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Air Date: Sept. 18, 2007
2457 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, the economic situation has gotten much more serious.
Most market watchers look at the market on a day-to-day basis, whereas institutional investors and the moneyed class of the planet and their New World Order overlords look at it on a yearly, decade, and
20-year cycle, and what we're witnessing is an attempt by the Federal Reserve Chairman, the former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker, to inject instability, distrust of the markets, to try to destroy any confidence.
And this follows a long strategic plan.
Remember, two-plus years ago, the 2005
Bilderberg meeting, we got the intel out that they wanted to pop the real estate bubble because it had become a cash sink.
I'm going to explain that throughout this hour.
That they wanted to bring down the housing market to cause a credit crisis to then have a consolidation phase.
Just as they did in 1929.
For a full decade.
Leading up to the early 1940s.
Now we are witnessing something very similar take place.
At the same time, the very institutions that control our civilization and that are orchestrating this are putting the propaganda into overdrive that they're the good guys, they're the geniuses, they're the people you can trust, they're the experts, they're god-like creatures.
And we are mere mortals.
And the problem is, it took a few years to convince Americans the Iraq War was a fraud, for the reasons we were given.
But when it comes to economics, the average American has no idea how it even operates or works.
And so, they do fall prey to the Federal Reserve's propaganda.
And so today I'm going to try to walk through the basics, a timeline of what's happening and what we're facing now.
Paul Watson's putting a story together today with this information.
I appreciate his fine work.
Steve Watson's welcome to pile on and do his own research and put out a report.
But bottom line, we're watching the main mechanism of New World Order power, the central banks,
Attempting to cause worldwide runs on banks and financial instability.
Some would say, wait a minute, they've pumped 450 plus billion dollars in, in the last month and a half, in Japan, China, Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia.
That is a paltry sum to the trillions that go back and forth in these different funds every day, and all they're trying to do is stop a overnight collapse.
They have stated in the Financial Times of London, the real paper of record, two years ago, that they want a long, steady decline of the United States.
And then Europe.
This is the New World Order.
This is globalization.
This is the plan.
And they just don't want us to struggle while they feed on us.
So we've been heavily sedated.
Now I know you want to hear about, and I want to talk about, a college student asking John Kerry, I bet money he's a listener, every time these people get arrested it's one of our listeners, every time.
Every time you get arrested for an upside down flag, or a Ron Paul sign, or for standing with an anti-war sign, it's always one of our listeners, and I bet good money it is.
And they, five and six cops tackled him.
He begged, please don't taser me.
And that's when they had the pleasure, the death of America pleasure, the demon spirit.
And you hear the cop go, tase him!
It was the begging that elicited it.
It's like a sheep on its back begging, the wolf is gonna go for the guts.
It's gonna tear the intestines out.
It's gonna feed.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
He's number 8 according to all the major rating services on the web.
Yahoo's number 1.
Google's number 2.
Hundreds of millions of visitors every single day.
Well, Wikipedia gets at least 15 million individual visitors a day.
And we have been noticing that about one-tenth of all of our traffic to PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com was coming from Wikipedia.
And they have open brigades.
They even go under military call signs.
Many of them openly brag that they are with CENTCOM, that they are in military intelligence.
They then have a snowball effect that is camp followers that add to their power.
Most of them between the ages of 15 and 17.
Little neocons who have all this army recruiting stuff on their websites who say they're all going to fight in Iraq.
Hey, good for you guys.
Be sure and take your vaccines.
Go ahead and laugh at me.
But the reason I start the main body of the broadcast with this is because they brag on literally hundreds of their own personal pages on Wikipedia.
That they have deleted tens of thousands of pages of alternative news and information.
They've deleted whole sites about the E. Howard Hunt deathbed confession, saying it isn't newsworthy that the known section chief for the CIA, who was known to be the head killer, did a deathbed confession.
Cover the Rolling Stone.
They say that's not news.
Delete it.
They say that Luce changed the movie, the most downloaded film in internet history.
Isn't news.
They say that hundreds of things, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of things per page are not news.
And they have deleted, I would say, 95% of the material about this broadcast, my websites, all the news we've broken, London bombing pages, it just goes on and on.
They also deleted some other detailed, very scholarly pages that had been done, hundreds of pages,
On Republicans and how they, there's been, I can't see the list anymore, it's all been deleted, but it was like more than 20 Homeland Security high-level, some of them Deputy Directors, caught with small children.
Constant gay porn stars at the White House and other Republican events.
Mainstream news articles about top gay porn stars, quote, servicing moguls at Republican events.
And again, I'm nonpartisan.
It's both parties.
I mean, Barney Frank's got underage male prostitutes in his place, and he doesn't get in trouble.
By the way, that was deleted.
And so it's clear, and we need to do investigations.
And we're doing those investigations, that it looks like, and in some of the cases, it is the pedophile rings that are actually on there, protecting their masters.
And these are very sick people.
These are very degenerate people.
And I've had enough of them.
Now, every week, sometimes every other day, but usually it's about every seven days or so, I see a report like this and I'm so disgusted by it and so sick of it that I don't even cover it most of the time.
Last night I got home from the Alamo Draft House showing, the last one.
At least for now, people are begging for more.
We may do more in a couple months.
And I got home and my wife's on the computer reading financial news and then she goes and clicks on Drudge and sees the big photograph
of this top federal prosecutor and he looks so evil.
He's definitely guilty.
He got on a plane, flew across five states to try to have sex with a five-year-old girl.
It's always the same.
It is a guild of these people.
It is a secret society of pedophiles that literally run the country.
Now when I first was getting involved in the Patriot Movement fifteen years ago and
Old colonels from the military, and former CIA people, and all these folks were writing books about it, and I thought they were nuts.
I mean, I was, hey, the Federal Reserve's corrupt, I was mainline Ron Paul type.
I mean, Republican, Libertarian, pretty mainline.
A lot of you heard me on the air, when I first got on the air.
And I just didn't believe it.
And I didn't get into Skull and Bones for the first year or so, and I didn't get into Bohemian Grove, and I didn't get into any of that.
But it's true, and it's real, and let me tell you, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
And to realize that these people literally run our country, and people ask, well why do they get busted?
Because most cops are good.
Even most FBI are not out-out criminals.
They're in a criminal system, though.
And they're out doing real things, and that's why they keep catching their bosses!
That's a real problem for the New World Order, because they can't control themselves.
They can't control themselves in bathrooms, they can't control themselves trying to pick up children, they can't control themselves with gay porn stars, they can't control themselves.
Later in the show, I'm going to get into this, but a federal prosecutor arrested in child sexting, and I looked at this guy's picture for about a minute and had to close it.
I couldn't even look at it.
A big digital photo, police mug shot,
He looks like Satan.
He looks even more evil than that guy in the whole JonBenetRamsay case who said that he had killed her.
Out in Thailand was where they picked him up at.
Drinking champagne on his way back.
And it's just like
Warren Cucurillo from Duran Duran sat on the show yesterday.
A great analogy, a great example of the Catholic priest.
Supposedly trusted, supposedly the good guys, and then even mainstream media is now estimating that about 35% of them are hard core pedophiles.
They get in, they take over, they build secret societies, they have a whole guild of them now running the Catholic Church.
It's the same thing with most of the other major denominations, and it's the same thing with the Republicans and the Democrats.
Though I have to say, with Republicans it pops up three or four times more often than it does with Democrats.
But Democrats are above reproach.
When they're caught, it's the police just saying, we're standing down.
Because Barney Frank, wicked and evil as he is, was smart.
He gave a press conference and said, this will be dropped right now or I'm going to start naming names.
And publicly they said, you're allowed to have underage prostitutes, you're allowed to be a pedophile.
And he said, thank you very much.
I mean, they publicly operate.
And then you find out that Dinecore and Halliburton have publicly been caught running millions of women and children.
That's mainstream news, BBC, Associated Press,
Der Spiegel.
The big Italian TV stations have done pieces on it and they all get fired.
Chicago Tribune.
Even though it's admitted, I can't believe it.
I understand why you can't believe it.
It's horrifying!
And you talk about being caught in your own trap.
The New World Order has built this police state for us
They've built the trap, they've dug the pit, and as the Bible says, they keep falling into it.
They're being caught in their own trap.
Which proves that, and then some could argue, oh well, maybe he's a good guy, maybe they're stinging him.
No, he flew there, he knew what he was doing, it's on record, and again, it fits the same M.O., and the way the media isn't playing this up shows you that it's just one more of the same.
Alright, later I'm going to set this aside.
No guests today.
I had some guests and we're not, we're canceling them because I want to get into the economy.
I want to get into the police state.
I want to get into the upcoming war.
I want to walk through all of it.
But for good police and good military out there listening, I know a lot of you are like I was.
Twelve, thirteen years ago, and I couldn't believe this, but the facts are the facts, the evidence is the evidence, and we're all, I mean all of us, in deep trouble together.
And if we don't come together against this new world order, and if we don't start getting serious about what we face as a society,
It's only going to get worse.
I've studied history.
I know the cycles.
And this one is shaping up to be the worst plunge into despotism and darkness the world has ever seen.
With prime wickedness.
Pit of hell darkness unfolding and spreading and waxing across the land.
Okay, I'm going to get into the economy now.
There are so many facets.
When I'm calm, not on air, I think about everything I want to go over, all the points I want to make, and then I get on air and I get flustered because it's just so much.
But let me set aside, we're also going to get into the tasering.
Absolutely incredible for asking about skull and bones.
Also a retired NYPD officer's mad because they admit his son didn't resist, but they beat him up and tasered him anyways.
That's how it works, cops.
It's going to be your sons and daughters with these goons.
They replaced the good officers on average.
They were better in the past with the folks that have been running Abu Ghraib in places.
So we'll go over all of this and I have a bunch of the clips from 60 Minutes I want to analyze with Leslie Stahl and Greenspan the propaganda.
I've just got so much I want to go over today.
Let me just, in the minute or two we've got left here, read you some of the headlines, then we're going to come back and I'm going to, as calmly as I can, go through all this.
It's unbelievable when you see the big picture.
Subprime fallout.
More companies slammed.
It's now spreading to a bunch of other companies.
That is a major sign of downward trend.
Greenspan warns of higher midterm inflation.
Also on the economic front, Clinton unveils new health care plan.
I mentioned that yesterday.
I could spin the whole show, and I'm going to spend some time on that today.
Here's the big news.
Prepare for prolonged turmoil, says U.S.
Treasury Secretary.
You see, when they start coming in and killing confidence, you can just feel the floor fall from beneath you.
Here's another one.
Greenspan says Euro could replace U.S.
dollar as reserve currency.
Another one.
Greenspan predicts falling housing prices, rising inflation.
It goes on and on.
We're going to come back and get into all this.
We're going to walk through it.
And then I'm going to get into the police state and the war news and the pedophile guild news as well.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
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I want to thank all our listeners across the globe on the internet, satellite and shortwave.
I want to thank all of our Aminathem affiliates across the United States, like 1330, right up north of Austin, covering much of Austin and Wacob.
I want to thank all the great affiliates out there.
The economy.
First, some brief history.
Going back to the times of the Old and New Testament, and it was outlawed under the Levitical law, and other governments had done this.
This wasn't invented by the Israelites, but they certainly learned about it in Egypt and perfected it.
People didn't like to carry big bags of gold around the middle class and the wealthy, and they learned how to have money houses or armored vaults with safety deposit boxes, basically,
Boxes inside of vaults.
Here I say brief history.
I'm going into every little detail.
But to understand what's happening now, you must understand the past.
And pretty soon, from Babylon to ancient Greece, right through to the Romans, and that's what brought them down with debasing their currency, the private money changers, the private vaults, the banks, would learn
People didn't always come to get their gold at once, and people didn't like to walk around with big bags of gold, so they would have script.
Or they would have little clay tablets that had the symbol of the bank house, of the vault.
