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Air Date: Oct. 14, 2007
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Welcome, my friends.
It is September 23, 2007.
We'll be live here, I believe, for the next two hours.
If you've been looking for it, you found it.
Not the phony left-right paradigm where both sides are bought and paid for by the same Fortune 100 globalist corporations.
No, you found a place where we really cover the news and information, where we know what we're talking about, where we're ahead of the news months, and in some cases years, where we're able to predict what's going to develop from our geopolitical knowledge.
You have found the very front lines of the information war,
You have discovered, ladies and gentlemen, the wartime broadcast for the Battle for the Republic.
I am syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones, and I'm syndicated Monday through Friday by the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
But every Sunday, in association with Genesis and MS Communication, we have the syndicated Sunday transmission from 5 to 7 p.m.
That's 4 to 6 Central Standard Time.
That'd be 2 to 4.
Pacific, thank you for joining us.
Okay, here's what I have in the stacks in front of me.
You're wondering what's really happening with the economy.
You're now starting to worry about dollar devaluation, something I've been talking about for ten years.
You're now starting to question your God, the Federal Reserve, who the media millions of times told you was like literal Zeus at Olympus that only **** about you.
We're going to go over Alan Greenspan and Edward Bernanke and Paul Volcker and of course the Treasury Chairman Paulson as well and what they're really up to and where the economy is really going.
We know exactly where it's going.
We know exactly what's going to happen.
Because the globalists told us exactly what they're going to do.
Inactual policy reports.
I don't mean the stuff you see on your nightly news, okay?
That's called spin at best and propaganda and pure lies at worst.
And there's a smattering of the two in different degrees.
There's no black and white in this.
It runs the gamut.
So we'll be going over that coming up towards the end of this hour into the second hour this evening.
We'll also have open phones on that subject.
Some of my great compadres, some activists, ally with InfoWars.com, WeAreChange.org, and InfoWars.com cameraman, stayed up in New York when I left up there a week ago, and confronted Alan Greenspan a few days ago.
That's made the news several places.
And we've got the video of our conversation with him, just bringing up the fact that he's a New World Order trader selling out our country.
So he's been confronted by activists and literally fled an angry mob.
That's up on JonesReport.com, easiest place to find it.
It's now two-day old news on InfoWars and Prison Planet, but Jones Reports mainly just our top headlines.
So you can find it there, still at the top, at JonesReport.com.
Greenspan publicly shamed for intentionally destroying the dollar.
And we have Congressman Ron Paul on Friday confronted Edward Bernanke.
The current CEO of the private bank that literally owns the country and thinks it owns us.
So we'll be going over that little video clip from the banking hearing that they had.
And we'll go over exactly, again, what's behind all this.
Just to give you a little prelude or foreshadowing.
Well, you heard me last Sunday.
I said the dollar was going to plunge this week and the crude oil was going to go up this week.
It wasn't hard.
It was like 1 plus 1 equals 2.
Greenspan and all the other big central bankers came out last Saturday and Sunday and said the dollar's going to die, the euro's going to rise, housing prices are going to go down, inflation's going to spike, destroying confidence!
It's a fiat system, they own and run it, and they're just deciding to bring in the net of fish right now.
And the media is busy spinning and lying about this.
Though there's a few places that are telling the truth.
Financial Times of London is telling the truth.
I even got a Wall Street Journal here that's being halfway honest about it all.
So we will go over that as well coming up later in the hour.
So that's the financial news right there.
That's a pre-recap for you.
And then of course we've got the big news of the day.
CNN reports the war with Iran has begun.
Now I reported this three years ago that the war had begun with Iran.
I mean, if shooting police and bombing government buildings isn't war, I don't know what is.
And that is, globalist forces, can't call them our forces anymore, and they're commanding Al-Qaeda to carry out the ops.
I mean, that's a White House press release of three months ago.
Of course, I reported it three years ago, the New Yorker magazine reported it two and a half years ago, and now CNN openly reports it.
And if you're taking double-takes listening for the first time, it's not me reporting Al-Qaeda works for the U.S.
The government proudly announced three months ago that they've launched major Al-Qaeda offenses in the west of Iran.
So we're going to talk about it.
But the new development here, CNN's war correspondent, their expert, their consultant, Colonel Sam Gardner, says that the war in Iran is already underway and the second phase of overt military action will soon begin.
And we'll watch her start stumbling around, so we'll play this to critique it and analyze it.
Also, Israeli sees nuclear material in Syrian raid.
Times of London, normally a very credible publication.
But if you believe that, I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona I'll sell you.
And from my front porch, you can see the sea.
I mean, seriously, I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona.
Ladies and gentlemen, I just can't believe it.
I just can't believe it.
And also, Iran promises missiles will fly if U.S.
London Telegraph.
Anak Medinajid's coming over here.
Iraq was ordered, the Iraqi government ordered Blackwater to leave, but Blackwater just said, we're not leaving.
That's your free government over there.
Yeah, they really run things.
And even contractors in our military admit that Blackwater just opens, just randomly opens fires on crowds of people.
And even threatens to kill other contractors and our own troops.
They're like God over there.
So, I mean, that's AP reporting on this, and Reuters, and AFP.
I've got a big stack of them here, and they're just... with contractors, and the Iraqi government, and our own military, and Marine Corps officers under anonymity.
I mean, Blackwater just walks around literally doing whatever they want.
And now they're under investigation for weapons running and selling them to the insurgency.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's just you can't make this stuff up, man.
You cannot make this stuff up.
So we'll be going over that as well right now after I finish telling you about some of the other news that I have here.
Every day there's news on this.
The Senate's very close to passing the amnesty bill under a new name in the Defense Authorization Act.
It's called the DREAM Amendment.
And New York dropped citizenship proof for driver's license.
And New York seeks to drop all immigration enforcement.
That's AP.
Another story here out of Canada.com.
Mexicans pour into Canada from the U.S.
So we'll be going over that.
And here's another big one for you.
Any one of these stories I could talk for two hours on it and never cover every facet, but it's an impossible job.
Veterans Disarmament Act to bar vets from owning guns.
Now Clinton tried this in 1999.
And 83,000 veterans are banned from owning guns.
You hear about it all the time.
Grandpa goes in to buy his... Vietnam vet goes in to buy his grandson a .22 rifle.
And they say, sorry, remember during the Tet Offensive, after four days of not sleeping, you collapsed?
You wonder why they gave you that designation as post-traumatic stress?
Well, because you can't own guns now.
And by the way, federal documents came out that were planning it even back then.
They're worried about vets later in life being armed, because again, they want you to understand who the boss is.
And that's your new god-like government.
But here it is, Gun Owners of America, the NRA is also reporting on it.
Veterans, it's just all veterans that have any type of designation which the military hands out.
To basically everybody now.
You'll be barred from owning guns.
Oh, cops, too!
Cops will all be barred from owning guns, too.
Never get PTSD or anything like that, too.
So, I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.
And also, cancer cure may be available in two years.
One in telegraph, so that's more news we have.
Okay, we'll get into war with Iran!
It's already on, on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
Hello, this is Alex Jones with some important questions.
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All right.
I'll also be trying to take some questions later.
If I have time, I'm definitely reading them all, though.
From the PrisonPlanet.com forum.
You go in there, it's easy to sign up.
And you can ask questions or post, or post videos, audios, whatever you want.
There's tens of thousands of people in there.
You can also go to the NewsRadio 590KLBJ message board.
I'll also read off that one at 590KLBJ.com.
Got them both here open in different windows in front of me.
I don't know how to put this.
I mean, I don't know how to add words to this that will explain how serious and dire our situation is militarily, economically, culturally, spiritually.
We're a bankrupt society.
That doesn't mean there aren't good people in the society.
Doesn't mean there aren't good preachers and good teachers and good cops and good radio producers and good weathermen and women left.
