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Air Date: Aug. 14, 2007
2302 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome!
It is the 14th day of August 2007 and so much is happening and I didn't stay in bed today so if I sound grumpy or tired or irritable it's because I'm running a fever and I got a weird summertime cold that half the people on Ellen Austin seem to have.
That's probably the chemtrails.
Lord knows what's going on these days.
But I am here because there's clear evidence that Ron Paul was directly cheated in the Iowa straw poll.
It was going to be a key benchmark for him.
And it always takes a few days to collate the data and to flesh it out and to see more of it develop.
And it certainly, it certainly has.
In a big way.
We've got a guest coming on in about 30 minutes with the
Sunshine Project up in Iowa, who has been suing the government over these Diebold machines and trying to block them.
They were there doing their own exit polls.
They have a bunch of affidavits of people who were voting for Ron Paul.
They can show statistically that he should have gotten more votes than he did receive.
Realize that 26,000 people purchased straw poll voting tickets.
You've got to pay to get in and then eat.
at these three different facilities there they have their nested together the three different polling places but the uh... and these are adults buying tickets to vote making them eligible to vote and only fourteen thousand three hundred and two supposedly voted though there were more than five thousand Ron Paul supporters at just one of the major uh... voting places there were Ron Paul people taking over basically everything
Do you really believe that there were only 1,300 Ron Paul votes?
Do you really believe that for a single, solitary second?
But that's not where the proof even starts or ends.
I've got a big stack of it here in front of me, and we're going to be going over that, because this is important, because this is foreshadowing of what's going to happen with Ron Paul across the country.
Now, the New York Times and others are spending it, this is a victory for Paul, that, well, he showed up fifth!
It's showing that he's not just an internet candidate, or an internet insurgent, as some have called him.
The truth is, if Ron Paul would have won the straw poll, which I believe he clearly did, he's won every other major poll, after each debate,
Whether it's tech messaging, one message per person, one vote.
Whether it's IP internet, where it's IP address, you can only vote once.
They claim that calling old ladies on average in key demographic areas, who have three channels of television, you know, shows, because Ron Paul shows up 3% in the vote, that that shows that he isn't a viable candidate.
No, it's two different worlds.
Two different segments of society.
But the on-the-ground force of Ron Paul
Acolytes, Ron Paul supporters, Ron Paul revolutionaries, was massive.
So, we'll be going over that after the break.
Also, we have the PrisonPlanet.com public forum.
We have the private forum for members on PrisonPlanet.tv.
I have a bunch of questions here that people
I've posted several hundred since I ended the show yesterday.
If people want me to comment on them, I'll comment on a few of those, as many as I can.
And we've got Jerome Corsi joining us because he's about to leave town and go to Canada, where they're banning any protest or demonstration of the North American Union Summit going on up in Canada.
I'm in French Canada, so that is coming up as well in the second hour.
It is Tuesday, the 14th day of August.
The websites are PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv and Infowars.com and Infowars.net.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
David Rockefeller's best buddy, Brooke Astor, died at 105 last night.
And no doubt descended directly into Hades.
Very evil woman.
She's down there with Lady Bird Johnson right now.
Very serious situation with the straw poll in Iowa.
And of course, poor tins, omens, foreshadowing.
Of things to come with the election fraud.
I didn't talk a lot about Turd Blossom.
And if the president calls him that, we should call him by his name.
He's addressed in cabinet meetings as a Turdy or Turd Blossom.
Bush addresses everyone with an excrement name to show serious mental illness.
But yes, that's your Christian conservative leader.
We're going to play a Keith Olbermann clip here about that, and then I want to contrast that with the worshiping, fawning little compilation of Chris Matthews and others about the boy genius, superstar, mastermind behind everything.
This is the guy that said they controlled reality.
But let's go ahead and at least play part of this Olbermann clip.
We probably won't play all of it.
You can watch the whole thing at PrisonPlanet.com right now.
But here is Keith Olbermann laying it out
Now, in reality, Karl Rove ran absolutely nothing.
I mean, they had the policies that the globalists give them, that Kissinger, as a legate of the New World Order, directs to them, and then, I mean, I guess Rove got to decide which color to paint the 18-wheeler they run over the American people at high speed.
I mean, I guess, I mean, he did get to decide kind of how the silverware is arranged on the table, but not what the main course is or who's invited to dinner.
Or who's being eaten.
So, uh, let's go ahead and go to this piece.
The surge will salvage Iraq.
Good evening.
The President's poll numbers will bounce back.
The Republicans have a very good chance of keeping the White House next year.
Our fifth story on the Countdown.
Karl Rove's exit interview predictions as he resigned from the White House today, well, under congressional subpoena.
John Dean, Howard Feynman, and Rove biographer Jim Moore presently.
But the Rove story may have been summarized by a question barked out to President Bush by the estimable CBS News White House correspondent Bill Plante just after the President and Mr. Rove embraced.
Quote, it'd be so smart, how come you lost Congress?
The man known alternatively as the architect Bush's brain or turd blossom is leaving, like so many before him, to spend time with his family or because August is the optimum time for resigning.
Well, yeah, those are the most recent versions.
Mr. Rove chose the Wall Street Journal as the vehicle to initially announce his decision, explaining that he first told President Bush that he wanted to go over a year ago, but he didn't want to quit after the Democrats had won Congress.
Then he planned to leave after the State of the Union, but Iraq and immigration issues required his attention.
Then, White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolton told senior staffers that if they stayed past September, they would have to stay as long as the President was in office, which the Wall Street Journal reports sealed this deal.
Mr. Rogue told NBC News today he had settled on an August departure date before Mr. Bolton's announcement.
He also told reporters that even though he and the President talked about him leaving for more than a year, they both mutually reinforced each other's quote, bad behavior by finding excuses not to talk about a firm date.
You wonder how Iraq happened.
Officially, Rove is off the clock at August 31st at midnight.
He and the President choosing to formally announce the decision on camera this morning on their way to a shared vacation in Texas.
Karl Rove is moving on down the road.
We've been friends for a long time.
And we're still going to be friends.
I would call Karl Rove a dear friend.
We've known each other as uh... Stop it right there for a minute.
I mean, listen to him laying on the fake Texas colloquialisms now.
He's moving on down the road.
Who's the good old boy you can trust?
I mean, again, I don't care if you're a blue-blood, you know, New World Order opium runner like the Bushes are.
I mean, if you're from Kennebunkport, Maine, so be it, and related to the Queen on every side of your family.
But just please, stop making Texans look bad.
Worldwide, people hate Texantown, make fun of us, and scare anybody in a cowboy hat, because this dyed-in-the-wool, ultra-Yankee, likes to sit up there and, oh boy, it's just all part of the fakeness, the fake Texas behavior, all of it.
Here it is, let's just go back to him.
He's interested in serving our steak.
We work together so we can be in a position to serve this country.
And so I thank my friend.
I'll be on the road behind you here in a little bit.
A little bit?
Like 526 days?
For his part, Mr. Rove says he has no firm plans except to write a book about the Bush presidency, the tone of which we may have gotten a preview of today.
Mr. President, I'm grateful for the opportunity you gave me to serve our nation and you.
I'm grateful for being able to work with the extraordinary men and women that you've drawn into this administration.
And I'm grateful to have been a witness to history.
It has been the joy and the honor of a lifetime.
I've seen a man of far-sighted courage put America on a war footing and protect us against a brutal enemy and a dangerous conflict that will shape this new century.
I've seen a leader respond to an economy weakened by recession, corporate scandal, and terrorist attacks
By taking decisive action to strengthen the economy and create jobs.
I've seen a reformer who challenges administration, the Congress, and the country to make bold changes to important institutions in great need of repair.
So your book will be found in the science fiction aisle?
Mr. Rove is leaving while a Senate subpoena hangs over his head.
Presently, John Dean will join us to discuss the legal aspects there.
First, to analyze this August surprise, our own Howard Fineman, also senior Washington correspondent for Newsweek Magazine.
Good evening, Howard.
Good evening, Keith.
Mr. Rove told us he's not going to be working with a candidate or even a Republican nominee for president next year.
Why am I not believing him?
Well, because you've been covering him, Keith.
And so have I for many years.
I go back with George Bush and Karl Rove almost as far back as they go with each other.
They are one brain.
And what Karl Rove is going to do down in Texas, I think, having talked to some people in the White House and friends of his outside, and knowing how he operates, is once he gets his feet on the ground back in Texas, once he makes sure his kid's okay in school and his family's happy back there,
Once the Republicans pick a nominee, I think you're going to see Karl Rove and George Bush serve the function in the next presidential campaign of taking the attack to the Democrat, who they fully expect to be Hillary Clinton.
The biggest news that Karl Rove made in that interview that he did with Paul Shegold and Wall Street Journalists... See, this is total theater.
A. Karl Rove sets no policy and runs nothing.
This is all part of the important illusion of the elites that the British learned hundreds of years ago, that the Romans perfected thousands of years ago, of having puppet leaders and puppet advisors who then get all the heat.
They're like birdcage liner, and after they've been soiled, they just remove them and put new ones in.
Fox News, Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch, have admittedly, I've been telling this for five years, it's been in the news for two, are behind Hillary.
They are clearly positioning themselves in the Republican Party to pass the baton to her.
And see, this is where you're going to see now Keith Eberman turn into a New World Order type.
It's okay to bash Bush and talk about corruption, as long as it's all blamed on him.
But now you're starting to see the conversion.
Oh, they're going to line up against that darling Hillary, who was in narcotics trafficking with Bush Sr.
20 years ago.
I mean, this just never ends.
Go ahead and go back to it.
...was when Rove said that he fully expected Hillary Clinton to be the nominee and that she was a tenacious but fatally flawed candidate.
The themes that he enunciated out there on the White House lawn about the war on terror, about tax cuts and so forth, are the ones that Bush and Rove, in the service of the Republican Party, are going to take on the attack next year.
Why the variety of formal stories, though?
I mean, first this was supposed to be in response to Bolton's edict about Labor Day, then he said, no, the August date had been set before Bolton made that edict, then it was to be with his family, then it was Dana Perino's explanation that August is your prime retirement month.
Why so many stories, and what are they glossing over or covering up?
Well, I think they're glossing over the fact that this was the quietest time to sort of sidle out of town.
The notion that he was taking orders from Josh Bolton is ridiculous.
It was Karl Rove who hired Josh Bolton.
Josh Bolton doesn't tell Karl Rove what to do.
Karl Rove and George Bush are joined at the hip.
But now is the time to leave.
It was a quiet time.
It was long enough after 06 that Rove wouldn't look like he was being run out of town.
It's long enough after the Libby story and after Congress had pretty much played its investigative hand on the U.S.
Attorney story.
And I think that's the reason why.
Also, one thing here, Keith, the silence has been deafening from Republicans, from Republican presidential contenders, from members of Congress who, by the way, are out of town.
Another good reason for Rove to leave now.
I haven't heard a word
See, you're hearing truths with half-truths and then lies.
What you just heard there is true.
Their job has been to destroy the Republican Party.
And it always has been.
And to turn it into a mechanism for globalism, for the New World Order, for hegemony, and to demonize our name worldwide.
And so you hear this writer go back and forth, back and forth, truth back into lies, back into spin, back into half-proofs, back and forth, basically confusing the population.
The Republican leadership wanted to win,
They would have followed policies that were popular and constitutional.
Just so happens that constitutional issues are popular.
Wildly so.
You see, that's the thing.
Ron Paul is popular with anyone that looks at his policies because his policies just so happen on every issue to be wildly lined up with the views of the American people.
And then you have the Republicans and Democrats who try to put on this farce, put on this WWF thespian theatrical playhouse event for us.
And unfortunately, 20-30% of the public is still buying into it.
The rest of us have woken up that it is staged.
As in theater.
As in theatrical.
As in Shakespearean play.
As in Macbeth.
As in Romeo and Juliet.
And I've had it, and I can't believe that scumbag is coming back to Austin, Texas.
You know, one day I was in a store, shooting my mouth off about him, and I'll tell you what happened when we get back.
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We got Walter Ruddy popping in for about five minutes in the next segment.
He's there in Iowa, a local anti-fraud activist who's been involved exposing these voting machines.
Michael Rivera is going to join us for about five minutes, too, with an article he's put out, and what really happened.
The Iowa Straw Poll, fuzzy math,
We're just going to break down the facts here, coming up in about 10 minutes when we start that next segment.
Now contrast Keith Oberman, and frankly a lot of it is just info about Karl Rove, this myth that he runs everything.
Contrast Keith Oberman, who I still like, with Chris Matthews and others.
This is a compilation of just gushing worship.
