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Air Date: Sept. 14, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
It is Friday the 14th, 2007.
Friday, September 14th.
That is.
We're going to have wide open phones for the full three hours.
I'm going to get to Ed and Elaine Brown to pop in with an update on what's happening.
They're coming up in about 30 minutes with four of their supporters being arrested on Wednesday.
We're also going to do what I wanted to do yesterday and get right into a synopsis, a rundown, a chronicle
Of the four days that I was in New York City and what I witnessed and what I saw and basically my bottom line.
Plus when I was out of town I just played a few 30-40 seconds of what Geraldo Rivera was saying.
We have several minutes now of selects from the 25 minutes that we took over Fox's live broadcast and we're going to be airing those coming up in the next segment.
I'm going to get that out of the way because again I meant to cover it yesterday.
We have several other clips from in and around the 9-11
Memorial and our activism there coming up as well.
Then I have a lot of interesting, well quite frankly frightening news on the economic front as well as the war front.
Now late last month a B-52 flying up to North Dakota switched crews and didn't offload its nuclear weapons.
And this story is still really big, and I'm not trying to poopoo it, but that from my knowledge of how the Air Force operates, and from the knowledge of people here at my office, and others I know who've been in the Air Force, namely loading bombs, both conventional and nuclear, on aircraft, this is rare, but not unheard of.
There's also a lot of fear going around.
I mean, I have hundreds of emails, phone calls, faxes to this office wanting to know about the Air Force stand down today.
The day of safety.
A, the Air Force announced on day one that none of the fighter aircraft will be stood down.
That is, none of the intercept aircraft.
There will be 76 fighter aircraft
doing their normal patrols and waiting to scramble if there are any air and aircraft.
The only time they ever stood down was on 9-11, 2001, six years and what now, three days ago.
And every few months there's some new hyped fear-mongering that goes on.
Houston's gonna be nuked, it's gonna happen on this date, San Diego's gonna be nuked, it's gonna happen on this date, and we have to come on air and explain that is not gonna happen and that is fear-mongering.
And people do this to get attention.
And then when I get up here and I'm serious and I say they're going to attack the World Trade Center and use their asset Bin Laden to take the blame, and it's going to happen in the next two months and it happens, then I don't get paid attention to serious warnings based on real intel and real information are not listened to.
And it is frustrating.
A. There are always nukes in the air.
There are always aircraft in the air with conventional airburst munitions, cruise missiles, air-launched cruise missiles in the air with the munitions.
And when we get back, I'll get into that some too.
The only reason I'm getting into this and talking about it is because the listeners are demanding it.
And so fine, we'll talk about it.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, on this Friday edition, here's the type of news I have in front of me.
Iran's leader says Bush will be tried as a war criminal.
Brett Hume on Fox News has said that the Pentagon has given up on diplomacy and is crafting plans to bomb Iran.
So now they're openly announcing what we've known for several years.
The question is, when will the other shoe drop?
And is there a way to avert disaster?
Also, there is lots of news of military drills and exercises going on, starting today and running through the 21st.
And because we know that the government ran drills of flying hijacked jets into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Capitol, the Traveler's Insurance Building,
In San Francisco, the Sears Tower, in Chicago and other landmarks and indeed did hit some of the very same targets at the exact same time the drill was ongoing.
We have to look at the hundreds of drills going on every month and look at all of them as if they could be used as covers for attacks.
That does not mean we need to cry wolf and say each time it's going to happen and they're going to do it and make declarative statements that we're sure it's going to happen.
Because then if we do that enough times people don't listen to us anymore and when the real balloon goes up we won't be able to get anybody to pay attention to our warnings.
I've issued, what, two warnings of terror attacks in the last six years, two months.
One of them happened, exactly as I said it would, and the other didn't.
It was averted, because you did listen.
You burned up the Congressional and White House phone lines.
They knew the jig was up.
National television covered it.
And I'm sure we averted very serious terror attacks being staged in this country or against U.S.
assets worldwide.
Now all of that said, the pieces of evidence being used to say that things are going DEFCON 5, the reasons given for saying that the balloon has gone up are several.
A, we have the Sierra Sands, Navy exercise, and many other large exercises going on that are, by the way, yearly scheduled for decades.
Any of them could be used as a cover.
We have the nuclear weapons loaded on the B-52 bomber, Stratofortress,
Flying into Minot, North Dakota for decommissioning and not being unloaded when another crew got on board and flew out.
Now, from people I've talked to who were involved in this in the Air Force, in my office and out of my office, loading them by accident is basically impossible.
Leaving them on for another crew is very possible.
Rare, but possible and has happened before.
Could this be the cover for something else?
I don't know.
I mean, what was it, six, seven years ago in West Texas?
It happened in New Mexico before that.
A B-2 bomber dropped a dummy bomb, that is no warhead, on a house.
They were doing target practice on houses.
With their classified guidance systems, they dropped it.
The bomb went through a tree at an angle, through the bedroom, and into the bathroom, and went down six feet into the earth.
No one was home.
It happened at like 1030 a.m.
of memory serves.
Happened in the late morning.
I don't think that was part of a conspiracy.
They had been, the paperwork had gotten mixed up.
They loaded a dummy bomb that they used on Rangers for targeting.
And then they went out and did
Drills over cities, which they do every single day in this country, different bomber fleets, because it's different random targets they're given each day where they don't just get trained on bombing the same topography, the same range.
So you can scrap that.
The nukes on the B-52, and not completely, but my nose tells me, my instincts, history, experts I have, that I'm able to talk to, that that is not a big indicator in all of this.
People are saying, well, because they had nukes loaded meant they were going to nuke Iran.
They're flying around with nukes every single day.
They're on the tarmac with nukes all over the country.
They're overseas with nukes.
Not just B-52s, but other aircraft.
The B-2s.
The B-1s.
The list goes on and on and on.
They're loaded with airburst 15... 1500 foot airbursts.
They're loaded with air-launched cruise missiles.
And they're loaded with conventional munitions.
And they have been since the 1950s.
So people call up and they say, but they had nukes, they were going to Iran.
That is not what that means.
Now am I saying that they're not going to attack Iran?
Certainly not.
Every indicator is they are going to attack Iran.
And we have the four and a half billion dollar put options placed on the NASDAQ European side of the exchange.
And if the market doesn't plunge by at least 30% by early September,
And September 22nd, somebody is going to lose four and a half billion dollars and there's never been a put option placed.
This big on a particular set of stocks except for 9-11 specifically against American and United when their stocks were forecasted to only go up and that's why they call them Bin Laden trades of course it turned out it wasn't Bin Laden making the trades it led back to the CIA and the FBI and two FBI agents even went to prison for it and it was in New York papers but they only got about a million and a half
Of the billions and billions that were made, they just got some of the intel on it and piggybacked the real individuals like Buzzy Krongaard's firm, Director of the CIA, Deputy Director of the CIA, didn't get in trouble.
So that's really the biggest reason to be holding your breath right now.
It is now the 14th of September, 2007.
We're going to find out in the next seven, eight days, if whoever placed this four and a half billion dollar bet, that European stocks, and believe me, if they go down by a third, that's just a break even.
The bet is it'll go down by half.
It's going to affect us here.
And if the European arm of the Nasdaq goes down,
By 30 percent, all hell is going to break loose.
In fact, all Hades is going to have to break loose in the markets just to drive them down that far.
And we're going to find out what's going to happen.
Now, because we have talked about this, because we have written about this, because you have spoken about this, because it's gotten a lot of attention, even in Dow Jones Industrials Newswire,
And on CNN, after the fact, after Dow Jones covered it, whoever is behind this may back off and may not carry out whatever event would precipitate a drop in the market.
But most analysts agree.
Some don't, but they're ideologically aligned with the neocons putting out this info.
But the vast majority agree.
I'd say seven-tenths from what I've seen.
I've done a lot of reading, hours and hours, just to try to pin this down.
That if there's an attack on Iran, oil will go up to $200 a barrel within a week.
It's already well above $80 a barrel right now, all-time record.
Gold is at $714 an ounce last time I checked.
Way up.
You talk about
Pucker factor.
You talk about holding your breath.
That's what you should be concerned about.
Because if they go into Iran, that is an event right there, enough to bring down the markets by a third.
That is an event right there.
There will be guaranteed be Iranian responses.
They won't have to go out and stage terror attacks.
The Iranians will carry some out.
They'll sure try.
And then we're off to the races, World War III.
Which is what the neocons are trying to do.
They're trying to push us into a clash of civilizations.
They're trying all of this.
Iran is the target.
Iraq were only setting their chess pieces up for the checkmate.
They want to go into Syria.
They want to go into Iran.
They want to link up those four nations together right up onto the doorstep of China.
So, yes.
Should we look particularly close at these drills that are taking place right now?
Because they coincide with these record Bin Laden put options, as they're called, even by the Dow Jones Industrial Publications.
And they coincide with massive troop build-up and open discussion of launching World War III.
But when you inject into it this info about nukes on B-52s, and things like that, and claiming that this Air Force stand-down is something special and they do it all the time, and misconstruing and misrepresenting what this stand-down is, it's a maintenance stand-down.
That's what can discredit us.
We've got to be very careful.
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Mike Nelson works in this office.
He just walked in and handed me a big Texas Monthly article.
This month's issue titled, Grounds for Suspicion.
And it's a review of four of my films.
And it's a positive review!
Ha ha!
Texas Monthly.
Absolutely amazing.
So we'll definitely get this posted up on PrisonPlanet.com.
He gives a review of four of my past films.
At the end he gives a plug to Loose Change.
Final Cut that's coming out too.
Absolutely amazing.
This is the monthly review of movies.
And it's Christopher Kelly, film critic for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for Texas Monthly.
I mean he gave like one-liners for things like The Kingdom.
With Jamie Foxx it's coming out right now and one line mentions at the end for other big films and I'd say 80% of the three-page article, it's a big one for film reviews, is about my videos.
I mean he makes a few cheeky comments and says well he doesn't know if it's all true but it's good that we're asking questions in the tradition of Oliver Stone and certainly we're having a bigger and bigger effect and
It's a positive review overall.
I'd give it about a B+.
Times are certainly a changing, ladies and gentlemen.
But I should mention also, Texas Monthly owns MS Communications.
MS Communications owns Texas Monthly.
I guess since I have a syndicated show through them, I guess
That might have something to do with it.
Though there have been positive reviews of the films in other newspapers, I have nothing to do with it.
And the London Guardian, I could have spent hours on this yesterday, I didn't spend 30 seconds on it, I mentioned it, said 9-11 cover-up was the headline.
And said there's been a cover-up and maybe the conspiracy theorists are right.
They've certainly lied in the official story, we know the official story is a lie.
The London Guardian is the biggest paper in Europe.
It is numero uno, it is on newsstands in Paris, newsstands in Belgium and Holland and Germany, Austria, it is the biggest paper in England, and it is the continent paper, really for Europe for some reason, and when personally I think the Financial Times of London, you get more information out of it.
It's more New World Order, but they basically tell it like it is in there.
But overall, the Guardian is the biggest.
And they are now saying it could be an inside job.
So I don't know.
It's really getting to be amazing.
Jerome Corsi, Dr. Corsi, wrote an article.
We wrote one two days ago.
Steve Watson did.
About how the stand-down story coming up today is a hoax.
