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Air Date: Aug. 30, 2007
2245 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The old saying goes, God is in the details, and the details are divine.
Nothing graphic, nothing sexual happened after all.
But if you ever read a police report, you know they are rendered in especially dry style.
The style made famous on the old TV cop show, Dragnet.
The just-the-fact style that renders sad, silly human behavior, such as the semaphore of illicit foreplay, irresistibly absurd.
In that spirit, we offer the following dramatization, utilizing the actual unaltered text of the Craig incident report, embellished only with a dragnet-style introduction and wrap-up, just like on the TV.
No actual senators were harmed in the making of this film.
The story you're about to see is true.
The names have not been changed to protect anybody.
This is the city.
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
I work here.
I carry a badge.
It was Tuesday, June 11th.
It was sunny and warm for Minneapolis.
I was assigned to the Vice Squad, working out of the men's room at the airport.
My boss is Chief Dolan.
My name is Parsley.
I'm a cop.
A cop in a toilet.
At 1200 hours, I was working a plainclothes detail involving lewd conduct in the main men's public restroom of the North Star Crossing in the Lindbergh Terminal.
From my seated position, I could observe the shoes and ankles of a person seated to the right of me.
An unidentified person entered to the left of me.
From my seated position, I was able to see his shoes and ankles.
At 1213 hours, I could see an older white male with gray hair standing outside my stall.
He was standing about three feet away and had a roller bag with him.
The male was later identified by driver's license as Larry Edwin Frank.
I could see Craig look through the crack in the door from his position.
Craig would look down at his hands, fidget with his fingers, and then look through the crack into my stall again.
Craig would repeat this cycle for about two minutes.
I was able to see Craig's blue eyes as he looked into my stall.
At 1215 hours, the male on the stall to the left of me flushed the toilet and exited the stall.
Craig entered the stall and placed his roller bag against the front of the stall door.
My experience has shown that individuals engaging in lewd conduct use their bags to block the view from the front of their stall.
From my position, I could observe the shoes and ankles of Craig seated to the left of me.
He was wearing dress pants with black dress shoes.
At 12.16 hours, Craig tapped his right foot.
I recognized this as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct.
Craig tapped his toes several times, then moved his foot closer to my foot.
I moved my foot up and down slowly.
While this was occurring, the male in the stall to my right was still present.
I could hear several unknown persons in the restroom that appeared to use the restroom for its intended use.
The presence of others did not seem to deter Craig as he moved his right foot so that it touched the side of my left foot which was within my stall area.
At 12.17 hours I saw Craig swipe his hands under the stall divider for a few seconds.
The swipe went in the direction from the front door side of the stall back towards the back wall.
Craig swiped his hand again for a few seconds in the same motion to where I could see more of his fingers.
Craig then swiped his hand in the same motion a third time for a few seconds.
I could see that it was Craig's left hand due to the position of his thumb.
I could also see Craig had a gold ring on his ring finger, as his hand was on my side of the stall to buy one.
At about 12.19 hours, I held my police identification in my right hand down by the floor, so that Craig could see it.
With my left hand near the floor, I pointed towards the exit.
Craig responded, no.
I again pointed towards the exit.
Craig exited the stall with his lower bags, without flushing the toilet.
Craig handed me a business card that identified himself as a United States Senator as he stated, what do you think about that?
I responded by setting his business card down on the table and again asking him for his driver's license.
Give me your driver's license.
Later, in a recorded Post Miranda interview, Craig stated the following.
He is a commuter.
He went into the bathroom.
He was standing outside of the stalls for one to two minutes waiting for the stall.
He has a wide stance when going to the bathroom and that his foot may have touched mine.
Baby, baby, I'm gonna leave you
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I'm good.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It is Thursday, my friends, the 30th day of August.
The 8th month of this year is about to elapse.
We have a holiday coming up on Monday.
We're going to have open phones throughout the broadcast today and, of course, tomorrow.
Virgil Griffith, the individual, the technologist who developed the Wikipedia scanning system that's caught Fox News, the CIA, American Airlines, neocons, editing and redacting information.
He will be joining us coming up in the second hour.
In the third hour, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who we've been having on every other week because so much has developed, the father of Reaganomics, listed as one of the top ten economists in the world by Fortune magazine and many other publications over the years, and of course, an expert on the economy and fractional reserve banking, heading up policy at Treasury under Ronald Reagan.
He'll be joining us as well.
Coming up in the third hour, we'll have open phones.
Then with him, we'll also take your questions.
For both guests, up on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com, you can link through to the PrisonPlanet.com forum.
Oh, speaking of the devil, I am very, very acutely thin-skinned, because it's so important, about allegations of challenging free speech.
And I've gotten, I don't know, four or five emails the last few days saying, hey, I'm on the message board and I'm being censored, I'm being kicked off, I'm being moved, I'm being controlled.
And the problem is that, and we just appointed some of the people that looked rational and were posting good stories and information.
We don't want to stop you from going on the site and debating us and saying we're wrong.
We want debate.
It's like the radio show.
I say call in, tell us you disagree, you go to the head of the line.
Now if you want to call in and say you're Billy Bob from Timbuktu and you're really John from Baltimore, Maryland, that's fine.
We don't screen calls here.
Sometimes I think we should because some of the callers are brain dead, but sometimes I'm brain dead so I don't want to be hypocritical.
But we don't screen your calls, but if you volunteer that you're calling on your own dime from a foreign country, we'll try to bump you towards the head of the line.
And if you say that you disagree, we put you to the head of the line.
But there have been, basically what I would characterize as stalkers,
I mean, people who call the office constantly, people that call up threatening us, people that go around lying, just saying things that I know are completely untrue, and there's no debating with what they're saying.
It's not an issue.
It's not a news item.
It's not a religious question.
It's not an economic debate or contention.
It is just a lie.
Like, here's an example.
There were some government disinfo agents, I don't know, two years ago, who would say that, I work for ABC News.
Well, if that's the case, I work for AT&T, and I work for Bell South, and I work for General Electric.
I think it was General Electric bulbs and those lamps.
And I'm wearing a shirt put out, I think, by Fruit of the Loom, so I work for them, too.
It's a complete lie!
And people would call in and say, you need to address this.
And I'd say, well, I addressed it ten times ten before.
Well, you need to address it to me.
And I'm just sitting here dumbfounded going, I've addressed it over and over again.
It's not true.
We lease a radio satellite.
And there's really three of them that you can get that are real radio satellites.
There's Star Guide ABC, Star Guide Clear Channel, Star Guide Jones, and Star Guide something else.
And over a decade ago, lawsuits had to be filed by other independent radio broadcasters just to force those big guys to let you lease it.
Because they have thousands of feeds per satellite.
You know, like when your phone call, when you call New York from Austin, Texas, it's going over some satellites.
Does that mean you're with
Raytheon, because it's over a Raytheon satellite, it is the biggest lie you can imagine.
And so when those disinfo agents, who I guess lost their funding a while back, so they went away, well, they themselves would call it over and over again saying, and I just got it when I heard their voice, I'd go, thank you, goodbye, there's no point.
It's meant to distract you away from real issues.
I mean, we had to stop using the HoloScan message board for each story for people to be able to comment, because there were people in there with proxy servers who would just go on in my name and Paul's name and threaten people and say they were going to kill people and say, let's blow things up.
Total feds!
Or they were just schizophrenics or, you know, just some kind of troll.
That's the way the message board gets ruined by that.
And so,
I would say that they don't have a heavy hand, but it's a strong hand in there, in the message board and posting area on the Prison Planet Forum, because we are under literal attack, ladies and gentlemen.
Admittedly, tens of billions a year is spent in fake, illegal, General Accounting Office and others have ruled illegal, propaganda.
Then there's all the legal stuff.
I mean, they've paid millions to the 4-H clubs to now be anti-farming, anti-ranching, and to tell everybody to get their premises registered, or the children can't be part of the public school 4-H club, or the other... there's several other groups that are out there.
And there's no law, it's just color law.
That's going on.
And there's tens of billions on top of that.
I mean, I've seen the numbers, they're astronomical.
What is it?
Forty-something million a year?
Last time I checked, it's spent just in, quote, public service announcements.
And those are laced with propaganda.
But more than propaganda, it's about the Fed's funding.
A lot of those are paid for.
Funding magazines, newspapers, television, radio.
So it's all out there.
They admit CENTCOM goes on the blogs to, quote, engage us and try to block us.
And they go all over the web filing false complaints.
I mean, I never even get into this stuff.
Trying to get our videos down or things shut down.
I mean, it's intense, ladies and gentlemen.
Google, a couple months ago, went in just a few days.
In just a few days, we got, what, 700-something thousand views on Marshall Law, 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State.
It had been on Google Video for two years and only had like a hundred thousand.
I think it was like 80,000, less than that, and then overnight it was number one on Google Video, hundreds of thousands of views a day in just a few days, and they went in and they just disabled it.
Then the other versions of Martial Law that people have uploaded that have got 50,000, 200,000 viewers, a couple other versions, they're getting maybe 1,000 views a day.
They don't care about that.
It's the viral.
It's the hundreds of thousands a day.
It's your film staying at the top of the Google 100 where millions of people come by every week and watch it.
That's their TV guide viewing area.
That's their channel selection.
Most people now who have computers are watching TV on the computer.
They're not watching it because there's so many choices.
Millions of choices versus hundreds of canned versions and choices.
But I'm just digressing off into how the internet works.
I don't even know why I got into this.
I was just reading an email minutes before I went on air.
It is frustrating to have Google do that to us and then to have other people like us that go on the message board and feel like their comments got moved to another section or this or that happened.
I think I'll try to talk to the moderators.
I haven't even spoken to them.
Paul Watson chose some moderators.
I just saw people that were first posting.
You seem reasonable.
They do seem to be doing a really great job, putting a lot of work into it.
I appreciate them.
To maybe just a little lighter on the reins there and then if it does turn into a total slug troll fest to tighten things up a bit.
But we're trying to have a real area for real debate and real postings and real issues and serious discussion and that's happening.
I mean there are articles being written and data pages being created that are better than the stuff I write.
As good as the stuff Paul's writing.
I mean, I'm telling Paul, go start grabbing that stuff as material and post it on Prison Planet.
Man, this is some fantastic stuff in the PrisonPlanet.com forum.
So when people email me or call me and they say, you need to address that you are a 14 trillion year old owl alien from the Klu Klon sector, and by the way, their website is saying that,
No, I'm not going to address it.
It's not true.
It's ridiculous.
And those are joke websites.
I'm not a multi-trillion-year-old entity.
I'm 33 years old.
Now that's on the ridiculous end.
Then it runs the gamut from British secret agent to Mossad agent to the Pope's right-hand man to... I don't know.
