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Air Date: Oct. 24, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas,
Alex Jones.
This course is called Fin Fish, which is about, as I understand it, sexually transmitted disease.
It's called the mystery disease but it's quite obvious that it is an AIDS-like disease and it's been manufactured on purpose and it's being transmitted on purpose and the purpose is to rid the planet of certain people.
I believe that AIDS in reality is not a natural accident.
It's not a natural disease that just sort of evolved.
Somebody cooked it up.
I think that it's something that either escaped from a genetic engineering laboratory or something that was manufactured on purpose in a genetic engineering laboratory to somebody's specifications.
I also believe that all the warfare of the future will be conducted with these biological agents.
Because now that gene splicing is a thing that can be done, it is feasible to consider the preparation of certain diseases which will kill only specific races, nationalities, or people with certain interests.
Because you can tailor the disease to attack certain things and certain categories.
For example, there are diseases now which affect only certain types of people.
Ty Sachs disease, which affects certain Jewish people.
Sickle cell anemia, which affects black people.
If you want to narrow it down and carry it to ridiculous extremes, I could see somebody in an American laboratory, or maybe even in a Swiss laboratory, making a disease that would kill only Iraqis.
Or only Iranians.
Or only Libyans.
Or only Russians.
Or only people from Newcastle.
Whatever they decided to do.
You know?
Well, it's a very serious allegation, Frank.
I mean, what actually makes you believe this?
Do you have hard and fast evidence that this is the case, or is it just something that you know?
Welcome back.
We are live.
It is another live edition.
And we're going to be live here for the next two hours and fifty-seven minutes, roughly.
That is an interview with Frank Zampa in 1984, right when AIDS was exploding onto the scene.
And I'm really discovering how prolific and how intelligent and how before his time Frank Zappa really was.
And Kurt Nemo up at truthnews.us has that video posted.
We're going to play all of that interview, there's about three or four minutes left, coming up later in the third hour today.
We have Luke Rudowsky joining us at the start of the next hour.
In the last month since we had him on, there have been quite a few great exploits for 9-11 Truth that have taken place by We Are Change New York alone, of course now Loose Change LA of its own fame.
One of the biggest stories in the news cycle the last five, six days confronting Bill Maher and him freaking out and flipping out.
No doubt it's going to happen again and again now as people learn how to engage in this guerrilla information warfare to expose the government-sponsored terror.
And there's been a new confrontation with a globalist that will be out on the web later this afternoon.
Luke will break that news in the second hour today.
They, of course, confronted the oldest living father of the neocons.
William Kristol's father, of course, was the head Trotskyite of the Communist Third International, Fourth International.
By the way, for somebody new, that sounds so crazy.
That's mainstream news.
You can't make this stuff up.
The truth is so much stranger than fiction.
I would take Congress's 11% approval rating and say that's pretty much the government's approval rating.
That's both parties.
And then the media even admits that that's basically the government's approval rating.
I mean, the stuff you're shoveling, we're not buying anymore.
You're telling us it's pumpkin pie, and it's not.
We know it's not.
It smells like horse manure or what it is.
So, a bunch of other international news, economic news, you name it, it's all coming up on the other side of this quick break.
I'm Alex Jones, fighting the New World Order 110%.
It is a big idea, a New World Order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful group of government.
It's known as the Builder Bird.
Would their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
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All right, we're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
It is the 24th day of October 2007, and we're going to be live for the next two hours and 52 minutes.
Again, we have Luke Rodowsky with Big Breaking News joining us in the second hour, and we have scheduled Senator Mike Gravel joining us.
Senator Gravel, of course, is one of the only anti-war
Democratic candidates.
I am not supporting Senator Gravel for President.
I am supporting the pro-gun, pro-national sovereignty, anti-war, pro-liberty, founding father material, dyed-in-the-wool hero, Congressman Dr. Veteran Father Ron Paul.
You couldn't ask for something better.
But I thought that the media has been ignoring Gravel, and I thought we would illustrate
How the Democrats are going for the war-mongering, big government-promoting, New World Order, globalist, Bilderberg Group member, Hillary.
And so Senator Gravel is scheduled, as they say.
We'll see if he makes it.
These guys are always busy when they're on the Hill or in campaigns, but he's scheduled.
They have to come on, so I guess sure enough they know it's a big show.
So we appreciate that, and we'll be happy to talk to the Senator.
Coming up in the last 30 minutes of this transmission today.
I started the transmission with Frank Zappa.
I like some of Zappa's music.
I like his classical music.
He was quite a prolific renaissance man in every sense of the term.
Clearly a genius.
But I guess thanks to YouTube, people are uploading all these old VHS tapes and betatapes they had of him.
And TV interviews and British interviews.
Man, this guy was way ahead of his time.
He knew about race-specific bioweapons.
He was concerned that the elites were going to use these on the public.
That's why he had, like, the Czech Republic.
He was advising them and other foreign governments on economics.
His dad was a top chemist, of course, in
Government weapons development, so I think there's a reason Frank knew what was going on.
He died very untimely, by the way.
As soon as the U.S.
government told the Czechs and others they were going to put sanctions on him if they made him the head of their economic policy, Frank came down with accelerated cancer in his prostate and died.
And they had patented, for more than 50 years, fast-acting cancers.
They put a lot of the slow acting and even fast acting in your vaccines and your body fights them off, fights them off, fights them off, fights them off, but finally it kills you.
And that's just kind of the soft kill ones they've got.
They have them that no one can resist and will kill 100% of people and then will kill you in a matter of months.
And that's probably how they'll kill me.
And I just want it on record that, you know, I'm 33 years old.
It's going to be pretty obvious if I die of a heart attack or
Or if they claim I commit suicide and shoot myself twice in the head, and then a good friend pops up to say that it's quite normal to shoot yourself twice in the head, as we saw treacherously in the case of Gary Webb, which it wasn't a good friend, by the way.
It'll be slightly different than my friend.
They'll just say they're my friend in the media.
Oh, look, a friend says.
And the police say, no, we're looking at homicide.
No, it's quite normal.
Or, you know, they plant drugs on you or whatever.
I mean, again, it's not scary to me myself.
I'm ready to die.
I'm committed to it.
I understand it.
I've faced it.
I passed the point of no return.
I don't have a choice.
Kind of like I already jumped off the cliff.
You know, jumped in.
But I am scared to not be able to finish my work.
And believe me, folks, they're mad about Endgame.
The attacks have gone up a thousand percent points since I started announcing what this film was in the last four or five months.
Death threats.
COINTELPRO pulling out all the stops.
I mean, so we need your prayers.
I'll tell you point blank, I need your prayers.
And I mean, even if you're a secular person and don't believe in that, I still want your prayers, because I know it's real.
And I know I have work, I believe that I have work, and in my spirit I know I have work that needs to be finished.
But quite frankly, I don't want to be killed before I get to go visit
Crater Lake or before I get to go see Rome or before I go get to see London again.
It's been more time there.
Or before I get to go to China or Japan or South Africa.
I'd like to go cage diving, you know, with great whites.
I mean, I love adventure and life and I'd like to spend time trying to rock climb that I got into a little bit many years ago back when I was in shape.
I'd like to spend time mountain biking in the hills.
I'd like to spend time deep sea fishing.
I'd like just, I love big ships in the harbors and the water and the looking down into the water and seeing fish and just the shells on the beach and the sailboats and the getting up at 5 a.m.
and eating bacon and eggs with a hot cup of coffee.
I mean really, I'm so tempted just to stop all of this.
One side of me, I'll never do it of course, and just drop it all.
And just go spend time with my family.
A lot of people do that, though.
They just say, you can't change it.
You gotta just give in.
But you know what?
That is not the right thing to do.
I'm already pontificating.
I just, I feel the call of the wanderlust.
What a great German word.
Wandering lust.
A lust for wandering.
A wanderlust.
I have such wanderlust, folks.
And thank goodness Austin's a pretty place.
All the rolling hills, the big green oak trees, the blue sky.
I mean, I just really wax poetic and sappy when there's weather like this.
Sixty degrees, deep, deep, deep blue skies, cold wind, the smell of
The greenery?
I just don't know how the New World Order of Minions aren't awestruck by the beauty of the universe and our place in it.
I don't... I just don't know how they can be part, greedily, of just, yeah, go in and kill the Iraqis, commit genocide, wipe them out, break their country up, bring them down to third world status or below it, let cholera spread.
And they stated that was the plan.
Not like they went in there and screwed up.
It was some noble thing and they're all dying.
That'd be bad enough.
But I mean, they enjoy it.
They like little skinny children, you know, two years old, stumbling around, weighing half what they should with their swollen bellies and sunken eyes and flies all over their face.
They love it!
And then anytime I waver and think, man, what have I gotten myself into, they're sure to kill me.
Just as sure as the sun comes up.
As I get greater understanding, I know that.
It's an honor.
I'm not even worried about it.
That is if I continue this trajectory.
Because they don't want to kill me to make me a martyr.
People ask why I bring this up every few weeks, because that's all the speculation is.
Hundreds of emails a week, calls.
Every radio show I'm on they ask that.
I get so sick of it.
Frankly, I'd rather not even think about it.
But I know this.
You're safe.
There are millions of you.
Tens of millions across the planet that have listened to this show or seen my material online or know about the New World Order.
And if you speak up and if you get involved, they can't get us all.
It's the only course to take.
Now, if you don't speak up, they're going to win.
And you've got a very good chance of being killed.
I don't know if they'll be able to carry out their 80%.
I don't know how far they're going to be able to get with all this.
I just know they declared war on us.
I checked their own documents, their own admissions.
I know they're doing it.
I know they've killed 60 million plus Africans with bioweapons that we know of.
I know they've done all these horrible things and I just know somebody's got to fight them.
Somebody has got to wade in and just do it.
Somebody has got to be able to put themselves between the weak
And the evil strongman, somebody has got to stand up.
And folks, that's you.
And let me tell you, all these unhappy yuppies and trendies and they're unhappy with their fast cars, fancy houses.
You would be happy and fulfilled if you would stand up and be warriors for the weak.
And stand up for liberty and decency and honor.
You would be so alive, it would absolutely blow your mind.
To feel the spirit of goodness and love and humbleness, and to feel the power of God Almighty, to feel the life force, literally the breath of the Creator.
I can feel it.
That's what it is.
I can feel the wind right out of God's nostrils.
In the wind, when I'm out there on the street, or when I'm in the woods, you are literally feeling the breath of creation.
Every moment is just an unbelievably magic, enchanted time.
Intricacies and deepness of your soul and mind.
And the New World Order knows that, and hates that, and hates the creation, and wants to do one thing, destroy it and foul it.
You know, the New World Order, they claim they're for the environment and the Earth.
They actually are doing everything they can to wreck it and destroy it.
And then they know you're aware of it, and then they take your energies, where you want to get involved, and they squander them and misdirect them into things that do nothing for the Earth.
The New World Order loves destroying the Earth.
They love poisoning the seas.
They love poisoning your body.
They're darkness.
When are you going to figure that out?
They want total supremacy, and that means you dead.
That's when they have total victory.
They want to plant their all-seeing eye flag on a mountain of skulls higher than the Himalayan Ridge.
I'll get into the news.
It's important on the other side.
Ted Anderson for Midas, October 24, 2007.
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The dollar has fallen to 65% of the euro.
Erosion accelerates.
Mainline talk show hosts are trying to hold on to their support of the conservative movement, keeping focus on the Republican agenda and playing into the hand of the globalists.
Dr. Corsi interviewed Robert Past
We're good to go.
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Riders on the storm Riders on the storm Into this house we're born Into this world we're thrown
Like a dog without a bone An actor out of rope Writers on the store There's a killer on the road!
There's a killer on the road His brain His brain is squirming like a toad Take a long holiday Let your children play
If you give this man a ride, you're surely gonna die.
Well, we've given the new old order a ride, folks.
We let him in the car.
And now, we're gonna have to fight him.
We gotta get him out of the car.
They got a knife to our throat.
But if we submit, they're going to get us to their shack.
They're going to tie us down.
They're going to have their way with us.
They're going to get to torture us and take their time.
Or you can slam the brakes on.
Let the New World Order fly out the front of the windshield and run them down.
Home sales plunge by 8%.
Sales of existing homes plunge by a record amount in September.
This turmoil in mortgage markets added more problems to a housing industry in its worst slump in 16 years.