Yeah, and I don't know if that's too strong a language, but he's welcome to his own interpretation.
I don't certainly ride a herd on those guys.
But, um, I guess in a way it is a hoax, the way it's being portrayed.
The Air Force, I was wrong, I actually pulled it up last night, they don't have a stand-down once a year, they have them all the time.
But, uh, several times a year, Air Force-wide stand-downs, domestically, to check equipment and to have maintenance days.
You heard Weldon Henson, who worked in Air Force maintenance for six years, works in my office.
Yesterday I talked about it in the studio.
That's my final point about all the hysteria right now that we're about to get nuked or there's about to be a false flag.
I'm not saying that couldn't happen.
I mean, they may stage one before they go into Iran.
But the data people are using, this is my point, to prove their point that there's about to be a false flag and these declarative statements saying it's going to happen are irresponsible.
Because I've looked at the data being used to push this hypothesis and it's faulty.
They don't cite the put options.
They don't cite the aircraft carrier's mask.
They don't cite the White House saying they've got a green light and may go.
They're not citing all of that, which if you cite all, there's a lot of other points too, it does look ominous.
You still can't say it's absolutely going to happen.
No, they cite the Air Force saying they're going to stand down today.
And as Weldon said, if somebody falls off a ladder, the whole base stands down.
And they drill ladder safety for several days off and on straight.
And when they leave nukes on a plane that were supposed to be offloaded, you better believe they have an Air Force unscheduled stand-down.
Now, there are still going to be aircraft in the sky, as there always have been since 1957, when NORAD was set up, patrolling for hijacked jets, or missiles, or bombers.
And of course, you've done a story, Air Force stand-down excludes fighter jet protection.
Alright, we'll get into all the really big news on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with me.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Elaine Brown, wife of Ed Brown, up in New Hampshire, the ongoing standoff, has been kind enough to call in to give us another update on any new developments that have happened since four of their supporters were arrested Wednesday afternoon from Texas to Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, to see if she learned anything else.
And folks are also welcome to call in with anything else they've learned about this situation at 1-800-259-9231.
We're about to go to Elaine in one moment, then I'll get into the news on the economy front, and then I've got to go ahead and start getting into the 9-11 synopsis of what happened, the rundown, the chronicle of what happened when I was in New York and much of audio clips I didn't get to yesterday.
But before I go any further,
Got some Ron Paul info for you.
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There's a banner on PrisonPlanet.com on the right-hand side that goes to them as well.
And it looks like it's already sold out.
The Alamo Draft House showing one more showing of Endgame coming up Monday night.
Though, a little secret, they do hold about 25 tickets at the door till the hour before.
I'll tell you another secret.
Generally about 10 people out of a crowd of 250.
That's all theater seats because it's big.
It's got tables.
You can eat there.
Big theater, big screen, but it only holds about half as many people per capita per size square foot because they don't jam you in there.
They're big lavish seats and very comfortable.
Another little secret that you can generally show up and they'll put folding chairs out for you.
I think they probably had like 300 people in there at some of the showings a few weeks ago.
So you can still try to get in, and we'll also have a table out there with the books and videos available if you want to drop by and get them there instead of a website.
Just like you can go to Brave New Books here in Austin and get them, the books and videos, or you can go to the hardware store in North Austin and get them.
You can always go to Infowars.com and get TerrorStorm, the final cut that's now out and available.
And don't forget PrisonPlanet.tv.
Fifteen cents a day.
Fifteen cents a day.
And all that does is pay for the websites, the servers,
For being able to get you this material.
And it is a great activist center.
I call it an armory in the info war.
An arsenal, because you can just burn my TV shows, my videos, my book, Paul Watson's book, all these other films and things, to disc, to either DVD or disc, and give them to folks.
And it's in really, really high quality.
And the new stuff we're putting up there is in super high quality.
Flash, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player.
And the end game will be up there.
October 15th, it will be available, maybe even a few days earlier, for PrisonPlanet.tv members.
You get a monthly membership or a yearly membership.
When you get a yearly membership, you get three months free, so all the more reason to go ahead and get the yearly membership.
And your support, again, makes it possible.
We couldn't do it without you, and I want to thank you all.
And I have tried my best to support the Browns in them being able to get a peaceful resolution
to what's happening.
The IRS is a fraud.
It is a scam.
We've had Treasury agents go public and expose the fact that it's a fraud, and then they are arrested.
But beautifully, the jury found him not guilty.
Sherry Jackson, IRS agent, has gone public about it being a fraud.
She's now been arrested.
And that's really the big crime here, not just that the IRS is the collection agency for the private run for profit Federal Reserve shareholders, but that when prominent IRS and Treasury agents, I mean, Joe Banister used to raid people like the Browns, that's what he did.
And he heard a radio talk show, we're about to go to Elaine Brown, I wanted to preface this, with D.V.
Kidd in the Bay Area, where he lives,
Outside San Francisco, saying it was all a fraud.
He spent two years researching and he didn't believe it.
He wanted to disprove it.
He got mad.
He pulled over and listened to it.
And two years later, he went to superiors and said, can you answer these questions?
Offshore corporations, dummy corporations incorporated in Puerto Rico and Guam, part of Admiralty, a private corporation called the District of Columbia.
And he said, if you can't answer this, I'm going to have to resign.
They said, resign.
We're not going to answer those questions.
It is true, ladies and gentlemen.
It is true.
It is real.
Conversely, I don't want the Feds to go in there because I don't want the Browns to be hurt, and I don't want the Feds to be hurt.
I'm not in some hatred of the Feds.
I'm not in some hatred of these officers.
I know they're mercenaries.
I know they're brainwashed.
But a lot of them are like Joe Bannister.
And they threw the book at Joe Bannister and tried to put him in prison for speaking out.
And for helping people with their tax cases, and for going into court.
And he was found not guilty.
Now, basically bankrupting, having to pay for the lawyers, and to go through it all, and by the grace of God, he was found not guilty.
And a lot of people are being found not guilty now.
But, uh, the Browns weren't given a fair trial, and their back's against the wall.
And the Feds, I was thinking the Feds had backed off and were doing something responsible for once.
I was on air saying it's amazing they've backed off, that's good.
We don't want violence for anybody here.
And then the helicopter flying at dangerously low altitudes for two hours at, I'm talking 30 feet, folks.
He was going behind trees.
We have the video!
I watched it live on the web, streaming, Von Kleist was streaming it, Dave Von Kleist.
We were sitting around here editing Endgame, eating pizza, and I said, let's see how the Browns are doing.
An hour ago, it was just a concert.
I turn it on.
Helicopter from behind the trees, flying right over them.
So dangerous.
So bad.
Such a provocation.
With over 300 people there, a lot of them women and children.
I mean, just stop it!
Stop being criminals!
Elaine Brown, thank you for holding during that preface.
Are you there?
I'm here.
Ed, you heard the things I was just talking about.
Any comments to my statements?
Yeah, they flew over for 8 hours.
Until 9.39 that evening, or that night, where I asked them, would they please remove themselves to 1,500 feet or above, because we're going to start having fireworks and we don't want the helicopter to be in harm's way.
And thank you very much for your security for the past 8 hours.
At the air show that you've given us for the past 8 hours.
So at 9.38 they did retire for the night, flashed their lights a couple of times and left.
It was very childish what they did.
Very childish.
And they were literally flying, you're right, at treetop level behind some of the trees here.
They weren't more than 10, 15 feet away from the top of the trees.
Well I said 2 hours because when I turned the computer on I witnessed 2 hours of it.
Yeah, yeah.
They were here for 8 hours until 9.38 that night.
Come around 2 something or 1 something in the morning, you know, afternoon, early afternoon.
But I mean, even in a rescue situation you're not supposed to fly below the trees.
You're supposed to send a pulley down, a cable down, and get the people out.
I mean, this was dangerous for them.
I mean, it's just absolutely criminal.
Some of the guys wanted to just see how close they could get to the helicopter just for the fun of it.
So they did.
They went into the woods, went around, and came.
They were directly under the helicopter as it was flying around there, hovering, giving us a hard time playing, uh, um, shine the light on each other, you know?
How foolish of them.
I mean, if they were in a real combat situation, they'd have been on the ground in a heartbeat.
But I think that's probably what they would like to have said done here.
They'd like to have seen somebody there to do something negative so that they can call in, uh, you know, whatever.
And say they were being shot at and stuff.
Do you think the group was surrounded at that time and didn't know it and they were wanting to have a big Waco type situation?
No, the group was not surrounded at that time.
I mean, there's no way the group was surrounded at that time.
We had too many people in the woods that would have bumped into somebody.
Well, there was no reason for the Feds to do that, and it was very irresponsible, just like tasering Danny Riley and shooting at him was irresponsible and criminal.
And now they've grabbed four people.
Ed, have you learned anything new?
I heard that one of the individuals they picked up and let go, the individual was threatened severely by the Feds, even to the point of sodomy.
If he opened them up and said anything, why would they say that?
That's disgusting.
You're talking about Terry Melton?
I don't know.
Is that his name?
Well, Terry's been at your property videoing for a film he's making, but I know that Terry was threatened and didn't even want to talk to us on the phone, was totally freaked out, and said that they did threaten him and he talked, but that's the only person I know that happened to be with.
It's been like three people I've talked to now to get back to us.
And, well, we need to try to call Melton right now and see if he'll come on air, see if he'll confirm.
Who specifically told you that they threatened to sodomize someone?
Yeah, one of the guys did out of Vermont.
They've been talking to a lot of people up here in the area, so we don't have any visitors at the time.
So you're not sure who it was?
This may be someone else they let go of the four that are being indicted?
That's correct.
So you believe they've released one of the four now?
They may have, I don't know.
See, I don't know!
I only know that if I can't get out of here and I can't confirm much of anything, I'm stuck here.
So hopefully that people will call other people and tell them, people on the outside, to confirm this stuff.
Absolutely amazing.
Well, the terrorism of threatening someone, and I know Terry was threatened,
That is wrong, because Terry didn't do anything.
All Terry's done is he's trying to make a film about this.
That's all he was trying to do.
Nothing more, nothing less.
They keep grabbing the wrong people.
Even Danny Rowley, he wasn't doing anything.
He was hyped about this, sure he was, but he wasn't doing anything wrong.
And yet, Jason, he was going into the Army, for God's sake.
He was already in the Army.
They went and asked him, what for?
For going and doing some shopping?
Grocery shopping for me?
The guy likes to shop.
Jason loves to shop.
That's what he was doing.
So, and as far as Reno's concerned, I have little to no, little about Reno, I know little about Reno, but as far as I, last I heard, he was back in Iraq.
So, I'm amazed that they even grabbed or touched him.
So what's that all about?
So what do they think they're gaining here?
What do they think they'll learn?
There's nothing to learn.
We tell them everything on the radio every single day.
There are no secrets here.
If they want to know something, all they have to do is ask, but they haven't talked to us once since the hell.
We don't listen to criminals.
We talk to criminals.
There's a couple of them out there.
A couple.
I need to know if they call me.
Ed, your phone's breaking up really bad.
Any other points you'd like to add?
Not really.
Last we heard was there may be a possibility that they'll do a raid on us or do something in the next couple, three days here.
So we'll see.
Of course, more security tactics.
We'll see.
That's what they do.