I'm saying, on average, you know the country is getting more and more corrupt, more and more decadent, just more and more sick.
All the key signs are there.
I mean, just look at it.
And you look at this Iran war, the lies that are stacking up now, claiming that
Claiming that Syria was trying to get nukes from North Korea, and then claiming that something related to nuclear weapons was bombed, that Israeli commandos went in to seize parts to prove it.
This is from the same crowd who over 50 times, when I say over, we did articles years ago that went through all these examples, would find some canisters that were for fertilizer and claim they were bio-weapons or chemical weapons, or would go grab British-made
Big mobile trucks for pumping up military dirigibles for directing artillery fire.
Surveillance blimps.
And then they would say, these are mobile anthrax trucks.
And they knew right where they were parked and what they were, because the British had sold it to them, and it was for pumping up hydrogen balloons.
Just hundreds and hundreds.
I mean, I've written articles where we've had over 50 examples of where every day or two they'd have some new fake WMD find.
This is the same crowd that admittedly got caught forging the Niger document.
That's admitted about the Yellow Cake.
This is the same crowd... I mean, if somebody in your everyday life, a neighbor or family or friend, lied to you three or four times... I mean, frankly, used to with friends, I put up with lies two or three times.
And then I learned they used to do it over and over again.
So you lied to me one time, you screw me one time, you're out of my life.
That's just how it works.
And I guess you get older, you get like that.
I mean, at least we get lies.
But, I mean, back when I was a teenager, or 20, 30 years old, I guess I'd put up with some of it.
But as a nation, we put up with being lied to millions of times by the government on thousands of different subjects.
They're constantly being caught in lies, and we go, oh, well, that's just what they do.
They lie.
Remember we heard that, oh, they wanted diplomacy with Saddam, and they gave him a year in the build-up to the attack in 2003?
And in 24 hours to get out of the country, then it turned out they had jet fighters ready to shoot down his plane if he left, and he knew that.
The offer of Jordan that he could flee, and oh, they wanted to work with him.
They had no plan of attacking, and now it's been declassified that they planned to attack in 2001 when Bush was elected, even before 9-11.
They were planning to go in there the entire time to build military bases to attack Iran and Syria and to shut off oil flow to jack up prices.
That's right.
You shut the oil off, prices go up.
But again, the public can't figure that out.
That's why you're slaves.
You're starting to figure it out, though.
Maybe we can land the free home of the brave again.
Again, I don't sit there and talk sweet to you folks.
I mean, I know my listeners, a lot of them are smarter than I am, but I'm talking about the general public.
We're in so deep a hole right now, you're going to have to realize you've been conned and realize it's serious and start getting informed or it's over as a society.
And of course, in the six months before the Iraq attack, every day there were huge military Saudis.
Some days there were hundreds of fighter-bomber attacks blowing up Saddam's infrastructure.
And he just sat there and took it, in most cases didn't even fire back.
Then it got declassified that the U.S.
tried to fly low planes to get them shot down with our air crews, painted up like U.N.
aircraft to announce U.N.
aircraft had been shot down to start the war.
I mean, anything!
And then Dick Cheney, the PNAC documents, Dick Cheney wrote in 2000 saying, Saddam isn't a threat, but we're going to say he is.
Because we need to shut off the oil flow and build bases to attack Iran and Syria.
I mean, Dick Cheney wrote that.
I didn't write that.
So, this is the reality of what they're doing.
And, three and a half years ago, six and a half months, I guess now almost a year, into the occupation of Iraq, at that point, three and a half years ago,
I remember getting intel from sources in the military.
I remember seeing news reports out of Tehran, news reports out of the British, German, and it also fit with past operations.
And then the White House admitted there were riots and fires and bombings all over Iran, just like the U.S.
government's done twice there in the past.
They were attempting to overthrow the government, and then it was admitted on the news.
Kind of, yeah, we're trying to overthrow them right now.
I mean, bombing them!
Carrying out military operations!
And then it started leaking that special ops were in the country.
Arab-Americans, Pashtun-Americans, Wahhabists, Persians.
Special forces in the country, leading Wahhabists in the West,
And there's also Wahhabis in the east of Iran.
There's Wahhabis on their border with Iraq.
And there's Wahhabis on their east, on their border with Afghanistan.
And they were doing the same thing they always do.
Bombing schools, blowing up dams, killing cops.
Trying to get the Iranians to move and fight and start something in Iraq.
Now that's all been admitted.
Three months ago, White House puts out a press release and says, we've got these five Iraqi freedom fighters, and they call them Mujahideen groups, attacking the Iranians.
The five groups are all top Al-Qaeda.
The number one group was headed by the number three in Al-Qaeda.
I mean, the guy they announced, number three in Al-Qaeda, and he is attacking Iran.
And I'm like, and the media is saying that Iran
is attacking our troops and is funding Al-Qaeda when Iran is Shiite, the opposite of Al-Qaeda.
And then the White House admits they're funding Al-Qaeda.
I mean, that's how dumb they think you are!
I know I keep talking about this because I can't believe it!
I cannot believe our criminal government is funding Al-Qaeda just like they did with the Russians against them, just like they did to attack the Serbs, just like they do every time, and the public is too dumb to figure it out!
I don't like Al-Qaeda!
I'm sick of them!
I want to fight Al-Qaeda!
But doing that is treason!
Because they work for the U.S.
That is literally talking bad about federal officers!
I'm not joking!
By the way, if you declare some kind of war on those Wahhabist groups, those are literally in the employ of the U.S.
You could be arrested for that, folks!
That is the military action over there!
So don't you think that we're going to do something about Al-Qaeda?
Now, that's how dumb they think they... When we come back, I'll play a few minutes of CNN to analyze it.
This is the colonel.
The big media consultant for CNN, Sam Gardner, helped run the office.
In the first invasion, the first attack on Iraq.
Saying that we're already at war with Iran.
Already at war with Iran.
And then I want to hear from callers.
I see a bunch of callers on other issues and that's fine, but I want to hear from people who want to talk about this war.
How it's already on!
It's about to go hot!
Hot, hot!
PrisonPlanet.com is the website.
We're here every Sunday!
Four to six!
For so much news, I'm pulling double duty!
I think so.
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Alright, let's go to one of the former top strategists in the Air Force,
We're good to go.
Top lobbyist.
He's covered a lot of wars and he's trying to poo-poo it and cover it up.
But what the colonel is saying is the absolute truth.
And we are at war.
That is, the globalists that control our country are already at war with Iran.
And they're using known top al-Qaeda to do it, while saying Iran is al-Qaeda.
When Al-Qaeda is basically outlawed in the country and you can hunt it down.
It's just unbelievable.
And I'm not defending what some of the Shiites do.
See, I believe all these governments are bad.
History shows that.
Common sense shows it.
It's just that the things you're being told are all complete lies, folks.
They talk to you like you're two-year-olds.
I'll at least tell you they're conning you.
They're laughing at you.
Here it is.
He said the same thing!
He said the same thing before the last war!
The Iranian people that we have no desire for conflict.
Go back to it.
You told David Ignatius of the Washington Post the other day.
So what does that mean the order has been given?
We are conducting military operations inside Iran right now.
The evidence is overwhelming from both the Iranians, Americans, and congressional sources.
What does military operations define that?
They probably have had two objectives going back 18 months.
The first was to gather intelligence.
Where is the Iranian nuclear program?
The evidence is overwhelming from lots of sources.
And again, most of them you can read in the public.
Seymour Hersh has done good work on it, and there are lots of other people who have done that.
I've talked to Iranians.
I asked an Iranian ambassador to the IAEA, what's this I hear about Americans being there?
He said to me, well, we've captured some people who work with them.
We've confirmed that they're there.
Yeah, but you know, these guys, the Iranians, you can't necessarily believe.
