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Air Date: Sept. 28, 2007
2347 lines.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Another week is blasting past us.
It is Friday, the 28th day.
...of September 2007.
We'll be live here for the next three hours.
Jesse Benton will pop in for about 15 minutes at the start of the second hour to give us his analysis.
He's the head PR, head media coordinator for the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign.
He'll be popping in to discuss the aftermath of the debate where Ron Paul got standing ovations, called for an end to the drug war.
Just absolutely amazing.
And clearly won the debate and won the after-debate poll, but still the mainline media attempts to claim that he's only second tier when he has really captured the imagination and the hearts and minds of the people with his anti-New World Order, pro-liberty message.
The doctor is coming, ladies and gentlemen, and he's Ron Paul, but you can lead a horse to water, you can't make him drink.
Will we be able to get out there to the Sally Soccer Moms and the Joe Sixpacks?
We've got the thinkers on our side, we've got those that are informed, and we're starting to reach out to others, but can we reach the people who don't know where the U.S.
is on a map?
Can we reach the people that really think Saddam had WMDs?
Can we reach the mindless liberals who think Hillary's going to save them?
And the answer may be no.
But at least we'll try.
And then as things get worse and worse, that percentage of people that haven't woken up will wake up.
So that's coming up.
Then we've got Larry Becraft coming on the show.
He's a lawyer, constitutional lawyer.
He's not into patriot mythology.
Uh, you know, magic paperwork filing and the things I've seen send hundreds of people to prison that I've tried to warn folks about, but they never want to listen.
They have to experience it themselves.
Uh, no, he's a real constitutional lawyer.
He's won a lot of cases.
He'll be here to talk about a case, uh, just came out this week with nine defendants for supposed tax evasion found not guilty
I don't think so.
We're hearing Washington has, quote, changed its tune on climate change, the Pope says we've got to embrace global taxation to save the Earth, Schwarzenegger, George Bush, today, everyone except Constitutionalists.
And I'm even getting neocons sending me emails, message boards, postings, phone calls, faxes,
And they're pro-war, pro-nuke Iran, and they believe that the global heating is caused by man, and therefore global taxes.
I mean, these people are total Kool-Aid drinkers.
I mean, to see even neocons now, again, they'll do whatever Bush says.
They're just wedded to it, they've hitched their wagon to it, and they've decided to go down with the ship.
So, alright, get ready.
They're announcing taxes on your home, taxes on every type of power, taxes on everything.
I mean, I'm not exaggerating.
Hundreds of new taxes.
And I'm speechless at how fast they're moving.
This is the endgame.
So we'll get into that.
Every day, there are more police brutality videos than I can even physically watch.
And most of them are three or four minutes long.
And I'll end up losing sleep.
Last night I got home from the office at about 1.30 a.m.
and watched a few videos and just had to stop.
One of them is headlined, School Security Guard Beat Teen Over Cake Spill.
And folks, it's video.
He twists her arm so far behind her back that her arm breaks.
She didn't, quote, clean it up fast enough.
Drill sergeants in the Marine Corps aren't one-tenth this hardcore on men.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You found the info war.
You are smack dab in the middle of it.
Thank you for joining us this live Friday edition.
Alright, I want to get into the epidemic of police brutality, but it's not even police brutality, it is new policies.
They teach police departments that if you do not answer their questions, they are to taser you.
There are literally hundreds of videos of it, and a fraction of these get caught on tape.
You don't give a urine sample, they taser you.
You're sitting on the sidewalk protesting, you won't get up, they break your arm.
You won't clean cake up off the floor, they break your arm.
You're a city councilman, they punch you in the back and knock you down and physically assault you.
I'm not, quote, bashing police.
I'm bashing this policy.
Do we admit that Cuba has corrupt police?
Does China have corrupt police?
Were the Nazis corrupt?
I guess in the pro-cop world of today, we're supposed to say, no, they weren't.
Cops can do no wrong, even if they're a Gestapo officer.
I mean, that's the type of mentality that we've gotten.
Governments go bad 99 times out of 100 through history.
You can count on one hand free societies, and there have been thousands of corrupt, out-of-control despotisms.
And when a San Diego college student
They say, show your ID, and he says, I don't have it on me, so they taser him as he's trying to leave, and then they say, get up, and he can't get up, and they taser him again.
That's wrong!
And the cop's got in trouble, by the way.
Or, when they pull over another cop, and tell him, get down on the ground, and then the cop accidentally shoots him five times, the cop didn't get in trouble, and he should have.
In the case we played yesterday, the clip in St.
Louis, the guy has a camera in his car when he gets pulled over,
And, uh, the cop says, I will frame you.
I will say, I will say you assaulted me.
Now, who's the boss now?
And he says, come on, come on boy, come on boy, come on boy.
It's a personal power trip.
That cop got fired.
They are now parked outside the young man's house and on police message boards, this is in the newspapers now in Missouri, are saying that they want to kill him.
And now that's a big controversy and now cops are under investigation.
See, cops, you're not allowed to say you want to kill people.
You're not above the law.
And this is a young girl, a young girl,
And the cake got dropped on the floor.
That's admitted.
And the security guard said, pick it up.
And she picked it up and threw it away.
And he said, now clean the icing up.
This is what witnesses are saying and what the video is showing.
And she, the bell had rung and she said, I got to go to class.
She started walking off.
Well, he showed her who the boss was.
He got her, put her on the table.
And then he twisted her arm all the way back towards her neck until it broke!
And he broke her arm!
I'm looking at it and I'm... I'll guarantee you if she doesn't know it, because they're just reporting her wrist is broken, I'll guarantee you she's got rotator cuff damage.
I mean this is... you ought to see this video.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
It is literally extended
Well, no wonder her wrist broke.
He's got full force on her wrist, and then another force on her elbow, driving it, super-extending it up to where the elbow is almost up above the head.
I mean, I've had the police in Round Rock, when they arrested me for asking Bush a question, crank my wrist up to the middle of my back, and I have pain almost every day.
I don't like surgery, though.
I'm sure if I went to the doctor or something, I'd have a problem.
It's getting worse all the time.
You know, this is seven, eight years after the fact.
I guess it's seven and a half years after the fact.
But I mean, this little girl will feel this for the rest of her life.
And this isn't a cop, it's a security guard.
But this is the training.
Why is this happening now?
And the news sounds like they're on the little girl's side.
But listen carefully.
It's kind of like the Liberals act like they're against the Iraq War, but the UN either runs Iraq completely and you let us do everything we want and keep you on sanctions for another 15 years, or we bombard you and blow you to bits.
The good cop's view of that is really bad, or we blow you to bits.
Either the UN runs you or we blow you to bits.
Well, here it's, well, witnesses are saying in the video says she complied, why did he break her arm?
And before the camera got on, the reporting witnesses said that he also beat her.
Hence the headline, school security guards beat teen over cake spill.
And then after she had her head on the table, then the arm needed to be broken.
And look, they know what they're doing.
It's hard, even with a small girl, to break an arm.
I mean, you've got to really do some cranking.
It's a mental illness to defend this.
It's a mental illness to say this is okay.
See, you've got a lot of hubris now in this system, in the government period, and it rots down from the head down, as they say.
And so it's a manifestation of the corruption that police and security guards and others think this is normal now.
Normal to say, hey, don't question me.
You're going to answer my questions, or I'm going to arrest you and say that you assaulted me.
Then I'll show you who the boss is, boy.
Well, you can't beat the camera now, and you can't beat it being on the web, and so what you're doing is you're burrowing yourself deeper by saying, no, no, it's okay what we do, it's alright, our new policies that the feds have taught us are okay, and then all you're doing is completely destroying the respect that's left for the badge and the uniform.
And I know that most cops are very businesslike, mechanical,
Uh, I observe them, I watch them, I watch a lot of squad car videos that are uploaded on the web of police doing things properly.
I know you never know when a gun's gonna come up.
I understand all that.
But... I have had psychopathic, juiced-up cops repeatedly... I don't even go down there anymore.
There's some good restaurants on 6th Street.
And I've watched cops starting fights with people, shaved heads, onroids, tattoos everywhere, devil tats generally, goatees, the basic devil outfit.
The basic, I'm going to war, I'm powerful mode.
But again, a real warrior would want to fight other warriors.
They want to challenge.
These guys like to pick on, you know, scrawny guys with a hot girlfriend.
Because Roydhead's mad because women don't like, you know, men who, uh,
Don't have any sexual organs left.
I mean, I'm sorry, but that's really what it comes down to.
Women don't like fake men.
They like real men.
And, uh... And I've seen it, and it's a certain crew they've got, or cops coming up and saying, uh, you... can't videotape us from a hundred yards away, I'm gonna arrest you.
And I just go, go ahead, arrest me.
You can beat the rap, but you can't beat the riot.
That would be a total violation, false imprisonment, official oppression, false arrest, and they'd leave me alone.
But I'm very mechanical about it.
I don't get all, well that's not true.
I had a cop walk over and say, we're going to arrest everybody if you don't quit protesting.
And I said, and then he lied to the media and said he didn't say it, and I just blew up and said, you're a degenerate liar.
Because that was going to end up in a major magazine,
That I was a liar, because they were going to put the cop's word on it.
I, of course, had to show the media the videotape, and then, thank goodness, it didn't end up being in the papers.
They'll take a cop's word!
See, people haven't figured that out yet, that statistically, they've been told, they call it liafying, or testifying.
It's a big joke.
They've had major city police chiefs come out and write books about it and admit it.
And, I mean, I'm not here to be lied about.
I'm not here for you to lie about.
I mean, I take big offense with that.
So when we get back, I will play, we're just going to come out of break with it, with this newscast.
We can analyze it and comment on it.
And notice this newscast out of Florida.
Oh, this is LA.
I've got another one here with the old school in Florida, excuse me, LA.
This is a security guard.
And he breaks the girl's arm.
And then they didn't stop there.
Mama came down and demanded that they press charges.
And they said in the principal's office, we're going to go ahead and just charge you.
See, they think it's normal now to put false charges on.
They'll even say it right out in the open.
And you're saying, oh, Mama probably did something.
Mama was yelling.
Well, guess what?
The person that videotaped it and someone else they thought did, they went ahead and arrested them and charged them.
So see, that shows just the rampant craziness.
I saw it in New York.
The police ran about 15 feet and assaulted the Discovery Channel's cameraman with a $100,000 plus camera.
The lens was $80,000.
I'd already asked them about the camera.
They followed me around off and on for a few months.
Big, giant, super high-dev, latest camera.
Huge lens.
$80,000 lens.
They hit the camera, then they knock him down.
They arrest two British filmmakers who were about ten feet away.
The cops were about to charge them because one cop knocked the other guy into the other cop.
And they were about, but they were reasonable at least to drop that.
They rioted and hit Rob Jacobson, one of my camera guys, twice in front of me.
Knocked him to the ground.
Rob was about five feet away.
That's why they were cuffing me.
And, uh, cops were yelling, come on, come on, come on to the crowd.
I mean, that's cowardly.
You got a crowd of a couple hundred people.
You're intimidated.
They're not threatening you.
They know better.
And you're going, come on, because there's a hundred cops and you got guns and billy clubs and mace and you want to get in a fight.
Why do you want to get in a fight where it's rigged and where it's not a challenge?
Where you get to beat people up and sit there and take it, and if they raise an arm when you're... By the way, I've seen it hundreds of times.
If you raise your arm when a billy club's coming down, that is an assault from an officer.
So your arm breaks instead of your head.
But this little girl, she's being charged with assaulting the security guard when she didn't touch him.
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We're good to go.
Remember the city councilman in Indiana?
Caught on video.
City Marshal punches him in the back as he peacefully walks out of his own council chambers.
Knocks him down on the ground.
They beat him unconscious, fracture his skull.
He had to be taken to the hospital.
They've already assaulted his wife on the street before.
And then they charge him with assault because
He assaulted him from behind.
Well, it looks like that's what happened here, but this time, it is a freshman in high school, and she looks like a nice little girl, but regardless, didn't they arrest the person that videotaped it?
And they're charging them with a bunch of stuff.
See, that shows it's just wild craziness.
The mother came down and said, I want to press charges.
They said, that's it, you're arrested.
Here it is.
A high school student says she dropped a piece of birthday cake and ended up with a broken wrist.
