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Air Date: Sept. 2, 2007
1527 lines.
He stands for truth.
He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
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Well, another very important broadcast lined up for you today.
It is the second day of September, 2007.
Seems like this year just started.
It's well past, half over, right now.
We're going to have wide open phones for the full two hours today at 877-590-5525 or locally in Central Texas.
If you're listening to the station that we syndicate out of, News Radio 590, KOBJ, it's 836-0590.
I want to say hi to Kansas City, who carries me during the weekdays, and last month was carrying us Sundays.
I really appreciate them picking up the broadcast, KCXL in Kansas City.
Another great affiliate hearing the broadcast.
I guess that's up to 14 affiliates now.
We've been syndicating for about 8 months.
That's pretty good.
And of course we're on satellite, shortwave, internet at Infowars.com.
Alright, really serious news items today.
They're always serious, but these are particularly serious.
And I'm going to walk through some of this today in the time we have.
Will President Bush bomb Iran?
That was the question that won in Telegraph asked this morning in one of the big papers in England that dovetails with the Times of London.
Pentagon three-day blitz plan for Iran.
We actually have some of the Pentagon war plans for a blitz of Iran that stretches from three days to two months.
Three days, they plan to have 10,000 Saudis into the country.
That's 10,000 missions by aircraft dropping bombs on the country.
I know that thrills a lot of Americans who can't find the country of Iran on a map, but just grab hold of your pocketbook.
The Iraq War has already cost $1.2 trillion.
That's currently not even projected cost.
And this would cost another $300 billion, even if you don't care about the Iranians.
And oil prices will at least jump to $6 a gallon as soon as this happens.
All the experts agree.
Some say it could go as high as $9 a gallon.
$150, $200 a barrel crude oil.
But C'est La Vie!
You want to personally feel powerful in your easy chair because the Iranian boogeyman is going to get you, so you may get your chance to feel powerful.
We'll get into this report today for everybody.
Also, I talked some about this Friday, but now I've gotten the actual affidavit by the BATF, the Bureau of Alcohol and Gun Confiscation.
And I actually have the affidavit now filed in Indiana about a BATF.
I spent time today reading this abomination.
And neighbors said that he talked about a New World Order.
He talked about a possible financial collapse.
I guess he read the newspaper.
They thought that meant he was with Al Qaeda.
And the BATF went ahead and took him on in and grabbed a couple guns he had and they called 1,000 rounds of ammo a stockpile.
And it was worse than I previously thought.
Now we have the affidavit and the local newscast and it's just the new America, the new secret police America.
And so, well, we'll cover that later if we have time to get into it.
It's all up on prisonplanet.com or just type South Bend resident raided by ATF into Google and you can, it'll get you to local TV stations and newspapers and up in South Bend.
I'm sure we will.
And you can read all that for yourself.
The biggest news of the day is not the upcoming attack on Iran.
It's not even the BATF doubled in size running around confiscating guns and harassing gun shops coast to coast.
It's not even that they're trying to pass an even more draconian gun control law coming up next week that no one's even aware of because Bush is in office so everything must be okay.
No, it is U.S.
under U.N.
law in health emergency.
Now, I have to admit I dropped the ball on this.
You're going to drop the ball sometimes.
You can't keep track of everything.
I saw Dr. Corsi's headline as a routine guest here.
In WorldNet Daily Wednesday, I thought, oh, he's just rehashing last year's SPP document.
Which talked about the UN, us being under UN regulatory control during any type of bioweapons release or natural pandemic, bird flu, it doesn't matter, SARS, you pick it.
And so I didn't read the whole article, I read a few paragraphs.
And then later people were calling me going, how would you look at this?
So I interviewed him Friday.
I spent a few hours this weekend reading the entire United Nations plan.
Which is several hundred pages long.
I have now read it and I just can't believe what I found.
If I tried to cover all the treason in here, again, I tend to think it's not as bad as it actually is.
People think I exaggerate or use hyperbole.
It's because you haven't read the documents.
Usually, I'd say 19 times out of 20, things are much worse later as I learn more than my earlier assessments.
We are under United Nations control.
This just isn't for some type of bio-release or some type of crisis.
This is for everything.
This is the North American Plan for Avian and Pandemic Influenza.
And then you read deeper into it and it's basically everything.
And I challenge you, just the footnotes is... how many pages is this?
I forgot to... I get so busy reading and I don't even...
Just the footnotes is 45 pages long and I said I read several hundred pages.
I lost count after a hundred because there's all these sub addendums and links and hyperlinks and that's where you find the real meat and potatoes is when you read deeper.
I read, speed read and scanned, a couple thousand pages for my new film Endgame that's coming out out of the SPP4 year releases.
Of January of this year, and it says North American rule, North American government, carbon taxes, police state, gun control, Mexican trucks rolling across, you now see that happening.
And of course they can get up on TV and say there's no SPP or North American Union.
Because even I'm not going to read all of it, I cannot read all of it.
But it's just, I read 500 pages of it, let's be conservative, I probably read 500 pages of thousands and thousands, let's call it 10,000 pages total.
And it was just all, it was just one page after the next was worse than the last, so... I just, I don't even know what to say anymore.
And the general public is not aware of this.
By the way, in the second hour, I'm going to talk about the mass psychosis, the mass cult system that has the United States, Europe, and much of the world literally in a stranglehold, and that is sports.
And I'm not even picking a bone with sports itself.
I think sports are great, and it's good for you, and it's normal to go out and watch a ballgame.
But what it's become is completely sick, and it's by design.
The globalists write and talk about how it's controlling you.
And so I'm going to lay her in the next hour.
It's been probably ten minutes breaking that down, because it ties into all this.
I was at my parents' last night watching the UT game.
I was enjoying it.
And it's been about a year since I've watched the games, and I've just been too busy.
And I was sitting there guilty, watching, and I was going,
The United States is literally ending right now, as we know it.
The economy is being set up for a fall by design.
I should be writing a story, and I realize, well, I just can't work all the time.
But see, I'm kind of on the other extreme of working too much to fight tyranny.
Well, how can you work too much to fight tyranny?
Versus people who literally don't even know... One-fifth of Americans, by the way.
It's not just young people, because I've seen the studies.
Can't find the U.S.
on a map.
Eighty-plus percent don't know who the vice president is.
All this week everybody was talking about Miss Teen USA, South Carolina, who was a babbling idiot.
Well it's not just her, that's indicative of the rest of the country.
There's just different versions of low-grade morons.
So we'll pile that in coming up in the next hour, and of course you're welcome to call in about any of the three major subjects that I've thrown out.
Massive gun control, the setup for the attack on Iran, and our top story that I'll cover when we get back.
The big news, U.S.
under U.N.
law in health emergency.
Big story up on pleasantplanet.com right now.
Paul Watson put it out just today, just for this show.
Bush's S.P.P.
power grab sets stage for military to manage flu threats under U.N.
We're going to break this down for you.
This is how it happens.
This is how it all happens.
This is how the New World Order takes down the U.S.
if we allow them to do it.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is our Sunday edition, syndicated by MS Communications in association with the GCN Radio Network.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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I don't know, man.
That ministry coming in gets me fired up!
Crank it up!
The new world order!
You know, the dead residents are going to be pretty popular.
That's it.
A-level band playing at the big 9-11.
The members are going to be having them in New York next weekend.
I'll be there.
I'll be calling them live to the show.
