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Air Date: Oct. 28, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome and thank you for joining us.
We are live.
It is the 28th day of October 2007.
We'll be live here for the next two hours.
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What are the stacks of news I have in front of me today?
Number one, FEMA held fake news conference during wildfires.
Why is that important?
We'll break it down.
Also, Homeland Security strikes deal with New York on driver's license for illegal aliens.
Absolute treason against this nation by Homeland Security.
Also, New Jersey confirms four more cases of deadly flesh-eating bacteria.
And why that's so important, because different strains of this are spreading all over the country and causing thousands of deaths a year now.
Now they're popping up in public schools.
You name it, another little tidbit the illegal aliens bring in.
And we will also get into a really frightening bill that passed the House by 94 percent, 402 votes,
Thoughtcrime Bill could ensnare peaceful activists, says the government will decide if your speech stirred up groups that they then claim are terrorists later.
Of course, Europe and much of the world have destroyed any free speech, and now they're trying it here in the United States.
Also, I was on with Ian Punnett on Coast to Coast AM and Art Bell's old slot last night for three full hours, and I won over Ian Punnett.
By the end of it, because he is very well versed in the history of eugenics and neo-eugenics, and really shocked him and the audience, if you heard that show, which carried on many affiliates, to pick up this Sunday transmission or my weekday show, I'd like to continue that discussion today and flesh out a few of the things I didn't have time to get in there, because I have the actual documents here where our government funded China's one-child policy.
Where the governments of the US and England in the late 40s stated their plan for population extermination and control and many of the quotes by the world's elite making this statement.
I mean, this is the big story.
The story that really nobody else is reporting.
And so we're covering it here today.
Issues that really matter, ladies and gentlemen.
First off, let's go ahead and play about a minute or so with the FEMA spokesman out there giving a fake news conference, and we'll go into the full magnitude of this that a lot of the media is spinning, but that Reuters and the AP actually got right, and here is a little piece of that.
There are 19 other shelters in the area, and given the duration here, they're expecting the shelters will need to be resupplied with basic commodities of cots and blankets, food and water.
There are enough supplies in San Diego as we stand now, and FEVA has additional cots,
All right.
It goes on and on.
If you go to prisonplanet.com or truthnews.us, you can watch the whole 20-something minute press conference.
Why is this important?
I try to get this across to people.
FEMA is in control of this broadcast right now.
Every radio station, every TV station in this country, in 1996 by federal law, had to put FEMA boxes
Emergency alert system boxes in the final chain where all the audio equipment goes into the tower transmitter.
At the broadcast booth and then at the tower, they have the takeover systems to take over every radio and TV station in the country.
Now before, I guess when the federal government thought they could trust a pliant public, you would have a couple stations locally who had feeds hooked into FEMA, and then other stations would tune to that emergency broadcast frequency to do that.
And in the late 90s, I covered the documents.
I was sitting in radio studios every day, watching it be installed, having it take over my radio show several times.
And I was going over the fact that this was all part of Continuity of Government and was being put into place so they could have a martial law takeover of this nation.
Earlier in 2007, in February, in Chicago, TV and radio broadcast a Presidential Martial Law Directive announcing civil emergency and the takeover and suspension of the Constitution.
Then they claimed that that was a computer malfunction that issued those codes.
The people that stage fake press conferences, the people who go around doing gun confiscation all over Louisiana, the people who will hold back aid for five days but then come confiscate your guns, the people that'll have, there at the Superdome, pallets of food stacked up a hundred feet high for three days and won't give it to people.
They are there for continuity of government.
They are there for martial law takeover.
That's what they were founded for.
That's what the declassified documents show.
It's what the John Warner Defense Authorization Act states.
It's what the Military Commissions Act states.
It's what Presidential Decision Directive 51 states.
By the way, just record this show or go back and listen to the podcast and then just take each term I said and type it into Google and you'll find it on the whitehouse.gov.
This is not my opinion.
This is a fact.
This has nothing to do with national security.
This has to do with them being able to control information.
But it is government.
They've got the power, but at the same time, they're a bunch of buffoons, and so they're screwing all this up and getting caught doing it.
Do you remember three years ago it broke that $1.8 billion in fake news packages and fake news reports had been purchased?
And that they had paid TV stations across the country to air them.
Billions of dollars.
It isn't just that the stations were airing the fake news and saying it was real for money off White House packaged news feeds.
It was that they were also taking the money, which wasn't just about airing the feeds.
In many cases it was double what the time would actually cost.
It was about buying influence with those radio stations, with those TV stations, with those print magazines.
It also then came out that thousands of reporters
We're good.
See, in a free society, we don't have fake reporters on TV on the payroll.
Now, most of you heard about New York Times reporters getting money for aluminum tube stories, or you heard about Armstrong Williams paying $244,000 a pop to go out and tell people that it was conservative to have big socialist programs like No Child Left Behind and federalizing education.
But that was the tip of the iceberg.
It was thousands of reporters bought and paid for.
And other fake packages, like the retiring General Tommy Franks going around saying, prefacing on TV and radio, and I saw for what it was when it happened, now I'm not partisan, and I'm not part of a party, and I'm just here as a citizen to give you my opinion.
I think the war's going great, and everything's wonderful, and I think martial law's coming soon for our own good.
Well, I pegged it as a paid broadcast, and then, sure enough, it came out in the Congressional Budget Office and General Accounting Office, indeed, that he had been paid $500-plus thousand dollars in 2004 to go around and give speeches coast-to-coast saying, Marshall Law is coming, that'll keep you safe.
I mean, does that not chill you?
Illegal media purchase.
Okay, $500,000 as an agent of influence to, that's what they call it, to run around and to do all of this.
So of course FEMA had a fake news conference, wouldn't let the media in, had their people in suits and reporter outfits stage the event.
Now usually they don't have to do this.
Client local reporters just take whatever lazily is given to them and regurgitate it back out.
Alright, this is a big story.
We're going to break it down, take your calls, and a lot more on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
The websites are PrisonPlanet.tv, PrisonPlanet.com, and TruthNews.us.
Keep it locked in!
It is a big idea.
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Bill Burgess makes great progress for the world.
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They're after power.
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Today, as a reminder, it's October 26, 2007.
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Hedge funds caught in the malaise of mortgage bankruptcies.
The bond market continues to slump.
JP Morgan gets caught in it.
A $10 billion bad deal for Chrysler.
Housing sales fell 6.6%.
Mortgage giant Countrywide showed mortgage payment woes spreading to the middle and upper class.
Investors cast doubt on investment banks.
Credit protection insurance for mortgage lenders are skyrocketing due to the increased risk.
The U.S.
dollar is free-falling against foreign currencies and countries that previously financed the U.S.
are now seeking safer alternatives.
Economist Rudy Boyd published the report, Bubble Leaking.
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He's Alex Jones.
That's right, when one-fifth of Americans in major studies can't tell where the U.S.
is on a map, that only encourages the big global corporations to come in here and rip off our government and engage in total grafts and take over the society.
You can't just sit around sucking your thumbs and be free.
If you want to be free, you're going to have to A, be informed, and B, you're going to have to fight for it.
Even societies where people are free and informed, they tend to get taken over and get in their luncheon.
We're in a lot of trouble.
The good news is, every major polling study shows that people are finally waking up to that.
And yes, we got a call earlier asking us, what's Alex doing talking about fake newscasts?
Where is this?
I don't see any proof.
There he goes again, making this stuff up.
I mean, is it a fake news conference?
Here is Reuters.
FEMA held a fake news conference during wildfires.
And if you go on to read in the story, it says that reporters were not allowed into the meeting.
They were given a telephone number outside and told they could listen in, but could not ask questions.
And it goes on, in another Reuters story, a U.S.
agency apologizes for fake wildfire news, and another one, Chertoff rips phony press event.
Yeah, he rips his own work.
It's like Bush when he orders torture, then sending people to prison that followed his orders.