The girl was at Knight Middle School in Palmdale, and she says a school security guard beat her because she dropped the cake and later arrested her mother.
Michael Brownlee joins us live with what the family has said is a great piece of evidence against the guard.
Well, that's right.
A video that you'll actually see here in just a bit was actually taken on a classmate's cell phone.
Now, we talk about the mother's arrest, but the mother says that her 16-year-old daughter, the victim in this case,
...was also arrested here back on September 18th.
Now keep in mind, this is the family's story, their account of what they see happened here on campus earlier this month.
Unfortunately, we weren't able to reach the school district for comment, but keep in mind a mother and daughter baffled over how a celebration with cake ended with a scuffle with school security.
That 16-year-old Plié Mervin faced down a couple of weeks ago a campus security guard with her arm twisted behind her back.
This is Plié tonight.
That same arm on a man from a broken wrist.
Put me through a lot of pain and hurt.
Plié and some friends with cake celebrated a birthday on campus.
The lunch bell had just rang.
Plié says she was bumped, accidentally dropped her plate of cake.
A security guard told her to pick it up.
I picked it up.
When I was finished picking it up, I went to the bathroom.
He then insisted, she said, she go back and clean it all up.
She did a second, even third time.
I start picking the crumbs up off the ground and that's when I start to walk to class.
He was following me and he said, hey you.
He just said to hold still and he called me a nappy head.
She didn't even understand that that was a racial comment that he called her nappy head.
And that's part of why Plié's mother, Latricia, has sought out an attorney.
But there's more.
They arrested me.
Arrested for assault upon an assistant school principal.
Latricia demanded that security officer be arrested.
And they told me that if I wanted him arrested, that I was going to be arrested for battery.
Alright, let's stop right there.
There's the key of proving it's a setup.
If she would have battered the God, because now security guards are above humans as well, the average humans, in the hierarchy of Godhood.
We're mere slaves.
They're at a Mount Olympus level, and then you go to the deep space God level, and you actually become a mayor or a politician.
But notice, there was the key.
After she said she was going to go public, they went, that's it, we're charging you with littering and assault.
There's video of him grabbing her, no resistance, breaks her wrist, cranks her arm and elbow right up to the head.
I mean, full power.
If he did that to an adult after the joints harden and things, it would have been more broken, torn out of the socket.
But when they're young, you know, you can see, you know, talking to different orthopedic surgeons and stuff, there's a lot more they can take.
Still a little bit softer, but at 16, I guess she was a sophomore.
But she seemed like a really sweet girl.
But the key is, you know, you just heard it.
After the fact.
After the fact.
And now, after the fact, days later, they're arrested the camera person.
Just mad riot of vengeance.
We're gonna arrest you videotaped it!
We're gonna arrest you for littering and assault!
We're gonna arrest your mama!
Showing it's all false.
And I hope Paul Watson makes that point in the article I know he's writing about this.
See how you learn to decipher this?
We're going to come back, back in about 30 seconds.
I want people to hear that when we come out of break.
Then I'm going to move on to some other issues on global warming, global taxation.
Big developments there on a daily basis.
The economy.
We've got Ron Paul's campaign popping in as well.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Don't forget we've got a bunch of great websites.
One of them is JonesReport.com.
It's got the exclusive article up there.
To just JonesReport.com, and that's that Ron Paul calls for an end to the drug war and eloquently lays out some very powerful facts.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think so.
She complied as best she could.
He was following me and he said, hey you.
And before police knew it, she found herself face down on a table with this allegedly being yelled at her by that security guard.
He just said to hold still and he caught me a nappy head.
She didn't even understand that that was a racial comment that he called her nappy head.
And that's part of why Plié's mother, Latricia, has sought out an attorney.
But there's more.
They arrested him.
Arrested for assault upon an assistant school principal.
Latricia demanded that security officer be arrested.
And they told me that if I wanted him arrested, that I was going to be arrested for battery.
I was thinking like, how humiliated I was, and embarrassed, and how hurt I was.
Now, the guy who took the video along with his sister were reportedly also arrested.
Now, Latricia tells me that she has been suspended from her job without pay.
She works at another school district here in Palmdale.
As soon as they got word of her arrest, she says, she was told to leave the building.
Now, legal action, as I mentioned, will likely be taken as well, and the family has planned a march here out in front of the school first thing Friday morning, 7 a.m.
Reporting live in Palmdale tonight, I'm Michael Brownlee, Fox 11 News.
All right, now we've gotten the mother's number.
We're going to be getting her on Sunday 4 to 6 when I'm on the Sunday Show or Monday.
We're going to be getting her on.
But there's no debating what happened here.
After the fact, days after they then arrest the girl, it wasn't enough to break her wrist with pleasure, to force her arm all the way back up to her head in front of witnesses.
There's video of it.
Now they've arrested the
Young man, the young student, who videotaped it, and his sister.
Because they're agreeing to give evidence.
And then they tell him, okay, we'll drop all this.
This is why they do this.
This is why when they get caught doing something wrong, they throw charges on everybody.
They'll tell the mama, they'll tell the daughter, they'll tell them, listen, you drop this, we'll drop our criminal charges.
Then we'll get an establishment lawyer,
And the establishment lawyer will take five, ten, fifteen grand from them and then just do a five minute plea bargain deal with the prosecutor and it'll all be dropped.
In some cases, they'll probably all end up on probation for having her arm broken for no reason.
That's the new America.
And in case you're doubting me, do you have the clip we played yesterday, John, where the officer pulls up to the guy who just pulled in, he turns his camera on, and the cop starts yelling and screaming at him, and says, I can frame you, I can make up all sorts of charges, I can say that you resisted or assaulted me.
Do you have that clip?
Now it's 12 minutes long, we can't play all of it, and we had to cut out a lot of cuss words, so here's some clipping, but here it is.
How we doing?
What's going on?
Why are you parking here?
It's a commuter lot, right?
Can I park here?
Yeah, yeah, but we have fouls at night time.
We're parking the cars.
Do you have any ID on you?
Excuse me, please.
Yeah, I do.
Did I do something wrong?
Hey, you're a suspicious vehicle right now.
I'm what?
You are a suspicious vehicle right now.
A commuter parking lot?
Yeah, you are.
Because we have car thieves in here.
So I can park right here?
Yeah, you're right.
You want me... You want to come out of the car?
Come on.
Come on.
Let me out of here.
You want to try me?
You want to try me tonight?
You think you have a bad night?
I'm going to ruin your night.
You want to try me?
Do you want to try me, young boy?
You want to try me tonight, young boy?
You want to go to jail for some f***ing reason I come up with?
You want to see who knows the law better?
Me or you?
My experience compared to your young a**?
If you ever get smart, I'm not going to cop again.
I'll show you what a cop does.
You want to scam me?
Try and talk back.
Talk back to me again.
Maybe I can say you resisted arrest or something.
You want to come up with something?
I can come up with nine things.
Do you want to try something?
Right here.
I'm going to give you a ticket for that.
Can you come up with some more?
When you turn again, you can use the turn signal.
Do you want to try some more?
Come on.
Give me an attitude a little bit more.
I dare you, I can guarantee I'd close this car by the time I'm done with you.
What, it's on you now?
Give me a little bit more lift.
Come on, boy!
Come on, boy!
Give me some more lift!
You're done?
You're about ready to get it.
You already started your attitude.
You think I'm a bad night boy?
Answer me.
I'll lock you up in the police office if you don't comply with the police officer's commands.
Alright, stop it right there.
You see, you gotta answer their questions or they'll charge you for not following command.
Whatever happened to the Fifth Amendment?
That cop doesn't know what it is, folks.
He also doesn't know why he's got $50,000 of credit card debt or why he's got an autistic son.
I'm just randomly saying that.
He doesn't know why his wife's going to get breast cancer.
He doesn't know why he's going to get testicular cancer because they implanted it in him.
The bosses you love, the government you love, cop, you should join the American people.
You should be honorable.
I mean, if a 19-year-old is a little sassy with you when you demand he answer questions, why didn't you just calmly sit there and assess the situation and learn to be a man and not dominate and bully people?
Well, now you've lost your job.
And now it looks like there's going to be some criminal charges because cops had to go on the local St.
Louis cop website on the message board and talk about killing this young man.
And now they've been videotaped stalking him in his house.
And now?
It's become a national issue, and there's criminal investigations on these cops.
And now it's in the newspapers in Missouri.
And you're going to keep being bad, I know.
Just like the criminals that run our government.
And because you're so self-righteous, and you make the good cops, which are the majority of police, look bad.
But when you got 20% of the cops or so that act like this, and from what I've seen,
That's a guesstimation, but it may be more, may be less, but it's 20% or so that are completely nuts, that are the wrong type of people to be cops.
In most good departments, because I've talked to a lot of retired police and current police, 20, 30, 40 years ago, they'd find out nutty hot rods pretty quick.
And people that like to bully and beat, and you would just be off the force, or you'd end up pushing paper.
Not anymore.
These guys go right to the top.
And it's getting caught on video when you punch a councilman in the back and then charge him because you want to cover yourself.
And now there's talk of criminal charges from the state.
I mean you can't, the video doesn't lie, you can't punch somebody in the back and then jump on them.
And you can't break a little girl's arm and then days after charge her cause mama, and then start charging camera men.
You can't do it.
Alright, shifting gears.
I got a bunch of economic news that ties in with the global warming tax, but oil prices rise as dollar falls.
This is the first time I've seen a headline that tells it like it is.
How many years?
The last three years of doubling, now more than doubling, gas prices.
I continue ad nauseum to state something that anyone would have a brain to figure out.
I'm not a rocket scientist.
If the dollar is devalued by 30%, oil prices are going to go up by 30% for you and I. Energy cost.
If the dollar is devalued by 40%, it's going to go down.
Whether you use coal, fire, electricity, or natural gas, or oil turned into gasoline, it's going to go up by 40%.
If the dollar drops by 64% from 2000 levels versus the euro,
Then your gas prices are going to go up 64%.
It's called inflation.
And that's why they're talking about a national average by Christmas of $4 a gallon.
And then they're saying a ceiling a year after that of $5.
Capping out at around $8 per gallon.
Here is the headline.
Here is Veritas.
Here is truth.
Oil prices rise as a dollar falls.
The dollar's drop is drawing buyers into energy markets, sending oil above $83 a barrel.
As the dollar falls, cars cost more.
Milk costs more.
Education costs more.
Medical costs more.
Food costs more.
Cost more.
This is a hidden tax that Congressman Ron Paul has been talking about for 25 years.
I mean, the dollar was already devalued by 90 plus percent a decade ago.
It is now devalued by 99 plus percent from what it was when the Federal Reserve took over in 1913.
But just in the last seven years,
We have seen the vast majority of that devaluation.
That is devaluation we actually feel in prices.
We have all been swindled.
And you're not going to hear the financial shows, the Clark Howard's and the Dave Ramsey's talk about this.
It'll all be about how you were dumb and how you now get out of debt.
That's like telling you to get out of the grave after you're already a skeleton.
There's no discussion about who did this, so they blame it on credit card companies, which are just one foot of the international banking cartels.
It's the private central banks that issue the credit, it's the private central banks that make the announcements, it's the private central banks that control the markets, and it's said we're going to have all this credit flowing.
And the credit card, the counselors, the debt counselors,
In the colleges and high schools saying, take credit cards.
The counselors help sign you up with them.
Talk about not needing enemies when you got friends like that.
And the parents just oblivious watching their sitcoms, getting drunk, stumbling around, your kids are off being fed on by sharks, your loving government.
Oh, the university wouldn't scam you!
So, there it is.
An accurate article.
Oil prices rise as dollars fall.
You see, there's been lawsuits, it's been come out in documents, it's been all over major newspapers, but back of the paper.
You'd have to read financial publications to find it.
Wall Street Journal, Times of London, Financial Times.
For 40 years, the central banks have artificially suppressed gold.
Why have they done that?
So they could buy it cheaper.
How they do that is they go out and they trade with each other.
The central banks are all owned by a handful of families.
They control the central governments.
They issue the currency and credit.
They own the money machines, literally.
And one of their biggest scams is they will, when gold starts going up, they will sell gold to each other at 10, 15, sometimes 20 percent under spot.
