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Air Date: Oct. 21, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, thank you for joining us across the country and internationally.
For those of you listening on the AM and FM dial, three different satellite systems, the internet at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com, and of course on Global Shortwave via WWCR.
We have got a very large stack of vital news and information in front of us today.
Let me go ahead and just give you a rundown of some of what is coming up.
I didn't mean for it to be our top story, but it might as well be.
Kind of an omen, or sign that it should be.
I just walked in about 30 minutes ago, here to the local station that we broadcast out of, to the network, NewsRadio 590KLBJ in Austin, Texas.
And a nice fellow around here who does the news on Sundays, Mark, said, hey, are you behind that Bill Maher stuff?
A couple nights ago on HBO, I guess it's on Friday night, and I said, you mean the people, the 9-11 truthers taking the show over for about five minutes?
And I said, well, I've got to honestly say yes.
It's not that I even want to take credit for it.
It was kind of in the light of, oh, you bad boy.
I was going ahead and owning up to it.
Then in a roundabout way, you could say that I had certainly spurred the movement, at least a large part of what we're seeing across the country.
Bill Maher, Friday night on his show on HBO,
They had four or five different people, and they did it smart.
They broke up in the live audience crowd, and so as the security guards drug each one out, then another one would stand up and start saying, 9-11 is an inside job.
Why are you covering up what really happened at 9-11?
We can't play the audio here because Bill Maher is cussing too much.
I mean, we could bleep it out, and we might play 30 seconds or a minute or so, but you can go to PrisonPlanet.com or TruthNews.us.
It isn't that 9-11 Truth, the fact that it is an inside job, carried out in a military industrial complex, came out on that one show.
It's that it's happening on Larry King Live, on phone calls.
It's happening all over national radio.
More than 30 times, Rudolph Giuliani, who the firefighters and police have said are using the attacks of 9-11 to push his whole agenda,
And to make himself out to be a hero that he isn't, has been confronted more than 30 times that I know of on video.
And by who?
Luke Rudowsky was, what, 16 years old, got beat up by the police in New York, went and found my police state videos online, woke up, became a 9-11 truth activist,
He's been out there since for the last five, six years.
He's now 21 doing this.
And he started We Are Change.
I said, this is going to be big because you guys are aggressive.
You get in people's faces.
You're taking it to them.
He said, oh, no, it's not going to be big.
We just hope to have a few dozen people in New York.
And I said, no, Luke, I can tell.
I've seen some of the stuff you've done.
It's going to spread.
There's 30-something chapters of We Are Change from the Netherlands to England to Russia to the United States.
And it has.
Most of the chapters are here in the U.S.
And they're confronting people every day.
They're actively going out confronting Alan Greenspan about destroying the dollar by design and the private bank's ownership of this country and their attempt to destroy the free market so they can consolidate it once and for all.
They confronted Bill Clinton repeatedly.
They confronted, I mean, everybody.
It's insane what's happening.
It is so fantastic.
It is so exciting.
And we've got some of the We Are Change Los Angeles group popping in, coming up in the second hour today.
So we'll be talking about a little bit of that and maybe playing a little bit of Bill Maher, throwing a fit and freaking out.
After the security guards were dragging one of the women out, he ran up and acted tough and shoved on them.
I mean, it's just there's nothing goofier than a chicken neck little wimp.
Waving his limp wrist in the wind like a scarecrow running around acting tough.
I mean, it would look bad if a big guy was picking on a woman when she was already leaving.
But to have a little, little, little, you know, Adam's apple chicken neck, fake liberal, you know, claiming he's against Bush.
Look, the Democrats are on the same ball team.
They're moving the ball down the field.
It's the New World Order op.
And the jib's up!
Congress now has an 11% approval rating.
I don't know.
That is the public that can still have an IQ above room temperature.
That is the public who knows where the U.S.
is on a map.
That is the public who isn't in the mindset of Miss Teen South Carolina at the national teen pageant who couldn't even talk and didn't know where the U.S.
was on a map either.
So, there's those of us that are informed and know history and know what's happening, and then there's those of you that want to live in La La Land.
Fake liberals, fake conservatives, establishment bootlickers.
And when the music stops and there's enough chairs for you all to sit down, you're going to all look at each other and see that you're all wearing brown shirts and act like you were never part of all this.
Part of the Nazi destruction of the United States.
Part of the New World Order's terror ops.
Part of this entire program that we've entered into.
But some of the other news I have here in front of me, I have really exciting news.
And I was aware of this on Friday on my weekday show, but I was just so upset about some of the other news that I'm going to get to here in a moment that I never even got into it.
Ron Paul has gotten number three in a major national poll of conservatives.
And it's one of the polls that Republicans look at most closely in the RNC and in GOPAC, one of their big political action committees.
And Ron Paul has gone from 25-1, 15-1, 9-1, now down to 5-1 in Las Vegas betting.
And Las Vegas has said only Ron Paul, and they're giving this 3-1 in favor of Paul, only Ron Paul can beat Hillary Clinton.
That's why the Republican machine is behind Hillary.
That's why Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch every week have four-hour dinners with Hillary, going back five years.
That's why they're pushing her.
That's why she's gotten more contributions than all the Democrats combined, and all the Republicans combined, if you break the two groups down.
Because this is not a real election.
They're running dead horses, or drug horses, against her.
And here comes a real horse in the race, from nowhere, and it's in pole position, neck-and-neck with Dillery.
Hillary, just a nightmare creature, pro-war, anti-gun, pro-open border.
Everything Bush is.
Bush is pro-war, anti-gun, pro-open border.
I know, the national host told you he was pro-gun.
You've been lied to, my friend.
You just go look into it and you'll find out the truth.
Even NRA board member, former congressman on the show,
Bob Barr has talked about how there's been more anti-gun climate by stealth under Bush than under Clinton.
Because they're all on the same team, CIA officers together.
So, we'll go over the fact that Congressman Ron Paul has come in third in one of the most important... and this is Reuters!
Ron Paul comes third in poll of religious right beats Giuliani, McCain, Thompson.
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney narrowly won a Republican presidential straw poll of Christian conservatives
On Saturday, while Rudy Giuliani persuaded few to look past his support of abortion rights, the poll at a summit of self-styled values voters was largely symbolic, but highlighted the current failure of ardent anti-abortion socialist conservatives to rally behind a single Republican candidate in the 2008 House race.
Romney took 27.6% of the 6,000 votes cast, just ahead of Mike Huckabee, and then of course Ron Paul in a close third.
Now, this was Saturday.
I mentioned Friday, major publications, CNN, Fox, all of them had to admit he is a first tier candidate.
He is raising the third most money.
And Ron Paul has got a shot.
Now, if you want to beat Hillary, you've got to come in for Ron Paul right now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
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That's right, and we're live on the 21st day of October 2007.
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Or locally, listen to us in Central Texas, 836-0590.
Let me walk through the news, and then coming up the next segment, we'll take some of your calls.
You would hear a headline like this most of you out there.
You didn't know what to look at behind it.
And thank God it's no big deal.
Power plant rejected over carbon dioxide for the first time.
Now what does that mean?
We'll break it down in just a moment.
You're like, power plant?
Carbon dioxide?
I don't want to hear about it.
California cities asked to switch off lights.
How does it tie in with this story out of Reuters?
And another one, rising seas threaten 21 megacities.