Yes, this is really going on.
They had dozens and dozens of FEMA employees, a room full, dressed up in costumes, like reporters, with pads of paper and with audio devices and cameras, to come in and impam the crowd and show a fake news conference, so that no tough questions would be answered, and so FEMA could lie and say, you know, that only 800 houses had been destroyed when it was 1800, and they knew it at that time, now more, and so they could talk about their great quick response and how good they are.
See, that's not a free society.
That's the Soviet Union.
That's Russia.
Now, we're not that far along down the rat hole yet, down the toilet bowl yet, but they certainly are trying to do that.
And I want you to know, if you ever hear every radio and TV station saying, Hillary Clinton, our godlike leader, has, you know, the nuke went off in Chicago.
She's declaring civil emergency.
For your freedom, all guns must be handed in.
She is a great leader.
And you suddenly hear, you know, all these FEMA broadcasts.
They've taken over.
Or it could be George Bush, or it could be whoever else.
They own both parties.
Now, the good news is, this word is now out, so they may not be able to use it.
But they can punch one button and take everything over today.
And they admit they've got thousands of fake newscasts, reports, newsreaders, TV feeds ready to roll, prepackaged for any contingency, just to tell you whatever they want.
Do you understand?
You give elites this type of power throughout history, whether it was Rome, or Nazi Germany, or England,
They will use it.
And elites have never had powers at this level to be able to carry this type of thing out.
So, there you have it.
Fake newscast, so they could go and not have any serious questions asked.
It'd be one thing if they just had a statement and claimed they were on the front lines and couldn't have reporters there, but no.
They wanted to have fake people in reporter costumes, FEMA employees, standing there and showing it to you on TV.
Go watch the news feeds.
It's online.
All these fake reporters, again, is that home of the free, land of the brave?
Well, they've been running those ops in Iraq for a long time.
The Pentagon started in 2002 the Office of Strategic Information, and they admitted that they were spending billions a year on fake news in the U.S.
Again, that's the Pentagon doing that.
That's Caesar bringing his propaganda corps, his black op corps, his info propagandists, over the Rubicon.
Those who don't know history, that's when it all started.
The Roman Republic fell, 400 years of no kings, of somewhat free society, and Julius Caesar brought his troops across the Rubicon River in the north, out of what of course then was Austria.
And they made himself dictator.
Well, having the military buy billions of dollars of fake news, and every other federal major agency buying billions of dollars a year in fake news, and staging press conferences, is bringing the propaganda cores across the Rubicon.
Now, their propaganda, the false news reports and propaganda for decades overseas, always leaked back in, and they knew that, but they claimed it was a loophole.
But now they're domestically with... I mean, the Pentagon announced earlier this year they have the Central Command in Florida paying thousands of private bloggers and having thousands of psychological warfare experts at the base out blogging and putting out propaganda.
We've out-traced people attacking me on message boards right back to Defense Department computers at CENTCOM.
CENTCOM is engaging me!
Because I don't want a North American Union!
I want sovereignty!
I want the Second Amendment!
I literally bleed red, white, and blue!
I'm a 110% defender of the Republic!
They now work for the global government that is dismantling this country and telling you that it doesn't exist while it's happening, saying there's no North American Union, when it was officially formed October 24th, excuse me, November 24th, 2004.
In Baylor University with Vicente Fox and then Prime Minister Paul Martin.
Fox on Larry King Live and on The Daily Show a month ago admitted that we are in a North American Union, there's a plan to scrap the dollar and bring in the Amaro.
But before they can scrap the dollar, they have to totally devalue it.
It devalued by another cent last week.
Now a 64% devaluation in our precious dollar, all we had left.
The global banks are directly assaulting all this country had left.
First, they got rid of our industry.
First, they sold us out to foreign interest.
And by driving down the dollar, they can now send in foreign interest to buy up the infrastructure, what's left for pennies on the dollar.
Do you read me?
Let's go ahead and take a call from Mike in Alaska.
Mike, you've been holding the longest.
Welcome to the airwaves, sir.
Alex, how are you doing?
My name is Mike.
I'm a fellow Texan.
I'm your brother up here in Alaska.
I just wanted to know if you'd heard about House Resolution 1955.
Yes, sir.
We have an article on PrisonPlanet.com from Friday.
Thought crime bill could
Yeah, it's crazy.
I don't know what it's going to do to people who have websites out there.
Well, look, the criminals that are staging fake press conferences and the criminals that think they can have SimCom run this country have got another thing coming.
Oh man, this is just unbelievable.
I just, you know, I weep.
I weep for our country, that our rights have eroded this far.
I just can't believe it.
I think that if Ron isn't elected, we're doomed.
You know, I don't think there's any way to get around that.
I think we're going to have to really all get out there and support Ron Paul.
I agree with you.
Look, it's come to this point.
You have global financial interests that publicly have sworn to world government.
You have the head of the Naval War College coming out
And giving speeches, Professor Thomas Barnett on C-SPAN two years ago saying the military works for Wall Street and foreign banks, and, quote, wants to set up a world government.
The CIA put out a report last year called the US and the New World Order.
Okay, we don't have a future as a country in this system.
And just like Julius Caesar or Hitler or anybody else, ravenous wolves as, of course, former President
In his farewell addresses as President, Dwight D. Eisenhower talked about.
Look, if you let elites get power and you let them be unchecked, they will, like a wolf, try to come in and gorge themselves in the blood of a free society.
And they are lined up, they're trying to do this, they're probing, they're testing, they're seeing what they can get away with, they're staging terror events and provocateuring terror events to see if they can come in here and bring down this country, the big prize.
Iraq and Iran aren't the prize.
The U.S.
is the prize.
The United States is the prize.
We're the country they want to bring down.
I'm desperately trying to defend this republic, and if that's the way it is, I'll go down with the ship.
We'll come back, take more of your calls.
Stay with me.
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Things are moving so fast right now that an incredible story
Like HR 1955 passing the House last Wednesday, October 23rd, now headed to the Senate, 90 plus percent of the Congressmen, both parties, went with it.
And this isn't one of these bills where it's foggy and you find the real meat in the U.S.
Code Amendment.
It just clearly, openly states that they're going to make it illegal
to criticize the government, and that talking about government corruption foments... you don't have to call for violence, or even say you're for violence.
It's like the Soviet Union.
They have these rules where they would decide if something was illegal.
They would decide if it was hurtful.
We've heard national talk show host Glenn Beck on his radio show Friday said that, quote, Alex Jones is very dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous.
He said, we're fomenting people to go out and be violent.
I mean, that is so un-American that I'm here saying there's fake newscasts.
How many years have you heard me talk about fake newscasts, fake news conferences, fake propaganda, and now you hear about FEMA doing it?
I have the congressional record.
This is serious!
When I get up here and say PDD 51 states that the President is a dictator and Congress has no authority anymore, which by the way, the President can't lawfully do, but he's just declared it like Hitler couldn't declare that over the Reichstag, but he did it over Parliament.
It's the same thing.
And then I have all these law scholars on, and even mainstream news admits it's tyranny.
And again, Bush is just a puppet.
He's going to pass these powers on, probably, to the next president.
They own these parties.
And while we debate which party we're from and who's going to get the nod and all these distractions, the establishment moves forward.
With the control.
This is what elites have done throughout history.
They want power, they want to dominate, they want control.
That's why they're in power.
And until you start getting conscious about that, things are going to get bad.
Wait until you finally get the news that the dollar is destroyed.
Wait until you finally get news that they've sacked the economy.
The very people that have done it will then, by the middle of next year, pose as the saviors and blame it on some distractionary issue and move you into even more despotic control.
Now the good news is these elites have not gotten everything they want throughout history.
They are not invincible.
They do make mistakes.
And if we as a society take action, they can be defeated.
I've got a bunch of other news coming up I want to get into, dealing with Homeland Security legalizing illegal aliens, and other things that will just blow your mind.