Let's stop right there.
That is a very deceptive headline.
Why do you think that's a fair headline, telling you what's going on?
They always do it like that.
They always tell you about the last month, the last quarter.
If it's negative, if it's positive, they'll tell you, oh, but the one before that wasn't too bad.
No, the one before that was the last biggest record.
And the one before that was the last biggest record.
And the one before that was the last biggest record.
So if you watch the chart, it's more like a 34%... 33% drop in the last six months.
How about that headline?
How about home sales plunge by 33% in the last six months?
No, no, no, no.
They spin it and only give you the last, and it's always the same.
You could say, oh well this article, they just focused on that and you're nitpicking.
No, I've seen it in the economic analysis of the AP a million times.
And the AP is the feeder for all the other financial publications.
So as bad as that sounds, that isn't the tip of the iceberg.
The National Association of Realtors reported Wednesday that sales of existing homes fell 8% in September.
The largest decline to show up in records dating back to 99.
The seasonal adjustment annual sales rate of 5.04 million existing homes was also the slowest price on record.
And it says that last September it only fell by 4.2 percent.
See, it's been falling for a while.
Now, that's an average.
Horton, the biggest home builder in the country, reported 50 plus percent cancellations in new home orders.
That was cancelling homes we're already committed to.
Some home builders reported only 47 percent, some 60 plus percent, but on average over 50 percent cancellations.
Now here's the problem.
It's not just that the
Subprime mortgages and jumbo loans and all these aren't getting financed as much as they were, and then now we've got this bubble.
It's that as the home builders and as the banks, who are already extended themselves, the lower-level banks and brokers, don't get new deals, they're going to start going bankrupt left and right.
And we saw last week the numbers come out that all these banks are in trouble.
And it's unraveling even faster than I thought.
I'm looking, and most experts are saying, in actual financial publications, not mainline news, industry publications, that by the middle of 2008 is going to be a super deep recession, and that's probably going to be gauged as a depression.
Show on the good side, deep recession.
On the bad side, depression.
And notice they've got World War III lined up right in time.
They're saying Al-Qaeda's going to hit us.
They've got all that so they can stage an event and then let us still love the government while we go into a depression.
And then the real fun starts.
We'll cover that when we get back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Elizabeth Border.
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Okay, let me get back into the home sales.
I'm not trying to put a bad light on this.
And if the Federal Reserve was out saying, the economy's going to do great, the dollar's going to get stronger, America's going to do wonderful, I would realize their policy would be an attempt to jack the fiat system back up.
And I would come on air and be honest, and I'd say, well, it's a fiat system, but they're going to continue to balloon it, and I guess just have a slowed evaluation.
And I wouldn't be up here saying it's curtains, because I know in a small way that adds to the acceleration of it.
Look, they're doing everything they can to push the country under the waves and drown this nation.
And I've gone over this.
Two former Fed Chiefs, Greenspan and Volcker, current Fed Chief Bernanke, current Treasury Head Paulson,
Head of the Exchequer in England, head of the Bank of England as well, not just the head of the Treasury, the head of the German Bundesbank, the head of the National Bank, the Russian banks, the Venezuelan banks, the Australian banks, the New Zealand banks, the Canadian banks, the Mexican banks.
I'm going forever!
They're all dumping the dollar.
The Iranians, all of them.
The Japanese are even starting to.
The Chinese.
And, what is the IMF coup?
They come out and say, it could totally collapse overnight!
What do they do?
They just keep adding bad news, adding bad news, every day, every day.
Pushing, I mean, it's hard to kill this country, it's hard to kill its economic system.
First they de-industrialize us, they get us under globalist control, then they drive the dollar down so international foreign companies can buy up our infrastructure for pennies on the dollar.
I mean, with the dollar devalued by 60 plus percent, what's it going to happen when it's 80 percent of it goes that low?
Think of how they can buy the roads, the infrastructure.
Think of how they can come in and just get everything.
The water plants, the water treatment, the power plants.
And then if you won't sell, they just pull the strings and have the state boards say, you can't have a permit for your coal plant anymore.
You can't have a permit for your farm.
You can't have a permit.
I mean, we're going under bondage right now.
And the economy is totally stagnant, going down the tubes, and they're going to add all these new taxes, all these new regulations, all these new controls, on every industry you can imagine, accelerating the bleed-out of this nation.
The analogy is, our legs have been cut off for 20 minutes, the blood was spraying out at a fast rate, now it's just kind of dripping out, there's not much left.
We're as white as a sheet, we're in shock.
And just laying there unconscious, and the media's telling us that, well, you know, it's all because these dumb, poor people got loans they shouldn't have.
That was all done by design.
That's a very small piece of all of this.
So the home builders are starting to go down the tube, starting to shut their doors, starting to contract, laying people off.
Every major industry out there.
Ford is on the edge of bankruptcy the last two years.
Open discussions of it being bought by some foreign company.
General Motors is imploding at every level, and it normally takes between a year and two years for the full inflationary curves to come in domestically.
It's felt immediately overseas in purchases and in trade, but it takes a couple years for it to really hit home.
Well, it's been massively devalued the last year and a half, and so it's starting to happen, and now the next six, eight months
Suddenly milk that was $1, $3.
Suddenly eggs that were $1, $4.
Suddenly a block of cheese that was $1, $4.
Suddenly a bottle of, a jar of olives that was $1, $4.
Suddenly a car that was $15,000 is $30,000.
But we have the globalists in the last two years knowing that they could have, that the free market itself, the vestiges of it, that real estate could have kept it afloat.
Yes, it was overvalued.
I think?
Because they wanted to start the trickle.
We said the implosion of the economy would start in real estate.
And then the media.
Oh, it's overvalued.
Oh, it's going to go down.
Oh, it's going to be destroyed.
Oh, it's going to be horrible.
Oh, it's horrible.
Oh, it's terrible.
The people didn't listen.
They kept jacking up the prices.
And so the banks came in two and a half months ago, three months ago now, and said, we are not buying any of the paper.
The corporate securities.
We are not buying these loans anymore.
And they brought up a spin that was bad loans.
Of course, they were the ones that set the policy.
But only some of them were bad loans.
They were cutting off good loans.
And now for months, they haven't been buying them.
These mid-level banks and corporations, who are in the fiat system, not in the system above it, the actual shareholders, the Federal Reserve that create and control the paradigm,
And they're now panicking and trying to stabilize, and the government's acting like they're trying to back them up.
They don't even have a controlled slide.
And even the Financial Times of London admits that the big central banks are going to buy them all up now, and buy all that debt up for pennies on the dollar.
It's a feeding that's happening, a raping that's happening.
They came in here, they created the fiat system, they got us overextended, and then they're doing everything they can to bring us down, but we are such a big economy still, and the world is still so much invested in us that it's hard for them to kill the economy.
So now it's obvious.
I mean, now it's gotten cartoon ridiculous, with all the Fed chiefs all over, the dollar's down, America's completely destroyed, it's horrible, run to the hills!
No confidence in the dollar!
And it still doesn't plunge as fast as they want.
So then they have the Fed Chiefs and the head of the IMF and World Bank all come out in unison.
All in unison, you notice, and say, the dollar can completely plunge any day now!
Fire in a theater!
Fire in a theater!
And when they totally implode, when they finally tell you we're in a depression, they'll be up there as experts advising you.
And you'll have to hear the know-it-alls who are freaking out and losing their houses and their Mercedes at the gym going, oh my gosh, it was those poor people that did it.
Oh my gosh, the bad loans.
I'm just glad that the Fed Chief's trying to stabilize.
And you'll want to backhand them and give them a bloody mouth, but you won't.
Just let them be the slugs they are.
But for those that care, those that listen, get into real things.
Get into commodities.
Get into being secured.
Get into cash, metals, an index of things.
Do whatever you can.
But for the majority of Americans, we have a greater debt ratio, and it's a negative, we're a total debtor nation.
We're good to go.
It's really a sick joke.
Bernanke's saying, oh, banks, go ahead and give further mortgages to people that don't have jobs or can't pay their house.
And it's like, that'll help them.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Give them more loans.
While they tighten up all the bankruptcy laws and things to actually take assets, actually criminally go after you when you don't pay it.
And so I hope in the final equation, as all this happens, that we can grab victory, snatch victory from the jaws of economic defeat at the hands of the New World Order in this time of great pain that's coming.
We're already... people think it's bad now.
This is only the vanguard.
This is a light breeze before the actual torrent of the actual cyclone hits us.
Tell the yuppies now!
And again, they'll giggle and look at you elitistly now and do that little fake train dominance thing they do.
They're really insecure and they're not dominant.
But they've learned in fake dominant systems to act dominant.
And just always put a dominant face on it as you're giving them a gift of information.
They'll do a little lip-licking dominant twinkle-eye look and just go, I know it's funny now, but just please understand it's the New World Order.
Please, it's the central banks and they're doing this to you.
They engineered the Great Depression and just know who did it to you when it happens.
Okay, Bubba?
And then they'll lick their lips again and do a little twinkle giggle and twinkle off.
But that's just how they operate.
They are the ultimate expression of decadence and weakness and pathetic self-centeredness.
And that is why they are brought to ruin now.
That is why they are now brought to their absolute
They are now at the gates of ruinment.
They could turn back now.
They could turn it all back now.
They woke up and spoke out.
They will just snicker and giggle and lip-lick and twinkle about, ninny about, spouting false info they read in the Wall Street Journal or saw on CNN as the ship goes down.
But they don't.
They won't bail.
They won't close bulkheads.
They won't warn.
They won't try to save the ship.
They'll just run around as water comes up around their ankles and to their knees and into their necks, just snickering.
Alright, I'm gonna stop it.
Let's play some clips.
This is, uh... You got the Glenn Beck, right?
Saying we're all terrorists, basically?
I know we have Tucker Carlson.
Remember I said get Glenn Beck yesterday?
Well look, just go to prisonplanet.com, just go to YouTube, and type Glenn Beck 9-11 Truth, or Alex Jones, something like that will bring it up, and click date added, just get it.
I did send it to you, but that's alright, John does the job of ten people.
Okay, let's play the Tucker Carlson, this isn't as bad.
It's really too long to play right now, I thought we had Beck.
Beck, 9-11 truthers, insane, dangerous, anarchist, the kind of group a Timothy McVeigh would come from.
But let's play the first of this, Carlson.
This is what I told you I saw on Monday night.
Oh, by the way, before we go to that, I am hurt, folks.
My feelings are hurt.
I want people to want to come see my film.
I have shown
Five films, once a year, at the Alamo Draft House, and I showed Martial Law nine times to sell-out crowds.
I showed Terror Storm six times to sell-out crowds and just quit.
I showed Order of Death, I think, five times to sell-out crowds and then just quit doing it.
And we sold out five of these here in Austin, and I said, that's it, I'm done.
And people said, no, no, we didn't get a chance to see it, we want to see it.
Please have events.
And I said, okay, I have six more.
I'll have three this week, and then not next week, but the week after, I'll have three more.
But I'm only going to be at the first of each event.
They've got a theater that holds like 250 people there.
And they've got some smaller ones.
Really nice.
Because, you know, they have a restaurant that feeds you in there, and you've got tables, so it's a theater that would hold like 400, but it only holds 250.
And so, Monday night, it sold out, because I was going to be there, and they turned away, I think, like 20 people, they said.
And I was sad to see that.
But then I said I wasn't going to be there last night or tonight.
And then literally, I learned Monday they'd sold 30 tickets for Tuesday.
And I said, OK, I don't want to have it be a failure.
I didn't know you wanted to see me.
I thought it was the movie, Endgame.
That's what's important.
And that's my knowledge and info honed and polished and focused, not just me on the air babbling.
And, uh, so there was like 55 people there last night, which is fine.
They put us in a little 80-person theater, and I'm going to be there again tonight.
And I think there's like 30 tickets sold, because people heard I wasn't going to be there, so they're not going.
Look, I'm going to be there tonight, and for all you, the hundreds that have been turned away at my other showings over the years, come to this.
There are tickets available at InfoWars.com.
You can get them at the door.
You know, somehow, again, it sold out Monday and overflowed and everybody went away and the next day nobody knew I was going to be there, so they didn't go.
I will be there tonight, South Lamar, but because I have a TV show now and I'm doing it again live, I'm not going to do the intro.