Okay, now again, we wrote articles three months ago that are on PrisonPlanet.com.
In fact, during a break, I'll dig around in the archives and find them.
Right before showtime, I'll look for it and cut them because we write, like, 50 articles a week or something ourselves and post thousands in the aggregate since then.
You know, of other news and links, I don't know, there's about 60, 70 new things a day just on Prison Planet alone.
But side issue, the point is,
That the White House says they're carrying out military operations.
They're funding insurgencies that go around and shoot cops in the back and bomb.
And I know they're Iranian, so I guess their cops deserve to die in your mind.
No, they don't, folks.
They're going around shooting cops in the backs, blowing up dams, bombing stuff to destabilize it all over the country.
It's on the news.
It's in the foreign news.
About bombs going off almost every week in Iran.
I mean, this is the criminals that run our government that are doing this.
And who are they using?
The Wahhabis.
The Sunnys, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's play a little bit more of it.
They could arrest some dissidents in Iran and say these are American spies.
They do that all the time.
The House Committee on Emerging Threats tried to have a hearing some weeks ago in which they asked the Department of State and Defense to come and answer this question.
Because it's serious enough to be answered without congressional approval.
And they didn't come to the hearing.
There are sources that I talk to on the Hill who believe that that's true and it's being done without Congressional oversight.
Look, I was once a Pentagon correspondent many years ago, and in those days and in these days, and as Jamie McIntyre just reported, and as you well know from your time of active duty at the Pentagon in the U.S.
military, these guys are planning contingency operations for almost everything.
If Canada goes to war against the United States, they've got a contingency plan.
Okay, different now.
Two differences.
Number one, we've learned from Time Magazine today that some U.S.
naval forces have been alerted for deployment.
That is a major step.
That's first.
The second thing is, the sources suggest the plan is not in the Pentagon.
The plan has gone to the White House.
That's not normal planning.
When the plan goes to the White House, that means we've gone to a different state.
You think it's possible there's a little psychological warfare being played on Ahmadinejad?
Alright, so we have the White House announcing three months ago, what was in the news three and a half years ago, that U.S.
Special Forces are in Iran carrying out destabilization operations.
They would call it terrorism.
Again, when we attack somebody, it's called loving and sweetness and goodness, and if they fight back, it's called evil terrorism.
By the way, official White House statements, if Iran fights back in any way, it's called terrorism.
They plan to hit more than 10,000 targets repeatedly in the first week of a bombardment with thousands of Saudis a day.
That's aircraft attacks.
And if Iran... I mean, this is a new rule for warfare.
This would be like...
Say if I was a cop and I just said, I'm going to walk around and just randomly beat people up.
I guess that's kind of what's happening now.
And if you even defend yourself, it's assault.
I guess that's kind of what our government says.
It's a new system.
We're going to bombard you and attack you.
We're going to fund terrorists to blow stuff up and shoot cops in the back and do whatever we want and carry out this insurgency.
And if you fight back in any way, you're terrorists.
In any way, we're going to call you Al-Qaeda while we use Al-Qaeda to attack you.
And if we didn't have a public who knew all the football and all the baseball scores, but nothing about the three branches of government, nothing about the regions of the world, that's how they're able to get away with this.
It's not even that you're stupid.
You're busy getting new chrome for your Harley, and you're busy trying to work out three times a day so you look good for the women or women for the men,
And I'm not saying don't do some of that.
But, I mean, number one, if you like money, you'll make more money in business knowing what's going on.
I mean, you'll actually get to be in higher circles.
Because, believe me, you'll never be able to talk to people that are even in the upper-middle class if... Ah, it doesn't matter.
If you want to be a slave, just fine.
Go ahead.
Just go ahead and feel good and let's attack Al-Qaeda.
Let's attack those evil Iranians when they're the opposite of Al-Qaeda.
The opposite branch of Islam!
The opposite group!
How many times do they say they're funding Al Qaeda?
It's a lie!
Alright, we're going to go to break here in a few minutes and I promise I'm going to go to all your calls, but I see calls...
I disagree with you about vaccines being bad.
Another one.
Soldiers says gold info.
Another one.
Lies within churches.
A bunch of calls about everything under the sun, which is fine.
I don't screen calls.
We have open lines.
If you want to call here and tell us what you're calling about, we'll put it on the board.
That's fine.
But I'd like to hear what you think about the open discussion of going to war with Iran.
Sarkozy, the new French president, last week said, yeah, there's probably going to be a war.
Get ready for war.
The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has said, get ready for war.
The aircraft carriers are all lined up.
The troops are masked.
For the first time in three years, people I know in the Air Force, the Navy, the Marines, the Army, are all saying, yeah, we've been told we're going into Iran and Syria.
We're going to bomb them all.
And then I've got this.
Israeli seized nuclear material from Syrian raid.
Times of London.
This is not the National Enquirer.
This is a very
By credible, I mean this is the establishment speaking.
I'm not saying the story is true, but this is big time when they say it.
This is the New York Times of the planet.
Israeli commandos seized nuclear material of North Korean origin during a daring raid on a secret military site in Syria before Israel
Bombed it this month, according to informed sources in Washington and Jerusalem.
The attack was launched with American approval of September 6th.
Washington was shown evidence the material was nuclear-related.
Key word, nuclear-related.
You don't just... Remember when they said a nuclear power plant was hidden under a rosebush?
The truth is, it takes a complex, you know, 20 square miles to do it.
We're gonna come back and get into what all this means and take your calls.
But I want to talk about the war.
So, that's what I want to discuss for now.
Then we're getting into the fellow deserve, the economy, all of it in the next hour.
Most veterans are going to be banned from owning guns.
A large percentage of police are going to be barred from owning guns.
This is from Gunners of America.
And it'll be called conservative.
I know, everything liberal and big government is conservative now.
So, stay with us!
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Welcome back, folks.
Thank you so much for joining us.
All right, I want to go to your calls here in just a moment concerning Iran.
This is also a larger sigh-off.
Remember, the White House told us that they were in diplomacy with Iraq, and the documents have now been released and submitted.
There was never any plan for diplomacy.
They were going to attack even if Saddam happened to die or have to leave power, or if he decided to sneak out of the country.
They were going to attack it from the very start, just as Treasury Secretary O'Neill reported before anybody believed him.
Why wouldn't he?
I mean, he wouldn't come out and lie.
Well, then when he came out, he was telling the truth.
I mean, he was the first week in the White House, it was how they were going to stage all this.
Dick Cheney had written books about it.
It's the same thing with Iran, but the PSYOP is, they put in another 10,000 troops, and then we have a debate about, is the surge working for eight, nine months, and then we have another three or four month debate about, should we call home the troops from the surge, instead of, should we get the troops home to begin with?
These are all psychological warfare little tactics.
And see, now the debate's about, should we attack Iran, instead of, hey, why are we four and a half years in Iraq right now, 4,000 dead U.S.
troops officially?
The official numbers, though, were cooked, and they admit it.
It's over 15,000 dead from complications of their wounds.
Previous wars, it would have been 15,000 dead plus.
That number's a few months old, growing.
But they only count you as dead if you die in Iraq.
If you're being medevacked out or taken to Rammstein, or they get you out of the country, and you die, it does not count.
So a lot of these guys, they get them stabilized, they live long enough.
Infection sets in and Rammstein sets in on their place as they die.
15,000 plus U.S.
By the way, it turned out that several major U.S.
universities and even the federal government studied those British medical journal Lancet study of a year ago saying 655,000 dead Iraqis.
They said you were wrong!
The number was over 700,000 dead Iraqis just from military actions.
And that now it's over a million.
That it had over 300,000.
Because that was looking at the first year.
I mean, first three years, see.
Studies were always on the old data they had.
And then another year plus has now passed.
Now it's over a million.
Quite a liberation!
But I've talked to the Yokons privately, and their minions, and they're just like, kill them all.
