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Air Date: Sept. 23, 2007
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Welcome, my friends, welcome.
It is September 23rd, 2007.
We'll be live here roughly for the next two hours.
If you've been looking for it, you've found it.
Not the phony left-right paradigm where both sides are bought and paid for by the same Fortune 100 globalist corporations.
No, you found a place where we really cover the news and information, where we know what we're talking about, where we're ahead of the news months, and in some cases years, where we're able to predict what's going to develop from our geopolitical knowledge.
You have found the very front lines of the information war.
You have discovered, ladies and gentlemen,
The wartime broadcast for the Battle for the Republic.
I am syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones, and I'm syndicated Monday through Friday by the Genesis Communications radio network.
But every Sunday in association with Genesis and MS Communication, we have the syndicated Sunday transmission from 5 to 7 p.m.
That's 4 to 6 Central Standard Time.
That'd be 2 to 4.
Pacific, thank you for joining us.
Okay, here's what I have in the stacks in front of me.
You're wondering what's really happening with the economy.
You're now starting to worry about dollar devaluation, something I've been talking about for ten years.
You're now starting to question your God, the Federal Reserve, who the media millions of times told you was like literal Zeus on Mount Olympus that only cared about you.
We're going to go over Alan Greenspan and Edward Bernanke and Paul Volcker and of course the Treasury Chairman Paulson as well and what they're really up to and where the economy is really going.
We know exactly where it's going.
We know exactly what's going to happen.
Because the globalists told us exactly what they're going to do.
Inactual policy reports.
I don't mean the stuff you see on your nightly news, okay?
That's called spin at best and propaganda and pure lies at worst.
And there's a smattering of the two in different degrees.
There's no black and white in this.
It runs the gamut.
So we'll be going over that coming up towards the end of this hour into the second hour this evening.
We'll also have open phones on that subject.
Some of my great compadres, some activists allied with InfoWars.com, WeAreChange.org, and InfoWars.com cameraman, stayed up in New York when I left up there a week ago, and confronted Alan Greenspan a few days ago.
That's made the news several places.
And we've got the video of our confrontation with him, just bringing up the fact that he's a New World Order trader selling out our country.
So he's been confronted by activists and literally fled an angry mob.
That's up on JonesReport.com, easiest place to find it.
It's now two-day old news on InfoWars and Prison Planet, but Jones Reports mainly just our top headlines.
So you can find it there, still at the top, at JonesReport.com.
Greenspan publicly shamed for intentionally destroying the dollar.
And we have Congressman Ron Paul on Friday confronted Edward Bernanke.
The current CEO of the private bank that literally owns the country and thinks it owns us.
So we'll be going over that little video clip from the banking hearing that they had.
And we'll go over exactly, again, what's behind all this.
Just to give you a little prelude or foreshadowing.
Well, you heard me last Sunday.
I said the dollar was going to plunge this week and the crude oil was going to go up this week.
It wasn't hard.
It was like 1 plus 1 equals 2.
Greenspan and all the other big central bankers came out last Saturday and Sunday and said the dollar is going to die, the euro is going to rise, housing prices are going to go down, inflation is going to spike, destroying confidence.
It's a fiat system, they own and run it, and they're just deciding to bring in the net of fish right now.
And the media is busy spinning and lying about this.
No, there's a few places that are telling the truth.
Financial Times of London is telling the truth.
I even got a Wall Street Journal here that's being halfway honest about it all.
So we will go over that as well coming up later in the hour.
So that's the financial news right there.
That's a pre-recap for you.
And then of course we've got
Well, the big news of the day, CNN reports the war with Iran has begun.
Now, I reported this three years ago that the war had begun with Iran.
I mean, if shooting police and bombing government buildings isn't war, I don't know what is.
And that is, globalist forces, can't call them our forces anymore, and they're commanding Al-Qaeda to carry out the ops.
I mean, that's a White House press release of three months ago.
Of course, I reported it three years ago.
The New Yorker Magazine reported it two and a half years ago.
And now CNN openly reports it.
And if you're taking double-takes listening for the first time, it's not me reporting Al-Qaeda works for the U.S.
The government proudly announced three months ago that they've launched major Al-Qaeda offenses in the west of Iran.
So we're going to talk about it.
But the new development here, CNN's war correspondent, their expert, their consultant, Colonel Sam Gardner,
Uh, says that, uh, the war in Iran is already underway and the second phase of overt military action will soon begin.
And, uh, we'll watch her start stumbling around, so we'll, uh, play this to critique it and analyze it.
Uh, also, uh, Israelis seized nuclear material in Syrian raid.
Times of London, a normally very credible publication, but if you believe that, I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona I'll sell ya.
And from my front porch, you can see the sea.
Ha ha ha!
I mean, seriously, I got some oceanfront property in Arizona.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I just can't believe it.
I just can't believe it.
And also, Iran promises missiles will fly if U.S.
Learned in Telegraph.
And Ahmed Dinejid's coming over here.
Iraq was ordered, the Iraqi government ordered Blackwater to leave, but Blackwater just said, we're not leaving.
That's your free government over there.
Yeah, they really run things.
And even contractors in our military admit that Blackwater just randomly opens fires on crowds of people and even threatens to kill other contractors and our own troops.
They're like God over there.
So, uh, I mean, that's AP reporting on this, and Reuters, and AFP.
I've got a big stack of them here, and it just... With contractors, and the Iraqi government, and our own military, and, um, Marine Corps officers under anonymity, I mean, Blackwater just walks around, literally doing whatever they want!
And now they're under investigation for weapons running and selling them, uh, to the insurgency.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's just, you can't make this stuff up, man.
You cannot make this stuff up.
So we'll be going over that as well, right now, after I finish telling you about some of the other news that I have here.
Every day there's news on this.
The Senate's very close to passing the amnesty bill under a new name in the Defense Authorization Act.
It's called the DREAM Amendment.
And New York dropped citizenship proof for driver's license
And New York seeks to drop all immigration enforcement.
That's AP.
Another story here out of Canada.com.
Mexicans pour into Canada from the U.S.
So we'll be going over that.
And here's another big one for you.
Any one of these stories I could talk for two hours on it and never cover every facet, but it's an impossible job.
Veterans Disarmament Act to bar vets from owning guns.
Now, Clinton tried this in 1999, and 83,000 veterans are banned from owning guns.
You hear about it all the time.
Grandpa goes in to buy his... Vietnam vet goes in to buy his grandson a .22 rifle, and they say, sorry, remember during the Tet Offensive, after four days of not sleeping, you collapsed?
You wonder why they gave you that designation as post-traumatic stress?
Well, because you can't own guns now.
And by the way, federal documents came out that were planning it even back then.
They're worried about vets later in life being armed, because again, they want you to understand who the boss is.
And that's your new god-like government.
But here it is, Gun Owners of America, the NRA is also reporting on it.
Veterans, it's just all veterans that have any type of designation which the military hands out.
To basically everybody now.
You'll be barred from owning guns.
Oh, cops too!
Cops will all be barred from owning guns who ever get PTSD or anything like that too.
So, I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.
And also, cancer cure may be available in two years.
One in Telegraph, so that's more news we have.
Okay, we'll get into World of Iran!
It's already on, on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
It's here!
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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September 21st, 2007.
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It's Alex Jones.
Again, thank you for joining us.
We're here every Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time, syndicated across the country.
I know we've got loaded phone lines and your calls are coming up later in this hour at 877-590-5525.
Or if you're listening to the flagship station that we actually broadcast out of, 836-0590.
For its namesake, NewsRadio 590-KLBJ.
Alright, I'll also be trying to take some questions later.
If I have time, I'm definitely reading them all though, from the PrisonPlanet.com forum.
You go in there, it's easy to sign up, and you can ask questions or post, or post videos, audios, whatever you want.
There's tens of thousands of people in there.
You can also go to the NewsRadio 590KLBJ message board.
I'll also read off that one at 590KLBJ.com.
Got them both here open in different windows in front of me.
I don't know how to put this.