I'm going to come give a 20-minute speech after and take your questions for like 35 minutes after at like 9.30 at night, so it's 7 to 10 o'clock.
And it's $8 for the tickets at Infowars.com.
You can link through and get them.
And look, I don't care if there's 50 people.
That's fine.
I'm going to be there and speak.
I had fun.
It's just that it's amazing to me that I'd never not sold a showing out.
And I know if we had nine sellout showings of Martial Law, which wasn't 10% as big as Endgame, you know, this would have been sold out last night.
I just don't like breaking my streak.
Not that it matters.
The point is, yes, I'll be there tonight.
Yes, bring your friends and family.
Yes, wake them up.
Bring a few of your co-workers tonight.
It's a great experience.
I don't care if you're in Waco or San Antonio.
Come up tonight.
I want to see you there.
And then we don't have a showing next week.
We have showings coming up.
What is it?
The 5th, 6th, 7th?
I don't know.
Or is it the 7th, 8th, and 9th?
It's not next week.
I don't know.
It's the next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
And I'll be at all three of those.
I'm going to be there, and I want to see you.
And if you don't have a chance to see it tonight, come to one of those three showings.
That said, I will be there this evening, and I hope to see you.
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Right now, let me tell you, because endgame,
And so we're shipping them out.
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Tomorrow night.
It's going to go live at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Blueprint for global enslavement.
See it first at PrisonPlanet.tv tomorrow night.
We'll be back.
Get into Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson, all of them.
It is a big idea.
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All right, Looper Dowsey coming up with what We Are Change is doing, some really big things.
Tons of other news I haven't even gotten to.
Bush is the biggest spender since LBJ.
Terror watch list swells to 755,000 people.
That's your loving government.
General claims Bush gave marching orders on aggressive interrogation at Gitmo.
Top Neocon tells audience to shut up if they're tough questions.
Tucker Carlson clueless about historical fact government engages in mass murder.
Redstate.com bans Ron Paul supporters.
Yeah, Ron Paul just banned.
He's raising more money, except for one Republican.
He's now, admittedly, a top-tier candidate, number three in every major gauge.
And they just didn't allow it in the discussion, because Republicans are gun-grabbing, open-border-promoting, traitor enemies of the country.
You're not conservatives, you're scum of the earth.
End of story.
The people at Red State are.
They're just trash.
It's all coming up.
I've got so much other news here.
Here is Gwen Beckett.
We have to get into the next segment with a clip, but he just says we're anarchists.
Basically, Timothy McVeigh.
Hey, punk!
You fake conservative!
Let me tell you something.
We're the ones exposing who carries out the terror.
It isn't going to work to start implying we're terrorists, okay?
We're dangerous.
I heard another national host who does financial news last night saying they should restrict free speech in America.
These guys are getting desperate right now.
It isn't going to work, punk!
By the way, he ended up losing his poll last time I looked at it by 80-plus percent against him.
He even said, go vote against these nuts, say they're crazy.
Are they crazy to think it's an inside job?
80-plus percent your own poll?
Paul screenshotted it at 66% yesterday.
It was 80-something percent last night.
Then he pulled it.
I went back to get it and it was gone.
You're a punk!
It didn't work in your little grease bag.
Here it is.
What's worse?
Comedians are used to getting heckled, but, you know, that usually happens at a comedy club where the audience has already exceeded their two-drink minimum.
So when a comedian hosts his own big-time TV show and hears something coming from the audience other than applause, it can catch him a little off-guard.
That's what happened last Friday night during a taping of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher.
It seems that some 9-11 truthers, as they like to call themselves, those who feel that September 11th attacks were orchestrated by the U.S.
Uh, we're in the audience.
And they started shouting things.
Eventually, Marr had enough.
See, this is the problem sometimes with government.
Hey, do we have some f***ing security in this building?
Or do I have to come over and kick this guy the f*** out of here?
Hey, hey, hey.
Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.
This is the Iowa Caucus, okay?
It's not a debate.
It's a debate between us.
You're in the audience.
Audience comes from the Latin to listen.
Brace yourself, America.
I agree with Bill Maher on this one.
Anybody who thinks that 9-11 was carried out by the government isn't a truther.
They're idiots.
Can you actually imagine that our government was capable of successfully pulling off 9-11 and then keeping it off of the front page of the New York Times?
But 12% of Americans are just dumb enough to believe that that's exactly what happened with the U.S.
government taking down the World Trade Center, at least number 7.
Actually, more Americans think that
Then think that Congress is doing a good job.
I'm not kidding.
These truthers are exactly the kind of people who want to rock this nation's foundation, tear us apart, and plant the seeds of dissatisfaction in all of us.
Michael Shermer is a founding publisher of Skeptic Magazine and executive director of the Skeptic Society.
And James Meigs, he is the editor-in-chief of Popular Mechanics.
Let me start with you, Mike.
When we get back, we're going to finish this up.
And it's a tar baby.
Please don't throw me in the prior patch.
I mean, they just keep attacking us.
Notice he says, we feel this.
Oh, our government isn't capable of carrying it out, but the guys in the cave are.
And now let's go to the heads of yellow journalism, known government operatives, to see what they have to say.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
For stations that just joined us, I was playing Enemy of the Republic.
Glenn Beck saying that we're insane, we're anarchists, we're dangerous, we're trying to undermine the foundations of the country.
Yeah, we know you sterilized 44% of the Native American women.
It's declassified.
We know you gave the black men and let them die syphilis.
We know you sprayed the New York subways and killed Americans.
We know you radiated 4,000 American children and killed them.
We know you gave the pregnant wives of GIs uranium and plutonium pills and killed them.
We know our government paid Israel, who carried it out, their co-equal in the evil, to radiate 110,000 of their own children.
We know that Prescott Bush fronted Hitler.
We know the Gulf of Tonkin was staged.
We know Operation Northwoods calls for staging 9-11.
I mean, the truth's out there, bubba!
That's why 80-plus percent in major polls, scientific, say that they think that they've been lied to about 9-11.
That's why more than a third believe 9-11's an inside job in a two-year-old poll you keep using.
It's worse than that now for you.
Are you ready with that clip now?
We had one clip off the web, wasn't too clean, so we grabbed it again to analyze this propaganda.
That's what we're doing here is analyzing and critiquing this.
And we got Luke Radowsky coming up in a few minutes.
And he gets James Meggs, who used to run a video review publication.
I mean, I'm not... And they keep calling him an expert, and they show some... I'm not knocking 20-year-old people, but they're experts.
You know, they would show a physicist who wouldn't say he was an expert, Stephen Jones, and they'd cut to
The 21-year-old writer, and then we go, expert.
And I just wonder, physicists not experts, but your guy is.
It's over, go back.
Do you realize that it is now known that NIST is saying bombs could have been in the buildings, and they don't know why the buildings fell, because science doesn't show that fire could do it, or the impacts?
I mean, it's science.
You're in trouble.
Here's a little bit more of it, and we'll come back out of break, play the rest, and then comment and talk to Luke Radowsky.
Here it is.
In chief of Popular Mechanics, let me start with you, Mike.
Why are there so many of these people?
We're talking 12% of the American people believe that we brought down World Trade Center number 7.
Yeah, well that's the power of the internet, isn't it?
Stop right there.
There's no poll says that.
82% when I looked at it on your poll said that, Beck.
I mean, what are you talking about?
I mean, oh man, you're incredible.
You're incredible.
Back to it.
People believe that we brought down World Trade Center number 7!
Yeah, well that's the power of the internet, isn't it?
The ability to rally the forces cheaply, actually practically for free.
These guys produced this film online for almost nothing and it's been viewed by millions of people.
So, that is the power of the media, of course.
This is America, free society, we're not gonna
Start banning forms of media.
We just have to counter bad ideas with good ideas.
And that's what we do at Skeptic Magazine.
And we lined up all of their claims in our special issue and knocked them down one by one, as did Popular Mechanics.
And I think that's the proper way to do it.
We have to remember that these guys actually believe what they say.
Not necessarily the 12% who may kick off a box saying, yeah, maybe there's something to that.
But the people that are leading the so-called truth movement, the ones I've met, they seem to actually believe it.
Oh, no, don't get me wrong.
I think they do believe it, which is why I believe these guys are dangerous.
I believe these guys are anarchists that are looking to tear us apart.
I mean, this is the kind of group that a Timothy McVeigh would come from.
That's what makes it a little bit scary.
Yeah, that's right.
Somebody that would infiltrate a talk show like Bill Maher's show and then heckle him during the show.
That's getting out there a little bit.
That's not just posting things on the internet for fun to see what happens, but actually going down there to do something.
And James... Stay there!
Back it up a little when we come back.
We're going to play those key comments again.
Back it up about a minute.
You see, they know.
Now, I did hear calls last night for restrictions on free speech on talk radio.
Look, it's declassified that our government stages terror attacks.
Thinking people are going to see the documents, Beck, and Megs, and you other, the other twerp.
It's over, okay?
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful group of government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Put their objective B, world domination,
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Build a very good space to make progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after policy.
That's what they're after, you see.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
By the way, we're about to be talking to Luke Rudowsky here in just a few minutes.
I'm going to finish up with the incredible hit piece by the sniveling neocon fake conservative Glenn Beck.
Who, you know, five, six years ago was 90% on target, but now he really shows who he is.
Almost every show.
They have the fathers of yellow journalism, Hearst Publishing on.
Literally, in the encyclopedia next to that term is Hearst Publishing.
That's who coined it.
That's who they are.
Black Ops for over 100 years.
The whole thing's about them.
Citizen Kane.
And then they've got the Skeptics Magazine.
And you've got the Urban Legends website.
You know Urban Legends website says China doesn't sell organs?
Doesn't matter if our State Department says so.
Doesn't matter if China admits it and advertises it.
It's publicly, Times of London, AP, Reuters, New York Times, doesn't exist!
I guess the Federal Reserve doesn't exist.
Kind of like Limbaugh 10 years ago, he said the CFR doesn't exist.
Now he just says they're good.
NAU doesn't exist.
That matter of Vicente Fox and their own documents say it.
Again, they just, oh, it doesn't exist.
You just shut up.
Well, you told us that it didn't exist, that the CIA killed Kennedy, now the guy running the op, deathbed confession.
Of course, he was arrested that day and photographed, Dallas Morning News, Dallas Times Journal.
We already knew that, but now 90 plus percent in polls know the truth.
It just isn't going to work anymore, okay?
Congress does have an 11 percent approval rating.
Yeah, that's right.
We don't buy what you push anymore.
That's right.
So Beck tries to put out the false number that 12% of us think this.
The lowest polls are 37% or more than a third believe the government did it.
In a Scripps Howard News Service scientific poll.
Ohio University in association with them.
Now that is the lowest.
That's over a year old.
We have polls
Angus and Reed, 84% believing they've been lied to about 9-11.
That we haven't gotten the full story.
The average is around 65%.
There's been dozens and dozens of polls, as you know.
We've written articles about it.
Believing they've been lied to and could be inside job.
Depends on what the questions are.
So at least half
But notice that the guy from Skeptic says, you know, we don't need to ban their free speech.
Now they're broaching that, but we do need to counter them.
And then Beck goes, now wait a minute, they're doing more.
They're infiltrating.
They're like McVeigh.
There's nothing more Americana.
What do they do in China?
They get Falun Gong to get on national Chinese television.
They get shipped off and killed for it.
They'd like to do that here.
Our own reporter, when Falun Gong doctor gets up, he's witnessed them stealing and killing and taking the organs.
Our own media grabs her face and pulls her down when she confronts the Chinese president.
Incredible courage.
No, no, China's our friend now.
They're reformed, we've been told.
No, they're more evil than ever.
Our government's embracing all this.
I mean, we're in trouble.
And to try to claim that we're violent and we're McVeigh, we're exposing that that was a black op and inside job, and now it's in major papers that it was.
We're exposing government-sponsored terror.
Beck, it's declassified that a Gulf of Tonkin was staged.
It's declassified about Northwoods.
It's declassified that our government staged terror attacks in Iran to overthrow Iran and blame it on their president.
It's declassified that the CIA blew up Cuban jetliners and blamed it on people.
I mean, it's over!
But you're not going to stop.
You're going to keep the face on to make the public think that we're still a minority.
Wear the fancy suit.
Have the fancy teleprompter.
Use words like, we feel like it's an inside job.
