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Air Date: Aug. 31, 2007
2549 lines.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up in the third hour, Jesse Benton, Communications Director for the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign.
We'll be joining us coming up in the third hour, Luke Radowsky is going to be with us for a full hour.
to talk about the huge events coming up in just one week they kick off next friday in new york leading in to the sixth anniversary of the government-sponsored terror attacks the inside job event meant to launch world war three and the death of the u.s.
republic and the birth of the true first world government we are literally on
The verge of world government being fully established.
I've got a mainstream news article today where a man told his neighbors he thought there might be a global financial collapse.
So they called the BATF on him.
And he had a couple guns.
No criminal record.
And so now they don't just call a couple guns an arsenal, they call a couple thousand rounds a stockpile.
All gun owners should know this.
That Bush doubled the amount of agents in the BATF in the last six years.
He more than tripled their funding, and they are shutting down gun shops, they are shutting down importation, they are raiding houses.
Even Bob Barr, NRA board member last year on this show, former congressman, told you Bush is more anti-gun than Clinton.
It is just an attack on the Second Amendment like we've never seen.
And frankly, it's scary to me.
Because, I mean, I've been having people give me guns and buying a gun every year or so since I was about 15.
And I've probably got 15, 20 guns and a lot of ammo.
Most, you know, they're collector's items.
They go up in value.
People got to be careful.
You know, I'm a collector.
Now, there's no law against having a lot of guns, but they don't care.
They arrested him.
And they're saying he's mentally ill and believes in a
Global government.
They say that is mental illness and he has been taken to jail.
Mainstream news!
And I've got major law enforcement publications going back six, seven years saying, if you see somebody with an anti-UN sticker saying, get us out of the UN, go ahead and arrest them.
And it says, police chiefs go... that was Law Enforcement Magazine.
It's out of Dallas.
I'll never forget.
It was a 2000 issue.
It was in 2000.
I made a big deal out of that on air.
Because it just said, if they've got a anti-U.N.
sticker, go ahead and take them in.
I mean, this is how far we've fallen, and you can see that type of brainwashing in action in road to tyranny.
Pull over a naval veteran, no criminal record, going into town to buy canning supplies from her farm.
She comes to a checkpoint.
They want to search her and see her ID, and she says, you have no right to that.
This is not due process.
They jerk her out, she doesn't resist, they charge her with resisting, and then they talk about how they're going to frame her on video in her squad car, you can watch them.
Just know, she's not even human to them folks, she might as well be a bug they're stepping on.
They don't care about trying to ruin her life, they feel good.
And they say, this may be illegal, she's got a pocket constitution, is that illegal?
And he says, I don't know, she may be allowed to have that.
May be allowed to have... May be allowed to have a pocket constitution.
May be allowed to have an Alex Jones video.
And Kelly Rushing arrested for giving out Ron Paul videos.
And I see these cases every couple days now.
Oh, you got a Ron Paul sign on your car, we're gonna go ahead and take you in.
Oh, you got an upside down flag on your house, we're gonna go ahead and take you in.
You got an Impeach Bush sign out, we'll go ahead and take you in.
Go ahead and take you on in.
Just one step away from here, you're going to a federal relocation center and you'll be relocated from there.
We're keeping the country safe after the terrorists hit Chicago.
Yeah, the terrorists hit us and we tried to protect you, but all you libertarians and people kept us from keeping you safe by taking all your rights.
So guess what happened?
The terrorists hit again!
Conveniently for us.
We're going to take over now.
How's that sound?
We'll be right back to get into all of it.
Stay with me.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Under gun laws they're trying to pass right now, any misdemeanor, any post-traumatic stress that they claimed you had when you were in the military in 1991 or 2006, 1969, it doesn't matter, no more Second Amendment.
If any nurse or doctor, they're having the states pass this, ever says you shouldn't be able to have a gun, that's it, no judge, no jury, it's over.
It's like the IRS takes your house with no judge or jury.
See, it's going to be all bureaucracies.
And the new ruling class is just anybody who can get a badge and a gun.
And then they just, as long as they pay their tribute to the big central banks and the global government, they can literally... That's like the Supreme Court rule two years ago.
New London, Kelo.
They said if private interests want to come in and lobby government to take your private property, they can do it.
And by the way, there doesn't even have to be just compensation.
Go read the ruling.
And coast to coast, they are just taking people's property.
They're saying, I don't care if your 300 acres right outside the city is appraised at $15 million or $65 million, different cases we've covered.
We got men that got guns.
You're going off the property, and if you don't, we're going to come out here and we're going to kill you!
Now, you got that?
And by the way, don't think the general public you can whine and cry to them.
They don't know where the U.S.
They don't know where Iraq is.
is on a map.
They don't know the three branches of government.
They don't know that cops in black masks
Countries are in trouble when people start dressing like that.
They don't know nothing, and we're taking your land, alrighty?
Alright, good.
And your kids are gonna use the narcotics we push on the street, and when they use them, we're gonna put them in a big private prison building widgets for the drug cartels, who actually own the big banks that literally launder the money.
It's a beautiful system, slaves, and you're gonna learn to love it!
That's just the way it is, baby.
Or we could get angry and learn where the U.S.
is on the map again.
Learn about the three branches of government.
Read the Declaration of Independence.
That would mean that you'd have less TV time or less acting cool time at the bar.
But it might actually mean that you control your own destiny and are involved in history.
This is why I'm so mad.
You know what?
I'm gonna have control.
I'm just gonna read the headlines.
I'm not... I always get through four or five and I stop on one for an hour and the show's over.
South Bend resident raided by ATF had ammunition stockpiled.
They're calling now over a thousand rounds of stockpiled.
Redacted stuns Venice.
Reuters, a new film about real-life rape and killing of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl by U.S.
soldiers who also murdered her family, stunned the Venice Festival.
Well, shocking images left some viewers in tears.
This is AFP.
Marine tells of order to execute a DETA woman and children.
There's a bunch of other news, and they found little kids that saw people getting killed.
They just line them up, walk right up to five-year-olds.
Head goes right off.
How many trips have I interviewed who've seen that type of thing go on?
And they're ordered.
They get the order.
Kill everybody.
Private Gruckheimer?
Remember him in the Ithaca Journal, 2002, and he came back, big hero in the newspaper?
He got highly decorated.
He said, yeah, we go into whole villages and we just kill everyone, men, women, children.
And then Fox News, a few days later, had a clarification.
And they had the Pentagon Brass on.
They said, well, in certain areas we do kill everyone.
We go in on foot and kill everyone.
That was kind of like the clarification from Pat Robertson back in 2000 when he said, China's doing what it has to do with forced abortion.
They need more aggressive family planning.
I got on there and got criticized for criticizing him.
I was no longer a Christian because I wasn't literally for abortion.
I'm not kidding.
And then he came out and clarified and said, well yeah, they're overpopulated.
No, well that must be okay then.
As long as you're killing yellow babies, brown babies, it's alright.
Just don't kill our little white babies.
Hey fools, if they can kill black babies and brown babies, your white babies aren't safe.
Did you ever figure that out?
What goes around comes around.
What you do to somebody else ends up happening to you or somebody you love.
That's how it works, you fools!
You can't escape the law of the universe.
Don't you understand that?
Don't you bad cops understand that?
Don't you dumb bureaucrats know that?
And you know in your gut what I'm saying is true.
South men resident raided by ATF had ammunition stockpiled.
See, I already digressed from that first one.
Stuns Vinnish.
Marine tells of order to execute Aditha women and children.
French troops rape girls during Rwanda genocide.
This is just all the stuff coming out.
They were running the op!
What do you mean, AP?
China says one-child policy helps protect climate.
And it's in Endgame.
Remember a few months ago, the environmental groups came out and said, we want to have a tax on having more than one or two children?
The actual group said one, the news said they said two, but we had them on.
That's why you'll be watching Endgame and the headline says more than two children, but the actual group says one.
So I know I'll get emails when Endgame comes out, you just said one child, but the article says two children.
Well, we went off what the group actually said.
But, um, all these groups are saying this.
You see, that's how it started in China in the mid-70s was as a tax on more than one child.
Then it became mandatory in 80.
And so, they're saying that they plan to implement this here, by the way.
Only 10 minutes on a mobile phone can trigger cancer, scientists believe, in a major study, Daily Mail.
Oh yeah, we're off.
We're already cooked, folks.
Just enjoy.
Exclusive Secret Text Dot Plan to Toll Existing Interstates.
I've got to hand it to them.
It's Clear Channel.
Getting something right.
Surprisingly, W-A-I-T-V.
I'm not defending Clear Channel.
They've got a lot of horrible shows, but they've got some good ones.
And W-A-I-T-V keeps reporting on, hey, the average foster child in Texas is on four drugs.
Thirty-something percent are on seven or more, and some are on 18 or more.
They're reporting on that.
They're reporting on a lot of true stuff.
We already knew this and actually broke this months ago.
Well, years ago, but we broke it months ago.
But they're finally on it, so that's a big TV out of San Antonio.
Good job.
They're claiming that the Bin Laden trades have been dispelled.
We'll tell you what's going on with that, but they admit it's record put options.
So we're going to go over some of that news.
But let me first get into the BATF news.
Where is that?
It was right here in front of me.
That is the problem, folks.
I have no exaggeration.
Probably have a hundred plus articles.
Probably more.
Where did it go?
Oh, here it is.
Another stack.
That's tasering a baby.
No, that's... Oh, Kim Trails.
Okay, here it is.
Again, I can speak for three hours on this, and I have over a hundred articles.
South Bend resident raided by ATF had ammunition stockpile, feds say.
And it goes on to say that, right here, investigators believe the man thought the global economy was on the verge of collapse that would result in a widespread violence, the affidavit says, so they moved in to arrest him.
The former head of the Treasury said that last week.
Joseph Stiglitz, chief economist at World Bank, Nobel Prize winner, said that here about eight months ago.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the founder of Reganomics, said it yesterday.
Ron Paul, a presidential candidate, been in Congress 20 years off and on, says it every time.
I mean, Paul Volcker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, says it.
Alan Greenspan says it.
You say it around yuppies, folks, who can't find America on a map!
They will send the BATF to your house and it's over.
You thought having two guns quietly in your closet was going to keep you safe.
And you can just have ammo for them.
Now they call ammo.
And I've seen the BATF guidelines.
More than a thousand rounds.
They call it a stockpile.
My goodness.
I mean, I've got those kegs, those little barrels.
I bought them years ago for 22.
It's like a thousand rounds in it.
It's over, folks.
I saw something on special.
It's over.
I've got 22 rounds.
I'm a criminal.
I'm not a Los Zetas paramilitary gang takin' over and killin' police in El Paso last week.
So, was it last month?
So I'm not good.
See, if I was Los Zetas or an illegal alien runnin' around, coughin' TB everywhere, I'd be okay.
Or if I was a criminal runnin' the government, it'd be alright.
Or a dirty cop.
Or some police chief raping his officers in one of these Larry Craig rings that run everything.
I'd be okay, but I'm not.
I've got a few guns, and I've got some ammunition.
And by the way, they've all gone up in value.
They're into gun safes, but it doesn't matter.
If they want to just say, hey, you're not allowed to have guns, and there's no law, but we just say it.
We got machine guns!
And I've been around BATF people at the gun show.
I've met them in person.
And let me just tell you, man, I mean, it is the few times in my life when I was around gangsters or criminals, it's the same look, the same act, the same thing.
And I'm telling you, folks, if we don't come around and realize the country is shot, we're not going to get it back.
If we can't admit how far down the rat hole we've gone, we're never getting it back, okay?
I mean, it's bad.
A South Bend resident raided by ATF had ammunition stockpiled, feds say.
South Bend Tribune reports this.
Police said federal agents who searched a South 28th Street home on Wednesday were looking for ammunition.
Oh my gosh!
Court documents revealed a federal affidavit unsealed today indicates that yesterday's search and arrest came after months of long investigation of a man who authorities believe is delusional and has long been stockpiling ammunition.
See, they don't just take your... I mean, they call five guns an arsenal now.
