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Air Date: Aug. 19, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Back in the saddle again, very important broadcast lined up for you today on this live Sunday edition, the 19th day of August, 2007.
We'll be live here for the next two hours, lovely.
And we have two special guests joining us, InfoWars.com reporter,
Runs WeAreChange.org.
Luke Rodowski went down and covered.
In fact, he called me about an hour before it was even on the news that the Deutsche Bank building there at Ground Zero was on fire.
And he saw some very interesting things while he was there.
The building didn't collapse.
No building had ever collapsed.
Still building from fire.
This one didn't, but three, of course, hit on 9-11.
And so he was there to cover that.
Two firefighters, tragically.
At first we heard it was three, but now it's two.
And that's better than three, but two is too many.
Tragically, though, did die battling that blaze in the already damaged building.
From 9-11.
He's going to be popping in from New York in about 30 minutes, just for 5 minutes to give us a quick report on his eyewitness report of what he saw.
He'll also be filing video for us in the next few days that he has shot there and others shot there.
We really appreciate his work and Lucas spearheading big 9-11 events for the 6th anniversary coming up this year that I'll be speaking at as well in New York.
Find out more at InfoWars.com or WeAreChanged.org.
Alright, really important news today.
I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 stacks of news.
Let me just read to you the headline from the first stack.
Feds Train Clergy to Quell Dissent During Martial Law from KSLA 12 News out of Louisiana.
We'll be getting into that.
It dovetails with neocons, top neocons,
Think Tank group run by the former CIA director and others.
Make Bush dictator of the world.
Public announcement.
They say they want to go ahead and just make Bush dictator, world leader, and have a martial law here and arrest and kill anyone that disagrees with them.
They're not playing games.
And that's their announcement.
All the different Stasi forces, CNN reporting, will have to have a passport to just travel down the road in America.
But illegals will be exempt from all of that.
Of course, you are the cattle.
You are the slaves.
They figured out who puts up with it.
You're the mark.
I'm the mark.
Not the precious foreigners overrunning us and driving down the wages through neo-mercantilism.
So that is coming up as well.
I'm going to cover that first today.
Those two police state subjects, now they're using the Patriot Act for everything from wasting water to fighting game cocks.
Everything is terrorism under the new Patriot Act.
For those of you that thought that it was just for guys with turbines on their heads, imaginary CIA operatives running around, no, no, this is for everybody.
This is full bondage for you and your family.
You're the target.
So we'll be going over that as well.
Speaking of being overrun and the destruction of our sovereignty, Rick Perry went to the Bilderberg Group conference a few months ago.
Dallas Morning News finally reported on it.
I would report on this years ago and would be told it didn't exist and would be laughed at by national newspapers.
I was just covering our own documents and far impressed.
We're being laughed at for saying they're putting toll roads on existing roads, but I heard KLBJ News announce it last night.
They had the state on there saying they were doing it.
I don't know.
That's how it works.
They just deny it's going on.
They'll announce it, and then if you say you don't like it, they'll say, but it doesn't exist.
You're crazy.
It's a psych warfare tactic.
Works quite well.
Look how enslaved we are.
But there are people fighting back.
A local Austin activist, a friend of mine, Linda Curtis, has launched a move to impeach Perry.
That's Rick Perry, the guy who got 39% of the vote, but is our governor, staged that four-way run.
We'll be covering that, but really the issue here is the Nation Magazine, the establishment magazine owned by one of the top people on the Council on Foreign Relations, a group publicly sworn to destroy U.S.
sovereignty, they publish it bimonthly, their statements in Foreign Affairs, their bimonthly publication,
They put out a hit piece saying there's no North American Union, no SPP, no superhighways.
We literally are liars.
We just make it all up, folks.
None of it exists, just like the amnesty plan didn't exist and wasn't amnesty.
And of course we got the bill and it was worse than amnesty.
It was a literal pardon of aggravated felons and people who hadn't paid taxes for five years.
So I want to go over this with Jerome Corsi, who flew to Canada, Dr. Corsi, writes for Rollin' It Daily, has a best-selling book, what is it, number 20 on the New York Times bestseller list right now, The Late Great USA that we have, by the way, at Infowars.com.
He is at an imaginary meeting in Canada where any protest or demonstration is outlawed for 18 miles, 25 kilometers.
But he's up there!
In fact, Canada is imaginary too.
It doesn't exist, but he'll be reporting for us in the last 30 minutes of the show from Canada at the imaginary
Meeting that is going on up there right now.
The Montebello SPP Summit that Bush is going to be attending today, tomorrow, and Tuesday.
Of course, I have all the Canadian papers saying they're meeting.
No free speech is allowed.
troops are running the operation up there.
But again, that doesn't exist either.
And I guess that Hurricane Dean slamming into Jamaica right now doesn't exist either.
And I guess I don't exist.
I'm like Max Headroom, folks.
I'm not even here.
See, they count on you not being informed.
That's why they deny all these things that are ongoing, all these things that are really happening.
And we're here to smash through that.
We're here to fight against that.
You've been listening the last year since we started the show here on News Radio 590 KLBJ.
About eight months ago we syndicated it and now I got the number.
It's on 12 AM and FM stations.
It is growing, but that's pretty good for six, eight months in syndication.
We're also on satellite and have the largest internet radio show on the web.
And you can go to Shoutcast or any of the aggregate graders of that and we're always number one there.
You have to add our eight streams.
Sometimes there's eight streams, normally there's about four.
But we're number one there.
And just the point is, of course, that doesn't exist either.
The Internet doesn't exist and we're not number one on ShotKast either.
Just believe the media, everything's fine.
That's my whole shtick today.
We're just going to go along with the entire false reality that these people are pushing.
And I guess just agree with them that the war is going very well, the dollar is very strong, but in the last year here on air, I have been telling you the dollar has been devalued massively.
And I've been telling you they have been printing money and issuing credit like it was going out of style.
And I have been telling you there's only 2% or less.
Ron Paul gives speeches and says 4%.
That's like a six, seven-year-old number.
He's being conservative.
But let's say Ron Paul's right.
There's 4% actual currency, paper money, notes, Federal Reserve notes.
You know it is dollars.
It's not even a dollar.
It's actually, they took that over too.
That's a fraud too, but again, the Federal Reserve's government, they tell you it is, so don't check the white pages and find out it's private.
Just don't believe us.
It'll be much easier.
In fact, don't believe the dollar's going to devalue you.
Hell, don't believe real estate's in trouble.
But in the last year, I've been telling
That they were gearing up to do this, and I've been saying for more than a year that they were going to artificially drive down real estate.
In fact, I've been saying that for close to two years, and why do we know?
Because we got the minutes and the documents out of the Bilderberg Group meeting two years ago, and they said that they were going to artificially pop the real estate bubble.
Then last year it was top of their agenda again.
And then again, this year it was on the agenda.
And now, what do you see happening?
And again, I know the top neocon talk show hosts, they're to oppose as conservatives, they're to neutralize real conservatives in America, to keep you from defending the republic.
They told you CFR doesn't exist, it's a kook detector, it doesn't exist.
It's because their books are published by CFR.
They tell you Wilderberg doesn't exist.
Well, now it's in the front page of the state section
of the San Antonio Express News on Saturday.
And I'm in the article.
Dr. Kors is in the article.
And they at least admit Bilderberg's real and it's a secret elite meeting.
Dallas Morning News admits it.
It is real.
You can go pull news articles from six, seven, eight years ago with the New York Times saying, I'm insane, it doesn't exist.
That's because the New York Times editor was attending.
Okay, they're just going to keep telling you it doesn't exist until it's too late.
When we get back, there are runs on the banks that were going on Friday, countrywide.
And it wasn't just with countrywide mortgage, pun intended.
We're going to come back into that, get into martial law, which they're trying to set up, and a lot more.
I'm Alex Jones, PrisonPlanet.com.