Game over, Beck!
AP, Newsweek, San Jose Mercury News all reported that the head of the Defense Language School was there and said, my gosh, it was an inside job.
We trained hijackers here.
I trained them personally.
I talked to the Colonel, Colonel Butler.
He wouldn't come on air.
He was scared to death.
They'd threatened him.
I talked to the embassy heads who were ordered to let him in and told they're U.S.
government agents.
The heads of embassies in Ottawa and Saudi Arabia.
American citizens have been here on this show.
Mohammed Atta was a U.S.
Debate over!
government agent.
Game over!
44,000 U.S.
troops, 18,000 British troops from Assen, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan in the three months before 9-11.
Bush had the launch orders and the aircraft carriers in place two days before 9-11.
They set up the whole invasion beforehand.
I mean, how much more obvious does this get to everybody?
How dumb do you think we are?
I can go on into 500 plus other points.
The drills of flying hijacked jets in the World Trade Center and Pentagon on the day of 9-11 at the same time, at the same targets.
Oh, it happened on 7-7 again.
When does it end?
Okay, I know I've got Luke waiting, and I appreciate him waiting.
Let me just finish up with, and I've never really attacked Glenn Beck before, hardcore, but I mean, when he starts coming out trying to say we're Hemingway McVeigh, gloves are off, Mac!
Gloves are off, okay?
And this is because they'd like to start arresting us as terrorists.
They'd like to... Hey!
It isn't going to work!
We're the ones exposing the terrorists!
We're non-violent!
This guy is a total enemy of the Republic.
Here he is.
These guys produced this film online for almost nothing, and it's been viewed by millions of people.
So, that is the power of the media.
Of course, this is America, a free society.
We're not going to start banning forms of media.
We just have to counter bad ideas with good ideas, and that's what we do at Skeptic Magazine.
And we lined up all of their claims in our special issue and knocked them down one by one.
As did Popular Mechanics, and I think that's the proper way to do it.
We have to remember, these guys actually believe what they say.
Not necessarily the 12% who maybe tick off a box that, yeah, maybe there's something to that.
But the people that are leading the so-called truth movement, the ones I've met, they seem to actually believe it.
Oh, no, don't get me wrong.
I think they do believe it, which is why I believe these guys are dangerous.
I believe these guys are...
Are anarchists that are looking to tear us apart?
I mean, this is the kind of group that a Timothy McVeigh would come from.
Yeah, that's right.
That's what makes it a little bit scary.
Somebody that would infiltrate a talk show like Bill Maher's show and then heckle him during the show.
That's getting out there a little bit.
That's not just posting things on the internet for fun to see what happens, but actually going down there to do something.
And James, if you Google right now 9-11, and this is where it really gets tough for our kids, if you Google 9-11, September 11th, what comes up?
You get about 160 million hits on 9-11, the vast majority of which are these conspiracy sites.
And so I can imagine some high school freshman, maybe he's writing a paper and wants to research it, just being overwhelmed with this material, much of which looks authoritative.
They have facts, they have figures, they quote people.
So what we've done at Popular Mechanic over the last three years is really investigate some of the claims that come from these conspiracy sites.
Okay, you know what, James, let me start with you, and then I'll stop right there for a minute.
Notice he said it's for our children.
We gotta protect our kids!
When every night Glenn Beck does things on porn and shows little clips of it, edited to get, you know, the viewers to watch.
He's there using the porn to get the viewers and then going, dirty, dirty porn.
Fox News does, if you watch their formula, it's like every five minutes it's naked women and topless dancers and look how dirty this is!
As a way to show it.
I mean, it's a formula.
It's sex.
Sex sells.
So they're doing that.
And then notice how they, again, try to sound reasonable.
Well, they've got a right to, but no, this is different what they're doing now.
And then he goes, yeah, they want to tear this country apart.
He's saying, we want to blow it up.
We want to tear it apart.
Oh my gosh, finish up with him.
I'm going to look for Dowski.
What was the big claim, James, that you found that you said, okay, this is the big one and it's so easy to refute?
Well, one of the ones that comes up a lot is the idea that there were bombs in the buildings and that a seismograph at Columbia University picked those up.
Well, we called the scientists at Columbia and they said,
Our report says no such thing.
It was totally taken out of context.
Yet, if you go online, you'll see that come up again and again.
And Mike, what did you find that was the big thing that you tried to debunk?
Well, I think the most obvious one that anyone can check, they claim that the World Trade Center buildings fell exactly like buildings fall when they're intentionally demolished.
And if you Google
Google any keywords like intentionally demolished buildings, or buildings, comma, demolished, whatever.
You'll get hundreds of videos of buildings intentionally brought down.
None of them fall like the World Trade Center buildings fell.
They all fall from the bottom up, and the World Trade Center buildings... Stop it!
We say they blew it from the top down, and then you can see the blast points, and that seven falls just like a controlled demolition.
These guys are very intelligent.
They are targeting exactly for just kind of people cooking dinner or doing the laundry, halfway listening.
And they're saying, go Google buildings being blown up.
It doesn't look like Tower 1 and 2.
No, nice straw man, nice sleight of hand.
We've got to do a big article on this.
And just go through each point.
Building 7.
And by the way, Bubba, you've got a problem.
But I know, you know the public doesn't read NIST, doesn't know what NIST is.
The National Institutes of Standards and Technology, for a year, has said they're looking at bombs now, and they're not saying it was the building falling onto seven, they're not saying it was a fuel oil tank, all the things you say, they're not saying it was structural false integrity, they're saying now that they scientifically, fires couldn't have done it.
By the way, for all the buildings.
There's no end to you, is there?
There's no end to your deception.
Back to him.
I mean, this is the same kind of thing.
Charlie Sheen is a part of this.
Rosie O'Donnell is part of this.
Does this come from those guys?
Do we have any idea how this really took a toehold?
Well, it comes from a lot of different sources, and a lot of people who are looking into this, they're just curious.
They have questions.
That's fine.
People should ask questions.
They shouldn't believe everything they see or read.
We're going to come back, finish the last 30 seconds, go right to Luke, who I appreciate holding from WeAreChange.org.
But notice, where does this evil come from?
Well, it comes from people finding out there's been government-sponsored terror in the past.
It comes from a fact that there was already a good-sized movement exposing Oklahoma City, Gulf of Tonkin, the first World Trade Center attack.
That's where it comes from.
We're tired of you killing us.
It's really pretty simple.
We're tired of you blowing stuff up and blaming it on people so you can have wars.
Okay, we're not going away.
We're not going to shut up.
We're never going to stop.
You understand that, killers?
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Alright, I'm going to hold off on the end of the Glenn Beck clip because Luke just gave me some really important news in the break.
I've been talking a lot about Cointelpro, how they brought down the Black Panthers and other groups.
First off, they get one group to talk bad about another, or they say, this person's talking bad about you, and they're not.
So activists spend time fighting with each other instead of taking action.
But they also then try to get people paranoid and into a defensive mode, and they then go around and try to tell the police that groups are violent, groups are bad.
I remember we'd be having a pro-Second Amendment rally, mainstream groups in Texas.
And the cops who I knew would tell me, yeah,
DPS Intelligence has told us that you're a Republic of Texas terrorist.
See, there's a way to get them all scared of us.
And we're like, no, we're just a mainline, land rights, Second Amendment group out here.
You know, we'd have Senator Bob Smith flying down to speak.
You know, thousands of people.
Hundreds of people.
And, uh, yeah, they go on forums.
That's why we have to ban people off the prison planet forums, because we just, you can't allow Cohen Chalperow.
And they'll call for violence, they'll do it in my name all over the place, and you can always catch them because they'll put it up and within a few minutes it's already on one of the Neocon supposed 9-11 debunking sites.
I don't want to give them any attention, Luke.
But now they're doing this to you, and now I heard a talk show last night, I heard them a few weeks ago.
The new talking point is we're violent terrorists with McVeigh.
And that we are actually the terrorists, and that we like Al-Qaeda, basically, is what I heard the talk show host saying, and that we're fighting for Al-Qaeda and helping them.
And, again, folks, we're not the CIA that founded Al-Qaeda, admittedly, that runs them, that controls them.
See how this scum works?
And it's not going to work.
They're taking stuff, they're posting it like it's WeAreChange on their message board, then they're putting it on neocon sites, and we know it's connected to them, and going, oh look, they're calling for violence.
That's because the country now knows 9-11 is an inside job, they're in trouble, they're being exposed at every front, and they can't get us all, folks.
If they do something to a We Are Change member around the country, just start more groups.
It's the three stages.
First they ignore you, then they attack you.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.
Luke, go ahead.
I'm very happy you brought this point up, Alex, because it needs to be addressed.
There have been several people who go on our forums on WeAreChange.org and are writing violent material on there.
Those people were kicked off, but within minutes when that thing was posted, the other websites, the debunking websites, already had it up there calling us the new underground weatherman.
And then you know for sure that's staged, yeah?
Yeah, it's definitely staged, 110%.
You need to then try to get the logs and call police.
This is what I did years ago when they tried to set me up on something.
I knew it was a set up with threats against the President.
I ended up going and tracking it down, and the guy that did it turned out to be one of their minions, and he ended up going to prison.
Here, you need to get the logs, you need to take them to the police.
That's how you handle this, Luke.
Yeah, and just for the record, just for the disclaimer... You need to find the logs, do the IP traces, and you need to take it to the police.
Well, that's definitely got to be done.
That's one thing we definitely have to take care of.
And that way, that way, it's on record.
And just for a disclaimer, just for everybody out there so they understand, you know, we shall do battle without words, not weapons.
You know, we're not going to stoop down to our level of ignorance and hate and use violence.
We're a non-violent group, which just, we're just a bunch of patriot journalists doing the job that the mainstream media will never do, and that's ask the hard questions to the politicians here in the United States of America.
Well, you know the famous case out in San Francisco, where they had this huge anti-war group in the late 60s, and the Feds actually had FBI do it.
It wasn't even members.
They detonated some dynamite in a mud puddle, and then the town heard it, and then they arrested dozens and dozens of them, and later it came out that it had been staged.
But we're not going to put up with this.
We're tired of you terrorists.
Definitely not.
Just like you said, you know, just like Mahatma Gandhi said, first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.
And that's the process we're going through right now.
They can't debunk us, they can't debunk the family members, they can't debunk the survivors, the heroes of 9-11.
Which the 9-11 Commission report ignored, which the government ignored, which our major mainstream media is ignoring right now because they're not talking about the family members.
They're not talking about the rescue workers.
They're not talking about the real people who demand a new independent investigation into 9-11.
They're just ridiculing us and the only thing they could do is call us terrorists, when in reality they're protecting the terrorists.
They're working for the terrorists, what they're doing right now.
I mean, how are they gonna debunk us when all this government-sponsored terror is public and declassified?
They can't debunk us because, I mean, how could you debunk, you know, Craig Bartmer, people like David Miller, people like John Schroeder, people, individuals like Kevin McPadden who lived through what they lived through.
You can't debunk that.
NYST cannot explain what happened to the Towers.
They even wrote back family members like Bob McLevain back saying they can't fully explain.
I mean, this is ridiculous!
I mean, haven't the American people woken up yet?
Haven't we had a revolution yet?
I mean, damn!
I'm just frustrated, man.
I understand, Luke.
Stay there.
Well, we know they're going into the violent phase, and this means victory.
They are now going to probably engage us.
I just gave a speech the other night before I even knew about this going back.
Monday night, I said, they're going to go into a very serious phase now.
Very serious phase now.
This is it.
We are on their one yard line in sudden death overtime.
We've got the ball.
The question is, what are we going to do with it?
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm not just saying this.
Tucker Carlson was panicked, was scared.
The MSNBC legal analyst, political analyst, used to be on CNN, he was scared, the Washington Post writer was scared.
The White House memo has Bush telling Tony Blair, the White House admits this is real.
That they could stage the shoot-down of an American aircraft, painted up like a U.N.
plane, fly it low, hoping Saddam would shoot it down.
I mean, that's just lately.
Fake weapons dossiers, fake Niger Yellow Cake, mercenaries, torture, White House memos where they say they can torture children.
I mean, you morally trust people that say they can torture children?
And I'm watching Tucker Carlson now.
Now, Beck thinks it's real cute and it's really wicked.