And they would go around with that as credit, or with that signet on it, the symbol on it, and then they would engage in trade and commerce that way.
That way they wouldn't get robbed by bandits on their way to the outskirts of town to, say, buy a hundred sheep or a hundred pigs.
And they would bring in the little tablet that had been made out of wet clay and then dried.
Okay, there I go getting into details.
I just love history.
And they would come, and there were tally sticks and different things going through history in England, seashells of the Native Americans.
They would come in and they would present that, and the person who wanted to get the gold later could come and present that at the bank and get the actual gold or silver or rubies or diamonds or whatever, the script, the salt, salt was very popular, sugar, precious oils, but generally it was metals in the vaults.
They also had warehouses.
And the banks, both governmental and private, very quickly learned that everybody didn't show up at once to cash in their script, or their tally sticks, or their seashells, or their whatever the agreed upon mode of money or currency was.
And they learned, the banks learned, that they could loan out 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.
The general rule with our central bankers, our owners, is 10 times.
And they would learn they could do that.
The Rothschilds, going back 300 years ago in Germany, started out as a pawn shop and as a vault.
And they loaned to local royalty, local nobility, and got them in debt.
And then they moved up the chain and basically took over some of the main courts in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
The family split up into the Five Arrows, five different branches, and literally took over all of Europe.
And by financing Napoleon and the British at the same time came out on top endgame.
My new film covers that in the very beginning.
This is all mainline history.
This isn't conspiracy history.
This is admitted.
And so today that's what we live under.
Where you go and you deposit a hundred dollars in the bank, they can loan out a thousand.
And you go and you deposit a thousand, they can loan out ten thousand.
Now Ron Paul gives speeches and he says that there is four percent
Actual paper currency versus deposits, and Paul's being, Dr. Paul's being very conservative, that's a five, six year old number.
The current number is less than one cent.
For every dollar that they claim is in their computer banks, there is one cent or less.
And the way they're expanding the money supply, it will be less than half a cent within a year.
Ron Paul again is giving you an old number, but let's just say it's four cents.
For every dollar, there is four cents of actual currency.
It's really less than a penny.
And so with that understanding, now we see Greenspan posing as the savior, them calling him the greatest leader in history, and a genius, and he says this president's dumb, or that president's smart, and he's like God!
I mean, what he says goes, and man, he made the economy great, and he's our wonderful savior, and it's other people's fault this is all happening.
When we get back, we're going to walk through this from 1913 on, and then what we currently face.
We face a shearing down to the bone.
And they're going to be able to do it unless we wake the people up about who's really behind all this.
And still they're probably going to do it.
This is life and death for our economy on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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By 1815, 190 years ago, 190 plus years ago, what we could call post-medieval private banking took over the most powerful empire in the world, the British, allied with the Dutch.
All of Europe,
Lay at their feet.
They then started trying to take over the United States.
Andrew Jackson publicly gave speeches against him, the President.
They tried to kill him seven times, shooting at him.
On his deathbed, he said, what are you most proud of?
There at the Hermitage in Tennessee, he said, I killed the bank.
The private British bank's taking over.
The Rothschild banks.
It's the same crew that assassinated Lincoln.
Because he issued U.S.
notes, not Federal Reserve notes or not Central Bank notes.
Alexander Hamilton, a trader, had tried to set it up.
He was taken out in the street and summarily shot for being a trader.
He couldn't refuse a duel or he'd be totally discredited.
He said, come on, let's go have a duel, punk.
Took him out in the street and they had Mr. Aaron Burr shot him down.
Shot him down dead.
Alexander Hamilton shot in the ground and said, I refuse.
And he said, well, you die traitor.
Or we would never even have had a country.
That was happening within a few years of this country even being set up and finally getting the Bill of Rights.
So these are the mortal enemies of the United States.
And in 1913,
In the 20 years before that, and we have their memos that are now part of the National Archives, the big central banks got together and said, there are thousands of independent newspapers around the country.
Every town had a couple of them.
We've got to buy up the media.
So they bought up all the dominant big city papers.
They bought up hundreds of other small ones and just shut them down.
Then they had the big papers they owned claim that the private banking trust, or cartel as it was called,
And everybody then still remembered the British banks, knew what it was all about and understood, so they played a ruse.
And this leads us up to where we are today, but it's important to know this history, so I'm going to go through it briefly.
So at that point, what we were looking at as a nation was the private banks, the private banking cartel,
Which was also at odds with the other free banking systems that were in the nation.
At that time it was a very diverse finance system.
Thousands of banks.
Today there's only hundreds.
And most of those are already
Cross-referenced and interlocking corporate boards, and are under the regulation of the private fellow reserve, they control the smaller banks, really just become kind of brokerage firms, subsidiaries.
Kind of like locally, you get a mortgage for your house at some local company and then they sell your mortgage.
It's the same thing with the local banks.
They're just really tributaries or subsidiaries of the larger system.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
So as a nation from our inception, we have struggles against these private central banks based in London, England.
They'd already taken over Europe and set up their own banking systems and so literally the issuance of coinage was now issued
At the decree of the private banks that operated as private central banks over the nations and so they were able to loan out 10, 20, sometimes 30 times credit on actual governmental reserves and the private banks got all the profits off of the interest and most importantly the true profits were made by engineering booms and busts and then consolidating
And blowing out economies, and then getting the factories, and the businesses, and the lands, and the homes, and fully bankrupting the royalty of Europe, but then still using them as titular heads and fronts, and then operating through them.
So the U.S.
until 1913 was able to stem the tide, unlike the rest of the Western world, but the banks in the 20 years before that, the private banking cartel,
The Banking Trust had been able to buy up the main newspapers and they did a ruse!
They had big editorials for two years in a run-up saying, The Big Banks!
Don't want the Federal Reserve Act.
This will defeat them.
This will stop their corruption.
This will stop their attempts to blow the economy out so they can consolidate.
People knew they were rapacious.
Knew that they were the enemy of the people.
Knew that they were always trying to get you in debt and blow out economies so they could consolidate.
But they hadn't had full control over the economy so they could only do it regionally.
And so there were all these hundreds of news articles every year saying, well my gosh, I mean some days there were hundreds a day.
We have got to get the Federal Reserve Act to defeat the big banks.
The big banks then, JP Morgan and Chase and others, openly went out and bought ads against the Federal Reserve Act in the newspapers.
Now they'd really met a few years before at Jekyll Island.
They had really codified the whole plan.
That's now been publicly released and admitted, and they brag about it.
What, just the six heads of the U.S.
banks, who themselves were all openly Rothschild agents.
Upon his death, J.P.
Morgan had a few million dollars.
He was supposedly worth billions.
When he died, it turned out he was a Rothschild agent.
Kind of like when the big oil cartel, 90% of the oil
Fields in Russia.
Putin arrested the guy.
It turned out he was just a front.
And Lord Rothschild of England secretly owned it.
That was three years ago.
Remember all that?
See, it's the same thing.
They're fronts.
And so, they were able to fool the public into going along with the Federal Reserve Act.
Then they brought in an income tax.
So that the banks could then directly tax the public and pay the interest on the debt that wasn't a debt owed to any one person or individual and wasn't even real things that had been loaned but was just zeros and ones and ones and zeros and commas on ballot sheets in notebooks.
And so they literally own the money machines.
They literally control the issuance of credit.
They can do whatever they want with the currency.
They totally control the economy one hundred and ten percent.
They had promised that the Federal Reserve Act would stop the evil bankers.
Turned out they wrote the whole thing, ran the whole thing.
And that at the same time, then you start seeing New York Times articles by 1926 saying there's going to be 10 regions of the U.S.
I have these newspaper articles.
That they were going to break the world into the Asian Union, the European Union, and the American Union.
They were then going to merge those and have a global currency.
I mean, they've had this plan for a long time and now we're seeing it.
But back then it was all public.
They promised that they wouldn't have any more booms or busts after they took control of the economy.
In 1929 they orchestrated the crash.
First they issued massive amounts of credit.
Then they artificially restricted the physical money supply and the issuance of credit down to zero credit being issued to the commoner, the general public.
That then caused a sustained credit crunch by design from 1929 right up until 1940.
So really 11 years.
There were displacements of millions of people out of Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, flooding to California.
People literally lived on slave plantations.
Grapes of Wrath is tame.
When people would strike, they would march out Pickerton security in New Jersey and literally mow down a hundred plus people and kill them.
I mean, there were mass slaughters, private regulators running around with machine guns everywhere, just like Blackwater today.
It was a reign of hell.
Then in 33, they announced the War Powers Act.
Federalized the country and declared martial law publicly.
That's when we went under true martial law.
Then they built up their federal forces.
They founded the first, what at the time, 45 different state police.
I've read the state police charters in Texas and other states.
It was just, I heard the old-timers say this 15 years ago, I didn't believe it, I went and looked it up.
Chartered by the federal government.
They're truly federal police and they don't even know it.
But believe me, the heads of the state police know and the governors know.
My grandmother, 82 years old, remembers.
We've got to go get interviews with all these people before they pass over to the other side.
No, we don't like to think about that, but they're not going to be here forever.
She remembers living in Dallas.
My grandfather remembered.
His dad, who owned the first Chevy dealership,
In Texas, in Dallas, remembered, they were upper middle class, having to go and literally turn their gold in, bags of gold, and believe me, some of it got held back.
But you couldn't trade with that.
It was illegal to buy and sell with it.
Going and turning their gold in to be given paper notes back.
Then a year later, they doubled the price of gold, but they'd already publicly shifted to Europe.
Europe was allowed to buy it.
Our owners had set it up where they gave us paper,
And they got gold.
My grandmother remembers it.
My late grandfather remembers it.
Talk to somebody who's 80 plus years old.
They will remember it.
She was a little girl.
And she remembers her family, her father, what was his name, Forrest, having to go turn his gold in.
And my grandfather's father, what was his name, Clyde,
Having to go and turn the gold in.
This happened.
This is their control.
Shutting up the state police.
Ruling over us.
And that's why it's so disgusting to have to watch.
That's why it's so nauseating to have to watch.
Alan Greenspan sit up there and blame a scapegoat, George Bush, that followed his exact orders, George Bush who runs absolutely nothing, to sit up there and they just, every TV program, oh he made the economy the best it ever was, oh the Clintons were geniuses.
Oh, Alan Greenspan, he says this person's smart, this one's dumb.
It's like he's God.
He's the smartest man in the world.
He's so good.
He made everything wonderful.
Oh, and now it's the subprime mortgages, as we told you, would be some little mid-level thing they'd blame it on.
How many years have I been saying this?
I've seen it over and over again.
Not just here, but in other countries.
Hundreds of times.
Folks, we have the IMF and World Bank documents.
We've interviewed the Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiklitz, Chief Economist, World Bank, who told you they were planning to orchestrate and engineer this collapse.
He said that last year on this show.
They're behind it.
We have the IMF and World Bank documents where they engineer collapses to consolidate.
We have their own blueprints.
The shareholders of the Federal Reserve are the same shareholders, there's only 12 families, of the Bank of England, and then they created the IMF and World Bank to then use government funds, and then they get the real assets of third world countries that take the loans, in some cases at 42% interest.
Compounded, the average loan is at about 25%.
Loan sharking rates.
And it's all just money made out of nothing, backed up by us the taxpayers, and then they go in and make them sign hundred-plus line-item agreements where they agree to hand over their water, their power, their roads to private companies.
Who are not free market and the libertarians since they operate as piratical letter-of-mark organizations out literally feeding on everyone.
And so here's the big news flash for you.
Alan Greenspan, Paul Volcker, both former Federal Reserve Chairmen, Edward Bernanke, the Treasury Secretary, the ex-checker of the Treasury in England,
All of them are out, in unison, since last Friday through Tuesday, today, saying over and over and over again that the economy is going to implode, there's going to be serious inflation, housing is going to go down between 10 and 30 percent, and the dollar is going to be replaced with the euro.