Well, I guess they won't, many of you are already aware of it, but there's been some new developments.
But first off, let's get to some of your calls here.
Let's see who else has been holding the longest here.
Let's talk to Mario in New York, who says he disagrees.
Go ahead, Mario, you're on the air.
How are you doing, Alex?
Well, I'm not doing too well.
This country that I belove and that my family lives in for many generations is in deep crises right now.
I'm very upset.
Oh, okay.
I think you need to start... It's not been that much of a crisis.
And what is not in a crisis?
This country, it's sure there are a lot of things wrong, but you blow things out of proportion.
I blow the fact that there are 30 million illegal aliens in this country who have been taught to be nationalistic from their own nation and who openly talk about taking over this nation.
They don't openly talk about taking over the nation.
Oh, really?
There aren't 670 plus billboards in L.A.
reported on by the Associated Press, Human Events and World Net Daily for a year and a half now that say L.A.
is Mexico?
You hear that stuff and you take it as fact all the time.
Excuse me?
So you don't think it threatens our sovereignty to have 30 million illegal aliens here and now the government wants them to all be able to bring in 12 family members?
You don't think the dollar, with a 64% devaluation and plunging about a cent a week, and there's not much more it can drop, buddy, if that continues, in 40 weeks it'll be worth nothing.
In 30-something weeks it'll be worth nothing.
How are you going to stop?
How are you going to reverse that?
Okay, but that is not a crisis.
You're telling me your dollar being turned into toilet paper is not a pull your hair out, freak out, run down the street waving your arms.
That is not a freak out.
I can't talk to you, man.
I mean, look, when you were two years old, they set you in front of the television in your dirty diapers, you watched six, eight hours of TV a day, your brain never wired properly, and frankly, talking to you, it's an insult to humanity.
Okay, I mean, and I'm sorry for you.
It's painful to talk to you.
Copper's gone, folks, and you, the yuppies, none of you can see it, but you will see it once it finally runs aground completely.
We've already hit a bunch of rocks and we're taking on water fast, and you're stumbling around acting cool.
Fine, just have it your way, Mario.
Let's talk to Jeff in Mass.
Jeff, you're on the air worldwide.
Well, Alex, I have to agree with you 100% where this country is going towards.
And what the last caller doesn't realize is this.
When the second shoe hits, meaning a nuke goes off, and when Mario and others see tanks on the streets, whether it's in New York or Boston, then they will realize the country is... They won't realize.
They're going to run out and cheer it.
They're going to love it.
And our military is becoming predominantly felon and illegal alien.
Think about that!
20% of the troops in Iraq are illegal aliens, legalized.
They've been hiring quietly for seven years, but now publicly, aggravated felons.
It's like Stalin and Hitler opened the jails up.
I mean, it's just every mercenary troops, criminal troops, they're following every textbook.
Boom, boom, boom, boom.
Well, Alex, you're absolutely right.
And let me add this, which is when it's foreign troops on our streets, and when the eugenics program gets
We're just really put into place, really ramped up, and we have a Chinese communist system.
It will then be too late, and you're right.
People will go along with it.
Actually, yeah, they're going to cower in fear as the economy gets worse and go out and grovel.
I saw in 98 the federal plans, how they're going to have tattletale squads that can pay minimum wage in gray uniforms.
They're not going to be the industry.
It's all going to be tattletale squads and checkpoints on highways and people groveling and the studs on TV and black uniforms and boots and all the girls have got to have them, because Madison Avenue says so.
I mean, it's just sick.
It's so sick, it's disgusting!
The federal government, I couldn't believe it six years ago when they hired Marcus Wolfe, the former head of the Stasi, I didn't believe it, and went to the Federal Register and actually looked at his million dollar paycheck.
Then they hired Prima Copp, the former head of the KGB, to help design Homeland Security.
You cannot make stuff like that up.
It is so Twilight Zone, Alice in Wonderland, Fruitland, just like fake FEMA news conferences.
There's still pockets of resistance.
There's a lot of people waking up.
That's the good news.
I don't think they're going to get away with it.
But people, you better realize I'm not putting a bad face on this.
I'm not putting a bad face on this.
This is happening.
And I literally know what I'm doing is very dangerous.
And I'm intensifying how hardcore I am and how out in the open I am because I am committing myself to this country and to the people that live here.
Let's take another call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dylan in New York.
You're on the air worldwide.
How you doing, Commander?
You know, I just got to tune into your show a while ago.
I don't know if I have an exact stance on the immigration issue, but I don't really get to listen to the show often, to be perfectly frank with you.
I just wanted to call in and say what's up.
Well, Dylan Avery, it's good to hear from you.
Loose Change director.
Sure, and I feel bad.
I've been trying to get in touch with you all day, and then I just figured, why not?
I don't get to listen to his show much anyway, so I'm parked here on an exit off the interstate going into your show.
So here I am, buddy.
Well, awesome, Dylan.
Well, if you're trying to get in touch with me, let me just call you when I get off in an hour and 18 minutes.
I promise I'll call you right then on your cell phone.
Yeah, sure, and again, I don't mean to call you and bug you during your show, but we got kind of caught off earlier, and I felt bad that I didn't get to talk to you again.
Well, Dylan, I promise you.
I didn't know you were trying to get in touch with me.
I'll call you as soon as the show's over.
Hey, what do you think about all the fake FEMA news conferences?
I think it's ridiculous, Alex.
And I mean, they're just getting more and more brazen about the steps that they're taking to reduce our liberties.
Well, we saw fake news conferences on 9-11, didn't we?
Yeah, we did.
We saw some fake news coming out before the towers even fell.
They were telling us Building 7 was going to fall, and just how it was going to fall an hour before!
Hey Dylan, I'll talk to you real soon.
Sure Alex, I'll talk to you.
Take care.
We'll be right back on the other side.
This is 110% last ditch defense of the Republic!
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If you're looking for the real deal, the front lines of the Info War, the final last ditch defense of the Republic, against all enemies of the Republic, foreign and domestic, you have found it.
I personally, many years ago, through the ire and the attention of the Globalists, they have not wished to crush me because they know it would draw too much attention to the information we're bringing forward.
And on the subject of government-sponsored terror, corruption, destruction of our sovereignty, we have cleaned their clocks and we are not going to go away because ideas are bulletproof.
Before I go back to open phones, the next hour we're getting into Homeland Security's high treason, and I mean high treason, but that's what they're designed to do.
I want to just remind you that Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, how the modern science of eugenics grew out of the earlier science of eugenics, neo-eugenics, now upon us, how they control every major dominant western government of the planet, why they want to bring in a world government, their plan to massively reduce, forcibly, the population.
We'll be covering some of that next hour.
It is out on DVD now.
You can get it at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
And you're authorized for non-profit educational purposes, and I want you to, to get it and make copies of it and spread it around, because it is my masterpiece.
It shows who the global elite, who they are, how they operate, what their plans are, the North American Union, the EU, the African Union, the Asian Union, all their own documents, their own speeches, their own admissions.
Then we go to the Bilderberg Group in Canada in 2006, show you that, Istanbul, Turkey a few months ago, about five months ago now,
In Turkey, showing their event that Governor Rick Perry went to and others.
And the media five, six years ago didn't say it existed, by the way.
They'd say I was crazy, it didn't exist, now it's on Dallas Morning News and New York Times.
But they say world government and secret groups are good at running things.
You know, they spend it and say it's wonderful.
Then we spend the second half of the film, two hour, twenty minute documentary, detailing how the SS officer, Prince Bernhardt, husband to the Queen of the Netherlands,
Whose daughter runs Bilderberg today.
Founded Bilderberg.
Founded World Wildlife Fund.
How the global carbon tax is about restricting, controlling, and sterilizing the population.
Controlling the population.
They need those funds to put all that in place.
All the admitted chemical, biological, radiological testing they've done on our country and other nations.