I can tell Carlson played the Neocon game, but the last two years he's figured out the jig is up.
So, you know, he's pro-Ron Paul.
He wants to be popular.
The government's corrupt.
The war is bad.
And he looked scared.
He's saying, look, a lot of people believe this.
More than a third.
They're using the lowest poll they've got.
Scripps Hour News Service.
Middle of last year.
A year plus ago.
The lowest poll they've got that totally freaked them out.
It was in January 2006, so in January it'll be two years.
They keep using a two-year-old poll.
Ah, look at your own poll.
Look at Glenn Beck push polling saying, go vote against these crazies, go vote against these kooks right now!
Do you think they're crazy?
66% said no.
We got a screenshot, it was 80% when it closed.
81% or something, I was watching it.
Look, this is getting really exciting, isn't it?
And frankly,
Again, I'm very pleased that the enemy is attacking us because they can't help themselves and it's just going to make more people look into it.
And it's a Tar Baby.
Do you know the story of Brer Rabbit?
No, I don't.
Well, there's... I forget the whole story.
My dad told it to me as a literal nursery rhyme when I was like three years old.
But it's a famous... You've got Brer Rabbit and there's this other creature.
I forget exactly who it is.
It's trying to catch him.
I think it's the farmer.
And he catches the rabbit, and he says, please don't throw me in the briar patch.
And the farmer throws him in the briar patch, which is where rabbits live.
They run around in the tunnels in the briar, where people can't get them.
And then another time, he builds a tar baby.
And he sits there behind the bush, having the tar baby talk smack at him.
And the farmer can't help but go up and fight the tar baby.
Now folks, that's probably not
The exact story again.
I don't really remember the exact story, but they can't help it, can they, Luke?
I mean, they sure can.
I mean, they're literally fighting us.
I mean, this is an info war.
It's a great time to be alive.
We have the power of the Internet.
We have the power of technology.
And I think it's up to the American people to use that technology, to use what we have right now.
I don't
I'm good.
But as long as we have truth and love on our side, you know, nothing could stop us.
And that's what we're doing right now.
Nothing could stop us.
We're winning this Infowar.
They're trying to call us terrorists, when in reality, they're protecting the terrorists.
That shows that they're the terrorists.
I mean, they use the threat of terrorism to take our freedom.
They say Bin Laden attacked us to take our freedom, and all they ever do is try to get our freedoms.
Exactly, and they tried to call me a terrorist before.
I mean, earlier this year they tried to call me a terrorist and said I had a backpack bomb.
We need articles on Prison Planet and TruthNews.us.
I'm asking Nemo, Paul, Steve, everybody, pointing this out.
They walk up, they claim you've got bombs.
They say, we know you don't have bombs, but it's not going to stop you from going to jail for 30 days.
I mean, they tell illegal aliens no IDs, no nothing needed in New York to drive, but citizens get stopped at checkpoints and arrested if you don't have them in order.
I mean, again, this whole thing is about controlling us, the milk cows.
It is, and I'm sick of it.
I live in New York City.
Every time I have to enter a subway, I have to be scared of a cop searching me.
Every time I'm in a car in New York City, in Manhattan, I have to worry about a checkpoint.
And these checkpoints are all over New York City.
And this is not what this country is about.
This is not what our forefathers fought for.
Yeah, they bragged.
In 2006, I saw it in the New York Times, it was something like 400,000 stop and frisk.
They just randomly pull families over.
It's just, this is worse than Nazi Germany.
It literally is.
And by that, I mean, they weren't doing that much of that.
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
I mean, it's a sad state we're living in right now, and that's why it's important for everybody just to be their own leader.
Just to step up, take charge, and do something right.
And you know what, whether it's a YouTube video, whether it's just talking to people, it's whatever we do, as long as we do something right and positive to get rid of these negatives, get rid of this wrong.
We just have to do them and I think it's a beautiful time to be alive because we're winning.
I mean to have chapters in LA doing these amazing things.
I mean it's just a beautiful time to be alive and I want to you know commend and I want to God bless all those people or all of the Wheel of Chance chapters.
We're good to go.
I remember, you know, the cops beat you up when you were like 16 years old.
You saw martial law.
We saw road to tyranny before that.
You woke up.
Police say 2000.
You got involved in 9-11 activism right after 9-11.
You're only 21 now.
And I remember telling you, oh, we are changing things.
Confronting people is the key, which I pioneered a long time ago.
I said, it's going to spread, Luke, because I can recognize your spirit is pure.
And you didn't believe me, and now look what it's done, because I knew I could have started info war groups everywhere and done that, but that would really probably cause an enemy reaction.
What won't is, again, they can't get us.
There's too many of our wolf pack surfacing and firing torpedoes at their capital ships, and it's just spreading.
It's an idea.
Ideas are bulletproof.
Luke, can you speak to your voyage?
You know, your journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and look, you've already walked 800 miles.
It's an idea of change, and one thing I just wanted to say, man, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.
Seeing that David Gergen confrontation you did in Martial Law just inspired me.
That's what made me want to do what I did, and it was a pleasure confronting Gergen back again the second time earlier this year.
And I just want to say, you know, all the Change chapters, we're Change, we're Infowars, we're all together.
There's no name, no label.
It's all about just being the change you want to see in this world.
I've been involved for four years, and I'm telling you right now, the tide is turning.
Four years ago, you never had the situation that we are in now.
Right now, I mean, Giuliani just got confronted twice last week by our Minnesota and Florida chapter, and the videos are coming out soon.
That is amazing!
I mean, for that to happen...
And it just happened a week ago.
And it's just amazing.
It's a beautiful time.
And by the way, I can look at him.
It is demoralizing him.
It truly is.
And for this to start, I mean, this started four years ago with a bunch of guys, a bunch of friends.
And we just decided to come out to Ground Zero and talk to people.
And give out flyers.
And give out some videos.
And it started from that.
Just a couple core guys.
And it just shows you how much of a difference... Well, see, this is what the CIA has falsely tried to create in Iran to overthrow their government.
I'm no fan of their government.
The people are mad.
They have a right to be mad.
They need more liberty.
But the government has tried to create false movements, and it isn't working.
We, the American people, organically, we are Americans.
We may be fat, dumb, and happy, a lot of us.
We may have been decadent because our forefathers were so great and provided, and our foremothers provided so much for us.
But we're getting back into the spirit of America.
A bunch of dirty foreign bankers thought they'd come in here, take over our country, fully butcher our liberties and freedoms, and destroy our Bill of Rights, and launch all these wars in our name, and thought they could kill a bunch of us right in front of everybody to get us stirred up to do all their will?
It's over!
We're not putting up with it anymore!
We know you're a bunch of killers!
Whether you're black, whether you're white, whether you're old, whether you're young, if you're male or female, it doesn't matter.
And it's beautiful seeing peoples of all kinds of walks of life coming together for truth and justice and confronting these criminals face-to-face.
And the COINTELPRO is in overdrive trying to get us all to infight on what group we're in, or what color we are, or what religion.
9-11 Truth, government-sponsored terror, problem-reaction solution, the inflation tax, expose that!
Stop, folks!
Expose eugenics!
Expose the New World Order!
Expose the North American Union!
Attack pattern!
Don't wait for orders from headquarters!
Hit them hard in the Info War!
Hit them!
Call in to talk radio!
Create your own local newsletters just for your neighborhood!
Fight for the Second Amendment!
Fight for our sovereignty!
Don't wait for orders!
Just targets of opportunity!
Seek and destroy in the Info War!
Totally energized!
They're gonna kill us!
They're gonna take over!
They're not playing games if we don't stop them!
They're gonna destroy America!
We have got to fight them!
We're fighting on every front.
Again, we're doing it.
And it doesn't matter.
Stop looking up to other people.
Believe in yourself.
Be your own leader.
And you can do anything.
And this is what we're doing.
I mean, this came from nothing.
A couple friends.
And now we have change chapters, InfoWorks chapters, all over the United States, all over the world.
And no matter where Giuliani goes, he has to worry about being confronted by our change chapters.
And we're doing it.
And we need somebody to come up with other catchy names and to imitate the tactics we've developed because we need more than just two groups, more than five groups, more than fifty groups.
I'm telling you, folks, you look in the mirror.
That's the solution to this.
You ask God to guide you in this holy cause against tyranny.
You go out and find some like-minded friends.
You put an ad in the paper.
I don't care if it's you and two people.
You go to the library.
You and one person can change the world in your town, your city.
You watch the newspapers.
You watch the bookstores for when Al Gore or a senator or somebody on the 9-11 Commission or any globalist is coming to town.
Everywhere they go, every Hamlet, every city,
Look on presidentialcracker.com.
Look at the Washington Post.
They have lists of where each presidential candidate is going to be in each state.
There's no reason why they shouldn't be confronted on their crimes.
We live in America and people have to look within themselves.
If they are going to be the change that they want to see in this world.
Because other than that, nobody else is going to do it.
The individual, not the group, not the organization, the individuals will take this country back.
And you need to gut up and do it, folks.
Don't be afraid.
You're totally safe doing this.
The most you'll get is a security guard laying their hand on you.
Just be non-violent and they'll lead you out.
Bookstores, movie theaters, everywhere they go.
Get in there, get in their faces.
Now look, when we get back on, well, let's talk about it now.
Who you guys confronted, the father, the living elder emperor of the neocons.
This video is like 20 minutes long.
It goes on and on and on.
Him being confronted, not just by We Are Changed, but the crowd now spontaneously people know about all the lies.
And he was trying to say that Iran carried out 9-11.
Tell folks about that.
Yeah, this is the grandfather of neoconservatism.
This is Norman Pedeas.
He's actually Giuliani's foreign policy advisor.
He's one of the members for the Project for a New American Century.
And this October 11th, he was doing a book signing with his new book, Islamofascism, World War IV, The Struggle Against Islamofascism.
And we made sure We Are Changed had a strong presence there.
We asked him all the hard questions.
The man came off as a true criminal.
The man came off guilty as charged.
You could see the criminal face.
You could see in his eyes that he knows that he's wrong.
And it wasn't even We Are Changed.
There was people within the crowd who confronted him about his past, about his racist past that he had before.
And it was amazing seeing people, again, of all walks of life, coming together and going after this neocon.
And, you know, putting him in his place, and really, the man looked like, the man was just sick and tired of all these questions, and he couldn't take it no more.
And he just ran away from the podium.
And he ran away from me when I asked my question.
And this man is a coward, they're losing, and we're winning this Infowar.
And all along I've been trying to convince you listeners that you can win, that you have value.
I've known history.
I've studied it.
We are still Americans.
We're great people.
And I'm talking Canadians, Brits.
It doesn't matter where you are in the world.
Germans, Russians, Latin Americans.
We can take our countries back.
They want us to be cynical.
They want us to give up.
We can't give up!
These people are mass murderers!
They're gonna kill more of us!
We're fighting for our sovereignty.
These people want a new world order.
It's our job to make sure we maintain our sovereignty.
I want to tell the CENTCOM spooks and the ADL spooks and all of them listening, how dare you always wrap yourselves in the American flag and claim you're defending America.
Your bosses are all moving to Dubai.
They're all dumping their dollars.
They're destroying this country.
You're bringing us into the NAU.
You are killing America and you know it.
By the way, I had a...
Biotech engineer guy at the show last night, and he knew his stuff, I believed him, when I was showing Endgame last night.
We're showing it again tonight, folks.
Tickets available?
Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
I will be there.
And bring friends, bring family, it's so important.
And he came up and he was telling me, yeah, I went to this huge symposium to hear the... I think I have the card in my... Did I lose that card?
Oh man, if you're listening, call us.
I may have put it in my car.
I had it.
But he was talking about, you know, the big father of all these genetic engineering mergers and things that are happening, getting up and saying, we can live forever with this technology.
And he goes, my gosh, I thought you'd gone too far hearing you with this endgame.
Then I went, now I found out this is what it's all about now.
And he's got a pretty successful company.
I'm not going to get into what it is.
I think I'm going to have him in the air.
I didn't lose the card secretly without putting his name out.
But to make a long story short, Luke,
I mean, this is a nightmare!
These people are nightmarish!
Go ahead.
These people are truly evil.
I mean, you just have to look at some of the... I mean, just look at Nolan Pedeas.
Look what he's done.
It's public.
It's declassified.
He has met with Bush in secret, telling him to buy my ranch.