But we're always ready for this sort of thing anyway.
24 hours a day.
So it doesn't matter what they're going to do.
We're not going to guess about it.
In fact, we just had a great salad for lunch.
And, you know, I'll probably take a nap to set.
I'm going to watch a little television on mobile on.
I haven't decided which yet.
How's your wife holding up?
You can talk to her.
She's here.
Yeah, here she is.
Hello, Alex.
Sorry to bug you.
Hi, Elaine.
How are you holding up right now?
Oh, pretty good.
Pretty good.
We're just concerned, you know, about the guys who got arrested a couple of days ago.
That's our big concern.
So, we haven't had any news today about them.
Well, we know Terry Melton just happened to be at Ground Zero and was walking around in New York with Nanny Riley videotaping, and then he got picked up and held and interrogated and threatened and then released, but then he won't talk much more about it.
Uh, and I'm wondering if that's the individual that you heard about being released, or has someone else been released?
No, it was Terry.
I haven't heard of anyone else being released.
And did you hear from someone that they threatened to do horrible things to him?
And they heard that, who was that, and they heard that directly from Terry?
Well, at this point, I really can't say.
The person who was directly involved needs to be the one, because it's his...
It's his self that was threatened.
No, I understand, but Ed talked about it on air so now it's out there.
Now I'm just trying to ascertain if that's true.
If that's true, if they threaten to do that to him, that is absolutely criminal and absolutely outrageous and basically an Abu Ghraib type threat and that's exactly the type of stuff we see the Feds do over and over again and it's very, very disgusting.
It is.
I mean, this is the sort of thing that you see on news clips that they do to prisoners over in Baghdad and places like that.
This is the United States of America.
This is not supposed to happen here.
So people, you know, stand up and scream.
My gosh, don't sit there like sheep.
I'm sorry, it's just so frustrating.
Well, it's a pretty standard thing about, you're going to go to prison and you're going to be raped.
And that's probably what was said to him.
Now, the officer himself threatened to rape him.
That is so criminal.
And they need to get in serious trouble for that.
Oh, yes!
I mean, talk about threats!
And they accuse us of threatening.
We don't threaten, we just... Well, it was in all the literature, but it was in a news article, mainline, that's in here in my stack, that the person who was with Reno at his house saw Reno be beat up by them.
Yes, I've heard nothing further about that.
Now why should they beat him up?
He's not done anything either.
None of these guys have.
The charges that they have, that I saw that they are charging Danny Riley with, are total fabrication.
Where is the violent crime that they're talking about?
There's no violent crime.
The only violence was when the marshal shot at Danny Riley and then tased him.
The only violence is on their side, not ours.
We're peaceful.
We will only defend.
Only defend.
We will never go offensive.
Well, I've got Terry's number, and I'm going to call and see if indeed they did threaten him with that, because it's out there now.
And Terry's done nothing wrong, to my knowledge.
I remember when he was going up there, I said, what are you going up there for?
I talked to him, and he said, oh, I'm going to make a film about everything that's happening.
I knew he was in New York as I saw him there, and I didn't even know he was planning to go back out to your place, but just being in New York is not a reason to be arrested and threatened with rape.
The feds need to be arrested.
And they've built all these nice detention camps around the country that are empty, so, you know, we've got plenty of place to put them.
This just gets worse and worse by the minute.
Ed and Elaine Brown have joined us.
Anytime you've got an update or need to talk about something, Elaine or Ed, feel free to call in as we try to de-escalate this situation.
Thank you so much.
All right.
All I'm trying to do is de-escalate things and they're flying helicopters at low altitude and we've got to confirm this report.
I know he was scared and said they threatened him.
He wouldn't say any more than that.
Now we hear it's with rape.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying,
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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That's pretty standard.
It just shows how criminal this country's gotten.
For them to yell and scream at you and say, you're gonna go to prison and they're gonna rape you, a big black guy's gonna rape you,
And you're going to bleed everywhere and blah blah blah.
It's pretty standard.
In fact, when I was in high school, I told the story, never really got into full details.
I might as well just tell the whole story.
I've been talking about the police dealing drugs.
Because I was tired of checkpoints and searches and dogs in the school and I'm like, it's a joke!
Those very cop-steal drugs, everybody knows it.
I mean, I'd seen them when I was 12 years old delivering drugs.
When I'd been at my buddy's house and they were delivering them to his big brother.
These were upper-middle class people.
Drugs were just rampant when I was growing up in the upper-middle class area I lived in.
And, uh, they called me into the office.
Head of the Student Police of the School Police wants to talk to you.
And he goes, listen, I know you stole stereo equipment out of this trailer park.
And I go, I've never been to that trailer park.
And I've never stolen anything except other than a six-pack of beer out of the back of a golf cart.
I've told that story a couple times.
I did that.
But I was like, what?
And he goes, yeah.
And just go ahead and admit it.
You're going to be our snitch now.
And I said, no, you're a liar.
And he came over and put me in handcuffs, slammed my head down to the desk and said, listen, you're going to go to prison and black guys are going to rape you in the bleep and blood's going to be everywhere.
He was getting off on it.
And, um, so that's one of the experiences of my life.
And you know, it's in the movies and the culture and you hear about it, but that's the standard deal.
And I said, look, I didn't steal any stereo equipment.
And, uh,
Then I just didn't talk.
And then he said, I think you're mentally ill.
I'll never forget that.
And slammed my head, not too hard, you know, just bam, back into the table.
I think you're mentally ill, you weepin' idiot!
You're nuts!
Shut your mouth about us!
Hey, I'm sorry I didn't own a bar like you did in Dallas.
I'm sorry I wasn't a rich cop driving a brand new
I'm sorry I talked about who dealt the drugs.
And that's really just how it works.
It is a mafia that has guns and badges and uniforms.
And that's what they do.
And they don't care if it gets some FBI killed going into the Browns.
They don't care if somebody took a pot shot at the helicopter.
It's all a big sick game to them.
And I don't want any of that to happen.
I don't want this to escalate any further.
It doesn't help my country or help my life if something bad happens to you.
I just literally see you as, you're the ones that are mentally ill.
Not us.
But thank God my dad heard about all that and other things and he just moved us to Austin.
And the rest is history.
And I've got to say the cops are not as corrupt here in Austin compared to Dallas and surrounding areas.
That's like a black hole up there, kind of like Chicago or New York or Los Angeles.
A black hole of corruption.
There aren't as many people on drugs here in Austin, too.
You'd think there would be, but I know people in Dallas and there is.
It's still worse up there.
I hate drugs.
I hate them so much.
And I hate the fact that the very drug dealers made them illegal so they could put you and you use them in prison.
So stop using their drugs.
We'll be right back.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome back.
We are now into the second hour of this worldwide transmission.
It is Friday, the 14th of September, 2007.
We have now
Basically seeing the 6th anniversary come and go.
Hard to believe this year is now more than half over and the 6th anniversary of those dastardly, bloodthirsty attacks is over.
Alright, I haven't even gotten into the main body of news today yet and we have loaded phone lines and I want to do 9-11 coverage from what I witnessed last week.
So here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to talk to Dale, Bob, Elijah, Mike and Rob.
Then I'm going to cover 9-11 news.
Then I'm going to get into how they're going to use global warming to run our everyday lives.
I've warned you in games about that.
Now it's all over the news today.
Micromanaging every aspect of your life.
Literal prison planet.
That is coming up.
Dale in Indiana, you're on the air.
Dale just dropped as I went to him.
Bob in Michigan.
Go ahead, Bob.
I'm glad to hear you're okay after that little scuffle in New York City.
Oh yeah, getting arrested for free speech with a non-arrestable offense, yeah.
Yeah, on September 11th, I wore a shirt on my... a sign on my shirt all day.
It said 9-11 was an inside job at work.
Then on the 12th, I handed out copies of Terror Storm, America Destroyed by Design, Police State 2, and Police State 3.
I was just wondering, how do you get more involved
On a local level than just that.
Like, I was thinking about joining the UAW CAP Committee, which is like the political arm of the UAW, and last year they took them to Washington and they got to speak to representatives of Congress and stuff.
But I just want to get more involved in this fight and get people informed of the truth.
Well, you could do that.
If everybody listening would make copies of my films and other films, if everybody listening would talk to people every day like you're doing, that would fix it right there.
It isn't some giant mountain you've got to climb.
It's all of us together doing little things.
But if your town doesn't have access to TV, a town near you within 25 miles will have it.
And even if it's a small town, go do an AXS television show.
Jump through the hoops, ask for their bylaws.
Some places it's easy, some places it's hard.
Put films on, go on yourself.
If you've got to buy an hour of radio time on a local AM or FM station that's selling time, get a few sponsors.
Pay for the time you're buying.
Become a leader.
Start your own local organization.
Pick issues.
Meet with people at the library.
There'll be five guys there the first time, and ten the next, and twenty the next, and thirty the next, and start going out and having a community of activists.
You'll meet great people.
I mean, it's just about becoming a leader in your area.
Okay, well thank you very much.
That's all I wanted to know.
Thank you, Bob.
You keep it up, my friend.
Elijah, in New York, go ahead.
Hey, I'm glad to be on the air with you.
I mentioned the city on Ground Zero.
I was the one showing around New Liverpool Liberty Dollars.
Yeah, they're beautiful, aren't they?
Yeah, I love them things, and I wish that we could just get rid of the Federal Reserve and everybody by giving them competition.
And starting to use silver instead of the dollar, the Federal Reserve notes, which are devalued all the time.
I've heard statistics, something like, that we have inflation about 10% for food and gas.
Sir, it's been, last month food went up 10%, it went up 5% the month before that.
That's a 15% increase, government numbers,
In two months.
I mean, you see it at restaurants, you see it at the grocery store.
Stay there.
We'll talk about the economy when we get back.
Gold went above $7.14, ladies and gentlemen.
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My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spying.
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Welcome back.
We're going to go straight back to Elijah Mike Robb.
And many others here in just a few minutes and I'm going to get into the 9-11 coverage of what happened in New York.
I wasn't able to do that yesterday and I'm committed to get that done today because it was so interesting.
I also want to play the full Geraldo Rivera clip.
I mean, it's not the full 25 minutes we took over Fox, but it's the full statements and comments he made about us and basically more selects of the bullhorning and my arrest and a few other interesting little addendums.
But before we do that, folks, I want you to listen to me very carefully.
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The UN and our own government has said that they will use food as a weapon.
We're good to go.
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Or eFoodsDirect.com.
You can find their website at the top of InfoWars.com.
And, of course, PrisonPlanet.com.
Let's go back to Elijah in New York City.
I got a chance, now that he reminds me, to meet down at Ground Zero.
He pulled out
Yeah, I was getting into the economy.
Also, I found that I've been censored on eBay.
When I listed up the Ron Paul dollar to be
You know, bought up on eBay.
I wound up putting a link to YouTube where Ron Paul... Ron Paul owns the Federal Reserve if you YouTube it.
That's where Ron Paul talks about, you know, our money.
Yeah, he confronts Fed Chairman Bernanke.
Yeah, I thought it was relevant to the auction because the man's face is on the round, you know?
So, um... No, they wound up calling me up saying, no, I cannot express political views even on eBay, even though I paid them
And by the way, they do allow political expression all over eBay.
They are selectively, and I've gotten reports of this, going after libertarians, true conservatives, anti-war types.