And I did watch some television yesterday, and it was even worse than whoever put this compilation together.
Here it is.
I think Rove is really smart.
If you've ever talked to him, he's almost got almost like a blinders on.
He looks right in the eye and he talks faster than I do.
Really fast, right in your face, totally intent on you.
And it's really like talking to a fire hydrant.
Paul Rove loves politics.
He's awfully smart.
He's not only the mastermind behind everything, he's the president's senior advisor, a mastermind behind the two successful runs for the White House.
Critical genius.
We should be congratulating Karl Rove for a long, successful run.
This is a guy who elected a president twice.
Uh, who's known as one of the most brilliant political, uh, activists of our time.
And he's also a very broad thinker.
He is one of the more intelligent people that I know.
He's very quick-witted.
He's got a great sense of humor and the President will miss him.
I can't handle any more of it.
It goes on and on.
No, he's a degenerate piece of filth that decided to join and serve evil a long time ago.
He is an enemy of the Republic, and frankly, I don't want the piece of trash living here in my city, Austin, Texas.
And if I ever see him at a barbecue place, or I ever see him at the park or the movies, I'm gonna walk up and tell him I know he's part of the murder-op that was run on 9-11.
I'm gonna walk right up and go, you're a murderer, Karl Rove, you piece of trash!
Piece of filth!
All of them!
I'm sick of them!
His job was to pacify conservatives.
And by the way, you
New World Order traitor, you failed when it came to your blanket amnesty and your spin.
And you don't control reality like you told the Washington Post two years ago, that all of us are on the sidelines and only you and the controllers matter.
You listen to me, you piece of trash.
We're going to take this Republic back and we're going to take this planet back with God's help.
And if you are still crawling around on the face of the earth, you're going to get seized and drug up and indicted.
You're going to be drug up in front of a grand jury and indicted.
And then we're going to put you on trial for hot treason, you little chicken neck piece of trash!
You arrogant piece of filth!
You're not that smart!
Only a delusional fruitcake would tell the Washington Press Corps at a cocktail party that you control reality!
You don't control anything!
That's why, I'm not glad that Mrs. Astor died at 105, but she was a very wicked New World Order, into eugenics, into this, just one of the richest, most wicked families.
And I've remembered all the evil things she'd been involved in, but last night I did about 10 minutes of refreshing research, and of course it was worse than I even thought.
Just an arrogant, huffy, vain, wicked, elitist, robber baron made all their money in opium in this country.
And it's the Great Equalizer.
You're dead now, aren't you?
Just like David Rockefeller and all the rest of them will.
All these arrogant people, all these people that are vain and think their power goes on and on and on and think that all the new technologies are going to extend their lives forever.
Death is the Great Equalizer.
It is 100% and we are all going to taste of it and you are weak.
Because you are afraid of death, and you do everything you can to cling to it for yourself, and you're so envious and jealous of others, and so greedy and covetous.
That's why you engage in eugenics and mass extermination and control and degradation of the weak and the innocent, because you enjoy it!
You enjoy taking other people's lives!
And so I'll say this, I don't shed a tear!
I don't shed a tear when you die.
When you rattle out your last breath.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Coming up in about six, seven minutes, we're going to have Walter Reddy on.
He heads up Vote in the Sunshine website and organization.
They're suing the federal government over Diebold machines in the past, in the last election.
These have been decertified in Florida, California, many other areas.
We've had
They still use them.
One of their chief, well, vice presidents in California, it turned out, was a convicted computer crimes felon, hacker.
We've had another engineer from Diebold quit and go public saying he was hired for fraud.
Other company chief engineers have gone public.
I mean, this is smoking gun stuff.
It's in regional papers in Ohio and Iowa and Florida and Texas and Colorado.
I mean, hundreds of them, but it's never really national news.
HBO had a special on it, but...
The problem here is we're getting to where we're learning to live with this.
So I'm going to throw out about three or four points.
We're going to bring Michael Rivera up for about five or six minutes just to give us his take on it.
He's got an excellent story up on whatreallyhappened.com, Fuzzy Math, the Iowa Straw Poll, because I want to get his take on it.
He's quite the technocrat when it comes to understanding how these systems work and the inside info on it from all of his research and all the people that he's interviewed.
But here's the problem.
12,000 more people paid to go in to vote than actually voted.
There were 26,000 plus people that purchased tickets, and there were only 14,302 votes.
Now, Ron Paul got 1,300 and some change votes, and old Mimp Romney got more than that and got first place.
So this isn't
Fitting in with what common sense would show.
Also, we had a lot of callers who were there, and this is just basic feedback, it's not proof, but when added together it's icing on the cake, who were there and who would talk to thirty-five people on average.
One fellow said he talked to about thirty-five and four of them didn't vote for Ron Paul.
I mean, they're coming out and he's like, who'd you vote for?
Ron Paul!
Ron Paul!
Ron Paul!
Thirty-five people.
He said probably more, but roughly thirty-five and
Four of them didn't vote for Ron Paul.
I've watched all these different newscasts from Iowa.
I spent a long time, Saturday and Sunday, watching local newscasts off websites.
And as it was happening, I watched some live feeds.
And it was seas of Ron Paul signs.
You see inside the arena, that's got three different polling places inside of it, but four different exits, you just see 80% Ron Paul supporters.
I mean, I watched a lot of video, I looked at it very carefully, analyzing it.
We're to believe with these, just at least 5,000 Ron Paul supporters there that showed up, that only 1,300 were able to vote, with tens of thousands going in the door.
Where are the 12,000 missing votes?
A. That doesn't make any sense.
And then, of course, we have decertified machines in many other states, certified, and then magically you have the malfunction.
Now, the malfunction with one machine, first we heard 1,500 votes, then 4,500 votes,
With that one machine, then we heard, okay, it was two machines.
And then we heard, oh, they had to reset everything.
You see, they use one machine breaking down as an excuse to hold everything off, not announce the vote, and then go in and do what they need to do.
I can really tell you that, not just my gut, but the preponderance of evidence, that any fair jury would throw this vote out and say, have a new straw poll.
I mean, clearly the vote is in total question, and I would say about a 95% chance this was stolen.
Ron Paul is trying to be classy and going, well, I'm happy I showed up fifth and beat all these other people.
There's a lot of spin associated there.
Well, they're saying that McCain, who showed up, what, ninth, and you had Thompson, what, at eight, and Giuliani at seven.
Well, they didn't really run in the straw poll.
Which isn't true.
Their names were on there.
So there's also that spin going against Ron Paul.
But clearly, there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.
Mike Rivera, I've tried to throw out some of the key points here.
Do you have any others, or would you like to comment on those?
Well, you've hit most of the major ones there.
What is interesting to note is that in the news coverage of the Iowa Straw Poll, where they list the results, in a lot of cases, Ron Paul is simply dropped off the list, even though they discuss and report on people who did a poorer showing than he did.
And it just really reveals, in a very obvious way, just how scared of Ron Paul
The mainstream media and the political elites are.
Now as far as the Iowa straw poll, there's two things to keep in mind.
First of all, Iowa is also the state where Pat Buchanan had the election stolen from him and that was pretty much documented.
And if you go back and you look at that BBC documentary on the stealing of the election in 2000, we're seeing the same thing.
You had the election being run by
People who worked on the campaign... I forgot the key point, and we put an article out on this last night at Infowars.net, that yes, you have one of the national members of the inner committee for Mitt Romney running the system, and don't forget, the poll was run by the Republican Party to begin with!
And the party itself very much considers Ron Paul an outsider because he doesn't support the pro-war platform.
Now, the other thing, what you were saying is all of these stories about the decertified voting machines and everything being carried in regional news only and never getting to the networks.
It's because the networks themselves own Voters News Service, which is the top of the pyramid of the vote fraud machinery going on.
So I am absolutely in agreement with you.
I don't believe the results of the Iowa Straw Poll, and I don't need an investigation to reaffirm what my instincts are already telling me, because you have to remember
The purpose of the election is for some individual to say, I hold the legal authority over you, and the burden of proof is on them to prove that the election by which they claim that authority over us is fair and honest.
And if they can't prove it,
Then we the people are not morally or legally obligated to obey their dictates or to pay their bills.
And Mike, out of the gates, I mean, when you talk about 12,000 missing votes, machines shutting down, 4,500 votes having to be redone, one of the national members in the inner circle of the Romney campaign running the whole operation, the Republicans running it, decertified
Uh, machines.
And you add the exit polls by different independent groups saying, my gosh, it was almost all Ron Paul.
And then you've got Ron Paul people taking over the whole stadium.
And then, just magically, he gets $1,300.
We know that's a fraud on its face!
But here's the bigger news, and this is what I want Mike Rivera to talk about.
What do we do?
It's like I've gotten conditioned to accept this.
My riders have gotten conditioned.
We're so used to them stealing stuff right in front of us now.
I mean, I remember a Pat Buchanan in Arizona.
He clearly won.
I mean, here's an example in the primary.
I was there stacking the Scantrons to stick them in the computer counters.
Whenever Pat Buchanan ran in 1996 in the Republican primary.
And I remember more than half the ballots were for him.
And then he got like 8% of the vote in Travis County.
And I was going over to other tables and going, are you seeing Pat Buchanan on these?
As the big computers and on the screen were showing that he was losing.
I mean, I saw them steal it in Travis County.
I have seen it with my eyeballs, Mike!
What do we do?
Well, we're going to have to figure out what we need to do, because if we don't have honest elections, then we the people have lost control of the government of the United States, and we are the dictatorship that Bush used to joke about, or still likes to joke about.
And we're going to have to get those bad voting machines and systems out of our campaigns
Uh, by any means possible, and I hate the implications of that, but as we saw going into the Iowa straw poll, the courts are on the side of the vote riggers, because Ron Paul's people went into the judge and said, the vote machines they are using are decertified for elections in other states, why are we using them here?
And the judge said, you must use these vote machines.
These are what we're going to run the election on?
And these are machines where there's no records, no nothing, it's just a black box, just trust us.
With a company run by a bunch of felons that openly is owned in Ohio and the owner of the company says, I will deliver votes to Bush.
Yeah, very much so.
It has become very open and transparent, and very arrogant, and what they're hoping, what the vote riggers are hoping, is that the American people will get used to it, that we'll just accept that it's the way these things are done, that we're not going to take action to try and get these vote machines out of our election systems, and if we don't, if we get used to it, then we have lost the country,
And we're going to become just another third world banana republic.
We'll put this together.
Put this together with everything else happening.
PDE 51, John Warner Defense Authorization Act actually says martial law.
I've got an article today where they're going to give New York cops bonuses for quote, being more aggressive and mean to citizens.
I mean, they want everybody to know the feds are paying for cameras to go up coast to coast.
You know, even at four way stops in one horse towns.
I mean, Mike, I mean, it's pretty obvious they're going for broke here.
They absolutely are, and here's the thing that everybody needs to think about.
Right now, if they stopped here, the American people are okay up to this point with what's going on.
So if they're slamming the gate shut,
And getting ready to do more cameras and more surveillance and more aggressive and more beat down.
It's because they're getting ready to take even more away from us.
More of our money, more of our freedoms.
This government is so broke they can't even make the interest payments on the debt.
And the only way that they're going to pay that debt down, since they have had so much trouble conquering the Mideast's oil, they're going to have to take that money out of us.
And any way that they can.
They're going to just drive the entire nation down into poverty so that they can pay their own bills just a little bit longer.
I hope the average cop out there listening who they want to enforce this and the average person in the military knows this is your future too, going right down the toilet.
I mean, Mike, if we stood up to them, they would probably back off and then try to restructure a little more calmly.
But I don't see that.
I see nothing but arrogant hubris like Karl Rove said.
They believe they control reality.
Well, you know, that hubris is their worst enemy because they have consistently misjudged the environment
In which they do their lying and their propaganda because they've misjudged the impact of the internet, they've misjudged the impact of radio shows like ours, and they've misjudged just how informed the American people are.
And I think they're going to make a big critical mistake at some point, and we're going to see a situation in the U.S.
exactly like happened in Romania.
Two weeks before Ceaușescu was machine-gunned on national TV, nobody would have guessed that the Romanian people were that close to a revolution.
And I think we're likely to see the same event happen here in the United States.
Well, we're in a lot of trouble.
I'll tell you what happens when a revolution starts.
They're going to have the illegal aliens, through the groups that control them, set fires in a few places, and then they're going to claim, oh, the revolution is the illegals, and then try to get middle-class America to go along with the police state in the name of stopping the illegals.