Why would they even sell gold, and it never even moves, in the huge vaults from New York to Zurich to London to Paris to Moscow to Peking to Tokyo and Kyoto.
They will put a card, literally, on, cards look like, I've seen them on television, look like the cards that you put out at your table for your number where they bring your food.
Put cards on top piles of bricks saying who owns it, and then that drives down prices.
They can't do that anymore, folks.
Gold went to an all-time high now of $740 plus today, and Ted Anderson is waiting in the wings for about four minutes.
Ted Anderson has gold at last week's prices.
Okay, with numismatic collector's value near spot.
You're getting collector coins at near bullion prices.
In fact, at bullion prices for a lot of places you can't get gold right now.
He has it in stock, and that's why we brought Ted up.
Ted, a lot is happening.
A new low for the dollar.
The AP also reports.
Can you believe they've finally been honest and didn't claim it was a refinery breaking in the Gulf of Mexico or the United Arab Emirates or an Easter Bunny sneaking around an opossum patch?
I mean, they're now admitting it's the dollar.
That's why the prices are going up.
Well, it's obvious.
Well, you've got Alan Greenspan going off and spouting off at these various different talk shows and so on and so forth.
Obviously, the dollar is falling in value.
When you have a credible source like that... Yeah, Greenspan, who normally comes out once a year or something, is all over television, making the rounds, bad-mouthing our currency.
I mean, if that isn't obvious, trying to kill us, I don't know what is.
Well, that's what's going on right now.
I mean, that handwriting is on the wall.
If you're in paper at all, wake up.
Wake up.
That's all I can tell you.
Bush is literally, and the New World Order is literally, jumping on the bubble, trying to pop it, with hatred and foaming mouth glee, and the neocon yuppies are stumbling around still worshipping him.
Well, you know what, Alex?
People are going to wake up.
It's going to be like Argentina.
They're going to wake up in the next morning, and it's going to be like 40% less the dollar is going to be.
It's going to go that fast.
That's what happens when they have way too much debt.
They can't pay the interest on the debt.
They can't pay the principal.
And the only way to do it is by monetizing through the Federal Reserve System.
They're pumping money into the system.
Now they call Benarki B-52 Benarki because he's dumping so much money into the system.
It's like a bomber just throwing money out of the plane and it's floating in the air.
It hasn't been seen, even in this country, inflationary.
We had a depression because they cut credit off.
And remember, two months ago, the big central banks cut the credit off.
They issued it, got everybody extended and addicted to more, and then they cut it off just like 29.
But where it's different is, we're in a deeper debt versus savings ratio, a massive negative rate on average, and here is the key, ladies and gentlemen,
The dollar is plunging in value at the same time, so we're going to have hyperinflation.
You add that together with no manufacturing jobs and the fact that we're so deeply in debt.
My God, Ted.
It's terrible right now.
There's no question about it.
There are so many economic indicators.
It's financial Armageddon.
It is.
Right now, we're sitting right on the edge.
I shouldn't even say it.
We're already falling off the cliff.
The United States dollar is doomed.
It will no longer be a world currency.
And when you don't have world currency status, you can't deficit spend.
This country doesn't know how to not deficit spend.
It's ridiculous.
The position we put ourselves into in the past, you're talking about the central bank.
You told folks to buy gold when it was $300 an ounce.
It's simple.
They didn't listen.
I'm every week buying a coin or so, whatever I can.
People are off their rocker insane if they don't call Minus Resources right now.
Tell them about the two coins.
Oh, we got two coins right now.
The British Sovereign right now is at $195 per coin.
Now, mind you, that's a quarter ounce gold piece.
Gold right now is $744 an ounce.
Most indicators and most specialists that are in this market are saying that this will not quit, will not correct until we hit $800.
Now, let's be clear.
That is bullion prices.
Almost at melt.
With numismatic collector value heaped on top, Ted, you literally do this as a special.
You literally, I think you were telling me to make like five dollars a coin or something.
Folks, Ted is doing this literally to get new customers, to give you a great deal.
This is a fire sale special.
Ted got great deals on these coins a few weeks ago at lower prices.
You are getting this at last week's, two weeks ago's prices, 800-686-2237.
Tell them the two coins.
Yeah, we also have the $10 Olympic coin, and that one is trading at $550, and that has a little bit of a premium, but it's made by the U.S.
Mint as collector under Franklin Delano Roosevelt's confiscation order.
This coin would have been completely exempt, just like the sesquitennial was in 1926.
Now again, so you have that Olympic collector at a great price, but again, it's British sovereigns at near melt.
Yeah, Alex, you can't buy coins at melt.
You go to gold dealers right now, they don't even have supply because everybody's bought up what they have.
We have these sitting here in stock, and they're at $195, multiply it by 4, do the math, you can see, it's right almost at melt.
You can't
You can't get any closer than that.
It's a great bye, Alex.
Ted, I meant to only have you for a part of a segment, but stay there.
I want to talk more about where you see all this going on the other side.
Give them a call, folks, or you're nuts!
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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The dollar doesn't want to die.
The world doesn't want to get rid of it.
But its steward, the Federal Reserve, Bernanke, and Greenspan, and Paulson,
Are all running around saying it's going to implode, saying it's going to be replaced with the Euro.
America has to fall for the New World Order to rise.
And they had to get us dependent.
They had to get rid of our industry first, overrun us with foreigners who are anti-American, many of them.
Deindustrialize us to get control of us.
That's the name of the game in serfdom and feudalism.
Before your dollars are toilet paper, I would move, personally, myself, a large portion of any savings you've got, for the few people out there that aren't in total debt, into gold.
And I just wish I had more capital to get into gold, but I've got a little bit of the years I saved.
Tell them it's the Alex Jones special, specifically, for Ted's 10 or 11 brokers.
He's got there to answer
The phone.
Great people.
Very intelligent.
Tell them you want the British Sovereign.
Tell them you want the 1984 Olympic.
The British Sovereign is just an out-of-this-world deal.
The Olympics are a great deal, too.
They're both fabulous.
I would get both.
And it is Midas Resources right in the same building as Genesis.
Ted, back in the late 1990s, was the biggest sponsor of Patriot Radio out there.
And he's the guy that started Genesis, and he is just a great guy, and all the advice he gave has come through.
Ted, in closing, people are scared right now.
I mean, I'm really freaked out.
I had a guy I was debating last week make fun of me when I said I've been waking up at night upset and stuff.
I mean, I really... I'm going to ask you just a cold question.
I don't know if it's... Have you woke up concerned?
I mean, I'm not the type of person that wakes up concerned.
And remember, I said six months ago, I'm feeling something.
I'm really worried.
I just feel something's coming.
And I'm never like that.
And then they start talking about killing the economy, and they're clearly trying to kill it.
I mean, they're bastards, man!
They got us totally sold on globalism, totally got us dependent,
You can see them set up the police state so we revolt against what they're going to do.
They'll crush us.
What do we do, Ted?
Well, the thing is, Alex, the handwriting is on the wall.
I mean, a few years ago, if the dollar started to fall, the central banks around the world would try to gather together to try to prop it up and start buying it.
Right now, they're trying to get rid of as much as they can as quickly as they can whenever there's an opportunity.
Foreign nations are getting away from the United States dollar.
We're heading towards second world status.
You're right.
We've been set up.
And now when everything falls apart for us, they're going to be the ones that are going to be coming in with the white robes on trying to rescue us with their new... And I've got neocons on our message boards and on Digg and stuff going, Ha ha!
Alex said the economy was going to implode a few months ago.
It hasn't!
Yes, it is imploding, you idiot!
A couple months is a blink of an eye.
They're saying next year, by the middle of next year, is when it's really going to hit.
Well, what do you call an implosion?
If the United States dollar right now is hardly worth as much as a Canadian dollar, what does it take to implode?
For 60 cents, we used to get one Canadian dollar.
For one dollar, we used to get a Euro.
The economy is imploding.
People are unemployed right now.
And to give people an idea of how far it's fallen, we used to be above everybody, about 25% or so.
So it's not just the 40% drop against the Canadian or the pound.
Then you've got to add that other 20, the lead we used to have.
Alex, the real estate market's falling apart.
I know, I know.
It's all red level.
We're not kidding.
Give them a call.
Tell them it's the Alex Jones special.
They also got a free Jerome Corsi report on all this.
Ted, thanks for coming on and stay there.
I want to talk to you during the break because I can't ever get ahold of you so I can get some.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Oh my gosh, ladies and gentlemen, these are the times that test us.
These are the times that really upset us.
And neocons and people out there can snicker and make jokes, and that's what makes me so mad.
I hear Limbaugh laughing and joking.
I hear his followers laughing and joking.
I hear the liberals laughing and joking.
I mean, establishment types.
I see them, I read them, praising Hillary, praising Obama.
I mean, give me a break.
They're all bought and paid for by the same people.
How many times do you have to get scammed before you wake up?
This is not rocket science.
Criminals run things.
They're completely out of control.
They brainwashed a lot of the cops so they can beat us and break our arms and treat us like slaves.
Good cops that don't want to do it get run off the force.
Corruption is just rampant.
They want to start World War III.
Our own government and the Federal Reserve, the private banks that own it, are openly trying to kill our economy.
And I'm freaked out.
And AP finally admits the truth.
Oil prices rise as dollar falls.
What an incredible, incredible, incredible headline.
You're like, well, we hear that every day on your show for years.
We know that.
I know, but for them to admit it.
And they're always saying that some refinery had a problem, or a mouse fell into the, you know, the... refinery, or a Tweety Bird flew over, or... Oh, there was a problem in Saudi Arabia.
They've always got some stupid excuse.
It follows the dollar exactly!
If your dollar isn't worth as much, oil's gonna cost more!
And AP admits it.
And what is the government's answer to all of this?
And later, about 30 minutes after Ron Paul's office joined us to talk about the great debate last night, and how Ron Paul won it and got standing ovations, I have probably, it's got to be 10 articles a day, I mean there's probably more today.
So that's 50 articles this week.
With the Pope, and the Buddhist, and the Dalai Lama, and
Schwarzenegger, and Bush now, and the Democrats, and the Republicans, and the NFL, and the National Baseball League, all of them, the National League, I mean, they're just all saying, we're doomed, we're dead, TV ads, we're humans, we're viruses, wall-to-wall hysteria, we've got to fix it, and they're not just saying we want a global carbon tax.
They're saying we're going to... and this is in the U.S.
If you've got over a 3,000 square foot house, and that's the start.
Oh, that's the start.
You better believe it.
By the time they're done, it'll be a 400 square foot apartment.
A rat hole.
They're saying they're going to tax that.
Anything that has plastic in it, they're going to tax.
I mean, they're proposing hundreds of taxes.
States are passing taxes right now in the U.S.
It's just a human wave, North Korean-style attack.
Or an Iranian human wave like the Iraqis face, where they just rush you.
I mean, it's just, I can't even report on it all.
It's just, oh my gosh!
It's just hitting us from every angle like nothing I've ever seen.
And Bush comes out and says it's a major crisis, we've got to have taxes for it now.
I mean, federalization, total control over locals.
Now they're announcing that the EPA
Is it just, I saw this this morning, then I heard Brownfield talking about it.
Is it just going to go after endangered species now?
It's going to be species they say are vital.
Like carrion beetles.
That are just everywhere, running all over the place.
I've seen them all over Texas.
I mean, pretty soon they're going to say cockroaches are endangered, or are vital.
I mean, this is just...
I've got to collect my thoughts on it, but I know I mentioned it here and there, but I want to really get into it today.
Jesse Benton from Ron Paul's office is going to join us.
We're going to talk about Ron Paul winning the debate hands down yesterday.
Stay with us.
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It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today on InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I know this nation has a military that loves this country.
And the people that are fighting in this fraudulent war believe they're doing it for the right reason.
That's why over 70% of them are against the war now.
In major Gallup polls of active duty troops in Iraq, 75 plus percent now.
Approaching 80, up from 71 last year.
And I know most of our police men and women are great people who love this country.
A lot of them have been brainwashed, though, into what their role is by the globalists.
History repeats itself.
But bottom line, we're all in this together.
I don't care if you're Hispanic, black, white, a cop, a fireman, a school teacher, or the communications director and head of media for Ron Paul, we're all in this together.