I mean, if you're living out in some farmhouse where five generations have lived, there's probably a gun case in every room and great-grandpappies is in there.
They'll come in, they'll take black powder guns.
You got a problem, they'll just take the gun and just go BAM!
Right in your face and just HA HA HA!
They got shaved heads, devil tats all over them.
We're killing the country!
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Hedge funds cut in the malaise of mortgage bankruptcies.
The bond market continues to slump.
JP Morgan gets caught in a
Ten billion bad deal for Chrysler.
Housing sales fell 6.6%.
Mortgage giant Countrywide showed mortgage payment woes spreading to the middle and upper class.
Investors cast doubt on investment banks.
Credit protection insurance for mortgage lenders are skyrocketing due to the increased risk.
The US dollar is free falling against foreign currencies and countries that previously financed the US are now seeking safer alternatives.
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Look at your women crying.
Look at your young men dying.
The way they've always done before.
Look at the hate we're breeding Look at the fear we're feeding Look at the lives we're leading The way we've always done before
Welcome back!
South Bend resident raided by ATF had ammunition stockpiled.
They said they'd done a long investigation, believed he was delusional, and believed that the global economy was on the verge of collapse.
Well, I mean, there's all these federal documents you're building FEMA camps, you say that's why you're gearing up.
Maybe he'll start arresting you if you know where the U.S.
is on a map.
I mean, that's basically what it is today.
If you bring up anything about... I mean, that's what they're doing.
You start bringing up any type of corruption, any type of problem, and they just say, doesn't exist.
You go, hey, landlord, I think this... I think you've raised my rent.
Oh, that's a conspiracy.
Well, it says a hundred bucks more here.
Oh, it doesn't exist.
You're delusional.
I mean, that's basically what it's going to become, where you just say, you know, I broke my leg.
And you come in, your leg's broken.
You come into a hospital, and they don't want to give you treatment.
They just say, it's a conspiracy.
Your leg's not broken.
I mean, that's the level of weirdness.
I mean, I'm not kidding.
We have newscasts lately where they're saying, lead in paint is good.
Poison in food is good for the economy.
We need to keep the poison in.
Don't take it out.
Mercury's good for your brain.
Just mindlessness.
And I keep hammering on that because it's getting worse and worse and worse and worse.
And there are a lot of criminals, a lot of abusers, a lot of bullies.
And smart ones go and they get badges and guns, folks.
And let me tell you, you see a big group and every one of them had little devil goatees, shaved heads.
One time when I had a little run-in with a BATF and a gun show,
Because I was just watching what they were doing to people.
Then one other time I had someone smarting off at me at the gym.
I saw one of them back in the locker room with his ATF badge around his neck.
He was real upset.
Then I knew what it was.
But I could tell what they were.
Same old smart comments.
A couple of them working out at the gym.
And then I happened to be back there and one of them was putting his badge around his neck, getting dressed.
He goes, you're not supposed to see that.
I'm going, oh, God.
Oh, man.
Look, you got a shaved head with a goatee and devil tattoos!
You're a fed!
I mean, that's what you all look like now!
You're listening right now, aren't you?
You're like, well, I guess we do all have shaved heads, devil goatees, and devil tattoos.
Cause we're the good guys!
We're the Jack Bowers, taking people's guns!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
You work for criminals.
You were founded to go after poor southerners who were making their own whiskey and not paying federal and state taxes.
And you've been corrupt since day one getting paid off.
You got even more corrupt during the Great Depression.
And you got, well, corrupt before that during Prohibition.
And you've always been crooks, you're regulators.
That's your name.
And you come from a long line of scum.
And I, I mean, I've seen video of a gun shop owner, what was it, in Tucson?
And he happened to have a hidden camera and a VCR on 24-hour record up in the wall, so it got all the audio.
We're good to go.
And they're just bragging about it and how one day after the new law about some fine or fee he had to pay for quote being a pawn shop.
He wasn't a pawn shop.
The place had been there more than 20 years.
I remember interviewing him.
And they just came in and threw the guns in there and stole the rest.
But then I will never forget the footage that was on Discovery Channel inside the LAPD.
I only told this story once or twice years ago.
I want to bring this story back up when we get back.
I mean, the humiliation of this dead veteran.
They made fun of his dead body.
It was a celebration.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm good.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, I'll tell you the story about the inside of the LAPD.
We got the tape of it somewhere around here.
Probably about seven years ago I saw it.
I talked about it for weeks.
Haven't talked about it though in years.
So I'll tell you that story.
I'll get into all the other news.
And we've got Luke Rodowski coming up.
And Jesse Benton, Ron Paul campaign.
In the last 30 minutes, new developments, new SPP documents, new info.
Jerome Corsi, he's on every week because he's got so much information.
He's out there actively fighting the globalists.
And it's finally starting to come out in Texas News.
Much of what he and I and many others have been exposing.
But before we do that, I want to tell you about a great sponsor of the show.
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Some title or something you're looking for?
Well, they're there, ladies and gentlemen.
And they're fabulous folks.
Also, another plug for locals.
Coming up next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we're going to have showings of Endgame.
Never before seen.
It won't be out until October on DVD.
At the earliest.
So, it is, you can see it next month.
Which is tomorrow.
Coming up, we'll already be in September tomorrow.
Hard to believe.
Hard to believe.
We're already in the ninth month tomorrow.
But next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Now there's a double header Monday.
You will see Terror Storm Final Cut is going to play after endgame.
So it's going to be about 7 to midnight.
I'll give a little speech beforehand, take questions after, and then we'll play a Terror Storm, but then the other nights will just be a 7 to 9 30 engagement, show the two hour film, a little over two hours, and give a little speech at the first and take questions at the end.
So I hope to see you there next week at your tickets at InfoWars.com.
You can link through at InfoWars.com to the subpage of the Alamo Draft House.
They've got food, drinks, chocolate mocs, hamburgers, they've got everything there.
It's really nice.
Those of you that have been there know that.
It's almost sold out for Tuesday night.
I think Wednesday's almost sold out.
Thursday's still got quite a few tickets, but they always sell out.
So I hope to see you there next week.
Get your tickets now.
You can also buy them at the door right now.
And a little trick, they hold 20 tickets back for each showing.
They sell 200 and something tickets, and then it's just got tables in there, so it's a big theater, but not that many people can get in.
When they sell about 200 and something tickets, then they hold 20 back.
You can usually get the hour before, but I wouldn't count on that.
And of course, you can get Terror Storm Final Cut at InfoWars.com on our video and bookstore.
They're online.
InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or PrisonPlanet.tv.
If you go up to PrisonPlanet.tv, there's also a members forum there with your membership.
Hundreds of my TV shows, hundreds of special reports, all 16 of my films, in-game, will be up there.
By the way, to answer that question, yes, all my films are available on presentplanet.tv.
Loose Change Final Cut will not be, because I'm just an executive producer, so we're going to do that through a website we're going to build, and so are the Loose Change guys, but that's separate from presentplanet.tv, because that's not my film.
I'm just an executive producer.
Endgame will be, Endgame will be, up there by
October 15th, weeks before it's available on DVD.
It will be available up on PrisonPlanet.TV.
But we've just contracted for a content distribution network of servers to put it out in the highest quality and not have problems when a bunch of you hit it.
So what we're going to have is, it's going to be on PrisonPlanet.TV, but also alternately, you can go sign up for a month on the in-game website we're building.
This will be available in a few weeks.
And then you will be able to, for a month, see in-game, download in-game, stream in-game, and see everything else for that month.
It's like a trial membership.
So you can also do it that way, but it'll be up there for the prisonplanet.tv members.
And that's what we're doing right now, and we've got a great webmaster working on that, and it's really exciting.
Alright, I said I'd get to the story, and then I'll get to the news.
This is when I actually began screaming and yelling and jumping up and stomping and I don't normally do that.
In person I'm not.
On air I get fired up and angry and I start thinking about this stuff so I genuinely get mad.
But I still only blow up here every few weeks.
Well in person I rarely jump up and down and get angry.
But I do a few times a year and I was sitting there with my girlfriend, we weren't married yet, on the couch watching television.
Back when I watched TV.
And I was watching Discovery Channel on the inside.
They'll have inside a nuclear power plant, inside a submarine, inside an aircraft carrier, inside a lighthouse.
You know, it's an interesting show.
I don't know if it's still on.
By the way, I was trying to find it a few months ago.
If somebody's got that on tape, send it to me.
It was inside the LAPD.
So they pull up at this house.
And it's all guilt by association.
They're busting gangbangers one minute in one part of L.A.
and another minute it's some drunk wino.
And next minute, the last part of the show, I guess the last 20 minutes or so, it's a dead veteran.
And they pull up at the house and there's a bronco, it's a nice middle class, probably cost in 2000 or 99 I think it was shot, $300,000 in L.A.
And there's a
Late model Bronco, or maybe it was a big blazer, and it's got an NRA sticker on the back.
And it's got a Veteran of Korea sticker, and a World War II sticker.
And, so an old man had died, and the neighbors hadn't seen him in a month, and they'd reported a smell.
And the cops actually show the NRA sticker and go, ooooh, ooooh.
And so imagine, they go to your house, you're dead.
You die in your easy chair, fall on the floor.
That's what happened to him.
And these are little, gibbering, disrespectful, just shaved head scum cops, man.
Same type, just scum of the earth, and they got a badge and gun, and they're bringing hell.
And they put the camera on the NRA sticker, they go, ooh, NRA, look at this guy.
Can you believe him?
Oh, man, this guy's bad.
I remember that.
I was going, is this the Twilight Zone?
And so they go into the house and there's a couple papers on the floor and it's a little dirty.
Not even that bad.
You can tell it was some old guy, you know, that had, it looked about like one of my bachelor pads when I was 18.
And they show a few plates in the sink and it's not really that dirty.
And they go in and they make fun of his dead body on the floor.
They talk about how he stinks.
And the cops,
Start getting the guns.
M1, Grand.
They start looking at his stuff and you can see a folded triangular flag on the wall, you know, his stuff.
And they're going, man, I like this.
I'm going to keep this.
You know, this guy shouldn't have been allowed to have all these guns, but surprisingly people are.
We don't like it, but man, I'm going to keep this one.
Cops are so criminal now.
And we see more and more examples of this.
That they will actually talk about stealing on camera.
There have been lately a few other examples of that.
I can't remember, what was the one last week that was really bad?
And they just talk about what scum he is.
And it's a dead veteran in his house.
And I don't want to get calls from the cops or emails, you know, how dare you knock all the cops.
Look, man, you can't go in some NRA member's house and make fun of his dead body.
You need to go to prison.
You're scum.
I mean, what is your problem?
I don't want to say what I really think about you.
I mean, you're tyranny.
You're the worst thing on earth.
When people start acting like you, you're one inch away from the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.
God, last night I ran into him on accident.
Working on the in-game coverage.
He's got a skull on it.
Cambodian massacre pictures taken by the Khmer Rouge.
I'd never seen there were hundreds of them.
I mean, they were cutting little kids' heads off and laughing.
It was in color.
And in that sickening 70's type 35mm.
Give it a nightmare look.
They were shooting families.
Man, there were just tens of thousands of skulls piled up, and there were these cops smiling on power trips, and they had the same look of our cops, and the same look of BATF, and I was just, oh man.
Not me.
I am not going to lick your boots.
I am not going down without a fight.
You just need to be advised right now.
I just can't believe how evil these people, and to know that our government, and Zbigniew Brzezinski,
Funded them, and supported them, and then wrote books about how our government backed the Khmer Rouge.
I mean, those photos of them sawing some 12-year-old's head off, and they're sitting in one shot, and it shows them holding the little head up, the adolescent head.
I almost threw up.
I feel like a cornered rat, man.
And I know I saw a cop coming back from the beach last weekend, I went down to Texas Beach, changing a lady's tire, and I actually got a tear in my eye, and you know, it was a nice cop, didn't look like a gang member, state police, got a good look at him, he was there, changing some woman's tire.
Thank God!
There's some decency left.
I know there's good military.
I know there's good police, but man, I've had too many run-ins with these, uh, you could be a black cop, a Mexican cop, a white cop, they're all the same.