You know, it's very frustrating to me, because I've actually read the late 1960s and mid-1970s Club of Rome prospectus and the IMF and World Bank documents, and they openly state that they're going to claim there's a climate
I think so.
What type of power plants you can have, a wellhead tax, a tax on every chain of development and delivery.
And they said it's to keep the third world down at subsistence level, and it's to de-industrialize the West and consolidate.
See, the big banks, the big money, they're way above Bill Gates' level.
They had billions a hundred years ago, back when a billion was a billion.
Bill Gates isn't in the same league as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and others.
I think they have congressional hearings, by the way, on the 70s on this.
They're big tax-free foundations.
Their money's, by the way, tax-free, so they don't even pay taxes.
Because they run the game.
And they told the public the trust-busting of 1906 was to stop them.
They actually wrote it.
Just like they actually wrote the Fellow Reserve Act that had the papers they owned claim the banks were against the Fellow Reserve Act, the public got fooled by it and it was for it, and then they got it.
I mean, they're slick, folks.
It's kind of like if you're herding some elephants off a cliff, as primitives used to do to cut them up for meat or other game animals, is that you'll have somebody feint to push them one way and make them charge another, and then somebody else comes from the other side and that drives them right where you want.
And that's what they do.
They use tried and true.
They've spent hundreds of billions of dollars just in the last hundred years studying psychology, how to program, how to pitch, how to control.
To the point of, it's even hard for us to communicate with each other now, and hard for people to even grasp basic semantical symbols and deal with this.
But nevertheless, it is official, it is not my opinion, that we are in a North American Union.
We've been in one for more than two years.
It is not my opinion.
It is an admitted fact that man-made global warming is not real, and that even if you believe that the climate is in crisis, the, quote, solutions they have for it will do absolutely nothing for it.
Now, what does it mean when you have a Washington Post article, power plant rejected over carbon dioxide for the first time?
Well, they had a Penn & Teller skit where they went out
on HBO and went to an environmental meeting fair at a city and said we need to ban water but they use the scientific term for the two molecules and it sounds absolutely horrible just like if you tell somebody should we ban and then use the scientific name for salt they will say absolutely ban it well they have now declared globally and it's now being implemented in the US and Bush has said he's adopting Kyoto too
That carbon dioxide is a toxic, deadly waste.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, plants breathe carbon dioxide.
When this country, and this planet, excuse me, tens of thousands of years ago, in the last warming period, had higher levels of carbon dioxide, there was a much higher level of plant life, and then it's the bottom of the food chain, then generating right up into the higher animals.
Namely us, at the very tip-top of all that.
This is all basic science, but they know, again, the average American can't find the U.S.
on a map.
They've done national studies, that's a fact.
They know who the vice president is.
I'm not talking down to you.
I'm telling you, you better start learning a little bit about liberty and freedom as much as you know about football or acting cool or all those issues, because this is serious business.
Now, they have denied a permit to a coal-powered power plant
In this country, and they're not citing lead, they're not citing mercury from the burning of coal, they are citing carbon dioxide.
This is setting the precedent.
Globally, they're attempting to have every country implement this.
Now, by the way, what do you think you exhale?
That's what they call it, a carbon footprint.
Carbon dioxide.
They admit it is a tax.
The UN says there will finally be a literal tax on breathing.
See, it sets up a false dichotomy that humans are bad, parasitic, and that we are killing the Earth.
And that our breathing is evil and bad.
Carbon dioxide has been 10 times higher off and on in the last 200,000 years from the ice core samples and seabed samples.
They are 100% conclusive.
It has been 10 times as high and they found the trees and all forms of animal life
We're healthier and live longer under high carbon dioxide environments.
Because oxygen, conversely, is at the same general level and rises and drops with carbon dioxide because the two gases are exchanged
And why?
Between the animal and plant kingdoms.
It is literally the engine giving the planet its atmosphere, which is constantly leaking out into space.
A few miles above your heads is the cold deep of space!
Breathing puts carbon dioxide out, and it's what makes the grass grow.
Conversely, the plants then excrete oxygen.
Oxygen isn't a toxic waste either.
If you don't have it, you will die.
And I'm not talking down to my general audience.
I know you don't want to hear this.
You already know all this, but there are tens of thousands of people every five minutes tuning in on our stations across the country who, they don't know this.
They don't understand this.
I mean, when you've got the NFL, and the baseball leagues, and Disney, and Fox, and CNN, all together, and the Fortune 500, yes, man-made, global warming's real!
It's gonna kill us!
We've gotta have global taxes!
When we get back, I'm gonna briefly explain why they want this, the true paradigm.
You want the inside scoop, ladies and gentlemen, you're going to get it here.
You're not going to get this anywhere else, unfortunately.
You'll get pieces of it.
We've done our homework.
We know the globalist game plan.
By the way, this is only the start.
We're going to tell you what this means.
Classifying carbon dioxide as toxic waste.
Stay with us.
It's a fact.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I call for global action on two deadly pollutants.
It's so deadly, ladies and gentlemen, that I don't even want to discuss what they'll do to your children.
One is hydrogen oxide.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is so evil.
It is literally, unspeakably evil.
And the other one is sodium chloride.
Even more devilish.
We've got to ban them.
We've got to tax them.
We've got to arrest anyone caught dumping them.
Of course, the hydrogen oxide is water.
Seventy-four percent of the Earth's surface is covered with it.
Seventy-plus percent of your body is made of it.
It is the water of life.
And, of course, then sodium chloride is the devil's salt that you put on your eggs in the morning and that without you would die.
The devil's salt.
And that doesn't matter, though.
If they actually, if they said, put a tax on it was deadly and killing the air, the general public would fall down hailing it as long as they had some beautiful Hollywood starlet pushing it.
And that's why you're becoming slaves.
You're going to be big-time slaves.
Power plant rejected over
Carbon dioxide for the first time.
Now, I happened to do hours of research on this just when I saw this Friday, but I'd already done a lot of research before and interviewed top energy experts, and again, Nobel Prize winners in economics, and Joseph Stigler, Chief Economist, World Bank, and others about the scandal that was being worked here on the specific subject of power plants.
You see, we got the oil company documents in 2000, AP did, Associated Press.
Let me get to the meat of this, okay?
Let me give you some background here.
I don't want to just say something.
I want to give you the facts around it.
Just a small portion of them.
Believe me, you're only getting one one-thousandth of it.
It's much worse.
This is what makes me so mad.
How they're scamming you and scamming me.
But it's almost worse.
I have to know about it.
And then watch you get fooled by it.
There were hundreds and hundreds of refineries right here in Texas.
In fact, I got family out in East Texas.
Down the road was a refinery.
People had jobs at it.
The oil companies in the mid-1990s, and the documents came out in 2000 in a suit, we got them, Exxon, Mobil, all of them, they met around big commission table, just like in the Godfather, and said, we're too much oil, we've discovered too much oil all over the planet, we've got to keep the price up, artificial scarcity, as a cartel, again, a group coming together to create a monopoly, an oligopoly, it's all in there, black and white, they're on presentplanet.com, you want to go read the actual documents.
We don't just have links to the AP article, we have links to the actual documents.
Save it on our site for posterity as well.
And they said that we'll go in and buy up all of these refineries.
We'll pay two or three times what they're worth if they won't sell.
And if they won't, we'll use local environmental rules and lobbies to shut them down.
