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Air Date: Sept. 24, 2007
2366 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Our world is changing so quickly, the upheaval that we're seeing, my friends, is only, and I say this unfortunately because great change brings great danger, the massive global upheaval we're seeing is only a prelude to larger upheavals that are literally right around the corner.
Thank you for joining us.
Hard to believe this year is almost over.
It seems like yesterday that it was the first day of 2007.
It's already the 24th day of September 2007, and we're going to be live here for the next three hours.
I've been on his show a couple times.
He's a really intelligent, informed individual, and he's going to be coming up joining us in the third hour to talk about a host of issues today.
He's Richard Serrett.
And he is on one of the biggest AM stations, 50,000 watt, in Canada.
And he has a program that is completely and totally anti-New World Order, but done very professionally.
And again, I've just been impressed coming on the show a couple times, so I thought, why not have him on the transmission with us?
So he's coming up in the third hour today.
In the meantime,
We have too much news to cover.
That is the norm, and we're going to attempt to go over all of it.
And I do miss taking your phone calls.
You know, I'm getting better about actually getting to the calls when I give the number out.
Instead of just giving the number out and having people hold for hours, I just don't give the number out every day, or every hour, and sometimes we just don't take calls for a whole show.
Well, today I do want to take a lot of phone calls in the second hour, the third hour, the first hour as well.
But what happens is you call in with so many great points that I start pontificating and then each calls on for 5-10 minutes.
Some of the best shows we've done, and they've been few and far between, have been the ones where I actually take 10, 20, 30 calls an hour.
I want to attempt to do that today.
Long time callers, first time callers, callers that disagree.
It doesn't matter.
If you're joining us for the first time and you've heard about the show and somebody told you to tune in and you want to know what it's all about, it's simple.
I'm a constitutionalist.
I believe in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution.
I want liberty and more of it.
Not tyranny.
And I have studied history and I know that our country is going into very serious high-tech tyranny and the whole world is sliding under the bondage and the yoke of international corporations that have colluded together to form world government so that no nation or people or individual can resist them in their hegemonic move to set up the first planetary dictatorship.
The old saying, the song goes, everybody wants to rule the world, well these guys and gals are actually doing it.
In the meantime, there's the big Blackwater controversy.
They just machine-gunned whole crowds, contractors, troops are on record saying, oh yeah, they threatened to kill us.
They just literally stomp around doing whatever they want to do.
There's over 180,000 mercenaries.
I said 150,000 Friday, and I got a bunch of IMs and emails with stories saying it's over 180,000.
Blackwater, the largest contingent thereof, and
Now the Iraqi President has said leave, Malakai.
Now, the Parliament has said leave, the Government has said leave, the State Department over there has said leave, and they just said no!
Showing that the Government over there is completely and totally puppet.
We'll talk about Ahmadinejad, Dinejad, however they want to pronounce it, Potato, Potata, Tomato, Tamata,
We're going to get into all that.
We're going to get into... Oh!
You thought Google listening to you over your microphone on your computer is bad.
Now the phone companies admit they're going to do it.
It's all coming up.
Giant broadcast lined up today.
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Ease the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to have wide open phones throughout the broadcast today at 1-800-259-9231.
This is the news I have in front of me today.
Blackwater faces terrorism charges.
Minority Report style invasive advertising gains traction.
Internet phone service company to eavesdrop on conversations.
Dollar at lifetime low versus the Euro continued its plunge today.
Pope to make climate action a moral obligation.
Well, it's a religion to begin with of anti-humanism, of anti-life, of anti-humanity, I should say.
Humanism is the wrong term.
They've expropriated that.
And what would you expect out of a devilish rat singer?
I mean, the guy's called for a one-world government, folks.
There's no doubting about it.
A massive surveillance net keeps track of Americans' travel, even the size of hotel beds.
That's Newsday.
I mean, this is just... This is mainstream news.
We're living in the twilight zone.
Seven CIA veterans challenge 9-11 commission report.
Talk about it being a joke.
A cover-up inside job.
Great job for the folks at WeAreChange.org and I would add InfoWars.com.
Rob Jacobson just flew back in from New York last night.
He stayed there the last week and a half after we left, up there covering 9-11, 6th anniversary, confronting Alan Greenspan.
And we're going to be playing some of the audio of that.
It's one of the number one videos right now on YouTube.
You can find it up on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.
Greenspan confronted by activist fleas from Angry Mob.
And I'm telling you, the video work of the We Are Change folks is just unbelievable.
On September 11th, Luke Rudowsky and Miss Rivera, great freedom fighter in her own right,
She lost family members on 9-11.
Five people that were friends of hers and one family member.
And so she got into the pile down to the wound and there was Giuliani.
He does start running from them.
The New York Times on September 12th had a headline story that man confronts Giuliani and then went into the victim's families confronting him.
But I hadn't seen the video until last night because they had to put it together.
I mean, this is the music they put to it, the way they edited it, the job they did.
I know they've got a fella who I have a chance to meet a couple times who's working with them, who's done national television work, and it just shows.
The guy is quite a filmmaker.
And I just wish when I was in New York I had more time to talk to him and others who I would have a chance to talk to a few minutes, not have to be off to something else.
What I'm trying to say is it is such a distinct pleasure and honor and buoying experience, uplifting experience, to be able to associate with these type of people.
I mean, I'm not in a movement with a bunch of country club yuppies who think they're God and they're not, or people who worship baubles and trinkets and junk.
I'm not in a movement where people can be bought.
I'm not in a movement where people are cowardly and timid.
I really get to live amongst heroes and artists and people with real passion and real liberals.
I mean the real thing.
The Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, called himself a liberal.
He would be called a right-wing, devil-worshipping extremist by the media today, but he was truly a classical liberal.
And I just get to associate with the Thomas Paines and the Patrick Henrys and the Thomas Jeffersons of our age, of our day.
Alright, I'm already digressing and I said I'd go to the news.
My life is bittersweet.
Best of times, worst of times.
Because so much evil is going on, but there's also so much beauty around us.
So much compassion, so much innocence, so much honor.
The world is a blessing.
Everything we eat, the air we breathe, the beauty our eyes feast on, it feeds our soul all around us.
And I mean beauty by trees and the forest and the
Water, and the night sky, and the sunlight, but also the beauty of strength, and honor, and dedication, and courage, and determination.
And I'm already digressing.
I just... I want people to know that I see the beauty in the world, and I am a person who is intensely passionate, and who loves art, and who loves culture.
And I don't even claim to be a great artisan myself, or to have a lot of culture myself, but I know what it is.
I know how to recognize it.
My palate knows its taste.
And the New World Order is the opposite of all that.
That's why they try to wear all the trappings of art and culture, and that's why they try to festoon themselves with it, but it looks clownish on them.
It's like putting a fine
Well-tailored uniform on some disheveled slob.
It looks clownish.
But you put a real uniform on a real soldier who's also got duty and passion and courage and it's just stunning.
That's the analogy, I guess, of the minute.
It's just an example of what we look at in this culture, what we face.
When I look at George Bush Senior and Junior, I look at Alan Greenspan, I look at Queen Elizabeth, I look at Prince Charles, I look at his two disheveled sons, I look at Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, I look at all these guys and they're nothing!
And if you saw their grandfathers or their great-great-great-grandfathers or mothers, they have the bearing and the electricity in the eyes, but they don't!
All they have is the black pits of hell.
They are sons of Hades and daughters of Hades.
All they have is dark, burning, black energy of their selfishness and their wantonness and their weakness.
They are pathetic piles of maggot pus compared to everything else in the world.
And that's why they posthume themselves with the trappings of office and power.
But they look like pathetic clowns.
They radiate pathetic weakness.
Alright, I'm already digressing.
Gotta do some preaching.
Bush declares Hillary will win nomination.
White House calls Obama lazy.
So, we have Hillary raising more than any Republicans ever even raised.
Breaking all records, we have all the big Republicans saying she's going to win the nomination and be the next president.
I'm talking about the big ones.
We've got the George Shultz's of the world saying it, the Kissinger's of the world saying it.
We've got the Newt Gingrich's saying it.
All part of putting their agent out front.
Secret U.S.
Air Force team to perfect plan for Iran strike.
That dovetails with all the news about the war with Iran being on.
It goes back years, but is now starting to come to a festering scrofula.
Ahmadinejad arrives for the New York visit amongst a pillaring of mindless idiots.
Legislatures may act on Columbia and try to bar their funding against free speech.
We're going to play that clip of Dineshud later.
Also, I went on Drudge last night and it was Australian government bombs freighter and it said that the drug freighter was trying to come into their waters and they bombed it and it had a date a few days old on it.
And I thought, that's strange, let me type that into the news search engine and I had to do some searching and found articles from three years ago when they seized it in port with heroin and that they then decommissioned it and took everything out of it and then towed it out 40 miles and then bombed it with aardvarks with dropping 2,000 pound bombs.
But I saw neocon websites
With all these headlines, Free Republic and others.
We've hit them good!
They fund Al-Qaeda!
Man, we ought to start blowing ships up!
Man, they killed all those Koreans on board!
And I just realized, that's propaganda!
Just like when they show a Bin Laden video.
They'll show a fat bin Laden.
It's admittedly not him.
They don't care.
Or they'll show seven-year-old re-edited old videos and then a day later, bottom of the page, admit it was a re-edited of old videos.
Was it new?
Hence, basically fake.
The equivalent of fake.
Not a new video.
But the public will argue with you and say, no, no, he's always on TV.
They only look on the bare surface of it, and they're not even really focusing on that.
It's kind of just background noise and cover of the newspaper.
Oh, there's bin Laden again, with some headline they read.
I mean, the informed of this country read headlines and think that they're informed.
A small fraction of the country, less than 10%, read one book a year.
And I keep going back to this because that's the key.
So that's why the Australian government could tow a ship out, blow it up, say it was for target practice, say it had nothing to do with sending a message.
They tow their own ships out all the time and bomb them.
But the neocons saw that, picked it up and said, look, they just blew up a Korean ship.
And then they go, man, we ought to get tough like that on Iran.
We ought to get tough.
This is what we need to start doing.
Again, just all part of the war escalation.
Headlines about ships being blown up.
It just... It's the exact same category as these Bin Laden videos.
But in case you want the articles, Drug Freighter Meets Spectacular End,
March 23, 2006 when they actually blew it up.
It was grabbed in 2003.
The 2,000-pound high-explosive laser-guided bombs were dropped after it was towed.
Well, I'll come back.
We're going to take your calls.
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My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away in the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down
Welcome back.
We're going to go to John, Bobby, Lucas, Charles, Jenny, everybody right now.
And then I'm going to go through more of these stories in detail.
Ahmadinejad coming to the U.S., what that really means.
Got a Ron Paul clip where he goes through the history of what really happened to Iran.
And we cut to a Bill Moyer special from back in the 80s about what we've done to these people.
And for all those that want to kill all the Iranians but can't find their country on a map, you should listen to this coming up later in the next hour.
I'm going to get to that part.
Also the confrontation when Alan Greenspan got confronted by We Are Change and Info Wars.
It's now up on the web and we're going to be playing that audio that's coming up.
Right now though, let's go to John in Texas.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes sir, go ahead.
Don't you think that Blackwater is becoming our version of the Nazi SS?
The fact that it's a private organization, they have their own private army, and like the SS, they ran the prison system, the concentration camp system, and Blackwater's been involved with local law enforcement in this country, and they've got their own private army, and the guy that runs it is almost a carbon copy of Heinrich Himmler.
