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Air Date: Oct. 17, 2007
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining me today.
We are live.
It is the 17th day of October 2007.
We're going to be here live for the next three hours.
I took off last Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday and I did it frankly because allergies to the pollen in Austin, Texas have gotten so bad and none of the alternative cures were working.
None of the government approved medications were working.
So I just got out of the area.
I just went to another part of Texas and felt fine within 12 hours of being out of Central Texas.
The only reason I mention that is because I want people to know why I unexpectedly left town.
I just got sick of it.
I appreciate Bob Dacey coming in and sitting in for me, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, and I listened to him via shortwave when I was out in East Texas, and then Sunday I drove down to visit Bolivar, Texas for a day or two with my wife and children.
That's the little island
Right beside the island of Galveston, Texas, and had an interesting Homeland Security experience there.
And later in the hour, I will tell that story.
I even have video of the Homeland Security experience.
And we're going to be putting a little video report up in the next few days on that subject.
But coming up in 30 minutes, I will tell my Homeland Security experience, why I had
Three homeland security experiences while on the tiny island of Bolivar, part of the intercoastal island network.
They're just attempting to spend a day and a half.
That's where we used to go to the beach when I grew up in Dallas.
I hadn't been there in about 17 years.
I hadn't been there since high school.
And boy, have things changed.
I won't be going back, I assure you.
But it doesn't really matter.
Soon the entire country will be under this Nazi grip, and it really won't matter.
But for the time being, I assure you, I will not be putting myself in the way of what I experienced there again.
So that is coming up in 30 minutes.
Huge stack of extremely important news.
The father of DNA, the discoverer of the double helix, the crystalline protein helix, we tell you he's a eugenicist in-game.
He is the father of the Human Genome Project, when Cold Springs Harbor switched from being the U.S.
Eugenics Office
In 1945, after our good friends the Nazis had made him look bad, he was of course there at the time, but then became the head of it.
And Mr. Watson is still alive today, and has said that blacks are basically a bunch of ignorant, mindless morons, and aren't the same species as white Europeans.
And while people can say that and debate that, and that's his free speech right, the point is, why is it okay when he says it, but not okay when some ne'er-do-well in a Ku Klux Klan regalia says it?
Why is that the case?
Some toothless ne'er-do-well.
So we will be discussing that
Coming up, we have the China News, the Dalai Lama News, Al Gore winning the Peace Prize News, the National Office of NIST for the Federal Government has said that, yeah, they don't know why the towers fell, the fire couldn't do it.
So it's all coming up today, big transmission lined up for you.
I'm Alex Jones, back in the saddle.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome, my friends.
Again, thank you for joining us.
On the 17th day of October 2007, and we have several guests coming up today, Laureen Metzler, she witnessed the man being tasered to death in an airport.
Then the police eye, the Stasi, then tried to cover up that they had tasered him.
Hey, it doesn't matter how many deaths there are, it's going to continue.
These are training aids for lethal force.
Just the random gunning down of citizens in the street.
This is all part of our journey into complete third world serfdom.
And then Michael Hampton will be joining us.
He runs the website HomelandStupidity.com.
He got a Homeland Security visit for writing about the Browns.
Even though their site is a validly non-violent and never called for any violence, Homeland Security has been basically circling around him for quite some time.
He'll be popping in for a brief interview coming up at the midway point in the middle of this transmission, about an hour and twenty
Five minutes from now.
So that is coming up.
We're also going to have open phones later in the broadcast at 1-800-259-9231.
Here is a smattering of some of the news I have in front of me today.
This is from Prison Planet.
Yesterday, an amazing headline, NIST admits total collapse of Twin Towers unexplainable.
Implicitly acknowledges controlled demolition only means by which towers could have fallen at free fall speed.
Now remember a year ago they said they were looking at bombs in the buildings because they had to throw out five previous reasons.
Fuel oil tanks, structural damage, structural failure, fire, as impossible.
Of course, we already knew this.
Internally, Underwriter Laboratories, UL, certify all your big buildings, fire extinguishers, safety items of every type, fire hoses, fire axes, I mean, you name it, electrical systems.
They certify city inspections, federal inspections, submarine inspections.
They did internal secret tests and said this is impossible with models to scale!
Blasting them, bathing them in fires much hotter than what the buildings went through.
Engaging in crash test collisions and found it was impossible, and when one of their people blew the whistle, they said, you're fired, head engineer.
Shut up!
The Earth is the center of the universe, and it's flat, and sea monsters scoon out on its edge.
NIST admits total collapse of Twin Towers unexplainable.
Huge story by Paul Watson and of course got zero attention on the internet.
Who cares about huge earth-shaking bombshell developments?
Let's talk about Madonna and she's no longer with Warner Entertainment.
That really matters.
Let's talk about how the football teams are doing.
It doesn't matter.
The dollar is plunging even further.
Oil is exploding.
Gold is exploding.
The country is literally on fire.
I think so.
That is a false index because the dollar is worth less than half of what it was seven years ago in the foreign exchanges, and so it cost more to buy those stocks with a dollar that's devalued.
And they just, it's like a preconditioned block, a minimal block.
They just go, what?
Well, you're going to find out.
That's all I can say to you.
I saw $7 milk
In a gas station, I thought, well, they're ripping people off.
And it was true.
It was $3 at the grocery store.
I mean, it was like a dollar a gallon a year ago.
$7 milk now?
But again, you cannot explain it to people, so they're just going to have to experience the matrix.
One cannot be told about it.
Verizon says it turned over data without court orders.
Firm's letter to lawmakers that tells government requests
So we'll be going over that.
We have a large stack of CPS news, snatching small children for no reason at all.
Paulson warns of damage to come.
I just mentioned the dollar.
Let me just talk about this for a few minutes now.
Paulson, that's the guy that runs the Treasury and takes his orders from the private Federal Reserve Board.
Paulson warns of damage to come.
Hank Paulson, the U.S.
Treasury Secretary, warned today that the downturn in the nation's mortgage market
Would burden the economy for some time.
So see, they keep spinning it that it's all the mortgages, and that it was all unscrupulous lenders.
It was the central banks that opened the credit window with zero percentage rates, and then low percentage rates after that, and that told the banks, go ahead and issue all the credit you wish out of thin air.
So they give us the rope
They scream and shout.
It's like a crack dealer saying, man, she died of a drug overdose because she was a dirty drug addict.
Yeah, but you sold them the crack.
And what are they saying now?
What did Paulson say?
He said, let's issue more credit.
Let's let them refinance again.
Oh, yes.
And then a year from now, when they've spent that money, blame it on bad lending practices again.
Is that what we should do, Paulson?
And the mortgages are a very small part of these larger sectors.
Mr. Paulson's... Hank Paulson, the Administrative Secretary, warned that the downturn in the nation's mortgage market would burden the economy for some time, as several big banks, the largest home builder, and a major construction equipment maker all highlighted the growing impact of the housing decline.
Mr. Paulson's grim remarks came as James Owen, CEO of Caterpillar, the equipment maker, called the current housing decline the worst since the Second World War.
Because they weren't building any houses during World War II, folks.
They were going to war.
Dr. Horton, the D.R.
Horton, the largest U.S.
home builder, said nearly half its orders were cancelled in the last quarter.
Nearly half their orders were cancelled in the last quarter.
And you walk up to one of these middle class people who think they're middle class, they're leveraging the debt, and they cannot believe what's here.
Not what's coming.
By the way, there are whole websites, people email me them and I scan over them, whole websites, whole MySpace accounts saying I'm a liar that I said we were going to have economic meltdown a month ago.
And they make false claims.
They go, Alex Jones said that these put options had been placed, record put options, and that the economy would crash by September 22nd.
Now you can go read in black and white all the articles we wrote at PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com and JonesReport.com and it clearly states, here is the Dow Jones money wire saying record put options, what they call Bin Laden trades, similar to 9-11, have been placed betting that the dollar will go down and U.S.
stocks in Europe will go down by this amount or they lose money.
We don't know what's going to happen.
Here is the Dow Jones News reporting on it.
Does that stop the disinfo operatives?
And they're all, of course, Bush-worshipping, neocon-war-worshipping, probably CENTCOM.
But you have to know there are some idiots out there as well.
And then they call me a liar, A, and say that I said it was all going to plunge the 22nd.
And then they'll throw in a lie about, he also said, Jones also came out and said that there were going to be nukes going off in Portland.
I never said that.
I said people are putting out disinfo about these drills to scare you in Portland, but it doesn't matter.
I get blamed when I said it wasn't true.
Now, again, the show isn't about me, but you need to be aware of the tactics that are being used out there.
Now, when talking to one of these establishment types whose cars have American flag stickers and power of pride all over them,
They don't have any pride in what makes America America.
Bill of Rights, Constitution, Sovereignty.
They think it's great that Halliburton's moved to Dubai.
They think it's... I mean, literally, they will defend the system no matter what it says or does.
And you try to explain to them that the dollar's plunging, and I mean, the economy has plunged.
I didn't predict it.
The establishment said they were going to do it.
All of the big former bank chairman and current Federal Reserve head and Bank of England head and German bank, they all came out and said the dollar is going to plunge, which of course, when they say that, it's going to further accelerate it.
Basically, I have been pointing out things so obvious that, hey, if you boil grease and then pour it on your head, you're going to get third-degree burns.
Not a very hard prediction.
I have been making predictions that are not very hard.
If you jump out in front of an 18-wheeler on an interstate highway that's going 75 miles an hour and it hits you, you're going to be splattered all over the road.
I mean, these are 2 plus 2 equals 4 equations.
But the public has been preconditioned to be unable to even understand it.
Which is brainwashing.
It amazes me.
I mean, I am a not even smart folks.
I'm just average and I can see 2 plus 2.
It isn't hard.
But if you've got the liberty and psychological freedom and spiritual freedom to say 2 plus 2 equals 4, that is freedom.
George Orwell was right.
They can't even do it!
And so... I mean, what do you call
Half of the biggest home builder in the country's orders being cancelled in the last quarter.
What do you call the dollar devalued by 63% now?
Since 2000 numbers.
What do you call... I've got three mainstream articles today where they're finally admitting, but introducing it to you and saying it's okay, that the military is hiring felons directly, aggravated felons, directly out of prisons.
