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Air Date: Sept. 30, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Thank you so much for joining me for this live Sunday edition, the 30th day of September 2007.
We'll be here for the next two hours.
We're going to have wide open phones and we also have a victim of a corrupt
Stasi slash Nazi type system joining us coming up in the second hour on this Sunday edition.
Here are the stacks of news I have in front of me.
I have a police state stack I want to go through from Burma.
To, of course, what's happening in Canada and in the United States.
So we'll go from Asia to North America, looking at the New World Order's operations at enslaving and dehumanizing the population of the planet under corporate rule, which, again, is not free market.
I want to make that key point.
They are for big government.
They are for fascist and socialist and communist states, because then they only have one dictatorship to work with, not the people.
So that's coming up.
Also, attack on Iran said to be imminent.
The shot of the neocon-controlled New York sun.
We also have the father, the living father, of the neocons.
Bill Kristol's dad's dead now.
The top Trotskyite communist fourth international head when they decided to take over the Republican Party in the 60s and successfully have done so.
By the way, that's not me saying that.
They write books about it.
We're actually run by former commissariats now.
If you don't know what commissariat is, folks, you better find out real fast, okay?
And, uh, again, neocon godfather Norman Podhurst tells Bush, bomb Iran now.
Top U.S.
aid in front of six M.P.s, Sunday telegraph here.
Out of Britain, top Bush aid tells members of Parliament, I hate all Iranians.
Congressman, State Department official, threatens U.S.
Congressional investigators, a bunch of investigators have been fragged and capped over there, over allegations of Blackwater selling weapons to Al-Qaeda, I mean, Al-Qaeda, and involved in all forms of corruption as you can basically imagine.
That's what the reports are coming out of Baghdad.
I think they're innocent and mercenaries are good people.
And at the same time, we'll get into
Alabama is setting up its nuclear fallout shelters saying get ready for Al-Qaeda to strike.
It's just get ready.
We're all in just absolutely horrible straits right now.
We don't give up all of our liberties and all of our freedoms and submit to an end to our borders and submit to the death of the dollar.
And submit to having no Bill of Rights or Constitution.
Basically, men in turbans are going to come into our bedrooms at night and literally eat our intestines.
Just chain us down and suck our guts out, cut our children's heads off, and run around spilling their blood all over the walls.
If you don't submit totally, get rid of all freedom, and bomb and attack everyone, and destroy America, of course, with the New World Order, then the Arabs will come suck your blood.
So basically, that is coming up as well today.
And there's a whole other group of news I have here where everybody from the Pope to Schwarzenegger to the NFL is saying man-made global warming is real, we've got to have a world tax and world regulation.
They're openly talking about if you have a 3,000 square foot home they're going to tax the daylights out of you.
Hundreds of new taxes are being proposed.
States are actually passing them.
And they have all these little psychological rituals or drills
Like this one out of the L.A.
County calling for lights out hour.
Again, first they train you to do it and voluntarily and then you must do it.
And again, it's not about saving energy.
It's about training you to pay a lot higher prices through artificial scarcity.
And we'll talk about Hillary's socialized health care plan.
You'll have to go to the doctor each year.
You'll be under their control.
And this is what the eugenicists said they always needed in their endgame plan was to force you into their systems.
By the way, I heard a national talk show host earlier today.
I'm not going to say any names.
When I was getting ready for the show, saying that there is no mercury in vaccines.
I think I'm going to issue a challenge, a $10,000 bet with that talk show host.
In fact, I think I'm going to write an article this week to bet me that there is the Marisol in most vaccines and that it has been quadrupled.
Now, it's actually the average vaccines have the mercury increased five times.
But I've debated these types before, these establishment types, who will just tell you mercury is good for your brain, at the same time tell you that mercury isn't in the vaccines.
And when you actually throw the gauntlet down, they back off every time.
And I'm not joking around.
I mean, I actually read hundreds of news articles a day.
They never took the mercury out of the vaccines.
They told the public five years ago they did.
And then just a month ago, Bush vetoed a bill out of Congress that would have banned the mercury in the vaccines.
But you get upset about it, so they just tell you the mercury's out.
AP actually reported, though, that instead of them taking it out, they upgraded it by five times on average for some reason.
It just blows my mind sometimes, the type of things that I hear.
By the way, just don't believe me.
Next time you're at the doctor, who's a good person, they just do whatever they're told.
They don't ask questions.
They do whatever the AMA, run by the drug company, says.
And just say, okay, you're about to give my child the triple jab, MMR shot, and others.
Let me just see the ampule.
Let me just see the container.
Let me just read the ingredients list that comes with the drug.
A little cardboard box that the glass or plastic container comes in.
There will be a chart with the molecule structures of what's in it, of exactly what the ingredients are.
You will read thimerosal and you will understand the truth when you hear liars on air saying, and maybe they're just ignorant, maybe they read news five years ago saying it was out.
I've talked to so many parents who'll be at the doctor and the nurse will say, there's no bacteria in here!
And they'll say, well, let me see the bottle.
And they'll go, oh, it's just the Mirosol.
It's the law!
There is no law, you have to take these shots.
But under Hillary's system, don't believe me!
I mean, if you want to find out what a fraud all this is, even if you're four vaccinations and you trust big government and the New World Order.
Or you say it doesn't exist, and government's only good, and everything's fine, and the dollar's worth, you know, more than the pound right now, and everything's hunky-dory.
Just... Fine.
Just, just, just call the local health department and say, is there a law about y'all let's take vaccines?
They'll say no.
But, you have to get a waiver for them to attend public school, and that's a policy, not a law.
That's not even demanded, but again, they train you to do something that, quote, is voluntary, and then they try to, by custom, make it the law because they've got goons who've got IQs below room temperature who'll do whatever they're told.
Now, that said,
This happened a month and a half ago when they had the North American Union meeting, and this time Bush didn't make the North American Union third year summit secret.
They actually released it, and it said America is under the United Nations during attacks and during emergencies.
And that was even picked up by mainstream newspapers.
First, he took Continuity of Government away from Congress, which he couldn't do, but he did it.
Just like Hitler couldn't announce himself above the Presidency and the Chancellery, but he did it.
Or Caesar couldn't say he was above the Senate, but he did it.
Or Fidel Castro couldn't announce himself dictator, but he did it.
Or Mao Zedong couldn't announce himself dictator, but he did it.
And, you know, the President of Iraq, who's a big neocon, says, leave Blackwater, and they say no.
No, because they're not running the country over there.
So, it's the same thing here.
Up in Canada, the heads of major unions and others noticed that it was police dressed up like anarchists, hitting cops and other cops with rocks, and staging events as a pretext to attack the peaceful protesters.
First, they said, you know, no permits issued.
See, in Burma, if you come out and protest, they just machine gun you.
They don't talk about free speech zones.
But to phase slavery in here, they call it a free speech zone.
And then they send cops out.
poses you, then they charge you with assaulting officers and you spend 20 years in prison.
We have video of this.
Play the audio.
I want to go through cops running murder for hire, ops in Chicago.
This is AP.
I want to just talk about the real world for all the childlike adults out there who still think they're in Kansas.
PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv are just three of the websites.
Stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones.
All right, the war drums to attack Iran come hell or high water are intensifying.
I've got a huge stack of police state news.
This is only the very skimming of the surface.
I literally have piles of it every day.
I've got the feudalism they want to set up to micromanage and control our everyday life using phony environmentalism and socialized health care.
Got that here in the stack.
I know we got loaded phone lines.
Chad, New Jersey.
Danny in Tennessee.
Tom in Kentucky.
Dan in College Station here in Texas.
Mario in New York.
Josh in San Diego.
We're going to get to you here in the next segment after the news.
And many, many others.
But let me go ahead and get into the police state or I'll never be able to cover it.
Images of Burma.
It's got a new name since the dictators took over a year ago.
I'm not going to go by their new name.
It's Burma.
It's been that for thousands of years.
Very peaceful Buddhist monks are being attacked, being shut down, having their lands taken, their farms that they've owned for thousands of years.
