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Air Date: Oct. 25, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's Endgame Day.
It's D-Day.
Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, comes out today.
It is October 25th, 2007.
And we said it was going to come out on October 26th, but it'll actually come out this evening.
It'll be out by midnight, maybe even a few hours earlier at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Huge show lined up for you today.
I was driving into the office about 20 minutes ago and I got a call saying, tune in, George Norrie and Glenn Beck are talking about you on the show.
So I flipped over to San Antonio's WOAI.
Glenn Beck is now off the air.
And sure enough, Glenn Beck was saying that I was a dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous person.
That this 9-11 Truth Movement is dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous.
And George Norrie was, you know, defending the fact that we have free speech rights, and he was defending the fact that the FBI was ordered to stand down, and Beck would try to twist and spin what he was saying.
So, I've got to hand it to George Norrie for
You know, defending me.
Too bad whenever he goes on the air, he gets called out for it.
Of course, the Fox News, Minion, radio and TV host, Gibson, John Gibson, has attacked him for it.
Many others have.
And it's a very important venue with 16 million listeners.
I need to get on there to promote Endgame.
They said they're going to have me on, but they haven't set me up yet to do that.
I need to call them today.
I never really hound them.
Most of the time I miss their call now when they call to get me on last minute.
But I'm going to talk about it all day.
Did you hear the whole thing?
I only heard the last five minutes of it.
Just that we were dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous.
Tearing down the good face of the government.
No, the criminal government has done that, Beck.
And I'm sorry, Beck.
Everybody knows that Operation Northwoods was a plan to carry out 9-11 now.
People know about Gulf of Tonkin being staged.
People know about the overthrow of Mossadegh with staged terror attacks.
The Israeli papers are reporting on how they staged events in Uganda.
Staged terror attacks.
Academy Award winning films.
The one about the Olympics in Germany.
They admit at the end that the German intelligence was staging it.
They have the former head of the intelligence, German intelligence, admitting they staged operations with Muslim extremists.
So... I mean, there's hundreds and hundreds of examples.
Jigs up, Bubba!
What happens is, is you sit there and say, none of this exists, and we've just got history and all the facts!
And they're really getting scared right now, because they know that
Bill Clinton got confronted in Minnesota last night by a 9-11 truth group.
It did not say in the AP, it did not say in local news channels who did it.
It just said people shouted 9-11 is an inside job and then they grabbed that person and then somebody else spoke out and said 9-11 is an inside job and Clinton threw fits.
It's over, Beck!
It's over, Clinton!
There's video right now on WeAreChange.org of Bill Clinton being confronted at a bookstore, and it went on for 15 minutes, and he was visibly shaken.
That's just a separate event!
Everywhere Clinton goes, everywhere Hillary goes, everywhere Giuliani goes, everywhere Keene and Hamilton go, everywhere Gary Hart goes, everywhere David Gergen goes, everywhere John Edwards goes,
Everywhere these people go, they're being confronted, and it's not going to stop.
You know, we're a year off into the election.
Exactly a year.
About a year and... what, ten days or something.
But, uh, it's only going to accelerate during this heightened situation, and they know that.
So they're now saying that we're terrorists.
That's now what it comes down to.
Showing they're the terrorists.
The government is the terrorist, period.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Build a very big, big progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
You have been warned.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I talk about it an awful lot, but it's very, very important, and now the mainstream media is addressing it and starting to deal with it.
Congress has had a 14% approval rating for the last two years.
It now dropped, as you know, to an 11% approval rating, and they're saying that they believe it's going to go down to 9.
Cheney is now at 10.
And plunging every major leader in both parties is almost universally hated.
The jig's up, you criminals.
I mean, you can only run your scam so long.
And the people are now finding out that there are elites.
See, throughout history, everybody knew there were elites and subterfuge and Machiavellian things happening.
Somehow, with PR, they convinced the public everything's fine, there's no corruption, go to sleep, disengage from political life, just go enjoy yourselves and everything will be fine.
Well, now people are finding out that's not the case.
They're finding out that our markets have been wrecked by design, our dollar is being devalued by design, our sovereignty is being shredded by design, and now they're finding out that the criminals that run things killed 3,000 Americans on 9-11.
And they've got, I mean, all their pundits out.
I mean, all of them.
I even heard Clark Howard doing it, of all people, in a financial show, talking about 9-11.
Talking about the crazies in America who need to have their free speech restricted.
Talking about how dangerous it is because people are believing us and what are we going to do?
Oh my goodness and oh my gosh!
The people know that you killed thousands of atomic soldiers and that gave thousands of pregnant wives of GIs uranium and plutonium pills.
They know you killed people on New York subways with a bioweapon in 54 and 68 declassified.
They know you've done tens of thousands of high and low altitude spraying that are declassified and admitted of chemicals, biologicals, and radiologicals on the American people, the British people, the Germans, the Canadians, the New Zealanders, the Kiwis,
The Aussies.
The news is out now.
The news is out that Israel, under U.S.
funding, radiated 110,000 of their children, killing many of them.
The news is out that the Gulf of Tonkin, as I mentioned, was staged, and that Idi Amin staged the kidnappings and hostage situation at the airport with Israeli intelligence, and even sent Israeli troops and commandos to be killed to give it the look of reality.
That's now admitted.
It's now out in Israeli papers that Israel created fake Al-Qaeda groups.
It's out in AP, UPI as well.
It's now out that under Operation Gladio, the Bologna bombing in 1980 killing over 100 people was staged by our government.
It's now out that this was done over and over and over again and that 3,000 people is seen as collateral damage, that the elite see us as cockroaches and see it as a sacred duty to kill us.
The jig is up!
People know that you are cold-hearted, murdering scum.
Ruling elite that see us as cattle.
Now, the vast majority of people may be stumbling around, picking their noses, just getting drunk constantly, and partying, and don't know where the U.S.
is on a map, and don't know who their congressman is, and don't know what continents are, don't know anything, nothing!
They know nothing but how to act cool and stumble around acting cool, and feeling inadequate and trying to buy baubles to regale themselves to look powerful.
But there is a huge growing minority
People who are accelerating in their understanding of what's happening.
Who are having epiphanies every day.
Millions of people every day are waking up.
I can go on the radio in Germany.
I can go on the radio in Russia.
I can go on the radio in Japan.
I can go on the radio in South Africa.
And the people are calling in, in mass, waking up, knowing the truth.
They're informed.
I can go on the radio anywhere in the U.S.
and 99% of the callers agree now.
Oh yeah, you got 10-15% driving around with Support Our Troops and plastic desecrated American flags made by Chinese slaves all over their cars.
They mean well.
They're good people.
They've been fooled.
They've been lied to.
And they're waking up in droves right now.
They were 25%, now they're about 10%.
You see what's happening?
It's happening right now and they're scared to death because all the media and the control systems had was the illusion, was the theater, was the set, the movie set, the theatrical set.
With their thespians upon the stage in their fancy suits and their teleprompters looking straight at you with a trained stare to make you think that they're trustworthy.
That you're the minority, that no one thinks like you think, that no one believes you, that you're all by yourself, that the establishment view is the majority view.
And now they know because you're confronting them on live TV shows, and in every major speech these scumbags give, and people are coming out of the woodwork.
Info warriors, and we are changers, and just independent people.
Spontaneously, the British military 10-year perspectives.
What the Ministry of Defense in England believes will happen, issued every 10 years,
In January of 2007 said there is going to be worldwide revolt against the police state.
There is going to be worldwide revolt against the New World Order.
There are going to be flash mobs everywhere.
And they're just coldly reporting on the facts because the pressure is going to be so incredible.
The horrible things that are going to happen are going to be so bad.
And the confidence in you criminals has been lost.
You went too far.
You got sloppy.
And frankly, the wake-up's dangerous, too.
Who knows what's gonna happen?
But you did it!
You killed us!
You sprayed us!
You radiated us!
You murdered us!
You've done... Just stop it!
We can't stand... You haven't given us a choice!
You kill us!
You murder us!
You imprison us!
You enslave us!
You do all these bad things to us!
We're tired of it!
Can't you get that through your head, scum?! !
And some will say, well, wait a minute, you just said that 50, 60, 70% of people just don't even know what color the sky is.
But then you said the majority of people are awake.
Well, let me quantify that.
The people that don't know what's going on and who aren't tuned in are probably 50, 60% of the public.
But that number's eroding right now.
But those that are in denial, it just gets deeper.
They don't even count in the equation because they're apolitical.
They're just nutting around feeding bestial base instincts and having those fed by the television and the culture.
They're like out of the game.
They're in the bleachers.
When you talk about who's on the field, we outnumber the New World Order millions to one.
I mean, when you've got, I'd say, 30% of the public completely awake and knowing what's going on,
Even out of the dumbed-down mass of 55-60 percent, they know the government's crooked.
They can't find the U.S.
on a map, but they know that the government's gone.
I mean, they even know that.
That's what I mean by the majority.
They may not be able to find their capital on a map.
They may not be able to even wipe their nose or brush their teeth.
They might not even be able to hold a conversation with you.
I mean, have you noticed people are like zombies?
I mean, they're getting dumber faster.
Either there's an accelerated awakening and people's eyes are electrified with awakening and understanding.
It's incredible!
Or they're going deeper into denial.
There is a weep from the chaff, you know, a testing of the metal that is going on right now, and it is ultimately exciting and ultimately wonderful.
And I'm just so excited to be here with you.
We're going to have open phones.
And good callers, you can call in.
I'm not going to make you hold for an hour today.
But listen, it's gotten polluted with plugs.
If you call in and three or four of you in a row just want to plug something, it gets old.
That's not good radio.
It's not information.
Or if you call in and you want to talk one mile an hour, we're just not going to do it.
I want dynamic information.
I want to know what you think about the explosive awakening that's happening right now.
I want to know what you think about everywhere these criminal politicians go and these media whores go, they're being confronted.
And believe me, we're only hearing about a fraction of what's happening.
I want to hear what you think of this incredible revolution that's taking place.
The jig is up.
I also hope that all of you will start your engines.
And if you haven't gone online, it's so easy, and gotten your $5.95 a month membership, get three months free and you sign up for a year, for PrisonPlanet.tv.
PrisonPlanet.tv, because this evening, it's going to go live in three flash formats,
A couple Windows formats, a couple QuickTime formats.
I mean, I was watching it yesterday in the medium flash, full screen on a big computer screen, and it looked almost as good as television.
I've watched the high quality ones over the web, and you almost can't tell.
I mean, the highest quality, you had to sit there for like five minutes watching to just see some little ripple or blip to tell it was computer.
This is so good.
By midnight tonight, frankly, we're going to launch it at 7 or 8 o'clock tonight.
But there might be some tweaking and things.
We've got three servers standing by, Anaconda Distribution Network.
And we're expecting, of course, the general attacks that we always get when we launch something new.
So, start your engines.
And we've got other secret backups and, you know, things.
And I'm just... And if we get attacked again, I'll just pile on with more infrastructure.
Because that's the name of the game is being... We learn from this from being attacked.
We learn, we get stronger.
And we're just so excited about the launch of Endgame, Endgame Blueprint for global enslavement.
I have been working on this info weapon for a year and a half.
I have been literally pouring my very heart and soul and intellect, blood, sweat and tears,
Grueling with the limited assets we have and the limited personnel, grueling research, grueling 3 a.m.
nights, and we will.
We have forged this sword and consecrated it with God's Word as the truth, and we now will attempt to plunge it into the heart of the dragon.
Oh, yes.