And you go look at Greenpeace, you go look at all these other big environmental groups, most of them are sub-directorates of the World Wildlife Fund, with a little panda bear set up by the SS officer, Prince Bernard, who just died.
His daughter, Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands, the cousin of Queen Elizabeth, runs a controlling share, not just in Dutch Rochelle, but also British Petroleum.
It's mainly Dutch.
By the way, her assets are secret.
It's a Dutch government secret.
You better find out who these people are, because they're sworn to take you and your family down.
I don't mean just slavery.
That is enough for them.
It's stated.
The Waffen-SS started it, and you're going to understand it now.
If you don't know what that is, find out.
It means the armed SS.
Now, that's only one small group in all of this.
They're monopoly men.
And they came in, and they bought off 200 plus of the refineries,
Quite a few others, they shut down by greasing the skids locally with the environmental mafia.
That's all it is, is the mafia.
The mob in old Italy would come and say, you gotta pay me 10% to have a business.
Well here, we wouldn't put up with that.
They say, it's for the earth!
We decide who can have a business and who can't.
Oh, you wanna have a shrimp farm outside Austin?
You're not allowed to!
No, they gotta be grown on the equator with all the toxic waste fed to them and brought back here.
I was just, a fellow was telling me about the other day, so I did some research, and sure enough it was true.
But, side issue.
It's always for the Earth.
Oh, it's for the Earth.
It's the same thing with these power plants.
Coal is all over the place.
Four states.
There's only two places in the world, an area in Mongolia, China, and the four states where they come together, up around Utah and Colorado and Wyoming.
And they have more clean burning.
I mean, it's totally clean.
No mercury.
Not even trace amounts.
No lead.
It is clean coal.
Most coal is filthy dirty.
And when you burn it, even with good scrubbers and good filters, a lot of mercury and lead comes down.
And we've got a lot of coal-powered plants.
And we breathe it.
We're supplying five or six states around us right here in Texas.
We're the biggest energy producer in the country.
My family's breathing lead and mercury.
And we're breathing it.
I don't like it.
Do you hear a word out of the phony environmental groups about that?
Absolutely not.
Oh, no.
In fact, it was the federal government in Bill Clinton, at the behest of the oil companies and the gas companies, because most of that property was held in state and private hands in Utah and other areas, most of it in Utah, to not let them mine the near-the-surface clean-burning coal.
So they come right down here to Texas and Georgia and other areas and dig up the surface dirty coal, filled with mercury and every other poison you can imagine, and they just
And that's all for the oil companies, because they don't want coal competing with them in those power plants.
And if there was free market, your energy would be a lot cheaper, but they're using the environmental goons that they bankrolled, and I'm not just saying this, I've done the research, to run around and spew all this propaganda.
The only liberal that's ever admitted this is Greg Palast of the BBC,
And he found all the Dutch Royal Shell documents, too, where they created all the fake peak oil crowd that claims there's no oil left and all this.
And boy, he almost got ostracized by the left wing for that, so he kind of shut up.
Then you got the phony idiot right wing who thinks they're right wing and they're not, running around believing that it's a bunch of hippies stopping drilling in Alaska.
I have the congressional hearings, the documents.
I've interviewed Atlantic Richfield executives.
I've interviewed the chaplains that were in the meetings.
All of it.
It's even been in mainstream news, but here and there.
That they have enough oil to run this country for 500 years in Alaska, in one field alone, for more than 100.
But they won't let them put in the pipelines, because the oil companies don't want it, because it would drive oil down, even with a depreciated dollar, to 50 cents a gallon!
For your gasoline, after it was refined.
It comes out of the ground a lot harder than it does out of Saudi Arabia.
It's all about monopolies.
So, now I will tell you what it means when you read, Power Plant Rejected Over Carbon Dioxide For First Time.
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment yesterday became the first government agency in the United States.
...to cite carbon dioxide emissions as the reason for rejecting an air permit for a proposed coal-fired electricity-generated plant, saying that the greenhouse gas threatens public health and the environment.
Now, there you go.
First, the government, at the behest of big corporations, using environmentalists as fronts, comes in and shuts off clean-burning coal, so we really do have an environmental problem.
Lead and mercury in the air.
Which none of us want to breathe.
I'm a real environmentalist, a real conservationist.
But the movement was founded by the Rockefellers over a hundred years ago, by the way that's in the encyclopedia, to grab property and land.
They found when they'd send Pinkerton out to machine gun a bunch of people with their minds, that they're famous for that, that it would make them look real bad, so they would claim it was for the Earth when they'd kick squatters off land.
Oh yeah, the Rockefellers would send in guys with machine guns, just mow down whole crowds of people.
These robber barons are real friendly people.
And they're smart, by the way.
They come with a lot of scams for you and your family, and you seem to buy into it.
So, power plant rejected.
So now they're saying that what we exhale, what plants breathe, is a toxic waste.
And so, by the way, this is Sunflower Electric Power, a smaller company.
They have power plants, but they're small compared to the big giants.
Of course, it's them being shut down.
So now we're in this socialist country where the big corporations control the government, and they tell the government, don't give permits to them, don't give them to them, only us.
See how that works?
And they're declaring what we ex-sale as toxic waste, and the U.N.
says they're going to tax us individually and have a tax on more than one child, which is how the one-child policy started in China, which the U.N.
funded and set up to begin with.
You want to be a feudal slave?
This is it.
We're going to come back.
I promise we're going to go to your phone calls, Dave and others that are holding.
Stay with me.
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I think so.
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Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
They're already announcing in England by fiat.
They're going to make the population pay huge fines and fees and get home inspections before they can add anything on to any home under the new human footprint initiatives.
The evil gases we put off.
Oh, we can't feed cows certain fees.
Their flatulence is causing greenhouse gas.
There's always been huge bovine herds from Africa to the Americas.
In larger numbers than they are now.
It's just all made up.
It's all made up, and then you've got real environmental problems like genetic engineering, open-air testing, chimeras, cross-species, all the things that are happening.
Oh, there's no debate on that.
No problem with that.
They only use it to shut down any competition.
It is selectively enforced.
Here's another example.
This happens all over the country.
You heard about New London Kilo, and we're going to go to your calls.
Well, was it two years ago now, up in Connecticut, where these people didn't want to sell their $300,000 plus houses.
My point is, people always say, I'll take the poor people's houses, but these are middle class folks.
$300,000, $400,000, $500,000, two, three story Victorian houses right there on the lake.
And the city just said, we're just going to take it.
The Supreme Court said, yeah.
By the way, they're not even giving just compensation.
I forgot that part.
People were given, in one case, $60,000, $61,000 for a $500-something house.
Down in South Texas, in Freeport, they are taking Western Seafood.
It's a company that makes a profit of $15 million a year.
Last time I saw it in the Dallas Morning News, I interviewed the head of it, Mr. Gore.
And just because a big company wants to build a place for yachts, they're just taking where they've had a seafood company since the 40s.
I mean, it's literally like the Old Lords in England a thousand years ago or something, or 500 years ago.
It's totally pre-Magna Carta.
It's medieval.
Remember Austinites?
There was going to be a 15,000 acre park outside Austin?
I read their official plans.
Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, SOS, Local Group in Austin.
They were going to build million-dollar houses and golf courses and stuff on it.
And hotel spas.
And they have.
First they told the ranchers and farmers they couldn't sell it, couldn't build on it, couldn't use it.
That depressed the price for five years.