I appreciate your call.
Really, it's sad to say that this is standard operating procedure now.
This is par for the course.
In fact, we have a clip today I haven't played yet.
John, did you get that clip I sent you of where on September 10th they're out front Fox News Studios on the sidewalk and the security guard says they're not allowed to videotape the building?
Now, folks, this is in the middle, right off the side of Times Square, a few blocks away.
This is in the middle of the media district.
There are government cameras everywhere.
Fox News videotapes everyone in the streets and pipes it into their feeds every day.
It's your right to have a handheld video camera and videotape Fox News.
The guy aims his camera at Fox News.
He says, here it is, the belly of the beast.
And then, boom, the security guard comes over.
And says, you can videotape the bottom floor, but not above the Fox News logo.
That's our policy!
And their policy is now law.
And I was not going to be arrested for having an unpermitted demonstration.
It was unpermitted.
Uh, there at Fox News Studios.
Until the security guard, in a suit, plainclothes, ordered them.
And we saw him go over and say, that's it, you're arrested.
And I said, fine, it's all on video.
And then, uh, two minutes later, I was arrested.
It's incredible that that's how, this is what we always heard about the Soviet Union or China.
So let's go ahead and play this audio.
This is the home of Fox, Robert Murdoch's Fox News.
This is the propaganda wing of the New World Order.
What's that?
That's not the law though.
That's not the law though.
Thank you.
Let's go.
We just got a taste of a little totalitarianism there.
One of Robert Murdoch's private goons came and told me I couldn't film above the logo sign of the building.
When I said, is that the law, he called the police.
And I don't know if it came across on the audio, but if you go to PrisonPlanet.com you can watch the video and he clearly starts calling the police and he says, send police to the perimeter.
And he's standing out on the public sidewalk
You can clearly see he's about 15 feet back from the facade of the building, where we had been just, what, the night before, and where I'd been arrested.
And he walks up and he says, it's our policy!
And just forget you're gonna be arrested, it's our policy!
Don't stand on a New York sidewalk and videotape our building!
We're gonna surveil you and we're gonna push for surveillance all over the country and no freedom, but we're gonna have you arrested for videotaping.
This is what the country has become, and everywhere in New York City.
It wasn't just us.
I watched police going, move along, move along!
Even pushing people, putting their hand on their back and pushing them.
And don't sit down there!
Get over here!
Do what I say!
It's time for you to learn that you're slaves, alright?
Land of the free, home of the brave.
Absolutely humiliating.
Though a lot of the police were nodding their heads and agreeing with us that the attacks were an inside job.
Just heaven help us.
Heaven help us.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Mike in Chicago.
Mike, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how are you?
Good, sir.
Thought of something pretty simple.
Brought it up to a lot of people on 9-11.
Um, and it gets them thinking, because since then they have come back to me and said, wow, I never really looked at it that way.
Um, maybe the simplest solutions are the best ones in this instance.
All you have to do is ask them.
Don't force them, don't push them, just ask them to repeat the official story.
19 guys from Saudi Arabia trained in Afghanistan and attacked us, so we invaded Iraq.
Nobody has immediately repeated that to me, because it's so ludicrous.
And doesn't make any sense whatsoever is that they have to process it.
And it immediately makes them start thinking.
There's no real argument that supports what we've done, so when they repeat that to themselves, even if they don't do it in front of you, it forces the wheels to turn whether they want them to or not.
And it works.
Then you can start handing out movies and whatnot, but that at least gets them to start thinking.
Well, I've also found that it's good to just give somebody a terror storm and say, hey, watch this and tell me what you think, if you know them.
Just say, give me your opinion on this.
Will you watch this?
I agree with that completely because I've done it before, but I've handed movies to people that they refuse to watch.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll get to it.
When you get them to the point that you ask them to repeat the official story, it forces them to think.
Nineteen guys from Saudi Arabia train in Afghanistan attacked us, so we invaded Iraq.
It doesn't make sense.
None of it does.
And they can't fight that.
It's so blatantly obvious to them, they resist repeating it to you.
They'll sit there and, like, you know, throw their hands up like they don't even want to touch it.
But it forces them to think.
And there's no way that they can turn around and just continue to go, oh no, no, this is all legitimate, we're doing right.
You can't.
When you throw it out that easy and that simply,
You can't fight that.
Well now the controlled media is saying Iran is behind Al-Qaeda and we have to attack Al-Qaeda and Iran.
Then the White House puts out releases and statements saying we're funding Wahhabis in an attack against Iran and then you read who the Wahhabis are and it's the number three in Al-Qaeda.
Maybe that's why it works as well.
You can't make this type stuff up.
I mean you cannot make it up.
I was bringing this up to an airline pilot who was flying next to me on the way back to Austin and he just couldn't
You know, he was still pro-war.
He just said, yeah, that's wrong.
Yeah, I know that's true.
Yeah, well, it's a war.
We got to have propaganda.
I mean, he knew history, by the way.
I talked to him for four hours, and he was very intelligent.
He just basically said, well, it's Machiavellian.
We've got to basically be evil.
And we've got to be, he quote said, we've got to be the devil.
to save America, but then I argued with him about getting rid of the borders, getting rid of the currency, how the globalists are the ones destroying us, and he said, yeah, and he finally said, my gosh, that really makes sense.
And I said, yeah, it's one thing if you're Andrew Jackson doing devilish stuff to really build the United States, and that's a bad thing, but that was his age and his time.
It's another thing to do devilish stuff and then sell people on it and then somehow convince them it's for America when you're destroying America by design.
I agree with you.
I see it happening.
And so he was like Robbie the Robot when he says, I cannot compute.
You know, when you give him a question that's an oxymoron, I was showing him the flawed logic down every line.
Even the Machiavellian view that they've sold a lot of neocons will tell you, okay, maybe we did the attacks, maybe it's needed to save us because the Muslims are so deadly.
I mean, that's what they sold the guys on that planted the bombs in the buildings.
That's, that's, I mean, I was there seeing the mindset, brother.
I was there witnessing, and I've got to tell that story.
It was a four-hour conversation.
And at the end of it, of course, I have won.
We'll be right back.
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Another flashing
Continuing with phone calls, coming up the next segment I'm getting right into the 9-11 and chronicling all that happened and first going over my arrest and the propaganda spewed by Fox News is very important not just because I was arrested but as a case point example of how they lie to the public.
It's a good exercise to go over to train our minds to be able to recognize the tricks.
Rob in New York, welcome.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, I apologize for my voice.
A little bit too much screaming this weekend.
I just want to bring up two little things.
One, I got to thank you on behalf of everybody from We Are Change for coming down and showing us Endgame.
I've been following you for over ten years and it's definitely the best thing you've ever done.
Between that and Loose Change Final Cut, I think both those movies are going to really make a difference.
And I just can't wait for it to be out!
So you saw the premiere.
This is Rob from We Are Change, isn't it?
I recognize your voice.
Good to talk to you again.
Everybody was so great.
Tom, I didn't think I needed security while I was there and then somebody ran up behind me and punched me in the back.
I never talked about that.
They grabbed him within two seconds.
He was great.
Everybody was so wonderful out there.
But you saw Endgame.
What did you think of it?
Give us a review.
It blew me away.
I actually would maybe refrain from a full review because it kind of upset me.
I was getting pulled away every 10 seconds, hooking up wires and stuff.
So I did miss some big chunks of it.
But just in general, the professionalism, the way it was designed, you know, everything.
I had a decent idea of what was going to be in it already.
And, you know, it just blew me away.
I mean, it's definitely a production level, quality documentary.
Not even going into the actual information.
That's right.
You guys were getting ready for after it ended to have Immortal Technique and the guys rappelled down out of the top of the theater.
So you were busy setting up for the band behind the stage.
Magically, the big movie screen that came down out of a motorized spool in the ceiling broke.
Uh, right before the showing the night before.
So you guys didn't sleep, went to Home Depot, bought huge pieces of plywood, painted them white, built a whole stage, ran the whole operation, put on, what, three, four bands, first responders, and all of it for the first responders.
We've got Luke coming up later.
I assume we'll find out how much money we did
Hopefully we raise some of their expenses, so expensive that the different venues they rented to give to the Feel Good Foundation and other groups.
But I'm going to have some of the first responders on this show to try to support a trip for them to D.C.
in buses to go literally confront the congressmen and women with their plight, because that's something that they really want to do.
Yeah, I mean, I give you a lot of credit for the L.A.
thing that you put together, because we learned first-hand, you know, it's not that easy to put these things together.
You know, you need to do so much planning and everything.
Well, here's the deal.
Both the venues you rented were, what, ten grand, plus having to pay for insurance and security and all these other things in L.A., because Charlie wanted to have it there, but I was paying for it, which was fine.
We looked at like 10 or 15 different venues.
The Sheraton was the cheapest at $40,000 for two days.
And people ask why I charge 50-something bucks.
We actually lost $5,000 on that after everything was paid for, after flying all the presenters out, after, you know, which of course I wasn't paid to fly out, which is fine, but we try to, you know,
I think we will and I'm sure Luke will be able to answer that a little later because we've been all resting.
I haven't even had a chance to talk to him.
One other quick thing before I go.
I just want to bring up this whole, we've been too busy, but this whole nuke story thing going on.
I agree with you that, you know, it's probably a big red herring, but I was doing some research last night and one thing that kind of scared me was I came across a couple articles, Military Times, a couple other places, and they claim that since 1968 they've never flown a nuclear warhead in combat configuration because of the accidents they had back in the 50s, losing a whole bunch of them.
And actually, Bush Sr.
in 1991, with this part of the SALT Treaty, he stopped all loading of weapons, even on the tarmac.
So, it kind of scares me.
That's not what I know about it.
Yeah, this came up in military times.
I could send Aaron a link, you might want to check it out.
Send it right now, my friend.
Send it right now and I will definitely print that off and go over it.
They may tell you they don't load nukes on planes, but that's not the case.
Ah, that's unbelievable.
But I believe you.
We'll look into it.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think that a parasitic dream will never come back.
It even painted my hands and my face blue.
And suddenly the wind blew me away.
We're good.
We're good to go.
Welcome back.
We're about to go to Luke Rudowsky's.
We can really talk about the incredible developments that happened.
There has been so much that developed in New York.
The New York Times, in the actual paper, had a big write-up about Luke Rudowsky and his girlfriend who lost a family member on 9-11.
They got into the pit with family members.
They had passes into the pit.
The walled off area with Bush and all the rest of them in it.
They were able to get into there and then scream and yell at Point Blank Range and Giuliani.
I didn't even know this was in the New York Times two days ago on Wednesday.
And it was also in several other New York papers.
There's stacks of articles that gave us coverage I haven't even covered.
There's things I haven't even told you that happened.
There's experiences that I haven't even played all the Geraldo clips and analyzed them yet.
We're going to do that right now with Luke.
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Luke Rodowski, so much happened.
You've got the floor in five minutes.
Run down.
Luke Rodowski just turned 21 last week.
He's been doing this now for four years.
A real freedom fighter.
Luke, run through just, number one, the stuff we haven't covered yet.
Like, you just read to me the headlines out of the New York Times and other papers.
I didn't even know about all that.
I mean, just tell us about the issues that people aren't aware of yet that happened that I wasn't even aware of.
