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Air Date: Oct. 19, 2007
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is Friday, the 19th day,
Of October 2007.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll be here for the next three hours.
Daniel Estelin, of course, award-winning author and investigative journalist who wrote the best-selling book, The Bilderberg Club, now published in the United States for the first time in a new edition with photos from the last two years Bilderberg.
We'll be joining us coming up in the second hour.
He has traveled from his country of Spain, he is a native of Canada, to the United States for a book tour, and we have him first today.
And yes, we also have 200 of his new book that isn't even released yet, but we just got it in and we were given the green light to
Release it, and we are releasing it, and so you can get it here first on sale nowhere but Infowars.com.
Interesting little footnote there for you.
He will be joining us, one of the premiere experts on the Bilderberg Group, and one of the main experts that we consult in the film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
That will debut on the internet at PrisonPlanet.TV.
PrisonPlanet.TV on the 26th of October at midnight.
At midnight.
October 26th.
Right when October 25th ends, it will be available at midnight.
October 26th.
Seven and a half
Days away, basically, ladies and gentlemen.
So we are very, very close to the release of Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
All right.
Oil futures surpass $90 a barrel.
IMF badmouths the dollar in open attack on American middle class.
Dollar stays near record Euro low.
Dollar hits new low against Euro.
This is the news today.
A horrifying article.
Chinese growth to overtake U.S.
next year.
And that's with puffed numbers here in the U.S.
They actually overtook us years ago.
In real growth, not just in currency printing.
I spent quite a bit of time last night and today researching a new CNN special, worldwide investigation, that they are calling Earth in Crisis.
Planet in Peril, there's two different specials, and that dovetails with this, out of the Washington Post today, power plant rejected over carbon dioxide
Emissions for the first time.
That is a staggering development.
I mean, I was staggered by it when I saw it a few hours ago.
Staggered is the operative word.
And I'm going to get into that early in this hour.
China has hijacked Google, Microsoft and Yahoo traffic.
Basically, any traffic for the three largest websites, three largest conglomerates controlling more than half the web's total traffic, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, in China, the world's largest internet market now, they just direct everything to the government's controlled websites.
I think that's kind of cute for Google and Microsoft and Yahoo, because they've grobbled before the commissariats in the death center of China, the new older death model.
And so they're now enjoying the criminality of the Inter-Communist Party, the fat, bloated, trillionaire pigs that feed off the Chinese people.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by power.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
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In defense of the Republic and free peoples on a planetary basis against the forces of the New World Order.
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And I am extremely excited about its explosive growth.
I think?
You said somebody was cheating you in business, or you said somebody disrespected your wife, or you just wanted to get them out of the way, and you thought you could fight them to the death a little bit, you know, better than they could.
You thought your swordsmanship was better.
And this has been in cultures for thousands of years.
You just invite them outside, and they couldn't really refuse or be humiliated, and you tell them, no quarter.
I'm giving you no quarter.
Because, generally, you would give quarter if you'd already hacked someone's arm off or stabbed them and they were probably already going to die.
And they said, quarter, quarter, please.
I give up, mea culpa.
I surrender, white flag.
No quarter means no quarter.
When you hit the ground, they're going to keep slashing and keep stabbing until your lifeblood pours out on the flagstones.
They're giving us no quarter!
Again, let me explain that to you.
They have declaratively said we are their sworn enemies.
They have declaratively called us a cancer.
They have announced their deliberate intention to wage all-out, systematic war against humanity.
A predatory, degenerate, malfunctioning, aberrant elite.
They are the true cancer by every yardstick.
And they are announcing us the cancer.
And waging war against us, and I just sit here in dumbfound amazement as incredible science fiction-type things are happening all around us every day.
It's just unbelievable.
More movement in markets, more movement culturally, more crises developing, coming to the head in a week than we would see in a year ten years ago.
And this is just the beginning of the jump point.
This is just the beginning of the acceleration into whatever it is we're going into.
Let me tell you, I'm forecasting looking into the Merc and it doesn't look too good.
It does not.
I mean, I'm literally bracing.
It feels like the few times I lost control of the vehicle.
We're good to go.
That other car got blown off and they saw it, blah, blah, blah.
Long story short, everything slowed down.
We only spun once off the road, flying back down a 30-foot embankment into oak trees, and I had time to grab the steering wheel, look at my dad and say, bark it out, brace for impact, but that five seconds, three or four seconds, I don't know, it seemed like a minute and a half.
Remember going, BRACE FOR IMPACT!
Slow motion.
And that's what every day is like here.
I'm just like, AWWWW!
And I'm seeing this horrible things happening to our country.
I mean, massive insults to the core organs of a nation.
Terminal stuff!
And in the slow motion, I look at the general public giggling and smiling and tossing their footballs back and forth figuratively at a park with happy blue skies and green grass and they're just smiling.
They just have no idea.
Just, oh, it's wonderful.
So that means when it finally comes home to them, it's going to be many times worse.
If people brace for impact, they're going to be in a better position.
But that is not happening.
Contrary, I get emails every day, faxes, people on the street, going, Alex, you're making it up, saying the economy's in trouble.
I heard it's doing great.
There's a few problems because of them poor people getting loans they shouldn't have, but the stock market's good.
And I know I talk about this every day now because it blows me away.
They don't understand the basics.
A 63% reduction versus the Euro and the Pound in the last seven years.
Accelerating in the last six months.
Ten points of that loss the last six months.
Massive acceleration.
Which is even accelerating more now.
Again, it's exponential.
And it's so simple.
I was on National British Radio yesterday, a national rock and roll music talk show.
And the guy got me on and said, you're a nutty conspiracy theorist.
There is no plan for North American Union.
There is no New World Order.
The Bilderberg Group isn't real.
None of it exists.
And I was going, yes it is.
And he'd say, I haven't seen those documents.
I don't believe it.
You can just say that.
It's not fair if you just claim you have these documents when you don't.
I'm like, no, let me tell you where they are.
No, no, let me just cut you off.
But that works on the general public.
They hear that and they still think there's no NAU.
When we have all the documents, and the treaty, and presidents and prime ministers talking about it, and scores of big think tanks, and they're merging all the regulations, and it's happening, and our trade's under foreign court's control, and Mexican trucks are rolling on our streets, and they're seizing the infrastructure, and we're going under Kyoto Protocol by fiat, and
Again, you talk to the public, they go, Kyoto Protocol, Agenda 21, what's that?
I'm like, oh, here, it's right on the UN's website.
Oh, sure, they're gonna get me?
Oh, are there little green men?
And I'm like, no, please, listen, please just check the documents.
I don't think I'll be checking your documents.
Would you get them out of a Cracker Jack box?
And the globalists are gauging all of this.
They wouldn't be doing any of this if they thought they could get away with it.
I mean, if they thought they weren't going to get away with it.
If they thought that you were going to find out about it.
Like, people think that the Federal Reserve is making a decision between Dow and Dollar, and hoping that the Dow can grow us out of our crises.
And that sacrificing the dollar then helps the Dow.
But that's a false equation in and of itself.
Because that Dow is valued only by the top 30 stocks.
And it's valued and enumerated in dollars.
So the Dow is fried.
All of your major stocks, I mean your stock could be up 15-20% on the year, it's down.
In reality and true value.
The only stocks that are really up are your oil stocks and a few technology stocks like Apple and Google.
And yeah, I mean yeah, when something's up 40-45% a year, even with inflation, it's way up.
I mean there are a few winners, but 90 plus percent of them, and I'm talking about Dow 30, is down.
You start looking at the general indexes, the thousands of stocks that are traded out there, they're in shambles.
Companies are going bankrupt left and right.
The major home builders reported between 40 and 55 percent home cancellations.
Horton, the nation's largest home builder, reported 50 plus percent cancellations on homes being built.
That is burning down the house, Mayday, Titanic going under.
But the public is so brainwashed and so brain damaged that 20 years ago people would be freaking out already and down the road that would mean a lesser crisis.
But instead, the mind control is so great that they don't even know what this means.
We've never before seen anything like this.
And it just means that when they finally find out,
When the cattle, as they're called by the elite, finally discover this, they are going to blame people who had nothing to do with it.
Ted Hedges from Midas, October 18, 2007.
Gold 764 20 ounce gold coins can be purchased for $787.64, $388.30 for half, $194.15 for quarter.
That's $787.64, $388.30 and $194.15.
Hedge funds caught in the malaise of mortgage bankruptcies.
The bond market continues to slump.
Morgan gets caught in a $10 billion bad deal for Chrysler.
Housing sales fell 6.6%.
Mortgage giant Countrywide showed mortgage payment was spreading to the middle and upper class.
Investors cast doubt on investment banks.
Credit protection insurance for mortgage lenders is skyrocketing due to the increased risk.
The U.S.
dollar is free-falling against foreign currencies and countries that previously financed the U.S.
are now seeking safer alternatives.
Economist Rudy Boyd published the report, Bubble Leaking.
Call for the report today, 800-686-2237.
The value of your hard-earned money is being lost in a global game of chess.
That's 800-686-2237.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
Way up north to Alaska!
Way up north to Alaska!
North to Alaska!
Go north and bless your song!
North to Alaska!
Go north for us years old.
Big Sam left Seattle in the year of 92.
With George Pratt, his partner, and brother Billy, too.
They crossed the Yukon River and found the Bonanza Gold.
Welcome back.
I've said a harping on this all day.
I kind of want to, in the next segment, go over the big picture of what we face economically and what the next phase of new or older operations is going to be.
It's very clear what they're going to do.
They have several variants of a main plan, but the general plan is congruent.
That's how they operate.
They have room for adjustments and kind of an ABC plan generally in their ops, but they all go in the same direction and are intertwined, and they have sub-derivations of plans, and they adopt sub-sects of different plans that integrate in.
These are very intelligent people we're dealing with, and they go out and cull the best and brightest minds and recruit them into their legion of doom, literally.
Oil futures surpassed $90 a barrel, and oil prices go above $90 a barrel.
That's out of the Associated Press.
Oil prices surpassed $90 a barrel for the first time Thursday, as the falling dollar drew new foreign investors and speculators to dollar-denominated energy futures.
Light sweet crude for November.
Delivery hit $90.02 in electronic trading Thursday evening before returning to around $89.60 earlier.
Prices had risen, and they're rising right now, today.
Now, I'm hearing neocons, as they've been doing for five years, as the dollar's been devalued, saying that evil, dirty Arabs are cheating us, and we need to kill all of them, and yes, it is all about oil, ha ha ha, let's get it.
Okay, the dirty Arabs, as you call them, only get about 20% of the actual money, and that's a few elite families in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, other areas.
They even have a deal with Muammar Gaddafi now, the last three years.
They're back in bed with him.
So, there's a lot going on.
And people say, well, let's just go ahead and... Let's just go ahead and go after the Muslims.
Well, you're actually paying more because they devalued the currency.
The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with Arabs that owns and runs this country.
And it expands out from there.
It's just amazing how the New World Order always blames a scapegoat for everything they engineer, everything they do.
The IMF and World Bank and Federal Reserve two years ago announced they were going to completely destroy the dollar.
