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Air Date: Sept. 17, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Five or six years ago, we would have had news days like this once a year.
Now, every week or two, we have news days where, no exaggeration, I've probably got 200 news articles in front of me, all of massive, massive importance as the New World Order bum-rushes the American people and the people of the world as they push
to complete their world government.
It is Monday, the 17th day of September 2007.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
Coming up, we have one guest today, Warren Cusarillo.
He is not only one of the main members of the famous rock band, Duran Duran, but he also wrote most of their songs.
He's had a whole bunch of number one songs
And I knew he was going to be playing at one of the 9-11 events up in New York.
Had a chance to see him play.
It was really powerful.
Got a chance to meet him and find out that he was a listener to the show.
And so we've got him coming up to talk about 9-11 Truth in the second hour today.
We really appreciate him coming on with us and the courage he has to go public for 9-11 Truth.
Here's the type of news I have in front of me.
A Senate to consider Secret Open Borders Dream Act.
They're set to try to vote on it this week.
Total, complete, absolute amnesty.
As you know, there were runs on the bank in England Friday and throughout the weekend.
Now causing fears economy-wide.
Headlines like, Run on the Bank!
Fears grow for British economy as panic over Northern Rock spreads.
England's 8th largest bank.
Fears spread among UK bank customers.
The day panic came to High Street.
Mortgage fears drive rot on at British Bank.
Oil industry sleepwalking into crisis.
France warning of war with Iran saying get ready for it to happen.
Greenspan says Euro gains as reserve currency choice.
That's nails in the coffin right there.
Unbelievable that that's happening.
Bush is surprised by Greenspan's criticism, but they're just simply dumping all the blame on their patsy, their minion, before he leaves office.
Banking shares fall across Europe.
Of course, Greenspan has also criticized Bush on his spending, which the banks are behind publicly.
This is just unbelievable.
It's all off the charts.
Iran warns Western nations against confrontation.
It goes on and on and on.
I mean, my head is literally spinning.
There's also reports that Israelis blew apart Syrian nuclear cash two weeks ago.
That's supposedly what they bombed 30 miles inside Syria.
If you believe that, I've got a bridge I want to sell you.
Top British experts saying proxy war could soon turn to direct conflict.
analysts are saying the same thing.
Also, U.S.
Meanwhile, people are focused on Madonna going to Israel to engage in Kabbalah activities, and O.J.
Simpson's been arrested again.
So what?
Who cares?
The guy's a thug.
A great new distraction for everyone.
Also in the stack, tying into all the financial news, mystery trader to collect on financial meltdown, question mark?
Suspicion increases about so-called Bin Laden trades as markets tumble after bank run.
A month and a half ago, record put options, four and a half billion dollars, and that's a rough estimate, it could be more, that you can directly see on the NASDAQ European branch of their trading, that the market would go down by 30% by Friday.
If it doesn't go down by at least 30%, they need 30% to just break even.
They're betting it's going to go down even further.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are on the edge.
There's no doubting and I've only gotten through one stack.
There are four other stacks here in front of me.
These are the times that try men and women's souls.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I'm going to get into the war drums, the saber-rattling at levels we've never seen before against Iran.
We have financial news that literally is off the chart.
And then I have a stack of news like this.
sovereignty threatened by U.N.
Critics charge.
Daily Mail ministers back plans to grow genetically modified crops in Britain.
Intel chief pushes for new domestic spy law.
It just goes on and on and on and on.
Big new developments in the Ed and Elaine Brown tax case.
Hillary Clinton calling for national compulsory health care where you have to visit the doctor just like John Edwards, but her plan's even worse.
We have new blanket complete amnesty bills.
Two different ones introduced.
One in the Defense Authorization Act of 2008.
Another one in an education bill.
I mean, any one of these subjects I could talk about all day.
And the reason I say that is I can't even properly do my job now.
So much is happening so fast, so out in the open, that I am just speechless.
In Missouri, a young man got pulled over by a police officer, doing nothing wrong.
The cop said, I can plant things on you, I can frame you.
I meant to cover this last week, never had time.
And then when the young man posted the video, the police openly went on a big law enforcement website and said they'll kill him.
I mean, when the gang mentality gets to the point of where the police are openly engaging in crimes out in the open, it just lets you know how much trouble we're in.
And I know all the police aren't bad, but I pray that you'll speak out against this type of behavior because it's really getting bad, folks.
It's really getting bad.
There's a fella who I've known for many years.
He drives a wrecker truck, done some camera work for us.
He didn't even smart off to the cops when he had a hidden camera in his car.
He was tired of being harassed by them.
They pull him over, they search the vehicle.
And then the cop that's on YouTube just says, I'd like to kill him.
Man, I wish he had a gun or something.
I'd kill him.
In the car.
What do we deserve this for?
You just constantly talk about killing us?
We're an evil society, it's not just the police.
Before I get into all the news, I just want to be as calm about this as I can.
Years ago, when I was more immature, I liked to shoot my mouth off a little bit, not as much as many, about war with the feds, and civil war, and all these bad things, and let it come.
But as I get older, I realize they're all just cannon fodder too.
And the fact that we have a lot of bad police and a lot of bad feds is a reflection on us.
This society is so corrupt and so decadent, it's hard for me to stay out of it all.
It's just, I listen to talk radio and how everything's degenerating and how conservative talk shows are degenerating.
And then I look at the wonder around me, and the beauty, and all the blessings, and all the good things, and the innocence of children.
My children, other people's children.
And I think about... I saw a fellow driving to work this morning who had a bunch of pro-war stickers on his car, and W of the President stickers, and other
icons and festoonery of the establishment but the next to it said boycott Planned Parenthood which I totally agree with and I thought about how somebody can be for Bush because he claims he's against abortion but then pro-Bush and I can hear him call the neocon talk shows and talk about kill everybody in the Middle East, nuke them all, kill us before they kill them before they kill us
I see all that, and I understand how they set us up against each other.
Those are football issues, and meanwhile, the agenda of the New World Order just continues rolling forward.
And I realize that guy with the W sticker, he means well.
Just like some leftist who was taught that, well, because the Republicans are corrupt, that everything they're against must be good, like abortion is some wonderful thing, and some special ride, and some dear sweet thing,
Bottom line, we live in a society where people have used abortion as birth control, and that we've killed more than 50 million children.
And people always dodge that comment I make by saying, oh, I thought it was 47 million.
Then go find some five-year-old clip.
Yeah, more have now died.
You see, you've been psychologically conditioned to disassociate my comment.
You've been brainwashed to where you can't even face up to the statement I made.
Let's say it's 40 million.
It's really over 50, but let's not debate numbers here.
The point is, is that these are children.
These are dear, sweet, weak little human beings.
I heard a promo yesterday during my own Sunday show of Neil Bortz, and he was talking about how we shouldn't have safety seats, and we shouldn't have seat belts, and
Just let children die out on the African Serengeti, the young die, and that's survival of the fittest, and let's not take so much care of the young.
Again, that whole Malthusian, social Darwinistic view.
That life is cheap view.
And I just see that everywhere.
And bottom line, when we're in a society where we kill 50 million children for our own convenience, and then once you've done it,
You tend to want to tell yourself it was okay because you don't want to face up to the guilt and pain of what you've done.
I can tell you it's much better to just admit up to what you've done and to repent.
Even if you don't believe in God, to just say you're sorry to the universe and to say you're sorry for being selfish and to forgive yourself and ask God to forgive you for what you've done.
And a lot of pain will be lifted off your shoulders.
A lot of guilt
We are winning the fight, though, on the abortion front.
I've seen the polls from 20-plus years ago, where you had about 60% of Americans, depending on which poll you look at, were for abortion.
Upwards of 65% of adults are against it, so the numbers have flipped, 25 plus percent in the right direction.
And in young people under 20, I just saw one of these polls again a few weeks ago, I've seen them each year in the last decade, 76% of young people are against abortion and say they're going to have children.
And I tell you, that's beautiful.
It's not a good thing overall if your 16 year old daughter gets pregnant,
It's probably not going to be good for her overall earnings on average.
It may not be good.
Maybe you're going to have to help change some diapers and take on an extra job.
But let me tell you something.
It's a lot worse for you to go ahead and let her go get an abortion or for you to have never talked to her and let her go have that abortion and to do something that is going to ruin her and hurt her for life and make her a very bitter and wicked person if she doesn't repent.
And if you're a young man and you love your Mustang more, and you love your apartment more, and you love your money more, and your big screen TV more, and you've been sold that having children is a bad thing when it's the greatest blessing ever given to humankind...
You're being robbed of something very dear and very special.
You may never find another woman who you get married to or who you're with.
You may never be able to have children again.
That child is going to be an absolutely magical experience for you if you decide it's a good thing and if you decide to be a father.
I challenge anyone out there to look into the eyes of your children.
Or to look into the eyes of children at a playground, or the eyes of children in a restaurant, or your sister, or your brother's children, and to look at them and imagine them being torn apart in the womb, that place of supposed safety.
And the point I'm making is that just as a Democrat might be right about the war being bad, and can see the humanity of those Iraqis, but then you've got a blind spot for those unborn children.
Just like a neocon will have an anti-abortion sticker on their car, but then they'll be four murdering Iraqi children.
And I'm telling you, abortion flows from the eugenicist, who literally created Hitler.
Hitler was a big abortion supporter.
And you can't separate that evil from the rest of it and say it's good.
It all goes back to the population reduction agenda.
Do you think we've got an elite that let us kill children who aren't going to do other things?
Like put mercury and poisons in your vaccines?
Or engineer AIDS?
Do you think it's just going to stop there?
Do you understand that it is a law of the universe?
I have experienced it.
I have read what hundreds of historians and philosophers have said.
And it is a fact of the universe whether you believe in a higher power or not.
What you do, you're not going to have to wait until you die or wait until you come back if you believe in karma and all that.
It's going to happen to you in this life.
And I do repent, not out of fear of God punishing me.
Sometimes I think God should punish me for things I've done in my life.
But just out of absolute remorse and sorrow and the things I did to myself in my life.
The things I did to myself because when I was bad to other people, I was doing that to myself as well.
And with all this news and all this earth-shattering events that are happening, which I'm going to get into right now in great detail, after this break, I just want everybody to be a little softer, a little sweeter, to have a little more love in your heart.
And you're going to find such great strength there.
You know, I thought I was tough when I was into being mean and when I was into being tough.
And when I like to go out and get in a fight with three people and, you know, things like that, I thought it was cool to take on the trappings of darkness.
I didn't even consciously realize the decisions I'd made when I was younger.
And let me tell you, evil and darkness and skulls and all the symbols that are around us are weak.
Life is rejuvenating and renews itself and is magical and is beautiful.
And all of it, everything around us, to be a planet, a spaceship, hurtling through space.
We are in the cosmos.
We are part of it all.
And I just want people to stop and smell the roses.
Stop and look around you.
And just get more down to earth and not be these petty, decadent machines that follow the propaganda of Madison Avenue.
We'll come back into the war news, economic news, it's all vitally important.
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Day after day,
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.
But nobody wants to know him.
They can see that he's just a fool.
Welcome back.
All right.
Mystery trader to collect on financial meltdown, question mark.
Suspicion increases about so-called Bin Laden trades as markets tumble after Benny Coran.
And what was betted upon?
That the European markets would go down by at least 30%.
And then Greenspan comes out today and says the European markets are going to go down.
And the former Fed Chief said that a couple weeks ago.
Greenspan's former, and so is Paul Volcker.
So, the big question in here is, who do these lead back to?
And only the Security and Exchange Commission and some of the European governmental groups that watch that would know that, and they're all mama on it.
A congressman a few weeks ago from Ohio asked about it, and then he fell down the stairs at night and died.
A lot of interesting things happening.
As a run on Northern Rock Bank in Britain has increased the possibility that a mystery trader could stand to collect around $2 billion, show the panic send markets tumbling during the course of this week as investors have predicted.
Last month reported on a mystery trader who risked losing, this says $1 billion, that's conservative.
It's been looked at and it's actually now $4 billion piled on.
After placing 245,000 put options on the Dow Jones Euro Stock 50 Index,
Which led many analysts to speculate that the stock market crash preceded by a new 9-11 style attack or another catastrophe could take place before or during the third week of September.
And again, it's not just on the Dow Jones Euro stock, it's also on the Nasdaq Euro.