And it looks like Ministry is going to be there.
Immortal Technique.
Yeah, we're still waiting on Dave Mustang.
He has his new album.
It's all about Megadeth.
All about the New World Order carrying out 9-11.
You're talking to him, though, Trey.
Trey doesn't just run the show in here on the weekend.
He pulls double duty doing that, but he produces during the week.
Yeah, we're pretty close to getting the, uh... Don't give out our secrets.
Oh, were you just talking to me just a minute ago?
You're talking to me, all right.
Okay, uh, let me get serious here.
I got Mario in New York disagrees with me.
Should I go to Mario right now, since he disagrees with everything I talk about?
Or should I get into Bush, Grease, and Skid for you and pandemic power grab?
Six one way, half a dozen another.
Mario could be tricking us.
He might just want to get on first.
Yeah, who knows?
We'll see here.
Let me just go ahead and, you know what, before I get into our government being under UN control, which it is, by the way, I want to get into the whole architecture of that and explain and give you the evidence, not just make that claim.
Here's Reuters today.
This is Reuters today.
Headline, Mexico Trucks to Roll on U.S.
Now, you read in here, it says, the Bush administration can proceed with a plan to open the U.S.
border to long-haul Mexican trucks.
By the way, ours can't go down there, though.
As early as next week, after an appeals court rejected a bid by a labor consumer, an environmental interest, to block the initiative.
And it goes on to say that a special international tribunal ordered the Bush administration to do so.
And it just says, it goes on to say that we are under the International Tribunal.
That is Reuters.
Some people call it Reuters.
Now, there is Reuters right there.
Now, see, that's global government.
That's an international, unelected tribunal of the World Trade Organization.
Folks, do you know when the World Trade Organization was set up?
Do you know who set it up?
Do you know it's private?
Do you know it was set up by the Bilderberg Group?
Do you know that it can... Here's another example.
Under Kyoto, which Bush now says he's going to sign a new version of, as we told you he would always do because we got the SPP documents and it was all a fraud when he claimed he was against it.
That was just while they shut it up covertly.
Again, because he's bought and paid for the single venomiality.
Left-right paradigm, better shatter it right now if we want to save the country, folks.
They own all the horses in the race.
Except for Ron Paul, they're trying to lame him up right now.
But it's only a bunch of three-pinning nails and a stall for the race.
Nobody steps on one and goes lame, but it isn't going to work.
But I'm already digressing here.
See, I can prove each little piece of this, and that's what's so frustrating, is it takes a lot of research and time to vet all this, which we've done.
And I know you're just out driving along in your car in upstate New York or Kansas or Tennessee or Southern California or wherever, and you're just, oh, that guy's a nut.
The government loves us.
Everything's fine.
Well, let me give you a big, fat newsflash.
This country's a Christmas hog.
And we're getting hauled up right now by hooks about to have our throats slit.
They already put a 22 round in our head.
Okay, so we're not doing too well.
And that shiny knife isn't a Christmas present they got out for us.
And that's the point we've come to in all of this.
So under Kyoto,
China doesn't have to make cuts.
Mexico doesn't have to make cuts in greenhouse emissions.
Predominantly CO2, carbon dioxide.
India doesn't have to make cuts.
Only 15 western nations have to make cuts.
And by the way, it's not a cut, you just pay a tax for your carbon emissions.
Now, how is that even a fair global government?
No one asked us if we wanted a global government.
When we do complain, they say it doesn't exist.
But if you go out and read the actual documents and treaties and agreements and bilateral agreements, it's all there, black and white, thousands and thousands of pages.
All the films and books written about it from both sides.
There's more books written by the globalists how great their global government is than there are by us saying it's bad.
But then they know you're dumbed down and that you don't read.
And so they just tell you in the news, oh honey, honey, go to sleep.
Go ahead and suck your thumb.
Baby wanna sugar, sugar tit.
You're just so good.
We're going to take really good care of you.
You're kidding.
Actual, real Troy.
Oh my gosh, this is a doubleheader.
Troy's daddy runs a car dealership up in Nitro, West Virginia.
And Troy literally spends
Just constant, all over the internet attacking, magic boards attacking, calling into the show attacking, and one day he called in a prank call, but he did it off the network lines at the office.
There's not caller ID on the call-in lines.
There's caller ID on the network lines.
They transferred him over, and he prank called, saying he was a guest, and got on the guest line and did it.
And so I gave the number out to the dealership.
Uh, Troy, I'm gonna let you on the air, if it's really Troy, but I want to warn you, if you do any pranking, or if I have to delay you out because of any
We have global government upon us.
We are being regulated.
And here you have the American people.
Not wanting Mexican trucks with all of their problems and all of their corruption and all the drugs that are already pouring across the border and the rest of it.
I mean, you try driving in Mexico and you're an American, half the time the government steals your car and puts you in jail for three months and sucks all the money out of you.
And it's a one-way deal.
Our trucks can't go down there.
But that's okay.
We got a lot of Mexican trucks in here.
And an international tribunal says so because Congress handed over its authority in the late 1990s to fast-track authority.
That's global government.
That's how the European Union formed its, quote, trade deals.
And then they just merge all the bureaucracies.
They destroy the nation's sovereignties.
Well, now, under
Emergency, U.S.
under U.N.
law and health emergency, versus S.P.P.
power grabs such states from military to manage flu threats.
I'm going to cover this when we get back from break.
And Bruce Gleason's skids for U.N.
pandemic power grab.
Right now, I've just got to see if it's Troy.
Troy even trumps Mario, who says he disagrees.
So let's go to Troy from Nitro, West Virginia, if it's really Troy.
Let's see if it really is.
Uh, I can recognize that voice right out of Deliverance Central casting at any time.
Uh, oh, oh, we gotta get a break!
Okay, uh, Troy?
Look, you're up next!
You're up at bat next!
Any untoward behaviors, we're gonna have to talk about proper.
And by the way, we know you really want to fire from a dealership.
My daddy's gonna get mad at you for doing this.
Poor Troy's 20 years old and still wears diapers.
Just joking.
He'll be right back.
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Dismantling a false red-white paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
Alright, Troy from West Virginia hasn't had enough.
So, uh, here he is.
He's on the air.
Troy, uh, you put down your banjo.
We're about to get you on air here.
I like West Virginia better.
He fits the bill, I tell you what.
I thought us Texans did it on air.
When it comes to hillbilly though, man, he's got, he's got a lot more on,
On him than I did.
Troy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I'm calling from Hurricane Rescue, Dean.
You're not my Troy.
Well, that's where your daddy's dealership is.
You make prank calls and malicious calls from.
I'm calling from Hurricane.
I'm calling from home.
Probably more wind to get out that number if you'd like me to.
I mean, I really would rather you not.
Delay him out if he does.
We'll put you on hold if you try that.
Listen, you can call into the show, you just can't call into the business number of a network during the week, lie your way on, deceitfully saying you're the guest, where the guest doesn't get on for 15 minutes.
That's why you got a spanking, Troy.
That's malicious.
I know you got a spanking.
But the reason I called... Did you lose your job or did your daddy lie?
Lose my job for what?
Your father told me he fired you for what you did.
Is that not the case?
He never said that to you.
Yes, he did.
What are you talking about?
Alright, that's it.
Monday, tomorrow, we're calling the dealership.
That's it, Troy.
Alright, what's on your mind today?