They're just literally raping the population and I've got a stack of news here today where U.S.
companies, international companies, Chinese companies, Japanese companies are moving in and backing the junta, the junta, the coup that is again stealing the ancestral lands of different populations of people so they can drill oil wells on it.
Now they could pay for it, they could even do
You know, the domain and grab it, but still have to give just compensation.
They're not.
And so, the foreign reports are, and they've cut off all the TV and radio and internet, everything coming out of there is shut down, but before it stopped coming out last Wednesday, it was already up to more than 15 dead monks and hundreds of truckloads of them being grabbed and taken to torture camps.
Mass roundups, and the general population being attacked, and the dictatorship says no protest allowed.
Now, they of course let pro-government groups demonstrate.
And I wanted to point out that that's now happening here in the US.
In the last seven years, Clinton even started this before Bush got in.
I remember Free Republic folks getting arrested for demonstrating without permits on the sidewalks, but pro-Clinton people could stand outside the hotel, and I made a big deal out of it.
Now the Freepers, of course, all support
Because Bush does it, when Hillary gets in they won't like it, but it'll be too late.
Actually, she's pro-war.
They actually support her most of the time now.
So it's pretty sick to see the Republic dying this way.
But there's a few photos, a little bit of video of a couple of them being shot, and the troops just walk up and just shoot them.
And I've actually heard neocons on air kind of defending it.
So this is the new idea that, hey, let's go ahead and just kill people.
Coming up at the start of the next hour, after we take some calls, we have a mother coming on the show.
Out in Southern California, her teenage daughter in high school, 16 years old, and she doesn't have a record.
She's a good girl at the school.
There was a birthday party and some cake dropped, and the security guard looks like a giant
You can go look at video of him on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
He walks over and says, pick it up.
She scrubs it up.
She does.
He says, pick it up more.
She picks it up.
She walks away.
And he tackles her.
And this is even what the school's now saying.
And takes her over and then breaks her arm.
I mean, you could see it.
He pushed her arm all the way back to her head.
I mean, this would, I'm surprised it didn't rip her arm completely out of the socket, but it just broke her wrist and sprained her shoulder.
But he broke her bone, and the hands all completely, and he's got a look of extreme pleasure on his face while he's doing it.
And, uh, but the story is that then another, uh, student, young man, child, depending on how you look at it, was videotaping it with his camera phone, which they're allowed to have phones at that school.
I looked at their policies on their website.
And it admits, they admit that they then tackled him and they slammed his head in the ground, twisted his arm behind his back, three of them were on him, screaming at him, video, looks of hatred on their faces.
And then he gave the video to lawyers, and then they went ahead two days later and charged him with assaulting them.
Now see, that's a big crime.
Cops call it lia-fying.
Or test-a-lying.
And the general public used to think that
Cops always told the truth on the stand, but you actually talk to cops and they'll tell you, oh no, we lie all the time, we're told to lie, and we call it test-a-lying.
And I literally today just googled police perjury and found five stories just today on it.
There's hundreds every month.
This is where they get caught doing it, and framing people.
Remember the Houston Crime Lab?
I'm just giving you some background.
These are facts here.
When the police chief had to step down two years ago, that they had framed more than 4,000 people.
Just, if you were charged, they framed you.
They didn't do testing, they just said, whatever, okay, you're guilty, yeah, we found your hair at the scene.
That's why more than a third of those on death row on average in the U.S., it's even worse in Texas, are not guilty.
And the Founding Fathers said it best that ten guilty men go free, that one innocent man, you know, be locked up or be executed.
I actually hear neocons on talk radio, the literal progeny of Trotskyites, saying, no, no, this is good.
Kill innocent people.
Kill them.
It's better that innocent die than bad people go free.
So, again, everything America used to be, it's the opposite.
It's the opposite.
Then the mother went down, and she's coming on, yelled at them, and they report that she didn't touch them.
And they said, listen, if you try to press charges on the security guards, we're going to arrest you for assault.
And they said, get up against the wall or put you in cuffs.
Now, just in the last two weeks, a bunch of videos have come out of cops.
And we could play them.
I played them Thursday and Friday on my weekday show.
I don't have time today.
But they're up on PrisonPlanet.com in these stories.
If you want to go, it's all right there.
It's in the story about the girl getting her arm broke and the people being arrested who saw it.
We've got, you know, that video.
We have these other videos posted.
And the cop pulls the guy over and he says, what are you doing?
You know, where are you going?
He goes, I don't have to answer your questions, officer.
You know, Fifth Amendment.
And he goes, all right, get out.
I'm going to go ahead and frame you for assaulting me.
I'm going to go ahead and frame you now.
You're going to go into prison for many years.
I'm going to frame you now.
He says, I'm going to frame you now.
And he goes ahead and, you know, does the whole deal and frames him, but didn't know there was a hidden camera in the car.
And then that cop got fired and so now the cops go on the city website message board and say we're going to kill this nineteen-year-old and they get in trouble.
Now the guy walks out and there's cops in front of his house staring at him.
I mean it's mental illness.
See here's a power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely like the Rangoon slash Burmese Army.
You know just machine gunning everybody.
See, this is Daily Southtown.
It's also in the AP.
Chicago cop ordered hit on fellow officer.
The Chicago Police Department is rocked by a fresh scandal today as it emerged that a disgraced former Special Operations Section officer... See, it's not the beat cops, folks.
It's the higher-ups.
Jerome Finnegan.
Again, power corrupts.
Absolute power corrupts.
The higher you go, the more corruption.
That's just history.
They used to teach that in criminology.
They don't now.
Just like they don't publish the numbers of people killed by cops each year now.
They keep all those numbers.
Or the number of kids killed by vaccines.
They keep that secret.
Jerome Finnegan faces federal charges for allegedly ordering a hit on a former officer.
He went and hired a hitman.
The hitman got scared, basically, and went and got the FBI.
He didn't want to kill a cop.
And went and recorded him saying, here's the money to kill him, and here's his picture, and I want you to kill this other cop too.
I mean, this is wild.
But it says he's only facing 10 years in jail and a quarter million dollar fine.
Scratch your nose in front of a cop, you get 10 years now.
So, I want to finish walking through this and play this clip out of Quebec.
Well, it's out of Montebello right there on the border.
Let me get back.
Again, I'm Alex Jones.
This is a syndicated transmission coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas.
Your calls, a ton of news straight ahead as we chart the criminal activities of the New World Order.
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
I love fighting tyranny.
And if you don't think warrantless wiretaps and police wearing black ski masks and armored vehicles and hover drones flying over our cities isn't police state.
If you don't think free speech zones isn't police state.
If you don't think barbed wire fences around schools isn't police state.
Then you don't know what a police state is.
They're trying to bring one in.
They're not going to be successful.
And they incrementally condition us and brainwash us for the reasons this is happening.
The average cop that's part of this, the average security guard, thinks it's okay and doesn't see how they've been incrementally twisted and brought over to the dark side.
I remember being at events here in Austin when the APD, Austin Police Department, I video this, had Austin cops, giant guys like 6'5", 6'4", huge arms, dressed up like anarchists, shoving people, starting fights.
This is when the Fortune 500 came here in the late 90s.
And I said, come on, cops, stop it!
And they ran across the street and like 50 cops ran across, said, back off, Jones.
They inserted two more big cops, dressed up like anarchists, starting fights.
So you're going to hear this little newscast.
I wanted to analyze this for the propaganda that's in it.
Quebec police admit going undercover at Montebello protest.
Now you'd think, and this is during the North American Union meeting, and they said, no demonstrations allowed.
That was in the news.
Again, just like it's Burma.
Just like, this is not freedom in Canada or here.
Even though federal courts then tried to block the state and federal police from saying there was a ban.
Okay, so the court said they could, because this is the right of any freeman, free person, going back to the Magna Carta in 1215.
And that's what Canada's under.
The same thing that our Bill of Rights and Constitution grew out of.
But you'd think this is a positive piece, but it's really not.