Then they forced a sale through the city for pennies on the dollar.
Then the city pimps that did it now move up to the state senators.
They get to control how it's divvied up.
And they do it right out in front of everybody.
Right out, and I remember going and seeing the crying old guys in their cowboy hats, and the old ladies, please don't take it!
And they would just laugh and go, but it's for the Earth!
They'd have all these hippies in their sandals and long hair, and I don't care how you dress, the point is, it's your little costume, all in there, we save our springs, it's for the Earth!
And I was like, no it's not!
No, it says right here they're going to build on it!
It's a scam!
They're the biggest landowners in the country!
Shut up, you right-wing devil!
And I'm like, no, it's the documents!
It's the documents!
And I had some of the people from those different groups point-blank get me in the parking lots and at restaurants, you know, and at events where I debated them and on radio shows, just in the hall go, you can't stop us, the public's too dumb.
I'll never forget one of them sitting there saying, I mean, I was just like, I could say his name on air, but I'm just going to leave Sleeping Dog's line because he could deny it.
You know, let's just say he's got dark hair and a dark mustache.
And he's there, I was debating him on Shannon Burke's radio show on the other station years ago,
And, uh, I go out there to get some coffee in the brick, and he's out there, and he just snickers.
You know what?
We'll believe you.
No one cares.
They don't know.
And I was like, but you're taking the lane.
And he goes, of course we are!
I mean, it's just like, they're laughing at you!
I can't handle it anymore!
I mean, do you love being gamed and scammed and always took?
Is it fun to be idiots?
Alright, I'm gonna shut up.
I said I'd take calls.
I got so much news coming up in the next hour.
Let's just go to Dave right now.
I'll call him from New York.
Dave, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey Alex, how are you doing?
New York's calling to tell you guys what you're doing.
I'm having trouble understanding you, go ahead.
Oh sorry, I mumble sometimes.
I watched the Bill Maher Show to basically monitor what's going on around with these people.
It reminded me of, like, you know, you shine a light on evil, but, like, shine a light on Bill Maher, and he absolutely ran around like a cockroach.
You know, he was, like, he was completely, completely out of control, and he showed exactly what they are.
He showed exactly what they are.
You know, the false left
I don't know if you've heard of John Mayer?
I think that the Bill Maher thing, it's critical mass, and like when John Mayer does that, that's exactly the type of thing that, you know, is happening with Ron Paul.
It's affecting other outlets of our daily lives.
That's right, I heard about him like on TV screaming Ron Paul or something, it's the Constitution.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Like, you know, I'm 26 years old, so I still go out to the bars and, you know, mingle with the socialites and everything, but, uh, you know, that's the type of thing I encounter.
You know, people are, like, holding John Mayer back, like he's saying something so terrible, you know?
No, I didn't see it, but everybody told me about him saying, I like Ron Paul and the Constitution, and people, like, grab him like he said Satan is king or something.
Like, he's like...
Exactly, exactly.
And I never would have seen something like that.
That's just a friend of mine.
That's because they're scared to death, my friend.
Well, you saw the video.
First off, tell folks who Mayer is, who may not know, and tell them what you saw.
Oh, John Mayer is a great musician.
He wrote that song called, uh, what was it called?
It's called, uh... It doesn't matter, go ahead.
It's a great political song, because there's so few.
And, um, so yeah, so he's a musician, he's also been, you know, people might know him from other songs, but, um, and he's talking to the kids from Accepted.
You know, the movie Accepted, and he's been in some other movies.
Those stupid tunes that movie.
And, you know, the guy's just, you know, they're obviously having some sort of debate about the presidential candidacy and everything.
And, you know, you can tell, maybe you have a kid and you don't really know who he's going to vote for.
Probably, you know, establishment Hillary or something is going to say about, you know, looking at Ron Paul like he's a Republican from Texas.
Just not being able to discern that there's a difference.
And, uh, there's all these people holding him back because they're probably out drinking and everything.
And, uh, all John Mayer is saying is, Ron Paul knows the Constitution.
I read the Constitution.
You should.
And, uh, you know, there's no other candidate that represents the Constitution.
We're all supposed to be for that.
And by the way, for those that just joined us, Ron Paul, the media keeps saying he raised $5 million.
He raised $5 million in a week and a half.
Okay, and he raised $5 million in the quarter before that, and he raised $3 million in the quarter before that, and now he's trying to raise, what is it, $18 million in this next quarter, and he's on track to do it.
He's raising more money than Mitt Romney right now.
Oh, is all that money?
Rupert Murdoch has had newspapers in New York, Australia, England, all over the world write big articles saying it's a myth, there's two guys eating Hot Pockets and excavating their noses with their pinkies, playing video games that have made Ron Paul this popular and made Ron Paul this huge success.
And they just keep trying to say that and say that, but finally this week,
CNN, Fox, uh, people send me the clips so I get it all aggretized down to me.
It was every TV network.
I mean, it was, it was everything.
Said Ron Paul is now first tier.
Ron Paul is in the poor position to win the Republican nomination.
And Las Vegas, who's never wrong, and there's huge bets placed on the, on who's going to win nominations and who's going to get second place and the president's going to be, for those that didn't know that.
Las Vegas has to be right.
They've never been wrong on the president or who gets nominations.
And they're saying only Ron Paul can beat Hillary.
Only Ron Paul can beat Hillary.
That's the big Vegas booking houses that do the lines on the NFL.
It's the biggest ones out there.
And they're all saying... Their numbers vary slightly.
There's a whole bunch of them.
Some say he's 5-1 now.
Some say he's 3-1.
Some say he's 2-1.
But they all say he will be the only one who can beat Hillary.
And they go through all this analysis.
And it's my analysis, too.
Because if you know the truth, you're going to say the same thing.
That's what I've been saying for years.
I said Hillary would be the nominee.
I said she would raise more money than anybody.
I mean, I knew that when Rupert Murdoch was hanging out with her every week five years ago.
And only she can defeat him.
Only Ron Paul can beat her.
And that's the point I'm trying to make here.
That all these Republicans that aren't putting out even conservative values, of course Republicans aren't going to rally to them.
And the establishment scenario was to let ten guys get up there,
Dilute the field.
Never let any of them get any traction to ensure Hillary won.
Oh, that was a tactic!
In the past, they'd only let two, three guys get up there during those Republican debates.
Now they let ten, eleven of them up.
The establishment, the big money, the people who have the president as their little puppets, their little minions, thought that would happen.
But Ron Paul, in that field of crud,
You know, that field of open border promoting, gun control loving, abortion loving scum, fake conservatives, all dolled up like the little frisks they are, you know, when they're not out running around on the
I'm not going to say it.
We're out of time for this hour.
We're going to come back and take more calls from Tim and others.
Hi, Ted Anderson here.
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But as I believe in evolution, I also believe that we have the bully pulpit in Washington, and that means that if we had a domestic agenda, and that we'd realize that we are far behind in our science and NIH and CDC, we'd be able to attack
This is part of the Democrats.
I'm from New Jersey.
Boy, sometimes here at CBS, I wish this town wasn't working.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, and we have to cut it there because Mr. Maher starts using some F-bombs and things.
Then he runs out in the crowd and starts pushing and shoving on people, but we are Change Los Angeles, a 9-11 truth group, part of International Grassroots Mushrooming of groups, after the chapter that started with the 28-year-old Luke Radowsky in New York City.