They are publicly destroying the dollar.
They are publicly destroying confidence in it.
They are publicly trying to destroy confidence in the banks.
They are publicly trying to destroy our economy so they can consolidate when we're all bankrupt and can't pay our bills.
And they shut up all the police state measures, the riot police, the FEMA camps, as we told you five, six years ago.
In preparation for all of what they may be preparing to do.
They're now certainly giving the orders and trying it.
Now, two years and three months ago, two years and four months ago now, at the 2005 Bilderberg Group meeting, we got from Estalon and from Jim Tucker, who got sources inside, all ways it turned out to be impeccable.
They announced Bush is going to embrace Kyoto.
Two days after they announced that, Bush comes out and announces it.
I mean, they're running things, folks, and so they're able to get intel out of there.
We know what's going to happen.
That's why this is so important, their infiltration.
This is a big deal, what we're bringing you here!
This isn't baloney on CNBC!
That the elite wanted to consolidate and said statements like Americans are spoiled and so are Europeans, we need to go ahead and bring their standard down, this middle class is out of control, there's too much credit, we're going to bring them to their knees, we're going to have a great consolidation phase.
Kind of like dolphins will swim in a circle around a group of mackerel and get them all into a big ball and then the dolphins will take turns dashing through the middle of them grabbing meals.
They're all swirling around us right now.
We're all in a big ball.
But at least mackerel know the dolphins are bad and want to eat them.
We're sitting there thinking the dolphins, Alan Greenspan is our friend.
They're feeding on us!
So it's so sick to see who our founding fathers, George Washington and Andrew Jackson fought against, and who Lincoln fought against and was killed by.
And to see the very rapacious criminals that took over our country, bankrupted our economy, took over in 1933, then posing as saviors on top of it, while they all make statements like this.
Prepare for prolonged turmoil, says U.S.
Treasury Secretary.
Investors should brace themselves for a prolonged period of market turmoil, Henry Paulson, the U.S.
Treasury Secretary, said yesterday as he held emergency meetings with Chancellor and the French Finance Minister.
Mr. Paulson flew to London to discuss the financial crisis with Alistair Darling and markets remain in the grip of anxieties over the continuing toll from the global credit squeeze.
Here's another one.
That was London Times.
Frankfurt, Germany.
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says it's possible the euro could replace the U.S.
Former U.S.
dollar as the reserve currency of choice.
I mean, that's trying to hurt the dollar further right there.
Here's another one.
London Guardian today.
Greenspan predicts falling housing prices, rising inflation.
And then he blames it on the President!
The banks issued the credit!
The banks overprinted the money!
The banks did all this to... The banks sent credit cards to 17 year old high school graduates who don't have a pot to you know what in.
And I've said over and over again, when they start positioning themselves and blaming it on scapegoats and imposing as saviors, I hear alarm bells.
Big time.
And you've got a public that can't find the U.S.
on a map, on a world map.
You've got a public that can't find Iraq on a map.
You've got a public that doesn't know the three branches of government.
You've got a public that thinks Jack Bauer's cool.
You've got a public that literally, have you tried to talk to these people?
They don't know anything.
And they just, literally, I'm having to hear them at restaurants and I hear chatter about how great Greenspan is.
I want to slug these people.
This is like somebody setting fire to a house and then saying, hey, we better call the fire department.
When we get back, I'm going to walk through the real implications of all this and how this is probably going to unfold.
Then I'm going to get into the police state news and take your calls.
These are the times that try men's souls.
This is the InfoWar.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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I challenge you to go listen to my radio broadcast from five years ago about how they would orchestrate this economic collapse.
And I predicted it would be in four, five, six years away.
Not soon, like everybody else always says.
They didn't have all the pieces in place yet.
Got news for you.
Now they do.
Now they do.
Here's the key to the whole Greenspan issue, and I hope this is added in Paul Watson's article.
They are doing everything they can to destroy confidence and implode the economy.
They know there's so much irrational exuberance, as he said, that two and a half years ago they tried to pop the real estate bubble, a year and a half ago they tried, and this year they succeeded.
Thousands of news articles.
I mean, there had to be some days 50 or 60 I would see in the financial publications.
Every day I scanned 10 or 15 different financial publications from the Wall Street Journal, you know, right down to CNBC, to Market Watch, and everything else.
And it was just the real estate, the real estate, the real estate bubble, the real estate bubble.
It's gonna pop, it's gonna pop, it's gonna pop.
What happened there?
They had overprinted all this money.
They wanted to start gradually bringing the economy down and start having people go bankrupt so they could repossess their homes and take their property.
It's all about serfdom.
But there was so much irrational exuberance in the fiat complex economy.
We're a thousand crop economy with all of this consumerism.
They had to really then put the brakes on and simply not have the larger international investment institutions, the big private real banks of the world, not the little sub-subsidiaries, they're just trunks that feed into them, refuse to buy the paper, starting two months ago.
They just told all the brokerage firms and all the middle-sized and small banks, hey, all the big brokerage houses, they told them, we're not going to buy anymore.
They stopped the pipeline.
They cut it off.
They didn't cut the credit off.
They cut the buying of these paper securities, the bundling of these mortgages.
And now that's caused a major restriction in the issuance of credit.
And so then you ask, well, why have they put, I keep saying $450 billion, that was a couple weeks ago, it's over $500 billion now that globally has been injected in, not to save the markets, but according to the Financial Times of London and others, have a slow, gradual, non-panic decline.
Then, meanwhile, we have this record put options against the NASDAQ and Dow Jones industrial European arms of the stock market, that it'll go down by at least 30% by Friday, and right on time, all this panic starts, and the European Stock Exchange plunges yesterday.
It's gyrating today.
Who knows what's going to happen?
But when you see a bet that big, I want to know who made it and why aren't we hearing about an investigation.
They've had a month to find out and they knew day one who did it.
You go make a $10,000 put option, they know your name.
Much less one that is leveraged into the billions.
So understand this, Alan Greenspan is your mortal enemy.
Paul Volcker is your mortal enemy.
They really run things for the big banking families that own and control the Federal Reserve and the other central banks.
The people that have done everything they can to blow out our industry and openly written books about it.
The people that have done everything they can to destroy our sovereignty and our borders and our credit and our name because America has to fall before there can be a one world government.
And to have to see, that's the key what I just said, to have to see the very people who are the perpetrators of it being lifted up and now posing as the saviors, when they are the perpetrators, is disgusting.
It's just like 9-11.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
If you missed the last hour, it was a very important hour.
I walked through the history, a brief history of the banking elite, the private banking cartels, and how they orchestrated the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, put us under martial law, but the federal government wasn't big at that time.
They had to grow it and give us ID numbers and slave numbers and found the state police and set up their whole scam.
Now, the central banks openly issued the credit, openly pumped up the stock market, openly got everybody as extended as they could, and now, and we have the Bilderberg Group's own information on this, they want to bring the economy down big time, and here's the evidence of that.
Greenspan predicts falling housing prices, rising inflation.
When he says that, he knows that's killer for the economy.
I mean, that is a hammer in the head.
And that is exactly what he is doing.
Here's the Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, jumping on the bandwagon.
Prepare for prolonged turmoil, says U.S.
Treasury Secretary.
And again, he comes out in the AP and Reuters yesterday, Federal Reserve Chairman, former Chairman Greenspan.
Greenspan says Euro could replace U.S.
dollars as a reserve currency that weaken the dollar further.
I mean, these are savage blows.
They build him up to God level, say he's a genius who loves us and mothers milk and he coddles us and kisses us and they brainwash all these idiot yuppies who think they know it all because, you know, they got a million bucks in the bank of confetti.
And then they get us extended out as far as they can and they just cut us off.
So I'm going to go over some of these articles when we get back and get into some more of the actual details of what we're facing.
I'm going to play some clips of this snake, Greenspan.
I'm just an enemy.
You talk about actual New World Order top chieftain.
See, Bush is just told what to do.
The think tanks come up with the strategies to implement the globalist policies.
But when you get up to a Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan level, that guy was managing the big main central bank of the banking cartel.
He literally has power.
Not a puppet.
It's just like with the Roman Legates.
When the Emperor would have a Legate, a man who could speak for him, who he trusted, who spoke as the Emperor, literally when you see Alan Greenspan, especially when he was Fed Chairman, he is an Imperial Legate of the New World Order who speaks for the less than 20 families that literally own more than 80% of the globe's wealth.
And they are waging war against the middle class.
They are waging war against the people of the world.
They are trying to take any wealth we've saved and destroy us.
And they are trying to take all of those that got into deep debt and put them into serious bondage.
And I repeat, this is the same globalists that have done everything they can to destroy our sovereignty and they brag about it.
Because any sovereign nation could threaten their world government.
The globalists are international financiers.
They're above all the countries.
They manipulate them and play them off against each other.
And the U.S.
must be put through the fire first.
It must be brought down to third world status.
It must be a peonage, a peon village of mind-numbed, gibbering consumerites.
And to watch all of the yuppies literally cuddle around Greenspan and praise him on radio and TV and beg him to save us, and, oh, we wish we had you.
He retired, passed it on to Bernanke, who's the fall guy.
Now they pose as saviors and tell you they weren't involved in any of the policies that caused this when they absolutely run the economy.
This would be like at the end of World War II having Hitler run the Nuremberg Trials as the chief magistrate, as the chief judge prosecuting Nazis.
It is that ridiculous!
But you've got a public!
Who doesn't know geography, history, branches of government, the bare essentials to navigate the geopolitical spectrum.
They have no idea.
The public is the equivalent of some poor person from birth who is blind, and who is deaf, and who has no taste, and who just, they just, they literally, listening to me right now, can't even understand me.
It's up to us that know the truth to fight these people.
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It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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That's 1-800-894-3462.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I'm going to continue with the financial analysis of what the Overlords are doing to us for this segment into the next.
Then I'm going to get into the tasering of the man in Florida who asked Kerry a question.
The police started grabbing him.
He was agreeing to leave.
He said, get your hands off me.
Once they pinned him down, he said, please don't taser me.
And the guy said, tasering!
And this is just showing you where this country is going.
We have the high-level federal prosecutor, hardcore pedophile, flew across state lines to meet with a woman who was supposedly pimping out her five-year-old daughter.
And I see these things every week with these people.
There were two deputy heads of Homeland Security in a row, remember last year?
I mean, these are the top guys, both in Florida, doing it.
It would be bad enough if they were going after 16-year-olds.
Folks, they're going after 4- and 5-year-olds.
These are degenerate scum, the likes of which the planet has never seen.
So we're going to be going over that as well.
Right now, let's go ahead and go into the Greenspan clips.
Let's play the Iraq oil clip first.
This is just to give an example of the news worshipping Greenspan.
We're going to play a few minutes of this.
Here it is.
When Greenspan speaks, everyone listens.
Maria, good morning.
Hi there, and thanks so much.
It's come to be known as Greenspeak, actually.
And over the years, Greenspan has been self-admittedly shy and convoluted.
So these latest words are really being taken seriously and have come as a real surprise.
Widely respected men.
He has dominated his age like no central banker in history.
Well, you know, we were the odd couple.
For over 30 years, Alan Greenspan counseled six presidents and served as the chairman of the Federal Reserve under four.
But how do we know when irrational exuberance... Living the American dream, Greenspan was born in 1926, just three years before the Great Depression.
Greenspan was raised by his mother alongside Irish and German immigrants in low-rise apartment buildings in Washington Heights, New York.
And now the Vice President will swear Alan Greenspan in.
He was first tapped as the U.S.'
's top banker under Ronald Reagan in 1987.
But Greenspan's introduction to politics came 20 years earlier, when he met Richard Nixon, who he describes as brilliant and intimidating.
During his reign as Fed Chairman, he oversaw the U.S.
economy through Black Monday, the collapse of long-term capital management, and the bursting of the dot-com bubble.
You're an analyst, not a politician.
Here's the White House.
We're in Washington.