I mean, I don't know how to add words to this that will explain how serious and dire our situation is militarily, economically, culturally, spiritually.
We're a bankrupt society.
That doesn't mean there aren't good people in this society.
It doesn't mean there aren't good preachers and good teachers and good cops and good radio producers and good weathermen and women left.
I'm saying, on average, you know the country is getting more and more corrupt, more and more decadent, just more and more sick.
I mean, just look at it.
All the key signs are there.
And you look at this Iran war, the lies that are stacking up now, claiming that Syria was trying to get nukes from North Korea, and then claiming that something related to nuclear weapons was bombed, that Israeli commandos went in to seize parts to prove it.
This is from the same crowd, who over 50 times, when I say over, we did articles years ago that went through all these examples,
Would find some canisters that were for fertilizer and claim they were bio weapons or chemical weapons.
Or would go grab British made big mobile trucks for pumping up military dirigibles for directing artillery fire.
Surveillance blimps.
And then they would say, these are mobile anthrax trucks.
And they knew right where they were parked and what they were because the British had sold it to them and it was for pumping up hydrogen balloons.
Just hundreds and hundreds.
I mean, I've written articles where we've had over 50 examples of where every day or two they'd have some new fake WMD find.
This is the same crowd that admittedly got caught forging the Niger document.
That's admitted about the Yellow Cake.
This is the same crowd... I mean, if somebody in your everyday life, a neighbor or family or friend, lied to you three or four times... I mean, frankly, used to with friends, I put up with lies two or three times.
And then I learned they just do it over and over again, so you lied to me one time, you screw me one time, you're out of my life.
That's just how it works.
And I guess you get older, you get like that, or I guess you... I mean, at least we get lies, but... I mean, back when I was a teenager, or 20, 30 years old, I guess I'd put up with some of it.
But as a nation, we put up with being lied to millions of times by the government on thousands of different subjects.
They're constantly being caught in lies, and we go, oh, well, that's just what they do, they lie.
Remember, we heard that, oh, they wanted diplomacy with Saddam, and they gave him a year in the build-up to the attack in 2003, and, you know, and 24 hours to get out of the country, and then it turned out it came out they had jet fighters ready to shoot down his plane if he left, and he knew that.
The offer of Jordan that he could flee, and, oh, they wanted to work with him.
They had no plan of attacking, and now it's been declassified that they planned to attack in 2001, when Bush was elected, even before 9-11.
They were planning to go in there the entire time to build military bases to attack Iran and Syria and to shut off oil flow to jack up prices.
That's right.
You shut the oil off, prices go up.
But again, the public can't figure that out.
That's why you're slaves.
You're starting to figure it out, though.
Maybe we can become Lamb of the Free and Home of the Brave again.
Again, I don't sit there and talk sweet to you folks.
I mean, I know my listeners, a lot of them are smarter than I am, but I'm talking about the general public.
We're in so deep a hole right now, you're going to have to realize you've been conned and realize it's serious and start getting informed or it's over as a society.
And of course, in the six months before the Iraq attack, every day there were huge military assaultees.
Some days there were hundreds of fighter-bomber attacks blowing up Saddam's infrastructure.
And he just sat there and took it.
In most cases didn't even fire back.
Then it got declassified that the U.S.
tried to fly low planes to get him shot down with our air crews.
Painted up like U.N.
aircraft to announce U.N.
aircraft had been shot down to start the war.
I mean, anything!
And then Dick Cheney, the PNAC documents, Dick Cheney wrote in 2000 saying, Saddam isn't a threat, but we're going to say he is, because we need to shut off the oil flow and build bases to attack Iran and Syria.
I mean, Dick Cheney wrote that, I didn't write that!
So, this is the reality of what they're doing.
And, three and a half years ago, six and a half
months, I guess now almost a year, into the occupation of Iraq at that point, three and a half years ago.
I remember getting intel from sources in the military.
I remember seeing news reports out of Tehran, news reports out of the British, German, and it also fit with past operations.
And then the White House admitted there were riots and fires and bombings all over Iran, just like the US government's done twice there in the past, and
They were attempting to overthrow the government, and then it was admitted on the news.
Kind of, yeah, we're trying to overthrow them right now.
I mean, bombing them!
Carrying out military operations!
And then it started leaking that special ops were in the country.
Arab Americans, Pashtun Americans, Wahhabists, Persians.
Special forces in the country, leading Wahhabists in the West,
And there's also Wahhabis in the east of Iran, there's Wahhabis on their border with Iraq, and there's Wahhabis on their east and their border with Afghanistan, and they were doing the same thing we always do, bombing schools, blowing up dams, killing cops.
Trying to get the Iranians to move and fight and start something in Iraq.
Now that's all been admitted.
Three months ago, White House puts out a press release and says, we've got these five Iraqi freedom fighters, and they call them Mujahideen groups, attacking the Iranians.
The five groups are all top Al-Qaeda.
The number one group was headed by the number three in Al-Qaeda.
I mean, the guy they announced, number three in Al-Qaeda, and he is attacking Iran.
And I'm like, and the media is saying that Iran
He's attacking our troops and is funding Al-Qaeda when Iran is Shiite, the opposite of Al-Qaeda.
And then the White House admits they're funding Al-Qaeda.
I mean, that's how dumb they think you are!
I know I keep talking about this because I can't believe it!
I cannot believe our criminal government is funding Al-Qaeda just like they did with the Russians against them, just like they did to attack the Serbs, just like they do every time, and the public is too dumb to figure it out!
I don't like Al-Qaeda!
I'm sick of them!
I want to fight Al-Qaeda!
But doing that is treason!
Because they work for the U.S.
That is literally talking bad about federal officers!
I'm not joking!
By the way, if you declare some kind of war on those Wahhabist groups, those are literally in the employ of the U.S.
You could be arrested for that, folks!
That is the military action over there!
So don't you think that we're going to do something about Al-Qaeda?
Now, that's how dumb they think they...
When we come back, I'll wait a few minutes for CNN to analyze it.
This is the Colonel, the big media consultant for CNN, Sam Gardner, helped run the ops in the first invasion, the first attack on Iraq, saying that we're already at war with Iran.
Already at war with Iran.
And I want to hear from callers.
I see a bunch of callers on other issues, and that's fine, but I want to hear from people who want to talk about this war, how it's already on!
It's about to go hot, hot, hot!
PrisonPlanet.com is the website.
We're here every Sunday, 4 to 6!
For so much news, I'm calling double duty!
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show!
Alright, let's go to one of the former top strategists in the Air Force.
We're good to go.
Top lobbyist.
He's covered a lot of wars and he's trying to pooh-pooh it and cover it up.
But what the colonel is saying is the absolute truth.
And we are at war.
That is, the globalists that control our country are already at war with Iran.
And they're using known top al-Qaeda to do it, while saying Iran is al-Qaeda.
When Al-Qaeda is basically outlawed in the country and you can hunt it down.
It's just unbelievable.
And I'm not defending what some of the Shiites do.
See, I believe all these governments are bad.
History shows that.
Common sense shows it.
It's just that the things you're being told are all complete lies, folks.
They talk to you like you're two-year-olds.
I'll at least tell you they're conning you.
They're laughing at you.
Here it is.
...in the Situation Room, see it Wednesday night... ...for at least 18 months.
The evidence is overwhelming... ...with overwhelming pressure.
When you say it's been given, the President says he wants diplomacy to work to convince the Iranian government to stop enriching uranium... He said the same thing!
He said the same thing before the last war!
The Iranian people, though we have no desire for conflict, he told David Ignatius of the Washington Post here the other day, so what does that mean the order has been given?
Go back to it.
We are conducting military operations inside Iran right now.
Now, the evidence is overwhelming, from both the Iranians, Americans, and congressional sources.
What does military operations define that?
They probably have had two objectives going back 18 months.
The first was to gather intelligence.
Where is the Iranian nuclear program?
The second has been to prepare dissident groups for phase two, which will be the strike, which will come as the next phase, I think.
Preparing intelligence, that's understandable, using all sorts of means.
