination.
And Las Vegas, who's never wrong.
There's huge bets placed on who's going to win nominations and who's going to get second place and who the president's going to be, for those that didn't know that.
Las Vegas has to be right.
They've never been wrong on the president or who gets nominations.
And they're saying only Ron Paul can beat Hillary.
Only Ron Paul can beat Hillary.
That's the big Vegas booking houses that do the lines on the NFL.
I mean, it's the biggest ones out there.
There's a whole bunch of them.
And they're all saying... Their numbers vary slightly.
Some say he's 5-1 now.
Some say he's 3-1.
Some say he's 2-1.
But they all say he will be the only one who can beat Hillary.
And they go through all this analysis.
And it's my analysis, too, because if you know the truth, you're going to say the same thing.
That's what I've been saying for years.
I said Hillary would be the nominee.
I said she would raise more money than anybody.
I mean, I knew that when Rupert Murdoch was hanging out with her every week five years ago.
And only she can defeat him.
Only Ron Paul can beat her.
And that's the point I'm trying to make here.
That all these Republicans that aren't putting out even conservative values, of course Republicans aren't going to rally to them.
And the establishment scenario was to let 10 guys get up there, dilute the field, never let any of them get any traction, to ensure Hillary won.
Now that was a tactic.
In the past, they'd only let two, three guys get up there during those Republican debates.
Now they let 10, 11 of them up.
The establishment, the big money, the people who have the president as their little puppets, their little minions, thought that would happen.
But Ron Paul, in that field of crud,
You know, that field of open border promoting, gun control loving, abortion loving, scum, fake conservatives, all dolled up like the little frisses they are.
You know, when they're not out running around on the... I'm not going to say it.
We're out of time for this hour.
We're going to come back and take more calls from Tim and others.
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Hold on.
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He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Call Alex now at 877-590-5525.
Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
We are now into our number two.
After this guest is in the studio with us, I promise I'm going to get to all the patient crawlers.
I will get to every one of you that's on hold right now.
Then I'm going to get more into 9-11, because we have a whole bunch of firemen, emergency workers, EMTs, saying they were told to get back from Building 7, it was going to be blown up.
We've always had the video of them saying it as it happened.
And the owner saying he blew it up, and this is all hidden in plain view.
But now we have all these other eyewitnesses
That is all coming up.
Also, I'm going to get into runs on British banks, what that means here in the U.S.
There have been runs on U.S.
More and more evidence comes out this latest, some have been live on video, is fake.
Even mainstream media analysts, top computer experts, graphics, special effects experts, all over the map are saying this is staged.
And also, all over the United States and England, children are being fingerprinted.
In some cases, the parents aren't even being asked.
This is all part of getting you into the system, and we have the documents.
It's not for your safety, as you've been hearing.
So that is coming up as well.
Terry Melton.
I've known Terry off and on, seen him at events for a couple of years.
Really got to know him this year.
He's done some video work for us out at events as a freelance videographer.
And let me just start the story this way.
This is a story up on
Feds step up actions in Brown case.
Supporters arrested.
And it goes on.
The AP reported on the incident.
Four men accused of helping obstruct justice in the case of convicted tax evaders, Ed and Elaine Brown, have been arrested.
Marshal Steven Monier said, Monier said the men are Serino Reno Gonzalez, 30, of Alice, Texas.
Danny Riley, 40, of Albany, New York.
Pay attention to that name, Danny Riley.
Jason Girard, 22, of Brookhaven, New York.
And Robert Wolfe, 50, of
Randolph, Vermont.
Charges range from accessory after the fact to possession and use of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence.
Now let's just stop right there.
This case has got a lot of attention because he's out there, Mr. Brown and his wife, the multi-millionaire contractor and his dentist wife, who found out that the IRS was private for the Federal Reserve, which is true.
Regardless of how you want to argue about it, that is a fact.
They took over in 1913.
That's the history of our country.
They write books about it.
Greenspan's written a book about it.
This is public.
That's Alan Greenspan for you, folks.
But again, I know most of you don't read, so they're not worried about it.
And to make a long story short, the Browns have said, we're not leaving, and we're out here armed, and we're going to defend ourselves, we're not going.
And they've had some rock concerts out of their property, two of them.