I just want to remind you that your life's a waste, or you're accomplishing nothing, and you think you're defeating the world, or you're not defeating anybody.
That's what I meant, to give you a bi-monthly reminder.
How's football going at your college?
Football at my college?
I guess they ran yesterday.
I guess not.
Well, I've never heard of them.
I think you really admire me.
I don't know why you call in here.
Because you never really have any information.
Well, I'm sorry, you get everything wrong.
And that was very daring how you lied and said that you were Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, was it?
Which guesses you lie about and then say you were the guest getting the back number at the network and getting on air?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I saw your producer card and he told me twice that an F-bomb was left tonight.
That is not the case.
We had your caller ID and everyone in the office said you sit around prank calling us all day.
But come on in, Troy.
Don't get me into this, buddy.
That's a lie.
Look, his name is John.
His name is John.
He said his name was John.
I'm a producer, too, so I guess that's not me.
I'm not John.
Yeah, John Harmon didn't do that.
Troy, I'm done talking to you.
I got really serious stuff going on.
Oh, boy.
Absolutely amazing, ladies and gentlemen.
That is what the neocons have left.
We once had the greatest military on earth and now the AP reported last year that they actually are hiring around 20% of the new recruits have below an 80 IQ.
Folks, 70 IQ is seriously retarded.
Not knocking poor retarded people.
Love them to death.
Have one family member whose brain damaged.
I'm probably a little brain damaged from all the fights and wrecks and things I've been in.
The point is, is that ADIQ, and I saw these guys in New York being homely and security.
The last few times I've been there, running around, ordering women around, searching bags, walking around the street.
I mean, some of them literally can't talk.
The caricatures in Virginia are like Einsteins compared to them.
I got some video of these guys in Endgame.
Wait till you see it.
They just run up, start screaming at us, saying, turn our cameras off.
And they literally,
You're on a cell phone or something.
It's cutting out.
Say it again?
This is really annoying.
You can call back when you get a better line there.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Mike in Maryland.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, thank you very much.
I'd like to thank you more than anybody else for waking me up about the New World Order.
I'm sure you remember about four or five years ago you were out here locally in the DC area
I don't believe it.
I don't doubt that for a second.
Believe it or not, I was starting to buy into the neocon agenda for a little bit, but then it just
It just didn't sound right and I had to stop it upon your station.
And I was one of the pathetic sheeple walking around.
That AM tower was the closest to the Capitol of anyone.
That sucker was right in D.C.
I know it sounds horrible, but after 9-11 I went around telling people we should nuke every Arab capital on the face of the earth.
Now that's pathetic, isn't it?
Didn't you know that all the Arabs have like 14 inch fangs dripping acid and huge red horns and spit fire and have forked tails and hop around?
Well, if you listen to the corporate controlled media, Zionist controlled media, that's what you're led to believe.
And after your show went off the air, I literally had myself jonesing for the information, because once you get a taste of the truth, you never want it anymore.
I mean, you don't want anything else.
So I bought a shortwave radio, and now thank God I got a computer.
And so I just want to thank you, John Stettmiller and GCM and RBN Live.
You bet.
But the bigger issue is the closest station we've got to you is, it's an EMA station.
What's the call order?
It's a big one.
50,000 watts right there in Norfolk.
I think you can hear that in D.C.
I've got to get my affiliates together in my head.
I'm not good at keeping track of it.
Then I've got to pull it up on the computer and by then five minutes has gone by.
You know, and I also want to be clear, I never get into issues of it's Catholic controlled, it's Jewish controlled, because from my study,
It's evil rule of order control.
I mean, China had evil emperors 3,000 years ago, and there wasn't a Zionist within 100 yards, or 100 miles, or 1,000 miles, or 3,000 miles of there.
But certainly, Israel does, along with a lot of other big special interests, manipulate and control our government.
And over half the Israeli people don't want war, but their government is openly pushing for it and griping that the U.S.
hasn't done enough to attack Iran when we give more aid to Israel than all other countries combined.
More aid, military and just cash, than all other countries combined.
And I'm tired of reading the Israeli papers criticizing the United States.
I mean, it really gets old.
And I have nothing against Israel.
I'm a friend of Israel.
I don't think Israel, you know, should be blown off the face of the earth.
And by the way, the Iranian president didn't say that either.
He was quoting Ayatollah Khomeini, saying that the Zionist regime should be pushed into the sea.
It's combat warfare.
They're going to be killing each other forever.
Both sides are doing bad things, and it's wrong.
But now we've gone off into that issue now.
You know what, we're going to break here in a few minutes, and when we come back, I'm going to get into all your other calls at 877-590-5525, 877-590-5525, or 836-0590.
There's two message boards you can go to.
There's the prisonplanet.com message board, and at the top, you click on live questions for Alex during the show.
There's also a really easy-to-use quick message board, that's why I like it, at 590klbjo.com, and next hour, I'll get to some questions.
From both of those, 590KLBJ.com.
It just so happened, I was in here one day, and I'm looking at it, and I'm like, this is a local station we're broadcasting out of, syndicated out of, as a really simple, fast message board to get on.
We need to imitate that, by the way, with our message board, make it really fast to get on.
I mean, ours is quick, but not as just, bam, you're on there, man.
Just put comments in there.
But we will be taking your questions off both of those message boards, not just the toll-free line there for everybody.
You know, a subject like this with the United Nations running our country is so big, so important, that I really want to do justice to it.
I really want to give you the basic architecture of how this happened.
So when we get back, I'm going to break that down, walk into UN control of our military.
Here it is, in black and white, I have the document, and it's in full effect right now.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
The transmission shall continue on the other side.
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Welcome back.
Okay, I'm gonna cover him.
Alright, let's start at the beginning.
You had global elites really funding the last 300 years.
The main banking families that financed the Austrian, the Dutch, the British, the French royalty.
And all of those royal houses were intermarried.
They got basically bankrupted during the Napoleonic Wars.
This is all name-line history, by the way.
The Rothschilds were able to then bankrupt Austria, bankrupt of course France, England, and with some stock market crashes that they manipulated, which they later wrote about and bragged about, they were able to then basically buy up total control of England, and then England was the dominant world
Power until about the 1940s.
And of course it was intermarried with the Dutch and they were the other dominant power when it came to colonial assets in the French.
That's your global hegemony.
And the British who had been separate from the U.S., the elites began merging right before World War I with what they called the Anglo-American establishment.
President Woodrow Wilson called for a merger basically with England.
He called for a New World Order.
He wrote a book called The New World Order.
Wells wrote another book called The New World Order.
They had subtitles under them.
There's lots of films and books called Endgame, but mine's Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, similar with both those guys.
To be technical, he wrote a long, lengthy paper called The New World Order, and then H.G.
Wells wrote a book.
But, again, there's so much history I can get caught up in it.
Just to give you the basics, she's got this global elite.
They're teamed up.
And they start writing books and papers saying, we've got to have a one world government, we'll call it the League of Nations, and we'll go ahead and start up and stage a World War I to bankrupt the rest of Europe and to fully destroy what remnants of individualistic power and sovereignty they have.
So they start up a fight with the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, killed their king, killed their prince, staged all sorts of riots.
The Germans said, OK, let's have a war.
And the war was kicked off and then the world did not accept the League of Nations.
And so they wrote books and gave speeches and statements and said we're going to have to start up another war to do it.
And so all these documents are now declassified.