I mean, the full videos on YouTube, that's what they're showing.
There's multiple angles.
I've interviewed the people that were there.
The cops were hitting people, pushing people, starting fights.
And all of a sudden, the union heads run over and a medical doctor runs over.
These are full-grown adults in suits.
And they go, hey, you're cops, man.
Look at you.
Stop provocateuring.
That's when the media cuts in.
And everybody noticed they had the same boots as the cops.
Then they were hitting cops with giant rocks.
But they would come up and do a hand signal, and then the cop would bend his head down, and then they would hit him on the head with a rock, and then the cops would then open fire with rubber bullets on peaceful people.
You see, they got a stage.
The cop comes up, kneels down, another cop hits him on the head with a rock, to then viciously assault the peaceful people.
And they did that in Seattle.
They hired 50 thugs, led by Delta Force.
That letter came out in the Seattle papers.
The Delta Force leading these people.
I mean, that's in the U.S.
They use special op troops to lead these people.
Then they show cops all over the country.
Look, the rioters.
See, you've got to get the federal black stormtrooper outfits and the riot gear and learn how to take people to buses and overflow centers like the old airport in Austin or Pier 57 in New York.
Let's go ahead and play part of this clip.
Here it is.
Stunning video posted on the internet for all to see, and it came with a charge that police masqueraded as protesters at this week's Montebello Summit to incite violence.
Tonight, an equally stunning admission from Quebec's provincial police.
Susan Bonner reports.
Three Quebec provincial police officers, identities masked, one carrying a huge rock.
No, they were hitting people!
Now, right there.
They were punching other protesters in the back, shoving and cussing and yelling.
Now, I saw Austin Cops do it, and I got video of it!
Now, that is an incredible crime!
You've got thousands of people.
There was about 500 here in Austin, but thousands there.
They just want to say no to the New World Order.
They just want their freedom.
That most of them were about 50 years of age in suits.
People out there with children.
And I've seen it from there.
I've seen it in Oregon.
I've seen it all over.
At least in Austin, they didn't go that far because we caught them.
And I have seen them walk right up to a baby in a carriage and spray it.
This is on the web.
Just type police pepper spray baby.
And there's a couple instances, but there's one in Genoa, but another in Oregon.
And they walk right over to the baby in the crib and spray it and laugh.
The mother cries.
The baby's about to die.
It's like a six-month-old baby.
All this snot's coming out of her.
And the cop just screams, you shouldn't bring a baby!
And they just...
It's just demon evil, folks.
Demon evil.
So at the point you just heard that cut, they're shoving people, they're hitting people, they're staging hitting cops with rocks for the media.
See, they're going boom, boom, so they can show that later.
And they did later attack people, by the way.
And of course, they don't add that in the newscast.
I mean, let me tell you something.
That's like Burma, but they're slicker here.
In Burma, they just walk up and shoot the monks.
Not here in America or Canada or Genoa or Germany.
Not in Italy or Germany or here.
It's the same stuff.
You see it everywhere.
And I frankly have had enough of it.
You're committing serious crimes.
Oh, by the way, they called us conspiracy theorists for two weeks when this first broke and then later...
Because people down the street tracked the cops when they staged their arrest and documented their little faces.
It came out they were identified as police.
Then you had to admit it.
You see, you don't like our cameras, do you?
You can't do your dirty terrorism anymore!
We're gonna expose all of it!
You're not gonna kill us and blow up our buildings anymore either!
Now play the rest of it!
The chip off came from a union leader who noticed riot police standing by despite the obvious weapon.
He accused the men of being undercover cops trying to provoke a riot and end the protest.
The men were removed but never charged.
After two days of questions, the Sûreté du Québec issued a news release late today confirming, yes, the men are police officers, but denying they were agents provocateurs, claiming they were sent in to identify and stop trouble.
They say the police refused to throw stones, committed no crime, and were there to maintain order and security.
There's a serious issue about proper police conduct here.
Criminal lawyer Lawrence Greenspan has defended protesters for decades.
He says it's time for politicians to act.
I think the people that represent us in the legislature should be looking at some form of legislation that says
Wait a second.
This is not a proper use of police resources and we should be setting guidelines.
Activists have argued for years that police try to thwart their legal right to protest by trying to incite... You can watch the rest of that on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
The point here is, look, 99% of cops are not involved in this.
I want to make that clear.
They're out changing tires and going to families, beating each other, and drunk drivers, and it's a tough job, okay?
But when you get up to detectives and intelligence units and all of this, that's all they are.
I mean, I've seen it all over the country.
I've been in Canada.
I've experienced it.
I'm so sick of cops walking up to me when I'm in Canada or England covering some elite meeting and they go, let's start killing people.
And I go, oh!
And then I go, and then ten minutes later I see them get back in their car and it's an unmarked cop car and I'm going, oh, you think we're so dumb you pull up with cop plates?
We're not the ones that want to kill people.
We're not the ones blowing up buildings.
We're not the ones provocateuring.
Let me tell you something.
In some cases it's so sophisticated that big foundations fund jets landing with hundreds of trained anarchists, and they're trained literally at military training camps.
I even have newscasts of this out of Washington State.
And the cops command them, with sometimes Army Special Forces detail, if any type of president or vice president is involved in an event.
See, that's a military mindset.
Well, the protest could get out of hand, so we'll go ahead and start an incident, burn some trash cans and knock out windows, so the media can tape that, then we'll fall back and stay in this government building, we even know what building they stayed in in Seattle, and then we can attack all the peaceful people.
It's just a military operation!
We cannot have security with protesters!
Therefore, we'll set them up!
That is the opposite of America.
That is the opposite of our Republic.
That is the opposite of what all this country is about.
And I am getting sick and tired of getting these videos that pop out every day of police pulling people over, because you know now most people carry cameras.
They just turn the camera on, lay out in the seat, and the cop says, listen, I think I'm going to go ahead and frame you.
And we see these videos all the time.
And see, it's psychopathic, it's sociopathic.
You don't care if you're about to ruin somebody's life.
You don't care if you're gonna put a false charge on them.
It's like we're not human.
Like ruining our lives, losing our jobs, going to jail, for no reason!
It's no big deal to you.
You cannot believe the testimony of police anymore unless they have video.
I'm sorry.
We'll be right back.
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All right, here I come now, baby!
All right!
Fightin' the tyranny!
Defending the republic from Hillary Clinton and all her neocon backers!
All right, your calls are coming up right now.
I'm going to you right now.
We got a guest coming up who, uh, her dad or daughter's arm broken and they admit it.
And then when they complain, they say, we'll just charge her with assault, even though the whole thing's on video and the school admits she didn't do anything.
They just, you see, they break your arm and then falsely charge you when it's a security guard.
And then they attack all the guy who's videotaping it and charge him.
See, it's, it's, it's this, that is a super form of tyranny.
That is just, and it's happening everywhere, false charges.
Just like the death penalty is about to be thrown out because right around a third, well a little over 30%, right under a third have been found completely not guilty from DNA.
Of course a lot of them have been executed that were not guilty too.
And that's because of corruption.
I am for the death penalty at a primitive level.
But just as Ron Paul is now, after 30 years of being for it, he says, man it's so corrupt you can't do it.
We're killing 30% of people that are innocent.
It's the government's too corrupt to administer it.
And if we've got police who've been trained to lie about people, winning is everything.
Oh, I'll just ruin your life because you didn't lick my boots properly.
Then people need to start becoming aware of that.
I mean, believe me, it was hard for me to believe years ago when I learned that police are taught to lie on the stand, but that is basically an unwritten policy.
Okay, let's go ahead and go to the calls.
I've got to move quick, everybody, because I want to get to a lot of you.
Let's talk to Chad in New Jersey.
You're on the air, Chad, go ahead.
Yeah, hi.
I had a question about the North American Union.
I saw an article recently in the LA Times.
I have a question after this too, but the question the LA Times basically mentioned, you know, basically said we're all conspiracists and all this stuff, and it mentioned Jerome Corsi, and I was wondering if I could just read this paragraph to you.