And I've never been there, but I've covered it, and I remember watching on a video cam live at the event a few months ago, a long-range security helicopter at below tree level.
I mean, it was lower than the trees, right over crowds of people for eight hours.
I watched it for two and had to go back to work trying to be provocative.
Danny Riley, who'd been out there following the events a few months ago, was in the Associated Press and other local publications.
He's a local of New York, went there and he was walking the dog by the fence and guys in ghillie suits shot at him.
Then he jumped on the ground, they tasered him, they first lied about it, now they admit that they lied, and that's true.
And they're just really trying to escalate this into another Ruby Ridge or Waco.
Which we don't want to see happen.
I don't want anybody on either side to be hurt.
And the illegal aliens in the bills are given at least five years of tax amnesty.
And that's been in the last amnesty bill and the new amnesty bill.
Why can't citizens get this?
And are we going to get dead citizens and dead federal marshals and dead FBI?
They don't want that, no.
But the FBI running this.
Over this?
I mean, is this worth it?
When we've got crime just rampant and almost four trillion missing from the Pentagon.
But the reason we have Terry Melton here today is because he's a member of the press and he's out professionally shooting video of all sorts of events.
It's what he does for a living.
And he was about to, he went up to New York to cover the 9-11 event, the anniversary, and then he met up with Danny Reilly to follow him back out to the Browns to do one more interview because he was making a film about it.
By the way, since this happened last Wednesday,
When they SWAT teamed him and grabbed him in New York, they've told local news they can't go and interview the Browns anymore.
And they've shut the place down, and that's a violation of the press.
And this is getting very serious.
This is a huge escalation.
We've got a few minutes before we've got a break.
We're going to come back and finish your story.
But Terry Melton, there is a reason that you've decided to go public.
In fact, you told me privately that if they had just detained you and let you go and hadn't threatened you, you would have, you know, you're a member of the media, you wouldn't have made a big deal out of this.
But this has really changed your life.
I mean, you were telling me earlier that you knew there was tyranny in this country, but to experience it for yourself has really changed your whole view on the world.
So, in a synopsis, run through what happened.
It was a pretty unpleasant experience, to say the least.
Go ahead and start over.
I'm sorry, we didn't have your mic up.
It was a pretty unpleasant experience, to say the least.
We went through the whole process where the marshals came in.
We didn't hear any warrants or any form of idea of knowing why they were coming in.
There were just a bunch of marshals and ATF.
That mic seems to be bad.
Will you swing another mic over there, Amanda, for us?
Just stay there.
I'm sorry.
Just stay where you're at.
It's a bad mic.
I don't know what's going on here.
We'll turn that mic off and turn the other one on.
Let's start over.
All right.
Go ahead.
We should have checked this beforehand.
I didn't know the mics up here.
Other mics weren't going to work.
You can go ahead now, sir.
All righty.
Start over.
Start over.
From New York or from Danny's?
Go ahead and start over.
Just the whole story.
Well, I went to New York with Danny Riley, you know, just to experience the whole 9-11
Yes, we're good to go!
I went off to do a job as an electrical contractor, and I pretty much was just sitting around the house watching the news, hoping that the 9-11 Truth Movement would get some coverage.
Obviously, there was no coverage.
As I'm working on my camera, because my camera got wet from all the rain, Daniel Raleigh had returned probably back about 1 or 1-30.
Describe what happened.
Well, I hear a bunch of cars screeching, doors slamming, a lot of screaming and I initially thought it was, you know, Denny's neighbors fighting.
I go to the window and there's just, the whole street is full of marshals and cops and people in suits and the first thing I thought was, okay, I'm right in the middle of a, you know, a raid.
And I turned around after looking out the window and seeing all this, and then I see the three gentlemen with their sniper rifles aimed right at me.
I could actually see the guy's eye through the scope, and it was pretty surreal.
You said you saw him wink?
Well, yeah.
Yeah, it was a pretty surreal moment, to say the least.
I proclaimed myself, you know, as a guest of Danny Reilly, and so they, you know, they pulled me over to there.
They put me in cuffs, took me downstairs.
Yes, I am.
We're good to go.
So, um... Now, we're going to come back and talk about how they threatened to rape you.
Abu Ghraib style.
And you weren't going to talk about any of this until they threatened to rape you.