They go, yeah, we know it's about, you know, empire.
But see, they think they're part of the American empire.
These good old boys.
You're not.
The same globalists that are attacking Iraq and Iran right now are the ones devaluing your dollar.
Okay, let's go to calls right now and getting rid of your borders.
But you're not going to figure that out until it's too late.
I understand that.
It's all part of being a loser.
Let's go ahead and talk to Robert in Illinois.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead.
I'm a huge fan.
Welcome, sir.
You know, this is incredible to me.
Every day I'm screaming to all my friends, my family,
Everybody I can talk to at work, I tell them, oil is rising.
There's a reason for that.
Housing is imploding.
The dollar is falling into the toilet.
We're going to bomb Iran.
It's coming soon.
Look at the news.
Look at Fox.
They're pumping up Iran.
We got the Republican memos a month ago and it was confirmed.
Mainstream news reported.
Orders from the White House to all the neocons.
And it's incredible, I tell my family and I say, well, they're just Muslims, does it really matter?
I mean, they're evil and we're Christians and we're good!
And I said, don't you, don't you have a brain?
Don't you think?
Don't you understand what this means?
They want, they want to destroy the Middle East, they want to redo it and reorder it in the way they want, and then what do you think is going to happen to us?
A $200 a barrel oil.
We're going to sit pretty and, and uh,
Next hour, I'm going to go over what this means financially.
I even wrote up a bunch of notes.
I was thinking about this Friday and Saturday, and I wrote a couple pages of notes about points I want to make about what's happening with the economy.
But you're absolutely right.
It's great to hear from you.
Thank you for calling, my friend.
Let's take another call about the war.
Let's talk to Scott in Fort Worth, Texas.
Scott, you are on the air.
And by the way, Scott, how are you listening to the show?
Hey Alex, I just woke up a couple months ago and... How are you listening?
I'm sorry?
Over the internet.
Okay, great.
Over the internet, yeah.
Basically, I just wanted to call you because, you know, as I found out a couple months ago when I first woke up to all this about the dancing Israelis and the spies from Israel in this country and the Fox News report that covered that and was subsequently just whitewashed out of the media.
Well now, the new Attorney General nominee, Mukasey, it turns out that he was
He ran the whitewash on the first World Trade Center attack where the FBI cooked the bomb, trained the drivers.
He ran the stage-managed trials and got the only terror conviction.
And he's big buddies, of course, with the owner of the World Trade Center complex and helped get him, in the court case, the double insurance payout.
And, of course, he's a Russian emigre and an admitted dual citizen of Israel.
Yeah, I mean, I don't know why other countries aren't allowed to have dual citizens running the government, but the U.S.
is, except that's not exactly true.
Governor Perry's head of Texas-Mexico relations is a Mexican citizen who is also a former Mexican lobbyist for the President of Mexico.
So, we're also run by other foreigners, too, yeah.
Yeah, I mean, there's a real strong terror credential, not allowing the FBI to question spies who may have known something about us.
Well, here's the deal.
Here's the deal.
I don't sit here and just bash Israel for no reason, but it's true that they arrested over 200 Israeli spies, the Feds have put out a secret memo saying, watch out, they're trying to infiltrate buildings, they've been caught with explosives, and all of that came out on Fox, and then Fox didn't retract, they removed the story, and they just said, we're not going to talk about it.
AP also picked it up.
And how many Israelis have been convicted for spying on the U.S.?
And then people say, well, they're our ally, they're allowed to spy.
Hey, if Americans are caught in those classified areas, they go to prison.
And so I think Americans are at least worth as much and on the same rule as Israelis.
Or maybe not.
Maybe like Pastor Hagee down in San Antonio says, I actually heard him on the radio say that Israelis are better than everybody else.
Honestly, Alex, as a Jewish United States citizen, I can tell you that most of our community does not support these... I mean, these people are Nazis and these people would... I mean, they are an abomination and... Well, I mean, I don't want to go... Listen, here's the deal.
I got criticized by a bunch of people last week on my show because I read
Five or six different news articles about Dubai buying up the British Stock Exchange, and Dubai trying to buy up the NASDAQ.
I read news articles where the Financial Times of London, Reuters, CNBC, where it admitted the majority of the world's stock markets are controlled by Arab countries.
Now that's a fact!
And I've got a lot of friends in Hollywood.
Yeah, the producers and the heads of the studios, because they know the system.
A lot of them happen to be Jewish, and a lot of them, by the way, are also Italian, I found.
Never hear that in the media, but it is, you know, the majority of Jewish guys, they started the industry.
They went out there and did it, when it was nothing.
But it's owned by big global corporations and you start finding out Sony and you start finding out that all these other big production houses, well Fox News is majority owned now by Arabs.
There was a big controversy a few years ago.
Murdoch's only like what?
32% or something now, but he still has the biggest stake.
But, you put all the pieces together.
Fox News is owned by, uh, the Saudis are the biggest single owners.
I mean, if you add all their shares together.
And people say, oh, that's not true, it's not true, it's all Israel, they're the devils!
It's more sophisticated than that.
I mean, if I get up here on air and I tell you the Arabs, who I'm not enemies with, I'm just reporting the facts!
I report that Shiites are not Al-Qaeda, it's the opposite group.
I report that Iran is not al Qaeda, it's the opposite group.
I'll just tell you what the facts are!
And the Arabs are the biggest owners now of media in the United States, and over stock exchanges.
And in many major U.S.
cities, they're the majority owners.
It's not the Japanese, it's not even the British anymore.
Now, the British are still the biggest owners of raw land, oil, mines, a lot of infrastructure.
The British are the most wealthy in the world.
That is the elite that's based there.
They're the kingdaddies.
But, I mean, there's a lot of power at this table.
But let me tell you, when I go to a Bilderberg group meeting, and when I've covered it year after year with people that are there covering it for us,
You see Saudi sheiks going in, you see Jewish leaders, German leaders, Dutch, British leaders, they're all there, folks.
And it's 125 of the world's elite, and usually a few minions they invite, like Clinton when he's a governor, Perry when he's a governor, Edwards when he's, you know, just a senator.
And they run things.
And let me tell you something.
It isn't, hey, you're a Saudi, hey, you're a Jew in there.
It's, hey, how do we expand our power, expand the property we own, how do we destroy the middle class, how do we set up a world government so nobody can ever challenge us in the future?
And it is scary to realize that the British have been caught staging terror attacks, the Israelis have been caught staging terror attacks, the Russians have been caught staging terror attacks.
Our government
I mean, it's not my opinion.
The Israeli news, Haratz, Jerusalem Post, have all reported... We'll just type, Israel admits to creating fake Al Qaeda.
You'll get UPI, AP Reuters.
That was five years ago that came out.
It's in my films.
I mean, I'm just reading out of AP.
But also, the British created the radical IRA and literally commanded it in stage bombing attacks as a pretext for a police state in control and to occupy Northern Ireland.
I mean, they all do it.
It's the same thing.
It's an inseparable group.
Our problem is evil people.
Not evil groups.
We're all human beings.
We're all cut from the same cloth, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, we'll be right back.
We're going to get into the war.
We're going to get into the economy.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Well, her 16-year-old daughter at the school admits it's never been a disciplinary problem.
They have security guards that look like they live at Burger King running the facility.
They shave heads and shades on inside.
They had a birthday party there in Southern California.
And a piece of cake fell on the floor.
She cleaned it up, but not good enough.
So they tackled her, broke her arm, cranked her elbow right up to her head.
I'm surprised they didn't actually rip the arm completely off.
Somebody else shot some video on their phone.
They tackled him, charged him with assault.
But they did the charging after the fact, after the mother complained.
And when she got there, they said, listen, if you file charges, we're going to go ahead and arrest you.