The Milner Group in Britain, controlled by the Bank of England and Rothschild, with the U.S.
said we've got to create a dictator in Germany and a dictator in Italy and we'll arm them and set them up to have a war because we don't want Germany and
Russia teaming up together, we want the main global hegemon to come out of England and the U.S.
This is not the British and American people, by the way.
We become slaves, we get to pay for it all.
A lot of people out there want to be imperialist, and they think, oh, like, we're part of it.
No, no, no.
It's the opposite.
You don't want to be a slave of the empire.
You don't want to be in the heart of the empire.
Especially one that's this disloyal to its... I mean, even the earlier Roman Empire was loyal to its subjects, not this system.
Loyal to its citizens.
But again, I'm digressing into anthropology and sociology and... I just wish you'd research this, folks.
It's such an incredible world that would open up to you.
It's so big.
And so, they literally create Hitler, what they call a wind-up toy.
This is Georgetown political science declassified, Carol Quigley, British House of Commons record, Congressional record.
Our government created Hitler.
Of course, before that, at the end of World War I, the Bolshevik Revolution sent over 5,000 Americans, or more than 8,000 British, 25 million in gold from Chase, Manhattan.
They sent it over there on Lenin's famous train of gold to overthrow the Tsar because, again, he was a first cousin.
With the King of England at the time, there's famous photos of the two of them together, Czar Nicholas and the British King together, and you couldn't tell the difference between them, were their sons were the same age.
Identical looking, could not tell the difference.
Such, you know, such genetic mapping, and so inbred.
But so they killed their cousins, that kind of fratricide, what's it called?
Royalty kills royalty, there's a term.
It escapes me.
They knock them off, put the Soviets in to take over and get empire, create a false bipolar world.
We've always got to have a false bipolar system, because it's really unipolar.
It's one global entity, but it understands that, especially by that time, by the 50s it was, they always had to have some new threat to blame everything on, move up a centralized government in the West to oppress the people, just like George Orwell wrote in 1984.
And later he said, I don't know about books, but I believe it's going to happen.
Why'd he say that?
He'd been a member of the British Secret Police in India, helped execute people, secret arrest, you name it.
Then he became a communist, thought that was the answer, got shot through the throat in frontline combat against the Frankists in Franco-Spain.
Uh, leading up to World War II, fought the Nazis, then went back and was a BBC broadcaster, top propagandist, Eric Blair was his real name, found out it was all staged.
So he writes 1984, where the government stages bombings on itself, stages whole wars, and both sides are staged.
So that's why 1984 is so important.
I mean, this guy had done it all, folks.
Secret police officer, fought the Nazis, been a propagandist, I mean, he'd been... And by the way, he wrote papers and books about how evil he'd been.
We're good to go.
Go out to the Presidio Naval Base in San Francisco, right underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, there on the south side.
I've been there, read their documents, watched the original newsreels of it, and they said, we're going to found a world government, for peace, we're going to shut it up.
But really, when you actually read their internal documents that have gotten declassified and leaked, it says global enslavement,
Global control, that they're going to forcibly exterminate the third world with race-specific bio-weapons, that they're going to dumb everybody down in the West, that they're going to get us obsessed with sports and pettiness and sex and bibles, that they're going to dumb us down to the educational system.
All declassified.
It's all in my film, Endgame, by the way.
It's just incredible.
To find out that they're doing all of this.
And I just want to warn you.
And so, our military, our government, the shadow government,
...sets up the National Security Apparatus, the CIA in 1947.
The whole government starts going secret at that point.
Secret ops can now be run...
Secret funds can be raised.
They take control of the narcotics trade.
Full control.
The families that founded the CIA out of Yale, skull and bones, already controlled it.
But they took full dominant control and used law enforcement power to go after their competition that was shipping in heroin, cocaine, and other drugs that they weren't getting a cut of.
That's what the war on drugs is all about.
A war against those that don't pay their cut.
And so it literally is a war.
And of course there's a double tax on it when you're dumb enough to use it and they put you in their prison, owned by the banks that laundered the money and then owned the private prisons.
But another side issue there.
That's how it's all interconnected.
And so, they began to set up international treaties, international agreements.
They enticed governments to sign on to the sovereignty-waving treaties, third world and first world alike, through IMF and World Bank loans.
The central banks that literally
Almost every country's printing presses and the power to issue money got more and more and more and more powerful.
And so then they began to write, by the 60s, that to get our government we've got to have a string of crises that we actually create or accentuate.
And now it's declassified, our government put Pol Pot into power and funded him to kill 2 million, and now Brzezinski, National Security Advisor, writes best-selling books bragging how he did it.
I mean, it's not me saying the guy should be arrested right now, it's him.
He's very proud of it.
They don't even respect you at State Department level unless you've got a mil death under you.
Once you've got a mil death under you, then you actually get saluted at the parties.
I'm talking one million dead, folks, bare minimum until you become a captain in this system.
Like you think the MI6 is mean, where you've got to kill two people before you get in?
To get into a top-legged level, top server on the Globalist, you've got to have at least a mega death under you.
That's one million, ladies and gentlemen.
Now you go watch your football now that you know that little secret.
So this is all the information that we have on them.
And they funded Stalin.
They put Mao into power.
They set up the one-child policy.
They funded Mao to kill 60 million conservatively.
They ran the whole operation.
And I mean it is just bloodthirsty.
Much of our eugenics plans come out of the 1944 Royal Commission
On population.
That's adopted in State Department Memorandum Operation 200, which is all an endgame.
Which says they've got to exterminate and cull and reduce populations and sterilize and everything else and do it through the vaccines, do it through tainted food, do it all over the third world, do it inside the western world, do it everywhere.
And they are doing it, ladies and gentlemen.
And then that leads us up to today.
To get the mass killing going, AIDS wasn't a hardcore enough bioweapon.
We have declassified documents on that.
It was a soft kill weapon, a test weapon.
They're getting ready to use the real weapons.
But they aren't just going to release the bioweapons, the global government.
They're going to then have the management of those releases, which they pose as the saviors doing, to bring us into bigger police states and greater integrations of the continents and the continental super-states through those processes.
We'll finish up on the other side with this.
In the year end, publicly taking control of our military and our government.
On the other side, stay with me.
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All right, we're back live.
Steve, Teresa, Ken, Carl, George, we're going to use all your calls here in just a few minutes to get into all the news about the upcoming attack on Iran.
The build-up is unmistakable and it means serious news, both for our troops, the Iranians, the economy, you name it.
But World Met Daily and several other publications reported on the just-released from
Well, about a week and a half ago, the North American plan for avian and pandemic influenza, Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, and here's the World Nut Daily article, U.S.
under U.N.
law and health emergency, Bush S.P.P.
power grab set stage for military to manage flu threats.
The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Summit in Canada released a plan that establishes U.N.
law along with regulations by the World Trade Organization and World Health Organization as supreme over U.S.
law during a pandemic and sets the stage for militarizing the management of the continental health emergencies.
They set up a NORTHCOM.
We now have a military theater of operations in the U.S.
And magically, there's going to be a crisis.
Oh, it'll take control of our lives.
And we have all these top military brass saying, get ready for martial law.
It's a good thing.
The North American plan for the avian and pandemic influenza was finalized at the SPP Summit last week in Montebello, Quebec.
At the same time, the U.S.
Northern Command, or NORTHCOM, has created a webpage dedicated to avian flu and has been running exercises in preparation for the possible use of U.S.
military forces in a continental domestic emergency involving avian flu or pandemic influenza.