They announced why they were going to do it.
They said that their plan was to do it gradually.
They put it in major publications, but still financial publications that are read by less than 1% of the world population.
Financial Times and then more
I know the word's austere, but kind of rare, elitist publications, that they were going to do all this, but that they wanted to gradually destroy the U.S.
and raise up the New World Order in its stead, and that the danger was doing it too quickly.
Meanwhile, the average American thinks that Iran is orchestrating all this by dumping the dollar.
I mean, there's lots of special reports out on that.
In a way, it's true.
I mean, you know, maybe 1-2% of what's happening is Iran.
Of course, the whole world.
Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Russia, hundreds of countries are moving out of the dollar.
China, Japan, for the first time, is creeping out of the dollar.
But then they would have us believe it's because, I saw this German television program last night,
Interviewing the heads of the IMF, the World Bank, all these top economists, Nobel Prize winners, and they were being truthful to a point.
They were saying, well, we're
Yes, we are.
One's Latin American and the other one's American, and one has the job of cutting firewood, and the Chinese guy has the job of catching the fish, and somebody else has the job of making the camp, and the American has the job of eating the food.
But it's more than just that.
So when we get back, I'm going to try to walk through it and get into where all this is leading.
And how we should prepare for it as Americans, or Canadians, or Brits, or anybody else for that matter.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It is a big idea.
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Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
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They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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Everybody knows that the dice are loaded.
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.
Everybody knows the war is over.
Everybody knows the good guy's lost.
Everybody knows the five, the six, the poor stay poor, the rich get rich.
That's how it goes.
Everybody knows.
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking.
Everybody knows the captain lied.
Everybody got this broken feeling.
Like their father or their dog just died.
Everybody talkin' to their pockets.
Everybody wants a box of chocolates and a box of emeralds.
Everybody knows.
Everybody knows that you love that baby.
Everybody knows that you really do.
Everybody knows that you've been faithful to a give or take, a night or two.
Everybody knows you've been discreet, but there were so many people you just had your feet without your clothes.
And everybody knows
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Thank you for joining us.
Alright, let me just try to get into some information I haven't really covered on this dollar-slash-oil commodity situation.
And again, I am just staggered with amazement that the general public has some type of mental block, subliminal, I don't know, or maybe they're, I guess if one-fifth of Americans can't find the U.S.
on a globe with borders, just without names,
I don't understand it.
And what I really don't understand is how they can spend this.
Now remember, for years I've been saying, you watch, they'll blame it on some brokerage house or mortgage lending.
They'll blame it on some stock trader in Bangladesh or in Timbuktu.
Because I studied what they did in the 70s, what they did in the 80s, what they did back in the 20s, in the 30s, what they did in the late 1800s.
We even got their own bank documents on this, going back a hundred years ago, where they would stage runs on banks, they would stage a small problem, then do a larger consolidation, and then blame it on the smaller event.
I mean, it is the central banks that issued all this credit.
It is the central banks that devalued the dollar.
It is the central banks that did everything they could to get our industry out of the country, to the point of paying corporations to move offshore.
You see, the dollar wouldn't be going down if we still had factories and industry.
And if the American people, personally, weren't in so much debt.
This is all about a consolidation.
And it's been based on fraud.
We hear that we have to keep the Dow up, because these are good American companies.
Almost every one of those Dow 30 are multinational, are purely offshore now.
They've left the country.
They're manufacturing.
Their factories are offshore.
I mean, Walmart isn't trading with China.
They are in China.
Boeing isn't trading with China.
They are in China.
Close to 70% of Boeing's operations, manufacturing, distribution, executive decisions aren't made out of Seattle, Washington anymore.
It's all done in Communist China.
And it's the same with Halliburton.
They have officially moved to Dubai.
Everybody's moving to Dubai, by the way.
I don't mean opening an office.
I mean, they're shutting down the big Halliburton buildings in Houston.
They're pulling up stakes.
They're leaving!
And the yuppies and the good ol' boys and the wannabe rednecks are strutting around, feeling like they're part of the establishment with their cars festooned with American flag regalia.
And they're just like, hell yeah!
We're attacking Iran!
America, oh yeah!
Fighting for your freedom!
And you go, hey, the people running America are dismantling it.
They are leaving it.
They are looting it.
They are sucking it dry.
And they just go, what's that?
Let me just try to explain it as simply as possible.
The New World Order are monopoly men.
Everything they do is about destroying markets, consolidating markets, getting control, regulatory systems.
They are monopoly men.
They use big government to destroy their competition.
Everything they've done is about de-industrializing, shutting down all the private refineries, shutting down all the private delivery systems from trucking to trains, degrading the base infrastructure, through taxation transferring 75% of investment, stock market, and corporate
Securities into the hands of multinational corporations.
Let me explain.
And no one is talking about this.
No one takes all the pieces and puts them together.
It's not hard.
They'll get one piece or another piece.
They have taken your tax money and they have invested it in offshore corporations.
And I don't mean for your pension funds.
That's all on budget.
That's a separate book.
That generally is about 20% of their actual holdings.
And then all they discuss in the news and media is that 20% and they always put it in the red to then raise taxes or revenue to claim they've got to meet the budget while they never discuss everything that's off budget.
That's a trick a lot of men play with their wives who want a bunch of fancy stuff and the men want to save things.
They just say, honey, our budget.
See, we don't have money in our budget.
Meanwhile, you know, he's banking all the cash.
Or investing it or paying for a mistress.
I don't know.
Well, they just haven't done that with the American people.
And you've got over 75%
Of the tax money you've paid, and all the fees and tolls and everything, has been invested since 1950, starting in Chicago, and then they created the National Association of Counties, cities, city managers, put their people in everywhere, they're all in the know, they then revolving door into the corporations they invested in, to then, just five years after being city manager, to be paid, then they move from the smaller town into a corporation,
out of the corporation for five to ten years into a bigger city manager job to then do deals and back into a higher corporation.
It is a spiral upward while we spiral downward.
And while they've been doing this, they've now gotten to the point that they don't even need free market.
They don't even need jobs anymore.
They own everything.
There's a few pockets of real estate,
And private property and investments that some of the nouveau riche and middle class have left.
That's a very small part of it, but it's still substantive.
And so they're just changing all the laws to take your pension funds, to take your private property.
And they're saying they're going to do this, and they're saying in official British military, Ministry of Defense projections in Pentagon and RAND Corporation and the CIA's treatise on their own website about the New World Order and the CIA, that's the name of it.
I just got reminded of that the other day by Tim here in the office.
And they say in there that we are going to really freak out when we find out they totally robbed us.
And so they say we've got to put riot police, lots of prisons in place, we've got to heighten the laws, get more people in prison, give people jobs in the prisons, and as guards in the prisons, and they say that they're going to totally shift over to this horrible system.
And they just cold-bloodedly state it.
And we post it and you can go read it at truthnews.us and infowars.com and everywhere else.
And that's why I'm so freaked out.
Because they're doing everything they said they'd do and see now they own over 75% of all the assets in this country.
But most of those assets have now been transferred to foreign hands, then they implode the dollar by design, say they want a weak dollar, announce they want to drive it down, announce it's going to go down further, 60-something percent isn't good enough, IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve Chairman, all of them, Paulson, Treasury Secretary, every central bank head, it's all owned by the same people, same conglomerate, same combine.
So they can take the money they took out of the U.S., invested in foreign assets and Euros, that's now surging in the pound,
And so they can come back in here at fire sale and buy up the remnants of what's left.
And then if you think you're going to hold on to your farm or ranch, they'll take it without just compensation, even when there's minerals on it.
You can own a little country farm that they found natural gas on.
They'll just come take it.
They're announcing they're not going to issue permits to smaller oil companies and gas companies.
But they will to the big elite boys.
You see, this is hardcore risk.
This is global domination.
They're down to controlling two-thirds of the board, and there's only a few pieces on the enemy camp left, and those few pieces don't even know they're in a war.
You gotta love it.
We're in the front lines of a war.
Economic, psychological, spiritual, raining down on us under full assault, and people don't know there's a war.
They think the media and the government are their friends.
Now, that's really changed.
People are finally going, wait a minute, 11% approval rating for Congress, 10% for Cheney, 24% for Bush.
Never before been that low.
But they know they're being lied to, but they still don't know how or why or who the players are.
But the first step has been attained.
At least now, and we always said this would happen, when they finally drop the hammer,
People would finally wake up.
And you are waking up.
Oh yes, you're waking up.
And you're going to wake up a lot more.
Your silly neighbor who laughs at you in Snickers, or your boss who laughs at you, or your pastor that laughs at you, or your know-it-all husband or wife, or, you know, that neighbor.
They're not going to be laughing soon, I assure you.
And they'll still be saying you're wrong, even if you give them in writing what's going to happen.
Deep down, they're going to know.
So, this is the biggest swindle in history.
The world government's being set up so they can globally steal from people, rob from people, implode governments, get populations into loan-sharking debts, so they can forcibly medicate and drug and inject and poison the population and poison the water, so they can purposely take
They're operations to the next step.
Oil futures surpassed $90 a barrel.
And the media is all telling us it's because refineries broke, or there was a storm in the Gulf, or Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall.
He had a great fall.
Or a meteorite flew by Jupiter.
I mean, every reason in the world, it's real simple.
The actual financial elite publications, where they communicate with each other, they're stating it's the dollar, if your dollar's worth less, as the dollar drops a cent, oil goes up a cent.
It's very, very simple.
But you try again to explain that to the general public.
They have a mental block against it.
It's dirty Arabs that did it.
Or it's dirty environmentalists.
They won't let us drill in Alaska.
There is one pipeline from Alaska.
Only 20% of the oil is allowed to go to the U.S.
That's publicly admitted.
80% goes to Japan and China to build wedges to put us out of business.
In consolidation.
And the big oil companies lobby against further drilling and further expansion because there's too much oil and they want artificial scarcity.
And that is a fact.
That is in documents.
That is in the AP.
That is all admitted.
Just like it's in the AP.
It came out in 2000 that they bought up 200 plus refineries and shut them down in the US to artificially create a bottleneck.
And here is the horrible news, stunning news, that literally shocked me.
I say here it is.
Let me dig it up.
Here it is.
Here it is.
Are you ready for this, ladies and gentlemen?
Washington Post.
Power plant rejected over carbon dioxide for first time.
They don't reject them for spewing lead and mercury into the air.
They don't reject them for any of that.
By the way, this is a smaller company compared to the larger
That's why you look at the big mega energy companies that are actually running all this.
You go watch the environmental groups' websites, CNN, the rest of it, it's all brought to you by this oil company, that oil company.
It's all a game of Monopoly.
And they all have a few environmentalists picking their noses, standing out in front of the plant, in fact they do on the newscast, celebrating this, their big victory.
Kind of like in Austin when they stole tens of thousands of acres.
One grab was $15,000.
I knew the farmers and ranchers.
First, they said you can't build anything on it, including a barn, for a decade.
It bankrupted all the people, but they kept the taxes up.
Then they came to them and said, well, we'll pay you five cents on the dollar for that land.