In Tulia, Texas, a few years ago, and I covered this before it was even mainstream news, we had the local police department, because all the businesses shut down, all they had was the prison, they would just drive around randomly, and one weekend they arrested 50-something black people, no drugs were on them, they weren't on drugs, they just charged them all with having them, they certified that they did have drugs, the local corrupt police did, and they all went to jail.
Turned out it was all fake, all made up.
Remember what happened in Houston.
The police chief, they framed, it wasn't just black people, it was everybody, over 4,000 people.
That was in the Houston Chronicle, nothing was done about it.
Right over 30% of those on death row were totally innocent.
A lot of them have been executed.
I mean, this is how it works.
And now we've got all these squad car videos out of the, when the cops pull over, they say, listen, I'll frame you.
Don't talk back to me, I'll say you assaulted me.
And we've got all those posted on PrisonPlanet.com.
So my point is, we've got a big crisis here.
That somehow, A, cops have been taught that if you don't show your ID, they taser you if you're walking down the street.
Or if you're in a wheelchair and can't get up, they taser you until you die.
That just happened last week.
Or if you can't urinate in a cup, they taser you ten times and that cop did get fired.
But the point is, why do they think they can do this?
And why did they break her arm and then to cover up for it, this was security guards, why did they do this?
Flushay Mervin's mother, Latricia Majors, joins us.
She actually worked for the school district and has since been kicked out of there and arrested herself.
And I guess they may come arrest me and say I assaulted the cops from 2,000 miles away with my power beams or something.
I don't know.
But Ms.
Majors, thank you for coming on with us.
Thank you for having me.
What on heaven's green earth is going on here, A, and then B,
We can tell the media is spinning things.
They call it a scuffle when they assaulted your daughter brutally.
It's all on video, just out of the blue.
I mean, give us details we haven't gotten from these newscasts.
It's now a national news issue, as you know.
Well, it was not a scuffle.
Actually, what it was was a birthday celebration.
One of her friends had brought a birthday cake to school for her birthday.
We're good to go.
And so all the kids were getting ready to go to class, cleaning up their mess, cleaning up the cake.
So my daughter had a piece of cake on her plate, and she went to throw it in the trash, and someone bumped her, and it fell on the ground.
Okay, well we've all spilt drinks and dropped things before, so now you get your arm broken for that.
What happened next?
Yes, and so the security guard comes over and asks her to pick it up.
So she bent down and scooped it up with her hand, put it back on the plate, and threw it in the trash.
She then proceeded to go to the restroom to wash all the frosting and cake off of her hands and she said when she came out he was standing right there and he said I told you to get the cake up she said I did he said well you need to get it all up and she said she walked back over there and was nothing but just crumbs and frosting on the ground so she said she attempted again to like scrape it with her hand and get the rest of it up and threw it in the trash and so she proceeded to go to class
Because the bell had rang.
And by the way, scores of witnesses all backed this up, and the school's not denying it.
Go ahead and tell us what happened next.
And she proceeds to go to class, and he called her back and said, you need to get all of it up.
And she said, I've got all of it up that I can possibly get up with my hands.
And so, she said he got a call on his walkie-talkie, I guess maybe from one of the other security guards or someone, and he started engaging in a conversation.
So she said at that point she assumed that he was satisfied with what he looked down at.
What did Jabba the Hutt do next?
He then grabbed her arm, twisted it behind her back, and she said he lifted up, raised up on it.
I don't think so.
I would imagine one time I was playing around in a pool when I was like 12 with somebody older you know we were wrestling and he cracked my arm up just playing and it really it tore it and it was excruciating for so so but but but now I mean I know as bad as that is it gets a lot worse you get arrested the fellow videotaping it got arrested his somebody watching got arrested I mean this is like a piranha feeding frenzy of arresting now oh yes absolutely well I mean tell us just in a nutshell what happened
Yes, well I mean what happened after he broke her arm?
Call me and said, you need to get up here quick.
The security guards are roughing your daughter up.
Well, they haven't.
It's thug riots.
Yes, and they wouldn't let her call me.
So the other parents that just so happened to be there, she asked my daughter, where is your telephone number?
And the lady wrote it inside of her, the palm of her hand with a pen.
So she called me.
So that's how I got down there.
And then what happened?
You got there and?
I got there and I walked in and I said, I'm pleased to meet Mervyn's mom.
Um, I understand she's been injured.
Where's my daughter?
And they all told me they didn't know where she was.
And so I'm like, what do you mean you don't know where she is?
Can you bring her to me now?
I know she's injured.
Like Sergeant Schultz.
I know nothing.
No one knew.
Everyone was saying that they didn't know where she was.
So I waited for 15 minutes.
Well, I mean, I mean, how did it end up with him charging you as, as, uh, the Satan himself?
Well, after me waiting for approximately 25 minutes for them to bring me my daughter,
They wouldn't.
So, I proceeded to go into the school.
I said, if you're not going to bring her to me, I'm going to go get her.
Because my other daughter... But you're not allowed into the lockdown prison government training center.
Not allowed into the camp, okay.
So, my other daughter told me that there was a security room in the back of the school.
So, I said, come take me there.
So I proceeded to go into the school and one of the principals extended his arms and said, no you just need to wait in the office.
They always do it and then charge you.
So what happened?
He extended his arms and said, you just need to wait in the office.
And I said, I've waited for 25 minutes.
I'm not waiting any longer.
And I brushed up against his hand and that was my battery charge.
Well, listen, usually you don't even have to touch him and you end up 10 years in federal prison or state prison.
Well, that's a false charge, false imprisonment, official oppression, kidnapping of your child.
I mean, you need to just... Listen, lawyers generally tell you to shut up and go along, but now you have Cochran's firm, so they won't do that.
But, I mean, we just had cops beat up a couple in South Carolina because they had a Ron Paul sign on an upside-down American flag.
Yeah, that's exactly what happened in this.
Now also, when we get back, please stay with us for one more segment.
I want to find out about the demonstration you had yesterday, or Friday now, and they're in front of a school of over 100 people, and I also want to get into how they arrested the camera guy.
There's just a young man there with a camera, and he's still in jail, and man, I saw the photos and the video of them taking him down.
They just, three big guys, literally like linebackers, rammed this young boy down, and
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by our government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Both their objective being world domination.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burdick is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
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That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
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Ted Anders from Midas, October 12, 2007.
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The Chinese government has begun a campaign of economic threats against the U.S., hinting liquidation of its vast holdings of U.S.
Treasuries, responding to Washington's trade sanctions, forcing the Yon revolution.
Communist Party bodies are warning that Beijing may use its 1.33 trillion reserves as a political weapon causing bond yields to spike, hammering the U.S.
housing market and throwing the economy into a recession.
Russia, Switzerland and several other countries have reduced their holdings due to this threat.
Economist Ambrose Evans Pritchard published the report, China Threatens Nuclear Option of Dollar Sales.
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Latricia Majors, her daughter, was assaulted
The witnesses are all on record.
The school isn't denying it.
Just broke her arm, and they call it a scuffle.
Oh, well, he had a little scuffle with it.
That means it's two-way.
Like, if somebody in the middle of the night, you're taking your garbage out for it to come the next morning, and somebody hits you on the back of the head with a lead pipe and splits your head open and robs you, it wasn't a scuffle.
You were mugged.
You were assaulted.
But they always use these words, this psychology.
Look, I got loaded phones.
I'm going to get to everybody.
Dean, Jeremy, Tom, Danny, Shelton.
I'm going to get to you.
We're good to go.
After the incident, they released my daughter to me.
They finally took me to her.
And I called 911.
In the process, I called 911.
So you called Satan to help you with a problem with the demon you had?
And I demanded that he be arrested.
And so they all got in a huddle and came back and said, well you know what?
If he's going to jail, you're going to jail.
But he didn't go to jail, did he?
So the God, I mean, even a security guard now is God level compared to us normal scum.