Stay with me.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Three years ago, David Rockefeller published his memoir, and it was a bestseller.
And I bought it, and he said they were getting rid of the U.S., and getting rid of the middle class, and setting up a one-world government.
And he said, there are people that are accused of wanting to set up a one-world government.
And he says, yeah, guilty as charged.
And then I got to open the newspaper up every week, and it's Alex Jones is insane.
It doesn't exist.
I can read the CFR's public admissions.
And I can get audio recordings recorded by CFR members that get released and end up being in newspaper articles.
Where they're, I mean, the secret stuff's ten times worse.
And we can sneak in and get minutes, and Jim Tucker can get shot at.
And it can be in the newspaper when he got into Portugal.
When they were having it back in 99.
And I can make films about it.
But the general public, some of you, just go, oh, it doesn't exist.
It's like saying cancer doesn't exist.
You bet it exists, and what you don't know, it won't hurt you, it can kill you.
And really, I'm just somebody who found out about the globalists when I was like 18 years old and got on air when I was like 20.
I mean, I'm not that smart.
They're openly doing it all.
But they've learned that good propaganda is simple, and it speaks to our own innate laziness, and our own procrastination.
It's kind of like if your children are getting into trouble, your teenagers are getting bad, and you just deny, all my kids are doing fine.
And your kids end up being on crack and in prison.
Well that's what happened to our country.
You're still in denial!
And it just gets worse and worse by the minute.
I'm going to get into this economic news in the next segment, but right now I want to just go ahead and play this newscast.
This is mainstream news.
This is one of the biggest TV stations in Louisiana.
I googled this the day it came out, on Thursday, and sure enough, what's scary is it was announced all over the country, in probably 15-20 places, the same day.
Now, we broke this in May of 2006.
We broke this 13 months ago.
And we wrote articles about it, and the pastor who worked at the hospital, but also at a pretty big church, he got fired.
They recruited him.
They said it's secret.
We've got 13,000 preachers.
Give sermons about how when the time comes to give your guns up, it's good.
Give sermons about how to take inoculations, how to get on the FEMA trucks, how to let them take you to camps.
Then he gave us hundreds of pages of documents.
We scanned a lot of them in.
He didn't scan them from his church.
He scanned them from another area they were able to track back from going to that store.
They fired him.
They found him.
They went after him.
He's scared now.
Then we talked to other preachers that had him on air that had gotten the documents.
And a few papers picked it up and said, well, okay, we called FEMA and they said there is a program, but it's classified.
Well, it isn't classified anymore.
And this is what's scary.
They made the decision.
I remember just last week I was on San Antonio CBS TV debating one of these head guys.
One of these Homeland Security guys who's pushing all this, saying, yeah, Congress doesn't need to know our secret plan, and well, you know, the President can take over if he wants to, and I guess we don't need a Fourth Amendment anymore, and just, you know, because they say so.
Well, on the heels of that, they make announcements all over the country, and that's what's scary, that they're now ready to announce it.
Now, here is mainstream television.
And they talk to the preachers, and they talk to the emergency manager in the county, and they say, yes, we're getting them ready for martial law.
Here it is.
Will it ever become a reality in America?
Some fear any nuclear, biological, or chemical attack on U.S.
territory might trigger just that.
NFK's LA News 12's Jeff Bell discovered that clergy would help the government with potentially their biggest problem.
From my cold, dead hand!
Charlton Heston's famous declaration captures a truly American value, the overarching desire to protect our freedoms.
But gun confiscation is exactly what happened during the state of emergency following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
troops also arrived, something far easier to do even now thanks to last year's elimination of the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act.
That forbid U.S.
troops from policing on American soil.
If martial law were enacted here at home, like depicted in the movie The Siege, easing public fears and quelling dissent would be critical.
And that's exactly what the Clergy Response Team, as it's called, helped accomplish in New Orleans.
Jeff, the primary thing that we say to anybody is, let's go out there and get this thing over with, and then we'll show the differences once the crisis is over.
Such Clergy Response Teams would walk a tightrope between the needs of the government versus the wishes of the public.
In a lot of cases, these clergy would already be known in the neighborhoods in which they're helping to defuse that situation.
For the clergy, one of the biggest tools that they will have in helping calm the public down or obey the law is the Bible itself.
Specifically, Romans.
Because the government's established all the law.
Romans 13.
You know?
And that's what we believe in the Christian faith.
That's what's stated in the scripture.
Civil rights advocates believe the amount of public cooperation may depend largely on how long they expect the suspension of their rights might last.
Jack Farrell, KSLA News 12 reporting.
According to Tuberville, during Hurricane Katrina the clergy response team provided 38 chaplains a day around the clock at eight different camps.
At the camps.
Now, you notice at the very first of the clip, they say, dealing with the government's main problem, us, and what the government needs versus the people.
We are the government.
We are the bosses.
They are servants.
But see, first they say, no, we're officials.
We're authorities.
We're the bosses.
And I got the emergency manager on, you heard, for there in Caddo and Bovard parishes.
He's over nine counties or parishes, the equivalent.
And he said, yeah, he's now learning more about it.
He doesn't like it.
And he didn't know it was a nationwide deal.
So they always tell them it's a pilot program and it's just in your area.
No, they give classes at St.
Mary's and they give classes at UT and they give classes at A&M.
And I'm just talking about where I'm at in Texas.
I mean, this is the new, hey, there's not scholarships to be an electrical engineer.
That's all gone to India and China.
By the way, in the last six years, no new jobs in high tech.
By that, there were no jobs to increase the number.
And those are new federal numbers that just came out.
I mean, this country is just... NAFTA and GATT were designed to debase us and bring us under globalist control.
By the way, there's so many issues here.
One of my employees has not gotten a ticket.
But he was in a wreck and no ticket was issued.
But he got a ticket for no insurance.
It's not even a ticket.
It's just a letter saying, pay us $250 or we're going to suspend your license.
There's no judge, no jury, no nothing.
It's just pay it or we spin your license.
That's martial law, folks, right there.
There's not a process.
There's not due process.
There's not even a kangaroo court.
It's the point system.
And it's not just the point system is unconstitutional, where you pay for your ticket anyways or go to court or whatever, and then on top of it they fine you.
Now, he's got a $250 fine
For something that didn't even exist, and it just says, well you may have been cited for this, or you may have been cited for that.
Because I remember when he had the wreck, I had to go get him, and I was there, and I saw the cops and everything.
I know the yuppies out there listening can't even figure out what I'm saying.
You're not supposed to just get letters in the mail magically saying, pay things, with no court, no nothing, and we'll just turn your, and I keep saying your privilege to drive.
It's not a privilege.
But I know, I know, I know, they told you that, police.
You haven't read the federal court cases or the state court cases.
You have a policy.
Well, Bush has got a policy and there's no Bill of Rights.
Hitler had it too.
Hitler just said, hey, I got the guys with the guns, I run things.
Now, that's not America, but c'est la vie.
By the way, I guess the Founding Fathers were bad.
They didn't follow the King of England.
They followed Romans 13.
Why did Jesus get killed for not following the government and the Christian, uh, and the religious system?
For being a Christian and not following what the Pharisees said.
We'll be right back.
I got more martial law clips.
I'll play them confiscating guns.
I guess you're for that too, aren't you?
We'll be right back.
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He's Alex Jones.
So we just played a newscast.
And I've called up and had the emergency manager on the show.
And I've had the preachers on.
A year ago.
And they're training.
And it was secret at first to go get their flocks ready.
For martial law and to submit to the government.
Were the Germans supposed to submit to Hitler?
I guess our government shouldn't have fought Hitler because we have to submit to government.
11 of the 12 disciples were killed for standing up against corrupt government.
Jesus was killed because he stood up against the Pharisees and their religious leaders and the Roman leaders.
But I guess he was doing wrong.