He's real powerful in the government.
Well, I'll say this.
There are several aspects that dovetail, and several that don't, with it historically.
But A, they are a mercenary force, and the difference is, the SS and the armed SS and its different subgroupings, the Gestapo was at the heart of the government and under military jurisdiction and control.
And then by the end of it, it ended up taking over for a short period.
The SS, after Hitler committed suicide, was actually in control of the country, and Heinrich Himmler became the Fuhrer for a while.
But where they are the same is that Blackwater gets, the average Blackwater employee gets about $25,000 a month, and the average GI gets about $25,000 a year.
And there was a big difference between how the SS was treated and how the regular German military was treated.
And the SS was also used as attack dogs on the real German military and the old line German military that still had some rules of war.
But the SS also did distinguish itself, I don't want to take away from their military actions, on the Eastern Front because they actually did have some victories that were statistically even greater in the numerical odds than some of the victories that the mainline army forces of the German military had in the fight in the East during the stalling of Barbarossa, Operation Barbarossa.
I think that Blackwater doesn't have the discipline of the SS, of the Waffen-SS, the armed SS.
I mean, did you read those AP and AFP articles?
I never got to them last week because we've already covered what Blackwater does, where they just run around randomly, reportedly just shooting people for fun.
And of course, the videos have been released on YouTube where they'll just, other mercenaries, we're not, don't know who they are.
Anglo-American accent guys talk and they'll just laugh and say, watch this, and just machine gun cars off a busy highway.
It'd be like sitting out on I-35 or I-45 in Texas and just randomly machine gunning families and people are falling out dead and they're laughing.
And contractors in front of reporters have just shot women for fun.
Of course, our own troops will rape a girl and kill the whole family to claim their insurgence.
That's come out.
So that's the attitude, but Blackwater's made everybody mad because they'll just, they'll beat up and shoot at and do whatever they want, reportedly.
Other contractors, you know, they just opened fire and killed a bunch of people last week.
So now the President is saying leave, and he's even the puppet.
And the government says, no, don't act like you're the President.
You're just a puppet.
So Blackwater are just mad dogs.
I wouldn't compare them to the SS.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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And when the yards broke off they said that I got killed.
But I'm living still.
I was a dam builder, across the river deep and wide.
You tell them, Waylon!
And here's Mr. Cash, and we'll go right into your calls.
Right here on the TCM Radio Network.
I'll fly a starship across the universe divine.
And when I reach the other side, I'll find a place to rest my spirit if I can.
Hi Alex, thanks for having me.
I have two questions for you.
Wondering about, well actually I came across this website called spirituallysmart.com and apparently they claim that this guy William Cooper, I don't know if you know who he is.
Oh yeah, of course, I've interviewed William Cooper, yeah.
It says that he actually predicted 9-11 before you.
And also I want to know about this Project Mockingbird, which is a CIA operation.
I was wondering if you were involved in that at all.
Go ahead and say more, you've got the floor.
No, go ahead and say more, sir.
Oh, I was... Oh, I was... I was acting all fake, and oh, I was just wondering.
Go ahead and bear your false witness on the air some more.
Oh, no, I was just... Oh, I was just wondering if it was true.
I was... Thanks for the call.
Okay, I'll do it again.
I've just got to record this and just have it as a hot key at the network or right here on my computer so I can play it.
I made my first film about government-sponsored terror in 1997.
I hope everybody would talk about government-sponsored terror.
I went on air two months before 9-11 and I tried to get people
To call Congress, call the White House and tell them the government's probably going to stage a terror attack and blame it on their asset if someone's been lied to.
It'll probably be a target like the World Trade Center.
And I gave the White House phone number out and I did all that.
Now, I am not familiar with William Cooper predicting 9-11, but I know he talked about flying saucers and flying out of the ocean and aliens and stuff.
I don't do that.
But I'm not knocking Bill.
I mean, maybe aliens are real.
And I'm not in competition with William Cooper.
I wasn't when he was alive.
I'm not now.
I'm not in competition with anybody, sir.
I'm not familiar with him talking about 9-11 before it happened.
I am familiar that he talked about government-sponsored terror.
Anybody who's got half a brain in this movement would.
A lot of people have talked about government-sponsored terror.
Patriots have talked about it.
It's important.
It's a big deal.
That's what the new old order keeps doing.
Then you call into the show and you go, do you know about Operation Mockingbird?
Well, of course I know about Operation Mockingbird.
I talk about it all the time.
That got declassified in the 1977 church hearings.
And in those hearings, it came out that the CIA, back into the 50s, actually mid-40s, when it was OSS then,
Had gone in and had the editors of Time and Life and New York Times, Washington Post to control what could get through gatekeepers.
And then of course we've covered ad nauseum, I'll put it in my films, the fake news purchasing, the buying of reporters, the news packages, the product placement, the propaganda placement.
So I talk about that constantly.
I think your statement, your claim and
uh... what some of this has hundreds of sites out there saying it that I am Operation Mockingbird.
No, what Operation Mockingbird... Operation Mockingbird is going out and controlling and gatekeeping big media and putting out disinfo, like saying Ahmadinejad says the Holocaust never happened.
No, in all his speeches he said Iran did not commit the Holocaust.
Iran has had a holocaust against it.
We don't know how many people really died there, but we're tired of Israel using it to push their aims and their own genocide of the Middle East.
Now, whether you agree with that or disagree with Ahmadinejad, he isn't the question.
The point is, I actually went and seen what he has to say.
He never said, wipe Israel off the map.
He said, the political system of Zionism will be driven into the sea.
And he was quoting another Ayatollah before him.
A spiritual leader, he's a political leader.
He says he wants to come pay respects to the dead at Ground Zero and then they try to spin it and say he wants to come make fun of people.
This is the type of propaganda that Mockingbird engages in.
I mean, it's Operation Mockingbird to have the Associated Press not question new Bin Laden tapes that are clearly computer cartoons or old ones that are re-edits.
Now, what I would be if I was a government operative would be
But see, I don't follow COINTELPRO's signature.
And you judge a tree by its fruits.
Jesus had it figured out.
I would come on air and I would accuse everyone of being government agents.
I would accuse everyone of being Zionist-controlled or Vatican-controlled or Scientologist-controlled.
Or, Reptoid-controlled, and just to make it all look confusing or stupid, or I would say that Barbara Olson had been arrested and was still alive, or I'd say Greenspan had been arrested, or I would say that there's trillions of dollars worth of U.S.
Ambassador that's going to be coming, you know, just to make everybody look dumb.
And I have no respect for the groups that criticize me and say I'm a government agent because all, most of them are snowballs.
Or I would use the term mockingbird.
Why did they say mockingbird?
Because they would get mainline key people in the media to put out an official story and then everybody else who wasn't controlled would just regurgitate it and then mock it.
A mockingbird is the state bird of Texas.
It hears a lawnmower, it hears a dog barking,
I mean, if you've got a dog that barks in your backyard, and mockingbirds live there, it's gonna start imitating.
There's not as many mockingbirds in Austin.
There's quite a few, but in Dallas, where I grew up, they're like everywhere.
And I mean, I got sick of them.
Just everywhere, making lawnmower noises, barking, meowing, making door-slamming noises.
You'd walk outside, and you couldn't enjoy the crickets or the other birds, because it was just mockingbirds infesting everything, fighting with blue jays.
Alright, I'm already...
I'm kind of a novice bird watcher back when I used to have time.
They're interesting.
I like them.
I'm already digressing.
The point is, I'm not an ornithologist or anything.
I've read a few books on it.
I'm a weirdo.
This is meant, and not by those who call in, they mean well and think they're big truth tellers, big big challengers, but it's meant by the establishment to get us spending all of our time talking about the movement, talking about who's good, who's bad, instead of spending time exposing the Federal Reserve, or that they're about to pass blanket amnesty in the DREAM Act, or that they're about to attack Iran, or that the dollar's plunging,
About half the truth-telling and patriot sites, and most of them aren't government, they get drawn into the fights and defending themselves.
And that's why I decided to kind of address some of this from time to time here on the show, because I think it's healthy, because I have the biggest audience out there in this, quote, movement, the alternative media movement, to get people to think about this, understand how it works, so you're aware of it, so you can start ignoring it and moving forward.
But most of the people who are out there attacking me, they're not government agents.
There are government agents who started these ideas and push these ideas because I can tell by their attack profile and signature what they are.
But most of the others pushing it aren't.
And I'll say it again on the record.
A. There's no evidence that I'm a Scientologist.
B. I'm not a Scientologist.
See, it's just, it's crazy.
And the people that say it don't have evidence.
And the people that say that we are owned by ABC or an affiliate of it is a complete lie.
I mean, I have a Toshiba computer in front of me.
I am not owned by Toshiba Corporation.
I have a AKG microphone I'm using.
I'm not owned by AKG.
I have a
Mid-grade prosumer Mackie board right here.
I'm not owned by Mackie.
I've got Ray-Bans.
I'm not owned by the Italians.
I've got a pair of Ray-Bans right here in my hand.
Who made this phone?
Radio Shack.
I've got a Radio Shack phone right here.
I'm not owned by Radio Shack.
If you want to be on real radio, you have to have
Actually, this is killing the show.
I can't do this much longer.
There's too much going on.
But I'll try to explain this again.
For those that attack me and say this, I mean, if they're not agents, they should go research and find out they're wrong and admit it.
I'm not owned by ABC.
I've never worked for ABC.
I've never been paid by ABC.
I'm not involved with ABC.
There are three big radio satellites that stations have receivers for.
Clear Channel, Jones, ABC.
And so we lease, along with hundreds and hundreds of other programs who aren't affiliated with ABC, ABC Bird.
A feed on it.
Just like when you're in Austin and you call somebody in New York, chances are that calls over satellite.
You're not in league with Westinghouse, or Lockheed Martin, or Raytheon.
And I am non-denominational.
I believe that all the churches are extremely wicked.
And by all the churches, I mean the big, major, mainline ones.
And I don't get involved.
I mean, all it does is create sectarian arguing and fighting.
Which is how the globalists control us.
They balkanize us.
I want liberty.
I want freedom.
And, my gosh, Israel is totally corrupt and wicked.
So is Saudi Arabia.
So I bash both groups.
Like the Bible says, wickedness in high places.
I opened the show talking about Ratzinger, the Pope, Benedict, saying we need to have, you know, global government for global warming, total fraud, totally evil, and said that it's total wickedness.
I don't like having to do that because there's a lot of good Catholic people out there who are good folks, just like there are a lot of good Protestants out there.
And, you know, I have to say when Pat Robertson comes out and says China's doing what it has to do with abortion, I have to say Pat Robertson's evil.
And I have to say, Ratzinger's evil.
I mean, there's no question the Vatican's pushing one world government and evil.
I went to a wedding in Fredericksburg at a Catholic church once.
And that's it.
I think I've been in a Catholic church one time in my life.
Doesn't matter to these people.
They're going to say I work for the Vatican.
There's no evidence to that.
It's not true.
And it's a diversion and a distraction.
I said I wanted to take a lot of calls today and I haven't done that.
Because the first caller brought up a really important issue about the SS slash Blackwater.
The next caller, who's called before, we don't screen your calls for reasons because we want to be open.
We want to defend our ideas.
But it is destructive for the patriot movement.