There's just a bunch of other stuff.
The only reason I address this is because it's not about me.
I could care less.
I mean, I've got National TV attacking me, New York Times attacking me, John McCain attacking me.
I mean, it's not fun, let me tell you.
The reason I address our own ranks and our own movement is because a lot of these guys are co-intel pro and a lot of them are just mental patients and schizophrenics who then copycat and mockingbird what the Disinfo people put out.
They want to get the movement not talking about Ron Paul,
Not talking about controlling our borders, or how they just opened the borders up to Mexican trucks during this weekend, Saturday, or how the dollar is plunging, or how they're about to attack Iran, because then if you got mobilized and took action, we could stop it and stall their agenda.
Or not that they're meeting in Montebello over the North American Union, or not that they're provocateurs we caught red-handed.
They just want to, which about half our movement does, many
About who's got it all right, or who's perfect, or who makes mistakes, or who doesn't.
Look, it's far past all that.
You know you're good.
You know you're right of spirit.
You know that you are legitimate.
Then you become a leader, man.
I'm telling you.
Take action now and go out there and start your own website, your own radio show, your own podcast, your own newsletter in your neighborhood.
Go to the city council meeting.
Pick an issue.
Get involved now.
Tyranny is upon us.
And stop following the FBI COINTELPRO where they get activist groups to fight with each other.
Move forward!
Alright, we'll be right back.
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I was a highwayman Along the coach roads I did ride With sword and pistol by my side Many a young maid lost her marbles to my trade Many a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade The bastards hung me in the spring of twenty-five
Welcome back.
I tell you, it's hard to cut off the highwayman, isn't it?
Good old Chris Christopherson.
You know, just a few nights ago I was reading a Lou Rockwell article.
About America with a K is now here.
And in that film, it's supposed to be 1997, and through internal takeover, the Soviets take over the United States.
Made back in the 80s.
And you talk about it in your face.
The cops are wearing the Darth Vader Stormtrooper outfits.
They're doing the exact thing with the checkpoints to fight terrorists.
I watched like a three-minute trailer of it, and I was like, my
My gosh, I remember Mark Corny saying all that was going to come true and that was just the government throwing it in our face.
Maybe, maybe it is.
Man, I tell you, we're in a lot of trouble.
Let me just show you the news I got here in front of me today.
It's all up on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.
Defense agency proposes outsourcing more spying.
Washington Post contracts worth $1 billion with set record.
I'll tell you why that's so damning.
I bet you know why yourself, don't you?
Teamsters aimed a block plan giving Mexican trucks more U.S.
APH to start this Saturday.
under U.N.
law and health emergency.
Bush S.P.P.
power grab set stage for military to manage flu threats and that's all in the S.P.P.
We actually cover that in endgames coming up.
MI5, Times of London by the way, MI5, that's their FBI, helped IRA buy bomb parts in the U.S.
We told you that two years ago with
We're good.
See, when we say the FBI runs the Klan, I mean, they are the Supreme Grand Dragons.
When we say that the Aryan Nation is run by the FBI, their informants and agents literally are the heads.
It's come out, Times of London, BBC, Der Spiegel, that the two major Nazi groups in Germany are headed and founded and run.
It's not like they have agents in there.
Let's be clear about that.
They literally run them.
I'm already digressing.
MI5 helped IRA buy bomb parts.
Will Army's Ray Gun see action?
Well, they say they have to test it first on the American people before they can use it on enemies.
I'm not kidding.
You cannot make this type of stuff up.
The Ray Guns, now.
Uh, yes.
They wanted them poor inwards out of there, out of New Orleans, dealing with Greg Powell's covering that.
Yahoo sued over disclosure of Chinese citizens' identities to the wicked government.
Now Arizona law chases illegals out.
I would say we're losing about 100 people a day.
A lot of illegals are starting to leave, folks, because the economy's falling apart here.
So that's just some of what is coming up today.
We have Virgil Griffin, the IT mogul, expert, student, who figured out how to track the wiki edits on Wikipedia.
And of course it's the CIA, FBI, the Neocons, lying and engaging in disinfo ops, of course.
What do you expect?
And we did a wiki scan and found out that it went back to
I don't think so.
We're good to go.
My wiki entry about me and then put false information in there about me and stuff.
Then it goes back to university faculty computers.
So there's a lot of serious business going on out there, but I'm already digressing.
That's coming up in the next hour.
John Conyers is saying impeachment off Pelosi's tables but not his.
Congressman ties U.S.
withdrawal in Iraq to $9 gas prices.
Now, that'll be the plunge of the dollar doing that, not leaving the war, Mac.
Iraq says Iran continues shelling despite protest.
How that ties in with the escalation yesterday when they seized a bunch of an Iranian energy delegation.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
There must be some kind of way out of here.
Say the joker to the thief.
There's too much confusion.
I can't get no relief.
Business man there, drink my wine.
Come and take my earth.
You know, something I think about quite a bit privately, but I never talk about it publicly, is attitude.
How you go into things.
And professional coaches, with the psychology of football players, shot putters, it's all the same.
We'll tell you that it really doesn't matter what your attitude is.
That's really a no-brainer, everybody knows that.
But if we go into this fight against the globalists with an attitude of we can win, we can take back City Hall, we can take back our legislatures, we can take back the United States, we can stop the Napa superhighways, we can stop the Mexican trucks.
If we have that attitude, A, and believe we can win, and then B, put
The effort into it and never stop.
We are assured of victory if we ask for God's guidance and blessing and divine providence.
I know it's real.
And I believe in that.
I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for God and His hedge of protection.
And so many people in our movement are ready to lose.
So many people in the Liberty, in the Truth Movement, in the Thinking Movement, the Freedom Movement, the Outside of the Box Movement, the Sanity Movement,
The people who know history, people who want to be free, still have this attitude that we're going to lose, we're going to go into tyranny, there's nothing you can do, it's invincible.
All I know is it's going to be a lot worse if we lay down.
And I know we've got a job to stand up and to be personally prepared.
That's where it starts.
It starts by hugging your wife and saying, baby, let's stop fighting.
Let's just forgive each other and stop getting into hating each other.
Unless you stop worrying about things.
And it starts with getting the television out of your house and not letting your children watch TV.
And I'm a hypocrite.
I let them watch about 30 minutes a week.
Because they beg.
Boy, it's a drug.
And they look like zombies when they're watching it.
In fact, I'm making the decision right now.
And I'm just getting rid of the TV.
I made the decision a few months ago to stop talking about cell phones being bad and stop using them.
And I've cut back the use 99%.
I'll dial in off a regular phone line now, get my messages off my cell phone, and only use my cell phone like emergencies.
I've been using my cell phone like 20 minutes a week instead of 2 hours a week.
And all that radiation.
All of the microwave radiation.
It starts by little things.
That's where this is all going to start.
And then you don't even know what you're going to do when you go to city council.
I know I didn't 15 years ago when I first went down there just to see what was going on.
Or when you go to some Republican or Democratic meeting or some Nature Conservancy meeting or some NRA meeting.
But go to an NRA meeting and you're not going to hear about trying to repeal local gun laws.
It's all going to be about shooting contests and stuff like that.
You need to go take that local NRA chapter over.
See, just getting on the field is half the game.
Showing up.
Going 110% even if you don't know what you're doing.
You're going to get better.
And we don't have time to screw around, ladies and gentlemen.
We're in trouble!
I mean, on the face of it, I looked it up again last night.
There's over 200 top Republicans in the last three years caught picking up...
Ten-year-old children caught in bathrooms, caught with child porn, and all the news art.
Man, these people are evil!
And so are the Democrats.
Barney Frank's allowed to run child brothels, and it's on the news he doesn't get in trouble.
He's a Democrat.
I mean, when Democrats can get away with that, and Dimecore and Halliburton can do it, man, we're in trouble!
We're all in, and that's one issue!
And yeah, it's scary to think about it and admit it's real, and it freaks me out.
But I mean, I'd be a lot more freaked out to just do nothing.
I don't know about you, but when somebody's attacking me, I gotta fight back.
When somebody's attacking my country, I gotta fight back.
Look, I'm already digressing.
Bob, Ron, Rico, others, we're gonna get to you in a minute.
I got a bunch of news.
We haven't had her up in a couple of weeks, and I just wanted to get her on, just for about five minutes, because it's a big sponsor.
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Debbie, thanks for coming on with us.
Hi Alex, thank you very much for having me.
You bet.
Thank you for all your support.
Just, you know what?
I'm not going to talk about the fluoride and the water and the poison.
You know it, folks.
Look, it's in there.
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Debbie, great hearing from you.
How's the family?
How's your husband doing?
Oh, everybody's doing really well, Alex.
Oh, there goes the lines ringing already.
All right, I'll see you, Debbie.
Okay, thank you.
You better take care.
Gold, guns, water filters, storable foods.
If you don't have those, you're insane.
I mean, it's real simple.
I believe in it.
We bring you the best sources, the best sponsors.
There it is.
Hey, thank you for letting me go to that plug, ladies and gentlemen.
The show wouldn't be possible without these plugs.
Let's go to Bob, and Bob, where are you calling us from today?
I'm calling from Michigan.
Welcome, sir.
Yeah, I just want to talk you up for a minute, man.
You're the greatest patriot I've ever heard.
I listened to you for nine hours the other day at work, and then ten hours the next day on your podcast from recent shows.
Man, wow!
I'm just getting angry about the fight against the New World Order, man.
It's pretty angering to hear what they're trying to do to us.
But I just wanted to talk to you for a minute.
Did you get the chance to see the Simpsons movie?
No, I haven't been able to go see a movie in about two or three months, but I heard it was all Schwarzenegger's going to be president.
Yeah, it was total propaganda, man.
They had a sign that said Hillary of 08.
Martial law shutting down the cities, right?
Yeah, it was... Schwarzenegger was president, they had the Springfield Police Department come in and they were totally militarized, full armor gear, riot gear and whatnot, cameras looking over the city and whatnot.
It was just total propaganda.
The other issue I wanted to talk to you about was on August 15th on the Keith Olbermann Show on MSNBC, they had a philosopher from Harvard on there
His name was William Irwin, and he was talking about how we could all be a simulated game simulation like the Sims in our life, and the world was totally part of a matrix, or a video game, or as you would call it, La La Land.
And if this were true, then we wouldn't know about it.
It would be totally veiled.
Yeah, that's all a bigger mind control scam.
This world is real.
Their propaganda is what's false.
With all the flickering TV screens, that is what seduces us into the Matrix.
And now people living simulated lives on these little computer games.
People spending 10 hours a day playing Warcraft.
People literally just constantly hooked into this and when you play video games for more than an hour, and this is mainstream scientific studies, you go into a lower than normal brain pattern that's only found in deep sleep oxygen starved states of near death.
