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Air Date: Aug. 15, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is the 15th day of August, 2007.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
It is already Wednesday.
Coming up, we have Richard Gage, Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth joining us, because the tallest building in China was a towering inferno and nothing collapsed.
Nothing fell in on itself yesterday and today.
And so we've got
Richard Gage popping in, perfect timing today.
And then in the third hour, we have Jesse Benton, who is the media coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign, the campaign press secretary, will be joining us coming up in the third hour.
We'll even take a few calls from listeners who want to put questions to the campaign, do things a little bit different when the guest joins us coming up.
In the third hour today.
And we are scheduling Congresswoman Ron Paul for either, they told us, next week or the week after that.
So we'll also have the Congressman popping in for a visit here on the transmission in the near future as well.
Well, stocks have edged up after Fed has added more liquidity.
And then there's other reports here saying, are we going to see the economy
Is there going to be a run on the banks?
And there could be a run on the banks, but I wouldn't bet on that.
And the reason I wouldn't is that the Federal Reserve will just continue injecting more
Zeroes and ones into the ballot sheets, at least for a time.
Someday, though, there will be a run on physical cash assets, because you've got less than 2% actual $100, $1,000, $20 bills, cash, less than 2%.
Cash compared to the digital money that's out there in cyberspace.
And that's one reason the big banks and Visa and others have said they want to get completely rid of cash.
They wanted to do it by 2007, back in 2000.
Now they're saying they want it by 2011.
No more cash.
They're running ads, billboards, TV ads, radio ads, saying money's dirty and spreads diseases and is bad.
And we've gone from just in 2000, about half of transactions being in cash, to now 70 plus percent of transactions being with debit cards or credit cards.
Use cash or lose it is the motto.
And we had better, all of us, make ourselves start using cash, just keeping receipts.
I know it's easier for tax-paying purposes to the private federal reserve to do it via credit card or debit card.
I know that.
But regardless, you just need to make yourselves use cash, folks.
See, the whole system's engineered to get you away from that cash.
And when they get rid of cash completely, the final link with reality is gone.
And they have full control over you and can cancel your ID card that's going to be bound to your debit cards.
And to your bank accounts.
Finland has had this for the last 10 years or so.
Nevertheless, there is a good story up on InfoWars.com by Mike Whitney of Online Journal.
Stock market bushfire.
Will there be a run on the banks?
And then he runs through basically what we've seen happen.
And each week how they have to inject hundreds of billions of dollars.
As of yesterday it was 400 plus billion.
They've injected a bunch more today as the number grows.
The Chinese, the Japanese, the biggest group pumping liquidity in is of course the European Central Bank.
Coming up on 270 plus billion.
We'll break down what all this means and also take your calls today at 1-800-259-9231.
We'll get you up on the air and I will take some questions also out of theprisonplanet.com.
Message board we have a particular section for questions on air.
I only got to one or two of those yesterday.
I will get to more of those today.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Paul Craig Roberts last Friday broke down how the international financial elite are imploding this economy.
Yesterday, Dr. Jerome Coursey got into it as well, where the international financial architecture, those that control it,
Come on out and say they have to destroy the existing order in the United States to bring in their Amaro, then they're going to have currency spikes and inflationary problems there, and they're going to claim, okay, one global system, one global management body will be able to stop any more of these financial collapses in the future.
They did that on the smaller level, introducing the Federal Reserve saying, oh, we've had a few runs on banks, a few regional
Currency speculation problems with silver and gold.
A few problems with banks issuing their own script and then inflating it secretly, like the old goldsmiths did 500 years ago.
We need to have a Federal Reserve to end all that.
And then we had our first national depression just a decade or so later, in 1929, and they introduced us to socialism, to being on the government teeth, as they say, and going into bondage.
And now, as the Trilateral Commission said they would do back in the 70s, they're going to bring in the North American currency, then have a Pan-American currency, while benchmarking that to the Euro, and then finally having a world standardized currency market.
You'll still have a few pocket nations that are holdouts.
They'll be called rogue terrorist groups and we'll have sanctions run against them.
Or we'll have both CIA operations, MI6, Mossad operations to overthrow them.
Or if they border a quote, former communist nation, they will overthrow them.
Or they will engineer revolutions in those nations.
I mean, this is how you're getting your world government.
You've got three big power blocks really all interlocked.
Controlled by the same people, part of the same mafia.
They do compete with each other occasionally, but it's the same agenda.
The same blueprint.
And they just move forward against free humanity.
I played this clip about a year ago, but I figured I'd play it again.
This gives you an idea at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting on C-SPAN, when they were trying to get the free trade area of the Americas, which would be the entire Pan-American Union, in one big swath.
They failed, so they're going piecemeal with their North American Union right now.
And you notice how Rockefeller acts like he's not a power player, and then of course they go through a list here from a JBS film of all the things he's behind and how he really founded this whole agenda and is really the renaissance man behind this entire tyranny.
So here that is.
A special televised meeting of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations provides a window to the real story.
The speaker, Vice President Dick Cheney.
Mr. Vice President, I just enjoyed so much your whole speech, but I was particularly pleased that you gave such a strong endorsement for the Free Trade Agreement for all the Americas, a subject that has been of great concern to me for many years, and particularly recently.
And I think it's absolutely essential for the strength of our economy.
Rockefeller's role in the drive for an FTAA was a lot more central than he portrays.
Rockefeller cultivated Latin American leaders who could be counted on to support such a proposal.
Both the 1994 Miami Summit and the FTAA proposal were conceived and nurtured by a Rockefeller-created network.
Prominent among the organizations sponsoring the Miami event were the Council of the Americas, Founder and Honorary Chairman, David Rockefeller.
The Americas Society, Chairman, David Rockefeller.
The Forum of the Americas, Founder, David Rockefeller.
The Institute for International Economics, Financial Backer and Board Member, David Rockefeller.
The Trilateral Commission, Founder and Honorary Chairman, David Rockefeller.
Rockefeller's influence also extends to the current administration.
He was chairman emeritus of the CFR when Vice President Dick Cheney once served as a director, a relationship that Cheney concealed during his congressional career.
It's good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations.
As Pete mentioned, I've been a member for a long time and was actually a director for some period of time.
I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming.
All right, so there you have them all, joking and laughing, knowing that the average American's busy watching the ball game, feeling powerful, festooning their vehicle with American flags.
All the very heart and soul of what that flag symbolizes is dying.
They know they're not watching Suge Pam where Cheney sits around and jokes.
In fact, whenever we wrote an article last year about Dick Cheney's comments at that meeting,
On the message boards, people said it's not real, it's fake, they edited the video, he fights the CFR.
He's... I mean, there were hundreds of these.
We got emails, we got calls.
They were on the message boards.
They were on Digg.
This is their mindset.
We are liars.
Dick Cheney is a conservative, they said.
He fights the Council on Foreign Relations.
We are liars.
It doesn't matter if there's video of him laughing and saying he keeps it secret from
His constituents, even when faced with it, they're going to say, hey, I want to kill America!
I mean, they don't consciously say that, but that's basically what we're dealing with here.
That is the entire mindset.
And so you're going to pay the piper.
You wanted the fake patriotism, you wanted to not have to think and just mindlessly feel great.
Spend no time involved in politics or society and spend no time being informed?
Alright, well we're all going to go to the woodshed because of it.
So go ahead, laugh!
I mean, corrupt cops out there, listen, go ahead, laugh!
Military people that like the tyranny?
I mean, frankly, I've been out to military parades and I've watched them on television and the news and I've seen their test scores.
It's been the subject of many news reports that they are gone below the mid-grade moron level.
I mean, we're talking about ADIQs, folks.
They are now recruiting mildly retarded individuals.
And in my new film, Endgame, we've got footage of military in New York running over to us from 15 feet away saying, get that camera out of our face and cussing at us.
And you look at them, folks, they are, some of them are retarded.
You can look, you know, that person is retarded.
And they are literally retarded.
And the rest of them are illegal aliens and gang members.
I mean, I'm sorry, folks.
That's our military now.
It's a bunch of gang members, illegal aliens from Mexico, and people who are mentally retarded are very close to it.
I mean, I was in New York, and I would strike up conversations after this happened last year in the subways with troops with M16s, and I'd walk over, and folks, I've got some of them on video that it's so embarrassing, I won't even put it in the film.
I've got another guy who is retarded, and he literally looks like he's got chromosomal problems, and God loving, he's got an M16, folks, and it's loaded, and he's going, yeah, maybe I ought to just put this on the web.
We're not making fun of him.
He's literally retarded.
Okay, that's what we've turned into.
Because they can only get retarded people to join the military, basically.
Or brainwashed good ol' boys from the farm who've got decent IQs and they're made of decent stuff, but they just never focus on reality or serious issues.
We ought to do an article about that.
And that's why the head war czar said we need a draft.
Because the military's falling apart and the Pentagon came back out and said, oh well, we're not thinking about that right now.
Folks, they've set up the draft boards again.
They have funded them.
They've had congressional studies as early as 1999.
Bill Clinton called for a commission that said we need a draft.
And they're just saying they're not going to call it a draft.
And after they're done carrying out some type of terror attack or plunging the economy or both,
They are going to say national service.
And then the economy is going to be so bad that people are going to have to go join the military as a form of welfare.
You know, as bad as Roosevelt was, you had to hand it to him for make work.
At least it was building dams and bridges and rest stops and roads, which then, once the war started, really helped our economy blossom.
The infrastructure.
Well, they've already set up the programs.
In fact, I have two articles today in the U.S.
and England on this.
They're going to take high school students and give them supplemental pay to be in local spy brigades.
You cannot make this type of stuff up.
It even freaks me out and I think I know it all about this stuff.
Every day I figure out how much I don't know.
It's that bad.
And then adults, you're going to be in the new infrastructure.
Prison guards, police, tattletales, spies, the military.
And it is just going to be a parasite economy of mass looting.
Taking your houses, taking your property.
Guys in black uniforms who are literally retarded, running around with machine guns everywhere.
By the way, a lot of Nazis were really stupid.
A lot of the brown shirts were really stupid.
You ought to read the descriptions of them.
And that's what it's going to be, just people who literally couldn't keep a janitor's job.
Who literally could barely keep a job at horse stables shoveling horse manure.
They're going to have submachine guns and they're going to rule you.
And they'll do whatever they're told.
So I just want you to know what the land of the free and the home of the brave is.
Waddling idiots in black uniforms who are literally on the verge of being vegetables.
And they're out saying today that there's Al-Qaeda cells all over the U.S.
about to hit ABC News, stuff on PrisonPundit.com, InfoWars.com.
You read the Wall Street Journal, the U.S.
to expand domestic use of spy satellites.
They've already been doing it, but now it says the local police are going to dial in to the spy satellites.
How's that sound?
Space, uh, you know, digital video and photos of it, and they got AI computers that know how to recognize somebody in their backyard with a rifle doing some target shooting.
SWAT team comes out there, just like Crocodile Dundee, the real Crocodile Dundee.
He wouldn't turn his guns in.
They came out to his house and SWAT teamed him to death.
Ha ha ha!
It's gonna be a real good time in America, with retarded scum everywhere, with submachine guns ruling us, armored vehicles.
We'll be right back.
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You take a fictional moron, like Homer Pyle, you know, he's a nice guy.
He's not scum because he's stupid.
He's a nice fella.
And there are those types in the real world.
Gentle giants, people like that.
But you take a low-grade moron or a mid-grade moron, and by the way, the military is recruiting a large portion, this has been mainstream news, of people with as low as 75 IQs.
Now folks, 70 is retarded.
And let me tell you, what I've seen on the streets is it is the real deal.
Now, I remember listening to Jeff Ward in about 1999 on KLBJ Radio here in town, and he was reading an article about how major cities' internal policies had come out, and I couldn't hardly believe when I heard it, that they wouldn't hire cops with over 100 IQ.
And I went home, and sure enough, dogpiled it, did the search on Yahoo,
And sure enough, found mainstream news articles on that.
I tried to look this morning for about five minutes and couldn't.
Can somebody find that and maybe post it on the message board in the questions section?
So I can call upon the millions of you out there to find what I can't find.
I found it, no problem, seven, eight years ago.
But I know they have that policy.
Now, 100 IQ is average.
It's an average person.
I mean, they know how to tie their shoelaces.