Probably they're going to pull every dirty trick that they can, but again, with all these faked elections being this obvious, with all the lies about 9-11 and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,
getting middle america to believe those lies that's going to be the real trick and if they start out one of these deception operations
On the hopes that they're going to be believed, and then they're not.
That's going to be the initiating event that brings the whole mess down.
Well, you're on with us once a month.
You're coming up in a few weeks again.
Mike Rivera does his own show Saturday mornings from 11 to 1 Central Standard Time right here on the GCN Radio Network.
Mike, thank you so much for popping in with that great analysis.
Well, thank you for having me again on the show.
You bet.
There goes Mike Rivera, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, shifting gears to Walter Reddy, who was one of the sources for the article that Mike put out, the Fuzzy Math article.
Walter Reddy, just real fast out of the gates, tell us about your organization, just in a nutshell, what you've already been doing in Iowa with these machines, and then the exit polling you did that's just a sample, but then fits in with the other groups, Fair Tax and others that did samples that also showed Ron Paul as winning.
Thanks for joining us.
I'm from Connecticut, but we went out there.
Our group was called Boat and Sunshine, and what we were doing there was to verify the boats from these machines.
What we had were verification cards.
We had all the people sign them, and we witnessed them.
Who they voted for and we got unfortunately we wish that we wanted to have more volunteers so we could have gotten a higher number but we got about 6% of the people that voted on those machines.
But if you got 6% and then expand that out to the 14,000 votes that were supposedly cast, what number do you come up with?
Ron Paul had 332, Huckabee 187, Tom Pancredo 150, Romney 90, but the Romney people weren't signing.
They were really arrogant.
Brownback 62 and then it went down like McCain 4 or whatever.
We had 897 signatures and affidavits.
We also had affidavits that were notarized.
And those things are more powerful in a court of law.
They're like gold in a court of law.
Now it's not just your organization, but there were other groups out there doing it.
I'm only aware of a couple others.
I didn't see any other group there.
We were at all the exits of where the people were coming out.
We also, what scared the Republican Party, and we were threatened with being arrested for handing out literature that quoted like the Los Angeles Times, New York Times.
HBO documentary, we had 30,000 brochures we handed, we were handing to the people.
And I was given permission by the Iowa campus police that it was fine.
Well since we're in America during electioneering, I mean, are you not allowed to hand out information?
Again, how far has this country fallen?
Who threatened you?
Who threatened you with arrest?
I'll tell you the names.
Sporrer was the Republican lawyer that came down on the Iowa Police.
Full name, full name, slowly.
Okay, okay.
The Iowa Police Captain Gene Dessinger said, you're fine, this is America.
He was totally in agreement.
He wanted his vote to count, everything.
The next day, the heavyweights from the Republican lawyers
We're pressuring him.
They were stopping, holding our people, and with arrests, they handed out this literature.
What police group was he with?
Well, he was with the campus police, but he said, look, you know what?
They have a contract now.
He changed his whole thing from that you could hand out literature now that the GOP has a contract.
Yeah, private.
They always try this.
They say private corporations can ban free speech when they want, anywhere on the campus.
So you're there with 30,000 flyers you're trying to hand out.
Did you stand up against them?
Yes, we did.
And they backed down a little bit.
It discouraged some of our volunteers, but we wanted 100 and we only had about 12 left after some of them got scared away.
But the thing that really frightened them was we had counters at every single exit thing, and they knew that we were counting the number of people coming out.
So that number was pretty accurate, that 14,000, that's all that voted on those machines.
And so I think originally they were going to stuff the ballots because they could hack into them and stuff them with other, that's what we suspected.
Oh, you think they claimed a higher number of ticket sales and people actually showed up?
I think they were originally going to stuff it with more, like, Romney votes, you know?
But they knew we were counting.
But do you get what I'm saying?
I'm saying then, if there were really only 14,000 people there voting, but they claim they sold 20-something thousand tickets, do you think that those weren't even people that even existed?
That was going to be the stuff number?
That could have been.
And some of the people from out of state bought them too, just to get into the thing.
But the thing about it, this may be another reason why they waited so long.
They knew we had affidavits, sworn affidavits, and they didn't know what our numbers were, how many we collected.
Um, so they waited.
We were going to wait until after they announced the results at 7 o'clock.
The polling stopped at 6.
And they were going to announce theirs at 7.
We were going to go right after that.
We were counting ours.
And they waited until 8.30.
And I think they found out that we didn't have that many.
And that's when they finally came out with their numbers.
Now, I want to go over your numbers again.
We're about to break.
When we get back, go over those numbers.
What your exit polls, covering all the exits, showed with a 6% sample.
And that's a pretty good sample.
It's about what mainline media used to do with exit polls.
But see, now exit polls aren't announced locally.
They're sent up to voter news services run by a secret consortium of private media headed up by the AP.
So this is what's going to happen.
We're going to keep proving the fraud to the people.
Stay with us, sir.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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That's 888-216-2461.
You know, I've got so many questions for our guests.
I really appreciate the work.
He's doing Walter Reddy with the Vote in Sunshine Project.
The website's voteinsunshine.blogspot.com.
We have links to it up on infoawards.com.
Paul Watson's doing an article on this right now.
A rundown of everything that happened.
Bottom line, go through those numbers again and give us your synopsis as somebody who tracks election fraud.
Give us your breakdown.
Well, it was Ron Paul only with 6% of the votes that we verified with affidavits and verification cards.
But that's still considered a very good sample.
Yeah, we had Ron Paul at 332, Huckabee at 187.
Why do you think they were so haughty and arrogant?
I think it was always between Ron Paul and Romney.
Romney bought a lot of... Romney bust them all in.
Romney paid for them.
Who won?
It could have gone either way.
I mean, there was many, I think, Ron Paul.
And Alex, I think we can prove this in a court of law that he won this.
So, bottom line, bottom line, Ron Paul at least got second place from... At least, a close second, yeah.
I think he got more than 3,000 votes, really.
So, basically, it was neck and neck, too close to call.
He either got first or second place.
And would you say there's clear evidence of fraud then?
Absolutely, that's what we're going to try to prove because what we want to do, one of our organizers is a paralegal and we have an affidavit online that we would like all the people in Iowa that voted for Ron Paul to download it, fill it out, and send it back to us because that was solid evidence in a court of law and if we can get 1,306 votes at least to
That'll prove that thing was all a lie.
Yeah, I'm also a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit.
Thursday we filed a federal lawsuit against a county auditor, the state auditor, and the Republican chairman.
We wanted to get an injunction to stop these machines, and we brought in
They had 60 Diebold machines there, and we brought 60 clear ballot boxes, and we wanted them to just set those Diebold machines aside.
It was... The judge ruled in favor of the Republican Party.
Yeah, let's be clear.
You're also the guys that went down and challenged this.
And then, lo and behold, you were right.
The machines, quote, had the problem.
Yep, yep.
And it was the same attorney that put the pressure, that was in the courtroom, that put the pressure on the campus police to not even allow us to put out this literature.
What about one of Romney's high-level campaign members running the whole operation?
That's Mary Moisman, and I witnessed her being served.
These federal papers were mouth-dropped open.
An hour later, we were serving the chairman of the GOP.
Stay there!
Stay there!
We've got a break for 60 seconds and we'll come back in 5 minutes with you.
Then we've got Jerome Corsi coming on.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've only got about five minutes left with him.
I want to get him backed up tomorrow for a full hour if he can do it.
He's Walter Reddy, heads up the Vote Sunshine Project, shining the light for a fair and accurate vote in Ames, Iowa on August 11th.
And they're the folks that sued, they're the people that tried to block these machines that have been decertified in multiple states.
Diebold, the infamous company, the others are just as bad.
And sure enough, all the same shenanigans, all the same chicanery.
You've got about four minutes left, sir.
First off, I want to thank you for your dedication to our voting system in this country.
And do you agree that we should really call the Ron Paul campaign to look at your evidence and other evidence and speak out against this?
Because everybody just keeps... I mean, that's like Kerry, who I'm no fan of.
I mean, he clearly was part of the state event, too.
He didn't challenge the clear fraud in 2004.
We have to start challenging this.
I mean, this is not working.
Alex, I think the best thing that we can do right now is try to reach all the Iowan people that voted for Ron Paul and give them this affidavit.
They can download it or somehow get to them because that will, in a court of law, that will hold up.
We're going right now with this other case.
The federal judge, just the court, only said, he ruled it not for the injunction.
He didn't rule that it was frivolous or anything else.
And then sure enough, the machines shut down and some weird stuff happened, and so now it looks like you can get the whole thing thrown out maybe.
Yeah, we're going, we're taking it to the U.S.
Court of Appeals.
They already know there's merit to this case, so it's not over yet.
Which Court of Appeals?
Which Court of Appeals is that?
Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.
So are you calling on Ron Paul to do anything?
Well, actually, what I really would like to... We really need these affidavits because that will prove it.
I mean, we have over 300
Right now.
And we only need another thousand just to prove that.
Where do people go if they were in the Iowa Straw Poll?
And Ron Paul said it on this show that the majority of his supporters are right here.
That's word for word, by the way.
I mean, he says when he goes around the country, the majority of people bring up this show.
So you're there.
You were in Iowa, folks.
Are you witness this?
Where do they go?
Because you've got two different sites, I see.
Which site do they go to, Mr. Reddy, to overturn this?
You can go to votefraud.org and then it's a little bit weird.
You have to click on Iowa straw poll and then click on the affidavit.
Um, because that, if they download that, they can print it out, sign it, just bring it to the local... Okay, we'll put a specific link up to the very sub-page of an article coming out later.
And folks, this is a major action here.
I mean, even if you don't support Ron Paul, you should support transparency and accountability and a recount capability in the voting systems.
We are in a constitutional crisis.
Do you agree, Mr. Reddy?
Yes, absolutely.
What we're trying to do in the federal court is get rid of all these machines, electronic voting machines.
Well, my gosh!
I mean, they've been proven to be complete frauds.
By design, they need to all be removed immediately.
Yep, and it's very simple.
I brought the 60
The clear ballot boxes, if you get them a dollar a box, you have them right out on the table, you cast your ballot in the open, and you count it in the open, so everybody knows that they're not hidden, they're not taken into a back room or a black box, and we count them right there, and it's the best, I think it's the best system.
We could have counted that thing in an hour by hand.
I mean, it's not...
Not that difficult to do it.
Well, we need to take action and take action now, and it's people like you, Mr. Reddy, that are going to save this country, and maybe even this planet, because the U.S.
is the key right now in the entire geopolitical system.
And continue to sue, continue to do exit polls.
More volunteers should have been there with you.
The 90 people that got scared off shouldn't have.
We would have gotten a higher number.
And just next time, no, folks, you can't let them scare you off.
They're scaring you off because they've got something to hide.
Mr. Reddy, thank you for joining us.
Thank you, Alex.
Stay right there, I'd like to talk to you during the break.
Jerome Quirk is coming up.
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Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Once again, that's 866-885-6625 for BioSolutions.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.D.
in Political Science,
We'll be joining us in about two minutes here on air to talk about his trip to Canada for the North American Union Summit that's going on.
It kicks off over this weekend into next week.
He'll be reporting on Sunday.
I do the syndicated show on Sunday and on Monday for us.
We really appreciate that.
Going back to Walter Reddy real fast from Vote in Sunshine Coalition.
They did the exit poll showing that Ron Paul at least came in second, not fifth.
And he's the guy that, he's the group that served the Republicans, showing these die-bolt machines had been decertified, and I wanted him to, because he told me off-air, I wanted him to just briefly, and we'll go to Dr. Corsi, briefly tell people what happened once he served them, and he saw this Mitt Romney minion that was running the election as well, what they did.
He said they were screaming and cussing and yelling at him.
Now don't say what they said on air, just you can paraphrase it, but tell folks what happened once you served them.
Well, we first served Mary Moisman.
She's the county auditor who is in charge of the voting count.
And we were told that she's also a Romney advisor.
Yeah, that's been confirmed now.
Go ahead.
And then we went over to the Iowa State campus, the GOP headquarters in there, and we were looking for Ray Hoffman, who's the chairman of the Republican Party.
The woman, you know, is evading.
I said, could you tell me where he is?
And she said, no, no, I can't.
And Craig Robinson comes walking by.
He's the political director.
So we knew that we could give it to him.
And he said he wasn't in the building.
So we said, well, could you give him these papers?
And he goes, I'm not touching those.
And he throws his hands up.
Threw him at his feet, you know, he wouldn't touch him.
So we, we, sir, he goes, you're served federal papers.
And, uh, the woman behind the desk comes running out.
She goes, you pick these up, we'll call them the police.
She kicks them all across the floor.