Black arrow of my father's, please be true again and go right into the heart of smog.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that Russia sponsored a terrorist training camp in Havana, Cuba in 1966?
In this camp, they planned terrorist activity on every continent, including the United States.
Have we seen terrorist activities on every continent just as they planned?
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If this is true, why can't we pay our bills?
Why is the United States the world's largest debtor nation?
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When the bubble bursts, will you be able to feed your family?
When the inevitable crash occurs, will you be ready?
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Ask for George.
There must be some kind of way out of here.
Say the Joker to the beat.
There's too much confusion.
I can't get no...
Ah, Jimi Hendrix.
His singing was as good as his guitar.
No reason to get excited.
The baby can't hold.
There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.
But you and I, we've been through that.
And this is not our fate.
The hour.
That's it, my friends.
Let's stop talking falsely now.
Because the hour is getting very, very late.
You know, the Germans bought into the lies of Hitler.
The Russians bought into the lies of Lenin.
The Chinese bought into the lies of Mao.
And hundreds of millions died.
The very crowd, the grandsons and granddaughters of the people that orchestrated the 200 plus million murdered by these people in the last century are openly setting up a blood feast, a blood meal, the likes of which they have never suffered.
I am not gonna stand by here and let them feed on me and my family.
I am not gonna submit to them and go quietly into the night.
We have got to rebuke them and their lies and not buy into their fraud.
I'm on the watchtower.
I'm warning you.
Here come the horsemen.
With your foot servants.
I see him in the distance!
Alright, we gotta cut that off.
That is some good stuff, isn't it?
Again, in the next segment, I promised to play that Frank Zappa clip on bioengineered weapons yesterday.
Of course, his dad worked in that in the federal government, so there's reason Frank Zappa was so intelligent and tuned into reality in 1984.
Of course, it did turn out that it was a race-specific bioweapon design.
It did turn out, about a year after he talked about this, that they had used gay men in New York as the vectors because they were having hundreds of sexual partners per month.
And through the hepatitis shots they put the AIDS virus into those, and then the gay men vectored it from that point.
Perfect vectors to spread it.
And the rest is history over what is it, 60 plus million Africans that have died.
People who've never had sex, people who've never had blood transfusions, never any of that.
And even BBC reports admit that they're looking at the vaccines, and that the population of Africa, and also a Nobel Prize winner earlier this year,
We're good to go.
naval uh... weapons uh... contract funded by congress twenty five million dollars to start with for an autoimmune virus and of course we have all this public statements of PDD and uh... of the uh... state department memorandum two hundred on doing this the third world population and and and we cover a lot of that in game blueprint for global enslavement but i was on Ktalk in uh... the uh...
Oh, it's powerful, it's depressing, it's shocking.
People won't be able to believe a lot of it, even though it's documented.
But really, it's a shadow of just how bad it is in all my research.
And that's just what I know.
I'm finite.
I'm extremely limited in what I can discover.
There's so much.
I mean, it's got just an hour of just crime after crime listed in chronology, and we cover maybe 1% of what I know.
And I probably know 1% of what's going on, so I covered 1% of that.
I mean, Endgame isn't 1-100 as hardcore as it could be.
But there's no way in one film to show you the crimes.
They're that great.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Before you slip into unconsciousness I'd like to have another kiss Another lashing chance at bliss Another kiss
The days are bright and filled with pain.
The days are bright and filled with pain.
Enclose me in your gentle rain.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
You'd rather cry.
I'd rather fly.
I love those lyrics.
Tim, David, Robert, others, we're going to get to your calls coming up.
And I promised to play this Frank Zappa clip yesterday.
I only played a few minutes of it.
I want to play the whole thing.
It's about eight months long from a 1984 interview he gave.
Very, very revealing.
But first, remember, this won the big German film festival last year.
This is the type of stuff they're showing people on television and in schools, that humans are a virus and the global government, of course, is going to cure us of that.
Other humans
We're gonna help restrict and control and micromanage our lives, of course, because they know best.
Meanwhile, they're the ones actually destroying the environment.
So, this ties into whatistheendgame.com.
Ah, Earth!
Here it is.
Healthy, strong, and full of life!
But wait!
What's that you've got there?
It looks like you've got a case of the human!
To be a healthy Earth, all of your elements must be in equilibrium.
However, these parasites slaughter all other forms of life.
Cuzzle your natural resources.
And poison your atmosphere.
Once contracted, humans act quickly.
They multiply over 300,000 a day, consuming anything that crosses their path.
Earth is just the start.
Who knows what's next?
Destroy the universe.
We're just a poisonous scourge.
No, the reality is the elite could care less about this planet.
They want all the life extension technologies for themselves,
We're good to go.
But the human spirit is strong, and we are now aware of a subgroup of our own species engaging in a predatory action against us, and basically breeding us and controlling us like cattle.
Jigs up, boys.
You didn't dumb the whole middle class down.
And just as you predicted, the resistance is coming from the middle class, and the resistance is mounting, and you're going to be defeated.
We're going to call you out.
Everybody's going to know who you are.
They're going to know that you're behind it all.
Here is Frank Zappa from 1984.
...of yours is called Thing Fish, which is about, as I understand it, er, sexually transmitted disease.
Uh, particularly amongst homosexuals, and I would say it was AIDS, if you like.
So, and this thing is called the mystery disease, but it's quite obvious that it is an AIDS-like disease, and it's been manufactured on purpose, and it's being transmitted on purpose, and the purpose is to rid the planet of certain people.
I believe that AIDS, in reality, is not a natural accident.
It's not a natural disease.
It just sort of evolved.
Somebody cooked it up.
I think that it's something that either escaped from a genetic engineering laboratory or something that was manufactured on purpose in a genetic engineering laboratory to somebody's specifications.
I also believe that all the warfare of the future will be conducted with these biological agents.
Because now that gene splicing is a thing that can be done, it is feasible to consider the preparation of certain diseases which will kill only specific races, nationalities, or people with certain interests.
Because you can tailor the disease to attack certain things in certain categories.
For example, there are diseases now which affect only certain types of people.
Ty Sachs disease, which affects certain Jewish people.
Sickle cell anemia, which affects black people.
If you want to narrow it down and carry it to ridiculous extremes, I could see somebody in an American laboratory, or maybe even in a Swiss laboratory, making a disease that would kill only Iraqis.
Or only Iranians.
Or only Libyans.
Or only Russians.
Or only people from Newcastle.
Whatever they decided to do.
You know?
Well, these are very serious allegations, Frank.
I mean, what actually makes you believe this?
Do you have hard and fast evidence that this is the case, or is it just something that you've... No, no, this is just the opinion of an aging bookworm, you know.
Just think nothing of it.
You think that possibly America or any other country in the world could increase its power and expand it internationally by actually utilizing these agents?
Let's look at the world the way it really is.
Government is a joke.
Governments don't do anything.
That's like a cardboard cutout that hides where the real machinery is.
The world is a place that does business.
The world is run by multinational businesses that mostly sell weapons to each other.
Then you have sugar business, oil business, coal business, you know, business.
And when the guys who run these things say jump, all governments jump.
And it's foolish to consider the possibility of nuclear war, because from a business standpoint, it's impractical.
It stops all business.
So, the way you have to look at it is, the chances are much more likely that the sales will continue of missile delivery systems, but what will be in the warheads will not be things that destroy real estate.
It's much more practical to think of missiles going from place and putting out chemicals or microbes that enable the one party to subjugate the other party by controlling its labor force while leaving the buildings intact.
So you've subjugated them and now you got a bonus, you have their machinery, you got this, you got that.
And I believe that there's somebody sitting in an office someplace that's working on it, then that's the practical way to do it.
You can scream about nuclear war and you have people running around with signs and stuff like that, but I don't believe there will ever be a nuclear war.
Because it's just impractical from a business sense.
Meanwhile, the companies that are building delivery systems are making plenty of money, billions of dollars, because the money goes into small arms, delivery systems, medium-sized arms.
Their commerce is still going on, and that's why they're alive.
That's what they love to do.
Yeah, that's already been borne out by missile systems that have been developed that do, in fact, destroy people and not buildings.
I take your point there, but if you take somewhere as complicated as America, which is a real potpourri of different religions, different races, you're going to have a mighty complicated missile to have to destroy the people of America, because you've got Jews, you've got Anglo-Saxons, you've got all sorts of different races, so doesn't the argument kind of fall down there in that
As I say, you'd have to actually develop a really complicated missile to destroy the United States.
No, the Russians would have to develop a really complicated missile to destroy the United States.
The Americans would not have so much trouble.
And under an administration like Reagan, I'm sure that they've sat down and looked at the numbers and said, this is a pretty terrific idea.
Having said all that you have said, does it make you ashamed to be an American?
Absolutely not, because I want to say right now, I'm happy to be an American and I have nothing to do with Ronald Reagan.
The way he and his Jesus people are has got nothing to do with me being a citizen of that country.
Let me tell you one great thing about America that everybody in Europe could be jealous of.
For the landmass that we have versus the landmass of the European part of the world.
You have more hatred per square foot from country to country than exists anywhere in the United States.
The idea of the ethnic pride and the grudges that go back thousands of years that will keep this part of the world a disaster area for centuries yet to come is something that we will not experience in the States.
And I'm happy to be from there rather than from here.
What is TheEndgame.com?
Now again, Frank Zappa didn't get it all.
He was blaming Reagan.
Reagan wasn't running anything.
It was all George Herbert Walker Bush.
Remember, this is in the 80s.
And they manipulate good Christians.
It is now Christians who are on the front lines of fighting the New World Order.
You find the biggest people involved, the most focused, the most dedicated, they're true Christians.
And that's why all these fake Christians like Hagee and the rest of them are so bad because they then give Christianity a bad name.
And it happens over and over and over and over and over again.
What people do in the name of religion.
But yeah, Frank Zappa was smart.
He had found out by then about Rex 84 and the concentration camp plans.
He wrote and spoke about that.
He knew about the New World Order.
We played one of those clips yesterday.
He was aware of what was happening, but he kind of saw it coming out of the Republican Party.
But then he also talked about how both parties were controlled, and how you remove all of the... There's a quote I paraphrased.
Basically, that we will have the illusion of freedom as long as it's easy to maintain.
But the minute that it gets hard for the establishment and too expensive to maintain it, they'll just remove it all.
You know, the chairs, the rugs, the props, and all you'll see is the brick wall, where the stage once was.
And that's what's happening right now.
The Democrats are finding out that Hillary's pro-war and in league with Bush.
The Republicans are finding out that Bush is in league with her.
They're finding out, what we found out decades ago, that it's all staged.
This is a process of awakening that's taking place for everyone right now.
And it's scary.
Truth is scary, but it's scarier to not know the truth, isn't it?
It's scarier to now, in hindsight, realize that once we were all dumb as dirt, that once we were going through life blindly, not knowing that all this was happening.
So, that's positive.
I mean, we can't change the New World Order's in control and what they've done in the past, but we can change what they do in the future.
You know, what the average American, the average person in the world, the average Westerner has been mesmerized
By the media has thought is that we can't affect change, or we can't get anything done, or that we basically just go through life accepting what's put in front of us.
Well, that leads to ruin.
That leads to debauchery.
That leads to just absolute insanity.
If good people stand down, evil people will take over every time in history, and they're evil.
They like to do bad things.
Once they've got total power, they'll start total death.
And now it's been in Jane's Weapons quarterly.
It's now been in PNAG documents.
It's now been in all these hundreds of publications and Wired Magazine and on and on and on.