I was cooperating, giving them all the questions, answering all the questions they wanted.
But this is the new America where they watch Jack Bauer and they think rape's good.
Okay, homosexual rape threats.
This is the country run by people like the Senator Craig.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
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It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Ted Anders from Midas.
November 2nd, 2007.
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The Chinese government has begun a campaign of economic threats against the U.S., hinting liquidation of its vast holdings of U.S.
Treasuries, responding to Washington's trade sanctions, forcing the Yen Revolution.
Communist Party bodies are warning that Beijing may use its 1.33 trillion reserves as a political weapon, causing bond yields to spike, hammering the U.S.
housing market and throwing the economy into a recession.
Russia, Switzerland, and several other countries have reduced their holdings due to this threat.
Economist Ambrose Evans Pritchard published a report, China Threatens Nuclear Option of Dollar Sales.
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show!
By the way, the Army's own report they commissioned on Abu Ghraib stated they raped people with large objects dripping with acid.
Go read the General Tugumbu report.
The Filipino general, the U.S.
general, put that out.
And of course now the CIA says they're going to stop waterboarding.
That's where they ground you.
So people watch these TV shows that are Pentagon funded where they torture people, torture children, get their parents to talk.
That now has entered into law enforcement.
And continue with your story because
Again, I mean, I told you, hey man, you don't need to have to come on my show.
I mean, if you want, just lie low and you're like, no, I have to talk about this because people have to know what this country's turned into.
And you also described how you weren't scared of the guns.
It was the threat of rape.
Yeah, it was a threat from the marshal to destroy my life and my livelihood if I went back to Texas and continued on with the story of Edna Lane Brown.
Oh, he was telling you don't make a film?
Oh yeah, yeah.
He said if somebody offered me $50,000 to make this film, that he'd come after me and he'd basically sodomize me.
But that's a huge issue in America.
You're just a filmmaker.
They've now banned the AP from the property.
I mean, are they going to rape AP reporters?
Is that what we're coming down to?
I sure hope not, Alex.
Well, go through it blow by blow, exactly what he said.
By the way, he never even tell you his name.
No, well, it changed just about every time I talked to the gentleman.
It was interrogation.
They asked me all kinds of personal questions.
They never read me my rights.
They never told me why I was being detained.
They put me in handcuffs.
They humiliated me in front of all the local neighbors there.
But now you're in the federal courthouse.
What happened next?
Now I'm in the federal courthouse.
I was going through all these questions.
They go out.
They go out.
They come in.
I think so.
And then he said, you need to go away, you need to shut up.
If you talk about this on air, if you make a video like Danny Reilly did... That's the secret police.
Yeah, they said they would come right up my bottom end.
But then you said he went clear, he said, I will rape you.
Absolutely, yes.
I mean, you can't say it on air, but specifically, what did he say without saying the words?
He said he would come right up my effin' bottom end and ruin my life.
Now, whether it was metaphorical or whether he really wanted to, you know, anally rape me, well then... What was the exact quote, though, on coming after you 13, 15 years later?
That he would come after me.
He would ruin my life.
Even if it took 15 years, he would come after me and destroy me.
And he said, you need to understand how serious I am about that.
And that's when I got frustrated.
That's when I was like, this isn't happening to me.
I'm not hearing this from a U.S.
I mean, this is America.
You know, I can understand him doing his job.
He's in Russia.
Right, yeah.
I mean, you want information, get information.
But you don't threaten me.
You don't tell me that you're going to destroy my life.
You don't tell me what you're going to do to my physical body.
He crossed the line there.
And that's why I felt like I need to get on the radio and get this information out.
These things that Alex Jones talks about, you know, that some of these guys are out of control.
I mean, I bear witness to that this weekend when all this stuff happened.
It's true.
It's unbelievable.
And this was Wednesday?
Correct, correct.
And I'm still... Now the key here though, a major civil rights violation, is to tell you, do not make that film or I'm coming after you.
I mean, he's telling you, don't make a film about something?
He also told me, he was asking questions and I said, you know what, I don't feel comfortable, I'm not sure if I understand all my rights, and I'm going to get an attorney.
And he said, I didn't need an attorney.
He told me I did not need an attorney.
He said, shut your mouth, go away, and stay out of this.