To spend all our time ninnying and factionalizing.
Listen, I'd have a lot more respect for these sites, the ones that attack me, if you'd spend some time dealing with the open borders, some time dealing with the SPP, some time dealing with the NAU, some time dealing with PDD 51, some time, but they don't.
They just sit around saying we're the best group, we're the only group, we're the only people you should listen to.
And I really think that that is a misguided selfishness of
Some type of primitive one-upsmanship trying to be their leader.
And that's why those people are not leaders.
And why they don't get a lot of visitors or attention.
I want people to get attention.
I want people to fight the New World Order.
I want us together to rise up against the New World Order and to stand up against the New World Order.
You know, I don't like bashing cops on this show.
I make a lot of mistakes on this broadcast.
Because at the end of the day, I'm not perfect.
I'm not a saint.
I don't have all the answers.
And I get on air when I see cops shooting another cop.
And by the way, that was a year ago.
My memory sometimes fails.
People corrected me.
Yeah, that cop didn't die.
They shot him like, what, six, seven times?
He didn't die.
Out in San Diego, pull over a cop, tell him to get down on the ground, tell him to get up.
The cop shoots him a bunch of times.
And then the other cop doesn't get in trouble.
He should get in trouble!
I'm not bashing police.
I'm saying that type of behavior is wrong.
And it's wrong when I've had Austin cops walk up to me when I'm a hundred yards away from them videotaping an arrest and saying, turn your camera off.
Hey man, veterans fought and died for the First Amendment.
And you're making the uniform and the badge look bad, and you're bringing this country towards tyranny.
I don't personally hate you.
I don't personally dislike you.
And I know I get up here and I start yelling and screaming and getting angry because I know, as Jack McClam says, Terry will come to your door in a uniform.
If it's going to come, it will come.
I mean, does China have corrupt cops?
Everybody knows they do.
Did Nazi Germany have corrupt cops?
Does Fidel Castro have corrupt cops?
Yes, we know they do.
All I'm saying is don't become them.
In the majority of countries and in history, the police go bad at one time or another.
And I'm telling you, that's happening right now.
The fish rots from the head down.
And I know cops are the tail, just like I am.
I know we're being wagged here by the body.
And I'm telling you, we're in this together.
So I make mistakes too.
And I tell you, when I see a cop out changing a woman's tire, it makes me feel good and I'm glad to know there's still good cops out there.
And I've had state police pull me over when I've been speeding and they've let me go.
Which I'm not even saying they should.
But at the same time, I've had state police pull me over and act like Gestapo and really freak my wife out.
So I'm just saying, we're losing our freedoms.
They're spying on us.
There's a police state.
All this stuff's happening.
And we need every American to wake up to it and say, we're a free country.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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Every time I see an autistic child, and I see them every day now, they're all over the streets and pushed around in their wheelchairs.
At least once a week, I'll even pull over and say, excuse me, is this your son?
And they'll say yes.
And I'll say, did this happen at 18 months?
They'll say yes.
He was fine, wasn't he?
And they'll say yes.
Tell them that they can do some detoxes, try to get the heavy metals out of the brain.
And a lot of times they can rebound.
They'll say, yeah, we've heard that.
He's gotten better since we did it.
Now look at the rest of this Patriot Movement.
What would happen if you stopped ninnying around?
And if you made films about this?
If you were issue-oriented, you'd be on this show.
I'd have you as a gift.
If you got involved in fighting the NAU, you'd be on this show.
I mean, there are people being abused and being hurt by the New World Order right now.
And we are issue-oriented.
We're here to try to give you information.
And that's why we're number one.
We're not like a bunch of mean old women in some small town that sit around at their sewing circle, drinking tea, talking trash about everybody in the town.
We're here trying to build something, trying to do something, trying to warn people.
Alright, I gotta move quicker now.
Lucas in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, what's up Alex?
Thanks for taking my call, brother.
Hey, this is somebody doing something.
I've met Lucas many times.
He's in Austin now.
He made another great documentary for free.
He put it online with just news clips showing how 9-11 is an inside job.
I heard that you're doing man on the street and that you've got some pretty powerful stuff done.
Yeah, I just put it up today.
I emailed it over to Aaron and over to...
What is the headline on it so folks can Google it or YouTube it?
We're going to get it up on JonesReport.com right now.
Okay, it's called the Disillusionaries.
Alright, Aaron, I can look at Aaron out the broadcast window at a desk across the room.
He's putting up a story about Luke Radowski and others confronting Giuliani in the pit.
On 9-11, that video's finally out.
That story's about to go up.
Incredible video.
But I will get him to post that in the next hour.
Well, great, because like I said, it really shows the public awareness.
A lot of these people, you know, don't even know what year September 11th happened.
Do you want me to play some clips of that?
Yeah, yeah.
Like I said, I'd send it over there, so I believe they have it.
But yeah, play all you want, because it's... How long is it?
It's ten minutes.
We'll play it, if not today, tomorrow.
I've got a bunch of clips I want to play, I guess, coming up.
But for those that didn't hear you call on Friday about it, tell people specifically what you found, what questions you asked.
Well, I asked, the first question was, who is the Vice President?
And 7 out of 36 people got that wrong.
And then I asked, what year did 9-11 happen in?
And then I asked, who, uh, what was our First Amendment pertain to?
And then I asked, um, who is our Defense Secretary?
And the Defense Secretary is the worst of all.
33 out of 36 people got that wrong.
Um, so they don't even know.
They keep us rolling like that, you know, by switching people up so fast that, uh...
You know, people can't even keep track of it all.
It's called a media blitz.
When they hit you with so many things that are going wrong, they bury one bad story in the next.
They constantly bombard you with bad news.
You know what?
Lucas, I ought to get you in studio as a guest.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into hour number two.
I want to continue with your phone calls, and I'm going to get into all the news from Blackwater, to hot mid-day heat coming to the U.S., to the Iran situation, to the further plunge of the dollar,
Yeah, how are you doing, Mr. Jones?
I've got a couple of things to report.
There's supposed to be a bill
I checked on it through a couple of people to disarm our vets if something was wrong.
That is in my stack.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com and it is being titled by Gun Owners of America, the Veterans Disarmament Act.
And yes sir, it is accurate.
Okay, well that was true.
But see we don't have time to talk about that because I'm too busy every day.
I got a turkey to call up there.
You see their job is to make you look bad.
See the ones that don't do nothing?
Their job is to have to say something, but their job is to try to set you up to make you out of a bad guy.
You understand?
That's their job.
That's the only thing they do.
They ain't gonna go make no tapes.
They ain't gonna go try to tell their neighbors, call up and try to ridicule you where they don't do nothing.
You understand?
Well, that's all I'm saying.
I mean, let's say I'm evil, which I'm not in the way they say I am, but we're all bad one way or the other.
But let's just say I'm bad.
Let's just say I'm bad, okay?
They need to listen to me.
Every time you face people, and it means you want to, and put yourself on the line, these people ain't did nothing.
These are just a bunch of headliners.
But hold on, Charles, let me make this point.
Let's just, for the sake of argument, say I'm bad.
Okay, I'm bad.
Okay, I'm over there with the bad people now.
Which, I'm not saying that.
They'll edit it and claim I said that.
My point is, for the sake of argument, I'm bad.
Okay, we've got all these issues.
Can these people ever cover issues?
Can they ever deal with news that isn't ninnying and backstabbing and false witnessing and lying?
No, they can't deal with that.
No, they've got to just sit around like Pharisees, talking about how pious they are all day.
Oh, let me tell you how bad things are.
You heard about this Gender 6 here in Louisiana?
Yes, tell people.
Now, everything you heard on the news, I'm from Louisiana, I'm not fourth man, is a lie.
The bar that, the 60 boys that beat that little gut guy up, they got him coming out the classroom for nothing.
Six of them jumped on him.
But they wanted the charges to be dropped.
He was on parole.
He's got four other charges on him.
But they went down there.
Not $20,000.
It was $12,000.
It was $12,000.
The people brought their houses up.
Me and my wife talked to two of them.
I talked to them.
We caught them up here.
And they left.
The ones that stayed was trying to give them water, you know, trying to go along and get along.
They was being talked very bad to.
Let's stop.
For people that don't know about what's happened, tell them about the racial conflict going on.
Explain in a nutshell what's going on.
Well, a boy got beat up.
They were supposed to be three white boys put nooses in a tree.
So they expelled the boys, put the nooses in the tree, cut the tree down.
So Al Sharfman, Jesse Jackson, and Nate Reagan from Louisiana, Governor from Louisiana, went down there.
They brought 12,000 people with them.
Now if it would have been us, Mr. Jones, the military there, they would have been whipping us and arresting us, right?
You understand?
They had some state police there, but it wasn't
Well, the media gives it attention because they want us all at each other's throats instead of fighting the New World Order.
And it's true that every time there's black-on-white violence, it's ignored.
I mean, take Jasper.
On the one-year anniversary of that poor black man being drugged to death, they grabbed a bomb, some black guys did, they didn't even know, and drugged him until his head came off, and the media was told to shut that down.
Now, my point is, it's wrong on both sides.
Well, anyway, it's just propaganda down here.
They want a racial war down here so bad.
But if it would have been us, they would have whipped us and, you know, and all this.
But I just don't understand the people of Louisiana.
They run, run, run, run, run.
There's no place to run no more, I tell them.
They're going to have to fight this one way or another, through tapes, through education.
Now, specifically, Charles, folks were trying to give the protesters water?
Yes, they were standing on a step.
With their own money, they were buying soft drinks and bottles.
You know, it's the white people trying to get along.
And the black folks are saying mean things?
Oh, yes sir, yes sir.
Stay there, I want to hear about it.
We'll be right back.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, we got tons of world news, a bunch of clips, a guest coming up.
Right now we're talking to
Charles, Louisiana.
Charles is a great guy.
I've known him for years.
He was reporting on the cops shooting people trying to leave the city for no reason years before it came out in the news the last few months.
He's given us so much good info, so I've learned to trust Charles.
And Charles was there when the white and black cops were shooting the black people, and he was exposing that.
And he's telling you now that the blacks were there saying racist things to the groveling, tail-between-their-legs, guilty, yuppie whites, begging and pleading.
I believe it.
And I've seen that.
Look, blacks are the same as white people.
We're all just human beings.
We're tribalist.
And we like to be tribal, and the globalists play us off against each other.
I mean, racism is tribalism.
And anybody who says that deep down they don't have these basic imprints that we like who looks like us, we like our families more than we like our neighbors.
Our neighbor may be white.
Now once you get to know some black folks, you get to where you like them.
It's like once black folks get to know white people, they like them.
But the bottom line is blacks, when they get stirred up, just like whites or anybody else, get stirred up like a beehive.
And blacks, you know, used to live in total fear.
They could supposedly vote after the Civil War, but every time they tried to, they'd get shot or lynched or bombed.
And we've caught the ADL and other groups out doing, and their ally groups, out putting swastikas on synagogues and creating Klan groups, and nine times out of ten, that's what it is.
Or you get pranks at school where kids do this, or they caught the Jewish kids burning down all the black churches in Alabama, and remember that?
And that came out, and that story got shut down real fast.
Doing the work of the ADL.
That's why the ADL is in a lot of trouble right now.
So is the Southern Poverty Law Center.
They got caught with their own U.S.
government documents, basically founding and running the Elohim City White Supremacist compound.