The anonymous trader only stands to make money if the market crashes by a third to a half before September 21st.
That's Friday, which is when the put options expire.
Following the run on the Northern Rock Bank in Britain, specialist investors are now warning of an imminent and severe correction in the markets.
This is up on PrisonPlanet.com, folks.
The credit cycle has turned bad.
Debts are soaring.
Banks will go bust and stock markets will fall much further.
Did you hear that?
Said Ken Murray.
The founder and chief executive of Blue Planet Investment Management told the Financial Times today, shortly after selling half the equities in his portfolio.
The big guys are dumping.
The Northern Rock crisis was followed by Alan Greenspan's warning that both the U.S.
housing markets are on the verge of a major downturn.
and U.K.
He thought what's happened so far is bad, as Prime Minister Gordon Brown holds an emergency meeting with U.S.
Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson today.
I can't believe this news.
I can't.
How do they do it?
And by the way, what's Greenspan doing?
He's blaming Bush for all of it in Sunday's New York Times and in the AP today.
And that's what I said.
How many years have I said, you'll really know when there's going to be a market crash when the former Fed Chiefs, and it's Volcker, it's Greenspan, come out and start blaming Bush.
Because he's nothing but literal toilet bowl cleaner.
He is a birdcage liner.
He is a shield.
And we attack the criminal government, he gets all the blame, they throw the shield down and grab another one.
I mean, we are talking red alert right now.
And I'm being calm about all this, I'm just telling you folks, this is red alert.
In fact, I can hardly talk right now, this is unbelievable.
I'm not going to get mad.
I'm just so sick of these people.
Because, go back and get the hundred shows I've done where I said we're going to have to watch those that orchestrated this, the Federal Reserve, owned by the Bank of England, posing as our saviors while they rape the daylights out of us.
And how many times did I say that if you expose the fact that the big central banks engage in inflation of the currencies and of an overextension of credit to bad loans by design, that they would then pose as the saviors after it happened, but if we spoke out and exposed them, they wouldn't do it.
Well, my voice is big, but it's not that big.
And, uh, I've got like 40 articles or so here.
I've got a huge stack just on the financials.
It gets worse.
The war news, they're going into Iran.
They've announced it.
And, uh, that's a whole other subject.
And we've got killers running the government that will hijack jets and fly them into buildings.
When we get back, we'll continue with all this financial news.
We'll get into the war news, which again, I use the term off the charts, off the scale.
It is, and France announces that it's going to happen.
The British announce, the U.S.
is announcing.
All the preparations have been made.
My uncle, a year ago, I was out at the farm visiting him, and he said, you watch, it'll be September.
I told him I hoped he was wrong.
Looks like he's probably going to be right.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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This is the end.
Beautiful friend.
This is the end.
My only friend.
The end.
Of all the elaborate plans.
The end.
Of everything that stands.
The end.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Bottom line, what we're facing is an attempt to start World War III.
The globalists are pushing the United States and Europe into financial collapse.
They're pushing us into war, and the answer they'll tell us for the economy is war.
In the pain of a massive stock market decline, a huge sustained recession, or even depression, they always then lead us into war.
And this one could dwarf even the numbers we saw lost in World War II.
And we have massive record put options called Bin Laden trades.
Falsely, it wasn't Bin Laden with the pre-911 trades.
It led mainstream news directly back to the CIA.
And sure enough, we said, we'll see what happens.
The European markets have to go down by 30% or over $4 billion will be lost.
Watson's article says a billion.
That was the original Dow Jones Industrial News of a month ago.
But since then, they've found $4 billion in put options.
Set to where they'll lose money if they don't have them triggered by Friday.
And right now, European stocks are plummeting, and as if that isn't bad enough, Fed Chairman comes in, former Fed Chairman Greenspan, the Grand Poobah, and says they're going to go down a bunch.
That's like throwing gasoline on a fire, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll see what happens with all of this.
I hope that by getting the word out about these put options, and we hope that by having you spread the word about it and exposing the fact that big institutions were involved in this, that they might back off and just lose the money.
We got accused by a lot of websites of trying to fearmonger.
No, we simply went and got the Dow Jones Industrial News and others a month ago and did stories on it and said, we hope this isn't the case.
But they were the ones saying this.
Greenspan's the one.
Saying that the markets are going to go down.
I mean, I've got a stack of this news here, just on the economy front.
And we're going to be going over those.
Former Fed Chief of Tax, Bush, on fiscal role.
And I've always said that when they really pull the plug, they're going to then blame some leaders of governments.
They're going to blame puppets.
And when they started cutting Bush loose, it was over.
This morning I listened to three talk radio shows, stuck in traffic for an hour because I was driving from far south Austin to far north Austin to go into KLBJ FM and do a two hour interview so I had a chance to listen to three different neocon shows surfing the radio dial.
They were all attacking Bush, all saying everything was his fault.
Then I got there and the AM News guy was bashing Bush.
And when all of the Bush worshippers, then all in queue, that's what people do, social climbers, that's what they do.
They just imitate the guys above them, they imitate the guys above them, and that's how you get, through compartmentalization, still total control.
They just regurgitate and parrot what they heard.
So we're going to be going over that all here in just a few minutes, and I'm going to get into the war news.
Here's the war news.
BBC, France warning of war with Iran.
French Foreign Minister Bernard Kochner said the world should prepare for war with Iran.
I mean, boom!
Iran wars Western nations against confrontation.
Proxy war could soon turn to direct conflict, analysts warn.
Israel's blew apart Syrian nuclear cash, headline.
Okay, that's some of the news I've got.
Well, I'm happy to have a special guest on with us for the next ten minutes because even though all these things are happening, you wouldn't be able to hear this alternative information if it wasn't for our sponsors, A. B, we like to bring you ideas to prepare yourself.
I told you to buy gold.
Six years ago, you've more than doubled your money.
Not a hard call, but most people didn't know how to do that.
I gave you the evidence.
It wasn't hard.
You got it on your own, too, out there.
I'm not saying... The point is, we give them good advice.
I tell people to get storable food.
I tell people have firearms to protect yourselves during looting, whatever.
We don't know what's coming.
Hopefully nothing bad, but it doesn't look good, okay?
Very turbulent times ahead.
And then I've told the story many times, but I'll tell it again for new listeners, briefly.
About two and a half years ago, Michael Trudeau was still at the Genesis Network, talk show host, sales manager.
And he said, hey, and he's big into, he's a conservative, but he's big into environmentalism and organic stuff.
And he said, man, you've got to try this stuff.
It used to only be in hospitals and five-star hotels.
And one time when I was in D.C., in a fancier hotel when I was a kid, I saw Calvin Pierce soap.
This is like 20 years ago.
I remember seeing this bar soap.
And, uh,
That's because big institutions know how to save money.
They don't go with the Procter & Gamble scam.
And then Marty Schachter sent us a year's supply, and after it was gone in a year and a half, my wife said, where'd you get that soap, honey?
I want more.
And I said, just buy the organic stuff down at Whole Foods.
She goes, no, no, no.
The kids don't like it.
It burns their skin.
That stuff was great.
And I said, well, here it is.
Marty sent us more.
And I said, why didn't he just be a sponsor of the show?
Then I found out it's 85% off.
The supermarket prices.
By that, you buy direct from the manufacturer, who never used to until a few years ago, and Trudeau found them, because he liked it, never used to even advertise.
They just sold institutions.
So you're getting institutional prices.
85% off, folks.
That's not a gimmick.
That's the real number.
And because you're going directly to the manufacturer, and it's all from plant
It's all from vegetables.
It's all from fruits.
It's wonderful stuff.
Marty, thanks for coming on with us.
Thank you for inviting me, Alex.
It's always wonderful to bring good news!
I'd like to bring good news for your listeners, for your skin, hair, and laundry.
How much do you save, Marty?
Because I always forget the numbers.
If you buy your supplies sober, even a month's supply, buy it months to a month.
I mean, put that in real dollar numbers.
Explain the 85% off number.
Well, it's costing now the consumer, and this is a government survey, approximately $20 a week.
We're good to go.
All tremendous savings and I got thousands of your listeners can't be wrong because that's what's been coming up.
All these people buying our goods and raving about it for their skin, for their hair, for their laundry.
This is wonderful to have that kind of connection.
We can never do that in the marketplace because no one knows of us.
We're the world's best kept secret.
Now there are dozens of chemicals put in the water supply by the governments, but then hundreds of other chemicals, motor oils, pesticides, herbicides, get into the water.
Well, it's the same story with the big petrochemical companies.
There's only three or four of them that make 90 plus percent of the shampoos, the bar soaps, the toothpaste, all of it.
Describe how they took over and got rid of Real Soap and then the scam they run, Marty.
I think it's important to separate between your quality Real Soap products and the stuff they call soap that isn't this toxic detergents.
They're all detergents.
They're made from waste petroleum.
They're petrochemicals.
They have to bleach it out with chlorides.
They have to perfume it out because of the bad odors.
They have to put sodium chlorides in it.
Now that's right, you were in chemical weapons in the military at the end of World War II, that's the reason you know that.
I have family that works at oil refineries and they know that they use chlorides and they use super high power fluoride to crack the chemicals.
And for folks that don't know what cracking the chemicals are, why don't you explain?
Well, the thing is that they had to make it compatible for consumer use.
It cost some pennies to make, and they charge a tremendous amount of price for it.
The point is it's highly toxic.
They use deadly poison chemicals in the production of these detergents.
They're poisoning America with all these chemicals.
It's unbelievable.
I got all the facts and information.
I'll be happy to talk to anyone that calls me and give them that information, how detergents were created,
How they came from Nazi Germany and how it is now.
That's all there is on the marketplace.
Soap, real soap, is made from coconut oils and vegetable oils.
It doesn't hurt, harm, pollute, burn.
It's inexpensive.
It's the way to go.
It saves your clothing.
It makes your skin alive instead of itching and red and burning.
It doesn't deteriorate your clothing like these harsh alkaline chemicals.
Here's an example.
Back when I used to use regular soaps, and I still try to buy organic, but a lot of them are harsh because they have, you know, too much of the oils and things in them from the plants.
They're very mild, but also strong at the same time, triple concentrated.
Yours don't.
You know, used to I'd leave a little bit of soap under my arms, a little bit of soap between my legs, and after hours later,
Uh, I mean, remember having to go in the bathroom at work and splash some water under my arms because it would burn you.
If I leave, that doesn't happen anymore because I use Cal-Ben Pure Soap.
Well, Cal-Ben makes soap without perfumes.
Perfumes are toxic.
We use natural juices from oranges, from coconuts, from lemons.
To give it a little aroma, but it rinses out, it doesn't stay in the air or on your skin or in the towel.
Marty, give them the number before, because people want to get that number.
That's 1-800-340-7091.
Or you can see everything and read everything on the web at 5Starsoap.com.
5Starsoap.com or 1-800-340-7091.
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Thank you.
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Folks, I wouldn't steer you wrong.
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Been around since 1947.
That's now 60 years, Marty!
60 years old and still going and still cooking.
Our slogan here is, our business is going down the drain.
1-800-340-7091 or 5starsoap.com.
In closing, any other points you want to make, Marty?
I got a poem for you.
Oh good.
Get ready for my poem.
I always love them.
I think that I shall no more see upon my table a piece of brie, a brie that gently oozes taste, or burnt harmful to my waist, or any other kind of cheese, the sort that always me did please.
Six days a week, I'll eschew meat.
Shrimp and lobster will be a treat.
As for a dish of real ice cream,
I'll only see it in my dream.
Bland and greens will be my diet.
Otherwise, they say, I'm sure to die yet.
So to healthful foods, my knees I bend.
To survive to a healthy, tasteless end.
Marty, you are a real character.
You know, next time I'm out in California, up near the Bay Area, we've got to meet in person, because I feel like I know you so well just from talking to you over the phone.
Marty, we'll talk to you soon.
Alex Jones for President!
Take care, Marty.
Marty's a real character.
We have him on once a month, folks.
He's a great sponsor, and thank you for listening when he's on.
Okay, let me get into the serious news here.
Because it is extremely serious.
I don't even know what to say.
We've got Warren Cucurillo of Veranda Rant joining us now on 9-11 Truth.
I was blown away by how articulate he was talking to me backstage.
He was up in New York, played before the premiere of Loose Change.
Really a great honor to get to meet somebody like him.