And so when you add the flicker rate in video games and the concentration associated with it, it doesn't matter if you're driving race cars or killing zombies, what the video game is, or you know, happy little fairy games like the women play, you know, they seem like little games with jewels and bubble bees flying around.
It gets you mesmerized and you go into a near-death state.
In fact, we need to do a story on that.
Not only that, he stated that if we were in the Matrix,
And then we aren't the players of it.
We are being played.
We are the pawns of a chessboard or somebody's science experiment.
His name is William Irwin.
I'll do a... John Harmon, do a Google search on Keith Olbermann Countdown, August 15th, William Irwin, and I bet it'll pop up.
Yeah, and not only that, he pretty much summed up that it takes a lot of faith to believe in a God that is almighty or all-loving.
And he pretty much stated that God is a part-time job.
And then Keith Olbermann stated, he said, so if we were in such a matrix that you say, and everybody held up signs that said, we know we are on to you, you know, the makers of the game, then what would happen?
And William Irwin said that he would strongly caution against that.
Because if we knew, if the makers knew that we were on to them, then the game would be over.
Well, that's the incredible part.
That is an open threat to everybody.
I've got to find that.
Thank you so much.
And if somebody knows where it is, post it in the message board at forum.prisonplanet.com.
There in the live show questions for Alex Jones, if you'd post it right in there.
I think the problem with this, though, is the one with the most views or posts goes to the top, it looks like, and I can never find stuff.
It's hard to talk and surf around the Internet.
I don't know, man.
That sounds like an amazing show.
I'll have to check that out.
Ron in New York, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, Ron.
I called up today because we're getting so close in time frame.
It's just a matter of approximately five or so days now before there's going to be action taken on the bill which I've discussed before.
It was known as H.R.
It has been retitled.
It will be renumbered.
And it is known as the School Safety and Law Enforcement Improvements Act.
They'll be taking that up sometime after they come back this Tuesday in the U.S.
Senate, and they're going to try to basically rush it and sneak it through with the least amount of debate or no debate at all.
And for those who don't know, tell them what this will do.
Well, it does a great many things, but the primary thing, the first point I'll bring out is that basically they're going to adopt
An ambiguous standard as to what is an adjudication of mental defect.
It's going to be so elastic and expanded as to fit around anything or to be applied to a great many things.
They're going to troll.
They are going to troll, scoop up, vacuum up data.
All types of data.
Even extraneous data.
By the way, that's already been happening.
Now they're just announcing it.
Well, that's... Believe me, I think they're going to put it on steroids.
It's going to get even worse.
Um, and they're going to put that into the National Instant Check Database, which is the database your name is run through when you go to purchase a firearm.
And, of course, it's going to create a lot of complications and deny a lot of people the right to own a firearm who shouldn't be denied the right to own a firearm.
And that's just some small part.
It establishes, the Attorney General establishes quotas of people who are considered psychotic or mentally defective people.
Now, of course, if anybody knows a story about quotas, probably traffic summonses, once you do that, you're going to compel local government to go out and find people who supposedly are like that, if they don't really exist.
In other words, create that situation.
Fabricate them.
Create them.
It's a terrible bill.
It has numerous aspects to it.
I could probably go on and shout out for an hour about how bad this bill is, and that they have
Put this bill through with no debate, excuse me, with no debate whatsoever so far.
They have taken voice votes, they have made backroom deals, they have engaged in every filthy, dirty aspect of under-the-table politics.
Well meanwhile, I mean literally, by this time the perverts have recruited all their buddies in, where I've talked to people in Congress and aides up there, they say about at least half of them are
I mean, they're just complete flamers.
And that's the bare minimum.
And the point is, then they can be compromised and blackmailed.
Larry Craig of Utah, who was a big supporter of this bill, and it should also be known that... Yeah, stay there.
Stay there, Ron.
I'm gonna let you finish up.
Yeah, I mean, just a bunch of scum rulers.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today on InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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The answer is easy.
You see, honeybees produce a unique compound, fed only to the queen, that makes her live six times longer than other bees in the hive.
Some researchers now believe the compound may have miraculous effects on humans as well.
The compound is called royal jelly.
We're good to go.
I think so.
We gotta play Jimmy Snowshackles on me.
Let's dig that out and air that when we start the next hour.
Let's go ahead and go back to Ron in New York.
Go ahead, Ron.
Yeah, so as I was saying, yeah, it's ironic you brought that up, because the U.S.
Senator that's now shamed, uh, is... He's behind everything.
He's the one at the key point that ran the Patriot Act extension through.
He's the one for shutting down the web.
He's... because if he doesn't do what he's told, I mean, folks, he's involved in a lot more than trying to, you know what, in bathrooms.
He's been neutralized, you might say, already.
Or exposed already, but he also sits on the board of the National Rifle Association and the NRA has been particularly duplicitous and misleading of its members.
They've been supporting huge gun bills passing lately and gun owners don't even know!
See that's the difference folks, we're under massive attack!
And I think this sort of ties in with that, as you say, people are susceptible to leveraging or blackmail.
That having been said, I would like to tell people that possibly, probably they should join a gun organization that's a little bit, I guess, let's say, more sincere.
That's Gunners of America, who use the Preservation of Firearms ownership, but I mean, just expanding on that... And, you know, you could contact Gun Owners of America at 888-866-6, the word 6, S-I-X, G-U-N-N-E-R-S,
And I would suggest people do that and contact their Senators for what that's worth because we only have about another five or so days before they are going to try to ram this bill through and through.
And for laymen, in 30 seconds, tell them what the bill does.
The bill will wind up taking up every bit of data about you, no matter how inane, irrelevant, and immaterial.
It will put that into the database, the federal database.
The bill
We'll now classify small offenses committed in a domestic setting as felonies.
Glorify jaywalking, practically.
Use that to prevent you from owning a farm.
And I've read the bill.
You're right.
Of course, you're a retired New York police officer, so you're very good for looking at that info.
Hey, Ron, I hope to see you in New York when I'm up there on September 11th.
I want to meet you.
I've been talking to you for five years on air.
Well, if I could contact you, if you have a number... I'm just going to be out on the street, man.
Go to InfoWars, go to Jones Report.
There's a big itinerary, and I hope to see you there.
Take care.
Let me just say this.
Let me just say something.
Alright, I'm going to let you go.
Got to let you go.
Be fair to everybody else, okay?
Hope to see you up in New York, Ron.
For those that don't know, the mind control victim ran around, reportedly, shooting people up at Virginia Tech.
And so now they say, well we need people who have mental problems to be in the database.
And he'd been adjudicated to be, he'd been committed before.
That's where he got the main program in the evidence shows.
And he was definitely elevated and didn't go all the way to the top.
All the more reason for us to have guns to protect ourselves from him, but that was a gun-free victim disarmament zone.
A shooting gallery zone.
Might as well have a big flashing red sign saying shoot victims here.
They want to put misdemeanors.
They want to put all local databases in there and then flag that.
Thank goodness I don't even have misdemeanors.
But most of you aren't going to be owning guns anymore.
They've already been doing this to vets for the last seven years, even before Clinton left office.
It's when it started his last year in office.
Where if you in Vietnam collapsed at a fire base for no reason you thought they would say you had post-traumatic stress disorder.
You thought, well I got a month off from the front, it's a good deal.
Now you're trying to buy your grandson a 22.
They're saying, sorry, you're in the database.
So that's why they want to give everybody a designation.
They want to get you in the criminal justice system, get you on welfare, or get you adjudicated mentally deficient, because then you're not going to have any rights.
We'll be right back.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Hello fo- Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
There's a lot of editing going on, editing in the Matrix.
We know Bush has bought billions and billions of fake news and thousands of reporters out pushing a police, state, and martial law, telling us how good it is to have police in black uniforms arresting reporters coast to coast.
A new age of darkness is upon us.
Hillary and Chuckie and all of them have been voting for it while criticizing their scapegoat Alberto Gonzalez.
A unified front of tyranny upon the people.
Virgil Griffith is the amazing individual who's gotten so much attention because of the open source nature of Wikipedia.
He was able to craft a program and a wiki scanner that we've been hearing so much about the last three weeks since this broke.
And headlines, see who's editing Wikipedia, diebold the CIA, and campaigns.
And it goes on from there, and we've been doing wiki scans and finding out all the government agencies and people that have been in there foxing and messing with the postings about me, or just out of hand deleting them.
Hundreds of pages about my films and works we've done, just gone forever.
What people did is vandalizing information.
It's so much fun.
But now they're not doing it without the spotlight on them.
So with us in the rest of this segment and into the next segment is Virgil Griffith.
Virgil, I really want to thank you for what you've done.
Oh, sure thing.
It's a pleasure to be here.
You're a Caltech graduate student.
When did you think up this idea?
How long did it take you to craft this wondrous application?
Well, I saw the idea actually about a year ago.
And this was when some Wikipedians caught congressmen whitewashing their own pages.
And so I think, hey, if they can do this manually, I can do this for all of Wikipedia.
But unfortunately, I was always busy then, so I sat on the idea for about six months.
But of the summer, I had time, so here it is.
When you finally got it built and tested, what was it like to see the incredible results you were getting?
Oh, it was wonderful.
Yeah, that's about all I can say.
I guess I quickly saw that it would be a bad idea if there was any sort of a system on my website where people could rate how juicy the edits were because that would probably get you sued.
So I was very happy when Wired Magazine stepped in and they offered to do that for me.
So that way I could stand back and be completely objective and I could just say, oh look, I just provide the tool and whatever people do with it, well that's up to them.
Well, I'm asking my listeners to go in and use this and make submissions to our PrisonPlanet.com form.
We're going to create a section there, and everybody should do this.
We should learn how the crannies of the web work.
We should investigate what's happening.
Now, back, what, last year when there were allegations of congressmen manipulating it, they denied it and called it a conspiracy theory, but now your scanners confirmed a lot of that.
Yeah, it's certainly true.
I mean, if you want to, you can go search right now and you can see tons of them.
It's quite glorious.
To be completely fair to them, it does not necessarily mean that they or their staff made it, but we do know that it came from someone within the congressional computer network.
Yeah, because it's the IP address.
Explain to people out there how that works.
Okay, well, let's see.
I'll back up.
In short, when you make a Wikipedia edit, there are two things you can do.
Number one, you can edit and leave your name, or you can edit anonymously.
But when you edit anonymously, it leaves a number there to identify your computer.
And that is just for convenience.
So I took that and I combined two
Two databases.
The first one was where all the edits were from Wikipedia.
Well, all the anonymous edits.
And the second one were which numbers were owned by various companies.
And then you just could combine them together.
And that's relatively simple, isn't it?
It's actually very simple.
The entire project took... Well, once I had the idea and started working on it, the entire project took me two weeks.