Don't you have to be a politician in this town?
You weren't a politician?
Greenspan is a self-described lifelong libertarian Republican, which is why his critical words about the GOP in his new memoir are so powerful.
Greenspan writes that Republicans have swapped principle for power and deserve to lose the 2006 elections.
Greenspan provokes the most controversy with his views on Iraq, saying the Iraq War is largely about oil.
However, Greenspan himself has not been without criticism.
As Fed Chairman, he cut short-term interest rates, keeping them at 1% from 2003 to 2004, which critics argue contributed to the housing bubble that is bursting today.
He didn't anticipate very well
The consequences of his actions.
Oh, he didn't anticipate very well.
Four years ago he said, irrational exuberance.
Or was it six years ago?
I forget.
I mean, they say this, so later they can say, oh see, I told you.
And the average American has no idea how this even works.
Quote, America's top banker.
You mean the Rothschild-owned manager of the largest regional
sub-section of this global empire.
The banks of the world own the governments like puppets, like change in their pockets.
And then when they get ready to drop the boom, they blame those puppets.
They blame them and hang them out to dry.
And then Greenspan, who would never say anything about the economy, good or bad,
Because he knew the effects it would have.
Now comes out and says, well, looks like the dollar won't be the world reserve currency.
Looks like we're going to have super bad double-digit inflation.
Looks like housing prices will go down ten to thirty percent.
Looks like, oh, piling on, we've got the head of the Treasury saying the same thing.
Piling on, we've got former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker.
Piling on, we've got former, you know, heads of the IMF and World Bank, Michelle is saying it, and Wilkinson is saying it.
On and on and on.
It's time for them to consolidate.
It's time for them to implode the economy.
It's time for them to bankrupt millions and millions of people.
It's time for them to bring us further into debt and control.
And then his answer is, Hillary Clinton, don't vote for Republicans.
It makes no difference.
He says, it's all Bush's fault.
The Democrats will save us.
I'm a Libertarian!
Vote for Hillary!
Then he double speaks and says, but I would vote Republican!
I'm a Libertarian!
You mean back when you wrote two essays for Ayn Rand's Capitalism and the Unrealized Dream?
It's on the web.
Just type Greenspan's Anti-Federal Reserve paper and you can find it.
You can find it in paperback in most bookstores.
I've seen it in bookstores the last few months.
We bought another copy.
He was talking about how the Federal Reserve is private and runs scams and how it's evil.
He was like Ron Paul, but he decided to join the dark side.
He was hurting them as a libertarian economist.
He is a very intelligent man.
He was in New York running a gold brokerage firm and was a pro-gold man.
And they came to him and they said, let us take you up to the high places.
And in the mid-seventies, Richard Nixon took him up on the mountain and said, all of this can be yours.
Fall down and worship me.
And he said, yes, mein Fuhrer.
And then he went to the Grove, became a member.
And then he became a made man.
And then he was made Federal Reserve Chairman by the Globalist.
He's not just somebody like Volker, who was always a New World Order acolyte.
This is somebody who was one of us, and literally, like Darth Vader, put on the black helmet, ladies and gentlemen, and I am not going to sit here and watch Alan Greenspan parade around now, claiming George Bush caused the run on the banks from the U.S.
to France to England to Australia.
I'm not going to sit here
And by the way, they're now announcing it's spread to other banks.
I have that here in the stack, two different articles.
They're still having computer malfunctions and not giving people their money in England.
And the government's saying, don't worry, you'll get 100% of a 1,000 pound deposit and 90% of a 33,000 pound.
That's like $66,000.
And oh, maybe we'll just guarantee all of it.
But not now.
And what do they do as the economy gyrates downward globally?
They pile on on Monday morning and put out the worst news ever out of Alan Greenspan's mouth!
Listen to Greenspan defending himself on 60 Minutes, and Leslie Stahl just creamy-eyed looking at him, just twittering around the great power.
Here it is.
Don is one of the best chairmen of the Federal Reserve in American history.
His 18-year tenure was marked by unprecedented economic growth, budget surpluses, and a booming stock market.
And he was praised universally for shepherding the economy through the shock of 9-11.
Now he's written his memoir, The Age of Turbulence, which comes out just as he's coming under fire, something he's not used to, for today's housing and lending crises.
His critics say he established a pattern of bailing out Wall Street investors.
Greenspan sat down with us for his first major interview, defending himself against the criticism that he should have done something to stop the shady practices in subprime lending.
In a rare admission, he told us he missed its significance.
If you knew these practices... Stop right there!
I mean, come on!
He made the decision to cut interest rates down to 1%.
Some of them were zero, remember that?
He made the decision.
The large central banks of the world completely have regulatory control over the brokerage houses, over the stock market, over all of it!
I mean, this is like Hitler at the end of World War II, saying he was against the Nazis all along.
This is incredible.
Go back to this traitor.
In a rare admission, he told us he missed its significance.
If you knew these practices were going on, and even maybe just suspected that there was something illegal or shady,
Why didn't you speak out?
You had a huge megaphone.
People really listened to Alan Greenspan.
Well, I was aware a lot of these practices were going on.
I had no notion of how significant they had become until very late.
I didn't really get it until very late in 2005.
Stop it!
He didn't get it!
And then did they try to quietly lean these down and stop these?
Number one, this is not what's causing it all.
I told you they'd have some fake reason of bad loans.
Because they do that all over the world.
Remember six months ago?
A year ago?
Two years ago?
I said, watch, they'll blame it on some sector of the economy.
They'll blame it on some shady low-level people.
I wish I had a bigger staff, I could pull all those clips.
Because it's a formula.
You see, they can't come out and say, he's perfect, good, no, wrong.
They can say, oh, what a genius.
Oh, he made the economy great.
Oh, he shepherded us through the dot-com.
Oh, he did such a good job.
Oh, but when he left, it all fell apart.
In the end, he missed what caused it all to implode.
And then he comes back, stabbing the economy in the heart, saying it's all going to fall apart.
That is open treason!
You see how that works?
And then now, oh, he was a bumbling old man.
He didn't know.
It's not his fault.
I mean, this is just the sickest thing I've ever heard in my life.
Go back to him.
He'll take us on a break.
It is the central banks that allowed the issuance of this.
They set the parameters.
I mean, it is so amazing to see them positioning themselves as the good guys while trying to deepen the crises as much as they possibly can.
Then injecting paltry sums that don't even pump it back up, acting like they're trying to save us.
I mean, it is quite a dance.
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Ted Anderson from right at September 17, 2007.
Gold 715.
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$363.85 for half, $181.83 for quarter.
That's $737.77, $363.85, and $181.93.
Hedge fund is caught in the malaise of mortgage bankruptcies.
The bond market continues to slump.
Morgan gets caught in a $10 billion bad deal for Chrysler.
Housing sales fell 6.6%.
Mortgage giant Countrywide showed mortgage payment woes spreading to the middle and upper class.
Investors cast doubt on investment banks.
Credit protection insurance for mortgage lenders is skyrocketing due to the increased risk.
dollar is free-falling against foreign currencies and countries that previously financed the U.S.
The U.S.
are now seeking safer alternatives.
Economist Rudy Boyd published the report, Bubble Leaking.
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The value of your hard-earned money is being lost in a global game of chess.
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You've got someone to blame You said one love, one life When it's one need in the night One love we get to share it
It leaves you, baby, if you don't care for it.
We're seeing quite a dance right now.
Did I disappoint you?
By the central bankers.
Or leave a bad taste in your mouth?
America's banker, Alan Greenspan.
You act like you never had love.
And you want me to go without Well, it's too late tonight To drag the past out into the light
I just want everybody to know who did it to you.
And we talk about Greenspan truly having power, Greenspan truly having his hands on levers and carrying out the policies of the private families that own our country, that own the Federal Reserve, that own the literal money machines.
Talk about monopoly.
Talk about unfair trade advantage.
Talk about corruption.
These are the individuals.
Buying radio, TV networks means nothing to them.
All the newspapers.
If they want to put in toll roads to tax existing roads, they just buy the newspapers and shut everybody up.
That's because they literally own the money.
They literally own the issuance of it.
But there are people behind Greenspan.
There are people above him.
The Rothschild family.
Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands.
Queen Elizabeth of England.
The Warburgs.
These are the individuals that own this country, that own its military, its police, and that maintain their control through brainwashing, while we debate Hillary versus Obama, and Obama versus Newt, or Fred Thompson.
They're just jumping jacks that follow their orders.
Let's play the Alan Greenspan clip where he worships Clinton.
Listen to this.
Clinton was the only Democrat Greenspan served under, and he says the smartest of all the presidents he knew.
Even though I clearly was a Republican, I had to admit that he was an extraordinarily effective president.
You seem to have gotten along with him best of all your presidents.
I mean, you... The bottom line is what he called our relationship when he said, we, I think, are the odd couple.
That's right.
I asked what he thought of Hillary.
Very smart.
She and I got along reasonably well.
Do you think she can handle the presidency?
I think she's unquestionably capable.
The question is, is she the best person for the job?
My tendency would be to vote Republican.
We all know that when Chairman Greenspan talks, the world listens.
He got so close to Clinton and his economic team that he began visiting the White House as often as once a month, something his predecessors had not done.
What was going on?
Well, I was basically being an economic consultant.
But is that proper for the Fed chairman to become an economic consultant of the administration, given the need for the appearance of total independence?
Okay, let's just stop right there.
I mean, talk of total independence and what's proper.
These banks, the 12 branches, literally own the government.
They took it over in 1913.
It's a total hijacking.
And they fully took military control in 1933 with the War Powers Act.
Bill Clinton's a Rhodes Scholar, British agent.
Greenspan is a Knight Commander of the Crown!
A Knight Commander!
By the way,
It's in the Constitution that you can't have royal titles and serve in the government.
They don't care because it isn't the government.
It's the private banks that own and run this country.
And you just have to listen to him.
Is that proper for you to go to the White House?
Alan Greenspan, a traitor, an enemy, a hijacker of this country.
And I've got all these other news clips that just go on worshipping him.
I mean, how he is a genius, how he's the smartest man in the world, how he is just so wonderfully good, and how much he cares about us.
While he runs around, shooting his mouth off viciously, saying our economy is going in the toilet.
Doing everything he can to wreck the fiat system that his bosses set up!
You can't have your cake and eat it too, you little traitor!
We'll be right back!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
What should I do?
Should I give the toll-free number out and take calls on the economy?
The gear up for war with Iran?
The police state unfolding in this country?
Should I go through all that news now and play those clips?
I'm gonna get into the tasering
As quickly as possible.
Then your calls, then the war news.
In the next hour.
On the subject of Greenspan, this is basically how it came down.
They geared up their police state.
They federalized the police even further.
They gave them the riot gear.
They built more prisons.
They doubled, and then they're trying to double that number again.
They've gone from 300,000 cops to a million and a half.
They're setting up a gargantuan police state in this country to suppress the people.
They gave us a nice external enemy while they engage in the treason here.
They had to give us an external enemy that they had manufactured and bolstered and shepherded and funded and nurtured.
So that psychologically we can look outward with angst and have some type of false unifying effect here, quote, in the empire, as Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National Security Advisor, wrote in 97.
So that we would go along with all of this.
And they gave us lots of heroes.
Every one of the cop shows and CIA shows.
People by Jack Bowers, torturing children every episode to get the bad guys to answer questions, warping our conscience, preparing us to go into third world despotism.
A mass mind control job was done.
And then in the run-up to imploding our economy, they stole close to $4 trillion out of the Pentagon pension funds and investments.
By the way, don't email me with an article saying $1.9 trillion from September 7, 2007.
That was six years ago.
It's now close, last year when I watched the Banking Committee, to $4 trillion.
That's how that works.
People hear me put out one number, and then they'll go find an article that's only about one piece of it and say I'm putting out false numbers.
That doesn't mean I've always got everything correct, but we certainly try here.