That the elite have simultaneously developed and hoarded all these new incredible cures and treatments for disease and have massive life extension now.
They don't have eternal life, but they can live another 50, 60 years.
There will certainly be stuff developed by then where you are not going to die.
That doesn't mean that with your prosthesis and all your implants and your new body you've had grown for yourself, that you might not be in a car wreck and die, or a plane wreck or die, or a spaceship ride and die, or that a city might not blow up, or terrorists might not hit it, or the government might not, you might not die, but see, you'll have your consciousness backed up on Pluto, or in some orbiting craft that they keep 15 miles out in space.
And by the way, with the exponential development of technology, that's what we're looking at.
That's what the elites say.
To be clear with Endgame, we're not saying they can live forever now.
They say they can extend their life, right now, decades.
And they're all on health food regiments and exercise regiments and weekly visits with doctors when they're like 40 years old.
These billionaires, it's all they're concerned with.
The elite's not doing this.
And with being as safe as they can.
To make it
They believe another 20 years, and that seems to be the consensus, that in 20 years that there'll be technologies to radically extend them, then another 50, and then if they can do that, they're done.
And again, you can debate all day whether that's real or not, or whether that's going to happen, and try to futuristically extrapolate as a futurist out, or as a sociologist, but regardless, they believe that.
Regardless, the eugenicists founded most of our modern sciences.
See, they would say, well, see, that's why we're so intelligent and so good.
Thank us.
And the Human Genome Project, and bioweapons, and all of it.
And genetic engineering.
And so, they now dominate the entire intelligentsia
In genetic engineering, and in the higher levels of devices, and just the whole medical field, and government.
And they are positioning the planet so that they can enjoy the amazing birthright of our forefathers and mothers developing all this technology and the foundations of it, and shutting us off.
And they say, you watch a football game, you eat your hamburgers, you strut around and act tough, and you know, do what you do, and you go to the beach,
And we're going to sit over here and build a police state to orderly kill you, and then keep this for ourselves and go to the stars.
And they state it in hundreds of publications, it is the official plan, and they are releasing hell upon us right now.
I mean, some countries in Africa have 45% AIDS infection, and all sorts of other weird plagues spreading.
And there's areas of Latin America where 15% of the countries have it.
I mean, they're just... And that's only a soft kill, slow kill weapon.
By the way, it's race specific.
They'll take a black man as promiscuous as a white man, in studies they've done, or a white man many times more promiscuous with people that have HIV.
And this has come out in the literature.
This came out in the 80's.
And blacks get AIDS basically if somebody sneezes on them.
And a white person has got to have a massive blood transfusion, basically, or have the blood product put into their colon a hundred times a hundred before they get it.
Anglo-Saxons, basically, it's hard to get it.
Or Anglo-Saxons can be positive with it, and then you hear them say, hey, I'm not going to die of it now, and 15 years later they're alive.
Or if you play ball and shut up, like Magic Johnson, he said, oh, I'm cured, you know, it's been over a decade now, and he's just fine, he's not sick.
He shut his mouth.
He was given the cure.
There's even been news articles about it.
People saying that.
You can figure this out, folks.
But you're some little African three-year-old, and they'll do medical exams, and they've never had sexual activity.
All they've ever had is a vaccination, and they get it, AIDS, and they're dead in six months.
They also have special, more virulent types they're operating with there, and AIDS is also a cover for other bio-weapons they're using on them.
And they go, they're all dying from AIDS over there!
I mean, some countries, 45% of them have got it.
Then you hear about all these AIDS fundraisers for Africans, that's just to send in the constabulary to carry out the black ops, the eugenicist operations, to quote, give them their fake treatment, which is the actual drugs that kill them.
An endless clamoring.
It's a eugenics religion.
But yes, Anglo-Saxons, Anglos, because Asians get AIDS almost as much as Africans, but it's tailored clearly for Africans.
It is a race-specific bio-weapon.
The gay white males that have been able to contract it and actually get their T lymphocytes destroyed and died, you find out they're also taking ecstasy every day and snorting methamphetamine and it destroyed their
They're immune systems.
There's all the studies on that.
And you know what?
I don't like children dying.
I don't appreciate it.
And I take offense at it.
And I'm gonna stand against it.
Endgame comes out tonight!
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by power.
For thousands of years their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret to drive America's biggest progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order In Game on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
In Game, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
You asked us to make the water level visible to eliminate the guesswork when refilling the water.
We listened.
You asked for an elevated base so the system could be used in places beside on the edge of a counter.
We listened.
You asked us to develop a filter that was made in the USA.
We listened.
You asked us to include an emergency light for camping and during power outages.
We listened.
After 9-11, you asked us to develop a filter that was more powerful in removing chemical agents.
Again, we listened.
Introducing the Berkey Light, the gravity
We're good to go.
It's a fact.
Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all banks in these United States create money out of thin air for every single loan they issue.
With never-ending late fees over the limit fees and higher and higher interest rates, it has become mathematically impossible to repay all loans.
I'm good.
Join the thousands of Americans who now breathe with a sigh of relief because they have legally eliminated their debt.
Instead of living each day in fear and frustration, it's time to take action and turn your life around.
Call the Federal Debt Relief System at 877-943-8600.
Or visit FDRS.org.
That's 877-943-8600.
Find out how you can break the cycle of debt slavery.
Visit FDRS.org today.
Man thinks cause he rules the earth He can do whatever he thinks And if things don't change soon He will Oh man has invented his doom
First step was touching the moon Now there's a woman on my blood She said just sit there as the night grows dim She'll say who's gonna take away his license to kill?
Now they take him, and they teach him, and they groom him for life, and they spin him on a path where he's bound to get ill.
And they bury him with stars.
Curl his body like they do in Utah.
Now there's a woman on my block.
She'll just sit there, facing the hill.
She'll say, who's gonna take away his license to kill?
Now he's helping for destruction.
He's afraid and confused.
And he's afraid he's been mismanaged with great skill.
Welcome back.
We're going to go to Tim, David, Robert, many others.
Open phones.
Remember today is the day Endgame comes out at PrisonPlanet.tv.
You can download it in incredible quality.
Livestream downloads in the highest quality flash.
We spent five, six months off and on finding the very best ways to compress it, the very best flash systems.
Really nice quick time movies as well.
We can't decide which one is clearer.
They're just so good.
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I don't know.
They're telling me that everything that comes in through Friday will be shipped on Monday, and everything that comes in, you know, over the weekend will be shipped out Tuesday, Wednesday.
But we've got a great crew in there now, and it's all getting out to you at InfoWars.com or 888-253-3139 or PrisonPlanet.tv.
Let's go ahead and, well, we don't have time.
We're going to break for 70 seconds.
Come back to Tim, David, Robert.
And many others that are patiently holding.
I got a lot of other news here on the war drums for Iran.
Clinton being confronted last night in Minnesota.
We are changed confronting him a few weeks ago.
That video has now been posted.
They're being hounded everywhere.
And I want to hear from you about where you think this is going as people spontaneously go out and resist them.
And I guarantee you those are listeners in Minnesota that confronted Clinton.
I bet my bottom dollar.
If you're out there and you can get through, front of the line, front of the line, when you hear me hang up on a caller after we go to him, try to get in, 1-800-259-9231.
I want to hear it because the media wouldn't say what group they're with.
I bet money it's We Are Change or Minnesota 9-11 Corridor, somebody like that.
Court rules, social workers must follow law.
Oh my gosh, World Net Daily.
Agencies, cops can't threaten to take kids away from parents asserting rights.
You know what they do is they say, sign this form or I'll take your children.
Then when you sign it, they take them.
And that creature, Arpaio, is in trouble.
But they do this all over.
This is standard procedure, so we'll cover that.
Later, as well, we're also working on getting the Homeschool Legal Defense Fund folks on the show to pop in in the third hour and talk about this case.
It's a very important precedent-setting case.
We're trying to fight the eugenicists.
That's what this is.
The whole CPS deal is part of eugenics.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The New World Order declared war on humanity more than a hundred years ago.
Their eugenicists took control of science and technology and are turning the planet into an entertainment brainwashing factory to neutralize the population so they submit to orderly extermination.
That is the essence of the Endgame.
Today is Endgame launch day.
Launching Endgame at PrisonPlanet.tv and you can also order the DVDs now shipping out.
Tim in Virginia, then David, Robert, Elijah and others.
Go ahead Tim, thanks for holding.
Hey Alex.
You know as a patriotic American, I'm getting tired of the diplomatic oral masturbation by the United States
State Department and Condoleezza Rice in regards to Iran.
Seems to me that the State Department is full of so many a Council of Foreign Relations one-world socialists that they'll do anything to sell this nation up the river without a paddle.
You know, they did it with NAFTA.
And it's getting to the point where our industrial manufacturing base is eroded.
We can't even deliver armored vehicles to our troops in Iraq.
Our infrastructure is crumbling, the bridges,
You've been exporting so much concrete to China, we don't have enough concrete in the future to fix our bridges, nor... America must fall for the New World Order to rise, and they want to drive it down so they can buy it up cheap.
And again, the very people running our country openly have sworn to destroy its sovereignty, and they're doing it.
And the good old boys with the flags all over their cars need to learn that.
The people destroying America are using Iran
As a false unification mode to get us unified around the criminal government as they finally draw the knife across our throat.
That's for sure.
And I'll tell you, the future doesn't look good with this video game generation playing these mental masturbation games and there's going to be things going around them that they won't even see or know or care.
Well, the danger of the video games is, for some reason, it brings you into a lower-than-normal sleep state, into an unhealthy oxygen narcosis without oxygen actually being delayed.
The brain just stops its uptake of oxygen.
No, I'm serious.
And it actually causes brain damage.
I appreciate your call.
When you get heavily focused for long periods of time, for several hours of video game playing, you go into a
It's hypnosis.
I mean, you go into something deeper than the yogis go into.
I mean, it is hardcore, folks.
It is mind control.
You better go read the medical reports on that.
I mean, it's a fact.
It's hooking you up to EKGs.
This isn't debatable.
This is heart.
This is brainwaves.
This is respiration.
And, you know, when you're playing World of Warcraft for 24 hours straight, which a lot of people do, they'll just, the whole weekend is no sleep and they'll finally collapse a day later, two days, three days later.
People all the time die at their computers.
You know, 18, 25 year olds just in total focus.
One guy played for three days straight and South Korea collapsed.
And you literally become absolutely interfaced with the machine.
And it is, it is, they die.
And it's causing massive brain damage.
Again, you go into oxygen-starved narcosis.
They're not sure why, but something about the intense focus with the eyes locked on the flickering screen, with the hands moving the controls, does something to the physiology and to the central nervous system.
We're going to break, come right back to David, Robert, Elijah, and others.
It's incredible.
After racist remarks, Nobel winner quits Lab, M-S-N-B-C-A-P.
Watson sparked furor with comments about intelligence levels of blacks.
Well, the story, that was bad enough, but the story was he wanted to ban people from having kids.
He wanted to restrict who could have children.
He wanted one-child policies.
It was just a eugenics manifesto, he told the paper.
We covered that a week ago when he first got in trouble.
And he's now quit what he's been running since 1945, the Cold Springs Genetics Harbor, Cold Springs Harbor Human Genome Project.
When it was founded in, what, 1915?
It was the Eugenics Records Office, and this boy was working there as the head of the genetics section of it during World War II.
By the way, Hitler cites in his writings the Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory.
This guy's one of the fathers of modern eugenics.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Isn't their objective to be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bilderberg is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, isn't it?