It's going to be a 15,000 acre park for Austinites.
Well, I'd read all their official documents, the Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, SOS.
I knew it was to be turned into luxury high-rises and five-star hotels and golf courses and everything else.
And now it's all out there, it's all built.
They took the restrictions off and the kingpins that sat over at Kirk Watson and others are now state senators and they need to divvy it up.
It's the same thing.
Same thing with these power plants.
And they say, under Kyoto, that we didn't sign on to but that's being implemented by fiat.
That they're going to decide, see, an old company wants to come drill on your little piece of land?
Or they want to come through with a lignite mine?
Or they want to do... It's some small company?
And then the big companies will choose not to drill on yours, because they, again, want to shut down the resources and only create artificial scarcity.
On an economy built and designed on fossil fuels, they're then not going to allow alternatives to come in and challenge that.
They're going to suppress that while artificially... that is, advanced technologies they already have, new energy systems, cleaner energy systems.
They'll suppress that while suppressing the availability of carbon, when everything's based on carbon energy sources.
And by the way, they say all this in policy reports.
And see, now they're listing carbon dioxide, the life gas itself, the co-equal of oxygen.
I'll just breathe a little bit of that delicious stuff.
As a deadly pollutant.
We'll come back and finish up with what this means.
It isn't coming.
It's here.
It is a big idea.
A New World Order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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We're good to go.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Power plant projected over carbon dioxide for the first time.
Now, they've been passing carbon taxes in Canada.
It doesn't just stop with a tax on your fuel, or a tax at the wellhead, or a tax with the ship tanker that brings the oil over, or a tax on the plastic cup you're drinking out of.
It is a tax on everything.
Let me explain.
They have a monopoly over energy, over the carbon-based fossil fuel energy.
Now they're going to artificially restrict it while financing the fake peak oil crowd and all the rest of it.
Well, in four states, Utah and surrounding areas, they have perfectly clean burning coal, no mercury.
The government seized that under Clinton and ordered none of it mined under an executive order.
Remember that in 1997?
Instead they mine the mercury-filled
Stuff out of Texas and everywhere else, but big-time East Texas.
And then they burn it all over, and then they take the restrictions off in Texas.
Last year, Rick Perry did this, off-burning it.
They don't even have to have the old scrubbers.
They actually cut back what they had to have for cleaning it up and reducing emissions.
So, they're allowed... The government blocks clean-burning coal.
Then they, and it's happening all over the country, not just Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, a place where they have a lot of coal burning, to go back and to cut the regulations.
I want this for the environmentalists out there to get it through your heads, okay?
I know it isn't some sweet polar bear, some little moon bat or something, you know, that they use to make you feel sad and cry, or some burning tree image they show you.
I mean, real dangerous stuff going on, okay?
Mercury, pumping out their favorite little... Well, they tell you on the news it's good for you now, so it must be.
So, they're doing that.
That's not a problem.
Mercury and lead and all the stuff coming out of the coal chimneys isn't a problem, but the power plants all over the place.
The problem is the carbon dioxide that comes out of it.
So we're sorry.
You're a smaller multi-billion dollar company compared to the trillion dollar oil giants.
We're not going to let you have a new coal plant.
Because, see, we want to jack up fuel prices and make you buy it from our coal plants that don't have to have any regulations on them.
See, it's all selectively enforced.
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment yesterday became the first government agency in the United States to cite carbon dioxide emissions as the reason for rejecting an air permit for a proposed coal-fired electricity generating plant, saying that the greenhouse gas threatens public health and the environment.
The decision marks a victory for environmental groups that are fighting proposals for new fire coal plants around the country.
So see,
Now this is a victory for the energy giants!
It's a victory of the globalists!
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful force.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Let me just recap this for stations just joining us.
The new carbon tax system is going to be thousands of new compounded taxes at every level of the chain of energy extraction, energy refining, energy delivery, energy use, and post-energy disposable destruction or storage.
It is going to create new hordes of bureaucracies at every level under international edict and control.
And the federal government in 1997 blocked four states from their perfectly clean coal, only place in the world, it's located in one sector of China,
Hundreds of billions of dollars of clean coal, no mercury, no lead.
They said, you cannot mine that, it's for the Earth, for the environment, you can't.
It would hurt the cave bug there in Utah.
I'm not kidding, that's what it was, and several other insects.
And the people said, oh, cute little insect, oh, it must be for the Earth.
No, the oil companies lobbied for this.
They didn't want private families and private groups and counties and cities that owned land to get those hundreds of billions of dollars and then have cheaper energy prices for all!
Free market!
So they said, no, you can't have it!
And then they, all over the country, from Georgia to Texas to Michigan, said, oh, we're taking restrictions off coal burning plants so they can burn even dirtier coal!
But we're going to not let smaller companies start power plants that are coal-fired, and we're going to selectively go after them, and that has now happened in the United States.
They have now listed carbon dioxide as a deadly pollutant.
Ladies and gentlemen, carbon dioxide is what plants breathe.
When more carbon dioxide is put out, plants put out more oxygen, and they have studied it in many different forms of mammals.
Rabbits, gerbils, mice, rats, higher oxygen over the lifetime increases the lifespan between 10 and 20 percent in controlled studies.
Plants live even longer and can grow to two or three times their size.
Their yields are much larger and back when this earth had a lot more life on it,
There was as high from ice core studies and other samples, ocean floor samples as well, 10 times carbon dioxide.
We actually are in a oxygen and carbon dioxide starved environment.
Major university and government studies going back over 100 years, now conclusive.
Carbon dioxide is the prime engine.
Plant life is the base, bottom of the food chain, main progenitor and driver of all other animal life.
It is more important than oxygen, ladies and gentlemen.
They are now listing the prime gas, the main energy source of life on Terra, on the terra firma.
They are now listing it as a deadly toxic waste.
And they are going to tax it every angle, every way you can imagine, and the mindless, drooling public doesn't know.
The branches of government, their state capitals, where the U.S.
is, and it's just CNN, Fox, Bush, everyone, the NFL, Global Warming, Global Warming, Global Warming, Global Tax, Global, Global, Global, Oh my gosh, the Earth is being destroyed, we're all dead!
I have to get the carbon dioxide!
It's deadly!
Help us!
Oh, no, please!
They're saying they're gonna regulate how you build your house, where you build it.
They're gonna shut down power plants.
They're gonna only allow the elite ones to operate.
It's all about consolidation.
They're gonna run every facet of your life.
They're now doing it.
Denying new power plants.
Because they have carbon dioxide, but then cutting the regulations on mercury.
It is a big idea.
A New World Order!
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Builder Bird Group.
Couldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bilderberg is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, isn't it?
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslaving.
You have been warned.
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Since 1954, the world's most powerful people have met in secret once a year until now.
There are photos of the last 15 years of him traveling around the country and tracking it.
Last year's Bilderberg Group meeting, of course, in Canada.
The year before that in Germany.
It's all here.
And it is the best book out there on the Bilderberg Group.
Jim Tucker's is great.
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The Builder Bird Group, the true story, Daniel Estelin.
And I consider Daniel a good friend.
I mean, I've interviewed him many times over the years, but met him in person in Canada last year.
A true gentleman.
And the book is just absolutely amazing.
It's a bestseller in 20-plus countries.
And for the first time published in the U.S., big publishers were interested, but then got told to shut it down higher up, and so he got it put out by Trine Day, a great little publisher, and again, we're honored to have him with us, joining us, I believe you're in New York, or are you in Toronto today?
Good morning, Alex.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I'm in Toronto right now.
I was in Kingston yesterday giving a talk to a full house, standing room only, capacity.
No media attended my presentation.
It was a three hour talk on the Bilderbergers.
I'm in Toronto right now and I'll be in New York next week.
That is if they let me into the country.
That's right, if they let you into the country.
Now before we go any further, I want you to tell folks your schedule and where you're going to be in the next few weeks.
I have, tomorrow I have a book signing in Conspiracy Culture in Toronto.
Next week I'm going to be staying for four days.
From Monday to Friday I will be in New York doing the media blitz.
I think on a Wednesday, I believe.
We have a press conference in New York where we'll be talking about the role that the CIA has had in financing the first deliver conferences.
So we have a full schedule of events over the next week or so in North America.
And folks can go to the trineday.com website and find out exactly where you're going to be, what time, and where.
Well, one of the things in Canada for your Canadian listeners, and as you and I know, you have a lot of people who listen to you in Canada, Alex, and I very, very strongly recommend, I'm going to, you know, just take 10 seconds to shamelessly promote your new video.
If you guys want to understand how the new world order works, you have to get Alex's video and my book.
These people for years have been keeping us entertained and to keep us from doing too much thinking and getting in the way of important people doing the things to us.
So if you want to understand how things work, you better get Alex's video and you better get my book.
Absolutely, and we've paired them together at InfoWars.com, but I mean it when I say it.
Beautiful cover, but that's not what matters.
You get into the book.
I did read the book.
I'd already read an earlier edition, but now this new edition.
I know it's 20 plus.
Now, how many countries?
How many countries is this book a bestseller in?
Well, it is out in 48 countries.
It is out in 28 languages.
The book has sold over a million and a half copies worldwide, but curiously enough,
Indigo Books, which is the biggest book chain in Canada, is refusing to carry the title.
So you sold a million and a half, and I've seen that in the TRED publications, and that is a huge success.
I mean, that is top tier for anybody.
Hillary comes out with a book that doesn't even sell a million.
I mean, that's top tier, and they're shutting you down.
Exactly, Alex.
These people, again, the media has never ever worked for us.
The media's job is to keep the truth from us and to keep us dumbed down and stupid.
That's what they have been doing.
And with your work and the things that I'm doing, the things that Jim Tucker has done, we're shining the light of truth on what these people are doing to us.
And more and more people, as you see, are waking up to the things that are going on in the world.
Daniel, I know you're in a car right now.
In a few minutes, you're going to get to your hotel.
You're going to bring it back on a landline with you, but you sound really clear.
Break down what the current main agenda from your deep research of the Bilderberg Group is and where these guys are going, and then I'm going to walk through their global carbon tax, which they're now finally getting.
Well, you know one of the things about ten years ago, Alex, I came across a phrase which I didn't understand at the time in one of the CFI reports.
They were talking about demand destruction.
But about five years ago, I came across the same phrase in one of the Trilateral reports, and then in the Bilderberg report, and in the Club of Rome report.
And then you understand that in order to destroy demand, you must destroy the economy.
So that's one of the key agendas that these people are working on.
And to destroy economy, you're seeing the United States, I can see it in Canada.
In Spain, half of the country is in debt up to their eyeballs.
115% of people's salary goes to pay the debts.
Again, that wholesale demand structure works in favor of big business and the corporations related to the Bilderbergers.
That's one of the key areas, and again...
You and I have talked about the energy crisis, whether it's orchestrated or not, that these people need to gain control of the population, and we're seeing how all of that stuff is coming together right now.
Needless to say, the media are not talking about it, but thank God for people like you.
Thank God for people like Jim Tucker.
Well, Daniel, I mean, it's happening.
I mean, everything you've talked about in Endgame, and you're one of them.