He wasn't following Hitler's favorite passage, the misinterpretation of Romans 13, which if you read Scherer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich Pulitzer Prize winning and 900 page book, you'll learn Hitler gave a lot of speeches.
I've seen Hitler's speeches in research and films we've done.
My new film's got quite a bit of Hitler in it, where Hitler's reading Romans 13.
He says, you do what I say, it's of the Lord!
And he had the politicians, but he also had the preachers.
And they were out there saying, you do what your government says, it's up to Jesus.
And they said, Heil Hitler.
And you know what happened.
So I guess the founding fathers were bad and the rest of it.
Well, the truth is, the reason you've heard preachers on the radio, the reason you've seen them on television saying, and I've seen a lot of this the last few years, I've seen it before I learned of the secret program, it's now four years old.
We learned of it again over a year ago.
That they, in a lot of cases, are paying them.
And a part of emergency management to have, and this is 13,000 last year, it's now 26,000, they doubled the number, and so 26,000 preachers.
That's a big percentage.
I don't know how many preachers there are in this country, but they only go after preachers that got good-sized churches, and that preacher's up there, folks, a lot of times with the payroll of the government.
Total violation of the First Amendment, but it's all emergency management, so it's okay.
You don't have to file a Bill of Rights under emergencies that they claim.
It's a fraud.
Turning in your guns is of the Lord.
We have all these Baptist tracts and Catholic tracts and all this stuff being put out about, go ahead and turn your guns in, they're bad.
There's a gun buyback this week, go ahead and turn them in.
It's of the Lord.
And I mean, that's diabolical in and of itself that the government's secretly funding 26,000 preachers to do this.
Or that it was secret, but now they're out in the open doing it.
And so for those that were not aware,
And then we're going to... Did we get Lew Grodowski?
Okay, he got off the subway.
Our reporter in New York in a few minutes is going to be able to tell us exactly what the Deutsche Bank fire was like, what he actually saw there on the ground, and how that ties into 9-11.
Tragically, two firefighters did die.
It's coming up in a few minutes, but I wanted to play, and I got a bunch of these.
I got them going into high and dry areas with old ladies, with plenty of food and water, and the cops tricked their way in and then slammed her head right down on the ground and confiscated her guns laughing, and break her arm.
I got police going into, I'm talking $20 million homes, high and dry, plenty of food, taking their guns, they never got them back.
I got the mayor saying they took everybody's guns.
I got the police chief saying it.
And people didn't believe it when I was on air reporting it.
They sent an FBI leading a regular army and that is under PDE 25.
They will come and they will take your guns.
And you just better... They won't bring food and water when there's an emergency.
In fact, one of the heads of the parishes right there across the water
I'm from New Orleans.
Mother's died in a nursing home, and he followed orders.
He sat there for five days, didn't bring food or water to her, and let her die.
Followed those orders until his mama died.
And don't think these cops won't follow orders until their parents die, folks.
I'm not saying all of them, but that's how brainwashed they are.
I mean, let me tell you something.
My mother's over there, and the troops are trying to keep me from getting across the bridge to bring her food and water.
When she's in a nursing home, there's going to be a problem.
But again, this was all a psychological warfare test.
So here is your gun confiscation, America.
Just get ready for it, because they'd love to pull it.
This is ABC News.
We're planning to analyze it and comment upon it.
Do we have that?
That includes New Orleans, where today authorities stepped up their efforts to empty the city.
Bob Woodruff is there again tonight with an extraordinary human drama unfolding.
That's true, Elizabeth, and good evening from New Orleans here.
The police and the National Guard find themselves in a very difficult position tonight to try to carry out an order to force people from the city without actually using force.
Alright, stop.
Just for a minute, pause it, and back it up.
Now, this is all propaganda.
This is all psych warfare.
We know Woodward's, you know, deep M of these people.
This is psych warfare.
And let me teach you how to recognize it when it's clear.
They keep saying one thing, but on the video it's another, without using force.
And it shows them slamming people down on the ground.
And they say, well, they don't make people leave, and it shows them handcuffing them and making them leave.
And then it shows them taking their guns.
But saying that's not force.
See, they redefine things, and they've learned that you listen to what the word says, not what you're seeing.
This is brainwashing.
Back to the tape.
In a very difficult position tonight to try to carry out an order to force people from the city without actually using force.
They used force the whole time.
Today in New Orleans, they got a lot tougher on the holdouts.
Not only the flooded areas, but New Orleans' driest and wealthiest neighborhoods too.
The police and National Guard going street by street, house to house.
They say there are no orders to use force, just strong persuasion.
Sometimes entering open houses with guns drawn.
Instructions to disarm anyone inside.
You said guns will be taken?
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
That happened today in this wealthy neighborhood where homeowners had armed themselves to protect their mansions.
Again, you can just type gun confiscation ABC News into YouTube or Google will come up or you can just type in gun confiscation prison planet dot com into a search engine or prison planet and you can watch 50 60 clips you can watch them I mean families you can watch emergency workers Coast Guard ordered in
Uh, in their private vehicles, uh, cops attacking, grabbing weapons.
Uh, you can watch, uh, repairmen from power companies sent in, uh, being gun confiscated, uh, by the police.
Uh, you can watch, uh, the retired police officers bagging going, you know me, Bob, don't take my guns!
And they're like, get him down!
This is America now!
We run things now, boy!
Oh, you old cops are gonna have them all taken too.
I just, in a way, it's a sick justice.
You helped destroy this country, now you get to have your guns taken too.
Now understand, this whole thing was a huge psychological warfare test.
City employees were supposed to stay behind, they were in their houses, trying to keep things running and operating.
It was the families that stopped the looting.
Five days later, the military comes in with the police after they'd stopped the looting.
They didn't go after looters, they didn't go into the 9th War, because they would shoot at cops.
The one area of problems, they went into the high and dry areas, and yes, there's a lot of reports that the military also helped themselves to your homes.
Of course there's looting, that always happens.
Let's go ahead and finish up this clip.
For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city.
This guard unit occupied a church, using it as a base camp.
They had to leave a note because they could not get hold of the pastor to get permission.
It is, it is surreal.
Yeah, you just never, you never expect to do this in your own country.
Chris Montgomery says he'd rather be in Iraq than patrolling American neighborhoods.
Walking up and down these streets, you don't
You don't want to think about the stuff you're going to have to do.
If somebody pops around the corner, you'll be shooting an American.
Of course, the military industrial complex is predominantly foreign-owned by European banks and Arab banks, and they just love it.
I mean, I've got their handbooks, everything.
It's about getting us ready to be complete slaves.
And the minute they think they can get away with it, they're going to pull it.
See, that's why we're here exposing government-sponsored terror, government-sponsored crises, crashes.
I told you two years ago that they were going to orchestrate the downfall of the housing market before that was ever even on the news.
But now you think it was an accident and it was the subprimes.
They did it.
As we told you, they blame it on some group.
This was all done by design.
This is LA Times.
A rush to pull out cash.
This is Friday.
By the way, I have a little bit of cash in the bank.
I went to try to get money out Friday myself from a separate bank, and I had to get the manager to come out, and I had to explain to them, and of course then they knew who I was, that I was just going to give a little bit of my money.
Making like I was some type of Al-Qaeda for wanting a few thousand dollars.
Because I saw this report.
A rush to pull out cash, worried about the stability of mortgage giant, country-wide financial, depositors, crowded branches,
In California, Bill Ashmore drove his Porsche...
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Alright, coming up, I'm going to get to your calls, Mark, Lindsay, Wilson, Edward, many others that are holding.
Dr. Corksy joins us from Canada, covering the SPP, North American Union Summit.
President Bush is going to be attending today, tomorrow, and Tuesday.
They've said no free speech within 18 miles.
Everyone is certain within 18 miles of a major city.
That's freedom!
Like the Soviet Union, man!
And watch, the meeting doesn't exist, either.
Just like Amnesty didn't, or just like...