And the congressman
Last night at a debate, a presidential debate, absolutely blew everybody's socks off.
He was getting standing ovations.
I would say that he was easily getting, in some cases, ten times the applause of anyone else.
I mean, it was like, just off the charts.
They were going wild.
Ron Paul calls for an end to the war on drugs.
Up on JonesReport.com, Congressman Ron Paul called for an end to the drug war.
And let's dig this up, folks.
Let's get this number one on dig.
And the repeal of most federal drug laws last night during a PBS Republican presidential debate hosted by Travis Smiley.
Now, Clinton expanded it.
expanded it.
Bush Jr.
Bush Jr.'
's expanded it.
And we have double the cocaine
Triple the heroin on our streets from 1990 numbers.
And more people in prison!
We have quadrupled that number.
So it's working wonderfully if you want a police state and everybody in prison.
And they know that.
And Ron Paul, and then we're going to go to Jesse Benton, who I really appreciate joining us, but I want to set this up for him.
We've already spent over $400 billion since the early 1970s, and it's wasted money.
Probation didn't work.
Prohibition on drugs doesn't work.
It's like alcohol prohibition, tripled alcohol use, corrupted the police, and tripled the size of the mafia.
That's government numbers.
Ron Paul cited the unfair disparity between the relative percentage of black drug users and blacks in prison for drug use.
We have the federal numbers.
He called for equal justice under the law, giving example of the system's race-based punishments.
Blacks make up 14% of those who use drugs, yet 36% of those arrested are blacks, and it ends up with 63% of those who finally end up in prison are blacks.
Isn't that amazing?
14% of the population, 36% of drug arrest, but 63% of the population in the prison.
This has to change.
We don't have to have more courts and more prisons.
We have to repeal the whole war on drugs.
It isn't working.
By the way, he's a medical doctor.
And then it goes on from there, and you can watch clips of it up on JonesReport.com.
Jesse Benton, thanks for sitting through that, but I tell ya, now big publications, MSNBC is saying he is a phenomenon, people are now saying he could win the nomination, but the Republicans are trying to block him at every front.
Jesse Benton.
Well, it's great to be with you, Alex.
Thanks for having me on today.
Thank you.
You were there at the debate.
You covered it.
Give us your on-the-scene view versus what we saw on television or add to anything I've said.
I think you saw a lot of what I saw there, Alex.
I think you saw Ron Paul delivering a message of freedom and liberty that really resonates with people and resonates with people of all races, all demographics, all socioeconomic backgrounds.
I guess one thing that you didn't see was the really strong positive reaction from journalists and bloggers of color back in the spin room.
I mean, it was almost a real phenomenon back there.
We had dozens and dozens of people lining up and waiting in line for 45 minutes just to talk to Ron, just to ask him one question to get it on their blog.
It was just an amazingly positive response.
You know, Iran's delivering a message that, unfortunately, so many people of color don't get to hear very much.
And, you know, when they heard it and they really responded, it really seemed to resonate.
Yeah, I've never seen Ron Paul get anything near this response at a debate, and it shows what political studies have shown.
Blacks are very conservative, very libertarian, they hate the welfare state, it has literally been crammed down their throats, and they are tired of it, and literally, Americans, not just blacks, but all Americans, want to come off the reservation, don't they, Jesse?
I think they do.
I think you're absolutely right.
You know, when people hear these ideas of liberty, freedom, sound, money, limited government, it might take a few times to stick, but after people get to hear a few times, you know, they go, wow, this is something that really is appealing, really is powerful, and they realize that it really can work if Americans stick together and bond together and get behind someone like Ron Paul.
What's coming up this weekend?
This is an important weekend for the campaign.
This is a big weekend Alex, I'm glad you asked.
This is one of the most important events that we'll have on our schedule all fall.
About 30 members of the Paul family are heading up to Manchester, New Hampshire to do a big canvassing walk in Manchester, Nashua and Concord.
We're hoping to get out as many volunteers as possible.
Hundreds of volunteers, thousands if possible.
Really just canvass these major cities because you've got about 80% of the population in these three cities that are all within 30 miles of each other.
You know, 80% of the population, if we get out a couple thousand people, get some great media coverage, really just bomb these cities, knock on doors, hand out literature, talk to people about freedom, hand them Ron Paul literature, that we could really see this have a demonstrable effect on polling.
And let's be clear, if we're going to be in a fight, we need to be in it 110%.
Listeners all over the East, don't wait for orders from headquarters.
You need to get out to the Ron Paul campaign.
You need to knock on doors.
You need to meet like-minded people.
You may meet your future husband, your future wife.
You want to meet patriots, you're going to meet them in this Ron Paul revolution.
I want to see you like piranhas.
Literally attacking New Hampshire with the Infowar, in there, literally setting fires in the minds of men and women there in the live free or die state.
Now is the time.
How can people coordinate with the campaign?
Well, they can go ahead and sign up through our website to RSVP to attend, or they can just go ahead and show up in Battery Park in Manchester on Saturday at 9 o'clock AM.
How's the Congressman doing with his incredible schedule?
Well, you know, he gets tired.
I will admit that.
You know, he's working hard and the staff, we're working very hard to try to make sure that we get him doing everything that he needs to do, but still get him some breaks and some time to work.
Yeah, I've never seen somebody 72 campaign like this.
No, I mean, I really haven't either.
And also, remember too, Alex, all the campaigning he's doing is combined with a very rigorous congressional schedule.
That's right.
He doesn't want to miss one vote.
He's in there fighting hard.
And folks, meeting and greeting, just for me, once a week or something is exhausting.
There is nothing more tiring than hardcore campaigning.
No, and you know, this is also a guy who is introducing a lot of substantive legislation.
The United States has to represent it.
I'm working hard there, too.
So, you know, if you want to see how hard Ron Paul worked for our country, if he's elected president, you should see how hard he's working right now for the people of the 14th District of Texas and for, you know, the people of America as he's running for president.
Well, they rewrote, and it later came out in court documents, Ron Paul's district to make him lose.
They gave it to liberal Democrat areas.
And then he won by, what, 64% last year.
And again, in mainly black districts.
And so it shows that this goes across party lines, and that the paradigm of left-right is being fractured.
I think so.
It is amazing to see how many progressive or self-identified members of the left are turning on and coming out and getting involved in Ron Paul 2008.
To be honest with you, I think the two issues are sound money.
They realize that both parties are
I don't think so.
They are reading about the New World Order.
They are apologizing for being brainwashed liberals.
A lot of conservatives are waking up to the Republican Party, too, right now.
And I'm not just putting a good face on this.
Jesse, are you seeing the same thing I'm seeing of just liberty exploding?
The message of liberty is just so powerful, as all the listeners of your show know.
And you're absolutely right.
And, you know, if you touch back on this war issue again,
I think so many conservatives are realizing that they went off the reservation with this war, these six years of aggressive foreign policy that is not the conservative American tradition.
And then the liberals who elected Democrats in 2006 to end this war are just sick of what Democrats are giving them, which is just petty partisan politics over this war.
And, you know, I think just so many Americans are ready to return to a constitutional foreign policy, to bring our troops home, strengthen our national defense, secure our borders, and that is something that just about every American of good common sense would agree on.
Ninety-one percent in Gallup poll.
Ninety-one, that's staggering.
Absolutely staggering.
And then the Republicans and Democrats claim, oh, it would be unpopular if we secured the borders.
It's not unpopular with anyone but the illegal aliens.
Oh, absolutely.
And, you know, maybe a handful of big corporatists that make money off of exporting illegal aliens and driving down wages for everyday Americans.
Well, there's no doubt.
If they couldn't put 30 million illegals up here as a steam valve, there would have been a revolution in Mexico and that corrupt system would have been overthrown.
I think you're right.
There's no doubt that sociologists have looked at it.
Jesse, again, tell us again how people all around New Hampshire from New York, Vermont, New Jersey, I don't care if you're in Pennsylvania, drive a hundred miles, how do they come, where do they meet, what do they do this weekend?
Well, just check out our website, Ron Paul 2008.
Head to Manchester this weekend.
There'll be a rally in downtown Manchester at 9 o'clock.
Big, huge canvassing effort.
We're trying to get out thousands of people to canvass Manchester, Nashua, and Concord.
And is that 9am or 9pm?
9am Saturday.
9am tomorrow morning.
Don't waive your orders from headquarters.
Be part of the Second American Revolution.
And even if we don't win, which we could, even if we don't win, it gets the word out.
Donate at RonPaul2008.com.
Jesse, give them that phone number.
We've got the Congressman on next Tuesday, right?
All right, Jesse.
You do.
All right.
We really appreciate you and tell him I want to talk about the drug war and the upcoming deal with Iran.
God bless you.
Thank you very much, Alex.
There goes Jesse Benton.
When we get back, I'm going to get into...
The Open Bush, they're revolting too against us.
The New World Order is moving with a major counter-offensive against us to bring in a score of new draconian taxes that will have a social welfare spy aspect.
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A few months ago, a C-SPAN interview with Dick Cheney got
resurfaced, is the proper term, of him explaining why they didn't want to invade Iraq and why they didn't want to take over Saddam in 1991.
A new, longer video where he goes into more details come out.
I'm going to play that coming up in the next segment.
I've also got news like this in front of me.
African Archbishop says condoms deliberately infected with HIV.
Now, BBC always tries to make it look quaint and like these people are ignorant, but it's come out in Indian and African papers and medical scientists have found in the vaccines the AIDS virus.
They found it in, quote, fresh needles.
You've got countries with 45% infection rates with people who've never had sex or never had a blood transfusion.
They've had done studies.
All they've had is inoculations.
Well, of course, the globalists, we have declassified documents where they said through tainted drugs they wanted to do this.
So, uh, this is the endgame.
Archbishop says condoms are deliberately infected with HIV.
That's in Mozambique.
We have just so many stories like this today.
The hate crime bill, as you know, passed.
Bush says he won't sign it, but I don't believe that.
By that, I mean he may not, but I don't believe what Bush tells me.
We just don't know what's going to happen.
He said he wouldn't sign campaign finance reform.
He wouldn't sign the assault weapons bill, and then he said he would.
If it came to his desk, I mean, it's just, you can't believe a word he says.
But you can guarantee that there will be late night visits of gay porn stars.
That you can set your watch by there at the White House.
But then I get into these headlines.
Supports global tax.
Another headline.
Bush says climate change is real.
We must act now.
And I'm stalling here going from memory.
I'm trying to find them in the stack.
I thought during the break I should have... EU's alumni worried says... EU's alumni say worried by dollars fall.
Blackwater Guard and IREX had stopped shooting.
But that didn't matter.
Greenspan sees recession chances.
Less than 50-50, he tries to mix the news.
Shocking new revelations on 9-11 ground zero cover-up.
New citizenship exam emphasizes principles.
And this headline in the Oregon Register
Sounds like they're getting tough on immigrants, but when you read it, I knew what I'd see before I read it.
It said, oh, they don't have to get the answers right now, and it's more about geographic stuff and current things, not what the country's based on.
I knew I'd see that when I read the article.
It just never ends with these people.
Where is it?
I had the Bush thing here a minute ago.
Oh, it doesn't matter.
I got two of them right here.
I had more than that, though.
Washington changes its tune on climate.
Financial Times of London, the world must cut emissions or sacrifice the planet.
Condoleezza Rice, U.S.
Secretary of State, told a meeting of government on Thursday in the most strongly worded statement on global warming yet made by the U.S.
She told representatives of 16 governments gathered for talks on climate change in Washington, it is our responsibility as global leaders to forge a new international consensus on how to solve climate change.
And you can guess what the answer is?
Tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax.
Dump all the nerve gas you want in the ocean.
Dump all the fluoride you want in the water, kill all the fish, cut down all the trees, but just tax those slaves.
If we stay on our present path, we face an unprecedented, unacceptable choice.
Either we sacrifice global economic growth to secure the health of our planet, or we sacrifice the health of our planet to continue the fossil fuel growth.
As if we can't have growth through new technologies they're suppressing.
This is about consolidation and control.
She asked the government's president, which accounted for more than 80% of the world's greenhouse gas emitters, to agree on a long-term goal of emissions reduction, establish mid-term targets for the same, and to help develop markets for low-carbon technologies.
Her words reflected how far U.S.
rhetoric on climate change has moved in the past six months.