They know how to balance a checkbook.
They know how to go to the football game.
They know how to act cool.
They know what a good looking woman is.
They know how to, you know, work in their job and know how to do basic stuff.
You know, pretty smart.
Now, I've only got about 130 IQ.
That's, that's, that's, and I do really bad on one part of the test and really good on other parts.
But 140 is genius and there are people with 200 IQs.
A lot of these mathematicians and top war planners and the generals you don't see and the war planners and these guys have got like 200 IQs.
They're weird and need to be helped into the office and they forget which hallway to go down, but they can look at numbers and then they all have idiot savant type qualities where they can specifically understand certain things and certain specialties.
Because when you get up to over 180 IQ, I've done a lot of scientific studies on this, you start finding a lot of idiot savant type characteristics and absent minded professor type behavior.
But the people in our military, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going from memory, this came out about 6-8 months ago, it was like 20-something percent were below the previous level.
The military wouldn't let you in if you had an 80 IQ or lower, and now they've dropped it down to 75.
I'm going from memory on that.
We should write a big article about it, just because I was
I was watching TV some last night, doing some web surfing, and I was watching video of New York cops.
And literally, it's like, if you watch them talk, it's like they're... Well, we all know what they are.
And that's why you can't talk sense to them.
Because there is nothing worse, folks, than a low-grade moron who's been given a badge and a gun and power.
And been told to sick them.
And I want you to know, your degrees, your smarts, the money you got in the bank means nothing once we go into tyranny.
All that matters is they're going to have huge squads of black suited, a mix of psychopaths who are smart and just like power, commanding them, and then huge brigades
of illegal aliens and low-grade morons and gang members.
That's been all over television in large sections of the military and gang members.
Just a huge, nauseous, fractious, bubbling cesspool of bloodthirsty killers.
And when I say that, I mean it.
I mean it.
We are in trouble.
I'm freaked out.
I'm upset.
It is so diabolical what the elites have set up, how they've done it, how they've taken their time crafting it.
And you can't talk reason to some guy with a 75 IQ and a machine gun.
I mean, you can't talk to them.
You know, they'll have like this weird little mindless sparkle in their eye if you try to argue with them like, you trying to fool me.
It's like deliverance.
I mean, we're going to be run by just like, listen to him squeal!
I mean, that's who's going to rule over us.
And all I can say is, heaven help us.
Because they're just hiring more cops, more mindless goons, more idiots, as fast as they can.
They're taking the
Literal low-grade morons, on the verge of being retarded, out of the military, who've spent three, four years gun confiscating, kicking down doors, killing families.
They're coming right back, putting them in cop uniforms.
And I'm seeing them, folks.
I'm rolling down the street and seeing cops.
And I'm going, my God, look at that person.
You can tell when somebody's retarded.
And I'm seeing retarded cops all over the place.
And, uh, I'm just, I'm telling you folks, we are in trouble.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Central with The Divided Kingdom.
Yeah, all you gotta do is go get a badge and a gun, and have a low enough IQ, and you're gonna be a big person.
I'm a little person.
You're not stopping your little people.
These are the worst yet.
I need that old magic rag.
I got four skin jobs walking the streets.
Thought it was five.
One of them got fried running through an energy field.
That's a quote from Blade Runner.
Or do androids dream of electric sheep?
Oh, you're not cop, you're little people.
I just...
I want everybody to know that the veneer of civilization is extremely thin, as my father would always say when I was growing up.
I didn't know what he was talking about.
But it's true.
It's very thin.
See, we have republics, and we have a Bill of Rights and a Constitution, and we freak out over someone violating our rights, approaching the Jewel of Liberty that must be jealously guarded.
Because once you let them take one right, it's all over.
It races right down to the bottom of the toilet bowl immediately.
And now it's everything.
Domestic Stasi, face scanning and lip reading cameras already in nationwide, federal control, foreign troops, it's all happening.
Just absolute abject rape.
And this is only the setup.
Listen, I'm freaked out, I'm gonna be honest with you.
I'm so upset about what's happening right now that, you know, I've been sick yesterday and today, and I still work till
One in the morning last night, even though I've been throwing up and got a fever right now.
And I don't want you to feel sorry for me.
No, you're a great guy.
I'm finishing the film.
I'm here.
If I gotta go throw up during a break, I'll do it.
I mean, I'll bring a bucket right in here and I'll throw up while I'm on air.
I don't care, folks, because we're all down to the line here.
This is the real deal.
And criminals run things.
Criminals who killed 200 million people last century, and they want to do it here.
And if you go along with them, and if you continue to buy their propaganda, it's over.
They're going to win.
And it's time to see them for what they are.
And I'm talking to the cops, I'm talking to the military, and all of you.
Because I know in the old days cops were smart.
They hired smart people to be cops.
And I know there's still a lot of smart cops in there.
And you've checked out what I've said.
You've gone and googled what we've claimed here.
You've done your own research.
You've experienced a lot of what we've said for yourself.
And you're concerned too.
Hey, I don't have all the answers.
I don't know what we're supposed to do.
I just know my family's in a lot of trouble.
And your family's in a lot of trouble.
You know, that's the thing I want everybody to understand here.
You may choose to serve the New World Order.
And it may buy you a few months, a few years of comfort and solace and protection and enjoyment, but down the road, it just gets even worse for you.
You know, they sold this society in the 60s, 70s, and 80s from the old paradigm of worshipping the good guy heroes, and they flipped it over to the bad guy heroes.
Today, we're a Jack Bauer who tortures children every episode as the hero.
And they did that on purpose, folks, and somehow darkness and skulls and death and all of this became beautiful somehow to people.
And folks thought the devil was fun and, you know, sexy.
And that archetype was cool.
And, you know, people are backward and scared and timid if they don't like evil.
You're just not, you're just not, you know, down with it.
Well, let me tell you something, Daddy-O.
I've seen evil.
I've been around evil.
And I've taken my ride on the dark side, and let me tell you something, there's nothing cool about it.
The devil is a drooling, chicken-necked, weakling, coward.
And anybody who models themselves after that archetype is a chicken-necked, weakling.
Life has power!
Goodness has power!
Love has power!
Doing the right thing is where the power is at, not in darkness!
And I reject, and I turn my back on all works of darkness.
And I recommit my life every day to try to be a good person.
Because this is a wicked world, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a very destructive world.
And it's very easy being a good person.
A lot of good people turn to darkness because they see how the world's hard, they get cheated, they get pushed around, and they learn how to just go ahead and start crushing people, and it's a lot easier.
But once you start down that road, ladies and gentlemen, it leads to the dark side, and it leads to your destruction.
Well, you know, let's go to calls.
I'm going to answer questions from the message board.
I got about 200 of them here I haven't gotten to.
Uh, but, uh, let's go ahead and talk to Adam in New York.
Adam, you're on the air.
Um, there's a couple points, uh, I was, uh, kind of questioned.
Um, you talked about Bush, I, I, my, may I misheard, you talked about Bush signing an executive order to prevent Congress from preventing mercury in vaccines.
Yeah, that was mainstream news two weeks ago.
Okay, because when I did research online, it seemed like he didn't sign an executive order, but he basically said that he would veto if Congress, you know, voted anything.
Well, I mean, look, we don't screen calls, but you volunteer that you disagreed, so we put you ahead of the line.
But hold on, I didn't know specifically what your question is.
Let me just try to pull the article up.
This is apples and oranges.
I don't remember right now if it was an executive order or what Bush specifically did.
I know because I'm sick right now, so my memory's not operating at full capacity.
But it was in the AP, I remember, and a couple other papers, and then Steve Watson at InfoWars.net did a big report.
And by the way, he's neurotic about understating things and about not saying how bad it really is, which I guess is why he's got a lot of credibility.
Sometimes, you know, he'd be downplayed stuff.
The point is that his headline was that Bush was blocking taking Mercury out.
And then I remember reading the article in the hyperlinks and it was true.
And so whether Bush blocked it with threats of vetoes or whether Bush vetoed it or whether Bush signed an order, I don't remember.
But the point is, is that substantively, Bush blocked Mercury being taken out.
Do we disagree on that?
No, we don't.
But my point with a few of the points I was going to mention is, there's times where I think sometimes you play gray areas and say them as definitives, where I'm not sure that serves us well.
And I know it's tough and you have tons of information, but I mean, there are some other examples I could give.
Okay, go ahead and give them.
Okay, um, I remember reading the Prison Planet article and I did my web search on Israel admits their involvement with the Entebbe terrorism thing, Jerusalem Post.
I went to the Jerusalem Post.
It seemed like even your article said there's a possibility that, you know, and it said this guy knew some agent who had an unknown agent who was saying this, that.
I'm not saying it didn't happen or did happen that way, but... Wait a minute!
The Jerusalem Post headline was
Israel behind a 76 terror event, or behind hijacking.
I've got to pull it up, but no, it said that British intel showed, and that the Israelis were starting to admit, that they even sent in commandos, one side thinking we were fighting terrorists, but the other side actually making a deal to stage the event with Idi Amin, who I by the way read a few books on, watched a few films on, you know, know quite a bit about him.
Also saw the King of Scotland, very accurate film.
And did you know that Mossad helped put Idi Amin in?
Did you know Mossad was there the whole time and others have written books about Israel staging that?
I did read that.
Pardon me?
I did read that, yes.
Well, I mean, look, I'm going to stop you right here because, number one, I remember the Jerusalem Post, and I remember also some of the other articles that were written, and the books I read on the subject, and the guests I've interviewed.
And so, all that together,
And even their headline was stating, I mean, we have UPI, AP, Haraj, we have other articles, what was the other one?
Jerusalem Post, about Israel creating fake Al Qaeda groups and staging terror attacks?
I mean, that was also in the article.
And like I said, maybe it has to do with my poor web researching, but when I go right to the headline, Jerusalem Post admits certain things you say.
Go to Google now and type this.
I did, and I didn't find those answers.
It said that, you know, someone in the English intelligence said there was an agent that they wouldn't name who said this.
It sounded just not as definitive as you presented.
Actually, I don't remember the article.
I don't agree with what you're saying.
And just like I don't agree with the Bush thing, now, again, here, I wouldn't be able to engage you and talk to you if I was surfing and looking for it.
And I guess I can go pull it up.
I mean, are you saying I'm being dishonest about Bush and blocking Mercury being removed?
Look, my belief is that his intention, regardless of what he's doing, is evil and is intentionally doing that to try and keep Mercury in.
But it's not even a fair debate.
Because I'm not even agreeing with you that Steve Watson is wrong, because I don't have the article in front of me.
Okay, but what I'm trying to say regarding even the Bush thing, I think there is a difference just as far as the public's concerned.
If Bush actually signs an executive order that says nothing but, you know, I will prevent any removal of vaccines from there, there's no point.
When I read articles about it, he was trying to, even though I don't agree with him, he was saying it's about, oh, financial this, it's not anything else.
Yeah, I understand, everything's fine, okay?
I mean, this is what we're hearing here.
And it's just planting doubts out there.
And I think that's good, overall, if it teaches you to go out and research and check things for yourself.
I've got to tell you, eight out of ten times, that's a guesstimation, but the vast majority, it's far worse when it comes out than what I've said.
You know, I get accused routinely of, you know, it's the cliched response of,
Alex exaggerates.
No, I don't!
If you watch my first films, made in 97, 98, 99, I'm saying there's going to be huge terror attacks and they're going to set up a police state in America.
And they're building FEMA camps.
And here are the documents.
I mean, where I get in trouble is when I don't do the research, which I tell everyone, you always say, don't believe me, do the research.
No, no, that's good, but listen, I'm going to let you go.
I appreciate your call.
I really do.
Okay, I mean, look, it's pointless.
Don't believe me, everything's fine.
I mean, I frankly don't even care, okay?
If you believe me or not.
In fact, I'll just do this on air.
It's very frustrating to... I'm trying to surf around while I was talking to you.
This is going to be in older news.
Where's news and focus?
Or he calls them exclusive reports.
On Infowars.net, on PrisonPlanet.com, it's news and focus.
Kind of our top stories the last week are up there.
But that was about two weeks ago.
So let me scroll down here.
We'll just do this on air.
And Bush confirms he'll seek more power.
The timeline to tyranny.
Now that's only a week ago.
I'll just do this on air, folks.
See, that's the problem with people bringing up points like this.