We just scratched the tip of the iceberg but spent 20 minutes in rapid succession listening to the declassified examples of where our governments kill us.
These are all admitted.
There's no debating it.
So you can understand that they will do this in a greater way in the future if we do not resist them and fight them.
And let it not be said that Americans didn't fight.
Let it not be said that we were all decadent slobs who didn't care and couldn't find our own capital on a map of the country on a map.
Let it be said that all of us weren't slugs.
Some of us still believe in the land of the free, home of the brave, and we're against fake news conferences and martial law declarations.
You know, Bush, in May 9th, said that Congress was no longer involved in emergency and government.
Then he, a few weeks later, at the last SPP meeting in Canada, publicly said the UN is over the U.S.
during emergencies.
Public declaration.
We're seeing unbelievable things now on a weekly basis.
And they plan to launch World War III and use that as a unifying factor so we'll accept martial law domestically.
It's basic psychology.
And people better get a crash course in this.
You can also see Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement at PrisonPlanet.tv right now.
And folks, it's in such high quality screens that if you've got a good connection, you can watch it at 4x T1 speeds.
We're good to go!
And on the DVD, depending on which res you want to put it out at, and give it to everybody.
I want endgames all over this country this week.
I want people knee-deep in endgame blueprint for global enslavement.
Again, it's up to you.
You know the score.
We've given you the info weapon to take on the enemy.
Will you take up the sword in the info war against the enemy who has declared no quarter attack combat on humanity?
A ruthless global elite using social Darwinistic scientific systems to poison and dumb down the population.
Alright, let us now go ahead and go to the next caller.
Let's go ahead and talk to Brian in Alabama.
Brian, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, it's Brian from We Are Change Alabama chapter and WTPRN.
People need to know, tomorrow, in Atlanta, Georgia, Cherry Peel Jackson,
The same Sherry Peele Jackson that was in America's Freedom from Fascism is going on trial in front of the IRS in Atlanta, Georgia.
And I've been meaning to try to get her on.
I have had a lot of problems.
If you've got her number, you ought to leave that with us, and we will try to get her on.
But let me just give people some background, because remember, patriots tend to get in their own little nest and never grow outside that, because we don't explain to everybody.
Joe Bannister was listening to talk radio, and put him on hold for a minute, because I want to go back to him in a second.
Joe Bannister was a armed treasury agent.
He did IRS raids on, you know, multi-millionaire criminals, you name it.
You know, people in organized crime.
And he was driving in 1997, actually, down the Central Coast Highway there in San Francisco.
And he heard the big local talk station with D.B.
Kidd, who was exposing the IRS, and he heard that it was a private offshore corporation.
The Federal Reserve had taken over in 1913.
All this information, and he didn't believe it.
He spent two years documenting it, and in 1999, I was the first person to interview Joe Bannister.
I flew there.
I was there covering urban warfare takeover drills with the Marines on video, training to take Americans' guns and admitting it.
And that's all on tape in Police State 2000.
But I also got an interview with Joe Bannister.
And Joe
Then, for the next four years, five years, went public, spoke coast-to-coast, still paid the taxes, saying, it's like the Mafia, I still pay them, he said.
They charged him, arrested him, a jury found him not guilty of all the things they charged him with.
And now all these other people are being found not guilty.
Just a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, nine defendants were found not guilty of 163 charges.
Because now they can present and show that it is an offshore corporation, it is a fraud.
Now, Miss Jackson that you talk about, I'm well aware of her case.
Miss Jackson
Well, what I want to get to is, I know people have been asking, how can you become a part of change?
I will be there tomorrow at 9.30am to be at this trial.
Well, here's your chance.
If you want to make a difference, and we want to help restore this republic,
Please, I'm begging you, be there.
Bring your cameras, bring your Ron Paul information, bring your change.
Let me... Tell people specifically what the courthouse is, where it is, what time.
The courthouse is located on 75 Spring Street, Southwest Atlanta, Georgia.
The name of the building is the Richard B. Russell Federal Building.
The trial starts at 930 a.m.
You should get there by 8.
No later than 8.
Absolutely, and I want people to call in to my weekday show tomorrow and fill me in as all this develops.
I need to get her on.
We need to get her on.
I know you've been trying, haven't you?
Because I've been for a while wanting to get her on.
So, we'll call Cryer first thing in the morning, that lawyer that just beat the IRS down in
It was all over national news.
And then let's also call Becraft.
I think he'll probably even be there.
We should have been all over that.
We can't do everything, folks.
Thank you for the call, sir.
Now let's go ahead and talk to John, who disagrees, head of the line from San Marcos, Texas.
Go ahead, John.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
It's usually been my observation that people who howl the most about illegal immigration are the ones who don't like Hispanics in the first place.
How do you feel about that comment?
Well, I mean, that's an ad hominem attack.
It's baseless.
This is a sovereign nation.
At the highest levels, we had about 200,000 immigrants a year, right up until the early 20th century.
Now we have 3 million illegal plus a year fed zone numbers, and a million plus legal.
Can we... Pardon me, sir?
And what's illegal?
This country used to belong to them in the first place, before it was stolen from them.
Well, no, I know that, and that's my bigger problem, is that in Mexico City, and in all the Mexican textbooks, they teach that the Southwest belongs to Mexico, and they are involved, and Mexican presidents say this in a La Reconquista.
You know what that word means, don't you?
The reconquering of the Southwest, and in World War I, the Mexican government, funded by the Germans, attacked the Southwest.
Twenty-three Americans were killed in one night alone in South Texas, when the Mexicans, under German control,
I don't know about that.
Whether it's the globalists or illegal aliens trying to destroy my beloved country, I'm going to defend against it.
Okay, Mac?
We're going to come back.
We're going to educate you.
Alright, right here on the GCN Radio Network, Association of Women's Communications, PrisonPlanet.TV, and PrisonPlanet.com are the websites.
I know history, punk, and you don't.
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Our country is on its knees.
John from San Marcos was on in the last hour.
And I shouldn't call people like you punks.
You probably are a bleeding heart who means well.
And if you can get back in, it's 836-0590-836-0590 or 877-590-5525.
Just hit redial.
Let's see if we've got a line open.
Try to keep one open for him until he calls in.
He hung up.
And I want to have a real discussion with you.
Now, you need to apologize, too.
Because you implied that he said, oh, people that don't want to open borders, they just don't like Mexicans.
And that's what made me mad.
And my answer to you is, why do 87 to 71 percent of Hispanics in scientific Gallup polls and Scripps Howard news polls, every one they have are between 67 and 71.
I haven't seen them lower, haven't seen them higher.
Go look it up for yourself right now.
Just Google Scripps Howard's news service on Hispanic Americans on immigration issues.
So, they don't like Mexicans?
They don't like Hispanics?
They don't like Nicaraguans, Guatemalans, Chileans, Argentines?
They know that 30 million illegal aliens driving down the wages, but it's more than that.
Look at the Fed and state's own numbers.
In Texas, illegal aliens take out of the economy and welfare and medical costs, with having their children, everything, more than twice what they ever end up paying in taxes.
In California, it's almost three times.
More than 70% of those in Los Angeles, in the county jails, are illegal aliens.
These are all just numbers.
We have 30 million illegal aliens, conservatively, in this country.
We have the Republicans and Democrats who want a global government, who want a North American Union, in their own SPP, Security Prosperity Document, saying that they want to bring in a large enough foreign mass to be able to play it off against the American people, like what they have in French Canada and the separatists there.
It's divide and conquer.
So, you can try your establishment media line, but I guess then 67-71% of Hispanics don't like Hispanics.
67-71% of Hispanics have got their heads screwed on straight and know this is bad for our sovereignty and our economy.
And then you come out of the gates and you say, hey, it used to be their country anyways.
Finishing my argument, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, I wanted to ask you, did you know what that was?
Do you know what that is, John?
Don't be shy.