Yeah, I mean, it was an amazing five days of events.
Five days of street action and three days of events that took place here last weekend.
And it was truly incredible.
And there's so many things that it's really hard to just mention in five minutes.
But really quickly, on 9-11, when I was in the pit with Sabrina Rivera, we actually saw Giuliani there shaking hands with people down there.
I think?
And as soon as the security guards people saw him, they immediately were trying to rush him out of there, and they're rushing him out of the building.
Let's be clear, they saw your t-shirts, it's been in major papers that the vast majority of the families, the firemen, the police, hate him, and so you see him, they see your 9-11 inside job, investigate 9-11 shirts, he starts scurrying, what happened?
Well, not only Investigate 9-11 t-shirts, I was pretty much hiding and covering that up, and we were wearing jackets so they really couldn't see us, but I know through prior Giuliani events where me, Sabrina... Yeah, you confronted him, what, four times now?
Yeah, they identify us by our faces now.
We were covering up our Investigate 9-11 t-shirts, and they saw Sabrina's face and my face, and they recognized it.
I see the same security guards around Giuliani all the time.
We're good to go.
How does he have the audacity to be here?
How dare he be here?
By the way, do you have video of that?
That video's coming out soon.
Me and Nathan Evans are working on it actually right now.
And actually you see him running away from me and Sabrina.
The security guards, the security staff actually assaulted Sabrina.
You see on video the security guards shoving and elbowing, throwing elbows at Sabrina.
And Sabrina's just trying to walk by to him just to ask him a question.
And they're just physically assaulting her.
And then on the way out we just started screaming that he's scum, that he's trash, and that he doesn't belong to be here because he's one of the criminals on 9-11, not one of the heroes.
And then recently after that day was over... Oh wait, go over to the New York Times because they quoted you guys about how they were thrown in the trash can, how the potholes were filled with the dead.
Oh yeah, on September 12th, the New York Times released an article that says, quote, Mad confronts Giuliani at Ground Zero ceremony.
And then the New York Metro local newspaper here also released a story about the incident and what happened at Ground Zero.
So, luckily they did cover those two incidents.
They're out there, people know about it.
And this person, he does not deserve to be here.
He does not deserve to be there at Ground Zero.
He's one of the criminals and we have to let him know that he's a crook and that he's not one of the heroes of 9-11.
Now, Luke, are you ready to break the incredible news of what you did a week and a half ago that no one even knows about?
Oh, as far as Bill Clinton, I think we're just going to wait until we release the video about that, but we're going to have an amazing new confrontation coming out where we confronted Bill Clinton.
You actually, I mean, the video, the video is going to be literally amazing and people are going to be shocked to see exactly how we confronted him, what we did on him.
I would have to talk to Matt Lapace exactly what he wants to do, but as far as getting into details, I don't think we'll be smart to get into details right now about it.
Well, Luke, you better get that out quick.
Yeah, we're working very hard here.
I know you put them together with great music and edits.
I would just put it up there raw with the website addresses.
I mean, I would get that up there as fast as you can, buddy.
Because the word's out there about it.
I mean, you know, the word's out there.
Everybody knows about it, so we might as well just get it out there as quick as possible, Luke.
Yeah, we could definitely mention what happened if you want.
I mean, it was an amazing confrontation where we just basically just grilled him.
And I asked him a question, you know, why didn't he actually let Osama Bin Laden, when the Sudanese government gave him up, and he just blatantly ignored me.
And by the way, his face all swells up red, and then it goes on and on, folks.
This is the greatest confrontation I've ever seen, and it's off the charts.
I mean, you have gone into territory, Luke, that I've never even gone into with this.
And then the Fox News thing, taking over for 25 minutes?
I mean, that's what it's about.
And that's what we're trying to exemplify.
We're trying to motivate people to do this and explain to them it's easy.
And if we could do it, it's a little...
If a 21-year-old kid could do it, if anybody could do it, and that's what's beautiful about this retirement.
Well, they tell you you're a kid when you're 21.
Some of the founding fathers were 25.
I mean, that's not, you know, there were people who sailed around the world when they were 19 as captains of ships.
Age is only a number, and it's really your heart and your mind that are really the only thing that matters, and people have to understand.
We're in a critical situation here and unless we do something, unless the American people act, we're going to lose this country.
We're going to lose everything this country stood for.
And it's up to us.
It's up to the American people.
It's up.
It's for the people, by the people.
And if we don't take this country back, it's really not going to be a country that we can really live in.
And that's why we're doing what we're doing.
We're stepping up the bar.
We're raising the level.
And I just want people to look at what we're doing and to do it in their cities and towns because these criminals should not be able to walk in any city block, on any corner, anywhere in the world without being confronted on their lives, on their murder.
These people are murderers for God's sakes.
They should at least be called on it.
And it's up to us to do it, and I hope people take examples of what we're doing and do it in their cities and their towns to make sure these people can't blame us.
I mean, we are changing, leading the info war in the fight against the globalists right now.
I want to, because I've been promising to do this for days, and I'm going to keep you until the next hour, Luke, as we walk through all this, and then we're going to take calls until the bottom of the next hour, then we're going to get into economic news, and boy, folks, there's a lot of it here on my plate today.
But, and it's very important, so stay with us for that, but Luke,
This is a nine minute clip.
This is just compilations of at least 25 minutes of Geraldo Rivera taking over.
John, you have all those time code dates I gave you, correct?
You don't have them anymore?
I gave them to you yesterday.
I know, but it's okay.
You know what?
Let's just start at the top and just play through all of it.
We'll just comment at each minute.
I mean, the fluff news they had on there about cooking cookies in the car because it's so hot.
They've got the women all up there dressed like
Strumpets or tarts and Luke, describe what happened briefly.
We're going to go to the clip.
I mean, it was an amazing clip where Robert Rivera was going live.
We found out out of nowhere.
We took everybody there outside Fox 5 News studios as they were going live and we took over the Fox 5 media station.
And to describe the topography, they're in about a six-foot raised stage with two fences around it, an internal little fence and then another fence around us.
And we literally chanted, a couple hundred of us who had marched down from Times Square at the military recruiting stations, we heard he was going live, a rarity, outside.
Radio City Musical, just a couple of blocks uptown from Fox World headquarters.
And if you hear the shouting, it's a group of demonstrators who've come.
Oh, 9-11 was an inside job.
Oh, get a life!
Get a life, 9-11 was an inside job.
But it was 82 degrees, 87 degrees, a high of 87 degrees in New York today.
This is Dr. Ashton, Jennifer Ashton.
There was also a canine dog who died in a hot car.
Why is it so dangerous?
Why do crows get so hot?
Well, Geraldo, the important analogy here between pets and babies is they're unable to sweat.
Then the animal goes into multiple system organ failure and dies.
Here's an experiment that we performed today.
Take a look.
So, Dr. Ashton, here are the cookies.
We literally cook these cookies just from the heat inside the car.
The proteins in our body literally become denatured.
They separate, and that's how people die.
Judge Pirro, put the microphone close by your mouth.
Should this mother have been given a free pass as she has been by the authorities?
Absolutely not, Geraldo.
And the truth is that she left this child alone in the car before.
Other mothers whose children suffer far less damage or injury have been prosecuted.
Let me do an update now on the death of an immigrant worker up in Mount Kisco, New York.
You might recall that
A guy with a criminal record who had been in trouble a lot, who had been in and out of the drunk tank, was found dead.
A 42-year-old homeless, illegal immigrant from Guatemala named Rene Perez.
Fernando Marteo.
Fernando, thanks for being on.
Now you called on the cops to solve the killing of Perez and the other immigrants who have died in that area over the past few years.
Now a cop has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.
Are you satisfied that justice has been done?
No, justice has not been done.
There's going to be a trial.
The trial is going to go on for about a year.
Well said, Fernando.
You're a great judge.
You were the DA in that town.
Absolutely, and I worked with Fernando.
And the truth is that when you have so many immigrants who are being killed and where the cases are not being looked at, it's a problem.
This is only one case of many.
There's no disagreement at all.
Defort them if they're criminals.
Don't kill them is the point.
When we come back, we'll take you into the secret world of restroom gay sex.
I think these demonstrators are all into restroom gay sex.
And talk live with the Hooters girl who got booted from the plane after that.
Welcome back, everybody.
We've been surrounded by an activist, radical, I don't know, communist group.
I don't know who the hell they are.
But let me go on to our planned program.
First, he said he was going to step down after allegedly approaching an undercover cop for sex in an airport bathroom.
Laurie Dude checked into the men's room to find out.
So Lori, the odds are of this happening by chance, pretty low.
Extremely low.
I think the sad part about all this is that Larry Craig had to go to a public place.
If it's true, if he is gay, he had to go to a public place.
And that's the shame of homosexuality in this country today.
At least the shame that the Republican Party puts on it.
Joining us now, Deputy Chief of the Bergen County, New Jersey Sheriff's Office, Brian Wright, who up until eight months ago engaged in sex things with the Bergen County Sex Crimes Unit.
So, how obvious are these guys?
I mean, what the Senator did, is this in keeping with the way the MO, they pick up guys in public restrooms?
They're extremely...
They're extremely nefarious about what they do, and they're just revolving doors, these places.
Absolute revolving doors.
I want to bring in our resident psychologist, Dr. Vissarios Idra.
Come on in here.
Why do men risk so much to do something like this?
Well, sexual urges are extremely powerful when I'm allergic.
When we get back, we're going to get to the really good parts, and get Luke Rudowsky's take on it, into the next hour.
We'll also take your calls if you were there during the 9-11 truth events that went on for five days.
Led by We Are Change.
The next wave in the info war.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying,
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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The New World Order think it's shutting down all the union, but we're not going along with it quietly, ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah, democracy don't rule the world.
Better get that through your head.
Welcome back!
A lot of real estate indeed!
Alright, I'm gonna shut up and stop singing.
Luke Rodowski, good to have you on with us, my friend.
Now we've got it queued up to the really good spots here.
Let's play the next clip and we'll comment on it.
Here is Geraldo, who literally looks like some type of Stromboli devil, right out of Pinocchio.
Here it is.
Let's go to Mark Geragos.
I think it's quieter in Los Angeles.
Mike, do you think this is entrapment, Mark?
I don't know if it's entrapment.
I just wonder why is it that the police are spending their time in this bathroom?
The ludicrous part of it, though, Mark, that people feel compelled to have to have sex in places like public restrooms on the freeway?
Well, if there's something ludicrous, first of all, that's what it's all about.
Cue it up to the next point, please.
I mean, Luke, you could hear it loud and clear.
That was, of course, the bullhorn.
I mean, it was a beautiful thing.
I mean, we brought the truth to Fox Live for over 30 minutes.
I mean, we took over Fox 5.
I mean, and we took it over with the truth, and we gave the people listening to the truth.
Fox 5 is not doing their job, so it's up to us to make them do it.
By the way, I mean, you keep saying Fox 5.
That's the local.
This went out nationally.
That's beautiful, Ben.
That's amazing.
I mean, thousands and thousands of people saw that.
Thousands of people are now going to research it.
Thousands of people are going to Google it.
Try millions.
I looked at his writings.
He's got a million and a half viewers on Amazon.
Awesome, man.
That's even better, man.
And it's something that I encourage all American people to do because this is the only way the media will heal the truth behind 9-11.