Gosh, where is it?
I mean, it's so frustrating.
All I know is they first said mercury was good for you in the vaccines, and then they said they'd taken the mercury out of the vaccines, which they hadn't, and they actually increased the mercury on average five times what it had been, four or five times depending on the vaccine.
That was three years ago.
And then now they're back to admitting that it is in the vaccines, they're not going to take it out.
Let me just go back really far here.
Let's go back to August 1st.
New evidence indicates Tillman executed.
What else was Cheney wrong about?
America wants to be surveilled.
Because I know a lot of people aren't going to go check this article out and find out for themselves.
So they're just going to go off who sounded more credible.
So I need to find the article that Steve Watson wrote.
I could have just Google searched it, but I'm too out of it to... Ah, it doesn't even matter.
Look, there's no mercury in the vaccines.
They're good for you.
Just fine.
I'll just lie to you.
Make it easy.
Maybe that's what you want.
Because I can't find the article he wrote here.
I'll just keep looking right here on air.
You know, really what it is, is it's an instinct to not take action and an instinct to ninny around and make excuses about a society that's in terminal decline.
I mean, that's really what it comes down to in this society, is just any excuse.
Here it is, Bush to veto ban on mercury and vaccines.
So, you just called in, and you just said that I said Bush signed an executive order.
I don't remember saying that.
But you said that's what we said, and that the article was wrong.
You said you went and checked it and the article was wrong.
And you said it was a veto, not an executive order.
Here it is.
What does it matter, Jack?
Bush to veto ban on mercury in vaccines.
Clear link to neurological disorders ignored.
We're good to go.
The President Bush would veto FY 2008 HHS Labor Education Appropriations Bill because of the cost of the objectionable provisions such as a measure to ban the use of childhood flu vaccines that contains the Marisol, a mercury-based preservative, a press release from the autism advocacy group Safe Minds on PR Newswire, U.S.
Newswire reports.
Bush is calling for an amendment that will remove the Children's Safe
Provision from the bill and it goes on to some links.
There's actually a video link to them saying don't worry mercury is good for you.
So Bush to veto ban on mercury and vaccines.
The point here is that the mercury is still there and that they lied to you and said that they took it out.
I just spent six, seven, eight minutes with that guy.
I'm sorry.
Let's go to Rishi in Louisiana.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Alright, what's going on Alex?
Hey, I was driving and I got to a train track and I got stopped by a train.
On this train was covered with like army vehicles.
They had armored cars.
It was completely filled with Army vehicles.
Well, that's not unusual.
They move munitions and vehicles via track generally.
That's not unusual at all?
Okay, the operations and detainee command, on that document, it said that the expiration date for that was September of some year?
September of 2007?
Maybe the 23rd?
I mean, if that's the case, that's next month.
Is there any credence to that?
Which specific subsection?
What document are you speaking of?
Not the Civilian Inmate Labor Program, but the Operation Detaining Command, something of that nature.
No, I've seen several of those documents.
They're all available at army.mil.
They're public, but I don't specifically know which directive, because they just reissue the same stuff over and over again.
You can be assured that if you're reading a document that expires in September of 2007, that it's been reauthorized and reissued.
You just need to look for a newer date on that.
That was my confusion.
I got you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Anything else?
That's it, man.
I appreciate the call.
Thank you.
We're going to come back and try to go a little bit faster to Sterling, Jason, Carl, and others.
And we do have, for about 20-30 minutes, he's going to come on and talk about this big Chinese building.
Biggest building in China.
Burned and burned and burned.
Nothing collapsed.
And why didn't it collapse?
They didn't collapse on 9-11.
We'll talk about that.
We'll continue with the calls in the second half of the next hour.
We'll take calls right now when we get back.
And then I've got a bunch of other news on the economy and a lot more.
I am here, ladies and gentlemen.
I appreciate you tuning in to what we have to say.
God bless you all.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
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In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act.
We're good to go.
We're good.
Going back to Adam in New York.
Look, he was asking legitimate questions.
It's just that I'm not saying... I'm saying he meant what he was saying.
I don't think he's a bad person.
But I think that it's not a fair debate to ask questions and claim things were said when I don't believe I even said them.
And it becomes a debate about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
I mean, George Bush is blocking having mercury taken out of vaccines.
That's the point.
I don't remember if I said it was an executive order.
I get talking so fast sometimes I hear rebroadcast on my show and I do make little mistakes.
Like I'll say the wrong year of something or I'll get something backwards or I'll give a phone number out and flip the numbers.
I tend to... They claim I'm dyslexic.
I don't even know if I believe in all that stuff.
But I do flip numbers and do things like that.
I make mistakes.
The difference is we're trying to tell the truth here.
And in the past, I've got to tell you, we're generally underestimating how bad things are.
We're generally underestimating it.
I mean, yeah, it's incredible to hear me say that DynCorp and Halliburton run child kidnapping rings.
But I told you that before it was in the Chicago Tribune.
It's been in the BBC, everywhere else.
That's unbelievable.
Sometimes, I mean, I read these news articles and I can't believe it.
It's unbelievable!
It is unbelievable!
It's unbelievable that serial killers go grab children and rape and torture them.
I mean, that's so alien to me, I can't even imagine it.
I mean, that is just, it's just, what in the world?
And frankly, I want to kill those people.
You talk about an instinct to kill, it's completely natural and healthy, that I want to kill bad people.
I don't like tyrants.
I don't like killers.
I don't like serial killers.
I mean, I've got an instinct to protect people, folks.
That's what it is.
And it is vicious.
It is savage.
It is aggressive.
I mean, I literally, folks, you know that feeling, that guardian feeling.
I mean, I just, it's a lot stronger than, you know, any feelings of just wanting to be powerful and tough.
You know, that's wickedness, folks.
But wanting to protect people.
Me willing to shut off the governor in the brain, just talking about physical action.
You know, to flip that switch off, folks, you can literally just tear people's arms off.
Do you realize that?
And, you know, I use that as an analogy of the Infowar and the type of aggression and the type of resistance and the type of just initiative and the moral authority to just ram these people down, to just run over them.
We've got to have that spirit, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got to stand against the New World Order.
We've got to fully commit.
And by commit, I mean cut off all the safety cords, folks.
Stop caring what your dumb, weak neighbor, cowardly yuppie thinks.
Stop thinking what your boss thinks matters when it comes to issues of the New World Order.
Stop being afraid of your preacher and your church and all those weak, inbred, cowardly people that aren't even Christians, who are just little socialites who want to have a comfortable life.
Get committed, and get into reality, and get into history, and get into the flow of what it is to be a human being, and what our destiny is, and start realizing this is literally just an earth suit, like a space suit for our spirit.
Get tied into the source, ladies and gentlemen.
Get real.
That's all I can say to everybody out there.
And you're not going to get real with trinkets and baubles and different
Costumes and different cliques and different subcultures.
You're going to get real.
Really getting down to the core of your soul and looking into the night sky.
You're going to get real up on a mountaintop for a couple hours just sitting there on a stone looking into God's creation.
You're going to get real when you face the evil that the New World Order has carried out and then make the committed decision to face evil down head to head.
We know things are bad, and we know stuff's out of control.
And the denial needs to stop.
It's a lot worse than what I say.
Believe me.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, let's take some calls and architect Richard Gage is joining us at the new 9-11 developments with this largest building in China burning like a funeral pyre and nothing collapsing.
Sterling in Florida, thanks for holding your on the air, go ahead.
Hello Alex.
Hi, um, I just had a few questions about, um, if you know anything about the Jesuit Order?
Have you ever heard about the Jesuits?
Yes, I've heard about the Jesuit Order and there's little disinformation groups that run around on the web claiming that I'm the top Jesuit assassin.
No, I don't believe that at all.
This is something I wanted to bring to light, that most people with the New World Order, they go so far behind the scenes, but I believe it goes much farther.
Well, I mean, there's no doubt.
We all don't know everything about it.
Well, I wanted to comment, you asked me a question about the Jesuit Order.
The Order of Jesus, founded in Portugal.
Right, during the 15th or 16th century, the counteract of Protestant Reformation.
Well, I mean, if you want to get down to brass tacks, my ancestors came to Texas with Protestant Bibles, okay, and the Catholics actually tried to kill them.
Oh, yeah, I believe.
Oh, you believe it?
I can hear your whole voice.
And listen, I appreciate your call, sir.
What happens is, in this whole movement, people tend to segregate and get into cliques, okay?
And what happens is, this group says it's Jews, and this group says it's Catholics, and then this group says it's space aliens, and then there's groups that argue about which space aliens it is that control the whole New World Order.
And if I had a dollar for every time there was a website or an email or a call about how I'm controlled by Mossad, and if I had a dollar for every time I claimed I was something or another with the Catholics, it would
I'd be a rich man.
Look, I just don't have time for it.
I'm not in a denomination.
I don't go to church.
I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
I have stood out front abortion clinics many years ago with Catholics and Protestants.
I have got friends that are Protestants.
My family is Protestant.
I have friends that are Catholics.
It's just insane.
I mean, and if I spend all day up here responding to, I'm a Scientologist, I'm a Catholic, I'm a this, I'm a that, we wouldn't have a show.
Now, and also, with the whole Catholics Run Everything crowd, they've got to be one of the most distasteful, dishonest groups I've ever seen.
They constantly, constantly,
Run around, lying about me, just making stuff up.
And years ago, threatening me, I better have them on.
And then they're so destructive, whoever lets them on, they then attack them later.
And really, I don't even think a lot of them are government operatives, trying to spread disinfo and dissension.
I think a lot of them are just paranoid schizophrenics.
More and more I'm beginning to realize that.
I mean, you've got your Ronald the Mill type that, you know, think I'm a space alien and I'm, like Colonel Craig Roberts said, pouring acid on them at night, or I'm the devil and they're the Jesus or whatever.
I mean, there's, dude, I've got schizophrenics out there, yin-yang, coming after me, claiming this and that.
And that's, I mean, the schizophrenics obsess on weathermen.
They obsess on the guy next door.
I mean, it's just that any public figure is going to get more of this.
That I completely ignore.
But it isn't about me, and this is what I keep trying to explain to people.
I could start a big national organization and have probably 50,000 members and have paying dues.
Maybe that's the right way to go, because then we could find what we need to do.
But I've just stayed away from it this long because I don't want to be the Director, President Alex Jones of the whatever society.
You know, I'm trying to get you
To go out and be leaders.
And to just be good people and to fight evil.
Instead of spending all our time talking about which clique or subgroup we're supposedly part of.
I'm just Alex Jones from Austin, Texas.
And I want to fight corruption.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
By the way, we've gotten quite a few new affiliates in the last few months.
And I've been lacking in plugging them.
Listeners always ask why we don't have a list of affiliates up on the website anymore.
It's because other Patreon networks call up and
Go after them and badmouth us and other things.
And also other disinfo groups, mainly the ADL types, try to call up and get the show taken off.
So we just spare the stations that headache, and so they do well and get a lot of listeners and patriotic, wonderful people.
So that's why we do that.
KTAE is a new station in Cameron, Texas.
It has quite a large area it covers.
And the gentleman that owns it is the same fellow that's had us on for three or four years in Southern California going into San Diego and areas of Los Angeles.
Great station we've been on for quite a few years there.
And the same owner has now bought another station, KTAE 1330 in Cameron, Texas.
That's outside Austin.
And he's carrying the show weekdays.
So we really are thankful to him for doing that.
We really appreciate
That's right.
We have a lot of callers like Jason, Carl, Ed, and many others that are holding.
We're going to get to you in about 20 minutes.
But I wanted to get Mr. Gage back up on the show.
Richard Gage, he is a prominent architect.
And he is the founding member of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth.
The website is architectsandengineersfor911truth.org.
We have links to that up on Infowars.com.
It's just been around a few months.
They've already got hundreds and hundreds of members.
They're growing exponentially.
He goes around and does presentations around the country to major architecture and design firms, showing them the basic laws of science, showing that Tower 1 and 2 and Building 7 had to be brought down by controlled demolition and certainly not jet fuel.
And we had him set up for another little interview a few
We're good to go.
From jet fuel that burns more than a thousand degrees cooler than it takes to even melt steel.
So joining us is architect Richard Gage.
Thanks for popping in with us today, sir.
You're very welcome, Alex.