These are the type of people who are living in... Yeah, who reported that?
The Washington Times and the Washington Post?
They all reported like a month ago that he literally orders Bush around.
Yeah, literally.
And this person got what he got coming to him.
We totally embarrassed him.
We put him in his place.
He looks like a crook.
He looks lost.
He looks angry.
Why don't you describe what happened during this ongoing melee?
I mean, we were just hitting up, and then one lady got up and talked about, when he was in college, he wrote an essay, and he wrote about the quote, so-called Negro problem.
He wrote, as a young man in college, about how racist, a racist paper, bashing African Americans, and this one lady confronted him on it.
And then he just got all sick and tired and he said, I want to be seen with any of you people here in this crowd.
And I mean, the video speaks for itself.
It's literally amazing seeing people.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com and we are changing over right now, but also tell folks the type of questions and things that got shouted at him.
We were talking about the declassified how the CIA overthrew the government of Iran, and he said, well, maybe that's true, but I don't want to discuss ancient history.
And we just told him, how is that ancient history?
It's not.
It has to do with the current events, with the situation we're dealing with with Iran, and this issue has to be addressed.
And then he just basically ignored a question, took another question, and this guy asked him, you know, why would you want to bomb Iran?
And he said, you know, the Islamo-fascists declared war on us on 9-11.
And people were like, it's the Iranians?
And he was like, yes, the Iranians.
He basically tried to say that the Iranians did 9-11.
That's how perverse, that's how sick, that's how evil!
And again, even if you believe the official story that Al-Qaeda did it, Al-Qaeda is Wahhabist, they are not Shiite.
Yeah, so many CIAs don't get along together.
They wouldn't be working together.
It doesn't make any sense.
People don't even understand that.
I mean, and these people, you can see they're thirsty.
They're bloodthirsty for war.
But the real attack is about shutting down dissent in America and putting us in prisons.
Exactly, and that's their plan for how long.
They want to destroy America.
They want to destroy America's sovereignty.
Well, look, look, look, look.
These same crews ran the whole Russian op.
And they funded the Nazi op.
When you track it back, it's these guys, man.
And I have had enough.
I'm letting them know, this is America, you pieces of trash.
You're not going to get away with your Chinese ops, and your German ops, and your Russian ops here.
It ain't happening!
It isn't happening!
They're the enemy, ladies and gentlemen, the enemy, the absolute sworn enemies of this republic.
They are cyanide to our beloved country.
They are the literal death of the United States, of our precious republic, and I will not stand by and watch these enemies clump themselves in the stars and stripes anymore.
They are our enemies eternally!
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg government.
Isn't their objective to be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after these days.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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They came and took it all away!
And we're taking it back!
Running a big intelligence op on us.
Bunch of criminals.
The CIA and the globalists think they're going to loot this country like they did all those third world nations.
We're not going along with it.
You're little Islamo fascists you wound up 80 years ago under British intel.
You dirtbags.
Yeah, they're Oslamo fascists because they come right out of your womb.
Right out of your loins, New World Order.
Alright, we're going to go back to Luca Dowski in a little bit of the next hour, then I've got Senator Gravel scheduled in about 40 minutes from now.
Yeah, I know it's hard to live outside in the light.
I know it's hard to stand up against evil, but you don't have a choice.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now already in the third and final hour.
Tons of news in this hour.
I have Senator Mike Revelle scheduled to join us.
One of the only half-decent Democratic candidates is actually anti-war.
I want to get his take on things after the Democratic Party's been ignoring him.
You know, eyes out on foreign government payrolls.
Luke Radowsky of WeAreChange.org, the original founding group just in the last year, exploded into chapters all over the world.
Just really confronted Bill Maher.
You know, I wonder if folks are planning, because I know you don't even know anything about that.
This isn't all coordinated.
That's the beautiful thing.
It's individuals taking action.
We don't even know what's going on, much less the government and the New World Order.
But you know, they'll probably be able to screen folks this week for his live Friday show.
It's going to boost his ratings, by the way.
It's a big favor to him.
He's been on every TV show out there.
He'll make a bunch of comments this time, guaranteed.
But you know people are going to infiltrate again.
Just copycats that aren't even part of We Are Changer Info Wars, Luke.
Right, and that's something we strongly encourage, because when that happens, when people look in themselves to be their own leaders, and believe in themselves, this is when we're going to take this country back, and that's how we're doing it.
See, exactly.
They're scared of, just like in Poland, or just like in Romania, or just like in a hundred other, or here in the U.S.
in 1776, they're scared of spontaneous revolts.
And that's what this does.
It's an info revolt, a peaceful... I mean, people are doing this everywhere.
People who aren't even part of any activist group are confronting these scumbags everywhere they go.
Do you agree Luke?
I 110% and one thing I just want to say is you know that's a beautiful thing I love seeing that and whenever I see that it just makes my day seeing other people do it because it takes off the pressure from many individuals but then it also shows them that it's not just one person it's a whole group it's the people and that's what it's supposed to be supposed to be people against the elite it's 1% of the elite it's 99% of the people being screwed over it's time for the people to take it back
That's why I hate what the federal government, the Ford Foundation has done, turning Mexico against the U.S., then bringing them in, and then having the schools keep them separate, to again, so we all fight with each other.
That's why I hate to see them turning black against white, playing all these groups off.
Folks, we may all have beef with each other or whatever, the point is the New World Order is the main threat.
They're the one that's going to hurt your family.
They're your enemy.
You better get in this fight.
It's the same group of people who started the Great Depression in this country, who started World War I, World War II, it's the same bankers from Europe, it's the same global elite, the Rockefeller Rothschilds, the same people who are in charge 100 years from now, that we have to stand up to and make them know that the people are not taking this no more.
National sovereignty is going to prevail.
And folks, exactly, and folks, to know how real this is, Luke's never really talked about it,
Luke, about six, eight months ago, had the globalist minions basically come to him and say, shut up, we're going to go after you, shut up, and when he didn't, they kicked him out of groups, they shut him down, and then he went and took action, and look what happened.
I mean, see, I've been approached years ago, and it was done in confidence, so I can't, you know, get into details, about, yeah, come join the New World Order.
I mean, folks, that's when you know how real this is, is when they approach you, Luke.
I mean, literally, not only that, but when you get some death threats, that also puts it in reality.
But people have to understand, the more they attack us, the more they push us up, the more we have to react back to that, the more we have to fight back and counter that back.
With positivity.
They throw all this negative energy at us.
We have to take that, turn it into something positive.
And that's what we did, man.
I mean, they screwed us over.
I mean, I was screwed over too.
Hey, every time they hack my site, which is every couple years is successful, I go start a news site.
Now we have TruthNews.us.
I got Nemo on board.
I mean, we're just not going to exactly.
We just, we get stronger each time.
Yeah, just like some of our materials, our banner was stolen.
And when that happened, we made two more banners.
And if it happens again, we're going to make four banners.
And we're going to be out there every Saturday, no matter what.
And we're not going to stop that.
Every Saturday, we're at Ground Zero, educating people.
And it's simple as that.
You don't have to do anything extraordinary.
It's just talking to people, educating people, giving them a DVD, giving them a flyer, and talking to them.
Especially the police department and military.
Luke, stay there.
I'm going to talk about a few other issues.
We're going to get into some other news.
I'm going to talk about Frank Zappa and bioweapons.
Get Terror Storm, folks.
I know a lot of you have it.
You haven't made one copy.
Go buy a DVD copier, buy a bunch of blanks, and just start making copies.
And every person you give it to, folks, it is going to knock them down.
If you move, they will fall.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Won't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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Again, ladies and gentlemen, the last showing this week.
There's no showings next week if you live in Central Texas.
Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
There are tickets left online at InfoWars.com.
You can enter and get them, or you can buy them at the door.
They hold back quite a few until right before.
And I will be there, not at the first tonight, because I have my TV show this evening, but I will be there for a 25-30 minute speech and question and answer at the end.
At the end, this evening, and I hope to see you there.
Then there's no showings next week, and the next week I'll be at all three.
I need a calendar in here.
It's on the wall.
Actually, I do.
Let me see, what is...
Well, but October's there.
Let me see if I can scan him with my eyesight here across the room to the bottom of the little calendars at November, November, November.
I'll be there the 5th, 6th, and 7th.
5th, 6th, and 7th.
And I'll be at all three question and answers at all of them.
Well, wait, the Wednesday I can't because there's a TV show.
So I'll be there after on the Wednesday.
Okay, and we'll also have in-games at those.
In-games at the showing.
I thought I'd add that part.
Okay, let us go back to Luke Rudowsky.
Luke, I've had you on here for an hour, half the time, making a hole while I ramble about other news, but I do want to commend the action you've taken.
What do you think Bill Maher's going to do?
I want to get a few more questions from you and then let you talk about anything you want in closing.
I also want to commend you.
You ended up raising $11,000 for the Feel Good Foundation for the victims of 9-11 more than the media and Giuliani and all them do.
A bunch of bloodthirsty creatures.
But what do you think Bill Maher and others are going to do?
There's other live shows when people start taking them over.
I have no idea what they're going to be doing.
I mean, the reactions are unexpectable.
They could be anything.
They could be good, they could be bad.
I know Bill Maher made himself look bad.
I think he's just going to stay calm and he's not going to act as he did before.
He's just going to try to hit us up and try to ridicule us some more.
Oh yeah, I guarantee you he's writing jokes for it right now.
Yeah, he probably is.
He definitely is.
You know, he can say all the jokes he wants, but will he have a family member on his show?
Will he have a rescue worker?
Or a survivor?
Or someone who, you know, totally destroys the official story of 9-11?
Will he have someone out like that?
Will he talk about them?
And that's something we have to make presently clear that we're a group of, you know, family members.
We're a group of rescue workers.
There's people who are affected by 9-11 who demand a new investigation.
This is what this movement was founded on.
And that's what people have to understand.
But I don't know what could happen.
Anything could happen.
I just hope, you know,
I don't even know what's going to happen.
I just hope.
I hope the best for everything.
I'm not really scared, but I just hope whatever happens, it's non-violent and everything remains calm and cool.
Hey, but you're committed now.
You've already jumped out of the airplane.
You've got your shoot, and you've appointed a return.
It kind of feels good at a certain point to have set your course, to have taken action, to actually live unlike 99% of people.
I mean, it feels amazing.
I mean, we're doing work that needs to be done, and nobody else is doing it.
We're giving truth and justice for all the 3,000 people who passed away on 9-11.
We're taking this country back.
We're saving this country.
We're saving the Constitution.
We're taking back the Republic, and we're protecting our national sovereignty.
It's a beautiful time to be alive.
People, join this fight.
It's the best feeling you're going to get in your whole life.
You guys raised, after renting the two spaces and everything else, you raised about $11,000 extra.
From the benefit, from the events, from donations, from people getting t-shirts, and you gave that to the Feel Good Foundation.
Tell folks what the Feel Good Foundation does.
The Feel Good Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization run by John Field, a rescue worker, survivor of 9-11.
He's one of those guys who worked on the pit, and what they're doing is they're providing proper medical coverage and proper assistance to our heroes, and that's the firefighters, that's the police departments, that's our construction workers, that's our sanitation workers,
All 50,000 of them who are sick and dying because of the EPA's governments lie on 9-11 about the air quality.
And John Thiel is doing the work that the government should have been doing six years ago.
And he's helping out our heroes.
He's putting, he's giving them the medication they need.
And you know, these people, these heroes, I mean, these are the people who make this country the best, are being ignored.
And by the way...
I don't want to get off into this, but they tried everything they could at one major event and another to shut you guys down, to overcharge you once they found out, once they got pressure put on them to shut it down.
The movie screen disappeared.
You guys, like out of a movie, had to build a movie screen out of plywood in a few hours and it turned out working great for Endgame.
I mean, it was just an epic saga.
It is.
I mean, people came out to Woodwork asking for all the money in the world, and now we have New World Stages actually holding money away from us, saying that we went over the time limit when we didn't.
We were an extra hour early out of that venue, but they're charging us about $700, which they're taking away from the John Feelgood Foundation.
I'm going to post some information on the website so people can call these people, because these people are taking away the money for no reason.
They're lying to me, and they're just mad because, you know, we have a message of truth.
I mean, they're just mad because
They didn't expect, you know, to have the turnout that we did.
It's amazing, my friend.