That's why they're rushing before the economy falls apart to go ahead and legalize and go ahead and give amnesty to all the illegal aliens, so they can get that done before the economy really implodes, and then people will be even more angry and fighting against what's happening, because the pressure of the third world population will be that much worse on the economy, the social funding in the government, the spending, and of course, driving down the wages and your overall earnings.
They are rushing to get the seizure of our roads and water districts into private hands.
They are rushing to literally loot the infrastructure.
All of that, when I saw them start racing, I said, okay, they may implode everything now.
Because when you see them racing to literally grab everything they can and loot out the structure of the nation, you know you've got a serious problem.
You know you've got a big, big problem.
And I read federal manuals, I read law enforcement publications, I read defense department studies.
My grandfather in the 60s was involved in less lethal weapons for mass shocking crowds.
He did some inventing.
I don't think I've ever even told that story.
So I'd already heard about this when I was a kid, their plans.
You know, he was a big conservative guy in the 60s and invented this
When you're training a German Shepherd to attack people, or a Doberman,
When you're training one of these dogs to be an attack dog, you start it out as a puppy with dummies and with arm pieces and then you go ahead and take them out in the field for their first assignments.
And the reason in the last decade Taser Incorporated and others have gotten most police departments to issue the majority of officers these devices
Is to train the public to see the image of people in uniform, not just with machine guns now, which by the way isn't what you want when you're in an actual firefight with somebody.
Especially if you don't want to kill bystanders.
And the black uniforms and the armored vehicles and the helicopters, the militarization.
But it's to train everyone, and the government admits this, to see the police firing projectiles, people being hit, people flopping, people screaming.
The rubber bullets are a training device to get everyone used to seeing big cannon-like rifles with 300 caliber and 200 caliber projectiles firing rubber bullets and people bleeding.
It gets you ready psychologically to the image of men in black uniforms marching, beating batons on their leg armor, and then lining up and opening fire on men, women, and children, shooting reporters in the face as they bleed, the cops laughing.
We have the video of them in After Action Reports about how much fun it was to mace babies, and then screaming, shouldn't bring an effing baby to a demonstration, and then cracking the woman with a big old club.
Then the young woman walks out of a bar after the Red Sox win, and a cop's right there and shoots her ten feet away in the face, blows her eye back in her brain, blood spills out, the cops are doing high-fives.
Ooh, ooh, ooh!
Ooh, yeah!
They want it!
Just like a dog being trained to love blood.
All of that is so in the real world they can march out, and now it's microwave guns that burn your skin.
It's sound cannons deployed from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles.
And then next it's actual armored vehicles with machine guns mounted like Kent State just blurping hundreds of rounds into crowds.
It's to train the cops to pull the trigger on you with instinctive firing.
And there have been hundreds of cases I've seen.
Remember the man in Miami?
He'd come into the hospital, he'd admitted he'd been on cocaine.
He said, I think I'm having a heart attack, help me.
And they strap him down and they say, we want you to give a urine sample.
He said, I can't urinate.
They march a cop in and he tasered him, what was it, nine times as the man begged and screamed and pleaded.
The guy had watched Jack Bauer!
But before Jack Bauer ever existed in fantasy land, law enforcement magazines.
I'll never forget an April issue of Law Enforcement Tactics and Weapons, I think.
I bought it at 7-Eleven.
Just, oh, I better get that.
I picked it up.
And it was about torture.
Somebody's going to release anthrax.
Will you torture their child in front of them to make them answer?
I'll never forget that.
See, they were brainwashing the cops the whole time.
Slowly twisting their minds and souls.
And the case, of course, out in California.
Remember the case a few months ago where the guy's in the library and the cops walk over and they say, we want to see your ID.
And he said, I don't have it, I'm a student, but
And he goes, I'm just going to leave.
And they were just checking IDs in there.
And he said, look, I'm going to leave.
And they said no.
And they tasered him.
How many times was it?
Six times?
And he'd beg, and they'd say, get up!
And he's like, I'm paralyzed!
We're talking within five seconds of double tasering.
Get up!
See, oh, you didn't comply.
They call it pain compliance.
Oh, let me taser again.
More officers.
Lines all into his body.
Just like feral
Montgomery lives right here in Austin.
Now, he's a carpenter.
He was in Phoenix.
They pull him over.
They want to search the car.
He says, okay.
He gets out.
SWAT team shows up.
Turns out it was a training exercise, but they do it on real people.
This was on the news.
And they had a helicopter over, and they wanted to say he was a militiaman just to create fear.
The ADL was running it.
It's an ADL guy.
The reporter doing it.
And he just stands there with his hands up.
They taser him once, taser him twice.
He hits the ground.
He's flopping.
And they come over while he's flopping, and they're still applying.
This is all on video from the helicopter on the ground.
It's in Rugged Tyranny.
And they walk over in black uniforms and masks.
They say, get up.
He can't even talk.
He's totally paralyzed.
Double tasers at him.
They hit him again.
And the dog is biting him.
Blood is spilling.
And it goes on for minute after minute.
Just ripping flesh.
And the officers are just, Oh God, we hate America.
Oh, it feels so good.
And that's their souls.
Oh yeah.
He can't get up.
But it makes it okay if I lean down and say get up.
And then he can't.
All staged.
They just pulled a guy over with the news cameras rolling.
All waiting.
He had
NRA-type stickers on his car, and they all talked about that.
Oh, look, we've got one of these gun people.
Step out, please.
Just biting and biting and biting and biting and biting and biting and ripping and tearing and snapping.
Bites all over his legs, blood pouring all over the ground.
The officers just stand there, still pulling the trigger, still pumping with enjoyment.
Oh, pump some more!
Oh, feel the hatred!
Go ahead, cops, give your children the vaccines!
Love your government, don't believe me!
Go ahead and give them the mercury!
Have autistic children!
Go ahead and say I'm a traitor.
Go ahead and say Alan Greenspan's good when your future's wrecked just like mine.
At least you'll get to shoot some citizens in the street.
I wish you'd join us in the fight against the New World Order, but I cannot condone sitting there for 15 minutes tasering someone while a dog bites him and then the joke of leaning over and saying, get up and we'll stop.
But as he flops, hit him again!
And they do it over.
That's the new policy.
Just like they should do to pro-lifers and the left didn't care.
I've got video of it at the end of Martial Law.
It's in the extras.
Walking up to women, to men.
Taking the nunchuck and going, break the arm.
And they just go... compound fractures.
Bones coming out of the... Just bones.
And the cops are... That's the spirit of it, ladies and gentlemen.
And then they admit it on the news that it's disgusting.
Tucker says that because he knows the public doesn't like it, but he still conditions us that it's okay.
This guy stands up, starts asking Kerry a question he doesn't like.
They're in the question and answer.
So they just go ahead and grab him.
I'm leaving.
He's saying, hey, let me go.
He's trying to walk out.
He says, hey, get your hands off me!
They grab him again.
I just was talking!
He's trying to go again.
They're manhandling him.
He breaks away.
He's trying to get out the door.
They tackle him down.
There's six cops on him at that time.
They're all over him.
Five on him.
One standing over him.
And he says, no!
And they pull ahead.
He goes, don't taser me!
Oh, you've gotta pay!
And he goes, taser him!
And they taser him.
And the screaming happens.
And, oh, we're all being baptized in evil.
Just like your children are baptized in the mercury, cops.
Just like you're baptized in the Diet Coke.
Just like you're baptized in the coal-fired plants with the mercury.
Just like you're baptized in all the evil.
Just like America, all of us together, being part of the evil.
Here's the clip.
And did you grab the second clip of when they're torturing the guy with the taser?
Play the first clip.
Many times?
The second clip under that?
Yeah, the UCLA.
We'll play that secondarily.
This is yesterday.
Bring up Skull and Bones.
Bring up The Secret Society.
Even Robert De Niro just made a movie about.
And this is what happens to you.
Senator John Kerry spoke to a group of college students at the University of Florida today.
One of those students got up and asked Kerry, among other things, why, if there really was such widespread voter fraud and voter suppression, had he conceded the 2004 presidential election to George Bush so easily?
As the student became more and more worked up, and as Kerry tried to answer his many questions, the police moved in.
Watch this.
Were you in the same seat as him?
That's alright.
Let me answer a question.
Stop right there!
The crowd, you notice, has been trained to... Yay!
We don't like his question!
He's mean to our God!
Drag him out!
Oh, yes!
Go back to it.
Are you kidding?
They're arresting me!
What have I done?
What have I done?
Get away from me, man!
Get away from me!
Get off of me!
Okay, pretty ugly scene there, Tucker, but it gets worse.
What did I do?
The University of Florida police officers warned that student at that moment that if he didn't stop resisting, he would be tased, as in tasered.
If you listen closely here... Stop right there.
Kind of like when they said in that piece in New Orleans, confiscating guns, that they weren't using force and it shows them tackling people.
He's on the ground, he's got five hogs on him, and enemies of America who hate this country, and then they taser him for pleasure.
Here it is.
But here's the reporter misinterpreting line.
Taser gun, you'll hear that they were not bluffing.
I didn't do anything!
Don't tase me, bro!
I did nothing wrong!
Don't tase me!
So he got tased for asking John Kerry a strange question about the 2004 presidential election.
You do the math on that one.
And all those tough guys standing over him, like 19 cops and police women standing over him, couldn't get the cuffs on him so they had to hit him with a taser gun?
They ought to be ashamed of themselves.
Tucker, the student was arrested and charged with disrupting a public event and with resisting arrest.
He was sent to county jail.
The spokesman for the University of Florida, who I talked to, said the student suffered no physical harm from the tasering.
An investigation of the cop's use of force will be conducted.
If you watch the tape, Tucker, the guy was a little annoying.
He was sort of pestering Senator Kerry more so than we even saw at the beginning there.
And Kerry actually rolled with him.
And as this was going on,
Kerry was saying, everybody cool down, everybody cool down, and the guy's getting tasered in the back of the room, and Kerry starts answering his question.
He says, well, we didn't have enough evidence of the voter suppression in 2004, as you're being tasered in the back, so we couldn't move on it.
We didn't have enough evidence.
It was actually kind of entertaining.
Kind of a sensitive guy, John.
Yeah, he carried on, and Tucker, I think that might have been the most excited anyone's ever been at a John Kerry speech.
He takes a taser.
He does, he takes a taser.
Well, the next story, Tucker...
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
And they make a big joke out of it, but at least Tucker says it's not a good deal.
It's not 19 cops.
It's five on him and a couple more in the background.
And they're all over him.
He's not... I mean, they're sitting on him.
And he's like, hey, man.
And he's trying to leave.
He's like, hey, okay, don't grab me.
They're... big guys are, like, just grabbing him.
He's like, stop it!
I'm leaving!
And he's going out the door.
He tries to get out the door.
Now we've got this other clip when we get back you might have forgotten about where they tase him six times with double tasers.
Now they say show ID and they start grabbing and he sits on the floor and they go you're gonna give us the ID and you're gonna give us your name and they torture him Abu Ghraib style right there.
You don't give a urine sample?
Tase him.
You don't answer their questions?
Tase them.
Tase them!
You don't submit?
This is the New World Order.
This is where our society is going.
This is what we face.
I'm Alex Jones.
You're looking for the info war?
You found the tip of the spear.
We're here fighting the New World Order as hard as we can, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll take your calls coming up in the next hour.
I'm going to come back and finish up with the Police State News.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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John Harmon of the network from Minnesota.
You just reminded me of the clip I sent of the UCLA as a bunch of cussing.
We have an edited one with all of the screaming and cussing cut out of it.
We'll play that coming up in the next hour before we take some calls where they taser him at least six times and then within five seconds of them tasering, you'll hear it.
They say, now get up.
And they go, oh, didn't get up.
Now, get up now.
I mean, and he's literally flopping.
And that's what they do.
It's a little joke.
In fact, you can watch on the video of what happened in Florida yesterday.