He's going to be popping in to talk about 9-11 Truth, some of the new developments for about 30 minutes to the next hour.
And then I'm going to have open phones throughout the rest of the broadcast, the second half, because so many things are happening.
And when I look at the financial news, I want to make this clear, from more than a decade of studying, from intense research, this is the worst possible signs we could see.
And you know, back when other people were saying a year ago they're going to attack Iran on this date, I'd say no.
When they say they're going to attack Iran on that date, I'd say no.
Or they say the market's going to plunge on this date, I'd say stop putting dates on it!
I'm not saying they're going to attack Iran for sure, but the government is saying they're going to.
The criminals that run our society are saying that they're going to.
And let me just get into that now and I'll get back into the financial news, but it's both intertwined together.
France's warning of war with Iran, BBC, French Foreign Minister Bernard Cochner, says the world should prepare for war over Iran's nuclear program.
We have to prepare for the worst, and the worst is war.
Mr. Cochner said in an interview on French TV and radio.
He was speaking ahead of a visit to Russia on Monday, during which Iran is likely to feature prominently.
Iran's nuclear program will also be one of the main issues of the UN's nuclear watchdog annual conference starting in Vienna on Monday.
Iran denies it is trying to acquire nuclear weapons and says it only wants to build nuclear power to generate electricity for civilian purposes, but has repeatedly rejected U.N.
demands to give up its enrichment on uranium, which the U.S.
and other western states fear is being directed as a nuclear weapons project.
Mr. Kostner said that negotiations with Iran could continue right to the end, but that Iran's nuclear weapons would pose a real danger for the whole world.
We are not banning French companies from submitting.
We have advised them not to.
These are private companies.
He said a number of large French companies have been asked not to tender for business in Iran.
And it goes on to say that war could be on.
Now you dovetail that with
Federal Reserve, former Federal Reserve Chairman coming out and saying that Bush has destroyed the economy, that Bush overspent, that it's not the Federal Reserve's fault that all these subprime mortgages got signed and all these adjustable rate mortgages and all these loans to people with no credit.
Which then the rest of us are going to have to pay for now.
Because it makes the lending prices go up.
It is the Federal Reserve that runs this country, not the President.
It's the Federal Reserve that took over in 1913.
Alan Greenspan wrote two chapters for Ayn Rand's book in the late 1960s, Capitalism, The Unrealized Dream, where he talked about how wicked the Federal Reserve was and how it was private and how it was all a scam.
But he was a top economist and really causing them problems.
They just came and hired him.
And he is brilliant.
I mean, I can't believe we have to have debates with people about the Federal Reserve being private.
I've heard Neil Bortz say it isn't, and he won't discuss it, and Limbaugh will say it's a conspiracy.
Greenspan wrote a book about it!
I mean, it's public!
But that's what they do, they just lie about everything.
And, again, I'm going to say this, whenever you have Alan Greenspan come out,
Let me just find the exact quote instead of paraphrasing it.
Former Fed Chief of Tax Bush on fiscal role, Alan Greenspan, who was Chairman of the Federal Reserve for nearly two decades and a long-awaited memoir, is harshly critical of President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and the Republican-controlled Congress as abandoning their party's principles on spending and deficits.
The 500-page book, The Age of Turbulence, Adventures in the New World.
Again, this is the big guy.
He's a high-level gopher, high-level tactician of the New World Order, but actually he was in the driver's seat.
Very powerful.
Now trying to blame things on Bush, who took his orders.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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In 1814 we took a little trip along with Colonel Jackson down to mighty Mississippi.
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans.
We fired our guns and the British kept on coming.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they began to run it on down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.
Welcome back!
Mystery trader to collect on financial meltdown is the question as European stocks tumble.
Alan Greenspan comes out and criticizes Bush.
Also, Vicente Fox, I've got the quotes in his new book, says that he was the cockiest and most arrogant person he's ever met.
He went on to say that Bush couldn't speak good Spanish, made fun of him.
Again, everything is being dumped and blamed on Bush.
Everything is being blamed on Bush when he has been a true and faithful servant to the Antichrist World Peace System, the global crime syndicate.
He has done everything he was supposed to do.
He has executed it all.
He has carried the ball.
He's like a champion running back who makes five touchdowns in a game and runs for a thousand yards and they're saying he's horrible.
No, he's a completely wicked little evil demon and the larger demons above him are hanging him out to dry which is again a horrible sign because that means economic
That means toilet time for the economy.
That, not generally, in every other case where we've seen such a crucifixion, means they're going into hyperinflation, stagflation, where demand is dropping and there's not a lot of production at the same time you have incredible inflation.
Again, I rarely am flustered.
I don't even know what to get into here.
It says, former Fed chief attacks Bush on fiscal role.
And says that they spent too much when it was the banks clearly directing the spending and pumping the credit into the economy and then directing the federal government to then increase spending to try to take surplus cash back out of the economy.
That's how that works.
I'm not for this fiat system, but I understand the basics of how it works.
And there's another article here
Alan Greenspan claims Iraq war was really for oil, and then you read into it and it says, quote, Alan Greenspan told Bush that he needed to invade Iraq to secure oil supplies.
So here you have Greenspan saying he was giving Bush orders, which is true,
But then spending while they went in, yes it was about oil, but not to pump oil, to restrict oil for artificial scarcity to then jack up prices.
So see here on one hand Greenspan saying, Bush, I told him not to spend but he overspent.
And then on the other hand, you've got Greenspan admitting, this is an incredible admission here, that they told them to spend.
You understand the magnitude of that tolling to go into Iraq which caused massive death and destruction and 1.2 trillion so far.
That's what's been spent.
In commitments, they're talking about another $2 trillion over the next 30 years.
But already, in four and a half years of occupation, $1.2 trillion.
So, these are the very banker chieftains that orchestrated it all, now posing as the good guys and blaming scapegoats.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
He played with Frank Zappa, discovered by Frank Zappa.
He's one of the most successful songwriters of all time.
I love their music.
And of course, he is a 9-11 truther and very eloquent.
I had a chance to meet him.
I was like, yeah, great.
One of the top guys from Duran Duran is coming to play.
How nice of him to fly out from L.A.
to do it.
But then I got a chance to talk to him and I was just stunned by how informed and intelligent
I guess I shouldn't have been.
He's one of the, you know, very successful people out there.
One of the top songwriters, and of course musician in his own right, and Duran Duran and other bands.
He's going to be joining us, Warren Cucurillo, coming up in the next segment.
We're very honored to have him coming on with us.
In the meantime, France is saying they're getting ready for war.
Israel is saying that they're getting ready for war.
Banking shares have fallen across Europe.
I've been following across Europe as savers continue to withdraw money from the troubled British bank Northern Rock.
It's now spread to some other banks.
That's just huge news.
Greenspan is blaming Bush for everything now.
And here's the big news of the day I haven't even gotten to yet, the financial news, and I'll do that after our guest leaves us later in the hour.
Greenspan Euro gains as reserved choice.
That is high treason.
They know, Greenspan knows, it's all about a word.
The way he phrases something can rock a market, send them straight down, or send them bullishly straight up.
He's now sending out nothing but bare signals, saying the European stocks are going to go down further.
Meanwhile, you have record put options against them, very suspicious.
And he's saying the Euro is going to gain as the world reserve choice, and says it may replace the U.S.
The dollar already devalued over 50% against the pound, but we haven't felt the full effects of true inflation here.
If we feel those true effects, and the dollar goes down another 10-15 percent, it will be devastating.
Again, this news is all off the charts.
And we have Israel, the US, England, France, all saying get ready for war with Iran.
Now Israel admits that they bombed Syria.
There was not fuel oil tanks, the refueling tank they were dropping, 30 miles inside their airspace.
We are seeing
One thing, and that is escalation on every single front right now.
We need to have continual reporting, and we are at PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com on this front, but I need the Watsons to listen to my analysis of the last hour, add their own intelligent view of things.
Steve Watson, of course, has a PhD in political science.
He's really good at research.
So is Paul.
But we need to really get into the economics right now and paint the picture here that they're painting.
Show the picture they're painting.
With them openly talking about a war, just the whole world is teetering right now.
The financial system, the military system, it's all intertwined.
Every major analyst we've looked at, even neocons, admitted there's an attack on Iran, it will cause oil to go conservatively to $160 a barrel.
That was Paul Volcker, former Fed Chief, two weeks ago, three weeks ago.
Other analysts are saying the same thing.
They're talking about the possibility of $300 a barrel for oil.
If that happens, that is the equivalent of the thermal nuclear economic option.
If Iran fights back in any way, those running our country, it's not our government, so they will nuke Iran.
If Iran fights back in any way, it's going to be called terrorism.
They're talking about a between a two-week and three-month bombardment with as many as 10,000 Saudis.
That's each aircraft flying as many as five missions a day, bombing their entire infrastructure, roads, water treatment, power, colleges, knocking them back to the Stone Age, as they like to say it.
This is about knocking down a first world country to a third world status and augmenting energy, better blink, better back off.
But then, they're going to attack regardless.
When they had a moderate in there four years ago, they demonized him and got him kicked out.
That is, our government did.
And Achmed Dineshad is very, very suspicious, ladies and gentlemen.
We're on Cucarillo, on the other side, an absolutely amazing individual and a powerful voice for 9-11 Truth.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
I'm Alex Jones.
Chemical attacks, dirty bombs, fallout, biological attack, anthrax, and to top it all off, duct tape and plastic.
Alarming words for our time, but how do you protect your family during such a crisis?
The video sheltering in place surviving acts of terrorism from biological, chemical, and radioactive fallout was developed by Wayne
We're good to go.
Get the critical information you need now for only $29 plus shipping by calling New Millennium at 888-803-4438.
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That's 888-803-4438.
Or order on the web at murkywater.com.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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That's 1-800-894-5152.
Big Brother.
Call 1-800-894-5152.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, he is the writer of not one of my favorite songs, but a whole bunch of songs that are in my top ten.
Like, Come Undone, he was discovered by Frank Zappa, who only let the Criminal Accrim into his van.
And then of course he joined Duran Duran, and if I tried to go over his whole bio, we would be here all day.
You wouldn't get a chance to hear from him, but he's Warren Cucurillo, and I had been arrested Saturday.
Sunday had the endgame premiere.
I was exhausted.
It was Monday night, loose change premiere, and I'm just going there and collapsed in this room.
And there's this fella, I've seen pictures of him, I didn't recognize him with a hat on.
He was just jumping around about 9-11 and saying all these really interesting things and making all these great points.
And I was like, man, who is this guy?
I've got to start taking notes, because that's what I do.
I mean, I just basically co-opt everything I think is interesting and good points.
And then I went, oh my gosh, it's the guy from Duran Duran.
I'm a big fan.
Then I went out and saw him play.
He flew his whole band out there for the first responders, free of charge, the plane tickets, everything.
He played some great songs, and the sacrifice, I mean, standing up publicly for 9-11 Truth, getting involved, getting in people's face, taking action.
These are my heroes.
People like Charlie Sheen, who was the first big star to go public, and Christina Ebersole, and so many others, but he is the biggest guy from rock and roll land to go public.
We've had Muse, of course, speak out.
They were just here in Austin last night.
But the New World Order is in trouble.
I'm told they have the ACL Fest.
I didn't go to it.
Alex, I'm absolutely honored, man.
This is the work that needs to be done.
This is the stuff that's going to make America great again.
This is it.
What I hit you with the other night, what I hit you with the other night was, if you're not seeing the Nazis that are taking over this country, you might as well be not seeing right along with them.
You know, how does Prescott Bush become a senator after getting busted by J. Edgar Hoover for sponsoring Hitler?
I don't understand how these things happen.
That's why we need to go back in history to understand what's going on right now.
Well, just out of the gates, in your speech and in our private discussion, you went through the analogy of the Catholic priest, the supposed most trusted group.
You're right.
Can you walk through that?
Well, yeah.
I have a big problem with people not being able to accept that their government, which has got all of these top secret clearance things that are hidden from us,
Can do something wrong when we can accept the secrets and authority problem we had with the Catholic priests?
Because those are people that, if we didn't investigate it, you would think that that could never happen from someone like that, because they have the trust of us, you know?
What about with child abuse?
How many times is it the parent or the uncle?
And we find out.
Same thing with, uh, when kids go missing.