I mean, that's red alert, crazy, in the streets.
I mean, what do you call that?
And I just wish I could reach more people.
I wish I could warn them.
I wish we could turn this around.
When they come back, we'll get more into the dollar and just everything else.
It's all happening right now.
And the average American is completely numb.
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Ted enters for Midas.
October 17, 2007.
Gold 762.20.
Ounce gold coins can be purchased for $785.60, $387.30 per half, $193.65 per quarter.
That's $785.60, $387.30, and $193.65.
The Chinese government has begun a campaign of economic threats against the U.S., hinting liquidation of its vast holdings of U.S.
treasuries, responding to Washington's trade sanctions, forcing a yon revolution.
Communist Party bodies are warning that Beijing may use its 1.33 trillion reserves as a political weapon, causing bond yields to spike, hammering the U.S.
housing market and throwing the economy into a recession.
Russia, Switzerland, and several other countries have reduced their holdings due to this threat.
Economist Ambrose Evans Pritchard published the report, China Threatens Nuclear Option of Dollar Sales.
Call for the report today, 800-686-2237.
The value of your hard-earned money is being lost in the global game of chess.
That's 800-686-2237.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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Alright, thank you for joining us.
Before I get back into the economic news, I continue to forget to plug the fact that if you live in the Central Texas area, or anywhere around Texas for that matter, in-game blueprint for global enslavement does not ship out until November 1st.
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The point is, I'll definitely be there Monday, so get your tickets at InfoWars.com.
All right, back to the economy.
Japan and China lead flight from the dollar.
I mean, with headlines like that, I mean, headlines a few years ago about, will the dollar continue to go down, you would see plunges.
And now, with announcements, I mean, it was all over when the Fed chief and the former chiefs, Greenspan and Volcker, said it, and then Michel of the World Bank, and Wilkinson of the World Bank, and it was over then.
And now they are openly... See, we've actually got Condoleezza Rice talking about how they need to plunge the dollar.
We have Greenspan saying it now.
We have Vicente Fox.
We have them all openly admitting it is for the Amaro.
The United States must fall.
And I don't mean that figuratively.
I mean, it's happening.
Before their new world order can rise.
I keep trying to explain this to all the good old boys that claim they love the flag and wrap themselves in it.
That if you want to aid the country, it's now, buster.
And you're going to have to admit that Rush Limbaugh and Neil Bortz and all the rest of them get up there and lie and say there's no NAU and we have the official stinking documents.
And we got Vicente Fox on CNN saying it.
We got the CFR writing it.
I don't know what else I can do!
They admit it!
But fake conservatives
I mean, they'll bash Hillary on socialized health care, and they'll bash him on this and that, but they won't tell you that a lot of Republicans are going along with it.
They won't tell you the... I heard Sean Hannity attacking Schumer for gun control yesterday when I was driving in Houston traffic, but he didn't tell you the NRA is supporting this new gun package.
See, that's why we keep losing, because we don't know who our enemies are.
And all I can tell you is, I'm freaked out.
Japan and China lead flight from the dollar.
Japan and China led a record withdrawal of foreign funds from the United States in August, highlighting fears of fresh slide in the dollar and a spike in US bond yields.
Now, this wouldn't matter too much if we had industry and we had jobs that weren't burger flipping.
We're good to go.
They needed to get us debased under their control.
I mean, there have literally been hundreds of white papers written by the Kennedy School, and by the Ford Foundation, and by the Carnegie Endowment, and by Le Pew, and by the Council on Foreign Relations, and 1,500 and 1,400 page books.
I mean, it's all out there.
They were going to do this!
But it'd be one thing to get the public to realize who was doing it, and you can't even get the public to realize what's happening.
Oh, they understand the third overtime in a Louisiana State football game Saturday, but they don't understand end of America.
They do understand thumb-sucking.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're live, ladies and gentlemen, and you found it at the tip of the spear of the front line in the Info Ward.
Coming up in the next hour, we're going to have Lauren Metzler on.
A lot of you probably have already heard of the case that happened a few days ago, where they tasered this individual at an airport and he died.
And then they tried to cover up the fact that they had tasered him.
Didn't want the public to know that they had
Tasered him.
And so we have an eyewitness coming on to join us to discuss what happened here.
And then, of course, we've got Michael Hampton, who's with the Free State Project up in New Hampshire popping in.
He just wrote about, and the Free State Project is known for being libertarian big L. No violence, mutual aggression pack where you don't
Initiate aggression.
They don't initiate aggression.
They've written all these articles about being peaceful.
Well, Homeland Security, the Federal Marshals are visiting a bunch of people and doing a bunch of things with the Brown case.
So I thought we'd do a quick 10-minute update with him coming up at the bottom of the next hour.
After that, I'm going to open phones and cover all the news that we won't get to in this hour.
Like Japan and China, lead flight from the dollar.
More details on that.
Paulson warns of more damage to come to the economy.
Now again, they want the economy to go down.
They know that talking like that will drive it down.
That's just a basic rule of the fiat system.
And they got us fully strung out for Jones Report.
Aaron did a big story, as you know, yesterday, where Condoleezza Rice is just openly bragging about how we've got to bring down U.S.
Currencies, how we've got to bring down the money that is paid to the American people, how we have to standardize.
In fact, I'm mixing two stories together.
He had one out on Rice on that, but he has another he's working on, he showed me last night when we were up here, and that deals with
Official government documents where they say they want to lower the wages of the average American worker.
These are their internal documents to match that and have parity with Mexico.
It just goes on and on, and then he found Greenspan quotes.
I know he was looking for the video last night, but all that's coming out in the next few days on Jones Report.
It's just, but how do you get
Even when you have video of them saying it, how do you get a good ol' boy who thinks George Bush bleeds red, white, and blue to wake up?
Or some little liberal who's running around at different Tea Party events, feeling good about themselves, and Hillary's going to be our first woman president and save us when she's total New World Order.
I mean, how do you reach out to them when they really believe the propaganda?
Bush now has a 23% approval rating.
All-time record lows.
I mean, that is die-hard politicos that are still supporting him.
The president has never had numbers.
Nixon didn't have numbers of, you know, 23%.
Congress has an 11%.
Cheney has a 10%.
They are universally hated.
But I'm digressing.
That is the good news.
I had a Homeland Security experience.
Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
Don't worry, folks, you're not consorting with an evil terrorist.
Everyone who was in South Texas, who was on this particular road, was having a homeland security experience.
And let me tell you, it's quite a story.
It is coming up.
I even got their card.
Let's just say this, people with turbans literally on their heads and actual shaved head with a big beard, Wahhabi dress were being left alone.
If you were a Korean war vet who had
We're good to go.
I think so.
Thank you, Alex.
It's always a pleasure talking to you and your listeners.
And we love it.
My wife swears by it.
Most of my listeners know that.
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They call it
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The formulas were found in Nazi Germany, where they made synthetic detergents to help the war machine by converting the glycerins from the soap with nitric acid and making nitroglycerin for armaments.
The formulas were captured.
Lever Brothers started out with their first chemical product called All.
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Give them that number again.
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I've got a Columbus Day story.
Okay, well, you know, it's two weeks ago.
Everybody knew it was Columbus Day.
The banks were closed.
Post Office was closed, but no one really knew the true story of Columbus.
And I sort of want to spend a minute and tell you that.
Columbus had a brilliant idea to find a new world.
With great salesmanship, he convinced the Queen, Queen Isabella of Spain, owned him her jewels, which he leased, which he hawked, and then he leased from rent-a-boat herds, three ships, the Guadalajara, the Hillary, and the Obama.
He traveled and came back, and the Queen immediately asked for his presence, and she said, Chris, you don't mind me calling you Chris, do you, Chris?
He said, oh no, Your Honor.
Chris, you went overseas, you came back, you've got to answer one question.
Is the world flat, or is the world round?
Your Majesty, Your Queenship, Your Honor, Chris said, the world is not flat.
The world is not round.
The world is crooked.
Hey Marty, we'll talk to you soon.
God bless you.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
They don't make them like that anymore.
All these World War II vets are leaving us at record numbers and not Marty.
He is just still trucking on.
I wonder if he'll end up being like my wife's great-grandpa.
He was the fella from Kansas, the farmer, who was like a record number of interviews on the Johnny Carson Show.
I remember watching him when I was a little kid, staying up late at my grandparents' house, and the only time I could stay up late, you know, sneak in, and Grandpa or Grandma are watching Johnny Carson, and seeing, his first name was Wally, and I think he died when he was like 170.
He farmed until he was 104, but Marty's nothing near that, but we hope he goes to 172.
Okay, I am...
Almost out of time.
We have Marty up once a month.
I appreciate everybody having him here and putting up with me having these sponsors on, but we wouldn't exist if it wasn't for that.
While you're at it, support our AM and FM station sponsors.
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It could be 1330 right here in
Central Texas, or it could be KCXL up in Kansas City.
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It could be stations in, you know, the station in Needles, California, and other stations we've got out in California.
It could be stations in Illinois, Florida.
There's so many.
I want to thank all of the AMFM affiliates that are out there.
Okay, man, there is so much going on here.
Where do I start?
I mean, where do I
That's the problem now with this broadcast is that literally, I say this all the time now because it's how I feel, you know you take off four or five days from work and you get really reflective, at least I do, and things get so clear to you and there's thousands of points you want to make and then you get on air and it's like I guess the mind moves faster than the mouth and then trying to collate it and write it all down and
Go over the points I wanted to discuss.
Oh yeah, I said I was going to get into the Homeland Security story.
Everybody's waiting to hear that.
Where did my Homeland Security card go?
Oh, here it is.
I want to try to do justice to this story.
So what we'll do is when I get back in this little five minute segment, I will try to encapsulate the story in total.
It may spill over a bit into the next hour.
Before I do that, just finishing up with this headline, NIST admits total collapse of Twin Towers unexplainable.
Implicitly acknowledges control demolition only means by which towers could have fallen at free-fall speed.
The National Institute for Standards and Technologies has been forced to admit the total free-fall collapse of the Twin Towers cannot be explained after an exhaustive scientific study.
This is the same for 7, I would add.