It's the same training, the same torture.
It says, as the photo above shows, two female officers with some kind of gangland tattoo on their arms seem to be smiling with pleasure as they move in to seize Mayer.
Only when Mayer was immobile and had five officers on top of him did the police decide to send 550,000 volts of electricity coursing through his prostrate body, seemingly waiting until Mayer begged them not to do so as to enjoy the maximum power trip from administering the torture.
Yeah, they just held it up in front of them going,
No, no, please do, don't do that.
Ah, yes.
By the way, program note here, I'm live 11 to 2 Central, noon to 3 Eastern.
If you just joined us, or you have friends or family that are wanting to know the truth about the economy, it is so important
That the people that deserve the blame for orchestrating the ongoing unraveling of our economy and the possible collapse, which they're now trying to push with all these announcements.
Greenspan's openly saying we're cooked.
It's unbelievable.
Just massive, right in your face, headline.
Greenspan tries to kill the economy.
Tries to cause crash.
That's what he's doing!
It's so important that by about 20 minutes into the show I did over an hour analysis of what's really happening and so when the show ends today at InfoWars.com we restream at InfoWars.com the entire three hours and I want you to tell everybody you know to go to InfoWars.com to go to the InfoWars.com streams that send my show out 24 hours a day.
21 hours until the next live show starts, and that people tune in, that you email everybody you know, your message list, your co-workers, and say, if you want to know what's happening, people are finally asking questions.
I had neighbors ask me questions last night in the yard, and they don't normally care less what I think about things.
Because they've heard me talking about all this stuff, and now they see it happening.
Now is the time to tell everybody.
We've written articles that are up on PrisonPlanet.com as well.
I want to expose these people, and no one else, frankly, is putting out the analysis we are.
I heard some other good analysis yesterday on another Patreon network, but that's about it.
I'm not hearing many people get the big picture.
And so this is valuable information, so when the show ends in an hour and five minutes, if you go to InfoWars.com and click on the streams,
I'm asking you because if we expose them
And we can do this now.
And if enough people then check into what we're saying and see the obvious historical nature of it, and witness, it's hidden in plain view.
I mean, he's openly announcing the dollar's going to plunge, and the economy's in deep trouble, and there's going to be horrible inflation, the stock market's going to go down, all this stuff, trying to kill the economy.
That is big.
That is important to all of us, and we need to at least try to get this out.
I don't know if it's going to help, but if we're able to get it out on a wide enough scale, it will.
And they may just back off and not completely kill the economy for now.
It may buy us a few months, a few years, I don't know.
I just know we can't go quietly.
We've got to blame the people that are responsible for this.
So tell everybody you know to go to the InfoWars.com streams.
You go right to InfoWars.com, go to PrisonPlanet.com, and we have the links right there where it restreams.
You can also go subscribe for free to the podcast.
It's served out about an hour after the show ends.
And you can fast forward right to the part.
Twenty minutes into the first hour,
I get into the key information and I walk through it.
And it is so important.
Alright, more on the tasering, more on another federal prosecutor caught in pedophile activity.
Your calls, I will take a lot of calls next hour at 1-800-259-9231.
Stay with us.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Already into hour number three.
I did a detailed analysis of the economy and the globalists and how they're trying to implode it right now while blaming groups and institutions that are not even involved.
From 20 minutes into the show until the middle of the last hour, now we've been into the police state news, how police are trained to torture people in quote, pain compliance.
We come into the next segment, I'm going to play the UCLA clip that we forgot about, where they taser him six times, and then within five seconds of each taser, they're saying, get up!
But he's screaming, I'm paralyzed, I can't!
And they just go, alright, taser him again, and then five seconds later, get up!
And he goes on for like eight minutes, we're only going to play two, and we had to cut out students going, let him effing go, and things like that.
And it's just mental illness.
They've trained the cops to be total Nazis, and they don't even know it.
Nazis thought they were good in Germany!
It's one thing to tase some drunk that's about to take a swing at you, but just a woman, you know, won't tell you her name when you pull her over, so you just tase her before you even try to get her out of the car.
I mean, this is the type of stuff that's going on.
We're going to be taking your calls, too, coming up in the next segment, and then I'm going to get into this pedophile U.S.
I mean, we've had deputy heads of Homeland Security, two of them, hundreds of these guys, and Wikipedia just deleted it all.
There are websites on Wikipedia that are just documented facts about the hundreds and hundreds of Republicans with gay porn stars, gay prostitutes, pedophilia, children.
I mean, when you put it all together, it's hundreds and hundreds in the last few years.
I mean, this is off the charts big.
Statistically, it's unbelievable.
I mean, they're being caught in stings, flying across state lines, flying across the country.
They're trying to rape children.
And it is just absolutely massive.
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My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
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It's an anthology of government crimes.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, John, Chris, Monique, Jonathan, Shepard, your calls are all coming up.
And I'm going to get into the pedophiles that run our government.
This latest arrest of a U.S.
Attorney, top U.S.
Attorney, excuse me, U.S.
Prosecutor, with the U.S.
Attorney's Office, and how that ties into all the other arrests and things that have been happening.
But I wanted you to hear this because, and we got a lot of these, I mean there's hundreds of examples, you've all heard about them, tasering five-year-olds, tasering women that won't get out of bed, tasering people that won't give urine samples.
Now they're tasering him and they admit, the cops said they tasered him six times and they would never release the actual taser records off the tasers.
But there's multiple officers tasering him and after a taser, five seconds after, we did an article about it months ago when this all happened, I guess it was last year now and so that's why we know the times, they taser him again and he can't get up.
It paralyzes half your body, in some cases more.
And they did the same thing to Pharoah Montgomery, one of my listeners, who I know personally.
And they just went on and on and let a dog attack him.
I mean, this is crazy.
This is legalized torture out in the open.
Now, here he is begging.
And again, he said, I don't have an ID.
And he was a student there, and he'd done nothing wrong.
They were just in the library going around asking for IDs.
He said, I don't have one.
And they said, well, and he said, look, I'm just going to leave.
I'm going to go back to my dorm.
And they said, no.
Stay here.
We're arresting you.
And then they started putting their hands on him, so he was smart.
He sat down.
Or they'll charge you with assaulting him.
I mean, if you touch them on accident, they can pull you toward them and then they'll bump you.
It happened to Aaron in New York.
We have like a ten minute thing where cops got around Aaron.
We got left behind the crowd.
We made the mistake of walking through a side street where they were having the Fraternal Order of Scottish Police meeting.
I got Scots in my family.
Nothing against Scots.
They were all in their kilts.
And they had on-duty cops.
And they walk over and they hit Aaron.
They actually broke a $6,000 camera.
I mean, it is hard metal with the built-in mount.
Uh, riveted for the shotgun microphone, and they broke it off.
We have to send it in, and who knows how much it's gonna cost to fix.
That night, I was like, oh my gosh!
They hit the camera, the camera goes... You see the tape heads jolt, uh, on the video, and they're laughing, going, ha ha!
And they go, uh, and hit him!
You hear them grunt, and Aaron, you know, they were, I'm gonna get Aaron in here to tell that story.
And we got so much footage, we don't even have time to put it on the web, is the problem.
It'll definitely be in the 9-11 film, though.
Hey, Aaron, come on in here for a minute!
He's out there editing.
He's got his headphones on.
He doesn't know what I'm talking about.
Might as well just talk about this now.
I know you're holding college.
We're going to get to you.
I was just telling the story about how you got left behind that night and how we went down that side street and the Fraternal Order of Scottish Police at the Police Union were assaulting you.
I know you had your headphones on, but I told them how they broke the camera and what the hell they were hitting you and saying, oh, you're assaulting me.
And it's all on video.
Tell folks the story briefly.
Yeah, it was pretty horrifying.
I was following in the back half of a 9-11 Truth group, actually on our way to Fox Studios, in the part with Geraldo that everyone saw, and I got left behind.
I wasn't even wearing a 9-11 Truth t-shirt.
They obviously were aware of what group I was with.
And I don't know if anyone had any idea what was going on in the block.
I certainly didn't.
Hundreds of cops in the street.
Yeah, they were in some kind of ceremony.
I don't even know what it was.
But they started yelling at me, get the effing camera out of my face.
You know, get the eff out of here.
But then they would follow you.
Yeah, so I didn't stop filming because that kind of thing has to be reported and stood up to.
I don't want to be intimidated when I'm literally walking down the street.
Tell us about that.
Well, there's about 15 or 20 of them.
It's probably hard to say which exact cop did it, but we have all their faces on tape.
But tell them about the damage.
Uh, the microphone was knocked loose, um, which, it's a pretty expensive brace to hold on there, and, um, it's probably never going to be the same again.
But to understand, it ripped the metal rivets.
It ripped it out.
Yeah, that's right.
Uh, it was basically totally destroyed, and you can hear on camera the, the, against the sound of my camera.
And there was probably one... Just cops assaulting people with $6,000.
And you were going down the sidewalk.
You weren't even taping them.
They just ran out of the street.
Well, I began taping them when they intimidated me.
Oh, exactly.
But my point is, I've seen the video.
We watched it in the hotel room.
They like start following you.
Yeah, absolutely, and there was probably one cop on that block who was actually on duty, and he would come up to me and say, why are you doing that?
Why are you assaulting them?
I mean, you know, kind of with a smirk on his face.
Total criminals, man.
He knew full well that... Hardcore America killers.
They're hardcore America killers, those guys.
To assault you and then say you did it, that is such tyranny, boy.
And they would chase me down the street afterwards and, you know, ask how I live with myself and how... You know, I...
I'm going to be ashamed of myself.
Well, it wasn't anything like I would have physical damage, but that is legally assault.
Well, you gave me an example.
You pushed me out of the street.
I mean, you pushed into me with your forearm.
It was hard on my shoulder.
You said, this is how hard it is.
Bam, bam, bam.
There was force to it, yeah.
I mean, I wasn't physically damaged.
I didn't have to go to the hospital or anything, but they were literally forcing me down the street, which I had every right to be there.
What was it like in America?
You were pretty freaked out that night to have a pack of cops just running around going,
This is completely disturbing.
And on the video, it's like they're all around you, and one hits you and the camera turns, another pushes you, the camera slap, slap, you hear it?
Well, that's part of what's disturbing.
They would take cues from one another and try to one-up the cop previous, and they'd step up, and after a series of them saying, get the F out of here, then they would think they're cute and say, I love you, well, on my camera and elbowing me and shoving me out of the way, and it would become more and more at a time.
And like I said, when I ran out of tape, I just had to leave.
Because then I had no alibi with me, you know?
Yeah, and they would tell me that they were standing up for the families and not 9-11 truth members.
Which, you know, it's an honor that they were having a...
Fundraiser for 9-11 families, allegedly.
I didn't know anything about it.
I looked at the sign.
It wasn't.
Yeah, well, they made that claim.
They're a pack of liars, man.
But it's also a city filled with cops who deny hearing explosions.
Hey, just take cops.
Take your injections.
Love your government.
That's all I can say.
You love them so much, you think we're the cooks.
Just keep giving your kids the shots.
Keep drinking all the pot.
Don't filter your water.
Just don't believe us.
You know, your government loves you.
We're the cooks.
Just enjoy your eugenicist masters.
Thanks for talking to us.
Yeah, I think it's pretty scary how there's just casual intimidation.
Well, it's freedom, sir.
It's freedom.
You're going to learn about that.
Okay, let's go ahead now, because I want to get your calls and play them, uh, tasering this guy and then saying, get up when he can't.
Here it is.
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
I don't care, we're all dead now.
Here's your Patriot Act!
Here's your abuse of power!
Stop fighting us!
I'm not fighting you!
I want their badge numbers.
Yeah, are you gonna get your badge number?
I like their badge numbers.
I got paid for no reason.
I was leaving this God forsaken place.
You stopped me.
You're abusing your power.
Here's your justice at work.
