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Air Date: Sept. 9, 2007
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Welcome, my friends, to another live Sunday edition.
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It's kind of a catch-22.
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At the same time, I like to be small-time.
It feels good, actually, to be kind of under the radar or to have it both ways.
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We see this is an info war and the enemy puts out the same propaganda in a hundred flavors.
We put out our secret weapon, the truth, on many different websites.
It also gives us multi-faceted redundancy.
Thank you for joining us.
We will have open phones.
I have a
Surprise guest in the second hour.
I'll just leave it at that.
And we'll see if they end up showing up to the program.
I've noticed if it's a what you call adversarial sometimes that it tends to jinx it to talk about it beforehand.
So we'll see what happens in the next hour.
A little surprise perhaps for you.
There is so much news and I was sitting here for about 20 minutes before broadcast time looking at my 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 stacks and I thought
What is most important here?
And this happens more and more.
I mean, what should I cover first?
Let me just mention what's in front of me right now.
And again, it is the 5th day of August.
More than half the year's gone.
That's hard to believe.
2007, August 5th, on this Sunday.
Pentagon to implant microchips in soldiers.
This is directly from the Pentagon.
And not just under their skin, that already happened quietly two years ago to Special Forces and now it's fanning out, because I had family it happened to, that's how I knew.
Now it's in the news.
No, in the brains, standard, you'll be getting a brain chip.
You can't make this type of stuff up, folks.
We're going to be going over that and Clemson University is heading up that report.
Ron Paul is being censored again in front of everyone.
I saw it come out this morning from Free Market News up on PrisonPlanet.com.
And I sure enough watched it real time.
Ron Paul was thousands and thousands of votes ahead of everybody, getting 45 plus percent of the vote.
And between 10 candidates in this morning's Republican debate.
And then they erased all of his tallies but kept everybody else's.
And then he went ahead again and they erased those.
And he went ahead again and they erased those.
Everybody went completely ape over this, started calling ABC, emailing them.
And so they stopped it a few hours ago and Ron Paul,
Now, this is 20 minutes ago when I printed this off last.
Ron Paul has 12,675 votes, with the closest person behind him, Mitt Romney, at 2,046.
And it only lets you vote once per IP, so it's somewhat scientific.
In fact, a lot of evidence, and Las Vegas is claiming that these internet polls
That Gallup and CNN and everybody else has been having are more scientific than the old Gallup system of calling select little zip codes.
It tends to be old ladies that they found statistically that will answer polls.
The pollsters know which areas, demographics, which numbers have gotten these responses.
And more and more the old line polls are showing to be fraudulent.
Now you can say that they're fraudulent because
Of the fact that it is a stale population that is in the old technology grid that they're calling, or you can argue that they're skewing it on purpose, and frankly I think it's both of them.
Because they say, well why does Ron Paul win every major poll?
Whether it's on Fox or CNN, when it's an internet or call-in or text poll, where you can only vote once, but then he shows up 2-3% in all the other polls.
And that's because you've got two different worlds.
You've got people, on average, there's some really tech-savvy old folks.
You've got some old folks that are, but statistically, people over 65 even, are not as tech-savvy, not getting their news from the net.
They may go on the net and check their bank statement, but they're certainly not on there getting their news, and they're not on there voting.
So you've got two different worlds.
You've got the new world, and you've got the old world.
But see, it's
Generational shifts don't happen over 20-30 years like they used to.
They're happening in a couple years now.
I mean, I'm 30-something years old, folks, and I'm an old fogey having trouble keeping up with all the technological advances that the young kids are into.
And all of this is going to accelerate.
But look, I'm running out of time here.
I said I'd get to the news.
We have microchips for the troops' brains.
We have Ron Paul being cheated.
It turned out they were my listeners.
This has happened to several people, it turns out, each time we call them to have them on as guests or listeners.
Up in North Carolina, arrested for having an upside-down flag flying at their house.
And this guy was out of his jurisdiction and in the military, and now in front of witnesses beat him up and kicked down their door.
He lied and said he didn't.
The sheriff did the right thing and dropped the assault charges.
Because not only did he beat him up, they then charged him with assault.
And the sheriff did the right thing and dropped this.
But we'll talk about where the First Amendment is in this country, because it also dovetails with major censorship all across the country.
Just to put it simply, I have a large stack of censorship news from Ron Paul to the web, to police all over the country.
If you've got an upside-down flag on your car, they're arresting you.
And they don't know what it means.
And if you don't know, the country is in crisis.
With the dollar plunging again another two cents last week, and that is a big deal,
A 58% slide now in value.
And if you don't know what that means, folks, you better figure it out real fast.
With currency devaluation.
Just type it into a search engine and get ready to cry your eyes out.
I know it.
I'm not even a lover of money.
But it's gotten to me.
A little bit of money I got has been turned into toilet paper.
And there's no sign of it stopping.
Again, I don't know how.
I could talk about that just constantly.
I'd love to talk 10 hours about that.
What else do I have in the news?
In 2001, red-handed, mainstream British papers, no debating it, it was admitted the government launched the foot-and-mouth attack, and then it only killed a few animals, and then they ran around and killed 8 million sheep and 2 million cows, and literally destroyed almost every farm in the country, and the government took them over.
And it was in the mainstream news.
We have flashbacks to that.
They're talking about it spreading to the U.S.
It happened again.
Foot and Mouth has been released in England and they don't even hide it.
They say the government released it in a drill.
I mean, this is BBC, this is ITAR-TASS, Russian News Agency, this is London Guardian, and of course we broke it, and now they're all admitting it.
I have two writers and two webmasters, Paul Watson and Steve Watson, one in London, one in Sheffield.
That's where Mountain Hood's from, by the way.
But I'm already digressing.
The point is that they've just false flagged us again.
They're going to run around and kill all these animals.
And then not let them restock and have all this government regulation, and then in plain view they admit they launched it.
I mean, you just... It's off the chart.
It's off the chart.
I'll explain what bio-agri-terrorism is, okay?
Agricultural terrorism.
Economic terrorism.
We're going to go over that today.
And again, the government just launches it publicly.
I've just... Oh, we launched it!
Every time!
By the way, they have passed martial law provisions from Alabama
to Minnesota with foot and mouth.
We'll tell you what life will be like if this gets out here.
Weaponized foot and mouth.
By the way, we in 2002 got a drill with the British military to be held in East Texas cancelled.
Yes, my listeners, you listening right now, you remember it.
We stopped it last time and I wanted to launch the attack here.
And I mean, they'll probably launch it here, right in front of us, and I can hold up news articles where they launched it, but they'll still be our saviors on TV.
I mean, now, they just launch attacks in front of everyone, and no one gets in trouble.
And then we'll get into the really serious news.
They just passed total spying on the American people, and you hear the news, they're completely lying about what it really means.
They've legalized Bush's criminal activities for the last five and a half years.
That's what this spying, eavesdropping bill means.
We'll break it all down.
Also, the murder of Pat Tillman.
More on that.
Stay with us.
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Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
So here in the stack in front of me we have the vicious attack on the First Amendment.
The British government as usual launching a
If you go back and listen to my radio show in 1996 when this happened,
I was mailed several big industry publications for engineers.
And these were cell phone tower engineer magazines, specialty manuals.
These were also other publications inside the telecommunications industry about complying with new regulations.
Now, these were not laws.
This was a regulation for corporate America.
And then only do we see now 10, 11 years later do they implement.
Now the law stated they were going to pay $5 billion at the time, turned out being almost $10 billion, to pay every major phone company in the nation and every hub and every cell tower and every system to have NSA wiring put in where everything passes through the NSA first.
Let me explain.
The phone companies have whole floors that are NSA.