You kind of clammed up, though, when I said the Germans attacked us through Mexico twice.
I bet you don't believe that, do you?
Why don't you type, The Plan of San Diego.
The Plan of San Diego into Google.
And why don't you... University of Texas is the first link that pops up.
The second link that pops up is the University of Mexico at the city, Mexico City.
How do I know?
The 17-minute extra mini-film, Battle for the Republic, that is the extra on Endgame, shows the globalist plan, and we go into the plan of San Diego.
By the way, why do you think the Germans did this?
Well, do you know who the first major ruler of Mexico after Santa Ana was?
It was Maximilian, Frederick Maximilian, the whatever he was, I forget the number, it was like the 9th or something.
He was the crown prince of Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
That was the Germanic larger hegemon that stretched from the Balkans into Alsace-La France there in northern France.
The Alsatians.
Every time I talk about Germany, too, people say, why are you bashing Germans?
Because my mother is Alsatian.
The point is, and that's out of the family, the point here is Germany ruled.
What is known as Germany today ruled Mexico.
It ruled Mexico through several different princes for more than 40 years.
And they had power down there.
And so the railroads were built by the Germans.
It was all built by them.
And it was German troops that fought the Marine Corps and the Army when General Grant, Ulysses S. Grant, before the Civil War, went down there when Mexico attacked the U.S.
and went all the way into Oklahoma, slaughtering our troops.
In some cases, it was 100 to 1.
You'd have tens of thousands of troops attacking small patrols, wiping out our troops.
They wouldn't stop attacking, so we went all the way down there.
And then we said, you know what?
Well, we'd already then done the major treaties, and we just said, you're going to hand this over.
There were less than 5,000 Mexicans in the Southwest.
They couldn't hold it from the Native Americans.
Why is it six flags of Texas when you go to Six Flags?
You live here in the big amusement park, and they have a couple of them in the state?
A French flag, the Spanish flag, the Mexican flag, the Texas flag, the Confederate flag, the American flag.
Mexico did have parts of the U.S.
for a little while, and they couldn't hold on to it, so they went to the Tennesseans and the South Carolinians, and they went to the Alabamans, and they said, please come in, we're going to give you Spanish land grants, which my dad's side of the family got.
We even paid for it.
A few cents an acre.
And we came into Texas, because the Mexicans couldn't beat the Indians.
This is just basic history.
See, you don't know basic history.
I made a film about this.
That's my whole point.
Is that you don't know.
And then the Germans, at the end of World War II, were losing, so they financed Mexican rebels to attack four states simultaneously, and in one night, killed 23 U.S.
By the way, they went into these towns and they just killed the whole families.
Because the plan of San Diego said kill every gringo, every white person, 16 years of age and older.
But they got out of control.
It didn't matter if it was a two-year-old, they went ahead and blew their heads off.
Now, they don't want you knowing about that, do they?
No, Mexico doesn't want you to know.
Then they were about to launch an attack during World War II, and all that got stopped, and they put the Texas... What do you think the Texas Rangers are for?
How do you think the Texas Rangers got founded?
I mean, what do you think this is all about?
This is about empire.
There's always people trying to take this country over.
By the way, Mexico, until the 1850s, was a lot smaller.
It didn't even have large areas of Yucatan and other areas that belonged to Guatemala.
There were two other little countries down there.
Mexico doesn't let illegal aliens into their country.
Mexican cops beat up U.S.
citizens all the time and suck all the money out of them.
I mean, listen, my wife speaks Spanish.
She lived four years in Madrid, Spain.
My wife, just in marvelment, will listen to Mexican radio, and we'll drive along and look at the signs that are up all over the Southwest.
I mean, it is all xenophobic, it is all la raza, it is all... You know what raza means?
Race this, race that.
And I'm just sitting here going, look, this is serious business.
And I'm not going to go along with it, I'm not going to play along with it anymore, I'm not going to play your political correct games here.
If we've got 30 million illegal aliens that are going to be legalized under these amnesty plans, and they're allowed to bring 12 family members in over the next six years, and the first visit, if they do this, they are instantly given a green card and a social security number and allowed to apply for all the welfare.
The country's already basically bankrupt.
We can't afford this anymore, and that's why upwards of 71% of Hispanics stand with me.
Frankly, I could care less what color you are, as long as you're pro-America.
In fact, it's very painful to me.
I've talked to these racist Mexicans that have had their racist rallies and stuff.
The news all says it's great.
And I'll be on the phone beforehand telling them I'm coming down to demonstrate and they go, you wouldn't dare.
And I go, look, you know, it really hurts my feelings.
I got a lot of Hispanic friends.
Oh, sure you do, gringo.
And I'm like, you know, that's really painful that you're racist like that.
And, uh, you know, see, political correctness says that this large portion, a large minority of these illegal aliens hate this country, write about it, talk about it.
Their radio stations are called The Rebel, The Invader.
It's all ha ha ha, we're taking over, we're gonna get you.
They teach this all over Mexico in textbooks for hundreds of years.
And our government wants to get rid of the U.S.
They want to set up a North American Union.
Vicente Fox comes up here.
The president before him said that they're taking over the U.S.
That is a process of re-colonizing.
I mean, this is Mexican presidents are saying they want to take over the U.S.
The mayor of L.A.
says that Mexico has conquered L.A.
They attacked us with the Germans.
I'm sick of it!
I've had enough!
I'm done!
I'm through!
I'm not playing games anymore!
Folks, if you would just discover history.
The Plan of San Diego.
The Plan of San Diego.
Google that and Google Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
We'll come right back with more of your calls.
Stay with us.
Oh, John's back!
Oh, there's another John.
It is a big idea.
A New World Order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Couldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
This is a market alert from Midas Resources.
Since August 9th, the Fed has created and injected $200 billion into the financial markets to keep them afloat, ignoring the hyperinflationary hangover that is the sure result.
Data released by the New York Federal Reserve shows that foreign central banks have cut their stash of U.S.
Treasuries by $48 billion since late July.
With falls of 32 billion in the last two weeks alone.
Could China be quietly dumping the dollar?
The quality of your life depends on the quality of your currency.
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Printing money out of thin air has disastrous results.
Victimizing middle class citizens and discouraging savings.
If you have been considering precious metals as a hedge against inflation, you need to act now.
Procrastination is the mother of lost opportunities.
Call me, Tom Andrew at 1-800-606-1294.
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Yeah, we're under the New World Order's thumb.
The change has come.
I want to change that.
You see, I'm not an expert on which team is the best in the big eight.
I'm not an expert on the most powerful engine to have in my truck.
Not an expert on combing my hair, or acting tough, or having the biggest house.
Or trying to make people happy around me.
Trying to play along.
Not a follower, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm addicted to history.
And to history, when you have history, you have the key to the present and the future, as many philosophers, scientists, historians have stated.
And unfortunately, I know how what a dirty,
Wicked, corrupt government Mexico has had.
I mean, before that, it was the Aztecs sacrificing 10,000 people on one holiday every year, totally enslaving and a human sacrifice of children and cannibalism.
People say, well, that's a culture!
You can't knock a culture!
You can't make a value judgment on a culture!
And every time I get one of those bleeding hearts calling in, I go, oh really?
Well, the Nazis had a culture of killing people.
That's what the Aztecs did.
They would go enslave and capture all the tribes and literally human sacrifice them.
I mean, you see Apocalypto by Mel Gibson.
That's only the tip of the iceberg.
It's much worse than that.
Very accurate.
And I've interviewed the anthropologists and others that worked on the film.
That's in one of my other little areas of novice study.
Amazingly interesting.
And then you go, oh no, the Nazi culture, that was an evil culture.
Oh wait, I just thought you said cultures can't be evil.
The Soviet Russian culture was evil.
Not the Russian people, the government culture.
The Aztec culture was evil.
The Nazi culture is evil.
The corrupt Chinese culture is evil today.