So there's a lot of examples of this.
But I mean, I grew up in a suburb of Dallas, and I had friends in South Dallas.
And frankly, when you were 15 or 16, you know, you'd be 14 years old, riding around with your 16-year-old buddy, and when the bootlegger was out in Rockwall trying to buy a couple six-packs of beer to go back and drink with our girlfriends, we would drive into the black part of town.
Because, I mean, that was back in the late 80s, early 90s, when it was just constant shootings, killings, really high crime rate.
And we drive right into the worst parts of town, right into the black bootleggers.
And folks, I mean, South Dallas, the areas we go to off Dolphin Road and stuff, I mean, this is real hardcore, as bad as the worst parts of Harlem, as bad as the worst parts of Compton.
I mean, this is, you hear gunshots down there constantly.
I mean, crack houses the whole nine yards.
But we weren't going down there to buy marijuana or crack, we were down there to buy beer.
And, uh, we wanted beer.
And, uh, you'd have blacks yelling at you out the window, you white scum, get out of here, and other black folks would be selling you beer going, never mind that.
And, uh, also there was a black part of town in Rockwall where I grew up and I had black friends I played basketball, football, stuff with, track.
And I'd go over to their house on the weekends because, you know, we were going to go fishing or something.
We'd be walking down the street and an old black guy would come out with a shotgun in his hand, get the hell out of here, you white, blah, blah, blah.
So I mean, I've experienced it.
And you know, I had a few cases where a couple black guys come up and go ahead and, you know, I'm stronger for it.
A couple black guys try to mug you and try to beat you down while they're yelling racial epithets.
It'll create a confidence level after you've been in a few scraps.
It's almost addicting.
I can't really even get it going, you know what I mean, until it's overwhelming odds.
I mean, it's just the high of having two, three, four people pile on you.
I mean, it's just incredible.
You can throw people and I'm talking like eight feet.
It's almost superhuman, but I don't know, I'm nuts.
But the point is, is that because a few times some little guy my size would start a fight with me and I'd go ahead and give him a fight.
I'd end up getting my butt kicked, but if it was like three rednecks or two big black guys, I could always just totally destroy them.
I mean, alright, I'm digressing, I'm sorry.
I'm not here to tell those stories.
I start thinking about things that's happened in my life, I start telling stories.
So I know that goes on.
And I know that that happens.
Because blacks have had a lot of bad things happen to them, and then it gets institutionalized, and then it's the excuse
And then, of course, they had their families broken up and the women paid not to have men in the house.
And the black community has completely degenerated, like every other community is degenerating.
They're just at the front of the line, because it started earlier on them.
And Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, they won't talk about Albert Pike, founder of the Klan's statue in the middle of D.C.
They won't talk about the eugenics programs against blacks.
They won't talk about how they're killing blacks in Africa with bio-weapons like AIDS.
That's why I could win any debate with these phony black leaders.
I can sit up in front of black people and I can explain it to them and I can, because a lot of them already know the truth and have heard it, and I can explain how their leaders are whores.
See, their leaders need this.
They need to go out and have a fake event and yell and scream and feel good and then the white people come and grovel and then everybody gets to be put back in their place.
It just goes on and on.
We're not going to change things until we stop
Acting like a bunch of idiots and letting people play us.
Frankly, I don't like it.
Not as a white person, but as a person who wants justice.
I don't like the fact that on the year anniversary of Jasper, Texas, where they drugged that black man to death, who'd been in a rival black gang in prison, and I'm not defending what happened, it was terrible.
They grabbed a white homeless wino,
Who they didn't even know.
I mean, this is a big difference.
They didn't know him.
It wasn't a crime of passion.
And the three black guys drug him behind the car, until his head came off.
And then until the arm pulled out of the chain.
And it was in the AP, and then you never heard about it.
Now, why are we not allowed to hear about black monsters?
We can hear about the white monsters, but we can't hear about the black monsters.
And again, that's because
This is how it works.
You have tribal domination by whites in this country, and then an oligarchy rises up that dominates the whites as well.
It wants to play whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians off against each other, while the banking elite rules over us.
Alright, let's go back quickly to Charles.
Charles, you said that whites were trying to bring the black protesters water and were being called names.
That's pretty pathetic, isn't it?
Yeah, they were pretty scared, but I think the provocateurs
Because Ray Nagin, when I looked on the news, the mayor of Louisiana, he was down there.
And I don't think he should have been down there.
And people was on the side, they brought their own money, trying to say, here, you know, we're not against you and all that.
And then he must have been a provocateur, because they tell me, they did, a few of them did flash guns down there.
Saying, you're lucky we don't burn this SB down, you know?
And so, I mean, the police didn't, it wasn't progressive.
If that would have been us, they would have been beating our brains out.
Oh, I know.
But again, that's because that's the most viable force.
If blacks were the majority, and blacks had the money on average, they would beat them down.
See, they gotta beat down the whites because still have the most money, still have the most power, but it's a limited power.
See, they play the blacks, hispanics, and asians off against whites, only until the white power is debased, then they're going to wage war against those groups.
It's all a master chess board, and if we want our children to have a good future... See, I'm here actually trying to stop the black kids from being vaccinated, so that they get the autism.
I'm actually here trying to stop them from grabbing them and testing pesticides on them.
Do you hear Jesse Jackson talking about New York Daily News, where they kill black children in New York?
You're not going to?
Because he's only there to have these little statements about some kids and some ropes, and it looks like that's made up.
I mean, that's my point.
See, they don't want to talk about the real things being done to blacks.
They just want to talk about some stupid issue like this.
And I want to tell all the people that are trying to criticize you to look in their own heart.
Throw a stone if they don't have no fault with them.
But I'm getting so tired of people saying you this or they predicted this before you or this.
These are the same people that probably don't do nothing.
Well, bottom line, bottom line, I wish I wasn't the forerunner in a lot of this sometimes.
I mean, frankly, it's to always be on the tip of the spear.
I mean, I really want to beat the New World Order.
I have that real goal.
I actually have to worry about being arrested or killed every day.
I know that.
And then I see these people out here like it's all a big game and a big joke to them.
Because they don't have nothing else to do.
That's their job, to not care for things.
If they talk about you, they don't look at their self.
God bless you, Mr. Jones.
You know?
What you doing?
Thank you, my friend.
And I believe in you with all my heart.
I know you're true.
Well, God bless you, Charles.
I know you're true, too.
And that's the thing.
People that don't have discernment, they just don't know.
I mean, I don't dislike an old black woman or a young black child.
They're just human beings.
I want them to have a good life.
I want them to be successful.
But the way the New World Order sets it up is it's made the way we're going to fight.
There's just no way to even get around it until we have a mass awakening to that.
So many good calls today.
I've got all these audio clips.
I've got Richard Seric coming up.
We're going to take your calls when he's on with us.
Really, a lot of days I get frustrated and angry on air just because there is no way to cover it all properly.
There is no way to go through it all.
There is no way to get into every facet.
And frankly, a sick side of me actually likes being bashed and attacked because it's almost like entertainment.
It's funny.
At a certain Python-esque level of my psyche, it's ridiculous the way I get bashed because it's never substantive.
Well, that's not true.
I mean, there are people who critique me, but then it's fair and reasonable, and they point out my shortcomings and where I'm wrong, and I get better.
But, but, but, but, but, I mean, the lion's share of the critiques are just cartoonish.
I mean, it's just mindless, made-up tripe.
But then, when I get more intellectual, and then more discerning, I go, no, this is bad.
Because it distracts people who are out there searching for real information.
And we're in dark times.
We're on a very dark road.
Very dark road indeed.
The dark road to serfdom.
Come back, take more of your calls.
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There must be some kind of way out of here.
Said a joker to the dean.
There's too much confusion.
There's too much confusion.
I can't get no relief.
Business man there, drink my wine.
Come and dig my earth.
None will level on the mine.
Nobody of it is worth.
Alright, let's go back to your calls.
Jeremy, where are you calling us from today?
Crown Point, Indiana, Alex.
Hey, I got two things for ya.
Number one, I think that every American citizen should subscribe to the Federal Register.
And I don't know if you're familiar with it or not, but it's open to the public, and right on their main page it tells you right there to keep the American people informed.
And this is how I found out about Bush declaring an emergency with Iran in 1904.
Oh yeah, they declared a black op war back in 04, and they've been running ops there ever since.
Yeah, and if the American people would have subscribed to the Federal Register, they'd have known about it the day that they declared it.
Oh, it's all right out in the open.
They say we're under international management, we're under U.N.
Bush has now announced we're under U.N.
management during emergencies.
And it's all public.
Tell folks about the Federal Register.
Well, the Federal Register is a public office.
And let me get the name of the office.
It's the printing office.
The U.S.
Printing Office.
And so there's all these declarative statements that are made by all the agencies into it.
Right, it's basically anything that the government does has to be listed because of course we're a government that is public, so we think.
But anyway, you know you can go to listserv.access.gpo.gov and that's where you can subscribe and they will send you automatic updates to your email address
And you can see everything that the federal government does.
Now, I don't know if you remember or not, but just this year, just after Cheney came out and said that his office is outside the executive branch, and that the executive branch is outside the scope of our Congress, well, that same week, they denied access to
The Federal Register to their office records.
Cheney's office did.
Yes, and actually violated a previous executive order that they issued about having to report to them.
Right, right.
So, but you know, I thought maybe, you know, that's one way that we could get the information out.
No, I remembered that in the news when he just said, I'm now a special animal, and that you can't have any documents from my office now.
Yeah, key word, animal.
But you know, another thing is too, is the American people have been sissified.
And we, as a people, now not individually, but as a people, we have turned into dogs where we listen to the tone of voice, we don't listen to the words.
And just like with your pet, you can look at your dog and you can say, come here you stupid little idiot dog, I'm going to pound your head in, and the dog comes right up to you wagging your tail.
But you can... No, I agree.
I mean, uh, you know... Sherman, you watch a lot of... I love you, but... I love you!
And the dog won't come over.
Uh, like, like Lori Dew in people.
They'll be saying the most evil things about smiling and smacking their lips and looking at you.
Uh, you know, like there's some type of, uh, you know, operative for the CIA, one of those women they get to, you know, uh, pick men up, where they just seductively just look at you.
She's looking at a camera, folks.
It's a teleprompter.
She's not really looking at you.
Yeah, and you know, Ron Paul is so good at getting our message across humbly in the right tone of voice as well, and that's why the movement is so big.
But even Ron Paul, he is trying to inform the American people that we have not declared war legally.
All we do is declare emergencies, which gives the federal government
And now, for the first time, Bush says Congress isn't involved, I'm a dictator, and I'm under U.N.
By the way, we're going to get an article out on this later this week.
No one has put the two together.
First he declares that Congress isn't involved in continued government, then he declares we're under U.N.
control a month ago at the S.P.P.
meeting and issues the federal executive order.
So, I mean, this is so huge.
Thanks for the call.
These are all fabulous calls today.
Eric and others, your calls are coming up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, here's the deal.
I want to get into Iran.
Ahmadinejad's visited.
I got a bunch of the news I want to cover, but I said I wanted to take a bunch of calls, and we've been doing, I guess, a moderate job of that.
It's a Catch-22.
Either I give you each about a minute to talk or we never get to any of you.
So I'm going to move fast now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Eric in California.
You're on the air, Eric.
Go ahead.
Alex, there's no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for his brother.