You know, no good deed goes unpunished, as the old African parable goes.
Well, Luke, we're going to be seeing some new videos popping out, aren't we, on WeAreChange.org soon?
The Bill Clinton video that's coming out today is going to be on the front page of WeAreChange.org.
Oh, yeah.
The Norman Fideas is also up there.
When is that going up?
Because I'm going to have one of my guys do an article on it.
Nate's uploading it right now.
Okay, in the next few hours, so maybe Steve or Paul or somebody can do that.
Thank you so much, Luke, for coming on.
No, thank you.
God bless you for having me on, brother.
Thank you so much.
We stayed up here late last night to get a final in-game trailer up.
You bet.
It's like an extended sneak peek.
It's got some footage you've seen, some you haven't.
It's over four minutes long up.
I don't know why it's not up on PrisonPlanet.com, but that'll be up in the next few hours.
Also, there's going to be some extended sneak peeks, like three or four minutes, that are just right out of the film, going up today and tomorrow.
And then we're going to have some experts from the extras on the DVD.
They're going to be going out on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com in the next two days as well.
And I'm asking you to help spread these out, to help promote Endgame.
Endgame is the big enchilada.
It explains why they're doing this, why they're running this operation.
It explains what their larger plan is.
It explains why they're doing it, why they want to set up world government, why they want to forcibly reduce population, how they're neo-eugenicist.
I can think of no more important issue.
This is what the New World Order is, what their plans are, what their current operations are, and what their endgame is.
And it's the best film I've ever made.
It is the most comprehensive film ever made by the Patriot slash Truth movement.
There is no doubt it is the best produced with original scored music played by an accompaniment of top musicians in Austin, Graham Reynolds, and conducting and writing.
It is shot in high def.
It's the best work I've ever done.
And frankly, it needs to be a hit.
And by a hit, you need to get it on DVD.
I mean, if you've got the money, take it to a duplication place.
Have them make 10,000 copies and give them to people.
You're authorized to for non-profit, educational, not-for-sale purposes.
And we have to hold on to the copyright to protect it, plus I have a distributor, so I can't just say, oh, do whatever you want.
But I had to do a special contract with my distributor just so I could even be able to tell you you can make copies.
Get it!
Get InGameAtInfoWars.com.
I've got a deal where you can order 10 copies for 45% off.
Would be $200, it's $109.
10.95 a piece.
I mean, look.
Get 10 of them.
Get 10 originals from us if you can afford it.
Or buy one and just burn a few copies if that's all you can afford at your house.
Just get it out to people.
Endgame absolutely must be seen by everyone.
This is such an important film.
I want to see you out there tonight on South Lamar at the Eleanor Draft House.
I'll be there at the end.
Talk for 25 minutes.
Take 10-15 minutes of questions.
I want to see you there this evening.
Order the DVD at InfoWars.com.
Call and get it.
And don't forget, tomorrow night, at midnight guaranteed, I made a little bit earlier, we are going to post Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, on PrisonPlanet.tv.
You want to see it first?
You want to be able to get the film?
In high quality?
I mean, we've got it up there in three different flash formats, two different QuickTime, two different Windows.
And the QuickTime looks the best.
I mean, it looks almost like, it looks like TV.
It's so crisp.
So nice.
I mean, it just gets better and better.
And the second best up there is the Flash.
We've got it in three different bandwidths, and then of course the Windows is okay.
But compared to what stuff was a year ago, it's light years.
I mean, it's just so good.
And you can just burn on the disk,
Burn them to disk, burn them to disk, burn them to disk, burn them to disk, burn them to disk.
I mean, I want to see people at midnight staying up tomorrow to download this sucker, to stream download it, and to just start going absolutely ape.
I want in-game everywhere.
And explain to people, and I know Americans are made for 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes.
Tell them it's really 3 films.
So tell them, watch the first half, the history of the globalists, who they are, the Bilderberg Group, what their master plan currently is, what they're setting up with the North American Union.
And then it gets into the history of eugenics.
To prove what they're into, what they've already done, how they've already experimented on us.
How they've already killed tens of thousands of us.
How they think we're cockroaches.
And then what their master plan is, is the last third of the film.
What they're gonna do.
How they control the phony environmental movement.
How they control the phony sustainability movement.
I'm all for sustainability.
They created that term though.
And it's about feudalism.
This is it.
This is the real history of the world.
This is where everything's going.
This is the true futurist model.
This is what they're doing.
This is their own blueprint.
This is a true testament to the enemy's plans.
This is a warning to the world.
And it is so important that it get out to everybody.
So, presentplanet.tv, get your membership now and start your engines.
Start your engines.
Because we want to take this and we want to ram it to the four winds.
I need you to go nuts on the message boards, the emails, the MySpace accounts.
Dig every article we post today and tomorrow on eugenics.
I need you to dig in there right when it goes up and dig the living daylights out of it so millions will see it.
I need your help right now to drive this over the edge.
The message today on this show is take action now, one hundred and ten percent.
We'll be back with news.
Have you ever felt like the United States government knows way too much about your financial affairs?
I continue to hear stories about property seizures, frozen bank accounts, confiscation of stocks and bonds.
It makes me wonder if a U.S.
citizen will ever again have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Unfortunately, with the Drug and Money Laundering Act, the IRS Revenue Ruling 6045 of 1984, and the Trading with the Enemy Act in Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order of 1933, some precious metal holdings are subject to government intervention.
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There must be some kind of way out of here.
Say they're joking to the beat.
There's too much confusion.
If there's any doubt that the Republican establishment are a bunch of sniveling anti-American scum doing everything they can to sign us on to UNESCO, UN treaties, global warming, carbon taxes,
Total control, shutting down power plants, you name it.
We're all in the consolidation phase.
There are many here among us.
Who feel that life is but a joke?
But you and I, we've been through that.
And this is not our fate.
Let us stop talking falsely.
Time to stop talking falsely now.
We know our government's absolute, total scum criminals.
We know the New World Order is going absolutely, completely out of control.
We know what we face as a society.
We know the truth.
We're not playing along with your fraud and your scams anymore, you criminals.
Just get out of our way.
Stop feeding on us, you murderers.
We're sick of you killing us and snickering about it, and laughing at us!
Get out of our way, killers!
Just leave us alone, you can scamper off to Switzerland.
Or if you keep pushing, you know, you can see where this leads.
It leads to a bloody war and you lose anything.
We've only begun to fight, and I hope you know that.
I have no doubt.
I have no fear for my body.
Because I know in the end you lose.
A lot of us won't be there to see your fall.
But I know in my gut, in my soul, in my heart, it is the destiny of evil to fall and fail!
All along the Watchtower!
Crank it up!
They're foot servants, too!
In the distance... A wildcat did!
The riders... And the wind...
Have some gusto in life!
Have some pride!
Get fired up!
Get in the fight!
Look at Ron Paul rising.
Look at 9-11 Truth rising.
Look at their poll numbers dropping down into the single digits.
Red State bans new Ron Paul supporters.
That's the neocon liberal website of the Republican Party.
The fake liberal simpering wickedness site.
The ubiquitous and web-savvy supporters of Ron Paul now have one less form in which to vent their rage.
The influential conservative blog Red Commie State placed a ban last night on all Paul commentary from readers who are recent arrivals on the blog.
Well, that means all of our forces need to just triangulate in.
Paul's followers are angry that the Libertarian congressman can't seem to get traction in national polls as he bids for the Republican presidential nomination.
He's winning on the Republican polls, getting up to number three, number two.
He's winning all the TV polls, the text polls.
He's raising the second most amount of money now.
What do you mean?
Paul, representative from Texas, he ran in president at 88.
Libertarian Party ticket remains mired in the low single digits.
But if you look at his trajectory, he's going to win if he continues to grow like this.
The post on RedState, attention Ron Paul supporters, life is really not fair, begins.
Effectively immediately, new users may not shill for Ron Paul in any new way.
Former fashion, not in comments, not in diaries, nada.
If your account is less than six months old, you can talk about something else.
You can participate in other threads and be your zany libertarian self all you want.
But you cannot pimp Ron Paul.
With accounts more than six months old may proceed as normal.
What you do is you go register and you just tell them about PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com and then they'll find the deep water there.
They'll find the chill waters that flow very deep and they'll drink deep of the water of truth.
So you just tango Delta.
Get around them.
You just get in there and you hit them in other ways.
In fact, they deserve a massive invasion over at RedCommieState.com.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network, and I have an urgent message for our listeners.
The mass media keeps telling us that we are the richest, most powerful economy in the world.
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Ask for George.
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Well, we've got Senator Mike Revelle, who's running for president on the Democratic ticket, joining us, and I really appreciate him coming on.
I thought we'd have one of the few Democrats on who actually is against the war, unlike Hillary and the rest of the warmongers.
And just like they tried to block Ron Paul out of the debates, they've done that to Senator Revelle.
And we have links up on Infowars.com to Senator Gravel's presidential run website, so I thought we would bring you more than just one candidate.
Ron Paul here in the area.
We're for Ron Paul, but certainly also to just shame the Democrats to show what they've been up to.
Senator Gravel, thank you for coming on with us.
Well, Alex, thank you for having me.
It's an opportunity.
Just out of the gate, why did you decide to run for president?
Because I want to empower the American people to become lawmakers.
The problem is the government.
Representative government is broken.
It's broken.
We need to empower the people directly so that they can participate as partners in their own governance.
And the way to do that is with a national initiative, a piece of legislation that took me ten years to write.
It's National Initiative, one word, dot US.
You can go there and vote.
It goes completely around the government.
And once we get 60 million votes, the people will be equal finally, finally to their leaders who control their government.
Out of the gates, you've gotten the establishment Democrats mad at you because you've been against the war.
The Democrats swept into Congress, as you know, last year, claiming they'd be anti-war, but Hillary and others seem to be just as pro-war and attack Iran and stay in Iraq as Bush.
And that's really even hurting the Democratic Party.
Give us your whole take on what's happening with the militarism and what your policies would be.
Well, first off, the biggest problem we have in this country is the military-industrial complex.
They own our government block, stock, and barrel.
And they've altered our culture for the last 50 years, drugging the American people with fear, fear.
And as a result, the Americans are just totally compliant.
Just go to the airport, walk in, look at these lines, walking through like 1984, taking your shoes off, emptying the liquid.
It is as bad as it gets in this country, and the only way you're going to turn it around is by empowering the American people.
Now, with respect to me, you're quite right.
I was shut out of the, and we had to dig on this,
To find out, because they won't even give me the courtesy.
Well, NBC, which has MSNBC, are shutting me out.
I know some of those leaders, and talked to them about the unfairness, the way I was treated.
And lo and behold, I know that this is not their idea at that level.
This comes down from General Electric.
And so you're talking about General Electric, one of the major war profiteers in the United States, and all I can tell you is this is corporate censorship, and this is what it's all about, and we will lose our government, as Dwight Eisenhower pointed out to us, with the marriage between corporations and their corporate power and their money and their desire to make profit off a war, and that's why we have wars.
Now, fake conservatives
are constantly just running around saying that
That, oh, you're against the free market.
Corporations are all perfect.
Corporations are good.
Corporations have done nothing wrong.
Corporations are loving.
Of course, most corporations are just mom and pop or small companies, but big global corporations of 100 largest entities, 40 plus are corporations, they're acting as governments, and they're getting corporate welfare, and they do basically take over governments, and they have done that now.
Well, just look at where the money's coming from for both political parties right now.
It's coming from Wall Street.
It's coming from the military-industrial complex.
Look what Hillary's raised.
Even Obama comes out and says he wants to increase the size of the military.
That's sucking up.
That's sucking up to this terrible power that these corporations have over our society, and we have to break that gridlock, Alex.
We have to.
Or our democracy is doomed.
Well, I know this republic's in a lot of trouble, and we have all the multinational corporations.
I mean, how can Dick Cheney claim he's pro-America, but he dumped his dollars last year?
He's moving to Dubai.
Halliburton's moving to Dubai.
And they still call it an American company when it's not.
I mean, everything they do is to desert this nation.
All they're trying to do right now, and Cheney is really the worst, I would rate him this way, Cheney, Bush, Cabal, they are trying to begin World War III with Iran, and Iran is not Iraq.
They bring about a provocation with Iran, and Iran is not a threat to us or to Israel or anybody else.
For more than a hundred and ten years, it's never been at war.