It's great to be here again with you.
I'd like to get your take on the Chinese building and then maybe parallel that with some of the other skyscrapers, mega skyscrapers, that don't collapse when they have fires, including one of the World Trade Center towers when they had big fires before.
Nothing collapsed.
Well, in fact, there's a hundred examples of high-rise fires, and like you say, none of them have collapsed.
And this recent example, very recent, yesterday, in fact, this one in China, followed right in suit.
Now, I haven't researched this particular one, I just saw it on your website, in fact, this morning, and I didn't even get a chance to read the whole article, so I don't know how long it burned, but some of these fires
Have burned for a very, very long time.
For instance, in Caracas, Venezuela, 17 hours over 26 floors of that high rise.
It didn't collapse.
Guess what?
In fact, it's in use today, as are all of these high-rise that have had these big fires.
By the way, the debunkers talk about a skyscraper.
They even say that.
In Chicago, it was a one-story, but with a high ceiling.
Another is a two-story in the office complex.
A 50-plus-year-old wooden-framed warehouse with a tar roof.
And they show this and say, look, it collapsed from fire.
I mean, that is incredible.
Yeah, I think they use that example.
I forget the name right now.
It did have steel trusses.
They were not fireproof.
And another example that's somewhat famous over in Thailand, the Cater Toy Factory was full of plastic toys and an incredible inferno.
I killed a lot of people.
It had unfireproofed steel trusses as well.
Yeah, but the difference is you've got a building that's predominantly tar and wood with a few trusses with a huge broad ceiling, a junky warehouse, of course it's going to shag in a few spots.
Yeah, and it's not a worthy example at all.
Let's look at the skyscrapers.
I mean, the skyscrapers, even without fireproofing... Remember, fireproofing is only good for two or three hours.
And these buildings, I mentioned Caracas, Venezuela, Philadelphia, Meridian Plaza in 91 burned 18 hours over eight floors.
And they don't collapse.
Even after the fireproofing is fried.
Because the steel has these properties of wicking away the heat throughout the entire structure to areas that are less cool.
And that's why you may have some deflection, you may have a little bit of warpage, but all these buildings have been put back into use, as will the one in China that burned yesterday.
Now, what about this societal change here?
If suddenly the laws of science are different,
And 1,800 degree jet fuel, and that's with oxygen being bellowed and with the bellows being injected, it burns a lot cooler than that.
We have papers not even... Normal office fires are, in fact, 1,200 to 1,400 degrees is all.
In fact, there's not even evidence in the World Trade Center that it achieved that temperature.
Let's just buy the official story.
Now, magically, 1,800 degrees melt steel.
It doesn't usually melt until 3,000 or thereabouts.
2,755 to 3,300 depending on the type of structural steel.
There's that 600 degree range in there.
Let's just go ahead and believe them.
Let's say the laws of science changed.
And 1,800 degrees?
We know it was only 1,200.
But let's say 1,800 degrees.
Now makes things aerosolized and concrete turn into powder and steel turn into powder.
But it doesn't melt humans and it doesn't melt hijacker passports that fly out of the plane.
Then how is any building safe?
Why hasn't insurance gone up for big buildings a lot if now we know that small fires melt huge four foot around steel columns?
Well, that's true.
The codes have not changed.
In fact, NIST did make a few recommendations for code changes, and the American Institute of Architects fought them on this.
Kind of rudely, actually, saying the codes have worked for years.
They will still work.
We want buildings to be built the same.
On the other hand, the AIA, of which I am a member, said also
praised NIST for its work.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology, the organization, passed with explaining how this collapse happened, which, by the way, they never did, because their analysis stopped at the initiation of collapse, and then everything after that is speculation that they put down in about a page out of the 10,000 pages of tin wrap.
They'll never read all this stuff.
That's what they were hoping.
Did I get lost or did I answer your question, Alex?
No, no, you answered it.
Let's talk about your organization.
It's exponentially growing.
How many presentations have you given?
How many architects and engineers have joined the organization?
We almost have 140 architects and engineers now demanding of Congress a new investigation for the treaty collapses.
9-11, not just the two Twin Towers, but the 47-story high-rise adjacent to the Twin Towers that wasn't hit by an airplane that dropped into its own footprint in six and a half seconds with only a couple of small fires and a lot of smoke.
So, our organization is growing.
It's very exciting.
The website, by the way, is AE911Truth.org.
So we're very excited.
I've got speaking engagements coming up all over the place.
In fact, I'll be doing a Southwest tour through Austin as well.
In your neck of the woods.
So I was giving that out the wrong AE911Truth.org?
Yeah, you gave out the long one, Architects and Engineers, but you can Google that and get to us.
But AE911Truth.org.
Okay, but I'm trying to find out, as we grab this bio off the website, is AE911Truth.org a website?
Oh, okay, so I wasn't giving it out, right.
I was just trying to find out there, boy, I'm really... I haven't probably... I thought you said the long name.
But we'll be in Cambridge, Massachusetts in December.
We'll be in San Diego in October.
We'll be here in Castro Valley on September 25th.
Santa Cruz in September.
And then in Oakland at the Grand Lake Theater here on September 11th.
The day before that, I'll be with Stephen Jones and Kevin Ryan in Bloomington, Indiana on September 10th.
And then, a couple of days before that, I'm doing two conferences, one with you, with We Are Change, in New York.
So, it's very, very exciting.
And our DVD is coming out.
It'll be available in two weeks.
Well, I want to talk to you, I want to have my producer talk to you off air.
I want to carry that.
Because I've seen your presentations online, and I know this is a souped-up version of that that really energized, so I want to carry that on the online video and bookstore at Infowars.com, Mr. Gage.
And I can't wait to see you in New York, and I also need to schedule something to be in New York, some time aside for me to do a hotel room interview with you or something.
Off to the side for an upcoming documentary I'm going to make about the 9-11 truth movement itself.
So I'll definitely have my producer call you in about 15-20 minutes when you leave us so we can find out your actual schedule when you're going to be in New York so we can couple up and do that.
Now, this is the bottom line here.
When we get back from break I want you to answer this Richard as best you can.
We have this scientific crisis going on.
Where all of the laws of science are being violated on 9-11, and then we have a larger and larger growing group of prominent scientists, architects, engineers, demolitions experts saying the buildings are blown up, and the hundreds of firefighters and police saying it too, and they saw the bombs going off, and all the evidence, and then we have all these government scientists saying, no, the laws of physics have now changed.
But the laws haven't changed.
And so, how long can they continue to obfuscate the basic facts as this fraud begins to prepare to collapse?
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Dr. Corsi interviewed Robert Pastor
I don't know.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
Well, I always appreciate him coming on the radio show.
He's a very genteel individual, very intelligent, and he's very effective.
How do you answer the big $64 million question, what is the scientific community going to do as the science mounts, showing that the official story is a manifest fraud?
Well, it looks like they're going to be going further and further into a dark hole of embarrassment.
But right now they're supported completely by the mainstream media, and that's where we have to spend a lot of our energy, and not just educating, because we think that most of them know the truth about 9-11, or are still hiding it.
But the bigger stink we make, and I mean every one of your listeners without exception, writing to the media, editorials, everywhere they can get in, congresswomen,
Congressmen and women.
And these scientists as well.
They need to be besieged.
Bazant, who just wrote this ridiculous paper that's been refuted again about the collapse of the Twin Towers.
NIST needs to be besieged.
It takes a lot of work to overcome this entrenched, you call it evil, I'll call it absolute control.
But it's falling apart, though.
It really is.
Well, it's just like the Catholic Church saying that the Earth was the center of the universe.
They finally had to eat crow on that.
It didn't matter if they locked up Galileo.
It turned out he was right.
And that's, you know, obviously scientists love and architects love the challenge of someone telling them mathematics, you know, basic equations don't fit anymore.
I mean, if the official story's right, science has been turned on its head, and so what's happening is, as you know better than I, the problem with other scientists and engineers is that they're getting their colleagues to look at the evidence, they're going, oh my gosh, this is a fraud!
I mean, isn't that why we're seeing these massive conversions over to reality right now?
Yeah, I think it's true.
Everybody, virtually everybody, and it's not everybody, but almost everybody I show this presentation to, be it a 20 minute, 45 minute, 1 hour, 2 hour presentation,
They see it.
It's clear.
The evidence is clear.
The 18 points of evidence for the explosive demolition is very clear, and the only people who are holding out are people who are paid in one way or another by the U.S.
government or corporations to keep this
phony story about uh... jet fuel and fires and airplane impacts causing uh... the collapse of these two twin towers and of course building seven which wasn't even hit by an airplane.
I was about to say I mean tower one and two the fact that they aerosolized into tiny dust and pieces of bone were blasted hundreds of yards on top buildings and bodies were turned into you know just ground ground powder
That right there proves that it's a controlled demolition, in all the eyewitness reports.
You couple that with Building 7.
I mean, we're entering la-la land here.
Building 7 had tons of molten metal found at the base of it.
It dropped at virtually free-fall speed, indicating that all of the core and perimeter columns were removed synchronistically, times, floor by floor.
That's the only way you can have a virtual free-fall speed.
And you have expanding pyroclastic dust clouds from the massive heat produced by all of these explosions and the pulverization of concrete in that building as well.
Firemen talking about a massive explosion at the first part and then the building started to come down.
It's unbelievable.
And on our website you can see, in the upper right hand corner of the front page, you can see on the building 7, as it's coming down in the flash video, 7 squibs.
Ironically, 7 squibs which are mistimed explosions going off at the 40th through the 47th floor.
Direct evidence of controlled demolition.
Now explain what a squib is for those that don't know.
It's the exhaust or the signature of the demolition charge.
Yeah, they appear to be mistimed demolition charges that are among the thousands of explosions that are responsible for dissecting the intact 50,000 tons of steel in that building
Um, into individual pieces.
They even chopped it up for easy haul-away.
Oh yeah, absolutely, and you see that underneath, well you can see it much more clearly in the case of the Twin Towers because everything is blown outside the footprint up to 500 feet away from the building.
Individual columns and beams and sections, modular sections of the perimeter, uh, bearing wall.
And landing all the way up into other buildings 500 feet away.
This takes a tremendous exterior force.
You can also see these streamers going up and out of the building as it's going down.
Stay there.
Let's do five more minutes on the other side if you can do it, because I want you to be able to finish up.
Then your calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We don't need no education.
We don't need no thought control.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Richard Gage is our guest.
He's the founder
...of architects and engineers for 9-11 Truth, AE911Truth.org.
Your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes on a lot of important news.
But every few weeks we get back into Building 7, Tower 1 and 2, the Pentagon, 9-11.
Because the laws of science, the laws of dynamics, the laws of mathematics have been violated.
And I mean, it's a classic demolition of seven.
The squibs, the penthouse central column falling first, the outer columns being blown last, falling in on its footprint.
I mean, I've been there.
It was 25 feet away from the U.S.
Post Office and didn't even damage it.
I mean, that is a few windows got busted out.
I mean, that is a beautiful job.
I interviewed Jimmy Wright, a family friend who lives outside Austin, but part of the year was working in the financial center in New York.
I interviewed him just a few hours after it happened.
He was out on the end of the pier about to be evacuated.
He said, incredible control demolitions top down.
And then he saw seven from across the water and said control demolition.
I mean, that's the basic facts.
And just in closing, Richard, you were trying to finish up about Tower 1 and 2, but then getting into 7, just how classic this demolition was.
Well, it had the classic kink in the middle at the top at the initiation of the collapse, which was after, by the way, the East Penthouse fell a few seconds earlier.
Explain as an engineer why they blow the central columns first.
Yeah, what they wanted to do is harness the
The weight of the building to bring in the outside perimeter on top of itself.
So they cut a fraction of a second before the perimeter columns, they take out the core columns.
That's the reason for the kink at the top and the penthouse falling.
And then, floor by floor, you do that.
Interior, exterior, interior, exterior, all the way up the building.
And you have this perfect implosion with the exterior walls falling
Uh, over the top of it.
All of it, of course, hiding the tons of molten metal flowing like lava, as the fireman, uh, discussed it.
And, uh, I-I hope your listeners know where that comes from.
Okay, I'll tell them.
Sure, go ahead and tell them.
Yeah, um, the-if you have thousands of charges placed, uh, which-and you want it to look like a fire, you don't use, uh, high-tech T4 or RDX explosives.