All the rest of it.
Ground Zero building catches fire.
Does it collapse?
And they had a big fire earlier this week in China's tallest building, bigger than the World Trade Towers were.
And it burned.
Really hot fires and nothing collapsed.
Nothing had ever collapsed.
No modern steel building had ever collapsed from fire.
Building 7 wasn't hit by a plane but collapsed.
People were right next to columns that were four feet around and they weren't melting for 20 minutes begging for help with the helicopters above.
But then the building all collapsed perfectly and then it was aerosolized into concrete
And pieces of bone, less than an inch, the biggest pieces were less than an inch, were shot hundreds of yards on top of other buildings.
And the firefighters reported, and there's video of all these blast points right before it collapses, called squibs, going off.
And firefighters, hundreds of them, have interviewed it.
We've talked to them and said, oh yeah, we were told to get back, the government was going to blow it up.
But now we've been told to shut up about that.
Because people then ask, well how'd you get bombs in there?
I mean, it's real simple.
See, they hide this stuff right out in plain view.
They say, there's not an amnesty, and you get the bill, and it's total amnesty.
There's no SPP, and you get the four-year documents, and it says, keep it secret from the public, merge the three countries, put transponders and inspection stickers and tax everybody as you go down the road.
That was in the last two legislatures.
No, no, the last three, because they had special sessions.
I forget how many special sessions.
Two of the regular sessions for the last four years.
They have introduced it four years ago, and then a year and a half ago,
And we got it.
And they were two votes short four years ago in putting transponders on all the inspection stations.
What did TxDOT do?
They just said, we're going to go ahead and randomly put them in about a third of them.
And then now, KLBJ last night, that's the mothership station we broadcast out of for affiliates out around the country like KCXL in Kansas City, tuning in right now, or folks in upstate New York, or the folks in California, just all of you out there,
The point is, this is coming to your state, and I'm listening to KLBJ last night, and they're talking to the state, saying, oh, these aren't going to have toll road boxes, we're going to have it in your stickers.
But then I can go to the city, or the state, and they'll say it doesn't exist!
And we vote it down, and they still just do it!
That's like when the legislature asked to see... I just can't... I mean, why do I even do a show?
What is even the point here anymore?
I mean, what is the point?
Stop living in denial out there!
It's like they said there, they tell the public every month they're not going to put toll roads on Mopac.
They've been saying for six years they are, and it's the unofficial TxDOT documents, and then two months ago they announced, okay, we're going to put toll roads on, but these aren't really toll roads because there aren't toll boxes, there aren't toll gates you go through, it's a chip.
So, we're going to charge you money, but it isn't a toll!
That's like David Rockefeller telling the New York Times, Oh, I'm not for global government.
I'm for global governance.
That's like calling a speedboat a powerboat and saying it isn't even a boat.
Oh, that's not a speedboat.
That's a powerboat.
It's like some guy called my show.
We're about to go to you, Luke.
I'm just... Luke Rudowsky, reporter for InfoWars.com.
Big events coming up.
Get your tickets if you want to go to any of the big events coming up in New York.
All proceeds go to the firemen and police.
And they're going to be there speaking about the bombs and the rest of it.
And there's a bunch of, of course, free events, street actions.
I'm going to be there.
I'm coming up there on my own nickel.
I mean, it's critically important.
I mean, this building, the Deutsche Bank building, was pretty much destroyed by the workplace in the town on 9-11.
It barely stood, and now this fire proves that fires cannot bring down steel buildings.
In the video that we have, you can actually see the steel beams inside the building actually burning.
And they stood there, and they didn't move.
We actually have a live video feed up that day before anybody did.
Before the major mainstream news corporations and we did it, and we were providing live video feeds live.
It was a crazy day.
We're out there every Saturday at Ground Zero doing street actions.
And just out of nowhere, you just see a big puff of smoke coming out of the Deutsche Bank building.
That's the point we should make, at least two days a week.
I mean, Luke, you've been doing so much.
I'm doing a street action right now, actually, Alex.
I'm in Union Square holding up a banner, giving out flyers, talking to people, giving out DVDs, and that's what it's about.
Now, I'm not trying to toot your horn, but this is an example of what others can do.
You're doing what I've been doing on a limited scale for 12 years almost every day.
You confronted a list of people that we are changing, just the New York Corps, and now there's hundreds of other corps out there in association with InfoWars.com.
Explain to people what you guys and gals are doing.
I mean, we confronted David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Giuliani, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Newt Gingrich, many, many other treasonous, scum, trash politicians that are out there.
And what we do, we bring the truth to them, and we do what the mainstream media will never do, and that's ask the hard questions to these politicians.
And Bloomberg banned any type of video camera for terrorist anybody, and that's how it read, and then you confronted him physically, and by physically that means in his godlike presence, two times, incredible video up on WeAreChange.org, and he's now backed off and started to rescind his America attacking legislation.
Bloomberg actually moved the 9-11 memorial away from Ground Zero and he also changed his mind on that.
Because we were telling him about that, we were screaming at him in the subway as well as that, and he met with family members.
We were telling him about his, you know, camera ban being a constitutional... And what I love is when cops were telling you couldn't have cameras, you just... and it's all color of law.
Every day I get emails, news articles, video.
There were people in Amsterdam trying to hand out flyers and cops come over and say, you need permits now to do that.
Again, it's all... and they just said,
They went ahead and went along with it, I understand why they did, but no!
You say, go ahead and arrest me!
Because you've got to show how it's unconstitutional!
This is not the Soviet Union!
Yeah, the police officer tried to arrest me for going in the drain.
And he said, you can't film here.
And we have to stand our ground.
We have to understand what rights we as American people have.
And that's the Bill of Rights.
And that's the Constitution.
Your parents fought the Communists in Poland.
Your parents fought the Communists in Poland.
And you're fighting the very same people today, Luke.
The very same people Brzezinski now admits.
They ran the whole Communist operation.
They admit they put Pol Pot in.
Our criminal government.
And they put Mao in.
It's all admitted now.
Yeah, the Rothschilds basically financed Karl Marx with the Communist Manifesto.
We all know that.
We had enough of it!
We're not your slaves anymore, and we know you're not our government.
You're criminals.
Whether it's communism, whether it's fake democracy, it's the same thing.
It's the rich ruling us, and we can't have that.
We have to have a government supported by the people, and we have to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.
Briefly, get back into the fire and what you saw and why this is so important.
There was fires all throughout the building.
A lot of people don't understand.
There was fires on the lower floors, on the lower floors, and all the top.
Scaffolding was burning, falling off the building.
But again, you could see steel beams inside the building burning and standing, withstanding.
You see all the steel beams.
And none of them moved.
None of them went out of place.
None of them fell.
Nothing collapsed.
And they stood their place.
That building is critically damaged from 9-11.
And it went on fire today.
Yesterday, and it was completely, you know, on fire, and then it still didn't collapse.
How did Building 7 collapse when it was 300 feet away from the World Trade Center towers, when the Deutsche Bank building was right on top of, you know, the World Trade Center towers?
It doesn't make any sense.
The official story doesn't make any sense, and we have to understand that.
And this is a perfect example that fire does not bring down steel buildings.
And it certainly doesn't turn them into dust and inject it into huge pyroclastic flows.
And now scientists, physicists have gotten samples.
It wasn't just Thermate used to cut it.
It was Thermite.
It was Thermate, the exact patented type the military uses to cut steel columns and it's explosive at the same time.
I mean, just look at the interview we did with John Slaughter.
He was in the building.
He was a firefighter in the building who said there were explosives going off.
That the elevators were blowing up.
That there were dead bodies on the 20th floor and the 10th floor.
Look at his testimony.
His testimony was ignored by the Maryland Commission.
We have hundreds of firefighters and police saying it was like there were detonators.
Boom, boom, boom.
Steel flowing like lava.