And I got on air, and I read this, and I covered it, and I talked about it, I gave the documentation, and then remember last year, oh my gosh, a whole floor in San Francisco at AT&T, everything's wired through it!
You know, we're just now hearing about how everything for emergency takeover of radio, TV, and cable is now controlled by FEMA and Homeland Security.
No, back in 97, it was made regulatory policy that everything in radio stations, the final piece is the FEMA takeover, EAS boxes.
I mean, I saw it be put in.
Now they're telling radio stations, hey, the government's going to pop in and have little announcements too, not just during a nuclear attack.
We're going to take over some programming now.
See, we're going into fascism.
See, I'm seeing all the infrastructure go in.
You can make something secret, but they have to fund, and they have to have the industry put in the apparatchik for this, and there was nothing secret about it.
Everything is listened to.
Let me give you a news flash.
Every major AM FM transmission goes through the NSA, okay?
And the keyword computers listen to it for at least 25 years.
I mean, radio going back 50, but that was with people in intercepts until about the last 25 with keyword.
Remember, they're about 25 years ahead of us as well in many cases.
This is all admitted now.
Because I'm not going to just sit here and talk about what they did and read the AP.
I mean, this is literal theater.
Go read the bill.
This is not what's going on.
The lazy AP writer doesn't know how to read law.
They're not a scholar.
They haven't studied this.
And they just hear, oh, this is so we can track foreign phone calls into the U.S.
You know, you watch the Senate hearings, the truth comes out.
This is legalizing, remember you heard it was illegal, the Supreme Court ruled it was illegal, what Bush has been doing to keep us safe from Al-Qaeda, I mean Al-Qaeda, the last five and a half years?
And he had to do it to keep us safe, but it was illegal?
I mean, the FISA court was blank checks.
They just signed a blank form and 20-30,000 people could be spied on randomly just with that.
They said, no, we don't even want that domestically.
Just blank checks for, you know, 10 state regions, do whatever we want.
So, now it's just pell-mell.
They had to have Congress pass this so what they've already been doing forever would, quote, be legal and lawful.
Now, remember, Congress and the Supreme Court said black people weren't human beings until, you know, for the first hundred plus years of this country.
And so, we need to understand that just because they now say that doesn't mean that it trumps the Bill of Rights, Constitution, and common sense.
They can pass laws right now that you've got to throw your children off cliffs.
We don't have to follow it.
It's unlawful.
It's unconstitutional.
It goes against common law, common sense, God's laws.
It's real simple.
You know right and wrong, folks.
You have a conscience.
Unless you're so given over to evil you don't have it anymore.
So, I digress.
I do digress.
I'm sorry.
The point is, they said not just all these snooping systems and not just cell phone triangulation down to 15 feet.
Your phone doesn't have GPS, though some now are getting it.
Your phone doesn't have it by law.
What it has is triangulation with GPS on the cell towers down to 15 feet and they're really gauged down to about two and a half feet.
And I remember about two, three years ago I was at a funeral for my step-grandfather up in Fort Worth and we were lost.
We'd gone to see a museum, me and my dad.
We were going to be there early, and we were lost, and I just said, hey dad, with your cell phone, call and ask them to tell them where you're at.
I mean, they'll tell you exactly where the street is you're looking for.
And he said, it doesn't do that.
I said, just call.
And he called before the service had really even been announced, and they said, okay, yeah, this is the owner of the phone.
Give us your code.
All right, well, yeah, you should be coming up on Main right now.
I'm like, oh, there it is.
Well, you just turn three streets over, and you go here, and then you'll be able to get the funeral home.
And then I saw the Governor of Wisconsin put it in a few years ago.
Now the FEMA emergency centers all have it.
You know it locally as the Threat Integration Center, Emergency Management Center, or Tri-County Area.
Big cities have it for themselves.
Counties will have it in a four, five, or three county area.
And now they announce, ooh, we can type in your name and track your cell phone.
And cops are doing this from New York to Dallas.
I don't think Austin has it yet.
I'm told they're getting the software, though, and FEMA then announces, now you have this.
And you just type in Alexander Emmerich Jones with the phone number.
Oh, there he is.
He's down at KLBJ Studios right now.
That's freedom.
No judge, no jury, no nothing.
Type into Google, cities now using cell phones to track traffic.
So they can dial in and follow all the cell phones.
And oh, it's for traffic.
The NSA took over completely in 1996, and by 2001, all cell phone companies had to have it fully in control, by law, that all the new cell phones, and many of them adopted before that, had to have it in them where they can dial in even when you turn the phone off.
And now they put it in even if you remove the battery on most of them, they have an internal battery, and the FBI can listen.
Now, Google also brags that they tune in and listen, but have keyword computers see what products you like.
Folks, I can't make this stuff up, okay?
Now, for those that don't believe me, here is your God, Fox News, giggling and snickering and laughing four months ago.
You see, they do it years after it's in force, years after it's in place, they then tell you.
Like, you've had a national ID card since the mid-1990s.
Now, they're telling you it's coming next year.
Okay, it's not for the illegals.
It's for you, not for them, by the way.
And they sell you it's for the illegals.
Okay, and I have, again, I made films about this in 97.
Now, because I have executive orders.
How do I know it's going to happen?
I have the very blueprints.
Then they have these bills just for public consumption.
There's the real world, there's the spin world.
We tell you about the real world.
Here is Fox telling you how great it is you're being spied on.
And it's just so wonderful and fabulous and we just need to all go along with it.
Is it rolling?
Oh, we're about to go to break.
I didn't get a signal.
OK, when we get back, we'll play.
It's only a 50-second clip, though.
Are we going to unroll it?
Can we roll it?
Oh, yeah, but we had time to roll it, though.
Oh, the computer.
That's what it is.
When we get back, we will roll that piece and go over it for you so you can hear Fox News for yourself.
Openly admit all of this.
Tuning in via your cell phones.
Whenever they want.
And then Google says, oh, we're going to use the video and microphone in your computer.
They said this about eight months ago to watch and view everything you're doing.
So we'll be right back after this quick break blasting out coast to coast and nationwide.
Stay with us.
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Well, search no more.
We are the GCN Radio Network.
Yes, the Republic is fading away in front of all of us.
Foreign corporations have completely bought up our government, our politicians, our debt.
The Bill of Rights and Constitution, which truly is the heart and soul of the country, is worm-eaten through and through.
And new armies of bureaucrats and agents are being spilled out upon us to eat out our substance.
Go read the Declaration of Independence and ask yourself if we're not littering that.
I know we have callers from Tampa, Florida, Ohio, Florida, Corpus Christi, Texas, all over the place.
And look, I want to get to you, but it stays like these.
I could talk for the whole show,
About how they're engineering this credit crunch, how they are by design doing this.
I mean, it's not just me saying it.
I interviewed twice the Nobel Prize winner, former chief economist, World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz, who quit a few years ago because they were planning to engineer all this.
But again, the very people that are engineering it all are now going to sit up there as your saviors, and they'll put talking heads up on TV to tell you how they've got a new solution, which only puts your neck that much more in the noose.
It's about consolidation.
It's about control.
The private banks issue the currencies worldwide.
They issue it and design it to create bubbles, to get you over-extended, to get real assets, and to blow out real estate and the middle class, which they've done a great job of destroying.
It's almost gone now.
I'm already digressing.
We've got him trying to cheat Ron Paul.
He still came out number 5th beating Giuliani and McCain and of course Fred Thompson in the Iowa straw poll.
Very important news.
I want to get into the market and the currency and everything else.
This is really some huge news right here.