They want to know what the Iranians are up to in terms of their nuclear program.
But are you suggesting that U.S.
military forces, special operations forces, or others are on the ground right now in Iran?
The evidence is overwhelming from lots of sources.
Absolutely clear.
And again, most of them you can read in the public.
You'll see that Hershey's done good work on it, and there are lots of other people who have done that.
I've talked to Iranians.
I asked an Iranian ambassador to the IAEA, what's this I hear about Americans being there?
He said to me, well, we've captured some people who work with them.
We've confirmed that they're there.
Yeah, but you know, these guys, the Iranians, it's not necessarily...
Okay, now again, we wrote articles three months ago that are on PrisonPlanet.com.
In fact, during a break, I'll dig around in the archives and find them.
Right before showtime, I'll look for it and cut them because we write like 50 articles a week or something ourselves and post thousands in the aggregate since then.
You know, of other news and links, I don't know, there's about 60, 70 new things a day just on Prison Planet alone.
But side issue, the point is,
That the White House says they're carrying out military operations.
They're funding insurgencies that go around and shoot cops in the back and bomb.
And I know they're Iranian, so I guess their cops deserve to die in your mind.
No, they don't, folks.
They're going around shooting cops in the backs, blowing up dams, bombing stuff to destabilize it all over the country.
It's on the news, it's in the foreign news, about bombs going off almost every week in Iran.
I mean, this is the criminals that run our government that are doing this.
The Wahhabis.
And who are they using?
The series, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's play a little bit more of it.
They could arrest some dissidents in Iran and say these are American spies.
They do that all the time.
The House Committee on Emerging Threats tried to have a hearing some weeks ago in which they asked the Department of State and Defense to come and answer this question.
Because it's serious enough to be answered without congressional approval.
And they didn't come to the hearing.
There are sources that I talk to on the Hill who believe that that's true and it's being done without Congressional oversight.
Look, I was once a Pentagon correspondent many years ago, and in those days and in these days, and as Jenny McIntyre just reported, and as you well know from your time of active duty at the Pentagon in the U.S.
military, these guys are planning contingency operations for almost everything.
If Canada goes to war against the United States, they've got a contingency plan.
Okay, different now.
Two differences.
Number one, we've learned from Time Magazine today that some U.S.
naval forces have been alerted for deployment.
That is a major step.
That's first.
The second thing is, the sources suggest the plan is not in the Pentagon.
The plan has gone to the White House.
That's not normal planning.
When the plan goes to the White House, that means we've gone to a different state.
Do you think it's possible there's a little psychological warfare being played on Ahmadinejad?
Alright, so we have the White House announcing three months ago, what was in the news three and a half years ago, that U.S.
Special Forces are in Iran carrying out destabilization operations.
They would call it terrorism.
Again, when we attack somebody, it's called loving and sweetness and goodness, and if they fight back, it's called evil terrorism.
By the way, official White House statements, if Iran fights back in any way, it's called terrorism.
They plan to hit more than 10,000 targets repeatedly in the first week of a bombardment, with thousands of Saudis a day.
That's aircraft attacks.
And if Iran... I mean, this is a new rule for warfare.
This would be like...
Say if I was a cop and I just said, I'm going to walk around and just randomly beat people up.
I guess that's kind of what's happening now.
And if you even defend yourself, it's assault.
I guess that's kind of what our government says.
It's a new system.
We're going to bombard you and attack you.
We're going to fund terrorists to blow stuff up and shoot cops in the back and do whatever we want and carry out this insurgency.
And if you fight back in any way, you're a terrorist.
In any way, we're going to call you Al-Qaeda while we use Al-Qaeda to attack you.
And it's just, and if we didn't have a public who knew all the football and all the baseball scores, but nothing about the three branches of government, nothing about the regions of the world, that's how they're able to get away with this.
It's not even that you're stupid.
You're busy getting new chrome for your Harley, and you're busy trying to work out three times a day so you look good for the women or women for the men,
And I'm not saying don't do some of that.
But, I mean, number one, if you like money, you'll make more money in business knowing what's going on.
I mean, you'll actually be in higher circles.
Because, believe me, you'll never be able to talk to people that are even in the upper middle class if... Ah, it doesn't matter.
If you want to be a slave, just fine.
Go ahead.
Just go ahead and feel good and let's attack Al-Qaeda.
Let's attack those evil Iranians when they're the opposite of Al-Qaeda.
The opposite branch of Islam!
The opposite group!
How many times do they say they're funding Al Qaeda?
It's a lie!
Alright, we're gonna go to Blake here in a few minutes and I promise I'm gonna go to all your calls, but I see calls...
I disagree with you about vaccines being bad.
Another one, soldiers says gold info.
Another one, lies within churches.
A bunch of calls about everything under the sun, which is fine.
I don't screen calls.
We have open lines.
If you want to call here and tell us what you're calling about, we'll put it on the board.
That's fine.
But I'd like to hear what you think about the open discussion of going to war with Iran.
Sarkozy, the new French president, last week said, yeah, there's probably going to be a war.
Get ready for war.
The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has said, get ready for war.
The aircraft carriers are all lined up.
The troops are masked.
For the first time in three years, people I know in the Air Force, the Navy, the Marines, the Army, are all saying, yeah, we've been told we're going into Iran and Syria.
We're going to bomb them all.
And then I've got this.
Israeli seized nuclear material from Syrian raid.
Times of London.
This is not the National Enquirer.
This is a very
By credible, I mean this is the establishment speaking.
I'm not saying the story is true, but this is big time when they say it.
This is the New York Times of the planet.
Israeli commandos seized nuclear material of North Korean origin during a daring raid on a secret military site in Syria before Israel
So, that's what I want to discuss for now.
Then we're getting into the Federal Reserve, the economy, all of it in the next hour.
Most veterans are going to be banned from owning guns.
A large percentage of police are going to be barred from owning guns.
This is from Gunners of America.
And it'll be called conservative.
I know, everything liberal and big government is conservative now.
So, stay with us!
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I don't know.
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Welcome back, folks.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Sorry, I want to go to your calls here in just a moment concerning Iran.
This is also a larger psy-op.
Remember, the White House told us that they were at diplomacy with Iraq, and the documents have now been released and submitted.
There was never any plan for diplomacy.
They were never going to attack, even if Saddam happened to die or have to leave power, or if he decided to sneak out of the country.
They were going to attack it from the very start, just as Treasury Secretary O'Neill reported before anybody believed him.
I mean, he wouldn't come out and lie.
Why wouldn't he?
Well, then, when he came out, he was telling the truth.
I mean, he was the first leak in the White House.
It was how they were going to stage all this.
Dick Cheney had written books about it.
It's the same thing with Iran, but the PSYOP is, they put in another 10,000 troops, and then we have a debate about, is the surge working for eight, nine months, and then we have another three or four month debate about, should we call home the troops from the surge, instead of, should we get the troops home to begin with?
These are all psychological warfare little tactics.
And see, now the debate's about, should we attack Iran, instead of, hey, why are we four and a half years in Iraq right now, 4,000 dead US troops officially?
The official numbers, though, were cooked, and they admit it.
It's over 15,000 dead from complications of their wounds.
Previous wars, it would have been 15,000 dead plus.
That number's a few months old, growing.
But they only count you as dead if you die in Iraq.
If you're being medevacked out or taken to Rammstein, or they get you out of the country, and you die, it does not count.
So a lot of these guys, they get them stabilized, they live long enough, infection sets in and Rammstein sets in on their place as they die.
15,000 plus U.S.
By the way, it turned out that several major U.S.
universities and even the federal government studied those British medical journal Lancet study of a year ago, saying 655,000 dead Iraqis.
They said you were wrong.
The number was over 700,000 dead Iraqis just from military actions, and that now it's over a million, and another 300,000.
Because that was looking at the first year.
I mean, first three years.
See, studies are always on the old data they had.
Then another year plus has now passed.
Now it's over a million.
Quite a liberation!