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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I think so.
Everybody knows that the days are loaded.
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.
Everybody knows the war is over.
Everybody knows the good guys lost.
Everybody knows the five, the six, the poor stay poor, the rich get rich.
That's how it goes.
Everybody knows.
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking.
Everybody knows the captain lied.
Everybody got this broken feeling.
Like their father or their dog just died.
Everybody talkin' to their pockets.
Everybody wants a box of chocolates and a non-sim roll.
Everybody knows.
Everybody knows that you love that baby.
Everybody knows that you really do.
Everybody knows
Everybody knows!
Everybody knows.
That's how it goes.
Everybody knows.
Everybody knows.
Everybody knows.
That's how it goes.
Everybody knows.
And everybody knows that it's now or never.
Everybody knows that it's me or you.
We're good to go.
Man, Leonard Cohen!
Just a shiny artifact of the past.
Everybody knows the scene is dead.
But there's gonna be a meter on your bed that will disclose.
What everybody knows.
And everybody knows that you're in trouble.
Everybody knows what you've been through.
From the bloody cross on top of Calvary To the beach of Malibu Everybody knows it's coming apart Take one last look at this sacred heart Before it blows And everybody knows
That's some poetry, isn't it?
And everybody knows 9-11's an inside job.
In their gut.
In your soul.
And when you look at the facts, they bear out what's in your heart.
Yeah, I knew before it happened.
I saw him bragging on TV.
They didn't even cover up what they were saying on Hardball two months before 9-11.
I already saw it coming.
I was already freaked out.
And I saw Warren Rudman and Gary Hart on there bragging about big buildings are going to come down, troops are going to be on the streets, America's going to change.
And they all laughed and smiled and celebrated.
And Chris Matthews, I wish somebody could find that tape, shook their hands and said, thank you for sharing this here.
I'm so honored.
And I was going, my gosh, he's acting like he was just given the Pulitzer Prize.
And I just thought, oh my gosh, they just bragged about the op right on television!
And the next day I went on air with Operation Expose the Terrorists and I said, they're going to go after that World Trade Center.
They're going to say Bin Laden did it.
So I could put it together with all the other pieces of info I had.
Everybody knows they're going to have a depression in this country.
Everybody knows they're going to attack Iran and start World War III.
Everybody knows that down the road they're going to get us in the compact cities and fly over and spray us and we're going to flop around like dying fish vomiting out death while our kids die right beside us.
Everybody knows that unless we fight them they're going to get all that done and they're going to win.
Everybody knows the fake churches are bought off to tell everybody to stand down, and don't fight evil, and don't speak out, and just wait for Jesus to pull us all out of it on golden ropes.
And everybody knows, if you actually read the Bible, it doesn't even say that.
It says we go through the Tribulation.
Everybody knows.
Everybody knows the dice are loaded.
I sent that song to the network like six years ago to air.
They never played it.
I finally got somebody good running my show, John Harmon.
They play all the music I want.
And some other I don't.
He throws some stuff in there, but a lot of it I like.
But I said I'd go to your calls and I'm babbling here.
Dave in California, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Alex.
This is Dave Short from Northern California.
Good to talk to you again.
Good to talk to you, bro.
What's on your mind?
Okay, first thing, I'm renewing my Prison Planet TV subscription.
I'm ordering a bunch of endgames, and I want to congratulate you.
You know, aside from the 9-11 story that you're the premier guy on, you probably broke the biggest story in history on the endgame thing, and it's such an honor to talk to you.
Well, I don't want to say I broke it, but I'll say this is the first time it's all been put together.
I mean, it's the history of the elite, who they are, who the Bilderberg Group is, what their current agenda is, and then what that leads to.
I mean, this has got 30 minutes on the North American Union and the SPP, or longer on the toll roads.
I mean, it's, it's, I'd say three films.
It's really like four or five films.
I mean, this is a, this is, this is, this is a, I mean, somebody watches this, they're going to have a really big picture view.
I hear ya.
And, I mean, it's so huge.
I just don't even know how to explain the impact that this is going to have.
And I got two more things for you real fast.
Go ahead, my friend.
I heard you on radio talk show Johannesburg.
Man, that was so cool.
Do that more often.
You know, post those links, because that was neat.
I mean, we're sitting here listening to old Afrikaners just going nuts about this information, and I listened to them for about an hour after that, and it was almost, I'd say at least 75% totally positive
Yeah, I was on there for like an hour, and then I didn't keep listening afterwards, but Aaron was in their video editing, so he listened about 30 minutes, and he said they were just, at first they didn't believe me, but I knew their own history, and so I said, well what about Cecil Rhodes, Rhodesia, and I laid out, you know, who owns their country, how it was done, and see, that's what shocked them, is I knew all about their topography, their geography,
I was able to talk directly to him, and then by the end of it, the host was convinced, except the news guy, remember the news guy who was doing the news, he came on and said, yeah, I say kill 90% of people.
Yeah, I'm surprised you didn't jump to the microphone on him on that one.
Well, it's just better to, but he was totally defeated.
I mean, did you hear how chicken-necked he was, and just like, just like, I mean, I totally hit him right where, and that's what finally convinced the other host, was early in the interview, the guy just came out and admitted the agenda.
You see, that's their little secret goody egg.
That's their little secret little prizey-wisey.
And they don't like us knowing about it.
Well, and it totally confirmed what you were saying when the guy says, oh, I think they should kill 90%.
I was just going, whoa.
You know, that played right into our hands.
And I got one last real fast rant for the media shills out there.
That be all right?
Sure, you got the floor.
Hey, Megs and Murdoch and Marr and Beck and Rush and Corrick and Matthews and all of you shills!
You are guilty of obstruction of justice and the murder of 3,000 American citizens!
And you know it!
There's no statute of limitations on murder!
You will never be free of it!
You're trapped!
You're going down, and you're going down hard!
Save yourselves!
Throw yourselves in the mercy of the court!
Rat out everybody now before your cohorts do!
Rat out!
Rat out!
Rat out now!
We will forgive you!
God bless you, man.
Listen, they're scared now.
I mean, I heard Beck this morning saying how evil and dangerous I am, and I'm only dangerous to the terrorists.
I'm only dangerous to those that killed our citizens.
I'm only dangerous to those that gave plutonium pills and uranium pills to thousands of wives of GIs to kill them, to test them on.
Imagine, you go into the doctor on the base and they kill you.
They kill your baby.
I'm only dangerous to the people that want to grab people's children and torture them.
I'm only dangerous to CPS in Florida that's got 3,000 plus missing kids they took.
You know, we are dangerous because we, as Beck admits, believe what we're saying and we're not going to stop.
You know, we've committed.
We're going up the hill, folks.
It doesn't mean that we don't have a knot in our belly.
It doesn't mean we're not got the hair on the back of our neck standing up.
It doesn't mean we're not, you know, concerned.
But we've set our jaws, we've got our teeth clenched together, and our eyes have got the fire of God in them, and we're not going to stop.
I mean, you've declared war on us.
The New World Order's waging war on us.
Our back's against the wall.
What do you expect us to do?
You're forcing us!
You want a fight?
You got one!
It's just beginning, and you're beginning to understand that.
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I think so.
It's all a part of fightin' Devil's State's mind control.
And all about the battle for your body, mind and soul.
And now I'm hopin' you don't close your mind so they shape ya.
Don't forget they made us slaves, gave us AIDS and raped us.
Another push season mean another war for property.
All in secret so the public never get to stop it.
The Illuminati, triple six, all connected.
Stole the votes, they control the race and take elections.
It's the skull and bones, remakes and kill committees.
See the dragon gettin' eaten in every city.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I hope you understand the time, brothers, because it's major.
All right, let's go to Robert in California and then Elijah, Dan, Ed, and others.
Go ahead, Robert, you're on the air.
Good morning from Southern California here.
Fire capital of the world, I guess, right now.
Yeah, which they're now saying is arson.
Yeah, of course.
It's either that or somebody lights a fire in the wrong place and doesn't know what they're doing and when they're up there trying to do a little camping, as they call it.
But anyway, my own journey, and I'm sure everybody's journey was
My journey to waking up is I was raised by good people who knew what was going on.
My grandmother lost her son in World War II and they grew up in depression knowing what was at stake and as I grew up I had my own learning curve and what we call unlearning of what
Well I agree with you and now people are discovering
That our own government and the British government and the Zionists actually funded Hitler and created him.
I mean, major universities are writing books about it, major Jewish scholars are writing books about it.
I mean, imagine the magnitude of creating someone evil who you knew would do all these horrible things so you could then be the good guy and deal with him.
It's the ultimate false flag attack.
It's the ultimate staged event.
I mean, to find and promote and fund a dictator
And that's for sure.
And they're also patient because they've been doing this for centuries.
Their families have been gearing up for this, for the takeover of all power, to bring them to themselves, thinking that they're the ones who are smart or are decent enough in their own right to know how things should work.
But the problem is that they forget about human free will and people who are lovers of truth and get awaking both spiritually and mentally and physically.
to this new paradigm that's going on and I'm glad to see that it's happening and people need to be awakened.
And any of those people that are listening in California, we need your help out there knocking on doors and start asking other people to vote for Ron Paul.
Absolutely, we've got to intensify it.
He's got a chance to win the nomination, folks.
Yeah, there's election fraud, but it's not total, and we've still got to get on the field, even if the dice are loaded, we can still win with God's help.
All right, thank you, Robert, Elijah, Dan, Ed, many others.
Your call is straight ahead.
I'm calling 9-11 Truth in Minnesota.
They're confronting Bill Clinton.
If you're listening, whoever you are, I want you to call in.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He blew his mind out in a car.
He didn't notice that the lights had changed.
A crowd of people stood and said they'd seen his face before.
Nobody was really sure he was
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
This is a D-Day for Endgame Launch.
I'm asking you for your help, getting it out of the four winds any way you can, by word of mouth, by flyers, by email, by phone calls to talk radio.
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And I am out there taking action.
Help me get Endgame out.
See it at PrisonPlanet.tv this evening.
It will be surfacing this evening.
Around six or seven o'clock tonight it's going to go up.
Okay, I'll just go ahead and tell you.
I want to say midnight, though, in case there's any tweaking or anything that has to happen, but it'll be up this evening.
And I want you to burn copies of it.
I want you to download copies of it.
I want you to give it to everybody.
I want you to aggressively get it out to everyone.
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Extermination of more than 80% of the world's population.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
And by the way, I've forgotten
Four new sneak peeks, little minute-and-a-half clips from the film, the introduction to different sections is what they are, are up on PrisonPlanet.com right now in an in-game article that Paul Watson wrote about in-game today.
Four new clips and a new trailer went up yesterday in the extended four-and-a-half minute trailer.
So five new
That's all the trailers, all the clips, all the sneak peeks.
And that's it.
Help us get those out to everybody.
Help get that story.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com on Dig's front page.
The Barrier Brigade is on there giggling and laughing and going, Ha ha!
No one will see it.
They think they're going to have victory.
If our people would just go in there and dig it at the same time, it would drive it over to them and they'd literally scream in hatred all over their subsites and just flop around in cussing fits whenever we get through their
Blockade, which we only get through a couple times a month now, but still they just rage with hatred.
So it's good to beat you.
By the way, I think you figured out, with Digg or MySpace censoring us or anything, we don't stop.
You can keep fighting us forever, you can beat us 99 out of 100, but we win because we keep fighting.
I learned that from the Founding Fathers.
They lost, for several years, every single engagement.
3 to 1, 5 to 1, 6 to 1, 9 to 1.