Stay there, my friend.
This is just incredible.
Another example of how whatever they do for tyranny's sake, we have independent freedom lovers out there that are sabotaging them every step of the way.
We'll be right back with Virgil Griffith.
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It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
If you go up to InfoWars.com and PrisonPundit.com, you can link over to the Wired Magazine that's kind of teamed up with Caltech graduate student Virgil Riveth, who built a search tool that traces IP addresses of those who make Wikipedia changes.
And you can go through at the wiki
Scanner, and then you can even submit stuff to Wired.
We're asking people to do that on our message board at PrisonPlanet.com as well, just to show what they're doing for the Truth Movement, the 9-11 Truth Movement, the anti-war movement, and even looking on Wired, the thousands of submissions that have been made there of wiki scans, because you still need human intelligence to really look at this and pick out what we think is most interesting.
It's CIA, it's American Airlines going in and saying 9-11 didn't happen on a page.
I mean, it's just
It's anti-war groups getting removed.
It's Republicans vandalizing Cindy Sheehan.
I mean, it just goes... You have opened a Pandora's box here, and as you said earlier, I mean, I couldn't do this, but for a programmer like yourself, it's a pretty simple application.
Has this been cloned yet?
No, it has not.
So I could go out and get a good programmer like yourself, pay a thousand smackers and create a clone?
Well, I think this is such an important thing you've done in case your site went down or something.
I think there should be clones.
Do you agree with that statement?
Actually, I'm very pleased because the Wikimedia Foundation, the people who own Wikipedia, they actually agree.
And they're talking about incorporating something like Wikiscanner into the main code base.
So it'll be directly embedded into Wikipedia.
Well, there are comments on our message board right now about in defense of Wikipedia and I've gotten mad at them because they've let little trolls who have administration power delete hundreds of pages of serious material that other people put up that I happen to be mentioned in and they're just vandalizing everything and on their pages they snicker and laugh and admit it's politically motivated and worship George Bush and his fascism and the people who are posting my material and other important stuff and research we've done
They were doing it very dryly in the proper format of Wikipedia, and so I'm mad at Wikipedia about that, but I want to make this clear.
The same manipulation of information, the same failures of information, the same spinning of info is in Webster's.
It's a dictionary.
It's in Encyclopedia Britannica.
It's just now, because this is open source, and people are now looking at it, we're able to see manipulation that's always been there in other formats.
Would you agree with that statement?
Yeah, I would.
Now, I know you're not going to make value judgments on this because you're just dryly putting out this technology, but just randomly then, what are some of the points of interest for you?
I mean, when you were first there looking at this and seeing who was going in and changing the encyclopedia, who was removing stuff about themselves, who was adding things?
My favorite ones were actually from the media themselves.
So, the first ones I looked at were the New York Times, Fox News, and Al Jazeera.
Um, so those are all very nice.
My favorite one, actually, I was very surprised the New York Times actually published this in their newspaper.
The New York Times actually added the phrase, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, to George Bush's webpage.
So that was very nice.
And they also changed, uh, they changed on Connalisa Rice's page, they changed it.
She was a concert pianist to a concert penis.
So, uh, so both of those were very special.
But see, those are petty, so that's why they advertise it like it was some employee doing it.
The more serious stuff, and I know you're not making a judgment on this, but, but, I mean, the CIA computers going in, Republican computers going in, what type of stuff did you find?
Uh, the, uh, the CIA was actually not very interesting.
I mean, I was very sad about this.
The CIA, they're mostly just people just being lazy at work.
Like, starting to tell the CIA's favorite subject is arcane lightsaber fighting style from Star Wars.
That was one of their favorite subjects.
So I did not detect anything serious in the CIA.
There were a few, however... Yeah, but real CIA edits are going to be done from separate IPs.
Yeah, that's probably true.
Um, yeah, no, I'll see if it's the ones that were, that were, uh, that were, that were of bias, Ms.
J. It looked like there were some people who were writing, like, huge personal, um, um, um, memoirs, um, on the pages.
Like, they'll go into this huge detail.
You know, like, it wouldn't be, like, a psychopedic entry.
It's something like a personal biography of, like, a first-hand account.
And I don't know if those accounts are true or not.
Well, I think that's interesting.
As long as they admit it's themselves writing it, let them put it up.
Yeah, certainly.
And from Fox News, one of the things you most commonly saw is that they like adding the word liberal in front of anyone who criticizes them.
Yeah, that's right.
I mean, I'm so conservative in a classic sense, I make Fox look like communist, and they call me hardcore liberal.
Yeah, well, they only have, for them it's kind of a binary thing.
It's either George Bush or liberal.
Well, yeah, they're going for lowest common denominator, literally like a chant, a Vedic chant of just liberal, liberal, liberal, whacked out liberal, liberal, liberal, nutcase, crazy liberal, liberal, liberal, yeah.
So in their case, they were always adding this mere adjective, liberal, in front of anyone they didn't like.
And this was most common for NPR radio commentators.
Were they doing this on an industrial level?
Just liberal, liberal everywhere?
Not quite industrial level, but it was a very common theme.
But that's just the scans you did.
I mean, what, you would just randomly check liberal reporters and it would generally be a Fox News liberal comment in there?
Yeah, usually.
Like, I mean, actually, let me see how many edits are there.
I think there was something like
Uh, well, there was like a few thousand edits for Fox News.
Only a few thousand, oh.
Yeah, only a few thousand.
Um, see, uh, another very common one, uh, from Diebold, the people who make the voting machines, they removed a whole section from their pages where their security was being criticized.
And that one's like, uh, you know, that one made everyone, uh,
Well, that one should make us all quite unhappy, because, well, voting machines are important.
Here's another example of censorship, separate from Wikipedia, because of its open source nature, you're able to do this.
But, obviously I'm not telling you that, I'm just telling folks that don't understand computers, like myself.
Here's a question from our message board.
Hey Alex, the Google video censoring is way worse than just your video, and I'm sure you know.
Loose Change, Terror Storm, 9-11 Mysteries are consistently watched enough to be put in the top 100, but as you probably noticed, the top 100 is now, fairly recently, full of sexy type videos.
Yeah, there's been a fat lady on a treadmill for 10 years.
And they have the views that some of these documentaries have.
They are purposely promoting mindlessness on the top 100.
I also have screenshots from last October where they deleted views and versions of Terror Storm Loose Change.
They froze counters for 5 days in one case, deleted the Loose Change version that had 7 million views and was constantly in the top 10.
It seems within the last 4 or 5 months they've been deliberately censoring
Before that, you would see five or six truth movies in the top 100.
Now it's all naked ladies.
For example, Loose Change has 8,000 views yesterday, says it ranks at number 30, but it's not even in the top 100.
And Google then admits they're accidentally doing this, but only to us, and then say Martial Law is big news a month ago.
It's in the national news, which one's Martial Law?
It's a major paper so the number three search on Google was my film Martial Law from three years ago and so it gets 700,000 views in three days.
It's number one.
They just disable it and it's been disabled for more than a month.
I mean we need programmers and smart guys like you to look at that too sir because we're getting sick of it.
Yeah, that's actually kind of interesting.
I know several people who do work at Google, and I'll say that most of them are very nice.
You would like them as people, I promise.
No, I know they're big Ron Paul supporters, and most of them really are good.
It started out as a really libertarian, dynamic thing.
It's why it's been so successful, but now you know they've made deals with China, they've been doing MIT mergers with CIA, that's all come out.
It seems like they are, kind of like, they were a young Anakin Skywalker, and now they're becoming, you know, seduced by Lord Palpatine.
Yeah, no, I know that's you.
In short, I think Google is discovering that as they get bigger, and they're becoming more of a global player, they have to make some concessions for them to even survive.
Yeah, but look, they're doing censorship right here, bro.
I mean, we've got a red handed, and I'm sick of it.
I had Google Ads up, and I removed 95% of their ads, and I'm going to remove them all if they don't quit.
I know they don't care, but the point is that I'm even turning down, you know, advertising money because I'm getting so sick of them.
Yeah, no, I mean, these are all criticisms.
I even agree with them in many ways.
But with the Google people, they...
Basically, I mean, they agree all the things we're doing are bad, so they agree with you.
But they basically say, you know what?
These bad things we have to do, we have to do them in order to even continue to exist, so we aren't sued to oblivion.
And we can continue to do better things.
Yeah, but we've got to let China use our data to grab their dissidents and execute them, or we won't be able to have our own private 777s with party rooms.
Something like that.
Well, look, I mean, I hope they make a trillion dollars, but they better do it free-market and liberty-oriented, and people are getting mad at them.
I mean, does Google know that they're really getting a bad rep now?
They know, but it isn't nearly as good as it used to be.
But they're certainly so much better than most companies.
Like, for example, when the NSA... No, I'm sorry.
When the Justice wanted data, Google was the only one that said no.
While MSN and Yahoo immediately said yes.
No, I know, I saw that.
No, listen, I want to do business with Google.
I like Google.
I think they're the best product out there for info.
But I mean, I'm getting sick of it.
Man, my movies are winning the info war.
They'd be number one all the time.
I'd reach 100 million instead of, you know, Terraform reaching 10 million now.
And I don't appreciate them doing that.
Yeah, no, I understand.
I mean, I really have no idea where everything goes into their rankings.
And that's whether or not those are all good things to use.
Well, what they do is their counter will show, let's say I've had 8,000, 7,000, 10,000 views, and if you look at the rankings, number 22 has 10,100, and number 23 has 10,050 views, well then I've got 15,000 views, I'm not even in the top 100.
That actually would be very nice to do an analysis of, and I'll think about a good way to do that.
You can get some objective measurements of traffic stats, and if you could just correlate that with Google ranking and see places where it doesn't make any sense, that would be very, very nice.
Well, they seem to do it and then stop, and then do it.
I mean, what they do is, when we go up in the top ten, they knock us out for a few weeks until we settle back down so there's no viral spread.
Stay there.
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Well, I hope to get Virgil Griffith on from time to time as new developments come out with his wiki scanner.
We have links to it up on Infowars.com and presentplanet.com.
Just in closing, in the few minutes we've got, sir, any other key points you want to make, or other interesting discoveries that people should be directed to look at?
Yeah, there are two things.
Some people keep asking, keep saying, hey, well, with Wikiscan, let's make this company just more clever.
It'll be more sneaky about how they edit Wikipedia.
And so they'll think you've done a bad thing, because now they're just going to be sneakier now.
And I would say the answer to that is no.
Um, and the, and I use the analogy of, of, of fingerprints.
So like, so like, you know, like, in, industry for fingerprints, and we all know police do, and they've done it, you know, for like decades, maybe.
Yeah, at least decades.