And I just want to thank you for being a brother in Christ.
And I want to get a message out quickly to your wife and kids that
I'm so thankful and so grateful for their sacrifice to allow you to do what you do.
I've personally burnt hundreds of DVDs, woken many, many, many people up, and actually, I don't know what documentary it was, but the FBI guy telling the cops that the Founding Fathers
Are terrorists?
I experienced that for my... That is in, well let me just tell you, well that's in the Road to Tyranny and it's FEMA telling a group of firemen, police and sheriffs.
Go ahead.
Yeah, well I had the opportunity about six, eight months ago to attend a lecture given by a former FBI guy who actually interrogated people at Guantanamo Bay.
And during his spiel there, he actually said, almost verbatim, the founding fathers are terrorists, to first responders and whatnot.
I actually got to ask some pretty good questions.
See, I wish you would have had video.
I wish you would have had video of that.
Well, he said he wanted to do it again.
Everybody in the crowd wanted him to come back, so the next time I will bring a camera.
I brought a friend, and he witnessed it for himself.
I just tell you, man, I totally... I'm so appreciative of what you do.
Well, I mean, it's not just that.
We have the training manuals where they say gun owners, Christians,
I mean, folks, you couldn't make this stuff up.
This is hard.
I couldn't believe it.
It just brought it all so crystal clear.
I want to tell everybody out there, all these spineless chicken necks who comment on the stories like we're already at war with Iran and say, oh, that's it, I'm moving to Costa Rica or Canada or whatever.
We don't need you!
Get out of the way!
We got some work to do!
If you don't step up... God help you, man!
I got it.
It's just builtin' up, man.
I understand you're frustrated, my friend.
Take action with that energy.
Go to the next event.
Shoot video of it.
Get it out there.
I've actually seen a couple other videos online where they say the same thing since we put that out.
And this is pre-9-11, by the way.
This happened in 2000.
Alex, I'm gonna run for City Council and I'm gonna get the
Certified annual financial report.
Comprehensive annual financial report of our city, and I'm going to blow wide open in my city, and I encourage everybody to do the same.
Eric, I've got to jump.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to another Eric now.
Let's talk to Eric in Maryland.
Eric, you're on the air.
Mr. Jones, great American hero.
I just wanted to ask you, Alex, maybe you could shed some light on this, because I recently woke up my mom
But you had a question about this, is how would the operators of 9-11 convince the men who planted the bombs and such?
How does that work?
Well, I mean, that's a whole treatise just to explain that.
But how did they... How did they convince these American operatives to say, okay, go put bombs in the World Trade Center?
No, I understand.
Let me answer your question.
How did they convince the Army
Two staged terror attacks in Italy, Germany, France, all over Eastern and Western Europe during differently classified operations.
They said, well, we're going to, look, the Soviets killed millions of people.
If we don't go blow up a few school buses and a few buildings and kill a few hundred people, they're going to take over and they're going to kill millions.
And so it's a military mindset.
Just like generals thousands of years ago,
would put out a few hundred of their cavalrymen to draw in the main enemy force into a gorge or into an area where it was a pincer attack or a trap to literally sacrifice hundreds if not thousands in some battles of their troops just in a move of strategy.
It's chess.
Why would someone playing chess sacrifice a pawn?
Or even a knight?
Or even a rook?
Or even a bishop?
Or even a queen if it lets you get into checkmate?
It's called collateral damage, it's called acceptable losses, and it is part of the military mindset of, quote, just winning.
And why would they stage terror attacks on U.S.
And then, why would they park, why would the... And by the way, when I say this, I've had the admirals on the show.
We've interviewed them.
Those archives are all there on Prison Planet and InfoWars.
That ship was under the National Security Council's control.
It was not being directed by the Navy.
It was being directed by the CIA.
The USS Liberty was under the President's direct control, as the whole military is, under his basic control.
But his office was directing it, just like the Office of Special Plans for Iraq was under the White House control.
And they parked that ship out there, and when the admirals were sending planes to help it, he came on the line and said, don't help it.
And that's because they were positioning it there to sink it, to blame it on Egypt.
You know, why would they kill our Navy men?
They were doing it because it's once you start, well, the end justifies the means.
Once you start down that road, it's over.
Or like Spock says in Wrath of Khan, the needs of the many
We're good to go.
Number one, they use black-op operators that have done this time and time again, who've staged other events.
You use people who are compartmentalized.
And, you know, I mean, how do you get the FBI to cook the bomb, train the driver, give them the detonators, and provoke a terror bomb in the World Trade Center?
Well, we need more anti-terror funding, and, I mean, these are evil people, sir.
How did they get Israel to irradiate 110,000 Sephardic dark-skinned Jews?
The U.S.
government funded.
How did they get the U.S.
military to radiate 4,000 children in the U.S.?
Well, we've got to find out what the Ruskies are going to do when they nuke us.
This will save millions.
See, and then once you start down the dark path, it's over.
Does that answer your question?
Yes, it does, and it would make sense that the handlers, I guess the people who are higher up kind of training these special ops guys, I'm sure that they're looking for sickos.
I mean, I'm sure that there's a process by which they... They actually have sickos for certain jobs, but not generally for this type of work.
These are cult members.
Most of them they have operating are hardcore super-Christians who think that they're fighting Islam
And they think that we've got to be more evil than the devil to beat the devil.
We've got to be the most ruthless to save America.
The Muslims are a billion, two hundred million.
They're going to take over.
They can't be stopped.
They are planning to get nuclear weapons.
This is their idea.
We've got to stage these attacks.
And you've got MI6, the Israelis, we've got to do it for Israel, but a lot of backbone guys and special ops, higher level, 40, 50 years old, they're doing it for the Lord.
I mean, these are really sick people, folks, and they're really brainwashed.
And they're highly dedicated, highly focused.
When you get into your basic sicko, they're not as highly focused.
They're not willing to sacrifice themselves.
The globalists have people working for them.
Hardcore Zionist cadres.
Hardcore Christian sex cadres.
And then you've got the sociopathic controllers.
They're into the power, the game.
Psychopaths above them.
But if I had to assess who did the towers,
I would have to say, from past ops we've seen, it's a hardcore contingent of Christian Zionists.
Does that answer your question, sir?
Yes, thank you very much, sir.
Alright, I appreciate your call.
And I mean, that's just the facts.
That's from, and I'm able to assess things from thousands of pieces of data.
Okay, we hit the catch-22.
I wanted to go to
Josh and Gil and Charlotte, we're going to get to you next hour.
I got to get to this Ron Paul thing.
I'm now out of time to play the whole deal.
This is Bill Moyers from 10, 15 years ago.
It's from the 80's actually.
It's from 86, so 20 years ago.
Man, time's flying.
21 years ago.
Talking about what we did to Iran.
Because people say, Iran?
What we did?
They all made fun of Ron Paul.
What did we ever do to Iran?
I don't know, blow up two of their airliners, bomb a bunch of their battleships for no reason, overthrow their government twice, torture and kill 200,000 people.
Gee, why don't they like us?
Here it is.
I believe very sincerely that the CIA is correct when they teach and talk about blowback.
When we went into Iran in 1953 and installed the Shah,
Yes, there was blowback.
The reaction to that was the taking of our hostages, and that persists.
Iran, 1953.
The CIA mounted its first major covert operation to overthrow a foreign government.
The target was the Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh.
He held power legitimately through his country's parliamentary process, and he was popular.
Washington had once looked to him as the man to prevent a communist takeover.
But that was before Mossadegh decided that the Iranian state, not British companies, ought to own and control the oil within Iran's own borders.
When he nationalized the British-run oil fields, Washington saw red.
The Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, and his brother Alan, Director of the CIA, decided with Eisenhower's approval to overthrow Mossadegh and reinstate the Shah of Iran.
The mobs paid by the CIA and the police and soldiers bribed by the CIA drove Mossadegh from office.
Crown Prince Abdullah reached the Shah as he lands at Baghdad Airport after a seven-hour flight from Rome.
The King of Kings was back in control and more pliable than Mossadegh.
American oil companies took over almost half of Iran's production.
arms merchants moved in with 18 billion dollars of weapons sales over the next 20 years.
But there were losers.
Nearly everybody in Iran, of any importance, has had a brother, or a mother, or a sister, or a son, or a father, tortured, jailed, deprived of property without due process.
I mean, an absolutely buccaneering dictatorship
In our name, that we supported, SAVAK was created by the CIA!
SAVAK, the Shaw's secret police, tortured and murdered thousands of his opponents.
General Richard Secord and Albert Hakim, whom we met earlier, were among those who helped supply the Shah's insatiable appetite for the technology of control.
But the weapons and flattery heaped by America on the Shah blinded us to the growing opposition of his own people.
They rose up in 1979 against him.
Death to the Shah, they shouted.
Death to the American Satan.
Khomeini is a direct consequence, and the hostage crisis is a direct consequence, and the resurgence of the Shia is a direct consequence of the CIA's overthrow of Mossadegh in 1953.
Yes, there was blowback.
The reaction to that was the taking of our hostages.
And that persists.
And if we ignore that, we ignore that at our own risk.
If we think that we can do what we want around the world and not incite hatred, then we have a problem.
They don't come here to attack us because we're rich and we're free.
They come and they attack us because we're over there.
I guess there were two clips.
I must have sent him the short one.
Now that's Ron Paul on the generality of terror.
I'm not debating 9-11 on the subject.
But the Pentagon cynically knows what they're doing.
This is not blowback.
And Ron Paul is right in that it could be perceived as blowback, but blowback is meaning that you don't want it.
You didn't mean it.
It was unintended.
It is not blowback when pistons ignite fuel and pound the gases back out and drive the system that turns the wheels.
The globalists cynically wrote and said that they wanted to destabilize.
The Middle East.
They wanted to bring Iraq down from First World to Third World, and they've done it after 17 years of bombardment and sanctions.
They said that when they went in, they would be there for at least 100 years, permanent bases would be built, and then they would just oversee bringing Iraq back to the Stone Age, cutting the power and water off, exterminating the population.
The Israeli plans state that.
It's so cold-blooded
We've written articles about it and posted to the State Department statements in the Israeli plans and it's been in mainstream newspapers now.
Break the country in three parts.
They're talking about maybe even four, now they're announcing it.
Remember before the war we laid out everything that would happen?
And then they call it a failure.
They knew day one when they went in and disbanded the military and disbanded the police that everything would break down and disbanded the social services net and disbanded
The city works workers because they were Ba'athist.
But then kept the top Ba'athist.
Oh, they kept all the real killers in place, but the actual infrastructures were broken down.
And generals would show up and say, well, I don't want to go along with this.
Come on, let's just turn the power on.
Nope, you're fired.
Now, the city of Baghdad has about four hours, last time I checked, a day of power.
Green Zone, of course, always has it.
Cholera is spreading all over the country.
There are hundreds of thousands of deaths a year just from malnutrition and amoebic dysentery.
That's amoebas infesting your stomach and intestines until you die.
Very painful death.
And they look like something out of North Central Africa.
It looks like something out of
Out of Rwanda on the West Coast.
It looks like something out of Ethiopia.
Or Sudan.
So sad.
The Northeast Coast.
And it's all cold-bloodedly done.
The Serbs, your own aircraft factories, your own car factories.
Yuppies start buying property there.
People start moving there from Europe and the U.S.
You're gonna get bombed, brother.
You're gonna get bombed bad.