I mean, jet fuel doesn't do that.
Luke, briefly, quickly, tell folks about the events coming up and how people can guarantee they've got a seat at these different events.
Now the wrapping is coming up.
We just booked Daniel Zanjotta, Christine Ambrosol.
They're going to be there.
More people are going to come out there.
We're going to make history.
We're going to premiere Lucey's final cut.
We're going to premiere Endgame.
And we're going to make history.
People, buy your tickets before they go out.
And the people, you can buy tickets on WeAreChanged.org.
Click on the now and then also on the banner.
Buy tickets before they're all out.
And we're going to make history.
We're going to do feed actions.
All proceeds go to the first responders.
And again, these events would all be free, but you have to rent the facilities and you're giving that to the firemen and police.
I'm coming up here for free.
And we're bringing a ton of people here, and you know, we need as much help as we can get.
All right, Luke.
Great job.
Get that video up on the site.
ASAP is when you get an article out on PrisonPlanet.com.
We appreciate you, my friend.
Keep it up.
We'll be right back with your calls, after the news, and then a ton of other key news.
Stay with me.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
All right, second hour.
We're here every Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central Time, syndicated across the country on the AM and FM dials, shortwave internet satellite.
PrisonPlanet.com is our flagship website.
InfoWars.com, JonesReport.com, InfoWars.net also warrant a look every day because they have their own writers and news people at them.
You'll see information on those sites.
You won't see other places.
We have a lot of phone lines and we'll take a bunch of them to sell.
We got Jerome Corsi, Dr. Corsi, joining us from Canada at the North American Union Summit that our media is not really covering here.
And there was a big hit piece in The Nation magazine against Dr. Corsi and others.
I wouldn't call it even a hit piece, but just a whitewash piece by the capital writer for the Houston Chronicle that I'm in, basically where they go on and act like SPP, North American Union, doesn't exist.
So, we'll talk about that with Dr. Corsi coming up later after some calls.
Neocons say make Bush dictator of the world.
You can't make this type of stuff up.
They're openly saying making dictator.
You heard them last hour training the preachers to tell their flocks to submit to gun confiscation and world government, basically, and, you know, hand your guns in and go to the FEMA camps.
Right now, let's go to Edward in Amsterdam, who I didn't even notice he was calling for Amsterdam.
I would have gone to him last hour.
I think I even mentioned some of the stuff happening over there where the police are saying you're not allowed to have free speech over there anymore.
I guess that's what's happening to the whole western world.
Then we'll go to Wilson, Orlando, Lindsay in Idaho, Fred in Wisconsin, Don in Pennsylvania, Mark in Arizona.
I'm going to get to all of you and I appreciate you holding patiently.
Now let's go ahead and talk to Edward in Amsterdam over there in the Netherlands, Queen Beatrix country.
Welcome Edward.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
Great to talk to you, Commander.
Thank you for calling.
What's on your mind?
Uh, yeah, I just wanted to call in.
I guess you read about our piece I wrote on 9-11 blogger.
We've been doing some non-violent activism here in the Netherlands.
No, I mentioned that, and I even last hour said how dare them come up and say you can't hand out flyers, you can't do what you're doing, and of course you've never been like that before in the Netherlands.
Very, you know, liberal is the classic term.
But they told us we couldn't wear the t-shirts.
They said you have to have a permit just to wear those t-shirts, because that's considered a demonstration here.
And they're using the new U.S.
England's doing that, where, well we're going to arrest you for that church, I mean for that shirt.
That's a violation of the
And again, the cops are arresting people for t-shirts in America.
The country is gone, and our evil is now spreading to you.
Go ahead.
I'm an American myself.
I was doing this with some Dutch guys, though, but I moved over here last year.
Yeah, they told us that they saw us on the cameras when we got off the trains, and we walked over here where we set up in the center of town, and they came out and got us off the street right away.
They said, get off your shirts, get your t-shirts out of here.
Well, look at Canada.
Eighteen mile perimeter.
I wish I could be there to support those guys.
I had one quick question for you.
They took all of our information down.
What do you think they did with that?
Because we were debating that.
Well, they let you know.
You know about Interpol.
It's not new.
Yeah, of course.
In Terror Storm, you see him walk up and fill me into a terror database, and it turns out I'm now on a terrorist database.
Now, for having a video camera, for talking to people.
Now this is a killing effect, that's why they're announcing, we're listening to you, we're watching you, the NSA is, no more Fourth Amendment, they're the criminals running the government, they now want to scare us
Yeah, that sounds great Alex.
I totally support everything you're doing down there.
I wanted to issue a quick call to action, because there's actually a lot of guys here who got a big response from my 9-11 article on 9-11 and Blogger.
Everyone in the Netherlands or nearby in Europe, go to zapruder.nl.
It's Z-A-P-R-U-D-E-R.nl.
There's a big forum on there.
And there's some guys offering 10,000 flyers and 2,000 DVDs to pass out all around the country.
The bigger issue is you need to post the video.
You need to post the video.
Of you guys out there in this happening.
That's where the power's at.
And hundreds of thousands will watch it in the next month or so.
You know, tens of thousands the first day, guaranteed, on YouTube, and then it'll turn into hundreds of thousands, and you'll look at your video clip in a year and it'll be a million views.
And that's what we do.
You go out and show it how you're polite.
I mean, we showed it in New York.
The cops walk up and go, uh, I know you don't have a bomb, but if you don't leave, I'm gonna say you do.
You're not allowed to protest.
We're on a sidewalk.
It's not even a, quote, protest.
This is our free speech.
And then they go, okay, you got bombs.
I'm gonna arrest you.
You're gonna go to jail for bombs.
And guess what?
Those folks got fired over that.
See, we're not playing around.
When you act like a criminal, you're going to go to jail for it.
You're going to get fired.
Again, I'm not against the police.
I'm against them following all of these criminal edicts and going along with the destruction of their future as well.
Okay, speaking of Ron Pauls, I'm about to go to a caller who wants to talk about Ron Paul.
The Alabama Straw Polls, the key New Hampshire Straw Polls, all of them.
He won the Illinois Straw Poll.
He won the Republican Assembly Straw Poll.
This is NBC 13.
Ron Paul had an overwhelming majority before Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and a distant second.
So all the other Straw Polls they just had that were counted, hand-counted,
Ron Paul won.
But then they have one in Iowa where exit polls showed he was at least second place.
You couldn't tell whether it was him or Romney because they couldn't exit poll everybody.
But it was either or.
He showed up fifth.
Folks, they're cheating on these polls.
Well, here you go.
Well, they were hand-counted.
He won every one of them.
That's up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Let's see if that's what this caller's calling about.
It just says Ron Paul.
You're on the air.
Welcome to the airwaves, Wilson, from Orlando.
Hi, how are you?
Yeah, of course he won.
Like he says, freedom is popular and everyone's into this message.
And I'm calling.
Have you heard anything about meet-up groups being co-opted in a way?
Basically, we're running a nice little organization down here.
It grows every week.
We're out in traffic.
We're waving signs.
They've made signs.
Yeah, there are a lot of people caught on video pulling signs down nationwide.
And we've got a couple of guys heading this thing up that are very, well, basically they have, as you say, the thousand yard stare.
They're rude, they stomp around, they're taking names, they're asking us where we live.
They are really just paying more attention to us than what they're doing.
Yeah, the federal government basically lists a lot of Ron Paul people as terrorists.
And anybody who's into freedom... Seriously folks, the government's gone rogue!
And they're gonna say guns are bad, and freedom's bad, and mom and apple pie are bad, and first amendment doesn't exist, and fourth amendment... They're all announcing this.
And yeah, we've secretly hired the praisers to tell you to submit to government.
I mean, they're probably just on power trips.
I mean, a lot of times the political people that get involved in petty level stuff are on little power trips that they think they're going to be movie stars next week and they just go nuts.