However, every time police come to a crime scene, they still dust for prints, and lo and behold, it still often works.
So, I'll look us through Wookiee Scanner, kind of like that.
So, yes, there may be some people, maybe some criminals that are very clever and they use gloves to prevent things like Wookiee Scanner from working, but by and large, I expect it'll still work.
So, yeah.
So in short, by a year from now, the entire thing could be done all over again.
Now for those that don't know, Wikipedia is like rated what, number 8th by the two big web rating services last time I checked, up from number 9.
That's about right, yeah.
And so for those that don't know, we've tracked some of our stories and websites, 10% of our traffic is from wiki.
And so it's a wonderful thing, and I get millions of visitors a month on Audible sites, and they're little compared to Wiki, but it makes me angry that they let people have personal user pages where they say they're there to destroy information, and they say they're there to shut down alternative info.
And then they're just allowed to break all the rules because they're old wiki users.
They need to be shut down.
I mean, wiki does need to clean house and get all the people that are trying to destroy true information out of there.
Well, I'll be sure to mention it to them.
I mean, yeah, I'll mention it.
The Wikimedia Foundation has, I mean, we're talking fairly often now.
So I'll mention it.
I mean, here's an example.
There's some high school kid named Davishire.
I see it.
As I know you are, and it's just to see somebody basically burn books makes me mad.
No, I understand.
This one user you refer to, is that an admin of Wikipedia?
Or is it just some random guy?
Well, he says he's an admin, but then he took that off and we put attention on it, but then he teams up with other admins, and it's like wolf packs of people.
I'm going to have Paul Watson send you all the stories about Google censorship, his former CIA officer David Steele exposing it, and then we'll also send you the information on these brigades.
They have military awards, most of them admit there was CENTCOM, and they just brag that they're fighting us evil al-Qaeda lovers by destroying any criticism of the government.
I see.
Well, yeah, sure, send it, and I'll see if there's anything I can make of it.
Help us, now that you've started the Star Wars analogies, I'm not going to stop.
Help us, Obi-Wan, Griffith, Virgil, Obi-Wan, we need you.
You and many other great programmers and researchers like yourself are our only hope.
Water, is there a website, I mean, other than just your new scanner that you want to plug?
Actually, yes, there is one.
The notable names database in the NNDB.com.
I think it's a very nice site for uncovering scandals and things like that and the stuff you mentioned.
Get that out again?
November, November, Bravo, Delta.
I think I've been to that site.
It kind of gives an analysis of each different issue.
I think they call me Conspiracy Theorist for a buck or something.
Um, actually, well, are you called that?
I don't know what you're called.
Is their main headlines in red, right?
Yeah, that's it.
Yeah, well, hey, that's fine.
They don't know what it's like to have 12 employees.
This microphone I'm on costs $800, so.
I see.
And I'm very evil that I have a radio show and actually have sponsors, but no, overall, I find a lot of good info on there, though.
Yeah, yeah, no, if you ask me, I like it a lot.
I mean, you can discover that people like Bill Maher are one-stated and cultured.
People like, I mean like, great juicy stuff like that.
No, no, their info on me is pretty accurate.
The only thing, their executive analysis is what's wrong.
Oh, I see.
Yeah, yeah.
Well... But I guess in a way I am for a buck.
I mean, I gotta pay the bills, I guess in a way.
No, we all got to.
That's true.
Hey, listen, thank you so much, sir, for spending time with us.
Alright, my pleasure.
You better take care.
Alright, we'll be right back with your calls, a bunch of other news.
Stay with me.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, talking about all the big economic developments and meeting war drums coming up.
A big smattering of important news here in just a few minutes.
Right now, let's go to Rico in Canada.
Rico, you are on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Good, sir.
How you doing, Alex?
You know what?
Three quick points.
The first one is what you were saying about Google Video a couple weeks ago.
I put in your name, and there was maybe five.
Like, you couldn't go to the next link, to the next page for Google Video to view your stuff.
You couldn't see it.
Like, you'd see a page, and then you'd try to go to the next page, and it wouldn't work.
And then you reversed it.
This week it actually worked, but two weeks ago I remember I tried it and it wasn't working.
Well, let me break down what we know they're doing.
We have emails from them admitting they did it.
I started getting calls in about the same time last year.
We're good to go.
And then I started talking about it, and we emailed Google, and they emailed back and said, yeah, it's a mistake.
We've gotten hundreds of emails from you.
It was just a mistake.
But it wasn't happening to anybody else.
It wasn't happening to videos about chicks in bikinis.
It wasn't happening to people falling off bridges.
It wasn't happening to people picking their nose and all those stupid videos.
It was my video.
And then it got up to 500,000 or something again, like it was pre-programmed.
It was 400-something thousand.
Erases it.
And then we caught him doing it again, and again, and again.
Then we caught him messing with the counters, where you'd have thousands of comments, which would then be in the ratio for hundreds of thousands of views, but it'd only be a few hundred views.
We knew that that was a scam, and then Marshall Law, about a month and a half ago, got real big in the news.
My link, if you typed into Google, Marshall Law, the number three link,
Now it isn't.
And it would go to this page, you can see Marshall Law.
So I've noticed, oh man, we've had like, because I don't really track this, but people comment, they send it to me, I see it on message boards.
Hey, it's gotten 700 and something thousand views in a couple days.
I mean, it was number one.
I mean, that's super strong.
And suddenly disabled, been disabled for a month and a half.
But then they show on the counter that it's still being watched, but no one can see it, and it's a few hundred views a day.
Totally scrambled.
We've emailed them, called them, they just say, no comment now.
Other versions of Martial Law people upload, have a few hundred thousand views, but they're getting a few hundred, a few thousand views a day.
They're not being messed with.
So what they do is, and I'm sure it's been AI hooked up with an automatic governor,
That's right.
That's right.
It shows we're winning!
I mean, they're having to go in and censor us.
So, you know what?
I sent Google an email and I said, I'm pulling 95% of your ads.
We do YouTube on every page.
It helped us operate, even though it hurts us financially.
And people aren't going to get raises around here because of their bonuses.
I just went ahead and just said, that's it.
I'm just, thousands of dollars a month.
You just keep it, Google.
And I think I'm just going to get completely rid of it.
It's because they don't care.
They don't care.
Anything else, sir?
Yeah, this is a second point.
Yesterday, I meet this guy.
He's from, I was in Niagara Falls, Canada.
He's from Buffalo, New York.
And he has a son with him.
And his son is autistic.
And I just, this is a devil's advocate.
I go, let me guess.
He was fine until he was 18 months, the third round of shot, right?
Yeah, I was in a hot tub.
Uh, Ian Galveston took a few days off last year, and the woman comes over, she's got two autistic children, they're both boys, and I said, let me guess, 18 months, both of them.
She goes, uh huh, yeah, one of them had seizures after the shots, but we still give them, we love the government.
And I'm just like, God, there's no way to wake you people up.
There's nothing you won't do.
And I have walked with people in movie theaters, malls, and I say, let me guess, 18 months.
And they go, how do you know?
And sometimes they go, oh, Alex Jones, yes, we didn't do it on the next child and he was fine.
I mean, folks, there is a correlation.
I don't need any scientific study.
We have hundreds that show we're right.
But I don't need a scientific study to tell me if you shoot somebody in the head with a .357 Magnum five times, nine times out of ten they're going to die.
I mean, I know that it's the shooting the person in the head, does it?
I mean, they give the baby the third round, they become autistic overnight, boom, you know what's doing it!
That's right.
So, I mean, what happened after that part of the conversation?
Well, his friend just comes over and shakes my hand.
They're like telling me, thank you, man, thanks for giving us this information.
We didn't know, because I started talking about, you know, African-Americans, right?
And I started talking about how, you know, 80% world population reduction rate, and that's the plan, which is some of the stuff I already knew before I even listened to you.
Of course, yeah!
And they were just like, man, thank you.
They came to shake my hand.
The guy was like, here's my phone number, you know, call me.
Yeah, well imagine if you give that father the documents where they planned it 80 years ago.
I mean, you talk about... But again, those are nice people, so they can't imagine that someone would be evil like that.
We've got to stop being so gullible and stop being so nice, folks.
I mean, people say, man, you get so mad.
You bet I get mad at some cop walking over telling me I can't videotape in America while they're cramming cameras down my throat.
Or they go knock down some woman's door and beat her husband up and drag him off to jail for having a Ron Paul sign on an upside-down flag.
And then of course it was a guy who just got out of Iraq, and people e-mail me going, don't talk bad about the troops.
Now that guy's a bad troop!
That guy is bad!
Folks, do you know that's one inch from Nazi Germany?
When they start acting like that in history, you are one inch to literally being a slave on a plantation.
You are one inch to having the back of your head blown off and being thrown in a ditch.
You are one inch!
We're not in Kansas anymore!
This isn't a game!
This isn't a joke!
These people have brain-damaged millions of our little boys!
That's how cold-blooded they are!
That's right.
Ugh, I'm just sick of them!
And it's normal to get mad!
Listen, I really appreciate your call, and I'll go back to this.
Paul Watson did an article on it a few months ago.
He showed this video in Africa.
You've got this watering hole.
And the baby water buffalo goes up to get some water, and a big lion jumps on it and starts eating it, but then a huge croc, a 25 foot croc, comes out and grabs it back, and they're fighting, and in the 30 seconds it takes the herd to get over there, the big ole male water buffaloes, and that's what males are for.
In lion prides, in water buffaloes, the males charge out and attack the wolves.
They charge out and attack the crocs.
The same thing with hippopotamuses.
That's what males are supposed to do.
And man, you got like five or six lions.
They try to intimidate five or six big male bulls.
The bulls don't care.
They just, they're knocking them straight up in the air.
And you know what?
Those bulls are getting hurt while they're doing it.
But what you're supposed to do is run these people over!
And I mean, I'm just, I just can't get sick of it!
Brain damaging children!
A bunch of pedophiles in Washington running all this!
These people are right out of the pits of hell!
And you've got to get mad.
First, you've got to get mad.
Just like they say in that work.
I don't have all the answers for the recession and the depression and the Russians and the borders and all of it.
First, you've got to get mad.
But I know this.
First, you've got to get mad.
See, deep down, you subconsciously are mad.
So you fight with your husband.
You fight with your wife.
You fight with your neighbor, you need to forgive your neighbor for his dog doing stuff in your yard, or him, you know, doing whatever, or that cousin who did you bad in a business deal.
But you do not need to forgive the New World Order that is cold-blooded and wants to kill you.
And, and, and it just...
It's so simple.
Humans were always one of the most aggressive but also loving species on this planet.
Made in the image of God.
We were ready to go to war.
Doesn't matter what group of humans, which subgroup, white, black, it doesn't matter.
Which variety is the proper term.