Implicitly acknowledging that controlled demolitions is the only means by which the buildings could have come down.
In a recent PDF link to the 9-11 victims' family representatives, Bill Doyle and Bob McIlvaney, NIST states, we are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse.
See, they're scientists, so they can't just say up is down and down is up, or there isn't gravity on this planet.
A 10,000-page scientific study only offers theories as to how the collapse initiation proceeded, and fails to address how it was possible for part of the WTC structure to fall through the path of most resistance at free-fall speed, completely violating the accepted laws of physics.
In addition, NIST-owned studies confirm that virtually none of the steel in either tower reached temperatures hotter than 500 degrees.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Alright, we're back.
Let me go ahead and get into the story of what happened this weekend.
I took some time off as everybody knows and went and visited some family in East Texas and rode around on four wheelers just trying to forget about the new old order for a couple days of course I couldn't
And after that, I decided to take the family down to Galveston, Texas and to visit one of the little islands in that chain of intercoastal waterways, Bolivar.
And I remember as a child visiting down there, you would go across the ferry, less than a mile, to the other side, there in the Gulf of Mexico.
From one island to the other.
And so, we came pulling up there in Galveston, and there was this big line of cars, and it said, Vehicles Subject to Search.
And there were these caricature security guards in black uniforms, with Homeland Security patches, literally almost walking on their knuckles,
They were literally dragging their bellies on the ground.
I mean, they were caricatures, some of them were, of the epitome of white trash.
And I said, oh my gosh, I know that Homeland Security set up some checkpoints at some ferries around the country.
But now I'm about to witness this.
So we're waiting 30 minutes stuck in traffic, so I get to watch them in one lane that I would say on average one out of ten cars got directed to.
And they would pull over a family in a truck.
They would pull over an old man driving an RV.
And they would spend 10 minutes in some cases opening every compartment, searching, going inside, looking in all their cupboards.
This went on and on and on, and then I get on the boat, and it's filled with Arabs.
Now, I don't believe that we've been given the full story of 9-11.
Everybody who listens to the show knows that.
And I'm not saying that the Arabs are bloodthirsty and we're gonna blow up the ferry, or that we should be watchful of them.
My point is the media claims that's the group that attacked us.
And so,
I'm on the ferry and there is Muslims with their wives, Muslims with their girlfriends, Muslims women in the full headdresses, men with the full Wahhabist beards.
And I watched who got searched on that ferry over.
None of them got searched.
None of them got profiled.
No, they profile that day.
Was families and old men and women.
And these guys had trucks that had the power of pride.
Destroy the evil Muslim stickers.
Let's support the troops.
You know, the standard deal.
And here they were.
They were searching those cars.
And by the way, they were searching and I later went and talked to Homeland Security.
They look for drugs.
They look for guns.
I mean, you're getting searched.
You've been arrested.
You are detained when you go in there.
And I just saw how
Un-American this was.
A. B. It has nothing to do with terrorism.
Even if you believe the official 9-11 fable.
Why are you searching, clearly, Korean war vets?
Why are you... This one of them has stickers on his car.
Why are you searching old ladies?
Why was it not... Because they look at your car.
When you pull up, they walk up and look at you and then direct you.
You weren't about to search.
The women in full headdresses, where are you?
No, no, no, no, no.
This is about training and acclimating us to have no Fourth Amendment.
When we get back, I'll finish up the story and we'll get our next guest on.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have an individual coming on in the next segment who witnessed
The police at an airport tasered someone who died, then none of that was mentioned in the media, but a bunch of witnesses were saying they were tasered.
Yeah, and I wonder if he choked himself on his handcuffs to death, too.
I mean, it's just... It's gonna be like Arkansas everywhere soon.
We'll just chop our heads off, our arms, our legs off, pour gasoline on us and say we did it ourselves.
Yeah, they've ruled those suicides before, and that's what government thinks of us.
So here we are in this once great nation, this land of the free, home of the brave, with a Nazi-style checkpoint, with men and women out there being directed into this inspection area, where they then search inside and outside of your car.
And if you have an RV or a truck, they get in the back of it.
And they look for guns, they look for drugs, they look for contraband, and they look for terrorists.
All started for terrorists, but there are no terrorists!
I mean, if you believe the official fable, they're as rare as the tooth fairy.
I mean, it's just incredibly rare.
It's like finding the Hope Diamond or something on a seashore.
And so here I am trying to simply get over there and I'm stuck in traffic for 30 minutes waiting on the ferry and I watch him search these cars and ask them questions, oh yes, but it got better.
Then I wanted to go visit Seawolf Park or World War II Memorial for submariners back on Galveston the next day.
So I tried to go with my wife and children there.
We get searched.
We pull up.
There's no traffic for the ferry.
There's a woman in a black uniform with blonde disheveled hair sticking out from a cap.
And we say, and she says, stop!
Stop, stop!
Don't pull over here, pull over there!
And we said, okay, thank you.
Can you tell us where we turn to go to Seawolf Park?
Is it the next turn after the ferry?
And she goes, asking me questions, huh?
I've got somewhere special for you.
I mean, she actually said this and started laughing with this other oaf she was with, I mean, literal cretins, and pointed us into the search lane.
Because we pulled slightly over in a lane towards her to ask her a question.
So she laughed at us.
She said, you'll get special attention.
They'll answer all your questions.
And so we get directed into the search lane.
And the two fellows that came over, I mean, they weren't as mean as airport screeners.
They were nice.
Get out.
Get your stuff out.
Let us look under the hood.
Let us look in the back.
What's this?
But they were least friendly, and I said, hey, I noticed a bunch of Arabs in headdresses and the rest of it on the way over yesterday.
Why don't you search them?
I mean, if that's the supposed al-Qaeda threat, wouldn't you profile?
Oh, we're not allowed to do that.
We've asked that.
Well, how much do you pay?
Oh, I'm paid $10 an hour.
You've got Homeland Security.
They literally hire people who've got GEDs.
I'm not knocking you've got a GED.
My point is, and then they just send them out there to search you, and it's all to acclimate you.
And so they send me back on my way and I go over and see the Seawolf Park and see the World War II sub and then we come back over and they wave us into a line again and that time I ended up getting a card from the individual.
And they gave me this Texas Department of Transportation slash Homeland Security card.
We'll scan that and get that up on the web, and we're going to take the audio from this radio show and put it with the video.
Aaron's going to slap that up by tomorrow up on PrisonPlanet.tv.
Galveston Port Bolivar Ferry System, Houston District.
And these were federal employees assigned to the state police, who were chartered, of course, federally in 1934, part of the Martial Law Reorganization Plan.
I've read the charter, by the way.
I know the average state cop out there is laughing, doesn't know their own charter.
And it was totally pointless.
It was for fighting crime and terror.
It's just there to train my children how to be slaves.
To train you how to be slaves.
And they've announced it's going to be on the buses, it's going to be on the trains, it's going to be everywhere.
We'll come back, finish up.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
You asked us to make the water level visible to eliminate the guesswork when refilling the water.
We listened.
You asked for an elevated base so the system could be used in places beside on the edge of a counter.
We listened.
You asked us to develop a filter that was made in the USA.
We listened.
You asked us to include an emergency light for camping and during power outages.
After 9-11, you asked us to develop a filter that was more powerful in removing chemical agents.
We listened.
Again, we listened.
Introducing the Berkey Light, the gravity
It is a big idea.
In the near future.
A new world order.
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It's known as the Builder Bird.
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For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rarities makes great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, you see.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
I like going down to Port Aransas, Texas, but I told the story about seeing 22 state police cars on the way down there.
Earlier this year I went with the family so I don't go down there as much.
I mean they're just, I saw 22 of them.
Just, I mean you go five miles over the speed limit now they pull you over and want to search you.
And so you know it's kind of uncomfortable and scary to drive down there and be around that and the police harass you now on the beach.
Even families and come and look in your car.
Any reason to harass you.
So I thought well I'll just take the family down to Bolivar where I would go when I was a child.
And let me tell you folks you know it's kind of
Okay, and part of the flavor to have your normal beach white trash.
It's like taking hillbilly white trash and putting it at the beach.
It grows particularly moldy and disgusting and sea hag like.
But let me tell you, I mean, it freaked me out to see the amount of white trash in Galveston and how the souls of the people look like.
The people just look like they had their souls completely sucked out of them.
The town I've been going to since I was a child looked completely blighted.
Bolivar looked like they had their souls sucked out.
And the poor pathetic people bumbling around with Homeland Security out there searching people.
But some of them were nice.
So let me just recap the story for any parts that I didn't get to, because we're going to put a video report together with this audio and the video I shot, and then try to break it down.
You'll see video I shot the first day when we went over, but weren't searched, where I shot some video over my shoulder in the car of people being searched.
The other images you see were taken on my wife's iPhone during the three separate searches that we enjoyed.
But the biggest issue was that the Seahag was rude to us because we politely
Asked her, when there was no traffic around us, going back over to Galveston, from Bolivar, if we took the first right to go to the State Park.
And she became agitated and laughed at us and said, you want your questions answered?
Go right in there.
Again, she may have a brain the size of an amoeba, she may be a sea hag, but she can lord over a family.
I understand that scum.
Anyways, nevertheless you are trash.
I mean, but again, that's like the airport screeners in LA.
I had just taken a shower.
I had just left my hotel.
Uh, I, the point is my feet don't stink.
Unless I've been working out for two or three hours, which I never do anymore.
So I know my feet weren't stinking.
And uh, I was fresh walking right in and uh,
I walked up and they said, take your shoes off.
And I walked through and they said, hey, you got stinky feet!
Stinky feet!
And I sat down and they wanted to wand me and I was just sitting there.
It didn't bother me.
You know, I realize how pathetic and weak these people are.
How worthless and unhappy their lives are.
I actually take pity on them.
But they just leaned over me and said, oh, Mr. Stinky Feet was big black guys.
Mr. Stinky Feet, you got a problem, Mr. Stinky Feet?
See, that's America now.
Sea hag, black thugs, ruling over you, nothing like the World War II vet who was wearing his cap in San Francisco one time.
I've told this story many times, about five years ago, right after 9-11.
And there was internal security dressed up in bright blue, electric blue, commando outfits with yellow neck sashes and blue
We're good to go.