And they look the same, they act the same, they're just bullies.
And they think we're slaves, like we're all prisoners or something.
And I don't know about you, but I didn't sign up to live my life as a prison inmate.
And I don't commit any crimes.
I don't deserve to be treated like this.
And then I read stuff like this, and I have a whole stack.
I've got eight different stories today with news like this.
Reuters redacted Stuns Venice.
I want to get the producer of this on.
A new film about the real-life rape and killing of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl by U.S.
soldiers, who also murdered her family, stunned the Venice Film Festival with shocking images that left some viewers in tears.
Redacted by U.S.
Director Brian De Palma, who he shot on high def by the way, is one of the latest eight American films in the war Iraq do for release in the next few months, and the first of two movies on the conflict screening in Venice's main competition.
Inspired one of the most serious crimes committed by American soldiers in Iraq,
Since the invasion, it is a harrowing indictment of the conflict and spares the audience no brutality to get its message across.
The Palma 66, whose casualties of war in 1989 told a similar tale of American soldiers in Vietnam, makes no secret of its goal he is hoping to achieve in the film's images, all based on real material he found.
The movie is an attempt to bring the reality of what's happening to the Iraqi people, to the American people.
Now, let's read
Agency French Press today, it's also an AP.
Marine tells of order to execute Haditha women and children.
Remember Ollie North, the drug slinger and all of them up there going, let's not say they massacred, let's let the investigation go forward just like Pat Tillman, just like Jessica Lynch.
It had leaked day one that their commanders just said, go in there and kill everybody.
One little girl hid under things and told the story.
And there's other cases here.
Marine was ordered to execute a room full of Iraqi women and children during an alleged massacre in Editha that left 24 people dead, a military court heard Thursday.
The testimony came in the opening of the preliminary hearing for Marine Sergeant Frank Wootrich, who faces 17 counts of murder.
I want him executed.
Other than the Haditha killings, the most serious war crimes allegations faced by U.S.
troops in Iraq.
And if we don't execute every one of the people that pulled triggers in there, with little crime kids up against the wall, it's on us, and it's on this country's name.
We've got to start bringing war criminals to justice.
Woodridge dressed in desert khaki spoke confidently to confirm his name as the hearing to decide if he faces a court-martial began at the Marine Camp Pendleton Base in Southern California.
Oh yeah, he's a big hero.
Good job!
Let me tell you, they used to do chants about killing commies for mommy.
Now that it's been in the news, I ought to dig up that exact chant.
It was in Counterpunch and came out in a few mainstream papers because they give the chants publicly about
It's like bring the school children out of the cafeteria, let the little bastards gather around, throw the candy on the ground, mow the little bastards down.
They do chants about killing kids.
Yeah, that's what real men do.
The 27-year-old, listened intently as Lance Corporal Humberto Mendoza recounted how Marines had responded after a roadside bomb on their convoy in Editha on November 19, 2005 left one comrade dead.
Mendoza said Marines under Wootrich's command were clearing nearby houses suspected of containing insurgents responsible for the bombing.
At one house, Wootrich gave an order to shoot on sight as Marines waited for a response from knocking on the door, said Mendoza.
He just said, wait until they open the door, then shoot.
Mendoza then said he shot and killed an adult male who appeared in a doorway.
During a subsequent search of the house, Mendoza said he received an order from another Marine, Lance Corporal Stephen Tadum,
To shoot seven women and children he had found in a rear bedroom.
Oh yeah, let me... Look buddy, you better not ever have kids, because let me tell you, God is going to have his way with them.
That's how God punishes you, by the way, and I've just studied history, it happens.
You go around killing innocent kids, you just better go throw yourself off a cliff.
That's the best thing for you to do, just like Judas.
Just go, just, just, just, that's the best thing for you.
That's the best thing for you.
Killing little girls and little boys isn't tough.
It isn't tough.
When I opened the door, there was just women and kids.
Two adults were lying down on the bed.
And there were three children on the bed.
Two more were behind the bed, Mendoza said.
I looked at them for a few seconds, just enough to know they were not presenting a threat.
They looked scared.
He bet they were.
After leaving the room, Mendoza told Tatum he had found them.
I told him there were women and kids in there.
He said, well, shoot them!
Mendoza told Prosecutor Lieutenant Colonel Sean Sullivan.
And what did you say to him, Sullivan asked?
I said, but they're just women and children.
He didn't say nothing.
Mendoza said he returned to the position at the front of the house and heard a door open behind him, followed by loud noise returning later that afternoon to conduct body retrieval.
Mendoza said he found a room full of corpses.
Let me tell you something.
The Germans were very upright Christian people before World War II.
And if you don't think our troops won't follow orders to blow your head off, you got nothing coming.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spying.
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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We're good.
I'd have been just like Tony Montana in Scarface.
Somebody would have ordered me to kill women and children.
You just don't do it.
It's even one thing to be a mercenary and go out and fight other soldiers.
But you start killing kids on purpose.
It's the ultimate sin.
And over and over again, we've gotten the rules of engagement.
Remember, Private Gruckheimer in the Ithaca Journal saying, we go into villages where they haven't surrendered or where we believe they're hostiles and we kill every man, woman, and child.
And the Pentagon came out and said, yeah, we do that.
You see, in 2002, they just staged their terror attacks.
And they thought that
You would buy it.
That's when Rumsfeld would get on TV and admit they were torturing people.
Remember all that?
And then say, once they got caught and people didn't like it, okay, we're not doing that.
No, no.
You know, drowning people isn't torture.
And they play that little mental word game.
And all these globalists, they love their lives so much, their lives are so important, but they want to tell us that other people's lives don't matter.
I remember in Rwanda, they took 800,000 Tutsis, Christians,
And they put them in U.N.
camps, and then with the Hutus, they came in with them, and the U.N.
would block the roads and shoot anybody trying to leave, and they killed 800,000.
It's more like 1.2 mil, but the conservative number, we go with that.
Like, in-game, which we get into the mass murder operations of the globalists, we go with 800,000.
You can find mainline numbers of 1.5 million, really.
But, you know, like Mao, they say he really killed about 75 mil, but we say 60 mil.
Hitler, total, 20 million Germans died.
Tens of millions of Europeans, Poles, Jews died.
400,000 Americans died.
5 million Russians died.
I mean, you just can't add it all up.
The point is, as long as we're conservative, we say 20 million died in World War II.
Everybody knows 40-something mil died, but, you know, we just try to downplay it here, being conservative about it.
But we've got the photos of them burning children over fires in Africa, Dutch U.N.
troops, and the French doing it, and they'd like to beat little kids to death with billy clubs after they rape them.
New American carried all those photos.
They were too graphic for me to put in Rotaternia.
Not Rotaternia.
America Destroyed by Design spends five minutes on it.
I just didn't put them in there.
But French, this was back in the news today, August 31st.
French troops, London Independent, while they're breaking this, raped girls during Rwandan genocide.
Well, of course they did!
French soldiers stationed in Rwanda during the genocide of 1994 have been accused of widespread rape by Rwandan Commission investigating France's role during the conflict.
The Commission, which is due to publish its final report in October, will also provide fresh evidence that French soldiers trained in the Inter Hamwi, the extremist Hutu militia responsible for most of the killing, even provided them with the weapons.
Well, we already know that!
Made a film about it in 97!
There it is.
Training them.
What do you mean there's photos and video?
would herd them in and say, okay, we're going to keep you safe.
The U.N.
They herded them in and then they killed them.
And when the Hutus would run out of bullets, they'd go in with machetes.
Those big, straight front machetes.
I got that in the endgame.
I got a little picture of a black boy who got hacked.
His family all was killed.
Hacked into the brain, but he was so little, he was a baby at the time, that he lived.
But his head's all sunk in from the hack.
It just shows the incredible resilience of humanity.
Let me tell you, Dutch Rochelle got that oil, and they got those diamonds.
See, the Christians, it brought stability, and the blacks didn't kill each other for 200 years, so they developed a lot of welfare.
Because the Christian system does that, if you actually follow it.
The Levitical Law.
And the UN came in and said, you know what you black Christians that are rich?
You gonna die!
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts yesterday was talking about how
The way things sit now, it looks like we're going to go ahead and go into martial law, start World War III with Iran, and just the total end of the country, total Nazi Germany in his words.
We could avert that, the hubris could fail, they are blowing all their credibility right now, but they still have the momentum, as the Global Crime Syndicate moves forward.
The BATF, I see it every couple days, is running around arresting people for having too much ammo, too many guns, no laws broke, they just
This guy, they said, was delusional.
He believed there was a global government and a global economy.
He was on the verge of collapsing.
So he just got a little concerned, warned a few neighbors, and they thought, oh, arrest him.
Sacred Police, just America.
We've got all this other news on the economy, on so much.
I'm going to be throwing this out at Luke Radowsky.
I was going to have him on for the full hour, but I didn't know he was at a 9-11 Truth meeting, getting us ready for next week.
I guess it starts on Friday, runs through the next Tuesday.
Biggest 9-11 Truth Convergence ever in New York City.
If you ever go to one 9-11 Convergence, 9-11 Truth event, this is it.
There's so much news we're going to be covering this hour.
Luke, it's always great to have you up with us.
You're doing a great job organizing all this at WeAreChange.org and dronesreport.com.
We have the itineraries posted.
Thank you for coming on, my friend.
Oh, thank you for having me, Alex.
It's always a pleasure bringing on your show.
How is stuff shaping up right now for the 6th anniversary?
Oh, man, it's historic.
It's really looking big.
It's really looking huge.
We have great venues like Webster Hall, New World Stage.
It's one of the best nightclubs here in New York City.
And it's going to be a huge event.
Everything is all coming together perfectly.
We just booked M1, Death President.
And dead presidents are going to be a big part of this event.
They're going to be pouring both nights on the Sunday afternoons.
How did you know that the dead presidents are huge?
How did you get them?
So obviously they're 9-11 truthers.
That's news in and of itself.
Tell me about it.
One thing you do, you just reach out to as many people as you can, and you never know who knows who.
Everybody knows somebody, and that's why we have to educate as many people as we can, because you never know who you will meet that will know somebody important.
My good friend Dan and Rob from Long Island, they actually helped me get in touch with another person I got in touch with, another person I got in touch with, another person.
And then we just found out there were not a lot of recruiters that they want to be a big part of this.
And yeah, M1, Deb President, he's going to be there, he's going to be performing, he's going to be speaking, and this is really huge, and it's really going to be a huge, momentous opportunity.
Yeah, Aaron Dykes here in the office is big, that's his favorite band.
Oh yeah, man, I mean, Deb President, I mean, they're one of the greatest revolutionary bands out there, and it's going to be amazing having them perform with artists like Mortal Technique, you know, at the end of Endgame, it's going to be amazing, man.
Yeah, now in-game, people keep asking me where it's going to be.
I mean, I'm not from New York, so I'm ignorant about a lot of things.
Where is in-game premiering?
In-game is going to be premiering Sunday, September 9th, here at Westborough Hall.
And it's going to be premiered with Family Rivers Rescue Workers speaking.
We're going to have Daniel Sanjata, Christine Embersaw speak.
Uh, we're also, another person that we just booked is the guitarist from Duran Duran, Warren Cucullo.
He's also going to be there.
He's also going to be performing some Duran Duran hits.
Yeah, man.
It's really shaping to be something historic and momentous.
And this is really going to be one of the biggest, not a limited conferences ever.
It's going to be a milestone.
It's going to be one of the historic moments in history.
And after that, we're going to have, you know, of course, your premiere.
I can't wait to see Endgame out.
I heard so much good stuff about it.
I mean, I think it's going to be head on.
I think it's going to be one of your best.
By the way, you've got to tell me if you want it in DV cam, high def, if you want it in just on the DVD.
You need to let my guys know that we're getting down to the wire what formats to bring it on.
Any 4S would be good.
You can bring a mini DVD.
You can bring a DVD.
We'll make sure any arrangements are met with whatever you need.
But it's going to be at Webster Hall.
It's a huge, huge venue.
It's one of the greatest nightclubs in New York City.