They're probably just nuts or paranoid, but I wouldn't, I mean, they got the military spying on peace groups, mainline groups, they got CIA domestically spying, it's totally illegal.
I got stacks of news today about headline, FBI wants you, and it says, well, we're not fighting terror, we want you to create dossiers on your neighbors.
I mean, it's the secret police, folks.
Here's CNN.
Chertoff says that, let me get the second page of it, Americans may need passports to board domestic flights or to picnic in a national park next year.
And it just says to go anywhere you'll have to have a federal ID card, but the illegals don't.
It's all selectively enforced.
Homeland Security this year announced illegals don't have to have IDs to get bank accounts.
Remember that.
This is for you.
This is for you.
Okay, I want everybody to get that through their heads.
I don't have time to go to another call.
We'll break and I'm just going to try to rampage through your calls.
Mark, Don, Fred, Lindsey, and Matt, many, many others that are patiently holding.
Dr. Jerome Corsi from the North American Union Treason Summit and this is High Treason Man Committed.
They're merging the countries over the last two years.
We've got the four-year documents saying they are and to keep it secret.
We have them red-handed and the yuppies say it doesn't exist because you're cowardly scum!
We'll be right back!
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying,
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It's Alex Jones.
Alright, let's run through your calls as fast as possible.
Going in the order they are received.
Mark in Arizona.
There in the rising sun, valley of the sun, welcome, you're on the air.
Yeah, hello Alex.
Yeah, hi.
Listen, I want to say, you know, I think I have a plan for all this, on how we can beat these guys.
First of all, we should be getting mad, okay?
We got a team of serial killers in the White House, and the only reason that they're getting away with this is because we're letting them.
Okay, we got 300 million people in the United States.
I'm trying to reach them.
I'm doing everything I can to reach them.
Let me tell you, everybody's either pretending, like...
It doesn't exist, or they're just ignoring it, waiting for somebody else to do something.
And that's not going to work.
And it's time for individuals.
And none of us individually, with that archetypal Hercules image, are going to defeat it ourselves.
It's all of us together, just getting mad first, and then talking to neighbors, spending our money in the right places, not supporting Chinese slave goods.
There's a million things we can do.
Now also,
You know, you have to understand that these guys, they're huddling up behind closed doors talking about what they're going to do next.
Oh, you can see the media circling the wagons.
Okay, and what we're doing is we're just protecting ourselves individually.
We need to team up and we need to get these guys.
Now, my question to you is, okay, first of all, if we take out Bush and Cheney, then... Take out?
Even if they were impeached?
Bush and Cheney are puppets of the New World Order.
Bush and Cheney don't run anything.
Okay, this is what I've been... See, first you have to educate people.
The average American doesn't know how many continents there are.
They can't name ten state capitals.
They don't know the difference between a Shiite and a Sunni.
So the media can say, Iran is behind Al-Qaeda.
Iran is archenemies with Al-Qaeda, even if you believe Al-Qaeda exists outside of Al-Qaeda.
You see, so it's basic things like that.
That's the problem.
The average American doesn't find out that the international banks engineer booms and busts, and for two years have been trying to engineer a bust here.
Why are the central banks infusing money now?
The times of London a year ago said they want a slow decline of the American dollar and our economy, so it doesn't cause a worldwide meltdown.
They say America's going down!
It just was plunging so fast that they know people will notice globally, so now they're trying to stabilize it.
That's all.
You watch the graphs, they're down, down, down.
And I pointed out that if the American people learn about the real geopolitical financial architecture, and do some research, it's not hard to find out, then they can let their politicians know they're aware of this policy, and then the politicians will not engineer our downfall.
Because it is fiat.
They've got us by the short hairs, as they say.
Okay, so if you expose government terror and the word false flag and inside job becomes part of the nomenclature, they won't stage terror anymore.
That's starting to happen.
People now know.
If we expose who's behind the fiat money system, first you've got to convince the general public that there is a fiat system or even what it is.
And then you can start educating them how this has all been manipulated and how it isn't good.
Okay, so it's hundreds of different facets.
You're talking about solutions, sir.
And just the fact that you're trying to talk about solutions is fine.
If I was you, though, I would come up with some grand silver bullet that will do it.
It is just standing up and taking action.
Gosh, these are all great calls.
I could talk for ten minutes on each one.
Next in order would be Don in Pennsylvania.
Don, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Good to talk to you.
Alright, so let's talk to you too.
It amazes me, like you were talking earlier, how brainwashed Americans are.
They sit around and, you know, they portray a picture on the TV or in the paper, and then they say something different and people don't catch on.
That's a phenomenon that's beyond me.
But anyway, you know, I've been going to work, you know, passing out the videos and sharing with people, and, you know, I've been getting cussed out.
I mean, it blows me away how upset these people get with me.
Well, listen, I wouldn't present my material, Terror, Storm, Road to Tyranny, Martial Law, or other great works like American Freedom from Fascism, you can get it at Infowars.com.
I wouldn't present it like, hey, I believe this at first.
Say, hey, tell me what you think of this.
And a lot of times, planting the seed down the road, they're then going to remember.
Another thing is, you know, people shouldn't be so upset with the illegal aliens that are coming in our country because the truth is, they're not the problem, it's the government that's allowing it to take place.
I agree, I have nothing against the illegal aliens.
The big question I have is, you know, my grandson, they're trying to force my daughter to inoculate my grandson.
They're basically making a criminal out of her if she doesn't... Yeah, see, basically making her a criminal.
I have seen television and heard radio news last week saying,
It's the law.
You've got to have shot records.
There's no law in any of the 50 states, or any of the possessions, or any of the protectorates, or in D.C., District of Criminals, that anyone has to have shots.
What they say is, is that the school, regulatorily, has to have shot records of whether you've been immunized or not.
Well, I want to know where would you get documents to be able to tell them, you know... Type into Google.
Type into Google.
Waiver or immunization.
What's the exact term?
My brain's failing me.
Into Google and the name of your state.
And even that isn't a law.
They then trick you into, okay, sign this vaccine waiver or this vaccine exemption.
You Google those keywords.
Vaccine exemption form.
Vaccine waiver form.
It'll be with your county or city health department.
You get it off a website.
You fill it out.
And you give that to the school.
And then the school still gets their tax money.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
And to prove the tyranny of this country, they have taken thousands of children that we know of for not having shots.
There was no law.
They don't care.
There's no law.
The cops don't know.
The family courts aren't even real constitutional courts.
They usually got pedophiles running them, and I'm not kidding when I say that, folks.
We've done research on it, and that's even come out in the news, and it's a sick, sick group.
And there's no law, you gotta take it!
Now, now, now, you have your child in a well-to-do, upscale hospital.
The doctors don't give their children the shots, the nurses don't, they all know.
More than half the children don't take them.
But you go have it in a poor city hospital.
Or, God forbid, you have it under welfare.
Folks, they're gonna come after you so hard, it'll make your head spin to give them that deadly hepatitis shot at birth.
Filled with mercury.
They haven't taken the mercury out, by the way, that's another lie.
And so, I mean, I want to warn parents this time of year, with all the things that are happening with the shots, that A, they never took the mercury out.
And that B, there are major scientific studies showing it's causing the autism.
It's up by several thousand percentage points.
And C, even if the shots are good and mothers mill, they're lying and saying, we'll take your children if you don't give them shots.
This is the trick they play, though, to actually get criminal charges.
Let me tell you the trick, and the Feds teach the locals how to do this.
I think usually the cops are so ignorant, like the general public, I'm not saying you're any dumber than the general public, you're just dumb, on average, that they do trick them, and then they kick your child out for not having the shots, because you didn't know about the waiver.
They don't tell you about the waiver.
And they kick them out of the government school, and then, then once truancy accrues and kicks in, then there's a criminal charge for truancy, and CPS is called in for your child not being in school.
So they force you into a criminal violation, which itself is low-level and a misdemeanor.