You're gonna use
Something like thermite, which the military uses to cut through steel like a knife through butter.
So thousands of those is going to produce a lot of the byproduct of that chemical reaction, which is molten iron.
And indeed, some of the steel sample slide was sent to Stephen Jones, a professor formerly at BYU.
He analyzed it and found all of the classic chemical signatures
of thermite, such as fluorine, manganese, in addition there was zinc and a few others.
And he's done the spectrograph and the different analysis under electron microscopes and microprobe, and it's the exact signature from three different samples he's gotten from different individuals, people that live nearby, from memorials.
It is the exact signature time and time again of not just thermate,
Not just Thermite, but Thermate, the patented accelerant.
But then clearly there are also then jackets of major blast explosives to couple with the melting process to then also give us... They talk about a pancake.
There was no pancake, folks.
It was aerosolized, those hundreds of floors of concrete.
I mean, just unbelievable.
Yeah, you're switching over to the World Trade Center now, to be clear.
We don't see 110 floors down at the bottom of the Twin Towers, either one of them.
We see about two floors of completely shredded structural steel, and there's no concrete, no macroscopic chunks of concrete found.
That's because all of them have been
Virtually completely pulverized.
Ejected with major kinetic energy.
And then it gets even worse.
We then look at the beams from photos taken that first day and they're sliced at a 45 degree angle just as thermate packets are placed.
There are plenty of examples of 45 degree angle cuts which is a classic technique used by the controlled demolition
That's correct.
industry and and ironworkers at the site would not be cutting uh... at an angle the straightest distance between two points uh... the fastest is a straight line
So that's another example and yet another one is this all of the dust seems to have contained these microspheres of previously molten iron up to the size of a BB and completely spherical.
Dr. Jones found that these were predominantly molten, previously molten iron and were apparently ejected and atomized after the aluminothermic reactions occurred and then there was an explosion in the case of the Twin Towers
Uh, atomizing this stuff, hurling it all over, and as it cools, it forms a sphere because of the surface tension, just like raindrops.
And this stuff also has the exact chemical trace signature of thermate.
But we don't just have New York TV with firefighters saying it was like a foundry.
For those that don't know, that's a steel mill with a big molten slag.
We also have now three different camera shots from mainstream media of just founts, gouts of this at key floor levels pouring out of the building seconds before the collapse.
And it's not molten aluminum as has been suggested by NIST because it's not silvery in color.
It's a bright, glowing orange and yellow.
And that indicates a much hotter temperature than molten aluminum.
And it doesn't look like molten aluminum.
Yeah, aluminum looks like gray, smoking yogurt being poured out of a building.
Not big.
I mean, this stuff looks like what you see at Foundry when it's splattering.
It's orange.
Oh yeah, yeah.
So it's clearly...
of steel or molten iron, and we found with Dr. Jones' chemical analysis that it's not structural steel, this molten metal, because it doesn't contain chromium, which is a key ingredient of structural steel.
Now, 15 years, I'm going to let you go, because I appreciate all your time.
We're going to go cold, sir.
This is a side issue.
I mean, you're a scientist, you're an engineer, so you're not going to make guesses about who's behind this, but we know who has the motive and who called for it in the government documents.
This is my question as an architect, because you're the guy that figures out how to build these things, so reverse engineering we've had the militias experts on as well, but I want to get from the end of building it.
How much explosive do you think it took, and how many people do you think it took with Tower 1 and 2 versus 7, and how many trips to go in and set this up?
Well, Dr. Jones has speculated that it's actually not that much.
A team of a dozen men could have done it over a period of a month or two.
In fact, there were elevator modernizations going on the nine months prior to 9-11.
So easily, under the guise of an elevator modernization,
A team would have had access to every core column, which is right next to all of the elevators.
That's right.
Anybody knowing the building, except security, of course.
Tower 1 and 2 were built in with maintenance shafts, not just vertically, but also horizontally, totally separate from all the other areas within the building.
So, that's important.
Every floor contains
We also have
The fact that they had a bunch of terror drills, a bunch of bomb threats, evacuations in the months before, whole floors were shut down, there were weird security crews in there, I mean, that's all been reported.
I mean, I wonder, how do these guys, I guess, well, we're just gonna go kill Americans, and this is...
This is going to get us our new world order, and it's for the greater good.
It's like a military decision of losing a pawn in chess, and they saw those 3,000 people as pawns, folks, and they see us as pawns.
I mean, when you find out the Pentagon radiated over 4,000 American children and killed them, telling their parents it was medical treatment just to test radiation on them, and when you learn they did a bunch of other things even worse, you begin to understand this is just, this is a no-brainer.
They just said, yeah, we're going to kill them.
And, you know, to further our whole operation, and
Now look at us.
Well, listen, Richard Gage, I look forward to meeting you in person in New York.
I'm really impressed with your professionalism and your scientific acumen.
And I'm going to have my producer call you right now to try to find out where you're staying and what your schedule is so we can hook up with you to do an interview while we're in New York.
We're doing one of the same functions together at WeAreChange.org event.
So thank you for coming on with us, Mr. Gage.
You betcha, Alex.
It's just a pleasure.
Thank you.
You bet.
When your DVD comes out in two weeks, we're going to be carrying it.
We're also going to have you on here.
All right.
Thanks a lot.
You bet.
We'll talk to you soon.
There goes our Richard Gage, ladies and gentlemen.
And look, I know a lot of you have heard all this 50 times.
And I don't beat dead horses here, but they blew those buildings up right in front of us.
And people say, well, why is it important that George Bush in 1973, as the head of the new eugenics office in the federal government, sterilized 42% of Native American women on reservations?
And that's mainstream news.
Well, I mean, they'll sterilize 42% of the women.
I mean, that's just one little example.
One of thousands that we can list that they've done to people.
And if they would take over 4,000 American children and inject uranium and plutonium in them, and I mean kill them, healthy kids.
They also killed a lot of retarded children.
It always starts with them and then moves on to others.
They'll kill 2,800 and something of you on 9-11.
And you better grow up, people, and realize that.
The only reason they hadn't killed me is because they don't want to add credibility to the things I say and do here.
And it's time to not be selfish.
I mean, look, I put myself directly in the way of the fist.
And frankly, living like this makes my life more valuable and I live every day to the fullest extent.
And you know, I'm honored to be a warrior against tyranny.
I'm honored.
That's what men are supposed to do is put ourselves in danger for the people, the tribe.
And I don't want to be part of this evil.
I don't want to be part of this extermination.
I don't want to be part of the New World Order.
I don't want to tacitly, passively go along with it anymore.
And I'm not going to go along with it anymore.
They revel in being ruthless.
They see it as a strength, as a trait.
They see it as a positive thing that they're ruthless.
They literally keep score about how many people they've killed with their policies.
That's why Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger are respected.
That's why George Herbert Walker is respected.
Because they oversaw policies that killed and maimed and starved and sterilized millions.
And knowledge turns into a rumor.
Because if you have the actual documents, it's not rumor, it's documented.
But, oh, I hear there's concentration camps.
I hear there's FEMA camps.
Well, it's been on the Army's website.
It's been announced in Congress.
It's been in the Houston Chronicle.
It's been in the news.
But, you see, the general public doesn't go actually get the news articles, or go to the library, or go online and find them.
Or you do searches, and, you know, you haven't done a lot of it, so you haven't gotten good at it, so you have trouble finding it.
Once you learn how to use a search engine, it's far too easy.
It's scary, too.
It's like the NSA power of 10 years ago at our fingertips now.
They've got more advanced stuff now, but this is really powerful tools.
And I just keep finding walls of evil and endless mines of wickedness.
Just piles of it, the size of mountains, the size of the Himalayas.
I almost dehumanize the Native Americans by just glazing over, hey they sterilized 42% of them and I just move on to the next wall of evil.
They just become statistics and numbers.
We just flick off and rattle off here.
Let me tell you something.
My family and my children aren't just numbers.
And your children aren't either.
And I'm telling you folks, I don't even want to say it anymore.
I don't even try.
I just want to fight these people.
I just want them to stop what they're doing.
I want them to stop being evil.
But they're not going to stop.
They're not going to stop until we beat them.
They're not going to stop until they're brought to justice.
They're not going to stop
Until you stop them.
Until I stop them.
Until we stop them.
And when you find out that it is in an urban legend that the Navy was commissioned in the mid-seventies to create an autoimmune virus that particularly targeted blacks, and then you go research it and you find out it's exactly that.
And that it's used for a cover in Africa for other bio-plagues they've launched.
And you realize, I mean, you find out.
You find out, I mean, it's just, those little kids, I mean, even if you're some racist Klan member, I mean, you shouldn't want to kill black children.
I mean, I just can't imagine, I mean, it's all done at a far, too.
And then there's a lot of racist white America who hears about this and goes, well, you know, it is tough, but we can't have them destroying the environment.
We gotta go out and do the tough thing and kill them.
Yeah, that stuff's going on, but that's the way it is.
And what they don't realize is the elite's waging war on white people more than anybody else.
But they're just brainwashing and dumbing down and breaking up and targeting and manipulating and recruiting into their system.
So even if you don't even care about other groups of people, you should care about what's happening to society as a whole.
Because the elite aren't just trying to save the white race or kill the Asians and the blacks or control their numbers.
They're waging war against everybody.
They are threatened by anyone who is independent.
I mean, look at how they want to attack Iran.
It's because Iran's first world, folks.
I mean that place is becoming wealthy and dynamic and successful just like Serbia did.
Just like Iraq did.
Anybody who tries to build anything is blown to bits.
Anybody who tries to build a decent society is attacked.
These people are threatened by it.
I mean, if they let countries develop their own technologies, then they're going to become sovereign and independent, and threaten the hegemonic monopoly of power of the global elite.
The global elite are about a new dark age for us, and death for many of us, and social engineering and drugging and control.
And it's about them controlling the future.
And they're wrecking the minds of the general public.
They're dumbing the public down.
To me, that's the ultimate crime.
I revel
In people learning.
I enjoy people doing well.
I love the light of discovery in people's eyes, whether they be an old lady or a young child.
I just like goodness.
And I don't think that's special.
I think that's just basic makeup.
I see all of you as my fellow tribe members.
Fellow human beings.
And I want to have brotherhood with you.
I want to be friends with you.
I want to admire science, and development, and honor, and strength, and courage.
Instead, we honor trappings, and baubles, and trinkets, and glittering junk, which will all pass away.
What's the old Norse saying?
Cattle die, and kinsmen die, but I know there's one thing that never dies, and that's the fame of a dead man's deeds.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, to take your phone calls on the other side.
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And everybody knew you didn't give no lift to Big John.
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Somebody said he came from New Orleans where he got in a fight over a Cajun queen and a crashing blow from a huge right hand sent a Louisiana fella to the promised land, Big John.
Alright, Jason, Big John.
Edward, Julie, Kurt, Big John.
Nathan, we're gonna get all of you on before we get Ron Paul's press secretary campaign spokesman on Jesse Benton.
Let's go to Jason right now in Ohio.
Thanks for holding, Jason.
Hey Alex, first time caller?
Hey, I just wanted to make a couple of statements.
Number one, it's the divisions that are killing this movement.
We gotta unify.
We gotta get active.
We gotta stop being consumers and just taking in the info.
We gotta get out there and start spreading the word.
And we all know more than somebody else.
So all of us are in a place where we can start to talk to people and wake people up no matter how long you've been into this.
Well, my big problem is, in the truth movement, patriot movement, left, right, it doesn't matter, people that don't like the way things are going and want liberty and don't want the parasites to win, is that the groups spend about half their time talking about who's good and who they agree with.
Let's not spend our time doing that.
Let's spend our time waking new people up.
Let's spend our time getting involved in the fight against the New World Order.
I just want to say something.
We've all got a calling.
We can all step up.
I've been taking in the info for three years.
I haven't been active that much.
I found a place to just start a meetup in Columbus for the Ron Paul group.
We're from 12 to 225 in three months.
People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
People are coming out of the woodwork.
Ron Paul is a doorway to wake people up into the bigger picture.
And we've got to see that.
And it's a wide net that we can get people in.
Then people will learn about the New World Order.
They'll learn about the Federal Reserve.
Ron Paul is a perfect entree.
And let's say Ron Paul doesn't win.