How many years have we told you that hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of top bioweapons experts in the U.S., Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Germany, France, they've all been murdered, killed.
And a lot of top experts have looked at this avian flu and say it's genetically ingenious and manipulated.
government six years ago dug up the superflu from 1918 from a dead whaler frozen in the permafrost.
The U.S.
Then magically, now they say, terrorists have that very flu.
They were able to steal it from the government.
Kind of like the last two weaponized versions of Foot and Mouth that got released in England, it turned out, were released by the government by accident during training drills out of level 4 bioweapons laboratories.
It's all accidental.
Then you read their official documents where they say they're going to have controlled bioweapons releases to kill 80% of us.
But the first few mega releases, it'll be a few thousand that die, then they put in more police state control.
So they can orderly kill us when they really launch it.
Then there's a bigger operation.
Millions die.
And then, years after they set up the police state, each time the noose gets tighter, then the New World Order has the big releases.
And, uh...
It's unbelievable.
I know it's hard to believe.
It's their own documents, and the documents and the information are in my new film, Endgame.
Which, by the way, you'll be able to see for the first time.
It won't be out on DVD until mid-October.
You can see it for the first time in its entirety, coming up Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night at the Alamo Draft House in South Lamar.
It's 7 o'clock, and the tickets are already, I think, sold out for Monday.
Tuesday's close.
Wednesday's close.
You better
Check online at Infowars.com.
You can link through to the sub-page of the Alamo where you can get those.
But I'm going to show it in New York.
Premiere it in New York next Sunday on the 9th.
And all proceeds go to first responders, firemen, police.
It's going to the Feel Good Foundation.
Some of the other local foundations for them.
And so I'm actually donating.
I'm even paying to fly up there and go up there and do it and show it.
It's not just that I'm donating the film.
I'm already digressing here.
At the same time, the U.S.
Northern Command or NORTHCOM has created a webpage dedicated to avian flu and has been running exercises in preparation for the possible use of U.S.
military force in a continental domestic emergency involving avian flu or pandemic influenza.
You read earlier agreements, it says they'll use Mexican and Canadian troops in the U.S.
With virtually no media attention, in 2005, President Bush shifted his policy on avian flu and pandemic influenza, placing the country under international guidelines not specifically determined by domestic agencies.
The policy shift was formalized in September 14, 2005, when Bush announced a new international partnership on avian and pandemic influenza to a high-level planning meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York.
And then they issued the report, which is now
Under executive fiat law of the land.
The new international partnership on avian and pandemic influenza was designed to supersede an earlier 2005 Homeland Security report called for U.S.
national strategy that would be coordinated by the Departments of Homeland Security, Health and Agriculture.
Yeah, as bad as I don't like the World Health Organization, or as bad as I don't like the CDC, I like the World Health Organization a lot.
I mean, I can't stand them.
Our own government a lot more, if you can believe that.
But in the final equation, our government created the UN.
It's their tool.
It's just that if the rest of the world is going to go under global governance, we're going to go under it too.
What's good for the good is good for the gander.
And it's a governing system that doesn't have checks and balances, that doesn't have liberty, that doesn't have a Bill of Rights, that doesn't have due process.
I mean, go read the United Nations
Unanimous Declaration of Human Rights, Article 29 and Article 30.
It has all these great rights and claims all these rights until 29 and 30.
And then it says you have no rights when we say you don't.
And we can do whatever we want.
We supersede all these other rights.
And the UN has presided over mass murder worldwide.
And it goes on to say the US military will be under UN control
And he has all the press conference and U.N.
document statements and the head of the U.N.
Well, folks, this isn't repeated in all the earlier U.N.
It's just now the Fed said that they indeed are in control.
I remember the Wednesday after 9-11, the week after, was a Wednesday night, I was watching Nightline, and a U.N.
general named McKenzie, U.N.
head of peacekeeping, said, quote, we're gonna have bio-attacks
And we're going to have other terror attacks in the future.
And we're going to set up a North American Union security perimeter.
And then now, one of the brain men behind codifying the actual strategy on all this, Robert Pastor, this big CFR minion, colleague of Zbigniew Brzezinski, back from the Carter administration, who runs all this for the CFR and the Bush administration,
He has said over and over again that we're going to have integration of the North American continent, merger of the three nations through crises.
And so they will stage the events or open the door for the events.
They can do either way.
Or if something natural ever pops up, and then the UN comes in and runs the U.S.
Who knows nothing about the U.S., doesn't have the capacity, shouldn't, is a criminal organization.
You see what they did in Rwanda, running the massacre of 800,000.
That now finally came out in mainstream news.
Reuters, uh, Friday.
Finally in the news, they ran the massacres.
We already knew that!
We had photos, videos, eyewitnesses.
It's now admitted... What, that happened ten years ago?
What, ninety...
What year was that?
Folks, I just, it's just so out of control.
And this article goes on and on.
Paul Watson has boiled it all down.
In an article up on PrisonPlanet.com, and I hope you get out to everybody, Bush agrees to skids for U.N.
pandemic power grab.
Best-selling author wouldn't put it past globalists to release virus to capitalize on control.
The World Health Organization and U.N.
have been handed complete control over response procedures in the event of a pandemic outbreak in the U.S.
after an agreement was signed by President Bush at the recent SPP meeting that bypasses congressional approval.
Which he set up with Presidential Decision Directive 51 in May, May 9th, that says he's above the Congress and Congress isn't involved in continuing government.
He then hands the ball off and says the U.N.
is the boss.
Just like international tribunals say, starting tomorrow, Mexican trucks are going to roll into Texas and be all over your highways.
It is absolutely incredible.
Alright, your call is on the other side.
I'm not completely done with this report.
It's just earth-shattering.
It's just unbelievable.
We'll get your take on this and more.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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That's what I do.
Alright, let's go to your calls, and then I'll get back in the...
The U.N.
commanding Northrop.
Understand Congress, Bush says, doesn't run anything.
Now, Congress is co-equal to the President.
But Bush says, nope, you don't run anything.
But the U.N.
This is all part of these precedents.
Bush's wife went and signed for him.
I don't know how she did that, but he did.
Remember in 2005, back on the UNESCO that Reagan had gotten us out of?
The United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization?
That put our colleges, our roads, everything under those treaties.
Just a bulking of hundreds of treaties.
Now he's saying he's going to go along with Kyoto, but they're going to change the name.
And that's the world tax.
Well, we got the SPP documents from last year.
The North American Union Agreement.
And they said, we've got to have a continental tax on cars to fund this thing.
We've got, what, five members of the Supreme Court have said in different articles that they're going to follow UN and World Trade Organization court rulings.
These are just private groups that just are announced to have global power.
Folks, it's so serious and that's why you've got to start getting informed, at least, about geography and where the country's located.
I forgot to tell you, try to find it.
Go to YouTube and type in
Miss Teen USA.
Go to YouTube and type in Miss Teen USA.
It's on Prison Planet, but it takes you longer to find it because that's like five day old news.
Type Miss Teen USA in and click on a couple.
Find one that's got good audio and that's short.
Everybody's already heard this, but people need to hear it again.
And it's not that she doesn't know and that she's an idiot and an airhead.
It's that one-fifth of Americans don't know.
Yes, we are.
We're good to go.
Realize that you go, paint yourself up, burn orange, or paint yourself up blue, whatever your team colors are, and you yell and scream, and it's so important to you.