No, he didn't.
And so normal scum, that's us, pathetic slug, you know, girls break their arms, little kids tackle them, false charge them.
And so nothing happened to the God, but something happened to you.
What happened?
They arrested me for battery.
Spent the night in jail, then released me till four in the morning.
And this is because you pushed by somebody to get your daughter when you got a phone call she'd been brutalized?
See, that's why I wouldn't, and I'm not, and I know people have money to put them elsewhere, but that's why I would never put my children in a government training camp.
Because this is what they do.
The system, and I have the official federal documents, I've interviewed the number two of the Department of Education, head of policy under Reagan, and she was a conservative, her dad was Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Charlotte Isserby, and she got into the higher level meetings Reagan wasn't involved in, it was the Department of Education, and she got the actual documents out, put it in a phone book sized book.
It's all about dumbing them down, all about getting them ready for prison,
See, if they can't get you on welfare, they want to get you into the prisons or the military.
And so, it didn't matter.
It'd be better to get no education than go to public school, folks.
But, anyways, go ahead.
This has been happening for two years now.
This has been happening with them roughing up kids and then expelling them and sending them all of it.
Most of the black males that
Attended Palmdale last year and the year before.
They're in continuations.
They got expelled.
90% of black males have a record and 63% of the federal prison population and state population is even higher for drugs as black males.
How is that possible when they're only 7% of the population?
In fact, hold one minute ma'am.
Here's Ron Paul at the debates three nights ago bringing up the actual statistics.
Here it is.
I would like to believe that if we have a freer society, it will take care of blacks and whites and everybody equally, because we're all individuals.
And to me, that is so important.
But if we had equal justice under the law, I think it would be a big improvement.
If we had probably a repeal of most of the federal laws on drugs and the unfairness on how blacks are treated with these drug laws, it would be a tremendous improvement.
Congressman Paul?
A system designed to protect individual liberty will have no punishments for any group and no privileges.
Today I think inner city folks and minorities are punished unfairly in the war on drugs.
For instance, blacks make up 14% of those who use drugs.
Yet 36% of those arrested are blacks and it ends up that 63% of those who finally end up in prison are black.
This has to change.
We don't have to have more courts and more prisons.
We need to repeal the whole war on drugs.
It isn't working!
We have already spent over 400 billion dollars since the early 70s and it's a wasted money.
Prohibition didn't work.
Prohibition on drugs doesn't work.
So we need to come to our senses and absolutely it's a disease.
We don't treat alcoholics like this.
This is a disease and we should orient ourselves to this.
That is one way you can have equal justice under the law.
Thank you, Congressman.
Alright, so here's the point I'm making about all this.
There is no doubt that blacks are discriminated against.
National radio talk show hosts can take 100 heroin pills a day.
Synthetic heroin pills.
They don't get in trouble.
But a black man's caught with cocaine or marijuana on average.
They spend five years behind bars.
So again, that is wrong.
And then, if a young black man wasn't a thug, after he spends five years in the pen, he's going to be a thug.
He's going to graduate with a master's in thuggery.
In closing, what are they charging the poor young man?
It just says they tackled him and charged him with assault.
Is that accurate in the news?
But everyone saw it and it's on tape that they just tackled him and they slammed his head in the ground and three guys with shaved heads, three fat white guys, and then nothing's happening?
Nothing's happening.
They're actually holding a meeting tomorrow at the
At the highest, at the highest.
To try to pacify everybody.
Yeah, exactly.
And so the superintendent... It's called GELFI.
It's called GELFI technique, but go ahead.
So they're having a meeting, so I'm pretty sure we'll show up in big numbers for that tomorrow, too.
So, you know, a lot of these other parents can be heard.
Well, you know they just want to let your steam off.
The key is you need to sue them for false arrest, false imprisonment, false charges, conspiracy to violate your civil rights with false charges.
It's no different than in Alabama or Louisiana putting false charges on blacks trying to vote in the 50s and 60s.
I agree.
I totally agree.
And I know it's open season.
I watch it.
I mean, I can watch a black man just get out of a car and be walking down the street going around to go to a restaurant.
Cops just pull up and get up and say, let me see your papers.
And I'm not saying there aren't thugs out there at every race, but the point is that we have tripled the heroin, doubled the cocaine on our streets we had 15 years ago.
The drug war is a success.
It's meant to get everybody in prison, drive the price of drugs up and put more of them on the streets, because the big banks launder the money.
And they've been caught, by the way, hundreds of times.
Well, I'm going to pray for you, and I hope they drop the false charges on you.
If you want this all to go away, you can tell them to the lawyers.
The lawyers probably won't want to do that.
You've got a pretty good firm.
I just submitted my paperwork to the Cochran firm.
Oh, by the way, they also kicked you out of your job, too, didn't they?
Oh, yeah, they suspended me until my court date.
Because you also work in the same school district?
No, actually, it's a different school district.
That happened at, uh, Pete Knight is Union School District, and I work for Palmdale.
Now, see, if you'd have broken some little girl's arm, you could have stayed at that school.
But since you brushed past somebody, that's not allowed.
I see.
Are you on paid leave, like the guy that broke your daughter's arm?
No, not at all.
Have you seen the footage of Indiana, the cop, the marshal of the town, punching the city councilman in the back for no reason, then knocking the door open with his head, and then beating him when he's unconscious and sending him to the hospital?
Oh, God.
And the news called it a fight!
Oh, my goodness.
Yeah, so I guess those poor folks in concentration camps getting mowed down, they were in a fight.
No, they were being murdered.
Well, we're going to pray for you, Ms.
Majors, and want to stay in contact with you as this develops, okay?
Maybe I'll have you on the show tomorrow and we'll give the number out to the school.
Alright, I'm going to put you on hold and let Trey talk to you.
God bless you.
I'm going to come back, I promise.
I will go right to your call.
Stay with me.
Are terrorist cells or prime terror targets located near you?
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I think so.
Thank you.
It's a fact.
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He's Alex Jones.
Coming up, the final segment, I'm going to cover some economic news and how the media keeps reporting that global warming is man-made and we've got to have global taxes to save us.
When 9,000 years ago, we were 10 degrees a year, on average, hotter.
I scored samples.
And hotter weather is better for things.
But, oh, don't worry, we've got a bunch of new taxes and new bureaucrats to run your life.
I'm going to cover that coming up.
Right now, let's blast through your calls here.
Let's go ahead and go to line 5 first and talk to Tom in Kentucky.
Tom, you're on the air.
Hey Alex?
Yes sir, go ahead.
Hey, I just wanted to report some suspicious activity I felt.
My family, they have a pharmacy in rural Kentucky and this past Friday afternoon there was a shipment of anthrax
Vaccinations delivered by someone from the state.
Yeah, they're making the troops take the experimental shot that they admit killed so many people before and now they're bringing it back.
And I would imagine that you're near Fort Campbell or something and they're being delivered there?
Yes, it's in that part of the state.
That's just the troops.
They're running a bio test on them.
I mean, I got a fellow who works, well,
Just getting off into other issues.
I've talked to medics and people.
I was talking to one guy in Rick Perry's office.
He was a medic in the Army 10 years ago.
Guys were shipped in.
They were told give them all six of them shots.
All six of them dropped dead after they gave them to them.
It was just a bioweapons test.
That's just how it works.
Well, and I wanted to ask real quick, too, if I can just have another question.
That area that we're close to is, there's a UNESCO biosphere.
Yep, you've got the Mammoth Cave United Nations Zone there.
Well, we've got Land Between the Lakes, too.
That's right, they've got both of them.
I just wondered if, like, with everything happening as fast as it is, like, what kind of perspective you have?
Well, Bush signed us back on under UNESCO to run the Commerce Department, Labor Department, all the major federal agencies under treaty.
That's a treaty bundle.
And the continental government's under U.N.
control now, and 20-plus percent of our ground force is illegally and legalized.