And it doesn't matter.
Humans used to
It didn't matter if it was a German a thousand years ago or an African a thousand years ago.
It didn't matter if it was a Chinese person a thousand years ago.
They were all the same.
I mean, humans were not domesticated, and if you mess with somebody's kids, they just fight you to the death.
You didn't go around grabbing people's kids.
Big armies would come in and do it when they took you over.
They'd kill the adults and take the kids.
That was about it.
And you had to kill people to do that.
Nowadays, people just sit there while they take their kids.
They just sit there while you shoot them up with poison.
I mean, in New York, they go to these single black mothers they found because they've destroyed their families, and they tell them, we're going to take the two-year-old, too, if you don't sign the eight-year-old over to us for no reason.
And they take the kids, strap them down, and murder them!
My God, that's been in major papers!
And I'm not just sitting here whining, oh, the poor blacks, you know, like some bleeding-heart liberal.
It is the blacks that tend to be the favorite of all this stuff.
I mean, I'm already so mad at the cops I can barely control myself, and I couldn't imagine being a black male.
I heard him on talk radio the other day.
It was some black guy a few months ago.
Didn't want to get picked up by the cops, so he just ran away.
So the cop shot him in the back.
They were on the air going, well, he shouldn't have run.
It was good.
Good to shoot him in the back.
Listen, you better not shoot any of my family in the back.
I mean, I'm just getting to the point where I'm getting angry.
You know, you're not supposed to just shoot people in the back, you goon.
And by the way, cops, they shoot your kid up full of the same stuff.
I've seen cops out with their autistic children.
This government doesn't care about you.
What does it take to get that through your stupid brain?
I'm not against our military.
A lot of my family's in the military, in Iraq right now.
I come from gun-toting right-wing Texans.
That's what I am.
But this isn't a war for our country.
And our military is being used in an evil war.
It's like in Germany.
The German people, by and large, weren't bad, but they got seduced by an evil leader.
And I'm tired of it!
Now, a pack of modern humans would sit there and let that lion grab a human child and run off with it, wouldn't even fight.
In fact, I've seen examples.
It happens there a couple times a year in California where people see their five-year-old get snatched by a puma.
They don't go after a full-grown adult.
And the parents will sit there and cry and beg and go call 9-1-1.
But I remember about 15 years ago, out in Big Bend,
A mountain lion grabbed a five-year-old and was dragging it off and the father with superhuman strength was jumping over boulders and grabbed it with savagely ripping it to pieces because that's the normal behavior and somehow it has been bred out of us to be a bunch of cowardly degenerate scum!
And this is not how I normally am, folks.
I get in this mode, I think about these enemies, I think about how they're scum, and you bet, like John Gibson said, I'm rabid.
I am rabid.
Just like that water buffalo, man.
I am ready to run over some people.
I am sick of it!
I am tired of scum ruling over us!
People like Senator Craig, Hillary, and Bush, and the Rockefellers, and all of them!
I'm tired of all the evil stuff they're doing!
I want it to stop!
I want it to stop!
And I want it to stop now!
Let's just stop getting so mad.
But we need to have it hit us just how serious it is, how real it is every day, how much evil freak, freak behavior is going on around us.
Stan in Missouri, you're on the air, go ahead, then we'll go to Will, Rob, Paul and others.
You remind me a lot of myself when I was a lot younger, but that's what I didn't
I didn't call you exactly about that.
I want to talk about this spirit of apathy that's going on in the Patriot Movement, I mean, and what I believe is causing it.
Alex, you've done a great job.
You've done an excellent job putting out your documentaries, but I tell you, you've done too good a job at this.
These 135,000 troops that are wanting to put on the streets of America, this literally scares the daylights out of these people.
They can't handle the fact that they might possibly lose it all and be put in a femur camp.
Their possessions are more valuable to them than their freedom.
They don't know that if you're busy trying to save your possessions, you're going to lose them.
The attitude of being ready to get it on is the attitude that brings freedom.
The attitude of groveling brings the oppressor.
Well, Alex, the Patriot Movement we've got now, it's a good Patriot Movement, but it's nothing compared to the Patriot Movement of 1776.
The men and women that laid their down their lives in 1776, those were true men and women, Alex.
And Vietnam and World War II, we had true patriots back then.
These people are, right now, I'm not going to criticize anybody, but a lot of people are shallow-minded, Alex.
They're very shallow-minded.
All they can say is... Stay there, Stan.
I want to play two minutes of Shackles on me by Jimmy Vaughn.
I promise to do it.
Stay there.
We'll come back after break and get right back to Stan, Will, Rob, and others.
Stay with us.
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I got the blues about my freedom.
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Don't want no shackles Don't want no shackles on me
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Let's go back to Stan in Missouri.
Stan, go ahead.
I actually have one more comment to make, and it's that they had an interesting article you've probably seen in one of your Texas newspapers, probably leveled off for the first time since year 2000.
Well, it's a guy from Wayne State.
Means and Ways Committee contradicts this poverty, says more incomes are lower than ever in the last six years, and poverty is higher.
Well, I'm going to tell you real quick about the poverty situation down here in Missouri.
As you know, the state of Missouri lost more jobs than anybody.
And down around Lakeview, Ozarks, down around where Dave and George Fry live in Morgan County, they have a 14.8% poverty level in Morgan County.
That takes in Stouffer, Missouri, Graboise Mills, and Lori, Missouri.
And they have a higher poverty level than anywhere in the whole United States of America.
Down around the whole lake of the Ozarks.
And the illegal aliens are even undercutting them.
People living in poverty.
They're dependent upon welfare programs.
I hear you and I appreciate your call.
The country's disintegrating.
But the news tells me it's the greatest growth ever.
Four point something.
With them printing money like it's flowing rivers.
Oh boy, all I know is it's quite a ride coming up.
I don't know when or exactly how, but like Ron Paul said, what goes up must come down.
I wanted to jam in one more.
Will in Philly.
You're on the air.
Welcome, Will.
Good afternoon, Alex.
We love you, man.
Love you, too.
What's on your mind?
I just wanted to, well, first of all, if you're not mad, there's something wrong with you.
You're on drugs.
You're in a trance.
And I just wanted to speak about Mr. Russo for a minute.
He made me laugh harder than anyone has ever in my life.
And he also made me struggle to hold back tears as much as I ever had to.
And I was literally on a spree the morning that I heard of his passing.
I get chills just thinking about it.
It started with sheer amusement.
Troy from West Virginia.
Alex, why are you wasting your time with this clown?
He'd say over and over.
And then I moved on to the legendary interview you did with him.
Then on the numerous other archives, I haven't done that nine months, and never anywhere to near that extent.
You know, life is funny, brother.
And then, you know, four o'clock in the morning, I get a MySpace bulletin that says, R.I.P.
Aaron Russo.
It was just a surreal, surreal, surreal moment.
I also want to talk about Christopher Bolin.
I found a new respect for the man.
If you're listening, Chris, I came across the open letter to Lightbulbhead.
Uh, he's a bad thief.
Someone has gotten to him.
Uh, him and Mr. Smith had me thinking that you were a disinfo agent.
Alex, you know you're, you're truly doing, you're fulfilling your duties when you have, uh, all these people saying, Jones doesn't talk about this, Jones doesn't talk about that.
I hear you, my friend.
God bless you, and thanks for all the kind words about Aaron.
Dr. Roberts, coming up.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7000.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we normally have him on once a month.
He's very gracious to do that.
He writes for Creator Syndicate, and you can read his great articles, sometimes daily, but multiple times weekly, all over the internet.
We post them and link to them up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
He's Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
He was one of the main editors over at the Wall Street Journal back in its great days.
He, of course, was the father of economics and the head of policy at the Department of Treasury under Ronald Reagan.
He's been spot on with his analysis about the economy, the war, the rest of it, and he joins us today for the next 30 minutes.
Dr. Paul Gregg Roberts, thanks for coming on with us.
Hey, Alex.
A lot's happened in the last two weeks since we had you on with the economy and with the war drums and them trying to grab Iranians and stir up fights and fund insurgency into Iran and Iran's trying to go along with the U.N.
right now, but the media's really trying to hype an escalation.
You want to cover the economy or Iran first?
I would suit yourself, Alex.
Let's just, well, they're intertwined.
You got the floor.
Give us your take on both of them.
Alright, Alex.
It's quite clear that Bush has well-advanced war plans to attack Iran.
All the forces are in position.
The rhetoric is now escalating.
And it's sort of like no one sees the war criminal in the living room.
Where's the Congress?
Where's the media?
There's no real discussion of the fact that we're bogged down in two wars already.
And are about to initiate a third.
It's clear from everything Bush has done and said that he does not think he needs Congress' approval to attack Iran.
And by the quietude and absence of Congress, Congress doesn't seem to think he needs their approval either.
So here we are, about to commit a third act.
Of unprovoked, naked aggression.
Definitely war crime under the Nuremberg Standard.
And there's no official notice of this.
The Congress is not saying, hey, what is this?
The media is not.
And the public seems to be more interested in whether or not Senator Larry Craig is a homosexual or
Why the South Carolina Beauty Queen can't identify the U.S.
on a map or something like that.
So, that's a very amazing, a very amazing development that we're about to enter into another war despite all the opposition to the current one.
Which even Bush Administration officials say could lead to World War III.
I think that's what they want.
They're insane.
This war has been very costly.
It's already cost, according to Nobel Laureates in economics, according to the Congressional Budget Office, over a trillion.
A trillion dollars in already out-of-pocket and already incurred future costs.
And the longer it continues, the more.
So, a trillion dollars.
And notice a very strange thing.
Here we are in a war economy.
A trillion dollars already and the family income is declining.
What is going on here?
Who is this war benefiting?
How can we be spending all this money and all this going on and there's no sign.
The latest report is that
The combined price-adjusted disposable incomes of all households in the second quarter of this year declined on a per capita basis.
Stay there, sir.
Dr. Paul Craig Lombard is our guest.
We'll be right back on the other side to get into the financial details and where he thinks things are going.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is our guest, talking about the economy, how it ties into the war.
It is surreal, it is bizarre, the society we're facing.
We're going to get back into the economy here in just a moment with him.
I wanted to bring this up though.
We have the Democrats, including Chuckie Schumer, who voted for the illegal spying retroactively to say it was legal.
Then criticizing Gonzalez and saying he did everything, but then therefore what he did.
And then, don't get me wrong, I can't stand Gonzalez who wrote memos saying Bush was the law and torturing children was good, and his underlings wrote memos saying they could do it sexually with pliers.
I mean, you can't make stuff up like this.
Who would even think that?
Only these people.
To show you just how truly dark they are,
But to then have the Congress acting like they're reversing course now when they're actually hurtling headlong, and many Democrats like Hillary and others are talking about nuking Iran now, that's ABC News.