But I've talked to neocons privately, and their minions, and they just like kill them all.
They go, yeah, we know it's about empire.
But see, they think they're part of the American empire.
These good old boys.
You're not.
The same globalists that are attacking Iraq and Iran right now are the ones devaluing your dollar.
Okay, let's go to calls right now and getting rid of your borders.
But you're not going to figure that out until it's too late.
It's all part of being a loser.
I understand that.
Let's go ahead and talk to Robert in Illinois.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I'm a huge fan.
Welcome, sir.
You know, this is incredible to me.
Every day I'm screaming to all my friends, my family,
Everybody I can talk to at work tells me oil is rising.
There's a reason for that.
Housing is imploding.
The dollar is falling into the toilet.
We're going to bomb Iran.
It's coming soon.
Look at the news.
Look at Fox.
They're pumping up Iran.
We got the Republican memos a month ago and it was confirmed.
Mainstream news reported.
Orders from the White House to all the neocons.
I tell my family and I say, well, they're just Muslims.
And it's incredible.
Does it really matter?
I mean, they're evil and we're Christians and we're good!
And I say, don't you have a brain?
Don't you think?
Don't you understand what this means?
They want to destroy the Middle East.
They want to redo it and reorder it in the way they want.
And then, what do you think is going to happen to us with $200 a barrel of oil?
Are we going to sit pretty and go out on our little Sunday afternoon drives?
Next hour, I'm going to go over what this means financially.
I even wrote up a bunch of notes.
I was thinking about this Friday and Saturday, and I wrote a couple pages of notes about points I want to make about what's happening with the economy.
But you're absolutely right.
It's great to hear from you.
Thank you for calling, my friend.
Let's take another call about the war.
Let's talk to Scott in Fort Worth, Texas.
Scott, you are on the air.
And by the way, Scott, how are you listening to the show?
Hey Alex, I just woke up a couple months ago.
How are you listening?
I'm sorry, over the internet.
Basically, I just wanted to call you because, as I found out a couple months ago when I first woke up to all this about the dancing Israelis and the spies from Israel in this country, the Fox News report that covered that and was subsequently just whitewashed out of the media, well now the new Attorney General nominee, Mukasey, it turns out that he was
He ran the whitewash on the first World Trade Center attack, where the FBI cooked the bomb, trained the drivers.
He ran the stage-managed trials and got the only terror conviction.
And he's big buddies, of course, with the owner of the World Trade Center complex and helped get him, in the court case, the double insurance payout.
And, of course, he's a Russian emigre and an admitted dual citizen of Israel.
Yeah, I mean, I don't know why other countries aren't allowed to have dual citizens running the government, but the U.S.
is, except that's not exactly true.
Governor Perry's head of Texas-Mexico relations is a Mexican citizen who is also a former Mexican lobbyist for the President of Mexico.
So, we're also run by other foreigners, too, yeah.
Yeah, I mean, there's a real strong terror credential, not allowing the FBI to question spies who may have known something about... Well, here's the deal.
You know, here's the deal.
I don't sit here and just bash Israel for no reason, but it's true that they arrested over 200 Israeli spies, the Feds have put out a secret memo saying, watch out, they're trying to infiltrate buildings, they've been caught with explosives, and all of that came out on Fox, and then Fox didn't retract, they removed the story, and they just said, we're not going to talk about it.
AP also picked it up.
I mean, how many Israelis have been convicted for spying on the U.S.?
And then people say, well, they're our ally, they're allowed to spy.
Hey, if Americans are caught in those classified areas, they go to prison.
And so I think Americans are at least worth as much and on the same rule as Israelis.
Or maybe not.
Maybe like Pastor Hagee down in San Antonio says, I actually heard him on the radio say that Israelis are better than everybody else.
Honestly, Alex, as a Jewish United States citizen, I can tell you that most of our community does not support these... I mean, these people are Nazis and these people would... I mean, they are an abomination and... Well, I mean, I don't want to go... Listen, here's the deal.
I got criticized by a bunch of people last week on my show because I read
Five or six different news articles about Dubai buying up the British Stock Exchange, and Dubai trying to buy up the NASDAQ.
I read news articles, Financial Times of London, Reuters, CNBC, where it admitted the majority of the world's stock markets are controlled by Arab countries.
Now that's a fact!
And I've got a lot of friends in Hollywood.
Yeah, the producers and the heads of the studios, because they know the system.
A lot of them happen to be Jewish, and a lot of them, by the way, are also Italian, I found.
Never heard of that in the media, but it is, you know, the majority of Jewish guys, they started the industry.
They went out there and did it, when it was nothing.
But it's owned by big global corporations, and you start finding out Sony, and you start finding out that all these other big production houses, where Fox News is majority owned now by Arabs.
There was a big controversy a few years ago.
Murdoch's the only one like what?
32% or something now, but he still has the biggest stake.
But you put all the pieces together.
Fox News is owned by, uh... These Saudis are the biggest single owners.
I mean, if you add all their shares together.
And people say, oh, that's not true, it's not true, it's all Israel, they're the devils, they're the... It's more sophisticated than that.
I mean, if I get up here on air and I tell you the Arabs, who I'm not enemies with, I'm just reporting the facts!
I report that Shiites are not Al-Qaeda, it's the opposite group.
I report that Iran is not Al-Qaeda, it's the opposite group.
I'll tell you, I'll just tell you what the facts are!
And the Arabs are the biggest owners now of media in the United States, okay, and over stock exchanges.
And in many major U.S.
cities, they're the majority owners.
It's not the Japanese, it's not even the British anymore.
Now, the British are still the biggest owners of raw land, oil, mines, a lot of infrastructure.
The British are the most wealthy in the world.
That is the elite that's based there.
They're the King Daddies.
But, I mean, there's a lot of power at this table.
But let me tell you, when I go to a Bilderberg Group meeting, and when I've covered it year after year with people that are there covering it for us,
You see Saudi sheiks going in, you see Jewish leaders, German leaders, Dutch, British leaders, they're all there, folks.
And it's 125 of the world's elite, and usually a few minions they invite, like Clinton when he's a governor, Perry when he's a governor, Edwards when he's just a senator.
And they run things.
And let me tell you something.
It isn't, hey, you're a Saudi, hey, you're a Jew in there.
It's, hey, how do we expand our power, expand the property we own, how do we destroy the middle class, how do we set up a world government so nobody can ever challenge us in the future?
And it is scary to realize that the British have been caught staging terror attacks, the Israelis have been caught staging terror attacks, the Russians have been caught staging terror attacks.
Our government,
I mean, it's not my opinion.
The Israeli news, Haratz, Jerusalem Post, have all reported... We'll just type, Israel admits to creating fake Al-Qaeda.
You'll get UPI, AP Reuters.
That was five years ago that came out.
It's in my films.
I mean, I'm just reading out of AP.
But also, the British created the radical IRA and literally commanded it in stage bombing attacks as a pretext for a police state in control and to occupy Northern Ireland.
It's the same thing.
I mean, they all do it.
It's an inseparable group.
Our problem is evil people.
Not evil groups.
We're all human beings.
We're all cut from the same cloth, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, we'll be right back.
We're going to get into the war.
We're going to get into the economy.
We're going to take more of your calls.
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We are now into our number 2.
It is the 23rd day of September 2007.
I'm here every Sunday.
This is a syndicated worldwide transmission on the MNFN dial.
Satellite, Internet, and of course WWCR Worldwide.
I know we got a load of phone lines here on arguments about vaccines being good or bad for you.
Callers from Germany, whistleblower over Iran war.
I'll try to get to you quickly.
Carl in Montreal, immigrants and religion.
Just a whole grab bag here.
Soldier wants to talk about gold info.
Just all sorts of calls here.
We're going to get to everybody right now.
And then, later in the broadcast, in the next 15-20 minutes, I've got to get into the economy.
Here in just a few minutes.
What does this mean to have the dollar being devalued?
What does it mean to have housing prices plunging all over the country?
What does the Federal Reserve's decision to cut interest rates really mean?
Who's behind this?