And the Associated Press reports they're starting to hire foreigners as our police, so we're in deep trouble, sir.
But yeah, that shipment, you need to go to the base, though.
I don't know why your pharmacy got it.
Pretty weird, but that's, you know, you can go research.
BioPort's the name of the company with Admiral Crowe running it up in Michigan.
And in the mid-90s, they gave it to a bunch of people.
A bunch of them got sick and died, so they discontinued it.
They found the plant was all, quote, contaminated.
And they're just taking those shots again, everybody's forgotten.
Gotta make that money, jabbing them right back in there.
Alrighty then, your government loves you.
Don't worry though, the doctors say it's good for you, so don't mind the fact you're gonna probably die or have an autoimmune disease or get accelerated cancer.
Don't listen to me, I'm just an idiot.
Government loves you, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dan in College Station, here on the air from Texas.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Hey, uh, yeah, I just wanted to make a comment about terrorism in general and that, uh,
You know, most of the people that end up dying of terrorist acts are just common people that don't really have any power in society anyways.
And I think that that's something that needs to be kind of pushed more.
That if, you know, terrorists are so smart to threat our nation's defenses, that it seems like they would pick their targets more carefully.
And I'm not endorsing terrorism.
Well, more people have died from purely government-sponsored, black-op, false-flag, staged terror, because it's been bigger events.
But overall, about 80% of terrorism is real, but it's normally asymmetrical, low-intensity, four or five deaths, and I've seen these different numbers, different statistics, but, you know, a woman stabbing people, a bomb, somebody shooting some people, a discotheque bomb, some of that's real, and that's the lion's share of terrorism.
The big spectaculars, the OKCs, the 9-11s,
The 7-7's, those are always black ops.
USS Liberty, black ops.
The Idi Amin deal, declassified now.
The Israelis staged that with him.
Israel admits that.
I'm kind of talking to the group of the population that might listen to your show that really has doubts about terrorism in general.
And just to think, in terms of being able, terrorism is defined as being able to basically change a population or a government's opinions through violence.
Yes, and so the way our government uses terrorism, by definition, is terrorism.
Right, but you say government uses, and I think there's a lot of people that still wrestle with that issue.
And if they really need to sit down and think about who are the victims of terrorism, what that does to our... Okay, well, our government took 42% of Native American women, their own numbers, and sterilized them in a five-year period in the mid-1970s.
Our government openly has been caught running biowarfare operations all over the planet and killing New Yorkers on New York subways in 1968.
Our government paid Israel 100... well, they paid them equivalent to $3 billion in their
Their currency, in the shekels and the lira, to radiate 110,000 Jewish children.
That's declassified public on Israeli television.
So, I mean, the people running, it isn't our government, it's global corporations, bought and controlled the government, they raised the taxes, took the federal investments and state investments, invested it with the corporations to make even more power on a double set of books.
And, uh, they are liquidating the country.
We're already in the North American Union.
But the general public can't find Iraq on a map, but they want to have war.
I mean, I'm telling you, what I'm saying is not my opinion.
No, I'm just saying... No, I'm just warning the public, folks, that this stuff's serious.
Right, sure.
I just... I think that the people that listen to your show that, you know, may be asking questions, I just think it's really important for them to understand the psychological effect
The terrorist attacks that have happened in this country have had on all of our psyches.
Exactly, and we're told, give up liberty, you get security.
A, you give up liberty, you don't get security, you get despotism and tyranny.
And history shows that.
But B, New York just said illegal aliens don't have to have driver's license or if they want them, they'll just give it to them.
But then the citizens are at checkpoints and have to have them or they're arrested.
Illegal aliens don't have to have driver's license to have bank accounts or house loans.
That's AP.
But we do.
It has nothing to do with terrorism!
It has everything to do with them about to shut the economy down and suck the dollar dry, like I've been telling you for five years at least.
Everything I've warned you about is coming to fruition, boys and girls.
You wait till the middle of next year.
They have inflated the currency down to nothing.
You're not even feeling it yet.
And when it happens, I just want you to know who did it to you.
By the time they're done with it, you'll be saying, I did it, I know that.
But if you just once want to be able to beat these people, you'll grow up
Learn about the New World Order.
Learn about the geopolitical system.
Learn about mercantilism.
Learn what serfdom is.
Here, here's a few words.
Go look them up.
Find out, okay?
You'll learn the system you're under.
Alright, who's up next now?
Let's go ahead and take another call from Kentucky.
Jeremy, you're on the ear.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Hey, I called last week.
I'm the soldier that's at Fort Campbell.
They have been vaccinating a lot of people with anthrax lately.
I don't know if that... How many... Yeah, well, I mean, you can Google.
Did you hear about the mid and late 90s, all the people that died from it?
Yeah, yes, sir, I did.
Well, and then, that's all I can say is I wouldn't take that.
Oh, well, now it's not mandatory.
It was, and then it went off, and now you can take it voluntarily.
Yeah, but it's from, it's still the same supplies.
I wouldn't take it.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
I wouldn't take it.
What else is on your mind?
I wanted to tell you something last week, but I kind of got sidetracked.
I have found on the internet where
There was a martial law practice day or week on the 22nd of September 2008.
Yeah, that's true.
I mean, I've got all these videos from North Carolina to Texas where they got cops training to put us in camps and take our guns.
I've gone and videotaped it.
I mean, I've gone and videotaped the Marines in 99 training.
That's how I knew.
They said, we're going to be hit by terrorists in America.
We're going to put people in camps.
I mean, that's how I knew and said, watch out, folks.
They're going to stage an event.
Yeah, this was on the internet and then I looked it up again today to call on your show and now it's changed.
The date's like the 13th and it says 2007.
So I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
I just know the date used to say 22nd September 2008.
Well, they're having martial law drills all the time.
I mean, it actually says martial law in the John Warner defense authorization funding package that they're just about to reauthorize again, but this time legalize illegal aliens in that package.
I appreciate your call.
When are you shipping out to Iraq?
Uh, it's pretty soon.
Could I have time for one more comment?
Real fast.
Um, I was trying to tell people around the military community it's very, very hard to wake them up.
But something I actually use and it's working pretty well is that if the terrorists really wanted to hit us here in America with nuclear bombs, wouldn't it be a lot easier for Iran to hit the soldiers in Iraq?
And that's it, sir.
Well, when the globalists nuke us, Jim, they better grow up.
I appreciate it.
Because it isn't going to be Al-Qaeda, Al-Syedah.
They better wake up and realize that.
Our lives mean nothing to the New World Order.
They're killing America!
We'll be right back!
The War on Terrorism.
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Soon it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the REAL ID Act.
We're good to go.
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Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked into the Alex Jones Show!
During that short break, I just saw some of the most horrible footage I've ever seen on television.
You know, I'm not a big cry when animals get killed.
I'm a hunter.
But I really don't think people should hunt whales.
Their brains are much bigger than ours.
Same thing with elephants.
They're really advanced, high-level animals.
And their social networks are just as complex as ours.
I just saw a pack of killer whales, wolves of the sea, killing a gray whale's calf.
And it's huge.
It's as big as they are.
And the mother is racing with it for hours.
You know, it's like cutting back and forth to it.
And you might put whatever that is on hold, because I'm getting a feed here in my ear.
Okay, I'll drop them.
But going back to the story here.
I was just watching this, and here's the mother after the calf is exhausted.
She's trying to hold it up on top of her because the killers are grounding it.
They're grabbing it, pushing it under, biting it, and then of course right now they're killing it, right?
I wasn't able to watch it all.
It was dead, yeah.
But see, that's the way the world works.
The world's hardcore.
It's serious.
It's cutthroat.
Humans are a lot more cutthroat than that.
And we try to get into communities and have societies where we guard our liberty so that can't happen.