And they went in and they hired Al-Qaeda, and Al-Qaeda went in there, and they blew the living daylights out of Kosovo, and even most Muslims who know the New World Order went along with it.
You're just like dumb Americans, see?
They show you some holy war, they show Americans a crusade, they're for it.
They show Muslims, hey, let's go take Kosovo.
Let's go keep the, uh,
Jihad going.
And they went in there.
And they took over that area.
And Serbia had its water plants, its power plants, anything that could be connected to industry that could be connected to war, blown to bits.
Now bankrupt.
CIA coup a year later.
Totally controlled.
Third World.
Cancer's quadruple.
Mission complete.
The Empire strikes back.
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Don't want no shackles.
Don't want no shackles on me.
Don't want no shackles Don't want no shackles on me I sat down with Big Brother Don't like those RFIDs Got the blues about my freedom Got the blues about tyranny
I got the blues about my freedom.
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I sat down with Big Brother and the National ID.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now into the second hour that Richard Sarek, Mid-Talk Show up in Canada, joining us coming up in the next segment.
We'll also have up the phones in the second
Half of this hour.
Interesting news I haven't gotten to yet.
Four-month trial ends with no convictions.
Federal income tax evasion cases involved nine defendants, 161 felony charges, and they were all found not guilty by the juries.
The majority of tax cases we've seen this year have been won by the defendants because now
Now the general public is finding out that, indeed, the IRS is private.
Indeed, it gets federal funds, but it's just like the Blackwater mercenaries.
It's private.
They're finding out the Federal Reserve is private.
They're finding out the District of Columbia is really registered in Puerto Rico and Guam.
It's all true!
And so they're finding out about it.
And so, people are winning case after case after case after case after case because they just say, show me the law.
The 16th Amendment was never ratified, ladies and gentlemen.
Income taxes are unconstitutional.
We're not saying there can't be other taxes.
There can.
We built this country with 10 plus percent average growth rates before we had the income tax.
The income tax came in in 1913, but it didn't get implemented over 1% until after 1947.
So they're always saying, well we gotta take care of people.
It only goes for interest on the debt.
Debt created out of nothing.
The same people that are imploding our currency right now are the same ones that run the income tax.
And it just came out in court.
They tried to send Joe Bannister to prison.
Treasury agent who found out about this and spoke out.
They're trying to send
Another IRS agent present right now.
In fact, I want to get her on.
I keep saying that.
I don't know why we can't.
But we're going to get her on.
And I'm going to get these folks on.
I want to go ahead and get Larry Becraft on as well.
I keep meaning to end that Cryer fella.
There's a whole bunch of them.
And I've interviewed some of them before, years ago.
But I want to get them all back on the next few weeks.
You're going to be hearing them.
Or I'm going to throw a conniption.
Other than that, if I do sound down today, folks,
I just can't help it sometimes.
I really like my dog.
I love my dog.
He's got terminal cancer.
You know what happens once you've been around a while, every time something dies, even if it's a dog, this is a particularly smart and sweet dog.
Smartest dog I've ever had.
Really sweet.
Really funny, like talks.
Doesn't like literally talk, makes all these weird noises.
It's a funny dog.
Well, you know how you like your dog.
Every time an animal dies or somebody in your family dies, you think about everybody else that died, you know?
That's the thing.
And I just, I've loved my grandfathers, loved my grandmother.
Other family I've got, I don't like thinking about other family I've got dying.
You know, your parents start getting older and you realize they're going to die someday.
I still got a great grandmother to my children.
My grandmother is still alive and I see her getting old and it's bittersweet as you have all those memories and all those things.
You know it's like when you were a child you never thought you'd be grown up and then all of a sudden you're grown up and it seems like five minutes ago and when you're waiting for something to watch the pot never boils but then before you know it you're there.
And that's kind of how I feel about death.
I know that day, even if it's 30 years from now, or 60 years from now, or next month, it's just going to be here.
And you're just going to BAM!
It's going to be there.
Kind of like this year just started and it's almost gone.
But I think when you think about how short, and limited, and precious, gaseous it dissipates, life is,
I think you live a little bit fuller life and start caring about things that really matter.
I mean, you can't take it with you.
You can't take all this junk and the baubles and the status with you.
But you can build a better world.
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Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's a heritage station by that.
It's been around more than 80 years.
It's CFRB number one talk station in all of Canada.
It's 1010 a.m., covers much of the nation and of course into several, quite a few of the eastern states.
And four nights a week he's on the air.
I've been on his show a couple times and have really been amazed by
How professional he sounds, and also his breadth and width of knowledge, and also some of the turn of phrases that he's come up with.
I certainly enjoy coming on his show, so I thought why not get Richard Serrett here on our broadcast, just to talk about today's news and what's happening, but also a Canadian perspective on the expanding and evolving North American integration, or North American community.
That's what they call it, the kingmakers that are establishing this, but then they tell us there's no such thing, even when Bush puts the United States under U.N.
control during continuity of government and calls it the NAU.
Again, joining us is Richard Serrett.
Richard, thanks for coming on.
Hey, what a great pleasure to be with you again, Alex.
Richard, just tell us out of the gates about when your show's on, how people tune into it, your website, and how you woke up to the New World Order.
We're on Monday to Thursday, 11 p.m.
to 1 a.m.
That's a.m.
And also, they can listen live around the world at CFRB.com.
And they can check out all the show information on my website, richardserrett.com.
How I came to wake up, I suppose, from this strange sleep that's really afflicted us all, hasn't it?
You know what?
I met an interesting fellow who was an associate of Marshall McLuhan.
Marshall McLuhan was a professor up here at the University of Toronto, and was his archivist, and had access to a lot of the same types of information, I guess, perhaps, Carroll Quigley had when he was the archivist for the Rockefellers.
And this gentleman handed me a book.
It was Quigley's Tragedy and Hope.
I read that, devoured it really, and it's just been sort of a waking nightmare ever since.
Well it is, because David Rockefeller three years ago...
wrote a book and says they're setting up world government and the U.S.
has to fall, and then you find out there were books written a hundred years ago saying it, and now we're at that point.
Now the dollar is plunging.
Now they are militarizing the police.
Now they are listening to the phone calls and admitting it.
I mean, we're now here.
We have now arrived, and it's just going to get more hardcore from this point on.
Give me your take on that from a Canadian perspective.
Well, the interesting thing is, there is no conspiracy.
It's all out in the open.
As you say, these things are documented, they're published.
We had the Fraser Institute back in 1999 issuing a press release advocating for integration, both economic and political, with the United States, talking about the Amaro.
In fact, I believe it was Herbert Grubel, a senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, which is the conservative think tank up here, that coined the phrase, the Amaro.
If you want to just go looking for it, probably you could find it in the National Archives down there.
And it's psych warfare!
It's psych warfare, because they'll go on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and say, we're going to go to the Amaro in the financial news, and then later they'll have the FBI put out a training manual saying if someone says it, it's code for white supremacy, it doesn't exist.
Yeah, you know what it is?
Because as you know, these things are planned 50 years down the road.
In 1967, they were actually down in, I believe it was Ecuador, when Lyndon Johnson was president.
They were first talking about North American Union.
That's 40 years ago.
That's how they planned things, these secret roundtables.
40, 50 years down the road.
And it's done through incrementalism, gradualism, which is right out of the Soviet handbook, you know?
And, which we are, we're the frog in the proverbial pot that starts out in cold water, they turn on the burner, gradually increase the temperature, it's kind of warm, it's kind of comfortable, and before you know it, we're boiled frog.
And that's what's happening.
And as you say, the time is nigh, it's happening here and now.
The problem is, I don't know whether it's the fluoride in the water, or, you know, a couple years ago, the USA Today published, it was an intercept, a memo between the Justice Department and the Defense Department.
They talked about if the financial situation in the U.S.
goes south in a hurry, they advocated putting Paxil or Prozac in the water supply.
I remember that was mainstream news.
You know what?
See, that's why I love you.
Because you're a really sharp guy, probably sharper than I am, and you remember all these things that I don't.
See, I'd forgotten that.
I mean, there's so much!
In fact, that was in USA Today, wasn't it?
Yes, it was.
And it was quickly dropped.
What was that headline?
I want somebody to find that and post it in the PrisonPlanet.com forum, but go ahead.
Oh, boy, I don't remember the headline.
It wasn't even on the front page.
I'll just check our listeners there.
They'll find it.
Yeah, it disappeared as quickly as it was there.
But yeah, if you go back in the archives, I'm sure somebody could find it.
One of your, uh... Well, I remember, uh, 15 years ago, I didn't believe that fluoride really brain-damaged people, and it was meant... I said, oh, that's made up.
I've seen Dr. Strangelove, and I'm a fan of Stanley Kubrick, so it must not be true.
And I went and actually read documents, and then I found the University of Texas documents of all places, where in 1933 they had already taken Russian studies about how it could be used to calm the population.
And then I found Pulitzer Prize-winning books on World War II, where the Germans did it.
It's really true!
Again, just like the NAU is real, they just say it doesn't exist!
Well, how else to explain the passivity in your country?
I mean, you have a history of
You know, standing up and taking up arms against this sort of tyranny.
And what else could you use to describe what's going on, whether it's the North American Union or the fact that they're just doing a total circumvent of the Constitution?
If this happened 200 years ago, this would be a revolution.
But now we just sit there and we take it, because we're living in this fur-lined trap, Alex.
We're slaves, but we're really comfortable in our cages, very well appointed.
That's how they get us.
But now they're even starting to take away some of the generous appointments in the little apartment cages.
But you just brought up a point that made me think, because I'm really starting to notice it.
And it's not from a sardonic, elitist view, because I don't have that high a view of myself.
But it's like, I'm hearing people in public now grunting and ooping like monkeys.
I'm seeing people act stupider and stupider, and they look more and more dim-eyed, and people are dumber and dumber and dumber, and it's like they're mesmerized, and you see the studies every year of the majority don't know where this is on a map, or don't know who the Vice President is.
It seems like it's... Do you see it accelerating, the dumbing down?
I've had the great pleasure of speaking with Charlotte Isserbitt on my program a bunch of times.
I don't know if you're familiar with Charlotte.
She wrote a book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.
We're not talking about some wacko here.
We're talking about an insider she was.
Working under Ronald Reagan in the Department of Education.
Head of Policy, No.
2, Department of Education, yeah.
Yes, she saw what was going on, and she's the ultimate whistleblower.
And again, this goes back 50, 60 years.
They were secretly, under even Eisenhower, at the height of the Cold War, supposedly, which was a big lie.
Here they are, merging the American and Soviet education systems.
And this was going on under Reagan and Gorbachev.
Gorbachev, they had set up an office for him in San Francisco before the wall even fell down.
So, you tell me that this is a conspiracy.
No, it's all public, and she was a conservative in there.
Her dad was Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove.
By the way, have you ever asked her about his deathbed admissions?
I have not.
She was like, this isn't conservative.
This is a total operation.
People said, well, Reagan was good.
Reagan wasn't running anything, folks.
He was a complete and total puppet, especially after they shot him.
Where do you see all this going with the North American Union?
Where do you see this dumbing down going?
Well, it's part of the whole package.
I mean, we talked about the fluoride in the water and Prozac in the water supply.
If you want to drag 300 million people into the North American Soviet Union,
They've got to be pliable.
They've got to be unquestioning.