The place fits about 3,000 people.
And it's a huge, amazing, you know, venue.
Well, stay there, my friend.
I also want to talk about when you and others, you and Foddy confronted Bloomberg.
Stay there.
That footage is incredible.
Luke Rodowsky is our guest.
Stay with us.
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It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
TerrorStorm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
TerrorStorm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spying.
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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I think so.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Here's some questions up on theprisonplanet.com.
Message Board.
We have a section where you can ask me live questions on air.
I've got a question here asking if I'm going to have a live feed in New York City.
I'm going to have the best of both worlds.
We're going to have Bob Dacey, Monday and Tuesday, while I'm out of town in New York, sitting in studio.
And then we're just going to have different guests from 9-11 Truth scheduled at Aaron Dykes and Trey Kincaid.
Aaron's actually going.
Thank you, Bob.
The event is up in New York.
If you just go to WeAreChange.org folks, or JonesReport.com also has the itinerary, you can find out the schedule of events.
Let's run through those, Luke.
I want to talk about some of the confrontations you guys have had in the last few weeks, just continuing to up the bar on
Guerrilla journalism, ambush journalism, confrontation of these killers and these people that have become accessories after the fact for covering up the crimes of 9-11.
Breakdown, though, for people just the basic itinerary, the basic roster we're talking about here, the program.
Well, it's a five day long event, and we're starting off Friday where we're going to do a speed action outside the Council on Foreign Relations, and then we're going to move around all over Manhattan and all over the major media stations that are covering up and not covering the truth behind 9-11.
Saturday we're going to do a big speed action out at Ground Zero, and then later that night we'll all come to Times Square.
And Sunday is going to be a big event, also a big street action outside Union Square.
And then right after that street action, we're going to go a couple of blocks away to Webster Hall.
That's where we're going to have the premier event game.
That's where we're going to have family members.
That's where we're going to have Rusty Rooker speak.
And that's where we're going to have the musical performances from N1, most likely also Immortal Technique.
And after that day is over, we're going to move on to Monday.
Monday, we're all going to meet, 12 noon.
I think so.
And then we're going to have a whole bunch of, we're going to have the whole truth community, we're going to have a whole bunch of theaters, and we're going to have a whole bunch of different speakers and different places going on at the same time.
This is also where we're going to have our musical performances.
This is also going to be the truth stop, the truth stop performances with the musical performances that are going to be going on there at New World Stages.
After that day is over, we're all going to be there on 9-11.
We're all going to be there at Ground Zero with a peaceful vigil.
It's not a protest.
It's not a demonstration.
It's a peaceful vigil.
We're going to be there with our shirts.
We're going to be there with family members.
We're going to be there with rescue workers, showing the world that the truth community won't be silenced, that we will stand up for truth and justice, and we will stand up with some of the people who are affected by 9-11.
And that's one thing we're trying to show.
And after that day is over, we're going to move all around through the city and then have a gathering at Judson Church.
And after that day is over, I think there's going to be one-time history, folks, because this is going to be a huge event.
A lot of good things are coming for us.
I mean, I can't explain how big this is going to be, man.
Now let's shift gears.
WeAreChange.org, you came up with the concept, and it's now people have started their own chapters all over the country, Luke.
And I'm just really excited about the success it's having, because that's what I've always said.
We need more groups, more organizations, you know, that are unified in our ideas, but that are individualistic in our attack patterns and our actions.
That makes us unstoppable.
Break down some of the stuff you've been doing in New York, and then some of the other incredible videos that we've been posting at presentplanet.com and infowars.com and everywhere, but you can see all of them at wearechange.org.
But let's start with that Bloomberg from a few weeks ago, because I didn't give us the attention it needed.
I mean, I finally watched the whole thing last week, and it was incredible.
You were right up against him, you had cops trying to tell you no, and you just said, no, no, no, I'll do what I want, and they didn't arrest you, because they didn't want to have that incident, and it shows most people would have cowered.
I mean, it's all about having the huevos to just take action and to stop bowing down to this scum, and I just am in love with what you guys are doing.
It's just wonderful, so break that down.
Yeah, it's all about being the change you want to see in this world.
I mean, the New World Order, at least the politicians, the mainstream media, they have changed our lives for the worse, so it's our time to change their lives back, and that's what we're doing, we're confronting them.
We're speaking truth to power, and that's what it's about, and that's what we've been doing here, and that's what we've been starting chapters all over the United States, and it's also going international now with a chapter in the UK.
My good friend Tulsa is starting up right now.
Chapter in the Netherlands?
Yeah, it's all about being the change you want to see in this world, and it's all about setting up these coup squads.
Wherever these corrupt politicians, wherever the corrupt New World Order elite go, we have to be there.
We have to make them understand that they can't walk out on the street without being, you know, told the truth about what they did and what they're doing wrong.
And that's what it's about.
And that's what we did to Bloomberg.
And we had a tremendous effect on Bloomberg, because right after we confronted him, Bloomberg made a public statement about the camera ban.
And he said, because of public outrage, the camera ban's not going to go into effect, and they're revising it right now.
We should really do an article explaining that we had a big victory over that, and that they've even put out a press release now saying, look, if it's First Amendment, it's different.
See, they were trying to misinterpret, though, claiming everything was entertainment, and under the Film Commission's auspices,
Now they're backing off.
We need to have copies of that, though.
You want to get it posted on Jones Report, Prison Planet, and I know it's up on We Are Change, you know, the basic rule changes so we can stick it in the cops' faces when they try to, say, turn our cameras off.
This is America!
They're going to try to tell people during demonstrations and rallies and just on the streets, we can't have cameras while they're cramming cameras down our throats?
Yeah, we the American people, we will not stand for that.
We will stand for truth and justice.
And Bloomberg, for proposing that idea, he got confronted and he got exposed.
I mean, that video is going all over the internet and I suggest people check it out.
By the way, he looks embarrassed.
He looks angry.
I mean, you can tell.
I mean, I've never seen Bloomberg look like this.
I mean, this is cinematic.
Up close video of Bloomberg turning red, looking embarrassed.
He looks like he knows he's scum!
I cannot believe!
I've never seen... But I tell you what, I don't like Bloomberg, but I actually get more respect for him now because he shows he's not fake.
It's like you actually see he's really a person.
I'm not saying good or bad.
He's obviously bad.
But Giuliani, it's a fake penguin smile.
Bush would do that.
Hillary would do that.
But not Bloomberg.
He looks like a... I mean, did you notice that difference?
One thing that, uh, it's not really in the video, but people really didn't notice, but I was there.
He got off on the wrong stop.
He was supposed to get off on the 79th Street.
He wasn't supposed to transfer to another train.
He transferred... Oh no, you weren't... Listen, Luke, you were getting to him big time.
I mean, describe what happened.
I mean, walk through it.
Describe what happened.
I mean, it was an amazing day.
We were just, you know, out there doing, you know, just basic outreach, just talking to people, educating people.
And then we see Bloomberg just walking by us.
Let me just stop you.
That's always what happens to me.
Anytime I go out with a camera anywhere, incredible things have always popped up.
And it's always instinctive, or like, even in my spirit, when I'm supposed to go out and do something.
It's the same thing with you guys.
Every time you go out, gold happens, because I'm telling you, the force is with you.
Go ahead.
It's the spirit, man.
And he was walking by us, and I saw him, and I was like, oh man, this is incredible.
And I saw him going to something, and I just started following him.
And I got my camera out, and the police were really rough with us.
They were really, you know, just pushing us.
The security were pushing us until we kind of pushed back.
I kind of pushed back and I scared the guy off.
He didn't know what to do.
This tall dude, he was twice as big as me.
Twice, you know, twice.
He looked about 6'8", 320 pounds.
Yeah, he was shoving me, pushing me around and then I got mad and then I finally just jumped in and he got scared.
And you know, I just went through all the train tracks and they tried to get, they said that they were going to arrest me for just walking through a train.
Yeah, he says it over and over again.
Yeah, I was like, can I see your badge?
And he was like, no.
And as soon as he said no, I just started talking to Bloomberg, because it's relevant.
If somebody doesn't show me a badge, if somebody doesn't show me a right, forget it.
And I just started, you know, talking to Bloomberg.
Well, that's what I do, is I just ignore them, yeah.
Yeah, and Bloomberg was listening.
Bloomberg heard every word I said.
Well, you were three feet from him.
You've got close-ups of his head.
Yeah, yeah, and you saw it getting to him.
You saw him getting ready.
And they were like, how many of you in the train car?
Because you're from all angles hitting him.
Yeah, yeah, there was about five of us in the train car, but then other people joined in us.
People we didn't even know, in the same train, just joined up.
Just had a camera, took it out, and just started joining with us.
And that's what it's about.
It was a beautiful feeling, seeing him just turn red, feel bad.
Because that's why he got scared and concerned, because he realized everybody knows they're criminals.
Everybody hates them.
Just like Ceausescu, they know it.
Yes, I mean, the atmosphere on the subway was amazing.
I mean, people took out their cell phones and started taking videos on their cell phones just of the whole confrontation themselves.
I mean, people were just quiet.
They were just listening.
And some people even joined in.
It was a beautiful, amazing feeling.
And he felt it.
You saw him turn red.
And he got so nervous.
He actually went to switch trains.
And they tried to kick me off the train until I jumped off.
And I had to push that big tall dude.
That big tall security guy.
Look, it's pure gold.
Look, it's legendary.
He wasn't supposed to switch trains.
He got off the wrong stop.
He was supposed to stand that train and get off 79th.
He never got off 79th.
He switched trains, got off the walk stop, and when he went outside he started, he started actually crossing streets illegally, running.
Like, and we've been attached on our videos.
The wicked plan.
Yeah, and then his security dog was like, we gave you this.
I was like, you didn't give me nothing, because it's my right to do this.
And that's what we have to do.
That's right, you work for us, scum!
You're not authorities, you're not officials, you're servants!
Exactly, and that's what I told him.
You serve us, we don't serve you.
And he just couldn't say nothing.
That's why he didn't say nothing.
Well, he looks right at the camera, though, and it's like he's nodding and he turns red.
He turns red because he knows he's wrong.
Another thing he did that I talked to him about... And you know what?
He deserves it!
He tried to ban free speech in New York.
He tried to ban cameras.
He's doubled the cops.
He's unleashed all these goons.
And he knows it.
Stay there, Luke Radowski.
You have done well.
When we get back, we're going to continue with some of the other daring raids taking place in the Big Apple, New World Order Central, and across major cities and small towns from Houston to Seattle to Austin, Texas and Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Hague and The Netherlands, London, England!
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Welcome back!
Sixth anniversary, hard to believe, six years since the New World Order carried out that black op in New York and D.C.
Brought us into two wars, about to be a third, destroyed the Bill of Rights and Constitution, built concentration camps, openly announced it.
By the way, there's confusion.
On the message board, or was it on the DIG comment?
No, no, it was a YouTube video somebody made, that's right.
I forget.
Because I watch some of this stuff for entertainment sometimes.
I actually like being attacked, it's kind of sick because it's always so funny.
But this wasn't funny, because the guy was claiming I was racist and didn't like Mexicans.
And he took out of context me yelling and screaming about the La Reconquistas that call themselves La Raza and say that they hate gringos and want to take down America.
And that's 20-30% of these Mexicans coming into the country hate this country.
I mean, they'll tell you!
Me talking about their racism isn't racism.
Let's get that straight.
I want Hispanics to have good lives and happy children and make lots of money.
And I want black people and white people.
You see, I'm into everybody doing good.
I believe what comes around goes around.
I believe in reap what you sow.
I don't believe in the classic Vedic karma.
You know, karma in the next life or whatever.
Karma and reincarnation.
But I do believe in instant karma, folks.
I believe it just works that way.
But that's really reap what you sow.
And they play this clip of me going,
From the show going, you know, if you come into Mexico out of Guatemala, they put you in a concentration camp.
And the guy laughs and puts this text on screen saying I'm making it up and it's all propaganda.
I just thought of that when I was talking about concentration camps.
The British invented concentration camps about 250 years ago.
They used them in Scotland and they used them in the U.S.
and they used them in India, Africa.