There's no other way.
I mean, we have to do their job.
They're not doing their job.
And it's up to us to do the right thing and we're doing it, man.
And it was a beautiful day.
And you see Geraldo, man, he was getting so stressed out.
His facial hair was falling out, man.
And it was beautiful, man.
And seeing him out, man, he got...
I mean, he was so immature.
He was like a little 12-year-old kid.
He flipped us off, cussed at us every break, and that video's all on the web, up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Let's go to the next clip.
Here it is.
They really are one of the least attractive groups of demonstrators I've ever seen.
I bet one of the leaders, I guess, if violence breaks out, don't worry, we can handle it.
Our Fox News team can take this bunch of
I don't want to use any foul language.
The funny thing, let me go back to our script.
The funny thing about... The Fox team can take us.
And actually they were scurrying in fear when people started climbing up over the fence.
Remember that?
Yeah, they were scared.
They really couldn't really debunk us.
All they could say is childish, you know, childish behavior.
They were like, oh, they're unattractive.
They're communists.
They're homosexuals.
Gay lovers.
They couldn't say nothing else.
And that's the funny part about it.
Seeing them act so mature just proves that we're right.
Proves that we're doing our job and they're not.
It was so, it was almost spiritual though, him all dressed up in that suit, that big handlebar mustache like some third world caricature of a devil, and the women all dressed up scantily, uh, sassy pants sticking their rear ends out.
I mean, did you see them striking the poses and all of that?
Yeah, they were, they were floozies, they were, they were, they were showing themselves, showing off their bodies everywhere, but it really was biblical because this thing came out of nowhere.
I mean, just, just the minutes before he went live.
Stay there, we're gonna launch the third hour of the Info War in 70 seconds!
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
If you're looking for the InfoWard, if you've been trying to find the resistance to the New World Order, you have run smack dab into the tip of the spear, the very front line.
I'm Alex Jones, Luke Rudowsky of WeAreChanged.org.
Info Warrior extraordinaire.
His great example spreading across the planet.
The fine tradition of the Info Warriors.
We really appreciate him joining us today.
We're playing clips of Geraldo Rivera.
We're going to come back and get into all the other things that happened during the five days of demonstrations on the sixth anniversary 2007 of the 9-11 inside job attacks.
Let's go to the next Geraldo Rivera clip.
Here it is.
I don't want to use any foul language, but the funny thing, let me go back to our script.
The funny thing about Southwest Airlines telling college student and part-time Hooters waitress Kyla Ebbert that she couldn't fly because her outfit was too risque is that Southwest became famous
Promoting the idea of sexy, risque flying.
It's a lot more modest than the one that Southwest used in its ad.
And in support of Kyla, our team has dressed similarly.
So did you realize that you were going to get caught in such a controversy?
I never imagined that this outfit would get me noticed for anything other than it's a very cute outfit.
And when they told you to leave the aircraft, could you believe what was happening?
No, and initially I wasn't told it was because of my outfit.
I couldn't imagine what they would be pulling me off the aircraft for.
Was it a passenger, a fellow passenger who complained about you?
No, it was a Southwest employee who felt that my outfit was obscene and was offending other people.
But realistically, it doesn't look obscene.
What was going on?
Realistically, I don't know what happened.
I was told to change.
I had nothing to change into.
I was told to buy a change of clothes from the gift shop.
Is there a lawsuit here, Judge?
Well, you know, there may be for anything.
But the question is, what are the damages?
And I give you credit.
You didn't get off the plane.
You insisted on staying on.
And I think she certainly has some intentional infliction of emotional distress.
And, Justice, a lot of times your outfits are provocative in some ways.
Now, how do you deal with people who may be offended as long as they don't mess with you and your right to fly or whatever?
Well, you know, this is why we live in a free country.
We are free to wear what we want to wear as long as it's not offensive.
There's nothing offensive, you know, in the outfit like this or what I'm wearing.
We're not blaring it out.
There's absolutely nothing wrong.
You have to be strong and stand by your beliefs.
What's more offensive, a beautiful girl like this or a sweaty person who gets on who hasn't taken a shower in a week who's wearing a too tight outfit and weighs 300 pounds?
Which one is more offensive?
They should be more concerned about terrorism than someone as innocuous as a college student who's dressed
In the way kids dress.
What are you studying, Kyla?
I'm studying international business and have now decided to pursue law.
Are you going to stick out with your job at Hooters?
You know, I wasn't even working at Hooters at the time this happened.
That's the funny thing.
But for now, Hooters is helping me get through college and they've been great.
They've been very supportive.
Alright, ladies.
Next, Pavarotti's final ovation.
Stand by.
See, Craig, this is what happens when you go on the Panasonic Astrovision.
Every nut job in Manhattan.
And this is only your first or second time in New York?
This is my second time in New York.
How do you like it so far?
You know, I think I'll come back when things calm down in a few years.
I'm not sure it does.
And then earlier there's a clip where they arrest me and he talks about, well you gotta have a permit in New York.
They're talking about the freedom.
I don't think she should have been in trouble for wearing a miniskirt.
It wasn't that big of a deal.
It shows the police state.
Now they're looking for anything to go after you.
But then they're talking about freedom to wear what you want in America.
But don't you dare come shut down a live TV broadcast.
Luke, we're about to break.
Comment on what you just heard.
I mean, it's amazing.
I mean, I just hope people understand what we did and take part and do it everywhere.
Do it in your towns.
Do it in your cities.
They're not doing your job.
It's up to you to make sure that they do their job.
It's the media.
We have to become the media.
We have to do our job.
And we did it right there, me and you.
Alex, it was amazing, brother.
We'll be right back on the other side of this quick break to chronicle some of the other things that happened while we were in New York.
Right here on the GCN Radio Network, often imitated, never duplicated.
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After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Here's the type of articles I have in front of me by the hundreds.
We have the transcript of it.
Bill O'Reilly claims that he never disseminated GOP propaganda.
Even though the memos have come out and the talking points,
And that Roger Ailes goes to the White House and literally gets orders.
And Rupert Murdoch, when he was at the Davos World Economic Forum, what, five months ago, admitted on international television and C-SPAN that he did disseminate White House propaganda.
But O'Reilly is counting on you being ignorant and not knowing.
Just another example.
But I don't want to sit here and put out the image that Fox News is the enemy.
CNN is even worse.
It's just slicker.
It looks more balanced.
Fox is like cartoon propaganda.
That's all it is.
I know we've got Jeremy, Frank, Matt, John, Luis, and that's probably all the calls I'll have time to take with Luke Radowsky.
I'm going to get into the economic news in the last 30 minutes and some
Global Warming News.
It's so important about how they want to manage and run all our lives.
We want to know what the future is going to look like.
It's coming up right now.
Luke, any other key points you want to make before we take these calls about what happened over those five days or what we witnessed?
It was an amazing five days.
I mean, just hearing from some of the family members, just hearing from some of the rescue workers, hearing the new eyewitness testimony, not only from Kevin McPadden, but those two other individuals that William Rodriguez brought forward, it was amazing.
And I just wish the mainstream media was doing their job because it would have been so much easier on us, but they're not.
And it's up to us to take examples of what we did, of what we did Saturday, but how we took over Fox 5.
And people should do that in their cities and towns.
We're just trying to inspire people to be their own leaders.
Do it, and it feels great doing it, and we're doing the right thing.
And let's just do it before it's too late.
Luke, what's next?
What's the new battle plan and the info war for We Are Change?
What are you going to do next?
Well, of course, we're going to launch a new website.
We're going to organize a whole bunch of new chapters all around the world.
We're going to give them websites.
We're going to give them press passes.
We're trying to make food squads everywhere around the world to make sure that these people, wherever they go, they get called on on their crimes.
And it's all about doing that.
Another thing we're also working on is we're working on a second fundraiser for the John Feargood Foundation, where we just found out where Christy Todd Whitman lives.
And we're going to go outside our house, we're going to get a bull horner, we're going to have hundreds of not alone first responders just bull horn her outside our house, and then we're going to have a benefit counter a couple blocks away just for the John Fairgood Foundation, just for the first responders.
We're working on a lot of projects, and we're going to have a lot of new surprises coming up with our YouTube videos as well.
You guys have got knock them out of the park confrontation video after confrontation video.
I have to say, it seemed like more first responders were on our side last year than this year, but I think that's skewed.
Half the cops wanted to arrest us.
We're trying to trip us.
We're starting fights.
A lot of the firefighters were on our side.
Then in 2006, I would say 70-80% of the firemen or more were on our side.
More than half the cops.
Captains were saying, thank you, keep it up.
Yeah, we know the truth.
It was amazing.
We've got all that video.
It's going to be in a film I'm going to make.
This year, I know why there were less though.
It was still the majority on our side.
Because of the torrential rains all morning and all afternoon,
I'd say there was one-tenth as many people at Ground Zero.
I mean, last year, there were giant marching battalions of firemen and police.
There were whole contingents of British.
There were people from New Jersey.
It was huge crowds down there.
This time, we were it, basically, most of the day, except for a few people coming out of the pit.
And any time it was low-level firemen, low-level police, that is, Sergeant and lower, they would be on our side, but the higher-ups
Uh, would be in our faces and flipping us off.
But still, I'd say about half the cops were on our side, about 70% of the firemen.
But I did see more of the flipping off and more the, you're full of it, uh, type baloney this year.
But I saw a lot of cops when I would say, you remember them calling us conspiracy theorists when we said the dust was deadly and the cops would nod their heads.
And I'd say, a lot of you were here, and you remember the countdown to bring down Building 7.
You know they blew it up.
And they'd nod their heads, and I saw them get tears in their eyes.
They were freaked out.
I mean, I was really talking to them when I was on that bullhorn, and even a few of the commanders that had been laughing stopped laughing and looked real serious, and then looked sad, looking at me.
Because I was reminding them, hey guys!
You know they blew it up, and now you're part of it, because you didn't expose it!
And let me tell you, they looked freaked out.
You saw that look, didn't you?
Yeah, they really did look freaked out.
I mean, they knew what was going on, and you could see in their faces, they were listening, they understood us.
And I just really would like to thank some of the NYPD officers that day, because they were really respectful to us, and they really didn't do nothing illegal, and they respected our rights.
And that's something a lot of cops here don't do, but they respected us, and that really means a lot.
I mean, even after I confronted Giuliani in the pit, I mean, I had a police officer who was told to kick me out and arrest me saying, I agree with you.
I totally agree with you, but I have to do my job.
And then a firefighter went up to Sabrina Rivera and said, you know, you got him good.
You know, keep up the great work, because, you know, it's because of him that my brothers died.
Because of him, we didn't have the proper radios.
Because of him, the family rooms don't have closure, and they're thrown into garbage dumps like they're nothing.
And by the way, they were literally paving streets down there, admittedly, that's where most of the aggregate comes.
It was AP, New York Times, with the literal bone fragments of the dead.
Forty-five percent of them left in the pile and taken out and then used to be as mix in asphalt.
Yeah, I mean, 1,148 people were never discovered, were never found.
None of their remains were never found on Ground Zero.
45% of them were thrown into garbage dumps.
And then the AP, as you said, the AP reported it.
It's declassified.
The evidence is there.
They used it.
They recycled the remains of loved ones, of people, of human beings.