When Bill Clinton was about to leave office, 6 months before, he called for a congressional
uh... body to both houses to look at the military and they had a commission and they said we need a draft but we need to call it this is all public but they know you don't read they said we need to call it national service and then we'll have a corps where the women will serve here or in support roles and it wouldn't be called the military but like a new giant compulsory uh... you know secure corps the division of ameriCorps this is like
Discozy, you know, like this Nazi class of tattletales, and high schoolers will run checkpoints.
They started pilot programs of that, and kids in gray uniforms out helping the cops.
I mean, you know, National Night Out is kind of the Campbell's Dozen or the Tent Flap, getting you introduced to all this.
And they say it all!
I mean, imagine if you go read all this, you'd see them talking about the destruction of this country, while the border stays wide open and the illegal aliens are above the law, and they're told to release them, and they give them bank loans without ID cards.
I mean, it's just, again, the war on terror is a fraud.
That's AP.
It's about keeping you, the cattle, in line.
That's what all this is for, ladies and gentlemen.
So, then they start introducing different bills.
Rangel puts in a bill, other bills are put in.
The Pentagon starts saying, we need it.
Four years ago, they reformed the draft boards, gave a massive funding, more than triple their funding.
Draft board heads start saying, yeah, we're told the draft's coming again.
I mean, oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Then I talk to people in the military.
They say, yeah, we're told it's coming after the next terror attack.
Which, of course, conveniently will happen whenever they're ready.
And then Bush is giving a speech.
He goes, there's going to be a draft.
You can be sure of that.
He goes, I mean, no draft, no draft.
You know, he messed up.
But the funny thing is, when you can tell they're really going to do something, every time we cover this, they then come out and say, you're insane, no one has said that, there's not even bills introduced, it doesn't exist.
Just like the amnesty bill, we found out it was the biggest amnesty ever, and five years of no taxes and aggravated violent felons were going to be legalized.
We got the bill, which they tried to keep secret.
Now Congress tries to keep bills secret, which as we promised, it's not an amnesty.
So you know they're planning it, when they then lie about it.
They just said, yeah, those are dumb bills, they're not going to pass.
You know, this session, you know, then it'd be one thing.
But when they start saying it doesn't exist, which they've been doing, you've all heard them, then you know that is major alarms go off.
That, ooh, that's a bad sign.
Well, here's Associated Press.
Okay, now, this is how their propaganda works.
They'll say they're going to do it, or say it's a good idea, or say, well, maybe we should have it, or, well, we need something like a draft where you've got to serve, but we won't call it a draft.
I've got Fox and CNN pundits saying that.
They're selling you on it, but they're not wanting to form oppositions.
They go, yeah, we need it, but no, it doesn't exist.
This is AP.
Bush war advisor says draft worth a look.
Frequent tours of U.S.
forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have stressed the all-volunteer force.
They said it wasn't.
I thought four or five tours was good for troops.
And made it worth considering a return to a military draft.
President Bush's new war advisor said Friday.
I think it makes sense to certainly consider it.
Army Lieutenant General Douglas Lute wants to loot America, let me tell you.
Said in an interview, loot our young people's blood for their fraud.
Military doesn't work for us anymore, folks.
The average person that joins us is a good person.
I know they mean well, but Thomas Barnett, the head of the Naval War College, said on C-SPAN, and I've talked to him,
As I said, we work for the global banks.
We work for the New World Order.
I mean, it's just not your government, not your Congress, not your media.
I mean, let's get that straight.
It's been hijacked.
You know, like if hijackers hijack a plane, it doesn't belong to American Airlines anymore?
Or Lufthansa?
Or LL?
Well, if your government gets hijacked, let's use a childlike analogy for the public school educated folks like myself out there.
Emperor Palpatine isn't legitimate in Revenge of the Sith.
He's bad.
He's not the government.
Hitler got elected, but then hijacked dictatorial power afterwards.
See, he wasn't legitimate.
Government isn't God.
You're not patriotic by worshipping the government.
You're patriotic by knowing what your Bill of Rights and Constitution is and defending it.
Bush War Advisor says, Draft?
Worth a look.
I think it makes sense to certainly consider it, Army Lieutenant General Douglas Lutz said in an interview with National Public Radio's All Things Considered.
And I can tell you that this has always been an option on the table.
I thought it was never on the table!
That Bush is said off the table!
Well, you better believe it's the opposite.
But ultimately this is a policy matter between meeting the demands of the nation's security and one that means another.
Lute added, in his first interview since he was confirmed in the Senate in June, President Nixon abolished the draft in 1973.
Okay, they've set up the draft boards, they're getting ready for it.
And just as soon as somebody flips the switch and the globalist dirty bomb or set off a nuke or pull off another one of their ops, just Google Operation Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin now admitted to be staged,
The NATO option, our special forces all over Europe, carrying out bomb attacks, blaming it on their political enemies, that's now declassified.
I mean, I'm not just going to sit here and put up with it anymore.
They admit Kermit Roosevelt staged terror attacks to blame it on Iran in 1953.
Overthrew that government doing that.
I mean, I'm not going to sit here while they pull this dirty CIA overthrow business in my country so your big fat banker owners can loot the daylights out of us!
Well, we do what we do, because we were at Machiavelli when we graduated from the Secret Special Ops, and it's the end justifies the means, and we gotta, you know, 3,000 die, or we, or America loses its edge in global supremacy, and then the other evil takes over.
We're just gonna go ahead and plant the explosives in the buildings and do what's needed.
See, it's that, it's that idea, and then you go, and now, now what's in the news?
Talk to Luke Rudowsky about this when we come back and then I'll try to get to some of your calls here.
I'm sure you've heard they've had a senator, a former senator, a top neocon, Republican Party head in a major state, now two states, internal Republican memos now confirmed, we were reporting on it two years ago, now confirmed.
And they say they want another 9-11 and it will be good for America.
In fact, let's play that first Fox News clip where they're defending, where they're defending, where they're defending the Philadelphia news writer who put this out.
But all he's doing is putting out the Republican memo of two years ago that they need an attack.
Funny, man, Al-Qaeda does what they need.
Every time they need Al-Qaeda to give a speech or something.
Every time they put out new terror alerts, new Al-Qaeda videos come out right on time, too.
I mean, this is just magical.
And then, Wired Magazine's computer experts looked at the latest videos being released.
It turned out that Al-Qaeda watermarks are being put on the same time as the Intel Center, which is run by a former CIA high-level operative.
That's just, oh, it's no big deal.
The government loves you.
It's very legitimate.
The Federal Reserve is very legitimate.
Everything's just wonderful.
PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.com, JonesReport.com are the websites.
If we expose state-sponsored terror, we can stop it.
Government-sponsored terror.
Inside job terror.
If we expose who's running the implosion of the economy, we can stop them.
And if we expose who's trying to start another war, we can stop it.
This is life and death, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
You can probably hear the sound of cars and buses driving along as I'm in Midtown Manhattan.
We're approaching the sixth anniversary right now of the tragic attacks of September 11th, 2001.
Things have been very, very eventful.
I'm about to premiere my film, Endgame, here in New York at a huge theater before about 2,000 people come up in about an hour.
And I'm not outside a little bistro restaurant taking a break before we go over there and I give a speech and show the film.
It's already jam-packed with thousands of people there supporting first responders, the firemen, the police, their families.
In fact, all proceeds from the showing of Endgame are going to that
Again, this is a live report via cell phone from Midtown Manhattan, New York City.
Here on the syndicated Sunday broadcast.
And obviously a lot of you have heard it was on National Fox Television News last night and got it on some of the news wires.
I was arrested last night here in New York City.
We're having demonstrations, street actions in the Info War every day.
We already had one today.
Last night.
We went down to Times Square to the Armed Services Recruiting Office.
It's not our military anymore.
It's controlled by the New World Order.
They're exposing us to the military industrial complex.