And then when I talked to you, I said, look, I'm not going to tell you to come on the air or not.
In fact, I told my riders, I said, let's hold off on this till I talk to him.
Because I mean, putting your name out there and I mean, it's all gang mentality.
I mean, it's just like Eastside Vatos.
Hey, I'm going to show him.
And that's exactly how it felt.
It felt like a bully, you know, like the school bully that, you know, when when the other cops, I think, were away, that's when he was coming in and saying, don't mess with me or I'm going to bust you up.
And that's why I felt like I needed to get on there and tell this story.
What did he look like?
He was a tall gentleman, probably about 6'3", 6'4".
He was pretty stout.
I think he was bald, I think.
He said he was from New York.
He said he had a goatee?
He may have had a goatee.
I don't remember if he did or not.
I just remember what he said.
A few days ago he told me he did.
I just remembered.
Or I'm still trying to deal with it.
Did any of the others make any threats?
The local cops, and it was probably this good cop bad cop situation, said, well you need to cooperate with the FBI because Danny Riley is up for treason.
They were basically putting the fear into me for when this gentleman came in.
For which reason?
I played a YouTube clip earlier where a well-known neocon is calling for my execution.
I mean, that's what they think, so they can get rid of our borders, so they can debase the currency, so they can turn us into a police state, so they can fingerprint all our children, so they can just rule us.
That's what tyranny is.
We're just slaves.
It's dead serious, and people need to wake up.
It's dead serious.
Any other points you'd like to make about what happened to you?
No, the primary thing that I just wanted to get out is
I don't know.
You tend to be looking over your shoulder a whole lot more than you would normally.
And again, you're a filmmaker.
By the way, they have now cordoned off, they're like a mile away, blocking reporters and TV reporters.
I mean, everybody from Fox News, nationally, to George Norie, to the Associated Press have interviewed him.
They've sent reporters out there, Fox News has and other people, and they're not telling him, no, you can't get, and they've done nothing violent.
You know, they say here, charges range from accessory after the fact.
You weren't charged, the other four guys were.
I think it's just a bunch of gentlemen that like guns and like to go hunting and you know whatever they're doing with their guns is you know their business and you know the feds trying to make it into
Uh, aiding and abetting, uh, as if, um, you know, they're gonna, you know, stand by Ed and Lane Brown with the guns.
You know, they're, they're trying to create intent in this whole situation.
But on top of that, uh, they've had helicopters flying at lower than tree level for eight hours.
Very dangerous.
Uh, they've already tasered Riley and grabbed him once and told him, you're gonna work for us, you're going to prison.
That, they told him that.
They said, you're gonna be our informant, we're gonna set you up so you can go to prison.
I guess they're doing that now.
Meanwhile, the illegal aliens are running all over us.
There's all sorts of crime in government.
And you just said this is an interesting film, and you wanted to make... How many times have you been to the Brown property?
I've been up there twice.
This was going to be the third and final trip.
Both times I was up there, I didn't really have a chance to interview Ed and Elaine because there were so many people there showing support.
Did you ever talk back to His Majesty and say, hey, it's my right to go interview people?
Um, no, I just, I pretty much was yes sir, no sir, because I just wanted to get out of there.
But now you're doing this to get, uh, what I believe is a crime, to tell the press, don't make a film, don't do a story.
That's like Mexico.
That's like Russia.
That is where he crossed the line.
That's Russia, where they imprison and kill people for reporting.
That's where he crossed the line with me.
I'm just a videographer doing my job, and to threat me with rape.
We're out of time.
Thank you, Karen Elman.
We'll be right back.
Thank you so much.
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show!
Alright, let's go to one of the former top strategists in the Air Force.
I think?
Top lobbyist.
He's covered a lot of wars, and he's trying to poo-poo it and cover it up.
But what the Colonel is saying is the absolute truth.
And we are at war.
That is, the globalists that control our country are already at war with Iran, and they're using known top al-Qaeda to do it, while saying Iran is al-Qaeda.
When Al-Qaeda is basically outlawed in the country and you can hunt it down.
It's just unbelievable.
And I'm not defending what some of the Shiites do.
See, I believe all these governments are bad.
History shows that.
Common sense shows it.