Go ahead.
It says, this is all too sinister for Jerome Corsi, the Vietnam War veteran who helped lead the swift boat charge against John Kerry.
Corsi has knitted desperate strands of each of these separate road projects to help convince fellow xenophobes such as Pat Buchanan, Phyllis
Well, look, look, look, the fact that we have to have debates about whether or not this exists... Well, let me go ahead and ask any questions you've got.
I'm going to let you go because your phone's got feedback.
Oh, sorry.
My last question was about Rick Perry.
I heard something about, like,
He was gay or something.
I don't know if that was a lie or... Look, I'm not going to get into that.
I have no idea about that, okay?
So, I really can't say anything.
Alright, folks.
Let me just try to answer your question, sir.
Let me try to answer it as best I can.
I think that's probably what... And then I've got to move on here.
And this is what's frustrating.
It's frustrating to me to have thousands of pages of documents, I mean thousands, and to have actually read thousands of pages of documents.
I mean, I would scan through five, six pages that were full of baloney and then you get to one page that had some important stuff on it.
But I've read the minutes of the first meeting, the minutes of the second meeting.
They released it a month and a half ago up in Montebello where they staged the provocateur police.
And they are setting up the North American Union.
David Rockefeller, who financed the creation of all these different organizations, openly wrote in his memoir three years ago it was a bestseller that he wants to end the United States.
But they told the Europeans the European Union didn't exist for 40 years until 2000, and they launched it.
And they weren't allowed to have a vote on it.
The people weren't.
Here it's all, everything's telescoped now.
It used to happen in 40 years, happens in 5, 10 years now.
And saying the North American Union isn't being created, isn't being integrated, isn't being merged right now on a fast track, that's their words by the way, not mine, is like saying the Dallas Cowboys don't exist.
It's like saying the sun didn't come up.
It's like saying George Bush isn't a white guy from Kennebunkport, Maine.
It's like saying I'm not talking on a microphone right now.
But that's how dumb they think you are.
I mean, they call
Shiites, Sunnis on the news and say Iran is backing Al-Qaeda when the White House publicly is running Wahhabi Al-Qaeda forces against the Iranians and publicly announcing it at the same time.
The North American Union is here.
Look, I said I'd get to all your calls and this is the Catch-22 because I can't improperly answer this question.
But we will get to everybody who's on hold by the end of the show.
Just bear with me.
It's so frustrating that people won't read, they won't investigate, they won't research and so everything's almost like a popularity contest.
It's like what the talk show host says and then what you think sounds best for your future you decide that's reality.
What I think off of what would be nice isn't reality or what you think
Well, I think politics is like this, and then you just give an opinion off of what you wish it was.
I'm sorry, it has to be off what the actual data and what history and what the documents show.
And what they show is something so horrible I can't even articulate it properly.
People accuse me of exaggerating.
No, no, no.
It's far worse, boys and girls.
There's huge eugenics operations being carried out against all of us in the water, the food, the vaccines, the medicines.
Again, the average doctor isn't involved, like the average cop isn't involved.
They just are compartmentalized and carry out the operation.
Go to judicialwatch.org, and that's just some of the documents they sued to get through FOIA requests, Freedom of Information Act.
And you can go read all of it for yourself.
It says merging our military, merging our police, it says merging our regulations, merging our GPS, merging our taxation, having a continent-wide tax on energy, and you notice I've been saying this for years and now they're announcing it on the news.
But of course for budget shortfalls and they always artificially bankrupt states on their budget so then people accept more taxes when the budget's not even what the real set of books are.
The real set of books for every of the 50-something thousand governments we have in the U.S.
county, water districts, cities, everything, states, federal agencies.
It doesn't even matter folks.
Just enjoy slavery.
I really need to say that to you because
I know this isn't what you want to hear.
You want to hear George Bush good, Hillary bad.
You don't want to hear George Bush behind Hillary.
And then all the evidence for it.
You don't want to win.
You don't want to know the truth.
You don't want to actually be a free person.
You don't want to actually know what's happening in the world from someone who constantly studies it.
You just want to love your government.
So go ahead and love them all the way down to the bottom of the sea.
I'm a little bit cynical here.
It's just...
To know that continuity of government was taken away from the Congress in May 9th of 2007, and then in late August, an agreement was signed to have the United Nations control continuity of government of Mexico, the U.S.
and Canada, and to have that completely released.
Bush just had it released.
You can go read it right now.
And to sit there and spend hours reading it, we can't win, because the public will not read it.
They will just choose to say it isn't true.
And until you start checking into this and finding out what it means to have the UN over Continual Government, not Congress, not the President, it's simple.
You have, of the Fortune 100, 46 of those are in the top 100 biggest economies.
46 of the 100 biggest economies in the world are not countries.
They are corporations.
They have their own mercenaries.
They have their own intelligence bureaus.
They spend large parts of their budgets owning county, city, state, federal, international politicians.
They groom politicians from college age to run them through this entire system.
They openly brag about this and laugh at all of us.
They want to destroy U.S.
sovereignty because of the checks and balances.
They want a big government to extract the people's wealth and transfer it to them.
It's economic war.
It's not free market.
We don't have a trade deficit with China.
We don't have factories.
The American companies have moved there.
Dick Cheney and Halliburton... Cheney has bought a house in Dubai.
Halliburton has moved there.
They're building a $3 billion movie studio in Dubai.
Hollywood is moving there.
They built a $5 million one in Austin, to give you an idea.
I mean, it's the very infrastructure.
It's about control.
The country is being completely destroyed.
And they hand you little plastic American flags, made by slaves, that are desecrated.
You wave them and they say, you're a patriot.
Now get a short haircut, drink lots of beer, and walk around sticking your chest out saying, I'm tough.
While the NRA supports the new gun control bill that will ban many veterans and police from owning guns.
Don't believe me?
Just wait until it happens.
You'll call squealing after they pass it and you're a copper in the military and you had post-traumatic stress or ADHD when you were a kid or whatever and you can't own guns anymore.
The NRA was founded for gun control.
They lobbied for the 68 Gun Control Act.
They lobbied for the Brady Bill.
And they're pushing this one!
But you can't believe it!
You can't believe Hillary's CIA on the bankroll!
You can't find out it's mainstream news that Fox News is bankrolling her!
You won't find that out!
Because you want to believe a lie!
You want to believe the fake liberals and the fake conservatives!
Alright, we got a guest coming up in 15 minutes.
I'm gonna get to Josh, Mario, Dean, Jeremy, Tom, Danny, Sheldon.
Stay with me.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Well, her 16-year-old daughter at the school admits it's never been a disciplinary problem.
They have security guards that look like they live at Burger King running the facility.
Shaved heads and shades on inside.
They had a birthday party there in Southern California.
And a piece of cake fell on the floor.
She cleaned it up, but not good enough.
So they tackled her, broke her arm, cranked her elbow right up to her head.
I'm surprised it didn't actually rip the arm completely off.
Somebody else shot some video on their phone.
They tackled him, charged him with assault.
But they did the charging after the fact, after the mother complained.
And when she got there, they said, listen, if you file charges, we're going to go ahead and arrest you.
In Tulea, Texas, a few years ago, and I covered this before it was even mainstream news, we had the local police department, because all the businesses shut down, all they had was the prison, they would just drive around randomly, and one weekend they arrested 50-something black people.
No drugs were on them, they weren't on drugs, they just charged them all with having them.
They certified that they did have drugs, the local corrupt police did, and they all went to jail.
Turned out it was all fake, all made up.
Remember what happened in Houston.
The police chief, they framed, it wasn't just black people, it was everybody, over 4,000 people.
That was in the Houston Chronicle, nothing was done about it.
Right over 30% of those on death row are totally innocent, a lot of them have been executed.
I mean, this is how it works.
And now we've got all these squad car videos out of the, when the cops pull over, they say, listen, I'll frame you.
Don't talk back to me, I'll say you assaulted me.
And we've got all those posted on PrisonPlanet.com.