I need to send you a copy of it.
You can send me a copy, but I'm going to buy a couple of copies.
I'm going to write it to my friends.
So please, the people who are listening to the show, if you guys want to support Alex's work, if you want to support my work, it's not enough just listening politely to what we do.
You must some way participate, and buying products such as Alex's Endgame, you guys are participating in us trying to destroy the New World Order's plan to destroy humanity.
Well, I want to get into the population reduction and the whole Malthusian agenda, but in the film you talk about how they are the black nobility, how they want stagnation because they control the central banks and credit.
So by destroying economies, they make everyone paupers and then literally are owned by them, and now the elite don't need us for manufacturing or slaves anymore, and why the elite want to then reduce our numbers.
Can you just right now speak to that?
Well, I mean, if anyone has read Brzezinski's books, The Telectronic Age and The Grand Chessboard, I mean, he's talking about that.
In black and white terms, he's saying that population reduction is one of the ways to go.
Destroying Russia and getting control of their energy supplies, that's another way to go.
All that stuff that these people are talking about, the slave society, the owners and the slaves, no middle class, these are not my words.
This isn't a conspiracy theory, folks.
These are the words
of Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller.
You know what I mean?
To destroy the culture and to destroy society, you must destroy the idea of nation-states.
And that's what the Bilderbergers and 500 years ago the Venetian black nobility, who they are called the Bilderbergers, that's what they've been working on ever since the creation of the first nation-state after the Treaty of the Council of Florence in 1439.
They've been actively working on this thing for the last
500 some odd years to destroy the concept of the natural law, of the constitution, of social welfare, to destroy the society and to create the slaves and the owners exactly the way we were 500 years ago.
And you know Alex, it's not a surprise that people like Henry Kissinger and Brzezinski and Clinton
For so many years I've called in question the American Constitution, including Clinton, as you all know, went out to say that it was a document written by extremists.
The Constitution of the United States is the only document in the history of mankind to limit the power of the government.
And you can't have world government and one world order if you have the Constitution in the way.
And there's no doubt, Daniel, right now that they are destroying the United States economically.
First, they got our industry shut down.
Then they told us it would be a service economy.
Now they're even shutting that down, and by design, killing the dollar.
How low do you think they're going to drive the dollar?
Um, again, I have no idea.
I mean, I can't see the future.
I can just tell you what I know according to the people within the Bilderberg community.
You know, a lot of the stuff that's coming out right now is based on our deep sources in the Secret Service community, because these people are the first ones privy to all this information, and they're the first ones terrified of the consequences of what the United States government led by the man behind the curtain,
Or obviously not Bush, but the money people.
That's what Bilderberg is all about.
It's about money, and it's about controlling wealth and controlling natural resources.
I don't know how low it will go, but the wholesale destruction of the economy is not something that Rockefeller will suffer.
We will suffer, just as in the Great Depression.
There was no Great Depression.
It was a transfer of wealth.
Stay there!
Stay there!
We'll be back in just a few minutes with Daniel Estillan.
Stay with us.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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The cruiser man says it's the end of time, and the Mississippi River, she's a gold prime.
The interest is up and the stock market's down, and you only get mugged if you go downtown.
I live back in the woods, you see.
A woman and a kid and a dog and me.
I've got a shotgun, a rifle, and a four-wheel drive, and a country boy can survive.
Country folks can survive!
Welcome back, Daniel Estill, an investigative journalist, best-selling author of
The true story of the Bilderberg Group.
You can get the book right now, discounted out of the gates, for $19.95 at Infowars.com.
You can get a $5 discount on Endgame when you get it with the new book.
Again, this is how we're going to beat them.
It's how we're going to fight them.
Read the book and then pass it on to somebody else to read it, or buy a couple copies.
We have got to expose these people, and it's been a bestseller in Europe and all over the world, but blocked from publishing for several years here in the U.S.
This new edition has been published through a smaller publisher.
The big bookstores are blocking putting it in because they're scared.
And I've talked to Colonel Roberts, who's sold millions and millions of books.
I mean, he's a best-seller, one-shot, one-kill, you know, a Marine Corps sniper, Vietnam.
Those are best-selling books.
And he had a bunch of other best-sellers, but when he did stuff about the New World Order, they said, we will not touch this.
We've gotten calls from the owners of the publishers.
And we're not putting this out.
Again, they've tried to stop the information from coming out.
That's what's so important.
Daniel, I was on National British Radio yesterday and the idiot host was denying that there's even a New World Order or even an American Union as Vicente Fox was admitting it just the other day on Larry King Live.
I mean, how long is this denial going to keep working on the public?
Well, Alex, the greatest form of control is when you think you're free while you're being manipulated
I think so.
of an explanation that there's a bigger picture beyond what they see, but this is exactly the reality.
And unfortunately for them, more and more people are waking up.
As you can see, again, you don't sell a million and a half copies of any book unless people want to know the truth.
Yesterday, in Kingston, which is a small town in Northern Ontario, we had a full house, over 200 people came in, standing room only, not one media group came out to support the event or to report on the event,
Simultaneously in another location in Kingston they had a concert by some Joe Blow nobody and a thousand three hundred people came out to see this guy blow his guitar or whatever the hell he was doing.
You see what I'm saying?
No, no, I totally see them, and they've got people focused in on sports, which doesn't mean anything for our future, anything for our society, and we're in this deepening crisis.
Now, covering the last couple years of Bilderberg, what are some of the main things on their agenda right now?
Well, one of the things I liked about, you know, I was listening to the commercial break, and one of the things you guys were talking about was the price of gold.
I don't know if you remember, but a couple of years back, I said in one of my Bilderberg reports, at a time when gold was priced at $375 an ounce, my gold, this thing is going to go to about $700 an ounce.
Well, I was wrong.
It's going to go way beyond $700 an ounce.
Again, last year after the Billeberg meeting in Canada, in Canada, I said in my Billeberg report, and you were there, that these guys, we're talking about, you know, the wholesale destruction of housing.
Daniel, let's stop right there.
I keep forgetting, we have a link to it on Infowars.com.
Your website has many years of articles that you've written, hundreds of them total, and little blurbs where you document info, so give them your website.
It's www.danielestulin.com.
It's my name dot com.
And that's the gauge of accuracy in media.
Your accuracy has been 98%.
You know, I think Ted Williams batted .400 and is considered the best, you know, the greatest baseball player in history.
Well, imagine what, you know, if I had played baseball, what they would consider me.
Yeah, I mean, it's literally 98%.
And that's just because the Vildenberg isn't always able to get what they want.
We talked about this two and a half years ago, and people just would not listen.
They were saying, the central bank of Canada is saying that this thing is going to go up ten percent.
And I kept saying to them, get rid of debt, get out of debt, these things are going to destroy the housing market, they're going to destroy the economy, and you are going to suffer.
What I always say in my conferences, and I know you absolutely agree with this, is that the war that these people are waging is not against Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda, it is a war being waged on us, and until they destroy us,
Stay there.
Let's get into their game plan.
Let's get into who these people are, what their management system is, what their endgame is, on the other side with Daniel Estillan.
His new book's out, and he's a big part of endgame, by the way.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're going to go right back to Daniel Esselstyn in just a moment.
I'm going to be showing Endgame six more times in Austin next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at the Alamo Draft House on Shop Lamar.
Great theater, food, drinks, everything there.
Best kind of cinema experience out there and really important film.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
I'm going to show it the next week on the 1st of November on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and that's it.
I'm just going to be at the Monday event.
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And who knows, if these continue to sell out, we might even have a show a few more times after that.
Just here locally in Austin because so many people want to see it.
In game Blueprint for Global Enslavement is going to be of course available on DVD November 1st.
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But I'm just saying November 1st.
But you'll be getting these in and around the 1st.
And again, in-game, Blueprint for Global Enslavement available at InfoWars.com or by calling 888-253-3139.
And I would pair it up with the Bilderberg Group, the new book out, the new edition out by Daniel Estelin.
And there are just, I don't know, 20, 30 pages of incredible photographs and documents in here.
There's actually probably more than that.
It's just a great read.
And this is a
Thank you.
But I hope you will get your tickets for next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar.
You can link through oninfowars.com over to the Alamo Drafthouse website and get your tickets.
Or they hold about 20 tickets at the door for the hour before.
You can still also go to the door last minute and buy tickets.
It's been standing room only a couple times though where they put out folding chairs, but they really don't turn anybody away.
So I hope to see you out there next week.
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Or you get it yourself and leave it at the dental office, at the barber shop, at work, around the water cooler.
You do that with my films.
I mean, this is how we get the word out.
All right, I'm going to shut up about that.
Just a very important offer.
Going back to Daniel Esselin.
Daniel, you've got the floor now.
I've asked a lot of my questions.
I really want you to talk about, like you do in Endgame, but maybe even flesh it out a little bit more about your study, about why they're monopoly men, the system, how they're landowners, what they want to create, how they're going to use the carbon tax.
I want to start with a point I want to make, otherwise I'm going to forget it.
A couple of days ago, coming into Canada, it really brought the whole thing home.
As soon as I got off the plane, there were four border guards, American border guards, greeting me by name, saying, Good morning, Daniel.
I was stopped at the border.
They whisked me into another room, checked my luggage, and it kind of dawned on me that you have... These are these American military men guarding Canadian airports.
So, basically what you have is American-Americans related and working for American subcontractors, military contractors, are now telling Canadians, because I do have a Canadian passport, although I'm an expatriate,
Living in Europe.
They're telling Canadians whether they can enter their country or not.
And no one seems to be realizing this, that this is all part...
of the greater North America.
Canada, as a country, only exists in name.
Two years ago, the AP reported, and people are getting mad that they hired Texas State Police because they've been brainwashed to run illegal checkpoints and search cars.
They sent hundreds of DPS from Texas to Canada to train the state and federal police in checkpoints.
Exactly, Alex.
Eleven years ago, in 1996, we exposed Bilderberger plans to destroy Canada.
Let's stop right there.
I want to go back to when they did try to kill you.
I want to go back to how they tried to use the French Shepherd.
Let's break that down.
Well, basically what you have, you have Canada divided into French-speaking and English-speaking countries, or sections.
So, in order to break Canada up and get control of Quebec's natural resources, which is their energy, you must separate and divide Quebec from the rest of Canada and join merged Canada, English-speaking Canada and the United States.
Now, we found out about that.
As a matter of fact, the whole plan goes back to the 1980s when Reagan was
...elected to the White House, you know, the big bankers told him, like, look, had this been a corporation, you know, this would have been a bankruptcy because the United States has no money.
Now, Canada is a virgin nation, lots of land, lots of resources, few people.
Let's get these two countries together into one.
We can get a hold of their natural resources, but there was a problem of Quebec.
So they've started working on getting rid of Quebec, and we got into understanding and analyzing the whole thing of the separatist movement.
Now this is extremely evil, Alex.
We realize that every politician in Quebec, left, right, central, liberal, conservative, nationalist, independent, the extreme right wing or extreme left wing, all of the top echelon of each one of these parties, who are financed
Through the Rockefeller Corporation.