But you know what?
They just kept fighting.
They kept fighting.
They kept fighting.
They kept fighting.
Until they finally won at Trenton, New Jersey.
More than 20 men froze to death that night.
At midnight, they crossed the frozen river.
Horses were falling through.
It wasn't completely frozen enough.
They traveled another six hours through the frozen cold.
People getting frostbite.
The tips of their noses freezing off.
A large group of men died.
They'd be found literally frozen dead.
The horse would follow their horses.
They got over the hill over Trenton with the German mercs.
The German Hessians were encamped with their British leaders.
Anyhow, they snuck attack them.
George Washington came riding right in as hundreds of redcoats and thousands of Germans all opened fire.
Bullets all shot multiple times through his hat, through his cloak.
His cloak was his, his, it was Providence, folks.
I mean, and this was their description.
There was a German general there that you could see the holes all in his cape and cloak and his hat was shot off his head repeatedly.
George Washington out there with a big saber, just slashing them, just slashing and killing them!
They don't teach you that in the history books, do they?
The General, the leader of the country, front line!
Andrew Jackson, front line!
That's right, he was fighting at that time as a 12-year-old boy.
And look what he led her to do.
And you can be part of that in history as well, ladies and gentlemen.
And all of us aren't going to make it in this fight, but in the end, this scum is going to be defeated!
Alright, let's go back to your calls.
Elijah in New York, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how are you?
Good, thanks for holding.
Uh, yeah.
I believe in spreading the message of hope, actually.
During the 9-11 protest, my friend and I printed out about 300 Ron Paul flyers, so before I got to the protest, I handed them all out to the people, and I was telling them, listen, get to keep all of your wages.
I can't believe you can't have 100% support for something like that.
Ron Paul wants to give back to the American dream.
I believe in spreading the message of hope.
We could spread the message.
We need a 9-11 investigation, but also try to spread a solution.
We can stand up to all this media propaganda all we want, but unless we propose a solution and we get our things right, like Frank Zapp said, register to vote and run for something.
I believe next time I want to call you up and be a congressman.
I don't know.
Something like that.
Try to pack up Congress and our whole election system with people that believe in the Constitution.
That's the only way we're going to get things changed.
All these guys running around doing all this evil, we can bury them in elections.
We can pretty much get all of our people elected that are not affiliated with any of these organizations.
So we have so much stuff on these guys that I believe that any good candidate, such as Ron Paul, who is
Who believes in the Constitution, should be able to win the vote of the people, especially if they tell them about the comprehensive annual financial reports, and tell them, oh listen, the government has so many billions of our dollars, why don't we use this to build schools, why don't we use this to create jobs, why don't we use this for all these other purposes?
So, if you run on that ticket, people being, in a way, selfish beings, they care about themselves, their family, and their community.
So, what's best for them would be able to keep all of their wages and also get something back from the government, other than taxation, without representation.
Isn't that what we thought there were, you know... Yeah, but the average Yuppie's gonna say, how are we gonna get something back from the government without paying taxes?
I appreciate your call.
They built the capital, they built the nation without the income tax.
It goes directly to the private banks.
I appreciate your call, sir.
Alright, let's talk to Dan in New York.
Dan, you're on the air.
Hey, how you doing, buddy?
Good, go ahead.
Yeah, this is Dan from We Are Change in New York City.
Hey man, how you doing?
Great, how are you?
Just wanted you to address something for me.
We're sort of getting a little negative backlash from the truth community about the Bill Maher episode.
That's because they're jealous, sir.
I mean, you say the truth community.
You mean communist snivel faces, them?
Well, it's just people who email me in the MySpace and leave them in the forum saying that, like, that sort of action discredits the movement and we're just reinforcing the idea we're a bunch of conspiracy nerds.
Alright, so what's your question?
You have a question?
Well, I just wanted you to, if you could address it, just to say, like, hey, you know, this situation is very serious and we can't be worrying about being calm and composed and that we need to get out there.
Yeah, that's right, that's right.
We don't need a bunch of limp-wristed behavior, okay?
Yeah, exactly.
You know, I mean, I just, I couldn't believe that we actually, people were saying, like, hey, you guys need to calm down with doing stuff and interrupting live performances, and that's exactly what we need to be doing.
Let me address that, and I appreciate your call, my friend.
I agree with you.
Keep up the good work there in New York.
For ten years before war broke out, they were British citizens, British subjects.
Can they put taxes on the American colonies that they didn't have in England?
They wouldn't give them parliamentary representation.
They'd had that before, and the king just said, you don't have it anymore.
The British in America didn't particularly like the fact that they'd just brought over a German king.
His daddy had been brought over.
They knew about that.
They're like, this isn't even our king.
That was a big issue.
That's when the Germans had just taken over British royalty.
It'd been the same people going back to the Normans before that.
Sure, they were Germanic, but they'd been there 600 years.
And so they just brought over this, it was always kind of Anglo-Saxon resentment of the Europeans and now that was kind of back.
I'm giving you the background here on all of this.
And so this German ruler was taking all their freedoms, taking their liberties, taxing them, taking property, all these just scores of new taxes.
And the founding fathers would get in trouble for printing up little hand pamphlets, bills of particulars, committees of correspondence, listing all the crimes of government, SWAT teams raiding and arresting people, raping women, taking land, corrupt bureaucrats, swarms of new bureaucracies sent out to eat out the substance of the people.
And for ten years, really more, but heath up for ten years, then they started doing stuff like
Go into public events screaming at the staged governors who weren't elected, who were being appointed.
They'd get arrested for confronting them at public events.
They started going and disrupting plays.
They started going into bars and shooting their mouths off and getting arrested and beat up and putting the stocks for a week and dying.
They'd complain on ships and get keelhaul that's tied to a rope and drug under the bottom.
And people just said, you know what?
We're not putting up with this anymore.
We're not going along with this anymore.
And so they, the Founding Fathers, were at the Green Dragon Bar in Tavern, and they dressed up like Indians.
People say, oh, was it to make fun of Indians and Native Americans?
It was disguises!
They put war paint on, and they went in to a couple ships worth the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars today.
This tea was expensive all the way from India, and the Englishmen had to have it.
And they took it all, and they threw it in the harbor.
And by the way, they had clubs and daggers and pistols and were ready, if somebody gave them a problem, to start the war right there.
Now, we're not going on board these Chinese ships with all these slave goods and throwing them off the ships.
We're not going after people.
All we're doing is going to public events and confronting them, which is total Americana.
We go to these live shows and heckle these fake comedians.
That's always been part of a, quote, live show.
Since when do people not do it?
I mean, you can come to my live shows and heckle me.
I've even had it happen a few times.
And I go ahead and let a person shoot their mouth off for a while and then go, okay, that's fine, or I'll even answer their question.
So, uh, I mean, you have to deal with that.
That's, that's, that, I mean, I've been in events that I'm not running where somebody starts heckling people, throw them out, and I'm like, no, no, don't throw them out, don't do that.
We had one guy one time show up in an orange ski mask to an event like eight years ago and sit there the whole time.
People wanted to throw him out, and I said, do not throw him out.
I said, if you throw him out, I'm leaving.
Let him sit there and try to scare people.
And I got up there and gave a speech and said, that person's trying to scare you and intimidate you.
And later I learned out who it was, and they actually were.
It was a stalker.
But that's how they operate.
And so, we're not going to stop.
I mean, you're trying to get us into World War III here.
You are doing all these horrible things to us.
You're abusing us.
You're sending out your bureaucracies to violate our Bill of Rights and Constitution.
And they're scared because they know it's spontaneous.
Millions of others are seeing what's happening and they're going to go out and confront their politicians and the bureaucrats and the media whores everywhere.
And look, a lot of 9-11 trade is infiltrated.
I mean, you've got your one-worlders who are involved, who are left-wing, controlled left-wing, just trying to get us onto the UN is going to save us.
I said six years ago, I said on the day of 9-11, I said, this is all going to come out that they did this.
But limited fashion, because I don't want to say I'm psychic, folks, but everybody around me says I've got the old-fashioned term, the touch.
I mean, I'm instinctive.
I've got discernment.
I've got a good brain that God gave me.
And I can extrapolate out what they're going to do.
Nine times out of ten.
Even more often than that.
I'm rarely wrong.
And I said, they're going to let this come out.
But they're going to... because I've already seen their documents about how they were going to... There's a left-wing world government you can have, or a right-wing world government.
Which one do you want to choose?
Well, how about no world government?
See, so they know that you're aware of this.
They've got to give you a false choice.
That's why a lot of the 9-11 Truth Movement is run by one-worlders.
And they're there, and they mean well.
A lot of these leftists, man, they're nice people.
They really mean well.
And they're prominent professors and scholars and, you know, they're right about steel and buildings not melting and bombs and hijackers being U.S.
government agents.
And with them on that, we can work with them and be around them.
And, you know, collaborate together.
But, in a collaboration against the new world order.
But we cannot then adopt
Everything else that comes with it, the vestigial globalist system.
I mean, the world now knows 9-11 is an inside job, but they're blaming it on Bush.
We have to explain it's about Hillary, too, and it's about the New World Order that controls them and the central banks that own them.
That's the next step in this.
And there are a lot of 9-11 truth groups out there who are jealous of me.
And they're jealous and envious of We Are Change and what they've been able to do.
I mean, I was, you know, obviously basically offered, you know, the headship of different organizations and groups out there, and I always tell them no.
People say, well, why?
Why don't you want to head up our group, or why don't you want to be the... And I say, you are the leader.
You understand?
Because I want to win.
I want to beat the New World Order.
I don't want to strut around with, you know, titles like the Grand Tenfo Warrior.
I mean, it's very sweet, but believe me, I'm not grand in any fashion.
Plus, I don't want to be like a major walking around the front lines wearing my insignia.
That's dangerous.
Listen, I put my info out, and We Are Change took my advice.
They followed my attack profile.
They added to everything I've learned with force multiplication.
And they went out and they started, you know, now 30-something plus groups.
More are forming every day.
It's exponential.
It was like 25 last week.
They're out there hitting them everywhere.
Texas, Minnesota, Florida, California, New Jersey, New York, Canada, England, Netherlands, Japan.
They're Infowars groups.
I don't care what you call them.
They're out there hitting people, hitting them hard.
Infowarriors all.
And so of course you're going to have, I mean look, if you're in 9-11 Truth to be a big stud, and to be well known, and to have a few people trailing after you, then you're in this for the wrong reasons, folks.
Look, this is dangerous, okay?
First off, you need to know that.
This isn't a game, it's not a joke, it's not a game of tiddlywinks.
This is war.
We're fighting card core killers.
And so, We Are Change doesn't need to respond to that.
Frankly, you shouldn't even call in and ask me what I think about it.
Uh, you shouldn't even give them attention.
You are in an engagement.
They're back at base camp whining and picking their nose.
Ignore them.
Engage the enemy.
Continue to seek and destroy.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Builderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Build America is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslaving.
You have been warned.
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Once again, that's 866-885-6625 for BioSolutions.
It is outrageous to have Glenn Beck and many others
Equate us with terrorists and the bombers of Oklahoma City and 9-11.
It is outrageous for them to say, they're dangerous!
9-11 truth is dangerous!
This Alex Jones is dangerous!
Unless you want to try to restrict our free speech, which you've been calling for.
Yeah, you better know that the people are awake to you and the jig's up.
And if you start trying to arrest us, or co-intel pro us, or set us up to sit in the 1960s, boy, it's gonna get a lot more serious.