Can you talk to what, I mean, you opened the interview, Dr. Roberts, bringing up the point I wanted to get into, that it's not a big issue, it's not really being discussed, it's almost like, okay, we're going to go ahead and attack Iran, Sarkozy says it needs to happen.
I mean, both parties, why do you think this psychosis has taken such hold?
I don't know.
I suppose everybody's falling all over themselves to do Israel's bidding.
Other than that, I haven't a clue, but I think what we should note is it looks like this will be the first time we go to war without even some sort of a resolution from Congress approving it.
I mean, we quit declaring war, but we still had these sort of requirements that Congress had to give us some sort of resolution that would enable
President to begin hostilities, but in this case here with Iran, it doesn't look like that's even going to happen.
It looks like the President's just going to decide when he wants to hit them and hit them.
Well, what we have here is Bush saying, well, if we designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, 150,000 troops, as terrorists, that under the 2002 resolution for Iraq and fighting terror, that that somehow goes into Iran.
Well, they may be saying that, but for Congress to accept that, which is a totally spurious argument, because the Revolutionary Guard is the largest part of the Iranian Armed Forces, and they're going to be attacked inside a sovereign country.
They're not going to be attacked while they're on some terrorist mission somewhere in the desert.
So, the attack is an all-out attack on Iranian infrastructure.
And there will be massive civilian...
So it is an act of aggression, unprovoked aggression, under the Nuremberg Standard.
It is definitely a war crime.
And this is not like the 81 attack on a reactor that was bad enough inside Iraq.
They're talking about 10,000 targets in the first days, a two-month bombing campaign.
The New Yorker got the documents, now out in the British news.
I mean, we're talking about blowing up anything that could be connected to war fighting, their power plants, their water plants.
Back to the Stone Age, as the neocons like to say.
And so for Congress to not be involved in this decision shows an amazing further development in the emergence of an American Caesar and the diminution of Congress to
An institution in which Cheney and Bush will soon be appointing their horses.
So it's an enormous change for the President simply to be able to initiate an act of aggression without any public debate, any approval of Congress.
Now you just made mention of Caligula, who he married his horse and made it Regent of the Senate.
For those that haven't read Gibbon, why don't you tell them that story?
We don't have time for that.
But it was the Roman Emperor showing his total disdain for the Roman Senate, which once had been the most powerful force and had been reduced to pure formality.
And it wasn't even a caricature of itself.
And that's what the Congress is allowing, what the American Congress is allowing to happen to itself.
It's allowing Bush and Cheney
And the neoconservatives to reduce it to a state where it's nothing.
It has no... But the Senate really is a bunch of guys that like to go do dirty things in men's bathrooms, so it just shows we really are Rome.
It's just... I mean, are they going to reopen vomitariums?
I don't know.
It is an amazing thing to
Watch the United States behave like Nazi Germany, initiating wars on the basis of lies and aggression and deception, and hiding the real agenda
Uh, in propagandistic statements.
You know, just remember how Hitler started World War II when he attacked Poland, he said, in retaliation for Polish troops crossing the German frontier and attacking Germany.
Well, anybody with any sense knew that Poland had no capability of attacking Germany.
And anybody with any sense
Today should know that Iran and Iraq and the Taliban have no capability whatsoever of attacking the United States, or for that matter, anybody else.
And yet, we're having the same thing.
Somehow, the mighty Third Reich was in mortal threat from Poland.
Who, by the way, still had their main cavalry on horseback.
I was about to say that.
And somehow, the great American superpower is in mortal threat from countries that have no navies, no air forces, have no equipment that's not at least 30 years old, and that have no hegemonic or imperial ambitions.
And yet, the press is full of books from
From neocon think tanks and other people warning us that we're all going to be murdered and not behead by the Muslims who are going to be here any minute!
I mean, how are they going to get here?
I guess Scotty's going to beam them over here or something.
Well, Dr. Roberts, you're a real conservative.
Your record stands.
Dr. Paul's a real conservative.
His record stands.
You guys are on the same page on that.
And then there's these weird neocon followers that used to be good conservatives.
They don't care about Bush gun control.
They're for that.
They don't care about Bush amnesty.
They now like it and say it's conservative.
They don't care if Bush has got a bunch of ninnies and gay prostitutes in the White House at midnight?
They don't care if Hillary's about to come into office and Republicans could win if they ran a real candidate?
I mean, what happened to these people?
Well, they're not conservatives.
They never have been.
The neoconservatives are French Jacobins, or they're the old Trotskyist communists.
Yes sir, but I mean their followers.
I mean the good old boys riding around in cowboy hats in Texas right now with George W. stickers on there.
And they say they'll do whatever he says, they don't care.
Yeah, well I guess, you know, I call them brown shirts.
They have the same mentality of the German brown shirts.
They want a leader to worship and to parade around with and to do violence to somebody.
And that's basically what they are.
That's what Bush supporters are.
They're brown shirts.
Or they're rapture evangelicals.
No one else supports him.
And then I watch these rapture evangelicals and it's like, and I'm a Christian, just as you are, and I watch it and it's like something out of a science fiction movie when Pastor Hagee literally says we must nuke everyone and that Israel is superior in God.
It's amazing, isn't it?
And this is the United States.
It is amazing.
A light unto the world.
The salt of the earth.
Where do you see this going?
I know you don't like to make predictions, but projecting forward with probabilities, what are two or three different scenarios you see unfolding, Doctor?
Well, I can't see what's going to stop him from attacking Iran.
I just can't.
C. And I think it'll have to be a massive surprise attack that takes out all of their response capability instantly.
Otherwise, they could maybe destroy some of our aircraft carriers or shut down some of the oil sites in the Middle East.
So I think that it'll be a massive attack.
The infrastructure will be destroyed, like Israel destroyed Lebanon's last year, like we've destroyed Iraq's.
We don't have any troops to send in to get bogged down.
And service.
We don't have any troops to send in to get bogged down and blown up.
I just can't see what we gain by it.
I think it will further isolate us.
It certainly is going to
Alarm the Russians and Chinese and most other people and I don't know what the consequences will be.
It may actually be that we will end up with some kind of major nuclear war because when you have neocons like Billy Crystal running around saying what's the use of having nuclear weapons if you can't use them then clearly there'll be
Pushing to use them.
So I think it's part of their intimidation strategy.
You know, we're supposed to prevail and exercise our hegemony by intimidating people.
But all the experts agree that if they attack Iran, it will fully tank our economy.
I don't know that it will tank the economy.
Well, they're saying it'll cause oil prices to go completely insane and all sorts of problems guaranteed.
Well, that still may not tank it as long as the Fed keeps printing the money.
I think what we face is at some point
We become a pariah and the rest of the world doesn't finance our deficits and will not finance our wars.
Stay there!
Final segment with Dr. Paul Gregg Roberts, founder of Reaganomics, syndicated columnist, former Wall Street Journal editor.
On the other side, as we face the literal forthright of George W. Bush and his owners.
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Riders on the storm Riders on the storm Into this house we're born Into this world we're thrown
At least with European history, about twice a century, you get a Napoleon or you get a Hitler type individual.
Few of them, though, as far as Hitler and Napoleon or Stalin.
Now it's America's turn to have a bunch of power-mad people
In the end, the U.S.
gets its name destroyed, its dollar destroyed, all the goodwill we had gone basically forever probably, folks.
The Germans still haven't lived down, the Russians still haven't lived down, the Chinese are as bad as ever.
We're just going bad in a big way.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is with us this segment, a little bit into the next to finish up on economic news.
Sir, do you see any way out of this or is it just
Basically, we know the people don't want it, 70 plus percent, we know it's criminal, but they just, they're announcing spy satellites to watch the American people, troops to be on the streets, and we talk about that at nauseam, I guess just, we're going into this.
Well Alex, I think, you know, you probably made this point several years ago, that when they got away with 9-11, they got away with everything else, and all of this
comes from 9-11.
Now, it doesn't take much awareness to come to the conclusion that somebody in the Bush administration was complicit in 9-11, either through incompetence or through actual participation.
We don't know
But we do know that the 9-11 Commission Report is not believable.
And that no one was ever held accountable for the incompetence that resulted, if that's what it was.
In fact, Myers got made Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, and they gave bonuses to the FBI commanders that blocked the FBI from doing their job.
Well, whatever happened,
That's everything else has come from that.
The attack on Afghanistan, the attack on Iraq, the planned attack on Iran, all the police state measures, the presidential directives, the executive orders, the spying, the claims that the President of the United States is not subject to statutory federal law or the Constitution, and all the rest.
It's all come out
Of 9-11.
So that, for some reason, is, in the minds of many Americans, an excuse.
And we're being protected from terrorists.
And so we have to lose all our rights in order to be protected.
And we have to go to wars with countries in order to be protected.
And people have fallen for this.
That's a problem.
So I don't know that anything can be done about it.
And now about the economy.
The Bureau of Economic Affairs today issued its report on the second quarter.
It would be April, May, and June of this year.
And it turns out that Americans are saving only one-half of one percent of their disposable incomes.
That's nothing.
So the deficit in the federal government's budget cannot be financed by Americans buying the bonds.
It has to be sold to foreigners.
And so, in that sense, all the foreigners are complicit in the evil that we do because they enable it by financing the government.
If they didn't buy the government's bonds, they'd have to find some other way to finance this war.
And since the BEA today said that American incomes declined in the second quarter, and actually they're lower than they were seven years ago, to finance the war by raising taxes on these people, those savings, would be costly to the tyrants.
Or to cut the spending that people have to rely on increasingly as the good jobs, you know, the public spending, all the support systems that are still in place.
To cut those, when all the good jobs have moved offshore and people are struggling, that would also impose hardships.
Well, it looks to me like the whole world is complicit in this.
And so what can be done about it?
I assume it will end just like it did for Napoleon and Hitler.
They'll overreach and produce a world disaster which will make us all suffer tremendously.
Let's talk more about that on the other side in a final segment.
Stay there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We are living in this time of earth's history.
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Central with The Divided Kingdom.
We were the big target!
Of lobbying special interests, political and economic espionage, our secrets were sold out, our Congress was bought off, our state legislatures bought off, our presidency seized, both parties have become nothing but stabled workhorses for foreign interest.
And as Dr. Roberts said, if the world's investing in us, kind of letting us be their evil
Evil bulldozer to run over the third world and steal resources.
And we're in the crosshairs, these poor Americans that think they're going to be part of an empire and that they're going to be... I mean, I hear these good old boys on talk radio now, Dr. Roberts, admitting, OK, we're an empire, we're stealing oil, we're big and evil, and I feel good, let's just take over everybody, and I like money.
These poor fools don't know that they're being left handing the bag.