One day, the mother's on Oprah.
The following Tuesday, she's in prison because she was the doer.
So, and Alex, I go one step further.
Me and you, we were both burnt out in New York.
I came home, I flew home sick.
That evening, I got attacked by my fiancé of five years.
This is not a joke.
I got attacked on September 11th by my fiancé.
Inside job, okay?
I woke up the next day with a black eye and I told her she had to move out.
And I love her with all my heart.
And so this has all been going on in the last few days.
But you see, there's people close to you, they can really do awful things.
Well that's why police first look at inside job, because about half the time, and I even took some criminology classes when I was in college, that's one-on-one.
About half the time, on average, it varies depending on the type of crime, it's an inside job, and then you add the point of secrecy plus authority, you add those together, you get Caligula marrying his horse.
I mean, you get corruption every time.
That is it, and we don't learn from our, we don't learn our lessons.
I mean, presidents, past presidents over the last hundred years have warned us about the same things.
Nobody was listening.
Nobody paid attention.
We pay tax.
We pay tax, but we don't pay attention.
And guys like you, Alex, you know, the watchdogs and the whistleblowers, Kay Griggs, Sabelle Edmonds, these people are the ones who should be on the major media networks telling what is going on.
Not being gagged, not being threatened by secret, uh, you know, military factions, you know, that are doing... This is crazy, man!
If there is something that is so terrible going on in this world that our government feels that they need to blow up our own citizens in the World Trade Center to protect us from something even more evil, well then tell us what it is!
I was on an airplane back to Austin and there was an airline pilot flying back to Austin sitting next to me.
I talked to him for four hours and he was reading a history book about the Greeks and the invasion by the folks who are in Iran today, the Persians.
And he just said, we've got to become the devil to fight them.
We've got to do these evil things.
We've got to... I mean, he's really sold on the unjustifies the means.
But the truth is, the people running our country could care less about this nation.
They're only launching these wars for their own power.
Yeah, it's not about America.
And then, you know, I've been woken up to that.
And it's pretty shocking.
It's a very hard thing to swallow.
What woke you up to 9-11?
Um, after the 7-7 bombings in London, a Brazilian kid got shot on the subway, you know, like a, took, taken out like a Mossad hit, you know, eight shots to the head.
Well, I, I, you know, I lived in London for many years when I was in Duran Duran, and I also have a house in Rio and a stepson, so he used to come visit me a lot, my Brazilian boy, right?
So, of course I was interested in the Menzies case, and I, and I started reading about it, and, uh, clicking around, I found
An article, I think it was by one of your guys from the UK, Watson.
Yeah, Prison1.com.
He was talking about the drills that were going on.
So I clicked on it, and it was a video, and I saw a guy from Vizor Security sitting there talking about drills that were going on.
This was on the day.
This was on 7-7.
He was talking to Channel 5 and Channel 4 in the UK.
He says that there was drills going on based on the exact same circumstance in the exact same stations and buses at the exact same time.
So I just say, MI6, MI5, and that was that.
Didn't think about 9-11.
You know?
The problem with 9-11, Alex, to me, it's like a three-phase process.
Number one, it's a blockage.
It's a serious pain.
We were shocked and awed.
You say 9-11 to somebody, they don't even want to hear about it because they feel like, you know, the country's safer now, we're being protected, you know, and it's just that kind of, you know, they're in this little cocoon of false security.
Then the second step is the Santa Claus syndrome.
You know, where your trust is broken.
You know, the first time you find out there's no Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus, the person who told you that that person did exist was the one that you loved the most and supposedly loves you the most, your father or mother.
You know, so you learn how to swallow when you find out about Santa Claus Syndrome.
That's when you learn how to swallow.
Then, after that,
You have to be able to admit being made a total asshole.
That's why people like Burma and John Stewart, itty bitty teeny weeny little Johnny Stewart, really piss me off.
Because they like to make jokes.
They even dissed 9-11 Truth, which is the core issue of saving the world.
If we don't expose it, there's going to be more attacks.
We're in a race to expose murderers, but also to stop more attacks.
Yeah, of course.
Well, look how great, what a great job those people up in Portland did, you know, when they find out about those drills that are going on.
I mean, when I found out about the drills, Alex, I made a call to CNN, to Jack Cassidy, and to Lou Dobbs, because those are the only two guys I would think that even pay attention.
But I'm saying, and I did leave a message, but I never got through to the producer that I needed to speak to.
It's like, I want to know, as a Venice, California resident, when there's going to be drills in my neighborhood, so I can book my holidays accordingly.
For those that don't know, there were also drills on 9-11 of flying hijacked jets into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, among other targets, the exact same time it was really happening.
They do these drills to cover up the op, in case good elements of the government find out what the other bad compartmentalized groups are doing.
That's why these drills are so important.
Yeah, but now that we know the method...
You know, people are pointing fingers.
We're all like the kids at the party who know that the magician is doing something with his left hand, and we're pointing, and the other kids are still, you know, hypnotized.
We've seen the trick, and we've seen the trick a hundred times, and we're just trying to tell the general public that hasn't seen the scam yet that, hey, it's the assistant.
Yeah, man, well, people like you and Bill Cooper and Myron Kagan, man, you know, it goes on and on, and it goes back a few decades.
Talking about this, I think, you know, we're living in the alternate universe, because David Icke and Joe McCarthy were actually right on!
Well, Joe was right, but see, once he found out that communism was a front, and once he discovered that it had been created by our military, which the media laughs at, and controlled by our government, now declassified, that they put now everybody in, that's when they went after him.
When he was just persecuting some little leftists who were just front people, it was okay, and setting up a police state.
But when he found out the bigger picture, bye-bye, Joe.
Yeah, well, the media can bury you, boy.
They spun it in just a way that it just made him look like a complete fool.
And I was only one year old, so what do I know?
That was around May, believe it or not, this year.
Because I did have that.
I don't mind being made a fool of.
Santa Claus Syndrome?
Well, I can handle it.
It was the first step that was the big one for me.
The pain.
The emotional, physical, spiritual pain.
We're good to go.
Um, living in London all those years ago, I was dealing with terror attacks, you know, with the IRA.
Now, I look at it and go, how much of it was engineered?
Oh, we've interviewed the commandos, and they said that at the higher levels of IRA, there was nothing but British intelligence.
Yeah, totally.
See, that makes sense.
I mean, once you wake up, it becomes so easy to read the fake news.
You know, you could read around the fake news, and then you just go to the net and find out what the real journalists are talking about.
Warren Cuccarello is our guest.
He was with Frank Zappa, of course, the core member in Duran Duran, many of their top songs.
He's our guest.
We're honored to have him.
Quick break, and we'll be right back.
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And blow me away!
Warren Cuccariello wrote that one.
Along with many other number one super hits.
And now he stands up strong for 9-11 Truth and brought his band Everything to New York City.
Just to play three songs for 9-11 Truth and the first responders.
And I'm told that quite a bit of money did get raised for the firemen and police and other emergency responders.
And while I was there, more and more firemen and emergency workers and EMTs went public with the 22nd countdown that they witnessed to blow up Building 7.
And they can kill people like myself, they can demonize us, but they're not going to be able to stop us all, thanks to the courage of people like Warren.
And, bottom line, at least in the history books, and in the court of public opinion, the New World Order is getting the blame for the attacks they carried out.
The majority of Americans in major polls now know the truth.
Warren, that is exciting.
I mean, does that make you burn with excitement and just righteous satisfaction to know that these murderers, these arrogant bastards, are now beginning to be exposed?
Oh, they, yeah, they're on the run.
They definitely know they're on the run.
They know what's going on.
Come on, you can't be as vocal as you are, Alex, and you can't see people wearing those Investigate 9-11 shirts.
We are the ones in the know.
And so the perpetrators, come on, who are they going to fear the most?
So they know the jig is up, like I said before with the drills, when we're pointing to drills in different cities.
We say, we know your methods, we know who's doing it.
It's not Alibaba and the 40 boogeymen.
You know?
I'm stealing that!
Alibaba and the 40 boogeymen!
Where do you come up with these?
They're your children, Alex.
Are we going to be known, is this civilization, this present day civilization, going to be known as the one with the shortest attention span?
Rabid consumers.
Men on penis pills.
And women shooting plastic and botulism into their faces.
No, I think we're going to go down, thanks to people like you and Dylan Avery and Webster Tarpley, as the most informed civilization.
And we'll get out of this rabid consumerism and this sticking our heads up our own poop chutes constantly.
It's not about individual gain.
It's not about success.
It's about, when you see something like this going on, it's about getting together.
We do need a new 9-11, Alex.
A new 9-11 investigation!
What did you think when you saw Senators, and former Senators, and Republican Party Chairman of major states, and top Republican Party writers in syndicated columns saying 9-11 was good, we need more of them?
I wanted to just ring next.
That's what I mean, the Stuhl-Bykovsky thing.
I said, yeah, we need a new 9-11 investigation.
That's the only word that was missing.
That's the only word that was missing.
Why are they so arrogant, Warren?
I think they can just openly flaunt.
Because they enjoy participating in a racist war.
They like having somebody to point the finger at.
There's the bad guy.
I call it Ali Baba and the 40 Boogeymen.
You know, they want to point at somebody.
They've got it, you know.
It's too painful.
Nobody, no one would ever do that to their own people.
There's the bad guys there.
We know.
We've got the proof.
Look what this, this and this here.
Fake evidence, fake evidence, fake evidence.
God, there's so many individual little Columbo's out there doing all the research.
They were doing it back in 01 right after it happened.
People like Terry Mason and, you know, all these people doing tons of investigating.
This has never happened before in history, Alex.
The first time this has ever happened.
Well, I agree with something you just said.
It made me really realize something that had been hidden in plain view all along.
We did become decadent.
We did become dumbed down and maniac, mindless, petty consumers.
And then it got so over the top, the establishment thought they could pull something this big that makes the Kennedy assassination look tame in how obvious it was.
And now it's triggering a reawakening to a point we've never seen.
I mean, this is explosive.
Yes, we're breaking through that whole mirage and we're just shattering it.
So we will go down in history if there are history books, Alex, because these guys have enough power to blow up Earth.
The Empire's on the run.
We're on the march.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Do you need more than just the constant news of impending tyranny?
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Well, he needs to become a regular if he'll grace us with that much time made for radio.
Warren Cucurillo.
If you go to MySpace, MySpace forward slash Warren Cucurillo, you can check out his MySpace page.
I'm going to get a link to that up on InfoWars.com right now.
Cucurillo spelled C-U-C-C-U-R-U-L-L-O.
And again, we are honored to have the famous guitarist and songwriter on with us right now.
You ought to hear the discussions during the breaks, folks.
We were talking about Aaron Russo's passing over to the other side, about Luke Rudowsky, you were saying his face someday ought to be on the money.
Talk about what those individuals, both living and gone, mean to you, Warren.
Well, you know, since my heart is in New York, I'm a Brooklyn guy.
I went to We Are Change's site a while ago, a few months ago, and I saw one of the guys was from Canossi, where I come from, so I actually called him and told him that I'd been contributing to them.
You know, I'd been giving them a hundred here, a hundred there, buy videotapes, you know.
They inspired me so much.
I saw a videotape of Luke Rutkowski.
Confronting some CFR scum and then being chased by CIA down the street, still filming, got on the train, took off his shirt and had a Fuck the Federal Reserve shirt on.
I couldn't believe this kid.
I was crying and applauding this kid.
And he's like 21 years old.
Well, he's been doing it since he was 16, and the cops beat him up, and he saw my film, Martial Law, and to see him, you know, take that advice I gave to don't be a follower of Alex Jones or Warren Cuccarillo, be a leader yourself.
Go out there and take action.
You haven't seen the newest video where they confronted Bill Clinton.
This should be out today or tomorrow.
It's absolute dynamite.
I mean, the stuff that hasn't been seen, they've been shooting so much of it, but it's an example of how they're getting in their faces.
Did you see the video where they cornered the mayor for 20 minutes on the train?
And the mayor didn't say a word.
What a man!
What a man!
These kids are incredible, man.
I told, when I finally had the pleasure of giving Luke a hug the other day in New York, I said, what do your parents think of you?
And he goes, they hate me.
I said, well, anytime
They want to speak to me.
Please have them call me, because I believe that the way they raised that kid is... Don't forget it.