And then they compound that, and they tell your child, plea bargain.
It's all about getting you into the system.
The government could care less about your health, or care less about stopping drunk drivers, or care less.
It's just all lawless now.
I mean, now the state police just send out letters to people randomly saying, yo, it's money.
I mean, it's just... I mean, it's just... The country is so gone!
But the illegal aliens are above the law.
Alright, I promise we're gonna get to Fred, Derek, Lindsey, David, Matt, and others.
But we're gonna talk to Jerome Corsi from Canada first.
Stay with me.
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We're going to fight them.
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Now I'm going to have him put this segment a little bit into the next and then on the last five minutes I'll jam in for everybody that's holding.
So Fred, Derek, Lindsay, Dave, Matt, others, have your comments ready.
We're going to get to you.
But going to Dr. Corsi, right now he is in Canada.
In Montebello, they set an 18-mile security perimeter where they randomly search you.
No protest allowed.
The media is only allowed into a little puppet event, but that itself is select media.
Dr. Corsi has, what, three or four bestsellers under his belt, including Unfit for Command, and then, of course, about the Swift Boats, and then, of course, his newest, the late, great USA that we sell at Infowars.com.
It is a bestseller right now on the New York Times bestseller list, but that aside, World and Daily has 12 million readers conservatively a month.
It's a lot more than that.
I mean, they're almost as big as the Drugs Report, and he doesn't get to get in, even to the puppet event for the media, but nevertheless, he's there to cover it.
Dr. Corsi, thank you for being at this North American Union SPP Treason Meeting.
Hi, Alex.
It's a great honor to be with you, and thank you.
I flew in today, and all through last week, we're still fighting for credentials, if you can believe it.
We're good to go.
But, you know, of course, since we've been critical of the Bush administration, the press credentials, I'm sure I'm going to have to go over to Montebello in Quebec, in Ottawa right now.
I decided to stay in downtown Ottawa.
Because I want to cover all of the protest events.
Because the protesters aren't allowed across the water over there on the French side.
That's right, you can't go across.
There's like a 25-kilometer protest-free zone, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Charte de Quebec, the state police,
Have everything cordoned off and have everything in terms of... Now let's be clear now.
See now the zone's 18 miles, 25 kilometers.
And let's remember, last year you helped get the documents out.
Judicial Watch sued and got more.
And what did those documents show at the last one in Banff, Canada?
They said, we gotta keep it secret.
Yeah, it's a North American Union.
Integration by stealth.
Meanwhile, the Nation Magazine says you're nuts.
The front page of the Houston Chronicle
Well, I just said, opened up talking about the Illuminati and we're crazy.
I mean, this is getting incredible, Dr. Corsi.
Well, at least, you know, they're having to cover us, Alex.
And I thought the Houston Chronicle was at least putting pressure on Governor Perry.
They're saying, finally, in the Houston Chronicle, letting everybody know he attended that Bilderberger meeting.
And right now on World Net Daily, we've had it all weekend, 22 congressmen wrote a letter to the president.
I'm specifically saying that this controversial meeting up here in Danf, Canada, which is a clear meeting to harmonize, integrate Mexico and Canada with the United States.
And the main event is secret.
The lapdog media is not even allowed in there.
Totally secret.
If I got press credentials, I'd just be able to sit there with all the other media and see the three leaders walk on stage and tell you on their press release
Did they give you a proctology exam when you got off the airplane in Ottawa?
Because I got harassed bad.
Twenty-five, thirty times back and forth to Canada, so I've got a good record of getting in and out of Canada.
I had no problems getting into Canada.
I will have tremendous problems, though, trying to get over to Montebello.
Well, that's going to be the news.
What time tomorrow are you going to try to drive across into the Soviet Union?
About midday.
We've got a press conference early in the morning.
I've got to go to the press conference.
Howard Phillips is here with the Conservative Caucus.
Connie Fogel with the Canadian Action Party.
I'm going to actually try to film part of this press conference and get it put up on World Net Daily before midday tomorrow.
Because I think we've got a lot of really powerful protesters, both from Canada and the United States.
We're saying that this is now a complete move, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, to end the sovereignty of the United States and to merge us along the European Union-style model, just like I argued in the late great USA, with Mexico and Canada, and it's well along the way.
And I think we're now 22 congressmen writing this letter to the White House
And saying, you know, basically calling upon the President not to engage in any more secret discussions.
Now, bottom line, I want to be clear to the audience, and I know most of you know this, but your neighbors don't.
My dad will talk to me, or one of my employees, his mother will ask, well I heard Dr. Corsier, I heard Alex Jones on this national show, or this regional show, I read him in the newspaper,
But then I heard the national conservative host say it wasn't true.
Let's be clear, we have the SPP agreement, we have the SPP documents, we had to sue to get them, and it says, North American Union integration, it says do it by secret, and it's going on right now, and they're grabbing the toll roads, they're going to use it to fund them, and then they have the nerve to then say we're making it up!
Well that's right, in fact, WorldNetDaily right now, if you go to it,
And click in the article on the congressman writing to the president.
Congress tells President Bush, back off SPP agenda.
Go down in the article.
It talks about the rapporteur notes.
These notes that were the conference notes from the Banff meeting in Alberta, Canada.
I have them!
That Judicial Watch was able to get them at the Freedom of Information Act request.
And right in the notes,
It says that the vision of creating the infrastructure has to be done, this is for the North American Union, evolution by stealth.
Those are the words right in the notes of the last meeting in Banff, Alberta, Canada.
That was the North American Forum on Integration.
We have the agenda published in WorldNetDaily.
We have the entire attendee list.
I documented the State Department, top State Department people attended, Donald Rumsfeld was supposed to speak at that meeting, and Congress cited the meeting in Dav, Canada, in their letter to the President, saying, make no more secret agreements in this third SPP summit.
The problem is, Bush, as you reported, in May, signed PDD 51, which constitutional scholars concur with your analysis, Dr. Corsi, which of course is in political science from Harvard,
I guess it's treason.
It's a coup d'etat.
It's a bureaucratic coup d'etat.
I say this openly in the book.
It's being foisted upon millions of American citizens without their consent or knowledge.
Doesn't it make it 20 times worse, Dr. Corsi, that not only do we have the documents, but then they lie on top of it?
I mean, that proves they're bad!
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I try it here every Sunday.
Five days a week isn't enough.
Four to six p.m.
Growing rapidly.
Want to thank all the new affiliates.
We're going to try to jam in a few of your calls here in just a few minutes at the end.
I just want to thank Dr. Coursey for going up to Canada to cover this.
We're also going to have Connie Pogo on tomorrow, and several other people that are there covering it, because this is big.
We're not going to just let them sell out our sovereignty, Canada and Mexico's sovereignty, in the dark.
I mean, they have joint sessions of Congress down in Mexico City.
This is happening.
And they, the CFR openly writes treatises on it.
And then now that they're in full retreat, I mentioned that Bob Dacey and others, who write for the New American Magazine here in Austin,
Just two weeks ago, they had a toll road meeting, and they wouldn't let even mainline press in, but he somehow weeviled in.
And they were openly saying, the public's found out, we gotta cover it up.
I mean, they got video of this, by the way.
It's openly how he lied to us.
I guess, though, that's the attitude they've got to have if they're just going to continue, no matter what the law, the Constitution, or what the people want or say.
I just don't see them down the road winning, because they got the European Union through by stealth, but there wasn't an Alex Jones, a Dr. Corsi, a WorldNetDaily, there wasn't a Bob Dacey, there wasn't, you know, just the Internet 30, 40 years ago.
Well, that's right, Alex.
What the SPP can't stand is the light of day.
So tomorrow we're going to have a press conference in the morning right here in Ottawa.
And as soon as that press conference is over, right around noon, I'm driving over to Montebello.
Now, by the time I'm supposed to be on your show tomorrow afternoon, by around 1 o'clock,
Eastern Time.