Latin America, and it's just where you put all towns of people in camp cities, and then you control them.
A death camp is what you're thinking of.
See, when I say concentration camp, that's exactly what FEMA admits they're building.
Families, whole groups of people, whole towns behind wire.
You're thinking of a death camp.
I didn't say the Mexicans are running death camps.
See, you're ignorant.
Uh, but no, they take you for about six months if you're caught sneaking in, and they put you to work usually in a quarry busting rocks, and you live in these open-air cages with mosquitoes biting you.
That's been on the news.
See, but I've been down there and driven by the presidents in Yucatan.
You are ignorant.
You're ignorant about your own country, because it was a reconquista putting it up.
I'm already digressing.
The point is, is that Mexico does do that.
You sneak in there illegally, I mean, everybody knows that.
Mexican cops aren't corrupt and aren't brutal?
What are you saying?
And don't extort money?
Because the guy was saying I was a liar on the web.
Okay, side issue.
This is a short segment, Luke.
I'm going to bring you back because I want to get more into how people ensure they get to go to all these
Of course, there's all the big public ones out in the streets, and then there's the events that are obviously limited to 3,000 people, but I don't think we should have a problem.
There should be plenty of room for everybody, but if you want to guarantee that, go to WeAreChange.org and secure that.
We also have the itinerary up on InfoWars.com and JonesReport.com.
But Luke, what are some of the other confrontations and other actions you guys have been carrying out in New York the last few weeks?
We have so many videos that we didn't even release yet.
I mean, it's kind of sad because we're so tied down and busy organizing everything.
I'm also going to school full-time right now.
I know the feeling.
I would tell you to quit school.
I would tell you to quit school.
I don't know.
It's a decision I'm about to make soon.
Well, we just confronted Obama a couple days ago.
We have new video confrontations of Joe Biden, Bill Richardson,
We have so many video conversations that we're still going to release yet.
And we're going to start releasing them soon.
And it's so amazing, it's so powerful to see what one person, what one patriot journalist could do.
And we're just trying to motivate as many people as we can out there in the United States that we could do what we want.
We could be the change we want to see in this world.
Oh yeah, you're gonna love it.
We're good to go.
And if you want to put on the mantle of an Info Warrior or a Changer, it doesn't matter.
We are bringing change against the enemy.
They want to change our world for the worse, we want to change it for the better.
And the battle is joined.
Let's talk about some of the other We Are Change and other Info Warrior actions across the country with Luke Rudowsky on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones and this is the GCN Radio Network.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 800-317-9547.
The sixth anniversary of the black-op attacks of 9-11 approaches.
A direct attack on the heart of the United States, on the heart of our industrial and economic center, New York, Manhattan, the island, the peninsula, to be technical.
And we're taking it back.
There's that mother who lost her child out there, and that classic clip they put up on the web.
What was it?
The Truth Action Group.
She's out there and she says, they took my son and they used him.
They took his name.
And I'm taking it back!
And it's not hatred you hear in her voice.
It's strength.
It's literally spiritual power.
Just saying, I'm taking it back!
I've taken what's mine back!
It doesn't belong to you!
And we all need to just suck it up.
Just take it back!
Take your strength back!
Take your honor back!
Take your will back!
Take your courage back!
Take it back!
Do you understand what I'm saying out there?
Take the will back!
Take the initiative back!
Take the moral authority back!
And then get on the field and say, you wanted a fight?
You got one!
You wanted to go head up against us?
You got it, neocons, New World Order, globalists!
We don't have a choice, we might as well just get it on, 110%, all the way, and enjoy ourselves while we're doing it.
Now, don't take my anger and my rage as hatred, because it's not hatred.
It's more just like pounce from the very foundation of humanity.
Our entire species, everything it is, burning with a desire for liberty.
An all-encompassing fire that burns and energizes the soul.
We'll take a few calls for Luke Rudowski, the founder of We Are Change.
20 years old and fighting the New World Order.
I don't know if this was 15, 16 when the cops beat him up.
He googled police state and found my police state videos and his journey began.
Luke, continuing my friend,
Recap again what the events are in New York, how people get involved, how they secure themselves, a place at the end game or loose change final cut, premieres, and the other events.
There's five days of street action, three days of events, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday is all their events.
Reserve your tickets online right now.
Buy tickets online at wearechange.org.
They may sell out, they probably will sell out at the door, so get them, reserve them if you definitely want to see.
Get them.
It's going to be one of the biggest, it's going to be a historic moment.
And, you know, it's really going to mark six years, six years of lies, of murder, of torture, of horrible, despicable things that we have to change, that we need to change, and that we are going to change on this sixth anniversary, and we're going to make the wolves right, and that's what it's about.
And hopefully, we have a projected goal of raising at least $100,000 for the first sponsors for the John Feelgood Foundation, which we want to help out, which we're doing what we're doing for.
It's for the people who are dying.
It's for the people who are sick.
And that's why we all need to come together.
Help these people out.
Make the wrongs right.
And that's why we all have to be here.
I'm not on 1107.
We have to make history.
We have to stand up for justice and truth before it's too late.
Absolutely, my friend.
I want to go to Leon and Carlos and others that are holding that want to talk to you, Luke.
But before we go any further, tell us about the specific street actions
I mean, frankly, flumplying three of my guys up, I can hardly afford it.
I can't imagine what it's like, you know, just for average folks out there.
I know just a few years ago, I mean, I probably couldn't even take my family to New York.
I mean, that's how bad this economy is.
What about for folks that live in New Jersey, wherever they're coming up for the day?
They're coming down from upstate New York or out west, or they're coming in from, you know, other areas.
Into New York, just for the street actions that don't cost, because obviously the venues cost money, so you've got to charge.
Tell us about the street actions and the main events again for those that don't have computers and are writing us down right now.
There's a street action Friday, 4 o'clock, outside the Council on Foreign Relations.
After that, we're going to go all throughout the city through major media, media entities like Fox 5, CNN, CBS.
We're going to go in front of their studios and we're going to demand the truth.
After that, next day, Saturday, we're going to have a street action at Ground Zero from 12 to 4.
After that's done, we're going to have another street action at Times Square from 6 all the way to the night on, as long as it takes.
And we're going to be out there.
And we ordered about 100,000 flyers.
We're getting as many DVDs as we can, and we're going to litter New York City with truth and informational flaggers.
You're going to carpet bomb them with info war weapons.
You're going to carpet bomb the city with truth.
Exactly, and that's what it's about.
And if we're going to be out here, we're going to try to educate as many people as we can, we're going to try to affect as many people as we can, because you never know what mind you could change.
We may, you know, some people say we may not change the world, but if you change the world in one person's view, we've done enough.
And that's enough for me.
And that's why we all need to come to New York City, be a part of these street actions, be a part of these events, and take part.
And again, all the information is available on wearechange.org.
The whole schedule should be up there right now.
Check it out and get all the information on there.
And I want to talk right now, I want to talk right now to the CENTCOM people and other propagandists listening.
I know you mean your Christian.
You were recruited because you're mainline Baptist.
You were brainwashed.
You were filled full of propaganda.
Your leaders are not Christian.
They're manipulating you.
You do all this evil censorship and all the evil surveillance and all the evil things you do because you believe you're defending America.
The very people you work for are ending our country's sovereignty.
They are killing the Republic.
They are killing our name.
It is not an American attribute to have our troops gunning down little Iraqi children in cold blood.
And I demand that you repent of your evil in your
Spirit, you know you're involved in evil.
Join us!
You know you're drawn to join us, and it's not too late for people in government, police, military, CIA, FBI, even BATF.
It is not too late for you, like Saul of Tarsus, to be knocked off your horse and to join us, and to come over and join us.
You know we're the good guys.
You know we have the passion.
You know we've got the love, and you know we've got the truth.
Join us!
Don't go along with this evil.
We have something that they won't have.
They may have all the money.
They may be in control of all the major media outlets.
They may be in control of government.
But we have two things that they don't have, and that's truth and that's love.
And that's something they will never have unless they turn over to the right side.
Unless they turn over from hate to love.
And that's what it's about.
It's all about doing the right thing.
It's all about helping out the first responders.
It's all about educating people.
Reaching out to that one individual and changing that one individual's worldview and putting truth in their lives.
And that's why I'm a part of this movement because we are putting truth and love into people and that's what it's about.
It's not about selling stuff.
It's not about getting famous.
It's about doing the right thing.
You have been doing the right thing, Alex.
You inspired me to do the right thing.
I want to inspire others to do the right thing.
Let's do it.
It's been enough.
Six years is enough.
It's six years.
Six years is enough for all this life.
None of us.
None of us are safe.
None of us can even go on living our lives normally.
Believe me, I wish I could, folks.
I want a vacation.
I want to hang out.
I want to watercolor.
I want to eat good food.
I want to mountain bike.
And I can't, folks, because the people that murdered almost 3,000 of our fellow citizens are running things.
Yeah, and they probably will do it again.
You gotta understand, the same people, the same bankers who are in charge right now were in charge when Hitler came into power.
They started the Great Depression.
They're probably gonna do it here in America.
The American economy is going down.
They're outsourcing, insourcing our jobs.
You have to understand, America is at stake.
Our livelihoods, our lives, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights are at stake.
We all have to stand up.
It has to be now, it can't be later, because later it may be too late.
The same bankers who started the Depression, who funded Hitler, the Prescott, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, they're in charge right now.
They're the Bilderbergers, they're the CFR, they're the Trilateral Commission, we know who they are.
And now with the Internet we have so much possibility, we have the chance to actually win, to take back what's ours, to take back what's right, and to make the wrongs right.
And that's what it's about.
And we all have to do that before it's too late.
People have to understand, after 2008, when the Democrats come into power, it's going to get a whole lot worse than it is now.
And they may put off another tax cut at any time, any second, and it may be your family who's affected.
And I'm not going to wait around until somebody's affected because I'm going to stand up for truth and justice.
I'm going to make sure the wrongs are right.
I'm going to do what needs to be done, and that's stand up for America, and that's stand up for what's right.
Amen to that, brother.
Let's talk to Leon in the United Kingdom.
Go ahead, Leon.
I've been looking on the news, the BBC news, and I found out stuff about the cameras.
They're putting speakers on them now, so that people are actually ordered what to do, like... Telescreens, 1984, Airstrip 1, yeah.
They're all around.
Yeah, I just find it quite interesting that they're actually putting, just like the Big Brother Show, this time they can actually talk to you from the cameras and tell you what to do.
And by the way, it's going to be AI computers.
They put them in three years ago in select cities in England, now they're going in nationwide.
They're talking about putting two million cameras that shout at you.
Some will have big TV faces on them that show scary faces at you, a stern face yells at you.
Uh, it scans your walk, it reads your lips, it's all going in here in the U.S.
Folks, they are going for broke.
Go ahead, Leon.
Um, yeah, that's all I have to say.
But, um, yeah, I enjoy your show and I just want to say keep it up.
God bless you, my friend.
You keep it up over there on Airstrip One.
I was about to joke and say Leon from Airstrip One, that's what they call England, part of the Anglo-American establishment in 1984, and sure enough he calls in talking about, yeah, all over the country they are putting in cameras that also shout orders at you.
They're now putting them in some public schools here in the U.S., cameras in the bathrooms are in hundreds of school districts we know of.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
Look, it's just incredible how crazy it's already gotten.
Can you imagine how much nuttier it's gonna get?
It's definitely going to get a whole lot nuttier.
I mean, they're putting up cameras, especially in New York City, everywhere.
There's police, NYPD cameras all over New York City.
Bloomberg proposed a law where we can't film a public street.
I can't believe it.
It can't get any more criminal than it is already.
It can't!
And we can't stand for it.
We can't be surveilled.
We can't.
It's disgusting.
Well, it can get a lot more criminal.
I agree we can't let it get any more criminal, but folks, let me tell you, this is how tyranny works.
They get to the point they're at now, every time it means death camps.
Every time it means serious trouble.
Unless, at this key point, we back them off.
Yeah, we have to stop being complicit.
We have to resist, because unless we resist, we're a part of it.