So my point is, we've got a big crisis here.
That somehow, A, cops have been taught that if you don't show your ID, they taser you if you're walking down the street.
Or if you're in a wheelchair and can't get up, they taser you until you die.
That just happened last week.
Or if you can't urinate in a cup, they taser you ten times and that cop did get fired.
But the point is, why do they think they can do this?
And why did they break her arm and then to cover up for it, this was security guards, why did they do this?
Flushay Mervin's mother, Latricia Majors, joins us.
She actually worked for the school district and has since been kicked out of there and arrested herself.
And I guess they may come arrest me and say I assaulted the cops from 2,000 miles away with my power beams or something.
I don't know.
But Miss Majors, thank you for coming on with us.
Thank you for having me.
What on heaven's green earth is going on here, A, and then B,
We can tell the media is spinning things.
They call it a scuffle when they assaulted your daughter brutally.
It's all on video, just out of the blue.
I mean, give us details we haven't gotten from these newscasts.
It's now a national news issue, as you know.
Well, it was not a scuffle.
Actually, what it was was a birthday celebration.
One of her friends had brought a birthday cake to school for her birthday.
And the kids decided to smear frosting on the birthday girl's face as they do at weddings and what have you.
So they were smearing cake on her face and that's what they called the scuffle.
It was not a scuffle, it was all in fun.
Sure, I mean I've seen this at birthday parties with my children.
People get real happy and somebody puts some cake on their face, they throw it around.
Usually that was called kids having fun on sugar, but now it's called al-Qaeda.
Yes, exactly.
So my daughter, the bell had rang.
And so all the kids were getting ready to go to class, cleaning up their mess, cleaning up the cake.
So my daughter had a piece of cake on her plate, and she went to throw it in the trash, and someone bumped her, and it fell on the ground.
Okay, well we've all spilt drinks and dropped things before, so now you get your arm broken for that.
What happened next?
And so the security guard comes over and asks her to pick it up.
So she bent down and scooped it up with her hand, put it back on the plate, and threw it in the trash.
She then proceeds to go to the restroom to wash all the frosting and cake off of her hands.
And she said when she came out, he was standing right there and he said, um, I told you to get the cake up.
She said, I did.
He said, well, you need to get it all up.
And she said she walked back over there and was nothing but just crumbs and frosting on the ground.
So she said she attempted against it by scrape it with her hand and get the rest of it up and threw it in the trash.
And so she proceeded to go to class because the bell had rang.
And by the way, scores of witnesses all back this up of the schools not denying it.
Go ahead and tell us what happened next.
And she proceeded to go to class and he called her back and said, you need to get all of it up.
And she said, I've got all of it up that I can possibly get up with my hand.
And so he got up.
She said he got a call on his walkie talkie, I guess maybe from one of the other security guards or someone.
I don't
I don't think so.
I would imagine one time I was playing around in a pool when I was like 12 with somebody older you know we were wrestling and he cracked my arm up just playing and it really it tore it and it was excruciating for so so but but but now I mean I know as bad as that is it gets a lot worse you get arrested the fellow videotaping it got arrested his somebody watching got arrested I mean this is like a piranha feeding frenzy of arresting now oh yes absolutely I mean tell us just in a nutshell what happened
Yes, well I mean, what happened after he broke her arm?
He called me and said, you need to get up here quick.
The security guards are roughing your daughter up.
Well, they haven't.
Yes, and they wouldn't let her call me.
It's thug riots.
So, the other parent that just so happened to be there, she asked my daughter, where is your telephone number?
And the lady wrote it inside of the palm of her hand with a pen.
So, she called me.
So, that's how I got down there.
And then what happened?
You got there and... I got there and I walked in and I said, I'm Pliget, Mervyn's mom.
I understand she's been injured.
Where's my daughter?
And they all told me they didn't know where she was.
And so I'm like, what do you mean you don't know where she is?
Can you bring her to me now?
I know she's injured.
Like Sergeant Schultz.
I know nothing.
No one knew.
Everyone was saying that they didn't know where she was.
So I waited for 15 minutes.
Well, I mean, I mean, how did it end up with him charging you as, as the Satan himself?
Well, after me waiting for approximately 25 minutes for them to bring me my daughter,
They wouldn't.
So, I proceeded to go into the school.
I said, if you're not going to bring her to me, I'm going to go get her.
Because my other daughter... But you're not allowed into the lockdown prison government training center.
Not allowed into the camp, okay.
So, my other daughter told me that there's a security room in the back of the school.
So I said, come take me there.
So I proceeded to go into the school and one of the principals extended his arms and said, No, you just need to wait in the office.
They always do it and then charge you.
So what happened?
He extended his arms and said, You just need to wait in the office.
And I said, I've waited for 25 minutes.
I'm not waiting any longer.
And I brushed up against his hand and that was my battery charge.
Well listen, usually you don't even have to touch him and you end up 10 years in federal prison or state prison.
Well, that's a false charge, false imprisonment, official oppression, kidnapping of your child.
Uh, I mean, you need to just... Listen, lawyers will generally tell you to shut up and go along, but I know you have Cochran's firm, so they won't do that.
Uh, but I mean, we just had cops beat up a couple in South Carolina, because they had a Ron Paul signing an upside-down American flag, and then they were telling they were going to jail, but then I told them to fight back, and the cop got in trouble, and they backed off.
But they busted in their house and beat them up, and now that's been admitted, and then they charged them with attacking them for them hitting them.
Yeah, that's exactly what happened in this...
Well, now also, when we get back, please stay with us for one more segment.
I want to find out about the demonstration you had yesterday, or Friday now.
And they're in front of the school, over 100 people.
And I also want to get into how they arrested the camera guy.
There's just a young man there with a camera.
He's still in jail.
And man, I saw the photos and the video of them taking him down.
They just, three big guys, literally like linebackers, rammed this young boy down.
Hello, this is Alex Jones with some important questions.
If you're going into a battle and they give you a rifle and a sidearm, how much ammunition do you want?
My answer would be all I can get.
In the battle for freedom and the lives of your loved ones, food is your only ammunition.
How much do you want?
When do you want it?
Now or after the battle starts?
When will you need it?
Can you buy it without proper identification?
Will there be any food?
Will it make your children sick?
If there's a quarantine and you can't feed yourself, will you go to the gathering center and be immunized?
You wipe out all these problems if you have a good food supply.
Food is your ammunition to fight for your freedom and your life.
How much will you need?
We don't know.
How much do you want?
All you can get.
I'm Alex Jones.
I want all of you good guys to live to fight another day.
Call 1-800-409-5633 or check it out on the web at efoodsdirect.com.
Again, that number 1-800-409-5633.
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Call 800-686-2237.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Latricia Majors, her daughter, was assaulted.
The witnesses are all on record.
The school isn't denying it.
Just broke her arm and they call it a scuffle.
Oh, well, he had a little scuffle with it.
That means it's two-way.
Like, if somebody in the middle of the night, you're taking your garbage out for it to come the next morning, and somebody hits you on the back of the head with a lead pipe and splits your head open and robs you, it wasn't a scuffle.
You were mugged.
You were assaulted.
But they always use these words, this psychology.
Look, I got loaded phones.
I'm going to get to everybody.
Dean, Jeremy, Tom, Danny, Shelton.
I'm going to get to you.
But just finishing up, Ms.
In fact, here in just a minute.
Majors, how do we help you?
Well, that's B. A, I forgot to ask you.
Now, they admit that the quote, young man, was tackled and restrained and some news reports said that he was struck
After the incident, they released my daughter to me.
They finally took me to her.
I called 911.
So you called Satan to help you with a problem with the demon you had?
If he's going to jail, you're going to jail.
But he didn't go to jail, did he?
No, he didn't.
So the God, I mean even a security guard now is God level compared to us normal scum.
And so normal scum, that's us, pathetic slug, you know, girls break their arms, little kids tackle them, false charge them, and so nothing happened to the God, but something happened to you.
What happened?
They arrested me for battery.