The very people that are trying to start war with Iran are the very people getting rid of our borders, setting up the North American Union.
We support the troops just like we support the police and firemen.
We do not support how they're being used, like toilet paper, by the New World Order.
And they would not issue us permits, so that was unpermitted.
But the police backed off, didn't do anything.
Then we knew that Fox News Headquarters, Fox Propaganda Headquarters was down the street, and that Oraldo Rivera was going live, so we spontaneously marched down there and took over 25 minutes of a live broadcast.
Then, uh, someone in the crowd brought me a bullhorn, and I completely took over the broadcast, and, uh, the police came and grabbed me, put handcuffs on so tight, I mean, I've chopped a finger off, I've had a broken leg, I've been in car wrecks, it hurt nothing like these handcuffs, squeezed on me so tight, my wrists are, you know, bloody and purple.
And, uh, they grabbed him and shook him with pleasure to torture me.
This is all on national television.
You just went on Fox.
They zoomed in on their cameras.
They have them on the top of the building.
They put me in the car.
They assaulted a Discovery Channel cameraman.
Discovery Channel's very upset.
Just came out of the crowd and assaulted him.
They punched my cameraman.
And basically it was a police riot as they assaulted us with pleasure and enjoyment as they attacked the First Amendment savagely and viciously.
Again, Fox is doing a broadcast outside.
We were not on their property.
But when you got 400 people chanting, 9-11 is an inside job, 9-11 is an inside job, and then you have a bullhorn in the mix, it completely shut them down.
So they just assaulted us.
And then they took me into the jail cell.
They had a lot of clean jail cells, but they decided to put me in a tiny one with an overflow toilet and laugh as they pushed me into it.
There was human feces all over the floor.
And I had to stand up on top of the wooden blanket of the bed, not to stand in human excrement.
They were laughing at me, telling me that I was going to see a judge on Monday, that I would be there all weekend, until...
Several hundred of the four hundred demonstrators walked, marched, like out of the movie Malcolm X, two by two, began chanting, let Alex Jones go, let Alex Jones go, free Alex Jones.
And they called in one of the deputy police chiefs, and he said, fine, we're going to let you go.
And they basically had to admit that it was official oppression, it was a false arrest.
This is not Russia.
This is not China.
This is not Nazi Germany.
You're not allowed to behave like they're not allowed to do that.
If it had been one thing if the police would have asked us to stop, then we wouldn't have.
If it had been one thing if they had said, don't use a bullhorn, they didn't.
They just assaulted people.
And it's a very, very serious issue.
So we're here.
But it's amazing to be in New York City.
And it's amazing to see the huge response we're having.
Thousands of people in total at the different demonstrations we're having.
And again, I want to make it clear.
You can hear these archive shows.
And we're on record.
My shows are archived on the internet all over the place, going back ten years.
But almost every show, you can find every show going back about six or seven, right before 9-11.
That's when the internet had gotten up to a level where folks were archiving them all.
And you can hear me, day one, saying, don't send money, don't send a bunch of water, they've got that.
We're good to go.
...devices, breathing protection, to the firemen and police.
And the government said it's safe, it's good.
They opened the schools up three days later.
It was the most toxic dust cloud ever.
Hundreds have died, thousands are dying.
It's now admitted the EPA knew it was deadly poison, issued a false report under orders from the White House.
Cold-bloodedly, ladies and gentlemen, there were dozens of schools within a mile right here in Manhattan, right here on the peninsula, where the children breathed all of this.
That's very, very, very serious.
And again, I'll make the point.
We were called conspiracy theorists again whenever we said that.
Now it's admitted we were right again.
Unfortunately, because I wish it wasn't true, we're right about all of this.
So I was arrested by the grace of God.
I got out only after about two and a half hours.
My hands are a little numb.
A little sore.
People shake my hand.
But another battle scar.
It's painful.
Fighting against the New World Order in defense of the United States of America and our precious republic that I swear allegiance to each and every day.
One hundred and ten percent.
And I'm tired of all these phony conservatives and phony liberals who claim that they're defending this republic.
I'm tired of them claiming that they care about this country.
I'm tired of lying all day and taking on the mantle of true Americana and claiming they're it.
You're not.
If you don't support the Bill of Rights and Constitution 110%, and if you don't support our sovereignty and our Bill of Rights and our border, and if you don't support what it is to be a free country, you're an enemy of the Republic.
And I'm sick and tired of you and the people of America.
I declare war on you right now.
So we took over, and we took over Fox Television, and we've got a lot more coming up in the next few days.
This is the real defense of the Republic of America, and you better wake up and find out there's a real war on.
The people that carried out 9-11 are the same ones destroying our border, are the same ones destroying our dollar value, are the same ones destroying our stock market, they're the same ones that want to bring this country down and bring us into a one world government.
You can go to ProvenPlanet.com.
We're good to go.
Again, I was arrested.
I did have my rights violated.
And I wasn't going to be in jail on that TB infested cesspit with human feces all over the floor for several days.
But that was reversed because the people came out and literally surrounded the precinct.
The 1013.
What is it?
They literally surrounded the precinct and chanted and chanted and chanted for hours.
And they were going to keep me in there.
I wasn't going to see a judge till Monday.
And they released me and just said, good riddance, get out of here.
And all I got away with was some bruises.
And I feel blessed only to have had that happen.
And frankly, I couldn't see the police.
I couldn't go after them for official oppression, false arrest.
But I don't have time to do that.
The country is in too much trouble.
I don't want to punish some gum cops.
I want them to join us in the fight for the Republic.
I want them to realize what the Bill of Rights and Constitution really is.
And I want them to realize there's a psychopathic elite carrying out eugenics against us all, with poisons and toxins and cancer viruses and the vaccines.
I want people to find out about the autoimmune response with their engineering.
I want people to find out about the end game.
You can watch the trailer for End Game.
It just came out a few days ago.
It's already got over 100,000 views on the web at PrisonPlanet.com.
So again, I have been arrested.
I have been released by God's good graces and the great actions of the people here.
In New York City.
And I just want to commend everyone who has come out to New York.
I want to commend everyone who has taken action.
And I want to thank all the listeners of this transmission on AM and FM stations across the country.
I want to thank everyone who is getting the word out about the internet links from people who are on the web.
I want to thank everybody on the PrisonPlanet.com message board, all the folks on the LBJ590.com website.
I want to thank everybody out there.
Every day is standing up for liberty, standing up for human decency, and standing up for the truth.
And I just want to encourage you to defend this republic in its darkest hour.
Some of the Americans are mesmerized by the glitz and the television and the alcohol and the partying and all the rest of it, and the football, and they're not focused in on the real issues that are facing this country right now, how we're being brought into a one world government.
We're good to go.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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This is the Alex Jones Show.
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At 877-590-5525.
Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Coming up in the next segment for the rest of the hour, Jeffrey F. Atticott, Professor of Law, Director for Center for Terrorism Law.
We'll be joining this former JAG officer in the military.
And he's helped write the new book of the new, special way that the military operates and the things they do.
So we'll be debating with him, martial law, the police state, the military involved in our lives, all of it, and the new climate since Al-Qaeda attacked us, L-C-I-A-D-A attacked us.
That's coming up.
Right now I'm going back to Luke Rudowsky of WeAreChange.org, who does a lot of reporting for InfoWars.com.
He's going to be running the big events up in New York this 6th anniversary.
We had about 3,000 people total last year.
Showed up about 2,000 in one time.
Big protest down at Ground Zero on 9-11.
It's going to kick off on Friday, go right through Tuesday.
And you need to RSVP because some of these events have had to rent halls and event centers.
You need to RSVP so they can definitely know how many tickets to have available.
You can also start buying tickets now at WeAreChange.org.
By the way, I'm flying up there on my own.