We're letting it happen.
And I think Dante once said, the hottest place in hell is reserved for people who remain neutral during times of crisis.
Stop remaining neutral.
Get out there.
Do some feed access.
Come out there on every 11th.
Do something right.
Educate somebody.
And help us fundraise for the first responders.
Do right.
Bottom line, folks.
You're at a crossroads and it's real simple.
You better choose sides.
You better choose who you're with right now.
You better get off the fence because there is no fence.
The fence is laying in the middle of the road.
It's the worst place to be.
And I'm telling you right now, you have got to decide, do you trust this government that's lied to you, that's totally illegitimate, that funds all the terror groups?
Do you trust a government that's been caught?
I mean, how many Republican Senators and Homeland Security Deputy Directors have been caught doing stuff?
I mean, these people are nuts, man!
They're dangerous!
I mean, these are sickos!
And I just don't know how to... I wish it wasn't true.
I first started learning about this stuff 12, 15 years ago.
I wasn't as hardcore as I was just a year ago.
I mean, I learn more and more about these people and I can't believe it.
I mean, I can't believe people are like this, but they are.
And, uh...
I just wish we could reach the whole country.
I know we could turn it around, but we're talking to millions of people right now, but it just isn't enough.
We need the listeners of this show to tell everybody they know about the free podcast that streams 24 hours a day on InfoWars.com.
We need to reach more people.
Frankly, I wish there were more shows that were as hard-hitting as this one.
Frankly, there aren't.
I don't know why other people, even our own movement, can't see it clearly for what it is.
I've tried to move people.
I've tried to get people to get, you know, to really see the big picture.
Some of them do.
But we still got people in our own movement saying Roosevelt's good.
I mean, you know, we got problems here, folks.
Yeah, we do have a lot of problems.
Sorry to interrupt you.
We do have a lot, but we have to fix those problems.
And I think we all have to become leaders.
We can't look upon other people to be leaders for us.
We all have to be leaders.
We all have to be the change we want to see in this world.
And until that happens,
I think we're going to be stuck.
Until we become all leaders, I think that's when we really are going to become significant change.
And by leaders, folks, I mean just get involved in anything.
Just get out of the house.
Turn the television off.
I mean, go splash cold water on your face and headbutt something.
I mean, just get fired up.
That's where it all starts.
Let's talk to Carlos in Florida.
Carlos, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex, how you doing?
Good, sir.
The grace and peace of Christ be with you, man.
God bless you.
Thank you so much for what you guys are doing.
I'm over here in Florida trying to spread the word as much as I can, but just like you were saying, you try to wake them up and they don't realize what's coming to them.
I wanted to know, I know that your show runs through GCN.
Other than through the internet, how else can we
Can we listen to your show?
Well, it sounds like a lot of stations, but I'm only on about 40 stations live, another 20 or so rebroadcasted, and that's dotted in Texas and Missouri and New York and Tennessee and California and Wyoming and Montana.
And in Georgia and places like that, in Virginia, but I am like in Austin, you can hear me on 1330 for like North Austin up to Waco.
You can hear me on Kelby's here on the weekend, but no, I mean where you live in Florida, I would imagine you can hear us on satellite, shortwave, and internet, sir.
Okay, well another thing is I have knocked on the doors of Orlando Sheriff, the Lake County Sheriff where I live,
Um, our representative, who actually signed for the stupid non-patriotic Patriot Act, and these people are, it's like talking to a wall.
It's like no attention whatsoever.
I gave them a CD from Freedom to Fascism, information on Ron Paul.
Hey, wake up!
Our Constitution is being stepped on, spit at, and now you got
Mr. Alberto Gonzalez, you know, the latest guy that says the Constitution is nothing, in other words.
But, um, thank you guys.
Keep on shining, and we'll talk later.
Let me just say this, Carlos.
You're not gone yet, are you?
No, I'm still here.
Listen, the energy it takes, the will it takes, compared to the average American that you showed is exemplary.
You're already in the top 1% of great patriots.
To go to the sheriff, to knock on doors, to walk in there and do that actually freaks them out.
They act like they don't hear you, but believe me, they know deep inside.
And so what you did is so important.
You keep it up.
Luke, I mean, that's how it starts.
When did you guys, when did you start We Are Change?
I mean, we started, I mean, I've been involved in the community here for about four years now, but we started, uh, We Are Change at exactly last year, uh, not 11-06, last year in October, and we just brought all the young people, we brought all the people who really want to change, and we just started thinking, and out of nowhere, you know, we never expected to, you know, blow up as we did, and, you know, it's just amazing to see all the people exemplify us and do what we're doing.
You don't remember me telling you, you don't remember me telling you it was gonna blow up?
I was hard to believe, to be honest with you, but it's amazing where we're at now, and it's amazing seeing other people do it in Florida.
There's two chapters of change in Florida that I also wanted to recommend to the caller right now.
And, you know, it's amazing seeing other people do it, and I just want people to be out there.
You know, don't look up to us, exemplify us, do what we're doing, keep talking to people, keep educating people, do street action on every 11th, and stand up for truth and justice.
You know, and do the right thing instead of the stupid thing.
And number one, number one, ask God for guidance in all you do.
Yeah man, I mean, it's up to you.
It's up to you how you want to live your life.
You want to live your life with truth and love or just misunderstanding and lies.
I mean, it's up to you how you want to live your life.
Luke, stay there.
Mike in Pennsylvania on the other side with Luke Radowsky, then Jesse Benton from the Ron Paul campaign.
Another front in the fight for liberty will be joining us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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In 1814 we took a little trip along with Colonel Jackson down to mighty Mississippi.
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans.
We fired our guns and the British kept a coming.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they began to run it on down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.
We looked down a river and we seen the British come And there must have been a hundred of them beatin' on the drums They stepped so high and they made the bugles ring We stood beside our cotton bales and didn't say a thing We fired our guns and the British kept a-comin' There wasn't as many as there was a while ago We fired once more and they began to runnin' On down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico
Welcome back.
John at Canada with breaking news.
Notice they announced chemical weapons have been found at the U.N.
Totally staged event.
They had samples in there on purpose.
9 times out of 10 or even more frequently.
They'll have a terror drill and then just a month later mention it was fake.
They've had fake nuclear spills in Austin.
They admit it's fake later.
Fake bioweapon attacks they admit long before 9-11.
It's all part of conditioning.
They claim up in Toronto they found a car with a car bomb in it.
And it's just unbelievable.
Let's real fast go to Joe in Canada.
Joe, exactly what are they reporting and what TV station is saying this?
I'm watching it on CTV Newsnet and apparently they shut down Toronto, the Don Valley Parkway, most of the main arteries in Toronto so they can get this convoy escorted out to some island or something on the coastline of the city.
I was watching it on TV, I can't believe it's still not on here, but
Apparently they plan on taking it out there and inspecting it and seeing if they can detonate it.
But notice they gotta shut the whole city down so they can check it.
Oh man, I bet my bottom dollar that's a drill or it's nothing.
Or they'll grab some teenager they provocateured into it.
Well, they've already made an arrest.
Some Middle Eastern, middle-aged man.
I didn't catch his name.
He was in his thirties.
Apparently he sent three letter bombs previously or something.
I just wanted to ask about being a Canadian here, do I really have to be
Be afraid of martial law coming to Canada as much as... Brother, you're already in it when your cops try to provocateur riots.
Yeah, that was pretty disturbing.
I mean, you're not as free as you think you are, I'll tell you.
I mean, you're the hardest country to get mail in, even if it's FedEx or UPS.
I mean, China, no problem.
It's Commonwealth countries that are hard.
England's kind of hard, but nothing compared to Canada.
I mean, the worst countries are this.
I mean, I can literally ship stuff into North Korea.
I mean, I'm not joking.
The worst is Canada, the next worst is Australia, then England.
Russia, China, no problem.
South Africa, no problem.
That's not good to hear.
They read your mail.
Waiting for it to come across the border right now.
There you go.
I mean, we've almost suspended orders to Canada.
We actually lose money.
We'll just keep shipping until you get it.
Usually takes two shipments to do it.
It was even worse.
Before we had UPS, nothing made it across.
They'd smash them, break them, laugh, send letters back saying it was terrorist material.
Sometimes I really wish NAFTA was a vote-free trade, you know?
Oh no, it's all about... I'm just telling you right now.
No one has got it on Canada.
I mean, we might lose 1 out of 15 packages to England.
No, no, no.
It's 80% don't make it through to Canada.
And I mean, you can pay the customs fees, everything.
They just read your mail, brother.
You're under the Queen of England's full control.
Alright, thank you so much.
Luke Rudowsky, stay there.
Then we're going to get Jesse Benton on right after.
I want to come back and let Luke finish up here.
Then we got Drum Quartzy popping in with some new news developments as well.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption!
Crashing through the lies and disinformation!
Monday through Friday, 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Back from 9 to midnight here on the Genesis Network, 24 hours a day.
Restreaming in the free podcast at InfoWars.com.
Our information gets out to more people when you take action.
Coming up, we'll go ahead and start calling Jesse Benton.
Ron Paul's Communications Director joining us to give us the latest updates on the campaign.
Then Dr. Corsi with shocking new developments for the U.S.
going under U.N.
law during any type of bio-release or even avian flu under the Security and Prosperity Partnership for the North American Union.
That's coming up as well.
Luke Rudowsky, in closing, and I want to try to jam Mike from PA in here, again, tell folks
Incredible importance of this biggest-ever truth convergence coming up to kick off just in eight days in New York.
I tell you, Father, now or never, we have to make a stand, we have to do the right things, we have to help out the first responders, we have to stand up for truth and justice, we have to educate as many people as we can before it's too late.
And we have the opportunity to do that at a large scale here in New York City on 9-11-07.
It's going to be one of the most historic, it's going to be one of the most momentous moments
We're good to go.
Luke Rodowski at WeAreChange.org.
Carry on, my friend, and God bless you.
I will see you in New York soon, obviously.
Next Wednesday or Thursday, I want to get you to pop in on the show for a final update before we kick off.
God bless you, brother.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, again, you can go to Infowars.com or JonesReport.com and link through and find a list of the itinerary and the different street actions and demonstrations and vigils and premieres of Final Cut, Loose Change.
It's the rough cut of it.
It'll be done about a month after that, but it's going to be powerful.
And I haven't even seen this latest rough cut.
I just came in overnight mail.
I'll be watching that this evening.
And it will be the completed endgame.
You will see the endgame.
On the 9th.
And all proceeds go to the first responders.
I guess Luke was saying all proceeds after they pay for the theaters.
That's expensive.
So that's what's, it's one of the Feel Good Foundation, a couple of other local foundations that have really been helping people.
We're going to break and come back with Jesse Benton, who we're lining up to come on the show.
Ron Paul, Communications Director, Head of Media Operations.
In the meantime, yeah, they've got this latest scare up in Toronto.
We're working on that right now, finally found something about it.
Just the regular, oh my gosh, there's a bomb, we better shut down the city.
But then hundreds will die in a month in Toronto in car wrecks, but none of that matters.
It's all about getting you totally in fear, and only the secret police can keep you safe.
There's never any terror to fight, so the secret police then fight all of the crime.
Also, China is saying that one-child policy helps protect the climate.
Reuters, they're now saying that here in the U.S.
that we need taxes on those having more than one child.
Same thing in the E.U.
and in England.
This whole climate footprint tax deal is about everything.
All forms of carbon emission.
And they say humans have the biggest footprint, quote, because of our consumption.
And so if carbon's bad, it's taxing life.
There you have exactly what we were telling you the next step would be.
Really an incredible article.
Only 10 minutes on a mobile phone could trigger cancer.
Scientists believe.
I'm going to cover that as we talk to Jesse Benton.
Exclusive, finally, WAI-TV reports.
Techs dot plan to toll existing interstates.
Finally breaking mainstream news.
We've been telling you for years.
And if they want to say it's exclusive, I could care less.
Just report the truth, media.
Better late than never.
We're good.
Black Berkey purification elements are more powerful than any gravity filter element on the market.
These awesome elements are used in Berkey purification systems, and they can also be used to upgrade most other gravity filtration systems.