What precipitated this?
I have the answers in their own words.
So, we'll go over that also later.
I'm going to finish in just a few minutes on it.
There's a move that would restrict veterans from owning guns.
I'm not kidding.
This is from Governors of America, the second largest Second Amendment advocacy group in the country.
But right now, let me do a little mini-subject, because it's a lot of questions on the present planet.
A message forum saying that Janie McCarthy, the bombshell blonde, the blonde bombshell,
Others are starting to speak out about how the babies are 18 months old, they're blowing the candles out on the cake, they're talking, they're running around, they're happy, they're playing soccer, and they take a third round of shots, they have convulsions within hours, and it's the mercury builds up.
By the way, they haven't taken mercury out, they've increased it five times on average what it used to be.
And there's all these hundreds of scientific studies, university studies, foreign governments, Japan's ordered the mercury out, what, eight years ago?
And it's against the law to give them to toddlers below the age of two.
I mean, this is a fact.
This isn't our opinion.
And by the way, you haven't stopped us.
The truth's now out.
Janie McCarthy on Oprah Winfrey.
For an hour, talking about it.
That's like 50 million people.
So, jig is up, and we're working on getting Janie McCarthy on.
I want you to get her.
I want you... Okay, you're on it, okay?
That's a good pun there.
Anyways, the point is... Oh, you're smiling when you said it.
Oh, that's not me, folks.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to be... I'm looking at the glass at Trey.
For so many years, I've been at another studio where the producer is in Minnesota, and I'm at my office doing the radio show in a broadcast studio.
But here, it's the old-fashioned studio where you're looking through glass at somebody.
And so I kind of play off what they're saying and doing.
Okay, let's knock it off.
Let's get serious here.
We had some news earlier here on the local station.
I'm broadcasting out.
Important news.
Just covering what the county, the city, the state's saying.
We're talking about, hey, hurry up and get your flu shot, because just because the flu vaccine, just because it's not a bad season yet, and it's off to a slow start, doesn't mean you shouldn't get protection.
Here's the problem.
You can pull AP Reuters on this.
The last five flu seasons, the last five years, they have estimated incorrectly and picked the wrong flu, because they try to look at the major couple hundred flus of the year, and they try to pick
Which one it's going to be and how it's going to mutate, and then that's the flu shot they make for the year.
So, don't believe me though.
Just go and research it.
You'll find mainstream news, but never, never makes the big news.
Google it.
Just news wires.
Medical firms admit it.
And so you're taking a flu shot filled with mercury that doesn't even cover you for the flu the last five times, the last five years.
Before that they claimed, well we, we, yeah we did guess a flu and it did help a little maybe.
Here's the problem.
They have major university studies that if you take more than three flu shots, your increase for Alzheimer's goes way up.
And people are taking them ten years in a row!
Hey, don't let me get in the middle of your happiness and success, as they say.
If you really think that's good, go ahead and take it.
I know my mom used to be a UT Masters swimmer, and she's really in good shape, unlike me.
She'll go out to an open water two-mile swim, you name it.
I mean, she used to do... But like ten years ago, she used to do triathlons, and she used to get silver medals and stuff, and big ones.
And she was getting ready for one.
She said, yeah, I'm getting into training and it's in a few months and I don't want to get the flu.
So I'm getting a shot.
And I said, don't do it.
It's deadly.
My mom's never sick.
It almost killed her.
I mean, for two weeks she was at death's doorstep.
She almost had to go to the hospital.
But again, don't listen to me.
Maybe you've got to find out yourself.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, in my new film, Endgame, I have proof that through the vaccines they're sterilizing us, and they are brain damaging us, and I have their own statements and documents where they brag about it.
And that's why the film's going to be so important when it comes out November 1st.
It's coming out November 1st, that is the release date for it, but you'll be able to see it at PrisonPlanet.tv October 24th, by the way, before it even comes out on DVD, before it's even in theaters.
We don't do simultaneous release, we do internet first!
So, uh, but you're not going to stop Oprah Winfrey.
You're not going to stop her.
I mean, she's like a canary in the coal mine.
When it gets to that level that it's on Oprah, then it's cause... I mean, folks, we had 1 in 25,000 27 years ago, when they started keeping records, had autism.
Now it's 1 in 75.
It was 168 before that, a few years ago.
And don't tell me it's over-reporting.
Look, when I was in high school, that was only 16, 17 years ago.
I'm only 33.
There might have been one child in the 5A school who was autistic.
And I know I was a Teacher's A when I was a senior, so I went around to all the Special A classes.
Because I finished almost all my courses, and, you know, burning time going and doing that.
But, side issue.
Now, I took my children to see Ratatouille a few months ago, and I'm telling you, they were probably
Out of 300 people in that theater, I bet 40 of them were autistic.
I mean, it was, and I would obnoxiously, I couldn't help it.
After the showing, I walk up and say, let me guess, your son's what, 10 now?
He's 11.
Did this happen at 18 months, third round?
I mean, folks, and I just started going down the line.
I just couldn't control myself.
And I was like, well, heaven sakes, don't tell other people not to do it.
And then, I go up, you're going to respond and say, why is it mainly boys?
80% boys.
You're going to respond, your doctor told you that.
That if it was the mercury, why is it hurting boys?
Claiming it's genetic.
It is genetic!
Boys, at a great percentage of the time, have, girls it's almost, I mean it's incredibly rare, don't have a particular gene.
The gene isn't turned on that allows your gut, that is your small and large intestine,
Well, it's the same film that is similar to a blood-brain barrier that is in the brain, so it allows the blood-brain transmission of mercury, so it's many times worse for those boys, because they are missing the gene.
The gene is not active.
Okay, so see, I know all the arguments, I know all the bull, I know all the talk.
It doesn't lie.
By the way, we have over 200,000, and this has been in the Chicago Tribune and other major papers, because there's a lot of Amish in Illinois.
It broke last few years.
Major university studies, the Amish do not have it.
Never had it, never had one case of it, never seen it.
200,000 Amish!
200,000 Amish in a population now with 1 in 75 that has it, and none of them have it.
They're big Amish communities of tens of thousands per community.
Go up to Illinois.
Go to Ohio.
Go to New Hampshire.
I've interviewed medical doctors who've gone and checked out the studies for themselves.
It's true.
They're nowhere!
They don't exist!
Because they don't have mercury in their brains!
So, now I've already digressed off into that.
When we come back, I'm just going to blitzkrieg through your calls.
Pun intended.
We're going to talk to Jim in Germany.
We're going to talk to Mario in New York.
He's had his vaccines, there's no doubt.
We're going to talk to Carl in Montreal, Derek in Canada, Jeremy in Kentucky, Bill in New Jersey, Dustin in Virginia.
Then I'm going to get into the Federal Reserve deliberately killing the economy.
Ron Paul confronted Bernanke, Fed Chairman on this.
We confronted Alan Greenspan a few days ago.
That's up on jonesreport.com.
We're playing some audio of that.
It's all coming up.
Totally jam-packed in the next 45 minutes.
All I want is the truth.
All I do is research this stuff.
You're an expert on baseball.
You're an expert on football.
You're an expert on acting cool.
You're an expert on playing a guitar.
I'm an expert on the geopolitical system.
The facts.
How history works.
And I know who runs things.
And I'm here to tell you who.
And I'm here to give you the evidence.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spies,
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Data released by the New York Federal Reserve shows that foreign central banks have cut their stash of U.S.
Treasuries by $48 billion since late July, with falls of $32 billion in the last two weeks alone.
Could China be quietly dumping the dollar?
The quality of your life depends on the quality of your currency, and the quality of the dollar is poor, because the quantity is so high.
Printing money out of thin air has disastrous results, victimizing middle-class citizens and discouraging savings.
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All right, welcome back.
Oh, and why is Jenny McCarthy out in public now with her husband, another well-known actor?
Because they had two children that were perfectly healthy, and they had a boy, 18 months, giving the third round of shots, everything she'd heard.
She'd heard about it from other Hollywood stars that had warned her, like Charlie Sheen and people.