We should act like he is.
We should push.
We should donate.
We should spread the word.
Regardless, he injects real issues into the debate.
But that's a side issue.
Exactly as you said, it creates community cadres, and those meetup groups with thousands of members in major cities, hundreds in small towns, those will continue to be organizations and friends, because what the local meetup does is it then takes it and translates it into boots on the ground, creating real communities, and we see a huge community of like-minded freedom lovers forming right now,
That was already there, but are using Ron Paul as a type of genesis point to expand that freedom wavelength.
Yeah, and you said it before, I just want to echo it.
What this movement needs is humble leaders with pure motives, people who aren't in it for a title, aren't in it for themselves.
And you know what?
You'll be lifted up if you put your motives right.
People will be drawn to you, and it's not about you.
It's got to not be about us.
It's got to be about the movement.
And the message of liberty and freedom.
People want to hear it.
And if we have, you know, selfless leaders just wanting to get people together and move forward, it'll work.
And I think we should also, I mean, to be clear, by banding together, that doesn't mean centralizing under one group or name.
That means our ideas are basically the same and then we just move forward.
Because centralizing too much is very dangerous because then they can demonize that group or
What they can't do is deal with an idea.
Go after it.
Ideas are bulletproof, as they say in V for Vendetta, but that's a paraphrase of many others.
So you can kill my body, but you can't kill my ideas, the information we put out.
Thank you so much, good to hear from you.
You want to plug your Meetup group?
Uh, yeah, it's the Columbus, uh, Ron Paul 2008 Meetup.
Just go to Meetup and join us.
Alright, alright.
We'll be right back.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Later, we've got Kessie Benton, Media Coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign, joining us.
Give us some updates on what happened for the Straw Poll and where they're going in the future.
Right now, let's go to Julie, then we'll go to Edward.
Julie, in North Carolina, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Well, I'm a skeptic.
I've just started listening to you very recently by way of the internet because I work overnight and I've been listening to you mostly to your recorded shows.
Today, I was able to listen to you live, so I wanted to call you.
I'm just
I guess I don't.
I mean, part of me wants to believe the stuff that you're, the information that you're putting out, but the other part of me says, you know, how do you know that this stuff is factually based?
Well, you go and verify it.
I mean, when I say steel doesn't melt until 2755 degrees, you can just type into Google, steel melt temperature, you'll find hundreds of college websites, textbooks, you can go to the library and get a book on
On smelting?
To learn all of that?
When you mentioned concentration camps, are you saying that there are actual concentration camps that exist currently in this country?
Yes, they have built FEMA camps for the American people.
And they have recruited the preachers to tell them to tell their members at the church to turn your guns in when you're told.
By the way, after we broke this last year with Pastor Butch Paul, it ended up being in mainstream news
FEMA got real mad.
I mean, believe me, I wish this wasn't true, but yes.
Well, how can I... I mean, I guess my question is, how can I... I mean, I realize, you know, the Internet's available, but you can't always believe everything.
Well, you have to learn sources.
You have to learn sources.
I mean, you can go to Google, type in Marshall Law, Alex Jones,
And hundreds of things will come up, and one of the top links is just a clip from my first film, America Destroyed by Design, and there is a video of inside the House-Senate Joint Committee, and they bring up the FEMA camps for the American people.
I mean, you can watch back in the 80s where they're talking about it.
But do you honestly believe that, I mean, I guess as a person who, I consider myself a conservative,
Uh, who is somewhat, uh, disgruntled or disappointed, I guess I would say, as a person who supported Bush both times.
Uh, more disappointed in the last four years than the first, I guess.
Well, I mean, listen, you're a conservative.
Okay, okay.
Do you remember Rush Limbaugh ten years ago saying the CFR doesn't exist?
Well, I didn't... I mean, every time I tune in, he used to say it.
People call him about it, and he says, Cook Detector, you're nuts, it doesn't exist.
Yeah, I remember that.
I'm an avid Rush fan.
One of his books was published by the CFR, by their imprint, that is their sub-licensee, and you can go right now on PrisonPlanet.com and watch Dick Cheney say, I'm a member of the CFR but I keep it secret.
Now see, Rush Limbaugh is not stupid.
He's on the payroll of these people.
That's my point.
We can prove... Listen, remember the amnesty?
Bush said it isn't an amnesty, but the bill's secret.
Then we got the bill, and was it amnesty?
Pretty much.
Pretty much?
I mean, if you read the bill, it was a pardon for aggravated felons.
It was worse.
Look, look, look, look.
Do not believe what I say, but at the same time, do not believe what Rush Limbaugh or Neil Bortz say.
I mean, let me tell you, they are trying to lie to you and twist and keep it low denominator.
I'm here knowing they could kill me at any time, knowing this is the real deal, and believe me, I believe what I'm saying.
If you want to know that, I believe what I'm saying, and I know that about 95% of what I talk about is well documented.
What do you think?
Tell you what, Julie, if you've got time, stay there.
I've got to get Ron Paul's spokesman on and find out where they're going right now, and then I want to come back to you, because you're here to seek the truth, and you're a great type of caller who wants to know, so will you stay with us?
We'll talk to the guests for a couple of segments, then I'll go back to you and Edward and everybody else that's holding.
Stay with us.
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Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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That's 1-800-894-5152.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
He's a very busy man, so we're gonna keep him for this one 15-minute segment.
Or, I guess, 16-minute segment.
Gonna be technical.
So he joins us right now from the Ron Paul headquarters.
It's Communications Director Jesse Benton.
He's the guy that is fielding the literal hundreds of media requests a day.
We're going to line up Ron Paul in the next two weeks here on the show.
We're honored to have him.
There is a Texas Delegate Straw Poll, which will be scientific because it's just going to be delegates.
And we're going to explain that.
But it's open to the public.
It's going to be a big event.
And also, I guess, a fundraiser.
And so we're here to promote that today as well.
But, Jesse Benton, thanks for coming on with us.
Oh, thanks for having me, Alex.
I appreciate it.
I know you guys are taking the higher road, and I respect that, but at the same time, the voting process is even bigger than Ron Paul, or even bigger than this election.
I mean, it's the foundation of this country.
It's been confirmed that we have in the Iowa straw poll one of the campaign individuals that, just like they barred Ron Paul from the other debate,
The panel turned out it was involved with McCain's National Committee.
Now we have this lady involved with Mitt Romney on his committee.
We have people doing exit polls that show that Ron should have come in at least second place if not first place with a 6% sample.
And we also have the fact that Ron Paul's supporters took over and were clearly there in mass.
You were obviously there in covering all this.
Do you think something... I mean, I know you guys are happy with, you know, beating McCain and Giuliani and all these others and Fred Thompson, but the evidence shows Ron Paul probably got second place.
Can you give us any inside scoop on that?
Well, I would say this, and this is a lot of credible outside observers from the press, activists for other candidates, they were overwhelmed by our presence there.
I mean, Ron Paul supporters absolutely flooded this place.
We had the best signage, we had the most supporters, we had the most enthusiastic people, and the largest volume of people out there trying to talk to people and convert people.
You know, more than half our people that came probably came from out of state.
So we had, you know, we had 1,300 people that showed up to vote.
We probably had about 3,000 people total on the ground there, which was just huge.
And that was a really positive thing because most of the folks that were coming there that day, they were coming with tickets bought for them by other candidates being bussed in and things like that.
They were probably being pretty loyal and pulling the lever.
We're good to go.
Well, there's also this disinfo.
They imply that Giuliani and others, quote, didn't compete in the poll.
They were in the poll.
I mean, they're known on the news.
And they lost.
Well, yeah.
I mean, Rudy Giuliani, he was doing retail politics in Fort Dodge, Iowa, two days before the straw poll.
You know, because we know that because Ron was there as well.
And they were running advertisements and everything.
So to say that they weren't competing, I mean, they didn't have a tent and they weren't buying people tickets.
I mean, they were competing in this thing.
We shouldn't kid ourselves.
So, you guys are taking the high road, and you think... I mean, the die-bolt machines have been decertified in other states.
You had the classic malfunction, and then the 1400, and then 4500 got recounted.
No suspicions?
No, I think we're... I think we're pretty...
We're pretty comfortable with what went on.
They counted all these recounts, all these problems.
Some of the other campaigns had bigger problems with this than us.
Uh, it looks like everything was done pretty much in the open.
I mean, the scary thing, though, is, Alex, is, what if these, you know, these Diebold machines, we really, really need to examine these things over the long haul, because you're right.
Uh, you know, transparency of voting, the integrity of the voting process is bigger than Ron Paul, bigger than this election.
I mean, it is, it is just a huge issue.
And, uh, you know, the fact that we're having these problems with these Diebold machines is a big deal, and we really need to examine whether these things are going to continue to be used.
RonPaul2008.com, 1-800-RonPaul, call, donate, call support, call get yard signs, put them in your yard.
Now I'm seeing yard signs all over Austin, Texas.
I'm getting reports of yard signs all over the country.
And I think the mainline controlled corporate press is having trouble now claiming he's a second tier candidate.
They're starting to have to admit, and Las Vegas is starting to have to admit, that his odds are rising, and if he continues his trajectory, he's going to get the Republican nomination.
Well, we sure think so.
You know, this is very much a building process.
I mean, we definitely have the most passionate supporters of any candidate out there on either side.
It's not even close there.
And, you know, we have the strongest grassroots network across the country.
You know, as more and more Americans start to tune in, I cite this stat a lot, only about 25% of Americans are paying very much attention to this presidential race right now, which means 75% of the people out there
They haven't really tuned in yet.
It's too long, they've turned off by politics, it's too far out.
But as people start to tune in, we're going to be able to capitalize on the grassroots network and start pulling them in.
These nationwide polls, it's still really all about name recognition right now.
Calling retirees in their homes that have no real interest at all in politics right now and asking them who they're going to vote for.
The only name they know is Rudy Giuliani.
They don't know Ron Paul yet.
And that's why these so-called scientific polls are such frauds.
I mean, I think it's more scientific to have an IP-controlled poll where you can only vote once, and that is the middle-aged folks, the young people in this country, folks that know how to use computers.
It's two different worlds that are really separating faster and faster.
So I think it's very unscientific to only poll, and by the way, a lot of people don't even have landlines anymore.
I mean, I know this has been beat to death, but I don't think it's been pointed out clearly enough
Uh, that going and polling 10% of the population that doesn't even, you know, know how to use a computer, I don't think that's scientific.
I think it's the opposite.
Yeah, I don't think we can completely disregard the traditional polling methods, but we have to point out that there are some real shortcomings in how they're conducting business right now.
And at the same time, there are problems and flaws and probably some inaccuracies in the online polling too, but to write those off as so many folks in the mainstream media or pundits want to do, that's not a very good thing either.
We need to look at what's going on in both.
Realize that neither one is perfect, but look to both as metrics of success.
And one where, you know, Ron Paul dominates.
So that's only positive.
What is the spirit in the campaign?
What is the attitude?
I mean, I know the Congressman has said this is hundreds of times what he ever thought it would be.
I see a gleam in his eye.
But I mean, how is he handling the grueling?
I mean, overall, just what's the attitude in the campaign?
And then how's the Congressman holding up to all this?
Well, he has definitely enjoyed having a few days off.
He took some personal time yesterday to spend with Carol, who, as a lot of you folks out there might know,
Had a pacemaker installed in Des Moines on Sunday.
She's resting comfortably and expects a full recovery.
He does get tired.
He definitely gets tired.
Part of the reason why he gets tired is because he won't shirk his congressional responsibility to focus on this presidential candidate thing.
He's working hard.
He remains optimistic and what really charges him up, what really charges his batteries are when he meets with supporters and he hears people say, hey, you're the only guy out there that really speaks to me.
Thank you so much for running.
It's the supporters that really charge his batteries.
So I would just ask everybody to keep praying for Ron, keep sending him his wishes of support.
When you see him, let him know what he means to you.
Let him know how energized he makes you, and it'll be a reciprocal process.
And I think it's important to pray for Carol.
You know, I've mentioned that, and obviously she's been on the campaign trail with him.
He's 72.
I was surprised he was 74.
He'll be 72 here on August 26th.
So Ron's birthday coming up.
We've got a few minutes left here.
Tell us about the straw poll for delegates coming up in Texas and how people can get involved in that.