Spent the night in jail, then released me till four in the morning.
And this is because you pushed by somebody to get your daughter when you got a phone call she'd been brutalized?
See, that's why I wouldn't, and I'm not, and I know people have money to put them elsewhere, but that's why I would never put my children in a government training camp.
Because this is what they do.
The system, and I have the official federal documents, I've interviewed the number two, the Department of Education head of policy under Reagan, and she was a conservative, her dad was Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Charlotte Isserby, and she got into the higher level meetings Reagan wasn't involved in, it was the Department of Education, and she got the actual documents out, put it in a phone book sized book.
It's all about dumbing them down, all about getting them ready for prison,
See, if they can't get you on welfare, they want to get you into the prisons or the military.
And so, it didn't matter.
It'd be better to get no education than go to public school, folks.
But, anyways, go ahead.
This has been happening for two years now.
This has been happening with them roughing up kids and then expelling them and sending them all of that.
Most of the black males that
Attended Palmdale last year and the year before.
They're in continuation.
They got expelled.
90% of black males have a record and 63% of the federal prison population and state populations even higher for drugs as black males.
How is that possible when they're only 7% of the population?
In fact, hold one minute, ma'am.
Here's Ron Paul at the debates three nights ago bringing up the actual statistics.
Here it is.
I would like to believe that if we have a freer society it will take care of blacks and whites and everybody equally because we're all individuals and to me that is so important.
But if we had equal justice under the law I think it would be a big improvement.
If we had a probably a repeal of most of the federal laws on drugs and the unfairness on how blacks are treated with these drug laws it would be a tremendous improvement.
Congressman Paul?
A system designed to protect individual liberty will have no punishments for any group and no privileges.
Today I think inner city folks and minorities are punished unfairly in the war on drugs.
For instance, blacks make up 14% of those who use drugs.
Yet 36% of those arrested are blacks and it ends up that 63% of those who finally end up in prison are blacks.
This has to change.
We don't have to have more courts and more prisons.
We need to repeal the whole war on drugs.
It isn't working!
We have already spent over 400 billion dollars since the early 70s and it's a wasted money.
Prohibition didn't work.
Prohibition on drugs doesn't work.
So we need to come to our senses and absolutely it's a disease.
We don't treat alcoholics like this.
This is a disease and we should orient ourselves to this.
That is one way you could have equal justice under the law.
Thank you Congressman.
Alright, so here's the point I'm making about all this.
There is no doubt that blacks are discriminated against.
National radio talk show hosts can take 100 heroin pills a day.
Synthetic heroin pills.
They don't get in trouble.
But a black man's caught with cocaine or marijuana on average they spend five years behind bars.
So again, that is wrong.
And then, if a young black man wasn't a thug, after he spends five years in the pen, he's gonna be a thug, he's gonna graduate with a master's in thuggery!
In closing, what are they charging the poor young man?
It just says they tackled him and charged him with assault.
Is that accurate in the news?
But everyone saw it and it's on tape that they just tackled him and they slammed his head in the ground and three guys with shaved heads, three fat white guys, and then nothing's happening?
Nothing's happening.
They're actually holding a meeting tomorrow at the
At the high school.
To try to pacify everybody.
Yeah, exactly.
And so the superintendent... It's called Delphi.
It's called Delphi technique, but go ahead.
So they're having a meeting, so I'm pretty sure we'll show up in big numbers for that tomorrow, too.
So, you know, a lot of these other parents can be heard.
Well, you know they just want to let your steam off.
The key is you need to sue them for false arrest, false imprisonment, false charges, conspiracy to violate your civil rights with false charges.
It's no different than in Alabama or Louisiana putting false charges on blacks trying to vote in the 50s and 60s.
I agree.
I totally agree.
And, uh, I mean, I know it's open season.
I watch it.
I mean, I can watch a black man just get out of a car and be walking down the street going how to go to a restaurant.
Cops just pull up and get up and say, let me see your papers.
And I'm not saying there aren't thugs out there at every race, but the point is, is that we have triple the heroin, double the cocaine on our streets we had 15 years ago.
The drug war is a success.
It's meant to get everybody in prison, drive the price of drugs up and put more of them on the streets, because the big banks launder the money.
I just submitted my paperwork to the Cochran firm.
Oh, by the way, they also kicked you out of your job, too, didn't they?
Oh, yeah, they suspended me until my court date.
Because you also work in the same school district?
No, actually, it's a different school district.
That happened at Pete Knight and Union School District, and I work for Palmdale.
Now, see, if you'd have broken some little girl's arm, you could have stayed at that school.
But since you brushed past somebody, that's not allowed.
I see.
Are you on paid leave, like the guy that broke your daughter's arm?
No, not at all.
Have you seen the footage in Indiana of the cop, the marshal of the town, punching the city councilman in the back for no reason, then knocking the door open with his head, and then beating him when he's unconscious and sending him to the hospital?
Oh gosh.
And the news called it a fight!
Oh my goodness.
Yeah, so I guess those poor folks in concentration camps getting mowed down, they were in a fight.
No, they were being murdered.
Well, we're going to pray for you, Miss Majors, and want to stay in contact with you as this develops, okay?
Maybe I'll have you on the show tomorrow and we'll give the number out to the school.
Alright, I'm gonna put you on hold and let Trey talk to you.
Oh, great.
God bless you.
I'm gonna come back, I promise.
I will go right to your call.
Stay with me.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
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The mass media keeps telling us that we are the richest, most powerful economy in the world.
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Why is the United States the world's largest debtor nation?
The truth is, is that we are in the worst debt bubble in our nation's history.
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Ask for George.
This is George Whitehurst-Berry with the Genesis Communications Network.
Welcome to our new program, Crash!
Are you ready?
In the coming weeks we will focus on alternative economics as well as alternative health and survival topics.
We are now in the largest debt bubble in U.S.
A subset of the debt bubble is the real estate bubble.
And I believe we are in the beginning stages of what could be the biggest real estate crash in our nation's history.
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We at The Bible Says want to alert the world to the topic of the Mark of the Beast.
Soon it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act.
Which goes into effect May 11, 2008.
Many people believe that this will be the mark of the beast because of the restrictive measures included, which seems to parallel the no buying and selling of Revelations 13-17.
In Revelations 14-9, speaking of the mark of the beast, it says, If any man worship the beast, take notice.
It says, worship the beast.
This issue is about worship, not economics.
For a better understanding of this very important topic and to receive your three free books and a free DVD, call 1-888-211-1715.
That's 1-888-211-1715.
You are listening to GCN.
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Raging for the truth.
Exposing corruption.
Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
Coming up the final segment, I'm going to cover some economic news and how the media keeps reporting that global warming is man-made and we've got to have global taxes to save us.
When 9,000 years ago we were 10 degrees a year, on average, hotter.
I scored samples.
And hotter weather is better for things.
But oh, don't worry, we've got a bunch of new taxes and new bureaucrats to run your life.
I'm going to cover that coming up.
Right now, let's blast through your calls here.
Let's go ahead and go to line 5 first and talk to Tom in Kentucky.
Tom, you're on the air.
Hey Alex.
Yes sir, go ahead.
Hey, I just wanted to report some suspicious activity I felt.
My family, they have a pharmacy in rural Kentucky and this past Friday afternoon there was a shipment of anthrax vaccinations delivered by someone from the state.
Yeah, they're making the troops take the experimental shot that they admit killed so many people before and now they're bringing it back and I would imagine that you're near Fort Campbell or something and they're being delivered there?
Yes, it's in that part of the state.
Well, that's just the troops.
They're running a bio test on them.
They experiment.
I mean, I got a fellow who works, well, just getting off into other issues.
I've talked to medics and people.
I was talking to one guy in Rick Perry's office, was a medic in the Army 10 years ago, and they, the guys were shipped in.
They were told, give them all six of them shots.
All six of them dropped dead after they gave them to them.
It was just a bio weapons test.
It's just how it works.
Well, and I wanted to ask real quick, too, if I can just have another question.