I told them, write down whatever your parents did to you, because that's the way you should raise your kids, because you are the model of a free-thinking, strong individual.
The kid is... He's like the... They called him... I called him Gandhi.
Somebody called him the Polish Gandhi.
You know, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Alex, are the models for this movement.
You know, Martin Luther King was a great man.
He was a great preacher, but if he didn't get out on the street,
Nothing would have changed.
You know?
And there's nothing more important than truth and truth.
Well they also wouldn't let them demonstrate Gandhi or King and it was those arrests and being beat up that really turned the tide against them.
That's why it was so dumb for the cops to arrest me.
Oh, that was ridiculous.
We're good to go.
Oh, really?
I mean, everything he says is like cockamamie this, cockamamie that.
You watch Sean Hannity, they're using the same word.
It's like they, you know, it's like they got some MKUltra guys going, use the word cockamamie.
You know, connect cockamamie to conspiracy theorists.
I'm blocking!
Let's settle down a bit.
I understand you're very upset, but I don't want people to get mad at us out there.
I understand you're mad, and that's all part of the conditioning too.
People can watch Ultimate Fighting where two guys beat each other to death, but then a word that isn't High King's English is bad.
I understand, but let's be careful because I don't want to have to censor anybody.
No, no.
Flock, flock.
Flocking the flock.
We cannot be the flock.
We are not the sheep.
Yes, you're talking about flocks there.
We're not the seagulls either.
The flock of seagulls.
Alex, you woke me up before I go-go'd.
Oh man.
Warren, I want to get in there.
We had a gay bathroom sex.
We had to bring up a George Michael reference, didn't we?
Well, why do you think... Oh, by the way, look, I'm not judging her, but the point is, they had a porn star as their, quote, doctor up there, while he's saying, we're perverts.
And then, meanwhile, Fox News experts are, well, take Jeff Gannon, the gay porn star, was their reporter.
There for the White House, then Bush is seen kissing him and hugging him.
I mean, it literally never ends.
But getting serious for a moment, Warren, what did you think of Aaron Russo's work?
Well, Aaron's passing is actually the reason why my physical body was in New York, because he was amazing.
First of all, I felt like I knew him when I watched his interviews with you.
He just had that kind of thing.
He was like, I'm a Brooklyn guy.
He just reminded me of somebody I would have been either friends with when I was a kid or worked with in the business later on in life.
Unfortunately, he passed away.
I didn't even know he was sick until about a month before he passed.
Thank you.
The guy, he sets it straight.
He puts it right out there.
You gotta love him.
I watched a few of his lectures as well in some of the bookstores.
I've been watching a lot of lectures.
And I fell in love with the guy.
He's just so right on it.
So when he died, I bought a plane ticket immediately because I'd been talking to Luke and Danny from We Are Change about sending you guys a video.
Just, you know, putting a few things down.
Saying how much I support 9-11 Truth and how important it is.
Instead, I just booked my flight, you know, and said, I'm going to come, I'm going to bring a band, I'm going to play some songs, I'll play you some of my best stuff, you know.
I had to.
And I thought, if that happened to me because of Aaron passing, how many thousands of others are also going to stand up for the rest of their lives?
Because once you stand up for this truth, it's forever.
Because it has to be sorted out.
There has to be prosecution.
There has to be no further false flag terror attacks.
In your crystal ball, Warren Cuccariello of Duran Duran and of course Frank Zappa's band and many others.
It's in person.
Where do you see all this going in the future?
You have already, depending on the poll, between 55 and 82 percent of Americans believe they've been lied to or that it's an inside job.
Where are they going to go from here now that both parties are for the first time in the single or double digits, 15, 12 percent?
It seems like the whole facade is beginning to come down.
It is, but, you know, until I see you or Webster Tarpley sitting down with Wolf Blitzer, you know, I don't think it's there, you know what I mean?
It's like, I don't want to see Webster Tarpley getting his head chopped off when he's trying to make a point, a very, very important point that will change the course of history.
I don't want to, you know, so until we get that form,
You know, and I know how big the C-SPAN thing was.
We need more of those things.
You know, but, you know, I want to try and do it in the comedy clubs, my friend, you know?
I think people have to be woken up, and they have to unite.
And until they start seeing it on what they consider to be television, okay?
Until they start seeing it there, I don't think it's gonna... Look, right now we're seeing a slow, controlled demolition of the myth of 9-11.
We need the thermite right now.
Alright, we've already took out their basement.
We took out their basement.
We need to kick it into high gear.
They're coming down.
So, Anderson Cooper, keeping their honest.
I think not, Anderson.
By the way, it's come out that Anderson Cooper was CIA.
Come on, his middle initial is Irving!
AIC, CIA, whatever.
Well, I agree with you that the myth is imploding.
My concern is they're trying to launch a war with Iran.
They're trying to implode the economy right now.
Yeah, because they have that power.
It's Michael Tesarian, who is a brilliant, brilliant lecturer.
Michael Tesarian says it's their real-time snuff reality show.
So Alex, you took the bullhorn against that behemoth.
And that is an amazing thing to do.
And yes, and now there are people all over the world, thanks to Loose Change and all these other films, the Eric R. Hoppschmidt film, all these books and films, people are waking up all over the world.
But who is going to come to our aid but the American people themselves?
Well, you mentioned the mainstream media.
There, literally, newspaper circulation is down by close to 60% in the last decade.
TV ratings are plummeting.
Fox has lost over a third of their audience.
Rush Limbaugh was rated number 1,000 on the web.
He's now at 18,000.
Prison Planet is at like 9,000.
10,000 places bigger than rushlimbaugh.com right now, and there are thousands of sites like mine.
I'm nobody in this, and so we are starting to get critical mass here, and I always said we have to expose government-sponsored terror.
They're going to do it over and over again.
We've now taken that tool away from them.
We've now broken that tool in front of their faces, as Tarpley likes to say, or as I said, we have to inoculate the public to false flag terror so they understand the paradigm and shatter
Well, like Webster Tarpley says, I think the truth squads are essential.
I think this year's election, being in the faces of these people, I can't wait to see the Bill Clinton confrontation when we are changed.
But all those kind of things are very important.
I think we need C-SPAN support big time.
I think C-SPAN is the in, uh, you know, it's the closest it's gonna get to getting on, you know, CNN.
Which I will CNN-emy.
CBS, I say.
If you're CBS, it might as well, as you're sure, it must be BBS.
It must be BBS, that's it.
CBS, it must be BBS.
You know, on SNBC.
William Rodriguez, of course, the head janitor who reported the bombs going off before planes even hit, now got his supervisor and one of the other janitors to go on record and say that bombs were going off before the planes even hit.
So again, we're starting to see that exponential people come across and wake up.
We're starting to see the whistleblowers have the courage, and as more people step across and have courage, it is exponential.
Well, that's what it is, Alex.
I'm sure a lot of firefighters were told to be quiet, and in a very strong way, you know, by superiors and things like that.
We were talking a few minutes ago, I'm wondering how, and I've taken a step myself, I cancelled my cable completely, how do we boycott, let's talk about that, that I see as something, don't want to support any of these companies, you know?
So how do we organize really, really, you know, precise boycotts?
What's products to avoid buying?
You know, it makes it pretty hard to buy gasoline, but you know what I'm saying, you know?
Boycotts... Number one, turn off your television.
No, I agree.
What do you want to pay somebody like the History Channel to lie to you over and over and over?
I mean, that show that I saw on 9-11, I almost broke my television.
And then you called and cancelled your cable because of that?
And I told the cable operator why I was cancelling.
The next day.
They wouldn't allow me just to cancel the History Channel because I wanted to make a point.
Once he said that, I just said, well, then cancel the lot.
Well, I know this, when I quit watching television, and it's been about six years now, I still watch clips of it on the web and analyze it, but I don't sit down and watch, you know, television.
Hey, here, I mean, you analyze it, absolutely.
Exactly, or I'll rent a DVD if I want to watch a film with my wife.
I don't, I mean, I have so much more time, and the television, all the studies, how it mesmerizes you, puts you in a dream state, highly suggestible.
I mean, that's where it starts.
Get off the television, start... I mean, the big thing is we like graze like sheep, but instead of going out and grazing grass, we do.
When we're bored, oh, it's a Sunday afternoon, I'll go buy some junk, and then literally it just sits around your kitchen table, and then you spend an hour unpackaging it, and then you throw it away a month later.
I mean, it is just getting back to being a healthy culture.
I'm not saying buying things are bad, but when you have a compulsion to just go buy junk or the newest trinket, it's a serious problem.
Well, if you're on Prozac as well and ignoring everything that people are telling you about 9-11 truth, it becomes very scary, Alex.
We've got, what, 22?
Yeah, I have an interesting one for you.
This blew my mind.
I was with a very dear friend a couple of days ago I haven't seen for a few years.
And really smart as well.
And we're talking and I said something about the plane at the Pentagon.
Like, you know, they only released five frames and there's obviously nothing there, you know.
And he went, oh, no, no, no.
He said, oh, no, no.
There's a plane.
They got the plane.
You know, they got the pictures.
I said, no, no, no.
They released five still frames where all you can see is an explosion.
And there's no way there was a plane there.
I told him, you know.
He said, no, no, no.
And he's looking at me.
This is a smart guy.
And you know the look in somebody's eyes when they're convinced?
When they're convinced that they're right and they're just telling you something?
Yeah, they're really right.
He's in that state!
Now, I'm thinking either this guy has got, like, mega-level top security clearance that nobody I've ever heard of is to this point in time has had, or he's just so... He might have heard, like, little bits from people around, and he just put it in his head that, I have got the information, and this is what it is.
I was shocked.
I mean, I'm a guy who's done thousands of hours of research.
So to hear it from somebody who obviously hasn't even looked at anything yet, to come out with a statement like that so strongly, he wasn't arrogant or anything, he was just like, you know, he just was convinced of it, you can see it in his face, in his body language.
And I'm like, damn!
Then, the same day, I'm in a little shop on one of the streets I live near here,
Uh, and I'm talking to a woman in there, and, um, you know, I'm hitting her with a little thing, and I said something about the vaporized... How would a scientist... I mean, wouldn't a scientist be baffled by DNA retrieval from a vaporized airplane at a crash site?
Or from a vaporized airplane.
But before that, she said, oh no, airplanes vaporize.
I saw one go into a brick wall and then it vaporizes.
Now Alex, I typed in vaporized airplane, brick wall, everywhere you could on the internet today.
I never saw that.
I did see a plane that went into the side of a mountain that we all remember.
And you can see everything.
Way in there, the luggage, the bodies, the this, the wings, the motor, everything.
So, we are not that stupid.
But there's people talking like they've got complete knowledge
Like they've done a million hours research and they've seen the secret documents!
But they haven't!
Alex, on their side, on the myth side, all they've got is a hole with some rubber in it.
That's their end of it.
And we've got TOWERS of evidence!
When Bill O'Reilly's going, can you just show me one little, one bit of evidence?
You guys are cockamamie, crazy kooks.
And then he never lets you present it.
I mean, please!
Stephen Jones will give him some evidence.
But look at the videotape!
Alex, I was thinking this morning, I'm going,
You know, I haven't seen a controlled demolition for a while, but I bet they're using the new method that only takes six hours, just light a few strategically placed fires under the steel beams, and the building miraculously comes out into its footprint in 6.2 seconds!
Why spend weeks putting explosives all over the building, making calculations, getting the triggers right, doing this, doing that?
Why spend weeks when you can just spend a few hours lighting a couple of fires, and you can bring down a 47-story building in six seconds?
There must be this method being used.
Don't you think, Alex?
I'm convinced, yeah.
There's a new way to demolish buildings.
I hadn't thought of it from that way.
Oh, but you have to, because that's what I try to tell people.
Wouldn't they do it that way?
If it only took six hours to bring a building down, why spend three, four weeks?
Another fabulous point.
Warren Cuccarello, let's do one more segment.
A final segment after this quick break.
I'm Alex Jones, talking to the songwriter and guitarist from Duran Duran.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You've got to admire the passion,
The courage and also the wit of Warren Cuccarillo.
Played for some of the biggest rock bands out there and written some of the biggest hit songs ever.
A whole string of them.
He's one of the top songwriters out there.
And I'm just honored to get a chance to know him.
Like I said, he was
Bounced it off the walls right before he went and played his sets there, and then I was just sitting there in a slump position after shaking a couple thousand hands and being arrested and bullhorning.