Well, you know, this is not the most scientific straw poll out there.
This is kind of an inside politics Texas straw poll because you have to be a voting Texas GOP delegate to be able to cast a ballot.
So that whittles it down to a field of about 27,000.
But we are working hard on that.
We've got some real crack people.
Mark Elam, our Texas coordinator, is a really great political operative.
And we're identifying folks and getting them to get to Fort Worth and vote for Ron.
So we expect to be able to make a pretty respectable showing there.
We're also going to have just some folks there coming.
Jimmy Ray Vaughn putting on a concert there on the 31st, the day before, and we expect a lot of supporters to go.
It will be, I believe, a $20 donation to see the Jimmy Ray Vaughn concert.
That's just to cover our fees, and you can always contribute more if you wanted.
And it should just be a really great, positive event for Texans to show how much they like Ron, how much they appreciate Ron, and how much they support him.
Yeah, Jimmy Vaughn's a good friend of mine.
He and his wife Robin, they're great people and they just love Congressman Ron Paul.
I may try to be up there, I've just been finishing Endgame and then I've got to do the promotion of that.
Fourteen months of work, but I also don't like missing all these events, neither does my wife, but it's going to be fantastic.
Tell folks the date and the specifics up in Fort Worth.
Well, the Jimmy Ray Vaughn concert is going to be on the 31st.
Don't have too many more specifics right now, but it will be on our website.
And then the voting and the straw poll will be on September 1st there in Fort Worth.
Well, see, for me, I think of that as even more scientific than just some straw poll where politicians buy their Minions tickets and then they come and vote for them.
I think going after the delegates is a really good idea to see what people who are really involved in policy and politics think.
Yeah, I think that you make a good point.
If you're a recent delegate or a current delegate, it means you really have your ear to the rail.
You know what's going on.
You're going to be a pretty savvy person.
What's coming up next in the next few weeks for the Congressman?
Well, right immediately on the radar, he's heading up to New Hampshire this weekend for a visit to New Hampshire.
New Hampshire is going to be a priority of ours, a state that we think we can do very, very well in.
We need to get him on the ground a little bit more there.
The Illinois Straw Poll is actually tomorrow.
Ron won't be able to make it himself, but we're sending our campaign chairman, Kent Snyder.
That's fantastic.
Listen, we're out of time.
Jesse Benton, thank you for spending time with us.
Thanks for the great job you're doing and to tell everybody on the campaign that I said hi and just keep your campaign against Karen Eub.
We're right here with you, my friend.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet.
We'll be right back with your call.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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Supreme Court.
Yet on February 29, 1892, in an I-nothing decision of the U.S.
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I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind.
There was something so pleasant about that place.
Even your emotions had an echo in so much space.
Let's go back to Julie and I'm going to go to Edward, Kurt, Nate, Austin and others.
Look, it's like finding out your next-door neighbor is a serial killer when he was such a nice man, and you had all those barbecues with him and picnics over the years, and he babysitted your children.
I don't know what to say about the New World Order.
You know, you're saying, is it real?
Can you believe me?
What do you believe?
I know this.
We don't have our government running our banking system or the issuance of our currency.
There are people running the government that own and control both parties that want to set up world government.
And if Rush Limbaugh these years would have spoken out against it, they couldn't have done it.
But, you see, he never would have been on the air that big of a show if he hadn't been playing ball.
So that's really which comes first, the chicken or the egg.
You've just got to come to grips with betrayal.
And I had a few girlfriends in high school and college that, you know, would cheat on me or do nasty things and were just bad people.
And you've got to learn in life that just when you run into bad people, learn to just disengage and don't blame yourself and just get away from them.
Well, you can't do that with a government because they just keep coming back and back and back and back again.
It was like that in my life.
People that try to use me or push me around.
I've just gotten to the point in my life where I'm like, you know what, just get away from me.
And if they've got a problem, I'll stomp on them.
But I'd rather just let them move along.
But with government, we can't do that.
I mean, Julie, are you still there?
I mean, the big deal here is study history.
I mean, why don't you go buy Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire on eBay?
I bet you can get it cheap.
Now, it's 800 and something pages long, but if you read 30, 40 pages a night, you can read it in, you know, six months or so, and then you will hear all about poisonings and lying and murders and corruption and land grabbing.
I mean, humans do the same stuff over and over again.
And so, but you know what?
I'm just talking at you.
I mean, how can I help you?
Well, no, I just, I mean, I guess I consider myself somewhat of a political junkie, and I feel like I'm getting all this information, you know, I do listen to Rush, I do listen to Neal Borgson, he's not really, I mean, he's a proclaimed libertarian, but I get all this information from different, various people, and it's just, I guess the point is, I'm trying to make is it's difficult trying to decipher through that and figure out what is actually true and what isn't.
Well, here's the difference.
Neil Bork, about 80% of what he says is great info.
When he talks about a rash of illegal aliens running around murdering people, crime statistics show more than half the crimes committed in L.A.
County are illegal aliens, because they are the criminal mass that comes here.
The non-criminals stay home predominantly, and they can get away.
They know no one knows their name, no one recognizes them, so they can commit, like the railway serial killer, they say killed more than 15 people.
So, Neil Bortz tells the truth about that.
But then when it comes to the war, and who engineered this, and what's behind the Muslim extremists and all that, he doesn't tell you.
So, Michael Savage... Do you think Iraq was really a... You mentioned Iraq earlier about us having to, I guess, take care of or deal with countries when they become too
I don't consider Iraq, I guess prior to us going in there, I don't consider them to be certainly not a
I mean, being under a dictatorship such as Saddam Hussein, I don't really consider that to be a successful empire.
I guess it was to him, but it's not to me.
No, it could grow into an empire.
Listen, you don't have to believe me.
Iraq had achieved first world status in 1990.
They had movie theaters, rock and roll stations.
I'm not saying this is a sign of a healthy society, but they had Playboy in the stores.
Okay, and women did what they wanted to, and 60% of the graduates in the medical schools and the law schools were women.
And if you really want to get down to the final equation, Saddam Hussein is an angel cake, was an angel cake, compared to the other people in that region.
And he was a leftover from a previous policy of putting better people in there.
He's a leftover of a 60's policy when our government was not completely evil.
Okay, they set him up.
Let me just tell you, because you asked the question.
They set him up to attack Iran.
They financed him to do it.
They set him up to attack Kuwait.
I mean, the whole thing.
And now, for 16 plus years... Stay there, Julie.
We're going to talk about it on the other side.
I promise I'll get to your other calls.
This is important, folks.
This takes you through the mental processes of a decent person who has been mind-controlled by Rush Limbaugh.
Me included!
I mean, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh.
One of the first places he got syndicated was into Austin.
I was listening to this guy when I was a senior in high school.
I mean, we're talking 16, 17 years ago.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Government is best which governs least.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
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Look, this is how I woke up, Julie.
I found out that history books were more entertaining than science fiction books when I was about 14.
I mean, every page was a battle or an assassination.
So I started reading 800, 900, 1200 page books on Nazi Germany, on the Soviets, on the Romans.
Then I went to college and I saw them setting up a new empire.
Brainwashing us for a one world government.
Then I turn on CNN and they say there's no new world order.
While I was being taught in college about a world government and how guns were bad.
And it really all started because I said, you know what?
You're not going to take my guns.
And I saw the IRS harass family and people I knew.
And I'd see them doing the taxes saying, man we paid them what they were supposed to but they're still coming after us.
And I saw city bureaucrats doing mean things to my grandparents about, you know, some creek behind their house they didn't even own.
And I just said, you know what, I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to fight these people.
And when I started out, 13 years ago now, it's almost 13 years ago now, just getting involved, going down and helping on AXS TV shows, I did that a couple of years before I even got a show, and going to county commissioners meetings, and studying the Council on Foreign Relations.
I didn't know one one-hundredth of what I know now, but I knew more than most.
And I still learn more every day.
In fact, I'm now learning exponentially.
It's exponential now.
Because the more knowledge you get, the more it ties in with everything else, and it frankly becomes impossible to even describe.
There's so many intricate little facets to it.
But basically, it's what's always happened in history.
There is a corrupt power elite who, because of liberty in this country, cannot take us over overnight, so they're taking us over incrementally.
And they use socialism to get control of our daily lives, and then they double-team us with the Republicans, with a more fascist model to centralize more power in corporate hands.
Republicans tell you corporations are good, the corporations really are controlling the government, and they lobby for most of the corporate welfare.
And, I mean, who can doubt we're turning into a police state?
Who can doubt that using spy satellites tied into local police departments isn't freedom?
Or cameras in school bathrooms isn't freedom?
I mean, does that answer your question, Julie?
I don't know what to say to you.
It's just that if you study history, you'll see all this evil before.
And then if you study who's in control today, they're some of the most evil families of the last 300 years.
I just don't... I guess for me, you know, after 9-11 and how long it's been now since then, I've always believed that it was the terrorists who did this.
Or who did this to us, Al-Qaeda, who, you know, um, you know, based on, I guess, you know, yeah, partly from what the media has told us, but partly from, I guess, what I've heard on talk shows or various other sources, but it's hard, I guess I just don't see what our government had to, what, what did they have to gain by just killing, you know, innocent people in those buildings?
Well, I mean, you know about problem, reaction, solution, right?
I mean, let's say your neighbor's got a business that's competing against you.
Well, if you can plant cocaine in his car and embarrass him around town where he loses contracts and then ends up going to jail, that's going to help your business for a while.
Let me explain this to you.
Hitler had his own building firebombed, their own capital.
Why did Hitler do that?
I don't know.
Because then he got to say, oh look, we're under attack.
I've got to take all your freedoms now for your safety.
I mean, Vladimir Putin has been caught red-handed with his Federal Security Bureau planting bombs in 99 when he wasn't going to win the presidency.
But then he got to have a popular war and go crush the Chechens and blame them for it.
And then he got to shut up and now he's reinstituted a dictatorship, basically.
You mentioned Michael Savage while ago.
I don't know what you were going to say something in reference to him.
I'm also listening.
Do you know about his history?
As far as I know of his educational background, I don't know a lot.
Like a normal dirtbag liberal.
He sits there and brags about how smart he is, and how he's Dr. Savage all day, and it's typical elitism.
Do you know, I'm not even going to tell you, listen, I'm not even going to get involved in this because I'm not about throwing muck around.
But do you know the books he wrote before he became a conservative?
Well you better.
I'm not even familiar, I thought he had always been a conservative.
He was one of the biggest beatniks of the 60's.
Oh, really?
Yeah, and he wrote most of the famous poet Dershowitz and I'm just going to leave it at that.
Well, a lot of your fans, just before you go to your next call, I hear a lot of your fans call.
They seem to want you to debate Neal Borks here lately because a lot of them are calling Neal's show and they're bringing up this, they want you two to go into a debate format.
What is Neal Borks?
What is he saying?
Uh, well, he says, you know, he said that would, it really would be pointless, probably, because you come from one view and he comes from a whole other view and he said it would just, he said, I mean, it would be of no use.
Uh, because you guys probably don't, you don't see eye to eye on pretty much anything.
Well, that's why we should have a debate.
I would love it.
A lot of his own supporters want him to do it.
I never talk about Neil Borch until he talks about me constantly.
I frankly don't care.
Neil's an egomaniac.
Let me tell you why Neil won't debate me.
Because he knows all clean as clock.
I mean, I will.
Because I've got the facts and he doesn't.
My brain doesn't even turn on until I start debating somebody.
Well, I actually got introduced to you through George Norrie because I listen to him a lot, like I say, at night.
And I've heard you many times on there.
That was how I had first heard of you.
I wasn't familiar with you until I've heard you on his show quite a bit.
Well, I don't know why Neil wants to talk about me every day and then not debate me.
Well, you know why?
Because I started the whole thing.
Because I called him one day and asked him, because I wanted to know what he thought, because I didn't know much about you myself.
And I said, Neil, do you know who Alex Jones is?
What do you know about him?
And it kind of went from there.
And then a lot of people called in that liked you, and a lot of people called in that didn't like you.
And he basically just said, you know, I don't know him, I don't know anything, I just know he's a conspiracy theory person.
But see, he gets to discount everything.
And that's what Limbaugh does.
You know, get that tape again ready, and then I'm going to go to calls.