When your team's doing good, everybody's strutting around in town, and, I'm feeling real good right now.
I got to hear it at the gym, and work, and on the street, and in e-mails, and family, and, oh man, I'm feeling really good right now about my life.
The U-Team wins are doing good.
And I'm like, hey, watch the game.
That's fine.
Enjoy it.
Drink a cold one and eat some pizza.
That's what I did last night.
But you better at the end of the day realize that isn't going to matter a year from now, a month from now, ten years from now, right now it doesn't matter.
You better realize Mexican trucks are coming across our border and it's going to destroy one of the few niches we have left with truck drivers being able to be upper, you know, blue collar, almost middle class.
You better understand those trucks are dangerous.
You better understand they're not going to be searched, they're going to have transponders and drive straight across the border.
You better understand that same transponder system being put in is going to be using your inspection stickers.
They tried to pass it the last two sessions here in Texas and it's going in nationwide.
You better understand we're losing freedom.
You better understand that authority over how our local governments are run is being taken from us and put into global boards and regional boards that answer to them.
You better realize, folks, that your country needs you and is dying.
You better understand, we've been hijacked by the Globalists, by the New World Order, and they're using us to take over countries, using us to attack Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, while our name gets demonized, while foreign shareholders in Europe own the U.S.
and are letting us be their bad guy.
And then they get rid of the bad guy, the front guy, and they move into prime position for the world government.
Before the Amaro, the new currency, can be born, which is in official federal documents, it's been on MSNBC, CNBC, but if you criticize it, they say it doesn't exist, the dollar has to die first.
And they're going to rip us all out.
They've already devalued it by half or more.
That isn't enough.
They intend to totally destroy it.
Financial Times of London last year, and then make you go get Amaros.
I mean, if you like having your whole savings robbed, then just tell me to shut up.
I'm going to go to your calls in a minute, but this is important.
Yeah, we'll go to him right now and we'll get into the Iran situation.
Who's been holding the longest?
This is some internal shop gossip, but I don't... So I don't... Well, we'll play the idiot beauty queen in a minute.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Virginia with, I guess, some internal shop talk.
Yeah, I was just wondering.
I was talking about the Webster Tarpley Vancouver Truth meeting.
The thing was posted last Wednesday to Google Video.
And I was watching it last night, and he doesn't have the best speaking voice, but I mean, I think he's pretty educated, and it was a pretty interesting video, but I made the mistake of sending it off to all these people about, look, this is what you're facing, this is the history, this is the way things have gone through history, this is the way it's going.
Okay, I was familiar with the 9-11 Truth Meeting a month ago or something up in Canada.
What was said?
Okay, well he said something about two-thirds of the way through.
I had to break it in different parts because I was doing other things.
And then about two-thirds of the way through, he breaks it down to the different kind of congressional people that we've got.
You know, the war-mongering Democrats, the hardcore neocon Republicans, and the right-wing extremist liberal, I mean libertarians.
Well, I'll have to see that myself, and it's really not going to do any good even getting into this here, because I like both of those individuals.
If I have to choose, of course, it's Ron Paul.
But I will take some time out.
Post it on the message board right now, and I will watch it when I get off there, and I'll make a comment on it tomorrow after I've seen it.
Anything else, sir?
I was just thinking rather than fighting, like he said, the truth movement and the peace movement were having problems and they need to get together.
Oh, that's all.
How far into it does he say this?
That's what I think.
About, well, it's about a minute, an hour and seventeen where I'm at now.
So probably about an hour and ten minutes.
Okay, send it to me, sir.
I appreciate you holding for that.
There are a lot of people in the quote truth movement or alternative movement.
You see, people get confused by this.
They think
Because the mainstream media spins and lies and gets things wrong, most of the time it's just ignorant, low-level.
Low-level, it's mainly just ignorant people.
You've got operatives at editor level and national talk show host level and TV producer level.
A lot of those are actual government operatives and that's come out in congressional hearings and the fake news and the thousands of paid-for reporters.
Agents of influence is what they're called.
So, just because we know the mainstream media does stuff, we tend to then think, well, the whole alternative movement must be right.
And Alex Jones must be right about everything he says.
I'm the first to tell you, I make mistakes.
Now, I try to tell the truth.
I'm accurate 96, 97, 98% of the time.
I mean, I'm rarely wrong.
A lot of times it's about a date, or a number, or I'll say State Department.
Memorandum 200, I'm gonna go, wait, is that 2000?
Because these days I'm so burnt out at work so much.
That old snappy used to have a photograph of memory.
I don't have it anymore, folks.
And so, you shouldn't take everything I say as gossip.
I'm making some incredible claims.
You should go research it for yourself and you're going to find out it's true.
You're going to find out the vast bulk of it is that we're trying to tell the truth.
Generally, we're correct.
Uh, and so, in this moment, we're gonna have people we disagree with.
I disagree with the Webster Tobley, most of you don't know who he is, vehemently about Roosevelt being good, and big government being good, and, I mean, you know, that's just ridiculous.
I mean, he was a total New World Order, uh, enemy of the Republic.
Um, so, people got their own blind spots, but, stay on me, you know, he can be forgiven that.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
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Hi, Internet.
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Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the U.S.
on a world map.
Why do you think this is?
I personally believe that U.S.
Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don't have that, and I believe that our education, like such as in South Africa and Iraq, everywhere like such as, and
I believe that they should, our education over here in the U.S.
should help the U.S., or should help South Africa, and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future for our children.
Thank you very much, South Carolina.
Guaranteed she's for attacking Iran.
She's for gun control at the same time.
Guaranteed she loves George W. Bush.
And there's just as big of idiots that love Hillary.
I mean, these people all work for the same global crime syndicate, they vacation together, they're funded by the same people, it is just a joke.
But the point is, is that one-fifth of young Americans, I've seen numbers far worse, adults don't know anything.
But they all know about their favorite football team, and how much their linebackers weigh, and what their daddy's name are.
And the United Nations and others have written books, social engineers...
You know, the father of marketing and modern advertising, Edward Bernays, called you dumb slaves and said, he's got it popularized.
They had women in the suffrage movement, the right to vote movement, walk smoking cigarettes.
They would photograph that and put it in the paper and go verbally pay papers across the country to show women smoking.
And then that got women to adopt smoking and made just billions of dollars for the cigarette companies.
They would claim it was feminist, but really also to break up the family just to get the women working so they'd pay taxes.
That was a Department of War plan.
When it got later adopted, of course, Gloria Steinem has now been declassified.
She now admits it as well in one of her books.
CIA controlled, the whole thing CIA front.
It was not to help women.
Oh, you're laughing, listening out there.
Just check it out for yourself.
Forget which book.
I remember when I first heard that, like ten years ago, I went and bought the book.
Something like Sunrise or Horizon, something about the sunrise at the end of the book.
I looked in the bibliography.
I opened it up and she goes, you know, CIA, all staged.
I didn't read the whole thing.
But the point is, Debra Brunais, bacon wasn't very popular.
Pork bellies weren't very popular.
And so, they ran a big multi-million dollar ad campaign to say bacon was good for your heart and good with eggs.
And so that's why you eat bacon and eggs, was Bernays.
But they said, we've got to popularize sports.
They said, Americans aren't watching enough.
The American pastime is invention.
The American pastime is reading.
It's multiple languages, which it was.
You could be, you know, never been a day in school, you knew how to read when you were four.