They are in politicians and bureaucrats' faces everywhere.
Bill Maher has, on several shows, called us insane scum, traitors, evil, full of it, for questioning the official 9-11 story.
If you investigate any of it, you'll find out that it's a fraud, end-to-end, and that the official story is a lie.
I've even interviewed and talked to members of the 9-11 Commission, who've admitted that they were lied to.
But the issue here is that the people are mad.
And they're confronting politicians everywhere, and this ties into that 11% approval rating for Congress.
You see, in the past, one party would be in favor, fooling the people, and the other party would be out of the favor.
And then they were both arms on the same body, and then one would get in trouble, and then the other group would come back in.
It was kind of a tag team, WWF wrestling.
It was as real as that.
And now the jig is up.
The curtain's up.
The public knows they're being lied to.
They just don't know specifically how.
So we are Change LA.
And I haven't even talked to them yet.
My producer set them up today.
I appreciate him doing that.
They just confronted him Friday night live.
And they were smart.
They got into the event, got into the meeting, and one person was here, one person was there.
At least from what I've seen on the video, they were split up.
So as security guards grabbed each person, the next person could stand up
And do their hit-and-run in the Infowar.
Bill Maher is a particular case because he likes to pose as a liberal, and pose as a good guy, but Hillary's gonna save us, and the liberals are good.
No, both parties bought and paid for by the same people.
Now, Bruno Breweiler was of course there and yelling and drug out, and so was Katie Kurtzman.
And they also put together a great video, Los Angeles We Are Change, at WeAreChangeLA.com.
We have links to it up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And I know that Mar ran up also and shoved on a woman.
There were several women in there.
I don't know if that was Miss Kurtzman.
And was really acting tough once the security guards had already grabbed the peaceful demonstrators.
So he's a real man.
He can go up and shove on women.
And Katie, was that you he was shoving on?
Actually, he didn't get a chance to touch me and by that time I think he was pretty terrified and he came to the edge of the stage and a couple of producers came up to me and literally with terror in their eyes looked at me and asked me, begged me, please to just walk out quietly.
They didn't put a hand on me.
I think they were too scared.
Okay, well the Eyewitness reports and I believe the AP even reported on it.
So the AP is wrong that Lord Marr, they were building him up as a big man, didn't manhandle people?
No, I told him.
He told me he would throw me at himself and I'm like, come on!
And he was like, ahhh!
So no, he... Did he look like an NFL linebacker?
Was he scary?
He looked absolutely terrified and confused is what he looked like.
Well, this is the real world, and this is called revolution.
This is called defense of liberty.
This is how it all starts.
This is just the Tea Party, ladies and gentlemen.
We're just having fun right now, you know, after leaving the Green Dragon Inn.
It's going to get more serious.
Tell me about, well, let's bring up Bruno.
Bruno, what happened to you in all of this?
Well, I was like the fourth or fifth one.
First of all, I want to say hello Alex.
I'm a big fan of yours and I met you in New York.
I'm a big fan of you, Bruno.
I'm a big fan of you taking action and doing daring things like that.
I appreciate that.
Yeah, we were all split up and by the time it got to me, I'm the one who said, how come you won't debate
We're good to go.
He's the one they dragged out.
They're going to get to that when we come back.
Save that because we're about to break.
In the short segment we've got left,
What is it like to see 9-11 Truth exponentially exploding, just like Ron Paul is?
I mean, to see the fact that just one group, We Are Change, has 30-something chapters across the world, and you guys are confronting people every day.
I mean, some chapters are doing it themselves every day.
I mean, this is getting in millions of views on the web.
I mean, this is a phenomenon.
I don't want to brag, but I pioneered using the Internet six, seven, eight years ago to stream confrontations.
And this is what I've always done, and just to see it picked up and run with is very exciting.
Can you speak to that?
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, what happened Friday night is the top show on YouTube right now.
You know, on YouTube, it's number one on almost all the lists.
Well, there's hundreds of versions of it, but the main one has 300-something thousand, I don't know, 200-something thousand views.
So yeah, you've definitely hit the new world order where it hurts.
Yes, and this is important.
We have to keep stepping it up.
We were inspired by We Are Change and Luke and all of his efforts.
We saw him confronting Bloomberg and Sabrina confronting Giuliani.
And it's those kind of events that are inspiring to other truthers.
And it's good to stop letting them just rape us and lord over us and lie to us.
It's good to start taking them on.
We're going to get more of them.
I have a lot to tell about actually what happened to the Bill Maher Show.
I mean, it's part of the machine now.
It is so constructed.
There's nothing really live.
We were the only really live aspect of that show.
Well, I tell you what, we're going to go behind the curtain when we get back.
Go ahead and start.
Tell us what really goes on there.
Well, just like the John Edwards segment, you know, the Q television audience thinks that John Edwards is on the show, but he wasn't.
That was recorded earlier, and that wasn't the same audience.
It was a John Edwards, you know, audience.
It was all his supporters were filling the seats.
Now that is, now hold on, if they didn't tell people that, that is extremely, that is not kosher.
Yes, we were sitting there.
To have a hand-picked audience.
To have a hand-picked audience.
How do you know that?
Because we were sitting there.
It was on tape right in front of us.
We were watching it at the same time that everyone else was.
How do you know it was just a John Edwards audience?
Yeah, Bill Maher was sitting quietly at his desk in the dark while the television audience was watching that.
And so it was an earlier audience and the guy next to me told me that it was pre-recorded.
I thought John Edwards was going to be on the show.
He said, no, it was pre-recorded.
And then if you watch it again, Bill Maher says, look, they love you.
Isn't that great?
Acting like it was the live audience that was giving him the standing ovation.
My question is, Bruno, how do you know it was a group of, in the earlier audience for the tape interview, how do you know it was a group of Edwards supporters?
Well, because I will admit that's an assumption I'm making, but it was not advertised.
They didn't sell tickets.
Well, let me be clear.
I don't doubt you that they brought a few buses in because it was easy, and I believe you're right.
We need to track that down and ask Mar about that, because that is shady.
But that's all part of what modern media is, is a staged event.
And that's why it's so easy to crash through their propaganda.
And others, stay right there, Katie.
We're going to come right back to you on the other side of this quick break, and go behind the little man in the curtain, the Great Oz, with his lightning and his smoke, trying to scare us into submission.
TruthNews.us is our new website.
Stay with us.
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Thank you for listening to GCN.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
More and more Americans.
They're getting off the couch.
They're ceasing to be couch potatoes.
They're getting out.
They're getting involved politically.
But most importantly, they're not getting picked up like flies on flypaper by the left and the right.
Sheets of flypaper put out by the New World Order.
They're getting serious.
They're learning about globalization, the New World Order.
They're not taking the media serious when big national radio hosts
...say that there's no such thing as a CFR or a New World Order.
They're going and reading the actual documents of the New World Order.
The books written by David Rockefeller and others.
And the editor of Time Magazine, Shrobe Talbot, saying they want to bring down U.S.
They're finding out about government-sponsored terror and all the declassified, hundreds of declassified examples where our government admits it staged terror attacks, killed our troops, killed our citizens, killed other people.
By the way, ever seen that movie by Graham Greene?
It's fiction, but it's based on true stories, with the CIA blowing up groups of people in Vietnam to blame it on the Soviets, to blame it on the Viet Cong.
The Viet Cong did it right back, too, but that's how this evil started.