They all run back into this one room.
So go over and bang on the door and about 10 of them could run it out, including the police chief or the campus police.
They're all screaming at the top of their lungs.
Yeah, they're in there.
Because they're the ones that get to vote in America.
Just that little handful.
Alright, we'll talk to you again tomorrow, Walter.
Thanks for coming on with us.
Alright, great.
We're going to continue to expose all of this, and we're not going to stop.
And look, they fooled everybody by letting the Democrats get in with these machines.
The Democrats are all part of the same club.
Roger Ailes and Fox News, it's now been admitted, are behind Hillary.
It goes back to the Bushes before that.
Eleven meetings.
The Clintons were already vacationing with the Bushes before that.
Clinton's been CIA since he got sheep-dipped in the late 60s.
It's staged, folks.
And the sooner we come to realization of that, the sooner we're going to get our republic back.
It's an enemy class, all intermarried.
It's like Mary Madeline and James Carville.
Or it's like the two brothers.
One's a Republican, one's a Democrat.
The Bensons.
I mean, it's the same thing over and over again.
Dr. Corsi now joins us, and last week we were going to have him on, but this meltdown of the economy happened.
Later I learned, not only does he have a
I think so.
And, Dr. Corsi, thanks for coming on with us.
It's a great pleasure to be with you, Alex.
Thank you very much.
I'm happy to be back.
You bet.
Has my producer lined up specifically when we're getting you on Sunday afternoon and Monday yet, or do we need to do that?
We need to set times, and I'll be happy to do it.
I'm flying up on Sunday to observe... I've applied for credentials with WorldNetDaily to report on the Security and Prosperity Partnership third summit that's going to be held on the 20th and 21st next week up in Montebello, Quebec in Canada.
They're Ottawa, and I'm going to go up and report on it personally.
Have they given you credentials yet?
Not yet.
I haven't gotten them yet.
Well, WorldNet Daily has 10,000 place rankings above the Dallas Morning News, and is almost as big online as the LA Times, but they'll probably say it's not media.
Well, we'll have to wait and see, Alex.
I think it'll be a story if they deny us credentials.
I'll make a story out of that itself.
But, you know, it's like I point out in
And the book, The Late Great U.S.A., and by the way, thank you for supporting the book, and we are rush shipping you more copies.
You'll get the first cut.
Third printing is now being shipped.
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Well, and I apologize.
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We really
Tremendously appreciate all your support, Alex, to get this message out to your audience.
It's an honor to be on your show, and I thank you for bearing with us.
It's not a big deal.
It's going to be shipped out next week.
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The bottom line is you're supporting Dr. Corsi and his work, and this book is a great gift to give somebody who's on the fence.
Dr. Corsi, let's get into some of the new developments.
There's so many each week.
With the North American Union, there is a new nation, the hardcore socialist publication that poses as mainline liberal a maven of disinformation, an organ of established propaganda.
Of course, its editor and many of its chieftains there are Council on Foreign Relations members who authored the SPP U.S.
Wrecking Plan.
They've now put out a huge hit piece saying none of it exists and we are just all, you included, are complete liars, that we are delusional.
It actually says we are just completely insane and it doesn't exist, Dr. Corsi.
Well, I'll have a piece on this on World Death Daily tomorrow.
You're right, it's Katrina Vanden Heuvel, who is part owner, the publisher,
One of the editors at The Nation.
She is the editor and publisher.
Since 1995, she's been the editor.
Since 2005, the publisher.
She's counsel on foreign relations.
It was typically a hit piece.
Christopher Hayes says there is no NAFTA superhighway, and then he spends the rest of the article validating everything we've been saying about the Trans-Texas Corridor.
It's more just, you know, gaming semantics and trying to... Well, I talked to Bob Dacey, who's in the article, and who was here in Austin, and they had a long lunch, and he gave them the SPP documents, he gave them text documents that said NAFTA highway system, and then the guy just said, no, that's not real!
Well, this particular author, Christopher Hayes, was less than honest.
In terms of his journalistic standards, they were pretty low.
Because he accepted only the evidence that he wanted to accept, and he wrote the story he was sent out to write.
He quotes, for instance, NASCO, the North American Super Corridor Coalition, and buys their ridiculous distinction that a North American Super Corridor is not a NAFTA superhighway.
And on the website of NASCO, they say directly that there is a NAFTA superhighway.
It already exists.
It's Interstate 35.
So Christopher Hayes is supporting NASCO in the story and their position without realizing that NASCO itself admits there's a NAFTA superhighway.
I mean, it's a whole ridiculous gaming of semantics and denying the obvious.
I don't know what's so frightful and fearful to the nation or to, you know, those who want to deny a North American Union, the integration with Mexico and Canada is going on, that they can't even admit we have a NAFTA superhighway.
I've documented government reports going back to 1998 that call I-35 the NAFTA Superhighway Government Report.
It's been on our news here, back when they used to push it like it was a good idea.
Now they've pulled their horns in and are just denying it exists.
But we see this on so many subjects, like the amnesty.
They said it's not an amnesty, but the bill's secret, you can't see it.
Then we get the bill and it's worse than amnesty.
Aggravated violent felons, five years no income taxes, twelve years one visit, instant green card, instant social security card.
I mean, it wasn't amnesty, it was just the end of the country!
Well, you know, I document this.
On page 13 of the Late Great USA, I show, you know, that Teddy Fox, when he first came into office, was openly talking about the North American Union.
And I went and found this editorial in the Wall Street Journal.
It was written by Robert Bartley.
Who was then the editor of the Wall Street Journal.
He published it on January 21st, 2001.
And he says, reformist president, uh, Vincente Fox, raised his eyebrows with his suggestion that over a decade or two, NAFTA should evolve into something like the European Union.
Well, Bartlett then says, Vincente Fox can rest assured there's one voice north of the Rio Grande that supports that vision, and it's this newspaper.
Well, there's the Wall Street Journal before it became, you know, the strategy
To deny that there was a North American Union, to deny that there was NAFTA superhighways, early on, even the Wall Street Journal went openly into print saying it embraced the idea of a North American Union.
They won't do that anymore.
Dr. Corsi, and I've been talking a lot about this, every guest I have on I ask about this now, because it really is a quandary for myself.
Because we've always seen lying by the mainline media, but now, it has become really self-destructive, because if they argued for the North American Union, they would have more success than just setting it up, building it in front of us, and then bald-faced lying.
As people learn they're lying, won't that just backfire on them, and then regardless, people will be against the system?
Well, absolutely, but again, like I show in the book, the whole movement, even in Europe,
It started from bad conscience.
I mean, you've got Jean Monnet, a Frenchman who was one of the leading architects of the European Union, and he decided at the end of World War II, you know, the French lost two world wars to the Germans if it wasn't for the United States.
Stealth approach.
A stealth approach.
And guilty conscience.
So they began by lying and saying, no, this is just economic union.
We don't intend to make it a European Union, even though they knew
That the economic knitting together of the countries would demand a regional government.
They lied, and that's their approach, and they're continuing the same approach with the North American Union.
They just had their 50th anniversary.
They claim the E's been around 7 years, but they had their 50th anniversary a few months ago, which by the way, from Italy to Spain, literally they had jugglers and big parades.
No one showed up for it.
So it's failing, failing, failing, but we've got to put the final stake to the heart.
Dr. Coors, you stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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I think so.
People, you know, we read the documents so we know what liars they are.
But here's an example.
One of my graphics guys on the new film Endgame, his mom's a big Republican, big conservative, and she read some of Jerome Corsi's articles.
She heard him on this radio show, other radio shows.
And so her and her friend are going up to Canada
I mean, they're little Christian ladies.
They decided to go up from Texas up to Canada just to observe what's happening.
And now they've kind of gotten scared, he was saying, about all the police and what they heard about.
And then they also asked her son, she said, is it really real?
Because the media says it's not.
And I think for normal people, mainline folks, Dr. Corsi, to just have the government and have the media lie, just ball-faced, it kind of takes them back.
Puts them off balance.
I mean, what would you say to people like that?
Well, first of all, people have got to get over trusting the government.
It's something that, you know, we're all conditioned to do.
Trust your parents aren't going to lie to you, the government's not going to lie to you, your religious advisors are not going to lie to you.
You know, we're living in an age where religious advisors may be pedophiles, and the government habitually lies.
This book, I published with 235 pages.
30 pages of it are footnotes.
I wanted to give you the ability to go to see the government documents with your own eyes.
It's fully validated with government documents.
Just like what I write in WorldNetDaily.
You can click the hot links and you'll see, pop up in front of you, the government documents that I'm describing.
These documents exist.
It's like the four football field wide trans-Texas corridor.
You know, people have denied that right up until the eminent domain notices are ready to go out the door.
But they're building the feeder spurs into it.
Yes they are.
And saying that what they're building around Austin is a support mechanism for it.
And then Mexico's announcing they're going to get inland ports in San Antonio and Kansas City.
And Denver.
And Denver.
Denver's also an inland port.
And then they say it doesn't exist when it's on the Kansas City government website.
It's on the Kansas City Smartport website.
It's on
There's now the Ports to Plains Corridor, which is going to take the I-35 model, you know, the Trans-Texas Corridor 4 football field model, and it's going to build it right up through the panhandle of Oklahoma into Denver by Lyman on Interstate 70.
And you go there to the Ports to Plains Corridor Coalition and see the Trans-Texas document on that website adapted for Denver, Colorado.
It all exists.
The documentation is there.
Just don't take the time to look at it.
I want to give you the tools so it's easy in the book, easy on the world at Daily Articles, to go see with your own eyes that this is happening and not... Now, who are you going to believe?
It's like the country western song says, your own lying eyes.
Well, that's the thing.
The government telling you it doesn't exist.
Well, the articles Bob Dacey writes for us at InfoWars.com, the articles that Steve Watson or Paul Watson write, and the articles that you write, all of us, we are neurotic.
All the same.
In the truth movement, in the alternative media, whatever you want to call it, and there's all shades and flavors of it, about documenting what we say.
We link directly to the federal government's documents, directly to SPP.
I mean, here's an example.
Two, three months ago, they had Barroso and Merkel and Bush, and they say, we're merging the EU and the Americas right now.
They've already gone to the step of starting to bilaterally merge those.
Meanwhile, the Pope, and they're on C-SPAN saying it, and then if you criticize it, they say it doesn't exist.
They signed a transatlantic EU-US bilateral cooperation agreement, and we created, at the cabinet level, a government White House official whose job it is to integrate with the EU, and that's a continental integration.
The United States, our whole
Moving merger with Mexico and Canada.
And they said all functions, all functions.
And yet the government downplayed that.
It's like these emergency declarations that Bush signed on May 5th.
They posted them on the White House website on May 9th.
That these Homeland Security designation 20 and National Security designation 51, that Bush could declare an emergency and take over all federal, state, local, territorial, and tribal government.
But yet the White House doesn't talk about it.
They put it on the website, say nothing to explain it to the people.
Well, stay there, because you couple that with the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, it says for domestic insurgent for the American Rebellion.
So, then they, on top of it, say it's not a problem, but Congress has now asked to see it.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Whoa, boom, bop-a-boom.
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Whoa, boom, bop-a-boom.
The elites that are running this country into the ground think that it's their right to rule over us, to destroy our currency, to use us as their cannon fodder for their world government.
The problem is, the people aren't going to go along with it, so they have to lie continually while they move on with their operation.
People on the left, the right, you name it, are shattering those paradigms
And the people are saying the war on terror is a fraud because our borders are still wide open.
They built two miles of fence and used illegal aliens to build it.
We're about to go back to Dr. Jerome Corsi, who writes for Old Net Daily and he's written multiple bestsellers.
And we are carrying his latest, and I'm going to carry all of his books from this point on, his latest, The Late Great USA, the merger of the US, Mexico and Canada.
Before we go back to Dr. Corsi,
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Uh, going back to Dr. Corsi, you brought up PDD-51, and I've been obsessed with this.
Now, your headline was, Bush Power Grab.
I read it, and he, you know, new powers he granted himself, where he says,
For any emergency, anywhere in the world, even economic, I'm over all the other branches of government directing the response.
Then, as if you and I and our analysis weren't correct when it was as plain as the nose on our face, and many other scholars, scholars with law degrees, not just PhDs in political science like yourself, and I'm a layman who's been studying this and become quite proficient in understanding it,
Then the Homeland Security, first one member, then two members, then the chairman, this has all been in the mainstream news, said, we'd like to see that plan.
And the President says, no, the Homeland Security Committee, with the highest security clearance, can't see it.
Dr. Corsi, I mean, that only makes your analysis that much more vetted and
Documented, and validated, vindicated.