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Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We interviewed the congressman earlier this week, and he wrote down
But Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the father of economics, discussed the inevitable unraveling and collapse of the dollar.
Then, of course, he'll try to leverage his shin through that crisis into the Amero.
He also talked about the fact that he believes they will attack Iran before Bush leaves office.
Dr. Roberts agrees with that, as most experts do.
And also, Ron Paul talked about how they must have a draft, and the head of the new Army, War Czar, or Joint Operations War Czar, said that two weeks ago on NPR that they need a draft.
So these are some of the issues that Congressman is really exposing right now.
The campaign's trajectory has him winning the nomination.
If his growth rate continues, that's up to all of us to continue.
He's been winning straw polls all over the country.
And here to strategize, just on the campaign, how we the soldiers, in the fight on this key battlefront,
We're good to go.
Thank you, Alex.
Great to be with you.
Folks need to call and donate to get yard signs.
What did you think of the report this week in Florida?
The guy, them telling him they would fine him and then arrest him if he didn't take a Ron Paul sign out of his yard.
The last time I checked, we still lived in a country that was supposed to be free, and you know, you start telling people they can't put a free political speech on their own property, that's just pretty ridiculous.
How's the campaign going?
Please just give us a synopsis, Jesse, a rundown on the battlefront, the strategy, where you're going.
Well, it's going very well.
You know, some good news today out of Michigan.
There was some talk that Sol News, the GOP chairman up there, was making a push to close their primary, to make it make a Republican-only primary.
But it is now going to be officially on January 15th, one of the earliest in the nation, probably the second
The second primary and the third overall place where Americans will be able to vote.
It is going to be open.
Any citizen of Michigan can go and request either the Democratic ballot or the Republican ballot.
So we're hoping that Republicans, Independents, and Democrats who are sick and tired of what their party's feeding them
We're good to go.
Well, in fact, what you just mentioned has now been confirmed.
Detroit Free Press reporting State grabs first primary.
Michigan leapt to the head of the presidential primary lineup Thursday, setting a January 15th election that could become the biggest primary in state history and a key battleground for the Republican and Democratic nominations.
Are they worried that Ron Paul would have been too strong in New Hampshire?
I mean, why are they moving it to Michigan?
Well, they're moving it up in Michigan, you know, because
I think Michigan wants to push their relevancy.
I think it also has the potential to push some cash into their state.
Presidential candidates now have to pay more attention.
They're more likely to come and spend money.
And, you know, it's just the prestige issue.
New Hampshire is extremely likely now to push their primary up to the 8th.
And then we're looking at a very, very likely January 1st Iowa caucus.
So everything is moving up, and I don't think that there's any specific anti-Iran talk, conspiracy, but I do think that as you move, it's a confluence of interests that are very much vested in keeping the mainstream and making sure Americans keep getting what they're getting.
Yeah, I think so.
We've just got to re-double and re-double and re-double and re-double again.
Let me tell you, I see that happening.
What about the volunteer numbers, the cash numbers?
I mean, just from the ground here, with my limited perspective, it looks like, Ron Paul, the web traffic ratings just continue an exponential climb.
And the Congressman agreed with me when we had him on earlier this week, that he can win the primary if the trajectory continues.
You're absolutely right.
We need to keep growing like we've been growing.
And I'm happy to report that we have been.
Uh, we are now, uh, we now have nearly 40,000 Meetup Group members signed up around the country.
Not to mention other people that are organizing for it.
Isn't that more than all the other Republicans combined?
Oh, much more than any other Republican combined.
Because of who Ron is and his message and the people out there supporting him, we have the grassroots support and the grassroots organization that the other candidates are trying to buy.
You really just can't buy this kind of support, this kind of passion.
They are the candidates of the Matrix.
Ron Paul is a candidate of reality.
I agree with you.
Well, it sounds like a broken record here, but we need to keep doing exactly what we're doing.
We need to keep talking to our neighbors, going to public events, passing out literature.
Anybody out there can get Ron Paul Slim Gyms at ronpaul2008.com.
Come in, fill out a form, and tell us where to ship them and how many you need.
We'll send you the... It's a great two-sided piece of literature, a Slim Jim or a push card.
Get to events in your community.
Hand out literature.
Talk to people about Ron Paul.
Why do you support him?
Why is he America's last great hope?
And, you know, let's just spread this message of freedom and liberty.
That's the great thing about the freedom message.
It's... Once people hear it, they love it.
And it just spreads, and it makes so much sense, and it brings people together.
Jesse Benton, Ron Paul's Head of Media Communications Director, RonPaul2008.com
The attacks have been stepped up the last month, but it seemed to only backfire on the controlled press, and now raises visibility.
Before, I'd be doing radio interviews and some of the listeners wouldn't know on other talk shows around the country who he was, or a few people in Austin wouldn't know.
Now, everybody I talk to... I mean, I'll obnoxiously, in a restaurant, tap people next to me and go, do you know who Ron Paul is?
And I'll ask another table, or I'll ask
Some neighbor five doors down walking his dog, how do you know who Ron Paul is?
It really seems like his name recognition with kind of the general mesmerized public, not the freedom community, it seems like that breakthrough is happening.
Yeah, it is.
And I think that's a two-pronged reason.
It is.
First, it's because of people like you and people like your listeners that are continuing to talk about Ron, continuing to spread the message, and the fact that the message is so viable.
And then I also think that it's just kind of a natural function of people starting to turn on to this whole election in general.
You know, a couple months ago, there was a poll that said that only about 25% of the American people were really paying very much attention to this presidential race.
It was too soon for them.
They were kind of burned out with politics.
But, you know, as we start to move into the fall, more and more people are going to start to turn on.
And so they're going to start to look, and they're going to start to examine the candidates.
And when they learn more about Ron Paul, they're going to like what they hear.
When they learn more about, say, Rudy Giuliani, they might not like what they hear as much.
And, you know, right now all these national polls are dominated by one thing, and that's name recognition.
And they've been talking about Mitt Romney and Giuliani for 10 years and him running the Olympics.
That's why it's so bad.
If you looked at trajectory with another month or so, Ron Paul was sure to win, but they start moving it back another month.
That literally is an attempt to freeze out what they'd call second tier candidates like Ron Paul.
He's got a rocket tied to his back with this exponential growth curve.
So I guess that just means we've got to redouble our efforts again.
I think you're right there.
I think you're right.
And here's the positive thing here.
With them moving everything up and bunching everything up, I'll give you a potential scenario.
Ron Paul wins New Hampshire on January 8th, and we make a real strong showing in Iowa, and we make a strong showing in Michigan, maybe winning Michigan.
February 5th rolls around the 29th.
Florida is now winner-take-all, very favorable for Giuliani, but February 5th hits.
You've got a bunch of candidates from a couple of different states.
You've got Ron Paul with a win or two.
You've got Rudy Giuliani with a win or two.
Mitt Romney with maybe a win in there.
There's no way of ignoring.
Now it's a brawl.
It is a brawl.
Now it's going to turn into Battle Royale Central.
All the states that have not traditionally been organized in.
You know, we're going to be fighting in Oklahoma and North Dakota and those kind of states where, you know, there's not already this big money, a political machine built.
They're not traditional battleground states.
They're not traditional heavy campaign states.
So it's going to be about ground, on the ground, grassroots support and what kind of better race for Ron Paul to get in.
That's a potential scenario that could be really, really great for the freedom movement.
The listeners want to know, how is Congressman Ron Paul handling his incredibly busy schedule that would exhaust a 20-year-old man, much less 72, his birthday's here, and how's his wife doing in closing?
Carol's doing great.
I got to see her last weekend and she is back on her feet and the same old great and energetic Carol Paul that she always is.
No, you're absolutely right.
It's something that Ron and all the staff have really talked about and that's that we just can't run him into the ground.
It is very difficult.
We do try to make sure that he gets a break every day to get some exercise because that really charges his batteries.
He's a really committed walker and biker.
Yeah, I think so.
Well, he's making one hell of a run.
We all need to pray for him and you and the whole campaign.
And there's an event coming up in Fort Worth this weekend.
More details at RonPaul2008.com.
Jesse Britton, thanks for checking in with us.
My pleasure.
Thank you, Alex.
We'll be right back, and I'll get into what the cell phones are doing to your brains, then we'll get to good old Dr. Corsi.
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Alright, speaking of cell phones, I don't even cover this.
I mean, I might cover this once every two months.
I don't even ever read the studies on there.
No exaggeration, I see a medical or university mainline study out of Europe, England, the US, China, Japan, Latin America, every two days.
I mean, they put rats in cages with cell phones 24-7 and, you know, all of them get brain tumors at double the rate.
I mean, it's stuff like that.
Hundreds and hundreds of studies admit, bottom line, after a five-minute conversation with the average skull thickness, a certain area of the brain, where everybody gets the tumors, by the way, like Johnny Cochran, right on the side, right at the temporal lobe, temporal lobe there, on the side.
The brain gets at least a degree, in some cases, two degrees hotter.
I mean, it's actually heating the tissue.
Stop using cell phones.
I stopped watching television other than analyzing it and seeing a few films a month.
99% reduction, I would say.
Or 98, I don't know.
I used to watch two, three hours a day five, six years ago.
Now I watch
Only to study TV, never watch, or if there's a hurricane or tornado, I might look at the news.
Point is, side issue, the point is, I quit watching TV.
I've almost quit using my cell phone.
I use a regular phone to just check messages on it.
If I'm driving and something comes up, I'll use it maybe five minutes, two minutes a day.
Well, looks like I've got to completely quit using it.
I mean, I know we're addicted.
You habitualize the use of it.
It doesn't matter, you've got to stop!
And I see seven, eight-year-old girls and boys, their parents give them to them for school, to call them if they're going to be out on the curb before they pick them up, or... Look, have them stay inside.
Park your car and go get them out of the school.
You know, this convenience stuff's got to stop.
Do not give your young children... I mean, come on.
If you don't care about yourself, at least care about your children.
If your wife's pregnant, get her off the cell phone!
Only ten minutes on a mobile phone could trigger cancer scientists believe.
Look at this.
This is the Daily Mail.
Look, I love my daddy.
He's on that thing all the time now, you know, because he's a doctor, dentist, people call him all the time.
I think I'm going to go over there and just take it and smash it.
He doesn't listen to me, and I'm just going to take it.
He'll probably already.
They knew this, by the way, it's come out 20 years ago.
Several major studies have also found no link between mobile phone use and brain tumors, nor a dramatic rise in the cancer rates, though they admit that the faster cell division is linked to cancer.
But campaigners insist the discovery undermines official advice that the devices are safe.
See, there's like four or five studies I've seen paid for by cell phone companies that say, well, it heats your brain up, but there's no proof it hurts you.
What if the cigarette companies, they were just in front of Congress a couple years ago again, and the executives will sit up there and say, there is no evidence that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer.
And the senator will go, oh, give me a break.
They'll go, hey, we've done the studies.
There's no evidence.
You all know cigarettes will give you lung cancer.
They'll make your skin look like, you know what, and the stuff's horrible.
I smoked one cigarette last weekend and felt like garbage for two days.
I love them though.
We'll be right back.
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We had him on three or four times the last month because he's a newsmaker, he's doing research, he's doing real muckraking, real gumshoe journalism.
What we used to have in this country back when we were free, sixty-seven years ago, and not owned by five major corporate conglomerates, or four now.
And he's out there doing it, and that's why his book's best-selling, and he was reporting for us.
We were so honored when he was up in
Montebello there in Ottawa covering the treasonous, treacherous meeting that happened and he is now joining us just for this one segment to talk about some of the other documents he's been researching and I've seen this in the documents and I'm glad he's now covered it and really pointed out what it means.
We go under UN regulatory law and control during any type of bio-release either by a weapon or bird flu or SARS or avian, any of this
Dr. Corsi, this is a shocking new development that you put out on World Net Daily a few days ago.
Hi Alex, great pleasure and honor to be back with you.
Thank you.
You bet.
Yes, it is.
I mean, this came out of the Montebello meeting.