Julie, I want you to call me back in the weeks to come, because I've got to be fair to the other callers, but I want to have a bigger discussion with you, because you're a nice lady, you sound like a smart lady, and the biggest thing you need to do is stop judging the world through your own eyes.
I mean, I bet you help your neighbors, and I bet you help little old ladies, and I bet you go to church, and you're friendly, and I bet you're just a sweetie pie.
Let me tell you, the world doesn't operate like you do.
You're a good woman, and you mean well, that's obvious, and so you think the world operates the way you do.
And let me tell you, you need to get outside of your own paradigm and realize the world is a very wicked, dangerous place historically, and there's a lot of evil going on right now.
Uh, and, you know, that's basically it.
I mean, I would bring up to Neal Bortz, okay, Alex says trillions are missing from the Pentagon.
And then Neal can't poo-poo that, because that's been in the Associated Press, and then say, why isn't that a scandal?
I mean, see, there's hundreds of issues, Julie, but I want you to listen to this.
I'm going to let you go, but I want you to listen to this.
This is, this is,
The intro is JBS talking about all the groups that David Rockefeller chairs.
You can go to these groups' websites and see that he's indeed the head of them, or the founder of them, or the funder of them.
And then here's a CFR meeting with Dick Cheney saying he keeps it secret.
He doesn't let his constituents know.
And you know you've heard Limbaugh, because I probably listen to Limbaugh once a month now when I catch him on a rebroadcast on the weekend.
And, I mean, he gets up there and says, he still says it doesn't exist.
Now, he's best friends with some of the deputy directors and people of it.
He's spoken to them.
He's addressed them.
And he's a bald-faced liar, folks.
So here it is.
A special televised meeting of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations provides a window to the real story.
The speaker, Vice President Dick Cheney.
Vice President, I just enjoyed so much your whole speech, but I was particularly pleased that you gave such a strong endorsement for the Free Trade Agreement for all the Americas, a subject that has been of great concern to me for many years, and particularly recently.
And I think it's absolutely essential for the strength of our economy.
Rockefeller's role in the drive for an FTAA was a lot more central than he portrays.
Rockefeller cultivated Latin American leaders who could be counted on to support such a proposal.
Both the 1994 Miami Summit and the FTAA proposal were conceived and nurtured by a Rockefeller-created network.
Prominent among the organizations sponsoring the Miami event were the Council of the Americas, Founder and Honorary Chairman, David Rockefeller.
The Americas Society, Chairman, David Rockefeller.
The Forum of the Americas, Founder, David Rockefeller.
The Institute for International Economics, Financial Backer and Board Member, David Rockefeller.
The Trilateral Commission, Founder and Honorary Chairman, David Rockefeller.
Rockefeller's influence also extends to the current administration.
He was chairman emeritus of the CFR when Vice President Dick Cheney once served as a director, a relationship that Cheney concealed during his congressional career.
It's good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations.
As Pete mentioned, I've been a member for a long time and was actually a director for some period of time.
I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming.
Okay, so there you have it.
It's all real funny how you've gutted this country and turned us into a bunch of gibbering idiots and dumbed everybody down.
And just like these guys won't talk about the CFR or the elite, I mean, they get on air and say there's no elite.
There's always been an elite.
Read what the founding fathers had to say.
It was all about keeping control of them and keeping them out of your business.
The country was founded on that.
So these guys pose as conservatives all day long.
Their job is to keep you from waking up to the real world.
And to keep you in this false spectrum of news and baloney.
I mean, they'll talk about real issues but never give you real solutions or never tell you what's behind that issue.
And I know most of our listeners know this better than I do.
It's just that you've got to talk to people like Julie.
Ed in Texas, thanks for holding.
You're a real trooper.
Thomas Jefferson said that, like ancient Rome, we should all be citizen-soldiers.
And that's what we're doing for Houston for Ron Paul Meetup down here in Houston.
I've been on the phone calling delegates for this Texas Strawpoll every night.
Yesterday I went to the VA.
Can you hear me, Alex?
Sure can!
I went to the VA yesterday.
I had a speech that Ron Paul had written for the veterans.
It was called
Um, actually, well, actually I can't remember what it was called again.
It doesn't matter.
The point is you're pushing for delegates to get to the straw poll.
Anyway, I went to the VA yesterday and I had Ron Paul speech.
That's it.
I had Ron Paul push cards.
I was in the lobby and Miss Bobby Grunner, the
A public affairs officer assaults me by grabbing me by the arm and tells us, me and my buddy that I was with, we had to get out of there.
We weren't allowed to campaign.
And she grabbed me... Wait a minute, campaigns are always going in the VA.
Well, that's what she told me, and this all happened in front of these veterans that have sacrificed life and limb, and they're having to watch this woman try to take away my First Amendment right, what these men fight for!
So she grabbed on you there in Houston.
It was disgusting, Alex.
And so, so she tells me, well, I'm getting the police and you're getting out of here.
So anyway, we left.
And we went out to the front gate.
And stood out there and kept on passing out material as people were coming out.
Well, then two cops, sure enough, pulled up, demand our IDs.
We refused to give them our IDs because we had not committed a crime.
Well, see, that's the New America, though, where they harass you and interrogate you.
Like, it's, look, these people are communicating with each other.
They're talking.
You're not supposed to do that.
Folks, they didn't used to act like that.
The first vet that I talked to, he said, have you ever heard of the New World Order?
And I just opened up the door.
But, you know, and at that point she had come up to us and kicked us out.
But we're standing outside, the two cops come, and we're outside the gates and start demanding our IDs.
We refuse.
You know, it's ignorance of law is what's going to get us, Alex.
We have to become aware of the law.
You know, and I told them, look, I'm not your slave.
I'm not your slave.
There's a Constitution officer.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Anyway... I mean, you asked, why are you here getting in my face when I'm just here handing out campaign material?
Oh, well, absolutely!
But he couldn't give any kind of answer because what he was doing was unlawful.
What did the God creature say when you did that?
Oh, well, he was just, you know, foaming at the mouth, and kept demanding the ID, and we kept saying, no, no, no!
So he gets on his phone, and talks for a second on his little cell phone, and he says, why don't y'all just leave?
So, you know, after about ten minutes of this, we went ahead and left.
And then, me and my buddy, we proceeded to go to a lot of these vitamin supplement stores with Ron Paul's message.
I even went to a mosque yesterday, Alex, to get Ron Paul's message out.
Well, that's what it's going to take, getting in the streets and getting mad and experiencing.
That's it.
Let me tell you what we're also doing down here with Houston for Ron Paul Meetup.
We're starting our own Ron Paul TV show on Houston Public Access.
I've gotten in touch with Bart Black.
Him and I are going to start working together.
I love it.
And that's it.
And I want to say that to everybody else out there.
Get involved with your public access stations out there.
And create your own Walpole Show, because the media is not going to do it.
Do me a favor, write up a five paragraph story, send it to Aaron at Infowars.com, two A's, and we'll get that posted, and there'll also be a plug for your meetup group.
Good to hear from you.
Yeah, we see these chases over and over again, and somehow the police have been told, land of freedom of the brave,
That it's bad to be out with signs.
It's bad to be talking to... Well, you're talking to people in the town square.
You need to move on.
They're out doing stuff.
They're talking.
We've got to stop them.
Alright, Kurt just hung up.
Let's go to Nate.
Nate, where are you calling us from?
Yes, where are you calling us from?
Welcome, go ahead.
Uh, second time caller here and right out the gate, I just want to say I have a Berkey light water filter purification system and anyone that lives in an inner city like I do, you need to have one of these systems.
No, it's wrong.
You should trust the government and drink the tap.
That's right.
Fluoride's good.
It cleans your teeth.
It's good for you, yes.
They love you.
Go ahead.
But, uh, I just want to say that the shipping was really fast and it came within five days from California to Maine.
So that was quick.
And I just had another, real quick, I just had a question for you about Building 7.
Their original excuse for why it fell was that parts of the two Twin Towers came over and hit it.
Yep, not true.
And then they show on the news the World Financial Center and a big gouge out of it and say that that's 7 when it isn't even the right building.
I mean, they are some sneaky little creatures.
And earlier, you know, you talk about how they're trying to change the whole law of physics to fit their lie.
I mean, has the story for 7 changed at all since then?
They've had five different stories.
They claim a fuel tank blew up, that didn't do it.
Then they claim it was structurally built wrong, and they had to pull that out.
Then they claim fire made it do it, they had to pull that out.
And now NIST says, as of earlier this year in January, they don't know why it fell and are looking at secondary explosions.
So they say they're looking at bombs now.
Ah, unbelievable stuff.
But don't worry, the CIA and FBI were based in the building.
Everything's fine, okay?
Right, right.
I appreciate your call.
Good to hear from you.
Thanks for holding.
We'll come back and talk to a couple more people on the other side.
But listen, mercury's good for you.
We have a newscast saying it.
It must be true.
And so is sodium fluoride, and so is aspartame, okay?
We're liars.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is a definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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I can't believe it.
A few months ago, I couldn't even afford gas for my car.
And here we are with season tickets on the 50-yard line.
I know what you mean, John.
I remember the day you saw my new car and asked me if I robbed Bill Gates.
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Now I've got a new car.
And a college fund for Lisa when she graduates from high school next year.
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What a concept!
Let's go ahead and talk to Austin in Seattle.
Welcome, sir.
Hi, how are you doing, Alex?
You know, I was just going to say, like 98911 was the sort of catalyst issue for me that opened my eyes and redirected them to websites like yours.
I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work.
My question is in regards to false flag terror attacks.
Uh, most specifically, uh, terror drills, since it seems that, uh, these drills are the way in which this secretive cabal sneaks actual attacks through the grid.
So I've, you know, I've exhaustively searched the FEMA website, as well as the internet at large, and cannot find any info outlining upcoming terror drills from my area and others.
And was curious if, uh, this info is now classified, and if it's not, where, uh, can I find it?
I mean, specifically, they have anti-terror drills all the time all over the country.
You're saying you can't find anything about them?
Yeah, I mean, I basically go on the FEMA website, I'm trying to find, you know, listings of these drills coming up, because, you know, who knows, Seattle might be a target for these goons, but I just can't find anything.
Remember a few years ago they had big drills in Seattle where they blew up buses, remember that?
Yeah, absolutely.
I think so.
It's a way to keep a lot of people in the dark while a faction knows exactly what's happening.
I just want to thank you for everything you do.
I noticed you mentioned aspartame before the break.
I just want to throw a book out there that everybody should read.
It's called Excitotoxins, the Taste that Kill by Dr. Blaylock.
It outlines all the additives that the food companies put in.
But even bigger than aspartame, it's the chemicals in plastics, by design, that could use other ones, are estrogens.
And it's destroying the reproductive systems.
It's very bad for mammals.
And you can't hardly find stuff that isn't plastic, especially for children.
Then you microwave it, and it makes even more of it leach out, and that's a big public service announcement.
But you know, even I forget to not give my children plastic cups.
I mean, it's all around us, folks.
We're literally basting in this.
I read a lot of your questions today up on the message board at PrisonPlanet.com.
And just so many good questions here.
Hundreds of them.
But luckily people are posting their questions for me and other people are answering them and there's lively debates going on.
Saying, please do a show on Agenda 21, which is active in the USA now.
Yeah, well that's just a codified bureaucracy term and blueprint for the UN takeover of the US.
And yes, we're very deep into Agenda 21.
My first film is about that.
There is just so much, so many great questions here.
There's a question, will Gordon Brown and England stand for Europe's anthem after all?
Yeah, he said he wouldn't go along with the EU takeover of England.
He's basically doing that now and just doesn't even care.
There's so many good questions up there on the site, but listeners should go there and try to answer some of those as best you can for all the people.
There's no way I can answer all these, but I'm going to keep trying to make an attempt to do that here on the show.
I want to thank all of our AM and FM affiliates.
I want to thank all of the sponsors.
I want to thank all of you out there, the listeners, for spreading the word about the broadcast and all the support you give us by purchasing the books and videos that are at InfoWars.com.
And I want to thank my crew here in Austin, Texas and all the things they do.
And of course, up in Minnesota, John Harmon that does the job of three people up there every single day.
Really, he makes my job a lot easier.
Hats off to John and his professionalism.
I've had so many little pig demon board operators in the past, it's good to have a nice person on the show.
Alright, God bless you all!
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.