And the old man was looking up in his eyes, you know when somebody looks like they're about to death warmed over, when the lower lids are curled down, they were actually drooping and sagging and looked bloody, and he had like crust in his eyes, he was fighting to get out of the hospital bed to go to the Pearl Harbor Memorial.
And me and my wife were having a pleasure day.
I mean it was a day of great pleasure.
It was a day of great deviltry.
And Colonel Craig Roberts has told the story on air of seeing something similar to a World War II vet.
And I saw that at the... These weren't foreigners at the checkpoints.
It was a pleasure to pull families out of Mercedes.
It was a pleasure to pull old vets out of their RVs.
It was an enjoyment while the people in the flowing robes and turbans went about their business.
Because we are the target.
We're the milk cows, folks.
We're the ones to be shown humiliation.
We're the ones to be put through the paces and the drills.
Long before 9-11, they would load elementary students up at gunpoint, unannounced, with them defecating on themselves, and take them to FEMA camps.
From Missouri to Illinois, mainstream news.
And have BATF-paid seminars in there for semester-long brainwashing classes.
That's simply state-to-the-takeover.
And that's all this was, was a conditioning exercise.
And on the last day, going back over, getting searched, I said, you've searched me twice now, and I'm seeing people in turbines.
I said this earlier in a search, and the guy hadn't really said much.
Going across, he said, look, we're not allowed to search.
We know it's a joke.
The Coast Guard laughs at us, because the Coast Guard station's right there.
They know it's worthless.
But see, I said, no sir, it's not worthless.
This is to train us to accept this.
This is Pavlovian conditioning.
This is to train us to accept it.
Homeland Security, I saw Homeland Security Chief Governor Ridge, when he was on television, on C-SPAN, say, more than four years ago, say, that it's going to be the airports, then the buses, then the trains, then the ferries, then the roads.
And they're going to build hardened checkpoints in on these NAFTA highways and they're going to search you and your family.
This is what it's like and they just get you generationally trained to line up and be searched by people in commando outfits.
That was the best part.
Some of these Homeland Security people
We're wearing black vests, white t-shirts, and camo leggings.
There was no uniform.
Mustard stains on their shirts.
Stumbling around.
I mean, it was... A picture tells a thousand words.
Well, this was a million words.
I can't describe all the things that went through my mind.
Not even humiliation.
Sadness for the country.
How far we've fallen.
How pathetic we've gotten.
So this fella pulled out a card and he said, call this number and complain.
He goes, we don't like it either.
We know it's pointless.
But that guy had a little bit of spark in his eye.
The others were just zombies.
I mean, these people had like 80 IQs.
And so, A, the Al-Qaeda threat is a fraud.
But even if you believe it's a real threat, then you profile, and you see people that fit the profile, and you profile them.
But see, that's why they made a big deal about not profiling.
Because in real crime fighting, if there's been a bank robbery and it's a white male driving an orange pickup truck, you look for a white male driving an orange pickup truck.
But, oh no!
We don't look for white males driving orange pickup trucks.
Or if it's a black male driving a blue sedan who robbed a 7-Eleven.
Oh no, we don't look for black males driving blue sedans.
I mean, Muslims attacked us, and Muslims are planning to truck bomb us all over the country.
Then why aren't they searching the Muslims?
And you would pull up, they would look in your car, and then direct you to either go on the ferry or be searched.
This is how they operate.
And they didn't search any of the Arabs.
And I saw three different groups of Arabs on the trip over, and on another trip back I saw some Arabs.
And I mean in the headdresses, with the big beards!
No sir!
People, middle class families, veterans, they're going to get searched.
They're going to be taught as boss.
You're going to have some TSA screeners make fun of your feet and call you stinky.
You're going to have some white trash sea hag sit there and have her pleasures with you.
That's what this country is now.
And it's despicable and it's disgusting.
So now I won't be going back down to Bolivar and to Galveston anymore.
I remember seeing articles about the police running random checkpoints and searching people and driving around with armored vehicles and aiming guns at people during parades in Galveston.
And I guess that's just how the whole area is.
Just a poor third world backwards population with corrupt thugs running around.
Last time I was down in Galveston a few years ago,
I'd heard the cops were real mean and I asked one in the hotel walking by, I said, hello officer, can you tell me where this is?
And he said, do I look like the phone book, buddy?
I mean, to take Texas friendliness, and to take that culture, Texas, and it was real, I mean, I'm old enough at least to remember some messages of it,
Where people really would give you the shirt off their back, and were neighborly, and they'd invite you into their house, and they wanted to talk to you, and they wanted to give you directions, and they wanted to help you change your tire.
And this guy had a Texas accent!
I mean, they took this hymn, and they destroyed him!
And they turned him into a thug!
Did I look like the phone book?
And I was like, oh, that's very neighborly, and he went, oh!
See, it's all about letting us know we're scum.
It's all about letting us know that we're to be laughed at and made fun of and poked and prodded.
Alright, I've got a guest on right now and I'm going to have to hold him over to the next segment after the next because I appreciate Lorne Meltzer holding.
A YouTube video got shot on a camera phone of this man being killed, being murdered.
He was a Polish immigrant.
And the first press report that came out just said, oh, he was probably on drugs, uh, he had a heart condition.
Turns out he didn't.
They just said that.
Turns out they tasered him.
And he's dead now.
And the RNCP are very pleased with themselves, as usual.
Let me just tell you, the Canadian border thugs are the worst I've ever heard of or seen.
We'll be right back.
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I was a highwayman Along the coach roads I did ride With sword and pistol by my side
Alright, the big story here, we have an eyewitness, Lorne Messer.
There's a YouTube video of this, it's up on PrisonPlanet.com.
They taser him repeatedly, then they get down and choke him, and he dies.
And then they call it
Trey, you've been tracking this.
They keep murdering men and women, and then they all over the world where they use tasers, and then they have a new disease that's causing it.
Yes, it seems all the stories I've pulled, every one of these I read, they're calling this some symptom called excited delirium.
We're good to go.
Take Jiu Jitsu and all that.
I mean, anybody would know that you kill people.
One person could kill somebody choking them.
The biggest video that brought it up to me was Deacon Frederick Williams is one of the cases where this happened.
Where there were about nine officers on top of him and then one of them was just, he was choking him.
I mean, there's an artery that runs right down the side of the neck.
But the Indian public doesn't know that.
Yeah, I mean.
They don't know if big men start choking you and tasering you, you gonna die.
About three inches to the right or the left of the esophagus is a major artery that runs from the brain to the rest of your body.
And you can't hold that vein for more than 15 seconds without someone going unconscious.
And if you hold it for longer than that, they die.
And this is what's happening in every single case.
But now, I've got the news article here.
And yeah, they say it's a new medical thing causing... Let's go to the eyewitness, who I appreciate holding while I went over all of this.
You actually saw this and saw some angles that aren't caught on the cell phone video, Lorne.
Thank you for coming on from Canada.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
Just break down what you witnessed.
Okay, I was at the airport.
I had to show up to pick somebody up from a Cafe Pacific flight that came in at 125.
I went to access a secure area and there was a gentleman standing in front of the door freaking out, speaking a foreign language, which I found out later was Polish or Russian, whatever they speak.
And he had picked up a chair and he was ready to throw it through the glass window.
Because he wanted to get into this private area.
I pulled my pass out and he thought it was a gun and I tried to calm him down.
I opened the door.
He immediately pulled his suitcases in and wouldn't let me in the area and then he started throwing things around and So he was throwing a fit and freaked out?
Yeah, oh, big time, and it's my understanding that he was there for eight to ten hours with nobody helping him, uh, no interpreter, no nothing.
We're supposed to be a multicultural, international... But listen, let's be clear, let's be clear, he was there to get his mother?
You mentioned to me he was there to get his mother.
No, he was there, his mother was there to pick him up.
And she didn't have any information, so she had left and she was coming back to get him to find out.
And as you know, the Canadian border guards, they don't let anybody have any information on anybody.
If you're detained and your family comes to find out about you, it's none of your bloody business.
Oh man, they are literal Nazis.
I mean, they are filled with hate, they cuss at you, they call you scum.
I mean, they are just filth.
No one should go to Canada, no one should visit.
The people are in La La Land, great people, but they have no idea how evil their government is.
They're starting to learn though, it's starting to come out in the news.
I mean, they are... I cannot describe the evil of these border guards.
And so, what happened next?
So then I tried I tried to calm the guy down and he wouldn't calm down so I went to get security which by the way for all our friends at Al Qaeda the airport is wide open after 10 45 p.m.
there's no security they go home at 10 45 they're rent-a-cops and so I had to go to an area where I knew there was a security guard
I told the security guard, I said, we need some security down there.
This guy's freaking out.
Security showed up.
I called 911, which I got put on hold for five minutes.
I called the RCMP, which 12 minutes later showed up.
And the RCMP are saying three guys showed up.
I saw five RCMP officers.
Um, and, uh, the one guy who tasered him, which is this tall, black RCMP officer, I told him, this gentleman, he's freaking out.
Stay there, I want to hear the rest of it.
Instead of talking him down and doing what a peace officer does, a guardian of the people, uh, no, no, no, they're going to taser him and then jump on him and then choke him, and then the media is going to say,
It's a rash of a new disease, spontaneous death.
It's caused because they're on drugs.
Then they test their blood, no drugs, as the media reports here.
No, when you choke people and taser them, they die.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
With great power comes great responsibility.
When you start wrapping your arm around somebody's neck, and you start cranking on it, necks start breaking real fast.
You start stomping on people.
People start going into convulsions.
They start going into shock.
They start going into comas.
They start dying real fast.
The body is very, very fragile.
And all over the country, from elementary schools to high schools to colleges to bars, the cops go into their beat-down mode.
They tase their pregnant women.
And the crisis intensifies.
I know there's a lot of police that do engage in restraint, but you don't have to tell me that these Canadian border guards are not scum.
I mean, I've been in Honduras and Europe and Mexico and places all over, and the cops don't act like this.
I mean, you may be in a police state.
They're standing there in army uniforms with machine guns, but they treat you with respect.
They don't even have that here.
It's just, it's just, it's just, and Canada is the worst.