And the people are gonna wake up a lot faster.
But you go ahead and do what tyrants have done throughout history.
You go ahead and be a bully.
You go ahead and keep pushing.
You go ahead and show everybody what you really are.
You see, for us, it isn't about being a painted trollop on CNN.
It isn't about being worldly and powerful in your corrupt system.
It's about the truth.
It's about honor.
It's about duty.
It's about justice!
You're dealing with something entirely different than your world of chicken-neck yuppie weaklings!
Look, it's clear.
They're saying we're terrorists.
It's outrageous.
Just like they walked up to Luke and said, we know you got bombs.
We're going to send you to prison for bombs.
We know you don't have bombs, but leave or we're going to say you have bombs.
That's a horrible criminal threat.
That's a violation of federal law and state law and the Patriot Act to make fake bomb threats, but they do it.
We're sick of you!
We're tired of you!
You're the ones trying to rule over us.
Get off our backs!
Get out of our face!
We didn't ask for you to rape us.
So get off of us!
You freak out when we start getting sick of ya?
This is only the beginning, punk!
This is only the start!
And all these people that defend the 9-11 fraud, all the people that go on with the New World Order, you make yourselves accessories to the attacks.
You bind yourself to a fraud.
You better know what you're doing.
You better know it curses you and your soul.
You're buying some bad karma.
Again, I don't believe in karma, but to use the term, you reap what you sow.
I do believe in that.
What comes around, goes around.
What you put out, you get back.
Now, let me tell you something, New World Order.
I'm not scared of you.
I'm scared of God Almighty.
And I'm scared of not fighting evil.
I'm scared of being evil.
One thing I'm afraid of is not being able to finish my work.
But you know what?
If it's God's will,
That you'd be allowed to strike me down or do whatever it is you're planning?
And that's God's will and I say so be it!
You understand that?
The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
I just pray that that is not God's plan for me to be a bag of fertilizer.
I think I'm doing a lot more out here walking around.
But we're now entering the phase where the enemy knows we have grievously hurt them.
They knew that a long time ago, but now they're having to publicly confront us and fight us.
And they're trying to pre-position themselves to use force against us.
You know that's only going to make people believe what we say that much more and look into our claims.
You are failing.
You are losing.
You're afraid.
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But most of these people buy into this.
They just hate the country.
This is the kind of group that a Timothy McVeigh would come from.
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Wow, Frank Zappa!
Yeah, there's no doubt they killed Craig Zappa.
Frank Zappa, I know that in my gut.
And you know why they did, huh?
Because he saw them!
He had his sunglasses on.
A man before his time.
By the way, I got some folks from his family coming on soon.
I'm supposed to call them back.
I've been so busy the last few days I haven't.
They weren't going to be on this week.
Who knows now?
I gotta do that today when I get off the air, but I gotta... I'm writing a book right now, too, and a ton of other things, just... I can't seem to slow down.
There's so much going on.
Let's jam another call in.
We got a guest coming.
We'll get the rest of you.
Who is it?
Ed in New York's up next.
Go ahead, Ed.
Ed, welcome!
Hi, Ed.
Hey, how you doing?
I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the 2008 election, and I was talking about it with a few of my friends, and
You know, they were talking about how Bush has the power to cancel the election if he wants to, if he declares a state of emergency for the country.
Well, he has made massive preparations for that publicly, and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, Military Commissions Act, his PDD of May 9th of this year, 51,
And so it's never before been this publicly set up, but it may just be Pastor Hillary to later do it or somebody else.
The point is, they want that heart plug in us.
They want our neck in the guillotine in case they feel like pulling it, but they may not need to.
They just pass the baton to Hillary, and then the whole thing just continues on.
Anything else, sir?
No, that was it.
Well, I appreciate you holding to ask that important question.
By the way, that's all covered in Endgame, a blueprint for global enslavement that comes out in
I'll be frank with you in about five hours.
That's right.
About six o'clock tonight.
We're going to go ahead and try to post it and make sure everything's lined up.
But T-minus.
I don't think we'll scrub any launches.
It'll be around six, seven o'clock tonight.
Centraal time.
That'll be about four or five o'clock out in the Pacific Fire Zone.
That'll be about seven o'clock in your East Coast Atlantean area.
Right over there by Airstrip One.
That'll be about midnight.
And, uh, over there in, uh, Central Europe, we're talking about 2 AM, 3 AM in the morning.
We'll be right back.
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Bill Burgess is making great progress in order world government.
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Now, we also document how something I discovered making the film, I didn't even know this, that social workers, social work was, I knew it started in England, but I didn't know it was founded to carry out racial hygiene, family hygiene, positive and negative eugenics in their own terms.
We're not getting into that with our guest right now, but you see, it all goes back to that.
This is what I've discovered.
That that's really the unified field theory of the geopolitical
We're good to go.
Court rules, social workers must follow law.
Agencies, cops can't threaten to take kids away from parents asserting rights.
A federal court has ruled that social workers have to respect the U.S.
Constitution regarding privacy and parental rights, and if they don't, they may be held liable.
A ruling comes in the Arizona case in which social workers accompanied by Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies, that's, they're famous, that's our PIOS people we've had on, may
Made unsupported threats to place a family's children in custody and arrest the parents if they were not allowed to make what ended up being an allegedly illegal search of the family's home.
Now let me break down what happens.
No judge, no jury, no nothing.
They usually have special cops assigned to the pervert rings and generally that's what we found with these CPS workers.
Very, very sick people.
Very degenerate on average.
And I mean all social workers, these key cadres.
And I've been there.
I've gone and covered it in court.
I've been to the houses.
I mean, I've been there.
At the hospital, we've opened the door and there's a cop choking the woman saying, sign it.
And a lot of that got caught on video.
I think it's CPS Child Grabbers is the name of the piece.
It's out on Google.
That was like in 1999.
Folks, I mean, I started crying after I saw this.
And you really never heard me cry on air.
I broke down.
Because I got on air right after we went and filmed it because it literally tore my guts out.
The evil!
And that was kind of a wake-up call to me that these are sinister individuals.
And, uh, they tell you, they'll also tell you, you don't sign this, I take the child!
And then you sign it, they go, thank you, you've handed custody over, ha ha ha!
I mean, they are, this is like the Soviet Union, how do they do this?
How can they do it?
With no due process!
And again, most cops aren't bad like this, they have special cops that work with them.
I'm gonna shut up now, he is a Jim Mason lawyer.
We're good to go.
And to tell us about this particular story that's one in a million, shoot, there's more than a million cases a year, more than 20, 30 million in the last 20 years.
We appreciate Jim Mason coming on.
Again, the headline, Court Rules Social Workers Must Follow Law, Agencies Cops Can't Threaten to Take Kids Away from Parents Asserting Rights.
Welcome, sir.
Well, thanks, Alex.
Was I exaggerating with the statements I was just making?
Because those are things I've seen personally.
But in your experience, I mean, how bad is this around the country?
Well, in my experience, this is sort of a bureaucratic mess to run amok.
It starts with federal law.
That gives the states a little pot of money if they agree to do certain things, and one of them is, it includes investigating all anonymous tips.
So anybody can phone an anonymous tip alleging child abuse or neglect against anybody for any reason, and the social services agencies are, you know, required to go out and do an investigation.
And then it goes on beyond that where the social services agencies believe that they have to, that they are required by law to complete the investigation, which always includes coming into the home and interviewing the children.
And that's without regard to
You know, the reliability or credibility of the tips, and without regard to the rights of the families.
And that's how we really got involved with this.
No Fourth Amendment, no Fifth Amendment, just generally abused children that become CBS workers, most of them are.
Federal numbers admit the highest instance of pedophiles.
Pedophiles get into this because they can have access to the kids.
These, on average, you're dealing with a demon creature.
Please continue.
The thing that we've discovered is that it's sort of a commonly held view amongst many investigative social workers that the Fourth Amendment simply doesn't apply to them when they're out investigating anonymous tips of abuse or neglect.
So that's how this case got started.
It was an anonymous tip that the house, it was a brand new home, just recently constructed, had a little bit of work left to do on the outside.
And what we think is that, you know, maybe some neighbors phoned in the tip because they were tired of kind of the construction look of the home.
We don't really know.
It was an anonymous tip, but it alleged that the house was not inhabitable.
It was unsafe for children.
And the folks had just finished building it and just moved in.
So when the investigator came out the first time, our folks called us up and we advised them that unless they had a court order, that they shouldn't or didn't have to let them in.
And they stood on their rights and refused to let them in.
So, six weeks passed and two more social workers showed up six weeks later with some sheriff's deputies.
So, we know there was no emergency.
They didn't think there was an emergency.
They couldn't think there was an emergency.
If they did, they wouldn't have waited six weeks.
By the way, folks, if you let them in, one dirty dish, any dog hair on the floor, your kids are gone in one of their rape camps.
Go ahead.
The idea here was that the social workers, accompanied by a uniformed armed policeman, said, you know, we're here to tour the house.
We need to make sure that it's safe for the kids.
And after about a 40-minute confrontation, during which time more police officers arrived, they eventually said, if you don't let us in, we're going to handcuff you right here in front of your children, who incidentally were standing right behind the door with their parents, and we're going to take your kids into custody.
See, I wouldn't even have opened the door.
Well, we always recommend that folks talk to them and that they assert their rights in a respectful and... Yeah, but I'm not home.
I don't feel like giving my time to them.
Well, in this case, they made that threat and the folks had nothing really to hide.
Their home was fine.
And they believed the threat, though.
So in the face of the threat,
They stood aside and allowed the social workers and sheriff's deputies to come on through.
They came into the home, were there for about five minutes, maybe less.
Of course, they found nothing and left and later sent a letter saying everything was fine.
And what I found is that this is a common occurrence.
Thank you.
Families in their homes have to go along with it.
Well, that's the thing about this, is the state police here in Texas will issue a new directive.
No state law, no nothing, just a policy.
And the state police will say, state constitution, federal constitution, out the window.
We do what the policy is, and I keep trying to explain to them.
They're liable when they violate the Bill of Rights or constitution or state constitution, and that's what the federal judge said.
Look, I got rights just because you say they're privileges.
First they said cars were a privilege, which they're not, and I got the federal cases.
Then they say guns are a privilege.
It's not a privilege!
Then they say having a church without a permit is a privilege.
It is not a privilege!
First Amendment!
Tell us about this case, please, sir.
Well, this is an important case.
We've done several cases.
We got into it, the Homeschool Legal Defense Association got into this area of law several years ago.
Because when homeschooling was, you know, 20 years ago, homeschooling wasn't as widely accepted as it is today.
And these anonymous tips would say, hey, the kids are home all day, you know.
We don't think they're going to school.
And so, they investigate social security.
Let me just stop you, again.
Folks, mind your own business.
I mean, if you've got somebody beating a child with a tire iron, call the police, then it's a criminal matter.
We never needed CPS before.
But mind your own business.
You know, stay out of people's business unless it's life and death.
I mean, we used to be Americans.
We're not a bunch of dirty communists.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry!
Well, that's how we got into it, because then, you know, people would be minding their own business, as you say, in the privacy of their own home, doing the Lord's work, teaching their kids, you know, with many, many of the folks in the early days of homeschooling did it for religious reasons.
And this kind of general
Attitude that you have to let us in and you have to let us take your kids into the bedroom and talk to them privately got to be a major problem for us.
And so we started helping folks in that situation.
We had a big case back in the late 90s in California that sort of established this principle that the social services investigations are subject to the Fourth Amendment every bit as much as any police investigation, you know, going out to investigate crime.