If you want to produce serfs for the new global economy, they're going to be happy wearing paper hats and working, you know, for minimum wage or less.
Who knows what a minimum wage will be under North American Union.
But that's the first step.
You've got to change your value system.
That's been done to the education system.
To tolerate anything.
You know, the idea that the nation state now equals racism.
Tribalism is racism.
That's the first step.
You've got to dumb them down.
And I wish that that poor girl that was caught in the headlights like a deer
The North Carolina teen pageant contestant, we heard her immortal words ushered across the world.
Unfortunately, she couldn't, poor thing, couldn't put a sentence together to save her life.
I wish that that was, you know, an anomaly, but it's not.
Well, bottom line, the bottom line, the Bible says that they traffic in men's souls, and that's a good analogy for this.
Cars, buildings, jewels, those are all manifestations of the human intellect and mind.
It is your intellect
And history is a struggle between evil geniuses and good geniuses who simply want freedom and have the fires of liberty burning in their heart versus those that have the fires of control freak mentality burning in their hearts.
And folks, when they steal your intellect, when they steal the maps of the world, when they steal the way the systems are really designed and then falsely implant those into your psyche, they have stolen your entire life and your soul!
And a lot of you are so deep into this that, you know, even though you know deep down what we're saying is true, you can't intellectualize even the thoughts to be able to think of the next step.
I mean, I don't even know what to say to those people.
It's just that this is real.
Well, you know what it is?
It's like, if you see a parade from high up above, you can see the beginning, you can see the middle end, there's a cohesiveness to it, you can see what's happening.
If you're down on street level, you only get little bits and pieces, you can't see the whole picture.
And that's, this thing is so vast and so complex and so interwoven, for the average person, and I include myself in that, you know, I've had the benefit of speaking to great people like yourself and Charlotte Iserbed,
And Webster Tarpley and a whole host of other people that have really opened my eyes.
People, they just don't stand a chance.
They're just inundated.
We're like magpies.
And the media, you know, keep waving these shiny objects in front of us and we're distracted.
Larry King, when he should be talking about, you know, the mysterious death of Todd Blue and the next 9-11 and all of these things, he's talking about Larry Craig and O.J.
Simpson and Britney Spears.
We don't stand a chance.
And at the end of the road is population control, mass population culling, reduction.
I want to get Richard Serrett of 1010 AM out of Canada's take on that when we get back.
We'll also talk about Achmed Dineshid's visit.
And take your calls.
He's the host of the CFRB Nightly Show.
Stay with us.
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September 24, 2007.
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Communist Party bodies are warning that Beijing may use its 1.33 trillion reserves as a political weapon causing bond yields to spike, hammering the U.S.
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Russia, Switzerland and several other countries have reduced their holdings due to this threat.
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The Cruiser man says it's the end of time, in the Mississippi River she's a ghost drive.
The interest is up and the stock market's down, and you're only getting mugged if you go downtown.
I live back in the woods, you see A woman and the kids and the dogs and me I got a shotgun, a rifle and a four-wheel drive And a country boy can survive Country folks can survive
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I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn.
We make our own whiskey and our own smoke too.
Ain't too many things these old boys can't do.
We grow good old tomatoes and homemade wine and country boy can survive.
Welcome back my friends.
I'm glad that you've decided to join us today.
That's why they want you all wired into the city water system.
That's why they want you eating the foods they want.
They want to control you.
And I'd forgotten USA Today about a year ago said, yeah, there's federal studies.
I'm going to dig that story out.
I think I had that in a stack to go in Endgame and just never forgot about it.
I've forgotten more than I've ever even talked about on air.
And they kind of put those articles out from time to time.
Hey, we can put Prozac in the water as the economy gets worse.
Maybe society needs it.
Well, by the way, most major water systems already have Prozac because a lot of them are toilet to tap.
You're drinking the water from 20 other cities upstream, and it's just full of Prozac and other drugs, and women's birth controls.
That's been all over the news.
Going back to Richard Serrat, it's a short segment, we'll come back and get more into it, but population reduction.
What have you learned about the Globalist Master Plan, what they plan to do at the end of the tunnel when they finally get their world government police state?
Oh, everything we need to know is on the Council on Foreign Relations website.
They publish it again.
They're very upfront about this.
Their organ is called Foreign Affairs, and it's published online.
They talk about a reduction.
I don't have it in front of me, but I think it's anywhere from a third to two-thirds.
Yeah, that's right.
They say about half on their website, and that's the public.
And then, behind closed doors or in their own publications, it's 80%.
And then, most of them actually, when you get down to the gritty, they want 90% of us dead.
The other thing is, you listen to people like Prince Philip of England, who is the co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund, along with
Prince Bernhardt, who was an FS officer.
People forget that, but those two are the grandparents of the World Wildlife Fund, and a lot of these environmental groups, the Sierra Club, etc., they're real.
You know, on the surface, they seem like they're good folks, and maybe many or most of them are, but at the root of this is a real hatred for humankind.
They would much rather have, you know,
Man, vacating the premises.
Well, it's the final manifestation of total selfishness and evil to want to dominate your enemies so completely to just go ahead and annihilate them.
It's the instinct of control freaks to the final solution so they're never challenged again.
And I remember Prince Philip being interviewed once and was asked if he believed in reincarnation, what he'd like to come back as, and he said a deadly human virus.
Uh, so, you know, if you listen carefully, these people tell you exactly who they are.
But let's just trust them and take all their vaccines and drink their water and, uh, let's just trust them, everything's gonna be fine.
It almost makes you want to throw up your hands and just give in, Alex, but we can't, ultimately.
You've got to finish the race.
We know, ultimately, that good triumphs over evil.
Well, the sick part is, humanity's waking up to them.
I mean, when Congress has a 10% approval rating, their system's in deep trouble.
Regardless, you know, I noticed they tried to lie and spin and stuff up until about a year ago.
Now I'm seeing the new shift just into confusing stuff that doesn't even make sense and is purposefully a lie.
Now they're going into really sophisticated forms of mind control where they're just overstimulating.
And I've picked up the algorithm.
I mean, I could write a book trying to describe it, but I've now picked up a new attack pattern.
Have you seen that?
When we get back, I'll briefly try to get into it.
But I'm seeing some really dangerous developments in their attack pattern, propaganda-wise, and it doesn't bode well.
Our guest is Richard Serrett.
You can hear him Monday through Thursday on the number one talk station in Canada, 1010 AM.
And we're honored to have the CFRB host on with us.
This is Genesis Communications.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Central Standard Time.
Off and on during the breaks we've been watching Huck Mendengee give his speech.
I've never seen such a shameful display of caveman behavior.
The head of the university got up and called him names for 20-30 minutes.
I've been watching clips of it, and they're in there writing notes.
So I just scan the notes.
They're calling him all these names, and he just gets up humbly and starts speaking.
I mean, even if the guy was the devil, you don't act like that when you invite them to speak.
It's just unbelievable.
And the thing is about Ackman Dennegy, and I'm not defending the guy, government tends to be pretty corrupt and they're certainly not perfect, is that he didn't say,
The Holocaust didn't happen.
He didn't say destroy Israel.
He didn't say any of those things.
And we played Ron Paul last hour and Bill Moyers reports about our criminal government from the 50s until 79 torturing at least 200,000 people to death, secret police everywhere, taking over the government from an elected pro-America.
They were pro-America!
And they used that pro-Americanism to knock off their leader
Knock him out of the power position and take over.
That's all declassified.
They don't have nukes.
They're not about to get nukes.
They don't want nukes.
I want to get comments from Richard Sarratt on this, then we're going to take calls.
And I said I would elaborate and get into the new forms of propaganda.
If I have time later, I'll get into it.
I mean, really all it is is... You know how you can observe something, you can get the whole flavor of it, but you can't...
It would take a lot of thought and a big treatise just to break it down into how they do it, but I can see the patterns.
Like years ago, I could tell that, I kept noticing that with troop death numbers in different conflicts, they would announce
Five troops died and 10 civilians.
And then later it'd be 500 troops died and 4,000 civilians.
And I could tell they were always announcing a lower number first, because somehow that was creating the psychology of when the bigger number came out, it would at least put it into dispute, and that people would become confused.
Then I read a British Army psychological warfare manual from the 50s.
I ran into it in the Journal of Psychology.
I just picked it up at Barnes & Noble, opened it up, and there they were reporting on it, about how they found that if you give a lower number, later when a big one comes out, that people automatically average the two together.
They did studies on this.
I mean, they have studies on everything!
Well, now I'm seeing them put out ridiculous disinfo on purpose, contradicting themselves, changing what words mean,
It's just like they're discrediting themselves on purpose, but then saying, what are you going to do about it?
It's almost like they're saying fait complete or force majeure, force majeure.
Richard Sarratt, I mean, you get what I'm getting at.
Yeah, we are bombarded, absolutely bombarded, first with what is supposedly the truth, and then could they come up with something that totally conflicts or contradicts that?
And so ultimately, we're just, you know, it doesn't compute.
It's just like we short-circuit, because we can't absorb all that information.
I mean, there are websites, obviously, on 9-11 that are purported to be in support of the conspiracy of 9-11 or counter to the official story, but we know that they're being used to essentially discredit that same
I think it's doing two things.
I know it's doing two things.
It's separating the wheat from the chaff.
It is testing our metal.
It's making those that are already dumbed down, already caught in the Matrix, already mesmerized, literally go into zombie mode.
They're like zombies.
And then it's making those of us that are trying to study it really accelerate our understanding and almost giving us a brain boost.
I don't know how to describe that, but do you get where I'm going with that?
How do you mean by a brain boost?
I'm exponentially learning more, understanding more, seeing more.
I'm getting smarter.
I'm not saying I'm that smart.
I'm just learning more, is what I'm saying.
Oh, absolutely.
Well, that's the technology.
We were exposed to, you know, 50, 100 years ago, everything somebody knew could be placed, the cumulative knowledge of mankind could be placed in one edition of the New York Times.
You know, that knowledge is doubling every five years, and soon it'll be every two years.
But we can't confuse information and knowledge, really, with wisdom.
And ultimately, I think there's only one book that provides that.
And for those people that are sort of confused by all this information, all you need to know is, ultimately, we are both the prize and the pawn in this ultimate struggle between good and evil.
But somehow, the old cliché rings true, that
The devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist.
They're setting up world government in front of us.
They're engaging in every crime you can imagine.
And stuff I never thought of, I learn all the time.
I go, my gosh.
There's always levels to this.
It just gets worse.
And they even tell us what they're doing and how they're going to do it ahead of time.
And yet still, we don't believe them.
How does that happen?
It's a psychological formula.
And folks, when you're conscious of it, and dealing with it, and trying to study it, you can't even grasp that it's so big.
It just blows my mind.
Achmed Dinesh, what do you think about the whole situation with Iran and the disinfo?
Here's an example.
Last week he gave a speech and said, if we are nuked, if we are attacked, if Israel attacks us, we have drawn up plans to defend ourselves.
AP headline.
Iran plans to bomb Israel.
Another AP headline, there were several, said something similar.
Let me think of the exact headline.
It was, uh, Iran draws up plans to bomb Israel.
Now, when you read down it said, if we're attacked, we'll fight back.
I mean, see how that's just a basic propaganda right there?
Oh yeah.
I mean, we tend to think of these things happening in the Soviet Union.
There was a former KGB guy that came over to the United States and he congratulated some CIA officer and said, you know what?