We're going to go back to our guest here in one moment, and we got Michael Hampton popping in to talk about the police state here in the United States, and I'm going to get into all the world news, the Nobel Prize news, the war news, the economy.
It's all coming up.
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We wonder why the establishment is conditioning us to not have any value in human life.
We wonder why they push infanticide and one-child policies and forced abortions in China and abortion in this country.
It's because they want you to not have value in human life.
They want to condition you to accept torture and secret arrest and no Fourth Amendment.
In-game blueprint for global enslavement documents who the elite are, what their game plan is, what their current operations are.
The North American Union, Pan-American Union,
European Union, African Union, Asian Union, their own documents, their own statements, their own video clips, their own books, and then we spend the second half on their master plan.
Why they want the global government.
That's only the beginning.
That's only the beginning.
Why do they want this tyrannical, unopposable, with no one to stand up against them?
Because they plan to exterminate 80% of the population.
It is stated.
It is official.
This is the biggest story ever.
And I am telling you, you need to come see Endgame next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday or the week after that if you'd like.
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My guys will be there with all the films and the rest of it.
I've just made a commitment now to spend more time with my family because the last year and a half I spent
Maybe six or seven hours a week with them, and that's just not right.
No matter, the whole country's going to hell in a handbasket.
I've still got a fatality on my family.
But I will be there for both Monday showings.
I might even pop in for the others.
I'm not going to guarantee it.
We'll see.
The point is, is that Endgame is available right now at InfoWars.com.
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Okay, enough of the plugging.
Continue with the story.
We're talking to Lorne
And there's video of this.
There's video of them tasering him.
Lauren says at least twice.
The lady at the videotape said four times.
But he says he heard it ticking and going on twice.
He then died.
And then they're in the newspaper.
Saying, an agitated state when a person experiences an irregular heartbeat.
Excited delirium is described as an agitated state when a person experiences an irregular heartbeat then suddenly dies.
It can happen to psychiatric patients and people using drugs such as cocaine.
Yeah, they've been killing folks for a long time in the nut houses.
And then what they do is if they murder you, they have a little special designation.
So all these people die.
Oh, she choked herself on the handcuffs.
Excited delirium.
Oh, he, he, no, no.
It's on video of them murdering him, and now they've got a nice little medical term.
We're going to go back to our guest to finish the story in a moment, Trey.
Well, that's where this came from.
This came out of the psychiatric wards.
Patients were dying in psychiatric wards after getting excited and people had to come in to subdue them.
You know, people were dying from it and there had to be an excuse for it.
And I think they've just basically created an excuse to kill people.
Well, I mean, it makes you feel manly to kill somebody, I guess.
Yeah, well, I tell you, the video I watched of the deacon, those cops didn't feel too manly when they were doing CPR on the man and he wasn't coming back alive.
I mean, it's a serious feeling.
I mean, I had a guy assault me really bad one time and he kept getting up and I don't feel good about what happened to him either.
It's not a good feeling.
I think that the biggest problem is these tasers make it way too easy for a police officer.
I mean, they don't want to just get their hands dirty.
I don't believe that a man like that could not be calmed down.
I just refuse to believe it.
I always feel like there's a way you can always talk to someone and just figure out what they need.
You don't need to just start off by tasering someone.
Cops need to get in the street and they need to get their hands dirty and they need to figure things out without just going, without just taking the first option of tasering somebody then asking the questions later.
But you watched the video and I agree with you.
It doesn't look like the tasering killed him, the choking.
Let's go back to our guest who actually saw it and can give us some other angles not on the cell phone camera video.
Lauren, please continue.
Yeah, so as I said, the RCMP showed up and I told the gentleman who they say was the only one authorized to use a taser, a tall black RCMP officer, I told him, I said, he does not speak any English.
So then they went into the secure area and I saw them
Uh, say to him, uh, uh, let's show me your passport.
Well, the guy doesn't speak English.
Then the guy managed the gentleman who they were about to taser managed to grab a stapler off a desk and he was a, he raised it in the air like a weapon.
Um, then they said, put your hands on the desk, right?
The guy doesn't speak English.
Then bam, they tasered him.
And he went down.
I saw him get tasered and he was like screaming because his muscles were in contraption.
And then they took him down and handcuffed him and tasered him a second time.
What really upsets me and like Trey said is I was talking to the guy, this other lady who had the cell phone camera was talking to him in three different languages.
What upsets me, and I talked to a guy from United Airlines after that, they have a 1-800 number with access to an interpreter 24-7.
This is how the RCMP deals with people.
They don't have any other negotiating skills.
Like, what if a Muslim guy comes in, or East Indian, we're hosting the Olympics, we've got all these people who don't speak English are coming to our country, why can you not get a guy on the telephone, an interpreter, to talk to the guy?
He, you could talk, I talk to him.
When did he go into cardiac arrest?
Describe, that's the key area.
When did the police notice?
When did the federales notice that they had killed this guy?
They said they were monitoring his heartbeat.
He from the time he got tasered to the time he he quote expired or quote went unconscious with four minutes.
They knew right away.
They hadn't they called an ambulance.
Ambulance came put an oxygen mask doing resuscitation.
He was gone.
And I do think that he like they're saying drugs or this or that.
I do think after 10 hours of
No English, not seeing his mother, nobody being able to help him.
I do think he got into what they call that excited delirium beforehand.
He was excited.
He was not rational.
Yeah, but that doesn't cause you to die.
And by the way, they tested his blood.
No drugs were found.
Yeah, nothing.
So the drugs have to trigger that.
Yeah, no, it's a problem.
They did an autopsy on him.
They can't find anything.
You know, they say the excited delirium is most common when people are using drugs like cocaine and stuff, but every case I've found, no drugs were found in the system.
Oh come on, the guy was throwing a fit, and uh...
Yeah, it was totally unjustified.
Well, the point is, we didn't used to have all these people dying.
The point is, we didn't used to have people searching us at ferries, goons.
We didn't used to be slaves.
And the whole war on terror is a fraud.
Our borders are still wide open.
And Chertoff's only built a few miles of fence using illegal aliens to do it.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Yeah, I'd just like to say that
If you want to come to Canada, you better speak English.
You know, this country was built on immigrants, and my great-grandfather came here as an immigrant, and this is an actual spitting in the face of the people that built this country.
Well, we really appreciate you coming on the show, and I was surprised to learn that you are aware of the work we do.
Yeah, no, I've been watching you
Through your website and listening to you on Coast to Coast for a long, long time and I just want to say that I'm a fellow freedom fighter in Canada and I refuse to swallow their pill.
Lorne, thank you for coming on with us.
God bless you.
Thank you, Alex.
I don't even know what to say about it.
I don't understand why we just can't sit people down and talk to them these days.
They get so caught up in this emotion and caught up in the moment, I don't see that as being an acceptable way to end of conflict.
Well, it's a fear.
I mean, Westerners particularly didn't used to be these cowardly people.
And now, I mean, they shoot first and ask questions later.
I tell you, people, man, you gotta look out.
If we don't start raising concern about this, it just, the tasers, it just makes it too easy.
They're like, oh, you're talking too much, tasers.
But it's like every day I read about somebody dying from a taser.
It is.
Every day I get a news article that I find, and I'm not looking hard to find them, trust me.
They pop up right in front of me.
Two, two and three a day.
I know it was like four hundred and something people died last year from tasers, and that's in the U.S.
I mean, they're just killing us left and right, man.
I mean, you don't go to jail, you don't go to the judge, you go straight to the casket.
I mean, it's just executed.
These days, the modern street cop is the judge, jury, and executioner right there.
I just feel like they think they have all power.
You know, because while you're in their grip, they pretty much have all the control.
And I think they know that.
They want that control.
And it's all about control.
Of course.
But the truth is, they're not in control of anything.
Of course.
A criminal government runs things, engaging in eugenics against them and their family, while countries go into Hades in a handbasket.
Trey, thanks for coming in.
Thank you.
By the way, I know it was up there a few days ago.
Let's make sure this gets posted on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, where it's easy to find.
Okay, I appreciate him holding that one over a little bit.
He's Michael Hampton, and he runs the website HomelandStupidity.us.
And we've got links to it up on Infowars.com.
Great website.
We routinely put links up to their information and news.
And they wrote a story last week, Marshals Investigate Potential Threat to the Nation.
Michael, are you there?
I'm here.
Tell us, just in a nutshell, about yourself and what happened.
Thanks for coming on.
Well, you know, real briefly about me, I write the website Homeland Stupidity, and what we do basically is make fun of the government when they do stupid stuff, which they do all the time.
So there's no shortage of stuff to write about, but I'm always critical of when they get things wrong, especially with Homeland Security, and I know you talk about that all the time, but last Friday,
Excuse me, the Friday before last, I guess.
It's been a little while now.
Marshals and so-called Treasury agents come by here looking for me, and they want to know what I've been doing up at Brown's place, and was I shooting guns up there, and how many guns do I own, and where do I keep them, and do I have any drugs.
It was just
Interrogation after interrogation, and it just sounded like they were kind of on a fishing expedition.
But if they read over your site and the Free States Project site that you're kind of associated with, it's all about being non-violent.
You guys were just covering the Brown situation, and they're wanting to know who Brown, you know, conspired with to secretly go after the feds.
I mean, he talked about it openly on air.
He was just asking people to, if they got him.
Yeah, the marshal was here asking about the so-called hit list, and I don't know, I've never seen it.
Read about it in the papers, but I don't think violence is the way to go, and I told him that.
So, long story short, me and my roommate, they kept us here on the front porch for about 90 minutes, and gave them some grief too, and they finally left.
And then they went off to cross town to go hassle someone else we know who was looking for Rob Jacobs.
Funny thing with that is they still haven't actually set up a meeting with him.
It's been over a week and a half now I think.
He keeps trying to set up a meeting with these guys and they keep blowing him off.
I don't know what's going on.
Now you guys, well I know what happened.
You guys, when they came to have one meeting, you guys were there with video cameras and shot video of their faces.
And so that's why they're scared to come to another meeting now with Rob, who they demanded to come meet with him or they were going to arrest him for no reason.
Is there afraid of being videotaped?
Oh yeah, I'm sure they are.
Because they really don't want their faces getting out there and being recognized.