I may be arrested by then for trying to get in.
I'm going to take my camcorder.
We're going to call you a few minutes before, doctor.
All you've got to do is stick... I mean, you're a smart guy.
Just clip the mic to your chest, put the phone in your pocket, and... I will, and I'll be there.
I could be confronting the police keeping me out from Montebello, because I'm going to drive over there and say, I've applied for my press credentials.
Where are they?
And we'll see what happens tomorrow.
Now let's be clear.
They've announced for 18 miles, 25 kilometers, I mean a whole major town is now off limits.
Let's see in quote free Canada and it's been in the local news there that the U.S.
military is going to be there and so we'll be able to I guess visually assess that with you tomorrow.
I'm going to have my camcorder with me.
I'm driving over there.
I'm going to record the whole thing and say look,
Here I am.
I'm a reporter for World Net Daily.
We've submitted for credentials.
I'm coming over here to pick them up.
Where are they?
And I want to know why I'm being refused and I want to record the entire thing and then we'll see where we go from there.
But tomorrow I'm going over to Montebello from Ottawa and I'm going to confront the SPP.gov saying we applied for credentials according to the way
Well, we're also going to be writing, according to your report, on what you tell us and what Connie tells us tomorrow at PrisonPlanet.com.
But everybody should watch WorldNetDaily.
It's just WND.com for all of Dr. Corsi's top stories.
He is their main and most popular writer.
Right now you know years of hard work in this fight a shifting year sir And I know you just got off the plane got to your hotel I want to give me a chance to go have dinner or talk to some of the other Reporters or activists and assess things and enjoy the city a little bit tonight, so I'm gonna let you go But I wanted to just briefly get your take I could have spent the whole show on this article
That was written by R.G.
Ratcliffe, but he starts the article out making little snide jokes about black helicopters and the Illuminati, and I emailed him SPP state documents, I emailed him NAFTA highway documents from the Feds and TxDOT, I sent him everything.
And you're right, he's better than the nation.
But at the same time, I told him, I said, don't have what we say, and then cut out our facts, and then have them saying it doesn't exist and we believe in the Tooth Fairy, and he still did that!
I mean, I sent him government documents talking about NAU, and about North American Union, and about, and calling it NAFTA superhighway systems, and he still wouldn't put it in the paper.
Well, and he also reported that Rick Perry did go to the Build-A-Burger meeting.
And I mean, I think that itself is important to get into the mainstream media.
Perry took the invitation, he went to the Bilderberger meeting, and Radcliffe had to report that.
Now Radcliffe was not honest.
He did not take the documentation that all of us gave him.
And he's trying to say, oh no, this is conspiracy theory, don't take it seriously, he's trying to discredit it.
But you know, Alex, the mainstream media is losing because even when they report on it to try to discredit it, they're making millions and millions of more people aware.
By the way, I shouldn't do it, but I'm addicted to reading comments on blogs, and this was in the front section of their state section, but it was also on the front page of the Chronicle's website all day yesterday.
And this morning I looked at it, hundreds of posts, and I went through about 10 pages of them.
My wife is literally going, spend time with the kids, quit that.
And I'm there looking at it, and I have to say about 95% were putting links to documents, saying this is a fraud, saying all Dr. Corsi and Alex Jones are covering is what's admitted.
So what you just said is documented.
This isn't working anymore!
Well, that's right.
Just like in the book, Alex.
30 pages of footnotes in late great USA so you can go see the documents yourself and what you know what the government's down to what George Bush is down to is it's been exposed
And now it's like the country-western song.
The American public are out there saying, I think we believe our lying eyes.
Because we're looking at the documents, and these documents say what Alex Jones and Dr. Corsi Stingley are saying.
Alright, I'm going to let you go.
We'll talk to you tomorrow.
I really appreciate you reporting for us here.
God bless you, and go with Godspeed there, Doc.
Well, God bless you, Alex.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Alright, take care.
There goes Dr. Corsi.
A really important report, and I have him on my show every week now because the guys
Getting it done, like we had Luke Radowsky on two weeks in a row.
I mean, it's just, they're taking action.
They're getting the job done.
I mean, look at this.
Perry push for Superhighway raises conspiracy buzz.
Some say it's part of a plan to create a North American Union.
Black helicopters, the Illuminati, Governor Rick Perry, and the Trans-Texas Corridor.
I mean, what does that mean?
What does that mean?
You know, we're almost out of time here.
I said I'd go to calls.
I'm going in the order, even though there's people on here I know.
Real fast, you know, he's a friend of mine.
He's been holding forever, but he's not easy.
He's actually one of the last callers in line.
Real fast, Mackenzie in Blacksburg, Virginia.
You wanted to call him with a plug?
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
Go ahead, sir.
I just wanted to let you know my band just played this huge festival called Floyd Fest with over 10,000 in attendance, and I had a massive rant.
About everything.
Talk about Infowars.com.
Talk about Ed and Elaine Brown.
Talk about the real UN.
Talk about 9-11 being an inside job.
And we have the video up on Google Video.
That's definitely the best truth action I've done so far.
Tell us.
Send the address, obviously, to www.AaronInfoWorks.com.
Matt will get it up and pop in sometime on the show tomorrow.
I'll have you on as a mini guest to talk about it.
All right.
That sounds great, Alex.
Thank you, Matt.
I just love Matt to death.
He does a lot of great reporting for us.
I just have got to try to stick to the rule and get people in order, but then he's been holding for 30 minutes.
Let's go ahead and go to David in Seattle.
You're on the air, David.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I'm just wondering if you've heard about Operation Noble Resolve?
It's the top story on prisonplanet.com.
Oh, it is.
It's another one of these nuclear chem, bio-attack drills that they've done all over the country.
And the reason they're important is the black ops squad that carried out 9-11, 7-7, all these government terror attacks, they always run a drill to fund it and mask it, because good government people are right next to the terrorists who are carrying the attack out.
And that's why we watch these.
This is another scary drill.
We're not saying anything's going to happen, but we are watching this drill right now.
You are watching.
Okay, I just wanted to be sure.
I just drove from Seattle to Northern California and, you know, I just learned about this before I left on the road trip.
No, no, I'm glad you called to mention it.
It is extremely important and if you... If you let me real quick, along the way, it seems between every major city, there's some kind of road construction to where it goes down to one lane.
And I know this drill starts tomorrow in Portland, Oregon.
Well now, they have hundreds of drills per terror attack.
So we always watch drills, and this one's particularly suspicious looking.
And we've even called it before when they've done stuff on drills we've been looking at.
Here's an example.
They're running a drill of a terror attack, and then the government released weaponized foot and mouth again two weeks ago in England, and then it spread, but thank God the locals were able to stop it.
Uh, we know the government launched the first mouth attack, and that's a metaphor, in 2001, and that was a drill, too.
So, I mean, yes, these drills are important.
Thank you, sir, for your call.
Let's jam in one more.
Let's talk to Lindsey in Idaho.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
I just want to thank you very much for what you do.
Thank you, sir.
No, there's just, I guess, two words that I could say to anybody.
You talk about googling things and looking at what have you on the internet, being informed.
Is the man by the name of William Cooper.
You talked about Flying Saucers quite a bit, yeah.
Well, that... You know, what William Cooper did was, he talked about a lot of real things, but then said he was the highest form of excellence that no one else was.
And then you talk about things you couldn't prove.
But call me back tomorrow on the weekday show, sir, and I'll give you more time.
I know you held for a long time to say that.
We're just out of time.
Call me back.
We can talk about Malone Cooper all day long.
Check everything out.
Double-check it.
Don't believe what you first hear.
Research it.
And I say that for myself every single day.
Don't believe anything we've said.
If we tell you the neocons are saying Bush should be a dictator, go look it up for yourself.
God bless you all.
Have a good one.
Hi, Ted Anderson here.
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