And it's just great to be able to have him on with us into this final segment.
Next hour I'm getting into the war news and the economic news.
Very, very serious.
And, of course, your phone calls.
Warren, in the few minutes we've got left here, I was thanking you for coming on.
You said, hey, we're all in the same army together.
And you know, that's really what it comes down to.
This is not a time to sit on the fence.
This is not a time for half measures.
It's not a time to procrastinate.
I don't care if you're a police chief, or if you're a school teacher, or if you're a judge, or if you're an auto mechanic, or you're in the military.
I don't care if you're a defense analyst at the Defense Department, or RAND Corporation.
You know things are going in the wrong direction.
You know some very evil people are in control.
And the big question is here, how do we slow them down and turn this around, Warren?
Well, we know, a lot of us in the Truth Movement, we all know what happened on 9-11.
But, all of America, all of America knows what happened about Iraq.
We know about there were no weapons of mass destruction.
We know about all the lies throughout this regime.
Everybody is aware of all the lies except for the lie of 9-11.
So, I think that's it.
You know, if they just see what's happening with Iran,
They know, but it's the same story.
It's the same story.
So why do they not wake up and say, they are lying all the time, this is an evil regime, and it needs to be uprooted?
Iran is the proof, because they had the plan to go in there long ago.
This has all been a big game.
Warren, let me ask you a question.
You're a big rock star, some of the biggest bands out there in history.
You've seen a lot of wild things, I would just venture a guess, but knowing about Bohemian Grove, knowing about Stone and Bones, knowing about the sick stuff these guys are into, does that still blow you away?
What blows me away, Alex, is that I didn't find out about Bohemian Grove until I was almost 51.
Okay, and I didn't find out about skull and bones and cap and gown until I was almost 51.
Secrets, man!
There cannot be secrets and government secrets and authority.
If people like myself, a guy who was completely in the dark to any of this stuff, looks and sees how these guys are groomed from young ages,
And they've brought through in these schools, in these secret societies, within the school, their grandfathers, their fathers, etc., etc.
All these people are groomed for positions as CEOs, as heads of the CIA, CIA-thing.
It's like these guys are the running, they're senators, they're congressmen, all from the same two little secret clubs, you know?
Come on!
What's going on?
Mr. Smith is not going to Washington anymore.
You know?
He's got to go to the Secret Society, lay in the coffin, do all kinds of weird things, you know?
It's rituals!
These guys, it's like ancient ritual stuff.
We don't want our politicians doing that!
I feel bad that we elect people who are like oil barons and weapons dealers!
I mean, how stupid are we?
Absolutely amazing.
Warren Cuccarello, I want to tell you that I apologize that my system here that was so hard for you to get in touch with us.
I want to thank you that we called you, that you came on.
I'm a member.
I joined you guys, man.
I want to support everybody who's doing the work for the truth.
Nothing more important.
There isn't, and thank you for all that you've added, and I want to get you on the show every month or so for all of your wit and insight.
We are brothers in arms in this fight, and just God bless you, my friend.
Thank you for coming to New York to support the first responders.
Again, I salute you.
It was my pleasure, and I salute all of you, man.
Let's organize.
Let's unite.
Let's be real Americans.
Either we fight back or the Nazis, as you said, take over.
That's it.
Operation... what was it?
Operation Endgame?
We gotta defeat the Nazis?
What was the Nazi one?
No, no.
Operation Paperclip.
You know, you start giving people Google words, you know?
Type in Operation Paperclip.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
News was just here in town last night, spouting off about 9-11 Truth, I'm told.
One of the top ten bands in the country right now.
You just heard one of the main songwriters and the guitarist for Duran Duran and other big bands speaking out.
I'm told there were InfoWars.com and Ron Paul stickers for stewing everything at ACL Fest with over 100,000 people at it over the weekend here in Austin.
I mean, it's just all around us.
The people are waking up.
And it is intensely satisfying to know that I myself have
Thanks to you spreading the word in the last 12 years.
I mean, he woke up seeing our coverage of 7-7.
Warren Cuccarello, Luke Radowski woke up from my meager work.
Countless others that I've talked to have said, you woke me up.
Charlie Sheen got woken up through our work.
So many others.
I can't say Mel Gibson did.
He knew about the New World Order when I was in diapers.
But so many people who's gone public now saying a new world order runs things and the same people that carried out the JFK assassination are still running things today and has now turned away from his neocon ways.
Bruce Willis.
I never intended that for him to even come out on air because I hadn't been given authorization to talk about it and I haven't told the whole story.
But you heard last year, no was it this year, Rick Linklater spill his guts about it then it came out in Vanity Fair.
Keanu Reeves, Woody Harrelson,
And then I could tell you a lot of other names you know, but that I've never talked about.
So we'll just keep that a secret for now.
But they're only an indicator.
They're only an indicator of what the general public's doing and how many people are waking up there and how many people are taking action.
Also, a lot of people bug stars and rock stars and try to get them to go public.
That's not the way to get them to go public.
I just, if they want to come on this show, and they asked to come on this show, they are welcome to come on here and we're honored to have them.
Because people pay attention in this country to what celebrities say.
Plus, celebrities tend to be pretty smart and pretty interesting people.
That's why they got that little sparkle in their eye.
That's why they are stars.
They're talented people.
But all the physicists and the airline pilots and the architects and the engineers,
And the demolitions experts that are going public about 9-11.
The fraud has been exposed.
I'll tell the terrorists, and I know, listen to this show.
The people report back to the terrorists inside our criminal government.
Don't stage any more terror attacks, okay?
This isn't the 60's anymore when you can bomb stuff and blame it on the liberals, or bomb it and blame it on conservatives, or bomb things and blame it on anti-abortion demonstrators.
This isn't 2001 where you can have big spectacular Hollywood
Events, snuff films, in the real world where you kill 3,000 people.
And then lead to a war that's killed 15,000 troops, not 4,000.
They don't count you dead if you die outside the country.
Being flown out.
Okay, here's the deal.
I'm going to take calls the next segment.
And then I'm going to continue to get into all the news.
I haven't... The top story here is
Euro gains as reserve choice.
Greenspan says the dollar looks like it's going to be replaced with the euro.
Him making that announcement is an attempt to kill the dollar.
It makes me very angry.
He's also come out and announced European stocks would plunge today, yesterday, to do that on purpose.
So I guess whoever's placing these put options, that's where they need to go look.
Why aren't we hearing about an investigation about that?
A congressman called for it.
He was on the Banking and Housing Committee and then he fell down a flight of stairs and died.
Two and a half weeks ago.
Three weeks ago.
When he died on September 7th.
I mean there's a lot of really really suspicious things going on right now and I've never seen things so tumultuous as they are.
I specifically want to hear from you about England and France and Israel saying the war on Iran looks like it's on.
I specifically want to hear about Greenspan trying to claim Bush was running everything, trying to blame him for everything right now, showing they may go ahead and plunge things.
They're positioning themselves as saviors and good guys and trying to shelter themselves from blame.
We're going straight to your calls on the other side of this quick break.
The War on Terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas or will it affect us here at home?
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It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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It'll take a little time Might take a little cry To come undone Now we'll try To stay blind To the hope and fear outside Hey child Stay wilder than the wind And blow me
Who watches the government?
Who watches the watchers?
Who enforces against those that would rule over us?
Now look at this story.
It's all over the web.
Remember the young man?
We posted on Prison Planet last week.
The police constantly pull over the young people in St.
So we videotaped the cops.
They posted on the Cop Talk website that they wanted to kill him.
And then since then they've been on the site defending it.
Saying, oh yeah!
You see, when police start openly talking about how they want to murder people for their First Amendment, we know that we have a serious problem in this society.
I want to be friends with the police.
I want you to be good, honorable men and women.
But when tyranny comes, we must resist it.
When you start thinking you're God and we are your slaves, you've got a major problem.
Government gets out of control throughout history.
It's the norm, not the exception.
And now we face that.
All right, let's go to your calls.
Glenn in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
I'm told you disagree, front of the line.
Hi Alex, how you doing?
I'm a Prison Planet subscriber.
I want to thank you for the great work you're doing and the people that you've inspired, the great work they're doing.
But I really got to disagree with you in that I think it is too late for just waking people up to make a difference.
These evil
SOB's who run things are going to do what they want to do no matter what.
My advice to your listeners is go out get yourself a nice cheap rifle and two hundred rounds of ammo.
Spend that first hundred rounds of ammo learning how that rifle shoots.
The next hundred rounds use that when the time comes and don't worry about only having a hundred rounds because when that ammo is gone you will either have one of the enemy's weapons or you'll be dead.
Get you some food, get you some water, take care of your family, but know that it's going to come back
It's going to get real bad real soon.
Well, when they picked up Terry Melton, who's making a film about the Browns, and who has just been neutral and everything, and they said, we're going to rape you.
And I interviewed him Sunday.
They said, we're going to rape you.
We're going to track you down for 15 years.
We did it.
We've now got the marshals names.
We're double confirming them right now.
It does look like that it is some of the marshals involved in Ruby Ridge.
One of the marshals did do security, it looks like, at Abu Ghraib.
Again, where do you expect to hear cops saying, don't ever tell anybody about this or I'm going to rape you?
Terry told me off air what he actually said, I can't say it on air, but he said, I'm going to really hurt you, I'm going to rape your
I mean, I can't say it, folks, but he said, it's kind of like what they did with the fellow with the broomstick in New York.
And this is just somebody they knew, and they said, don't make that film.
This is the point.
To say in America, don't make your film about the Browns.
Now they're attacking the First Amendment, or I'm going to rape you.
Yeah, these are obviously evil people, Alex.
They don't care.
They know the slaves are getting uppity.
But I mean, threatening to rape men.
It's par for the course of evil.
These are demons that we're talking about.
These are not normal thinking people like you and me.
They don't care about having their families raped.
I'll tell you, I did two hours of research last night, and it does look like one of them was involved in Abu Ghraib.
It doesn't mean in the torture, but assigned to those prisons.
And we know it was the Marshals Service and hired contractors that were there.
And then the other one connected to Ruby Ridge.
And that's why they were bringing up to Terry Melton.
Hey, so Randy Weaver came up there.
I don't like him.
Yeah, Randy actually stood up to him.
But again, I just want to say thank you for all the good work you've tried to do.
I'm afraid it wasn't quite enough soon enough, and these evil people have got their plans in motion.
They're throwing away their patsy.
They're getting ready to crash the economy.
They're obvious about it.
Now, I don't know how long you've been listening, but I'm not trying to point out that I've got all the answers and I know this and that.
I've learned what they do so I can see their actions as triggers.
That's why I said two years ago they're not going to attack Iran yet.
That's why I said it six months ago.
To have Vicente Fox and Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker and all these people trashing Bush, saying he ruined the economy, saying all of this, that is a key indicator that they're really getting ready to do some bad stuff.
It's all in place.
They've got it set up to where, you know, I'm sure they'd like a little more time to get us all chipped, to get some more illegal aliens over the border.
But, you know, they know that the slaves are waking up and that we're probably not going to put up with this kind of stuff for very much longer.
Hi, Harry, and I appreciate your call.
I hope we can avert anything bad happening, and I hope we can have time to peacefully wake people up.
Listen, my dad, one of his patients, he's retired now, but he hadn't retired when I was in college.
I guess I was a high school senior.
No, I'd just gotten out of high school.
I had a couple part-time jobs.
One of them was at Walmart, but then a couple days a week I'd go do dental assisting.
And I didn't know I wanted to do an exciting job.
I didn't want to join the military.
I was thinking about being a history teacher.
And my dad was just getting me to talk to some of his friends, do this, do that.
And I said, you know, I could be a cop.
I thought I was pretty naive.
Go out and fight bad guys and it would be an interesting job.
And then my dad says, come to the office at this time.
I go, but I'm not working that day.
He goes, I got a patient coming by.
I want you to meet him.
And he was the head marshal.
They call them regions or areas.
I forget the exact marshal's designation, but it's for sectors.
And it was just like a 10-minute discussion.
He was in my dad's office, big, tall, gray-haired guy.
And he said, Alex, are you a criminal?
And I said, no, sir.
I don't smoke marijuana.
I don't steal.
You know, I was a jock running six miles a day at the time.
I said, I want to fight bad guys.