It hasn't invaded anybody for much beyond that.
And here, they were only invaded by Saddam Hussein at our instigation.
And then we used our AWACS planes to give them intelligence.
And we gave, we sold the gases, the chemicals, so that Saddam Hussein could make these
I think so.
An invasion, with respect to Iran, will be a world depression.
Somebody will drop a tanker at the Straits of Hormuz, and it will be a world depression.
That's the best scenario.
The worst scenario is a nuclear exchange, and God knows where that will land.
Well, you're absolutely right about that, and maybe that's what the big central banks that are already running around badmouthing our dollar, because now they're multinationalists, they want to come back in and buy everything up cheap,
Maybe that's what they want, to go ahead and escalate it into Iran, then blame all the world financial collapse on Iran.
There's certainly a lot of talk about global financial collapse.
It's like Bush and the neocons are trying to fail forward, Senator.
That's right.
Here, I don't own any stock, but just look at what's happening in the market.
The people who do invest recognize there's craziness afoot.
And the craziness starts with the leadership of the United States of America.
And now you've got Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Britain, says it's okay to drop a bomb in Iran.
You've got Sarkozy, this new guy, now he's going to be the lapdog for George Bush.
And he also says it's okay to go ahead and invade Iran.
Has the world gone crazy?
These democracies are in the hands of fools?
Well, they know what they want.
They want to go ahead and start World War III, and they think out of the crises that comes out of it, they will get superstar, you know, Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill-type power.
I mean, that's what they think.
Bush keeps comparing all this to World War II, but the difference is, they're starting the war.
There's no question about it, and we should realize that in the last century, except for one hiatus, the century which is the bloodiest in American history, by and large it was controlled by the democracies of the world.
We have not given a good account of ourselves.
And now, with the likes of the Bush-Cheney leadership in this country, and as you call phony Republicans, or phony conservatives.
In fact, I'll let you segue on phony conservatives.
You want to have a limitation on government?
Well, just keep in mind that you'll never get it with electing Democrats, Republicans, or anybody else.
Put the people in power, and you'll see now, you'll get control over government.
You know why?
They know it's their money.
Right now we're talking to Mike Revell.
He's running for office of President on the Democratic Party ticket, and he served in the Alaskan House of Representatives from 1963 to 1966, and as Speaker from 1965 to 1966.
He then represented Alaska in the U.S.
Senate from 1969 to 1981.
He served as the Finance
Interior and Environmental and Public Works Committees chairing the Energy, Water Resources, Buildings and Grounds and Environmental Pollution Subcommittees.
And he also waged a successful one-man filibuster for five months that forced the Nixon administration to cut a deal, effectively ending the draft in the United States.
So, that's the main reason we've got you on here.
We admire you.
We appreciate you killing slavery.
I mean, in a free society...
You can't have a draft.
Now, we have the draft boards doubled their funding four years ago.
They've been set back up.
Draft board heads keep saying, yeah, we've been told the draft's coming.
They just had several dozen top officers say that they want it.
I understand, but they're saying they're going to call it national service.
We know they want it.
They won't have it because, for various reasons, one, the smart part of the military knows that you don't have a strong military if you've got a bunch of people in there who are demoralizing and don't want to fight.
Secondly, if you're going to draft people, you've got to do it for at least six years.
You can't draft them for two years.
By the time you get them half-educated, they're out.
I want to hear the Christian right bellow when they're talking about drafting young ladies into the military, which is what they'd have to do.
Women are fighting in Iraq and dying just like men.
And so there's no reason why we should discriminate against young men.
In fact, I wouldn't discriminate against young men.
If you're going to have a draft, draft everybody up to 50 years old.
We can all do work if the country needs it.
But the country doesn't need it.
A nation at peace does not need the draft.
Former Senator from Alaska.
What about the mercenaries?
They're getting in so much trouble.
There's 180,000 of them over there.
They admit that hundreds of billions of dollars in pallets of $100 bills is paid to the warlords.
Then they kill our troops and the generals who are paid off tell them don't do it.
I mean, this is admitted.
I've never seen a war this corrupt.
Alex, I've got to tell you, there's always unintended consequences of good acts.
The unintended consequences of my ending the draft is what you're seeing right now.
They've privatized the government, they've privatized the military, and these are mercenaries.
And you're right.
But the level of incompetence of this administration has seen no bounds.
And I'll tell you, the Clinton administration wasn't all that much better.
Here, we have to get control and Alex is the only way to do it.
And here, I admire many things of Ron Paul.
I think the most important thing domestically is to wipe out the IRS and the income tax and put in a retail sales tax until we change our system of revenue and provide for transparency, total transparency.
So I know what you're paying Alex, you know what I'm paying.
We're paying the same amount of tax, and it's progressive.
The more you spend, the more you pay.
Senator, we don't have a lot of time left.
Sure, sure.
Senator, we're running for President.
As a Democrat, we don't have a lot of time left.
I have a few other questions for you.
One of the big ones is, it's upwards of $4 trillion missing from the Pentagon over the last 12 years, most of it under Bush, a lot of it under Clinton.
And it's accelerating.
The pension funds have been sucked dry.
The money's all gone.
I've watched Armed Services Committee hearings where they ask the Secretary of Defense and the head of procurement, Dr. Chu, about all this and they just say, we're not going to answer your questions.
It's a secret.
I mean, how corrupt is it when trillions are missing?
I mean, have we entered the twilight zone?
Yes, we have.
90% of what the government holds secret should not be secret.
The only way you're going to have freedom is for people to know what their government is doing and doing to them.
And that's what's going on today.
And we acquiesce in this at every step of the way.
Can you speak to the trillions missing?
Let's speak the truth.
The Department of Defense is not auditable.
They can't audit it.
It's impossible to audit it.
And now we find that Homeland Security is un-auditable.
That means that regardless of what you try to do, nobody knows where the money's going.
This is designed for mass fraud and bank robbery.
Of course.
Well, here, Alex, just think what it means.
Well, you know what 20 tons of $100 bills looks like?
They unloaded it with pallet after pallet, and this is the money that after we invaded Iraq, that we passed around Iraq like a bunch of drunken sailors.
It's your tax money!
By the way, that was only one delivery.
20 tons of $100 bills, you know what it looks like?
It looks like a mountain.
Well, that's right.
It's your tax dollars.
People are working really hard for this stuff, and they're just pissing it away.
Well, you know, they're not allowed to search anybody above a major.
It's like their payoff to be able to steal the money.
It's just, I mean, they're making them all mercs, because they know that troops are mad about not being mercs.
Now, in closing, Senator, and I want to fire out your website, because I want people to get a view of one of the other alternative candidates out there.
9-11 truth, and I want you to go further than you've gone before.
You know, Kucinich has called for another investigation.
Eighty-four percent of Americans in an Angus and Reed poll last year said they believe they're being lied to.
Even Lee Hamilton of the Commission says the White House was deceptive.
We have the PNAC documents saying that they wanted to use a terrorist attack.
Bottom line, should there be a new investigation of 9-11?
Not only should there be another investigation, it should be mandatory with subpoena powers, and everybody who's subpoenaed
Must be placed under oath, and the subpoenas should start with George Bush and the Vice President, and on down the line, and if they violate it, and if we uncover any criminality, if it's right at the President or Vice President, they should go to jail like anybody else.
Well, I want to know this.
Instead of General Myers, when NORAD, quote, stood down and messed up, even if you believe the official story,
Why did he get promoted to Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff?
Why did the FBI Section Chiefs, Bureau Chiefs, who ordered their agents to back off people that they said, quote, want to fly planes into towers, why did they get bonuses and the guys that blew the whistle get in trouble?
Always the case.
The government is so corrupt.
Look at the Henry Kissinger.
He's still considered a person that you go seek his advice.
My God, in parts of the world, he's looked upon as a war criminal and he dare not travel there or he'd be arrested.
Senator Revelle, what do you think?
I mean, do you smell a stinking rat on 9-11?
Hey, there's just something basic.
They didn't even close the dots.
I mean, when you get repeated reports from somebody that says, hey, these people are training to learn how to fly.
They don't want to learn how to take off.
They don't want to learn how to land.
But they just want to learn how to fly a big superliner.
Does it take a genius to figure out that that is something that should be immediately investigated?
Hey, what happened?
We spent 26 billion dollars on our intelligence system before 9-11.
After the total failure of 9-11, we've given another 15 billion dollars and nobody gets fired.
Senator Revelle?
When you screw up, you turn around and commit Hari Kari.
Is there a cover-up on 9-11?
It sure looks like it.
Sure looks like a cover-up.
In closing, what would you say to Democrats who are running around glazed over, loving Hillary?
I mean, how could they claim they're liberals?
My God, the Democratic Party in the Senate just voted to give George Bush power to invade Iran.
And there's a House deal that's up.
Uh, to do the same thing.
Here, fool me once, it's your fault.
Fool me twice, it's my fault.
Well, the Democrats are fooling people twice with what they're doing in the Congress.
And as a Democrat running for office, I'm not afraid to tell them.
And of course, that's one of the reasons I've been cut out, because
Keep in mind, it's your General Electric that loves to make things for the American people.
It's one of the warmongers of this country.
We're going to call them out where they live.
Well, I'm glad you're there running as a Democrat and drawing attention to the fact that the Democratic Party is an absolute fraud.
Senator, fire out.
You've got so many websites.
Which ones would you like to put out?
The first one, which is my own website, which is Gravel.
2008.us, please support me.
And the other one that's more important than my website is the nationalinitiative.us.
That empowers you, you that can hear my voice.
You're the ones that need to be empowered so you can take your country.
Don't say take back because you never have.
Senator, as the campaign develops, can I have you back on?
Anytime you want, Alex.
God bless you.
Thanks for coming on with us.
We'll be right back.
You too.
Stay with us.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Don't their objective be world domination?
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, isn't it?
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A new world order.
It is a big idea.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful group of governments.
It's known as the Builderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They have all the money they need.
They're not after money.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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Hey, I met this guy Monday night.
I was a highwayman.
Along the coach roads I did ride.
With a sword and pistol by my side.
Many a young maid.
Many a young maid lost her marbles to my trade.
Many a soldier.
Every time we play this song, it's hard to cut him off, cause...
Waylon Jennings is coming up with the next little line.
We'll let Waylon get in there and then I'll get to a few final news tidbits.
And when the ice broke off they said that I got killed.
But I'm living still.
I was a dam building across the river deep and wide.
We're good to go.
Oh, man.
Doesn't get any better than that, does it?
I'll be, uh, tonight at the Alamo Draft House, South Lamar, final showing this week of Endgame, and in about a week and a half I'm back, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 5th, 6th, and 7th.
Get your tickets at infoawards.com.
I do hope to see you this evening.
I'll find a place to rest my spirit if I can.
Perhaps I may become a highwayman again.
Welcome back!
I gotta shut it down, cause I got some news I gotta cover here.
But I will remain.
All these sniveling cowards, Glenn Beck and the rest of them, know they're on the wrong side of history.
And they know...
That the devil butters their bread.
They know it's tainted and poisonous and lonely.
In the end, backfire on them and come down on them.
Sooner or later, they know that they're going to run out of time.
That God's going to cut them down.
Cut them down to size.
Death is the great equalizer, my friends.
It is the great humbler.
We're good to go.
face as a society.
Really important article that's up on the PrisonPlanet.com.
We're just flat out of time, but I want to mention.
Global elite fear growing over Chinese power.
Solana wants to entice China to expand into G8.
Urges US to follow globalist agenda.
European Union foreign policy chief and Bilderberg luminary, Javier Solana, has called for an expanded G8 and chastised the United States for failing its responsibility to become more active in shaping the New World Order.
He said New World Order, but they say it doesn't exist if you talk about it.
Warning that power is being lost to countries like China and India.
In an essay for Europe's World, a European Policy Review published three times a year, Solana cautions that the transnational Western-led world order may need a rethink because power is ebbing away from the West to new powers like China, India, Brazil, and South America.
Solana urges India and China to be enticed to join the G8 in order to keep some current members on their toes and allow a globalist body to more accurately reflect global economic political power.
And there's a lot more that it gets into that we don't have time to cover.
I'll see you tonight at the Alamo Draft House for Endgame.
And I'll see you back here live tomorrow.
The show restarts at Infowars.com right now, and Endgame comes out tomorrow!
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