I remember back when all the Chinese spies were in the White House under Clinton, and all the sellouts going on in the late 90s, and callers would call me and go, because it was on CNN and stuff, they'd go, people that bash the Chinese spies don't like Chinese.
I could care less, folks!
What group you are?
By the way, I don't like playing this card, folks.
I really don't.
But my parents, you know, I'm born to my parents.
But my mother, when I was 14, we adopted a little Korean baby.
My sister's Korean.
She's just as much blood as she was my blood.
I don't like to play that card on you, you dumb fool.
But I don't like you calling and spouting your baloney at me!
My sister's being raised middle class.
My sister's going to college.
My sister is trying to have the American dream.
She's not here illegally to have a bunch of children and $12,000 a pop on average and have it paid for and get three welfare checks.
You better find out the illegal aliens are on more welfare per capita than inner city blacks.
But all you ever hear people talk about is the inner city blacks.
I've had enough of it!
You don't know what you're talking about!
The New World Order that wants this country to fall, who's openly sworn to do it, says immigration is the key to bringing down this nation.
They want to roll it up, and with the new political system, they get to rewrite all the rules.
No Bill of Rights, no Constitution.
Have you figured that out yet?
It just absolutely blows my mind.
Let's talk to David and Ron Rock Texans.
I guess he's listening on News Radio 590-KLBJ.
Let's go ahead and talk to David.
You're on the air, brother.
Hey, what's going on, Alex?
Worldwide transmission.
Yes, I saw Endgame, man.
And I thought it made your martial law and rise of the police state look very domestic.
You know, it's a pretty amazing film.
I especially like the whole part talking about the
Romans building and maintaining roads and using the funds to oppress the people that funded it?
Yes, the toll roads, absolutely, which is the official plan.
I thought that was just really cool.
They're going to use the toll road money, official federal documents and bills to fund building infrastructure in Mexico to bring more slave goods in faster.
Right, exactly.
Hey, I had a question for you real quick.
A friend of mine was asking me this because he has kids and stuff.
I was wondering, what do you tell your kids about all this stuff?
I understand you have very young kids, and I was wondering, what do you say to them?
Basically, I read them all the old parables, and people say, you know, sit your kid in front of the television, let them watch all this violence and stuff, but don't read them old parables, don't read them the Bible.
A lot of scary stuff in the Bible, but they learn from the Good Samaritan, not just how to help people,
But also that people want to mug you.
Or they also learn about Titus sacking Rome when I read to them, I mean Titus sacking Jerusalem in 70 A.D.
They also learn about corrupt governments and good governments.
They've learned about the Republic.
And my son knows that the President is a would-be dictator, attempting dictatorship.
And he's five, he understands that.
My daughter's three, I haven't gotten her into all that yet.
But my son at five already knows much more than most adults.
Excellent, excellent.
Yeah, that's what I was telling them pretty much, just teach your child history.
And if you have history on your side, like you were saying before, everything's a circle in this.
Well, I don't let them watch a lot of TV, but I've let them just recently watch Pinocchio, because that was back when we had quality programs.
It showed how the kids go break windows, drink beer, they hang out with the bad kids, and they get turned into jackass slaves, and go off on a slave ship.
You see, and I explained that it isn't cool to use drugs, and it isn't cool to run with bad people, and crime isn't cool, but it's designed to get you in the system.
Right on.
Being wise and smart is cool.
Absolutely, and again, it's really that simple.
Listen, I appreciate your call, and let me tell you, I've learned how bad processed sugar is.
You give processed sugar to your children, they'll go from good little children to little devils.
I mean, it's just amazing.
Before I go any further, there's a few program notes.
First off, I want to thank Amanda, who comes in here and she's interning from one of the local universities here, doing a senior, a fabulous job.
And I want to thank Craig Hencave for the wonderful job that he is doing as well.
And I also want to do a program note.
We've had all these sellout showings.
I've never had a showing that wasn't a sellout at the Alamo Draft House.
And we've had, like, five or six, seven, eight showings every year with each new film that comes out, South Lamar.
And, of course, the downtown one is about to reopen at the Ritz.
But I had a showing Tuesday that was not a sellout.
And that was because I wasn't there.
Folks, you need to come see the film!
You know, I mean, I try to show him where I'm not there, and it only fills up 80%.
I will be at all three showings the 5th... What are the dates?
The 5th, 7th, and 8th of next month.
5, 7, 8.
Not this week, but next week.
I don't know.
Is it five or seven?
I'm telling him it should be seven.
I don't know.
Five or seven.
It'll be posted on the site there as well, coming up the 13th for a speech and DVD signing.
But coming up, you can get tickets right now at InfoWars.com for the show and coming up in a week, the three showings.
Bring your skeptical, skeptical, skeptical friends and family and... Do I have time to go another call?
Hope to see everybody there.
Who is up next here?
Let's talk to Scott in Idaho.
And you're on the air, sir, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, I've been hammering everybody around here about all your movies and everything, and they're beginning to come through, but they're slow.
I wanted to put in a pic for Ron Paul.
If people like me don't have a lot of money, at least we can do is download his material, print it, put it up on every billboard around Idaho.
We've got to change the way it is now because they're killing it.
Absolutely, but we've got to do it all over the country.
Anything else?
That's right.
Okay, that's about it, Alex.
God bless you.
Good to hear from you.
Alright, here's the news coming up and important messages.
We'll be right back.
See Endgame right now.
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Corruption never had a worst enemy.
You're locked in to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
You know, I said I'd get more into Endgame and I will.
Shotguns are some of that.
Also, the treason of Homeland Security.
Let's just do the treason of Homeland Security now.
It's so important I don't want to run out of time covering it in this shorter show.
We do Sundays 4 to 6 p.m.
syndicated transmission.
Okay, if you read this Newsday article out of AP, it would take some deciphering to understand it, but the headline is Homeland Security strikes deal with New York on driver's license.
Okay, let's stop right there.
We reported four years ago, because I observed it in bank waiting lines,
And also saw it in some bank publications, industry publications is where you really learn more than anything else, that without any ID, illegal aliens, it doesn't matter if they're Czechoslovakian or Mexican, it doesn't matter.
We always talk about Mexicans because that's the vast majority, 80 plus percent of the immigrant influx pouring in.
Then if they went in, they were just giving bank accounts.
And I went, wait, but as a citizen, I've got to show three, four forms and give a blood type.
And, you know, they bring in somebody with a big glove on.
And I mean, this is bad.
I mean, this is a body search, basically.
And I pointed it out.
And then I talked to a family friend I've known for many years who manages one of the biggest apartment complexes, well, the biggest in Austin.
It's the biggest company in the nation.
She went to Dallas, their headquarters.
It was like three Christmases ago.
And they called in all the managers, hundreds of them in this big ballroom, and said, listen,
We've got to deal with the federal government for some tax exemptions.
We want you to just let illegal aliens stay.
They can break the rules, have ten people to one room, we don't care.
Kick citizens out.
I mean, they're even trying to make room for them.
All this backroom stuff, now that's public.
I mean, I had my finger cut off a few years ago, and it was on a Sunday, and I had to go to the emergency room, and the illegal aliens were all going right in ahead of me, because they know they don't have insurance, so they just go right in.
I had full coverage and I was worried that if I didn't reattach my finger, I would lose it.
It was flopping around by a piece of skin.
And I started having to actually throw my weight around and go, look, I'm Alex Jones, talk show host, I'm going to expose you.
I see these illegal aliens.
You give me service right now.
He stole my finger on it.
I didn't want to lose it.
It's still numb on one side.
And in New York City, two weeks ago, they said, yeah, no IDs, no nothing.
We'll just give you a license.
And we're just going to legalize all the illegal aliens.
Same thing in Canada, same thing in England.
It came out Tony Blair had signed secret documents to bring in unlimited numbers and just give them IDs.
Under any name they wanted.
I talked to the head of the Republican Senate in Colorado a few years ago.