And he goes, and I said, I'm thinking about, you know, maybe going to college and being a cop or something like that.
And he goes, listen, he goes, wrong answer that you're not a criminal.
And it was real sad.
And he said, I wouldn't join.
He goes, especially any type of detective unit or the U.S.
And I said, well, okay, and I hadn't even really thought about what I wanted to try to join.
He just looked at me and he said, you can't tell the difference between, let me think of the exact words, he goes, there's no difference now in many cases between criminals and the police.
And he said, it didn't used to quite be this bad, but he said, I would tell you to really think twice and to not do it.
Now, I'd already grown up in Rockwall and seen drug-dealing cops, but I'd seen them go to jail, and I thought that was just there.
And I thought, well, I better not be a cop, because here was a high-level... I mean, he was actually a U.S.
See, they're not all U.S.
You have only certain U.S.
Marshals over certain sectors, and then they're all Deputy Marshals under them.
This was a U.S.
I forgot to add that part.
A U.S.
Marshal had a cup of coffee with me for 10-15 minutes,
And uh... just looked at me and talked to me for about a year.
He didn't get to that until the end of the discussion.
He says, you look like a really good man.
He goes, I know your father's a really good person.
And he just said, he just said, don't do it.
I mean, why would a U.S.
Marshal tell me not to get into law enforcement?
And he also said, hey, if you want to be a beat cop or something, you won't make much money, but you can go out and help people that way.
He said, you know, a traffic cop.
But he said, I was like, oh no, I want the action.
I'm really good with a rifle, and I am, folks.
I mean, especially back then when I used to shoot a lot.
I mean, I can shoot the top off a Tabasco bottle at 400 yards.
I mean, I'm shooting at the same hole with a Remington 700, 308.
I can shoot five rounds through the same hole.
It becomes a ragged hole at 200 yards.
I mean, I know windage, I know everything.
I've gotten pretty rusty now.
I mean, I can still shoot bullseye 200 yards over and over again, but I have trouble shooting through the same hole.
Because I just shoot like twice a year now.
I just don't have time.
The guns are all, not rusty, but they're all in gun safe and just sit there because I work all the time.
I hear I said I take a lot of calls and I'm already getting off into a long story.
It's just that, I think I've mentioned that story that my dad had a friend that was a high-level cop and he told me don't join the police, but that was the full story.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in New York.
Steve, go ahead.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
I would like to tell you that there's a lot of people waking up.
I mean, first caller is right, you know, in some ways, and I hope he's wrong, and I'm sure he hopes he's wrong.
But I have two nephews, and one's like, he's up on all the stuff.
He knows about just about everything.
Who you are, and seen a lot of your films.
But I have another nephew that was like a neocon Giuliani lover.
And I've been trying to tell him this, I've been trying to... All of a sudden I show him the PMAC documents.
And he looked at me, he goes, oh my god, they did it.
Oh my god, they did do it.
And then, like... You can go to Dick Cheney's personal website and he says we need terror attacks!
His personal website?
DickCheney.com or something like that?
Well, by personal, there's 25 members, it's a private group, they contribute and own, they own, the Project for an American Century.
Oh yeah, okay, okay.
That's what you're talking about?
It's his personal, yes, it's their personal group.
I cannot believe, you know, and then he's like, now he's calling me up, he goes, oh, you know about Rosie O'Donnell?
I says, yeah.
He goes, oh, but she's on the website.
I'm like, yeah.
He's just waking up and he's like, I mean, he's a smart kid.
Don't get me wrong, he's a smart kid.
It's just that he's just in the matrix and he hasn't swallowed the red pill, so to speak.
But it sounds like you're saying he did swallow the red pill.
Well, now he did.
He's a smart kid.
Stay there.
I want to briefly hear more about it, then skip Chris George.
I'm going to get into the other economic news.
There is just so much of it.
We'll be right back.
We're good.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
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Alright, let's go back to Steve in New York.
So you say you've got a nephew that's really woken up.
What do you think of all these top Republicans writing news articles about how we need terror attacks?
Well, I don't think he's read them, you know, but, um, I remember, you know, trying to tell him about Giuliani hiding the, uh, you know, the, um, the steel and so on and so forth.
He goes, no, he didn't do that.
Oh yeah.
He did it with his own hands, you know, and he was arguing with me with me because of that.
And I said,
Yeah, okay, you know, you're not ready yet, you know.
And then, um, uh, he would say something like, oh, I'm voting for Giuliani.
He's America's mayor.
And I said, you know something, you're not saying your opinion.
You're reiterating what you're, what you have just heard on the television.
You know, you heard the quotes.
Now you're reiterating.
It's like, aren't you hungry for Burger King?
Well, it's an old one, but, uh, I'm loving it.
You know, the, the, the, the McDonald's saying,
You know, you're just reiterating it.
You're not, you're not, those are not your thoughts.
It was, no, those are my thoughts, and it was like, and then one day, I just showed him the PMAC documents, and he goes, oh, he just, like his whole paradigm just collapsed.
Well, that's because Neocon followers always ask, why would they want to hurt their own people to get us all stirred up to go along with giving up our liberties and attacking other nations while they suck the pension funds dry?
Thanks for the call, Steve.
Good story.
Glad to hear folks are waking up.
Skip, in California, you're on the air.
You bet.
There's three quick points I want to brush up on.
One is, I work in a really big restaurant up here in Northern California, in the Bay Area.
And pretty much the whole kitchen staff are all Mexican, so one of the things that I try to do is give them copies of Loose Change just to see what they think.
And a lot of the guys I've given the copies to said, oh, I've seen that already.
And I said, where'd you see it?
And they said, oh, they started playing the Discovery Channel in Spanish.
So I guess the Mexican community is getting pretty open, at least in this area, to 9-11 truth.
And I was going to suggest, would you consider talking to Ted Anderson about getting maybe a
A 9-11 Truth Show in Spanish?
Like with Philly Casio?
I don't know.
That's a good idea, but we're almost using tin cans here at the network.
It's not like we're some big fancy deal like at CBS or NBC or ABC or something.
We're a very small, independent organization, but that's certainly a good idea.
We just don't have the money.
And you have to go out and find the people that do stuff in Spanish.
I think it's a great idea.
I think Terror Storm has been translated into Spanish on Google Video.
I know it's been translated into German and Japanese.
And that was just listeners that did that in Germany and places.
So we commend them.
A second point I wanted to touch up on is I've been here in the Bay Area for about a year.
Hasn't been a day that's gone by that I haven't seen a chemtrail, and then like around two weeks ago they just stopped completely.
Hasn't been one that I've seen, so I don't know what's going on there, but it's weird not to see that.
I hear you, Skip.
I appreciate your call.
Chris in Florida, you're on the air.
Yes, go ahead.
I have a question and a comment, or actually two questions.
First is the Virginia Tech shooter you said has been tied to the ROTC.
I have somebody I know who has signs of, who was in the ROTC in high school and has signs of maybe gone through some kind of conditioning and he told me of like one night when
They woke them up out of the blue unannounced and but he can't remember what happened, but everything else seems pretty vivid But I was wondering if you whatever information that you have that I could look up on the ROTC being used for mind control or brainwashing
Well, we wrote articles, not all the ROTCs, in certain units.
So that area of Blacksburg, Virginia does admittedly have CIA, NASA mind control programs nearby.
That has come out and been confirmed.
They had weird terror attack drills in the year before.
They just put in the loudspeaker system five days before the shootings.
Somebody had been shot.
They covered it up for three hours.
The feds ordered them to stand down while more shooting took place for a total of four hours.
You know, from the time the shooting started at 7 in the morning until 11 when it all ended, Eastern Time.
We probably wrote 10, 15 articles, I don't know, a whole bunch of articles, more than 10, on that, going over all the suspicious things that happened.
It just fits all the same MO we've seen.
They had weird ROTC deals with regular troops running around with guns.
They had an ROTC come back and kill three people.
They had a mass shooting there about eight months before the latest one.
And it's just M.O.
It just stacks up to the Raptors.
after M.O.
Anybody can call in, or if you have any sources, I was trying to look up, like, Kathy O'Brien's information online, or just... Yeah, what I'm saying is that was, I don't know, four or five months ago, six months ago, we wrote articles about it.
They're all up here on PrisonPlanet.com.
Just type Virginia Tech shooting PrisonPlanet.com into Google, and a whole slew, probably hundreds of articles we posted, but more than ten that we wrote will pop up.
You can make the decision for your own self.
I'll tell you right now, Columbine was an inside job.
We've proven that.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I know that most of you are already aware of that, but I bet your email list isn't.
I bet your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, I bet your pastor, I bet your MySpace is not aware of that, and that's how we grow.
That's how we reach more people.
That's how we hopefully expose these murdering criminals before they're actually able to completely, totally take over the society.
I want to get into some economic news, and we're going to go to your calls.
Who disagrees here out of this big list?
Tom and me, we'll go to him first, then George, Aaron, Thomas, and Jesse.
That'll be it for calls, though.
That's all the time I have for calls, because I've got some news I want to hit first.
In the first hour, I got into a lot more of the economic news.
If you miss any of it, it's about to restart in about 25 minutes.
You can tune in and catch that right when the show ends.
It starts up again.
Really key info.
But I'm going to cover some of the areas I haven't gotten into now.
But first, InnerFood, folks.
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866-762-9238 ENERFOOD.COM or check out their website by clicking their banner on the side of PrisonPlanet.com
Okay, Alan Greenspan is claiming that Iraq War was really for oil, and if you read these different articles we have out on it, it says that he told the Bush administration that they needed to invade.
That's a quote.
I have several articles here.
They're up on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com.
If you just type in Greenspan criticizes Bush,
It's big news.
I mean, there's a bunch.
I mean, I'm sure you've already heard about it, but read specifically that he's saying he told Bush on the eve of the war to go ahead and go in because it would secure oil, i.e.
shut the oil from flowing and then jack up prices.
Then he claims Bush wouldn't listen to him on the issuance of credit, which the Federal Reserve runs, and he said Bush wouldn't listen to him on overspending, which is a lie and a fraud.
So to have the bankers who run this country completely
Trying to blame Bush is just absolutely amazing, and Bush says he's surprised by it.
Bush isn't surprised at all.
He saw his daddy fall on the sword politically.
That's their job, to play the part of the President, and to always be sullied before they leave office, to lower the office of the Presidency, to condition us to accept more corruption.
You heard me say this before Clinton left, didn't you?
And to have all the sins of the New World Order piled on them, so the new guy or new gal, if it's Hillary, can start anew with great wickedness, and by the time you wake up to them, or four or eight years, they just change horses, yet again, like the Pony Express.
Absolutely amazing to see them doing that.
My biggest frustration remains the President's unwillingness to
Wield his veto against out-of-control spending, Greenspan wrote, in The Age of Turbulence.
And it goes on.
So that's Greenspan positioning himself and the bankers as the good guy.
And Greenspan himself is a high-level puppet.
But a puppet who was actually allowed in there on the controls of the economy.
You're actually getting the puppet level where they actually have a mandate, but then they're able to carry it out.
So it's almost... Greenspan is almost not a puppet.
I mean, he's right at the level of Imperial Legate.
Okay, um, the other Greenspan news here.
Greenspan Euro gains as reserve choice.
This is AP, this is Moe Huge.
This is a big, big deal.
Now, in case there's any confusion about this, because people email me and argue with me about this.
I remember being in a Kansas City hotel room, the Sheraton, and watching Treasury Secretary Snow in 2003.
Who just came into office, just been appointed by the President, after O'Neill wouldn't play ball with killing the country, killing America, and he wrote a book about it.
Even some of these guys at that level just can't bring themselves to kill the economy.
And they said, we want a downward-trending dollar, was the term they used.
A nice way of saying a plunging dollar.
But over time, the Financial Times of London two years ago said, well, the balance here is either to bring it down incrementally, which we want, or to totally plunge it, which could even hurt our economies.
And that is now happening.
So there's no debate.
The bankers that run America, and they're not the corner bank you go borrow money from.
No, I mean the banks that own our fellow reserve that run our nation.
That hijacked us in 1913.
They have made the decision to bring down the U.S.
They made the decision to make us a third world nation.
They made a decision to operate as if we're a third world nation and let the big foreign banks come in and buy politicians and steal private property and seize the roads and seize the water districts and militarize the police and shift into a police state mode.