But don't they understand that you guys are big L libertarians, non-violent?
I think they get it now.
I don't think they did before.
And, you know, they've been reading my site for months, so it's not like they didn't have a chance to understand this.
I appreciate you joining us, Ann Holden.
Well, stay there.
We'll come back and talk to Michael Hampton of HomelandStupidity.us about his ordeal.
It is a big idea
A new world order in the near future.
Earth is dominated by a powerful new world order.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
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There must be some kind of way out of here.
Send a chopper to the beach.
There's too much confusion.
I can't get no relief.
Mr. Sandy, drink my wine.
Come and dig my earth.
Nothing will ever
We're back.
Trillions missing from the Pentagon.
Halliburton and every other major corporation fleeing the United States.
Out and out corruption running rampant.
The infrastructure of the country being grabbed by international banks.
The country going into receivership.
The dollar imploding.
Three mainstream news articles today about the army rushing to hire hardcore, aggravated felons to join the ranks.
The Stalin-esque nightmare being relived.
You know what it means when they're hiring aggravated felons?
They've been doing it for years, now they're announcing it.
A corps of hardcore criminals to rule over us.
Meanwhile, the Browns are sitting in prison for not paying money into the private federal reserve system.
And Free State Project folks and libertarians who openly state that they're non-violent are getting visits from huge squads of highly paid feds.
Going back to michaelhamptonofhomelandstupidity.us, excellent news site,
Well, you know, I was really pissed off, but I tried to keep my cool because they were threatening us all with
They were trying to threaten me with conspiracy charges, like I'm going to be in some kind of conspiracy to kill U.S.
Marshals or something.
And that was just crazy, but you never know.
Maybe they would try to file charges like that, whether there's anything to them or not.
But what did you say to them?
You know, I said, I'm not violent, I have no plans to kill anybody, and I don't know anything about this hit list.
Well, I mean, what Ed Brown was doing, and his back was against the wall, was he'd get on air and try to sound big about these, and he would, and I talked to a lot of people that went out there, he would tell everybody, oh, when the time comes, you know, get the feds, start the war, I mean, you know, if the feds did any research, they would know that's what he was saying on air.
And it wasn't real.
All it did was escalate things to where they could go in after him.
That's why I was privately telling Ed I quit doing that.
But he wouldn't listen.
But I mean, I wasn't in a psychological situation with my back up against the wall with these guys breathing down it.
But I guess they're now looking over their shoulders and they think that the Free State Project is some type of Nosferatu army.
You know, nothing like that.
I mean, we're just out here trying to make changes and
I don't
The Tuesday after they left, which is three days later, we're all at a bar here and we spot a Federal Surveillance Team.
Oh, stay there.
I've seen some of the video floating around on that.
I want to hear about the Federal Surveillance Team.
Stay there.
Again, the Army's new recruits are aggravated felons.
We don't know what that means.
It means armed robbery.
Oh, yes.
It means rape.
Now, we told you five years ago they were doing that.
Now it's in the news.
That's not a problem.
No, we've got to surveil the Free State Project.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're talking to the fella that runs a popular website, homelandstupidity.us, Michael Hampton.
Never said anything violent, never advocated violence, did go and cover the Ed and Elaine Brown situation.
So they show up at his house, they show up at other people's houses, saying, you know, was there a secret hit list to kill feds?
And yeah, I guess there was in Ed's head, and he did
I don't know.
And I've done my best to tell people not to go out and do anything violent because it'll just turn these poor, sad sacks into martyrs themselves that won't do anything to fight the corruption we're dealing with.
We're winning the fight.
Congress has an 11% approval rating.
Cheney has a 10.
Bush has a 24.
It's just plunging.
Is it 23?
The whole system's shot.
We know you're crooks.
Game over.
You can try to run some Ceausescu and, you know, government terror on us, but it'll only get you a little bit further down the road.
And you'll crash even harder when you finally do.
So you might as well back off and stop being criminals.
Their answer is, no, we're going to hire aggravated felons to be military and then police.
Going back to Michael Hampton.
So now they're following you guys around.
This has been in the news with these surveillance trucks.
Yeah, they actually came into the restaurant and they were sitting at a nearby table, and they weren't even very good at it.
They were being pretty obvious.
I mean, I spotted them, Rob spotted them, several other people were like, these are obviously feds.
I mean, they weren't very good, and they knew we spotted them.
We started talking about it, and they just up and left.
They left two different directions, and then
Some of them got into a car with Maryland license plates.
They go drive halfway down the street and pick up the other guys.
As if we wouldn't see that!
Well, that's because they're normally dealing with a general public who's in some type of mesmerized zombie state from watching television, and I mean that when I say it.
Have you noticed the general public either is waking up or they're more zombie-like now?
I mean, they can't understand, like, base.
So that's why the feds are getting zombie-like, too.
Pretty soon, there'll be those that are informed, and we'll be walking full speed, talking full speed, and everybody else will be like sloths.
We'll be like supermen or something.
I guess so.
But, uh, so after we spotted them, they kind of crawled back under the rocks they came out of, and that's when I put the second story up, which is on my website now.
So they're not pleased.
They're not pleased.
Oh, they're not pleased at all.
I mean, this is, for them, this is highly embarrassing.
Now, if you were an aggravated felon, maybe you could join them.
Well, you know, I considered a career in law enforcement and I figured I couldn't do it because I'd be called on to do things that just are not moral.
So what's going on now?
I mean, obviously they're keeping us safe, watching you very closely then.
Yeah, well, they're not really watching me closely anymore.
They've kind of disappeared.
They are still trying to set up a meeting with Rob.
After a week and a half, they still haven't managed to do it.
And he's got a lawyer, so that's kind of complicated things for them a bit.
Now, you also point out that they get thousands of threats a year where the person calls up and says they're going to kill judges and people.
They don't even respond to those.
In fact, there was just a big news article about it.
They don't even respond to actual threats.
They just respond to non-threats.
Oh, yeah.
They misclassify threats.
They don't analyze them correctly.
Sometimes they don't even know they've even received a threat.
So, they're just not on the ball.
Well, folks can read all those statistics in mainstream news articles that you link to, and they admit that they get all these real threats and don't respond to them.
But you, who has openly been non-violent, they're watching very closely.
Thank you for coming on, Michael.
Well, thanks for having me, Alex.
Alright, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, to get into a bunch of key news.
Stay with us.
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Both their objective being world domination.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burgess is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, isn't it?
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We are now 8 minutes 30 seconds into this third and final hour.
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People need to find out that there are hundreds of major medical studies, speaking of cell phones, that document a massive increase.
In some studies, it shows a quadruple in total brain tumors.
In others, it shows a doubling of a rare tumor, you know, where the nerve for the ear and the middle ear goes into the brain.
It's just reading these.
They don't talk about this on the other shows.
I mean, it may be in the BBC, it may be in the AP.
It's never on radio.
It's never on television that I've seen.
It's just like it's some kind of secret.
You know, we've been talking about the decline of the dollar for at least 10 years.
And it's been declining, by the way.
I was freaked out when it was losing a few cents to the pound back in 1998.
Boy, let me tell you.
You don't know what you've got until it's gone.
That looks like heaven compared to what's happened now.
I mean, we just talk about big, baseline, major issues here.
Now the media takes distractions about Britney's retiring, they're taking her children, the CPS, to the rescue, she's completely nuts, to the Jack Bauer, Kiefer Sutherland has to spend 30 days in the hole for drunk driving, and
I mean, it doesn't matter a hill of beans down the road.
And I'm not knocking you if you want to watch something designed with a flicker rate to brainwash you, and if you want to fantasize that torturing people is good, but it's not real.
And I'm not knocking you if you want to spend your life watching television and football.
But at the end of the day, we've got so many other giant problems and crises, I just don't see how anybody could do it.
I mean, life is so precious and so dear and so fleeting.
Spend every minute with your family.
Or at least getting your business in shape and getting out of debt and trying to not drink and eat all these poisons they put before us.
I mean, it's just, we're a society, a civilization in crisis.
A couple times a year, I'll take four or five days off.
And I did do that.
I ended up working Thursday, actually, most of the day.
But we went out of town Thursday, came back last night.
And I was just reflecting on the state of affairs in this nation, reflecting on the developments geopolitically, listening to a lot of talk radio and news while I was driving, and I have to tell you, the sense of urgency wasn't lessened by having a few days off.
It was only intensified that I get so close to the problem
Every day studying this, working on understanding the New World Order system, that I tend to, myself, take for granted the seriousness and the magnitude of what we're dealing with as a country.
But not just as a country, as humanity on this planet.
There is no doubt it is in
There are thousands of documents and publications and bills and legislation and Agenda 21 and UN regulations and treaties that we have a scientific dictatorship, an advanced technocracy of the best and brightest minds, allied with the old-moneyed families of Europe predominantly,
Allied with the elites of Japan, China, and much of the world, openly stating that they are setting up world government, and that the U.S.
must fall for that to happen, and that they plan to completely destroy our economy.
And they're doing it!
And that once they have it in place, they are going to launch even bigger wars, and have national drafts, and forcibly inoculate, and release all forms of flesh-eating bacteria, and super flus, and SARS, and just kill us!
And I'm like, my gosh, they staged 9-11, they staged 7-7, they staged Oklahoma City, they staged the first World Trade Center attack, they admit many of these attacks they staged, they're killers!
And I think about, you know, my gosh, my life's in danger.
I mean, I've stuck my neck out to fight these people, and the general public's a bunch of drooling sloths who don't even deserve it most days, but it doesn't matter.
We've got to speak out for the good people out there.
We've got to protect them.
And this evil's got to be opposed, because if we go along with it, they're going to win!
And then what, is that even by me?
A few years?
You know, maybe I could try to take care of myself and go buy some bunker somewhere and
Then what?
The cops think it's a drug lab and raid me anyways?
I mean, you can't just run away from this stuff.
You gotta run to Argentina.
It's all under globalist control.
You can't run to... There's nowhere to run.
Costa Rica, can't run there.
I mean, we have to fight this.
And the frustration of
All these politicians, you know, in the New World Order, at the international level, saying they're going to destroy the dollar, saying they're going to lower our wages, saying that's the goal.