That area that we're close to is, there's a UNESCO biosphere.
Yep, you've got the Mammoth Cave, United Nations zone there.
Well, we've got land between the lakes, too, and... That's right, they've got both of them.
I just wondered if, like, with everything happening as fast as it is, like, what kind of perspective you have?
Well, Bush signed us back on under UNESCO to run the Commerce Department, Labor Department, all the major federal agencies under treaty.
That's a treaty bundle.
And a new government's under U.N.
control now, and 20-plus percent of our ground force is illegal alien legalized.
And the Associated Press reports they're starting to hire foreigners as our police, so we're in deep trouble, sir.
But yeah, that shipment, you need to go to the base, though.
I don't know why your pharmacy got it.
Pretty weird, but it's, you know, you can go research.
BioPort's the name of the company, with Admiral Crowe running it up in Michigan.
And in the mid-90s, they gave it to a bunch of people, and a bunch of them got sick and died, so they discontinued it.
They found the plant was all, quote, contaminated.
And they're just taking those shots again, everybody's forgotten.
Gotta make that money, jabbing them right back in there.
Alrighty then, your government loves you.
Don't worry though, doctors tell you it's good for you, so don't mind the fact you're gonna probably die or have an autoimmune disease or get accelerated cancer.
Don't listen to me, I'm just an idiot.
Government loves you, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dan in College Station.
You're on the air from Texas, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Hey, uh, yeah, I just wanted to make a comment about terrorism in general and that, uh,
You know, most of the people that end up dying of terrorist attacks are just common people that don't really have any power in society anyways.
And I think that that's something that needs to be kind of pushed more.
That if, you know, terrorists are so smart to threat our nation's defenses, that it seems like they would pick their targets more carefully, and I'm not endorsing terrorism.
Well, more people have died from purely government-sponsored, black-op, false-flags, staged terror, because it's been bigger events.
But overall, about 80% of terrorism is real, but it's normally asymmetrical, low-intensity, four or five deaths, and I've seen these different numbers, different statistics, but, you know, a woman stabbing people, a bomb, somebody shooting some people, a discotheque bomb, some of that's real, and that's the lion's share of terrorism.
The big spectaculars, the OKCs, the 9-11s,
The 7-7s, those are always black ops.
USS Liberty, black op.
The Idi Amin deal, declassified now.
The Israelis staged that where they mentioned, Israel had mentioned that.
I'm kind of talking to the group of the population that might listen to your show that really, you know, has doubts about terrorism in general, you know.
And just to think, you know, in terms of being able, terrorism's defined as being able to basically change a population or a government's opinions through violence.
Yes, and so the way our government uses terrorism by definition is terrorism.
Right, but you say government uses and I think there's a lot of people that still wrestle with that issue.
And if they really need to sit down and think about who are the victims of terrorism, what that does to our... Okay, well, our government took 42% of Native American women, their own numbers, and sterilized them in a five-year period in the mid-1970s.
Our government openly has been caught running bio-warfare operations all over the planet and killing New Yorkers on New York subways in 1968.
Our government paid Israel 100... well, they paid the equivalent of $3 billion in their
Their currency, in the shekels and the lira, to radiate 110,000 Jewish children.
That's declassified public on Israeli television.
So, I mean, the people running, it isn't our government, it's global corporations, bought and controlled the government, they raised the taxes, took the federal investments and state investments, invested it with the corporations to make even more power on a double set of books.
And, uh, they are liquidating the country.
We're already in the North American Union.
But the general public can't find Iraq on a map if they want to have war.
I mean, I'm telling you, what I'm saying is not my opinion.
No, I'm just saying... No, I'm just warning the public, folks, that this stuff's serious.
I just... I think that the people that listen to your show that, you know, may be asking questions, I just think it's really important for them to understand the psychological effect
The terrorist acts that have happened in this country have had on all of our psyche.
Exactly, and we're told, give up liberty, you get security.
A, you give up liberty, you don't get security, you get despotism and tyranny.
And history shows that.
But B, New York just said illegal aliens don't have to have a driver's license, or if they want them, they'll just give it to them.
But then the citizens are at checkpoints and have to have them or they're arrested.
Illegal aliens don't have to have a driver's license to have bank accounts or house loans.
That's AP.
But we do.
It has nothing to do with terrorism!
It has everything to do with them about to shut the economy down and suck the dollar dry, like I've been telling you for five years at least.
Everything I've warned you about is coming to fruition, boys and girls.
You wait till the middle of next year.
They have inflated the currency down to nothing.
You're not even feeling it yet.
And when it happens, I just want you to know who did it to you.
By the time they're done with it, you'll be saying, I did it, I know that.
But if you just once want to be able to beat these people, you'll grow up!
Learn about the New World Order.
Learn about the geopolitical system.
Learn about mercantilism.
Learn what serfdom is.
Here, here's a few words.
Go look them up.
Find out, okay?
You'll learn the system you're under.
Alright, who's up next now?
Let's go ahead and take another call from Kentucky.
Jeremy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Hey, I called last week.
I'm the soldier that's at Fort Tumble.
They have been vaccinating a lot of people with anthrax lately.
I don't know if that... How many?
Well, I mean, you can Google.
Did you hear about in the mid and late 90s, all the people that died from it?
Yes, sir, I did.
Well, that's all I can say is I wouldn't take that.
Well, now it's not mandatory.
It was, and then it went off, and now you can take it voluntarily.
Yeah, but it's from, it's still the same supplies.
I wouldn't take it.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
I wouldn't take it.
What else is on your mind?
I wanted to tell you something last week, but I kind of got sidetracked.
I had found on the internet where
There was a martial law practice day or week on the 22nd of September 2008.
Yeah, that's true.
I mean, I've got all these videos from North Carolina to Texas where they got cops training to put us in camps and take our guns.
I've gone and videotaped it.
I mean, I've gone and videotaped the Marines in 99 training.
That's how I knew.
They said, we're going to be hit by terrorists in America.
We're going to put people in camps.
I mean, that's how I knew and said, watch out, folks.
They're going to stage an event.
Yeah, this was on the internet and then I looked it up again today to call in your show and now it's changed.
The date's like the 13th and it says 2007.
So I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
I just know the date used to say 22nd September 2008.
Well, they're having martial law drills all the time.
I mean, it actually says martial law in the John Warner defense authorization funding package that they're just about to reauthorize again, but this time legalize the illegal aliens in that package.
I appreciate your call.
When are you shipping out to Iraq?
It's pretty soon.
Could I have time for one more comment?
Real fast.
I was trying to tell people around the military community, it's very, very hard to wake them up.
But something I actually use and is working pretty well is if the terrorists really wanted to hit us here in America with nuclear bombs, wouldn't it be a lot easier for Iran to hit the soldiers in Iraq?
And that's it, sir.
I appreciate it.
Well, when the globalists nuke us, you know, they better grow up.
Because it isn't going to be Al-Qaeda, Al-Syedah.
They better wake up and realize that.
Our lives mean nothing to the New World Order.
They're killing America.
We'll be right back.
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I think so.
You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications radio network.
Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
During that short break, I just saw some of the most horrible footage I've ever seen on television.
You know, I'm not a big cry when animals get killed.
I'm a hunter.
But I really don't think people should hunt whales.
Their brains are much bigger than ours.
Same thing with elephants.
They're really advanced, high-level animals.
And their social networks are just as complex as ours.
I just saw a pack of killer whales, wolves of the sea, killing a gray whale's calf.
And it's huge.
It's as big as they are.
And the mother is racing with it for hours.
You know, it's like cutting back and forth to it.
And you might put whatever that is on hold, because I'm getting a feed here in my ear.
Okay, I'll drop them.
But going back to the story here, I was just watching this, and here's the mother after the calf is exhausted.
She's trying to hold it up on top of her because the killers are drowning it.
They're grabbing it, pushing it under, biting it, and then of course right now they're killing it, right?
I wasn't able to watch it all.
It was dead, yeah.
But see, that's the way the world works.
The world's hardcore, it's serious, it's cutthroat.