I mean, this is not good at all.
This is getting scary.
Why do you think they're moving to put this in place?
Well, I think they're anticipating that there's going to be the kind of... You know, Robert Pastor, when I interviewed him, he's the academic at American University who's been writing for 10 years to create a North American community.
Pastor said the next 9-11 is what's needed to create the North American community.
You know, that frightened me, when he was saying the next kind of national or continental emergency could push this merger agenda.
I wrote an article, it's in World Net Daily, it was yesterday, and I had it at the end of last week.
I've been interviewing Henry Quayler, C-U-E-L-L-A-R, he's a Democratic congressman from Laredo, Texas, and he's put me onto
Ambassador Garza, Tony Garza, our Ambassador to Mexico, has negotiated with Felipe Calderon and his government, President of Mexico, that we're now going to give military assistance to Mexico to fight the drug war.
This is the first time we're talking about, again, more sovereignty issues.
We're going to use the U.S.
military in a continental emergency overdraw.
And we have the Mexican military here for Katrina.
Any excuse they can to openly condition the public.
And so, you know, now it's going to be discussed at the Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting in Montebello next week.
But the plan is at least to provide Mexico, Mexico's military, with equipment, training, and technology for the U.S.
It's the first time I can think of where we've had U.S.
military, it's an admission that Mexico is losing the drug war, it's an admission that Mexico's military is likely in bed with the drug terrorists, and it validates the document that Judicial Watch got that shows there's been over 300 incursions of the Mexican military.
Supporting drug trafficking, coming across incursions in the U.S.
Well, Los Gatos is running rocket attacks and hand grenade attacks right on the border.
They've had truck bombs in Dallas, but it's all kept real quiet.
Kept quiet, but this is a clear indication, the first time...
That Felipe Calderon is saying that his Mexican military is losing the war on drugs.
Well, what's happened is they've been corrupt all along.
They've been corrupt.
And now the corruption has bred to the point where the government itself is in danger of completely collapsing.
Well, Smith, here's the problem.
SPP, the Security and Prosperity Partnership, has us merging with Mexico.
People can't understand.
I can't explain except for SPP.
Why six years into a war on terror, George Bush has not secured our borders with Mexico and Canada.
But Pastor says we're going to have a continental security perimeter.
Well yes, and that's the vision they're trying to project.
But you know, when Mexico is a drug cartel controlled country, it's not possible to merge with Mexico without
Getting their corruption and their drugs.
Yeah, it's not like we have Japan or Germany bordering us, which are civilized, you know, modern places.
Mexico is in the top five, even by the UN, most corrupt, dangerous nations.
It's rated as the most dangerous for reporters in the world.
They have the most billionaires of any country per capita because the richest man in the world is from there now because they're so corrupt and their people are so poor.
I mean, this... I couldn't think of a more nasty country to be merged with.
That's right.
About three months ago, I attended in El Salvador, at the FBI's invitation, this anti-gang conference.
There were 13 countries, from Central America and Mexico, and the FBI announced that this MS-13, the tattooed, machete-wielding, drug-dealing gang... By the way, they're all over the place in Austin.
It's as if thousands were disgorged on the streets, and it's like suddenly.
Well, they're in 42 states and 2,500 American communities.
And what the FBI has announced is they're working hand-in-hand with the drug cartels.
They're the distribution system for the drugs.
They have a gun trade going back into Mexico and Central America, and they're becoming intertwined with the terrorist elements like Al-Qaeda.
All these bad elements are working together.
George Bush wants to say, we can merge with Mexico and not worry about a war on terror.
See, that's exactly what they want, though.
I mean, I think you've got it, Alex, because
They're preparing for a continental crisis, which will then allow the President to use these emergency powers he's declared, which will push forward the North American agenda.
We'll be told the only way we can solve the Mexican drug problem is if we basically merge with Mexico and let the U.S.
military go handle the problem.
It should, first of all, be a law enforcement problem, and we should have the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Administration in there, not the U.S.
That point just gets ignored in the discussion because the U.S.
military is not designed as a first-line law enforcement agency.
It's for foreign wars.
We're using it in a continental domestic situation that has implications across the border and should be a U.S.
federal law enforcement agency.
And we should be immediately saying, secure the border.
Build a fence and stop the drug traffic.
But no, that's not what we're saying.
We're saying keep the border wide open, and forget about the DEA, send the U.S.
But Dr. Corsi, it's a perfect scam.
The drug war only gets bigger and bigger.
More people go to prison.
It's designed to not be won.
It's designed to spiral out of control.
And they get to bring more and more.
I mean, that's how they started secretly.
Getting rid of posse comitatus in the 80s, having Marines and Army dress up in police uniforms to quote, assist them in Virginia and other places.
So this is a very quiet process, but it's ongoing.
Well, what I'm getting ready to report world-wide daily is that the coffee production in Afghanistan has never been greater than it has under American occupation.
The Taliban had actually just about ended it and transferred those tribes to producing agricultural goods.
And now the poppies and heroin from Afghanistan is getting routed into the United States through, guess where?
Mexico has become not only for Colombia, for cocaine and for marijuana, but now for heroin from the Middle East.
Mexico has become the delivery system through the drug cartels.
And if this doesn't bode for international mixture with terrorists, I don't know what does.
And again, the Bush administration, this has grown under the Bush administration.
It has not at all stopped.
The FBI is about ready to declare that MS-13 is virtually out of control.
The FBI has now stationed FBI agents permanently in El Salvador to help fight MS-13 in the United States.
Because the gang goes back and forth across the borders, operates with the drug cartels.
Look, it's simple.
The non-enforcement of illegal aliens, the 800 plus sanctuary cities...
...are protecting them.
You can't miss an MS-13.
They've shaved heads.
They've got tattoos all over their faces.
They're suddenly everywhere, bugging their eyes out and strutting around.
We need them to be arrested right now and shipped out of here.
Hey, where's your green card?
Don't have it?
You're shipped out of here.
You come back next time, we're going to send you for five years hard labor busting rocks.
Look what's coming up here.
It's designed to totally have crime run rampant.
Then the chicken-neck public will beg for a bigger police state!
This is a problem, reaction, solution!
And what I'm looking for the next... Here's what I see as the next round, too.
We've now got one out of every ten people born in Mexico living in the United States today as Mexican citizens.
That's going to be, by 2010 or 2015, one out of every five people born in Mexico living in the United States as Mexican citizens.
With 40
Mexican Consular Office is here in the United States to protect the civil rights of these foreign Mexican nationals living in the United States, voting in Mexico.
Now Alex, it's only a matter of time till one of these Mexican nationals, maybe in the commission of a crime or someone to stop a rape or a burglary in their home, shoots or kills one of these Mexican nationals.
And the next thing the Mexican Consulate is going to do to defend the civil rights of the
The criminal Mexican National is going to say, you know, the Second Amendment has to go.
There's too many guns in this community.
Our Mexican Nationals are no longer safe.
That's the next attack that I see on the horizon.
Well, we've seen SPP documents and others where they talk about harmonizing the laws to Mexico.
So there'll be no Second Amendment.
We're all going to be peeing on slaves, just like in Mexico.
And there'll be no First Amendment, because increasingly, what these Mexican councilors are going to do is say any speech, any discussion,
That damages the civil rights of the Mexican nationals living here.
Look, in the Ramos and Compian case, two Border Patrol agents were in federal prison for shooting after a fleeing drug smuggler.
The drug smuggler, Aldrete de Villa, testified on the stand.
He admitted he was a drug smuggler.
And second, guess what?
He had a commercial driver's license in Mexico.
The drug smuggler.
There's no commercial, there's no national criminal database.
Anybody with the money can get a commercial driver's license in Mexico, and we're getting ready through the Department of Transportation to open the borders to 100 Mexican trucking companies and validate through SPP with electronics their commercial driver's licenses as trusted traders.
Aldrete de Vila would have qualified.
And still today, if you look at the Drug Enforcement Administration's reports,
The vast majority of drugs are being brought into the United States through Mexico now, of all kinds.
They're being brought in by truck.
Methamphetamine production has moved to Mexico, it's left the United States largely.
Marijuana is coming in through Mexico, and now heroin and cocaine are coming in through Mexico.
Mexico is the delivery system that's the route
Where the drug cartels control drugs into the United States.
But we can't shut down the border, we can't arrest the MS-13.
We've got a SWAT team in people's houses looking for marijuana.
And, you know, there's... The fact is the Bush administration will not secure the border.
And the idea of sending in the military to go after the drug cartels
I don't think even that's going to be effective.
All you're going to do is get the right of the U.S.
government suddenly to be in a continental military involvement, whether it's effective or not.
It will merge with Mexico's military and we'll be acting together as a continental pact.
Well, we know what this is about.
They're just going, the Mexican military is going to direct the U.S.
military towards cartels that aren't part of the inner circle.
We all know this is going to be a drug war by the big banks that launder the money using U.S.
soldiers as the cannon fodder to secure drug profits.
And right now, we have U.S.
Which is the command set up in Cheyenne Mountain.
It's designed to use the U.S.
military in domestic emergency situations.
Canada Command works hand-in-hand with U.S.
NORTHCOM with the same mission.
Using the Canadian military and working with the U.S.
military in continental emergencies.
Mexico has stayed out of that.
Now with this drug issue, Mexico is asking for the U.S.
military involvement.
It's opening the door for Mexico to become part of the Continental Military Command.
Well, if you read the NORTHCOM agreements, NOAA agreements in 2002, for Mexico and Canada, Canadian forces to engage in peacekeeping operations, disaster relief, and anti-terror operations inside the U.S.
And Mexico has stayed out of that.
Now Mexico's coming in.
This is the first door opener.
Ambassador Garza
Talking with Felipe Calderon to get an agreement to put the Mexican military working with the US military for the first time.
Now, when that's accomplished, we will have accomplished continental military command over domestic situations.
And the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the FBI, will be sat on the sidelines.
This is startling stuff.
And again, it's not being reported.
I reported it on the World Net Daily.
I interviewed Representative Qualar twice.
I recorded the interview.
I've documented it with the government.
There is going to be a proposal coming forward very quickly to use the U.S.
military assistance in the Mexican drug war.
And it will be presented to the American people again as, look at what we're doing to protect you.
And really what they're doing is merging the bodies together right now in front of everyone.
We're going into military command under the fear of a drug war.
Which the Bush Administration has no intent to win.
And you talk about corruption.
I mean, I was just down in Mexico last year.
And... I was actually in Mexico this year again, too.
And down there, you openly see the Mexican troops everywhere you go guarding the marijuana fields.
Well, and Alex, I want to get into, just a minute on this.
On what's going on in the stock market.
I mean, for 25 years I worked in financial services internationally.
I have all the MSAD licenses.
Stay there, Dr. Corsi.
Sure, sure.
I want to get your take on all this.
We really appreciate you joining us.
Third Hour is coming up.
We're going to have open phones, a lot of other audio clips, and some key news.
Stay with me.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
It's simple.
Global corporations said, hey, why don't we use the military-industrial complex to take over the United States?
And they've used crises that they've engineered, they've created, or that they have allowed to fester and grow larger.
And then they come and say, oh, we've got a way to clean that up and fix that.
And then each time they make it worse.
All by design.
We even have Pentagon documents where they talk about this.
We have Pentagon documents where they said, we're going to make Iraq worse, break it in three parts, and never leave.
They're not there to democratize, they're actually there to spread dissent and actually create more Muslim extremists.
And again, that's in P-2-O-G in their documents, but that's a whole other issue.
Problem-reaction-solution is the key to all this.
And that's how they're operating, but the good news is a sleeping giant is awakening, and they can't put the genie back in the bottle.
Do you agree with that statement, Dr. Korshi, that there is an exponential awakening taking place, that there is a massive collision between the forces of liberty and the forces of control?
I absolutely, Alex.
I think that the difference you were talking about earlier, when they used the stealth method in Europe in the 50s to create the European Union, John Monet and the like, the difference was there was no talk radio and there was no internet.
People today are discovering the truth.
I mean, these 30 pages of footnotes I published in the book give people the tools to get them to see the documents for themselves.
Once you go to spp.gov and actually start reading it, or you go to keeptexasmoving.com and read the documents on the Trans-Texas Corridor, it opens your eyes.
You can't see it as the same.
You don't listen to the government anymore, denying what's obvious in front of you.
I want to talk about this economic crisis that's been also engineered.
As you know, I've spent 25 years in financial services.
I created two broker-dealers.
I still have active NASD, National Association of Security Dealers licenses.
I've been at an investment analysis now for a quarter of a century.