President George Bush rejected Kyoto and previously called into question the scientific
Informational global warming, and the U.S.
has been seen by other governments as holding up the process on international talks.
And it goes on to say that he has now warmed his rhetoric on climate, and now says that it is a serious issue to be faced.
And so Al Gore comes out and says, we need a global Marshall Plan, hundreds of new taxes, and in England, when we get back, I'll break it down,
They passed, years ago, blanket laws on how the government could regulate how you built or fixed your house.
Now they're saying, oh yeah, we're going to implement now.
You've got to pay huge fines to build anything new in your house, and you have to get approval from us on everything you do.
See, it's serfdom.
It's feudalism.
It's the king's agents, always bossing and prodding and jabbering at you.
And if you don't like it, they'll just break your arm off and charge you.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It leaves you, baby, if you don't care for it.
Did I disappoint you?
Or leave a bad taste in your mouth?
Alright, I'm going to get into the age story implanted in the condoms, BBC.
And whether that story's accurate or not, there's no doubt that it's a bio-weapon.
We've even got the documents from when the Navy developed it in the mid-70s, when they deployed it.
And we're going to get into Dick Cheney, for the neocon listeners out there, who think that he never said any of this.
We're going to play a new clip that's out from 1992.
This is a clip from, you've already heard the one from 2004.
Where he lays out everything we've said.
Common sense.
What the generals kept saying and being fired.
Because of the neocons.
They wanted to break Iraq down and didn't care if U.S.
They knew what would happen.
troops got killed.
So that is coming up.
You know, what would happen if they planned a war and nobody came?
Well, Gary Hart wrote that letter.
I mean, that's such a big deal.
And we just glaze over that.
Steve Watson writes an article for Infowars.net.
We've got quite a bit of attention, but not one one millionth of what it should.
All right, I'm already digressing.
I want to tell you about a couple sponsors, and I'll get into the rest of the global warming fraud news and the global tax, what it's really all about.
I know you know, but I want to give you a few new facets to it as we chronicle this developing saga.
But first off, Brave New Books, right here in Austin, Texas, carries all my videos.
But it carries more than a thousand other titles.
I mean, if there's a New World Order financial book, a book on the occult, a book on government-sponsored terror, I mean, they got it all.
And they got great prices.
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Go to InfoWars.com.
There's a big fat banner on the right-hand side.
Over to BraveNewBookStore.com if you missed it or forget it.
Their number is 866-516-6623.
That number again, 866-516-6623 or bradennewbookstore.com.
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They are fabulous folks and you need to check them out.
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And if you live in Austin, it's right down on the south side of the drag, right where it meets Martin Luther King.
You can't miss it.
It's just a pyramid being rammed down into the ground, upside down.
The New World Order going down, the international symbol, you can't miss it.
And also I want to tell you about the Liberty Dollar.
These are those Ron Paul rounds.
The Ron Paul, uh, they look like a silver dollar coin.
You've seen them, but they're gold.
And they've also got them in silver.
And it's precious.
I mean, it's nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, whatever it is.
And, uh, they're up there at ronpauldollar.net, ronpauldollar.net, or libertydollar.com.
Again, that's ronpauldollar.net.
Great collector's item.
They've got them in bronze slash copper.
It's an alloy.
Silver and gold.
888-LIB-DOLLAR or 888-421-6181 ronpauldollar.net.
And they've been around for a long time.
They are fabulous folks.
We really appreciate them being sponsors of this show.
And please support all of our sponsors.
I'm hiring new people.
I'm trying to expand every bit of capital that comes in here in the fight right now against the New World War because we're coming down on the homestretch here.
I'm expanding.
You know that.
That's why we just hired Kurt Nemo and he's built the WhatIsTheEndgame.com, EndgameTheMovie.com.
You can get there both ways or just link through it.
There's a banner there to the new site.
He built that.
Next Monday we're going to launch a new news website that we've been working on that's going to have
You know, message board, your own MySpace type accounts, but it's going to have a lot of other features, uploading video, audio, that's all being tweaked, but it's going to be a blog with news and Kurt's unique perspective and then other news up there, because we need more auxiliaries, we need more backup, we need more people with their perspective in the fight, and they need, and Kurt needs our support, so we're really happy to have him part of the team.
We're upgrading servers, getting more people on board, we are trying to support folks that have paid their dues, like Kurt Nimmo,
And so honored to have him joining the team, and that's where your support goes.
Back into the fight, ladies and gentlemen.
That's the treasure we're looking for, is bringing down the New World Order and surviving.
Our goal is to not have the CPS snatching over 1,000,004 children a year.
Our goal is to stop 9-Corps and Halliburton running child kidnapping rings.
Our goal is to bring criminals to justice and expose government-sponsored terror, so everyone knows what government-sponsored terror is, so they can't stage attacks anymore.
And by the way, 91% are against open borders.
75-plus percent of the troops, and even higher, upwards of 80, and other Gallup polls, the general public are against a war.
Congress has a 10% approval rating.
84% of Americans in an Angus and Reed Scientific Poll for the Wall Street Journal and ABC News believe they're being lied to about 9-11, as high as 66% in other polls believe it's an inside job.
Scientific polls.
See, we're having an effect!
And I don't give my enemies attention, but let me tell you, they're working double time.
I have never been under this level of attack.
Just everything you can imagine and more.
Big old monster on me and all I can do is hold on and stab him as many times as I can.
I can't, I'm too far into this turnaround now, past the point of no return a long time ago and all I can do is just keep stabbing for dear life folks.
Just jamming that dagger right into the new old order stomach as fast and furious as I can.
It's like a big bear biting on my head.
It's got its claws in me and I'm just jabbing with every bit of adrenaline and force I've got right into its stomach.
And frankly, we need your support.
We need you to go to mfallwars.com and buy all the books and DVDs.
We need you to make copies of the films I've made.
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We need you to go crazy!
Because this is the time that getting wild, getting angry, getting upset, going and supporting Ron Paul, getting out in the streets... You know, Jimmy Vaughn.
Take Jimmy Vaughn.
Good friend of mine.
Blues legend.
And of course, a great blues legend in his own right, starting up the band that made his brother even so incredibly famous, Stevie Ray Vaughan.
And he'll go up to Dallas, Fort Worth, here in Austin, bring his whole huge band, paying them all for Ron Paul, doing it, the time, the energy, giving them money.
I do the same thing.
You can't count on others to do it.
And I just see all the people out there, the artists,
We're good to go.
I can see the action you're taking and I want you to know it's that ideal, that courage, that liberty beating in the breast that cannot be turned around, that cannot be stopped.
If you know you're going to have the victory, if you want it, if you just set your teeth
And, you know, set your jaw and just fire up the energy.
Fire up the will.
Fire up your spirit.
Stop being weak.
And just throw this wicked spell off of you that the new rulers got on you and just shake it off.
Just shake it off, folks!
Just shake it off.
The analogy of a movie would be Grimer, Wormwood, and Lord of the Rings.
Well, it's in the second one, and he's got the king all lookin' a hundred years older than he is, and... I am weak!
Then he wakes up out of it, and he's, you know, fifty years younger, and got all his energy back, and Grimer's like... I mean, that's basically what they've done to America.
Oh, I better not get involved.
They might get me.
Like, my neighbor, something bad might happen.
This is time to be reckless, folks.
And by reckless, I don't mean go out and throw them all off cocktails.
I mean, it's time to just get wild.
It's time to start yelling at red lights, tune into this radio station, KLBJ 590, 1330, KCXL, WBCR, stations all over the country, up in Wyoming and Utah, everywhere else, I can't think of them all.
It's time to
Alright, I wanted to cover news.
I'm now ranting.
It's just, look, it's not about Alex Jones.
It's not even about the news I cover here.
Most of you know more about the stuff than I do.
I mean, look at the PrisonPlanet.com forum.
The incredible articles that are written.
The incredible data pages that are written.
I don't have the personnel, though.
I keep telling Paul, go in there, grab all the stuff they're putting together, post it in article formats, and then if you want credit on the message board, post your name on there.
If you don't, we'll use your screen name and we'll say it from the Prison Planet Forum.
But Paul's so busy doing literally 16 hours of work a day that he doesn't have time to do it.
I'm going to try to have Nemo do that over at the news site.
I mean, it's just wall-to-wall craziness.
There's hundreds every week of new police brutality videos.
I can't even watch them or show them all.
Just the heads spinning with the amount of New World Order documents and more documents coming in where they openly say they want to kill us.
I mean, I guess there's too much evidence.
It's insane!
And this country literally is under a spell.
And I don't mean that in a hokey sense.
I mean, a spell.
You're hypnotized.
You're... It's an illusion.
It's an attitude.
It's a spirit.
It spreads.
I mean, you know, you can walk in a room and everybody's angry.
You can have a blindfold on and say, man, people are mad in this room.
Or you walk into a happy room, you can feel it.
I mean, there's something, you know, to that.
Whether it's pheromones or whatever.
Well, that spreads out in the public.
The cowardice, the fear, the greediness, the backstabbing, the avarice, all of it.
But they're announcing, and I can't believe how fast they're moving.
I mean, I'm amazed.
It's just, the quickening, the acceleration is faster than I can even enunciate.
Pronunciate to you.
That I can even get across.
They're openly talking, well all over the country, Bush is grabbing another 24 million acres off limits.
They're now saying hundreds of species are quote, vital species.
They're not even endangered.
They don't even need that now.
They just say, oh we say it's vital.
No ranching, no farming, no building, no wells.
No, they are $50,000 fines for beetles that aren't even endangered.
Worms, birds that aren't endangered.
What, 7,000 tasers just ordered by the park services?
They just a few years ago got M-16s and rocket launchers.
I mean, they're going to war against us!
Just wild land grabbing everywhere, and farms and ranches being taken, and people being harassed, and new environmental cops, and a battery falls out of your trash can in your backyard, five years in prison, and cameras to watch people in the parks, and surveillance everywhere, and they're going to have huge taxes, those have now been proposed in Congress, a huge federal property tax.
Yes, a property tax on top of all the other taxes starting at 10% a year on 3,000 square foot and bigger homes.
And that's how they started, of course.
It always starts like that.
Like the income tax was, you know, 2% for people that made more than a million a year in the 40s.
And then they changed it to everybody in a few years.
Same thing here.
And I mean, I'm reading this.
I have the mainline articles.
It's going to be a global Marshall Plan.
He says a global governance to deal with the crisis.
We need cap-and-trade taxes.
We need these credits.
You still, quote, use the fossil fuels.
You just go pay government or pay corporations that have done deals.
And then corporations get to bid and buy up all the resources and cap-and-trade.
I mean, it's a monopoly
Man's dream.
And then they say they're going to tax, and this is already starting in England, people who have more than one child.
That is the one-child policy.
That's how it started in the early 70s and became law in 81 in China.
First it's, oh, it's a tax, and then, oh, China.
I just watched a video last night of China on national Chinese TV and then translated into English.
Ratifying official law of Agenda 21 is their official law.
Zones, control... I mean, folks, it's all happening!
It's... Let me explain something.
We always heard the old-timers say it was coming.
We saw the incrementalism.
That's out the window now, folks.
There's no incrementalism now.
Thumb scanners are going in all the big tanning salons, the grocery stores, the banks, the gyms.
For most employees at major companies, face scanners, drug testing for everyone.
Illegal aliens, though, don't have to have a driver's license.
New York City.
Just everything wall-to-wall, double standards.
They're now saying, under the new Freedom Initiative, all children will get three CPS visits a year.
First, it was only kids in Head Start.
They're now talking about putting half the kids on drugs, not 20%.
Mainstream news.
It's just, it's literal Armageddon.
But people don't know because they've been incrementally brought into it.
And now,
Even if you've got a frog in a frying pan and it's kind of warm at first and he's sitting there, pretty soon it gets to a flash point where his hind end sticks to the pan.
And, I mean, we're at the point now where we're feeling the pain and they're just getting over us and going, terrorist will get you if you don't do what we say, terrorist will get you if you don't do what we say, terrorist will get you if you don't do what we say, and they're trying to intimidate us and bully us.
They're trying to tell us to shut up!
Folks, if we shut up, they win!
Again, people all the time email me and call me, oh, you have such courage, oh, you're so great.
Let me explain something.