Now, people call it a coincidence.
You could do that, but I think the human spirit requires that we look for a much more solid and logical explanation.
Well, it's the same thing.
The Council of Americas and literally 50 other groups are all founded by the Rockefellers.
I mean, look at Europe.
Initially we had countries, nations, states.
You have flags, constitutions, currency.
Now you have one nation called Europe, one constitution, one flag, one currency, and we don't have a national constitution in Spain because European constitutions... And by the way, the people are upwards of 90% don't like it, but they never let you vote on it.
Well, they don't know anything about it because they've just been dumbed down to the point that it's just a question of putting a free football game or a hockey game on television at the same time
That there is a major voting going on to decide the future of all the people in Europe, and 90% will not even turn out.
Again, the whole idea of mass media entertainment, and again, you've exposed this in the United States, is to get people entertained so they don't get in the way of important people by doing too much thinking.
Absolutely, but please continue about how they tried to kill you.
Well, the idea was in 1996 when we found out what these people's plans were, because we do have deep sources within the Bilderberg Group, I was meeting one of my sources in the Canada Trust Tower building,
And as I was getting in the elevator, I was just missing a key ingredient when the doors opened and the floor was not there.
And what I miraculously was saved because my contact was with me and he pulled me out.
When we got down to the basement, the police officer said to me, he said, you know kid, you are lucky to be alive because when mafia kills, they don't need to push you down the chute.
What they do is, they just make sure that the floor is not there.
A blind person, they said, would never walk into an elevator, first without feeling for the floor, but we automatically assume that the floor is going to be there.
Anyway, this is just one of many experiences I've tried to kill, to bribe, to arrest me, to...
This is tremendous!
I'm coming into my country with a Canadian passport
And you have American military contractors working through Dincorp, which is needless to say, you know, Bush, Republican, extreme right wing, etc.
asking me questions about what am I going to do in my country.
And when I protested, I said, well, you know, we do have the right not to let you in.
And the whole thing just hit home.
I just realized that Canada as a nation doesn't exist anymore.
It's been taken over by North America.
It's been taken over
By the man behind the curtain.
And if you folks listening to Alex Jones Show, if you want to understand who runs the show, forget the left, right, Republicans, Democrats.
Find the man behind the curtain.
Understand who these people are.
The money elite, the aristocracy of purpose, which is what Bilderberg is.
Find out how they work together to make sure that your future is in their hands.
What did they say when you said, hey, I don't appreciate this?
I mean, I live in Canada.
I'm a Canadian.
I told them more than that.
I basically told them, I said, look, you know, I've been doing this for too long.
If you're trying to scare me, it's not going to work because, you know, your boys have tried to arrest me.
They've tried to get rid of me.
They've tried to buy my silence.
But again, how much does freedom cost in terms of zeros, Alex?
So when these people realized what they were up against, they basically shuffled me off to the next department, they went through my bags, and they let me go.
But it's just the whole point of it that an American security guard controlling Canadian airports...
He's telling a Canadian citizen whether he can enter his country or not.
Now, you don't see Spanish border guards controlling American borders.
You know what I mean?
But you see American border guards... Oh, oh, oh, oh, contrary!
They're going to take 83 interstate highways.
I-35 is only the beginning.
It's official U.S.
Department of Transportation documents.
We have them.
And we got it out of the last SPP meeting last year.
Now there's another one.
And it says that in the corridors,
They're going to put U.S.
in the Mexican corridors, Mexicans in the U.S.
corridors, and Americans and Mexicans in the Canadian corridors, and actually says that, and now you just experienced it, but on 83 interstate highways, it says from San Antonio to Kansas City, we're going to have Mexicans literally running it.
That is mainstream info.
And you know, yesterday someone said to me in a question and answer period, they said, well, you know, people are going to stand up, they're not going to let it happen.
I said, they are letting it happen.
When I was at the airport with all these other people there, and all of the people heard it like an entire sheep, I said to them, don't you people understand what is being done to your country, to your country, to your currency?
None of them were too happy, but none of them were willing to rock the boat.
Is the whole point of
We're good to go.
I'm really looking very much forward to watching the endgame, because so many people have said to me,
Hey, you're in this thing!
Hey, the stuff you're talking about, I've never even heard of the Venetian Black Nobility.
I didn't even know that these people exist.
One of the reasons that the Billerbergers have had so much trouble over the years discrediting me, is I don't go for the all-seeing eye, you know, the Illuminati conspiracy.
There's a logic, a historical logic, which I can explain to you, going back 500 years, would explain, you know, the entire thing.
The whole idea of the nation-state,
It was founded through the Council of Florence in 1439-1440 and the result it sets in motion a revolution in political institutions that threatened Venice's rule.
Now at that time Venice was the all power of the entire world political spectrum.
Now the Council of Florence was the unification of the eastern and the western rights of the Christian Church.
Now what happened through the Council of Florence as a result of the triumph
It was also the triumph of the Renaissance.
The idea behind it was began by Dante, and then it was by his followers in the 14th century.
What made the future Council of Florence possible was amidst 14th century economic and demographic collapse of Europe, and also became known as the New Dark Age.
Now, the first success of this new form of European nation-state
Occurred in France under Louis XI and then a little bit later on in England under the Henry VII.
Now, the idea of modern history, which began exactly at the time of the signing of the Treaty of Florence, of the Council of Florence, it gave us several things.
One nation state, which is constitution, social welfare, a government working for the people instead of slaves working the fields for the oligarchy dying off, our children working the fields, their children working the fields dying off,
And the result of the nation-state creation, suddenly the government started working for the people and the second important element of the nation-state was that scientific and technical progress as the mandate given to the Republic.
Now these two ideas represented a crucial argument.
Their existence as institution in any part of Europe
Changed everything in all of Europe because the changes increased the rate of development of per capita and per square kilometer of power of mankind over nature and suddenly mankind started blossoming as a species and you can't have that when the oligarchy wants to control and subjugate the people which is why over the last 500 years since 1439
These people, the elites, have actively been working at destroying the nation-states, have actively been destroying the human spirit, and I'm sorry to say that they're very, very close to achieving this, lest we finally wake up from our drunken stupor and realize that the war is not against Bin Laden.
The war that these people have been waging, they're waging on us, free people of the world, or whatever is left of the free world.
You know, we just finished Endgame literally a few weeks ago, and it just came in, mass-manufactured, and I just sent one to Jim Tucker.
Well, I totally agree.
Let me know where you're going to be in, say, Tuesday, whatever hotel or wherever that's going to be, and I'll have it delivered there, Daniel.
Okay, but aside from having delivered one copy, which I'm very, very grateful for, I want to buy a couple of additional copies.
This is a request, but I insist.
And this is a request to all your listeners.
Folks, if you're going to be in San Antonio, wherever Alex is going to be having his show, don't just assume that Alex is famous, he's well known, all the people are going to show up.
We must make a stand.
We must let these people know who are watching us that Alex is not alone, that I'm not alone, that a lot of people are on our side, and we're not willing
Freely to give up our freedoms, and if somebody wants to take it away from us, they're gonna surely have one hell of a time trying to do it.
So please, don't take anything for granted.
Lots of warm bodies, lots of noise, and lots of support.
Well, it's literally life and death, and I want to talk about that when we get back.
It is life and death, Alex.
I want to talk about, in your view, from your own documents, what their endgame is.
And again, Daniel is a key voice in the new film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
And you can get it right now at InfoWars.com.
And Daniel, I'm going to twist your arm and stay a little bit longer until the next hour if you can.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderbergs.
Wasn't their objective the world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They have all the money they need.
They're not after money.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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While you were sleeping
They came and took it all away.
The names in the middle.
The places where you used to play.
It was an Einstein's joke.
By the way, it's a mistake.
The True Story of the Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estelund, the latest 2007 edition, just out.
It doesn't officially come out until the end of this month, but we've got them right now.
We're authorized to ship them out to you.
Available at m4awards.com.
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Available in the United States.
And he's going to be traveling across the United States the next week.
And before he leaves us in the next hour, we're going to open the phones up in the next hour, specifically on the New World Order, specifically on population reduction, on the globalist, on the dollar, on the economy.
That's hundreds of issues.
It's all tied together.
For Daniel Estill and at 1-800-259-9231.
And please, just for Daniel Estill and on the Bilderberg Group, on the New World Order, and those key issues that are associated with it.
For any questions or comments for Daniel, we will start taking your calls in the next segment.
Daniel, we've got three or four minutes left right now.
There's so many things happening.
In the last few months, since the last Bilderberg, have you gotten any more intel on any frustrations they have, any setbacks they're having, or any victories they're having?
Well, one of the frustrations, although, one of the frustrations, needless to say, the whole situation in Iran, not Iraq, because Iraq is going according to plan.
The whole idea behind, you know, rival groups, the Shiites and the Sunnis, the Kurds in the north fighting the Turks, that's all a planned thing.
If you want to destroy a culture, if you want to destroy a nation, you just get these people to fight each other and you kill them off while you give them butters.
We're good to go.
I think it is, Alex.
That's a good idea.
I like that.
Yeah, that's fine.
Because, you know, we have people out there, you know, pushing, oh, the next form of democracy is a global one.
Well, the way they're setting up the global government is that it's the elite running it.
We have no freedom.
I don't think we've ever had it in the first place.
It's an illusion, as you read in the book.
Every presidential candidate and every president of the United States have always belonged to the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, CFR, all the two or the three of them, not only in the United States, but in Canada, not only in Canada, but in every European nation as well.
You don't get to the top unless you play by their rules.
And if you get to the top by not playing by the rules, they will destroy you through so many different methods which they control through the media, or simply getting rid of you by getting you out of the way.
But they've got a problem because when Congress has an 11% approval rating, people for the first time hate both parties.
It's the same thing in England.
People are starting to wake up though.
One of the things that somebody asked me yesterday at a conference, what can we do?
About 10 years ago, Alex, a very, very close friend of mine who is a member of the World Bank, there are good people who actually work for the World Bank.
He said to me, look, if you want to one day to really do good, forget about all these cute little stories you tell people.
Understand how money works for you and what you can do by turning money around and getting it to work for you.
So if you folks have money invested in major corporations such as Chase, Manhattan Bank,
Stay there, we're going to be right back with Daniel Estillin and your phone calls.
We're talking about the rulers of the planet, the kingpins and their slaves.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now already into our number three in the last 30 minutes of the show, I'm going to get more into the economy and a bunch of news I haven't even gotten to yet.
For the next 20 minutes we have Daniel Eskalin with us, award-winning author, investigative journalist, best-selling author, published in 24 languages with a new book, The Bilderberg Group.
Absolutely amazing book.
We've got Robert Redskip, Patrick Dominic, and others.
Let's go right to your questions or comments for Daniel Estiman.
Robert from California, you're on the air.
Hello, go ahead.
Yeah, actually, I was wondering how Bilderberg works in with the UN Agenda 21.
I mean, I know that the elites were behind this whole meeting, basically.
I just wanted to get a little bit more information.
Well, they tailor the international regulations, and then they have think tanks that come up with a specific, you know, way to implement, and then that's implemented through these bilateral agreements.