Well, the Communist state's bombing and blaming it on us, we're going to bomb things and blame it on them!
And then you wake up, you're the devil.
When you dance with the devil, the devil doesn't change, you change.
And so, Google Operation Northwoods, ABC News, Baltimore Sun, Actual Documents,
At the Library of Congress online?
Official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11?
Oh, they'll never debunk that when national television or foreign television comes here and then builds straw men and says, Alex Jones is wrong about this and then say I said something I never even said and then disprove it.
That's a straw man.
No, they'll never talk about all the dozens of points I make that are irrefutable about 9-11 being an inside job.
No, they don't want to touch that with a 10-foot pole.
They don't want to get close to it.
Look, I salute Katie Kurtzman and Bruno Bruehleiner.
Because they are the future of this country and this world.
More people will imitate what they've done, and accentuate it, and add to it, and what I've done, and what Luke's done.
And it's an example of paying it forward.
I just started this before other people did.
I'm nothing special.
I got beat up when he was like 16.
He's 21 now.
He saw my film, Police State 2000, five years ago.
Woke up, became a 9-11 truther, and has done so much.
And now Bruno and Katie and others are out there doing it.
Let's get into what happened after your friend first stood up and started speaking out, and what they did to him.
And of course we learn from each incident.
The key is not to just split up.
So they can't stop you so you can go on and on and on for five minutes as it did, taking over national television.
But you also, next time when they start to get up near him, start a little earlier, they'll be taken off balance by you and then won't brutalize him.
So that's a tactic you might use that I just learned from watching it.
Go ahead.
That sounds like a good idea.
And before going in, we were trying not to plan it out too much because we've never done this before.
And we wanted to keep it as, you know, feel it out and let it show.
Just like Luke Skywalker, first time in combat, went right into the Death Star and fired your torpedoes right into the reactor.
Yeah, and just, you know, leave it to the Force.
You know, the 11th Truth is a powerful force.
When you have it in your heart, it's really easy to do.
I do want to say this, Alex, to everyone out there.
I agree.
Don't live your life as spectators who never get on the field.
Stop being afraid.
Turn your inner strength loose.
Ask God to guide you.
Now is the time to take action.
Now is the time to stop being so scared.
Katie, what was this like for you?
Was this empowering?
Um, it definitely was.
I was a little afraid when I was thinking about it, but once I got into the room, I had no fear at all.
In fact, I felt huge.
It was like my chest was just filled up with the truth.
That's what they're scared of, man.
They know that spirit of the sleeping giant is rising.
That's why they're trying to set up their police state, their FEMA camps, their prisons.
It isn't working.
Folks, don't hide how you feel inside.
Don't let anybody stand in your way of liberty and freedom.
And not just how you feel inside.
Don't let anybody stand in the way of what you know.
This country is being destroyed.
Now tell me what happened to the first fella.
So, Randy, he got quite a few statements in and he was nervous and he admits that.
But he was really powerful, and he broke the ice for the rest of us, for sure.
And then you see Bill Maher prancing to the audience, pretending to be tough, and touching a security guard, and he just looked really silly to me.
Now, he didn't carry it off well.
It was like a four-foot, I'm not saying people are shorter, four-foot, butt-toothed wimp trying to dress up in a six-foot-five soldier's uniform.
Yeah, he's got nothing against cheerleaders, but he looked like a cheerleader prancing across the floor.
Well, he puts on the act that he's a big ladies man, but I found that hard to believe.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry, just go ahead.
Well, then, you know, and Katie was standing up, and she was actually saying something during the ruckus, and then she really spoke up, you know, and called him a coward.
I got Building 7 in there a couple of times.
Well, let's go through what everybody said.
Let's go through what everybody said in a minute, but finish telling the story about what first happened to Randy.
Well, as they were dragging him out, they had five to eight people grabbing him and dragging him out, and he threw dollars in the air on his way out.
For those that don't know, those are fake dollar bills that have 9-11, Inside Job, and websites all over them.
Yeah, and they took him upstairs to a room, and he was up there, and he said, and then they handcuffed him and put him face down on the floor, which they have no right to do.
But don't be afraid!
That's a rite of passage, folks.
It's fun.
And he, at that moment, he was... Well, I just got arrested in New York, but go ahead.
It was on top of the world.
I talked to him.
He was on top of the world.
He's feeling really powerful now because it's the right thing to do.
I mean, we have to.
We can't sit by and watch all this happen.
By the way, that's where your energy to get excited and get upset is, is for activism and action.
And they take those tribal energies and put them into sports and other things that are in fact similes of true human behavior that we have in us for a reason.
Go ahead.
Yeah, absolutely.
I agree with you completely on that.
And then he said, the security said, there's more of them!
There's more of them!
I like how they wait a minute, and then it just kind of keeps going.
It was beautiful.
I've never seen it done better.
We had about nine of us in there, actually.
You didn't hear the whole thing.
Well, you guys are virtuosos.
Why didn't we hear the whole thing?
Did they cut the TV show off?
Well, not everyone was brave enough to go through with it.
And I'm not... And, you know, they're truthers, and we love them.
And even Randy said before he was in a similar situation, and he didn't do it.
Are you guys Ron Paulers?
Are you guys Ron Paulers, too?
I'm undecided at this point.
I love Ron Paul.
He's probably got my most likely vote, but I'm looking at percentage.
I'm, you know...
I'm disappointed in everybody, I think, but we'll see.
I want somebody to come out and say 9-11 was an inside job, we have to take care of it.
As soon as we've gotten closer to that than Paul, but Paul is an anti-gun, and that's key.
They get our gun and we're going... I used to be anti-gun until... I used to be for gun control until I found out about 9-11, and I'm like, you know what?
If Blackwater comes down the street, I want everybody on my block to have a gun.
Well, you know what Blackwater is?
I just learned it, I looked it up, it was true.
I thought it was a joke, like it meant sewage.
Because Blackwater is sewage.
And now I learned that it was corps of Japanese assassins who would go in and overthrow countries covertly for the Emperor.
And, oh, what a horrible, wicked name, now that I know what it means.
Stay there.
One more segment, and I promise we're going to get to everybody else's calls, folks.
You want to talk about what happened with Bill Maher?
Talk about what's happening with saying carbon dioxide is a deadly poison.
Got to ban it.
Next will be water.
We'll talk to him.
We are Change LA when we get back.
It's a fact.
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You know, I get so busy ranting and raving about all the land grabbing and stealing and wars and black-op mercs, and I forget to tell everybody that I got a new film coming out!
Endgame, Blueprint, or Global Enslaved if we're not to go back to our gasoline-year cult.
Did you hear Reuters?
Did you see the story?
Did you hear about it on the news?
The father of DNA who found the double helix.
By the way, he's a big star in Endgame.
That I just finished up about a month and a half ago.
And, lo and behold, scientist Watson returns home to the U.S.
in shame over race rove.
Nobel Prize winning DNA authority, Dr. James Watson, former head of the U.S.
eugenics program, I would add, cut short a book tour in Britain on Friday and returned to the United States over radically insensitive comments attributed to him in a British newspaper.
And what did he say?
He said blacks are basically stupid, genetically, are dumb, basically different creatures.
He then went on to say that people who don't have high enough IQ should be barred from having children.
Folks, this is the guy.
Okay, this is the guy who headed up the Cold Springs Harbor program when it was a eugenics op.