I am an average person.
Average height, average strength, average intellect, average IQ.
I just found out the truth, and I've got my instincts in order.
And there's elites saying they want to kill me and my family and want to poison me, and I read all these official documents, and then, am I going to give my children vaccines?
Absolutely not!
You trust these people?
You know, they call them ignorant Africans because they won't take the shots now.
And the villagers that do that, nobody gets AIDS.
I mean, I'm just like one of those, quote, ignorant Africans, as the media says.
Somebody starts talking about how they want to kill me, I'm not going to be their friend.
I mean, it's real simple.
And I know one thing, you lay down to a bully, they're going to run all over you.
I mean, it really just comes down to that.
I'm just not going quietly into the night.
People want to try to run over me, I'm going to stand up to them.
Because I don't have a choice!
I can't get out of the way!
There's nowhere to run!
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today on InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
George Bush and his father are literally minions of the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation.
They were brought up by it, brought into power by it.
They constantly funded the United Nations to expand.
Bush signed back onto UNESCO that Ronald Reagan got us out of.
We're under UN regulation again.
Our schools, federal government, all of it.
It's an international treaty bundle.
And I would tell mainline conservatives that, and they'd laugh.
George is a conservative boy, and he's not about to be part of that Kyoto-er.
And I'd say, oh, well, the Kyoto-er, as you call it, the Kyoto Protocol, is just one plan.
They're coming out with a whole bunch.
And yes, here's all these different government documents, Security Council documents.
Here's Henry Kissinger, basically still runs the White House, authoring all the plans in 73.
And they're like,
Kissinger, Schmissinger, is that what them black little helicopters, are them the ones that are going to do it?
Well, here it is.
AP, Reuters, Financial Times of London, Drugs Report, everywhere.
Taxes on how big your house can be.
Taxes on your car.
And now I'm seeing conservative diggers and redditors and all these big sites, huge sites.
Because you can click on their profile and they're, let's nuke Iran, let's kill everybody, I love torture, I love the new world order, it's conservative, kill, kill, kill, and then it'll all be global warming's real, we gotta do something about it.
I mean, is there nothing you won't do?
Oh, I said I'd play Cheney.
Here's Cheney a few
The Cheney of a few months ago we played.
This is him, right after the Gulf War, on C-SPAN, talking about why we didn't go all the way to Baghdad in 1991.
Here it is.
Do you think the U.S.
or U.N.
forces should have moved into Baghdad?
Why not?
Because if we'd gone to Baghdad, we would have been all alone.
There wouldn't have been anybody else with us.
It would have been a U.S.
occupation of Iraq.
None of the Arab forces that were willing to fight with us in Kuwait were willing to invade Iraq.
Once you got to Iraq and took it over and took down Saddam Hussein's government, then what are you going to put in its place?
That's a very volatile part of the world, and if you take down the central government in Iraq, you can easily end up seeing pieces of Iraq fly off.
Part of it, the Syrians would like to have to the west.
Part of eastern Iraq, the Iranians would like to claim and fought over for eight years.
In the north, you've got the Kurds, and if the Kurds spin loose and join with the Kurds in Turkey, then you've threatened the territorial integrity of Turkey.
It's a quagmire.
It goes on, and when we come back, I'll play a four-minute clip, then we're going to get Larry Beecroft on a longer clip of him a few years later, and this is also from C-SPAN.
Now, all that happened was the Pentagon adopted a 1983 Israeli plan to break Iraq in three pieces, to de-industrialize it, and then to export sectarian violence throughout the region to start World War III.
Now, that's official.
P-2-O-G, a bunch of other documents, it's now been in the news.
But again, back of the paper, but you can go find it.
And they said, well, yeah, that's great.
We'll tell people we're going in there to bring them democracy and freedom and mom and apple pie and baseball.
They go in, they put radical mullahs in.
It goes from being a secular state to being under Islamic rule, which is what the British did.
Most of the Middle East was secular.
They were under the Ottoman system, but they were pretty secular.
It was pretty mainline, and they liked Western stuff.
And the British went in and funded radical Muslims to overthrow all those governments and put them in place.
And that's for folks that have read history books from what happened from World War I into the 30s, but it's easier just to believe gun control is conservative and open borders is conservative and a tripling of the size of the federal government is conservative and legalizing illegal aliens is conservative and pushing for one world government is conservative and global taxes and
Okay, fine.
I'm a liberal then.
I'm pro-gun.
I'm liberal, huh?
I guess I really am liberal.
I mean, I'm a classical liberal.
I'm liberal.
I want you all to have guns.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Constitutional Lawyer, Law Scholar Larry Becraft coming up in the next segment.
From Louisiana to Nevada,
California to New York.
They're prosecuting people for tax evasion.
They go to jury trials and the government's losing.
Nine people found not guilty earlier this week in Nevada, in Las Vegas, for tax evasion.
Larry Becraft coming up.
You see, instead of throwing Moloff's cocktails and having shootouts with the feds, we're just going to go out and show them how it's an offshore corporation.
We're going to go out and show them how it's a private arm, the Federal Reserve, with all the official documents.
And how it's all a big scam.
And quote Ronald Reagan to the jury, admitting it, and it's over!
That's how you win hearts and minds, just like Burma.
They killed at least 10 monks, machine gunned them.
Monks didn't fight back, now Burma looks totally horrible and the coup may get thrown out.
But if those monks would have fought back,
They'd have got what they wanted.
And I'm not saying there isn't a time.
When you're about to go to a FEMA camp and there's soldiers about to rape your children, you know, you gotta defend yourself.
And that's the time for defense.
But you gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run.
Here's Dick Cheney on C-SPAN.
This is a new clip that surfaced back in the early 1990s, years after.
I got the two clips mixed up.
Which one is this?
This is from 94 or 92?
This is the 92, okay.
We just played the 94.
Here's the 92.
Very realistic and sobering presentation by our Secretary of Defense.
We have some simple questions.
Why didn't we bury Saddam Hussein when we had the chance?
That's a question that I'm frequently asked.
Let me spend a minute on it, Ted, because it's an important subject.
At the end of the war in the Gulf, when we made the decision to stop, we did so because we had achieved our military objectives.
That is, when we decided to halt military operations.
Those objectives were twofold, to liberate Kuwait, and secondly, to strip Saddam Hussein of his offensive military capability, of his capacity to threaten his neighbors, and we'd done that.
There's no doubt in my mind, but what we could have gone on to Baghdad, and taken Baghdad, occupied the whole country.
We had the 101st airborne up on the Euphrates River Valley about halfway between Kuwait and Baghdad.
And I don't think from a military perspective that it would have been an impossible task.
Clearly it wouldn't, given the forces that we had there.
But we made a very conscious decision not to proceed for several reasons.
In part, because as soon as you go to Baghdad to get to Saddam Hussein, you have to recognize that you're undertaking a fairly complex operation.
It's not the kind of situation where we could have pulled up in front of the presidential palace in Baghdad and said, come on Saddam, you're going to the slammer.
We would have had to run him to the ground.
A lot of places he could have gone to hide out or to resist.
It would have required extensive military forces to achieve that.
But let's assume for the moment that we would have been able to do it.
We've got Saddam now and maybe we put him down there in Miami with Noriega.
Then the question comes putting a government in place of the one you've just gotten rid of.
You can't just sort of turn around and walk away.
You've now accepted the responsibility for what happens in Iraq.
What kind of government do you want us to create in place of the old Saddam Hussein government?
You want a Sunni government or a Shia government?
Or maybe it ought to be a Kurdish government?
Or maybe one based on the Ba'ath Party?
Or maybe some combination of all of those?
How long is that government likely to survive without U.S.
military forces there to keep it propped up?
If you get into the business of committing U.S.
forces on the ground in Iraq to occupy the place, my guess is I'd probably still have people there today, instead of having been able to bring them home.
Stay there!
We're going to come back, play the last couple minutes of it and get Larry B. B. Crabb, constitutional scholar, lawyer on, talk about some amazing developments on the taxation front.
And, uh, I forgot to mention something about this little black girl who they broke her arm.
The security guards were not cleaning up all the cake that fell on the floor.
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I don't think so.
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After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
It's here!
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Okay, the editor of the Dixieland Law Journal, Larry Becraft, we've got a link to his website up on Infowars.com in the guest section or underneath the Ron Paul section with Jesse Benton today if you want to go see it with his different briefs and the things that he's dealt with over the years.
He is a constitutional scholar, constitutional lawyer.
He's won a lot of cases.
He is not Mr. Mythology.
I've been doing this for 15 years, 13 years on air.
And I have seen a lot of people end up going to prison because they believe they can put fake liens on people, and there's all these quacks who run these trusts, and they get patriots to sign stuff over to them.
I've had friends, I've said, don't do it, it's a scam.
They never listen.
They've got to experience it themselves first.
But I didn't get him on about that.
I've had him on before about patriot mythology.
We could do two hours on that sometime.
I like to not see people go to prison.
But again, when these good old boys call up, they never want to listen to you.
They've got to go to jail first.
And it doesn't even mean that some of their arguments aren't legitimate, but the system is criminal.
But before we go to Larry Becraft and talk about these great developments, the signs that people may be waking up, I wanted to finish up with Dick Cheney.
Here he is, this is in 92, C-SPAN, talking at a dinner.
Uh, about how we went to Iraq in 1991, it would be a quagmire.
Here he is.
Uh, if you get into the business of committing U.S.
forces on the ground in Iraq to occupy the place, my guess is I'd probably still have people there today, instead of having been able to bring them home.
We would have been in a situation, once we went into Baghdad, where we would have engaged in the kind of street-by-street, house-to-house fighting in an urban setting that would have been dramatically different from what we were able to do in the Gulf, in Kuwait, in the desert, where our precision-guided munitions and our long-range artillery and tanks were so devastating against those Iraqi forces.
You would have been fighting in a built-up urban area, large civilian population, and much heavier prospects for casualties.
You would have found as well, I think, probably the disintegration of the Arab coalition that signed on to support us in our efforts to eject the Iraqis from Kuwait, but never signed on for the proposition that the United States would become some kind of quasi-permanent occupier of a major Middle Eastern nation.
And the final point with respect to casualties, everybody, of course, was tremendously impressed with the fact that we were able to prevail at such a low cost.
Given the predictions with respect to casualties in major modern warfare.
But for the 146 Americans who were killed in action, and for their families, it was not a cheat for a low-cost... Alright!
And there's clip after clip coming out of him saying all this.
Neocons will then post on the web saying it isn't real video.
Cheney never said this.
That's how they childlessly deal with these issues.
But the policy changed, and they said, hey, we want to break up the Arab coalition.
We want to spread things, and we want Saudi Arabia to fully fall to the Wahhabis.
Then we'll have an excuse to go in.
We want Iran to have a war with the Wahhabis.
We want the whole thing in a quagmire.
I mean, they went from an evil new world order policy of setting that country up and attacking it,
To just genocide for 16 years and total evil.
Now 17 years.
Alright, I'm going to shut up about that.
I promise to get to that.
So there it is.
Larry Becraft.
Great guy.
And again, he's got a long website name.
It's http://home.hiwaay.net
Alex, it's a pleasure always to be a guest on your show.
Just 60 seconds.
First, please tell us about yourself, how you got involved in all this decades ago, and then kind of run through how the IRS is now losing case after case against individuals that they claim haven't filed.
And then this latest, nine people, 160 plus counts, found not guilty, or missed trials, or hung juries.
And just walk us through that, sir.
Well, my background is I grew up here in northern Alabama.
I live in Huntsville, Alabama.
Graduated from high school here in Huntsville.
Went to Samford University, which is a Baptist-supported school down in Birmingham, Alabama.
Graduated from there with a degree in economics.
Graduated cum laude.
Then I went over to Cumberland School of Law.
Spent three years there, and then I graduated in 1975.
Took the Alabama Bar Exam.
Ran into the movement about the mid-70s.
I don't know.
We've had victories and we've had defeats.
But the bottom line is, you've been giving fight for 30 years and we salute you.
Well, I appreciate that.
We salute you.
You're more vocal than anybody else.
Well, I try.
But I'd rather other folks be more vocal.
You know, it's scary to be out front.
The IRS, in just a few minutes before we get into this, what is it?
How does it operate?