The Globalists transfer, then, all national, state, local power into these international agreements, which then supersede them.
Daniel, can you add to that?
You remember what happened with the... I mean, Jim Tucker was the one who was leading the investigation in this respect, when he reported a few years back that the Bilderbergers were planning
Absolutely, yeah.
We're good.
But the point is, they were implementing a principle where for the first time, an organization such as the United Nations, which does not work for the Americans nor the Canadians, which is not part of the Constitution of the United States... Which was created by the military-industrial complex in 1945.
Not only that, but these people suddenly will have the power to tax American citizens.
And to regulate, if you can have a power plant, how big your house can be.
They're now doing that already in the US, Canada, and England.
They've been doing it in Europe for I don't know how long.
Yeah, exactly.
So does that answer your question, sir?
I mean, we're trying to bring some things to light about UN Agenda 21 with this group that I'm working with.
Yeah, a little bit.
Well, UN Agenda 21 is just a blueprint for United Nations regulatory control systems in your local community.
Right, and it's amazing how they can take an international charter and apply it at a local level by bypassing the Constitution.
Well, that's because the bondholders come in and tell the cities, well, up your bond rating if you follow this prospectus plan.
Daniel, you want to explain how they control, and I appreciate your call, sir, and we'll come back and take more calls, the systemic methodology, the pie.
Explain that to people.
Well, basically the Bill of Rights, out of the 120 people who attend, only a very small fraction of these are private.
So the plans, the Rockefellers, the Kissingers, the Brzezinskis, these are about 40-50 people.
Then you get about 60-70 of them who are invited on an annual basis.
Now some of them have absolutely, or most of them have absolutely no idea there is an organized structure behind Bilderberg Conferences, which interlocks with the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, etc, etc.
They only come because they've been invited to attend, for example, you can take
A scientist who works as an investigator for the University of Oslo, who's been investigating, I don't know, a yellow amoeba, a little furry thing, which is related to the genetically modified crop.
That's all he knows, that's all he does.
But what he does, his information, is a very vital, crucial piece in the Rockefeller puzzle of the New World Order.
That's how the whole systemic thing works.
You know, one world government, an all-seeing eye.
It's people working together at different levels, national, international, local.
But you have to understand that the governments are run by the people who are members of the Bilderberg elite.
The think tanks are run by the people who are affiliated with the Bilderberg elite.
The corporations are run by the same people.
So by the time you have a look at the whole thing, you realize it's a giant systemic conspiracy run from the very top by people who both in Europe and the United States working together towards a very, very... Exactly!
The Fortune 100 are all the same heads of the Bilderberg, heads of the CFR, heads of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and these are all corporate interlocking directorates
It's a military structure.
It's a command and control structure.
We'll be right back with Daniel Estillon to continue the discussion of compartmentalization.
Here it goes.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful group of governments.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess makes great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
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He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The new book is an international bestseller.
Over a million and a half copies sold in Europe and Asia.
Now finally published after several years of them blocking it.
The latest edition since 1954.
The world's powerful people, most powerful people have met in a secret once a year until now.
The true story of the Bilderberg Group, Daniel Eskildjian, and it is available at Infowars.com, discounted out of the gates.
We're about to go back to Daniel Eskildjian and try to rock it through your calls.
Red, Skip, Patrick, Dominique, Alan, and others.
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Going back to Daniel Estilin, let's go to the calls.
Red in Colorado, go ahead, you're on the air.
Hello, this is Reb from Bubba Scout.
Reb, we've been talking directly to Intelligence Office Dr. Fast and Colonel Book in the Pentagon about reduction of population.
It's just this subject for a predilection of a sub-race that's been created because of controlled hallucinogens and anabolics and things like that.
We've had our phones secured by Jeff Marlow.
Alright, listen, I'm going to let you go.
This doesn't make any sense.
Alright, I guess this is a question I've always wanted to ask you.
Aren't the Global Elite kind of burning a candle at both ends?
How are they going to be able to enjoy
Well, there's 500 million that will be left as their little minions.
Now, that's the midline.
On average, they say 80% extermination.
Some say 99%.
That's the minority group, quote, the radicals, in their thoughts.
And that's my point.
They are very destructive.
They are very nihilistic.
They're doing all this wild genetic engineering and all this cross
Well, one of the things that's important to understand is that people like David Rockefeller are not going to suffer any consequences.
It's us who are going to suffer the consequences, just like in the Great Depression.
And I said to you before, it wasn't the Great Depression, it was a transfer of wealth.
From us, we lost, they made.
They didn't suffer anything.
It was the consolidation of the money elite.
They just cut the loans off, just like they've done with houses for three months now.
They issue the credit, they get you addicted, and then they just cut it off.
Alex, they've been doing it since 1914, and people still haven't learned.
I remind you that between 1914 and 1919, the Fed increased the money supply by almost 100%.
Everybody made a lot of money.
Then in 1920, they called in the loans, resulting in the supporting banks having to call in
Huge number of losses, and again, like earlier in 1907, bankruptcies, bankrupts, collapses occurred.
And that's because they issue this credit out of nothing.
They need to blow it out to consolidate and get real assets.
Well, exactly, because the Federal Reserve System is an illegal bank, and from the very first dollar they lend, they lend it with the interest.
They did the same thing in 1920 to 1929, again they increased the money supply, and also did another thing called a new type of loan called the margin loan, where you put down 10% and you get the whole stock.
Now, doesn't that sound like what we've had in the United States and Canada over the last 10 years?
Zero down, zero interest, people with zero credit rating, getting $500 million.
And then they called in the margin loans, which was tiny compared to the entire investment portfolio, and then blamed it on the margin loans when they issued it to begin with, and then restricted credit for a full 10 years.
Now what happened was the same thing that is happening right now.
Don't people realize
We're good.
Well, even the Financial Times of London admitted that big banks were behind knocking the dollar so they could consolidate property and smaller banks under their regulatory control.
And Cheney went into Euros last year.
Now that they've all invested in Euros, the dollar's down, they're able to come in and buy up assets even cheaper.
So nobody's burning a candle on both ends.
The Rockefellers and the Bilderbergers are doing this to destroy the world economy.
I think he's talking about, though, all of the things they're doing to the environment and things.
Well, I don't think these people care much about that.
Again, part of the whole environment issue, as you well know, and you expose it on your program, is a big scam for the corporations to make a lot of money out of the cleaning up the environment.
And restricting their competition.
Does that answer your question, Skip?
He dropped.
Patrick in Toronto, Canada.
Patrick, you're on the air.
How you doing, brother?
We've got Daniel in the shop tonight, and I just wanted Daniel to touch on, I mean, with Infowars and the freedom of speech and all the censorship that's going on, Heather Riesman, who's the niece of Simon Riesman, who actually spearheaded the whole Canadian delegation that negotiated the 1988 CAFTA... Exactly.
Do you think Heather Riesman's in into the Bilderberg?
She's gone to the last two meetings.
Do you think her in into those meetings has been the fact that she is the niece of Simon Riesman?
Or do you think it's the fact that she is the CEO of Chapters Indigo Books, the largest book chain across the country, and she's actually used as a conduit to put a filter and a grip and a chokehold
We're good to go.
And make money off of my book?
Well apparently not.
And the best way to keep people from knowing the truth is by keeping my book out of the store.
And when a couple of days ago we went into Indigo and asked them where the hell is my book, the man there said no comment and the other general manager said to us, we will never ever carry this book in our store.
How about we get a copy signed and send it to her as an early Christmas present?
Well, look, they're not going to stop it, and the fact that they're trying to block it is going to make people visit it just that much more.
Tell us precisely where you're going to be in Toronto tonight.
Thanks for the call.
I'm going to be at, hang on, I'm just looking at the address right now, Conspiracy Culture.
It's at 1696 Queen Street West.
Seating is limited, so please do show up early if you do.
It starts at 7.30.
I'm going to give a talk, and there's a book signing again.
It's not a question of just, you know, learning piddly little bits of information.
It's a question of understanding that behind this thing called the Bilderbergers is a very, very structured, systemic conspiracy of people who have been at it for the last 500 years.
I'm not talking about Dan Brown.
I'm not talking about the Da Vinci Code.
I'm talking about reality, and we have... Exactly, exactly.
And because the elites are so old, of course they have trappings of all that esoteric stuff.
But the point is, what they're doing is public and tangible and provable, and we should stick to what we can prove.
That's one of the reasons, Alex, that they've never had any luck discrediting me because everything I say has documented paper trail behind it and in the book... Let me...
There are 90 pages of photographs and documents.
Yeah, let me say something about censorship.
You know, most people try to claim they're censored because it's chic and people check it out.
I never really talk about it.
And I know you've been censored too, Daniel.
I mean, every major filtering software company we've looked into has had it.
All of my websites, PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.com, because they haven't added TruthNews.us, but the new editions will have it.
To where almost every library, almost every college library, every major corporation, where it's Fortune 500, my website is blocked.
People are allowed to surf stuff during lunch.
It's blocked everywhere.
We're blocked on MySpace, being able to send bulletins.
We're blocked all over the web.
I mean, they're doing this because they're scared.
So that's why it's important to spread the word, folks, while we still have an internet.
And these people are complaining about the Chinese blocking somebody's intent look at some love video of two people having, having, uh, unconstituted sex.
I mean, I mean, our global companies that are based in the U.S., they're, they're teaching China how to censor.
Well, Daniel, I don't think it's going to work, but that's why it's so important for listeners to understand.
There are people desperately trying to keep you from getting the book, The Bilderberg Group.
There are people desperately who don't want you to get in game.
I think, Alex, the point is that I think it's too late to speak to the entire world population.
I think what we have to do is just save our energy and our breath.
On the people who are willing to listen and dedicate our energies, as you and I are doing, and Jim Tucker is doing, talking to the people who are willing to listen and who want to know how they can change this.
The solutions we offer, the practical things, again, this isn't some harebrained scheme.
And by the way, we don't have a choice!
I mean, the New World Order is coming down, and what they're going to do is... I want to hold you over one more segment, because I want to be able to go to Dominique and Alan and a few others, a little five-minute segment coming up.
Stay with me to the bottom of the hour, Daniel.
But bottom line, they're going to keep orchestrating more terror, herding us into more compact, surveilled cities, controlled bioweapons releases, mass reductions in population.
This is the stated goal.
They say that this is their plan.
I mean, I'm sorry it's a nightmare, folks, but the future is a nightmare.
Daniel, what freaks me out is that the global elite keep doing everything they said they were going to do.
The war is not against Bin Laden, it's on us, and we better get it straight.
Well, Bin Laden's their CIS, and that's public knowledge.
Publicly admitted, but the public still doesn't know that.
It's our job to tell them.
Daniel Eskildon, author of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, international bestseller.
On the other side, final segment with our guests.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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However, an increase in money supply without equal expansion in productivity can cause inflation.
In order to achieve strength and stability, I recommend a conservative portion of all investments to be calmly repositioned into gold and silver.
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He stood six foot six and weighed 245.
Kind of broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip.
And everybody knew he didn't give no lip to Big John.