Bottom line, where are we right now?
Where do you see us going?
Who's behind it?
Well, the dollar is being devalued systematically.
It's at the lowest point ever against the Euro.
We have a crisis with China, with China having now $1.3 trillion of foreign exchange reserves, 80% of which is in dollars.
The first salvo was fired
By China, last week, saying that if we try to make trade with China, fair trade, by forcing them to let their currency be freely floating in world markets, they'll sell dollars and further tank the dollar.
And we saw what happened when they did that, a massive plunge.
And what's going on right now today, you know, we've almost lost a thousand points on Wall Street.
As we're talking, it's down another 130 today.
Two major bubbles have burst.
And that's what $400 billion of cash being pumped in by central banks.
They can't pour enough billion in to stop this.
The losses here are easily $3 trillion on just the housing market bubble bursting and the hedge fund bubble bursting of credit.
Our government, since 2001, has just been pouring credit, free borrowing.
The homeowners, regardless of whether they're qualified, to businesses, regardless of whether the deal's any good, to hedge funds, to bet on the market, regardless of whether they've got a strategy that'll work or not.
And all that huge amount of credit has stimulated growth, but it's going to come to rest.
Stay there for a minute.
You know what?
I know you've got a lot of interviews today.
Is there a way to hold you over to talk about this?
Yes, I'd be happy to.
Can you stay 20 minutes into the next show?
Yes, I can.
Okay, because I know that there's actually a free report.
People have to be advised because they shouldn't be holding any stocks right now.
Well, I agree, and I told people two years ago to dump all their stock, and I told them right before the 2000 bus to do it.
It's not hard if you see the indicators, and I'm just a layman.
Dr. Corsi, again, has worked inside of this.
Stay there, sir.
We're going to come back in 20 minutes with him, then we're going to take your call.
Stay with me.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
This just so happens to be from WorldNetDaily.com, but I'm not exaggerating.
I see six, seven, eight, nine of these a day.
And I've experienced it myself.
Woman prosecuted for sidewalk shot.
Police won't drop a case against a 22 year old woman exercising her First Amendment in Florida.
She drew on a bridge a message against the illegal aliens.
She's been arrested and is facing a lot of jail time over this.
This is just an example of the type of stuff.
I've got a big stack of news here that we're going to be going over a little bit later on a host of issues.
I think so.
Let me just put the question to you this way.
I've interviewed Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Father of Economics, Joseph Stiglitz, Chief Economist, World Bank, and literally hundreds of others over the years, so I come to my understanding just from interviewing experts, but I always like getting another angler perspective, and basically you're saying the same thing they're saying, but with a unique perspective.
Basically, do you think we're going to see
Massive inflation with housing prices going down, because even if they're overvalued, you should still see them going up.
But then we see the Federal Reserve in the last six months cutting back on the amount of currency they were putting out, and then actual numbers on the computers.
What I'm saying is this.
Really bizarre economic movements, and we know the bubble can't go on forever, but at the same time, we have all these defaults, and that will drive down houses, but if there's more money in circulation, housing should go up, but then if they don't issue more money, it's going to completely implode the economy.
I mean, this is looking more and more like 1929.
Well, we're certainly at the period that we're going back to is when Jimmy Carter was president.
We're going to go through stagflation.
Which is basically stagnation and inflation.
We're already in a recession.
It has not been yet declared, but we're in a recession.
And I think it will deepen through the rest of 2007 and into 2008.
It's going to last several years.
It's largely because we've lost so much of the manufacturing to China, even when our currency tanks
There are no exports we are producing anymore that we'll gain because of the currency.
All we had was our currency!
And the currency is gone.
The currency is being sold off very quietly, worldwide, by the oil producing states, by China.
The Euro is increasingly becoming the
Foreign exchange reserve currency.
Well, if the dollar completely tanks, we're not just going to see a recession.
We're going to see blood in the streets, total insanity.
This is going to be the formula for producing the Amaro.
The Amaro is going to be ruled out as a continental solution to the tanking of the dollar.
Which is what David Rockefeller said in 1973 with the founding of the Trilateral Commission.
First of all, the primary indices of inflation have been taken out of the indexes.
It's not in, and neither is energy prices.
Which are the two keys?
And these two are going up hugely right now, and are going to continue to go up.
So how bad do you think it'll get?
Give us a time frame.
I think we're into between a five and seven year deep recession.
We will not recover from this for at least five years.
This is a deep one.
Because housing values, if people think that housing values are dropped today, it's nothing.
Housing values are going to go down 50% or more from the peak.
You're going to come to a point where condominiums in certain markets are worthless.
Markets like Washington DC, markets where inner cities were overbuilt, condominiums and townhouses are going to be worthless.
And it's not that there won't be buyers out there, there won't be any credit for them.
You're going to have a credit crunch now.
Well, even if you're qualified, you're going to have to have 20% down, and then you might have a hard time getting a loan that'll be... By the way, we've already got people with 700 credit scores are having to put 20% down right now, and they're telling people I know that are getting houses that that may shut.
It may shut.
It's going to get worse.
Meanwhile, the mainline media is telling everyone everything's fine.
Well, it's not.
The market is... No, Andre, stay there.
Stay there.
We've got a break.
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Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying,
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today on InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
This is Elizabeth Border.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Syndicated columnist, Dr. Jerome Corsi, joins us.
He's written a new book, The Late Great USA.
For more than 12 years, I've told you they would release the euro, the dollar would plunge.
You can hear 12-year-old shows are out there on the web.
The dollar would plunge, I said it every week, and then they would reorganize us into the Amero.
How did I know?
It was in the Trilateral Commission documents in the 1970s.
It's all planned, all scripted, and they want to just lie to you until it's too late.
Now I know you, the audience, is fully awake, but Google, and I'm about to pull their ads because of it, has been caught censoring us and admitting it and erasing my martial law film off their website when it got 700,000 views in just a couple days.
We have been caught being censored by MySpace.
We have been caught being censored by Digg.
They have openly banned us.
I don't have a lot of time to get into this.
We're being attempted hacks every day.
Denial of services every day.
Denial of service by complaint.
That's a little specialty they do.
I don't want to get off into it.
Bottom line, folks, PrisonPlanet.com has gotten bigger than most major daily newspapers on the web.
And bottom line, the radio show has gotten gigantic.
Quite a few Eminem affiliates, some of them going back nine years, so we have huge listenership.
Huge shortwave, huge satellite listenership.
We grow though because of you.
But unlike the big newspapers, we can barely make ends meet here.
I got twelve employees and I try to pay them well and I can barely do that.
That's why we sell products here that we also believe in and that get the information out or
Are good for your health, like water filters, you name it.
But I am asking you listeners to redouble your efforts.
To email your friends, your family, your email list, your neighbors, your MySpace account, letters to the editor, online letters to the editor, because they're trying to censor PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.
They're trying to shut down what we're doing.
They are aggressively moving against us.
There are little neocon groups and liberal groups, mainly the liberal groups, because now they're about to come into full power, so they're heating up to go after us.
Are deleting us off of Wikipedia, which is as many as one out of ten referrals to our websites.
It's that important.
We're reaching millions of people every day with the website, folks.
But they are... If we were left alone, we'd be number one right now.
That's my point.
We can win this fight.
We're on the front lines in the info war.
But it's going to have to be you that carries the ball.
So my question is, are you going to let them censor us?
Or are you going to go to PrisonPlanet.com, and are you going to get those articles we write every day, and the stuff we post every day, and are you going to get it out to people?
You are the reason we've been able to have the success we've had.
But I'm telling you, we're under attack in ways I'm not even going to get into.
So I'm asking you to help us get the word out.
I'm asking you to support the people that write the books that we carry, like Jerome Corsi.
I'm asking you to get my films.
I'm asking you to make copies of them.
They can't stop you from doing that.
Get my videos and make copies, folks!
Alright, I'm going to shut up because we've got calls for our guests at 1-800-259-9231 specifically on the economy.
Dr. Corsi, you were trying to complete your sentence when the break came about where you think things are going.
Here's my question to you.
Let's say
Somebody's got $200,000 in the bank, they're 45 years old, they've got children in high school, they've got their mortgage half paid off, and they're making $100,000 a year between the husband and the wife.
What would you do with the $200,000 they've got?
Well, first of all, pay off any mortgages you've got.
Get out of debt.
Debt is death right now.
Get out of debt.
Especially mortgages.
Secondly, invest in gold.
Gold is going to be a good long-term investment.
I don't mean gold stocks.
I mean invest in gold that you can hold in your hand, one way or the other.
And don't expect any stocks and bonds.
They're all based on fiat money.
They're all going to decline tremendously in value.
With the derivative market, the derivative market could be a $450 trillion worldwide market that's going to collapse.
Just in the hedge funds alone in the United States, and in the mortgage market, there's between 3 and 5 trillion dollars of debt that's going to collapse.
That means 3 to 5 trillion dollars of losses, just lost.
Now somebody's going to have to absorb that losses.
And the reason the Federal Reserve is throwing out so much money into bank reserves is because we would have already had bank failures.
The Fed had not done that, and it had not been done by the central banks worldwide.
$400 billion last week.
That is one of the biggest infusions I've ever seen.
It's one of the biggest in history.
And it's really a drop in the bucket against the losses that are going to be taken.
Like you said, $3 trillion has already been lost.
It's already been lost.
It just hasn't been booked as losses yet.
When that happens,
The stock market could easily lose another thousand points, or two thousand points.
Now, I agree with your analysis, sir, but what about the school of thought that says, go ahead and get an even bigger mortgage, as long as you're going to be able to have enough savings to pay for it, because with inflation, you're going to be able to accelerate the payoff of that.
Don't count that you'll be able to float a larger mortgage.
The only thing you're going to securely get, because the terms can change, you don't understand that mortgage entirely, there can be a grab on that mortgage,
Remember, whenever everybody loses, there's somebody who wins.
There's going to be a grab on this property by people who have cash, and that's not going to be the middle class.
And people will lose their homes if they have large mortgages that they cannot comfortably sustain or pay off.
Are you talking about them trying to call in loans that people aren't even paying on?
Yes, or change the terms on those loans and demand payment.
If you haven't read all your contract perfectly and understand that
Unless you've got a 30-year fixed mortgage that's locked in, or a 15-year fixed mortgage with no terms, and there were very few of those being written through this recent expansion, the terms can change and the loans can be effectively called, such that people may or may not be able to... Now, that's what my dad's told me.
He's really good on financials, and he's lived a lot, and that's what a lot of experts tell me.
Then you talk to the mortgage people, and they go, oh no, there's no such thing!
That got changed in the...
They want to sell the mortgages, and I wouldn't listen to them at all.
The only way you can be comfortable in your mortgage property is if you've paid off your mortgage.
Then the property's not going to be taken from you.
And you've got to make that an objective.
I advise people, when homes could be sold, to sell off a house with a mortgage and move into a smaller one where they could pay the mortgage, even if they had to change states.
Because it would be the comfortable way to know you've got something you can rely on that's not going to be taken from you.
We're going into a period of time where home ownership is going to decline.
And people who thought they were comfortably in homes are not going to be.
They're going to lose the home.
There'll also be a lot of bargains, though, in the depths of this.
That's what I'm saying, that there'll be also a grab, but it's going to be a grab where the institutions and the people already wealthy will only gain.
It's not going to be an opportunity for the average person.
Which I read in the Financial Times of London a year and a half ago, which, for those who don't know, that's the real paper of record, not the Wall Street Journal.
That's where the elite actually communicate and telegraph to each other.
And they said, well, we're going to plunge the U.S.
But we want to do it incrementally so it doesn't endanger all our investments.
We need to get positioned first so we can go buy them up once they are in full decline.
And that will happen.
The only question is though, is there now panicking saying, this meltdown is so bad it may even endanger them?
This meltdown is a global meltdown.
And the dimensions of this are going to be very severe.
But it will force regionalization.
It's going to be another impetus to saying,
The only way we can handle this coming huge recession is to wait until the dollar goes down 40% against the euro.
Wait until the dollar is priced not at 1.35 euro, but at 1.75 euro.
What about cash in the banks?
Well, even cash in the banks is still cash and it's going to be devalued.
If you have $100,000 in savings, the real value of that could be diminished 40%.
So what would you do?
If you hold gold, if people have cash and can hold gold, it's likely to maintain its value.
Right now there's been an attempt to suppress the value of gold, and it's going to increase.
But it's still double despite that attempt.
I think gold today should be well over $800, and it's going to head that way very quickly.
Well, I mean, the stock market, if the dollar's been devalued massively, the stock market's really down right now at $13,000.