And anonymous tips, we've had several cases.
Anonymous tips never, never justify an intrusion into the home unless there's some kind of corroborating evidence establishing that there's an emergency, that they have to go in immediately.
Otherwise, social services agents have to go to court, put their evidence in front of a judge,
Um, that's another problem that we found.
Many times, judges just rubber stamp the social services request.
Well, I want you to know that in 99, we've been helping this family, they were trying to take their child for just saying because they were poor, because he was an auto mechanic, and they lived in a little bitty apartment.
Sure, the problem was she went to the hospital to have the child, you know, government paid for, and blonde-haired, blue-eyed, top dollar, they get $300,000 on the adoption circuit, and they call me on the phone, I get there, I open the door, and there's this cop, and he's got his hand on the back of her neck saying, sign it, it's like a movie, I open the door, and there he is saying it, and then they shove me out, and then she signed it, and they took the baby,
And we got video of that.
And I mean, I just started crying.
I mean, how did America get to the point where cops are grabbing women by the neck?
I mean, we're, we're in the night circle of Hades here.
Stay there, sir.
I want to come back and talk about this case with Arpaio, how you're suing him.
This is a guy who just runs around reckless driving, jumping curbs and slamming into grocery store frontages and just stumbling around with armored vehicles and .50 caliber rifles completely out of his gourd.
He's been on the show twice.
I mean, he's just completely insane.
Ted Anders for Midas.
October 25, 2007.
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Treasuries, responding to Washington's trade sanctions, forcing the Yan Revolution.
Communist Party bodies are warning that Beijing may use its 1.33 trillion reserves as a political weapon, causing bond yields to spike, hammering the U.S.
housing market and throwing the economy into a recession.
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District Judge Earl H. Jarrell ordered that a lawsuit by the family against the social workers and sheriff will be allowed to continue because the social workers' concerns were based on an anonymous tip
The U.S.
That the ladder milk children were being neglected in the plaintiff's home was uninhabitable.
However, the judge said under federal law, an anonymous tip without more does not constitute probable cause.
Well, also, they'll just make up that you had an anonymous tip, too.
They do that.
I mean, look.
Statistically, there's... and even Time Magazine reported on this in the shame of foster care back in 2000.
Statistically, you're five times more likely to be abused in the social services system
Children than any other place.
There's nowhere more dangerous.
And over two-thirds of them are put on psychotropic drugs, and we have the head of the Texas Academy in front of the legislature in endgame, here in Texas, saying that it's because they're genetically inferior.
That's why all the kids, again, it's eugenics.
Going back to our guest lawyer, Jim Mason, with the Homeschool Legal Defense Fund.
Fire out your website, phone numbers, organization, how folks can help you, because I know you guys do so much.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
Our website is HSLDA.org.
The phone number here is 540-338-5600.
And I kind of got you on late as a guest.
I don't know if they posted it on InfoWars, but they will.
Give that web address out again.
It's HSLDA, or Home School Legal Defense Association.
Okay, real fast, because we only have about four minutes left with you.
Just what specifically did the judge say here?
Is the tide turning against the social workers and their criminal activity?
Where is all this going?
Well, the tide has been turning for several years about the... it's clear now that the Fourth Amendment applies.
So the search of the home is pretty well established and the judge reaffirms that.
What's interesting about this case and what's really important about this case
Is that it takes away a tactic that investigative social workers use all too often.
And that is, when they don't get cooperation, they show up at the house with cops and they make threats.
And in this case, the threat was, if you don't cooperate with my investigation, even though there's no emergency, I will take your kids right now.
And I have these armed police officers here to back me up.
No warrant, no arrest order, it's just pure color of law, totally criminal.
No warrant, had never been to a court, it had been six weeks since they'd received the tip, so they didn't even think there was an emergency.
The question is, why do these cops follow that order?
I mean, they ought to know better than anybody that that's not lawful.
Well, part of the lawsuit is, it wasn't in this motion to dismiss, so the judge didn't address it, but one of the things that we've alleged is that
The sheriff failed to train his officers, because they're just as liable.
They think that because the social workers have to... There's a common misconception that social workers work under a different set of rules than policemen, and the policemen who go out with social workers get that additional latitude.
It's not true.
The important thing about this case is that the judge ruled that the threat to remove children in order to get cooperation is a separate and independent constitutional violation.
And so, that tactic, which is used all too often,
It's something that we want to, you know, stop.
I agree.
I'm tired of children and families being hurt.
I don't have any vendetta against these officers, but I want them to have big judgments against them.
They need to be punished so that other families aren't abused and ripped apart by these degenerate social workers.
And I'm sorry, I just hope you destroy these police.
Well, I hope that these legal principles, you know, get established throughout the country because
You know, we understand that there are children who are being abused and neglected and they need, you know, some protection.
But, the police and the social services agencies have to abide by the constitutional protections so they don't terrorize innocent families like they have here.
The due process of law!
Yeah, and that's the main thing here.
These innocent children, their parents haven't done anything, and they were standing behind the door with, you know, six, eight people in uniforms telling them that they're going to be removed from their parents' custody.
Immediately, if their parents didn't allow them into the home.
Which is terrorizing the children.
How much damage are you looking for?
That hasn't been listed yet.
That hasn't been determined yet.
Because you first had to get the right to sue them.
That's correct.
They moved to dismiss claiming that the Constitution had not been violated under these circumstances, and even if it had, that they were eligible for qualified immunity because
The right hadn't been clearly established yet.
It's a technical immunity that police officers and government agents get.
But the minute they violate the Bill of Rights or Constitution, that immunity goes down the toilet.
Well, unfortunately that's not true and that's kind of what the fight was here.
Qualified immunity means that
Even if it does violate the Constitution, that right has to be clearly established.
Jim, we differ on that point in law, but bottom line now, they're liable, correct?
Bottom line is now we get to go to trial and prove our allegations.
Thank you so much for spending time with us, and you are definitely doing the good work.
Well, thanks, Alex.
Take care.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
All right, I believe we have Minnesota we are change on.
I knew it'd be our listeners doing it.
This is out of television channel 11.
It's also on the news wires.
Bill Clinton's speech interrupted by 9-11 troopers.
Former President Bill Clinton predicted Thursday that his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is likely to have a more difficult time winning the Democratic presidential nomination than she would the general election.
She's a warmongering criminal.
And the murder of Vince Foster, that's clear.
I wouldn't be surprised if the primary is tougher than the general.
The former has made a lot of conservatives mad that I'm bashing Hillary.
I'm sorry, Limbaugh supporters.
I'm sorry.
I won't be a fake conservative like you.
I'm sorry.
I wouldn't be surprised if the primary is tougher than the general.
The former president said at the Minneapolis fundraiser for his wife's campaign, arguing that she's more immune to attacks from Republicans because they don't have anything new to say about her.
Yeah, because they're in business with her.
It's all staged.
And it goes on.
Because of the current political climate, Clinton said Democrats are in prime position to reclaim the presidency.
I think we can
We're good to go.
Rather than ignoring them, Clinton seemed to relish direct confrontation, as a demon he would.
No, it wasn't a fraud, Clinton said, as the crowd cheered him on.
A fraud?
I'll be glad to talk to you if you shut up and let me talk.
Can't wait to get the audio and video of this.
When another heckler shouted that the attacks were an inside job, Clinton took the even greater umbrage.
You know, of course, he's a black opera on our OKC.
And the first World Trade Center attack, when his FBI took the bomb, framed the driver, gave him the detonators.
New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, CBS News.
An inside job?
How dare you?
An inside job?
How dare you?
How dare you?
It was not an inside job, Clinton said.
You guys have got to be careful.
You're going to give Minnesota a bad reputation.
Our little comment is that it wasn't an inside job and Bill Clinton never had sex with that woman either.
You degenerate piece of trash!
And you got all these liberals in love with ya, and they just love ya, and the poor, pathetic Democratic Party faithful, just like the Republican faithful that can't wake up that Bush is evil.
When are you people gonna get over your malfunctioning brains?
But, in a way, I mean, Bill Clinton at least is smart.
He's very wicked.
He's a Rhodes Scholar.
Crown minion.
But, I mean, at least he isn't... I mean, Bush is a complete insult.
And I'm not saying Clinton's good either.
I'm just saying I know why Democrats like him.
Because he's very intelligent and very well spoken and he knows his stuff.
He's very wicked.
But, uh... The Clintons are dangerous to mess with.
Bush just kind of all ignores it because he's so arrogant.
The Clintons take attacks serious.
They have people whacked left and right.
I mean, they're hardcore serious.
Uh, very dangerous, very wicked people.
So, um, let's go to Anthony in Minnesota.
I think I've met Anthony in New York, haven't I, Anthony?
Yeah, hey Alex, good to talk to you.
Hey, bro, was it you guys that did this last night?
Yeah, it was on Tuesday night, actually.
Okay, well, it takes a few days to hear about it.
So, I mean, when are we going to see video?
It should hopefully be up by the weekend.
We've got a lot of stuff to go through.
We had each person, well, three people got pulled out through a mad camera, so we're trying to get everything together.
See, time is the key.
I mean, if you get that up the day or the day after, the news picks it up.
And I just keep telling all the We Are Changers, I'm not trying to, I mean, you did a great job going and doing this, but you've got to get the video up quick, because then a week turns into two weeks and three weeks and nobody cares.
But tell me, behind the scenes, that we're not seeing this in these articles, what happened?
Well he started going into, he started talking, you could tell he was just going to go into talking about terrorism and trying to scare people and stuff like that and that's when one of our guys started talking about 9-11 being a fraud and why doesn't he talk more publicly about 9-11 and stuff and that's when he went into the fraud, I don't think so, and we asked him what Bohemian Grove to and he kind of chuckled that off and said that
That's where the Republicans would go and get naked and stand up against the redwood trees.
He said that?
Yeah, he said, you've never been there, but you should go there.
It'd do you good, get some air, lighten up a little bit, and he kind of chuckled it off, and the crowd thought that was pretty funny.
How big was the crowd of Minions?
It was 2,000 strong, they said.
Worshipping this wicked daemon.
Please continue.
Oh, it was ridiculous.
I mean, I don't know how many times I heard people say it.
I mean, did you have to pay to see the slug?
Did you have to pay?
Thankfully, no.
So you got in as... There were two people at our party that did end up having to pay, but the majority of us didn't.
So you got in as press?
So, blow by blow, again, tell us your full name, tell us who else was there.
We want to do an article on this.
Give us the full take.
And then you start saying that it's a shame.
Here, let me read the quote now.
Tell me this is accurate.
When another heckler shouted the attacks were an inside job, Clinton took even greater umbrage.
An inside job?
How dare you?
It was not an inside job, Clinton said.
How dare you?
You guys have got to be careful.
You're going to give Minnesota a bad reputation.
What else did he say?
Well, some of the, uh, went into that 9-11.
You should, you should be ashamed.
He started his only reasoning behind that 9-11 wouldn't be an inside job was because one of his wife's contributors was badly burned on 9-11 and they had to be there with her the whole time and it couldn't be an inside job because of that.
He used serious psychological warfare.
He personalized it and then talked about them giving care, all about how they're loving
That's like when General McCaffrey, I confronted him about drug dealing, and how his top guy was caught shipping in heroin and cocaine to the U.S.
when he was the drug czar, and he heard it going, babies are hurt, the baby, the baby, and he looks and he goes, the baby?
I mean, they know exactly what they're doing.
Please continue.