Big John!
Big John!
Welcome back!
We're talking to Big Daniel Eskalon.
The book, The Bilderberg Group.
A lot of energy, a lot of time, a lot of danger.
A lot of being interrogated and stopped and detained to put together this book.
It's unbelievable.
How are you?
Nice to talk to you.
Um, yeah, I wanted to ask, one of the questions I wanted to ask you guys is, um, how long do you think we really have?
Because I see the New World Order is taking a snowball effect.
Well, we're already in it.
I mean, they're already arresting and putting more people in prison and more police state and, you know, having to work two, three jobs, but we're talking five, ten years, maybe even sooner.
That's right.
I agree, Alex.
Five, ten years.
You got it.
That's it.
What do you think might happen at the Olympics in two years?
I think that that might be used as a false flag operation.
You know, you never know where they're going to pop up.
It's always going to be when you wake up one morning and you're not expecting it.
I mean, I cannot tell you because I have no idea what they can do in the Olympics.
Before we get to the Olympics, we still have lots of terrain to run.
Two years' worth and a lot of things can happen.
Not all of them, according to Dillberger plans.
And I hope we can put a few wrenches in their plans between now and then.
How are they responding, Daniel, to the increased awareness of their activities?
Are they pleased by that?
Unfortunately, what I'm getting is that they were initially fairly concerned, especially as, when you and I talked three years ago, I told you about a very concerted effort from the American Patriot community, but since then, for some one reason or another, the whole thing just padded out.
And they're not nearly as concerned, because they can see that, they've seen that the reaction has been a lot less
Actable, proactive than they had anticipated.
Because they just keep denying anything exists!
Well, that's true, but we're not, you know, you and I are doing what we can, but unfortunately, people again, as they've been conditioned to believe what they see is real, when you and I come along and tell them that there is another reality beyond what they can touch, they'll just laugh in your face because it just destroys everything.
I know, I mean, most yuppies don't even know the dollar's been devalued by 60%.
Well, they'll blame it on any, you know, the same thing with, you know, the oil is going up, they'll blame it on
On the Chinese, they'll say these are the speculators, but the speculators are not just any speculator, it has a face, it has a name, there's an organization behind it.
It's OPEC, and OPEC's controlled by the globalists, and the dollar's been devalued, that's why, I mean... Oh, don't go tell the yuppies, they will deny it.
Oh, they say there's no global elite, they say... I've talked to yuppies who deny that there's ever even been an elite.
These people are complete morons.
Dominic, I appreciate your call.
Allen in Ohio.
Go ahead, you're on the air with Daniel Estillen.
Yeah, hello Alex.
I've been listening ten years and I don't call in a whole lot, but I'm still out here listening.
Well, God bless you, sir.
Any questions?
I've been reading this Newswatch magazine that you referred to earlier there.
And the July issue put a complete background on how they've done all this.
And in that was a thing called the Manual of Action, which is the protocol that Mayor Rothschild wrote in 1773 of how to do this, and it is exactly the way they've done it.
Well, again, you can actually go further back in time than that.
I can document it.
For all the information I found in the Library of Florence, which is one of the most important reference libraries in the world, back in 1439-1440, when the nation-state was created as a result of the Treaty of Florence, these people already were working actively on destroying and dismantling the idea.
Again, they're monopoly men.
They cannot allow freedom because it will create choice and they will be displaced.
They are there to destroy free market, just like they're now ordering that smaller companies can't build new power plants, only elite ones can, and they claim carbon dioxide is a deadly poison.
It's a tax on life.
They are cornering the market and actively creating the ultimate monopoly of exterminating most of us so that we cannot oppose them in the future.
Thank you for the call.
I really appreciate it, Alan.
You've got the last minute here, Daniel Estolano.
Well, I just want to make sure that people know that on Wednesday, October 24th, in New York, we have a very important press conference at the Roosevelt Hotel, 10.30 in the morning until 11.30, 45th East, 45th Street, that's 45th and Madison.
If you guys live in New York, and if you support what we do, and if you support our fight against the New World Order and their macabre plans,
Please come out, show the show fans, you know, come out and be counted, all these other platitudes that you wish, all these cliché expressions.
We need you to be there to show that we are many, that we're not few.
We know that the mainstream press is not going to be covering, but it's very, very important that they know that we know, and we are mobilizing.
And that's the Roosevelt Hotel, what time on the 24th of October?
That starts at 10.30 to 11.30, but needless to say, if people want to stick around and talk to me afterwards, have me sign their books.
It'll be an honor to do it.
Daniel, I'll also... I think the great folks from WeAreChange.org and InfoWars.com will also be there.
I salute you.
Thank you so much, my friend.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
You bet.
Take care.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We at The Bible Says want to alert the world to the topic of the Mark of the Beast.
Soon it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act.
We're good to go.
Oh, what a beautiful day for the beach!
Up there in the sky!
It's Non-X-Man!
He's in a dive!
He must have found some ugly toenails on the beach!
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Waging war on corruption, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I know we've got some callers holding, and if I have time in the last segment, coming up in about 15 minutes, 20 minutes, I'll get to some of you.
Chinese growth is overtaking the United States.
And that could happen as soon as next year.
Again, by design, the globalists move our factories and industry there.
We're not trading with China.
Our companies have moved there.
The IMF is bad-mouthing the dollar, saying it needs to go down another 20% or so.
It's already down by 60-plus percent.
There's a big article up on PrisonPlanet.com, IMF badmouths the dollar, an open attack on American middle class.
Condoleezza Rice, Alan Greenspan are in public statements saying we need to get rid of the middle class and reduce the wages of Americans.
This has all been done by design.
We were the wealthiest.
We had the most wealth because we had a free market.
The globalists came in and sucked us dry and created a debt system to get us into debt through fraud.
Now they're claiming we're a bunch of lazy scum.
I even have national German mainline news television.
I don't have time to play the clip today.
I grabbed it.
It's like a five minute clip where they talk about how we're pig people.
Ha ha ha.
We deserve it.
See, the globalists are masters at this.
Before they fully implode us, they demonize us by staging this war, setting us up.
They let us take over nations for them.
Then we get the blame.
Then they fully bankrupt us.
And there's no doubt we become decadent and slovenly.
So is the whole Western world.
The point is, is that this was all done fraudulently and by design, economically.
Unbelievable to see this happening.
Such an important article.
Give it to all your yuppie friends and others that don't get the big picture on how they're destroying the dollar by design.
What's really happening with the stock market?
The stock market's really below $7,000 right now.
Oil has gone over $90 a barrel.
Gold is above $7.65 this morning, an ounce.
You need to take your dollars and put them into tangible assets.
If that means paying off your house or getting five acres out in the middle of nowhere where you can boogie out to,
If that means getting storable food, if that means getting water filters, if that means cashing into gold, or even if you don't have a lot of money, just not going out and blowing it, getting deeper in debt, thinking you need Madison Avenue baubles, they do that to make you feel inadequate to get caught in the clutches of their system.
And every few months, you know, we have a special guest on who has his own radio show here on the Genesis Network from 6 to 8 p.m.
Every Sunday night, Central Standard Time, when my Sunday live show ends at 6 o'clock and it's live 4 to 6 Central, you hear Steve Schenck.
It's a very informative show.
He spends about 5% of the time talking about his storable foods company that's the oldest continual operating company in the nation, and the rest of it is all about the other survival and preparedness and debt, and he is
I try to bring equality people.
I tell you, get into gold when it's at $300 an ounce at $700 and something a few years later.
I tell you, stop drinking fluoride and poison, $700 plus stuff in the water.
I mean, it's real simple.
And I hope you'll give him a call.
But Steve Schenck, thanks for coming on with us.
Hey, it's nice to be aboard, Alex.
It's nice to hear your screaming voice again, telling people what they need to know.
It's wonderful.
Well, I mean, we're in a mayday situation, and while the dollar's got some value, people can at least get the two-month emergency supply to supplement them.
Every person in your house should have a year's supply.
It's amazingly inexpensive, plus your food is of the highest quality.
What we haven't talked about on the air, when you've been on with us a couple other times in the last year,
Is the type of food you have, what people will get.
I'd kind of like to talk about that some today, because our listeners know stuff's in a serious situation.
All I can say is I don't advise anything that I don't do.
I've gotten food from you twice.
It's super high quality, very inexpensive compared to some other companies.
You deliver quickly.
I mean, I don't know what to say about that, and the economy.
You've got the floor, Steve.
I want you've got the floor.
Tell people where you think we're at right now, why they need storable foods, and then tell us about the food.
Well, I'll tell you what, I do need to address the issue of delivering quickly.
As a result of the activity that you and I have somehow created here in the last couple of months, we just absolutely overpowered suppliers.
Not our packing people, but we overpowered suppliers.
They came in about a month ago and said, hey listen, we're having a hard time keeping up with you guys.
You've got so many people ordering and stuff.
We've got a really good deal on a whole bunch of stuff that we can get to, Ian.
And the first thing that Babs said, you know Babs, she runs the thing, I'm just a pretty face, what can I say?
Anyway, the first thing she said was, okay, any genetic altered?
Any Chinese, Mexican, third world country imports?
Any MSG?
They said, well, yeah, some of it's genetically altered, no dice.
So we ended up
Run a little bit slow on deliveries.
Everybody's been called and let know what's going on.
But now, the suppliers have thrown in an extra packing line that can knock out about 40 cans a minute.
And we're back on key and going like crazy.
Now, by the way, it's not just you.
Around the country, gold and silver supplies are running out.
Globally, it's happening.
People are starting to go after real assets, real commodities.
And that's what all the money's going into, too.
Well, hey, that's a good thing, because anybody that's holding green, when they crash that dollar, is going to be out the creek without a paddle.
And when they crash it, they've already crashed it globally, it'll take six months to a year to take full effect here, but we're starting to see it.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
When people start getting the results of it.
And I'll tell you what we're running into, Alex.
You know, you and I talked in the past about this dadgum stinking foolishness
I think so.
And to fuel to run our vehicles to drive down to the grocery store where there won't be any groceries to buy when we get there because they wiped out the livestock.
Feed prices have doubled in the last year.
Oh, hey, let me talk about wheat.
We just put out a notice to everybody that had ordered food.
Normally we don't ship wheat just because it's heavier than, you know, so heavy the shipping cost is more than what it's worth.
And just of late, one of our suppliers, they're a big operation, they put out an order in Montana, the Dakotas, and all the wheat growing areas for 90 truckloads of wheat.
That's a normal order for them.
They got nine back.
And they've got an IOU for when the next crop gets finished up harvesting.
When this crop gets done harvesting, the problem is that the grain in this country is down 46% as a result of the drought.
I want to tell the listeners specifically, because regardless of what's coming in the future, people need the insurance, and you are the place to go.
I believe in you.
You're the name out there.
Give them the phone number.
Tell them about some of the packages.
Tell them about the food you've got.
Tell them what it is.
Okay, we do an advertisement then, huh?
No, no, I mean, I want people to know.
I just want them to, I mean, I want them to know.
Well, let me just preface this with one thing.