And then when Hitler got embarrassed, he learned it all, by the way, from the Cold Springs Harbor, literally.
He wrote in Mein Kampf, he thanked Margaret Sanger in the U.S., his struggle.
He got embarrassed, so they changed the names of it.
And by the way, they have race-specific bioweapons, and the Vice President has written they want to use them.
They say they want to legitimize their use as a politically useful tool.
That's a quote in the September 2000 TNAC document, Rebuilding America's Defenses.
Saying that killing certain races might be a good idea.
You cannot make this type of stuff up.
I'm sure you won't go look it up.
Because Dick Cheney didn't write that, right?
You're not going to go look it up.
It's on their own website.
The 25 neocons run the PNAC organization.
They also said terrorist attacks would be helpful to be able to launch a war.
They said that in the same white paper, Rebuilding America's Defenses, September 20th, 2000.
So, in-game, we're about to go back to our guests, but in-game is going to be shown at the Alabama Draft House, South Lamar.
We've shown it four times, sold out every time.
Why not have some more showings?
I'll be speaking at the Monday showing.
And there's a few tickets left.
I'm going to speak 20 minutes.
7 to 10.
Take 20 minutes of questions after.
But it's a 2 hour, 20 minute film.
The blueprint for global enslavement.
You want to know what their plan is.
Why they want the world government.
That's just the beginning.
See, Hitler wanted to run militarily so he could kill 80% of us.
But see, they're going to do it politically and then militarily run their black ops.
You might want to come see Endgame tomorrow if you live in Central Texas.
7 o'clock.
Get your tickets at infowares.com by linking through over there.
And then it'll be back in the theater Tuesday and Wednesday.
I might show up to say hi, but I'm not.
I think?
Alright, let's go ahead and go to this two minute trailer for Endgame.
First time I've played that here.
And then we'll go right back to our guests and then to John and Jason and a few others that are holding.
Here we go.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Dillberg is making great progress toward a world government, and only an educated, informed public can stop them in their tracks.
Alex, shall I begin?
For the first time, all the pieces have been put together.
The dots have been connected, and the picture is crystal clear.
Earth's ruling elite believe they have discovered the fountain.
But before they can attain it, 80% of us must die.
A psychopathic technocracy is establishing world government so there can be no escape from their plan.
The New World Order is the Old World Order.
I mean, it's just the names have changed, the appearances have changed.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's their aphrodisiac.
Their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
You have been warned.
People warned the world about Hitler.
They warned them about Stalin.
They warned them about Mao.
They literally all flowed from these people.
And we have the documents.
We go and confront the actual global elite.
The actual royalty, the Rothschilds, all meeting.
We got it all on tape, folks.
Queens, you name it.
It is hardcore.
This is a hardcore radio show.
I try to have a stiff upper lip, a jovial attitude about it, but it's very serious.
Look, we need you out there, the activists, to spread the word about Endgame.
I'm working so hard, I don't have time to give you orders from headquarters.
I'm asking you, help me get Endgame out to everyone.
It's going to hit the web at PrisonPlanet.tv in five days.
It's going to hit DVD November 1st.
Order it right now at Infowars.com.
We're packing them up, got them ready to ship out November 1st.
It hits Amazon for sale November 13th, and stores November 13th.
I just want the film to get out there.
I'm begging you to help me get it out there.
In closing with our guest, who I have just been so honored to have on with us, Bruno Breweiler, and of course, Katie Kurtzman,
Specifically, do you have any websites for We Are Change LA, and is there any other points you want to make?
There is one point I want to make.
Randy, when he was, they called the police and when they arrived, you know, Randy was face down with handcuffs on, and they said, pick those handcuffs off.
And Randy, they said, what happened?
Randy said, there was a comedian on stage, and I heckled him.
And the police were like, there was nothing he did wrong.
Where was this specifically in the Hollywood sector?
Well, this is the heart of Hollywood.
It was in the CBS studios.
It was in the same stage that they do The Price is Right.
Well, I've got to say this about the LAPD.
They're really mean, but they're professional.
Let me tell you, Alex, you've got to know this.
When we're out on the street doing street actions, the LAPD is coming up, shaking our hands, saying thank you.
I was about to say that I've been there, and I know they're really mean, but if you don't cross them and don't get in their face, they're going to leave you alone.
The difference is, in New York, they're either fans or they're total demons.
I'm sure you experienced being in New York.
Yeah, absolutely.
I saw the same thing.
I saw in a group when we were in New York, in the same group, there was an officer asking for a DVD and other ones were stopping at it.
Well, you know, Charlie Sheen and some other Hollywood bigwig producers were there.
And at my big symposium a year and a half ago in LA, at the Sheraton downtown, and their bodyguards are all retired or current detectives, or SWAT team guys, and they're all, of course we all know it's inside job, everyone knows it's inside job, and then they invited their cop buddies down, they were all agreeing to it, and then they were saying, oh, anybody's got to have a brain, those, I mean, look, so yeah, you're saying the LAPD comes up and shakes your hand?
Absolutely, and this is Katie, we lost me on the other line, so I'm on Bruno's thoughts,
Um, and we have a fire department coming up to us all the time.
They blow their horns for us.
We have this on video, by the way.
I mean, people know we get tons and tons of hawks.
Well, give folks your website.
Uh, we are at... We are...
Sorry, I guess you don't remember who we are now, we're so new.
All one word.
Hey, the latest, greatest.
Well, I salute you.
I want to have my producer call you at the end of the show.
I want to get you to pop in with another report on this tomorrow.
We're going to write a big story up on PrisonPlanet.com and TruthNews.us for tomorrow's edition in the morning with the new details that you've told us.
I salute you, and I want to thank you for coming on with us.
Thank you, and I can't wait for Endgame.
Thank you.
Well, just help us get it out to people.
You will be authorized to make copies.
Thank you, God bless you.
You will be authorized to make copies.
I'm sorry, Katie, what?
Oh, she's gone.
Okay, we're going to come back, final segment, take a bunch of your phone calls.
Get ready for Phone Blitz!
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This is the GCN Radio Network, home to hard-hitting talk radio.
Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
We're coming at you, New World Order!
We're not going to be cowed anymore.
We're not backing down.
We know you're terrorists.
We know you're involved in eugenics.
We know you put poison in our food and water and our vaccines.
We know you think you rule over us with a bunch of animals.
We're here to tell you, you're going down!
This is just the beginning, New World Order!
And you can kill us individually, but you can't kill the idea of liberty and freedom.
Because ideas are bulletproof!
All right.
John, Tim, Jason, Jason, and a couple of others.
I'm going to get your calls here in just a moment in the final segment, but this Reuters story
Scientist Watson returns to the U.S.
over race row.
That's out of Reuters in England, so row is a fight.
Most Americans don't know what that means.
Nobel Prize winning DNA authority, Dr. James Watson, cut short a book tour to Britain on Friday and returned to the United States recently in sensitive comments attributed to him in a British newspaper.
I read those earlier this week on my weekly show.
It just went on and on.
The winner of the 1962 Nobel Prize for his description of the double helix structure of the DNA apologized for his remarks on Thursday as an appearance to promote his new book, saying he did not mean to characterize Africans as genetically inferior, which is exactly what he said.
But he canceled the rest of his tour to return to the United States to deal with the growing controversy and his suspension as Chancellor of the Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory in New York, his publicist said in a telephone interview.