He went out one day as a test and got four consulate matriculas for $20 a piece from the Mexican consulate.
I mean, you can get these out of Cracker Jack boxes and then with that you can get whatever you want.
But then we as citizens have to have databases on us and NSA watching us and all this.
It's about control, folks.
So, Homeland Security quote strikes a deal.
Well, Homeland Security said earlier this year when it came out that Bank of America, Wells Fargo, all these big banks were doing it.
It was finally big breaking news, Lou Dobbs, CNN, that they were giving them bank accounts without IDs.
And Homeland Security quote looked at it, and I said when they were going to quote look at it, that Watts will come out and say it's kosher.
They did.
They came out and said, that's just fine, we don't see a problem with it.
But then under Homeland Security rules and the Patriot Act, citizens have know-your-customer filings on us when we make deposits.
It all gets uploaded to the feds.
No Fourth Amendment.
That's a right to privacy under the know-your-customer banking laws they got rammed through after 9-11.
And so now they quote, strike a deal to bring in the National ID Card standardization, which they always say.
So now the illegal aliens will have to go under this, but with any fake names, so it's a fraud to begin with.
They've caught in New York, the illegal aliens basically running.
That's been in the news.
Illegal aliens who've been ordered deported basically run the driver's license facilities.
I mean, it's designed for fraud.
It's designed for fraud.
I remember five years ago when Texas said, oh, we're giving a waiver to the immigrants where they don't have to have a Social Security card to get a Texas driver's license.
So, it's a fraud.
And it's treason against this nation's sovereignty.
Oh, I've got to have an internal passport, as Homeland Security has announced.
I've got to be tracked and traced.
But the precious illegal aliens, they don't have to.
Because none of this war on terror has anything to do with keeping you safe from terrorists.
The real ones, the manufactured and the staged events.
There's all three going on.
But you've got a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice than to be killed by terrorists of any of the three varieties.
So, this is the end of the country we're talking about, and the Bush Administration and the New York cut a deal Saturday to create a new generation of super-secure driver's licenses.
Well, that's the REAL ID Act.
They already passed.
See how they treat you like idiots?
For U.S.
citizens, but also allow illegal immigrants to get a version.
New York is the fourth state to reach such an agreement for federally approved secure licenses.
That's REAL ID, which all these states are throwing out because citizens are already under it.
Man, I don't know.
It's just unbelievable.
It's absolutely unbelievable.
By the way, there were three cases in the entire United States, pre-2005, in the CDC's records, this is AP, of wet leprosy, of communicable leprosy.
Since then, they've had to open leper farms all over the country, and they had 7,000 new cases in 2005.
That's the last numbers we got.
They're a few years behind on statistics.
And a big one's outside Palestine, Texas.
It's in Jewett.
I happen to know about that, because we've got a family farm out there, a Spanish land grant farm.
And there are thousands of lepers out there right now.
And by the way, they've found leprosy in the public schools, and folks, that's what's in Latin America, that's what's in Asia.
And a hundred years ago, you came off the boat from Germany, or Italy, or Russia, or Africa, anywhere else, they did TB tests, they did leprosy tests.
And they said, sorry bro, you can't come in.
Or you gotta go in quarantine until you're cured.
Or you gotta go to this leper colony.
Not now, baby!
You just fly in on a visa, get them in Cracker Jack boxes, you can have leprosy dripping out of the corners of your eyes, your fingers rotted off, I feel sorry for these folks.
Doesn't matter!
Drug resistant and drug immune TB spreading like wildfire everywhere.
The average person with TB in a classroom or condensed work environment will give 42 people in one year TB.
There are hundreds of thousands of new TB cases a year.
It is pandemic levels.
You'll see it in the back of the newspaper or in a CDC report.
You'll never hear it in the news.
My children won't get within a mile of any private school ever just because of that alone.
Private schools aren't even safe because of it.
And they're cooking our food!
People say, well, there's always a way to talk bad about immigrants and diseases and some false claim.
Hey, man, I got flesh-eating bacteria articles from the illegal aliens pouring out of me here!
I mean, I just, I got them right here today!
And when you die of flesh-eating bacteria, enjoy yourself!
And it's all coming out of the third world.
See, we ended cholera.
We're now having cholera cases.
With the Haitian community moving into Miami and places, because their sewer pipe's broke, they don't fix it.
There's chickens and sewer running down.
You've got areas east of Austin now, there's chickens running around the road and sewer down the streets.
Now you want some cholera?
Enjoy yourself!
I don't want cholera!
I mean, this is real!
And the establishment media isn't going to tell you about it.
Man, I'm about to blow a gasket, man.
To be informed, it's addictive.
It makes my mind burn with energy to be reading and documenting and researching and studying history and constantly.
I mean, I can't control myself.
And then I see the general public.
I'm not even that smart, folks.
I'm just into reality, into geopolitical systems, into history.
Then you talk to the general public, they're into ball games and mindless fluff.
And so you just can't make it through life.
If you don't have a crash course in reality real fast, America, you're going to lose everything you've got.
The globalists are going to... If you are stupid and lazy and dumb and aren't involved in your life, then bad guys are going to come take over your systems, and they're going to come in and they're going to gut you.
And they're going to come in and they're going to loot you.
They're going to get the booty.
They're going to come in and take booty from you.
That's the term for robbing you.
The term for soldiers taking what they want.
Swarms of bureaucrats out to eat out our substance, as the Declaration of Independence says.
Okay, let's jam one in before we go to break.
I'm going to get to everybody before we end this transmission.
Let's go to Ariel in Las Vegas.
You're on the air.
Hey, hi Alex.
How you doing?
How's it going out in Green Pastures?
Ah, it's nice out here right now.
That's what Las Vegas means, you know.
Go ahead and hit me.
Hit me.
Hit me.
Yeah, I guess I'm reading this article.
Is this House Passes Spot Crime Prevention Bill?
Yeah, so basically it's saying they're labeling us as terrorists, correct?
I'm going to put you on hold.
Yes, it says that it's thought crime.
You can go read the bill.
It's for talk radio.
And the government just total into freedom, into America.
Hey, you want to be a Jack Bauer fan, folks, you're going to have to live under it.
Jack Bauer isn't looking for hobby, bock, med, derka derka.
You know, it's some racist thing they spew out on Team America against Muslims.
They just trained you to be racist against them, and then it's really for you.
We'll be right back.
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I think so.
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Yeah, here I come now, baby!
Defense of the Republic is the end of my life and I can be able to accuse me of lying down and not being part of history, not standing up for my destiny, my family's destiny, to at least stand up against tyranny.
I didn't lay down.
What about you?
Did you know there was a war on for your mind, your body, your property, your children, everything?
I'm here to put you on notice.
You have been warned.
We were just talking during the break, Trey, Kincaid, and of course, Amanda, interning, also his girlfriend.
He's a little nervous, but there's this little breakfast taco place we go to, and we don't care.
But I actually hadn't been there.
But Trey was telling me about it, how they got a car insurance thing right inside of it, and it says, no license, no problem.
And you go in the bank and it says, no SSI in Spanish.
I guess Amanda also speaks in Spanish herself.
Amanda, tell folks about that, and Trey, you jump in too.
Well, I was just observing that they were leaving out loans without the requirement of a Social Security number.
But we've gone in there, and I've tried that myself at Bank of America, other places.
They say, get out of here!
I can't... Determination!
I can't get my bank statements without giving an ID when I go in there.
I can't even get access to my own information.
Other people can get loans without having any verification at all.
Yeah, I have no idea how you can get car insurance when you don't even have a license.
I just don't know how that's possible.
See, but the system's criminal.
The law is for us, the fat cows, that they milk, not for their precious illegal aliens meant to overrun the country.
It's blown my mind to this day.
I mean, it's something my parents and I even talk about before.
My mother has come up to me and
I saw this thing online, and how can they do that?
I don't know.