Is it a fraud?
Should people pay or not pay?
Break it down.
Well, there's a lot of, you know, that's a very, very complex question.
You've got to take into consideration the background of all of this and what the government's done to, you know, kind of muddy the water about how this tax law operates.
If you want to get into that, we can spend maybe 10 or 15 minutes to talk about the background.
Well, I mean, I understand it's very complex, but give them just a taste and then let's get into what this means to see change to have them losing case after case.
Well, you know, the government spent a lot of years and a lot of propaganda, you know, telling the American public, gee, everybody owes the federal income tax.
It's amazing to me that I keep encountering all these people that, like Sherry Jackson, she used to work for the IRS.
She came along sometime right before 2000, heard about a $50,000 ad
Uh, a reward.
Who can show who's liable for the federal income tax?
He says, oh, that's an easy question to answer.
She spent a couple of weeks trying to find it because she wanted to collect a $50,000 reward.
She came up with a big zero and reached the conclusion that, hey, there's a lot of holes in the federal income tax.
And indeed, when you sit down and take a look at the federal income tax, there are just a lot of holes.
And that's the reason why
I think that people need to take a look at the tax laws, quit following the government propaganda.
You know, gee, everybody knows that this is crystal clear.
Those that don't pay are just a bunch of tax cheats.
You know, the American public is...
Brainwashed, if you will, or they've been educated otherwise, but if people will dig into the tax laws, you can find some amazing holes, and that's what I'd like to discuss over the next hour.
Well, they had those holes, so the big corporations didn't have to pay because they were offshore and running scams, and it's, you know, designed for the general public.
Plus, these idiots say, well, we wouldn't have a government without it.
Well, we sure built this country until the 40s without it.
You know, when this country got started out,
As a result of the Constitutional Convention, the federal government was designed to exist primarily off of indirect taxes and primarily what flowed across the border.
Taxes on customs and things of that nature.
Yeah, I think so.
They've been basically ruined because of the income tax.
I see where this country is going.
If we don't bring about some serious change real soon, as we go through this dollar collapse, the government is going to be taking more and more resources away from the people.
And as we go through this very economically troubling time in the next three and four years leading up to the
You know, blending of Canada, the United States, and Mexico together where we'll have the Mero.
As we go through that period, I think the American people are going to be raped.
And I think it's high time for the American people to take a look at what's going on around the world.
You know, quit having a comfort zone that's ten feet wide and start examining some of these real important issues.
Well, I agree.
When you read the actual IMF and World Bank policy reports, they say point blank that they designed the debt money system to totally consolidate all wealth into the hands of the elite, and that at our current debt rate for the nation, to issue currency they created, we're at almost $100 trillion, and that taxes will need to be at over 90% by 2015.
Now, folks, they're not going to be able to squeeze that out of us, but it's about total enslavement.
And we're in for some hard times, aren't we, Larry?
I have no doubt about it.
Last year, they quit publishing the inflation statistics in March of 2006.
Well, that was a prime indicator that when Ben Helicopter Bernanke got into his Fed chairman, he's a man that can hyperinflate.
And that's exactly what we're doing.
We've got these tremendous war expenditures.
We've got Congress coming along.
Hey, I just came back from Tucson.
And I looked at the map of all the highways they're going to build for the North American Union.
And I've been told that Arizona is getting something like $300 billion to build all these roads.
Everything that they're doing shows that they're going to be gearing up and trying to bring us into this North American Union.
They're going to spend a whole lot of money in the process.
We go through this period, there's going to be hyperinflation.
And if you take a look at every hyperinflation, you can go back to Germany in the 1920s, you can see that the people that lived in a society where there was hyperinflation, they suffered greatly.
And the big boys, you know, I just listened to a radio program yesterday when I'm driving around in my car, and they're talking about inflation and how the elites are already out of the Federal Reserve note.
They're in other currencies.
And so it's just going to be a commoner... Oh, Cheney dumped all of... The Vice President of the last four years dumped all his dollars.
That was in the news.
Wasn't that why we got a commercial break?
Yeah, and he got a house in Dubai, and Halliburton's moving to Dubai.
But he's red, white, and blue, though, boy.
He's a Republican.
Everything's fine.
George W. is going to save us.
By the way, we've got inside intel.
We're confirming it right now that Bill Clinton was at Bohemian Grove this year as the guest of former President Bush.
Isn't that sweet?
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This is a market alert from Midas Resources.
Since August 9th, the Fed has created and injected $200 billion into the financial markets to keep them afloat, ignoring the hyperinflationary hangover that is the sure result.
Data released by the New York Federal Reserve shows that foreign central banks have cut their stash of U.S.
Treasuries by $48 billion since late July, with falls of $32 billion in the last two weeks alone.
Could China be quietly dumping the dollar?
The quality of your life depends on the quality of your currency, and the quality of the dollar is poor, because the quantity is so high.
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Alright, Larry B. Graff.
This is a short segment.
We'll come back in a long one and get into more detail, but run through it.
I mean, Joe Banister, treasury agent.
Here's a radio show that says it's private, a fraud.
He goes and finds out it is.
He goes and tells them.
They say, yeah, just get out of here.
He was one of the armed agents, treasury agent.
Same thing with Jackson and throwing the book at her.
He was found not guilty.
A lawyer down in Louisiana just got found not guilty.
Cryer, who you're friends with.
Now nine people just got found.
I mean, what is... First, let's just generally talk about what this trend means.
Then let's get into something to tell in the next segment, Larry.
Well, I hope it is a trend, Alex.
You know, the American people are right now going through... Let's say it's the beginning, the dawn of a very troubling time in American society.
And perhaps, through the efforts of people like you, a lot of these people are beginning to wake up.
Now, a couple of years ago, when Joe Bannister, who used to be a former IRS special agent, you know, he was just on the inside carrying out the investigations of people that he called tax protesters, and arresting them, and having them indicted.
Well, he ran into the Tax Truth Movement, did some investigations, and said, hey, these people are not crazy.
They got some legitimate questions.
So he asked those same questions of his superiors, and he was told, hit the door, Jack.
Well, then shortly after that, he got involved with a man by the name of Al Thompson, who was in the Tax Honesty Movement.
Al quit withholding on his employers.
Ultimately, Al and Joe got indicted in a conspiracy.
Joe went to trial separately, didn't go to the trial at the same time that Al did.
Two friends of mine, Bob Bernhoff and Jeff Dickstein, defended Joe.
And the jury came back, hey, Joe didn't even put on a defense.
Their whole case was an attack upon the government's case.
He introduced a tape where Joe explained what he did with Al Thompson's employees.
And the jury came back and said, hey, Joe's not guilty.
Now, you know, there have been a number of victories over the years.
One of the first biggest cases that I got involved in was the Franklin Sanders conspiracy case.
It got started in December of 89 and there were 27 people that had been indicted.
We went to trial in January of 1991 and in July of 1991 of the 17 defendants that stood trial and 52 counts were to be decided by the jury.
The jury came back and acquitted everybody on everything.
That was probably one of the biggest tax trials in American history and I represented Franklin Sanders.
We've had a number of acquittals.
I've had a number of acquittals.
I represented here recently, back in about 2003, Vernie Kugler, the former FedEx pilot from Memphis.
She was found not guilty.
I forget the guy's name in Freedom to Fascism.
He's just a good old boy.
He's in there and he goes, and the agents, it's their videotape, and he's going, can you just show me a law, buddy?
No, we can't show you that.
Whitey Harrell is a case that involves the state of Illinois prosecuting him for state income tax violations, and he was introduced to videotape during that trial, and these agents couldn't point out where he was liable for the tax or required to file a return.
They had a real good lady that was a forelady on that jury, and she's been out speaking.
They returned a not guilty verdict against Whitey, and she's been around the country speaking about all this.
The government's got a lot to hide, Alex.
Well, they certainly do.
And again, there are hundreds of taxes we've had in the past.
This is a tax in the Communist Manifesto.
It says, get a central bank and then get an income tax to extract it.
This is the global system.
And the very commissariats that set up the Soviet system, this is mainstream history, are the same commissariats that set up our Federal Reserve.
And now they're the neocons, and I don't think the general public is aware of that, Larry.
No, they're not.
You know, I go around and conduct a little survey, you know, just with people I meet on the street, and you'd be amazed at how many people just, you know, they're good Republicans.
And they believe that, you know, if you come along and try to introduce this type of material to them, this type of thinking, you know, they've got a comfort zone that's at least ten feet wide, and if you try to invade that, they hate you.
You know, America's the best place in the world.
Hey, they're brainwashed.
But you know, I think things like 9-11, you go out and you try to talk to people about 9-11, their first reaction is, oh, they're opposed to all these conspiracy things.
But then when you start showing them pictures, they begin to change their mind.
You know, they get exposed to this stuff.
Hey, it's not all it's cranked up to be.
Well, the same thing happens with a lot of other areas.
You know, we had this recent tax trial.
Bill Cohen, a friend of mine out in San Diego, California, was representing this guy by the name of Care, and he was an employer out in Las Vegas that put his whole company on the gold and silver standard.
And when he did that, you know, let's go back to 2000, 2001, 2002, you know, Federal Reserve note was worth one twelfth of a silver dollar.
Stay there, we're going to be right back.
We're going to walk through this and explain how they tried to follow the federal law, the Constitution.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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And I was, hmm, wonder what that is?
And I stood there and said, turn a camera on in case they came in here.
And then they suddenly screeched out and drove around the corner and ran into some other buildings.
So, oh man.
Meanwhile, $4 trillion is missing from the Pentagon.
And if your car gets stolen or you get mugged, the cops won't even come out half the time now.
Used to they'd track down real criminals.
Now it's probably looking for drugs or something.
It just never ends.
But why would it be an FBI SWAT team?
We're going to Larry Beecraft here in just a minute.
It's just heaven help us.
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Okay, back to Larry B. Craft, who I really appreciate holding.
Check out his amazing constitutional scholar website.
Again, he's got a degree in economics.
Our little friends.
Hey, guys!
You found out what's going on?
Come tell me!
Oh, they don't hear me through the glass.
Ah, it's driving me crazy.
This doesn't normally happen.
Armed FBI running around on the street.
I normally keep my composure a little better.
I'm like, I'm a play-by-player.
I'm willing to know what's going on.
Aaron's videotaping.
I mean, he won't... Now he just went out the door again.
Hey, Mike!
Hey Larry, how you doing my friend?
I'm doing fine Alex, it sounds like you've got some problems in your backyard.
They're running around right now.
Larry, I'm going to give you the floor because I already know the story.
I'm going to come back in a minute or two.
You've got the floor, you've got the show for a minute.
Tell folks what happened with the nine people being found not guilty or hung jury.
I'll pretend like you're on the other line.
You'll just come back whenever you get back.
I first found out about this C.A.R.E.
case when a friend of mine, Matt McPherson, who's a defense attorney out in Phoenix, he told me this story about another friend of mine filing a lawsuit against an assistant United States attorney and some IRS special agents.
The story is this.
This is what resulted in a lawsuit being filed.
This fellow by the name of C.A.R.E., who's an employer out in Las Vegas, has a construction company.
He made a conversion
From Federal Reserve notes as his medium of exchange to gold and silver coin.
Now there were financial benefits to doing this.
Let's use as an example, just to go back into the 2000-2001 era.
A silver coin, a real silver dollar, the constitutional dollar,
Uh, would, uh, command a price of twelve Federal Reserve notes back in those days.
So, for purposes of explaining, uh, what this guy was doing, I'll just use the silver dollar, and I'll say that its Federal Reserve note value was twelve, uh, back in 2000-2001.
So, if CARE was paying somebody $480 per week in Federal Reserve notes as wages, then, if you paid them in gold and silver coin, or silver dollars,
Then that party's quote, income, unquote, would be reduced down to $40.
Well, at that rate, there wouldn't be any withholding.
At that rate, you know, the guy would make, you know, if he made $40 a week, that'd be, oh, about $200 a month and $2,600 per year.
After he had this program in operation for a while, the IRS came along.
Everybody in the world knew that this guy was operating on gold and silver coin.
But they executed a search warrant.
And they came crashing through with a big tank, I guess it was.
They crashed through his gate and then they went into his office and herded a bunch of office people that work for a care.
Herded them out into the parking lot in the middle of the summer, Las Vegas heat.