She'd heard about it.
He goes around warning everybody.
His children haven't had them.
And she said she had a bad feeling giving the shot, convulsions, gone.
Autistic forever.
I mean, and by the way, used to it was the shaken baby.
You give them the shots, they go into the convulsion sometimes with the first round, and if you went home and the child had a convulsion, then they came and SWAT teamed you and said you'd abused them.
But now they admit it's the vaccines.
And, oh, that, it's just like the flu shot doesn't cover the actual flu viruses.
It's kind of like that HPV, that live cancer virus for cervical cancer.
There's over 300 known types that are out there.
Well, there's thousands, but 300 plus that are in lots of women.
Usually they don't even infect them.
That is, they're positive, but it doesn't hurt them.
And it only covers six of the 300-plus known viruses.
And it doesn't even completely cover those.
They tell you on the ads, it doesn't really help you, but go ahead and take a live virus that's killing a bunch of people all over the country!
They have autoimmune events and bleed out like Ebola, that's what it's like, but you know, bleeding out of your eyes and mouth and ears and every other orifice, it's fine!
So give your girl the HPV!
Die in a bloody pool!
Yeah, don't tell your daughter it's a reason not to have a bunch of unprotected sex.
By the way, even condoms are not 100% protected.
See, that's one reason not to go out, no matter how much fun it is, and hussy about.
It's the same thing for men.
There's all sorts of things.
We're laughing in the studio.
It's true!
I mean, I'm not even bashing these women.
I'm not like up there on my high horse.
I'm just saying, this stuff will get you killed.
And I'm sorry the HPV ain't gonna help ya.
Brought to you by the same folks that gave you the stuff that made everybody have heart attacks.
Remember that?
I said I'd go to calls.
This is all out of control.
That's one question out of the forum, and I've now spent 20 minutes on it.
All right, let's go to Deutch Lan and Jim.
He says he's a whistleblower on the buildup for the Iran war.
Go ahead.
Hello, sir.
Hello, my friend.
Thank you.
It's an honor to speak with you.
Why are you over in Deutschland?
Are you with the military or with a company?
I'm a private contractor working for the military.
Good to have you call in.
Well, good.
What's on your mind?
I just wanted to mention that I'm sure you've heard about it.
Lieutenant Colonel Kwiatkowski.
She's a retired veteran of the Pentagon.
Sure, sure.
No, no.
Whistle on this.
No, I've interviewed her.
Oh, have you?
But I mean, recap for folks who don't know.
Basically, she's come out and said how the administration was cherry-picking the intelligence and
Um, has come out and said this has been on the plans for quite some time.
Oh yeah, they have the Office of Special Plans and it just said whatever they wanted.
Just like the colonel from CNN said they're planning to attack because it's been moved into the White House.
And then Scott Ritter has come out and said, you know, these people are ten years away from a centrifuge.
That's Tom Ritter, that's the CIA assessment of a year and a half away.
Yeah, I mean, it's not like you build an A-bomb, you know, with parts at the grocery store.
So, I mean, if you're a contractor for the military over in Germany, are you seeing build-up signs for a strike?
Nothing I can really speak to, but we're seeing all kinds of things.
I understand you've signed confidentiality agreements, and it's okay to live up to those, but so you can't say what you've seen.
Plus, you know, our friends are listening.
You better believe it.
It's such a free society.
Hey, what do you think about the fact that the U.S.
government's openly using Al-Qaeda, real Al-Qaeda, real Mujahideen, to attack Iran and then claiming Iran is running Al-Qaeda attacks in Iraq?
I mean, you know, if there's no end of these guys, what they'll do?
You know, I can remember some years back when I saw this guy in 60 Minutes come out and say that Ahmadinejad was one of the captors, you know, that took him captive.
So, who knows, you know, who this guy is?
Well, he certainly, those mullahs are corrupt, and the people of Iran and major poles don't want him in, and in every political scientist has said, the attack on Iran and all of this strengthens the mullahs and keeps them in power.
Again, bad for America, bad for the economy, bad for everybody, good for defense contractors who want to widen war and sell weapons and actually spread conflict in the regime.
The Pentagon's own documents say they want to destabilize the Middle East and create terrorists as a pretext to stay in the region.
They do not want first world nations.
And it goes back to the Royal Population Study by the King, funded in England in 1944, that became the official policy in State Department Memorandum 200.
It's all in endgame, but you can go read all that for yourself.
Type it into Google, major universities will pop up.
State Department Memorandum 200, where it says, third world nations being first world, cannot happen, we've got to destabilize them, put radical Muslims in, do whatever we have to, put dictators in, don't let them become first world.
You understand?
There were a lot of real terrorists before 9-11.
And then after the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, now there are real fighters.
Now it's real, folks, in many respects.
The globalists are slick.
I mean, they know how to create the crisis, and then they're the savior that comes to clean it up.
But each time they come to save you, they get you deeper down the rattle.
Alright, who's been holding the longest here?
I can't tell.
Let's go ahead and talk to Soldier.
It's an honor to talk to you.
I've been trying to call in a lot, sir.
I know you're very busy and I'll try to keep it short.
Go ahead.
I had some questions about the gold, but I didn't know, in the second part of the show, you're going to be talking about the Iran War.
I'm actually in 5th group.
I'm actually in 5th Special Forces Group.
So you're in Fort Campbell?
Yes, sir.
Okay, because I know... Okay, go ahead.
I haven't really seen.
I'm not saying that you're wrong and I'm not saying anyone's wrong.
I'm sure everyone's right.
I've probably said more truth than anyone I've ever heard.
You've got different intel.
No, no.
Tell us.
Go ahead.
I haven't seen a bill that... I mean, we're due to go to Iraq.
This fall, pretty soon, but I haven't... You don't call 170,000 troops and 120,000 contractors a build-up when invasion strength was 140?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I'm not saying there's not a build-up for war.
I'm just saying there's not a... In my unit, I haven't heard any talks about going to Iran, just Iraq.
Well, no, no.
There are... Well, you know there are special units that are made up of...
People that speak the different languages.
The Persian, and of course... Yeah, of course, the inaugural show.
Those are the guys that got... I mean, the White House admits they've got them in Iran destabilizing things.
Leading the rebel groups, which just so happen, of course, to be Al Qaeda.
Well, I'm not saying you're wrong, Alex.
I'm just saying that I haven't personally seen it yet.
But I know we have a bunch of troops, and you're absolutely right about everything you say.
I was just letting you know that I haven't seen anything yet.
Well, yeah, they're not planning on sending in a huge ground force.
They're planning on backing up an insurgency that tries to overthrow the government, you know, burn down buildings, bomb things, while having different reports from a 10-day to a 3-month to a 6-month bombardment of the entire infrastructure of Iran.
What was your question about gold?
When I come back, I'll try to answer it.
It was mainly about if you haven't bought it yet.
If I haven't bought gold yet what?
If we haven't, the people who just woke up.
I just recently woke up.
Oh, should you still buy gold?
Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out what if you haven't bought any yet.
Let me answer that when we get back.
Thanks for the call and good luck in Iraq.
We'll be right back.
Oh, yeah.
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You're locked into the Alex Jones Show!
Alright, we're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to try to get to a few more questions out of the message board at prisonplanet.com.
Maybe one out of the KLBJ as well.
And, loaded phone lines.
I have to get into the economy now.
I've got a few quibs first, though.
I talk about this all week on the weekday show and what scares me is for someone who's studied economics and the economy I'm not even somebody who worships money like most of the yuppies and people I know where it's status and how much money you've got is everything you know people just fall down in front of cash just like it's God and they just love diamonds and fast cars and big houses and marble staircases I mean it's just
If you really love money, you'd want to know how the world works, because that's how you actually make a lot of money.
But I guess you don't.
But I'm somebody who doesn't really care that much about it until I became more informed.
I thought, no, I need money so I can protect myself from all the idiots.
That's the only reason I need a little bit of money.
But I'm already digressing here.
I just can't imagine and understand how people could be this stupid.