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
It goes on and on.
In fact, you need to go watch the whole clip where they taser him in 1.5 seconds apart.
And it went on at least six times.
And he can't even get up.
He can barely even scream.
In fact, we started it even after he'd already been tased.
Uh, we just can't air it all.
John in Ohio, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and now you've given me something else to talk about.
I wanted to talk about Terry's, uh, uh, that, that Rich, Rich Perry, uh, Terry bit.
I, this reminded me of, uh, being in an overnight diner and the, uh, the duty cop getting paid for security in uniform would sit down with some of the late night, uh, girls and brag about how
When he wanted to beat somebody up, he would just start screaming, stop resisting, stop resisting, as he was beating the living daylights out of them.
And they all had a wonderful laugh over that.
And he was in uniform, and he actually got a flaunting article profile in the paper one time, the local paper at one time.
So these guys are nothing but cheap, low-life thugs.
And phonies, and I think we ought to begin to look at him as such.
But I also wanted to say that I think one of the biggest reasons that we could expose the phoniness, the cynical phoniness of this phony war on terrorism is something that has been completely, loudly silenced by the media.
The terrorism of Luis Posada and the CIA against Cuba.
You could Google it up.
CIA Posada terrorism.
No, no.
It's in Terror Storm.
They admitted he carried out terror attacks and then blamed it on... He's walking free.
He's walking free right now.
He blows up Cuban airliners.
He planned to blow up the University of Panama.
He was convicted for it.
He comes here and he's walking free along with his co-conspirators with a whole spring of bombings in Havana.
And I think that's maybe one of the reasons that last week I heard the national broadcast of Radio Havana
We'll be back, stay there.
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Investors cast doubt on investment banks.
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We're good to go.
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Just because our government is evil doesn't mean Cuba is good.
Just because our government is run by criminals doesn't mean Tehran is good.
They're involved in plenty of corruption.
It is true that the greatest, largest, most powerful system of corruption is in control of the U.S.
and England and Europe.
It is true that it's declassified.
BBC, AP admitted that our government has staged hundreds of bombings worldwide to blame it on foreign governments.
Or if an Olympic team wins and they're mad about it, they just blow the plane up with the Olympic field and track team.
Big joke.
Kill them all.
CIA funded the whole deal.
Luis Correlias Posada, it's all public now, and he was here and they just released him and said you're allowed to do that.
He was convicted in Panama and other areas and they just said you're allowed to kill, we're going to let you go because he was known CIA.
And that's how our country really became evil.
In the name of fighting communism, the globalists, who actually funded it all, got a lot of people to accept this.
I gotta move on, John.
I can't hear how Cuba's great all day, please.
I mean, it is true that the globalists have committed a bunch of crimes against them, it's true.
They fight with each other.
But on a larger front, give me your take on Greenspan coming out and trying to kill the economy.
I mean, these are incredible, economy-killing comments he's making, by design, and then they're saying he's a wonderful guy on the news.
Well, obviously, he's one of the top elitists.
Actually, I agree with you.
I agree with you that even at his advanced age, rather than trying to do a little bit of atonement, these guys, they never give up.
They never give up right into the grave.
I agree with you totally about that.
But I do believe it's really important to break the blackout of the media over the CIA-sponsored terrorism against Cuba because... Sir, sir, it's in my film!
It's in my... it's in Terror Storm!
You're doing... that's very good, but I'm saying most people don't know about this.
They don't know the fact that the Cuban Five, who tried to stop this kind of CIA terrorism, went to the FBI and naively told them about
The plans of the CIA connect the terrorists in Miami, and instead, they have them railroaded into life sentences now.
And most of the people in this country don't even know about it, even though there are support groups around the world.
I think sometimes the issues that are completely suppressed by our corporate media are the most important ones to show how phony and hypocritical... Oh, it's in there that the criminals running our government stage terror attacks all the time.
I appreciate your call.
And that's where we start, number one, with 9-11 Truth.
Everybody else does it the wrong way.
I don't know why.
I start with, hey, did you know they declassified, they did this a bunch of other times?
And then it's easy to understand 9-11 then.
Chris in Florida, you're on the air, go ahead.
Alex, I started to ask you this question, but my phone cut out a couple weeks ago.
It's about pretending to be engaged in diplomacy before the Iraq invasion.
And now the documents have come out that day one, there was never any diplomacy, they were going to attack, and it's now admitted it was all staged, they intended to attack Iraq all day.
Same thing with Iran right now.
Yes, and I wanted to ask you, my question is if you could give me some examples of how that is happening with Iran, but if I could just remind you what I found on the pre-Iraq invasion, pretending to be engaged in diplomacy.
The Sunday Times, on May 29, 2005, the Royal Air Force of the UK's bombing raids, full-scale bombing raids, where they tried to goad Saddam into war,
And this was admitted by the UK's Secretary of Defense.
Yeah, that's the London Guardian.
They admit they tried to start a war then, yeah.
They also tried to fly U.S.
aircraft painted up as U.N.
planes, low, to get them to shoot them down.
Right, and all that too.
Yes, I forgot that.
And Tommy Franks also admitted this, that we and our... They also knew with the British hydrogen balloons, surveillance balloons from the Iran-Iraq war were stored because British technicians just a few years before had been there working on them, they went directly there and claimed they were mobile anthrax trucks.
When it was in Jane's Weapons Encyclopedia, it's endless.
And neocons are still on radio saying they found anthrax trucks.
You can't make this type of stuff up.
Now that falls under Colin Powell's presentation to the UN based on mostly what Curveball, the code name Curveball, the defector... And he actually said the opposite, that they didn't have WMDs.
And the Germans warned us before we invaded that he was unreliable and nuts.
Larry Wilkerson, Colin Powell's chief of staff, said I participated in a hoax.
And, of course, Blair's dodgy dossier, the Downing Street memos, and his dossier that he plagiarized from a report from a postgraduate student.
That was complete with spelling and grammar errors and outdated information.
Yeah, they created the special office, and they just put out whatever propaganda they wanted.
I gotta jump, I appreciate your call.
When we get back, I'll briefly get into what they've done with Iran.
Same thing, but it's even more over the top, even more transparent.
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We now have even better streaming and download servers for you.
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We're getting T1 download speeds.
We want to know what you are getting.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I think so.
We're good to go!
I think so.
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They railed against the crown.
Alright, I want to get into some of the war news.
I want to get into this U.S.
prosecutor, high-level, caught red-handed in pedophile activities, trying to rape a five-year-old.
Par for the course of who runs this society.
I'm sorry to have to report that to you.
We're in deep trouble.
But I think you already know that.
One more program note here.
I'm asking you all the listeners.
To email your friends, your family, to call them physically on the phone right now.
To email people, to go to your MySpace account, the message boards.
Because the show is growing all the time.
I mean, let's say you're listening on an AM or FM station.
Call them, try to get a tape of the show that we did last hour.
The analysis I did.
Again, if you're listening to us on AM or FM in Tennessee or upstate New York or Southern California or something like 1330, I just want to keep plugging that new affiliate.
It covers good from North Austin up to Waco.
It's up in Cameron.
Beautiful area up there.
I can hear it in South Austin in my car, but it doesn't get good until North Austin.
Great station.
Support those Aminathem affiliates.
They're great folks.
Support their sponsorship.
Tell people about them.
Tell people, you know, pull up next to them at the four-way stop and say, or at the red light, hey, tune into this station right now.
That's a big way to spread the word, but particularly with the Internet.
From 20 minutes into the show today,
Until the middle of the next hour, so for an hour and ten minutes roughly, I went over a detailed analysis of what's behind the economic problems, who's driving it, who the culprits are, what they're doing by design.
And whereas we've exposed government-sponsored terrorism, we've exposed the war as a fraud, the general public is completely in the dark about what the Federal Reserve is, how they operate, what their true goals are, and how they're orchestrating this.
But if the word gets out on this, and people are instinctively blaming Greenspan as they should now, and if this thing goes viral, we can really have a big effect.
Later today, Paul Watson's going to have a big article about this.
He's already got one today, up on PrisonPlanet.com at the top.
Prepare for prolonged turmoil, says U.S.
Treasury Secretary.
Again, by saying that, it means it's going to get worse.
Even when there's about to be a recession that they don't want, they hype it to say everything's fine, and then we don't go into one.
I mean, have you ever heard them say, get ready for the dollar to plunge, get ready for the stock market to unravel, get ready for the housing market to plunge, get ready for hyperinflation, get ready for
The end of our currency?
I mean, they're actually doing it.
They're engaged in killing the economy.
They've been trying to drive out the housing prices for years because it was a heat sink, a place to put all this excess capital.
They didn't want that.
They wanted to completely blow out the economy and not have you anywhere to go.
No real jobs, no real industrial jobs, no real
Engineering jobs, no real places to invest, all you've got is fiat currency and they've got total control.
That's the name of the globalist game.
Make everybody dependent!
And so when this show ends in 23 minutes, when this broadcast ends in 23 minutes, if you go to InfoWars.com, for those of you that are on the computer, you can click on the stream.
We send out a stream 24 hours a day.
3 hours a day live, 24 hours a day after that.
It's important.
I'm asking affiliates, stations out there.
You've got it taped.
Go grab it.
Re-air it tomorrow.
Re-air it tonight.
I mean, play clips on your show.
It's an hour long analysis though.
It's hard to do this in soundbites.
You truly vet it out and truly explain it to people.
I mean, in an hour.
It was probably actually about 55 minutes, because in an hour and 10 minutes of broadcast time, about 55 minutes of that was ads.
So in 55 minutes, that was a very brief explanation.
They're the culprits.
They run it.
They're doing it.
They're the ones controlling it.
We have their own documents.
They need to be blamed.
If they think they're going to get blamed, they won't bring us all the way down.
Or if they do bring us all the way down, people need to know!
So when this show ends, go to InfoWars.com.
And click on the refeed stream.
Or subscribe to the podcast.
Then you can fast forward right to it.
But 20 minutes after this show ends, you start listening as soon as the show ends, but 20 minutes after it ends, you will hear me start the analysis.
And I walk through the brief history and then get into what's happening today.
For the last 30 minutes of it.
It is so important
It is so important that people understand who's doing this to us.
I'm going to plug one sponsor, and then I'm going to go right to your calls as quickly as possible.
Monique and everybody else is patiently holding.
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Let's go ahead and go to your calls now.
Okay, Monique from Florida.
Hey there.
I called you last week and you told me to give you a call back and email you.
I want to tell you thank you very much for what you're doing.
Maybe you could pay my four children who were kidnapped by the state of Florida 14 days after we moved here last year.
Florida is the worst.
Florida is the worst for taking children.
Sir, I have a 12, 13, and 14 year old girl
They now live in Fort Lauderdale with...
An aunt who's not a very good parent.
Well, you better thank God.
If they were babies, they'd already be flown offshore.
By the way, Florida's been caught.
Thank you.
Now the aunt is having somebody follow her, and I am afraid as heck.
Well, a lot of times, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, that's a lot of times what they do, okay, is at first they give it to a family member, then they take them later.
Just try not to fight with the aunt.
Pray to God to open her eyes.
What was their excuse for taking your children?
We lived here 14 days.
My parents called before we even moved here.
They didn't want us to move and said physical abuse.
We'll see, we'll see, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am.
Put her on hold, please.
Here's the deal.
We probably get 30, 40 calls a day with people having their children taken.
And I mean toddlers taken and they won't even say where they went.
Babies taken, newborns taken.
And I've likened it to where I'm in a lifeboat and I'm in a frozen sea with people begging and trying to climb in a lifeboat.
I'm not a big organization.
It's not a big building.
I literally live in a modest home.
This office was built in the 20s.
It looks like something out of the Wild West.
It leaks.
Here's the problem.
I want to help you, but I can't help you.
We have some families on with cases, we've covered them, where, you know, the social worker goes to jail, to prison for lying, but they still say, we're keeping your kids.