You as listeners out there, if you had any idea what Alex and I know about the food situation in this country, you would, as soon as this program is over, go out and take probably half of next week off doing nothing but pulling your resources together, getting a huge supply of food in just as much as you can, and taking care of all the rest of your affairs.
If you knew what Alex and I haven't yet learned, what is still out there for us to discover, you wouldn't listen to one more word on this conversation we're having right now.
You would be out the door and gone, because that's how serious it is now.
It's the same situation on gold.
Oh, absolutely.
Well, I tell you what, I had two of the folks that called in, ordered
Some food.
We just got to Yak'in as probably you know that I have a tendency to do.
And they said they had put in an order for some silver.
Poor man's gold.
They put in an order for some silver and the repository came back to the coin store that they ordered it from and said it would be a week before they could ship it to them because they are out of silver.
And this is ricocheting all through the country, but you've got to understand... Well, that's because the elite's buying up all the silver, because silver hasn't yet corrected to the devalued dollar.
Gold has corrected, more than doubling in price, and silver's only moved $2 in the last year.
Steve, give them your toll-free number to at least call and get a free catalog.
Okay, let's go.
Okay, for those of you who are on the computer, call 800-409-5633.
We're good to go.
Do efoodsdirect.com, that's the letter E as in Edward, e-f-o-o-d-s-d-i-r-e-c-t dot com and listen to some of the seminars and things up there.
Now, one of the things that the J. Michael Stevens Group does is that they guarantee that you will not get any genetically altered stuff, you won't get any MSG, any of the flavor enhancers that are cheap.
You won't get any Chinese imports, you won't get probably any Mexican imports, or any third world country stuff.
The reason you don't want those is because they're raised with insecticides and fertilizers that have been illegal here for 35 years.
The reason that you don't want genetically altered stuff is, we are now referring to it Alex, this is a new term here at JMS,
We're calling it genetically poisoned food.
It literally is that.
Oh, there's no doubt that that's what's causing many of these illnesses and allergies.
Tell folks specifically what your average food pack is.
Okay, an average food pack is a one-year supply.
We've got two different alternatives, but it's made up of all the fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and everything that you eat.
And what you do is, if you can get up on the website, fine.
If you can't, call in.
We'll send you a packet that lists everything in there.
But all of this food is dried from fresh raw.
Now don't get confused by freeze-dried versus dehydrated.
There are a couple of different things.
If you have any questions about what you're doing, call us and we'll straighten you out.
If you're dealing with any retailers, check our website or get a listing of what we suggest for a one-year supply because most of the retailers out there are putting in a lot of filler items that are wasting your money and they become life-threatening when you don't have enough food to get in.
Now one of the things, Alex, that people need to understand is this two month pack that we've come out with is absolutely the most phenomenal thing that's ever been done in preparedness or emergency foods.
It's two cases.
You strap them together and they measure 14 inches high and they measure 12 inches wide and 18 inches deep and that's got 200 meals of food that all it takes is water and heat and you've got your preparedness stuff.
And by the way, aren't they 50% bigger than what you actually need calorie-wise?
They're big meals.
Oh yeah, they're 150% meals.
In other words, you've got a full
16 ounces of solid food there once they're cooked up.
And also for those of you who are a little bit on the health nut side, in that packet comes enough seed and a sprouter to grow a half a pound of fresh green sprout salad a day for two months.
Now if you already have your supply in, if you got your 3, 5, 7 year supply in,
You grab one of these for all those people that think you're nuts because you listen to Alex Jones and you are into preparedness stuff.
I tell you Alex, people that call me that are on board with this preparedness thing and putting in their food supplies, every one of them tells me the same story.
My wife, my husband, my children, my parents, all the people around me think I'm half a bubble off with one arm in the water because I'm getting prepared.
It's absolutely nuts.
And these people are just really wonderful, because what they're doing is they're, a lot of them are putting in a little bit of extra food for those unbelievers that will eventually come around and say, well, gee, Liz, I guess you're right.
Well, here's the problem.
There is a good chance we're going to have a depression.
There is a super good chance we're going to have a sustained recession.
We're already entering it.
And when we had the last Great Depression for a decade, people literally were starving, people literally were in crisis, and that's when we were 80% rural, 20% city.
Now we're the opposite.
We are 80-plus percent city.
20% rural, and even most of the rural people are basically like city folks living in trailers.
They go in and work at a factory and they don't have gardens, they don't have things put back.
An aunt puts food back.
Any smart creature puts food back.
This is just an insurance policy for me, folks.
I hope none of this bad stuff happens.
The government's saying it's all going to happen.
They're even putting up billboards saying, get prepared, have a week of food.
That way they can say later, oh look, we told you.
All I'm telling you is if you don't have a two month supply for every member of your family, you're nuts.
You are totally insane and it's so inexpensive because see it's wholesale when you get it from the J. Michael Stevens Group.
You're bypassing all the four or five middlemen that you have at a grocery store and you know you're getting high quality food.
It's so inexpensive for how much you get.
Give them your phone number.
Give them the website again.
I just hope they call you.
Okay, it's 800-409-5633.
And the website is efoodsdirect.com.
Now, just for the sake of your information, folks, the two month supply, we call it the Patriot Pack, costs $349 plus shipping.
If you total that up, if you divide that by the number of meals, you've got over 200 meals in there,
It comes out to $1.73 a meal.
We have people who are in the process of losing their jobs that are putting in several of these just to live on.
That's not the intent.
It's a grab and run.
It's been all over the news for 20 years that old people buy dog food with all the toxins and poisons and fillers that we told them about a decade ago.
That's right.
We already knew about that.
They take the rotten dead pets from the vets.
They buy them and put them in the dog food and rotten cows and put them in the dog food.
Now, by the way, most of the big dog food plants make the chili for humans and other hot dogs.
That's come out in the news in the same plant.
So if you eat any of these processed foods, or you're eating dog food because you're so poor, go to J. Michael Stevens' group, folks.
This is high-quality food.
Alex, did you just say that the Patriot Pack is cheaper than dog food?
Come on!
I mean, for the amount of food you get, I haven't calculated it, but for the amount of nutrients I know it is, isn't it?
Oh, it absolutely is.
I never thought of it that way, and I'm glad you said the thing about how dog food is prepared, because if I said it, people would say I was just trying to
A few months ago, it was here in Texas and Oklahoma.
No, no.
Two big plants.
I forget the name.
It was one of the biggest meat producers in the country.
It was a bunch of chilies.
Remember it had human botulism in it?
It was like, what, a month ago or two?
And it said that it was made in a plant that also made dog food.
I already knew that.
I'd seen it before.
But the last time I saw it was a couple months ago.
It was hundreds of different types of products.
And they make it under a bunch of different labels.
Uh, you'll have a bunch of labels, but they're all made in the same place.
Give them the number!
And, uh, efoodsdirect.com.
And I hear music, my friend!
That's right.
Stay there.
I'm gonna come back and say bye to you on the other side.
We'll try to jam in one or two calls if we can.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Stay with us.
Baby, baby, I'm gonna leave you.
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We're good to go.
I want to cram Jake, Waldo, and Sean here in and give you each about a minute.
To do that, we've got about a minute left with Steve Shank of the J. Michael Stevens Group, eFoodsDirect.com, giant banners at the top of InfoWars and Prison Planet.
This is an insurance policy you can eat, and this is good, storable food.
This is not a lot of the junk and things that are out there.
The dollar is being devalued rapidly.
Cash it into food, gold, firearms, land.
That's what I do.
Even if it's scrub brush, get ten acres somewhere where it's cheap.
You know, if you're going to have to stay in the city like I do, I got a couple places to escape to.
Might be four acres of scrub brush.
I don't care.
It's a place to get a truck and a tent.
You know, whatever happens, and I can't make it to the family farm in East Texas.
Things are unraveling.
I just want to thank you, Steve Schenck, for your quality products and your great sponsorship.
You really make our broadcast possible.
Real fast, give them the number again.
It's 800-409-5633.
And you've got people there all throughout the weekend to take the orders and answer questions or send out free catalogs.
And you've got food in.
You have expanded your operation.
People need to take action now.
Steve Shank, thanks for coming on.
Hey, good to be with you, Alex.
Thank you so much.
Okay, Jake in Louisiana.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
I wanted to talk about the World Wildlife Federation.
It was actually a question for your previous guest, but I saw it in game in Austin last month.
World Wildlife Fund, yeah.
Yeah, World Wildlife Fund, yeah.
And also the National Wildlife... Yes, that's a sub... The Rockefeller Organization.
I was just watching the... Yeah, they founded them, and there's hundreds of subgroups under them, yeah.
Yeah, well, they... A lot of people don't know that they're Rockefeller Fund.
Of course, they don't know that the Rockefellers are eugenicists.
A lot of people get fooled by the World Wildlife Fund because I was watching the Planet Earth.
It's a great BBC series and they tack on these little documentaries and they talk about sustainability and how they use that word.
You probably don't have time to get into it today, but I'd like to hear a good explanation of what they really mean by sustainability.
I got one of the late Rockefeller brothers in that UN documentary openly saying it's all about exterminating people.
That's what they mean when they say sustainability.
Oh, they mean absolute feudalism to control you folks.
Nothing to do with the earth.
Good to hear from you.
Waldo in Boston, then Sean.
Waldo, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, I have an extremely important legislative alert.
Ron Paul recently introduced H.R.
3835 to restore the Constitution's section balances and protections against government abuses as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.
It calls for a complete repeal of the Military Commissions Act.
Everybody needs to call into their congressman right now and tell their congressman to co-respond to the bill.
The bill is not, no co-responders as of now.
And we need everybody to pressure the congressman to restore... That's right.
I saw that this morning.
It's in the stack.
I forgot to plug it.
Give the bill number out again.
It's H.R.
Gotta let you go.
By the way, I meant to do this on the show today.
Never did it.
So much is going on.
Now, all the media admits he's a first-tier candidate.
All the media admits he could win the nomination.
He's no longer an underdog.
This is cause for massive celebration, but I'm so busy putting out other fires I didn't even
Alex, listen, a couple weeks ago you had a neocon guy on there who was comparing you to Jimmy Swigert, called you a huckster.
Jimmy Swigert, I've heard those guys push your website on their show.
They know what's going on over there, and they're saying the same thing you are.
Just to set the record straight.
Is Jimmy Swagger this?
Yes, he is, sir.
The ministry that he's involved with, I've heard him push your website on their show.
You're kidding.
I am not kidding.
The rest of the church hates Jimmy Swagger.
He's exposed Pat Robertson, he's exposed Jerry Falwell, he's exposed... Listen, call me back Sunday or Monday about this.
I'll say this for Jimmy Swagger.
You know, people were throwing stones.
The guy went and got a hooker.
And they're probably mad because she was female.
If it would have been a gay porn star, they would have been kept quiet.
That's probably why they're mad at him.
Look, everybody's sin is nobody's perfect.
And you gotta know, the devil really comes after you when you're a pastor.
Or in a position where you can lead a lot of people.
But thank you, I'm out of time.
By the way, I'll be showing Endgame Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday at the Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
God bless you all.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.