Alan Greenspan's saying it.
Condoleezza Rice's saying it.
And she says it and writes it knowing it's never going to be on the news.
And even if it is on the news, they can go say it on CNN, and then it isn't a news item.
They just let them throw it in our face, and then next up, they deny it exists.
That's so insulting!
I mean, to have neocons emailing me, snickering, going, I thought you said the dollar was gonna plunge and the economy was in trouble.
It's doing great!
It is plunging, you fools!
And if you would just wake up and really recognize the threat, we could turn this around.
But it's like there is a blockage.
There are blinders.
It's biblical!
I mean, it's just they cannot see...
They have been willful in their ignorance and so they've just been turned completely over to grand delusions and illusions where they will believe anything.
I mean, I can't understand it.
You can't talk to full-grown adults who hold $100,000 a year jobs about the dollar plunging in value because they've been preconditioned to ignore any threat and to just rationalize and deny something's happening.
And so you talk to them and they just go, I don't know what you're talking about.
And they give, most of them give you this self-assured look and this smile.
I mean, it's just... I remember being like three or four years old and, you know, imaginary play, imagining I was a pirate or astronaut, strutting around in my room or in the backyard, but I remember right around that time figuring out, hey, that isn't real.
Make-believe isn't real.
I'm not really this big, tough person.
I think I am.
You know, I'm imagining that.
But I'm beginning to realize that adults, most adults, are in make-believe.
That's what all this fashion and stuff is.
It's costumes.
It's like a nation, a world of people in little costumes, posing and primping and skittering around.
And I realize that as the economy gets worse and worse, as things get worse and worse, that all of the white trash scum and the rest of the crowd, and all of the illegal aliens, and just all of them, they're all going to make the ranks of the military and the police.
They already are.
And as things get worse, actually, most people get more cowardly, more groveling, if you're a modern American, and more supine on their backs
Just worshipping all of this.
They'll just do anything for little uniforms.
And it won't matter.
It'll be an army of people with their shirts hanging out, with bellies hanging over their uniforms, running around in little black outfits, batoning all of us and tasering us.
I mean, instead of things getting better as things get worse, you know, people waking up, I'm starting to realize that it's going to be the opposite.
People throwing themselves deeper into delusion.
Deeper into mindlessness.
And... Alright, alright.
I said I'd cover it in this.
We'll take some calls to it.
PrisonPlanet.tv, ladies and gentlemen.
Endgame's gonna be there first, October 26th.
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Data released by the New York Federal Reserve shows that foreign central banks have cut their stash of U.S.
Treasuries by $48 billion since late July, with falls of $32 billion in the last two weeks alone.
Could China be quietly dumping the dollar?
The quality of your life depends on the quality of your currency, and the quality of the dollar is poor, because the quantity is so high.
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Catchy tune, isn't it?
Al Gore, as you know, last Friday got the Nobel Prize.
And now we're saving us from man-made global warming.
It doesn't matter if the official UN study they put out with over 2,000 signatories, that the majority of them have now gone public saying, we were contacted to give our feedback.
We were not contacted to endorse this declarative statement calling for world government and taxation and claiming that it's man-made.
We were just consulted in this project.
And some of them, hundreds, have gone public saying, we weren't even called.
We don't know why our names are on this.
But for a simple-minded public that hardly even knows what the word scientist means.
And literally, I'm learning now, I was underestimating how dumb people are, how ignorant they are.
Some are even dumb.
They're experts on acting cool, experts on football, experts on regalia, experts on getting into debt, but not experts on how anything works.
They just hear scientist and Al Gore says, everyone knows it's real, every scientist knows.
And every scientist does it now.
Thank God it's heating up right now.
Now the truth is that when the reason ice ages are triggered generally is it heats up, they have models on this, it causes the jet screen to stop moving, and then you have massive freezing globally.
That's why it gets hot and all of a sudden it triggers a really cold spurt.
Just like the UN was saying in the 50s, 60s, and 70s they had to have a global tax to stop the global freeze.
See, they've been betting that this is about to happen.
They know there's about to be some big change.
They knew that 40 years ago.
And so they want to have that normal change come and then say it's man-made to then have a planetary government to save us from the crisis.
Because the truth is, volcanoes blow up, glaciers suddenly form in just a few years, sea levels go up, they go down.
They keep talking about we have to have the Earth with a stable climate.
Hey baby, there isn't any stable climate!
We're on a gigantic spaceship!
A huge rock, a molten rock, with little islands floating on top of the lava.
Oh yeah!
Orbiting a gigantic nuclear furnace, blasting out every type of radiation you can imagine.
Oh, we must, we must make it stable.
It isn't stable!
But that's the same witch doctor trick they learned 10,000 years ago, 7,000 years ago, 5,000 years ago, 3,000 years ago.
They would tell them because the priests would mark down the dates on the calendar.
Didn't matter if it was in Greece or Mesopotamia or Babylon or the Aztec kingdoms, the Mayan cultures before that.
They would know when the eclipse was coming, and they'd say, you gotta serve us, do what we say, or the god, the goblin god, the snake god, the titan, whoever it was, it was different for every group, will eat the sun.
And it eats the sun, they all prostrate themselves before them, and then worship them for another 30 years, some other thing happens.
And by then, after they'd seen four or five eclipses, and the snake god and the priest had the power to make the snake god spit it out, it was over!
And they're just running the snake god off on you as usual, and of course you'll all fall directly for it and take your injections.
So, I just, I just, it's just, I mean, at a certain point, it's just ridiculous.
Of course there's global warming going on, and I hope it gets a lot hotter like it did during the Hyborian Maxim
We're good to go.
Running around pushing his global tax.
I mean, even if you believe it's man-made, what is China and India and Mexico and 160 other countries making zero emissions cuts going to do when they put all those emissions controls on us in the West?
That will actually make more of the industry move to where there's no controls and make the environment worse.
Did you ever do 2 plus 2 equals 4?
I mean, is that possible for you out there, neocons and liberals?
I mean, can you ever wake up
There was another big story here today, a scientific story, that just on its face, you could figure out in five seconds, was a fraud.
Alright, alright, I'm gonna come back in there.
I just got into the Al Gore thing.
I just... They're now saying it's an industrialist conspiracy theory.
The mainstream media is that secret oil bankers... Remember that's what Rothschild said to me when he was on the show.
She turned it around.
I was the elitist.
Totally made up.
When we get back, we'll talk about it.
They're now saying it's a conspiracy.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't want no shackles.
Don't want no shackles on me.
Don't want no shackles.
Don't want no shackles on me.
I sit down with Big Brother.
Don't like those RFIs.
Got the blues about my freedom.
Got the blues about tyranny.
I got the blues about my freedom.
Got the blues about tyranny.
I sat down with Big Brother and the National ID.
Don't want a chip in my wallet Chip in my car And if I want to travel It's nobody's business how far Don't want no shackles Don't want no shackles on me I sit shame on big brother Always tracking and tracing me
Don't want a chip in my mother, a chip in my wife, a chip in my babies.
Stay out of our lives.
Don't want no shackles.
Don't want no shackles on me.
I sit down with big brother, no more slavery.
Now that's Jimmy Rohn, blues legend, Austinite, good friend of mine.
No shackles on me.
By the way,
We have the performance that you're hearing right now at the Capitol during Texas Independence Day against the New World Order, the Napa Superhighways grid, all of it.
That's one of the extras on Endgame.
I haven't mentioned the extras on Endgame.
There also is a 17-18 minute piece on the illegal alien invasion, on the globalists orchestrating all that.
What the La Reconquistas really say about how they control the Southwest.
Extremely powerful mini-dock.
Then there's about, what, 15 minutes or more.
I forget the exact amount.
I know it's more than 15 minutes from Istanbul, Turkey.
That is not in the film.
Some of it's in the film, but some of it's not in the film.
Dealing with the secret police following them, being chased, and the guys with machine guns out in front of the Brooks Street, and some of the investigations they did, some of the local activist groups.
Very interesting.
So there's those three things.
Jimmy Bond's
Performance of No Shackles on me, and of course, or No Shackles, and then the La Reconquista, it's called Battle for the Republic, and then of course, more from Istanbul, the 2007 Bilderberg meeting in Turkey.
And I'll be showing in-game six more times here in Austin starting next week, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
And then the next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 7 o'clock, Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
The tickets for that are going fast, so go to InfoWars.com, link through, over to the Alamo Draft House.
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So you can also pre-order in-game.
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We're packaging them all right now.
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They're all loaded up with their stickers, UPS pre-stickers on them, ready to be shipped out to you coming up in just about a week and a half now.
Yeah, it's not even two weeks now.
Now, I must have been looking at my atomic clock wrong in the first hour.
See, I do that.
That's why you gotta watch me, folks.
I make mistakes.
You gotta watch me closely.
Because I'm right about the general things I cover, but I get numbers and things wrong.
Stuff got moved around on my desk while I was gone, which is to be expected, and I just had to move the atomic clock closer to where there wasn't any shadow.
I was saying that, I think I said the
I guess I looked at the date wrong or something.
I was saying it'll be like end game in 15 days or something you'll be able to see it.
No, you'll be able to see it in 6, 7, 8, 9 days from now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Man, it's closer than I thought.
PrisonPlanet.tv members will see it first and then November 1st we will ship it all out to you.
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But the easiest and best way to order is PrisonPlanet.com, right there at the shopping cart, or see it at PrisonPlanet.tv again.
And we're only nine days away from the release, my gosh!
How did I look at this clock and just hit the date wrong?
I tell you, too much going on.
And also I get really frustrated.
I want you to know this.
I had some article, I can't remember what it was, dealing with science where on its face it was a fraud.
There was no debating it.
And now I can't find it here in the stack.
Here's some of the news I have in front of me.
And we're going to be going to your calls here in just a few minutes.
Scott and Reb and Clay and
Fred and Bob and a few others.
Gore gets cold shouldered.
One of the world's foremost meteorologists has called the theory that helped Al Gore chair the Nobel Peace Prize ridiculous and the product of people who don't understand how the atmosphere works.
Oh, they understand how it works, bro!
They're trying to scare everyone that they don't accept world government and world taxation that the sky will fall.