It's just that the things you're being told are all complete lies, folks.
They talk to you like you're two-year-olds.
I'll at least tell you they're conning you.
They're laughing at you.
Here it is.
...in the Situation Room, see it Wednesday night... ...for at least 18 months.
The evidence is overwhelming... Well, let me give you a pressure.
When you say it's been given, the President says he wants diplomacy to work to convince the Iranian government to stop enriching uranium... He said the same thing.
He said the same thing before the last war.
Go back to it.
The Iranian people that we have no desire for conflict.
You told David Ignatius of the Washington Post the other day.
So what does that mean the order has been given?
We are conducting military operations inside Iran right now.
The evidence is overwhelming from both the Iranians, Americans, and congressional sources.
What does military operations define that?
They probably have had two objectives going back 18 months.
The first was to gather intelligence.
Where is the Iranian nuclear program?
The second has been to prepare dissident groups for phase two, which will be the strike, which will come as the next phase, I think.
Preparing intelligence, that's understandable, using all sorts of means.
They want to know what the Iranians are up to in terms of their nuclear program.
But are you suggesting that U.S.
military forces, special operations forces, or others are on the ground right now in Iran?
Absolutely clear.
The evidence is overwhelming from lots of sources.
And again, most of them you can read in the public.
You know, Seymour Hersh has done good work on it, and there are lots of other people who have done that.
I've talked to Iranians.
I asked an Iranian ambassador to the IAEA, what's this I hear about Americans being there?
He said to me, well, we've captured some people who work with them.
We've confirmed that they're there.
Yeah, but you know, these guys, the Iranians, can't necessarily believe...
Okay, now again, we wrote articles three months ago that are on PrisonPlanet.com.
In fact, you're in a break.
I'll dig around in the archives and find them.
Right before showtime, I looked for it and couldn't because we write like 50 articles a week or something ourselves and post thousands in the aggregate since then.
You know, of other news and links, I don't know, there's about 60, 70 new things a day just on Prison Planet alone.
But side issue, the point is,
That the White House says they're carrying out military operations.
They're funding insurgencies that go around and shoot cops in the back and bomb.
And I know they're Iranian, so I guess their cops deserve to die in your mind.
No, they don't, folks.
They're going around shooting cops in the backs, blowing up dams, bombing stuff to destabilize it all over the country.
It's on the news.
It's in the foreign news about bombs going off almost every week in Iran.
I mean, this is the criminals that run our government that are doing this.
And who are they using?
The Wahhabis.
Let's play a little bit more of it.
They could arrest some dissidents in Iran and say these are American spies.
They do that all the time.
The House Committee on Emerging Threats tried to have a hearing some weeks ago in which they asked the Department of State and Defense to come and answer this question because it's serious enough to be answered without congressional approval and they didn't come to the hearing.
There are sources that I talk to on the Hill who believe that that's true, and it's being done without Congressional oversight.
Look, I was once a Pentagon correspondent many years ago, and in those days and in these days, and as Jamie McIntyre just reported, and as you well know from your time of active duty at the Pentagon in the U.S.
military, these guys are planning contingency operations for almost everything.
If Canada goes to war against the United States, they've got a contingency plan.
Okay, different now.
Two differences.
Number one, we've learned from Time Magazine today that some US naval forces have been alerted for deployment.
That is a major step.
That's first.
The second thing is, the sources suggest the plan is not in the Pentagon.
The plan has gone to the White House.
That's not normal planning.
When the plan goes to the White House, that means we've gone to a different stage.
You think it's possible there's a little psychological warfare being played on Ahmadinejad?
Alright, so we have the White House announcing three months ago, what was in the news three and a half years ago, that U.S.
Special Forces are in Iran carrying out destabilization operations.
They would call it terrorism.
Again, when we attack somebody, it's called loving and sweetness and goodness, and if they fight back, it's called evil terrorism.
By the way, official White House statements, if Iran fights back in any way, it's called terrorism.
They plan to hit more than 10,000 targets repeatedly in the first week of a bombardment with thousands of Saudis a day.
That's aircraft attacks.
And if Iran... I mean, this is a new rule for warfare.
This would be like...
Say if I was a cop and I just said, I'm going to walk around and just randomly beat people up.
I guess that's kind of what's happening now.