They pay for it all in taxes and in their future debts.
Meanwhile, an international elite uses the U.S.
to do their dirty work.
The problem is, as you said earlier, people just don't know history.
I try to talk to people I know who are making $200,000 a year.
They've got degrees.
They're IT specialists.
They're lawyers.
They're doctors.
They seem dumb as dirt now.
Dr. Roberts, I remember my grandmothers.
I remember my grandfathers.
They knew all about history.
We'd talk about it when we were visiting.
My family's not special.
They're just middle class.
I think it was the Great Depression and the New Deal that broke the connection of the American people with the Founding Fathers.
You know, the Founding Fathers had always taught everyone that your own government is your own worst enemy.
It's the only one that can have real power over you.
Foreign invaders are not ever the threat of your own government.
So that's why they tied the government down with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the separation of powers and checks and balances and all of that.
And that was taught until the Great Depression.
And then Roosevelt came along and said, oh, Nassau, it's all backwards.
The government is your protector.
We're going to protect you.
We're going to rescue you from the recession that the Federal Reserve, from the depression that the Federal Reserve caused.
We're going to rescue you.
And ever since then, the notion is
Americans have been taught to look to the government for protection, not to see it as a potential threat to their individual rights and liberties, but to look at it as a loving father, a big brother, who will take care of them and protect them.
And so that's the difference between the current generation and your grandparents, because they still grew up and they had enough of that old stuff still in them.
But the new generation, since Roosevelt and the New Deal, their whole view is different.
The government is not a threat, it's a protector.
And so they believe it!
And they trust it.
If the government tells them that Saddam Hussein has nuclear weapons and is going to blow up American cities, they'll say, oh yes, the government wouldn't lie to us.
Or if they say that Jose Patela was going to set off a dirty bomb in American City, they would never have arrested him otherwise.
So it's this kind of... the American... the savvy American people of old, and I remember some of them myself, have been replaced by a nation of NAFEs.
Naive NAFEs who have no prospect of holding on to their liberties or their rights.
So that's, and that's why I think we have this war criminal in the living room and nobody officially noticed it.
He's about to start a war and Congress is absent.
They're off nowhere, not even in session.
That's another issue.
I've studied the Persians, 65 million of them, not 23 million, and they did human wave attacks when their military was one-tenth the strength it is.
Well, I never said they shouldn't.
I suspect that the Iranians are figuring it out.
If they do fight back, they'll be nuked.
Because the neocons are looking for an excuse to nuke Muslims to make them quit and give up and accept our hegemony.
And that's what this is all about.
But that's not going to work.
The Arabs may not know how to aim a gun right, but they never give up.
Well, you know, terrorism doesn't work against nuclear weapons.
So, it may not work, but
The neocons are going to do it anyhow.
If they can orchestrate it.
If they can get the right opportunity.
That's what they're working for.
They learned that they can't subdue the Muslims with conventional force.
That's what Iraq taught them.
That's what Lebanon taught Israel.
But they're determined to subdue these people.
They've come to the conclusion they have to use nukes because the nukes will show the Arabs and the Muslims and the Persians they've got no recourse but to accept our will and I think that's where that's where it's headed I don't know what's going to stop it but if if all this can be prepared without any approval of Congress you know they've got all the forces in position they've refitted the B-2 stealth
uh... bombers to carry these monster bunker buster bombs uh... everything's in place.
And now they're trying to have a provocation.
Every day you can see it on... it's just... it's... And the Americans keep violating diplomatic immunity, arresting Iranians who are in Iraq on official business uh... so clearly
The intention is war.
The American intention is war.
And I don't see what's going to stop it.
How can anybody not see this?
Why isn't Congress back there putting the brakes on this?
Have you heard about this congressman, Republican, saying that if we don't stay in Iraq, gas will go to $9 a gallon, when all the major studies show that it being there is actually driving up the... Porter is saying that right now in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
But then, if we do attack Iran, that's going to drive up the prices, and then what are they going to do?
They don't care.
That's not their interest.
The American economy is not here anymore for American citizens.
You've got about 10% of American households that are okay.
The other 90% are heavily indebted.
They've got unprecedented and unmanageable levels of debt.
They're now more difficult, more expensive.
They've got all these mortgages, fraudulent mortgages that are rising in the carrying costs.
Their credit cards are maxed out.
The bankruptcy laws have been changed against them so they can't even get free of it by going into bankruptcy.
So they're all enslaved.
90% of the American population is already enslaved.
And it's got no savings.
It can't save.
It can't really even meet its living standards without going deeper in debt and it hasn't got any more equity to leverage.
So it's a very serious situation for Americans.
So maybe some of them just like to strike out at somebody.
And if it's Iran, so be it.
Somebody has to be responsible for this.
Well, I think that's really it.
I know a liquor store owner and he told me on the eve of the first Gulf War was his record sales bigger than the Super Bowl.
He said on the start of this war, the Afghan war, that guys come in and buy big old bottles of whiskey, the pizza places, and they just go home and feel good.
They get drunk and they eat food and they just dance around, literally.
But that's not them attacking somebody.
It's so pathetic.
Their name, America, dies when this evil is engaged in death by a thousand cuts.
And this is what I see breaking down.
Yes, we are.
I think it's highly probable that type of scenario
Well, I don't know.
They'll at least try.
It's highly probable.
Because, see, fear.
Fear comes in.
But when you see the government doing things, behaving as a criminal, once the scales fall from the eyes, fear takes over.
And you realize that they are powerful, merciless, unaccountable, and they can do whatever they want to you.
And so that, the fear factor, when the Americans
Catch on that the Founding Fathers were right.
By the time they catch on, the government will have so much power that it'll just be fear on the part of the people.
You know, a lot of Germans knew things weren't right either, but there wasn't anything they could do about it because the Gestapo was there.
And the same in the Soviet Union, not even the highest members in the Communist Party
We're safe from Stalin, not even the heroes of the Bolshevik Revolution.
He exterminated them one by one, and some of them in mass purge trials.
Well, that's the thing!
They are setting up, uh...
What's two times 13,000?
26,000 man clergy groups telling their people to turn their guns in.
They're giving the speeches right now.
That's mainline news.
We broke it last year.
Now it's mainline news.
They've recruited over 10,000 FBI spies to quote fight crime and have secret logins to write dossiers on all their neighbors.
I mean, it's going on right now, Doctor!
I mean, I can't believe we've turned into this!
And there's nowhere to go.
You know, still, hubris generally overreaches.
What you can say about this current government, it's got as much hubris as Hitler had, and it's just as likely to do something stupid like he did and march off into Russia, something comparable to that.
Or it could be the Vice President caught in the bathroom.
Something like that could bring him down.
Well, that's a strong argument.
I agree.
I don't know what's going to happen, Alex, but I agree with you that it's a very bad situation.
I think people are not, not many people are grasping it, but not many people are fully aware of it.
And even the ones that are don't know what to do.
I'm one of those.
I'm a Texan.
I don't know what to do either.
My whole family's here.
I love this place.
I can't imagine leaving.
And I don't want to abandon the ship.
And like you said, there's nowhere to run.
I mean, if you could sit down with George Bush or sit down with the Israeli Prime Minister or sit down with the British elite and talk to them.
And I know you've met a lot of people and know a lot of them from being in the Reagan administration.
I mean, if you could talk to them each for 10 minutes, what would you say to them?
I don't know Alex.
I don't think they'd be interested in anything I had to do.
But I mean hypothetically if you were trying to speak reason to them?
I don't think you can.
You know they think that they can create reality.
That the reality is for them to decide.
And the rest of us just react.
And so I don't think you can talk.
I don't think you can talk to them.
The President's father can't talk to him.
Neither can the President's father's lifetime advisors and high officials in his government.
The old George Bush tried to save his son from all this with that Baker-Iraq Commission.
They tried to find a way out of this before it escalated into more and more catastrophic
They didn't have any luck.
I mean, if the former president can't even talk to his son, and the wise old men of the Republican Party are cut out of the government, there's no point in me trying to talk to them.
I don't think anybody can talk to them.
Do you think Israel's got photos of Bush snorting cocaine or something in Texas?
They don't need that at this point.
I mean, I don't think this has gone far too far for blackmail.
I mean, who would let somebody blackmail them into starting a nuclear war or into behaving as a war criminal?
That's too big a price.
I mean, we know the Israelis are smart, but are they that arrogant that they just think they can contain all this?
The Israelis have never relied on diplomacy in their dealings with Arabs.
They rely on coercion, and as far as they can tell, coercion works for them.
And if they can get us to join in the coercion and use our blood and our money, then that's
It makes perfect sense.
In closing, sir, and we really appreciate your time.
You're so gracious and you're a great patriot and I just love talking to you, doctor.
In closing, Ron Paul thinks before Bush leaves office, guaranteed there's going to be an attack on Iran.
He thinks that within the next few years we'll see the unraveling of the dollar.
Do you concur with that?
Yes, I do.
I concur.
Do you think they're scared of Ron Paul?
Or they'll just show?
No, they're not scared of him.
He doesn't have any chance of getting the nomination.
And if he got it, they would assassinate him.
Somebody would assassinate him.
They're not going to permit another... Reagan was the last outsider.
And of course, he got ordered down because once he got in there, he had to have two-thirds of his government consist of the old Republican establishment.
They're not going to permit any more outsiders, and certainly not one as outside as Ron Paul.
So I don't think he has a chance, but I'm not saying people shouldn't vote for him.
But if he looked like he was having a really good chance, I suspect he'd be assassinated.
Well, he said that too, but he's on the field.
Duty is his.
Consequence belongs to God.
And he's injecting a lot of serious issues into the debate.
Dr. Roberts, thank you for the time, sir.
Okay, Alex.
So long.
God bless you.
Final segment straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
And I'm sorry, we're out of time to take any more calls.
Call me back tomorrow, folks.
Maybe I'll cancel guests tomorrow and we'll just take calls.
These are the times that drive men's souls.
I'm telling all those good old boys out there listening, you better have a gut check right now.
You better realize who you're working with.
And all the liberals out there, Hillary Clinton is pure evil.
And I just, she's gonna end up being the next president.
We all need to pray for Ron Paul because he is on a good trajectory.
And he's set on air.
He knows they'll probably come after him at the point that it looks like he may win, but he's doing the right thing.
And, uh,
Just pray God give us a way out of this.
But we are a pretty evil nation.
50 million abortions and... We can't put perfume on that abomination.
Maybe we deserve it.
But there's no maybe about it.
I just know I love my family and I don't appreciate what they're gonna have to go through.
And you heard Dr. Roberts.
He's a smart guy.
And all the smart guys are saying the same thing.
You cannot articulate how dire it is.
How on the razor's edge we are.
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You understand that, folks?
Take action!
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