Dr. William Gray, a pioneer in the science of seasonal hurricane forecasts, told a Peck Theater Hall in the University of North Carolina that humans were not responsible for the warming of the Earth.
His comments came on the same day that the Nobel Committee honored Gore for his work in support of the link between humans and global warming.
By the way, the UN's own fraudulent report with data says humans are responsible for 6%.
Then they claimed all of that was from greenhouse emissions.
If they were smart, they would have looked at impervious cover as heat sinks, and what that does with reflectivity.
I have looked into it a little bit, and it's clear that's a lot bigger in actual heating than the minimal emissions, but I don't want to give them any ideas.
We want as much heat as possible.
That's what most of the meteorologists are saying too.
It doesn't seem to matter to these people.
We're brainwashing our children, said Dr. Gray, 78, a long-time professor at Colorado State University.
They're going to the Gore movie and being fed all this.
It's ridiculous.
And then he went into how it was all a fraud.
He says, we'll all look back on this in 10 or 15 years and realize how foolish it was.
Yeah, but they'll have their world taxation, world grid in place over all the oceans, all carbon emissions, how big your house can be, what materials you can use.
It's total control!
And the few jobs we had left will be forced out because, again, the third world countries aren't under it.
Here's another one.
Quest CEO, not alone in alleging NSA started domestic phone
Recording program seven months before 9-11.
Wired Magazine.
Wired News.
Industry publications in 96 reported on the nine billion paid to them publicly to put NSA offices into every hub and everything wired through it.
Again, Wired could write a big article and be hailed as great investigative reporters if they would just go pull that up.
I can't do it all and no one's going to listen to me.
So of course they were listening.
How many years have I told you they have whole floors in every phone company?
I've been told that by the phone company engineers.
So one went public in San Francisco.
Of course it's not isolated!
They publicly stated it!
You see, things can be classified in the boardrooms, but the manifestation, when they build it, it's not secret from anybody, Jack.
That's why the Soviets could, during the Cold War, could claim whatever they wanted.
But people could actually go out and count troop movements and tanks and find out what the truth was.
I mean, that's how it works.
That started how many millennium ago, when somebody would come back over the hill and tell the tribe, oh no, there's no caribou over that hill.
They'd go, you liar!
I can go up there and count them myself!
But it just goes into how everything's wired and they're listening to it.
Of course they are.
I mean, give me a break.
And of course it's illegal.
That's why they've got... Bush first retroactively had to legalize Fourth Amendment.
Each case was a felony, violating wiretapping.
But now the law only goes back to 2001, not before that, and now they've got a new bill introduced just for no Fourth Amendment and Fifth Amendment outright, just publicly declare that there isn't one.
And then they lie and say, well, it's just for bin Laden when he calls America, and then it turns out it's all, quote, crime, and all terror, and under Section 802, that's all misdemeanors.
Heck, where is that?
I just had it.
Here it is, House takes up U.S.
surveillance bill AP Pamela Hesch against the backdrop of presidential veto threat, the House ready to vote on an eavesdropping bill that would expand court oversight of government electronic surveillance in the United States.
You go read the bill, it actually strengthens all the spying.
You see, remember that bill they had in 2003 and it was announced, President Bush pushes a bill through Congress that will give you more privacy.
And then what it did was make it where all your medical records and all your prescriptions are instantly uploaded to the government.
By law.
The opposite of privacy.
But, I mean, the public just hears it and believes it!
I mean, see, the lying is at light-year level.
It's so fast now.
Just like saying, we're not going to put toll roads on Bopac and Austin, and then they announce they are, and then say they aren't at the same time.
I mean, it's la-la land.
And they go, well, we're taking some of the existing lanes and making it a toll road.
But there'll still be lanes that aren't toll roads, so it isn't a toll road.
It's a paid lane.
The public goes, oh, well, that makes a lot of sense, certainly.
Problem solved.
All right, I said I'd go to calls.
Legalize all drugs.
Chief Constable demands end to moral laws in England.
One of Britain's most senior police officers has called for all drugs, including heroin and cocaine, to be legalized and urges the government to declare the end of the failed war on illegal narcotics.
It's not failed!
Put more people in prison, make it illegal to keep the price up so the banks get to launder more money, Bubba!
It's not failed!
It's been a great success in destroying freedom worldwide.
Come on, bro!
Dude, you don't get it?
Iraq's been a great success?
Break it in three parts?
Endless war?
By the way, I got an Asian Times article today.
They're breaking the news of the secretly classified U.S.
plan for the next 100-year war.
Oh, it's so new!
So, there's that here.
Americans could face Internet tax.
WSTM television.
And it goes in to say that they have introduced a lot of laws at the state and federal level, just a general attack on the internet that's going on right now.
And if the tax moratorium ends on November 1st, that's a couple days away, ladies and gentlemen, then all of these state laws are set to pass.
They're going to tear the net from one end to the other.
They're phasing in slow as they domesticate sloth hogs.
Twelve former U.S.
Here's another one.
Army captains say reinstate the draft.
Steve Watson, Infowars.net.
A call to abandon volunteer military for compulsory service or leave Iraq altogether.
Which do you think is going to happen first?
Twelve former captains in the U.S.
Army have today published an article advising the White House that the only way U.S.
forces can stay in Iraq long-term is to reinstate the military draft.
No, they're going to stage a terror attack and then call it something else and then start World War III and then have a draft.
You've got this backwards.
There is one way we might be able to succeed in Iraq, wrote the ex-captains, all of whom saw service in Iraq between 03 and 06.
To continue an operation of this intensity and duration, we will have to abandon our volunteer military for compulsory service.
Short of that, our best option is to leave Iraq immediately.
A scale withdrawal will not prevent civil war, and it will spend more blood and treasure.
And they go on to say, let's just cut and pull out right now.
Which, of course, was not the plan.
Men, you don't understand, the mission is 100% total success.
Demonize the U.S.'
's name worldwide for its financial destruction that's now happening, for the rise of the one world government, drive up oil prices by cutting off supplies, further kill the dollar and force an exodus out of it, hundreds of billions of no-bid contracts, opium, and of course, expand the Lebensstrahl, the living space of our little ally, Israel, our little buddy.
A wonderful bastion of liberty and freedom itself.
Here's another one.
That's the eugenicist, the father of discovering DNA.
The entire Human Genome Project was designed for bioweapons in mind, of course.
We have that in Endgame, and he's the little friend, the little Nobel Prize winner, running it all.
He was one of the top eugenicists at Cold Springs Harbor, and then he became the director after they stopped calling it the Eugenics Records Office.
And they run it all!
They have lots of little goodies on the shelf to kill any sub-derivation and mix group.
We're very friendly, and he just comes right out with it all.
Don't bother getting in-game.
There's probably a football game on or something.
Schwarzenegger, the outlander, piece of trash, filth, America-hating, gun-control, open-borders-loving piece of tripe that these weak-minded Republicans push all day in their servile nature.
Schwarzenegger gets caught on California guns.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has angered America's powerful gun lobby.
No, they're actually backing it.
By backing legislation requiring semi-automatic handguns to mark bullets with serial numbers to help police identify casings found at crime scenes.
Yeah, then the criminals just steal the bullets.
Then that forces total adoption of these marking systems and registration of ammo buyers.
And it forces it nationwide adoption, because California's 30-something million people, and further bankrupts ammo companies.
Get out of here, you Nazi piece of trash!
Get out of my country, you steroid addict, chicken-neck, cowardly little piece of trash!
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by power.
For thousands of years their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill of Rights is making great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, isn't it?
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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We at The Bible Says want to alert the world to the topic of the Mark of the Beast.
Soon, it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the REAL ID Act.
We're good to go.
You know, I said, go to your phone calls, and then I just don't even have time to get to them.
I may have time to go to Reb, because he disagrees.
I'll have some day this week where we don't have to take calls.
And I gotta tell you, man, I hate Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I hate that piece of trash.
But hey, he's been in gay magazines, so the Republicans like him.
He's alright.
He's totally compromised, totally sold out.
His daddy was an SS captain.
He's an America-hating piece of trash.
Everything he does is to kill this country.
He's a globalist.
He's a criminal.
And the only good thing is his body's falling apart, he's got all sorts of health problems, and that's a good thing.
Because he's an enemy, he's pure evil, he's a peacock, he's a demon, and he wants your guns.
In California, this country is just so shot!
I'm just so sick of all these people!
I'm just so sick of the humiliation our country has to go through!
You are a dirtbag, Schwarzenegger.
Total massive gun control.
The NRA is supporting horrible federal gun control to ban many veterans and police from having guns.
Go to Infowars.com.
We've got big links up on Infowars.com to the donors of America where you can find out what's happening.
Link through.
I've even forgot about Schwarzenegger.
And Turkey debates Iraq incursion.
Talks about going into Iraq.
Just all this news I didn't even get to.
I'm just sick of it!
We better get mad, folks!
I think?
We're good to go.
And of course there is inner food.
Inner food, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm just feeling hatred right now for Schwarzenegger.
We are pathetic.
I'm just sick of it.
As soon as they get our guns, they're gonna run black ops on us.
I just hope you know.
They want us so bad, they can taste it.
They want to disarm us so bad, and the minute they do, you better know hell will be released!
Well, I'm not gonna run in some ditch so people like your daddy can blow my head off, you piece of trash Schwarzenegger!
Get it out to everybody.
You can go to PrisonPlanet.com and you can link through on the banner and get 10% off at eFoods Direct at InnerFood.
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If you get it in bulk, you get another 20%.
It's great stuff.
I believe in it.
Get it.
And I'm just telling you, you're getting mad, ladies and gentlemen.
They're training you how to be slaves.
They want to kill you and your family.
That's all the New World Order thinks about.
It's all they want to do.
It's what control freaks get into it.
They're the ultimate perverts.
The ultimate degenerates.
Every sexual perversion's gotten old, everything's gotten old, but burning cities, kidnapping children, murdering people, they love it!
They want to spray you with flu, they want to kill you and your family, they want to take your property, they're wrecking the country, they're butchering the guts out of the dollar, they're running around brainwashing everybody!
And all the servants of this evil New World Order, you're gonna have to drink out of the black cup too!
That's the only solace I've got!
You're gonna get to be part of it!
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.