It took us 50 years to do this with gulags.
You're doing it with the mainstream press.
Was that Primakov?
Might have been, yeah.
Listen, Wired Magazine is filing a reporting on what we've been reporting on.
Did you know they've hired the former head of the East German Stasi?
They hired Primakov, the former head of the KGB?
I mean, you cannot make this type of stuff up!
Oh yeah, and they're all living around, is it Alexandria, Virginia, or Langley?
Yeah, there's tons of former KGB in that neighborhood, because they're all on the Homeland Security payroll.
Well that's the incredible part, is that, you know, five years ago, I know who Chertoff was from the impeachment hearings and other staged events, and I know who he was from some other stuff,
We're good to go.
And Madeleine Albright's dad, I remember hearing that her dad had overseen the murder of over a million people in Czechoslovakia, and then I found out it was mainstream news, and she's got all this artwork stolen from people that Hitler killed at her house.
Then the Serbs save her so she bombs them.
I mean, folks!
Well, if that doesn't totally destroy the illusion that, you know, Democrats and Republicans, you've got a two-party system, I don't know what to tell you.
Well, I'm sure you've heard that the Trotskyites came over here and that Crystal's daddy founded the neocons and was the head of the Communist Fourth International.
I mean, again, you can't make it up!
No, they're all on the same side, ultimately.
Oh, it's not Communists, exactly.
It's all the same people, yeah.
Sure, sure.
Yeah, it's...
I don't know what it would take to wake everybody up to this, Alex.
You know, shows like yours, ultimately, all we can do is keep banging away and hope that... You know, the thing is, you've got a dedicated listenership.
I do.
Oftentimes, I think we find we're probably preaching to the choir.
What we need to do is deputize those people to get out, start knocking on doors, start writing their congressmen, their member of parliament.
Well, that's what I tell people to do.
Start a website.
Do a YouTube video.
You know, just do something!
Yeah, or even just, you know, call your up here in Canada, a member of parliament, call them up and say, listen, I know what you're up to, we got our eyes on you, we're in the midst of a provincial election up here, and you would think something like North American Union would be a huge campaign issue.
I mean, we're a huge center for auto manufacturing, part of the auto pact, and this sort of thing.
We could be talking about hundreds of thousands of jobs on the line.
Do you think it's even been raised once in the campaign?
Not a chance.
And if you try to peacefully, it was a middle-aged audience, I'd say 50 and up.
over the hill audience of great people who were out there at the SPP a month and a half ago and here come the cops hitting other cops with rocks and then we caught them and then it's admitted they were provocateurs and a few newspapers admitted it but where are the arrests?
I mean how criminal is it when the police are staging terror attacks and that's what that is.
That's a mini black op, a mini false flag when cops with big rocks that can kill people
Are hitting other cops in the head with giant rocks and staged events!
So they can attack peaceful people!
Where's the Fifth Estate?
You know, supposedly the front line in preserving our rights and our freedoms.
Totally asleep at the switch.
If this had happened 30 years ago, presumably, one would hope, the journalists would have latched on this like a pit bull on a pork loin.
Not let go, like they did with Watergate.
This is huge!
Well, my question is, how do you get cops to go hit other cops so you can rubber bullet old men and women?
I mean, what happened to the... Again, I'm not trying to bash cops!
That only helps the system, divides us from each other.
But I'm asking you, police, how do they get you... I've seen Austin cops do this.
How do they get you to do evil things like that?
I think part of it is they, like a lot of us, they were convinced that we can do sometimes, we can do the wrong thing for what we think is the right reason.
And presumably they'll say, you know what, we sacrificed a few thousand innocent lives on 9-11, but it's for the greater good.
Those people will, from generations from now, will look back and will say, you know, they died heroes because it allowed us to get into the Middle East, to install permanent bases, to expand the American Empire, to make sure that there's a free flow of cheap gasoline,
Because, you know, we're all culpable in this.
And by the way, you interviewed the cretin, one of a gaggle of neocons for the Philadelphia News, who said 9-11 was good, we need another one.
Yeah, and he's not alone.
At least he was upfront about it to actually publish it.
Now, he was saying, obviously, I don't want a loss of life.
He was speaking metaphorically.
Well, I don't see how you can speak about something like that metaphorically.
You either are hoping for another 9-11 or you're not.
And clearly he was.
Kissinger, back in the 70s, speaking at a Build-A-Burgers group, saying, you know, people are not going to accept this kind of change willingly, talking about, you know, the New World Order, One World Government.
It's going to take a huge cataclysmic event.
And then, once that happens on American shores, they will welcome U.N.
security forces.
Bush, again, I want to make this clear, took continued government from the Congress, he doesn't have that power, but he did it, it's illegitimate, and then now gave it to the UN.
I mean, that actually happened!
We're living, this is huge, we're living history!
This is treasonous.
And again, I say 200 years ago,
Americans would have been picking up their musket loaders and marching.
I'm not advocating a violent revolution, but I often ask myself, what's it going to take and how close are we to getting to that point?
Yeah, it's in the water, folks.
And the television mesmerizes you with the drugs they're putting us.
And then now you breathe it in the shower.
We've all got to take serious precautions, even I do, to just not let them get to us with this stuff.
Let's talk to John in Michigan and Charlotte.
And Carlton and others.
Go ahead, you're on the air, John.
Hi, Alex.
First time caller.
Just want to make a comment about the Imogen on visiting and how we refused to let him visit the side of the World Trade Center.
I think that that's a pretty huge statement and a pretty sad statement.
That someone's going to say, here, let me share in your tragedy.
And we're just going to say, no, we don't even want to hear you.
Well, see, because that would break into the illusion.
Some Americans think he carried it out.
See, and it also shows what a police state we are, that they won't even let him go down there.
They can't afford to humanize this guy.
Remember, we're supposed to be bombing these characters in a few months.
Yeah, yeah, and I think it says very clearly that we are going to be bombing them, and it doesn't matter what they say or what they do, and I think it's just
Just really sad.
54 years of mass murder and death against him isn't enough.
Just like 17 years against the Iraqis isn't enough.
It'll be going on another 100 if they have their way.
I appreciate your call, John.
Charlotte in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for having me on.
Go ahead.
I'm a student at Columbia, and it's like an armed camp up here today.
President Bollinger basically did 45 minutes of taunting Ahmadinejad.
I think the money quote was, since you want to destroy Israel, do you plan on wiping us out too?
And all of the School of International and Public Affairs students are acting as his cheering section.
They're egging him on while he was trying to
Egg Ahmadinejad on to try to get him to say something.
Let's see, the globalists love this because this will make Americans rally around Bush, Ahmadinejad will be bolstered in Iran when he's a hardliner, and worldwide he looks genteel and humble and we look like animals.
Yeah, well he's actually been very, very eloquent.
There was something that he mentioned about some countries trying to steal the resources from other countries and creating an unsafe psychological state and using terrorism as a way to do what they want.
So, he's actually made a few good points.
And they're just trying to tear him down.
If anyone wants to look, the Colombian newspaper is actually doing a live blog.
So you can go to columbiaspectaker.com and you can see all the budding communists at the university just tearing Ahmadinejad down.
They loved attacking the butcher of Belgrade, and they always have these little titular heads who they lie about and exaggerate about, and it's the same thing when really it's about destroying infrastructure that isn't owned by the central bankers.
Thank you for the call, Charlotte.
We've got about a minute before we go into this final segment.
Comments on that, Richard Serrett?
Well, Ahmad al-Din Jad is a curious fellow.
He was a virtual unknown when he was elected mayor of Tehran.
He spent not a penny on his presidential campaign.
Of course, the Mulas got behind him.
This guy has a PhD in Transportation and Communications.
I mean, I don't know where this guy came from, but I suspect he was sent down from Central Casting.
Certainly, he's been misquoted.
Although, I must say, I have no love for the original... Oh, no, he's very suspicious.
In fact, they may be involved at a higher level, yeah.
Well, there's a famous quote that you look under any Mula's cloak and you'll find the Union Jack.
Well, we know they came in and radicalized him and created the Wahhabist.
Yeah, it's... There's a whole other level to it, of course, but the public probably can't understand that or deal with it.
Richard Sarek, final segment straight ahead.
We'll take a call from British Columbia.
Take one from Kyle and Robert, if we have time.
We'll definitely get to the call from Canada.
On the other side, we're the hosts of the weeknight show on 1010.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I am flat out of time.
The show's basically over.
I got to some of the news, some of the clips I wanted to cover.
Don't forget that up on JonesReport.com, we've got a breaking story about Giuliani confronted by victims, family members of 9-11.
We Are Change is great work.
Also the video of Greenspan being confronted by We Are Change and Infowars.com's very own Rob Jacobson, who's now back in Austin, Texas, back at the Batcave.
And there's a big report about how, oh, they want to use the IP phones now to listen for keywords and to tune in on what you're saying.
For marketing, though, and Google, of course, a year ago announced they're using the microphones to listen to you in your house.
You couldn't make this type of stuff up.
It's going on.
It's happening.
Educate the dumbbells.
Richard Serret, of course, is our guest.
And you can hear him Monday through Thursday weeknights on 1010 AM right out of Toronto.
And it goes well into the U.S.
and he's definitely a great asset to the Freedom Movement.
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Let's jam in a few final calls here.
Robert in Florida, then Bob.
You're on the air, Robert.
Go ahead.
Kyle in Iowa.
Robert just dropped.
Kyle, go ahead.
Drop it right when I go to you.
You guys are good at that.
Go ahead.
Really quick, I'll try.
I know you're in a hurry.
It's about your dog.
I got some advice for ya.
One of my clients is a nurse that doesn't actually have her head up her wazoo.
What she did, her dog had rectal cancer and it was terminal.
They said, your dog's gonna die.
She took a pancake three times a day and soaked it in mangosteen juice and after a month time, a month time, the cancer was totally gone.
And if I could also recommend possibly giving your dog a probiotic and colloidal silver.
Those are two good immuno-boosters.
And on top of that, ANOVA dog food.
Well, that's another reason I talk to people.
I talk to vets here in Austin.
They say the animals are all still dying left and right of kidney failure and everything else from all the poison in the food.
Now it's in the human food.
That's all part of this thing degenerating.
Richard Sarratt comments.
Thanks for the call.
Well, people say if the depopulation agenda is so successful, you know, why are we all living longer?
The idea is not to kill us off at once.
They want a sick population, a chronically ill population.
That's how we become a crop, basically, for the pharmaceuticals.
And that's how they make their billions and trillions.
Well, the way it works is you notice this stuff kicks in right after the working years, and they get to suck all your savings out, too.
They use soft kill weapons on the third world populations, whose life expectancy is plummeting, and then they use hard kill weapons on them, and they use soft kill on the first world nations, and then they also skew the numbers.
People used to live longer, it's just if you lived past age three, you then lived longer.
They average lower fetal death numbers in with the overall.
If you average it in together, it's a lot worse.
Richard, Sarah, thanks for spending time with us.
My great pleasure.
Tell folks when you're on tonight.
Monday to Thursday, 11 p.m.
Check out all the upcoming show info at richardserrett.com.
Alright, S-Y-R-T-T.
Got links to it up on infowars.com.
Richard, thanks for coming on with us.
Thanks, pal.
You better take care.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, right here on this same station, retransmitted over Genesis.
If you missed any of the first hour, it's about to start again at InfoWars.com.
We retransmit the show.
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