I mean, I know intelligent people who are good at business, and good at what they do, and good at marketing, and good at artwork, and bookkeeping, and so many... I mean, I've talked to a lot of people I know, people I don't know.
I listen to talk show hosts who talk about the economy, and what they do is they talk about one little narrow area of it, and that's within the controlled economy.
And by that, the Federal Reserve is private.
It took over in 1913.
It issues fiat currency, less than 1% of its actual physical paper money, greenbacks, dollars, which are debt notes.
And that would take hours to explain.
It's very simple, but to the layman, they won't get it.
Sometimes something so simple like an elephant, not in your living room, but sitting on you, it's so close to you, sitting on you, you smell it, it stinks, it's got hair, it's got great skin, but you still can't tell it's an elephant because it's sitting on you.
And you're half-suffocated by it.
So I understand why people aren't informed about this.
Plus, to know that you're a slave is also a little bit upsetting.
You know, at least a financial slave.
My film, Endgame, actually goes through the history of this right at the beginning of the program.
In about ten minutes, we walk through how the central banks were created, how they controlled the governments, how they took over the U.S., how it's all run out of England.
But let's just move forward to what happened today.
What happened in just the last few weeks?
What's happening right now?
And that is this.
We're in complete horror.
I mean, I was completely freaked out.
Because it let me know that they're really carrying out all the plans that they published and wrote about and said they would carry out back in the 1970s.
David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski,
Alan Greenspan, they all wrote books, they all wrote essays, they all publicly said what they did.
And then they've been doing everything they said they'd do.
They said that by 2000 to 2010, they would have bankrupted the dollar by design, brought in the euro, then played it off against the dying dollar, then claimed that we needed an Amaro, a Pan-American Union currency.
They said they could do it in a North American Union first, or people would accept it, go ahead and do the Pan-American Union through trade deals first.
I mean, this is all published!
That's the incredible part!
You try to tell the general public about this, they don't even know it exists!
That's what's so frustrating!
And so to kill the dollar, they've got to do a couple things.
They've got to implement the killing of the dollar, but then they also have to be able to pose as saviors.
So this is what happened.
Since 2000, when the euro went public, it was trading at 80 cents to the dollar when it opened.
The loonie at that same time was 63 cents to the dollar.
The loonie today is worth about a cent and a half more than the dollar, from 63 cents on it.
The pound is worth $2.30.
We've got the Euro trading at $1.42 when it opened at $0.80.
That's a 62% change.
You talk about robbing your value, folks.
62% change.
That is just unbelievable.
You don't understand how you've been robbed?
And most of that change has happened in the last two years.
So it's accelerating.
It telescopes down at the end.
It gets worse and worse.
We're not going to feel the full ramifications until... I'd say, and many market analysts, I have got enough understanding of this now that I have my own understanding, and then I go read a few of the good publications, Financial Times and some of the others, and it's exactly what I already believe.
Because again, once you get to this level of studying,
It's kind of like two guys who've been watching the same football team for 20 years and study every play.
You both know what the coach is about to call, basically.
It's the same thing.
But my point is, my knowledge has gotten to the point of I even know what they're going to report later.
Which is scary, folks, because it's just so sick what they're doing.
So last weekend, we've already had this incredible slide.
It had already slid 59 cents to the euro.
Now it's 62, another 3 cents in just a week.
That's a huge slide, folks.
And I saw Alan Greenspan, first I read him on Friday, come out and say, yeah, the dollar is probably going to fail, the euro's going to be the world reserve currency.
And then I saw current Treasury Secretary Paulson say similar things, and say we're going to have horrible inflation, and stocks are going to have problems later, and we're going to have housing prices go down.
Housing prices are going to go down while we have inflation.
That's stagflation, folks.
As bad as it gets.
Greenspan said all these horrible things Sunday on 60 Minutes about the economy, and he said all these horrible things on Monday.
I mean, look at this.
I mean, he used to, if Greenspan burped, the economy would go down.
This is AP.
Now he's actually, for the first time, making declarative statements against the economy.
But see, the yuppies don't understand what that means, so he comes out on Monday and Bernanke cuts the basis by 50 percentage points.
Half a point.
And the dollar goes down even more because now if there's a low interest rate on treasury bills and on U.S.
securities, foreign countries aren't going to buy it.
They're going to divest out of our government and divest out of the dollar.
So what happened on Tuesday?
Venezuela, the biggest oil producer in the Western Hemisphere, dumped the dollar.
Then the Saudis, the biggest oil producers in the world, began dumping the dollar on Wednesday, saying they're not going to peg their currency to the dollar, they're leaving dollarization, and no longer will the dollar be the petrol dollar.
It will no longer be benchmarked to fuel.
To oil.
Now, I mean, this is all one-on-one economics.
But with a country that doesn't, one-fifth doesn't know where the U.S.
is on a map, most yuppies who think they're smart, I try to talk to them, they just giggle and snicker.
I mean, let me tell you something, you bug-eyed twits.
This is Armageddon financially!
Okay, I don't usually wake up at 3 a.m.
with acid reflux over money.
Okay, I'm not that big into it.
I don't worship it.
But I realize what it means.
It means they're really going to do everything they said they're going to do in this country.
Because this is the next step.
You see, and then after that, overrun with foreigners is now happening, total third world status, they've said this, total police state, looting all the pension funds, just totally going into a depression and never leaving.
The end of the country.
And then in ten years, reorganizing into an Amero and we'll just be a third world cesspit.
And if that doesn't freak you out, the literal end of this country,
I don't know what will.
I don't know what will get your attention.
I don't know what will concern you.
Let me make it real clear and real simple.
The central banks that have the stranglehold, that issued the credit, are trying to blame it on subprime mortgages, and that's a very small symptom of the overall operation they've been carrying out.
They cut off buying these securities two months ago to create the artificial crisis in a bubble they created.
They're deliberately popping the bubble at the worst possible time.
Again, it's parasitic.
The whole thing is designed.
And it's not just me.
The Financial Times of London came out Thursday, days after I laid out my analysis and said, the big central banks are doing great.
They're behind this.
They're making lots of money.
And by the way, for big institutional investors and people in hedge funds, people working more than five million bucks, this is good for us.
But the average yuppie, leveraged out, living in a million dollar house, driving a $50,000 car,
You can't even talk to them.
It's like we're talking space alien.
They don't even understand what I'm saying right now.
They've been pre-programmed and they won't even be able to understand.
They love it!
They love being scum!
Try to hear them run around and talk about how good the Federal Reserve is and how good the national standard is.
It would be a great cut because it would increase the stock market price.
That's what cheaper dollars!
Of course the stock market went up!
Because the dollars weren't blessed!
You idiots!
Get it through your head!
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Why is the United States the world's largest debtor nation?
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We are now in the largest debt bubble in U.S.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Mr. Greenspan, I have long been concerned that you are way out of touch with the needs of the middle class and working families of our country.
That you see your major function and your position as the need to represent the wealthy and large corporations.
And I must tell you that your testimony today only confirms all of my suspicions.
And I would urge you, come with me to Vermont!
Meet real people!
The country clubs and the cocktail parties are not real America.
The millionaires and billionaires are the exception to the rule.
But today you reached a new low, I think, by suggesting that manufacturing in America doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter where the product is produced.
We lost two million manufacturing jobs in the last two years alone.
Ten percent of our workforce.
Wal-Mart has replaced General Motors as the major employer in America, paying people starvation wages rather than living wages.
Now, that's Congressman Bernie Sanders, the independent from Vermont, confronting Greenspan a few years ago.
About a year and a half ago, he was still in.
And now you notice, they create the globalist model so that jobs go offshore to then depress the economy when they cause the implosion part of the phase, the bust part of the phase, this is their own documents, so that they can then devalue the dollar and have foreign interests come in and buy up the infrastructure cheaper.
That's why Nasdaq's getting bought, and now it'll be majority owned by the Arabs, about another 20%.
The European stock exchanges are already almost completely Arab-owned.