I'm paying for it, bringing my own people, and showing my film for free up there as part of all the things that are happening.
And all the proceeds of the stuff that's being set up is going to the Feel Good Foundation, a couple other groups, firefighters and police, and other groups that weren't given any
We're good to go.
What time is that?
About what?
10 in the morning?
We're going to be showing up on 9-11 right outside on the edge of Ground Zero there.
9 in the morning?
All the perpetrators try to use the event to push their police state and pose as saviors.
Yeah, we're going to be there at 8 o'clock in the morning and we're going to be standing side by side with family members, with rescue workers.
Get ready to meet family members who want a new investigation.
By the way, a year and a half ago, Bill Doyle, the head of the Biggest Victims Family Group, that's according to the New York Times, went on my show and said the majority of his members and families believe it's a total inside job, and that he believes that.
But the media, the controlled corporate CIA media, has done a good job of covering that fact up.
They cover it up.
They don't give these people stories.
They don't give these stories any time on the airwaves.
And people don't understand.
We are changed.
It's comprised of family members, of first responders that want a new independent investigation into 9-11.
A criminal investigation of the real perpetrators that show up there every year and glance down.
The same criminals come back to the crime scene.
They're the ones responsible for 9-11 and we're going to have to show them that.
We're going to stand, you know, in unity with the family members, with the rescue workers, for peace, for individual, for truth and justice.
And that's what it's about.
And the whole event, we're doing five days of events, we're doing great events, we're at Moose Change, Final Cut, the premiere, Endgame premiere.
And all the proceeds from all the events are going straight to the first responders, which are being ignored by the mainstream media and the government.
And nobody seems to even talk about them, and nobody seems to be giving them any help, but we will.
And that's what this whole five-day event is.
It's about helping people.
It's about standing up for truth and justice, doing street action.
Folks, if you can't make any of it, you know, most of it's free and, you know, public demonstrations and rallies and things like that.
And if you can't make it to the speeches, the movies, which you should RSVP for or get your pass to,
Regardless, you need to come down on 9-11 in the morning throughout the afternoon with us to hold the vigil and to let the establishment know that we're not going to let them continue to push their whole police state on the backs of those that they murdered, just like Hitler blew up his own Reichstag and blamed it on his political enemies and set up a police state.
Luke Rodowsky, WeAreChange.org, thank you for spending time with us, my friend.
Thanks for having me, brother.
Very moved up.
Absolutely, folks.
Go there.
This 20-year-old young man has been fighting for, I don't know, two, three years now, or longer.
He has become a very prominent leader in the 9-11 Truth Movement.
You know, he came here as a little bitty boy when his parents fled as anti-communists from Poland.
And he remembers the fear of people getting arrested and people getting grabbed in his family and everything he saw.
I don't know, was he six or seven when he came here?
And all the things that he witnessed, and of course they were part of the movement there to overthrow the communists.
And now we're fighting the very same crowd here in America, the very same globalists that energized Hitler, energized Mao, energized Stalin, the CIA section chief admitted on History Channel that they put Mao in.
We already knew that.
Now it's admitted he killed 60 million.
Now Brzezinski brags they put Pol Pot in and supported him.
We're not putting up with it, and we're tired of it.
And the people that claim they're patriots, and claim that they are fighting for the people, most of them are frauds.
And we're here to expose it.
We have a corrupt, sick, criminal group running our government, and running our economy, and our dollar, and our sovereignty into the ground.
The very same crowd that is running the Iraq war, the Afghan war for profit and control and hegemony and to build permanent bases to project power in the region are the very same think tank experts and the very same technocrats that are getting rid of our borders, pushing mass amnesty, destroying our sovereignty, destroying our Bill of Rights, making our military become a very large percentage of it, foreigners who aren't even citizens.
The literal Hessian type mercenaries to oppress the people.
It's absolutely amazing, and we're not going to put up with it.
When we get back, we're going to get into martial law, the police state, and I have up on PrisonPlanet.com, right now, the timeline to tyranny.
Ten advances towards the end of freedom and privacy in the United States.
We put this together last week.
It's in the News and Focus section on the right-hand side of the column of PrisonPlanet.com.
The Patriot Act No. 1.
Number two, they gave us the Total Information Awareness Network.
Every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy, every medical prescription you fill, every website you visit, email you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book, and every event you attend, all these transactions and communications will go into what the Defense Department describes as a virtual centralized grand database.
And then now they tell you, by the way, that was the infamously wrote the New York Times writer William Sapphire, saying it was good by the way.
Announcing the birth of Total Information Awareness, a kind of echelon on steroids introduced a year after 9-11.
They'd already put this into place, remember?
I told you 10 years ago, in 96, 11 years ago, that I read in industry publications, because see, you can have secrets in government, but then the intelligence is there to see right on the surface, as they implement.
And it was industry publications saying, yeah, we were given $9 billion to put in hubs and all the phone companies, hubs and the internet, everything goes through the NSA first.
Now, that broke last year with AT&T, there in San Francisco, where the whole floor was NSA.
Then they tell you, oh, Bush illegally spied on Americans without warrants.
So then he's in trouble, so Congress passes a law saying that he's allowed to do it, last week.
And then they lie to the public and say, oh, it's just to listen to Bin Laden overseas.
And if Bin Laden calls America, total bull.
I mean, it just went into effect last month that every prescription you get is instantly loaded to the federal government.
No warrant, no nothing, no dupe.
And they're counting on you to be stupid!
They're counting on you to not go look this up!
They're counting on you to not find out the truth!
I remember when Bush passed it in 2004, it was on CNN as a healthcare privacy bill.
And then it was implemented, they always grandfather it, it was implemented and went into effect late last month.
...became law.
Prosthesis, IV-proven prescription strength, diaphragms, it doesn't matter.
It's all instantly uploaded to the feds.
Everything, every prescription you get.
Put the borders wide open, and illegal aliens don't have to show ID cards, you get housing loans, Associated Press.
It's all about you, the fat, dumb cattle.
They see you as the mark.
You to be there, to be shoved around and controlled and dominated.
This is out of control, ladies and gentlemen, and we've got to resist this tyranny now if we're going to save this country.
They're looking at us and watching us right now, and if they think we're going to put up with it, if they think we're going to go along with tyranny like the Germans and the Russians and the Chinese and the Cubans, they're going to do it here.
Well, I've got news for the globalists.
We know David Rockefeller and the Federal Reserve and the CFR funded the Communists and the Fascists.
We know that you run these regimes and we know you want to do that here.
And we're here to tell you, the people of America and the Republic are standing against you!
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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We're good to go.
I think so.
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One week after the report came out that the world had eaten more food than it produced last year, the country turned into a deep freeze, wiping out a huge part of the new crop.
An example?
In 24 hours, clementine oranges doubled in price.
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Three years ago, David Rockefeller published his memoir.
And it was a best-seller.
And I bought it, and he said, they were getting rid of the U.S.
and getting rid of the middle class and setting up a one-world government.
And he said, there are people that are accusing someone of setting up a one-world government.
And he says, yeah, guilty as charged.
And then I got to open the newspaper up every week, and it's Alex Jones is insane.
It doesn't exist.
I can read the CFR's public admissions.
And I can get audio recordings recorded by CFR members that get released and end up being in newspaper articles.
Where they're, I mean, the secret stuff's ten times worse.
And we can sneak in and get minutes, and Jim Tucker can get shot at.
And it can be in the newspaper when he got into Portugal.
When they were having it back in 99.
And I can make films about it.
But the general public, some of you just go, oh, it doesn't exist.
It's like saying cancer doesn't exist.
You bet it exists, and what you don't know, it won't hurt you, it can kill you.