I mean, they should have at least taken it and dumped it in the park, built a memorial, and then that's the dead.
No, I mean, they won't even, folks, they won't even go into the Titanic.
And take any more of the goods, because it is a burial site.
I mean, not even in a dump.
I mean, they throw it in a garbage dump, in a landfill.
That's how much respect they have for people.
That's how much respect the government, that's how much respect the Giuliani really has for the people.
We have to understand, these people do not care about us.
It's the people, like you and what we've been, our fundraisers that we've been working on for five days.
We are the ones who love and care about the people.
They do not care about us.
The government does not care about us.
That's my next question, Luke.
Were you able to pay for renting the spaces and everything and then have some left over for the firemen and police?
Yeah, we're waiting right now.
We're waiting right now for all the money to come in from the venues, from all the ticket sales.
It's still going to come in, but I want to tell people the fundraiser is not over yet.
Anybody who donates right now, all profits go to Feel Good Foundation.
And there were also some buckets out, and I saw that the Feel Good folks were getting thousands.
Yes, yes.
I mean... And by the way, those guys are giving kidneys up to people.
I mean, this is the real deal.
Yeah, I mean, minimally, I think we raised about $10,000 for the first month.
Minimally, I don't know yet.
I don't want to say now because the numbers have not come yet.
I've done this before.
No, no.
You have to get the money from the theaters later, yeah.
Yeah, I'm still waiting for that.
And as soon as that comes in, we're going to know.
But right now, the fundraiser's not over yet.
People can still donate at WeAreChanged.org.
And all profits go straight to the John Phil Goode Foundation.
As of now, until the fundraiser's over, until we have all the numbers set,
So, you know, we're doing good things.
We're doing whatever we can.
And whatever money we raise, we know it's helping people.
It's more than the government ever did to help out the people.
And that's what it's about, man.
It's about for the people, by the people.
And we have to become, we have to help ourselves out, because the government won't do it.
The media will cover us up.
And it's up to us, and we're doing it.
I really want to thank you so much, Alex, for coming in there for free.
Not even, you know, we didn't pay for anything.
You paid for everything yourself.
We all did what we can, and all the other people who've flown themselves in just to do the right thing.
And it felt great.
I mean, it felt great just talking to the police officers at Police Plaza and making them understand the elite do not care about you.
They will throw your brothers in garbage dumps, and we'll use them to fill up potholes.
That's how much they care about you.
And it's up to us.
The police are going to have to make a decision soon.
Either if they're going to be with the people or against the people.
And hearing and seeing them listen to us.
Seeing them tear up when we were talking.
Seeing them feel what we felt.
Knows that right now they're going to make the right decision and they're going to stand with the people.
And it's up to us to educate as many police officers, as many military personnel as we can.
Because it's really these people who are going to have a critical decision to make soon.
And let's make sure they make the right decision instead of the wrong one.
Let's take a call.
Jeremy in Indiana.
You're on the air worldwide.
Yes sir, go ahead.
Yeah, I just would like to commend you.
I never actually got to talk to you before.
Well, it's good to meet you.
What's on your mind?
Well, I was kind of perturbed because I was watching some stuff a couple weeks ago and I saw that there was an Al-Qaeda message saying that Muslims should evacuate
Washington D.C.
and New York.
Yeah, those are CIA messages.
Those videos are all fake.
It's all been proven to be fake.
It's just a complete fraud.
It's a complete fraud.
Our government commands real Al-Qaeda units in the attack against Iran, ongoing for three years, sir.
A big White House press release.
It's totally fake.
Again, they're literally commanding Al-Qaeda, just like they did against the Russians, just like they did against the Serbs.
It's the same baloney.
I understand that.
What I'm saying is, is this whole thing that coincides with this, uh, stand-down National Safety Day thing, uh, you know, um... Yeah, that's the big news is that, and I'm telling you, they have these National Safety Days for the Air Force all the time.
Okay, so there's not some big thing to worry about just today?
China and Russia doing war games with all those guys practicing war games?
Yeah, that's the Shanghai Cooperative Agreement.
I'd be doing the same thing if somebody's messing with the people that are giving me my oil.
I hear you, my friend.
I appreciate your call.
We're going to come back and talk to Frank, Matt, John, and a few others, and we're going to let Luke Rodowski go and get some rest, and I'm going to get into some economic news and some other important news and information that I have here in front of me.
There's no doubt that we're going into very dangerous, very tumultuous upheaval.
Tectonic shifts in the geopolitical structure, and then all the liberties and freedoms that we hold so dear are under vicious, sustained assault by criminal elements.
They're setting up domestic tattletale squads, cameras everywhere, tracking, tracing, just out of control wickedness.
The government is just absolutely shot.
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The dollar has fallen to 65% of the euro.
Erosion accelerates.
Mainline talk show hosts are trying to hold on to their support of the conservative movement, keeping focus on the Republican agenda and playing into the hand of the globalists.
Dr. Corsi interviewed Robert Pastor,
We're good to go.
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You'd say the same old thing that you've been saying all along.
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Don't give me that old familiar crying, cussing moan.
Understand your man.
I'm tired of your bad mouthing.
Understand your man.
Yeah, the government's kind of like a bad talking woman, isn't she?
You just take it all but never want to get a little bit of what they're shoveling?
People don't trust you anymore, government.
They don't trust your lies anymore.
They know you're a bunch of crooks.
Yeah, I'm not taking anything that will slow down my traveling while I'm untangling my mind.
I love that line.
You can give my other suit to the Salvation Army And everything else I leave behind I ain't takin' nothin' that'll slow down my travelin' While I'm untangled in my mind
Gotta love it.
Just lay there in your bed and keep your mouth shut till I'm gone.
I can't help it, folks.
It's hard to not play Cash.
Real fast, let's keep going, we'll keep looking over to the next segment.
Let's go ahead here and go to Frank in New York.
You're on the air with Luke Rudowsky of We Are Change.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how are you doing?
Good, sir.
Just sorry about the New York reception you got, but think of all of those wonderful protesters that were at the 2004 Republican National
uh... convention i was arrested for the same purposes of just being there and sort of documenting the event although it really speaks poorly for our city so it's a new york right want to apologize but they treat us kind of uh... badly as well so don't take it too seriously my friend and i just wanted to say that uh... the one call about flying the nuclear weapons in the united states uh... you are right that
We've been doing that actually since 1957, but the word combat configuration of the weapons indicates that the weapons are armed.
The first stage of arming the weapons three or four times in sequence, which means that you could actually fly weapons in this country, the Air Force, not violate the treaties provided that the arming mechanism for the first three or four
Arming steps isn't used, or the weapons aren't, I guess, charged with that.
So in a sense, you know, I guess both you and the caller were correct on that.
But again, I'm very frightened with the economic situation that I fear, you know, the economy will melt down, and those put options are very disturbing.
And you are correct about
The CIA being involved in the put options for 9-11.
And I think, really, not only should the CIA, but the bank officers and the financial officers of that institution should be tried, and they should... Well, here's the deal.
They know who placed these puts, and they knew two weeks ago, and I want to know why people aren't knocking on their doors right now.
That's correct, Alex.
And, you know, there is antitrust legislation, and there's RICO laws on the book.
And this is certainly a case of racketeering.
I mean, it'd be very easy to go after, you know, the CIA operatives.
Let's get a comment from Luke on this.
Thank you, sir.
I mean, we're in dangerous situations, man.
We need to understand where we're at right now.
All those two nukes could be falling on our plane.
I mean, look at the type of situations we're in.
I mean, it's time to act before it's too late.
We really have to understand the situations.
And I think you're doing a great job, Alex.
Just explain to everybody what kind of place we're living in right now and how important it is to do something about it.
Now I'm going to run through like three more calls and we'll get back real fast for you, Luke, and I promise I won't do a duet with whatever song pops up in the jukebox randomly next.
We're going to talk to Matt, John, Lelise, and Vincent.
And that's it.
Other side.
I'm getting into economic news and global warming news.
It's very, very important.
So again, please stay with us.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
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You think about the woman, the girl you knew the night before.
But your balance will soon be wrong, baby.
We're good to go.
We're back live!
Let's go ahead and talk to Matt in Illinois.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Good to hear from you.
I listened to your show for three years, and I listened as an atheist, and believe it or not, the Lord used your show to save me.
I'm thankful for that.
Well, quite frankly, that's what we've found, and I've said this in the testimonies or all over the internet, all over the message boards.
A fake preacher up there who visits prostitutes every night and drives around in a brand new Cadillac and talks about how he hates all these, you know, other groups and hates liberals is going to drive people in the wrong direction, and they're going to see Christians as hypocritic scum.
But if you're just yourself and say, hey, I love people and I believe in what Jesus Christ said, and, you know, Jesus can change your life,
And then you just educate people about the New World Order from a secular perspective, then they're going to find the truth, and that's what's been laid upon me to do, and I can just tell all the fake preachers and the rest of them to go jump off a cliff and stop trying to be a bunch of Pharisees talking about the spot in my eye when they've got giant redwood trees in theirs.
Well, my question to you is regards to the fact that, I mean, if you look at what's going on in the world, would you consider this to be end times, and if it's
If it's something that's inevitable, are we only slowing down what is inevitably God's plan?
Well, I mean, God didn't tell Jonah why he was going to Nineveh.
And he went there and they got a hundred year reprieve.
I know it's my job to expose Dying Corp for kidnapping children and women.
The mainstream news, I'm going to cover it.
I know it's my job when they... I forgot to mention, a friend of mine, I remember you telling me about kidnappings in Texas.
A friend of mine, his
His son, in the middle of the night, was kidnapped.
In the middle of the night, what happened was they cut open a side of his window through the wiring, and they took him outside.
This is what he said happened, because he came back into the front door, and they were like, where were you?
He said he was taken by these men, and there was a hole in the window.
He was brought into a van.
With computers, and the guy in the van said, that's not the right kid, and they let him go.
Well, they might have done a blood typing and somebody may have entered organs or something.
That's another big problem with the elite being able to have all of our DNA on databases.
We know that the people with genetics, the same as a lot of older elitist families, end up disappearing and they just warehousing for the organs later.
But now that's kind of cut back in the U.S.
from what we've seen because they can just go directly to China where they've got tens of thousands of people warehoused and not just blood type but tissue type waiting.
Luke, that's a great story that he's telling about how he was an atheist, but listen to this show woke him up because we weren't beating him over the head with the Bible.
Yeah, that's a beautiful thing, man.
It's all about truth and love, and as long as you have truth and love in yourself, that's the only thing that really matters, man.
It's a beautiful thing.
Just doing the right thing instead of the wrong thing.
I mean, there's so many wrong things in this world right now, and it's up to the good people, no matter what your religion, is to do the right thing.
And, you know, God bless everybody.
I know this, when you've got preachers saying, lay down, let's rejoice that they want us to take chips, that means the end's here.
That's pure devil behavior, pure deviltry.
Because they're neutralizing you, telling you to go along with this.
You have got a responsibility to resist this.
However you see fit, 110%, I appreciate your call, sir.
We've got to move fast here.
Call me back later and talk about your awakening.
Let's go ahead and praise God for that.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Uh, let's go ahead and talk to Bill in Michigan.
You're on the air.
Gotta move quick, Bill.
Oh, Bob in Michigan.
I can't read.