It's like Abraham Lincoln knew three or four languages, was really intelligent, could write in Latin, and he was raised by his mommy and his daddy out in the middle of nowhere, right on the back of a shovel.
And he would walk, you know, 10 miles some days just to go to the local library just to get a few books and read them all.
You see, there was a... Knowledge was honored.
Being intelligent was what was cool.
Well Bernays and others have said we've got to say baseball is the American pastime, we've got to say a later football is, we've got to really say this is manly, we don't want men, you know, the symbols of manliness to be informed because before it was.
We were 4% of the world's population with more than half the wealth, the smartest people, the best shots, the most vicious in war,
Politicians didn't tell us nothing.
Cops literally stooped and bowed down to the citizenry and were servants and now look at us.
The fattest, dumbest, myself included, most unhealthy population, the most diseases, the lowest IQs, the lowest sperm counts.
I mean, we're physically wallowing and dying in our own juices here.
And so laugh at me.
Just go, just go.
Watch your UT horns.
And I watched it too last night, but it's not my God.
And I have to tell you, I'm ashamed that 10, 15 years ago I knew all the sports scores.
But see, I didn't know how much trouble we were in 15 years ago.
I do now.
And I do engage in R&R.
We need that.
But frankly, when it comes down to R&R, I'd rather be out in a canoe.
I'd rather be with my family.
I'd rather be fishing.
I'd rather be visiting
You know what's much more fulfilling than watching a UT football game?
Our God.
Is going down and visiting people in nursing homes.
Just randomly going into nursing homes and seeing 89-year-old World War II colonels.
Uh, whose son hasn't seen him in 10 years, he's got bed sores all over him, at a, you know, mid-quality place, just randomly, and you're griping and making him change, change him out and make sure he doesn't have bed sores.
Or some old lady who was a school teacher and helped people.
Or why don't you do what I did growing up?
I never knew how good my parents were to do stuff like this, and we're doing this this Christmas.
We're not going to some hot destination, uh, Caribbean sands.
I am going to, uh, take my children down to the Salvation Army.
And I don't know if they let you do this anymore.
I haven't done it in like 15 years.
And serve them the soup and the donuts and stay there till late at night and let them see what life's really like.
So they don't turn into scum airheads like that person sitting there.
Hey, honey, the world knows where the evil people come from.
You notice in that thing she goes, oh, she thought the question was how do Americans help the world?
No, it was a question of why are Americans on average so dumb and so ill-informed where they can't even string sentences together and don't know where the U.S.
is on a globe.
You understand that, honey?
The world knows where the evil dumb people come from.
Controlled by the social architects.
It's the other way around.
And I talk to adults.
I'm in grocery stores.
I'm at the mall.
I listen to people.
I people watch.
And a lot of adults now don't really talk.
They like chirp and say terms and kind of click like monkeys.
And I mean, I think pretty soon, people are going to start going... I mean, have you heard the young people?
They just text message each other and kind of go... I mean, literally, because... By the way, did you know that more than 45 minutes of television causes brain damage and takes you into a sleep level?
And then video games cause an oxygen starve level.
The scientists have put out big reports.
This is mainstream news.
That's where people die all the time playing video games or they have seizures.
And it brings you to a lower level at oxygen starved level.
But you're not really oxygen starved.
The only other time they found these type of brain waves is when someone has got their face on the pillow and isn't breathing properly.
It is an oxygen, a narcosis starved level where you have the big color dreams.
I only have a few of those in my life.
That is an oxygen starved environment.
Oh, just type in video games produced unnatural brainwaves.
Type that in.
In fact, let's just test that right now.
Here, let me just see if they've got Google here already in their favorites here.
Let's just pause right now, and let's go to Google.com.
Google.com, right there for you.
And let's just type in right now.
Let me think, that was a couple years ago, last time I saw a scientific report on it.
I think it was BBC.
Video game playing causes unnatural brainwaves.
I forgot I altered brainwaves.
Let me see.
Video game playing causes unnatural brainwaves.
I spelled so bad, I hope it works.
There we go.
And I found a whole bunch of stuff on that.
I can shorten it down.
It's just brainwaves.
Video game.
Brain controlled video game made.
Brain controls video game.
This is your brain on video games.
This shows brain damage.
Yeah, you can find it.
You've got to look down because it was about a year or so ago.
You've got to find it deeper in the news sections.
You can also find stuff in the news sections.
So there you have it.
You can go find out how it's brain damaging you.
That's why they have all these major studies about if you... Now, we always use violence on TV when it got popularized in the 50s.
There's a graph with the popularization of TV with violence increasing, and then as violence increases on television, it only exponentially increases.
But no one ever asks, what does the medium itself do?
Well, it mesmerizes you and puts you into a highly suggestible state.
Let's go to calls.
Let's go ahead and take a call here from Montreal and we'll go to Ken, Teresa, Harvey, George.
We're going to get to everybody.
We've got to go fast now.
I know I'm out of control.
Carl in Montreal, Canada.
You're on the air.
Hey, thanks for taking my call.
I'm trying to get a hold of you.
How's it going?
I'm trying to send you some documents to your producers.
I'm trying to be a guest on your show.
I was railroaded by the American Judicial System.
I told you before... I remember this, sir.
We get lots of calls from people in jail.
You're up there in immigration.
You're an American.
And Trey was giving me the documents the other day.
I was trying to read them.
Alright, we're going to come back, and I'm going to rampage through George, Harvey, Teresa, and Ken's calls.
Yes, sir, I understand.
I don't know what you think I can help you up there on some immigration issue in Canada.
I mean, my God, they're running child kidnapping rings publicly with over a million, two children grabbed each year.
Nobody's there to help them.
I try to help them.
Alright, we'll be right back.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
There are hundreds of questions for me up on the PrisonPlanet.com board and on the KLVJ board.
Try to get to a couple of them here.
We've got a lot of our best news links and tips here.
It's really great.
Here's a question I could talk about forever, but I want to go to your calls.
What would martial law be like?
The great part is if I don't answer the questions, other people on the board really do better than I can in many cases.
It's kind of like it is now, where cops walk up to you and say, turn your camera off, or cops arrest you and beat you up and say you resisted them and throw charges on top of you, or cameras are watching you everywhere and transponders are going in the inspection stickers, or where due process isn't followed.
It'll just be worse.
It'll just be more oppressive, and you go from 300,000 people in prison 15 years ago to 4 million behind bars, 7 million in the system.
It's just being a slave.
That's really what martial law is like, and then they have curfews.
Thousands of communities have curfews for people under 18.
Now places like Cloverport, Kentucky have them on everybody, and they just pull old ladies over and take them to jail.
They don't care.
It's, um... The BATF in, um...
Indiana, the man had no criminal record, but the neighbors, he talked about how the economy may collapse, how there was a global government.
They'd heard that was illegal.
The BATF said, yeah, we took him to jail.
He had a stockpile of ammo, a couple thousand rounds that you can unload.
There's no law, but they just take you to jail.
I mean, I don't know how to explain it to you.
I see it all the time.
I mean, that's what martial law is like.
A couple more of these, but let me get to the calls right now.
Let's go ahead and go to Ken in Atlanta, and we'll go to George, Harvey, and Teresa.
Let's get to those four.
You're on the air, George.
Thank you for holding.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hi, thanks for holding.
Yes, Friday night on my way home, I didn't go to the checkpoint, but I wish I had my camera, because I was driving a truck.