And really, I'm just somebody who found out about the Globalist when I was like 18 years old and got on air when I was like 20.
I mean, I'm not that smart.
They're openly doing it all.
But they've learned that good propaganda is simple, and it speaks to our own innate laziness, and our own procrastination.
It's kind of like if your children are getting into trouble, your teenagers are getting, you know, bad, and you just deny, oh, my kids are doing fine.
And your kids end up being on crack and in prison.
Well, that's what happened to our country.
You're still in denial!
And it just gets worse and worse by the minute.
I'm going to get into this economic news in the next segment, but right now I wanted to just go ahead and play this newscast.
This is mainstream news.
This is one of the biggest TV stations in Louisiana.
I googled this the day it came out on Thursday.
And sure enough, what's scary is it was announced all over the country, in probably 15-20 places, the same day.
Now, we broke this in May of 2006.
We broke this 13 months ago.
And we wrote articles about it, and the pastor who worked at the hospital, but also at a pretty big church, he got fired.
They said it's secret.
They recruited him.
We've got 13,000 preachers.
Give sermons about how when the time comes to give your guns up, it's good.
Give sermons about how to take inoculations, how to get on the FEMA trucks, how to let them take you to camps.
Then he gave us hundreds of pages of documents.
We scanned a lot of them in.
He didn't scan them from his church.
He scanned them from another area they were able to track back from going to that store.
They found him.
They fired him.
He's scared now.
They went after him.
Then we talked to other preachers that had him on air that had gotten the documents.
And a few papers picked it up and said, well, okay, we called FEMA and they said there is a program, but it's classified.
Well, it isn't classified anymore.
And this is what's scary.
They made the decision.
I remember just last week I was on San Antonio CBS TV debating one of these head guys.
One of these Homeland Security guys who's pushing all this, saying, yeah, Congress doesn't need to know our secret plan, and well, you know, the President can take over if he wants to, and I guess we don't need a Fourth Amendment anymore, and just, you know, because they say so.
Well, on the heels of that, they make announcements all over the country, and that's what's scary, that they're now ready to announce it.
Now, here is mainstream television.
And they talk to the preachers, and they talk to the emergency manager in the county, and they say, yes, we're getting them ready for martial law.
Here it is.
Will law ever become a reality in America?
Some fear any nuclear, biological, or chemical attack on U.S.
territory might trigger just that.
NFK's latest 12 Jeff Bell discovered that clergy would help the government with potentially their biggest problem, us.
From my cold, dead hand!
Charlton Heston's famous declaration captures a truly American value.
The overarching desire to protect our freedoms.
But gun confiscation is exactly what happened during the state of emergency following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
troops also arrived.
Something far easier to do even now, thanks to last year's elimination of the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act.
That forbid U.S.
troops from policing on American soil.
If martial law were enacted here at home, like depicted in the movie The Siege, easing public fears and quelling dissent would be critical.
And that's exactly what the Clergy Response Team, as it's called, helped accomplish in New Orleans.
Jeff, the primary thing that we say to anybody is let's cooperate and get this thing over with, and then we'll settle the differences once the crisis is over.
Such Clergy Response Teams would walk a tightrope between the needs of the government
Versus the wishes of the public.
In a lot of cases, these clergy would already be known in the neighborhoods in which they're helping to diffuse that situation.
For the clergy, one of the biggest tools that they will have in helping calm the public down or obey the law is the Bible itself.
Specifically, Romans.
Romans 13.
Because the government's established God the Lord.
And that's what we believe in the Christian faith.
You know?
That's what's stated in the scripture.
Civil rights advocates believe the amount of public cooperation may depend largely on how long they expect the suspension of their rights might last.
Jeff Carroll, KSLA News 12 reporting.
According to 2 Brazil, during Hurricane Katrina, the clergy response team provided 38 chaplains a day around the clock at eight different camps.
At the camps.
Now, you notice at the very first of the clip, they say, dealing with the government's main problem, us, and what the government needs versus the people.
We are the government.
We are the bosses.
They are servants.
But see, first they say, no, we're officials.
We're authorities.
We're the bosses.
And I got the emergency manager on, you heard, for there in Caddo and Bovard parishes.
He's over nine counties or parishes, the equivalent.
And he said, yeah, he's now learning more about it.
He doesn't like it.
And he didn't know it was a nationwide deal.
So they always tell them it's a pilot program and it sits in your area.
No, they give classes at St.
Mary's, and they give classes at UT, and they give classes at A&M, and I'm just talking about where I'm at in Texas.
I mean, this is the new, hey, there's not scholarships to be an electrical engineer.
That's all gone to India and China.
By the way, in the last six years, no new jobs in high tech.
By that, there were no jobs to increase the number.
And those are new federal numbers that just came out.
I mean, this country is just... NAFTA and GATT were designed to debase us and bring us under globalist control.
By the way, there's so many issues here.
One of my employees has not gotten a ticket.
But he was in a wreck and no ticket was issued.
But he got a ticket for no insurance.
It's not even a ticket.
It's just a letter saying, pay us $250 or we're going to suspend your license.
There's no judge, no jury, no nothing.
It's just pay it or we spin your license.
That's martial law, folks, right there.
There's not a process.
There's not due process.
There's not even a kangaroo court.
It's the point system.
And it's not just the point system is unconstitutional, where you pay for your ticket anyways, or go to court or whatever, and then on top of it they fine you.
Now, he's got a $250 fine
For something that didn't even exist, and it just says, well, you may have been cited for this, or you may have been cited for that.
Because I remember when he had the wreck, I had to go get him, and I was there, and I saw the cops and everything.
Yeah, I know the yuppies out there, listen, can't even figure out what I'm saying.
You're not supposed to just get letters in the mail magically saying, pay things, with no court, no nothing, and we'll just turn your, and I keep saying your privilege to drive.
It's not a privilege.
But I know, I know, I know, they told you that, police.
You haven't read the federal court cases or the state court cases.
You have a policy.
Well, Bush has got a policy and there's no Bill of Rights.
Hitler had it too.
Hitler just said, hey, I got the guys with the guns, I run things.
Now, that's not America, but c'est la vie.
By the way, I guess the Founding Fathers were bad.
They didn't follow the King of England.
They violated Romans 13.
Why did Jesus get killed for not following the government and the Christian, uh, and the religious system?
For being a Christian and not following what the Pharisees said.
We'll be right back.
I got more martial law clips.
I'll play them confiscating guns.
I guess you're for that too, aren't you?
We'll be right back.
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You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
Look, Dr. Paul is a Vietnam-era vet, obstetrician, delivered over 4,000 babies, been in Congress off and on for 20 years, and he's... he hasn't fallen off the apple cart.
He didn't just fall off it last week.
He didn't just fall off the turnip truck.
I was born in the dark, but it wasn't last night.
Well, it's the same thing with Ron Paul.
And I've been interviewing him for more than 12 years, when nobody knew who he was, basically.
When he got back in Congress, when he was running for Congress again, 12, 13 years ago, I had him on right when I got on air, and I had him on a bunch.
And my listeners, you, you wonderful people out there,
I'm always bashing the neocons or mindless liberals that are tuned in, but my listeners, or a lot of you collectively, I know are a lot smarter than I am, but a lot of you individually are a lot smarter than I am.
I'm just somebody who does my homework and studies, to the point of where I can't even really regurgitate all the info I've got.
That's a horrible image, but the point is that's what I do, basically.
All the baby birds out there.
But... Alright, I tipped at humor.
But yeah, Ron Paul comes on my show.
He says what he believes.
People try to spin it.
He came on,
Last year, running for Congress, and I said, you know, George Bush is for this war.
The people are against it.
Seventy percent of the troops are against it.
Eighty-plus percent of the people.
A lot of conservatives are.