The screen's here.
Is Bob in Michigan there?
Okay, there's so many calls here, I can't... Who's up next?
Luis in Mass.
You're on the air.
Yes, go ahead.
Hi, can you hear me?
Yes, we can.
Oh, very good.
Luke, you're a very impressive young man.
Keep up the fight.
I just wanted to say I came out of the Matrix this May, and it's very strange how it happened.
At the beginning of the year, I watched the 700 Club, and I know how you feel about most preachers, but I've been watching the show fairly regularly, and Pat Robertson said something about the first half of the year there was going to be a revival.
And then the second half of the year, starting in September, evil men were going to try and do really, really bad things to the country, potentially nuclear.
So that kind of like, kind of jolted me.
And then through a series of searching, my husband found your website.
And I just had been blown away with all the information I've been getting.
And as far as
You know, seeing this come to pass, it's like I've been asleep, and then when I try to tell other Christians, you know, hey, this is, you know, watch this new movie, or, you know, look at this information.
It's like, they don't want to look at it, or they'll say exactly what you say.
It's inevitable.
You can't fight it, just, you know, it's going to happen.
It's very, very, very disheartening.
What it is is very wicked.
It's very wicked.
And Luke, you notice without us even screening calls, a theme emerges every day.
But look, we have a job to fight evil.
We have a job to stand up for widows and orphans.
We have a job to resist tyranny.
And that's what we're doing now.
And consequence belongs to God, folks.
Duty is ours.
And what else can you say?
I was just going to make one other point, if I may.
There's this huge Christian school down the street from me, and I was talking to one of the teachers there, and they don't participate in any federal grant money or anything, but they said their school was approached by the local police, and they said, we want to do a lockdown drill.
And they said, no, no, you know, we don't have the kids subjected to that.
And they said, well, we don't have to have the kids.
And they went ahead, they said okay and they let them in at night and they let them do a mock lockdown drill without any of the kids in the school so that they could familiarize themselves in the event of a so-called emergency.
In my own Christian school where I send my kids, they're not taking any federal money and the principal who was scared of what happened in Pennsylvania to the Amish schoolgirls has decided to have her own lockdown drills and
I'm very, very aggravated and upset about this.
Well, they have more drills than anybody at Virginia Tech, and notice what happened there.
Total blackout, but I appreciate your call.
They make them go to the bathroom in buckets for eight hours in many of these drills.
This is mainstream news.
You can't make this type of stuff up.
They put guns to their heads.
They don't tell teachers sometimes when they come, and the people become basically catatonic, have nervous collapses.
It is total brainwashing.
They throw fake blood on them.
It is massive, hardcore brainwashing that makes the Soviet re-education camps look tame.
Luke comments.
I mean, it's a sad situation what's going on with the police, and I really don't understand how people can sleep at night doing these drills, doing these things.
They have to understand they're part of a bigger picture than they really are, and I can't understand how police officers could make kids do that, and I'm happy people are resisting.
I'm happy the people there in your school are not going to stand up for it, and people have to understand we can't allow things like this to happen, especially to our children.
It's our children that we're fighting for, and it's our children who are being destroyed by what's going on right now.
By the way, I mean,
As early as 1999, even before Columbine, at Hobbs Middle School in Pensacola, it was in the Pensacola News Journal, and this was quotes.
The Marines came in, didn't tell them it was a drill, said they were going to kill them, they were terrorists, dressed in black, and put guns to the sixth graders' heads, teachers were collapsing, students were begging for their lives, I mean this was traumatizing, their lives are just totally fried.
And then at the end they said, Bill Clinton wants you to know what martial law is like.
Now, folks, that was the Marines.
This went on.
And I'm telling you, in Michigan and in Texas and all over, they tell them it's homeschoolers that are going to kill you.
They run in screaming.
They tell the students they're going to kill them.
They take them to camps at night and tell them men are coming to kill them that are Christians.
This is to demonize real Christians.
This is massive brainwashing.
And don't laugh out there if you're a neocon or liberal listening.
You Google those news stories.
I just gave you the tip of the iceberg.
Okay, real fast.
This is the last caller.
Vincent, where are you calling from, Vincent?
Yes, where are you calling from?
From Kansas.
How are you doing?
Write down the name ZDROK.
That is the blonde doctor expert talking to Geraldo.
She is actually a pornography actress.
I'm sitting here looking at my computer.
Screen right now at her work and it just struck me as a little odd that didn't seem like a doctor when I was watching them.
So I googled her ZDROK, Victoria Zdrok.
She's a Ukrainian and that is the quality of experts that they use at Fox.
Well look at all those women are tarts that are on there.
I mean, I was sitting there watching it, and something didn't smell right, so I looked around... Well, look, it's like Fox with all the gay porn actors being on the news cruise and being contributors.
I mean, that's camp meat for the boys there at Fox.
You know, calling you gay, but the number six here, her film is called Lesbians in Lust.
So what, he's making fun of you guys on the one end, and not her?
They spend all day bashing people, and then that's what they're really doing.
Good Lord, we live in an age of hypocrisy, don't we?
And they're calling her a doctor.
Here's our doctor.
Well, technically she is.
I did all the research, and she's gotten some degrees.
I don't know what real value they have, but nonetheless, she's a sex therapist, whatever that might mean.
But anyway, that's the quality of the experts that Fox News uses, so anybody who takes much stock in what they say ought to do a little googling themselves.
Victoria's Drock, pornography expert.
There you go.
Luke, what do you think of that?
Well, that's not really a big surprise.
I mean, me and you were there.
We saw how they were dressed up.
We saw how they were acting.
It was pretty disgusting.
And you could kind of see how immature and how childish Hala was.
Well, no, that was the thing is I was like, they were all acting like whores.
And I said that, I haven't really said that again on air, but they were literally acting completely wild.
And during the breaks and things, and I was just like, what is going on here?
Yeah, and then Haraldo saying, you know, calling us homosexual gay bathroom lovers.
I mean, that's so immature.
I mean, that's so childish.
It just shows you how stupid the man is, and how ridiculous the whole Fox 5 concept really is.
Luke, we're out of time.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Hey, thanks for having me.
And just remember, be the change you want to see in this world, and don't let these criminals get away with it.
Don't let these criminals walk with me.
Let's take this country back.
We'll talk to you soon, my friend.
God bless you, brother.
Okay, I'll get into the global warming news in the final segment.
Right now, what is there to say we haven't said?
There's big developments.
Oil over $80 a barrel.
They say it's going to go back down again and then back up even over the current ceiling they've breached.
We've got gold going over $7.14, gyrating between $7.07 and $7.14 today.
They're artificially trying to hold it down.
That's not going to work.
We have the subprime unraveling and destabilizing a bunch of different markets.
They're saying that next year, every expert is saying that it's going to get really bad.
When you have Greenspan come out, it's on the Drugs Report, and say that he knew about abuses of subprime lending but failed to foresee their paralyzing market effects until late 2005, the Federal Reserve has put over $250 billion into markets, just trying to not have a total plunge but an incremental slide.
Then you add into that whole constellation the fact that they want to go in and have a war.
You have this incredible market inflation that they now are unable to suppress because they've overprinted the money and over-issued credit, and so now it's starting to show its ugly head and rear its ugly head, and they're unable to cover up that news.
These are very, very dangerous times that we're living in, and I've always said that when you start seeing Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan, former chairman and others, positioning themselves of, it's not my fault, I couldn't do anything, it's these guys' fault, that that's when you are at the greatest level of danger for a serious sustained correction and deep, I'm talking 10-12 year recession bare minimum, like we've seen with the Japanese the last 12 years.
Because they did the same thing 12 years ago, in the last 20 years before that building up, with the issuance of currency and credit to buy up everything.
And so, we are definitely in a time that tries men's souls.
And I called Ted Anderson, who's on vacation this morning, and I said, Ted, you've got to come on air.
I mean, we told people a few weeks ago gold was going to go up, told them to get in then.
Now it's gone up.
I predict it's dropped down a little bit from what it was yesterday, that it's going to go up even more in the next few months.
I'm trying to buy a few more coins myself right now.
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They have these in stock.
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I think he said he's making like $5 a piece on these, and that's just to pay the guys and answer the phones there at his office.
You're not going to beat this deal.
Give him a call right now.
We'll be back.
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I remember looking at those women up there, and I said, that doctor in particular looks just like a whore.
You know, they get that whole mind control sultry projection going.
And it's like, no, it's Dr. Zdorak.
And sure enough, it's her, man.
Hardcore porn.
So what Geraldo was accusing us of, I mean, oh, Geraldo, well.
It just never ends with these people.
It absolutely never ends.
And I guess to have a job where you're interviewed at Fox, you've got to be a gay or lesbian porn star.
It's just these people never end.
They just literally never end.
And of course they didn't tell their public that.
It's a big naughty, naughty, naughty joke for them.
Because they're obsessed with that stuff.
Okay, uh... It just never ends, man.
You can't make this type of stuff up.
Where's my big news?
I should have spent all day on this.
Okay, I have five stories here in front of me.
Five stories here in front of me.
It says, extend your home, approve your green first, say Tories.
That's what it says.
It says, families will be forced to turn their houses green before giving permission to carry out any loft conversions or conservatory extensions under plans published by Tories today.
It says, national law, any homeowners,
We'll be under federal control and have inspectors in and have to make changes before they can add anything.
See, that's total micromanagement, total control.
See, this carbon footprint... I got another article about saying you should only have one child, UNIS calls for lifestyle traffic rule to fight warming, taxes on all products, they'd have a yellow, they'd have a green, yellow, or red tag, and of course the global government will decide that, total regulation of everything.
I got a bunch of other articles here and the point is,
I'll just, like I said, I get into 9-11 yesterday and I didn't.
I said I'd get into today, I did.
Tomorrow I'm going to spend a lot of time on this because you want your life to be micromanaged.
I mean, you want to be a slave of the New World Order.
You're going to get a chance to be one, ladies and gentlemen.
It isn't going to stop with carbon taxes or cap-and-trade taxes.
It's going to be over everything.
Enviro-police, and none of it has to do with the environment.
It's a eugenics agenda of running and controlling.
It's neo-feudalism so they can get control and then carry out eugenics.
It's very simple when you understand human history.
And there's floods of articles every day where they want to do that here in the United States.
It's all happening.
Toddlers at two because they had crime in their family backgrounds, and then put on probation for genetic crimes.
Testimony in the Texas legislature saying, we put all the foster kids or more than two-thirds on drugs because they are genetic criminals.
In closing, one more great sponsor, ladies and gentlemen, and that's Brave New Books here in Austin, Texas.
You can walk in.
It's right on the end of Guadalupe, right on the south side of Guadalupe, right at the corner of Guadalupe and Martin Luther King.
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It's online, folks.
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866-516-6623 or bravenewbookstore.com.
And they've got a deal where you can get a great
Discount on Towers of Deception, the media cover-up by Barry Zwicker, with John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman.
Those are massively discounted.
All right, we are out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
I'll be back tonight on the network, 9 to midnight, on the satellites and all that.
And you can always listen on the internet at InfoWars.com, 24-7, restreamed.
Heck, the show starts over in 70 seconds.
If you missed any of the incredible stuff, important stuff we covered in the first hour.
And there's the free podcast, of course.
Please spread the word on that.
I'll see you Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
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