The Norman society is tougher humans, wickeder humans, get on top and they do that to people.
We feed on our own kind.
And we've just become these weak, decadent, pathetic people who don't know how the world works, don't know how things operate, who have no idea
What's going on anywhere?
And... It just comes down to that.
You better grow up, America, and the rest of the planet.
You better find out how hardcore serious the people running this planet are.
You better find out what they're setting up.
I mean, when the Houston Chronicle reports they built FEMA camps for the American people,
The whole dissidence, and they fund martial law, and they're openly talking about it.
We got them talking about World War III.
They're going to start World War III, and then our own criminal government is going to stage terror attacks here.
That's a very good possibility.
To get total control!
And if you won't stand in their way, and you won't at least speak up against it, and get in the fight now, and at least talk to your neighbors, it's over!
And it just takes you standing up and saying, no, we're not the Stasi, this is not Russia.
Now, we're out of time.
I know we got loaded phone lines here.
And I promise Josh and Jim and Danny and Shelton, I may get to one or two of you in the last few minutes.
We'll see.
But if not, I'll get to you next Sunday.
I'll be on the air, of course, tomorrow, my weekday show.
I did it syndicated, but I always love coming in here on Sundays.
But I want to talk about the economy for a few minutes.
The entire country is seeing a massive real estate slide.
Housing prices are down over 20% in the last six months alone, on average nationwide.
And we have the Federal Reserve Chairman, the former chairman, we have Paulson, the head of the Treasury, we have all the foreign heads of the Bank of England, the Exchequer in England, the German head, the French head, the Japanese head, we have Venezuela, two weeks ago dumped the dollar, the Saudis started dumping the dollar, and they've got almost a trillion, eight hundred plus billion in U.S.
And when they cut the interest rate, the dollar slid even further.
Just a few years ago, the looning was at 65% in Canada.
It's been at a low of 63% against the dollar.
It's now 2 cents above the dollar.
Okay, the dollar's lost against the Euro since 2000, 62.5%.
And if trends continue, it'll lose 2 more cents next week.
Now, that's only a portion of the real value that's lost.
They decided to inflate the currency in the last 7 years.
They'd already inflated it, but they inflated it down to nothing.
There's less than 1 cent
In circulation for the amount of debt and zeros and ones that are on ballot sheets.
You understand?
For the so-called money out there, there's less than one cent per dollar of actual physical currency.
And then that's debt notes they can devalue overnight, and they are.
I've been telling you about this for 15 years.
Well, I got on air 13 years ago, but I was aware of this when I was going around giving speeches around Austin and guest hosting on local shows.
I've been intensely talking about it every show now for the last two years.
And it's now happened.
Now, there's a place you can get a free report that Dr. Jerome Corsi put together, and people were talking about him earlier.
Life for World Day, Late Human Events.
He's a prominent conservative and has a degree in economics.
Also political science.
And you can get a free report.
But I thought I'd bring Ted Anderson up, because Ted has been in gold and silver trading.
He's a good friend of mine.
He also owns the Genesis Network I'm on.
He also owns a gold trading company.
And that's where I get my gold, because it's the lowest price I've found for the value.
And Ted has been watching this, well, he's been doing this for, I don't know how many years.
Ted, how many years have you been a gold and silver trader?
Since 1980, Alex.
I guess it's coming on 27 years now.
I know, talking to you privately, you're scared, I'm scared, and we're positioned properly.
We got laughed at in 2000 when gold was $300 an ounce, saying get into it.
But you've got gold right now, and I just wanted to offer people the free newsletter from Jerome Corsi, or tell them to call you, because you've got it at spot, or right at spot from last week's prices, and it's gone up another $5.
What did it close at Friday?
$7.45 or something?
Yeah, gold closed at $744.60 and it was up $10.60.
But you've got it at pre-those prices with Numismatic.
You'll never hear me, folks on air here, pitching gold.
You're insane if you don't get into it now.
I just bought some more Friday.
Ted, you've been in this for, I guess, 27 years.
This is Armageddon, what we're witnessing.
Well, Alex, I can tell you right now, I've been around it.
I watched the market go crazy in 1980 when Jimmy Carter was in office.
I've never seen anything like we have right now.
I've never seen countries trying to get away from the dollar like the dollar is dropping right now.
To have every single country in the world moving away from it, losing world status, the US dollar is losing world status.
It's never had the competition before of the euro.
It is an amazing time.
I can tell you right now that Japan, China, the Middle Eastern countries, all of them, all of Germany, I mean, just name it.
They all want to get away from the dollar.
And the incredible thing is, the neocons clan, they want to have a war with Iran to balance that, but that's really a fraud.
It's our very fellow reserve doing everything they can and bad-mouthing the dollar.
They're openly killing the country, as the Trilateral Commission publicly said they would.
Yeah, well that's the thing.
I mean, we've been deficit spending for so long that we rely on foreigners to invest in our economy to make it work.
And now the foreigners are trying to get out.
At the same time, we have to take on that debt here.
The Federal Reserve System, through the Open Market Committee, is just dumping money into the system.
And it's crazy.
Well, I wanted to give the Sunday audience that may not have heard you on the time you've been on with me, Ted, a chance.
You've got brokers there tonight for the free Dr. Corsi report.
They can also get a red book at cost for you that is the yearly official book put out about what coins are worth so you know the deals you're getting from Ted.
But Ted has British Sovereigns at melt.
I just bought some of these from him Friday at the price of what?
This is a price from a week and a half ago, Ted?
Yeah 195 actually it's quarter ounce coins so if you do the math it's just a hair above spot but when you're buying small coins you really never can get it exactly.
And there's always a premium above those.
Folks you're getting precious numismatic that means collector coins at
Almost bullion prices.
Bullion's costing more.
I got friends trying to buy gold locally in Austin.
They're all sold out.
Ted's having trouble getting it in.
He's got it in right now.
If you give his broker a call, no huss, no fassel, they'll send you the free report.
They'll take your order for these British Sovereigns.
You cannot beat this deal.
I just bought a couple of these Friday.
And every week you should, folks, or you're nuts.
It just goes up and up and up.
I bought one when it was $300.
I'm buying one at $744.
Again, 800-686-2237.
At least call and get the free report, folks.
Yeah, I think right now at this time, if you don't pay attention to what's going on in this market, you're really going to lose out.
I mean, your portfolios are in sheer danger, there's no question about it.
Your real estate that you own, even your home.
I mean, there's going to be people that can't afford to even sell their house because of the money that they have to come up with just to get out of it.
I remember these yuppies around here laughing at me in 2000 when I said, buy gold.
They just swagger and giggle.
They don't even understand fiat currency.
They don't understand M3 money supplies.
I mean, they haven't interviewed three or four Nobel Prize winners on economics like I have.
I mean, you know I live studying this, Ted.
So do you.
And to have yuppies snicker and laugh at me makes me mad when I'm trying to help them.
Well, you know, I was listening to Ron Paul stuff from about 1985 and he was talking about the very same thing.
It's like people didn't wake up then.
A lot of people are waking up now, but there's still a lot of people holding on.
It's almost like there's a good guy, bad guy thing here.
If you think that the United States economy is falling apart, you're not patriotic.
Well, that's just... nothing's further than the truth.
The people running our country are running us on the rocks on purpose!
Yeah, that's right.
They're taking advantage of us, and there's no question about it that we need to change the system.
Well, just like that baby whale, those killer whales I just saw get torn apart on the animal planet.
I mean, we are just naive and in a shark tank, and I guess we're not going to be naive much longer, because all you yuppies that have been laughing, I'm your friend, man.
I tried to warn you about the New World Order.
At least position yourself now, folks.
I mean, top economists are saying $3,000 an ounce gold.
I don't think it's going up that high, but it's probably going to go up more.
Ted, conservatively, how much is this going to go up?
Yeah, thanks Alex.
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