They do, and then after that, they started pulling on our other guy, and I yelled a couple things.
I don't know.
I don't know.
He's a genius.
You're not going to win in this crowd.
He's pure evil.
He's got like 170 IQ.
You can definitely tell.
I got a chance.
I was lucky I didn't get kicked out because at the end he was signing people out of grass and taking pictures and stuff.
I just asked him about Bilderberg.
I said, tell him about Bilderberg.
He totally shrugged that off.
What did he say?
That doesn't exist.
He didn't even respond.
He had to have heard me.
He was only about three feet away from me.
But then he turned around to walk up the steps and I said, you're not going to get away with your New World Order.
And he looked back at me and he almost tripped on the top step up on the stage.
Oh, you've got to.
And they're getting scared.
You've got to have footage of this.
I'm actually having salivation attacks right now.
I'm not kidding.
I actually have saliva pooling in my mouth.
I'm not kidding.
You have all this on tape?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure we can get it up by tomorrow.
Oh, the lavishment of it.
Oh my goodness.
I mean, listen, I don't get excited when my football team wins.
I get excited when you just won another Super Bowl victory, buddy.
I mean, I'm actually having pleasure feelings right now.
I'm having endorphin rushes.
Did you feel satisfied and pleased with yourself?
Oh, definitely.
I mean, we were getting yelled at.
A lady was calling me a liar, and I should be ashamed of myself.
And I was just like, lady, you should be ashamed that you are still supporting these people once you have now woken up to this kind of stuff.
Yeah, Bill Clinton's a pro-attack Iran warmonger!
Just shut up, you dirty Democrat war hawk!
Well, there was actually a speaker before Clinton came on.
He was the mayor of St.
And then he said that he had a 10-year-old son, and that
The last 20 years, basically, it's been Bush, Clinton, Bush.
And they said, well, why don't we just elect another Clinton?
And it'll be just that much easier for my son to remember.
And they're trying to just pass that kind of stuff off.
Yeah, it's all real cute.
It's all real cute that we have dynasties and we're run by scum.
Well, I'll tell you, if Hillary wins, she's being handed a big stinking mess because, I mean, they're all hated now.
Everybody sees right through them.
This isn't 20 years ago where they could get away with all their chicanery.
No, it's too easy for their exploits to get out, and comments that they make, and positions they take.
These days, we're going to hold them to it.
Well, all I can say is, plug the Minnesota Truth website, and tell me the name of your organization again.
Minnesota Change, we are Change.
As usual, they strike again, and so what's the website?
Well, you've done well.
Anthony, what's your last name?
How do you spell that?
Okay, and do you want your full name in the article we're doing?
Oh, that's fine.
Who else, so we can give them credit, who else was involved in this operation against Steve-O?
I don't remember Brian's name.
The one that they tried to kind of make look like a crazy person on the news when they said maybe one person had been pulled out when they're actually... So there's video clips of this.
Are they on YouTube?
Not yet.
We're going to get ours up.
But they have a clip of him being pulled out and our friend from Rochester came up saying... No, this is huge.
This is huge.
Hold on.
I'm going to call Watson right now.
My go-to guy.
Keep talking.
When we got Jim Ramstad, Ramstad kind of did the same thing too, and he's just a local congressman around here.
So you were just slamming him continually, like fish in a barrel.
But our friend Carl, he was actually the first one to step up and start saying stuff, because he knew where that conversation was going.
Well good job, hold on one second Anthony.
Hey Watson, I'm on the phone to England, to Sheffield, Redcoat land.
Hey Watson, are you hearing about this absolute defeat of Bill Clinton where he's like stumbling around and saying the new order will be defeated by Minnesota change?
No, I know.
I know.
I mean, I know there was an article you posted, but it's much better than what that News 11 said.
And then they're going to have the video up today, and they said there's already video out on the web of them dragging one guy out.
All I'm just saying is this is a huge victory.
We need to intensify the chain reaction and get this out as quickly as possible to spur other people to take action and do the same thing.
I believe we're at flashpoint, domino effect, point right now.
We have to fully blast, full power right now, Watson.
And you're in line to launch in-game at what, about 6 today?
Ship shape in Bristol fashion.
I like to hear that.
You have done well.
Everyone has done well.
Hail Britannia.
Keep it up, Watson.
I'll see ya.
Hey, I appreciate it.
Keep up the good work yourself.
Are you feeling really excited right now?
Bill Maher is getting confronted.
All this stuff is starting to happen.
They are scared right now.
They're saying I'm very dangerous on national radio and TV.
When they start doing that, you know we're hurting them.
Oh, I'd say they're definitely scared, because they talked about this Clinton confirmation on one of our local radio stations the morning after, and I don't even think they knew that it was Minnesota change, or Oakland change, or LA change was the one that got Bill Maher.
And they actually ran the two segments back-to-back.
And they were just like, what's going on these days?
And they were actually saying that people are going to start having guns and stuff.
See, that's the talking point.
That's the talking point.
And so I would look for them to have a mental patient say they're with We Are Change or InfoWars or do something.
And it's classic black op.
We need to get articles out on that now, preemptively.
And this is slander.
I'm getting tired of people like Beck and others getting up there and claiming we're violent, we're bad.
We're standing up to politicians.
That's the American way.
We're standing up to this fraud.
And they're scared by the polls.
They're scared.
Look, it isn't working anymore, okay?
I just wanted to know that.
It isn't working anymore, scum.
Go ahead, sir.
So what else was this scum saying on your local thing?
It was a talking point.
They were saying next we're going to have guns.
What does that mean?
Yeah, they just said that we're dangerous types and that we don't... we don't know how to shut up.
And actually, the guy said that he's the former president of America.
You should just shut your mouth, basically, and don't even ask questions is what it came down to.
Yeah, that's like Britney Spears.
That's like Britney Spears.
I just think we should just shut up and do whatever the president says.
Chewing gum mindlessly as a monarch slave.
I mean, it just never, ever ends.
I mean, that's not America.
We should just shut up!
American Way is to stand up and take care of it.
No, the American Way is to shut up and be a slave according to the scum.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for joining us.
Thanks for what you've done.
I salute you.
Absolute salute you.
My goodness, it never ends, folks.
We're at a flash point right now.
The endgame launches in T-minus four hours.
Four hours, twelve minutes till endgame launch.
Tell everybody, email everybody.
We've just got to, every day, just go wild in the Info War.
Just frothing about.
Let's get this in a crazed frenzy, like fire ants crawling over the enemy.
We're not going to be stopped.
We're sick of it!
You see, now you're starting to feel crazed, aren't you?
You're starting to feel how I felt for many years.
Just sick of it.
And just angry and focused.
They're just not going to take it anymore.
Not going to stand by anymore.
Not going to go quietly into the night.
Not going to lick their boots.
Not going to submit to them.
We are going to take action.
And we're not going away.
You can stage whatever you want.
You can pull whatever you want.
You can do whatever you want.
It isn't going to work.
And let me tell you, it's very suspicious that they say we're McVeigh's.
It's very suspicious they say we're going to shoot people.
If that happens, A, these radio shows and TV shows put that idea out, and let's get that out in articles and emails right now, and B, and probably the more likely, that means they've been told the government's going to pull something.
So then you see, you can't come to events, and if you do come to an event and heckle it, you'll be arrested, and there'll be some new federal law, because that's associated with violence.
It isn't going to work, you slime bags!
And we're going to use the internet, and we're going to use handbills, and we're going to use copies of Endgame and Terror Storm.
We're going to get aggressive in the info war.
Just intensify it!
What they're scared of is that image of citizens standing up when they have these staged town halls and these staged events.
Why do you think Cheney, three years ago, they started making people sign up, give their driver's license at, quote, public town halls?
They were all vetted.
If you had an anti-Bush sticker or anti-war sticker, they would follow you in and then arrest you, claiming you were trying to sneak in what was, quote, a public venue.
See, they're fake!
It isn't real!
And so when you go in there and make it real, and you aren't groveling and licking roots, they're afraid!
Because they know it's an inside job.
They know their whole rotten system is built on it.
And they know it's coming down.
You can order the DVD of Endgame right now.
There's no more pre-shipping.
We're shipping, folks.
It's ready.
It's here.
You can order the DVD right now at InfoWars.com or 888-253-3139 or PrisonPlanet.tv to see it in four hours, ten minutes.
Four hours, ten minutes.
Countdown to Endgame's release.
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Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
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That's what they're after, isn't it?
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And then second if you take action.
One follows the other.
The journey that we're on is now already more than 70 cent complete.
Now we enter the dark zone.
A final veil before our enemies start imploding.
How's it going, Alex?
I was curious if I could plug a Ron Paul fundraiser.
Oh, okay.
Okay, there is a Ron Paul Music Festival here in Cedar Falls, Iowa on Saturday, November 3rd.
It will be at the East Event Center at 4-8.
07 University Avenue.
And what everybody should do is whatever town or city you're in, you should just Google events in Grand Rapids, events in Austin, events in Dallas, events in San Francisco, events in New York, events in New Hampshire, and then you'll find it.
That's the best way instead of just trying to plug each one individually.
Go ahead.
Okay, it'll be starting at 4 o'clock and it will be going all night.
Okay, Kyle, thank you.
I appreciate it.
Thomas in Kansas, go ahead.
Man, what's going on?
We're doing a worldwide transmission.
Hit me, hit me, hit me.
Alright man, I got a few quick points I want to make here about the debates.
Ron Paul, I called his campaign the other day and I asked him why he's not talking about the troops supporting him.
And they told me that, look out for the next debate because he's going to mention that and it's going to turn the whole thing upside down.
Yeah, that's right.
The vast majority, it's like 70-something percent of the troops are giving him donations.
I mean, he's got the biggest support of any candidate in either party.
I also want to give a shout out to Wheel of Change in Minnesota because they actually went after the Clintons and Bill O'Reilly can't spin this and say we're all just a bunch of liberals and neoliberals and, you know, a little lying game he plays.
Bunch of hardcore commies!
Yeah, we're all just a bunch of leftists, we're all just a bunch of, you know, Hillaryites, you know.
You know, that's your boss, that's your boss Rupert Murdoch.
Oh, no, he's the one giving Hillary Clinton campaign fundraisers, you know.
You're advising her for five years.
Good job, Thomas.
I'm sorry, I've got to move quick.
Good to hear from you.
Bill in Florida, go ahead.
Come on down, Bill.
Come on, hit me.
Yes, sir.
I have an article that needs interpreting.
September 30th, London Telegraph.
Four short paragraphs.
There's overcracks in Britain's gold stocks, and basically what it says is that the 320 tons of gold in there is starting to deteriorate and fall apart, and they don't think they're going to be able to sell it.
Now since gold doesn't deteriorate and fall apart, what are they trying to tell me?
I'm not smart enough to figure it out.
That is evident.
They tell the public gold falls apart.
They'll believe it.
I mean, they'll believe that gasoline on your head and lighting it spills good.
I think they're trying to tell the world something, but I am not smart enough and people I've spoken with aren't smart enough to figure it out.
They're trying to say something's wrong.
I hear you.
I'm out of time.
Send me the article.
I'm sorry to Doug and everybody else.
Call me back tomorrow.
The show restarts at InfoWars.com right now.
A lot of key stuff got covered in the first hour.
And it was really key information, so if you want to tune back in, there's streams at InfoWars.com.
They're 24 hours a day.
In-game launches in 4 hours.
In-game launches in 4 hours at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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We're packing them up right now, and they all go out Monday.
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Hitting them in the core of their operation!
God bless you all!
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