They've now made the decision to do what they did in South Africa, or what they did in Brazil, or Nicaragua, or El Salvador.
They have made the decision.
They are behind it.
Greenspan's griping about the economy, saying it's all Bush's fault, but out of the other side of his mouth, I have another article here, where he comes out and says the markets are going to go down, the European markets especially.
The banks, the stocks, the housing,
Paper that they're selling, it's all going to go down.
Trying to drive it down for these put options, no doubt.
I mean, notice we said the last, you know, going into the 21st, that's when we had to see it happen with the put options, and lo and behold, what's happening right now.
Now, the word gets out on this being an inside job, they may back off.
That's why the story up on prisonplanet.com, there at the top, is so important.
That's why I hope you all go get it.
It has a measly 130 digs or something on it right now.
And 123 digs.
That isn't going to cut it, folks.
We get it on the main page of Digs.
A million can see this.
Mystery trader to collect on financial meltdown suspicion increases about so-called Bin Laden trades as markets tumble after bank runs.
In the U.S., in England, in France.
And they wouldn't give them their money Friday and Saturday.
Now they're claiming they're trying.
I mean, this is serious, folks.
Not only did they have runs on the banks, the banks couldn't deliver.
Greenspan, now this is the big news.
This shows they're making the decision to do this.
Because remember when Greenspan would burp in a press conference or in his once-a-year visit with the Congressional Banking Committee?
And he would say, although the economy may not grow too fast and the economy would plunge, well now he's saying things like, it's going to go down, it's going to get bad, it's going to be serious, sustain recession.
Paul Volcker saying global depression, former chairman of the Federal Reserve.
Well, certainly not as prominent as Greenspan.
I mean, this is all by design.
If they were trying to really... See, what happened is, is hundreds of billions got dumped in, and so that sured up the markets, and then, oh, now we've got to keep it sliding.
See, again, they want to control the gradual slide, and so he comes back in.
Euro gains as reserve choice.
Report, former Fed boss says Euro could replace U.S.
dollar as favored reserve currency.
Did you hear that?
Former U.S.
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said it is possible that the Euro could replace the U.S.
dollar as the reserve currency of choice, according to an advance copy of an interview to be published Thursday's edition of the German magazine Stern.
Greenspan said the dollar is still slightly ahead.
And it uses reserve currency, but added it doesn't have all that much of an advantage anymore.
The Euro has been soaring against the U.S.
currency in recent weeks, hitting all-time high of 1.3927.
And you go, wait a minute, you said it was a 50%.
Well, it started trading at 80 to the dollar.
See, now it's at 139.
That's a swing of 39 and 20 is 59.27 points.
Last week, as the dollar has fallen on turbulent market conditions stemming from the ongoing U.S.
subprime crisis, the Fed meets this week as an expected to lower the benchmark interest rate to about 5.25%, which will plunge the dollar even further.
The policy is a weakening
Hemorrhaging downward spiraling dollar, okay?
And for those that don't understand, this is basic.
When they lower the interest rate, and you've got the pound at 7%, and other major currencies at 6 to 8%, that is, that's what treasuring notes and different government securities are trading in that range.
And then our interest rate is going to be lower than their interest rates.
It's going to hurt the dollar.
So you got that.
France's warning of war with Iran.
Banking shares fall across Europe.
BBC, banking shares have been falling across Europe.
Greenspan, ouster of Hussein, critical for oil security.
I mentioned this, but here's the quote.
This is the New York Times.
Alan Greenspan, the former Fed Chairman, said in an interview that the removal of Saddam Hussein had been essential to securing world oil supplies at a point he emphasized to the White House in a private conversation before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, saying that it was needed.
There's your boss.
Give them the orders.
Then it gets all into bank scares all over England, not just with the Northern Rock.
Senate to consider secret open borders.
Dream Act.
I went and read the bill this weekend.
It's true.
It's been added on.
It's called the Dream Act.
Talk about a nightmare.
It is Senate Amendment 2237.
To legalize all the illegal aliens.
But this time, just like they signed a pledge, they won't commit felonies anymore.
Aggravated felonies.
You're legalized.
Child molesters, assault with a deadly weapon, doesn't matter, armed robbery, you can stay.
If you just sign a form swearing, with no evidence, you don't have any proof, just that you've been here since you were 15.
You're instantly legalized, and 12 of your family members are.
And you get on Social Security, first visit.
You cannot make this type of stuff up.
They are back, and it's not just there.
It's also been attached to the Education Bill and the Farm Bill, H.R.
See, when they really move against us, they're not having a big debate about it now.
They've just got three different bills that we know of.
The Farm Bill, the Education Bill, and the Defense Authorization Act of 2008.
And the Defense Authorization Act, it's 2237, is the amendment.
Don't say you weren't warned.
Where's my war news here?
I've been trying to keep track of all this.
Here's another one.
The oil industry sleepwalking into crisis.
Former Shell Chairman says the diminishing resources could push the price of crude oil to $150 a barrel.
It's Dutch Roll Shell 12 years ago BBC broke that put out and funded the fake Peak Oil videos and documents.
Claiming there's no more oil so they can jack up prices.
And it's the same people putting out the same scam again.
I mean, it just never ends.
Now I'm getting mad because I can't find my war news.
Oh, big British and U.S.
reports came out saying that they do plan to attack and that the war is on.
London Guardian, AP, Reuters, the French are saying, get ready for a war.
The Israelis are claiming they bombed a nuclear weapons material site two weeks ago in Syria, 30 miles in, and that it wasn't just them dropping their fuel tanks or that's coming out in the Financial Times of London.
This is all the type of news I have in front of me and I just lost my call list here.
Who's up first?
Tom and May, you're on the air, go ahead.
Alex, thank you.
I saw two things over the weekend and I think I now disagree that flights 175 and 11 struck the World Trade Center towers.
I think that there's a lot of evidence if you watch the news clips that were being broadcast
uh... right when the event was happening that uh... actually something else happened and that they the videos that we've been over and over and over since then were are the product of video editing yeah I appreciate your call sir I'm not going to give time to the Cointelpro disinfo people there's no doubt if you look at the crowd that's pushing this
That they are a pack of liars and they know they're liars and they hate 9-11 truthers and what they are is people trying to discredit 9-11 truth by saying that holograms or cartoons hit.
I have good family friends and distant cousins and people that saw both planes and in some cases one plane, the first or the second hit.
You can debate all day whether they were different planes painted up or had laser pods controlled by Martians under them.
And that's bad enough.
But when you start getting off into... One plane flies in and it goes from being in the sunshine to getting in the shadow of the building and it goes into shadow.
And they fool you like you're children.
And I'm not saying you are, sir, but I'm saying people putting this out are.
And they show the planes going into shadow and they say, there you go, it just changed colors.
The hologram projector had a problem.
Regardless, let's say that Snoopy did it.
The point is, you won't talk about Northwoods to wake people up.
No, you won't.
Because it's 100% effective and documented.
You won't talk about Tonkin being staged.
You won't talk about all the U.S.
government admissions of staging terror.
That's how you start with people if you really want to convince them.
The history of it.
Like if the cops are going to look for somebody who robbed a bank and they fit a description of a bank robber who just got out of prison, they're going to go to his house first.
Okay, they've done it before, A. Then you've got the hijackers, whatever they were really doing, trained at U.S.
military bases, confirmed, admitted.
Newsweek, AP, San Jose Mercury News, the head of the school.
We've got the heads of the embassy saying that they had a terrorism watch list on and they were told to let them back in the U.S.
It's a U.S.
government terror cover.
They're really U.S.
government agents.
You won't talk about that, buddy boy!
They'll never... Notice these no-plainers.
All they'll do
is talk about the no planes and it's total government disinformation period.
And every time I'm on TV or radio being debunked or being attacked they will never address any serious issues.
They bring that up and strawman me and put your COINTELPRO disinfo in my name and I'm sick of it.
All they do is attack real research, lie about researchers, savagely attack people.
They are a pack of scum.
And all of them that came out, noticed, operated for a year, said credible stuff, and then flipped.
And they'll even giggle and laugh when you talk to them face-to-face.
They'll just look right at you, and they're just pure evil.
I mean, they're getting paid big salaries.
And, uh, they are aiding and abetting those that carried out the attacks.
Real planes hit the towers, and the government's desperate, they've got their disinfo agents out there, and I'm not gonna be part of it.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv The War on Terrorism.
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You shall hear of wars, and rumors of wars.
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
And there shall be famines, disease, and earthquakes in many places.
We are living in this time of earth's history.
Many people are trying to understand the climactic world events in light of human wisdom.
But without the wisdom of God, this is impossible!
2 Peter says,
The Bible says, we'd like you to receive this new offer, Packet B, The Unholy Alliance.
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Please call 1-888-211-1715.
That's 1-888-211-1715, and ask for Packet B.
Strange days are here, and they found us.
Make no mistake, we'll be here tracking it all as it unfolds.
By the way, I didn't even plug JonesReport.com.
Aaron was up here until... I saw he clocked out at like 2.15 in the morning last night.
He's back now.
Writing a bunch of articles.
Amy Goodman got confronted by We Are Change.
It's up on JonesReport.com right now.
And she said, yeah, she supports the 9-11 investigation, but what did she say about WTC7's collapse?
Remember, she was there when it happened.
So that's up there right now and a bunch of other key stuff on JonesReport.com.
It is such an important...
Group of stories.
Another one.
9-11 Truth saturates the Hague after previous attempts to stop a speech.
The police told them, nowhere in the city, in the Netherlands, one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands, you can't wear 9-11 Truth shirts.
They just said, it's not allowed now.
Well, people just showed up in mass and saturated it as a counter.
Good job!
That's how you deal with these attempts to destroy our free speech.
I want to take a few final calls here, but before we do that,
Now is the time to get prepared, and the UN, the globalists, do say they want to use food as a weapon, whether there's a recession, a depression, economic problems, environmental problems, whatever.
The food is high-quality.
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You should at least call and get information.
They have a two-month supply for individuals.
That's the bare minimum.
You've absolutely got to get it.
I bought food from them two separate times.
I'm about to get even more.
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Okay, who's up next here?
Georgia and Indiana, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, Alex.
Don't let me off until I tell you what I'm doing that's really helping me wake people up.
But first off is that twit that says they want you tried.
Look, the President of the United States isn't allowed to declare war.
The 1970 congressional resolution said that he could go out there for 60 days, but he's got to make periodic reports.
For those who don't know, a neocon writer called for me to be arrested for treason.
What I'm doing is I went into the internet and I found a shot of what looks like a nuclear blast under the ground.
And I cropped it so that I could get the explosion of the dust and how it's flying.
I went in and I cropped one of the buildings as they were falling and I put them next to each other.
And anybody I know that's going to give me trouble, the first thing I do is I tell them to look at this and tell me what do you think of these explosions?
Because they look almost identical.
There are three explosions turning steel and concrete and all of it's dust.
Oh, it just looks great when you lay it next to this other blast.
And I'd like to see somebody do that with a fireball.
Uh, that hit at one of the buildings there and take it to Pennsylvania and show me how that fireball in the building equaled a fireball on the ground.
And by the way, before I go, I got to shake hands with Professor Steven Jones.
They were here in Bloomington, Indiana.
We packed the house.
Standing room only.
I think they'll be back.
And that's making the Feds rip their hair out with their space beams and no planes and all the rest of it.
They're totally discredited.
And I've tried to ignore all this but the Feds just keep pushing their line to discredit us.
And they laugh and giggle and it's so funny to them.
That they don't like 9-11 Truths, so they're going to go out and masquerade.
It's a big joke to them, and they're not getting away with it.
So, the good news is that the architects and engineers and scholars are packing the houses, and the Feds, everybody's laughing at them, and that's the good news.
All right, I'm out of time.
God bless you all.
Start all the other callers.
I'll be back tonight on the network, 9 to midnight.
And if you missed my economic analysis, I did it in the first hour today.
That's going to start in 70 seconds.
So you can just go to InfoWars.com, click on the screens right there.
I talk about a lot of key stuff in the first hour.
We didn't get a chance to finish in the second and third, but it's there.
Then also my interview with the songwriter and lead guitarist for Duran Duran in the second hour was absolutely amazing.
Thank you all for listening.
Thank you for being involved.
God bless you all.
Alex Jones signing off for Genesis.
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