And they're babies.
It's good news that your children are older.
They really are brutal with babies because they can't defend themselves.
They put them on drugs and they're one year old.
They don't care.
You had family that tattled on you and didn't want you to move.
Family trying to take control of your life.
That's the tattletale, Stasi society.
So that makes the case even harder.
But you better thank your lucky stars that it's just family that's got your children and not the state.
Okay, so some custody battle there, all this stuff going on.
I understand you're panicked, you're freaked out, it's horrible.
A lot of times family wants children and then after they find out what a hassle it is, they'll want to give them back.
I've seen that maybe 60% of the time.
But if you fight for them, then it'll make it like some bobble or possession and then they won't turn loose of them.
If you just write them nice letters, try to turn the other cheek, that might work for you.
Okay, well what I've done now is I did
Stop doing the case plan and all that is worthless.
I'm a doctor of counseling, by the way, from The Ohio State University.
And so they told you first, oh, just sign on to this, basically like probation, and then we'll work with you.
And really, they're spying on you to get dirt to misrepresent.
The whole system's corrupt.
It's not our system of government.
My phone is even tapped, yes.
Ma'am, I don't know about that.
Generally, CPS doesn't do that.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
There are some national groups that try to help people.
They're flooded.
If she calls back, I should have just given her my office number.
We can give you the names to some national organizations that we've tried to support.
But I literally hardly have time to see my own family.
I literally work all the time.
And people think I can do all these things for them, and I can't.
I'd love to be able to help you.
The system is bankrupt.
The system is corrupt.
And if your family's involved in it, that's even worse.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jonathan in Missouri.
Go ahead, Jonathan.
Hey, Alex.
What's going on, man?
We're doing a worldwide broadcast.
I just wanted to let you know and let the viewers know I run a small little blog on MySpace.com called FL&E.
FL&E News.
It does gold, silver prices, the economy plunging, things from PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.net, Steve Watson,
Paul Joseph Watson, things of that nature.
So you've got a blog.
Right, right.
That's good.
Everybody should have a blog.
Even if you don't know how to use a computer, MySpace is easy.
Now, do you have any comments about any of the news we've covered?
Well, I've got an article here that is critical, and I've been trying to get a hold of, you know, Aaron at InfoWars.com.
I understand.
We're trying to receive it all.
Just go ahead and tell us.
Okay, it's an article I posted here on my blog, F.L.E.
News, called the Self-Fed Funds Cut from
Casey Research, LLC, authored by Bud Conrad, the chief economist, on Friday, September the 14th.
Okay, tell us, please.
Well, it's basically talking about, you know, after the August 7th meeting with the Federal Reserve, they stealthily cut the interest rate and the base point to, I believe, 30 to 35 base points between now and August.
Well, they admit they did a slight rate cut.
Yeah, they did.
I thought it would be big news.
And they're talking about another rate cut today.
Have they done that yet?
I don't think they have, but they're edging towards cutting it again.
But they've already cut it, I believe, to 4.9% to be exact.
And they're going to go ahead and cut another 25 base points, which further devalues the dollar by a third or more.
And that's got me troubled.
I don't know if it'll do that.
I mean, there's so many elements to finance and economy that I don't even claim to be an expert.
I just know who the culprits are.
Thanks for the call, sir.
I appreciate that.
Let's talk to Shepard in Arizona.
You're on the air, Shepard.
Hey, I've got a couple things kind of a little bit off the subject.
It has to do with REC-84, secret prison camps, all that, New World Order.
It's not even secret, they had Senate hearings, it came out, and it's a declassified plan now, and now Houston Chronicle admits they built camps for the American people.
Okay, what do you think about, I did a lot of research over 15 years, quickly, 1979, our government, the plan in
Uh, highly elliptical orbit moving into our solar system.
Yeah, I don't get into all that stuff, and I appreciate your call.
Uh, listen, people sold a lot of books saying Planet X was going to kill us back in 1999, 2000, didn't happen.
And then they always say, well, it's going to come kill us now, and the Reptoids are going to get us, and the government knows that we're going to have a pole shift in 2012, and all of this stuff.
And it's all just new age, and I'm not blaming those that talk about it or want to get into it.
But I just cover what I can prove.
And that's that Alan Greenspan orchestrated and engineered everything that's happening right now, and now he's posing as our savior and trying to blame Bush for it.
And I don't like Bush.
The point is, he didn't do this.
And so we need to expose the fact that they are the culprits.
It's so important.
Alex in New York, welcome.
How ya doin'?
Uh, real quick.
Uh, first thing, with the nuclear, uh, the incident with the nuclear bombs being flown, um... And notice we have the, the Air Force stand down and no, no terror attacks, Roddy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But the thing is about the pilots.
There were seven pilots.
Some people are saying six.
I'm only counting five, but five of the seven pilots have died.
I have not confirmed that it's... No, no, no, no.
See, what happened is people didn't stop with their story about the nukes or the drill or any of that, which is fine.
What happens is people put out hype stories.
They get a big response, and they think that's what they need to do to get more attention.
Over time, you just discredit yourself.
But we have looked at it.
There have been two airmen from Minot that have died, and there have been some other people in the Air Force that have died.
You've got hundreds of thousands in there, and they're saying they're being killed.
I have not seen a direct pattern there yet.
It could be there, and we're going to try to look at it.
But what's your specific reference for the names of pilots that were specifically flying that B-52 that are dead?
Well, I have five names who I've counted.
Some people are saying more.
I didn't find more than three.
Okay, but how do we know?
Because the article I got is they weren't pilots or they were assigned to the base.
Oh, you can go to citizensforlegitimategovernment.com and they put all their sources up there.
Alright, I'll go look at that.
What else is on your mind?
You can find that on there.
Second thing is, I was at the We Are Change events all the time in the city.
Hope we got to meet.
Yeah, you're on air, go ahead.
I was at the concert with Immortal Technique in Orland.
I've been noticing a lot of people getting involved in the movement who are really, you know, they're just anti-government in general.
I'm not sure if you noticed the same thing, but you remember when M1 and the RGB people got up there?
They're Marxist revolutionaries.
They're not really the same thing as the truth movement.
You know what I'm talking about?
Well, I have to say, I liked M1's, but...
Speech about one that was really great poetry, but yes, I did notice some of the some of the festoonery and see people think that the leftist communist system is going to save them when it was created by the very same New World Order.
But I wasn't involved in any of the organization of that.
We had diverse crowds there from Christina Ebersole, you know, the people from Duran Duran to those folks.
And yes, I wouldn't agree with those politics.
Yeah, there's a lot.
I'm noticing there's a lot of that getting involved in the movement, and it's really starting to bother me, you know?
So I think a lot of people and we are changing.
The General Truth Movement in New York should be aware of that.
Well, I think the events were extremely diverse.
Obviously, Aaron Russo was invited, but died.
I was there.
I'm not a Marxist-Leninist.
I'm what you'd call a conservative-libertarian.
But yeah, they're well-known rappers and artists in the area, and they were there.
I don't specifically know about M1 being a Marxist-Leninist, but I did see some of that regalia.
Yeah, um, last thing I want to say, I ordered a, uh, a Berkey water filter from the store, and I just want to tell all the listeners, you have not tasted clean water until you've, uh, you drank from a Berkey water filter with those, uh, the PF2 fluoride filters and everything.
My parents love it, everybody in my family loves it.
It's great stuff, uh, just want to say you're doing a good job.
Thank you, my friend, and listen, I'm going to try to look, I'm going to try to look into more on, uh, people dying on a U.S.
military basis.
I mean, when four people, or was it five, died within a week when they said Jessica Lynch wasn't a hero, the people involved themselves were killed, I mean, double-tapped, assassinated, drowned, that was definitely a hit going on.
They definitely killed Pat Tillman.
But, I don't know about, I mean, this stuff about Minot, it just goes on and on.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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We're good to go.
New at 5, a disturbing case of perverted justice.
He's sworn to uphold the law, to prosecute those who commit crimes.
But tonight, this man, a Justice Department officer, is charged after being caught in an internet sex thing involving children.
Good evening, everyone.
Thank you so much for joining us.
And we do want to tell you that we should caution you.
What you're learning tonight is very disturbing.
Yes, an assistant U.S.
attorney from Florida finds himself on the wrong side of the law tonight.
He's accused of going after a five-year-old girl from right here in Metro Detroit.
The intended victim is from Macomb County.
The Florida lawman is from the town of Pensacola down in Florida.
But at this hour, he's being held in a local jail cell.
Local 4C Garagiola is live in downtown Detroit.
I'm going to take a few final calls.
Tomorrow I'll get into this.
We just ran out of time.
I'm going to take a few calls now.
Just remember, when the show ends, in just a few minutes, you go to InfoWalkers.com, and it's the big streams on the right-hand side, the rebroadcast streams, because I did the analysis in the first two hours.
The analysis of the economy, and it is so important that you hear that if you missed it.
So again, I'm telling everybody, we've got to get the word out on this fast.
Now, let's talk to... Who's calling from the UK, first-time caller?
David, then we'll talk to Troy, at least.
David, go ahead, from the UK.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Yeah, um, I'm calling from the UK.
I've listened to you for a couple of years now, on the internet.
Um, I just wanted to phone in and say I'm disgusted about this man being tasered.
Um, for just asking a question to Kerry.
I mean, it goes totally against your constitution and it shows how brainwashed and, uh, controlled by the New World Order people are becoming.
Uh, it's very, very scary and, uh,
I just wanted to air my opinion there.
I mean, I believe 9-11 was completely an inside job.
There's so much evidence for that as well, with the molten metal, etc, etc.
What do you think about what the central banks are doing to our economies right now?
Oh, it's disgusting.
I mean, my granddad's Jewish, so I'm not against Jews, you know, and I'm a Christian as well.
So, you could call me a messianic Jew.
So, but I know it's the Rothschilds and all these people that you've been talking about
that are behind the scenes, you know, controlling everything, and it sort of plays into the biblical prophecy of Revelation quite a lot, so maybe God has allowed it, it's sort of unfolding events, but I agree with your stance, which is, doesn't mean to say we should tolerate evil, we should always take a stand against wickedness, and I think the people, there's a lot of people that have woken up, and it's lovely to hear the people on GCN phone in, you know, my heart's with you, totally,
But it's just so, it's upsetting.
Particularly where, you know, your country, you know, America's just doing some great things, and it's a very free country, and now it is entering a dark time.
And it's very sad.
It is, my friend.
Call back again.
You're a great caller.
God bless you.
We appreciate your call.
Troy is calling us from Illinois, and that's the last caller we have time for.
Sorry to Chad and others.
Go ahead, Troy.
Hello, Alex.
I was just wondering what you thought about George Norrie.
When you're on the show and stuff, he acts like he really believes everything you're saying.
He's got a huge audience and I just think if he would just step up some, you know, it would just be awesome.
Well, I'm not going to criticize him because he's the only person with a show that big, 16 million plus listeners.
I mean, Bill O'Reilly has 3 million viewers to actually let me come on for 3 hours at a pop and tell the truth.
It would be stupid to sit there and attack George.
I think he has pushed the envelope a lot further than Art Bell ever did.
And I'm not even going to criticize him because that is a venue.
I also like George.
I'm friends with him.
And I disagree with some of his political views.
I'm sure he doesn't totally agree with me on everything.
But still, I appreciate him having me on.
And it would be foolish for all of us to sit there and attack him when he is letting a lot of the truth come out.
Do you agree with that statement?
Oh, definitely.
Yeah, just whenever they take, like, open lines on the weekends, it's one right after the other.
9-11 calls, you know, people asking questions, and he kind of seems to brush them off pretty quick.
Listen, I'm out of time.
God bless you.
Call me back tomorrow, folks.
The retransmission starts at InfoWars.com right now.
That's where the stream's at.
Go there and get it.
Tell everybody to tune in.
Thank you to everybody.
We'll see you tomorrow.
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