You were against it from the start.
Should we impeach him and the Democratic folks in Congress who have gone along with it?
And he said, yes.
Everybody who's not following the Bill of Rights and Constitution needs to be impeached.
And he said, the whole government's out of control.
Well, they took that clip of him and a clip of me asking the question, edited it wrong,
That has cut out the middle discussion and played it on Houston Radio, Austin Radio, which I could have fought with them about it, but I don't get into all this copyright stuff.
So I said, you know, I'm not a hypocrite.
I said, say what you want.
And they misprinted it out of context in newspapers.
And even though they gerrymandered, by the way, Trent Lott and all these people, they didn't get their gerrymandered because he's a good little neocon.
But others,
Another Tom DeLay rewrote the Senate and the House areas.
They rewrote Texas where he was given a mainly black district in Galveston and surrounding areas, very Democratic, and he won by 60, what was it, 65% of the vote.
His previous record was 67.
I mean, nobody's getting those.
I mean, when Republicans are dirt, okay, in the people's minds, Democrats aren't much better.
Congress overall, at the time last year, had a 15% approval rating.
They now have a 12%.
That's a gallop.
Probably worse.
Ron Paul is winning by 65% in a new gerrymandered district.
And so it blew up in their face, folks.
Those black folks down there, they love those black Democrats hearing about how he wanted to impeach Bush, even though he didn't really say that.
I mean, these Republican strategists, these neocons, are too busy off with their hookers and off, you know, snorting drugs and getting paid off, most of them, at the Watergate Hotel, to actually engage in any real strategy.
I mean, they've got their false paradigm strategy, but not real political strategy.
We have an Angus and Reed poll, commissioned by the New York Times and ABC News.
No, no, no.
That was Wall Street Journal, ABC News.
Late last year, in November of last year, almost coming up on a year ago, that showed 82% of Americans believe they've been lied to about 9-11 and who really perpetrated it.
In that same poll, 68% believe it's an inside job and we have a separate index, Zogby, one of the most respected, more respected than Gallup, showing 68% inside job.
Now, so Ron Paul, they're going, oh, you think it's an inside job, and he's sitting there going, playing politics, going, well, not exactly, but they certainly use it for a police state in the war.
And you got 82% thinking that.
68% that will say it!
And by the way, polling science has shown in the past, you call up, even with Nielsen boxes, or Arbitron ratings, or other things, people will tend to say they're watching one thing, versus, or they'll have one TV they put stuff on, and then they're watching Cinemax, you know, sex videos on the other, or HBO Real, you know.
In here on the Nielsen box, they're watching this, there's big studies on this, and in here they're watching porno!
Okay, so it's the same thing with polling.
I've actually read the polling science on this.
I've read quite a few papers on it over the years.
It's a very interesting area, and I do what focus groups do.
I index polls.
What they pay people hundreds of thousands of dollars to do, I can just take 12, 15 polls, put them in a calculator, average it together.
That's what these, quote, polling focus group geniuses are doing.
Okay, it's a complete... but anyways, I digress.
That's why when I tell you 90%
The American people believe the government killed Kennedy.
That is an index of 12 polls averaged together.
I just went and indexed what was like six of them were scientific, the other six weren't.
That's what they do too, the Republican-Democratic parties.
They take those because that's how you get even more accurate data is fleshing a bunch of that together like a deck of cards.
But I'm getting off into political science here, and real political science, versus the false paradigm that they project out, literally like a movie screen, to distract you from what's really going on right below the screen.
And I'm just saying, please stop looking up and look right here.
Do you see what these snakes are doing?
So, Ron Paul... Okay, it's not just me.
I said, six months ago when he announced, I said, only Ron Paul can defeat Hillary Clinton.
The Republicans are passing the baton, and top Republican strategists have now admitted this.
They're not really running anyone real against Hillary.
The Democrats have now raised $135 million.
It was $100 just a month ago.
$135 million more than Republicans.
Usually the spread's $20-30 million.
I mean, folks, that means people think Republicans are dead meat.
They're not running people who really could win, or have any chance of it.
They're running people who, because it's pretty well understood, it's a losing battle.
Unless Republicans said, we're gonna shut down the border, we're gonna reverse gun control laws, then they'd win by a landslide.
Because truly conservative slash libertarian, paleo-conservative ideas are truly popular.
But the Republicans can't give you what you want, and what's constitutional, and what would make them win, because they're bought and paid for by special interests.
So they're always in that paradox, okay?
So, this is real political science.
Most of these little local politicos in your town right now, listening in Maryland, or
You know, listening in Baltimore, or listening in Austin, or listening in Niagara, or listening in San Diego, or Tennessee, wherever you're listening, you know, your local little hacks go and have dinners, and act like powerful politicos, and walk around, and they spout the fake political news that's in the newspaper, and they feel real smart.
You get in a room with real political strategists, and they talk about what's really going on.
But again, that's the real world.
Who wants to actually live in it?
But I'm digressing here.
I got off into political numbers and things.
Las Vegas is saying in the last two months exactly, word for word, what I've said.
The biggest, the big NFL online books, and they're about 95% accurate.
They have to be or people won't subscribe to them.
You've got the big NFL book.
You've got some of the other biggest books.
And I don't gamble, folks.
But they've always been right about presidential elections.
They're generally right.
People bet on these.
Some of the biggest bets are placed on presidential runs every four years.
In fact, it's bigger than a Super Bowl.
And so they're saying Ron Paul would win.
He's number one in the places if he gets the nomination.
If he got the Republican nomination, he's got the winning slot.
Because they break it down, and you can just go pull this up online, it's on Prison Planet today, a new report.
It was actually yesterday's, you can just click on yesterday's and it's there at the top.
Let me explain this.
If they have the numbers, the chances, or the odds,
One to three, five to one, whatever.
They've got them in there if you go and look them up.
And it shows how Brownback will do against Hillary, how Giuliani will do against Hillary, or against Barack Obama.
They all lose, except one person.
His name is Ron Paul.
Now, I can already tell you that.
It's not hard.
Only Ron Paul is anti-war, pro-gun, pro-border, pro-national sovereignty, and Las Vegas indexed all his policies and looked at the real polls and said, this guy's a dream candidate!
He'll get everybody voting for him.
He's a true populist, a true paleoconservative populist that Democrats will vote for.
He's somebody who can bring the country together.
He's somebody who reflects the polls.
He's actually with the people on every major polling issue, while the Republicans and the Democrats are against the people on every single issue.
So, for all Republicans out there, there is no way any other Republican is going to beat Hillary Clinton.
There's no way in Hades.
That's why they're attacking Ron Paul.
They're supposed to hand the baton off to her, or Barack Obama, or BP.
I told you that months ago now.
Gene Reach is saying it, you know this.
And again, it's not that I'm that smart.
This is basic stuff.
We'll come back, gentlemen, some final calls, give them some foot-and-mouth news.
Stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm going to voice through a bunch of calls, but before I do that, I want to invite all the listeners of this radio program, depending on where you're listening, it doesn't matter whether it's AM, FM, 4, internet, satellite.
If you do have internet connection, get a PrisonPlanet.tv membership.
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Fancy things.
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And we're expanding.
We were hacked last week, so we are, in the next few weeks, launching a new website.
We're teaming up with one of the Internet's most prolific bloggers and researchers.
We'll be joining the team.
We'll be launching a new ship and the fleet in the battle against the New World Order.
So that is coming up.
And be sure to watch PrisonPlanet.com and JonesReport.com this upcoming week because I've done a bunch of research
On basically how they've got this whole grid going into place, the different martial law provisions that are being stacked up right now.
And I want to do a timeline, and tomorrow on the radio I'm going to walk through a bunch of this, but we're going to write it up and put it into a timeline where you can see the progression into tyranny and call it the tyranny timeline towards total martial law or something like that.