And if you even defend yourself, it's assault.
I guess that's kind of what our government says.
It's a new system.
We're going to bombard you and attack you.
We're going to fund terrorists to blow stuff up and shoot cops in the back and do whatever we want and carry out this insurgency.
And if you fight back in any way, you're a terrorist.
In any way, we're going to call you Al-Qaeda while we use Al-Qaeda to attack you.
And if we didn't have a public who knew all the football and all the baseball scores, but nothing about the three branches of government, nothing about the regions of the world, that's how they're able to get away with this.
It's not even that you're stupid.
You're busy getting new chrome for your Harley, and you're busy trying to work out three times a day so you look good for the women or women for the men,
And I'm not saying don't do some of that.
But, I mean, number one, if you like money, you'll make more money in business knowing what's going on.
I mean, you'll actually get to be in higher circles.
Because, believe me, you'll never be able to talk to people that are even in the upper middle class if... Ah, it doesn't matter.
If you want to be a slave, just fine.
Go ahead.
Just go ahead and feel good and let's attack Al-Qaeda.
Let's attack those evil Iranians when they're the opposite of Al-Qaeda.
The opposite branch of Islam!
The opposite group!
How many times do they say they're funding Al Qaeda?
It's a lie!
Alright, we're going to go to break here in a few minutes and I promise I'm going to go to all your calls, but I see calls...
I disagree with you about vaccines being bad.
Another one.
Soldiers says gold info.
Another one.
Lies within churches.
A bunch of calls about everything under the sun, which is fine.
I don't screen calls.
We have open lines.
If you want to call here and tell us what you're calling about, we'll put it on the board.
That's fine.
But I'd like to hear what you think about the open discussion of going to war with Iran.
Sarkozy, the new French president, last week said, yeah, there's probably going to be a war.
Get ready for war.
The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has said, get ready for war.
The aircraft carriers are all lined up.
The troops are masked.
For the first time in three years, people I know in the Air Force, the Navy, the Marines, the Army, are all saying, yeah, we've been told we're going into Iran and Syria.
We're going to bomb them all.
And then I've got this.
Israeli seized nuclear material from Syrian raid.
Times of London.
This is not the National Enquirer.
This is a very
By credible, I mean this is the establishment speaking.
I'm not saying the story is true, but this is big time when they say it.
This is the New York Times of the planet.
Israeli commandos seized nuclear material of North Korean origin during a daring raid on a secret military site in Syria before Israel
Bombed it this month, according to informed sources in Washington and Jerusalem.
The attack was launched with American approval of September 6th.
Washington was shown evidence the material was nuclear-related.
Keyword, nuclear-related.
You don't just... Remember when they said a nuclear power plant was hidden under a rosebush?
The truth is it takes a complex, you know, 20 square miles to do it.
We're going to come back and get into what all this means and take your calls.
But I want to talk about the war.
So that's what I want to discuss for now.
Then we're getting into the Federal Reserve, the economy, all of it in the next hour.
Most veterans are going to be banned from owning guns.
A large percentage of police are going to be barred from owning guns.
This is from Gunners of America.
And it'll be called conservative.
I know everything liberal and big government is conservative now.
So stay with us!
We're good to go!
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Mr. Greenspan, I have long been concerned that you are way out of touch with the needs of the middle class and working families of our country, that you see your major function in your position as
The need to represent the wealthy and large corporations.
And I must tell you that your testimony today only confirms all of my suspicions.
And I would urge you, come with me to Vermont!
Meet real people.
The country clubs and the cocktail parties are not real America.
The millionaires and billionaires are the exception to the rule.
But today you reached a new low, I think.
...by suggesting that manufacturing in America doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter where the product is produced.
We've lost two million manufacturing jobs in the last two years alone.
Ten percent of our workforce.
Wal-Mart has replaced General Motors as the major employer in America, paying people starvation wages rather than living wages.
Now, that's Congressman Bernie Sanders, the independent from Vermont, confronting Greenspan a few years ago.
About a year and a half ago, he was still in.
And, now you notice, they create the globalist model so that jobs go offshore to then depress the economy when they cause the implosion part of the phase, the bust part of the phase, this is their own documents, so that they can then devalue the dollar and have foreign interests come in and buy up the infrastructure cheaper.