And you tell these yuppies that, that, hey, $13,000 in devalued numbers is below $11,000 of $2,000.
Well, that's correct.
And also, you know, the pressure downward on this market, I don't care how many billions Goldman Sachs or Bear Stearns tries to put into these collateralized obligation funds.
The losses are going to be so massive that they won't be able to pour billions enough.
They're going to have to liquidate these funds, and they're going to have to declare them worthless, like Bear Stearns did.
Already, the second biggest mortgage lender went belly-up last week.
Over a hundred mortgage lenders go belly-up.
Countrywide is in trouble.
It's one of the largest in the country.
If you just think about it logically, what happens is, when the values of houses go down,
And people are... Higher interest rates, which we're in, demand people pay more.
They foreclose because they can't meet the additional monthly payments that they never thought they were going to have to meet.
They can't sell the house because the house has lost so much value that even selling it doesn't pay off the mortgage.
So they're stuck with a loss.
And in a market where the values go down to that nature, the whole market's going to collapse and there's going to be huge losses across the board, which will further depress the value of the property.
The same thing is happening in the collateralized loan market, where these big players play with these hedge funds and these billion-dollar funds that Goldman Sachs runs.
Now again, you were talking about blaming... They go down all the way.
You were talking about blaming who's behind this.
I mean, clearly this has been engineered.
It's engineered because, again, the move toward globalism, the pumping of this liquidity to stimulate the markets was totally artificial.
The Federal Reserve is going to get caught right now in a total dilemma.
If the Federal Reserve raises rates to protect the dollar, it's going to further tank the economy and cause these housing markets to even be more of a crisis.
We've never seen a period quite like this, except for the 70s.
We have economic stagnation, the loss of real income, and the loss of real wealth.
And inflation!
And inflation, at the same time.
And with the dropping of the dollar,
The crisis is going to be manipulated to the point where people will take the Amaro or any regional solution if it's proposed as here's the way you get out of your problem.
Well, that's what it looks like to me, is it looks like stagflation, which they didn't think existed until it happened in the 70s.
And here it comes again, where it takes more to buy things, but then assets are worth less.
Don't listen to the brokers who say prices are low, now here's a buying opportunity.
Stay there, stay there.
We've got to do a few more minutes, take some calls.
Stay with us.
Nuclear reactors provide economical energy, but would you be prepared during an accident?
During nuclear disasters, great amounts of radioactive iodine are released into the atmosphere, which are then readily absorbed into the body.
Medical course potassium iodate gives you virtually complete protection from the most feared consequence of a nuclear accident.
We're good to go!
As many people know, ever since President Nixon took us off the gold standard, the U.S.
dollar has been devaluating.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Look, we're just going to keep Dr. Corsi for the rest of the show.
This financial issue is key.
Later, we're going to talk about how they call loans, even on fixed-rate mortgages, with Dr. Corsi on this issue.
It's the same stuff my dad told me, the same stuff I've read about.
And you talk to these yuppies and they say it doesn't exist.
It's pretty scary stuff.
We're all going to have to get a chance to see it all unfold and happen.
Nate in North Carolina, then BL and others.
You're on the air, Nate.
Thanks for holding.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Oh, Alex, it's Nick from North Carolina.
Okay, Nick, I was told, Nick, go ahead.
Alright, big-time fan, I won't take too long.
I saw on the, recently last week, where the Fed had pumped $35 billion into the market to level it out.
Yeah, that was just that day.
Okay, it's $400 plus billion, and I checked Sunday.
Dr. Coursey, what is it now?
What is that?
Which figure?
Well, I mean, total, globally, it was over $400 billion.
He was talking about a one-day deal by the Fed at $37 billion.
It's close to, I think, $426 or $427 billion that have been injected in by the central banks in Europe and the United States.
We injected, actually, the least.
The central bank in Europe injected the most.
And, by the way, those only go to bank reserves.
Those don't bail out the losses in these funds.
The funds still have the losses.
What happens is that the holders of those funds were often the financial institution.
And if they have to mark those funds to market, they get marked at zero.
The bank doesn't have enough reserves... Yeah, basically, it got called, nothing was there, they're having to sure themselves up.
Exactly, and so the Fed's putting money in, so they can just borrow what they need to cover these losses.
But that does not mean that they're bailing out the funds.
The funds still have the losses.
And eventually that loss is going to come to rest on the bank's balance sheet.
So this is only a bailout of the elite right now?
Only temporary.
Because it gives time for the system to sort it out.
Before we're finished with this, it's inevitable that we're going to see major bank failures.
Bear Stearns could collapse.
And they're only bailing, in their own words, to control a gradual slide.
They want to calm a panic.
This thing could have literally melted down like a Chernobyl.
They don't want that.
They want to control the meltdown.
And it's not a good sign with $400-plus billion pumped out.
No, it is.
You should give them all the money to stop a panic.
I mean, that means that the losses that were taken already are in the trillions.
But my point is, exactly, but the full point here is they put in $400-plus billion and still the market's down.
And still the market's down.
Well, the market every day is taking new losses.
Because every day the real estate market is deteriorating.
Now, the earnings markets are deteriorating from the impact of the recession we had today.
Walmart registered disappointing sales.
And by the way, that $13,000 that you're seeing, that's only the Dow Jones winning 30.
And the $13,000, we could pierce through that today.
This market could close today below $13,000.
It's down right now 163 points.
I watch it all day long.
They'll try to bail it out before the end of the day.
They'll try to go in buying.
But depending upon news in the last hour, you won't know how this market is going to close until 3.45 today, Eastern Time.
In the last 15 minutes, this market could go up or down 200 points, the way it's trading today.
You won't know either way.
It'll just depend upon who's willing to throw money which way.
Any other points, sir?
What's the best way to bail us out of it?
I mean, to stop the whole rotting of the economy?
The problem is it's designed to rape you, Dr. There's no way this can be avoided.
This is an inevitable meltdown.
The only question now is if it's going to go fast or go slow.
Yeah, that's what the Financial Times says.
There is no way this can be stopped.
People who are talking to brokers and the brokers say, there's buying opportunities, the market's going to come back, hang up on that broker.
He's just trying to survive.
By the way, I'm getting text messages, emails, phone calls.
I've never gotten saying, buy this stock.
They're doing a lot of illegal stuff right now in desperation mode to get new money in while they take their money out.
Throw it all away.
The average investor today plays a zero impact on the market.
Half of the stock market today is hedge funds.
Hedge funds get a little bit of capital.
They get a billion dollars.
They go to the bank.
They borrow 20 billion dollars.
They invest that $20 billion into the market.
If the market goes up, everybody wins.
If the market goes down, whoever lent them the $20 billion loses it.
And by the way, they're selling bonds on paper instruments, on top of paper instruments, on top of paper instruments.
I mean, this is so inflated, it's huge.
All these debt instruments are today bogus.
All the mountains of mortgage debt, the mortgage of collateralized buyout debt, the mortgage, the whole junk bond market.
You've gotten to the point where major corporations that should have had good credit ratings, they're today no more than junk.
Yeah, the market used to, we had junk bonds and junk stocks.
Now it's just all junk.
All junk.
And it's collapsing.
And the collapse, there's no way to stop the collapse.
Just how fast it's going to occur.
How fast it's going to be booked.
We'll be right back.
More calls straight ahead.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I've got a mainline New York newspaper here.
It's in the stack.
I'm going to dig it out in a minute.
I forget which one.
That's why I say that.
Thanks, New York Post.
Saying that the police are going to be given bonuses for being meaner to people.
Now, the New York Daily News a couple years ago reported the police took a full-page ad out and said, we're sorry we're so mean, we've been ordered to act like this.
And by the way, the feds are giving similar training all over the country.
Dr. Corsi, is that why they're setting up martial law provisions?
Is that why they're funding them for 2007?
I mean, is that why they're telling cops to treat us like garbage?
I mean, are they gearing up to just have total meltdown?
Well, certainly, Alex, we've passed, you know,
All the presidential directives, George Bush has set up everything he needs to declare martial law.
With the John Warner Appropriations Act, the posse comitatus is gone.
We can use the federal military in domestic emergency situations whenever the president wants.
He doesn't even have to declare, he doesn't even have to get a governor's permission, or he can militarize, federalize the National Guard.
We're set up in that position because we've not been vigilant to make sure that our laws and our freedoms weren't protected.
We've allowed the federal government, in the name of protecting us, to create all these fears, terrorism, Al-Qaeda, now drugs across the border.
Drugs have been coming across the border out of control for over a decade.
And that didn't bother George Bush when he was going to integrate with Mexico.
Now that he wants to extend the military down to Mexico, we're suddenly being told of what a great problem drugs is.
What, did the White House just wake up and figure this out?
I mean, it's all staged.
That's the part that bothers me.
I mean, I agree with your analysis.
I guess the $64 million question here, before we go back to calls, is who is behind this?
I mean, I know the trilateralists.
I know the big European central banks basically own our Federal Reserve.
I know that they have been basically setting policies domestically that will then even demonize the good name of the U.S.
What concerns me and what all the experts I talk to from different stripes and across the world is that it looks like the US is being shut up to be gutted and butchered like a Christmas hog.
And in different factions, though, it looks like there are factions that want to save the economy, and then it looks like there's factions that want to pop it.
You know, we saw the mainstream media for two years saying, pop the real estate bubble, it's too big, it's too big.
It was overinflated, but at least it was someplace where part of your investment had some value.
So, Dr. Corsi, why do you think we saw the establishment try to pop the bubble, or do you disagree with that statement?
Well, I think, here's the point, Alex, that what's happening is
We'd never get rid of the sovereignty of the United States or the dollar unless there was a crisis.
And so what we're being told now, you know, the Council on Foreign Relations in there, two issues ago on foreign affairs, Ben Steele, one of their top economists, wrote an article openly declaring that national monetary systems were dead.
We needed to go to regional monies and we needed to go to global monies.
Well, we're going to be told very quickly that the only way the federal government can protect us
The beginning is if we allow the federal government to become a North American government.
If we allow it to merge into Mexico and Canada to take care of the drug problem, to take care of the terrorist problem with a continental border, and to take care of the monetary crisis with an Amaro.
We'll be presented that the only way we can solve these problems is if we end poverty, every bit as much as Georgia.
Which is exactly, and I'll repeat because it's key, what the trilateralists said back in the early seventies, Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and David Rockefeller, and it looks like they're going to do it.
Is there a way to back them off if we were to get the word out and expose who was behind it?
Or at this point, are they going to hell for high water?
Well, they're going to go for broke right now.
It's just like George Bush, open the border, 12 million admitted illegal aliens come in, three quarters on his watch, that probably means 20 million.
One out of every ten people born in Mexico living in the United States.
It's worse than that.
And it's probably two or three times worse.
And then Bush goes to Congress and says, you can't deport these people.
The only solution is to pass a law, a shamnesty bill, the McCain-Kennedy compromise, to say that they have a legitimate reason to stay.
It's going to be the same kind of thing here.
Did you see the AP article a year ago?
Where it was headlined 800 Lenders Support Immigrants and it was the bank chairman going, we're giving them free loans basically with no ID because we know they're good people.
We want to help them stay here.
What's behind that?
The whole idea was to create a fait accompli.
20 million illegal aliens into the United States, then say there's nothing you can do about it except to legitimate them, and de facto we become a dual nation.
When the American people are told there's nothing you can do about it, this crisis too will be told there's nothing you can do about it except to become a regional market.
And to let the Baltimore National Corporation solve the problem with more global trade.
You know, I'll say this, they may have gone from 300,000 cops to 1,200,000, but I don't think they've got enough.
I think stuff's going to completely unravel.
Well, I think, you know, the issues that I'm waiting for is when the rubber hits the road, when 10,000 people in Texas get their eminent domain notices their land's going to be seized for the Trans-Texas Corridor, when these foreclosures, when the market
It's losing another thousand points.
Mortgages are virtually worthless.
Foreclosures are happening left and right.
And jobs continue to go to China while the price of gasoline heads towards $4 a gallon.
I mean, the American people have got to wake up.
I totally agree with you, and I'll make the statement again.
From my experience studying history, studying the global architects, if they know that the jig is up and we're aware that they're the bad guys,
They will lessen the blow.
If they think that we're going to buy them as the savior, because again, they always create the crisis and they always impose as the savior, if they think we're going to go along with it, which right now it looks like the general public knows they're being lied to but doesn't know the basic facts, they're going to go for broke and press it and put the screws to us so hard
I mean, Dr. Corsi, I've got to tell you, I'm not even freaked out about, you know, getting arrested or grabbed or put in prison by the New World Order.