You know, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, said, oh no, we're just talking about jelly bean standardization up here.
Well, that's a cute answer.
It's a ha-ha.
Because what comes out of it here is, look,
We've now got a North American plan for avian and pandemic influenza, which was signed, I guess, by the working groups.
It's posted on the SPP.gov, you know, Security and Prosperity Partnerships website.
And what this plan does is it puts US and Canadian and Mexican, all three of us, under World Trade, it's under the World Health Organization,
And the United Nations Law and Control should there be any health emergency in North America.
You know, it's blue helmet time as soon as we get a avian flu scare or a pandemic influenza scare.
And this confirms the policy that Bush made.
It was very little noticed, but in September 14, 2005, Bush went to a UN General Assembly high-level
A plenary meeting, full meeting in New York, and he shifted our policy to what was called the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza.
And that, again, that was the first step to putting us under UN control for these flu epidemic scares.
Now all of North America, under the Security and Prosperity Partnership, is under UN control.
And that means we all come under this new UN Czar, David Nabarro, who has been appointed the UN System Flu Influenza Coordinator.
Now that dovetails with what the SPP documents last year said and the new public ones this year, and we have Pasteur, their front man,
Robert Pasteur out saying, out of terrorism, out of crises, out of economic collapses, we will have our North American integration.
Yeah, well that's correct, Alex.
And you know, I went into David Nabarro's speeches because they're pretty frightening.
You know, I documented, even according to the World Health Organization statistics, since 2003,
There have been fewer than one hundred and fifty deaths worldwide.
But they talk about billions.
What they're saying, he's saying, this Nabarro, the flu czar for the UN, is saying that a worldwide pandemic is inevitable.
And he says it's going to kill anywhere between five and a hundred and fifty million worldwide.
Now see, he says that and I've seen that, but we've got top Russian officials saying a billion and three.
I don't doubt it.
You know, the thing is,
It's a scare, because when you look at what Navarro is saying, he's saying, well, whether it's going to be $5 million, $150 million, depends upon how much control you give to me.
Which is classic terrorism by the old definition.
Do what I say or really bad stuff's going to happen.
I mean it's the old Italian mob in New York with the family grocery store.
Listen, I'm not going to burn your place down, but if you don't pay me 10% and hire my cousin, see Luigi over there?
He gets a little mad and he plays with gasoline at midnight.
I'm here with the UN and the Blue Helmets and we're here to protect you from a health emergency.
And what health emergency?
Well, the one you might be having if you don't give us control.
Uh, and all of Navarro's predictions end up, of course, being wrong.
He said that it would be in March 2006, March 8th, gave a UN press conference and he stated that the avian flu, the H1, H5N1 virus, would reach the Americas, you know, North America, within the next 6 to 12 months.
Well, it didn't.
Well, they said SARS was going to kill a million people now, but the key here is, remember the CFR and the Hart-Rubin Commission said we would be hitting New York, and then they bragged after it happened, very magical that they knew that was going to happen.
We had Gary Hart saying, let's use this disaster to build a new world order, and you got Cheney saying race-specific bioweapons are a politically useful tool, and we know they've got these things.
I mean, would you put it past the UN or some internationalist group to release something to bring in their world government?
Well, not at all.
I wouldn't put it past them.
I'm writing this article for two reasons.
One, to make everybody aware that we are compromising our sovereignty under the Security and Prosperity Partnership right now.
We're agreeing to put ourselves under U.N.
And secondly, this puts us right in the heart of being able to be scared into giving up even more software.
It's unbelievable.
It's just unbelievable, and they do it, and it's in the document, and you have it in black and white, and we're still to the point of trying to get people convinced that they're building a North American highway grid when that's admitted.
But by the way, you and I got attacked in several publications in the last month for claiming they were going to put toll roads on existing roads.
In Texas, because we had their own documents, here's WOAI-TV.
Secret TxDOT plan to toll existing interstates.
At the same time, local officials assure us that tolls will never be charged for traveling on existing highway lanes.
1200 WOAI News has obtained a Texas Transportation Commission report in which TxDOT officials discuss which ways to impose toll roads on existing interstate highways.
Now, that was no secret.
We had Bob Dacey three weeks ago, four weeks ago, at the big tech stop meeting where they said it.
So, I mean, my point here, in bringing this up, because, you know, your whole U.N.
thing is ten times worse and more dangerous, is that they congenitally lie about things that are admitted.
We are now going under U.N.
regulatory control, Bush signed back onto UNESCO, and then you try to tell the average conservative that, they laugh at you.
Well, it's why
I say, Alex, the entire thing.
Why put 30 pages of footnotes in the late, great USA?
And every single one of those footnotes, virtually every one, is to a website.
Because what the President has to refute, saying this is a conspiracy theory and laughing at it, is the government's own documents, which validate every point we're making.
In other words, you don't have to believe me.
You know, go look at the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America's
Declaration, the plan on avian flu.
And by the way, under, under
Top Off 1 and Top Off 2 and Dark Winter 1 and 2.
They had the exact same scenarios.
And it even says AP back in 2000.
In 2001, they did both these drills.
They said martial law, shutdown, takeover of states, merging with Canada.
Have you seen that, Dr. Corsi?
No, I have not seen that.
You'll have to send me that.
Yeah, it's Dark Winter 1 and 2, Top Off 1 and 2.
Oh, what's the other one?
I'll find it in the sanitarium.
But you know, what I'm pointing out here too is, and I linked this in the article, we now have U.S.
NORTHCOM, which is set up in Peterson Air Force Base.
I wrote articles about the new command center.
It's set up as a continental military command to use the U.S.
military in domestic emergency situations.
And I reference here that this Exercise Ardent Sentry 6
Which is an exercise that the military has been conducting with U.S.
NORTHCOM, which was playing a scenario involving a plague in Mexico, reaching across the border to Arizona and New Mexico.
When I click, if you click on it, you will see the government website, the Joint Task Force Civil Support website, maintained by NORTHCOM.
Official government website.
It shows you the exercise, where there are
role-playing a play coming out of Mexico.
So our military is ready to be involved.
We have UN command, so the Blue Helmets can get involved.
And the whole idea of these
So-called health emergencies that were going to... Going back to the swine flu.
Do you remember that one under President Ford?
220 million people were inoculated because one guy came down with an illness in an army post.
And the inoculation killed thousands.
The inoculation killed more people.
Swine flu never materialized.
But again, it shows the power of a healthcare
And that was fully documented in the Ford administration.
Now, you got the UN playing the same scare themes, and what it comes down to is a power grab.
It's a continental...
We're good to go.
50 video games plus, and children's books, and magazines, and the new Fantastic Four, and Captain Earth, and Captain Planet, and Time Magazine for kids, telling everyone that the UN will run America.
Here's a one minute clip from a video game that came out last year, Shattered Union.
Listen to this conditioning.
Following a disputed election and a tie vote,
Congress installs the most unpopular president in U.S.
The U.S.
history as David Jefferson Adams becomes the 44th president of the United States.
Shortly after the election, increased unrest, rioting, and a growing number of militias have given rise to ever-increasing domestic terrorism.
In response, the president invokes the Homeland Security Act.
...and declares martial law on the West Coast and other areas of the country.
Though highly contested, a Supreme Court ruling sidesteps the electoral process disqualifying popular presidential candidates from several states.
Public outrage explodes when a sham election leads to incumbent David Adams accepting a second term in office.
During the 57th Inauguration Day Ceremonies, Washington D.C.
is struck by a low-yield nuclear weapon, killing David Adams and most of the U.S.
The destruction of Washington D.C.
effectively breaks the chain of succession, sending the nation into chaos.
In an emergency vote, the European Union deploys peacekeepers in the greater D.C.
area to secure international interest.
With separatist sentiment rising, California's governor declares home rule and secedes from the Union.
Texas follows quickly and declares sovereignty, taking neighboring states with them and forming the Republic of Texas.
The once United States of America lie in ruin.
The time for words has passed.
That's fantasy, Jerome Corsi is reality, but there's this massive conditioning and they said four years ago the deal with Mexico and Canada, I remember when Army Times reported it, it's in Road to Tyranny actually, I guess it was six years ago, five and a half, that they signed a deal that Mexican and Canadian troops would be used for natural disasters, peacekeeping, and anti-terror ops inside the U.S.
Doctor, in closing, what are we facing?
Well, you know, Alex, when you look at this whole North American Union push and documents on the SPP website, like this plan on avian flu which gives control to the United Nations, I don't see how people can ignore that this North American integration is going on and it's a globalist move.
The documentation is right there.
And the Internet, you know, I've got a website article on WorldNetDaily
I document that George Bush has signed onto this, has put U.S.
policy completely in accord
With international policy on avian flu and pandemic influenza.
And put us under UN law.
And there's fewer than 150 deaths worldwide from avian flu since 2003.
And the entire thing is a concocted scare.
In closing, what do we do about this, Dr. Corsi?
How do we reverse this?
Well, I think we've got to continue to bombard the congressmen.
It's a grassroots effort for people to get educated and see the documents themselves.
That's why I put these 30 pages of footnotes in the book.
When you see the documents and read them, you understand that it's not Alex Jones or Jerry Corsi making stuff up.
If you read the documents yourself, you say, well, who am I going to believe?
President Bush telling me not to worry, or my own lying eyes?
Like the country western song says, when you can see the documentary evidence right in front of you.
Dr. Corsi, in closing, in one minute, how are the neocons responding to you now exposing this U.N.
Well, I think the entire, I mean, there's still a continued effort to... What about Medved?
He was calling us both liars last week.
Well, and they go, you know, this whole theory, they came out around the, around the conference of Montebello to have a big
Push to say that we and anybody who raised questions about the North American Union were nutty conspiracy theorists.
And it just didn't work.
It didn't work because the documents are there.
But why does Medved and people like that lie?
He's not dumb!
Well, you know, because it's the disinformation campaign.
And people are conditioned to it.
They remember, they remember when Richard Nixon said, I am not a crook.
And this is just a third-rate burglary.
And when Bill Clinton said, I did not have sex with that woman.
And they remember that these were, by the time it gets to the level where the President asks the question at an international press conference, and they say, oh it's nothing, he denies it.
People say, well that denial is a lie.
He's just trying not to get us to pay attention to the issue.
And when people do pay attention to the issue, they see the documentary evidence is strongly there, and the President is just trying to draw attention.
Doc, can I get you on, maybe on my Sunday show coming up?
I'd be honored to be on your Sunday show.
I'll have my producer call you.
God bless you.
The Late Great USA, available at Infowars.com.
We got it in stock.
You can get it right now, discounted, $19.95, normally $25.95.
Dr. Corsi, thanks for coming on with us.
A great honor.
God bless.
Thank you, Alex.
Talk to you Sunday.
Thank you.
This flu thing's too big.
It'll be on with us in the first hour, then on Sunday.
We'll be back with the final segment.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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And a big study up on PrisonPlanet.com on that front.
Another big article, an analyst dismisses suspicions about new 9-11 trades.
Now they admit, the Mainstream News admits that it's a record trade since 9-11 put options on the stock market, and they do call it a quote Bin Laden style trade, but they claim that they've tracked down who's behind it.
You can find out who's behind it.
I hope that is not the case.
Another big article that we talked about earlier in the show, but now Steve's done a story.
I don't know if he added private Gruckheimer talking about how they were ordered to kill everybody in Afghanistan.
I haven't read the whole thing.
I was reading it during the break, but that's up on Infowars.net.
Just where they're told, go in and kill whole villages, go in and kill small children.
I'm looking at a toddler they killed here.
A little toddler begged for her life.
It's a three-year-old girl.
I guess it's not a toddler.
Well, there's a toddler next to her.
Bunch of little dead boys and girls here.
And the Marines just lined them up and shot them.
After all, they're just Arabs.
I guess they deserve to die, huh?
Those guys will be back here being police officers.
And God help us.
I'll see you back this Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
Central out of our flagship station on the weekend.
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Very thankful to all those affiliates.
And I want to thank our new affiliate that carries us weekdays here in Austin, 1330 a.m.
100.1, 90.1, everybody.
God bless you all.
Have a good weekend.
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