That's why NASDAQ's getting bought, now it'll be majority owned by the Arabs, or by another 20%.
The European stock exchanges are already almost completely Arab-owned.
Uh, that's why, uh, they're now buying up everything.
Because if you're German, if you're Saudi, if you're Japanese, the dollar's toilet paper.
It's just like Texas when we used to go down to Mexico and the peso was worth nothing.
It's the same thing!
Or the ruble!
It's a fire sale!
And then in that video you just heard, then it cuts into, uh, Matt LePacek and a bunch of other people from We Are Change.
And of course, InfoWars.com.
We list all their names up on JonesReport.com.
Confronting Greenspan about his activity destroying the dollar.
This is just a few days ago when he was at a bookstore in New York.
I don't have time to play all this.
I'm out of time.
It's a catch-22.
I've got loaded phone lines here.
I want to get to at least Garrick and Carl and Mario and a few others here.
But I want to talk to Dustin about fake Bin Laden videos on TV.
They admit they're fake.
I want to get to all of it, but I can't.
I'll try.
We'll see what happens.
But this next clip is Ron Paul, and this is last Thursday, actually.
I said Friday.
I was wrong.
During the House Banking Committee hearing, he's on the board, and he's sitting there getting on to Bernanke, the current head of the private Federal Reserve.
It's private.
About how they made the decision to devalue the dollar.
And to cut the interest rates, which furthered that.
True erosion of your wealth.
And at the end of it, Bernanke says, well, inflation's only at 2%.
Folks, the Feds say it's at 6.7.
The Feds say.
And they don't add housing or energy and a bunch of other key things that should be in there.
It's a cooked book.
The big brokerage houses, foreign and domestic, have us between 10 and 20%.
The average in there is about 13.6%.
Most of them come up with 13-plus percent annual inflation, compounded.
And that's just the beginning.
This is going to accelerate into 20% inflation, conservatively, by 2008.
And I know most of you don't even know what this is yet.
You're too busy, you know all the Warren scores, and I say good for you.
But if you just spend a little more time knowing about this, the government, the criminals that own it and run it couldn't have gotten away with this.
Wow, this is very, very, very, very... And look, I'm not trying to talk down and be mean to people.
I'm angry.
I'm upset.
I can't fix things on my own.
I need you to get aware of how you're being robbed.
It'd be kind of like if I saw some guy robbing you for a year straight, everything out of your house, and you wouldn't look at it, you wouldn't speak out, you wouldn't help yourself.
I'd get mad at you and say, hey, idiot, your house is on fire.
Hey, idiot, you're being robbed.
Because, see, this is our house.
We all live together in this country.
And I love America.
The globalists may say the nations are dead and all this is happening and America has to fall for the new world order to rise.
In fact, I wrote all those notes that I wanted to talk about on air.
Oh, where are they?
I've just got all these articles here.
Here it is.
I wrote all these notes this weekend about things I wanted to talk about today.
About how they're destroying our military by design.
How they're not refitting anything.
Soldiers in World War II only had to serve one tour.
Our troops are starting their fifth tour.
They won't let them come home.
They treat them like absolute garbage.
How, by design, the globalists are discrediting the U.S.'
's name worldwide with these criminal wars.
An example.
Rupert Murdoch owns hundreds of newspapers outside the country where he bad-mouthed the war, and then he owns them domestically, building it up.
Again, the globalists wrote about this.
How they're killing the dollar.
How they put out the news of no WMDs when they could have easily planted them.
Again, just to at least have a safe face.
It's all rigged, folks.
It's totally rigged.
They have to discredit the U.S.
for their new order to rise, and they've written about that.
You're seeing the... I mean, I've got stacks of news here.
They also have the liberals out saying, oh, let's be sweet to all the foreigners.
They want to come in and make America great.
I'll guarantee you that the official policy of Mexico is the U.S.
belongs to Mexico, and the majority of people coming in this country, and I can hear it on Spanish radio, my wife speaks Spanish, say they hate this country and they're taking it down.
And I've had enough of it.
I mean, when it's on the Mexican radio and TV and they're saying it, I'm not going to just sit here and shut up about it.
I don't want to hear about how this war is for America when the government is legalizing all the illegal aliens that, you know, lost two wars with the U.S.
so they hate our guts.