Now, you talk about hidden in plain view.
Did you just hear that?
I want you at home, I know 70% of this country's got computers, I want you to type into Google, Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory, or just Cold Springs Harbor, and then eugenics after it if you'd like, and you will find out that is the birthplace of modern eugenics, that's where Hitler got his ideas.
Oh yeah, Hitler was a good guy on our newsreels and radio until 39.
He was a big hero.
He adopted our laws of sterilization and all this,
You've got to learn about this.
And Watson was a head of one of the race sections there.
And IBM, also owned by Watson, pledged all their money when the head Watson died in the 50s to eugenics.
Then they set up Microsoft.
It's their fake front company.
Then it gives all its money to eugenics.
You didn't know that?
Yeah, it's over 45 bill now they've given just to eugenics worldwide.
When you heard on the news, it's helping black children.
But every time you learn who's doing the funding or who's over the program, it's these guys.
So, do you think they're helping them?
Well, actually, go look at the program.
Again, the head of the Cold Springs Harbor still, at 80-something years old, a Nobel Prize winner, who back in the 40s was the head of one of the divisions there, and he's currently the head of it.
They never even shut it down!
They just changed its name to the Human Genome Project.
And they sure know the genome now, too!
To make special bioweapons to kill certain races of humans.
That's their main program over there.
And getting life extension for the elite.
How do I know?
I've read their own documents.
I read, ladies and gentlemen.
That's how I know.
Why do they have to kill 80% of this before they can have life extension?
Because they say we'll be too overpopulated and people don't die at 75.
I said I'd go to Carl's.
It's just, do you realize what it's like being me, knowing all this?
I'm not even that smart.
I just learned about it, so I research it, and they all say it!
They write books about it!
So he gets up and says we should ban people having kids, and we should control things, and black people really aren't the same species, and all these incredible racist lies, and they're dumb, and, oh, thank you, head of the project!
I mean, what do you think's going on?
This is only the tip of the iceberg, ladies and gentlemen.
The tip!
And it's what Endgame covers.
You will see him getting his Nobel Prize in Endgame.
And I tell you, he's the devil!
I mean, I got documents these people wrote in the 20s how they were going to put mercury in the vaccine to brain damage you.
And when you over-toxify off of it, it's when you get autism.
But you're all brain damaged, including me, from it.
That we were given an IQ reduction!
See, you're told there's positive and negative eugenics in their program, but there's real eugenics.
See, they give you the false positive and negative eugenics.
Positive is breeding for the Superman, negative is, you know, killing people, sterilizing them so they can't breathe, and they make the decision who that happens to.
But real eugenics is above that, and that's dunning the general public down while getting live accession for the elite.
That's true eugenics.
Not as it's taught in the universities, but actually in their own policy papers.
All right, let's go now.
You've been given one of the huge secrets of the world just now.
You've been given the big tamale.
All they talk about, all they do, all they deal with.
Okay, now you know.
It's not Bebo.
It's not the Cowboys.
It's not the Easter Bunny.
That's what matters, what you just heard.
All right.
John in New York City.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, John.
Thank you for holding, sir.
No, he's not there.
Okay, let us go to Jason in New Hampshire.
Jason, you are on the air.
Thanks, Alex.
Love all the work you do out there.
I wanted to give big kudos to the We Are Change group.
I saw them on Fox News the other day on that Bill Maher thing, and I laughed my butt out.
And I want to say to all the listeners out there, for those people that are just keyboard jockeys, you need to stand up, you need to get on the streets, and you need to yell.
I'm part of a group called Seacoast 9-11 Questions in Dover, New Hampshire.
Google us.
We've been going out to our local cities and bullhorning them.
Well done!
The tide is turning, Alex.
We had people spontaneously walking up to us and asking to hold up our signs as we were bullhorning local cities.
That's so important it's going to keep the black operators staging more attacks.
We're in a race to save the people they're going to kill in the next staged attack, but it's mainly the Bill of Rights we're trying to save.
Tommy Franks on Pentagon payroll has been out saying we're going to martial law after the next attack.
It now came out he's been paid to do that.
They're getting us ready for it, so God bless you.
Say the name of your website again.
It's Meetup.com.
You just Google Seacoast911Questions Dover, New Hampshire.
Join our Meetup group.
We do truth to action.
We bring guest speakers that are part of the truth movement.
Everybody can just take action.
And we get to wake up the world.
Anything else?
I love the work you do, Alex.
You inspire me.
You woke me up.
You changed my life.
I've not been the same since, man.
I didn't realize what the stakes were until recently, and now it's changed my life, man.
Instead of watching football games, I'm bowling in home local cities and getting the rest.
Yeah, you're on the field in the fight of life for your family, your future, your children, not being distracted into a false male war ritual, which is only to express your energies in false paradigms.
Thank you for the call.
I salute you, my brother.
Tim, calling us from New York.
Tim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, my name is Jim.
I'm calling from New York.
I'm 59, and I've been following this thing for 30 years.
And that, Coast Springs Harbor, I live 25 minutes from there.
And the last time I went past it, there's not a sign or an address number in front of the place.
There's a big gate around it.
That's because they come up with the data on how to build a race-specific battle weapons.
That's been in Jane's Weapons Quarterly.
Quickly, what I wanted to say, I was initially introduced to this stuff by the JBS and I walked at it.
When I first heard about it.
Sutton's books like Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution.
Anthony Sutton was in the Congress and was at the official meetings and saw the Carnegie Endowment documents.
Yes, yes, yes.
And what I'm trying to get at, Alex, is that as far as I know, there's nobody better equipped to talk about this that I've heard than you.
This false left paradigm.
A guy called in last week when you were on vacation and the fellow Basie was on and he got in a
We're good to go.
Rather than these one issue deals, like somebody mentioned Koenig today on your show.
And Koenig, you know, yes, he talks about 9-11, but there's a lot of other areas.
He's for gun bans.
He's the worst.
I'm totally against him after that comment.
I've interviewed him.
I've met him.
I know.
I know what you know, and I've listened to your show.
But expanding on what you just said here, because it's, is it Jim or Tim?
Okay, Jim.
Sorry I called you Tim.
Expanding on what you've just said here,
I mean, the left-right paradigm is now admitted.
They admit Bush is advising Hillary.
They want her in.
They're preparing her.
They're already appointing former Clinton officials in all the big positions at the Pentagon and the Department of State.
They're getting ready to hand it over to Hillary.
The Republicans have come out against Ron Paul, the leadership, to block him.
I mean, look.
When Roger Ailes, again, started literally meeting with Hillary five years ago, it was over.
That's who they're behind, the head of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, and then Rupert Murdoch's attacking Ron Paul.
I've had enough of it!
Well, he's the only candidate to vote for, Ron Paul.
He's the only guy that... Jim, I hear you, and you're a great guy.
Call me tomorrow, call me during the week, call me back next Sunday.
You know what?
I don't know if I have time to go to Dennis.
Dennis, you've got 20 seconds from Vegas.
Go ahead, Dennis.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Good, go ahead.
I just want to know, you talked about Walmart and Target being part of the New World Order.
I kind of had a hard time believing you, but then my friend that works at Target, he brought home one of those magazines that the employees get, and I saw in there, it said Target has its own forensics lab here in... No, no, Target, Target!
A large portion of its business is secret operations in black ops and forensics, so they're international.
We'll talk about it later.
God bless you all.
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