You know, where it's anywhere from 105 to 110 out there on the parking lot, or probably higher, and had them, you know, they were held under gunpoint while the agents searched the office.
Well, that resulted in a lawsuit being filed against the Assistant United States Attorney that was involved and the IRS Special Agents.
Well, that only irritated the government, so they turned around and indicted about eight or nine people in this care indictment, and the
The story is, the way, what the charges were in the indictment is this, that there was a giant conspiracy among all these people to defeat the federal income tax laws.
And then of course there were specific charges against specific individuals, you know, like the various tax crimes, evasion or willful failure to file.
Well, Bill Cohen, who was one of the lawyers who was representing the employer, CARE, in this lawsuit that had been filed against the United States Attorney, he came along and tried
I've been back for a while, and I heard you this weekend on the show talking about it, so I also read the local newspaper articles, but this just shows the insane actions of these individuals.
I remember reading the federal law when they set it up and said that gold and silver would be denominated by the government by the face value on the coin.
Yeah, well, here's the argument he was using.
Congress comes along in the mid-80s, and they want to establish a gold and silver system.
It's there for the American people to use.
And they come out with these new gold coins, these new silver coins, and they say, dollar on them!
Now, they had a, they had a, the government called as a witness in this case,
One of the people that was factually involved, this is where Carey was getting his gold and silver coin.
This guy was a coin dealer.
So the government sticks him up there on the stand, he tells his story, and the defense starts cross-examining him.
And they ask him, well, what's a dollar?
And this guy says, well, you know, it's a silver dollar.
And he said that Federal Reserve notes were not dollars.
And then the defense asked him, well, you know, the government's got this 8300 form, you know, if you engage in transactions involving $10,000 or more, you know, in gold and silver coin, you're supposed to file a report.
They asked him if he filed a report.
He said, hey, I never have transactions that large.
And his theory, he himself operates off of a gold and silver standard.
He considers a dollar to be a, you know, the dollar of our daddies, the silver dollar.
And he confirmed exactly the theory that the defense was presenting.
And so after about four months of trial in this case, I imagine the government probably put on 50 or 60 witnesses.
The defense took a couple weeks to present their side of the case.
But when the jury goes out and they deliberate, they come back and there's, what, 189 counts that were presented to the jury in this case?
And they acquitted a lot of people just across the board of all charges.
And they got hung on everything else.
So the government spent big bucks, spent four months to try this case.
It had, I think, nine people that were on trial.
And after all that effort, there's no guilty verdict.
So how about that, Alex?
What was the response of the federales when that happened?
Well, that I don't know.
You know, I've read some news reports, the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
You know, I haven't seen any real comments coming from the government.
You know, I certainly haven't been talking to them.
I've been talking to Joel Hansen.
Well, on a wider issue, we talk about jury nullification.
Every videotape or book order we have here at InfoWars.com, here at the Video and Bookstore Online, we put a citizen rule book, the good one out of Arizona, in there that gets into jury nullification that Red Beckman and others got going 30, 40 years ago.
But, because you are supposed to judge the facts as well as the law, and I'd like you in layman's terms as a constitutional lawyer to break that down for the listeners, and not just on the income tax, but on a lot of other issues, the juries, they can't control them all, they can't control all the grand juries, we're starting to see that, and is that why we see the American Bar Association calling for the end of juries, and is that why England
Well, you know, we've got a problem with banishing juries here in this country because there's certainly the jury is an institution pursuant to the United States Constitution.
You're going to find that if you examine the state constitution, juries are institutions there as well.
So it's going to be difficult for us to progress to the stage that England and some of the other
English countries around the world, New Zealand, Canada, Australia.
You know, perhaps they can banish a jury, but I don't think that it's possible here in this country.
But by process with these judge TV shows and with the plea bargaining, a lot of times, you know, in court they'll just order people to plea bargain now and scream at them for contempt.
So with the dumbed-down masses, the jury's basically already gone.
We need to rediscover that, don't we?
Yeah, but a problem that's happening right now, Alex, you can read statistics.
I got a friend, you know, I go to these MCLA, you know, we've got to get 12 hours of MCLA credit every year, you know, go to these little seminars.
And Greg Cusimato is an attorney down in Gaston, Alabama, and he's been studying this.
And the big corporations that have been sued by the plaintiff's bar over the, you know, last 10 or 20 years, you know, what they've done is they've engaged in a program to shift the paradigm for the American public.
And, you know, they've come along and
Yeah, I think so.
Well, as a result of all that, do you know that we really have less trials today than we had in the past?
In fact, last year in Alabama... No, I know!
I mean, you go into traffic court and say you want a trial to act like you're the devil!
Yeah, absolutely!
But, you know, the trials are dropping in.
It's something we... You know, I find it incredible.
You know, I understand why the American people are, you know, wrapped up in their own lives.
They're busy making ends meet.
You know, they got the jobs that are famous to tend to, but there's a lot of great social issues.
If the American people don't wake up, you know, our kids and grandkids are going to be...
In a society that's much like China, and I certainly don't want that.
If we can have the American people... You know, Patrick Henry said, is life so dear a piece of Sweden to be purchased at the price of chains or slavery?
Forbidden Almighty God, ask not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.
Now the American people are faced with two fundamental propositions.
Do they want a life of liberty?
Or do they want a life of slavery?
And right now we have a presidential candidate, Hillary.
We have a lot of other Democrats out there.
They're singing this, too.
Oh, we're going to provide medical care and everything else.
They're the great socialists.
Well, the American people can go down that road and they can have a life of slavery.
We've gone down that road and it's already curtains and now they want to add more to it.
For those that don't know, they claim they want to insure 15 million people and it all sounds reasonable.
But now they're saying you're going to have to go to the doctor each year, it's going to be social workers ruling over us, we're going to have the new environmental carbon footprint social workers watching us and our carbon output.
I mean, this is just hellish what they're already doing!
Or we're going to end up being bound and gagged.
Look, Alex, that's a prostitute.
Have you seen all these new videos where a little girl drops cake and the school security guard walks over, breaks her arm behind her back, forces it all the way up to her head, on video, and then the mother complains so they charge the little girl with assaulting the security guard when it's all on tape, and then they arrest and charge the guy that shot video of them with assault.
Yeah, well that's the way this system operates.
You see that video in Indiana where they punch the city councilman in the back and then beat him until he passes out with blood coming out of his head and they charge him with assaulting them?
I mean, they're going nuts!
Well, we're going to end up like Myanmar, Burma, or whatever you call that country.
Right now what's going on over there is if we don't change, we're going to end up just exactly like them.
Just where they just mow people down.
Yeah, they were up.
Uh, maybe Ukraine or whatever, I forgot the name.
It's all over, Georgia everywhere, yeah.
Yeah, well you know, those people are trying to break free.
And we have here in Burma, or Myanmar, whatever you call that country, we got the same thing.
People are getting fed up with living under an oppressive regime.
However, here in this country, we're moving toward repression.
And, you know, to me, freedom is a lot more exciting a life to live, but if we don't watch out, here in the next, you see, it's not something that confronts our children or grandchildren, it's something that confronts us!
Well, exactly, folks, you're not going to have to wait for the Federal Reserve to raise the dollar.
Larry B. Griff, you've got a degree in economics, and of course you also have a degree in law.
Watching Greenspan come out and badmouth the dollar for two weeks straight, watching all the central bankers say America's done for, they are trying, and that's 101, and I want to see if you concur, to destroy the dollar.
Why do you think they're doing that right now?
Look, they're going to step forward with a replacement.
We're going through this subprime problem right now.
However, I also think that the reason we've got this subprime, I don't think it's all that big of a problem, but it's making a lot of noise.
No, they're using that as an excuse, yeah.
Yeah, it's an excuse, and they're operating behind the scenes.
What they want is they really want some international regime to come along and control all this.
Well, if you have an international regime that's not...
You know, subject to the will of the people, hey, they can do whatever they want.
But it looks like to me, this is what I talk about.
This is what I predict is going to happen.
We are looking at having a blending of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, and we're going to have probably, you know, I talked to Edwin Vieira.
Edwin Vieira says the latest this is going to come about is 2012, which is not far off.
We're five years.
That's within striking range.
And we're probably going to have hyperinflation, not probably, we certainly are going to have hyperinflation here.
And soon the Federal Reserve note, if people think that there will never come a time in which an ounce of gold will trade for a million bucks, they're wrong.
Because gold will be priced at a million bucks when this country is falling apart and it's coming.
Well, it's at $7.45 right now.
It's up 50-something bucks last week.
We'll be right back.
It's here.
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Welcome back!
Land of the free, home of the brave.
Now completely owned by foreigners.
Every liberty being destroyed.
A brainwashed, drugged up, drunk population stumbling around, giggling and snickering.
Cameras, surveillance everywhere.
But the people are starting to wake up and the worm is turning.
Larry Becraft,
On the tax issue, I mean, over and over again now, for the first time in the last, I mean, they are losing all the time.
And, I mean, is this clearly a trend?
It's a trend or not, Alex, you know, but it is interesting that, you know, here in the last, you know, this last summer, the Tommy Cryer case, you know, I represented Tommy, but then we had this four-month trial in which the government invested a whole lot of money, a lot of resources, and a lot of time
And they walk away with a not guilty verdict?
And let me just tell you, the judge in this case, and all I'm doing is I'm relating to you, I don't have any personal knowledge, I've just simply talked to a number of people that were involved in this case, and that's all I know, and that's all I'm relating to you now.
But I did talk to Joel Hanson, one of the defense attorneys.
And the judges painted this scenario in court.
That gold and silver wasn't money, but it was just simply property.
And therefore, the IRS, you know, if you were getting property, gold and silver coin as pay, it had to be denominated in value in Federal Reserve notes.
That was their theory.
Well, you know, when the defense talked to the jurors after the not guilty verdicts came back,
They found out that the jury just simply wasn't bought on this whole theory that the government was trotting out.
Especially when you have a very reasonable defense that's presented.
You know, the government's issuing dollars.
Nobody can say that Federal Reserve notes are dollars.
These people were trading in dollars.
To them, it didn't seem like it was odd.
I think that what we're going to be looking at in the
In the future, as this thing begins to unravel, the government's going to be taking more and more absurd positions that the rank and file of the American people are not going to accept.
And right now, the problem that we've got is, you're asking for, is this a turning of the tide?
I don't know, because the government's got a number of cases in the works that I have knowledge of.
Um, well, you know, we got some pretty bad facts this week involving some of these people that we were talking about at the start of the show.
You know, like Lamar Hardy.
You know, setting people up in bad, bad fact circumstances.
But I do hope that, you know, the American people are beginning to wake up, and of course, you've done more than anybody else a great effort in waking the people up.
Here's a... Alex, can I get back to what we were talking about?
We've only got about a minute left, sure.
Okay, well, hey, um...
I see that the Amaro is going to come on the scene.
Somebody's going to, in the next three or four years, going to say, hey, we've got a new currency.
And we'll be going through hyperinflation, and then you'll see things like companies, and maybe even a state saying, hey, we're going to get away from the Federal Reserve Note, we're going to go over to the Amaro.
That's how the change is going to come about.
And in the process, as the Federal Reserve Note hyperinflates, the middle class is going to be destroyed.
Well, that's her plan.
I mean, the elite has always waged war on the middle class, and the Trilateral Commission said that that was their plan back in the 70s, so they're doing it.
The question is, can we get the word out to the people so as they do this, it'll backfire on the New World Order, or will the globalists get to pose as the saviors again?
Larry Becraft, I'm going to get you up in the next few weeks for two hours to go through Patriot mythology as a public service to the people.
So that our good listeners won't get hurt out there.
God bless you, Larry.
I appreciate you coming on.
I appreciate it, Alex.
You're always great.
You're awesome.
Thanks for coming on.
We're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
If you missed the first hour when I got into the police brutality, this little girl, them breaking her arm for dropping some cake on the floor.
And then charging her with assaulting him when she didn't.
When it's all on video, just like they assaulted the city councilman and then said he assaulted him.
That's up on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com right now.
Well, the show's gonna start over again at InfoWars.com on my streams.
If you missed that first hour, you'll be able to hear it.
If not, I'll see you on Sunday.
God bless.
4 to 6 p.m.
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