You may not know history, but the Mexicans from across the border do.
And they want this country.
They never had it.
They couldn't keep it from the Indians.
There was only a few thousand up here.
But after the Tennesseans and the Kentuckians came in here and the South Carolinians, they said, hey, we want it back now.
See, you don't even know what history is.
How do I even communicate it to you?
This is a traitorous, new-old-order government destroying our country!
The war's destroying it!
The same bankers are destroying our dollar!
The people launching the Iran war want Iran destroyed, they want Serbia destroyed, they want the U.S.
The globalists are international banks.
They're above all the countries.
Nations are their enemies.
We have the IMF documents that Joseph Stiglitz got out, the chief economist of the World Bank in 2002, how they want to destroy the U.S.!
But you don't even know who your real enemies are!
And then I got stacks of news right here.
I got stacks of news right here in front of me.
There's so much.
I rarely get flustered, but I'm just so mad, folks.
Where's the story where they're banning a bunch of veterans from owning guns?
Now, this is Governors of America, second biggest group in the country.
Second Amendment group.
Veterans Disarmament Act II, bar vets from owning guns.
Top story at presentplanet.com.
You can read Larry Pratt's summary.
Hundreds of thousands of veterans from
Vietnam's Operation Iraqi Freedom are at the front, and there's a risk of being banned from buying firearms and legislation that is pending, and Congress gets enacted.
The Veterans Disarmament Act, which has already passed the House, would place any veteran who has ever been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder... See, they can't get you on welfare, they can't get you on probation, they can't get you in the system.
It's all about getting you in the system.
I have the government documents from the 60s.
From the 40's, how the big foundations wanted big government to get you in the system.
Because the eugenicists, a hundred years ago, founded the social workers.
And see, the same thing in the Soviet Union.
Did you hear about it?
They used psychiatrists in the Soviet Union to control people.
It's the same thing here.
And that's why they're giving all the kids.
That's why they have like a... In 2005, they had a hundred and plus new psychological designations.
Like, if you think government's corrupt, they call it a mental illness.
They have a big name for it.
It's the same thing here.
And veterans always wonder why.
Oh, you're going to get some extra leave, but we're going to diagnose you now with post-traumatic stress disorder or these hundreds of other things.
And then now you try to go buy a gun, and they're putting it all on the registry where you can't.
You weren't convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, but oh my gosh, you collapsed in Vietnam and they said you had PTSD.
The Veterans Disarmament Act, which has already passed the House, would place any veteran who has ever been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder on the federal gun ban list.
This is exactly what President Bill Clinton did over seven years ago with his administration illegitimately added 83,000 veterans into the National Criminal Information NICS system, prohibiting them from purchasing firearms simply because of afflictions like PTSD.
And by the way, they're also going to then add cops to it.
How many cops got PTSD?
You know, you were depressed, you were freaked out after you got stabbed, or you shot somebody, or they shot you, or you were in a gunfight, or... I mean, you know, it stresses you out.
They tell you, oh, you're stressed out and freaked out, not because you're working too many hours, not because you're not eating right, not because you're exhausted, but you got PTSD, and you thought, oh, well, hey, I get a little extra paycheck now because of that.
No, it was to take your rights.
It was to get you on a list.
It's HR 2640.
Hundreds of thousands of troops and hundreds of thousands of former and current police officers.
Cops didn't believe us when we told you about that domestic violence issue.
By the way, lawyers, the minute they start a divorce, they tell you to go get a restraining order.
So it isn't real domestic violence.
You just got a restraining order, so she gets to keep the house and everything, and now men are doing this to women, by the way.
The reverse of it.
It's horrible.
It's not due process, and all these cops lost their jobs.
Just get ready, folks!
All you cops are going to tell you is, sorry, you're decertified.
Your certificate is a peace officer.
Sorry, veteran!
You can't buy a new shotgun to go bird hunting.
Can't buy a revolver to protect yourself.
Because hundreds of thousands of you were given PTSD.
I'm sorry to all the callers.
I'll see you next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., right here.
On this same station, whether you're listening in upstate New York, Kansas City, or Virginia, or Southern California, or Austin, Texas, Dallas, or Germany, wherever, I'll see you next week.
God bless you all.
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