This is going to be a very important report I'm going to put out.
I'm with one of my chief scholars and researchers, Steve Watson, who's got a political science master's degree, a PhD.
I may actually use Watson on that, I'm not sure.
But that'll be out in the next few days.
We're going to put out a four or five page report just with the basics for you to let you know just how serious things have gotten.
Speaking of great reports here, this is up on PrisonPlanet.com, foot-and-mouth virus released from government lab.
8 million sheep, over 2 million cows killed, the big piles of dead ones burning, and they would just come on your land and just kill all your animals and then say, oh you can't restock them, their flatulence is bad for ozone holes and causes global warming.
I'm not making this up.
I'm not joking.
And it ruined most of the farms and people lost a lot of their property, the government took it over, and that was in the news, and it turned out the government had released it from Porton Down Bioweapons Lab.
Here it is again, and it's up on the site.
We have mainstream links.
But what we did is took all the mainstream articles and put them together.
Because they all, I mean, they'll report the most incredible thing, like AP last week went, well, the army, doctors believe that he, that gentleman been murdered, and we're told to shut up.
But the headlines said nothing about that.
See, we take that beefy stuff, and then we stick it together in one spot.
The government has released it again.
And that's what we've done.
And if it gets over here, they've got preparations to lock you in your houses, not let you leave, have the army out.
And I'm just very upset about this.
I don't know about you.
All right, let's just blitz through your phone calls now.
Who has been holding the longest here?
Let's go ahead and talk to Roger.
Roger, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, greetings in the name of Christ, man.
Thank you.
Roger in Texas, I should add.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Georgetown.
Ron Paul used to be my representative here.
I have an international driver's license and I contacted, I saw it on the internet, and I contacted Mike Carucci, my representative, and his office told me that was perfectly legal.
The Congress did that in 1949 under the U.N.
So, when I get pulled over, you should see the looks on the cops' faces.
No, I know, because the internationalists, like the illegal aliens, don't have to have a driver's license.
Or, you don't have to have social security numbers to have a bank account.
Well, I don't use my social security number.
In 96,
I don't think so.
I don't think so.
He's a child of God, and to hell with the government IDing me.
There's nothing in the Constitution that gives them the power to ID United States citizens.
Now, I hear what you're saying, and we went under military rule in 1933.
That's when real martial law began.
Then they've been removing the old system while expanding the new one right alongside it, parallel, and now the last remnants of the old republic are being swept away.
And that's a Star Wars line, but I have to use it, because that's the only line that fits.
Now, but of course, Lucas admits he wrote that, you know, off of history and what Hitler did in Germany, and how he swept the old Weimar Republic away, so it's... But the point is, I was using that term and I thought, that's from a movie, but it's true!
You know, they walk in in episode four and they say, The empresses of the senate, the last remnants of the old republic, have been swept away!
Now, I mean, so that, they built the parallel system, and now they've just removed the old one, and the new tyrannical system is moving forward, but yes,
You can get a Belizean, you can get a Nicaraguan, you can get other types of international driver's licenses, and the police are forced to accept it.
They'll radio it in, they'll call it in.
And, I mean, folks, I saw it this week.
I was at a Whataburger out front, drinking coffee in the morning, and I saw cops.
I saw illegal aliens pulling out.
It was at William Cannon in Mopac.
And I saw them not stopping illegal aliens.
I mean, they had like three-year-old stickers.
And I'd watch them though.
I saw, I think it was like an air cool or air something.
You know, one of these big air conditioning trucks.
Had some twenty-something year old guy driving it.
And they pulled him over.
They had him get out, boy.
Pointed out the sticker.
Wrote him a thing.
It was out a few months.
And I wanted to walk over and go, hey, buddy.
But he'd arrest me for interfering with police officers, motorcycle cops.
Hey man, there's illegal aliens all over right here.
You see them.
And I've had Austin cops.
One day, my employee pulled into my office and they thought it was suspicious that he pulled in and they were behind him.
He was at work.
And I pull in right behind him and I see cops and he's in handcuffs.
And the cop, the Austin cops go, Hey Alex, how you doing?
And I'm going, that's real funny.
Oh, we like the show.
No, no, we really like it.
And I go, but if he was an illegal alien, you'd let him go.
And he goes, we don't like it, Alex, but yes, we're pretty much encouraged to let him go.
And even if we do, the judge just gives him like a $50 fine.
But you're taking my employee to jail for a, uh,
Expired license.
And he goes, well, she made that decision, Alex.
It was another, it was three cops there by then.
And she was giving me a dirty look.
And I said to her, I said, if he was an illegal alien, you wouldn't let him go.
And she kind of drove off with him towards the hush cow.
But I'm already digressing.
I said, I'd take calls and they're fully loaded.
But I mean, how do you cover each subject?
See, I could talk for hours about that.
Illegal aliens are above us.
I mean, it's a fact.
I'm sorry.
I mean, I'm just going to tell the truth here.
And I'm tired of it.
Uh, let's go ahead and, um, they catch him with Moda, they catch him with liquor, they let him go.
I'm tired of it!
Uh, let's go ahead and, um, take another call from somebody in Austin, Texas, in Hyde Park, North American Union.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Thank you.
I've been holding, man.
Let's talk about the North American Union.
That's our next challenge.
The news says it doesn't exist.
I believe them.
You know it exists.
No, the government's good.
I'm being sarcastic.
Yes, I know it exists.
Your buddy Ron Paul says it exists.
You know we're going to have the Amaro.
We don't have to worry about the weak dollar.
You talk about the Constitution.
We're not going to have a Constitution.
Our sovereignty's gone with this North American Union.
So that's what the next wake-up call is.
My new film is about the North American Union.
The first half and the second half is the eugenics, how they want to kill us.
Openly, I have all their documents, how they want to kill all of us.
All right, Eric.
I mean, Alex, you keep fighting the good fight.
I will, my friend.
Thank you so much for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to somebody in New York.
A question about William Cooper.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, this is John Mulan.
All right.
It's a comedy call, I'm not going to take it.
Let's talk to Rodney in Texas.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, I was just reading today's edition of the Kansas City Star.
Now, I'm going to tell you something that you already know, because you've talked about how both the Democrats and Republicans are both... Let me guess, Hillary on Fox News payroll?
That one?
No, no, it's talking about as far back as 1969, it was revealed that Dick Cheney was the press secretary for Ted Kennedy.
And when they approached Cheney about it, he tried to explain it away as though it was... I had seen that once and seen where Cheney denied it, but now it's confirmed?
Yes, in today's video.
Man, it's one team.
Hillary and them were vacationing with the Bushes before Clinton ran.
All staged, folks.
All staged.
All staged.
And I encourage you... It's like the CFR publishes Limbaugh's books.
And he says he doesn't exist on air.
It's all a big joke.
It's all a big joke, man.
Thank you, Alex.
Hey, it's all a big joke on us, by the way.
Let's keep jamming them in here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kevin in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
Just go ahead.
You talked about the drugs being imported by the CIA and government.
Yes, the majority are, yes.
And one more thing.
You got the local police teaching the kids how to use the drugs.
Well, actually, they've done major psychological studies.
Like when they have anti-smoking campaigns, smoking goes up.
In Europe, saying don't smoke.
Same thing here.
Absolutely, the cops don't know that.
But it actually makes kids, like suicide education in schools, how to not commit suicide.
Kids never thought of suicide.
Don't hang a rope around your neck and choke yourself when you're depressed.
Well, the young girls think that's what they're supposed to do, they go do it.
God bless you all.
See you back next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., and we'll see you at presentplanet.com as we fight the New World Order and make history.
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