I had a CB radio, and I heard a chatter on the CB radio.
And there was a checkpoint, so I got up and walked.
I stayed a good distance away, and I had a pair of binoculars.
And in the paper, it said this checkpoint was set up to catch seatbelt violators.
But why would the Department of Homeland Security be at a seatbelt checkpoint?
What are they going to say?
Well, the feds, that's a viper team, and it doesn't surprise me that you're in Florida.
Texas, Florida, New York, California.
You see, life's going to... Martial law is like life in an airport checkout.
Okay, airport security.
And they have viper teams, they just randomly do it.
They come in schools unannounced and say, we're gonna kill you, we're terrorists.
The children poop themselves.
It's all massive mind control programmed to condition you for martial law.
They're the terrorists, and they're getting you ready to be terrorized.
I mean, have you heard about all the articles where they come in unannounced and put guns to six-year-olds' heads?
They're traumatized for life?
I mean, this is all part of getting you ready for martial law.
Remember in the
A newspaper in Brooksville, Florida, in 1999, it made big news when I covered it, but it was in the paper, and it said, the troops came in, Marines came in to the middle school, put guns to their head, and said, we're here from Homeland Security, and then, because that was around before then, folks, to let you know what martial law is like.
Remember that?
Okay, you can go to the microfiche and pull that at your library.
It wasn't Brooksville.
Brooksville is in police state due to takeover when they took over.
The Pensacola News Journal!
Brooker Elementary!
Oh, man.
Losing my photographic memory has really started.
I haven't lost it, but it's like it gets off and bad data comes up.
I know, you're driving along in your car, you don't believe me.
I guarantee you.
Just go to the UT library if you're in Austin or go to the other one.
And look, it was in 99... It was in 99 and it was the Pensacola News Journal.
Hobbs Elementary, interviewed the principal.
At that time I was on KJFK, now a Spanish station, Mexican station.
And I made a big deal out of it.
And they put guns to their heads and the kids were, of course, defecating all over themselves.
And they said, we're going to kill you.
And after they said, it's alright, we're here to let you know what martial law is like.
Folks, that's not America, okay?
It's a mind control op.
How do I explain this to you people?
I'm sick of it!
I love this country and they're killing it!
You know, this country's so good.
There's so many good things.
I love this nation.
I'm so thankful.
I've got a great life.
And then there's all this evil taking it over!
I've witnessed Marines training to kill you and take your guns!
It's in my videos.
Police State 2, The Takeover, Police State 2000.
Google them!
Watch them for free!
Just go watch it!
I was there!
I wasn't as radical as I am now.
I went to drills and they were training to put us in camps and admitting it!
They're not playing games!
It's not our military anymore!
If they win and go through with stuff, they're probably going to kill me!
I'm not happy about this, but none of us are safe laying down to them.
And the good news is, the military and the police are starting to wake up.
I wish this stuff wasn't true.
But it is, man.
I'm telling you, all I do is research.
I can't even express how bad this U.N.
takeover of our military is.
I have the document right here!
I said I'd go to your calls, I'm just getting so mad.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ken in Atlanta.
You're on the air Ken, thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, people can go to the Pentagon website right now and they can see about 1,500 people involved in Operation Smashed Bug where they just had to wear surgical masks for however long to see who would take it off or not.
I've always wanted to talk to you about what happened in Richardson, Texas, five days before 9-11, the Infocorp, 80 FBI agent person raid.
On 9-11, I did see, because this has been on the web and people may want to know if this is confirmed, I did see that they did hold Bin Laden.com, that company was managing that.
They were managing 500 Arabic websites.
And then it got raided right before it came down.
I remember that happening.
Now, they managed the country domain of .IQ, which is Iraq.
And people weren't even talking about Iraq at that time.
Well, Dick Cheney was.
Day one before 9-11 even happened, they had the maps out, who was going to get it.
And Cheney was saying in front of O'Neal, there's going to be a pretext.
Literally rubbing his hands together.
People were hardcore, man.
I was looking at this as a type of MO and to see, well, if they do this again with .IR for Iran, and I just noticed that Iran's management of that is more dispersed geographically.
This was in Richardson, Texas.
I remember, yeah, the national headlines said FBI raids in Dallas, but Richardson is a bedroom community or a suburb, a chess-like suburb now.
It was pretty good when I was a kid, but I lived near there, but I had a lot of friends in Richardson.
The point is that 9-11 was a black-op.
Remember Nick Burr got his head sawed off?
You know, he accidentally gave his laptop to one of the hijackers in a black-op training corps at a military base in Norman, Oklahoma.
By the way, that's mainstream news!
And then he ends up putting up shell towers in Iraq, getting his head sawed off by fat guys.
When the supposed guy that cut his head off is missing his right leg, he wasn't missing it when he sawed it off.
Why don't you look into that?
I mean, look, I know what I've gotten into.
I know who I'm fighting.
I did this because these people are killers and gotta be fought.
You out there better start learning about where America is on a map first, and then you better find out how far down the rat hole we've gone.
That's all I'm telling you, folks.
Hardcore killers are running this country, and I don't even mean Jordan Bush and Dick Cheney.
I mean the people above them.
They're gonna pass the baton to that warmonger Hillary?
They're not playing games.
They're about to start World War III.
And, uh, you know, you go see films like
The Bourne ultimatum in the real world is a thousand times worse than that.
I'm here to tell you.
Let's take another call.
Let's talk to Teresa in North Dakota.
You're on the air.
Hey, thank you for taking my call.
I just want to let you know that my husband and I appreciate you and we listen to you every day.
Thank you for listening.
I appreciate you.
We were this morning, my husband and I were watching C-SPAN and a guy named Christopher Hayes was on C-SPAN trying to tell everybody that the NAFTA superhighway doesn't exist.
That there's no way that anybody could build anything that big.
But he also used the phrase called shared prosperity.
Between the three nations.
Look, we have our own SPP documents.
WLAI-TV just reported that they just got more documents on how they're going to put toll roads on almost every existing road in Texas.
Well, we already have the original TxDOT documents.
They just lie congenitally.
Look, a tribunal just ordered the U.S.
to let Mexican trucks in.
Now, that's not the U.S.
running the U.S.
I mean, we're under this.
But that phrase, shared prosperity, Stalin used it in his speeches.
Hitler used it in his speeches.
I know, I know.
And I think what they're trying to do is they're just trying to make us believe that it doesn't exist.
That they're actually pushing it.
Well, that's it.
Listen, it's a military tactic.
Why does a tank have camo?
Why does a ship have camouflage?
I mean, it's just enough to make you kind of, while you're busy arguing about if it's true or not, they know 90% of the public doesn't know where the country is on a map.
So they lie.
They know 90% is just going to believe it.
It's so incredible!
We can have the actual documents as the U.S.
goes under U.N.
control, as the Congress is told they don't even have authority anymore, which is itself off the charts, and the general public doesn't know where the U.S.
Right, well, most of the American people have the idea that if it doesn't affect them, right then and there, it doesn't matter.
Absolutely, and they know that when they finally blow the economy, all these yuppies are going to riot, so they're ready to mow them down in the streets.
Let me tell you, cops, it's going to ruin your future, too.
Don't go along with the New World Order.
I'll see you coming up at the Alamo Draft House Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night for the premiere of Endgame on South Lamar.
Get your tickets at InfoWars.com.
See you back next week.
God bless you all.
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