But I mean, talk about the particular place that you get tacos at every other day.
Oh, the La Mexicana Bakery on South First Street.
Yeah, I mean, you know, they rent out a little booth inside of it.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm sure it helps pay for the rent of the building, you know, the expensive rent.
They don't get tacos.
We're not knocking them, but tell the story.
But they're giving, I guess they're giving car insurance to illegal aliens, you know.
That's all I can say.
Because it says no license needed.
Uh, yeah, in my broken Spanish, I can see that it said, no license, no problem.
What's it say?
I believe it's, no lincea, no problemo, or something like that.
Yeah, you said it earlier.
Well, that's amazing, isn't it?
You know what?
Next time I'm in there, I'm going to go down there and I'm going to really ask him if I can get... I'm going to tell him I don't have a license, I need to get some car insurance.
Now, we've tried that at the bank.
I mean, we've sent cameras in to big branch banks and, hey, I'm here, I don't have a social security number, I want a bank account, and they just laugh at you.
And then right next to you, an illegal alien will be there getting it.
I mean, this country's gone, folks.
Let's do a big report on that, alright?
We already did one video report.
We were so busy.
That was about six months ago.
We never even posted it.
Okay, let's jam in every call that's here.
I've got to give each person about a minute, though, so we can get to everybody.
Oh, Ariel in Las Vegas.
Finish up the point you were making.
Oh, well, you're talking about this whole immigration thing, and I think they're not doing anything about it because they're pushing for the national ID.
That's their solution.
Well, you're right.
They say, okay, we'll do something, but it's a national ID.
You're right.
I mean, it's going to happen.
Well, I want to ask that guy earlier, okay, if 30 million's okay, is 100 million okay?
I mean, there's 6 billion, 200 million people that want to come to this country.
I mean, do we just let them all in?
No, and I'm Mexican myself, please, and it needs to stop.
Well, that's what I'm saying.
71% in major polls, and the media makes it like it's a race issue.
It's jumbled.
We got hundreds of third world countries.
They all want to come here.
We can't do it!
And if the race issue is because it's to divide us instead of uniting us.
God bless you, sir.
That is absolutely correct.
Great to hear from you.
And that's what makes me so mad!
I mean, frankly, thank God I was born in Texas.
There's nothing like hot sauce in Tabasco.
You see me in the office, I literally drink it.
I can eat more habaneros than the guys from down south.
Oh man, I go in these Mexican food places and I have them where they put the red habanero sauce all over it and they just look at me like I'm crazy.
That whole bucket of it, I just love it.
Anyways, oh man, I'm starting to salivate now.
Hold on, I'm going to control myself.
I'm starting to think about NEPAs or something.
Alright, let's go to the calls.
I've got to stop it.
Let's go to Randy in Austin, sir.
You are on the air.
Hi there, this is Randy.
Nice to talk to you, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
Go ahead, hit me.
Last night I was eating dinner, talking to a guy who was all excited about being part of the National Geographic Genome Project.
Yeah, which is tied in with the IBM Genome Project, with the big racist head of it, who just had to resign, who ran it back when it was the head eugenics laboratory at Cold Springs Harbor.
All in Endgame!
Endgame done two months ago, just released last week, and the guy, Mr. Watson, the big controversy, is in my movie.
I saw it.
I was there at Supreme Mayor.
It was very good.
Thank you for coming.
A little bit dark, but it was a little bit scary.
Well, reality's scary, Bubba.
That's true.
The other thing, the other part of that, I'm going to hang up, I'll just get your opinion, UNESCO was part of that, too.
Yes, the United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization, founded by the father of transhumanism and the world head of the Eugenics Society, Sir Julian Huxley, the brother of, of course, Aldous Huxley, who wrote Brave New World, and yeah, the whole thing's a eugenics shop.
Yeah, and do you... Give us your genetics!
We really are interested in your roots.
All I know is the human genome... He gets emails from other people who have the same genetics, and I thought, who's tracking this?
Who's putting what database is this in?
Do you really want this information out there?
They're insane.
Sir, it's so evil, it just blows your mind.
And National Geographic was founded right out of eugenics.
The whole thing, the environmental movement, genetic engineering, everything.
That's what Endgame documents.
Yeah, everybody, give your blood!
It's free!
Find out where you come from!
We're trying to find and track your roots.
National Geographic may be doing this all friendly, and I'm sure the people running and compartmentalized think that, but the human genome projects involved, that's pure eugenics.
I'm not talking about the science of genetics, that's all fine and dandy.
I'm saying race-specific bioweapons.
Now let us go to Carlos.
Uh, Ian Austin, he just called in, but he's got a point on the driver's license, uh, for the illegal aliens.
Go ahead, sir.
Yes, hey Alex, this is Carlos.
Um, listen, I just had a, I got a friend of mine, he just got a, uh, he got a car, a truck, and, you know, he doesn't have a license from Texas, not even from Mexico, but he's from Mexico.
And, yeah, he did get insurance, you know, you know, your family asked him for his, uh, Texas ID, and got insurance, you know, and,
And, you know, my plan is this.
I mean, there are a lot of Hispanic here.
I'm Hispanic myself.
I wasn't born here, but I've been here a long time, and, you know, I respect a lot, you know, of this country.
Well, I respect that, sir, and I appreciate you not becoming a full-born American, but let me just ask you.
You know about all the Larry Conquista stuff, don't you?
Well, yeah, I know a lot of stuff.
You know, I'm not from Mexico either.
I'm from Central America.
But I know you've heard the Larry Conquista talk.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, I know.
I like to read a lot and I like to study things, you know.
It's just time for the secrecy to end.
It's just time for the secrecy to end about that.
Well, let me... Go ahead and make your point.
Go ahead.
I'm going to shut up.
We're almost out of time.
I was just going to say, you know,
No, no.
I mean, there's going to be a lot of people here, and you're not going to really get rid of illegal aliens.
I know, but I mean, is we just going to have unlimited?
No, I don't think.
You know, you have to be controlled a little bit, but this is my point here.
Like my friend, you know, he's going to be staying here working for, say, two years.
He wants to go back to his family over there.
Sir, these are hard-working people.
They're human beings just like me.
The point is the globalists are cold-blooded using the illegal aliens to break down the wages, divide the country.
I understand that.
That's the point I'm making.
God bless you.
I'm just saying that we have to look at the bigger picture of why this is happening.
Oh man, loaded phones.
I don't know how I can ever get to all these.
Let's talk to J.D.
in Mississippi.
J.D., you're on the air.
Hit us quick.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
I'm here in Ripley, Mississippi.
I've got so much stuff I need to run past you that's been going on here, but I really can't get it past you without running out of time.
We have been flooded here in Ripley with illegals for I don't know how long.
We've got this representative here, Greg Ward, that's wanted to run I-22 through the middle of our state.
And he's wanting to set up this toll road that goes right through the middle of our town.
And it's going to, I've read the bill, it's going to be set up by a private company and I think it's going to be used to fund I-22.
Oh yeah, no, that's Centro Spain, yeah.
Oh yeah, and we got this privately owned bank here.
Can I say their name over there?
Yeah, go ahead.
Yeah, it's People's Bank here in Ripley, Mississippi, and they've got this small staff set up in there of people that speak Spanish specifically for these illegals that come in here.
No, no, I know.
Every bank does it.
AP headline, 800, it was from a year ago, 800 major lenders roll out red carpet to immigrants.
I think that's the exact headline, but you can just Google it.
And they just said, well,
We know people are trying to kick him out.
We want to make it easy for him to stay.
See, it's treason.
You try going down to Mexico and doing that.
You try going to Guatemala and doing that.
They'll line you up in Guatemala and put a couple bullets right in your head.
Gaggle of troops.
Folks, Endgame is going to be showing, not this week, but next week.
Alamo Drafthouse, South Lamar.
Get it now on DVD at Infowars.com or watch it right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
God bless you all!
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