Humans are a lot more cutthroat than that.
And we try to get into communities and have societies where we guard our liberty, so that can't happen.
The Norman society is tougher humans, wickeder humans, get on top and they do that to people.
We feed on our own kind.
And we've just become these weak, decadent, pathetic people who don't know how the world works, don't know how things operate, who have no idea
What's going on anywhere?
And... It just comes down to that.
You better grow up, America, and the rest of the planet.
You better find out how hardcore serious the people running this planet are.
You better find out what they're setting up.
I mean, when the Houston Chronicle reports they've built FEMA camps for the American people,
To hold dissidents, and they fund martial law, and they're openly talking about it.
We're talking about World War III.
They're going to start World War III, and then our own criminal government is going to stage terror attacks here.
That's a very good possibility.
To get total control!
And if you won't stand in their way, and you won't at least speak up against it, and get in the fight now, and at least talk to your neighbors, it's over!
And it just takes you standing up and saying, no, we're not the Stasi, this is not Russia.
Now, we're out of time.
I know we've got loaded phone lines here.
And I promise Josh and Jim and Danny and Shelton, I may get to one or two of you in the last few minutes.
We'll see.
But if not, I'll get to you next Sunday.
I'll be on the air, of course, tomorrow with my weekday show.
I did it syndicated, but I always love coming in here on Sundays.
But I wanted to talk about the economy for a few minutes.
The entire country is seeing a massive real estate slide.
Housing prices are down over 20% in the last six months alone, on average nationwide.
And we have the Federal Reserve Chairman, the former chairman, we have Paulson, the head of the Treasury, we have all the foreign heads of the Bank of England, the Exchequer in England, the German head, the French head, the Japanese head, we had Venezuela two weeks ago dump the dollar, the Saudis started dumping the dollar, and they've got almost a trillion, eight hundred plus billion in U.S.
And when they cut the interest rate, the dollar slid even further.
Just a few years ago, the looning was at 65% in Canada.
It's been at a low of 63% against the dollar.
It's now 2 cents above the dollar.
The dollar's lost against the Euro since 2000.
And if trends continue, it'll lose 2 more cents next week.
Now, that's only a portion of the real value that's lost.
They decided to inflate the currency in the last 7 years.
They'd already inflated it, but they inflated it down to nothing.
There's less than 1 cent
In circulation for the amount of debt and zeros and ones that are on ballot sheets.
You understand, for the so-called money out there, there's less than one cent per dollar of actual physical currency.
And then that's debt notes they can devalue overnight, and they are.
I've been telling you about this for 15 years.
Well, I got on air 13 years ago, but I was aware of this when I was going around giving speeches around Austin and guest hosting on local shows.
I've been intensely talking about it every show now for the last two years, and it's now happened.
Now, there's a place you can get a free report that Dr. Jerome Corsi put together, and people were talking about him earlier, writes for WorldNetDaily, Human Events, is a prominent conservative, and has a degree in economics, also political science, and you can get a free report.
But I thought I'd bring Ted Anderson up, because Ted has been in gold and silver trading.
He's a good friend of mine.
He also owns the Genesis Network I'm on.
He also owns a gold trading company.
And that's where I get my gold, because it's the lowest price I've found for the value.
And Ted has been watching this.
He's been doing this for, I don't know how many years.
Ted, how many years have you been a gold and silver trader?
Since 1980, Alex.
I guess it's coming on 27 years now.
I know, talking to you privately, you're scared, I'm scared, and we're positioned properly.
We got laughed at in 2000 when gold was $300 an ounce, saying get into it.
But you've got gold right now, and I just wanted to offer people the free newsletter from Jerome Corsi, or tell them to call you, because you've got it at spot, or right at spot from last week's prices, and it's gone up another $5.
What did it close at Friday?
$7.45 or something?
Yeah, gold closed at $744.60 and it was up $10.60.
But you've got it pre those prices with Numismatic.
You'll never hear me folks on air here pitching gold.
You're insane if you don't get into it now.
I just bought some more Friday.
Ted, you've been in this
For, I guess, 27 years, this is Armageddon, what we're witnessing.
Well, Alex, I can tell you right now, I've been around it.
I watched the market go crazy in 1980 when Jimmy Carter was in office, and I've never seen anything like we have right now.
I've never seen countries trying to get away from the dollar like the dollar is dropping right now.
To have every single country in the world moving away from it, losing world status, the U.S.
dollar is losing world status.
It's never had the competition before of the Euro.
It is an amazing time.
I can tell you right now that Japan, China, the Middle Eastern countries, all of them, all of Germany, I mean, just name it.
They all want to get away from the dollar.
And the incredible thing is, the neocons clan, they want to have a war with Iran to balance that, but that's really a fraud.
It's our very fellow reserve doing everything they can and bad-mouthing the dollar.
They're openly killing the country, as the Trilateral Commission publicly said they would.
Yeah, well that's the thing.
I mean, we've been deficit spending for so long that we rely on foreigners to invest in our economy to make it work.
And now the foreigners are trying to get out.
At the same time, we have to take on that debt here.
The Federal Reserve System, through the Open Market Committee, is just dumping money into the system
And it's crazy.
Well, I wanted to give the Sunday audience that may not have heard you on the time you've been on with me, Ted, a chance.
You've got brokers there tonight for the free Dr. Corsi report.
They can also get a red book at cost for you that is the yearly official book put out about what coins are worth, so you know the deals you're getting from Ted.
But Ted has British Sovereigns at melt.
I just bought some of these from him Friday at the price of what?
This is a price from a week and a half ago, Ted?
Yeah 195 actually it's quarter ounce coins so if you do the math it's just a hair above spot but when you're buying small coins you really never can get it exactly right.
And there's always a premium above those.
Folks you're getting precious numismatic that means collector coins at
Almost bullion prices.
Bullion's costing more.
I got friends trying to buy gold locally in Austin.
They're all sold out.
Ted's having trouble getting it in.
He's got it in right now.
If you give his brokers a call, no huss, no fassel, they'll send you the free report.
They'll take your order for these British sovereigns.
You cannot beat this deal.
I just bought a couple of these Friday, and every week you should, folks, or you're nuts.
It just goes up and up and up.
I bought one when it was $300.
I'm buying one at $744.
Again, 800-686-2237.
At least call and get the free report, folks.
Yeah, I think right now at this time, if you don't pay attention to what's going on in this market, you're really going to lose out.
I mean, your portfolios are in sheer danger, there's no question about it.
Your real estate that you own, even your home.
I mean, there's going to be people that can't afford to even sell their house because of the money that they have to come up with just to get out of it.
I remember these yuppies around here laughing at me in 2000 when I said, buy gold.
They just swagger and giggle.
They don't even understand fiat currency.
They don't understand M3 money supplies.
I mean, they haven't interviewed three or four Nobel Prize winners on economics like I have.
I mean, you know I live studying this, Ted.
So do you.
And to have yuppies snicker and laugh at me makes me mad when I'm trying to help them.
Well, you know, I was listening to Ron Paul's stuff from about 1985, and he was talking about the very same thing.
It's like people didn't wake up then, a lot of people are waking up now, but there's still a lot of people holding on.
It's almost like there's a good guy, bad guy thing here.
If you think that the United States economy is falling apart, you're not patriotic.
Well, that's just, nothing's further than the truth.
The people running our country are running us on the rocks on purpose!
Yeah, that's right.
They're taking advantage of us, and there's no question about it that we need to change the system.
We're just like that baby whale, those killer whales I just saw get torn apart on the animal planet.
I mean, we are just naive and in a shark tank, and I guess we're not going to be naive much longer because all you yuppies that have been laughing, I'm your friend, man.
I tried to warn you about the New World Order.
At least position yourself now, folks.
I mean, top economists are saying $3,000 an ounce gold.
I don't think it's going up that high, but it's probably going to go up more.
Ted, conservatively, how much is this going to go up?
Well, you know, right now they're calling for about $850 to hit the next
Yeah, thanks Alex.
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