But I've got to tell you, I am freaked out by the thought of just total depression and bedlam.
I mean, you say guaranteed five to seven year recession.
I agree, we've really already been in one for a year.
But how big a chance do you think we're going to have a total depression?
Joseph Stiklitz
On this show, last year said that they are behind it on purpose, they do want to have it, and that it could mean a total global meltdown depression.
But he said he didn't know what percentage chance that was.
Now we're a little bit closer to the downward spiral.
We're already in the whirlpool right now, though just in the edge of it.
I mean, just give us numbers.
Like 80% chance of a bad recession?
I consider it a 50% possibility we could go into a
1929-type depression.
Even money.
It's going to be, this is going to be, depends upon how far back people remember, this is going to be much deeper than the 1958 recession.
Even money.
It's going to be the deepest recession people can remember.
It's going to be more difficult than it was during the Jimmy Carter era, where you had double-digit interest rates, inflation,
A stagnant economy and gasoline prices off the wall.
And by the way, every time there's even a mild recession, crime explodes.
And in the last recessions, in the 80s, in the 70s, in the 60s, crime in many cities doubles or triples.
I remember in the recession in Dallas when I was a child in the 70s, and I mean there were like 5, 6, 7, 8 murders a day.
You had to lock your doors, even in middle class areas.
Can you imagine with Latin drug gangs running all over us and the rest of it?
The only thing that slowed this down, because Jimmy Carter's solution was the Trilateral Commission, the only thing that slowed this down was Ronald Reagan.
And now with, you know, after Bush-Clinton, Bush-Clinton probably, they're back on track to have the global agenda re-established.
You know, both Bush and Clinton, George H.W.
Bush gave open speeches about a New World Order.
Our stock market's down 171 points today.
I think this will be a... I don't think it's going to solidly recover in the last hour.
If it does, they're going to have to throw a huge amount of money into this market from the Fed.
I just don't think they're going to do it at the end of the day.
If we end under $12,000 today, that'll be a technical point.
And if you turn on the news channels like CNBC, you're going to be seeing them ready to cut their risk.
But they'll still all be saying, buying opportunity, the market's going to come back, have we reached the lows?
Don't listen to any of that nonsense.
That's all just fluff to try to get you not to panic.
Let's take a call here.
Let's talk to BL in Texas.
BL, thanks for holding her on the air with Dr. Corsi.
Hi Alex.
Dr. Corsi, for
For three decades, I've been cashing gold and silver coins and liberty tools in the hope that when the fiat currency fails, I will be able to buy rural property outright and pay off any unsecured debt at pennies on the dollar.
What else should I be doing?
Well, if you've done that, that's been a very good strategy.
I just stick to that.
Because if you can own land, or if you can own gold, given the economy we're going into, you'll win.
The people who are going to lose are anybody with debt.
That's the vast majority of people.
By the way, think about trying to pay property taxes, even if you had, you know, your mortgage pretty much paid off, when the economy's dead for ten years.
Well, and you asked me, Alex, how you can lose a fixed mortgage that you're paying down.
Most people, if you remember your house closing, you get shoved so many documents, very few people ever read them.
Yeah, it's like, it's about a foot thick.
And most lawyers just tell you to sign them, don't worry about it.
They've not read them themselves.
Even your lawyers on your side, they're just wanting the deal to go through so they get paid.
An enormous number of these loans, even fixed loans, have various kinds of balloon or call provision, where if you want to keep the terms you've gotten in certain kind of markets, the lender can say, you either pay me a balloon of XYZ, which usually, you know, $100,000, $200,000, people don't have it, or we're going to adjust what you thought was a fixed mortgage.
There are a lot of clauses in these mortgages that people just don't have any clue on.
And anything which gives readjustment to the lender could mean a feature in which you lose your loan.
And most people have no idea that that could exist.
What about the millions of people that got on these arms?
Oh, forget it.
They're already on lifeboats with holes in them.
They're gone.
Anybody who's paying any of these new mortgages where you just paid interest only, or you had an adjustable mortgage,
If you can't sell the property now today, just get ready to take the loss.
It's that bad.
But right now there are hundreds of thousands of people, the news has even reported, in houses who haven't paid mortgages in six months and they're saying the banks are letting them stay.
Is that so they don't panic the public while the elite gets their money up?
And until they get ready to foreclose on the property.
At some point or other they'll have no choice.
They'll have to foreclose.
But the banks know that once the word comes out, it's going to cause a chain reaction.
BL, does that answer your question?
Yes, sir.
All these things hit a point, Alex, where no matter how much they want to prevent a panic, they can't stop it.
In other words, right now today, Bear Stearns is saying, we can't redeem these funds.
Because we don't know.
We've taken 5 losses.
We don't even know how to mark the assets, the loan obligations that we hold.
It just makes me so mad.
I love this country.
And to see it overrun with America-hating illegals.
To see the economy falling apart, the military disintegrating.
I mean, I just can't believe what the globalists have done to this country.
It never ceases to make me just absolutely angry, Doctor.
Well, this is the fastest run I've seen, ever.
To get to the goal line of creating a United States regional economy, a North American Union.
The elite are running like they'll never have this chance again.
And this is the 10th hour, the 11th hour where this battle will be fought.
They believe that they can win now.
And they're going for broke to create a North American Union to tank the dollar.
I just hope all these goon police and others that think they're going to have fun and all this... I hope you know you are literally burning down your own house.
You better... It's why I wrote The Late Great USA.
It's why I detailed all this.
I gave you the documents to see it.
Go look at the Trans-Texas Corridor.
Go look at what the real federal deficit is on a GAAP accounting basis.
The fact that we can never meet the Social Security and Medicare obligations.
How China is winning.
How we've been, you know... Bottom line, they're going to blow out the TV's at Walmart.
They're going to completely blow out the economy and turn us into a third world police state.
And it's going to be looking like Mexico with a few at the top and the rest at the bottom.
This is nothing than 14th century Venetian mercantilism run mad.
Where, you know, the few people who are among the globalists, the Council on Foreign Relations, they think they're the merchants.
And the rest of us are the peasant workers.
Well, I agree.
In fact, that's very astute.
I call this neo-mercantilism.
That's my term for it.
Because I look at mercantilism, that's exactly what it is.
It's not free market, folks.
It is aggressive, destructive, capitalist policies meant to destroy all competition.
And it's not good.
The market's down 197 points right now.
We're approaching the last dollar.
If the banks don't finally just decide to throw an enormous amount of money into the market in the last hour, this market could end up down 300 points or more today.
And we're not late in the week with the downturn.
We're early in the week.
By Friday, it could be a 1,000-point loss.
They're going to fight.
It's only 47 points above 13,000 right now.
And so the fight today is whether it ends under 13,000 or not.
That will be decided in the last 10 minutes.
And if it passes that psychological point down to 12,000, it'll be curtains tomorrow.
Well then the next barrier looks like 11,000, or you could lose another 1,000 points in a matter of two or three weeks.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jane in New York.
Jane, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much.
It's great to talk to both of you.
I have two short questions.
The carry trade that they are doing with currency such as the yen, the yen is being
Isn't the yen being manipulated in order to encourage a carry trade, number one?
Yes, it is.
And then they keep screaming about the Chinese manipulating their currency.
And my second question is, when the dollar collapses, hopefully it won't, but when the dollar collapses, I think of all those empty condos, for instance, sitting there in high-rises in Miami.
Won't the world just come and buy up condos, real estate, all of our businesses, which they're doing already?
Unfortunately, everything that we think of... That's the key point, is that already with the dollar devalued by 50 plus percent from the open of the euro at 82 back in 2000, exactly now with the currency even more debased and the economy debased, all that Arab, all that Asian, all that European money, I mean, that's what Dr. Corsi was saying earlier.
Yes, that's right, and it won't happen for a while.
Dr. Corsi?
The only currencies that are not going to be hit
Are going to be as hard as the euro and the pound sterling.
Oh yeah.
But the monies that are out there that will come back are these sovereign funds.
The funds that have been stolen.
These huge amounts of money that are in Dubai, that are in the Saudis' hold, that have nothing to do with people at all.
They're just totally oligopoly money.
And it will not come back into the market for a while.
Then it will come back in and buy up all the valuable assets.
That's where the only cash really is, the only real money is.
It's gone hugely into sovereign funds.
All the hedge funds are nothing but a shell game of debt.
That's right.
You've got a few hundred billionaires in Mexico, you've got a few thousand millionaires in the Muslim countries, and some old money in Europe, and they just basically are wiping the hell out of us.
And we're moving towards, if you go to that 14th century mercantile model,
It was just a design to protect the few wealthy merchants and bankers.
Everybody else lost.
Everybody else was just the worker pet.
Jane, anything else?
Just quickly, how long are they going to let this yen carry trade manipulation continue?
I think it's going to collapse.
It's starting to collapse.
I'd give it about two more months and it'll really start to collapse.
And for those that don't know what a Yen and Kerry trade is, briefly on the other side, tell them what it is.
Then we're going to go to Mike, Leon, and Jeffrey.
Three more quick calls in the final segment with Dr. Corsi, author of The Late Great USA.
Get it at infowars.com.
It's here!
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That's 888-216-2461.
Real fast, Dr. Cornesey, explain to people what that lady was specifically talking about.
Hey, the carry trade, and by the way, a lot of these things can be looked up on a website called investopedia.com.
I-N-V-E-S-T-O-P-E-D-I-A dot com.
It's a great website for giving you financial terms, definitions, and explaining things.
The carry trade is a leverage game.
Let's say you borrow 1,000 yen from a Japanese bank.
And you convert those into dollars, you buy $1,000, equivalent amount of U.S.
bond, and the bond pays 4.5%, and the Japanese charge you 0% on what you borrowed.
You can gain 4.5%.
But if the exchange rate changes, if the dollar drops in value, you can lose tremendously.
So it's another form of currency manipulation?
Currency shell game manipulation.
And it's a highly leveraged game because people play it with borrowed money.
And if the dollar drops in value, the Japanese yen carry game could lose trillions.
And they also manipulate it where they'll do the carry trade, but then also go in and pound a currency to make it go the way they want it.
They'll pound the dollar to make you lose your money.
I mean, that's the manipulation that can be played.
So one of the reasons the dollar has not dropped as fast as it could have is because we're concerned worldwide
And a lot of Americans would lose, too, on the carry trade collapsing.
Okay, we're almost out of time.
We've got to go to calls.
We've got to finish up.
Go right ahead.
Okay, Mike in Cleveland just hung up, so let's go to Leon.
And Leon, where are you calling us from?
Uh, Seattle, Washington.
Okay, you're calling from Washington.
Go ahead.
Thanks for having me on the show today.
My question is real short.
I just, you know, I listen to you guys all the time.
Yeah, I think so.
At this point, with the way the financial markets and everything else are going, what should we be doing with what little pennies we have?
Alright, let me get him to comment on that.
That's a good question.
What about your average hard-working blue-collar fella?
First of all, pay off your credit card.
Don't have debt.
And live within whatever you can earn, even if it means some reduction in lifestyle.
Don't get into debt.
That's number one.
Number two is to kind of prepare for it.
If you have any money at all, buy hard assets, like pay down mortgages if you can get one.
If you don't get a mortgage on high ratios of debt, buy some gold even if you're renting.
Gold will sustain itself in value even through the economic crisis we're coming into.
Silver too.
Silver too, I agree with that.
Silver a little bit less than gold, because silver market's more subject to manipulation.
Real fast, Jeffrey in Texas, you've got a minute and a half, go!
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, I was just reading the article up on your website yesterday, listening to Bob Dacey, and I want to thank Mr. Corsi for his work as well.
But I got so infuriated yesterday reading about this, I went directly to The Nation and read the article, and I decided to see if they had any contacts on their website, and I got a phone number
And called and actually talked to the personal assistant of Katrina Udall.
And I was wondering if I could give that number out to show that we are not just forming a critical mass, we actually have a critical mass.
Well, tell you what, email me the info.
I might do it tomorrow.
We're just so out of time here.
That's the CFR owner of the nation.
What did they say when you called?
Well, uh, basically nothing.
Just kind of very quiet and, you know, just like,
Just click the information.
Call me back tomorrow, Jeffrey.
We might do it.
We're out of time.
Dr. Corsi, I know I'll move quick here.
I really appreciate you coming on.
My producer's going to call you right now to finalize when you're going to be popping in early next week when you're in Canada covering the North American Union Summit.
And we really appreciate you going up there and doing that.
It's a great honor to be with you, Alex.
I'm happy to do it any time.
Thank you.
He's the author of The Late Great USA, available at InfoWars.com.
God bless you all.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.