That's why they're now buying up everything.
Because if you're German, if you're Saudi, if you're Japanese, the dollar's toilet paper.
It's just like Texas when we used to go down to Mexico and the peso was worth nothing.
It's the same thing.
Or the ruble.
It's a fire sale.
And then in that video you just heard, then it cuts into Matt LePacek and a bunch of other people from We Are Change.
And, of course, InfoWars.com.
We list all their names up on JonesReport.com.
Confronting Greenspan about his activity destroying the dollar.
This is just a few days ago when he was at a bookstore in New York.
I don't have time to play all this.
It's a catch-22.
I'm out of time.
I've got loaded phone lines here.
I want to get to at least Derek and Carl and Mario and a few others here.
But I want to talk to Dustin about fake Bin Laden videos on DVD, admitted fake.
I want to get to all of it, but I can't.
I'll try.
We'll see what happens.
But this next clip is Ron Paul, and this is last Thursday, actually.
I said Friday.
I was wrong.
During the House Banking Committee hearing, he's on the board, and he's sitting there getting on to Bernanke, the current head of the private Federal Reserve.
It's private.
About how they made the decision to devalue the dollar.
And to cut the interest rates, which furthered that.
True erosion of your wealth.
And at the end of it, Bernanke says, well, inflation's only at 2%.
Folks, the Feds say it's at 6.7.
The Feds say.
And they don't add housing or energy and a bunch of other key things that should be in there.
It's a cooked book.
The big brokerage houses, foreign and domestic, have us between 10 and 20%.
The average in there is about 13.6%.
Most of them come up with 13-plus percent annual inflation, compounded.
Uh, and that's just the beginning.
This is going to accelerate into 20% inflation, conservatively, by 2008.
And I know most of you don't even know what this is yet.
You're too busy, you know all the horn scores, and I say good for you.
But if you'd have spent a little more time knowing about this, the government and the criminals that own it and run it couldn't have gotten away with this.
This is very, very, very, very... And look, I'm not trying to talk down and be mean to people.
I'm angry.
I'm upset.
I can't fix things on my own.
I need you to get aware of how you're being robbed.
It'd be kind of like if I saw some guy robbing you for a year straight, everything out of your house, and you wouldn't look at it, you wouldn't speak out, you wouldn't help yourself.
I'd get mad at you and say, Hey, idiot!
Your house is on fire!
Hey, idiot!
You're being robbed!
Because, see, this is our house.
We all live together in this country.
And I love America.
The globalists may say the nations are dead and all this is happening and America has to fall for the new world order to rise.
In fact, I wrote all those notes that I wanted to talk about on air.
Oh, where are they?
I've just got all these articles here.
Here it is.
I wrote all these notes this weekend about things I wanted to talk about today.
About how they're destroying our military by design.
How they're not refitting anything.
Soldiers in World War II only had to serve one tour.
Our cribs are starting their fifth tour.
They won't let them come home.
They treat them like absolute garbage.
How, by design, the Globalists are discrediting the U.S.'
's name worldwide with these criminal wars.
An example.
Rupert Murdoch owns hundreds of newspapers outside the country where he bad-mouthed the war, and then he owns them domestically, building it up.
Again, the Globalists wrote about this.
How they're killing the dollar.
How they put out the news of no WMDs when they could have easily planted them.
Again, just to at least have a safe face.
It's all rigged, folks.
It's totally rigged.
They have to discredit the U.S.
for their New World Order rise, and they've written about that.
You're seeing the... I mean, I've got stacks of news here.
They also have the liberals out saying, oh, let's be sweet to all the foreigners.
They want to come in and make America great.
I'll guarantee you that the official policy of Mexico is the U.S.
belongs to Mexico, and the majority of people coming in this country, and I can hear it on Spanish radio, my wife speaks Spanish, say they hate this country and they're taking it down.
And I've had enough of it.
I mean, when it's on the Mexican radio and TV and they're saying it, I'm not going to just sit here and shut up about it.
I don't want to hear about how this war is for America when the government is legalizing all the illegal aliens that, you know, lost two wars with the U.S.
so they hate our guts.
You may not know history, but the Mexicans from across the border do.
And they want this country.
They never had it.
They couldn't keep it from the Indians.
There was only a few thousand up here.
But after the Tennesseans and the Kentuckians came in here and the South Carolinians, they said, hey, we want it back now.
See, you don't even know what history is.
I don't even communicate it to you.
This is a traitorous, new-on-order government destroying our country!
The war is destroying it!
The same bankers are destroying our dollar!
The people launching the Iran war want Iran destroyed, they want Serbia destroyed, they want the U.S.
The globalists are international banks.
They're above all the countries.
Nations are their enemies.
We have the IMF documents that Joseph Stiglitz got out, the chief economist of the World Bank in 2002, how they want to destroy the U.S.!
But you don't even know who your real enemies are!
And then I got stacks of news right here.
I got stacks of news right here in front of me.
There's so much, I rarely get flustered, but I'm just so mad, folks.
Where's the story where they're banning a bunch of veterans from owning guns?
Now this is Governments of America, second biggest group in the country.
Second Amendment group.
Veterans Disarmament Act II, bar vets from owning guns.
Top story at prisonplanet.com.
You can read Larry Pratt's summary.
Hundreds of thousands of veterans from
Vietnam and Operation Iraqi Freedom are at the front, and there's a risk of being banned from buying firearms and legislation that is pending, and Congress gets inactive.
The Veterans Disarmament Act, which has already passed the House, would place any veteran who has ever been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder... See, they can't get you on welfare, they can't get you on probation, they can't get you in the system.
It's all about getting you in the system.
I have the government documents from the 60s.
From the 40's, how the big foundations wanted big government to get you in the system.
Because the eugenicists a hundred years ago founded the social workers.
And see, the same thing in the Soviet Union.
Did you hear about it?
They used psychiatrists in the Soviet Union to control people.
It's the same thing here.
And that's why they're giving all the kids.
That's why they have like a... In 2005, they had a hundred and plus new psychological designations.
Like, if you think government's corrupt, they call it a mental illness.
They have a big name for it.
It's the same thing here.
And veterans always wonder why.
Oh, you're going to get some extra leave, but we're going to diagnose you now with post-traumatic stress disorder or these hundreds of other things.
And then now you try to go buy a gun and they're putting it all on the registry where you can't.
You weren't convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, but oh my gosh, you collapsed in Vietnam and they said you had PTSD.
The Veterans Assignment Act, which has already passed the House, would place any veteran who's ever been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder on the federal gun ban list.
This is exactly what President Bill Clinton did over seven years ago with his administration illegitimately added 83,000 veterans into the National Criminal Information NICS system, prohibiting them from purchasing firearms simply because of afflictions like PTSD.
And by the way, they're also going to then add cops to it.
How many cops got PTSD?
You know, you were depressed, you were freaked out after you got stabbed, or you shot somebody, or they shot you, or you were in a gunfight, or... I mean, you know, it stresses you out.
They tell you, oh, you're stressed out and freaked out, not because you're working too many hours, not because you're not eating right, not because you're exhausted, but you got PTSD, and you thought, oh, well, hey, I get a little extra paycheck now because of that.
No, it was to take your rights.
It was to get you on a list.
It's HR 2640.
Hundreds of thousands of troops and hundreds of thousands of former and current police officers.
Cops didn't believe us when we told you about that domestic violence issue.
By the way, lawyers, the minute they start a divorce, they tell you to go get a restraining order.
So it isn't real domestic violence.
You just got a restraining order, so she gets to keep the house and everything, and now men are doing this to women, by the way.
The reverse of it.
It's horrible!
It's not due process, and all these cops lost their jobs.
Just get ready, folks!
All you cops are going to tell you is, sorry, you're decertified.
Your certificate is a peace officer.
Sorry, veteran!
You can't buy a new shotgun to go bird hunting.
Can't buy a revolver to protect yourself.
Because hundreds of thousands of you were given PTSD.
I'm sorry to all the callers.
I'll see you next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., right here.
We're good to go.
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